The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, February 15, 1850, Image 1

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.. ; ? ' . 3 PUBLISHED BY 1 f
•' '■/ WHI T E f. CO
o. ’ («. mucin. _
«iume am tnxm, rano rust, sxrr door to
I r— — S7,Mpctl
■7‘r”T?-r-’r~ f,QQ - «
Weekly, inedrijicel*— ~ •■■■ £OO «
• Do. * o Ct*b*,-«tAK4aeed me.
net of Moopweil teas) ;
...... -
addltUmiHsmaon... ojsS
reek*..*— 3|DU
*eeks.'.—-U......... 4,00
a0nU».—^...~..■•.•■ 9,00
oomlis—i~.~-~...» ijao •
moma .......... 9fO -
, .. DOrf Jenr ni0nihi.......10,00 -
i>«. • «xrao*ttu.--u^~4..~.1fi,00
i- Do.- twelvemonths...*-^-•• l&icu '
StaDdisgCaril (0 liou ovie«i,>per tanna.
jjoaSqaar*. changeable iipleasura’fper aa*’
.ana) exeJutTe ofthe SS.CO
Fbe cachiaddiilonal aqaare, Inserted Oretooe month,
ado far each additional iqun bwerted ander the year-
If rales, half price.. <
- Advertisements exceed ihg'» 4qosre, and not orer
fifteen Uoesktobo ehargedisavqaanaedahalf.
.Publisher* not •ecoantkblo for legit advertisements
bcysnd the amoant charged ibrilieirpUblieallon.
Announcing candidates for oiSee;' w be charged the
taneasether advertisements. ■ : . -
'Advertisements not marked on the eopy. far nfpecl*
fied number of insenlvus, wilt bo continued lilt forbid.-
and payment exact* J accord : ■ > '
of veajlyadrertisers’wUlbe confined
rigidly to their tegular biuineeff'tod ailcthor adver
• tisemcras ootperuunteg -to their regular batincaa, at
i agtaodJs»ptoWp«i4wxtr«. , -'“'"» c -'‘:"* > *
All advertisements for charitable tnMhatians. fire
companies, ward, township and other public meetings,
and such like, to be charged halfpriee,payable stncUy
In advance.'. • ;•
Death notices inserted without charge, unless aeeom
psrued by funeral invitation* or obituary notices, and
when so aecompadied lo be paid for.
fcegalar advettlseraand adl others sending comma-'
nUauens, or tMldrtng notices dcsighed to call aUeV
.lioq fathwA Sweet, Dooceiis,.^rany pobtfc enter
-uaunents.,where charges are made lor admittance—
ail notleU of private associations—every notice de
signed to etJl attention _t© private enterprise* ealenla
ted or Intended to brernot* individual Imereti, con on
iy bo inserted w»th the aodersiandine that the same is
lo.beftld tor. If intended to be inserted in the Inca
coboon, Qic fucewul be charged auhnrata of nolle**
lhanlB«f; : *sperJiao.'•
Cishop dfrltlNoiices'to be charged triple price. "
Tavern license PeuUons > .g2 eactk
•faripneefc l^^^CA^o^T<n^*tIM ® li bo ekarged at
Besiisute Agents and Auctioneers*Advertisements
.. c'M«d under yearly rates, bat to be allowed
discount of tarty three and one third per cent, from the
•mount of bi115...-.;'
on tk-wxvilt is osar rmu
Cue. Equate, three insenioui—..*l,so
D°- s each artdirionatinaerripa.... 37
aMrsKiancxsisui wxnz.yraxza..
©bo <lo iixies,) one insertion-—-*5O els.
• *'©°: - ' cash additional insertion--35 u
All trafinent advertisements to bepaltfln advance.
WHITE t CO., Gaxclta;
• L. 11ARPKR, Host,
ROIPT mTiuDDLE, Journal. •• 1
JAMES F. BARR fcCth, Chrimicl*.
JOS. SNOWDEN, Memory. -
JAMES W. BIDDLE, American.
„ 111 HAM KAINE, Evening Tribune.
Prmttasa, Dec. 1, i&lf. '
Bcnjamiu Fstiou.WUliamßakewdL'
ATOBNEYS AT LAW—Office fa Tilghaan Halt,
Grant street, near ihc Court House. • t -febU.
ATTORNEY AT LAW—Office, on Fourth-street,
algva Saidifield—Ljwtta'sßalldmgs— up auirs.
A LEXANDfcU FRANKLIN, Attorney-al Law,
JX Founhst. .■ •_ - noVIS-ly' l
J TtitiD c.'-tcttljß,
_AII commamcations promptly answered. oetQ.|y
A .BM STRONG A CROMER, Comaistton Alerahinti
Aud Dealers in Produce, N© Market tenet!
Rntbaisk ■ . . .■ .. , -■'-.decs- ,
A TTORNEY and Counsellor ai Law. and CosueAs*’
,Zi. tie Stale of PeansTtrama, Kr. t-rmi*,
Ho. flats ofPlttibsrglL) :
*UT«anttt<~Prttibcfoh: Hon. W. Forward, Heap
fOD £ MUler, M’Candleis.iSPClttre, 'JoLai&'Parke,
JtelU AVaptc, M’Odrd k Kioy. acgHtdly
*. M.B*iuh j. mamtrr.
Ftanh street, between Riaituficld and Greet,
Pa. ••• i - jalS-,-'
josx.s. e. tbSST
ATTORNEYS AT LAWiFoiuUtiree£&etr(7nm.
- • jlU&lf
' jfAMi£arj?7 K Eitit; : —"t-
A TTORNEY AT I*AW.—Office «g be*.
2*. tween: gfpfth field'«M Qtaat *L.Piuiburrh.
: iptl&dly r »
; wu. txoxurr
.. ..... )OV9 C.CDMUVX'' '
W. a. WOODWJJU)*»»-*-*»*»»»-»lALW &AO4XZT.
BACALKY. WOODWABD A Co-, Wbole«ai« Cro-
Market »treet«Phi]ade3phii. abrtfy
Pltisbttrgb Alkali Works* •
BENNETT) DCAHF k Ma rulactißM of Seda
AaJu Bkaebug Powder*.MdriaUe asdSolpberie
Aolda. Warebmuo No. water alicet, bclowFccnr..
noTgny_.~' .
raxsw u Miro, flxuxas urn .
t RKltEßj.Wholesale tod Retail Drag-
JJ nets, a »mer of libeny and St. Clair street*, Pitx*-
baran, P« •’ -' . mayH
CRAIG A BIUNNER. Forwarding and Commtsnon
Marchaals-No. »Mariret-»t, Pittsburgh. sptg
CA. McANULTV A Co., Forwarding., and Cota
m mission Merchant*, jOaual Basin, Puubnrgii Pa
* » ' - ' * .. . pcba '-
R. OKaNT, Wholesale Grocer, - Commission and
0 Forwarding Merchant, No. 41 Water at. aald .
DvqMUU Btad and UoB
Ghr.™ AW, f IIATL.MAN & Co, maneftetorro sf
Coach dm Eliptie Springs, .HSnmered Axles,
Spring ajtd 'Plough Steel, lion, tie, Warehouse on
watersad Front stmts, pittsbargb.
Alstf, dealer* utlCeach Trimming*'and HiHesM*
Castings. : -v "• •• ‘ • : ocua
TTNOUSH fc BENNETT,' {lam English, Gallagher
Tj A Co.) Wholesale Grocers, Commission sad For'
warding Merchants, and dealers In Produce, and Pitted
bargti Manufactures, No.-37 - Wood eu bctwcco.-'d and
3d streets. -• ■ • ~ • octl
E -J. UENUy, Attorney, and CoaneeUor al Law»-
* CbelnnaU.uMo., Collections.inSonUsern.'QtiU),
and in Judiana, and in Ken tacky, promptly and care
folly attended to. Commissioner forthetf uio of Penn
cylrasia,' for taking- "Depoaitloasj acknowledgments,
Jte.fto>' ’- ! \-
RxrniTO—Hon-Wm-BCUkSoni Cutii,Cherch4-
Caroihers.Wo.Hays.Ewi., WiUoek & DaVu.' ' eJ .
Ii» Hertey»» : » >
nittBEr f FiiEaiso*oo„
X3OR tba **ie of Donxuic,' Woolen »a3' Cocoa
J 7 Goods, »J>o, l>=tlcn la nil idadj ofToilcuVTniO.
2ng*, No. Ix 7 Wood- oiteett korth door (roant&t
Pitaborgfa. i .;'>.■•:■■
Himxscc Meisra; Wa.-A.'HUftfc Co^Cinltr*.^
*76.7 " ...—..a. H. CJaric.
<vtvfj>umgßinm MERCH
ANTS, aad ' dealer* ia Wiadow. Oli**,: Wiila
4, tff • No.'lOaSecond n. 1 janfry '-
. nu< • vlUisVOflv'; ■ . • •
Ho.Haadcoad-stn»»t,?lti*bargh. - -fell -•
>aa b. mm
/^SnjtnK *vr*%isstil ! 4 HO, Brewer*'.Alalsten
|X asd Hep Dewier*P>U*U Pimbaith. ;,• -ip«3 •;
Coammion and yorwmnllnf
lx IXereh*jn, Wo. go Wood ureeU Pituftßrgh; myl7
“BoSTtlSAOftirFACtOßlrr -s,
LION STEW ABT, inaasCictsrer. at Ilesvy
TJ LEE, (incccicot lo MnrphTWool Demi-
Xl#-*r*ndC#Bßnli*l*Ji W*rclunt, fbr tbe>ald«l
Aneneu Woolesxi cppotUe 6ihi£~' fcbl7;T.
incKKiio, Btlumore. _
A. i. vcauKis, xDWAXO.ssiis, l ■<
B. > S
S BALDft JJUOKNOa,Tob*ccoCo!mal»!oß M«>
cpanu, 41 Norik TViur k, *l6 North WTitnrc^
A.A«HA£9T. !_'• • -1- - WJL t. JKtW,o
H&BDY, JOltESiCa, (aeeeaora to Atwood,
Janet tc Co.) CmanJoion end ForenudlrurMer*
eusoi' do alert, in Uasafactared Goodi,
pmiibtnrtu Pe. ~ ~- ■ ••••,•■^•.trPehH7.--->j!
Wm. Moya#
North East corner of Wood ■ad'Rtird streets, ‘J l c
)ant.~ ■. •■'. tBUBUKPi:-
- maiah mem. - • • Troaro ( -
tbaIAU DlujusJt 4 Co, Wholmto Grocers. Coa*
I nlsdon Merebiau, sad d**im la Produ£e,Nw.M 197 Front ttrt<i»;Piß»bar|rtL - eqtS ; ■
INa.A.CADOUKY.Arent for tb«-Uk» Erin tad 1
os comer of w«ter sal jmi- •
tl • A*ent» for UucnUPtwder Co., No. 37 Wood sL,
Ptobanh.- _?v- -•i--if . dc*y
vtsSkssSb to* ™HEsgs^£.'
al« die*;sod Coeoiaaian Merehaott, and Arenta 1
Jot tho Utt*i4P:cwd« Co. of K. Wood*
•••• aotCV ,
ToHl*.ty^TgWftaK?<» >
a) No. *» Market at, thirc <Joct» abere Third at Wins
bank* will have eotMantlyon haada wsU-Mlseted ad
•ertaentofiba beatttuyirohcit'KOdjMn£a.wMf kmm
will •olLMJ^a»u^Mnablejer«» f „
•endloic, onfiri wnn*. ptoosyiiy «iwscito»and wp. :
oiled with article* the? may rsJy apoa nsfcattbe,;. ,'
Rjt Phyaiewaa Pmcriotpna w»U be aecamelymnd
J tow Foonb Smilhfield. noaMy
J B. Commla*
• lion aid FonvanUarJUarcbut, aad wholesale
dtaierlaMeauraCetarve Cbceter-Itatuir, Pot and
PearlAilu Prod’Jce cer'erilif,' Water
pact, between BstlthSeW and Wood, Piuiburgh. aj>
JOHN WATfr tr»eemof w. Kwait*-Gebbin,*
Wholesale,Proeetand Cotnmi**Um Merebsnii
dealer in proweeandPitUbftrfb'Mantt/iietßres. eor*
Ber of Liberty and Hand streets, Pimburyh pa- jaSS
LewU'Uatehiwti A Oo ? ConnttfiTion Merchants,
' and Axenti of tM-Bt..LoaiaSteaa'Saaar Refinery.
Mowwaur.andtt froaiatrecUifisabanfc.
Jaal 1 ■ ''/ . _/ ; '
JOHN fLMKLIXIR, Retail dealer
taUauoaadMnsic&l Instruments, gchnofßooM,
Paper, Printers’Cards, and
BUtaonary inernltfiNo. elWood *t, Pittitruryh.
C7"Jianboi«*bxoriakeniJur»ile. HpW
'V... '
h .:*» ,
mi] ri
■«/ so. at wood .roycr.Puubantb. ...... i.v.
Wood atrtet, on® door Soatb of Diamond -Alley, Pin*.
rouFn>. DAVIS, Auctioneer, comer wk and Woo
iifwrta.PlttabaTrt-" •"• ~ • - v . ogifl-
TOHNSTO-N A,STOCKTONv QooWellere, Primer*'
«|: and Manaiacuirro, Nm 44 Market
frnrab. ’’ icd
~ JOB* FLOtB.- •** ""*-• HTTHi»r» L'f
J k K- PlX)Vl>, Wholesale Grocer*, Coamiaaiba
• Merehanta, and Dealers inprodonv Brwttf
: Cbvreb on Liberty, Wood and eii
YaM^DALZHLL,Wholesale Omeer. rWfflTSi'ai
J Jleiebani, jmd dealer-In Prodate'and Plttibarab
Manaflteiow-~ N».« Water at. Phtibilrift: •'♦jtaOT '
Ji ,R sWgTTZEK, Attataey w L*w, cffio* M ft,
« oppoiiteSu Chjjla lioii, Pitt^urfhTwiUaSo
aiietul fiompUy iflOoUccuoii,ji wSinftoo.FMett*
cad <»re«n couaties, Pc.
•t ; ; "a REFEK'TO
•JSlcckeiock, BellJt C6~. )■. .
UT. Motxm. •- • 3 • ccrwiy
— '
Commission Mer*’
A*? c«4ai*tJDc*let« iaProdice »adPituburrb<BuuK
figured true lea, Omul Ba*ia,ncar?th «i. •-• 4U .
■#»«•"*?« H l Si«*iicigB, Caipcl Chain;
Twine and Damng. • Ja3My»ton
•j- fim'u ,y<> | lTiiU Ifttß tl/ftVlf. • *•*
I DALZELU 4 Co n njanafaciarers bf insi*
ilajy.Shiel, iioiiex Iron'and Nail* of-the best
L'. 8 WATERMAN, Wholesale enter,
t ing aoaConutuuioQ hlrrchaat, Dealer iu<_Piu**
Produce, Nos. 31 Water nJ
■and t£f Front r» --- jsy-
. , . ~ranoD*LFHU— .
O - liberal advance; made on concigamehu*
s*t **“•*?: Fhjl *ds. c.w. aicsnso* PitaburyST
\f ILLEK A RICKETSON, \Vhole»aleGrocer*,afld
,iZI importers oflframlie*, Wines and' Scgtri, Not.
. i7< «idi74,.corner of Liberty imd Irwin atreet*, Pitu-'
Pn iron, Nails, Colton Yarns, Ac. Ac. con*
. stactiy on hand. „•■ -, ■ : - . ianglt “• -
toiixiroiu. • • JAS.-n.'M’eow. - waxto c.-aos*
- VI cIiILLS A ROE, Wholesale Groeere and Uormlus
uj,f Merchant*, No. 191 Liberty sl, Pitutbargh.
fV4 WIPIIY. WILSON A CO., (late Jones, Murphy A
Wholesale Dealers in Dry -Uoodsr-Na .48
Wood atrect,Pittsburgh.: . ... jaor&
. ; tA ; ter.- Rooms, corner of i’oti Office Alley and
roniltlstreet,entranco oq(linearMarket. .
; ricCO-diT • •• •
tiaac rotas, . . c ; l • rotor ». striae.
: . .1 JONES .* Q-FIGG, M .
MANUFACTURERS of spring , am) blister ateel,'
. IX ptooghiateel, sic*l plough wings, coaph and dip.
ic springs, hammered iron silica, and dealer*' in »nv
eabie engine lamps, and coach trimming*
generally, eomer of Bw sud Front su, Pitabnijfi,
l>T. HOLMES. A SON, No. 15 Marker »l
,; a1« door from fconier of Fourth, dealers in. Foreign
scdDomestie Bills ofEl change, we rti£caiesaf Depos
it, Rank Notes and Specie. ...
[£7” Collections mad .on all the principal eiflea
throughout the United Stales. dee!7
N .BUCKMAiITEB, Alssuun—Office, Foorth sl.
•' third door&bore Emllhficld,'|oath side...
Coaveyanelnj of all kinds’ done with the ricstert
cere had legal accuse?.
Titles le Heal Estate examined, fcc.
■pENN STREET, between Wavrie and'.Hsnd, bti'
•JL resumed his professional duties, gmng" utstrue*
lions on the Piano, Qsilir, and in Vocal Music.'
. migliidtf - .. . ...
7u Fourth
fiX|M sWnearWood—AU quantitiesofGreen and
■■BBSS Ulsck Teat, dose up in quarter, half, and
one pound pickaxes, ranging Cron* so eta. *per pound
%lfiO. " jyi' A. JAYNES, Agt. for Pcky Tea Co.;
i ><<''IIIEUUQEB| WBLLI'* CO, r '
NO. 87 Maikotsireet, Pittsburgh, keep constant-
Ijr on bond and make to order kiodi of Vials,
bottles,dx. I’onerandAUnerol Waßrtfoulet,of su
perior quality. .
Particular attention paid to Private Moulds. • .
: norto-lyir ■ . : •
KUiiuwN/LrrTLk tc. cu, No. tvvLiticny «uecii
Pittsburgh, VTioletile Grocers, Produce and
Commission. Merchants,' and deaien in. Pittsburgh
UanuTncUrcs.' •* jy7
JtOBT. Xosisott. >ao«.ltTtta. • SSXL.B. OTise^-'
V>OittIKTMCKJRE.~\VhoIe»nJe Crpt-gr. acetifying
Av.Ptstiller, dealer in Produce, Pittsburgh Manufao
‘■ares, and all kinds of Foreign and Domestic Wines
slid Liquors, No. U Liberty street. Oit *»■’■<* a very
large stock of superior.-old Alonoagahela whisker,'
wmcb will Resold low for cash. . . apl&ly
2. O. aETSbtaa, . . J, f- amy.
L> KVNOLDS A SJIEE, Forwarding and Commission
EV Merchants, for the Allegheny KiTe? Trade, deal*
«b ia .Gr«cries, PrwluM, Pittsburgh Msnafuetares
uld Chloride of Ume* -- vr j..
Ibe highest prices,Jo c*»h,paid ax all nisei fair coon-'
.ry rngi. - Corner of Penn and Irwin its. _lan22
Oomntisstep and .Forwarding Merchaca, diieiere
■n. Produce end-Pitubergb- Manufoewtea,-Liberty ft.
Vlnsbyrgh. Pa. •• :♦ (rkJd '
TUUlfr. A. CUNNJNGIIAM, Wholesale Grocer,
[l Dealer in Produce and Pittsburgh 1 Manuficiiiras
'■tv 'SiLlheny sl ■ -Irta
' fcj£CSsftrteb B.mTESBLUO Id U
. - —.— Forwarding awl Commit uon Mer—
cli&ct, has remcnred to No. 87 Front, between Wood
and Smrtitfield streets. ‘ snu ■ •
«. e. sjjsciLtrT, • rnua-.a. warra,
OHACKLEIT i .WHITE,. Wholesale Dealers lo
Q Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods. No. fe> Wood si
■‘uuuiurct- _ fehinf.
IVV.IIARBATIGH, Wool Mereianu, Dealers
* irt Floor and Prodnee gcn.:rall)\ and Forwarding
tad. Commission .Merchants, No. £3 Water si, Pitta,
bdryh. ■ - •■' •■- v. , • „ ■, -
>- : m.rtsic rotes racaou, hssvlsbs.
SELLERS A NICOLS, produce sad Gerr-roiCcm*
raUsion Merchants, No. 1? Liberty sl, I‘iusburgh.
gperm.TJ’niecd and Lard Oils. •
• eers,. Forwarding and Commission' hlerehantsj-
Uealers in'Pittibnrgh -htanefattom and Westers Fn>-
docent fro rcmored warthna»c,(njd stand)
No. ai, earner of Float stand Chancery .l*
Bar 7 . ... , ,- - , .it
fft ASHBY H BEST, Wholcssie Grocen and Cwnrals-
JL sioa Merchants, and dealers InTrodaco. -No. 3d
wood st > Pittabiuyft.'" ” ‘ ' ~ ~ ~ “ ' 'fryST >
-sn^ns'dAurr—*•••* ~;oas s.-coses*yx. -
I :.
XKTU. D-GALEY & CO, Wholesale Grocers,'lS
If add MO Wood street Ftttsbmrfh. oomr7,
i - JP. dCH. fItTcnEbTSJER^
ANTS.:' of Soda Ash and Bleaching
Pd«rdoi7No; 160 Liberty Pm**:
.btrrgh.. . ••'• ••'••'.' ■■ ' '' ••'-."•Ottt*
' iuijT s. Wici, • sxrts itunuai'
WICK A APCANDLESS, {successors to L. * i. D.
. Wiek,) Wholesale -Grocers?- Forwarding and
icatTißussioa Merchants, dealers In Iron, Nails, Glass;
-Lottos.Yams, and FUtsbvgh Maaafactnres centrally,
/c»w>ftf Wood and Water .*treeU. PlUsbarga. ■
-•'nr ix WTwaLLACE,MiII stope ami Mill Famish.
(ff -« Ing establishment. No. 544 Liberty near tbs
■-'.tiijkl;- ; teart»‘'
Xkr • W.WIISON, Witehei,'Jewelry,BSiser>Va»7
•fT-i :andMililary Goods, eotncf of Jlarketaeddih.
. iirceu, Pittaborgh, ra. N. IL—YYatchea end Cloekr
eareiuiy repaired. deed j
and Forwarding
-f.f ■hUcchant,Np.M Front at between Wood and
M*rket«roetar--'- -'-‘ v febd4_
ttf R. MfJ jitPli VV Wholesale and BetaiFHealefE
-filwroitign -and DoUettfe Dry Goods, nonhreittt
-earner of Market and Eoarth sis. , ; ■ . aatft i;
ar».'xoow,-j «». a. Vesta. •
XtThl- YOUNG A Cfc—Dealan UrteaffiM hides, Aa.
W-H3Lltertrsl !• • ,*nS-ty i
WA IL Orocer*,dea
• ten inProdace, Ires, Nail*,(ila*s, and Pitts.'
bargh l lanafactarcs generiny. 15Z Llbeny st, Pius*
balgh. ~ , deei.
• ww;fiAitujn,-
* • - iTTOBm AT iiAW, ' :. . '
. . , J StH2er{ Pa" 1 ' "
TJJT7LL- «l»oatt*o4to6olleetwh*aii4 all other tut*-
. Yf ai« entreated to hila la BmJer and Amatroci
•otntkiiFa* Referto
A j W.W.Willaee, do .1
:\ ! do - f fitubam.
x/jy KeyfcCo^Wood»L . J . . ~ i»n7.
J j.
.V. OmcsAnovshL-ALLEfftOo, ■
I oetSt No.vttWmer meet:
i! W.* J. OLKSni; Bookßlndirf. 1
\tfli are *tili enured la ifceabcTo baiine**,' ecnaer.
• Jff of Wood and Third nreets,
'we are prepared td do any work in cor line with dee*
E. \Ve attend to dot wot* per* on ally, and tan*
awfllbegivea in regard to Su neatness and da*
lability: •
. Blank ’.Book«n»led to any pattern and bound enb
itandally. Bookain namberj croldbookatooond evo*.
rtillv or repaired. Nameapstcn books in gilt letter*.
ThOi?Jhi> U c»JU
McmWj r mrSnt .
OooklaßSWTu, Orat«i. «e.
JIL rtfarr Llbertr ttrecu, loaftuflicjn/r
ix£o&ti<?t calc PJaitom, Kecrand Oonnirr Sealei,
oTtheindaiiinproTwlqttWnr; CooUagStoTe».forw«w‘
rtnlfljjl; Err Btoves of- raaoumc*, Pallor and.
-eonunou Gr»tei»'Hollow Who* •ttc»&c, They alio,
‘jnacofCture the Kitchen Range t which hae giTenroch;
.naenfcfttisfaaiou lu liiuie umuht h JnTae,-* O , *H 5J
Which they woaMtel?eetfti7lyi!l*itoih6 MtCTiIM rt»!
jfte: - -°? t37 * dtf
owrctiUJOUi .wjttiu**
UmA * Cp.» ,- .
ff>Bcees*oT»!lß Humct, U«na» * 9°)
of DeptfilSlffink' Holes, S P^"^2^
eoUeetiea*oadeon'.ne*rJy tE the jirineipal poiou io
the United Statee. —*——— •••.■-*
_ The frfghest premloia paid for Foreign andAmerVuD
Adeftocc* made eo eanitynaeati ,©T Prodaee, »iip-'
ped Eata on liberal terms.: •• •• ■-• '"■P*
' iTXoWEtL FI>ETCHId«,... . * .
S•• •> ju»c»*ctckx* : ~' ‘ *
- Cofiif.Front and Vlne »UecU, Ciccinaaili 0* ; ;.
ORDKItB from Puutmrrta for Alcohol, Pore Spirit*
R«*r .or Rectified Wmtkeyywill be proniptiJ;*W
ended v> ai loweii market price. rochl3:nlT
. 1 *M> ' 1 ' stable*
«*» j,'. ■ BOUBKT 1L PATTKKSON has opened
, IsSVS toe stable on Fim st« nmninjfMbreratr
f Vto Second st, between Wood and s*mitW«i
thr ,T«r of the Mononohela {iogie.
Inritb afleflurety new .stock afJlorsesnfld CbitU«sot,
1 tbc bed frilUr and latest styles. Horace kept u uvt
-17 In msnnsr.
| RMWLWUii/iVfd-Ji
■ IAV., W °'^ BTSEET, '
jSfefc An! wfi? lSj :
Wnrelgy, Ka^p^^Un^fSlibargi.
ihmselrei^we aw'dawSedwiii
than h.U uYeTtafora been efferafoo thapuN,
IL/" Orders sent by mail,aeeompan!ed by thtetsh ti
nr reference, will be'promptly ttunded to. myia
TX WMgTMAH-Mamfteinffofaimntoofew
erauon, I ua prcpued to utnu«Hin wiih die puck
for ail kinds of machinery In *.y line,nch u willows,
eerds, ffrindinf mishiaes, rsliwsW.
drawinr fames, speeders,: Uusssii*, looms, woolen
etnli,doable .flr«uifle,ibr merehanior conauy work,
moles, jacks, slide end head Isibes sad tools la sen*
enu. Ali kinds afsbafttaj made to order, or>pluiseiv*
ea for yesring factories or milts st reasonable char ire.
Bsrsi to-p Kennedy, Childs fcOo-j
* Co* Riny, Pcnnack ItCo* Jaa. A; Gray, .
_ sel&bb ;
JBk FULTON, pen andßrhsaFotiaier.haeref
. fw built and commenced bulaess at his old stand
where he will he pleased to see his old ensiom-
end friends.
i Chnteh, Steamboat, tod BeUd of every sire, frqm 10
to 10,000 poanas, cut Oreo patterns p/the mostapproe.
<d models, end werrented cftbe bekl materials.
• Mineral Water PampsjCodntersilUiUnr, Be. love
tter with every variety of Bran CastipfS, 11, required,
tamed and finished in the neatest manner.
A. F. It the solo' proprietor .orßaurr l * Asn-Ami-
Ttoti hLrrai, po iuitJy celebrated for the redaction of
frietiod "ut machinery; "The Boxes and Competition
dan be had of him atnll times. , . JagQsiy *
*• anxsaex. ■
rtai »Ti) PTwna Woes ajd Mum, himuua.
JT*3NTINUE to manufacture all kinds of COPPEB,
inuih Work. ' • ,
! Steam Boats built lOanier.. . v : '.
f to steam boat work.!
‘ Have on hands a fine assortment of Cooper and Bmt
Kellie*, WtiCj 4c. kc. fcMiwhnu Ro^rt;
Portable Forget, various sixes—e very coaTenleni or*
dele for steamboats, Cali&rnia emigrants, or r*i] rood
companies. it-.. ,
t We would ryipeelfaUy invite steam boot
Otheritocairudoee oar article* ud prieea be for*
purchasing elsewhere. . f jy-i? ,•
Irenton Hnlnal ltfe Imurance Compuf
I tafaTur ruontna ixdccxd 25 m cknt.
i Capital, IISO.OOO.
JAMES DURNO a CCk, .Agents -at-Pittsburgh, Pi
i mass or kmctws, at ntnpß, nxw nun.,
June* ; !• Joseph C: PotU, Pret'l.
Benjamin Fish. O. A. Perdfeerit, V. P.
John A. Wean. . | E2l Hontefßeeretary.
• < 1 • JotMthamFlsc, Treasarer.
mw Toax.
George Wood.
John F. Maekie.
Hen. JuuCun bell.
David H. While.
Alexander Cummings.
W. J. P. - While, p. Id.
David Dudley Field. >
Joseph Hoxie.
Ilia Exe. Gov. Hainea. -
W. L. Dayton. U. 8. Ben.
1 h D. Wall, Fjc-U. 8. Ben.
i £x*Gov. M. Dickerson.
Ei-Oov. Vroom.
luu Wildriek, M. C.
Wa. A. Newell M. C.
Hob. S. R. Hamilton.
A. Sidney Duane. M. D. I \V. W. Gerhard, M. D.
OJ W*ma*L,N. Y.l »l Walnat au PMl’a.
Wm.hTK-AlorfU.M.D.,|lL R.BeU,M.D.,
George.M’Coo4,M.Q, I .• . Allegheny eity, Pa.
PittaMuxh, Pa. I. . , .
i TheAgentso/ this Company, at Pittsburgh, ara aath*
dnted to take every first, class riak on Lit* at a redvr.
»o« tfao€*ir&* pw ttMLima the tonal Mies of pre
mium as charged ay ether Companies*
AjaanttOyuzs of are, taking a Policy of Insurance
tot One Thousand Dnirira-
To rnaforena year, pays only 89,80.
do seven u •* “ BlMo—annually.
.-4* vLlfcume, “ , “
find m the lame proportion for any snm up to 85000,
arhieh is the extent taken on uy one life.
I ThUeempuy commenced operation* ou the lit Oct,
ISTd, and iu monthly business op to the Ist Oeu, Ido,
■hows a progress usimtnif that of uy otherlife Com
pany on record. .
The first dividend of profits will be declared to the
assured on the Ist January, I 89&
Pamphlets containing: the various tables of rates,
ud all the. accessary mJeressuon on. the important
subject of file Amraace will be famished op appU*
cauonlo JAMES DUBNO to CO., Agents, .
t -del? . , • Odeoa Buddings.
'BURANCE "COMPANY will issue Poneies of In
surance a cairn 1 Loss ot Diaaatby Fan, npon Dwell
ing* And Furniture, Stores, moods, off appb*
_caUoau>, ... JAMES DUSNOA-OOrAeenls,
; j. • Odeoa Bulldingt -
HRAimiSItTBAHCBiat Plttabwrglu
Tte gpiing Girdeo Beallhlnuraiiej Co,
OK PHIX,4IiEI£HtA—-CAPUAI. *loo^oo,
NS URES Males and Females Against the Expense
. . and Loss occasioned by.-Siekoes or Accident, by
u immediate- allowance .of/root 83 to 88 per week,
ter one, two, three, or four yean.
The method, of effecting this Insurance, ud the
manner of awarding the tick allowance, will be faiiy
explained by the -
- mxRX
A person ean insure against Siekaeas or Aeeldeat
whieh will detkin him from hk ordinary buslneea, as
fellows, vis !'
For ooe year, by paying 84,30, and receive 83 week.
Fortwo “ '. “ e,S«, * 4 "
For three W * '« S “
For (obt “ . . . IQjsh, «•****
Or, for a period of fear years, the son of 814,40 paid
&i nuaily, will secure 88 per week.whlle tiek.
Ever; necessary infemadoa will be sffimdel oath*
subject oMßt&ranee generally, by
JAMES BUENO ft CO, Agents, :
dcl7-dflm - : • : Odeoa Bandings.
i - T.lfa Imm—»■
rIfHE Mutual' Life and Health Insurance Company
JL of Philadelphia,' Incorporated by the Legislature
of: Pennsylvania, March, 1649. Charter perpetual.
Capital, Bans Lora muanvv PnamTt
▼asm CaxrasTr and full SO per cent lower than (he
essaLrates of Lift Insurance, as the following eoa*
prison will show: Thus, a person of ibe age or 80 in
suring-for 8100 for lift, man pay la the Girard 83,38
Pennsylvania, 8381 Pena Small, 833 B; Equitable,
83,31; New England, fS£dr Now York Lift, ftpB; AJ
bio Lift aad Health, Philadelphia, 81,01.
■ D. Orriek. Charles P. Hall, W,
P. Boone, Robert P Kina. Charles P. Harts, M. W.
Baldwifl.-M. M.Beeve, hulk, Chaa O, u. Campbell,
Lewia Oooecr. LHodman Barker, & H. Bailer, Ldwtn
B. Cope. ■ Preaideut Barnuel P: Orriek; Vice Ptesi-
Klnr.-fleereiaiT—Franca Blackbnrse.
Applications will be received, end every Information
given by BAML. FAHNESTOCK, Agt;
Office. commercial Rooms, eoraer.of
ot*tg«dly. Wood and Third its, Pittsburgh
TUB INSURANCE CO. ol North America will
"'make permanehrand limited Insurance on pro*
perty.ia this dry and Tieinity, anden ahipmeau by
Ctuul,BiTen r Lakea;'aad by Sea. The-properdes ol
this Company are well invested* and foauh an avail*
-ablefunafortheampleindanutity df all pereosa who
derlre to be protected by iniaranec.’ . _
Stria ' WAL P. JONES. Agent. 44 Water tt.
The FrtmOin Fin Insurance Co. of PkmJAkia.
. ThlKECTOfiS.—Charies N- Baneker, Thomatllart;
. XJ Tobias .Wagner, Samuel Grain, Jacob R- Smith,
i Klee. WRichirdr, .Mordeeai I>. Lewis, Adolphe K
Bone, Bar'd 8, Brows, Morris Patterson.
Cbxkxjb N.~ Banco*, President'
' Chkrtee G.Baneker, Secretary.
Continue to make Insurance,.perpetual or limited,
on overt description of property in-town or ceantry,
, at rates as low as axe consistent with aeeority.
i To Company have reserved a large contingent Faad,
which with their Capital and Premiums, safely invest*
ed, afford ample protection to the assured."
Ttae assetsof the eotspany, oirJanuary lst, IS4P, as
"pablished agreeably to an act of Assembly, were as
ftlloWu’vis '
"Mortgages. 4l
, .fieafEute • -••••• 04,7*4 88
.. Temporary Loan* - Mjooi 88
Stoeks • . - BI,SBtS
Cash, AC 3- .
Brnee their Incorporation, a period of 19 years, they
have paid npwjudi Gfpao.aUhea four hand ted those*
and dollars, fosse* by Ary, tperoby. affording ovidenie
efthe advantages erfaiaranc*, as well as the ability
and disposition to meet with promptness all liabilities.
/ ... J. GARDINER COFFIN, Agent, >
7 msdsHy /. ! ■ Office N E carper Wood ana 3d sts
Ths Fiaaiylvasla Omspaay
. FoilsnnsaaltrauDGuimi* Arirmn. i
THE first Life Insannee Company In the V. Staten.
indorperstedAiarcb 18U—Ohmter perpetual.
Capital 8400,000 011 paid fa.
- Having authorised the undersigned to reeetvaAppli*.
. eatiuqs/or.insnrnncOi enwhieh policies will be ioaed,
according to their proposals and rates,' which will be
made known to applicants athis«ffiee, 'No.A wool
street; : ■ GEO,COCHRAN. -
• Thee ato tacM.-mt, rxoraixrop.
mTHIS extabUihaeiii lony and widely known u
- belay one of the taoit eommodioai in the cltr of-
Baltimore, tuu recently nnderyone verr exten*
live alteration! -nod Improvement*. An enure new
winy Aw. been added, containing awneroaa and airy
pleepUsg apartment!, end exteniive bathiay room*. ,
The amdies' department bis aim.been completely,
rveryanixed and fitted uin tM ininiijae and beanth
hiitjrta. la fact the whole arrabyemeot of the Howd
' iu been remodeled, with a-einyle oya. ea the part of
the proprietor*, towardi. tbo comfort and pleaiore of
jbeirOnecu,and which they confidently.a«*ert will
cbaltCnye eompatiMn with any Hotel In the Union.
Their table-wilhalwaye be eappUed with every wb- !
•tanial and luxury Waiebthe market afibrdi, eerved
op in a loperiov ctyle; while in the way of Winee, Ae.,
they will not be Mrpaued..
; In jtoncluiien ,ae proprietor! bey to lay, that nothing
will Ue left Bndormoatbelijirt, and oatno part of theft
e*9isunu,io render thii Hotel worthy the eon tinned
patronage of their friend! and tbepablteyenerally., *
Thepneea for board have alao been reduced le the
following meet
Ladle*’ Ordinary* ftf.TSperday.
Uentleaen*! “ tjo—The Beyyaye Wagon. of, the ooaM will aL foand at the Car and f^ndinya,
whicp will convey bayyaye to and from the Hotel, free
pf Charge. ...
toxirxx of tatrsTß ass ataxy ■**»»»■, ntrovui*
Jgk- > THE. subscriber, fespeeitally aonottneeslhit
be b*s»ow opened his nrw And excellent Uotel
* T 9*for tb».,*ceoauaodsUon «f travelers, boarders,
fni fyha. nitbUe ■ generally.- -The: bran ana fornitare
are eotlrwy new, aad no paloser expense have been
■•pared to render it oao ofthe-mcsi eo mid ruble sad
pleaaopt Hotels favtbe city.-
r The sabseriberif determined to deserve, end (her**
*1 .rj n'i ~ > •. •• j» / -,i
TM MAlutliw. wT Pawfwwti In.
t>Y MUTUAL CONSENT this day, the firm hereto*
(ore existing under the style of BUSHFIKLD A
LEADER, bti been-diinolvedDy Henry Leader sell
ing his entire Ixtmstin asid firm to John McGill. All
beainots connected with the firm ef-BashfieW A Lead*
er will be settled by 8. fL Bushfield-A- Co~ who are
- daly authorised to stake all collections and adiust all
elates.' 1 - BUBHFIELD A LEADER.
' Pittsburgh, OeL >7,18®; ;_ i:
-.N. B*-& a BUBHFIELDACO. wMaontinuo the
wholesale and retailDiy Goods and Grocery business,
at the old rtore rpdta, No- 890 Liberty gt,' where they
mil be pleased to 'hare' their fHends and customers
call ana examine their sthek of goods.
. oem r ■ . 6-B.fIUaHFIELDACQ.
TOHE partnership heretofore ousting under the firm
.1 of A. AC. BRADLEY, is dissolved by the decease
of Mr. G-BnuUsy. The htainers will be carried on by
A. Bradley, who wllL settle tho business of the late
REMDVAL-A Buacun ha* festered h« Foundry
Warehouse (torn 11* Second'street, to-No.l#
Wood street, between First and Second streets, o the
Warehouse lately occupied by- G, A. Berry, where he
constantiy on hand s gssorunent of
Castingi, Grates, Btotes, Cooking Btovds, Ac. ' )yl3 •
' yv e p Svaff w w *
JfUIE co-partnership hefetotore existing between the
X'sabseribersfinthentae.of CoaM»la,.BaTke-&
Co., is this day dissolved by matnal ccnsusx.. Messrs.
Burke A Barnes will settle the,bnaineas of ihe .con
cern, for which purpose they are authorised to use the
name of the concern. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
; The undersigned haTe this day associated themselves
Ur the name of BURKE A BARNES, for the purpose
ofmanafaetarinx Fire Proof Safes, Vault Doors, Ac.
Ae_ ar the stand ofthelaie fim of Constable, Burke
they will be oleued to receive the pa
frenagß of the customar* ofthat tame and their friends^
' In retiring from the firm of Constable,' Burke A Co.,
(With, sincere pleasure reednusend Mossrs. Du the A
Barnes to the confidence of my friends and tho public.
• fcbiidtf • •
Forwarding & commission.
J* A di Tartfei, Cemaiwleallirchtstii
iXTO. XX Old Leveosu,N.Orieans,keepeonstßßtly on
±1 hand a large assortment of Brandies of the follow
ing brands, which they offer for sale as agents for J.Du
rand It Co, Bordeaux, via: Maglmy, J. Kraud,J.Durand
ACo.Laroehelic, J. J. Durand Cogaae, A. de Monies un,
A.L. Blsville, A. de Mondore. Jean Louis, Ac; al«o, An
chor Gin. Bordeaux Bed and White Wines In eastsand
cues, selected withcaruby besides
Champagne Wee A Sweet Burgundy Poit (fcbT-ly*
-- ......t v , i iuw> ■. uu.
CJTUART A SILL, Grocersr'and Produce and Com-
D mission Merchants, No. 118 Wood it. Pittsburgh.
• Dealers In Gioeeries, Flour, Wheat, Rye,Oau, Corn,
Barley, Pork, Bacon, Butter, Lard. Cheese: Clover,
Timothy inti Flax Seeds; Iron. Nails, Glass, Ae. Ac.
Ac. Particular attention paid to the sale of Western
1 Ramaacxa—Messrs. &(yera A ilunter. Robt Dai
tall A Co., M "Gills A ffoet Hampton, Smith A Co.J
James May, King A Moorhead, Pittsburgh. Fenner
A M’Mtlian,. Massillon. Jo*. 8. Morrison, Esq.,- 8l
Louis. spg&ly
loan a. . *»iaiig»
GENERAL ACKNCY,' CWttmlssioa and Forward*
in* Merchants, No. U 0 Market sl, Pmsburgh, Pa.
ADTrTtvupt attention given to the purchase sale
ofall kinds of Produce. « .
_ Rom to— John Wan A Do. Mnrohy, Wilson A Co.
Phtshttivh, Pan Imwson A HUh Mahlon Marlin,
WcUanUe, 0u John H-Brown A Co., Grigg, Elliott A
PtUaaci|Hilaj B. W; Snodgrass A Ixl, Gregg A
NaeeJ New Lisbon, On Fr. Skinner, Hon. C. D, Colfin,
Cincinnati; J. P. Kell«r, Youngstown, On W. L Stan*
dart. Cleveland, O. ~ • acgvt
Caantislea and Perwardlng Kerehaali
_ - im.» wooptr^mmpaaa.
to tranmstar general Commission busl*
V new, especially in the purchase and sale of Ameri
can Manufactures and Produce, and in reeeiviag add
forwarding Goods consigned to his care. As Agent for
(he Manßiactarecfbfl'Win'be'eentlaMly supplied with
(he principal articles of'Plttsbargh Manufacture ai the
lowest wholesale prices. Orders and consignments
an respectfully solicited. tf7
(Bueeesaor* to ITCerd A King), GSR
Vashlosahle aottsrt.
Conor of Weod auS Fifth Strain
PARTICULAR attention paid to omrßetailTrade.
Gentlemen eta rely upon getting their Hats and
gape from ear establishment of the nr aimuis and
traoxWßir, of the iaxnrmixs,andauheu)Wßo
Country Merchants, purchasing by wholesale, are
respectfully In rued to sail and examine oar Bto«j'ae
wo eas aay with eoufidenee that as regards qcaUTT
and raicx, it will not suffer in a eoopanaon with any
house in Philadelphia. . febl?
THE Hoconii Session of ahis 1 ostia Hop, under'tha
care of Hr. and Mrs. Gacnoaa, for the ptc|cct'
academic year, will commence on the first of Febnia
ly next, in timuam# bdUiags, No. B 2 Liberty street,
i Arrange menu have been mode by which they will’
be able to furnish young Indies Caeßitic* equal te any
lathe West, for obtaining a thoroagfa English, Clasu
■Land Ornamental education. A foil
sefihical and Chemical Lectures will be detiver/d
uring the winter, illustrated by apparatus. The de*
panmenta of Vocal and Instruntental Music, Modern
Languages, Drawing and Pain ling, will each he under
thfe care ofa competent Professor. By close attention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their pu
pils, tho Principals hope to marii a enuunuuuorr of the
liberal patronage (hey have hitherto enjoyed. For
eircular or apply to the Principals
JOUNO.U’CKEAtYi Printiif Ink Jliasruisrar,
No*. 331 and 333 Stanton creel, JJEW YQBK—Pc*
pot No. 3 Spruce ctreet—Would cell the attention of
Printer* w hi* improved Printing Ink* of vuriou
kind* mad order*, u the fountain* price* s
Eiuafino Jet Black, for Card and wood
CbU ♦ • • S 3 09 and 3CO per ib.
Fine Book Ink - - 075 M 100
Uooank • -«***•».-
. . . 0 40 “DM "
Newels* • Old 030 " 0 23
fine Red Ink • 73c too 130 u 3 l)u “
Bl*e, Yellow, Greco and White Tfe 1001 30 •*
Gold else at R* per tb, aadßraaxeat 50,73 cu and
: Xcpeeiaca of News Ink eaa ho teen on thta neper.
Pittsburgh, ft
C. Morgan A Co. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Marten k Qrlswould, Louisville, Kj. octfrdttm
If L WHITE & 00. woald reipeet/Uiy infbtm
JU.* the public that tkey bare erected a shop on
Lacoek,between Federal aid Sandusky street*. They
are now asking and are prepared to receive ordera Car
every'description of vehicles, Coaches, Chariot’s 1>»-
roaebea, Buggies, Phe to ns, in. Ac., which from their
leaf experience in the manufheturo ef the above work,
smiths faeilitiu they have, they feel confident they we
enabled to do work on tbs aunt reasonable terms with
those Wanting articles in ihelr line. •,
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate*
rials ana having none bet competent workmen, they
hava no besitatum in warranting their work. We
Ueiefbro ask tbo attention of the pablle to this matter.
N. B, Repairing done In the best manner, and on the
taostreasonable terms iaflfcif
D isip EragnTPU tar * To r Hydra atWit iV,
a THIS is »certify that 1 have apj
pointed livingston, .Roggeu A Co,
Agents (dr the solo of Jenning's
(By Patent Biaprthgm Filter, for the dl.
• ties of Pittsburgh and Allegheny.
for Walter M Gibaon, 34# Broadway,
■ m ' Oct W, IMB.’ ’
We have Been Being one of the above articles at tbo
office of the Novelty Works for three months, on trial,
and feel perfectly aabsfied that If Is a nsefnl invention,
■»d wo take pleasure fa rocomaendlsg then as e'use*
fal article u> all who love pare water. Orders will be
thankfully received and promptly executed.
oeur livingston. rqggkn a Co
Pitt Mubint Work! «ad Foundry.
TOHN WRIGHT k Co, oso prepaid to baild Couen
apd Woolen Machinery ef every description, such
as Carding Machines. Spinning Frames, Speeders,
Drawing Frames, Railway Heads, Warpers, Spooler*,
Dressing Ffaaes, Looms, CardCunders, Ac. Wrought
Iron Shafting turned; all sixes of Cut Iron, Pollies ar.d
Hangers of the latest patterns, slide and hand loathes,
and tools of all kinds. Castings of every description
fbmished es short notlee. Patterns made to order for
Hill Gearing, Iron Railing,-fee.- Steam .Pipe for heat*
ing Factories, Cast Iron Window Sash ana fuioy Cas
tings generally. Orders left at the Warehouse of J,
Palmar A Co, Liberty street, will have prompt at ten-,
Beibr to filaekftoek, Bell * Co. J. fc Moorehead A
Co, O. E. Warner, John Irwin A Sons, Pitubargh i Q.
0. A J. 1L Warner, Btenbenville.' ionlß
THE subscriber offers Jbr.aale a largo and splendid
assortment of rosewood and mahogany grand Ac
tion Pianos, with and without Coleman’s celebrated
JBolUn Attaehuenb The above Instruments are war
ranted to bo equal to any manafaninred in this conn
try, and will be sold lower than any brought from the
East. F, BLUME,No 1U wood ot,
2d door above sih
N. 9-—City Scrip will bo taken at par for n few of
he above assortment. tav3 F. U...
rUTsoctOH* Sept. It*. iH5>.
TING FLUID we have now been Being more than
a year, and on looking over the entries made by it, we
findlho color a bright bine black. It is pleucant to
writs with, flows free, and does not elog the pen like
the ordinary inks in use. Wishing you the ready sale
its uariU demand, we axe, yoara recpcetfaUy, -» .
For tale, together with Hibberft Red Ink, and &la- ■
china Copy Ink, by B. A. Fahnestock kCo.'U P-
Schwartx, Allegbany-Clly, and -by • the -manafactarer,
T. K. Hlboert, Druggist and Chemist, comer of Liber
ty and sis, Pittsburgh- • 1 - ocU3
A Present fDr Tear.Psmtly.
Morris a wilub* home journal.- wettf
ly—Rt per annum. - -
“lYa bastpapar in the Union{Evening Star.
“Bather gut in coal thaagowithoal il’—[Bo»u Posh
Published in New.Yorkud Pittsburgh every Bat
oiduy moroirg. . . _
New subscribers can be repplied from January Ist, '
ib39, if immediate application he nude (dither person*
ally/sr by letter) to tbo offiee of publication, to Wood
street feb? J. D. LOCKWOOD --!
g£VED HER* LIFE—SeII on' Vermifugii* iheani-’
L*EB*TOX, January SO, IS4O. 1
J. M. Wflfco—Deu SirTrbe rial bf Seller**
-Verrtlfago 1 bosght Ham yon, ton* Ume a go, broogh't
from my glrf Bve year* old, the a»tonl«hing l;om(>er of
five frond red worm;' I boueve she weald iave lived
• v«ry rtort time, bn for this medicine. ‘ ■
~»redf "ns.JtffoodiiC.
Prepared tnd.M.d byJL & sn.i'Kßg. 57 V>.
•old «l«o by DrvfyiiU ftserullj is tb« two ciU«».
Trtwi PU* Carpet*
X\r WcCURTOCK U nawopenitr the htndromeft'
VY BMt etipetb Imported Ttlvet Pile ‘ Carpet
ever baton offered ia thie Buket, to wkieh be innt*i
iba ettkatiOß oflwrehaaer*;
Books, TOFtoonb at ' Jaalt ■
i t h.utLij:'±
rxAILY ntiTmnuc Pinr.inWJHtA.
Yonog MEN la wholesale and retail fioitsiand otheij
respectable business, to act os Book-keeper*, Sole*,
men,-Ponert, Bar-keeper*, Waite**,-Fanner*. C&aeh»
men. Car Agenu,Uook and Map Agent*,. Collector**
Ovsrtttn in all branches of bojiness, Ac. We nave
at all times a largo number of good *i in aliens on hand?
wijich pay Irom duo to pej annum. Tbooo to
want oT'smuiioatbfauy kind would do well to give
us-* call, as we hare agents in each of the *HovwcjJ
yes, which will enable vs to place every appUcppt to
a suitable situation at £he shortest notice. We have *
large acquaintance-in all the above.named
which we trust, will enable ns to give entire satisfac
tion to all who mny favor us with a ealL '
i .' • • TAYLOR A TAYMAN. Nd. 50 Second St, • • •
l between South and Gay. ,
l N. B.—Parsons living-in any part of the D. State*,
and wishing to obtain a eituauon in Baltimore, or ei
ther ofthe nbovo cities, will have their wants imme
diately attended to by addressing us a line.(post-paid)
as by so doing they will curtail both trouble, ana ex
pense, which they otherwise would incur by coming
to the eiiy, and seeking employment for themselves
Address, TAYLOR A TAYMAN, . ,
No. 59 Second street.
Bsllimbre, Md -
IUIE attention of the public i» reapeetnmycalled to
.! the . .
; ,Alb* 8, Eii«u—Having teiied * quantity .of. Gold
weighed by your Areometer. l find the reiu}tpfove«
your inurnment corrccu'onorecommend the nietrf It
to thoie going (o' California, aa the beat method for ob
taiaing tliereil value of Gold. Batp.youtv, ■ >
J.B.DUNLKVY, Corfßeater.
. _ = ...
‘ PrmiTntßß, Mitch ■
Mr-Uaxiib—DearSir: UsTirig 1 examined the“Areor
me» :, n manufactured at your room*, liionothcanaw
to commend it to the u*e of those gentlemen who on
abootremoving to CaliioniU in watch of (told.
It gives a'close spproximctlou to the- specific gtivt
iy ofmeinJs, and wiucerlauly enable the mlvenlorer
to ascertain when bis placer u ■yielding Gold. • -
maria . Yonre, resp’T. J- O. ApCUNTOCK*
1' NDIA Rl/UltEll CLOTHlNG—Jnsirecoiviii forth*
California Expedition, a complete assortment c
(tout Elastic Clinking, at prices rangioe from SdAtf ’
• -• —r salee*
suit of coat,' psuita and boll
Lndi&Rublw ikpoivNoS Wood il
. I , ArX.VT3£CC*gDJs?«JA*T Ut, lbi9. .
Patent aeteJevcr atmsion Taiiee, Sofiu, Muf»a^e t
Book Coxes, Writing Dttis. ...
fTtflE TABL/ICS fat surpassing eviijr other'in
j. vention ofthe kind now exuilit. They eftn lie ex*
tedded iron ton toywentr-avu feet* olid when closed
the leave* are all earitainr4sjtside; r ihey are-made to
oft aixea.and "hopes, and are, admirably. adapted; for.
Steamboats, Hotels, anil targe prorata families, form
lug when closed a compel? eenlrt table.
SOFAS AND UURKAUS-Thtwe artfclfea are Inval
uable, particularly to those Who wish u> «eono>
wjo room, and concert» steeping rapttnmeui iuo a
parlor or fitting they can bo openedand shat
at convenience, cud when shut, the beading i, enclos
ed. "A great 'saving'Jn room and rent. AH the'bed
steeds when closed form c bcauli/pJ piece of fa ml tore
for * parloror titling rocni. • - . i
. BOOK CASES—A neat and ate (hi articio for parlor,
or drawing room. ,
WRITING DCSKS-rFor law offices, coaaungrooms,
and other office*; When opened a mast convenient bed
steasL when closed a ported Desk and library alone
iSTtwble. ,
Aft: these artirlss need no recommendation: the
beauty ofthe not roget
opt ofxepcit, ..It will ; be Cot yauriuieccxis’iq pgil and
exoiiune the artfclcs. cl the manufacturer's store, No.
tSJ Third street, tfdflitiou to the above
advantages, they arc proof aewnst Mtf».
■' Steam Brick Warkaror Hale.
rE_ an bseri&cr offers for sale, tie STEAM DEICE
WORKS, above .Lawrcncoville, comprising a
Steam Engine, 2 toilers, 6 Mould Machine, capable of
mannlkctanng Pressed Brisks (oat of dry clay,
as taken from the bank,>per day; with three actcs of
land on.lbe Allegheny river, on which pre 4 kilns and
shads,'machine and clay slieda, truegs,
rhnvels, Spades, tutJ, every- thirilg' '’reAufsttio to eom*
name operations at an boars ootleel Price, Including
lire potent right to uto said machine,- r.lWl mis of
payment utaue easy. Without the land, JdJUUI.. For
particulars, address . HEN EV MEJIIUTT, '
augTT-dtf _ _No ltd ajocongahejs floats.
_ Wrevght ant'd C'ait'lron BallMfi
subscribers beg leave to inform the pnblic '.hat
r l they have obtained from the East all the late and
fashionable’ designs for Iron Railing, both for hottses
and cemeteries. Persona wishing to procure hand*
somepaiterna will jiicas© call and ezamine, and judge
forthcmiplrcs. Railing will he furnished at the short
est nutisc, and in the bm manner, at Hie comer #1
Craig and Rebecca streets, Allegheny elry,
angO-dtf A: CaMONT * KNOX. •
Oyiteril' OyiUrsT
BURKE a CO'S Dally Express is now regularly de
livering Can and Snell OYSTERS, which are Of
ierrd to dealers and families, at the lowest pries*.
Quality warranted cqial to epy-breugiii to this mar*
kir.aad Jorsalo by ,
J.C.WDWELL, Art, Waters'.
Also—At the following depbts:—Reis A Berrer, cor
ner b'mith&etd and Second its; E/Renfeton, Diamond;
Mercer A Rohlhson. Federal at .Alleghany. - oetlS
\ATR have~*otße~t'l;M rsi, made on- ant improved
Jk*.: plan, so aa not to. freeic m the coldest weather.
mvXt in. beiwAeh Woiw Market sir' '
THE Constitution and Btuciard of the* 4i*4Si9>e
RefO'-uitMl Church iu North America; fibo, bound
in sheep. ’ 1
'the Other Side, or Notes for tbs History oftfce*\Var
between. Mexico and -tho United States,, wrinea |o
Mcxfctp. and trauslated Horn me Spanish, with notes:
By A. C. U-asey '
Sketch™ of Reform" end Srfonnm of Orest Britain
and IrriuMii; By >1 i» Suwf'iL ■
Tha Works of I’rendiut bdAarda; in 4 vilx; a. re
prirl of the Woiceucr cuiuon, with add,lions, pufl a
couioui general index. .• .
Th«*MauMuin<- of liypt. er Esypt aWiaicssfoffhe
Btßler By K E Hawks. D.D.. E. D * '• ' •
.Menotn of David Halo, Jaw editor of Journal of
Commerce, with tclccu.m* bos bu Mncelianeeus-
Wriunss: By Rev. J. P. Thompson.
The t‘uiiurn and Hit Daughter. by S- Jy- Paulding.
Los Gringos, or an' Inside View or Mexico and OtJ*
i for hi a? Oy Llctil. Wi«e, 17. S: Nary.
Familiar Ixttien to Ytttug-Maa, oavarioas sebjeeu;
designed as a Companion la the Young Men's Guide;
ByWin. A. Aicoit.
The Poems and Prorfc Writing* ol R. A Dana: 2 Vi
Nineveh and its Remalm: Uy Loysrd. •
For saie by • ’ 1 ELLIOTT A ENGLISH,
janttf . No T 9. Wood «t
A Preaent tot Your ramtljr,
PrtLnaxo Wxxxiv— 9i rr» hast m.
‘ The be*t paper In the Union.” (Evening Star.
“Ralher get lit coal than go wuhouta r (Boston Post.
New rabscribe'rs can be supplied front Jon. 1, tSSO,'
if immediate application be made («hberper«onaily or
by letter} at the Odice of Publication. &) Wood *L
JantU .. ■ - J. 1). HICK WOOD.
Now Book*
Inn Arriv«d<
OlKadly, with original design* hr Darlay,
The, Poems ami Prom Wrionet Of R. H. Dana.
Riysieian and Patient, or a Practical Vrw t/the
Moral Duties, Relation* unit interest* of .the Medical
Fiolestion and the Community; by \V. Hooker, M. IX
Thu Puritan and Ui» Dsuchien by J. K. Paulding,
author ol the PutchnunV Fireside.
Lew Orlngns, or arr Inside View of Mexico add Cal*
ifomia; with Wanderings in Pen, Chili and Polynesia;
by Ueot-Wirc. For sale by >
BROWN’S American Angler's Coide; full of illus
trations, ICrao. '
Padlilinc’s Puritan and Hi* Daughter; tfcbo.
Dr. Uooker’* Physician end I’aileiit; lsiao.
Mrs. EUis’ Hearts and Horae*;.svo. „
Neander's Life of Christ; tiyo.
Neander’s History of Clirtsiuu. Church; 3 vols, Pro,
Rev. Dr. Spring’s Memoir* of MUf Murray; Svo.
American Almaaae,TfiiO. Pro
janlP Bookieijer A imponer,C3 Wood sL
-Sew li tli* tins* to Babserlbe.
f'vFFICE of Seou’s ilepyirus.of the Four t|aarte»«
w lies and Blackwood; *u» per year.
Morris k Willi*' Home Journal, published in New
York weekly; 92 per annum.
Downing's Uoruealtursiist, monthly; S 3 per year.
heCultivator, monthly; $1 pep annum. .
10 Agriculturalist, monthly; 61 per year.....
le'Democratic Review, monthly; SJ per annuo.
le'Banker*’Megaziue, do • 93 Mu
|ap2. . : Bookseller k Importer, 03 Wood at
ARE now receiving, a very lafjc stocflf of freiV
Goods, of recent porchase and importrtitin, which,
they will sell lathe trade at snob prices as cuimM fafl
to aausfaction. •
City and Country Merchant* tra Iqvitqd to call and
examine our waek before purchasing clscri'>-*-.
No.' 49 Woos St.; Pmagraon,
A EE HOW receiving their usoni rappUeu of Cood*
lor the Fall *oo*oll, which Uicy witi harpy 10
exhibit to their old customer*, *iul a* many uenr ooet
a* may feel inclined to present tlicinselvc*.
Aiwar* takinc CTea-painn to lay in snrh food* a*
are adapted to tha'VriinU'of thr IVcsterp trade, which-'
long experience enables tV.ta to do, they can cay with
touch; cpi)(idenco,-aud without entering ipto a detail
of their, ttocfc, that the Western retail merchant will
find with .them all that hi 1 cimntncr* requite; .Those
who hare formed itc unprofitaidc habit a£rtpairisr
16 th« Eastern cities tor their'-stocka of Ury ttaoda*'
woolrlda wall to call, ns a aaadjd. comparison of nrh.
ces would in many coses result in the conviction that
ike expense of gam®. fartbetaay he obviated bv bav.
iOgfei Ftiuburgiu
• • *— “
«T>R. MlTm*mr eoruinur* to keep oa hindY/ulf
yy . nnotimeotoruie Wel*h
nelttandhM reeeniir received flaar .
qpaliue*. Ailo Svramitoarn FlunaeJ*,ra ( » c * reft _r
e e.end well adapted IbUhc weaf.MS52,S
others wanting *omeU Ing Warmer ihla
ftr.ll, W«M» PlniincK lb,
Blhtf .Ilk * foil .»|iply.« ftneriem '
Flauneta, of dufereju qaiuilieu Aao.BHHUlimNri
FLANNJiLS, of oil ike dU«re«« WiiUbfoi th ß N„,?
Km l cori\erof 4th and Market,,* *** l * o Norl *
Room* up *«f*, Where deafen will'
Blway* find a Rood aaaortmem of new »i> J e goodi. “ ,
'WT R; Ml'RPU’i invar* the qUen>ioa of barer* to
Tt* hifPre«nccU» l ee,.u>ck ufprinu »i iSfc/ai
per.jard, «f fa*t color* am! newest •ivies ' •
ISiSShT*, *“* Kas ‘ ,ah Caimzci, fronts w'
At«—A faiUMortnicm *f Prim i.
aai.Uanue*, butf.Hne,ptulr,Jalook^pnrple,ownjet
Ac. Raaju* up v joalp '
« f-ln former-.
VptfcMbc. - i»niu ■ ■.• A'A MAgQNfc CO*-»
Bute ciitcKs- 1 Vf>' dHr4^binin s'^ l,! ‘ ck *i i
/«; opened by. MfAOKLK,TT k WlifTH, '
. . J*® lo . _ 1 99 Wood* treat. :
.■l~lliilOK SILK LACES, - lirciodintt
JD extra width, 13 Le found, *t iawi
■ ■■
r'fc few piece»'of
rpriee*, at*toreof
v£r murphy,.
-hialiA a*iV li
> ; THFAtjJplsEferrcoewiflt, InvigoraliDf, and bean*.
. X Bair.Teatrring Scurf;- Dte&fl; and al)'
1 tgMMgdflHl) BnlpiXriituiff i£fnpQpns : on the
ftro9hUU&k.«od BUHuEvbd hut* used 4i (ot'ycinfa
i UtelrtlreusiurrtonwoSd omriea,admit om to
uSr'wotmddi xunSfcMUxlima,stfngx.Ae.,
imlreUaTte|'dlatta(bofUe£a r
makcles iheßtuuhßdaofooiui
vate_pTxetieo,..lneheapae»»»* veil u efisuey, Bur-,
n't Triecrnwrou^lsuanthiled.‘ • ; .. .
Tbe afifilty bet#etß! Uts Boobrehes which eonstl
aisle ihekktn, «sd the btirwhlek draws tosastenanoo
from this tripweavelopeis very :ebw- > AH disease*
of the bairoiigiaate»latheaklo ( of thehead. I/lho
pores of the scalp are clogged, or if the blood and
otherfloldsda riotelfculatenrceiTthrough the small
veisels whieh febd tbe tmls witfeßOUldref and Impart
life to the fibres, ih* i« *<—W;esM!wrif ( shttoiny
of the ■ hair, grmynes*,
lit amenta, and entire »«ihA «« m«vli»u
Stloolate the skin to healthful action with the Tricop*
nerotii, and the torpid vessels, recovering their aetiv-
Uy.'iriflanhihUaiethediseaio: • i -* f
In all affeeuons of the ikin, and: of tho aahstrataof
muscles and integuments, iho process and the effect
are the same. • , . r
’ It Is upon the skin, the umsealar*fibre, and the
glande,thal the Trtewpheroui hasiu spaetdo
and in all affections and Injuries of thfwi organs, it is
a sovereign remedy. 1
Bold,in large bottles, price 05 cents, at lbs principal
Office, 137 BroadweyiN. Y.' ' •
Uy For sale by B. E. BEDI.ER9,
■■■!■■■ •-Phtsbanr.-t
RNOW all men who are siek and afflicted with dis.
ease of the bladder and kidneys, with* rheum*.lo
pains in bgek or limbs, stiff joints, old sores,' ruanlng
ulcers, Ac, that they cso be eared by - taking the Fe
t/aleum! Yoo a best iu being a nostra in as
a nek a* you please, ball his docs not make it so, for
wo proclaim in tho laee of an honest, community, that
it has virtues whieh »re not contained, in any other
remedy. The man who is raekod with pain and suf
fering from disease, ehn for fifty cents, get relief ftom
anyofiheilUeanumerated above. ;Readerl It costa
very Half to moke a trUl-. This Petroleum is no mix
tore—oocompond, pat’up for,the purpose of imposing
on tbecpmoonJtyi but it Is a remedy elaborated b
sea of oar mother earth in its original parity, and of-:
Csn to saffering kamahi y a ready remedy, a certain
*ndcheapeuxe.... i ..
It has pored Piles after other medicine* have failed'
to render any relief. It huctlred Rheumatism of long'
standing, and of the worn and most pthtMleharaeterv
It has cured Cholera-Motboa-hy on» or two doses; it
hesypred old eases pi Diarrhea, la which every either
remedy has been'of nq avail, Asa local remedy in
baroaand sealds, U is better than anymedleal com
pound or ointment that we know ol Jt will cure ehil*.
blauts or frosted feet,ln't few applications; undoubt
ed testimony ean be famished of the troth! contained
in the above statement,by calling on Samuel M. Eicr,
Canal Basin* ?th street; or either cflhe agenis.
Keyser A JReDowdll, comer of* VYood iirtetand
Yinrmhltey; R. Seliwt; btwdod nr««iT}-" A- ej->
Uoilft kL'Carry, Allegheny eiiy, are the agents. -
■ .-.jaafil.- . .
. A man*by the name of REEL CLAPP has enraged
with a yovug tun of the name of 8; P.Towosend, and 1
uses his name to patapia SompaiUla, which tfepy
call Dr. Townsend's; fiamparilla, denominating u
GENUINEi Original, Ote.-Up* Townsend ts so doe
lar and never woa but was formerly a workeron rail
roads, eanals, and the like. Yet he aisnmes the title
ofDr-for the pnrpoeebf gaining credit fer wbat he is
not., He. U.sending cards hooded of
Qoaels, n in,which no keys, I have sold the use of my
flamefor 87 Aw'eek. IwUlfiiked.'P.TqwttsendldOd
ifhe will produce one single solitary proof of this.—
TUsJe to- eaatien the'pabile not to he deceived, and.
parehuenone.bat the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD
Dr. Jaeob Townyend I *' Sarsaparilla, having on it the
Old Dt.’s DVeniw, W* ftfllJr pout pf ptri, wd hi* tig-'
Ptiueipal Office, 1(8 Kansu it. New York Gxy.
OtD doctor
. , jnnnxs i
o|dPr. about 70 yeaaof ace, and
ha* loo* been rnown aj theAUTHOR and DISCO
SARSAPARILLA,”.. Being poor, fee tu compelled
to lumt in manufacture, by which mean* It ha* beep!
kept oat of tucket, and lh* Bales eirpun*ofibed to
there only who had proved tip wprtk autnowa ila
valne. Tjut Gulp aim UnquaußD PuxraxATtoii U
oamifbciared on the lafrett scale, and it called far
throughout the length and breadth of the land. •
Vnliko youg &P. Townsend's, -U Improves with.
agt,aad never changes, bit fee the better; beeanae it,
it prepared on selentifi* principles by a scientific ««r»
The highest kmnrlpdgp Of Chetaistfy, UM the latest
discoveries ortbe An, tutvrhlMjeen brought Into re
qusttloa In the mamnactareot tba Did Dr 1 * Samoa*
oil*. - Tb» Bars aparUla root, to t» well known to tted- :
leal men, contain* properties, and some pro
portiaa which are inert; or msdere; and Other*, which,
if retatned In prejiaiincit for use, prodnee foment*- ,
ofthe ft bvMparulaore to volatile,thm.
they entirely evaporate and are loot in the prepare*
doo, If they are aot preferred by aledentifle proeeaa,
known only to those experienced in its manufacture..
Moreover these volatile prineipka, which fly elfin ¥a*
parrot at an exhalation, ander beat, are the very et*<
renUai medical properau of the root, whip!) pyw U>,
11 V-'* T * l ” e '
OLD Dft. JACOB TO WN*ENIra SahsapabillA
is so prepared; that ail the Inert properties of the Sat*
quanlla root are first temovedJ every (hint capable
of ©ettnspng acid or of fermentation, it extracted
rejepfcdj-then every ptrfiele ©fmedieal virtse is seen*
red-lpa'pnre and concentrates'fora; and that itU
rendered inetpable of losing anv of iu valuaQTe an i
beafingpropertie*.- Preptnsd li fhliW.itUmane
tha bcwcyverrulastenvuitheX
_ CURB of innumerable diseases.
Hence the reaaon arliy’we hear gptmr»*nH«it« nt m
every aide in Its favor bv men; Women and- children:-
We find it doing wondert in the'eureof Consumption,
Dyspepsia, and Liver Complaint, and in Rheumatism,
Scrofula and files, Coadveaes% all Cntinemu Bcup.
tipna, Pimples, Blotehet; Vuiac from
lipostetfoi a mam Up ns efficacy in all complaints
arising from indignation, from AeiditT of the Btomaelu
frotn unequal eirentetioii, determination of blood to the
head, palpitation of the heart, cold feet and eoldhadds
cold chills and hot flashes over the body. It has cot
had Its equal in coughs and colds; and presKtaa tasr
eapectoration, and gentk pfißnli-uiM. refiSlik itrtc*-
lurrof the lesgt, thread and part
Bat in nothing is |u agWUense meremuifestlr aeon
and acknowledged stages of
’ It works wonder* in cases of flare albas or whites;
the like; *iid is eucctuuin curing all formt of the Kid*
neylliwsae*., By removing obstructions, and rr*-la
ting the general tystem, : it greet tone artf w*«th to
the whole body, and cures all si
and thfij Pievenu or rtdicre* agftat varteiy brother
diseases, as epratl Irritation, Nedreigia, St Vitus
Donee, Ac. Is
cot this, then, tot Motets* tow NaxnT
lfurcaa any of there thing, be »aidofS.P. Town*
tend t *nlsttpf hrdclef Ila young man's liquid is not
to no • compared wrrii tub old Dibs,
bectrare of the Grand Piet, 'hat the oaoisLuxoable
o( NEVER SPOlLS,mfiletheoth
er DOES; it fours, fcrape** and blows the bottles
containing it intfi fragmbnw the/toar, add Uquidex*
ptodmganddamagingotfcrgoods! Miutnotthlshofr
nble compound be poisonous tn'the system! Whau
put acid Imb a system already d!*ev+4 with iad!
all know,
that when (bod sortu in oqr stoatiCha, what mischiefs
it produoesr—Kitnleneo,hpkrtbnra,' palpitation- of the
heart, Uver complaint, dianhaa, dysentery, eholla and ■
.corruption of the blood?! What fl SCTOfala out an acid
- ht y?v r lha '^ T the humors
Whieh bring on &nptwns of the Skin, Scald Head.
Salt Sheam,EreiipeJas,Wh4eBwellipg*,Feror*Borc*j
and all uleereUpns internal and external! It is noth*
ing underbeavsnbutanadd•nbstanee.-sThjfh sours,
ana that spoils all the fluids of the body, more or ’»»?
What causes Rheumaltta hut a so«r acid fluid, whieh
insinuates Htelftenreeirthi joint* and elsewhere, ir*
riutipg and Inflating the tender and delicate tissues
upon which it act*? So-of nervous diseases, of imen*
my of the blood, of deranged circulation*, aaa rsarlv
all the ailments whieh af&iet nature, 7
Now, is it not horrible to make and sell, and infinite*
ly worse to are this ' i. -
and rethewouidfainhave it understood lhat Old Ja
! Heaven that dhoald deal la an article
which Would bear the most diauot resemblance to fl.
:l* Townsend% article! and which should bringdown
upon the Old Dr. such a mountain loa4 ofeomilainu
juid erinunalions from agents who have «»R aiidpnr
ebasdrewho have ased S. P. Tawnaead's Femerrtiti 1
Compound! , . r*
We vrmh it understood, because it is the Hmolute
troth, that a P. Townsend's artlek and Old Dr. Jacob
Townsend’* Saynpanßh are heayeA*sride auan,a«d
luflnltelTdissimilar; ihaithey'areunlike ut'evsrypar*
Ueulak.having aoioseatogte thingtnoosanon
' I‘ »* to arrest frunds npon tha aSuortnnaie, to pour
balm into wounded hsqanire, to; kindle hope in the
despairing bosom, to restore health and bloom and vi*
, gur into the crashed and broken and to banish infirmi
aiul FOUNDthe-opportnnity;anflmean* wiring his
within the reach, Slid to tke'knbwlodre Of all whb'
aeedu.thauhky-maylearuaodkiiow, by.joyfalmtr
peTienee, itsTaaiackncxar rawua'iu neat.!
. Per. sale by KIDD A COw Wholesale lbr
WesternPemisyiraaia;J.SAJiTH,Birortniham, Dr.,
wanLO. W. GARDNER, ftgwarn;Pinshafrh sptd ‘
1~ IVER care performed tijf
JLj ptiag the origin*!, .only- uaa and scssiae Idver
' pin. »
Anxstcc, Sfowa eo., <X, Matthau, 1847.’ »'
. Mt.lL&Sellor»-'-In.Aprillutajwifftwuftiusb>‘
ed with Liter CokflplainU, and had tbb.adviee of taro
pby aiciaavwbotiledTnrion* remedies'wittent pro*
dating any food effect, Having heard of ypareele
;brntM'Liver Pill*,'l concluded l& glvo lawn a fait
tnaJnll'parchaad.oaoAosof Alr.;Bacru, bt Aberdeen,
abd gave theta according to the directions, by which,
shd’wii greatly relieved. ! procured a aeeond box,'
whieh.enutdy-eortd her,«ad the bow. enjoy* exal*
leaf health. [ have Hied them ciyssdt, and pronounce
ih«H'dret>eetfa«llf tßedlelndl’evcr tried. ' ■" ’
,-Voiira ten. . • Masks Built. •
Prepared and aold by R. E SELLERS, 67 Wood at:
}ld usd'by'lhnggisit generally In the two cities. 71
: t | i : ■ ■■ * • ..•
VlaW of Pltubargh:
VTBtor will be psbliahed in as abort a time
si possible; and I can anm my rab'senbers,
aadUba-ABbUo generally, that it ahalLbersprmiOjlt—
hoth’inTidelny or detail *unl beauty of execution—to
anrettterhMtatever. Lot those who doubt, wan a tew
.wafautdaM. K. WUITEPIKLD, ,
Naw*Yoax.Dec. gtb.lMfl.—{dell ~ r ,J
Gnltmrs. ''""v ' '*
A-'FEW ▼«?' Ann ODITARS. Jnat' reatf Vrtti'ifii’,
JX celebratedmanalhetoryofCJP.Manla,'and fcP
laleby ,- jatia J. H.MELLOILBI Wood at|f
OIX BOTfEtt-lS bbte in oood Order, ter male bV
la^:-, M PAPACY tWf-r
i (j i j£S^* I ‘ yua^M BaB l jtsGiS > i^iS£^|r
.p i.o.’i?" t"•
;i S 3 fuL
iiciyiiiw'si 'r*;-.; vrail
'-JuU’i iflidtuM.iJqßM Callelt* ; -
ißjttftdenbtedlfiho be*lprtpir«Uan-e»up 4itj
X covered, for ,dre»«inr Boms, ScaJda, Cota, Ctiil*
fi Sin aPßrtUe a, or liaykind of £re«i wocnd*,nlio-for'
B(w*Nipple»Brei£edpuaNaaleiL • , f . ,
Ula article fa intended faf family B*e,arid abboldbe
tend in the pMaetUoa of every family!' ia'tbo land.
Maoljnnica who are in eomuat duni ©finjory t»
their pdftbnftfcro.ugli accident' and U 6 Improper or'
caralen nrrcf tools, will fiod this unirlet&>be4Bval&>:
able to them, and after.*. Air trial nrillconsider it In
' it u - aa exeelfedt mbftihzteVar adhesivenlairtffrof
•UkimUi.wilioal any of ill UieenTeafe&eeitaodirao
gedicated jw to allay all pain immediately and tnoit
•jA Tety.ljttie applied any on the (ortho* of the
■kin. immediately forma a ana, staoolh coating, vary
cuticle or oilenkin; which may :
U» water and Map, without aayln*
Ai article u freely owd aad highly recommended
brUm meat emtoeot physician! ofNew England, and
other paru or the country. ~
• FhrtaleasLVby . it E SELLERS, S 7 Wood it
. B —The trade supplied rt ih*
pricaa ' ' '• few
roa ms BseovaL ass nuixor ccax or all suziia
.AtmaoTßOJc AnnjreßKrrATaorTiniiiooo -
Serefhla or TOng's Evil, Rheumatism, Obm'nate dm*/
Blotcljos,.Biles, Chrome Sore Eye*, Rin- Worm
or Tetter, Scald Head. Enlargement eiwpain ©f
... the Bone* end Joints, Stubborn Ulcer*, ByphilUe
Symplon*, Seiatiea or Lumbago,—and diseases
arising from an injudicious use of Mercury, Ad--
. . u £* orlVopsy, Exposure or Imprudence in Life:
Also—Chronic Constitutional Uisorders/Ac. *
(n Ibia preparation are strongly concentrated ail the
Medicinal properues of Sarsaparilla, combined with
the most effectual aid*, ths Eton aaleutry productions,'
the most poieni *iqspUs of the Testable kingdom; and
U flt» beans© folly tested, not only by patients ihetn
■elye#, lot also 6y physician*, that it ha* received
their uuouallfled recommendation* and the anpreba*
uon of too public; sad haa established, on ua own
uerita, a reputation for v*ura ap>J »«cact tax nte>
rior to the various cornn-uud* hearing the name of
Sarsaparilla. {hseatca bavo been cum), such aa are-'
IJCI funtUhed la the record* of lime past; and what U'
baa already done fbir iheihotkuds who have wed U. ]
It ia eapabie of doing for the nullmoi alill aaSerinxaad '
amiggUng whh disease, it pgriSas; elcaniet, and'
ttrengthaiia the fi>nntain:apringi.ef life; and tnfo.*. :
new ngor throushoai the whole animal frame.
The following striking, and—as.-wili be iten-*M*-
manentcureof anrnveterate case ofSerbfal*, com. i
mend* itself to all similarly afflicted; '
« « -, S?»«UNJST,i*,aii. > Jan.l, 1543.'1
Alestr*. SoniLn Genlletaujt, Sympathy for the affliet- 1
ed indace* ip? to reform you orthe remarkable ente'
effepiod by your Sarsaparilla, in the com of mv wub, •
She wu severely afflicted with the Scrofalaim differ
ent panstpf the body: tho-gland* oftbe neek-ww
greatlj enlarged, and her limtu aueh swollen. Alter.
soffenngOverfa jeaf,*ad nndldg no relief from the'
remedies used, tw ouease attacked rine leg;.ahd b>-'
lovrthekn«suppMated..Hcr physician advised it
should be laid open, which was done, but without anv
permanent benefit In this ahoatida Wr heard of, dna
werelndaeed to. Baer Sands’Samopaaila. The.first
bottle produced a decided opd JhVotable effect, rcliev.
mj tcrmortthananyPta*cnmlos the had ever taken?'
a°4 ■!** « t»uJe»—to, the-, astotuahmeni ?
and delijM or her ftiendo—she found her health Quite '
restored.’ Itis now overayearaincelhb cure waaef*"
fectedi and her health remains good,»fctrci*g that the
thoroughly eradjeitijd from tEe system.'
Our neighbors are all knowlfts Whose iheta, and think
TtTy-highly of.Stgtfr B*r*opariilx . m , ......
Yofif? wlih respect, JULIUS PIKt
•, KgU**n««aalette*received from
us, a gentleman well known in Louisiana oa-Van
“Gentlemen, l have cured a negro hoy of mine with'
is'ofrsftAr k **°*™*
“Yours, truly,- ‘ * ' v. w Ttarwto
- . :
S^tßsSAmraiiiLa.—lt seems almojtuunneeesa*-,
attention to an article so and'
nl "’“^P«Wtron,b«pa i sc«*
often who wish to use the extract of Sarsaparilla* are
induced to try worthlesscqsu»ouwb bearinrihename,
hut, containing little i>i-tnao«f-she virtue wfethU vafS"
•nd.W* think wc..oaanotconferarreatea
hefteSt an <«tj readers than In directing iheir aueniiiS'
tft-tko adrertiaesM of the Meur*.'9i-ids, ln-anotb«r :
oolammi The bptU* ha* recently, boon enlarged to
held * ouan J .aad those, who wUha.reaUy goodaniefe
will find copceniratfd in UiU all ih» wadwinaJl,value,
of the root, 7he experience of thousands he* proved
its •efficacy in euna various diseases forwhieh iu
and at the present ilaro more thin'
«*T (Me* wrkaps, is thin medicine useftil* in-prew*'
rail the systanfiir a change of season.—[HomoJour- :
DiliS*pL Isla
wholesale ana'retab.'hy A. It£
IXBANDB, Dreggtst and Cheanst, : 100 Fuitdn street,'
eosnarof tViUlsiu.-NewYork.'BoMalSo by Drag! 1
gisu generally throughout the United States and. Can--
.ada. Pnee 91 per bottle; stxhoulcalot*3. -
o. BMIT-H.-Uridgwatef. ildeW^eodiwr
, . DOCTOR WlHiw
THE toliawing w* with pfcasare Cm
•b* Mercantile JeorsaV of March*. IM9,
rbJ iw hope thai if any of out reader* at* anffering,
from any of the complalnti which i; i« said w core.
they will speedily arailthenu*l*es of it''
It *rai many year* ajo that'lhewDd
chsTO bark tree of lUs climata pOMMiwd vaJoahle
I medicinai qaafitiei. Indeed til* fact was known to
the aborigine*, and dccoetioas of the leaves or bark el
(hit tree hag gw-been regarded by their physicians aa
cf the man effeetst] remedie* ia many
TWt feet, sever*! year* tine*, arrested the «»inrtftn of ■
Dr. Witter, uhighiy respeetablo practitioner of Vir
giala. Ita investigated with care tho heating proper* •
tics W the wildcheny—tested iu affects when admin*'
wteTed alone, and when in combination with other re*
medial arems. Ho feand that its datairaTyinae might
be greatly imjrored, and by combining if-mth
dies** wftpae properties wore ail wall preyed and gen
erally recognized, a medieino -was produced which"
constitute* a remedy «f great importance in palmona*:
ry nfkocinntaad.dia amt of the . chest and threat— •
dueaaea which are proverbially prevalent laonreitie* '
and largo town*, and often prove 'fluid, swelling the
bill of mortality in a reach greater extent than lathe
case with most others, we had almost said all classes
of disease.
1118 genuine Wistat’l Salaam of WiltiCherryWa
fac simile of tho tugnatnre of Henry Wmar, hl.-lx,
Philadelphia* and Sandfhrd and Park on a finely cie-.
eaied steel engraved wrapper. Kerne other pro gen*
We are jntiin reeeipt of the following voluntary tri
batMo ih*ewailv«powerof Wistaria Balsam ofWUd'
Cherry, from E.dlall,'M. D., ofWt-Clemerisl'MicM.'
gan, who U a physician of Ugh standing, and ha ex
tenrtre draggist; *
. Mr. Cuntxsi, fiUch.,,
.tnat.Mr*. B. Rob
erts, of this village, three of (sur weeks after confine
waa_ attacked‘with a ’ violent eeagfr and great
seemed.listening to ihergravo with.'
rapidity. 1 advised her to ate Wistaria Balsam
of. Wild Cherry—she did *6, and with «htt valaable
medicine alone was restored to health, and is n*w a ■
living proof of the value of Wistaria Balsam of Wild’
Cherry. ; E. HALL. --
. Physician and Druggist..
Read on and be oonvineedatill farther .of the remar*,
kable virtaes of Wistaria Balsam of.WiJd.CherTj:.
Messrs. Sandford A Parki Gents. As a matter of jas*
licet* yoti,and -for the benefit of the public, I weald following statement of a ear* effected by your
medicine, known aa Wistaria Balaam of Wild Cherry.
;in the spring of 1917 ray wife was severely auaeked
with'Peripn«umoaia,or Pleurisy, which resalted In a
deep*eaiedpala-in T lhettile, accompanied with a se
vere cough; she was attended by some of the -best
'physicians in Chicago, bat to no purpose; for weeks
■she laffcrcd, without relief, coughiog incessaatiy night
and day.- I came t* the conclusion that *U the reme
dies tnocTOjlo tbe physicians could not help her, and
was induced to vy your Wiid'Cherry. ' {procuredone
bottle,, and-commenced using it according to direc
tion*. before It waa all gone—the coogh stopped, the
pain in her side left her, and with the aid ox another
boule she was restored to rxarxcT hxai.hl in eon*
of there Circumstances, 1 wodld recommend
it to the pabllsas a valaable medicine.- •
Voora, respocuully, R. N-GARRATT.' J
- Kanos, hlichl, bcL 6,1919.
Roadtk* f»Uo*nng 3tei ntmiaU,
Of all the cures that have bceit recorded, there sTc
•Certainly nose eqnal to the one first mentioned, which
plainly ahowa the eurtbility bf Consttisptloni even lx
icme of Sts worn forme ‘.V. V, ; ' • - 1 - 1
Ceqvri Potnr>Lako eo-la_ JnnsL3.lSlo
j; D.-Park: Dear Sir, As I haw udccp cocualaezv'
tioa for the afflicted; permit me to riw yon a brief
history of my aOtcuoai, aad the beaeSia derived from
the aae of lit. Wmar** Balssm of Wild Cherry
In July, 16M, I sea* attacked with a fever olthe n
phed character, whch fen me in a very detulitajd
state, when uuhe following winter I was taJ&nwUha
fevero eoW, which reduced me to such an extent a* in'
; *PP*»rance of.a confirmed coanmptioa.'
1 1 iahocal Bader a severeeough— cipeeloraied amm
i deal, end was troubled With eold Iceland ni»M ■ JvT..
' bfeod torn m?tt**KS£
\ ttnued- In ithl*. state, gradtial!y Wnk(M onJer tho disl’-
; ease,anul Jaananr, 1017, when 1 mu again itiaekeJ'
mih foyer. My frtcad» despaired of myrifo,Md my:
[ physicians ihooght i ooald survive
Mr extremities, especially my feet. we£
cold, and almost lost their feeling. Under these citL
eumsumcea n may-traly he jaidthat Iwasa
skeleton. [ finally determined to quit taking medlcial
***«'«“> «nd try Dr. BaJsira
ef Wild Cherry,, and, from, t!» thst weckxhat 1 eota.
jaenead taking it,.l can date a gradual recovery I
iominued it* nso mx month*, at tfe end of which tlm$ i;
*4 snd havnjeymtgaed healUmer sine£
hav* dope, and! have ho doubt Wit niurtitist o« cl
tea will hc.bleaeed-wlth
beta... .. Ber,~— •«««>
’ J&aM J4Cl3o'nj' (^?® U2 *-*Vl>«Mo«lJ,ror»rtw‘" ' -
CI .1 ZX**** *« wr v* ! ** eM ” '*W«W*Or«i®
r,. .■ - - r,. •£>.!'. t’- jp-f ] r -> -lit- A "«'J-1 v }as isansifc *
ilrji* fi*-* .ttstaV
bjg t krhg«rf t-fj’t...jt pin? 1 ; ,>>
-lor -'‘Ti o? t.
Bea Bolt—the isnsin* eosr. br w»i— ---- *■■••
i Speak GastlKYinrmtltrtraßW^SL.
- Tboa hut wo soiled the tpbttttax tprSdikna
-Flirtation Poltar hr Baitowhu^—
. Alice Pott* by Spans.. ? .:•*, -
SS&n&Sprtra -
AtaJaata Waits;- - *^-*-Eeber.
La £hKSteßei!dPCftß&.Wt&a;*r.OttMaa.
The wild flowers soon will shed that? bloom; tom
the opera efLoeia da Luame moor.; •'> irurtco r u -
Yariaiim ta,*3ftnXA4lS9M9tflnaMfb*lip
'rbm Arfdowiaoßjifdm the ttfitfoi
0 * *cr*oi«
• A Voice from the WhTisr daettaby '*
.{pnthe.We*mTasted..v:o i!
, phtf letjftoo Em rtfla Boggy,
SSSJ^SS.”' 1
Wear*Hsppyaod Free. 1 ■ -
-FuhioaFolkmb»4.||,Hpwiu. V wvt
KecM and for sale by inHVtf. c
BrA ?WPfc* jVfetMb
‘ : BuffHaUtadl
Wi&t-nmte-itik ii»s
i A■ -webed ■wßimtawM'rf^HiftfeUßnd jupuS
.(csfirtL •., t; ’• ?k* *l3 *j ‘ r
j HyCarpetW*r» ; " "M. V.
lUtrni— ii c<\r
'_ JMB*-. SSLt&RSfcNICOU...
l i L‘S“ O,L - 7 “ w *>-«gj!gassffl!i!s. ®
! DAOQN— «q i«* -ti
: .fioo- « V 8l»o^m/a«l l 6bai^k• ,
jmJl . -. .. BKIXEBB4,m nn » A ,
■'f?Sl£HS‘~U kp anoited, for ule by .
J 2» ,; V ,l ‘‘ , ~-’*.*CHdoj|JtAcife«lS*ft. !! ‘ ,j: '‘*
|L J«tn3t. ; . IWooJwmU.i,
!fT!lNBCfib.6ii<— 3o bu,for «i* by .
i -Li Jtn3l • J/aCHOONHACgSri fc*cdl ? c 1
SlU&tas—3oo bik W R,la cork tad ferkilolry'".' 0
\J )mBB /.. . Vi ' : S£TCHAEBAtH3It *«
rDOTATOES— SO bn Bed*, in lion
X jWJfI C&AIQ fc.SDNNrat..
W VOL— 3 uoks ia Hero mad foriwle by iX ' , .
i?f.=j«Bgn •-.- t XBAlQfc^kPWEy" l
pPaK—l2OO Iba ju «t rwM 1
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S A .K^7 3 ° tl, lSp ia ° Jlt ‘'7a^*
f)UVE OIL—IO bukeu for ole by •
oib-« (mi tjenaiaej tm -feud l *ni'
JIL for »ala by jaoS9 J
, N.
ladfurftlehy A CPLBKdTSON, s .
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|gj,g^ CMtaewa pp>*»^g“*Sg“ v '
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qt bbli No l>ertnufof taW Sy"~ J
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piSEJcWATEB PBOOF bHjKliirtl »'
t_ jm» * -•‘ g ' : TairtnmdiiEi^co'“
ikaveh bV
1 J«a» : I3AIAH DICKgx 4 JPQ n .
QANDLES-10 b« Sw, . s . s^
j v:-'» . ".M: “"Stearla*}- 1 r; -‘i fnr -i:i cco—
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bt<Cre*a:~ • • • ..■-“::r>T?«
Vfti ,“.Ec*U*ilOtitn .J ,::p t “viU.;£Oi
SO u Coaxnoo' “ foru&W
JaaiO JDWILUAM # :: - :i
rtBUTAN CLAY—IS euh for tabby. •. ••• , :*r
ftAfJA LBS BACON HAtoaf ; ' -•
«JUUU 5000 U>« fi«eoQ.ShoiUea;-'i&» Mtf4 '«B>c.
eoniljnmeat tod (at sale by
L J*n3t! » -«* -KIEBItJ«nB# :ja
QUNUulias-—l9 grata Bo<4k : ,;i {
O . :-\:j V •.:■»: PIW '<r:- LdJ>
' sOOos u Port Moaiea; reo’4 «■<
i -feM ,■■■.• 1 - , CYEAOeiI'IOBMMfatH '"
lyWUßßDLPHUftnWlbafwota*™ .A
■E frM -, JKiPOACO>EOWoaUu.,
GBEAM. TARTAR—4OO Ibt in atom and feT-tththp-t
reM .... ■jpbDfcco.iowo<gar b;t
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; ci.lg-,y». Clover BOOto -cw-'-oi.': junto
• I** « Poutoct; 3bbls WhinnsT
. ■ 3 * Madder.. lKvmKj.g^S^- 3
- i.-'fto " • • '/‘VT.' CA
. IUS rm* Crown A hied. Wrap. Papes-- •' i
' 7 sxsKY.Feathers; tOdoxCfimSl;'
40 deaWafcmt Backets: lOdoddTatgen
. , 33s»sPeaNou:...- r
90 bits and ff bbis BalerathK -'
10 e*k» Potash, prime arnuer r n « i.i
6 “ Scorched Sait* .
• » altd9lbbUSo& < lJi; ; - : -'‘- , - ,
I**'- *nd lohx* Germanciayi: c ;ii
?*■ “•’d OUa*,.from_7x9 9
• : UOkn-NatlsiaokwCartf'* T -'
_ , . ,„ 30, • Batter fiOdozTowßag*: : -j'ivli
On hand and for sale by JfeM] JAS3EYtpfaff.
L_i*n3f , . • PEE* JOHBfc
A 1 do bennsda -' do" ' d*, - ’ nest karuoi *, PeaytSagoj •; s-T-rj •„ •,
Preston's concentrated ex tree ta of Lemon. Va&iilSk
and-Mhtiaegi for bale by ' ‘ - • • ■ • -« • CTst
rWAMOMII.K PlgiWKHft-9 hbls te-eal* by
(n^Aw^Kintitri'ftoj •“ ----- . ' -
O I eaae.Cemmoni V- tr- ; i \*> a
■■**«' 1 *1? MhsiiAi. -V'
QUO AR—5O fahds If O,'heir cfojfj' jßiTrfoWthi'Sr#^
O : - - -feta, ■ • - ilgexLLS)>iifty•:;•?
MO&S9S9-N O, is bbU mad kfi>bU,la jtiMn-i
tor t&ls by feW McGIioJi'EEO:
POTAfiU-6 ——————
fetoi ■[
foTuW ,U 1 a -•*
:.•■•• McGILie*BOB;-0
DIU&DjpfiAfUiES-riQß.ttt «ti:&aa4-.ud£9'i
by 1 • ftM Mcom^fcßO
! T\JUED APPLES—3O tubels! cl»lc«r &T ■tUftA?* 1
I X/ coß»ignaent br: - . MgfMLL<»*.-<rog:*^»
T^aW* 30 , - ftetil Y a and lagerii^^^j^y'^
f AEU—3 keyi pnmei Jut hfCHI «ii’iJrij^rtry'''
XJ fetKl BttKyPOGb»*CLABgB,<OB tad it
PECANS— 5"bi
' , fefa« . ;.,.■" ,
i recU on conaMwa«&u«a(lißMto
••■: •' ■ ■ OTFiarntririv v
CIi£KS&-SOO bx* is sure and 71
(c&3 BOflSitTPAL»gLUlibeitt«i
tUiea to ralt porchaterat-by-j——
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. pot* :•: •«* «<£-- .
f ceited j»ci ul X ALmos *.-Cp*». .Maj.
ou afnrt«*tre*t,*flotbar tirfabrroica of'Uln'Slar^ 1
ed „Openi Cioikx osd\Freacb £abroUetid:£T«tti9E»f{
1 yiuS FOlt-^islb«ju»riw:Mta4ioroiioV'/* ,,,1 ‘
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forulcby 11 ,C-U till
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■, ■-•..■ RHEy.MATIHBWBAm t.. a
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dc ' a - - Jfcagmr.Lip.
ijUu»B * iwi^wisa^ifiljaiißofS^jKia
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