The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, January 24, 1850, Image 1

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    ESTABLISHED IN■. 178 b.
> * WliifK , [». KJJCUT.
«**rrrß b<iloi:,g% third »raiiCT, kdt doo* to
ttik rorr ornat
T SIK» (
I' p.fcprr 4—*7.0" p*i najiom.
I'ti AS rrkiy........ Sj&-
t>o 1 to Ciuli*. ill n reduced T*^-
Ol.r MjiidPi.llOline* Of NoiiJ
■r rn iin •. - I>v3
|h. ll*roc week
three mt-n-n.
tour nion h*
1K». twelve iiiorntia-
Standing Card (fi line* or Ir«»,| j
Otic Square, changeable ulp.cHi
nuoij exclusive of the |>u|*cr-
For cacb additional *qu»re. in«e
and for curb uddliional aquare in*
ly rale*. half price.
Ad\eiiiM>mcnU exceeding a Mid
fiilten line*, lo be charged a* a *«iui
Pubit'lK-r* not uecountable for ie|
beyon 1 Kir amoatit charged tor then
Announcing candidate* for oitcc,
same on other adveruoemenu.
Advertisement* not marked on the copy for a tpeci
fied number ol m*eruoii». will he continued ull forbid,
and paymeincSacieJ accord
Tl.r privilege* ol yearly adeerti**;r» will be rnnhncd
nridiy u. tbcir regular uuimrv, and all othar adver
tiarincnl* not pcriaiiung to their rrgubr bti»ine«s,
agreed lor, to be punt extra.
All adv. iU.emrut* .or i .-tituUon*. hrr
compaiui-*, ward, town-nip . i"»< meeting*,
and >u. h like, to be charged Iml. put r, pay able strirtiy
in adviiuce.
Marriage notice* to be charged M cei.f
1> on. initire* inserted withoutcbarge. unless t.crom
panirtl 1.) luneral invitation* or obituary notice*, and
when *o accoiupau.ed to be paid tor.
Regular all» •« ml mg er.rninu
rnconoii*, .or requiring i.ourc* designed to call mien
tion lu lair*, Soiree*, Concert*, or anv public eniri
tair.nients whrre cnarges are made nn mlmillanee—
all iiouctß Ot private u»»ocintmn*—every notier dr
airurd u> cal! Bltcniion to private enterrme- cuicuii.-
ud or intruded to promoie individual l. icre»i, can on
ly be inferred with the Biidcratiunlnig that the -anir i»
ui be paid for. If miendecl to be .ii*vpml in tin- lno*
column, the aame will be cbarge.t ui tn> rule of lr.«.
that) lb c< t* per line.
ni over line month,
ted under Ujc year-
tire mid u ball
rpat udvertiscnienti
it puhiicaiicn.
to lie ebary > d lb'
Uubop a l'tsi Notice* lo ho charred mpte
Tavern Ltcen»e Petition*. cnch
Legal and Medical adveruscsocti •* to t.c charged at
hilt price*.
Real KcLaie Agent* and Auctioner-rs’ .SUverti.ruiesii*
not tn Ik- under jguriY rale*. hu to he allowed
discount ■•! unity three and one Hurd pt-t cent, from tb-- 01 bill?.
tine ><(>iute,’.luce ’tt»ertion»
Do cut'll addiuuni.t insert. ■!»•••
ii'VKart»KMKn* ix wmn
One Mjuare, lid lines.) one umTUo>' • • -5*J cl».
IL. each additional *'
A.t u nn-ui t advertisements to pat t'tn advance.
WHITE A CO . Oitxetu.
ROUT M. HIDDI.I-- Journal.
JAMES I*. BARR A C«'„ Chronicle
Ft >STKK A BROTHER, Dtspucir
' J( iS. SNOWDEN, Mercury
J *.MKS W. UJDULF- American
Pinert-iron, Dec. I,I?TJ.
ATTORNEY AT IxA W—Oflier, on Fourth rtr*-<t,
abnvo iM.iilhhcM—Lawrtc't Building*— u|> Muirs.
jun O-y
ALIA. MI.K FRANKLIN. Attotnr.y at Law
Ji.uiii . novCMy
ATTORNEY at law and commissioner
FOR PI ..NNfc YLVaN! A. St. Lot *. Mo
All roiuiiiu.ueatlun* promptly answered. oetct-ly
AII.MSTRt i.NO A CRUZKU, Conununou Merchant*
and iK'iilrr* in Produce, No. thi Market street
Fttl»l>uri;l drrr_,
ATTORNEY uiui Counsellor nt Lav.. mud Cotitmi*
ato irr lor the Slate of Pennsylvania, tiL Lou.*
Mo. (lot; m Pittsburgh j
RsrxatNCC. —Pittsburgh: lion.W. Fi rtvard, Hi.inp
ton A WUier, M'Cundtcs* A M Clare, Joint FI Park.'
•j i<elU A seiDpic. M'Cord A King uugl lnU)
T. it. aalitß. ~ . r erSßauTt
Attorneys and coenselluk.- at lav,
F'oartli sire-.t. between d and Ora.,
"Huburgli, Pa. juli
joua ». LAJto*. V at. c FBISMj
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Fourtti street, near Orat.
- ;uln:u
Attorney at law -ot&ec on FourUi «t, 1
tween SmJtklield and Grant M, Pittsburgh.
..I'l.M. ■ ri^Al.vv.
BAOALKY. WOODWARD a Co • Whme.ti.v C
ccra. No. ail Market street, Pli.lndnphin. n«vti
PltUborgii Aifcßli 'Work*.
BENNKTT, HERKV* CO. Ma lecturer* m •'
Ai». Bleaching Powdcrt; Mu nsiic aiul Miiplic:. ;
Acidt. WkrehoMc Mo. W aicr »urfi, below <•« n>.
rsxuui tl BSacjii *.: .)ur.s kKrrt.k
fjRAU! h. Itm'Eß, Wl»f>V.kic a!,.l Kclai! Urut,
I» ruu, tamerot Likcny x-iti Clair dreet*.
t.untt, Fa tunyi:
BA- "j'AHi'iKsroOfk & «'o., imd lu
• uul Druggislis I uriicr W o<kl .»:ni ('.tit <> 1
tUIAKLhS X»AYI.' !v. AUorjic) ai, Tlmd »
/ 'l»i door*tio«i! **m iitilicl*!.
' _ o.'u PAii TUJDGIi, M. U.,
NO 195 Sl’UlOh a I'Ut.KI,
CO.NTINL'KS tO Rit e ! (iu ih-u;n. tttUuUoll l«» «.«•
Uf«tmrr.l of <■: IhU SKiN, M-KllH
and DUeaicaof ihu TIHIOAT
Office hour*: *J A. M., I l’ .M., and 7 1 .M
ocl&dara* ]
"jobs *• chaiu- t w. B SM.ow.
& SMNNKH, l orwardii* and
/Merchant* No. Mantel -U J*i!t«nurKli
Cl a. iMeANUt.TY A Co., Forward!!* and
miuion .Merchant!*; Canal I'iiuhurgl. 1 •>
U. GRANT, Who,cate Uruerr, Comim-im, «j**l
Forwarding Merchant, No. 41 Water it. aol-
DvqaVino'Spring Stool and Iro»
(10LBMAN, ILAILMAN A Co, tnnnufaetunir* -f
j Coach and Kiipuc tarings Hammered Aalts,
Sprit* and Dough Steel. Iron, Ac. W armours *-n
Water and Front *»recu, I’liiiiburgh. ~
Alao, drolda UiJ Loach Trunin,:** and Ma-ical it
Caeling*. „ ocllJ
• wm7 a. asoustl, J*Kia l. BSsnifT.
ENGLISH a UENNKIT, date Engliah, t.a)lß,rlicr
* Co.) Wtolc»>«:e tirocri*, Conum««iuli and i-ur
•w aiding Merchant*, wid dr aim* .a J’roduce and J nu
fcorgti Manufacture*, No :J7 Wood *L, t.etw< -n :d and
udtirceu. 011
i*y J. ILEMO. Atinru.y *i»il CaujicrlU.r at Law,
•fTi. Cinclauiiu, Ohio. >:..ncctfcni» tu Southern ouu>,
And in Indiana, and u. hcntuelty, promptly and earr*
• fully aUended to Count*** *»onrt *oi the Muir 01 I eni.-
•ylaama, for taking Uepowtinn*. a'-knowlcagu*enu,
to—ilou. VVm licit A >un. Cura*. Church A
Carothcra, Wet. Hut*. K*<|- Wiliucic A Daris^
T. C lireyiogle a. 11. Clarke.
I a.NT?, and dealer* in W.ndoar dat*, White
Lead, Ae. No. 10s >ccond »L
■'•••' Wll. U. JOIIXsTOIS,
No. US Srcolid ttreel, l'iH»i‘Urgti _ acM
«muw.Hin ' MJ*» ». vaasca.
CtKOROE W. SMITH A »•»»., Urcwera, Aiaislnn
r and Hop Dealer*, I'm *h X’ltunurgii. *pita!
COCiiRAN. Co titan oil and iorwarcui*
IjT Merchant, No. 2U VVoodurrtL rmeburg.V myl.
HAMILTON ffI'EWAUT, manufacturer Of Hrary
Blnrungs, Check*, Ac., Uebrcea s'W ay oi
Allegheny. MJ^ln-diy
TT ' LEE, lßuec~M«or toilutphy * D-y» I . ,cal *
*1 *■ erand Commission Mcn-im'ii, tor uie •* r o
Amencan Wooleiu, Liberty. .vpomic *' l “
w*. BtxLD, Baltimore.
a t. accxsoa, towaim uixt-u, I cjuirica.
o.c.«'caJotoH, jobs *• wABNua, >
HEALD A UUCKNOII.To.'-rco ComimsMon Met
-oBuia,4l North V\ aier «i, A 16 jNort:t Wbiiyc*,
Fiuia. __J j i>ov-i»-.f
a.a.auni. WJ - r
Hardy - , jones a <* . ioaiw<--.-i,
Jonei A Co.) Conmmtinn am. Forwarding . .■ i*
.ihanU, dealer*, in I'lttshurgh Manafartuitd *»w • •.
i'ltuburgh, l*a. rncavv
I HAVE associated l. 11. MeVAY with me m ihe
Exchange and Uaukin* business
January Itt, l=hu W.M. 11. WiLLIAM*-
Wo. 11. William. I IJ. McV..y
bankers and exchange brokers.
North East comer oi Wood #ml Thir.i street-
jonl ' I’ittsbih.ii. cicirr, aosxer metat.
IHAIAJI DICKEY a C«. t Wholesale (.rnrers,
suasion Merchant*, and dea<ei. m I'rou-j-c, .*
Water, and )<f7 Finnutrt,.i,, I*.i.nti n
JNU- A-CAL'OHKV, AseM for Ui« l.nkr I nr ami
W»cbi£cu» Line 10 Dealer and Uir Ln«r* ollu c
on ihe conierof Wau.r and MnunGf i<] »i. jm>«
John'S-Vilwori— Jorroa l>..*.»r.h
■a d DILWURTH t CO, Wholeiair r Jlur cr». uul
. Agents for Hazard I'owder Co., No. iff Woo i *i..
ioV?t a.'mvwouTK
Ji*. DILWUHTI! & Co, \V‘.r
# dnc«* u>’' Coinnu*...<.ri V-r
for the l'owc'.er < o »t s
>.r«i!lV Lr-c. rfl'rv
JOHN M- TO'VNSKND. Df«i;si«t »s«. Apoiirrrnr>
No. «3 Market »l- Tturil « putr*
i, n r«b. will l»»vc con«untfy on Sard • well .clr.-tr.i
„2nenloftlio Upland Mcdir.ut-. wlooh b«
will Kll on lhe “?V Wnn. Phyo-ruiw
orilrr*. will l»r r>rata}:*oy auendrd in, and mt-
«rt»de. lh«-y m«v *d, *, r-„ ul „, 1
P irT* phy»ici*»' w,y i, r apremdv u<d
JWv p.'P ttred rron Ui3 5 ts: " s » ; cn»!', m ary i.«crof
® h . U*T or ul ** l *"
tot »*•«* * , * r ** ,loc * °' rf * r ‘ ,r<s E<»d P/rrta;
»**» **•<- •a-.iiir .1 L.W.- Of.
I on Foauti »i.. ul>«v. M.i-hli.-.d, norj-Jy
—■^-|» - OANriKLI). ii»l r fiC’A jrrt-i.. (lain,) Oflnuni**
I «ion au*l Foiwartii:* . ii'rhnut and wSolen&le
•" in WrCtm t'.'-T-r. HuUrr. l*,,i , r .j
dC*' eT . \Vr«t*rn I’roHirm \V a!^r
»*»►» >■
J *£fS^&Z2gS2LXSXZ
detiej l ?. ... ftn j jin'.! ■!«•«■•.». Pitwt.unrh Pa r«vr.
"i-auiS- A HUTCHISON. a Co.-h ? i,
hl , o n * «>>. PomnuMum Merchant*
ol the Sucar Kc-hcry
“J #«.“=' w 1
-i I=: jr'll<K)NMAKKll h. Co.. \Vt*ole««le buisjuu,
J Wood tueet, Pitubargk.
li. MOHI.A.V Wbo>«aie I>m«*i*s.andden’.
» r i I jyr J*;i‘ ’i*. i’.t.'lt' o,i». V urttl Ac., No. He'
W, . -,ft in— -*t<T ch I*minomi Pi tt
.,l r ‘ JtUil
I «MKS JfKRK. Jr., * *>- -‘BPCea-or to Jo*cpl,
V» ...—pOia-Vr*.-. •>. :i|_
i \ ~i) u.\ vit*. AuritPiirer, corner Stn au*d Wood
]i > n MKi.l.uK w ht’irw.c and Retail deicer
I" Mu- r Muax-iu J»C. l lIK»l Uonat,
.t. **i« - Ster I''•»*. l<ui!:r. I‘rollers-’ Cards, ■ml
8u -.mxrv ffut'i-roliy. No. *1 Wood *t., I*.U*liurjjh.
J .'* line • ~:i il r*i or '■•**•** ’_' :, d" srpli
J.»HNj-T"N A FT«M'kTiI.V Uonkrellera, Primer*
fli;n Paper u-turers. No 44 Market au, Pm«.
j «•■:.% l loti. Kiciuu Fiotii.
1 A K FM*AD, W hol«*«mr (Jroeera, Commission
O . Mrrcbani*. "»d u: Produce, Konnd
Oht • -'i HihMu.ics. iron;.mj on Liberty, Wood and 0U»
nn - • I iti.l.urfll. t a myn
I \MKS PAI.ZKLL. Wholesale tirocer. Ocmranuion
•J l-ririta-i. u’i't druler lit Produce and l’Ml»bur«li
No 'JI Water si. |’iti*liurplt. jiuiitl
I “ •"••KITZt U. Attorney m Law, oiSfcc M »l,
J',*’ Wine:. Pillaiiuifti, will also
™ "'“‘■w*.*****
tl.seti.ioci, lien A )
On ure la. Carouier«, [piu*bnr«t.
1 ' ' •' lor,;iU } ocl3<lly_
1/ IKK 4 JUNK.*, Forwarding and Commission Mer-
IX 1 ah.-:-. Itcii'rta in Produce mid PuL«tVunrh uxnmi
ce.i m.„ jr... Cans, IWm mnrTibst. * d‘dl
•’liTußlitull, I*A.
LNiN LIA , Ct»l Ll>b AC4 i. Manufacturer* of v
mpi-nor l-l r'lieentntv Carpet Chain, Co*>y
i_^-';-_ar:«!_nntim c . jaW-lyUon
Venuvltu Iron Work*.
T ‘WS, DAI.ZF.LI. A Cc . manutiieiurers of all si
ij . * fin;. M.n-1. L....rr Iron and NiuD of the best
;un . \\ areliour.-,iv.itr and 1«3 trout *-t
L*» WaTKK.'l.\>. Wholesale iiroeer. Forward*
» <np, and Cpmnn»»ir>n Men lianl. tK-aior in PitU*
bun '■ .Mnnuf icturv. n.i.l priMtnn- .Sc*. l‘t Wntri *t.i
ax.d •: Fro.;-. j-J7
wn. yiLt.KH. PhilmU. . iv. hii-arTMJ.v, Pisutiurßh.
Ml I.i.KU A Kt.'HhTSuN. V' m.iemie < Jroe.-rs, and
imiKiiiera i.t lirniuJ.cis U .nr. amt >cear«, No«.
iMid i;t. .-..nrer <»i --...1 tnviii ..reef. P::u
liutj a. I*-i Iron, Nn.:». Collet: Varu., eon
>tan it on hunt! itucll
Mtili.*i> A*Hl >h. \\ hoirMi-r l irueci .'aml Coiiiuiis.
-ion Mrrrt.:,i ;,. No IM !..Seny m . PuiM.unTii.
JV.) . UFtn. WILJMIN A Cu.i.alr Murphy .V
IVJ Cl.) U no:.--:...- Pm., r* m l»i" l.ontL. No 4-
Wt-o-re-l iMI-liu ij :•
tlllll.U \V U>oN. I’l.rifHUniui Mll.iatU.rfitm
wVl lei ItOOlll-. i-ori'rr »l Po-l I Uher A .->
- « i f—lU
‘1 Fl'.'Ul Klill SJ'KF.I. W(*KK> aMi MMU.NG
JUNES A. iiLIUG, 014 " *' *'*"“*'
MANU'ACTI KKKb of mu! sl rri,
plouRl! •ire!. Strrl plouKli --vi :!-.. rnarh and etlp.
•call e I-it-111 it-. lU'-niuii.r ■ -»■!. {• - .u: t ilnlll It 111 I 111 111 pi
fenrraily, corner oi K,~. t •:* . IMiM.un;.‘i,
Pa ' 1,-tr!)
NltOl.M t-> A. jij.S. No .MarVn »i_ .rcoiid
« door iron, i nr:i.-r t>: Focun, iinm-i. m t'orrirn
Slid ti 11,.,.: l-uclm ~.;e. l>: .iL- . tle.«o! I)cI>o»-
!• it .lilt - and Sprv.r
\’ Ul'CkMAb'rt-.K. A 1.. Lav * .'■ - .‘iSirr, Fouilh sc,
il r lluru door ai*<ivc .'in.mli • •« u_’i *n}e
PROF. IIkNUY iteiiuock.
J>! NN bTUF.IT, »>•»• i„,d lKui-1, l.a*
Uom o'i the J lane, liumir. o--ut m V«>.-a; Jlun-
bCCr.4 PKlitN Tl£A STlt|lS.-.\ii fu Fourth
|Si4 si., nrnr Woim—-A- .piaubUm of (.r-n and
ICa.ll Tea*, mice up m iiujii-u, iih.i. and
one pJund puekueeii •• iroxn An < i». 'per pound
17* A. JA ' .vl Arc mr p. » .11 I'm Co
K cutties, Lirn t. a. CU.,’ No. iva l.uirny »lrre:.
Ptll‘ijuri:h. Wlioii'ale liroeei.-. I'roducc anil
CcutU'Ui<»ion .'•icrchamv ami i!rJ.t:> xe I’iK=turpu
no: ; aoi;>'iN. Ttiov atrrcv. aaML u. aosw>s
( rtt.ltf .Mi'hTRF- ttnii.iw/l.ruiVi, jirciityiiiß
;i -nlirt. deßiet ill Prmiu.-e, Pu.vliu:.;h Manufac
urei «i - d a I oi t'i' aiid Poinc.tie Wines
i:'‘ 1 ui-r*. No 11 1.i1.r.y -ir-ri. Ue hnii'i a very
tnrt «livk of ■tprnor o.d Miilionputicia wut^scy,
i. •• r.niM Li*. 1. u sues.
if l VNut.Pr- a bIIKK Forwurdiiip and C*miniv*ion
V ■'lerchnnl., for lie Ailr*beny Hit?t Trade, deal
rr* o l.rocencii, Produce. Pm.l*tir*!i Manulnciurrs
’J c- mu !o <i price*, in i-a>L paid t. i me. for coun
ry n: • corner «i P-t, i *mt I rw.u «i- lanSfl
pi :;F.RT ItAi.ZF.i.i. A Co , U n0:..--.ln Uroecrs,
i.i> • enimi»«uiix iuii". i'orwnr.iuiK Merceani*. doaleri
■t Pf.-loee kiii! Piii«purch Minuficiure*, Liheriy
|_ . I':. IH,«_
1»l in A Cl x.M. \\ ..o •• n.e Urnecr.
w 'll •Clvl.i-riT i WHJTIC Whoieioxlc licater* In
u 1 1 -uiei ii id Dniiimiio Dry 1j00.1.. No VU Wood *U
O . W lIA l( IJA lull Woo: Dialers
C, I Flour m-d Primurr <enera,i). nod Forxvardnif;
»!■•) Merehnni*. No id Water »t . Put*.
r 1-K :kt;, iMT'BtUi.n. JOH> MAhfLANO.
OK LKK> Ml'OlA |*ri>du<-<‘ m.« i.. '•«»«,-
O i' ■•• ion M -rruui-t.. No IT *t., l*u;M>urp<n.
•Kf .. iwl Ur.l
S.' Vnr,.|SU,NNl{UilH. t.>'c Whoti-hoc uro
-o*bii m in Piu_-,our*h jluimr-'i-vi 1 *-- m: 1 Pro
tacc i.i?f rnnmvej u.etr new siit'. iii>u«e.inld stand)
So. ... corner of Front and r-.i-.vrry Lano
I'A"S«M -V bKST. U iiwsa.e j»ror*-r* mid i:omuU.v
. c,i NJfr< aunts. cjul d-mrr* lit Produce No d 5
Ac. -L. IVt«!.irr v .i . [>!U2
\. II WOOt>W*!U>’ ••• • -Al.i’U IIAUALLT
117 M U-.fiAt.KV A. Cl'. "'HKhaic litoirr., 1*
W »nd »' Wood O.rr.-. l*.a»oUf/!i IIOV-J7
i\ •tOI.KSAI.K fiKOCKK? I . KKC nrvtNfi I)l£-
ANT < Also—l mj-orter* of Soda Ai»b nn«l pleaching
Pow.'er, No. toil Liberty si.. (oppo-itc Sixth »t-,) Puts-
MIIH - *«»_-
lUIIT. 5. Wttfl. " * PAVtO MtiSDLUJ
11? !CK k. M'CA N DL.KSS, (successor* to L. A J . D
VV Wick,) Wholesale Grocer*. forwarding and
C<mi tiMion Mercha/tta, il'»l'r« m Iron, NutMitaaa,
UM% i Yarn*, and Pittsburgh Manufacture* generally,
rp'u- ' n{ Wood nnci Wan r -lr-el».
!*'• "vv. WALLACK. Nil’ll stone and Mill Funw»b-
W . in* eitablmhmeiii, No 244 Lil-rty *t., near the
eanr mnrtS
H T \V WILSON," nirlir>.Jrwr ry. Silver Ware,
V\ . and Military finm; ■, < or’icr oi Market and 4th
»lre. ■*. Pittsburgh, Pa .V it.—Wutd.r* kik) Clock*
cure illy repaired. _ dec >
II • KST ' IIfIWKN-Commia.ioK mid Forwarding
\\ Merchant. No. vn From between Wood an«l
M.a.-i .irc-t* fch24
it i h. >jUKPin , Wholesale and Retail deaierm
Vl Foreten and I>orue»ue I>ry Good*, north cast
c .f. -of Market and Fonn;. -t* »«C<n
wr. TOlt-ta. » M'CC.tZ.
\* • M. YOUNG 4 Co - Dealer* ir. 1-v.hrr hide*, Ae.
Vt IPJ Liberty *1 ; an.VIT
wa ••rrrnikyv eobt. sPec-rtniEost-
II AJ;. M-CFTCIIF-oN. Wl.ole«a:. (irocera,de«.
V> . ler« in Produce, Iron. Nii.t, liliM, and PHU
bur-!. Mauuiacuue* generally. 152 liberty *U Pi«»-
bun't • ' drf - _
Ti,* W Wn.r-IN, fb-.ler m Wniri.e*. Jewelry
V\ , Silver \% are, St.. r«ry GoC.I*. Ac .No s^Mar
ltniitr, Pa
ai»;i| ni«) attrndto nollretioni and ail Other Pun-
V» "'ne.<M entrusted to turn in Puller *>.d Armstrong
eoo • e* Refer to
J * R. Floyd. Li!>er:y «t 1
W\V. Wallace, do I
Jtnri Marshall do f Pittsburgh,
d r Kay ft fto.. Wwl ) J nn7
I 'll 't ", ,-fo H T K A M » OAT A<• KN T S
**=3cs3 oinc«uo«M.Au.ra*U
HftSßSran ocLII No. 42 Water *trcet.
f. I 0 *1 T STRKKT U A I. T I M 0 R K
THlf* e*talili»hment long and widrly known a*
N&l being one of the rao«t eommodiou* in the city ol
£f£> Dalliroorc, ba« rv'-emiy ondergone very exten
»ive altrrnlinna and improvement*. An enure nctv
wing ha* been added. cunUumne numerous and wry
■leenms apartment*, and eitcn*iTC bathing room*.
Thr lAdie*’ department ha* ai*« eomnleteiy
reorgunifd and fitted up in a mo •utu<)ne and beJtuli
ful dfle. In fnrt the whole arrangement of the liopw
ha* been remodeled, wall n sonrle eye on the part «.f
the p uprieiorv toward* the comfort mil pleasure of
llieir liue«t>, and whieb they confidently u**ert wio
ehnlh-nce comparison witn any tfoiel in tne Union.
j Ul . ir ,„|,!c will alway- lie *upplied with every *uh- and luiury wlnrh the market afford*. *erve>l
ap in u superior *1) le; while in the way of Wines, k< .
Uirv’ aill not lee *ufpa»* r d
in ••oncluMon ibe proprietor* beg to *nv, that nothin*
will be left undoni on their part, nnd on tie part of the r
SMi'.’.ant*, to render tin* Hotel wonhy tlie conUnti. ••
patronage of their trie iul* ifid the pul-he grnrrnily .
Tbs: phor* fur hoard h tve ulwj liecn rrdured In H.
following rate-.
i Julie*' Orduntrr, *1,.5 per day
I ielitl emen's - !>'
N U —The Kaggage Wagon oi the llou»e will n.
wnybe found nt the Car and Steamboat Ijunlmr*.
whn t will con vry baggage to and from Uir Hole., fr- e
of cii-irgc ina,.t'
•and li.e puldic general) T'-c
sj-aodto re;i.!» r|l one or tor »!;«'»• •om o/ta l Ho
plea • ant llulra y. jl'' -c-rrir «iidlnef'-
fOT rTe;IV-4I V r ' JA. nil Mu’lt.M- i-f«>pnetnf
K-.c.ii*-. 1 "," t ' t r ;“,*,£*!
.' e , Hiriu.liti*
*: ii«'- »«u. •>*
v 4 • , *,..1 <Yw« >'»r
'" iiinkv mK.KRMT.
HIU s.-I.J - '-'Ki-i | -'.V V « ufrr.Ki offer, tn
i.urr...-"* i. . «■ ».*o.U«rut Oi
Ihf i.o*l «n.»«.vn.i U/u».rl» t.arjwU.
ih*M rv. > iK-iurf ..a.-. ■ iii ini* rtiarkeJ. OH
till! e**iWno »ur tlwl p.neliuUUK *-l»eWhcr«.
VV M cu:>TllCk. '■> Koanii M
Jamea Horv Ji,
Benjamin Rah.
John AJWear<
• ' . .V
„ ItrstToiii.,
Gtorrc ’Wood.-”' '
John F. Mmekieii '
David Dwtley-rcl
Joseph Holie.;
Hia Exe. Oov.bla
W, U Dmrvm.’U
g; D.W*Le*.'
A.Sidnoy '
02 <\
Gmtjs V
A man
for One 1
To r»n
And lathi
which £»
ofaows 4,
piny ei:
and all,-'
For U
•1.e..: tn.iii Lie piraie*l
continent v
irots-lfce W^e*.
»landing andpeht.
*Wt« moneTed mcu
pc cot* cily ®f Uartforc
faaoaj Umnjtiteßt ib»
rigid nnv
bate funned and '
•eriptioa. fro Hkxtfc
fri* ever - J
than n, >rholc geiier
H- rvery SUle of '
p»y Uie iaiuimer
Kg&lti*t. n
signed, null.
Fox I)
1 ti
made kr
of everr K
cnri;«>e» of ;
ir/- OtCec L
N. B—The.
o:id libcrC,
fur !o«» bU tifu
niv':un< UiC CfWli
j,- comuiUfilf]?
muff Cotnpl
,',|,rriin>n o l
Oap» (roaMDi
CotntfT Steel
we can **T **“
ami rwc*,tf;«fll
nouje La I’tuUdel
•*. y-.wl;tj:rn Tiaraig o i»»qaA tvctrag i ' > -•-■■«*'
4»’« 160‘PAETNERSHIP& ,
-l. • of Putnerihipt
'DTmdtllAL CONSENT tffi* day.
1 JPwtf etttitficltnjir <he ityie of HUSttFJHL'D & 1 '
by Henry. Lender «U*
interest In told firm (o Jens McGill. All
Jfegjaeit’coiftteflted with she fimef Bnsh&cld&Lctd
•rmffbß Bu-hfield A Co, vtU
dnjy nuidrTied to'make ill collection* wdidnut».»
; k 9ta£nn. • • * BUSHFIELD A LEADEK.
j .. JWjub«jii,ocL.S7,iera. -T^
>N. 8.-~ft. Mi BUfiH FH-UaD ft CQ. will continue.the
'tybojeaal* ni]d retail Dir Goods ana Grocery tatsineii,'
Mlhe olflTdort room. Ho. 230 Liberty «U where (hey.
Jfulhe pleased » hav«; theu friend*,and (anooen
pall anieiamtne their mock of cood*:'- ' " k
'<-J aetata'-- 8. B. fiCSHFIELD ft CO^
■ -• • / < BliiolsUon. •, - , .
sI’HP fannetsfaip of the underairned, onairth# firm
CM. &Bmlih,wtt<ais*oty«&'ty'&maal
COaseat’ oaSW* September, W. Barley n«rch*sing
ibrratereqtof J. R. Smith. who retire*. "Tbr* butinets
of the irtn will bo settled by their inecewpra, Wm.
B*S*ioj aiNoa.lB-AndiS) Wood*!,
ft fa «. ~ ' WILUftBTVAOAQey;
■ Puaburfh; ! Oet.B, >«. ISAACIL SdUTiU , * -
, ABTr4 l E!^lriP.^AV - iii, Bafoley hariiw uio
stated-with him IVst ThUodatplua,,
'John 81 CosgntTe and Ralph Boaaley of PidsKufjh,
IttUltoqtfimßlhe. Wholesale OrooetV Bb*i*h»,ai fiua.<
It BCdUWhod *l. wider ttiefrm ef f , ■
I&BAQALEV ft CO., t’hulitfrgh;
WOOnWARZ)kCO; PhilaA'*. ,
[ ’.JBi«ol]Mioa of .QorParl^inhtp.
T6e| o-partnership heretofore eiisunebetween the
raoaeribere, under the »me of Bfowjt’ft'Cßlbert-; 1
»op,wh»'i!gi*|*Woo’me (*!4oa»tui-
134- fr§ULßEsrtfON.
. .• JTEe ibeoihor will continue the- Wholesale uroce-
Tf pnd Commisiiou Bonnes*, ah herrtbfbre. nftße old
US liberty m. oets A. CULBKSI&ONx i
jCs.KAirm. ! > luminmu.; ■
Xi*mr., tmrtxirWtob 'l'm-MAMitt, 1 rntaMcmi,
•sfV>NTlinpKA.nanaiteiart *tt iuuli, p£ .CyM'KR,
■tamhworr j * i • , -
• ,
auentipft rives to cteoro bolt work. ■'
jJ iford on band* a of Copper utd Brau
XeVtTa«*J'ia Ware, Ac. Ac., Swawboat Cooking Store*,
rttftW'je Foyjei, vaxiom *iic»—fc vcrf eonventenfar*
tiilejir California OT/mt road:
neaiO boai'mwi and
■flier* M«AiCttsd:*ea tmr txul>e» a*U price*. before
afSfcnin* eWwbere. _ iy:l7
Dissolution of Putn«rihlp>
'V&pttUSeftdrip • of <HENEY JtS.>iN£S Jt ca,
'ly.Jltuxneu, Aluller & Co., in \)if Window
:$ (Dan* ouwnew; it rtd* dny'dlMofred- by
oT MrvFrericnclr MsJlfr.
uelbjuineu will.bccwuimied by the andernilrned,
Jt'rjiMfiritr of -HRNRY HaNNKN &-CO.' Wot*-,
*ij|e!Na; l®d Stroud *t, where yto will Jjst* tzzr-JX
'j>U£| ) of.fnj>eriot Wiuilow^Ghu*^^^^^
' yr ~^T'. ,- .7 SOTIOtt. . _
e lining ttndrr the (inn
iLkC. VKXDLHV, U dlacolTca by the dewtar#
fof fltt.C. Bradley. Tie butinest will be carried on by.
| who will *eUle tha bwjnens of the late
• "A* Buslxt bfthreQOTrd hi* Foundry
• iWfcftbome, jV»ni, No. 113 Second ureei. io'No. 19
• WeaJ '•treev'boraeen F!r« nad ©ee&ttd utreeu, to tic
; xarahtra*e4B*eH occupied by. (A A*-Berry, where he
jWll Keep coßftintly.on hand a jfenerat iMomaenl of
1 olthtg*. Grate*, Store*. Coohuiy-fetoTo*. *«. jyl'l
jfvTTt 7 V OUnlftUoib
rt\HK co«partnan}ut>£ereu>fare e lifting between the
vjt> kulficnbet*. in the tunc bf Coiuteole, Berko A
UECfii'lhU da}* dissolved by mots*] eontat Mann.
B*rke*fc BtreehmH Settle the business «f the. oon
<cn* /br-whielr purpose they ere authcrued u> «m the
s''• 7„ - . . EDMUND 11UKKK.
itiroea haT® tfci» day esaoeiated liicowelrf*
HSOf-IIUKC&fr BARNES, /or tho, purpose
imria* Fireproof Safe*. VeullDoor*, Ac.
e •tana, a/ihe late firm or Constable,'unrke
:re ike.? will ph pleased to wmeetbe pf»-
tbcCBJ wtoeteof Act hooka end their friends.
•'a EDMUND Bl'ttKi-1
L> V I -e >"> . TUOMAS UAJUNIIs. '
frofp the firm Of Constable,.Burke & do-,
f > |Bit&'»4ACf!.r* J*leuare recommend Memrs. Burke A
fiiralflrtAtire efeAfidmee of t«7 tnrnd* and itie public.
S -i\» CAIU>.
A. T. Tllo*. K. »iU.
itVASthtirilA*, Uioecra, and I‘rtxliiCe and C'lta
-4SO. 118 WuoJ »t. Pnuourgh.
e&lenlji'Cboceriea, Flour, Wltca:, ft;»,Oau>. «'orn,
ilmeon, Butler. Lard, Chfcir; Clover,
* 9re<l», Iron. NmU, Clo»». &«: Kc.
..Uemwn |iuJ in Uin oi Wrtlctn
Slc»«r> M>en & iluuer, RobL Uni
'iftllk.Co., UH3UI* A. Ror. Hnmnt,.fy. Smith $. V.o.
Jftiies Mty, Kii>R * Mi'oriirad. riil«i)ureh Fmn<-i
&. M’Millmn, Munman. Jus. t*. Mornum, ll*q.,
Loin*. ‘J'UJb.I,,
' iliry
jos.i a. crai». laie oi N Li*imn, O t*. eau>' u*
Vi HNKRAU \ ttwaiimmi uml ForwunJ
VX inr MfCCiliV' l - ><■ •-■'i *L, I’lltidiirgli. IN
SD'f rumpt niK-miou *,veit 10 tl***’ purrhasrAinl *«ir
c( all kind* o&l*mrtu-'i-
W«u A 0*> n Murphy, WiUon A 0"-
f L.a»*cm h Mil!, M£ilon Marlin,
Jehu 11. llro A-n A 04i., . liiiioU A
CtftJfhilaaflfenla; U. *V. A Co., lircßt A
Nlcc. NerfEubon, O.; Fr. Sktnnrr, lion. C. D OoEji,
* *CiuciAfl«ti; S'-V Kfiinr. ; W. L. Htaii
tUirtfOtofraJ&il, O. . V, juii«4
f;, ; oocinUs. - _
Forwarding sfecrcbont*
:?•} < aB?3B wood st., riminau,
'/hOhTOnßitttlttnma a general Coouiusuoq bail*
ai/UttMl AffSrfSllyjo >be purchase and sale of Amnn.
and Produce, ami is receiving amT
rarsWrtflS?lja*S coiuigned'io his care. 44 Agent fct
ttte. Maoufaettftes, he will l<c cmnujuix supplied with.
| life principal irtUies of i’lusbsrgh Manufacture At the
ltr*c»l Whole«ilO v pTiiJei. Orders and eoiistgtuM< , nts
afe is? ■
ikfki Bhoii. . i
.utaifattsrer ofall kind* of cop
-•on micttuga, Allegheny ciry. Pa.
yfU being now lantll and successful op'-'
. • pmprebyjed, to bttt&lt Ojf»*-s with dispateh'
«il s rlnd»“ofoaelimCTyiaK.yiiP.« I Tteh a*willow*,
cafdsigriarfisg mas tunes, railway*,
rawing frames,' speeder*, IbKssii*. looms, woolcli.
arils, double or single, for merchant or country work,'
apd baudlAthe* ttnd tools in grit*
ruL.'All fciiidswf shafting madf Rattler, or tdimigiv
a let estria&fietorica or mills at reasonable charge. ,
Child* &C&i IhOCkstoek, Beil
fcWs&iaa fenr.ook k Jas. A-,Qrayv . •
Y-l TOPniSTi£BL&., ', .
jTOnSip. WCREARY, I‘riiulnglnk Manufacturer,
#i>ioßs3ttnd«J3B.ianu>nstteiuKßWYOßK-I*. ,
call the attention p( ,
'Tinted hj;,ki* iwprovod Printing Inks, of various. i
tlnd* and orders) hi the following nricea: --s~\
■ 3nra fins JdMßaeit, far Card and Wood m
• ilfiWi Ij-t.,- r - WOO aud 3Wt per H).
tKne Boot Bit, • • ,0 75 “ 100 •'
, (Boo* rk . ‘' - o 4f> « oso •« • :
• :N***lnk£*r - oia. oao “ um
> fonejte4l*k -75 c .i.oo. iAO “ aou
•' [Bke,jTel{ow, Green and Wlpte 75c 1001 3j 11
: at «t per'lb, uAd-Bronseat 60,75et*aad
, n ?..
I afewcaciagaof jfcwi'lnk can be seen on ihu paper.
T%?*ai6 by r joßNacroN astockton, i
• .-i • ..... 'PlttOatgJj, Pa.• i
YP/JJ&)rßg^Jtfip.,Cij]cinn*iJ,Ohio., . ■.. . ,
Stdrtoa A Grtswonld, Louisville, Ky. . 'octfedCm I
jabkTw. woodwell,
I%'d^rlilntiffafr farnitiTf,
K 3, Totsd STasxT.ViTTssnaen. 1 <
MIHM *A •large and aplendid, «iniu 'JTiHMis
0 r Bmuson,;
for Steamboats, fIsEDBHRsA
•■MBHofcihaadorlvate dsrel- -v*
Unn, constantly on uaztd.and made to.order. -
The prewat jitock on hand cannot be exceeded by
4by oanolaetriy in“the* , wesien» country. Perlonr
WuStap td purchase mdl do Well to give me acalt,
. til om dotermiaed shall please. Part of
: thd'ltock consists In-- .
TeteaTeteJ Bnflei Etaq'die; ‘
'' Louis XTV Chairs; M«,-Qaeea.ElizabcUi chairs; ,
• sBB*&r-•• !
* Prtntlf.Mahortny Bedsteads: Piano Stools; ’ ' !
> fißoofai-VrillbrlMh and Hair-cloth oovart;-- ,
,-20 Mahogany. Jtocking Chairs;
40,d0r Parlor ' no ' j
■ 3»’ u 'Paney*-do •; {
* -. tscentra -Tabled;' j • ... V( . )
- SPpgiir Diwyi»i.4 pair pier Tables; . ;t „ l
Iftmtple top Dressingßaretuk; . " :
' fl Wardrobes; 1 H Secretaries knd U<rok eti-t*; 7 \
> Z: i tomazbla top Wash- Stands; : - r ‘V » 4
- 4 pair Ottomans; • * *
B pair fancy Work Stands; r t
'l'A‘tery largo aoaortmeat ofconunoncharn anddtbrf l
to mention. (I
.. (f~y*Sfeacl'Boat« furnished on the shortest
aaipnlbcpost reasonable terms. decls j 1
.DlipiraipSl'lHsrTl'Or ilydfaatA^stirt'
- 6 '• J * *3| ' Ttflß Ik to •ertlfy-ihat I have n,.» ■,
pointed Livingston, Iloggen
;,.0 Agenu for the sale of jenoljiq'^
Patent Diaprahrin Filter, for Alic bi|*
• ; ties of Pia»bur|h and Allegheny. < 1
JOH.N tJIUSUN, Agent, -
. - fax Waller A 1 Gibson, Uly Broadway
f. - Oct 10,1843.
;.'Ts’e have been using one of the above article* at uis'
;osat of iho Novaliy Work* for three month*, on
and (cel perfectly oaushed that it is a useful invouin.s,
hrakretoke pleasure hi rteommemling tlicm n* » »<ep
•fhlanlele to oil who lovdpurewatr.r. Orders will Ira.
i thankfully received andpramptly executed.
1' octUft . » . UVINGATON, RtMstiUNA-^o
AmMlbUrilUrlag Cook.
Which' render*'uubld witeinnre iry
v ' l ‘femoTin*ttlll«b©*nce* Doi#olubJc i».
w»u>r.J?Tte.«ro|n*"» i Wr.ia^.*h f ork l
dew au<i pure to Use eye, ret■
'whenjt ptLise* «n bnerthroeeh Use
- Iltenug cock, shows <t Idpe
_ iautua sibsttoces, worms, Ao.. Thu
• ibo euctnore oi lesswUh eJihyaraot water.. , j
• The Eeremble Fllurer is heel end durdile, and tf
■votationded wuhthe.iaconTanUcte.lflwdMiW ctet
Hlterers,** it is cleansed without bonrdetteJjMftoa.
rbeweter pipe, by merely utnuay the kpy crhaddl*'
r<9mm««dTta>the otbac. By, tds eoy proctxvthe
foaiatiofwater U changed, end all eccum datfoiurti
laurafe rebstanees are dnren off daost . ImtactlT,
itrHiuMtcnxerewine the Filler., It alio pouereu tfeei
edwunßxe of being a ttop coci» Mc “
cues will bo-very ccareoleniand economical. * >
• Itw^,imkehed I 'where.ttterew Mypwrare Wgbj
•; oettr eomerof PwithadMiitoitl,,
sal* «Petta79 Ffcmk«riBt j d»£U
.-I 'r £ ; t
* - Liu
si •« jt jin?
• Book; Binder** '•
, above butineas, ocmer
Vy of I Wood and Third streets, Pittsburgh, where
ure are‘prepared l© do any work In our IWe with des
patch. We attend to our work personally, and’lain*-
utetion will be given in regard to its neatnesi ana du
rability. ! • 1
niunk iSboka ruled to any pattern and bound *abr
<tinually r i Books in number* orold l>oaka bound carp
roily or repaired. Names ptu on 'books iii gOt letter*.
Those ihsf have work in our line are invited, .to calL
prices lotw; ; mrJfctf |
Cooking Stoves, Grata*, dkc. -
MAiiIIALL, WALLACE* CO., Round Ohnrch,
coindrliberty and Wood sired*,, manufacture
antroffenfar sole Platform, Floor and Cdtfnter Scales,
eCtbomdstimproved quality; Cooking Stoves, for .wood'
and of various size*, Parlor pnd
eonanenl Qretet, Hollow Ware, kc. ate. They alto
mauofoqhtte the Kiiehen Range, which bo* given such
gendrai MtisCaction to those having, it in nse, to all o(
which''tier would respectfully invite the Attention of
• ikopaizfc* *itd the public generally. •ocvP'dtf
,*r*ufl call the attention of the eity trade-tad
:rs generally, ito the following brands Toboepos,
in'slote ami to arrive, whlch.beinr consignment* di>
red from manufacturers, he i&enabled toseß at .east
ern prices^
t it® I blsß W Crenshaw 3s;
70 f. u •• dames Madison fit;
Lamartine ss;
•.v X) I u 'Mirabeau s*i
, tl I u Putnam 5* and l*i
15 | M Roberts k Sisson ss;
• - H I “ Oscar Bari - ss;
tl. • “ • Johns k Lewis Is;
3 I “ Warwick, sopr Is;'
49 i “ Henry k James sa, Is end 9s;
Pitt gaehins Works and .Foundry*
rtnvnoaou, ri. '
JOHN WRIGHT k Co., are prepared » build Cotton
sud Woolen Machinery o(overt, description, such,
•as Carding Machines. Spinning Frame*, Speeder*.
Drawing Frames, Railway Heads, Warpers, Spooler*,
Dressing Frames, Looms, Card Grinders, kc. Wrought
fron Shifting tamed; all sizes of Cast Iron, Pollies and
Hanger* Of the latest patients,*]ids V>d hand Lathes,:
and tods of ail kinds. Castian of cvpry description
furnished on short notice. Patterns wade to order for
Mill Gesrtng, Iron Railing. Ac. (team Pipo for heat-'
ing Factories, Cast Iran window Sash, nnd'fancy Cas
tings generally. Orders left at the Warehouse of J.'
Palmer k Co-, Liberty street, will have prompt atten
tion. j
Refer to Ulacknock. Belf k Co., J. K/ Moorehead A
Co, l». K. Warner, John Irwm-k-Sort*. Pittsburgh; G.
C- k J. li. Waruer, Steubenville ianl#
Aixvnrvrr. •
MA. WHITEk CO- would respectfully inform
■ lh* public that they have erected ashopou
Lauock, between Federal ai d Sandusky streets. They,
arenowmhkingand are prepared to .receive orders f«j.
every description of vehicles, Coaches, Chariot’s, Ba
zoucoen. Buggies, Fhwtons, fee., kfc., whieh from their,
long experience m the manafaeturesf,the above work,
ana the facilities they have; they fed confident they are
.enabled to do .work on the most reasonable Senas with
lh»«c wonhngiaruetes iu their line. . , ,
, Paying panlrplyr attention to the keleeuon of naze"
rial*, atuThavlng none but competent wsßooen, they :
have no hesitation in saanuuung.thqr work. We
therefore oak the attention of the public to this mailer.
N. U. Repairing done in tba beet manner, and an Uia.
moat reasonable terras. jaSO:lf_
THE tubsoriber Offers for sale a iatgo and. splendid,-
assortment of rosewood and mahogany grand Ac*
uon Piaaos, with and without Coleman's celebrated■
Ak>iiair Attachment. The above instrument* are war;
routed u> be equal to any manufactured in this coun
try, and will be sold I owe: than oar brimght from the'
East. Is DLUMis, No M 2 wood at.
2d door above sth
N» B.—City Scrip will be taken! at par for slew of
he above assortment. myd , F. D.
Young MEN in retail Hares, and other
rfeapeglable badness, to act', a* ilook-kcepcra/Haiea
iucu, Porters, Bar-keepers,'Waiters, Farmers, Coach
oeu, Car Agents, Book and Map Agents, Collectors,
Overseers in all branches ofbasine*v*c- We have
at all time* alqrge number of good situations on hr ltd,
which'pay from 300 to HflQO per annuht. Those in
Waiitbr stmstiotis ofanykiad wohld .do vfnll io give
as a call, qs we have agynts in egeh of the s'love n
bet, which will enable US to place ttbery. applicant in
a suitable stmeimn the shortest notice. -We bare a
large acquaintance ut'all the above named cities,
which wejrost will enable u* togive entire satisfac
tion ie all-who may fayOr us with aic all
TAYLOR k TAY.M AN, No.'W Sheond sL,
beiwedtt South and Gay.
N.U— Persons living ia »ay port of the U. State..*,
ami wmtuug to obtuu n aliuauoa in Baltimore, or ei
ther ot'the'aboTe cities, will have iheirwanu im me
diately attended to by addressing u» n line, ipost-paiil)
a» I.) ru dome tliry will curtail both trouble and ex.
yen**-; which they ntnerwise would, iucur by coming
to ibe cut. aad xcceinx employment for ibcm»e!ve*.
Addro*. . TAYLOR &.TAVMAN.
Mo TJ Second •trect, '
LinJuinore, Mil
Birmingham (nra* Pltuburgd,! Fn.
Vtartiuwc, So. 137, Wood street, Pittsburgh.
y~»ppt WILL nomtanUv Ktepoa «»«$«•
4&&J&ai\oi Wm, of oar own <nana(&ciarc,,4j\<l
uM tuSriiot.juaM) WAolosale dud ceontr? Mer
fWnii fcfc tcepeeifdlly inTJted lo ra!}»nd cX
tor t\ccief»e» n* Ire are ilttmnreee tn wl)
eje«;-er UiuitiUc*" :-efo« been ofieiedta ih« pub*
Order* «m; .7 i,;*.i.,»ccoinp»i:.cJ by Uxcasli or
, prnr.ipxJJ '-Jemied luylO
rpo TiiK LA OIKS— Ju»l received. run as«jrim>- n
A Dl goid sail Jiltcr l bread, Curd unj Braid. a wi
Spai.glet Uwliion, Cor embroidering au.l o’uri ur
Hum. n«&i work. A‘*>ld u:»d w:ver Tassels,Fnsge>
ami Luce
Jrwdry of the Uic«t (‘■•binn*, in great variety.
Watebes ofnap'-rior .|aai.l> and Ocaouslii paurrßs,
ami lor sale at Eastern price*. W\V WILSON,
■xug? eornct Market and Foaria *l*
:A, MKNT—Opeu from 6 A M. vo 11 R. M. Mingle
JiftUi Sicento, or 4. lor 1 dollar. Ladies department
open from U to It A>-AI. and from 'i to 3 P. M.
The Refreshment Hatoan* are AneQuallsd in »ty'<
attendance. Becberclio lee Creanu!
aygii ' T. M’FALL.'Prbprieuiri •
11HEaaeatifioprUiepBbUs. il retpectmiy coital ts
Uie following certificates:
i i,Ma S. Eainti —Having tested a nuanlily of Gold
wesghed by-youf Arecmctef. i iirul tie result proves
vaur instrument correct; aim recommend tie dm of &
*id these gobig to'CalifornieJ as lb a ban method far ob
timing tie real tal u ujeh^Hes^yours^
PitObnrgh, March 9, 13491' !
Prmnctca, March 7,1649.
, Me. EatOW— Beer Min Uaving examined the‘?Axeo«
lacu.y’snaoiiXocUirotl at your rooms, I do not hesitate,
to commend It te the use of'those'gentlemen who are
about removing to California in search tif Gold.
It rives s close approximation to the specific -gravi
ty or metals, and will certainly eualile H>e adventurer
to ascertain wbmt&iis plactru yitfUing Gold.
pi»tU_ .. VoßDrtw.’yt. AJL hteLIjiTPCK. .
INUa RuMer recetvSf'fprlLV
Cniforiim' Kr^^dKitm,' T tffwtTp Wif i lLsionfcent i
Gmfc'fiasde -Clothing; sli (iflcdtonipgfenß fanny MS#) |»
ierSi ■••■»•• 1 -V -J A H PHILLIPS I .
ROBERT 11. PATTERSON boa opened
he large stable dn?im'at,rnfminr through
o tiMDodevbaureda WyodaAl soithfieid
the ,-cf r if the. Slo(ionrahcla House,
tlrely new stock, of Horses and Carriages or
dlitymndlatemstylca. -Hones keptatlire*
;st manner. > , ■ >■ _jyihlly
ilfttbu rißUi IBfgTITOTiO
:6nd Menton of. tkis-Institatibn, under the
f Mifc and Mrs* Gobboeu, ,fdr. the present
academic year, trill commence on!the first of Febria
ry next, in the shine buildings, No, ftl Liberty street,
Arrangement* have been nude by which they trill
be able to famish young ladies, facilities equal t» any ‘
in the Westjlbfbnuuung a thorotgh English, Clssn.-
eal, and Ornamental education,. A full course ofl’iu*
lisonhical and Cbemicil Lectnres [trill be delivered
during tia-Mmef, illustrated by apparatus. The do?
'poarunenu ofVocal and Instrument} Music, Modern
Languages, Drawing and Painting,'wilieach be under
:ibeeareofaesoipetent Pfofcsaor. Bycloseattention
to the moral and rnlclleetgai improvement of their pu*
nils, the Principals hope to merit Wedadnuationdf the
liberal putroaagd they have -hiibtno eiyoyod. Fot
terms, see circular or appN to the Principals
-jakOidU ” * -• ' ~
: rT^1 Pmasnott, Mept is, tws.
MIL THOM. K. lUUqgRT;i-Daai Sir, Your WRI
TING FLUID we hsitre now been using more than
a year, and od looking oyer tho entries made by it, we
firm the eotor, y-brigut filae blacx. It ispleuant to
write with, (lows free, and doed not Clog tne pen tike
the ordinary inks in use.'k.Wishing'Taa the ready sals
, tfs menu demand, we are, yofjs regretfully,
: Fbr salt,tofethvf with Uibberfs Rod;lnk, andMa
ohiue Copy luk, by B. A. Fahnestock A Co i. H. P.
gchwara, Allegheny City,'-and by 'tbe manufutdrsr,
TT.-Ji. niUberi,-J}fUggist and Cbeoust, corner of.Liber
jy,and Smiihaejasts, Pictrfiupth. oCU3 1
WATxaxaa nuin. jobiu* ruitKo. w>r. s. tuinr
{ - (Successors to Huoiey, il&nna A Co.) :
t *o< Itt Foreign and Domestio Exchanged Ccrtificaies'
Ofikposiic, Bank Notes, and Specie—Fourth street,!
nearly opposite tbe Bonk of Pittsburgh. Cnrrehr roo* (
I MV icßstved on Checks ibr sole, and;
nuectiaaß made oq nearly all the principal points iu
-the Utfitea Mutes. ■ i
for Foreign and Amec.mii
.Gold- . , , 1
; . Advances made eneontignmenu of Prodace, ship!
ped on-liberal terms. j. ~
i . FaTaarßttagp IMP,
Patent cios*kv«T extension .TaMa, sofa»\ Buranti,
flotl Castx,Wrdi*g'biik*. i-
a IDS TABIjKS fat;jißrj>«3Mhg every’' oilier m* 1
veuuon oi the kind now extant; Tbeg can be ax- :
fended from ten to iwcaty-fivoiftej, andwhea closed
,ihe leaves an all coulaincd iawde; they ertf made tO'i
til kizcs and shapes, and are far !
'Siramhonia, Hotels, and largo private-umlHei, fora-’ 1
h« when eloied a conalela centre tfcfcle. " * , •!
SOFAS AND UUKFJ^S— t TJfese drtcleAnfe'ln»aJ- ,
sable, partica laxly to-those;jvi£o, wiah-do-ecood
mi*e room, amt convert a sleeping l apanmfitrt r Into a
parlor or sitting room, aslheyican Unopened and sb*t‘
at convenience, and when «hul,.lha bedding is enclose
cl, A great saving ia room uid ratiL All the bed*
steads when closed lonp a beaatifaTpieee of fttraUabo
lureparlor or aiuing rtbm. .. . . ,
. BOOK OASES—A mat hna asefttl article for parlor
or drawing room. -I !•. • .
. WRITING UESKS-rFor law offices, coaming room,'
ami other office*; whet| opened a-mdkieoitvfenient bed*
stead, when closed a pgrteet Desk end Library alofte
u visible- • • ’
All these articles njed rto.'teeommendaßOn: the
Yeasty erthe warranbcd..iim u>gei
ontoi repair. It will be for yoar interests to ball and
txamiOc the articles, altherntnafabturer's store. No.
V 3 Hurd CrteiTPillsijidgh ,; In addition to theahova '
.advantage*, they are pfcof against bags.
~ mchlfl ‘ ' f - j JAMES, W WUODWBLL.
~iowKi,i nkMSs,
' • KuArscmxk a*r<. - l .
-monel am pcrk smeits,
Corner Front and wine street*, ClhttoM**? Os
-/ORDERS frees’
v Raw or fl
ooded to at lowe»%ajmtet ptit*. * 'tweffiJWlyt
■ 1 » ' -sYSTEMf-o'C AteleM antlWdra*«lGeomph y
I A*>«th*WO*f School*mdO<*lc«tsi Jjjr.Cihwl 8
! A fl£Srrors?ani««i'W»eraiure; tjr.CeoT.jteicapr. 3,
, Ad»cnture^,«dfWhwfd.
: in the Hotaewd Cretoat Us HJamnodareirjtyc,^
\ <ie& cc re el-Third dAfifhitgt.iO.j_:
N able Ifl CinciiinWi, and 8L
e&Eied on the most tVrrcrthle tereOL " 7 *T„
■? N.MOL>(W»BONsJ ;
The itfEScv ska 2? B**ie«6d<&i'W'
Lort* PraVer,
pabiuhed snA raecbrnd
no slurs. . > * . h* - --J i Hi: >
Also-The iHtutMuitf Us Crom by.tii fccnC Dz*
ißpriaf. * ~ , • „..' J ,V3wu P
- ' ••> .• .p.' .\. r* •’* V :
- --••>-:-t v • , ’• h
- - *■■--.-• i r •* » H « ... •••.•':.•»•;:' t-!' |-. .H ~
‘ K * ; •* L ™! 1. ,4b*-**'*. * > “*> ■ jj, £ . r !.n
\ciii ft
WB.kta bow reeeiring'froftt.Ua.
inpplytf ihs« sooditwWeh ■ WW. -
erthan steh roodieap m had elsewhere in «.
Wo on DO acids Id bleaching,Mat(»Jer« t -the
eeived jhaUrit 6r«nijsa*oT«T' all elhfcrittarfs «xiu»u-
W attheHmAnwibeßyASWdmra!£ws i **»■»•-**i
City, by Mr. Join' Dain9sW'aUolatfrtjjs*?{Xwp.Hl£
WUdqwp,”FsderaUt...*;<v. n- - r , j ° c y- <r f'
• J GH*o«ur~ .'■' •.
ffttlßsubseriber has ofi band, /receirea'tto *»rei«t
. 1 season;! ectmgired-ftbnj'tab'mailaietareJMhe dp-/
lowlngdoods, which hell paihoriscdtt close atprl^
’X :eesyii4 Wldi'BaWodFUnneLJ.ii: - I
Suealrs White-Bed BUnkefSt. rihboa
peundathtbe pairi >' ‘'-I •
I cue BO psijrSteiinJieaVßlankeaj tibboijbotßuJj
- r ' *
SO paim-Dark.Ge&tiiinftil&'Btiio BlankcjSr p-.yerj.sp*
perior article.', _- ~ V , ;;,•**« . V,
8 cases Grey and BUe'lflatteeiGtwinfcN
40 pieces TwbedtSteobetmUo otakeiri.casoutKft]:
•edplainiand barred leans, BtCnbcaTilld rttifflswonri
r she above goodaare mS flshktfifr
nuLker, pad mii bp topa^otaw^pf.
/Ttj AttßfCTfljioT haiciaaiencectoreceiw i
4U«- Wqoitt;ComS3AHtuid,
Hoods; HasUn, woolen Clovti?
Thibet, cloth, uwui de GfiirandWaMbsf BlU.wlV' eash *
oert worsted and woolen Hoop;
Hfliitj Jailkaodjatta Cravat* aollßeajft? Qdnpiwia.
Fringe* Iriff£fofiTabUCoTei’fcCT#pes B Bibbou**
fcaeet iieaebed bad eolorPd M Tsbby
Patmri ThrpwfojftapEg Battpns, Gum Saspeo*.
dets K Pnis l Tereß>sionCaps>tAMh4nes, edomon.and;
go Id Jewelry, nid and siwer Wat««di;lSiSHf, pock*'
et. and | table tuiary, many 4therfloods wjush,
countW andeUyfierchanuare rtrfJjecastlyMan»M
oeiaipirie. • 1 •'■:•'•? ;>"<>-<■ .1*
" Pa V sow®*
.XJAmrPACTDBE and will kp» on
IVX and Steam Boat Blantons, •PoatoftU. anaandri •
blue, brown and drab;Blnnk<i Ctiuokj'lUtfaets-aad:
Woolen Yarn, which they will sell at Easlem pneen*
Warehouse No! lUßeeorid «, Fln*burjh,tP*;
Fuctary,-New-Haven,Fayette op« Ft; J JPthX
—~JHRW.fl<K>to»K : i
TTryE have lost received e‘larre and complete stoekl
W o/ CLOCl£S,>Vax&y ana Finoj Goods, suita-;
ble for the fail trpdet, to Which, with.every description
ofLdoklng Grasses'
ppyrershopinthisxitrjycO asfethp attendop of W’cstv
era Merchants and outer dealers.
' , "‘ r t " • ,!*E.fNEDYfcSAWYBErr.r^
~- , apu» f. - i-. conierWood andFoarth.
‘ • 1 DRYGOODS. -Mr..l-/fe
. . Np,49 WoooSi.j.^maotrasp,.. .j£ r ...
A RSjwwreceiyinr their usual suppHeioC ©ids'
' A Jfar tha*Fail Jesfcnpwhielt they wili lw-h^mF®l
- taiheir.rdiLcißtpmersi and aa.many-MWflfies
as may feci inclined wpresent theinselTe£'^s ' ,f
' 'Always taiinrgraklpalnt-to lay insajcc'mmdiasf 1
aro adaptodtQ lheWnnu o(tho'^yestera4ra4Uj |r % t> i
long ekpenenee enables them to fio,'lbey*eaSf Wit hl
maeh.oooflcteirde, and wiihoittenieiindQA'*<4sUib -
of (imo atock, that the Western retail; njettham yrllT
find with them all (hat his euitomers ThoH ■
who ijaTb formed the unprofitable luntft'ftf repairing,
to tha Eastern cities tor their stockl.otPty Good*,
would doweirioeaD, aka candid eed#uum&otptlv .
ceswpnld in many ca«o that; ,
Ihocxpenaeofgoiagfarthermayb«Twvialedby,bny- ’
Ine in pittsbunrh. * ; *'rs4..-ywl4ptl4
- I ,' IHiCKUTI *rxratt!f«i« i /l . ;
. , . T f ‘ r\ .
ABE noWTceeWinf 'aNery :
Goods, of ecee at purchase «»ljmpo rUxi<m,waieii
they prill sell to the trido at suehipfleds tti eanaM-ftin :
'‘•a'.'' . : a id ,ir.;'! •!
examine our week t>e/broi&fthtuirifhtie^
:t •Uyfl "^ J V r
?W rottSKi
rfUCKnJH«nD«n ber.leSf9toinfara4lnM&4e.nff:
I fcey have obtained from'-'the EaltMlf tStnaroliniif!
fSttlotiSfile d<Hign*ftiT'Je« R*iUnj^ t Jbglk! forjiaaseij
aoa icoppxeaev. Pumas -wishing to prepaie hani*
souq patterns whirt>lfciia£;c*ll fend r tswfttf!, fend- frafeo;
foTlheraaelTes. Batlingfrrili tg foTTtislini’At Ifefrffeq&j
est notice, andiniho/tifls) manner, Al Uto ‘fconier'w
Craik and Kebflcca'stt«*> Adlfcghenpeltfelp-t'-'-i -v zi
aufßMftf: ~ ;,>^A^lo^fc piffifc. > j
11 UOXf> A
j Jirerinf CaninStoeilQVSTE&S, litldKurejoft
fwi to-dealer*; JfclYamiLle*, Bl Jovrc/ljPuijejL
Quality wojnuiietvtiitlal» anf brooght id tha tnati 1
Tfet/and forUlef by • •'/ ; -'• ■■■j'-L* ;• r.i >
a|»[>—At the
nor Pmiihifcld'andß4e6{iiLosi'frl!taleias t tHd»aodi<
Mefcer 4 BoliioMiu FV4oraimr,AU£»eny? ; J odttt'
• ; —s^jfarwtftfDWiGMr 7 ""—
WrLL remaih ©ieafor Milter* nniil.ihalit Jango-;
xy, 155 U-, prhteri and oihcr Refrcshmentt soil*
«i fp the irasoa will Vokept! tttti(ireerthotse, don*'
uiaina a largeeoliitettonof xaremand choicePlant*,
mil tx opc>wdt>. vi*itsrSf Ifoqufis neatly paten at.
»hiAt no tied' l&roagkenT ‘ tte v seß*oti. 'An OmniboV
leafeeo tte Allegheny lh«iSL plait Street,
Uriiisc, every half liopr daring tho oay,.ruiailcig to-lit
Ualdefc; and tho ferry boat, Cafttaig-tValker, runs
(nil the Point, tarring y ihfftar. •
dc4 Portie* wishing xo «pend tbo edtaiag; will be'
ttiommodtlejl wtth, p_»*«aTP a^fp ;
P. hi. Kent no Tciarcranfie prideinles, amrcTfrctTeir
uoday. *pt!3 S. tfjCAIN.
' T' lUOUk.i •; !■•?- "
remnvedio No.yVFrotH, i>ctrreea Wacj.
aial tisuth&eld iijoKs. •• ..:•
li/S hive~*ome ffUhLTO, made Oi) ab
'Vi phut, eons cot Jo freexwtn ihacoidcit weather.
Perron* wanting tveL oniele*. *rriinvited to call and
see themM . ' tiCAIFE* ATKINSON’S,
rertS ' ' t*t. Market *».-
VUw (Of FUUMUgb. ;. ■u. j ■-....
EV VIKW wift he p*l»U»J»<l3i»M.»liort*.fcae.
•a poatiWe; tsJ I c«n aawre tar
eqn ibe-pßblie jencr*il7,ili*it*'*SAnbe*&f«*JWHi
t>4m InAdefctj •i.'leuil uA be*«y difejseoaoaa— to.
u)i otter whtle*tr. i*euto«i; wboiloaliL , rfjtfi*-Tew <
»eVk«wi«ee. ; * ' B.' WMtTFWKinv
t, Dec. aih,.1549.-{dcil
rpiiE GEM OPTHE«EA&QNH»ttkfIixittD elegant
-1 «iafTWDa*v' B4il4db)f pi. P. wfllis. [
Jni| Annuel, a.GUtiffp ell Seasons;*by^l.
jThs FlotailprCTkisferlflWlwitii
fil colored eMT«Ttar»i*dfi“ by J: Keu4.l •? r-K y) -••;
T Efcaflits 6rStmnfry<*h llUaihiaed AamliMefrlWO.;
I Gem of ljtcraryClitJar by EL*
' Tlie-Ojtal, » rtreGlft(brilie Uolj-pofii l .• k,< / .»
Ilurrot;Cilranjnjs,i»a,Holiday, Boofr-rby -ll*. A,.
Dwight . , " ■ . ~.i
; Gin Leave* »r Anirieo Poetry;: ediifid:by ;
Gnjwoid.'i /a ..... , r . . ..... ■! t * * •’•
I The Romance of WaixrTß,' or Poeliesf lAnydagogf.
Flowers? bf Thomu Miller. ■ •- 1.'.-j'-
Tie E‘oryi«-Me-Noi,larl63ft,bTMfß.B.B.ffiiai,Ut. -
TUc flloi Roie, -byMrr. K-KHraari.
Tfte Chaplet pf Library Gems, wiihcojpred cngra*’
■inr*.' •. - *■ * V v^:
iC.Emboir. 'Y '.-Y ‘ ' T ’' ? ***
•’Qe'uift of Friendship, .k- Teken-of acmcmDraflgff.
TBqJiyaciiUii, or Affection's Gifu for 185C4. j:
Tie Gem, tor 18S0: cdltttTby Father Frank." .-
Apples of Goldin rletnitr of SHreR- by
ows, • >■< t-~ i' t "... i. ;,. «0‘ It 11. h:''i 1A '
Flora’* Gems or. the Bonnet fer.all Seasons! wife
wantiftil embellishment**' a ’ ‘‘ f ■ l '• - ■ yi ?
Tbe Drawing Boom Scrap Book, wiferp’fo l f iltoK
xeuons. -\ -.j • . ;i ’ •
Tbe ChartcieVfitjea of Wckacni l>Jf> Mzk Jtntffsartl,
•Ihs Heroines of syilhlcny fiTO cmti
ricKS.Croiadrewingsbypoiiaeatattidt*. t - >
in every.stjde'w Wadi®*;
"> * No« tVood*ttost,!botwcdP:Fepnb,-
.. .... | , , .and ibempna jiley^
• : . AJIHUAX.B) 1 : : - ! ; . ra^
EAFLETOof Memciy: Lidy’btJlftr ‘r >'B-j-I
rGems of tie Seasons] -Gema of JJeaatyL.i.;:.; -
Rauelu: Gift ofTriendsbip] FloralKetpisjcfc; •
Romance of Nature Hyaclncb Child's. j&epmJl«?
Chrutm***Blot*trmsfOtftLeaTesofAm.jPeeiaj -
Go<den Gift] FrterKUhlp’a Uffeun© Pwrt'sOfferkg;
Reade'i Femilft Poets of America; ’ 7 l V»' JJjr- -
The PlliiosQpbyiiiCr.
Swred-AnuonliiJUrreSL Gleanings; ’ •* *'
•• •
I Buse»aad!?AyersSs,boanilmVelirtitaiTiiia6i
iocce,with‘aflpi.' * fl feeelyodbyw-'.ft iro.rrj.rv
FLOUte—lto Sblbia riv-f .•
dci4^rr : ;. |eeonJ
Christmai .iitid ' Kew Approftthlngl
j bio for ita eamiur holidays, atLOCKWOOD'S:
?EARLS POTRYf, IlltffnUiited
byX. \Y.G.M»Io*OD,EIfI., 4t0,. elegantly bound 4 in
darts raorocgoi pit edges, antique siylef *l4
“Sooeof tie BapPteu etfiantmi art HoflauuihLouA
feUow.'Biyimt, WUliv\VbitUow HaUeckj.BpfjfcuS;
Dos a. nits- SiKSorncy, and Miy.Embury,' adiong otn*
({i, enrich thoVolume.”— • w *i
"These are printed men delicately and
lUhona phio qemnn Tpn, on beard, caekoage
being framed by a rich illuminated arabesque Border,
in gold, stiver, and colors, vrah' Vlgbetts wroaghiria
ike lwrdot*."—lCoaunerrta!. • •
"The first atmmpi»
ed on this aidc-of the Atlantic—and withregaW to tho'
siuUhfriuawkOflftßyfft *my b<
Miti to^riyai t if not aßrjian, any thing cf nrenmiHii
Europe” ‘ ' ,,< :*'* j~ !
LA WGFTIIE WESreRN;^m , LD,~CfWt»}5'-
, ‘Lo«’alßeqniem, n hyChaneaFatmo Hoffintnj ,"T*“
Mother of h loses*” by Mrs. GsgOOd; *JThe. I3ttd”t>
Dreams,” byWm. C. Bryant;'lanhoittfp.e '
Life,” by Mrs. 8. tJ.Dowe; -Tho Jtghtrtpmeth,**;]
Mrs. Embury; “Tbe'lß ornament at Acre,” try H, w,
'buiyriSjirroltViiaSiwiM- «* tysmenpwb
manner *r-Mapie«m£ with <bpplcmMd.;vt|MW*
„ f . . 'SlggJhWWioD, o
dots < BoohmUcrand Importer,C3 \Vood st
' - -Brnwrl**** ■- ri ‘ •'• •>. '
of^aiage^ui r
n?JjP re **- AwrnAMßmwAiiSi®
dpt to - ML 'i&jeilvedjsid:
, • r ~ . •>
QiAMNqw Newark CUy.
f -TStrf Tt *i
r .^tfinaftfla' Jdx*il Tqtgfci 6 #sfce?Aii*
t'of "St? aalM'cirtdffiiertbtdW'
ir--wbn®*4;prarre<t'a*'»Ttir »fii kacrsm ,iu
TUiXuuja.Ay&.UAßitrASdAi’iuPAXA'Qoa is
rtsHa wi^iMesr:*ss7kii*-isc4De4fiff'
titOßgßoal thriexittltomtttrosiihttftbo .-:
. ,UjwMe,»aanf t stR r it improve*-
'age,Kifl beextlse it
.Taoludhesr kiiewiedj© ofChemiitrT, tmd.iHe laiesr
•ie*l*nto,cotrfsini medicinalproperties, and so macro*;
flen,aadaSßM;ari}Bb , to tatoibbato teftjstqniiSpiar
gwlgttenrt oMtorMerf otrlms aytonjiiq pfmn,
'ao»n! onlr-to uimo experience .to its inanomaffro.
irecjrerttefc VdlaiDe f offti^ra'
)ft- : ykca&’fow3i*Exiys WXHSATifiAifi
r*pan«4 dunul Saj»
is^xtfteSff^a 4
prepend: tejiitafra ip to
<£«*«; tiwr.
aiwwefldeaSffSfe UT<Cdd*ii»tUb<>
s/Vefeto, sad tti«&et]Da**ftt&»'ftnj|
W'nr.r-H*?™ £*&y&?3a fS’iSd-toSiSSf
■ Ilyorii* wonders la caaiiof ffuar ttibas orWjiiaa,''
FaUitfio* ttife StfßN&tta, ot ft3£.
:ttaf we ggaesaDyrtena'i gived strengtir to
•S“ , ■'
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