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TLY.ASANT 1100319, In a pleasant pallor Lim city,
: notivenient businee , i, mitable tor maaried la
and gemlentan, from April it e bonr c, ding for
aqa:lottAnig gentleman. lingo! t Mt• o 6
APPLETON t CO." Now Voelr, have in coarse
' Ds of_publicatton, In partsjyriee twenty bye tent.
4PrAls; a DICTIONARY of M.hinee, Mechanics. En.
-gins Wort, and Enrlncerinpdesign e ed for Practiced
Wasting Men, end theme ism. ded Io the Enginecrio4
—Prirfeaston. E dited by Oben , Byrne.
-This work Mot large Bee sire, and will contain two
a thousand pages, and upwards of Mx thousand illustra
tions. {twill present working. drawings and desesigo
Ilona of the most importnt machines in the toll ed
will slndepedent of then lts of Mamie. to
• NeDility, it contain complete prantic•l treatises On
echanics., Macbinery Engine Woek, and Engineer -
Lag; with all that stool in more then one thoosand •
ldeilara worth of folio volumes. magazines and whet.
finfribers - received, art
for sale by the
Maher B 110PRINR.
- *PIA 73 Apollo Buildings, -Fourth et.
tz- - -,-----
:„.. -,.••• _! , ;o:Yr - ~..7. - x.r--„,
"...4..‹ — i.":,:;• 7 4fit. irio.:l,.' ' ;• — •••=- 4- - 1:
:,..„. ......7 ••-f-e.•..5. 4 _ ,:v..1.• -“,_
,r.ra,„-4-e-, , -- - -:-- -- -4• ,1 - - - -- ''''' --- sk , : " )..`
• 1 ,;( - & - 1 1 * - - 4 ';`.:7- I .lft''' • . \ I L: rir
. 1 V. 4. 0 4- - t,.,1,•-'24,,,,,,i•
, ' • 1 -vg - w , ; 1% . ---=`,.e-- -
>1;1 --•• ',. °, --._,-.......1.L.: , - -,,.%
John It. Mellor, Si Wood Street, Pittnbnrgb,
Sole Agent in 'Western Pennsylvania, for the sale of
Illinasid and Sqwtsre Plat. Fortes,
liptkAlb to Intone tos Muth , . d 11.0 musical public,
JIGI that he has now invoices and will receive and
eapose Pis sale, .1201115 the niesant month, the loreem
and most Clearable stook of P ano Force ever offered
for tate in the west—among the nunther will be forted
a full supply of
Superbly carved Rosewood Grand Pi Fortes,
4litt all the retest IMprOVeIOCUI• on mechrinino all
IdliG of exterior.
nri:lrt'v ave Soon
Plano Fatos lheitlLatnhVandl::
XIV. Mot,
gene.age stock of allolic Immo,. styles of Pia
no varying in ernes front 5275 to 9.300 .00
SIP% prepareu by Mr Gnicketing for the present
year. 11050)
Porthole rs are escort d that the prices of Mr. Cinch
evbiga Mutsu have been. end .111 continuo to be, the
same as at the manutactory In Roston, without charge
for tran•portation, and wilt t o dcli•ored and act up in
perfect order, in tiny port of the oily, without charge
.Ir 9
A C ictn.
uodersigrinil begs leave to inform the public
that ha has declined husinevs in favor of hi. San;
k . l. Davis, oho will continua 'he Aochon end Com.
on busioers at he old stand, corner uf ‘Vood and
Filth Stieri. , and lo t range he would solicit • calitin
alnico oldie libotal patronage helet.. O fo• e be
I). idirxe dDAVlS, up
on the house.
• •• • JU N
P . la. DA t'IS,
PAM. Or WOOD LCD Troll area T..
WILL mensal, on liberal terms. nf
at Forelgs wl.
11 Drustratie Merchndixe, Real Este, btneks,'
km., and hopes, by experience and close 111,111i011 to'
business, to remit n exp erience
of the 'apron and ,
Wrens , Sc extended ta the fnemertionse.
Nothes to one Patrons.
P h
[llle 110AT iladelphia ,
decease of te 1,14111 Ph
.I. (the late Jame. Davt.. ) rrod.c•..Dlietruntion
to the lan vinese—•nur nocements have been made which
•nvolves the same imercets piceiscly, which have
!inseam existed The bosuns is continued undo
the tame name and faun, vie:—
Datrli M Darn A Co, Philadelphia:
Jana Wrenn b. Co_ Pitnberget.
Ti:e cantlnonco of the sauciness of oar many
fronds is tesuctofally rennin& If aoy peenns tare
demands against trio concern, they ore s quescd to
ps' sent them forthwith , for payment.
Pittsburgh, Aril in, 'W. JOHN IITS DEN,
apl7ll Surviving patinae._
130.STSiiiTlial a. ItibteSna,lle;
H. PfiLMER., No IDS blunt street, is preps.
nut to offer Veil' Ural Inducements to boyera of
. ow Minutes-Goods, of every denription. His
stock conslin of every desirable , style of Plain and
Fanny Straw. Braid, Gimp. French Lone and othee
Tupnets. Jenny Lind, California, Round and Square
Inn, far Miens and Infants.'
Don' Ilan, in great variety Men's Leghorn,
Stew, Donut, China Pests and Salina Hats. Rib
bons, Flannel, Ronne., S.lOO, rind attune Millinery
At:telex, , Lc. aptdor
Brown, Phlllspe 6 Co..
-USSR removed to Warehouse No. DO Water at
JILL between Wood and Marts, where will be kep
far sale, of men manancturing , a lull nenennent o
iron. Nails, Spikes, Castles., end lint Blast Pipe*
warranted of the hest quality, at the lowest prices.
Mr. JOHN BEST, of the late EMI at Toney A Iles
ha sug purchased an intenst in the been. will take
charge of the Warehouse,and will devote his entire
attention to the business, and endeavor Li render sat•
Wm:tin to the friends or his :ate firm, and all other.
who may favor ns oath their patronage.
tun Ws , ' h
so. ETT
• . WOOD ,
HAVE In Mere and ere receiving a large Steels of
I 16? MODS., selected with great care for the
western Rude, and to which they invite attention
of sill and Western merchant. 'Coma 9
oilseed to Cult beige.. rap_
41.1.elArag Itaallst• and
URPH te. BURCHFIELD kLee prepared to f
w ar.
eilsh their customer. and buyer. generally ith
the very 'lest make oldie above good. and will do an
at the old pricer, notwithstanding the advance of cost.
Some extra fine Bosom Linens.wsmontei pare (fax;
late.l received; &leo, a supply of Linen Table Cloths,
DAILp:r., Crash, 0,1.1 received.
liordered Towels cm low us 75 curt. per dozen, or
of cents piece, at northeast corner cf Fosinhiand
Market Hs. spit
13111TANNI6 Broil TINE 1 , iitTRA CLUB,
sakes, (Merge lir. Pl,Tonu . ll, Err' and. The
managers beg to etquelut teelr [..-lot. 1,1 rens h e
Ue next Distrbution ofdtraHorn w i l l
comprise those enicre Inc. me fortheClivng (hand
National ELM, Race; the number of shares to be
•limmsd to OA.O each e1n.113. First class member .£10;
second 'clam date LS. Fluty spplication for the um
appropriated shares is necessary. A party subscribe
lug fur more than one sham has the chance of galtung
exam." nomber bollesen. Those me name! who draw
me venous Portraits , . tll be presented with Me for;
lawn„ tl2
Ppttrait of Ist elm. bonnet Oil ditto
Winner, or Rot lame. LAMM" 410,1101 i
'Amami llorse• •• • 111,0(0) 31JOU
rhted Home Put° AA.
Divided =cogs. Smatera• •• • ems/ a,VINJ
" " Nondstsrmrs Al.) SOW
There are 5= bonuses in each class, that being On
nnorier of horses entered for the Mee. The Drawing
will be conducted upon the mune legitimate principles
those which ebritscumisco the late St. Longer and
other proccedims. Fall panirniars of ths oo.oltwtlt
be sent to absent ritemilmrs Immediately alter the de-
Mum. that each may know his position.
Subscnbers register.' and ars p for= srßed en re
ceipt of a rreilminee. i s Its, .v.ltu s tiro t,. hack
Noir. /Lc . :man,cie sem , . to the
Mansgirtg Director. J s ‘ll b A PO.
Fine pee cent comma iict t., he 'rd. , : on the
pre.eutanon of tionure• On
Commercial Sk l9lo. Ca
emkm with l'eu Peer.; he effect
etch mmerce in Aholi-bing fe.•ie•C 1,124 a:.t.o the
fer of Property; The Anatomy am d pilesl'Fibisr• f Bank.'
Inc The Prodaction ot Sdtin New 'Port, Itnntroptei,
Backing, 001 Currency—lmermt—Pr iduction, nee
Trsde Ts Protective Tariffs, or Strictures upon the rn
port alba Secretary of Treasury of the United Slates
for 1.13, 'chattily to 'Onirlierce, Ks:ermine of the Ras
can Expire in the Fan.eO. an.lce. On
BLACKWOOD, for March I'so.
EiCLECTIC SIAGAZI"eE, am April. et Ile'rner
Literary Depot, Third meet opriortio the Po.' °Mee
APPILIG Yat loss.
lAM now prepared to famish Apple The+, from the
Ir i an known Noreen f donut., Nf Brown. The
trees will be delivered at the wharf at Pittsburgh for
'Raper handfed Permits wisbing!glioid thrifty trees
should leave their orders ,00n at thu Anik, Seed, and
Perfumery Warehouse, xthse, creole of Wand and Si sm.
' •
WHOLESALE DatIGGISTS, corner of Vogt and
TY Wood streets, clot fir role, on favorable terms:
100 bids Whiting; .500 lbs Cub. AtnnsooLa;
at do Alone 600 do Assa!muds;
MA; do Die Woods; Mel do Crude Tumor,
0. A 5 do Lampblack; MO do Liquorice Root;
:53 do Vu.Bcd; Me do Irish Moss;
8 do Camphor; 110 do Red Precipitoul
10 do Spam Broom; MO do Lulea:Lel Amer.;
Mil do liellow Ockm; 25 do do Eogd
10 do brimstone; au du Bather Leaves;
0 do Clover Mb do Rhubarb Root;
3 do ChauElowers; 420 do Mon-SO" d o ;
31 teats Rell
loop ;florao 50 do Butt. 4;
Mdo Castile ; 260 do Sal Ruh ;
IS do Permian Buie; toot do Beelike di re;
10 do Cale. Atag eosin; Hie do row'd Rho rb;
13 do ChAtotte Grub; MA do • do Slip. Ha;
tJo do Yellow-OM du do IL Arabic
•6 do Am. Vermilion; 100 do do Lid. RO6l
60 reams Sand Paper; 100 do do Heap;
113 begs Sicily &mac; do . do Ateayenne;
15 ages Bottle Corks; 56/ do SWIM. Zino;
75 Ds Ralph, Morphia; ao do Bar Tin;
1200 lb. Cape Aloes; • goo do Tamarinds;
190 e do HI AI Imam romsh; IN) do Hoick Silver;
IWO do Pink Root; MO do Otsego Peel;
LSCO do Taney Umber; 75 do Euhmooli ...
103 do Creme Tarter, 2.1 do Ilyd Paiute
OW /1121'arlatie Aeid; 60 do Mace,.
100 do Lica Um 23 do Granville Lobos.
fi62B43lrilair _
"There areanoro Runge In heaven and earth
Than are dreampt of to philosophy."
THE VIRTUES of this remarkable remedy, and
the enno(ant tipalicsiion for it, to the proprietor,
has Induced him to have it put op In bottles with la
bels end directions for the benefit of the public.
The PETROLEUM is procured from a wall In this
coeety, at a depth of four hundred feet.. • Pare cue
dattersted article, withoui any chemical change, but
Lost ae flows from Natures Great Lahrotoryll Thrall
canna. properties reaching a another of disease., to
no longer a matter of oneenemiy. There are many
What in the arcane of naiore,wlech,if known,mlght
be of tut meta:nom in alleviating suffering, Mid m
inoring the bloom of heriftb cod vigor to many • cob
Term Lena before the proprietor thought of patting
It op la banes, It had a reputation far the rare of nis
ta.. The mamma and daily increasing calls for it,
and several remarkable mires It has performed, Is a
spreadein of its Curare popularity and wide
application in the cure of disease.
lye de not wish to male a long parade of certib
states, as we are consentus that themediciec can won
work Its way Into the favor of those who cuter and
wish to be healed. Whilst we do not Naha for It a
universal -application in overt diocese, we enhesita
degly say, that in a number of Chronic Diseases it is
unrivalled. Among them may be enumerated—all
disease* of the mutate imam, each as CHRONIC
BRONCILITID C O NSUMPTION (in its early stage.)
Asthma, and all diseases of the air pa ss ages, LIVER
COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Diorama Diseases of
the Bladder aid )(idlers. Pains in the Beek or Side,
Nervous Ditteter/iNcarate,Pabry,ftheurnetithrams,
Goat, Tart.ri oifwvrearritotmsPede ,
Bridge., LT. Sores, .tc.; to. lo care of deby re
mitting from expointre, Or long and proiracmd GUYS of
disease, this medicine will linng relief. It win oat a*
general TONIC and ALTERATIVE In such casts,
imparting tote and energy to the whole (rime, renter
ins abstractions, opening the siogglshfunetions, which
ease diseinie irtulla.bmlten constitution, and girkig
increased- and remswed energy to all the organs oi
Life . The proprietor' knows of sclera! cares of
PILES, that resisted evem , other treatment, get well
cc c, c p c .c c e dem-pNTROLEUM for a abort time.
The proof can't. given to Rey nersen who deems le
Nen, genial"! without the signature of the proprietor.
yotd by the proprietor,
'& M CanalMakin. neer ReVenth
by: ft E. SELLERS, 57 Wood eV
c o ene--11SEVRILEA wpowria,
conic Wood M. sad Virgin alley; Whi• dye his
atorkily reicaU:l7
Bala 1850 MigMl
vi. Pennsylvania Cassia & Roads.
G'CONNOR, ATKINS & Co., Canal Basin, Liberty
street, Pittsburgh;
ATKI9IS, (PC0:91908 & Co., 219 R, .40 Market street,
O'CoNsass & Co., 70 North street, Baltimore;
Bros. New York;
Ecitort Gana, II Doane street, Boston;
!Umtata , Base, hispanic, Be otneky;
Ham & Co., Columb;• wee., (anoint:Mg
Ilse., Hon, &Co., Bt. Louis.
To gupye d ilfrreAsnriass and Prod.* to and
from I galacirdphia, Balmily., N. York, Breton.
Oar route being now irafine order. we are prepared
to forward goods as above at wry Davos pews. We
nit frelghtfrer of any cbarge having policies for
over 11630,000, and with the following ertensive stock
or Boat. fret confident of gtving enure ratleastion to
all bunion. entrusted to Our Care. Our boats ate all
new, and commanded by captains ef caperieree and
mt. entire Itne is conducted on stria salidu.k Fe eling
and temperance prinCiples.
lioats. Captain.
irCil, Hagan
hl gi arylrn y d Martial!
Chteirnon. Sands
Roth .krnla, Cbmham
Boats Copt. ins
Pconaylvoulla E Lorna,
St. Louis. Cowdt
Col. Howard Ridley
Slaty Deborah Rims
164 Lon
Juniata Mown
Win Atkins, Prrroail
Impart Dl'Qnnee
Gen. Scott, Gore
TPn° Itibldds
Lk.inn, Alter
Gerlindei Riley
Oho Krahley
America Perry t
Mermaid M'Colgen
The Foz Itrtjosi,le
Julia Alin J Layton
LOOY Sharp Retry setegraph Nosiss--
l North queen WWI,
Shipper& will had it to their tulearnare to give as a
rart6 Canal Swan Liberty 0., Patsburg._
. --- i t'V.S - 1 — ,tss trransportatiors pompassys
- By P.m/yAranio Canal and Bad Rand.
1 11 :Lo pe pe n t ' a o ' r n d d e r e . k o t7tl o w f .t i rth l e Ln a ' ac k i ' it v o r n b o7 " s ie'Ve in
new ones to the Line, enables es to carry a large
ohnntity of produee and good..
The entire stock of the Line le owned and contra.
ea hi the Propasto..
arehousSouth Third uy
Anti n T o bac c o c We, Hoek st,
Phi adephl.. Pa.;
No 111 North Howard at, Dunmore, 5144
OFFICE. No 7 West st, New Yea;
D LEECII A CO, CROP Hutto . Penn Et,
Enrt3 . Plttshunk •
alifiEn 1850.
CLARK, PARKS & CO, Rochester, P., P.P . ..
Office car Smithfield and Writer are, Patrhurgb.
Cleveland, hio.
gyms wall known Lam are prepa-ed to transport
I freight and Pamengers from PIFTSBURGII and
CLEVELAND. to any point on the Canal and Lake.
ro (aniline. of the Line ere nnaurpamed in number,
qu h ality and capacity of BOWS, experience of captain.,
a Ono ff Boa n t c l y a voef
sAgem nt b . u rgh and•
eveand daily, un
ning in connection with u Line of Steam Boa. be-
Fn PI ITSBULIOII and BEAVER, and • Line of
er Clara Steam linen, Propellers and Vend. on
the Lakes.
Clark, Parka d. Co, Rochester, Pa;
E N Parki & Cu, Toting..., Oran;
M B Taylor, Wstran. 0;
A & N Clark, Newton Falls, Cr,
I Mar ton & Co, Ravenna.
• Kent, Grinnell & Co, "'ninth. it;
H A &Idler, Cuyahoga Falls. 0,
i Wheeler, Leo & Co, Akron. 0;
Chamberlin, Crawford & Co, Cleveland, 0;
Hubbard & Co, Sandusky, Ir,
Peckham h. Scott, Toledo, 0;
ai William, & Co, Detroit, Mich;
' & Co. klilwatakie, IVD;
Morley & Dutton, Racine, Wi.
George A Gibe., Chicago, Ill;
.1 Thomas Hale, Chteago; tn.
mr3o comer %Tater and Smithfield t,
- -
allaMi 1850.
LAKE ERIE AND aliciziome LINE,
CLARKE, PARKS & Rochester, Propnetore.
TIIE Pet primers of this old and welt knoarn Line
would mien= the public that they are now In op
era ton for the present season, and hare commtneed
receiving Freight and P/In•CIIItEra, wbteh they •re
telly prepanniF E RI E to carry
AN to all points on the D
hllCHltinri. Canal and
At the lowest rates. One of the Coate of the Line
wtil constantly. et the loading, below Monongahela
Bridge, to reer lee freight.
Ogee, ere V4ter and Smithfield su, Pitublugh.
R W Carmingham. New Cutlo, Ps;
Aliteheltreo & Co. Pulaski;
W C Mulan, Shoran;
Wick, Aehre & Co, Orrennstlle;
W,a Henry, Itartstown;
Wm Poorer, Conneactvillc;
John Bram A Co, Erin;
John J Ilnliieter & Ito Talc. N ourZ)
1850. mitm
(Deaver Point.)
triArtnt. for BIDWELL'S Prrrantrizail AND
YACKF:g.S; lofflar and sippinK belarekcg
eln4 Roghemer by btenin boats Michigan, Lat.: Erie,
and Beaver.
117 . 600ds reeeipted and promp tly delivered to
pla”ea oa the Canal* and Lakes, the lowest rat •
Islcppers omit please duect goods to .11,1well'eLtn.
J. C. BIDWELL. Agent,
mrZO 'Water at, Polabargh
Plttablarila Portable Boat Lime.
TO .30 1801
Ttionas Domino; rear. & O'Coartea,
Philadelphia. Pituhargh.
Thonganal being no Limes, the proprietors of this
established axe as meal at Itimr old
gond., receiving and forwarding Merchandise and
Produce at low rates, and with the promptness, ter
minty, and safety, reenlist to their &yawn and mode
of iransponation where into mediate trarobinment
SCIA, aILIA the ron.rqueut delay and probability
of dam ,ge.
dloreli moll le and Produce shipped emit or west, and
8.0 f Lading torso...din free of chugs for commie
mon advancing, of roman Haring I n interest
iscr inibrenly steumbone, that of the owner.
is consulted when ahippLog their Fonds
All C.rumunientiona to the (-Mowing agent, prompt
ly utmodod to:
. .
No 27 darter weer, Philade!pana
Comer Penn and Wayne streets, Potaburgb.
John 31eCutlogh & Co, Ca Ninth et, Batt, l' Burt
& et, !loam:, W. & .1 T. Tapsrott & C. •
eft South sr, New Vork; Jamey Wheelwright, einem.
ithiZill 1850
If IBIS LINE, with onsorpassed tacilitsts, is now
I prepared to transport Freight to Cleveland, the
Lake ports, Ohio Canal, end intermediate places, on
.Lc moot fororuhla term., and with the greatest de
Shippers are referred to those who haveteretolore
patronized Al. Line. Send goods to .lilidwr ell' slj."
Assn - re—/ Cdd well, avatar Potrburgh;
}UweII & Brother, Rochester;
1, 0 Matthews, CleVelatd;
Rhodes A Green, do.
A D /snobs, Youngreourn;
C F. Leffingsrall & Co, Warren;
A k N Clark, Newton Petit;
J Brayton A Co, Ravenna .
Kent, Orennell & Co, Franklin Mills;
Thomas Fail, do do;
Al! Miller, thornless* Fall.;
J IV Stephens & Son, Aktba;
Wheeler, Leo A. Co, do;
J DGJ al Edson, do;
J 1H !Some, Mandlon;
Commie. & Co, do;
Wm Monteath & Co. BorTslo;
J Cobb. & Co, Sandman
II Higgins re CO,' do;
E Haskell k Co. Toledo;
If N Strong, Detroit;
I M lall
Eli & Dutton, Raciee;
des, Southport;
Douala:l & Co, bblwauk le;
Diekluon, Little Fort;
Kirkland A Taylor, Sheboygan;
Dole, Romer A Co, Chicago;
Mamas lla!e, do.
Pitteburgh. March no.
MEd= 1850,
Between Pittsburgh an asterwel
The Canal being now upon, we are ready in rem.
and forward promptly, produce mid rnereliandiza east
and weir.
Frvight. &Minya at lowest Me., charged by teepee
Produce and merchandise will be received and for
warded cant and west, without arty charge for for
'lll:ljrlatlinv;locigain".lls,h 4 11 , 171 1 T:el ' nTf7111::
fully attended to.
Adder.. or apply to, WM. BINGHAM,
Canal Basin, one. Liberty and Wayne its, Pittsburgh.
No 183, Markel at, between 4th &Mk. Phi'..
No 182, North Bossard. st..
mrl6 Nn to, West smut, New York
I.III — BWEIN r— A7 CO's
IPann i ttrt
_luta ItantUlnas* Office.
ALEN A CO. ronutue to bring persona
rote any Part of Ereland, Ir•land. Scotland or
Pales, epee the west liberal terms, with their
Menials, and attention to the wants and emu.
nunigrants We dont allow ompassongen to
'robbed by the needling seamps that infest the ses•
ports,. we take charge of them the moment they re•
port themselves, and see to their well being, and de
apateti then without any detention by the first .hips. —
Weany this fearlessly, as. we defy one crone pmsn•
g e m to now that they were detained tb /-nt, by es in
Lieerpool, whilst thousarals of others • as detained
Moths, midi they cm/d be giant in nonn. sd 'ran, In a
an; p nue, which too frequently prove,: neir collets.
We intend to perform our contract. neerably, coin
,whet It may. and not set n was the ease l an semen,
.With ether ofßee,—who either performed not all, or
who ns
a It Bulledtheii.oonvenlenee.
Drew .drawn .at Pittsburgh for any 1160 , from LI to
.4mA pa able at any orate ptoriAmal Banks in Ino•
land, England, floodaad and Wales.
ad, Inkropean mid Geo..] Agent,
ill moat. nna dm, Lailmor_Wne4
Yas lba
Israaaele nHWa
otileenjonlln,,aan co
ianle by
•apyl ' SID ler
T .Fou
170 75 R
W •
B E I , T n I.INT S OCt isres ertirtselly recelvini
Trimstingij co t %pri:lns C iti n psn ' tke ‘ li ., o e ssing
Extra Super Hoyal Velvet Pile C:;petv,
" " Tepestry "
3 Fsglish and Menem Brussels
Exult Superfine Impetiel 3 ply
Superfine e IP
5 -1
lExtra roper potootetendla
Roperfulo do do Rog , '
Toiled Roos;
Superfine Ingrain Carpets,
Common, all wool,
" cotton "
Extra Wilton
Common do
CLcrttilo Door Mao;
To: .
Shrtrp SkIG
and Tap Vest Car..
7-4, I nod gToillid Carp.
L and :14 plain Car.
List and Rag Carpet.,
8.4 Printed Cotton Carpets.
3 •
, 4.4, and 4 314 44 .1.
• Naeut
oil Cloths
Eitragrintedrl i L , r c lo coers
eraboßsed riarn
Primed ore,len "
Erabosand Stan
I,nleil d
and worlntd "
Dnmsak Rear inen;
Red Cbtaixt.;
Ow tar Be:darng;
EnFlleh O Cloth Tale
Itte and ' Drat Cloth,
Chottoo Null;
Coach Chl Cloth.;
./arn•toks for Lining•
Watered Alotems.
MIS I lotlenC7a IS'l4ndeg;
Pre " nennp. ;.
Verietien Mud.;
fls;;in LiLen crumb c;oths
Carpet UP e:ng
13onung (or Flags:
7.1 and BJ TaLde Lintni
Alicant end Skeleton
14.4 !Leal 3.4 Green Oil Cloth
for think
Scotch rhapersi
Brown Linenopltins;
Sermon Cloth Table
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to ,17
rrocmryri o: g e
Imported direct from Eng.
oprotry cAumrs. Thcne
Ic !west and most eke/.
.1( titC most gorgrotts color,
ler as they run be purchured
sd Auw icon ntinafs
which, which Sri I be c
stibtnes of any sire.; .hi
The undersigned having
d, hi. Velvet Pile nod Ts
trysts, which ate of thc
II Ties tmd patterns. and cd
be sold at prices as los
in any of the casters s.
•rtntent et the richest and
Plt:rn 'attach fat surpasses
ing the
faninonalAn *MUSS
In quality and cheapness of price, any tissortnient ever
bolo= brought Indus city. Ile. atm invites Sicomboli
lien and Coach Manufacturers to his large - and well
eisdeeted ussornmentot TRIMMINGS, and other et ticks
lidccaiary in Weir Utah:ass.
The undersigned is also agent fir the only Stair Rnd
Vaitufaciory I'Lllndelplits, unit /8 prepurcd to tall
lower than can he purchased Oilcans's in tlll4 City.
Wit iddli.lNTi
Dra•• tioods.
A A. MASON tr. CU, GO Market street, basset.
Third and FourlS. art now rennisrlaa a large as
sortraent of Ilarefe Its Lain.; Persian Cloth.. an rn
hire new article; Pallr,ts, Crane Ile Loins le, wit)
k a
large estortment of Law:.. end other t.noda
Of the lal.nst styles end most fashionable colors.
bis tannin dipped, ta! 'perm;
Cr:sm.-1W bus Cream •0.1 English Dairy,
Cems-CO doe Wan. sad Slaania,
Cassis-50 Meta;
Chovsa-1 barrel;
Cringe-LO hl Cloarnun and hal( Spanlen• '
1-4.10-U5 brlsand hahalfbrls :Macke rel and Salmon;
tihags--n4l asvnled
Pedal. Vetusou,
Otto Sugar Cored,
lb. S F and Nonni,:
Ina -1g dog .larnrona Slant: and Copying,
Alohssans.-te brla N
13 Orleans;
bell bro. Sugar llou se;
Maces.- 20 dox sato:len ealastere;
Nbi.C.AOOl-5 0 Ib. 11.11011;
V£113.0111- 00 Ina do
Noths-_W erg. assorted;
rimes-. 5 dor Jars mooned;
PcscJau- A/ bushels balers,
Parse-AO reams snorted,
lb. Llordesusl
SouP-W bug Rosin earl Cast Steel;
Annan-tables N Orleans an: Cianged;
package. Greca and Itlaek;
TOBACCO-I.V Las.l2, 0, a. I
Ws•al 110 gent -GO dor parent Z.• a.
For sale by .1 I) V. ILLIANIS A CO
=IS sh,,hrr uf Fort, snit Woo.: .1
I, 1,M211.5! FURS! l'Ulte sahacia , crh.lll pay
for COO, 51ink. Moak Hat. (its. and Ited
end a:1 kinds nl aLipping burn, Ike htghcat anitern
prices. MCC(/RU& CO •
febko carnet Filth and Worm.l
pliF: Part rev ho he < tn...eal. Int s
1 Tuley and John Ile., in thh Grorry. Picdurr
&iternam...oa baldness, NAT& iliasenvhd main.
narm, he 141 b in.. Mr. John Beat ha i.n par •
chased the entire of Jail., Taaacy, Ist the
brcr, the buster. , aril; he nettled 1111.111, at their old
.rand, No. 33 Woad at. JAMI,4 TA. , ‘ sEr,
re te,J JoitN
calm: eloinaru, au , ' and t !lOW^ .•ortment
Wall Pepe, of b
I•nee ..“.1 ~ te,” •11
113 gold, Lbacnoi.. ask, plin and 1,01 ro
W. Y. A1AR5.11.51.1., a:e C 11,11,)
. .
111 C,-pirtPrf•h:rklltrVlDlWC S
'LI 11,ntrld :•nn
N. te.. dayPSI
eGact, 'Ma ui out fi.m by
S. 11 Baahfold, at the old stand, ho Ltberty st,e+t
Piasburgh. 111!SlIFIELD,
-Alarm I, JOHN lalclill.l
eoleiene itto Wholesale a... 1 Retell Dry Om,. acid
Grocery buitnesr, a; the o!d stand, No flit My .1,
ander the Emu of S D. 1.11.1e1l FIELD A CO.
March I. 0.50.—10ar12
III4V. Lll.l. tnr
sate Groucri. Cnantwiw., .nd Forward., bc.
h. N. • ,-.4 5. %Vat, man The
u•tue." outure cazdeetrd sty 4,
.8. %Valera...a A poz.,, at We d star.J, No :a Wu
i7r and CI! }aunt street. L.§. EEILMAN.
I'maborgh. Much Isr.. IESO.
Wll.O 011E081. th e [teat remedy for
And Ma beet rned.etete
.• •
w am: , tor Astbma of r:ery
Complwo., Brunet..., lalluvrrn. COl4l, tal,!c,
LI/C•dilg of the Luny., lvLortl..,s et UTZetal,
Yaws ami %Vega nest"
Ltre.l4 Ae.. .I.l.llu:her
eliwuea of tl.o
A rery important disease over v. Ul.ll 0,4 c
lit, • very
DISILA powerf tl ul influe .l , ll,ll. nce. Is t•nt or •
ED 1
In Ibis complaint ti ems andoutainny pinvcd more I
effteactousthan imp remedy Izabella rum:Dyed, and it
numerous instances when pollen. hod endured lure
and severe seaming from the Cisemes. without tern,
ism the least ben'eLl from variant returdies, end .v hex
Memory hen been resorted to in vasn, the use of nu,
D.,,Aorn ha* restored the Laver to a healthy Irian and
in many ti,ances erected peremnent cures, after
known remedy had foiled to produce tint
dewed effnet.
Besides its wet:aching efficacy in lima:mime above
mentioned, we also find It a very effectual remedy In
A•thma t • complaint in which II Iles been catorai•a y
toted with decided success, even in cams of yams
standing With the Increase of intelligence ha. g N
up a knowledge of We rlcinents of health. and a re•
for them, and commensal . ..3:y the oirsde• of
science have we acqutred the manna of emoting dia
I ease, and warring ns rovasu• :utwahstanding the
progress we Love made, statistics mow Mot e wen
mer, one sixth of tat whole population die rutin:all,
Ono nf the most important discoveries of the axe, In
ameliorating din condition of this large elms of aut.
(mug humanity,
Wister's DkistV of 1 Cherry is a Lim iterbel
Medicine, composed chteily of Wild Cisetry Bark and
the aenutne Iceland klose, (the latter interned expee•s•
ly nor thin porpose,l the ram mmileinal virtue. of
watch are alto combined by • new chemical twice,
with the eract of Tar, limo.s rendering the
compound the most certain and eirmanocs remeey
owl ducovered for
Still further evidences of the remarkable eurstive
properties of this inceumnble piep4raisorit
Itrairatx.vixt.a. Brown cc, 0 • Aug VI, Ista
Monett Sandford & Park: Crunchier, A1...1x
eetz ago I received the agency of Wigter'• Ilutsem
of tlr'ild herry, but with some relaemore en fey yes.
for U. ration tbat hart been ilie agent of so y
pilliland other nostrai,g, whi.rli were cracked ell to
agmething woodertul, latt th.
rod to he of no account whatever, except tn De ;woo
aactarer. Bat I evldtdly admit that this time I have
ben deceived, for the extraordinary cures effected by
Wtstar's Balsam have convinced rue that `grand ear
come out at Nazareth." Your agent left me one doz.
en bottles, which tux' gone—having been the means
of miring several obstinate cgies of Conguoipt,._
and no mistake; for what I ace and anus, I am hound
to believe. Otte cage in perileultin A young gentle,
man In Wincheeter, Adam. county, IL, 10 Milo fro s
this place, was eared ol Consumpuun when the doc•
lora has given ides up, or at least could do nothing for
him, and it wait the inienuon of his friends In convey
Olin to your city, sad place him under the oure of come
eminent phyaictus there. hit a friend told Win of
'Sister'. Belau., and that he Located °Want it of ma.
die Dint for it, and before tho second bottle was gone
he was sound and well, and attending mitts every day
business. A. there arc several Inquiries for the medi
would be well In forward an addiunaal supply
without delay. Very reopectruilL pour.l
The above, from L. Newland, Et highly 'erne..
ebbs country merchant, enrotricodg fOrellity to
Um candid attention of all those who have doubted
the great merit of Willll . o Wild Cherry Balsam.
Remeruter the original and only genuine Wider.
Stallone of Wild Cherry, was Introduced in the yes.
WS, and ha. been well tested in all completes. (or
'which it is recommended. For IC years n Lan proved
, inore erliegen,us as a rereads, (or Coughs, Cold., lade.
etas, Bronchitis, Asthma, iind Coneumpuost in Its in.
clpient stage., than any other methoine.
LOST VOICE, he., ItlierrOßKlY
Now Barium, Aug. IM 1819.
Mr. O. W. Fowler Having seen mosey et-famines
published in relationWletsr's Hermit rd fri
Cherry, I tithe this opportunity of edema a wo in
its favor, which you ase aloe at Oben,' to ftttlaltt.. A
few menthe since my wile's longs became so much at.
footed with a sudden cold, taut she lost her voice, .lad
uffered severely from punt in the It renal. (ter alttla•
dog raved her friends meek alsrm. Saving heard
your Salem strongly recommended by font who
plac e. l, parehuod a Conic from your by
In thle
ac she took It according is directions, end It pro
duced a wonderful effect. Before using one bottle she
had completely recovered her voice, the pains &Owl&
ed, and tier bealth was soon fallj retstablished.
Yours, truly, HF.PiRii O. BRICIIITAIAN.
To Decoorns erib DuLvasm ftleDielele—Tot
ebrated and infallible remedy for the core of Connmp.
den, Asthma and Liver Cemplaint,haa by he own me
rite, been rapidly, rum and safely wording to way
_through the opposition of giuks and counterfeiters,
=MI, by Its tine value and intrinaleaCeiknee, it ball
gained for itself a most enviable popufanty, vactb
-141.4 tiself In the confidence of an intelligent and en
lightened public, from one end of the continent to the
other. The teatinrony of thousands who have been re.
I Saved and cured op We valuable article, will show
I that It stands unnvalled—at the bead of all other me
' dicinea, for the core of diecues for which it to recom
mended. The genuine Dr. Wietar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry is now for sale bj duly appointhd Agents, mid
all respectable dealers in medicines, in all Inrge cities
and all important towns throughout the United States.
rSettle Sid frottlee for
Sold by J. pe D. , PASS, (Bucceaser to Sandford &Pared
Furth and Walnut streets, CittetallaU, Ohio, lienual
Agent for the Smith and West, to whom all orders
upset be addresud.
- •
L. Wilcox, Jr. Jemes A. Jones; I. Kidd & Co; B. A.
Falitimnoek & Co, Pittsburgh. L. T. Russell, Wash.
Logan; W. 11. Laruberton, Franklin; L. It
Gainntowni 11. Welry, Greene:large; S. Konnis,Snme,
.4 &MS & Gilmore, Redford; Reed & Son, limning
do l Una Orr. Holliday Giorgi linden,. I & Co, Inde
11.;WrighL Kistamlin Ramis ta. Ca. Brook
tllsi L. Witten & Son, Way nesbureln 11•Fusland A
M, N. Callender Meadville; Buruin & Co, Er:ei
Niagotrue,Alerecri ' iamea, Kelly & Co, Sutler S. Sin ilk,
/Leaver; J. D. Sunimeruni, Warren; F. L. & C. R.Jones,
tab d•nrpon, P. Croaker, Jr, Utownsville..
117- AI the Bledtchnes ad remsed by W. U. SLOAN
ere ..11.11;
Liberty at. Pitubargh.
llinuinghon, by JOHN G. SMITH.
Allegheny City, by HENRY P. SCIIWARTZ an
The Best and Cheapest Hors* Mad!ctn.
Harr earned a vaet aanat. For Pwity, Wildness, Safi
ty, and Tha roar/mese, SLOAN'S OINTM L7SiT Exres
And la rapidly aapersedina all other Ointments and
Lillinte.U. DOW IA use for the care of the following dim
Fresh .wounds, galls of nil kinds, sprains, bruises,
cracked heels, nogbone, windisone, windgalLs, poi
roil, callus, spun., sweeney, fistula, alt,
llumsness, sand crack, foundered feet, serateli. strains,
grease mactic ortunse distemper.
The Dowier will remove all inflammation ant fever
purify the bloodi loosen the skin, cleanse the water
and auengthen every part of the body., mud has proved
a smrcreign remedy for the following diseases:
Distemper, bide bound, loss of appetite, intent.
strain, yellow water, inflammation - of the eyes, fatigue
from ban/ exercise; also, rheumatism. (commonly cal
led stiff complaint,) which proves so fatal to many vats
noble horses in
c oug hs ounmy. It is w hich a
lain remedy for u and colds which generate sc
many fatal dtsruses. SLOAN,
Grand Depot, 40 Lake st, Chicago, Illinois.
. .
13y tLe use of Sloan's Ointment mod Condition Pow
der, I have entirely cured a fistula on my horse and
otherwise imarored condidou more thanmwye
cent. 011 Me cost of dm ince. rine And u row whim,
was so feeble as to be considered worthless by myself
and neighbors.was restored to good hen , th and streneth
by Me use of le. than ball a package, of the powder,
and now doing boner Man any other cow 'Mace.
Small rox, May 13, Irl6. WM. VINCENT.
I hereby enmity that one of my children, when eta
bed, fell into a large flre,ef live Coals, nod Nat burned
ar.vercly trout head to feet. The bee lof medical aid
and attention even given to the child for four nr five
da) a without any tell f—eac h day'. nage:tgs mere..
ed till lair groans eoald be heard at a great dpaance, al
which critical period one of my ze ighhors rec.:min:en
ded and pre:cured in me hog of Sloan'. Ointment.
will in Icon than fifteen minutes afi,r bin applicatier
of the ointment to Me imgravated morea of the unlit:ring
clind, the pain ceued entirely, 1.111 he speedily began
to recover. My reeidence i., nett townahlp, Ver.
million county, and dtate of Indiana.
I Li:uvula:L. TAYLOIL
Chicago, Arirtst 21,1E.11.
- -
April 13.1619. Four miles nnrth tif CU. ago ii*the
road to Milwauk WO Coot county, Illtnota
Mr. Sloan—Dear Sit: One 01 y hones had a large
bony tumor on hir bream bone, immediately under the
collet which fumed him end rendured his sercirts of
very little value. I faithfully uppliud several bottles
of Ur. Taylor's Nerve and 11.ine Liniment, withiut the
least benefit. I Wets procused Wilder's eclebrotc.l
Move °humeri, and wed that until I become fully
satisfied that it would new, relic, 111, v M.
ally 1 obtained a Lou of your truly vuluahle lint.meat, sad in ie.. titan GO days from the last a/11.Kit.
lion the tumor entirely di:al :cared. end the tor, was
well. Yours, 1:L1WAR11 ARMSTRONG.
- -
If popula Inviteon is any crlterion ende worth of an
article, we the incredulous to at Mast a taw
Oldie teeny voluntary erruhcams that appear' in cui
admires respecting din great shrirtly ot retuatkahlo
cure, elected by the are or l'tilorm's Celebrated oil4l
moat and Condition Powders"
These reninalica no longer remain among law.e re
doubtful entity, they have passed from the tide of ex
retinae:lt, and now shawl thither in reputation mid are
becoming mom eztenwvely used than all other •rtl
.le. of the bind.—Mich. City
, OLD.
Fox Dam, Juno It I Ae.
Dear Sloan—Si,r .cud by the heater e. new
eupply of !oar Hotee Medicines. They are die LCe
athelea of the kind that I haveever usetl. neverhay
tog Leen iteepitranted In their. tToeu ex I have been tr
the ...of others. oven the wait ceXtd•ted o.r.unent•
Liniments, X.e., of the Jay. I like very much dirt tee.
Win in then, viz: tliat they do ad that,
Ilpo/1 a thozough mil one it esnitortited to add. the ,
"half Las not been t01d...
Baxpeolfully, el DUDLEY
The ordinary "ointments and liniment. a is oral
known are severe and partial a theth D
Sloan's Ointhitent tubd yet thorough—it rpmoers:am
hr. and
removes th e reuse, hence it ryes real and permute.
teltet For parity, mildness, safety, u: we. and
thormagintaut, SUDAN . . °tn. , . ea eels; and is rapidly
eurperceding all other Ointments and Lintments no •
In use.
Bruin's Guava, 111., Ott 21, thiti.
Mr. Sloan--Sirs I have tested the vthme of )tha
Ointment in the cure of rattlesnake bites, sore throat
bar na and many other litanies, mid in every raw. it
has stirthassed our oriteraramsts. At a family Ottit.
mew, I hove never seen Macros!, snit tOr Was. W.
can't get liong without it.
Your, ,ke., MILES N. JOHNSON
Mr ..3:oan—lietir r. For a consideraLle length or
tole I wa. sernmsly Si Clireted with the rheumatic cow.
plaint, and applied freely the curious liniments, paint
kitten, b ^.. without obtain/he rob relief. After
your ag. .•1 at ti,:s plane toluenerd me totry you:
Ointment, and within two vreek• (nun the time I com
menced rung it, the pato cea•-.1. and I was effectually
cured. and .hail reconnot nd all who are wailarl) nt.
'Meted with to procure Yon:
excellent ointment without delay
Rasp 'y year, o,W...tit F. MUTT.
Princeville, Peoria co.. May
CAlisral Co., April SD* ISM
Dr. ht* yne—Dear Sim I verily heLeve your Com
a Snap of Wild Cherrk h
ereas been the mean. ol
ED — From the lino. 11. V S Drooks, Agent of fits P" °- e gold, which (=Mi
llion.. and glielogan Cettal Paccet Soot Company.. .lare cough, tbat
Cutcaso. done Yet ISt.; attended
which I had gin
Dr.AV. :Va.—Dear So: For the Into no yem. r eoote- . ' gmbitesd ail me a toms of
it had occasion to many hone.. and hs mereaang enta my
ea 4d rap
bo, g ! r ,, a n t eof
clw.rcna o 7 , .7 ,, ns u u . myl d il. or t,
"1"' I„, Mat r.hrzl. . well us soyzelf, gay
far a b :. ' n ' t ; P m ° . a ' :IT i ° t: every L'm t n tt ‘ . ‘ t ' g °tis':°F."ll' e or e 'ith e
c thL t
l ' eo ' ken n t .i i:
.ed a aro remedy coagh, causing me to arpactorate freely; and by the
nose I had used ail bues,l Wks entirely welloted am
A FINSICR urri - EN F.NTIREI.V OFF. now . hearty a man ~o I ever was to my life, and
Two miles south of Cateaso, rapt 14.164g. 0 to [lee any InferetaldonlealManng MY
S'°°°—S°' tin
°°P ""‘ h" hn. Ilmt otter mittens. may derive Na f.
per bitter entwriy ar by ho" , W•lmwedl• wl P •P' w h t e'b •o grateful. For the truth of Na above
plied your celebrated OM:Tent. .3.. bon I ,rum e re to Peter Roth,
etric Groese. Welt
won IncCOI samatet, and Peev,..'.l the ' O,O, •A t n~j l rf whem Id '
swelling the .emit pante,. tow v.- setadug 4141, rawla 51hisaaa
Derp'y year, UP.OOhiIVA ' P
IN ti .1 A Tr°°4"l" - 2 C ar or yeign deer g i rati n't tulk des
Mr. Sloan—Dear Adoot three years are I was ir s h. ' B*.°Y i ne dozy t o me altiete enerally. to older
toverelv missed in ore or rut ler. hy tudcr• of ).•—••. • •‘).
my humble testa:any In (Willi odour y Con/Nted Sy.
I'„,!'" of Terre e t w t td -h try Some three years liner I was
eacly ll,Cry 00001 to Calera nil.' ',I, tto•rd. h o t • .• •to • of 0,
tried tu root r
leg until Sere towpath) . and tinpreper la• accemp cd glittit • th.“<“.;
o'll ml
'"""°. ea
°'°: L°"V
the by anti w k:ead, a very considers
ly wounded. I deryrairc•l of ewer l•rtug ordoa— m ouse fro= the lung...pee
but in order thin I mint) n.glert no mean. -mud, '
u change , of weather, however slight_ At
Yuur""°: rit' r e O.r. alarm about to condition, hot was pretty
"L' '°°j°d4° ‘" " : j eel that I was rapidly gotta mto eontnotop.
iron:. re L. Ter than I ess egrre.• li• l• °°°•-•
d ' weaker, and St length was scarce
cones!) well ialos I hid hiohad ears ...-ond I I
ty std.- to walk about, or sPeell abort •Wtosper, such
Thew faro. I make k vow,. tiro rth-rs miretea may ' ea „,,,,,,g o e sa uf my langs. Danng
talteve and sat delay eons eo tWa
volt:a:de art co t n nt wa• t-^
I Orne I ha lie d
trod various preparauens and pkesempuons,
as goon hu p '''Dc'e7lllole, i n;;; ‘ , - .,, - ". L. found no 'eunt—g all the oar merle. lest
here I we. Ind persuaded by a dear (mend in
tv rh: hgton stoke mat of poor Syrup of Wild Cher
ry roast cothess throe previOsoly I had been emu
ea enamel patent dletnes, Imd lam sull against
those raining outof the hands of emperlea, laceder
mantling year Mateo to the profesman and ice of
411011itli1C, sod krifing WM in the tarng of my
fraud., I forthwith pare
of Dr. Shawoa. o f you ,
gee... • few bsoles, and commence l d to tote. hly dia.
from the ¢ve
bottics But b :e.Jere hie
eing u paorre .peldref, lieguenlly at.
tempted to preach with my Increasing strength, and
thereby pturcl those vessels that had
w a s begun
to'heal; In this way, doubtless, my cure was greatly
mooted. In consequence of Ileum{ th. imprudent'
I hod to toe twine or fir men tattles before I yeas
et cstored I hare no question, a Meehan:tall
11Y10 1 would have made nee d u he
the above tronseretion. The Syrup allaye the fen
e•ri hit t., took away the distressing cough, put eat
to U... dire:hatprs or uduttur from tue lungs, and gar
then. mod Me cadre art. te good health. I nava dela
red adoring tho rerltheate until new, for the purpos.
3( 1., , eg perfect ir sari led with the permaneney of
cre, and now ditat I feel perfectly wellfoyer it with
plemsre. Rre. J. P.
Duhlm [minty N. C.
Before the nnlownne or r, Vsagho & Co
purchased a large t arp., of nnlnn , ynn.arannust
iatc,on. Mich. Fob 21,
S. K. nir: I aen out a Sloaq's Condt,.
non Powder sod Ilorsn, (hutment an'e to cx•
Cent. my expreinuon If pen eel. 1:01t111, (0 ten.soe
I dozed Onement. I y.ty far them the Ilrat t rot
then you are Acre, ILO4 i.nen,..n. I s„nn , ;Me to sell
a largo quanta, e.O the enur.e of year wit he
an &nem nu, as well as to ray self, to keep meeon.
stantly suppnell. Very reap'y yours,
p. o. VAUGHN k CO.
• -
Orsh,au—Str: Al.aut two years ago, w:nle run
oo the Mt . ..worn nor,. to pz,, , lng over the rapid., I
wee pinuend into the water. and by the ran. rineltow
anal •n'ince•erueonne o; left lc, u;nl ntherw••e ee.
emn•ly onurting me. en tnuen that I to., 101 een•ftn'tty
When conectrutnew returned I foatul my,ll in eq.
Loum. srounded by my wrepmg (molly Cloud ;mow
ing and tki ur enteul aol, tabled ut 1.0. two ninuthe
to horn,. urneud watt the of a e rule h. Tbe
woutide naiy ourtnrily heated. teuvme rummtna
sorne at the knee, winch for !Emily month* d,,rltarged
hlnnd and moue, of inwo o4'e,nw- Irn ,- ...r. My
pma• v,. r.- at time• •u/e , oe wur
eu, erent taut dmun would lin, reeetved n hearty wrl
w. Fortunenely Mr. W,:no,,10110 of 107
udvioed me to try your 91.1..11 I nlnlarva a twz
.typed zecor,ltne (0 dorem.r, -the ente,..Pol,negu
In wunnne I,eult:,y none:lv:tore, and in three most:Ur
was eutire)y rured, win e nab Ind to do hard len.,
rnur otwdlent earvnut,
11. N.Ol W. TIIONIA3.
We, lb.. untlet.g . nr..l, nei.,lll , on of IT W Tnomze,
arcrt sic-1,1.11mA arilh ra, ithon..teved, al:41 If glow
ing lll.rtrea.taner, cherrliElly coolirm IN:ud
Thfloani` II EV J. IIia:GLASS,
W. 11. Sinan—otiri Me alloy horses wee hoof boom!
•nil also wounded in the state, in which lie oink cold,
told twenine eo rtppled that he could ty travel.
Ily the tree opplicsoon of your valoshie ointment, his
Loon., wry,: von. sof,enett *oil itin , anile persnaiteutly
cured. I have oleo and the ihnoneut la .iie ri..e of
Foil-Evil and no severe rills with <quid rune..
On n mantled finger that we, Ten. painful, it opera.
led bite • eliaere. Von, kr , A. VAN WIDEN.
13ion110 (notmont and Condition nrc ne•
knowletiged by all who hove on-it them to be ..te I ern
remedy tor horses •nd eatt'e Unit 'lnn been dtw-uvrrea.
Fresh wound., gall., spawns,, nngho.n., poll
Yeand in ..hori ever) cm.. ad disord, or WU."' eau
ke cured try WI wonderful remedy. The Fu or der to
deigned Or inwnrd grams, distemper, ti , dn boom!,
romp. (rum hard dierwwd eye., 8.0 —Lake
County Chronicle.
WrestLir., Cook Co. Feb. 131619
Mr Moan—Sir: I loom a fine young lot', that was
Liken wtfit the 'crutches lost fall. I paid out about
three dullum for medic,ne to cure lin. but he grew
worm. I then bought o box of ymo 01111 ecia nt your
Nwhen In Chirago lost, rather doubmigly, hut I
thought I would try it. Judge of my turoti, and toy
opt mon of in beneficial yucl.tics, when f found my
horses legs smooth and well to tour days from the time
I commented applying it. Your obedient,
Alt re than haven veer. of unrivalled success In the
cur , of every variety Of exteami disciskel and trounce
au r n ea sprain, bruises. el.. bllf/10, CUM/MOUS ere..
limn, sore bps, torn brews, chapped hands, chill.
Wain, Ines, Weer, corns, pain. in the back, sides, or
oilier parts of the system, rattlesnake Inn, bens
ample testimony Mat Sloan's Ointment isms the thing
for the hour. Certatectes without nenther have Uteri
received by the Propane. (rote dminierested indtvidu.
ids, giving details of remarkable cores ti) use.
Granville, Milaraultie co. Wig., met. 13, 1519.
Mr. Sloan—Dear Sin Recently my homes ran arra,
with a log chain attached. which cut and otherwise
injured them seriously, so much so that I eons dered
my team rained fortandoess. Fortunately t friend re
commended the 01.1 of yiwir .Cmtment. I went to Mil
ward. and purcharmi a hog. It soon removed S.
irillaramstion, and in • fir* days the wounds healed
Tpe great benefit derived' from the use of ynur onv
'mot, ou my . hones, In need motto acquaint you with
the fart, believing Iu pliblicity Would benefit you and
raw public. Emspectfolly yours,
And has become a common saying, that Staan's
Ointment and Condition Powder am rapidly superset
din all o th er remedie. for ell diseases of hones and
eatae. The beauty of the medicines consists in Mei]
eerily and wifety, to wit: they may he ,uted ewer
body without any danger of taking cold, or any other
Istary rowan from th eir freeat use, and weer fall
to OM 0/16Amg= qu
Cita Haut's =AVON, Ohlet r blayra, Ihet.
A. &Sellers: I th ink it right far the ' bsslltt edam. ,
to state mare facts in relation to year eXeellest Frani
ly bledieine.
hart urn! your Vermltuge lurgetyln any own fam
ily, one vja•
to amen:beg fel eglmilibe
quudities (tray to
woema from two eitildtea I
have also used year Liver Pills and Cough Synt, p to
my family, Ind they have in every isetence grained
the talent desired.
As I ant ingaged merehaedieing, lam able to
state dmt tame yet to hear el the East faile re where
year medic nes have been used in my section of the
country• la coneluston, 1 may state that they see the
medicines at the day, and are destined to hue a very
extensive pspulanty loon. fas , culfo.l!T,
t: . li. tent.
. .
Prepared and sold by R. ri 1 RS,No 37 Wood
street, end sold by Drug; „ • 0 eneully m the two ci
ties and siehtill. 50131
i'f..elAT CORP, uF LIVECCIWPCAINI, r- brae
original, only tree, and genuine Liver PRI.
SlO/141. Caxxx, Ohio county, Va.
March gash, 1513.
Mr. R. &Sellers: Dear Sir-1 Mink It a duty I owe
to you and to the public ig.,nera, to state that I base
been alEioril with the Liver Complaint for • long
time, and so badly that an 'bees, formed and broke,
which left me in a very low stale. /laving beard 01
your celebrated Liver pile being for sale by A PI
Sharp in West Liberty, and recommended to me by
my ph ysician. Dr. E. Smith, I concluded tothem
a fair trial. I purchased one mac
box, and found them to
'w just what they urn recommended, THE HEST LI
VER PILL EVER USED, mnlance taking four boxes
hnd the disease enbrely left Wie, and 1 am now
perfectly Respeckfolly toots,
Weal lellmalY, March tin, Igyi.
1 cattily that I am personally acquainted wan tie
bolero, and ran bear testimony to the truth of the'
a) , ve certificate. l A N SHARP
'Poe enable Liver Pals ass prfpnrod snd sold by
R LEERS, No 67 Wood street, and by druggists
tome wo Macs.
Tr) P/IE PUBLIC.—The original, only true and gen
uine Liver Pills are prepared by R E Sellers, and have
hte name matured in black wag upon the lid of each
on, and his mcnatare on the mashie wrapper—a
others ore counterfeits, or base imitations.
spin It JEL.LER6. Proprietor
1, , R031 the Rev ACA r3IIINN, a well known and pop
slut Clergymen m the ProostanthlethodiA Church
Inc underline.] Itsmng been afilimedduringthe past
lottl with ri do cut Milo stomach, sometimes pry
!co.,: nrent pain in the stomachfor tenor welt' hoar
a•mthortenterm en, and after having tried various
remedies with effect note furniahed with Mink
of Dr I)Jayne's , . matter Balsam. Thisbe used no.
cording to the d , ree, rotted thand invariably diet ttbs
medicine mooed the pain to star in three or roar nun.
atom, and in fifteen or twenty samutecevere nom.)
serration was entirely quieted. The medicine was at
terwrirdsosed whes,ever indentions° , tho afploach of
palnwerc perceived, and the pa,n was .heleby prevent,.
cd . Ile continued to use the med.cirie every evening
and mmaimes Inc• tonrnmg. nod to • few weeks
health woe. far itatorcd, Dim the caterer was robes
ed from a largo anon too! oppreasive pain. From el
perience,therefore. to men confidently yecomung.d D
1) Jsyne'sCnrroinative balsam, as a sr mary reedlcin
for diseases thew:mach and bowel. A •sitiroir
Akle . ghenveity.o•7l
For sole In Pittsburgh at ~ P l,ltl tv IPA 6TOR
yg goorti,street, boar Wo and also at IDentog
Store of II I. Sell NV kit rz v. • •01 Street. Allege•M
VALUALIWG Discovitifin-
TLLI •0.1411111111DT 101
Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, lironehids, Liv
er Complaint, Spitting Blood, DifUnity of Breath
ing, Vain In the Side end 'Remit; Pslpitalion of
Ms Heart. Inlocus, Creep, Dtoken Con
entail., Sore Throal,Nervou Debili
ty, .4 all Dimas. of the Throat,
Detain./ Lungs: the meaty!.
knownspeedy ones
ever Mr any of
Ws above duces
.. Is
Camper&Ord ilyry y cif Wild Cherry'
This medicine is no longer among those of doubdol
sultry. It has panned 'away from the thousands daily
lei:oohed ;von the tide of experiment, and now stands
higher m reputation...l to iiempng more eotanaive.
ly used than any other preperation of medicine ever
produced for th e relict et mitering man.
It has been untoduced very generally through die
Culled :lutes and Furrpc, and there are few towns of
Importance but what contain some rffinarkable civi
lian. of its good effects. For proof of the fomgoing
matexcente..4 of the 1 11 and efficacy of this mod,
eine, the proprietor Moen a few of the mar.) thou
sand resume:ado which have been presented to him by
men of the first respectability—men who have higher
au. of moral responsibtlity and Justice, than to cerd
lify to Dicta because It will to another a favor, and
th n ewpives no Injustice. Such testimony proves eon
elusively. that its torpid. excellence Is esothfi.t,,d
by in I meritsomd the unernestionable authori
ty of public. opinion. The instantaneous relief it af
fords, rid the wahine influence diffused through the
whole frame by its rise, renders it a most agreeable
remedy for the al:Rimed.
"When men, acting froin Dh:D
eatisolentious unpubses,
volontarily beer testidiony lo the truth cif dung, or
perimeter fun. ouch testiolony, being contrary to their
worldly interestm and purposes, eoemes cOnTittlOU of
Or truth, and commends itself in a.special manner to
universal eredenee.”--091oganl0 Moral Maxims.
There never sou a remedy that has be. as successful
; desornte eases of Consumption, as Dr. Surnyne's
; Comnoo p nd Syrup of Wild Cherry, It s t
rengthen. the
sywcra: and enemata to heel the nlpers on lin
errant g new trial ilek blood; Pow er posses sed
I.portang Coutton—Rood.! Read ,
There It but to e genuine preparers. ef Wild Cherry,
I. Jr.t swgvaies, the best Orel Ofiettd Jr the
publ winb iron sold largely throughout the
United States sod eoute parts of Europe, and all pre
parations canes by the name or Wild Cherry have
teen pot our shore this, under rover eome deceptive
circumstances, os order lop. currency to their sale.
a e go person need mistake the
sc."p bola a, F, OO bottle of the genuine is
enveloped wh a brouttiul steel el:graving, with the
likeness of Wiwi. Penn thereon; also, Dr. Swayne's
signature: and s farther security, the portrait of De.
Sway. , will : added hereafter,. as to distingolab
preparetiot. • toot all others. Now, it not ter
the great euratsve properties and known virtue. ol Dr.
Sweylies Corooound Syrup of Wild Cherry, persons
would Lot he andetiVerm; la give carreolOY SO there
vfiehtheds nris• by by stealing the name of Wild
Cherry. Rtlll.llitiCt, alway• at
to mind the nag.
or De. Sweync nd bc not deceived.
Principal Ode., corner of Eighth and Race streets,
For sale why. male and retell by OGDEN A SNOW
EN, cot MI sari Wood sts; It A FAHNESTOCK le
Co, nor Itt an. Wood, and em and Wood slat WI!
TiloaN, Alwant 14 S JONES, IVO Liberty MS JAS
A JONES, rot - .land end Pc. stg; JOHN MI 11.81-
11.1., city, and by all respectable dealers in
medicine. octlg
- -
Dr. W• P. Inland's Pr•unlaut Plaster.
D". w. INLAND, of the hledieal College bf Phil.
adaptor', anteaters to the addle his llama Veg.
ctablo Premium Meter, the qualities of which after
long and tried experience, has been satufactority ere
tabludied. To all women who may ha &Meted with
Pretenses Uterla or Palen Womb, he rPcommenda his
i&star, guaranteeing sure and speedy cum In the
ehat space of from two to thee weeks of applied with
care and rest—discarding tattle coantlesamstruments
and contusive bandages so long in are. This he facts
coacientido in mating, Innantrah as he hos not faded
In one ease out ofAileffhilliamff. riftrthree Pa
Also fen Rusemituato and Weak Areal or Clack, at.
tendsd with pant, diem is nothing to caul dos Ph..
it, affording ',lief or effeeling a care. For Lade by
Wilcox. comer of !diamond and Muket at
Braun & artier,. Liberty mid So Clair Bts
J Svgcnt
Ja S c i qt2 t. c lO, • Ittnman and Diamond Ihnialog
bar. io
V.ICF# y ACT OF COFFE.E . —..& w n
o artic m io which i
s Ca.
coming ut
amble Man common Letfee, and far cheaper, a. a small
paper o f
only toy coot., Vfill go as far four
pounds of Coilce. Planufaewired
JOHN S. MILLER, Piltsborxh, Pa.
Boldat wholesale by R FAIINES'FOCK & Co,
earner of Find and Wood and Sixth nod Wood streco,
Camp Blankets, • otßeer coats, la pr. Pautk,
la pairs nen Mining Bws, la Whams flags;
water Tanks, 6 sod II gall o on. rack; 60 mucous, 6
gallon each; I dos Iluckslai Money Balm; Ido oiled
cambric do do. Ile aLiove goods for sato at Um Cali
fornia °Waling Eatatilahrionl No 6 ‘Voinl at.
inch% 1 k II PIIILJAPS
AN V ILS—Wrougla Iron Myna Nero the Temper
aneemlle works, warranted; will be communly
ou band and supplied to order, by
ewes mkt. RAN. 9. %V* at
UItUVELYQ7 bt pipes Brandy—Mud, Dupuy, feet
5 pipes Itilland Um;
Gera. Num;
/wbbis Whit key; for sale by
• '
BLIIACTIMUNW—YII castle Jaeocpratt &
Son.' brand, a supenor article, for oak by
CAbK..4 glosproWo Soon A.b, dip easta
t/ Bleaching Powder, arrived per stay Oxenbridge,
nod now coming on by canal, for solo by
W & N M1TCHE.1.7732.13
N. B.—Thcywall recolvo, ditrisni ths winter, Mug
oupylloa yin NwOrLasia t ¢O2O
spionAL awrzcs 7s TEACUEJLII.
pared a nevii arithmetical wort, a <op, of ..,b
win ba prosonted each sad ovary Teacher in the
United Sixes. virthoor akar/0,14.0 their applteation
set A. 11. En4Ash4. , Co.,ll> Wood .trees, Pmeu g h.
( r .‘ P.I GRAbI e bIAR k
Or, Ar. Analysts of the Longoano or figura and Sa
ltine of lion:tero.
The flloowing ce noti ts copied from the New York
Tribune of Ja.9lld,
"Goons. or Aluatstretc, eo Cuss. Data L I- D.
Gam, pp. 144.)—1n this work the langaage of fig or es,
d abstruellon of ambers, are carefully anairra.
The alphabet, composed of ten figums—the sword. de
rived from the alphabet. and,the laws by which the
figures are connected with each other„aro clearly
"The analysis shows that there are
combt bu f nati ou rons hon.
deed and eighty eight elementary iin
Arithmetic each corresponding to a word close coin.
nun la
connected together u to be all expressed by only
sixty thrf ni
e different words. The . system proposes to
commit hese words to Merrry, and then read the
realm i stead of railing timer, as now practised.
"In another respect the system proposes an Import
ant change, namely: to outsider ad treat all Dilate.
as entire Mulct, having a glean relation to the snit ono,
from which they were derived.
"We ilearaly need say thatthe Mlle work evinces
the ingauity ad akil fel analysis, for whieh Prolaar
Davies: writing on this abject are lastly celebrated.
We commend Al to the att.auon of pnteueol teachers,
belieriug that they will And It crowded with new and
valuable suggations."
En. the Pnrfeelore at Wks Point.
"Mansur Act DENT or U.S. War Porter, Jan.l7,
"The Grammar of Arithmetic, by - Preessor Davies,
esents the subject In a now light. It so analyzes
the first principles of mhthensatical science in tunic
light order and connection, and the new role. for the
re ding of bares aro of great practical vue.
Signed, W. 11. U. Bartlett, Ptak of Nat al &
A. E. Church, Prof of Mathematics.
D. It. Mahan Prof. of Engineering."
In Pear.
A. S- BARNES A Co. world respectfully announce
teitchets, and to all Interested In mathematical in.
sunetion, that they will pobliah, on or before the let
of Ar.rum, ISSO, the follearont
Or, an Analyses of the Priaciples of the Science —u
he Nature of the rea.oning—andofthe best /Method.
of Imparting Instruction. By Choi. Modes. L.L. D
Author of "A Complete STstem of 31Mhematies "
N. O.—A. S. Barnes & Co., are the , publishers o
Davies' System of Mathamatioo
For sale to this city by A. 11. ENGLISH lr, Co-, No
7U Wood mreet feb
Foster's Now lighloplanloillaSs
INE to Roll all Night; Dolly Day;
tT Daley Jones; Go down to de Conlin Field;
Nally was a Lady, Re.
Bo Rind to the Loved Ones at Nome:
Row thy boat lightly; True Lave, by T. Bomb
Our way across Um sea, dumb
A new medley sorg, by D. Covert;
Jenny Gray, music by Mailer,
Joys ,bat were crowning, Wedding Mardi;
umd bless the hardy marine; Schuylkill Waltz;
Conscript's Departure, by W. C. Glover,
Sounds iram Home; Waltxes, Steyesmarkimbe CO;
Last Hose of Summer, easy variations by jlerm
United States Polk.; Ladies' Souvenir Polka;
Corn Cracker GloodnIle; Loalsmlle Quadrille;
Beauties of Italy; Duette, Trim, Re.
A largenuitOrtnent of New Music on hand. In which
additions are made weekly. For sale by
fe 625 J. I. MELLOR, 81 Wood M.
rT 11F, WAR WITH IIETICO, by R. B. Ripley; 9
Elements of Hhennie; comprising an Analysis of
the Laws of Moral Evidence and of retintamon; by
Richard Whately, D. D.
Fanny oo Ctir4nao Degas. by Mast. W. Noel, ILL
The Ogilvie', a NoveL
Sally Males, Goat all Nations,. by Anthony E. Mon
Whs. vs. 94 illestrarions 41 D.ll.
Mew amid Elegant Gift Doekal
Headley, orith eleven original designs by Dailey.
Poems and Prase Writings, by Richard IL Dana; I
v 01.., merlin
• ~ •• • ••
Itiverdnated Gents of Sacred Poet), with alz Mantra
bong engraved ou weal by Jahn Sartain.
w J
Ja received by OHNSTON & STOCKTON,
det2 enrner Third and Market sa.
of the mutual duties, relations and interest• of the
Medical Piefeasiun and the Community; by Wordi•
Indian !looter. D. U.
Toe Worts of httchiel De Montaigne; comprising
his Elmira Letter a &a. By Wm. ii4ett.
Nineveh and Its Ragiaina Dy Austell Henry Ly
ant. F..q, D. C. L.
lihmpaes of Spain; or Notes of an Unfinished To •
In 1647. By S. T. Wallis.
epper's Proverb's! Philosophy, new edition 4 illn
trawl. sed by
nos - 21 corner Alsr%el and Third streets
arnmed Uciaka—Boots In richly carved bindinf,
ilioannated and illustratcd—Doots ouperblytio.d to
o f
the olvrt. SLIk, Morocco, aud Corn, pinion, in ttnitatiou
o Middle Agee—Moi ra Prayer [look., bean
orally bound In Velvet awl Morocco, magnificently or
nal:named and 'Summated. For 'sale by
met/ ----- Wood al.
.4 I saa . ,/o rt r eL
Chri•Emaa and New Irma Approaching:
Illsertiftesst Bilubs 4., for ths Holidays
TA lIES D. LOCKWOOD, 6 ek slier and Importer,
f'.l Wood street. has seem d • retils! collection
of illastraud Books, bound lc - los no. splendid man
ner by the bee Landon an 3 AP Otti on binders—sunong
them may be
Pearls of Arisen • roetry as ign•ficently illomfom
Worlseroiila's Greece, richly lile7trsted.
The r re:11.1, - ; illocuniaej by Owen Jones, and bound curved wood.
• • • • • • • . •
Pt, Song of e•onge; itfuntiganted by Jones,
Flower. and tGeit litudred Tboagbizi illuminated by
Heroine.. of Shuspeare; Illurtrated.
Mrs. Jedn's ClaaracterisLLel el Women . Masts
Ira For eeon l4 JAM taX).,L(4l;KWirerll,
del I - 611 meet
Ig • sir no*
ItRDUTJIIN, Fit. II ormwo
author of -Tyree.”
lll.tory of Kul Alfred of linglood,Sy Jacob Abbe
waki t i fine orgrarlago
moo We SorecteoN by Wet. bielnbo.
.-eon, bl
er Thad end Marko street.
• Orrs of oh. Most Remerraitids Work.. of the Age."
I\TI:gEVFIII AND rTS REMAINS; with an .nostot
LI of a visit to the Chandsean Chris.. of Kurdis
tan, and De beard., or Deait.Worshipprass aud nn
Inquiry into the Manners and Am of the Ancient As
syria.. 13y A 11.0311 !leery lAysrd, Eass.. D. V. L.
With Introductory Note b y Poi lielndson, D. D.
LL. D. Illestra,ed with IS plates and maps, and SW
wood cots. at rola eve. elttr, DIX
"The book has a rase amount of graphic, sisal, pie
busmen niirauve ^—Tribune.
work of LaNad is the most priaineut ennui.
batten to the goody of andgeitp, that has eppearad fur
'l Volo ' n ' e '- eleelst . , l l - n i Z i nt the sec.]. of Nineveh
In its Rais. ns, given by Mr. Layard..—WWigto
.As we follow the diggers with /Demists.o interest
he their egeavaelone, ono suddenly ltd ourselves be
lore a inatirae figure frond with minute accuracy,
now lifting its `` en. head trans the ant of a=
Teen,we are ready to ery est with the lestonlehed
hrehv, 'WO., it to wonderful, bat It le tree!""—lo
For sale by JAMES D. LOCKWOOD,
novta 63 Wood et
Saw boots.
OWE WOMEN of toe Old and New Testament.
io Edited ,y E. D. Sprague, D. D. I vol. bap bro.,
elegantly bound, IS exquiattely aniseed env . ..mast
desettptious by celebrated /tatertcan illorgyteen.
isy Wethy, of Ky.,) a new
and enlarged edtGront illustrated by enemata,. horn
original designe %Vter. I vol. square two , elegant
ly bound and gt , t. also—A 0.001 of splendid Annu
als and lAA books.
. . .
Sewell's Child'. Fleetk of the (Soh ,/ of W!oole.
vol. IStoo.
no of carpenters, blilpwrights, Wheahrnahts, Saw.
yera, Lumbermen, Stu dents, and Anions ge r nerally:
being • thorough •nd proeueal Troausa an Monora
il.= and the Eule. By D M. Kapar,
ilojyea Treat* on (Wei Prom. Compoolon.
Olondor's F.torn=tary French Grammar . Hy Prof.
Graeae, of d Erna= Univeraitl. tilmo.
. .
Hoed iderla Gerenieo' Hebrew Gtotrbenar, by
Gunnel' Hebrew Lexicon.
Loonno' Trlgonarbelry nod Lof witherle T q bl v s.
The EO}(Whmm4 Greet Concordance.' I vol. (mew
Arnhon'r Classienl Serie.
. _
Webster'. thenonary, revised ed. I cot dm •
do do onvbndged. I vol. Ito.
Darnels Notes and question. on New Testament
Whatelre Logic.
Mosheim l • Eecics;a:',.....l timer', 3 vols. and 2
vols. (*(dedih)
Vranges of Creation I vol. Immo.
hlorumgs among the Jmuns a Roam. I vol. (cloth
nd apr.)
Scene s where the Tempter has Triumphed. 1 ' cot.
Klein and .per.)
Bogne's Tee Pronoun g ocinloic2 g IL: de. Tos. I vol. Dvet (c (cloth.)
Alder's Bam.
Bogen French IgOionary.
Smart's Horace. For wile by R HOPKINS,
novid Apollo Buildings, Fourth at
MY111)DIS JUA itir2E./ VEO. the worts
N Montaigne., edited by H. Illaslitt, comprising Ids
Unsays. Letters, and Journey through Denman) , and
Italy, with notes from all the commentators, Biograph
ical and Bibilographiral Notices lee.
Theory and Practice of Teaching; or, the Motives
and Idsihods of Good School• Beeping, by David
Plage, A. dr, Paincipal of the State Normal School,
Albany, N. Y.
Frank Forester's Midi and Finking of the U. Staten
and Provinces of North Amenee. by Henry
nor 6 cornet Third and Markel sts
TAKES U. LT.lPar:l7bflo T otire l lTer and Importer,
21 No. 6:1 Wood Street hits for tale a few copies eons
plete, she remainder 0 1 the editiona of this valuable
work, devoted to the Preservation of Documents, and
other satLetide Informaion felting to the early ex
plorations, settlement and Improvement of the country
around the head of the Ohio. By N<viile B Cent;,
Esq., 01 PlUmargh, In V sole too.
bsleN novlO J. 11,2CEWOOD. •
rv: 4ltielorg wall a view of the
li Liberty of ether Ancient Nations. By Samuel
Elliott, Esq. Illustrated with twelve engravings, exe
cuted at Route 2 vols., Boo n uniform with Prescou's
Historical Works.
• • • .
lust published and fat Bale by
novlo borne, 641 Rood
r lame. 76 eta MRS. FANNY KE3IOLE'S YEAIi
- -
' , The reading . of this book has impressed us with a
meet. higher opinion of its author Man we had formed
from perusing her other writings. It displays a deeper
tone of thought, united to more pore womanly grace of
feeling than any other prodoCtlon of the female mind
with which ore are—Eve. Mirror.
It is a very agreeable and readable book, raittealn
Fanny Kemple s hest style—bell, spirited and enter.
taming. We recommend it to nor readers.. the hest
publication of the aeasorai—Reading Gas.
vH contra:L.oe Foams! of • travel through Earepe,
and reiddenee in Italy; and is one of the pleasantest
and moat interest/nig Looks of the season.”—Cour. and
"A very thameteriztle book. We have read It from
tide page to Colophon With lam. oared interest. A vi.
old picture of life In Rome. la en respects eminently
novigi Bookooller 3 Iroponer, 63 Wood .t
Rlbboas wad Tama.
ItO 3o I, P O ' 4ll thrl test a . rts ' stk fashion.
aloe styles, re c'd day at
A A MAS M ar ket
ap3 at
D lrtn — Heiroo mauls. la
oat of mote t for sal* bl ummui
apt is MOLD
1. UOLlsl e s & fOIB, .
AND 113.0.213
COLLECITONS,--Drafts, Notes and Actinism&
payable in any put of the Union. collected /mike most
favorable tetras.
EXCHANGE on New Vora, Philadelphia and Bal
timore; also, Cincinnati, Louiudle, Bunt Louis and
New Orleans,_constantly female..
BANKNOTB4s.—Notuon all solvent banks in the
United &Mee discounted& the loosest rates. Alllindo
of Foreign and American Gold and &Ives Coin bought
and sold
Mee No, 03 Market street, between 3d and 4th,
Pittsborgh. Ph. ocols
BILLS OR E.ngland, Ireland, and Scotland bought
any amount at the Current Rates of Exch.,.
Draft. pscroble in any part of the Old Countr2
front .£1 to /10130, al the rats of Its to the .6 Sterlth
without deduenon or durcount, by 70911 VA AO••
Em'r , teen .d General Agent., *Lee dth t one
door west of wood. • oallS3l
_ _
in Foreign and Domestic Stills so( Elekiang... Coss
tlfteates or Doposite, Hank New and Ode, Garner Of
3d arid. Wood state* &really aperient St. Chutes Do-
tel. etaT23iDrs
ICS - TiCaria - 1
lontocky, •
Masora!, -
St. lowanrun, by /h
N. 110LME118 I SONS.
voroll 25 Market •LICAL
ijx/LLS UC7EYC7CdllU7G = C+i`hTf7heoks an._
LI New York,
Pluladalpbla i =
Oorlktaraly for sale by .
..N. 1101.14 g 1 SONS.
( 1 , 1% tCO. 1: i le7: their :: ,ok of
40. ;
epp. l n, T tjA;:
WODIAZI IN AMERICA—Igor work rind herrn!
wool. By Mania J Mclntosh, author of "Charms
Coontercharms? "To item and to be" 1 vol Flom.
Lawn' Day Pauiphlo . ., No I:—Tis present time.
Cy 1 horn. Carlyste.
Cuausana.—Mernoirs of Ltfe and Mfritiitss ofThos.
eh:diners, D D., L. C. D. PrelcOtions on Boner , .
Annicgy, Poloyrs Haideaces of Christianity and Ilitrs
.Lecture on Divinity, with two.lntrodnatory Lectures
and four Adireiscs dolls crad in the Now Cadent,
F.ditiburgh, by Thomas Chalmers, D. D., L. L. D.
I vol Ittau.
Carats—Life ofJohn Calvin, compiled from oath..
tic sources, and particularly from hr. comespondencak
By Thomas H Ui er, with portrait. 1 vol 12ato.
- For sale by ' R HOPSINS,
anti if Apollo Battings, Fourth or.
Prom the New York Tribune
AFRIEND, whose word Is moat reliable, as whit
has no pis.tb:e interest in the matter, bat one of
gratitude, de.ur. u. W sap, that he Las been cured of
inveterolc i 4 V the ascot "tlearya'sDOlSMOMA
ACoustle Od.'t • Itboudetohla medicine, wince is not
for axle in this coy, butwbiett he thinks ought to be,
for the good of the aftileted. Ile bas a water who has
also been cured by It. Ile urgently advises all who
arc coffering Imes deafness, to try this remedy, with an
assurance st li uniesa the case be . estraorduitary, the
e' NetTar i prone TlTP " difiTab i felELE,
ferk 70 Fourth at, Dlttsburgk
Combs! Combat
2.0 S
RCBP Polk.;
lu do do very bum
d Reddig;
IS "yelper En gIVA Ito., Podding;
" Pooket Combs;
yen" Road "
1000 do:en'd Fine Ivory;
to " Shell Side Combs;
lu " super largo Inanio;
MI glom vim , d side Comb% reed and kir side by
let. 3 C YEAGER, 11W Mattel at
Buff ItoMandl Bear Holland! ."
TAKE NOTICE—That W. McClintock has this day
received several Case, of the finest and Lest Buff
Window Ifoliand, to sebien he would moat respectfully
call the attenuou of his customers and the public Lts
ID"Carpet Ware Foams. 75 Fourth st. 1E1,71
AVFW ve Erna GIIITARS, lam rec'd from th-
eelebrared ry
romarfactory of F sod 4.
sale Ly lane 1 IL MELLO& dl Wood al.
TuE Complete Works of John Banyan; trots, 800,
lot Vol, illeglaated; mnsliu gilt and gilt edges.
Ante:milts Biblical sad Sabbath School Geography;
• uole , wart; I rot, I.Gno.
Town's Analysis and Speller. ' •
LIG of John Q. Adams; by Wm. H. Silveri; I Tot,
tfmo; mnslm
Poem* by AGA ilemens; I Tel, rhatu muslim gift
South'. SOZMOD-O—be.lolollll preachod upon seseral
*emulous, by Robert South D. 1).; a now edition,
rots; ionluding Posthumous 1)13CO4r1[11.
Same-4 vols. to; sheep, extra; tufo:
Fos Mak Ly R. HOPKINS,
instn ninnanson •. W. a. PATrtn.
1 • 1151 undersigned, etteceison to Arthur. Nichol
llon, beg loner to inforanthe cilia-maul Pittsburgh
and public generally, that they have ishollt the EA
LILL FOUNDRY and are now in fall oporatiou. and
have part of their patterns ready Fav the - , ltukeu
Ainenget which are Cooking Stoves, Coal and Wood
Stove., with a splendid alt-tight Coal Stove, which
now anpmciling in other cities the common round
Stove. AI., n cheap cc.] Cooking Stove, well adap
ted.for amyl families, with a full aarortinent of eartle
Inln and mantel Grates IVewould particularly in
rite the attention of persons bedding to call at riar
war eLen. before purehasing, and examine-a splendid
article of cumin:cc:led Grates, finished In fine style,-
entirely new in dila mart..
Warehouse-, No. lei Liberty at, ripped. Wood at
eivrancruan lISPOIMATIONS.
V: .
TAGRR. Importer and Wholesale Dealer In
Viso of the Gin Comb, IRI Marketst, Pittsbargh, to.
Wettsra Marchants ' Pedlar', and ethers "Isamu
Pittsburgh to purchtmelloOde, ate tespcmfally lact:ed
to roll mud examine the exteninve atisartment of Eng
lish, American, French mtd German Fancy Cicada.
All Foresiat Goals at Ws establishment are Report
ed &reit L7myself, and purchasers may rely on get- '
ting goods Rom first hand.. I have the largcstuson
, mans of articles, In the variety line, in the city of
Potsburgh—all of which will be sold low for cash or
city ...planets. The Stork consists, la put, or
Lear Goode, Floilery, Gloves; Ribbons
Silk Cravats, Shoo and Patent Threads,Sewirg Silk,
Spool Cotton, Tapes, Suspenilena Gillorm, buts, Nes
ems andCotl,,
Gr i , 4 anTSPaly Watches, Geld Jewelry, till buil, of
Pram", CoaMs and Karon.
reattlou Gaps, Revolvers, Nato's,' Clocks, Silk &
Cotten Purses, Spectacles, Steel Pons, Music Boxes,
Carpet Links and Racket,
Inadmgs.Findtnirs and Trimmings.
Toys and Fancy tio,nlNatmether vr large 'Win
is a Fumy nod Staple 1111's 1001r4.
YKAGER Is also egent In; tan celebrnted Lmt
easter CoMbn -novl7
gear iCiagUirti iteuteely
VCR Coughs. Colds, Asthma and COnsuseption! Tat
Jr GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY forthe core of tbs
shove diseases, is the HUNGARIAN. BALSAM OF
LIFT; discovered by the celebrated Dr. Buchan, in
Londo England, and introduced into the United Stems
aner Net immediate superintendence of the inventor.
The catmenlinary nieces. of this medicine, in M.
cure of Pohnotiary diseasch . warrants the American
Agent in soliciting for treatment the coast Irwmiible ea.
see that can be found in the commanity--etus thasacck
relief in vain from any of the ramtkUM tamed'. of the
day, rind have been up l:1( the most distingaisbee
phy r ic,ans enAdm..l,l and Ineursbla The lifingurb
an Calsild has eared, and will eure,the most desperate
of oases. It is no quack nottnam, but • standard Fhg-
Leh 'medicine, of known and established efficacy.
Every family In the United States stimuli' h; supplied
with Itachan's Hungarian Belegm Llib, not only to
counteract the notrwThytite telidencics or the climate,
La. to hi , used as VreventiVet mediciee In all-Cases al
colds, coughs, spitting of pain in the aide and
chest, irritation and soreness of the lungs, bremlids,
difficulty of breating, hectic fever, mall gala% =ad.
anon and general debility, astt,m4, to9uct4S, Whooping
cough and crow,.
mold in Luce! fonts., in RI put bottle, with fall dime
ds for the restoration of health. Pamphlets, containing • mass of English and Alll.l.
can certificate., and outer evidvaac, chewing the tim.
equalled remits of tide great tinglith Remedy, may be
obtained of the tpl A iliN=.
et F :a r a . tiV..ll; %t ad nod Oh ets. C'f,"seirm"D°
East side of the Diamond, gb,sie VerUU.
Blinds of all tbodi4;:ant silos and colors
are kot sto baba or toads to order alto
. the latest ands:lost approvnl Eastern tash
lons, at the'sborteat node. and on the mos
reasonable terms. .. . ..
Also, tha cheap Boston roll or Kiln Blind Tfkm:i•
'army and roper Canal. of all the, dl,l 1;;;;:t. aniesalld
patterns, Co hand and for s^,l; law lot *ash. Old Voni•
tn. wind. or t inted arernod repaired or taken in pan
L iTaTeYt Et in T a ie r
ri:I P Ld
worantaiship, sad erarrantod to please tho moat ((R
-id/nos. .9aat44117
Allrgheny cAy, Aug. 10, 1644
OP. 1, 4. 14 !
Prromuuott,ZlLarch 27,1247.
Me. R. K Sellers—ln justice to 7051014 i pour ineutto
pummb Cough Syrup, I beg leave to state, for tho ben
efit of the community, that my with Los hero several
times allheted alit. a 1110 Ft thatrevalog cough. I pur
chased. in Jowl try last, It 40 cry our Syrup, which
cored a coup, of two mouth's` bauding. About Opp
non.h alnee, the moth retained, aed Roth an severe
that she mold !neap move, fr om weeknem ipp
breutt I sent or mtie bottle of your Cough Syrup, and
a part of one bottle eui.d the cough !gave the other
tea Journeyman who was severely •filicted, who had,
to be kb Own words, ',sten enougk rough candy to
com ttl the people to Pittsburgh," If the mob had
been as good as represented.
Yaws, respectfully, Alva. D. Rum.
Prepared and sold up R. C. SELLERS, 7,7 Wood
urea, and sold by Druggists generally iu the two
aides eel"
ALLuoiticky x . r.xxcznad BLIND '
..... hi l ly . '' ln . f . o n rm ßti' th il e p '''"'''' Thr he
cps on handed !deemed on the
west aide of the Demand, Alle
gheny city, a complete mean.
me ot of V.Olll. Mod.; Mao Ve
nni. Shutter. are made to or
der in the beat style, warranted
equal to any in the United ittate.
ill. Blinds can be removed with
out the aid of a screw driver.
Having purchased the stock,
tool., and mood *film cabinet es
tab ligament of Runny te APCIoI.
land, I ant prepared to famish
their old mato:nen, ea well as
We public at la rpm with only thing in Inca line.
A gnt N. blvoa Meet, rutomh.
J. A. 8R0P721.
J - ,
reeld, cleont koldedotatd a °et. pkwo
J from the celebrated stanufaenkri.g . Nakkna k.
Clark, N. V., of supener toca,andket7to rate ptim
For sale by kl. KLEBEit, •
dell? , aLptiypoodiachts.
mar ataVerd m alna g tive lit:ttle "a
We taste, eleaitalna the month, healing and atnogthea•
ollyte.arta, and puttying the breath. •
, wholesale and ratail i by'
dad/ id 0E441E1%8, at Wood a
Jan r eed on invoice of (all lemellgd gum te
m Watchts,lB careu Ana eases, which eau nil as
tow a. thitly and ulity IfTe warraated to
keep good Won. • •
ja.3.—Aaple . adld moment of JEWELRY, eom
dale WM= !ALIA ssul Fourth strata,
• CortoinisaT .illaracry,warnS6m..33 ant
T1,?... ' . ' 41 , 7.4.: 111.1 . , et aul i.rtb“.. 1 T,L.', 1 31,°,''. -
3. 4 dieak work =titled !•"Pho rtitan • rraptise of
Medielse and nuttily Physician.
• .Ilaving been made aennainted with the incredmass
which- compose. McAllisters Alhfileallng Slinonet,
and havinglireactilped aed
it IitSTLIDI cues in
my private practice, i have :to hesitation ittazyiag or
certifying Mat it le a ,Yegatable _emedy, conousung
no amoral rebalance whatever, that its ingredients,
they are, and used as discoed bY the
Proprietor, are net only hen:dims, bat of.great 'Mae.
b tier • only scientific a..di Of Peat Power: and!
cheerfally. reteamiend it as a MoopettAhrhkh h a ,
done mach good, and which Is adopted oaths reread
a great •anety of cams. 'though I have never elite r
memo:seeded or engaged in the sale of motstmedi
eines, regard far the truly honed, conmicationa,
mane - chameter Oslo .Preprietor ef olntraent,_
and the value of hi* discovery. oblige roa to my
muchrogarding it. NV:iIk:ACM, D,
-.Naar York, - A pea Ma,' •
SUANS.—It' Is one of Me best gs e srorid.
Pi t ace yeFireared pp - Waal*
merit It drier
In erring relief.
Fee Tamers, Ulcers,. and all kinds of lime, - If has
If lothers:and . arks knew' Its value - 414,es of
Swollen or , Sore Brealyalory Weald silsaSs =Ply IS
In such eases, If sired azeording to directions„it
teller in very adman:
Ascend the hat sis dimelicoms fox tod - MeAllisters
Ointment or Scrofula Liver Complaint, Erysipelas,
Tener, Scald Heed; Sons' Eyes, Qamsy,
D isease Ilrerchnes, A che , Miscues., ,Pelea,
D of the :Vine, Head Ache, Asthma, Deafness,
Ear Artie, Corea, all Diess.ei of the Skis, Sots
laph pisspits. An, Swotting nice ers*,
AlsesmgiPm. Piles , Cold Feet, Croup, Swelled or lira .
ken Dream, Tooth Ache, Ague in the Fare, Ar. •
From thellooditig Eagle
There was never, perhaps, a Medi,.lnc brought be
fore the public, that has in so short a lime wan etch a
reputation sr lilt Allimer . l Allslleallne or World
Salve. Almost every person that has made oared II
s pooks warmly In its mile. Dna harbeeo by
It of the most painfolebeemolism, aninterofthe piles,
a third of a troublesome Fain in the aide. a foriath of
swelling in Sus lisabs, he. lf it does not give inime•
dime relief, its every ease, it einiMo nn injury,,behig
applied outwardly. -
An another evidence of the- wonderful boogied possi•
er possessed by this solve, we suhloio She following
certificate, hem a respectable citizen of tileldeneteek
- township, in this count) ,
Malik ncreek, Seeks en , March 30,1517.
Messrs. Ritter & dcaihe to inform you that I
was entirely eared of a severe puin intim bac k,14 the
RIR et BleAllieter's AM-Dealing Selves which I pur•
chased from yen. I suffered with It for abort , tel years;
and at night wait enable to sleep. - During that tree
tried ranee. remedies, which were prescribed-tor ree
by physicians end other persons, wilhout 7 tie 2 i 7 DM an 7
relief, anest mode trial of this Satre, .rash. re-,
: favorable beyond expectation. I net now manic from the pains and ettleyat Mita a F,diftatl
and sweet
tooth ache ando th er complaints, with similar happy
results. .Ifoot-friend, . Joon
eALLISI :r lbws E ase&
3AIifF.S Alll;
Sole Proprietor of toe above medicine.
Principal Office, No 23 North Third eueet,Philadeb
Asa= U Perrsvoton.—Bran Reiter, corner of
Liberty and Sc Clair streets; and 1.. Wilcox, Jr., cor
ner of Market street and M S Diamond, also corner of
.Fourth and Smithfield sucks; J. 11. Cos.', corner at
.Walnat and Penn meets, Fifth Word: and sold at tbe •
Bookstore In Smithfield street, ad doorfrom Second ,
Allegheny City by H.?. &here= and J. Sargent.
By J. G.' Smith [Uvula:, Birmingham: D. Needy,
Test Liberty; 11. Rowland, fileKeespdre J. Ale:ander
'Zs Son, Monongsbela City, N. B. Bowman Ca., and
J. T. fortes, Brownsville; John Barkley, Reeser, Pa,
John Walker. Jr., illiskbeth. (ebtlernitY .
- - - -
u. AS.W3Oldr , ,, Dontlse...
13.1.1510VED to a new three story Mee
• • • o dx B th 77 s 7 tgel d - C r ee oo tt t 1 7 se e rte :1 7 1r bo rn*
to to entire cat, on thetlre don principle, widr • beat , .
Ufa) representation of the natural gent,reatortng
7 Agin' al shape of Me face.
N.B.—Teeth extracted with Iltde or no pale. -
Decayed Teeth permanently saved by plug& ug,pre..
Ventmg the tooth ache, which is mach batter Men co
ring tt, thearh it should be dune 4n five telnetes, ea
oven inetimtly.
. .
LUNGS.—The unpreoederded. mamma which. has
melded the use of the
P all the various forma which irritation of the longs
women, has Induced the proprietor Week 10 call ettoel
lion mthly
The elmngable weather which marks our fall and
*Otter months, is always a &dd somas of ,
Theca, H neßieeted,, ass bat the precursors of tkat fell
qacsdos, thou, how shall we nip the destroyer la
the bed! hour shall we get clear of our oonghe mad,
.061 Le T
HE ital imptotanee to and public: • •- •
will be fourulln the Ginseng ranee.. Proef ' Med*
we have from ume to ume perl:shed the "rill/ems of
damns of One hest known can
who have arperi.
mooed Ds curative power.. These, with aromas of Asa
downy from all pans of Wee . • • ~_
Ministers of the Gospel, dm., wirtherwith &Tigris Po)
tees front the
we. have embodied m pamphlet form; and air, bd tea
gratis of anyari n Tgae l e=l. erontry•
have hum used in dile city: .• •
throughout the United Stateaand Carutda,aodlre she
longs au man le point
• •
. . . _
•rUell,•vihsit Baca seeorduti to dlreeloasi area Sat
fors the tangs had baeora• fatally . diaorgataa r K # bat_
ever failed
w Errizr pkierwr aux&
Why, tlassy atoll the meted hesitate 'Whyiesdit t.
the el...sable noairam, got= up byana
ales • ler the assamad tams •-
of mate ea aboard-phy
sician. and patted law notoriety by eeniliestss pu
mas equally unknown! Whilst a medians at
to to be had, whose vouchers ate et honthr.yes
loorsr-ouny of wheal it has
smorettpD PROM THE ()HAVE.'
In order dug this tnealoal,le elmi , ino may b•plue , ll
wtthlp the nub of the poor es well the rich, we knee .
pot they rice at. "
°num PUTT ozwrg t
1.4 one bnlf I.tre vnl .110 of cough thednasee. ti rs
for sale by our agents to nearly every . tow* and Tinsel'
Cove , the west, who are prepared to awe full informa.
don relative to it. T. BALTIZE, Proprietor,
- Broad Inty. Cineinnati3Onle,l
firtiMllfax—ute Pmpito.
in relation to that unrivalledlamily Salve,
91.ESTIMONY of a respectable Physieitit.—iteMV
the following, alldremed to my Mr. Ft Pder
ryweather, Clammed-
cum:cum. 2e.b.12,181%.
Bin A sense of duty compels me to give my tante
to Dalley's Yam Extrema , Being opposed
MT and all•nostrunts hiving for their °Woo. wince
met:yes—bat realising muck good from 'the "Xing of
PoloIleas"-1 am Minced to tender you this cowl
I bare used it in my family, in my practice, and,
with etl the happy and wonderml elects that minkl,
possibly bo Imagined. H. J. Smuts, M. D.
Dr. Iliadic. is the senior partner of Brodie & Levi s.
infictiassatory . Wisnalatina.;
The Mllowing testimonial comes front i - eserie
millie to moor of those traveling on nis Vennons wa
ters. ?Jr. 0i15,,, the well and favor May knono pro 7
Pprietor of the Pmkersburg is husband to the
whom letter I anneal .
raattasmono, V. ;April 13,1t0M0. , •
To Henry Dailey Chemist. Having for
merly Lou long =toted with •iolera iullastrnmery -
Fdseamatisra, which appeared so firmly healed as ;
defy all ordinary appliances to allay_ the severe pain .
attending it, I VIM induced to by -your Magical
blame tor and it having cheesed, almost waif by tar..-;
totia, and also, to alloppearsaces....:
an errtre anti perfect care I am seduced for the beste- - `
;(sass who may be Alined wills paid, amend by
say tied of inflammation, to write to you,
Met la
opinion, founded experience •
Your Magicel Pahl Egtmetat is thounisl valuable dia.' -
cover, of the present age for Me immediate Cill.fiClll
of bodily polo. At Is no Llamas Immediate and nor- •
fict acmetot Hams and scalds; and all.extemal ins
(Intimation. • •
staving Many lllCEpallinl.o GI formed by thee totaim
at has band's hotel in this piece, hese a..pposed
by yaw showing thorn these few Imes, it may possibly
ho of benefit both to them and yourself., •
[I ..nein the hope letter , Gilmer min
publicity I give to • her a the 'mere of
humanity no on being the /OW mode r.( bringing le
to the notice of her friends.—dl. DALLev.I
FAA Cured.
of'a letter, dated
11C.0717, Sy. Na. t.ei, twg
Mr. 11. Miter .1 have tried your ealuileUtrector is
■ cave of felon, in my emu family, 'which it relieved
cud eared in a very short thmt... la haklai yours re
epeetrully, . Sot. M. YOUNG.
to- Bur. and Seogkkileti, Sore Nipple., Wok.
Ilresat,• fin:intim% go
Coos, _Wbanda. and all in.
flanimaCtim . „ yields readily to th e wouderrulprrapertieM
afl'ots tuitrmalled family valve. But, in the_ same pen.
portion that you.vrill receive IMMO. (tom the green.
you mill be iti}ured by the deloterious ell., of thei
cemierfeit solves.
cautioN —no send apply mil/ to the
Daum, .1,13 ,New York, t:r to, ha so
menu. ' If MORGAN,.
• General Divot, Pitathergh.
Jamest i lOrto nr i A ,
F. Merryvreather, Cimelenci, 0, General Depot.
N. o.—le the severest Buena end Santa. it extract's
the • aim ma, a fear tnimates—lt never fails
U. A. raileszsTOolVs vratatir v cum.
Clams Cor ATTIKALLIVIL.,II.2. • • •
TN ey o rd all poulble security to tha - pahhey
as well as to themselves, inyal n ,
taloa (rein etietouth , #•ff, Propriemm Lave mode.
n ehanp m.the extorter wrapper
m iry ge . The new label, which is a sosel'ongnminy of
the most czarina design and worktauntship. Las been.
Intraluced pit • wen' great expense. and as front thee
Wain of isaltnist oldie brit talent design is new;
and die eXecution elelterale.. Berceat fi g p,„, aa‘ t
`ewe's •ry, Ada • promlnent, bat P . .s word ~V ratlee. ,
trochi d 'lt Ale n d a r
f =;3 4 t h ee.. ra ono
li ll a:d en et
t r:- .
%i l ea helditti to the lkyht t=r;,' t o
of Aka
re and svery hoe, however minute, thnorgeent the
whole of MI) p.irt oi the r agrast4_ lewd!,
tl the 1.111p.,t0...11 Leen wade open one ride nx,
ly, .±.y.A.,,it la ac
prowl en ts3lh *ides of the
imper. Wets shoald tosll easea tea observed, A la.
bel uon. each donee :la also edam] in red upon both
and aoula be examined in the. amt. tnenmer. ,-
This preparations has now stood Me test of MARY
peers PAL and Inetntfinly recommended tie anale
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