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0111 411:11.1:—C. W. James. No. Nantoot. mast
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Adverhisinnents and sabstrzynans to the North JLee• i
• an tad United Stales Gass ith. Philadelphia, tresind
114 fanrarded from this ogee.
raw l ,xstleat sad Exports to Calaterals.
Prom the preparations rapidly and quietly cata
log in the Western Stases, we infer that the over
lied emigration to California, this year, will Le
z•Mly, gnat fully equal to that lilted season. In
•. this regioh, and in various parts of eastern Ohio,
- large companies are preparing fro the trip, and
some have already started. No dieconragements
appear to daunt our enterprising young men, who
*rem demnoiried to brave all hardships for the
sake of the excitements of the adventure, and the
,prospects of the golden harvest still to be reaped.
Is Illinois and lowa, vast numbers are preparing
for the overland trip. As much experience has
nhw been siquirci, and better preparations made,
and as the elms of emigrants this season are more
robust and more inured to hardships than those of
last season, we do not apprehend they will meet
wait much difficulty. Our towns and &Ales poured
out theft population last year, for the journey
semis! the Plains, and the preparation. were'
:generally hasty, and ire many cases very 'neon*
siderate, and great losses and hardships were
ocritaloned thereby.' This year the country is
supplying its share of : the population for the new
sovreignty of the Pacific, and they have taken
stafitlent time to make their preparations, and
from their subatanhal arid appropriate character,
there is remora to expect a prosperous and plea
sant journey.
An Immense number of emigrant., also. are
' weekly leaving our seaports for San Francisco.
The Chagos and Panama line of steamer* are
'always crowded to excess, while the sea Is
whitened with the wails of vessels of all sizes,
making their. way around Cape Hors. Fitly six
vessels,of all chimer, cleared from the Atlantic
ports for California, from February 19th to March
10th; of which 15 Were ships, 15 were barques,
• 16 were brigs, 9 were schooners, and 2 were
steam ahips. Of theSo clearances, 24 were at
_ Burton-8 ships, 5 barques, 7 brigs, and 4 schoon
er. 15 at New York-2 steam ships, 6 barque+,
6 brigs, and 1 schooner; 4at Baltimore-1 grip,
1 barque, 1 brig, and 1 erthooner; and 5 at New
Orleans-2 ships, 1 barque, end 2 aeneeaern
The number of peesengers in the above td ves
sels is estimated at 1,500. There are now up at
Boston, for the gidd regions, 9 ships, 12 large.,
9 brigs, and 5 schooners-35 in all.
Although the amount of gold already received
Gam California exceeds raviresufluma of dollars,
yet it falls abort of the aggregate of exports from
Net York alone, to that country, which amount
to some Nina astitunu of dollars' In lid the
trade which has so suddenly sprang up with our
youngest sister, which sits as • queen on the Pa.
erfic, is truly enormous, and shows the greatconor
marcial advantages which are afforded by our new
Pacific aaptisitiona The New York Herald
publishes a hat of Reticles exported from that port
to Calibrate daring the year 1649, and the arm
two months of the present year. It states that the
amount of merchandize sent from New York alone
wl probably realise in that 'region not less than
Lik the list published by the Herald, the parte of
Louses are numbered by thousands. In bufidine
materials there are some large items. Over btu
millions'of feet of lumber are classed in one of
these; and over a million shingles in another Item.
Besides these, two hundred thousand "pieces •
and fifty thousand "paekages• of the Gamer, and
a thousand "bundles" of the latter are noted.—
Timber, dressed boards, laths, pieta. brick,ried all
other descriptions of building materials are found
In large items. Six hotels, ten complete stores,
ni ne tenpin alleys, three hundred and steruuTY
• two frame houses, filly nine iron homes, Seven
portable houses, twenty nine galvanized iron hen.
Res, one huge galeanized iron shop, and an incited.
Ible windier of parts of houses, both or wood and
of aria, have been sent finward. The exports of
brandy and otherliquore, and also of bread, have
Gree r large. Oa comparing the list. of exporte fora
1919 With Eat for the two. months past, we find
that the increase has beeban the average, very
considerable, and that the wants of the Califor
- bans are calling out marries which were little
thoughtof in the first excitement of this great corm
inercial agitation. "In Oct,. sap the Herald,
"judging from the whole point di OW furnished
Ly this list of exports, we have remon'to believe
that the Californians are determined to sustain all
the habits, tames,. feeling*, enterprise, and all the
voneoinitanta of civilisation, in their love for Pork,
Lerma . ConnectiEuthrooms, and esreaparilla." •
Boston, too, continues to send large quantities
of almost every description of merchandise to the
land of gold, while her exports of lumber and
braiding material to the same destination rival
those of New York in variety and number. From .
the 25th alt. to the 10th inetant, inclusive, 'the
quantity of lumber sent out, according to the
Journal, was 2,429.500 feet; of shingle., 1,591,790 ;
ct clapboards. 54,950 feet, and 599 packages ; of
timber, 165,000 feel; cf laths. 100,800, besides
600 bundles; and of brick, 340;100. Beside.
teese, we notice a large quantity of parte of house
frames, and of doors, windows, window framer,
de. r,d+O. Two large booms, complete, are also
attioeg the it emu
The Dispatch devotes nearly a column, yester.
day, to a remark of our Washington correspon•
dont in relation to a sentiment in Mr. Seward's
speech. The eloquent New York Senator use.
the following language, In speaking of our newly
acquired territories
'lt Is true, indeed, that the national domain is
cars.; true„.that it was acquired by the prewar.
and wealth of the whole nation; but we bold, ne
veltheless, po arbitrary power over it. We hold
no arbitrary - authority over any thing, whether
acquired lawfully, or by esorpation. Par moot..
*titian regulow car rtncarbkip. Fhr miodigu-
TioS bogri the doousiv to union, to juutus, to tfo.
Ante, to totiforo end litirrry. Bat there is a higher
.law than the constitution, which regulates our au
thority ovee.tbe domain, and devotes it to the
_sums noble purposes. The terittory is a pari—
an pan—of the common heritage
of mankind, bestowed upon them by the Creator
of the immerse. We are his 'towards, and must
an diseharge oar tenet as to *nitre, in the highest
attainable degree, their happiness."
Our correspondent reverts to a sentiment sup.
posed to be couched in the above quoted remarks
of Mr. Seward r mi follows
"Mr. Seward'. speech has made no little sen•
saint. It certainly was moat objectionable In
this, that the d istinguithed Saunter set up a will or
a sentiment, derived from what he called the
moral law, or the will of the creator, superior to
the CAnfinUOoo, and which would justify a citizen
or a statesman in disregarding the coustitution.
For one .I ems subecribe to no such doctrine,
whether 'proceeding from Whig or Democrat"
it Mr. Seward meant to eonvey the sentiment
imparted to him by "Janine," then his censure is
appropriate, but we think be has inadvertently
mistaken the Seamed meaning. We do not env
dental:id Mr. Seerud to miy that this "higher law
thrui the . canatitution," would 'justify a citizen in
disregarding the . eonWitution," but that it devoted
the public domain to the "seine noble purpoitee,',
whirl the constitution did, "to justice, to dekinct,
to welfare, and to liberty." This Is all we lathy
0221 Mr. Pieward'a remarks, and we think the
biframthe is a natural sad reasonable interprets.
Lion of his lankturge.
The Dispatch, however, understands Mr. Be.
ward jest as ' , Junius" does, and proceeds to de-
End ■ sentiment which neither that Senator, nor
ssy well balanced mind, can for one moment ap
It is Uwe that Meta in a law higher than the
constitution, on which that and all other human
enactments should ha fronded; but we deny the
tight of Kay parson to set op his mere crier of
what fiigtior iawardaina, as superior to the
ecinatituted laws of he country. He ha. a right to
express his 'private opinion, ot the cauwitution
and kiwi, and to labor for 'their -. amendment, but
if he undertakes to violate their provirfons, he hi
and civilly guilty. Fora man to take
an oath to support the constitution, and then to
• actin his conwience as an excuse far violating
hi/Tag', is to he guilty of wi'ekedaen as well an
. .
tdr. Berea *peed is a brave and noble de•
ft es o rburno rights, and orusond end civil dn.
gen, under the conatltutlon, not in viohnion of it,
. .
.°4441 ig tmal.!Jainitar." who is alum* always ent
ree' 41 Ins statements, has before this diswo•red
Eli hoixiske, ind istreeted at. WO know all he
not • whit behind M. Seward In his devotion
4°F4•643 •4 and-that has .is willing to so as fa as
the fartbew, within the consutunon, to prevent
the extension of slave ry.
_To the Diasuch we leave the dip salon of Us
own peculiar, erode, dangerous, and most &Lard
theory, which Is not worth the Wahl., of further
A moshro Hictorranas We time of Lothar, co Ow fall ol
apoleon, for We ow or Colleges , wad broody, by the Jobs Lard, d kis s La.-wirer
This is • wry sal/ wriuso gratis, sad admirably odapted
soda yarrow Lir .Lick it 4to wooled. The Brood 4.-
thor is a writer of acknowl•dgesleslebrilys sad hi. lectors.
Erialasi, es well ss to *so:salsa couotryoo History, •11311
whir tapirs, have giwo Wm high celebrity. • The work be
fore to 4 riikulated to afford both idstructios sad pleasure
to ell clasew, sod sithorgh maw particilarly Winded; for
tbe young,will Lind • sot =wool of hiformatims sod
grtilbestsol all age. 11l • tumidly iszetily Ora. M
enthols of air coUrves ad whoa., odd ..;with
..0 thsir sac:diem to Messrs. Thomas Co ' wierlisraile,
*-Co., olThilodelpida, ow the Publishers. Mr. Mellor, oo
Wood swat, has the work for Wes'
lior:Le h r;rszoo.
Editors sr Pittsburgh Gaastie.
.0.171.330311.—A1l I came op the Ohio, MN Or low lope.
of Momb lab, fell into my handy in which I find • ram
num icedm from my friend mad ..ighbor, Neje, Thou.
Hriihelby, of Fayette Co., Ky., reepecting the shipping of
1.4 La le • very great mistake line be. made,
ed., by friend Shelby, or the Fla., which is eakulated
to do the drovers great bane In market, and the farmer at
home to g00d,,1 befog mums!md in.that lime, thought it
my duty, to make • mrteetion. O. mterpessing Widnes
utkle, made mi blows.
“Probably twenty thaw. t lemd of milk will be ship
rd this pme,ke =dere markets, from Nereids, Ey "
Mere th. dame dews the smoke in all:dial will be
driven from Nmendry be metro misktb. Bat twelve
hundred had kiss hem shined op to the present dug, sad
I think . . Imre dtippei the!. bt Odd will be this sew=
from eueNtsta, on the Brilliant. 17th hid. Not awe than
[ran elan einai lhaasend,in Lq will go from Imtucky
to mann nub. this esmon.
Whits making dm slime sorrectioo, I will drop • hiatus
same of the enterprising mu in the host tine, shout Pints
burgh. Pim eletlers par Wadi being the present price for
&kipping, I debit it dasbtfel if five hundred fired will ems
chipped gain at the , price. 1 henemaersed with sem
eml who bade been shipping Out mein, and ell ley they
will near gay that prim q.t. fit limit two thirds of on
cook shipped envy year, at a for limn price,
my .hem W., perMd, whkh wauld pay twin as well m
coy flight yes up the Ohio; &Supped and usultimwd twice
as quick as any fre'giat Ihq could reiddy h.dle. The
Be 01. t on bar 1.0 dip, dzipped one hmtired and men
for moia fine table es my Me will o or.. the mountains
Mit mum, its me hear .13 fifteen minutem pot them Odin
lets brae, making the trip in about filly hours.
From Weer to tour times the number aced. would hare
be. ehippeddk mm to, had de pee. been reasonable
I am interested in driving over s theme. bead of settle
from Centicky, this mown We west So Cineinnati,,
by use snake mingeternts with dm Pittsburgh boats, ts
ship from mien to eight hand.ed bed, but the prim being
Imo baibtbe malt ins, we shined three hundred hal, end
nn isthme hundred mon Mao we would do emits, as ws
ens Mile dins es fir ma der ' toed te Pittsburgh, for them
bemired dollm. km mosey, than the shipping eget
Poe will pkue nubs the alum commies, as I do not dr.
ire eastern buyers to think our whole wed ie isf ruck
1.. we unity ham notes many as last mum
In great buts, very rtvrelladly year, de.
For eke PatebeirgleGeeesete
Railroads Wool and North Wort.
No. 2.
It is after crossing the voila"a of the Miami and
White Water Rivera, that the rail roads in their
areatern program Janke the great plain, which
stretching brew...central Indiana to the northern
lakerind to the Mississippi, now fumisto• a track
to coat in the construction of the mad bed about
one third of the average coat in Ohio, and not one
tenth of the cost in Pennsylvania and the eastern
suites Avoiding the hilly reigiou near the Ohia
River, the level peninsula canneming this hilly
reglad With this Lakes is at laden:opens bat little
monikhan one hundred miles wide. Indianapolis
will there-fete become the convoying centre in the
rpm= of all the lines east, coming from the mills
die Atlantic!, cities and passing through Pittsburgh
or Cincinnati. Looking from Indianapolis to-
wards the setting sun, the north west is by fu the
most inviting micas.
If we draw a line west alatig the parallel cf
bodhumpolis, through the Buttes of Indiana, Illinois.
and Minoan, the country lone of that line bean
on tramparimin in poductivenery or enterprise
with the country north 01 it, nor is it peopling or
improving half so bat. Roll reads, too, to the
north west can be graded at one half the expense
of those to the loath west, immediately beyond
Indianapolis, and so on to the Mississippi River.
I will not deny the importance of a commercial
connexion between Pithdrtineis and the other cities
of the Ohio, and AL Louis, nor that the beat way
to reach St. Loofa withal rail road is through the
centre of populattoo, end by the capital of Indian,.
So, on the other heed, the best way for Pitteboegh
to reach Chicago and the Upper Mississippi is by
the same common line to Indianapolis. Proceed
log thence north west, she may carry her mann
facmires past the valley of the upper Wabash and
the Illinois, and past the shores of Lake Michigan
to the Upper litiodempi and to lowa. Her steam
heehaw ascend the Wabash to Lafayete, the Illi
nois Rim to Pero, the Mississippi and Missouri to
their heads, and penetrate the populous parts of
lowa through her many navigable riven. What
she needs is to maintain between herself and those
popalaus and growing regime, already mooting
their cities of over 20,000 inhabitants, • rapid in.
terrourse. The mercantile travel from that "north
ern hive" going east has many inducemenui to
toot both Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, in prefereace
to taking the Lake route. I.venture to assert that
lithe lion of rail road now so nearly finished aft
the Lakes from New York to Chicago was co, -
plete, and the other passing through the capital ol
Indiana, and by the city of Pittsburgh to Phila.
dolphin, was Um complete, the bluer would num
ber the greatest annual amount of travel,andTroin
rooting lea in competition With the watery •
not billowing their coarse, would do the area
amount of transportation. Chicago hurt afro g ,
desire to connect herself more directly with e '
Ohio River. Destined to attain a loge popul ar' a
sad to become the mart of a great commerce, he
will—online St. Louis--cilwefe be the ally, to er
the rival of Pittsburgh. Chicago Is an hand d
tulles or mare from the eastern hoiden of Fl
great,. Illinois coal field," and coo never been e
a mannactering city. Through your Rea er
Canal and the Laker—if not by the Illinois Rider
and Canal—you may send her your menufacturer.
But Chicago, triltwaukle, Galena, and the cities of
the north west, WO diatigeff to Pittsburgh, - Red
will remain so while Cleveland and Buffalo farm I
their only line of travel to the sea board.
(fleabag du glutted at the Importance of your
great north western connexions, I will, In another
aumber, adArt to some of the roads west of Ohio,
calculated to establish that connexion. W.
,correopondenn of the Pittabar669asorte:
WA.samerott. March 16.
,Mor• Personal Confflsts.-My Reflection*
Thereon.-1 noose Dlvlded.'4e..The
I believe I gave you " some account," as the
biographers of humble character. say, of the pas.
sage at arms between Senator. Force. and Borland,
wherein the latter , irustained nnitiwtiat serione
personal damage. It is DOW my melancholy duty
to apprise goer readers that another rencontre
has taken place, la which au honorable repreeen.
Wive of the sunny South t:ma borne • conspicuous
pan, and In which one of the combatants wan In
duced;by a moat forcible argument, to measure his .
length upon the bosom of bis maternal earth. This
but affair is kept remarkably shady, and the only
Este if moment which bait transpired is, that some
hate last night the Ilan. F. W. Bowdoo, of Alibi.
mu, a hue. iodate, eloquent specimen of the
carekaa, open hearted, and open banded !Moth
ers politician, became engaged with another
southern man, la an excited altercation, upon
mattini and things In general, which they were
unable to bring to a satisfactory conclusion with.
out &resort to the whose reit:sou of doubled fists
and herd knocks. They Infilndolged in this ex
citing exercise bat a few momenta when one of
the gentlemen was picked tip,ll not • bleeding at
evety pore," yet reasonably wen pommelled, and
altogether Indisposed to renew thee/rumen
In regard to the battle affair between Foote and
Banged, It appears that Mr. Foote austained some
considerable damage, end that he le eiperied to
be Confined to his loom, from this rune, and •
penis! relapse Into the disorder under which he
had beep preakiusly suffering. .Mr. Borland, the
day eller the Einar, sent . his blend, Col. Walton
freely Governor of Florida, to convey to Me
Voeieigo - istionoteera of profound regret for
what hid occurred, referring the tact, to Mr.
Foote's gaol judgment, and hoping to find thereto
an excuse for the mans traps which had global).
pity imeri . rearal to mar ma hammy of them War.
ammo. Gm!, Facto & dared limas was .41.06 a,
and sapnutwd a Maim that Ekrtlaad wgld Mae
and sea
It is not neneosasy for ma to aunroyourreadera
that I take no pleasure in dwelling upon these in•
cadent, bat they present one. of the unantiahts
phases of IA in Waattington, which 4 is necz,...
ry, sometimes, to preient to their attention. I
am somewhat of an old Mosey, and hale never
known a seasmewhen this spirit of bell4miney
did not more or less prevail. The ttse of name's
weapons, the time honored sat, has alwaje been
the safety valve, by which we let off the surplus
of Congressional steam', which would otherwise
produce explosions, and other disastrous results.
13 at I am pained to observe that nearly all these
scrimmages take place between the 0 children of
the um," that is to say, the people now South of
the Potomac. There seems a natural fitness of
things In northern and southern wee having an
oemuloual set to, by way of keeping up a splay
feeling of antagonism between them, but when
brethren of the some household fall ont, , there Is
really something wrong about it. Besideilf these
southern salamanders—for they seem to live fla
fire—kill each other off at such a• ratih when"
shall we find toes worthy of our steel, when that
great day of trial comes,speken 0/by the valorous
Cllingman, and that fire eater, Jeff. Doyle, when
not a quorum shall be left on the floor to do by-
Bitten The reflection is a serious one.
The Senate consumed a long serialise, pester-
day:in debating the Census Sill. The bubject was
finally adjourned until Tuesday next I have no
doubt the retail of the Senate'. action' will ba en.
tirely In favor of the proceedings or your able
fellow citizen, the Secretary of the Census Board,
Mr. Kennedy. I have before noticed that ender
the authority of the Board, which consists of the
Secretary of State, and two other members of the
Cabinet, Mr. Kennedy has prepated all the blanks
required for the enumeration of inhabitants, and
the collection of the great variety of information
contemplated by the act creating the Board, and •
large proportion of these blanks have been print
ed. The CansniCommittee of the Senate have
appeared anzions to substitute forms of their own
for those of the Board, bat there is no probability
of their macegdieg• There is no doubt now that
the bill will be paned In time for the enutrietatbut
to be taken thin year, which has heretofore been
• point of Immo aolicitude. /mug.
Wanner:no, March IS, ISSO.
The Captain General of Cuba has refused to
recognize Rev. Mr. Sewall, as Consul at Santia
go, in that Wand. Mr. Sewall is an esteemed
pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and
ern appointed to the Consulate of St. ]ago about
a year since. Holton happened that the refusal
Of the Governor of Cuba to issue to Mr. Sewall,
the coatomary creguator, or renogniticin of his
consular functions, has just become It nown'to
Mrs government that does not •ppear It is miaow-tie
red by some that the course of the Governor Goo
cretin this malter,has been taken with reference to
the fact that Mr. Sewall is • clergyman of
Methodist stet, and objectionable to the °enro
-1 moat of Spain, and the people of Coba, as oppo
sed in individual opinion to the prevailing Cans of
religious faith on the island, and in the mother
country. But this:explanation is extremely ien•
probable. I presume it will turn out that the au
thorities of Cuba merely declined to seed Mr.
Sewall hi. ezequator, for eaveralmouthe of his
arrival, from the usual dilatations which charac
terise their official proceeding's; .Bot that a dirt-
Canneloni to grant it, has been communicated
to the C.onsuirihoce the 4th of Santuuy,l l 3so, when
the dismissal of Don Carlos de Espana, from the
consulship at New Orleans took place, by order
of President Taylor. The diaminal of, or rather
the formal retinal to receive Mr. Sewall, es an act
ofeetalieloo foram proceeding.
If this °plaice be correct, It may be assumed in
addition that there ha been some correspondence
on the subject between Mt. Clayton and the
Cannt De La Berea, the Spanish Minister neat
this Government Mr. Claaytoti of coarse could
not deny the strict conventiolasi right of Her
Most Christian Majesty to decline to native any
diplomatic agent of any grade, sent from this Gov
ernment to her's, but he could pole out with great
effect, and cm:doubt ha done so, that, under pres
ent circumatanoes, the act complained of would
have • tendency to excite outriendly Evans
among the people of the Gaited States toward the
Government of Spent. 4nd he might Mut that
this Government by the rigid mieuteaance of Ito
neutrality, had averted from Cuba, • storm which
have been too powerful to be withstood by the pa
rent country. The pevirrest ?rill!' mai: will be
watched with totems.
I believe I men ,
trowel bro.,
ccaled by the int
ba ho further he
met—Foote hi
without aver hit
wigged, hiacealf
with the eloquel
a aandingjesi e
a biting sarcasm
nested that he shot
shot through hot'
led to 'Arkansas
bon for excessive pmdratiop to personal affairs.
Finding • change of front amongst', he carried
the first quarrel in *bleb he became involved, to
the last resort of ponennal contention, Indicted a
very • serious wound% upon hie advenuari, and
cured him, or averted a fatal result by per
forming the duties of surgeon. So neither will
reqaired to shoot,'or be shot at for the mere
purpose of showing he is not afraid.
There is very little improvement in the general
state of things hero. The lent.' sky is complete
ly °vermeil. Foote's scheme for a wet al mani.
bus commiuse to take charge of orrery thing reista
icg to the contest of slavery, will hardly be adopt
ed, nor If so, will it lead to ace thing.—Even the
Southern men, heretofore mast ardently in favor
of it, wow to have ceased to expect anything ben
eficial oe decisive from its deliberations.
The epeeeb or Senator Seward, of a tenororso
eisaly rho opposite al*. Webster's,hu so:doors'
a good deal or exeltelnerot &moms the Soothers
oleo, and the worst disposed among them; aro
said to be distributing it to large numbers, al lbe
South, ar pr•pl of the unfirecidly teelings of the
North. Justus.
Joury Lulu's Vistr.—lt is determined that the
Swedish Nightingale shall really visit this coml.
try, and some cariosity is evinced respecting tha
detail. of bee engagement, and bow she intends
to come before the American audience. A state.
meat published in the Herald, which comes
doubtless froni Barnum himself, says
"She will employ the time alloted to the 11:0
concert., in about 20 Miles of the Union, whi h
gives to New York 12, Boston 8, Philadelphia 8,
Baltimore 4, Waahlogton 2, and .o on to Marie*
ton; and, as one Of Madile Llnd's great indueet
mews to visit America is to see the Palls of NI
agars, the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, and Wt.
or interesting features of ow country, mincer,.
will very probably be given at Albany, Roches..
lee, Syracuse, Bnifakt, North, and Cincinnati and
Louisville, West, and so on to New Orleans."
The price of tickets the writer of the article is
not able to state, reserving that probably for eon.
sideration, Wit we are told In the statement that
"ln London the price of tickets ranged from
dee to gly dollars; in the provinces of England,
from three to liflcee• ' on the continent the alma; ;
but have very often been sold at •1101100 for enor
mous some; and we have now before wan ac.
count of two concerts given by her to th e town of
Norwich, in Englanda place of about eleven
thousand inhabitants, where 4,143 tickets were
Cold, which realized £t,tlso its., or about;s9,v
300, in a mere vklage,whlch cone:arta were to en.
eble her to establish a fund for the Firebug:to( fuel
the the poor of that place la winter."
The public may puma from this how much Jen
ny's songs are to cast. We DM by the Baton
Transcript that • movement has been made to.
ward• the erection of a great musical hall In that
city,and one of the reasonstassigned for the move.
meat I. that, besides the general demand for large
Musical halls, Jenny Liao entertainments would
require ouch an edifice to contain all who wig to
tea her.
How Rot. Roace Incizass TIM Vaunt air Lo..'
—During the late distrossions in our city, sad
through our city mem, the tremendous Ingletenoe
of roil road. on the value of land.was alluded to,
and happily and forcibly proved by refettnce Is
report' of nail roads and °Engineer?' wherever they
had been construeted. Far the benefit of those'
who stAl foci somewhat 'onepticad upon this isorr
roman matter, we mention that a lent tree •
highly intelligent minimise of Louisville address.
ed to the Hail Hoed Committee of Bowling time,
gate; that laud. twenty mdes cut of Lewisville
en the Lei:dawdle and Frankfort Rail Road, that
would not command Ave dollars per acre before
the road woo ronzustenced, ate now selling. An
twenty dollars per bore and upwanis. This Got
presents ruling inducements to our farmers to en.
UV in the enterprhe of constructlug a road from
our city to Lexinenon.'—Aroynriiir Eagle .
_ --
... . .
'The Ch arl eston 41.1tteurf and Courier botha :117 - D. hicL.M.lll.l
*Odin tram mune the bde Speech a seeeter• ' ca. , -.. ,-71 :1 , imPrienms a
Webster. The ?Jemmy uric i ciao, air la daily se ee i ve o f t g,
i modals as us Use es.llen. of
"We cordia ll y respond to that t.timony of ap• . b one , p i% vo eee .. bkh
Provekr and ;de =CU.= to eery. that. whether or I curable by the mostailitaiaby
not TO merit the characters of oltraism so liberally 1 ,___._,..,_..
__ b
allowed to era, we have never had soy of that cd• , =•••:!,r ..
.esa i
&siert which could prompt Us to view such a di. ! ...... cellar. te ha
caution of a great public question ,as Mr. Web-1 bars be. so nunieroas, that I,
stet ha hire presented to the country with any , het. McLane.. Liver Pi t
other feeling than admiration and delight. - \ , ever Offered for t h e rove of ,
"Not that we wholly agree with him, not that : Low no time, therefore,ye dor
there are not many palate of disagreement, but l of scourges, the Liver Comp
nowhere has he urged his opinions offenslvelyi I e h oe , sod oae t h e ,. v o lle.
and when he reaches the true grounds of the ,I g o , roe by J. KIDD &co
preterit eentrovecl. be mark. his way no clearly, 4 vo w w o w ev , po veho „,
and brads no loyally on the plain welt of the
Consthution and pledge. of the Government, Mai -I
the difficulty la not to agree but to disagree with- I
him. With inch • 'Orli as Mr. Webster has
shown, it no longer IutSIVI impossible to bring Min t
sectional contest to • close; and we feel now,Mr !
the first time since Congress met, a hope tat It '
may be so adjusted."
General James Hamilton, of North Carollna,hu
addressed a letter to the Charlest.n Courier, and
declines, la consequence of his private •Gilre
prevegting-to attend the Nuhillie Convention, a.
a delegate from that State. We append the ens.
eluding portion of his truer, In which it will he
seen he pays a very high compliment to Mr. Web.
tiger's speech.
"I hope I easy be persniUed to add, from the in.
dicationv of putgo aentunent at thin place, we have
every mown to ' , hope that a pacification wilt
aeon be established between the two great motion
of this Confederacy, on terms of safety and honor
to the South, and which the North will not be cal
led upon to engender a single right or interest
which she can fairly claim, or even a prieciple Io
which the most fastidious sense of pride could at
tach the smallest value.
Any other aqui:neat than this would be
but a hollow and treacherous truce—the fruit
ful source of renewed agitation, baggily, and dW
Not is there less ream to . hope that the great
blow Mr. Webster has bed the moral courage to
strike, is but the commencement of a reaction In
pnblio opinion at the North, decislve in its Mgr.
for engin - ite manila. It sigh a consummation
should Maas the exertions of this diattgaished
'detesting, the Onion will be indeed saved in the
only lay In which it can he saved—by a spirit of
peace, harmony. and Mutual justice.
1 remain, with the hiahet respect, your obedient
eetrent. J. HAMILTON.
From the Pennsylvania Impairer.
Cato of Parker's Patent Regattas Water
In the Circuit Court of tho United States, fat awl .
the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in Equity, !
between Oliver H. P. Parker, assignee of Zebu
lan Parker, complainant, and Joseph Brant, and
dims other persons, defendants: March 13th.
1820, by tease of Court, the original bill , 0 each
of the above eases is emended by the insertion of
the matter following :
Your orator aver. that the said improvements,
either separately or in combination, had not been
patented or described in any printed publicatioe,
or in anywise Wove or used at the dale of the
discovery hereinafter mentoned, or of the letters •
patent aforesaid and avers that tbe said Zebulon
and Auntie Parker, in the year 1827, by observing,
in a horizontal ruction wheel with • fixed dame,
the operation of a tallen board, which Goosed a
simple stationary guide, bad discovered—and, by
removing and replacing such guide, had tested--
the utility of applying, as a motive power, the
pressure, or untraugel roue, of water made to
revolve within such a wheel, and pus lobo, and
act upon, it. circumferential buckets, with .rte-cular motion coinciding with that of their resole.
11011 j and that in the following year, before whiny
out their patent, they had experimentally exem
plified this improved application of hydraulic pow
er, in both baceital and earliest reacnon wheels,
by Vl/101111 adaptations of died guide. so formed
and adjusted as to produce, maintain and:regulate !
the proper vertical or circular current; and give •
io them the required direction within the buckets;
and that In we vortical wheels, the appendages
and fixtures were ao stringed and adapted, that •
several perticulars, a single piece of wischinsry
waved for two wheel.; all which in the said eye
eification appears. That the mechanical princi
ple of their said discovery war cleaned and appli
ed, and the Interpretation cif the cullestiod of
the said patent determined, Ina late case of Par
ker em Hearne! on the law aide of the Circuit
Coon of Cleated Bunn for the Eastern Dunes
of Perawslutan
The opinion of the court with the docket ea
tries, in the said case, :of which opinion aed en.
tries a copy is hereeilth exhibited as part of your
orator's bill of complaint, show, and your orator
even, that In the laves:apace which took ploce
therein, and opinion and verdict of the jury, and
judgment of the count thereon, rim tide at taw of
the said pumices, their representatives and am •
signs, ander your neater as wet ensign, has been I
and is ebtabiraited to the excluaive privilege str•
cured by the said letters patent
And your orator avers Um the said suit as Instr.
rued, maintained end prosecuted In good kith
and without contriver or connivance or secret us
demanding of any sort, and was in all reaucts
adversary and untested proceeding. in which the,
best legal, and scientific, and practical skill and
knoweledge were opposed to his itesart lon and vin.
• elution eiressid Mae said herd •
Is the absence of the eventuate contained is
the foirtgranc usendotecto the .following minute
been nude In awl of the above cases, loathe
Uth lot.t. appear* krthrtOottlt that thalell
orate eomplut does sot set Guth that be has
' had uch, pouesalen of the . inewation diwoveved
and Maimed by pimps to upon his appllewien
tar the Interiomituy Innineties.
The motion far autiaunetion Is refitted.
In unciumning the above order, the following
remarks were made by his Hum, Mr. Justice
Older o—
"I take this occulon to say, that the Court hat
endure; of the milidiu of the complainant's pa
tent That question has Wee fatly settled hew,
by a trial at law. of extraordinary duration, !and
absence. or research. The report Mae caw of
Parker vs Brame, by my brother Kane, who pre
ened at the trial, end informatlen derived rum
the affidavits cud printed works, which hare been
reed on both aides, during the present buries, in
well as the acquaintance with the subject which
I derived while engaged in the trial of another
case growing out of this patent, Intees co doubt
on my mind, that tt• Complainant's patent le not
only valid, brit of the greatest importune to the'
I may add, on the rout of both of nit that we
approached the question without any previous
leaning In favor of the right. asserted by Mr. Pm.
her es an inventor ' and that it was only. upon 'a
MOM than usually close scrutiny of the het., that
we came to the conclusion which we now ex.
Indeed, it is a subject of regret that the public
has been so tardyyto acknowledging the merit. of
the Hewn. Parker as Inventors. Their Improve.
moot, es described In the patent hero& no, is not
less ingenious and profound thee useful. to
Prance, M. Fouwemon received the highest hem'.
one, and used literal rewards, Got Introdochtg lac
to use this very Improvement, Mier It. had: bead
Invented In this country by the Kunz. Parker;
And it was notional the circulation of Fourneya
roe's paper, on Turbines in this cottony, that the
Public, attention wu fairly called to the valuable
improvement of the Meru. Puke:.
Of the infringement by the defendants, the Gault
hat no doubt. The wheels which they use and
direct and positive violations of the complainants
right, as appear by the affidavits on behalf of thee
defendants, and the models which they theriselreel
have submitted to the Court- In petal of fiae4
the complainant has establiabed his right! to the
lojenettan which be prays. But Ido not wan to
established the precedent in this Court, that • pare ,
ty who relies upon the verdict of e Jary Cod Wei
judge:mot of • Curt allow, for the establidonent
of his title, al the foundation of hi. Malin to he,
quieted in the posimadou and enjoyment o{lt, and
for protecting hilt against infringements byothers,
shall omit, u the complainant bar here Omitted
to aver In his bill, that such proceeding" at law
have taken place. Without sub averment, the !
ground of the Court's action may be mistruler;
stood, tad the defendant may not. be properly ape,
prised, beforehand, of the cue which he' has mdl,
meet. In these nose', we ore the mop reedy to;1
lay hold of the embision, new feel a reluctance to
stop two hundred mills from grinding. blight:of
grain or yawing al beard, without •givingitlie do.
randents& chance of making a wallement pr cow
promise. Oo the other bend, it le by ad means
our intention to compel this umplalnini, are. -
Keefe his patent ahead, UtabliaUd la law, n!'
galore a combinailott of two hundred Wealthy
mill owners, Intl& district, who ere, as these do-.
defendants allege, suing truiclities, of which the
model above described, Is the repersentation.—
By an smendeneat orthfibill,thicomphrienint may
overcome his present technical difficulty.
No ground has Wee shawnfor:ffie - Imsintation,
that an attempt has been made by silo atraphan
ant *.to levy black es It is celled. ; /and,
his courts towards these dorendian, as ,well es!
Wan persons, appears to have hue oneof great
liberality and fortennutee; end I advise those de.•
rendauts to wade with him.' If they do not, dame
gee may be found seeing them, to tho ettent, of
their paean' fdant the nee ofthls patented Improve,
meal; at aB events, emonnUng tattle whole moan '
or their mills, slues the time of Ming. three hair.
This might be no more than equitable. '
1 On default of setiloment by defendints, the
Mart will order the lojtutetions to issue, on tbef
first Monday of .April next; the oomplarbut, In,
the meantime, so amending his bill, as to *liege
the establis hments hero at law, of :his dila to en
riclusive right la this improvement, and Bing the •
iffidavil of the surviving patentee, which hem
'been read to es in the coarse of the hearillr- "
: !In ell this, I am• eatherised to say, that m/
biotite , Kane rally mowers with me.
IBA latter that the
%tie mad beam
ids. Tann, sell
both are Oghtlig
lag limn times
and has been
Is amusing duet
S. S. Preatiss, is
ath West. By.
!MU n disci:m
ark, while he was
Borland vulva
with a rapotai
Thins thousand Landlords mins Milani), 9,900
own Snaltlall o . o . o93 cant Ireland, Inlaying more
than 29,000,000 Inhabitants ol those countries wltt,t
out a 4x4 of eteatioa.
M. Mal, haa prliabed at Paris the 19th ve
tape orate hiatat7 of tbs ooneulato and F.mptre—
iMee mete valet tonoma.
Ste pima Olney, the brother of the traitor, Ar
thur Gorgey, has been formed to atter limAttaUiaa
army as a private soldier.
• ion vox naVArra
tad. eclebtsta medi-
most gratifying tau-
this remedy. Dr. Me.
been given op as in
tent, bare been eased
ills have been admin.
been pablisited, and
is now an established
are the beet medicine
lepatic dersngement—
, t surer under that worst
aim. but ;hasten to pur-
No. 6D, comer ofyounh
Ma. S. ht Kum—Allow me to express to you my
heartfelt thank. for the great benefit I have received
from an article called PETROLEUM. or Roca (to, of
which you are the sole proykrictor. I had Occasion to
use It about the let of Jan. in in • violent stack of
Rheumatism, which was • y peinfol, (plop about
from place to place, accompa ted with much swelling,
so as to keep me In constant ~ yy rtere. I used the Pe.
If GIG= externally, a few ap !mations of which re
moved all pain, and every • teetotal of the disease.
I em now entirely well, and would take this occution
to recommend the Petroleum to all whomay be suffer
ing under the agonizing pains of RIMIIIIIIOI.II or kin•
deed diseues. [Signed) Gum, %Virus,
near Panty Rouse, Pittsburgh.
117• See general advinnement to another column.
Ptsnur Lsron Nvosis—Prepared by J. W. Kelly
Nlllism street, N. Y., Lod for soh, by A. Jaynes, No.
711Peouth street. This will be found a delightful arti
cle of beverage la families, nod partleoluly for sick
• • •••
Bohn'. Boni.—An Improved Chocolote . preporso
hon. being le eembinotloh of Cocoa nut; Innocent, to.
ylgonnting and palatable, highly recommended panic.
ulorly for lorandh. Prepared by W. linker, Dore...
ter. Mass, and for tale by A. /dial:St tat Ihtt Palo
Too Store. N 0.70 Fourth it.
Inaprovementa to Dentlslay.
DR. 0.0. STEARNS, late of Boston, Is prepared to
manufacture and met Mona Tams in whole and pans
erects, upon Section or Atmospheric Suction Plates.—
Toareuella 0 'Mt mama, where the nerve Is
exposed. (Ake and residence nest door to the May
or,. office, Fourth euxut, Pittsburgh.
Ratan so—J. 11. hiWadden. F. H. Eaten. lain
DR. D.
• Dentist. Co recap( Pal
and Dreamt, beer
eau at.,
Ask the Mutantoe of purchasers to their
Which May Dank will compare favorably, be
extent and cheapness, with that of any '
other house, either here or in '
the EsunaMs Clues.
feb264LbsOlT T. C. Tslstactalo wiU deltver his
tog latnediefion to the Grant titirtt Batumi Chore •
Suistay next, It 7 o'clock P. M.
On Monday following ho will take hit departs,
Springfield, 111., where he has been called by
•onniwoos consent of the Church. May he eve
ateful it the prayer of many.
On Tuesday wen last, MI. U, youegeo ChM;
of George sod EGe.Leth oVeyman, egad ten yeas
six mouths.
The (fiends of *a fatatlr.arc requested to att.
her funeral, front the residence of her father, No.
SmitbSeld Street, this aftatnooo, at Y o'clock.
N0.:4 Fourth airced, nett door to the Bank of Sots-
GEORGE E ARNOLD CO. here opened an
Este... Orme. Nti.74 rOakel street, neat door
to the Bank of Pittsburgh, and •ra prepared to trans
to on mesonable tens any Gaeta.. In their hoe
that any be entmsted them.
Exchange, Coin, Bank Notes, he., bought and sold.
Collection@ made in all the principal Mlles and
mans in the United &Mee.
Desolates received in par Mode and martini.
They retpectfully molten a share of the cesium or
the bitstnees tortnesniurr. mrll-lm
7%a ono Coins, Damao Eagles and Gold Dollars
A LT:SANDER & DAY, career Of the Diamond and
/1. Market street, are prepared to offer, at the law
s market prices, • choice somnolent or Silks, of the
-lest qoalitios and acmes styles. Best black glossy
G ro de Rhino, of a cokbratel rosindartarer. warrant.
ad not to eat in wearing. Blast Brocade Ag'd
eery deb. Rich Nil Silks and Satin De Chimes, in
choice solace; Chameleon, Oro do Rhine.; Satin do
• Cheney, and Tare Satins.
ALEXANDER & DA V, 8.5 Market .l.
well Notthere,st teener of the Diamond
ktlito , 2 l.l lllloll . t . ret 67 , ltileDe Lainesalareges,
Boa!e litluoms—A lance supply of Bonnet. Bon
net Ribbons. fait mfieitmd.
mai Northwest artier of the Drum nd
Per Beat,
HEiDwelling Ham, corner of Pride and 111
Eighth . Wad, now occupied by P stet.
Man pan at any time.
Tins Is nee of the most pleasant residences about
the CH; it ia surrounded by • fine yard and arderti
I. free from that oky annoephere of the ens , below
it, and Is only fifteen roma, wait from the centre of
business. JAMES W. BUCHANAN,
mitt If corner Wood and Founb ea
A STORE on Wood street, ono door from Second
et pre•eut nommied by George f!.. Anshem
mere op the promi•ea mr2l-et
QUGA R-10 WAG bursted par Gamer Forner. for
0 sale by Ircintl) J C ANFIRLD
DOLL WITTER—a bbl. Ina reed and for
D. dale by [Arai .1 LI CANFIELD
SODA AOII-73 wt.biddyllWe beatcleanly, and
Man Oat,blolandlna from weenier Jefferwn, and
for bale by W & M bIITCIIF.LTHEE,
COPPEELAS-134411 in rood order. for sale by
anal .1 13C1100NMAILER & CO
G ERMAN CLAY-3u tons fin sale by
1 801100N.MAKER CO
INSEF.D OlL—le bele for sale by
rer2l l ectinoNSIAKER it CO
TORN DURAND k. CO.'S BRANDY, in half piper
and quarter casks, ma r boiee ardonment d
pure attleta, of varicose aors, part very a r
delved from Bonienaz as New Orleans, for s olo by
metl A.CULBERTSON,I4S Libeny at
OLARET WINE-100 boxes, ehoiee brand.: uid
4„/ :Ono an onorninent of Champagne and Whim
Wine., lam reed per Roamer Diadem, and for Rata by
mrgY A CULBERTSON, lin Litony si
MIN PLATE -40 beim Tin Plato, receiving trom
1 steamer De Watt Clinton, and for sale by
County, am
THE Commonwealth of Penanylva.
nig, to all persona Intereated to the Et
( Wen2l, C arto . r. undersge Ann
ol l roL7
r lean, greeting:
Whereas, At an urphane Conn, held
• . at Pittsburgh, on the 16th day of Mareh,
. tem,' in and foe sold county, the pennon
of Robe., Dorman, guardian,. de, wee presented to
the COOTS, praying for an order to make sale of • cer
tain desenbed tot of ground, situate In the cip• of
Pittaborgh, ike., fee the maintenance and eduest nof
said minor.. Now, therefore, we command you snit
each of you, that to your proper persens you be and
appear before oar Orphans' Court, at Pittsburgh, on
the Untit day of fdarch, woo, then and Mere to *hew
cease, if any loner either of yen Lave, why the pray
er of.the petitioner Humid not be granted, and hereof
tilt not.
Witness the lieu. W. B. !duellists, President of our
'said Court et Pittsburgh, this 18th day of Mateo, A. D.
A- D. Clarke.
j-41D 113.11 Yr*I T I' D.O .. .
ANTS, and Darden ta IVindow Ulnas, Welt
d, to. No larSeeond at
WM. H. 4olizirsToat,
No 1111 Second at, rithhoMb. mr2l
poiOdISSION•IIIERCHAND6 .a . tk.te. in pro.
•,,, o ,No at Market street, rittabarik.
. • troll - .
LllB Partnership heretofore existing between FJltett
geulish, in the Boot and Paper Business, wo
ed on the llth ten., by annuli consent y
basin.. .11 be continued at the old stand, No. 79
Wood street, under the firm of .A. 11. Enallyb a C 0.,"
by whore the butintesa of the former partnership will
be settled. SAMUEL, 111_,LIUTT
Intfil A. 11. ENLILISII.
J. D. William —John Hari
Parwudln in f s2gisit hi n I li l le Y rc a h ß k °CE tnts, B d .
dealer. In Gentrify Produce and Pittsburgh Monotone
tont, corner of Wpod and Filth streets, Pltuburuh.
A LOT OF OROUND oltriato in Wilkins township,
„1101. near the Pittsburgh and Creel:iot:lrak turnpike
road, and fronting on the Droddoeleo Field road—eon.
tattling SIX ACRD ." , , more or les..
Ear tattoo, La., apply to Alexander R. Miller, Fourth
wean' or to se
lbe onbrlber, Oral. the practises.
BAGS—Y 0 dos
10 do cram in one and for We by
s ocks...(no don (Country) on hand and for ..In by
mrN .1 & R FUMY
In ueruy,—.•• • Andrew Fleming..... R . K. Flaming
unnizy, impaggia ti Co.,
OIdhIISECON MERCLI/114Td—For the .ale of Do.
toecie.Woolon, and Cotton Goode; ale., dealer. to
al kinds of Tam' Ttistounge, No It 7 Wood 4th
;door hata rdth,rivabarge.
Reforeace—lleastd,Wol, A.lllll A Co, Hankers.
- •
Ilicarge WAlauth James D7V•rneir.
osoftwo w. Burro O co.,
PM mast, Pinsbargh.
DeuJamia Palma. -- William Bata well.
AWORN EYB AT LAW—Offma Tilituaaa Eta,
Grams st, near the Coln Howe. 4t4
Of .
C. O. HUSSEY, •• IdAllEft,ther.
CYffiro—No. 41 Weer street, in the warehouse of C
'I'HIB COMPANY Is note prepared to inture all
a kinds of tasks, on houses, meistsf•clncesi genets,
merthandi. in
store, and In marine •••11CiZ. &C.
An mete guaranty for am ability and integrity of
A l
elfurded in die character i
din Di
rectors, who are all
of Piusbergh, welt and
favorably known to the oorttronaity for their credence,
intelliaence, end interity.
Dtagivou—s:. G. I ttsmy, Wm. Begaloy, Wm. Lar
idler, Jr , \Yeler Bryant, Hugh D. Sing, Edward
Ileagehon, Z. Kinsey, S. Ilarbaugh, 5.M. Kier.
nir /0-If [Journal and Post copy I
111.14,LODRON PIANO. '
THE subscriber has Jon received •
neve and beautiful inurement called
"'Melodeon Piano; from the factory of
March & White, Cincinnati. It has
the elegance of exterior of a Piano Forte, and le pos
sessed of a tone et once sweet and powerful. Its
great advantage, however, consists to too rapidity Of
its enunciation, which enables the performer to exe
cute upon it the most brilliant piano music. Altogeth
or, It may be called the best reed attainment ever in
vented. Call and examine.
RLEBEE, at Woodwell's,
Sole Agent for March & White's manufacture.
P. o.—Also, so eral now Mad very fine Melodeon,.
torso [Journal, Cbronlcie. and illarcurY eoPY
' A A. MASON & 60 Almket siren, are coo
n, moody °online the Intent and mon Inbionoble
styles of Fancy and Staple Goods, comprising Sam.
sea, :tilts, Alverines, Do Laing, /se., de.
Also—l•mbroideries,lrdbbons,Stmerls,Linen (taxis,
.Dontestie Goods, &e. mr2o
Chambers' Eduentloawl Coarse..
bers have employed the Ant Preemie In Scot
land, in the preparation of thew works. They are
now offered to the Schools of the Ultimo Maw., under
the American revision of D. M. Beene, hi. D., LL.D.,
late Superintendent of Public School., to the City and
County of New York.
1. Chembert. Treasury of Knowledge;
IL Clark's Drawing and Perspeenve;
111. Chambers' Elements of Natural Phineoply;
IV. Acid tr. Bain's Chemistry and Electricity;
V. Hamilton'. Vegetab , l . l , and Animal Physiology;
VI. Chambers' demon o f Zoology, with plates;
VII. Page', Elements of eology, illustrated.
It is well known that the otiginalpublithets of theft
works (the Id Chamber., of Edinburgh) are able
to commend the best talents in the preparation of their
book., Mad - tbet it Is their practice to deal hidden,
with the peddle:" Thin series will oat disappoint the
reasonable expectations thou excited. They ate ele
mentary work., prepared by authors in catty way ca
pable of doing jaw., to Meer respective undertaking IN
nod whwhave evidendy bestowed open them the ne-
WsearY time and labor to adapt them to their putpose.'
e reetmmend them to leathers and parenta win
conGdence. The first named volume, in the hands of
teacher of the yoonger classes, might furnish an ut
exhausublo food of amusement and Ivtrection. To.
settler, toey 'would COP.Slitl. • rich in-... to hen.
dy of Intelligent children and =put a thirst foe
knowledge,B Vermont
Published by A. 8. Barnes & Co., New Van; and
Tor wde by A. H. ENGLISH ik. CO.
turfy No 72 Wood et
OA/7 73 11 Ml l e s litaglag.
Vie Brownsville and CuCu r land to Baltimore and
Phil elphla.
P.m TO Damao •—• ---•810 00
DO PIIILDO Mil, • 12 00
1111118 inoralog boat leaves the wharf, alma* the
I bridge, daily, at a o'clock precisely. Thoo to
Baltimore, 32 hoax& time to Philadelphia, 40 beers.
The evenisig boat leaven( daily, (except Sunday ea
uings,) at 6 o'clisck. Passengers by leaning au the
evening boat, Will cross the morietales in steps next
day, and thus avoid night travel.
Pectin , your ticket* c the Clehee, Monongahela
801110,06 31. Cholas lio al.
— rollo,ly J. MERKIDIEB, Anent
0 BOAR. M01..688118, & RICE-- -
150 laid. po',me N Sugar,
all Ibis Loaf So n
(oo do N 0 Mo oes;
IU do Goldeu S DUN
•dr tierces Rue; m store and for sale bT
mein Round Church Haildiots
TE/00-3u 10 cheers V II Tea;
ID do Yorrchong Tea;
5 do Cbul. do;
IU do Gunpowder do;
11112115 s boo Y ll do;
61he do do do;
10 610. do thropowderdoi
It Mb. do Imperial do;
In store and for .ale by d& It FLOYD.
land Round Church Bolldiode
lOFFEE-200 Lop Rio, on band nod for node by
onytni la R eLoyD
SC AK-I.oshhda fair N 0, rec...l sod for sale by
Lb landed per steamer Pilot ^roy; and for lode
torYo,_ J k R YD
ALERiaTUK—ba bbl. Adams', in owns and for sale
0 by linrlol J k K FLOYD
1102 4 11i-12 cask. pnme, Mate ., I R r
nd tiar i V o by
B U m CICKII4-25 dot Beater, on Ilant j t r i d t ler We
T mOnUEI j
10 ea: Bever{ on band soul tag ri i ti dD
B ROOS.Itt--29 don in core and for sale by
b K 7 ,k MeCANDLD3B
YUTAKii—~ ~
, r A Li... , Viscia p•pera.
A. weANDLEss
w s---q t
iNDuw GLAs box.
7i 9
14 do OW& for saleby
0 1 0 1 1 ,0
0 bbls 1 , 1,20011 e
: n , rn i tAnd fo
s r , sr . Z.
. t
sale by
lO r mllo " R E SELLERS
130TA911-5 casks, prime quality, for sale by
L A . RD OIL-10 Obis No L (or by
)LI(E MASS-70 Da for ord. by
Bi;;SRUM-10 igatlit, s'Opertor qttaliWz&by
3V n ir;llNDli PITCH-550 lba for: ( l;b: LEßs
,AbIYIIOR-4 bblo for able by
SUI•F:R CARE. SODA-1000 lb. for setle by
L , INI: Elk/NEE—I ease, very superior quality, (o
sale by im rag( E SEUL i EILS
F CHALK -173 lba (lot
florrori VAftN-440 lb. Nam ft
.nd for able by Camr:ol
CANDLE WICK—W bales in
B AITING -25 bees
Jo No 2; on hdod dad for solo by
tol2o J a Q;FWY➢
Ir ro cA,,,P,T,v,Pß — ' [ Z;t; (1 ° '''".7r4;.7l7fL'e )
TTORNEY AT LAW—OrEee, an Fourth street,
esove Wood. mole
lin and No. Y Americus liuner Steel. Also—Ho
Coat Nivel Taloa, Mall slew; and Blacksmith and Sh • •
hasps, aleray• on hand and for mle,elltler at his "Ea
gle Nicol Works," O'il MA street, Bath Ward, or ai th.
inbee in the Iron Store of BOLLSIANS A GARAI
SON, loot of Wood street, Pittsburgh
THE Chartiera Coal Company will receive propo
sal. up to Thursday, Mandl WI, fur grading and
building the aupentrueturc of four mile. of their Rad
Road up Charuen Creek; also, for building two
Bridges over Chattier. Creek. Plan. arid .pectfica
wan may be sego at Weir office in Penn wen Pitt.-
burgh. Y. W. KEIMINGTUN,
!nth/ W Manager.
Pennsylvania Hall Roads and Canal
Two Daily noes bares' Packet Boats,
M.Novel, for Posen6era3
Of Ni. Last will Jena RB follows,
Loinettusa T. Leech, muter • •Triesday morning;
Cockeye etute•ll.Trnhy, " Tareday night;
Keyetono Buie-Thompson, " IVeduesday socegi
lowa. • • • •—•-• A. Craig, Wednesday night,
Kentucky I. L. " . Thursday MOT akr,
Indium ..... ••• P. Becky, . Thersday bight
Quo. •• ••••• • L. Creighton," Friday atoning.
A Packet will kayo every ?doming and•F•toutog
throughten the tenter
Feu—Teo Dollars through.
Tau—Eget) ttooro.
For parsnip apply to
. _ .. W BUTCII,
hforaugabela Rosa,
prp at D LEECH & Ca. Mall Basin; j.
LAII/D-:libbs'No 1 Lea 4 ' ~• .
15 NO .do do• '
reell. per PllotNo t, nd
' 1
.lotul• by • . .
. . mall .r, lIIIEVOICATTHOWIf &AD
I r r e , p o re, - 1: , ..1 . ..,.., Pth. quality, ree'd per
tong y EY dd firril CNA &CC
WOOL & YARN—a wake Wool; •
27 doe Tote ”d Plan Yarn; for
male by • (metal KIIEY,aiNITHEWS kCO
fEA-10 ebeeni fine,rovrehonn Tea for male Ly
I ;oda C
_H GRANT, 4I Wafer
B ACON it LAFID-5 coke Sidon;
t do Dog Monad; •
I do Dawn •, • ,
In Wile Not Lard; • • .• .
a do Geom.: 10 enive en the
income, Caledonia, for male by
mtla ISAIAH DICKEY & CO, Prom at
SODA aSI I —iv casks In itrefrinln
. ; iß g ,oiis b &
EL .
CiGlB-116,UCK1 Conimol i Al t v i re Aftlilauc‘tti:o)b.y
- - -
fiTOLITCCII-8 b I Smoking, for We by
t - RNTLlVRinitTbial calm teed an foosigment
114. and for We by C ARBUTHNOT,
men/ No BY Wood sr
G U llty77e P eTaUlr aale b").
n(YITON 110SIKItY—A fine ZieAitent for see by
INGHANS—A few cuss Seotekli n knd Demesne,
Ur fo r sale by jibrigl C A CTIMYT
12.AMN-913 piece. 1101114? .I , klo
ToRANS-113 Imam tech/ an or are •y
'path MS-20d dra. au'd slus,fot wile by - -
JLATk 9t bsz for tab : . •
SCITHE . BNEATIA- - 95a0z,
41 Comaam.fiff ale by'
AtEiglkiht HAPirg:r ree'd per Ben
V Wen, for Me by
CLOVER BEED—It bbl, justreed=l for We by
OIL bbls reed said for saleby
LARD --5 Ws and IS kege'fie acme .d for We 11 1
To the Monorail the Judges if tM COWS Af Gene
ral Quarter Searioas of the Pe rein eauffor the
County of Allegiertty.
THE Petition of Joszra Perninn, of the township
of E.s, Derr,-to the county aforesaid, humbly
that your petitioner has parrided himself
with materials for the accommodation of travelers and
milers, at his dwellinchouse, to the township aforesaid
and pm,. that year Mona. will be pleased to grant
lam a license to keep • Public 800, of Entertain
ment. And your peutioner, as In duty boned, will
We, the enbseribers,einiew of aforesaid township,
do certify, that the above petitioner ts of good repute
for honesty and temperance, and is well provided with
booze room and conveniences for the wairMatialetioll
and lodging of strangers and travelers, and that said
!seem is accessary.
A. Pillar Wm. Hulett, Tobin, P. Weaver,
McMillen John V. C. Bell, A. Bigots, J. Crawford, J.
A. Bell, Wm. Hamilton, Jacob Smith, Benjamin Hu
heron. ' mr19.4120
V; large assontnent of /3ank Prams, Swinging berik
Mattraeser,Comfona.glulla,filia•Mßile.% 8i1t." 4
every ankle "naiad ter Canal Beata. WM NOBLE,
sarlß.l3t . ••• • to Bank of Mora h.
Wall Paper Warehemae,
47,91.ARELT STREET. between Third . and
Fourth streets, Pittsburgh, Pa. THOMAS PAL
MER 'scald respectful!). call the attention of his
friends' and customer; to his potent extensive and
general mock of merchandise. ItsrHl be Mond to cott•
prise every ducriptlon of American and French Wail
Paper and Boyd ri for Parlors. Balla - Dining Hoorn.;
Bed Chambers, Counting Roome,tc, ratline front 12
cents to If a piece. So great a diversuy of prices
and qualms e. hardly fail to salt the cireamatanees
and testee of purchaser. who may favor with their
patronage, the old established stand on Martel areal
Yt warding end Gammledon Marchtue l t= F nrn
Country Produce and Pittsburgh Manufactures, nor.
ner of Wood and Filth streets, Pittsburgh.
Plusbargh, Merril 12,1360.
CIOFFEE-60 begs prime Rio and Jul:
%Jammu-40 bin meal& dlPFul. end Wel , P;
Curres—Ralbis Cream and English Dairy;
Cous-20 doallemp and Marna!
Carta—do Maus;
Caoves—k barn!; Cusass-20 Al Common and belt Spanish;
Fm-25brIsand bad brls Mackerel end Salmon
Onus—.6o bin assorted deck.
Haas-1000 Prime VClll2Olli
1000 Sugar Cued,.
lemon-100 lb. B F and 61.111 a:
1210-16 dos tlerrisons Black ind Copylnm
alonissus-21brie N Orleans;
half brit Sugar ' House;
Merman-40 dos armedcaramels;
Mseessom-60 lb. Dalian.
• Vsnsuctu.,6o Dedo
Note—SAl kegs amused;
Pleues-6 dos lan awned;
Pescara-3u baskel• kaiser,
• Paru-60 reams assoned;
Passes-1W lbs Bordeanm
Sosr-60 boo Ruin end Cut Steel;
Scats-10 MM. N Orleans and Clarlled;
Tu-430 packages GM. end Black;
Taunt:a-20 box 12,6, Ilb lump;
Wu, Bosens-60 dos piatent Zink;
For sale by I D k CO
meld COMM' of Fifth and Wood eta
WE SALE —The noders/goed shiers for wenow
two story Prattle flow—throe rooms and kitchen
with • good cellar ender all—lot 20 feet front, 60 feet
deep, located on Esplanade street. Allegheny City.
TU. made good to the purchaser. Price low.
login= at No. 32 Wood street JOHN BEST.
£ paper of vorioasSima always on hand or made to
order. Manilla, Shoe, and Tea Paper, Straw and Rag
Wrapping Paper, Cap and Pent Writing Paper, for
.ale, wholesale and retail Dy W P MARSHALL,
meld El Wood at.
DA. %Such/sale parchment will find the stock at 4fil
a roost dellmbh, one; select a cheap end beautiful es
sortment from. arle.tfl P. UMANy.
brand, in mall Dozes, W. lbw each, to afford Tani:
lies an opportunity of asecnaming their superiority.
For sale al lba corner or Robinson-nod Federal streets'
Allegheny, by [rarle-dhl FRANCIS HART.
00111/1-300 bur reed, and tor sale by
CLARIFED SYRUP—eI barrels far sale by mrlD N A JOHNSTON. 112 5111 at l
mrlB 111:; 7 - em Dm for sal., by
DIG LEAD-0000 Ibedikkß Galen. Lead, Go sale by
:1 - meld - C H GRANT.
REFINED BUOARB—LN brts entehed, powdered,
1L and clarified, for eale by
otrlS Agents for the Pt. Louis Refinery.
pLASTRR PARIS-13 brio Pladeu Padln
3 bd. Stn.* Plat er for wile
M."J;Pe cAßDW•V`,ol4l,BZl=`r,g''
BACON -15 casks shoulders, • prime ankle. jest
received on consignment, for sale by
No 21 Wood strict
-162 bbd. prime N 0 Sol Per,
3 brie Loaf Pagan '
6 brie S II Holum;
12 times Elea, landing from mum. Area
mi, and far sale by WA. I& 111ITCHELTilEhl,
mrlB IN) Libeny mow.
SODA ARIL-16 cubs Knota'• b l a o tt i o i l eele by
mrlp No 33, Wood etreeL
Ron...' Cough Ilyrmp-"Withous • Rival"
Prrnetramt. (Mb Ward.) Fab. tstlt, OWL
ihr R R F. VIVLLERIS—Ca the loth uh, I caught a
verfeavere cold. The night followiag I went to
bed earlier thaa usual, yet noMmtbstandlng I had slept
none the night before, my comb was so severe that I
mold not deep, nehher mold those In the room moth
me. The puma sleeping with ma ems me much an
noyed by my meshing hat he got up and went to a
drug stare and bought • bottle of your Cough Syre
env doss of which, to my great aitonisholant. stopped
my comfit an if by magic. I went to work In the morn
ing, and tun now quite well. Yaws, to,
Jona Dees.
I hereby certify that I set well acquainted With the
above cithamstances, and that the mammal given Is
OWL •Jmottax,
Corner Mists and Q.. , 7 steceis,ltdi Ward-
C7Tceseted and sold b 7 E E SELLERS, d 7 Wood
sweet, end sold by Dreams ittnently in the rem
ities and vicinity. • Etllft
SOAP -1111 &re Quainiall 01111MI,•••' . • .
mrld' - - STUART EARL'
C It 6NNNLFB--CS hr. No 1 diPP.dp t r't
r• & SILL
ALL Pismotta Interested am hereby notified. flair
hare applied to the Coat of Common Plato of
ntleittanY Oman Panmylvania, for my thaelaarge as
an tuatara debtor, and that said Conn ha.appointed
datardayabe Walt day of Arai, MO, at 10 o'clock • 11,
for the beating of me and me craditme at the Coon
Iloou, in the any of Plaburah. when and where all
person. will chow cause, Warr they have, why! gull
not be analogy! stead* to law.
Plan Townaldp.
Dissolution Of Portnateship,
HE Part:train heretofore entitle, ender the £e
of Edwards, Jones On wee dissolved by mental
roment, on the idth bun by the withdrawal of WP,
nom from the eoneere.
The hezinthe of the late boa will be sealed by the
retobibibb pow.. R EDWARIV,
THE sabsedben wilt continuo the manufacture of
Platform Scales, Lock. of various kinds, Latelea to,
ander Me firm,ef H. RDWARDS & CO, and they raa
peatfally math • Mara of the public panorama—
Warehouse, In Irvin'. Row, Water M. below Ferry.
No 76, Nei
,ting Stack of
• " "
• English end Arnerie
• Kura Superfine Im
• Superfine
e, Ingrain Ca i ro,
Faun fin
Fine r ,
Consonon, all wool,
n an d
4-4, f and Tap YenlCat.
4-4, f andf Twillld Carp.
4.4, I, I and f 4 plahf Car.
List and Rag Casyels,
84 Prultod Cotton la.
oii m'
6-4,74, 64, 64, an! i
44,2-4,44, and f blatant;
Inch paw* C „Ciotks
for waft.
Dine and Drab CI ;
Comma Plualn
Coast, 011Clinho,.
Damasks for Um 4;
Wired-Martins. .
aim°, I
Buff flollond for WBhadea;
French Damp.
Venetian filimbk.
Bantl4for El
74 and 0.4 Table Lbws;
Rusin Cruh;
Scotch Diapers:
Brown Linen Naplriwg
(lemon Oil Cloth TWO
glint OILS aVa , Un - Ei e . t r 'SPre a
lityan4 Amine.. miattotioroottroa to 94 Rat
orbioh mill no out to 49999149,kattn, and
n •of any sin or olsapia
rhowninrAtnon /win": impend direct (rota Sok
land, bia Velvet Pita and Tapoldry CAUPILT9,..7toon
Antroln, widen aro. of Wed and moot *bloat
ntytel and palomino, and of Um mm. patella SOWS,
MITI be *Old at prices as lowa' they can be paseliaand
far in any of iba roam obis.
Having the Invent arooraesza of Ito Selma sad
PLY and INGRAIN CARPETS wIo far nape..
i4;inality and eheapnese of Ow, any assortment ever
_Ns city. /e We invites Steamboat
Men !gn i :rigger Blanzracurens__to We tarp and well
neketed user:meet nITRUCRINGS, and other anlederi
neeevary is Melt bnelease.
The andereirned re also AVM for Ow may Sank Rod
Manuthe:ofy PMfadelphis, end is prepared to on
Were, than eati be, purchased **whew In this eft),
null • , WM. AUCLINTOCK.
alesalsome cosatzs asSidemen for Rale.
rip FIAT besutiral Wet Maw, with about one sere of
1. sound, well .applied with *sit tries and shrubbe
ry, situate oath. Ohio dm, to the tearer pan of Alla-
Stirs! airy . , now to the escapaney st( Sami hi Wick..-
.ham. B.q. Possessidn siont it yril Ist.
For partieullas and terms y to
iorld.herd . . Fourth alma Potahlteld
SlCielook on Devine Pessidesene.
S ECOND American edition. 1 vol. limo. ae pp;
well Minted on fine whim poor. The hitheno
very starve and exceedingly 'enable work has jut
born published by J. L. Bond. It le reminutewied by ,
several of the clergymen of this elf, of different de.
maenad... and Jr one week nearly lne copy, have
been eliculiited in Piusbaseit end aa n,a rbn. ••
Orders for the week are invited.
discount to wholesale plushest!. yd..
taTpri 61.
par sale at the Methodist Bank Deettaitory.
'll and 11XIdo
similar Se *wag.
XS - ADAMS BORNSTEIN respeatially =nonce* to
Ili the citizen. of Pitiabalski Malabo Wanda open
ing her Siogirat School On the Ist orApril cert. TI •
pupil...ill be divided ituoa4.wjadapted talkie
OM Mien; and musical avolumealia. Private Imamage,
min be commeneed isamedialely. .
kleifame Dommein mite Man *My aftestion,
twitch V mid CI &cheek, at the derellilig of Mr P Steel,
in DM el. between Market and Wood ma. larlßmwd
OLIVE 011.-3 Imam. for We by
mxl2 • II Wood/Mat
Lessee and Manager C. S.
MC= OF •DIIII1103:
nrcu Circle mid Perquisite
Socood and Third Tiers . • ...... • ••••
thilior7 (for colored ocesoorli•-•-...
Door. Open at 7; Cattail:l "nil ciao al;
QT First Ilightof Mlle !MANGY
On m.n.h , 21, will be taut, tad
To be followed with a BalkCooliea
Ilant: •
Robenual. • -
CPA number of Dances by Bros Dion,
Durand, and Moo. Budloay.
• To caudal: with
By Joha.D. Davis. Anettoneir
/60 doz. Fins Skims, at di tectios:
On Friday morning, dthi inst., at ID o'clock, at %Le
Commercial Bales Room, corner or Wood and- ifth
streets, will bowl& by catalogue, on DO dare a tilt
on turn over SRO for approved en d orsed paper
160 dozen Fine titans, embracing the chines as
sortment offend to dealers for come num. comp 'ug
super , York NW Muslin BhitS, extra Linen b roe,
collard, Be; broad and narrow. plaits, fide m Im
shine, run plaim, yoke neck and French macre; s
hah long cloth shins, L. R& C, open work; Loo ma 1111
shuts, L It& C, fultionahle broad plait.: do do 41 L
BBC. needle worked do do, do do do 1. 0 & C,5 tow
French embroidered bowmen L 13 & C shirts; R I' Mtd
stitched; media chins with linen bosoms and eollirs.
mrth . JCILN R DAVIS. atm .••
OprLog Goods mid Fashions to - 019 - O.
HAS jut opened his Spring Stock. consisting o es
ery deseriptinn ol ROODS saitsble for enyt e.
The Cl ss
cloths, Cannetcsond Vesting. have been
and with great care floor tholatest importmlons, and
comprise a pan of every dung that 4. new and hand
soma La SPRING and SUMNER WEAR. The moron.
swot of YestiNgs is unusuolty luxe and sorted, both in
style and quality, and cannot be excelled, if eunalled,
by any caber Clitablfilbaleill is this city, either in
me, eteratertw, on n u ll.
•lso. • new style of TWEED CASSIMERE, adapt.
eil (Or Bafibiers Coats and Puns. yammer Good. of
every dmeriptiommch as Tweeds, Casharereus, 11.1
ran Cloths, Drop Olney, he. The atone Coca wilt fa
waahly compare with • any stock of rood. °paired
heretomrcin mturburgh.
Mr. J. C. Warm' well known and taste as n
Catter,wlll prow. an ample gtorramce to all who mop
favor Mi. establultmeot wart Mem undo's, that they
sla good and fashionable work. no eau Ira
produced by any house In the East. and at mach LOW , '
sal prices, uLave been acknowledged by many who
have tried both. I would further ware, that I will fur
nish as good and iambi - anal/la Goods as can LO Mond In
tan tooter,, market, and al much lower prices. •
A large and general amorunent of ready made cloth
log Lon hand, made fu the present Opting Paahlomi;
complisaug Dress, Frock and Roane. Coats of U. la"-
m a t amic, nude of Pracch, Engliab, and American
Cloths, of .0 hwhiansble colors. PANTALOONS rf
every dollar:mien or plain and fancy Cowmen.. of the
latest arm Cloth., batauct and Summer tioods, Vests
of the beat:Sauna and rilka;plain arid fancy Marseilles;
Clotho, Culinterc a itc; and other arOclsaln the (Noth
ing-hue. All Garments mule at 49 we vorninted
b. cot and made in a hood workmanlike atyla, and will
bar poll low rat cash.
Cu p" None
e ILI! We vo . r m o . v .. W . oeveecn employed• and
w order as above,
11 mrICI
1104 CH CUIrKil — HlOl6-3 T.res
and by loam WICK a mccarim.E4s
irltdOnlY dEED-11 Nits rec'd, and far •c •
mrl6 WICK tr. 111cUANDLES
N oll i ly4ll-WOhltdsjast Fe
UA li E l ia 1141 di -- b - j
• I R PENT/ bbls au hand ard los sale s
j. estls W lIAGALEV CO
ruu tooLASOLZ—OW Obits Iv Moro nod for soloby
I OL m igUTTSU-40 bbl. rec; i l , lr i sid u for
MOLASS-50 bbls oak, tor sale CY •
mad STUART 50.1.
—Soperior N 0 Sugar iij. by
. a
DACON—LIons, =Xi Ms oily mood; shotldas,Alol.4l'
j) do do; sides, 700 u do do, in store and for Wetly.
MILO Li R-00 bids 5 1 Floor. ru do extra family
.j: inn recd and ior sale by
OAF SUE/Aft—LbOWU - iiCfNes reed for Wn
.54..b_y mOl6 UURBRIDTVILS9.I . S.OO_
CE141 , 1 ,0 1D5R-1; suresior,s for
UltUli DOE, 1% ILSON b. CO
• nifIEDYEACii .... 10 • • • • b MlSArby , .
Salt ac - -15 tat s 0 - Eraiii,liTatore .3 elr'TitVioi..,
mad 5 .Y. IV fin ItUAUUN ,
MOLASSES-e:0 bbla N 0, Iwo ree , d and tax sadi.bjr ,
nal° St 1Y NARBATION • •
ItICV cm in morn and In! yr
• • -
• —•
ea ' t= " arloi o l r*LAlttlATY6
sore ey LASS— lrmr " V;. " 4 , =VI Z%
1" EtD—la Mils, 7 !tido No 1. now boding Om
•nftt Pall for by
onte Allai DICKEY ob.
DATHERB-I.ln babe, far sale by
mt. ISA - LAU DIODE , / la CL
lA/ HITE 1162.1:45—F0r sale by
SODA 4.Sli-15 emits Soda Ash Tee'd iind for Web)!
radii -- No. 144, Liberty aireeL
CCORN-100 sacks Prime Com in store, for sale b
tarn • DROWN te• RIRRPATRIC)..:
BUTTER -2Q kegs No 1 Batter in in Car sale LE'
mrla BROWN&
i in no., for
LAMI.I6 keg. no Lard
S UGAR L MOLASSES-50 bbd. N 0 Sagas
NI bd. N 0 15oloreer,
15 do Basle grOUrlli S H do.
is store, for sale by BROWN & KIRXPATRICIL,
BACON—I 7 casks Hideajosfreeeieedund for side
145 Liberty-sir-ea,—
IlikaitEt-1301) lb. tupenor, roils by
J. iipp_e,
for enrol:3. " Wma
SAlbrlik-5°"...44,5,..„ "I'
myth lerips&
w u mt lri:ri9oL—vau poania fur topi
it in Pan following, viz:
. ;/ .. ig u, la Carrs,
van Brizzzatz "
.rthavi E
I . . .
N DIED- 306 pound. irt store sod for sale-by..
=l6'. J. KIDD h. C.;1.,
AV/LAMES-010 brio - laatatian,bsok cooperage); •
1 , 1. • • 3C brie ..user Home, for sale by
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