The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, January 04, 1850, Image 1

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    ■ _J%" " ST s.
daxrmt n-iun-.u, thikd rrtxxfj **** 000
tia roar orncr.
n 1 07,°° per annam.
U Do k 11 ‘'lo'ciut^***reduced raw.
aubekd upon 1
Jft- .fe
.£• 1$
IW> I KO aw>lllb« VJ
-D. • ibreo moa«B4 -JjJj
Do i.'or month* IMS
li«. ... .irmonih*-..
Do. twelve miiuta* »».w.
Standing Card (ftliue* orle**,}per annn®-IkiW
OneS»iaarr,ebunseaWetitpleaiore U*** 0 *
naai nelu«ive ol lb* pap* l . ~
For etch additional *juaw, ’
asa far each additional a*«a re laaertednader the l eai-
eoi aecosalable toe legal advartiaement*
beyottd the amount charged lor Uicir , ...
Auponuciug candidates for ottee, t® be charged the
fed number el iuwrUtir.*, will bo contiuaeduU luibid,
'TPlnXlUl^** -ai *~««1
riddly loibeir regsuu bualne**, and all <shar adver
tisement* uot petutinlng to their regslar baitne**, ai
*'A" J .“l' r ni,“ , , ,^uf.t , r Vh.n l .bl. 6,.
companies, ward, townifclp and other pub Uc meeting*,
ud toch like, to be charged balfprwe.ptyeblo auiei'y
Mirnut notice* to bo ehargod M cents.
Deathnotieea inserted without charge, »«de«* accom
panied uyfuacrai invitation* or obi wary ooOce*. and
when to accompanied to be paid for.
Regular mtraruKft and all oibeia sending commu
nrcauoot, oc twj«inflg Botieea designed to call siwu-
Uoo to t£>ra,goueea, Concerts, or “7 e n
laiomenu w&rrrchargr*sra inode for admittance
all nutlet* of nmoeinUono-every notice de
aigacd to eall auction u* private emerpttaee calcula
led or inteoded to promote mdividaai interest, ean on
ly be taarried with the under*lauding that the tame 1*
W beard tat. If intended to. be inserted in the toes
column, the tame will be charged allhe rate of noi let*
thaaluc u per line.
BUhop Jr Km Notice* to be charged trlplepnce.
Tavern Jieentc Peuiioua, Bd each.
Ixgal audMedical advenleemenit to be.ebargcdat
toll price*. .
Real Eatale Agent* and Auctioneers’ Advertisement*
not to be rlasied under yearly rate*, but to be allowed
dUcounti*! thirty three andoue ikiid per cent from the
amount ot bill*.
waaaiT oe txi-wuxlt in san>T paras.
One Sqaare, three inaortion**''*** ••l^P
Do. each additional insertion-••• 37
ADvnxismxißs ta wuut ram
One Hounrc, (10 lines,) one insertion----* eu.
Ik, raeh additional Insertion--t» “
All trauaieut advertiKmcnu to be paid;in advance.
WHITE A CO , Gazette.
KOIPT mTkIDDLK, Joareal. . ,
JAMES P. BARR A CO, Chronicle.
JAMES W. BlDDLE,American.
pmißtjanr;pce.l,lStt; '' !
,A I'curili *L ' ‘ _ ’• norla-ly
rDAVfiM). TtllHSi
Attorney at law and commissioner
All eoßunanieation* promptly answered., ocUP-iy
*A ~RhISTRONG A CROZER, Commission Merchant*
eudDeulcr* in Producs, No. 2, Maxkat *a* cl
PnubuwL dec9 .
ATTORNEY and Coaotcllot nt Law,and Comrni*-
tlow lor the Stale of Pennayivanit, Bt. Low*,
>|o. (lateol Pitubargb.) ’ „ . „
■Urmicu. — Pittsburgh: UOO.W. Forward, Hamp
(on A Miller, M'Candle** a. M’Clure, John fc» ******
iwilU vaiile, M’Cord A King. aß|lially
, y m.laN J. r Hill.* l l.
Fourth auert, .between Smithfield and Grant,
-uuburgh, Pa. ■ • »***
“ioMH t uni. wx- c. nunro
,oßß *• LABGB * „ ,
AT LAW,FoQrttt*lieel,Be**C»ranl-
ATTORNEY AT LAW -Ofliee on Fourth el, be
tween Smilhfield and Grant *l, Pittsburgh.
optudiy ; ——
•;ohh a. coMXi-vs.
w h wqqq waan* * * 1 ■ >**itini
cera. No. g2l Market etreej. Philadelphia. nart7 _
"• Pltubargh AifcairVork** . .
BKNNKTT. nepm’ A CO, Ma m»Uetarer» of Soda
Aah. Powder*. Mu rivtie andßuiphcric
f.tA. No. Water itreel, below Ferry.
• wMrta-Or • ■ . •f- :
mssiw WSt’eS, WSole««h *»d Beuu ft«s
--~*>rrSiiwwl : ' rn*o«.
rksSwi* *CULBEBtBON,
JBTSICiJLiiio lldrcLuuiNo. 10, UtaJT .u,
»u. * mumt ; uZ~
B. W 1 JtaiKUu, come. and
S 1 djid 7 PM. 7
d" 2 -"!* : . .
— u Wholeiaio Grocer/ Uoaunuajna*ini
• •»* “s
-—z,iz; ~/~ Hi** i. »on*n.
w *U ,*■, KTT (late English, tisllicli«>
SSMSSJSS.""-” "'“"^"“’Sr 1
‘id / , ~
Ti. Ci»ci»n»tl« Ob*o- - me t- promptly and twe
*oU in CommiAiioaer forth* mate ot tcut^
••““VtuPIliUTIl &«>, Brewers, MaJ«e»»
Ct KUKUB Vu.SslVm «. Paubargh. • »i>tg>
![_•“£s^VxJiTßAFTc«B»* u *“ 0 “^«wm»
/^XDRC.B tIntL Pitubatfb- BT if
f . S c*oßv;
**HSJf»rrKWAllT,Banuf»etater of lUtvyr
TpTSoCiMM***?' 'i° it
3 ZftSSESSJfSJES'uM-a i rui^>.
b) cJn'cjMMOX,JOBS IA.WA p’conuniadon Mef*
SBALD ft. BUCKNOR, *® JJVj B North Whmnrei,
ehtan, 41 North Vi»«* «t * * notJM/
l- ~ ——- i — irn. t. job®*
r.intnr. . _ /.,,.Htan to Atwood, I
TJ AEDV, JONES * *** *2BSr*"**”'! M «
11 Jggea <t Co.) Co«uaU““* Jutland Uoodi,
SSu'taler. la Piuibarjli “‘““' meliJJ '
SK**"!*.*- . . - «, iv
jsaSiiwcSey i co.,w^oic«^«^“'^; J „u
lß, aa •>SSSbSSr
Bm. aid 107 Emin .InaUr t Ul *
&£**’ “
T I'oteph UUwu>t*-
| S » WLWORTHfc CO.,
Jt • Agrott fat Uturd i*®wUer Co-, *» 4 C ±.y •
ymtoarp. .—- - •
,"WSSBSBi. *c..™ffljwniS
?,;AStS!SSS“. ““£*&■ ® “’
tMtud (reiheil MsZ?tosgSg
553lwfth«riek.Oar mqr nl; «P«» “EJSSt ui<
J®° itAttfiif*Sl£Wfctt, CooaeeilorVi
, tee oa Fotnfc »L, above Bnmh&eld. dov>l7
■ itonandFonrarsinf Merchant, and whoieeaio
dealer in Western Reserve Cheete, Boner.
Pearl Aik. sad-Wettcra Prodaee jenerally, “Water
pect, betweeq tSmlihfield end Wood. Pimbnrgfl. : ap3
IOHN WATT. Isaeewtot to ewatt & Gebban,'
lJ Wholesale tireeer end Comaiislon Merchant,
dealer Is Prodeee and Pitubargh Mannfaetare*. cot
aer of Liberty and Hand grata, Pittsbarth P*- I**
AMKS A. HUTCHISON, A Co.—eneceuori to
Lewi£llstebUon A Co., Coounitaioa Merehantt,
and Afema or the Si Lctii Steam Sagar Refinery.
No. 45 water tsdH froat itreeu, Pltubcrgb.
leal • •
JoiiN u. WhoiMtie Dronut. and fleet
er jo Dye Staffs Paints Oil», Vami*Ee«,*en No.W
Wood etreewon* door Booth of Diamond Alley, ritu*
lurch. ■ ■ _ (Si-.
TAMIIS kkaa, Jr, 4 Co, («uecrsw>fio Jo.ephU
•l Dtviis) Ship Chandler*, Do Water meet oc3L .
J'~uflN iTHeEuiK, Wholeaalo and Retell deale*
Ul Mttlifl andMwieiiMrismmienu, School
puwrf, BUtes, Steel Pent, UnUis, Printers Uul
Stationary feocndly.No, HlWoodat, PitulHtrgu.
. imUjrsbocilitortakeaiairede. t£Eiz_
‘|SCTIOON) i iAKEH"i Co. f Wh©lcial« Diu«ttU,
J. No.M Wood (irret PituUnrla
jsgr'^ -
•/AVIS, Auctioneer, corner 6tb Wood
PitMbsrgh. * --
. >»nt. : iff
i«UM Wowu Kif»»o *'' a ' lu -
T * lUFLOVD, Wholesale
«f . llerehuUi. *nJ i)ealet» in Prodßce, *oiin«
<fcueh Baildln**, trootia* oo Libwty, Woodjai 4U
fßtttt, Pux*b*r|h, P*. O^S
JAMra nAl.?kl.l l Wholesale Grocer.CcmmiaMou
Metehaut, and dealer in Produce and Pittsburgh
M«ngf«i-uifc». ■No :M Water tt., I'liuburgti. janlb
JiL SWEJTZfcJt, Attorney at Law,o&ce ad el-,
« opposite Sl Charles Hotel, Pitubiugk, will also
suead promptly to Collections, is Washington, Payette
and Green counties, Pa.
BJackitock, Bell k. Co-, '»
Cbarch £ CaroUicra, •VPnuborrt.
O.T. .Morgan, ) ocl3Jly
I7‘IER&JONES, Forwarding and Commimon Mrr-
ekauu, Dealer* in Produce andPitlaburgh uianu
lectured amgiea, Canal Banu, pear <tli at.
Kennedy, child* a. eu, Manufacturer* or*
superior Sheeting*, Carpel Chain, Co«Vy
twice and Batting. jw:tu-»Uu.
V-' 'wlr“
V«ißTlnr Iron Works.
LEWISj DAUSKLIi ft Co., mimifnciarers of til Ki
tes U*r r Skeet, Boiler Iron end Neils of the be*t
Ittliiy. Warehouse, M enter and 106 front si.
jsnl'J _•
IH WAltlHMANf'WfapleMlt (ifocMi Forward*
4» tax «ud Comtaution Merebant,.Dealer'in l‘m«-
bur<h Manufacture! mil I’toduce, Nn». ill Wuier m.,
«IMI 6a Front»- , ,
I OOKINti,GIjJU*B Minofieisren, and Wholesale
X J dealers in foreign and domestic Variety iiooda.
We«ieni merchant*, Pedlars and oilier* ate invitrit
U> call and examine the price* and quality of oar stock,
aa with oar present increased facilmea in manufactur
ing and purchasing, we think we can diTer a* great
uwaeemeut* to buyer* as tny other, bouse we«t of the
Mountains, . •• a- . jae-ly
w *t- UllJ.m. Philad*. c. w. uci Knon.'VnUbarch.
VfUa.KHiWCKETSON, WholesaJeOroctfrs.fnU
iU, importer* of Brandies, Wittes ami Segars, No*.
IT* and l? 4, corner of Liberty and Irwin sued*, Puts*
bargb, Pa Iron, Nails, Colton Varus, Ac. Ar. cun*
staaUy on lund. . augM ,
KtnairciLL. Ju. b. m'uiul. wium c. aux-
V 4 ctiILLS ft RCIK, Wholesale Grocers and Commit-
OX. oiou Merchants, No. 194 Liberty it, Pittsburgh.
VI UKFHY, WILSON ft CO., (late Jones, Murphy 4
I*l Co.) Wholesale toralen m Dry Goods, No 4?
Wvod street, PiUzborgn- novsti
MAl'tflF.WWllioN, Portrait and MimaiorePuii..
ter. - Rooms, corner ot Pott Office Alley and
fourth street, entrance on 4Ui near Market.
f dtcft-dlf
FirnttfUauii steel Works and spring
laic tons, tuna x.ouiuu.
Manufacturers or- spring and busier «ieei,
plough-sleel, steel plough wings, coach and clip,
ue springs, hammered iron axles, arid dealers in mal*
{cable Castings, lire engine lamps, and poach truurainn
generally, corner of Ross and Front km., Pittsburgh,
Pa. ; ■ ; tebs
N HOLMES A SON, No. S 5 Market »L, second
> door from corner of Fourth, dealers in Foreign
toil Domestic Bilta Of Exchange, Cernbcates of Depos
it, Dank Note* and Specie,
mad on-.all tho principal cutes
throughout the United Stater. dr«-j7
NBUCKMASTEK, AUilUun—Office, Fourth st.,
s third door above Smitlifield, south aide.
Conveyancing of all kinds done with the greatest
eare and legal oeearaey. •
nUeata Beal Estate examined, Ac. cctatMr
PRNN STREET, between >Va>ne and Hand, has
resumed his professional duues, gmug mstrnc
uona on the .Pumo, Oaitar, and in VocaJ Music.
aaglfcdtf __ ' _
TkTbfolils •—No. ” u Fourth
By all bl, near Wood—All quantities of Green und
mflb Black Teas, done up in quarter, half; and
one pound packages, ranging- from 6u ets. "per pound
lljt |yl A. JA\ Nh, Agt- : for Pekin Ten Co.
OBIBON, LITTLE A CO., NV. lwTLiberfy street,
Pittsburgh, Wholesale Grocers, Produce and
Commission Merchants, and dealers in’ Pittsburgh
Manufactures. jy“
Soar, aoatxos- tbps, uttlx. sasti- a. aoßtaoa.
It OUEBTMOORE, WEolesale Grocer, Rectifying
LV Distiller, dealer is Produee,' Pittsburgh Manufac
tures, and till kinds of .Foreign and Domestic Wines
and Liquors, No. 11 Liberty street. On hand a very
*arge stock ofipoaperior old Monongahcla whiskey,
which will be sold foreash. aplitly
. L. o. azruouta,. J. l. mu. ,
I > EYNOLDS ABIIKE, Forwarding and Cemuuasiou
LV Merchants, for the Allegßeny River Trade, deyl
tra in Groceries, Produee, Pittsburgh Manufactures
utd Chloride af Lime. /
’nmhighcstprices, in cash, paid at all times
ry rags, Carrier of Penn anil Irwin sis. iantSi
ROBERT DALZELL a Co., Wholesale /Grocers,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants, dealers
a Produce and Pittsburgh Manufactures, Liberty st.
ViUsliarab.'Pa, / t*bS4
Rofir. A. CUNNINGHAM, Wholesale "Grocer,
Dealer in Produee and Pittsburgh Manufactures'
»«v <44 Liberty at.' / ivm
a. c. BIUCaLXTT, / TUtai. a. WIIITS.
A WHITE, \yholesale Dealer* In
Vs Foreign and Domrstie Dry Goods. No. 99 Wood st.
’-’Ulsburgn.: ’/ febl7lf.
£ —E"w7halsalUllT"lyciof Merchant*. Dealers
Os in Floor and Produce generally, and Forwarding
and Commission Merchants, No. Sj'Water *L, Pius.
barrh. '
r mzi« Mraii'icii. roan hichols, kaatlajid.
SELUCKS A NICOLS, Produce and General Com
mission WcrcLanU, No. 17 Liberty su, Pittsburgh.
Sperm, Linseed and Lard Oils. ’
O F., VON BONNUOBST, A Co., Wholesale* Grw
0, cent Forirgr<Unx and Commission Merchant*,
Dealer* In Pitttbmrah Mannfhcureaajitl .Western Pre
date, h*re removed to their new warchouse,(old stand)
No. 35, corner of Front si. and Chancery Lane.
nor 7 ; ■
»|i>R.m-rv a Hts?r7^^ ,hoig,,,le Grocers and Commlt-
I aioa Merchants, and dealersin Frodnce. No. US
wood OL, Fitubanth. P»^3
TROTH A. SCOTT, Wholesale and Retail dealers in
/Bools, ■ Shoe*, Trunks, Carpet Ba**, Ac., *. W.
vOtner of 4th and Southfield tu, Pittsburgh, Fa. _ jail
w. a woootraas asnru bsusiki.
WAL B~QALEY A CO., Wholesale Grocer*, IS
and ;{U Wood street Pittsburgh. novS7
Old Monongabela Rye Whiskey and Pittsburgh Man*
ttfaetarea,eomerof Market and First'tts. ‘
Sc peri or articles supplied at market rates. cct33 _
ANTS. o{ Soda A»b and Uleaebing
»*owdar, No. IGU liberty it, (oppoeite b*LxU> «u,) Rm»-
burgh. ' • •evo
imra p wjcx, DAVID N%ASIU.KM
WICK A iI’CANDLESB, (successors to I* A J. D.
Wick,) Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding end
Merchant*) dealers in Iron, Nails, Glass,
(.Attoii Yarns, and Pittsburgh ManuTaetare* generally,
Wood and WaW directs, yitlsbnrgn. .
"\V. WALLACE, Mill «Ume*hnd Mill Furnish
« log establishment, No. 944 Übcrty st., near the
Muisi . m * rJS
W J W.WIESWVawhes, Jewelry,fairer Ware,
i and MililaryGoods, comer of ftlarketamHih
streets, Pitubargb, Va. N. 8.-rWatehes iikl Clock*
carefully repaired. decS
ITTEBT BOWEN—Commission and Forwarding
. W Merchant, No. 90 Front «L between Wood and
Marfcst streets.
"\ir ;' R. MUKFiIY, VVKolesaie and Retail dealer in
W « Foreign and Domestic Dry Good*, north eaat
cnrpcr of Market and Fonnh eu.
wx< tocao, rso. a. tcrunt.
YTTM. YOUNG * Oo.—Dealer* in leather hides, Ae.
W 143 Liberty n
wx. M’cwcatoa, “* arTCD * o "*
«a H CvTvoEDV. *
WAR. MHIUTCHEON, Wholesale Groecr*,dea
, len In Produce, Iron. Nails, Glass, and Pitta
bargh Maoofaetares generally, 1551 Liberty at, Puts
btryb. ■ Acc *
Ww WUjSONj Dealer In Watch**, Jewelry
•- suver Ware, Military Good*. Ae., No. 57 Mar
act .l • nny7
. Biller, Pa
■VirILL also attend to celleedona and all other busl-
W : MM eutrasted to him in Caller and Armstrong
ootndaa, Pa. Beletto * '
J. A R. Fiord, liberty at 1
W.W. Wallace, do I
James Marshall do f Pittsburgh,
dly Kay A Co., Wood it. ) l* n7
.. ■ PBTTId&iW * Cd.,
MXBUUO- ' OmciuonM. AllxnACo,
HHfltßWi «ac3t . No. 42 Water street.
’ voa«;aifD raorannm.
a THIS establishment long and widely known a*
being <ma of the bon commodious In the city of
Baltimore, baa roeeutly undergone Teryertm
-tire altera lions and improremeisu. An enure new
wing has been' added, containing numerous andjury
alMplng apartaients, and extensive bathing room*.
. Tue Ladies’ department haa also been completely
reorganised and fitted up in a raa g'nniqne and neauti*
fal »fyle. Is feet the whole arrangement of the House
■fame boo remodeled, with a single eye on the part of
tb« proprietors^towards the eomfon and pleasure of
Ibeil Gaests, and which they confidently aasen will
•AaOenge comparison with any Hotel in the Union.
; Their table will always be supplied with ever) sub
•tamal and lairary which the market affords, served
no in a superior style; while in the way of Wines, Ac ,
Kejwlll Mtb.Mna.~il . .
In eohelouaa ihe proprietors beg to tar, that nothin*
will be left andona on their part, and on the pan of th*i r
**aista&U,to renderthisHotel wonhy-Uie continued
Jitronßjre of their friends and the public generally,
tax board hare Also been reduced to tl-e
N <^|i^B n iJaggage Wagon of the Hcmss will ul
, fnnn<*■< the Car and Steamboat Landings,
JSchSiU convey baggage to and from the Hotel, fro.
af charge. • —-
' »« n «a*w naans, mnseaon.
and the expense bare beea
*■“ j
for. solicit*« ll:,rc ° r rrcpricior.
oictiWiyi^“ •
pMmCULAK *“'‘i; ,l „>^V“u^> l^‘l‘*U "' l j
*atQUHHir,'«( the utwwtib,*® 1
Merchants, pareS aainghf
reepectftuljr invited to call and examine oitr Bloc*. «
wo can in with confidence that M regards
and rxnrx.ii will not differ in a comparison W ‘‘*J »
hoxae to Philadelphia. -
and Coeoa v tot"
XI ftaah Raida* * t>M« Cocoa atwUi ree’d and for
iate at the Pefcln Tea 3targ, 7Q Fuarih »»reot. dceia
par «U-. Lbu,. *
Lira anil Health Insurance*
Muinai Life and Health Insurance Company
_L of Philadelphia, Incorporated by the Legislature
of Pennsylvania, Mareb, 1?49. Charier perpetual.
Capital, BlU>,ooO. lUti* Lnwaa Tuan *.?n Pansain
vxltta CuaifsM, and full SO per cent lower than the
usual rules of Life. Insurance, as the following com
parison will show: Thus, a\ person o( the age ot :JU in
suring for 8100 for life. tnmil pay in the Girard
Pennsylvania, M 30, Penn! Mutual, S'iJGi Equitable,
82.04; New England, 82.30;/New York Life, 8X00; Al
bion, 82fiS; Lite and llrniili, Philndelphia, 81,91.
Diurctoek —Samuel D. Ortick, Charles D. Hall, W
F. Boone, Robert P. KmgJ Charles P. Haves, M. W.
Baldwin. M. M. Reeve, M. D., Cbaa. U. B Cumpliell,
Lewis Cooper, 1. Rodman [Barker, K. 11. Butler, Kdwm
R Cope. President—Samuel D. Ortick; Vice Presi
dent— Robt. P King; Secretary—Fruncia Uluckburne.
Applications will l>e received, and every miorniation
given by . SAMI- FAHNESTOCK, Agt,
Office, iViiimiercial Itimmi, corner of
ocl*?-d!y Wopd and Third sts, Pittsburgh
1 N 8 U K A N C Is 7
iscourohated in 1823.
Annual Premiums, Capcal Stock, and Surplus Fund,
91,000,000. 1
This old und responsible Company continues to is
sue policies on the most favorable terms on Dwelling
Houses, Household Furniture, Mores, Slocks of Goods,
Warehouses and contents. Mills and Manufactories,
Ac. Ac., again si LOSS Oil DAMAGE BY FIRE.
Also, on Goods; Wares a:id Merchandize, against
the hazards of Iklaiid TasiaiMßTsTiu.v, and upon the
Cargoes af rlc* Vessels.
The Protection Inturunr.e Company having, in the
last Hi yean, paid mart uujjo<i« or cotxsu at tbeir
several agencies throughout the Unitrd Mate*and Die
British Provinces, have established a just reputation
for sotvtiicy and fair dealing, which challenges com
parison with any other tutbfance copipany mi the
continent of America. The uunexed extract from an
article on the subject of tusafbnce Companies, tokrit
fro® the “New York Day Book.” exhibits briefly the
stunding and policy of the Company.
“The -moneyed men’of the uncteni and always oros
perous city of llaruord, hove for half a century been
famous throughout the Union for ibo cute, >li*creuon,
rigid honesty, and unvarying success with which they
have fjrmed and managed corporations ol Uurde
senotion. No Hartford Bunk or Insurance Company
has ever 'failed! These Companies have lor more
than a whole generation scattered their naks ui near
ly every State of the Union, and have never tailed u>
pay the imnuncrable losses which they have insured
All losses arising upon policies issued by the under
signed, will be promptly adjusted and paid at the Gen
eral Agency office, located at Cincinnati, U. A large
portion of the funds of the Company, (including all
premium* .received al the Western agencies.) is de
posited with the General Agent of the Company at
Cincinnati, for the payment ot Western and !-ouibero
losses. Apply to FA'YET IE BROWN,
Agent for the city of Pittsburgh, and lor Allegheny
county. octSnUiu
Tbs PennsylraniaCompany
Fox InsKcaaca ori Lives asd Gaa.vrtau Asincmas.
I'IIE first LifeTnsuranre Company in the F. Hlatcs.
Incorporated March to, lots—cha. ter perpetual.
Capital 85IX),0U0—all paid in.
Ilavuic Ruihortsc-J the tindersigned to reeetve appli
cations. lor insurtner, ou which policies will bo issurdf
according to their prop>-*aLn and rates, which will be
made known to applicants at bis office, No. SO Wood
street sptl - (ibii COCHRAN.
wksTkST lislTEiiicE com pa it t
CAPITAL Ut| 11,01)11.
J. FtnitET, Jr-, Sec*y. | l;U MiLt-xo, Jr., Brash
Will iesare against all kinds of risks,
ALL losses will be liberally-adjusted and promptly
A home institution—managed by Director* who arc
weti known >n the community, and who are delermin
«d by promptness and libcruliiy to moiutam lli* char
acter which they have assumed, as offering the best those who desire to be Insured.
Diaxcidxf— R. Miller, Jr., Geo. Black, J. W. Butler,
N. Holmes, Jr., Wm. U Holmes, C. Ihmsen, Geo. W.
Jar kwh, Wm. M. Lyon, Jta. luppincoa, Tho*. K.
Lncb( James M’Aoley, Alex. Nimick, Thos. Hcutt.
Gf'ncE, No. 99 Water street, (warehouse of Bpang
A Co., up stairs,) Pittsburgh. iu4:dly
J_ (LANCE COMPANY —Office. North Room of the
Exchange, Third street. Philadelphia.
Flu* lsacaxnca.—Buildings, Merchandise and other
property in Town and counTxr; insured against toss or
damage by .fire at the lowest rate of premium.
Maukx Isscaanca.—They also insure Vessel*. Car
goes and Freights, foreign or coastwise, under o[«-n or
special policies, as the asturrd may desire.
lxtAsbTai.^sroxTATtou.—They also iusure merchan
dise transported by Railroad Cars, Canal
Boats and £;eam.Uoais, on rivers anil lakes, on the
most lihcraltcrmi- (
DIR-KCl’DRS—Joseph 11. Steal. Edmond A. Souder,
John C Davis, Robert Burton, John R I’cnrore, Bama
cl IMwurda, Geo G Lei per, 1-ldward DarUcgton. Isaac
R Davis, Wilbam Folweil, John Newliu, Dr R M Hus
ton, James C Hand. Theophitns I’auMmg. H Jones.
Brooks, Ib-ury i>loan. Hugh Craig, Gcotge Serntl,
Spencer Mollvaiß, Charles Kelly. J G Johnson, Wii
Hum Hay, Dr F Thomas, Jobiri*eilers, Wm. Eyre. Jr.
Wm. iivgaley, Juo. T. Logau.
ftictUßi) S. NawaoLD, ttecretary-i-
Office of the Company. No. 42 Wiler street,
I’mM-urgh. juls:dU P. A. MADEIRA, AgeuL^
milE INSL'KAXCK Co. ol North America'will
X Uoic permanent and limited Insurance on pro
perty in this city, and vicinity, and rn shipment# by
Ounal, Hirers, Lakes, anil by Sea. The properties ol
this Company are well ioTesled, - and feraith mn avail
able fuiid Cor llie ample indemnity ot all persona who
desire to Lc proieeied by insurance,
niylb AVM. I*. JUNKS, Agent, 41 Water «t-
'fits Franklin Firt Insurance Co. of PhtJuJ^ftkia.
DIKKCTOR3.— Charles N. Uancker, Tboig.i* Hart,
Tobias Wagner,Samuel Oram, Jacob K. Smith,
(ieo. W Richards, filordeeai D. Lewis, Adolpbo K.
ilone, Hand S. Urown, Morn# Patterson.
Cuaklks N. UAScsea, |’rr<ideiu.
Charles O. Uanckcr, Secretary.
Continue to rauke insurance, perpetual or luniied.
uoTcry description of property in town or country,
1 rate* as’low ms are consistent wiib security.
Tu Company have rcaerved a large conlinaeni Fund,
*ldcb with ihnr Capital and Premium*, »ofe!y inrrti
.J, aloril ample protection In the aaeared.
Tbn a<*ei» of'ibe company, ou January I*l, 1-iU, a*
tutHmlird agreeably loan act of were a»
-llow», risa
Ileal l>talr
Temporary I*>sn«
Casli, Ac-
-f],M7,43d 41
V 4.754 53
i)6,|jui ei
J 7
; <i
Since their incorporation, a period of IV year*, they
have paid upward' of one million four hundred tkoua
aud dollar®, loise* by. lire, therrby ullcrdmg evidence
cf (boadvantagr* ol inaorance, us well os Use ability
and dmxjsilion lo meet with promptness ail liabilities.
mort-dly -Offire N K cornet \\’ood and 3d at*
■ ware Mutual Safety Insurance Company of Flnal-
Arlphia. Fire Risk* upon buildings and merchandize
oi every description, and upon hull* or
cargoes of vessel*, lakes upon the’ moat favorable
in the Warehouse of W. B Holmes A Uro.,
pit# Water, near Market street, Pittsburgh.
N li —The *ueee*s of tin. Compauy fnice the estob
li Ament of Ihe Agency in thiaeity, with ihe prompt
nes.* and liberality with which every claim upon them
for loss hu been adjusted, fully warrant the agentm
inviting tho confidence and patronage of hi* friends uud
ihl community «large lo the Delaware M. 8, In»a
knee (Company, while it ha» the additional*
at an institution among the mint flourishing in 1 hHadel
pbio—as having an ample paid-in capital, which by the
operation of it* charier t* constantly increasing, »*
yielding to each person insured hi* due *h*fu ol the
nrofiuof the company, without involving him in any
whatever, end therefore n* po»w»t»K
tboMulual principle divested of every obnoziou* Ira.
•are, and in iu mo*l attractive form. <lo< *
j ,rc*«T. tiio*. *• iI V L
STUART ABlLL,Grocer*, and Produceand Com
mi*uou Merchant*, No. iln Wood »t.
Dealer* InGioeeries, Flour, Wheat, Rye, Gala, lorn,
Harley, Fork, Bacon. Butter, Lard. Cheese, Clover,
Timothy uud Has Seed*; Iron. Nail*, 4*»mis fcc- *0;
Ac. Particular attention paid to the *alo of Wesb rn
Messrs. Myers A Hunter, Kohl. Dal
nil A Co., M UillS A Roc, Hampton, Smith A ( a .
James May, King A Moorhead, Fiifburgb- Fenner
A M-Mill*.,, Massillon. Jo*. 8- Mormon, h«|., »«.
Louts. *p»ifi:ty
,oit* s. caaie, late of N. Li.ta,o. »■ •• ••«**«
Gi KNKKAL AUbNt'Y, Coiuiuuii'm and Forward
r in* Merchant*. No. an filarkeim., Fiusbargb, l
prompt attention given to tho purchase and sale
of ail kinds of Frodure.
Uusa to— John Watt A Co, Murphy, Wilson A to.
Pittsburgh, Lawton A IliH, Mahlon Martin,
Wrflsvtile. u.; John 11. Brown A Co., Gngg, F.lliou A
Co., Philadelphia; B. \V. Snodgrass A Co., Gregg A
N*ec, New Lisbon, O.J Ft Skinner, lion. C- U. CoCm,
Onii innatr, J. F. Keller, Youngstown, U.; W.L.Btun
dhn. Cleveland, O. -^augiH_
Coin rut sit on. and Forwarding Merchant.
no. sc wiwo rrrrsuundir,
CONTINUES to transect a general Commission bust
/ ness, especially in and sale of Ann ri
eun Manufacture* aiuPFroduce, and in-receiving and
forwarding Good* cotiMgnod le hi® care. A* Agnu j«r
tlie, Manufacture*, lictwill he constuittly supplied with
the principal article* Ot Pittsburgh Manufacture at we
lowest wholesale prieeL. Order* and consignments
arc. re«pcctfully solicited. fJT
Steam Brick Works for Sale.
MHIK subscriber oilers fur sale, the KIT!AM lIHH K
J. Works, above Lawrence.illc, a
Fleam Engine, ‘J Boiler*, U Mould .Machine, cupuble ol
manufacturing •jitjUu Pressed Buck* tout ofdryrlny,
as tukcu front the bank,) jier da), with three urn:* of
land on the Aiirghcny river, on which are 4 kiln* und
■beds, machine mid clay sbedi, wbrclb if row., truck.,
move:*, »{>:.di-s, Ac., every tin us to com-
B.vnce o|wraiin t i* at an b»ui« iiuurc. Frice, ineklding
the paicut right to use said machine, *7,(Km— ■Vn. of
payuicm utaue easy. W’lUiout the land, SS.tKK). For
particulars, address HFNKY MHKIHIT,
•ug/7-dlf No Itb Mononguhrla House.
A A FULTON, Bell and lira** Founder. ba» rr
p| bail; and commenced hu.inrs* at hi* old sinnd,
Where he will be pleated lo sec bis old custom-
and iriemtA.
Church,Steamboat,and Ueil* ol every size, from Ul
lo Il>,bUO pounds, east from pauern* of the most approv
ed toodrls, and warrauied lo he ol the best materials
Mineral Water Fumps,Counter*, Hailing, Ac., toge
ther with every variety ol Brass Castings, if required,
turned and finished in the ncale>i niaimer.
A- F. i» the sole propncior oi Bsami's Ahti-Airi
TtoS Mrrst, so justly celebrated for the reduction <
Inction m oiarhiiicry. The ILues and Coni]vo>!iUt
can bn had of onu at all tunes. jaSO-.I J
F HINTING FAFKK—'Ainu rrains of Fruiting and
Book Taper, a superior article. Assorted size*
ott hand. Aliy »ize made lo order at shortr.i noueC.
oettf » t: HILL'. *7 Wood *l_
~TT donaagatatirLlvcry Htabl*.
j: KUUFKT 11. FATI'MIBON has opened
large ruble on First si, running through
to Second *|, beivvren Wish! and BUiithlield
the rear ol Die Monongshelu llou«e,
wilifin eutircly new stock of Hot*.-* anJ Cumages of
Lhe bcitqualiiy and latest style*. Itotves kept at Uw
ry in tho belt rnanoex- jjoMJy
Dlaaolatloxa of Partnerablp*
BY MUTUAL CONSENT this day, the firm hereto
fore existing under the style of BUSHFIELD A
LEADER, has been dissolved by Henry Leader sell
ing bis entire interest in said firm to John McGilL All
business connected wilh the firm of Bushfield ft Lead
er wiirbfc settled by 9. B. Bushfield ft Co- who are
duly uuthoriied to make oil collections and adjust all
Pittsburgh, pet *J7,1&4».
N. B —S. B. BUSHFIELD ft CO. will continue Be
wholesale rfhd retail Dry Goods and Grocer)' business,
at the old store room, No.'All) Liberty st, where they
will be pleased to have their friends aud customers
call and examine their stock of goods.
oeni • S. U BUSHFIELD ft CO.
r PHF. partnership of the ouderalgaed, under the firm
A of Baguley ft Smith, «m dissolved by mutual
coasent on wth September, W. Bagaley nurchasing
the interest of J K. Smith, who retires. The business
of the firm will be settled by their successors, Wm.
Bagaley ft Co., at Nos. la and ‘JU Wood st
Pittsburgh, Oct. P, 549. ISAAC R. SMITH.
CO-PARTNERSHIP.—Win. Bagaley having asset
ciaied with him Wm. It. Woodward of Philadelphia.
John S Gosgrave aud Ralph Bagaley of Piusburgh,
will continue the Wholesale Grocery Uusiness. at Nos
1- and *JU Wood st, under the firm of
WM. BAGALEY ft CO, Pittsburgh;
and BAGALEY, WOODWARD ft CO., Philad’a.
Dlaaolatton of 00-Psrtn«rsblp.
f IJIIK ro-purtncnbip heretofore eliding between tbe
A. tubteribert, under tbe mtyle of Brown A. Culbert
■on, wai dissolved on tbe Ist inst by mutual content
Pittsburgh, Oct. 5, 1849.
Tbo subscriber will continue the Wholesale Groce
ry and Commi'Mon Business, as hcretof>re. at the old
fund, H 5 Liberty at. . oetS A. CULHKRTSON.
P"-* art., xrrwxci Wood and Maeikt, rimtscaati,
CmJNTINUK to manufacture all kinds of COPPER,
mh Work.
steam Boats built to order.
Special attention riven to strum boat work.
Have on bauds a fine assortment of Copper And Brass'
KetlleSjTin Ware, Ac. Ac. Steamboat Cooking Stoves,
Portable Forges, various sixes—a very convenient ar
ticle for steamboats, California emigrants, or rail road
We would respectfully invite steam boat men and
others to call and see our articles and pnees before
purchasing elsewhere. _ jT'-17_
Dissolution of PsrtnVrsfelp*
ritllK copartnership of HENRY HANNKN A CO .
X tormerly lloiinen, Mailer A Co., in the Window
a d Colored Glass business, itlhisday dissolved by
the withdrawal of Mr. Frederick Muller.
The buiinn* will be continued by the onder*i*ned,
under the firm of HENRY lIaNnEN A (X) Were
bouse No. lOH Second st, where we will brr. M'Si.r
■piilie* of lupetiot Window Ule*e.
Pittsburgh, Aag.
C o par tn * r* IU p.
THE undersigned have Um da y associated with theft
in biuinew JACOB L. SCIIVVAKTZ.and will con
Unue the business a* heretofore, under the firm of
July*. ittfs. jyi3
rjMIE partnership heretofore emitting under the firm
I of A. & C BRADLEY', is dissolved by the decease
01 Mr. C. Bradley. The business will be earned oo by
A. Bradley, who will acute Uie business of the laic
firm. .
REMOVAL— A. Bfixtiixt has removed hi* Foundry
Warcbouae from No. 111! Second street, to No. 19
Wood street, between First and Second streets. to the
warcbouae lately occupied by U. A. Berry, where he
will keep constantly on hand a general assortment of
Casting*. Grates. Stoves, Cooking Stoves, Ac. jylU
IHIK co-pirtnershin heretofore existing between the
subscriber*, in the name of Constable, Burke A
Co., is ibis day dissolved by mutual cohmul Messrs
Burke A Barnes will settle the business of the con
cern, for which purpose they are authorised to use the
uame of the concern. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE.
The undersigned have this day associated thenuelvei
tu the name 01 BURKE A BARNES, lor the ptirpou
of luiutafactunug Fire Proof Safes, Vault Doors, &r
Ae., at tbe »n»ud of the late firm of Constable, Hurki
A Co . where Uiry will be plraard to receive the pa
trunaga of the customers ot that house and their friends
In reunng from the firm of Constable, Burke A Co ,
1 with sincere pleasure recommend Messrs. Kurke A
Bnruea to the confidence of my friends and the public.
Penn Machlualbup.
HWIGHTMAN— Mansfaeturer ofmll kind* of CDI
• ton and woollen mactmery. Allegheny ctry. Pa.
Tbe <tboxe works being now in util aa-JsurccaifiJ op*
eration, 1 am prepared to execute oxters with dispatch
for all kinds of machinery* in ay Una, neh as willows,
pickers, spreaders, cards, grinding ms&binci, railways,
drawtug frames. speeders, thiasaUs, looms, woolen
cajnls,douhle orstaglc.for merchant ot country work,
tnu!es,jaeks, Ac.; slide and banil lathes and tools in gen
eral. AH Unds-cf shafting mada to order, or plans giy
en for gearing factories or mills at reasonable Charge,
Brrta to— Kennedy, Child* A Co., Ulaekstoek, Bell
A- Co. King. Pennock A Co., Ja*. A. Gray.
m n«>4 &E9QVAL.
Forwarding and Commission Mer
ehant, has removed to No. k? Front, between Wood
and Smithficld street*. »t»V
ik'F- have some TUMI’S, made ou an improvrd
VY plan, «o as not to freeze in the coldest weather,
’ersons wanting such aniclra, are invited to call and
tuv'jd 1«L between Wowi Marlrei »l«
RUIIKBT A. CUNNINGHAM has removed to No 0
Comtnr.reial llow, boose formerly oocopied by
Morn* Oram, whete he'wtll be happy to see bis friends
and former customers, OCIAJ
" To'plCnSTEHs. '
JOHN P. M'CRKARY, Friuling Ink Manufacturer,
No*. 331 and XCJBiamoo street, NKW YORK—De
pot N 0.3 rtpruee street—Would eall ll>e ailrnlion of
Vmitrr* to hi* Improved I‘naiing Ink* of various
kinds and ordera, at the following prices:
Kitr* fine Jet Ulaek, for Card and Wood
Can - • to OU end 3 00 p*r lb.
FinriUook Ink • • 075 “ 1 OU
JU>o* i k - • • 04» a u So “
N'Wi* Ink 0 18 l»»l “ OS3 *•
Fin'-Red Ink -75 c 1 00 I SO “ 1(0
Blue, Yellow; Oreen and While 7Se JOQ l M u
(iaid tile «i toper lb, and Bronze el 50,75 cu end
91 per oz.
A inccimcn of New* Ink cen lie teen on this paper.
Fiiubargb, Pa.
C. Morgan k CCincinnati. Ohio.
Mprton k (inawoutii, Louuville, Ky. octfridCm
Modern anil inliqne fnrnilnre,
. s3,Tman STaarr. PiTmacgcn.
for Steamboat*,
BM Hotel* and private dwel
liiiri, constantly on sand and made to order.
Tire present stock on band cannot be exceeded by
any manufactory in Jhe western country. Perrons
wishing to purchase would do well to give me a call,
aslmn determined my prices shall pleaao. Pan ol
the flock consists in—
TfleaTele; Buffet Fdaijeje;
Louis XIV Chairs; fluent Elizabeth rbsirs;
Ten I’oyse: Fruit Tables;
Toilet Tubles; Louis XV Comraoder;
French Mahogany Bedsteads; Piano Stiooln;
SO sofas with Plash and Hair-cloth covoie;
SO Mahogany Rocking Chairs;
4Udox Parlor do
:M “ Fancy do
25 centre Tables;
•JO pair Divans; 4 pair pier Tables; •
IS marble top Dressing llnresus;
H Wardrobes; tl Secretaries and Book cases,
30 marble top Wash Stands;
4 pair Ottomans;
B pair fancy Work Stands;
A very large assortment of common chairs and other
(ormlure too numerous to mentimi.
\tr Steam Boats famished on the shortest notice,
■nd on the most reasonable terms. decli
DUpbrign VilUri for (lydrsat Walsr>
Tills is u> certify that ibaveap;
pointed Livingston, Roggrn A Co,.
Sole Agents for the sale of Jemtlng’s
Patent Dsaprohgm Filter, for the ci|
Iff lies of Pittsburgh and Allegheny.
for Waiter M Gibson, 349 Broadway
Jl OeV 10, 1&46.
We have been using one of the above articles at the
office of tl>« Novelty Works for three months, on trial,
and feel perfectly satisfied that it is a useful invcniion,
and we lake pleasure in.recommending them as a use,
fulwrlicle to ail who love pure water. Orders will be
thankfully received and promptly executed.
oetlU _____ IJVIMiSTON. RIHiUKN A (Vi
AsvsriihlTyilttring Cock,
R Which renders torbid water pure by
removing all substances not soluble in
/'gSfcaA water. The croton water In N. York,
••though dear mid pure to the eye, yet
l\\BrMJ* w ' J,!M it parse* sn hour through this
filtering cock, shows a large uepoeit
impure substances, worms, Ac. This
is the case more or less with all hydrant water.
The Reversible Filterer is neat arul durable, and is
not attended with the inconvenience incident U> miter
Fillerers as it is cleansed without being delimited (tom
the. water Pipe, by merely turning the key or hand!,
from one side to the other. By iLl* easy prncras, lU
course of water is changed, and all accumulations fc
impure substances are driven off almost instantly,
wMhooi unscrewing the Filter It also possesses tbs
advantage of being aslop cock, and us suck in many
css-s will be very convenient and economical.
H can be attached where there is any P'eesuro high
or low to a cask, tank, tab, Ac. w“ l > e**, 0 - b? has
of p»e sole Agent, •' •'v
ort!7 corner of Fourth and Market its
*’ Wrought and Cut Iroa Railing.
rilllE subscribers beg leave to inform the public la
I they have obtained from the East all the late and
fashionable designs for Iron Railing,
anu ermetenes Persons wishing to procure hand
some patterns will please call mid examine, und judge,
for themselves. Ratling will be furnished at the sliort
esl notice, and in the best manner, at the corner ,of
C ""« A y f.AMON ft- KN'OX.
OhoealtUi Cocoa. *«•
W. linker'* American and French Chocolate.,Prepai
ed Cocoa, Cocoa Pule, Urorna. Cocoa Shell*, Ac.
II O merchania and consumers, who would i.urrhose
. ihe best products of Cocoa, free from aduherauon,
more uuuiuoua than lea or coffee, and in duality unsur
passed. the subscriber recommend* the above article*,
manufactured by himself. and .lomped wuh In* name,
llu llroma and Cocoa Paste, at delicate, palatable,
and aalutary drink* for invalid., eouvalcsceiits, aud
others are pronounced by the mo.i eminent physician*
aopcnorlo any other preparation*.. Hu ma.mtacturw
arealway* on.tkin any quantity, hr the most re
spectable grocer* in the eastern ciliei, and hy theh
.agent*. HawesUray Aco., d(Boston; JamesMßoiiee
ire, Hanford,Conn; Hooey A Murray, New \oik,
(Irani 4 Slone. Philadelphia; Tnotna* V Brundige, Bal
timore, and Helton A Benneu'Omcmnat., Ohio.
WALTER OARER* Dorchester Mas*.
For .ale by augtt BAOALKY A SMITH, Agu
W. * J. GLESR, Book Blsdart*
WE are *ull engaged in the above business, corner
of Wood andTbird streets, Plltsburgb, where
we are prepared to do any work iu our line with des*
putch. we attend to our work personally, and snus*
(action will be gives in regard to its neatness and do*
Blank Books ruled to any paitern and bound sub
stantially: Books lit numbers or old books bound cafe*
fully or repaired* Names put on books in gill letters.
Those that have work in our line are invited to eall.
Prices low. , ' mygfctf
Benias* Ctfoklnw SlOtii, Grata** dfce.
MARSHALL, WAIXaCE A CO., Round, Church,
comer Inbprty and Wood streets, manufacture
and offer for suU Platform, Floor and Counter Scales,
of the most improved quality; Cooking Stove*, for wood
and coal; Egg Stoves of various sizes, Parlor and
common Grates, Hollow Ware, Ac. Ac. They also
manufacture the Kitchen Range, which has given inch
general satisfaction to-those having it in use, to all of
which they would respectfully invite the attention of
the citizens and the public generally. ocltff-dtf
Manufactured tobacco—The subscriber
would call the attention of the eity trade and
dealers generally, to the following brands Tobaccos,
in store and to arrive, which being consignments di
rect from manDfaeiurera, he is enabled to sell at east
ern prices:
ESI, | bxs R W Crenshaw sa;
70 I “ James Madison &*;
Hit •* Lamartine ss;
XI | * Mirabeas_ 6s;
XI | *• Putnam 6s and la;
16 | y Roberts A Sisson ss;
H | M Oscarßurl ss;
HI “ Johns A Lewis.* Is;
3 | ** Warwick, suprft Is;
4d | “ Henry A Jamer sa, Is and 8a;
febdl 5... L S WATERMAN
Pitt JUebins Works sad Psuadry.
JOHN WJUGHT A Co., are nrepafed to build Couon
and Woolen Machinery, of ever* description, such
as Carding: Machines, Spinning Frames, Speeders.
Drawing Frames, Railway Heads, Warpers, Spoolers,
Dressing Frames, Looms, CardUrtnders, Ac. Wrought
Iron Shafting turned; all sizes of Cast-Iron, Pollies and
Hangers of the latest patients, alide and hand Lathes,
and toola of all kinds. Castings of every description
famished on short notice. Patterns made to order for
Mill Gearing, Iron Railing, Ac. Steam Pipe for heat
ing Factories, Cast Iron Window Sash and fsney Cas
tings generally. Orders left at the Warehouse of J.
Palmer A Co., Liberty street, will have prompt atten
Refer to Rlaeksiock, Bell A Co. J, K. Moo reheed A
Co., G. E. Warner, John Irwin A Sons, Pittsburgh; G.
C. A J. 11. Warner, Steubenville. ianlß
MA. WHITE A CO~ would respectfully inform
• the public that they have erected a shop on
Lacoek, between Federal ai d Sandusky streets. They
arc now making and are prepared to receive orders for
every description of vehicles, Coaches, Chariot’s, Ba
rouche*, Buggies, Pliasiotts, Ac., .Ac:, which tram their
lone experience m the maaufs'etureof the above work,
autf the facilities they have, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the most reasonable terms with
thfcte wamiug articles in their hue.
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate
rial*, and having nose but competent workmen, they
have no hesitation in warranting their work. We
therefore nsk the attention 1 of the public to tlii* matter.
N. B. Rj-poiring done tu the best manner, aud on the
most reasonable terms. isSßilf
110 "cotton and woolen MANUFACTU
RERS— Having, made arraugemenu for a con
stant supply of FACTORY FINDINGS, we will sell
at low prices Calf and Sheep Holer I Skins, Lace Lea
ther, Pickers, Reeds, Shuttles, Hemp Twine Treadles’
,Nu. 5 to 15 Belt Punches, Wrenches, Stripping Cards,
111 to 15 in; Patent Dresser Brashes, Weavers' Brush
my< . tat Wno street, Pltubnrgh.
P' "ottT \V A Forrester, 1331;
Pare rich and dry, Gould, Campbell A Co's old
dry 1833. Osbourn's 1334. Pure lelU; Pure Juice par
ticular Port, Hams A Bona, Pure Juke, threble, dou
ble and single Orspcs. 'lYtese wines are all celebra
ted for their medical properties, and can be had whole
sale or retail at the Wine Store of
... - -p iajlOS!
rpHE subscriber offers fur sale a large and splendid
X assortment of rosewood and mahogany grand Ac-
tion Pianos, with and without Coleman's celebrated
.Eobau Attachment. The above instruments are war
ranted t'bc equal to anjt manufactured tn this coun
try, and will be sold lower than any brought from the
East. F. ULUME, No ll* wooj si.
at door sboje 6th
N. B.—Cuy Scrip will bo taken at par fur p few of
he above assortment. myi F. U.
Hardware—Cheaper than Ersrl
LOGAN, WILSON ACU.. Importers and Wholesale
Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery and Saddlery, No
:2» Wood street, above Fifth, have now in store a very
:heap and well selected stock of Hardware, imported
unce the decline of pnee* iu Europe, and which they
ire determined to veil correspondingly low. .Merchants
rbo have been ut the habit of going East, are particu
irly requeued to call and look through our stock, st
n confidently believe they will save their ex|>ciiccs
Daily ai the Baltimore, Philadelphia.
Young MEN in wholesale and retail stores, and other
respectable business, to act as Book-keeper*, Mule*
wen. Porters, Bar-keepers, Waiter*, Farmers, Coseh
men. Car Agents. Book and Map Agents, Collectors,
Overseers tn all branches of business, Ac. VVe have
at all lime* a large unrulier of good «itu*lioa« on hr.'id,
*Lich pay from 300 in 9*2,000 per arranm. Tboie in
Want of situations oftny kind would do well to give
I lit a call, a* we bare agent* iu each of ibe above ei
die*, arbiqh will enable a* to place every applicant In
a suitable situation at the «bene«t amice. We have a
uge acquaintance in all the above named cities
rhjch we trail will enable u* to give entire tautfac
iou to all who may favor us with a call.
between South and Gay.
N. IL—Persons living in aay part of the U. Stairs
and wishing to obtain a liiuation in Baltimore, or e»-
(her of the above cities will have Uicir want* imme
diately attended to by addressing u* a line, (poti-pmd)
a* by »o doing they will cuuairboih trouble and ex.
peate, which they otherwise would incur by coming
to tne city, and seeking employment for themselves
No-39 Second street,
myiAdtf Baltimore, MJ
Dr, BeLaa* In Tcantins
'l'HlS U to certify that I purchased one vial of Hr.
| gJnLano'a Worm Spccilic, untie two mouths ago
and gave to a son of mtue, some seven year* old, two
fall, and although the amount may appear
y«t 1 have no doubt but there was upward* of
rwo hi tiimn woiut* passed from him. measunny
tromaaa quarter of au inch to two incho* long.
a w uolllday,
Bom's Crock. Carrol co. Tenm, Dec ¥7. W 7. )al>4
Warehouse, No. 137, Wood strut , Pittsburgh.
•sums WILL coaaißiulj teepon hand a good assort
dfiUaein ot Were; of our own manutaeture, and
lapenorquahty. Wholesale and country Met-
W ehant* are respectfully invited to call and ex
amine for themselves, a* we'are determined to *ell
cheaper thanhasererbafor* b*en offeradto the pub-
|[7- Order* sent by mail,accompanied by tb«ea»b or
ay reference, will be promptly attended to. rnylfi
f ItO THK LADIES—Just received, a fall assortmrri
X of gold and silver Thread. Cord and Braid; also
Spangle* and Bullion, for embroidering and other or
n amenta! work. Also, gold ond silver Tassels, Fringe
Jewelry of the latest fashions, in great variety.
Watches of superior quality and beautiful patterns,
; and fur sale at Eastern price*. W W WILSON,
aug7i corner Market and Fourth at*
MENT—Open from OA.M. 101 l l*. M. single
Bath *J cents, at 0 fori uollar. Ladies department
opeu from 9 to 11 A. M. and from ii to .5 P. M.
The Hefrethment Saloons are unequalled in style
attendance. Recherche Ice Creams ’.
auglh 7*. M’PAI.L, Proprietor. _
mjIK auentinn of the poblie is respceusily called to
A tlie following certificates:
Ma.H. EailS*— Having tested a quantity of Hold
weighed by your Areometer. J find the result proves
your instrument correct; and recommeud the use of il
to those going to California, as the best method for ob
taining the teal value of Hold. Kesp. yours,
J. 0. DUNLEVy,HoId Beeler.
Pittsburgh, Marefa V, 1B4».
r7*CTUCiat!| M*reh7,l649.
Mu. Eiiina—Doer Sirt Having examined the “Areo*
ueumauulaclurcd at your rooms, 1 do not hesitate
o eommend it to the use of those gentlemen who srs
iboot removing to California in search of Hold.
It give* a close approximation to the spoci&e grsvi
ty di metals, and will certainly enable UiO adventurer
io ascertain when his placer is yielding Hold,
marlil- Yours, reap*y, 4. U. ATCLINTOCK.
1' SdiTRUBUER CLOTHINU-Just received for the
California Expedition, a complete assortment of
(Jum Elastic Clothing, ai pnees ranging from SAhtl to
•ll AO for suit of coat, pouts and hat For salo at the
India Rubber Depot, No & Wood st
drc» Jill PHILLIPS
UFAOTwBY.—The subscriber lake* this method
of informing his friends and the public m general iiiui
he lias thelargest stock of Ihe following named sni
des of his own manufacture ia this city—Saddles, I Ur
ness, Trunks and Whips, all of which he will warrant
to made of the best material and by Ihe best merti
allies in Allegheny comity. Being determined lo sell
his manufactures something lower than has been here
tofore sold by any similar establishment in the city,
he would invite persona in need of the above Mimed
articles to bis warehouse, No. 214 Liberty street, o|ijk>-
mte Seventh. Also, bunds made to order for mst-him*
ry. oct3b-iy _ U.JiKKUY.
(S HJHTand short tuna BILLS OF KXOICANtiK, pay-
O able in Cincinnati, Louisvrlle and St. Louis, |»ur
i*ua*ed <m tha must favorable terms.
»pi 6
| kfcUKIVKU THIS DAY, at Ibo India Rul>l»c l>o
li pul—l cimo Womcn'i Metallic* KuUlicrSuUiiuD,
4 " " ** •• SUpperti
6 *‘ “ “ “ Uuskinai
I l “ •* •• Slipper*;
1 •• Men'* “ •• Overthoet;
1 “
M *• Sanilais
i “ “ l*aili<:r coled " (Jvenlioer;
A I' of winch will li«- Mtiilj wboletaia or retail, lower
ii.«« at any buu4c tu the ctiy. Ji lj nilLLirS,
i*ov-l No i Wood street
IA, HKAT FLOU 11-lwi aacka (of &0 (bn) in .tore and
» * lot.alcby novu STUART * SILL
SOAP— bn Cincinnati,ju»t roc'd, fertile by
KIIKY, Man'llUWH A ro
OU..H-I etui Oil liurgomotj
J I * *• Lavender;
1 “ “ Peppermint;
... . .'}**“ buMtlru;
rretb and pare, tor rule by
VI oI.ASSKS— 6O bbit Plantation, landing ftorn the
IVX nearncr Mouongoitcln, and (or *ale by
LKAD —1340 pi(* Oalena, (or cole by
"°T' a . - _J A HUTCHISON A CO
O t fot ? M^Tby W k*** receiving truiu canal, atm
/ APPLES—W~UUli ju*i rec'd anTT(ur (alb
VJT by noTil " COPE A ÜBKvrCHiLK
POTASII-» caiki ne’d lilnli* tor mic by
LaKO-34 krgi No i, iLr sale by"
novtf • ' TASSKY A UKST
GLOVES ANI» HOSIERY—Now opening ai A. A.
Mkoon A Cw**, aw dor Clove* and Uoncry. of ail
kind* aud qualUie* . novO
roa m txvovaL a.vo nmnn crax or all dbeaab
aanuro non as omras stats or tub blood
Serofata or King’i Kril, Rheumatism, Otminaie Cuts
neons Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on the Face,
Blotehes, Biles, Chronic Son Ryes, Ring Worm
or Tetter, Betid Head, Enlargement and Pain of
the Bones and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Bypbiltie
Symplons, Sciatica or Lumbago,—and diseases
arising from an Injudieious nse of Mercury, Aei-
Utes or Dropsy, Exposure or Imprudedee in Life;
Also—Chronic Constitutional Disorders, Ac.
In this preparation are strongly concentrated all the
Medicinal properties of Sarsaparilla, combined with
the most effectual aids, the most salutary productions,
the most potent Simple* of the vegetable kingdom; and
it bos been to fully tested, not only by patients them
solves, bat also by pfcftielans, that it has received
their uanaaUfied recommendations and the approba
tion of tne publie; and. has established, on its own
merits, a reputation fbr talci and btficact far supe
rior to the various compounds bearing the name of
Sarsaparilla. Diseases have been cured, such as are
not furnished la the records of time post: and whst it
has already done for lire thousand* who nave used it.
It it eapahle of doing for (he millions still suffering and
struggling with disease. It purifies, cleanses, and
strengthens the fountain splines of life, and infuses
new vigor throughout the-whole animal frame.
The fobowing striking, and —as will be seetl—per
manent cure of an inveterate case of Scrofula, com
mends Itself to ail similarly afflicted:
Sotraron, Conn., Jan. 1,1646.
Messrs. Bands: Gentlemen, Sympathy for the afflict
ed induces me to inform yoa of the remarkable cure
effected by your Sarsaparilla, in the ease of ray wife.
She was severely afflicted with the Scrofula on differ
ent parts of the body; the glands of the neck were
greatly enlarged, and her limbs much swollen. After
suffering over a year, and finding no relief from th«
remedies used, the disease attacked one leg, and be
low the kne« suppurated. Her physician advised it
should be laid open, which was done, but without any
permanent benefit In this situation we heard of, and
were induced t>> use. Band*' Sarsaparilla. The first
bottle produced a decided and favorable effeet, reliev
ing her more than any prescription the had ever taken;
and before the used six bottles—to the astonishment
and delight of her friends—she found her health quite
restored. Uis now over a year since the cure was ef
fected, and her health remains good, showing that the
disease was thoroughly eradicated from the system.
Our neighbors are all knowing to these faets, and think
very highly of Sands’ Sarsaparilla.
Yours with respect, JULIUS _PIKE-
Extract from a letter received from Mr. N. W. Har
ris, a gentleman well known in Louisiana cn, Va.:
“Gentlemen, I have euted a negro boy of mine with
your Sarsaparilla, who was attacked with Scrofula,
and of a scrofulous family.
“Your*, truly, N. W. HARRIS.
“Fredericks Hall, Va., July 17. 1648."
9asi*’ Habsapabilla. —lt seem* almost umneccssa
ry to direct attention to an article *o well known,and
so deservedly popular, as this preparation, but patients
often who wish to u*e the extract of Sar*apanita, are
indues d to try ’worthless compounds bearing tne name,
but containing little or none of the virtue of this valu
able root: and we think we cannot confer a greater
benefit on our reader* than iu directing their attention
to the advortiseme-1 of the Messrs. Sands, in another
column. The bottle bas recently been enlarged to
held a quart, and those who wish a really good article
will find concentrated in this all the medicinal value
of the root. Hie experience of thousands has proved
Its effleaey in coring the various diseases for which it
| is recommended; and al the pre«ent time more than
any other, perhaps, is this medicine useful, in prcpt
i ring the system for a change of season.—[Home Jour
nal, BepL lfilo.
Prepared and told, wholesale and retail, by A. B. A
D. SANDS, Druggist and Chemist, IWJ Kuluin street,
eontcr of wUlLtffl, New York. Bold al«o by Drug
gists generally throughout the United f*ta:e» and Can
ada. Pnee 91 per bottle: sut bottle* for 92
Fer sale by L. WILCOX. Jr , B. A. FAHNESTOCK
k CO , and EDWARD FENDKRICH, Pittsburgh- Al
to, by Dt 3. SMITH; Bridgwater. [drlu-dred&wT
has nrsT mcanan nos
And it now receiving a fine assortment of
Which he is prepared to make to onie
And In the latest Fi ih ion ■
Del tt
Institute, under the care of R«-v. J. M. (,os
lIOKN AND LADY, will’re-open on Mondnv, the
17th of September, iu dir «ame rooms, No W l.ibeny
meet. Having limited the number of dirir pupils, the
Principals hope to merit a continuation of that liberal
patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. Parent* may
tool assured that every advantage will bn afforded
their daughters, if nlneed under their charge, (or ob
taining a thorough English, Classical, and Ornamental
education. augAhdtf
THE AUTUMN SESSION of this Institution will
commence on the first Mouday in September.—
Roods on Federal street, in “Colonade Rinr, 1 ' i!d door
from the bridge.
Rath orTcmos mmsxo.v or nn Movths.
English Department, including Reading, Orthogra
phy and Defining, Writing, English G rammer, Rieio
rie, Logie, English Compostuon and Criticism, Geo
graphy, History, Arithmetic and the higher branches
of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, As
tronomy, Botany, Physiology, Geology, Intellectual
and Moral Science, and all other branches requisite to
a thorough English Education ... C2o| 00
Classical Department, induditig the Latin and Greek
Languages, each $ 6 WP
French, 810 00
German, ...... SUi'U)
The services of competent teachers are secured for
such as desire instruction in French and German, and
also m Drawing, Painting and Music. -
It is desirable that pupils entrr at the commence
ment of a session, yet they are received tit any time,
and are chaired at the above rates from the time of
entranee. No deductions are made for absences, ex
cept ia ease* of protracted illness.
Further information may be obtained, and applica
tion* made by calling upon the Pnneipal, at hi* room*
on Federal street, or at his lodgings id "Irwin's Row,”
Liberty street. Pittsburgh, between lid ana 41b street*;
or by addressing, thrown the Pittsburgh Post OfSi.-c,
the Principal. N. W. METCALF.
Allegheny, Aug. 7, ISM dtf .
f|MIE Second Session of this Institution, under the
X care of Mr. and Mr*. Goenoan. for thr present
academic year, will commence on tho first of Februa
ry nsxt, in the some buildings, No. ft) Liberty street..
Arrangements have been made by which they will
be able to furnish young ladies facilities equal to any
in the West, for obtaining a thorough English, Classi.
eal, and Ornamental education. A' full course of Pbi
tisophicol and Chemical Lectures will be delivered
during the winter, illustrated by apparatus. Thr de-
Eartmenu of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Modern
.anguages, Drawing and Pointing, will each he under
the care of a competent Professor. By eloso attention
to the moral and intellectual Improvement of their po»
pila, the Principals hope to merit a continuation of lha
liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. For
terms, see circular or apply to the Principals.
ja*MlU .
I’ITTBBCKfiK, Sept, til, IMP.
Mr. THOB. K. IUBUERTf Daar Sir, Your WRI
TING FLUID we have now been using more than
a year, and on looking over the entries made by it, we
find the color a bright blue bines. It is pleasant to
write with, flows free, and does uot clog the pen like
the ordinary’ inks in use. Wishing you the ready sale
its menu demand, we are, your* respectfully.
For sale, together with Hibbert’s Red Ink, and Ma
chine Copy Ink, by U. A. Fahnestock A Co., IL P.
Schwarts, Allegheny City, and by the manufacturer,
T K llibbcrt, Druggist and Chemist, comer of Liber
ty and Smlthfield its, Pittsburgh; ocit3
(Successors to Hustyy, Hanna A Co)
ia Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Certificates
ofDeposlte, Bank Notes, and Specie—Fourth street,
nearly opposite the Bank of Pittsburgh. Current mo
ney received on depoaite—Sight Cheeks for sale, and
collections made on nearly all the principal points in
the Uuited Stains. ...... , ,
The highest premium paid for Foreign and American
Advances mode on consignments of Produce, ship
ped Eat,* on liberal terms.
Patext Bxcoaxn Jajtcaey Ist, 1549.
Paieni Cfosslever extension Table** Sofas, ISuraaus,
iW Cases, Wrving Deals.
TIXB TABLES far surpassing every other in
vention of the kind now extant. They can be ex
tended (ram ten to tweniy-ftvo feet, and when c owl
the leaves are all eontainedlinsnlei they are made to
oil sixes and shapes, and ain admirably adapted for
Steamboats, Hotels, and Inrgo private families, fann
ing when closed a complete centre table.
SOFAS AND BUREAUIty-These articles are mvol
oable, particularly to ibdae who wish to econo
mise room, and convert a sleeping apartment into a
parlor or slum* room, as they can be opened and abut
at convenience, and when shut, the bedding i* enclos
ed * great saving in room and rcul. All the bed
steads wiien elosed form a tjeonuful piece of furniture
for a parlor-or sialug room.]
BOOK CASES—A neat ohd useful article for parlor
or drawing room. I
WRITING DESKS—For law offices,counting rooms,
and other offices; when opened amoatconyement bed
tieU, whan cloaed a perfect Desk and library, alone
articles need ino recommendation: the
beauty of the whole ia, they! are warranted not to get
out of repair. It will be fof your InlereaU to call and
examine the article*. at the manufacturer's store, No.
S 3 Third aireet, PHttburgh. | In addition to the above
* d 'S3sr- “ '^/I^wWoODWELL.
MuruvAchrun of »
nceneL and pduk spiimts
Corner Front and Viue streets, Cincinnati, O.
ORDERM from Pittsburgh for Alcohol, Pure Spin
Raw or Rectified Whiskey, will be promptly
ended to at lowest market priee. mchlfi uty
.. ;' —
:y goods, &c.
WE are now receiving from the factory a large
supply of inese goods, which we are idling low
er than ta'h good-, eon bo had elsewhere in this city.
»e use no acid* in bleaching, that injure* the good*;
our object,bem [[ toproduen goods not for show only,
but for comfort and durability, and as each they re*
eeived the first premium over all other goods exhibit
ed at the l»ie Allegheny Agricultural F«ur.
FNw sale) at the Blanket Depot, No. Sfl Market st, and
f, rDom * ®f ‘he Fayette Manufacturing Co.,
No. 113 Second at. ’
Blankets of our Manufacture ere *old hi Allegheny
Cut, by Mr. Joint Doan, and also at the “Two Big
window*, n Federal *t. ' nrils
American Woolen Cleodii
npllK subscriber hn* on hand, (received the present
X seitaot),l eon?igrtLTl riorn the mnnuf&rturcn, the fol
lowing Gdods, wlucii he is authorised to close utpncrs
very* lows
3U pioe«* yarl wlde Barred Plain*!.
350 unit? White Bed Blanket*, ribbon hound, fix
pound* to th-t pair.
I case SU-pairs Steamboat Blankets, ribbon bound, a
very superior article.
4 cases (13W pairs) Grey Mixed Blanket*;
50 pairs Dark Uentianelia Blue. Blankets, a very *U
perior orticlc.
d caser ; Grey and Blue Blanket Coating.
4b piece* Tweed, Steubenville make: t case assort
ed plain and barred Jeans, Steubenville manufactory.
The above goods are nil consigned direct from the
maker, abd will be sold very low fbr cash or approved
notea ocfflU 11. LEE, Liberty at, opposite sth
C" AUOUTBKOT has commenced to receive a
» large assortment of Woolen Comforts aud
Hoods; Haskin, Berlin, buckskin and woolen Gloves;
Thibet, cloth, moos dr. lain and blanket Shawls; cash
mere, worsted and woolen Hose; Pongee and.ltneuj
Hdkfst; silk and sntin Cravat* and Scarf*; Gtmpjand
Fringe*; Irish Linen, Table Covers, Orapeo, Ribbons,
Laces, bleached hnd colored Muslins, Tubby Velvet*,;
Patent Threads, Sewing Silk, Buttons, Gdm Sdspen
ders, Pin*, Percussion Cbm, Almanacs, eommfln ana
gold Jewelry, gold and silver .Watches, Combs, pock
et and table Cutlery, and many other good! which
country jjid city Merchant* are respCctfully-invited
o examine. . •
MANUFACTURE and will keep on hhndPimily
and Steam Boat Blankets, Domestic Flanne.s,
blue, brown and drah Blanket Corvung, Satinet* and.
Woolen Yarn, which they will sell at Eastern price*.
Warehouse No. 113 Seeond *t, Pitlsburglt, Pa.
Factory, New Haven, Fayette rn. Ps. TtH
MMm n UVWri**
WE have just received a large and complete stock
of CLOUKB, Variety and Fancy Goods, suita
ble lor the foil trade, to which, with every description
of (<ookiug Glasses manufactured at our own steum
power shop in this city we a*k the attention of West
ern Merchants and other dealers.
spU!O ' eorner Wood and Fourth *ti
No. 43 Wood St., Prmmoou,
ARE now receiving their usual supplies of Goods
tor the Fall season, which they will be happy to
exhibit to their old customers, mud as many new ones
as may feel inehned to present themselves.
Always taking great pains to lay in such goods as
are adapted u> tun wants of the Western tr-He, which
long experience enables them to do, they can tay with
much confidence, and wxtbonl entering into a detail
of tlieir stock, that the Western retail merchant will
find with ihem all that hi* customers require. Those
who have formed tfle unprofitable habit uf repairing
to the Eastern cities tor their slocks of Dry Goods,
would do wall to cull, a* a candid comparison of pri
ces would in many cases result in ihr conviction that
the eipenseof going further may be obviated by buy
ing in Pittsburgh. sptl3
ARE now receiving a vety large stock of fresh
Goods, of recent pnrehase and imporiauoii,whieh
they will sell to the trade at such prices as cannot mil
lo give enure saUtfaction.
City an-! Country Merchants arc invited to call and
examine our vtoek before purchasing elscW"'* •
RKISINGKK, WELLS A CO- Manufacturer* of
GiucndJlas* Ware, No. 27 Market street, Pitts
burgh, Pa, kerp constantly on hand and make to or
der all kinds of Vial*, Bottles, Ac. Poner and Mine
ral Water Bottle*, of superior quality.
Particular attention paid to Private Mould*,
tiovsu lj- _
Bath fur fifteen cents
I.allies Department open from 9 to II o’clocx. A. M.
nd 2 to 5 o’clock, P. M.
Aihentpuio Saloon and Baiume E*ialiii*luneir..
jyjH T M'FAM.. Prorrieior.
"Oyitenl Oyatersl
KURKE A CO S Daily Express i* now regh'nrly d<—
lis-Tm-r Can and Shell-OYSTERS, wlucii are of
fered to dealer* nnd families nt the lowest price*. -
IJutoity warriuiied equal to any brought l.i this mar
kci, and for sale by
J. C. niDWELL Agt. Water s'.
A 1 At the following depots:— Rei« A. llerrer, eor-
ne.* Smnb&rnl and Seroml sic F- lleaxletnn, Diamond;
Merrar A. Kobntaon Kr.Wai.l .Allevhcnv. oeU5
THE firm ofNICKUN A BRYDEN l.emc .h?-olved
the undersigned will continue the Forwarding and
CnmraiMion Ha«!f,c»* m the steam hoai
FRANKLIN, and respectfully inform* hi* friends that
tie. lias gnoc to the expense of a heavy insurance O't
the warehouse und contents, fi-r years, atul
trust* ho will give mure *au»fartion to all who may
tatroni-e Situi. He will receive freicht at the Lower
.smling. ocild JAMES BRYDEN.
Trenton Xnlnnl Life Insnrance Company
Capital, 9130,000,
JAMES Dl-RNO A CO., Agent* at Pittsburgh, Pa.
boaat> or .rixtcTiox, at tsstton, xbw ixairT
James liny. Jr. I Joseph C. Potts. PreVf.
Benjamin Fl,li. I (■ A. IVrJjnirn. V. P.
Joint A. Weir- ) Eli Morns, Secretary.
J< ualhan l*i*it. Trea*urcr.
Hon. James Campbell.
Duvut H. While.
Comptroller of New York.
George Wood
John P Mackic. -
Duvid Dudley Field.
Joseph Holie.
Alexander Cummins*.
W. J. I*. White, l*. M.
Hi* Kxe Gov. Hainr*. I Ex-Gov. Vroom.
W L. Dayton. V S Sen. | Isaac Wildrirk, M. C.
G. 1). Wnll,Ki.U.B Sen. | Win A. Newell, M. C.
Ex-Gov. M. Dickersou. | Hon. S. R. Hamilton.
A. Sidney Doans M. D \V. W. Gerlißrd, M. D.
34 Warren «t_ N. Y. < 301 Walnut *l., Phi Pa.
VYm.M’K Morgan, M.D., H R. Bell, M. D..
George M’Cook. M. D, Allegheny city, Pa.
Pitubunb, Pa
Tfce AgrntKoi tin* company, at Pittsburgb. are natli
ri«-d to take every first civs* risk on late at n tnlue
on of per uni. from the usual rate* of pre
m.iu a* charged oy other Companies.
f, man % years of age, tnkmc n Policy of Insurance
for One 'ntousand Dollars^
To run for ono year, pays only Rst.Sti.
do seven “ •• *•— annually,
do lifetime, ** “
And in the same proportion for any sum op to 83UCQ,
vrbieh i« die >-x!ent taken on any one life. ,
Tliis company commenced operation* on the )«t Oct.,
ISiK. and iu monthly bssineu up to the l»t Ocu, tclll,
•hows a progre** exceeding that of any other life Com
pany on record.
Tt.e first dividend of profits will be declared in tty;,
ai-ured on tlie l»t January, Ififit).
Pamnhlru conlnming tlie various tables of rates,
and all the necessary inlonnation on the important
•übject of Life A»*urance will be furnished on appli
cation to JAMES DURNO A CO., AgenU,
»lcl7 i _ Oileon Buildings.
X SURANCK COMPANY will issue Policies ofln
surmicr agtunrt Loss ox DaHagr by Fixe, upon Dwell
ing* and Furniture, Store*. Goods, Ac n Ae., on appli
cation to James durno a co. Agenu,
del" Odoon Buildings.,
Tlie Spring Garden Qealtli Insurance Co.,
INSURES Moles and Female* against the Expense
nnd Lost occasioned by Mickne* or Aceidenl, bj"
au umnediato allowance of from 93 to Se per wc' , fc l
, for one, two, three, or four years.
The method of effecting this Insurance, nnd the
maimer of awarding the tick ailowujee, will be fully
explained by Ihn Agent.
example. _
A person can insure against Sickness or Accident
which will detain him from bis ordinary bn*tne«*, as
fallows, vitf i
For ono year, by paying 84,31), and receive S3(F week 1 .
For two “ “ 6.3 d. •* “ 4
For three “ 7JJS, “ “ 5 “
For lour “ “ I<V~S u *• * ’ “
Or, for a period of four yeans ihc ium of 914,40 paid
tonuulty, will recur* per week while «iclc. ;
Kvrry necc*»ary information will bo afforded on the
■ubieei of Jnsuranea aenerally, by
Odeon Boildlnga. ‘
WHEREAS, by a deed be afuis dote on IhclfcMday
of Mar- ItHn, William Cloton and wife convey
ed to the undersigned llie one'uadlvided fLzih partol a
tract of land, lying in ibe county of Allegheny, and
Slate of Pennsylvania, being Lot No. 10, in Steele
Semple’* plan of lots, aa recorded by hi* Administrator
in lawk u, page l, in the office of the Records in Al
legheny county, containing SEVEN ACRES AND
the appurtenance*, to secure to Thomas Tanton the
payment of a certain noto in *atd deed described; and
whereas laid note i* in arrear. and unpaid; therefore,,
in pursuance of said deed of trust, the undersigned
will,on the TENTH DA YOF J at the west
ern door of the Court House of St Louis, ATa n the above
described real estate, to the highest bidder, for cash,
between the hour* of nine in the forenoon and fivo ia
the afternoon of that day; and upon such sale willde
ttver a deed in fee simple of tho property sold to the
purchaser or purchasers thereof. .
del7nll* THUS. T.-H ANTT, Trnstees.
NOTICB— TSILES A iißOTllEßS,Proprtetorsof
the Penn’s Sims Directory,have opened an office
al the cofner ofbth A Smithbeld nts, for the purpose'of
receiving (ho name, location, and business, of even'
firm am* business nut in this county. They have reg
ular agents to attend to the reception of intbnniiiou
requisite to carry out thls great undertaking.
UILER A BRO’S., 3th A and I-il Chesnui
St., Philadelphia.
JAYNK.— I This certifies, that immediately after,
having attended my brother, who died of consumption
in March, ISW. I was taken tick with the Cou*umptiou
or Liver Complaint, and was reduccd-ro-lowwith the
ditcoxe, that for four years 1 wo* unable to attend to
my bnnness, either at home or abroad, beutg-for the
most time confined to my bed. Dunng tho above peri
od of Ume, l had expended for medical attendance o
regular Physician* and medicmes, to
KXXL without receiving any benefit thcrefiom. In
7ilu° “ eommcoLl ->*"'s »:
cines and li#ve taken them more or lcs» erer wnee,
... a. i..- '."“’r "°” >»
“**• a. in fliinniQeid, Otsego county, N. Y„ and
1 reside *" > machine shop m that place,
W i f !.nnot interested in any manner in the sale of the
and am 1,01 ‘ ~,,4 make this certificate lorthebea
modicums ««•»““ el,j A „ Eaton.
'■ ■?
VOL. NO: 127.
h"Mr. K 4 Sdki»-DBMaSffl&SfiSr l??*'
to the public, u well M lo the credit of w#f IdWt
Pills, to «t*te the good effect* produced by that ** “
my own atoe. During iho month of I too*
Very unwell, my appetite failed, and rav stream waa • •
euureir prostrated, with revere pun In my ttdo and
shoulders* l I was told by oedic*dmea.thatmydlie«re
tr*a a severe attnek of irver complaint. 1 took «r*r
ral [Mixes 'of M’Lame* Inver PiUa, and mbs syrup*,
which I was told was good -for that disease, bat after ;
nil 1 was getting worse. ; I finally concluded to place
myself under the oar* of a physician for better or
worse; but, fortunately, ju*lalibis Ra0,.1.W, told
by the Rev. I. Nlblock, of this place, that a ftichtthad
»mt bim a bo* of Seller*’ Liver Pills from Piusbumn
which bad Iwnefitted him very nweh. I rotttrwnn
>eui for a box of roar Liver Puls, and by the time I
•vh.h done using them, I was satisfied that It waa lam;
•tbe medicine that suited my oese. I sent for mote,
'ami took five or six boxes, and found myself almost
-entirely Aired; but In March last I caught a uveto
cold, whiib brought back tho disease, andlnashort
time 1 was as bad as ever. I again hud recourse to
your Liver Mils, and took them every other night for *
■ix weeks, and occasionally since, arid I can now aay,
that 1 can! now say, that I feeliltUle If any syttpwm*
of the Liver Complaint, and my general health l? as.,
good now os It has been for the fast lOyeara. .
My neighbors ask me who was mydoetof. TteH
them that Sellers' liver Pills was my doctor, and. by.,
the blessing of Divine Providence themeanaof eanng
me. 1 aru confident that when the pubiie' beeaßM ac -
quainted with the value of your Inver Pills, the de
mand for them will inctease. Many of my neighbors,
to whom I have-recommended tbe pUls, eaa testify to
Uicir value, as well os to the facts above stated* .
Respectfully yours, GsotasMnXXX."
To Tint prouc.— I The Original, only true and genu- ,
uine Liver Pills are prepared uy R. B Sellers, arid .•
bavo his name stamped in blaek wax upon the ud.of
each Box, and his signature on the outside wrapper.
UyAll caher* are counterfeits, or base imitations. ."
- »pt 37 ! R. E. SELLERS, Proprietor, 67 Wood st , .
A maniby the name of RUEL CLAFP has engaged
with a young man of tho name of 8. P.Townsend, and'
jifeshis namo’fo pat up a. Sarsaparilla, which they
call Dr. Townsend’s sarsaparilla, denominating'ft
GENUINE, Original, ete. Tni* Townsend is no doc
tor and never was, bat was formerly eworker.on rail-
roads, canals, and the like. Yet he assume* the title
of Dr.; far the purpose of gaining credit for what ho is
not. He is sending out cards headed . “Trick* of
tiuacks, o inwhlchnesaya,lhaveiold thetueef my
name for S 7 a week. I will give B. P. Townsend ASM.,
if he will produce one single solitary proof of
This is Id caution the public not to be deceived, and
purchase none but the 6ENUINEORIGINAL.ULp ,
l>r-Jacob Townsend’s Sarsaparilla, having'on It the
Old Dr.’s likeness, his family coat of arms, usd his tig* -
nature across Urn coat of arms. ...
Principal Office, 103 Nassau st, New York City*
old ywrnws doctob-
or tils
Old Dr. Townsend is now about 7U years of age, and
has lone been known, as the AUTHOR and DISCO
SARSAPARILLA.”. Being poor, he was compelled
lo limit ita manufacture, by whicu means it ha* been,
kepi out of market, and the sales circumscribed to'
those only who had proved. iu worth and known, its
value. This Gaartn asn Urcijoxixxd Fxxrs&anos is
manufactured on the largest scale, and is called for’ -
threat-haul tba length and breadth of the land.
Unlike'young S. P. Townsend’s, U improves with
age, and never changes, but for the better; because il
i* prepared on scientific principles by a scienlito
Tbe highest knowledge of Chemistry, and the latest
discoveries of too Art have all boen brought- inter*- -
quisition in the manufacture ot the Old Dr?s Sarsapa
rilla. The Sarsaparilla root, it Is well known to med
ics! men, contains medicinal properties, and some fetoi >"
perries which are tnert or useless; and others, which,
if ictained 'in preparing it for use, produce fermenta
tion ujid acid, which'!* injurious to tho system. Seme :
of tho properties ef Sarsaparilla an so volaiDo that _
they entirely evaporate and are lost in the prepara- '
non, if they are not preserved by a scientific proses*,
kcowiroiuy to those experienced in it* manufacture.
Morebver these volatile principles, which fly off in va
por, or&s an exhalation, under heal, are the very ea- "
rentier medical properties of tho root, which gives to
it all it* value. Tbe ’
■ so prepared; that all the inert prope/iiei of the Sar
niriUa root are first removed. every thing capable
ecominp acid or of fermentation, i* extraeSS and
rejected; then every particle ofmedieid virtue la seen*
rrd. in a pure and concentrated form; and Urns ills
rendered incapable of loving any of iu valuable ant
healing properties. Prepared In tibia way, it ia maoe
the nnw po-verfal agent in the -•
lleure the reason why we hear commendations on
every.side in iu fevarbv men, women and children.
We nod it doing wonder* in of Coonzmptiaa,
Dv*pej>«ia. nnd Liver Complaint, and in Rheumatism, *
Srrofala and Piles, Cosiiveness, all Cutaneous Erup- ■
lioru. Pimples, Blotches, mod all alfectioaii oriiinr from
It possesses a marvellous efficacy in all complaints
ar.sinp from Indigc.siiuir, from Aewnty oflho Stomach;
from unc<iual circulation, determination cf blood to the
head, palpitation of the heart, cold feet andeolfLhands
cold cnilni and hot Hashes over the body. It has not
had iu egnsl in coughs and colds; and promote* easy
and gentle perspiration, relaxing stric*
lure of the longs, throat, and every other part
Bat In nothing is its excellence more monUhstiysMo
and acknowledged than in all kinds and staxes of
It works wonder* Is eases of floor albas or white*,-
Fading ofthc Womb, Obstructed, Hoppressed.-orPain*.
ful Mouses, Irregularity of the menstrual periods, and
the like; and is effectual in enrigg «it farms ofthw JQjU
ney Disease*. 15y rcmoving-ob* true lions, ana
ting the general system, it give* tone and strength to
the whole body, and cures all forms of
xn<l thus prevents or relieve* a great variety ofother
diseases, a Spinal Irritation, Neuralgia, sit, vuus
Donee, Swooning, Epileptic Fit*. Convulsion*. Ac. J*
not this, then, Tni Manicure too Pas-EscnxTTLT NtnT
Unt can any of them thing* be said of 8.. P. Town
send's interior article?- Thu young man'* liquid tsnot
because of the Grand Pact, that the one is ineaoable
ot Detcnoration and NEVER SPOILS, while the oth- * *
er DOES; it sour*, ferments, and blows the'bottle*
containing n into fragment*;.the tonr. aeid liquid ex
ploding aiuldamagingothergoods! Moitnouhiahor- -
nble compound be poiwncns to the- system? Whati ,
nut acid into a system already diseased with ■tWH'
Whtn cause* Dyspepsia but acid! Do we not all know,
that when food soars in oar stomachs, what mischiela
it prodncesT—flatulence, heartburn, palpitation oftkfi '
heurt, liver complaint, diarrhea, dysentery, ebolic and '
corruption of the blood? What i» Scrofula but on acid '
humor in the-body? What produce* all the htrmora
which bring on Eruption* of the Shin, Scald Head,
Salt Rheum .Erysipelas, While Swelling*, Fever-Sore*,
and all ulceration* inienul and external! It I* noth- -
in? under heaven but an acid substance, whieh sours,
and thus spoil* all the fluid* of the body, more or ibis.
What cause* Rheumatism but* sour acid fluid, which
insinuate* itself between the joints and elsewhere, ir
ritating and inflaming the tender and delicate lisatuea
upon whieh it acts? So of nervous diseases, of impu
rity of the blood, of demnged circulations, and nearly
all the ailments which atrnct ha man nature.
Now, is it not horrible to make and tell, and infinite*
ly worse to use this ' >
and yet he would fain have it understood that Old Ja
cob Townsend’s Genuine Original Sarsaparilla,'is ah
Inn uiuon of his inferior preparation!!
Heaven forbid that we should la .an article,
which would bear the moat distant resemblance to 8.
P Townsend's artiel*’. and whieh should bring down
upon the Old Dr. sueh a mountain load of complaint!
ami criminations from ageuu who have told, and pur
chaser* who have used S. P. Townsend’s Fermenting
Compound 1
We wish it understood, becauso it is the absolute
truth, that 8. P. Townsend’* article and Old Dr. Jacob
Twwnseud’s Sarsaparilla are heaven-wide apart, as 4
infinitely dissimilar; that they are unlike in every pat
ucular, having not one single thing tn common.
it is to arrest frauds upon the unfortunate, to post •
balm into wounded humanity, to kindle, hope m tho
despairing bosom, to restore health and bloom and vi
gnr into me eruthed and broken audio banishiuhrtow
ty-rthat old DU. JACOG TOWNSEND has SOUOUf ’
»nd FOUND the opportunity aei means to bring hit -
within the reach; and to the knowledge of ail wno
need it, that they may learn and know, by joyful ex-,
pcricuce, iUTKaiacatiDiar rowu TO iutaL!
|rM«w«hV) iMMUVUi fUNM IV nJUI> i *
For sale by J. KIDD A OO- Wholesale Agent fcr
Western Pennsylvania; J-tsMITH, Birmingham; Dr.
J. SARGUANT, Allegheny; Dr. J. CASdCLU Fitts
ward, GARDNKK. ward, rpti
Jayne*' Expectorant.
Salex, Colaiirbmnttco.,i> , Apr. M, U-4L~i
Dui Sif-I feel bound to uv
and Uie aillieted public, 10 avail myself of this 0] •.
port unity of giving pnblicity to lire extraordinary effects
ofyouriixpectorant onmyaclf. Uaving beenatfiicted
for several years with a severe eougu, heetio fever'
and lu concomitant diseases, and feemed only -
in linger out a short but miserable existence, antiitho
fall of IKW, whin, being more severely snicked, and '
huviog resorted to all my farmer rented tes, and thepr*2
senpuons of two of the most respectable physician* in
the neighborhood without deriving any benefit, or the
consolation ofsorvmnr hot a fear days or week* al
farthest—when the l».t gleam of hope was about la
vanish, Ihad recommended to meyour Expectorant— -
and blessed by ihatDemg who does ail thing* la the
use of the means—sad contrary to the expectations of
my physicians and friends. I was in a few days raised
from my bed, and was enabled by the n*o of a bottle, to
attend to my business, enjoying. since better health tba*
I liad for ten years prcTiotfi.
Kespectfully yours, At, , Ja*. W.EanUi
For sale in Pittsburgh, at the Pekin Tea Store, 70
Fourth street. . . - ••
Ode* ofth« D*la«ir« SlntnU Safety In
. raranci Compcnj'i
. pßiLU>xLriuk>Nov.6(b,lS4o. .•
THE Board of Direeiort'hnVc, ihiiJay, declared a
dividend of TEN PERCENT, ftiaerip, omof the
Ipro&ta-ol ihe Company for the year ending October 31*
i&Ui.certi&calea for which will beiuaed eaandAAer
the umday of Decembernext. •
Alio, a dividend of SIX PER CENT. in caah, op tU.
capital stock and icnp t<reTioQ>ly iuucd, parable 4*
r. A- MADEIRA, Agin PitUlg.
WILL remain open for riiitera until the lit Junu«
rr.ISSO. Ojner. and other ltefrertroeat* mit
cti to the scaacm will he kept.' The Cireanhctise, con
taining a Inrce collection of rare ana choice rJanti,
Will & HU to, Vinter*. UofI«UM»UIF-pal«|> .(
»hon nouco throughout the mosoju An .QaggM.
leaYci the Allegheny end of the 8U
Bridge, cvery.hoif boar daring the day* JSFfi®* *°
Garden; and the. ferry !*»*. Captain Walker, .rena
I'twa the Point, lauding a ihortdiitanee abpre laeGar
ifcn. I‘artiei wuhiur to spend the 'STeninr, will be
iiccommodait'd with a reinru Ommutu at Wtrdoelt
L*. .M. Kept on Temperance principle*, and cloerf on
UiiUay. ipU3 . . J- nTKAIN.
AtLenreom haloon and Bathing Xntab*.
I'Hi: PROPRIETOR i* now prepared to eemr
. up racala ai all hour*, tneoaneetion with Boarding
by the Cay or week. “ . Xyd’fAJA.
»puM PmiriaM
WANTHD— While Ijcad Kai bf
No M vYood rt
Haw Books* ■ |
RF.OUURiN! lit* Kim IlmasqHellTilla
■uvhor of *'Typee, r ’ u Ou»oo," it.
Hiatory of-King Alfred of KnglMd,byJ*Cob Abbojt;
With &r.B cngraYUif*. - r = : : - ’
■ aiflama lUßomrefs; by VTiaJ WdaboM.^..
/■ p unwary .v a stock tox,.
aovtt aorsw-TblrtKurflf&niMatKatS *