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111 .----- WI;Sr 6.11141110101.31:111T., _
Mika 1850.ffigEll
Two Daily. Lim Express road Boats,
Aid Rail Bond Can,
(ExcLulvieLy vox PAssEmosnso
Via the New Ccaual Rail Road and Pertata Canal.
Time--03 hours _ Fare—eta through.
mites Sail Road, and 150 miles Canal.
CAN the let last. the new Central Ball Road Cocopa•
N 4,1 .7 commenced running Two. Dalai Tutus rasa
cri---.7.7r=7,r.u...Pttuirb, 'MT'
8010 from the W est. 17 thl arm:la:mot plunger
gent will go through wi cut d ' etentlon.
1. Packet Boat •or:1 leave every rooming at 6o'-
clock, and every even g .19 o'clock..
iThle r roam, tat 9.1 ty, Speed, and Comfort, is nut
equalled by any now a use to the Pastern Clues.
For passage or inf • .. 111711 aply to '
W ; H. Monpon,abels UM.,
• • . LEECH k CO, Canal
Arlin EtiiAg. IS orm
t 1850 Eara
:i w c a nuina.liallatoadn.
ris fr. Co, Canal Buln, Liberty
meet, Pivab.l .
la6l-N 9 . & Cori ,
tr. Co, 219 L 250 Market meet,
4CPCouseis& ~:r North rinse r /Ulan:tore;
E Bence, He Nora;
manses Gs o, It Deane snxt, Boston;
6 , hlaysville, Renwick);
Ham. & Co- latabia @reel, Cincinnati;
F WIWI. Le • mile;
Rasa, llmmtv Co., St. Irreg.
ab ISAIps of crtkandme and Produce to and
PM tkladelph Batman , . N. Tork,glisston.
Ow route beingnow in fine order. we ore pr4pored
to fonnird goods as above, at way low eit pm ro es for'
insole el freightfro deny charge bar tug po
over 116:10,000, and with the following
. emeneive stock
(Boats Pei confident of ening enure tatiantetion to
all batioeu trammed to oar care. Our boats aro all
new, and commanded by mutineer experience, and.
oar entire Ime iis condumed on aria sebuth taping
and temper anal principles.
. Boats. Captain. Homo. Captains
Iron City, Hogan Pennsylvania E Layton,
Maryland, Marmon St. Loci% Cowden L .
Clnetaaan, Sunda Col. Howard Ridley
Ruth Anna, Chatham Mao , Deborah Sims
Wm Atkin., Permed Leman., Rayon
Import, M`Qtado Juniata Theron
Boston, Alter Gen. Scott, Clare
GarlLada Riley TelegraphNo IShields
Celia Hawkins Point htill BoyhMande
tiliveßranchGoaser RidtureCilppeßdey
America Perry Ohio Bello Kearney
Mermaid 14 , Colgan Hunter Emile
The Fox al'Haatle Jail& Ann I Layton
Aurora nPlsorrell Telegraph No2lloos
Look Sharp Berry North Queen Wale
Shippers will find It to their :Myanmar , to give us a
tali. O'CONNOR , &THEO & GO.,
melt Canal Basin Liberty at, Plitsbargo.
— WestOrma TraitopertellOd Company.
&EMI 1856. M i t_Sitga.
By ratirryfoania Coma and Ball Road.
TTHEHeats and Cars of this Line have been pat In
compete order, and with the addition of severs
newnoes to the Line, enables us to carry a large
mnity of produce and good..
4 ' The entre stock of the Line Is owned and cant ,
ed by the Proprietors.
HARRIS & LEECJI, No Id South Third at,
And at the Tobacco Ns'erehouse, Dock rt,
Phi !holds, Pat
No ltd North Howard at, notimore, 1114 ;
OFFICE. No West el, New Tort;
D LEECH & CO. Cont, Darin Penn a,
nal3 ___POttborey,
MEM 1850.
CLARK, PARKS & CO, Rochester, Pa., Props's.
One ear Smithfield and Water stx, Pittsburgh.
Clev & elutd, Ohio.
wins well known Lane are peeps-ed to transport
L freight WA Passenger , from PITTSBURGH stud
CLEVEIANIO. to any point 011 the Dotal end Lakes.
The facilities oft be Ltne are mtsurpintsed In somber,
gustily and capacity of Floats, eromenee of captains,
and efficiency of Agents.
One Hint lenses Pittsburgh and Cleveland daily, run
ning in connection with ne of Steam Bolls
Inteen PITTSBURGH and B E A VER, and o Line be-
First Class Steam Mao, Propellers and Vessels, on
the Lakes.
Clark, Parka & Co, Rochester, Pa;
k: N Parka & Co, 1 °unknown, Ohio;
M 13 Tar.lor, Warren. to
A & N Clark, Newton Fang, 0;
I Dmvton & Co, Parenna 0;
Kent, Grinnell a. Co, Franklin, 0;
H A Miller, Cuyahoga Falls, th
Wheeler, Lee & Co, Akron, 0;
Chamberlin, Crawford l Cleveland, 0;
Habbard & Ca, Pmdasky, (Y,
Peckham & Scott, Toledo, 0;
IS Williams & Co, Detroit, Minh;
& Co, blikaankie, N . Via;
Murfey & Dutton, Rani., Wrg,
George A Gib ba, Chicago, Ill;
Thomas Hale. Chicago, lIL
ran corner Wain's.) Smatibeld aka
CLARKE, PARES .7. CO, Roehester, Proiort.
ri'llE Proprietors of dile old end well known Lane
1. verde inform the puhlie that they are now in op.
conian fin the present waron: - .id have commenced
receiving -Freight and Piivengen, which they ore
rally prepared to carry to all points on the Canal and
At the lover rates. Ooe of the Goals of the (Jae
be demon - illy at the landing, below Monongahela
Bridge, to receive freight.
Office, nor Water and
MONF. Hmithfie ES ld eta, Pittsburgh.
• CON:
• R W Cunningham. New Castle, Pa;
Mitcheltwe &. Co Palaski;
W C Mallon Sharon; •
J & S Hull, Searpstsre;
Wick. Achre & Ca. Greenville; . •
Wm Henry, Ilattelown;
Wm Power, Conan...yule;
John Ilearn & Co, Ede;
John J ltouii.ter & Vanier, NY. arr3o
Asenie for I: - II.: I;•. , , r• PiT reel , 111:11 AND
PACKSIDi towels :eat P.tatereb
and Rochester by stssei toll, :Oi:U.Vre, Late. Eric
Goods rectif prenipri delivered to ar.
places on the C.ots Ara lot •1 lee low late,
Shippers swill please direet good IP alb vs& PA Line.'
I. C. lIIDIVELI, Agent,
~,,.oWaters:, Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Portable Boat Lime,
IBso. ,urranmrs
70 briD • IrROA
NEAY YORK, BoSTt d, de.
Tomas Boastrool,l S Tsars ft-GT...mos,
Phtlsdelphun t j PittsbiWeh.
rrHE Canal twine cow open, the propnetots of lbw
long eatubllthed Line Me ne oterli at,their o:d
stands, receivlog and torrent ti
:Merchandise and
Produce at low rater, and with the prcniptoess, err•
thinly, and milers, peculiar to their synteut and matte
of traosporwaion, where hvenuadiate trauthipment :0
avoided, with the consequent delays and probabi li ty
of damage.
Merrhandise and Produce shipped east or wet
811 l • of Ladies forwarded Bee of charge far col
Mon, advoneing, cr atothge. Basing no inter,
reedy at Indithedy in tleselhO its, that of the o
Is solely communed when chipping th eir good , .
All comounicarems w the folloWthe agents p:
ly attended to:
/10,5.7 01 %
No o'B blinks' scree, Philadelproa
Corner Penn and Wayne streets,' Pittsburgh.
John R Co, cNorth st, tralti P. R. 0,11 . '
2s ynane '04.1(00, W. a J. T. TaoPeatt &
aSt Pomba; New Yotki James Wbeelarliglit;Cine,n
nag to?.
1850. • 1850
Mitts LING, with tinterphssed faculties., is ea .
I prepared to transom Freight to Ciercland, th •
port, Olik , Canal, end intermediate places,
the most finorehle wins, end with the greaten de
Shippers ere referred to those who hale Imlneftn .
patronised this Line Sew:goods to "Bidwell% Was •
Asaars—J indwell, worn Potsburgh;
Bidwell it Brother, Itechesieti •
L 0 Medley., Clevelackdi
- Blake & Green. do.
• A 1) Jecoba Yeangstoyn;
• AF, tarringnilla. Co, - Wane n; •
A A N Clark, Newton Fails,
.1 Brayton &Co, RL.111114
Kent. (Barmen & Co, Franklin Millsv
Themes Edit, do do,
A H Cuyahoga Polk
W 131 Pp he ns
Wileeler, Le. e. doi
& Jut Edson, do;
J 11,1P01.11, St esedlort;
Canning & Co, do;
• Wm Monteath & Co, Butraloi
IL J Gibbs & Co, Sendinhy;
B Higgins re C o. do',
F Haskell R. Co, Toledo;
11 N 23Irony, Detroit;
Hereby & Deleon, Itueleet
Bell & Flaw , ..".,c • ultiport;
Beni men & le;
D 0 4he :noon, Little Fort,
lartlanit rMylOl., Sheboygan;
Dole. Iturnser CO. ctic.g.s
'ThOIXOI.I Hale, do.
• itishurch, hierce :10. ISZO.
Between l'lttslauh lisstesu
Vie Canal hem; now .pos4l. ere road*
and fororoxdrtotoptlip7oduco and-laoraindizo out
Freights alweys at lowest rotes, e . ,,Uariceel by revue
aible lin.. ''
- .Produce and tnesebardi,e-wiltboneealind and for.
warded ewe and wept, oitknat aor•.clrarre lot Go.
Warding or savoring as id e
noo.tiw!on e!r itornte.
Ails4f,rdaint; forerarf i e , abd ndl..dtteenona fah.b.
4 ' '. I ledre,e o ' s epiny tn. g
nnd %V nynn etiV.ll.-111tiblaNT,, .- i •
Canal Itanin, CUL [Abell), : iltlllph r
No IEI, Market et, between dth it glib, PltiVa.
No 182,
North Howard st... Daltiotora.
• po. iir, Wort woe, New York.
-_._ _~,___ w.._._ ~,.~E_rt,~ --
No 7.5, Boar Oa Woof. •
!1F ... ,. VkL," . 72 trzYggu.Lyrt , :( l-I * ,
Trlt-ue_Vee,fite-, cart:paring in put the following, viv
el e.fiv. !Sauer Iloyel Velv
et Pile Carpet, 9
, " Tupery
9 .-- rwiliA and imerieso Brussels
L limn Uoperfine lotrisl3)sly : !I
et !Superfine .i
&ra super patentCbentUe
Superfine. Laval. Car. ,
Extra fine
Raperfine do do Rags;
Tustea Rues.
Common •
Extra Wilton
Common do
Chenille Door Mete;
Sheep Skin
Adeltid ^
' 'nt ton
44, p and p Tap Van Can
4.4, I, and 14 plain Car.
and Ttaili'd Carp.
LW and Ral Carpets.
Printed tonton Carpets.
I Clear
' •=cl I DI
le inch paleat . Oil Cloths
FUTII printed pm. cove
" tsble
Embossed risco "
Printed woolen
Enrioorted Styria
CCUCII "nra.101(01.
Bice and Drab Cloth.;
Cranson flush;
(beep Oil Cloths; •
Dsmirke far lininfir
• • • •
Linen and wo,tand
Dannak Star I .inee;
'Curley lird Chintr.c.;
Clurtze IfordesulK,
Fab i+
011 Cio,tl Tab'
Buff Holland for NVShades;
Transparent n
Prebeh transp: .
Veneuxn Blinds;
Homing for Flags;
7.4 and GA Table Linen;
Russia Crash; • -
Scotch Diapers; -
Unman Linen Napkins;
Gem. OR Cloih Table
Brown Linen crumb cloth
Strut Dragger;
Carpet thadings;
lee and Coco Mats;
atheant and Skeletal Mat.;
and 4-4 Gen tnant)
i C
for Made;
m the most approvedgnu
lecturers Mom la to II feet
nut to Lt rooms, Lair, mid
R imported direct tiara Ertg•
Tapeiaty CA lit'Krti. There
the belt and mart elegant
I °into meat pager.' eviare.
love as any an tie parehmed
{1.3 0
Sans OIL Curtmi fro.
and Ammiaan mann,
n width, which will Le
cetiPules of any nice or s
The undersigned having
and, his Velvet Pile sod
Napo', which are of ti
sy . and patterns, and
11l be told at prices as loth
or in any of the eastern one..
11.10 g the lamest assortment ot the richest and
most taahionablo IttrUsSELS-.—IIIPERIAL THULE
PLY and INGRAIN CARPETS which far surpassee
in gaunt) . avid cheapness of price,uty Assortment 4Ttr
bet re brought otitis city. Ile also invitcs Steamboat
Men and Coach Manufacturers to his large and will
seinen:Ll assortment or TRIMMINGS, and other articles
In their business.
The undersigned is also agent for the mil Stair Rad
M fa
anuctory in Ppilsdelphla, and Is prepared to cell
loser than can be purchased elsewhere
this rips
was WC. Wet N TOC
CO,Dress Goods.
A A. MASON A GO Market street, between
Third and Fourth, are now recerne o lae us
rrortrocet of Uarege De Lnins, PersianCl o oths, rg en•
'lre nes article; Fallen - As, Crape he Lams &n, with
bugs tort:nen( or lawns and other Dress Goads
' the • styles aud most fashionable eelors.
rIOFFEBibga prime Itio sod Jav,
k/C1,101.111-40 bit mould, dipped, sod apersn;
Co ry; Cream sod Englull. Mul
ups-20 dot Hemp .d
Galas—SO Mitts; .
Chriss-1 barrel;
Crasks-10 M Craranon and Ulf Spuratb;
Fria-25 brlsand half brie Mackerel and 5k11713:
tlthss-50 bus auorted wog;
Ilhus-12 0 0 Prime Ventura;
Gros Bogor Cured;
Branco-100 lb. S F and Manilla:
Ise-15 dot llanisons Black nod Copy mg;
fderassekr—= bets N Orleanr:
'IS half bets Sava House;
Mures. — NJ don ••1101101C 0.1314.. i
User...m-3n lbs Italian;
ValtauClLM—Oil lbs do
Nuth-00 kegs assorted;
Ptchkss../3 dos J•rs suorzed;
Ctseeka-3U bushels halves;
Peen-5 1 ) rooms assorted;
Sosu—Sfl hts Rosin and Cast Steel;
Boost —lO bhds N Orlems and Ciusfied;
pookages Green and Weer;
Tossoco— , 2o bus 10.,5,Jr. 1 lb lomp;
Wash Boshos-10 dos parent Ztssli
For sale bp:J P WILLIAMS NCO
orld Corner of Filth and 11'/u1
Mast—The ae.b.riber. pay
r for One, Mud, Muth Bat, gray nod Red For.
Id all kinds of nipping Fara, 1. high" en
corner 'Fifth and Wood sts
'IMF. Feltner - ship heretor4re existing betsrcen e um-
Taney .. and Jobs 110 n, rd e lirnecry, reediacr
a.d Commission busbuen, ernissolved by mutual
°owns, oil the 14th inst. Mr. John Urn having pur
chased the Mire iuierest of James Taney, in the
tiny the banana you be settled by Ititu at then old
issid„ No. =Wood n. JAM},d 1 AS-EV,
— Pape Flmgings.
0,,.„0000 by ,
i .hi"'"
° 'ia't'e, and
Preach mai Ex,cfli
. ' .lr: l 43:d t.. t P ti•m "t 'h
ois, sk,
pr. jp. o' ALAY , s•
116 CoipartaeratoP hereiolate calving between E
b. Ilethfield and Jahn illetidt, under ihn firm a
D. Bushheld fr. Co., 1. 1111+ der dib.b. , e 4 mzbb
• • se, The business of age. oat 4101 will to sewed by
Ltasefield, at the old ntand, No. tali Liberty strrct
ittaborga. 0 11 11USIIFIELD,
—March 1,1E50. JOHN l'iletlll.l—
°Winne the Wboleaate WWI Dry ticois a ,
riderbusiness, at the d nand, To 21.0 Liberts
mier tar am of S. O. BUOISFIELD & CO.
Much I.l,oo.—inart..
tiAVE this day esthete:sky:it, rt.-, in Pic Whole ,
sale Grocery, Corprots , it , n, and PAtivaniteg but
was, my Iwo Sons, IL N. nod. W. B. Witte.... The
nes. to nature will tie conducted under the r...ric of
- .8. Waterman ft Sew( at the cal nand, No 31 We.
;r and Cr Front street. L. S. WA GERMAN.
Plitabeagh, Much laL Yrso.
Cl A CAUTION—About the ON OtlitINAL
2t B
3.1 EM OF
ellEfiftV, the ere. , rtmed)*
And ttio but medicine Stows
to man for Asthma of ever; stage, (Jeer
Complains, Bronchitis, Inflocera. l .:o cells, Cold.
Bleeding of the Lungs, Shortness of Breath,
Pau. and Weakness in the lide
Bream, Sm u ., and
all other
diseases of
& very important disease over Sehich rho Mai.lll ex
erts a very powerful inguence, ts teat o f o
In this complaint has undoubtedly proved more
efficactorolitom trip t
reated!tiltherto employed, and a
andinstances when patients bad mutated Ins!
and sure= suffering Imre the dlieows,w3thout recr
tog the least beneGi from various remedies, and wh u
Mercury has been resorted to in vats,the mdm
Balsam has restored the Liver to a healthy IrctiOA en ,
in many manatees erected permanent cores, aim
every well known reseed, had failed to produce Ili
dealred erect.
Besides its utonishing efficacy to the dinease alms
mentioned, we also Led It ei very effeethel remedy t
Asthma ( • complaint in winch it has been cstenstvel
aced with decided dimness, even in cue , of year
standing. With the inereascof EMl:menu . has grow
op • know/edge of the elements of health. and a..
good for them, and commensurately with the Orclet
wteuee Lase we at quimil means of torem di
nee, end averting iis revue. oturthttidirg
proe we have mail, ...eau , eto x rre
:Loci, gone
sixth of iLc whole population the 1111ItIlLi4
One o v f the most Important dweeveries of the tee,
Amieborating the cohdition of this On,. riots of n
looms humanity, is
Wlstar's Balsam of Nit tot Cherry is a hoe
Medicine, composed chiefly of Wild Ct erri Bark
the gennino Iceland Eton, (the larter Impelled rune.
tor thts porpowd the rare mencidal •inues
which are also combined by n new chemical owe
•ith the ermet of Tur, thus rendroug the win
mpotted the most cumin and edemas. rum
• discovered for
SUR further evidences ut We remorken
properties of this inestimable preparation:
Itewistmvihk& Brown nu., fit, Aug.
Messrs fdandfoni A Parkl Gentlemen. Alp
weeks ago 1 received the agency of IVwmr's I
of Wild Cherry, but with wine reluctance on m
for the reason that 1 had been the agent of
pills and other murales, which were cracked _,
be something wonderful, hut which tinned Out
in th
end to be of no .count whatever, ancept to Inc s.
nactorer. But I cdidly' admit that this time 1 hav
en deceived, for the extraordinary cur, effected o
have convinced me that ffgood ea
mate oat of Nazareth." Your agent len me one dig
en bottles, which .e all cone—haven been the mealf
miring several ObStlette Carel of Conserabtion•
and no mistake; for what 1 sec and know I ma hoar
to believe. Om to. paniculert Alt
man In Modica., Adams comity, 0., 10 mina DO
this plate, was cured of Can.:riptide when the dot
tors has given Mutsu, or W. least could do nothing It
nine, and to was the mention of his friends to eon. ,
him to your city and plaeebtmundcrlbe mire of non
eminent phyalcian there. lint a friend told him •
Wistaf's Balsam, and that he could ohwin it of at
Be sent for it, and before the second bottle was go:
he was sound sod well, and attending to his terry di
business. As there we several Inquiries for the tee.
rice, it would be well to forwa
e rd an addttionsl seep
Without delay. Veryl7a
The above, from L. Newland, n highly 'c.c.
able country merchant, commes itself for
the candid attention of nil thos nd e who 'have
the great merit Of Wintar's 'Wild Cherry Halm.
Relocather the orit,inal and only genuine
WIN= of Wild Cherry, was introduced in the year
Len, and has been wall te s ted in all complarnts in ,
which It is recommended. rot 17 ymn It has pr od I
etficaeleas as a remedy for Coughs, Colds, Idle.
rata,Therneldlio, Asthma, mei Consumption to Ito in
elpient stagea, than nny other Medicine.
Nava UmrsolM, Aug. 10, Inth.
Mr. EL W. Fowle: Having seen many certificates
published in relation to Dr. Meuse. Balsam of kk Rd
Cherry, I tate this opportunity or °denim o word in
ha favor, which you ate also at liberty oei to
few mouths since my wife's longs becomo reach ef
fected with a sodden cold, that et
m lost On wpm, mid
suffered severely from pains to Dreegl.
hien caused her friends much ularni. Having benrd
tialsaro stiongly vecommended by those who
useg it, 1 porchased a houle from your agent in Rae
• place. She took It according to directions, cad n yrie
doeed wonderful effect. Refuse using one bottle the
had completely recovered her .titre, the pas
n. it 1 4 ,111.
ad, and her health vs as soon fully re-established.
hairs, truly, HENRI , G. BRIGHTMAN.
•To Dnowurts sun Ilifshass to Mainetar--Tet eel.
chimed ond infolllble remedy for the cure of Consuurp.
inset, As thma and Liver Complaint, has by Ito ovn tee
rite, been rapidly, ram led safely working life vthY
through the opposition of ounehn and counterfeiters,
g ain e d as tr. •alue and lettertie eZeellebC. It
gained for bud a most enviable pop 1 it MI I est/if,
fished itself in the confidence of ep.
lightened pebtie. from ono end of the
to t . e.
other: The testimony of Mouser:Javelin have . bee re•
laved tied eared oy this Talus.: article, will alien ,
that it stands unrivelled— et me heed of all Inter no'.
teethe mire of Marlow, her wheel. ii ie trroo,.
- -
mended. The gene!. De Wis.': I.l.lJ•atzu of wa
Chatty Is now for tele by duly oppou,ted Aerbb ,
'all respectable dealers In mediebtea.,ln eRe
and all important levee, throtighoot :be UnttrJ teb,.
pama gu WWI. I Etaßottles for
gold by J . 0 . PARE, paces ....To I' are
POWth and Wdnm fllect.,
Lent (or the tb , uth god We“, w wheel eh erect.
=Mitre addressed.
Jo Wilcox ; Jr; James A. Jones: J. Kidd A Co; ft. A.
Patutestock k Co, riusb.rgh. u, T. R ns;r n,
leggin . W. 11. Lomberlon, Fronblin; 1.. 11. lkirco.
Unio n town; B. Welty, Greansburgh; P.
srea Scott k. Gilmore, Bedford; !See r. eon, Iluanc‘-
der, Mrs. (he, Hollidaysburg; 1111d d
tbran 1 . Co. •
J 1 K. Wriaht, Isrons o Cond..
ilt; A. Wilson b. NVaynesborch; llFFerlarin
C N. Conceder; Meadville; Borten k Co, Ere; J.
hfigetdroldercer; James, Kellyk Colluder; 9. Sen,b,
Seaver, J. IX Sommerton, Warren; F. 1.. &C.a./oiler,
CoddomPdMi P. Crooke', Jr,
Cr Ai the dl edte nee nave - rated by W. B. SLOAN
ere sold by
F_ Wood enact, and JOHN P. SCOTT
Llheety st, Ptttg')ur,h,
Ihratinghsee. by JOHN 41 SNITYII.
"Wardens city, by lIENRY P. SCILWARTZ an
The Heat and Cheaper/ Ilona Bled/eine
Hats tamed a peas name. For Parity. Afildnesa.Salw
ty, and Titerougdnar, SLOAN'S OINTMENT Rama
And Is rapidly ouperandom all other Ointments and
Liniments DIM in use for the Mire of the following die
flesh wounds ; galls of all kinds, sprains, bruises
crocked heels, nnabone, windbone, windmills, pot
evil, callus, spawns, sweeney, fistula, Milo., or ...0
larneecaa rand crack, foundered feet, ser a rehe. or
greaxe merge or horse distemper.
The l'owder will remove all inflammation nod fever
purify the brood, Iversen the skin, closure the water
and strengthen every purl of the body; and has proved
a novvreirn remedy for the following diseases ,
Distemper, hide bound, low ofappetite. lowan
strain, motor, inflammation of the eye., fatigue
Iron bunt exercise . also, rheum:dim , . (commonly mil
led sod cemplaing ' which provert so fatal to many mil
noble horses in this country. It is also a !mfe nod err
ram remedy for coughs and colds which generate so
runny taint dwcase.. . ti. st.oAN,
Grand Depot, 40 Lake td, Chicago, Illinoia
from the "Galena North Western Gazette',
ore of Sloan a Lliottnent and Condition Poo ,
RTC courtly cured a Mud.. ro my horse' mid
i improved coadition more than 50 ,
the cost of the rater)tritie And row which
feeble 112 to be eatmodered Ivor:Mem
114.1ttby myself
egonr.,WOOrertoted to good health and rtreitoth
by the u, or lees than half a portage of the powder.
ano now doing 1.-tter than any other maw I Love.
Poe, May 13,1,15. W3l. VINCENT.
THE S. Li I'PERINCL - C1111.1).
I t
fe er ll in eby
to cenrotafy tha one of chtldren. 'rhea na
rt, fi t re of hve m
c y oals, and sem , burned
verrly from hood to frrt. The toest of medicel, ntd
td attention was atom to the chtld for foot or five
thou t um relief—each day's so& oars moves.
t ern. , could he beard at crcat &none, at
lineal period one of my no iglittoro recommen -
P ,, ented to me a Lax of Sloan'. Ointrectit.
te•t. Omit fifteen minutes of.r the nopheatmc
dent to aegravated wares of the amicring
to re a..ed entirely, nod he speedily begn
err My residen c e ta on Itch township, Vee.
"only, and :tote of Indigo..
Chiceco, August 04,1919.
April 13,1a45. Four nuke r.ortlrof Chicago ton tbc
iaa to Mile:aukJO Cook county, Mimes.
:loan—Dr ar Sic One of my heroes had large
oay Willer on kit breast kone. immediate!) , under the
which Pained him and tendered his eervires
erylittle value. I tanalally applied AG•VrIII bottler
fir. Taylorle Nerve
and Done Liniment, vcithom Me
•am lmitrllL I Cam procured Wilder's Celehmtet!
lore Ointment. and urtal that until I became fully
at,afird that a would never relieve tee miimal. }l
aity. I otaainctl a box ot )our truly valuable Otut
vu :cot, and in :co than GO days from the Cast an
am tumor entirely 2Dapperscil, and the hooe teal
popular opinion is any crises - ton of the worth of an
.nle, we Invite the incredulous to read at least few
, hr fanny voluntary re:fullest , thatl.,^l. l l In oar
awns rergenting the trent variety or remarkable
tot effected 3p the use of “Sloan'e Celebrated Cad
ol and Condia.on rowders"
hese remedies 3.0 longer remain among theta fa
uLiful ufahty, they have passed from the tide of ex.
;anent, and now stood higher to reputation end are
more ektrunively meld titan all other arsd
sot the City New..
Fox Br ll ass, Jarte FaL Wed.
Dear Ll:van—SO: reaxe .end by the bearer • hew
applx of your !brie Idedieluea. They WV the Leal
rubd^a of the kind that !Lave ever used, sneer hay.
disaypoluted in their adect, ae I have bead In
otheregeven the woes eelebrated Ointments
Lbe., t
day. I like ve moth thle fee.
'let that they do all sha =h ptohased, sae
yo„ • t
e n d trial one ta coutrsir.ed so add. tha ,
Lail has oot been told..
ordicarr ointment , end liniments it m wal .
nee severe and partial in their operatiors.-
, Omudent is mud Ten thorough—it reaches stud
cs cause, hence d give , real and pormancrt
For purity,
r mutants., safety, certainty, and
SLoases Ointment excel., and is rapidly
ecedocr all ether Olnimeno and Llniatents non
;'.14YP191;114. 1 4 18;
• • -
4144? 1 .,
Z. 71 tY
1-I.NEALKA't'. I LOVA r ceoI d 19 ' m:to oan g, ole rk ts lotet e m u th e.:
of a Del.,. Nome with promptness and wetted).
Ills succese to Bufato and filler large cit., hat
'beau proverbial. e.nateea are moderate. and ht
eurc• item:aorta. Ohl caws of Wee, Stricture-Sow
rola, I it., Albus. Bheumatisin,Agoe,ttyphills,or an
ct tont: .r ntvelerale env, sot:cued.
A cure nonmetal, or ceale. refunded.
tastes, ett. Clair strect,...aors from the Drudge.
Treth yeti Ativter to the poor grawi.
—Dv A rotie,. the wor at ease, ni any disc
l'stwhareh io ets!l. attiA•illy
aT:t eta ere more minor , . 11 , v:re aed earth
Tuan err decamp, of it, plittotoplz
^Haet upplinutm for 11. to the
From the lion. 11. V.l. Brooks, Agent of the ; 1...1 iodurcd bite to hove it P. , op fa bottle* out Itt•
boors and Michigan Carts; ('excel Boat Coinpany. bet. and eirectlons for rho beneht the pahhe.
eirmaao.J ane 114, itet,3 The l'FaROl.l . l . ll to procured from a well in dot
Dr. 11 Sloan—Dear ;tat For the last 30 y ears I county. tt a &pat nt fnur lorodred fret, w a pew one
had occasion to aw many and have used dulterated article. withou , any eltentleal change. but
.a 4,1,41 va:trly of and °mullet. to urn, :s•t .5..• front Anta,.•llrrat Lahr:nary!' That.t
at have never brood rots attn. equal to your oitn• ••v eot•erucs reaehinv ate tatter of din • . .1s
-lii ittr teNrien on horses. Wlthiu the loci twel , nnant na.tet el eneettnin . y Tumor many
ott,h• ha opplilal your Ointment to Intr.,. •0•0• tit the af tn.wo,might
r attract:" Iteuricit anti tin every inataAre II has per •;n• • 11.,11 cm
rd sterreete It remedy. It:ovte of health and rigor t l:evi2ta .0 o
nmay a uf.
r • afore the proprtator thought of putting
• • - •• nod a ....nowt , . fur the cure of dia.
Sloan—Ft. , I have metro the virtue of yoto
notrut in thr core of ratOnsnake bites, sore throat.
as, att,l rnaby other Intones, cud In every Cfl•C it
Gurod our ciptclaLuits. A. n Tomb)' otto.
t, I hey , Lever
en equal,•and for Lea. ors
tY Fri along vrohnot
Yours, Ste., 11. JOHNSON
Ir. S.:nen—rear Sir, For v COMdtlernt , lelenetLo!
e I
at.nously a:llte.l with the rheumatic ',cm.
Int. and appl , ed freely ibe varlous hutment., pat in
wtthout obtaining any rebel. Alter witte
ur et at t an tailuenced me to try your
Mot . 11: anal as iou two pmek from the time I corn.
.nc , l l more it. she pnin erns^d, end I wasciTretualiy
real. and vb.!! recommend all vita are activity at
e,' tvillt the et•; vansp:Atnt, to prnt - ore yew
cellent o,otir,nt clay
F. mon.
Keg , y yours.
PrtneFmlle, Peoria co , Mvy
. i .,....„„ ~,, c„..,,,,,,,, Sept. 1 4 , ista .
v, l , co_ e ns_tan i t
_oh , d dusl , y .e in . e . rerne ,,,, v , a ,e ls: . fo i r s h ,
Dr. Sloan—Sir, On the , • - •ili instroll My en. had • lin. ''''_ , i ' , .. 1 ! . . !
_.Ol-.......`'qe 4.a dse r , T,.;
i.e .... wide
4er totter ettli, yedhy n I.orser. We immediately a,rr i :%::::,
n p .,,,,, ; 00,.. , . 4
ii," too ''''' '." 0 " 0. "'" ' ' bk" "'" ''!' .Wr ear t. , rye .to toowa lOO4 par lie of errof,
pato Ili a few. to Male, 0114 1,,,VC(11,1 thr Sneer ?WM .
~..... _
~ ,
. r4,m,,,,...
welling Rine th^ Ica-tortir , . 0,.d t.., w,,und , i....,,, , •
i. "` ei .
esd a
°c.a.,. ..borne•...,
aridly.. Itcsp'y your., S. bit OCI• is \ , ". ' .• ,'V. T
. . . ...,•h to I.e Leaie.l. V. bilst we do not claim for it a
01 1 .0..1.1 app:tcan.m in every 41116 , 0.0, are anheatta-
D 0,7"R " ," I"' 6 '` LE" '‘ tinnty ..3, that Lumber of Chrome Dowel , * it is
Al t 'S" .-1- '"' '''• A ... ‘.." ' >"" arc ' Iw " eutival:c.{. Amon., tbe, may be enumerated-all
`,",' iY 'rlaf' z d mm . "' mY l ''' . '', "' "'''''. ''' . ‘l,, a... of •t be marota tivave, each as CHRONIC
.a.,..,d wo,et, ~,,,..,., , i , c• s to , , e , ' wiriNcrllTl,. CONSCNIPTION tin its cariTataged
‘"'atlY ' a te° 4. " .... m " .fr ' ° Clod .'''' ''.' 11 "‘ Asthma and all ditientes of the air pas•aera, 1.1V1.:11
rie , ","'“ ''.. .` ., " My ''''' ' . ""P' r ''''' COMPLAINT: DVSPEPSIA. Mario,. Direttars of
uent or; other lee tb.-rairi.• 10 oad L. , ti.e en• o.,eirtit. ,„. ~,, 01 , 11 ~,,„,,,, 1.,„,,,, ta ism Baca or Ride,
w"L.." ..-d • I dr . ;"” Led "( '''.... ".'", 0. " o,o ' ' - . Nervous Ihwa.ea, Pi eurialeta, Pa,ay, Rheumatic Pain,
. 4 ' m ''''' ''.' I .n °" .'"-`' "" ''',...'"," o ' ll ,,''' "°_,' Goat. I.:0 *trria% Tet,r, litoewurme. Rums. Sealda,
-heti. I oureou-ed oI you .1 10 ' m ••••`''''‘ ''''''' ", Urabse., tild Sore, etc.. Se. lit ear., of debtlllo r
VW 0./I.ICIIL nod lou can ~z, : ec 0 1 my `ur:'''' a '' ' saltine (rum exposure, or Iwo! and protracted cares of
nttimd e '."‘."" a " i ` o° "I''''" .‘, . hod . Y ....g • ustestae, this niedinne will bung relief. It will ect as
nhrely ve.lll,rfore I had foustieJ wing the apro:.l be ~
„,..,., ea, ,,,,, I m .,, 1 ,,...„, , h ,„ ~,,,,, ~,,c , ~., • Kc . ,
.E. , t , :7 , 1 T
toutl.l N 1 ..
e t:
d it
i rt2
r A iri.e l .T ,e l; !lA_ Teel
t . ti_o_e- h .
_ ,_.f .r e . ! . ,
,i,, , a,, , 1 not dotty u-nic to valuable an women: I t 4'
0 ., ,‘ „‘„,;,..7,,,,,,„;'„;;1,4„7,:7;;,7:::;riL
a You" h'ts Proven to be. Resi'l your gr ....1 ' 61 .! rause dh.csor and a braen ooutution, mad ni ring
Galena, 11l , !ice. 10, IS-Vi. F:VAN DAVIS. i „,„..„,„, ..., rent .„„ x „, „„ I „, „e „„ ,
---- I Life The proprietor luau" a ocvero cur, of
VILV- , that irawed every other treatment, get well
under the. toe of the PErIttiI..ECNI for a short time.
The proot ea. be given to any pet.ost who decree it •
No, genuine without the rignature of the proprietor.
Sold by the proprietor,
S. M KIER, Canal Roam, near Seventh el-
Also by it K. RELLF:ItS, 5: Sood It:
corner Wizat st. and Virgin alley; who are his
taisc4,lll regularly appolnted AgenLe
F. 11. EATON & CO.,
Before. the followma order, kfessrs Vaughn ..Ir. Cu
pureha ,, l a i 31 7, rupply of Sloan'sprep.rwiGns
Jac.," Mich. Feb 24,1,7•1
5. K. Iltbbard—Dear lam nut of Sloan -• Condi.
tin Powder and Dorm thuturem. The sale lar no.
ceeds expretnttnn. If you e. manage to send roe
I dureo thou - Rent, I will pay for them the fast Lon
:hat you are here, sod presume I shal e ho
I le to .011
a 11.1,
yourn the comf e It wilt he
on Wrr! to ,as as to myself, to keep toe coo
smutty *applied. Very rerp'y yours.,
hr. I.ortv, reb. 22, 1.179.
Or Sloart—:ter. Al out twn years atra, while colt.,
nn inc MinsizAippl river, In prtsrag, over the rapid, I
was plunged into the wilier, nod by the Tort dachotot
tocanoi a rock, eraslatog toy lett ley •n.l etherwwe ye
imaring on, morb that I Iwo oil senatlttlitT
When con,teusties. reword I found wy•clf to fit.
1,015, Norrouodrd by my weeping fatuity. Good our. ,
It and medico: citool , l me to &tom ttoo month.
to hobble around with lit. , nooktance of a crutch. The
wounds only partially
ford,heale tearing Jorge CUOMO,:
!are , at the knee, which any 11114n111 4 dotehorred
blood and matter of the moat "demo' , character. My
palm. were inexpreseible, at time, nty sailerinit wu,
o nt o. eel that &nth vroold have received o hearty wt.!
Form:volt:ly Mr. Witron, ,01, toy hetchbot.)
ads: rd to to try yoar (home. I oto.otted o boy
applied it Lereolibe to diretuon—toe ?ores •0011 begot.
ovulate a healthy appearance, and to three ,talon,talon to
woo entirely cored. and enabled to du hard lotto,.
5'0.11' obedient 'tryout,
Wa, tl, undettttgn,l, net,,tlthor• of 11. W. Tito,n,
wre. :,rtitaintol at,ove stated, and knotv•
lug c:rr,:otrlttnccs, must cheerfully confirm said
stattotent. REV J. DOUGLASS,
Cutc•uo, Jan nth, le I:1
F 4
V n onn—srtr: one or tray bora., WC. Went bour!
and air.• wr.unded tu the rude.. :la ,cinch he took
and net awe to crippled that he could scarcely travel.
try the tree appllcatton of your valuable oittuttent. ror
hoot. ionic soon softened and tire wide pcnnanet,by
cured. I have also used the Ointment an the ca, of
roll. Evil and no revere galls with equal success.
tbr a mashed huger that eves very painful, tt opera.
ted lake closer, Soar /re , VAN Olt DEN.
Floan's ritaanent and en:ld:don Powder are sr
knowledard b all who have ussql them to I crt
remedy for hor y
ses and earbe that has been dtscovonl.
Fresh grounds, galls, 1,11/V/11111, i!ruires, noglnte, poll
evil. and in abort every outward Illwrder or injury ran
he cured tot arts wundertul rcuu.ity. The .
destgned for inward deemed, bide hound
taague from hard exerciao, eyes, &a —Lake
Coolly Chrordele.
Wtegt.trrn, Cork Cu. Fel, Cl, Ir 00
Mr. Sloan—Sir: I have a Luc young boo, On, wAs
taken wa the scratch , . ladt full. paid out mootth dollar. for trirthrAue to cure lout, but he grrw
e. I then to
A box of your augment at you
race when or Clump , lust, ruttier doubtingly, u, I
thought 1 would try it. Judge of coy surprise and my
o r tl. beurftelall qualitien, when I found ray
borldr's 'cgs ,boutit and well In four day n from the tutu
1001000E000d Applying IL 'I
Mute than fifteen yea. of 1111rIvailVJ ..ncees4 to the
urc °revery variety of ext,rnal thaettae , and tolnnet.
ch of %prams, bruise, rag, elltunenus r,up
oliP, roe hp, owe brew.,
hnds, rial;.
toles, uleern,Aeop, 111.1114 In the Lack. bide., us
ohrr par. of the aysivm, ruttleanake biles, Le.,
L air
atple ~,,,raoyjy that Sloon'r Ointment le just the thing
Or the hour. Om-uneaten without untahrt have been
fled by the Proprtrior Irma 4itiritcfcsted likatVidu•
lt, giving Ile:alto! rouoaxhablc corns by It, aFe,
wwzossiN 'WITNESS.
G m oydte, Maven,Air to tylu., lan 13,
iloon—Den Itermstlyrtllliurv..
with a 107 chain atomised, orislett cut and •Mcrw.d
injured Mein mina"' y, so touch .0 that I cons dere..
sny WHIT ruined for bunuem. • Fortunately R frinmi
,nonunued nun ni)oar CllltMent. I went to Mil.
wardrto and !unclaimed a boo. It soon remand die
daminution, and 10 a few d aps the mound. !imam!
The great litimfa derived from thn uoc ut your ilt
mom, Do my how , , induced Inc to acquaint you mill
the Mot, Indsaying its publicity would beneLt you and
We public. acspecitu!ly your*,
And has herume o common en)lne, that Sloan'.
thrums. and 4:usaistiou Powder ere rapidly superte
all other reinedteifeS , . of '.nano and
emus. The heuuty tGe'tnediethts eonsiets to Hain
way anA entity, t v the , / may I .e u"d .T" "
!Feely wahout •uy danger ol taktug sold, or au, n 4:.
Iniat7 trulung Ilona thew 0(1,111:M use, and 11C, , , ca1l
W CM if thiAtacctiona ar. followed, t
11/slS''''''F.Piis CO's
Pasta Ic ants Itssesletassiso . CMGs.
AILLNRDEN k CO. 'continue to bring persons
from eny pan of Englund, Inland. Scotland or
Wales, woo the nest liberal terms, with their
usual punctuality and attention to the amino end com
fort of =migrants We to not allow our passengers to
be robbed by the ssmedling seaters that infest the sea
ports, as we take charge of them the moment they re.
port themselves, and Bet to their well being, and do
sphteh them without any detention by the first ship.—
We say this fearlesoly, uo we defy one of oar passen
gers to show that
than were detained 49 b-m-s by as i
livetpool, whilst ands of other, • see detained
montho, until they could be sent In some on 'raft, at a'
p mte, which too frequently prove,: Mei/ coSum.
We intend to perform our contract, donombly, cost
what it may, hod not act es was the case sot season,
with ether ollieenh—who either perfomited mot all, or
when It suited their cOnVentenec.
Profit drown at Pittsburgh foe any sum from .41 tO
ilMo. payable at any of the provincial Banks In Ire-
Pligland, Scotland Lod Wales.
3081147/. ROBI OLSON,
EUrepelln sed Gent MI Agent,
Ohl Falb Orem-on. deer below Wood.
Steamer MICUIGAN N0.2--Caps. Gilson.
LAKE. ERIE, " Gordon.
TILE :Love regular and well known Beaver Pack•
eta, have commenced rankine then daily trip. to
and from Bead,roual will conk:one to run between
Pittsburgh and Beaver regularly during the season, as
of irlog. No. 2 leaves Pansburgb daily m g o'clock,
A. M., nail Deaver at 2 o'clork, P.M. Lake Erie
leaven Berecr daily at d o'clock, A. M., and Pittsburgh
st o'cl,k, V. M. ateolller • will run In connection vrlut
1(11 Parks' Kapres. tlackct Ltne, tor Erie;
Taylor A- LeGingsveg l e Warren Packets;
Galen lane of Freight Boats for Cleveland;
Clarke & Co' . Pittsburgh and Cleveland Lana Freight
li ti Pettis sails New 041 C Packets.
GLAEE, PARKS Gs, Seaver, Agent.
NACU A. ClitiGliff, Agent. Pittsburgh,
reettal cur Watur isnd Smithfield ate
rrilsnuilan AND CLEVKLAND
THE Proprietors of Boa old ostablished and popular
dolly Itr. emir-Wing of SIXTEEN Bract... Canal
Boots, tW t orned b themselves and ?tinning in
the y
COPE, are enabled to offer unequalled fseihtles for
the transportation of freight and prierenyers, on the
peoray; of Coos' noriganon, to all points on the Penn
las me and Ohio end N York eatnls and Melaka.
E. M. FIICH & Co, Cleveland.
Arent., eaver.
m Agent,
Water mu. Pinsbuzah. •
Pitts lC burch. Beaver.
Forwarding Merrbants,
Agents far the Fitu.Surgh an4C/erehanti Lttta,Pitt.
botfgh and Rene Lime is Brie, and for steam
teats Beaver aneeTaleb ape.
Having purchased the large substantial Wh.f
Boat jut bull for the Monongahela Packets, have
with the addltion of a Watebotute, the noel ample act
commodationa for receiving and forwarding, and
pledge their utmost attention, prompt.. and despatch
to consignment. to their care, and rely on their (Bends
for • trial otarl.illy B. & 13110.
— Weasatil tliula Pianos.
"ONE second hand Piano, d oeuvres, price O.
cl 43
For Wide for cash at the above prices, by
del2 /0111 . 4 II MELLON, =1 Wood at
T ° Ol i o o i) I L., I altered Ci n-S7'
c onnected .:4'o f r o o!ta n last ' et ' t
luh ednion, to correspbsd with Spahr's Original
School of Pullin playing, by his pupil 11. C. 11111. "If
any arguments ore required to recommend lbw wort,
It may be observed that Sahr hunself adheres strictly
to the system , area to the above work, and that
i.e hay by the same mode of insunetion. produced a
cremes number of thitinguished playa. than any other
muter in Europe"
A supply of Or above low reed, Once 57.1 and for
sate he do'? J 11 MELLoII. el Wood at
No. 02 Fourth 8 ttttt Pittsburgh.
Dave now In Store then full ssuortment of
Trimmings, Gloves, Hosiery and Lace Goods
X 1./AI • TED to the whets ad every el., ta.rcu.n.
d Cnostanerm No pains have been-I - pored to
Ur- newest awl meat lashosemble style of
Ueuut• in UAW stock contusts In part of the
l'rtrts•ra tJanps. evrry varlet), neer styles
6rurc4 Gst,oon, anal imperkslDralds; and*
stol narrow Stlk mod Wor.ted Vanl.roi4rrinti Welds;
ft,u , osi4 rut Wl , e ittilholl.; rililll do do, Corded
111rotwe 11, , 11 Own s , LOIII Ittltbons, for trtrernicir, Mack
to, sroi emored 11t: Laern, extra rvule du do, 11'
dust! a/ *L A full rt.sortuvut of Drras Dumas
U..1 . 1[1004, Si:step , ' or L'unbrotdered to order.
I'mt,ro.,lored Lave and rtloalin Capra, Chervirettce,
11,0 Lest nod Itronne Caps and Ball Strew, French
V, ore ed Cos.lorr and Cada. in groat vartrtyi Loco Veda,
I.•ppets and Opera Twf, Mourning Clsctroacttes,
Con and Hall r+lrover; Loma Lawn, 'ldols,
plo.ltrud , r utdered and bernadtched do, plan !mien dot
..1 thread Laces and F.dgingo; Isn. do do; Bobbin,
Lile, Lace ?damn , and Cotton Eking, and Inserting..
Itmb now style llonnelltrt.bons,Fronet, race Flow
er, Ifontict Too, Velvet, Salina sod Floreners, 511 k
114,10. and Tarletons, Bonnet Frames and Tips.
Don stranufacture, with moat approved fastrittnaa,
and rfintcest colors. An eateartvo assortment always
on had.
A great m variety of Wtml, Conon, Merino and
Coat:me for Ladies and Allege+, 'Duran Plaids. and
,all ItyltA fancy cod platn,Chtld
rrne Hose, ewc.t styles Itilan,` Boots and Socks;
Crompton, I.llcrintt, Conon and fine
Wool Hall Mae
A full asrortment for Men, women and children,
•tootte astern ure Derby itiletted, Folortello and plain
te.a, "tried real ;Oren Cashmere; Lined Ilea
Ca,trnere, Merino, Fur-lined (tearer, heavy and
h u e. Dar tekor, 51,11tory and Ltsle ' , reread and Cotton.
well a+ Ladies' and Children's Children'a
Woolen Sinek. Knit Snarls and Boas, Children's flatt
er • and Long Wins, %Fowled Curls, Knitting Wordtedg
viii WOUiCII Yarns, California Comforts; also, fill!.
.lactem Scarf, for Ladies
Zephyr and Tapestry %Yenned, Canvass Patterns,
Flo, nod Fdril.'ir 'ilk, Uf MO! a n d Perl'd Boards, Pa
rr Fiowv , ' , J`, Loan' klais, 71di0., and Fllt
broidered Work. Also-441hr,,5'1¢and Merino Vests
and Ifiraveenq Embroidered Star a', and Fla oriels, French
Worked Caps and Waists fur Lida..; and Swim's-down
Finn Shirts, Cruynts and Collars; klenno, Silk and
Conon Wrappers and Drawets; Suspender., Shoulder
Bracco and int, , lng Gowns; Silk mid Linen Mk*
Blove• and linatery.
French pattern. carved and plains Bank Combs;
Buffalo and Im. kn. stion side and Long Combs; Ins.
do; 110500, Sotto av ' d Rosewood Ilea Brw.ltes; Shell,
Buffo:0 and Fog. Hewn Dressing and line Ivory Combs;
watt an a•sortirient of Nail mid Torah Brookes.
Weilierill's -Bold Medal' rerilllllVq.
Needier, Pins, Tapes, Steel Bay. mid loran.,
iitillolll and Steel Goods, Berlin Wire Baskets,
Purge Twist and Sowings, Fine Rosewood Desks ar4
Cuat th tidings Balloon. Funny Work Baskets
Glook Cord and Tassels, Portfolios, Paniertms and
Sled Se. &bade Trimming. toadies' Stationary,
Pulpit &Banner TatPf lA, French Cork Soles,
Upnolwervr's Frillier., Silk a. Umbrellas,
Ilnif Lines , tired widths, Paper :Kasai's& Rolland.
Hugh , . Oil Cloths, , Klastie Bonds .5 Webbing,
Fled Clams Binding, Cc_Les2lol_Stirm Loom.
1101/K9l HOOKS!
11 N 0.711 Woof street, fin solo ot Eastern rices:
.thaentinellebrew Lexicon, 'filar tthenirs Arrangement
of the Bible, Hounder:. 11totory of the Oltristinit
mon and Clitirch, Milton's Treating on Collation Doc
trine, Lite of Jeremiah Kenna, Din., Robinson'. Greek
Harmony. of the {mewl., do In dn do, Scottie
tile, sot., Donlon edition; forum's Ilible Gazoneer,
Ti mitt ithare ebi. gild Its Eroapects, Dr. Wood's Lem
urns on rt•rodenbormanistn, }Witte:Hiss/anon' Anec
dotes, amt ninny cater interesunx works, in addiuon
to ILO abooc, LI or saran riticn. noviet
0 Medicines ot day.*
(Meares t•rstrost Ohio, May r.,1540.
R. E. Sellers I think it right forth , benefit of others
to state sons facts in relation to yustextellent Fan&
ly fdediciriss.
I beer and your Vermituge lisgety in my own Wa
lly, one via, frequently answering for expellingi ego
qoanaties (bay Ito 200) worms from two thildtat
bate also used your Liver Pills and Cough Syrup - in
my family, end they have in entry instance predated
the eater desired.
As I am rouged in merobandiaing, I am able to
state diat inive yet to tear el' the fast Callo
n s - h,
your medians have been used in my sectio of the
country. In conclusion, I may loom that they are sae
medicines el the day, end are destined m have n very
extensive pspulanty tioars,
Prepared and sold by R. r 1 b NS,No 57 Wood
street, and sold by Druggls s • enmity in the two ci
ties and vicinity. mv3l
tj original, only une, apd genuine Liver Pill.
Beam . Cam, Ohio tennty,
March 26th, 1549.
Mr. /1. E. Sellers: Dear Sir—l think it • duty I owe
to you and to th e public gum. ly, to Mate that I hive
been affieted with the Liver Complaint for • long
time, and so badly that en abeess formed and broke,
which left me in a very low state. Having heard of
your being o for ale by A R
it h y 'r p fojie n i elan ' ,stDr c y , and
oncluded ' gis m o ' Welt
a fate mat I purchnsed one box and found them to
"le just wuat the y are recommended, THE lIPST LI
VER PILL EVER USED; and after taking four boxes
I hod the disease has entirely left me, and I am now
perieetly well. ItespectfellY Yon D uli.
West Liberty, March 26,1•41. '
I certify that I am personally acqatiinmd with tie
Colon: •:. and min bear testimony to hettu 01 the
sheen :rallies.. A R SHARP
Tne I Liver Pitts are prepared and Fold by
R LLERS, No 57 Wood street, and by druggists
in We cides.•
TO TIM: klUnip.—Tbe original, on)y true nodgen
uine Liver Pills are prepared by RESellers, and have
his name stamped in black was upon the lid of each
ux, and his signatore on the outside wrapper—all
otters are counterfeits, or base imitation..
L• ROM We Rev As& SHINN, a well know n and Pop
r elm Clergyman oi tbe Protestantlletbodist Church
f he anders4neil having been afflicted during the past
outlet with • disease mthe stomach, ...e11...
great pain in the momachfor tenor twelve bona
without ductal i•on,and after having tried visions
remedies with diem was furnished with a bottle
Of Dr DJ•yneleC .
.inative Salaam, Thiene used ac
cording to the direct ons, and found Invariably that ohm
medicine tanned the pain to abate in three or four min.
Mee, and in fifteen or twenty minatta•M seam
sensation wasentlrsly quieted . The e
medicine af.
rwardsused whenever indications of the approach of
ainwere pereeived, andthe pain was thereby prevent.
ed. lie conunned to use We medicine every awning s
and sometimes it. be morning, and in • few week
health was so fart e *tared, that the orderer was reties
ed from a large amou td of oppressive own. Fiore es
perienee,therefOre. .scan confidently reeomoleod D
Dlsyne's Carminative liesam, as • salaussy ib
for diseases ofibsistociach and bowels. A SIIIN
Alleg henv city, .011
For aale in Pittsburgh at 3 rPEKIN ILA :A Mt
72 Fourth street, near W o t and slim at th e Drug
Store of li P SCHWARTZ. e itreet. ailg`inst
Tag algae laCiaani 701
Chasurupdon, Coughs, Colds, Autos., Bronchi:ls, Lls
se,Com,PSot, Spdung Blood, DlEacuity of Breath
'tfallenalu'll3lued* '4dCßto"n;qtrPoTl'."'L".."'
stauliou, Sore Throat,Nervous Dubin.
ty, .na all Inseams of the Throat,
Brevet and Lange: the master
factual end speedy este
sore known tor any of
Sal above &sear
. Is
DR. BV as t AY Di E'l3
COlNapaavarl !syrup of WWI Cherry'
This twatetue is no longer among mew of doubtful
sunny. Itbu passed away from the Simmands daily
launched upon the tide of eiperiment, and now stands
higher in reputation. and isbecoming f
medi MOW este e n
nod than any other .preparation ocin
pll4ll.Ctd for the when or galenite man.
It haa been tintodueed very generally through the
United States fitirre then are few towns of
Importance hot contain some remarkable ell
donee of its good elects. For proof of MO foregoing
statements, told of the value and efficacy of this seed.
f&a...e."*.f,rll.',Zll`kf:Ttle f rpre of sen the tello t ti t b u y .
Minot the ore respectability —men who have higher
wirers of moral responsibility and border, thus to ear.
till to farm, because it will do another • favor, and
themselves no Injustice. Such testimony proves con.
elusively, that Ps surrieing excelleoce It established
by its intrinsic merits, and the unquestionable author'.
ty of public optntoa. The instantaneous relief h
fords, and the soothing influence diluted throggh the
whole frame by its use, renders it most agreeable
• remedy for the afflicted.
"When Ines, acting from senesces impulses.
voluntarily hear testimony to the troth of a Moe, or
rattier fact, such
bonny contrary te their
• world intorests •nd purposes, coerces connects of
. tru , and commends Itself in a *peel& manner m
universal eredence."—Otßogan's Moral Maxims.
STILL volt. Cris or Pvtatosaer Currenarnette—
There never was • re edy Wei has bra as recessful
a in desperate cases pmq as Dv. Dwayne's
Conwound Syrup o f . Wild Cherry, it strengthens the
spawn, and tippear to heal the elects on the [nog,
cream g near and nth blood, power possesse Ina
other idtmne.
Casurrsa Co., April :SIR Din.
Dr. Se syn.—Dear Sic I verily believe your Com
pound Spup of Wild Cherry has been the menus or
saving my life. I caught • severe cold, which gradtp 1
Lily grew wont, attended with • severe cough, that
resistml all the remedies which I had recurse s ymp tomsui
increasing until my case exhibited all thetos of
Pulmonary Cansumpuon. bscry thing I toed sremed
to have no effect., and my complaint increased so rapid
ly Mat friends as welt as mysrlf, gave up all hope. of
my recovery. At thiatioae Iwo recommended tri try
I ''''''hi' red= Iblirx:lth. , th: `'.'°.,':!'Zhr . ;
,y. malts. 'rhe h ot
cough, cumin& me to expectorate freely; and by the
.1:1E I had tiud SU bOULESi was entirely well, sod co ,
row as hearty • man as I ever was to my We, and
would be happy to give any leformationgespeeting my
C 11.1.1, that other tun eeeee rosy derive the bb nit for
which I acti so .gramlti. Foe the troth of the above
41.RICIL,cf.V. I refer you to pmei Rash, Grover, West
01..111. 1 . ., 0( whom I purchased the omilicinsi.
ResparValiy years, Jaen filbacal.
- __.
WinuUrfa Curt of a !twain MicAMP.
Ter. Swarm—Sea Sir I foci a debt of granted. de
. you—and • ally IA the afflicted 'generally, w pi,
'llpo7T,,i'f:Nr„,...' ,;>1.."-thorefe77oo"aneltran'wl
violently allacted arab cold and inflammation of. the
Lau, which virar h
the b i seco.rapdaTf4 WI .
,r al a di . g.t•ritzg
Zl"."l.':;e3lorngiennf ofrctrl:c Moeda (however
ta lung o N n e e spe rs :
Malty upon change of vreather, however alight. At
first I felt co aterin about my condition, but was pretty
soon convtnced that I ems raptdly going into consump
ion. I grew daily wears and at length wu scarp
ty able to welt about, or spelt above a whisper, such
WAS the saceedtng ...use of my lunge. During this
noir I had trted various prepare.. and presenpuons,
Out found no retsef—growing all the nose veorse. Jr.,
here I was adm-ed and persuaded by a dear friend lo
Wilmington to
trial of you -Syrup of Wild Cher
ry. I mast corium that previonsly-Vdtad been pregm
diced Imam. patent otettlemes, and
p ` am still against
those coming out of the hands of eroperles, but ader-
standing your etvists to the profession and praellee of
medicine, and beau implicit faith In the series of my
friends, I fortitude pumbued of Sr. Shaw, one of your
auras, a few Insoles, ad corameneedita use. Illy die.
eau 111. at thseelme of IP or months' lauding, cop
arieently it Wu deeply seated. I thud, however,
aonstderable tette from the am of the first four or fITG
toupee. tilt Leillg • pablie speaker,l frequently at,
tempted to preach oath my increasing ' strele h, and
thereby raptured those vessels that had al y begun
WO heal; in this may, doubtless, my CUR was greatly
evaded. In roaseguence of Leung thus imprudent!
I ' n eb'a ddo' use to
borl fiftteoen
tatl t es
' bero.
umberOridtis sod have made sound, m
We above intimerellem. The Syrup allayed the fete
td habit, took ...ray the thareaseng cough, pot
to the discharge of matter from the lungs and gar
them and We enure eystem rood health. l ' itave defet
red offering thee CClllfletiG.lll nur, for the papa.
of being peer.. sausfied with the permanency ot the
cure, and now du i feel perfectly lull I offer it with
rr. J. P. ,01.11•11.
inform at Cdstssa— Bead' Bruck
There is bet e ;cosine preparation of Wild Cherry,
and Wetis W. uss A viriss, the first ever offered to the
which —as been sold largely throughout the
United States, soil seine parts of Samba; raid all pro.
cane. by the name of Wild Chefry have
been put out slue tlakr,runder corer of some deceptive
g y r titttau to Weir soles.
tircoebs, give . r . re n n e ci d
genuine from Sect ' bottle of the genuine is
enveloped Wit a beautiful steel engraving, with the
likelier. or Wilk.= Penn thereon; also, Dr. Sample's
eignstursi and -al further .cartty, the portrait of Dr.
Swayne wItiLJ added bereafter,so or to distlngniah
p 'root all other*. Now, if it was ha for
he great properues and known virtues of Dr.
Swaynela Cousiuttud Syrup of Wild Cherry, person.
would not be andsavonng to give currency to their
"w a it
nos. mar by ausainig the nam e of Wild
Cherry. ReMeether, eve nys bent in mind the name
of Dr. Sway ne ..nd benot deceived.
rflOripti Orhas, earner of Eighth and Ileac streets,
For sale and retell by OGDEN & SNOW
DEN, nor 2d sad Wood ma; H A PAIINHSTOCK
CO, eel . Ist an. Wood, and gth and Wood Bt.; WM
THORN, 23 Docket au ti JONIA Ltberty st; MS
AJ0N1244, o f
%land and Pent SW, JOHN IdITCII
HU, Mlegherts city, and by all respectable dealers to
medicine. 0m.13
Dr. W. P. Inland.. Premium Plaster.
1 - k IL W. P. INLAND, of the Medical Colfege bf
adelphia, now oilers to the public hie Indian Veg
etable Premium Plaster, the goallues of which, after
long and teed experience, has been satisfactorily es
talifished. To ail women who may be idllicted with
Ittolapas Uteri& or Fallen
an d,Wom s ped easnmends his
piastet, guaranteeing a sere pey vine
in the
short space of from two to thee weeks, if applied with
care and rest--direarding all the penile. move...
and expensive bandages. long in mie. This he feel.
conscientious in stating, inasmuch as be has not failed
in one ease out of it handzed and LM-three pa-
Also for Rheurnaturm and Weak Breast or Back, at
tended with pam, there is nothing to excel this Piaster
in affording relief or effecting e cure. For sale by
Wilcox, corner of Diamond and hlarket st
Braun &
ietnetl decal nd
a S nd CDutm so
b Mrg
y o g g Tel
Denman and Diamond naming.
ham, te3
"Eh/TRACT OF COFFEE—A n owl° which is no .
.Eg pidly coming IMO OEO as a wholcsonte, nouriehing
and delicious coverage, being more pleasant and pad
amble thaolcommon Coffee, end for cheaper, as a moil
tpinar„rd.e.oistaeostlten.r.e:n.ts4dwbiyil go as for as four
JOHN B. MILLER, Pittsburgh, P.
Sold at wholesale by U A FAIINILBIUCK h. no,
rooter of First and Wood and Sixth and Wood Gooch,
Pitteburgh._ art!
IifirLIFORNIA RUBBER GOODS—Just received, 36 Camp Illankets; Si officer coats; 12 pre fonts;
In pairs nett lined Mining. Boole; 12 Isthmus Sags; 3
wo o. Togo, 6 and Id gallons each; fill eanwonsA
gallon e dog 13uckskot Money Belts; Ido oil
cambric do d o Th e above goods for sale at We Coll
foram Outfiting FAtablishment, No 5 Wood sh
I.hiiiii.s—Wrought iron Ativiis, from dm Temp;‘ ,
anceville works, warranted; will be constantly
on hand and applied r,,,0,gremf44,,
LIQUORS-17. mid, Dainty, ice;
' sl4,lbl i ßu d m b ;
Wblslicy, for nab, by
.rd hiIgeHELTABE
nova di
LP Sue brand, superior article, for %ale by
00.0 W & hi MITCH ELTREE
IditepratVe rata A 64. and
g 14, amend per sidp Oncnbildge,
and now eaaang on by cada, k. foksale by
N.o.—They will recolvai during the winter, large
,apples via New Otlaaaa I=3o
pared a new arithmetical wort, a copy of winch
will be presented to each and every Te.ber in the
United Stmea ...hoot charge. apes their application
H. Eno,b C0..79 Weed Street,,
thost paid ) The work is entitled,
Or, An Analysts of the Language of figures and Sci
ence of Numbers.
The following notice ts copied from the Nevi York
Tribune of Jan. 9.24, 185M
-Gaewirea cc Aerritherric,ei Cues. Dews, L 1.. D.
(Ihmo., pp. 14AI-1n this work the langange of figure.,
and consulted. of numbers , . carefully analysed.
The'alphabet , composed of ten figurce—the words de
rived from the alphabet, .d the laws Ly which the
figeres are connected with each other,tam Meetly
tup ned.
analysis shows that there are but four hun
dred and eighty eight elementary combinations sin
each corresponding to a word of our com
mon language; and that these combinations are au
connected mealier arm he all expressed by only
airty three diderent words. The &Fetters prorates to
commit these words to memory, then read the
moults inrwed of spelling them, as now practised.
another rethect the system proposes an in/pan--
ant change, namely: to censider and treat all fractions
as entire thing., having a given relation to the unit ONE,
from which they were derived.
"We scarcely need say that the little work evinces
the ingenuity and Offal analysis, for 'which Professor
Davies` witting on this subject are justlycelebrated.
We commend it to the anention of practical teachers,
believing that they will find it crowded with new and
valuable suggenions "
Front the Professors, at Mee Point.
.Mnlieri ACADICkfi 0I tl. S. Waatrol37,/an.l7.
`The Grammar of Arithmetic, by Professor Dames,
present. the subtect in a new light IY so analyses
Arithmetic to impress the mind of the learner with
the first principles of mathematical science In Licit
right order and connection, and the new rules for the
reading of figures are of great preetical value.
Maned, W. H. C. Bartlett, Pref. of Nat Ex:Phil.
A. F. Church, Prof of Mathematics.
D. H. Mahan Prof. ot Engineering."
Jo Press.
A.S. BARNES &Co. would respectfully announce
to machete, and to all interested in mathematical in.
sanction, that they will publish, on or before the let
of August, I1;50, the following
Or, an Analyses of the Principles of the Selenee--of
ihe Nature of the retwoning—tiodofthe beet Methods
of Imparting Instruction. By Chas. Davies. LL. D.,
Author of "A Complete Sptem or - Mathematics"
Barnes & Cu., are the pithlishers of
Danes System of Mathematics.
For sale in this city by A. H. ENGLISH & Co., No.
70 W.d street
Poster , . New Itthloplan 111.1odles. '
r WINE to Ruu all Night; Dolly Day;
Dolcy moues. (to dawn to do Cotton Finld;
Noll]; was.. L ad), &o.
Re Kind to Cc Loved Onas at Home;
Row thy boat loghtly; True Love, by T. Hood;
Our way across the sea, due";
A new medley one, by kl Covert;
Jenny Gray, MIMIC by Wailer,
Joys that were crowning, Wedding March;
God bless the hardy marlue; Schuylkill Vialtr,
ConseripCs Departure, by W. C. Glover,
Sounds loom Dome; Waltzes, Steyermarktache Co;
Last Rose of Suanner, eiwy vartattons by Hem
United Stales Polka; Ladies' Souvenir Polka; '
Corn Cracker Quadrille; Lonisvdle Quadrille;
!kande* ••• • Dovp.,
_wastes of Italy; DoetN, Trio% an.
A large assortment of New Mimic on bend. to wkleh
additions arc made weekly. For sale l.y
f e b J. H. MELLO% et Wood sr.
IIF..WAR WITH MEXICO, by R. B. Ripley;
Clements of llamado; comprising an Analyals of
the: Lap of Moroi Dridance and of PCl•l3.ka. by
flictutA Whataly, D. D.
kits) on Cdnotran Daptismi by Ilapust W. Noel, BY
The ilvies,* Novel.
Fairy Tales, from all Nations; by A•thhAY Nan
What with 24 Ullman.. by Wyk:.
del9 earner Tiord.and Mosket sure •
Saw wadi Elegmat OUT Booker
10 Headley; with eleven original deogna by Daio..
Poems and Prose, by Dachas' IL Oman; b
eel, marlin
Illanakrated Genre of Sacred Pasty, with ars ilhulra
dons engraved on seal by John BAJOLIII-
J.t veeoved by JOHNSTON & STOCKTON,
• det.l corner Third and Market eta
Near Hookas
of the mutual duties, relations and lours-Inv of the
eal Pio:elision end the Community; by Worth
inFeon Hooker, Al. D.
hefoe Wor t L . e o te f
r M , iAha. el B D y
e W Shoat ouge. omprsng
Nineveh and its Remains. Ity Austen Henri lAy
aril, Km., D. C. L.
Glimpses of Spain; or Notes of an Unfinished Tour
In IM7. By S. T. Wallis.
Topper's Proverbial Philosophy, nes editioti;
Dated. Jost received by
novgl corner blade, and Third everts
L " m e tr , r 800
il , unalmacd and ittustrwzd—Rood
Viet, Sn., Morocco, sts! Coin, osition. in ;mined.
the Middle and Prayer Kooks, lieu
11y board on Velvet wt.{ Morecen,nassisificenily o
real and illuounated. For stile by
de el 11.0k.el . ker 3 Importer, Wood
Clarsatanae and Bow Year Approaching!
In Mapsifittint Antigua Biudi 4 , ,Ar r3e Ilaidup.
TAMES D. LOCKWOOD, D et ever and Imponert
4 , 1 Wood street, has once, 0a ,eanufal collection
of Illustrated Doak., honed in ha nail splendid man
ner by the best London and An mit hinders —arnoug
Kern may be Mann
Yawls of AMC.,
Voetry. magn fieesaly
Wordsworth's 6reeeei richly Illustrated.
The s' . ..cher, illuminated Ly Uweo Jones, and
bound Masud wood.
The Song or Songsiillosnialted by Jones.
Flowers nod tLeir Kindred Thoughts; illuminated by
ilerOillbi of SbaklP...;
Sirs. Jameson's Characteristics et V. amen; alien
IRA For sale by JAMES I) LOCKWI.MI).
dell 63 Wood game
Ei•or Books.
EDUURNI Ilia Fula Voyage, b Ilan:own Ue tivill
IN author of ~ Typee,,, ,• •0000,"
History or Klns Alfred of England,l , y Jacob 'alba
with firm ertpa. , gt.
.., , alonia ILe Soteerela by Wan. Meinho
no.ll earner Thtrd and Market creels
" Ose qf the Alan Rowstriad/o Works elks Age.'
lIEVE AND 'S ILEMAINS; with an eneentrt
II of n via ll l
to the C IT haudwan Chnotia. of Nun.-
tan, oud Vasa., Dentl•Worstuppent alid
inquire into We :daimon and Art. of the Anctent As ,
Erna.. By Austen Hem ',opted, End.. D. C. L.
With Introductory Now b Prot. E. Rotonoton, D. D.,
1.1.- D. Illastrated send IT pilaus and moos, and
wpod rum. le eels. 800. 01010, $1.50.
-The book has a rare mould of grephle, vivid, pie
. .
nuesotio narrative "—Mime.
••The vote of I.ayanl is the toast prominent contra•
buntw to the study or imticuty, that has appeared for
lowly years."--Clinst Inq.
"Not one excel• in ietareat the account of Nineveh
and its Ruin, 6i.. by Me. Layanl."—Wutthinfton
..fis we follow the &gran tide breathless interest
in their excavations, and soddenly fird onrselees be.
tore • massive fiyore caned whit minute accuracy,
w lifting its gigantic bead from the dint of MM.
yem, we we ready to cry out with the astonished
Arabs, 'Wallah, it is wonderful, bat it is true
JAMES D. L0cK:,,,r2,.t
nave looks.
TEE WOMEN of ate Old and New Testament.
Edited by E. IL Spretue, D. D. 1 vol. Imp eve.,
egantly bound; 18 exquisitely finished engravings;
with descriptions by celebrated American Clergymen.
POEMS B y AMELIA, (Mrs. Welby, of Ky.,) a new
and enlarged ellthon; illustrated by ettgractng• from
original designs by Grier. vol. Name ELIA, elegant
ly bound and gill. Alao—A variety of splendid Annu
als and Gift Hooke.
Powell's Child'. Finn Book of the History of Rome.
vol. lemo.
Tllll hIECIIANIC'S ASSISTANT, adapted for the
use of Camentersilthipmiffins, Wheelwrighth,
Terri LarriberMen, SladClll3, nod Animus generally;
being a thorough and practical Treaum on Monsen
non and the Sliding Ride. By D. M. gaper, A.M.
Boise's Treatise on Greek Prose Composition.
°netlike/Is Illemmtary French Grammar. By Prof
Greene ; of Brown University. 1 vol. lows.
/Irminger's Gesennis' Hebrew Grammar, by Conant:
finely. Hebrew Lexicon.
Loomis' Trigonometry end Logarithmie Tablets 1
eeL (sheep.)
The Englishman's Greek Concordance. 1 vol. (um-
Anther'. Classical Series.
Webster'. Dtetiouary, revised ed. I vol. evi
do ' do unabridged. I vol. do
Barnes' Notes and Questions on New Tema!
Whamly's Logic.
Mosheim's Eeelesiodeal ifistory." 3 vole. and
ors. (sheep.)
Vestiges of Creation. I vol. IStao.
Mornings among the Jesuits no Sumo. I vol. (ale
d paper.)
Scenes where the Tempter toin Triumphed. I •
tgeTt e lrigical Lecture.. I vol. Bro. (cloth.
Alder's Pronouncing
Boyer's French Dictionary.
Smut's homer. For sale by R HOPKINS,
novIS Apulia Buildings, Flin - Lit
OW BOOKS R 10712 V
NMontaigne, edited by 11. his
Cagey. Letters, end Journey through Germany and
Italy, with notes/ram all the Commentators, Blograph
teal and Bibliogreithicri Noti c es, &A.
Theory rind Practice of Teaching; or, the Motives
and Methods of Good School-Keeping, by David
Prise, A. M.,Paineipal of the State Normal School,
Albany, N. N.
Frank Forester's Fish and Flaldog of the U. States
and British Proviuces of North Antenna, by
nova corner Third and Market sin
Tao Olden Time.
TAIIIS HoodKWOD, Bookseller and Imgiorter,
kg No.lll street, haa for sale a low copies com
te, devotedain of the edition.) of dais valtoble
work. to tin Preservation of Documents, end
Meer maheelle infOnnauon relating to the emir cm
i pirrations, settlement and impel...mem of the country
around the head of the Ohio. By Needle B. Craig,
kle4., of Piet burgh, lit V' yols deo.
novlo J. D. LOCKWOOD.
1.11-AOII.II.IEILIk A History, Rama View of the
Labeny of Mint Ancient bantrins. By Sntimel
Elliot Esq. Illustrmed with twelie en...togs, roe
cooed at Rome. 2 vols., Sve n unarm with Prezeoter
Historical Worts.
Just published and for sale by
JAMES D. LOCKWOOD, Bookseller and
nOvlelmporter, 63 Wood at
KEV/11.;01 IN . erm.,v; authontededition,
"The midair of this book Ins impressed as with
meal higher opinion of Its am than tae had formed
from perusing her other writing.. It displays a deeper
tone of thought, united to more pure womanly grace of
feeling than any other production of the lemma mind
with which see bother
ampounted."—Eve. Mirror.
It is r very agreeable and readable book, written in
Fanny Kenable's best styte—bold, spirited sod enter
taming. We recommend it to our readers as the best
pohrroanort of the season."—llsading Gat
"-It eontainetee Journal of a travel thrOelth Europe.
and residence In Italy; mid la -one of the pleasantest
and most...sting hooks of the scason"—Cour. and
"A very charactortsue unab a t ed boo ave read RArom
utie page to Colophon with unlnterest. vi.
vid pteture of life in Roma lu all respect. eminently
novls Bookseller A Importer,. Wood st
301 dWo.ll7we'r7,Oll:ll trtelnaTOßainbrr:osittlrloril
able styles, ree'd this day at
Mather et
D R . l . ED,ofliEgF.mac..lfor . I. ba b; upr CilrOALlo6l2dll, lA*
BILEL&•r•, Nr.Clli&g• BrOlL•[••
V, DU...
COLLECTIONS.—Drafts, Notes and Announces
payable in any part of the bnion.collected clothe most
favorable term!,
EXCHANGE-on Neu York, Philadelphia anil Bal
timore; also, Cincinnati, f.iouirville, Saint Lovas .4
New (Ricans consnty for sale.
DANE NUTtalS.—Nctes on at solvent banks in the
United States discoented at Me lowest rater. All kinds
of Foreign and Amene. Gold and Silver Coin bought
.cl sold.
OM. No. 55 Market street, between 3d and 4th,
Pittsburgh, Pa,
l i
'Dims on England, and Ireland, Sc otlaad bought
I.IOY manual at th e Current Rates of Exchange.
Also, Drafts payable in any pare of the Old Conntrnm,
from to SIDOO, at the rate of S 5 to the £ Sterbther
without deduction or &mount, by 30SIIVA 808
SON, European and General ASCIII, 01E00 501 St Dna
door meet of wood.
ammo tontsma.l stattst:
sin Fotergn wed Domestic Dills of Exchange. Car
tg'cae. Denoritc, Dnai Notes and Coin, comer of
arid Wood streets, d.reetly opposite St. Charles lII>.
W ESTUta.ta IPUNDS—: —
Bank Naas;
purelmard at the lovrast rates, by .
sepl3 LI Market street,
BILLS DV 11GXCIIPaNGE—:-st6ht Chcaks an
New Yory,
Palladalplda. and
Constantly for sale by N. COUSIN r BONS.
KphZ ,fa Market st.
Dewing.* Cared.
From the New York Tribune.
A FRIEND,'whow• word is most reliable, sea who
Sl. has no possible interest in the matter, but one of
gratitude, desires us to ray, that he ha, been cored at
inveterate neatness, br the wear hScurpals Compound
A euustte Ode Philadelphia medicine, which is not
for ante in this city, but which he thinks ought to be,
for the good ot, the aillicteit. He hat a mster who bait
titso been cured by it. 11.arganny admires all who
are suffering from demisters, to try this remedy, with an
urance snot, unles the case be. extraordinary, the
experiment will prove abundantly successful.
Far sale at Tllh PENIPI TEA STORE,
711 Peurth at, Pittsburgh
Combat Combat
all o l:ii d e Polka; l
r;e op du very fare;
12 " .
e - ‘‘'end ••
1 '° 011 , 9 '
dez ' we'd Fine Ivory;
la/ Shell Side Core
grove ' ea r 7'd k ji r d ' e
i i r:: u o y m E,A b:,: e v E e
Bar IloHandl Bag Holland!
TAsr4c,r,r.l.7;f:.°`:‘,.,',l,'.c:,^,:sT:nbrbe"s'its 007
Window lloll.d, to which be would most respectfully
call tile ottentkon of his costal:cc" and the publto
an ey Wats Foams, 75 Foutth et jao3l
A FEW very Goa GUITARS, /ot toed from e
cclebtmed monufactory of C. F. Martin. and to
sale J H. NIFA.LOR., SI Wood M.
Booko Juin. Iten•lvett.
2PHE Complete Wotks of John Banyno; 2 rots, livo,
m I Yoh tllustramd; muslin 21.11 and edges.
MitchelPs Bibbeal and Sabath School Geography;
work; I soh IMno.
To Analysis and Speller.
LIM of John Q. Adams; by Wm. 11. Sessnnh I sol,
12mcg mmim
Fever by Moe. Unmans; 1 vol, IMso; gilt.
tOnnozo—Sertoons preached upon severe!
occasions, by Robert South, IA nets edivon,
vole; meludlng Posthumous Di•courtes.
enure—•l vole. in 2; sheep, emu.; too.
For sale hy It. HOPKINS,
teb2.l Apollo Goildinge, Fount at.
JOHN nacultsa, w. o. PAYNIL
ripur..dersigned, successors to Arthurs ft.
.l. son, Leg leave to inform the eltirans of Pittsburgh
and public sentiently, that they hare rebuilt the EA
GLE FOUNDRY and are nsw in Pill operation, rad
hove part of their paitemt reedy for the marten—
Naman, which are Ccioklng Stove., Coal and Wood
'Stoves, with a splendid air-tight Cool Stave, which Is
now superceding in other cities the common round
Otos , s cheap coal Cooking attime, well adap
ted for small fralilies, with u full assortment of cam
erae and mantel Unites We would parilralarly in
•ita the et:colic, of
persons building to mill at our
Nenfellonue before, and examine a splendid
firliele of enamideiled Grates, finished in fine style—
enirely new in this Incas,
Wurchoere, NO. lel I.llfor_fp NV,04..,
11301,:ell NlullOt.SliN 8- Pali fklit.
• _
YEAChIrt.. Importer and Wholchnle heeler in
tii of the Cl t Cum , . Cite 1 . 44 rhet at., Ihtiandrith,
‘Vr...tcro illnrchtaar, a, rani °khans 'noting
ihttaborai , purci.c , hiond•, arc rcenc4itinlly in cinch)
to nail ati.l czeto the csioneiva nsaoroncnt of Eng-
Antronatt. onoch an 4 Fancy Conde.
Foreign. Gods ei thoi cntablislairent tan import
e2 dime' by royacif. cud purcliaarrs may rely oa get
ring gods from hrst hands. have the lergest assort
ment 0 1 articles, in the variety line, in the city of
Pittehurge—all of which will be sold low for cash or
city acraptances. 'lite Stock coosicts, in path of
Lace Goods, Hosiery, liloires, Ribbons.
Silk Cravats. Shreand l'atentTbracds,Soaring
Spool Conon, Tunes, niaspcuders, Diatom:, Nee
, and Cutlery.
Gold and Silver Watcher, CrijaTewelry, 111 Yards of
Druidic, Comb, and Kazoo,.
rnfne-aaio 4 Cope, Revolvers, Pistols, Clockr; Silk a
Cotton Purees, Spectacles, Steel Pons, Music Coons,
Carpet Dap and Sockets. ,
Ilindorgs, Findines andTrimoungs. •
Toys and fancy (Jowls; together with a large Ca
ty of Fancy and Staple DRY IiOODS.
C. ,YlfAtiER is also mein for the celebrated
caster Comb, rtoSl7
mast lffistigUaN
OA Coaetikeolds, Asthma and Consumpdon! Tim
rGIIEA'r AND ONLY REMEDY for the cure of Ms
shove ilienawa, is the HUNDARLAN DALIf/L'd Of
. LIFE, diseovered by the celebrated Dr. Duch.. m
Lords., hnglanit, and Introduced ipto the United States
under the inuadvisre superinteridmice of the inventor,.
The extraordinary entrees of this medicine, in Di ,
cure of ruttnonary &soaves, warrant: Um America:
Agent in holiciung for treatment the worst possible ca
ms that can be found in the community—carts that seek
relief in vain fromkny of the common zetnedies of this
day, have broil given up by the roost
he dungaished
physicians us confirm. and incurable. T Ilninguri.
an Balsam has cored. and will rare, the most desperate
of cases. Lt is no quack unnumn. bat a standazd Eng
fish medicine. of known and emablished efficacy.
Every family in the United Buttes should be supptied
with Durban's Hungarian Balm.: of Life, not only to
counteract tbOionsumpure tendencies of the climate,
bn . to be used es a preventive medicine ix all eaves oi
colds, coeglis, spitting of blood, pain in the side and
hest, mit. an and soreness of the lung:, brocanis,
difficulty of bresting, heel° fever, night sweats, °piaci.
ation and general debility, asthma, inauensa,whoopino
rough and croup.
Bold in large bottles, at St per Louie, with Nil direr , ,
Pons for the restoration of health.
Containing n mass ofeEnglish and Junern
ern certificates, and other evidence, showing the
equalled merits of thin great English. Remedy, may
al:tatted of I'm Agents. gratuitously.
For Wand y B A FATINFffiTOCK Co., corner c
st and and Wood and GUIs.. IsOd&wed
...... . to this city
before—made on the most approved Idtromro Plane—
d most fashionable Eastern patterns and colors, Also
or made to order of ell sires, and at all psis az.
Country hlerctimits and others are invited to canal,
examine the abase for tbeinrolves all will beer
wholesale or retail, and • liberal as deduction made
wholesale parr.hasers.
East side of the Diamond, where \Penmen
Blinds elan the different sizes and colors
are kept on hand or made to order Mk
the latest and most apvfosed Eastern OM
ions,ist the shortest none° and on the mas
reasonable terms.
Also, the cheap Boston roll or split Blind Transpa
rency and Paper Canning of ell the different sines and
patterns, on bead and for sale low Mr cask. Old Veni
nen Blinds painted over and mpeirad, or . taken in port
payment for new ft hl IFESTLUVi.LT, Pro'pr.
N. B —All win. done with the best material and
workmanship, and warranted to please the most Oa
k diens. saglO-dly
Allegheny city, A11f.10,1243.
urue x.:
Prressertun, north 27,1E47,
Itlr. It. F.. Sellers—fit justice to you and your 'acorn.
pavan. Cough Syrup, I beg leave to mate, fur the ben
efit of the community, that my wife has been several
times rained with MI. most thetressing Cough. I Pot
chased, to JOIIIMIXy lust, a bobte of your Syrup, which
cored • couggt of two 1111111l111' standing. About one
mouth since, the cough returned, and was so severe
that she could burnt! movg, trout vvenkness in the
rsust; sent for one bottle or your Cough, Ood
part of one bottle currd the cough (gave Vic Other
non journeyman who was severeiyalOdetedt wino hod.
to ore his own words, ...toes enough cough randy .
cure till the people in Puts:nap," if the mwdy had
beet, as good represented.
Yours, respectfully, Olsen, 11. XE61,11."
reirltrd and sold by IL. K. SEI.i.F.RS,S7 wood
street, and sold by Druggism gene rally In Oro
AIUU WA,dEitllOJl.
J. A. URtaWN would respect.
•••••:: • ' folly Inform the piddle, that he
kees on bunt at his stand on the
s i t side or the Diamond, .Ile
gheity! city, a complete asset,.
—— meet of Vensuan /Muds: also
onion Shelters are made to or.
der in the best style, ...ablest
eml to any oldie United Staten.
' • utr a Uhods v. be rentossedacte.
= t the aid of a screw driver.
w i ve, purchased t e stock,
w o o, and wood of the cabinet Eh
Of Ham.ay Way!.
•••• la n d,o
mam prepared to furnish
.• • •-•' their old custoers as well us
the public at be., with every thtng in t he i r One.
Aced y, No a Wood street, Pittsburg
mcbtarl J. A. BROWN.
COT reed, an elegant plain Rwsevrood Oct. H.&
Jfrom the celebrated um...tory of Nano. &
Clark, N. ~ Vol superior tone, and very moderate de,
For .a l e by KLEBEK,
at J. W. Waselvrells.
removing Ta r tan, iiinorry, Canker, and all
itobstancre. C IiVE to the Teeth. It is delicious to
the tIV , e, cleauemW the month, healing 101 i strengthen
tor the nutno, ondroriflocir the breath.
For ante, wholesale and retail, by
thrri RE SELLERH, S 7 Wood rt
V V /unwed. 11.12 invoice atoll iewelled patent le.
yer Watches, 18 carets lino eases, which lean sell as
low as thirty and thing five dollars, and warranted to
keep good 111111 G.
of JEWELRY, corn
'prising rho vatiouabd latest styles,and hest patterns
W. W. WILSON, Watchmaker and Jeweler,'
dell • Goma Mullin and Feline maws
Containing; no Alereiffy; an Mier Almeria.
lIF (iii mint
aled Vt.:11;:eZ, b 2"fr.,7 4 ',:
medical worg. entitled "'the American Pras e tim r , " ut
ediciae and Family Phsiian."
"Having balm made acquainted with Meltn:4mm
' ,w e b eo racose ItleAlltster's All.llenling Ointment,
and karma( prescribed and towed kin sere rat cases lo
my medic practice, I have no hesitition in saying or
cetufging tam ism a Vegetable. Remedy, conisinseg
no mineral substance wr i Ingo-meet,
combined they are, num. as di riled b y u,e-
Plaretetor. are not sal} armless, bat of
gnat hloe
being • Italy mielr. Remedy of great paufs, dt
cheerfully wrote nd it as • compeuedwltieh has
done much good, nd'iwiticlOt adapted to the koze 0 (
a great variety °games. Though I bare never elite
recommended or tgageil in the sale of Mori* reed,.
eines, regard for try)? honest, conwitediom, b..
mime character of. ttlit'..FroPrieto,of Mks , Ointment,
and the value of hit ducdowery t obligspre to Inky that
roach recording it. W. _
Now Vora, Apnl _i,ens'
BURNS.-1t is ono of the best things in the wasid
nlLES.—Tousands an yeaTly owed by ilits.Obini
ant.ll.nevor fails in gng relief.
For T0M..., Ulcer', anil all kind. of Soros, II has
nr.VlVritora: aml Nurser knew its value in earth Cl
Swollen or leery Breast, th ey would always unply
In such cum. if used aceerthog to directions, it peer
in a very few hours.
Aroand.the box see directions/marina Ile Allirter's
(Korman' .or Serants, Veer Complaint, FaTeipeinu.
Toter. Chilblain, Scald Head, Sore Eyes, ginner,
Sore 'Flamm. Broneinies, Nerroas Affections, Fein*,
'Weave of mrSIM., Head Ache, Asthma, Illeatheav,
Ea, Ache. Burns, Orme, all Diseseca of the Skin, Sore
Lips, Pimples. be, Swelling of the Limbs, Sores,
Rhentostimin, Pries, Cold Feet, Croup, Swelled or Bro
ken Breast, 'Comb Ache. Ague in the Foci de.
From the Reading Eay . le
There was never, perhaps, hleadeine bronchi be.
fere theaptablie, that ha into short a time won web •.
reputation as Me Allister's „Alirllestina or World
Pulse. Almost every pets. that has made trial of it
speaks warmly in its prune. One b. been cored by
it of the mos
troublesomeumatism, another of thermos,
a third of a pain in the side, • fourth of •
swelling in toa Se. If it does not give Immo
diem reSef, a every cane, it can do no hoary, bring
applied outwardly.
As .other evidence of the wonderful hetalrog pow.
er powessed by this atlas, we subfoin the follouring
certiheate, from a respectable eitmen of Pdoidenereek
township, in tans county:,Maidenet., Herbs en., March 7a;1917.
Menne. Ritter le Co:—I desire to inform you that
. enui lel y cured of a severe pain iodic back, by the
use 44l
of bleAllister's All -Healing Salve, which I a re
chased from yen. stafferedwi th it for about ica year., .
and at nt,ght was unable to sleep. During Mal
tame I
tried canons remedies, which were Proscribrd,
phyvicia es and other purse., onthout tee...14.y ,
rater, and at last made trial of this Salve, with re
sell favorable beyondexpeetanen. lam now ow
ly free from tbe pain, and enjoy; at night a peace
and sweet sleep. Ihave also used the Salve woes for
tooth ache end other complaints, with er maul happy
rentals. Veer friend, lone Ilohottranen.
Sole Proprietor of tne above medicine ,
Principal user, No 2d North Third streel,Phlladel.
Astorls PM. O ast. t Roller. corm..
Liberty and St OBIT sweets;d I. 'Wilcox, Jr., cor
r of Market street and the Diamond, also corner of
Fourth and Siouhficld street& J. H Cassel, corner ol
Walnut and Penn streets. Fifth Ward; and sold at the
Bookstore in Smithfield street, ltd door from Second
In Allegheny City by H. P. Schwan. and J. Sargent.
By J. G. Smith, Druggist, Birmingham: D
Host Liberty; IL ROWleed, McKeesport; J. Atexander
& Sonatforoingsbeht Coy; rd. B. Bowman & Ca., and
L T. Rogers, Brownsville; John Beaky, Beater, Pa;
John Walker. Jr, Elisabeth,
REMOYED tonne , thme
do oray broil
fig on Smithfield street, one below
Sllzth strceL Teeth mamma from one
to an entire set, an the suction principle, with a beau.
dful repremmation of the natural gum—restcantg the
Icing shape of the face.
" Pi. Y.—Teeth extracted with little or no pun.
Decayed Teeth permanentiviaved by elegy, ug. pre.
'canny the tooth ache, whirliis much better titan Co
ma ttinuy.h should be done in five minutes, ot
eve. otst:intly, _ apHily
LUNThe unprecedented sneezes which bag
ltdea the 160 Of 110
all the venots forms which irritation of the =nasals.
..tine.*,hes induced the proprietor again to cell Men,
Sun to this
rho =arta able weather which marks our fall and
mutter months, is always a freitful goatee of
If neglected, ant but the precursors of that fill
The question, then, how shall we nip the destroyer us
the Lod? how shell we get clear of era coughs and.
nide is of vital Impotunn°te tue
wilt be found In the Glniteng Parsers. In proof of Ode
we have from tune Sc tune ' , oh:idled the certificates
doze. of ur best known e•urene, who have eof tea
Its comb-ire power.. These, with a mass of tee
.1 17.IrAntEr13PLIVa iWANIKNO L . 4
Alldisten f the Goepel,t.e., together copies. ,
ices from the
we hate embodied to pamphlet form, end orey =bee
grans of anyitUrci=ejort= reentry.
hare been need In this city.
throughout the Muted Slat= nod Canada, and we ode
lenge any m= to point - Sat a
which, when taken according w directionr, and be.
f . o , re .. t il lengs had teatime fatally &sacru m:se, Id a t e
Why,then, need the slareted hesitater Why Dowd se
the screble inAtrume, gotten up by ant • own individ.
pais a ins the assumed tonne of 112.10 CO COTESIII
strit!, and puffed into notoriety by =ninon:es Pt per
sonac equally unknown! Mast a medicine V
ks to ba bed, wholes vouchers are at hents,--eer stsigkd
ton,—many of whom it hen
In order =AIM= invaluable medicinenoty be plea=
within the reach of the poor as well the rich, we have
pat the price at
tat one half the weal coat or cough medicine.' it to
m vale by our agents in nearly erery . town end stliege
ore Ws west, 1 . 200 120 prepared so ere full informs
relative to it warts, Proprietor,
Ib - ladway. Cincinnati, Oluo.
Mats tot ins Publics
In relation to that unrivalled family Billie,
111 -
,f-NIONY of a respectable an Physician '.— heed
Ithe following, addressed to ray Agent, Mr. P. Me,
ry weather, Ciriernami •
C 1110.113.1.21. ?ob. 3Y, ibid.
A senth et dirty compels me togivo toy tribute
to Dallerd Pain Extractor. is
opposed to quack
ery and all nostrums having - for their object moister
motives—bat realising much gaol from the "King of
Pain Killers"—l am induced to,kender you DM cert
Cele. 1 have 11.11 it Ix my family, in my practice, •rall
: with an the happy and wouttertul sleets - that could
possirdy Le imagined. II I.l3stoDrg.,M. D.
Dr. Ithsilie is the senior partner of Itrodte fa Levi,
Iviszunatory Riscusnatinn.
The following testimonial comes from a 1100700
anlier la mail; of those.traveling on um Western wa
ters. Mr. Clime, the well and tavorably known pro•
prictor of the Parkersburg Dotal, is husband to the
lady whose letter I annex
Psamerisam, Va , April 13,1949;
To Henry Dailey, Chemist. Ac.—Sin flaying for
merly been long afflicted with violent inflammatory
Rheumatism, winch appeared so firmly seated as 10
defy all ordinary upplimces to allay the aevere 'pain
attending it, I wit/ Induced to icy your Minim! Pain
Estracton and it having effected, almost as if by me
mo,ar immediate relict, and also, ko </Appearances
emir anu perfect cure I ant tudecett for the bene •
fit of o th ers who may be care,
with pain,eaused by
any kind of infiammaion, to write to you, declaring
that In elf opinion, founded On actual experience
your Magical Pain Extractor is the most valuable die.
covery ot the present age for the immediate extraction
of bodily pain. It is an almost immediate and ape
fect citre for thorns end needs, and all external in.
Having many acquaintances formed by then. vishs
at my busbantne hotel in this place, I have aepposed
s by your showing them these less lines, it may possibly
3 be of benefit both to them and yourself-• r
11 erae ruin the Lope that him Clime vnll pardon the
publicity lam to her hitter. aa weti Gad= !Coro of
hUOSILaity al of its king the surest mode of bringing it
to the notice of her friends.-If. Daitar.l •
Felon Corgi. •
Extract of • later, dated
Mr. 11. Balky: vl have U t L' lieg " ye ' ru Ky ea ll in °l" tr a e 'lroSite
a rase of felon, in ray own family, 'width it relieved
and cured t en t .,
u very short time." la h.a1x;7... ,
Jyn hl, Votrnu.
ID" Burns and Scalds, Piles, SorePAP . l . Pkei
Breast, Eruptiods, Sores. C/nai Wolnl"? an " 1 0-
Ilammation, yields readily to do Wonder properUe•
of this unnvalled faintlgardve. NI, ill rile same pro
portion that you will receive benefit fret/ the genurne,
you will be Mated by the deleterious poem. of the
counierfeit salves.
CAUTION—Be sere Ced apply/nay to the Inventor,
PALL., 415 Hes , .r.e. York, Or X. hlt
thorixed agents. JOHN I/ MORGAN,
General Befald, Pittsburgh.
- Henry P. Schwan, nliegbeu . y,
n Ageini .T. Baker,
Wheeling, Vol JanievW /phn to . ,
ma by;
F Merrycreather, Cinema., 0., (centra h[a l
N. 11-111 the severe. Darns and Scalds it extracts
be sic fn o tem winces—it never fails' let.
• • .
• • ..2
-----FOR. Wl . TifiltiS. ,
. c.a.. 5071501.1. wiser.- '
onler io Oen' all possible metirity to the publie,
1 at well as to themselves, against fraud suul tromp
q ,d,,,, from eaeuierfeilniK, the Proprietors have mad.
• e nt the itMerier Writliner Mashie of their Vet.
~r0,c,.. The MW label, which 1.. meet engmving of
,b,, ~,,,,,, exquiaite derign and workmanship, Ime be.
letter/Mei' it in Very great Impede. .4 is from the '
brain of . artist of the first talent — The design' is new,
and the exeention elaborate. Several figures and I
portrait •re roost prominent, but - toe weld -vessel
ruse," printed to whim letters on a red nod finely en
greyed ground, should be particularly entrained , —
When Lett up to the light the letters, shading of the
letter' 41.11 a every line, however nuuttle,throeghost the
wholc o: ~ , ,i• min of the engraving Match no exactly
vs ii CI , 111..itt,•1011 had been made upon oneaide or. •
1), a1tt...,, 0 4it it p, yetuolly prg , t o e . il un lmth side. of the
1,, m
pn . . , I ten sieend Il a berob.rved. AI.
IA LSO. Coot. dozen in AIM printed in rod open both
e nter, mei s.l.teett be examined In the tome matinee.
'Fin. ' , cession . . tins now mewl the test of many
1 lento mid, totiVis confidently recomemuded as Slats
and edlitel Medicine for expelling worms (rom . die
system. 'I be onexampled {Oar.. that has attended
its utiministranon in everyteas, where the ',anent*.
really oraicted with worms, certotnly renders if wor
thy the attention or phymei.e.
The proprietor made" it a point to .certaln the
result of Its Me to such c.c. or came within him
knowledge end obaervatinn—and he Mandeb]) Meoo
it to produce Me mo.t Winery eficen.--not aufrequens•
,ly slier in-arty oil the ordinary preparations re...
4 mended fur worm. had been previously resorted tri
without tiny perinnuent adv.tage. This fa= MM.
tested by the cerl.fienten Mid statements of bamarmal
Orreepentable pertOna In different parts of the me.:
I,7,.'hVp,',.V.ll`.." th gZhAm'',".." ir ''''.",`,l.lffdtrire
apemen, and may be &dermal:et:with periled Mi.
.ty to thy most delicate mfant. ~
The only genuine is prepared by . _ ,
It A FAUN ESCOCK., Pfttdmififl
Its adl Eland:
0 Esq., elm OA Court of Quarter Sr
Deaver Com
Mr. It. 11 Corn • -11 Some time In the winter My
wife sem diliefa reiti. a ...ere and distreartng e_i_P , _ , __
and hearing of iser .evalua . ble Cough Syroy,
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