The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, February 22, 1850, Image 1

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    •^rTv,"v^‘. v-“- l ” i? * ‘ <* J ’^ t^r^"i>' r ‘ - >* -■
9. J*. VDII ] ' [«. VAICBT.
•asht* *m thup gitio, ksxt hook to
Dally pa r—— ....———*7,oo perannum.
Tn-Wee' .7—— t—LOO
■Weekly, In advance)—— ROO : “
Do. o Globa, at a reduced rata. -
juici.or ADVBRTzaiao
One sqt' e,(louiieaofNonpftiellOrlcM)
Orta I itenion-—■- « •o^o
One&qoi ra,«acbai)OiUocaiUiMnioß-«* o,©
Do. one week..***—— 1,73
Du. two weeks—— TAP
Do. threeweeks- 4/0
Do. one month*—■ 6>oo
Do. two months*--—7,00
Ik. Ikneßootm 9,00
Da . foorinomhs 10)00
Do. I six months*——— —*—- IROO.
Do. I twelvemonths—* —-■ •• 18,00
Bunding Card (9 line* or less,) per annum* 10,00
OneSquare,ehungeableatpleamro (peran*
nom) exclusive of the paper-- £3,00
For caeh additional square, Inserted over one month,
ana for'cub additional square Inserted voder the year*
lj<\rair», half price.
Advertisements exceeding a square, and oot over
fifteen lines, to be charged as aaqaart and a bail
Publishers not aceonnuble for legal advertisements
beyond .foe amottnt charged lor their publication.
* -Ahnbvnelng'eandidaietforofice, to be charged the
same as otbepadrertiseuenu.
Advertisements not marked on the copy lor a speci
fied aamber of insertions, will be continued till forbid,
aird payment exacted accord.
The privileges of yearly advertisers wiQ be confined
? i rigidly 10 their regular business, and all other advei
t Uiemeau net pertaining to their regular business. as
' agreed for, te he paid extra. ;
All advertisements for charitable institutions, fire. 1
companies, ward, township and other public meetings,
snd sn'ch like, to be charged half price, payable strictly
laadvanee. r ir-r r
Marriage notices to bo charged 60 eenta.
Death notices inserted without charge, unless aeeom*
panted by funeral invitations or ohltaary
when so accompanied to be paid for.
Regular advertisers and all others' rending eemran*
alesuens, or repairingr notices deigned to call stun*
uon to Fain, Soirees, Concerts, or any public enter
tainments, where charges are made for edmiuaneo—
all noUcts ef private susoeiations—every' notice do*
signed to call attention to private enterprises calcula
ted of intended fo promote individaal Interest, can on
ly be inserted with the understanding that the same is
to be paid for. Ifuuended to be inserted in the loca
column, the same will be charged at the rate of not less
duniuct taper 11m.
Bishop, or FUlNctices to be charged triple price.
Tavern License Petitions, Rk each.
Legal and Medical advertisements to be charged et
full priees. <
Reall Estate Agents and Auetioneersl Advertisements
noi to be classed under yearly rates, But to be allowed
discount ot thirty three and one thira per cent from the of bills.
wnut oB rxt-wxxxLV or sailt rams.
. One Bqaaie, three insertions— ..11,50 :
Do. . caeh addltioniliiitertion— 37
1 im vuui rwu.
One Square, (10 lincaQ one insertion*—*3o eis.
Do. each adaitfo&al Insertion*-kS u
Ail transient advenisements to be paidlin advenes.
1 WHITE A CO, Gsaaue,
L. HARPER, Post,
JAMEB P. BARS A CCh, ChroaiaU.
JOS. SNOWDEN, Mercury.
JAMES W. BIDDLE, American.
Hiram KAINE, Evening Tribune.
PrmxnoH, Pee.. 1,16(9. ;
ATORNEYB AT LAW—Office in TQghmaa Bull,
_ Grant street, near the Court House. fcbk
ATTORNEY AT LAW—Offlee, on Fourth street,
■hove Smithfield—*Lowria’s Buildings—up stajy*.
A Fourth st. novJ3*lv
• AU communications promptly answered. ocrC-ly
A. and Dealers in Prodneo, No. Xt Market street!
Pmsburglt. deeS
ATTORNEY and CouBSUUor at Law. and Commis
sioner for the Bute uf; Pennsylvania, Bl Louis,
Mo. (late ol Pittsburgh.)
R»rx»«uctt--Piiubtugkj Hoe.W. Forward, Ilamp
ton A Miller, UPCendless A hP&sre, John E. Parke,
dwells A Semple, M*Cord A King. . , asgHidly
t. K* Allan. t. r fzxxaxrr.
Attorneys and counsellors at law,
Fourth street, between Smithfield and Grant,
•Mtsburgb, Pa. • • • jalfi
loatum - unm
AT LfW, Fourth sirec^nesrGrtnt.
= —rancimoEKu; —j
ATTORNEY AT LAW.—Office on Foanb sl, be
tween Smithfield and Grant at, Pittsburgh.
spuifedly - ;
w. H. wooswaxs——Aura MSIHT.
BAGALEY. WOODWARD A Co., Wholenle Gro*
cer*,No.Ct Market street, Philadelphia novX7
Pltubaigh AikairWerlu.
BENNETT, BERRY A CO, Manuiaeturers of Soda
Ash. Bteaohthg Powders, Mans tie and Snlpherio
Acids. Warehouse No. Water street, below Ferry.
ruinxxi it nuu imui mu.
BRAUN ARBITER, Wholesale and Retail Drug*
guts, • truer of Liberty and St Clair streets, Pius*
tmrgSTPa may!4
('tRAIO A SKINNER, Forwarding and Commission
J Merchants No. 88 Market st Pittsburgh. sptS
CA. MeANULTY A Co, Forwarding and Com
• minion Merchants, Canal Basin, Pittsburgh Fa
me ha
1 U. li KANT, Wholesale Urocer, Commxsxtoa snd
j m Forwarding Merchant, No. ftlWatnrst- aula
mil ud lrom
COLEMAN, r UAILUAN A Co, missfactarers sf
Coach and Bipde Bprings, Hammered Axles,
Bpriag and Ploagh StceL Iron, Ae. Warehoaso oo
wuer and Front streets, Piittbargh.
Alio, dealers in{ Coach Trimmings and Ualleabla
Castiuga ' octtil
"w*. a nouiß, uxn j. ssxhxtv-
IJNGUBU ABENNCTT, (lata English, Gallagher
'j A Co.) Wholesale Grocers, Commission and For*
warding Merchants, and dealers in Prodace and Pitt*-
bargtt Manafaetares, No. 37 Wood sl, between 2d and
Jd street*. oetl
17t J. 11E.NHY, Attorney and Councellor at Law,
j. Cincinnati, Ohio. Collections in Soathern Ohio,
and in Indiana, ‘and in Kentaeky, promptly and care
fully attended to. Commissioner for the State of Penn
sylvania, for Ulricg Depositions, acknowledgments,
Ac. Ac.
Errra to— Hon. Wm. Dell A Son, Cartis,Chareh A
arothera, Wan Hays, Esq., Wtlloefc A PsTts. «SS
Ira tlensy Andrew Fleming K. IL Fleming.
PbBBISO A 00.,
FOR the sale of Domestic, Woolen and Cotton
Goods, also, Deale rain all kinds of Tailors'Trim
mings, No. 127 Wood street, foarth door from Fifth,
Harasses: Messrs. Wm. A. HiU A Co., Bankers.
iansat • _ I
ANTS, and'denier* In Window Glass, [White
- I*ad, At. No. 108 Second «t. . Jia»-T
WhTHTjoubitos, i
Forwarding a commission merchant,
No. 118 Second street, Plmbargb. dell
anuiv.nn. )ums.rasii.
George w. ssotii & Bnwen, MAuier*
and Hop Peiicr*, Pitt «, PitttUmh. tpm '
l T M-rehuit.Ne.SOWooditreeLntUbnch. nyt?
—fITM ■
HAMILTON BTEWABT,mannf«i#reT of Hmtj
Shirting** Cheek*, A<h Bebeecn ««& eity oi
TT LEE. («necei»or 10 Maiphr Wool Deal-
Jll«^cr»ndOmnu»iia»MsrcWrforli. ol
tSSiifs L WooieM, mu
vx, suu, C*Jumbr#.
A-J.TCCI3O*, «DWA*B**A»» IniUdt^
■n ? E££i c »BuolSSa'SS“o»'^wjj“2:
HLcutu, u Rortk Wu«r «t, * H
4.4.'BUST. "*• f.fW- .
Hardy, jones * cx, 2,££*E?ll
Josesc Co.) CemßiiKU>& sod Ferw*rtinf Mcf-I
euau, detier*, la Pittsborgh M*B*/*«lar*4""Good*,
rmtbßrnh.pef : new
Wx U. Williams—
Honk Eaat cornel of Wood »nd Third atrcetij
jaal Pm»w»««.PA.
ueiiy. wun »uk»*i
ISAIAH DICKEY A Oo^WbnteaaleGrpeoTi,Com-
niuien Merchants, and dealers in Predaee, Nos.**
Water, and 107 Pronlitreeta, Pictibarfh,. nofH_
JNO. A-CAUGIiEY.Agent for Ua L«ie
Michigan lino toßeaver and the
on the corner of Water and Salth&eld wa. i* n * |
John A INwonh.— ——.. ——Joseph PUwonh
JB> SILWOBrn A CO., Wholesale Grocer*, and
• Agents for Uaxard Powder Cfe, No. WWmmsL,
Pittsburgh. deS-y
'ronn*. powom. jonni nawoanu.
Jg. DILWORTHA Co, Wholesale Grocer*, Pro*
• dneo end Comminisa Merchants, and Agents
for the ilaxard Powder Co. of -N. Y., No. S 3 Wood st,
Pitubargh. _ «otn_
JOHN MT"TOWNiiEND, Druggist aadApotbecsry
No. IS Market st, three door* aborolWrd at Pitfo
bergh, will hare consUnUy on head a well oaleeted a*
iionmenl of the beat and freshest Medicines, whies a*
will as 11 on the non reasonable fora*. Phyneian*
•ending order*, will be promptly attended to, and sup*
•lied with article* they nay rely anon aa genuine.
i.UJT Physicians Prescriptions wiU be aeeerataly and
mxur prepared ftom th# best materials,-at any hsarof
da day or cithi
Also for no, a largo stock of fraah and good Perfal
mety. >” J -
J- HARRISON SEWELL, Counsellor at
, See on Found si, abora Smithtcld. noT>ly
JB. CANFIELD, (late of Warren, Okie,) Commlr
. slob and Forwarding Merchant, and wholesale
dealer In Western Reserve Checso, Sauer. Pot o*d
Pearl Ask, and Western Frodnee generally, water
trect, between and Wood, PiCibnrgh, ap
JOHN WATT, (saceeuoT to Bwsit fc Gebban,)
Wholesale Gw*t.<uiiJp<>mmtuo»Hmkkau
dealer in Produce and Wttibttrfh Manaftewrea, ejr
urr nf Liberty and Hand etreets. Pa. JgJ
iOUN IIrttULLOB, WbolMtl®
J la Hwio uutMuictl liutrowott, Sehoolßoo'Uj
Paper, Bisel *”
piimoaMTgcncraUTiN«.BlWooa »t-,Flttwnf*;... •
jp»B*pbo**kt«iukaaUu»d«. **P W
' ii; - --Tv - - iw-;r^-s_'.
J| SCUOONMAEER a Wholesale Dfivguu,
, No.l£* Wood street, Pittsburgh.
3 3UN a MORGAN, Wholesale Druggitu and deal
er in Dye Stuff*, Perms, Oils, Varnishes, Ac n No. BU
Wi od street, one door South of Diamond Alley, Pitts
burgh. ■ janl
fIQHfJ U bAVIS, Aactioueer, corner 6th and
litreets. Pittsburgh. o»„.
A STOCKTON. Booksellers, Pnmen
J and Paper Manuiactarers, No. <4 Market Fitu
bum. tec
J 1 A R. FLOYD, Wholesale Grocera, CommiMiion
• Merchants, snd DeaW a m pnjdacr, Round
Church Buildings, fronting on Liberty, Wood sndcih
streets. Pmaburgh, Pa. mvH
TAAD*^DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Ccxtummop
sf Meiehant, and dealer in Prodaee and Pittsburgh
Msaufoctnrea No. M Water st. Pittsburgh. j»n ts
JB. SWEITZER, Attorney at Law, offlee lidaL,
« opposite St Charles Hotel, Pittsburgh, will also
attend promptly to Collections, In Washington, Fayette
and Green counties, Pa.
Blaekctoek, Bell A Co n *)
Church A Cambers, >Pittsburgh.
D. T. Morgan, J ocKIUly
f*IEB A JONES, Forwarding and Commission Mer-
L chants, Dealers in Produce sndPiruburgh mann
:lured articles, Canal Basin, near 7th it - °<l
KENNEDY, CHILDS a CO., Manufacturers of v
superior 4-4 Sheetings, Carpet Chain, Co *ey
swtna and Pst |iw g. jaikMyifon
Vnuvlns Iron Work*- , „ .
LEWIS, PAi.gRT.i- A Co, manufacturers of all si
xes Bar, Sheet, Boiler Iron and Nails of the besl
quality. Warehouse, 34 water and 103 front «-
L" * WATERMAN, Wholesale Grocer,T;©rwaro
. ing laj Commission Merchant. Dealer in I m*
burn manufactures and Produce, Nos. 3t Water
andea Front«- 1 . J -_‘
Q7*Liberal advances made on consignments.
snU-dm ,
w*. Philaia. c. Pittsburgh.
M||.t.Kß A RICKETSON. Wholesale Grocers, and
importers of Brandies, Wines and Began, Nos.
t« and 1:4, comer of Liberty and Irwin streets, Pitts
burgh, Pa. Iron, Nails, Colton Yarns, Ac. Ac. con
stantly on hand. . _
I retli- ton n. k’biu. watToa c. ms
‘cGILLS A ROE, Wholesale Grocers and Cnmtnt*-
slon Merchants, No. 1M Liberty su, Pittsburgh.
MURPHY, WILSON A CO., (late Jones, Murphy A
Co.) Wholesale Dealers in Dry Goods, No. Is
1 Wood street, Pittsburgh. _ horXd
Portrait anil hluiiatarePajii'.
JU ter. Rooms, comer of Post Office Alley- and
Fourth street, entrance on 4lh near Market.
Pittsburgh - ”steel works AND spring
taasojosßi lona ». cciss.
Manufacturers of spring and blitter «reei,
plough steel, steql plough wings, coash and ehp,
lie springs,hammered iron axles,-and dealers in mal
Jeabie easttngs,fire engiae lamps, and coach trimmings
joaerally, comer of Rots and Front its., Pittsburgh,
Wa door from comer of Fourth, dealers in Foreign
ana Domestie Bills of Exchange, Certificates pf Depos
it, Bank Notes and Specie.
m-Collections mad on all the principal cities
throughout the United States. dect?
NBUCKMASTEB, Aumni -Office. Fourth si,
• third door above Smithheld, south side.
Conveyancing of all hinds done with the greatest
care and leral accuracy.
Titles to Beal Estate examined, fcc.
PENN BTREET, between Wajne ud Hand, bn
renamed his professional dnues, riving initrue
' Uses on the Piano, Guitar. and in Vocal Move.
ppsittlT WfeA jrt'rtfaE—Nn ;n Fourth
IBM at, near Wood—All quantities of Green end
Bloek Ten, done ap in qanner, half, end
one poand packages, ranging from SO els. 'per pound
jyi A. JAYNES, AgL for Pekin Tea Co.
MANUFACTURERS op green glass ware,
*jkTO. S 7 Idniket street, Pittsburgh, Pa- keen constant
ly! ly on hand and mike to order *U kinds of Viols,
Cottles, Ac. Porter and Mineral Water Bottles, of *n
perior quality.
Partlenlar attention paid to Private Moulds.
nosao-ly ]
UOiIISUN, LITTLE A CO., No. inXiberty street,
Xw Pittsburgh, Wholesale Grocers, Prodace and
Commission Merchants, and dealers in Pittsburgh
Manafsetares. )y“
VsOBEKTMOORE) Wholesale Grocer, Rectifying
Xv Distiller, dealer in Prodace, Pittsburgh Msnufac
area, and all kinds of Foreign and Domestic Wines
tndLtqanrs,No.U liberty street. On hand a very
large stock of superior old Monongahcla whiskey,
■tuck will be «old low for cosh. aplfcly
REYNOLDS A SHEE, Forwarding and Cemausuon
Merchants, for the Allegheny River Trade, deal*
train Groceries, Produce, Pittsburgh Manafaetnres
utd Chloride of Lime.
The highest cash, paid at all times for eoan
ry rags. Corner of Pena ana Irwin «ts._ _ tanUQ
Enncyrnti rcf.irs na-j Whslcsalfi Giocen,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants, dealers
n Prodace and Piuthnrgk Manufactures, liberty su
Piusbsnth. Pa. ~ fc-birt
OBT. a 7 CUNNINGHAM, Wholesale Grocer,
Dealer in Prodace and Pittsburgh Manufactures
• *o, t« liberty n 'Y>*
s. B. AGENT,
"Forwarding and Commission Mer
chant, has removed to No. 67 Front, between Wood
■w»t Baithheld streets. ana
A c. ssacKLXR, nos. a. wurr*.
OHACKLETT A WHITE, Wholesale Dealers la
O Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods. No. 99 Wood si.
Putsbarga. fobiTtf
—Jfiy, BARBAVGH, Wool Merchants, Dealers
O* in Flour and Produce generally, and Forwarding
end Commission Merchants, No. u Water st, Pitt*.
burgh. ______
f. wii.ih; RRDUISB. JCK3 SICUOL*, lUlfUiO.
SKT.t.P.Ba & MCOLS, Produce end GenrrelCom-
Uetciunts, No. 17 Liberty et-, Piiuliurgh.
Liooecd end Lejd OUx.
, F. VON BONNHORST, k Cc-, Wholesale Uro
• eer*, Forwarding and Commisiion Merchant*,
%\*ri in Futiborgh Manufacture* and Wenera Pro
nee, have removed to their new warehea*e,tnld *uud)
No. as, eorecT of Front st end Chanaery Lena.
Bot 7 '
ffiAfigFV Al HKST, Wholesale Oroeere end CommJi
tjnf Merchant*, end dealer* m Trodoce. No. 3S
wood *t, PiQibnrfh. P***
w. a woo»w**» •••■ .aiuu bibuii.
WM. BAGALEY k CO., Wholesale Groeer*, IS
and 20 Wood street Pittsburgh. _ ncrr-'7 _
ANTS. A I*o—lmporter* of Soda Aah and Bleaebiug
Powder, No. ICO Liberty aL, (opposite Sixth au,} Puu
barth. * clgl
'twbt a. wtct, . »Avn» ircasiiLW
WICK i~M*CANDUESS, (meeeaaor* IoU £J. D.
Wiek.) Wholesale Groeera, Forwarding and
Conunliaion Merekanu, dealer* In Iron, Nads, Ola**,
Conn Varna, and Piuabnrgh Uanofacwrea generally,
rerprr Of Wood and Water «treeta, Puuborgh.
w w*[.i.ACK- Mill atone md hUll yunuta
, lag establishment, No. *44 Liberty nwfoe
W — WTWILgQN7Wru:h«, Jewelry. HilTer Wire,
, ud Military Oood*, corner of Merketand 4th
•treeta Pittsburgh, Pa. N. B-Waiehea and Clock*
earethlly repaired. J ec4
Eiyf HflWKN—Commmio* and Forwarding
Merchant, No. VO Front at between Wood and
whoicii 1 d Betati
Yv , ferSrn »aa boranio Dry Oo«U,iitinh tul
inter of Market and Fourth at*. _
W]L'TWM« » *• irtcsna.
\TTTL YOUNG It la leather hide*, Aa.
(V U 3 Überrtr«t r* ns ' , 7 .
wurtwianiH. .... , aoK^rt’ccrcaxote
Wtt R.MXJUTCHEON, Whole*aleGrocer*,dea
• len in Frodaee, Iron. Naila, Gla*», and Pm*,
burgh Manufacture* generally, I®l Liberty it, Pitts
burgh. • • deca _
attorney at law, ,
Bv&r, P»
wtiit. fly, attend to collection* and ail other bo*i
W ■**• entrusted to him in Under and Amu iron
eoutles,Pa. Refer to
J.kH. Floyd, Liberty it \
W.W. Wallace, do l
June* do r Pittsburgh,
dly lay A Co., Wood »t j >«?
iaBSBSB OmcaasomU. AtLzaACo,
■■■■i eeiM No. 4* Water lUeet
•L B. MoVay.
_W. A GLE99, Book Blnders-
TTTE are anil engaged in-the above business, corner
. fV of Wood and Third streets, Pittsburgh, where
we are prepared to do any work in oar line with tfei*
patch. We anead to oar work personally, and sans
faction will be giren in regard toil* neainc** and du
pi«n> Books ruled to any pattern and bound tub*
etaatiaUy. Book* in number* orold books bound care*
faUy or repaired. Names put on book* in gilt letter*.
l%eae that have work in our line are invited to call
Price* iow. pyioaf
'■ealNi Cooking Stowes, Orates. Ac.
WAIXACB A CO., Round Church,
eoner liberty and Wood street*, manafaetare
offer for sale Platform, Floor and Counter Be ale*,
of the most Improved quail tr; Cooking Siove*,for wood
and doall Egf Stoves of various sizes, Parlor-and
SSuS£\jmss, Hollow Ware, Ac. Ae. They also
manufacture the Kitchen Range, which has given aueb
Mnhral ■stiii’actfon to those having it in use, toalloi
wfleKhey would reipeetfttlly invite the attention,©!
the citizens and the public generally. occrMJ
and dealer*
B to Domertic Exchange, Onificir.
SnSoSSTfoiik N«te», and Boeeie-Fonrtl. meet,
Dank of IHtugigh. Cnrrent too
!lf* JL£i»edeadepod»~Btaht Check* for tale, and
«IJ2ffi«*d*ofaeitfjjali the principal pomu In
*** for Fordgn *** Aa “ r * iM
made on eenafgnnentt of Prodeee, dup
ped n»y on liberal tcnm. “
(übwactu*** o»
Coraei Freni and Vine streets. Cincinnati, O.- -
QHDERS from Pittsburgh for Alcohol, Pore Spirti
Raw orßcctiied Whiskey, will be promptly!
cnaed to at lowoetimtrfcct price. qxyUfruiy
>koaoß(tiiiU Llr«ry stable.
AcTOtbe large (table on Hut st, running ihreegb
fts\ to Second it, between Wood and SrmtUfield
ike xit of tbo lilononaahela llottie.
with as entirely new itoek of Horae* and Carriages pi
thebcstqulityandJateaiatylea. Horses kept»ilire
ry in ihooeat manner. jjrVddy
>* J “' '::■•*•
HAVE now in noro ulurgeAndgeneiilUMOrtaeni
of DRV GOODS, which they offer to City end
County Merchant! at reduced price*; And which they
will tell urt *t indoeemen’* locwh bnyera.w for
approTCdfte “ ‘
upeenswaßß manufacturers, 1
Pltt»bttr«h,] Pm* .
Warehouse, No. 137, Wood street, Pittsburgh.
keep on head a rood ***ort-
SaU nent or Wui; of onr own manafactare, and
vSBJV laperiorqnaluy.- Wboleeale and eoantry Mtr
«sXr e t, K au are rerpectfnUy invited to eatland ex
amina for ihem»el*e», ai we are determined to tell
eheapcr Utanbticverbifore been offered to the puL-
Inr Ordere rent by mail.aeeompanied by the eath or
itr refermee-will he promptly efended to. niyia
P«nxs El«cklB« Ihap.
HWCIiTM AN—Mantfaeturer ol all kind* of cel*
i ion am! woollen machinery. Allegheny city. Pa.
The above work" being now in full and successful op.
erauou, 1 am prepared to eieeate Oifer* with dispatch
for oil Kinds of machinery in sty line, itch as willow*,
pirkrrs, spreaders, egnis, grinding mac Lines, railway*,
drawing frame*, speeder*, thiassils, looms, woolen
cards, double or •ingle,for nierehantor country work,
mule*, jacks, Ae.; slide and hand lathes and tools in gen*
era). All kinds of shafting made lo order, or plan* giv
en fur gearing factories or niill* at reasonable charge.
Bun TO—Kcnnedy. Child* A Co., Hlackstock, Cell
ACo- King, Pennork ACo., Jaa. A. Gray.
A A FULTON. Bell and Brass Founder, has re*
built and commenced business at his old stand*
where, he will be pleased to see his old custom
ers and friends.
Chntch,Steamboat,and Bells of every sue, from 10
to tO.UOti pound*, cast from patterns r.f the most approv
ed models and warranted to be of the bcstmaiertuls.
Mineral Water Pumps,Counter*, Railing, Ac., toge
ther wilhevery variety of lira** Casting*, it required,
turned and finished in the neatest manner.
A. F. i* the sole proprietor of Bahmt’* AltTl-Arrai-
I 0!» MsTAt-,so justly celebrated for the reduction of
ietion lu machinery. The Boxes and t'-omp«*iiion
anbehadof him at all time* _ jteJOily
Framer., Bvrwan Wood amt Msasrr, Prrmraan,
g-WNTINUF. to manufacture all kttuls of COPPER,
Steam Uoats built to order.
Special attention riven to steam boat work. ,
liave on hand* a fine assortment of Copper and Brass
Kettles, Tin Ware, Ac. Ac. Steamboat Cooking Stove*,
Portable Forges, various sizes—a very convenient ar
ticle for stramboatt, California emigrants, or rail road
We would respectfully invite steam boat men and
other* to eall and see our articles and prices before
purchasing elsewhere. jy:l7
Trenton Hulun! Life Imraranee Company
BATES or rBOUVai BE lit! CEO 2ft FEE COT.
capital, «ISO,OOO.
JAMES DURNU A CO., Agents at Pittsburgh, Pa.
James Hoy. Jr. I Joseph C. Pen*. Prcs't.
Benjamin Fish. | U. A. Perdtrarta, V P.
John A. Wean. | Eli Moms, Secretary.
Jonathan Fisc,
Comptroller of New York. I lion. Jamr.* Campbell.
George Wood. I David 11. White.
John P. Mackie. i Alexander Cummings.
David Dudley Field. W.J. P. White, P.M.
Joseph Hoxie. |
Ilia Ere. Got. Haines. I Ex-Gov. Vroom.
W. L. Dayton. U. S. Sen. I Isaac Wildrtck. M. C.
G. D. Wall, Ex-U. S Sen. | Wm. A. Newell. M. C.
EX-Gov. M. Dickerson. lion. SsTL Hamilton.
A.Sidney Doane. M. D W. W. Gerhard, M. D.
38 Warren at-, N. Y. »! Walnut at, Plul’a.
WntMTC. Morgan, M.D, 11. R- Bell, M. D.,
George M’Cook, M. D.. Allegheny city, Pa.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
The A'genls of thu Company, at Pitubakgh. are auth
orized to lake every first class risk ou Lite at a rerfue
run cf tietntj-Jir* p*r ml. Iroin the usual rates of pre
mium as charged by other Companies.
A man 30 years of age, taking a Policy of Insurance
>r One Thousand Dollars—
To nut for one year, pays only 89,50-
do seven - * l Bto£o annually,
do Lifetime, “ “ - 1
And in the same proportion ft.r any sum op to fcoUX),
which is the extent taken on uuy one lift.
This company commenced operations on the Ist Opt.,
1848, and its monthly basinets cp to the IsiOcl, Inl9,
shows a progress exceeding Uiul «>t any other Life Com
first .dividend of profits will be declared to the
assured ou the Ist January, IBSO.
Pamphlets containing the various tables of rates,
and all the'necessary information on the important
subject of Life Assurance will be famished on appli
cation lo JAMES DURNO A CO., Agents,
del? __<>3eoa Btuldingi.
SURANCE COMPANY will issue Policies of In
surance again*! Los* «a Distant by Fit*, upon Dwe l
ing* and Po'yamnc, Flores, Ac., Ac., on appli
cation to JAMES DURNO A CO, Agents,
del? , Odeon Buildings,
BEALTIt INBUUANCK* at Pittsburgh.
Tbe Spritag Garden Ucallh Insnnnct Go,
INSURES Males and Females against the Expense
and Los* occasioned by Bteknes or Accident, by
an immediate allowance of from 83 to 8s per week,
for one, two, three, or four year*.
Tbe method of effecting On* Insurance, and the
manner of awarding the sick allowance, will be fully
explained by the Agent
A person esn insure' agonist or Accident
which will detain him fiom hi* ordinary business, as
follows, »it:
For 000 year, by paying *4.W, •”<) reeeive week.
For two *• “ ' \ "
For three u “ luZ, u * M
For foar ‘ “ 1“'•**• “ ‘ .
Or, for a m' (.'r' yrm. t lie aum of 814,40 paid
:nn#Uy, wtU . jiv *- !•«•* wre«*.
Errry iirc*«*au'y iniormuuoii will to afforded on ihe
ibieei of loaoranee generally, **jr
Odron UaiMinga.
Lift and n«at(h I#*«rane».
TIIG Mutual Life and Health In.uraore Company
of Philadelphia, IncotporaW b« the Legislature
of Pennsylvania, March, InW Chener perpetual.
Capital, Jtiuo,ouu Ratjb t-owaa rtua a«t Pasnsti--
TikiA Compact,' and full SO per ci*ni lower than the
usual rate# of Life Insurance, o» the allowing com
parison will thaw: Thus, • person of ibe age of Mm
turimr for *lOO for life, most pay to the Girard 92,16
Pennsylvania, fit 20, Pena Mutual, *4,30;
*4i>L New England, 84£d; New \ ork Life, Al
bion, *4,4*?; Lite and Health, Phjladelpbia,*l,yi.
Diaactua*.—Samuel D.Omck, (-barks U. Hall, W
F. Boone, Robert P- Kim:, Ci.arle* iMlayen, M. W.
Baldwin. M. M. R«vr, M il , Oha*. O. II t.amphell,
Lewi. Cooper, I. Rodman Bjrker, K-11. Butler, fcdwin
ILCope. President —Samuel D. Ornek; Vice Pre*i
dent—Kobt, 1», King; Secretary—Fr*uci* Rlackbume.
ADolicatiou. will to received, and every imormauon
eivcu br 3AML. FAIINKSTOCK, Ari,
6 Office, Commercial Rooms, comer of
Wood and Third its, PnUburgh
rrilK INSURANCE CO. of North America will
make permanent tml limited Iniurance on pro
perty in this city and virinity. amlnn • b, s'“ ent * b V
Canal, Ri»er*i U*c«, and by Sea. The property of
tbit Companyiare well ineented, andfurouh an araU
able fund for the ample indemnity of all per*ou» who
deilre to be protected by in*ora«ee.
myli i WM. PiONKS, Agr
The FronUin Ftre lnmranu Co. of Philadelphia.
DIRECTORS.— Charles N.Baneker. TbomM limn,
Tobia* Wagner, Samuel Grant, Jacob R. Smith,
Geo. W Richards, Mordeeai D. Lewis, Adotpho L.
Bone, David ft. Brown, Worm I'^' ,< orL
[ Giuuu N. iluicin, l resident.
Charles O. Dancker, Secretary. . .
ConUnue tojraake insurance, perpetual ° r
on every description of property in town or cooniry,
at rate* ai low as are consistent wuh .
To Company bare reserved a large contingent Fond,
wlilch with 11/eir Capital and Premiums, safely Invest
ed, afford ample proicctiou to the assured- lM
The uku the company, on January lat, IMP, a
published agreeably to an act of Aaaembly, were a
fellows, via:
Real Estate
Temporary Lbans
Stock* •
Cash, tzc.
.f 1.047,433 41
94,734 ta
. 90,001 65
51,423 35
. 37
i fJ^S,-JW7I
Since their Incorporation, a period of l® Te*«, they
have paid upwards of one million fonr hundred thoos-
OfficcN E corner 'Vood and 3dm
sSife*»tr N “w«^
m»l. known in .ppliennu m hu “®J,°’ c g ol SiN. *
itrcet <ph i———i—
vofls Tini*sTi)J»i rwffuwou.
a THIS establishment ton* and w tde ly V* 0 "”
being one of the noil commodiou* fn the city of
Baltimore, ha. recently undergone «ry eiicn
•iv« alterations ami improvements. An eiium new
winv ha* been added, containing immtroni and airy
the proprietor*, toward* the comfort will
their Guests,and which, they nwert will
challenge comparison with any Hotel • ,
Their table will alway*
itanial and luxury which the market afford*, aerved
up Ina iuperior style; while in iho way of Wine., Ac.,
they will notb* n«n>a*aed. that nothing
In coneloaion the proprietor* begto *ay, thanwining
will be left undone on their part, and oa ■J he port onheir
assistants, to render this Hotel worthy
patronage of their friend* and the P ublie * d ne d
The price* for board have alas been reduced to u»a
nPe—TtoVaggagc Wagon of the llouaa will *N
way* be found at the Car mid I S*»
which will convey baggage to and from the I •
of charge- „
count* or vocktu atm saavr ril }* Jfl *; l h-.
THE »üb.cnber rc.pecUully •““"J”!,* *|
fl® he ha* now opened hi* new and e * e _» er «
“■"for the accommodation of traveler*. ,
and the public generally. The bouse and furiiilare
•re entirely new, and no pains or c *P p -“” fo^Ue b £S
■pgred to render it one of iho most «mfor
P 'ir;Lb H «“il, l ud tor..
SUmlbUob cf Partnership-
BY MUTUAL CONSENT this day, the firm hereto
fore existing under the style ofuUSIIFIELD A
LEADER, baa been dissolved fry Henry Leader sell
ing hia enure interest in said firm to John McGilL All
business connected with tbe firm of Uushfield A Lead
er will be settled by S- B. Uushfield A Co- who are
’duly authorised to make all collections anti adjust all
Pittsburgh, OeL 27, IM9.
N. Bv—S/B. BUSIIFIELD A CO. will continue the
rholcsale and retail Dry Goods and Grocery business,
t the old store room. No. tSJU Liberty *l, where they
rill be pleased to have their friends and customers
all ana examine their stock of goods.
oci3l a. B. BUSHFIELP&OO- __
rpHE partnership heretofore existing under the firm
1 of A. It C. BRADLEY, l« dissolvedby the decease
oTMr. C. Dradley. The business will be carried on by
A. nradley, who will fettle the business of the late
firm. —— I
REMOVAL —A. BxafiLxr baa removed hu Foundry
Warehouse (bom No. Uil Second street, to No. to
Wood street, between First and Second streets, »o the
warehouse lately occupied by G. A. Berry, where he
will keep constantly on hand a general assortment of
Castings. Grates, BtOTCs l Cooking Biove*, Ae. JylH ‘
Diasoiatioa* •
IE co-panne rabip heretofore existing between the
a. wbaenbera, ia 100 ruu of Constable, Burke A
Cu., ia thin day dissolved by mutual consent. Meaatsl
Uurke k. Barnet will aettie the business of the con-|
ccra, for whieh purpose they are authorised to use the
name ofthe concern. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The undersigned have thU dev wwoeiate J themselves,
in the name of BURKE A BARNES, for the purpose
of manufacturing Fire Proof Safes, Vault Door*, Ac.
Ac., at the stand oflbe late firm of Constable, Uurke
A Co., where they will be pleased to receive the pa
tronage of the customers of that bouse. and their friends.
In retiring front the firm of ConsiablcjiJlurte & Co.,
I with sincere pleasure recommend Me**!*. Kurke A
Barnet to the confidence of my friends and the public.
Forwarding & commission.
J. 4 J. Tardes, Commlulon MsTehantit
NO. 11l Old Levee it., N. Orleans, keep constantly on
hand a large assortment of Brandies of tbo follow*
ing brands, which they offer for sale as agents for J. Du
rand A Co, Bordeaux, viz: Maclory, J. Eraud. J JJurand
A Co, Laroehclle.J. J. Durand Cognac, A- de Monies un,
A. I*. Uleville, Mondore, Jean Louis, Ac; aUo, An
chor Gin. Bordeaux Bed and White Wine* in caska and
c aw*, selected with care by John Durand A Co; besides
Champagne Wine A Sweet lUugnndy I‘oit. (fcb7-ly*
a. i. sroaxT. TKos. a. sill.
STUART A SILL, Groces*, and Produce and Cora
million Merrbunu, No. 118 Wood st. Pusburgh.
Dealer* In Uioceriea, Flour, Wheal, Rvc,Oats, Corn,
Harley, Pork, Bacon, Butter, Lard. Cheese; Clover,
Timothy and Flax Seeds; Iron, Nails, Ulna*, Ac. Ac.
Ac. Particular attention paid to the sale of Western
Produce. ' -
Revuuxcis—Messrs. Myers A Hunter, Roll. Dai
sell A Co., MHi ills A Roe, Hampton. Smith A Co,
James May, King A Moorhead, Pittsburgh. Fenner
A M'Millan, Massillon. Jos. & Morruou, F**q., St.
uii. splitbly
in a. caaio, late o(N. Lisbon, O. w. a. txissis
GENERAL AGENCY, Oentmlaaioii and Forward
ing Merchants, No. IS® Market st, Pituhurgh, Pa.
(P 7» rpmpt attention given 10-ihe purchase and sole
of ail kinds of Produee.
Ron to— John Watt A Co., Murphy, Wilson A Co.
Pittsburgh, Lawson A Hill, JUahlon Martin,
WellsviUc, 04 John 1L Brown A Co., Urigg, KUiutt A
Co n Philadelphia; B. W. Snodgrass 4 Co., Gregg A
Nace, New Lisbon, O.; Fr. Skinner, Hon. C. D. Cudlii,
Cincinnati; J. P. Keller, Youngstown, O.; W. L. Stan
dart. Cleveland, O. augtfl
Comnalasloa and Forwarding BtrohanL
no. ao woos rr. t rirtssnaan,
CONTINUES to transact a genera) Commission busi
ness, especially in the purchase and sale of Ameri
can Manufactures and Produce, and In receiving and
, forwarding Goods consigned to his cam. As Agent for
the Manufactures, he will be constantly supplied with
the principal articles of Pittsburgh Manufacture at the
lowest wholesale pncea Orders and consignment!
are respectfully solicited. }V7
IS’CORD * CO., jSZ?\
£9 (Successors to M*Cord A King) Whj
H rasblsuahls nstur'i,
Comer of Wood'and Fijlh Stnets.
PARTICULAR auentiou paid to on Retail Trade.
Gentlemen can rely upon getting their Hals aud
Caps from our establish meat of the rar aamuAO and
wuuMasauir, of the uixr mum, and at the urwsrt
Country Merchants, purchasing by wholesale, ora
respectfully inmed to eall and examine our Stoex, as
we can say with confidence that aa/tyards qcaurr
and rvcß, it will not suffer in a eompamon with any
house in Philadelphia. - ~ 'W '
JOHN D. M'CRHARY, Printing Ink Manufacturer,
No«. 331 and 333 Stanton street, NEW YORK—IV-
P it No. 3 Spruce street—Would call the attention of
rioten to hit improved Printing Ink* of vsriout
kind* and orders, st the following prices :
Extra fine Jel Black, for Card and Wood
Cuts - * - ff 00 and 3CO per lb,
Fine Book Ink -07 i “ t CO
Book rk • • 0«u “ 0 50 -
Newt lot 01S r.D “ Ott
Fine Red Ink ?Sc l OU 1 50 “ 2 Uj
Blee, Yellow. Green mud \Vtate 75e I 00 t 50 “
Cold f««* mi §V per lb, mnd Brn&ie u 50, 75 el* and
SI per ox
A fpceimen of New* Ink can be teen on inn paper.
FuuburgU, I'm.
C. Morgan k. Co. Cincinnati, Ohio
Morton k Urtiwonld, boaiwllc, Ky. octfrriSm
A- WHITE A CO. would respectfully inform
, tic public that laey h»»o creeled aaluiuna
:k, between Federal and Aandtifky aircen. 'I bey
mm now making and are prepared to receive order* i*r
•vrry description of vehicle., Coache*, Chariot'*, Ba
rouches, Buggie*, Pbwtons, Ac., Ac., which from lb<*ir
long experience in the manufacture of the above work,
aua the facilities they have, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the most reasonable term* with
Ui<*«e wantiug articles in ibetr line.
Paying particular attention to tbe fdeeuon of mate*
naJ*, and having none but eompeicni workmen, they
have no hesitation in warranting their work. We
therefore aak the attention of the public to thlr matter.
N. B. Repairing done in the beat manner, and on tbe
most reasonable terms jatfUtlf
DlaphraniTiluri for klydraat Water.
_ THIS i* to certify that I have apj
sa pointed Livtngauin, Roggen A Co.
ißwtl Bole Agent* for the sale of JeuningH
Wjg patent Diaprahgm Filter, for the ci)
WM Uesof Pittsburgh and Allegheny.
- » 8 JOHN GIBSON, Agent,
for Walter M Gibnon, 319 Broadway,
X Oct 10,1848.
We have been using one of the above articles at the
olSee of tbe Novelty Work* for three month*, on trial,
amLfeei perfectly satisfied that it is a useful invention,
and we take pleasure in recommending litem us a iimj
ful amele to all who love pure water. Orders will be
thankfully reueived and promptly executed.
Pltt Bachlns Work* mad Fauudry.
mrevcvao, ro.
JOHN WRIGHT A Co., are prepared to build Cotton
and Woolen Machinery of every description, »ucb
a* Carding Machines. Spinning Frames, Speeders,
Drawing Frame*, Railway Heads, Warper*, Spoolers,
Dressiug Prune*, Loom*, Card Grinders, Ac. Wrought
Iron Shafting turned; all size* of Cast Iron, Pollies and
Hangers of lie latest patterns, slide and hand Lathes,
and tools of all kind*. Casting* of every description
furnished on short notice. Patterns made to order for
Mill Gearing, Iron Railing. Ac. Steam Pipe for heal
ing Factories, Cast Iron Window Sash and fancy Cas
tings generally. Orders left at the Warehouse of j.
Palmer A Co., Liberty street, will have prompt alien-
Refer to Blaekstoek, Bell A Co., J. E. Moorehead A
Co., ti- E. Warner, John Irwin A Bona. Pittsburgh'; G.
C. A J. 1L Warner, Steubenville. ianl9
fIMIE subscriber offers foe sale a targe and splendid
X assortment of rosewood and mahogany grand Ac
tion Pianos, with and without Coleman's celebrated
Aeolian Attachment- The above instruments are war
ranted to be equal to any manufactured in this conn
try, and will be sold lower than any brought from Ui<
East F. ULUME, No m wood .1,
2d door above 6th
N. B.—City Scrip will bo taken at par for a few o
be above assortment. rav*J P. U-
M 1
Prrnacrsoul BepL 10, lad#.
R. THOS. K.IIIOBERT-.—Dear Sir, Yoor WHI
- TING FLUID we hare now been using morelbon
year, and on lookier orer the eutric* made by it, we
id the color a bright nine blaet. It It pleaaant to
-rite with, Sowa free r and doe* not clog the pen like
the ordinary ink* in nie. WUbing vou the ready eale
iu merit* demand, we are, yoor* respectfully,
For tale, together with Hibbert'a UeJ Ink, and Ma
chine Copy Ink, by U. A. Fahneatock A Co-, IL P.
Schwartz, Allegheny City, and by tbo manufacturer,
T. K. Hibbert, Draggiit and Chemist, comer of Liber
ty and Sroithneld »ta, Pitlaburgb. octl3
A PniMl for Vonr Family.
ly—•< per annum.
•TTjo beil paper in ibe Union."—(Evening Slat.
“Rather gel io coot than go without »L"— [Uokl For
Published In Now York and Pittsburgh every Sat
urday morning.
New subscribers can be supplied from Janaary lnl,
Ib3o, if immediate appliealion be made (either person
ally or by letter) to the office of publication. (13 Wood
■.reel. feb7 J. D. LOCKWOOD.
gAVKD llKR|LlFE—Sellers’ VcrmiTuge is thesrti-
Lumatog, Vo., January 80,1 W»,
Mr. J. M. Wilson—Dear Sir, The vial of Hellers’
Vermifuge I bought Irom you, some time ago, brought
from my girl five years old. the astonishing number o[
five hundred worms. 1 believe she would have lived
a very short time, but for this medicine.
Prepsred and oold by R. 15. SELLERS, 37 Wood st;
sold alto by Druggists general!) in the two cities.
jan23 __
Vslvil PUs Corpse.
WMeCLINTUCK is now opening ibe handsomasl
• and most superb Imported Velvet File Carpel
ever before offered in this market, to which be invitei
the attention of purchaser*.
fT>~Carpel Wore Rooms, 75 Fourth st. jtn3l
Great Arrival o t Now Goods,
THE subscribera are now prepared to Offer still
greater inducements to purchasers of Dry Goods.
Their eatabliihrd low prices and ol
Goods, (having received over 100 packages of new
and desirable goods,) comprise in pant '
103 do* French Wrought Collars and Capes;
10 ps Rich Dress Silks?
IUO us Alpaceos, from s» to » cenu per yard;
6 cues Maaslin D'Latni, from 10 to 23c per yard;
25 - Monmae Flints, all styles;
S “ Mourning ” from 10 to IZJc per yard;
10 ” binghams, good stfles, isle per yard.
Sheetings, Shirtiugs, sud Hoasekeeplng Goods, in
great vaneucs, all of which will bs offered at ejireme
-1 A A MASON * CO»8, 60 Market st
)bla Family, In • tor® and far i*la by
Ti'LUUR—iO bl
JP feb3j
WAMTP n i _
Daily as the baltimorr Philadelphia*
Young MEN in wholesale and retail atom, and othM
respectable builaeas, to act as Bookkeepers, Sate*-
men, Porters, Bur-keepert, Waiter*, Fmrme
men, Car Agents. Book and Map Agent*, CoUeetor*,
Overseen in all branches of business, Ac. We have
at all times a large number of good situations on htmi,
which pay from 300 to •S.OOO per annum. Those w
want ot* situations ofany kind would do wall to g»J«
os a call, as we hate agents in each of thea>°Tccl
ties, which will enable us to place every anphcant in
a suitable situation at tho shortest notice. W•W* •
large acquaintance in all the above named eiues,
which we trust will enable us to give enure satisfac
tion to all who may favor us with a eall.
between South and Guy.
N. B.—Persons living in auf part of the U. Stste*,
and wishing to obtain a situation inßalumore.oret
(her of the above cities, will have ‘be J r wants imme
diately attended to by addressing us a lme,(pO«t-puio>
as by so doiujr they will curtail both troublo and ex
pense, which they otherwise would incur by
to the cuy, and scekiiigemployment
No. GO Second street,
Baltimore, Md
THE attention of the public is. respectfully callM w
the following certificate*: -
H*. 8. Euin-lb>ii<ic »«ranulr oMjoM
weighed by your Areometer. I find tno result
yoor instrument correct; and recommend the use or it
to those going to California, as the be«l method for ou-
Ui»m 5 lh« ...I f B. UUNLK^K.''
Pittsburgh, March V, HU9.
PmowH, Mareh 7,1519.
Ml Easiss— Dear Sin Mating eiamipedihe“Arto
meter," manufactured at your rooms, I do not hesitate
to eommend it to the use of those gentlemen who era
about removing to California in search of Gold.
It gives a close approximation to the specific gravi
ty of metals, and will certainly enable the adveuturtr
to ascertain when his placer is yielding Gold.
marl*2 Your*, re.p’y, _1 R- MJCUNTOCK
-INDIA itUIiUKR CU/I’ULNU—Jn»I received forthe
California KxpcdiUan, a complete assortment ot
Gum Elastic Clothing, n: prices ranging from B*J> to
8U«S0 for suit of coal, rant* and hat For sale at the
India Rubber Depot, No 5 Wood st
dec*JO J k 11 PHILUP9
great invention:—valuable discovery!
)'aTxsz.ttscuaKS JoisoaxT l*t, IBM.
PaUnt aosyltver TaUts, Sofas, Bureau*,
Boot Cases, R'nftni' JJesis.
TIIK TABLES far surpassing every other in
vention of the kind now extant. They can be ex*
tended trom ten to twenty-five feet, and when elosed
the leaves are ail contained they axe made to
all sizes and shapes, aud are admirably adapted for
Steamboats, Hotels, and large private families, ‘form
ing when closed a complete centre table.
SOFAS AND BUREAUS —These articles are inval
uable, particularly to those whs wish to econo
mise room, and convert a sleeping apartment Into a
parlor or sitting room, as they can oe opened and shut
at convenience, and when shut, the bedding is enclos
ed. A great saving in room and rent AH the bed
steads when elosed torm a beautiful piece of furniture
for a parlor or sitting room.
BOOK CASES—A neat and useful article for parlor
or drawing room.
WRITING DESKS—For law‘offices, coaming fooms,
and other offices; when opened a mosicouvenient bed
stead, when elosed a perfect Desk and Library alone
is visible.
All these articles need no recommendation: the
beauty of the whole is, they are warranted cot to get
out ol repair, it will be for your interests to call and
examine the article*, at the manufacturer's store, No.
b 3 Third street, Pittsburgh. In addition to the above
advantages, they are proof against bun.
Buam Brick Works for Balii
THE subscriber offers for sale, thy- STEAM BRICK
WORKS, above Lawtcncerillo, comprising a
Steam Engine, 'i Boiler*, 6 Mould Machine, capable of
manufacturing siMJUU Pressed Btieks (out of dry clay,
as taken from the bank,) per day; with -three acres of
land on the Allegheny nver, on which are 4 kilns and
sheds, machine and clay sheds, wheelbarrows, trucks,
shovels, spades, Ac-, every thing requisite to com
menco operations at an hours notice, rrice, including
the pateul right to use **id machine, 87,0W—HU of
payment made easy. Without the land. 83,000. For
particulars, address HENRY MERRITT,
aagVT-dtf No He Mocongahela Roue.
Wrought andCaitlron Roll lag.
THE subscribers beg leave to Inform the public 'hat
they have obtained from the East ail inn late and
fashionable designs for Iron Railing, both for houses
ana cemeteries. Persons wishing to procure
some patterns will please call and examine, and judge
for themselves. Ratling will be furnished at the (hon
est notice, and in the best manner, at the comer of
Oyitaril Oyitinf
TJURKE fc CO’S Daily Expi**« »» now regutaxly de
li itrerin* Can and Snell OYSTERS, whtek are of
(Sad to dealer* and fauulle* at the loweit price*.
(Quality warranted equal lo any brought to thi* mar*
kcu'aud lor tale by
J. C. RID WELL, Agt, Water »t. •
Alw>—At the following depout-Rei* k lkrrer, cor
tier Southfield and Second *u; E lleaiieton, Diamond;
Mercer k Robinaoa, Federal *t .Allegheny. oetl<
1*71; hire •bme'l , TjMT’i£ made on an improved
VV plan, *o a* not u> freexe in the coldest weather.
Period* wanting lueb article.*, are invited to call and
■ce them at SCAIFKk ATKINSON'S,—_
mrdS lit, between Wood Market ata
TIIK Conjmuliao and Standard of ibo Aaaoeiate
Reformed Cfenrch in North America:' Wo, bound
The Olher Side, at Note* for lb* History of the War
between Mexico and the United Hiates, wriuen in
Mexico, end translated tram the Spanish, with notes:
Dy A. C Ramsey.
Sketches of lleiona* end Re Conner* of Orest Britain
end Ireland: By H. il. Stai.ion.
The Work* of President' Kdwards, in 4 volt; s re*
■ pnr.i of tbc Worcester edition, with additions, end s
copious erneral index.
The Mountains of Kgyptor Egypt a Witness for the
Bible; U>- F. L. HawksOi D-. L. L t>.
Memoirs of David Hale, late editor of Journal of
Commerce with selections from bu Miscellaneous
Writings: By Bcv.J. I*. Thompson.
The puritan and His Daughter, by J. K. Paulding.
U>« (inngos, or an InsMe View of Mexico and Cal*
ifornia: 11? Ueut. Wise, 15. S. Navy.
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The Puritan and Hi* Daughter; by J. K. Paulding,
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INFALUBLR for renewing, invigorating, sed bestf
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dfeetionacf the Scalp,and coring Eruption* oil Ihe
Skin. Dilute* of the Glands, Mosclca and liitegs-i
' oenU, and relieving Stings, Oau, Bruises, Fprauis,
te, Ac. With this preparation. “there is no sueb
aonl aa (ail” lie first journals in America, medical
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’Britothe hair, eradicatingseutfand dandruff,heal
ng wound*, earing contusion*, sprains, stings, Ao.,
uul relieving dl»es*es of the skin, the elands, and the
nusclei It has no equal among the maluinde or com
mands advertised In the pubiio prints, or used In prU
rate practice. In cheapness oaweU as cffieacy,. Bar
ry* TrieopberouoiSunrivaUed.. • ~
The affinity between! the membranes which consti
itnto the skin, and thehalr which draws its austenaaco
from this triple envelope is verT cioie. Alldiswcii
)f the ‘.hair originates la the skip of the I head. If the
pores of the scalp are elag*ed,orif the
ether fluid*do not eirculale freely throogh tM small
ressels which feed tho room with moisture and impart
life to the fibres, tho result la scurf, dandruff, shedding
of the hair, grayness, dryness, and harseness or tho
ligaments, and entire baldness as tho ease maybe.—
Stimulate the akin to healthful action with the Tricop
herons, and the torpid vessels, recovering their activ
ity, will annihilate the'disease. . . . .
In all affections of the skin, and of tho substrata of
muscles sud integuments, the proeess and the effect
are the same. . . '
It is upon the skin, the muscnlar.ubre, and the
glands, that the Trieopherous has its specific action,
and in all affections and injuries of these; organs, it is
a sovereign remedy. , , .
Sold, in large bottles, nriee 25 cents, nt the principal
Office, 137 Broadway, N. Y.
[Tj-For sale by R. E. SELLERS,
jan9l Pittsburg.
RNOW all men who are sick and afflieted with dis
ease of the bladder and kidneys, with rbeumaiie
pains in back or limbs, siiffjoiau, old sores, running
ulcere. Ae, that they can be eured br taking the Pe
troleum! You mayjtalk about its being a nostrum as
much as yon please, but this does not make it so, for
we proclaim in the face of an honest community, that
it has virtues which sro not contained in any other
remedy. The man who is racked withpain and suf
fering from disease, can for fifty centime! relief from
any of the ills ennnmarated above. Reader! it eons
very Utile io make a trial. This Petroleum is no mi*-
ture—no compoud, put up for the purpose of Imposing
on the community; but It is a remedy elaborated by
the master hand of nature, and bubbles np from taebo*
som of our mother earth in its original parity, and of
fers to saflering humanl y a ready, remedy, a certain
and cheap cure. , ■ . ' , _
It has eared Piles after other medieiues have failed
to render any relief. It hat cured Rheumatism of long
standing, and oftho worst and most palatal character.
H has eared Cholera Uorbna by one or two doses: it
has eared old eases of which every other
remedy has been of no avail. Asa local remedy in
barns and scalds, it U better than any medical com
pound or ointment that we know of. It will cure chil
blains or frosted feet, in a few applications; undoubt
ed testimony ean be tarnished of the truth eontaiued
in the above statement by ealling on Samuel M. Kier,
Canal Basin, 7th street; oreilher of the agents.
Keyser A McDowell, comer of Wood streeiand
Virgin Alley; &. E. Sellers, S 7 Wood street, D. A. El-
Uot AD M. Carry, Allegheny eity,are the agents. .
jan3t *
A man by the same of RUEL CLAPP has engaged
with a young man of the. name of 8. P.Townsend, ana
ases his n&meio put ap‘ a Sarsaparilla, which they
call Dr. Townsend’s Sarsaparilla, denominating it
GENUINE, Original, etc. Thu Townsend u no doc
tor and never was, bat waa formerly a worker on rail
roads, canals, and the like. Yet be assumes the title
of Dr, for the purpose of gaining eredit tar what he is
not. lie is lwtmir oat cents “Tricks of
(Quacks, ” in which Co aays, 1 have sold ihenso of my
name for t 7 a week. I will give 8. P.Towuaend ASW
if he will produee one single solitary proof of this.—
This is to caution the poblle not to be deceived, and
purchase none bnt th* .GENUINEORIGINAL OLD.
Dr. Jacob Townsend’s Sarsaparilla, having on ,U the
Old Dr.’s likeness, his family ooat of arms, and his tig
aatore across lho eoat of arms.
Principal Office, 103 Nassau st, New York City.
or ns
Old Dr. Townsend la now about 70 years of age, and
has long been known- as ithe AUTHOR and DISCO
SARSAPARILLA” Being poor, be was compelled
to limit its manufacture; fay which means It has been
kept out of market, and the pales circumscribed to
those only who had proved its worth and known its
raise. This Glaus nan Uszqtallxs ftazraiATtoit is
manufactured on the largest scale, and is called br
throughout the length undbresdth ortho land.
-- Unlite young & P. Townsend’s, it Improves with
age,and never changes; bat for the better} bceaose it
is prepared on seienß&c principles by a scientific mam
Tkt highest knowledge of Chemistry, asd the latest
discoveries of the Art, have all been brought into to--
qdialilan in the manufacture ot the Old Dr's Sarsapa
rilla. lire Sarsaparilla;root, it U well known turned
leal menjf ontains medicinal properties, and some pro
"penies which are inert or useless; and others, which,
if retained la brepaking it tar ate, produce fennentv
lion and acid, which is injurious to the system.. Seme
ofibe'properties of Sarsaparilla are so volatile that
they entirely evaporate and are lest in the prepara
tion, If they are not preserved by a scientific proeess,
known onlym those experienced in iu manufacture.
Moreover these volatile principles, which fly offln va
por, or as an cihilanon, under heat, are the very es
sential medical properties Of the root, which gives to
it all iu valse. The
is so prepared; that all the inert properties of the Sar
saparilla root are first removed, every thing capable
of becoming acid or of fermentation, is extracted and
rejected; thenevery panicle of medical virtue is seen
red In a pure and concentrated form; and tbas ills
rendered incapable of loaing any of iu rateable an l
healing properties. Prepared in this way, it is maos
me most powerful agent in tho
Hene* the ituoa why we beer commendation* pa
every aide In iu fovre by men, women end children.
We find it doing wooden in the cars of Consimption,
Dyspepsia, end Liver Complaint, end in Rheum*usm,
Serofiu* and Pile*, Ca*tivenes*, all Cutaneous Erup
tions, Pimple*. Blotches, and ell affections arising from
It possesses e marvellous efficacy in *ll complaint!
arising from ladig''*tioa,from Acidity of the Btomaeh;
from unequal circulation, determination of blood to tho
beedj'palptinlion of the heart, cold feet and eol&handa
cold cuills and hot sashes over the body. It has not
bad iu equal in eeughs end eolds; and promo tea easy
expectoration, and gentle peripiration, relaxing stric
tore of the longs, throat, and every other pan.
Bat In nothing it Us exeellense more manifestly-seen
and acknowledged than la all kind* andsiaget of
It works wonder* la ease* of fiaor albas or whites,
Failing of tho Womb, Obstructed, Suppressed, or Pain
fal Menses, Irregalanty of the menstrual periods, end
the like; and is effectual in earing mil forma of the Kid
ney Diseases. By removing obstruction*, andreguls
tlng the general system, it give* tone ana strength to
the whole body, and cures all forms of
and thus pnvenu or relieves a great variety of other
1 diseases, as Spinal Irritation, Neuralgia, 8l Vita!
Dance, Swooning, Epilepdo Fils, Convulsions, to. Is
not this, then, tax Mamet** too F**-Ewx*im.T NaxpT
Bat can any of these things be raid of 8. P, Town
send's interior article! This yoong man's liquid u not
beoaase of the Grand Fact, that the ooe U incapable
of Deterioration and NEVER SPOILS, while tho oth
er DOifii; it sour*, ferments, and blows tho bottle*
containing it into fragments; the soar, add liquid ex
ploding and damaging other goods! Must not tala hor
rible compound be poise no ui to the system! Whst!
put acid into a system already diseased with aetdl
What cause* Dyipepsisbut aewt Do wo not all know,
that when food soar* la oar stomachs, what mischief*
It produces!—flomlence. heartburn, palpitktion of the
heart, liver complaint, diarrhea, dysentery, ebolic and
comipdon of the blood! What u Scrofula; out an acid
honor in the body! What produces alljihe humors
which brinr on Eruption* of the Skin, Scald Mead,
Salt RheunfeErysi pel**, White SwellingsJSsvar-Sorea,
and all ulcerations internal and extern*!! I It i* noth
ing ander heaves bat as acid substance, wQtieh soon,
and thas spoil* all the fluid* of the body, more or less.
What causes Rheumatism bat a soar acid {fluid,which
Insinuates itself between tho feint* and elsewhere, ir
ritating and Inflaming tho tender and delicate tissues
noon which it aeu? Bo of nervous disease*, of impa
rity ofthe blood, of deranged circulations, and nearly
■ll the ailments which afflict human nature,
Now, la U not horrible to make and sell, and Infinite
ly worse to ate this r
and yet ho would fain have it understood 'that Old Ja
cob Townsend’s Genuine Original Sarsaparilla, is an
imitation of hi* inferior preparation!}--
Heaven forbid that we should dial .In an anlclo
which would bear the most distant resemblance to S.
P, Townsend’s article!: and which abonld bringdown
upon the Old Dr. such a mountain load of complaints
and criminations from agents who have sold, and pur
ehtaars who have used d. P. Townsend’s Fermenting
Compound 1
We wub U understood, becauso it is the absolute
truth, that & P. Townsend’s article and Old Dr. Jacob
Townsend's Sarsaparilla are heaven-wide apart, mod
infinitely dissimilar; that'they are unlike in every par
ticular,baviqg not on* single thing in common.
It u to arrest frauds upon the-unfortunate, to pour
balm into- wounded humanity, to kindle hope in the
despairing bosom, to restore health and bloom and vi
gor into the crashed and broken and to banish infirmi
and FOUND the opportunity and means to bring his
within the reach, and to the knowledge of all who
need it, that they msy learnoud know, by joyful ex
perience, its TaAKscaaouu rows* to iiksl l -
For sale by J. KIUDAGO.. Wholesale A*nni for
Western Pennsylvania; J. SMITH, Uinnlugha.-uj Dr.
J. SAKUEANT, Allegheny; Dr. J. CASSELL, Filth
ward. O. W. GARDNER, Bth ward.Pituburrh. «pi 3
LIVER COMPLAINT.—Another cure performed by
using the original, only true.and gcuttiuo Liver
Pill. ?•
* Aansaxa, Brows co., (X, March 20, leff: ''
Mr. R. E Sellers—lit April last my wife waa attack
fedlrith Liver Complaints,and had the advice of two
fefcfaiclans, who tried vanoas.remedies without pro
racing any good effect. Having heard of voureele
'brateu Liver Pills, 1 concluded to give them a fair
trial.. 1 purchased <ae box af Mr. Scott, of Aberdeen,
and gave them according to the directions, by which
■ho wae greatly relieved. I'procured a second box,
which entirely cured her, and she now enjoy* excel
lent health. f have used them mysell, and pronounce
Ahem the best family medicine I ever tried.
Yours, Ae, , . Mawta BaasLT.
Prepared aud sold by R. K. SELLERS. 6? Wood it)
cold also by Druggists generally In the two cities,:
View of PlttahurgA,
MV VIKW will be published In aashortu linte
as possible; and I can assure my subscribers,
and the public generally, that It shall* be sdrxaioa
both in fidelity or detail land beauty, of;«xeeutioo-t©
*nr other whatever. Let those whodoubL wait a/ew
weeks and tee. fK. AVIIITEFIELD.
Naw Voss, Dec.Sth, 1849.—{dell : ... .
A FEW very fine GUffABS: just „t' d ffeanfco
celebrated manufactory olfy. F. Martin, a»d..for
ealety jaofl ’’ J.WMELLOR.BI^eSktn
R u .^ MurfEE T , r M '‘fv& l^Yfc, yi% b ’'
ws? —assfe"'
y-'li r i
■ u:j.i :.-x.r- j ■■l >ui . i-y
- J'A « s*MIU.+U «bS ’CI ~ <m,
feAZETTEr -v
; \ VOL. XTO NO. 169. ).,■$
Jttfld'f fettfl6s«#d Liquid Cuticle
fltjtflS it
Xjeereffd, ft* drt*«rt* l'arn»«- 4je»W*« Cat#,Cbil*
bltinf, ttt&itet, o# tnf kind of freah wcnnd*, *l*o for
•erPNifrirld'rarpiftedy'OfteqajiJed. . ,
Thi« article i* lnti»nd*<i f of family
fnPnd in (he p»*trti*iiifi of every family in uj« lino..
Mechanic* wh? ara id Conftafll dsneer of Injnry to
tbHt pariwni Uiroceh accident. andlbe improper or
eareleu aw of ioo|», will find thl* artlele to l>e intnla*
able to them, and after a fair itial willeot»M<lerttin*
* It it an Mneilenl anMtitnie fflfadlieaien pJa»|er,°f
•U hind*. Without any of it* 10<*o>ifcnirnre.r, a>ld i* to
medicated aa teallny *U pain Immediately und mott
perfectly. .1
A tfry.litiJo applied any wk'tentt th« tn'faee efiba
•kin. immediately form* a finn, «n.<xu)t oonjliijf. ;very
timilar to the natural cuticle or osier akin; wliicltmay
be/reely waaberi with water and aoaiswltbouuißylii*
j«u¥ to Uio wound. . _
Tho article i* freely nted and hiehlf recommended
by the most eminent phyuclunt of New KnftTtmd, and
other part* of the country.
For aale om.T l>y It K HKLI.KRB, S 7 Wood rt
C7”N. B,—The trade 'applied at the manufacturer's
price*. fcU4
AXStIO nos 09 txroxs STJLTB of to* blood
Scrofula or Cinq’s Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cam
seoos Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on the Pace,
Blotches, Biles Chronic Sora Eyes Ring Worm
or Tener, Scald Head, Enlargement nnd Pain of
the Bones and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers Eyphillie
Symplons Sciatico-ot Lumbago,—and outages
arising from on injudicious use of Mercury,lAci*
tiles or Dropsy, Exposure or Imprudence in Life;
Also—Chronic Constitutional Disorders Ac- i
In ibis preparation are strongly concentrated all the.
Medicinal properties of Sarsaparilla, combined'with
the most effectual aids tho most salutary productions
the most potent shnples'of the vegetable kmgdoin: and
it has been so fully tested, not only by patients them
selves, but also by physicians that it has received
their unqualified recommendations Unti the approba
tion of the public; and has established, on us:own
merits, a reputation for valus and dticact far supe
rior to tho Various compounds bearing the name of
Sarsaparilla. Diseases lisve been cured, such ns are.
not furnished in the records oflimo past; anavrhatit
has already done for the thossinds who have used it,
it is capable of doing for the millions still suffering-and
struggling with disease. It purifies,, and
strengthens the fountain springs of. life, and infases
now vigor throughout the whole animal frame. :
The following striking, and—os will be seen—per
manent euro of an inveterate case of Scrofula, coa
mends itself to all similarly afflicted: ' ~
BocmroKT, Conn., Jan. 1,1313.
Messrs. Sands: Gentlemen, Sympathy for tho afflict
ed iadaeca me to inform you of the remarkable cure'
effected by yoar Sarsapanlla, in the case of my wife.
She was severely afflicted with the Scrofula on differ
ent parts of the body; the glands of the neck were
greatly enlarged, ana her limbs much swollen. Alter
saffenngover a year, and finding no relief from tbe
remedies used, the disease attacked, one leg, and be*
low tho knee suppurated. Her physician advised it
should bo laid open, which was cone, but without any
permanent benefit. In this situation wo heard ot and
were induced to use,'Sands' Sarsaparilla. Tho first
bottle produced a decided and favorable effect, reliev
ing her more than any prescription she had ever token;
and before she ssed six bottles—to the astonishment
and delight of her friends—she (band her health qnile
restored. It is now over a year since the cure was ef
fected, and her health remains good,' showing that the
disease was thoroughly eradicated from tho system.
Otir neighbors are ail knowing to the:o facts, and think
very highly of Sands’ Sarsaparilla.'
Yours with respect, JULIUS I’JKE.
Extract Son a letter received from Mr. N. W. Hot
ris, a gentleman well known in LoaUiasa co.{ Vp.t
‘•Gentlemen, I have cured a negro boy of mine with
your Sarsaparilla,' who *was attuked/with'Scrofula*,
and of a scrofulous family. ' ■ 1 ’
“Yours, truly, N. W. HARRIS.
“Fredericks Hall, July 17, IS-13."
. Banns’Sssnvißn.tiSi—lt seems almostannncccssa
ry to direct attention to an article so well known, and
to deservedly popatar, asthls preparation, but patients
often who wish to use the extract of Sarsapanlla, ore
induced totry worthless compounds bearing the home,
but tittle or none of the virtue of this valu
able root; and we think we cannot confer a greater
benefit on our readers than in directing their attention
to tbe advert!*emfl r l of. tbe Messrs. Sands, in another
column. The bolt!# has recently been enlarged to
held a quart, and those who wish a really good article
will find concentrated in thii all the medicinal value
of the root, The experience of thousands has proved
its efficacy in earing the various diteases.for which it
is and at the. present time more than
any other, perhaps, is this medicine useful, in prepa
ring the system for a change of season.—[Home Jour
nal, Sept. ls4B.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by Ai B. A
D. SANDS.' Druggist and Chemist, 100 Fdhon street,
corner of WiUi«m, New York. Sold also by Drug
gists generally throughout the United States and Can
ada. I’rice Cl per bottle; six bottles for SS. - "
For sale by L. \VI [.COX, J r., B. A. FAUKESTOGK
A CO, hud EDWARD FENDERICII, Pittsburgh. Al
io, by Dr. 8. SMITH, Bridgwater. IdelP-deodAwT
THE folio wing article we copy with pleasure from
the “Boston Mercantile Journal,” of March,. 1819,
and we hope that if any of our reader* are suffering
from any of the complaints which it is said to cure,
they will speedily avail themselves of it:
It was welt known many yean ago that the wild
cherry bark tree of this climate possessed valasble
medicinal qmalitle*. Indeed this Net was knownto
the aborigines, and decoctions of thcle'avesor bark of
this tree has ever been regarded by theirphysieians as
ooe of tho most effectual remedies in many ,
This fact, several years since, arrested the attention of
Dr. WtsUr, a highly retpeetablo practiiioner'of Vir
ginia. H* investigated with care the healing proper
ties of the wild cherry—tested i» effects when admin
istered alone, and when in combination with other re
medial events. Uo found that iu natural virtue might
be greatly improved, and by combining, it with ingre
dients wboeo properties were all well proved and gen
erally recognised, a imcdicinb was produced which
constitutes a remedy of great importance in pulmona
ry affections and dii ases of tho chest and threat—
diseases which are proverbially prevalent in our cities
and large towns, and often prove fatal, swelling the
bill of mortality to a much grater extent than- is the
ease with most others, wo had almost said all classes
of disease.
Tha'genuine Wlsur 4 ! Balsam of Wild Cherry has a
foe simile of the signature of Henry Wutar, M. D.,
Philadelphia; and Sandford and Park on a finely exe
cuted steel engraved wrapper. None Other are gen;
We are just in receipt ef the following voluntary tri
bute to the eurative power of Wis tar's Balsam of Wild-
Cherry, front E. Iltfl, M. D 1 of Ml Cl emeus, Michi
gan, who is a physician of high standing, and' an ex
tensive druggist:
Mr. Clxxxxs, Mlcll, OcL 50th.1349.
To the afflicted, this may certify that Mm. B. Rob
erts, of this village, three or four weeks after confine
ment, was attacked with a violent cough and great
prostration, and seemed haste uing to tho grave with
fearful rapidity. I advised her to use Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry—she did so, ami with that valuable
modiolM alouu was restored to health, and is now a
living proof of the value of Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry. E. HALL,
Physician and Druggist.
Read on and be convinced still further of the remar
kable virtues of Wistar’s Balsam of Wild Cheny:
Messrs. Sandford A Parki Genu. As si matter of jus
tice to you, and for the benefit of the public, 1 ' would
offer the following statement of a cure effected by yonr
inHiHi-ina, known as Wistar’s Balsam of Wild Cherry.
In the spring of 1847 my wife was severely attacked
with Peripneumonia, or Pleurisy, which resulted In a
deep seated pain in the side, accompanied with a so
vers cough; she was attended bwsome ofthe best
physicians in Chicago, but to no purpose; for weeks'
she suffered, without relief, coughing incessantly night
and day. I came to the conclusion that all tho reme
dies mown ho the physicians could not help her, and
was induced to try your Wild Cherry. 1 procured one
botilo, and commenced using it according to, direc
tions: before it was all gone—the cough stopped, tho
pain in hertido left her, and with the aid of another
boule; she was restored to narxrr trasixu. In con?'
sideration of there circumstances, 1 would recommend
It to the public as a valuable medicine.
Yours, respectfully, R.N. GARRATT
Gatuvo Ranss, Mich, OcL 8, l&U.
Road tho following TesiltamiaU.
, Of all the cares that have been recorded, there are
certainly none equal to the one first mentioned, which
plainly shows the curability of Consumption, even ia
some of its worn fonas:
' Cftoum Pourr, Luka co_ Is- Jano IS. isttb
J- D. As I have a drop commisera
tion for the afflicted, permit tnc to rive, you a brief
Kits Si n! wffiiFV?’ 1 li ' u
the use of Dr. NVlstaps Balsam of Wild Chcrrr.
In Jnly, ISH, I was aUacked with a fever of the ty
phod character, which left mo in a very debilitated
•tme, when in tho foUosring winter I waa taken with a
revere cold, which reduced tan to such an extent as to
gm me tho appearance of a confirmed consumption.
I labored under a severe cough—expectorated a great
deal, and was Doubled with cold feet and night sweat*.
f^ac^tiyruixcdblood from my lunss. Icon
tinned In this state, gradually Miking under the <ti»-
ease, Until January, 1847, when I was again attacked
with fever. My friends despaired of my life, and my
ohysieians thought f could survive but a short time.
My extremities, especially toy feet, wore constantly
cold, end almost lost their feeling. Under these cir
cumstances it may truly bo said that I was a living
skeleton. I finally determined to quit taking medicine
prescribed by physicians, and Uy Dr. Wistar's Balsam
of'Wild Cherry, and from the first week tbat I com
menced takiug it? I can date a gradual recovery. I
continued tit i m six montlis, at the end of which time
I was cured, and have enjoyed rood health ever tinc^,'
and cheeriuly recommend tho Balsam to all those af
flicted with disease ofthe lungs, sod would say to
there commencing iu use. not to bo discouraged if two
or three bottles do not effect a cure; Vet persovete :«a 1
I havo don-, and 1 have bo doubt but uin« cases out of
I tan will bo blessed with at I havo
\ amuTiß'i omnni t
Lontatning no Mercury, nor otkat AtiagqT.
rpiraHoUowlnjr testimonial vros given by the Mb-
JL bratdd Dr. Wooster Beach, the author of ihfl great
medical work untitled *n«- American Practice off
Medicine and Family ■
.‘•Having beentnode acquainted with tho IngndWßS •
which compose MeAllmerts AB-BeaS&AOlaaMaA
and having prescribed and testedUlnwv*rafeai**lJi •
my private practice, I have no Is onto* or
certifying that it is a Vegetable oasimß
no mineral snbstonee whatever: thaUislntreSX
combined as they are, and used a* dinetedbTdw
Proprietor, are not only hanalens, bat off great volte, '
being u truly scientific Remedy of great pawen udl .
cheerfully recommend it ts acompauad which has -
done much good, and which is adapted re Dm eun off -
a great variety of eases. Though 1 hare nmretlhri
recommended or engaged In the sale of ream reodK
cine*, regard for tbe trulv hoserveonsdentiow; ta«-
mnne character ofthe Proprietor of tMa Olusbrol .
and the value ofhia discovery', ©bilge mu to sav tha*:
much regarding it. -W. BEACH, D-Dl*
New York, April 33d, IBM.. '
BURNS.—It is one ofthe bestthingitalh».world
for Burns.
PlLES.—Thousands are yearly eared byUii das
meat. H never fails in giving reae£
For Turners, Ulcere, and oQ kinds af Softs,!* bad
no equal. ,i . • ■ ■ i .v.*'. • ■
If Mothorel and -Nurses knew its value in eases off
Swollen or Sore Breast, they would always apply it-
In such eases, if used according tQdirecUmi%ilftVN
relief in a very few.hourtL ."
Around the box are directions for using
Ointment for Scrofula. liver Complaint, Erysipelas,
Tetter. Chilblain, Scald Head, Boro. Eyeay.Quncy,
Sore Throat, Bronehites, Nervous Affectum,Tains,
Direnseof the Spine, Head Ache* Asthma, Dcqfoeas,
Ear. Aebe, Borns. Corns, all Diseases of the Skin, Sere
Lips, Pimples, Ac, swelling of;th» limbo, gores,
Rbeumatirm.Piles,Cold Feet, CroupiSweUedoyßo
ken Breast, Tooth Ache, Ague in theFOce, Re. .
From tbe Reading Eagle.
There was never, perhaps, o Medicine breagkt bo*
fore the public, that has in so short a lima won eeeh o
reputation as McAllister’s All-Healing or Watt
Solve, Almost event person-that hoi aide (rid of it
speaks warmly in it* praise. One has been euyod by
ft of the most painful rheumatism, mother of they pee,
a thi rd of a troublesome pain in the side, • foaita of a,
swelling in the limbs, Ac. If it does net giveimme- .
diate relief, in every ease, it eon do so injury, being -
applied outwardly: . . . • 1 i: -\?J
As another evidence of the wonderful heading pow
er possessed by this solve, we subjoin the following
certificate, from a respectable citixsa of ftlaldenrreak
township, in this county: _.„ ■
- Maldcncreck, Berks March 3), 1917.
Messrs. Riuet A Co;—I desire to inform yoo that I
was entirely cured of a severe pain in the baek,by tho.
use of MCAllister's Alt-Healing Balvc, Wlueh I pur
chased - I suffered wiiiiit for aheat SO yean,
and at night was suable'to sleep.' .Daring that ume I
tried various remedies, whieh were prescribed toe no
by physicians andother persons,without receiving ony
relief, and at lost made trial of this Stive; With a re
sult favorable beyond expectation; - Lam oowentire*
ly free from the pain, and enjoy at mihi a pooeefU
and sweet sleep. I have also used the salve sues for
tooth oel\e and other complaints, with similar happy
results. Yoar friend, Joan Mounraica.
- Bole Proprietor of too above medicine.
Principal Office, No 23 Noyfo Third sueet, Philadel
Aacm in Pirracjuiß-—Broun A Belter, eonur ef
Liberty and St. Clair streets; and L. WUeax,Jfc, cor
ner of Market street and tho Diamond, also comer of
Fourth and Smithfieid streets; J. 11. Cosset, eoreer ef
Walnut and Penn streets, Fifth Word; andpoldat the
Bookstore in Smithfieid street, 3d doorfrem Second.
• In Allegheny City £y ILP.Bebwaraina J.Sargvat.
By J.G. Smith, Druggist. Birmingham: Ik Negley,
East Liberty; U. Rowland, McKeesport; J. Alexander .
A Son, Monongahela City; N. B. Bowman A CA, and
J.T. Rogers, Browns Till c; John Barkley. Beam, Pa;
John Walker, Jr H Elisabeth. reblleediy
BTow BXtulc* .
0 LEMUEL or, Going down to the Cottoa Reid; a
new and very popular Ethiopian. Song, as cum
by. Christy’s Minstrels, New Yoxk.. Compared ; by 8*
C. Foster, author of “Uncle Ned," “Oi Basaana,’ 1
Ac. r. -r
Nelly was a Lady; by S,C. Foster.... ,
Ben Bolt—the genuine copy; by Nelson uetto.
Speak Gently; a very popular song; by y.-Wolloce.
Indian’s Prayer by the author of “Be Ktad*Ra. n
Be Kind to the Loved One* at Home.
Thou hast wounded the spirit that loved thee. •
Flirtation Polka; by Strakosch.
'Alice Polka; by Sprana. .
. Corel WoJtx; by Profotaorßohboek.' s-t. .
Aliquippa Waltz; “ “
Aialasia Waltz; “ : Kleber. > '
La Place de Perlcs’ .Grand Waltz; by Osbourne.
The wild Sowers soon will abed their bloom; from
the opcreofLueiade Lnmmeimoor. ■
Cortna, or May the Oidcn Time;
■ Howe.
Easy Variations to “The Pwao BamiaiiTjW by
Her*- .......
Thou An Goncj sbng from the opera of Amelia.
The Groves of Blarney; from Beihovea.. -
Vfhen the Moon on the Lake is . ■
A Voiee from Ute>Wavea;-dueUo by C.olover.
- -Joy* that WebraTasted.
Mokemonogondy ChapleqfromLocretiaßergi*.
Low. Bocked Cor.
Deafest Mae; with easy variations for beginner*.
Bonaparte’s urere. •
Wr are Happy atd Free.' :
Fashion Polka; by J.H. Hewitt ..' s
Rec’d and for solo by . JOHN H. MELLOR, •
jonS3 • No. 81 Wood street
N. B.—A large stock of new PIANOS, to arrive this
week. • J ... ■ ■■••••■ ■
BniT Holland! BoiT Hollamffl
TAKE NOTICE—That W. McCUntoek faasthis'day
received several cases of tiro finest and best 8u
Window Holland, to which he would most respectfully
. coll the atteution of his customers and fhe ptfotio in
' general. •, - ■
g7*Carpet Wsro Rooms, 73 Fourth st. janM
Sugar Cored Beef Rounds; fiCuiercesßugisCured
Hams—Evans A Swift's—for solo by ’• •
LINSEKD OIL—7U LU in food order, for mIo fey
n 6w “
iWJ w
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“• Side*..-
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'OOL—sacks in store and for sals by -
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sale by janUi J ODD A 00,60 Wood St
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_jana J KIDD
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Xj by jaaittf J KIDD 4 CO
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_for salejjy Jana S KIDD A CO
NO. SUGAR—oo hhds (new crop,) jest reedved
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N“d. molassbs
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sale by jan3l _ DEIUfeJpIUS
bbU(now crop)
A CUitßß&l
MACKEREL— 10 qr bbls No 1, extra, for ttlo b;
j&ntP | I3AIAU DICKEY * Ot
* Paim, for solo by • :
jonao 13ASa DICKEY A CO
i HAVER BUCKETS 4b TUBS—For solo by
CANDLES— 10 bis Slar;
6 u Sperm;
, S 3 “ Siearine;
SO u Dipped; for sole by .
CHEESE— 100 bis Cream;
70 “ Ensiisb Dairy;
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jaie2> ■ • ID WILLIAMS
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German ci
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couiixiuaeal and for aalo l»r
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Preston'.* cpacentrateiLextraou of Lemon. VuiH<»
and Nutmeg-, Ibr tale by ■.
< J fiCHOONMAKEB ft 00
/ UIAAToSiILE airij
ewiromeT"'.'- - -I.JJ* —
>J 1 case Conuaoai-., . - • I'Li
lbalcCoane;iorteie‘liT ' r ' w
__ £eU ■:•••-■ JSCnooNvrArg»* an
‘ M'tfZSffir? ~&S »»*»^jaasag^y B .j
; ■•. ••• ■' '.'sj ••
.1 jX -
■ -'LI