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WEDNESDAY mortslap..oatt VI, 1650.
ra" . V. 11' Pockm is * Agent• fir 'flos piper irt hls
„„ several azepoles rn New Itork, and
Lad isdvordsouseuts for us.
-.,..Rallroad Connections 3Vertou!cl Boum ! .
_ . .
t , •We have hid lying du oortableilbreonte deli,
awaiting gas torn, an Infeidsting letter from an ln.
- 1, telligentPittsbingh genticman, - wholabiluteen tray
citing extettalvely In the Writ and South. Wear,
. , for the last year o ) J two. His letter is dated
uNuhville, Much 6," and Is principellf 00 ..0'
ed in - disc-awing o r littered,' In. relation to the
treat aystem of internal improvements projected
, and building in the South and Sootn-West. The
knowing extract contains matter or information
- and suggestiunof immediate Interest to this city
and State:—
"You have no doubt watching, with inter
est. th e rail d movement in Kentucky and
Tennessee. I ar we do not attach enough ins
porunce to this. i In the anxiety to connect with
the Atlantic coast. and the Great Weal, there is
datger of eirgetti g the "Grew South." Placed
as I have been I contam with' business men, In
this and:several ther States, I have had free
Trent opportnnit' of observing the inclinations
of trade and travel ; and I am of the opinion that,
now that our noble "la belle Rivera n in brought
into direct competition with reamed, we must
not place Implicit confidence on that channel, lim
it:ll and intimately connected though it may be,
with one beat interests. The Ohio River I. now
the only connecting link between the West,
SotdhsWest, and Pittsburgh. That River is
blocked 4 by ice and low wateros great portion
of the:year ; and, unfortunately, at a time when it
would be moat needed. Merchants in this sec
uoti,and farther South, rather then risk the unoer•
tairity Mille Ohio, and the mounds, travelbayond
Pittsburgh, seek conveyance through the various
Southern channete, to the Eastern alien.
"Now, Southern men aro beginning to awake
to the Imptirtanee of streichieg oat "anon of iron"
to grasp this great trade, and offer great facilities
tor the shipment of produce and merehudise,
vie, Mobile, Charleston, fte. The corps of Engi.
nuts are actively engaged on the "Nashville and
Chattenoge Read, the greater portion of which
In under contract. And Instead of Pennsylvania
famishing the iron, I notice New Orleans steam
ers unloading the Engiuls rail, amid the iron
bound bills of the Cumberland, and in the very
centre of the mineral region of Tennessee. This
will, of courno he great canoe of rejoicing (I) to the
educates of Free Trade.
"To this may be added the Mobilo road, which
la now being agitated up here, and will, in MI prob_
ability, receive the full amount of subscription thi n
spring. With a complete line of rail road from
Nashville to Charleston,—a, the road is now in
operation to Chattenegs, at the heed of navigation,
no Tennessee River, mid will be completed to
Nashville the ensuing year; a road from Mcr
bile to some indefinite point in Tennessee, togeth.
'CI with the proposed road from Memphia to TerC
bessee River, it is not difficult to see that, mien
we throw out counteractiag influences, we will
ti,evitably lose the vast and fart increasing trade
- of the South West. The certainty and low rote
of freights to Charleston, from Philadelphia and
New York, together' with the facilities which the
Nashville Road will offer, connecting with the
' iTetitiMed and Cuntlihtiliatil : Rivera, and so with
• .
Memphis_ and the Ntissisaippi• valley, must and
will, undoubtedly divert a. great portion of rue
trade of nuthatch, unless epeedy measures are
. th •
. • taken to thereat. the facilities of commtmication,
by that route, with the Atlantic eitiCa.
"In toy' htimble opinion, the ' Great Central
Read,' from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, will not
be anfficient. Neither will tho Western extension
of that road, Into Ohio—however necessary and
..atrial ittnay he—serve to attract the !Mite of the'
.South West, or, prevent WILII. We eirearly hews
fiteittibeing diverted by the Southern Roads. We
-- must have.eomething that the (rosin of winter, or
the drought of summer will not affect.
"There are now three rail roads chartered by
• Legialatures of Tennessee and Kentucky—one
to Headmen, one to Loliaville, and ono 'm the
, direction for Cincinnati, Ohio.' The general spin
kn here is that the Louisvdle Road is most likely
to be completed, of the three proposed. Be that
It may, is it notof vital importance to Pittsburgh
. as
- io'Gruch out 'a portion of her slumbering cam.'
gift, and inert capital; and, by commencing •
- triad to ono of these points, above' named„-give
_ thbatantial to the Nashville and
Kentucky espanhets to meet them at the Ohio
`river 1 This'imuld interest (hem as much as us;
and, in this money locag and rail road building
age, pectininly interest is every thing. .
"By thus making a slight effort, Pittsburgh be
. Mmes no important point on what might justly be
'Mined 'The Great Central Chain of Rail Road,
—connecting not only the Atlantic cities with the
Idiatistippi Valley, but with the great cotton grow
log and Yankee notion consuming South, to the
' 'Gulf orMexico ! '
°Allow the Southern trade to be diverted to
'the extreme Southern and Eastern cities, and it
will require a long time and a great effort to berg
it bark, if, indeed, anal-would be at all possible.
~".I. will not attempt to show, Mr. Editor, what
saline tee sorb inroad might have an perpetuating
&se bonds of un .. rm wh ~..5 Lore I crs soil o're
yet so' much tauter, .i ~.. i, Lr 1:II.G., Ito,l- its
support any odds: e....! re. i , , , .!. I :to, ,is foe
come better Inform:4 ti, iii, :roil tdt;:er per..'
Ile suggestions of One cort..,meilent. is regard
lathe importance to oa of the Booth Western
Jetty, of the danger of its diversion to the South.
ern Atlantic Bee boards; end of the necemity of
having immediate rail road connections with that
region, ere all cotrect, and are deseryiog of err.
rat attention. Bet he ie mtstaken whoa he asserts
that cur Weetern roil road will not answer the
purpose of attracting to us the wade of the South
West. He has been absent from Pittsburgh so
long, that be is not probably aware, that by Mean.
of:our Western extension, we shall have red road
cointeetions with both Cincinnati and Louisville,
within three yews, and probably before either of
the nil roads contemplated from Nesbvdle to the
Ohio river are finfatai'd.
1. Oar Western road will give us three trounces
gone with Cincinnati: One from the line of the
road, at Louisville, by way of Mount Vernon, to
Columba. TIM will be the best and shortest
route from the Eastern cities to Cincinnati. An
other by the way of Kelly's road, and another by
the Cincinnati and Sandusky road.
By the,‘Obio and Pennsylvania" read, the
i:Reilfoulathe and Indiana" road. and th e Ladle. -
polio end.liefiethotaineroad, MN, which 1211.110 W
beitding, We have a direct mil rend thole to In.
dianepolis. , From this latter pia. to Louisville
there will be, in a shoo time, a direct rail toad
connection, by means of the "Madison and India
anaerobe" road, which is finished and working, to
Colemb., and from the letter place to Louisville
by the "Jeffersonville and Columbus" road, which
L now more than hall graded, and the iron for
1 . 0 miles of which her been provided, and will be
laid this leaven, leaving only 45 miles to finish,
to complete 'direct Railroad communication be.
tweeit Lodianspoliaand Louisville.
Ode correependent will thus are, that the people,
of have every encenragernent to pro.
Geed willObeir contemplated rail road conneo:
tioncwith the Ohio river, either at Cincinnati or
we shall have:gaite direct rail road
communication with both these places, before they
can 'possibly 'finish their work. Although the
commtraicatien with Louisville will not be es di. -
reel a roe Be could be found, yet It will probably
be the beet end cheapest,as it pawes through a
Eno level country, well adspted,to the purpose,
and can be couhtmeted very cheaply, and will
prowls, withal, a filth local in de, which will el.
able ir to carry so cheaply at to compete with ,any
EOM WALTER FOIMAND. - Thi. gentleman btu
returned from a virit to Washington and the caw
tern cities, where he bat been mating preparations
in Me departure to Copenhefen, to tate charge
of ble ralarlor.. He is to leave to morrow, for
New York, and will fail from that port on the 27ta
inst.forLlecrPoo!. Mr. 0. O. Gregg, of Ihr
tningbf er, Who /mends to make the tour of En..
rope, radll lecompany him to Copenbegen. •
Cot 4.reeSers-will Sea in owttlyntliyjnrcglumnv
to dopier...notice of the fitiltimoro itsiirond QM.
pony, inviting proposals, which we referred to yes
terday. They will find the work worthy of their
• •
Oato ivy !ZlKNlnarank.lialacop.—lt will be
perceived, In ear advertising columns, that the
Direetors of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad
Company have instructed their Treasurer to give
notice to the StoUkbolders, for the Payment' of the
frEfairaffireElials tUe •-ifiricirift'Shirel of ',Mt, ea
the 20th of May nett, and of the further payment
of the remaining instalments on the 20th of each
aneceedingteenth, Intel the ',bole are paid.
We have been given to understand that the
Board, at Its reeent session on
. 6104day...test, re- .
'Solved a press thematic. midi alithemesila at
•theliebriimand, iavinti of completing the Road
bed, ready the the rails, on the whole of the East
ern division, td the intersection of the Cleavelind
road, near Want Caine, a distance of 50 miles,
at the earliest practicable period.
With this spirited determination, on the part of
the Directors, It Is not to be doubted that toe stock
holders will respond to the cell An the. remaining
instalments, not only with promptitude, but cheer
fulness, Inasmuch as all their present means,not on
ly of individual bet corporate subscription, will be
required to accomplish that object in season.
It will be gratifying to the medic, also, to learn
that the Board has likewise taketiShe preliminary
steps for the purchase of Iron rails, to be delivered
before the close of mmlE:trios, in the Autumn, to
cover the entire Eastern division of the road.
A correspondent asks us where the Eastem ter
minnsof the Western Railroad is to be located. in
r eply, we Can only say, that as far as our informa
tion extendi, it is an undecided question. We
believe it has cover yet come formally before the
Board.; other questions of more pressing import.
anoe„having hitherto occupied their attention. We
presume, however, (or the present, at least, that
the terminus will be some where in Allegheny
city. The company will scarcely undertake the
oonstraction of an expensive Railroad Bridge
across the Allegheny, until the road is finished, and
earning money.
Tee Nesear•• Convirsnort.--A letter from n
well informed editor to Tannerwee, to n gerslemso
of this city. says: .
“Tba proposed :Southern Convention, to be
• held at Nashville, is u goad as deed! Tennessee.
ans could not brook the idea of making their soil a
stamping ground for South Carolina nalltfisrs and
disunionista, and Mississippi repudiators. We
have, consequently, protested against it earnestly
and effectually, and I think, now, it will never be
Ctr=kraus ate Onto CANAL. The impression
that this improvement will be completed by the Is ,
ofJoly next grow. stronger every day. The Hag
erstown New. settle—
is the intention of the chief engineers, we no.
dentand, to recommend to the Board of Direetors
the drawing off orthe water on or about the ISth.
of Hay, for the purpose of making the neceassrf
repair. for the summer trade, and to accommodate
the large trade anticipated after the opeuing of
the line through to Cumberland.
Carrespeateuee of the Naomi's& Gale.,
Hainussuaan, April l IBS°.
The General Bank Bill has passed both flow,
rote day. and in now in the hands of the Geyer
nor, awaiting his approval. The Committee
conference reported late yesterday eveeire, en.
both Housee adopted the Report this mormag
after a long and spirited debate to the Seuate, be
without much discussion in the House. Th
committee adhered io the live dollar limitatie;
as the minimum denomination 'ol note, which
shall be lawful to issue or put in circulation.-
They elsondhered to therovision which censor ,
all Banks to keep thor notes at par at the clue
of Pittabeugh and Philadelphia. The individet
liabilaty for dep.:mitee was stricken out. Then
were the only propositions in d:spote; and wit!
Min exception the bill now elands es it origicalt
paned the Senate.
Bat little else of general interont was done in
either Home to day. Local bills occupied the
attention in both bodies.
In the Senate, Mr. Deride gat Op the toll to re
gulate the storage of goopowder in the cities of
Pittsburgh and' Alleg bony. It wee taken up in
CO2IOiIICO (gibe Whole, and amended by adding'
to it the bill to Incorporate au eisociation for the
establishment of a House of Refuge in Western
Penittrylvantai and then rend II secoml and third I ,
time and passed. That portion of thin bill which
relates to the storage of gunpowder, has been en
tirely changed from the form in which it was on
ginally introduced in the early pit of the aettio
but not having been printed I have, been unable n
to procure aeon of it for you. Tt it understood
to have been the result of a compromise between
the Allegheny members. Its passage through the
Hones in therefore quite certain.
No tuition his yet been had upon the Appropri
ation Bill or the new Apportionment Bill. The
preveiling imprension is, that there is great trou
ble amongst the high contending panics, in con.
sequence of theirmulnal distrust drench other.—
The Speaker, it is thought, in determined to re•
cure Miniver, County, ,before he takes another
step in the other business. Them the well known
consideration offered for his treachery to those
who elected him to the Speakership; and Me is, of
coarse, right to secure it. - That he should die
trust the vile plotters on the caber aide te not to
be wondered at; for men who could enter into so
corrupt and font a contract, would count the -he.
trayal of their miserable tool as but another evi
dence of their superior met and adroitness, and
plume themselves upon It accordingly. The old
maxim, that "when rogues fall tout, hone at men
are apt Ingot their dues," may yet be verified in
't.hts ease. A hide Lit. yet will demeatine. We
antli ognninly tree the end betore the lint of May,
and frow present appearances, not much
The Governor's onto Message has raised Ins
former exalted reputation still higher, if possible
in the estimation of the hottest men of all panic,.
lithe Locofeems had anticipated such an analysis,
of their despicable prodoetion, they never would
have carried it on to the last stage of Be comple
nom Instead of being atenogled at its birth, ib
would have been defeated at its very inception.—
The messege though short, is one of the moot tho
rough, comprehensive, and conclusive arguments
that has ever issued from the Executive Daps
mynt of this or any other State in the Union. -
hazard nothing in laying that the Messages of
Governor Johnston will go down to posterity as
model of documentary elocution, unsurpassed by
those of any of the great American Statesmen who
arc either coteuporary with him or have gone
before him; and this though one of the ahortest of
his more important communications, for thorough
sad searching analysis, soundness of position, force
and power of argument, and purity and elegance
of diction, will bear compluiaon with the best and
ablest of the series. It is a platform upon which
the Whig party may stand hereafter, without the
slightest apprehension of danger or defeat; and ft
should be pieced an the kande of every honest vo
ter and tax payer in the Commonwealth. It is
only necessary to show the people their rights to
enable them to maintain them; and p basely
wronged, outraged, and betrayed conabtuancy
will not be slow to avenge the intlit offered to
them in this bill of abominations, alter they have
once been enlightened as to its grout and foul
cm:minty. COBDEN.
The following totter, although it has arrived
some two or three day& &net the time, contains
some matter, of Interest to our roaders.
Correvroadeneo of the fhtlabhrgh finseue.
W/11111LNOTON, April 11th,1550
Certain very important votes have been token
in the Senate to day, upon the California question.
The proceedings of that body for many days Ost
have turned upon Foote'. prepositive to raise a
select committee of thirteen to prepare n plan of
Att:tamest and compromise. To day Mr. Well.
hter joined Mr. Clay in advocating its appointment,
though both those Senators have frequently before
declared their behel that the application of Cali.
loreis wen entitled tea mount° consideration,
and not be mingled up with slavery in any
way whatever. Mr. Banton held fast to the ta.
tegrity of his faith, and has interposed the mow
determlned-resistance to what appears to be the
resolatioe of the majority to connect these incun
grunt's subjects. Bat for him the propagandise.
'meld have unitedly carried their point to day.
The Scat, ote culleating that the streogth of mem.
tiers was with them, was upon the motion of Judge '
Douglass to lay the whole subject relative to
Foote's proposition upon the table.. It was de.
funs) by the Inge of ayes. 26, .nays 26. Maws
Beaton, Spruance, and Wales voted in the mfr.
mauve, but five Senators from the Gee Slates co
alesced with the Footites—Tber Vircre'Welister,
Dam, Actium:, Whitcomb, an 4 Bright ofludiana-
Whitcomb, it will be recollected, was elected two
or three years ago, u • decided Free Sailer.—
Bright b an atom! 111191) hOldfri Of Casa and
DICE11[0:, ru••• CuP be laid. 1{11715 tool.'oniboly to Mr. Wel.ster In such company.—
But he is Cooper of your State, was
paired MI, I presume, with hie colleague the hope
ful Soirgeon who would hove gone, Is a Matter
let conetwerith tho - erotastonim. - Bat we should•
have griped nothing by the return of ell the eh
sent members. The other! were Berrien and
ddserson of Georgia, and aC2I. 110061011. The/.
would have voted with their Southern friends.
The oextvote we, talan•op'n Mr. Bald wia's
amendment .to except the admission efl'.alilom io
from the subject ID he ECM to the committee. It
was preesely the same as the how, as to the num'
her of vote. road the clasilftestlon of Senators—by
26 to2S the Senate resolved that California should
be fumbled up with the other dirputed qoaotiont,
and Daniel Webster gave himself up to dile de
vice also.
But let me notice that Hr. Clay and Mr. Web.
liter and dihers,attemPted to justify their votes hy
saying that the Senate could proceed with the
California and Senatorial hills just as if they bed
not been referred to any committee. This is
worse than a puerility nod absurdity, for to do so
would beta treat the committee Itself with gross
disrespect. It would be a trifling and undignified 1
rand? of proceeding, also, on the part of the
I this did pot by any means decide the fray,
for r. Benton came to the rescue with a etriag of
p anions relative to slavery in the States, and .
t 1
the lave trade between the States, which ho.
sai he warded to see - referred to•the committee.
T debate wits kept up until five . o'clock, when
Senate adjourned.
he whole matter will come up again to met'
w and consume the whole day. I do oat s ee ,
however, how we can escape being cuddled with
Foote's pretended scheme of compromise.
The next day the whole subject was laid on
he table, and had not been again taken up at last
Careeepondenle of the Yieebergh Oneeee
Weemeeros, Apra' 13.
In my letter of the sth, I conclude name re
nutria alum the Galrdon Malan, and the fact that
'Mr. Meredith allowed it to he paid on the opm•
ion of the Attorney G:acral, with there obser.
"The public will not trouble themselves with
nice reflections oh the matter. They will nay, if
a member of the Cabinet has permitted nu la,
moose demand of this character, to ho prosecuted
against the Government, while he in in office, and
shall funnier a large share of the proceeds, he
cannot retain his place with out demagog the pop.
ularity of the President."
It has been suggested to me, that, in as much
as these remarks Immediately succeed othern
applied to Mr. Meredith, some of your readers
may suppose . ' intended the last sentence (or that
gehtleman. Though I do oil tarok my language
can have any such coastruction. I take picas
ere in saying that it did not rotor to Mr. Mere
dith, and that I entertain (or hiss now the same
high respect with which hi. disunguished repu
tation inspired mu when he first took office.
Carregi..teuer Of the 04.c1,
Ntw Apri; 13.
The birth day leotival la honor of Henry Clay,
last night, at the Astor honed. was one of the
most entnustaatte 112[Cti01115 ever bald the city.
A stranger would have ouppot,ad the orea.ten
that of a National rejoicing, rather than a le,t,rn,
tool to the gallant Stateeumn of the timer. It to
Impoosible to dr,crtbe the tumul of enttimetasm
that buret from the campanyot each went,n of the
noble old man'', WU., which haft still a power to
fire the opiriut of the White n' the Un:oo. never
to bo attained by another, anti' the eon of Kea•
tacky to g taffeta to his fathers. From one end
of the any to the other, yesterday, the pohlte
bnildingo, Me shipping, and nuttercus poeate
dwellings di•alayed the National banner, in hen
, r of Mr. C.ay, aie.-oion,' es rarely obtained
as in this inotaree wortheg bee:owe
to the'vray of acrosenienis, the Cie, has ,otne
thing to tie way of f.opem" to offer to tor
The Havaun troupe of Sigoer Marty nee row ea
full blast at Niblola. They commenced with Nor.
ma, as familiar to all musical can as our National
anthems, and of couriie one in which the molt
ertocisms would be applied. !Nosy and vs.
Mila as hays been the artists who have warbled
thus old Livorite, it has seemed pots new In the
throttle of our pew , singer!, and it la not too retch
to say, that we have 11,17 the best opera fleet is
New York..
The este of Pitithargh nod Alloghtmy botol ,
recently affected by Cotom I William ft,,lAtom
redact much credit upon hm tiuueul oct.
bond, of PittMargh hold at Matty i ¢and
of Allegheny Coy at eigniy ocvca per at , :;!. A"liv
twenty it:mooted aollatr it to Im loot! jo,o, a.
tha balance to tat:talcum., wmrl2 , ll Tic h
mace in the Itawdt ul W.nt4ov, I—tatcr
to drew interest et the rate of five percent. Af er
the trouble about Pittsburgh and Allegheny Away.
it is remarkable that this ban should sell aq hum.
It is ten per cent better than the last Erie nail
Road seven per cents Bold, and about 83 Pied an
the Hudson River booda eel!. The present price
of Erie scrip is only one half per cent above this
rut per cent loan of your city. Na nill road paler
has acld better than this for three yearicand Pitts
burgh may pride herself upon 00 character of the
paper she makes.
Another batch of five hundred Calliornia gold
diggers lett this afternoon, in the steamers Georgia
and Cherokee, for Chaves. The crowd of people
upon the ducks to nee them Mr can be compered
to nothing but a swarm of bees. No foothold was
=occupied, and between sighs and gayety, the
scene was =citing enough.
le the Baptist churches of the city there to 1.18 , 0
a very great movement, and a more active revive ,
of religion than has been known foe years. Cant
Sunday some filly ono were baptised in the open
air, and to morrow a large concourne will cele,
Ince this mutt imprenaivc ordinance of the church.
Upon the subject of a revised edition of the bible,
this denomination has renewed the discussion,
into which the presses of other creed. have thrown
themselves with great earnestnen—re much
feeling has been roused that it is more than
probable that the new liable will be made.
The National Academy of Design opened Its
new and elegant rooms hot night, and show upon
their wail a COIIVCIIOII al painting. 01 which they
may well tte proud. There are among them poor,
very poor specimens, lon, as n whole, no collec
tion, at home or abroad, i. more creditable to ca•
!Iona! err.
Nest month we ore promised MOM than Our
usual eler..enletil from the anaivetsaries. Among
the 111,1 prominent sources of lever will In, the
annaalat cry. meeting, at which, we are told, ei
movement will he made towards a dissolutten al
the Union, and a new platform be estahluated for
agitators, which shall be [lathing less than a de
mand fir the ISlSlstaalluOtts and unconditional
emaneipavoa of all lbs.ti2nof the Union. The
religions conventions will he held early in May;
and proTiso to be morn than usually interest
In financial affairs there is little new. There is
no want of money, at low rates, and little really
first dabs paper !lade lln way talc, the street.—
Our hotels are crowded to a perfect overflow, and
the rush of trade is at jis height now. Seine pane
orthe west ore slack about paying up, and ray
be money a all In usis tor California
Tug Roams homers.—Private advices, rc•
etived (rota Tampa Bay, by the Savannah Re
publican, of the bth ivat., state that • •team boat
left that place, a few days ego, for blanket, where
4110 will cabana board n coasulemble emigrating
party of Indiana. Sam Jones and hit party are
said to have goon to the Big Bypres Swamp;
but it is supposed thin new emigrabob will have
a favorable effect upon them.
The Prch.tery of California, in connection with
the United States General Assembly of the Pres
bytenan Cherub met at Benicia on the 20th of
February. Thu opening sermon was preached
by Rev. S. Woodbridge; nod nu the orgauization
of the body. 12ev. Mr. Williams was chosen Mod.
crater, sad Rev. Mr. Woodbridge clerk. Much
Iturrtant beanies , was transacted during the
barium _
Trio Cats AIIEAVADOV.—The Now York Ex
pro.ole!las from n'privato source that Gin Cooda
do Mosso', mat. by tho Spanish Government
to inrmiri into revolutionnry affairs In Cuba, hod
arrived at Gavannem the 416, * and had already
entered Orville, duties of his mfealon.
The cliimes for theernhodral, of einctonatt,ai
cost ti 01047,000 to $4,000. TtcY ero to be opc.
cod by of ck work.
Tne New York Tribune, noticing the late side
of pe,bai A lti and Allegheny Bonds, in that city,
mikes the following remaiki
"The recent sale of a considerable portion of the
loans of the cities of Pittsburgh and Allegheny
to foreign capitalists, renders the following rum•
mary of the condition and resources of those clues
of especial interest. The bonds alluded to bear
6 per cent., ebd were given in payment of the
aubscriptionx ol those tides to the stock...of the
Penneyivania and Ohio Rail Rood. The popula.
'ion of Pittsburgh is upwards of 60 OCO. Her rev.
cone from water rents, tone., dr.c, is '5129,600.
lien coporate property, not including the mock in
the Pennsylvania and Ohio Road, is worth shout
91,200,000. The amount of taxable propertywia
in her limha is 822,000,000. The amount of ex
ports, mostly of iron and mmufacturerarticles, Is
510,000,040. The balance of trade is in her fas
vor with all parts of the country, 'excepting Phil
adelphia and New York. The entire debt of the
city, ineludtng the above bonds, Is $1,150,000.
The City of Allegheny, which is improved from
Pittsburgh by the Allegheny River, but connected
by four bridges, has s population of 24,000, having
Increased from 2,799 to 1930. The annual export.
aro four and a half millions. Next to Pittsburgh
and Cincinnati, Allegheny is the greatest menu
(souring city of the West. The value of taxable
property Is four and a half millions, and the metal
increase $51,000. The entire debt of the city, in
cluding the above hoods, is $515,000. The prop.
env of the city, 'not including the Rail Road
Sreek, is estimated at 5500,000. A sinking fund
of $lO,OOO per year has been provided to pay a
portion of the above debt. The inane of these bonds
was authorized by the Legislature and they ate
guaranteed by the Rail Road Company, which has
• itin,ctbed stock of St .200 000 "
Pa-von-vertu Dimmoracm.—The Pittsburgh
Morning Mercury, a Democratic paper, of yes
terday,inica the following truthful delineation of
the character of our Locofoco Legislature, in on
article speaking of the high charaeter of the Late
Whig Legislature of New York
••In vain do we look to our Legislature for
noeinomia of this character, bold, manly, demo
cratic. We halo sot, to be sore, o bank hill
which will only servo to bolster Up a vicious aye•
term but the Idea of overthrowing wholly that aye.
tem, and of COMLltUelii4 a BeW one, ax they hula
in other places done, scents to entirely too do.
inocratio for our Legiststort to conceive, nod
quite beyond their capacity to accomplish. Mr.
Laird's bill will undoubtedly bo productive of
good, to far as it goes, but it is not tacit a bill no
the public had reason to, expect."
SIiDOVI SOD Are..len lissin —A young Man;
named Charles Wtinoo, employed in the Quart
Survey Office, died very suddenly un Thuraday
morning, unScr the fellowing painful circumstan
ces. Ile was married on Wednesday Meta at ,
Mrs. Little's 161.14. house. Mr. Wilson went
to bed about II o'clock,land was found deed by
hur wife the nett morning, when she attempted to
awake hint. Having taken a mixture on Wed
nesday evening, comiating of opium and ether, It
no believed by many to cause his death. On a
full investionon of thierdultreasiort mere, by a cots I
oner't pry, they returned, atter hearing the testi
mony of four einilent physicist. and a peel tone.
tem eXellaillellan,ll.e following verdict
•'That the Jemmied was a man of intemperate
habits, and had been, for two weeks previous to
his death, constantly under the inlitteuee of at.
dent spirits, and on the night preceding the•more.
ins of his death he manifested strong symptom.
of del nnm trieenr, and while in that Meat., about
10 O'clock et eight, he was married andletired to
bed abut 11 o'clook;„ that, after he got in bed, be
•schanged a fete works with his wile and then
fell miens, mil tone found dead en Thursday
morning ;Wet light; and the jury be lirve, Dorn the
cv alo.ricathnt.the dreemed came to Ls death by
congestion of the brain and stomach, produced by
the:mbdual own of min xicating drinks."—Nsitional
Nmete.L.L.¢ CO:Orville!. IN etalitoLthe (Vaal—We
hear that at a msetinti of the people of this court
ly, at Intl Court the appointment of delegates wee
postponed indefinitely. Subsequently a small
meeting wan held, which &Screened to send dele
gates. Tlu• is not right. These small meeting•
have no nuinotite to /peak fur the whole people,
ober Om people have refined us hare any thing to
do with the matter. Ii Virginia is to to represent
ed in ibis way at Naativille, the whole affair will
he a mockery Hite:bowed Whig.
A StOCI IN OLD Masnacurinanis.—A year 000 a
eat of Warnot Proviso resoluttons passed the Ma.
mirchoneun Letuntuture with only one cliutentsng
sow. In the Shente, on Tuesday tart, Mr. Buck.
teghnio prenented a memorial tram 277 pernour,
oinking the Legedatiree 10 instroet Mr. Webster to
vote for the insertton of the Wilmot Proviso in
the i.ein Territorial told, end egatiant the hitl of
Mr. Mason. concerning fugitive ntaren. Mr. lid.
lard ,ippon•il the referrore of trill paper to any
crOnnetlee, and on cuotton of Mr. Hazen, it we%
laid on the tulle. by s vole of 12 to 11.
631. , CaLll. , loll.ll.—irriiffiOu,
upon Me Wyr . —We perceive by • the Weetern •
paper:, that thooesedo of men, loom., and chit.
dreo. ore mating prepare... io leave by the fiend
Ly try- overload route to Caldera'a. Al.
moat cvuv villarn or hamlet will tend forth air
hon.••vt'a the rpruur.
to NI. York eity, GI a 'ow day. hock, part:c.
or O:o, Too, tweets, dee, bound to Coldorela,
worn Amylmg by rm. road and eteato boats to
take in the steam 1411113 Georgie, Ch;igo•
bee and Eichlre City, Which will leave that port
far Cheat., to.
The Detroit Advertiser lays that not leas than
6,000 men hove already mado arramtementa pr
leave that Plate for California, and ...pat.
touch pecuniary ....ence therefrom, to
tnoso who read.. Many mortgaged their farms,
4 &c., at s high rule of interest, and besides the,
tatomg off me otnewa or credit and button., they
Jut are moody young itrA antler men. Who Waif be
e(pbsrnoingly missed from delda and work.
`bole . . .
The lowa Reporter nays that three thousaud
eattaranta wall leave that State for Califtrum, thin
waggon, heins thee, Mama the number who went
'artSpriag. Estimating that each emigrant will
lake with him mans equal to s3so—it appears
that the etniasaton to California, this yeas, will
ho a Menlo lowa n(31050000.
Toe Sc Laois Republican says rust there will
probably be • emigration of from fifteen iodwen
ty thousand persons from Missouri, for Call arms,
during the current Spring. Eitimatina the num
ber id 17,500, and each rinlgront's condi to aver.
age 'MO, Adducer' will lie drained the torrent
Spnay of over six millions of dollars.
A meeting of the colored citizen, of Clueiatittl
wee held on the 2lot ultimo, which protected a
cain4 the whole scheme of African Golocinallon.
Tney nay thin in thew home, where their Wtheto
have died; and ihey will ever here contend
for their eyhts la church tad State, till all are
News received at New Orleans from Canapes
clay, states that the city of Lstruna had been
totally de'eeoyed by are, on the Ibith March, only
two buddinvi left standing. There was great
distr.,t among the people. Tao lona was estima
ted at 92,000,000.
Thu small pox, which ban been raging with
ouch virulence in the neighborhood of Microns.
vide, in Gales untrity, to North Comlino, from
the latest reports, had nut abated m its malignancy
cud ravogeo. It has extended to the attaining
enantes of triinwan and Pergoiman. Josiah Kid
dick, Esq., the wealthiest man to the county of
(tire!, together with three grand children, Lave
laden victims to the scourge. aft was owner o ;
150 Degrees, a number of whom had taken tit
contagion nod died.
The blockade of the African coast ,44000 miles
is said to have test lee English Govern Meal,
o.p Ito dun runt, wenty five or pounds
Dr. Edward Spring, mon of Ray. Unrdicer
Spoon, D. D., of Now York, tiled on tho 17/th of
February, wt./0 coming haste I . rum Chinn on
board On rip Murnnott.
Mr. Welivelt,the venetable 'anther of Jarnea
end Henry Wadei k. the acruna, pe• departed inia
life, need 'I) yearn. She wen the daughter of the
&mons btra. Booth.
Tight sleeves are again ,n Inaloon. Between
the abooldern and elbow Otero la worn a doable
row of bullion fringe.
Sunday Papers.—A bill to prevent the sale of
newspapers on Sunday, was lost in the New
York Assembly yesterday—yess 39, nays 53.
SlAmf. at Nackez.—Snow two inches In depth,
fell at Nathcce on the 27th ult. Such a thing is al
most unprecedented.
The Debt if Naturo.—No I:3:talisbmatt dies on.
artily punt% for he knifes his snare in the National
Debt to his children
Vonth is moat generally inclined to the better
pamiona; love, deem., ambition, joy. Age the
wept; avarice, gref, revenge, Jealousy, envy,
Dr. Valentine, a Prowtiao Jew, lima just beau
oat:it - al:zed by the Grand Council of Dame , the
foal Malelticy of the kind.
The Abho raisin has been pinioned by tho au
thorities of Boulogne, (or publishing a work ou the
--:ilysteri6 art he Confessional."
Large quantities of coal are shipped from New
addle, England, to California.
ID - vhivca Fius—No medicine ever corned for Iratlf
a higher rcputation in no abort a time, as hen the Liver
diacoviimil nod compounded by Dr. itliLaue, of
Virg Ma. Although but n quart time comparatively
liefure the public, it has already famed for I melf a
deuce of hopefully hrdierni unsurpassed. The do.
lofted for them has become immense. Meese.. Kidd &
Co. the proprietors of the medicine, who tenido In
ia,i, c herch, corner of Fourth and %Toed streets, are
constantly receiving orders which thVy trod It utmost
utterly impossible to aupply. The popularity of there
Pia. is not c.".a - iit any particular linen. of Me
entry, dm demand being general, horn the North,
South, East, and West. Tte troth is, no defiance in
more commie , m ail quarters of the toiled States titan
Mat of the Llver. And these P 11 1 ,1.10 UM bent remedy
ever yet discovered for Heparin derangement.
urFor sole `,7 J. KIDD& CO, No CO Wcod
On Mostley evening• April 13th, at a quarter niter
eight n , cinet, Els Thomas (hoard, 11. the 7 4
.Ith year of
hi• age.
The funeral 'will lake plaee , thi. nftrrooon at two
u'elort, P. 111 ; from the rentdenee of hie nephew, John
Gerrard, in the Fifth Ward, Penn etrect, end proceed
to the Allegheny Cemetery. The fnende of the family
re reApeetfully !anted to attend.
To Southern and Iffregtexes Iderehatata.
C 1 aulderiber reapectfelly invites pub. attention to
, "' 1 Ilk extensive stock of Perfumery. Soaps, Solving
% I Creams de., to which thven Silver arid two Golden
BAC[wAlit, Sumo,—The weather in this region 1 Medals'imve,witbia the last six years, been and
still remains cold and dry, nod vegetatio n is very ibe the lostitutes of New lort,llosion,;.nd
i t.
d Wee, theta. o
, bend the only erten ~
eta a sem,
backward. Peaches are not yet in blossom in the ...d e o for perfumery either ta E... or . di"
moat favorable localities. Over coats and good ', .1 1 . , , , ,. 1 4 . ..„ th..,,,,,, a 911AVING Car...,a. ;Almond,
fires um as Ewen lb request as in March and Feb- • lioro, and Ambrosial.) univ
Cream ersa
to this ) edged
or in
runty. We have had a long Winter, tad shell - talallhanla m any Saa Sharing s4o"
hail the advent of warm weather with ple.nre• th-torllVlc snit Srmeivo—ticautifolly trnik•p drnt,
and pe ..... tog highly Sepolaceous tad mocll.r,vl
KiD./Pnll Asotia.—The Tribal. is informed r,rwouLt,.4lshuotlerryesorn,Co.ro4
~,,,,r r a p ff; dm to °del tw.
that persons from the State of Maryland, av r same Tod.. soser-al mond. Ro.c, iriirriptrs,
supposed to be kidnappers, are inning abort the ~""r•P'''',V.l,7riir 17.11,7:1;'gi're".a.tell'irtaM-.
City, and advises.. colored population to be on no ' .:rfr,..l.'r-r‘.P.'"L'a' ru n ' 11st:ester
Jenny Lord,
, t , loo k 0.. qet de Caroline, Ger.lien, T
. line, Jorhey Club. Maguolta, r‘rdo.d .
; Reset, ad; many other varieties, in all sixty different
Tether Wax:as—Florida Water. Eau do Toilette,
Orange Flower Water. and a great variety of Co
lognes and Lavender Waters
Perv i ous - Ip. rot Otto 11‘12--Gcllttlne Dear's Oil,
Anuque Oil, Dandoline, Eau Lustrale, Oleine, Com
pound Ox Marrow, flair Dyes liquid and In powder,
and Moron., Iticinine, and Jenny Lind Pomades.
(I :r.LOIC P ...... 110:1,-11altdMin Kalif, Dose
Too Paste, Cliarenal Dented., °dentine, Tooth
Past , nod Tooth Powder.
CI marem—Vegetable Cosmetic Cream, Amthdise
tor hopped h.ds, Cold Cream °Mow, Cicala dc
Pere, LqrSalve, Dewberry Cream, be.
D inlet.); Peachy., for removing superthin. hair,
Pe i Powder, Vinsigre de Rouge, Aromatic VinCgar,
Vie milt !lair Composition. hewn Yells, besides
a steal variety of other grottier, too numerous to be
named in this ndvartitetrieni.
'The subscriber hopes tn meintain the repitation
which this ennblishment has acquired, by disposing
re nothing bat brat rate trader, and Intl be happy to
famish those who may wish to patronise bint ember
wholesale or relail,lM CI reasonable terms as any ee
tablishment in the United Suttee
Successor to and format Director of the Laboiatory
of EINYENE nuuEi,
aphid!( lll Chesnut street.
- .
AI LW amr,Cirr Soatv.—An action was brought
some months since, by S. M'Clorkan & Co., a.
Oast the Mayor, Aldermen, and citizens of Alle
gheny, to recover the sum of 51000 for that B..'t
of City Sonp held by plaintiffs, and al. for 20 fier
cent interest thereupon, in pursuance of the int
of Assembly of April 12th, 102.8, prohibiting the
issue of notee under the denomination of $i—
Judge Lowrie ha. given judgment for the plain
tiffnfor the amount of the voter, together with
thelnterest at the rate of twenty per cent per an-
S GICALOI . IOIII7T ' that a
larg encysted tumor, or wen, was removed from
the eel: of a lady, residing in tho Fifth Ward, by
Dr.N.J. Dorsey, yesterday morning. The ope•
ration was an Important ono, from the peculiar M
ention of the tumor, immediately behind the ear,
sad consequently dangerous, from the circum
stance of its pressing upon some of the main ar
The WorkingMen'a Congree,s adjourned, to
meet on next Saturday evening.
T.TATRI —The Serious Family war received,
Tart eight., with great and well merited applause.
The performer were all well up in their peer, and
acquitted themselves with credit. It will ha re
peated to night. Go end tee it, If you wish a
pleasant evening's amusement.
Pouch —7 he peliCc remitters is very dot/ at
preiettt, nt all the offices in the city. We under.
stand, however„lbst some "startling develop
ments" are expected in a few days. We de net
knew what is their nature, but understand that
personnel high respectability are implicated. We
shall look forward with iniet.t to their dian e.
CUIROOMBY .—A Lino spectate° of oeumau.
ship has been laid upon our table by Mr. Cham
berlin of the Gamtneretal Academy. Thlrtl Street.
Nottattheimdinti the intricacy and apparent diffi
culty of usenrcunon, it wee ilutle,we understand,
in the spaceM4ve minute. and. half. II can Ito
seen st our race.
Stmosu Daamtr—A man who kept a driult og
house on Chestnut went. near thu enrol, Alle.
Own. went down into his cellar for tome trurpose,
night feriae last, and not returning for boom
length of time, bra link daughter went down and
found him dear!. •
TIII Trxmn. AND Csest..--A toleerapbie i h
patch from Hanieburgh, signed by J. It. bleCims ' V
rock, was read in Select Council on Monday '
evening, stating that the State will nut abandon
the tunnel and canal between "seventh S.reet
and iho Monongahela river, and Ingutring if the
cmseas done.' to have It cleaned and men
healable. The Select Cuenca peed a m,;•.•n
to eatiCtf the every In the .ttirmatter.
WAIIIINGTON 11•1.1. The e plcadia saicou,
Nor. 137 and 159, Wood Street, has been eteganc
ly refuted, and arranged for Cearctis, Lectures,
sad Le.hitattena. It as admirably •dopeed fur the
purpose as regards location, max, due., being
to front by MI in depth, yeah a ceiling (Ulcer in
h e ight. Thu wall, are toeteiully iresisned. A
number of well furnished dressing rooms add to
the convenience of the buitshae. e h wall ow/
he let for dancing portico, the scow bring moves.
. The Commonweal& of Pennitylva
'A'. d - t-I . to the brim' of Jesse Marmite. and 1
S , a V.7."0=4,,g.`,;.11:',F.‘,`:,. ° 1f."„%,
, 111 and Mr snitcoutcy, on tlte nth day.
~k,"}:,.....1: of A pm!, Mda, the portion of James r
. Marred. Adminottrator of all end slugs,
Mr the sends ' 00 . whieb and of Jesse
Bu Mode,•late in• the c:iy of Pirlsoritgh. deed, was pre
mo C.mrt. el.,,eirne. lobo 0./6 that sold Jr:..;
11,,agr ,l; I Ly toirgsrn or contra. M cs ritirg, bind
himself to scl! n ot colorer a remora lot or ground
ro um &roue., ef Law - rtn,stlie. veto S If burlier.
Peter Irreco. Jomoh Mathok. John D Moreland,
nod Der io
ry rtlnn. Trustees for the Methodist Eprs•
repel Church of the said Iteroiltilb Or. be., ebd them
tore, praying : :e Court to designate mina day certain
to wh.el, omit, may I.e given :a Me beir,of the said
Jr..,' Curb., tent nil ~,her permos interested, to be
m! :year befute Me 120011. and sti.wer ILI, bid or
r ::e '..'' :; ' LLT':::::;',".l';.',', — .T:2,`:;;„ - ,r., — .% rorno:
• burnt enlritramng torrent ; and authotim and PT stud petimaner to make and exectim to the said
Churrh so incortmrted, as, a deed for the
and lot of ground, tn elder to the completing of the
the ot the said church thereto, steep:nog to the eel
ol assembly 11l such case made and provided.
; Now. therefore, we command yam nod each of yea,
' that laying aside all glumness and exercises What.-
2A ever, )am be rod appe•r in your psoger , pe a rson o a t he i tre
LaTl'ratet!n,trBeer."l:rTvr.q.':cin'lnon.gla"L.TlL:4' , our nc x t. " t ' o P a b n . s n w .. e ' r .' i this bill o th r e pl ' Uon, .."11.1 7 .. earls/.
and Wood strum, SINE% DOLLARS 'Cam Muter . loot you have, way use prayer of the gaol Petitioner
will be IlLerally revr,ardcrl by leaving it et this mfice. shoe , d not he granted.
apt:. Wimess. the Honorable Wm: II McClure, Presi.
dent of our sail Orphans' Court, at Patsburgh, lids
Elooratng Waal. Snits. 15 I. day in April, A. I) I. yid.
A i i,
a s A BURCHFIELD Invite attentroo to ~,,,,,,,sTDAN I EL" Mr.
LVA them assarOste in of above goods mid: . _. _
;AIIAG ES AND UR )::rii Al/INES-Plato and yarn, y 01:ISVILLE WIIITI: LINIFo- cabala rust ree'd,
I) ed Ranges, Timms, tienadtnet, and other dross .1-) , I" for .ale b y A CULETSON,
An assortment of newest styles recbi by apt 7 143 Liberty sr.
- - - - -- --
'r he Cheapen...and ID. III•dtellg.• in the ' V der, i...N 1 / '4 II"I N reed,A'l.l.7l';',?;" V.
rIC , II I E n Ifr P TS 6 "' O ' N ' -
World. VEER SKINS-3 bundles rust reed, end for sale by
11 HERRY: for the cure of NW. Coughs. Cou
...puns, it,„„ms, Breast c„ sp i„p„, s „4 ..11 p,,,. t InsToß OIL -5 hris rec•J, and Mr sole by
nunary Affecriens, !Aver Complainta, and Female ‘-, N'"
Debrltty, and for Impurities el the Blood, Catarrh A LCHOILOL-5 Las reed, and for sale by
Fever, Asibrus, Croup, Inffuenss, Whooping Cough, ' fl ~ t BRAUN & REITER
Ac. For sale to quantities, or by the innate bottle, •t .
is, p s , ri.,g, and p c ,i,,my ty,„„ nosc ,, si „ of 4 - 0 wtxr OIL-1 rze'd and fur Mk by
mid Wood etasrirce may sne per battle 0 apt . ; BRAUN & REITER
" I' '' ' N''WICIKI:H+IIA.LAI_ ``TPETRE- 7 ) kg. refil.l. reed and for sale by
- --_ . -_
Notio• to oar Patrons.
RELIANCE PORTARLE I.IOAT LINE. / IHROME GREEN-0...s reed and for . sale , by
, anode-10ra, 4._, a , I 1 BRAUN 0. REI lER
r l fte d l ' ael ' a c r ' l ' e f t I:l e ltr c v ' i r s,?pTel n u7sel l tL P l mem „non ,
to the business-arrangements have been made which I P A 111 ' . ‘-'"'EN-4 caeca m e '' 'lnd (or "e b y
invalves the sane Inte rests preemely, which have -.- apt] BRAUN & REITFR
heretofore existed The business is contomed under •EVI.A.X SEED OIL-dU briar reed and for slle by
I the same :mom and firm, errs 1 „II BRAUN A REITe.R
Joust Al harts & Co., Phrladelphro, I - - -
Jour. Mdratien Jr Co , Pi
no MOLKSSES-31 barrels rust landmg from steamer
Ile coutinuance of the patronage 01 our any . Belle of the West, and tor sale by
(mends to rcopectfally solicited. If any persons has e nal7 JII CANFIELD
, demands against 1110 concern. they are 101110F10.1 10
'", ALERATUS-.o . b p x , ; and IS cits i g s sa s e't i a , n l d ,D ror
p ...rout them famhentb. for payment.
entsburgh, April 10, 'W. JOIIN NITA DEN, - I 6 isle • by
I apt: n Sum ering partner. : DACON-10 casks amormil Bacon : nowlanding,
Cheap Standard History. J..) mid for sale by apt] C II (sILANT.
I HUME'S HISTORY OF ENOLAND is now pule Cr '.v pl' POTATOPJ-G bids for seed, reed, and for
li•btelY by IhePee 'I OW , in d vole ,Copt mot 0 sale by apl7 ARMSTRONG & CROZIiR
i pep. , at Ju cents per vol. Three Is recewed, and
Mr rob by R HOPKINS, - 10 OLASSES-1. loth, N 0 Molasses in store. rind
apt') 7e Apollo Ituildiegs. Fourth it. 1 ILL for sale by 11017 ARAISTRONfI & CRUZ KR
___ • -
llssam Ohm & PraWA IL E- Co..Thnd se t riOFFEE- lOU begs Rio entice landirg from Ilene
Prrmtmoit, April Cr, Ibid. I ‘., of the West. and fur sale low, iv close cons , gte
min: Stockholtters of the (thin and Pennsylvania mein, by JAME.S DALZEI.I.,
1 Rail Road Company are herein untitled. pay the ' _ apl7 70 Water st.
• faith instnlinent of ? lye Dollars per nhare, at the office -r.-
of die Company, as heretofore, on or heron, trio gOth B ACON-
1 2 , ea'" 'tou
do eider m.;
day of Slay next; and the remaining rustalment• of
7 do shool ' de_rs. n i o: : : , l7 . dr: r g . f t roni Fort
Fore Dollars per .0510 eachom or before the both tap
or each succeeding month, until the whole an paid. Pm- end far sole l'Y ISAIAII DICKEY &CO •
By order of the Board of Director, apt?
upl7-did W. LAMER, Jr., Treasurer
. . . . _
- l l f .., A Ni e - r P rat 6 1:) ,"v o 1 ; 1 17 ,0 1 0 0.1711 . 111=‘ " ):Vt . ) ;
pROPOSALS will bo received hy the subscrther I KATHERS-22 melts landing from a:earner Fort
for Dm delivery or My Thousand Barbels of 14 p.„ and cs „ s s, b y ismmi Dreg Ey & e / y
C n !, .midi for GA. Purposes; tan co.' to Le fresh. •-•---
oloti• nor dry, allowing eighty coon& to the bushel.FGAß -50 bads Prime N 0 Roger,
'Pt. weight to be determined by re Col:cc tr.T'A returnl.. It lands Brown Clarified,
It / r ust reed r dri and for sale say
at r the weigh itrslll, ' A c e ' r l' il . l . 4 . , KW noI7BROWN & KIRKPATRICK,
p ig 10 ',berry Street
CIOFFEK-.101 bags Green Riti;iitstienand for , se le
r i M ietne ' 1 .
Usi N gt r lii ; Pa ' rra r eTl . s '' te ' e art ent ' r b tre7r 'n i ' ‘-''.. I. Y - -. P 17 J
& " f L')"
ot J. :Smelt Ilk CO, was drssolved by mutual 0011•0111. DACON. isc-IM 0 Fondly linme,
on Yorh March. The tmsiness of the tale firm writ he 1) fasi do Shoulders,
settiedmp by Jame. Imughtur at Moir former place of , 1. In Jowls,
• busiceis, St. Clair street. JAMES STEELE. I 5 Ws Nu l Lord, In store and fo
. r_____
5.11,1i1,40 AFP•III.—A colored roan rand• Itifur
.lvaltuit agent. another. her Alderman Sol rior,
yesterday, ter having rent art him with a p.eiul, ihu
day Were, and woJded btm rather revete:y
.The stre.r °retuned in the nelghtunthxd of Hayti.
We hear tart the offender Wan been ermined.
Laster:roc. —A man wascommuned yeetatiley,
by the Mayor, for larceny et hat, from the more
of Sir. McLain, value $l.
Another man, ecilored, was wrested to; larceny
of spa', of Item Imotr, Iron a s tore cu Smithfield
. . . .
do I 1 ro , r oNT & STOCKTON have rust received for - IVI ACKEREI., & , .-6 this No. I.
sale volume 4 Humes' History of England, Hat. al M 1 do No 2,
pars - IV, tad don; cloth. titt blf do No 2,
VoL 2nd Stuthey,s C. 1111011 1 .111. Book. Cloth a n d 30 hlf do No 2,,
pa. or binning, 6 drum., Ca - lath s
Catlyle's Latter Day Pamphlets, No. 2. Sabo,— In Hine and for stale by JOHN NATI' ACO
"Model Hrltous "
1 s pure, to arrive f con Soo,
Bulwer's New Novel—Night and Morning. ap l 7 FL,A r. :',0J1 0 E,,n 0 7,11, ; :),,th:„.
(looms!, Aweriean and Chronicle copy)
W 4LNl n trl t l y N m A . ll , l ,, l4 . rltt— . l .th le . rmr o k , t r t
r tt d .e l , t , e . r .. r m e: 1 ,..., F ,....., ,
.91 ,,,,1 CM, 16, M slat at io
~,, ,,R 1 7 1! . ,
& Conntembittins," ..To semn and to lie." I vol thin.. _ ' .4!. _....
Latter Illy Pamphlets, No li—The present time. i AP.II-2U kegs No I, for tilt by -
By Thomas Carlyale.
_I, epl7 . blefilt.LLS A ROE
- . - -.—
Cuamtass.—Mentous of I.lfe and Wroings of Thos. - - '
'' . l l h riVrogy . :P D afta . 7 1', 1; E L ;i4 b en ti c ' es o ' f . C " lt h. n ° s ' li k. n . :l 4 lly o . ' a ' n i tl fi f IT II : :
. 1- V "'l "i N fL Uß — °°Al-.."473 d"
fonIZII('111,1.0"' &-. "1 '
Lecture on Divinity, with two Introductory Imetares 4, , , ,, A R & moLassat—&t Ithds N 0 Sugar,
and four Addressee daliverod In the New College; , WO bbls N 0111olasWsmak his
Edinburgh, by Thomas Chalmers, D. U, 1.. L. D. ir„, th le hy apl7 111eGILLS & ROE
I vol limo. _
CaLvm—Life or John Calvin, complied from whew T\ It 1 El) HEACHES.-1 00 hash for sslo to el. , co
be sources, and particulatly from hta correspondent... li Nlaninni , , ior solo by •pl 7 210411..1.10s & ROE
By Thomas II Oyer, with portrait. I vol lento. - - - -
For sale by It HOPKINS,
apt? . To Apollo Buildings, Foutult et.
OrphoW• Cl•ort Nolo of Real id
INporao.. of at, order of the Orphan , . Court of
Ali,,beny county, will be sold at public 'endue or
ontery, on the remise, on Saturday, the flub dry of
May, lOW, the following real estate, to tow—Too un
divided one fif th part of certain memunge or truer of
land, imitate In Elisabeth township, said rounty, con.
Mining one hundred and thirty lil a c note., told one
hundred and one MOM porches, with allowance,
Mended - by Ma lands of 'he hats of Jaunt J.
Applegate, J. Curry, ft. lien, ri &onions, J. Mumble,
D. Ken F. Caldwell, WV. rienown, mad John Apple
dam, yard property to be sold as inn estate of Co deon-
Wall, late of said comity, deceased.
JOSEPH WALL, I Administrators.
April MO. nplrovilt
13RACTICAL MACIIINIrITS—Au excellent oppor- Co,
rotary now o°'•. '• • " ... O. M
' •atiotst, C • "",“ bCIINMAKER &co
well established reputation, and some capital, to en•
gage extensively In the 91.5 RM.; BOIL., •Nli London for sale by
Feextrov MON..
4 2 4- fo 7
M.ClotablifllMP/1 1 le now ready for bonier., ample . 3 sellu°NmAK " '`
in all its details, Including cltension wharf room, for OEI HI rs TOR VENTINIE-20 tibia for sale by
any stied steam boats. and from its position, If pro- .111100NAIAKER A CAJ
petty conducted, win doubtless command a Imp
shareof L.111[..
A Id eldom, a mom, is required, to
condoet th e whole establabtoent; and only more fully
competent need apply. Address , (Post paid,) oNJA.
CHINE CO" Boa No 711, Pluladelpbta, Pa. 11
apVballai • • •
M OLAbbLIS—Sa PlantabonlaaPep,
25 Us Saga, IlauPe do —• •
neeeeeeeDUTYP'Net&dlLlflleiCFsleAblyTlCk- tore ., mud toe sale by
BAC.p° l l - 63° "n snorted ra
E)ROPOSALS will be received at the office oft c
Balm:nom and Ohio Railroad Company, at Balti
moe Cumberland and Wheeling, tp to Wednesday.
the e : l day of hlov neat inclurivo, tor the recitation
and masonry of the parboillfaae, of that hired, eateuding
from the bridge on the north-western tempter. Once
the Tygarthi valley river, to a point ou the smolt fork
of Fish Creek, near the mouth of Long Drain, =im
clog some 50 scene.. Also, the eight maims be
tween the mouth of Grove Creek and the city of
variety of work will ha ted by the line to
be et, which will include tight and moderately heavy
gr. ding. Several short tunnels, and a considerable
an• out of badge masonry.
. peelhcations may ha had at the above named of
fir s on and after the On of May ensuing, and further
in °osmium obtained from t .c Etigineor upon the
nexcerninnable ebarneiee ata
enotpany the bias, and tbe blade. are requeraed
IC what other work, It any, they ate engaged i
warn it will be competed. •
Yoe work must be enerretically prokeeuted.
lly order of the ere.nlent uittl Directorlt,
111 , 4 , 11AM1N IL LATIII/13K, atter 1,0 10 , . 1.-
Baltimore, April 10, 1850.
Dales Hatters Eau Lustre!, lisle Rest
DEFORE producing a remedy for any disetow, It iv
1) always necessary to possess a thorough know
ledge, not only of the utast.a malt, but of the physio
logy ot .he organs soughtaetel or.. The
above strode
uttered to the public as is remedy Mr
disease. of the Ila r, and as the result of many ) ears.
toper etre research.
Jules Muer. Lustrele flair Restorative is, probe.
bry, the atom ellicacions and agreeable ornatethat it
hss corer been the lot on the chemist to ilVeat It pas
yesnes the most delightful perfume, and wilt render I.
lies, glossy, luxonnet and beautiful, cleansing it
roughly from ell impurities, aim by Ito Imo in upon
nitnute organs n(the give to it I
tone and
vigor before unknown': It w.ll alto totallyeisdieste
all sena, Modrelt paripMs, sores, or other mourn te
front the scalp.
It it unknown that each hair Is a hollow lobe, bay
ing a root in the skin, through which there Is a eon
ant circulation of Mood, and when, trim sickness,
the Reroute:an, a of dandruff, or other causes, the
capillary tuber become &owl:hese organs cease
in perform OMIT W. 6011 J, the Rau becomes
harsh, rusty, and gradually tats tr, thereby inducing
, mature baldness. It toi to rases suett as this that
tie Eau Lon ReYtoratire peruliarty adapted,
ta its enlivening and prnifying plooperues will remove
in impurities, and girt life an freshness to the dry
Ind dead hair. . . .
. .
It Is far rut iron to any other ortiele for dre..sing
ar Um, as it cam. the most debut. and canoodle
dor, and moan+ to Inc Hate \beat/taut and oLan•
riant appearener It probably the only trolly re,
Itheatiy compoooded rrp•ratton row baton; lb,
, audits , nerroo.tne pupa: many a pro o: that the
üblir appreciate worn F:aure. sattst.o.Onnetven
patella. rin every ease. Prepared only by
JULES lIAUEI., Perroteer and Chernis
Cacsinol street, below rutorlls.
Por sale wholesale awl retail by If. A. Fohoestoelt
Co., .ad It E. ..3aller.,,Plll%borglii and Joan
:ant and J. :Oar hell, Allegheny City, Pa. apl7dly
r flu BA—iu dos Patent Planlnd Tnb,,flr,uln_by
npll r
lt"l'at—t''2,'"„'n:tinsor'notao7):"" lmr
upl: DROWN Curobc
S WD oi: A 17 '"H—'5
ra+Ya in amore o+J fob rule Gyy
bp .lLCON—ln o c t r c tp j .ll;: r u u ld . r,.r e s. a g n a d i S i
In able or.d int in., Ll v
_,itpi: NAM_ zi KIRI,PATRICA
1: - ' 5
.10-s'l';'"l2oki,,lN KIRGPATICK
OUN rui for rui
lOU Wood a
EELIN (SAND Agli=;ititr,,,,,,,,,tby
" AP 1]
lilliti4l--.J casco boot N. 114 for solo Dy
J tJetiOONfiI&KUR & CO
- - • •
• ---
DIPPED LOGWOOD-400 bd. for .ale by
AcFrEtREL-100 bbl. No 3 large, to arrive by
canal, and lot sale by
Round Ca 1 & R•reh FLOYD,
OW 11—'6 closS s Anse, on lend and for seR.
spiS & R FLOYD
L"1-12 bblr No I in aor. 11Zd fi.t sale , "
spi7 J re. R FLOYD
r itICCO-10 brs Rawl rt Robleson't Intrp;
'5 bra laver'' , Nog. '
tXt'tirrorted brand:. 5,
in story Isr.l for sale by Jrr R FLtliD
L h 4 a l7,3l l l o l=pis . rs k evri (or
to C2ii r O'CONNOR, ATKINS' ,k,CO ,
Canal 13nOrt. I.lben,
L 1 C 001. Full BUYS, IlrisMs from Pill.argb;
11e,. /mum h. T.V.Z.I, A. M., PrluMpal.
The Summer her con will commence oulVeduesilliy,
May 1. 1 a:0. Terms-575per heasiirn 0(5 month ,
For Cireulara. enquire of the Frnieipul, Fewiekley
Bottom 1' 0.. l's, or of !ileum John Irwin 3. Soria:
11 Writer Aleut. or Mews. T. 11. NCTiB d. Co, No, 11N1
Libiumy sum, Friniburelt. apt° dire
B.4SSCOMS SERMONS—Set-moat for the pulpit, by
II 1111teccm, D. , for wale by
_NAG 76 epon. Hwloin 5 rottrP72L.
Steam Preseed Brick of the beat
ypemalztr,VUO,MO of Coombe Brick, for rate.
Enquire or plpt6l titi1.0:41777 SCHEYER.
ABoy RANTED—mutt be a ygood reader. le
ql4l/(J Al Ily„ °Me.
L ime -: A bra lo
ie!Ztefell'tr t yrig s 7 co
apts Water street.
R ubs
2.593 per hams, for pale by
apls 8UR1113.11./(41 , , WILSON It CO
ICKLED PORK-4 casks, a very superior InICIC
1 Oils day received, and for sale by
apls WICK in 51eCANDLE6S
L YTFIG SNII&TIL4-31 , 0 daz pettelt, for W. by
PEARLS -1.1 rxceiyed, And for sale by .
_. . .. .. ____ . . ..
II•i a lI p T11-4 . I. baltels for a I b yWlA'&:lteCANili7-4S
%AT ADDING —A fresh supply reed from lbo mono
V V loolorms'by WICK & bIoCANDLFSS.
i lANVASSIIID iIAM.3-3ID Caarsimed boasred,
1.../ for sale by WILDS fr. wcANDI.ESS
.. ___—
CMOULU CANDIsEtI-147 boxes eu mer Mould
ond es far fade by 'WICK. /b M a cANDLESS
1:3 TA d, .d for sale by
.1 " spr —l4 r'''"
r' cl'lCK ft bIcCANDLESS
G""D''"'" -- ',VaTITIV/Iltg"
for sale by
OTARCH-4'l Botibrisk's Oilia — Slarri lerCl,
1.7 for sale by aria WICK & MeCANDLES b S
RYE b'l" NYCI l iq d MVSZIg I IN I S__
VAR lEGATED SOAP-65b - i+ tor sale by
cocas Doc./ Peaches for sale low,
to close consignment, by
YD'I.OL R—IS brls tor sole by
11, .05 RUM', &co
DOTASII-16 casks Lot sort, for sale by
EARL cots just reed on conslgnment,
F for Wei.). tap/5l HARDY, JONES te co •
TOIIACCO.-17 bbd. beef Tobacco Just loodlog. for
- J, .nle by (gat HARDY, JUNES & CO
BACON HAMS-3 casks just lendir.g, for Rafe Ity
ARP— ' ll. keg. jtl.l landing nod r .pIc'C—
AA nolL R A RITY . ° JON& CO
L 1.1.1 V LA - It L,v:l brig Nat Lear Leall, Jun ~e 4 l,
..nd forrilth. lq reK , l4r C H GRANT
L e r
r. e c y...t t v lad , : vv 1 i!'r , n i f.n . : _„. t r a v, t4 , ri pt,
BROOMS -11' for T sale by - '•
W re "
0 ' II IS IIATU •• ..1 na, l a M i n i r A l ' l 4 :a l t ---S fo
01 : 11:by . . sap . m ' WICK & MeCANDLESS
ILE .0v...
terp«tfolly mairmi his friends and
the public. that he ham remnant his BOOT!AND
SHOE AIANUFACITORS to No c Market sir.% two
doors 05000 Water, where be has on hand • very'
jsrec 0. , “01030.10 of 1300 rg AND SIIOE.B of him own
ninhancturcoeliteli will sell Lo than ohm to
puretismenl the city. DANIEL EILEA•
IpON .. tm , IIOXIIS for male, wholol; rie m egtl i, (Li
W misted,
of toirrenrca rc , purcd. Appiq at No 62 Market at.
apt 2
Tme ended Maw the Cuy, oa Our 0114 River
mitts Summer Retreat, bovine [maw,e rep
nn.l improvementr, ndOlteg much To hi. (or
I.eauty, st near open rot 'than,. lea Creama r 7.
['era' , Mak., Fruits, Coutectionery, de., kept
u.nikl In vac :tattoo.
• •
. .
P0h1.,, 14 port eularly invited to a large
collect/on leaver blooming plants of all varieties,
uswally found in ercenhouses, oleo, the cholera kinds
of anneal Gnomon plums and dohlioa wit' he ready
for dehvery no- let at hley.
Tar Strom Boat will commence running front the
foot of Pot street to the Gardens, the lot day of May.
Two it,' e of Omtobaset are now running' from the
Old itt:ghent' Wider. Gan!cor kept on temperance
primp!, nod c.otrkt an Sandoy. apt:tit:lt*
ProOnaala too Coal ? Stuck, and Lime.
S IL1) , 1:1:31 . :1 , :l r A t 1 ;, S 73 ,
, r u t 1 . 1 v r, crAf
( I , h ,. e nn s y s . o n re y s
12r.tabo l.u•Srla itaturronotot 30.000 bushels o
Slact, and aleo for ill the Lime which will be requir
ed for tic use of the work. for arc year, will he re.
cessed . rt" the Cosopmy until ' Wednes , duT,
the 041 , 1 as o'clock, E. NI. 'Re &Jye testers
air, In .orth qualay and delivered clench times
sod 0, , atoti tr.t , owls, es +hull' be typreved•of and ds
roe:ed. Tt, 01 ~,, nousist,ott for the tool and
sikek to he 70 you per hu.hel
Propo.a.l. to t. oddre.tesl to The.. at j a, a .,,,n E ss ,
Preswent of the Company, .and endorsed ...Proposals
for Ca.'," -P:aek” or 'Lime." x. the on. , may be.
The paymPos. to he made monthly te•oimug LI) per
tent a. maturity for penormonce of'dontroct.
Japlipdtd inalk.fa M CHIOS Y, Treasurer.
Boys' Wear.
M& PPRCI WIELD, et north e.l corner
fourth nod' Mari, huve,recetved on as
aortmem Of Tweed, Mertou, Costumer., Stoner
Clod, and Sail.., et fans, colors, aosh
men. ;frown, and now atylei of boy.' minute.; alas,
a variety of styl. of Cotton Good. for Boye Wear,
aloe, raa.most Lasens Ann Lien 61.14.3 of anluhle
colors for ho),' Wore.
10o:rzri.:Irej thoh or the de.
out their vgarehonyeduting the summer,
allowing en tlia to the barbel; the weight to be de
termined by the collector's return ft the weigh lock.
N•wr Goods!: Nivar Goadatt
N Spring a.: Sumner My God. Jor 18:,0
... , Wnotaubm and Retell Duller in British,
- Amens. MIT GOODS, 111.1ret
queer, hersreen Third and vourth, elan of the
Ito Ilex Ilea, hoe but commenced receiving
and opening oue of the most rich. splendid,
and extensive stocks of Spring and Summer Dry Goal.
ever offered for sale in the Western country. All of
there Imported Goals are fresh opened, end received
per the taw steamers from Friume and; as
airs Irish Linens, imported direct front Belfast, ell
maw bleached, end sour:mica the pore article; these
Lim are nit imported by the subscriber, and ore all
pute ilno curry warranted. Also, IS. Liinen Damask
Table Cloths, the very hem manufselurei and Irish
Linen Conde of all kinds, inverted direct from Belfa
by the subseriber,kend will be fonnd the real Erin-g.
New style rich Turk Satins, nil colors, splendid
good• ; btnek Turk Satins, all prices, Bell -goods;
black glace Silks, all colors, late imperialism; Frynch
Aid Waves, all colors, the hest,mtported; plaid black
Amuses, per list:French Steamer, now style paha:al
Darters, splendid goods. Also, a superb end large
dtact of wide black Brussels Lace, for trimming ladies ,
resses, Trey rico good.; plain Battles in ell colors,
estremely low,. beautiful goods; black Silk. Fringe, all
widths and pnces, very cheap; French Lawns, new
stv lee, per lett French steamer; plain black GriT - De
Rhine, high lustre, superb gcods; black heated Gee
Ito th ine Brocade, rob goods; French and English
Cashmeres, new miles, beautiful goods; eplendid
figur e d Bwiss goods :or ball armies; web embroidered
At for earning dres es; Swiss Edging end
the best Imported; Silk Tissues 1,
R/Iti qualdtes, neer et;le, plain lend perin sthip'a
aweees, a.I twn.; printed Lawne, now stylee,lrom
? 2.5 cent. , per yawl; !tango de Lains,• new arliet
et &new. Moo, a large awl revery- mck
new etylo opting Bonnet Ribbons, the very beet
',cued, nil new.
Canton crape Shawls, GS rotors, freak horn the . Cas.
temper ,
I'nCo.r k 0 I S . a l t n in e S h b ael . , l sid / e c n h d a i n dg e o a is b d l a e ,
einla aearilk ll
Shawl, (resat .tzportation • mint: embroidered
Canton Craps Shawls, superb goody; green embroider.
ed Canton Crape Shawls, splendid goods; Lapin%
French mode Frnbroidered Thibet, finest importation;
Paris painted Cashmere Shawls, all prices end quali
ties , Indio.' summer Cravat, sad Scarfs in great
Freneh workedCapre,Collars, cad Calls,. la-re.
, • • •
A Large Stock of
50 bole , unbleached Muslins, from 5 to 11l runs per
yard; 10 cause blotched Mcslir., from dco 111 cents
rmr yard. II cases Irish Linens, imported from
lkdasr; 11 hales Toting, from a to 25 cons per yard;
B c ares bloc Drill, tram d to 10k crone per yard be.
a Intl assordneo of Summer Cloths. Also. Os,.
sneerer, Tweeds, Smineds, and Kentucky Scone;
Su Cafe' dark Calico, fast colo n red, from 3to to cents
pmr yard ; treelish Print , Nan
pened; S l c' •ll7l " e•Vo l. sL i a k arst Se s o ' tchbinpr.m.extremes
ly mw. Also, llourekeeprng ('rods of an kinds, very
I..dez Ru , *sia Cr.b. mom CI 00rd/tents per
T;Yr d p . e. br A - Va ' ZC ' an ' t 4 o r r Fl s a to n c n k e I s o . f alf h gl k ors7a d nrq
ties, at low prices; end, white. Add yellow Man u a:ls . ,
very c h e ap; bleached and unbleached Drilliriu, full
arcoi; 5 case. blue Merrimack Calicoes, ex
tremely loom black and,unblenebedVable Diapers, al;
prices; Bird's eye Diapers, all prices and fisalities,
very cheop colored Cambric., a full assortment,
cheaper than ever; 3 boles Elculaos. from 11,/ towns '
per yard. , Ado. a large sterit MCollooTallo Diapers.
PARAS Shirting— OLS A. fall,
PA ft A ntro Di SOLS nent, very cheap.
The largre: and moat splendld stook of Favorite
ever opened by r elly one haute in P140114:6, is Mid
day-wreivcd, old are. all of the ZICWEALFre.cb %Oleg,
which, fore Eeltne.• end beauty, cannot be eutp.towd
An wC bay , • largo lot of thole Paraeolv, they trlllhe
elnether than any other hence in the city can. af
ford to :e.l Ole n o r quality of goals.
The Led,* are reeneelndly Matted to examine the.
pores la as they will End come of the 'richest and
peeve., ~tyles ever imported from Eampo. Their
varnsole no. nll of toe rielte.t and moat faahieitable
colore, 4nd are wrirthy of the attention oldie Indica.
All of um above goods emit be cold off at prieea far
below aux hcuer m Am city; and in order to prove
thin Inn t, tine in.hlir well plen.e Cell end price these
goo.. end vcollpre them with any Ott. , home iu the
mty, ~414,vt.w0d the above IWKIIIOII.
The wont t bete err to Mgt:mm.l,ln Cos
tomena sod Ito pith., in general, that them r! two
other Lee Lire •t in insalet tare., prrtcluling to
cev. tar men
eciebrre-1 wvt for !rimed Dry Ocala estahliabruent
Pitobore b. The eubtenber would therefore say to A ll
Parchasern of Dr, Goods, either wholesale or retail,
that the gig Ike I live. an Market strert. berween TlO,l
and Fourth,. now opening the larger.xkLat, cud
emelt of oprnqt acnq .o=l pp , 0.004
ever °Jared (or tale In SiMthorelt
• ,
New Set t • e. re. Iplat—The lament and wait (gelatin.
able stork of Bonnet. trio, ripened in thi° eityLie jest
received at the rite of thotre y Hee Hive, an Market
treet, between Third seal Fourth street., Where Dry
Goods of every description era telling ehdaper than
any other haute in the city. The public will please
take Conte that there are two ether bee Eva elorte on
kleiket went, who pretend to compete sal* the Si;
Ikea Hive, between Third and Foonlit Greets, where
the patine will findon all throce,the lergettand newest
styles of Dry Goode, fresh spend.
API ease take noun, that the Gore is between
Third end Fourth creetv,viastn of the lilt: HEE HIVE,
whore thy Goole of every descopuen ate willog
onsets 1.61111 at SDI other hostse en the city.
Les., aad Mrautser
Clrele ling Mugs..
Setenti sad T4irol.Tias•-• •
Ge , ^r7 (for colored iwrsorml— ......
Door. open a 7i
_qinlint will rise lki74-Welock
ID . StfO:.4l c!¢k t Wa new, comedy called the Sono.
on Welnes.ley; April 13th, will be presents.' t h e
highly successful cowl- in 3 sets called the
Charles Tamen* 4e Ta, tor
Amgrldetti Sleet • Vt - it Small
Mrs 'rnrttns ••• • • • Mr. Priiry
Mrs Ormsby' Ilelessitte lira Nichols
To conclude vrithshe
In rehearaal, a neerdrama entploi , ta, "Flown, of
~AVABEINWFON - BILL, Tirtsaussli,
137 4 /39 Wool .street, above Fifth.
ITILIA7 . %Merollaostablialmint noar offored for
'Hem It is admirably arrangrl for Concert.,
Locums, Fahibitions, &c. For term.. apply to
137 Wood al.
d'APEti DAILY‘-frrut 9 to 12 In Itn morning 2to 6
kf , to the afternoon; ..ald tram . 7 16106'dt:ten in the
eveni gn.
h. c?;:tlittanee Cents; Children under 19 year.
A. a.awon & co., AVITIOXT &
Illarktt Street, brnmeak ThlrdTkpoorta,
' Pittsburgh, Pa.
'aline (Welty and
WM l 47 '"l e ' retn " ts, r c trl i ta th
e e ort;e Mort creative
Stock. in me m . tontry, comprising over FOMleen
Handfed Cues end Packages of Foreign and Dorm.
tie Ilty Goods; constming, in part, of
000 cas es but style Ga ll us;
100 Bleache d Mashie, ell grates;
dU " Summer Staffs tad Catkinetierg
90 " Mune do Lulea.
• Oil " Lawns and Muller ;
50 " Erstmetts sod Tweeds;
to Cauitscres, Cloths;
" and bales orTirkiner, Chocks, AM; -
3t/0 " Drown Mulles.
Together with the mart extensive nuariment r •
Imported Good. in thjs . mvk o t , the most
ample leeithins for the transaction of their buimess,
and one of the punters being constantly In the eastera .
markets, thus ;mummies every advutage enjoyed by
narern - houses. They, Inhere that - they rander
uratcrindace melds ranchards general y, o
Mir. , alities, And prices.than one certain market. New
good. constantly atrium. Merchutiintending par.
chashig FAM, 'are . panicalatly solicited to exannem
their austrtment. ;et A hpL'irlll24/sEL
era •
B- 0 0 tS . ii-i 0
gill E tub soribe r is-now manufacturing a beautiful
SI/MSIER ROOT, of good mammals and work
musitip., et the very low price of 84 50.
Na 0 Market steamed doer from Water at
apl3. &Ma_
_lTrihane cope.)
Pitt assrgh Clay FAo,riskg
(Formerly the Phoenix Cotton Factory, sth is ard.l
Fresh ground Family Flour, •
oo Corn Mehl; •
ee Rye•Flonri
Bran and Shorts; . '' • -
Chopped Grain for homes and cos, (or 6.i. by
• 1.1
.._ -- -. • WILMARTEt ne k NOBLE
JTOIIN B BAYARD having this day attsoclatuf with
hhn his sn, B E Bayard, will continue the Leather.
Ihde,and Oil Easiness, under of John B
Bayard Son, in hie tolifilings, corner or Penn and.
Walnut streets, the Fifth Ward They' would in.
vile the attention of parehatters In their well .elected
Deck of Eastern Leather now being reeelveil, cattalo
log of New Yost and Baltiniore Polo Leather, and
Leather and Ideroccos of every description, together
with every lonely of oar own manufactore, , insi—
Dpaniah red Slaughter BOIL Upper, iftpa, ad(' Skier,
flatness, Blanker, Brbileohol Band Leather,Sealltni,,
Lace Leather: . She., Sc. Also, Timers' 011 wtel Car
riers' Tools at Cinch quality. All of which strillbe
told at the limiest possible, rate, for cult, - •
Plaopratts. Patent, Sala Asli.
464 fi ' lgTe "s et: " Sir th eel froat .' at ' et b ati m ulte d tlr ' teie
calla. now Cu the way from Sew Orleans, and en
pcmed here next week: and - 814 will shortly mire
,vin Baltimore per ships Juniata, Chesapeake, Damas
cus, mut Alton, which will ho sold on arrival, at the
. lowest market pace for each or aporoved bills. '
apt I lao Liberty in-
PATENT th,ACK—^W lb. last Teed 11341177 ale by
• .1 KIDD tz CO
opl2 No CO Wood argot
COFFEE -2i bop, ads dog reed. ..a far Web) ,
VLOI;11-150 brio received, and for sale by
.600 t:;!'""I'N.;MT? ..--- gn`VgitZFAT,'
-DR001,:-.5,0 dor. litorzo's No Corn Brow.;
Lb CO doz corm:nor! . do. do joz.
rived, and for tale by A CULBERTJQX,
aplO 145ftiberty
lIERRING—aObxs No I,
• DlPlT'"'Tigiil3ll4St;f4
- n1 for par by
AR— , Ai ben on hand, and for ..jrly !••
NO. bIOLASS.ES-10 bile is Sore, Rad for.nle by
• : apl,2 A-CULBERTSON r:
SUGAR - 94 L i d. nme N U Saw In Inart,' and 4u
Iff4-18 tryarno.74 Pbot, cm handl, and rot' We by --
0 so
ROARD — PRINI Foe Board Pr tuts of
V French manufacture; from ..15e tio each:forsals
eS Wood at. .
VITRIOL—LO oprboys Oil Vitriol just on b.nd,
)_land for ~nl• by lapin) 7 . MD &CO'
nrrnre A CID—IU lb. jolt rce'd and for sale by
mull .1 KIVU& CO'
IVANIDIS POTASSIUM-8 lbs for oudeby
V gull J ICIDD &CO
CREOSOTE -8 lb. jun rec'd, and for axle by
'plat I KIDD t Opb
PI RIM TIJ RITATIN E:—Ott be. in priaurardee.
II for sale by 11-ii FAIIINESTOCK &
optit Corn or of First tr. Wool Us.
A-13 euks Engll44 for on)* by
SOAP—:S bxs Baltimore fine Variegated and :Mile,
un tonsigruncid, tor sale by • •
Batiellit:G . VOWDEß=llddSparisciiieisks, fm sale by B AFAIINFATOCkgecO
011.1,A511-01 cant. of a nnperlor brand, on band;
and lor rale by BROWN & KIRKPATRICK
EACIIM-150 bA sereei treacles. a prime article,
lar sale by !MOWN & KIRKPATRICK
HOPS-5 bale% of W. N,Vark Hays reel Oda day,
and for . mar by BROWN B. IMIKPATRICIC
RATIEITiS-75 qr. bys on to sTandinc .. la by --
GgeA No G twin ott i lged.
T ° l2G A fiVelGe l : k"3 II7OW ' N ZuNIGKPATH
liteubenvil/e Water AVorkeS •
DUOPOSALS viillbe received by the Wide Werke
be 1. Committee. d Treasurer's Office, until Tursdsg4
Mith dey Alopeet 2 o'clock.ll St ,fortamishins/
cent Iron piper, cm fellow, , to wilt-156 pipes 6 inept.'
tiore,9 feet londVreigned each - TIO pour din 18 branch
es forS Inch pure le pipes 4 teats. bore, v Mot lent,
weithing each UV pounds, wllh the usual compliment
of Inapt, sleeve!, fee. One half to be Judiremd before
the.leth of Jaly, the balance on or before the 10de or, •
September. ''thing and delivery at Steubenville to'
be at the expentlo et the conentetell for which, security
will to required. Payment as follow,: SOO dollen in
enth, upon the delivery of the amoont of pipe, and the
balance iu owe visa worn the completion of the eon- •
tract with interest. Address Steubenville Want
Works Committee, LOUIS A WALEKR, Chair's. '
Aida d2w
pAC .p o!i—let3 pier. reed, but re adtbd.ligt,t.,
- . -
TALLOW --8 belt Tallovirjuaz ree'd, and for We DT
- Ed half chests ti.ll. Tea: _1 • -'
YO Jo O. P. Tea; ,
I:, do ll:epeeist de;
ec caddies Fstra Fine Y. U.Tes; ,
hp do G. P. end leap, He'g, had foi by
son C /I GRANT
B I.;AGIC •srioleo
grades .d styles,
H ht chests loom lassie, fir este by
spit 11 GUA.NT
, -
lAM oew prepared to tundra Applerme N frg. the,
Well known Nursery of Jacob N. BMW. Ttoo
trees will be delivered at the - witarf at:Pittsburgh for.
PUS per hundred- Perwata wishing good thrifty t r u ts f
should leave their orders roots at the-Drug, Peed sad
Perfumery Warehouse, tomer of Wood .dhhath qua
FLOUR=l. 2lol : ll aFiciiirjaicia i diird - friiiiits bT
spit Winer. sliver..
a_rreeeived, and for sole t r y
[a. W SRuvecs, n.
keep constant:) , on hand .or mete to order the
l•r‘i itaiela In their hoe,
al tleif Old Mond, No. 13 SL
-illeuradtem; also et No.
613 Market !Wool, necoarTetory,.
aminow to the Diamond. Vellitißll Shutter* mode
cadet. mat old blind, acuity {epaited. .p 10.•
ame:moldered, at store of
opto N. E. cosmos of Fourth k Market rts.
Bale arlndlgio. . •
ON Thumdaki 1011 i Instant, at II o'clock, at the ,
Waraboascr, O'Donnell Mimi, Beiltimoro. 100 ,
lieroona Caracas P' Indigo, direct importation. Cala,
to ,ryes and samples ready day picric...
TIP: undersigned bees Imre to inform the politic.
AL Matte has declined businc. in favor orig. sat;
P. M. Davis, who will continue the Auction imiCent
in.ittlan busbies., at me old nand, corner et Vinod and
Firth airects. and tor whom he would aoheit • condo'
mace ntthe liberal patronage heretofore bestowed up.
on ihr bens& 'JOHN D. DAVIS.
'• Aptil nil, 1910.
ax. or 5.00 AND MVO enema '
WlLL co make sale,. on Itberal terms, o( Foreign and
Doaystia Itlerehandlie, Real Fetate, Sumas,
k" bop
e., and aloe auealba at ,
esinetts, to merit a • eentelittaea Or. tha r suaa.. 4
palrent.le re Rini2l4 enerlded lo the (ureter home.
April eth.
C ° -FFEE-3°
begs prime Rio pist meet ter mkt by
aplil 144 Liberal Wee.