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gt u OCT You. yeah nittim;letair traveling through
the State of Obio; while spectate • few days In
r a singeu Menne rubstonee,
and salisequently teamed that it hod been known for
ream and supposed to be of no ogee- value, but Worn
On uniformity of texture and elegem appeatrance. I
was led to believe might Le made useful, bot for
what mamma I had not the !cut idea. I commer.ced
!my export:acute by boning it.boilirlg It, and salver.
Meg it, and componoMag area venous substanc
sod ea arena wu my confidence Mune-ere VW
and means In the
Ia that ripe...pp:ly come eau
prowaudon of those experiments; and from thet time
to this, I ball e.attebded ou mother basineas; at theca
Oration of a beet two years, I finally dlaeorated, that,
by reducing nee a fine powder and mune It with
reed all to .sbout the twaristeney of thick paint, and
applying . that compound with strode:, that this coating
in a few mouths walla became a perfect stone or
slatm so that the eubstanee whenapplied one actually
elute in 'a liquid state; and the large Mount of talcs,
alumna, magus:. and Meek oxide of inn that it con
tatted, rendered It both weather . and firs proof,
longer expOseriohe harder and mare permanent it
Imelda to become, and as the coating latter it tutu to
time) is of itself intleavactibt. by fire, consequently It
protheM the wood covered with it !tutu the air.
where there is no air, there la on blase or totem n;
thereon the wood will .nentady char, before the
ecenting will give way.
,I considered the discovery of the greatest imp
_and applied to Government for a putenl:t . . l 7 d
stivervion or etseovery, foodlY bctttl.t .
sow be remunerated for all mr cet•
any. The government. .1
ca to me Letters Potent for the sole rinta to
inlin .1...
tare, sell end use my iniprovernent in the
of a “Weather end Fire Proof Compoption or Arti-
Adel or fourteen re
demist 14, lee/.
WE, the inhabitants of Sharon, have read the above Wan
t or of :4r. Inane, and belle. it to be sabstan• i '
tinny correct, as wo are'
nod to moth of thestate.
mews therein contained; and we will farther Eate,that
we do not beleve that there ever WY patent mare
benea t a w,d labononaty earned; Sr more deservedly
gran ;as he pursued es experiments with the moot
andOmlintee poineMernnee Under the mot direouraging
alreentstanees, ea the public had not the lure conk.
duceetat there could be any thing valuable made
from lb. substane•. He therefore bU theneouter for
you( the het. and ace& of nearly the whole ecannu
tory. 'Notwithalanding nil tiny be Ins indefatigable
• In the prosecution of bre °Ornaments, and we do not
balevarliat there is one man in a beamed who would
barn persevered andsall the circumstances- Bubb
.his at last trir.mphod over all obstacles, and we be
lieve there is now but out opinion la awarding him
the merit of this voidable discovery.
GM W. CRANE, Justices of
L. 10.1.13 C. CHATFIELD, Trov f e.
Ft. W. MILL, o
lIHNJAMIN lONE, Township.
' WM. HVERINT, l' - ounsh.2 Clerk.
I have ascirtalned that there are individuals engaged
ht d n i rne g J atreiTtr pro Paring
o r il7 l Z:d thn adb*.prge
web. tore my. pat.tad article. L bws been to
those ;pct. not Intend :a.m. shown them my patent. They say
they do infrige Or pass un Orr
rights; th at they hav e n right n to dig,tres grind, and s m
elt the
powder, if they can find purchasers; that they are not
baud to know what they are to do with in that It is
no infringement antil it is balked with the oil to make
the compound; and that those who buy, oa th and ue
must take as responeibiluy. Most of them .7 that
they believe that the patent to grad against those that
math and use the compound; and tame have said that
what they wanted to use they should certainly porch
es, of me, as they did not intend to make themselves
Liable in err way. ' Newt feel myself In duty bound to
expose this barefaced (rand upon the public; as I eat
cell it by no moulder name, when a man sells and re-
IllgTiS pay for an article, the uw. of which ha wsll
knows imblects the purchaser and user to a prose.-
tido sad fate. Some of those who are envied In this
nefarious trade, willanquestienably contend to the
public dial my patent will not stand, and that I dare
not prosecute. New, to take this argument away from
them, I went to some of those who were proclaiming
that my patent was of no value, and made the follow
ing propatitiont that they mightseleet elude, and two
lawyers who hue had some p then. In patent taus,
and we would submit the patent to them, and If they
decided that the patent ....good, that they should stop
all farther proecedinge in the basins, hut if they
should decide that It would not, in their opinion, hold,
I would won to let them go on and sell all they could,
• grithoat rayarth any thing to the pohho aboat them.
`This propagation they would 1301, Meade to. So far
tba validity of my patent is concerned. I do not de•
pond entirely upon nay own judgment, although I have
the fattest confidence in it; bat I bate submitted it to
many of the:edges, and several of the most eminent
patent lawyers, who have, without exception, decided
that In their opinion' it was good, and would protect me
to my discovery..
I stn. the tinkle to a fine power, and put it ap in
barrels, the which are marked: 4, 13.. mis ?ATMS Futa
Aga WWII= Czoor AonstLl SIAM" --
I therefore moo notice to all wbo boy and use the
above mentioned mineral for the purpose set forth in
my patent,except faro WO or my authorized seas,
that I shall told them to a swim accountability, and
shall commence 'suits at law again.% those who thug
infenge upon my neatWU. BLAKE.
Sautr, Medina Co . 0., des. 14, 10111.
11j—TWO 'IONS of the above Fire and Weather
Proof Artificial Slate on holds and for mile. The
above we can recommend, for we ha , e been using
Lai tome 4 !earn, and know it to be what it to set forth
In every penal! tar. J. 11,PIIILLIPS , Alto
. • NoS Wood st
Ego. GS 'fourth 1 , Pittsburgh
litre now in Store their fan assortment of
Trimmings, Glom, ilotiery and Lace Goods
: I DATED to the went, of every class of Mere-hams
13. and Consumers. No rains hare been spared to '
Present the newest end most fashionable Ityle of
Goods In their Iliac: Their stork cenobite in penal the
Fringes and Gimps, of every ty; new
figured Galloons; Algerine and Imperial Braids wide
and entree, Silk and - Wonted Fdittiroidering Braids
on ' Tna d Velvete ad c pti. n'altnn'i,';‘,`L i r trimming; do;. C'"uelf,
him and colbred Bilk Limes; extrii wide do do, bl for
minces with a Mil Assortment of Dress Buttons;
esses Pinked, Stamped or Erronndered to order.
'Embroidered Lace and:Nlitslin Capes, Chemiuties,
L lDeakfast and Retiring Caps and Ilia Sleeves, French
Worked Codsrs and Cuffs, in gr at variety; Lore Veils
Lappets and Opera Ties; Mourning Chemusettes, Col
taro, CAL and Half Sleeves; Linen Lawn lidkfs,
plain embroidered and henistitend do, plain Linen dm
real thread Limes and Edgings; lin. do do; Bobbin,
Lisle, Lace hlnslin and Cotton Edgings and Insenings.
Rich new awls , Bonnet Ribbons, Feench Face Flow
ers, Bonnet Tabs, Velvets, Satins and Florence*, Silk
Illusions and Tariete-s, Bonnet Frames And Tips.
Best manufacture with Most approved fastenings,
and choicest colors. An extensive assortment always
I on band.
A great ;moiety of Silk, Wool, Cotton, Marble , and
Cub:acre, for Ladies and Aliases; Tasan Plaids. and
• pill assortment other styles fancy and plain Child
ren's liose; assist styles Infants Boom and Socks,
Gents' Grampian. %%genie, Merino, Conan and fire
Wool lialf Bose.
A fullamortment for men. mow n and children,
asnong which are Derby Ribbed ; Dolomite and plain
Bilk; ribbed and plain Cashmere; Chamois Lined Dec.
IN; Caesium., Merino, Bar-lined Deaver, heavy 00,1
fine Buckskin, Military and Lisle Thread ertd
. . . .._
• Sorb ar Ladimi and Childre .1.6 11,r , i Children's
Woolen Sae., Knit Scarfs sad Boas. • 611.1rell'I Hatt
ers tHiii Lon Nil., Worriad Cada, Matting Worsteds
and Woolen Yarns, California Comforts; also, fine
I Cadatere Scarfs, for Ladles.
. Zephyr and Tapestry W.steds, Canvass Paltar."
Flom and linli'd Silk, BriAol end PerPd Boards, Pa-
M.117,7W.,T.11'' Lamp Mau, ,dvrsts
Embroidered Sacks andFlormel m s ' , trench
Worked CapsandiValsta for Infants; and Swaribvelown
Fine Shirts, Cravats and Collars . Merino, Silk and
Cotton Wrappers and Marvels; polder.S Shoulder
Brno. and braving tiownr, Silk en Mika;
Gloves and Hosiery.
, •
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do; Buffalo, Satin ard Rosewood Hair Brushes; Shell,
• Rani* a. Fag. Horn Deeming and fine Ivory Combs;
with an assortment of Nail and Teeth Brush..
Wetherill's "Gold Medal^ PClfaMery.
ttririaLlZAceTlP4lds, T1Z1.8a..,:t.7.0.,..:
• Pitil:Trriat a. Servings, Finn Rosewood Des. and
Comitandings a Halloo., Fancy Work Baskets
Cloak Cord a. Tassels, Portfolios, Paplenres and
Blind a Shade Trimrolngs, • Ladles' Stationary,
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Itaff Linenotre'd widths, Papas Maims tr. Hollandsi
English Gil Cloths, Elastic Bands A Webbing,
rig'd Chit. Buthni, Corset and h oe Lacers.
PiTCNITD, DLO-OMM 19, 1849.
1, HIS is an article, of gram value to all persons mi
gaged in building, or to those who have already
bolt, and are without window fammidng. While it
furnishes spot - fest substitute for putties and weights,
at a saving of at tram in to each window, it &fords
tho safest favicriliqg that has ever been brougut into
The utility and convenience of Mu Spring over en
o thers, le, that !iy - ono thumb piece, both sash of the
window can be seised or lowered. It requires only to
he known to be appreciated,
NOMa wishing ro buy the net or to have them
pet into awe windows, or the right of selling to for
counties in this Stem, may apply to the mbsenbers at
Ma PERRY HOUSE, on the Alleg h
e ny
TURN river,
00TEentori C. P. MAYO.
CAftlETSl—Ree'd this day, at W. to
_choir:ma', Camel Wardhooac, No. 75 Bandit st, a
proved supply . of carpets, of the latest mul op.
proved styles, ,o which we metre the attention of
Isteambron men, and those within to tarnish Houma
to eall end examine the per assortment in the city,
which we will eoll cheaper than ever before Offered in
the western market.. non, W ArCLINTOCH
Long Shovels.
XR. MEANLY non reed,..• supply of the above
s artick,, ,, f the best qogiltr; _pieta ,Illaek
Long It ImutptestocLki.nakint,Asgt.nce, M7rning Al-
Mth".'4tacrietf,Trs Was and Fron:lfi g h * .ferin ' oa r lset
Cravats and htourning Collars, Mourning 000001 Rib-
Woo, nue do,. and
Also: a full assortment of Mourning
1 ': 1
A large assorm nit, including a kw pieces very wide
and eupsrior. lmyers are ihlntad In look at then'.
NM* East corner of Fourth and Mork, --
Wholesale Rooms up stain. where •
ale= of New IF,pds rim later been meet.
We hare becnlalonned by M re. Roe* of a cure per
/,,,,ardentor Jayne'. Alteratamo, which
yreins In sepriorty 41 . 1 KT every ' other remedy of AS
kind. Rae Me teen elieted For the last sixteen years
with lIECROO4eIer WRITE SWELLINGS, attended
With ether-mien, and enfaliation of varmas boom, dn.
ter:gothic! , ore., serty.picers have berm dieettarged from
the trooml be: in Cl the crmitun, front both her ems,
!wrists and he:Al:and from both !emend from the. left
kmaora.. bete. old from the right hoes, bcddeipabithl
lacers, on other parts of her pence! whkh have baled
Mc skill of a number of the time dosimi physith of
oar eitre-dartne• roost of the her suleringe have
• , been eXenua:m i• and dephyrahte. *boat three months
since .be was loduced •tO try Dr. Jayne's' Alterative,
which has hod an astonishingly happy effect upon het,
by temovig all pain enCiwelhags, an/ canting the
'Sleets to heal, while oldie same tßrebersexteralLealth
has bcoodlecor4leinlyrastomd,sothatahe now seviehe
.13 lbs more then ahe &.d Mimi:tithe commenced Use ater
!of dilaunly•• livable erepenon.—Pat. Eve. Post.
1- For Autter Infurounlon,isgairs of Mrs- Rose, 14...128
Ftlbtri s
Bs Pit tsb ielplua.
' For Wurg at the PERIN TEA errosz,i
70 Foarth et. Eta r Wood.
Ittai rzto x. s
?al ~
,„„.. nm
AA • " Azusa
coarooso miraaor
Ike mat Vozdaltd Eakin If at Lie;
1,600,000 BOTTLES
Oita Mambo le pia up ta gams a mt a...
and Mr mond mom liaa
100,000 Curd MiradaVases%
wttlete lb* hot Tea Tem—Nais le •
my. drawl 117 IL IP. TOWIIIIMID:
n =Ammo TEL ronowirio Ain:Warr
- the Mao sal Mara the Mils ea rotbeavkan the
mit* Ibr main( the MS they eill Old Dr. Jacob
Tamoudit Sarmasals cams tmeredd mill be able
to pap Ml* le the sembio end misbat sad *the
bmedy at ass lems MM. eatployedm Mang es
the OE 1 Dr. TownesoaTo tmes*Ea. Dr. S. P.
.Towcsend wee the origami MI term* of
Dr. Tamemod% and his mild* has
"Mad • reputstioa am meaty
_ever mdaad.
mauelhotared mar em Malmo* SSW WM. laM
per yeat
• manolletarthd e relat bottles Sly.
More sial rite. Dort * Nor
...Masa* siods y, thrall the other Sumealk
msmderatma 4 Os athostml 011 es
CAM eel i t Ifro-lrorkir.
Walls* Assetreo* of the add aW,
sworn. doat dimam oat my that les le a
Mt OM** Mel sami ttme ta IglTetbm
M il ian or lb* of Jim ISA a w e by the tame
cd Mob Teeroms al the M a book tad
mAlet Midler, Galled ma siermt, el the boom
of Mr. Those
No. CI ftaioodWeet. Mare dapcs.
met bou*d e acet mamba doom* te mate *to •
reso : Ml* to *As a Syrup of IMammala
*Mbar esys that he biome meloaaded
Lemma el the WM at Theodase T. =
dm. Brok Toloadm, mak vim mhd
notseryfrimsamatia Mem* emertm
at demos* reammaasthe sanaholare sof sa
*dole at Samepozaht aid %Mkt tha rate *Da
leash Toyama.
Thal sail Tammesta Mad be mos Wok/ atom sod
pee, and em sot et Iter hod lobar-eadmithel to
m 7
emesors odes la the eery to Me OA
d mal that, ' odmme nemed Tom
mad sold mal, is icds mome . y athe mode by
Ihe mid me * rem* hs Wed sat =am
san7as z. sel oV i thlo belag Timamod,)
ll* a pm* to **pm
end M him. :Delmont lams vire
anssermtkee mho& all Tesraond If Is mos milatMl
to Da L r. Tommel. *MI* >r ambed. that ha
lam Dr. U. P. Tumid mold be doe* mi bbe thy
be Mold mairlosam. slat mal les gim me l*
his se be hid timed a isommtmaktma
'odd forst* tha twalsammamaistm**-esol era
mall premed to Med Meat west lay Ma*
CDs Made is ldis
thatber mryq thet puma to the reqMat
of D X= abmsooe, be irrom a rube Ma Ms
smaabotare =ma* mod matt to
bits add ke mad* *
makes maim to MOW to bk rastom Ser thar
eyW id eridesd to them la may Otas
all lb.
Tomei Me
Sold OM the may mot to an .an
to be Ur am em sod *ape se Dl P. Teens
mita sod astonst, se Lee resmet of Mob
Tonmend, ta the ISM of Dr. Llt Timm*
Sad **mai father essys that be hie Ma loam
ed. end isy beamethellyrep et lesem*/* mkt
as Old Mob Tosem k made eres Om Not* tar
sodoolly demo* * *sob Timrsma, se alensad
Asi Mem dermat Mth a*
Mem **bre mee Slth del
C. a. woduIITILL,
. Mem of the a* al he. Tat.
Ban le prod molishe thaiDr. S. T. Teems*
Sarmr d ta iz o ther." alsb . Tba Sega from
Sibem7 lanalms
Dr. Tairsomr• Simpaills.
birst*rms bee Ma so pcsot=
or sr Dr. Tommelift
• y, ead soolloom to be manute*
Musil to tble , AM by the Daator blase*/ mod
eftemerde he memo! roma* to th=n l Ma,
by CMOS Tom** Om present Moe
the tartmereh* Ina losommt, the beater hoe mid* In
fie. Toth, Mime he keep • itOIRILIgetI.I3.IO the
halm that mosneuhstm ea that pi* The mom.
=er,M Co pp- h oe l a /
t o h m e e a a e m l e e d th le
the Molor
Ms et oar elltem Me ray We of the amount of
this medicine that is maisodectued mod Md. amides
the Moe la ads costasy,ft i thlpped to the . Cmosidea
WM *Ma Math} South end en* to Es.
roomsoonallessom quanatiss ' At the manalictory
they mopky • stam mem beeldeeths = ,,, coomber
et mao, .mesas Orb, Is the d the
math" ankh* Mesa *Mai, torn ced.
needy kr ddramet, 4ao dassoo day, or nrsrly
Masboales . This le a memo quantity.
The gnat eale ms meactoe ha sequined, Ism ID
dad a umber or ma to Ist op *MIMS ad there
It tithe pram* elm.. am r medidoes Lor sass, shot
are mama . Dr. Townesars Iluatimals" 0* paa
Woke stated *bort tlme ago leans Tork, teed
" Old Dolor lam* TornewAS Muremsals • and ep.
*may MI a My, by Mat al ednestidag. and the
esual remsdim morted to la ash effints, to *Fop*
me the ram ad Dr. S. P. Toenamain= smisty.
*I dose pia ell the ed tram the
*6'of the = has acquired r ,
7 a
=l7 of =Zee well labma pri:6o.l
I=the lamina MI oropmeor of the
' Mom os "Dr. Tommemlle Metpulas"
ad .e teak them pamme mho are et= se &ell
Mir article as the imam shod& be
Low ?Mk MD* Talaems.
0). We polelthed ea 124. sat In~eldly
moo Ma Moe thatW ooseledoru** to Dr. L T. Tom.
Me is the MOM p Dr. alz
th 2v.r.. kensamtam
esomparate Moms is Other
puttee hare rah* the pi* dm meths scotsged or
camected theamehes with a ma by the mos ad
Tomecd Me pat op a mac*. Ml** It by the
same mama Thhi reds emu adman& bo The
lean. edverthemmot sho
matter to m e chmeder of Dr.
IL C. Timm& sod east asedielas We nom
a sold la Maw le the Dr. mine this en.
173.0 k
• New Tea Dan.
D. TemomY• extmoWtm7ldmut
cocuplas sa mann pegs d th. 110.4 sal ran auttP•
Wks. Dr. It T. Tatirmaad. mho M Pru•
of Dr. Tammatad's samputtha, and wham ot
ice la neat door to our. tab.+ he - ht• fu , ••••,
al year. la drg ea bump balsam Hs mama
co lam than bur lossubed &ono of dereaparlDa par
day, sad swan tab enormous usually does mat apply
tha dams* No manna um autooll Cr.d a
popularity wilds pinwales of the
edttic:l cd Almanacs far ISO ant mops, sad he
lul* paid Una Nem Yadr. Ihna far advertent& In tea
bat foci res 0n, 0 4 .. s t=l he tekmdmige.
um it dm be km bad dos
This weak:tea amportni to the Canada. Wed ha
au, dank Amster nad Grope, In oemealderado
quantan% asa s °may tdo passel me la Dams
courddus, morall es bare.
, Tortnabas.
Dumas end abut tbst v et =alb tbe
Cruot= al k PYTatemak camaita fru..
iof tbe COACCMIL eta that would be
of ruat oft act, would tomb sny abet haul
no Droubt damson istatlipm ba know.
mat ona b the oaly guano
CM Jamb Twarnemd.
haft rule whir ere notatill Lamm& cod Me
not rad the roma, tad not ma ois: eduribenam,
km tam la to euriyarithal berme Cm ma at.
abbe their ma • cos Jaceb Tommat . tha it
mot, a otam=e i. one
saw AIM lbw le =aka Cab baba..
lba Ma W the mad au to yarn
Mob obi swab srbrassui
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Maleb.wad nnerabonsited fonanilman. • tab
btu' mail Mb a=a bird kfa them of la
mooe. Taw y ao net Ugh Maul. to be.
Wm Owl Weir Yeq sr the am-but
Ma better to tablia they st the time time
teal tagr. Y cb. Did Dr. Tama% eta the
ongial I mad cam: to bake its M r =
ma the ash' ary armada% 1. Est .
eb,ramilla Ural he perbtiad mammy wonderful
cum ix thou!' len yem sal "lab as piraa •
nuMains whiork
.14th 0. abs.,
We km maenad Ma men for
&mg.. w•vbantomminowi.tiothooo...
it re blabs bri Dr. Turnad Ushers. In Cab a ,
vertimamb u 4 etania.. the7Tegkh 1!•=tb•I
l e a
napanara Do whirl w.
wiD oet nabs
• ,IPabs Repot.
fr mambo . bove iiablithea in afe plum the
irme. P.lbufaimm irbi. Tide they mad to their
abet the oreadry, wife nut twit bar.
Eap Wei" ha Ivo The pale sboula be ou
gm& Ind sat bp Mara by thew !mina.
Yaks itraeral.—Afta tbe !al of bramber,
ISDr. P. Tetanal'. New Yak Rau will b.
in tb. Mat luta Canal. No eiam , "*lr
Utah haulatairgaing a aback am
will be Ora llx
a s beta of the Fro
bbe lad the ath..
Tab yeraaM Jratea—hte b the
cdchla Dr. Tarninal ti busperMo fro.
C at 4ad by IL r. Tentima.
Aramrrn.—aoldknit Ca, Ne. IttstesOset , asd
bilre , E. laidar, - NA 109 Co Dorton ; BMW
Kidder; Jr.,, Lowell; Ssaly TMO, !AIM; Junes H.
Orman, Wescott*, ADkon t Gaup, Con: d rd
W J.
eb k Soo, Prov yOa aUth . "Idene• ; and by
_Orft° Misbnot Wirt
Ones garnand/mallt
Win and tha Sole Agent for Pitt
,Far sale by IL E. S r Frig, s-
Mamma, Mercer co., Pa.; Sept V., 1E149.
'A E. Seller. tear isle, I bought one book of your
Verrolfage at the Imo City Furnace store, at anion's.,
and Stu performadwhat we consider Oat hems won.
delta mos, aeons of my boys eight Years 01d; be b"
been unwell for some years,. much edthat I had
ell all . kepets of bin recovery. !was advised by eve
o ( ..e.;7 7 . t0.t 1 7 a bottle of your Vennlfage—
and I arta to worm you of It having the desired
elfeetof rellevang my eon. Ile passed, an the short
spar. of 94 b 005,104 worms, some of them Maser
u =eh as 1.9 and 14 Metes long. I feel boned
m u.. es Om you the above Mamma; so as you may
make any toe of say oilme that you think proper.
YOttn, Very respeetfally.
Jonststen B. LYTIM.
PrePared and add by R. &SELLERS, eV Wood
weep and sold by -Druggists generally in the two
h clues. . a
Dr.b Fe
ad 0.
LOT a'S'4 d N
fr. CO
Brij " RPNY. 1/4'°4a wfro.i et
CARL= MOUS. DE LAINB.-W. R. Attnphy nu
o.77'ui reed a la of high colored Mous. de Lain.,
such as Cherry, Ecarlei.tec., al the law price
per yani...Also, PIMA Drab, Braisrl,lo., at 121 to 161
C.OLIIS3Of and tarp, OMOrttriall Or neat styles
Hoes. de Lat., at ',alba prices, together
assomaent of Dress Gads getterally
such. as Tanel Silks, French Merino*, Cashmeres
Cobargs.and Lyettese Cloths. at the
N. E. comer Of Fourth gad Matket sts.
- Wholesale Rooms up stalrs. , tual2
in lira n STlTlNettl i aTr,
- ' nowL4 Ido 37 Wood m e
Peplkr, tnoreo, Nutmeg% bladder a
al. Indlgoorith a general. asiortment at all SWOP O.
Chnoark. and Pilule:lh ginefaenuell articled on
kind and (or sale by ' W d InicCUTCHEON,
Darn 13 lair* at
'I . I 1
- 15~8.~7itiY - a - av:
Pass•taptr and Ratallttan Oboe.
alititi MIEN & CO. conttnue to bring pert...
Pram any part of England. Irditint llstothind or
Wale, upon the most liberal term, with their •
untalpunctuality and uteinion to the warm. eind rum.
fort of emir: Outs We do not allow mar . parrenee, no I
b. robbed by the middling vetunp. that mfr. the I
portyas we rte cutup. of them the moment they Ir•
port themselves end N.& o their well being, end dr
Sea to Ow thin they , were detained 4; hour. I, in
LBrmrpool i . whilot thousands of Gillen were det,u3l,l
MOitthit, Ma th ey mould be trot in enter old craft nt 3
,ch:p rate.which too frequeinly proved their coffin,
We Intend to perform out. contract. honorably, ro.i
what it may. and not let as wu the cue lain .u.a.o,
leithether . OlSeers,—wbo either performed not all oT
art= haiku! their convenience.
Draft. gtawn at Pituburgh for an, yarn teem II In
LlOOO, payable at any of the provincial Ranks in Ire
land,England, Scotland and Walr.i.
European and General Agent.
Fifth street. fo, •Ineir
X:=2 Mika
illsclesively (or YaPertiv”.)
T ' public are informed that ou a nttter Saturdo
the Ist of Sepuatnher, the poooengert 1,1, mks lam.
will he carn.o.dArpr the Control Rad Iload nom Le te.
hal:mum floilltburgh, and from throve to Philadef
phia by the Harruburgh and Lolutubla Bad Roade
By this new arrangement paosenge is will go through
morn MAT LW TOM don herontorr.
The Packeni of this Line am Itrw and of the hest
This route for tasty, speed mei comfort, to the
most preferable now in use to the Eastern roma.
Rail Roads are all pasted to day light. Tdor, 3
days. Ft reh Ten Dol ßUTCHlars. For,
i blonon nform ahela lloo.c ton apl to
W g.
oct4 or 'D to LEECH &CO,Canal Basin
Via Youghiogheny River.
~. The spiendtd new and fast moron,
DAL Mail Ism *eke ,
s .
L. D, RUM, Master, mu run as a Ital.
ly packetlB.days excepted) between 917INDURGII
and Nerol • NEWTON, on opening of onelgotion or.
Yonghlogimuy river. , Leater West Newton from th e
upper NTharY Boat, every morning at 9 o'clock. Re
tanildg, leaves • Pdtsburgh from Wharf from above
the Monongahela Bridge every c +ening at 4 o'clort.
GO received by itgents on board the Whorl
ErThe Farmer bas been built er prcatty for ite
Iroaahinglenv river, nadthe public only rely on her
reetanung pertmetenily m the trade.
Particular arreadon paid mall way freight and pa.
setter.. ann'ttnaliti
Yoaagstoesra and clew Csksaler../
HE paeket BEAVER, Capt. Stanley, wie leave
. rosary on Mond Wednesday and
day evenings a t e P. M., and arri ve at Youngstew It
nazi morning az o'clock—renaming, leaves mugs.
town Tuesday, Thursday and Saihrday evenings at 4
P. Le, mad reach Beaver in time for e mornin boat,
ALLIXILIENY CLIPPER, arriving th at Pittsb urgh at
LI o'clock.
Ti imam HAREAWAY, Capt. Downin, will
Beaver Taceday, Thunday . and 6aturday even.
rat 6 P. EL, retenung, leave NOW Cade, Monday,
edneeday and Friday evenings al 6 P. N. also con
necting 'Nth the morang boat fir Plushurgh.
.11,maoutsets are gad op in calla. order, hat.
inn toe necommodadoui for pusengers, and shippers
may rely on more panomalay and greater despateb
'than lea before been obtained en these roues.
E. hl. }TIER & Co., Proprietors.
J, C. thdwell, Agent, Plumburgh.
Bidwell & Bro., v Beaver.
A. ES Jacobs, `k Youngman , .
R. W. (Tanning hatn,-NeW Castle.
Tba elegant steamer, ALLEG HENN CLIPPER, will
tear. Beaver, daily at 6A. M., and Pittsburgh at ft F.
6L, running In annoetion moth the above hats. NO
ifEIL 1849..1E15fmk
Warren and Cleveland passenger Line.
Canal Perko—S,—O EAN.WALLOW.
9NB elite above Parketaleave Beaver every day
(Sandaysexcepted)and arrive next morning at
arten, when they connect with thq Man Stages ler
Akron and Cleveland, arriving at each of there places
before night., 'One of the packets Leave Warren duly
atS !Ail., and arrive la g Beaver , B , time to take the
''''''''Ab*S.LFSlllM4ll. t Co. Warren,
Al 13 TAYLOR, I Fro.
101 IN A CAVOIO W, Agent,
atkk corner Water and Southfield on ,
I atigE2 1849.
Cnawrose I CH.M.. Cleveland.°
H. G. Pug. Beaver, P. • •
T HIS Lane will be preoa - ed on the opeettnx of nay;
414THVitG' cur !
the Canal Lake.
The facilities of the Line ate unsurpassed in nuudor, !
needy .nd capacity of Boats, expettence el mildew.
and efficiency of Agents.
One Boat leaves Pittsburgh and Cleve:Red thew. ran.
ning in connecuon with the .teenier
Between Pittsberch and Beaver. and a line of first elass
Steamer. Propellers and Seuels on the Lakes .
Alan—R G Parks, Beaver, P.
Jesse Baldwin, I'ounce:ewe , Ohio
hilt Taylor,. Warren,
A Co, Akron.
Crawford lk Chamberlin, C 'and, 0
Beam A Griffith,
_Buffalo. N
Offlechtes Water and Smithfield u. Patotiarch.
ip - AbRET a .
Steamer MICHIGAN No. :— Copt
LAKE ERIE. c Gorden
Tli. above regular and well known Beaver Peck ,
ell, have eommenced making their daily dip: n;
and from Beaver, and wdl contitice to ran between !
Ellnsburch and Beaver secularly dating the mason, Mt
follow.--. I
Michigan No.) leaves Ptc.eburch daily at 9 &clerk. I
A. M., and Beaver az S o'clock, P. if. Lake Eric
leaves Beaver daily ud o'clock. A. M.. and Pinebuigh
at 3 o'clock, P. M.
Tyne MA 111 connection will
H 0 Parke Express Yeeket Line, for Erie;
Taylor A Letaingifgell's Warren Packets;
Croon Line of Preacht Boats for Cleteland;
Clarice fr. Co's Pittsburgh and Cleveland Line Preto - et
CLAHAF PARKS A Co, Beaver, Agent'.
tachl/IJOHN A. CAUGIIEtr, Agent. Pittsburgh.
—..,_ roe Water aod Smithfield ats!!
- •
i iitaL 1849. na§zi
LI, •
THE Proprietor. of this old established and poplin..
daily line eonalstingofSLlCTElEN fast el.. Canal
Boats, awned by theanelves and rantung eonnee.
non with the MN= boats BEAVER AND CALEB
COPE, ars enabled to offer unequalled faculties for
the aransportation of freight and paspengers, on the
opening of Canal nevi/abort, to all points on the Peon
syivanot and Ohm FN -PITCH a & al . C o a nCd
lev e e land ..
1. C. BIDIVE.I.L, Agent.
mars Water street. Pitabargh.
D.W• c . emwss.n
V irn sbarg h. -
Forwarding Merchants,
Agenta for the Pittoburgh caCteeebuu L. pia.
burgh orsebErro Li. on Eric asf
+d! owes
bouts Escrow nod Caleb Cop ,
Having purchased the large and substantial Whorl
Rom Just built for the Monongahela Packets, have
with the midltion of a Warehouse, the moat ample ac
commodations for receiving and forwarding, and
pledge thou utmoet anontion, prompt.. and despatch
fb conalgumenti to their etre, and rely on Mel, found
fore trial. It lIRO
algal 1849. .
Old Haubtithed Line.
THE Proprietor of this well known Line of Canal
Bond, is now prepared o transport PU.KIIrEFFt
YorkFteight to all points on the Erin Exension, How
York Canals and dm Lakes, upon the IDOSt favornbin
Li a de.pateh.
Tbm Line runs in connection with 110. edam boat.
BEAVER. mtd CALEB COPE, between Podlmrcii
and 8.1031, C 111 Reed's Ltne of steam boot. and re.
mls on the Lakes arid the Troy and Sic:Ligon Leke
Boat Line on do 'Near York ca
• C. M. RF.EB, Proprietor, Edo, re.
• Kidwell a Brother, Agents, Iknuer.
W T Mather, Agent et .1 klestirnen's Itamenger
Other,hitibongakela Boum, Plu.burgh.
CONSIGNEED—W C Melon, Shmon; J E /GS Bull,
Sherpsburg; Smith & Downing, do; / II Pittman.,
West ireenullle; Wick, Achro to Co. do; Wm Ilenry, l
Llartawarn; 1111;711te Sutton, Butledo; Barney, itiblis &I
Co; Sandusky,. Jas A Armstrong, De W troit; Kirkland in
Newberry, Sheboygan; hl , Clur. , k. ildman+,
kin; Hasp, Moral & Dam., [tame; John Kincle.;
Chicago; A Wheeler & Co, New York.
liagai 1849. nia.
Putanorgh to Phibtaciptatt and Battursore
ISSeloswely far.Passengew.)
TH;29:olie trenclesPoodnagllLlt4oorled, thivultosl
The boats of this Line ars of • supernw class,
onlatzsd cabins, which will rivo grestst cotrif
. _
A boat will 01.111 be in port, and traaelern am ....!•
oared to call and examine theml
leav before enganigiing pito:
sage blether routes. They 1c tbe 1 . 1 ,,d 1nA::
polite the 17.8. Hotel, corner Penn s nee r
o cl ck.
glare--3l Do p y
pe t : r Morton a la'n ' ap j3. 4 a - 11 Z . 'O, .c„,-, Utast
gg o
N. proprietors of the above lone are now
b ' dloonal Line of Packets, to run as thorn
on or Ist, in connection wait the Pconsyi
verde from Levris:DWil to Philadelphia At
that time IND lesic every morning end even
big. Tun e gi days. ...h")
11D - 1 7 . If liTilitlaCitOiiT LINE,
NOMA 184(.1. pia
For the transports tin ot icredon:lgde
R 61,.
CLOODS earned on dm Line are DWI transhipped
Ur between Pittsburgh and ilbilagelphol, bring ear
:nest In four section Portable boats once hand nod e
l ''''. I'. shiFlrcri of truirchttedate region. caeful
windbag, this tool imircsance No charge made tor
receiving or shipplog i or for advtrceing charges. Alt
gaols forwarded wi th dispatch, and on . reasonable
lir= as by any other Lute.
/01IN AITADF.N k Co,
I earl Canal Bann, Penn sh Pittshurgb
/AA M DAVIS te Co.
=7 Market 1r.14 Commerce st., Phil.
. JOHN McFADEN k Co. Forwarding and Cantons
ie Men Merchants, Canal Ruin, Pero st, Pittsburgh
JAM DAVIS*. Co, Flour Fan ion and Comma.
033 tricreltraids, Mukrd rind 34 Commerce surer,
.... ~
fidleri th
p l y m•r
made by n. of the above on Floor
rod and other isteteStandmo coultrood to them to
sib. - .....12
NEW EIPRiiB A 6R.1)1;111 OT.
tt .". TV . i l l t ;1
et' , aAi ,i A t: i) , s I. 1 r. r.... =
T la! evitota oi rl 11'1,,i,t'f,.•i i<oi ~• ... ~ ...
pato oho , ....irie , ol l'asi, u•' 5.‘ 1, 1 1 . ai` il - i a '
.1.0 gamma , a., , t .., It, lien , ~ • ... r. o . 1i0t.... , , ,
agent o. tbe lbw tin-.c. Rut; i• W t'..... t,u
liroistiw,,, r. rt.,. n0 .,,H”..,, ~,,,•...... t ....
eprotelt in the la, born Ma. ~,,, ,o i , • ,i.„.,
From 1 1 1.11a:riot... a tell tan Wit, I i.,..
Dar, arm,. ni linotoirch re•tv...• e•-• a.
(Wm . Thee mat tour lie•• ii. e Cs• eDm I ,e• .....i
run 11 mai Fr.,. R. , d o• p,,,, •1. nee. , ..,,,
and seamier . I net s<es \ a i... 13• ~ ..ea.,
erne to.
e .t mace
. ile
We hare a. sriaingemeni 0.,..i• • I on saie
li•ia .it Co. THAN: , i rt.,. ; TIC I. Aeni • .3 •
wins:, we een 1-riserd l'aeiayr• to ai b ..•.i. I, ~
mison o tb. li. it lira,. l. ow, ~..1 0 ., 1 b.
Co•on eto. Co• •. Mei- , 1 . A,,,, Ante N . 1 . . t as, I.
111 tdlethll" N a th.. Weh too , ~ <i.e.. ... n,
the =Mr.
fi1 , ...,-, Ctissis via Ile, ~: as. 1 1 .,, t. 133
the "hi , •,, re rt , n Nut,onal , s
We aha , ape, no rap- nac er rIr•Iloki to ,•3
anal, thrtinah Rath the uni,o4 eespnii 1,. am , • s . •i a,
to ill ~h 111, public with aisa ly wet e••-.... tve Fr
ems,. Small p•icre , ii. il pee ataaa sei , o , sun ,lo
ua coo tow ati-.
C• tetanal< in a. our low , a., 0 apee,..1,,
requ , sted In•, obit 1,. , i: e..,,,, ,, tv t•
thlp 11. '',I.IIA.MS I. Ct es LNIIII P.O.
Ithilailelpbut. Nov to ADAM , A e . O
The ...slow.' o. •
the above lain,. l ~,.. , r
cocain:tee at Nn. eat I,y - J. 1• 11l 1.,' , J,,
..,-. it I ~ I HL.
„.-•.--•,• vi,-1 , ) • • .
_ •• • ~......,-,,,,5ak 'lO ME lit. IILIC.-The original, only true asd gnu
Beaver and Pale A:apnea. P•ektol !aloe tube I ..siv lb ,art ',revved by R A:Sellers, and have
R. G. PAH Et.s. itenver, Cropitetor ' a moo auto oil in black we,. upon the ltd of each
' ol,no. hu ianatare on the mashie wrapper-all
frllENniezro,4,eleasat l'aaaenler ibiekeia.
Cant II II Jed,. others no , sin attains, or base mitations.
PENNSI L.VANIA. - .1 It inallrunit, api,, _ II r E 9 F.1.1.11119R,._y1e501.
grEK:s crrr, ”.1 NIc:I.11., ' I,' HOY , Ihr for A• A 9IIININ, a well kneWn and pop
F0r...1 • thia/ litle beta est. Lleavei noe l l i t. ,' ha i' ~... . leil :mono , the PrOte.talltltlethOdillC iOlleb
commence.; ru nute<, abil All mo t or,
aurio< C. ,a. . . on.teißifilviloa9ne tlcv••,,,tvdd•_,
eon in ntakc lima vule: info. libiv log lies*, s i l os -.. . , with 3 liseaar ii, the Montle°, swam.. pro
d, arrival of tne morning lon. finn, Ibt, moan' fro- . , t erh• ,on in the wornachfor tenor tarrlvehours
clock, r. 0 ;I.lld IliTIVr 111 Var. In 11111 e tor moo-baits a .letel- not t.u n, Rini aver having tried savanna
to take Lim morubiajotas . Italfelo or up tue I, a te , :veil., ea, <Reel wa• furnished with a bottle
Tick,: ilirouch ii,Eric mut :01 Lathe oortr can I.e oUr 11/Aye...A, mauve limbo= Thisbe iniedae .
had by Optic eau , . to' JOHN A CAW:III.V. Ai,. I rot , . to the no- I 117, Re d food Invariably thalthie
coracr et Water and iinott tent et, meamins eau. -nibs pain to alis'e in three Or fear Inin.
• lie 110 iltia. AIIK. nuo and in Otero or twenty minntesevery eneilaye,
ininno . -10,rnO a.....,,.."1.,1,-1,..•i se/la
you entirely canned. The medicine was aPs
MA= I 19. tt4:al' r
, tern:nuts itie r .i genetics, indicabonsol theAnOrtl•:.b.ol-!
1 ai i were - 1 ed, andthe pa, arlkather y pre I. 1
; ed . Ile ed.: ored to Wit the medial. oven' evening
KIC.I.I.CIIASTIV VP AN • PLEttiLIT LIIC.. i and ',1.e.,* nwini•lf• and i• • (... week.,
For /Warm' Me . anbustnis. °pies 1 ebufga ~ , ( ; Leahh We* air 371 ...glared, tali the endererava• relics"
• all Illt•rwcatv • me, cd from a litrrie iuti:a to nf oppreskive pear. Firm ex 1i will conbaue te en rry v.: 1* ai r od' perience.ibemor, ,e ON ananiently reMinattatid . 1 . ,
with their e.t.a! deep:act. i::4 at fno Imo of . liJsync i r Cast .tiriai. c.;•alsam, as a satatitry medicin;
freight. I fot 4110515 of besioniaah and bowels. AialliiiD;
Aemors-C. A. Al I .TY A Co. l'ittabuigh. Alit a ben<
Dlt W. Ws< fie te. Jelin:ma v I Alt salt in I ;tnebraikb M , *PEKIN IPA a R 1
John Nlillei. !Pita.* etniren. 111 Fourth et * tea rWe ! and also iii ineDrug i
Raxaramico.-Jume• Jorno, .
S. sbruo an, lir t I ~,, , ,,,f 11l j. it WAN liZ '' . _:„.2 1 2 ,
Shoenberger. II Nisei, John Carter. 9 F Von goo, ' 1- VA,i. JVirIII;EIDINCOVICIR• ,
horst A. 0 ~, Win liebnair 1. co. Jno 'Allot, A Din- c ozcs yr IfiV
Pit.horki , John ivory, Saar., hilar.• 1.3.1 A Alt y. •11/ . I ' WAYNE.%
tiralf A Co. Rasatia . Inr.ta; 1
1 CousumPtion CoTeOg7hce.7.oldt, kett=Broneiltis, Lie.;
. *" .. " ,Tl ' t 11 ' Ile Ve nailltirtiefithVptr. ' or ,
1i . % ik. ~ Influenza, Croup, robot Coro :
. ' t it
1 1 /7
r e: a d : ;ft :11 , i 1:011::nlied:ln7;•;;o ilr
my k i i Of m : : ,.. 0: T h e ' r t
5 e D "" :1.. 'b
L 1 '
: I
1 the abase; ue.-
ea i
DR. alit AY-N V,' 9
Oooproood Syrup of Wild Ch•f".7t
i This '<mamma is nn :nukes among Mom ofd oobtfal
liat sassed Remy from the thousands dally
it u is l n ' ..bed Upon ate lilac tot experiment. and tow. tange
~,,,,,„;„ ; ,,,,.i.,tion. mai .• tacorning moetextesive
ly'ireed than bay oil, la,l27l:tren •I meamum oval
7tdriee'"tt•eorenii rastriciitaeare're velgnerally through Ike
!.1,,,.1",,,„Uend:fn.'" S"
F.o" if‘ni .' n some re few towns
s eal!
~ ;.;,;.,-,,
,r. : , , ' :,,,,,;,.::., i i h r a c .. :ll
, e , :e ie t ,l n • nu .
.F , :i dn i
.f p ois r . asz r f
f l u. * h orm e d. f . o , rigifi od ! ..
tto,:br.ce. Itir:h,oicta,,,,,h,,,lN,,,e,„..t.,,dn.ip:e.d.lseri,tedbtetzt,,o h.,:‘Mgcbgb:,...
lay a. i rt., a leale•e 1 ,1311 del another la favor, sad
Meanie es no nominee. 9nch tesurnony proves non
, ettiael . Onsi .• oxrpriaing e xcellence Is estabtuhrd
I - av • . a tents and On unqueetionable oath.-
" ' ''''.
i 1 r To at etantanetine relief tt kt"-
\ot 9 I ' llo '' ' l° • A < diflawil through the
oral, • .1 air •osition< in acne
whole .s.,ntr. Sr Idl lie. tendert it a moat agreeable
-Wei , ineo aeon, from oonscictaieue impels.,
''''" 'l"r
sountlitty Le.: ‘eitittiony to lOC troth of • tningi or
1 pain , is t root. •re.fitrrornony, tiring convert to their
i a oiLe N moo,- maltose*, coerces conviction of
1 , treat, 3..1 eontacials ito If at usail manner, to
enlvereaviear Ire "--tillocan's H ordii Mame,.
fir At. A amen • Cuus OF Pcsaitiaaar Conacarrrnak.-
INere tot , r oo a a remedy aint.has been Rs succewful
o, r-rerroc r• r< re f
Consumption, la
,lomannail e•yri pni W 6.1 Cherry. II streektbene , itie
and ap oar• to heal the at en the
j otu
cream 7 id ro.Lh blood, power possessed b
robe , Alfelorl
. ,
R yyp t VARIED & Co's. PACILMIT 1.1%1E.
1 LS 4S.
zial kiisi.
BEAM'.AND CLEVELAND LINE, eta tSnitift . lld.
Canal Pee Set—SWALLOW, Cep,. Ford.
" OCKS.N,Capt Waders.
?NI: of the above Packets leave Ileitit , • crt .tei ,
(Sundays e.seepted) end nrytve Des , etorieng .
3. erten, where they connect 'mit the Med Stage's tor
Akron rind Cleveland. arsteng eash of there place
Defore night. one of the Pee Itena tea,. N% yrre iintiv
at S P 1 .11 , and arrore Et Beaver En l tnne to take tti •
me. rang Plearn) l'autnalkh
COTE - - . 4 !.IIFFINti WEI J., NV•rre ,
vnaor aw To . 1-halt runt , ana, Par Iret—Parosattavt, Car: Jedr,r.:.
Was V:al. • Trub) •
The above new and splendi d Pa.denver 1 ur:eta En
rant.. between REA Vl-.11 d!, I , .11:1
and evil ran scat:tarty dans,. ,eee a.on
amg Erm overy morrtlng T ntock,•. nor,
me Beaver every eTroolg, msmethately and, tud a •
11l 01 tbe otaambont Mrchlyan dom •
tmatv are smw rot,,,orw. •
wnl gun tnroug,‘
. or, or •••.:t •.• •
N.V.P. •1. - Prr•P”•”^"
itillS! 1 ‘ - .11.4.11 1 1. A. 1 . 11.
cot 1A •••••
—Ja. C 1
C C K0;1,, .•
M'Farla_nll and k0,..11, ILrra. 1'
a). dr. Pr
Steamboat for Sa.e•
.h r
ortaln-r. • -.1,
yton—o/- 1•k
I[ll. ll, I`. ,/1
w•IL. .11,1 r Ow ••••.,..•1 , nr • •
cott2 D
..Tbrte urn more tn.m• le • v• eed earto
'rhur: ore ilreampt o. to p, t'- pt ^
Ht: wilarrs of struor.mie rem . y
.PPi•cohoti oir it, 51 :he proof
has indoc.J hon to have it cut up .. art:
1101. ano o,:eetton. ror 11. ben etit no 'lie pot•oo
The lII.TIIr 11.1-1: t• pre , tram a wen
county...l a mp, tom Moored tot , . u pore
dattermd arttete. reelipui eenlteet re
Qu o
boor Dom 5T111111.1.r., r o o.rj . „ T
tormino proper,. reoerree. o tote, rit tido u•
u :hatter rit
/111;• 111 the noon nt nhtor••••on rit tr no
t.c aa. 111 , 11k1,411 111 111111 , 1411, 1 • Arra., and
re uhf
the tOrrenr rd health end r•co - norey a
fercr, Miore the yr:Tr:our :tower: ot
d p totnef.ll hett rePolotoo:
chaa The commnt uml datty r.l , k• tf
andperm , rernarkmte run , o na• perior.M.
*um tothention at Ita Cutter , : popu.aftly nrci .
Tread am:Lennon the .11C of
We do Ina 'Si' 10 .iotasn ionepueMe M
otes-no am are conor :hr. red.rnie con
work Its stroy :niu the tn•nr 11.1.•.- who •tler
.1M to be Malrd. Whirat 7are .to ore • e.rii
worm+ al applteaum in car ry dtseare
I) In • anruher of 11,..e5.5er
anitvolted. Anto into Orme fr.:: emor. I•Ied
Atscares of the rnocom tirsura. •01q1 .111 1:1111 1 J
Antlotta, non ail clixead , of the Ott P 0"...
CI.OIPLAINT.I. Inorhroa. Ihe
the Bladder mrl Kidney.. Yam• P. the burl o.
Nervourtlmemeo.NeornM a. re ere It:woman..
lioul,rdlstpele, Tram, Itlmacomi• !dm,
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*AA of the.croprtmer,
5 r M. KIER. Canal BIIPI/1. near t•erenth at
d iiy St,LI,F,II , 57 Wood eh
an—Ktllhl - 11tr. SI lot tWELL.
comer Wood 51- MA Virgin 01101. who ore hie
.05,11 y re.t.marty x 11111111.:. to
PINE AND Ct•II)" , : c lt ,
~_ i _ c n‘ S A i 1 1. 14 , X1 ., , , ti1 4 L'A ,, C i : , 4 . 1 .. P .., 1 " .
" r . d id ' Fourth.t..
sale ram'pr...:e'00z7:3,1,,1r1y,;:,.1.11.nv0,d,.: whole•
1 sale and rrtall, thc i
Wash In!,, !+ted 1:10114 . ,
MC1,11T11,411. Itnrrettlitqr,,
ink "col, Ban Ikl-111:,,
Wooden Save., I . ,rk• and Bra Pet.,
Wash Boards. Ilra.s I:ound Huckr ,
•,., Pica. Towel Sold.,
Clothe, Pi,/
C.OIIICS I/ ss r
Ilrcml Rondo,
Nlarior, h0,,,d.
SAML h. , hill hIE.N,
004 No fXI Vfooti Itoodotsigh
1519 WOOD sTic}r.k.:T,
RI: NOW RE:CEIVINfr a lorgd toot rogholrOd .
1R Y, CARPErN MR, oar , . LrooL •
tho Llooolneturro to CoLotof o u nd Alortor , , LL. , I
rtw loth do- pored 1111 ad, good. dt ror
dfronlit full to plc tow, mot wourof ~.LL,,,
tO itt.onon of Mt:robot , . who re ,t.
to! a• ~,, confide. thdy wog Lot. a
Lhotough .111 ow pho-, onit .ao•
looorchly won nn) .LiL Phtlarlolfrion or Now
- ...
Mart V. - . 0t.....t0
TIIE undervntoed. nit' en..1 11 T% to Artnur...... ..,,,,,o,
~. !,.., to I:40110th , rtne• t o• .. 1 . . , :,.... F .i.
and publ... ,r....r31iv, that ihey huvr. r..1,0. 1 t M. KA -
1.1. F. I: (JI:: , Wll and 01 1 111 PW in lull '•l'^ ~..:1
have p rt nf tl.e.r patt,ttto reorty ..t,
Among, w t : lOU dr::: I:A.okm, " - to 0,, .....e.: ago . l , 0.1
Filovi•. with a 41r m.lOl ...t.t.ttht tt..nt ::.1...t... w t... ri l•
now gapre, m other en:e. the - VIIIIIIIIU;1 1•n1i...1
NLOPe. AI., a cheap cunt Cook , a ..:1 ...iO,:.
ted for unun lanolin, with a fall a-stIR,I,n: o •' . 1r•
11/011 and mantel (rattle, We would ,:a I. 40111,: .•
. am ntentini. o r pertnju building Its ttli ::. 01,
~, .i,(M,./. 1,..f0te parelnult.g, :,:d ~I/11/ii• .19.... 1 ,. 1
urtFtle oi l . nun/welled Grate., Imul.ed 0. h... ply, -
..rely n • 'w in thu market.
Warr:low , : No. WI Liberty tL. 0ti.1. 0, i , %Vont' ,
ott.,ttl,:dtt ItIll:11.u.,1, :. l'A - A -,. I
w tr. cs, t.igtoirtg,
i,.• / ...•
L.ll dracciptlon. ni S,
"• A, ..1.. •
ihr .194. , • a
'clic.' A/W /111,0... In, pal, w 0.0.1
:ler... the following
110rdr . A......1 Cognac 11r.....11 , 2.
I,i octma
lorni,d.. and
9 0011.4.01 1.11.4,
1.111,1,r0ns haws,' Slt . ..
5 a.. F.l.o,lnnd Ru,o,
2 .1. .tor atol
162 1.01. 0,1 Al,, .0,1... • ,
i .
.11 five Kul•
01.0.. Mud. gra 0.1,1 t,
p... 4• 1.00.1 told
rl.Ol. Port Wine... 111 }11,,,,
7 1,01 Itll4l 011* /31111 1 1 0
14W1:40111 I 1261: Ilrictoly,
gm, 1,0 1.1 ra 71'2 .14 . /1. I. olfer
pkgi I I.,'P and 01121....
n 1,l lie4'll,l 9,•lrre; 1%11.1.. Saga,
37 1.0 alt . l.
73 lilt t:nnmp.f I.eKinn., pl. and qt,..
170 ro c. ittort Clurrl Wine,
50 0.. Hock nr 111.100 11n,
do•or W m.... do Mares., 111110 1110 ,
~erry arandy, 110,0 90 Imponr . ,l
Ile , .
[lOO4 Ammo,. 1 M.17 nattrts, 111 r, end
giants Of 1.10 41,; AlLmoettr.l4lr,na,
5101 ampilop,
Satel.ol ,Cer9o., l...l.ntrt• ..,
Dort C.olagor I
tic a. Ant hovlcn,
S, j ar,
Muddler., t4uge
attureagenr,vlJ' JAC , N' E.ll Jr.
ot.V.V OW Marl,. and Pinit
.--kAC.KERE.L-10 I.r bide No hb,k„.,;
0 0 "
0./ u 1V4. 1
Iteoctelea from Use canal and for fete by
aorta JAId.EO DALIELL,a4 Water
4.; II rAmil.r_lotElliClNFA—"Tbey axe Ow
nt ot- it "
I 511..1. Olin ; May 1.5.1849.
r 'honk to mast tor thr e x cell e nt others
nqo• rnletion y‘ el Punt.
tr Vt•ttnllng•lnn, In ury ownfarst
onny nntantornt for expelllngl; 'go
win wono. (tom two childenit
ont awl Coln& I:17 , 11p .0
on every tr.idence prottuced
..I In n webnadloing, I am able to
,vi to bear of Mr brat failure where
orvo neon used In my *cation Of the
4.1.1•011. I may Walt OW they are Ms
plat.and wre d
r. igtinbd .s. bear • very
int, Tou ror I .n. trolly,
I - , 11. Potent.
wild by
...! I . lIS,No 67 WOod
ir Putout... .., net hi ly in the two et
. mY3I
1-1 iirEivhcamta-Ifir,-111i.
y war. end growths Liver NIL
'AM,. allS.114.0:1,1:10,178, jas
or. Door sir—l think itst duty I owe
. i 1 ,,,,,,1,i, r ti r ie e r r a y o , m to state that r I have
II that an Mb,. Forme ' d and broke,
o yrry low mate. Having beard of
it lover rills being for tale by A kt
I.,lwriy; and
I`rcommended to me by
tr is. Smith, concluded to give them
urobased our box, and found them to
y ow reeommended, THE BEST LI.
ER USED, and after taking foot boxes
n ba• entirely len me, sod I am now
e• .
itpectrull y yo .
West Liberty. March VG, IMO.
I am. perionally aequainied. with Mr
1.1 41r tcramouy tothe truth Of the
A It 811ARP
I..wer Palo are prepared and sold by
No 17 Wood otreetowd by droggisth
1.,' nm
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• 10 • 11
%It K I ` 6 `
1 II 1 1
il tall II
, roil et i.
Irisnv I
stur . t
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tt%. t •
Irif. t o , April 25th,
Dr. ro. tync— Dcor tete verity beltere year Wm
onot.l run cher, bus been the rilearij o
tot tle. I caught
cheer TO cont. which grade.
.c. wou.....onnited w MTC cough, !Itial,
rt....el 101 the rrourdics vsloh.l had recount. , m i . , still
:0.n.0.., eon . . mt . caw. n elithited oil the aymptora• of
Coa Every thing I tned seemed
of complaint Increased hope; td
rit- ar iced rnyuelf, gave up all ho of
cry It 010 nate I arms recommended ropy
k o mbir sdfdmon: I so WWI the roottliap-
Tn. hrt neon. had die effect to loosen the
ao. roturine
o rrectoram (roan nod bi rho
an , I I.nai 000l , ry but
war entirely well„ .. and am.
tour arum au I ever slur m end
would ho tokom los , any tnlarnimuouraapeeti r ig
:oNe. the. olilor tt.icres, May derive the bermlit for
I aml g r AtOut. For the truth of the shoe.
you In Pore: Ituah, Omega . , West
porchved f & 1 Utter" of 6 /Via/tails Afim.r.ei,
.... • or.. a.sin I feel a debt of gra/int. darf
• : •n ' a .na a cuty to the &Meted generally, to offer
no ' holm. trarruony In favor of your Cterytparuld By
rn'. of Wtd er - rot Sumo thfr' Yea. aidt . e: T, l o il i l
r &Or tly anarl,l wale cold and inn o
L . g . •d lk to. accompanied with • distriasing
I n
4' ,
7e,U ' ll , via oresot and head, a very ersuakkr..
j''.t.''''''''' h " ' P t ":;—w"l'l'lna;, Tomwe'!:rittSgtrPrt
,'"..".., ' ' ' ':..e ' , o o, ;y r norichnort, but yr. Pretty
U,"•.••••.lc''.; •.. a l that I was rapidly going I.l3.conanutp
ev"' t 1 . t - wound, and at length was sear"-
7";•1 11-ron7d.;l‘eouLor speak above a whir!, an o ch
I •~
tae .,•••l nu weal... duly lungs. unfit{ M.
em , i had tned .L.TIOISA prep4arhtionna I,i,,,,drp.reoe•OnLlpnuns,
1 ' '''''V n" "'""' rf— ' '''''" " deTl h . a dear frien j g
nre , ...1,6 ad.. ed mod persua )
•.• a' of your Bleep of Wild Cher..
I ' 'V I"' ' t.t '1
. reveounly I had boll :PfSin.
f '•' '"
th';‘,1c, „, ......i , ...n. ,
'''' ed "" I "' " " '
hurl. den:pude , bel Sndnr .,
k., COIIIII, 0% I a to
the o oUwan and Fuddle° nil
1 '''."''• Y"' "'" to r' istith in toe saying of my,'
I m edeceter. mai I. •vu,R , .. ... _
!fn. hd.. I tor.. kilt purchanc.l of ~,..7...., T..
1 arr.. a few I. ale., and c omneen o ce . d . :tan._ 1y ,. ....- ,
ra ...e.• , It` herie el donor.tted
'c'o.,'..'"4 L. " ''
; frrtormYthe u•e of the gm (Doti, or fi.c
„.',.;.4.,,r; 7,, ` „, a !whim quaker, I frequently al.
''';:"';''' ' r",'.",,,,1i -2:l,—Lrbv:,"t...-1
1 :eereoy ;:,,•ht,',",...,.., d.burf., my cote MY :greatly
.oett''lSl. In r. t.enuenee of acting Roamprudenit
I tad l i t a-r two or nt fifteen bottle. before
c ay
-tckl I Lave no question, a cauchaadull
uml,t.7;:f.1••••11. • would Lay u made me sound', ba
' e
above ena•-e•etin. The byr9 allayed the fey,
' . ' ‘ '.4 o thh'e'll'-•L'•:nken.. 'on; 'euttedr'f'ooro"trth,..,::l7pgrtte—lah'it::Pi:d.diiir:
or- 4” ...' - -"Y"' fund now for the:puma..
`'' '''""'' •''' ".,,,":I'.l:rtwitt the pna.uteney ol the
~.' n r'e7.1417,;w , .. at I timed
perf“tly wel i l I r offl o r . O . w . ith
R•.. J. Y. J'se.¢.
• Dulain count', N. t:
Leporr.crl Corrtron--Ban& &par
Tiorte i s tout ,• e somas prewar - anon of Wild Cherry,
.. text . in. r,,,lNg.'n, the first ever offeied to the
pub; oc, whoi-to a. been sold largely throuXhrnit the
rooted Suites
vol some parts of Eurota-L and ad Pre
ro ot ed
toy the name of Wild Cherry hero
been put out no- e no, under cover of ensue deceptive
otorrumstoonco• a order io gave currency to their sale'.
Ity a lone 0b... V,lOll, . pencil need Mistake the
ecotone Iron , tl, lat.e. lath bottle of the Senator, Is
enveloped wit a tocautiful steel engratringi with the
Loi e 00,..• of SVll.atn Pe 111, thereon, also, Dr. Owayoe'a
•:itt.itn re end • Senile , ' necunty, wanrt of Dr.
...ty.... call I . added herehlter,e to rio t
,at. prep,o,oourst eono ell others. Now, It It du not for
I doe great curative utopernen and known VOliell 01 Dr.
~ayso.'. MU . 111,1 riyrup of Wild Cherry, persons
I .etoulit non lo< - ....evening to sive currency to their
1 drittto, i to.t. tot.' t.y stealing the name of Wpd
r' , r i . rry, rio•otoos.,ttlrc4woar„b,eavr,,;.o mind the name
inottetTori'i inr'assa, COT.: of P . :loth and Rage Meets,
I gloolatielphon
I Fur -er wht , :sale and rethil,by OGDEN 't SNOW
DEN tor ihl got t Wood' Ws, II A FAIINEtiTOCK &
,‘ „„ i„,..„, iv ood, 0.0 6th and Wood sun Whl
Ini=4.' 'ol'...lslllo.4atSnljt?eNtonts"l l i ttrldl t Al S -
i A Allegro calf, and by ell respectableilehicre In
tu-dle Le.. octl3
Dr• Mt P. 1 land's Premithies Pr
y O. tt. I' IN t.. N t. of the Medleal College bf IQ
. 1.1 aolroplotu. wow t rs thehos puhlte los [oaten Ve •
ctelole Prelnlell/ Planter, qualities of Which, der
1 , 11, 1 0 ..11d 1.. c ap-tient , . has been satisfactorily es
, o.,,olosbo•it. To alo women whO may he rattled with
• ' l'lonapeus Uteri. or fultra Womb, he reetnnmends hie
1 „,,,,, ,uhratr,,ne a autc and speedy tare in the
, t !,npri ~1111.1. ot ~,,,,.,roue. . o to thee week., if applied with
1 ,,, ,„„,„,,_ OH ma monde. instruments
• 1 00000 t espen•ve 1.1:11., PO
trap In use. Tens he feels
eto,,,entoroue 111 +WON, onsoimuch as he lois nor failed
t o n au. case our of tiliee hundred and fitly-these ph-
Ilbourturin and Weak Bream or Back, at
51...1 with wi•, there is limiting to ezrat this Fluter
n o n nbnu reln.l elrecung a euro. Foe We by
kV i vox eo. RC, 1.11215n11d d Market It •
,r 3.111 k Raw erty mod*. Clair Ne.nre
,ly . pt atld Diamottn, Ann
•tforr h. CO, • aod Diamond Elimbog
' lea
I ) . C. si:i.i.i Titr, Drugs., No 57 Wood arnot,
i.,„,, Aer ot for the %aloof 1.4 -Townsend' Gen.
ton e n, :li nr.nmnt.,, lour ,ust rrcietved WI dpsen of au.
wening 01101 ,I,lOlE[ll NIOI.IIO/110.
I.lllolooto ra sllolaa recollect non R E Hell en is wide
t for l'ili.l.urcli, nr.d I , 51 Curry fur Allegheny
curt . •P'S
. A.
rvrtt.wr OF r'011 1 1,1;--All articld wilichis ra.
1 j ~,,,,, ~ ~,,, ~,,,, 1100 a, a. o ./wholeloino, nourontnit
: ,i..., to
mon, pleniant awl piLl.
orl,le t1,,,11 , oloolon Coll,. niol for cheaper, as &mall
~,, ,•,,,,, Iy leo ent, will go . far as iota
010111114 01 Colles Mmoulnenne4 Op -
It. lIN S 5111. LER. Punburgh, Pa. •
,wd nt wl:01,...lo 1.7 It A P.I.NNESTOCK !Q. Co,
ro,,ker l'on 004 (I'loo.l old SIIIII and Wood Streets,
1.1,,,,0rch . : up*
i CIdIOIFORNin Pl'lillF.ll GOOD , -Surf rebrlved,
.t.„„,,, pi,,,,,,,i, dun 1 0' runic; 1.3 pni Pimtg;
li , osnr• ..cit lit,c.l Mitang Poets; It Isthmus UU. 3
wow, Tanks, 1. nml 12 galloosischi lk ,antgerh i
znAl.olt each, I don Ilucloa, Money Bin; Ido oded
cambric do do 'ill,' .lave good. lor sa eal the Cali
-1,0,1101 Llutlnlog FAtnbltilonctslo t..10_ No 5 Wood st.
nichpl 1 & *PHILLIPS
i• -
.A.'":2, 1 ,1 1 :,D,12 c „': . :' -„, T , ‘" , %` ,1 " . i. 1 >M 11 ::::.' ,°„ ”
AlllOlllll, fil•Pletl,,
Cinnamon, Gloger,
Clones, Pepper,
W unmated •p um Par vale at the new Sok& and
1410111111tt Factory, corner of.Feny & Up o n, . 0 ,..
0100 JOHN 13 BEV.
& N‘,11,..,--Wroughilror, &nods, from the Trooper-
Lt. roleuvills worts, wanantedi will ha constantly
on band and mooned to ordnr, A , y
raylir • OE4) OUuillgAN a Wood
i. , : . , •,.. i .,,..-a a ..l , 1.:.. —7 , 5-21 - ...-i , l o.v..‘eirig7:l;:i! ,, :liz .i. i -..;-
1.:14ti-,1. -. ,i . "...2 IFi. - .. - f,E.i. . vti ?f: 1 :7,.;4....5...5ti . .. 0. tg sI:
'. - t1V1 13 :4 - 1 3 :ri Zl.g I lie, l :i l ' 114 14 I ilii:li:O . Z...:4 41 P.N.
7 KI, I'4. ‘ t 13c. . 5 ilia .-:ali:l:_...t: , -.,.,...• -.. : ..2 v ial:* A ge 1-4, 0 .16 a'
1 ,, E . ... • ..1.44.. L e.51.:„•0 s a • , ..a.c•• 1-9'"•.1 •gi-eb.- .ca. ;1. 1 , 3
IS 'Rli 1.: diolig•A3•Alnin-:o' r 2
s„..l.'6iat-=`7.221.241 I§ :6 2 a .
CZ w 4 1 1411 sitriftisEl'inliiizaikr ig rAE.I.-ili,le.i.tia:iin LI -1,7, ,1..1
Qg@t 4 i xtnetijizai . §:lnealV zt li!; .4 'P-1t.;r."112=7,-141.4i..r.''g ifitt; =
wa cc iirtnihit'9grAn!.l77l7.S";;l,e, gFE Ple E.7..istL•B -:.?.1-11:.ii t 74,c i f
.45 it 3'l .e r t a iagt.54E1;1:7 ,7 4-4• 4 7311 3 :4:2 ' A
'S A 11.4 c II i
.; .a..!.-21:A •- : .9: : :a•.....1,Nt-- ;- a a
4.1 0 1 . 'a,..0.1.01: 1 1a;r..1 4 ,; 5 :1- 4 .
c 3 0 .11e 37e pa ei.te.-11...spits E 3 r--gi
... 0 r.5 - 44;14 , a , ..a .i.;:... gsiz I . 2 a
ii3C 1 C ft .T, c g Li,:gm_s . t!ls , --. 1 11' 3 1 1 . ii , 1,/, D
a/ ...C. n• --= oP.P a f ,
W ! L I s ca .54 i . g ..P1= 4 1•.• :.5 °co 11
1 g 0, 0 z Si!"s .9- 4 j k • ..5 r.iS 4 142 .4 21
s- It 0 g -'' :iiisi` 1,0 1 "Etr1.73 2 1 - 1 i. l lit
1g .10_55 , -,..kN.V.ilitai
. 7 „...,,,,.., _,. i4 . :g ..- •- o c) I
I. ~ 9. Frg..lilgr ; •Irrt 01%, qtr.
I.•. 1- 4° . 0 .,.. - a. 1...... ..0........-...E, • = .
.. ~ .—. Ai v-6 71-5...1.1 - 09:=1 1 2 - -1 . 2 a ;
c. 2 .i ~. .. 1;-•°f.. -a.....„rg-2,305tl - - .lt
o--• ri) fil:e r apr'.,l3=•Ve.2.s` 1.•
PIX -1 .ci -0 • eg. : ; g r ..." p• - o v ,
~ ''' P..'.;- ...g..t. g 2 ..a.4.. 3 g f
a. • ti, 6 ' -.rcgl.o t.:E.O-s - 91t1.5. 2 4 .c
t 1 -5., 9 .5 . 4v.13.; Irt e
i. ,--: :-. ..i.5,..1149.ii3 2,7 ` , ` ° ti
te A P.. ..,.._ ~_ Z 2 F' 1- L I IE-4. 1 4E t:l!:itig i!EI gl El al ...
LL , ro PrAsigifiVi'%lVilia;ii...;tv.:; f. .4`liii°-- , vci....: 0 *;',1
il _ t a
. . 4 . t i ... : . s , 1 ...........a.g . 7. -.:.• E- C.) g ,, , R ...,.., = .:S-;: e ..-I : :Voes.teareg:;. 2 ., .....
3 u , ,,a...p., = .7„„,
_.4...1,,5.,002....,-,.gLil-att.-2.....0.F. . P
"0 4 i t . 4 , Iii13111:1'"i.141;11i!i EH3 ti 'f, 8 iq,-,ijvs , t . l ll - 7 , ; l. <aji
- arfilr. a g :..e.-geli-.4°E;4EzZ:"I. 7, =I. Mlcb.-4.,:fue:gge4Dye..Y. I. a
4B , 134 ' ;. 5 1 ...gag-i-.21.,2"51i,572.-"?e,..ig.; a - -- ..ear , :.,:i: r.:.i.:,..1: - .1 . ..i=1.,:f1-1i; - 4 i' :3
11 4 ' i '1';11'7.!.154; rraiPil" l i'o',•!,•-:s:'=:i C_'• .-efa,z,`;,:iil;EgE-,=?.=111..,E:Ft1. ta
44 - 10 i °t. : 3 -: - 4.: 3 '. - q° - ':°•V'' -. I._ tii."::-;:"g::::::4::77h7:::-.'-E:11::de.
CAA A:iIT,I. . R OY.l,llt.i:Zl:' 2 l Bl- ti g
ae,4l/e74:.=:::-r. ;t•,..i.,. -- ..... - ....- 4 . - a 2.1
4.4Z'aIVINI ;ti g - , o -g YViFizsz... ..!1.1t1C'14Z1...5: 21 - :•"?. a
13- Ackwarrs.--Vatt.J4C3DON, owl D. etoRDAN, PRte bur g h; D. M.CtIRRY, Alle g heny Ofty; &PATTERSON, Ehratinghem lilleAme
lIMME --,-.-----------
- 11 lii----"na11.85-11- SONS
Bastkor•, Lx•hasg• 8 rrrrr •,
AND D 111413131 IN _
__ _lit
r, No.te,..mong....tooe.aptari..ez
•Layabli .s o u ag part of lb Ulli. .II . .
. "EICHANOton New York, Pidladel bin and Bal.
donne; Coo, Cincinnati, Loaisellle, Sa t Louis and
Now Orl.mai eanatantly for sale.
DANK N S .— Notes. all aolven banks
l in, the
United &Wes discounted at the lowest r , ,
o k .it tots ,
of Foreign and Amens. Gold tad Sill Cot b
.d sold
Office No. IN Market street, betwoon 2 ,4
Pittabonrh, Pa.
Blii U, nIXIMIIA...
XLLS on Extetand, Ireland, and Seat and bought
any 1411=111u the Current Rams of Elehanoe.
Draft. paTanl6ln any part of the Id COPlllita%
from Al to ABM, at the rate of lb to a A Btariina,
without deduction or dammed, by JA ROBIN
SON, European end General Agent, oldee SOL st one
door west of woad., _ __ • $ oellßtt
....., lOWA= SAISM
i)6&111 ••_,___
In Foreign and Driando Bills of Eli:hood% Co . ,
omes of Deposit., Beni Noun and 0310, co or f
3d and Wood groats, direoUj opposite St. Chanel Ho
Oldo tl
outosa m ,
purchased at du lowan Mg tr,,rounktms,
BE" Harr 7m
ork husup
Consmay for We by N. LIOLNaI 6. BONS.
aeon Si Markets:.
"Cas of tits Afoot Remarkabk Moir of tAs Ago'.
of a vier to the Chandra. Christians of Noodle.
tan, end Ms Yesidly, or Devil.Worshipper9 and an
Inquiry into dui Mmmers and Arts of the Ancient As.
strums By Austen H•nry LaYarla, Ers4v D. C
With Introductory Now by Prof E.
ant,ison, D. D.
LL. D. Illustrated with 13 plates , maps, mrd 90
wood our 11 vole 13vo. clutb, 51,50.
"Tee tarot has a rare amount of graphic, plc
rerempre oamin "—Tribune.
"The work of Layard is the most prominent contri
' button to the study of antirnty, drat has appeared for
many years."—Chrim Dor
"Not one excels in interest the account of Nineveh
and its Rains, given by Mr. Laymdr—Washington
As we (Massthe diggers swab breathless interrst
in their excavations, one suddenly Or d ourselves be
fore a massive fiknre carved wan meta MCCUMCT,
lifting at. gigantic head tro th e dust of 3WO
puns, we are ready to cry out sr th the astonished
Arab tWallflit, It is wonderful, b it Is tray" "—ln.
For sale t.
novie 6 Wood • t
Aow Book .l
Tm: WOMM of on Old and New Testament.
Edised by NB. Sprague, D.A. I vol. Imp bee,
•legantly bound; IS exeeimiely &Med e.gravingo;
wile demenpdoits by celebrated American Clergymen.
POEMS fly AMELIA, (Mrs. by, of 14,1
and enlarged edition: ilhoorated eogravirgto from
pm by Wier. I vol. care doe eke..
.Wti ' stid d' istd ipti. Also--A varlet of oplendid Anna.
.Js and Gift Books.
Sewell's Child's First Book of Maury of Boma
1 vol. 18mo.
ads led THE MECHANIC'S ASSISTANT, ted for the
u. of C.p.mra, Shipwrights, Wheelwright, Saw-
yen:, Lisabormenjdoidenty, and A..= generally:
being's thorough Old pracuoal Treas. on - Idensura- ,
son and the Sliding Role. By D M. Koper, A N.
Sot... Truss. on Greet Pro. Composition.
Oliendoth's Elementary PreoctrGrammar. By Prof.
Greene, of Brawn University. 1 vol. 19mo.
Roediger's Gesenins , Hebrew Grammar, by Conant.
Gessoes' Hebrew Lexicon.
Trlgonotactry and Logarlthrreie Table. I
The Digliahman's Greek Concord.... I vol. =us
Lisbon's Classical Series.
I,Vebstry's I:Letio=ry, mailed ed. I voL frro.
do do J =abridged. 1 vol. Mo.
Dame's Notes and VELeatlo= on New Testament.
Wbately's Logic.
hlotheinPa Eccles:2.MM History. 3 vela and I
vols. DM...)
Vestiges of Creation) voL limo.
Mornings among the Jesuits no Rolle 1 vol. (clods
and aer.)
Sc p en p es where the Tempter has Triumphed. I vol.
(cloth and paper.)
Llog='. Theological Lectures. 1 vol. Ivo. (cloth.)
Alder's Pronouncing Bible. '
Boyer'a Pmts. Dienionan ,
Smart*. Horace. Par vale by R HOPKINS,
novl3_ Apollo Budding., Fourth st
.Montaigno, edited by 11. Huhn, comprising his
Essays, Latterly and Joorney through Gerrnatly and
Italy, with notes from all the Commentators, Biograph
ical and Bibliographical Notices, 5.0.
Theory and tractleo of Teachlor, or, ilia Motives
and Methods of Good Sehool•Keeptos, by David
Maga, A. gl i yaincipal of the Mate Normal School,
'Albany, N. 1..
Frank Forester's Flab and Fishing of Ow U. States
and British Provinces of North Amenta, by Henry
nova corner Third and Market sts
Tb. oia . n Tlise
JAhIE3 D. LOCKWOOD, Barifieller and Importer,
No. 03 Wood street, has for Woe mar eopteseotti.
mete, ithe remainder of Ma edition') of dite
ork, devoted to the Preservation Of Dmumentei ned
other authentic informalton relarrig to the early ex
plorations; masa:tent and impreveinent of the country
around the head of the Ohio. By Neville D. Craig,
INg., of Pillsburgh, La vole Eno.
novlo J. D. LOCKWOOD.
13051/tEjEJBERTY: A Watery, w,th a view of the
Llp Liberty of other Ancient Nations. By Sam.'
Litton, Esq. IRestreted with twelve engravoge, roe
coded at Rome 2 vols., 8.., uniform with Frescott's
Rican.' Wort&
Just prlishairdi.l=3, Bookseller
. id
.vlO Importer, 63 Wood al
authonsededition, MRS. FANNY REMSLE'S YEAR
~ The reading of this book has impressed as with a
mach bleier opUum, of he author than we had Lamed
from perasmg her other writings. In displays •deeper
tone of thought, united to more pars womanly grace of
feeling than any other production of the Lamle mind
with which we are acquainted."—Eve. Mirror.
"It is a very agreeable and readable book end ten to
Fanny Ramble's best Op.—bold, spirited enter
taining. We meow:tend It to oar readers as the beat
publication of the ieisson."--Reading Cam.
conututs the Journal of a travel through Europe,
m o st Italy; and Ls one of the plewaluest
and most Interesting looks of the season"—Cour. and
"A very char...lane book. We have read It from
tale page to Colophon with unabated interest. A vi
vid petite of life in Rome. In all respects eminently
c o
Bookseller & Importer, Al Wood st
• Nt4ofaa • •le • stalt/laharteht
(AP WM. BettIIBBM.ANN, Thad st, oppoalte the
Post-Otlace, Pittsburgh—Maps, Laudscapos,
beads, hhosrbllls, Labels,
_Architectural and Machine
DrawinB13•111011. and Vildring Canis, he., engraved
or draw non stone, and pealed in colors, (told, Limn*
or Stack, In the meet approved style, and at the moat
reasonable prices.
. - -
iIRATEFUL for the very liberal eneonyagement I
NJ have received for SO allay
co years., I have dews/
nulled to enlarge my businesa nsiderably. Having
engaged a competent Foreman, I will be enabled to
hit all orders pramptLy, and do the work to our usual
style at at (lit prima and ask the attention of met.
chants d unmetns to my large stock of UPIIOLSTE.
BC GOODS and. Beds, Mattresses anti Bedding, Cuty
Kett, Maienals, Dinnuks and Maroons, Corm., Frit,l
- liOrderillp, Tassels, Split and Roller Rin ds and
a.m . , smote
us la an cstabliament o'f the
kind. Order. respectfully solicited and promptly at
tended to.
N. B.—CIMM• made and put down._ NOBLE.
AND CABINEr WA.tEatiOrd. •
J. A. DROWN would reaped
- 'ally inform gm public, that he
• - seeps on hand at kla deaden the
-- wed aide of the Diamond, Alle
hentyocity, e%c"rrat7on.
cn Shune nntl mde Ve
- - olden a a to
--dot In the but style, warranted
the- e9,aal to any in the United State,.
- lii, Hliada eon he removed with
al.d.oialertek:ire d s rive l f.;
- ' tools, int? woad alba cabinet.-
tabbehment of Eamsay P. WEI..
- land, lam prepared to foeoioh
their ,„ old onato i tat h. I:, r as
e well as
the public at laLse i :t d th . ,e ,c
m onty.N. J. A. DROWN.
idI'ASERICENDIF rTaceidet d 1 roe
from the utinufactercra . u: d Eor i d nrX r‘.
l;thin.t.o'ilaPlteTateitLatVmeoat improaedostylelof....:
glaf f d_ and comma PAPER HAN ING
" 15,07:1 pieces of Pees? and Roca;
104:08 " Bell and Ocdunn; dem
Dining•Paelat ehamiter an.
pawn—whlelt I wired pnrdcolarly feeds the aaeattw
Pape Watello6lll Of 37-
g rip 1.7.1 st
T obUlatiEThSeUunpreeelente W l T Hncc DIS EAS ED
Ls °
Mended the use of use,
the various (onus Irritatiouf of ths Wrap
111. LOS, ho. Induced the proprietor again to eall
don to this
rho chwurahle weather which marks oar fall and.
winter months, is always a (mien] source of
these, If neglected, are bat the precursors of that fall
I at .‘ 10,
oedd '
"Sew and
des of I
e Id
II •
The question, then, hoer shall we nip the danroyer
the bud! how shall we get aleer or eat coughe and
rids" is of vital importance to the peal.
I will be found In the ditneeng Panacea , In proof often.
we have from one to rune published the certificates of
lowns of our beet known citisensosho haw erperi.
owed its curative powers. These, with a mese of tee
timmay from all parts of the coantryr ..frook
Ministers of the (Pupal; &a., together with copious nog
lees from the
we have embodied In pamphlet form, said may bt hod
gentle of anylogyrTiMarni3 uzil.runntroardW.
have been need In This dry.
thraeghout the Caned States end Canada, and we eke
lenge any man to Ironic eat a
a which, when taken sotordirof to direction, and be
' fore the longs had become fatally disorganised, it hat
ever failed to
Why then, need the allele hesitate? Why escort ta
the ,ni•eralke nostrums, iron. ap by an< own
salsa kr the assumed cameo( tome es cheated py.
Celan, and puSed into notoriety by °era:make It, per
sons equally unknown? Millet a medicine of
ts to be had, whose 'mintier. are at liame,-srar neigh'
Witsraatkg of whom it has
In order that tins
medicine may be
within the reach of the poor as well Et. etch, have
put the price at
Ina one half the aural real of cough mainline. It te
for sale by our agents in nearly every . town and iilin.
Oyer the who are prepared to give fall informat
ion relative to T. SALTER, Proprietor
Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio.
coNTAIN sar - r, 0
- • MY
: MI -1,4 . '7.
453, - •
Li clUNllad d to discharge
I' l , L. - their i me Ec u s lr l i t
th mat m iers, and
h - HLALING, for
there 7s . s ' c ' a rb re tl e Y ly te a rm d ed is-
S rat e rw ' i ' ll 'i n * o ' t
I have aced life the last
sixteen years Mt ell disaaeas of the chest, involvine
the utmost and responsibility, end I declare
before heaven and an, that not In one ease has it
failed to benefit when the patient was wi th in the reach
of moral
I have had physician. learned in the profeseion. I
have minis:ars of the gospel, judges of the bench, al
dermen, lawyers. gentlemen of the highest erudinon,
and multitude. of the poor use it in every variety ot
, wa, and there has been bat one velee—one universal
voi y ce saying-"hIIALLMTER, YOUR OINTMENT
RHEUMATISM—It removes almost iormediausly
the inflammation wid swelling, when the pain erases.
(R the directions around the boXY
D-ACIIE—Tbe salve has cored persons of the
liedikidirhe of twelve years sdßiing, end,Who . t(t a i l t L!
.ratirmlntritt."domfmsg THE FACE,
y. aJ
Ifillarlgraii=rari. eared eases that antually
dafidel every thing known, se well as the ability of fit
wen o twenty doctots. Orie man told us he Mid spent on his children withou any benefit, when ••few
Wads of Ointment elated them.
TRITER—There is nothing hatter for the mare of
I:WRNS—It is one of the best thing. i n the world for
ELLES--Thousands are yearly cored by thin Oint
ment. It Nurn foils in dialog relief for the Piles.
1131 . Around the box are directions for niitig
Snob Ointment firs S‘Tdfula, Lien Coloptainfi Eryripe
lasj Maui, CAilbaiw. Scald Head, Sart Ern, Quincy Lhi ,
Sart Bronekims, Dlwedu. Rstn dins, •
of at Spins, Head tubed asblowa, Denburni Ear aelis,
Sires, Corns, eat Distaff , of On Skin, Sore Lope,
pies, te. Smelling of let Limbs, Sores, RAsumatism,.
Pita, mid Fen a. Croup, Swelled or Brake* Beau; Tooth
LOttuFtET—tvertintPridult, pain is the Chest
and Side, Whirl off of the heir, or the other freeways
urn cold feet. This Ointment in the Roe remedy.) 111
lensave Ingo o diseue to have cold feet.
ORNS—Oecuional roe of the Obit:dent will al
wayi keep corns from growing. People 'need never
bo troubled with them it they um it Redeem!) ,
Bg - This Ointment t.good for any parlof the body
or limba when inflantml. In some eases it should be
applied Mina
CAUTION—No Ointment will be genuine andel. the
name of JAMF-S MeALLISTER is written with ri pen
oil every label.
the prineipal epics and !rite U
byth „T
to e tetr.",..'".
Bole YrOpriel.of the *hove medicine.ll7 Prmeiptil Office,No dri North Third sircet, Phil
Ani.7 l l R. & Reiter, encore of
Liberty and St Clan ma; and L Wilcox, Jr, corner of
Market et and the Diamond, idea corner of 4th and
Smithfield 'me; I Cmcl,
of Walnut and Penn
ma, fith ward; as d cold at the bimkstore in Smithfield
3ildeor funs Second vb . in Allegheny city by H P
Schwan* and 1 Sorge
by 1 0 Sothis, Druggist, Bir
mingham; Er Begley, East Liberty; II Rowland, Mc-
Keesport; S Alexander ft Son, Monongahela City! N
II Bowman fr. Co, and J T Roger,, Brownsville; John
Barkley, Beaver, Pa; are wholesale edema.
Facts tot the Public,
In relation to that nnrivalled family Salvo,
rrESTINIONY of • respectable Physician.—Reel
1 the following, aildiessed to my Agent, Mr. F. Mer
ryercather, Cincinnati •
CIitCIICUTI, ?eh. 12,1E49.
Bin. A sense of duty compels me to give my tribute
to Dailey'. Pain Extrootor. Being opposed to quack- ,
ory and all nostrums having for their object sinister ,
motives—bat realising much good foam the "King of
Pain Killers"--I am induced to tender you this cortifi-
Gate. I have used it in my family, io my practice, and
with all the happy and wondeffni of:toots that could I
ly msght ' 11.2. Bootee, M.. D.
Dr. Brodie it the tenter partner of Brodie to Levi, I
inflatestnatot), Rheumatism
The following testimonial comes from a sourer fa',
Minor to many of those troweling on our Western ma
ter, Mr. (Rime, the well and favorably known pro
prietor of the Parkerthurg Hotel, is husband to the
lady whose letter I annex:
Poirmoorao, Ya, April 13, IMP.
To Henry Dolley, • Chemist. trA—Bir Moving for-
imerly been long *Meted with violent inflommatory I
Rheumatism, which appeared en firmly tooted as to
defy ail ordinary opplioncro to allay the severe pain
mending it, I was induced to try your Magical Pohl
Extraotor, and it having cdocted, shoos% as if hy ma
' gic, immediate relief, and aloe, to all appearmiceg ,
sr, entire and perfect cure, I ant induced for the hen,
fit of who may be ofilicted with pmn,enuactl by
any kind of inflammouon, write to you, declaring
that in my opinion, founded on actual egperience
your Magical Pain EVIACtOI 0 the most valuable
covery of the prment age to the immediate kattaction
of bodily pain. It is an almost immediate and a per-
feet care for Curtis and ',colds, and all external in.
klaymg many acquaintances formed by their vino ,
at my husbands hotei in this place, I have topposcd
by your showing them the. few 'mei, it may po‘.ibly •
he of benefit bold to them and yeareolf.
Fatxto.o Gux.x.
[I entertain the hope that Mn. (ilime lain pardon the
• publicity I give to her letter, ea well on tho score of
• hnsaanity so alas being the surest mode of bringing it
• to the notice of her fnendk—li.
Rims Cara.
Extract of a letter, dated
lltsitaiorrr, Ky. Nov. A 199.
MGR. Dalleyi . *l have tried your Pain Extractor in
a ease of felon, to my own family, which it relieved
and eared in a very abort thee." In trite, yours re
spectfully, .44. M lame. :
EDP Burns and Pcidds,Piles, Bore Nippl lles, ikOitell
Breast, Eruptions, Sores, Cuts, Wounds, and a in
flammation, yields readily to the wonderful properties
of Mix unrivalled family salve. But, in We same pro
, portion diet you will mentor benefit from the genuine,
you will be injured by the deleterious edema of the
eonnterreil mdse..
CAU'rION—IIe sure and apply only to the inven
IL Det.lXr, 415 flrou.ilway, NOW York, ot to cc.
thonsed nerds. JOHN D MORGAN,
PdPoL PißsbarglL
Denny P. setorartr, Allegheny, Agent; J. Raker,
Wheeling, Va.; James W Johnston, la Ile,
F. Merryweather, Cominorai, IL, General Depot.
N. IL—ln the severest Burns and Scalds It extracts
the pain in •►few min alem--.1 never falls lal4
Is A. hALIOICROCK, A. tl. MLA, N. Y. City
IL L. FAtterwon,lPtusbtagh.
Who,legal* Dreg Store Ilk Um city of
New York. .
ITEI4 anaar v are raanavaly aimed in la
% botanic banana Nd lab .tract,
iba tisi of Na. otir, dad ars prepared to apply
Dmaciatai.azd Naar, Morahan% onth Dana, Panto,
Dle - sta% Patna and .ancaran rarfariory,
dander, WWI/ `Landow QILICiCIOI 7 (of Weir can
apaoptlaa) toif LI aka nada is thou iina of tal
oa% opsdo 14'910 ea law as dicy can lor par.
md Ap *bar say 111110 MI aday.
illairTadt.Ribn B. A. VAIIiCUIPICICOM C
Head! Read!
Feet. Clerk of the Court of Quarter flosal i tM
Beaver County: 1
Mr. R. E. Senate—Sir, Some time in the winter my
wife was afflicted Will a severe and disiressifflgeraigh,
and bearing of your invaluable Cough Syrup, I Par
edas a bottle (rota S.T. Trimble, of Bridgewater.
after taking a portion of it two or three evenings
on going to bed, she found Immediate celiell as Lee '
wryer.' friend tinge been relieved in engem cues. 1
am therefore eel:Billed that It le a mire and valuable
medicine, and vontild recommend it to those who may.
be afflicted with pierce Coughs and Colds.
Mardi 1. W. K. SODEN..
Prepared uI V,
dold by R. E. SELLERS, 67 Weed els
and mad by druggists generally, in Pittsburgh and Al .
artier, Co. company.
TDOOKS still ha open Mr sabsertpuon to the stock al
D 'Pills Chanters Coal Compaty,” on .and etLr
Monday, tho dap of Septerober Inn, at *cam
of Z. W. Rentlngton, Penn st, Plttsbwah.
srr :du
No. 46 Narket strut,
HAVENG pesithatteden extensive andeareadtp
!coed .took of Spring and Rummer Oced the
subscriber respectfully informs his Maids amt the
publiti. that he Is nowarring to remise 'Meta.
cum their Wars with atok ‘ and ta ate 11.81:1611.
moat gubstintial, and o nab manner. As he IS
deterromed to do business on the cash system, he aw
tars himself that he will ho able to do work u cheep •-
as It one be done at any establishment la the l ear=!.
Els stock is varied; consisting of Condenses,
c ache, Vesting-a he., which his friends are resimatalli
ly Invited to examine for themselves. •
mytti:dtf . GEORGE ARMIN. ,
G. W. BIDOLIE, llea
REMOVED to a 11131/ three army brlok
fla g ....
Aril6lld one door below
n.l_ Teeth d (
the ruction principle, with. tem.
dfal represent.. of the neutral
ort ~ t Y.UL.To r glt ' U ' rac " %t with Hale or no pain.
Decayed Teeth permanently saved by plaggmg.
vaunts the tooth eche, which Is much beam than as.
ring it, though •it should be done in five miaow, -or
even metentru
B. A. IrAIINICSITOCWiI 911111111Preitt.
T N order to efford all poasible security to the pablas,
as well as to themselves, against fraud and Lope.
anion loom counterfeiting, the proprietor. have- made
a change in the exterior wrapper.or table of WO Vet.
e l ifege. The new label, which is.• steel engnming of •
the most exquisite design and workmanship, has been
ntroduced at, a very great expense, and is (ram the
brain of an are.t of the first talent. The design tallow,
and the execution elaborate. ftheend Bores and •
'portrait are most prominent, but the word “Vasstim•
wen." printed in white letters on a red and finely env
erased ground, should be particularly emu:nand.—
When held al: to the light the letters, shading alba
letters and every line, however mutate, throe/host the
whole of rife pan of the engraving match as exactly
aa it the 'more:won had been made upon one Ods ore
ly, although it is •etually printed on bath sides of the •
ur d . r p ...T . nu c l h s ‘ t i l z td . 1.11 dw
printed e
neon bat►
emirs, and ehoold he examined in the same Manna?.
This preparation has now stood the teat of =My
year* trial, and is confidently recommended u
and effectual neaicine for expelling worms frosa rho
aystem.. - I be unexampled eaccass that bss suudsil
its administratjon in every case where the pattant Ina
I really afflicted with worms, certainly renders It
thy the etteetlon of ohyamians.
The of
has mada It a point to ascertain thn
result of its toe in such cam as car. within bin •
knopl o mid observatiot,end he Maui:chit felted •
it to ace the moats:titulary odecta—alot tattle:lame
ly ter nearly all the ordinary preparations More .
mended for worms had been previously, tatiOrted tO
without any permanent advantage. ' This thet Is
tested by the certificate:a and statements of handreda -
of roapeclbliii=s e In different perm of the some_
tr oliti mi o p d reparatio . nln their po lli VD:a l lon. D lrls k rild a ie Ito •
operation, arid may be administered with perfect eafo..___
ty to the most delicaUs Infant
The only kenuine is prepared by
-ear B A FAIIP.K, PrtilintrElt
cii•itiilngusi. a. .ay.
TPOR Cookhe,Colde,_delhata and etresnuoptlon! The
Je GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY for theettre ef the.
above diseases, in the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF
LIFE, diseOvered by the “lebranad Dr. Buchan, of
London,Eugland, and introduced into the United Siam
ander the thrinitediam superintendence dike inveAter.
The extraordinary success of thin inerUclas, In %k
cure of Pulmonary diseases, warrant. We hateriewi
Agent in soliciting for treatment the worst possible con
let that can be found tithe community—eseesthoth sack
relief in vain from any, of the common remedies of the
day, and Sane been given up by the most dV
physicians as confirmed and incurable. The
Balsamlitis cured, and will cure, the meat &vents
0( COMA. It is no quark nostrum!, but a standard Eng- •
bah medicin of known and establialial elllesay.. •
Every fondly in the United Stales should be sopllttd
with Buchan's linagarian Balsam of Life,noi fray to
countemet the conacmptive tendencies of the climaMi
but to be used as a preventive medicine is all cases of
colds, emitting, rpiuing of blood, pain to the side mid
Them, irritation and toren.s of the longs, breathe,
difficulty Of breating, biotic fever, eight awcaft,,,m,i,d.
shoe and general debility, asthma, iridarAna, whooping
cough and croup.
Sold In large bottles, at tit per bottle, with fall dins
' done for the restoration of health.
Paillphitl3, containing a mus of Engllith sod Anima
ean certificates, and other evidence, showing the an
equallel .merits of this great English Remedy; may be
-obtained of the Agents, gratuitooaly.
For sale by B A FAIINEOGE L Co" "re" a
st and Wood and Wood and sib au. laDilkArS ,
r i
before—made on the moat Mr... wri. A i p
and Wait fashionable East= patteroaar
__ ~..,
TILE CHEAP ROLL, or Bo6tord vApo., 44 4
or made to order of all cars, and at all p per,
COuutry Merchant. and other. are tavitqa4p..ll
exarnilie the above for themselves, as WI
. 11!::::
wholesale or r call, and a liberal dada.= m ade.
wholuialc purchaser..
?SPORT ERS'and Wholesale Dealers in Foreign
I Domestic Hordware, Celery, Saddlery, 199,
Woodstreet, Pittabargh, are new fully prepared with
meanly ;imported mock of Hardware, Celery, sad
dlery,Cmpenters, Tools, he.. lOOPer very great ine
&memento to Western Jlerchnnts al in' addition to
e 01007 th 01007 an had by ottipredecessora ?da
ms. Logan tr. Kennedy, we have greatly Increased oar
facilinea and purchase all our goods from Ant Lends
on the very best terms.
The junior members of the firm devote their Whole
attention to sales, and feeling confident of giving alt.
Wooten, respectfully' solicit q call from all whota may
melt 1015 market.
AL b
dieting.' solu r Iran tions o containmg rlO viscid Inattory•
dote, freely from any tied of pen—tho robe deep,
bright and durable. If there have been better uncles
11.0, I have neither teen oar heard of then Sate
ple Manes can ho obtained gratis, by the merchants
generaliy, from B. Fahnestoet th. Co., Beery P.
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