The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, January 03, 1850, Image 3

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MutllBPXO. J* o ' **
Afc»ni paued theSentlc.’io day,
Coeani*»ioner» of AllegY.fny County t°
mootj to redeem the, quo jtndiog Scnf‘
: . r Fetoilfo* 7 '.
'-a ,e«t«d«r, bj« lel:1 '
.Iter of >k« Ho ? M '- .
wa a commaaicai^d—
Tb* Legislature er*»nVe«
log Mr. Riley, Whi/, Sp jal
Tbe Governor’* Mp**? e '
it is • concise, and *ble£ o cotßePll j
OHIO legislature
~ \ CoU’»««. Jl9 ' J
rhicfc were offered 00
D J ■n«iu«»do»eiil offer*
The eeriei cf ml'’ '
Monday, were taken up, i
ed,thnt no roe mb" t"'™
The amendment w.* lo ’' l
Ml. Broed*«H.' lv .!"' e ' r ' '
(Htmihoe County )'•'*' 1
Mr. Myete cell'd the f
Spenker.declered Mr,Jit
faced to entertain the '
ebonld telto hit
Mr. Chase, nnd ether
Speaker ordered the he
erder. The Sergeant ad'
hit >ctt.
Mr. Swift trked iUp S,i
eojoixelhet* 0 potior-.
_Teh Spotter rwiil b« wol '
r Senator—turn* rjr ,h,,!i
• wore tworo ia.
Mr Swift— “Why did
fore, Si»r
The Speaker iem*rki
retted urilh the
Mr. Swift— “V»m
l vole in bi« OWD ***"
hyntie vole,upon
on the disputed dialnrt.
„J addressed tbc Senile*
lUeman to order, but the
, *adwi-H nt order, «»d re
peal until Mr. **r«
•till mlerrnpliiif* tb p
at Anna »o keep
•ncing, Mr. CtA* look
!»ter if he meant «o re*
front Hamilton rooatt--
a not derule who waa
,„ate to decide, na both
fo n not tell me that be*
that be had never «
oq the anbjeet.
lhat’t a elinehei
Mr. Wbitm«-r , ‘By
ylrk (0 him.
debale, the Senate look
pending thie perwai
icipited ahead. The
have an opportunity to
Warm limes.: •« '
Governor it not LUciy
driver bit
Ci.uiMßtTt, Itn. P- ”•
U Senate, Mr Wht.»a.
_.J . . f iLm Set ate, which wa» b»d,
nrotio. to'dt, r «m . .hh fnriher pm^edi^
nndereall. the yeeeit d nay. wet" ealled-and
not calhog th e name of Mr. Broadtrel.
UU gentleman a,ted tW.hia name be called.
Mr. Whitman —1 e.U that men toorder. -
Mr. Broadwell— l a-k that tbo Clerk ca.l my
rtert will ■call Mr. Broadwell'.
BM Mr. Whilnran—l command Ibe Clerk not to
the nnine of ibti mtn.
Sneaker —l will celt it my seif. '
X“wbitm.n-1 call the Speaker to order-yon
..ill do your dote. Sir. The Sergeant at Arm.
will pat that men (minting to Broedwell) ont of
U Sergeant at Arms will keep!
°Ttro Speaker then cal.ed Mr. Broadweli'a name
—nd he voted—-iy*
The motion »» l» >- n / howe "''
.further procaedinga wore dirpeuaed with-
Mr. Payne lh. toot lie «oor, to make, a. he
ctfd, dUotoo.r. tt.t would the Spe.ter
to tin eye. of all honorable men. Be had read a
paper, noi aigued,huwc»er,by the Speaker, which
contained pledge, that lohnaon ahould telrnn bU
' cent until the quetliou ol hi. right wa, decided bj.
to. sen.tef-.nd alleged torn a eon.ermt.oo had
teed held, in which the Speaker pledged bimaelf
•to go with toe Pcoircrata ag»in« recognmug Hr.
3roadwelL la too mean lime, the Speaker de
mied toe latter charge. Mr. Payne it.
„d eloeed hi. apecch by .eying, that he would no
..longer remain In hia «.l onder each a
Mr. Pavue did not, however, leave. H' l ".
proof of what be had mid,
S. tlamlin. Mr. Swill then made the
mame Salomon!, which toe Speaker denied.
Mr. Payne heaped epithet, on too Speaker,
vtewas hieeed. repeatedly hy the UemocraUe
' “'SnltenniK.n that hia conddeoee in toe
Speaker, ... man of booealy.wa. not tn.par.ed
' iatooleaat, by the alatement ma le.
Thia waa followed by loud applause, 10 which
dl toe Whig Senator, united and some hiasea
proceeded from the Democratic Senator*. f
Mr. DennUon remarked that Mr. IlsmUne
atatemenu were f> him no pr«r of .he mith ol
■b* aUtemrntp (applaux-)
Mr. Whitman retorted,and called toe Speaker
„ moral, featering leper, and other frol earaea.
The Senate finally adpuriacd.
Daring tom., the Sen... Chamber
„ crowded throoghont the afternoon, «a it «
.reported that lh« Democratic Senator, would
deave*beir aeata. _
St. Lotus, Jam 1.
■EeUben Rankin, ,» reaper-table ciliaen, died
tryeatcrdey, '■'» w “- “• c, “ pU "' • d ’
itor or ibo New Era.
Cikcuouti, Jin. 2.
TVmr—The market ia more »rti»e to-J.y, end
price, have . tendency to .dr.oce with wit* ">
,4.75,50005.25 per bbL
ProrUioni-A fair bnaineM baa been dole, but
price, remain eutionary. We note a4e o,
Prime Pork .1 M.™ i Me. W.™ „
I*rd—The B*ie» 10-d*y cempruc SCO keg» •
—3.lce of 2000 bed .1 3,25 ; tht. •»
Tbo rivei rcmiins stationary.
It la now mowing.
New Yoke. J*o. 2.
Floer-The m.rket in .leady, *nd tbe dem.nd
fooi. Ohio Whet it firm .1 Io2|- r '"‘ “ °
» •»*. “I-"
*^CktUe—The offeringa ,o.da, .manoted l»0
brS-pml the rem.indcr Ne- York
Eastern. PrKC ranged from *>
per net ——
Nrw Yost, Jao.2.
. CoUon—The ..lea to-day reached 000 bale, at
to notice in
JSTiL costly bolted •»•»«
I I. not ran eh
tba market.” Bale, mere nt.d. to . mod«.»
testoflfiere Pork .tstl|s3 per bbl.
Oroomtaa-Tkere la no change to report
market fir.r°e'tea. Caffe la firm.
Bu-TiMm** J» n *
CalHe — A boat .950 bead srere offered, 300 o
.whichw*rb driven to Philadelphia. ,n * ,
change la goatitiona.
5121 per cw<- mmi
Wtj John D. D»Tt», &actlo»««r<
Eueutoft Scb tf City Steel.
<k* CocaamieUtaleTkeoa*, Wo ?*
•uaeu, Will be seM. withoet tr*tfrc. *“ r *1
ftftds by Older of J. V. Mjcre »»* M
Bxwstora, of Wo. Smyth, Uie of »Ue uty «
**)o*tlia!m Slock in the Bank of PittaiarpJj-. , h
10 do .• do do Exchange Hank of riual- K •
• Certificate* of loan to the City of *' <u V , “X£ mi ,
$3OO e*ek, Hnemt payable half yearly **d rco
btoMjo3UtofDe«mb«Tl»M. JD p A viB,A«L
' rmtrn SA tf Eitht »aluMt UiiUM Lt«‘
jHurf wiiehwaapoatpowd from tbe l*tb i t
.1 At 10 o'clock. A. M-. •iiQiifl
Tboea 6»o aery deeinble lot* of K'" 01 }, • , trc .
pin tut it, Ul.oui Hntaif ,"l.
.fS* krriur * Irani o( 21 f«l on l>nn
■ ..—H.IO wlk llOftttbi Htrwt-ry nll^y-
Al3o'eloct. 1‘ **:; on V hr aoatb
-1 . Tbits !m*« m 4 ttlptbl" M«,„j IW.L
: ,14. of SeotalbtUttL o“. “j.ok 1,0
; -tealoc each afroatof »l **{,„■» fmuU
to«wBtiawbotty alley. *>DAVIS, Aed
daOl „ /bah,
•3,Hmapratc * ••■jf * **•?* e ??ijoda Aah,
Qnt CA!«KS fits** and S»«PL** a tt»ae celebrated
oZD Imported direct from , etl ,*rri*it»a and
’■taafaeiurerSMpcr «*"* A
far tala bv w** Ac:
- V
AJ SetkaN RRawi ...
. W‘">“" n ”S"i i UMS¥S&.THEJ!
ThENAINING to'the intwbotBn-P««t o*-e.
istK u>'ihe'3aiof December. I*IJ •
them will plen.e «y «Ucy are^
1 Ledtea’ I*tat.
* . j
JbelWilltamute Armstrong l*° u ‘ ilAU
eksss* .•
»?«&£"• VivStMK
Ski.SZ£r -v
Stttigi gs^^sssMSp
gSWEiffl- gETSiI.,-
Cnltcia BaHJ
Edgar Maria Edmund Mr*
6k MaryFerrol Maty J H«ww Jane
Harrirl I’m Klin Ja»-' ,-i •■■
Jane . Fu.l-V Wachrt branklm ».'•* '
•nn EliTat>rtU Oinb*
ilonPaclul ti'ui.vint *
«,.on Mi»*
attF.II lI,M Sarah -"t* i-h "
a»mu M A »««” A U* \V rv- Y
iiass** issr* f ffifjsr,...
lanev KlinhMh Henry Sarah i “• %
inrmon Minerva
1 - i
win Irwin Mar}
Jack Anna C Joac* Jnne »• joutohYjn
Jaueway Mary J«me»lU<*« , v,„ ;
Jordun Annie Jones Man r*
KrenyDß KrrrSsrab
Krll Martha A Killgore-Uima
Kriscjr Saruh Kin|.Jane
tally , V" ch S*"*'“ v
Ma-ii-t * = ~r l„ .,.r ft
SakM B Militell A S~"i?S.
Ma,uu. Caroline Mum™ »>"> hi
M , .»b«U'®«ili. VlSn'-nJ “ l ; ,r " l £,V;,
Molionon Sarah. MOW «
McCaffrey Meßwee Flnr’ih McK»u: ; MarrMeVarUnd Mr.
McClelland JaDe McGoweii Wijtli M- i
McfliiUockCath’eMet.ovranMary AVI > ' au , ..
McDonald Mary JMehe) tkl >
McHrea Mrs M
T4.;t,on Ehrt Newton Mm
NrtUt J P Norton Helm
Orm*l>y FJtx* r ‘ <>rr I'^'ra'
O'Donnel Jar
Oliver Mary
Pauli Eiira Parkin. F r*w»J"“l
&*..«• *•*■'»''* rno.Mr. A.
PattsraoeNancyßFoaier An t
iKSffSS. feiV"-'
SSi’JS*” S3S *V.
ite»“ Ptuck.uu Suph,a
ISSSSS™. *iss:“K£!S
Kr™-T r UPuu r dc;,p«r.
I Shaw Amanda Spmrro MgT &trWttrt Mrallußh
IsharvfcJrta Suany Mt» w Mnry
Shcpler R;»v Sle,,Ck t H
Rrb .J, Trainor Ann ' 1
Fanm. Troui.lnPa-H T... d
1 Thomson Ellen Tmby UM-el
Van Hover Anna
Wallan M.ryAunWki.c «” “T wJK.S™. °
W.l.h llonora Aj h « ■ M*'»J”‘ J; ,
sswr aSs* l "
WrbbMartha A "iftmoon M Wllllrr ,
Writ Cathrrine • Maria
Wcatlake Clara William* Mm I
;- ; V
I Voany Mra laabell*
OeDtUn* 0 ' 1 M«t.
AlteSual Auto Join. {Ami* IW*-
!«£«&•* sES* tea.
AeXyAnil'w AOco Nartimi
i?,r.K' issr""
I Ailtm* Alexr
•>.*,* ‘K'SK-i:. S!i-n-
Sava® -aWyjL »~ :T
S.U.J-. K',?,'."ST ir'!K»m f.l .
ssiffiS-wS:.^-. K'jrn.";':,
KVU;"> k^t*
U-y»rd U»»i«l K j*°‘ L* Uramuup J W
B-rn. £y-°<»“ UrooW.
Buiry O W iißWiil llrmh«r* <j«o
B.ta«bann Wo {{**** j 0,.„ A Bm«r* W*»nJ.
Uiruelt Jo* iCllfdl., JoJin Ban;.:** H"M
SFSr “::::: -
K^^wVj'.h,.« g|X.a j*. f, i^v
KSJH?. K&- .
K'“ d Hp K “ b ' KS2S.C Krilftp '
■ BBj » "
N.. 1 ra.jj.» W“ »■„,
t/irwn f cieianver John rt
c.-uoas.-l g'”“ui, r., e ,n«>'
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«£'sr M sr;-’£
safe g asssr
esses. Sw ssyss~»
c trlcf J»»e» P {£““ . Oiowd.y Mel
Carter Tboma* C g» k v e *“„ s cull.cri H ..1.r.i
Essfijs Hsx. r ss-v..
S3Sj£tf a l *:, l™ j-!.;: _
Cherry C mlrN
Ci»(Tartl Joiifl ||
iss: st
l)ougUi« - C BII‘I LIUIICUII J am *'
o*ti»John M Uo-mell I*u7li Uuik qi 1
B»rt» r * Tiarimn Hutl* pJticßn An' l *!-
JlaTifWtnl JoBO Ddim
A £S“c.VI»C
Detaoser oee u
•„ i. FUlwmtd* Wh*R«'*' ,,t
F«"> Fr,n H'_rv t>lwkrdi Ww
Ebennuil ,l ' nry KJnltmd* Ale*
B»ge«’ n Lmo(W. Wmll Kiiftlni'd Ju<«*j>b
Jcf« . ._ i.'.«-mminf J tmieiJu »
pettier Won £® r ,yiUJoUn PiiUeeAO
Fofnj*rt.Wo Vo jy {b ww r r ino %.
prthan Tho* •“ I.ukr * .
FiUpatne* J“‘ ..“{j WtlU«'“ hn/r Uih*
B& B« r ---
(itllictl lltir K
n ?i « <;i)jpn l***" l
Heiirr jf o i,i Uti
■ft uiubuUriN
WmS UiliLon. J«u.'*=*
'--‘"'V" A
erMicbl <lon-*l H
OaUfibw N«*»l < *)« ■
ti» y &d *nu>< «i 4.i*»i«ne c..i
'MrllißiJ'Mt* , '‘’" r,,y l/^ X
Otaßvo liowrU Join*
(ie*nM H'"fT »*• <‘ rccll R jj
Uitei tieoric* *>f J 11
Uille*pu> David ».re<-u Jrtui,C“
G.lletpi-- Wm H «rr«ii Krv J-**
Cilitripie Tbo»
11,11 Wra M.tYr. R.» I. 1’ ll'U.i V
lltbu A lUnikn* <;«•"}' inn.-i
ItailotkSK Hang Man IM-t Mu' Ah
ItamSMAd Wm Ntlauingcr WAf’-»HiH l>
lUVlvid KJwJ Hbihli N H Horc
ttsalm Wm HarrwTliwnai ll«.t<»un J**
lUona «eo Oop, »'«•» r*»um'
lUaamJokn Ua*l.|> Mi lloittf" Jar.,,
Hanna John K Ha*leu\Vm n..«ai.» l><«
Haxtou Ju Hatatd 4*l>n U ll«j*k*i** J«-» ‘
j£jgciJoha HtTaJi* Uo^W.nM
»‘fcr isr.sSf" r.W“
l‘;;r? r I-' Jj ‘ 1!"4 It* !!n> ltd Tu«
lUrdarovr lW IMMI-o 1 , lj unl -
Harder Henry Meeker !l.>n\y 1* l . ?
llarvrT l) S • Hrlurn Ja» j ~u *V. *
nn A 7 Iteirinftryi iJcvWH-tf/ A „
Hurt Joreph U ltunilu,rn'ri»i« Cl W
Han SenHilcn tl, t <lrr*on Andw tlumper*.
u,mu.j.»r. Il n.UctLnk }k m
MuipT Jol.u lln,.l.T.u»lvP.
llari>»(;« o HißlyNelloii Hu.c Jo.
HnrtwJa* I
I. 1
,m John lrwm Mf[ ! ,1?0 ''‘r?
Alfred . JrwmDrNVm Injrain »»*»> r
i Anbur F.rvuir K .
j i - r
Jncksen Kalph -Jorv Surh-n w,^-v
■J n 'n<*» j j.uu-r-H „ r.vji.
Jamicon Hur!» Joupc* IV*n»“‘ * , t> a vtJ
JnfoWmiWinA Jpdetw* TU « |
Jr.Qkin* Itpiirv J John«on HUo* , \y,„
Jp.!,T7 ' Johr.»on Har>* n i,. ,lß M\
i£r.?»s. c
| Jor.r* Davhl C
K-lta In. B Kce g?# JiJwS
ZSXZf* M-H-r
t-„ m „|,. i*i.B« i.rrk joli'l I
K«*unr< , V4i9* Knot* V' l" J
SKEiifi.. Z"», g~«ri.\r
:rr “"‘rr.''*"’
Km-Jv II M Kr-li f|,|i j MrM
o,„„-v ju.-i.--i ;■« 1 1-
t;,J K.n..11.»jN I--".- 1 ”
' |,. „„ar.t John l.nns J irol- M
!»*p. t-'T" J'’ h " A '•" lr ‘ ‘ ? n ' r
I r»., J iiinit'iri* Mf“i« »•«"">•
UyionJ... ".yU- m lowryA'rxr
■ n " '/Ji... | llulxl l-'wn AK
S” w !S-»"
ii"™-ftr IrSi'w!?->■ i:?"”-!.£-~
l*vr umh«r«t Wnj A Lnyd A »•
Lynch Win l^rwwtJpo
M '
i Sr, 1? K Milii'r.C.ipi of l’iMM'>rnM>:i «...
v»l|rr Mifam Moure MH»
\1 Mi:lrr Jeremiah M»°rc I’a-.nrk
Miiri i J inx’* .Miller ChriMinu Moure II
M.f'Vatl 'j'-liii M.l!rr«,»U Moon: John J
l Sm.l Mor,lnml Mr M"™* U-J
IV !!?* , ,vA UmMorm WA F Morrow Alt
M,irfk,r Jm J Mouri»r Ni' liola* Moliov H
Matibrwn Mtfii’l Mmiuruin-ry UaacMuiidny Fmiipi*
M. rh- i, (W Morpiai. J»>J Mullti. 1.,0 I.
Mai-lu-W* «*»u:irt M.ifrirou Marpln i«hii
sun rw« Ko'rl V Mor»« Nelson Murry Jo ... .
esse? sskst sesn
Jorni. Morgan RkI.M M«*b«» Andrew
Kinney »' ir i
rieAllenJot.’>F MeOremly Aleir T '°'
Job. ' «:» J"," ~ ; | s*.
S.fc2£A •>;»":
i ‘ ;r ,\ Mcl>o«rH Jn« McKrmtaPaU
u'S'L C- Vi. M.-lVnuld AttJw M< kclvy W»}
SA'Si:.- **»
McCarthy UKM Mrtn.WcuJ. m,.K o wii John H
5-H j ;'T) Tl. ' • (SwardlMct.-iuphlm »
r SrlWVll
M. Siinil McGuire Hernard ? J
McCnut'**' H-W JSsiSi"*™
M.rarrK... NaH.l « ™ MeWad- Jni>
Me "V W m - vat( j 0 t, n McMullen l»
iis:::;;. •**££& sssrAr
iicC." .is‘'Vm I' MrllrrnryJrr. John
Ne>.l J»i *•» • Nonnoii V\in
O'Mnili'y J"'!"
".“wid:: •n»x*** SSS3JB-,
oI , Mi-r M I'l 11 u ; K ‘ a: , r „ plliv T Oliver KicliJ
PrUCuli l-rwu V. ['•ocW‘*Ss3» Porter Pi" l S
Pntlnn ponlar Jo*
r»tr.h. :l W.n v !, r^, l , I (Vl.urv PuMv John
r v;*-!> r.-rK ,r "
PnttonJnio Purer.'l l.nwrr
Pmtrrwin I. H "': ,-l; p u rvi. John
I-.HOA W„i A V
fD ,Avr IS- I l
B-." W" KlotaF
tt»ia«>v *Jir Vh'll. Jaro'. Ko.. Th".
Ja« »■•*< l* J
a -S^sr™
Hammy Aid'd |,,. h . T Kn'.‘in«un Jolin A
• r n \v rn W wTlljr 0
Bfe fer assa*.
Herd Job''
Win * f ■* Slrrl- A *
Salt A M'«' s, ‘° , r . «i.-v<-n»nn T J J K S'rv< u«n:i JI
J-‘in ~'i‘,. J^« Sieplfii.m. J**
2S£.ji«" "
ssKv -H'Hrt
|t,.r.rv S r.,1 i 11 Ja« M
<.«-*»>. tS!i; Vi!"a s; M f«R«... j-.!,,; p
P'JCTwa S.n.'il'lt v )■'“« ’^“’.VkT
H:S «£«.
i!Si „ 3" n Vm!»V
Sl„!r.,l.rr(,i IV ~,11,,.., J"
T.,r j .i, y—n-r n.""T i :z^xr
.!.' ‘ \Vm M Tii«<ln J«n,r . t raui-'i '.'• p,n - . v Trn.ty JitO-'
'riionip'iii, Har.k i • I '"f ' *
•rj,<»tn[»..*ii J-M
Va ß a r UnM Vnn Norman A
«**«*« sr.
'V 1.,v, ' Wirkan-c K
ssstt- astfe Mr'
xsssi-V«•*? * r
W m-o-i A •A l i)l.:iin» J»« H ■
\Vtir*l Jolin vv‘ ,9 "'j , \V«»«.iln.w J*-ph !
Wnff• J"'"' " i \V«>i«!vvnrili K
w-w »«w‘i w««.w Sal "‘
s;:;sr w
,,,11 r -si L,plira'll .Nil"|U»l A-i' 'I '• '"l f'lT i"
; iVi JAMIX A lirri IMSON A 1 11
: , '" l ' N C m*sS;*7i(t.wn ar„
i JAMiaS A lli;TCtlli-ON A <<»
: l w AlK:ms,.N a
A.,„l„ I U ,„, - t '^." a Tiw“
uni,ut« «»< •
,lr •:»! .'.I »'*■*-<•. K Woi.trii t’ltmln.ju’l rr«-' I • ri WM|T j;
H : P «» •. klh VKi:vK:-AAn.™ r »'ST'-C... 0.1 v.<
;: --iis-ss-
*ss££' ii i £s^»s , .,“r;";;r
: ---
,„,,„ m,.,,. .ruj. u W-„ H „AV„I L' *«- •«• '"VKciLvrrr a wiim-
H »»>" ‘“ J •"'"" ll T‘w rl i-x,«.V. 1 \|^ 1 KRFJ - “ , S i C.»I‘WBAVro. J'
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j 1:: io". »< *• s r <»„>». ' i * ,,r “*,t c °" ,>^.;
aii'i 411 p-r n... 1 naymeot. *"J » 1 ' X OTHOK.-Tl.e f*lo<-.khnld«4 M 4
„ r o r-n.i»».M to "|£ a«>unH «»'• '• 4U *’ ,|\ lV,i.,.vl»onia « , »' , «» ,ld^ om J|^ , M > . OPkho idr»», «•<“’
~,.0,. |.a7iH_ rl. I|U e»irJ in nia*" l \ jfcrtl.lUal l'm Anna*' aiflie Company’"
„; >U A P . nlhcC.J-of W*\ vlkl Wllfinsjt. ' ” i-H-* >‘o..r. of 10 A 3l M.
T" 1 - w-'^
“■afc,S.“p -r-r 1 O „ MF
(I>l .i iftwtiihJj' ! ' i l ;; n ;; !t^> i; i( , 1 ., ! d on U.r S m-y I* lomui " ItlC 67 W.itJ ,1
r/iix?:;. - &^ fe*. ffSS do;rt ; - Hi - ■ aiiJ fcf , aIP „ y
I,V «.l nc.ry H ' t, ( er .riM OfJnbnKmu.cltcM, J , vji.-ttM.U Un.rr J, j«*t "" J j p rANKIKI<D
oi Iti.l.y M I.4UKMM-. "'•; l ' t :; i , ’ 11I u Kony ACKKS. . ()‘ Jc , 4 , ;llr ~v
cnw.mut -'•• i" ‘"‘ r H " c , rol „a umlera coo*l VtoUI.I) (•.\NHI>'-' a -4° l ‘ oie ’ \ nCANEir.I.D_
~.-I (i uv • «/!'• •«> ' ■Co*l ****** l , \| iir'ii ,J i- kr»» Kofi. |u»«
..•.•iip.r-l l-» lUC »""> ,! '' l ’' ll k, ;‘s„c.'lr.} l-y l,im 10 * ' ,Cr ’ a 0, “ l “' r *
• ~ , ...1 „r nurcbnM mon«-y in ‘JS jciM ~ ~4 ryfllr 4 — ***•
Trrm.c-I Sfv-fr-»«»«"‘'l’, l Annual • ) ~.K Ba ft jo ~«rrc# ol ilm mo-l J*
».a A.viA-i-r. r ,. , i»tt-HHWo ri,« ig. ( r up- I ) .M.I now ..»•«•'' “f ' J ( :i o ih-.
»- ' rro Im'itr CAHI'IW'VI'S. .iiuil,* <n«r* "";',is„N a *•»*!«.
on 111" ptrmior.i JDHI.UI MrjUNKIM, ,| c s7 A A .'. aI.N? 1 — A «t»r(B**
7T i tf Hinirkt r " l ' ( . ...nrtini H<H rolorru w n ,,rinnK ai
■ I ol o.oit ' A A NAWJNjk/;'^,
l'l • 1 A . tJr .y7 . P cf >•*•
... 5 . A !*,..« A Y)| ~AK^l ;J„r Ilte »»,«»« Frmrh »tylf*
j!, il.iVl'-nj'o'n-"'"*' *' AMAS ng_iL «m* _
i rruotwiiEAT n4**-xsaJSfIBSAEB
X) J*«
,; r cr Mal.h'.w
(irrtiil W in
l,c*;fSP ;
firmer W lr ‘*
(iirave* )• M
(inii.r* if
i« (iriihn W‘m
; ».tov«*l
Jt otanJfO'! J<
(*.r«Unin Win
(,rnham J .li*'
RAi-'.A'K:' FOR T'.'f fll I-T'-A'-" oati.y CAirm
UcjJ. Nhwa—.All IUaUOIB of I'AAOi iulcrcU
cry cruuricd-ui l.y the Oarruruofs Medosie.
Ms-. Famiaii-!—>■’«» (»«!»•—l' Wl, l
bo embercd lit.! ;l.i» Wy,-«Flii> I'Wncil a pra
,,,•l tjt carrying era " <»' I«>«
'.cliem.i toiler-:, FAiivti l‘»r Cnlifrmih bum Now York
Wlte.hip Anyelique Willi two or three com
panion* cf iirr.iu-ll tf I, and lit-r IRQ yli l.'ieu.
At Vi, ..afai- i f’.ie »'»■' lo<» on tao,r 'T lh ' - ‘‘’l’'
tain, with .o.ion!? n.dollnr in Urr -powoioion.
i Mar Iton r! EVrnn rumn noti no b;l nr'l the Angc
hqoe. It yeoA tintletatoed that M ,r ' 3tui '' im
and il,r r.ptnm cf the tail »'‘Ote ■lt*coll'C»,
AA.I u'ltile alic yyetitnahoretjg.t » P A»a|» rt ftr
a riiiUii a. t.-ent, the ra»l Al v - ! r J '»'
ta-, n in,vat- <i>ti-r,i|,ii<„, tvat too' l3 I ' ,r lt;e l * l T '
,„d .he „ ~f.r r »il.-d f* c "'
or Mimiosh.—A laiUT from the A?rnry «t iho
Araomnn .O Nr*w York httv,n K t.c*a n.«-
JrrwJ to Pintidenl Taylor. nol:fvuJ« Um that h«
had been nindw an honorary
l.ythr paymenl o!-Slf>0 l«y AnnoaG. Pl»e>»,
the fjllowiOK npproj.riairaekno Aleilj'TiirDl va* r . •
v— AVujnifvtoron, Nov. 14. ISW-
Sit—l have rc-pwimlly to n.-Wntiwledfir your
. »i,«- J2:n in-oiuiJ.. iran»m'Uim;
oommHnicntion of tm ,4 *•>» 1 _.i,r, m.n,
.erri'lirale conH.tul.n? n.r an Honorary l*fr
, hl . Anivriran I!=n„l of <>.„imi.M.nm fe
Vw.vtt M...ionr, "I«n P*?™'"'
5.00 ny A„.nn Cl. VhAl,.., E-, . N
-1 Will ilm'ik yon ti I.onvry to Mr. ht P‘ ™V
Sy uh
beard tMlf my h yl. yr.l,B' »l"'n at ta.n* nn .d,ar
ed aitinttK it. henlArnry men,be,..
With itntely reaimc,
1 JS, M . 'nend “^lflvujß.
Di. W»u.-8 I’atuvt run 1
Iron. —Eleett.eity ,» d«‘iV deyelup.rg '
-oie-iee a. well a. e.tnbit'bt»« nr ’ “ ,k ”
rq,l iiißQufio.lnrvv- A,, intanltfi. I.tnly pnteMnd
Enclnnd aa well an Ih'a eottntry. by Dr. W»»,
of Loiidun t. creating mneb tali'. 1> ebb* l .' B in I
■ ~.iTnn n current er e eleelrtly tl.rcußb a
tltaßß eHured m-tal dun"? d> e b lll *
eonltny, nr', "itber tn "-e blta', f«d-
Jt.Uff balliw or Other lurnaces. tile .on^qMUi«
of wl.ifh i>, that all Hul|.hn'r. |»hoephorua,ar*eutr,or
? L ever, more or IrM. .n a«
meal, and nren. are evul.-d or dneen off. * b h (
otherwi.e deteriorate tu.nnniily. w » n” lol " r “]' I
ed that the effe. 1. ot thi. onproyement h« reeemly
Wen te.redin the mnnadieinm > f tlnel. »' I
Men.r.- Cole.n.n.' .reel attd .run work., (■••Hn
F,„n York euo'itV, F"- »»d »ben placed nde by
side with Hi** t««t £a*l«« ,k > cjal-a're . d '^ c , *
oao be d.aiiw*m«.beJ rVsr.ifi«*M«**.
in relaton to H* maDtiU' lurf hern R
tV Wui! l.y ' ,rr - ° r L"»dor, and ,rtr.
Kevnoid* ol'lb«* Cattle Kino workAjhnd I>V Me^ri 1 .
Kr& .T<b.. .s«y ,Hntwh,-h pm
.•iHira tr.e nu,»rove«u«*ul embraced m tbe dufoven
m I>T def.idedly the and moM economy!
which b« ever-bee., placed react cr]
1111 TheWioche. ter in an article
to the application!a tta'vanjc battery by Dr. Wall
\ n Z iron furnace of>Wr«. Pena..«,Thomp ; o«
& Penman, near that place, «ay* U h ”
pi civpil the quality ot the iron rounulai-tured.
Halt. Sun.
i{u.r>n Trrrrn
V-»iiw Ww"
T i mi 7 nH(rucn»i> Aill*’
I-'- N V V.. •
••Vr.l. Ml Iron fofnpii'V
< - r‘n <<i ii'*n Cisun' 1 *
T ‘’
r„rt |.|.|<|lir.r J>|V !* of' l •' *
de*is id
n-DR. «ti» td*nn nujA-Tta great nnd i
e,..„»R demand tor tor-- Fill*. '• "" cvulr ' ;
ot ih-ir .recll.uoe Fcopte try tb.m a,id’ll..„ r..c
nt.ud ihtm to No ooe who ha. e. from the l.tvrr Complaint. ?' 1"“ ’
d,-,..,. art.inß from A di.ordered .tore of rb.t or,,
tolled 111 obtaining relief if be tried Dr. M'l.o'i
and the. they have worked ibeir own waV "
popainliry by the ...on.-buto »" "'“eh they ,
even day 1 .t'f.iriOl»r. Dead the follow.„ 9 eeri
-Mu.maeao, Centre eo . P. . April Mdi.lfdl
J Kidd.* Cc. '-Irfi'tlcmcn, I write to in
to,.; yon of the benefit I bare recced from the »«
Dr SM.ane'« I.iver VA'.» 1 have Urn ievrrc.y a-
U,.-ic.l wi.ii Direr Comp'.alnt lor a i-.umbcr v( yc»n.
■ id have >"'< n rirv much .rclicvrd hy tb*i ut-ovc
named pid. ■ I am .niton, m .«■ nm.e of them. » 1
tbiol they wd! .».« •" Otar ro[e ' n- 1 1 *"
Uoni that l can .HI a pood many of them. A young
, ..--.Nearly or I'VO do»c*
ladv. ail acqaainianof ramr,
of mem ar.C «a«l fhey relieved her more than my P<‘<
.i.e had’evrr u«eU. She i« alllicird with eorv«umpimn.
. w <;. mm.KiL”
or liver complaint
K«.y .ale i.> J. KIDD * l'U . No. Cd, cornecof Ki-n«h
lU YdVyo3d«.n.«... U c ß h. [dc«MJAwlw«
A Cur* and Certificate at Horn*.
K - Rk.o wni*T is or ™* 1* «t no«. nc.»*
l herel.y remf) that nl-oul two week- ago 1
ed » ih . violent at.ack of roan Vaf and U
era Morbuv. wub vet 7 pain- vn the .lorn
„.j,) howelv. which w»f roiupletely relieved *•>’ ’
i..»*pconiul dote, of I’etiolrorn, lakrn m a
ler Aft. r having mien the fict do-. I .Vpl «our
I end efjm'oMJ'.ly mr thrre houri
I lIKNftY WISh, Jr.
|V.,l, u rr;i D-r r.Ui. M!»
of 1 ••
II rv W.-- <*!.« >* i-nr .>f U.«* l.imd* on ihf I"
IVKI-urnli. IV** lf, °
|j-T*s,. e udv«»ti*rtn-m in oim'licr
Hr-"/' Ult - HUNT,
M.rkm -'xJ t Vrr Y W'f'»
JOH piSftTlNO.
IIII,!. ('lRl’l'LAK.'*.
tomi-K*. «•*> ‘•'V,'""!'. r 1” '.,
1 ... at !«'«• price*. a*?ll
''.ic!* 1 *' 11A r Iff t* < *■'!** I Hl a "
ImproVemrut. l» »*»«•*
'HR <• O « « r
* ,**« .I- «-«
l |.««ttiAf nKI ;. iirll «Un»i in l»>". M•<
1 • J ' ». , „uriii .iT'-i-t IMt-Puri'h.
I •“ «. »■>■«*»■*■
1 t .mon «in»k l’reji«re<l tiy J ' v KrU
' .J'JVTTrI'." N V U‘.l r..r Jr l.f A J.y,i--, S'
; \Vi!|ism vf. . .... Wl || irf; fnanrt u <trlichtiul ur;
■ unir<ffxc i" fmm'ie*. **“• P«n'<-<llariy mr »>r
tn T <«r»«»*■•! proi
' S <J ol ,lul *
a. ja\.*!•■*. m*'
_ L 4inf* No. 7<» Fnurll. *1
piTTSnUllun BOAJiD OF TIl-.nK
.ft,'> ticius-H.
committee fob December
B*U - "
,*s*&li£>»> p w-ww-. J “' sEl °‘
time* rtTroucHGtr I
ThurkJuV Morni'S. January S, IMJ. »
r r-onrentirmr of lire s reut lont'J' ,hr Gr""" 0 ' *
" oo." our murker ropo.r thl. nrormuf, for
mroafte, uu *
e '"“ K ' ! qu '"' ’" a ‘ oo
c ) Vi ,. s e in 'juoiaUon*
, Av ,_Tli'-*“>eof ir. ea*fc« S»‘la A*h,(St'!* 16 ’
* '' rt , d ~y u « veniriCuT, wu inrorrrct.-wi
7;; 1 ..... Ti..
r. n.l«. >»-« ««•" i ,h ' r
k ,t F«r a C™' aruelti of $«»*» A*h fr- VE> may '
».ffn wilw mHiwj&<ura of U.e market.
7 fe« o ""
la,i evening- ftnJ
mkb Cope, Munlnrlc, llcntrrr
MirDic«'>i Urii-*, Hrii*«r
lV»k“ W. Clark. I'r»vpr.
; vr( aot*nu WnlU*iH*. t . r ...
Yironi.*, tinllowuv, Monoynh-ta C.t,
& on! rubles.
.Wen, Hemlnckwm, roft
, j«je)«oii. Moore. Wlireinn
Uci liani, Grace, Cincinnati.
Cop*-, Murdock. IWvrr.
i Tk>- Eric, Ciltttk. Braver.
Braver, Gordon. WrlUviH*
VZ’t.l T-ylor, I.u™- Cinc ,,,, '»’ l
Hi-veill*, Pion*-., Oft'niU'oli*
beaver packets. a 4 p “
WEU.tfVU.I.B FAeKKTJ'. 4 * * “
WIir.KUNG-J»<M« Nel-on,» *• *'
CINCINNATI-lUtnlurg, 10 * *•
.< Brilliant- 10 a. »■
leave for ‘ "’'■' , " lrUl •»*»
T r«uinr Rowrot Jep»m»«-
The splendid Mefiorr
- '' ft, ‘ HAMBI R<>, , ,i
: iv • ., • rainier, will leave
.i!.... erul all in..ruicdia' e 1““" “
ll.i. .I-' al ioolrrlrr.*-, ,^,.1,0,10
l-,„ ir.-i*bl O' P*W' l-'fifi/rEMIEREI' R. A.l
For ireinln or j«aJ»aK« »Pl V ....
The •plemlld •trainer
fe i-ARIS, .
I iJ&statt* Pwnuel ?mitli. w,l | ‘“J
.hove «ud all intermedia* porn
° l Fo'trr l |slit_or panragr apply on ~f“ a rJ :in3
The »plriidid ,ieuuirr FORT rill,
1 •;*..'-•>* Nk Miller, maalcr, wiU lea*** i ft r **
I pa**.,., apply on l>a“ rd
The splendid nenroer
,> A'- fa P RINOGOI.D,
■ Pnn. will !.n». for 111. e.iov.
-limilSSl-Sd oR E.l'.na.rlratrr ,l "• J "’
w* •»: ‘°’’ 4
"i'lTrsucßUU ANl> wiiekuno i-ackep
ti,. (*■!
i.ol’ls* Mi*LANK „ t hor‘
freubt or A- CKOZP.R, A*rrt-..
UUCKCT?-:> Min Morr »»<‘yjj'jft S |U,
X> dc® _ •
/,ÜBK.-K-<™*°«" fa, »!
Kj '"jc-ti >m)*Rmji J '
A - ~ u Oft ju*t rrp'd an*H«u «>
t~".t Ill'll—to !>!>!• SujMifßil^i
1 *l% - DWKivra; . ,
I,air.. Xta-*W\ of H ’ nvll
. ■£* int 4,1 C 1 7 ÜBIIWN .v KmKI'ATUICK
i>irri-:n *
1 “■ l'»Pf J, T,‘“ *». >'■-
'"'Sta' Jn's. a"., ,«*«, 2" *« •■" s>^tm
Wm, •">' y to A«'KKof Tftlu
a\ \r tround, y l(>0 „ r wi«hi»eu>rc-»«it
tv«tui<l prn*r tuliii l • » r or to unpfow. A
ill *H«» o( UH: ‘ ' t lhß o ifc cc of Ihr
~i ... i.l :liC «uIkI.»,MJU <■*<» »r per
r.„ c »u‘i*!an«ial Urick
0., ,U- prr.jKiiy JJ* , [...cluani* uc men,
Oll To-V .L . i. !,ijm'»ero« •malierbwln
hwowii n» t:i<- * Krd • - fkcf ., B n e y (partly <*■
mi l»cque*'ic W*)»' ‘ * d Hie »table* a
ciip>r«t by lownicnd, U,r « '-o-.l
SV"« |ief .nn««. •»* P"*" 1 * >”
tmr t|nrd improv'd
Apt-iy t»
o. a
A«lorn<-T at IJ» W ’ *-*° orlh
ld'll -* •«*>* I"'"'' 4 •** **
S >•;•» > te ’ j A II I'llilU's
iu »>»« du > " Md ,uf Mle No 5 Wood rtftrt
|tr*r KW.KIVKU - ( jKIUI»fcUO,
*} ' lof S4IO ’> So ro Wo«J*l
It, i.|,|. rcr'il mid for »»!«
( vMONf 1 - "H.M. rcr OKAIIi.fcRKISNtK
““ "'“lift SKINNK
lAttU I'l kr*
i >l.-/7
... 7*. i,i.L« . t utore mm ftJT »•**’'*y
( jl “rl: » It AH. A. BKINNBU
i i‘ik nvkN itiif in viAfr Bitil for Idle l»y
„, k. i» Jay rrrM mul for •■ioM
A ll,\b TKoNli fc CROZKK
l M.A VnKHS-’.
vituL-i ai> -r, i.1.1* in OaY rep'J, for l
»*'-• '■’i
AI }t , t UNIONS-ti Air OuflHOii-,
■ .. a .•.ilrrnii «ue*. rr'C'J urn! ' or
’ ja.II No 5 \U
»"■' " ■' 1 J 4 II PIIIUJI’I
Y I .'.1).-Ml. PH. 1-' '“'j |i'«.““i''' J
i t Sti'p mrrnmSiiN a. g
New Bonka.
(>f . A nfin»t nti.t (icoaraphy
\ dif the u • Ol School’ und College*; by Ui»rlr«
A 'jKfy‘' f Ui'fß'urr; by Geo. Ticknor. 3
iu* Ca|iiivr«, or the Whaleman’*
' Vl ‘ wiiolr’i Biography. a* MlhereU
n'h'iv'' l M.'liTew«'i Cmi« ol the ■‘Somraodorc Fret-lr;
t.y iu-v "; ‘ ,r ,y,T, l u.^ r of ß Throleer, S »o*. )um rec’tl
by fornrr Third an<l Market art.
. WAitSIKTTOH.—VVIL-Alc*M»t, at North
K ; Fourth and Market .treeu, ku a
}> ,-nt of (ho above »earce fooila. Alao
{X. ';‘l, ‘"‘ h Mrniios iiorobaxn.eCuuhAlpaer.av for
*V B, ' W Cloth* for Mourning, umlatUMplj
«ooJ4 teoeruliy ~- J
fc *
O » ,a ,'L ‘ > Xu Ml Übeny n
-,.i rm:TrKH-*a *jbi* in More nnd lor »olc Or
.oI.J. Ul * ‘ KNOLWH k UKMNBtT
; ,Tit ih.n landing per ttfamer J.
(j u'a'Uim, auj lor »ale by JAMF3 DAI zt?Ui
~St«aipbo»t Q,ot»** *BdCouaUrpn*«.
nMIK underrißiK'd Imvo Ju.t received aconsi*nracnt
1 «( a ca«:* Meftmlx>al QaUu and Counterpane*.
tht \tw England qu»U Manufacturing Company,
Sl. icy «u '« <«<» '»* “
°’”"v °* U om’V'iSivroaLEjiraSeroßiUL.
_ .itvTl-K— id kcx* and l bbl to day rCcUand for
li aLIVb? A&1 COI»E&B&EY**OtS!.E
t f
V“g-“‘ , "' ,i " 1 ’"Voi'k^lW.k
i >|trri'lt-ew« Erwh Roll, la e’olh*,to dnr
| V-ni for i»«lb by dc27 CRAIU* BK>NNin_
)V^'" M,,,S '“ 1 ' m ' i gfaAl0 I^KIN«BR
p,,TAT. , i..
•‘igr’ 1 -” 1 ?'" "“ ,e “ckaiu t Dinner
, ' 1 " C "" "^TEKM^
1349. jJS2L
. _ Ll _ op jtXßcn&Sbizzasd pacea«l3,
tnJrd by thi* Line are carried in the
'hnKibrtsbancfe* and are i.-omcdiaic
om going night ami ilty through to
or*e-i of lilt* line are m aliened ev
-I, inaore« the proinitt delivery of
time promised. jhe Vt agim* wil
ioU‘O .Jatly.fSßOtay* freepu-u ) Hup
•d that no more %ooA* wtH be »i»*rtt
an be punctually camjc thtooeh.
Canal Uaain. IMM-urgh.
237 Market atreet. 1 nHttb-.paia.
~ ...-..--a m Wttßi
piiubunth. TUe hi
i»rr IS nu’i*'. wnic
prt« tiro ar
euCh flay ini
rtilwlflphia. ’ v.-iOjcr fl f the above, on Flour.
«*•“ <• ss“
■ gaa. ggSMM:
»tL PAETI or TUK *A*T « *»-
uiarrafi u.*ib »*« ***
rrmr. oM
irTSpSIMuSw IT «r ° l “"
wiihnui Jrla ”. SoU.talion •» umc *nJ W.
’in.SSr Sss?> «ui tf «i”"»“ 5» J ’ <°’ f ,lre
* w!&« .o -j»-gib*
Srfi°r'^SS!sirM“an«n e » <*■ '■ "J
jj; rk^»r p sir"«.>i'?.r':h,,,
f« .h. Ea« »■ ™ e f ’;;;i.r'
r alleil for in MV pari of tlie cuy, free oi cunr*
id* from the EtuldeliTercd without cltargo tot ft
arte &«■**«• d ”ii y *',l'"''T*’ A.M
■kapr* forwanled U> Cincinnati, Utii'villfe Si
. ami New Orleans
i ana nt"
raniciFAi. ornro.
, * Co„ No. 7 Wall *um. Now tirk. .
do W Chr.Ttot «tr. t. Pbilodtlplii
do 255 Baltimore ulrrel. Balutnor
iitiimvi *. Co No. 8 Court mm. Ild-Mon
UvmiKM * CO., 00. VICKKRY “Aaent.
13 Office Sl.Ch«r!e< liuildm : .yootf m
conveyance U tbl. ’mIVJdEN .t «>,
Onsl Un«n, Pui*burj;h.
, fi No 'tr. Market »U Philadelphia-
0»ly 73 Mile*
Via Urownavitle and Cumberland 10 Baltimore iiiJ
JJJjSife***. r-w-*">• «•*•
evi'tung lioat, will ero.s itm mom im». m -mg-n ucx!
| ~° ^U"wC ' “A:’“ A: ’ """'' ' «!■>K.MEN.A^
miiF mihseribera, having Mispended llieir rnna! op-
taSS™ FfcX»i» ~,1 Amlmrch, l'f
I'm iS S’
mill dr«patcb. cannot fainrißiv-1-ai' «n» “
. (avor meo with thm t««^ ; fc O , c „ NNoR ,
' ivnn and Wavno •!», I’itUbursh.
cotn-r -nu)MAJi UF.RIUIXSK.
*J7d Market t:»reu j , bil W drl|.l..a__
: m.m> mu.
fAW Till OLD CO»l*tTOOA»
TO A!»B *B0»
Pltubartb and frlalladelptila.
•* ft the b«»»n«M «o lbo««nnl « oboul Uatucclowd
A for tba »«x«on, wk would inform the public tkmt I
£* fc ® L‘uMin lirnnrlii the Comsunpn W«on» mio re
i iSTK
leavuiK Philadelphia daily i»y the mall train for Cham
fcn«irr* tht ,r W M (iINMiAM. Piltrlurnli.
i - --iviftrTKK iaUtANGKMKM'r.
express wagon line
to A*D r*OM i ....
Tiar Five Day*. iSumWy* rircpted,) running D.
anil Niebi
TIIK r, n |ilir |t rraprctfully informed thsltbi' U»
'whirb l.aa Iwcn m Miccr-lul operation the t«
,iM» mntrr., wi'l ■ commence ronumff
s "rtg;-isi C~VK25i*»
' each war with the Mini Tram, and irmn Uu
wim relay*of bortea nitiiii»B<'ay and m.
•We ate p.cpnred to forward GOIM ll>* ireisht ‘-my
. . lkr Al...V' A W" l s.lf. BK c„» C (i, l M,.b»r«l
' , )r „ > _!!ARRISAI.KKCH.
* No 13 B>ouUi TbJtd atreet, Plnlauelphl:
A|*»c'r' "
The undenogiiru, vrr T Rf*-* -1 " 1
, their fncud*. Ik-R I'-nvr to my dies On
ure drummed to devow* ihrtr nor
nfnlESMftQiiK'd attention lo tlti» l>r»neli pi tU<
C: MnP „ ' bopr from uuieieett yunr*’ eipcneo
by itair „=.« I-.K.-.K >■<>‘led'"
to mrrH patronage. J. UtCKLt~ fttu,
ilc7-(Uni , fcntl lUi-et., K>
rrp;»K (iKll. KhLKRY.of N»w York,«nd «•'R?vM
I T l I*l UMI.Y, nt l'liiladelpliin. have day be*n
laihMurd 04 pi.rm. r- m oat l-u«ine*». wturh wUI be
'enutmue.l uinl,:r the «amc linn at hontloforr,.ti No. v
Clmrrb alley. PhtUdelpl.ia. and
New York. K M. DAVIf. ft U».
I'lnlftilelptiin. tVe. t, IMU (d-7-Im
rpilia nxP PifTsutmtiH, aj.m>
I I.KUIIK.NV, AND -VICJNm, wilt Ik- rcnrfY for
,F, .11 |od«y- |V..o.>- who may
ii .v<- Vit»< of thru Mtnli)' pc*u put on the men opu
,|n •« by waking application 10 the tuider.igned, #l*
limn lifer* U»«Wta«t. To defray the ei r rn “;
>_ new - -'ll Ik* reunited in addition
.»*!» BBMrfiOWAN
1 (••^rrrr’.l otitic I’KKSUYTKIUAN HOOK KOOM,
j no n w««d *«A(ot »j.
iu» - lb-brew Lexicon, I own-end ► Arraiißt ruem
Oi thr- ltiUtr, Seamier'- llmoty of lac«uan Kelt
non and 1 l.ur.-h, Milton - - Trrnu.e on t-rM-ltwi Unr
if nr- l.ilc «>i Jeremiah Kvmta. K-<j, Kol-miiin » jf**'
\ i .„■ nrtd tntnV <> her iiuereMiiiß work?, tn addition
.bov” nil .t«««* rmxcm. __ r.iratt!
view of PiU'bnrgli.
d tor «le by
CllAlti fc f»KINM.R_
MV VIKW will I'" pul.lul.i-tl in as short a time
a, po.eit.l-, and l ran n-.urr my -uUenbefs
«,„t th- nubile sen-raHy. >“«' ■> .C’Wi.w-
I.OP. m fi.l. '.i> < ( d-l»il ami i.i-nnty «i -teem, on-10
( . . ........ui.r 1 a*t tlit.M- wit.) .‘oul't..wait m Inw
«’rVkl a'uUcr‘ K 11l m'lKl.D
" Nvw Yoaa.’Pec. 3tb, 1-ttf —(dell
No 05, DIAMIiNO AI.LK\ n j
W Dil. raa ilWWlf* bMin* I
liut coatiie* 1
plaint* far wlul-Ii hi- opportatiiue*
KiTOyt \ ton. 14 ycar» ua*iduou«Jy devoted
. N of iho«e complaints,tJunußwSck
to »iudy A u-a practice and ku cared more®*-
JI to the lot of any pr.vatc pfc
*'■*>-« h«-
°‘ TS'ST. biiSE"‘«K '■i"' ll '" l « h “ 11 ,4“»
wsok of Iho olauaer. others have confined
result froiaikow cbm particularly in»iw.> *uch
Item to hopelrs? “'"P*”* ucc eW«»y treated by ottcis
uk bate bwi n * * “ ry will he (t!»en
to biro, whcn i :vc f j ihorouf;]. and
them, anti ibeir ewi ueniru ion* r •Dcnonrr.
* “r' l °
~ w.,,.’x,.pc e an,s-d I
°S V-sSiS.u'«f eilliw M li«'M »‘»
jSKSi t. Shown, m. a , poiiiwui,»i>ati|cto
'"o&cy'no. fli D.smond»lky,opro*it*iny'Vpveily
"bkotwyoh— W' Hn>«i,'» rawly dtauwol
j, ( 0r KtirummiMO i» a «peedy and certain remedy l“« t'atn’ul trouble. It newer fail*. • -
I>t£ee and l*nwaio Cotuulling Room*, No. M D.»-
mot>d alley, | , iu*l»urjh. IV The Norton* al
ify No eorojit* pay. , n .-8, lf-49
T, (jNllKlhi*—' tack TiinniUv Hcril; 5 *«ck» Rte*;
Side Uacon; m ttori*_*mHbr «lp by
is _ rit'AHi k, SKINNKR
'> bill*, choice I«
'“"'“r... 1 s „
UTA^II-JO ca»kTin jiore anil fnf fair I'yl
drU ~ TAS-K.l » lfr-«
jjiSNi --.aWi «T.Tk>» ARf A j>.U
For, RJEHT—A convenient Dwelling Honfe,on
Federal street. Allegheny city, with a large yard.
°fe. ThW an. £Ji£*£mUj
FOR BALK —An Iron Foundry, BlaehsnUth and
Machine Shop, with Steam Engine of 15 horse
rvowrr rood atocfcof tools, machinery, pattern*, flasks,
ladle*, furnace* and oven*, rll now mi we »adin rood
rwnnineorder. Srid T’n-nu.-.horelSOfeelfronthylKl
.*- ep> With pnvi:«r.r -ran adjoining let «7by W !eet-
Jteinjf one of u.c oldest and heat Hands in the City Ol
Cincinnati, with a liberal patronage. Apply 10 . _
dclT DAVID BINTON, Cincinnati, Q_
I,’OR;ai£ST~A STORE, wen fitted up I*7
r Good*. on Market rl. between Third and Fourth.
l'o*«e*MOn eiren oa the tat of April next. .
a:*o—Several ROOMS and OFFICES. Po*"*** o "
Riven itninrdiaiely. E. D. I
dels Office over the Po*t Office. Third it
*cm occupied by Meaaro. Bailey, Brown A C°"
on Water street, from Aral of April next.
FOR HALE—A rood iwo bone PEDLAR’S
WAGON—for sale Tow—may be seen at the Da*
*an? Livery Stable of Roily Patterson, Fourth street,
lxjiwriMi Wood ami ttnulhfie'd. - nov26
Fbtt'Rfc'sfK r
«-* A WF.LL FINISHED ROOM, aattable for a
PGO Variety or Gentlemen'* Famishing Store. Al-
JUt r 0 Several rooms enitable for offices or At*
tist'f rooms. R D GAZZAM,
orilstf, ■ Office Third sitc<i.ovct PostOffico.
F«rfisls or Rent,
mTHE vory desirable residence in Allegheny
City, lately occupied by U- 'V. Poindexter, and
poi«e*eion given immediately.
For terms, apply at tins office, or to W. W. WIL
| SON, Market m.
„ ■ tfOtL UKNT-The ouuuton ho«»« now
occnplcd by Mr*. Atwood,*Huaied
JiSiWUheoacir* of prcuod attached. The »ou«o
proved. Apply MAllw ’ Waters
- ? Ug^'L< t>u <a I.K a Hriek Hou*c» (bat one year
M lmilU \VS^V% I rice^w n a'K , n^^W?
Vfm. enim. -
| uie Bockutorecf
<• Market and Third street*
Tvo Loti for Sal*. 4 . ■_
j„ the Th?rd Ward of fcSpS »?»
front of-JO feet, SA, 25 Uy 100
(wo comfortahle dwelJin* *«»
are three abide '.te«,. of a Jn n?ifh?eh will be told at
5S2 ta lKtoS and e *W«F. « Coanty Scrip,
wul be taken in No ft Woad« •
or to W.U. UKNSON, jnjtr.ediaielrroppoii'
olar«. inquire ci no second it
' a s'&Acroa *o*i L*b4 tor ■«!#« ..
Tk■» •« ■-r icmQ of coal oo Utia *fMl|
| about CU feel above the lower, of excellent quality.^
- i V»lnahi® liulldtng Low for
mHK *ub*criber«arc uuthonzed VO offer al
T, sale. Mid uoon WeWy favorable tanna, a
of very valuable Buildin* a largo
>r ■>»
s. tftevenaoti. Kaq., deceased.
A plan or subdivision of iho abov
nuty with which it i» V o l*> u *%"
the office of the umler»iffncd,cn Fet
ket and Ferry tu.. WILL.
V FOR SALE—A Lot ofUfonJ
direct, between Hay and Marbary
lb- hoo«e anti 10l now occupied DJM
haVinc a front of 23 feet, and is dep
V °'“ b, 'cTLo»i
ondl-dtf I
For B*itT
ADKSJRAHLU Building Lot ia
vorally located, in me aboi
buctoh wist
balsam of wilc
THE following article ire copT
ihe “Boston Merconule Journal,
and we bop-- that W any of our re
from any of the complaint* whic
Uiey will apccdily avail tbem*:l«
It wa* well known many 7«i
cherry bark tree of title climate
mrdieirel rjuaUtie*. Indeed thii
the aborigine*, and decoction* of
this tree h*« eTer been regarded l
one of the tt.o*i effectual retnedie
TUi* fact, *rrr.ral year* since, ar
Dr- V/isiar, u highly resfiectabh
ginia. He lureiticn'.ed with c* i
tics of the wild cherry— tented it
jute red alone, and when in corah
icediul arems. lie found that i
!«• preaily unproved, and by eo wnose propertie* were a!
eraliy rece-uiscd, a inediein<
con.male* :■ remedy of ffreai n
ry sjr. elion* and dm o«e.* of llj
d.seasrtt wl.:eh are proverbially
and large u>wti». and often pro
bill o' morinlity to » n»ueh grea
rare with H.o,ioUicr», we bad
ol disca»e.
•p tr -cnu,.,- Wistai’i Balsam of Wild Cheny ha*a.
far Vimile t« die signature of Henry Wisjar, M- : D*»
Philadelphia and Sandford and Park on a finely exe
eaiU Kieel engraved wrapper. None other ore gen-
Wp an: »«* m receipt of Ute following votontaryiti.
ijLL curative power of W,star's of Wild
Cbirry, Iron'l2. Hall, M. D, of Mu Clemens, MiehU
who i« a physician of high standing, and an ex
Mt. Clows, Mich., OcuJOtb IWfl.
To the atllicted, this may. certify thut g~l
'j. this village, three or four weeks after confine
mciiu waa -.Hacked with a violent cough and great
Cherry - Physician and Druggist.
ttcad on viid he convinced still farther oftheteiaar.
.Kbit • or \Vi.u.r’. D«CBiorM!M Chonyi
offer l “ e J‘v 5 a * Wiatlr’s Balsam of Wild Cherry.;
B , that all the rone
niXpCr ,1 telp
rd 10 try your dmfTtodirce*
-SI/ ira&es
££&&* sss^ssk
it to tlf pnh-tca* u valt
Your*, trspcetfally, lUrnw, Mich.,
Ihvd llu foUovnnq Testimonials.
Of all the cure* that taTe recorded, there -
orrtamly «i»al “» oae a»l mentioned, which
plainly shows curability of Consumption, even U»
koanc of its worst forms! .
Cuown I'otJtt.l-ake co n Jane 1-, low*
J l). Path: Hear &r, As llhave a deep *««»»•
ti« for th.- adlietcd, permi mo »
history of mv uilUei.oas, undftbc bcrw6« dcnvcd from
'lhe use'll Hr Wistar’s Balsam of Wild Lheny.
In July, U-H. 1 was altar bed with a fever of tbo IV
pbod character, which left 1 me in n very debilitated
State, when in lie following,wtnterl"" l SSTm to
•evert cold, which reduccdme to such ““{jJJJf |f
civciuetUe appearance of aeonfirmed consumption,
l Uihcrod under a severe cjiugh-cipeetoratedapeal was troabled with cold feet and WRhthweat*.
I aWreuusmly rawed bided, from my lunss.l I eon
tinurd bi th-s slate, gradually Aiktng under fhe ma*
c«c until \ ™ •»)» »»“*£
with fever. My friends despaired of my me. Md my
rdiviicinn* thought I could survive but a short tune.
nretr.nbed by physicians, and try Dr. Wtstarh Balsam
of Wild Cherry, and from the first week that l® 0 ®;
menoed tnkiug it, 1 con date recovery. I
continued its use six months, at the end
i was cured, and have enjoyed good health ever since,
and cheerfully recommend the Balsam to
flictcd with disewa of tbo lung*, and wouldiayto
those commeuoinff its use, not to be discouraged if two
or ibreo Vowlcs do not effect a cute; but persevere u I
havu uone>nd 1 bavebo doubt bntnw® cases o« of
ten will be blessed with renewed health ;i« I have
becn . Keipeetfullj,
Prca 91 pet Roule—six Bottles for :
Sold by J. D. PARK, tiucceasortoSanSrGrffcPart,)
Fourth nml Wainut streets, Cincinnati, Ohio, General
Agent for tho South and West, to whom' all orders
must be addressed. j
L. Wilcox, Jr; James A. Jones; J. Kidd k. Co; B- A.
Fahnestndc k Co, Pittsburgh. L. : T. Hassell, Wuh
imrton; W. H. Lamberum, Franklin; L.i B. Bowie,
UninntownjllL Welty, Greoatbnrgb; *»KountftSfflß«-
set; Seott k Gilmore, Bedford; Heed tc Bop, Hunting
don; Mrs-Orr, HolliJayibarg; Htjdebran t* Co, Indi
ana; J. K. Wright, KUtanmng; Evans a.! to, Brw»k
vdle; A. Wilseni Son,| Waynrsburßb; KTUrland *•
Co, N. Callender, Meadville: Barton,4. to Emil.
m2 B oW Merren Jamds, K*l\y4 toßutler, g.Bmte,
Beaver, 3.1). Sommertpn, Wanen; FJj.&C.-.JonMt
Coadsrsparti Y. Cronkur, Jr, BrownttUle.
novl<Fdhwll(U|T |
rruviuTv.o curtaJn ora»«Ha ,
1 nit has ree'd a
Curtain iminuts, at tlm Nona Vjast «««*
Fouttb aria MarketataJ
J <Sc2O _ .
bx *
• X-JoiU _
hf fhe.u.
i. l,cflJ
to t*a**'»
&H f cW *
dea |
- (cr maxi • ••
Mintaexaland Pri»*te Libraries »r*latl«
PenwnJ artabin* to pweho® *■» o®«*» r
j trd to mi and examine ijvi- gaektT
The nimiuir o' *» Petaaj
j j a kf t»t nytheac tooauu oct33**^™J
rj~ Tox tuxx ax a thj Kcttoj a
■ivelfcan a bad, putrid bftttfh, or dark, JtOtfW
EjiST tothdtmfttfw
Sefcta, fornro ahiUinn. b*T »« aniel* tbftiwffl
mie their breath rare and****! »»*i<
di Kuei of the Gama, »p*ncy«t
and forthe Teeth it Uan equalled, raaorin* tteumt.
Srtcumc th« teeth In the jpau, ud clean thenar
white • *•**”> .--..t. ~...
Sarb. reader, are the properties of *****
ZffJtt&JSZSttJVStt ss
It ia patap ln oeaatlfal wiSjacksQN ®liber
cent*. SoldbrtheA«eM,^Va.JACKTOP^ J »wi>or
ty atreet, Piuabanth. ***”*
CT KirmoM .m SMS
UTbirmicl Soli, mbhi m lit*
lit .me unr.noSia, .olleM, ini »«>«“• “•
giving n the texture end beotfy of on
Salt Rum a«d Sous, «• »«*■»•*«■£
healed, bat eared by iu are, as 01 lflMl.*ot*A *!t!l
i cmn* in New York know, who ase it In web e** l '
and find it unfailing—as also in —— ~_ ...
Ptul»,BuotcHtt,Fucklxs,or any otheisMngo
ease. The reader ia assured that this u
paffed nostrum, as one trial willpSore. ICO* l ® «u*
merate st least 60 persons turcd of > u
Sou Hrsr>,Soa» Lsuin Sou uuuv—Boy «»
and use it, and the reader is again assaredl wow*
hot cruelly sell it for the aboye artless I knew U to M
all! state. Those who are liable to ,
.Cuauts Ciacun, oa cbors Flub, will find this • o
core. Any one afflicted with any of the abore, or «uh
Uar diseases, will find this all ana even more (adairo*
ble in iu properties) than I state. • .
Bet, reader, the stores are flooded with iwltsnotti|
and be sore yoa ask for JONES’S Italian Cbwhfsl
, goip. Bold by WhL JACKSON, » ÜbsttT street,
[ pitithuTßh. sttgfcdicWT •
' in- all *©ot arras* are honorably nwiifl IW
thefollowing are theactual <railitie»ofa*Lb««lo «
John’s Com Hair Reetoraive. If they doiM 0«»
word, they cannot thooe highly reopcetaUa citheaa
who hare tried it— • •
Mr. Geo. Beeket, 4i Kim at. New York. .
Mrs.' Matilda BeorafcMTfUe «,Broollyn.
Mr. Wm. Tompkins, W King a*, Now York.
Mr. Thor. Jsckroa, Montour* Island, Bear Pltubcrgfc
H E. Cnllen, late barber steamboats. Aaenea.
And more than a: handred other* mate, though thid
mutt infiiee, that itwill force the hair to grew op the
bead or face, atop U falling grenyi^jhojro^
aodJAw’r ji.iiu.uaH-'
AKE XjAU l'iuNKi> A&AINaT U*
They are not aware how&ightfully itinriocs l®*
to the akin! how eoarwyhow rough,
low, yellow,.and uiheahhyihejtaflfP*
pear* after tuinspreparedebalkl W*
tide* it l* Injurious, containing a
w .
which we call JONES’ SPANISH ULY Wbx*&
It i« perfectly innocent, beioff -
outqualities, and it insula to
thy, alabaster, clear, living whitera.the »»
acuag a* a cosmetic on the dttn, nahiarit •®5 I *R® .
SSft. Sold by the Agent, WM. JACK#m»Uh-
pittaboreh. Priceds cent*- an«7alAwT_
H u t. B l!f»SSiSS3S»w*ste
s ississa .■ssKSSji™
We solicit oar friend*, and the pablie generally, to
call andexamlne curs»ck,whieh
inch as Leck*,Latohe», Hinge* and Screw*, topthec
with every article asnallykjtpt in.HaJdwe ftowa.
We invite the attention of CwwteraMd
generally to oar assortment >*«>«
Selected with great care, and which we arojdewma'
ed to *eU »o e* to give tatUfhctien. apw>wa
jeLotn, in eonlor*
ill, mn7 l>c seen at
irth, between Marj
}AM3 tt KUHN.
ohd situate on Penn
r street*. adjoining
- Richard Edward*,
jWi 150 feet, trill be
» ;cepiid>nal>le. Ea«
I: hat, near Wood.
property 1* Allegfcemy City *o*
°"”sA'aa «
or ofJAS ROBINSON, on tbepremi»aa.
cvlTrdAwtfT •
Tft -ppiafEM.
i Allegheny eity, fa
-11 half on acre, and
r as. ltauireof
] IMS. tn» wood *1
45 founts Fancy Letter, differen^ta*»
DM Newspaper Cat*} •
aw lb*. Leads, cat to order;
.10 Competing Sticks; )
N “Orders received fornewTyge. a«IOdAWB_
THE subscriber ha* jntl reeclvjri FakiaTjjJ
Suite,7UFourth W*xBAK
country since tie first of February
all iliiPdillerenl grade* F^^,fcfi*w2j,*s?iw
Our rxek being among the largestuttho we**»w» »«w
Gunpowder and Impend, from
iSSmlies are roquejted to aeadjM^aampJM**
“> »~«:i
J coto j^f c ' J n ° W opcams ± A uaaoif ACOW
: .cherry.
irilli pleasure from
1 » of March, 1810,
c ulers ore Buffering
U ii said lo care,
of it:
Kyild cheery.
\m ago that tho wild
possessed Talaablo
; f«/*t wo known to
b>e leaves or bark of
jy their physicians as
la many diseases. tb« auen lion of
pmciiiioaer of Yi**
the healing prope
:deeu when admir
llion wilh oih<
ittutal virtue
bininK it wilh
well proved and geo
war produced which
portance in pulmona-
:be*t and throat
■ valent in oureili
ire fatal, swelling lb(
,er extent than b th«
Almost said all elusci
j-yATS— 4M bo loodln* obd totoo b Jn 0° ‘NT
A^F™ 1 °* c HOIUIMT
SKFjjS— 4 bag* Flaiwed; •
I bbtrimoO., rot
LAUD— 9 t>t)li receiving iW Pf
d<rJO ; Sis.
SOOXE— lOifiaTprimeNO, .
. 4dß
“ °» G “ J T^uSfB T
; ~ ftpn—iu bbla No l Le**«, ~_
L, M
I,b " ' V “p »EWB *■ CO
i_)UTTKR-In koivbblt uid '“gb ■
u iffe-o^^ r
f SgT” bbHN CQ -
Hlf’M 18 "" J " ‘““"mre'VS'^FOOLE
3yv.i,-> • ■ -f>TKR—I (ftes* Prc»h. tOMTITO UU»H»y.
K®E fc^VFOGJ^MSeeoodtt
dirC dcS° m F * ll *- Bild ° C YRAGEa, IC9 Mfcttet «l
l»rg« m»«tß*eot of An*n*
A can Mnnuraemrod To7*, lhe beat ,aJ> '
«““ ».*>;* p»
T*£&-“ *»* te T.ifflSgci»iwi
W' uikUblii»
!Ju*treeM,n»»nTO{eeof <*jj jja «U u
i ta s3»fe*
T««£“• ”l t ° lc, *I°‘p 1 °‘p K Httl.ljaa.CT Wools.
'“'“ 901 HttRY,' uxniv^S^eo
jsTTfiCjy boxes Unding from uemmer H«w ***“** ;
S >nd for sa'<N cl °“ ‘‘"'^'ir.SraWlELL.
(Tffir”’ *»■“">*“ B'“wif*Rßirau_ ,
1 1 opening *t A: A- M “°“ * >
iJSejlTa cue* superior Long And ,
Vocl Vinno, in exceUem orfeij 7“ ™
>, »iw>. .
*' bT pTUAjrriSILL.
btflD BRANDY j-
l»e,lB31; |
“ dn mO teoM mi toMmn
P Tdieiei>g<><rf orter,
de>B -•—
Ja I—-.-:?«»•'*
,110 Woo* *