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lT MOSS.ff’t?. 15,1550-
eortq lAducAi*
• ■■mi ITIII TTiiitli(ln t
•??La Vgfri Kam Gasmto, Philadelphia, neetved
j|ijft|Eajdidftarathlf cfloc. , . ..... l<-
. Ramttnmset,
fTfnrtf'Vr — * T"* fl “ <v » ‘ * tt T Aumtixsaesia
mi Mbcsapdoas hasted to hia wJI. receive prompt
On thanks an doe to Hon Cooper end
Haaploa, to vataabWppblio documents. ,
c Tbs assailreport of this, iattitntios hu beta
pifcUi'.tJ a c >py has beds obbgiflgiyfimtiih
•fl tik-laoae res; adit differs from all Os prods*'
great po lion of it being. takes op In
■fcowtegihe saocs a, and is indicating tbe utility
«f thsPenasylTin isyrtemcf Prison. Discipline.
Is Us late Governor Jobsstoa -asks if
it 1* not wbrthyof serious consideration, whether
tha sytfam of solitary confinement, adopted is this
Stats, does sot affect the mental and physical
vigor of the prisoner. Recommendations to the
Ssecatire Department, to pardon convicts afftict
sd'atihtilfeeilifcaai imbecility, seem to bare
aaggaoad the inquiry. ?ho Inspectors, in their re-
aa&tt‘soma length Into a defence of the
Pfcauylfiuim system, the oaefaln—i and bene*
ffOenoa ef which their long experience In the
w wgaaent </the prison, has deeply convfnoed
thiaa.“They asythatj&om the Cuts srfaichhsve
nnder feelr own immediate observa
tion, tad from their long experience and careful
eeratitiy into the effects of Us operation, they are
oceyiaead that (he Pennsylvania system as at
present existing, coaarswih’nify eadjrradmtijrsd*
sms safarsd, folly provides for the moral, menu),
aaApibysieal wdl being of the prisoner—end
though'tt his been fer year* the object of ayste
matio animadversion .end' discussion in vanons
EOBtani yet notwithstanding tbe obttacles thtovn
lathe wtycf its U has been steadily
commending itself to the favor, not only of other
of«rtfwarStale*baisotnoofthe governments
efSarope*-. ■
-Xfc the able Physician ofthe institution,
in nkOerto the. Inspectors, states that tbe "sepa
rate,* ta Pennsylvania system, has been tbs pride
ef the State, and regarded with great favor by
herehriftiaa philanthropists, fer while it protects
SOeUty, it metes oat deserved pnnlshmnnt to the
odnvict, end yet provides elds and meant of mor
al retaliation; at the tame time, by properly
regelated intercourse, and books, affords healthful
Wtoita to the mind, and by airy and well ventite
a^'rooms,' wholesome diet, tee., seoares his phy
steal'heahh.' --
- 'TtMTiaveatigation recommended by onr worthy
Governor* can,, however, do no hlrm. It will
only the more clearly develop the great superiori
ty ef thasystejnoTer all others, and thoi atrecgth
en.the pchllo lt has already
taii good, Is producing: snob an able defence on
the part ofthe, Inspectors,' which willbe read and
examinedifcayoad the bound* of this State, and
wDl’eaay.wilh it, if not couvietion, atletst a de
alt*, fera father examination of a system which
la attanded-with ageh hippy results.
ftoa (he Report of Major Beckham, the exoel
fcufWarden, we team that there it now in con*
tern*"* one hundred and. twenty three convicts
fir hnndred and ttihaty two males, and one
, Eifbtjr fear have been received* and
•treaty six diaeharged—fifty fbox by expirertoa of
-P-','■aateace, and Jlfteea by pardoa—and wren hare
'■£ M-
of prisoner* received since
tha opening*of the prison, July Ist, 1826, to De
—*■»» si.o y (849, Is thirteen hnndred and sev
enty, via: c eleven hnndred and eighteen white
miles sad . twenty two female*—and one hundred
had ninety-two colored male* and thirty eight to
auW .;.';,^
; Tha health of the prisoners has been' good, not*
withstanding the prevalence of the Cholera in the
vicinity of the prison dnm»g tha r«f* summer.
From the report of the Moral lortrdctnr, Rev..
A* W. Black, we learn-that tay seven of those
received this year are unmarried, and thirty seven
htfrofemiHai.'; the number reoeiv
«d wnK;by tbalr own confession, addicted to
liabite-oi-ißteapezsaoesixteen say they were
SMferm* inahrti ‘•time proving that crime which
leads te.pttsiihmont'ii almost invariably associ
ated with the txsa of intoxicating drinks. Tbe
BJQOrity of those* who inhabit thi*. prison; in all
pfhaHlity, wouldnever have been either
or had it not beea fer drunkea
. AH those discharged were able to rend, most of
ihsatb write, when they left the prison. "The
Bgjority gave encearaging evidence of their future
good They bad all received enough of
sett} teaching to keep tbem ; Is tbe path of recti*
thH*,iftbty feirdisposed to walk fo it- Most of
them too bod leaned'trades, by wbieh they coaid
pdfa'idr thcmselvea on bonest and comfortable
Uvi«*v; /‘.-'‘'A
Altogether, tbe Western Penitentiary appears
the pdrposetcf its institniion most
adoflnbly* .-We eon bear oar own testimony to
llii sbQitfcs mid .fitness of its officers, and to its
management generally. An festi-
Hfioa better conducted, in oil Its branches, we do
10l bsUbve exists is tbe eouutry.
.igUwM Ltsar.—ffa have
Ibe January number of this work, which is mailed
with IbfiyiV acknowledged talent' of the Editor,
of the Medical College of Okie.
TlwpiUsso* number contains a very able lecture
oAtibe tmUmrml of diseases of .tbe chest, deliver
ed by tbe Editor in the. Commercial Hospital at
Cbdtttti* In which many interresting statements'
psde la regard to that most jrequent and die*
doming' 'disease' consumption. It also contains
•event sites weßreviews of medical works, to»
igesera! variety of editorial and mis*
coMteo-us matter, relating to the sefouee of med
~ I Wo emdiafiy recommend it to tbe medical
p— tffkwMwj mm well as to ofiwhtffeel an interest in
thfo valuable branch of odence*
WsTtavu received the second number of a new
Tsstty Monongahefe Republican,
Anted at Mocoflfahein city, by 8.-Alter, Esq.,
fontttlytf to ;3tanpmnee Bonner. life eve
ry respectable looking sheet, and will, so doubt,
pwyd bf great utility to the people of that section.
Mr.Altermost abundant aneoess.
Kn.'GUjfr: Snsnt.—The Bichmond Whig,
ipattisgoffhfeaaleriy production, soysr—**Tbfe
fought' with wisdom, and Ipars e
heot .this sum* relation to tbe orator is bfe voting*
«r and move fiery days, that the Odyssey does to
• game energy—the same mind—the
■m powerful wifi—are there, me llowed though
< set woahttd by toe. . It la the evening splendor of
toon, cootmtsdwilh its noontide ‘fervor. ' It
* bunswtao tensely, but it fe the some sun still
- iki afnf ill That It touches to gold, enveloping
•Stb M s litoileof glory, and Infusing peace and
fay Into -all who are subjected to its benign in*
Thai* wtitpi a perfect Batlrood and Plank*
iMd'frvuriaXowi, It exikibu .itself la eonren-
ffi*B» ©ftk*p«oplD» »Bfi In meetingstoraisetoads
fa «*nytafoat tl» T»rieFa* Aißiiriinge
tSB. Um idea W Rank road* baa takes a wonder-
MUj, ted ostfji i/iot isorei bar® boon commen
. oil -ifllT fhllrny “ - of course*
Ri<i«» fiwflL |a a letter to the Near York
{Aim, dated at Baa Fnncfoeo, California, De*
nsmKsr 3i t * IMP, aayc—
■Tin' ifttirff rf the Evening Post, which I.
lks Tribune, that the Go re foment
ZZlSito keep tbyOoastitwie* of California aileat
flmtEldtffef of Onvery, U entirely false. It is
where understood here, that oar
. jairidiriiiw ■! Wuhimon eaneatl, anuta
■i . ■im irinn if — ,J be rented at osoe tad
l-mf Tbo only objectiom vbiek were pri*
eatSv m«ed (ooae wete nade in tbe CraveQltaDj
■ratal natfdf OUitbrala a Free Slate, wore oo
tma members of tbe tree*
A Fcsci ikes * . ...... .—ln tbe luttpual Adi
dreaa cf dimmer Collier, sf Alabama, deliaered
■eoewdefcaago,osenteiliiirebtbe dotieaoftbe UterHtowta, paaateS—“lf (aajatbe
Oama) Unpeople of tbe State vbleb tea, bo
llifffl-s out er Caldbroia ebill elect to rated.
alaratT.weabanmcetcbeaftllT aeqeieiee, and
■XMI total to t&ttaaf oi MowiMp.”
-PUxaißJXsa-AD .'Enin w ■«*»*«* flariaf. -
At na election held on the 11 thin*., al tbe Reed
House, Erie, the feUowing named gentlemen went
elected Directors M-Reed,M> Court
right, Wmiam Kelley, James WiHiam»,A.W.
Brewster, D. McAllister, C. MeSpanen. James
.0. Msrahill, John A- Tracy, P. Metcalf John M’-
Clore, Jr.,8.8. Vincent, Smith Jaekaon. ,
At a meeting of Directors, snbeeqaenlly held, C.
M. Reed was elected,President, and D. MeAK
lister appointed Secretary and Treasurer.
We understand the prospects of this road are
very flattering. It has been taken hold of by men
who, If wo have not greatly mistaken their resour
cea and character, will build the road within from
three to five years. A portion efit will most like
ly be finished next year, or by the time cur Wee*
tern road is completed to the Stale line.
Auieetingof the Directors of a company , in
corpcratad by the last Missouri Legislature,- to
construct a railroad from Bti Louis to the west
ern Cron tier of that Bute, with a view to its ex
tension by the General Government to the Pacific,
waaheld in St. Lonlson the 3lst ult. Col. John
o*FaUon was chosen President. Books were
opened to defray the necessary expenses ter • re
connotssance, and the direetora present, eleven
In number, tnbseribedsls4,ooo for that parposo
on the spot—three, Messrs. OTtllon, Loess and
Page, subscribing together 100,009 dollars of this
amount. - The subscriptions' have since been
greatly increased. 8c Loais Is wise in pushing
sroadbutwestofher. . It is to her offer more
importance than one east of that point, jest as onr
Western Bead is of far more value to the busi
ness of this city, one cast. • It will be but a
few years before there will be aeontinous Rafl
road from Philadelphia to the western limits of
The National Era, the emancipation paper pub
: ij-hH in Washington, says that the President's
'Message “exonerates him completely from the
suspicion of having attempted to coerce or undn
ty Influence the people of California to the adop
tion of any particular form ofGovemment, 0 The
same paper states that Mr. Campbell, the present
Clerk of the House, is not a slaveholder. He is
a Southern mao, but emancipated his slaves sev
eral yean ago.
An article having appeared in the local column
of our paper, of yesterday, in reference to a recent
letter of Mayor Barker’s, which might be construed
into a commendation of the course of that function
ary, in his recent controversy with' the Police
Committee, we deem U proper to .state that we
consider tbe conduct of the Mayor‘towards the
committee as having been entirely unjustifiable and
uncalled fer.
Tnouuzx with thx Wuwxbsooxs-—The Win*
nebsgoea have returned to Wisconsin, and have
located on Prarie la Cross and Black river, In
Crawford county. So says the Prarie da Chien
Patriot of tbe 16th In it. One thousand of them,
headed by their chle£ u Jte»djr, B have returned in
pursuit of game, and declare that they will again
possess their favorite banting grounds—oven
though the live of every white man is sacrificed,
They are committiag nightly depredations upon
the! settlers in tbe vicinity, and neither life nor
property is secure. Murder and incendiarism
have been threatened, and In the absence of sol
diers from Fort Crawford, their lawlessnea knows
no bounds. A petition has been sent to the Gov
ernor, urging him to take Immediate action fer
the protection of cilisena-
In Crittenden County, Kentucky, and tha part
of niinois opposite, it is known there is an'extcn
■lvo iron district, which Is just now coming prom
nently into notice. An intelligent iron master
who is now erecting a large iron fumsee in this
district—oh the Kentucky side ef tbe Ohio—rep*
resents the ore 1q some localities as very rich and
convenient. He recently informed the editors
the'Louisville Journal, that the estimated yield is
over SO per cent., and the , estimated cost of the
ore per ton, at the furnace, about 37| cents.—
His location is about three miles from the river,
and the estimated coat of tbe pig iron on the bank
of the Ohio is less than ten dollers per ton/~
«n»w«g these statements, the Journal
“We remember the time when the establish*
meutefthe first Qtilfactory in Piusborgh waste*
garded by prudent men as a moat haxardous ex*
periment. At a ranch later period tbe Eastern
manufacturers of sugar mills end cotton presses
never dreamed that Cincinnati would ever drive
them from our southern market. Bat a few years
ago hardware merchants would not look at a
Western butt-hinge or wood-screw, and now
their customers enquire first fer these same arti
cles, made by Greenwood, ofClncinaati. Cheap
material!, chesp.subtistence, and cheap coal are
natural advantages that break down ail artificial
<<mti hi by which they are oppose A”
Tbe Explosion—Sixth end Lnt Day**
Work—Sixty- Seven Dead—Coroner**
- Investigation.
Early ca Saturday morning tbe Chief of Police
andhfe aids and men were on the ground of tbe
explosion, and before 2 o'clock in the afternoon tbe |
excavation was concluded, tbe whole ground bad 1
been gone over, the last doubt given place to ccr- 1
talnty, and t ie search was at an mid.
_ By s singular coiocl<iencc, the body of Samuel J. i
Cnssey, tbe Ecgineer of the establishment, was
the feitoae found, and the only one taken out on
Saturday. Contrary to usual expectation, be was
lets motillsted than almost any other of those kill
ed—he was a little bruised in tbe feee, and alight*
ly burned, bat the body was clothed aa avail, and
was Tecoghixed iastanUy. He was found in the
little yard, in tbe Tear of the building, which seems
to indicate) that be feared tbe danger and stepped
out to avoid it j or He might have been blown out
through the window, by tbe exposioa, though we
•oppose, bad ouch been tbe fsct, be would have
been mare bruised. Tbe engine, of which be had
the charge, was very little injured.
' The body found in . the crank of the eogine on
Friday evening, fe supposed to be his brother’s.
There was an arouse in one of tbe pockets of
bis which lay beside of him, and tbe
head was del ached from tbe body, lying outside the
'engine. .
- Tbe body of Halsey King,son of J.O. King,has
been recognized in a carious way. It was • bead*
less trunk, burned to a cinder, of which nothing
could be made, for even the slothing was gone,
except • little portion of s red shirt.. It Uy for the
' last four or five days iu tbe yard of tbe station
bouse for inspection. None could Identify iL At
length, however, tbe washerwoman was found
who washed for him, and she identified tbe piece
ofred shirt ss. that she wasin tbe habit of washing,
and showed another of hfe of tbe some kind, then
in her possession. Tbe particular shade of red,
and the texture of the flannel, satisfied her of tbe
■ We now make up, from tbe best Information at*
UiaoWe, that sixty seven bodies In all have been
iikoa from the ruins.— lf. Y. Tribunt.
■ Jessy La© coxn» TO Axzuco.—The famous T.
P. Barnwa,of Tom Thumb notoriety,has effected
aa engagement with this world renowned person
age. She fe to leave for this country In tbe last
week of August. She will be accompanied by two
very eminent artistes, M. Stgnorße
lletti,the following fe bertetterof acceptance ad
dressed to Mr. Bantam.
Ifttxxcx, 6th January, 1650.
Sm: At tbe request of your agent, Mr. —,
who fe now hero, and whose objeet fe, at the ear
liest opportunity, to advise,you, I beg te state that
I have this day concluded to accept the terms made
me for you, by hi™, to the effect of visiting the
United Stems of A"wrtaa professionally, under
our auspice*, they detail* of which are set forth
inaformal'mutaalagreement; and I cannot but
express my gratitude for the anxiety you and your
agent evince to render my intended tour replete
with comfort. Trusting the apecolatlon may meet
your moot sanguine expectation, fe my most ardent
desire; andno endeavors to secure which shall
be wonting (Ged granting me health) on tbe port
of, sir, vouramost respectfully, Jkxnt Lind.
To P. T. Bantam, Esquire, Iran felon Villa,
Bridgeport, Connecticut, Uoited State*.
(Tree copy, witnessed by me, Jenny Lind)
lAs evidence of the noble splnt which always
aafniites this greatly gifted lady,we may atate, that
a farther condition fo the contract atipnlatee that
she thsll be at fall liberty to dog for charitable par*
-pom whenever ahe may desire so to do. That
she will haye the greatest reception the United
Slate* haa yet ever gireo toartiatiatio talent, there
can be little doubt; and we veotore to prophecy
thateathasiaam wiilincreate with the knowledge
of hergenloaand character. Her judgment haa
-bees shown in the selection of two snob able as*
siitanta as Ur. Benedict and Signor Belletti—the
latter Is a fine barytone, who has sang with her sl-
P>nm through the whole of her career; tbe former
a gentleman la manner and character, an artist in
every sense of the term, one whom ahe baa graced
with bar friendship, and who knows how to valne
|L—£*». Tim**,
The Baltimore Patriot, of the 26th,
thnr attempts at fraud upon the Treasnry have
been jnsr discovered, and will be made known as
soon as the perpetrators areseeured.
Gomel GUttbokk m DimcraTT.—The and drowned bioself oolite morning oftbo Utb,
oooole of Madiscm county. Kentucky, have we* j iatho Back Bay. He left his home at tin o'clock,
to thaGoveaor an Immense bnlloek,w&h-' pot his clothes ; nnder the Railroad Bridge, and
me two thousand pounds. In his letter, ■©know** was found in six Inches of water, with hit taco
edging the compliment" the Govesor say»: ‘downward.He had made* fortune in California,
hsrdlyimagiiiebowTam ever, logit thedeed in amtddenflt
so much feef consumed) and in this difficulty, lof insanity. - : •—•
with it to be certainly understood, that I consider A women named Adams, formerly of Boston,
you, and all Madison men, who may visit Franks was found in • brook, jaw above Lawrence, on
fat, u under espodsl obligations to cose to my tbe 10th, wuh her head broken in, suppoeed to
boose ul eaaiit in eating £” | kart besn murdexed* J
r*T * 7 _ T
zfT:: *• -.J*-
'• • }v • ••
CAiotTUTtno tax Yalcx or mdtUmoa.—U ta '
the every day business of the the pite*
eat tfmej to calculate the value oftheUrtian. Ur.
Clißynuo, of Nonh Carolina, and Ur. Johnson,
of Arkansas, have issued manifestos, in which the
most glowing deeeriptiohalof the advantage of dis
onion, to the Sooth, are gives, and the aame sob*
jeet is the theme of comment in public and priVhte,
all over the Sotth. There *re, ; however, tesao*
thousands of eober, patriotic spirits at the South,
who look upon this wild scheme with the utmost
abhorrence, and vrQJ, we trust, exercise a power*
1 foUy conservative influence upon the'plotters©!
treason. Among this class la the editor ef the Fa
yetteville (N. C.) Observer, who denounces, ta
follows, the folly of the dftnniftnltf I
«We take this occasion to say, very emjfcaii*
csliy.lhatwe have no foith in,oor sympelhywh,
Mr; Qingman’s views of the immense prosperity
which is 10 moll a lb. South Opm iaoclm.
Ob the contrary, w* tkaxtld rtgvrm it, v 'stct»a l
lukkkGodforiUD etJUpawuafvm unjtma-
UndandinmnurabU. A hundred fold ineremao of
the annoyances from the fanatics would lead to
wars, and instead oft prosperous commerce, we
should have our trade erippled, and a national,
debt Incurred to support the expense* of our ar
my. of the power wlueb, as a united
nation, ia now foil and respected over the wide
world, we should have two or more weak and
feeble nation*, which would find it quite as much
as thor could do to keep each other in check,
without any surplus force to awe' the other na
tions of the world. No, let us not talk of disun
ion as long as there is a hope of avoiding latokr;
able oppression; and especially la* us tot delude
the Southern people into a belief that it ariQ be a
money n>»Hng measure.”
Tzk Umos.—The following closing passage of
Webster’s reply to Hsyne, wilt be read with re*
sewed interest tt the pretest time
“ When my eyes shsll be turned to behold, fcr
the last time, the tss is Heaves, may I not see
him shining on the broken and dishonored frag
ment of a once_glorioqaJJpion j .on States, dlssev
ered, discordant,belligerent; on a land rent with
civil fends, or drenched, it may be, in fraternal
blood! Let their last feeble and lingering glance
rather behold the gorgeona ensign of the Republic,
now known and honored throng boat the earth,
still fall high advanced, its arms and trophies
streaming in* their original lustre, not a stripe
era«ed or polluted, nor a single star obscured, 1
bearing lor its motto no such miserable interroga
tory as, What is all this worth 1 Nor those other
words of delation and folly, Liberty first and Un
to* afterwards; bnt every where, spread all over
la characters of living light, biasing on all its am*
pie; folds, as they float over the sea and over the
land, and in every wind under the whole Heav
ens, that other sentiment, dear to even Ameri
can heart—Ltfcrty and Untan, now and trover,
one and inseparable.”
Editosul Hokhtt.—ln our paper cl 'Wed
nesday, in speakiogof Senatorial confirmation of
the President's nominations, we remarked:
“If they [Democratic Senators] show any good
reasons why any of General Taylor’s nomina
tions ought not to be ratified, foundedon tuition*
tial ftrumol orpuUie grounds, apart from colitis
cal considerations, then they will be justified in
withholding their assent, bat an opposition mere
ly reckless and ungenerous to a co-crdioila
branch of the Government, is unworthy of any
man holding the distinguished place of Senator.”
The “Morning Mercury,* of yesterday, under
takes to criticise our remarks, and paraphrases
them as follows:
So here is the morality of the Gasette—sustain
the administratlou appoiotmeats; tit f uahjiea*
twu of lit ftttont appointtd, art </ no amto*
fuenet; tne duties we owe to our party, are alto
gether superior to those which we owe to our
country.” It is a happy thing for the etfuntry that
the Gazette's morality is peculiarly Its own—were
it otherwise, In vain might Henry Clay denounce
in burning words, the blindness, the bigotry, and
the intolerance of party spirits.
The quotation marks are the Mercury's, by
which language is put into our mouths which we
not only nevar nsod, but which is diametrically
opposite to that we employed, as is seen by the
above extracts. The dishonesty of such conduct
is too palpable to require any further remark.
The great demand for Mr. Clay's speech may
be [inferred from the following, which we copy
gota the Washington Globe:—
“We have already as many orders for this
as we can Alt in two weeks; -and therefore
’we —"*<•>» receive any more subscriptions for it,
unless the snbeeribers will sgree to wail more
than two weeks. It will require about one hun
dred and seventy reams royal octavo paper to
prist those already ordered."
The (bUowlng is the Apportionment BUI submit
ted by the Whig,'portion of the Committee, Mr.
Leonard ofCrawfard, alone dissenting. The bill
is drawn with mueh more fairness than that of
the opposition. The degree of liberality pf both
parties can be readily perodlved, as both bills have
| been reported. Tbe fight may now be satd to
; hive commenced. In what it will end, no one
'can telL
1 Philadelphia City ——— —— 8i,7e0 *
3 do Coanty 3
3 Baeki * iWjjt . ]
4 Cheater ana Delaware 30,108 1
• Montgomery-——— -•-*—• 13A16 1
• Berks —**•••• i£*o 1
7 Laneaater and Lebanna ■■■■■■•• *AS» *
5 Scbnytktt!....—— - ' Ufgf 1
B Northampton and Lehigh WM 1
to Carbon, Monroe, Warn*, and Pike ItJO! 1
H fWgpMn and Cnmharland • —— • • 11|B< i
IS York ——p—. 134*30 1
13 Franklin and Adame ——— I44*fi-I
-14 Centre, Mifflin. Jauiata, and Perry- . tcCM I
If Lycoming, Union, and Northaaberlani U.iQ' L
11 Cemmbla, Laxerue, Selllvan, Wyoming,
and Saiqnehanna ——— • t
17 Bradford and Tioga——a—— I3£OC 1
18 Bedford,Soaereat,and Fayette— ISAM |
15 Huntingdon, Btair, and Ceabrie* 1
♦JO Wertmoreland "i
M Waahiufton end Greene— — 14.(78 l
« Allegheny *V«7 3
S 3 Ilawrene-.BntJer.and Bearer-—— -• 17.858 t
8< Mereer, Venango, and Worn* 14,093 t
23 Erie aid Crawford.•• - 1
28 Clarion. Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, M’Kean
and Potter—— i 13CC1 1
27 Aimatrong, Indiana, and Jefferson 1
Jantaia and Union 2
Lancatger 6
Ucbanou 1
Leatgh and Cuban 2 :
Lniarne------ U
Lyeonmg I
ST Kean, Elk, * Wima t
Career 1
Mifflin I
tfonroa and Pike I
Montgomery 3
Northampton 2
Northmatwrlaad--' t
Philadelphia city 4
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SebnylkUi--* t
Somerset 1
Suqaelianna&WyeaiAg 8
Tioga* * 1
Venango 1
Washington 2
Wayne -»«»• 1
Westmoreland 2
York - 3
Bedford •••
Beaver and Lawrence-- <1
Berks 4|
Centre •
Clearfield and Jefferson
Clinton and Poner
Columbia and Sullivan-•
Crawford • *
Cumberland and Perry •• 3
Dauphin * *
Delaware 1
Krie • • *
Fayette and Greene • •• • t
Franklin *
Huntingdon--- 1
fodjkns and Cambria-•• »
. 3
For Olm Pittshtrgk Gaxttti
1 observe through the columns of yourOtxetie,
of the intended exhibition and tale of stock, which
is to come off in the city of Allegheny, In the course
of the coming season. We do hope that it will
be a time that will be taken advantage of by all
who have got stock to telL It is much to be regretted
that there has not beea,before now regulsr.qosrterly
orbsif yearly fairs established,for tbe aale of all kinds
of stock, about either ofonr two cities. The old cry,
of “our being yesra behind other oo an tries,” in
this or the other movement, ought to be aieluktd.
We jivo in sn age m which Ibe march of intellect
is doing wondersjsnd now, since we have got an
Agrttaltoral Society eatablisbed, and we hope in
active operator, the country is looking tow to
lend tbe wsy in many sneb movements, as the
above hinted at. If inch fairs were established,
the advantages that wonld spring oat of them c*n>
tot be properly estimated,we wonld have stock of
all kinds comlsg in from many parts of tbe coon
try, and men wonld have something to stimulate
them to prepare for aneb exhibitions. If a person
baa got a horse u> aell, at present, where does be
go to exhibit him, “ To tbe horse market ?” This
is a place I have visited, and so far as I ean speak,
1 have never seen a good bone sold in it: in gen
eral, they are lame, Hind, trrpaxtntd! Thnra is a
general idea entertained by plain country
people, when we apeak of a cauie ahow, that
no man takes a beast there, unless he is a compet
itor, although he may have a tifey good and vain
able animal, yet because be does not think he will
stand the test of examination, although he is wish
fo] to part with him, he is prevented from coming
forward and effecting a sale. Now, in establishing
thelairt I alhide to, it wooldbethevery thingwe'
require, and at the same lime,, let it be distinctly
understood, that ■ fairfer abaft still be
kept op. I should like very much to see the above
established. lam almost sure li would tom out
well. Should the above ideas be worth inserting,
they are at yoor service. Yours, dec.,
Ohio Township. Faaxxx.
Scleras ov a Rmanto Cauroiaxaft—flw.
rotiD Muxsxe, deo., dec.— Ur. James Sbckney,
of the Arm of Browo, Lawrence & Stickney, of
Boston, arrived from California in the Empire Cilyt
’ ' ■
p r t* *J.
espendeaee o* the Pituburzh gazette.
Haaazssuxsß, Feb. 11, 1850.
In the House, to day, a yesolution vu passed
instructing the Committee oa Banka, to Inquire
whether *any of the Beaks in the Stale have ex*
tended branches of issue and discount to any
other county than that in which they arc located,
in violation of their charters. Nothing else of in*
terest waa done in this body.
In the Senate, the only milter of interest was a
report from Ur. Daraio, Grom the Committee ap
pointed oa the subject, in reference to the Wheel*
isg Bridge, and the obstruction that it
to the navigation oflha Ohio river. The report is
very able;and commanded the.serious attention
of the Senate throughout its entire reading. As
it will no doubt bo looked for with great interest
by the people of your city, I will endeavor to
procure a copy tor yonr paper to morrow.
The argument of this report ia perfectly conclu*
site oflhe right of Pennsylvania to the tree and
unobstructed navigation of the Ohio from its
source to i*s mouth; and many of the ablest legal
authorities of the country are cited, sustaining this
The report was accompanied by the resolutions
below, which were taken up and promptly passed,
unanimously, thtoogh all their several readings:
Whereas, The navigation of the Ohio river haa
been and 1a now obstructed by bridges erected a*
cross its channel between Zane's Island and the
main Virginia and Ohio shores, so that steam
boats and other water craft, hitherto accustomed
to navigate said river, are hindered in their pas
sage to sad Grom the port of Pittsburgh and other
ports la the Staloof Pennsylvania, and the trade,
commerce, and business, of citisess of this Oom
moaweallh interrupted, the revenue of her pub*
Uo works diminished and Impaired, and steam
boats owned and navigated by citizens of this
Btite bound to and from her ports, are subjected
to labor, expense, and delay, with hazard to life
and property, by reason whereof the said bridges
are a common and poNic nuisance, injurious to
the State of Pennsylvania and her citizens.
Therefore, be Unsolved, &c.
1. That the free and uninterrupted navigationof
the Ohio river, as a common highway, as a right
belonging to the citizens of Pennsylvania, which
being essential to the prosperity of tie State ia
the duty of the Commonwealth to arrest and dc*
2. That the proceedings in behalf of said Bute,
instituted by her Attorney General, in the 8u»
preme Court of the Uoited States, and now pen
ding therein, against the Wheeling and Belmont
Bridge Comptny, to abate the nuisance occasion*
ed by their bridge, lately erected across said riv
er, be prosecuted to final judgment, decree and
abatement of said noisanoe.
3. That U such proceedings shall fail to abate
said nuisance, the Governor of this state is au
thorized and directed to cause such other-- and
farther proceedings to be taken as may be neces
rarv ana proper to procure the abatement thereof
by due course oflaw.
4. That the sum oftwo thousand dollars be and
the same ia hereby appropriated toward carrying
on said proceedings, the said sum, or so much
thereof be necessary, to be expended under
the direction of the Governor, and the account
thereof to be settled in the usual manner.
California—San wonder
of thi og«l
A late letter of Bayard Taylor, received by the
lest steamer, end published in the New York Tribe
one, fives the following description ofthe wonders
'exhibited by Ban Emnciaoo:
“Of all the marvelous phases of the history of
he present, the frowtb of San Francisco is the one
which will most tax the belief of the Fntnre. its
parallel was never known, and shall never be
mheld again. I speak only what I have seen
with my own eyes. When 1 landed here, not
qrnte font Booths ago, I found a scattering town
of tents and canvas houses, with a show of frame
buildings on one or two streets, and a population
ofabout aix thousand. Now,l see around me an
actual metropolis, displaying street after street of
well built edifices, filled with an active and enter
prising people end exhibiting overv mark of per*
manent commercial prosperity. Then, the town
was United to the carve of the bey fronting the
anchorage and the bottoms of the bills. Now, it
stretehea to the topmost heights, follows the ahore
mronnd point after point, and eendiag back a long
arm through a gap in the hOls, takes hold of the
Golden Gate and builds its warehonaea on the open
strsit and almost fronting the blue horiion of the
Pacific. Then, the gold ecekiog sojourner lodged -
in mnslin rooms and canvas garrets, with a philo
sophic lack of furniture, and ate his simple tboogb
PjCt, mUI fire from pise boards. Now, lofty ho
tels, with gaudy varendahe and balconies, are met
with in all quarters, furnished with home loxory,
and aristocratic restaurants, present daily their
long bills of fare, rich with the choicest technicali
ties ofthe Parisian cuisine. Then, vessels were
coming in day after day, to lie deserted and use-.
* less at their anchorage. Now, scarce ad ty pa«e*,
butaome cl osier of sails, bound outward through
the Go’den Gale, take ibeir way to all the corners
of the Pacific. like the magic seed ofthe Indian
1 iogtl* r « which grew, bloesomed, and bore fruit be*
, fore the eyes of his spectators, Ban Francisco
teere* to have acompliahed la a day the growth
of halfa century.
When I first landed here, bewildered and twa
xed by what seemed an unnatural standard of
pricer, I expressed the opinion that there would
be before topg • great crash In speculation.—
Thing*, it a peered than, had reached Ibctr crisis,
end it was pronounced impossible that they could -
remain stationary. This might have been a very
natural idea at the time, but Use subsequent courts
of sffeirs iu shown it to be incorrect. Land,
rents, goods subsistence, haro continued .
steadtlv to advance tu cost, and as the credit sys
tem has been meanwhile prudently contracted,
the character ofthe basinets now done Is (be more
real god substantial. Two or three years will
pass, in all probability, before there is a positive
abatement of the standard of prices. Thpre will
bs flactustions la the meantime, oceosjonigg great
gates and losses, but the foil in reals sad real es
tate, when it comes, as it inevitably msg in the
coarse of two or three yen*, will Dot be to crash*
tng as tsi first imagined. I doubt whether it wtH
aerioualv injure the pommereial activity of the
Prioea will a tret fall to the same stand
ard as in the Atlantic Statu. Fortunes will al
ways be made here by the sober, intelligent, in
daslrieps,and energetic; but no one who la either
too careless, too spiritless or too Ignorant to suc
ceeds! home, need trouble hlmse'f about emigts*
ting. The same general rule holds good, as well
as elsewhere, sod if la all the better for human
nature that it does.
Not only is the heaviest part of lha bosiness
here conducted on cosh principles, bot all rents,
even to-lodgings in hotels, am paid in advance.
A single bowliof alley, In the basement story of
the word Houre—a new Hotel on Portsmouth
square—prepays 15,000 monthly. The firm of
Findley, Johnson fa Co., recently sold their rest
estate, purchased a year ego for $20,000 at $300,-
000; $23,000 down, and the rest In monthly in*
stalmentg of $18,500. The pjrcbaser, Mr. Stein
berger, has since been offered $12,500 monthly,
in advance, for the rant atone, which would thus
pay at once,-tbe first cost of the property. This
U a fair specimen cl the speculations daily made
here. Those on a leaser scale are frequently of a
very amusing character, but the claims on one’s
astonishment are so eon tost, that the faculty soon
wears out, and the most onboard of operations
are looked upon as matters of ooarst. Tbe great
est gems are still madeby tbe gambling tables and
tbe eating bouses. Every device that art can sug
gest is used to swell Iho custom of the former.
The tori— find abundant support In the necessi
ties of a large dotting population, in addition to
the swarm of permanent residents. Rowe's Circus,
which is still here, does an Immense business, and
a large and handsome theatre is about to be erect
ed oa the upper aide of Portsmouth square. If
conducted wtiJt becoming order and decency tho
latter establishment will have a decidedly moral
effect, by diminishing tbe influence of a much
greater evil.
Tbe great want of Baa Francisco is society.
Think of a city of So£oo inhabitants, peopled by
men atone! The like of this was never eeen be
fore. Every man is his own housekeeper, doing,
in many instances, bis own sweeping, cooking,
washing, and mending. A company of
are at the Fresh doing a
driving business in the laundry line. Many borne
arts, learned rather by obaervation this experi
ence, here oome conveniently into play. He who
eksnot make a bed, cook a beefsteak, or sow up
bis own rips and rents, is unfit to be a cltlxen of
Californio. Nevertheless, since the town has be*
gun to assume a permanent shape, very man; of
the comforts of life in the esst are attaioable. A
fondly may now live here without suffering any
material privations; and if every married man,
who Intends spending some time in California,
would bring his family with him, a social inlloeoce
would soon bo created to which we might look for
the happiest remits.
Souths** Divorton to thx Union.—Tbe Norib
Slate Whig, pubUbed at Washington, N. 0., says
that “ while here and there a Southern paper can
be found thirsting for disunion, the great body of
tbe southern press issoand tod loyal to tbe Union.”
Tbe Gixette, edited by the Hon. John
P. Claiborne, formerly a Democratic member of
Congress from Mississippi, bolds that no member
of Congress has a right to speak in behalf of the
Southern people in, favor ol a dissolution of the
Union. “ Not one of them can pledge the
North or Boutb, Iho East or West to any such
The North Carolinian tells the following anec
dote of an old former, of that region. Who had
tried the planks roads:
He was at first much opposed to the plank road,
and thought it wonld be a waste of money to build
it. Bat be came to Fayetteville With his wsgon
and produce,- end drove on it some miles. Wben
he got back to Chatham; oar merchant friend asked
him if be had seen tbe plank road? “Yes,” he said,
“he bad seen it,” "Well, did you drive on it?”
“Yes.” ••Weil, don’t yoo think you cany four
time* as much weight on it with a four bone team,
is on a common road?” “Oh yes,” says be, “it’s
Ant rate; and ft’i a fact that when the wagon tot
to the end ofthe planks tod struck the heavy dirt
road, every horse stepped and looked around.”
«I wish yon had Eve,” said an urchin to
an old maid who bad been proverbial for her mean
ness. “Why sof” “Because,” asid he, “yon
wonld have eaten all the apple, tntteed of divi
ding it with Adem."
-lpim«Bt «{|PT4lklM>t . ftl
the Murder'of Dr. Putkmkn.
Xb® arraignment of Joho-W. • Webster, indicted
for the 'wilful murder cfGeorgeTarkman, oa tbe
23d day cl November fftrt, lookpfece o’-
clock ibis foreooon. in Ibe Supreme Jodiciel
Coart Boom, before Judge' r Fletcher. Mr. Web
tier ms broag bi iota Court in custody of officers
Wm. Esterbrook end David .Patterson.’ At the
epenißg oftbe court, the Attorney General, Hon.
John- H. Clifford, tddressed the court as fol*
"May it please your Honor—ibe Grand Jary at
this county, presented an indictment at Uie list
term of the Municipal Court, against John W.
Webster, the prisoner at the bar, for the crime of
murder, and by a provision oftbe revised statues,
that indictment bos been certified op to this court.
1 now move your Honor, that the prisoner may
be arraigned upon that indictment.”
Tbe Clerk then called upon (ibe prisoner to
up, and bold up bis right bond, and hearken
to tbe indictment Tbe prisoner, daring tbe read
ing cf tbe first part of the indictment, manifested
considerable emotion, evidently making an effort
to stand perfectly firm. In reading the first count
ot tbe indictment, where it describes tbe manner
of inflicting tbe mortal wounds, just as the clerk
pronounced tbe wards “with s certain knife,
which be then and there in' bis right hand had
and held,” dec., the prisoner let bis right bind fall,
and rest upon the railing in from of him, where it
remained nntil the reading was finished.
At tbe close oftbe reading of the indictment,
tbe Clerk asked “John W. Webster, what tty yen
to Ibis Indictment—are you guilty or notguillvt”
To’which the prisoner replied in a clear and els
tiakvoice, “I sm not guilty, slit” Tbe Court
theirinquired of the prisoner had any conn'
sel engaged to assist him in bis defence, to which
the prisoner responded, “I have, your honor—Mr.
Sobier and Judge Merrick.”
The Court then inquired cf Mr. Sobier. and of
the Attorney General, if they had any particular
wish as to the time for tbe trial. Both tbe eoun*
sel stated that it would be desirable to have the
time of trial fixed for ts early i day as possible,
and that they would be ready at such timo as tbe
ooart might direct.
Judge Fletcher then stated that he was directed
by the court, if no objection was made by the do*
tendon t, to assign Tuesday, tbe nineteenth day of
March next, aa the day for tbe trial of this case.
To this the counsel for the defendant replied that
they wonld be ready at that lime The prisoner
was then remanded- 80 that day was assigned
forthe commencement of the trial of this import*
ant esse. The general appearance oftbe prison
er was mueh the ssmo as before his arrest. Hoe-
ing the arraignment the Grand Jury, many mem*
ben cf the bar, friends of the prisoner, and sever*
si physicians and gentlemen of other professions,
were present. —BoAon Journal.
Plonk Boons.—This description of roads tp«
pears to be attracting attention, and coming intc
favor and use, in eteiy part of tbe country.
At a recent meeting in for the pur
poseoftaklag into consideration the co astro efiou
of several roads to terminate at a common point
the following estimate of cost was presented, it
being upon the highest rates:
Sills or stringers, 3 by 5,
16 feet long 4,400 fi per mile.
Flank, 3 ineb. thick, 6
(set long 42246 “ “
Total fu per mi1e..*..46,646
At $2O per 10C0 $93260
Grading and laying plonk, $1 per r0d.... 320 00
Engineering, superintendence, and contlo*
gencies,lO per cent •••• 135 00
Total coat per mile $1,387 So
Mx. Wktxou’s Accounts.— Mr. Welmore on
Saturday paid up $50,000 in gold, which was dc*>
posited with tbe Sub. Treasurer. On Tuesday be
is to pay $42,000 more. The remainder of the
$181,550 Tito await the resnit cf tbe visit of bis
counsel to Washington, who leitonSatardsy. Tbe
Government U is hrped wifi recover the entire
amount due from Mr. Wetmore, as security will
probably be given for the balance, and bis claims
for commissions will not be allowed.— N. York
Paramo Ftuir Txxn aim Sowim Cloves.—
A correspondent at Memphis oaks some qnestiens
about pruning fruit trees and sowing clover and
grass seeds, wbieh we should have answered soon
er. The time (or shorteniogiQ peach trees ts dn»
ring tbe winter. 1 We have seen peaches seriously '
injured by delaying it until they had blossomed.
Peach trees are the better for a great deal of shor
tening in every year. It is better to trim applet
trees in May or June. They need little or no pru
ning except in (be formation of the bead when
young. Cloverwed-should be sown as early in
the spring as possible, whealber town with small
grain or alone. Iris frequently sown upon wheat
during the scows of February, without passing a
roller or drgg over it. When sowed with oats,
miter the ground in which the oats ere sowed is
thoroughly harrowed, sow the clover seed and
pass a drag board or a bushy tree top over it. A
drag board is a platform of boards, to which tbe
bones are attached, the driver standing en the
Seeda of closer and of grass should be very slight
ly covered, and the harrow should be used before
but not after sowing them. If used slier, one half
the seeds are covered too deep (a sprout. Timo*
thy msy be sowed early in autumn or early in
spring. If sowed in aotnmn, it must invariably be
•owed alone. And even tn spring. it is better to
sow it by itself as is the case with clover and or
chard grass. When grass is sowed without small
i groin, aeoyibe, the dipt eoaaoo, should be pained
over tbe ground whenever weeds sboW ibem
*e!res to any height. Ifput Inti e favorable aetSOS
jot! after tte tail harrowing, and covered very,
•lightly, clever or grass will oftea> so occupy tbe
ground (bat weeds aod wild grass will not appear
at all.—fouunlh Journal .
We learn from the Christian Register, that Miss
Bremer slili remains at the bnnne of Mr. Be&jon,
tbeSoeaJisb Vic® Consul, in Boston. .She will
shortly stsrt fjr the Bomb, linger awhile "at Wash*
iDßton, pass a fow weeks at Havana, to enjoy
the summer cf the tropics, then visit New Or»
leans, rail up "the Mississippi and Ohio, visit the
Mammoth Cire.toarh at Niagara, and ccme back
to the Atlantic coast in sesaon to retnra home by
the c!o«e tf autumn. She baa been silting for her
portrait, to Mr. Ferness, son of Rev. W. H. For*
ness,cl Philadelphia, a young artist of promise.
Listx.—We are informed that there is a strong
probability that this great pianist and composer,
will sonn visit this coaotry. Ho receo'ly gave an
order l.i as eminent firm in Zarieh. for a grand
piano, which be will bring with him.—-PArl. An,
Ratuxe Exrisstv*.—The wedding dress of
Miußussei), martied list evcaiar, wss rosso*
(actnre i of glass, and cost 1500 —St Lowi Organ,
Jan. 25.
Da. hieliisi's Wqsm JUnori— McLane's Venn,
fugs haa long bees admitted to be Iho beat medicine
ever diveovered for expelling vrormi from children.
The fonowing certificate epeak'a volumes in it* lavon
Marengo, Wayne county, N- Y., (
Juno 83d, 1847,, {
I certify that I have used MeLane’i Vermifuge, and
found ii all that it ia recommended to be. -I bare sold
it, and have in *ll cages found It tQ be an effectual
care. hVM. 8- FANCHEK.
For idle by J. KIDD t COI.No. CB, corner of fourth
and Wood Pittsburgh.
a Cara and Oartlftcat* at Hama,
Head wkat is aits or m Pbtbolsvm.—
I hereby certify that about two week* ago I was seiz
ed with a violent attack of rvtnin'nf and purging Chol
era Morbus, with very distressing pains in the stomach
and bowels, which waa completely relieved by two
teaspoonful doses of Petroleum, taken in a little wa
der. After having taken the first dose, 1 slept soundly
and comfortably for three hour*. [Signed]
On board the steam boat Aiiadnc.
Plitabargh, Dee. 11th, 1642-
l am Captain of the Ariadne, and was a witness to
the astonishing efloeu of the Petroleum, in the case of
Uenry Wise, who is one of iho hands on ilje boat
(Signed) NlitnOD GRABELL.
Pittsburgh, Dec. !llb, 1949.
fry Pea general hdvertißement in another column
Pnrwrc* Lxxox by J. W. Kelly
Wllllun street, N. and for salo br A. Jaynes, No.
70 Fourth street This will be found a delignlfol arti
cle of beverage in families, and particularly for sick
rooms. ’
Basis'* Dsoax.—An improved Chocolate prepara
tion, being a combination of Cocoa nut; innocent, in
vigorating and palatable, highly recommended partic
ularly for invalids. Prepared by W. Baker, Dorches
ter, Mess-, and for sale by A. JAYnES, at the Pekin
xea Store. No. 70 Fourth »(• mehlfi
lmproTvmsnti la Dentistry,
DR. u. O. STEARNS, late of-Boston, Is prepared to
manufacture and set Blocs Tests in whole and parts
of sets, upon Suction or Aunotpherie Suction Plates.—
Tootuaou cussp r» nva kibutzs, where the nerve ts
•xposed. Office and residence next door to the May
or’s office, Fourth street, Pittsburgh.
. psvaavo—J.D.M'Fadden.F. 11. Kama. Jail
Da - “•
Demlit. Corner ofPoarth
ar 7* a i g^ and Decuor, between
‘ “ oetMlyia .
lUrkel and Parr* uuu.
S. W. Robert*, Baq., having kindly aece*
ded to tlia request of tho Members of the Mercantile
Library and Mechanic*’ Initimte, will deliver an ad*
dre** in their Hall, in Foimh street, on Monday oven
iog, the tetb iniL, at 7 o'eloek. The pnblic i* respect*
folly invited to auend. J, FINNEY, Prca’L
Bc*JKT—“The Destiny of Pittsburgh and tho Dory
of her Young Men.". febl4*td
LARGE Invoice* of NEW GOODS ore being daily
received at A. A. Mason A COn 00 Market street,
of all ih« new and fashionable styles and colon, which
purchased previous to the recent great
advances) they aro enabled to oiler at very low prices.
Tbeir assortment of Housekeeping Goods lsnow com*
plete, to which they partiealariy invito the attention of
purchaser*. fcblJ
TN ALLEGHENY, within a square of tbs market, a
I camber of three story Bnck Dwellings, with beck
baUdlng*. There are eikht rooms In each hense; and
the yards are pared, with hydrants in the earns. Beni
Toe SALF—Three Pomp*, ia good order; wnnld
answer for wells from Mto 70 feet deep. Enquire of
" JAMBS RAY, Sandusky ft,
near Bapust Church
ALOES— fiS3 lb* prims Dry Ctpe;
HO do Soeooiast far •*!» by
ftbl 6 RBWBiLKftI
A>CCT!ONE£ESL No. INotth Thlrd'Baeet,' ihree
A domabowitoeLftiladeiphi^FSr^
\ Largs hale ofjlaidwar* Table and Pocket Cutlarr.
Razors, Whips. Trace Chains, Shovels,BlMk
Waiters, Ae.,Ae^everyeveiunr-Compritinfelsrge
assortment of Urnks^boUH.hinges, ueka,ki3v***£A
foikt, pocket knives, razor*, blank books, wagon and
UK wbyjfcUbl© and tea spoons, waiter*, tray*. bmi
candlesticks, eerews, pistols, trace and halter chains,
ablet, pencils, sidale girths, shovels and tongs, steel
pans, travelling,trank*,pointer flask*, flstes, aeeorde
•cnt,' gun*,'eurry ebabs, needles,’beads, ivory and
baek qaahs/braeeaand bits, pearl bausna, gilt goods,
■ band and baek saws, thread, flat and round bastard
files, bandsaw do, fishhooks; snuffers and liars, car*
fienter , aiuaecn,nles,.aearajii:g tapes, shoe hlack
ing. snuff boxes, iron square*, try pans, butcher and
; table steels, shot, belts, cork screws, carded cutlery,
Ac. ' " ’ : feblfiteodHt
Bodern and AiUqffePuraime,
kCThui* foi fnrsatniaa. ‘
MMU J.w.w. Aamm
■DBBff Bespectfltlly Informs
HHBH public that he
pie ted his spring stock oraßßuH
FURNITURE. this largest and most varied assortment
aver offered for sale in. this city, comprising several
setts of Bosxvooa, Mahooaht, and Bun Waiscr,
cured, ornamental and plain, suitable tor Parlors,
Drawing and Bed Booms, all or which will ba sold at
the lowest prices.
Persons desiring Furniture ef.any description, are
speetfaily invited to call and examine his block, which
embraces every description, from the-cheaneiteod
plainest to the most eJegant end costly, of which the
following comprises a part::
Tele a Pete Sofas; Tele a Tete Divan*
Conversation Chairs; Klixabethlan Ctiairs;
Reecptioa do Louis XIV do
Extension do Bullet Ettiqne;
WfeatNou; Toilet Tables;
Louis XIV Commodore; Duke of York’s Coach;
00 with Plush and Hair-cloth eovers;
CO Divans, do | do do;
40 dox Mahogany Parlor Chairs;
to w Rosewood do;, dp;
IS •* Blit Walnut do 1 * :do;
' 40 “ Cane Beat do;
4 H Mahogany Reeking do;
5 “ do Piano Kools;
so Marble Top Centre Tablet;
to do do Withstands;
80 Mahogany Bedsteads;
19 do Wardrobes;
■lB Bl’k Walnut do;
S Cherry do. -
A very large assortment of Common Chairs and oth
er Furniture too tedious to mention.
tty Steam Boats (tarnished on the (honest notice.
Airmen promptly attended to.
p. B.—Cabinet Makers can be supplied with all sorts
of Mahogany, Walnut, end Veneers, at considerably
reduced prices. , feblfl
(Po»U Journal, Mercury, and Chronicle copy.) -
BENZOIC ACID-70 ox for sale by
fcb!s B E SELLERS, S 7 Wood «t
Acetic acid—7sibs for tale by
mA&TABIC ACID—2SO lb* for sale by
/"VOFFEE—7sbtgs Rio, in store and for sale by
feblS ' , ; 144 Liberty ft
~ .40 “ SHtJastrec’d.foisaleby
SUGAR— 130 hhds NO. tor sale by. ;
RICE— 39 tmrcee fresh, arriving and for sals by
■ ftblfl ; _ 144 Liberty «t
FLOUR— 100 barrels Extra;
IXO barrels Scperflne;
85 barrels fine, on hand and for sale try
CORN— 100 seeks Yellow; for tale by
CORN— tt sacks receiving per ttr. Nelson, and for
sale by febU JAMES DALZEL ..
WINDOW Gi-ASS-av bis eas'd, in store mud for
■ ale tft foblß ‘ JAMES DALZELL
BLOOMS— 115 tons Kelly A Co. To an. Blooms, for
_ «ule by febia JAMES DALZELL
BUTTER, to—lo bbls endskrg« Batten
6 “ Lard;
4 tasks Feathers; for sale by
OILS—U 0 bbls Unseed Oil;
19 “ Winter Lard, No 1;
Id " do do No t; for asle by
BACON— ISO hbd* prime Haas, Sides, A Shoulders;
60 tea Evans A Swift's 8 C Hams;
6 let Miller, Brown A Bsokln’s Haas; -
60 bbls 8 C Dried Beef Rounds;
100,000 BMhila Oml W»Btl4i
Proposals «iii b* received by c. a. Mcanui^
TV A- CO- Canal Basin, Penn ttreei, Pittsburgh,
until Ist March next, far a boot 100,000 bushels Mono a
gahela Coal, bat cuvlilf. for Gas purposes, to be do*
livered on board Canal Boats at tneir Warehouse,
Penn street, (averaging in the delivery SOOboshelt per
day, during the coming season,) commencing about Ist
May next.
The Coal mast be screened free from slats and
dirt, and weighing not Ins than 80 lbs to the bathe!.
Terms of payment will be cash.
C. A. MeANULTY ft CO n
Canal Basin, Pittsburgh.
SINGER. HARTMAN A CO.. Sheffield Iftn and
Steel Works—Manofaerore re of Am. B. Bpriog
and Plough Steel. Also—Bpiings, Axle*, Viees, An
ails, Ae. They incite the tttenuoa of Merchant* nod
couinen to their stock. bifore purthssieg elsewhere.
They warrant their article* to be 'equal to any made in*
thii coon try or imported. febli
For Bslsi
WE will sell at a bargain, one of NAYSUITIPB
Merhek A Tonne's improvement attached. It U in
good order, and can be *een at oar works. It Is ad
mirably adapted to drawing iron, and shingling'
blooms. For farther information apply to
fcbu . singer. Hartman aco
CD,OOO Ibe Bidett in smoke boose,
and for sale by KIER A JONE*.
feb!4 Canal Basin; Seventh street
IQ PIECES new style Castimeresi
30 do « Fashionable Tweeds;
0 do supetlor make French Cloth:
Jtm received at WIL DinBVS,
feb!4 , . 138 Libeny «t
Blum Boat Stock for Stli.
WE will Mil, on liberal terns:
One-eighth of steamer Messenger
fIS&HR&SIn One-eighth of steamer flebvylkilL
Onenith of steamer Pennsylvania.
Three-aixtecnfei of steamer Niagara.
To tie HanoraiU tie Judges af tht Court of Gtnt
ra/ Quart tr Setnont cf tht Peac*, in and/or tit
County of Allegheny.
rviHßpetitioa of KOirf. S. DAILY, oftbs 4lb Word,
I city of Piusbargh, in iho county aforesaid, humbly
shewetn, that your petitioner bain provided himself
with material* (br the accommodation of travelers and
others, at bia dwelling he are, in the Ward afore*
said, and prays that yoor honor* will be pleased to
grant him a license to keepa Public House ofßnter*
tainment. And your petitioner, a* in duty bound, will
pray. &. 8. DAILY.
.We, the subscriber*, citizen* of the aforesaid Ward,
decertify, that the above petitioner is of rood repots
for honesty and temperance, and is well provided
with boose roots and conveniences for the accommo
dation and lodging of strangers and travelers, end that
saiu tavern is necessary.
J.-N. Anderson, John Christy; John Connolly.Mai
tin Connotlv, A. C. Bell, Thomas A. Hinton, F» warn
er, H. B. Wieksrare, Samuel ilase, J. Matthews, Jar
Lambis, A. Jackman. [ febU-3t*
BACON— 2b hhds asaM. to arrive, for aale by
febli 19 At AH DICKEY A CO, Frontal
rABD —78 bbtaana 13 hf do No l,to arrive, for sal
FEATHERS— 23 tacks to'arrive, for sale by
BULK PORK—IS*I Phoalders;
377 Sides; to arrive, for sale by
COTTON—• bales Batting, to arrive, for tale by
RtO COFFEE-150 bags prime new crop, just red'd
and for sale by
feb!4 • Water atrect
ALUM— 40 bbls doable refined, for sale lew by
UTINDOW OLASS-2000 bxs, ass’d sixes, (Eb«*
m bean's make,) feraale by.
SUGAR— SOhhds N 0, jut rec'd and for tale by
CODFISH— SKI drums in store and for tale by
SOAP— Sio ijt Bonn, in store and for sale by
fcbH No 37 Wood et
LARD OIL—IO bbls Nol, in store and for tale by
flllE^E— 0000 lbs WR, m store and for sale by
ROLL BUTTER—3 bbla in store ■»<! for asleby
SOCK&~I9 dot Woolen, in store and for sale bv
FLAK— 275 lbs In store and for sale by
'HITE BEANS—B bbls in store and for sale by
HOPS— 1 bale In store acd for sale by
O t'GAR—IO Uhds prise new, rec'd end lor sate by
HERRING— 70 bbls In stora and for sale by
FEATHERS— dsaeks in store and _ for sale by '
FLOUR— 800 bbls _ in store and for
sale by febli ARMSTRONG A CROZER
LARD— 60bbl* No I,prime; rec’d "andforsaleby - ’
Rt>o)UH—arocoi dorn. In store'ana for saiehv
Amtrisen Betel for Rent.
TO LET—The American H«el, on Penn street, op*
poiite the Canal Basin, from the let of April next.
Applt et this office. ' fcb!3
W. P, MAB«nAI,L|
• (itcccKsaoa to eaxtrzL c. su,)
IMPORTER A Dealer in French and American Pa*
per Hanging* and Border*. Window Shades, Fire
hoard Prints, Ac. Aleo—Writing, Printing and. Wrap*
ping Peper, No. 07 Wood street, between Fmmh etreet
ana Diamond alley, west side, Pittsburgh, Pa.
febU -
ON SATURDAY, the 83d of February, will be ex*
posed to sale, et II o’eloek, A. two Billiard
Tables, Ball Cues, Maees, Ae_ and rocmfamltare, the
property of James Slddal, deo’d, at the rooms, where
they can be seen. Terms made known at sale.
febl3-3tfclt«d ; JOHN WH,LOGIC. Ki>r.
311 IE Partnership hereiolore existing between Elliott
A English, In the Book and Paper Basinets, was
uelved on the lUb Urn., by mutual eonseni. The
booses* will'be continued at the old stand, No. 78
Wood street, nnder the firm of “A. H. English A C 0.,"
by whom the bnsloeiaof the former partnership will
be settled. SAMUEL ELLIOTT,
febU ■ A. H, ENGLISH.
* A. H. ENGLISH * “ .
miIEOLOGICALt Classical, and Banday School
I Booksellers, and dealers in all kinds ot Writing,
Window andjW tapping Paper, No. 79 Wood street, be
tween Founhr'JJtd Diamond alley, Pittsburgh, Pm
febU -r
\ i ROUID THE WOOU): .. .(
original Panorama of u A VOYAGE]
BOUND THE WORLD,* wUI be open at Apollo :
to many thoosanda in our Eastern, and several of our
Western Cities, antt fttraiihe* the
and novel exhibition* ever brought beforoafce P«bde.
C7-Admis«on,aseeiits. ,Doersopenat«» o'clock,
curtain rise* at 71 o'clock .. .-i root .-
!»o liomfcarmoß.
SEALED PROPOSALS-wHU be receded£ r ‘* f
d «t, the Hi day of February uu:, at tbeOSccof
the Cbanier»s Coal Com piny, on PenalUeet, rut* .
boryh, for the following sawt* umber . ..
3WO feel UneaJ. of while oak plaak.UiS inches.
! 33£6Q « •«.. .a •» rails.3x7. - •
pieces of white oak timber, 8 feet«in. long,
The limber to be toand and of the best duality, and *®
bo deltTcred at the landinc at McKee** Hock*, on tn®
Ohio Biver, two and a half miles below Pittsburgh, by
the tenth of hUr next.
1 , . Z.W.REOTNGTON, Manscer,
• febia Ofliee Penn street. Putsbargh._
To iroa Baattfsetorirs.
SEALED PROPOSALS.wiII be reeeiwi mill Fri*.
d»T. too tad day of February lust-, at toe Offiee of
to* Qumiet’s Coal .Company, on Peaa etneti Fitu*
bargh, tot toe following deaenbed iron: ‘" ■ .
w tons Plate Haller Bax 9|xft in-of good quality,
To be delivered at toe landing at McKees Rocks* on
toe OUo River, two and a half rnDes below hubargfc,
by too ianto day of May next
Tho form «f toe bar may be seen on application at
too office. Z. W. REMINGTON, Manager, -
fcb!3 Office Pennatreet, Pittsburgh.
Fabar’s nagnitle Gsagr,
For Preventing Stum Sorter Exptostons.
fPHE UNDERSIGNED, Agent for the above named
1 GAUGE, >• now on a visit toihis city, and will be
found for a few day* at Christy** Hotel, on Penn «•,
where be will be happy to give all the necessary in
formation relative to this important preventative of
Steam Explosion*. He ha* three now in operation at
die Eagle and Penn Cotton Factories, in Allegheny
ekty, atm Faber’s Foundry, in this city, to which he In
vites attention.
•The robseriber will be hippy to wall open all these
who may desire to avail themselves of this valuable
improvement. [feblWt) , WM. BRYCE.
Bltastlon Wanted,
A SKILFUL, industrious person, wants a sitoaiinn
as GARDNER. The best of reference given.
Apply to J. WABDROP, Manchester, .
: fabUCl* near Pittsburgh.
WOOL DEALER A Ooranuasion Merchant for the
.■alee! American Woolen Goods, Liberty street,
opposite Fifth. fet>U«y
TKTOOL—The highest priee in each paid for all the
YV different grades of Wool, by ||T
febU __ HLKE
CASSINET, TWEED A JEANS—I 4 cases on band,
reeetved direct from the makers, on consignment
and for sale at manufacturers prices, by
fetli H LEE, tOO Liberty wl
WRAPPING PAPER—Doable Crown, Medium,
and Crown; Rag, Straw, and Tea Wiapping
Paper, on hand ana for sale by ~
f.blS ' W P MARSHALL, 67 Wood at
PAPER HANGINGS-Agreat variety ofWall Pa
per, with borders, for Parlors. Halls and Cham
bers, selected from Importers and Eastent-Mannfae
»H», ..^c^l^Mb^ria^ jii Fcr B .. , C i b, )
foblfi 67 Wood »l
PRINTING PAPER-Aasoned sixes, in store or
made to order, for tale by .
febU W P MARSHALL, >7 Wood «t
EECEIVED Ibis day, at the Carpet Warehouse, No
TS Ponnh st, a new and rich style of super In
grain Carpets. Also—Fine Ingrain, whieh we offer to
purchasers as eheap as any eastern honse. _ _
* feblg W MeCLINTOCK
OIL CLOTHS—Wo Lava now in store the largest
and best assortment of Oil Cloths ever before .of
fered in this market—ranging from~S7 Inches wide to
94 feet—all of which are from the mon approved
manufacturers, and of the richest and newest styles.
We respccunlty tnviie dealers to call at onr Carpet
Warehouse, 75 Fourth street, and examine car assort
ment before purchasing elsewhere.
febtS W McCLIN nICfC
Haw Booka Just Received*
mHE Early Conflicts of Christianity; by Rev. Wm.
I Ingraham Kip, D.D. 1 vol, 12mm: muslin.
James Moumjoy, or I’ve beett'tluekisg; by A. S.
Roe. I vo!,12mo: muslin.
History of the Missions of the M. E Church, from
the "nr*" 1 ** 110 " to the present time; by Rev. W. P.
Strickland, A. M, with portrait of the author, and in
troduction by Rev. B. FI Tefft, D. D. 1 vol, ISmo;
Sixteen Easy Lessons In Landscape Drawing; by F..
N. Otis.
Memoirs of Mrs. Angelina B. Scars; by Mrs. Malta
da Hamline, 4 vol, 18m©; mn*lin.
Devotional Harmonist; a collection of Sacred Mu
sic, comprising a large variety of new and original
Tunes, Sentences, Anthems, Ac, in addition to many
of tbe oust popular tones in common use, presenting
a greater number metres than any book heretofore
published; to whiA is prefixed—A Progressive Sys
tem of Elementary Instruction, for Schools and Private
Tuition. Edited by Charles Dingtey.
For sale by R. HOPKINS,
febU Apollo Baildlngs, Fourtn st
A STORE ROOM and DWELLING, on the comet
of Car sou and Wilkins street, Birmingham. In
the store room them is a good counter and shelves, 97
feel square; a kitchen and dining room on thefim,
and four rooms oa the second floor; and u good gar
ret The Store Room is well adapted for either a dry
gooda or grocery store. For terms inquire of 8. CA
MERON, at the Wayne Iron Works, foot of Wayne
street Pittsburgh, or on the premises.
febl3-dt* 8. CAMERON.
ROMiala To Let.
THAT beautiful situation for a Private Residcnci
on tho bank of the Ohio river, in the borough *
Manchester. For term i apply to
lebl9 GEO COCHRAN, 28 Wood st
SOAP— SO bas Just rec’d and for sale by
CANDLES— 10 bxs receiving and for sale by
BUTTER— 3 bbls packed, for sale by
febU STUART fc SILL, llfl Wood st
CANDLES— 90 bxs Cincinnati Mould;
50 bxs Pittsburgh Dip; for sale by
febU 144 liberty street
SOAP— 50 bxs Ctneionau Soap, for sale hy
rBACCO— JOkegsGedge ABro. 0 twist;
50 bxs att’d Vs, for aale by
LARD— 20 bbls No 1 Leal)
£2O kegs do on band and for sale by
FLOUR— 120 bols superfine; rec'd and for sale by
BUTTER— 10 bbls Roll, 1b store am! for sate by
OILS— C5O galls Blesehed Winter Whale Oil;
ISO do Winter Speno Oil.
in store and for sale by tt F. SELLERS,
tebta N 067 Woodst
OILS— 85 bbls Flaxseed and 28 bjl* Lord Oil; li
•lore and for aale by
febU n E SELLERS, 67 Wood st
EPSOM 9ALT3-U bbls for sale by
MACKEREL— A few hf bbls best quality (Masse
chosetu inspection) 1619, in store and toraaleb'
febU No 141 Liberty at
SODA ASH—24 easki Steel A Son’s make, landing
Iroo Lydia Collins, and for sale b 7
BUTTER— 9 bbls Roll, put up tn cloths;
30 kegs and 3 bbls packed, a fine attiele
in store and for sale by
BROOMS— ISO dex Corn, In store and for sate by
LARD— 30 kegs and 40 bbls No 1, in store and foi
ROLL BUTTES—U bbls fresh, in cloths, jun rec'd
and for aale by BREVFOGLE <c CLARKE,
febU 100 Second st
KEG BUTTER—3O kegs In store end for tale by
T ARD—IO kegs and 9 bbls for tale by
CORN BROOMS—IOO in for tale by
CLOVER SEED—3 bbls is store and for sale bv
DRIED APPLES—IS ska fust ree’J and for sale by
HAS j nst returned from the Eastern dues,'and i»
receiving a large variety of seasonable Goods, to
which he respectfully invites the attention of march*
aau and pedlars. No 64 Wood st. febU
Brio Csasl—Blsetloa. of Offleen*
mRE Stockholders of the Erie Canal Company are
I notified that an Election will be held at the of
fice of said Company, in Erie, on Monday, the 4th day
of March, to ebooso Seven Directors for the ensaiae
year. fobll-d3w WM, W. REED. See
XXT R. MURPHY keeps constantly on hand an tu
ff . tonment of Bleached Linen Table Diapers' of
difierent widths and qualities. Also—Tablecloths
and Napkins, Toweling Diapers and Towels,-and a
fall assortment of hoase famishing goods. - febli
ttesprMtiSoiu'FatuiUedk Ash.
Q;)Q CASKS will shortly arrive, direct from fee
040 manafacturers, via-New Orleans, per ships
Ataia,Boadicia, Jdssica, and Austria, which will be
sold, ou amval, at the lowest market price, by
feb 11 ICO Liberty tt
{C/*They will also receive large (applies dorlog the
spring via Philadelphia and Baltimore.
MOURNING PRlNTS—Handsome black A white,
and black sad dove colored Prints, for-Aloariung,
to be found at the Dry Goods House of
SADDLE HORSE—A hue dark so rreftti ding Horse,
15 hands high, a good traveler, on band and for
«*ie by “robison, Little a co,
febli Ua Libtrry street
DRIED APrLE&—SO Uq rec’d and for aale by
febli " ' J B CANFIELD
CHEESE— 690 bxs extra Cream, far sale liy
febli J 0 CANFIELD
JEWELRY, Gold and Silver Watches, Bead Bag*,
Bag Clasp*; Steel Beads, Ae_ rec’d and for saleby
I) 111BONS—Bonnet, Cap,and Mantua Ribbons, rec’d"
If and for sale by febU CARHUTHNqt
POUCHONG TEA—IO hf chests Black Tea. reeeiv.
ing and for sale by 011 GRANT, '
febU 41 Water, t-
YH. TEA—*O (6 lb) Caddies, finest, for family use.
, joit rec’d by febU C II GRANT
CLOVER SEED—I 9 bash just reo'd'oti consivn
ment, for sale by R A CUNNINGHAM, • '
febli No 8 Commercial Row, L-lwriy it
BUTTER— 7 bbls Fresh Roll, on consignment, fa,
sale by „ R A CUNNINGHAM
febU No fl Commercial Row, Liberty st
BACON-3,0u0 ll»s Hog Reund. just rec’d on
rigrmeat, for sale by R A CUNNINGHAM,
febU No d Commetelal Row. Uhewy*.,
C“ V “ kbU VATEffiIN" 1 "
febli 21 Water and 03 Fram’.,
buUAR A RICE—jO bbdt prune (new crop) _ Bo*ari ! '
94 lea do do Rice*'
Landing from str. Paris, from N. Orleans, for aale by
„ L s waterman 7
M OI*ABSES-6whbli n O, new erenTiasi rec’d and
ul for tala by febU L 8 WATERMAN
IhOLLBinTcK-lo bbls Fresh, for sale by
Jtoatnifes, iot ale by
•y Joha D. Davis, Awetlo%* tr .
Boots at Auction.
On Saturday evening,'February 18, o’doek. «i .
tho Commercial Sale*. Rooms, corner, of WoodlJn
FJih'slreots, will .be *o!d-a valuable cotloeiutVf
new and csiseellencnus Books, among whieh
Benson’s Sermons, 7 vo>§; Scott’s Note* on the v,_
Testament; Methodist Magorlne, 4 vols; Sketetsas or ''
Sermons, a vofe; Religious Ceremonies; Thco’.orinal
Insulates; Wesley's Natural Phib-sophy,fi roll; w**.
ley’s Notes; Josephus; Orton’s Exposition: a <w i«.
Tracu for th'a Times. 3 vols; Sir Astley CooMr«n-
Testik and Hernia; Eberle ou- Children; Gregcn**
Practice of Physic, a vols; Doparcque on tho Ultra*- „
Boyer on Bones; Jackson's Principles; Gibbon’s Bujl
gery, 9 vote; Homer's Special Anatomy, x vol,, Works
of Bolinjbroke. 4 vols; Thiers’ French Rrv
vols; llenryfe Chemistry; Cambridge M;th-
vols; Coftna** Life of Henry Clay, X vol*; P-r.*«
Poetical Wilting* of standard authors; Ktu-.Hy
, Brass InttrurntnU at Auction ; ,
Oa Saturday evening, February Itth, a; 8 <f clock,
will ba added to thaaate of Books—l ,ba« trpuibrtc,
t tenorlrcmboac, 1 valve trumpet, 1 plain uutnpet, u
f° n ‘* i AC ” n ‘ e ° mS jo o |isVpXvß, AUC.’
Stem Eagtaa.-Mathittdy,.BbthmUkcai.Wa
pn Naira’ Tod I, fA, at Auction. ..
Oa-TuewJ.y morning. FebranrT.lolll. fll . l
at the establishment v( Upstill, Rowswell A Co-. in
Himunghao, ontUaTurnptke, near Gregg streeiy will
ba sold*their entire slock, of Machinery, Tools, and
Mock, compriiirg Steam Engine, with two boUeret ■
feet lore and SU mcbea in diameter, nine inch eyboder
taree fo*' stroke; large grind atone, six feetto dume-.
ten new tilt hammer, cog wheel* and four iaeh '
shaitlngj large turning Jaiho.wtlh gearing aad-bad.
circular and upright »iw» ; withshamng. belurg, and.
pulley*; a large and choice atoek of oak and -man •
plank; oak b ranis; two t- eh poplar plunk; aihi
turned and unturned.hobs and axles, of all
toe* and «pok»*j new wagon bed; 70 do* fork fcandlM;
two band grind stones; patent boxing
nrill and brashes; chest ol wagon makers’ tools, rix
work benches; large water astern; offiee desk and fat-,
nitore, and many ..tier article# connected with tho ■'
bß ßlaeßmith*’ Toola-consmin* of bellows, anvils,. .•
vice*, benches, Blocks, tips and dies, V? ’
execJleoinew tire-bender, aonanlitr of now and old.
p'davia a.c.
ENCOURAGED bv the liberal patronage ertsnded
to all regolar and well eondueied Lines,the erwn
ets of the following fine steamers have arranged theta
into a Lice between Piitsbureh nod Louisville.
One of the bools will pottuvely leave Pittsburgh oa
every’ Musdit, WxmmDaT,[and F*ipaT. EvxxiS*,
ntfl o'clock-fall or not fall. . , 1
The first boat of the Line wilt sintt oa Monday,
February 85th'» -
■Stcomer Genesee Captain T. Moore.
u Z;Taytor----••• • *5 M.Lttfa*. -
•t Nominee —° J. Smith.
u ; Mb Vernon i “ II Kountx..
“ Fairmoant*——i ** W. Elbert*
Fof freight urpaw&S* apply
feblKfln ~ GEQ.'B. MILTENBERGER, Agt.
' • Cipiain Wiilur J. Koukiz.
rr This splendid boat was built by tho
' t -ft owners of the steamer Isaac Newton.
jdOJrflßSSt. and others, for the Cinoinnuti and
■BSsSEß&SSßPittsburgh -Packet trade, and will
commence making her rcgalar trips in the line, on
SUNDAY, the 17th inst. t -- -
For freight or psssage apply on board, or to
tel. 9 O B MILTgNBEBfiFR* Agt
Steam Boat for Sale.
' I will rail low for eash the steam ....
, boat ARENA, with Engine Fixtare*., :
and furnimte, as the boat now Ilea in -
£sgj*fi«g§3&sthe Allegheny river, mouth of Irwin
r *™ B ™ asa * fia nreet, PitUburgh. The tout is stern -,
wheel and light drought, snitable Jor the Allegheny ,
river, or low water oa the Ohio.'' 'Enquire at the Coal
Office of A. Leech, Jr. A Co., Fourth street, between
Snuthficld and Great, or of the subscriber.
feblS-dStAwil* * JOHN RODGERS. • ;. -
w Tho splendid steamer
JfiWWSS R- C. Gray,master, will lcayc for the
tSSOSiSSMaVaboTfI and all intermediate porn on.
Saturday,tho ICth InsL, at 10 o’clock, A. M. *
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
febU • S N JONKS. Agt p
The splendid fast running steamer'
LOUIS MeLANE, \V. &. Gonwell,
LewAMCw—master, (having a thfir
ijKjsMaMffffea Q B gh repair,) will ran hereafter us a
regular packet between Pittsburgh
end Wbeeling, : leaving Plttsbaigli every Monday.
Wednesday and Friday mornings, at 0 o'clock- W'.
freight cr'passace apply on board, orto '•
jan4 W. B. WHEELER* Agent. .
. The splendid steamer
, ft FARMER. '
«2*E€ftg3x_Benedict, master, will leavo for tba ;
and all intennedime ports.on/
Friday, the tStli February, at 10 o’clock, A. M-
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
foblfi b H MILTENBERGER, Agt
K The eplendid fostpasam ter p.aekel 1
ran Price, master, will laaV* for
above and all intermed dle ports -
Friday, atlO o’clock, A. M.
For freight or passage, apply on.b6ard. or v» .
feb!4 '■ T JNBkVTUN JONES. Agt
1^ ip,Cnd I ftSiBURG, '
C«pi. Kline felter, wiU leave forahaye <
alt Intermediate pons this day -
at 10 o’clock, A. M.
For freight or passage apply oa board.
. fcbt4 GEO « MILTENBKROER, Agent
Smith, mrnttcr, will leuva forahoy*
awMimiMw port cn this diy tho 13th insl, at 10
o'clock A, M.
For frright of passage applv dn board, or to
jeuterr* k Tha splendid s'catner, • ' , .
iftrvrrJa . CINDERELLA, :... Sfc '...
Coat. James H. Ha'Octt. will Teave as
this day, February 12th at
4 o'clock. I’.JL
For (rtijlit or passage epnly cm board, or to
K The fine passenger steamer
m&tfqwfaa" Fisher, master, will leave for frie
KaSßbQa&SXabove and all intermediate port*"
on mis day,the2 , ithinst, at 4 o’clock, P. M. ••
For frelgltt and passage npptrcnboaril. or to
&LA99— 6xlo iu store and for sale by
,cfcu * STUART A SILL, 119 Wood «
CHEESE— 300 bxs ut store and for sale by .
CORN BROOMS—ICO doz In store acd for sale
VINEGAR— 55 bbls prime Cider, for sale by
febli • SrruART A SILL
VENISON— j:DO Hzms dried; for aale by.. ,
CLOVER SEED—7S bn prime new, for sale by
febU , JOHN CO
GLASS— CCO bxs ass’d, La store and for sale by
CHEESE— 60 cka Goitten: in. store and for saleby
BHOOMiJ— VCOdox far sale by
DRIED FRUIT—2O4 bu new Peaebet; for sola by..
FEATHERS— 100 sacks now landing, for sale by.
febU 19A1AU DICKKV A CO. - Front at
if tREASE—SO bbls in store and for sale by
AKIL-XIS bbls No I, now landing, torsafe by — •
ri illKEaE—3)10 boxes for sale By
ACON—:i casks Hog Uouui7
4 do hides; for sale by f
:ctfck» •bpenor, just rac'd, for sale H 7
/KIDD & CO, gQ Wood st
Borax— 6 ci
tUICKSILYER—SO lbs for tale by
QUININE —75 ox Sulphate, just tecVt. tor talo by
feb9 J KIDD A C^
lIAR— 50 kegs for sale by
Bacon— 030 piece* bog round, far sale by.
. feba WICK fa McCAN DLESS,
fiL OVER SEED—a bbls for sale by .
LARD— 73 keg* ft&d b bbls No I, for ule t>T "" ’
pIORN BBOOilS—»rd« foT7*le Cy —:
V / fe>l9 -■ WlCKfc MeCA^l> T F qj
C\&KKst>— u-iu ■"
; febi)
W toxjT.'w Miflw do crrujn, lor «rJc by~~ty.
WICK & XcCANUMtea:*/
PKA NUTS—7osacks fortalot?y > ■ • • •> '•
J« b ? • - >- WICK-*McCAWPLE35 7
O ALERATUS>MOcsik* pnmej
•>>? - 6-hIo palTcriied: "i"
... ISboxt* doj forMlflby
hbQ • . WICK&?.r g nA^DLK33^.
ULL BUlTiiE—iy bbU prime, for *aJo'bt " r / ■
‘ 1 STUART k. BILL. HU Waoi »».- >»•
LibtiU tod lo iif Libia for tafo *-,=
P febM - , STUART .S. -TT,*.
L^*-***'—Coßouy iUais and Sboui«ien»,'KT
•M • STUART & bU>
CIF 5^
ieka ju»i rec'a and ror *a!o by
T?£ATIUiRg—300 U Ibi reo’d and /or i*le by ■ ■ r
JC_ feb# • STUARTfcSILL, w *
6 grots Three • ’- 1 Pf
A; o ,do. Foor do; . . - '
3 do Fire do; .-: -*i *
2 Ido inner «Io;
CY£AGBB,IMM*2si»L’ '
For talc by ' fcbO
lOUNB—I cuei &s»\l, ree*d and /or -\ -
hl9 CYEAGKR, inaM«r^iJ*^.
\nOLLN STIUNGS-SO’EHUut; - 30 lxii»f£\ -_-y
V ill d« 3d; '
For cale by - feb» C VKAGKIV n*
T7TSRY FINE VIOLINS—I eaio fciira sj'
T reived direct from the manufacturer; WJ" * -
fefcO OVE\OKK_t«WI2^-'
Home L«e(ne Cotton Oo*® 1- j
Checks & stripes—jo Pieee«i.of»* ,1 ® B^^•l ’•
temt, for «ale utiho raanu(actua‘T > *
feb7 in XV** nn**_
L^g 0 ‘° lM ° bM » fot ftCAggj
GUNNY BAGS-20COjurt ree'd tni
- janlß HRKVFi>nLB»CLARkB
MOLXDCA*ULE3--:tf)Jbx» jiwl reckon eoniijar
meal and for s&lo by »
inS7or,*ale by' ?