The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, April 22, 1850, Image 1

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i ---- ' - 'LL: -------- 111E - : -.- - - 7 - PITTSIWROO..- . : -. 0 - 411J.':,..:::' , .‘:
~: tie s ~. ~:ii it-}
'''•—•••••••,-• • --67,00 per 11=1.131.
ad~an4lo "
Clabs,'a • t
• valued rate.;
Oltolhir..,(lollnn of Nonparellorloall
ems 1 oenlon.---• —.(10,50
• One *lvo ra, glob addidenaulirmittloa... DOD
• Do. one week-........ 1,75
Do. • • two oreeki•—•.----- 3,00
D o. throe meolts.--•—• 9, 00
o. Dim 500
110. • two ,c 0
- Dr. three meths..— 9.00
Do.. roar months --•—.10. 00
lb. six months.— •—•- 1200 •
IDo. twelve moutha••-• • • 10, 00
Pia:Ming Card (0 lines or Tessa oct mitmai• 10,00
Onobquire, changeable molests , . ( par
nam) exclusive of lb* paper 25,00
For each additional square, Insetuidoser ono month,
ano for each additional square iotertadander %hi year
ti roles, half price.
Adverthiements exceeding a square, and not over
lc.. moo, to boalouled as a KUro and a half.
Pabllshen not aceountablo for Deal advettiscuterria
Woad the amount charged for their publication.
Actinium',/,' candidates for olive, m bo 000 mo the
alma as other advarrotementa.
• Adierdeements not marked an the coil Mr a aped.
led nether of Insertions, will be confined 01
and paymenteracted accord,
pnellegre of youty advertisers will be ermined
rigidly to Am regaMr business, and all ether adv..
Unmans net pertaining to *belt regular Maine.. at
agreed for, to be paid extra.
• All adverdeeromas for elmritable medallion, fire
nannies,. ward. annuddp and other public emennus,•
and nee /Ms, tit be charged half/trim payable *Welly
It advance.
Marriage sodas is be rharged 50 rents.
Death saltine tanned waboat eltargeontleve went.
plated by funeral lairltatiens or obituary notices, end
'Mien se neempanted to he paid Mr.
Regular ant - a.m. and all others sending comma nettiping notices designed to cad an en-
OM 16 Fat* Morns, Concerts, or any public enter
labloreats, when Charges ale Sada Ur eau:inner
all Mathes of prime aseniatione—every melee de.
eall attention to pante a:acreages inertia. eVe r futtanded to promote individual Interest, can as
ly N marled malt tie sadalstalidirpg that the ware
Uto be paid for. If intended to be therened is the to.
cal column, the urns will be charged at the rate of
not Ins than 10 nets per hoe.
Dant. er Fist Notices to be tinged triple pain,
Tavern License Petitions, et eon.
legal and Medical adrenameents to be charged at
fell pone .
Real Datate Agents , mad Anctioncers. advertise-
Mein not is be clamed ander yeady rases, hot in be
allowed discont of shirty three and ow third per eent.
from the amount of bills.
I•CriLT as =Anti= Ur MILT sielia.
Ono Egon", throe Imentons- • -
Do. cub athfitooal lownion
_ aoosonscofacck u want HY=
. .
• One &ewe, (ID lines.) one •nsenion • —SA eta.
Da each additional rentertion...-0
All transient advendeententa I Ye paid in advance,
AMITE k CO:Casette.
I. HARPER, po.t. '
JAMES P. DARR & Careniela
FOSTERt 111t0S/lEL, Marne&
JW. SaiOWllßN,Mcreary.
JAMS W.DIDDI.Y. Amen< nn.
• HIRAM RLI E, Evening Tribuna
Prnsionan, Dee. 1,1511.
abovo Wood. mrl9
AT4ORNEY 'AT LAW, and Commissioner , tor
Pennsylvania, Pt. Louts, Mo.
• AU communications promptly answered.
• aetti-IT '
T. IL Bala 3. P. Sterrett.
AITO6NEYB and Coansellara at Law—Faarth
betirenn SW:Wield sad Ormt, Pinaburgh, Pa.
Jn►n R. Larga•
Jyl6-tf TTORNEYS AT LAW, Paull street, neu GrzwL
1. ITORNFN AT LAW—Olbee on Fourth street,
between Bow Afield and Gant, PAW:ugh.
A TIVEHEY AT'LAW-01lies on Fourth street,
Pirtatntret. m. 21
Scutliagri William Dale ell.
TIONNETS AT LAW—Odes in Tilghman Rail,
Gram Mosearche Gems lioesa, .
IL ENGLII3II & CO., Theological, Clam.%
a and Sanday,Bchool Cookse ll ere and dealer.
l, hinds or Venting; Window and Wrapping Pa.
per, No. ID Wood Erect. between Fourth and Dia
mond alley. Piusburgh,, Pa. •• eipE
Al ?FORNEY and Counsellor at Law, ond Cornett,-
XI. stoner for the Slots of Pennsylvania, Pa. Louis;
Ito, (late of Pittsburgh.)
Refereneu—Pittabutght lion. W. Forward,)lamp.
ton & biillor, hVCsidless /t. MeCloro, John S. Porkr,
llisacW & Semple, IdeCord & Log.
U ILIA lin. roan s. coseuva.
e.r A N ooI 'A. s 01 .
I Make st, Philadel .IdA - .ap4
Pitiabarigh Alkali Works.
ENNIETT, BERRY k. CO, Ntro.rattaters of Bo4n
ly Warehouse No —, Wow surect,belayr Fern .
87111111 . lienriteßeiter.
'DRAWN RLTPER, Wbob4atle and Retail Drag
LIIP la, earner of Liberty and sLCair *Deets, Pim
kprit Pa, ap4
tfmi -• Iwo 'tram
Pitt rtmt,
Ihaquints• Spring, Azle, Iltaili, sad Leo
rioLemmt, zienaLok. CO, Mannfaeurrera 0.
V Cerra and Ellptle Bftlnd, hammered alba ,
Roving and Neagh dteel.•[ron. &c. Wareham* au
Wafer and Front meets, Flusbarre.
alga, dealers In CoaeF yrinmunits and Malleable
COMIISSION MEM:HANTS, and Deals. is Pro.
4ses, Ns SS Marto meet, PLutbarsl.
Craig. • . tic
RAW /k SKINNER. Forwarding and Como orlon
Ileretuanta, No MI Market a, flttatorrgb. Wl
el 41. AIoANULTY a OD, Forwardal Coa
V. sada., Zdezehaa, Caul t ßeaut, pitabargb
11. GRANT, Wholesale Graaf, Catonshmion tuba
Fonlarding Merchant, No. 41 Wow au, Pima.
bush. .
Ira titruty-L. —• Andrew Fleming It. K. fleushig.
umusgr, Fa
COBIMUISION IdhaCHANTH—For the vale of Do •
momic.Woolso, aad Comm Goode; also, dealers lit
Mt hada of Tailors Trimmings, No 117 Weed at, aid.
door horn Fifth, Pittsburgh.
Refentueo—hfassrs. Wm. A. Hill t Co, Bankers. •
1 , 11 . 7 . 1% 1 1E:
barge ?Saunfaetares, N 0.37 Wood IL, ben.= dd sad
3d sumo. , oett
—A. ii. Cosa.
ANTd, and Dealer. in Madom. Class, Waite
Lead, an. No 109 Second at • roll
°Airm ,,.l6Rifer. F
- - mr2l
00CaRANCtratt and Formirdius
IX Merchant, No. 20 Vs ood street. Pittsburgh. suvl7
Tr MILTON STEW manufacturer of Heavy
- Itelsenea anent. city o
Omni, aorta& I r•
Mesmer to orp & Leo,) Wool new.
or art& C•nuoissiort Dior ant, for tho sato or
Ameriaaa Woolosul, Liberty, opposite ath irt.
we. /may, 1151uotere.
=gaol, stanza =Ma, 1 rku ,. ;
5. e. %ream:molt roan a. 11•11913, _
WALD & WUCKNOII, Tobacco Commission Ker.
thataa, 41 Nonh Water at, &15 North Inan af e.%
.46 =Aar.. •on. r. '
TIMMY, JONES Co.&(meow:fors to Atwood,
„LA fawn & Co.) COMIIIIIZIDEI and Forwardlux bier
05,WW. &Won Pittsburgh Mossfootated oodb
Poubwok, . . woh27_
1:1" • 14 EVfoolDesier mine Commission Massimo I.
. Ist I sale of Amerman Woolen GmAs.
env mset.oopodie opt:
14 - 1 1 1AIUILIALL.
seccasaen To sexism, C. mu.,)
VLIPORT A EIf, & Dealer In Preach and American Par-
Ite , 1 1 !..rinv and Borden, Window Shades. Fire
:wad trir.lf, Lt. Also—Wsiting, Pristlnor and Wrap.
pang Psree, No. WS Woad MIMI, het...ten tattlt6 Greet
and Des
bl. mond alley, west Ws., Pittsburgh, Pa.
fa 3
MCIRUAN. Wh — s — thaTalolintagist,aal deal
er In Die Staffs: Points, Oils. Varnishes. &u, No
Ye Woad weer, one door South of Dimond
# IInY
Plltsbufkt!l • •
rOLIN D. DAViS, Anedonecr. comer Stb and wood
0 wee% Pettsbur;b. • ap4
TAila4DALZELL,Wkoleaala Groier,Cerminhislon
ikk,bans, and dealer in Prodn.a and Pitiabaw,h
Manafaruires. PialN Wats, at. Patsba T. .2.4
tutu wren. •• wan mean.a,
TBAIAIt DICKEY "b. Ca, Wholande Urseeas. Cern
nal salon Earth.% atai &Wen la ProdtteaNes.s4
Water. and 10 From. meet.. Patabarat.. , nmy
fEETICNTr • • -Josisph Dilworth.
B. DILWORTH & CO., Wholesale Grosso, and
. Agents for Hazard Powder Co., NA 97 Wood st.„
pit:she/att. deb
• 1054 IL VILIVOIMI,_ -
P. DILWORTH & Co, Whotertale 4 G=„„77,7,,
gr. :nee and Commlealon Merchants, aad
th Hazard Powder Co. of N. Y No. IV
.I*.gh. soto
TOON M. TOWNSEND, Druggist sad Armu tt u t ,
Market ss, three doom above Third M. Mod
burgh, will We constantly on hand a well selemed .4
sortment of this'. best and 'freshest htedmineh swinish he
• sell on the most reuonable tenth Physicians
• sending ordelitortil be promptly attended to, and sap.
plied with articles they tarry rely lIPOU at mum.
Physic's. Prescriptions will be acarau y an
. dm la salL
a law stook oh high IlDi good Porto:
, -f -
.usur, 42nm elm; Kum Dooa To
Mat. C. FriarAL.
Laktaz h Fulmar,.
T B. CANPIELD, (late of Warren, Ohio,) Commis•
a.. lion and Fortarding Verdian', and wholesale
dealer in Western iteser•e Cheese, Bailer, Pot and
Pearl A.h, and Western ?roam, generally. Water
street, tmtareen Smithfield and Wood,Pillsbargh.
JWINSTON k STOCKTON, SoutarPers. Printers,
sad Paper hlsaufacturcrs, N 0.44 Marta stew,
Pittsburgh. .P 4
John Mold. Richard Floyd.
Jk. R. P LOYD , Wholesale Grocers,
• Mershnets,Denton In Produce Round
Church Buildings, triodes on Merv, W ood and
Sixth streets, rittebsrik, not.
TWIN WATT, Orneceasor to Boren t Sebban
.1 Wholesale Grocer • uld Gsrstolssion blerehent
d oder is Produce and Mahwah Manalietuses, cor
ers of Libe nod Rend trine Pittsburgh Pa. Jam
AMES A. HUTCHISON, t Co.-421seeessors ie
Levis Hutchison a Co., Commission Merehantr,
and Agents of the Bt. Louis Steam Seger ;Lamm.
Yo. Ulmer sad IN front sireets.Phisburtlit.
OLIN B. MELLOR, Wholesale and Mall dealer
In Mule and Musical Instruments, School Boov,
P Blows, Steel Pans, Quills, Printers' Car , * snO
5 t tdonnry arnorally,No. 81Wood sYPinsburgh.
1111" Run tssarht or taken In mad. sepl3
U. A-CAUCHY. , Agent for the Lake and
Michigan Line to Beaver and the Latex.—Office
en the corner of Water and Smithfield sm. jen4
ISWEITZEIt, Attorney at Law, °Eke i 34 at.
.. Li Or p roggilD e ß r l....Cay i l “ es a yote:i
and Crean eountiee, Pa
Dlnekatoelt, & Co., -
cbreh & arothere,
BCIIOOSMAKER & CO, Wholeoale Druggists,
No 94 Wood' nset, Ptusburuh.
Veneering and Commnyou
dons, Deuterons Produce earl Pittsburgh mousy
wawa red articles, cutout Basin, sear 7d, aL apt
ENNEEDY CHILDS & CO., hiauuractorers or
very superior 44 Beetling, Carpet Chain, Conon
1'.1211, and I:Wank_ y
Vosovlns Iron Works.
jSWI.S DALZELT. h CO, blonafantotera of all
g sizes Bar, Sheet, Beller Iran andirons of the best
q . a nWarehoese, Si Water and 103 Front street.
j artlf
W6l. Miller, Philo& C. W. Itieketaon, Pittsburgh.
11,11 MYER et VICKETSON, Woolmale llmeers, and
111. Imparters of Brandies. Wines and Segues, Nos.
11l and 104, comer of Liberty and honouree., Pnts
burgh, Iran, Nat., Cotton Yams, ke. con
ga:illy on hand. .pd
Jahn 'Mitt. James D. MOlll. Walter C. Roe.
cGILLS Rur. GrOCCM and C0M0...
a ea M."h•Pt.,,No la 4 Liberty St, Pittsburgh
itrlSDDlffili IMF/. WOTOOD - Man
[LW, 10103. sour r.
JORISS AA qutoo,
vrAISMPACTUREGS of spring and Idiom. gad,
UM plough !noel, noel plough "nog., coach and dip
I e springa hammered iron axle., and dealers in mai
,cable canungs, fire engine Imam and coach crimmagn
C orely,comor of Ross Ind Foud Putta.2l4
NHOLMES & SON, Noss Market u, around door
a from corner of Fourth, dealers in Foreign and
lrotacsic We of Exchange, Benifieates of Depout,
Bank Notes and Specie
ll:rColeleilo. made on all Be prinsipal Cita.
throughout the United States. ap4
IIUCETLASTER, Atnnoros—olleo, Fourth
,111,. third door Above Southfield, th side.
Cousekonelog of all kinds doke sou with the greatest
card and legal accuracy.
or to Kew rotate examined, the.
agIBINGER., WE LI;111 & Co.,
AT O. tablarket street, Pittabu gh, P., keep constant
ly unhand, an i male to order els kinds of
bottles, ac. Porter and Mineral iVater Bottles of au
parlor duality.
rgilletill attention paid to Private Moalda
LtUtagraphlo Establishment.
OF SCLIUBISMANN, Third at, opposite the
Post-Offies,r,tubargtr.—Maps, Landscapes, 0111-
heads, Bkombills4Abols, Architectural and Nothing,
Drawmgs, Business and Visiting Cards, to, encraved
or draw on stone, and printed is colors, Gold, Brooms
or Biwa, in the most approved style, and at the most
remenable prices. oettAly
Orlnco uou W. B. Nouns A 800,
• r'_!7 No. 37 WaICT MeV.
HlLE in isrre, uld b . ,::: , d atagLT . eL7ing
sorunant ofSta ' ple ' and i'L l ej s Dre Goods, vitoon they
will sell foe cash or approved credit.
Western Merchants are invited to ezionne our
OBINCON,LITME it Co..' o. 172 Libeny &meet
XL Pittsburgh Winelesslc Ormem, Produce and
'Commission Merchants, and dealers in Piusbersh
Bo ares:
nom man. num unrui. .mm. u. Rosman.
BERT MOORE, 'Wholesale Grocer, Rectifyia
RDistiller, dealeria Produce, Prnaburoh Mayer . ..
tures, an. all kind. of Foxyrn mil Domnsi/o Wine.
and Liquors, No. 11 .ibertp sneers On had aver,
.lar h ugt . l
b lamr;r fo o r lUormoratiela lealskey,
I)EYNOLDS & SIIEE. Forwarding and Commis.
11. 'Lon Merchants, for the Allegtieny River Trade,
sealers in Groceries, Prodoee, hittsbargh, !danol'ae
laves, sad Chloride of Lime.
The highest price, in cosh, paid at all us./ for
callow raga. Corner Penn bad Irwin lit aple
OBERT DALZELL & Co., Wholesale Grocer'
, Commission Iderchimts, dealer. In Froduce nail
Pittabargh Menefee:sire., Liberty Meta, Pillal.11(04,
I)OBERT A. CUNNINGHAM, Wholesale Grocer,
nh Dealer in Produce an_ Pittstiorgh Altinifactares.
No. 144 Libeny meet. !LIB_
QINOER. UARTMAN & CO., Sheffield Iron and
la Site' Works—hlanafeetarers of A. B. Spring
and Plough SweL Also—Springs, Axles, Vises, An
vils, &o. They invite the artsnuon of merchants and
teliMilla 15 •UP their stock before purchwing ewe
whims. They warrant thew articles to be wpm to wly
made In this country or imported.
s C. ...ZIT T.. VIIIT
QIIACILLETT & WRITE, Wholesale Denier, In
1.3 Foreign and Domcstic Dry hoods, No. PP Wood
street, Pinstimigh. apl7
fa& W lIARDAUOII, Wool Illerehmite, Dealers
in El.( and Produergerterally, and Forwarding
sod Commission . Merchants, No. hi Water wrest,
rijohnsgh. apt?
r. armorm, rnerraMsan. 1065 MM., IIALITLAMI.
SELLC.IIIS &AILS, Produce and (lateral Com
mission klareltrom, no. 17 LiberrY arrelt,Phm .
bars's. Sperm, Linseed and Lard Chia opl7
S .n L.,"°,..:',ltargsz I co. W h s7_ s. 1°
Dew era in Piusbar;o a ' ne s t ve hn et ' oril
rrodase, hate rettio•eil to their neer warehotiee, (old
stand,) No. 30,earner el From *Neel end Masser!
Lane. apl7
L.S. Waterman• •R. N. Waterman- •W.S. Watcrinan.
WROLESALF: GRUCER.s, CommLulea and For.
awarding Mere hanm der, ts us all bolds of Pro•
darn & Pittsburgh hlackulatuarcu Article.; and Agents
for sale of Richmond and Lynchburg Manufactured
Butler, Pe
Tuna. also attend to collections and al I other hest-
VT Ross entrasted w him in UMW and Armstrong
amOts;rn. DZIGT to
J.&. Floyd, Liberty rt.l
W. W. Welded, do
James Manhole do 1 Plusbardh.
dly Kaya Co., Woods se
j 7
B. D. Dasheeld----•--n—,—George litchard..
a. D. & CO.,
'I7"1101.1'. ALE and Raul Deaars m Owens.
Ivy and Dry Goods, and Comnussion Merchants,
112._T!!Liberty.leintIshoritt. rarl2
Canal Basin, Peon street, Pittabnoth sarti
N 0.217 Market, mid M Commerce at, Fbiladelphi
Advances nude, by clam of the above,. consign
peals of Predict to either Ham. .
WODLD respectfully wilco the consignment of
flarrishurgh freight, from Western Merchants,
a. they me prepared to receive any antenna LJno
sal Berton Items tanning night and day, the freight
will not be detained, m they will onload much boom et
all ie.'. feb2ads
Manisburgh, Feb. yO, Igoa.
— .I. D. WM IsasiT.
J. D. WILLI/MS dt CO..
Forwarding and Ca/omission Merchants, and
dealers in Country Pordate and Finsbury!, litariafae•
twos, toner of Wood and Fifth streau, Pittsburgh.
arrnl •
W — m. B. B. mov,
t w ill7th Fast corner of Wood •nd p 'rh , .
- -
• pg. ••0•LIT. WWI • cos w;
racru naott&i.
& CO, Wholesale Grocers; 16
TV and 20 Wood r4ren.,Plushuroth. npl7
• N/4111 C 11104 40/11, Illt./1114.414
iCE k BICANDLE/39, (roceessore to L & J. D.
Win/Wale Guam, Formatting end
CulgUlionion Itlerresntr, dealers in Iron, Nuts,
Cottou Yarn. end Pittsburgh Mann fa etores grunt's
ly, earner of Wood and Water streets, PI tubalkh.
k• M. MITCIIELTREE, Wholesale Oro e ars,
M r . Meetttyleg and Wine and ljatter
Mereoants. Aiw--Importedof Soda disband Elleseb•
Ina Powder, No.lllo Liberty street, toppoalte
kpM Sit
tmy ik
WV/M.140N, Watebna, Jo ',miry, Silver Werra
W. and Military Goads, earner or Market and
Palma Meets. Pittabergb , Pa. M. B.—Watch.
ply and
Cloak. earefally
yr TOM. JoIVI 0. 3.1%M.
WhL YOUNG & Co, Dealers in Lestbar, Mee.,
&e.,143 Liberty stratlttlY
a. secascrnensi. norrh arerrostios.
w a'
AlearrelliON. WhOlevalo Orocar
d atom in Prance, Iro, Nails, Wass, an
Ptwlarßa hhastantara genorally,!Dberty street.
Usudlgh. lanl7
V word • mad Co onion Merchara, Dam. E.
Country Prod.. and ratabagb lianufactom, car
per of Wood OMk wow., Ylusburst.
• PlUotrozsbi 4130.
_.. :,i»....__
mimosa fr. swrimo.
—TEMA 01132121.
frTLlkrat advances made en, CCIIISiVILLenta
if/11711M WILSriN, POllfall and Miniature
MI. Pearl. Roams, comer el Pont Mae el , ey guld
Fenn% street, entrance on Fourth et., near Musket.
J. &J. Tardes, Cam mission
1\70.3101d Levee at, N Orleans , keep constantly on
111 hand •large assortment of Brandies Gish@ follow
ing brands, which they ore, for sale as agent. for J.
Durand tCo, Horde...stair Maglory, J. Erand, .1 Du
rand it Co, Lan:allelic, J I Desna, Cos,"nae, A de M m
tcsan„ A L Blend!., A de Menders, Jean Lou,.. An,
tra, also, Anchor Gin, Borden= Red and White Wines
la Casks and cases, @cleated with care by John Demd
A:Co; besides Champagne Wine sad Sweet{nyandy
Port. 7-17 • '
roan Machias Ilhop.
HWlGHTKAPl—Mumfaelarez ofsllkinds of coi
. ton and woollen maehinery, Allegheny city, Pa.
The above works being now in Mil and mecesstal op -
entiloN I am pripssul to ageism enters with dispatch
for all Muds of machinery filmy line, sach el 'willow)*
pickers, spreaders, cards, pineal:Ls routines, railways,
drawls( harms,
.spceders, Missals, looms, Woolen
cards, dottbla or angle, for merchan sandmork,
ntales,jacks,ke.; s li de and hood lathtool.n gen
eral. All kinds of shafting made onler, or plaza irs.
an for gearing factories or mills at ressonable.ehargs
item no--Kennedy , Childs k Co,Ulackstock, Be t
k Co, gl.1" :In a. Pennock co., Jar. GM.
Illnaingttann, [imm r►eunugn r ( P..
o,ftr, No. .37 , Water st. deturans Math: and
Wank PutiburgA.
irWILL constantly keep. hands imod awort•
moot or Went of our owo manufacture, and
superiorqe.ty. Wholesale sod eountry Met.
a k •ete nee respectfelly Invited to call end ex.
amine (or theowelves, as we Sr. determined to tell
chespor thanhaseverbefore bean elfcred to th• pub
03;•Ordersunt by mall. accompanied by tbe cub or
cod reference, mall to promptly attended to. min
VI" A. WHITE & CO, would zespeeffelly inform
AIL. the public that they have erected a shop on
between Federal and Sandusky street, They
are now making and are prepared to receive ordets for
every description of vehicles, Coarhos, Chariot's, Lbw
roaches, Buggies, Phmtons, ke., be, which front their
to ezp , e . r e ttnj . e . tn tit y a b o a t n az fac y tu fe re ,. ;s c f o t n h zLh n o , s t e be t r y oLk,
enabled to do work on the most reasonstile mow with
them wantinganielesth their line.
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate
rials, and boning none but competent tworkmun, they
have no hesitation in warranting their %wilt We
therefore ask the attention of the public ot tan. goon tire.
N.Repairing done, in the best manner, and on the
moat reasonable terms. tntXtuf
(N.INTINVII to manufacture •11 kind• of COPPER,
Special attention given to steam boat wort.
Hare on hands a hoe &memento( Copper and Ursa
Kettles., Till Ware, liteamboat Cootmc Stoves,
ramble Forges, various sizee—• very eonvement se.
Stele for steacuboats, California enotrants, or rad road
com At panies.
e woald respectfully intim steam boat men and
others to call and see car mucles and poen* before
parchasins el sowbere.
w.i J.ULiIIa, Boot Ipsders,
f6l;o7illiirerrg;gT•dirTan7 above business, some;
/ of Wood and (bird streets, Pittsburgh, salient
are prepared to do any work in our line with ass-
Ateh. We intend to our work personally, and sans
hotionwit!hogiven in regard to its neatness and de.
• Blank Books ruled to any pattern and booed anti.
arantiany. Books In numbers or old nooks bound care.
fully or repaired. liming put no books in gilt lemma.
Those that have work in our line are invited to call.
Prices low, mrattf
arremeaste, PA.
JTour; WRIGHT le Co, are prepared baild C 0.13
and Woolen Machinery . of every description, such
rut Cardew • Machine., Splaning Frames, Speedo",
Drawing Frames, Railarag Heads, Warparx,Spoolert,
Meaning Frames, LOOM, Card Gadeta, de. Wroagat
Iron Shafting tamed; ottl sues of calk Icon, •nd
Hangers of the ;alert patterns, Mde and hand Lather,
and toots of all kiddy. Castings of ewer, deecritunl,
famished on short notice. Patterns wade to order for'
Gearing . , trop Baling, ke. blown for bcsi.
mg Factories, cast Iron Window Sash sncl fancy slas
gen rally. Orden left al th e Warehouse of .I.
Paer tu ' Co., Liberty ahreet, will have prompt
Refer Is Blackstoek, Bell &Ce., J. R. filbeireltuad &
Co, U. E. Warner, John Irwin & Sena, Eueburvii ;
C. J. 11. Warner, Steubenville.
111 • .
11E•obwriber Grin for rale • large and splendid
awortmengo(roacwood and mahogany grand Ac
tion Pianos, with and without Coleman's ectebrawd
Altaelannt. The above inatrinuents arr War-
•-• .
ranted to be egad to any manufactured In this coon
try, and will be sold lower than any brought from the
East. F. BLUME, No 112 woad st,
gd door above (dh
. . . ... .
N. IL—City Sony .111 be taken at par fora fele of
be .Gore rioserconat -Oxyd P. IL
antes, Siii - irjavoara r ittio — i:
THIS ta to certify that 1 have sly
1.4= g ed le7n.forTe.sioregrfNetities
Patent Diaprahxm nor, for the cif
nu of Patsbunbt uld Allegheny.
.10111% GIWON, Spa.
for Wolter M Gibson, 349 Wooden",
N. Yi
ant. 10, ISO.
We have ...nosing one of the aboee erne'. at Na
omen of the Novelty Works for three months, on trial,
nod feel perfectly unshed that it is a useful invention,
aod en take pleuere in recommending diem as • use
fot article to all who love pare water. Orden volt be
thankfully retelved and promptly executed.
— l. — mere' 1.41,11ret
JUST received and for nle, at No 110 Second street,
Wargo and splendid 211•Oft010Et of P . Odd Lard
and Cannhene Lamps, entek eriii be sold at the lam.
est eastern prices for cash. The woollen of dollen
I le respectfully allotted.
gram atternian of the public to respetuatly called to
1. the follmeing the
ML t. Easms—liaving tested • quantity of Geld
weighed by year Areamecer, I And the result proves
poor umtramertt eon.= and remnstmend the am of it
to Mom going to California. vs the beet method for oh
mining tic real value of Gold. Hemp. yount.,
J. B. DUNLEVI, Gold Beata=
Pirtsbargh, March 9, lea.
PlTranine 11, Murk 7,1/41.
Me. Eancim—Dear Having.zantined the "Are.
mete-7,..nestafactured at your roams, I do not been..
to commend it to the nee of these gentlemen whe an
about removing to California In search of Vold.
It give. a close ay proximation in the specific amyl
toor metals, and will tertmoly enable the adventsrer
manly aacertain when his placer le yieldlng
iiiiii V i z a rs, c msp , y, J. IL fWeLI • •
f t4 j , Tfo - rtita • diuon, li reca4:ll '' aLo "'d t e o nt '' O e t
Dam Else. Clothing, at prier. tonging from Lioll to
11E50 for son of coot, pants and bat. For sale at tie
India Rubber Depot, No Wood sh
deeka lb- II PHILLIPS
DUNI= Or sok. Workiitarlide.
HE fabseriber odor@ for male, the STEAM I.IIIICK
WORKS, above Lawreneeville, eouseno. a
Steam Engine,* Dollen, g Moold hlschifie, reponie of
marinfactoneg DODO Pressed Ilriek• lout of dry cloy,
aa taken from the bank,) per da On y; will, Meer acres 01
land on the Allegheny flyer, vehieh err 4 kiln. and
eked.. Mackin. tuld .1.7 sheds, wheelbarrows, trucks,
itherel., epodes, he, every thing requisite to ecim
men,* operantne at an hours ounce. Price, Including
the patent right to use said machine, 117,MM—mems of
payment soldentasy. Without the land, IA data For
pa:ocular., address HENRY MERRITT,
2lFrn.llf No 111/ Moorn_ehela
These. Poriiiiumn,
WA Tobacco, Hondo and large Screws of all kind.;
Ream Castings and BTU. Work. generally. Corner
of Ferry and First street..
TUE subscriger, hieing purchased the Factory or
James Pattereon, Jr., located at the above nand,
woOld rexpeettally inform his friends and the public
that he is prepared to gll any ors err in his line, on the
most reasonable terms and with dlepateh, sad will
greierei rer
Pitteburgh, Jan. I, IFSO.
HAVING disposed or my establishment to Mr.
Thomas Parkinson, I take the liberty to .rant
for him the patronage of my friends and the public,
feeling confident that any favors conferred mill be
dolt' appreciated and promptly attended to.
Piustrorsh, Jan. 1, IeMS-I.lii-z7-dfito
TLlEparener.hipheretoforeeatetinl{ der the Irm
or Mr. C Bradley. The business will be carried V,I. dl.wlred by the
an by
A Bradley, who will settle the business of the late
M.EMOVAI.—A Back. , ben removed hi. Foundry
Warehouse from No Ilk Second street, Wood
Street, between VIM aad Second meets, to tke ware.
house lately occupied by (i A Berry, where In , will
keep constantly on hand a general usortutent of Cost.
legs, Orates, Stoves, Cooking Stoves, /cc. jrl3
MBE to-partnership heretelere existing between the
eubseribere, tha name of Corstablo, Halite &
ts lili• day dissolved by routes! comma. Mew.
Burke & Darnel will settle the besinese of the
for which purpeee they are authorired to use the name
of The concern. NATIIMVIeIIi
The andemigned have this day asserinted the twelve.
In the name of BURKE k BARNES. for the purl..
ofrphanuteeturing VIM Proof Bak, Veen Doom, le.
IA in the stand of Jot late Gini of Constable, Berke
itCo, where they will be pleased to receive the patron.
age of the cutemere of that hoe. and their (moils.
In retiring from the firm of Constable, Berke A. Co.,
I with sincere ;deem.. recommend Messrs. Borne
BarnFe b e
.., s toISM. Me confide
NATHANIELnce of ray Mends
CONSTAB and theLE'.
4 ' 4 11 , Ini,Nor Pet hul
phaTtta Omd "d
W P MARSHALL'. Paper more,-
mtnn Wood 64 lmre Ch and Diamond she 7
H •
AS jam retarded from the Ewen, Cities, and id
Mremtne t Imam ranee) , of seasonable Gamin, I.
mtueli he reepeciful yf invites the apemen of mere h'
ante and pedlars. Plo 84 Wood et.
inngllain and Angering.. Bee 14.
Ahllk. U. LC/CAWOOD, F••••• 1,0 ' • 1. N . "
104 Fourth owed,. few doors east of Wood, (la •
0J Wood Wicel,) ha. for dale—
London Architectural Magazine, 3 wok 8.0.
Wood's Treatise on Rail Hoods, tres--apark's 141.
and Writings of Minshingion, It rola, evo.—Spark`
Life and Writings of Fraoklin, 10 vol., royal deo
ilishery of England, Pieta rialednion; 7.010, royal 800
—Shitkapaare; Pictorial edition; 3 vols. rope two
oda 104 Foonth at
_ _
arid meantime HILLSOF
0 able in Cincinnati, Louisville and St. Loan., P.
calmed on she most lunatic terms.
N. 1101=5.4 EON!.
To lifonter• said the Kedges' Piro a.
TLIE eabeeeibee has inatieedired huge supply of
are, without - .cep , ion, y ardele Callen to . f.
fool relief and mire sore of cradled Nipples; and, from
their partieular construction they will prove Mahlon
tile when the Nipples are inverted or tu any manner
Dr. Pratt's Patent Breast Point, • new Invention
erpressly for the relief of painful , mull sons Brawn,
when di.tended with milk; they are fu soPor.or to
any now in use.
Dr. Pran's Patent Noraing.Dottleoshieb is fast so
peered ing—when introduced—Cl other' kladd.
Dr. Pratt's Copping Appetites, the 0101kAimple and
the neatest article in toe for Copping.
For rate, wholesale and retail, by
norWa R E SELLERS, 57 Wood at
KNOW &Waren'''. arosick and afflicted with di.
ease of the bladder and kidneyeewith rheumatic.
palm in back or !baby, sti ff ioirds, old flute., mordog
ulcers, &r that they c. be cured b,y taking the Pe
troleum! Too firework about it s being a nostrum as
morn as you geese, bat this does not make it so, for
we meta. the face of On honest community, that
It has virtues which are not contained to any other
remedy. The man who is nicked with pain, and sob
ferarg from disease, oan for fifty rents, get relief from
.any of the ills entrummiated above. /Want it EOM
very little to make eine. This Petroleum Is adz
tore—no command, put up for the parp.s of imposing
on the community; bat it is a remedy elaborated by
the master hand of nature, and bubbles up Dom the bo.
sum of our mother earth in its original parity, and of
fere to canting humani y a reedy remedy • it certain
and cheap cure.
It has cored Piles after other enedielees hove failed
to render any relief. It has cured Itheamodarn of long
standing, and of the worst and most painful character.
It h. cured Cholera Mortara kty one or two doom; It
has mired old caw' of Diarrhea, in which every other
remedy has been of no avail. As a local remedy In
bums und o scalds, It la bettor than any medical
or umma that we know of. It will core chit.
MMns or fromed feet, in a few applicator.; undoubt
ed testimony can be famished of the truth -Contained
io the above statement by enlling on Samuel M. Kier,
Canal Blain, 7th meet; or either of the aortas.
Keyser A McDowell, corner of Wood street and
Virgin Alley;Sellers, 57 Wood sweet,El
liot ic Corry, Allegheny city, are the agents.
A man by the name of BURL CLAPP has engaged
with ;young man of the name of 13. P.Townseed, lOW
uses hint.oc to put up a Sarsaparilla, which they
call M. Townsend's Saruperilla, denominating it
GENUINE. Ongiuml, ete. This Townsend is no dee
tor and never was, but was formerly a worker on rail.
roWs, canals, and the like. Yet be season. Ike title
of Dr, for the purpose of gaming credit for what be Is
not Ile is 'sendtng outcards beaded "hie. of
Quacks," In which he nays, I have sold the nse of my
name for 117 a week. I will give 8. P. Townsend tafat
If he will erode. one single 11011tlI7 proof of this—
This is to eatslon the peddle not to be deceived, and
purchase none but the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD
J.ob Townsend's Sarsaparilla, baring on It the
Old M.'. likened, Ins family coat of arms, and West,-
nom. acre. the coat of arum
Ocip.l Olftes, 101 Nassau ;I:Slevr VoriCSY.
J &COB . • . TOWN:CID,
Or Tin UMW=
TOWNSIEND 1121113aAPAllilatke
Old Dr. Townsend is now about 70 years of age, and
has long been known as the AUTHOR and DISCO-•
SARSAPARILLA." Being poor, be eves compelled
to limn mandaetere, by which means it has been
kept out of market, and the oleo circumscribed to
those only who had proved its worth and known he
value. Tht. Gutm un UsateesratePazreaartos Ls
manufactured on the largest scale, and is delledsdor
throughout the knob and breadth of the land.
Utilien young S. I'. Townsend's, It improves with
woad DCVO! Chlll4(eS, :eat for the head; becalm It
In prepared on ...tulle pruiciples byes... Mao man.
The higheat knowledge of :het:LIAM and the latest
dimoveries of the A n, have all been brought into re-
quiaition in Me man,,mums of the Old Del Swam.
nil. The Sanapari le root, It is well known to med.
Mal men, contains medicinal propertiea and some pro.
perum which are teen or useless; and others, width,
sf retained to prepanng a for on, predoee fertneela
don and add, which le Malarial. to the mate.. Some
of Ilsc properties Ot Sarsaparilla are SO volatile that
they enurely evaporate end are lost in the prtpars.
non, If they amnot preserved by a edentUte proems,
known only to those expertenced in Is mmufacture.
Moreover them volatile principles. which Cy of in wt
pm. or as an edialimon, under heat, are the very es
sential medical prtmertme of the rout, which gives to
tt all Its valor. The
t. no prepared; that all the inert properues of the sar
aaparilla root are first removed, every thing capable
of - becoming arid or of fermentation, extracted and
mrciedi they every particle of medical virtue 1. sect.
red in a pare and eoneentrated form; and thus It t.
relidernd tucapahle of kiting any of itc valuable an
healing properties. Prepared In llas way. tt u mace
the moot poverfal agent to the
Deere nor reason why we hear commendation. on
every sale In its favor by mos, on:men •nd children.
We find it doing wonders in the care of Consumption,
Dyspepsia, and Lion Complaint, and to Rheumatism,
Desolate rut Piles, Costlyebot, all Cataricans Env
Ilona, Pimple., Blotches, and adrafectlons arising Donl
Itpaseases a marvellous efficacy in all complaints
annex from lailretton, from Acidity of the Stomach;
from unequal eirtalasin. determination of bleed to th e
head, pap/Raton of the heqs, told feet and coldthands
aid [hilts Bud hot Sagas ever the body. II has at
had its anal in coughs nod aids; and promotes easy
expectoration, and gentle perspiration, relaxing stria
soon of the 1.n. , throat, and every other past.
Bat In nothing Is its excellence more taanikstly noon
and acknowledged then in all kinds end stages of
It work s wonder. In ea s of dune alas or whites,
Failing of the Womb ‘ Otai n etted. Suppreaseinor Pan.
NI Mouse, iriegulanty o the usenstaal periods. sad
the rake; and is effectual i Oaring attract. of the Kid
ney Diseases. Hy remove g oat/steam s unib regula
ting the general symmdittive. tea and strength to
the whole body, and cares Oil forma of
and Qua prevents or relieve, a gait yeasty clothe,
diroacs, as Spinal Intuition, Neuralgia, St. hoot
Dance, Swooning, Epileptic Pron Conadasons, Le. Is
as this, then, !nth Alateths TOO Pen-EsflitpTlM lid nig
Hot ran any of there things be said of B. P. Town
send'. Interior article? This your man's liquid is pot
because of the Grand Fan that the one is incapable
of Deteneralien and NEVER SPOILS, while the oth
er DOES; It ware, fermento, Intl biol. the bottle*
containing it tun fragments; the acid liquid ex
platlng and damagtng Other to sena,
Mat not ihts hors
tibia eoreponod be pollemas to the system? Whet!
pat acid into a eymm already diseased with tad!
What causes Vyspeala but aid? Do we net alt know,
that when food sows in our stomachs, what mtschiefa
It produces?—ffaulence, heenburn, palpitation of the
heart, hoer aranplaint, diarrhea , . dy•Onhit7i clothe and
corruption of the blood? What is nicrefola bat an end '
humor in the body? Whet produce* all the humors
nalink bring on Lropttona of the Skin, Scald Heed,
Salt Itheithe,E•yaipelas,White Swellings, Feverffioree,
and all eleerailons internal and external? It is noth
ing under haven but an acid s abstanee, which eats,
and thin, epode all the Raids of the body, more or less.
What eases Mamas= at a nor acid fluid, which
insifinlimi itself between the joints and elsewhere, ir.
ratingand leflauttar the tender and delicate than
epee which la east Sin of nervous diseases, of login
fit, of the blood, of deranged circulations, and nearly
all the aihnOnia which elnet human nature.
ly w ow, is it not h hi omble le make and *ell, and lehnite-
m to ore this
end yet he would fain have it understood that Old .I*.
cob Townsend'a Genuine Origtual Sersaparille, as an
imitauon of his inferior preparatton!!
Heaven fortrad that we aould deal in an article
which would bear the most daunt resemblance to S.
P Townsend's article! and which should bring down
upon the Old Dr. suck. mountain load of complaints
an enteillatasa front agents whaler. *old, and pea
choiceswho have 550 ,1 S. P. Tovrathend's Fermenung
We wish it understood, because It is the abeelete
truth, that S. P. Townsend's article and Old Dr. Jacob
Towkamit's Sarsaparilla are kcaveawlde apart, and
Infinitely disaimllas that they are anlike in every per.
tiepins, having not one single thing in common.
It 1.10 arrest frauds upon the unfortunate to pat
balm Into wounded humanity, to kindle ho pe in the
despairing bosom, to restore health and bloom and •n
gee Into the crushed and broken and to banish Ittfirmi
ty--that old DR. JACOB TOWNSEND hes SOUGHT
and FOUND the opportaity ad means to bring his
within the reach, and to the knowledge of all who
neat it, that they may, learn and know, by Joyfel en.
perienee, its Tao Illichninn r rOviiimi to ilifil.:
For We by J. KIDD fr. CO., WhOlcOale Agent for
Western Peasylvausi J. t i e. Birminglient Dr.
J. SARGEANT, Allegheny; Dr. H
J, .
ward. ti. W. GA RDNER. eth ward. Pratetratirli evil
1 IVFIR CONPLAJNI.—Another cure perforraied by
J,,/ troll the original, only true and genuine Liver
ASOIEOOIOI. Brown co., 0., March or, 15.17
Mr. K Sellers—le April last nay wife was attack
ed with Liver Complaints, and had the advice of two
physimane, who tried various remedies without pro.
/rated ti V ve g rll L ei/ I :11Z b t r a " give r liven a tote
tnel. I purchawal one box of Mr. Neon., of Aberdeen,
and glro them according to the directions, by winch
she woo greatly relieved. I procured • second i.e.,
which entirely eared her, and she now enjoys etre!.
lent health. I bare awed them myself, and pronounce
them the best family medicine l her tried.
Your., it., Meas. Bun .+ .
Prepared and sold by R. FL SELLERS, 57 Wood at,
sold also by Dragon. generally in the two ellen.
IT lIAS NEWER, in • single instance, failed to es
pel Worms
CAS. Comm !loom, Va., July 42.1117
Mr FL g Sellers lon will recolicet dim when ere
were in Pittsburgh, In November Ism, yen prevailed
noes to try to your Vermt lune, to test Is ',lmes. We
did au, and through the winter we soldwhat we pur
chased, which gave it a tale reputation. In May law
we purehimed more, which war diepesed of Iremedi
strip. We then ordered more, which reached at en
the lath of the present month, sod on yesterday we
sold the lot of two dinien bottle. We fiud It so val
uable a medicine, that every person of a featly wish
es to hare Km their possession.
Those who here purchwed is would be periectly
willing to giro certificate. of Its excellency, Out of
the eniantitY we Rase vended. it has never, in • aingle
tosbutee, frilled to expel worms.
Your friend, War. C. Mitxxx lk
?favored •nd sold by ILE. SELLERS, 37 Weed sh
and weld by Diagoste generally the two enieg
felM/ imperial Camila Syrup,
11111113 most be a preparation of touch many when so
.1. myyy el our own citizens willingly and stammer.
117 cently to its curative properties. An aged and
highly respected mitten, after ming it, expressed his
opinion at this very . popular celogb remedy by saying,
"it le worth its we ight le gold." A. editor of 0 . 5 "
our daily papers states in note—`l always keep it in
my home, and would not, on any account, be without
10 An old country man says—el am satisfied. after
a trial of three or (cur Teen, that it is the best cough-
Medicine I have ever tried, either in the On Near.
If yea have a cough, get a bot tle cad try it;
it cow but lb cents. ma
tlld Oast Iron
rfillE sabsettber• beg leave to inform the patine the
I they have obtained from the East all the late tad
fashionable designs for Iron Railing, both for houses
and eemeinviea. £OOOOOl wishing to pveleare head
men, patterns will please call and examine, and lodge
for themaelVes. Railing will ha furnished at *mallow
eat notice and in the best 61•410.41.01.1 the eager el
Ernig aneßebatioastreeln ,
angd94ll rdllMta & ottix. •
E xchangRANC T E A NYCO-off icelphia. Noah Room of the
e, hird hde
FIZZ INllVlLMlcs.—BoLldirtgo, Iderchendiee and other
property, in Town and Country, insured against lota
Of damage by fire, W the lowest rote of premium.
Munn losswirca—They &Isobar.* Vassals, Car.
goes and Freights, foreign or coutwise,under open or
.special policies, as the assured may dears.
Imam , TILLSOPOILTATION.—They also insure merch
endise transported by Wagons, Rail Road Can, Canal
Boats and Steam Boat., on rivers and lass, oa the
most liberal terms.
DIRECTORS—Jowph H. Seal, Edmund A. Sander,
John C Davis, Robert Dorton, John it Penrose, Samu
el Edwerds, Geo GI Lelper, Edward Darlington. haw
R. Davis, Wm Folwell, John Newlin. Dr R M Roston,
Jae C Theophilas Paulding, H Jones Broow,
Henry can, Hugh Craig, George Serril I, Spencer
Melly Charles Kelly, G Johneon, Hay, Dr
S Thomas. John Sellers. Wm Eyre, Jr.
Hugh Craig, Jahn T Logo.
Rweleito S. Nowsoco, Ree'l•
Irr Oblco of the Company, No. 12 Water street,
Flambe h. lian2S-t f P. A. MADEIRA, Aso.
s k 4
TAs Fr 's Fr,. loose woe Co. of Philadelphia.
RS.—Ckarles N. Ducker, Thomas Ilan,
.11J Tobias Wagner, Samuel Grant, Jacob R. Smith,
Geo. W lbehards. hfordeoai D. Lewis, Adolphe E.
Bons, David S. Brown, Morris Patterson.
Cusetan N. Baran, President.
Chules G. Bancker, Secretary.
Continue to mate insurance, pe . rpetual or limited,
Oa evrrlideuription,of property m town or country,
at rates op low as are consistent with me arity.
To Company have reserved a large contingent Pond,
which with their Capital and Premiums, safely invest.
ed,_alford ample protection to the usared.
The asses& Mahe ty, on January lat, w ere
pablished. agreeably t om act of Assembly, were as
Tallow. 'Di
=rau Loans
Cash, to.
411,047,4311 41
• 14,724
• 96,014 b 3
• 34=1
• T 4,1104
111,TMAP2 71
Etnee their Incorporation, • period o'l9 year., they
have paid opwmds of one rulllion four hundred thous
and dollars,losses by Gni, thereby affording evidence
of the advantages of Mmrance, ao well a. the ability
dispowtion to meet with prometnet. all linbilicles.
Office N E corner Wood and :hist..
- Life aliad l>ulth lusweasoo.
TRE Malan! Lila and lienith insurance Company
' of Philadelphia, IncOrporated by the'Legielature
of Pennsylvania, blareh, Ibid. Chanel. perpetual.
Capital, 81 °opal. R. 112 town titan anVe.ll
Capital {,
and fall di per cent, lower than the
amid rate. of Lilo Lmarance, en the following com
parison will show,. Thee, • penion of the ego of do bl
earing for RIB) for life, mast pay in the GirardCAMS—
Pennsylvania, &lAN Penn blutani, ALII3; F.qtatable,
$2,041 Neve England, 10,36; New York Life, SAW; Al
-1..2,111,491 Life and ilealth,PhiLadelphia,lll,kit.
lhascroas.—Samuel D. Orrick, Charles D. W.
P. Boone, Robert P . King, Charles P. Hayes, N. W.
Baldwin, N. 01. Reeve, M. D., Chas. 0. II Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, Rodman Brrker, K 11. Buller, Ldonn
R. Cope. Preaulent—Samuel D. Orrick; Vice Presi
dent...Koh. P. Kink; Secritary —Franc. Blackburn.,
4,pplreairons w il l received, and every information
ommercial Rooms, can of
imidt".dly Wood and Third .to, Pittsburgh
TBS INSURANCE Co. of North America will
make permanent and limited Inv:trance on pro-
Pen, In thi3 city and vicinity, and co shipments by
Venal, Rivers, Lakes, and by hien. The properties of
this Company are well invested, and furnish an
able fund for the ample indemnity of all person. who
desire to hos/resented by Insurance.
m • WM. P. JONES, Age. as Water .$.
UMALT . II 13111011 LANCE, at Pittobarge
. . .
The Spring Garden Health Insurance Co
NSURF.S Male. and Females agate. the Mpen
and Imemeeioned by nickel. or Arerdent, br
an Immediate allowance of from $J to At per week,
(Or one, two, three, or four years.
The mediod ‘ of etfeettng tlite lamance, and the
manner of awarding the tick allowance, will be fully
asphalted by the Agent.
A person ran (num melon Sirens" or Areithqu
hich wilt detain bins from Lie Ordinary bounces, as
follow., VII:
For aae year, by paying 114.20,. , 1 receive fa p
For two -
, .
Or, for • penod or roar years, the .am of 1114,40 pawl'
mmially, •FRI serare In per weer while wk.
Every necessary information will be adored on the
sahtert of humane. generally, by
del7wlttm Odeon Itatldiom
The P•wmayl•.nl a Company
Eon Immanc• ots Lien •mtHiAinstua A to, VITUS.
llli first Lite Inm ranee Company in the U. Stately
Imorponwed Match 10, Intl—eha ter perpetual.
Capital 1.51.10,Mbra11 paid Ith
Haying aathttrotetl the anderaigned receive appli
cations lot imoranecomwhkhyolicte will be wwwd,
according to their propoaals and ram, which will be
Made inown 11:1 applicants 0 hi, office, No. tta Wood
10.1- epli OEO. COCHRAN.
DA4'5,V.Veigl44 B A D P CS SE: ET I NN
Young MEN in wholesale and retail stores, and other
respectable basiness i to ant a. !look-keepers, Coach
men, Porters, Bar•kcepers, Wailers, Farmers, Coach
men, Car Agents, Book and Map Agents, Collectors,
firemen in ell branches °fibulae", 00. We have
at all time. a large number of good mutations on bend,
whielt pay from WO to $2,000 r anneal. Those in
want actuation. of any kind r e
toldn do well to give
- -
es, which will enabler as to place everyapplicant in
suitable aituation at the shortest notice. wr have a
rye acquaintance in all we above named eines,
itch we mot will enable a. to glee enure sausnae
on to all who may favor as with • call.
TAYLOR &TAYMAN, No. s 9 Second at,
between South end (icy.
N. 11.—Yersons living In arty part of the U. Mama,
and wishing to obtain a snanumi In Bain:time, at eq•
Mer attic above Mies, will,,tramtheir wants imme
diately attended to by addreshingliit Tine, inc. - P.M)
es by so doing they will eartatl bet ,trinunte aid es.
peon, which they otherwise-ecocide ear by coming
to the city, sad seekoad emplane:or for lb...shrew
No. 39 Second street,
llaltuaote, Nd
?PINS Isinidoubtadly tbe beat preparsdon ever dig
covered, for dressing Burn, :welds. Cuts, Old
am., thelsos, or any kind of fresh wounds, also toe
etwe Nipple. a reined, onestealed:' "ttu
This umiak, is intended for (dirtily tyr, and should he
foetid in thewuessinn of every funtily in the land.
klerhanies o are is constadVelinger of imuty to
their persons through accident, and the improper or
catalesa um of tool., will and tbls article to be involu
able to them, and trier a fair trial wilkfonsider it in
I t ble.
is an emeellent !Rebuttals for4idhestke plaster of
all kings, without any of its inconvenickees, nod le so
medicated as to allay all pain immediately and most
pet fectly.
A very Umbel applied any 'Mime on the turfaee of the
shin, Immediately forms a him, smooth coating, very
similar to the natural cuticle or miter akin; which may
be freely leashed with water and asap, without any In
jury to the wound. „
The artiela is freely used sad highly recommended
by the moat eminent physietans of New England, and .
other parts of the country.
For sale
11 -The E SELLERS, 57 Wood et
(Er N. rade mpplied at the manufacturer's
VSTEIRATICALLY arranged by O. HE& With
a five hundred quarto steel plates, by the most eta.
languished crusts of tiermany. The TestbauststSd
and edited by SPENCER P. BAIRD, A. M. D,
Professor of. Natural Sciences in Dickinson College,
Carlisle, F.
fibsTh Iconographic Encychiapaelia wall be published
in r, each containing 20 plate. MO lek pages of
letter mess, issued In • convenient persona, in which
stabseriben can keep their coral. in perfect order no
b! completed, when they can lie bound.
One part is published every month, at the very low
price of RIP, Meta will enable all Jerome( instruc
tion in the moan beamifuliand practical farm, hewer.
er manly their mean., to become sabseribeni to the
Soh rk.
oariptiono taken for the whole work only.
From the Boston Pow.
The work should not be conpird for . moment with
y of the trashy or melody scientific pukka..
I Me day.
From the New York Tribune.
The exceeding beauty of the plates recommends
them to the attention of the lover of art.
From the Literary World.
A well executed solid work, of substerilal value.
The introduction of this work Into general circulation
among our ochosil and ether libraries, public, and
vete, cannot fail to be productive of advantage.
From the Washington ID. C.) Union.
Wa cannot too highly recommend the work. The
engravlngs are in the highest .lye of an. No work
has ever before been published in this country as
splendidly illustrated and the printed =UV! is of on
equally high order It is pat the work for fautiliee.
rill( NO& of this Invaloablo Encyclopielia are now
published and ready for subsenbeNt.
Bookseller and-Importer, 13 Wood st,
RAI (After let April—Fourth Cl. near AVnoild
Chambers* ifidAmmatiorial
r IE Bel FNTIFIC SECTION.—The Mem.. Clein
-1 bees have employed the first Professors in Beet
land, In the preparation of these work.. They an
now otrered to the Pamela of the United Strates, under
the ASAFfillall revision of D. M. Reese, M. D,I.L. D.,
lath Superintendent of Public Schools, in the City and
County of New York.
I. Uhambers' Treasury of Knowioa g o i
11. MA'. Drawing and Perspetusei
111. Chamboasl Element. of Natural Phil rooky;
IV. Reid th Rein's Chemistry and Electrie ty;
V. )latatlllon`a Vegetable and Animal P •mology;
VI. Cliembersi Element. of Zoology, wit ptalmi
VII. Page's Element. of Geology, 11161drit
It is well knownrhat the orignia/ publish re of these
MOMS BM Messrs. Chambers, op EAlidrur d are chic
to command the best talents in thirii4paration of their
books, and that it I. their entreaty* deal faithfully
with the public . mi Th. nes wi not disappoint the
reasonable expectation. thus canted. They are cle
.etary works, prepared by author. in every way ca
pable of dotagrastlee to them respective undertaking.,
mid who hive evidently beatemed upon them the no
<emery time and labor to adapt them to their purpose.
We recorameg them to teacher. and parents with
confidence. The first named volume, in the hands of
a teacher of the yoenger clam., might famish an in
trihausuble fond of amusement n l insudetion. To
geMer,.they would constitute a rich Demure to a fana
tic of intelligent children, and Impart a Mint for
—)Vermont Chronicle.
Paths ad by A. B. Barnes & Co New York; and
Ira sale by A. IL ENZILISII to co.
cogs No 79 Wand at
Dim BookAl Pl•vr 11Oi11.11
AT 110LAIMPLITARARY DEPOT, Third strut, . r
Fonito the Post Odle—
va S• Chi., by P Jams Eoq
Nomiog Ca, • am All , by Mrs Ma
Limn's Livin •p, No 307,:•dosary of Madzsaies' Gozio• Trek, sod Ene••
•. , •irt
Wilford &main:mar, or the !rent Order of Smo, (cool
Dr Valentine, and Thakoo Rill's Mitasiorphaall
The Star of Oa Faller; by If M Curtis, El
Woeraa's Fneadibtp &Story of Moroi* Lao
)fort.mad Hosea, i Stray Mn Ms
Wbils Sorbet, y blenaos
blahlanot oad Wr lloweroon, by Wailssagioa yr.vr .p9l
vi V 1
ntiak Iko.
COQ! TWA OLD marrow.
Pittsburgh mad Philadelphia.
A 8 the bounces on the canal is about lisle; closed
D. for the season, we would inform the public that
we have again brought the Conestoga Wagons lam re
quisition, and will be prepared to forward GOOD poinuds
daily, (commencing on Mogday, the :Nth inst.) A Car
leaving Philadelphia daily by the mail train for Chem
berthurg, and the %Vegans traveling day and night,
ensues the deliveryWsl.BlNG of Goods in U five day.
itu. Apply to
Abl, Pbargh,
BINGUA6I & DOCK, No. rs, hi.rket street,
lika /MAN
Timm Foe Day., (Sundays excepted,) taming fey
and Night.
Tilacs be
in Istr n o
; d e r ' a i t ' a t n th 17) e l ton ne ;
Mondays winter., will again commence running On
Monday, the %Ma Novembcr.
A Car will leave Philadelphia and Chambersiongh
daily way with the Mail Train, and from Chant.
bersbargli with relaysof horses running day and night.
We are prenared to forward Raw YR might doily by
the above Line. Apply to '
D. I,F.ECII It CO, Pitudorgh,
or to-11A FULD+ B. LEECII,
No 13 Ponta Third street, PhiladelphiA
MIWIE malts
■ nnt alllVlTAttet 0/ stinimorDirs wru mcg.tors
urns wean X.TII CILIMMIT, arms."
GOODS forwarded by this line are carried in lit
mall train to Chambersburgo, and are icruaciliate•
ly loaded m Wagons going night and day through to
The horses are 'tattooed every 15 miles, 'which
Monne. the prompt delivery of goods within ti c time
the Wagons will leave our warehouse daily, Mimi.
days excepted.) at 2 o'clock. P. M.
Shippers are assured that no mote ,goods will be
taken each thy than ran be ,poectually mimed
7.17 Market som, Nuladelplins.
JOHN /s. CO,
Canal Basin, POssbarah.
1011 N bIeFALEN & CO„ Fouoraraims ft Callo.
0,1 81.01411114 Canal Ball& Penn street, l'ithgbtugh.
JAMES ht. DAVIS k CO.. For Samosa ago Cox.
Matto, Munuato. 217 Market, and St Commetec
0 - Advances made by either of the above, on Flour,
Wool, and other merchanthae, consigned to them for
tab. )ant,
Tt, l 4. a " n t r' pTe ' s r a .' { ' A% ' g o ' of [l ' 2. n " :4l l l. °,,P u 'r e ' h .
mud Philadelpula are prepared to receipt tor WOO lb.
(might ditily• Eaeb 111. deliverable through ,cis
day., Sundays egeepti.d.
Renal lilas4l. Pittsburgh
107 Masket
Blitrobantst Transportation Lint
For the Transfartauort of
Without re-shwlng.
TIME—IO Days. Rate. of Preiekt always ao low
as any abet rasp:amble Line.
C A AIeAIiI.II,TY Co., Prnorietorr,
Canal Onain, Penn et, Pittabergh
A•cres.—ROSEZIORRILL Co, Ilslumorn,
CHARLES RAYNOR, PlailatlelpLia.
Exclastacty far the...nail.nn of tat
Between Pitwburgh, Blairsville, Johnstown. Ilolli
dayahurgh. and all interracdta, :daces.
Shippers by this Line can always depend upon hat
ing thru goods promptly forwarded and delivered at
.y point ott the C.ll or Rail Road, at fair rates for
JOHN MILLER, Propriew.
Anton—R II CANAN,Johninown,
JOHN MlLLER,ll.lliJny.burg
m,A C A M'ANULTY &CO Plusl
.1 rits lu:worn:nos vs momisSoas israssur.
. . .
ITIIP. M01%1171010 of this old establiitted and
FIRST Portable BoaHane, ago now folly prepared
receive goods for shipment ea eremite of Canal.—
Hiving much increased their (tell:nee, their room for
worage ts ammo and complete.
No tran•rtipment takes place On tins lame; the goads
being put tato section portable boats, ore not disturbed
until saliva/ at their desuitation,—dbas avoiding band•
linget th e three points of Johnstown, Holltdayslturg,
and Columbia.
No charge made for teCtirlOr or forwardmg, or wit
reactor cltrgrat
ail` good. forwarded promptly, and
upon am los eterm. y any DINO( Line.
Our ne,ghbor linen thifar as to their respensilatity.
We have, for the law In years, been "Tic gelionee
lane " an I bare never forfeited our title, and we think
we bare corned the privilege of Now changing our
we to the STOOOIOO of "Ton P 001.0011111.0 14111. 0
Canal RS.. Patsburgh.
tern No :Ng Market al. Philadelphia.
WENTZIt. saite...,;icatirarr.
1 _
subscriber., having suspended their canal op
./. eranona until the opening of the Sprung Naviga
tion, have estatilisbcd an Express Line by trullroad and
Wagon between Philadelphia and Putsborgh,
whieh they are prepared to forward MO pound* <mei
day, and receipt for the delivery of the astute I n 5 days,
They beg leave to assure their friend. and the pub
lic that their arrangemes regarding niter, reanlarity
and despatch, cannot (a lt
oilt give sausfacdon to all 'who
rayon them with their commands.
corner Pena and Wayne ins, Pittaburg h.
I . lloslArt Ittßlrl E,
dal 276 Market meet. Philadelphia
Modern and Antique Furniture.
RI, TUT. Sr., Prrralsinrau.
.1. W. W.
Respectfully informs the
public that he itas cool.
pitied Ms spring stork of
FURNITURE, the and mossvaeted assortmeut
aver offend tor sale in Ms city, coral...isms several
wog of Rosaothoo, Mallociaer, and Buck Wsenut,
caned, ornamental and plain, suitable tor
Draanng and Bed Boom., all of which will bo sold at
the lowest ersons pries.
P desiring Foraiture of any descriptorn, ere
opectfully invited to call andexamme holm., which
embraces every dceeriptinn, from the cheapest and
plainest to the meet elegant and costly, of which the
follow rig comprises a part:
Tet i a Tete Sofa.; Tete • Tete Divan; Covereauon chain; Elitabethiso CrOmei
Recrpoon do home XIV do
Eitensioa do lidded Moine;
'What Non Toilet Tables; •
Louis XI V ' Commedore; Bake of Poole. Peach;
60 Sofas with Plush and Hair-cloth eon.,
DI Divan, do do do;
40 dos Mahogany Parlor Chain;
10 Rosewood do do;
la "W alnut do do;
40 " Cs. Scat do;
41 " fdaboymy Rocking do;
2 do tuee stools;
bit Marble Top Centre Tables;
20do Do 'Mash Stands;
Lei Mahogany Bcdsteada;
PI do Wardrobes,
C h o
Walnut do;
tl rry do.
A very large assortment of Common Chain sad oth
er Furniture t i me tedious to mention.
A MTl r e . a p rn ,o (lo .p a , t y a :n u r , n n te k h . e i d .. on the shortest notice.
P. S.--Cabinet Meters can be supplied with all sorts
of hlnhogany, Walnut, Veneer., al cenaiderubly
redured prier.
4 ISaceneors to 111`CordIc King) a
r••hlonabla Ills t ter's,
Corner of Wood and Fifth &rear.
'fipkARTICULAR attention paid to one Wind Trade.
Gentlemen can rely upon getting theiritats and
Caps from oar cstablishmen of the timer tete .d
1•0100.101111., Of the LaTLar anus, and at the Lowasr
Cooley Merchants, purchasing by wholesale, has
respectfully to cell and eau/aisle Our Stock; as
ere can say wit confidence that if regardsQi'oand ram. it will ot ender In a comp... with any
louse in Philadelphia. l7
T — iiihrTi 3 O Vic;
1 pug Second Session of Will Insulation. under the
care of Mr. and Mrs. Gosito., for the present acetic.° year, will commence on dos dad s Monthly,
February Pith, In the same buildings, No. do Liberty
Arrange cots ban been made by which they will
beable to furnish young far hues dual to any
lathe West, for oletsmoug a thorough English, CI.O
cV, and Ornamental eduenoon, A full enure of Pio-
Isophical and Chninicid Lectures will be delivered
during the motet., Illustrated by apparatus. The des
parunente of Venal end Instrorneutsl Mame, Modern
Languages, Drawing and Painting, will each 100 under
the care of a competent Protons°r. Ily close allenOun
to the moral and Intellectual Improvement of their po
pile, a pron W l'rincipais hope to merit a continuation of the
liberal age they have hitherto enjoyed. Fur
terms, the citcular or apply to the Principal. •
Binspe&tt& sons , PaLeot Soda Ash. •
328 cm,,,s,tll,:ewuirll,...,hnvtitalyNaarwrivted.lrcn.e,t,i!‘„trom.htihpes
Amt., Boadmia, Jrokica, and Austria, which will be
sold, on arrival, at the lowest
NI I m ar
M ket prive,
feb9 - IGO Liberty o
D — Tuty will also receive large aopplies during the
.pang .la radhilelpliim and Ilet
ikTO. 60 Market .iftet; ME daily receiving PM and
.1.11 desirable Goods from the leading remufactorics
o r tin. eountry, and of the .latest importations. The
° facilities which they euirl, In beg connected Wall IL
benee on the east, enables them to purchase goods at
the lowest valuation, and keep their stock full nod de
sirable at all seasons.
They have a hug assortment of Gimme Weeping
Goods, to which they nolielt the early mullion of
Otelr Milo& and the TAW*: .
;06 LlViat iiit• '4O 4 111, bri'3o
_ •
- •
• ! •
• - 7 : 3
I _ l4
• "
. t rr rr ,
• lIAIIIIIEL qiciatz.vy,
- -
M A LTZ ...II • 7uREe. F llllster Steel- Al ' l ' 9l%l
Cast Steal Files, °tall eases; and - Glaetsraith and Shoe
Rasps, al
W aral • band .d for Bali., either at Ms A.
gle Steel Wo rks " O'Hara street, Fifth Ward, or at dm
catace in e Irn Store of 13OLLPIAN tr.
SON, No th
d,TOO O t of. Wood street, littsbungb. S GARRI
01110111. AFL
We, the Indenigned, having used, with .fire sat
isfaction, the Can Steel and Files made by Samuel
McKelvy, at his Eagle Steel Works, in this city,take
pleasure in recommending them as equal la quality to
my ever used by us, Of foreign manufacture.
Pittsburgh, March I IESO.
Manufacturers of Iron and Nails, Pitts=a.
Iran Founders and Machinists, Pittsburgh.
Msnoincturers offprings, Ault, Spring Steel and
veµ Ptitsbumh, Pa.
Engine Builders and Machine Cud Mandszus.
rem, Pitubargh. Pa.
Bos t, minder, Pittsburgh, Ps.
Manufneturen of Do and Nails. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Locomotive Engine and Ship Ilatlder.PinN-WALL ACE sbarah. Ps.
Marble Manufacturer, Medusa and Engine Dsl.•
tared .! or, Pittsburgh, pa
peLauen, HANNA
(Successors to Hassey, ',Hanna t Cal
in Foreign and Doeseutic Exchange; Certificates
of Depositc, flank Notes, ant Specie—Fourth street,
nearly opposite the Dank of Pittsburgh. Current mo
ney received on deposits—Sigh) Cheeks for sale, and
collections made on nearly ell the principal points in
the United States.
The highest premier:4 paid for Foreign and Anterlext
AdvanecrlMlE odcocsignmtnis of Produce, ship
-mai terns. ap2
o f , TRH subscriber hue just received a
new and beaunfal Instrument called
lailelpdean Piano," from the factory of
March & Piano,"
Cincinnati. it has
the elegance of exterior of a Plato Forte, and lit perm
sereedof a tone at once sweat and powerfuL In
great itinerante, however, consists m the rapidity of
its cauneianou, which enables the performer ta eye.
rote upon it the moat brilliant piano ramie. Antigen.
or, it may he called th;bast reed Inurement as er In
vented. Call and eta are.
HENRY KLEMM, et Woodwalrii,
Bole Agent far ?Dinh & White's ruumfacture.
P. R—Als, sevens! newand very fine Melodeons.
vine ) Journal, Chronicle. and Mercury cepLl
TOE subscriber informs hi. friends and the pinne.
that at his extensive mantistuncia, (capable of
employing from two to three - hundred workmen, and
where he always kees a large number of the hoot
machinists engagedd b e is prepared to erecon, in the
test manner, and with meat despatch, all order. for
CIIINERY, of every dmeriptiab. For the workman
ship nod style of Lis bliehmes, he would refer to the
evanereas manufacturers la the Western and Southern
State., as wen as the Middle State., who ale now am
eraung them. Ile has recently made great improve
ment., both in the style and plans of Ms Machinery,
which will be famished us reasonable prices b 7 am
plying to -.- ALFRED JENKS,
ture.gre BridesburmFe.
THE SUBSCRIBPiIig, hantig the Agency for sell
ing the Printing Paper of a long estahltshrd and
estennee AIM, in this rieinity, will he at all Imes
well supplied withithe different awes of Paper, of ea.
peon, quality, which we offer at the lowest regular
Any site or gelato , will be atannfactured to order at
short MU,. A II ENGLIPII & CO,
(Successors of Elliott t. Eaglish.l
mat No 79 Wood street •
. .
beretolorEcniiting between Mott
A Engltch. in the Book and Paper Basinenc, won
itio.nlaed on the Ilth inin, by 311 atnal consent The
basin , will be continued tt tho old stvid, Nn.IP
Wood meet, under the!firin Of "A. 11. Englipla & Co 1'
by wine the buzinr_ss of the former partnership will
ho nettled. SAMUEL lILLIUTT,
n ell A. 11. ENGLISII.
AIFYI are now receiving our regular supplies of Do
ll rnesue and Foreign DRY GOODS, which me
me prepared to seD at the lowest market prices to
etaki buyers and prftpt business men.
We would ask the attention of City and Western
Merchants to oar n-ek, believing we can offer many
inducements to purchase from us.
Dry Goods Jobbers, P 9 Wood at
. • .
A LEXANDER & DAY, corner of the lhamond arid
ft. Martet street, are prepared to offer, at the low
est market prices, a choice assortment of Silks, of to
best qualities and newest styles. Best black glows
Oro de Rhine, era dulebrated manufacturcr. we rout.
ed not to cut in womung. Black Brocade bed Silks,
very rich. Rich bed Silks and Satin De Cuenca, rn
smiled °olefin Chameleon, Oro de Mines; Satin de
Clienes, and Tare Stein.
ALEXANDER & DAY, S 5 Market st,
mYll Northwest corner Or the Diamond
EXANDER & DAY, corner of the Diamond and
Market street, ate now , sezd s, off ,o at reduced
t,hnwla sod • Istfli k en? r Dre V ar t f . ioods. grenancl wt o y r .
Also—htlanketa and Flaniihhi,Clotits,Casairace,'Eatin
et., and assortmeat of heavy Cotton Goods.
Confident that better bargains cannot belied else
where, we invite the attention of buyers.
• inni2 75 Market street.
Scrofula or King's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cams
inis Eruptions, Pimples or Pi:mules on the Face,
Mulches, Diin., Chronic Sore Eyes, HUT Worm
or Tema, Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain of
the Bones and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphiltie
Fq aqua., Sciatica or Lumbdia,—and &stasis
aiming from an inludicious use 0,11..7, Ads
toes or mope,., Exportrte or. Imprudence inlife;
Also—Chronic Consututiu.lDisordera, Re.,
In this preparation are Wrongly concentrated all Ma
Medicinal properties of Sarsaperilla, combined onth'
the most effectual olds, the most salutary productions,
the most potent simples of the vegetabte kingdom; and
it has been so fully tested,. not only by patients the m•
selves, but also by physicians, that it h. received
Mite unqualified recommendations and thts apportia
unit of the public; and has 'established, on its. own
merit., IL reputation for yam: and intoner far tape
ewe to the various eompo.d. bearing the name of
tramssittrilla Diseases have been curcd,sach as are
not furnished in 'the records of lime posit and what it
has already done (or the thous.ds who have used it,
it is cupablo of doing for the millions gull suffering and
stmegliog with disease. It purling, cleanse., and
strengthens the fountain springs of life, and Infuses
new vigor throuithost the whole unit.] frame.
The follewmn striking. and—as will be peen—per.
maent rare of an inveterate ease of Scrofula, cum.
mends noel( Lean similarly afflicted:
Saterneorr,Gonn, Jan. I, ISIS.
Remy* Rands Gentlemen, Sympathy for the afflict.
ed totems me to inform you of the remarkable care
effected by your Sarsaparille, in the case of my wife.
She ores severely afflicted with the Si:militia on differ
ent pans of the body; the glees of the neck were
penny enlarged, and ber Main much.swollen. After
suffer year, and finding no , relief from the
rmedies•ased, the disease attacked one leg, and be
low the lure suppurated. lies phynlelen advised it
should be laidopen, which wan done. but without any
eennanent beigfit In this situation we heard of. and
mete induced tooe, Sands' Saraiparilla. The firs.
bottle prodared a decided and fairorablc effect. reline
log her more. than any prescription she had ever taken
and before she used sty bottles—to the astonishment
and delight of her friends—she found her health quits
restored. It is now over a year since She cure war ef.
farted, and her health remains good, showing that the
disease was thoroughly eradimwd from the synemi
Our neighbors are all knowing to t h eca feets,tutn Mira
very highly of Sands' plarsaparill.
tours with respeel, JULIUS PIRF.
Extract from a letter received from 31r. N. W. liars
Os,. gentleman wolf knovre in Loaislarm co., Vac:
"Bgetlemen, I have cured a negro boy of nuns with
your S up - a - ily who am attacked with Scrofula,
and of n armful°. finaly.
"Fr Y edericks hall, Va., July 17, ISIS.* BARRIS.
Smies`Sansarsnit&o..—lt seems almost aannecesste
ry to direct :Teuton:to an article so well known, and
no deservedly pepubLit, es thls preparation, bat pawing
once who wish to use the exttlet of Sarmpanlla, are
induct it to try Worthless compounds beating Om nage,
but containing little or none of tbe 'Wee of this Yalu.
side roof and•we think we cannot confer a greeter
benefit on our readers than in directing their attention
to the ndirermenei t of the Messrs. Sands, In another
ettiunin. TLe bottle has recently been enlarged:to
hilt n gtilirt, and those who wish a really good ankle
will find en rated in this all the =Mental setae
of Tim event.° of thousands hue proved
citeingtherm., in euring the varioan diseases for which It
is mcommendid; and al the present time more than
o mm. perhaps, is this sucdteinc tumid, io }:to.-
ring the system tar *change of season.—plume Jour'
us i,Sept. tuts.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail. by A.ll. 4
D. SANDS. Druggist and Chemist, WI Fulton street,
corm, of William, New Fork. Sold also by Wig
gins generally throughout the United Stairs and Clari
nda. Price SI per bottle, six bottles for 5.5.
For sale by L. WILCOX, Jr., lI.A. FAIINESTOCK
& and EDWARD FEN DINSICII, Pittsburgh. Al
e., by Dr. S. SAUTIL Bridgwater. fdell"4""ak..T
X/TORIDN'MONMAGUE, ern Young Clniqine '
.Lll. Choice: a Pi arm° re founded on the Early history
ul n Morayt. hlissio.ry, by C.D. Marton. one Id
Ina. vol., muslin. •
Modern literature and Literary Men, being a rem.
nod (Callen' or Literary Dam., by fio,ge
reprinted tenet from Inc London edition, ens large 12
ma vol, taus..
Ilyree's Dictionary of Machines, kq No O.
Uaie Zwirrele, the 9trtn Reformer, by Rev D Wile;
1 eel In mo, rjouslin.
Aneedotes Tor the Young, or Principles illustrated
by Fee. eoniplled by Rea DEallikt 1 vol le mo
Wart.. to Youth, suggested ety the illetery oi re.
matt able .riptata character.. noliert Hulot; IL
vet in too, toostir. Foreale by
R 110141 N. 94
apt e Aped° Beilitiiiigh Veinal itreel.;:'
VOL. XVII. NO. 218:
011 SALIG, -
41111C.R5' PftlCM
Ohre Drills;
Moe Domino;
Fumy Cottonadow, - all 4.
offered stradnsTPs
Home League _
Checks and Stripes,v
Leavy goods.
Tailors' Goods. '
Red Padding, gaper do;
out Padding Da
. tallors'Corwaas, hem
Brown Liam., Siliela
Drab Sorge, black do,
and worsted;
Olacl and klaita Tape;
Black Twist, Drab
i dro x. 4 .
Linen Cheeks and
Stuart's G cord 5105
do Linen Mead,
• sundae article;
11;7 '1 5 V" d i f gr ! - .
Brown Holland so'g Sil
Ihntotrs, Cravats, .k.e.,k. ,
arehouse, No IV Wood
. ral
has Inataransoo
torture C.OPWIT Of No
moved to No. 141 Front ..
, i the above old and .4.4;
e. Policies on Dodd/ago..a
uncut, of Iderchandme , b
W. P I ICINIP9. ii
White Flennols, all Wool:
Red do do
Yellow do do
Brown do do
Black Sax/zees.
Steel wised do
Bloc ' do.
Drab do
Black • Cassimere-
Faze) do
Fancy Tweeds.
Soper Black Broad Clo
Soper Brown do
Super Drees do
Super Twilled do
Super Black Doe Skins.
Super that! Cashmeres
Super Bltlni " do
Soper'Block do
Cahlorula Blankets.
Scarlet do k ,
Blue do ---
Drab do
Grain Bagging.
'tithe llanaladarcrar •
Firs and Elsa
THE OFFICE of the •
America, has been re
east of Wood.
The subscriber, scent to.
sible Company, wit issue
their contents,lmid on shipc
Steam Boats and other vein
• • • • •
creasing ECS leave to Inform his mends and castomerstl
B i;
he is jest easing his new spring'smekofacod
comprising, unseal, all the newest end most faahlOni
Mao styles of Cloths, Ossaimeres, fumy Veinsigs, colt
ton and linen Jammer antlfs,.. end every article saheb's ;
for gentlemen's wear for spnng midsummer. Ebel: nit
mtpossthle to describe the beauty, quality, or qttanti*
of the stoek, th e proprietor hopes all who are in wan
of good, cheap, fmtoonable, and well made clothes;
will give him a call, es there is no Meek thin aide Mt
the Alleghenies that cut compare with It. -
The ready made department is very extensive, ailap. ,
tad to all taste..
RAW road contractors, country 'merchants, and alll,
who purchase largely, are panieularly invited toe
amine the stock before perctiasing, as partlenlar Ithy
tent - fon is paid to the wholesale besmeis in Chtc estals-i
lishment. •
Every article in the tailoring line made to order In
the meet fashioaabki and best manner, at the slimiest
notice. tarn -
40 - nN LYONS.
Agent for elm., and Recovery of Property tit
HAVING spent nearly a year in the various Re
cord Offices, National labriry,•da, during hit
late wait to England, investigating claims for persona
In this country, and having secured efficient and re.
sponuble Agents in London and Blanchester; he is
prepamd to afford ell necessary information and ad•
vice to persons who seek to recover their property Ia
that country.
J. L. keeps a lint of the Rank of Eneand Dividend
Books, which may be uamined for 50 rents, or for
each letter of the Alphabet,
References in Diatom
C- B.F. ADAMS, Notary Yobhet
Bonnets: Bonnets!
A FULL supply of China Peed, Rough and Reedy,
1, Rolland Braid, Florence Braid, and other styles
of Bonnets, now open at the north east cornet Fourth 5
rod Market streets, by
• • _
Also—Face Flowers and Bonnet Cape, of new and
handsome style,
Bonnets, Bonnets, •
AA. MASON Sr. CO., Market St., between ad and
• 4th, haventst reed, endure now opentat,
eases Sonnet% salons which are Jenny Lind,
Florence end swiss Fedal 'Maid, Lotion, EnglisliDnrie
stables, English Straws, Rough and Sandy, atria ere
nets! variety of all qualnics and prices. ap3
morning-China Pearl, Coburn. Florence Rudd;
C o, (Drab and IVlate,)ylutedßraid, and other style.
of Pane? Bonnet, Also—
FLOWERS AND CAPS, in great 'warier, nud et eai
eesdiogly low prices.
China Pearl Bonnets. low an ha ens a mrbn
Hooks for ■ale by A. 11. EngUsk i Co.
No 79 Wood' otzoot.
r2.1 1 .:47;An." - ±.B ta
Chestnut College, horoht
of "The t. Great t Teacher,"
"The Greet Commission," Ate.
The Great Commission; or the Chrisdan.Church
Corinna/l and Charred to Convey the Gospol to the
Vorld. Ilytho lice.). ilahis,l). D., author ol'hianti
mon," l`The Great Teaclier,” /cc , with an introductory
E,.• ay, by Rev. William R. Withame, 1).1).
Warm.; or tLe Charms of the Nile. BY William .
• • _.
The Mercy Sean Tludights Suggested ) by the Lend's.
Prayer. By Gardiner Spring, D sr orkhe
Brick Prtsbyterian Church, City of Nert York. -
• The extent of the Atonement iu Ito relation to God
ank the Universe. By Thomas W. Jenkyn,
Prteident of Coward College, London.
Mon Primeval; or the Coastitudon and Primitive,
Condition of the Butane Being— A contribution to
Theological Science. By llimr,:John Danis, D. D.,
President of Chestnut College. •
The Chinch in Earnest. By John Angell Juana,
author of "The Church Members , Guide," tr.e.
The Memento of Political Economy. By Francis
Wayland, D. D., President of Brown University, and
Professor of Moral Phdortphy.
Republican -Christianity; or True Liberty, no ex
hibited in the Life, Precepts, and Early Disciples of
the Great Redeemer. Ry E. L. Magoon, author of
"Pro se rbs for the Pcopic. , i-Li sing Orator. of Ameri
co," ke.
ketches a rirtftembics. By J. T. Headley.
Proverbs for - the li:epic; or Illustretions of Practi
cal Geoliness,Drawn from the Stook of Wisdom. lly
E. L. Magoon.apll ,
CDSMAS, ore Physical lhsnripuon of the
Unlverak By O.legenderVen IllumboldLk vol Limo.
Memoirs of Bic Life of William Wirt. tip Jl P.
Kennedy; now edition.
?demons of the Life.and Writings of Thomm Chat-•
mre D. D. By his one in law, Rev. William DimonL.L.
L. e L. D. 3 vols. -
Sketches of Minnesota, the New Fdiglntid or the
West, with incidents of travel In that Territory during
the dimmer 011-19, in tore pans. By E. S., Seymour,.
with a map.
I'nlay's Principles of Moral and Coldest' Philosophy.
I col Moe.
lho Fairy Book, Ithastroard wills anis nn :wool. By
• .. .
Spark's American Biography, Wools Irmo, 75 cents
per volume.
Tho Whale and his Captors, - or, tcp Whalctrm's Ad
ventures and the Whale's Biography. Dy H. T.
Cheevers,vvidi engravings,.Mthenrs.
liedburn, hi. Fun Voyage, being the valor Hay: con
fessions and reminiscences of the son of a gentleman
In the merchant service. By Ileums Melville, author
of uTypeed , sOineo, o Esc.
Tim Maim. Irrinsh Plutarch, or Liica or Men Dies
tinguithed in the recent History of. England. for 'their
Talenth. Virtue, or Achievements.' By W. C. Taylor,
L. L. D. Also, Aim. S.S.llook,orrhand end for ode by
A. 11. F.NULISH It CO,
Successors of ELLIOTT Er:ENGLISH,
No. W. Wood at.
. •
• • .
16cl KEGS Da Pone. FFFG Aide;
VMi qr kegs ao '`'' do do,
40 do Hanley Mills FFFO,Kifle;
----- - 200 . do F, FF, &a, Illamink;
NW dp Latlin's &nmull'e am'd Blasting;
000 do do' do.' Mining, exua;
nOO do do , N - Ride;
100 ;no do doi American Mlle;
100 i and 4 teat ,'
,- do do;
10 cue, ranuieler. do, do;
10 do do Prairie - Shontior: -
10 do do Duck ' do;
. .
5 bbl. Safety Fiire.—ln magazine and to er
r; all of which m offered to the trade on the moat
favorable term. Deliverable at all bours of tie day;
The [paint- and variety of the.Cannisier Powder to
worthy the &timingn of sportymen.
ap2 ' J. C. BIDWELL, Agent.
Bureau - to, Va., March 5,1550.
ARR. R. E. SELLERS. —I have disposed of aft the
IV.I. Cough Scrap and Liver Pills you went me, and'
15 dos of the Verrulfuge.
I have used all your Family Medicines in my family,
and have also primerfbed them in my practice; I am
R eal
much pleased with them, end have found nothing
to equal them. Send me 8 dim of r oar Vennifuge, and
10 doz each of the Liver Pills and Cough Syrup.
Respectfully . yours,
IF-strut of Letter.] . T. T./amnia.
Those idghly popular medicines may-be bad- of the
proprietor, R E SELLERS, 57 Wood st, and Druggists
generally in the two wide. and.vlcinity.aPi
C 051105, a Skeet'. of • Physical description allay Uni•
tem, by Humboldt; 2 eels, C ath and Paper.
Sketchy. of Miumeda, the Non Eaglond of the West, by
/ S B, l B . B orrwith map; Inel, Chef, and raper.
Lifa and Corraspoodeace of Robert 8-dothey,
Haptwel, or Pagea from tha thick of Lire at randy, by
•••• • .
demi nof Life sod Wntinv of TN, .11 Cbalours, D, by
Rye W rul I el./4 For sato by
:To 78. /polio Build:orr. Fonirob
11.1111.MUNIST, new colleenn of
Church Alltaie. by George Kowsl.y, A.
Mar of Social-Choir, Juvenile Choir, kr, fec.
Sabbath SehoolOcana of hi 'WC and Paeoli
expresaly for the Sabbath Schoolpby J. k A. Crillk
A sew Treatise on Awroonniyi and the flee of / e
Globes, in two parts. Containing Astronomic, and
other deSnitiona; manonsandPmeiltecoilha risidisoo ,
a l ' or P 'm ar d ralv " ,Zifo r n G eQt:
Clods, Distancts.
•Alognitades at
Heavenly Bodies composing the Solar Symear. tee.;
also, an extensive collection of the mow useful Proh
, leans canal Liao of the Giobts. Illustrated by it can
! obit canal of Exmapira, ; deem:it'd for tic Uaa
oft Schools and Academe, By Jones hiclinite,
hl. HA Professor of hlntbemairea and tu
the Central High School. of lialt.more.
Peck and Port, or Inctdents of nairuirie in tine- I , n
Stoles Engem Congress, to California:, g ad
01 Rio Jnneiro, Valparaiso, Lima, I lonohlio. and Sao
By Reo. Waller N.; anther
of Ship and Shore, he. For
Socceasona to ELLIOT lc ENGLISH.
. a N 0.07 Woad sweet_
April Bagasistss and Neu' Books,
Tam Evans, opposite the Post Other.
G°DRY'S Lady's 13ook,Ter
Graham's Biagazinc i • do; -
Bartant's do do; t
Ladies' National do do;
Holden's Dollar do , do; • ,
Blackmodts klagazine, for Febraary. --.•
I,Vhile Jacket. or tbe NVorld in o idaes.oblVeir. Hari , 'i
sms Melville* new work.—MallOntlit 'and Ills Pace
ceasing by Watkington trviniu , vol Le—New Bus*
land Poultry Breeder, teitil twenty Ave accurate one
gravings.—Art Journal, for Fcbmaryathi March—
Webster's and Calhoun's klpeeChea,lu pamphlet form.
—David CdpPerrield; by Ditkens.—The Betio.
Family; • Comedy.--Eaplariatioaa : and Ilistary• of
the Rochester Khoo kinyote—Cion ernran, or the Irish--
lid Bleai by Leone—Roland' Cashel,. by Leyte.—
Distory of fletidendis; ip Tanaltiuty; _
tionary of Mechantesi E ntire. Work. and
ins; part 5-i---Dark 'Scenes of History; by D., P. Q.
, rovitu'lt•