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irrAvostracts are earnesny requested to nand IS
nets Cavort before sr. K., and as nue) tbo dusts
p makable. 'Advertisements not matted for a sa.
ed time sell lova:inlay be abused unul ore, red out
Cerscrinari—C.'W. Junes, No. rieurson strut,
aio.ll, au agent lot tho • < ity. sue errisernee •
earl ootoriptiono hauled W him VCRs receive p romp
lavertiscmciats Kaditutnenpunne to the Nonll Amer
an and United States Philadelphia, received
ad forwarded from %OW aka.
Whig Neste Central Contra Klee.
ErThe members pi the Will Suite Central Cols-
Mittae are requested to awl:Hite t Harrisburg, on the
IT ho( Much Pusernal ndmee ir earnerily
requested. inst.
H. Chairman.
Om. H. Harr,
In our antele, yesterday, in reply to the M ae
nmerication In the Seem/ and Ras, signed "
the composnor made ye my, in on
plate, than Mr. Curtin" did nee the miliuuy pow
ler," &c. We wrote," did ron use."
The North Amman most indignantly and just
)7 rebukes the craven epint of the resolutions
pared at the Locolocc; Convention in Philadeli•
phis, on Friday last. Nothing could be better cal•
culated to encourage the Southern disUnieniets
than the parsagin,of such thorough doUgh-foced
anlintiom. gr. Bunke:tan keg ago declared the
Democratic pains of the North to be the natural
sfly of slavery, and he is proving it now.
secured the Locofoco nomination fir the Presiden
eh as seems not unlikely, he will be known as th •
tough-foced candidate!
Toe Danger.
SOme days since the Nation:l.i leteiligeacer pub
lished *communication which attacked that Item
was a thorough preparation fur disunion, on the
put of those southern men who entertain this trea
sonable project—o draft of a constitution was pre.,
pared, and all the plane warned for an emergency
which they were endeavoring to promote.
We have not the
te le ast en ha doubtve tha staked their ,
t this is the
cute. These despera m
lei/taking, political sdvancemeut, historical fame,
sad every thing dear to a true patriot, on the mic
ewe of their mad project. They have gone too
fa, already, to recede, without a loan of character.
They will ever be looked open tut traitors to Coun
try and to true liberty, _whether they recede or
not, and their treasonable speeches and acts will
ilreTer cause their memory to be held in otter ex.
iteration. We are not surprised, then, to hear ;
that they persist in their folly, and prepare, with
desperation, to rush upon their terrible fate.
The following extract from a private letter to
the editor of the New York Tribune, thew. that
the correspondent of the Intelligences is Got alone
possessed of startling information on this subject
'Wesariscrroa, February 24, 1820.
• • • •lt to understood here that thirty four
members trom the slave States have signed an
agreement to persevere in staving off all transom
non of business, in the House. emit the slavery
q *elation shall be settled to their liking, by calling
tie yeas and nays, moving adjournment., calls of
the Haase, dee., den., whenever there shall be an
effort to do any thing. The northern members ale
c rgibuing plans to baffle such minimisers, and
010 proposition considered to that of adjoriening
. and having a Special Session called, at the begin'
sing of which such new rules may be adopted as
are adapted to the aces state of things.
" is alarmed and confident that Mood trill
a, vat on Ns floor of the House before the Session
closes. He says he known many members who
g s to the Home armed every clay in anucipation
of a general fight. W— is confident that die
onion Is now inevitable. He knows intimately
nearly all the Southern members, is familiar with
their views, and sees the letters that reach them
from their constituents. lie gays the most nitro
tee well butted ity by eilsoces Irmo home. What
toe end is to be we cannot nusgice."
• This is gloomy ecough, bat we nee opt at all
alarmed. An effort may be mode, but it will
moat decidedly, end overwhelm the traitor, with
lain. Gen. Taylor, although a southern man, is
devotedly attached to the Union, and will eine
getically use the tremendous power placed in his j
hands, as President, for its preservation. Another
private letter to the New York Tolonne, does no
;sore than jetaLce is its exhibition of his unshaken
s esolutiani
WASUENtrrOS, Saturday, Feb. 23,
• •• • "The President is very firm, gri so ddle
• tkruthern Members we in full possession of h.
.xteigra A committee of them !notated in an ir •
iervlew with bite, if be had expressed hinkel
ready to maintain that Union et nay eced. He re i
plied that he had—that he should bloakside every
Southern port in ease of en armed sea:stance to !
Ihe collection of the customs—that he .should mil I
tote:pose the regular Army, but should call f ir
volunteers from the Northern and Western States,
putting himself at their head, and should pour mit
• ids blood [(needed, in detenee of the Ultimo. He
s coefident that W= People of the Southern
Motes would themselveanut down any attempt to
break forcibly,out of the Union.. When , toldthat
the Southern members would, In a certain cons
t instancy, secede and go home, he quietly remark
s d that there would be ceourte more goad Men
ready to come in their places."
The traitors have other causes of discourage.
meat, besides the meolution of the President.
Maryland and Virginia base refused to send deter '
'pates to the Southern Convention, and Kentucky
sands firmly by the Union.. Bat the molt tits.
:martening circumstance of all for the dimmioniats
Xs the proud position taken by Tennessee, which
most forever endear that gannet State to every
friend of the et:rotary. - Nashville M appointed as
the seat of the traitor's convention, bat the gallant
Tennesseesns repel the Invitation to unite in its
proceedings, with proud and withering scorn.
The fifilhovring.resolutionz, among others, pass
ed tho Senate et Tennessee; towards the close eil
the late Session of the Legislature :
Resolved, That as "it is Understood that the peas
ple of the Western part ol Caifornia hav
ee formed
plan of a state government, l and i son sub
mit the game to the judgment of Congress, and
• apply far admission an a State, if the proposed
coastitation shall, when submitted to Congress, he
Pound to be In compliance with the requisitions of
• a the Constitution el the IJulted Statea,” ehe should
4 be admitted as one of the States of the Union,
with suitable hen darn,
Resolved, Th it a is n , p e rt of our delegat e d
trusts, as merntrere of. th. General Assembly, 16
aid in organising a Southern Cthvention, or any
ether Convention of the people; and that, If such
Convention be desired by the people, it belongs to .
' teem, is their primary assemblies, to select the
delegates, and not to this General Assembly onto
the Governor of the Stale.
Very sound doctrine, this. The other branch
el the Tennessee Legielatme, just before adjourn
ment, adopted the following resolutlons,by a vote
almost unanimous
Resolved by the General Assembly of the State
of Tennessee, That the chief source of happiness
and prosperity of the people of the United Suttee,
both as individuals and ae a nation, has been con.'
fared by and through the Uoioa of the States aad
the adoption of one sacred umstitution--the edop
' tion of which was effected by the compromise.
and COUCCSIiO23 of our patriotic sires, both of the
'•-• ?North and South. And,
'SA Itemised farther, That the continuation of that
lit ininess and prosperity, end even liberty itself,
- a s
3vtajlaiur. perpetuity o f r. 01, l i g: 6 " c u u s:
of Ifire*prin our own beloved land will not confine
Us effector c;ders of the home of Washing.
ton, but wo nil the death knell of liberal go
sernment e ery part of the civilised world.
Revolved further, That the patriotic pimple of
the State of Tennessee, deprecating the sad ef.
{seta of • disunion *.cllll States, to themselves,
to their children, 3.6.loAke:lworld; end also feel.
km • sacred regard to the cry end services
of their revolutionary lathers, will stand by nod
atifindthe Union, "at all Amitsile, and re rho lan
"We are glad," says the Nanpunwmin en, peak.
log of the Southern Conventionnallmlll,fari Ten
name has impair nor lot in titts.atattet Pike has
refaced, by her legislature, ID feeCIMPIF it nod .
wisely, tier, and it is for the people • herd to fawn
upon it oh it deserves. In the purl:V n.
Wits projectors she can have no tio
Her State capital, it is true, may he de • COy.
men who, under the ieduence of mieekea zeal, or.
.11/01110, parricidal wishes to blot out the Natimal
existence. may come here: but she, we mama
doubt, will, in all possible ways, enter her
protest against the whole movement: and we envy
oat the ftiturepf those who, forgetting the devee
non of the great men whore lest resting place is
beneath her mod, shall he found enumaing with
those wile would rend in pieces the glorious flag
tinder whieh:hifrpataiotie dead mined the laurels
which now oldster shoat their tombs"
Cicazu on Tne hlncomirri.—The cholera
broke out on hoard the steamer Moe, during
bat last trip (row Nes Orleans to Camden• When
, she reached Hearne, eight at the passengers had
Abed; of these who landed thcre,..thirteen have
dace died.
• .
Goon senate YLAI3 urx.—g Washington letter
Write' ',under date einem:lay, tapr—ult is agree.
• • '-
oble to F name the . popular interest toward Mr,
Chap. - When he took the door this morniog to
peasant hls petitions, there were several valet* S.
gong the people in the galleries to recognize D .
—olloes hi& Clay." .Thars old harry of the
ii._ . gigeK49s/-Pr tW
Q ..
, -
Labezdatts' Eirteesited Printweetwoo.
The planning Post, ..lkirtest crane," what
-q7 fomenting strikes, aid everlastingly
about the gimpy of capital, and the low
price of labor,' is at the same :time otriving with
'all the influence it can exert over a corrupt politi
cal party, to put it out of the power of the mann
, factures to give high wages. It is continually op
posing a tariff which will protect home industry,
sad enable the manufactures to give fine wages,
and then berates the capitalists as avaricious and
tyranical, because they cannot keep up the prices
of labor to a Protective Tariff standard. Wes' .
ever greater injustice, folly,' and mendacity ex
hibited i Is any better evidence warded to show
the (be Putobergk lifoarnig Post is no enemy to
American Mumfacturce, - and the true prosperity
of American workmen I
To show that American Manufactures cannot
:Compete with tareign, without ether a great re
duction of wages, or a Protective Tariff, we make
the rillowing tinotations from an article on the'
subject, by the editor of the New York . Tributie:
'ldr..l. S. Young., of Portsmouth, N. IL, who
went to Europe in 1645 **the agent of the Ports-
mouth Steam Factory, an eaterpries originated 1
under the impolite of the Tariff of 1112, for the
fabricatiou of flue COttene, but since prostrated by
the Tender 1840, hoe tossed an Address to Con
glass on the subject of Protection, in which the
question is practically and tormbly elucidated. It
shows wherein end why the finer fabrics cannot
be produced without lose under our present sys
tem. The average earnings of the
ployed in the Linen facries of retreat, Ireland,
are 111 44 per week; in. the Cotton Mills of Scot
land, Si 80-, in the .Wooleo mills of Leeds, Eng
lend, S 2 16 per week; in the two largest and moot
expensi. Cotton mill, of British Manchestm, 62
66. But the wages paid•tnithe Laymmee blan- 1
doctoring Compass of kuveil for a quarter 01
lee year, amounted to $B l
,633 far op og;:fregitte 01l
weeks' work, equal to St 03 per week.
(The workers board themselves in etch case.)
Thin is believed to be below-the average earniuge
of all the Free labor employed in American fac
tories, yet it is one third higher than the highest
average paid la aldrittah factory, and considers.
bly more than double the wrens. wages of Brit
11sh factory labor. --r
\la Meals, the contrast is atoll greater. The
\aavned"wgeojeareralisveryof th ne e 4ti me o ri rg a r a „ . e l Tl n p m er 'i ra7
sad wits higher under the lotloence of the Tend
itof laccouot642. Du of the Fricioauthor,* y's `qt.:malt of the miner," in
its tear of obeerontion
'through Me mines and metal works of Eoglaod
'gives ra cents as the highest Nyaptt paid to the
beet workmen in mines or smelting llarilacea, 38
i cents per Inv 1544 Dance per annum) . !he 5....
ace aragetl'orthe Sauer class of magma is three
large localifica, with 26 cents no the eyeless , earn
, ngs of the common and more numerous clam, et I
workmen. The average cannot exceed 91 coats
per flay, or about one third the earnings of Amer- 1
teen Iron workers.
• • f , 11 , r , 0 0 * • 1
That Free Trade and American rates of Wages,
are incompatible. it would. ilardy Stern to need no
argument to prove, any mare then to argue to a 1
goner at Niagara Falls that Lake Erie lies igher'
than Lake Ontario. . Whoever argues thn h t the
pit:ear/I American limn, fa example, to too high,
implies that Iron makers are paid too high wages
—for the price of Iron and the weir. of Don ma-'
ken must and do conform the one to the other.—'l
Let doges rise too high (or Iron to let so iow. 4
which is toe same thing) and the productions must'
step; let Iron bring a price which would justify
Maher Wages to the producers, and mom capital
and talent will be attracted to Iron working, new 1
ore bed* opened, new foredo and furnaces con.
atrneed, Sliming away the beet workmen trom 1
the old works by the proffer of better positions I
and larger earnings, until an equilibrium is mato
red between the production and the market prior,
by a large increase of the product, oatmeal:is the
demand. - True, all this will not be elected in a
day, and meantime the men engaged in the bunt.
near have an advantage and reap a large benefit;
but let the laws be but steady and the Protection
I against the importntion of foreign Iron, produced
1 underpaid Labor, certain and efficient and the
home production will be so extended and int...
ad, under the stimulius of the enhanced price,lhat
veantof cheapneas nod very moderate profits will
inevitably coerced months of high prices and forge
profit*. Stich is e well known Illa , of Trade, in
view of which a combination of Iron Masters t,
enhance price. nod increase their owo profits be
couse of a Protective Darr would Ist just as sh
ard and ottile ass combination of Farmers to sell
their Indian Corn (of Welch there is none imported)
at four or five denim per bushel. When edvocateo
of Free Trade therefore, talk flippantly of Protec
tion es Monop oly, and is calculated to bnild op a
class atthe ripen. of the whole, they maifest nth.
cr gross rt e ignorance cr • willingness to pro
fit by the ignorance of others.
-- -
PaMare. of the Messrs. Ellicott.
We leant, from the Howard Gazette, that in
consegnence of the depre,aid c.militlortief the
iron trade, the well known firm of Ellicott Si Bro.,
at Eskridge Landing, he, failed, and a taro num
ber of workmen thrown out of employment. The
erect& this failure is represented to be moot dui•
narrate, as the furnaces niforded a market for the
surplus of produce of the surrounding country.
They were also consirably in arrest to Iho
worloiten fiw wasea—Bdeolt. San.
Here In another evidence of the remises effe
of the' Brithb Lrooforo Tariff of '46, upon She
menufactaring and industrial pursuits of the
country. . Hot only are the proprietors ruined,
having last • capital, probably the earings of form
er years, end the workmen thrown out of em
ployment, but the agricultural interest suffers al.
so—s market for their surplus produce is lost'
The shove WWl] also shows the stern nee..
sity oar iron manufacturers are under, of adopt
ing a vigorous retrenchment to enable them to
hold out egainst the depressing effects of a large
importation of foreign iron. It is impossible for
them to give as highweges under the;twiffof '46,
as under that of '42. They have held out four
years, under great disconragements, while, the
Mills at the gisthave nearly all suspended, and
nos: they only sst s slight redaction in the price
of that labor which I. paid for the mos... liberally,
to enable them still to go on safely, and compete
with the foreign production. With this reduc
tion, through - the, great advantages of position
over the Eudora Mills, they csu proceed. and
thus he the means' of vast benefit to all the Inter
eats of the city, so well as to the workmen.
We appeal to the good sense of the workmen,
and .k them to weeder whether they think it
reasonable to suppose that our iron man can 'give
as 'high wages under • tariff which invites such
large importations, as the tariff of '46 does, es on.
der one which gave the American market to the
American manufacturer! Can as high wages be
afforded when the market is stocked with a fors
Mgt article, and the prioe has fallen from Xtto .7S/
per cent, as under a reversed state of effairs!
And, farther, we ask the workmen whether this
Pittsburgh /Morning Port, notwithstanding all lie
profawions to the contrary, caa be the true friend
of the working .6120, when it industrioualy and
pertinaciously advocates a policy which produces
iii the evils under which they tabor!
Tao RICHMOND Carsaarnots—Leyrng of Ms
Career Stonc—The Richmond papers come to ne
wiih detailed accounts of the ceremonies attend-•
ing the layieg of the corner stone of the Waah
ington Monnment, on Friday last, and of the hoo
ois extended on the occasion to president Taylor,
as the finest of the city. The pageant was more
brilliant than hid ever before been seen in that
city, and the precession required thirty Rd:lutes
posing n given point. The Military, the Ma
sons, the Odd Fellow., the Firemen, and the
various societies of the city, were all out in gr.. l
tome. Th. Rapiblican thus alludes to the Pr.
,"Next lbo Present, Es-President
Tyler, and Govern°,Mowed
Floyd, se id ated In an open be.
Touche. drawn by four splendid looking horse.—
The carriage was surrounded in his progrese, by
crowd. of persona, cheering, and huesaing; many
of whom, as opportunity offered, would run up
and shake hand. with 'Old Zack.' The Indict
wand their hadkerchiofs with much enthutiwina,
and the •Old General,' was kept busily engaged in
reepooding to the salutation with which he was
greeted on all sides. His cheerful and ensiling
countenance beaming with good nature indicated
that his heart was gladdened with the cordiality
of his reception."
A dna collation was given after the sere.
=Mita. were over, at - which the President re.
encoded to • sentiment drank on the occasion.
The oration was. delivered by Brand Ideate
Robert Scott. Gov. Floyd also pronounced
.Leautiful and imprenive address.'
In the evening, brilliant tire works -
red in Capital equate, and at night a good
ohic ball was given at the Union Hotel, at
whrehl President was also preeeht•
ThWtti i rieutts Republican, of the 10th instant,
states that di'Atintlee and 'laymen de Montesquieu
were broughtlizenrrt on that day, and entered
a plea of "not itutiltY"of the murder of Therein
K. Barndin; and Albert Jones, on the night of the
of October last. The prim:mere were then
remanded to jail to await their trial, whlch,the
Republican says, will probably not take place na
-1 la the March term of the Court.
Paulo= Tciarr.—The following tout was
dralk at a sapper given to the United Ameri
cans, from Boson, at New York, on Pedsy
. Tho Ocura—One and indissoloUs.—May the
execration of all mankind, and of all posterity, hr•
ever rest upon the head of the Mator who dares
to lay violent hen& upon the political ark °roar
beloved country, the land of Washington. the
morning star of freedom, the only. hope of liberty
throughout tbe
Curerpcmd.ce of the aucuu
%%mama - mi., Feb.
The Wheeling Bridge Case -Argunient•
of 'Messrs.Darragh d. gianteh-.Prores-
Willy ors Decision to favor of Penn
•ylvasia.-Alleged division• in the
Cabinet..oThe Treaty—Mr. Web•
This morning the ease of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, against the Wheeling and Belmont
. Bridge Company, wee taken op for argument. —
The counsel on the part 01 the Commonwealth,
were Hon. Cornelius Darragh, Attorney Gceeral,
Hon. B. I. Walker, and E. M. Stanton, EN., of
Pittsburgh, lion. A. H. Stuart, of Staunton, Vs., ,
end Hon. B. Johnson, Attorney General ot the
United Staten, appeared for the Company. Toe
irepornmceof thin great case, n6t only to the par
ties litigant, but to the whole country, and the
high reputation of the counsel employed, imptrted
an interest to the discussion greater than hos st
tsched to any other cane tried Mid terns. During
the ivhole period of the argument to dsy, the
Cones Room was dandy crowded, and among
the audience were not a few ladles.
The case had evidently been prepared with
great care and caution on both glee. The argu
ment wea opened by Mr. Darragh, for the Com
monwealth, who gave a clear and Weld mete•
moot of the Cretan; showing with precision the in
terest the State had in 1!. Mr. Dsrrogh rend to
the Court the mob trualle of the c:stenee given
in the Courts 1.1,r, and stated, s,) far wield
1. , d3 without i,.1i1.11 , g LIV4II the parts iist,.saed to
his associate,, the (..vt4t, hf isw en which t he
plaintif f rented.
Mr. Darrah wn iolloar.d by Mr. qtalooll, tato
went s',7 Folly Into at, PAM argoborab Mr.
tuldrcat tq collutieb on it .1 h4na!s to
irgureent el eras! paver. lie Was
tented to throuobolo, wuh imd tmetag nit-twice
the Court, and the legal portion of the awl,
roe apenk of the MIMI, as OUT winch the great.. 1'
e..e. counsellors of the Cour. might Imre been
proud. Safar i the interests of ?coney ivenia Lave
been auswitied with equal azat sad ability by both
the distinguished Counsel who have spoken.
I regret that, through a :moist° ne to the hour
if commencing the argument, which war eleven,
nsteud of twelve la the morning, I did out arriv e
Illtilnear the close of Mr. Darrtgli'e opening rid
dtev to the Court, bat of Mr. eartutun's speech, t
toot pretty fall Doter, and may CelMMUMettla a ay
Dopers in my next letter.
The opinion of some good lawyers,
,with whom
I hove con.ersed, is, that the Wheeling Bridge
will be declared • nuisance, and as such abated
by the decree of this Court.
Mr. Smart opened the case for the Bridge Com
pany. The greater portion of his argini... t toyed
tipoa the richt of the State of Pen nay' Vac. to'be•
come a plantain this action, 00 000100401 g that
she wart not properly • party. Ho was certainly
very ingeniur, if not convincing. To morrow siri;
alien hear Mr. Walker and Mr. Joliaison.
There was another petition presented in th,
House to any, proyin; the peaceable dissoluticr
the Union. Tao a:testae of reception ire ,
the petition was denied admiration
rotes being found in favor of receiving
s from Ptlllifrkre,
denied, by what must be considered
:liable authority, that there have been any
as at all in the Cabinet upon the negptias
'relative to NicaraguK This is a gratifying
stmetnelit for those numerous friaTas
the ability and pIIVIOVIIM of Mr. Clayton, legether
with the delicacy and sensitiveoesn which aro
known to form a part of his public character.
In reference, however, to the new story of a
treaty, Whila I am not MapOsed to Le dogmatic in
a case iu which lam n particalariy informed, I
am yet of opinion that no treaty has been made,
Mr. Webster is preparing hirotell for a area
speech on the Slavery qu-stion. It 11 surmised
that he will propose eome concessions to the
South, but that he will main on the prompt admit.
The personal correspondence between CoL
ell, of rlinois, and Jeff. Dials, Col. of the M Issio•
sippians et Baena Vista, io enll ia_procresa The
'Mississippi Colonel took offence at tho exceeding-
Iv emphatic manner In which Col. B. stripped
Denis of same of the brilliant plumage in which
his adulators have clothed him an acrount of ha
Road luck and good conduct at Buena Vista. Col.
Davis and hia hfialissippians, no doubt did their
whole ditty, and that gallantly—bot Col.
was right in tearing from him the laurels that he
has warn for three years, though earned by north. '
ern troops, and crammint the Inaolent detraction
of northern courage, with stern vehemence, down
the Oros! of the last person who made it. Whoa
Davls'o noti.rupiiringexplanatiool, tette, Cu!. B
sent' him • copy of his speech, and added that if
anything further were required Gen. Shields might
be consulted. Styllll.
CorresponJenee of the rillehateh 001ette.
Flaitaispoicau, Feb. 2.5, 1550.
This was petition day in the House; and et
course nothing of general interest was done.
D. McClintock read a bill in place for the .
corporation of the Printers' AellOciallOO of Phut,
, the Senate, several private bills wore taken
up and finally passed; none, however, in which
your readers are particularly interested.
The motion of Mr. Streeter, made on Saturday
last, to rewnelder the vote on the queeton as to
the erection of the new County of Monongahela
again coma up, and Ito motion to re.consider was
adopted, 17 to 13. ,
Mr. Lawrence then moved to postpone the for.
they considerahon of the 'enact- far the present,
v ,,
upon the ground that the question had been forced
to a vote when the Senate as not fall, and seve
ral members who were kno n to be in favor of
the bill were not present. e desired to have a
fall Senate whet, the quest) should be again to.
ken up.
The motion to prtstpone was strenuously empti—
ed by Mr. Deride. He thought the Senate was
as well prepared for the question now asshey ev
er would be; end ho desired to beets - the matter
settled. It wee a question In which the interests
and feelings of his cortatiteents were deeply in
volved. And he desired Mil - they shored no longer
be agitated in regard to this question. He hoped
that the Senate would not agree to nostPotle, hut
that It would pot the &object et rest, at least for
the present session, lay a vote not insa'decided
than that by which they had dimposed or it a few
days ago.
Tho question on the postponement was then
taken, and resulted in the glaciallye.
I do not think that the vote upon thew prelim,.
nary questions to any indication of the future no-
tion of the Senate upon this bill. The meausure
will certainly ba as signally defeated upon the
'mind trial as it wee upon the fire.
Tat Wain. or Frotaxes.—That rearnstreases an• c
toiloresses, in all our tercet cities, are inadequately l
s .a
paid, has long been known to the becevolent.— '
Bet that the prices r eci red by these female opera
mires were en miss, Me on they really are, few,
we suspect, have elicved. The Philadelphia
Bulletin of Saturday contains an appeal to the I
public from a coral:titre appointed at a Wrteling
of the" ecamsircases of that city, to aid them in
establishing a ready made clothing emporium of
their own, so that they may sell their own work,
and receive all the profits accruing tram their own
labor. We extract the fallowing facts from their
appeal, and doubt not but that they are equally
applicable to female labor in this city t
A great many of ns are Amerman widows, with
feelings that will not allow no to become a public
chanot—but what can we do ! We Cannot alarlte
in this oar nouns land—nor can we live and, lite
Open Oltrt. Wn ere aide/101 1 MA and willing to Werk,
but pact ar ars remnant ger winsigh 'tampion
bfr. If we c ruet become beggars, we would be-
COMO so in a body, and entreat our whole commu
nity to make one effort for ua. and if this is sue
caw fel, we aball be able to take cared ourselves
Our industry will become lin dueuve, and thou
, sands yet unborn, will derive benefit from it. We
would commence our eaterprise prudently and on ,
1 a small scale. Our object is to lam ourselves in
' to en Association—LO open a shop, and to become
our own employers . but we are too poor, without
assistance, to take employers;
first step.
To show the oppression under which we have
groaned. ee ePOtemich which ffibles heavier eve
ry year, wo aubiefu a lister theofirices actually tee
w d, whoichchang under the present spates we
have no power te.
Thick, heavy men's satinet mats, each 371 to 75
rte.; heavy blanket coats, 50 to 621 eta; coaxes
flushing coats, 374 to 50 rd !men ick coate 25
warp s a ; pants, extra 101 l mmed, ouble milled
- ,,,, a ,,,,, , 5, 3/1 to LO dui pants, summer, 10 to 15
c u.; plan, satinet, full trimmed, 15 to 25 cis.;
eau., all Linda, 15 to 50 CIL' shirts and drawer',
((Israel) 5 to 124 eta; shirts :linen and muslin, 16
to r 0 eta.
Intuany cases, the trininalogs furnirbeil ate In.
sufficient to make up the garment, and have to be
Intimated by the tailoterweathemselves. wan
any woman find breed for
hen children at such
The 111.24 of Dough.
Houossuron, Feb. 22, IMO.
The greet Becbanan Meetin g in favor of the Ed.
Pewit—The Senate onte nissd et yo A . H.— tenaloa of Slavery, held at Philsdelp h' le, on 'd
in ay
The resolutions relative to the integrity of the .werlih.. was presided Over by Chester,_,aß,77°,
Union of the Slate , i o n s ,drieed by Me. !m a w., i (CO M. C., who dined deeper too p crest pun
were tisken opted adopted,ae fallow,: end came up needier then nov ether man in the
• W''"rttbeMembe"°ft4° General
m last,l C°:')"dodd' ved Ly John Cad
w 'lla
byOl PersylValiaheve seer, with deep regret, der, CPeg%,Rob.rt Tyler, Flseect C Bradford,
in *trend sections Of uric happy and gMnons Re. B. S. Brewster. and Danl. Dougherty. Among
mthlis, Indicetioes et daratusfaction with our 100- the ~,,aotonooa adopted were i n, L o ion i ny _.,. a . y .
decoct.] organizetton, es embraced in our C0b01,..." .
toil., end en apparent dins:Milton upon the pert tautly the most object ever pasted by am" meeting
or some to effect a radical change; and whereas, held m a Free State:
In these doings of ...Urfa.on toward that aria Resolved, That the Constitution of the United
aced Instrument the peopled Pennsylvania do not states 00 ,,,, i n c onvoro no power
ma k e l ow ,
parucipete .. therefore for the people of the Territories acquired by or
Rewired 6y the Smote and Ho w+ of &prams- annexed to the UM., but only to dispose of end's
°elle " Of th ' s C"'"" c "" mrathrf Peee ' r f le°°i°, -l. make needral riles and regulenons reepteung the ' 1
General .4torany wet, That the Union is identified i territoryor woo. property belongiog to the Unit ed with all the glorier of the pact, all the Meetings of i Stales.
the mew. and ell the hope* of the figure; .d i floaoloodt That, ai , „ ton , e of a natural nod to.l
that Peunsylvattisorne to the conettion .11. i nitenoble riot of self gooart . roa too people of
to Prhoieles, will never waver a bee fidelity le 1 1, ih e separate Territories, when politically meant- 1
toot noble charter. I ted, have the power of making their own laws,
Resole., That the Governor of thi. Commons i
of executing thetu., no far as they do not cut-
wealth be requested to forward a copy of Melo.' 1 diet widt the Conatituoon end laws at the Uetted I
going to the Get.eree " . of each of the Slates and tales; and, therefore, here titen excluetvety the I
Territories, and to the Pr.idenl of theSenato and .
, , right to prohibit or allow Slavery in such 'feria.- I
Speaker of We Route of Represent... ol tee riot ,.
United States. Resolved, That the principle of the Wilmot Pro- )
Immediately after the edoptionof the resolutions, i vise is not • harrateee pnlit,enl speculator. or lab- I
the Members of the Sento proceeded to the ball : straction,excused, if euremolle, by tt , alleged.fb!'
thropte iutent, but is ate Dante tincietil, atOt,-
a the
n'itt°.°°thtivett when, after'; l e 3rltic, pernicious., and powdent political heresy,
the " Farewell Address" had been read, they ed. I „ too , ropotittooti and der ,„ n „ eo d by We w en o e ssi. 1
journal'. 1 is party a: the Union,) which seeks, by means of
w, ea oupherittan of power of C.v... gradually to
METODDIST Mission IN Cauvonsui.—The Now ,
ertrafte Stale sovereignty, destroy [egad.. I
York C0...t0il path.. a letter from the Rev. in the repeetive Sat., conseitdrac the Union, and I
Isaac Owen, one of the Methodist mit...mai eaaitrlatt.har,°,ilant.laremtertattSadlell
aßratz7,l by the
M California. It is written from Sacramento city. I tow a , 7,,, , ,,.,„:„ of the. .. a ,.
After giving a full account of Maj.:l.y overlaud, ! Resolved , That it to centre. to the soint iii
he says': wirteh the constitution of the Union was framed.
ti. ,,,, 1 . and by which oboe it eats be perpetuated.. abota
u We reached thin' place " the 20th of - -- ' Oh. by act el Congress, an. inslatilton of slavery
her, and were Litoily"reedved by Ur. Deal, of Bala i._ „._.,_._.
_,__ ,
af ,.
__ _ ~ a
.att _
a .
timore, and that excellent toiti devoted man, Cap. 11l th e p... 7 1 .." , . a .:L l a • r_ o r l d " t l i,a
a 10 a 0 , , ,, ,, , .. ,, _
th, O ,
mtu l a,, , ,
coinst. Gelsion, of the city of New York.—
vititah ceded the District for the use at the Ga
-1 aura °thvi°°° the a Pi"e in the e'4 ter' verument of the United States
known ns 'Suter's Fort.' This wee the ably place : ~., , , ..,,
ne•oireu, a hat We call opoo our Stale Levt
obnunable: the ' b 6" neither a meeting acme Inters to repeal ell law frontline& will, that rem
tier parwrisge.One United Suites in rs•
church: ° i s ° e ' n ' t t to°l3Wlvo' aver,
' s o : c a l mi d' ° li n y g ° et r The
Baltimore °'
i son , F a ed o io n th tie: e rit , ,ii i it : L : l i g ?, i 7 l 7: d Y i : g l. 7 p ,. s. , n .. „ l a ' a n y ]
frit-tide wassent to tins place by order of our su. 1 ""
citizen of the Union, and the law of Csitoren
perinteodent, tte Rev. Mr. Roberts. paased to cony it into cited, may e., longer ho set
I PreattMe° my 6°4 'mat" outer th" ceding te at datiance„in Soothe . d the rights of our Sooe. hr.,
blenches 01 an ova tree, and after I hell finished
ander 1 . ,,,,,t. .
my &w toed ont., I m'erew the liOnnirgalitin that
Resolved, That we rennet la the Volta in the
I hoped 10 prence be our new clench the
the next Sabbath. This promise I was ettabled to . N w a i t e o e r i pr . H. tr e i L e
ttertfooßrehlala.lbt.atetaisveao,o laying
a t a . , e .
r hoT °hutch in Lew ...Alf eneleleed ; .e ., ° ,, a , fo , r ; I ate disposition of et measure wi t iich did so much to
nobed ith a good bell. Our Porahnell... "r ''''" ' menstruate the wile with Mexico, end lo eirbsts
neatly enclosed. We are at this Cane occupying
a part of it. Whey completed it will embrace.. I :_ tte __" . t. ll _ . 2_ ,. .. l i Liktv . , _,if.n..A_d_..l , T... , ,i_on , ___n_d..7.h:_t .
rooms and three porches; meloding the porches, it 7,1`,4; a0 " rort'"pa''rrao'r.a.`"alafa'tear'facla`l'rtr4alra"ourl teeny.
wavers twenty three rest hoot by thirty eight in Ill"'
daft , Tn . ono,. ate story
Odnaore, Mann, Rabbi., Melanahan, Roes end
" a° R ne nth "' Ttt° cost te. this butidthg will be Dimmlck, six of the eight Demnerats from this
about five Mooned dollar. The church cost . Stole
a‘ caan„,
in vatting up ebout me thousand dollars ; this, It
brand which her been productive of so much dins
w ig be borne le mind, is exclusive of its ant cost
„tar end oat .. . floor ,.
to one friend,
s ',. Resolved, That we heartily approve Anil relieve
a Saves forty persons here joined our enure., ~_
... ..
chi c dy by letter. Directly niter organising our ',.`lllort,aao"olat.yuillaati,"al Calact,railrar:aaraalatla,laia,
Oficial board, It was resolved that ell current ex. , ""
the conaideration of certain Abolition instruntieg
pens.. shou l d be met tip concise.
„ I boa , boor. mentioned on , lo , a , of cloth i ng, resolutions, offered by a Whig memberfroco Craw
, terd ; and that we earnestly invoke them and their
Ste. lb now gives me pleasure to taw
political strudel. in both branch. to adept such
lass hoe been II ertially met by the kind th ol t srof
~,, measure.. may be worthy of the key that Nods
r rs'e . , eds- Mr. l '" tCm r, e tt it „, M . f ,":" 3 ,`,,,,",:1„„ t" .1":".": the noble nub, and to twist ell attempts to give
mate this glorious imbibe of Freedom.
11 ° e ' ,:reell t ilfoolula're':nrn'd'U-r.—D4eal, oi-B;IUM.Ore-;to-tte aid nail ellltet..rt to the 04°51050 Who ''''id under ' I
Amount of sixty dollars. To thew ; . must adiloth•
er ',remota Warn other gentlemen let this oily.
There! we defy Gee. Castro drum op a meat
ll'• You will, douhtlets, read conflicting accounts trig in Michigan that will put the lan.or ltioNorth i l
of this
le y, tint this I will say, that I find goM don , n so door , to the grovel
as that' You may joel
to re plead: nod the society much better than I
es well stand quietly tack, General, end let Old
.oected, but the country lees healthy."
--...------ Bach take 1',., next nagging—N. F. Tribune.
Gm TM!. Ann ru■ Unton.—ft letter desorilt,
in; the President's visit to :op the earner •toes of
the ytrgiuta Monument to Washington, winter a
not worthy of observation which Gen. Taylor
made to a gentletrian. He said, " I can be absent
turn Washingtui. " ut three days. I have ;slew,
bete to partake in thit e7,leing ee.eutony. At a
how I t. this, I hope the sot, and the .110C121.101 1
connected with the name and character of Wash-'
Mgt., will arouse all the Letter feelings of our
nature, and make tot more disposed to adopt his
...sande on the subject of aeuttonal divisions. He
mast have been gifted with almost t prophetic
spittoo Love turerem and guarded as against
the danger of sectional feeling."
l'avags Earnarrosx —We area great pi.
that is a fret sad the Yankees are nO small
J um of the, nation, an the following account i.
Musachuvetts Legislator, which we copy fro
A CARD. the Ilute3 lice, will prove"
Wuntrorrert, Fab. 23, 1550 ; i Sawyei, a member of the hlawarburetta Le - g.
To the Eilaore 4 fito RerAitc isleture from Berlin, a the stage driver (coin that
u p ,,,,,,,,,.._:perrerr me to state in your nn ioni. : lowa to Acto n
. He leaven Berlin
everyevry Morning
that nay dine. in Coltran and subsequent bug l l with his °mg°. mid reaches Acme s°. for
....rationed d
ine, numerous -preurog ms the first Bomar cars tram Foehburgh, which nr
geom.:ow since my arrival span hers... e effects ven m this mil' about 9 &cinch. giving him two
urn recent mds e which has paysed my hones to enliven bin Pachefee , (for t ie it nnowe, he
allergies tor same day., have delayed, much longer run. oe e.p . ...e in currier ,Ull with hi. 'tag, I Al
than I intended Or o f
l one my report cn Cali. , eleven Inc us always found in his Beat, ready to
forlorn. Kai I cannot longer permit the public I evecd to the mi.. cr State, an far vs Berlin ia
' mind to be autoleu, perhaps wawa, by insima. I micivrocd. He Is nit c.melltisiog Leffialotor.
noes, it:quirk* and einueddfies, which.. it DM 1
monaptly numered, may be comadered traleetpu. i Dundee la vat curt or Maa GAMED —A den.
ii ',b., p ~,,i 0 n I patch Sem New o . ilems stales that Judge lideCa
; orb, on Thursday loot, gave r. deemen slvers', to
esced in; or hold userttana,
has emulated that form, to pass macoatradieted. I
therefore assert that I ' did not, irk
with . the evil orm , •• Gaiaa , mva!aiaz a claim to a
I my deities to California, one have I at any time, i Large sweat of propene which bee been in Mike
received :mere instructions, whether verbal or ' tan 1c" ... limo. Judge McKinley, 't agleam,
I dot not coincoide In the opinion given. The reuse
op th e p oi, or , will probably be Umtata before thelSeprernetlerat
writtec, from the Pre•ideut of the United Suomi.
cr my member of his Cabutet,
slavery, or my ether subject. 1 did hot auempt I, Saes or Castrrinura—Tae cell:I - awed tem.,
to tad um re rh people of Catilorola to decide too' wry of La Chaise, new Parts, mntains 95 wires ,
queenaa of slavery nun way or the other, and say 1 Maur. I Auburn, Reston, 10,
baltimore, hil l ; Laurel Hil, Phum
haft:Mon that 1 did receive each instrucuous, or ; eelphia. 21 1 Orem' MountGr
auemtt to exercise such influence, Is alts. Any i wand Now York, 185,
inattluallon• or inaideou• Inquiet.* which alt e° VIM. CIA - vra.hy tell • good yoke. In Para
Mooed or intended as to 'edam lhe people In be. lof the French police, who, acorns two Pone
I,, se that th e ity.mdeet, or any member or h 1 ; fierily& interposed, and asid—Li No Ii Ming in the
Cabinet, dul give, or that I could be tome enough ; streets, Too blackguard , ; go inside the Chamber,
lo receive, such loatruenons,l declare to be total- if ~,,,, one ', to d e r o p „.
ly without foundation tu fact, and without the . moor.
the year 1679 onei hundred sad twenty
an d el truth. . I conVict• lure discharged from the Massachusetts
beg leave to call the attention of Ore Shim to , ~0 00 pato. ...
come facts which will Mow what was done by . .. '"
the late Ado p po p. p o o p to i n d uce the , op i. o f IfICirr , CILT hen ordered a blnek of notice marli'e
California to Sorel • State government. I
in to tic Placed to the Washington Monument, lo
in r p, ' scribed with the iollawing 'en:meet: ° Under Me
at San Fratinno on the Eurh of June,
. ., ipp . o , PoemsPoemsdid pot i tp i , , ,,t ag e mpr e y. ; autocue! Heaven and the precepts of Washing
nor did I *W. colloid aay columunication with Geo. I ton, Kentucky will bathe. last to give up the Un
real Riley, until Mout the middle of that month, 1 kit , "
when he came to San Frmsco. IL. proclaim. Upwards of fit ly •co
et vie are now in course of
Loa, collies a Convention of the people at Celitin• loading at New York for Caloortria. Tweets for
ma to form a State mostlostieu,l3 dated at I
Mon• I
ot pausal", by Mcursull Howland
at •St ANiowall
'a line
terry, 130 miles from San Franciaso, 50 third of steamers aing ilrcnuunt.
June. The bat paragraph of thoi pCoclantit l oll IS Vellaell cleared te
trona Bastin for California on
m the following word,: f Thuraday.
° The method here indicated to attain what in I The fare oa the rail roads !rum Albany to Buffs.
°,,e• I I.• is to be reducertio two cents • mile—about 56,:i0
desired by all, via., • mare perfect
gaWastillm, is deemed the most direct sod rate for the whole distance. This is dono to secure the
that eau be adopted, and one fully suthonaell by trnv el which i• in danger of being diverted to the
law. It is the coarse advised by the President, Erie Karl Road: Two boons are Mu, Lobe ran doi
ly from Annul' to Poughkeepaie, to comsat with
and by the Secretaries of Stale and of War °Ma '
Coded State, and is calculated to ,told the Moe- I the Hudson River Rail Road.
tractable evil+ which toast neceisarily result from
Accarding to ii Cies Advernur.
. p..l.lished at
'my attempt illegal local Icglaill'n' It is three " Cincinnati, there were 1,096,931 . hags killed in the
fore hoped it will meet the approbation of the yea- valley of the West during the put year. Mr. Cot
tie of tialneria, and that all good citizens will I adhere, to the opiniort, i het w hut the entire returns
01100 in carrying it into carnation.° I are in , and correctly given, it will ha bound there
The steamer le which I was a passenger to Sato , ~. ( .1 00E 0, from last year.
Franck.' was the drat maw:prove to carry to the i, '' ' "
people of California the intelligence of the luau- I Monsieur Retool, was a (amens Parinian many
guratian of Preaideat Taylor, and the appointment ' lender, and when no his death bed hie isonfe•sor
of Ins Cabinet; an that, at the dote of Gaped Rai- , resented a saver crucifix to him with n view to
awaken biro toe geese or his situation, the dying
ley's prulamatma, it was not possible that be
could have received any communicatim from' tbe mi. , ' efiee examloing the erou with the el.
preaent Admnistration. The President of the I meat aueottoo, soddenly exclaimed —•Slr, I ran
United States li, whom he tees' was Mr. Polk, lead you but a very small lOW on ouch a pledge.'
the Secretary of State Mr. BilOhattnan, the &CCM - 1 Sir Albums Morton died in 'the prim' or life;
tarp of War Mr. Marcy. 11 wan 111 accordance ; Lady Morton, from the effect of grief, only Fur
with the recommendations of this proclamation, I vived him a week. The following liner, from the
sort... Med as they nee ia President Polk i a last an- en nf one of the best of
under the ( o p nimbi, are csta
noel mereage, ghat the poopleof California acted l p
ved on the monument which they teee,
in forming their States constitution, Lalways sri• in Southampton church, Englmdi—•
dressed tee people of California In fey private 'lle first deceased, she for a little tried
character, and never W 1. 11 1 1 1 .11 Ely. ognial ll 1. 04 . 0 To live without him. liked it not, and died.'
among them. Interested aid mom slave tabor as
a Georgian and a southern eilinen, I was prepared
te expect that the objects cf my mission would be LOGAN, WILSON & Co.,
perverted in the North; sad I End
accordingly , not WOOD STREET, ABOVE nem,
that, durimg the t.t rAIL ellectiona to that quarter, 1
re re
I w., there as it uutheruidaveholder,
Ask the mention of purchaser" to their
lent to California to indoctrinate tbe people in my ,
opinions about eleven, Thin Yeas a bare (dye , l PiIIESH SPIELING' STOCK.,
hood; but ;Lis not half ao base as an attempt to' Which they think mull compere favorably, both I,
iMpreall an the public mind that I was sent to .o eatvnt and etwatrocu, with that of any .
me or influence California to exclude slavery.' ether house, either hem or in
T. BUTLER. KING. . the Eastern Vines.
(chin JawlyT
Rams or Maestro Woxwa-lAr. Townsend 1
I llti N nns in his bill ' b'inin the
/411111""" °l.'
On Seth ton, by the Rev. Mr. Bryan, Mr. Man
Manachuseta.., to amend the third section of that' stegisany, to Min N,t3C.l Win, ants( thisciiy.
act as follows:
b ee i n il,,i. a aiIIaNTITY OF OLD TvrE: FOIL S&LS, A Pri.y.
"Any married female may had by _ AT THIS OFFICE
lance or by gill, great, devine or bequest,. from 1
any other person other than het husband, and T ity,WF, this day assonated with me, tu the Whole
may otherwise acquire and hold to hoe so...sand . e
rr rule Grocery, C.oirstleetioni3,4nd. Serenading heti.
separate U4O, and convey and deyaw_real and per- i , 1
,„'...n".:,.0,4,111 he comlaClett tr:v3o l' , ' lTo *". II "`" ,
meal propetty,uud any interest orenint,,therein i, .;! w ..„,,„ ~, s,„" , ~ ~,,,, o ld ~,,,,,, N . „ ii ?„.:.
and the rent., inner, and prothis thereof, In the . ter and 64 Front street. 1.. S. 33'.4.TERMAN.
same manner, and with the like effect as if she i Fittelaitgli. March let. two.
were unmarried' and the stole shall not be' sub. Ei7ip,;;,,,0„,,,.,ELN.w„,„,,,„,,, . ,v_ B . w.,,,,,,,,,,.
lent to the diapered of her husband, nor ho liable 1 . ,, ta, WATICSISI 13 al & 0015113,
:for his debt*. . ' j lICILEISAI.F. onocilts, Cemmiasion and'
e .
w .,.,1,,,,, ut,,t,m‘ur, dealers in all awl...
A subject which bad been buried 6 6 e -61i'itil does A. raliburgh Slanufaetund Article.; ~,,
years, woo taken up a few days since, says the tor sale of lltclatioud and Lynchburg, Mr
HOUSum, Odin.) Republican, of the 26th ultimo, 'lobscrs..___._...,•!„_..._._.-------------------
for the purpose of removing :o diliercrit location ii. • To Let
and found in a high elate of petrifacten. It re. !Ti ROM In of April neat, ibe'WAHEIHIUSE lately
roved the strength of all men to raise the coffin ,! I: rwsumed by Tat . se n y th a nesi. No 33 Weed at. In.
Dom the vault—this enured them to open it, to diir ! V.2l . L . L.___
cover the cause of the weight; when, to their sur- Wee ants,
LARGE Safe, Platform Seals, Ceuta.. Tenet, tav
prise, they found it to contain a Infra of same. —
r other .abates necessary In die Wholesale (a
With the ezecption or the fingers, part of one ei. ~y he4nesa. 101lUite 4.1 35 wood el
the feet, and • small sportinder the position ti the ' p,,
band., Which bed decayed before petrifaction had
taken place, the body was apparently a solid stone.
This circumstance °mewed in this .3‘ln l Y, "yea I
or eight miles north of this place, tied presents a
problem hot scientific relation.
Ma. LIVAUDAM — The late Stab Tresaureu of
Louisiana, attempted to commit suicide by cutting
his throat with ■ razor, on the 12th Mauna. at Ba-
UM Rouge. His accounts had been examined
and build to be correct, and it is supposeni tharnitt
appointment In political ambition_indaced the tow
minutia of the rash act. Ha was mill,aliva on dm
lath Instant, but ao hopes were entertatned lot his
recovery, as he refined all aid.
G 001). -A shrewd old gentlem
his dam atm, "Be GUM my dear,
ry n poor men, but remember t
mnu tu thn world fa one that hat
thing elm"
CMMILD SIVAIMES.—Tirt Bunton Mei' veyv
that the Government of Nova Scotia have recto•
ed tecouration that the 'Cunard viemeni will not
be withilutwu from tu order to run direct
to New York.
11 , 4 0 N CALMOIMIA fuarr.—The whole now.
ber of vessels cleared from Poston for Califs/um,
ainca the Srst t flisacvory of sahl, is RM. Probably
thew vetarly have earned out some 500 peas
gaugers, nod shout 91000 000 w frogbas.
HAMS as SIIOIII.DERS--00,000 lb• very
j) bernlsrene cot, panted to new Wrenn the., sellable
for sbapping anal, re arrive ouni fur vale
1 DICKEY CO Front st
BACON 111,1d—'U hhd l
on hand and for m
mf, nicKEY & CO, Fr
c" I ' IWIAN d tr..(73
TOBACCO -0 bra EN, 6'n, add lb lump;
6tiEATIIS-4231liudyas, btainturnolg,vrsorkToby
In by'
PIG 1•"°--"",40%-°.1..;74T.A1,.
akiTllls Leauoial .tyle of lULTS it now
ocrted, and oral be introtlated on . ..Mt ,
urdby,Mszch 2d, by DIeCORD 6 CO,
tett Corner CA b. Woodh.,
onto In
lon neve,' Mr,
that the omit
mondy and po•
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Ladles . List
Atter Cath'ne Adam. S.. ti Atebinsns Mary
Agar Mary Allen Jane Awn. , Mary
Agnew:Staab Anderson Martha Avis Eats
Adams Amy App'.eby
Batty rdn Semen lloarerb.d Info Brywn Satan
!taker Mary Roger Wady G Brawn
Banton E Boyd Mary Banton ?dd.,' H.
IllneAssa Ann Brady !Sarni E
BarnsM Bnokley Al Johnlen •
Barr loam! Barnarnp Mr. rs
Blakely Mara Brokaw Sarah Waller Sarah Y
Blacks. Mott Briant Fanny llianghato Ju..y
Camat Maria P Canrcidde Rosa Gotha Nina) . Jane
Cameron Ellen Clannhy Mrs Grady Candna
idanselbtabolla Elan lindget Craig Elul. •
Caulfield lb I Clements Jane S Creighton C a
li ne
Chopp!ln Anna,' Coleman Sandi A Creppea
Chnity /Teo Conner PAVE, Curren Mel Robs
Eari•do Mans Conrad Elln'th
Chriu.y Martha J Cooper Isabella •
Day Rachel Date/hare Mare 6112ti11l 5t11 , 113
Deokert 'gen 1337.1 Bridget Daman Jane
Derhaann ts. 1. Dennellir Kate Sarah I
Da Mary Davall Laura
Eadia Ehith FA:yards Sarah Evans Una E
E.lwards Ulan English Signsy
Fahneiaaek Mary Fleming name Fortune Olen
Finnian E Ford Mena& FITAV r.!ixrt ti
Forge g r aldhire Jaaroagna Valhalla Frantz allay
Glllerpre Marikairlordon Ann II Gtahara Elcancr
cc, Nancy Gordon MstiLn L. OraLcm lieu um
Girt Marfaret Gor tout Nn linttsull)
licslitt ads.),
griry Haulm Caroline Hoffer ?dory F
• ollii Kiddy Hawker Rachel 11011 Mont
waren M C Hays Elix'th Holeabaugh loon ,
• r knees Ellett A Ilayes Kate Honeywell Ao'r A
man Alll, Hays Pasty Hopper Sorel
ii.vonAlralVlleuryMrs LlTborHOoraer Sorel J
en Elia l ib Hiller Emma Ilettehlmm Nary
Mrr CW Money lam F. !logo DrueilLa
ire Marie L Hooker SCVIIII.
Igor M. John Ivory C
J 4nn Rot' Mlotlas hlorlha Johnston PAMIR
J•trs y nvarallo Jane Mary Johnston £ Cos'no
Jones hire
Kennon Barbnra Korean INl•ry Knox Jew'
litely Cotten., liefflaSl Emus Knox Mary
1.0.11 x linchel KirkatttekSahkgriowlsrun Mx.
li,suy haan Kto. p ey Eli.ltt
brit It S Leonard Lome E LovrryLooia
1111C7 Mergt Lioghern amnia Lovrry Mar v
e rpm Coth'incErovvor Margt
Mariolu Mary A Mandfoholll.ydiaMounhon Nancy
Marta 'lentil:Oa Miles Sarah Moony C A
Macs C Plias Helen • Alooio Satoh
hlntonCorohno I.llonta'nlery a
Mary:qt.., A C
Isunl Mks L Mealy Sarah Marlin ?dory
Mandl.ll Oconor Morrell ;in hiollhk Mrs Jog
Martin Awl E Monon y Horny Elral`a
Mettride Tnbitha McCallough9nlahMeKee E'irs
McCarrn. Martel Wt ., }aia•h't McKee elleth
McCandless MartyMe'lioley 131hdy McKnight Nancy
McCloskey M. ry Mc. lknloy BridgetMoSettoncy JenCa
McCombs Ca. Ilnehtr lowan Betty Mel... Vrcatt'n
McCoy Snral Mc Ctann Ann Mc:icily Ann
McCrory Aare McimashlsabellaNteCtAconlObella
McCurdy L.. 13 l'ilcKtute Ann C
Nec•on Caits'ne Nichols Elita
O'Brien Cmiene 0 Donne ItuutratO'Keefe Friltch's
O'Boonel Jute
• •
Patldes Mary Patte Neey Ilanash
Patterson Ctott MPatterrsosonn SarahMPrioßrhillisnard Mary
Vameraon Phillip in MalyPrase Pusan
Rohm nlitrot It RAtitrils Mon Robin+ 141111
Ron Marni Richard+ Mary Robiwoo Mrs M
RafrotyMrattonryltichardronMary Row Inn I
Raw wy Mid& Riley Margt Itow Matilda
RitionY Kiwi* Rowland Ann
Rood ;slit, Rwher lAailitit Ryan Enza
Itetaley Math Its itigcr Mr. Jo.
Rico Masoella Riticonouse
Supple Mrs S H Shipton Sarill Smith Nast
ands Jane Studer Eltxtb Stank Marl' L.
SMwS Augartn Shoot Marl S mith Sarah
ntr Ararkt srlkey Ens& I Spears Amanda!'
:Soon Charlotte SUSUMU
L .. Margt Strata Matti D
Sella r. Mar, Anatitrams udas tr Stems., Mara
r'eth M A So:apron Sarah Sephenr Claris,
Shafer Mary Qtriing ee er Carrillo Stepaetw
Shulman Sarah Skn Claim., Stewart Carolin-
Shaw Fl'talbeth Small Catana S swan Matti,la
Shaw Sarah J Smith Eliza ri•xwrry Ann
10 . 1 . Sere/ 'rdompi'nrhabOnntile }ZVI
T.lll, LOU,* T u nnpoonSarahElTrruner Mn
Thutniown It+• 1 Telnp:etnnße.euThomplon lamb
Thompeonlir:JonTormhz.t RlintC
lVakeleld CateeWeller Wilean Marion A
eli Ellen "to Alta 1.4 Windel Mary
Wn.ker Klteth F Alnry R Winters
%y a w, Wii.y Ann
Walion Ann Wliktaon Jane Wondybang6
Wardell Pauline Williain.odlllasiaW.4idlienlll./
Lauretta W.lron Ells. Worth Matins
Al A %Vikton Woitninglan AI A
Wanali Unita Wil•on
- -
Gentlemen's List
no , s I . A mes Fess Andrewi T.4os
Adam. Rol, Am'g PhlLp lip A.hrnlyn Woe
A4.10 , 0n Ales Alextualer IVr, ATfrl Jon
Adlintton Etin - All/ton orison Fred Aston its.
A William Anthony Ch. Anita Jal
AlletkOn John Andresuct Alex AtelLA Thoy
Ann , Alygn•tos Anker Mach. ArtUilien John
Benin Fray Breford Jas Boyle Hugh
ala , Jr , tit Drugs Jos Brown Jainea L
B‘dry David Benedict Carr 0 Drown Beni F
Batley Tbeis J Dcllnve Jno !ince W
Itailey4rio 6,1411 Jasper Itraig Jacob B
Batley J a y Bibisverth S dl lintervell Liaao
Ha nett AII Bennet Job Ranker Rota
Itnreett Zeribarnaßinghvin War Breen liernsrd
Bates D C Thai, las Brant Beni
l.Barronaran iflolob ire o Melon - asd Brusly Ilebt Brady John
li E Brady ittl
Barrer Wren thiefird Simeon Bender Jar
Moreau lea Black Tina Breve, El/I,lex ,
"'flop Ftrra Mack Wm A lirmmen .11t,
.J no id A !back WmT lirosh A Framer
i.e /Back Woe Brooks G
Mhoßlack Ales EIODDIIIhIO Dant
is gob, Black in. Broadaione kl E
urn•amt Dolce Dr 1 T Br.ksbank Joo
II Jan Bolden it. Bra•torhera Jas
,ekt, John Boyle Ch., B lity.Sgtml
eat,' Wolter W Boarmiul hl MOTO.* George
terrYUeeDayle loW Burk ion
lIDDO 11,. Booth Thos Jr Bob. lit
Rendre:3 ml Voice 13 Bair, Win J
Met. Jas Boot Jonathan Borns Pat
Benson David Boden B B Bader Ander
Behancinuis Boyd Jos Donkey Dap
Bower Geri C Bowden Sarni J
By ßurgess
ers Jos
Cahill Richt Clanton Simon P Contralti P
Cahill nos Collins David Cox Albert
CR.I Alex Coßlx Abel Cox Capt ht
Cartwright It 11 Coots Wm rbrwilt 11 F
Cavanagh John Coatallenj Corwin Homy W.
Canon Matthew Colrain/1 Isaac Corbett T
Carnahan 011 Cole Wm - Covert Joseph
flornobno H Cole 1t F Craeruft Jos 11
Rano,. Hash pl Colo Jsbra Cregg The.
Canton 'rho. Cole Chas Craft Cristopn r
Carson Jno All Cochran Lewis Crum /sutra
Carer her Danl Ft:Moly J. Creo James
Carlin Thom Cook C W Crawford John
Caner Fxlsrd C Connor Corn'. Crawford /no C
Carlisle /as Connor Crawford J
Cameron Alex Coney C Crawford Ands.
Caropli - 11 CapiCJConaen rho. Crawford Jae 0
Carophrli Mr Conned Daal Coco Henry
Chew Wm Conway Taos Crocker Ono P
Charlton Wen C Conway John CrothersCapttlW
Charton hVm C Conolly Martin Curtis Henry
Chldiater tyro Conolly H Curarin Geo
Chedwick 111 Coolly Sethi Carry Saml
Chapman Sand Conynghara 3 0 Cummings Sand
Chester Coital lomph Curtis Henry
Chive" Geo Corns Jas Curtis Chas
Chalfant Frank Cowlick J Canninhuramse
Clark NH Covilla Cunningham J.
Clough John Coyle Neal Cunningham nos
Cotton Sampson
Dowling Win MoabaDY Mich'
Davis Mr Deilit-Chrini. Daugherty Joseph
Davie John Dean J a y Dieu. ettiisti.
Davin Jos Dt. Doffr Taos
Davis Win De Cr.. J Daffy Martin
Davi. David Ft Dickey Jno II Dyer OltVer
Davis Jos D Dilltniniuytt ffuniftortioron Al]
Davis Wattle Doolortilardin Duni., Ednid
Davis Tilos DobbensTlial Donn Geo
Deopel Henry Dooming Jon Dann Win
Drool C F Donner J. W Dam FranCil
°W v IC h
JMaslc ht D lne l. l 4 lN oo
S J t o e n p h l ` l n lD D anc e . .
J W c . k
Dei. ThLovino us
g •
Etthlat Arllhan Flelson Boost Erma Si. bl'Pher -
Pone W II Robin Wm A
Flourn Michl Oiled Loughlin Fyster C S
i - divard. Forinii , l Eilory Jinn Doing Won II
I,,irtoodi Won Friuli Cos' hvons Won
1:11.1. , s Jackson Etironfilo Fred N fivatir C
oapien Ileory Ellaberry Char Evan. Joae ph
Irish Palk •
Rinieil Irlin Fl rserabl John Forbes Aler
Porno 1,0 Fallon Coy J P For , . John 1:
Paull Won I. I-I son Jooali Fortyth John
Pshi Abraham Faingso Jan Forsyth Soon! R
Volh Geo I' blarair Jae I, , F r y lAN j
Frihnenrnek Allin Flamm Won i CoFraneisSobantio ,
erell J W Pistoling, Lail F renr j, Eh r ij
'rgnatio Win Fleming Kola H Froverfeli F.
•erguson Pisani Flanigan Fran C Fruitier amain.
fenwiet David Finnigan Pot Foal Psi
mino. ChnPrFoarnain Jan 11 Franklin Amor
, 0 „ u r a, posse Win Fuller Won R
'orris Mn Ford Enoch Font James
Fidel Sostil Vorali Fred Funk Simon
'orb 811 Fmtamer Jos Vahan N
inch John Foote. Jrici Folkerson Wm
Gallaghur Jas Qill.m Eta Co Green Sarni
UvddtY W G triliddon DenCarloGreen John
tiatilegni Pat Glass Ales I Green Alfred M
Goartinn CAI Oil lima Grove Jonas
Geist The.: (11.0 Timothy Orono David
tin re Iltram J Gordon Ezetiel limn John
George Knbt Goml John Grua. Stephen
Geyer John Gould Copt E W Grime John D
_Jacob Gormely Copt Gruber Lewis
Gams Mich! Coals Jacob: Grillen Pask
Garret Juo B Grams Wm Gribbin Pony
1111:1 Tilos Geary Capi Jean Grobh kali.
Garlick Thoa Grady p e a .
Gitiont Aarou Gress John ' Graham Jim
tillieno We, in Greet Jap Gralmut Wm
Intmore Arohd N Green Geo E Graham Saint
tY Gillespie Wm 11
11.aulton Ju. llanlimorn J Heller,/ D
Hull Penal liar.. Chas W Ilearialma
Doll las MI'S. Wm Il Ilasketh /no
flab 'Wm Ilatlsaw 01 }tartan /no F
IlaraiDon Edwardlime Oa Brauer Ilarring Hear. Al
Ilatarm Al Jae Ilailswa.DreAP.lllanaersen Rabt
ll.Awa Henry 11a16a13 Chas A Hinds Joan
Madden Goo Ilear3 11110 Hq A P
Lewis Ilisalie Daus ' 11111 tldml
llandstuon Hugh llarper John Hyland Mr I.
Hamer Ales kisslett es Frew litltewdel D
klaman Chas llayasona Wmlisreabungh Oro'
RCM Hoary :Flawkiss Jul blimps Jul
Hanna Wm Ho /ao D Ho
Hann Copt Jno Hoyden
es Chas A Ho ne Kan
Hamra John J IlnYs John Ilambaker Dann
Dylverzer Ho, Chao Me Holler Auto.
Mantel) Jas neneni Ja• Holman John
nut*. John Hecker Henry L Housisit Rey J K
II !orison Alfred I tennerle Neal Dolmas.
Hartland lino • Hew. Jas
Hartman Jllellortinston Mord Itauboo AVar
Holmes (Pnr Ilmann G Hutehluut John
Holm,* Blehd Hoehn° Marhant Hatcher. Vey
Hun Job Herber John B honor WIO
'l3"/". Goo it /140 r-oleo. Humphrey Jas
I engem John Hunt A
Itomphrey Jno W ,
Llq Fretlerkek E
Jssf Stephen J”essesy J Johnson Henry S
Jedltgli Wal W /knee, Wm Johnson Gee V:
James John E . Jbe Amos Johnson Thos R
looses And. Jianuon Thos Jones Jno E
Jonsson Ando Jennings Bepj JO/ISi & Dodos
Jalmy To. JennungsJno James Geo F
J4CilsOn Stephen Johns T C Jones Hugh
Josses Sena JOntdan Wm 0 Jones Jno
lemes , Stephen Johns S Jones Lissa
Jorkmssy Seth ClOhmon Isslah Jones Jesse 51
Jackson Janson Cdpl T JO.? Mr
Ka:*lsr inn P Kelly Jllls T
Keyser Jno F Kelly Philip
Keregno Kerr Wm
Kemp Andw Kelly AMOS
Km:inny Alen Kelly R
Kenning Jon Knox J H
Kelly Andw Klrkpanlek Jao C
Kerr Then R Knox Jno A
Kerr 1) Knowles LeVael
K.y esisca
Kaye 1 o‘sph
Keenln Francis
Cenras Teets
Keegan Joseph
Keene inlln
Kenny ilobt
Kelsey Arms
Kennedy Thou.
Leaven , Wm Luker Jan
Le wta Thou Ludington Z
hewts David A Lynch Illinsi
Leaner JL s 1.000 Jee
Lewis Jot Lors tt
Linton lion Lynch Wm
etloeyJjaes„. lLsr,,era„evjeJ:he
Little Thou Lord to Co
Little Dastl Lupler Barn_
erLlndany L Lynn Into
Litmanth Pad D Lloyd Abel l,
little Ties M Lawn r;oo ,ed
Lonsmere Jos LYssh Ea_
L.ow /no w
11113yRtiGegh Wan. Jno
Leorimri Lewis Isaws Lfitra.
Lambert W
Lawson blame
Larkin inn
!ucted Harvey
Law lotto P
Lomehue Prawn
Levnte Henry
Lanham Wet
Leader lea ft
!dewy Geo
Lee ltdard
I.ewit Wm
.10361 M
Lehi° F
StudJockr Thor Almon P Mentlinghallka
alatiot Arthur Almon PoI Meredith Jno
Alsenhan John Mason Inn Merriman Jno
Guo Almon SII Nomt
Alahoor IJtrid al ambling Win ',lesser Nathl
Shinn Jon Mathews Edtad Murphy Edthd
Monty Wur Matthews Robt llMurylm Mr
hienufrty Maxwell Jon Pater
Mandl' nahan Maxwell Oro Maryhy Moses
Mania Jno II May Jon Murphy Miehl
Allyn,. Fred Meet:hog loons SAlnryhy Henry
Marks IT . Neigh. Andra -Murray Jos
North Jae Id Miller Chao 'Murray Path
MAZIOTLI JOWStilltriMillinger Martin Mornay Amity .
Martin heodoth Melville Philip Nthrroy Wm
lle. ,
NPAninch Etisha 111`CoIly Wm Mtgelvy AI
bl'Adarns Geo hlPorey Hoge MlCakey Wen
Hemp II MlDanough Med hlDarrity J.
APAIM Mich! MDissals Dant
brAnulry Jno hPElreah Thos M`Gabas Jul
hPßea Thos bPDonald Jneeph lit'HoghFAwd
AlUsies (loch Dl'Dennou Jno P hPHvrh Mehl
HlCatlntarb Jas AhrEwenJas W hlTilarry /no
Wel. Th. Plays° Capt hVGIII Hugh
10Elnro R hPllroy Wra MIMISok /no
hPrarty FAlsrd Milroy Jaz B 10 - Govern Jae
IBDlarrn Jan M'lmes Ander AfTigho Stephen
bllctallistsr C blimy David bl'Halry Wahl
NlVesor Robt NIT.? Rota APHoll%lararta
lll*Carty Henry Palmyra D.I M'Snone Jaa
reather; Fras Itl'Onne P MlMaileaW k
at'Clorn Ander Illtelean Jay D B
Dbl'Cleart S Whiles Th.
HCotkor P bllKenua lee brNansea
ht'Coy Chas APEnight Robt MlNalty Wash
hlCollom Jaa httlinight Jo.. hlTiaaghten I C
lll'Cov S bl'Keig Oro Ars itherl Hugh
IPCavy Jas Al,Krarort Wm Mrrink Mr
Intently Alex rd'Kelvy PII Mich
• N.
Newland Woo Noormo John Norman Jr.. A
Newton Joseph Natlan Mina Nelsbet Jae
Newmand F Nice°ls John Nicholson A& F
Nelson Jas Noble Wm Noscut Geo A
Neidle 0 Nicholson Oscar Naiung Saud F
' Olivet G R Omood Alfd P Warm!, Doll
O'Brien Jos o'llonnell Mum. owen
Ochner Levi. ttYDootiell F Ort Pionimon
O'Neill Path OlCane nry .1
F O'Brien Fl 4
Cogood L O'Donell l He
Page Jos Patton W R Paton John
Parrett JD ' Pains Johli Paton Fnml
Patterson I M PerminOon G W Palmer Hanoi
Park Alcsauder Pierce F W Pollock David
Parks Jr. Tierce Fmoch Poke Mr
Park John W Pambarton Israel Parlor Mr
Park Henn . L Phillips 1 Pommy Mr
Patterson J Plant Jos Pon. Geo
Fierce FtanclaW Phillips R& W Potter A
Peters John H Plunkett Jas Pope Remy T
Peek Jas M Phillip. Riehd Pone ResJ
Pram Phillip. Lake, Price Gen
Pierce. John Phillips Aleir Proctor Jas
Quigley Ins Goner Win Quest Jos
Rankin Wm Reed las Rolls hue
Ralston David Reed Wok C Rom Pam
D Reynold. 9AI Robb Jos
Renkir. J D 'lteillv Thos Robb A Si
Ramer Jos Rea) Oman Roeaesor Ju
Reyna. H P Riddle John Robinson J
Ralston Jon Rtainger Jacob Robinson Dr I
Raymond F A Ricbardson H 9 Robinson tretml
Roe. John Rigg Junes Robinson Robs
Reese Tbro Richubuk Dan Robinson Writ 0
Iteorcen C D Roberts Morrison Robertson
lienmenJohn _Robert* E%V Ryan John
frisingetßemeassßotiert. Coo %V Ryan Fram
Rabble Hobert Ross Hen Ryan Thos
Ana ROM Idichl W Rhyn Wm
Reed Dr Chas. Rosswell Was Radpard C W
Read John Reed Goo Roll Sant
Sala John !Murat Mr Boulez Ju
Sample Madhor Sheppard Henry Snyder Geo
Flan. Am. Skelton Jan Sproat Mr
davage Francis Singleton Nam Spencer Paul
Fnvilt 54 U Singlet. Ed Spencer J M
Faro Ira Sloyntaker Thor Sprawl Isaac
Scarborough 3 Dines John Starr Geo 1)
Scott Jar K Smith Rtehd Stapleford RI)
Seim Trios Smith Win J Staley Hugh
beard Peter stuhla W A Eitnnley Abram
Sell Jod Smith Isaac ' &train John P
to:el). Chun 13 Smith /numb. Smile llenrY
Seiner Jan N Smith Beni Stephens Peter
Seam. Wm Smith Wm Stephen Jae
Settlemoyers D Smith Thor tiiewert Jar E
Stmt. John U Kurth Mr Stout N A
!Oat lkirnord F Smith Tharnton ASCU J W
Shanefelt Hen A Smith J. Jr 81argeon J K
Sharp John Smith Geo Stoat Robt
Strander Riehd Simpson lieo S Sour Eliatna
ghost Valentine Simla.. P W Strobridge T
Sheeler Peter Rnaer John Swain Lewis
Idbenfeld Jos Sitwell., 11 B Swaney . Andre
0.30 I . ' II SorSr Geo Swell:lTh. B
Sweeney Jae *weeny Joha 131rotgery C B
Swords John
T.a las Tapkiu Ern 'Thomas LAari s
rG. TAYllllg st
JOIM Thomas Len.ld
Tomosll Josh. Taylor Robs Thumps. Riski
Truedly Fredls 'nut Gobi Thumpluml P
Tyler rental Thi 'fhos Thompson W
Turner HourrodA Thum. America Tony 3011 n
Tremor Ow. Thompson AVsn 8 litthits John P
Traynor Owen Tenny Henry Timall John
Tasny John Thspp Frans. Tortisly
Ttylor John W Thompson Riehd Torrence A II
Taylor Jos 'Thomas Pa* Taggart John
Urb.AlGad Usterman Pmd
Vigor Francis Veatch Jos W Vail Ge
Varner J.
Walsh M Waters Jae Wdliams J II
Magner Philip Watkins Adorn Wildman J D
Nagley Mr Weaver J J Wtlliame Wash
Walter Soml Weiser Christi Williams 13 A
Nagisoncr David West Rota. Williams Wmla
Walsh 11 It West ?Janheor II Wslliams John
Walser Geo 51. Wearer John ft B
Waeggstiff W H Wendt Geo W Wilson Athos
IVallazeJelln Weston Chas Wilson Jae
Wallace Antler Welch David 0 Wilson John
Wallace G - West Jas Wither Zibooo
Walker John Whipple Henry DWilson Ben &CO
Wafer Walker Whiteman Wns kVdkio.J
%Valises J on While Jo. Witham Peter
Walter Jacob White Hugh Wickersham
W o n.. Feho White Mr or MossWingard Adam
Waters John While &Co WA.) Joseph
Watt Janus Whiten= H Wade Frsveis
Watterstione 0 Williams 8 Wiskem Char
Waroninghten W Witham. A Wickersham W
Watt Wm Williams Laois Wicmer 0 W
Warren C P Williams John D Woodcock lien
Ward Alfred Williams lid. Wyndham 11 i.
Winter J a s Woods Edwin Wright Lc lne
Wilkinsona Woods Jos Woad. Wm Mi
Wilkins Wm W Woods, Jae
Youg Jortathm Young NY 7 Yeaur JO W
Young Juo Young A M Yonfing Fran•
Ram, Charles
Steamer North River, or Owner,
Steamy West Newton, Of ORIIM
,te llosa Wyoming
Publioation Office, N W Dia= end
Click steamer West Newton
hill (Wove Lodge
• Zucca Lodge, No :NS
Non City Lodge, N 0241
Ilneaviston Dirtsion, No S.Ve
Lawremeeville Divhston, N.,173
Ureon W.O Dmision, ei of T, P. 7,1
Perremmon, March 7, 11840.
H. A. Fahneatock &
lATID/LESALP; DRUGGInTeI, corner of RIM and
VT tCoodattests, oder for saleyon favorable terms:
MO buts Whiting, 590 Ihs Crab. A611.10/linj
00 do Mom; Sou do Aasecnida; •
300 do Dye Woods; dad do Crude rartsre
s 5 do Itsroptanct; 500 do Immortce 110 C 6
70 do Vets lied; MO do Irish aloscd.
11 do camphor; 150 do fled PrectpilMe;
to do Span. Brown; 100 do I:W=10 Amer.;
00 do Itellow °clue; 03 do do Fmk.:
tu du Ltrinrtasse; 000 do Booboo Leaves;
odu Cueos.,• MO do Rhubarb Rook 3
3 dn Chum. Pioesercird do Marano. do;
14 MIL, /1.1. B o ras; 000 do Merman do;
0.5 in Csa•ne 000(0 11101 do. Sal Rocheele;
13 do Prosman eine; MU do Peidlitz 511ktare;
10 0,, 0 1,, ne e0k-omo do Pow'd FUmbarb;
13 do Cloome
t ir es 6 M do do Slip. Elm;
do do ye 11..; Flo do do G.Arabie
sdo Ant Vensilton; 11. m do do Lig. li on ,
It terms :Sand Pnper; 100 do do /amp;
:10etly Sumac; =it do do Af Coy..
05 1.10• 1101110 Corks; YAM do Solph. Zinc;
75 ex Stalpb. Morhia; MM do Dar Tin;
1010 he Cape Aloes; 0061 do_ Tamarinds;
PAM do Deetaora Potalib; 15D do Quick Silvan
001 do Pink Root; *So do °make Peel;
Irri do 'flukey Umber; 75 do Cochln oo 4
001 do Cream TATUIr. VI do Hid POlaah;
50 0 do Tartaric Acid; 60 do Mare; -
inn tin Uve Ur*, 15 do Qralawillo Lotto
!ChM , disvpdos
To the Public. ' '
'CIF. tr,, 7 coglifirorrer 2 n bli Ve d g
t.o held Promdcnoe Hall, on the eyenieg o iTh u l d
,;.y, uSill of March nett, to which the friend. of Ins
end the pahlic generally era respectfully Levi
A. U. 11A111:11.13.
I enouilerg, .treeret
EleMere at Pelf
rpcom the PAtettutet Ns.4stion 0.114 Fere In •
r acted
Co=pal, will Wane tnotaenre its CM.
Lion of the tagllt; 'Munn other Ironies.
We 25•31 R0PT.E1V1V,134.41
011,103 HALL
SI: Piled. and Twig afternoons Morel
o'clock, and on
Wednesday and Scoria) Aftemmoci,
Feb. Vlb and March 54 at 3 o'clock.
tcrrh. Learned Canary thrdii beautiful mseri.
menu in Modern Magni and laughable menmin yen.
trUoquismi, illustrating the woneetial powers of the
human omen
Admission 515 cents; Children half price.
Door. open at-7; to commenceat,l o'clock.
'Tickets can be procured at the prilseial Howls, ard
at NY 6.5's Mat Wore fehO
1. , 1,7 1 1 . 0 L zgy 5 , , , ,,0 0 11 . 1 . G.1 . N . ,,A h L OPERATIC TROUPE-
fully mcooece to the ittiltem of Pittsburgh, that P timy
iropose giving a sericaof their popular CONCERTS.
antatencing on Mona Emma, ESSIIIMS. lh. and
atiunaing every cunning durin g,
the muck, at WU,
SONS LULL, issWitit ROOM, ou whisk, rocusionthey
introdace their own original NI usictogetrer wall
ail the popular Ethiopian !gelatins of the day.
Mr. Director•-- • -.51r. J. F. TAUNT.
Mr. 0. O. DROWN, to champion Donn Player of
he vemla, is attached so this Mono, and will appear
soh evening in Solos, Duals, Sic., in ail of which he
stands unrivalled.
Mr. O. O. EINIDERAIiao Jonontssa the Dutch Daity,
will appear nightly in one of bin ohligitoca
0 - Doors open at fil o'clock; to comroncn at 74
precisely. Tickets, IS consi, to be hod at Me prole ,
pal Howls, and at the door ,1,70 -
_ • - ______ ____
AllOllOll4l natal tor /tent.
rpolgt—hlratrl American
1st: 1 11 o :1 1 ; 4 V ATtl ' ne n .l .. .
A ply at this office. labia
I:NOOND—A OM of Money arse NW
N, which, upon
r proof of oamerahip, can be had by applyi. to
No 67 Fro , . al
CIAOSIERES-5 mos Fsetcy Caimmeter, put U
...yea from mstatfactomrs. on consignment, mail
to. sn'e by LI LEE, Liberty Iree4
felcS optictette Fit%
ITIWES.D.-4 sues i weeds, olive, brown, a•d gold
la led, just reold 011 smarmiest, for sale by
H LErr.:l7bert • et
CLAN ALPMES—JaIIt reed, ,4 eases Clan Alpine
"OPCItt, • new article, for sprite talcs.
II LER, Liberty in
roLvsicErs---1 rases Gray
Drab 6.1%'
Ido 111. Bp d, tar
1 do aupariaagesal° by
49 11LEE L LtlrtY at
THERE—A run lo more And mr sate by.
bbla vadoue b • di.- a nre an. f,
•e by &198 ARMSTRONG & CROZSR-
AdON-10,0C0 lbo to doy_tee'd and far oak by
- -
bbl. Lmusvillejtreat, for No DT
M O MES-7 1: PiorLldoo;
pO " Suirahlouse,
C3O id bbls " "
15 do Gold. Syrup;
ilbbla do . do;
reed and for we by
og nur.v, AIATTIIEWS A. CO
, IR—°l•] bhdo new erop, jun reed .d
77 .d 25 Water n
WL DOW GLASS 675 la. las& for wile by
• -
SODA A. 911 —3l casks beet quilt,' glass suke;
Prim. Seorchlngx; In snore
and for sale by
OU. M per steameOLASSES—off. tads Ground, ruciv
inr r Complunon. mud for sale by
WINDOW OLABS-509 bX• curs'a 'lces, Mc ' c
AAA & 0.141 brand, for salby_
PLASTER PARI S -1/1001,8.tgor;
On band and or _
fla Frnyn nt
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ili rerntam lb.;
I' Dadloy Wir, Jg , '
A Thomas ii's; Jahn s &
Lewis lbg' ,
norms A Archer 6s; Robert Morris ling t
Tam Metcalf s'g Oscar Baca lb. i
Danicligunrivaliad Sig R King lbs;
Pickwick b's; • Lainarilm ibn
w m Smith s's; Richard Mcrae lbs;
G W Ring Sr, A UTYlve itt;
A imk.oo s's; Wm Milier lbr; :1
Hart A Cox Ss; Wm Sponewoni lbs.
The above, including some of this mina popular
',rich:Ana and Richenond bran& Tobacco, au Foil.
eignairent hem manufacturer., sod for miic by
(0,64 31 W our and 60 Rout eu
OkLEakTl3l3-7 outs Saleratns;
14 do — do P. , i
PA do do
WICK k 41eCANDLE , "
corner Wood and 417rinr wb
For wee by
CIODSIBII-300 0 lbs just reed and fir sala by
WICK & Mee sISI)LrfIq
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k". No
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%t e a IdeCJINDLMS
bbls N C I .I C
21 f 22 r
1b the Hentortale the Judges ur tie Court of Gene
ral Quarter Session, qf the Tema, in and for the
County te darghany.
tytßE t
in itre.titioc rJan.ll:,.P.lnr,tl
your petitioner lath provided tionelivria riteial•
tor the MCCOIII3IOIIIIIOII or wasters and others, et hi.
dwell house in the Weld aforesaid. end 'preys
Plat year bantam will be,plested to grunt
peddpner,PbindHtyuound, willpay. Add your
We, the subscribers, eitimos of the Ward afore
said, do certify that the above petitioner is of good re •
pats for honesty laid temperance, and is -won provided
with home room and conveniences for the acoommo
dation and lodging of mrarcara and travellers, snd
that said tavern is nor-emery. .
John Fleck, M. U. Shep!ar, F. Vier boiler, C. ',Tart,
LI. Cummins. C. McCormick, T. Fegeo, F. iNieholson
I'. ht. Laughlin, W. Mendelson, A. Guppies, E. Ili ar,
To the Hamra Us, the Judgsa of the Court of Gen,
rat Quarttr Sessions pith Pout, in mud for the
County of dillefLasi i
H j
Pln tulth'uth: humbly wo!
eth, that your pedtimmr hate promued himself with
materials for the accommodation of travelers and oth
ers, al his dwelling house, in the township aforesaid.
and pray s that poor intimors will he pleased to rant
him a license to keep Public House tof ratermio
mut. had your peuttoner, on in duty bound, will
p We,
We, the subscriber., Mtnm of the aforesaid town.
<ugh do certify, that the above petitioner Is of good re
pine for honesty and temper:men, and is well pros.
ded with honse roam
consomme.. for tbe meow
modation and lodging of mangos. and travelers, and
that said tavern is neCeasarl.
Thomas Gibson, Ilea.) Elliott, John Grubs. George
Shaffer, John Idelrioney, John Good, Henry Good, Jr.,
A. Schaefer, Peter Moser, W.B Shields, John J. Cer
n., Jamb Grabs. tetiatgn•
QREAMS-429 din Shinto - idmatas GI nem and
1.7 common gallium, for sale, at manufacturer's
prima, by 1.9 WATF.RMAN,
1'627 No. 31 Water and 6g rewash
Hoes—_o do: ban qoodity Coot Stool oes. for
sole by febl7 L. S WATEMAN.
F ORK 9-50 doz ben Cot fiteel Hoy Fork%
Si doz . do Alzrarre Fork%
20 doz 'do 3 lined Fads •
forkile by leb27 L 8 WATFAIBAN.
CRADLEi-55dozGroko Cradles imoorejor ado by
fcbt7 L 9 SVATEILNIAN:.:
HOVELS-47dos polishedsteelpointesnal shovels
30 dos do do Devonshire do
16dos groin shovels, In more, fonpale
OLDEN SYRUP—ibifstre rre4;e 7 ul for sale by
MANNER'S 01L—Z brio are recciredjood for xx,le-
• TO Lira.:
THE House at present adapted by iut Moor
kddd, house thatoond and
An:7; 111,1,
the second from earner of &waded an eau:
alloy. For terms, apply to ROFLF IRWIN.
• • •
doy reoelved, and for sole
IdEM°NB:-2i nis th at . VihiSTRONG &St_t_OZE . & :
- ~,ty dry yyrober reed and for rale
d ‘ u,MTRONC &910ZER.
p fen ce
out,D solicit the 0, 'agment of
V Hltrisbargh height, from Wasters Merchants,
as they areamPumd any unt. Line
and Suction Roars marling night and day, the freight
will not be detained, as they will tutleml a eh beats as
all hours.f cluttran
Tvratatriftwo DoHaig Roaratrd.
4 T • Spezia! Hectic; of the AIIICriCAO Literary In
held on Monday evening, it was want
Resolved, That tearer! of twenty Got angers Ise
paid (or the recovery of the betty at 004i1.1:ne:skd lel
-100, member, John voppmed to hove been
drowned Irma a yawl atilt on a plea... , eyeurAitnn.
on :Shinning, th e T4l MAL, in the litho rivi.r, 0 (0000 e
the Slicikeld loon \Folks. Toe above inward wool M.
paid, on application to the Iscalarer, at F. H. ristun . ...
:there, on Fitnitti at
W. It EWINGI, Feey.
Coo iStl—m i=. on naaa ana r c .air ty
t bY6 15A1A14 AlC6ey t CO
IVEELING It a duty we Owe to oureelves and our
T (deeds, we deem it proper Mt publish the follow.
leg *solid facts" regarding our ranaol.ruttion Line.
It has been generally claimed by_tntereated parties,
that there were but font regalar responsible lanes en
the Cattal,oamelyt Ther''Limen Line," "Leech's Liao,"
“Bingttam's Line, and uPennsylvanta arid Ohio lane."
We elatro In be a Efilt molar responstbte Luta, and
have as liege a stock at Boats and Cara, Ratan:al
Captains, us commodious depot nod otremmtunchdlr
Tame, reapontlbilny , macaw, to attippert. any !JO ,
on the Canal. Oar "Pittabargh Tnomponation Line"
was End established by Jame. 0 31 : ."
years later the atyle was chanted to Mat of the "Pat
ent Portable Carho 1y We!' The old style ditto
"Attsbargh Transpenatleto Linn was reformat's MIS,
end has bees saccesslally carried on since that
atm gram. O'CONNOR, who are the Roes and
emcee's.. in burin... to JAMES O'CONNOR MO
who are the mac tIVCONNORtS curer nicativ in the
'flaw pa nation truainess. Our arrangements ills sea
son Are very estenstve, - and we fuel confident that
who favor car '.onginsl old "O'Connor'. Plastergh
I rttiporoulon Line" with their business. will him M.
transacted to their enure satisfaction. Than/dal Or
pest favors, we hope by strict anendontethe interest!
of our pstr.ns, to merit and receive a teatinusace aan
lamas" of Me lama.
Ail curcurtarticattona addressed to as will men nth,
prompt attention
COTNOR & CO, .. i
OCONNORS & CO tialusttrci
USU. 1., Cu., - Ctoitturatii;
ti tII.•CK.New
ELLIOT r & ORP:10, Orman;
&KEA, h6NaY & CO., St. kat&
teas amtip)