The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, April 19, 1850, Image 1

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wain> [a. Ham..
Dane on r.— —47,00 per annum.
Tri.Wee ,s,OO
Weekly, in advance)...—. ••• • 2,w o
Do. o Cabs, et &reduced rete.,
. 0 )ellie , e,(1 0 linaretPiownwill or lei.)
D ee I
One Vila ra, each addithinal libertine. • • 0.•4
' one week 1,73
. three weeks.--• 4,101
Do. 0110 nionth•—•—•••—•-4•••• 5, 70
On. Into utenths---..—.... 7,lNt
Do. three ntonin.••••
Do. fear months •• •• • .... • 10,00
. Dn. eLk monthe••• • • •--- 120
f Do. metal, months•—• -- • • I e,tat
Standing Card (6 lines or les.o per aneum • t o ,no
One tiquare, changeable eupteneone (per an
nuls) exclusive of the pane r.• • 53,00
Poe each additional square, inserted over one month,
awe for each additional squire inserted under the year
ly rates, half price.
Advertiminents exceeding a equate, and not over
Encen lines, to be charged as • Ream and a half.
Publishers not accountable for legal advertisements
beyond the amount charged for their publication.
Announcing. candidates for *thee, to be charged the
stomas other advernsrments.
Adverdsements not marked on the copy for n speci
fied nanalmr of insertions, will be continued till forbrd,
payment exacted accord;
The pnvilege. of yearly advertiser* will be confined
rigidly to thelr remtlsr business, and all ether adven ,
tiserneats,not pertaining to their regnlart business, a.
agreed for, to be paid extra.
All advertisements for charitable maltatione, fire
~,,ap.rdss, ward. township and other public mecums',
sod melt iike, to be charged half price, payable strictly
In advance.
• . .
Idarriage notices to be charged SO cents.
tleath notices inserted without charge, unless accom
panied Py tonere! fotiOLIONICOI obltemy notice", and
when so secorapsinedno be paid for. •
' Realer =termer*. and sit others sending COMMA-
Womieos, Of trotting not lees designed SU en.
tie,. to Fairs. ttdrees, Contents, or any public e noir
weenents, where charges are mach for admittance—
all ODOCCZ of pirate =weirdoes—every notice de
signed to call attention to private enterp Mee 0110.1110
leder uttendal to promote Individual Interest, can on
ly be 'inserted with the understanding that the tame
lino be phid for. if intended to be tenoned In the lo
cal column, the stunt will be charged at the rata of
not ler& than lu cents per lino. . • '
or Fist Notices to be ehoged triple price,
tavern License Petitions, is earn.
Legal and Medical advertisements to be cheep d at
. Real atur., Agents' and, Asetioneen.. adertise
ments not to be elarmd under yearly rates, but to be
alto vred discount of tblety three and ono thirdpereent
from the arnount of bills •
WZZILT 011. SMLAWIZILT purr Tarns.
One hoaare, three Sneeniona• •---••-•01 ii
Do. each additional iabordon• •. 37
. . .
0. 5 Nam, (1111lnefiy) Menion• —5O els.
Do. alkali additional martian-43
All transteat advertimaents i be paid in drum.
WHITS:4EG°. Duane. -
ROST M. RIDDLE, Journal.
JAMES P. BARR t CO.. Cltroniela
SOS. SNOWDEN, heronry..
JAMES W.I3IDDLP., Antenmi.
HIRAM /CAINE, Eventing Tribune.
Itrarmattn, Dee. t, 1542.
wit. b. .a.dill. 7 WM. J.
NULTSiI It BENNETT, (Ina Englinh, Onanther
Co.) Wholesale GroteTa, Cotandsidim and For
warding Merchants, and denier. in Pnadien and Pats
berms blinufumnes, No. 37 - Wood ii., between 2d and
)d streets. • • • coati
- -- -- -
J. UENRY, Mouses end Co='
lb? at
s Cincimen, Ohio. Colleen°. in 800 themi 0 1 7io.
Ind in Indians, and in Kentucky, promptly
fully intended to. Commissioner for tie Statir d ca.".
sylveniu, for taking Depositions, seknowl=rs,
ke: fro. . . . ..
•. • •
It.zrzn To—lion. WEL Dell tz. Son, Cuts ,Charth
en rotheng, Wm. Hays, Esq.. Willock & Davis. L
FORGE COCIQidN. Comuludau =I Forward tu
Merchant, No. 20 Wood street. Pittsburgh. mil!
rrAMILTON STEWART, raccafaciares el , Reary
Al. Shirting's, Cheeks, &0., Rebecca street, city 0
Mlegheny. nevlAdly• •
LEV, (successor to urp •) t Lee,' Wool Deal,
or and Coo mlsslcrs filerchsuat, tot the sole of
Amer .
ica:CW.les", Liberty, opposltollib st. rebl7
a. z. =mum; =loom ammo, phae,
REALD & BUCKNOLI,Toboceo Cormalortou Mer
chants, 41 Notth Water n, & 16 North Wham's,
. J
"(TARDY, ONES & (successors (successo to Atwood,
Jaaas & Co.) Comstusnou and. Fonfanting Mer
chant., des/ Pittsburgh- Alanarattand
rttubarals. Pa. • asett27
rha. L. 117111ama••---- • • • • ----LB- McVay.
North East corner an - nod and Third dreads,
;ant Prrnsanzan, Ps,
(soccasor 3dsattrad. C. um ' )
IMPORTER tr. Dealer in French and Anseriean Pa
/. per Hangings and Renders, Window Baldest I. ire
Prints, as. Also—Writing, Priming and Wry.
ping Pope r, No. 67 Waal sweet, between Faun/ sweet
and Diamond alley, west side, Pittsburgh, Pa.
maw: nteral, ,101191312
TSAIMITZUEY a Co., Who G — n
scalutor. 'Merchants, and dealers Pratssee, N0..50
%Fatal.. and 101 Front strews, Pittebanth. nor!
A.CAUCiIIEY, Agent for the Lake Erie and
Michigan Line to Bearer and the teem—Mee
on the corner of Water and Smithfield au Met
John S. Ihteron.b•—•-----.--Joseph De:worth.
R. DILWORTH & CO., whoi.ate Grocer+, c od
. _
Sour F. brIAVOZTA. .1016.11 DILWOUTV.
JN. DILWORTH & Co, Wholesale GrocetsPro
. dace imd Commission Merchsets, and Agent.
for the Hazard Paved. Co. of N. Y., No. 97 Wood st,
____ ' • . seta
TWIN hi:TOWNSEND, Druggist and . Apothecary
eft No. 45 Market st, three doors above Third et. 4
burgh, will have constantly on hand well selected 24
sonment of the best and freshest Matelots. which he
will sell oa the mast reasormtde tams. - hysicians
leading orders, will be promedy auended to, and .p
-plied with lelea t t r ha: v aLmjy w t iu lDo t % as . =d i,
7,Virigoar i ' et from the best auderials, at any hour of
laso Y ie7:are,%t large steak of Inch and good Peril;
• • Mtn
1 WIN WATT, (successor to Ewalt & lebbe
Wholesale Grow and Commission Merchant
denier in Produce and Pittsburgh Martalastares, nor
nor of Liberty and (laud =eats, Pittsburgh Pa. pan
I AMES Hu tc hCHlS Comm neentsori to
Lewis ison & Co., tleelon hiereheett,
arul Agents or the St. Loot. Stem Suitor Refinery.
No. IS water .492 trout streets, Pittoburgh.
If. MELLO*, Wholesale and Retell dealer
in Music and Musical Instrument., Scheel Sam,
Paper; Slates, Steel Pen., W., Printer.' Cards, and
Statinnltry generally,No. ei wood •14PIttabargh.
boolght or taken 'in Mulls. ' .01115_
WX. T 052.0, . . .. .
W± .... LL YOUNG h. Co.—Dralcra In leather aides, tr.e.
143 Liberty st. AnS4) ,
%M. IeCOTOZon. aon.ircarcuta.a.
IA V le IL IVCUTOIIEONo-VVlthrlesate Grocers', dea.
V Y . lers In Produce, Iron, Nall., Glas s , and nos
burgh Mannfactiareo generally, IXI Liberty 0, p •
brogb. ilea
- NV& I • N
ATS . ol7lltkr, :17 AT LAW,
Bu Pa
L also attend to colleetiona and all ether ball-
W: . . , animated to him in Railer .4. Anntrails
eonntis; Ps. Ref ato
J. tt. R. Floyd, Liberty
W. W. Wallace do
lames Harahan do IPittabmik..
dIT Ray et. Co 4 Wood 7 ' 1.
llas ß ors AT
ALM E it
petal N. 42 Water street
lffrru n' WINE tnd
Tears -Er
---,NA IGO Loaerlyst., (oppoGie Elith t,) PIC
& BitterIDLIZS, isueeerscus to L. &
o.l.l.:ZdValtral"'l,edfj:.."`i. F or
Cotton Varna and Pittaburgh Mustalieturee generalll:
comer of W.l and W t mare% Pita/matt.
WALLACr atone and
W. In eulabllelunent, Ho. 944 Liberty ft, near dm
canal_ 11114 5
W —We " ll4s-0,
• and MUn.100.1% corner of alarketsnd 4th
crectu,Yittsburett, B.—Watahca arid Clocte
carefully dee{
BOWEN—Commeastoes nod romardig
Ft blonaancNo.lllo From et bemoan Wood ate.
arkal!naa.._ fedi ,
, ar r fCMUktkilirVl L ladesale and Do — Oraoira
Foreign and Domasde Dry Gooda,norde anal
ender of Marketened Foana ate. anal
I. aßLtltr' rrmacnon. '
ELLEK.S & NlCOLS,Prodaek and General Corn
0 rotation Marchoom,l.. 17 )Itherty Pittaburgll.
Spetm i l.inlord!th 4 Latd Oin
SCCMV ItOtig m
tITIRErf & Co., Wholesale Uro..
Forwedtt wad Commitaion Mershanu
ritubargli Alaneaamm and Wman P
dace. have ...loved to now mroboultiold mod
N 0.33, corns; or Front at. and Chanem
A. 11. OINGLIS/1 £
THEOLOGICAL; Misdeal, ruid
sod dealers in all kinds of Writing,
AVoidorr and IV raki No.ID Wood rosel i ke.
Osseo Forinh mod Liss:toad alley, Pntzbarylk,.Pa. •
rtlJESickll73lesato Grocers and Qom* ,
sio3 kfcrehsets, and dealers in rrodaea. tie. 3
WOOL. DEALE6.& eommignon Merchant for T h e
µ l. of Amencals Woolen Goods, Libeny meet,
WIL ........
p. Is vroovvrarn .. luta% uousr. '
I AL ILLOALI3I( & Car(Wigolesale Gro.ers,
- and. SI) Waal clh
ntet aatinritt. acrel7
liAlitalSOfil SEWELL, Cooneellor Laor.—Of
Lea po Yontab.., above Smithfield. tuovSly
Oat!" af i ganssr,.oty w rir;
delaerin Weite l ro Beier! el 'se Mawr, Wane
Petri Ash,
and Wiener. ?rode.* nerally,
& mg, between Binithiteld faui Wood, Pittsbwrgk.
THE '''.•TITTSIIIIJItO..:,;:',.
A. It. •WOODWAID..• • ...... 61..A.13.1. • •
A GALEN', WOODWARD & CO, Wholcsak Gra
.ce, Na. 222 Market et, Philadelphia &DC
Pittsburgh Alkali. Workss
ENNrrr, BERRY /c CO, Mantifteturers of. Soda
..dsb, Blenching Powders, titoriade tins S.lph.,ic
Acids. - - tVcrehouts No —, Waxer street, below Perry.
Fred.riek Braun.
. . George Reiter.
IDRAUri R REPPIat, Wholesale and Retail Dm.
17 , t ats, canter at Liltterty and St. Clalc streets, Pts
burglat Pa_
Jahn A Crait• ' W. B.lkinrA ,
CRAIG & SKINNER, Forarardin, and Cortkd larlon
Mercluanl3, No `26 Market at, Pitte 4urg& ..P4_
( . 1 A. hicANULTY h CO, rarerardnur and Cam.
-Mi.loll Nerchan•.a, Canal Bann, Pittsburgh,
Pa. rnrn
CII. GRANT, Wholesale Groeer , Cornraiision and
. Forwarding Merchant, Mo. 41 Wtner it., Pin.
ap4 •
SCOOONMAKER & CO, Wholesale Draggios,
J No at Wood street, Pittsburgh, . sad
.J ° e i ri g n tyel(9ssAL‘nibts,°'47l'll'NPon'ruCtihet and dW
-1.3 Wood street, one door ooh of Diamend alley,
TOIIN D. DtiVIF, Auctioneer, con. , s th .nd
LP It treets. Pinetturelt
tI oIiNSTON h. STOCKTON, tlook,ellers, ninteng,
Mid Paper M•nufacturers, No. 44 Market weal,
Pitteburgh. .ap4
- -
John Floyd. Richard Floyd.
R. FLOYD, Wholesale Grocers, C01.13E•111011
J• Mercluuus,. ad Dealers In Produce, Round
Church sodding, hosting ou Liberty, Word twd
Sixth streets, rittchsralt, In. uP 4
- -
JAMBFDALZBLL, Who`cialefirocer,CotutnissiOrt
Merchant, and dealer In Produee and Pittaborgh
Manufactures. No W Water at, Pinstargh,
utacturrd article, nanal Benin, near :alit. ap4_
1 - 9. WATERMAN, Wholesa!o Groner, Forward
-I;i,, in ond Connalroion Mercreant, Dealer In rlll.-
burgh Manufactures and Produce; Noe. 31 Water
and 62 nont st. api
Wm. Atiller, Phila.]. C. w. Rio keuon, Fltlabllrel.
7%1 lit m E Itt:rsßll9.3:£ll. 1t . 1 . 3 roc;
rs, tnd
172 and 174, corner o r7L41:712 and ItTiliata; ' , th'its
bargh, Fa. Iran, Nana; Corson 'tiaras, ..ta. he , cow
ataxaly on an 4
John lanteaD.Bl'Gill. Walter CR.
eqiLL.ti A RAE., Whote•• c Grocers and COMMie
IYI non hlerchwas, No Ina Liberty 81, reusbursh
1 r. 101.111E. t.ON, Idarkm sr, se° od door
i.l(l.e.fa,„mae,rir.newr of rl . un g h, dealers nn Foreign nod
Certitioatra of Deposo,
Dant Nom. and Specie e '
InrColeledorta made on all' the prize - Mal eine.
throWlheatthe United States
DUCHNIASTIift, Atocaasit—thimai Fourth at-,
third door above emtinfield, south aide.
Conveyancing of oil kinds done vriiit kite grantee!
care and legal accaracy.
Tit es to Real Estate examined, ke,
ENNEF:DY, CHILDS to CO., Alatatfaemmrs of
a. very superior 44 Sao-aeon Carpet Chats, Cation
Twine and Batting. P131:647
DALZELL CO, alamfaemets of all
J../ aim Ba, Mood, Sailer Irou md the boa,
quality: Worcloom, St Water andlt6 Ftoat attest
_ ionl9
lithographic Establlatussamt
OF WAI. SCHUCHNLANN, Thud sr., 0; passim the
post-Othee, Pittsburg - IL—nap t, Landsupea, Bills
hesals,Showbills, Labels,
_shretutectstral and Manama
Dravusgs, Business and Viaiting Cards, Ex, engraved
or drawn on stone, and in colors, fi end, Broom
or Black, in the mow approved style, and at the moss
reasonable once.. octlStlY
HARRISON BEWIZL, Counsellor at Las.—A!• J. Gee on Fourth st. above broalifiell. tiovs-19
o..,MOUNAULKEII & Co., Wholesali - Dotratati,
0,2 No. 21 Wood street. Pi bulb.
011 N D. MORGAN, Wholeulo Droggist.and &M-
Y , or in Dye Stnds,Punts, Oila,Varlualms, Aa., No.lo
Wood Mrem, ow; door Bonet of Diamond Allay,
101111, n. DA IS, Aueuoneer, comer 3t6 and W. cod
0/ eveeu. YittslAurc6..
Tottristor: & STOCKTON, Soo trailer., .. - rtmra
tP and Paper Pdasturacrurers, No. 44 'Market r" Pitts
torch. re 6
- -•
T FL FLOYD, W. 1.., Grocers, Commission
. bier..., and Dealt , In Produce Rol.
Church Llctildingx, feedbag Liberty, Wood ' and Gib
woes*, rittablogi2rPs. _Loyb
TAMES DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Geromission
gleichant, and desire in Prodose and Pittsburgh
blaziafictares. Phial:with. 10,G5
JT SWFITZER, Attorney st Law, of. See 3.1 st.,
opposite St. Elastics Hotel, Pgabitrgh, will also
stwad promptly to Collections, rat Woshingunt,llyetio
and Green counPes, Pt.
Black stoct, Bell & Co.,
Church & Carothers, }Prosharitti
D. T. Promo, 0c.13.8y
W. ILARDAUGH, Wool MClthlralt, Dealer
in Flour uld Product genendly, utd Fro 'warding
•utt Corandsulon Merchants, N. 53 Water 81,1'44
bulk. -
A TTORNEY AT LAW—Office,.on Fount. weer
Joi. shore Wood.
A TTOILSET AT LAW. • •nd COMMis.iol.!
Penroylrunts, Look, Mo.
An communication,. promptly anmesed.
------ •
L. R. War.... •R. N. Ws. rm. • •W. D. Waterman.
WOLF:SALE GROCER.', C0m.... ...For
warding Mar...mat dealers in all triads of Pro
duce & Pittsburgh Almurnetated Arucles; and ARean
for salts or Richmond .d Lynchbur g hl.ufacrored
HAVE to store, and will be col wtantly reeetoing
during the season. a largo a.' well selected as.
!torment of Slagle and Fancy Dry Goods, which they
wilt sell for cash or apploticd efeeM.
lilercharrts are inched to examinee oar
stock. car 3
A GENTS for the sale Of son!, ASH & BLEACH
ING POWDERS, have now in store, and will
ongaae to receive, tail coca.. of the fonoortitirsitell
known brand's. .Olutpratts, , 'Tenants," and "Jar
row,o which they offer (or ale al market rates.
ATTORNEY and Gommllor at Law, and
Como i.-
.loner for the State of Fenstrylvaaia, SL Louis:
4 . kr,,, t 7,g o g f g ° 2.V=Vh I lie,,. W. Forward, Ifamp•
leak Miller, M'Candlem & liteClage, John K. Parke,
Birsella & Semple, McCord & King. a4klLky__
8. D. —•—• •-• • -George RIG b•rd
••' " -
R. B. BUSEIFIELD ot. 00.
WHOLESALE Dad Retail Dealers lAronene•
and Dry Deed. and Commiarlon Merchant'.
N. 2 Liberty at, Pittsburgh. . mad
ATTORNEYS arid Counsellors at Low—pm
between Suddineld and lima, Pittsburgh, Pt
Wm. C. Mead.
John IL Large
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Fonnt, street, near Grant
A TTORNEY AT LAW—Diann on Fourth suset
IL between Stnahtleld and Grata, Patsteagh.
A.TTuRNEY AT LAW—Olite e on Fontth street
Pittsburgh. . mitt
cum' /14.111,PCMIStftet, Pats Mirth. me,
is DZI:i7IS & f 60.,
No. =7 Market, tied 51 Commerce sc,
Advances made, by either of the above, oa concise.-
oiemeof Produce re either Hoare. id
aolib co wk./, OWN,
UTOULD respectfally when the conslgunent o
Ty Ilarriehurgb neigh; horn Western him:him%
11/ lha, UM tire d pr to receive aterll.ollllt. Line
and Section nning night and day, the _Weigh
will not be detained, as they will unload such tants a
all hours. febV , -dra
liarristrargh, Feb. 40,1850.
Ira flentey--•Andrew Fleming—•••S• IL Irleraing.
EIZIABEIG F 1.511111110 Ai CO,
0111M1 *lllOll hIt.ACIIANTS For the sale of Do
estle,Woolen, and Cotton Good.; alto, de aiers
all kUtda of Tailors' Trimmings, No le Wood at, Ith
door mono Fdtb, Pithtburgh.
He renco—Mensts. Win. A. ILIII/ Co, ihthite/s.
-11ciagi. Smith - - sii - tirD. Verde,
Pitt street Pinsltrgh. soca
Benjamin .Patton Wllliiird Bakewell.
TTORNEYS AT LAW-O ffi ce In Tilgtium MU,
AGrunst, near the`Coutt House. 11.1i2
- _
J. D. Williams- • • - ...... - •--•—• John MIL
j. D. •tvu.LiAmis el, Go.,
fl' Forwarding and COalmi.loo. Iderehanu, arui
dealer. in Country_ Prodnea and Pittsburgh Mambo.
tyres, comer of Wood and Fails are.itg, Pittsburgh.
. mrD . ____ —_____
-.1-.ii:GiiiiiiidTT--------7::::;:•-- - - ifs. 11. Clarke.
ANTS, and Dealers .in Window OW, Wlnte
/.!"; 2.. e. No 108 Second at mil
F cm:oll9.4loN atmeciinarr,
& CIFLOZKao; ,
OtinltsSlON 111 CtS.t D and Dulan
dace,..Ficr SI Market aueet, Plusburgli
errranunr;if - Iv B - 414 90.4
- _ .101211)4A
, -•-: JONES IS. quitaciv ' .
IIuf.A.NITFACTUREIda of spring - and'bllsier t ,
ty.i. plaudit steel, steel plough wing", math *ad 1 1_,.,
lle 5pnzr4 1 ......, .4 if. ktics , and dealers In nn... , ,,
!cable caing.. fire <name lemmata, coach triton 7
gemendly, comer of Koss and Front sta., Illtsbn
Pa. fete !
e, wordmr and Commission Metebants, Dealers in
Country Produce and,Pitubarati Manuractuies, COT
tser of Wood &Odra% stiyem, Piusbural.
PitisbarabOdarrh 12,1850.
DaqOPPI, BPrinf. /121 e, Stool, and Iron
• Walks.
notatitAlti MAILMAN kCO, blaradanarets or
V Coach Serlass,_ Hammered Axle.,
Boring and' Plough Breel, Iron. Me. Warshaase
Water and nont.suects, Pitlibirich.
AIM, dealers In Coach TTioutulgs and Madeeds
Castles.. ' .09
CANFIELD, Cote of Waltn, OF") Commis-
F.* :41011 sad , Fonnadlog
,Merehoo. and wholesale,
denier In.Westord Deserve Choose, Ba
er uer, Pot and
Pearl Ask and Weston, Prod... genally. Wm.
.tmot, Of %row !Wailed lad Wood, ritutou
.P 1
' 111211.0E11 S AIRTIELO.
IrrTaber,' advances nude en consignments
;1nn14 4 5m •
VITT/JEW WILSON, rontait and AI ironture
PoltdeA . ROootti eoTOOT P 0.% OM. Alley and
Fourth stroeti entrance on Fos,* id., new Market.
J. It J. Tarns', COMILELIssIon Merchants. -
Ut Old Levee .t, N Orleans, keep constant!) , o
n l.l band a large auortment Brandiesof the follow
ing brands, width they offer for Bale at agents ler J.
'Durand to Co, Bordeaux Mc !!.glory,] Erma
tr. , J Du
rand Co, Larne Itali J
e, ]Duran, Cognac, Ade hi no ,
tesun, Al. Neville,de Mondere, J Louis.
&c;also, Anchor Gin, Bordeaux Red m eana
White Wine.
in cask, and gams, selected with earn by John Durand
It.:Cm besides Champagne Mane and Sweet Bargandy
Po feb74l.
T"T•nunhil7.,rn°l?„l'4 under the
of Mr. C Bradley. no toistAeos will be earned on by
A Bradley, who will rents the business of the Into
REMOVAL—A.Banauts ha. removed hie Foundry
Warehouse from Noll 2 Second street, to.No tu Wood
street, between First and Second streets, to the we re
lately meapied by G Alßerry, where he will
keep eminen Om e n . ,d ave essmsento(Can.
lop, Grates, Cookioy Ston e., I c. 011
TIIE eo.nannershlp heretofore existing between the
subserbers, in the name of Constattle, /aurae
CO, Is this day dissolved by mutest consent. Messrs.
Burke Barnes will settle the business of the concern,
for which ;almost they are authorised io use tne name
of the concern. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
' The undersigned have this day assoolumd themselves
in the name of BURKE t BARNES. for the parpose
of mannfacturing Fire Proof Safes, Vaal. Doors to.
Jte at the stand of .he Into Arm of Constable, Burke
&Co, where they well be pleased to receive the patron.
age of the Cli•Witil of that hoist end
theiU RKr friends.
In retiring from the firm of Constable, Berko h. Co.,
1 with sincere pleasure recommend Messrs Burke h.
Barnes to the confidence ofroy_frietds and the public.
The Franklin Pint insurance Cr. of Phaadalpkin.
roßearoB3.—Cktarle• N. 13aneker Thomasllan,
If Tobias Wanner, Samuel Want, Jacob R.-Smith,
Geo.tV Richards, Mordecai D. Lewis, Adolphe E.
Boric, David S. Brown, Morris Fannon.
Casamis N. Elsiacsant President
Charles G. Rancher, Secretary.
Continue to make insurance, perperaal or limited,
on every description of prope r ty In town or country,
at rates as low al are consistent with securiry.
To Company have reserved a large contingeatFund,
which web their Capital and Premiums, safely invest.
ett_aford amPle protection to the *mimed.
The sums of the company, on /mealy Ist, 1P49, as
pablisbed agreeably to au act of Assembly, were as
ru fx . rarY , Loans
Cash, he-
i 11,218,4112 71
Puree their Mc orporation, • period of 19 years, they
have pald upwards of one Milieu four kandred Mom.
and dollars, losses by Ire, thereby affording evidento
attic advamages of besonume, as well as the ability
and dispoontoa to meet with promptness all liabilities-
reartwily Office N Eeorner Wood and MI stn
HE Mumma Life. and Health lamina. Company
of Philadelphia.' Incorporated by Ms Legislature
rof Pennsylvania. Nara, ISM Charier perpeural.
Capital, 11100,000. Rams town nun oat P.M511.-
VANIL Cowart, and full PO per rent lower than the
usual rates of Life loser.. as the following com
parison will show: Thu, a prisms of the age of 78 in
uring the 1110 for life. men pay in the chard Papa—
' Pennsylvania, Penn Mutual, 54304 Equitable,
11 4: 4 ; New W.:ARIA New York Life, 1M,31; A.I.
hien, 112,41; Lim and Beam, Pidladelpltia,llol.
Duseroarw—Barnel D. Orrick, Charles D. 1141, W.
F. Boone. Robert P. King, Charles P. Hayes, Pl. W.
,Balderso, ' AL AL Reims, Id. D., Chas. 0. 11. Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Rodman Maker, E. IL Betler,Lsbein
R. Cope., President—Samuel D. °nick; Vito Prem.
dato—Robt.; Seereurtp—Francisßleckbarne.
Applications wlll be received. and every information
given by EMIL. FAUNESTOCE, Agt,
Ogler, Commercial Rooms, earner of
Wood and Third sm. Pittsburgh
o d re Americal
perry In this city and vicinity, an so shipme is by
Canal, Rivera, Lakes, and by Sea. The properties et
Win Company are well invested, and fernmh an grill.
able Liml for the ample Indemnity of all persons who
desire to be protected by Insurance.
myld WhL P. JONES, Arent, 44 Water of.
111SALTI1 115103/3.6/11313. at
The Spring Garden ilealth !nuance CO,
NSURES Males and Percales against th e Expeam
I and Loss occasioned by Wein.. or Accident, by
en immediate allowmthe of front $3 to $9 per week,
for one, two, Wee, or foa r Iran.
The method of effecting this lamtrattne, mei the
manner of awarding oe Net allowance, will be faily
explained by the Agent.
• person ran Mare agaist Sickness or Accident
which will detain him from kin Ordinary barlams,
follows, Mr
For one year, by paying $4,32, and mecive s3►weelt.
Yor tyre 6,1 t, " " 4 "
For three " " 7,95, " 5
For four " " " " $
Or, for • period of four years, the sun of 514,40 paid
aermally, will seearc $ s per week while sick.
Every neeemary information will be afforded on the
sub;ect of Inannt r e igerpailibbir
del7sEint Odeoo Dalian s
•Tlie - Ponasylvalefi — Cioapi euk i
Wee r I, GaMartittautriticr:;se.
"Mined rated March Io,l=2ter pe . rpetTa s i .
expital Cdt3,oo--M1 paid
sateonsed the underelpud to receive appli
cations for inthrance, on which policies will be isned,
according to their propo s al. and rates, which will be
made known to appithants at his Mike, No.lri Wood
infect. ORA. COCHRAN.
MIA Rll PRINTS—Of ail kinds, Go , d and
Lester Tops, both of French unporninaa,
W P IdAILSHALL'h Paper titore,
mr2s Wood at. barn 4th and Diamond all. y
raro I
THE mbseriber offers for sale a large and splendid
assortment of rosewood and mahogany grand Ac
tion Piano., with and without Coleman's celebrated
MIAMI Attilthl9.ll. The above illftfUrrlelltil are war-
rained to be equal to any manufactured in this mum.
try, and will be sold lower than any brought from the
East. F. BLUME, No lit wood at.
td door above Sth
N. IL—City Scrip veUl be taken al par for • few of
he above asaanmeat. awl P. 13.
if i tar iililriiNi iiii;
THIS Ls IA eartifi thst I heve
. r o l ir,:gkt ' s i lfrt ‘ he'srerrenn k ing , ;
. PAIZiII Dia?raltat YlJ i t i c i filr the elj
du a P ION 01115 4 ON ' , 5;4
for Waiter M Gibson, MA Broadway,
Oa 10. 1919.
We have Outraging no of the above articles at dm
olhee-of the Novelty Works for three months, on trial,
and feel perfectly eattsfied that It ls a useful mention,
and we take pleurae In reeommending them as a use
fel article to all who love pure ROM Orders will bo
tkankfally received and promptly executed.
-- -
W. i J., Book Ulm!lege.
WEare = nßugged the above bushman, comer
of Wood md 'Mot street., Pittsburgh, where
ere aro prepared god° any work In our line with des
patch. We Mend to Our worldsoy, and sous.
faction wilt be grams revo mamma and du
Illmk Rooks ruled to any pattern and bound sub.
ty. Books in number. mold book. boned earn•
rally= repaired. Names pat on book. in gill letter.
Toone that ham wink near )
Prices low. mr2oll
John Rucker rq P Dudley premium lb.
P Dudley tein Jetta Rare lb.,
Thomu Fe; John & Levabi br;
HOTSCB & Arc ha ; WI; Robert ?darns lb.,
Thou Metcalf' iOn; Omar Hans /b.,
DaldePsuudvalled Ps; it Ring Ibr
Pickwiek Vah, Lamardoe ' lbn,
Woo Smith S's; Richard Dewey lint
0 W King 64; Nrertlee'r
A Jacksou rr
Haft Car 61; Wm Spottawood lb.
The above, Including mom of the most pupal.
Lynchbang and Richmond brand. Tobacco, on cm
aignmant pone rnmr"'"'" 'r R d 4 ' AVIATA K.
31 1110Lar and Fllitil el.
— rdiltikia --WM
11WIT reeelsed and for lulo, al No llLlScrond *wet
• large and splendid usortenent of Fluid Lan
and Ca.mptione Lamps, vale It will be mkt at tits low.
est ealletlt priees to. sub. The altration of &steel
respeottally solicited.
?ME b et ail Dry Gana business heretofore condo:W-
I. ed yW. a. Murphy, at North Pint corner Fourth
and Market sts.,_Pinsbargb, hereafter be carried
on by the new ern of
Who respeetfally solicit • • continuance of the cells of
the old calomel., of the establishment, aid the Patin ,
In general. A large and carefully selected Mock o,
Goods will always be kept on hand, and every in.
doesment efered to the way of low prices.
N. IL MURPHY will centlaus the Whole
ego blatant, as heretofore, In the room Up stain
elasance from Peat. et. men
It ergslira Manila Syrup.
Tyon Moron's Cough Syrop can eon.
seicroionaly recommend it
From the Evening
Atom:lan's Conan Svarr.—Wo can conscientiously .
recommend this medicine far cone., as It has eared
as at • most aggravared attack. It is a very &Arent
affair:rose the ordinary patent medicines. Upon have
a cold 147 '
Prepared and sold, wholesale end retail, by
.10101 D. MOROAN, Dreggist.
.sras ' Wood at t door below Diamond allot.
*to oases.
TSB reboesiber; kering TAIT large Botoksbonse;
are prepared, .at aL Woo; to wool, boag
smoke Pork on moveable tam;
k lONEL Proprietor;
Jana (Masi Buis, goal 7lit
To Mothers sad the aledioal Profession.
rrilE subscriher_bas jest received a large ealtpg 91
are, without exception, the only article certain to af
ford relief and care rare or cracked Nipples; and (torn
their particular construction they will prove WYO.,
hie when the Nipples are inverted or to any manner
Dr.. Pratt's Patent Breast Pump, a new Invention
expressly for the relief of painful end :sore Breast,
when dedended with milk; they are far superior to
any now to us..
Dr. Pratt's Patent Nursing Dottie, which is fast sit.
pereeding—when Introduece —all other kind&
Dr. Pratt's Capping Appvutus, rho must simple and
the neatest article in use for Capping.
For sale, wholesale and retail. hy
rnr.S R i SELLting, s:Mood st
"U" NOW all men who ale stet and &filleted loth dim
11. ease of the bladder and kidneys, with rheumatic
pains in bark or limbs, stilrjoints, old sores, ruining ,
lcers, dm,
_that they can be cured by tailing the
lani:ea You may ; talk about its being a 11001 TIMI as
much so you please, but this does not make It sch (or
we proclaim In the face of an honest community, that
It has vivaea which too not contained in anyother
remedy. The man who is rucked with pain no sof
feting from disease, can for fifty cents, get reflection
any of the ills ennumetated above. Reader I it costs
very little to make is Petroleant is no atiM
tare—no °unload, put up f or th. purpose of Imposing
on the community; bat iris a remedy elaborated by
the muter hand Of notate, and babbles up from thAne hm
sem of our mother earth In its original purity, d of
fers to suffering humani y a ready remedy, a Mudn
and cheap cure.
It Immured Piles aher other medicine. have failed
to ruder any relief. It has cured Itheamatlsm of loos
standing, and area worst and most painhal <hammers
I. has eared Cholera Martins by one or two desosi
has eared old eases of Dlushao, in which every other
remedy has been of no avail. Asa local remedy In
bores and scalds, It Is better than any medical com
pound or ointment that we knows,f. It will eare chit.
hiatus or Muted feet, in • few applleatlem; undoubt
ed testimony can be famished of the tooth contained
la the above statement by calling on Samuel hi. Kier,
Canal Basin 70 street; m elthet of the amid+.
Keyser k:PdeDosvell, corner of Waal street and
Ocl it
Alley; 11. El. Sellers, 17 Wood street, D. A•
it D. AL Curry, Allegheny city, ire the agents.
CAUtTliiiii /EXTRA
A min by the name of RUEL CLAPP has engaged
with a young man of the name o(& P.Townsend,
use. his name to put up s Snmaparills, which they
all Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla., denontinadna ti
GENUINE. Original, etc. This Townsend 1. no doc
tor and never was, but was formerly a worker od rail
roads, canals, uid the like. Yet he assumes the tide
of Dr, for the purpose of gaining credit fat whati ho Is
Ile Is sending oat cards headed .Tricke of
mks," In which ha imys . I have wild the use of my
for B 7 • week. I aril pre S. P. Townsend WO
if he will produce one single solitary proof of this.—
The is to castles the puhlie not to be deceived, and
purchase none bat the GENUINE oawrita. OLD
Dr. Jacob Townsend , * Sarsaparille, baying on it the
Old Dr.'s likewise, his family coat of atm, nod hts sig
nature across the coat of
Prlaaipal Office, leg Nassau at, New York City.
. . . . .
Old Dr. Minuend la tile emit 70 years of ageomd
haslong been known the AUTHOR and DISCO
lISAPARILLA." ' ng pOOO be was compelled
to lima is criumfae by which means It has been
kept oat of market, d. Ma sales circumscribed to
Chose only ho bed p red assmarth sea known Its
make. This Groan Atm UstoAratito Porraisrirrit is
maltreat:area on tho Urged. wade, sad is called for
throughoot Me !math and breadth Drily land.
Deane ywang S. Y. Townsend's, it improves with
!almond never change., bet for the better; twewaso IL
la prepared on milt:nuke principles by n sclentlic man.
The highest knowledge of ...lhennsrry, aed the latest
discoveries th e the Art. have all been brought into re
ordain. to manufacture of the Old Dr.'s Sarrepa
rata. The Sarsapar i lla root, 'it Is well known to mod.
Leal men, contains medicinal properties, and soma pro.
pettles which are inert or evilest; and others, calash,
If retained in preparing it for are, produce ferment.
lion and acid, whieb I. Injarteas to themstem. Some
strum properties et Sarsaparilla. are volatile that
they entirely evaporate and are bet to the prepare.
non, they aro not preacrved by **cicalae process,
known only to thews experienced in tie MALMltitelll..
!Approver these veletas principles. which ST ail, ro
per. or as an eshatario, ender heat ore the rent es
sential mecbeal proper°. of the root, which eves to
It all Its value. The
914017,439 41
• 94,724 Ina
. 116091 991
• 122,12.121
• 32,994 77
is Jo prepared: that all thy inert properties of the Sae.
roparilla root are first removed, carry Ming capable
ofhroduipag acid or of fermentation, ertrumed and
mem* then every particle of atedicalylnue is snee
red in a pare and roncentraind frond. and the. it
rendered tneapshle of losing any of Its valuable mei
healing properties_ Prepared In this mop. tt O Croat
the most powerful sirens to the
limier tiro reason why we hoar coacron a disra
\Milt !Il i zi t' grs o n t d b er e i ' rute t o o lUe ne :f nrompnon,
Orspepas, and Complaint, rod In Itheminausm i
Scrofula and Ptles. Costiveness, all Cutancons Lrups
P'mPl"?.'iii:Vh!!6,gd.:!!!,,fv.".•T!.!easing from
filiF BLOOD. ''
It pot se =sm eller . efliesey to all complaiiint
arising from Indlgcsmon, from Acidity of the dminnehi
trout unequal etreulattnn,delarroinitton of blood to the
head, palpitation of the heart, cold feet and cold,hands
cold chill. and hot amhes over Me lady. It hae not
had Its equal lo coughs and cold., and Promotes
expectoration, and gentle perspiration, relaxing .vie.
Lure a the ling., throat, and every other part
Ilia in nothing Is /to excellence more nanruiewly teen
and acknowledged than io all ands and of
It work. wonder* in a nurse ail. or whites, I
Palling of the Womb, Obarmicd, Sonpreased, or Pala
tal Mame& Irregularity of the mencrazlpertods. and
the Ike; and is effmtualln earatgal/ forum of the Kid
ney Dim.... By removing obs.ntaGans,md regale
nag the general *yam" it give. tone and surrigth to
the "Mee tutdr, d eon, all forms of
and that prover. or rebore. a greet variety oral/ter
disease., asSpinal Irrimtion. Neuralgia tat. Vitas
Danes, Swooning, Epileptle Fits, Conuainona kn. Is
not this,then,ini MOM. too PRFEMINASII.I,
Uyi an any of them things be mid of S. P. Town
aendliatenor auricle? This young mates fowl' is not
because of lb. Grand Fort,'hat the one m incapable
Detenoration and NEVER SPOILS, while tha ott,
er DOES; it mar., ferment., and blow. the bottles
containing It Into fragment& the sour, acid Milaid m
ploding and damaging other good.? Mmt ned tins lion
nble compouud be pomonom to the thume
soil !What
pot acrd MO system already disemed with ?
What cameo Dyspeptla hat lade Do we not all know,
that wheu fetid sours in our uncombs, what onochiefs
it praultem?—tbalnieneet heuribura, palpitation of the
heart, hoer complaint, diarrhoea, dysentery, ebolie and
corruption alba bloat? What as Scrofula
t h e an and
hamar in the badyt What
the all the humus
which bring on Emma°. of the Skin. Scald Dead,
Salt RheastX.rthipelas,White Swelling& Favor-Barn,
and all iilcerattons internal and external? It is notb
ing order heaven bat an arid sobatthee, which sour.,
and thm spoils all the Italia, of the body, more ar leo&
What Rheamausm bail wardcid aid, which
instnaate. itself between the joints and elisewbere, u
nlacing and inflaming the tender and delicate dr..
op. which it acts? do of nemom dtheatex, of lama
nty of the blood, of deranged circulation., and nearly
allthegalments widen aduet human nature.
Now, is It not horrible to make and sell, and Infinite.
ly worse to me this
andt he would fain have it understood that OIiXJ
cob Town.end's Gename Original Sarsaparilla, wan
Imitation of his Inferior preparation!!
Heaven forbid that we should deal In an article
which woald bear the most distant resemblance to S.
P Townsend's article! and which 'Mould filing down
upon the Old Ur. sorb a mountain load of ponytail.
and erimmations from agents who have sold, and par
ehathr. who have lased S.F. Townsend'. Fermenung
Compeand !
We wan it understood, became n is the Aultse
truth, that B. P. Towmend's article and Old Dr. Jacob I
Townsend's Sarsaparilla are Mamma/ride apart, Aid
Inlnitely dismal:lan that they are •nlike In every per.
tiettles, having anent Bangle thing In common.
It is to arrest (Meds upon, the unfortunate, to poor
balm into wounded humanity, to kindle hope in the
despairing bosom, to restore health and bloom and vi
gor into the entailed and broken and to banish Ina 'a:Li
and FOUND the opportunity and means to bring hit
within the reach, and to the knowledge of all who
need it, that they may learn and know, by joyful ex.
penance, it. TitallactOthint r rowan. num!
For sale byM. KIDD It CO, Wholmale Agent for
Western Pmuthlamia J. Binnlnghum, Dr.
ward. G. W. GARDN ER, nib ward:l.l.6unit anti
Ll 0011. A pc riorvtOtr , J) ,
using the anginal, only true and genuine Liver
Asaltimax, Drown CO, 0., Dloch P 1 , 1 0 2 7.
Kr. B. B gellers—ln April Surrey - wife was attack
ed with Idver Complaint., and had the neaten of two
physicians, who tried culotte remedies without pro.
dating any good effect. Having lienol of your role.
blasted laver Pills, I concluded to give them a her
Irbil. I Pueehased one box of Mr. deott, of Aberdeen,
and gave these according to the directions, by ' , ern , "
she was greedy relieved. I 'named a second hoc,
which entirely cured her, and she now enlo7 -1 cvcei
lent health. hem useethem 92).11, and pronounce
them the best family medicine I ever tried.
Yours, kn., Massie Ilsamt.
Prepared and sold by R. IL SELLER-9.57 Wood st:
sold also by Druggists generally in the twocioes.
Male _
Saltine Varmint,.
TT HAS NEVER, In a single Instance, failed to es-
Pei Worms.
Ouse. Cane Horn, Va., July '4.147
Mr. IL E Selina you will recollect that when wr
were in Pittsburgh, in.farmember last, you pre•otled
on us to trr to year Yersuifuge , to testi. Virtue*. We
did so, and through the winter we sold whet we pur•
chased, which gave it a falr reptant.. In 51. y lasi
we purchased more, which was disposed of immedi•
stely. We then ordered more, which reached us on.
the VAIr of the present month, and do yesterday we
sold the lest of two dozen bottles. We find it so eel
sable •medicine, Mal every person of • family wish•
to have It In their possession_
Those who base parehmed would be perfectly
willrog to give certificates of Its excellency. Out of
the quantity we have vended. It has never, to a single
Inatome, foiled to expel worms. .
Your friend, WmC. Max.
Prepared and geld by R. E. SELLERS. 57 Wood st„
and sold by Druggists generally in the two eine..
0 0 Imprint Cough Syrup.
rpms mum be a preparation of much merit, when no
I. =ay Cl our own daten, willingly sod volt:inter
by earthy to Its curative properties. An egad aod
highly respected citheu, after song it, expressed his
*patio!, of this very Fs:Tatar cough remedy by .Ti*
ht is worth ita weliht In gold.. An editor of one of
oar dolly papers awes in a note—'l always keep it lo
'my house, and would not, on any account, be without
It , An old country man says—'t smsetbded, after
trial of three or four year. that it Is the best cough.
modletho I have ever toed, either In the Old or New-
World." If you have a cough, get a bottle and try it;
It coots but 95 canto. it;
Wromgriat astdrCent Iron
LIB attoenbers beg leave to info= wha
they Lava obtained tram the East all the late and
ruble designs fin Iron Railing, both for houses
arm comaierlaa Panto= swishing to procure hand
some pane= will please call and examine, and Judge
for thentielves. Railing will be fannahed at tho short"
ea noice, and in the hest manner, at the tuner et
omit and Rabeees streets, nli=l,4-
11,116104,1 411. R ZNOX
Pitt itachAse WorlTs sayl lgaltundry
I,,,cougon, PA.' • •
TORN•WRIGHTECCo., are prepared hailWOMPn
0 and Woolen Muhl:tory:of over. deseription,auch
os Carding Idneklitex, Spurning Frames, Vero;
Drawing PRIM., Railway Heads, Warriors, lorlt
DreisingFricries,LOoms, Card Onndeso. caught
Iron Shafting turned; lisca of Cast Iron, rullteissind
Ilangorsof th e latest patterns, slide and [mod Lathes,
and tool. of all kinds. Castings of every desniyniOn
furnished on 4hil 0. notice.. Fawn grids to order for
Gcanng, Iron Roiling. Pee. Strom Pip for heal.
ingFactories, Cast Iron Window Hash and fancy Cab:
tings generally. Orders left as tho Warehouse of./.
Flamer 2c Co., Libcoy weer, will kave prompt mica
Refer to Blackstak, Doll & Co. J. R. Moorehead &
Ca., G. E. Warner, John Irwin & Pons. Ptusburgh; G.
C. &I. IL Warner, Pteuhenville. 10011
TUE anemia of the public Is respecauur called to
1 the following certificates:
Ile. 8. Rams—Having Waled a nantlly .f cold
wetgbed by your Areometer, I find the rearth proves
your instrumenCeorren; and recommend the Use of it
to thane going to California. as the best method for oh.
braining oho real.valuo of Gold. Rasp. your,
J. B. DUNI.Vnti Gold/kat. ,
Pittsburgh, Mardi 1411342.
• Fite imasol, March 7, 1810.
AI. Eaanta--Derettiet Having examined the "Arco-
to tmanufacured at your ittioms,l do dot he h siate
to commend it the use of there gentlemen wo t aro
about removing to California in .earth of Hold.
It gives a close approximation to the speeiGe growl
ty Of Inetlolll, and unit certantly 'enable the demurer
to ascertain 'when his placer is yielatng Gold.
nutria Yours, rasp's. J. R. MiCLINTOCK.
RUBBER CIAO riinili—Just received fertile
California Expediona, a complete assortment of
Gum Elastic Clothing, at prices ranging from 115,121 to
MLR/ for suit of coot, punts and bat. • For sale at the
India Rubber Depot, No 5 Wood G.
decal J A H MULLIN .
- 15teti.iii Hefei. lAtitris• Teri
, j
1111.1.11senbes offers for sole, the :GRAM BRICK
WORKS, above Lawrenceville, comprising
Steam EAgane, a Boilers, 0 Mould Machine, capable of
manufacturtng 21,1201Rressed ktricht lout,of dry clay,
au taken from the boot,) per day: with three acres o f
land on the Allegheny neer, on which are 4 Mips and
sheds, machine and clay sheds, wheelbtrrowst Meeks,
shoves, spade., hr.. every Ming. requothe to coin
oscura. operations et on hours notice. Prier', includiug
the potent itght to use Mid{llo, filLtaat—tomes of
payment mode easy. Without the land, $4.000. For
partieulars, address HENRY MERRITT,
_ No Nlotionguhela Doom.
211). y 9 WOOD STREET,
HAVE now Is, stare a lame and geocralastortment
of DRY (MODS, which they offer to City and
County. Merchants at minced prices; and which they
anti sell us gs at todtmemen'e to cash hosters. or for
approved ore pole
WlGlMdAlli—Maniactarer of all kinds picot-
AL. tooted woollen machinery. Allegheny ciry, Pa.
The above walks toting now in fall and seccessfel
eronoe, I am prepared to arson. al(tr• with diapateh
(or all kind. of machinery inlay lons, each go willow.,
pickerAvoreaders, cools, grindieg raaatines, railways,
drawing Kew.; speeder., thiesallo, looms, woolen
cards, doable 0,500 lejor merehant or country work,
rindestiacks, &c.; slide luid hand lathes and teals in gen
eral. All kinds of stialbrLA made to order, aroma. giv
en for gratin: ketone.. or mills at reasonable charge.
Rtru ko—liennedy, Childs & Co., Bleck otoek, Bell
k Co., King,'Pennock dr. Co, is.. A. Gray.
1111nalaschaut, aeni Pit tabasgb ,1 Pa.
Office, N. 37 ,Yeas lettencis .Market; and
Wood, l'atabzirgi.
tipWILL constantly keep on hand a &oral &sacra
ment of War% of ottr.own maantacture, and
saperlor quality. Wholesale and conntrY Ale ,
chants are respectfully malted to call nodes
amine for themselves, as we I...determined to eel/
cheaper than has ever bears been altered to the pub-
lEr Orders area by mail, ite eon/pant ad by the euh or
cod reference. wall be promptly attended to. mid
• ,
WHITE k CO, wouhl resptutfully Inform
the pablie that they have erected a shop on
Nock, between Federal aid fiondusky suet.. They
bre now making and are prepared to receive orders for
every deuripbon of Tehteles, Coaches, Chariot's, Bs
roaches, Doggies, rhmsons, kc., Me., which from Weir
long experience in the umnufseuire of the above work,
and the facilities they have, tbey feeleonfideut they ere
enabled to do work on the most reanonultle terms with
those cennung articles in then. Hoe.
Paying ponicalar attention to the selection of mate
rials, and baring none bat competent workmen, they
have no bes,tauen to warranting them work. We
therefore ask the attention of the pohbe m this matter.
N Repotting done in the best muunier, and on the
MOM torma multhtf
DU Tobacco, Dwain and large tlerevra of all hods;
Bras, l.:anlag. and Bras Wort. generally. Corner
or Ferry and Fast street..
TILE thborriber, having purchased the Pottery o
lam.. Psttorron, Jr, locoed at the ahoy. stand
wool& rermthroliy inform his friends and toe pehtt•
that he is prepared to 411 acy wears his line, Da
moat realm:table wrath and yeah diapateb, and wit
feel gtstrul thr their patronage.
Pittsburgh, Jan.l, VW. .
11.1.VING dlepored or my establakertent to Mr.
Thomas l'arki.onui I take the liberty to erotica
for had the patennage of my friend. and the punlne,
feeling cenfident that any favorsconferred Will he
duly appreciated and promptly auended to.
JAalLei rArrEezD:4, Jr.
Pittaburgh, Jan
- -
Q . IGIITIthtI *hart tone LID .1.6 OF EXCHANGE, pay
ante m Cthelontai. 1.c.th00116 end 61. Louth, pur
&Lased on the 01.4 feenrente &
ter/1 m..
eoOl 111.161 F-01 ON&
W 0... SCOWL _ l& LIZZ&OrI.
1110A11 0 1. ATILIB liosl,
Pre sere, zer.ththe WO. 0 M 5..., Vernon.
(NANTINUE Co nothufeeture ell tied, of GODPEIL:
%..) TIN AND S. It IKON WARE. Also, Bleck
=oh Work..
stream Boats ball to wrier.
Soutar attention given to MGM bort work.
Have on Moors atom adsorb:matt& Copper or.d Dries
Reales, Tin Ware, de. de. Steamboat Cookinf, !Roved,
Portab!e Forger, mimes sties—a very conVement or
bele for steamboats, Cattfornia mobgraum, or roll road
We would respectfully invite steam boat men and
others to rail and wee our articles and pricer before
pureltattne el searbere
"ETAS just teturn.l from the Ell.l[lll etllea, nod as
JUIL reeelviug a large vurtety of aeasonahle Good. to
letztelt he reepvettnity matte. the amnion of mere h
sett atttl pea... Zta) el Wood at. fetall
Young MEN In wholesale and retail atom*, and other
reapectnble booness. to act ea Book.keepera, Saler
men, Porters, I.lm.krepers, Waite n, Farmers, Coach.
men, Car Agent., Book and Map Aent!, Collectors,
Overseers In all branches of backless, do. We hove
at all timm • large number of geed situations on hand,
which pay Rose WO to 85,0 n pet SWIM= Those in
wart of littillUOTlS clany kind would do well in give
et a call, as me have ngents In each of the aims? el
tics,which will tumble us to plane every applicult to
IL suitable situation at the shortest notice. We have •
large acquaintance in all the above named mucs.
which we trust will enable as to give enure sousfac•
uou to all who may baser as with a call.
TAYLOR lc TAYAIA.N, No. feJ Second at.,
between South and Day.
N. B —Person* living in nay part of the U. States,
and wishing to &item a situation In Baltimore, or ei
ther atilt, shove cities, will have their wants imme
diately a.nded to by addressing as a line, (post-paid)
as by so doing they will ennui both trouble and
pen., which they otherwise would incur by coming
to the city, and seeking employment for themselves
Address, TAYIABIic TATMAN, Second street,
'Baltimore, kid
Judd's llisidlaatad I.lgeald Cutlet'.
Tins a ndoubtedly the best preparation erre dm
covered, tor dresmeg Borns, Scatdo, Cuts, Chil
Wain., Bruises, er any kind of fresh wounds, also for
sore Nipples a remedy unequaled.
This article is intended for family use, and sheuld be
found in the po sssss ion family in the land.
Sleeken.. who are c onsta n t n danger of Injury to
their person. through accident. and the Improper or
careless use of tools, wilt find this Reticle to be mask,.
able to them, and a lter a fair uml will eonsidEr it In
It is an excellent substitute for adhesive pilule, of
all kinds, without any of its inconvenieneee, and is se
medicated as to allay all pain Immediately and most
it very little applied any where on the matte° of the
skin, immediately (omen fins, smooth coating, very
stmilar to the natural cuticle or outer akin; which may
be freely walled with water and soap, without any in
jury to the wound.
The article is freely used and highly recommended
by the moat moment physicians of New England, and
other parts of the colantry.
For tale outs by It E SELLERS, 07 Wood st
arN. Id —The trade supplied at thentanufacturerle
Y ECR, with
a S o T ,,
nAdTml d
queue t rLa ;re p t , :
t l!
tinguished ab
y ss of Germany. The Tart translated
and edited by SPENCER P. BAIRD, A. M., M.D.,
professor of Natural Sciences in Dickinson College,
Carlisle, Ire.
The Iconographic Encyclopmlia will be published
in XX pans, each containing to plates and no pages al
letter press, issued in n convenient pen olio, In which
mracchers can keep their copies in perfect order Un•
sompleted, when they elm be Osumi.
Line part is putiCebed every month, at the very low
prier of SIP, blob will enable sill lovers of iratrue•
don in the most 1...0ffal and practical. form, howev
er scanty their means, to become subienbers to the
Subscriptions taken for the whole work only.
Front th e Boston Poe.
The work should not lie' ourarid fora a moment with
any of Me trashy or popuarly =Muslim p u bh ea d o e.
of We day.
From the New York Tribune.
The exceeding beauty or the plates =commends
them to the attention Of the lover of U.
Front the LLerary
A well executed Solid work, of substantial value.
The'lntrod.tten of tins work into gcneraleimoiacon
among our school cud other libraries, putshe and prl
vale, cannot fail to be produetiye of advantage.
From the Washington ID. C.) Union.
We ca ncel too highly recommend the work. The
engravings are in the highest Wye of an. No work
bus ever before been pablialmil in this country so
olendldly Illustrated, and the printed matter is of .
equally high order It 1011.% the work for farolltes.
611N06. of this invalu.leEncyclopteraa aro cow
published and ready for subscribers.
Bootaellor tad Imponeo 03 Wood Ile
men (Atter lea April—Foarth in. near Wood.)
snails& nail Asnarioass nooks.
cti Wood strap bas for sell—
Loudon drobaectoral blagallse, .1 vole
Wood'. Treatise oa itoael.l.B lAf4
100 MI:10mo( Washington . , you, ,00.--SparlVe
Life and Ilhillogs of Frs. klan, lt
10 vol., royal
History of England; Pletorial &Woo; 4 vole. rola' 6.0.
.....-5101k.peare;erlitlap; 3 vol., rayed Ow.
1,04 Fourth st
• ,
- - VOL. XVII. No. 216.
19', 1850.
. lB5O, • ianTg!
I To man Pima
Pittsburgh and Phiturialphin.
IC 9 the business on the canal is .1,0011,0mr, otorcd
A for the icon. we would Inform the mlblic ti at
we boos Again brought the Cone,ngo. Ws ~,,n . bon es.
it urinous, and will he prepared Formant pounds
daily, (commencing on Mo. , the cUrh Snot A ear
lensing Philedephot the malt yrnirt Ins Chore
bersburg, rind the Wiunno traveling etas 1.1111 I .
animas the delivery c:f Goods fivr,dar, nor
WM. BING RAM. l'inslot rah,
BINGHAM &DOCK, No. 111 l el. street,
Maga 1850. IRMM
TO VID mhos
Tune Five Days, (Sund
nd ays excepthdd running Day
T" publit iv reepeetfally informed that fhb, Line,
winch hay been in suciemsful ci,ciaisort tha tarn
previon• winters, will anain cnlntnenee tanJ $pS on
bioaday, the Mbh of November.
A Car will leave Philadelphia and Chataliewslioneh
daily each way with the Mail Train, and Irmo Chant
berthergh with relays of homes 'Uniting dal a^d n
We are prepared to forward OW lbsereigh, daily by
the above Line. Apply to
D. LEECH &CO. Pa: 0..7:h,
Of 10-11Allills
Haute Thud sett,
G °"r. forwarded by this Line are rented inib
ma i l train to Chambersburgu, and ore LW:Pi...din Ic -
ly loaded in {begone going night and day 14 roUr 14 to
The hones are auttiatted every 15 ins!, Met,
Insures the prompt dclotory sof moods within tin ortir
The Wagon. orill.leave our wartliense drily, ann.
days excepted.) at d o'clock: Y. N.
Shippers are assured that no more grend• Mt: he
taken each day than tan be puseteliix earon
3Amrs ;JAN - Is rn;
. r 27 Ithtrket , wert. Penlnc:Tip:Liz.
Cenral Plitsbeirth
IIIcFADA:N & FoltlvAmix. A rox.,s
Maannairra, Canal Basin, Penn watt, BanOmagh.
/ANIL'S M. DAVIS a CO, PLC= FACT WO &. • I] CO le.
memos Bluertasts,227 Market, atal it Cowmen ,
'Cr Advancer made by either of tbe above, on Flone
LL not, and other towbar:due, eAtt.irA'd f o r
tate. Stet
OttlOx LINU.
T ety entcribers, now haying In nereesset? nperT HE Sion an Express %Vegan (Are be:wren Cl:tsl , errh
and Philadelpttne see prepared to receipt for GU* les
freight daily. Eaeb way delirerable through in eix
day e, Snrdaya execened.
Canal Gala, Pinelnesh
107 Alarket el.
• Merchants. Tienspo . rtation Line.
For the Treeeportehon of
111.01.1121 , 1MAND rstouccit MILIMPGII SO P. 2114
%Cutout roahinpina.
TIME-10 Dayai Rates al Pietalat slump as low
as any other respnilaiblo Linn.
C A aIeANCLTY & Co, PrOotle
Car llama Penn 31, Pittsnuqh
Astan—RillSE MORRILL & Co, Beitlraore.
• CHARLES. RAYNOR, Philadelphia
Esel WAY
Wir the ancoduarnlarion of On
Vniitour IJITITINErAri
Ilet*vo rittstwirglr. 11121."1118, Johnsiown I;nii..
daystiurgb. Aid all intern:lndia, etricee.
Shpper* by thir Litre e. •Israt a
upon har
lot, weir goods prornplly forwarded and delivered ni
a f sy ,, rnt on the Canal or Rail at fair rate. for
Aorays—R II CAN ati,Johortown,
T.III.L.F.R.II4IIidar mbar(
C A SPA:it:LEY 21:U log
rot rat SaIICSIVITATION 07 bar..... 51 Z.M . 11.11
HE PRPRIUTORS of tats old ortoßlidard nral
MST Portable Dont lane, are nmin aotr.c f say prepared
receive goods for shipment on °: o C.sual
Hawing moat mimic Melt room for .
sutras, Is amp, and complete.
No trawls:porta take- plate on aas Llne; tie goads
being pa low pe rattan Imats. ate ma ttnatahed
until arrive! at :heir d,...tat sham, thus arca t tatc
ling at the throe points of Je:.nan tt. ,Larc.
and Columba,
No charge made fur recerring or forwaolinr, or
vatong onarges. AN goods forwarded vroto - dly, and
upon a. lair terms as by any error Line
Our looghbor Itnev difer a. to their rrotibi'l44
We have, for the lam, 16 year.. been ..rne IrcOaare
Lore," an 1 have rever Wonted one otlci nod wo
we bane caram . d toe privilege 01 !wow elorngo,!
name to the ova... or oTirx Raaro,darat Lau."
JOHN 31cI , A0h.N h. Co,
Canal !loom. Potrbargh.
. Al DO 41, ,
turd Nn 417 laritel Pnl:ade , pb
I m cj,
1800, Ra
EalrifiF:6S WAGON LINE -TullOtitili IN
rpm ..bveribera,having.snspended their cattail or
-1 mations mnil the opening, of the Spring Nunsica
llon, have established an Egress Llne by Rtiiltwin and
Wagon between Philadelphia iand Sittsburch. 11
winch they aro prepared to forward Unto pounds each
day and receipt for the delivery of the. Imam in a
They beg Mare ID assure their ',Muds and we pat.-
lie that then arrangements regarding rates, regularity
and despatch, cannot fail to give satisfaction to all also
gavor then with their command ,
comet Penn and (Why) it, Ynniborgh.
do 7 7:7, Market street, Philadelphia.
Rodent and Antique Furniture,
TR= Sr., PiTis.l4ll.
J. W. W.
: 4 4 Respectfally informs dm" ,
"-.• public: that ha has com
pleted his spring Snick of
FU 10111 - MIX. the rorgost and most vaned amortnicut
ever offered for sale in this city ; comprising al
setts of Boixwooo, Mostomsv, and Duca Wststir,
carved, ornamental and Plato, suitable for Patioro.
Drawing and Bed Rooms, all of which will be raid at
the fewest priees. •
Persona ucsiting Fliftlillirt of soy descelption. aro
spectfully invited to call andexamine lasstoax, mitten
embraem every description, from the cheapest and
plainest to the most elegant and costly, of which the
following comprises ti pan:
Tete Islam Sofas; Tete • Tete Divans
Conversation Chalrs4 Elitsbetanui Cows;
Reception do Idols XIV do
Extension do Waif. Ettique;
What Nots• Toilet Tani.,
Louis XiVCommadoro. Doke of Lark's Coach;
60 Sofas with Plush and Hatr-cloth cowers
Hi Divans to
4U doe Mahogany Parlor Chairs;
10 ' Kosovo:id do do; l i
Id " 1111 Walnut do do;
40 " Cane Peat do;
4 " Mahogany Rocking do;
2 " do Plano Stools;
SU !Lashio Top Centro Tables;
1•0 do do Wash Stands;
IN Mahogany Bedsteads;
I 2 do Wardrobes;
lv HI'S Walnut do;
!I cherry do.
A very I•rge assortment of Common Chute and oth•
es Furniture too tedious to mention.
Dor Ste am Boat, furnishe on the shortest notice.
Ail dprompy attended to.
P. S.—Cabinet Matters con bo supplied with all sorts
of Mahogany, Walnut, and Veneer., ut consideralny
reduced praces • feblS
fEsecusora to M'Cord m Kinky
Fra•hlonaltolo Ilatter:o, * i f&
Corner of Wand and Fifth &seas' .
PARTICULAR attention paid to oar Retail Trade.
BenOemen can rely upon getting their Hats and
Caps from oar establishment f the easy monotone and
woanturstals of-tbmtwnsr miss, and at the LOValif
Country Merchants, purchasing by wholesale, are
respectfully invited to call and exoniiim our Stock; es
we can say with Confidence that m regards dcatter
and mums, it will nitisistret hi a companion with nny
house , I • I ~ fete
P rrYritfutiO oT
rr l c,„ Sc o e f oilre a ri n si d on m o r. f . the ,
academic year, will commence nu this day, Al p oni s tu7,
February 12th, in the sato, buildings, No. 12 Liberty
. Arraagements have been made by which they will
be able to furnish young ladies facties egoul in toy
in the West, foe °Wanting a thorough, English, 1L:13.04{1
cal, and Ornamental educadon. A Coll course of Pa
isoph and CheraiCal son lie delivered
daring the winter, illustrated by opportune. The de.
permeate orVocal Fuld Instrumental fdattle, Mode,.
t he
care Drawing and Prottung, wilfeach be Under
the care of n competent Profeesor. lly close ittut.on
to the moral and intellectual impel:to-went of their pu
pils, the Principals hope to merit a continuation of the
tliberal p e
O atro m enagen., they have hitherto cnJoyed. lot
erms, re or apply to the Principals.,
at uspratt & Sons , Pat •In Seidl,. Agit.
te will 'hard' arrive. direct from the
ecalacia rers, via New Orleenr, per kelp,
Aisle, Medici", lewd., and Anwrie, which will tic
acic, ad swill, at die lower ivarket
& 51 511kCII1ILTREE,
!dm IVO I..berty et
Er['bey vial alas receive large sal:Vies daring t 1
•prig via radhilelptua acid lialuatecal • •
O. GO Marketstmet, amdaily reeetoing new was
desirable Good s from the leading manufamorma
ads country, end of thnistest tecyotritioni.-' The
facilitiesc which they colon in-bong connestedanth n
house in the min entitles them to purchase goods of
the lowest 'algal's, and seep their moth roll awkdo
sltabitt 01011 seasons. ,
They tiara a Col assortment of 2[oase 'tenpins
Goods, to which they solicit the early =ammo of
Moir ft** and Oa radio.,
• - L!..,511.LaZ.L.11
• -- - . . .
-- — I - di i -- . -- 7 ~ • .
I fifAllll:(lr,V Ntellidttirifc
71 Anti PAC CURER OF CA*l' ST E 1 . 41., ad 44 NA. 4.
INI. and N 0.9 American Mister Steel. Alt—Oast
Oa. Stool Ftler, of all :ire': and , filitel - in 11l and not:
Rao,, alwalr nu handt‘ldloeselo, cube tit hts '.F.a.
ale Stret Worke, , ollara meet, Fifth %V rd, neat ate.
office di the Iron -Antra of 110141.111 ANS dd. GAR 4
SOY, No 4, (oot of Wood ocdot, rtO4ntOtltt ' ; •. , ,
• .
tve, three:le - reigned, h nein!: 'n'ed, ttsi , 4S at '
illeeion. the Grist enet•sed•Files liyEs.isitief
Alelfolvy, e hie Engin SteellitTrks, in flits etty,take
rieneure io reoemmendfieetherti in, equal I:RAU/1111y to
uay ounce used by M. of fames esetnot.tute. •,
Poieliornh, GI. lefrl)
• ti & J II :Zuni's FIERIIF.It a CO, ,
Aleitufneurere of Iron and Nano, Potshard, Pa.
Iron Founder,/ net lineinniete, Pittehoreh. Pa.
likuntincLuscrs ot:Spe,,P7
Rises. Patellorsh,
. Fit W , 51
Engine Boildere and Atnehine Card Alutiuluetu•
Braes Founder. PittehM:h.Pa.
26Innorneuners of Iron rend Naito. Pittslorreh. Pa. '
Loenniroive Engin/inn/I tihip PittahnichrPs.
Ni Wediedeteekell
• .
31ar'ile Nlenufee inter, Itlnehy.e end Engine]: el&
rtle22 Tr: Vi abuurh~ Pri_
PALI , IEa, Ibj. cftA & CO. .
ISuereerore to Ifestey. Itrunia ( , 0.1
MIIiANKERS, EXClirkeiCh: LilLOKElttic eel dealers
1) in Forecri and Domenic Kluirartgea Certificates
of Deposit/li, Dunk Notre, and .Specie—Pourth creel,
riyiopporite the Ursk of Pittstentah. ' Column mo—
yoomrod on depouto—eight Check' , foreale, end
onlreefionot made On neailyeall the principal' points to
tha United Elates. •
The highest preninct ped for Foreign knit Aw.erfeen
• - •
fold ' • - ,
A, trancea mode on coneignments of Prot:nee, WT.
• en! Eat.; on lamral terms..f .,
-- ----
• 1t.1.L0D1C0.17
' THE seheeritier lent Just riceived
d beetnifel inctruntent called
Trirr"Melodeon Piano," front the factorial
i 11 1 .7 March a White,' Cincinnati,' If has
the elegance of exteriaeof a I'M. Forte, and M rot
..d or a tyre once I,ICCt and powerful. lu
great inlvantage, however,.conaiati in the tepidity of
es etiverletinit, 'which' rattles the performer to Gin
cute upon it the meet brilliant pienoMilfiC. Altogeth
er. it they e called the heti reed instrument elec . In•
rented. Call and examine.
• ,• ritisßV wocidrell7 o 4
gole-Azep:fur.Alut4sa.iAthite l e.ptenufeetore .
P —.At., several neer entlocery.fute hltiodeonee
meht Juornal, C . , roulette strid-Ittecncy eel , ' I
I.3rldeatoarg Ale.ckstne Alaisufoorory.
.tthscrii.cs iniorms his , lrietuts•and the pantie,.
J. his extensive ertmitohroent, Mapahle of
employing from two to thremMundred workmen, and
Wilrio Ito always keeps in larpetormiser of the hest
moctilorsts engaged.) he is prepared to erecute, i, the
andwith c.reutdr.4 , :gth. nit ceder* the
• WORK and curroN• end WOOLEN islAs
CIIIINPRY, of every ileieriptinn. Poi the wort:men
elm and style of his Madams, he would-it:lir td the
mommoni. inantifacturers in the %Vartern anti Una/hero
Mater, et we,l e•the Middle ietates, whence new op
imuLq t h em; Ile has recently mad. great itailwave
iimuts. bola in re style niml oleos or Ms Machinery,
• will be fern:shed at ressanable prices byl a•
ply tug to ALFRED JP.,:kllty • •
mrs.2at• Ihideshork, Pa.
• steginteEtt<, the Animcy Mr reli
ting the Prtut:ni, l'apet of lour established and
eximoive Mill, in' tier vicinity, will he al all woes
well -.implied with the diffetent she , of Paper, of sa
lmons quality, which WO cifcr at the tamest regular
pe nny sire or quality will he manalnetured to order at
shoo notice.. Alt F 2 ,161.4511 A CU, •
(Suceemorn of Elliott A Enyth h.)
torso No 70 Wool street
• . - • •
Illus.: Pow.. er...tap Veretotote ,xisting between Elheft
Enn , tn llooh .t.l Paper Duman" wtt.
.ittsolved on :Ito Itth 1n• r. hy rwitnnl eorment The
Ittiotwo will be continued of the old nand, No.:1
Wowd awe., undo' 1101 rm of "A. 11. Englith & Co.:"
by w o rn the Game. of the former Isermerrhip will
terttl A II ENGLISH.
W''':,`,.T7.17.'7, 1 .??,11,71r=t1t.11 ° At
me prepared to sell at tito lowest market prices to
eEott ynri nad brwritt bovine. , men. '
Wn would r,ic the attention at City...oil Wertern
Mernlbini, to Our ,t-•-k, believing, we mu offer malty
induct tonow to porebase from no.
StittelitrNlT it WHITE'.
Dry Gricnb: VVnn , l en
Pate. Ski Teats.
-A- I.F.X A Si IlElt A. DAY. cotuet ot the Diarnotid and
t 9 11 .trcetdarc prepared to tercr, at ate low.
ed re, 0(.1 pr o choice u....orareent 114 k,, of 1130
1,.,t queen... t oad
11^017.1. style, Best black glassy de Rhine. of a celebr.etef seanufecteteh weteetet
d net in cut in widier. Slack Ilrocadt fig'd
cern rwlt. ficed Silks and Satin De CONICS, In'
choice color.: Ceauteirsie, Geo de Patine.; fttist
Clinics. and Ture snoop.
ALEXA;i:DE.It A DAY, 00 Market Pt,
noel North done, of the Diamond
LEAN DER: DAV. cornea[ the Diamond and
_A..050 110 n, beillug 02, el reduced
prises, their Pcock nf Winter Geods, coediting of
Shawi. and Lollies' Drew Good,. in. great vaned',
awl rirokfleln,Clogki,Casiitacs,Salin
co.; and n rt.SOrtinent of heavy "Cotton • floods.
Corthdeot that inareenstrdra nnot be had else.
where, wc iodic de attention of boners.
aide 7d hlatket wieete
J o)s'
COO rut Inlay,. a..... r.cralw.7lllNr COSMO/ Ar..f. '
•LLi.v.No TS.. ranrc an WAS it Or 11. Ito.
Olt MM. Or 11h1.a111i.0 Vl=
iCo'ula or Il.nga lied , lemto,
Obstinate Cute
u• Eruption% Puripica or Pustules on the Face,
Illowhea Oils, CheenieSime Elea Flag Worst
or Tome, Scold Ileal. Ealmgpment end Paine
the Bon, add Joints,
Lum en Ulcere. Syphiltie
Sysapione, Selltle• or 'Lumberer-and disease.
artung from no ta;udicious use of Mercury, AM
-' tiles or Dropsy, Expoture or Imprudence to Lifm;
Also—Chrome Conwitutiostal Disorders, As.
lii thin prep:tan:on aro etrongly ncentrated all the
kledleinel properties of barse.paull co a, combined teeth
ths most Elfecnial Mils, oho most aulustuT producnoos,
Sr ;nest potent simples of the vegetable kingdom; .11
it hoe been ao fully tested,' not only by plitients them.
5 "i'Ioll, bni. also by Phyaimans, that it has teethed.
their tag distilled weoanneddations and the.aP2robn
lion of the te l itnid,bas established, on Its Own
exam, /X repel ;toe me n ot.
VMS'S 011 d 1.11... CT far eerie
riot to the vu ;us compounde bearing the Anne of
i 4t
,tiarasparitla. ea Ivolutes Corn!, such !Mare
not lurnished la . ;chords of Dine peso:rind what it
her already done r the thousands who have tired it,
It is aapnble of doing for the millions still voffeting and
struggling yeah diseased It punfits, cleaners, and
ens the fountain wrings of life. and Mids.,
new vigor throurihnut tan whole animal fronts.
The following Writing; und—as smiths seen—per-
matent cute of misaveteralo cam of Semfaln, cam
mends itself moll similarly Milictedi -
ffearrerour, Cohn., Jan. 1,18111-.
hid:mita:landed Gentiessou, Sympathy Mettle ache[-
ad ; iduces; rue to inlorat you of the remarkable core
effected by your Samoa:llln, in the case of my wife.
0 he was severely afflistEd with th, &vends on differ
ent pans of the body; th e glands of th e neck were
r many enlarged, and her limbs much swollen. 'Ater
end 'ring aver a rear, and tinging no relief from the
remedies used, the illscram attacked one leg, and he
low the knee 'appareled. Iler phystetes edviaed It.
should be laid open, winch seas done, bucivithout any
permanent benefit In this lineation we heard of, and
to Ludlum-dm um.. Sands' Barsapertilu. _llse Urs
bone produced a deeided and favorable clack, whey
in p her more than any preretiption she had ever taken
and before she used six boules—to the mtbnlehment
and delight of her friends—she found her health quite
moored. Iris now neer a year since the cure was el ,
Imhof, and her health remelt. , goods 'bearing that the
disease waa thoroughly eradicated loom the syucto.
Our neighbors are Oil knowing totheec teeter, and nob
very highly of Sandal Sarsaparilla.. . '
Vours With respect, : JULIUS PIIM
Ectrset from a letter received trop Mr. N. W. line
ns, a gentleman well known la, Louislatm our, Va.:l
"Gentlemen, I have cured a negro boy of mann with
your Sarsaparilla whoiaiss attacked with Scrofula,
and of a scrofulous Mintirs
"Yours, truly, N. W. 115111118,
. "Frederteas 11011, Vn. July
a1ma17.18.9 ;
ftsseal 5AF:541,0113.F.—1 seams ltuannccry tn direct 1111,ntiOrl to an t article FO well known, ,odd
r 7
dcie rlred I y popokar, al thl.. preparation. but patient.
oiler. wen wish to um me ostraCt 01 Sarsapardla, ate
induced to try rend lVOrthler
but comments w e or ions Of MO Tunas Of nee yells
chic root, and we thin: ws cmsooscraffer a greater
benefit on oar renders than In directlng their uttenticar
to the ad
ref th e Masers. Sands. in as:abet
column. The bottle has serenity. been enlerged try
held a gun, and ir•o. Who walk smelly toed =title
woi hilacouerntrated hi Ilits all the medicinal value
i,f :h,.
The experience of thousands has proven
its effieney in ca , the sofislil di.0.21 , Vg for which It
Is re,omoltmleal, and m Um ',recent 10:20 more than
an y nmes, perhir A, hi this to
ditine.uneful ; in pro
r ,,,,,. the eystern for a change of masors--illotne. Jour.,
ire Septliln.
Frepated and rold, aludierffe and Seta. byjc. ll: A
D.SANI/S, Dolman and Cbrinnw, TO
Pala= [vett,
ensure or WW1...,
.Nzw.Yors. ,Sold also by Drugs
sous generally throagliont the United State and Cam
.JP. PrlCe. SI per bettivi on bottles for 51. , . :
Poe sale by L. IVILWX, Jr SA. FA ONES - CO L :CFI
SE CO.. and I , :bWARIPPENDERICII,PIbj.bIuIth• •
a tor,Dr.S.:Amirli.lieirntwatere. ; . id,1t6.4,e,f,
Grit ON ...NIONTAGGFA Ora Venlig Christia.a^
al Choice: • Narrative lound.rd on the Varl r rustery
or, a Motivator bliialoonryt by C: 6. Airirtuner; one 79
biodern Lat.-ratan, rind Literary Men, being e sec,
Gad Gallery of Literary Pouch, try r_iorip-o,lifiltani•
reprinted Calton hoot um lentloa aditiu a, Olualarga
zoo vol,
thuionary of .Maahlnes, /so, No IL
Ulric Zoikugle, um Swim Reformat r, by Rev,D
Llor 19 nab, niustio.
far the Yeang.aar l'eme kilos itirtstrated
, .by Facts; raalpiled by Roy ti Smut,l vol In two mare
Il% %Saratoga no Youth, suggesmd by the I tistml or la'
mutable scripture characters,
R y Robert Limbo., l'
vol too, muslin. Forest° try'
z/:1 hit 3 o*KVtifiLl 6.GFi atti 5. , 14: 7 ' -
. .
:h. h
'PROM +FIE nuriuvi
. 1 1 P.l ,
Itsvou do . do
.Btaak Satiketia.
Dra Pack ol.kakodro..! ,
,Soper Black Braid ace,.
sap.t ercmd d o ''
,Super Ginto -"do .•.
SoPdr,Sktik Doe Skink
S pe a r M
Sakr ora tira Cashm do dres..
Soper Black dot •
Collforxds BliWkatlL ,
Pearlet do
131)id ":„
Drab do ' ”
. •
Grain Bagging..'
Brown Drina;
At the Manufacturers'.
Pittsburgh .
BE I. G . Lir.Le to intent:ls bleeds andel= hat .,
comprising, as aural, all the newest and BOW ketkw .
able alien of Cloths, Catalonia, AMY Vamp, co , "
ton sad lineamer cads, and every whole aultahle
for gentlemen's wear for aprieg and somuner. being
impossible to describe the beauty, quality, or quantity
of the stock, the proprietor hopes allwbo are m want
of good, cheap, fashionable, end well Made clothes,
wilt give him z 'oh% as there is neigusek this aide of
the Alleghenies that can =tappet with W•
The reedy made department in very exte€mive, adap
ted to attunes.
Rail road cootramass r ceenstrfletensharths, and all
who purchase largely, are particularly inviteellib ex
amine the stock before parchasing, u partlealar at Pala so the wholesale batdxf la this clash
' Every . article in the tallerinit line made to order la
the moot fashionable wed best manna, the shertast
lloots' for isle - try A. . 11.Z•illak • Cs.
vri; 70 Wood atrset. ,
rpm Pre•AdamhiErirth; Cormintliona to Theok , ;4l..
1. cal Science. By John Bares, D.D.: President of
Chestont College author. of "The Gnat Teacher;
"The Great Convidarden; dn.
The Great C1i0 , t 4 ...10n•L or the. Christian {Monk
Constituted and Charged aeon., the Opened to the
.Vela: By the Rev.]. lilies, D. D - author of "Mt.,-
mon," "The GreetTenetter," fie ,wiih tratrodectury
Esrey, by lice. Willi= IL Williams, D. D.
Waage; or 'the" Charms of the Nile: By William
Famiss. •• • , .
The Mercy Se ara Thoughts Saggeated by the LAIN
Prayer. By Gardiner Spring, DI: D.,' Pastor of the
Bock PrethrcriaLChereti, City of Nam York.
I The extent of the Atonemt in its relao to God
od the Universe. By 'Thom en as W.',Tank ti yri n ,
D. D ,
President of Coward College, London.... • _ _
Man Primeval; or the ns
Cotitheina• an d neaten ,
Condition of the Haman Being. A centribmion to
Theological Science. By Rev. John Han* D. D.,
President of Chestnut College.
.The. Church , in Earnest. By Jahn' Angell Jamas,
Leather of "Tae Church Memberat Guide; Sm.
r Memento of 'Political Economy. :By Prude
VC ayland, D. D.,President of Brown Univeraity, and
Professor of 1401111 Philosophy.
Itepublie. Christianity on The Liberty, as ex. _
hibithd in the Life, Precepts, and Early Disciple* of
the Glint rim:timer. By E. L. Magoon, other of
"Proverb. foe the People? "Living Chmorsef Anted.
. • -
Sketches and Rambles. By J. T. Headley.
• Proverbs for the People; or Illustrations of Prud
ent Godliness, Drawn from the Book of Illlsdom. By
R. L. Magoon. mall
'SGShIAS, a birethe or. the
COSMAS, a Actch of a Pay atesl Deseripuan of th.
Universe. IlyelexanderVotillumboldt.g eel Wins.
Memoirs of the Life-of William Wirt. Dy J. P.
Rcaoadr. new edition.
Alamein or the Lite and Writings orgtomas Chal
mers D. D. By his son in law, Rao. William Hanna
L.L D. 3 vols.
Sketches of Miettesota, the Naw Eagland at dor
West, with incidents of waved in that Tanker/ darlag
the 'warner of 14 ;in two parts. Dy &S. Seymour.
with a may. - . .
re.lay , s Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy.
I Tel Mao.
The Fairy Doak, Illestrased wish BY 1
Musa. r
Spark , . Amadeus Biography, 10 •11 . 14 MO, 75 ussw .
per 'DIM,—
The Whale and his Captors, the:phalatst . hrs . :t IA- \
no and his Captors, or *els
.coutres and. the Wltatehr Dy IL T.
Cheerers, with engraving. 63 eunt.
Redburn,his First VOlne,belug the salon boy ton-
fessions and reminiscences ef the son of a seaman 1 1
In the merchant service. Dy Deana* httivWe, seam
of "Typ" "Orneoplee.
The Mo dern Thrush Plutarch, or Livei of Men Din
tiesui.hed is the recent thuory of FAALIAA for their
Totems, Virtue, or Achievement.' ,DJ - W. C. Taylor,
LLD. Also, Am. S. S.Doetz oubaial and for ale lry
• • • • Softeners of ELLIOTT 8,..-molaas.
Powderel Poordort
l Elbe
60 gf,skm,°"o°.'"' " dr
Ott do Hosier Fr.
_VU Mlle;
£0 do P, FP. fro, El .
tboo •do Loflin`s &Smith's ass , a Blsoung;
NO do do do .' ors.;
:no do •do do N Y Mar
Soo do do American ' lUDs;
, 1.4./ and kegs do do; •
10 . eases cam:aster do do;
to do do Pralsio flhbotter.
DI do do Dock. • do; •
6 bbl. Seamy Faso.—La Ihvdmims and
no,; all of 'which to offeoed to the Uado.OD the most
fovorvb:e terms. Deliverable at .11 !matzo( .the day.
Yoe qv st and varimy of . tho Caardster Powder Is
worthy Ito auemion of spormoss.
sp,lJ. C. BIDWELL, Agent.
No 11 Apollo Bultdiap, Fountkinwn.,
G •Sz CO.
Q 15114.14
Mu DON ,
Wu DratLA
Fur" Coarnadoo; W 47,7
greseoi lIIFLOtOfy 911.1161 ,
ihe:66 3.ad1a41
QUita l m , it&duo,
l =Ooods
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Baelon ..
Brown I.lN7u a lltiala m""rl a
Dub Sugs, black do, • it
Black ud WhitiTapu
BlookTottat, Drab du
Irtom Cheeks and Dung
art's • cord l=ttot
• Men
Isuperior uncle;
altk Flguld Yoruba.:
Black Natio — do
Brown Holland geg gab;
Buttons, Crams, to, 80.
• ssoncounhNo 147 Wood a.
L'At44 , 1.0.)( 04- 1
ifR. R. E SELLERS -- I l' ase - of e' ' L a the
/1 , 1 Cough Etv rap and Liver Pills you sent me, and
tn dos of the Veradfoge. •
there used oil your Email, hiedinnthith my fai l
end have also prescribed them to toy premneet 1 mn
very much plenthd
m e them, and have found nothing
to coital them. Bend me 8 dos of your Vermifoge, and
to ass end! of the Liver Pills and Collet Sygep.
Rapectfully yours, • :.
[Ennui of Letter.} . . T..T.Jamson.
the,, highly pope medicines may . * had of the
proprietor, n E SI.LLERS, 57 Wood st, and Druggists
generally the ren:l cities and vicinity.; api
Davy _nooks I New Boolksl.l . ' -
AT 110LMES'LITY.FLARY DEPOT, Third Artie, op
pout the Post °dna:—
Eva Sa.C3ai, by 0 I' D.J... Coq •
Morning Ca ll , a laca• Magnaian, bylin DIU •
!Audi's - Living Age, No 3017
• Dictionary of Mechanics' Engine Wark,AMEogineenzg,
Wilford Mn,ottenr ortbe Soma Order of Situ, Sam •
Dr )
Valentine, and Yukn NCl's biatentogiono•
The Star of On FllllOl, by N Ed Caret, Ca
Wol6lle/ Friendship, • Story of Domestic Life
Hestia oad Hon" a Story by Idn INTa
While Jacket. by Hem. gelato • -
Mahon. and his 8 oecesaors, ba Waalonston Infra; apl
Natirr 'Books.
CIOSSIOS, a skda of. Phytioal dlneriptieei of flu Nol•
V rem, by linsobakln 2 sls, Coin and 11. per.
Sketehti of Slineaotaolto Now Tactual of On Wait, by
E. 8 Seymour with map; t tool Cloth and Paps. T. Life aad Coirespsodence of Sobert Southey, No T.
Topkno, or Pave from *a Took of Life at Traty, b:
. .
kels;lnat and Wntior ist Thai ClialamaND D, by
tu. w Hanna, 1) ri; .11, dab- F. , •
.44 -- • No 78•Apalo Biuldlnga, FOO/121 111.
MSS SACRED EARAION3ST t et arm eelicetice
Cherch Maria. Edited by George. kartgalel- A' •
tear or Social Choir, Javenile Choir, kc, ere.
Sabbath School Gem of Ablate vat Poetry.; Scalgoed
uptessly for the Sabbath Pabbob by 1. & A. Cock.
A new Tread. on Astronomy( and the Um of—ke
Globes, bosom parts. Coma Idol& Astronamien :and
Other definidons; monons and postuonsol the ron,suoon
end planets. Kepler , . lams and Theory of Gravitation,
Refraetten,Tsrilight, and Farrell., smen=s, Pe
' riods,Dionnees, - Phenamens, and Magolmdes of the
Heavenly Bodies composting the Bolo: - Sysths, fee.;
also, an extensive collect on or the most =dot rroh
less on the Uss of the Wont. Illustrated by a not
able variety of Taamples, &o; designed 'foe the Use
of High Sehools and liellatatie. By Jelhellldelndre,
AL D„ Professor of Matlnnitulics us! Ammuomy in
the Central High School, of Baltimore.
Deck and Port,-or Incidents of a Clado tballaited
States F
ene Congress, to California; with Sketches
of Janeiro, Valparaiso, Lima, Hortolalu. andllan
Francisco. By Rev. Walter Coltou,lL S.
N.; lather
of Ship md Shore, &e. For aide by
Bneeemots to ELLIOT & ENOTABII,
..r4 . No. 07Wood emu.
April 2lagaslates sin& New BoOkar ,
Tram Siam, opp.mito the Post 00aa.
1 4, 11=3o ie tk i , for d ayril; „
nartain's , do 4 ; -
Ladleatliatiortal do do;
Holden% Dollar • do - doe '
IllackwooPs Maga:MN for Felomary.,
Willie Jacket. or the World in • Mandsf-War. Her
tamMelville'a new woritc.blaisenet and His thm.
<caws; hy Washatgton l .• - - ng; vol Es t .
land Poultry Breeder; with twenty lIVII 1M1U1110,.. •
V ' et i sTi ant&l.lhount. Bp oooool, ' e F e&s, . nd mimpkiet
—David , Cdpperecldr by IDekena.- , -Tlie &Mos
Family; a Contedy.--,Esplazunkom and , Rimy of
tho' itoeheater Knocaings.--Cott Cremma nj th• DIA
till Ittam'•by Later. Leland Cashel; 'br/ Lent_ ..--
tlionty of Pendent:dm Thaokaren_No
nanny. of Mechanic.; &gine Watt' and Enginee.
otel Pam AL—Dark Seems of History; by O F. 10.
._ • ,• • - mail
- •
Chambers. *4mostalaMall POW's.
L ham
heti have employed the first Norman, In'tota
Land, la the ,preparation, of mesa = works . : T hy aro
dow,oirered to the tichools of the UO.llOll Mite% under
'lto /Unction, revision of D:Pd; Lone, L.L.D.,
late finpuintendant Pabllo fiebOois, Intim Ctlty and
coantrof New Yotk.. ,
I..:hambent Tenantry or Enowlbdger,
11.-Clatk% Deawiag and Permeatem ,
' . 'lti. - .ChombetatElemenw of Natural Philoso phy)
Held It Bain% ammlatty anbfgetoodeity; ' -
V. Hamilton's Vegetable and Animal Phyautlegn
VI. Chumbere Elements of Zoology, with plat es; Vll. Page's Element, of Geology, illastntled.•
It is well k :town that the ompnalpubliahers of them
works atm Mani Chambers, of Edinburgh) are able
to command Itte beat talent" in the preparation of Malt
Moots, and tha it ia their ractice to demi fahltfall
with the imbibe. t '
Thi. aeries p will not diampeintylo y
reasonable. expectation* that excited.' „INV Atze
mammy works, prepared by wheal in entryway sa
sable af doing Janine*. Mem respeedvoundettanest,
• and who have evidently bestowed VIM thmktbr.
rename ante and labor to adapt them to %hair pinta..
' a reettinrrend Mau to teacher. not paten* with
confidence. The, first named volsone,in.ths hands Of
teacher of the /onager chimes; mightlarniatt an In
axtutazublo fond of amassment and lasweetiom: Th
gather ; they wouldeonatinne a rich Mama to • tea*
of loud:riot eldldreo,'. and impart a thlrst for
Pobbatted a y A. D. Dames Co Pim, York: Ind
for sate by I:E.E.NOLIDII &CD.
.4Tou. Ws an
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