The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, March 20, 1850, Image 1

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W 1.12,4 CO..
z. WIMP I [a. Lu.
Iis.ZTIIM inRCIO, Wilizrr, In= room To
Del/1 Pe.
Wetkly, tin
BY T 3
(Mega.. ,e,(lUlince of Nonpareilor • -- -
One Sear le, etch additionat intertion• • • n,e•
Do. one week 1.75
Do. two weeks— • ano
o. ree weeke• ••—• 4.00
D th
Do. one emote-- 500
Do. twe, month,.--- 7,00
Do, tom mom e --------• 10.00
De. all month ••• • -- 12,00
Do. twerve asolths,•-• • • 1 5 • 55
paiding Card (5 lines or .maj per Boum. 1 0 $
One Severe, changeable at pleasant (per an.
nasal exelnalve et the • 25,00
For reel. addidonatequare, Inserted overcome month,
ono for eath additketral equate Maned ender the year
- ly rates, half prim.
Advertleernems exceeding ascram, and not over
fifteen knee,to be charged as a &lave and a half
Pablishen not accountable for legal advertisements
beyond the ,amount <bareal too their , pubtiestion.
Announcing candidates for other, to be charged the
game as ether adveruseustente.
Adveltdvatentsl not marked entire cripy tee a opti:
Bad nambfr of law:Diem, will ha eardicased . llll 10,014,
and payment craws* accord. •
The pnvilegel of yearly advertisers. will be eonkned
rigidly to their regular burliness, end all other adver•
toot pertaining to their regale? businessoas
agreed tor, to be paid extra.
All adrintseroosts for charitable meth:atone, ere
companlea, ward, rovroghlpeed otheepablle meetings,
and seek lite, to he charged helfpriee,payable strictly
In advance.. •
Mintage Imams to be alined 50 cents.
Death taboos inserted sailboat charge, indess stereo,
pulled by funeral invitation.. or obliaary ootierT mad
*boo.. aceomparaed to be paid for.
L "'N' 7.lllkrr 0.1=1.1; . zt7;,:t
L.',;e22) l Whoksals Orocen., Comnutan I:n4 or.
•udre66 Unthaws, and dealers it Produce and Vote-
Marsh liansfastares, No. 77 Wood at, between 111 and
id atom. ^LrAL
1.? J. HENRY, ATlorney and Connectlor at Lisw,
Mi. Cincinnati, Ohio. 'Collection* in Southern Ohio,
and in Indiana, and in Kentucky promptly and care•
fully anemic& to. Commisaioner tor the ininde l'en.
**lvan* lot ratios Depositions, acknowledginenus
' . .
• •
11211 , 11110-11012.. W. Bell & Bon, Cards, Church ft
Carollers, Wm. Slays, Ep.. WUloot & Davis. • n 25 •
~l' H:i.'~:N:I~~.~:R ... ... 'iT~
4 .+ ~ . M
HIIMILTON STEWART, manortctoror or ticoiry
Sttirtings, Cheets; &a., Rebecca 'tree, city
ilieghony. • • • • • • norlSAly•
HTX LEE, ineeessor flo at urph e. L.,) WO.
. er sad Commin Ilezehant, tor die gale 1,
American W 00193, Liberty, opposite Grit la. febl7
. .
mt. nzaz, Dalumino. . ..
a. r. smarm, ...ID XIII., Indies. '
n. . Iletl.llYONoolis 4.-Mattllt;
#leALhantD k BUOViol4Tobaeco Comrainten Mer
c., II North Water at, &SO Meth Wbarves '
.4.4. Rain. Ind P. 107C1.
HARDY, /ONES & Co, (tneossoors to Atwood,
11 Jones & Co.) Comma= *DA Forwarding Mgr
slants, dealers, in Pittsbargh Uanulaelared Goods,
Plusbh, Pa.
Wa. 11. B. DfcVay. •
Nona East sewer orWcod and Third areas,
Jan' Partatmax.
- ..
1 latecaeon to damn.
C. = l ,l , .
_ r to Trenth and neurlean Pa,
' 4 '
aoard ilel7 k7s,l. lld' 'At . l-14;1 . 4,1rrda 5 N k ent . i'N, ,`',
plzir Paper, NO: 17 Wood arreet,neitreen reorth ant...,
D i p i er,
treat lido, Pinaborah, Pa. ,
. ,
maw( wear, . • Amur mean,
Sahli & Co., Wholesale Ont.mrs,
misalon Merchants, and &Wen In Prater., N 05.40
Waxer, ad 107 Pleat street. Pittsburgh.te*
JNU. A. CAUGUEY, Agent for the . Lao tine .4
Michigan Lim to Beaver and the Lacc—Offic
on the earner of Water and Smithfield au. 1.4
John 8. Ihtsaonit.— - -•=7.loaeghl.l7e7e-FS.
Wholis•la tkocen,
U • Agootslor liazard Po•rokt Co., N . V Wodet.,
ritubargh. . , de .y
/Oil I. DELWOrIE. • INlrta
S. DIL,WORTN rk. Co, Wholesale Greece', Pro
,/decor and Come:Loam Iderchwits, and Agents
rot iho
maimed. sour Bawd Powder Co. of N. Y., No. 97 Wood et,
TURN IL TOWNSEND, Mean and Apothecary
tl N 0.45 Kaska irt.okara =nab= st. Pitts:
birth, will bars =Alumnae band we ll Ma led a{
sartment ths brat cad fi.hea lledtctnea whick Jr
will sell on the saber rusoubls =ln. Physicians
seeding orders, will be pmespdy one to, and rep.
plied via oracles they may rely tame es gamic.
1D Maddens Prearripuoes will be acumen and
n=yressralal sltc Aar lltsaast materlids, mylisttrer
dity "
dim for We, slaw sank of flesh end good Perna
JonN vaxr, Ituteessor to Ewalt 'it Gebbirt,
Wholesale Grocer and C,ortimiasiort Merchant,
dealer in Produce and Pittsburgh Manufactures, ver
tu, of Liberty and Iland streets, ?Mahwah P. Isge.
JAMES A. HUTCUISON, & Co.—Suceessors to
Leans listehlson & Co., Commission Merchant.,
and Agents of the St too ls Steam Sugar Reavery.
117.43 eraser antl92 Om street., Pittsburgh.
JOlll - 4 H. MELLOR, Wholesale artdilii — a TCrelifir
to Mode and Musical instruments, School Bona.
Paper, Slates, Steel Pens, Quills, Printers , Cards, and
Sutdozotry generaLly,No. MWood et4Pituhurgh.
Er Rags bought or takee in trade. 4 seals
"lo'Mrso Coe—DcaLns !cagier bide+, 4t4,
11 143 Mazy .2.5-1 y•
. • .... • • .. . . .
TAT & 11. WCUTCILEON, Wholorale Groceis, des.
Y V. len In Produce, Iron, Nada, (lass, and rate
burgh Idinufaanues'gruorsity, 132 Liberty a; Pitt.
uck.,B IV
PAT L&w,
Naprua. also Mud to
and all other bast.
W nada antrnuted to him in Hadar and Arractioug
counties, Pa. Rea CO
J. It IL Flayd, Liberry st.l
W. W. Wallace, do I .
James Nara do Pittsburgh..
dry" Kay Ile Co, Wood tic r jan7
ANTS. -Also—imposers of Soda AA and Ineaeldng
Powder, No. 100 Libesp. a., (opposite. SIAM Is.a.ross•
burgh.' • *cd ' i
Vrreic ' TiPCJitibLEElll, (samossors to L. J. D.
Wmk) Wkolosale Rimers, Forwardlase • and
Comadadoo dloreksons, deafen 101 mo, Nails, Glass;
r m mp a
oYWo s d a s d a dEiWe rsgls,
nßheawa fVseit u a b re t s e sA.n er•y,
Vt, 'A CA MU moue and ANSI eL
estriblishstent, Na, 144 Liberty s 4, mar •
W — WeTIXAZN - Mateher,Anntry M ,ftiNer
• and Military 600 d .1, comer of arket sod 4
W Pluabsrsts •Ts. • N.
N.&—Watches ass Cloak
earefally repaired. _ deal , •
Nisigf7DOWEN—Oowanosioa and Forwarding
llaronalt,No.Nl Prato on between Wood and
II • Felaignand Demstiti Dry Goods,tioril cast
tams of Markin and Foot* w..: ?.. • . Para
MISSITIMIL roa n loradasoddinada•
el" r • 9 t N/COLS, Predda, and General Com.'
IJ loiddien tdercbants. No. 17 Libtitl ey Piustnargh.
P. Ifoll WNNHOAST t C9.ol3olesald Gr.
• elm, ForwszdlM. dsd:l. , o Merchant;
ntibdrgh Ulactdtea sad Weateza Pea
ewe. havdreaddratto their nelir varehoud,(old I=o
Nt7o.7o7nedof drat dr., and Mum tridias.
- . _
ITZEOLOGICI.I4 Clanks% su4 -.gado School
9 . 43 . 41 ..tmd Auden in all kit& .of Wfitin,
"" P 471 t' t lantltratgliardr b*.
04 Pa. •
rkialcz,Virbolostis Grocers and Co_ran l
egtaolants,ond dealers In prodooe.. ria.zr
im'OOL LENkhamMnien Nerehint tat the
aoao el Ammon Woolen Goodsd..lbettygmto
' 114 " . " autos IIOILST.
%Ira BABALICY l, `Matelo to Grocer /B
TT .nd ToWooameseato.o. . nov2l
HARBISON SEWELL, Counsellor at Lave—Of
d . sc. on Foinh .4 7 , above Southfield, nusn•ly :
TH. Din . CANFIELD, lime Wuno4 enno roannito
• end rerouting , and
illA lastelase
tT la Western Rooms Cheese, Htte,wolesale
rot and
Pearl Ash. and Western Pualseo avoletally, Water
anew. between Smithfield and Wood. Pinsbosah.
taalth/Nld AXEli Dohcgtsts .
rte. 94 Woad creel, esnahnhtk
1 1 nN D../401141AN WholealeThinc.,..dd o w.
In en in DYnSindniiii En* Varnisins, la, N 0.03
W oo d vac, ens dont Sold. of Alsannin Alley, Pita.
..e. bugle. .
1 011airti:SAVIS, An ----- IThtioninc nom r so, . 2 4 e ,,'
q" . OP "streeti,PittlbWrldi.
TOLINSTON t siverroN. H 04.4 .4 ran w .
a nod Pope, Manatanorcrs, N 0.41 Market r, Pala
Joon . '
t'6. FLOYD, Vilsolesale Grouts, Coanaisakia
d •Iderepants, and Doe,. in PTO.% illannot
,rpriren liailAtings, fronting on Merry, NO:o OW t g
ggg g
aoregur. Pisistrob.
S•AWAMIZELL, WkoWzala Onwer,Carazumo.
' faentyeal, sad .dealer In !raison and Pitub.,,,ll.
Illandartnes. Na 114 Waror at, Piusbnren. Aar(
T. 11. 3
t 9 . 1 -.. Atto j r , ed ., at Law, aka 111.1.
eult=tly to Coll.:04a; lit "
sod 6(tetl C 0112131.. Po.
Mattock, Deft &Ca,
March & Wl:ocm pn.b.nd,
Cs &W. HABBAUGE.'Weij Reran*..l
Cl.. fa Flour and r_rodace featizlty, and Forwa r ding
'..-4 amd commission Iliattans!, Na 14 W -
an ti.,Pitu.
bin& - .• . •
j. °LESS. Donk Binders.
WEarestill engagril in the stove basilic., corner
D . !' Wood and Third wiser, Pittsbargh t where
We are prepared UP do any work in 090 line with des- .
patch. We antral to our work perennially, and tuna
faction will htsiven• in regard in its neatness and du
Blank Books tiled to any pattern and bound sub
tunnel!). Book. in numbers or old Woks bound yarn.
tally or repaired. Names Paton books in gilt latent.
Iliase..that have work in oar line are invited to call.
Price. low. ovriiikti . •
--..f/,00 pet =nu
- Cooking Stowok U &e, •
MARSHALL, WALLACE & CO., Roland Church,
comer Liberty and Wood streets, mannfacturc
sad oder for sale Platform, Floor and Cotner
of the men iropro'vedquality; Cooking Stoves, far wood
and. coal; Egg thous of various sing, Parlor and
enuanion Grates, Hollow Ware, &c. An. They also
manufacture the Kitchen R once, which has given such
genoral saesfaction to thou having it in ase,to all of
which they
t heupectfully invite the attention of
the citizens and cahlic generally. oceS-dlf
wnnacall raLlcillt: • loSlira MOM. WM. t.itan
ifilueeessno , to Hussey. Hanna & Co 3
13 in Foreign and Domestie Enehango, Certificate.
orDeiaslte, Dank Notes, and Specie—Font - di Mreet,
nearly opposite the Dank of Plusburph. Current mo
ney terms-m[lln depogiteSight Check. for sale, and
eollectionn made on nearly all the principal point. in
the United Males.
Ado•nces made on nouristrucnt. of Produce, chip-
Ord Eat, on liberal terms.
Tba PansksylvantoiCompesmy
Fok Ida&LllOC ON Limes koolDikerima Diskomks.
'rim first Life Invernomo Compaity in the U. Stmts.
_I hemp...tied March 10,16DS—chmter perpetual.
Capital tLSOODDI--all paid in.
Having outhunted the undersigned to teterec oppli
canons (or insurance, on whichpolicics will Le issued,
&recoiling to their proposals and rates, which will Le
made 'mown to applicaeta at his office, No. DS Waal
street .pll • . GED. COCIINA.N.
ILN DlllNTD—liondsomo telia &
al and black and dove calmed Prints, (or Mottrittug
be found at the Dry Deeds House of
101.11 W It
TWILLED seAtizacr - utiutTz. —
IAT 11, ha. received a farther puppy
tV .of Tutted ItedTwilledOiletintx, for corgi...,
di !owe. price, .1 the North ,East corner of Froft.t.
and Market sot. (WI
. .
teen UHL THIS DAV, at A. A. 211A801 , 14. - 60 . 8
1 another large limier. of thole desirable French
Wrought Cape•, Collars, and Culli.• Alro—hfourning
Collars and Cars, and WO piece% rich black Sat
Laren. all width,. &VA
, . .
'TI - I . l , lR.oraiatWita r aiirt`i Loon
IA Cuabric. Hdkfit Also—A onotll lot of Ladies'
Choice Emb'd do, toe'll. per exprewt nr
Pa Pranifin Fa re In.rairance Co. of .PhiLadelphia..
DIHECTORS.—Cb.Ies N.ltanelter, Thomas Mart,
Tobias agner, Samuel Grimm, Jacob IL Smith,.
Gee. W inchards, Mordecai D. Lewis. Adolphe E.
Bone, David S. Ural:readouts Patterson.
• N. Bastwita, gresident.
Charles G. Demeter, Bemuse?.
Continue to make Inter/nee, perpetual or limited,
on every description of property in town or country,
at rates as low as are consistent with security.
To Company have reserved a large contingent Fend,
which with their Capital mid Pitman:as, safely invest
ed. afford maple protection to the essured.
The units of the company, on January lst., 184 a, to
published agreeably to an act of Assembly, were as
followui t s4 gc.
$1,047,43S 41
Real Estate- 94,741a
Temporary Loans 96,001 05
Stoat. • 51,15d3
' Cult, dm. 31,804 37
ISmee :heir inyorporstion, s period of 10 years, they'
hsve paid upwards of five million four hundred thous
d dollars, losses by fire, thereby affordingevidence
of she warm:tares of irl•Ilf =lee, WI tbi ability
fad Illpfllalloa, In o:et:to:nth grump:nosy all liabilities.
Office N E earner Woal and 3d
I.lfe and' Heal Insurance.
Tiggird'lpLa t a n dlyr o " l ‘ te e gTiNta p r Y e
Pennsylvania, March: P at& I.:miner perpetual.
Canitsl,3loo,oo. Rarmi p er vitals lei PVlrtia.
C030,11T; and fall 20 per cent. lower than dm
.asnal rates of Life Tneurance, no the following tont
parison will show; Thus, a pence of lee age of 30 in
so ring for SILO for life. mutt pay in the Girard
Penneylvani . n, 62,36, Penn Mumiii, 212.,25; Equitable,
8201; New•Lnginnd,22,2di; New 1 Marac a
Life, NOS; Al.
•bia EGA% Life and Health, Philadelphia, 21,01.
. Daiscrosa—SimineLD. Orrick, Chaska D. Hall, W.
. Boone, Robert P. King, Charles P. Gaye., M. W.
Baldwin, M.N. Reeve, M. IL; Chu 0.11 Campbell,
' LewicCooper, I. Rodman Barker, E. ILButler, Edwin
R.,Cope. President—Samuel Onick; Vice Presi
dent—Mkt, E. King; Becretary—Francis Blackburn.,
Application,. will be received. and every information
given by
OPEce, Commereial Rooms, corner of
- Wood and Thad Be. Piusbargli
INSUKANCE •CO. of North Malaria& still
make permanent and limited Insurance on pro
pertyln this city and vicinity, and .o ehipmacels °by
Canal, Rivera, Lakes, and by Sea. The properties of
. atte=re r th ac e e arp i te " alt . d7m " ito . o ' i' ' rpe h lso an egyl i e .
dilshe to be protected' by insarance
-bola • - WM. Y. JONES, Again., ta Water at.
ItitALTIT,INSIIMAZOIt, at Plttabargh.
fhe Spring Carden'Health Insurance Co,
INSUIUM Abler and Females against the Expense
and Lou occasioned by hicknes or Accident, by
Immatintte allowance of from 11E1 to 89-Pec asah-kr
for one, two, three, or four yearn..
The method •qc erecting this Insurance, and the
:minims of awarding the kink allowance, w,U bo fully
'eaplaincil by the Agent.
A penon can ovum rEe loon Sic es* or Accident
wl:dcli will detain bins lona his ordinary bosess, ey
follows, viz:
• •
For one year, by paying, M 9, and receive ir• week
Dr, fora period of foot Tean, the .am or P 1 4 ,40 Paid
annually, will xecure Se per week svelte nick.
Every necessary Information will be afforded on the
object of 'lnsurance generally, by
Odeon Itleoldange.
A FULTON, Selland Brno Founder, Our eel!,
built arid commenced titninen at his old stand
where:he will he pleased to see his old castors.
. . ers and friends.
Chureb,Stesuatioat, and Bells of every slue, from 10
tolo,ooo pounds, cart front pane ms of the most approv-
Admodebt, end warranted to be of the best materials.
Mineral Water Yoraps,Counters, aiiiiitig, Sc., Loge.
Orr with every variety of brass Castiogs, it required,
turned and o,4llted in the neatest manner.
A. F. is the sole proprietor of Batiste's Airn-Arno-
Ties Moo. so nistly celebrated for the redoeuon of
friction In muhinery. The Boxes and Composition
Cab be bade( him ut all times. ra) , ti
nt. ratan A.Tattesael.
- - .
/IA xtrr., ern.. Wool, a. Almarr,
TI N UR, to=ma '
i.... all.kmds of COPPER,
... Work. . . - ,
Steam Boats built to order...,
bpeetal attcntion meta to ate= boat work.
flare on bands oboe amortment of Capper and Ware
Nettlee,Tun %Sued". ern.. Steamboat CooklngStoves,
ratable Forges, rano. sires-el very COVVellierSt sr.
ttete for atratabonui, California emigrants, or rail road
cum c onies.
• 14 e would respectfully 'mem steam twat men and
otters to call and are our articles and prices before
' puke:basing el amber*: , , re:l7
I ii
TAYE neks. ID slate a ler and general IL•110111.111
or DRY . GOO l / 8 . which they. oder to City nod'
nu i nty Merchants at reduced tiers; nud which th ey
will sell al r I at iniluecaten.s 'cash buyers. or for
!petered ere ti
. . . jaiLi
Polaw . Plachil • 8 MI4
la' WlollThLAN—Manzra tater orillkieds of =d
ia. too and woollen meek/miry. Allegheny city, Pa..
The above works being now inifull end adceeastal op.
. tra ti on, lam prepared to Sze:etc otters wits dispatch
Wail Muds or maeldnery in styles!, nth no willows,
piekewt,spresders, cards, grit:Mae ratailama - railweys,
drawing frames,. speeder., tilssils, looms, woolen
Cards, doable 'or tangle, for
trier Cards , haat orecantry work,
Imiles,ineks,Zerq•lide and hand attics and toe= in gen
entl. All kinds of shafting made to order, orplane giv
en:for gazing factories or miLlalat reasonable charge.
Itssza to—Kennedy, Childs 'it Co., Binekst o ck, Bell
A Co, King, Pennock Co., lett A. Gray, .
f i NSCW 2lietilectaikeic opyzow..
1 6
itsnE citizens sad badness 'en of Pittsburgh are
=spectrally . informed shot e Morse Telco rape'
es are now in complement tine between_this elty
and Baltimore; Washington, oilier Eastern eines,
Connecting at Wukirigtort Citywith the Morse Line,
thel only one Saadi to Richmond Raleigh, Charleston,
Agenda, 8a sunny New Orleans—and •
conneettne la this city with lin • running West and
Ranh to the principal taw= and cities in the valley et
the Illsslsidpel, and on th e Lake ~, These 1..i,,ea will
receive and send messages: es cheap its nay ether
Line, and the operators and clerks will be feted gen
tlemanly and accommodatiug. . ' . .
Itra%in the Meter wary of the ST. CHARLES
rood stnset : . , .. ; . , . laud- ~bn .•
T • C. lIRRYFOGLE, •Itiving, emaciated wills Idol ,
tiro A.ll. CLARKE. for theaorpose of transacting
the Forwarding and Commission Waite., will con
done thatbil.ines. at the old stand of.• Cope & heap
(ogle.. and re.pectfolly asks a continuance , of the
fencer patronage of his friends and the public gene,
ally: Damen will be condaetal ander the nasal
find style of Baairtmag & Cutout. • •
- • • •• J. C. lIREYFOGLE,
. . , • A. IL CLARR.E.
• Pittsbarga,,Jan. 7 ,lsang
!fug Co.Pnnnerenlp maiming between the under.'
signed, under the style of F. 11. Eaton &
was dowolgeti by mune' consent, Jan. 20th. F. If.
Paine, having purchased the entire interest of %V P.'
"Marshall, who fefim.,.Will attend to the settlement of
the bushier. of the late Om. at the old mond, No p.
Fourth mice% ,
fob./ 'W. P., IdAllfiliALL.
• -
V. n. - ..a.ivroar,
'I)EALEO. In Gloves and Illosierl,"Printolinga Fur/ •
Coeds, Ribbon., Lama ond.fenbroideries, Zephyr
P Patterns and Canis:' No 02 Founts Meet,
Pittsbaren. A tall suPpIY, di Fine //WM and Cents ,
Under Commits. ' : febglat .•
LAM111.13.T1314 11005 Z,
bona or 0000111 AZI - .01017
TITE• subscriber respeaully anponnees that,
b e bums, opened Ida sew and excellent
for the necommbdution of . travelers boarders,
end the public 'generally.. The. house and (emiurre
we merely new, and no table or expense have bees
wend ro readmit anent the row comfortable I{.(ld .
pleasant Hotels in the thy. •
The sabeenber Is determined to deserve, sad there
, Pro *Wrens, thereof public perrowate
.5014 Y •' - JACOB 1101.1t1li. Worm, cow._
LEAD &SHOT—PII ** Galena lea d;
So kegs *sled ishni, lay saln by
• fabtl -. J A ILLITCHILIN a. 9,
'l7"/Tek:- . 7lll•eyul/ntt, on •Loye nnil.(nr raja by
' SA , awn . .. , J A Mil CHIYON e: CO
..„ ._
-Val; PHUIT- , Immo Peaches: .
5 1.1, Jo Apples; far tale by
febYl J 11" IV ILI, A.Ms ,110 Wood of
'lr/1H;76 bbl* N Carolina, for sale by
Young MEN In wholesale and retail stores, and other
mspeetable buttons, m set as Boot-keepers, sale.
men, Porters, Bat-keepers, Walter*, Fannon, Coach,
men, Cu Agents. Book and Map Agent, • Colletton,
Overseen hi all branches of buinna, &a. We have
at all times s lance number of goodelutationa =then,
which pay from Mal to =PM per annum. Those in
want of mmailonsof any kind would do well to give
us a call, as we have meals in ;nth of the above ci
ties, which will enable us to Plane every' applicant Lei
a suitable situation nth. shortett notlce. We have ••
large acquaintance in all the above named eines,
hich we trust willenable us to give entire satisfae.
Lion to all who may faur at with tall.
TAYLOR & TAlfhl AN, N 0.59 Second at,
between South and Guy.
N. B —Person living in nay part of the U. Stoma,
and wishing to obtain a situation in Baltimore,
or ei
ther of the above cities, will have their wantsimme.
dietely attended to by addressing us a hoe, (post-paid)
as by so doing they will curtail both trouble and en.
pen., which they otherwise would into, by coining
to the dry, and seeking employment for thetllsehrea
N 0.59 Second tuna
Baltimore, fdd
trim attention adiospablie resyectrauy called to
tbe following ceniheateat
Ai. 8. Eafreas—Having tested a grumbly of Gold
weighed by your Areometer, 1 hod the result prone.
your instroment correct; and recommend the tow of it
to thosegoing to California. en the best method far ob
taining Coe real esilme of Gobi. Umlauts,
J. B. DUNLEIn ,Gold Beater,
Pittsburgh, Bluth 0,1849.
Pirrnanall, March ?,1&a.
Me. Eames—Dear Sir Having examined the "Arco-
Meter? turnufaclared at your rooms, I do not hesitate
to commend it to the use of those gentlemen who an
about removing to California in ...arch of (told.
It gives a close approximation to the apecifie
ty of metals, and will certamlyenable the ailventarna
to uremia when hi. placer is yielding (told.
_tuart2 Yours, reap , y. J. R. bPOLINTOCIE.
.1. California lisy,edition, a complete tomortment on
Nom Elute Clothing, et prier. ranging from 05,50 to
SII,Ntt for suitor coat, poets and hat. For tale it the
loth. Rubber Depot, No 5 Wood at.
tier2o 1.1! 11 PHILLIPS
fill*: subscriber offer. for sale, tke STEAM BRICK
WORKS, above Lawrenceville, , comprining a
/imam Engine, Mould Machine, capable of
Munditetuneg 211,000. Pressed Bricks (out ot dry clay,
as taken from the bankd per day; snit. three tem
- land as the Allegheny near, on which are 4 kiln. and
Shed., machine and clef sheds, wheelbarrows. trucks,
Shovels, spades, Om., every thing requisite to cont
inence operations at an hour. notice. Since, including
the patent tight to use mid machine, S7,ol.o—towns of
payment made easy. Without the land, SUMS For
particular., address HENRI'
. isumll-dif No 114 Monongahela !Intim._
Wrought and C Irma
WOE submribers beg Cut
tto inform Me public the
they ham obtained Yrom the East all the late and
Emhionsble designs for Iron Railing, both far houses
too cemeteries. Persons wishing to procure hand
some patterns will please call and examine, awl lodge
for o,m.elves. Railing will be furnished at the short
est notice, and in the best =miner, at the corner. et
Craigand Rebecca streets, Allegheny city.
suic#4ll A. LAMONT Es KNOX.
BIIRKE & COs Daily Exposes U nosy regululy de
hearing Cno and 130c11 OYSTERS, winch am of
fered to dealrit and families at the lowest prices.
Quality 'verrat.ted canal to any brought to this mar.
lel, am! or sala
J. C. BIDWELL, Age, Winer et.
*also— At the following depotm—Rem It Berger, one.
her Smithfield and Second um E. Ilealletoo, Diamond;
.I,le reef & }Whitman, Federal at .Allesbony. mita
iißyirkive some PUMPS, made on an Improva
V V plan, so on not to freeze to the coldest weather.
Persons wanting each articica,are invited to call and
see them an SCAIFE & ATKINSON'S,
meM Ise between Woe , Market ate
new Booxs: !saw sooas:
rptit: Constitution and Standard of the Aasociate
j. Reformed Church in North America Pro, bound
in cheep.
e . !reeYt tl fd r eli. de Tod N ro ' lTlllT4,l7 °` ? , 7 ` . V ls e
Mexico, - and translated (ram Sparush, with name
By A. C. Ramsey.
Sketches of Reforms and Re foromrs of Grunt Britain
and Ireland: By 11. B. Stanton.
The Works of President Edwords, In 4 volt; a re
prod of the Worcester edition, with aitahtions, and a
impious general index.
The Mountains of Egypt, or Egypt a Witness for the
Bible: By P. L.lfurks. D. D.. L. 4 D.
Memoirs of David Hale, late editor of Journal of
Commerce, with selection. from bin Dissect:mum.
W•itingsi By Ate. J. P. Thou:own.
The Puritan and Ilis I:laughter: by J. K. Paulding.
Los Linnum or an /aside View of Mexico nod Cal
itorniar By Lieut. Wise, U. S. Navy.
Familiar Letters to Young Ma n..on various rab;eete;
designed as •
• Companion to the Young Men's Guide:
By Wm. A. Alcote
The Poems and Prose ng. ot IL A. n 2
Nineveh Writi
and Ms Remain.: By I.nyard. um vs
A Present for Your 'molly.
Pinion= Wr Arr—S2 rma Ascot.
e bestpaper la the on.. venin Star.
.Itathe r got ni
In eoal than go without it. [E
New terbwribere eon be eupplied from Jan. I. INSD,
bif l mmediam appliemloo be mode (either personally or
y Inner) en the Orme of robbenuon, 6:1 Wood m.
innin J. D. LOCKWOOD.
New Books Just Arrived.
1.7 lisadly, with origins/ design. blr Dailey.
The Poem. and Prose Writing of R. 11. Dana.
Phyateisind Patient, or a Practical Vtew of the
!dotal Dating, an
Mallow; and Interred of me Medical
Prole...lon and the Community; by W. Ilookrr. M. a
The Paritun cod Ilia Dan/bier, by J. K. Paulding,
author id toe Dutch:rt.'. Forcible.
. .
Los Grlngo , . or an Inside Peru,
of Meilen and CO-
Hornia wan Wandering , . In Peru, Chill lout P01i0...
by LI[III. Wise. For rate by
dell ELLIOTT & ENGLISH, 79 Wood st
ROWN'S AVMMN Anglers Guide; full of glow
JUIII orations, Ithno.
Pawldingta Puritan and ilk Daughter, 14000. Dr HcwltePa Physician and Panerat t litotn.
• Mr. PAW Henna and Humes; tivo.
Meander's Life of Christ; iro.
Meander's History of Christian Chervil; 3 'els, ave.
• Rev. Dr. Spring's Memoirs of Miss Murray; tiro.
Ameneaa A10111314C, vo .
)ante Bookseller.. Importer, 63 Wood sr.
Now ta the tlate to !Inhalerthy.
OFFICE of Scott's Reprints of the Four (jean..
Iles and Blackwood; 510 per year.
. Morris tc Willis' Home Journal, published is New
Fork weekly; 161. per annum.
Downing's liornealturalist, monthly; 53 per year.
The Cultivator. monthly; SI per annum.
The Agrienharaiirt, monthly; It per year.
The Democratic Review, 'wrinkly; SJ per annum.
The Butters' Magazi JA NET
do IM do
• Jan? *wheelie: tr. Importer, ID Woad at
Plat Ilasktna Works and Foundry.
TWIN WRIGIIT O. Co., are prepared to build Canoe
al and Woolen Machinery of every descried., such
u Carding Machine Ppllllllll6 Frames,Speeders,
Drawing Pram., Radway Heeds, Warpers,Spoolers,
Dressing Frame., Lard Orinden, &c. Wrought
!ton Shafting tame soilms of Cast Iron, Pull lea and
Hangers of the latest patterns, slide and hand Lathes,
and tools of all kftids. Cudngs of every , description
"furnished on short roßallusg deo. Pentane mule 'Pipe to order for
Iron o
Mill Deanna, , &e. Steam fr hem.
bog Fuming, Cut IronyVisdolv Scab and fancy Cass
tinge generally. Orden left at the Warehouse of J.
Palmer & co.; Melly meet, will have prompt end.
Refer to Blacknock, Hell & Co., Llir. Morehead &
Co, G. E. Warner, John Irwin & Sons. Pittsburgh ; G.
C. &J. 11. Warner Stembenvilk. tante
-rgillE sabaerlber offers foe sale a large and splendid
.1. usertment of rosewood and mahogany grand Ac
tion Pianos, with and sMthout Coleman's celebrated
stollen Attachment The there, histronrents are war.
ranted to be equal to any manufactored in this co an
try, and will be sold lower that any brought from the
Fast -- •• • • •F. BLUME, No Ile weeder,'
. • • SI door above foh.
N. R 2 •CitY Scrip mill bataken at' par fora rew of
be above uornmaaL mrd F. 0.
UV R. MURPHY continues to keep on band a fall
• assortment of the Welsh Unabrinkable Flan
nels, and has ruently received a sappy of the. gnu
qualitin. Also Swansdown Flannel., a searee
vle and well adapted for the wear o f and
°then wanting something warmer than mai. AIN;
Vera.. and clause Flannels for Infanta wear; Lu
ther with a fall amply of Amerloan msnufnetered
Fanners, of different qualities. AM", SHROUDING
all th
• LANNELS, of e different widths, at the North
East comer of IN and Market au
117 Wholesale Rooms op stairs, when dealers war
always find a good worriment of new style goods.
. . .. •
,••• Jane
piagarrairniPitiar, tor "Itidiaii - Witili
, .
4. TiILY le to certify that ave sips
-• , Livingsten, Refa ce it; Co,
. • dole Agents for the sale ofJenhing's
• Pawn Dtayrah pia Filter, for the eil
; - ties of Plttstintgh anBSON, d AlleXhceV•
JOHN GI Agent,
fOt Walter gl 01b50n,349 Broadway
Oct. la, 180.
We base Deettaaing_one of the shove articles at *be
niece of the Novelty Works for three months, on trial,
f m ee e l eee pclte lysuaros in e recommendi ng
eoem on . ve an taxe
'fel article to all who love pure water. Orders will be
'thankfully received rod prompdy executed.
•.. °ale LOOM:STUN. ROGGEN &Co
' /art ruelved,one elegant IlwessoOd
4} octave Plana FOOO, from the role.
brined factory of T. Gilbert k. Co,
j3oooo. This boat 030dol romoriiio
hid for hrilancy and aseeetecssof u.e, and elasticity
of touch, The above One is eonlidered one of the
r very Ant In Boston and their Planot, for Ononta 0
crteriot, beastly of irme, and datallort, dre no t i es rpass
ad by those of on) , other make. For sale on reasons
Ole terms by 11. wawa,
imra W. Woodweins.
40; 43
Unto 100 4414,
07 eases superior Family Illantots, by 10 It ors;
ID3 put Steamboat do I by 7 n;
MO de do do 4 by 7 11;
ph do red and estate Ilmse do
We do colored Caltfornia do
A I..nat
6n pieces 44 whtte. Vienne!, warranted:all moot;
ion do 44 do do do do
too do 1.4 do do do do
160 do 0-4 red do Ott do
73 do 0-4 yellow do do do
Satinells, Tweeds, idol. sad Woolen Tarn, at east
ern moroalecLoreo3 pritoo.
ard- Warehouse, No 107 Wood at, 4th door from Fifa.
fr.teM I D Wll.l 10'149
B u fr. t. tg, 1.114—. A poreAtV 10, dale by
14 AMM
7.l .. 6" 4 TltLiiiep ;tr . ' ! l a l
Mb=l74 aad 174 I.lbarry,st
recommendation is so completely salisfectory,Ma
la the excellence and complete success of any moon-
Son, as the united testimony of those who bane cope
rienced its benefits. During the lest fifteen yeas', •In
all ruts of the United Swot, our moat talented and
croinentphysicians, have daily been lestimeniv to the
superiority, eve., and comfort of Mrs. DEFT'S inven
tions for Ladles' suffering. 'They do not compress by
steel pressure, which Is now proved to be attended by
bad effect; causing more difficulty than before exist
cd. Her long standing in Philadelphis.mni Onto and
increasing business both Wholesale end Retail, is •
guarantee of the correctness of the above.
. . . . . .
To TH ORN, her Genuine Supporter, apply only to
WK.' Greenlet. 53 Murket et, Pittebunth
all others are eon...filth.
JAMS A BETTS, Wholesale Agent, Philadelphia.
GLOVER reed 1.r61 for
febl+ J Ana: , DALZELL
TNFALLIBLE for renewing, invignraung, and beau
tyfying the Hair, removing Scurf, Dandruff, and all
affections of the Scalp, and curing F.ruptions on the
Skin, Disease. of the elands, Muscles and Integu
ments, and relieving Stings, Cots, Braises, Sprat.,
he he. With this preparation, "there is no such
word as fail" The firstjeumals in America, medical
men of the highest eminence, prominent citizens of all
profession., and ladles who have used It for years in
their dressing rooms and nurseries, admit with one ac
cord, that, for imparting vigor, glees, luxuriance and
curl to the hair, eradicating scurf and dandrutr, heal.
ing wounds, curing conteslons, sprains, stings, ie.,
and relieving diseases of the skin, the glands, and the
muscles it has noequal among the multitude of com
pounds advertised In the public prints, or used in pri
vate practice. In cheapness as well as efficacy, Bar
ryts Tncopherous is unrivalled.
The sunny between! the membranes which eons:l-
A[lam the skin, and the hale which draws nssusterseinee
from this triple envelope is very close. All diseases
of the .hair originates lo the skin of the head. If the
i t d h s e d o s e h al o P t
c a i r c e
ulca la e g greed,l y o r t hf tuhgeh
blhod neeon
vessels which feed the roots with moisture and impart
life to the fibres, the result is mini, dandnid, shedding
of the hair, grayness, dryness, and harsoness of the
ligaments, and entire as the rose may be.—
Stimulate the akin to healthful action with the Trirnp
herons, and the torpid vessels, recovering their acto,
its', will annihilate the disense.
In all afteettons of the skin, and of the substrata of
muscles and iotegainents, the process and the edeet
are the same.
It Is upon the skin, the muscalar:fibre, and the
gland., that the Trleopherons ha. rpecific action,
and in all affections and input.; of these; organs, it Is
a aovereign remedy.
Sold, in large bottle., price cenM, at R. PlidmPal
Office, I 7 Broadway, N. Y.
(17 , :Ar rade by R. F. SELLERS,
RNOW'all men who are sick and a fflicted with di/
ease of the bladder and kidneys, with rheunnitc
pains In back or limbs, stlifjoints, old sons, running
ulcers, Lic,fflat they can be cured by taking the Pe
troleum: Yon rnity,uilk about its being a nostrum as
meek as you please, but this does not mare it so, for
we proclaim in the fate elan honest community, that
it has virtues which am not contained in any ether
remedy. The man who Is nicked with pain and sub
tering from disease, can for Oily cant. 4 get relief from
any of the ills ennumerated game. Reader! it coots
very little to make atrial. This Pettoleum is no mix.
tore—no ernapend, pot up forihe pemose of impining
on the community; bra kb a remedy elaborated by
the master hand of nature, and bubbles op from the be
aten colour mother earth In its original panty, and oi
lers to mitering humard Y a ready talltedY. a eewffle
and cheap cure.
It it eared Piles after other medicine. have failed
to render any relief. It hes cured Rheumatism of long
mending, and of the wont and moat pattualebareeter.
It has elated Cholera Marburiby one or two dome; it
bas cared old eases of Diarrhea, in which every ether
remedy hes been of ho avail. As a Deal remedy in
bunts mtd scald., it is better than any medical coat
pound or we know .1i will cure chit
blaine or frosted feet, in a few applications; undoubt
edtoldmony eon he furnished of the truth contained
in the above statement by calling on Samuel M. Kier,
Canal Basin, 7th strecc or either of the agents.
KeyserMcDowell, comer of Wood street end
Strain Alley;E. Sellers, 57 Wood street, D. A. U
tica D. ht. Curry, Allegheny city, are the agents.
A man by the name of RUEL CLAPP hue eged
with a young am of the name of S. P. Townsend ng and
use his mamma pot up a Sarsaparilla, which 'they
call Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, denutultusting It
GENUINE, Onginal, ere, This Townsend to no doe ,
tor and never Ins, but was formerly a worker on rail
roads, cane., and the like. Yet he assumes the tide
not r., for the purpose of pining credit for what be M
no If.
Is sending out
headed "Tricks of
Quacke,^ whleh he says, c l have sold the use or my
name for S 7 • week. I will give S. P.Townseud SIDO
if be will produce one single solitary proof of this.—
This Is to caution the public not to Do deceived, and
purchase none but the GENUINE ORIGINAL LD
Dr. Jacob ToonusendM Sarsaparilla, hammy on it the
Old Dr.'. likeness, his family coat of arms, and Ids Md.
narare across the coat of arm.
Principe/ 011ies, Ir 7 Nassau et, New York city:
JACOB is+.7. pi , TOWN END,
07 coo
Old Dr. Townsend to now about Miura of .(,r arid
has to been knot= as the AUTHOR and DISCO.
SABSAPAIUI4.II... Being poor, he war compelled
to lint its manataelare, by which Snubs it has been
'kept oat of market, and 1110 (Aka circumscribed to
thou wily who hod proved tra worth and known it,
Taint. This Gas= non U147qua.1.1.1:0 ft./ is
=maturated on the largeztscaled is galled for
thenagbout the length and breadth = ,an the land.
Utilise young 9. P. Townsend's, it improves' with
age, nod never ehunKes, hut for the better; ;mean, it
is prepared on setenufic principles by n tclentiic mat
The highest knowledge of .latralstry, and the Iciest
discoveries of the An, have all been brought Into to
in the inunUfaCtUlS 01 the Old Di's Satrap.
ralla The Sarsaparilla root it la well known to med
ical men, contains medicinal properties. and some pro.
=nth, which are inertor useless; d others , which,
if retained in preparing it for use, prodooo ferment.-
000 and geld, which is irantiou to Ito aratunt Sou.
of the properties of Sarsaparilla am so volatile toot
they entirely evaporate and are lost in the prepara
tion, if they ate not preserved by a smentitie process,
known only to those expetieneed in turrafartare.
Moreover the. volatile principles. which 01 =tin va
por, or as an exhalation, under heat, are the very es.
send= medseal properues of the root, which gives to
it al/ Its vales. The
is so prepared; Mat all the Men properties of the Ser.
aaparilla root are first removed, every Ming capable
of becoming add or of fermentation, Is extracted and
rejected; th en every particle of medleal virtue is seem
red in a pore and concentrated form; and thus at is
rendered incapable of losing any of its valuable an •
healing properties. Prepared in this way, it is mane
the most powerful agent in t r.
Renee the mural why we heu votamendauons on
every side in its favor by men, women and children.
We find it doing wonder. in the care of Conaumptien,
Dyspepsia, and Lfver Complaint, and In Rheumatism,
Perorate and Piles, COVIVC[I.II, all Cutaneous Emit.
aunt, Pimples, Blotches,all affections a
OFTE 01.000.rlang from
It possesses • marvellous efficacy in all complaints
wising from Indigestion, from Acidity of the Stomach;
from wiequal etieulatiomdetermimmou °thiamin, the
bead,alpitation of the heart, cob! feet and cold.hands
mild c hills and hat dashes over the body. It UM not
had Its equal in coughs and colds; and promotes easy
expectoration, and gentle perspiration, reining yule.
tare of the lungs, throat, and every other part
Mu in nothing is Its excellence nioronsarufertly seen
and acknowledged thus In all kind. and nape. of
It works wonders to eases of fluor alba. or whims,
Failing of the Worob,,Obsuneted,Mippressed,or . Pain•
fat Memos, Irregularity of the menstrual periods. and
the like; and is eireeutel In curing all Nuns of the
ney Meal.. Hy 114.60VInjabsniactionr, and remits-
Ung the general system, It gives Ulna and Krangta to
the while body, and care. all forms 01
• •
• ..•
and thus prevents relieves a went variety . ef other
diseases as Spinal Irritation, Neuralgia, St. Vitae
Dance Swooning, Epileptic Pits, Convulsions, de. Is
cat thi s , then, ilta tdsruzsx Yoe Pax-Itantsurtv Neer?
Bet can any of these things be said of S. P. Town.
wad'. Inferior article? Ibis Can came'. liquid isnot
'became of the Grand Pact, that the ono is incapable
of Detenontkin and PIEVER.SPOILS, while the oth
er DOES; it soars, ferments, and blows the bottles
contajoing It into fragments; the sou. acid .llquid ex •
pleding awl demisting other goods: Molt not th is hos.
tibia compound be poleonous to the gystern? What!
put arid Into • system already dleenuttal with acid;
What causes Dnipopsia butacidt Do we natal! know,
that when food some In oar stomachs, what mischiefs
it predocest—datulence, heartburn, pelphatiod of the
heart, liver complaint,Olarrhaadyeemery,eholic and
corruption of the blood? What is Scrotal, but an acid
humor In the body? What produces all the hours
which bring an Eruptions of the likltt, Scold Plead,
Balt Ithettai,Enalpeise,White Swelling s, Fever-soma
k sad all ulcerations Internal and external! It is noun
lag under heaven hat an acid substance, which sour.,
and thus spoils all the Snide of she body, mate or less.
What cantles Ithatunartina bit • soar acid Skid, w Melt
insinuates nutty between thereinto and elkerkine, ir.
riming and Inflaming the tender and delicate licence
upon which Uncut So of actley disease+, of teme
rity of the blood , of deranged circulations, mid nearly
all the ailments which addict human mind,.
Now, I. It net horrible to make and KU, and
ly wetee ld ate this
and yeti. Weald fain have It understood that
cob foerneend l e Cleaving Original riateapartllv, I. an
tatitatson of his inferior prevention:l
Heiken forbid that we should deal In an ertlele
which would bear the most diment reheinlnenen
Treaneend l . ankle! and watch elsontd brill down
upon the Old Dr. each a mountain lead of ttinunlnt nu
and eriminallons from agent...he Ilene 001.1, bad pub
chesera *rho have seed S. P.'fownwerid , Fermenting
Compound !
11 , e wish it understood, Lennie*. it Is 1/, nlosolute
that Pl. P. Toornrentl'a %Mete mill Cild Itt Jacob
Towbrend.sSatrapardle are beimeowitin apart,
Infinitely .11 1 111111111./1 that they me unlike in vents per.
Realist, Llllllll/11 not anc vin/In thing, tot common ,
It la to arrest fraods upon the ulenimine, to now
balm into rounded humanity, to kindle hope Ste
despairing bosom, to remote health and bloom 41111 1 11.
gar ram the crashed and broken 111111 I benlrh
sy—that old Dll.l ACOII TOWNSEND 111/. 1!01.1Ii I I f
and FOUND the opportenity end mom. to lathe Ms
withal the reach, and to the knowledge tell n cello
vend it, that they may Item and knew, by lityfel et.
perknee, 1 1 11411.1C.1/uT retests en 11041 , 1
For sal,. by J. KIDD is GO. Wtmleeele nevid Pt
Western Pennsylvania 1. out f it, IlinitinehAtt, n ,
I. BAliff EANT, Allegheny; fie. J. CARelli.l,, Pink
ward. U. W. O A MUNKK. nth ward, Pitnbn r.el, k
111V - Eti. etild P IN'l7,
only tree --:Annobr
no d
genf • re uine Lire,
to , t et.ti
acing the ennui
aseetritms, Stolen non- 11.4 I 917:
Mr. R. Kt iteliere—ln Apfil lasi my Wile Wits ntieent
al with levee Complaints, end keel the tolvlec tot lent
d a t ing del d
remedies inittiont
eny ct. • /laving helot for year eel,
heatedte Liver Pills,' I ennelittled In jive titian it Isl.
triel. I penliened beg of Alt, Scott. of Aberdee n ,
and gave them itecording In the WHO,
/be met greatly relieved. I prtiehled d Wrenn bin,
"shirk entirely erred her, end eke n ot
lent health. hose eked t h at
filysll,llll 1 1 11111 1 11111”.
slicer t,.., family vied/nine I *vet .
Yvon, SWIM lintsbl.
Prepered and told by 11. P; RELLPRIL Weed st
sold alms by Dregglets genitally In the twit Oleg.
Containing no Movery, nor' odor Mina'
TtlE following testimonial was given by the este,
bested Dr. Wooster Beach. the atithorof tbe great
medical work entitled "The American Practice of
Medicine and Pannly Physician." • :.
illuving been mule acquainted wiih the ingredient.
which compose MeAllitterls All-Healing Ointment,
and having prescribed and tested it in sersral eatesin
my private practice, I have no beritatton in saying or
cetufpng that Bina Vegetable Remedy, containing
no mineral substance whatever that its ingredients ;
combined as they are, and used as directed by the
Proprietor. are not only barmiest, bat of great value,'
being a truly tcientific Remedy of great power: mid
cheerfully recommend it as a compound whlcblas
done much good, and which is adtpted to the massif
u great variety of ea.. Though I have never either.
recommended or engaged in the sale of teeret med .
eines, regard for the truly honest, conecientious,
mane character of the Proprietor of Ode Ointment,
and the valte of his discovery, oblige too to say thus
muchregnniing it.
New ork, April 411,1871. W. BRACH, D. D."
➢URNS.-11 is or.a of the best things in tbe world
for Donis. . .
PlLlD3.—Thousanda are yearly cased by this Mae
ment. It never fads In giving relief.
For Tamer., IDlceis, and all kinds of Sores, it has
no qual.
If Alothorsland Names know is. value in eases of
Swollen or 130e0 Bread, they would always apply tt.
In each eases, if used recording to directions, st Dyes
relief in et very few hours.
Araund the box are directions for aging McAllister's
Ointment for Scrofula. Liver Complaint, Erpripetu,
Teter, Chilblain, Scald Head, Sore Eye., gaincYr
Som . Throat, Dronclutes, Nervous Affccuons,
Dioesne of the Spine, Heed Ache, Asthma, Heartens,
Harlielie, Darns, Corn., all Diseases of the Skin, Sore
Lipt, Simples, de., Swelling of the Limb., Sores,
Rheumatism, Piles, Cold Feet, Croup, Swelled or Hew
ben Breast, Tooth Ache. Ague in the Faen,
From the Heading Eagle.
There to.. never, perhaps, • Medicine brought be
forethe public, that his item .bons time won aeeh •
reputation as AlcAlliatera All-Healing or World
Salve. Almon every penman that has made mist of it
speaks warmly In its praise. One has been cured by
of doe most palling theninatiam,•nother of the piles,
a third of • II(Mbie•11111e pain in the side, a fourth of •
dswelling in the mbs, dc. If it doe not give imme
iate relief, in ev li ery cam, it eon do s
no Unary, being
applied outwardly.
Ag another evidence of the wonderful healing pow.
cr possessed by this gsive, we subloin the following
certificate. from a respeetablo eitiren of blaidenereek
township, In this county:
filaidencreik, Berko co., March 30.1917.
?items. Hitter Cm-1 desire to inform you that I
wu'entirely cured of a severe palm in the back, by the
uK of McAllister'. All-Healing Salve, which I put ,
chued from yea. I at:Oared with it for about 20 years,
and at night was enable to sleep. Daring that tone 1
tried Canvas remedies, which were prescribed for me
by physieian•snd other personei ' ongiontreceiving any
relief, and at len made trial of this Salve, with a m
eet favorable beyond expectation. lam now CUM,-
ly free from the pain, and enjoy at night • peaceful
end sweet sleep. 1 have ado used the Salvo sines for
tooth ache and other comptentv, with mmHg, happy
12.115. You friend, Jona Houten..
Solt Proprietor of toe above medicine.
Principal Odle°, No 29 North Third Erect, Palladel ,
• - -
forms re Prmssolatt.-11rann & Refer, corner of
I,lbeny and St. Clair streetr, and L. Wilcox, Jr, COT
tier of Market street and the Diamond, also corner of
Fourth and Smithfield Bikes, 1. IL Cassel, earner of
Walnut and Penn streets, Fifth Ward; and sold at the
Bookstore is Srmtkfield street, fid &unfroze Second.
In Allegheny City by H. P. Schwumand J. Sargent.
By J. G. Smith, Druggist, Birmingham: D. Nagle),
East Liberty; IL Rowland, McKeespost; J. Alexander
k Mmwegsboln QM N. B. Bowman k Co
J. T. Rogers, Brownsville; John Barkley, Deaver, Yet
John Walker, Jr., Elizabeth. febtleadly
Jadd , s N•dloated Liquid ttttt t
rrHll3 Is undbtedly the best preparation ever
it- J. covered, for limning Barns, Scalds, Cum, Chil
blains, Bruises, or my kind of hash wounds, also for
sore Nippies a remedy unequaled.
This article to intended for family use, axid Mauldin"
found in the possesaion of every family hi the land.
Mecham* who mils constant danger-of Injury to
them persons through accident. and the Improper or
tandem use of too* will And this article to be invalu
able to diem, and Wks a fair trial will consider it in
It is on excellent substitute for adbeelve plaster of
kinds, withoel any of its imoomnienees, aid is so
medicated as to allay all pain immediately and mom
A very little applied my wham on the unfree of the
akin, Immediately forms a firm, amoodi coating very
aim; lai to the natural cuticle or outer thin. which may
be freely washed with water and scap,uttihost myth-
Airy to the wound.
The article as freely used and highly recoaarcended
by the most eminent oily/Mime of New Englmd, and
Other pada of the Country. -
For sale ems by Pt E SELLERA, 57 Wood et
B —The trade supplied at the manufaCturerl
p es fetal
Bellere' Vern:L.ll%3re
CAI,. Conn Hawk V., July .42.1817.
Hr. R. E. &Mery Von .11 recollect that when we
were in Pittsburgh, In November last, you gravelled
On as to Ur to your Vermifuge, to test As virtnell. We
did on, and through the winter we soldhat we pur
chased, which gave it • fair repatetion. w
In May last
we porehased moreoeldch was disposed of immedi.
atolls We then tddered more, which remhed as on
the 13th of the present month, and on yestifday we
sold nosiest of two down bottles. We find it so
noble • tOodlelne, that every person of a family wash.
no to haven in their possession. •
Thos. woo have parchssed It would be perfectly
willing to give cenineatoe of It. ClCellerlOy. OW of
the quantity we have vended, it has never, In a single
instance, (tiled to expelivorma.
Woe. C. wises k Co.
Prepared and sold by R. E. PELLERS,B7 Wood et,
and .1d by Druggists generally In the two elites.
Volum. XLI.-3311., 1850.
The Gazette and Rale ha now the support of the
Order to en extent that Makes um determunsd not only
to deserve this approbation, hot to add largely to our
list of reade to, and therefore urptopose the following
which are more liberal than have -one, been offered
by any ...paper or ungums in the United Stott.
We give in the ClaUtte and Rah, every a iez :
'NO, in a style that can be hound, rhos forming . . •
hook which each year maker more voluble. Tlte
&Unmet of the lime. and Rule is too well known
to need explanation hero, and It iscough to remark
that it contains, from tune to limn, the proceedings of
the Wand Lodges of the New York, and also of
le etc.; sceounts of Celebrations, Institutions of New
Lodge., end ocuolonally, &Complete Directory
the Lodges in the Union. Do
Literary Department
i. filled wi th Original Tales of the lughesteXcellenee,
by the most eminent writers in our county: Popular
Tole& Choice Miscellany; the meet Cents of Poetry
from the English Poet f Sketches of Travel; Auer
dotes,_te.„ fn.; and occasionally Ltiostrated with
Beautiful 'Weed Engravings.
Being equal in its Literary character to any Weekly
in the eounny, and being ,has. perfect in Its Odd Fe l.
lowehip department, it is worthy of • place on the
tilde of every brother of the Otter, and Indeed et uo.
dlapeinible to all who with to keep fully informed of
the work of our now glorious Order:
One copy, one year, U HI
Two eopie., one .. 3 SO
Seven copes, one year, earth----.--.—... Iso
than ratioeing it so that every lodge can got • firm
elan piper cheaper than the cheapest local paper.
~, amid the Ireliewhaßt
The 11411.11 m and mpeelal emerition of the brother
hood Is desired to the following extract from a letter
(tom that distinguished brother, James L. R l dgely,
1.i.q., thend Cur. sod Ree. Secretary of the IL W.
(Band Lodge of the United Pones,
"The LIOLDEN RULE is to me a most welcome
hand.,lu 'Otter; and elect it hits
Otto your
I have wiummed Ito 'red.! and steady Me.
provement with great pleasure. his new tweets/Ars
my lodgment, et was nut our remosumh a re•
utogs; and I do Met, that • discerniog and intent.
gent Brotherhood will, by a liberality worthy I' your
great exertions, enable you null mom to rag of Its
wariness to the Order at large. With great spec/
you frit od and byother, '- JAIL L. JUDO Y.°
Opinions of Members of Q. L. at 1.1.11 tem.
Believing that the tutereste of the I. 0. of 0 F. as
well as of society at large, will be most of Melly
promoted by the pablication of a paper devoted to the
promulgation of las principles, we would ea catty
recommend to out brethren the Claim. or Tee 'Moll
toe (Munn Ruts, or now condoeted by Cra plan
& Clarke, ass rideable medium for the aspen on of
the dodge. of Odd•Fellowehip, and u worthy the
cordial support of the Order. I
Themes Wildey, P.O. Biro. I
Jelin A. Kennaly, P. (.lire. 1
P(1 hi James I. Ilidgely of hid., It W 6 8. I
PO fit Rev. V. Al P WeVe, of Mass 01 wt Veg.
I' 0 John It Jekneon ' •( O. , R W O. Mar.
Peter P O Per Erna, I' OM .J b' Moll's, POW I Al.
len, Pll Wm A Wells,Orand Rerinmentatives Pa.
Wm COMA U Idtio of I/ I, o(Ponn.
Flinith /thinner, P U Mar 0 Is of UB.
P 14 it John W Andeleen, I'll Solomon Cihen,'
Wand Itatireieniativie of Ileergiu
P ft AI /pm,/ I. Webeler• Weed Rep of rt I.
Pll P I Theoliald, I's, M VI R klan (trend i
of hleine, 3
.. .
I' 0 Al V 0 Dohineeli, I' 0 flop crVlrelnlo.
I. ti 1 II Prevt, It , Orend Rep of Man.
P II floe II Wellman, P 0 M John ' , Manx Intnllh,
Ilron , l Ilermeentethee of Delaware.
e II AI PRIIIIIPI Rawl, 0 li —... Wood, (1,,,,i an.
OOP Of lite VOA Of Now lerooy.
I' II 'Polooll 1100,P, r ti N John II NanleY.Ofood
IP.ore.enteilYee Of N lilt rrilltia.
I I/ John Pllrhy, Pll AI It °Shaw, lieend Repro.
erolenroe of Alabama,
ril nt W IV Noon , t. V I.l , John T TowenA Grand
R V/ r Plgia l t i n d l i lr li n i w I,l l 4nl ' a i i ol . N llin.p
I'll II Nation Andeorre, Pli llopa rmee Rita, bridge
Niond Itepfeeenfenroo of hnulelone.
I I II fi 0 Rorm,.,, Itop 4 I Lof 111101ealpel:
II II feeler, lhee. PO iVos A Idolfoll, ()tend Rap.
feeentelleen 0111100n/1,
p U hi (bit. 11' Wiloom, P 0 I.l,lhtt Merlon, PO
J Peeentli, Rope ft lodes or'renneeeen.
~ ' 0 nod II 11errIll, Utenil lien ofAtk.
I' 0 John W.lllenb P 0 II F Zimmerman. Orme
o lee of hit/Anne.
', l ; l :d:Ti l tl t roe ' t, Mond Miler of N V.
ihnillono Reeler, Oft Meetee of 0 V.
Ihnnoinln A rents, 0 noerelory of N V.
l' 9 John J 11,00, II 11 Janne W 11.1., p 0 W W
111 I..ltt.,(liond Repteseniodeet of N V.
IPO II Ahdreeft v Plol4'ooo of N V.
....loloelefe alto allliallind lo 100111 coney to Nth.
11.horr, owl all mono y hnlll.llr Ino.tenon of the Moro-
mtder, nod enlY Intwehleti bf 01w, le aloof net.
In all no.nne olleto. postage on enteetiolon la not
bald, II will be ile.latlea from the amount ereillied to
lhoolf Wild .011.1 11. Mitre.
tel.4.lle&ertAnlnTl Ne. CO Ann 21., New York.
Onl y. ns „ t ‘ h r e o raatstn C b l i ttol, and I:
Wm.'s ihe a" o ' regon e o 'loal f morVt•
otoi• ox.11or!, f4 ... 0 ... 1.1y00d 01. MAI
wtiNTlNti PAPUA—A oupplq of ail the dlf-
I hood and made to ord..
NOV ' REYNOLD., t 311E4
Modern and Antique Furniture.
11111/1 . T TRe , :er 8:1 c " in P 71:7 1 1: 1 1:::;:o . e
pletedlak apringlte c ereti
;FURNITURE, the largest and most vaned monomin . eat
'ever oTered for tale in this city, comprising sever-II
eette of Raintwoon, MallOaaalr, and Dun Wassai,
•cancel, orqueental and plant, minable for Parlor.,
Drawing and Bed Rooms, all of which will be told nt
the lowoM prier.
Persons desiring Fortnum of any description, ate
epettrally bolted to call and examine hot whir h
p i nt,mp a every deseription, from he cheapest and
plainest la the most elegunt and co.tly, of wheb the
'following comprises apart:
Tema fete naafi . Tam • Tete Divans;
Convereation Chairs; Elizebethian Chairs;
Reception do Louis XIV do
Ezmaston ' do Betel Etttnned
What Nets; Toilet Table.;
Louts XIV Commodore; Doke of Yorke Couch,
00 Sofia with Plush and Ibur.cloth corms,
SO Divans, do do do;
40 do[ Mahogany Parlor Chaim;
10 Rosewood do do;
19 " Bl'k Walnut do do;
4D " Cane Seat dn.
4 " Mahogany Rocking do;
I' a do Piano Stool,;
60 Marble Top Canon Tables;
Ni do do Wash Stands,
20 Mahogany Redmond.;
52 do Wardrobes;
Bl'k Walnut do;
8 Cherry •
A very largo *imminent of Corn:non Chair. and oth
er Furniture too tedious to mention.
?Fr Stearn Boats furnished on the enallest Matte
A order. promptly attended to.
P. B—Cabinet Makers ran be supplied with all sort.
of Mahogany,. Walnut, and Veneers, at conmdcrably
reduced prices. febls
!MORD i CO.,
4 (81ICCess011i arCoul & King)
0 1 4
shlon•ble U •
Comer of Wood andsjth SSractJ.
ARTICULAR atteatioa paid to our Retail Trade.
Gentlemen eanrely upon getting their line and
Caps front our estatiltshment own 000atwa and
WOMILAII2III4, of the Wain amen, and at the town
Co•ntry Merchants, purchasing by wholesale, are
respectfully invited to call and examine our. Stock; es
we can say with confide:nee that as rogerds
and rung, it will not suffer In a companson velah any
keine In Philadelphia. febl7
TOIIN D. 11PCREART, Printmg ink Manufacture,
91 Nos. XII and .Tl 3 Stanton street, NEW YORK—De
pot No. 3 Spruce street—Would call the attention of
Primers to his•lmproved Printing Inks of various
kinds and orders, at the following ponces:
Extra fine Jet Blank, for Card and Wood
Cum 111 OD and 3 SO per lb .
Pine Book Ink • - u 75 " 100
Boon' • 040 a u 2O
New. Ink - • 0 19. 0 20 " 023 ‘.
Fine Red Ink -770 i CO I SU " 2to
Blue, Yellow, Green and White 750 I 00 I 50
Gold slue at Ii per lb, and Bronze at 50, 73 eta and
it per oz.
A miceimen of New. Ink can be seen on thm paper.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
C. Morgan k Ca. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Moron h Grisarould, Louisville, Ky. oeinelGuo
lir A. WHITE A. CO, would respectfully inform
LTA. the public that they have erected a shop on
Lacock, between }Wend ardSniulasky aircesa They
are now meninx and are prepared to receive orders for
every description of vehicles, Coaches, Cberloes, tin
ranches, Buggies, }lnatome, he., he., which from their
tag,Traff."l4e,:. - "ti,try — frr:r.tton,v,; ! 7k ,
enabled to do work on the ' 'most rcuso%ablo c terms with
those wanting articles In their line.
Paying particular attention to the seleciton of mate
rials, and having none bet competent workmen, they
have no hesitation in warranting their work. We
themfore ask the attention of the public to this matter.
N. B. Repairing done in the best manner, and on tho
meet reasonable terms leant(
Tobacen, &main and large, Screws of all kinds;
/Pus castings and Brass Works generally. Comer
of Petry and VIM streets
THE subscriber, having purchased the Factory of
James P•IWIT.011, Jr., located at the above eland,
would respectfully inform his friends and the pahlic
that he is prepared to bit ally on 'em in his line, en the
most Teta:enable tempi and with dispatch, and will
Peel gratefal for' their patronage.
. Pittsburgh, Jam I aeikl.
HAVING diapered or my el , tabliganent to Mr.
Thomas Parkinson, I take the lamely to sorbet:-
for him the palmnage of my fmends and the politic,
feeling confident that any favors conferred wall be
they appreciated and promptly amended In.
Pittsburgh, Jan I, Inbe.--thinTeitlat
rrHE Second Session of this Inatinition, under the
eve of Mr. and Mrs. (ionuourr, for the present
academie year, will COMMLIICE on this day, Monday,
February IStb,,ln the same taildinca, No. M Liberty
Arnmrementa have been made by which they will
bitable to furnish yomr ladies !anilines equal to any
/Atha Wen, for obtaining* theroagh Engkith,. Clean
cal, and Ornamental education. A full course of Plo
nophical and Chemical Lectures will be dettvered
darter the winter, Clammed by appetite.. The des
ef Vocaland leatramentrd ?dude, Modern
a, thawing and Palming, willeach be under
the case of a eompetent Profane>. By chum anent:min
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their pa.
pile, the Principals hope to manta enriuntuition of the
patronage they have tannin° nuoyed. For
term. ere circular or apply to the. Principals
O. 60 klorketatreet, archon) , rtneivihe new and
demrsble Goals from the lenthng mansiactorice
or dds country, and or the latest intoortahons. The
rnetUild. Which they enjoy, ni he op connected .nth •
haulm In the east, nimbler them to purchase goods at
the lowemealoation, and keep their Mock full and de.
sfrablo at all seasons. .
. .
Tay have s fine maser - Mem of Mouse Keepint
Goods. to which they eoheit the early attention of
their friends and the Public. mC
SaluY laciparlal Goalie Syrup.
THIS be a preparation of much merit, when so
many et Our Onwn citizens and Potomac.
Ur sentry to Its curative properties. An aged and
highly reoteeted citizen, after wing it, expressed his
opodon Of this very popular cough remedy try using,
"It is worth its welpht is gold." An editor of one of
our dully Papers entice in a note—"l aigrette keep it in
my hones, and would not, on any account, be trotted!
"An old country man an ti .--I am paneled, after
a trial of three or (cur yeet, Oat it to the best rough
medicine I have ever tried, either in the Old no New
World." If yen have • anoxia, get • bottle and try it;
It cools but p cents. oak
~lopratT~ Serer Pitini Nadi £.h:
3 2 4 s C m AJlS m w . il m l haZ Newyarm
Boadmia./msica, and market, which will te
sold, on arrival, at the lamest market price, lot
W Id MI rell P.LTREE, •
. foldti I lasLitterty at
o—Thep will also receive large supplies during the
spring 'la Padhlielphla and Ralinnora
TiE - SPf.F.IiDID ENGRAVING of thDeatlTl3 , fd
Scene of REV 10101 WESLEV,•published by
subscription, engraved by Wm. (Merited Geller, of
Load., from the original panning by lifenbult
ion, basjust beta received, and is now for sale by •
R. 110PRINS.
lebti Anollo Hailnidga Fourth a
LARD—d 4 bbls, I Ws. II stands No 1, to imitation
steamer Euphrates, for sole
so ' ,18A1AliDiewxy A co
EXTRACT LOGWOOD-30 far sale by
13 . 41E0g-30 aukiprim., (moon shonidiiiTieTriierd
1.) on cougranont, end tot tale b)
feb 21 el Water. and GS Front L
SUtridt *ad hi01.:Ak 4 1".3-1 517iii;N 0 door,
L 7 borrelo blolorco, for
wee by febYll WM BAGALEY & CO.
tILOVER.SEE.'D-23 btii — Ohlo Clover Seed. (or tole
kb k WM 11/WALE'," & CO.
BU7TER=4O ViiirefacolTlitiiiiFforiileTY—
fotra 1 WM BACIALEY & CO .
- - ' - • •
L' a t r.D bbls
i r o ri n rat by
CTIV "-.166 . 116""t
VELVET CORDS7tO pieces, of canons styles and
f=l "" ' "'
b 't'mt&eztarrr & w Inn
TUFT received, mime handsome new style Velvet
31 Pile and T. airy Carpets, direct from England,
and will ba sold as low as the same quality can be
purchased In t h e Atlantic Cities
tabtla 73 Mirth It.. Pittsburgh
WADDINO-1 0 bales glnzedomportoz;
13 do common;
11 do white.
The a ndentigned having been, appointed menu, by
the =haircutter., Intend keeping a large supply of
their Wadding eonetantll on hands, and wlll he pre•
eared to 113 order. to any extent Dealers are par.
Uvular!y melted to examine the qualities and prices
of the Owes supply, watch are think mitt compare
favorably with thos any other matte/.
feb93 Corner of Wood and Water street,
S t IA ket T., a .
3D cuts do Yawn
1 prone White Fitionch '
en dos Bags;
Zotti Werliboaldr, for rale by
felel2 J 11 tVII.t.IAMI
UCA/M-1 casks an band and for sax. by
kbal J h D FLOYD
S• -
ALERATII6-2S casks Adams'. las solo by
frb I AR F.OYD
1) UTIFJI-10 prime Family, fOrAalA by
febl.3 _J_Je. It FLOYD
and forsole by
IVIACKEREArtOS his Largo No.i,nlasn.;;Almsoon;
iV NnY do do;.
I do bbouiders,o yes): typoCof +Rale,
f sale by frb23 WALAIM•FOXL , &
T 0 : " AID O b-iD krioito (crude by
A R'Pl rl l.2„ l - 7 - 1
CLAIVER-SEEI)--Wiuls t!1.
NVilioNG ' s CROI4 . ny
l."3 jibit • A 111 rbo co l / 4 1 and fu r 7IRT; by
JOIR . Rd - - Ir-3°X4'l lOW - FROND kCROZER
Iq Ce
b r ij oitio r.b
llabN 1111:4R d ilbt (o 0 " & 03 C . VOXYR
- by
fvlif=" • • JOHN D •
IREAMIotO TARTAR—o t oran. t solo_
JOUR b y
BROOKE -V3 dot co,rn in otorti.u c ot
CilkES6—r7O fiatzaat ti
, .
, CUP are bow receiving oar...eclat ;applies of Dr.
memo. and Foterme DRV f)t)()11k., mottled me
are prepd.rd to sell at the lowest market peters to
c... 11 baler. dad I:totalI butinewi men. '
We mould ask 'the attanuon ot.City and Wr.tern
Meretoints to rat believing we can oder many
iliduecinenti In purehnic from n... '
: , 11/leKLurr & win r 1:,
fetd2l Dry UM:d. Jobber., V) Wcod SI B
C A 4 S orTI E f !I F .; reart s c rtlee ‘ tu F ee.r 6 L Y o
e t' a e
' L i To; o i frc ',
for ectle by II 1.1:.F., Ltheny Itre,
fe.2? opposite 10111
ellW.YELe.l—.‘ caws eweed., wee.. ...dr."
.11, ...Lee... Just iced no comstgtoncot, lur 'pithy
bertr et
o. I)rob doi
do Woe do;
I do .vp.rior Bed: far If
febV 1111 E - Lertv pt
LitTIIIS beautoul style of HATS ic Icon.
.4 1
recerred, and w,lt be ijuroduerol oa Scp
12 nifty, March LW. by .111..CONDR
feb2B Comet &IRS IVood
Illrmingrunenjaaekr Pittsbiargh,]
Offict. Nu. ,97 Water It, ktweex And and
• • Wood, Ptitattrgh.'
WILL Soneratly t cep on hand C sood vsarl.
rald tsar of Ware; after own
soperlaqualrt). NV \in!sals and country Alai
slants err rrsperrts lydnviredl in call and si•
italin• for at/native. as we ore deracaresedto sal
shaper than has.. r asters, bees rdissed lo_thepui
11:rOrders ssni by rail, accompanied by be sash or
ond reference_ will beprOnsPllY_spenie'l tn. ui
Nottee to steila - B ;it" Owne r r
and others.
. • .
t - m
CAPTAIN SAMUEL 11.$:tiutts, tinning beta.
appointed Inspector of Steam Mints for the on , er.
signed Insurance Ceinpaairs in thoi eiw, a elnaxifieu•
tints of Boats wil. he made. and Bites of premium
charged necordtngly. Ali shipments under open role
sues subsequent to this date, mill be "objected to recto
tattoo • nod rcgolation• a.. :nay be adopted antic, such
Inspection. Entry iniaortation wilt be civen at the te ,
vectors offices. J FINNEY, Jr..Fecretetry.
Wcstern Insurance Company.
P. A. MADEIRA, Agent
Its Co. Phitsdatphin.
P. /ONUS, Agent
Ins. Co. of North America.
.1 W. MARK, Sevreqs_ry
oisens . itn.
Pittsborgh. arch 91. Frie.—{tnri
George 11. Massey, '
'SAVING a,soemted systh him AVM. A. CALU.
.11.11 WELL, and CALDWELL, Jr. the Ship
Chandlery, Nast Stare, and (Dire...wars KLI/111C94,
,ii be conducted at No. 35 IVater etreatotader the
style of
tirlda•burg !Machina Blannfactary.
TTUG suLecnber informs his friends ern tLe petit.
tlikt at hts extensive estabilshment, Memento of
employing Inca two to three hundred Trot/men, and
whew he always keeps a large number of Om btu
machinists engaseda he is prepared to extent., In the
boo manner, and with treat deepatch. oil orders for
ClIINETI7, of every deertiption. For the workman
ship and style of his Mactunre, be would refer to the
numerous manufanurers In Me Western and Southern
Siete., as well as the Middle Stater, Who art now op
erating them. Ile has recently mode gteat =prose
-11.111, both in the style and plans of his Machinery,
winch will bo lanuebed at reatormble priers by ap
plying to ALFRED JENkre,
mrs.then• ' Bride Mu ru, ra.
Stearn Saw 111111 Tor Rept;
frIlE subscriber otters to rent a Stettin Saw Mill, in
complete running order, situate on the Bank of
the Allegheny rover within on - 6'mile of Tarenton,
The Engine and otlt Mem= eon sit in good.order,
and capable of doing a large buelnera.
Toe Coal is convenient or the Mill. and there is
comfortable Dwelling Rouse attached to the premise,
which i. aufficiently COISM101:01.14 for the tire. of- the
For farther partiethan enquire of the mthsenber,
founde preemies, or to
oft Pee r Petersen, who ebe
•at the Warehouse John ItleFaden ft Co Ca
nal Basin Pirtsburgh. • LEWIS PLVEILSON.
zignsh Tooth Brushes. .
PEasON s in want of a good Tooth Vomit, are lovi•
led to examine there retainer. The bpsties" are
warranted not to name ant, and for sumac, mm of
them is worth a half dozen of those in general 1,.
. . . . . .
.. .. . .
alanufactured far, and to art', wholetals and retail,
by /mrlll IL. F.: nELL,ERSS7 Wood at ;aj
VSTIIIIATICALLY arrangs,i by G. HECK. with
I h.. boadreil glare steel Piste, , by the mom! ats.
linautsbed stasis of .cannot. 'met
and c.litstl be SPENCER R. CAIRO, A. al., 51.1 J,
Professor of Natural Sciences in Dickinson College,
Carltsle, Pa.
. _
The Iconographic Focyclorm-1:1 wit, by pchlishee
in .25 pmts., each contarnira hat plate. and HI pages or
letter prosy horned ton convenient port oho, to which
46.1iners can keep their coot, in perfect crier un
til they aan be brand.
Line part ts published every month, at the very low
mice of 51,00, hlch enable all lovers of instruc•
atm in the most beautiful and proem:al form,.howev
or scanty their means, to become ettbser_thersio the
work. 1
hmbseriptions mach fob the whelovrork only. •
From th&Ltaston Fort:
The wort ihoold not be coupl ed torn moment °th
sly of the rsealty or popularly ssieznfis publican°oa
the day.
From the Neas , Yort Tribune.
• The °seceding beauty of the plats recommends
them to the nttchtion of the loser et en
. .
Frora the Literary World.
well executed !mild work, Of euaatantial
The introdunuou of thia work innogenoral eircuninon
anione nor school and other lolrarieti potato and pri
vate, cannot fait to be productive of toivantso;o.
From the WrofhirPion (D. C ) Union.
We runnel tan high-y recommend the work. The
coo:a:toms aro in the highest At:)ye of art. No _work
loot ever before been pAhliAtted an thie military en
I Illustrated and frit printed matter IS of an
egoally v hieb ;Order - tis Pat the work for Inmate.
.S[l( MM. of this Invaluable gneyelopedta are hoar
[mahatma and ready tor atsbecritters.
JAMES IttocKwoon.
Bootie,.ller and Inaporter,63 ‘Vood
met t (Auer lot !torll-Fourth et, near Wood.)
romacaatt. . tram coax.
WOULD Tesneelfully call the attention at City and
Canino Merchant, to their" eaten:tire PITOCK,
emnprising ptobanly the largest and mast varied as
sortment of Foreign end Doincistic Goods ever exhib.
ited In this market Possesslng the most ample facili
ties for die transantion of their beanies.% mod one of
the partners being minatatitly In the eastern markets,
dm presenting every advantage romped by Eastern
Houses. They believe that they have clearly estab
lished the fact, that they after greater inducements to
Merchants generally, in strles s qualities, and prices,
than nor eastern market,
Their Domestics, having been purchased previous
to the advance, ran aurded at the tom rates of last
Mew Goods momently arriving.
Merchants intending pnrchaung cuts are particalat
ly soltelled courane their assortment
Pittsburgh, March Eith,
NEW remedy lately dlseavered in Vegetable
AKingdom—a , lately
peneaueut cure tor all
ftheumabe Complaints, such as
Inftammatary, Chronic. Arson and Mercurial
Itheurectein; Gout, Lumbago,
Pyinal ACectione,
This medicine has long been sought for. It has been
said that Rheumatism could not be cured, but there is
a remedy designed by nature for the cure el every ill.
saws that the bonne spaces is subieet to. At laat re-
Medy boa been found taist cures Rheumatism of tbh
worst form—one of the 1120,1 valuable vegetable yro•
dectionii of the earth—the greatest and most impinunt
discovery of the age, and a wonderful blowing to the
human (malty. It cures sailboat sictentegor debilita
ting, and realms streugth and vigor to the whole Are
rem. It has cured, donng the past three months, over
3130 eases that were considered Incurable. •
. •
Cortifiemes of the curative properties of ibis rue&
eine eon bo seen oy calling on the Agent..
None genanie unlera put tip with RU engrnved label
Open the outside wrapper, signed by the proprietor, II
TURNER., Beale, N. V.
hold by 11. ShIVSETt.
corner Third and blarket st, arith. •
Sold also by • 0.T11031.1b
• No VW Moth st, CincinneLL, O.'
aga faw doors. below W.,lstreet,
wards market. ,
, tatowr., having been
regularly cancel.' to the medical
•, . isnefeesion, and boon for some time
, to general . procure, now c enlace
/4, hie attention to die treatractit of
ope e , those privated delicate tiont•
plaints for which an hie appommales
• and ciperiener pecultarly (paltry
WM. 14 years awaducusly devoted
to &tatty a treatment of those complelnts,(4anne which
time be bus bad more penance and !resound more pa.
tents than can ever fall to the lot of sup plate prac
intoner) amply (plane. bins to offer assurances of
speedy,permertent, and sedslectory Comme° eltaleieted
with dchcate diseases., and all ewe-sate artelm Ware.,
Dr. grown would tform those allllcted with ghetto
diseases which hare d became chronic , by Ore
gravated lip the use of nay of the common oestrus. of
the Jay, that the. c o m plaa its ea la. radically ,
marbly eured;lte heong given. Mr careful nttration to
the treatment of such canes, and sneocedssi to hundreds
of instes in manna persona of inklainutataut of the
neck ofthe bladder, ml/ kindred disease. whicleeflen
result front those rite, where others halo consigned
them to despair lie peruculioly lemons sorb
to b urr been long and ne•cecesstallgreetedbyethere
Co con.. bun, ashen every satin:action be grrol,
them, and their as treated la a. caretel,thOtOtigh win
study, MIIIIII., Foamed out by a lottp,-expeoenet,
study, and mvestiononowhick otorwartMlo (demote.
o n e in general practice of MeLLICLIII awe to
one class of disease.
EXllemth or Riloono.—Dt. Blown ohm In 'siva 'par
80. nitliothd with Homo to call, at :16 p1i.0,11.111r
eiention to thia ditcazo.
' Stitt Almanacs alto ete.,spseddy esied
Critais eery law,
pl:)1—Y of eithef tax riving at a dir iaiice i liy
gating their diatom, in writer, giving an thee. Pe tom, cut OhilithilLeillel4e-v wi th . direorket kr by
add:truing T. DROWN, N. D., pour paid, uimi end. -
in; it fee. •
Odlee' No. 63 Diamond alloy, opporde it. Waverly
1..°•44..0it-.Dr•flrowe'd every dthrovered rem,
dy for ftherimatosth it arecity Cc+tain Wendy sor
that painrill treubk. It ileac gat!,
• ()dace and Private
ulToiria ro o o. N a o dv .
r " ay M*.at
Mord a ll ey, Viteberge V
home. . 0.1010
INFORM oetr th , . they hair
no lougcr ectehlilk
metit rellll t weet, tour,- ,bto.trg.
' n eva their elm, a D. 1111.4. N. 11 e. /WO ,
ilrAnWillY. rir auvlet, ravltkort=
VOL. NO. 791
.1850 .
_ Merchants , TraustlipsOitttAtillt
_For the • Tiacotroartation 'of 1 ' •
rebottle Atiti D0.T1X01.2.
%Without 1 , 101111410 t. . •
TIM Bey, Rams or Freleht alitiaji as lalir -
att arty other reopnotlble Lino.
CAN eANULTY & Co., Proprietors •
- Caeal Pe. H.PicHbanitt.
Atamers—ROSE MORRILL & Co, Baltimore.
ektA.HLF.S RAYNOR, Philadelphia.
• .
Each: ticely for the accommodation of the „
Between Pltuburg.b,• Blairsville. Johnstown. flalll• -
dayetturalt, and all iatermedinA Platte., )
Shippers by thin Line a. Al woya dcpend ttpoinEay...
Inc Mem goods promptly forwarded tad delivered al
any point on the Canator Rail Road, at fair - rata% for
fremM. -
• Acisrv—R Ti VANAN,Johnotoom; ,
JOHN•MILLER, Hollidayemor,
non. A_TPANULTY & Pipet,
PORTABLE, o** . i4lNl6
Volt TIM Taatornstvan. Or IeaICIUS6II3I airaraLlC
TrllF, 11:011{11711AI4 of titis.ol4 established and
.1. riorr l'ortehte pont Line, are now folly prepared
.to receive goody fat nh,puirat On openirig of tatalt— r
Ilovst.g much Olt:reeled their faellities, their zoom fa T
storage In ammo and couplete
- Nu transhipnoni takes piece on this Line; the pada
'hying put Moo sectunt portable bout, are net disterbed ,
ntil an ival at their Jeltinotton,--thus avoiding Itand•
ling at the three !wino of Johnstown,. Rellidayablog,
end Ctluntho.
No •harge made for receiving or fonvarding, er ad- '
.voort w, rborgeg All goods forwarded promptly,' and ..
upon 1 5.0 term. us by any onto, Line.
' Our ne,gbtor line, dilLer 315 10 theil.t.trOnSibillq.
we h i e: ter the last' rict'edia,' been 'The Reliance
Line:l . I have never tweeted out title; and we think
we ha , earned the privilege.nt row changing ear
Mimeto the rreoNrna of ' , roe UsspolealLl LIM^
otunil Basin, Ptuablargh.
No 4tl Hake[ n, PititoJelahia.
WITH EMI. AV! • CElll,l2lllf,' ZIMMER
GOODS forwarded by this Line ere carried in 11
mail nein to Chambersbnprateud euchnmusimln .
ly loaded in Wagon', going men and day through to .
, The barren are stationed every within s,naluch ,
Innuren the prompt delivery of
Me' time
. pnimined.
'the NVe.gons will (neve not warehouse daily, (Saa
days excepted.) at t! o'clock, P. K.
61 t itn Pe Tch " tfoy e'e tl e ta re „ e can be more g°°" be
; punctually carried
2Z7 Market street, Plaladelphst.
Cartel Basin, Pitisbash.
30I1N MePADEN 8 CO, Fosroraanua tr. Coaxer.
Pon Mrscuaans, Canal Daaln, Pean aveel„Pitiabargh.
- •
JAMES. M. DAMS &CO., nova Farman aro Cas-
Wa... 51nacnam W 227 Mazket, and 54 Commerce a,
CrAdvanees made brohner of Ina above, on Flow,
Wool, and m'in , mere kandize, nanairind Limn for
o.le. jan4
I . 1850.
ifMI mboetibers, new having in mecessful Opera
nen an Exprees Wagon Line between PirtaburO
ed Philadelphia are prepared to receipt for 6000.1bs
reight.dallp. Each way deliverable through be di
P'Y"S''''""X''P"difENßY GRAFF & CO,
, • Canal Rasta. Pittsburgh.
I hould:lut
WEE subscribers, having suspended their canal op ,
esciatic until tbe opening of the Sonny Neviire;
dun. have mak,' kited on Express Line b_y Ratlrood and
iVason hetweet, l'hiltutelphia and rattehnrg, by ,
Which they are prepared to forward 11000 po. each •
day, and receipt tor the delivery of the same in Sday.
'they. hey been to WM= their friends andthe pub-
Ile that their arrati,sentento legs Huts muse, regularity
dud Jeepetes ettnatit iailra sue euttufsetion to a who •
/1.112,r , 11• 6 1 theat command, •
corner Penn and Wayne rot, Pittabaryh. •
de7 VS Market street, Philadelphia.
nnait costas rub OLD
Pittsburgh and Phlladslthia.
iS the bustnest on the canal Is about lag closed
1 for the spaced, sve would inform the public that.
we have annih brought the Conestoga, Wagota into re..
uu..ttion. and toll be prepared to forward 6000 pounds
thdly,teonatteneing on Monday, the 26th inst.) A Cat
Isavlng Plulattelphta daily by we wail twin for MI.-
ticnborg, cod the %Vacant; travehar day and night,' '—
ensures the denser). et Goods in five days. Apply to
WAY HINGHAM. Plosbargh,
&DOCK, No. lalhiarketatreet,
coral Philadelphia.
SO arm nom .
Tram Five Days, (Sti . ndays excepttdd running Day
THE public in respectfully Informed That this Line,
which bee been in successful operation ' the two
previous winter% Will again commence limning on
Monday, the Midi of November.
A Car will leave Philadelphia and Chambenbargh
daily rock way with thr Mail Train and from Chasm
hernia rgh with relays of horns miming day and meth
We are prepared to torward 6000 lb. height daily by .
the above Line. Apply to
D. LEECH a CO, Pittsbarga •
or to—HARRIS a LEECH,.
No 13 0.010 Third areal, Philadelphia
11. LEX ANDER ft DAY, corner or the Diamond and
Market "...eel,uow OEOO reduced
pricen, their stock o are f
Winter Goods, consisting of
Shawn and Ladies' Dress Goods. In great Tanen.
Also—llloakeis and Flanuela,Cloths,tNsaimea,Sann t •
cm. and a full' assortment of heavy Comm Goods. ,
Confident that better bargaim eamot be had else.
*here, we invite the attention of balers.
Malt 73 Market sum& ' •
3 iEc eases Mu ps be s o daat styles 1-4 Frenek - •
Lawn, geed •rrn
, Amo—Mearnint 1,ci0..13, Linen, Elands Wsoagfd
gapes, Collars sad Can, Divas Sots,
nrders' Kid Gloves, Eine French anit.ticotch Ging
ham, all of warm have been selected with geeateacq
Mid wall be foaled et low places at
fclaM - 60 Market st
able is iStmismati. Louisville and :IL Lotus, pat-
chased ou the most namable term,. •
lipta N. 11OLMMaIk. SONS. '
UT I. MI.TH.rfIY keep, conwarolyoa bandanas- '
vv . sorumeot of Illearbed Linen Table Diapers' of -•
, 11/ferent woltbs and quoit., Also—Table Cloths
000 l Napkins, 'roweling lhopers nod Towels, sad a'
fall asawunent of Lou, famlsnina good.. fetal
MOBACCO—ti krgs 6 twist Cadge Bro.'s brand,
fur sale by
FLOURI-111rbble for ably by •
mfl 3.1.1103 DALZELL
1!yl. MILD CANDLES-30 bz for sale by
IANNER'S OIL-2i brls tut received and for stle
HEL-10 Or üblo No 1;.
• MI oo No 2; •
' 20 . d 0.7, insure; tor oals try
UP. CAR 4. 60D.A.--.5 kegs for sale by • .
la rare. J beIIOONMAKOR &GO
fILO VER. SLED-3 Kola for ,nla by •
1,./ nub .1 SCHOON MAKER &CO
rPANNERS , 011,-11.1 obi s fin 22104
• OWNSENotte SARSAPARILLA-24 doz for .to
hY .[otrai J netIOONMAKEENCO
A11E; I4littPßl[77 Jr SONperS', PATENT SODA
AYII-52 cooks to armee steamer Amason*
and for tale et the lowest market price, by .
' • W it 51 MATCH W..TREE; •
.rat 9 . . LW Unarm' sr
tIACON-L5 in day Feedend for male by
ml 9 lVwt.f.t IsraFoND a CA). Wate r at
tittß a it , ... y m,ctfl , Teed i•cr Mess. ger No. 2.
rn FORD h CO
c 04olanl
, Apagi a sga
01: No I MAcittoli
tlo Not do;
h - do \o -f do,
lo bl bol. 3oo;
lu bbla C.bucd Horn.: for ;1310 hr
' FORK S- 7 —tld , O c. i i (.7 7,. .‘ lay nu F re i 01k .0 14 .;
'LP do,. do 3 Trued Porker:
tar rate by feb37 I. yWATERMAN.
,IkoLti.EN - $1:21.'1 . —.5 Tara; releti, atm for rale by
11 1.31S -a - o cu. bco quality Caii — itteerlrde - ii,761
sate by fetr27 L S W -- ATERMA, 4 I. -
SLUR MdCr~-:S Insf sire bye'
-- • •
JILL I.IOX 4;6 —260 papery t bp;
. 4Cod iir , 41.44 . ,
41 do Inllovr torahs
F. smitalL
EA'a‘.IJLNI". "^. .