The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, April 06, 1850, Image 1

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Ono Saps, IS, Oath adduion.i ituartion.- • O.y . S•
; WO. Pus 'mule I,S
tare 0,00
thud" *eeko• 440'
ISt three mantai.•"Z4••• .• .. .•• O.°
Par•tutdba ' 1140
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taraiaa 18,00
riuding Cud (I 1 hues as lex e,l per anaina • 10,Ps
•f/aart‘q aari,ahaugeahle atpleasanraper
awm)exclulea a( Uri paper 2 4S'd
, • For each addiliaaal sqoare,lasetud our one =oath,
.and tareaek additional
.auratte lutned adder the year
ly. sales, half price.
ASsysliscldtata exceeding allquare,,,arl; not over
&Acta 11•54.,.tritip elkiised ahhaquae and - a halt
' Pabllahera hal • male br 174 sderilmememta
, beiond lbe *Mount ekmrsenir , t.str psh , .sadon.
naasorlag illldidater'fbr airer to Le chlegai [hi
mama as alter adverlisemenfs:
Advertisement. not atarkeat on the ropy foe
lea enlaces of Ineertiancerill fee coniinued tilt 'forbid,
and peewee! exacted accord,
The pnrilegee of yearly adveniie es will be eontined
rlaidly le their regalor bnoineca,'abd all other-id vet ,
tjaojnojne not pertaining to their regular lief ineas, as'
arresil ter, to be paid lutes
All. adireniseinente for eliertiableknantunons, fire
.•• enrapenice, ward. townehip and other puhtie inesiongs,
and sash like, to be charged Lall price, payable itnetty
. adroace.i
* hint loge netie.s tote ell arged SO ems. ..
I• 01,0.11 MiXartea WithOUt eborev, ontesa eoE[l•
bb j ‘ .4 by (intern' invite/lona or obituary notlerai and
• 80 tietOmpanisii to be paid tor:
B — . aradyerttaers„ and all onieraaendine
.nteliudniii tenvitinn nutlet. datignial to tell au en, Aim ao,ic e, G..0.c ens, or any public miler
up.gpiaorlieria elourgen niu Hach for •dittitiane.—
- ;,*ldencayer private anaeranons--tvery .notire de
eon latientitua IC prince enterptlat caleul a.
of in serted wi tended to p th rouloba Individual biterest, , csis on ,
17 I , ethe undemanding tke tame
my he and for. , If intended lo ba imerted in ur la.
bbi.eplautn, the eau will be charged at the tbld of
bbllearhanlC Cents per
or aistlietices to be charged triple, place, •
Tavern License Petitions, 112 tactL. •
Legal and Medical advertisements to be chamcd ar
Pante A and Auctioneer: , ade.
- - Meow sca n g
be clam ents' ed undo . yearly rate., but erntr to be
showed discount of tbirly chlee and one dna yet eapL
'.frog the ariatanntof bills. • • • • .
411..1.1 Olt a . ..weenie II coat PaPll4l .
. :01,a Shave, Mete Lasentonsi.----..37. f r
•, • Do. each addhional rneenlon.-, 77
• • aviviorrizueueve vla Pint Square, UU line.,) ode inseriion• • ... .70
DO. each lallillrinitl'lnsenlon , ...2s
All rionalent adverriaelpenut io he paig is &demi."
. CO. (hateue.
L. /IARPER. Po•i.
xi.nrr la RIDDLE, lacuna,.
JAMES F..DAIIR& Cll., Chtehi7le.
- • FOSTER & BROTLIER,'Dispoch.
. ..Jo3.llNOWDEN,•llerenty. ' •
- JAMES W. DIDDLE, AltleriC an.
WRAAI EAINE, Evening Tribune.•
Pirriacaaa, Dee. 1,.1611. • . • •
wmg. s. Actecrax, • SALA J. moth,
4- IMO Wltoletale'llrocera, Pothaur-siork ana
I•=lliterrthintl, att.! dealiza in Plod oce
ortufacnires, N 0.37 Woosl a. 14 Lemma 14404
oonwE, m t z y Anm. t id - co.ecllor
'a La
t,.z Co il
araeliialata:ard aa' t ir L ank :o9arrta
Ataatoaa, .ackaawle6eate
Russ rv—llon:y/m.
redger., Sm. Myr Dul •..Z.
Clllollltll IXlCllitAti,,Ctatuninetan and Fa rwirdik
Mewl/int, Ntt. WWl:4ll4mm.; rintl.trete' , , ey
1.104 77-
.13[A2„.ropi .10:1 - c artorer et /Joey
41.0,,,P", . A ". 1. ,
Wt, (*totem, co - Eszyby &bee,' Wool Deal
et and eatataiaitra tdetelteriti, tor the ail. of
American Wucderta Libe &It mt. 4,1•12
A. s. summon,' mown: Incu., , / ~,,..-; ,
k ro
;.: D.c.aCcAstuun,..atfA. wa.,...4 . i
It. lIIICEllO3l,Toborao ilkagnialorr Met
... p4AAIA, itticath Wamr 1,t,& 16 Mau, We,,,,,},
A..AUSUT.. , ' • " •-. . W. iara ii a ,
!la - AILDY, JONES & Co., (raraessers to - Atwood,
.Ea JaztesibAril ComemaiotrAnd ForAr.rd . K Aft- -
thazA.drAlerk in. Plrat , argh Manthetnneellgaxl4,
W 4. • ••••-j. Mc Val
: wjf. 34.44,14.11113:46 004, I
•- IfectiSan eoinerif Wood snitThrd xtreellt
wP 111a.R811111,14,
, • (FOCUZIebR.IO , 11•3011X"C - '
r 11 1 ,01131111 -Rile, In been sad E'
4.„pct,lilyagirate4 !larders, W/ad,ole Shades. Fir o
oorldl'Anuy es , Mege. , ...Wrunrg, rs,nung asd Ma
pin P•Pqr.'N 97-WCWiipatt.A. be... EMILIA &treat
r =FM:nand thld;Prttibingb; Ps.
TIBAIAH DICICEY Go-iWtalesale Greens. Cora
-1 Rmo Wrohanial and dinalersisxProdnea,Nor.4o
• Warm and 1.U7 Freed etTeela. PttlebilMa. tors
11 NU. A. CAUGII4I4 Agetn for the Lake Ene an
dlleligan Line lo Bearer and the•Laltes.-01fie
on the earner of Water and Smilltie4444. lan4
Jo, 8, • Jr. eph Dal
J Coa
Patabarch. ' • deSir
10011 a. Unmeant: . Joan% wriAnnerw
• Wholeiate Grocer., Pro.
ad date and Commannon Merchants, and Agenw
for the Hazard Powder CO. Of 'N. V., No:17 Wood
.111N , M. .TOWNbIEND, potoesin nad. Aptithee
v N0:43 gasket at, three doors above Third to, r
hargiorill have constantly on band a well lett:clod
aortasent of the best and freshest Malthus, vtitteh be
-•— "
_ •
will Mil , on true mon reasonable terms. PhYsimans
~,,,r or in4 orders, will be promptly attended to, and sup:
plied with articles they slily rely upon as genuine, •
PP' ?brats:it Prescriptions wild be iterwately and
Zpapered from Me Meat otanctials, at any total
sl Or Diem •
m eet. or sale,a brims stock of frisk ind.good
rep t Perfal
J°"l°.".l". iA en
;!:rd t Cro tt n s . I " c t ia u s:
dealer-in Produce am. rittaburgh Manufacture ' s, cop,
nes of Liberty and Hand streets, Pinsbntigh 1015
.JAMES. A. - HUTCHISON, Co,—succeseem r ij
Unlit Itutehieou dr, C 0.., Corrnaluion Merchant/
end A. of A £l4.
be ~.Lowie !Hewn 4ialteLt Refmer
4 VM
3tentat nadir] fibhisyeta,Pittehuntsb..
- ,
JOHN K UEl.l.oll,Wholeinle and Retail deakr!
in Missie.and Musical Instrionente,rSchool Biou
Paper, Mases,Steel-Pens, Qdllr, Printers. Cards, and.
Stationary generally,No. el Wood stAplusburgh. •
fiD•Hens !monetarist - en lo eeply
' n; Naha, /Ica Z. WC9113.'
iM. YOUNG 4 G.—Dealer sh lusherWu, 4a.
IC Lilornyal. • . ,an4ly
Ira& aa'cincasam. sari. IleCtitellSO.ll
- APCDTCHEON, Waoletiale Orators, del
-VP V len la Produce, lann, aad Pam
bariOnitamfaeturea gear aslly, IV Liberty at, Pata
wm_ rum" •
- LAW.
WILL 140 attend to cralleetlarti ind all *thee aid&
oars a:decoded - La kiss IA Bader and italstraai
....W IL Floyd, Libertyit.)
IPidaburib. -
BY COY reCo, Wddd at. 1 Jae
°semi agars M. Aussie ,
CI -`. Net. 411 Water street:,
. „
ANTS..•Aleo—lliporitii.of &4. AO and Bleaching
Powder, N 0.1.60 Litearry•al l lOSP. , Sixth
• •
D. Wirt, • . :nano arcaeauw
ICW, _• inteeluastor.D.
mug.) Groom. rimmaimg
Neschasurh dealers la Iran, Nails, Glad,
hualanrgh Naas factures Annerall,
eosses .1117.4 and - Water •lreela.
W WTVIA LACS. Nal atone and Id.ol Furnish
'. Ing esiablishalen; N 0.244 t•lb,rtY m"
ar Iho
1/17 -IrW MKWItialies,JewelryTKITST ,V S -74
• ,s 4 lialnary Coeds, earner at ins rket dal 41h
PimblnEk, Pa. jN. 11.—Wattbes and Clocks
odd ttpeped,' .
.;• •
DOWEN—Volasurno n and rorsratrini
21) .11 , rola st: between V.'ood and
ytai wells. • fcb2 I •
W — F -51-o "Wirs,
grains and mums Dry Goods, nonh eon
„rer ofjdpllet and Fount, sts. - ang2l
. 11 , 1111 111.1ouida.11.71111).
SELLAXSi NlCClLiFrodbee and General Com.,74etektaaia,:fc.47,Libtrty it,aitiabargh•
BMW. LIPIISO arid Lard Oa,-
ate 4sl,l 4 l LlSia — tiqi - e.
ears, fterwardsng_ and .Coinsaualan Merchants,
erd Pismburgh Bldmentattland lik.arn pro
d.c., bele removed In ties Liald araminale,tald IWO)
N.. 35, eomar of runt d 4 d 1 1 .4 9.0,4
mataLsinit..w cm. • .
Chattiest,. aad fp.A' oo l
=P ule" ' t"
dealers la all kuula
lab./ a ' aMil i r d pingraildr; Sito. wohl,a ' — '" tl:
ewe.. _
- - /ALIT', Wholesale Liman gen Cowan
Moe Merchants, and dealera to ?sedum N. 'l%
.• 00 4 in-,Uslourprta. pet'
• F. LEA,
TZTOCIL DEALP.T enlillhhl2loo Merchant forte
yr - salaof AlSigtlCBll - WOOIC!L G. 411, i4LnY
/ .. /Pts_ - • l 3, 1
wx, O. C. 1134111..
WI• nIOALUY di CrCi Wsokealo Gtorers; 18
nd 211.Woat atte.c4 Plitsburgh: • it 0.21
:ITARRIPUN ~3ES9HLL : Coaaeello~ u 7nw.:Of-
dower Wco
r u st islik
m g" [ltalian
~ .. -..- -, , , c, , z , ,W'i":: • • • •
. -- -. ..
„i4.4 ,-- - g':;34l:•„fp.eitf.l.X, , :. .
.....---,.. 4Q ' , V47.-- , •,,:.. .. , , .
, .. ..
"4,ll *° "'::,•Rirg4o .) ; ", :g . r i.i .'-a.-. . ,"''''''''''''l, ', l•• 'n ...... -•••''''' ''''' ,-, •••'''' , '''' - i' ,- - . .-i , .. .. —.......,..----.. .
---- ,:.------
1 • ,
/ I
-.,•':: . . '.' '''',:. : r
. •-•-• . .
.. D . ... .. _ Ts , . ... 1,
. „..,
• Y
. ...
i...,,,,,... :,.
.... ~ „Floor:
- , z t i . .....
- ..,... . :
....._.‘ .
~ .. - . -,., ri . 1 1.• ~:. 9 :-.,..
~ e . "" ;•' . ' ---
41 T---
••...: „...,... 7 .. 7... ,,, : , it ....,. ::::: _ z ......., ~.
i Drl7Bb:: .' . ':.:'...-..-, ' ...,' . .. ' .. • • • . PITTSBITRGH, .SATURDO MORNI N G . .A_PRIX, 0, . .1850.
! VOL _ri,.._
- • - •
.........._ .._______.
t. • ', -
'•- • ........ .. .
../pa i
woohwaso., • SAL. 1.01L.T.
lIAOALLer t WOODWARn & co, Wholesale Gra
' 'opt
1/Ii.P.T osIFIC7.• .
ptsisststrgts - Alkstll Worts. • -
BUl d r%t li tZVo slds31 1 ' Astir a1t741 ' ,.i. `' ,:
Add.. tr &release plu —,Waler street, below Fen y.
inderick Braun. • •
(eat. Reiter.
D.RAILLN t REITEKAVboInide end Mewl Drug.
g: tomer DI Liberty an.llsLClalr sizects, Pi,.
bunil:P.--.! • ,• • I
N. 8.
(1/1818 k and Commumon
ki Al ere Lknis, No % Miakel at, Pull burgh. .p 4
CC .
A..MeAMULTIr CO, For•rardlon and Cent
. mission Merchants, Canal Hawn, Pisbaret,
Ps_ inr2
- -
11 GRANTWholesaltillrocer, COMII3 an
forwisding"Merebut, No. 41. Myer n., Pts
I Selif/ONSIAKSii t 00. •
J. No hi Wocul %mei, l'ittaborgh. nPI
'IO4IN D MOIIOAN, 'Wholesale Diungint..ih
0. or in Dye•Shllf,Paints, Ws. Varnashes, tr. No
Nhoiod otitis, ono door South of Diamond Alley,
• 11.1
JOHN -D. Da.VlS,docnoozer, came, WS and Vl'no4
bileett . I
'FOLPOSTON k STOCKTON, Bookseller. Prins. *,
tl , so
übburgb. d Paper Nanufisciarao, No. 44 Bioko awe!,
Pl aPI
John Eloyd.Mohard Floyd.
r AR. FGOVD, Woolosole 1.: r ...en, Comm/non
V o 51ord.Usalu, saJ beaters to Frodu,!, Round
I:!tkireo tioad!ogo, 1441;inc"9 , 4 . 1 -. 4 . , Y , W"' "" 4
4 1 1/ 1 1.suocio,!Ittal,/,0. Ku. 'Pi
j AIII tu." , DA LZ ELL, Ikho'esetaLlioeer, Comm
Ala 1417/41 ‘ e r,b Prod uce auVbr""i'l477h
res ..-- i N- 7; 4 °
o 0 • ots, i t/ekrs ' iTTon d uTi f4r.r.",V,'...`,,,r:
nat.:rod a moles, Canal Basin, nem 71h st. al 4
1.. &IRATE/MEAN, Wholes* Gnaw, Fotwald
ID ins and Commission Morobsa Dealer in Pvt.-
hurs . l.l Manufastaras and Prodace, Nos. 34 Watts
1.1111 Mom at. Iy4
Wm. Millet, Philad C. W. Rieke... Pntsburgh
7sA ILLS:ask RICKETSON, Itinolasale Grooms, end
Importoraof. Brandies. Wines and Began, Nos.
174 and 174, c owe r -of-Liberty and ['Win Om., Pitt ,
bursk, Pa. Iron, Nails, Cotton I(cyna. de. , cou•_
Blind) on hand. apt
loan PPGid. Juries D. 11114111. Walter C. Rut
Mc6ILLI3 .4 ROE, Weir. sve Grocers and Corn...
Rion Platenu., No 194 Luberty St, Pittsburgh
N,IIOIiME9 DON. No 53 Market second door
. from comer of Fbarth, dealers m•Forefam and
'Domestic Bub of Exchange, Certificates of Deposit,
Bank Notes and Specie
fp•Coleictions Mule on ail the prinsipal owes
Mriteghout the Unitrd States.
DUCIBIASThIIt, A41041.11.4.11-01f..e, Fourth rt.,
.LN. third door abuse Stuntifield, south side.
Ciinrepurting of all Ueda done with the greatest
erte endless! aortic.) ,
Tti el to item Comm exansieed, lc. oct3o-ly
T SWEITZER, kennel' at Law, office Jd et,
c r P . °popsies St. Chariot Soles, Pcisnotab, will a so
atiend proatotty to Collections in Washiergion , layette
and Gseena noun., Pa. .
Illockstock, Poll* Co, - )
Church k Carothers, t• Plunbusgb.
D. T. Morgan, .lociJdiy
Vesuvius iron Works:
'Vet ' : a lj r A 4 - 1!: : a L , r e Pot i ld •O n tAtr. ' ot sh o e ' he a l:
quality. Warshocan, 84 Water and tod Front strotl.
T. SIASRISON SSWSLL, , pouusallot at Law.—Or.
. Gee On Foardi at. above EN33036e1d. uovf..l,
I n.tito./12111/allll Wholesede Ibravglso,
. Ne. 23 Wend street. ritlaburgh.
JOIIN 11. 110/OdN, Wholesale Drus 1., go ut,tl deal
ex Dyel3o3l; Pala% Ms, Vernishe., Se., No.9J
Wood sweet, one door South of Dialoood JJle9 Yso.-
I ifirD. DAVIS, Auctiouect. Lth mutTSit
streets. Pittsburgh.
.TIOINSfOirte STOCKTON. bookseller, Suer./
and Nailer Mime...mem N 0.44 Markt. au, Pit..
bureb. ,
. _
T FLEW% Wbolorale Gemara Courmusiant
Merchants, *la d neat,: in Pm:duce, • Round
Church Bulldogs, (manna au Liberty, Wood 'ardl Orb
surer, _ _ !nye
jekhliN PALZELL,o 1 rs a e Grocer,Cenookasion
Moicharn, and dealer in Produce and Pareburga
Mansfattlaren IVater to, Pinaburgh. mote
r SWEITZEB, Ahotney at Law, odds. 3d et..
tapped...a Sr. Marks hotel, Pittsburgh. will oho
snood promptly to Oollr.ctiona, W ashington, Fayette
tot Green cootraoo, Pin
. . . -
ri.. . 'IR I - WEIL TO
. 131.netator k, Eat a CJ.,
CLurcb /c Carottuas, 11husharna
. , I) T. Moreau.
W. fIARBAUGII.,' Wool bleretocure, Deler
00. I n Flour =kJ Produce geuerally, and Forwardtor
at. Cosararcaaaa.Aieretraras, No. 63. Water sL, Paul
Atxt.Annetvat. - Airmemcos - , •
ATTORNEY , AT LAW—Office, on Fourth street
'.Dave Wood. ' afar
TTORNET AT LAW S d Coammtioner for
(1, Pennsy Bt. lAuls, so
All CCAAl34,llCltiOlLlptoreptiy aruwered.
' coati!)
L. H. Weterman• - R. N. Waterman- •W. R. Waterman.
WHOLESALIC GROCER., Coaniesion•.l.l
letrilingAletenent.; ere In all kind. of ?m
-il-ace* PluOnnge Itleaufactered Article.; and Agents
roe ula or Ricluncind And Lynchntirg Alanuiletared
TotAkere. seri_
• .1311 , ,A08LIDT dr, WHITE.
.6VE in atom; and Wilt Do constantly receiving
MIL dosing the season, a largo and well selected as.
tortment or Staple and FloCXDry Goods, which they
will Nell for tarnish or approved credit- •
Wasterio Alarch.ts. are Minted to examine our
.A. DENTS for the
IINCII POWDERS, have oo in store, sod will
condone to receive, eepylleo of the following well
iknown brood.. .111uspralis," 'Tenants," vol *Jar
ow,. which they offer tor sole market Mee.
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, and .Commir-
Wooer for du Slaw of reialoyironie, Sr. Loot.;
Ala, Oslo of Pittsburgh.)
Referenees—Piruburgh: Hou. W. Forward, Ramp.
mu &Miller, Weandless k AleCtaro, /oho 1L Parke,
Bindle& Soupb, Meant & .
.S. M.lMandeld•-• • ••••—• •• • • -George /Lenard.
& CO,
V171101.6.t.ALE and Retail Dealers in Grocanes
T and Dry. Goods.d Com:simian Merchants.
No. WO Libattre, Pittab&l '
T. H. D ....... • • •• •• • - ........... ITE-9territi.
TTORNEYS and Goomellara at Law—Found u, Abetween &midfield and Grant, Plundurgh, Pa.
John R. Lary,
A7roRNEI:I AT LAW, Foluill s!rect, near Ural.
016 If
ATTORNEY AT LAW—chtee .0. Fetrth ,*reel
between AmaGeld mid Wass, hilllugh.
ATTORNEY AT LAW-Once on Focub sired,
Piagbugh. . nitYl
• Canal Balla, Penn MOW. Ph:abet/6A mr6
No 2:7 Market, and da Comateree sr., Philadelphia.
Advance. made, by either of the about,. eantigo•
moms of Produce to either Hausa mr6
:striteratALLoWlen t sun,
IITOULD respecktly fallen the conalsoment of
v Ilarrishurgh itelght, from IVeatern Merchant..
as they ore prepared -to melee any amount. Line
and Section Roma mating night and day, the freight
will not be detained, as they will unload stark home at
all hours.' • • fetal4in
1 - . llarriaborgli, Feteld,
• .
Ira Der's). •Andrevr — R. K. FlomidT.
COIINCISION MULCH ANTd—Vor lAe sal e of Do-'
sliesdie.Woolon, sad Colson Goods; also, dealer. in
turd. or Tailors. Trimmings, No 1 n Woad it, 4d
door Dom Mb, PiDearrals.
-Deloreireortdassr... Wet A. 11111 A. Co, !Doke,.
A - Cie Ago'. D. Varner.
0140 ROW. W. SMITH i CO.,
13Rgw EMS, bfiLVITCII.4 . AND 110 P
rmatecon. fittsbash. , .ptO
Ut1,1.1111:1 hate— %Meth Bakeweil.
•'. PATTON & eaxervicz.L,
LA*--Oftle• he Tile bat. I tall
Greet sl,..eeas the Coon liceee._ ab?
• • -
VT • Forvflnling and Commission Merchants, and
denten in Courts' , Ptednee anal Pitubsigh Manor..
mt., cornered Wood and Fifth care ss, Pitieburgh.
J. ' ' -=-• 11. inniiier
. ANDS;_nntl Dealers in Window Gin.., White
_u kquelqugh. mi 21
• AIMI ISTEOIO & 011.0 Z 11:111
1 , 10101
?18ION Pro
duue, No WI Market smut, Pittsburgh.
vittstindirtintrr - Vio
: -
=ill I. {l , l/0.•
Sc /0111:4 _ _ _ ...
P.." , ' JOISkIIi 4 a,utoca,
.1A A4 1 ,10, 4 14 ,. ,,e'1, _ ...el. preag7 , print u 4
essat b ram r and
aptutal,tgannna:ea lyn; &rt., 101 d dealt,, In gp ;
crlc tas.p, fice aeate lamps, and coach tfanwnsa
vagralli, coinst Ef t al• and pqnnt at, { Plitsburdh,
• rabid
W. C. Friend.
JOHN Xis di CO.
Tlo lOyBxi
J, 131 Itritmtions
••-• - - -
ASP' CI:PAM teratCllllS. For.
v veurdink dud edllllllll4loll 314,1et13111t,
Country Produce nod Tierhuret , Monntor,ure, tur
ner of Wood nod rum ;•lit-I.lerg.t.
I . l.l.urgh, Ma[rh 1.,, 1, ,
.eel, erul leo Is
~pr4Ag, Ilottontrrol
*knew Pleogh. ewe], lope,
Watrr :1. Front ntrect, Lure..
AI o; deal& in 0.1.1
' " ty'll,
j CAN 1 , / e(Watren, ..... ) Cam e ,„,
. stun and ,Forararillna 111 , 1 - chu.n. nie
Limier ul Western Itesnrve Itan, kna
Vc•arl Amb, and Westarn I•nodoe , • ne it. Vat.,
11Jd W. Pit.b.llo:
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in casks and case., eciectra w„h rare I.y John Durand
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CO; Ihts duk dik•Olyn.l I.y. itmluffil causer., Ales,.•
!Lake Q. 8.0.% ortllsettle the hu.torssot the 0;1,1.,
tar which purpoac . tboy •re nuthorred on,
of the concern NATHAN IKL
Tll,l 51A: BAH N
The undersigned have thi*dny u , •neinted the M.C;VP.
in the name of,lll/FIKE the rd:rnve
of innnotneturinfr Fire .f . rr of f• 11,. V utz:r ae
he., at the otatad .tie late fir, Or I,npt,lc. untkc
CC% where they mill be plen*,a w reeei, the ea , r,m.
age of the customer* of that heuse *tut their t nrnd.
1.3.1,1INI) BURKE.
TiIOU nn lIA
Tewing I tOlll &nzt I A C.,
I Willa plctt.ure, Nul. r A
Barites to Ito: roofiLlener 111, 1 / 1 1.. -C. end MT
Feb 9,1e19 NA
Franihn Fvr Inruranre C., 0" 1',4w
Tales Wagner, Samuel Gnaw, J.. R ze,xt,,
Geo. W flachn.rd,. Mordccat It I.
Bone, Davlal R. U,umn. 31.0 r TIP PFlllt n.
Carotins... to us. e to•urant,
oVcry popl h.
0 ;Et A, • r
at rate, 36.% ate
To Company I.syr rc.trve . .l u!arge rost/t.e rnt 111,10
adttelt with thcsr eapita! aIW 1 •".11. 9 a,:v
od, ..lord ample. protect. n to the arautc..
The name, l • •. I - 1 , . 9..
publi.hed agi<cal.l9 ,
Si 41. 4.. IS
u 3 :I ,
ties! F.Latc
.orare Is
Siva. .
Cash, Se
SEP.,,C, 71
Stnee their Incorporation, a at 19 year.. t0...t.
have paid upward. of one sollfihn 1..0r 121.'4,417,w—
-and dollar+, 10..• e. I.y fire. c etdcoe:
cud], tidvantaara rd mart raat tv,.11 ac the 01,1,,ty
and dirponnon to Intel wtth_protriptoc... all
J. GAM/INCE Aer,:h
E Wilool or:4 :Id .ta
LLlfia and Ll.nlr la gnaw ranee.
filllE Alumni tee and Ilea,q , I,,,,arare
j of Philadelphia, lc, arporat,l by the Lep, l atare
of Permayiv•hia, Morel, it'd,'Charier tor titiaL
Capital, Won Mi. It 4.7 tVI I. XS 1a • INT PIL.II p ".• I
tranta ...;outt4tiv, and full :al per er.Ll lower •
tumal rate. of Life la‘urithie, r lidlowin.
pariaun .liove; Thu, n pet nen .1 .1.0 age, W.,
awing for 6IIM for life, moat pay the ••
Pennaylvania, 6210 t, Pen.,
New England, New I hit., AI-
Ginn, 52,4, Lite and Ilea.m, I'hlle.l-IVh.n Sit
Diatecruse.—Sanniel .1/. 0,0101, Charles U. 11,1 ,
P. Boone, Kober! P. {Zing, 111,001er IV
Eln/dwiti, Si. M. !reeve, :11. O. 1:.1,,r1,q,
Lerma Cooper, I. Itt..linasi Harker, Bailer, Ed a...
Cope. Preatideui..ennint Orrick, Vice Preri•
dent-11d+ P. King; I.ectumil—Francis Black bez,Le,
A pp tirations will he re e e voLLand every 111.1i1Alluti
given by SAML. VAIINEST“CIi, Aet.
0151 e, C.nuimermal Houma, 1.., I of
oetrAly Wood Will 'fiord at, Plit,•l,tiir
qOll.ll INSIittA.NCE N
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, ortb AffiefiCit will
make permanent and Imaite4 Ihrumnre out pio
perly nod elemity, and . •lapotri ta by
Canal, Rivera, Laker, and by :+ea. orotwi,L. 0"
dila Company are Wfli 'avenged. and furnish 1,1 qi An.
able final fur the ample indemnity of all•
dealer to be proireted by Iml:ranee
mylr WM. I'. JOINTS, Arent. iI Woo, •I
Itillt/LLANCE, Pitt•Larg , .•
The Sprig Cardeu Health I usu mere I u
OF PHILADELPHIA --GA Pi IA I. 5140,,,,,0,
iNSOREN Male• end tremors Sit Wit. the El,
Sod Lots occaaoncd Lv siekner or lerole,,
au waled/ate salikranee ni 11041 F./10 *a per
for one, two, three, or lo.r year,
The naelhad el edema, lb,dsanee. aaa
manual . of awarding aa,./ck alit.wanra,
explained by tue..agrul.
A perecti c.n to.ekre, a,airp.l ...iero
whiels detlun IraQ W 3.. y
!allows, ,rtz,
r, for a penod or 63. yests, the stu ol 414,10 e 3.01
.13.11 y, wilt secure tbl per weet wtul tc /ne
Every necessary Lulea...iota will be afforded or OM
..Pica of Intoraac, geae ). by
clet746co osleoo
- Th• VOlllisylvanta Company
Fon Xi...amino, leit - o A CD iimiervia
riE firm Life Insurance tompiwy in the
hemp...rated March It. jeo_,h,,,„
tApittal MA3,ooo.—alipaid In.
Harrag authorised the undersigned to orth cartorfa for ineuranec,nn which polieict b e ewill .urd,
according to their propeada and rale, which will he
made known to applicants at his alto, No. Y WOO 4
street. rptl raffi
L' , IIRE BOARD PRIII7S-0s all ',olds, 0010 •nd
1: Lcatel Tops, both of Franc!, mi/station, so
mr . 25 Wood al, barn ash and Diamond all,
TIIE sabieriber offer. Co. aalc a large and enleatt;.l
, oeltientufrascwocd and mahugany grand A ,
t so a pyattera With and ',taloa( Coleman's eelcbrated
4Eoliaet Attachment. The above 011.11211.1 nu are tour.
ranted to be equal to any manufartured in this rut....
try, and will be sold lower they any brosaht lrum the
East. F. 111.1/111E4140 112 weal .t.
24 door above Alt
N. 8.--.13.11 demi will be MSc, at pit. for at , ev of
be above absostsueot.. tow.l It
Ifirtiacfor llygraot -Water.
THIS it to eendy that I Lave „,....:
4101 pointed Livinecton, Wien,. •.t. co.
Sole Agents 1 0,
th e,
sale Cl J.ofetnr , t
Patent pjaprottgin rillAr, I, 114” .- if
nee of Pittcburilt sod it nepl.roy.
.1011:4 tillintrOl, Al.ent,
f i f i tr , t r lfalter AI (Itlitnn.llo Wood er• p,
• Oct. 10, ISIS.
Vie have been one one of the alone icilyc• A 1 16•
so d ee l the Novelty Work. tor, t00.,,1,.. 01, ~.AI,
sod feel perfectly aiin•aell that It ti la u.c1.,1 to .r... 0,,,
014 We take pleacure In ref...tie:oho, thent e. • hie
thankfule t
ee all who love Wan tent., 0rdr,..0,11 le
thankfully eeincil and ptomptly etc...fle.
oetto LIVINI:, - roti. iit I. .“ EN A C..
W J. al.lie.NN. Book U I nders.
WE are al eugagr in ihe r
of Wood andllord trerr, Prro.ursh. wi,re
we are prepleed to der any work lu our 0:, 4 •
patch. We:Snead 10 our work pre, ,, ,,, and
yvatbr gisr?n or regard to te.ll/Ir ,, an
rabiltty. '
Blank libuks ruled many pato.. and bound
sisolini:p. ,. lkuddl err number. ar old L.ook lament rMic
roily or repaired. Name, put WI book. , in Edi
riofie that have Work in our low udr. ro, tip
Price. Sow. . :NJ II
to ••, 0ra1... at •
MA corn.. r Liberty and Wood mrcri,
and oder for side Platform, rloor trod Comm , d.,••• ;
of die mom improved quality, frOoltsug t•, for a , —.A
euld coal; Bur Stu., 01 If iVu• t 0,,,,
Par./ 4 , ,
common Wares, !tallow Ware, .4., Ne Thrr
manufacture tbr tille4rn Rau tt.
geueful auttaf..ion to thus L 0 5 ..., I
whtell they would rewpeetially 111 VI, the
the 4 . l“Zellit .d publie gro•trAlly. •
8.40 it` , MAAIIWAIMIItEI)
John Hooker Ws I' I. Vivtley ~,111111111 I
I. IhOltoy J<l..• 11.0.
Thoinno:....; John A I.owt ,
lloroort. A reh•.t Va; Ito ,r 1 !lor w
Ti o7'hf.-trult '
ItanieN It Ft. I,
Pict vile\ 3,,
Win Faint. 5,,
W King A 11 lyre. ,
A J0n,•0n,., ,VFn rod., 10•,
The tibtivi,, S
ul eume of 11. r 1., Out
Lonebbing I.i
bigiiineut Stela inattuSurtutrt-, Tr. 1..•
frb2.4.11 31 %Vim , RIO v. 1 runs
lionoras Cough Syrup...W.lh°ur a vnl'
(eku Went
MR R MRI.I..b.RS-,-itri the 1,111 alr: I %mot
AIL Very severe er.1.1. tits night gel 'Vin, I vie..l in
bed eariier dmit yclzarriwit,tsm!me Ihad " l el .
none the night brill . , my eoutt. r.o *evert: hart
could not Fleet,. oriiher rook, the, 111 rhr room With
me. the proton eleepine with me woe much
Died by my eni.gbinr dot
Y Yal u
diurg Coro •.rid bough: a hook ..1
one are of which, to my eta.l, Waist
ny rough •i if by mat., Its ...1 t • tverlr 111 Ike lUD , Ie
Mg, arid Mai now quit. Iv•ii
I hereby relit,' iNet I .ro won ..:.mainned with ihe
&Lova -I,eincro give!. .1
11/04. }. .
A id...on,
Conineo . llorn n 4 lb. roll
. , 41er1.. ro Ward
irrPrepricd nnJ .....14, It 1. :, 57 Wood
men, end Vold by Lltuecc.o cruet any so tin , t lll
cities nod vicinity. utl.
Tunr,e(i,,d and far 0n1 ,, , at No I to .s,wlJ•lrrel,
, t, I. I,oiCiluilligcllCid %tuorttuefil Of / , :put Lord
:.d Campli(ye nipo, which svltt he pad at th, t.,..•
, esa eastorrit4 tor ..11. Thu of dzalerr
'ls seepesil Ipso 'cited
To Mothers amid W. Medical Prefessfon.
wtheenlver boa Just received • large nppiv of
ore, without rzreption, the only article certain Id al . ,
tont relif gore or cracked Nipples; and from
their particular catmint/ion they will prove level..
Mc when tha Nipples are ravened or to any mariner
lb Pratt's Patent
oftfre Pump, • new nosed..
expressly for dm relief painful and ante ltreeets,
when di•tended wish milk; they are far euperios to
tiny now in use.
Ur. Pratt's Patent Naming Battle, whieh is rant ...-
priced tug—. hen in all other kinds.
In Primes Cupping Apparent., the Marl simple. and
the neatest article 10 nee for Copping.
For sale s wholesale sad retail, by
iticAt E SELIiIiRS, 57 Wood at
I NPALLIBLE for renewing, invigointing, and beau.
1 sy fying the Hair, removing Scurf, Dendruff, and all
Inf e ctions of the !Yelp. and curing Eruptions on the
Shin. Diseases of the Gland.,
Muscles and Integu•
netns. and relieving Sting., Cuts, Braise., SPreinib
hi' Sc. With dos 'preparation, there is no such
word as Gil." The first journal* in America, medical
tneti of the highest eminence, prominent citizens oral'
pt as:melons, and ladles who hue used itier years in
omit Messing rooms and nurseries, admit with ouel4C
-4,,,1, that, lot 1111p111.10g vigor, gloss, luxuriance and
earl to Ine hair, eradicating scurf end dandruff heel.
egg wounds, curing conm.ions, secant., entigs,te.,
and iclieving dietetics of the akin, the glands, and the
is tots., equal among the multitude of con,
pounds , advertised in the public prints, OTiond
vine prams.. In cheapness as well as clammy, .•
ri Trtcopheions 11 unrivalled.
The affinity between: the membranes which constr.
mum the skin, and the hair whirl, draws to stagtentttca
I /um tam tunic envelope is very clo e. All Mreewe
no me hair originates in the skin of the tined. If the
mites of the scalp ate clogged, ine if the blood r and
other disam• do not misname freely through the small
m , els mlnisit bed the IVO. with 1001101 re 104 impart
ine 10 me foie., Mt result ...curl, dandruff, abcdOmg
of itie,tossr. cram:teas, C/a..., and barsenese of Pin
beanies...m.l entire baldesm••• the case may tie
Anniniate OA shin to healthful •0010 with the Tilton
heron, ens the torpid vessels, recovering thoir activ
ity, will Finnstal.te the dis,ur. •
. • .
.. . .
. .
111 911 Iltferttl".‘ of the skin, and of the sratsrrsite rit
and treekusearkiha process and the i efices
ore the some.
It Is upon the skin, the moacolor:llbria, and the
;Banda, Boar the Trieuyberotta has its specie sabot . ,
aril in all affection, a s of these; organ., it le
rureign reedy.
sold, i rr n
!orgy m l.olllol, price 25 coma, at the principal
traiee.l72 Broadway, N V.
jt Por .ale by R. BELLE tsb SI2,
• - - • • - -
IIINOW all men who lare Met and Mllieted with dm.
ewe of Ll.e bladder and kidneys, with rheumatic
w r oos trt bark er limo, miff prints, old tares, running:
tatts. du, toot hey ! can be mired by miring. the ?c
-m:doom! You mity,talk about Its beinga nnatrunt. as
much no you plane, but this does ant roue It to,' - far
'OO proclaim in the face of an honest C.ollllOanitr, that
It h. virtue, which ora not contained at say tulter
remedy. 'The mon who I. rucked with puts and etif-
I, tory Irmo disetiev, can for Ally cents, got relict Aorn
any or the Ws ennumegsted than. Reader! it mists
'MTV' Ilnla to mare a trial. 'Mt Petso is no Mir.
woe compond, put up
the purp roleu ose of linttug
on the emornonn; hot t tt Is • remedy elabora te d by
We tirsoncl baud of nature. and baldrics op from the bo
writ or our mother earth In its original panty, rind of
ir, t• to voEcl y a ready remedy, • certain
It hog eared Paw atter other nimilcinea have law/
reviler any lilts eared Rheumatism of bug
urolosg. awl or the worst awl Moat painialcharacter
1 W 1
hot cured Cholera Morton. by one or two Jews; It
I.a. owed old cases of Diarrhea, In winch every other
reinnl a lias Leen of no avail. A• • lowa remedy in
1,L.",• nd ward% it it hatter than any medics! reo.
pound or outtment that we know of. IL Will COM
sot frosted fret, in • few applications; nodes.- testimony men be fornilitied of the teach co tamed
Ilse statement by cant. on Satueel
01'101 Doan, 0110 street; or either of the agents.
Keyser A. McDowell. corner of Wow! street and
Vudirr Alley; R. E.Seller-1.37 Wood Brent, D. A. Er.
Rot A 11.11. Carry, Allegheny mty, ai r ;seam
A man by the name of HUE!. CLAPP has engaged
win, a young mgn of the name of S. P. Townsend, and
ures lin. nouns td , put up a Sursaparttla, they
rail Ur. Toornaead's Sarsaparilla, denominating it
GENUINE. Ortgirml, ete. 'lets Townsend is no lino
tad. nelfi never wait, bat was formerly • worker., rap
ist..., canal., and the like. Yet be atilllEtel Its title
of Dr , fur the purpose of gaining credo for weal ho i.
Ile is uniting oat Soria beaded "Treks of
gime k s," tit ',fuels Cs says, I have sold die use of lay
11\1111.. for V: a week. I win give S. P. Townsend SAIO
if fn. will produce one tilogle..arelintry proof of Mit.—
f•Illi1)11 she public Lot su be deceives!. and
Ur. !went. Townsend!, trarusparilla, having ua It the
Ind In.'s likeness., his family root of antis, and his a11...10s
...los the sum of •Gas.
l*Gee.eal Office, lei New., eGtiew Vert Gey.
ORIGINAL inscovEmga
or T./I.Z
Old Dr, Tolerated Is now shout Myth...of age. and
ha. i.n.F been k down as the AUTHOR and Ltilif4).
VEll Ell of tbe
t , A.FISAPAH/LI.A." lleinrpoor, he with eonhialled
111:611 irmoutherere, by 'which meant it hate been
oat of market, and me hales circumscribed to
Lbw., arty who had proved its 'worth and known, its
valve Twon
uaiaL too Urtanitaat Platraasinoti
inumfartured en die largert utak, RAW It called Air
thevaxbout we length nod brear4 of Unload.
lhoixe youn• th F. Tenornsends, It improve. with
lux, and oerer change., bat for the bexthr; 6.401210 it
o pi,. red en oviehutir printoples by h selentlfte Aden.
toxLvvi &mote*. or . - bendstry, and the thirst
in woven.- oi Or An Lave ad been brotiyht into re•
0.0.h0 hianolieurre or the Old Dr.'s Sarenba•
alit The ,varhapitrihrt nth, nth well known to whd
rantaina medicinal proper - heat/ad some pro.
',roar a inch are lien or melon; arid other., which,
ietaiord r pirpsying it for axe, pradhee tercesth
ofand ilea!, which ia ihnitioaa to the system. dote
the properties of klarsaparilla are so volatile that
entirely comport. WWI are lost in the prephira•
100.,.1 they are nut pawned by a herentille proven,
khowo whir to thaw experterwed to Ile marmlictora
Alnrroyer these 001410 pnacipleth which fly atria va
por, ot ran esLaistiath nutty beat. are the very it.
venual methea/ properties et Ihhlhh kivh• ta
it all no value. The
i• to prepared: that all the tort , pinues of the fat
:apnnlla root see knot removed, every thing capable
bec,,,,jag att4 or of thrthentsuoth as extracted and
ta•zi ,repy paithele of medical virtu is secu
red to pule annii,thteated Com and thus it is
rendered No .
of Imititg ga valuable an I
beating properties. Prepared in this ulna% it la P. O
We mon poYerful agent la the
- - - -
rrenca the reason why we bear commentlatmas on
every aide in on favor be nos, seamen and children.
We find it doing wonder. in the woe of Cononmption,
Dyrocpetit, end Weer Complaint, utd In Rheumattem.
Scrofula and Pans, Oilatbresteo, ell Cutancoto Entri ,
mins, Pimple.,Matches, and all altetitlnS seizing from I.PURITY OF THE BLOOI4.
It ;mottos • marvelleua effmaof Mall cbete/Hntv
timing fank.lmlnystion, from Acidity ofahe Stomach;
ri um unequal culanou,deternsaianon of Mood to the
road, palpitanon of the heart, cold feet and co d.
eold chills and hot dashes over the body. It has not
ran ito equal in coughs and colds; and promotes earl'
expectoration, and gentle peopfradon, refacing attic.
core of the langs, throat, and every other part
Rut in nothing isTO encellone caeca mantfendy seen
end acknowledged than in all kinds and stave of
li worts wailer• in CMS of floor alba, at whiles,
rdalnr c of the IVointi 3 Obetranlid, Soppeeset4, or 14/11-'
tai filense•, Irregoluiry of tho itheneenal penods, and
the aid t. effeetoal in eating all foriatof the Hod.
ney En.eneei. reniuting oliethuctione, and regale,
ung th e general etaioni, it gives toile and airearli to
the ri , tiole body, and Cotes all forms of
end thlt3 [quire,. or relieves • great variety other
disease, us Spinal Irritation, Neuralgia, CI. Vises
lamer, Saroouilig Epileptic Fllll_, CP11•11h100% Ac. Is
Lai thee, ,
h 1 .1". ra-EMMEIRLI
But can any of thew things be aald of S. P. Town.
:end , onemor article? Thu young mates liquid is not
beenure of the tirand Para that the one a Incapable
or Itetertotanon and NEVER SPOILS, while the OM.
et IntES; it sour., ferment., and blow* the batik.
rotimintsig it into Itaantenbt; the soar, acid ltdtdd to.
ploding and damaging ollom goods! Mast not tha hoe.
rltde romponod he poise:was to We matent! What!
Stacid non a system already dmeaeed with kind!
Sh hat ramie. Ityapepola but aind , tin We not all allow,
Mar when Mod aunt, or our atimaehin what otimbh - M
It prodtieee. -datulrnee, 'manhunt, palpitation ithe
heart, liver ennitilatiminatilanu.alyeentery.eholte and
earroyuon al tire blood! What ot armful* bat ail aria
hamar , u,e body! 511.01 peodurea all We humors
wail, Wine on Fannin.. of the ilbin. Slab/ Head,
.t nheunt,Cryinpelaa.Whoe Swellutga Peret.Sures,
and all li, ...non* ',Mental and eternal! It is otn.
n, under heaven but an new oubatanee, which aunts,
a,., mu. aped. all the fluids of the Leda, morn it t ia ra
W hat ems,. Rheumauem but a soar and Bind. which
iii , lnueses
.all between the pinta and elaewheie, Ir.
glinting and intimating dm tender and delteste
nhosi seinen tt arta Po of °enrols. Masa., of spa.
tit yor the blood. datangent eirculationa, and fowls
an Me wlttett atilael bonne nature.
:Wow, as It not horrible to snake and sell, and 11161111[
1 Lnatl 111 tau
1,1;1111t•. AVID "COletPoUryik,
iii l t-rt ta• would laiu hare it undetatood that old 114.
• •... 'lown-end, tlltutun Orig.:tat, Stitasranli, to au
1.01 hu thlotiot prepatotiotd!
1011 , 14 [hal we ottotild deal Ina n wla
w1..e1. would bear the mom dialect telamblanda :1.
P cruel.! and whir h should laced Jovra
aaaall,e Old In. such moatitun load of eeelplese.
..r.mmutt. fro sea who !lave said, and par
. u.rt. 411.• have e y ed
aed S. P. Townsend, Fetateetatv
I aloe."'" •
olderotuod. byelaw it w the *haulm.
W:. S Townreobs artlele and Old Ur. Jarol.
Y.,. awed are howellwrode apart, at.J
Jt•vwtlari that they are autilt a at every par•
nem., I.JiVolig nut silo thing 111 t•owtaru.
It ”. to orroods upon unturturiale, la pout
ha.. ion. woun ded homondy, lo kindle hope lo We
d.. p
tuirsop 40,1, w rretore LCsllll d bloom and Pi.
pus row We p,o.died and broken and 10 ham. Intim.
that ...Id 1111,4 ACOII 'l`olVNtt END boo .SOLIGIIT
and I.lll l alll the opportunity mid mem. to W . 1.( hos
a I.INI 1 - 31114 Ci 'SUNNI lucre 31 EALF.DY,
will.. the resell, and to Ike knowledge u( allwho
need gi, tip., th ey may learn and know. by Joyful ta•
,r nee. n....11.710gar ploWaiclo Illta
1' , ., e. by 1 InlllllA ul. , tVhaleaule.tot al for
ette. 1'et..41 , ..m• POLITII, 0.1.141..1,
1 iti•t.A7a , ; DT: 4 , CASSF.L.L.,
010 I. W. GAIL/WWI ward, Plltabarati .pt.l
. .
ha - A her ion, purlarated by
11 u•El.f,ILe ungtaal, Duly Iwo sad gelatine LAMer
A easmacs, Drown fn., 0., March 20, 1947.
11, it • In Ap fit !see My wife was eitack•
'd 09h layer Co.P.louvut,laul badl the advice of tem
ph. ,o 1,•, who toed various remedies without - pro.
1411, good effect. navies beard of your cele
m wed 1e Ir. Vole, 1 concluded us glee Umiu slur
end I nud,ar. d oae boo of /dr. Scott, of Aberdeen,
rove ihrw seeorthng to the directions, by which
' , hr. we+grastlp relieved. S procured a second boo,
d. It eDlartly cured her, and she now enjoys °heel
leol health. 1 barn used them myself, and pronounce
1,/.1 the bets family medirine I ever tried.
Your., to., Mu. DLitt,
Prepared and .old by N. E. SELLERS. b 7 Woodsy
gold sago by Druggists generally in the tyrosities.
r.. r r EA..:11," CIGARS—IWO We
D., ill barter Co. alawat soy snide of PiEsbargh
tu.aaf w acuito4. Daritsl WALLINGFORD AOO
JTVIIN WRIGHT & are . .p teemed to hold Cotton
and Woolen Prlnettliery Of e'er, description, ouch
Carding Maihiney ' Retorting Frames, Speeders,
Drawing Frames, Rallway'Head., Walters, Spoolen,
Droning Frames., Loot., Card Gunder., &e. Wrought
Iron Shafting turned; all sites of Cat Iron, Polltes and
Hannon of the InUist patterns, slide and hand Lathes,
and bole of elf kinds. e.0.m... of every dverniptitto
furnished on short notice. Pattern. node to order for
Mill G`'.,4,6, Iron Railing, to. 812., Pipe for hoot.
ieg Factotum, Cast Iron Window Sash and fanny Cu
ung. generally. Orders loft at the IVareltouse of /.
Pcmc , k Co., Irhnrty street, will kaire prompt Orion.tion.
Refer to 131acksumk, Bell & Co., .T. K. Moorehead &
Co , Si. E. Warner JObn Irwin & Ron. Pittsburgh ;IL
G .J. 11. Wsruer:SleUbe”llle. lanl9
• rue ARKOMETZII. - --
Tlll3 attention erne Junlic u respecuany allied to
the following certification
Ma. S. Easses—llayieg maletl • quantity of Gold
weighed by your Ammeter, I find the moult prone.year
in correct; and recommend the nee of it
to non golny, m California, as the best method (or ob.
toning th e real value of Gold. Insp. youn,'
J. It. DUNLEVY,GoId Ineusi. •
Pittsburgh, Match It, Pip,
Yirramitan, Mardi 7,16 U,
hh taltra—D ear Sir Hsiang caardined the "Also.
inetc, , manufactured at your room, I do not hesitate
to eoutinend it to the use of these gentlemen who arc
about removing to California in search at Gold.
Itglees. close ityproximation to the specific gray!
Cl' of metals, and will cerianily enable Um adventiner
ucertem when his placer is yieldnot Gold.
marl* Yount, restos. J. R. lII.CLINTOCK.
_ .
pi c lll u tß rn ll2llF.R recs.:void for , the
Gum Elastic Clothing ' , 4 n o t n, pr * ice c ti on n4 e rno . flils " rrin
111,50 for suit of coat, pinta and hut. for vale art the
Indic Rubber Dcpot, No 5 Wood to
~ ~--~
filflE Subscriber corers for sale, the STEAM ARICR
WORKS", above Lawrenceville, comprising •
Steam Engiue,l Itoilersol Mouth Machine, capable or
matosfattunng tw,ooo Pressed Bricks (out of dry Cl.;,
as taken from the beak,( per dip . , with three acres of
land oaths Allegheny weer, on. which are d grins and
sheds, machine and clay theds, wheelbarrows, trucks,
shovels,' *pad., Ire, every thing requisite In com
mence operation. Cr an hours cod.. PM. including
the pateturight to use said machine, 117,0 M-1011.3. el
payment made easy. Wi th out th us land. 53,thal. 'For
particulars, address HENRY MERRITT,
_aught - t ! No Iln Monongahela House.
Wrought and 013. -
TILE labaeribers Leg leave to infarm the she
they have obtaioed front the Rao all the late nod
fashionable deingn• for Iron Railing, Loth for braises
and emaistarina. Persons wishing to tinware hand
some putentswill pious, call arid examine, mid jadge
Radice:l.lam. Railing will be famished at the short
est under, and in the hest mutter, at the earner et
Craig and Rebecca streets, Allegheny airy,
ear' -dtf LAMOSff re KNOX.
Judd's Bledloated Liquid
TEAS ts undoubtedly the beet preparation ewer die
eov_Veti. br &canna Pouts, beside. Cats, Chil
blains, Bruises, or any kind of fresh wounds, *lgo (or
mire Nipples • remedy unequaled.
This article is intended for family nee, and atioald he
found the peasoretoo of ever) , family in the lend.
hieehanme who are ia constant danger of eq.y to
their persons through accident. and the improper or
earadeas me of tools, will finsithie artiele to he invalu.
able to them, and after • (Menial will consider it in
it in an eseellent substitute for adhesive plaster a'
./1 kinds without any of no soconrentertem, and IS Se
medleated as to allay all pain Immediately and most
• very lane applied any whets on the ritrfiee of the
ski. memedtatoly forma • Gem, smooth sooting, very
storilay to the natant! Cuticle or outer skim which may
be freely washed with water sod loop, wi tho ut any int
jary to thee wound.
The ankle is freely sored sad highly recommended
by the MOH ralinent physician. of New England, and
other parts of the country.
For sa le oats by Ft E SELLERS, 07 Wood st
B — Th e trade supplied .ti rs atanufaetarer's
prier. feb4
11•14 re Versa!fag.
IT lIA NEVER, in • single butane°, kilo! to ex
pei Worm.
Cs's,. Cover llotsse, Va., July Z 2.1917.
Mr. IL F. Sellers: You will recollect that when we
in Pillsbutgb, $a November last, you vailed
on us Us try to your Vert:Wag, latest its virtu pre es. We
Jid so, and through the veinier we sold
.what we par.
chased, which gave it • felt reputation. May last
tee Purchased more, whieh was divpoved of :muted,
tel We then onlered more, which 'cached es on
the Ifith of the prevent month, and no yesterday we
void the last of two dozen bottles. We find it so val.
liable • medicine, that every . per or a family wish:
es to have It in their pomeesion.
Those who have gurehazed it would be perieetly
inilting to Mae eenificates of It. excellency. flat of
stanceu have •ended. It has never, u, • single
ins fi l edto expel worms
Youiltiend, We C. Mugge & Co.
Prepaied and sold by R. F. SELLERS, 57 Wood et,
and sold by Diuggi.t• generally in lba two eines.
HAVE now to store a large and general masonnsent
of OR GOODS, adorn they otter to Coy and
County Merchants at restaged prices. soad Whiny theft
%rill sell as gr at isdlltdrgents to cgs.% biyers. ur for
aphrosed ore Omit/
Roan lgaotla
WWIIT/JA.ll—Minafastyrer of all kinds of cols
lon mid woolleo Maehinery, Allegheny city, P.
The aboverwork• bell:4lmm, In fen sod socoesste/ MP
eration, I am prepased to caviare priors with dispaseh
for all kinds of machinery in my h no, mon as willows,
pleb era, spreaders. cards, gciodrng fsaithnscs,yairways,
drawing frames, speeders,. dap:mils, foams, woolen
canbcdonble or single, for merchant or rosary work,
amilcs,,acks,d.c.; sink and hand lanomand tools in gen
eral. All kinds of shaftimy made to order, or plans eiv
so for gearing lamorisior nulls at remouable charge.
Hasa, ms—fCconsdy, Childs A Co., Itinekstock,
A Co, tying, rennosk A Co, int. A. I:rae.
gigawilligthnnh,litelkg PittibAlrff ba Pa.
(Vice, 14. 37 Waur rt e dauurn ilfaritt: and
fp WlLLeonmantly k espoa hand a ie. mason
meet of Ware: of our own manisfatture,•nd
soperiorotality. Wholesale and country 10.-
ehanto are respectfully invited to eaJland ea
amine for them..., as we are determined. bell
tom., than butane before been °fared to ttill pub
fr714,/ara .ant try .01,neeontinnied by Ula
mut 01
to 5".."..4 ;i1k . PmmPtlY atiended to. mt.
TOUN D. SITREARY, Footing Ink Manufacturer
No , 331 and lOll2.tanton area, NEW YORK—Lte
pot No. 3 Sprite cract—Would call the attention a
o WI improved Printing Ink• of •annu
loads aad ordera, at e following pocea :
Eilra fiPt /et Black, for Card and Wood
043 . - • 62 00 .d 3 CO per lb
Flee Book Ink p 73 " ICO "
800. rk • • 010 "40 "
Nowa Ink - • 0 14 0 2/3 " 0
. . .
lane Red 122 -75 e lIQ 120 " 2Ob
Blue, Yellow, Gwen and Whlta 22e I IV I Sa
Gold nee at ft pet lb, Bronze et, Uq 72 ets
•1 per ae.
A .pecimeo of News Ink can be seen on this pope.
C 5/o , glip k Co. Cineinnsn, Ohio. Vitiebni:sh,
Morton & Oehinsenld, LanbreaSe, Ky.
M. ",i,";',lgf ta a t ° ll'
Lacock,tretween Federal at Puidesty streets. 'she,
are now making and are prepared to necelve
every description of vehicles, Coaches, Ckariot's, lln
roaches, Haggle., Keenan, an., ito., week from their
long ripen.. in the mitneac tee of the above work,
and the moil/ties they have, they feel confident they are
tnabled to do work on th e NOll rm.:enable terms with
hose wanting articles in thou Lae.
Paying paNcalar attention to the Ileitettall of mate
nes, and havinr none be competent workmen, they
have no bemtaiton warranung thee werk. We
therefore ash the &MGM. of the public to this matter.
N Repairing done iu the beat flounce, and on the
mast reasonede terms. intahtf
Thom.. Parklmmo,
Ikra Tobanto. ilouain aad large Seisms or all kind
Oran Castings and Brim Works generally. Corn
of Ferry and Finn stream
Tilt subscriber, having parchaml the, Factors' o
httnae PatWreon, Jr., located at the above wend,
woold respectfully inform his (Fiends and the ;while
that he to prepared to hit any or'ent in his line, on the
mow reasonable terms and with dispatch, and will
krl grotalul for their patronage.
ittsbargh,Jan. I, ltdal.
HAVING dieponed or my extebheluncnt Or A
Thom. , Martino., I tote the Ithegy to tPlo
(or huts the pate/made at my friends end the pabh
Whop confident Mat any lavors conterred wall I
duly appreciated and promptly attended to.
reTrEitzuN, Jr.
Pittstratah, inn I, tEdd.r—ban7.o3ta
(0 . 111111 end abort moo BILLS FIXCII ANai pay
U &We in CmcputasL Loma.lle and Ha Lamm, par
rhaaad on the most favorable tenni.
r.s aro., armor. WOOO Mann, roToneura,
ioaNTINIIE m inotsurarorrooll koala of COPIER,
lj TIN AND sumer IRON WARE. Alto, no,,k.
toroth Work.
SIC4I/1 ltoat+ built to order.
Sparta! faleanion liven to , Team boat work.
'fare oa hfulds • Ult., •••ortment a f Copper and lira..
Kettles, l'irt %Yam/tr./re. Steamboat ed , liala Ytore4,
l'ortualr Fortes., •Ilflolllstaaa -a very CFPI/011.1.11
ifele for Alrfkothosia, Califortu• etnistaradi of nal tus4
.11.4412.1.11 t,
We would rispeetfully Inane 'team ',oat men' mf.l
°Men to tall and see INC aruele• and Prams bell..
11111e11Pli. el lowborn 1I:17
_ _
I rAq Mania (men ilia Eastern flittes, an
. fi.
1. vtnl a large vatirty ul Deasona o ll , s o llt
ueh e he ni otuto
,caelltilly Inv.. Ili.a allaitts Tor(l'ut,
Oht. suit pedlars. No el Wood et.
Young MEN in witelcenle and retail storm and othe
terpectablo bodily., to act as DooAkeeperettalem
torn, Porte., Bar.keepers, Waiters. Faratent,.Coarlti
men, ear Ayoub., itook and Kau Agents, llententoq
neeraeers iu all branetwe of benne., ka, We pay,'
at all times a Inge a u tuber of good etto o d oon on
which h,joit
pay trout :WO to SOW per 1 .4110111. TLC.
lOWA of situations of any kind would do well to • lye
en a cull, so we hire agents to each of the *boob Ca
ned, n nogg will enable ILO to plane every spy/Natant
a sun able summon et the shorten notice. We lowa A
large em
e puituoinee in all the above named cue ,
which w Iran will enable as to give notate Wild -
tam to an who may fever in with a call.
TAYLOR A. TA V hIAN, No. he Second et,
N. B.—Penn. living in au between South end na y . pan of the U. khan -
no d ~,,,ut o g to obtain anstalsOn in Baltimore or el
ther of tbe above einem , will have their WentAmsee
newly attended to by addrerumg ite a line, (plishpaid)
as by ea doing they will email both .trou ble and at.
/wow, whin: they other/rice would inane by Cond./
to Me etty, end Weint , s ..plovuens for themselves
N 0.69 Seeond anon,
HatinOve, Md
GEE, WO! GEE, WO' --
ft - Mlak 1850. StA4
nom coxisn ot.t, comrrro.n.
'7ll Avvr Paint
• Pletabernalt and Philadelphia.
A, , fl the bane.. on the canal L. about - being °lased
CI Gar the sauce, we would inform the public that
we hive again brought the Conestoga Wagon. into re
quialtion, and will be prepared to forward gnu rounds
teninmeneing on Monday. the Adh bap • cur leaving Philadelphtndally by th e wall train roe Quito.
beriburg, and the Wegons traveling day and bighl.
Cll5lll. the delivery or Goods in live doys. Apply to
%VAT. ['INCH A Nl,l'ontbit igh,
DINGIIADI & LOCK, No. Id.) aktket
nov2o ' ' • Ithiladelplon.
Minfar. 1850. eft
•xro vaom
Timm Five itaya, (r!dodays exedpiedd tunnord Mat
an/ brht.
THE balm rerneeifully lnimmed that rho Lore
Width ha been tit roecenanil upermion the to
previous winters sw .11 spun ccutinetnet, rislitpotg
Monday, the 9ilh of November.
A Car will Idave Philadelphia and ehmober.More,
o h
with Me Mail Train, and from Come
bersiurch with with
of horse. running day and 1,3
Me above
cre pmpare
Linnd to tonal Apply In linlar 4reight daily hf l) LEECIIIb Pitplion,M,
or 1,-11A RIMS it LIVI:hIL,'
No 11:14.nft Thiri Ere; Nula.d , •lo,‘,
. .
V`llf/E.DA V LI In
non non CONVIITAbI't or.nutmintioino ono euessass
WIT errno /CID corrition. norwar,
b L , ?b i :Tg L . l 7 .s .7 e .,, ca L ri m et lw h c ,
ly loaded Wagons going raghi and Jay through to
The horses are strulotmd every IS mile!, Which
iusures the prompt delivery or goads widthu the time
The Visions will leave our mambos. Mon . , (Pun
days excepted.) at 2 o'clock. P. M.
Shippers are assured that no more goods will
h r
taken each Mai than Call be punctually crried
.20 MAAct strcet, Pcdad.tlJAA
Canal bneln, PittabuTh
ICHIN PiIePALF.N d CO., Fo&wrortorro & ro=ors.
on Mammon, Cane Burn. Peon moot, Parsburirlt.
IA7bIE4 M. DAVIS f CO.. Fuca FArtrits 1 . 54 co„.
wt.°, ?dun..., V" Mattel, and it Cmnw,rce rt.
len made by aithe r of the shove, on llour,
Wool, and tuerchandits, corootpted to them for
•51. tun!
anbactibera, now havin •
g ,in toecap/hi oprrn-
I. lionKA Exp!ess Wagon Mn. betarern citiehurals
ddphs •rerared,' reccpl lot tOOO
(501510 alli• Each w o ndeliverable through in to
day., Spoil aTs c.crpted.
lan.l.lto 107 Market el.
• - •
Diorcbants• Tranaportation Llue.
Without re-xtuoplng.
TEUE-111 Day.. K. of Frright al•ray. an
as aLly °Wet responsible 1.41.1.
C A AIeANULTY & Co., Proorwtorr,
Catal Basin, Penn at. Pitt Owl&
Acerrs—ROSEMORRILL & Co ' Baltimore .
CHARLES RAYNOR, Phtl.delphia.
Eaclavively lor the accommodation of the
Between Pittsburgh, John.t.rt. 41. N,
dersburgh. and all tntermdia:•
4hipprrs by thts I.ittm can oderay.Eri , nd ty"nl.3",
fee !httt goods emmptly forwarded and •rltv.rrd,
p.•tnt on the t.enal or Rad Road, at io r tut, wr
JOHN MH.I.ER, Propr,qur.
Aclors-K H NAN, Johnatnwo,
JOHN 11111.LE11,11611ulay.tow,1
tciAllA liVANULTY 1,0 r 111,5
niparolch: POILTABLEO4O47I4*IS4
rot Tot 7...1.011.1,1104 Or . ^ ....1.102 ECIWEVI
FROWiIIE.TOILI of tbia estutill,in.f 'and
I own Portable lloat Line, are tans Clay prepared
to reeelve . goods foratopaient on opening of Cana,—
Navies much increased Melt facilities, their eitorn for
storage 14 mop, and wwwlete.
Notrsioltipment takes plate on iLni Line; the gnarl
being put into a...0n portable bout, ere not distatle-d
onto arSIVSI at thew di...thulium—ibex avoiding brine.
an3~tthe three point. of Johnetown, flotiolayslintg.
No 010wr,.. wade for re eet vi dit
g or for, , sd.
vaneing wiarges Ail good, ISiwaled promptly, and
upon no fur
bat •a ar; iiih . or Lino
alai neig.tior linen tab or trio tbr E , " t i • C•i:
We have, for the lan lb yeart, twen "1
Line," an I have never Int:cited out tide; 0i..1 we think
we have earned the privilege or now eltaneind our
ILIUM l 0 the avaormta of "Tits RUPOSSIZT-C
JOHN hicRADEN tz Cu,
Canal 13.41. Pitoili,ch
mid No 217 Market et. Philo:If:loom
gleridit Anne
ligidigti 1850. .n. 14111
F r q !1 4 }•s,
non, have established an Express trio by Hatlroad und
Wagon between Philadelphia and Pluelturch. itv
whien they aro
prepared to foram d QUM poimas each
d and d b r e en g p: o f o o r t,e lte delivery u,i
r ok i ttla m nn e , o th t d v al t s .:
lie that their arrangements regarding rater, regularity
and deupateh annot togivelMlCllCllo2 mall .hr
favor thrm ir k, their command,
comer Penn and Wayne eta
13E , Main:ugh.
IlionAs 1113IDGE:,
modern and Antique Furniture.
Timm fit., Prrranozaw.
J. W. W.
lileapettfuliy informs the
public that be bat com
pleted his spring mock of
FURNITURE. the largest and mos. vant.d assertment
ever cloned for mile to this city, comprising seem*
setts of ftelawoon, &Wm... and BLAME Wsmine,
emeed. °mammal and plait, amiable lot Parlors.
Drawing end lied Rooms, all al which .rill be told at
the Invest prices
Perms, desiring Furniture of any derctiptinn, am
spa dully invited to “ s s
Iland examine hiome, arlitch
emhenees every description, nom ;he cheapest and
plainest to the most elegant and easily, of which the
iollowing comprises a pare
Tete • fete Sating Tete a Tote Aran..
Conversation Chairs; Eltrahmta. Comm.;
Reception do Leak XIV do
do Off leattgoo;
• rod Tablvt;
Lot. XlVCommudo.: Sake of Val.'. Courh
60 Sof. lush Plush and 111 ..cloth rover,
40 dox Alahogany. Parlor Chu.;
If •' Bl'k Winttiiit do do;
4 " Mahogany Rocking 44,
do Piano Nook;
50 Matble Top Contra Table.;
th. , Mahogany Iteds.adsi
It Jo ..Werilrobec
lo Ulk Wshilitdot
ed.orry do.
A very Wye emortment of Common Chem and rah
Cr Parnduro too ladles. termini..
- •
lU Steam Boats tarnished on the shortest notice.
Ail orders promptly attended to.
P. Si..—CaWier Makers ran 4i:supplied with nil sorm
of Mahogany, Walnut, nod Veneers, at sionstsrality
reduced pelves.
. . .
I. ,
Marces ta EVCORD.. la rs to M'C CO
ord a. King) Wiri th
!Wahlai. !latter,
Vormer of Wow( ant Fifih Stroo:s. •
PARTICULAR attention paid to ow( Kew! Trade.
Gentlemen eau 'rely upon truing dime Hem and
caps (min our establishment of the anus 111.1.1,311..1..1 and
WONUILNIUIP, 01 the lATICY7 MALLS, and at the totem
Country htemhanla, parehanug by wbuleuale, an
teopeatfully melted to call and elhlatlC 0.11 Stock; as
we. eau duty with confidence that a• re,tardu Qualm
alai meg, it win tot salter ut a euutpanant with any
Inure in Philadelphia.
PITTSBURGH 016 tiCA - Cie - INST ei
L of Mr. Mrt: Grrouaen rot the pry mot
umlaute year, will elannuenca,oll thtu day, MundaY.
February 10th, 11l the came both/tap, No. at I.lberl)
Atyangeinenta haenbepn ode by which they "MI
be able to (antish young lotlieg (ambit. equal to ony
ot the West, 11.1, obtalutag a thotnout, Eng lanh,
at, and Ornamental edocalloti. A (Oil eouree Nu.
MOWS.: sod Chatoical Lectures will be delivered
donng the veinier, Illustrated by apparatus. The de
• enamels 01Voeal and Intuntommal Ilusir, Modern
..•• • . .
nguages, Drasittng and Painting, wilicsch be andel
the career& competent Pn•fraitor. Ily close attention
to the metal and intellectual nap. °semen, their pm
pile, the Princip ti
als hope to meta a euuousuun of the
patronage they have hitherto enjoyed.. For
terms see circular or apply to the Principals.
mprat. & SUM' PIPM•1111. mans Asa,
3:1S1 CASKS W/U shanty arrive, direct from the
m..l.olsiters. via New Orleans, per slaps
Bher Jessica, awl Austria, which will be
NW., an arrival , , at the tautest market price, by
S. lit fill II:111.11,111EF,
lOU Liberty at
[l:7 rare mill alao terries large aspp:wag durlax . e T tise
*wag a. radadalphsa 8.111111114., • • r
I vo to m carrot, are daily receiving nanv and
LI deArabi , : Goods from the !carrot' ntanataitatica
eeantry, and at the rattan tratvectations. -!lte'
raeillues which they enlah.b.t4 cntthattaat wait a
haulm to the east, enable. them to parcluangotala at.
the lowest allvanott , and.keep tank atocrfall add de
'tarsala at all saturant.
They have • Su aelsonateat or Male Keeping
to which they nlioit th• cull attention or.
theit hued* luta th•Dablie. ,
TlllSSelloW:lmperlal Cone. Byrne'
mem he it preparation of mo eh Merit, ar Ott ri
many of oar own eineens wiihnely WWI
ltK comity to in earative propene bit aged
rroprottil alter mine it, eggreartd It .1 .
opll.ll nt thic nary pope!. courts remedy by airih
'4l Ile weielit tugold?' Au editor of orte . of
our doily parer. Mate, in rt note—.l always keel, it in
MT how, and would not, Oil any account, be vi?tht.ut
" An old country man cayn— c l ratiafied, iftee
n trial nf three or years. that it is the bent tough
medicine I been ever trod, either in the Old ort New
World." If ou have u eotdh, get bottle and lary iG
it roam hot 25 root.
A LEXANDER. A. DAY, corner of the Diamond anal
Market greet, are now selling oft. at redeemprier, ltwir mock or Winter Cootie, covet...big of
Shawl. and Deese Goods. ia great ninety.
M.o.—Blank... tool Flannel., Cloth,Caotintel, Nahn-.
elm tool it full 111.01101e111 of heavy Cotton Good.r.
Co l n boner barrainv ewitiot hi.l
Where, we invite the lotent!on of. buyer,
13411,:5 Market dtrat
Scrofula or litutr, Evit, Ilbeentothern, Matins., Cute
-1..1 Fa option, rtniples or P. 11111.011 the race,
Blotchy, Bile, Chronic Sore Mye., ging Worm
or 'fetter, Scald Head. I:olurgentunt nod Pilo of
thy floors and Joint, Stubborn • Ulcer.. Syp
Symptom, Sciatica or Lumhatro t —and lieu area
online from an ititurhenta ore of Mercury, Act.
rte , er 1/ropyy, Papotture or Imprudence .. n Life;
Also—Chrome Dirorderv, f
to thiv preparatton arc vtningly eoneetitrated all the
Medicinal htetherdrni of Sonar anti, erttabitted *oh
the mart etfeeteal aid., the molt valutary produe4ons,
the moat potent simples of notge kuldrelonit
it boo been co fatly ttnnbdi only by [tattoo. thorn•
aelve ond
a, but alto by physician, !bat it hoe received
their ut.queltlied tutmetidntionv and the oppdoba.
limn of thy publt, cod ha. evtaliti•ltetn , Pn to own
merit., u reputallon . f:ti vat.. ran/ evamarr faricpc.
nor to the vonoc• colnpounda hearing 'the eof
Sarsapardla. thoance have been mitcd, roch'a are
not furnished in the tyctirtiv et tiota rogn nod It
it,. alr•oilr deny not y ttoctands Who hoonibaed it,
it is copo hie rf rotor for Sc nithioustnill valferinr crud
straegling 'dt•tavc. It rutift-s. oltanaca, and
ittrengthens the fountain spring • of hfc, sod lota:sea
new or lhroochour the .....................
ANuTtina CURE ill' SCROf
The fohow.rg ..trilitne, and be ocen.-iner
molwat hi WI iniefriutech, Se.rofol,o, fain.mend, itsrlf to all 'unduly
SocTurve, Conn , Jan. 1,149,
51ce.m.Sitndg: Gentlemen, ti7mpathy for the aft..
r.I dcce. me In talormyou of we remorkethie tore
effected . I.y iota r.; tho of my wife.
Site W. 12 reniiiel, arlii;ted the Ver'aula on differ
ent loon.. of the tidy; the glan.l4 of Una neck *era
greatly enlame,, and her Irmbn mans 510011,.
Intrering hod finding no relief frond the
remedtes u•ed, th , ottra.. , attact.ed on( nod, he
t.. d,o her , .. .rt. rateo. tier ph) Alcmu udylsed ii
null he CHILI nor:, Which W:im anti;:..ut u,thoulany
pnrcuanynl In 11.4 ...aqua sec hemrtl tr. sind
were t0.!u,c..! :‘,13.J.' I , renpariltm. 111 e 'firs
hattle prod dnrii•-ti and oaturablr. ei , ct;n4le•
f• her noir Mon en) uou .Le Ind ever ten
bernre she st.r t.oltie..—to theh.onNtament
no.l 4,-Irett of her frier.dhe'shOod - herbealt:, rjuite
rc.torcd. It ',tow over n ye„ r tin,- at. curc-,.. et ,
ireterl, end her, health remhtns gond, thorting am the
sva• tnornu,tiy crud /eared Item ,he
itarare knownt, i.o far r: • jak
t , ery bttnly on
utth re4; , ,Cl, vr.
.1111.11.7,3 1 . 134.7.
F,tuart inner ri li•tr,et4velve.lfroel Mr. N. W. 41.1 ,
lino., 1.0.1-tana.eo4 Vur
`,..ndenten, I Lvaecnr«d e c..erol,lls.funne With
Your Suraparttla, who way .htneck.l With SzrOfula.,
and or 'wronging. faunly, -
`l'Ledertvh.liuil,,i'.. Jo;y, 17,
• -
to tO c
ot:ect no.tuut to ra t a e
who to to ettrart of ~t r, a _parilln,lnro
'odor, J try soiltilesteosaptiutalnbc,:irinstthe name,
littic or non. of die volue of siatu.
able mot; stol. Ilan,: not confer prniitei
troneht on oar render 3 than anooyo4•
t Ot the er
column. tor Totakiy 1,005 rolarg.
told II pirl 01080" tho wiAn teally gond article
will tool convetttratiht in inia stit medic/nal:l4lde
of tho root, 114 riperte in-.. of tioomvotis prsved
Irr cliicacy la tooling rho vntio.ota fax whitill It
. - emontanCk., and acid aunt than
any toner, perhapA, tlo. to,:trino ts prapa•
ring the t. yoteta nelan:e of :c-111oUre Saar.
I . wpart-d end rnl.l..whnlr-ilie and retail. by A. U.
D. SAN LX 4 , - I , rurxtrt aald, Int ntil•et,
ranter of mitton. tiro, Yart. r3ohl &Oro' by Drag
renrruil, tt.ruughout I:.ated St,tl,s .41 Om;
.14 11 . 11.,. rat 1...1c. for SS
['or •alr : .11‘, Jr It A. FAIINESTOCK
ll I.lrtl ARDUF.NDE.IIIL3I,I,II.hurr.h.
r ler Vs, VII : t,.l,..rtar,
_ _
Vo l lomeeNll.—MM.lSso.
The Geonite avg. Role hoe tiny the carport °lithe
Order to so extent that motes us determined not qtly
in,leaerse this anorobunno, but to add largely to bar
her of reader., and these:too we_orspose the follovr t ng
which are more than have ever boon oletud
by any newreeer r nr suagaunte In the United :_;l3te..
We gilt , in the t' a.. and nosey year,
£ll . llll` l'Alat:S OF CIIOICE
INN, in a style tool s bouad, thus fermis a
beet trehish noel. year mates-more valuables lie
ebatacter of the tba:tetle eat' lint, is too wdl know.
to need ezplmtatioa e , re, nod it
ID remark
that It con-lilt., from Ina, In time, thE gtoteedinglol
the Otand t.cluVa of the New York 'end also of • ex
S attn. coconuts of relebrattons, In.uMnans of New
INdqes. and nee...lens:ly, a Complete Dircetory
the Lodges in.lho Union. Ito
, . . .
Literary .
w Gllird with Oriainal Tales addle hlgher, eveellenhe,
by the most eminent verihria• in oar errantry; Popular
Toes; Chvire ;di, certhay; the rarest litme of Poetry
front the Encash Corte; sketches of Travel; Ance-
Joths. a.e., ha ; and neearithamilyillarrtrased with •
DO •1141.11 . 1111 Wood Ifingroolatge.
Lleing equal In its Literary character to any Wee
Irithe country, and beirg Mir , . perfect in Ito Chid ebb
lowship deportment, - it is svonhylf a place on c
table of every brodicr of the Orter,and Indeed On
dispenatine to rah who wish to heap folly informed rof
the work bloat now grodpue Order:
(too copy, ooc yea,.............. .... . ...... 84 09
Two copies, one year, - .-.-- -- 350 •
i .
Seven cope*, one year, cant, —....—... . 1 g
Thus Tweed y
t .
reducing it so that every lodge can get a ft t
clear piper H e ady than the chewaret local jiapern
the Following, • ' ,
The particular and especial attention adze brothi,
trwad is demred to rho following extract fn. a /Crier
trona that distint r unhed brother, James L. Ridgely,
10., Grand Cut. and. Rec. Secretary 01 the R. W.
Gerind Lod of the United Statue, I. 0 . 0. F.
"The GoL ge
pEN RULE is IC nth a Aims' Welcothe
and valard visit.; and etee It h. (Ilion into Poets
hoods. 1, have seitnetned Its gradual and steady, tin
progetneut with great pleasure. It to DOW 1...M0.
toy jedgmrnt, et no etts scar stuttooteit. In sag .
neon. and Ido triteßthat a diaeerning attd intelli
gent Brotherhood mill, er-. , liberality worthy of yarn
great esertioral, enable you still more to augo.;its.
.fulness to the Order at large. With great res t
your (soul and brother, JAR. L. RIDGILL .1
Oploilona of !Member. of G. L.0r11.8%.1.1.•
' Believing that We interest. of the 1.0. of 0.. F. j.
well ar to of society large, will be atone effeeta y
promoted by She poLiicstion of 5 paper devoted to t o .
promulgation of to principles, see would owner y
teeorateed to our brethren the Gia-,erva or THIS II
too I,:ei.natt Hos.; an ocor conducted by Grampten
&Clarke, se a valuable medium ter the'erpoeition lof
the designs of Othl.relloweltp, and •e , worthy ibe
cordial suppers 'Or the Order.
Tinian. SValdey, I'. G. fire.
' John .1. Kennelly, P. (Lane. ,
P 0 hl denies P. Rif gely;of MI, R ISO ..S.' '
I' (1 al lien. lit al P Well., of ltlhos , 1.1. to' 0 CI,.
I . 0 lobo It Johnson, of fln, ft %PO. Mar.
P r: Peter relit. Pt; Al J N err. keo, WAI Ai•
lot, P tr tVot A %Vell..rrrond ItoprearntaureAol r 4
Scc or I. DI . Penn.
Smith Aunt, I'1: Mar U I. or US. I
P John W Anders o n, P So!omon Oohed,
Grand Rein ran Mauve.: of Georgia.
I. II hi n.nry t Welteter, Grand Rep of R C.
P Tinat,al,l, G IL Fannin Grand Rep.
of hlaitte.
P 31 Rolanaon, r C Rep cf Virgin!.
P 1R Fret, jr., Grand Rau of Maga
Geo It Ihraann, P al John Fairfax Safi
Grand Hcp,e+enVilivem of balaware. .
I' LC Id Samuel Itqad,
of New Jereay.
P thiPrif r., fllJohtil)lllondendrin
Firprrientative , of N Garobna.
P lf John Inlalty, X t: AI IL 0 Shaw - , cjan , i'Reitre
settAti.t :of Naha:oa.
G WIV Money., P G Julierion'era,Gjiti
R C of Dntriernfi:olainbia. . 1
r ateahe it IP-own, Grand Rep of Y. ttim(t
on/winner, V la Jaanes.Straletnidif
Grand 'Rep tenant...ea of.Lou'adana. 'n I
I' 1; N ltanuwa, Rea G or Mmiosipoi: t
1,, Fu, ban, PG Win A Alotku,
iesnael. • "
P AI Gen W NV' G
jou Iv - ?tfU r tuif s
J Peacock, Esp.. Loans of Temwsset. :
I'a Frrd N armt,
P I: Joho W Mut, P CI, Bk. Zieumnam - 411
12 , 1 , ww stub's siblssllsbn/: ~
Nswun N Ech,t,Mtbsd Unmet of N Y.
11 . 0sddeus Ilitu4s, DOI 14 rs of NV. ' "
Esoissoth J. Pents,l; hseretsry 01 N, V .
I'tr J °Lb J Thaw, P JAM. P W,
Abblrs.ls4JSeptr.esstabtesut N
Geo HAAS:x.Ii P 31bster - of NY.
Pantos are ustbsiii , ,l In retail money pup=
.Iwhers;autl all tbs..lmt mwenes of the Pow
Maar. a; suck dhly wa Idea by tom, is m oar ns L
.alt cases "Item bbn•sh ob,mll,..bMioO a Ol.
baba'. fro. the maoma cscslize.l
Mos.' who sesa II:
. fsh.b...LNksh.A.plb - Ti No. IA As. , i,.lve w isikrZ,
VI-11,.Prtnnianip VentworeorgailugbeLigitenlelban , ,
.11. - q Mslu4, $n the Llo:rk , ns,l raper
th.goived ou th, nsls mu, by mutual C 4111 4,
tinAiersewill s—s ' tied n• old' bland, No::9s
"a" ' •'•A IL In
Woad inteet, is ss.le gran or . g ,
former perlocroldp
br 4 - iigIJFIL. FILLI(ITT
be medal.
mat 4-IL,ENGLI*-11.
ITO; '205.
,FRUa E.3lkg(tr
_, FAIN, AldihiliFA
White Ilaiine hi, alt 'Woof, I
Bea I
Yclloet_pH: • -!bd:I
-Droord do. do. '.'
Rice. ins: .
paii Derain.:`y.C ouonados: W an
. i . trqf
Ham LeagnOßarting.
11 14=kOo
Bed Padding, amp.. do;
Yost Paddg. Doeknun,
ailreCa ln nm,h“r/d.;
Brown Linen., &Una's;
Drab Homo black ,do, oßit
. • • •
Black slmetta.
Steel miXdd_
Mae do. _
• .
• Mick' Cassizurre.
Fancy Tweed,.
Super 11/tele litorarelotb.
Super Brawn' - 'de " •
lamer aback Itala.ak
Duper Drab Cashman,
Super Ilrovro • do
Wank andi.Widui.ropoi
(Bork Twat,;
(Anon Gr e eks rind Dnilo;
sn:on's 6 eord toq.C.onoo;
.. do :..Lima Sinvad, a
Moot Benin 'do ,
Brown Ilolland_Bo'g Saks;
tinuco.s; Cravat., Le., &a.
arebousa No IU7 Now t;.
Jart Flmeats:ad. •
Soper Black ' e .do
Cahfantia kilankau
Scarlet • do
Grain Bagging._
Brown brit.;
At the Manufacturers' R
• . . •
or a Moravian Missionety; bro. B. Timmer, one 1.1
Modei ALlteraiore anJ Literie s y.Men,betnyLF Asc.
ond Gallery of Liiertiry Portraits. by'lleorge
repro...l emir* from the Loudon edition, one large 14
m vol, media
Dietianary f.e.'No
Uide Zwingle,ibo Swiss Rebeninmitly Re.vDiMise;
vol me, marlin.
Aneedotey far We Tniing. Or i't i lneieley illefetraied
by Racist eompileil by R. Dy9tedtb,l.Yol Lel Rio mut
. _ ... _ . . .., , _
Warrants re Youth, suggested by the'Ronory erne
markable scripture ebarnetsrs: By Robert Banton; I
tor In me, muslin. _ForsaleßY : .
_ ..
• -.N No 73 epode Suildini. Ferrith.,,m,
ritilE SUBAtfUlliblici, tinning Ate Agency ler its 'i•
Ihe Printing Paper of n lend edi.biii , b 4 d nod
well evens:re MIK ITT this vicinity,: will bent an tAneg
aupplied_orith the different =Aso( Paper of su
perior quality, which tee elreent the lowest regni•X
Any oizei or quolity gilt De otonaftmiurodloorder nt
thon notice. A ❑ ENGLISH roCCi;;
(Soccoiciors of ?Alan k FAntich,t
mai' 78 Wood ctrett
11.1". ;AN'B2
Cant Steel Files, of all size.% Ein.d.Blanttodttand Shoe
Roans, adoras aon hand and (or ,s In, ther at his "El
ea Steel Works," O' Hare soca, Pifin Ward, or utile
•O N o.a Iron Store of .1301.141 ANS RR4
SON, No I laokot Wood went, Pntab.cogh,
o .
We, me andersird, buying used, htutb entire sat.
klaction, the Cut Steel and. Film node. by Samuel •
McKelvy. et bin FAgle ;Heel Work.; In thin clW.,take
pleasure to recommending them aa equal its 'Amain:Y. to n
any ever used by ns, of foreign manufacture.., •
Pittsbnrgh, :larch is, LSO ." • "•
Manufacturer, of Iron and•NaSsi.Eillalslmit, Pa.
lion Founder. end Muchtnisti4Pittsbmyrt.
ManntarturerscfSpnngs, Axle., Spring Steel and
• Rivet., Pittebttrich, Pa.
• ft W FASlsat,
Engine Builder. and' Machine Card hlanufactie
rera,•Pittsbounit. fa.
• . A FULTON. •
Ulm 41 Founder, - Pittsburgh,
Manta...ter. of Unit and Nail.. Pittsbmgb, Pa.
Locomotive Engine and MO Builder. FiUsburgit,Pa. •
• W W WdI.,LACE,
Marble Manufactitrer, ;Skein. and Engine Uulid
• nieLo2.lldON•PrAlscn , ,
".Tnti “abscriber hiuJust gent:dyed •
new and Lemi n! tinttrument ealled
'Melodeon Piano," from the.factory al
March re Mae, Cincinnati. Ft haa
the elegance or exterior of a Piano Porte, wed Is pos. -
vecred.or a tows,at twee .sect Pa4,coovrerfal, Its
Feat advantage, however, consigtv tat the rapidity or
nil enuneistrion, whirl. tnables the perfoneteetiVoxe
ewe apex it We it/nab/Winn% platinum:de- wreltogeth
er,lt !nay he celled the lend rend 11131COILtnt cues in
vented. Call and examine. , , , •• —, . -
, KLECER, et %Cootßetire,
Rule Agent for lurch &White , . attuifitentee.
several itew setd.gery fine,Zilelodeoes.
mr2o [Journal, Chrouiele. nod.hlercomy cop' , I
Chanabata , Educational, Cassias.
EIIIE SCIENTIFIC:IiIt:I'IO:4.-110 Menlo:thous
bets Woos employed the first Peet:mom is Beet.
land, 11l the preparatton of (11.0 seorkeare
uow offered to the nebaols of the finked Statea, under
the Auarrie an revision of alas Beene, M. 1.1, I. L. D ,
late Sane amend ant of. Politic School!, in the City and
County of New York. '
1., Utataberil 'Treasury aline/Madge; .. _-
11. Clark'. Drawing and Perspe;
•C -be.. MentnotaTUSTO: .4015/bitlit, - 1
IV. Reid& DainbiChaniary 'lttatricity;
V. Hamiltontir Vegetable and Animal ThysioloiN,
VI: atatoberatEklements of ZoolOxv; Nom, WW>ueq .
VII. Page's Clentenu of fleniescy, - •
It is well known that the lawn./ Filrliatem of tbs.,
wort. (Om Matir4 Chan/bet-40f Win/MIT - onm abiti
to command Ste best tolints in the Vrepanttiott of Mite.
books, 'oaf that their practice to deal failltfoltr-
Pith Ma public. - This series will not . Al.mppalnt ILe
seasonable expectations Mos etched. They's" el..
ntenhay worts, prepared by nathars In ritzy way ta
p•ble of dotaTiststim ibetereepsenveuridetabdaiss,
and who have evidently bestowed upott them the ne—
cessary time and labor to adapt them to theirpurpose.
Ike recommend theta to macho:a-aid ,parents watt
confide nee. 'The o'ol named irolume,in We hands of
• teacher of the yoanger classes, might furniat at to
exhausuble.nold of amusement andtortruatiOn. - To
gether. they would romatute a rich trousers to a fan.
of tottaltrot children, and imPart -- tbirst for
knowle4e.—iliertnoin Carimiclei ;
Published by '4. Banes &Co ; New York' and
tor:sale by ' A. 11. ExpLisli & CO.
at OS/ _ • No 19 Wood -
.. •
- Engnab 611Ld - A.axiEirtCa
TAriMi u. lAW.KWOOD,lrookselier aid Importer,
I) 1M Fourth street, a few oars ens( of - W o oo.liatu
63 Woos etrect,) has for eale—
London: Architectural Magazine, 6 Toler, Bgro.'—••
Wood's Treitivo cro - tratllttrads,livo,—Spark's Life
Lis Writing. of Waebington, 16610, tvo.--Spaik's
ife and Wriunge of Fraqiin s .lo vols, royal thro—
Ilistory of England; Pretanafrididair, 4 vole, royalBvo.
--Shakercare; PletorinFeditiont 3 vole, royal Bvo.
164 rough At
UIANCY SILKS A SAIL:VS—Kt pea inch fancy
Silk•and Patint. Also-10 pea. Plach - Fi rg ated
and Plain dryvero high lootrel with It Ktld
selected cock of Silk Goods, reed at
A A MASON* C011;'
mrll9 Market et. belle Third and Fn. th '
11OBACCO-46 caddy box. Borrow,':.; , -
Y 1 bozos Bolt. Mg, lovers;
29 do Perabertoo's &s;•,
10 do- Rosner! 4'ltobinson's
do Henry & /me.' 5.
5 .do Hart.* 10, obe op;: , • •
10 do Ilenry . & Jenne lo;
'5 Wormk'd . t 0 ' idle by
"9, C H CHANT.O4 Woo,.
ALEXANDER A DAY, corner of the DiaroimA and
Market street. are prepared to offer, at the low_
eat market pricey a choice witortmeat of Silky of the
best qualities and nearest styles. Best black glossy
tiro de Rhine, of a celebrated manurial:name. warrant
ed not to eat in wearing. Want Brocade fig'd
Yery rich. Rich fig'd Silks and Satin Do Chenes, in
choice colors; Chameleon, Gro de ithines; `Satin de
Cimes, and Tare Satins. _
ALEXANDER A DAS', 135 Marked - at,'
melt_ Northwest comer of the DimiitTd
SIiSItitfATICALLY arranged by G. IiEG/t, with
five hundred quarto ideal plates, by the KnostAns•
ling-dished artist*. of Germany.. The Text temialated
and edited by SPENCER P. BAIRD, A. H. M. D.,
Professor of Natural Science. in DlCkinsart College,
The Iconographic Encyrlonmdia will be publ ohad
in part., centairung ra plates Mut 690 page* of
letter press, issued in s convenient ;morello, In which
oubseribers can keep their comes in perfect edge on.
completed, when that eon he boom!., to •
One part is published every mont/wailleacry tow.
price of 51,00, hick will reale earthen& of bistroca
Oen tri theme. beautiful and ponatlMtli Corm, bower:
er tcanly their mesus,• to become subscribers boll.
Sehrenpuons taken (or the whole work only , .
Front the Demon Yost • ,
The work- should not be coupled for • maul* with
any of the Amity or popidarly.selenilcopithliefuldno
at the day.
Prom the New York Tribuno.••- -, ',D. •
The exceeding, beauty of the plodsx , rectintliend . r.
them to the auention of the lover ef Art' • •
. •
Fleet the Lkerary . Wortg. -
A well executed solid work'. of aotortannal value.
The inundaetton of this work tato general elrodlitiotr
oolong oar aehool and °doff lihraxisa, public:and jet.
cannotfail to ale poulouileo of adrantage,
• Vrnt the WaaltingreirlD.ll) trolod.
We euntot too highly reconnuand tholoork... ,The•
enKraviug. are in the Mew* ally* of art. fin wort .
Irma ever boron been pobliahed to-thin - countrk" an'
splendidly I.lliistrued, and the priatut Waller INI::an
equally tugh order- 'lt he tont the work fonfamilsca t - ..'
SIX N , . of shit lonalualde Eneyeler-redia arenoW
published and ready for anbactibera -
//khZELID.I.OCirkt V 001). 4
Booltaeller and Importa r; C 4 Wood
melt (Alter lot Mara—Fourth in. opal., Wor,t:
. ,
i s
i rt - tt . fo i tc=: I fit d the is P V t:de
las egtoosive ebtabliatunah
wor my. , Or
employing from two to three worths., and
where he always keep. a large watsbet of thole - lit j
trigas~e , l4 he prepared 10 tadellt.,l¢ the
leer tamper, .Irod wa4o,oot dwpateh; all 'orders tor " •
MILL, ..a c.,)rrupi Rod WOcitrltft. MA%
guiNlair,...sCeyery Jesetiption. For the worksyr
'ShlPSest'slylß of hie thsehmrs he would•relet Ile
anannfactorrrs intlse ' llrestersondSoraprm
thy as sr. a s the Middle Starts, whamr!. now op- t.
'elstirrg them, Ho has Wendy mane great .
meats, both tall:tops are,! pimp. of bis.IKY,
"-tub orarbo furowted st.ressonabletidees lyfrap.
:- ~ . .i ggo. . - - ....i?..7/35Q: -I. '•
W P ;elU ' l r iTO:t 'g n ' girth ' iti___6 9 tft FA IS' a 1 '
ve prepared to sat at - d.....6Weet otatwel prte4:to
oeb 4 ilyera end promitt totolltena m-,..a ~
We would ask the a Uentton'ot.Ciiy attd Wet:alien .
SIP-wheats to our et. ek, belieria; we e. 14 offratllltay
Ind.:Ts:wow to p... 1 . 5 e hota a ~i . . .
mue.csixrriAvnrE; ,, .
rettllt - .. !HT Gorda Jobberwlft Wowlat . '
wait. 91"/...zo14,1
(saceettori v Ilusx77 21 6 / 1 4 . 22:k.:Ca
rtra:Flß9, ExtireNin ItROBLR.Y, and t
ro,cign and Dosatzde Exchange, Cerchria!Ltei
eilßpozaetinnic Nom!, and Specia—f Meth jam.'
Aes.rty oppance the Banc of Pictobargh..
. nan:
ncy reeereedaa deposgu , —.Sicht Chacki for saki and
toacctiulta,caie nearly all nrepriaeipy rintn
he Unitedllctien? • • " ,
Twhi g hi, , t prmitax mud 1.1" Foreign and tatuirdzait•
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