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    BY ItAGNEIit:
Nrw You, December 26.
The steamer Empire City arrived yesterday,
momisa, bringing • two weake' later
from Cslirornia.
The steamer Panama had arrived at
with 250' parae..gerr, bed half amillioa is gold:
These paaseagero, and aver half a milieu more
of gold, were brought here by the Empire City.
Among the eminence., is Hoff Beaver, who is
the beater of Despatches to our Government.
The Empire City ti.d not bring the Califon.
1321/11. Gold CObvnues pleii'aful as ever.
The election was Itchl in Calfamia out the HIM
of November, to milfy or reject the Constitution
and elect a Governor. L.reut. Governor, two Rep.
vele:datives in Congren., Members of Senate end
Hones of Repreuntsii,s of the Stele of Califor
It 'Swain that the Con ft motion ha. been adopted
by alMoat &unanimous cot, • It was the general
imprenion that Peter IL Burnett would be elect.
ed Governor, and John McDougal, formerly of
Indianapolis. LieciL G;ive•nor.
• The vote in San Francine. and elsewhere, indi.
eatesthat Rodman Price slid George W. Wright
will be the Kepresentativas to Congress. The
whole Democratic ticket has succeeded in San
Francisco, Col. Sutton was the \Vhig candidate
for Governor,. he won Me on the People's Tiek
et. It is now certain that Thomas Butler King
will not be elected to the U. S. Senate; and it
is also manifest that the Legislature will cantina
a large Dernaeratio majority.
Chances are aow. strung m favor of the elec.
tine of Wm. Mcliendret Given and Chatles .1
Fremont, as U. S Seactzrr.
The overland train•, which left the U. States
last spring and summer, teresa the 1110UPt4011
bid all arrived sera in CaTornia.
Col. Russell, of Missouri, who headed the Van
guard, left Independence on the 24th of AMA,
and arrived at Sutter's Fort on the Bth ol August.
His company broke up before he reached Cali.
Jamie. The gallant colonel is no.b at P uebla
practising law; and Edward Ilrynnt, formerly
editor of the Lex:arca Intelligencer, had
realised the snug sum cf 5100,000, by speculating
to sln . Frrricisco town lots. He will return
in lime next.
Carpenter's wages in San Francisco are 416
par day. 'Buildings err gqicg up with atremen.
dons nab. San Fmne,co and Sneremento city,
were rapidly filling up from the mince, and
log is getting mare curtly
The rainy season Low prevails.
Lewis Framble, pnoter, of St. Louie, died of
dysentery at San Fronei...e,
Pnii.on:LrniA, Dec. 26
A. gentleman, named John Cornell, of Cadiz,
Ohio, passenger an On Empire Cie, reached here
last night, and took lodgings at Congreas Hell
His mink was bn•hcn open and robbed of $4OOO,
in gold dust and money.
Christman, Imre, at Baltimore and New York,
passed air quietly. The weather is eseeseively
cold and all the Ea . stern marlrcts are generally dull;
transactions- are light, with no noticelb!e change
in inomtlowl. T
panne IMPORT.
Nam Year, Dec. 26, 11319 ; j
Flour—Heider. are firm, bet vre do not oleic a
that positive advOnee b.‘s talefin place. fiales, (Or
the onrietta pad , * at 51 81, 4 93,5 00995 06 per .
OrninTbn debianli tor Corn in much ken than
it was, but holdben •Itre firm. Sales of mixed
western nt western yellow, at :With.
Provisions—The market is a little easier. The
sales to day bawl been niodeiate, IS, tacos pork;,
ill 50 12 10i' ( F rimy, SS 15 per brl. Lard-7
Regular sales in tress et a 6i, in barrels 61.
GTOtelleS — Tbt Markel is VSsy quiet. Prices,
we steady. Siegal—The inquiry has been Teti
active, bat there has been no perceptible change
in prises. Molaases—The market has been
pressed. We Lave no sales of imporignee to re
port. New °deans, is held at 27e per eeL
Cheese......Sales*Obio; at 60100 per lb.
Lead—Prices are unchanged.
Tobacco—Prima have been ',tenthly improving.
Men of !centricity, al siß9f•
Whiakey--hlodarlie roles al 27e per gaL
Trenton Mutual Life Intimate Company
MCI or 'MUM! anvc 25 PIS CPC.
Capital, 0150,000.
7/ OURNO,tr. Cu., ILgents at Mob Fee,
TroOrroN, 3133[1.
6 Jo A .
h C. Pocs, Pres•L
P , Fdtcarto, V. P.
Eli Mums, Pteretary.
t, Treasure:.
'OAR! 07 1077000 N, A
.3a0177 HOT,
Benjamin Yith.
John A. Wear, 1
Hon. James Campbell
Damd H. Whne.
COUlptrAler 01 New York
George Woad.
Joko F. Mackie.
Me.mulder Conamiurs.
W. J. Y. Whim, Y. M.
. .
David Dudley Field.
Joseph Doric. I
. terve
ID. Ere. Gov. LlStnes
W. L. Moto. VA S. Sen.
G. D. Wahl Er•D. tl Fen.
Es-Gov. M. Diekerreil.
A. SidneDoane. hi 0
32Warren at., N. F.
WVr or w .lkit Morga.3i 11T Geo 3
Pitrabareh, FA
Tim Agents of Dile Camp
wired to lake every Ant c
ries efnenarfi. Per e"..t.
mil= as charged by other
171t.Gov. Vroom.
lonae Wl!Met, M. C.
Wm. A. Newell, M. C.
lion. S. FL Huainan.
W. W. Gerhard, M. U.
MI Walnut in, 'PUPIL.
IL IL Bell, M. D.,'
Allegheny - city, Pa.
any, at nt.taturch. • anti
:lva risk on Lire at a mime-
Irmo the usual rates of pro
' Caapathes.'
'for One .211
ThO usan }TIM d
of ege, toning a Policy Or blur..
TO rnn for one year, pay. only Sli r bo,
do seven " , Sligo—annually.
do' , " "/ 517,00
:And in the Wm proportion for any sum op to Vane,
.which is the extent taken on any one life.
Tide company commenced operation. on the Ist Oct.,
3.848, and its monthly business up to the Ist Oct.,
chows a progress =coating . that of, way odic r Life Com
many on recomb
The fire dividend of profits will be declared to the
assured.. the Ist liumary,lBso.
Panghlete contenting the verbena tables of rates,
and ail the necessary information on .the important'
'object of Life Aseurenee will be famished on &poll,
0111011 to - JAMES DURIVO t CO., Agents,
del? / Odeon Budding's.
FIRIC 1191110.1141.N0N.
j SURANCE COMPANY will issue Polities of 1.
smote age...l Low so D.Ualt by Put, wen Dwel
l .14 Forbitore, StorrhOoods , ter., Ac., oa appu.
41.1.1611 ter JANIES DURNOA CO, Ayrnis,
del7 Odoon Building..
Ike Blain. Garden health Instance Co,
INSURES Moles and Female* againalthe Expense
Infol Istes allo w ancey Sickens or Accident, by
an immediatof from $3 to 115 per weeks
for one, two, three, or foo r yearn
The method of effeetinc this Insaranes, and the
•manoccof awarding the sick allowance, will be folly
•osplained by the Avon
A can in Notion Sicknegg or Accident
-which will detain him from hie ordinary bcainest, as
'follow% yie
Porevbybi parink 141,20, mid receive SSP efrieS•
Yor two • tart - 4
For three„ „
for four 5 ”
4M, fora period or rour years, the sum of et4,4u paid
air ncgity, wi4 were sdper week what. pica.
Eeet7 nematary Information will be afforded on the
*abject of leammine generally. by
del7mltim Odeon ihri Wing.
- -
ohm, lc Penneylvaala Itallroad Comp" ,
*TSO TICE.—•The Sloelholdos of ten Ohio and
?<nosyPortia Rails of Company are hereby don
that rho Annual Sleeting of Stockholders, and
of Directors, 101 l - Le held at the Conip.y's
{Ace, Pittshurgh,on Ttioriday, the link of JunamYi
lob°, between the hours of 10 A. N. and 3 P. N.
By order of the Board of Director..
0., Nov. aO, le4o. J.J. BROOKES.
Nov.—Entrant from the 7th Pennon of the'Att
' mom ...rung the Ohio and Penneylvania Railroad
vAlter tha first election of ['Ostia., no oerion shall
...von, on any there on winch any Instalment is doe and
"unpaid.. . Well -Stamina
vbrissessalllsd 131Vse Year nPProaehtnQ
martifrou Antique Pinding, for Mit Ilatidays.
AMLFZ D.MLFZ LOCKIV001), Bookseller sod lenpon”
Wood street, bits receive, • beautiful sollretiosi
of Illarsrated Books, bound in the num splendid Man;
per bi the best London and American bindittS—Voneg
i kpm may be found:.
?Ores of American P05try,0,,,,,,,„ . ,,,
" r i d :ys of the Western World, illurcimod In gold sad
eekos. •
w or dy; °rib's Greece*, richly litustrl4rd.
p r ,„,b.r;illamonond by Owen Jones, and
bc"ifid in n
o n g "'d k,nn; illusmua trd by
F'{alrely aad their Kindred n. s of
.) , elbr,rl anal:Arad by
y oo ea. ,
Heroines or r bar spears; ill oo rood.
ta , Chan...mules Di Winne. Mn,.illusira
u.d, i r r..7,1, 6T JA H.' e. L O . 1) 0 ,
HIED just reed and toe rate by
>open. tithed
CANyIELD., lot sale by
iCtrg CI
outesk....- .4 711 10 f .
M } . l. F i . r foimes . Refine M ry,
f by de FLIIEN..A ifMA Sit CO
J371.11LT--3U aietn FicioreaillOr
!, pale by del7 OUPE..b.CREIfFOFLE
riarrintrucia BOARD OF THADV.
'00I" EDfES...:...w. L MIME, • • — rmas ■AI.
Am . lvala and Departare• at Malls.
tialetn rdni,,na Philatlelptua, due 2a_ w 00..13 st
Western Maul, Cincinnati and L0w..., C. s'r .
closes 3.a. Y.
troollt, via Baltimore and Washington, due 3 a w ,
NorthWest...stria Cleveland, due 10 1,e10.s Sr w.
Erie and Western New York, doe tl r. a. closes ti a. a.
irtinnaleg, due 7a: Y., closes 5 r
* Wm. alarwasocaLan os rug Conan Srauautia
—During the winter months the simulacra compotiom
the Canard Liao will nail from New York, Beaton and
Liverpool, as follows:
Cambria, from Liverpool, for Daiwa, Dec. IS, 1849.
Canada,`. " for New I ark, "
- " for Ilotano, Jan. 12, DM
al 0 for New York, a' aX,
• • a for &anon, Feb. 9,
a a a for New. York.
• " for Bowan, March 9,
• for New York, .
for Down, April 8,
Canada, from New York, for Liverpool, Dee. 12,1949.
Faiope, from Boston. for " iv .
Hibernia, Pro New York, for "
Carob,. flan Boston. for Jan. 1420.
Canada, New York, for a g 3,
from /Javan for y o b. 0,
from New I ark. for - go
• from Boston, for Mout, 6, ,
" from New I ork, for
from 'Boston. for `a April 3,
from New York, for • -
from Doman, for
Ovrtme Parastmon Oszerra;
Thursday Mormon, Dreember27, S
Owing to the .presence of Chrisunaa holyday, m c on
nectioo with the extremely cold weather, but huts as
tnnaplring in the market. Sales ate confined tothe
regular home trade, with no important variation in
Fauna— A. few mall lots were disposed of ori the
a . .x . 1.01,40 bbl i 3.k. from store were confined
to, dray rocul.lots, of $1,624351,75 bbl. Retail price,
Sl lt ' s=liis bbl field firm in store, .5 1 1 ,505 ' ,67, with
light supplies.
1 3 cmcwucta.—For Buckwheat flour from nom priers
range According to quAllty, from 51,61 to $2.19 p 0(0
Plevuunks—lii the provision market very little it do;
log. Rides may Le quoted al 54, Shoe Went 11, and kig•
ged hams 74.26 e P m. Sall of dried beef at Xe IS lb
Batter is to fair request, at 1413130 far prima W roll
and prior, keg is mid at 90 rm. F.ales of Lord at
54/26e P . th, in ibis and kegs.
Garieuatica—We notice no change io Groceries; with
regular limited sales, we quote as follows—N 0 Sugar ,
54.115/; Sugar, 51/10e; N 0 Molars., tiSe; S ll
do, 40e; Rio Coffee, 142 e for prime: Rite at sie 4 , lb
Guess—Quite an active busineso Las been doing to
Window Glass, at the following rates—City 13rands. 9.
by 10, are solder g 3,75064; 10 by 12, 4,2504,50 f box;
other alms in proportion. '
For country brands the following m a ilSt of prices
paid for the rations tires:
by 10 ....._._.._45 11 by 16.
IU by 12 •••••- ..... —3,60 II by 17
10 by 14 3,75 IX b y 16
10 by 15 4,50 IX by 17
10 by 16 4.50 IX by It
10 by 17 :14 by 30
1103 MD I , l•l.—Since the opeang of the fall trade
a goal basinean has been doing in the Iron market at
the following singe of pneest—Flat Bar,: 4-5.351 e, :Ac
costing r See; Round 1 Square ;Bar, 24-53a}; Band
Iron, I 11006 Iron, 3107 e; Sheet lion,l/Hke.
Narett-10 to 20d, 113,25 O keg; Sd b ltd, 63,50; Od to 7d
6t - 56,114=5 ad, 64:50: 9A, 6i,60 p keg. Smea r Cut
9,31,4, gI inch, 54 I. keg; 5121 and 6 inch, 11,5 eland
7 inch, SOP keg.
POWDER—Hazard'. Rifle at 155,25, awl of Rook at
53250.7,5 t per keg.
(:,SOAP & CANDLad 7 dtalew of Coy and Cincinnati
manufactured roan mmip, at df per ID. SW Can
dled are sold at trigl23e; mould-tallow. at Of, and carn
elian dipped at ge 1:m0h:
SPlCES—Cionasuois, 30e; Cloves Se3c, end Nutmeg.
aitliAol.2s ill lb.
RUEINerr crop Raisin. are selling at Midi V boy;
AlitondA Ittiferl7 P b, Grettnd eau, 75: P but Pea
'e tb; Filberta, Be; Cream mt., 7e; Zante
Car - anti, 8254 e, And English Wel note at Be P 6
W . oob—We notice ♦ery little doing at
following are the nominal quotations:
For Coouoo--•
f blood• •-
; do
,Blood•—• ---• •
We are inflated to Capt. S - rcors, of the flee warner
Oltio, for files of nneinnati mere, In rule.eo of the
W ii. 11. JIiIINSTON,
1: No. 112 Rocood,treet, Prnabo!gh. dcl4
John S. Inknonn•---• • • —JohephlhrOnh
S. UWl5'Olllll & CO., Wholesale Greeerr, angi
. Anonts for Huard, No. gy WOO 4 h , .•
Pinsbureh. den." y
/0111 i C.011.4V5,
DAGALgY. WOODWARD h. Co., Wholesale Gro
LIP eers,No.tat Market street, PhiladelphiA 00027
- asosnat 30101 a Ong
•W. tf. tIOODWSZD 1.1-1.41 3.1•15 T:
VITAL DA & CO- Wholesale Grocers. l
y and HD Wood street Pittsburgh. noun
THE. subscriber, wishing to retire from the Alere au
yo. beninsisa, offer for sate their .clue stock of
Goat, and every thing conneemd with their mercan
tile trade. They comment-ea merchandietn•. in loin
city in led; and have conunued in the same hornless
since that time, inereiting it every year Gaol itequals
in ansount that of any Mercantile house in the we,
Their STUCK eonsists of every vanesy of Shell
Hardware, Heavy Hardware Iron, Steel, and
Glass; every descuption of 'Cook, elate, and Parlor
Stoves; Tinnerla Stock, &b. Teets cock of goods
bought low, and well selected for tins market.
They /lave no damaged or nnudeable ge.l. in their
cock, as they have taken great care not to allow the
like to accansulate on Mete htutde. The store they now
txcupy is a new Brick Store, built the past summer.
expressly for thew s ood nude: their disection and it
the best uran,ged for an iron store and the animal,
huainesa, of any store extaith
Connected with the cons' la a TIN SMITHS' SHOP,
furnished complete,: with every thing neulad to carry
on t h e hnkiners ItmitteldlN end =amenity large to ae
commode. twelve or fifteen workmen.
' Their rtore is located an the corner of Emit Water
'and Detroit streeta, and an the riverside. They Lava
plenty of dock room...lnd can receive their goods di
rect teem vemets, and Save • great expense that many
'are sablect to. 'Their store is to feet front by 134 foci
deep, three stories high, with a cellar ander the whole;
and the location the'mow detirable in the city. If the •
;purchaser will adhere to the Cash system they bairn
iadonted, make are of the arrangement. for. importing
and buying goods at home and abroad. and the terms
oc which they will sell, be Can make a great bargain,
With a chance for a finning. If desired by We purch
aser, the senior partner will leave capital in We bust.'
nen es a special partner.
LORiNZ, 5r...c00 & Co., Piu.Lurgh,
Wx..11'0,34.7 & Co..
Butiasons & Gasielkix,) Circuit Goan United Slate.
' Ca. for Infriogentent Hsi ,
ley Patent Right for casting
Parrs & Co. Chi lled ' Roller..
Defend.t gene in evidence Patent to John C. Pull
for sumo purpose.
. _
A question of infringement is race of feel, of or hirh
the Mu are the Judges. The construction o the patent
is for the Coors
Atter reading And-commenting on the speeiGektion
of,Plaintitt's patent, the Court observed: In doubtful'
eases it is not the custom of the Coen to express any
opiaten of the farts of this ease; but tu this case the
facts are undisputed. and the Coun think it is proper
to state. es the opinion of both the Judges on the tent
construction of Plabitid's Patent, that the Defendant's
Patent is a posy and palpable piracy of the Naiad:Ts
invention. --
It nem evidently been obtained on the ground ihat
It was an improvement on Plaintifl'e rimmed mem,
eton, mul now serka to aninrp hi. Wail. under pniteneo
of so Improvement—a pretence which in proved giro
to be unfounded. Per Curium
The aborts decision glees to the subscribers alone
the tight to manufacture Chilled Rollers, by the only
'roc.o lino-Wit le "codas, • good aruele.
' 'Myhre prepared, as heretofore, to furnish all aims
repaired, and with Om least poesible delay.
nalr27.clif BOLLMANS &GA
lALED PEACHE3-10 sacks In re end ter site by
Jfi k enl7 COPEA to
LITLInt hEde N. H., tor sale by
17 doll C H GRANT
110 VIOLIN CLANERA—SsoniCs Crum Ninon tlcitooL, altered and 'connected from the last Eng
edition, to correspond WON Spohr's Original
School of Violin playing, by his pupil U. C. Hill "II
shy arguments ate requirog to recommend this work,
It may be °humid that gpohr himself adheres strictly
to the system laid l`nwn In theabove work, and th at
ho by the mine mode of iunructiou, produced a
gloater number or thatingmMed pupils then any milts
Master In Europe n
A supply of the above Mist med,iprice 57.1 and Mr
by del7 i H fiIEI.I.IIR. St Wood at
NEW 12.AL2INS told (Woe 2helle.-52 , loaea
itatrinst 2 Gotta Cuena shells reed and for
cafe at the Pekin Tea Bane, 714 Paunh street. &el:,
F 8t.55111 Fltlltt doz e b tii , t t e k. reitit ., :eachesi
5 w Plot Apples,
3 • a' Cherries;
• 3 r" tstrarruenies;
3 half gal. bottles Pielties;
3 quart
3 tangy do
Reed and for Olio at the Foba Tee Mere, 7D Fourth
street. --- . &cis
E-6 Prime
Zlgg i rhlc 'd gi , lM.E•4
R E, Lt. BOrritai-0 tibia Fcc eh, ior by
13 .Itri3.-""'7°`'''" INVCILTAIVaADI.F.4B
Y(.lTASll—tritl., • piton RttleiC, Or y
dcl7 ' WICK as MeCANDI.a•S
L ARD--"k T N . I'
O_IP:BKKG—I LTO Clarified. for sale by
V r ft;"" -4- '' kVA rfrAADL.I:S.
—e"b;F"." % F { i rrarbreG F A b rlDLESS
Nrupdri HA 115--4 Dbls for male by
C I MOCS—DE LAIN 3-3 ease. goal myltrh
L E4-P ot Colored Sl:de Lams, at the extremely low
price of Ile. Erg , ard. A A MASON & CO,
dell No GO Market at
PEALED bblajast r eed. (or sale by
WNtroWiii:ASS-400 pia, asetl ram reed and
for tale by acts S tr. IV 11ARIMI'6II
( 110 / af9— WW lB Wommontiarrtee'd and for sale Irr
jEtrvea—There vrere 8 feet 0 incbes ta the
amt.! Inez evening, and falling.
Caleb Cope, MurdueL, Beaver.
Viroqua, Galloway, Monongahela City
Michigan, Boas, Beaver.
Beaver, Gordon, Wellsville.
Fa•Mion, Peebles, Elizabeth,.
Parkinson, Brownsville.
Lake Erie, Clark, Beaver.
Camden, Ilendrickson, M'Keesporl
Balite, Jacobs, Brownsville.
Empress, Gallagher. Zanesville.
Hudson, McMillen. Bridgeport
Telegraph No. 2, Mason, Louisville.
Brilliant, Grace. Cincinnati.
Jamm,Nelegm, Moore, Wheeling.
Louis McLane, Connell, Wheeling.
Ohio, SoMpa, C nein natl.
Wyoming, Rogers, St. Louie
New England, Dean, Cowl:man.
Caleb Cope, Murdock, Warewrite.
Beaver, Gordon, Wellsville.
Lake Erie, Clark, Beaver.
Camden, Hendrickson, bi'Keeswert
Viroqua,Gallowny, Monongahela City.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Baltic, Jacaks, Brownsville ,
Fashion, Peehlai, Elizabeth.
Lours Nei:Lune, Contee..l, Wheeling.
Hibernia Nu. 2, Klinefetier,Cin.
Hudson, Pot, lindgeport.
Hamburg, Caldwell, Si. Luis.
Dolphin, Haslet:, Nrobville.
Empire State, Cochran, New Orleans.
Btownnvile Packet% at S A. M. and 6 P.M
Beaver Packets, 5 A. M. and 4 P. M.
Wheeling—Jarnes Nelsaa.
St. ..ant..—alt Vernon.
CINCINN ATl—Per New Elelaud N0..1—1 1.10 eat,
dle mould.. J F Ferry; I ho book., It Hopi... 9 1,1,1.
lord ml,Englod, & Bennett; 6 bp leather., !hackman
& co; v 4 kW. wkinkey,Eughnb & Daksuelk I bx mdse.
J /ord.; 3 do dn, I 61.1 elf,, °worm 42 Ids wnol. Wm
Berkey 15 do codon, Kind Pennock & co; II bbli,
whiskey, Cockshwit; I Lx. Miler k Rieke:son; 6 cap
;Wes, I trunk, 0 'ibis mdse. Baker cr. Forsyth; 13 head
cattle, aS Las lutkcys, owners
Per Brilliant—l Ilessolloo; 20 1,111. It(MinT•G
R Massey; I hi, Vickery' bp leathers, Baker &
Forsyth; 16 bids wltt•kes. Bo' Leaman & co; 71 do do,
Miller &Rickets., bb's tnituw, J& It Flo, 6;
soar, S George; St Mots b.coii, Klet k Jones 1 boo,X
Hopkins: I refrigerator. C Bidwell; 2 elks wool, Aslsi
thamegs, W Holmes & co.
LOUR VII.LF:— Yer Tcregraph No 2—t7 empty hhls
tl Cl' do, %Vont' & cks old copper, I bx do, U
pkga do, J Stsettll & ca, 1474 c. told, 33 ogs Cesubcrs,Jeto
liner; 4 hhds lob, 1 bg, J klastitie; 11 bag. leathcrc,
:11cCluritan & co; 1 box, rturch. Carottiers & co, 3 nc.
trixeratnrs. Holt S. Aln1119; IU VW. eugar, Cctsnv &
51clinight; 3 tonlc bladders. 141.occh & co; 3 boo, God;
brl fcctlicrs, 4 do gto.erz.
cr Oho , -7 bgs wool. CII Umut; hg. Path..., 6
.undnes, I Orieri bbl. MO. eaagur,
ley k tkAt; bre mdse. U Leh k ro; cir• hs•
cou, Caron & McKnight; 123 bale., cotton, bleonrily &
INulds; 3111.1 N grnerrig, J s.Dilevorth; 10 cask. brindc,
Wtolngham', 50 bble C Moron; 3 bole
beam,' do wheat, Cl doe brooms, 1: A rduron. •
WHEELING-I'er Louie Mel-raw-Ibl coon. 'ignore,
A N I'rlce; 01,01, door, Crown & kirkpatriele, 21 I,ola
flour, Id bogs. 0 11“. barley, 4 do rye, Y boots, owners
-- 5.50
I.,OlJlS—Per R'yorttiag-5 Al. castor r tl t J Kidd
A. co; UV pigs lea bla heuip..l Schoollmak, Aco;
2to dAuk, Wrtt louda & co: i G pi:. lead. A ltreiets;
lbs lug .metal, J A Iluteh,o, u too. do., II
Childs A. co. hhd• .oh, U Leech At en; :leculann hams,
Litany, 2 tarpoult., C.
Per J Q hhJs wL, Alelkenel,lls4ll.l.l.
key, P C Martin, v Lla count, l'or.yth l 1,1,1% %).
nap, Deleell, hosier beads, 7 b,ll. iron, pe• do. I
Mhl do, Ceromer,& co. eOl canon. Kennedy,
Mid+ , her; 4 41,1 s scrap tom. & J IlBhoeuberger; iV
We, p mew, 11 Chad. & to.
ZANF4 4 VILLE—Per Ernpres.-501,b1, dour, Sellers
&. :Vivo's, 6 do p a. 6, Robinwn & Reppert: 1 bi mdse,l
bid butter, W. lineal,- & IN tots d Irmti R
A co; 3 has na qJ Fl4ck, 1,1• elay, Afclice & co, 3
bble butter. fi-Lbus ruoneco,l64 md.e., 4 bbislurd, 1 als
wool. D Leech s co; 75 rtu,. paper,li A Derry, 15 hbls
erh,skey, 11 A Sa,. p,on; 47 64,1,14141,3 du tallow, 5,1 do
prune 00,1, 41 dome.. b4ef, GO ttbfa 64044, 20 do b-er 9
du .pose rib., 00.144 p, I. pork, I' Ileurclioo; 4 9 dor
broduts, J 4 . 0 e., 10 btrls dour, WM Ii Johnston; 3-9 bu
ats, E Radcliff I bk. Al Leech & uon, 49 bu rrsts. 11
Ilohc Or as oats. 9 N Coo, 215 bu outs„ 70 do coon.
454 do eked, 134 bo nbtoritud, 131.61, dour. Rhode. &
Akarb, obbl.dseed, co; 27 turkeys, Wm
Rowland; 4 bble'dressed tour:., owner.
It -Per 161,400-'26 bo, dour, I b:
geugrer, J Y Perry - , 511,01, 11 or. Nick & Alcealube,
tg. lard,/ F. ts, lb; 3 06,1, .1,13 •ks icatite , S; l b ,
butter. clay. .6 bluer., 1, barley. R A Cuutpbell, 214 i
61,1 s Hoar. 1 Alc , Cittly, Kt do Or, L S
ontoms, o.ks oat, IIa,•. 4964.1,r:1,61 taw, thou', ourto
er,4l/ hots dour, 0 bids 4 . teune. CI do dour, owners, 119
kg. lord, r n 1 blots butter, S II 111 J. 43
.13EA Vt.:a—Per C. 14, 11 Ilaro,a--.51 blots door, Arrn
.00..4 a Jo. Curna. , 4,• Sour:, i 1 do do,
t,:ope A lirrytoglo t, do do. 15.14 rd. 0,110 mote,
I'6o egg, 3 .10 010 3.0 o td,,s app,,,. 110 u tb. .0...-
Stung, b1,,10ra., 7a du , Itslba
I,hrle, I. W.lllllm, , 145 ot, • ...e-41 Met;tork•4.
& co
OK SALK...," Dna F'nupdry, Jinn,rtral'a a , dl
P Aldeinor , redi; Enpor ol In hden•
power, p.m! ••-o••k •o n,re r, patt-re, rlt•nr,
ladiet, raa." and o‘• o- •nsw rDe and gnrel
runnine order Sate ••rd sn,r, ha, •DO
deep, .111 r pnrile,- of an ddionninj i.d 4' toy PO Dot
Delon ona nt ate ,o.dee. and ter. Danda to tnr CD, of
(Adeinnali, with linel•I perrona, App4 in
Cer: , DAVID Duren:natl. 0
WiiEREAS, by • d•ed Waringclaw on t,e• . M.l day
of May, k 4-. %Valiant lit,on and anfe convey
ed to thn undcrolued thr one undkvi , ted Math R• 11 of a
•Irand al /and, E log in the county 01 All.Moy, and
State of IN:unory•ota. balsa Lot NO 10, to Stec.le
Semple'a Man to In., as recd.. by W./ElmoNuator
in book L, pogo. 1, I. 11, °thee of .be Record, to Al
legheny ecenty, cnatt• SEVEN ACRES AND
NINETY AND ONE- ouou HALFu,ct mitt,
Rpponuurot, r mom.. Fll,lOll r
payment ut s 1,1.1 mt tl-e.114 , .. Cra.'14, nod
wheren-,ktd 11. anal nnpald, autriore,
to porson-ce Loni ut.2.1cr, , g0 , t1
lortll,on the 'EF-VIIII.).iIUFJAN-1-.,..0Aci: at the weer •
ern door of the ,tetrt 110e...0f I.trat., Ma, dm urerve
described les, c.ittie Wtterhe•t 14.1der, id, cash,
tetweett the ttettrt a: t te the .ortAttetn bre.
the sr:erre., 01 met day; 044 upoo s rt oul, pale tviii de
liver a dced 1 , , tee tentole of the prooe, gold to the
purchater or rurrutreert trettetti. • .
do 17,1. Tut's.
FVINE juot mei! and tor paie
dcl4 J KIDD tr., Cu, do IVoo.l Ft
R 11 0 L c 1 : 1 4j
ARIS RUOT—IV, for Ataieb6 D, k
DEFIVVIAN lbe loci rec../ and torswlebV
J_ dcl4 J KIDD h. CO
del4 J KIDD & CO, SO Wood .1
PIMA 11.121181:11.
Packing, for Sienna Eadine4, 'old wholesale and re•
11, at the India Rubber Lie;di., No. i Wood sl.•
ULOUR—I'j) bol+ in more and (or !ale by
dcl.4 \V 11 II /WINS FON, 112 ,ccon.l Ft
ONIONS-31bbla re'd and (r mid by
iag e , n,
d 4
YtiLSOYS docnding In Gem., members. of Ina Ju
tern...lona' Art Union, Will ince, nolice Mal We
Hooke for Ilia yeAr crtll odt bn open boater !nen 2cth
dc12 , 4.11w S<creinrtca.
10.000 ricRIVAI" to .tore and for s.le ity
belt, Miwun Dew 11.1Atud,
11 •• plnuinn; for sale by
'DULL HUITER-15 Lbls nom, lust rrc
EL sate by deft intoWN & liIRKPATITICK
j A d fl o r;-15 bblr And 3-ilfiplexv,N,. I' F ' :I7IK . VA7 T II C
A PYI.L.S. - --25 bblt Gre , n. stet rec'd and for Attie by
.1111 d i erni p s, E p U ri N ec ' iro — nt
JOHN 11 MELLOR, el Wood Fa
HIED FRUIT-15 be Pared Priebe.:
d.,, tracks Apple, to day reed and
QliiiSulflrrli,NS toihe .Antaatcan Ant ,Grocr"
reed at Kennedy & Sawyer'e, 1.5
Jell Hallorary Secretary.
IGHT RATIN NUR ONE 1X.1.1.A11, or o
Both !or Glicdo rent.
Ladte• Department op, from 9 tu II o'clock, A. NI.,
sod 2.05 o'clock, I' NI.
and HaHung F..tablishonen
YIN T Prosnoinr.
A PPLASS.--1601.1 , 11 we'd aw Ly
I few .Aals
. e 111 1' , ( 1 ' k li of IZa-
Court Of gamier Sca.ion• of ilmer Coanis.
Mr, E. Sellers: Sir, Sumo Uwe in Ole mow, niy
wife was unlisted with a se vr is imdilita ere/Is/cough,
and bearina of your invalaaldo ough Syrup, I par
sbuod t boillo (mw S. T. Trirri,de,• With:straw , .
and alter Clams a Naomi of IL tars or ghrnr sveranss
on Rom in bed. alio found imp:Adds redid., at awo
several (sands .hare born re1, .1 la sevqn cu... I
ita thorrforo no.thErmil Wm hos a Rafe and veto Mao me
theta, and would rconolmr.n4 a no itoone who may he
alihrOtol mat .eves cough.; awl colds.
March 1 , 41 W K 110 DEN
rSotd ny SELLERS. 57 Wood street, and
DroasiSs g tho two came and v Inas
IVOTICE=iii LES h. IMO 1:111:1IS l'nmuninr• of
Ore Penn'a llnnenny, twee °pencil au 141
al the corner of :4. 24 Smillibel.l ere. for Ine purple.. etl
..001•111r. II.E .1.. 1.0000, 00.1 010111. S. 0/ C..
firm •na. I.u•mee• mnu 1 / 1 0 1 enlinIt Tlsey have r. g •
nine !rent. ro Minn.' In roe reception ill naninnotem
regunirn tn cartyirn Krent Innlernaking.
.3.1, h snaMfield,•ml 111 Chem..
SI, tqnlmlernlnu.
Second Hind Plano.
O NE .mood Lend elm., r 9rtuere. 1 'lce Pin.
For for Ca,L al the ole, prime, by
k•, prime qua , ity G 5,1 tor
sale by tb.l3 01:0 CIW.IIIIAN
13LANIEF:fee-A..teher lot 0 ,0 1 ree'll
ttio.e splenth.l It.•I and 1,4 seperlior fnm,.y
kel., tor sale iti the Wont., Der,.; of Psyche Mertu•
(1151taina . N.: 5G NI krl .1
G LT d
I ' 7 " s ''''"'7,;i7A`7lAML4:
F LOUR -501.1.1. C 0.,.. ramtly,
103 Sap,rfinc,
Floe, 1.1 tore and for role by
dole Ili AIG 9KINNER
(MAR CIT/ Let Ohio and ohi 01.1 s. lifine
for sole by Illtatigux:F., wit.sON a cta
deli Woler 50
MOLAS9EZI , hhln N (1., new etop. 7 rced by
' • t: A 131/11,1*:IFP(ON
7ir7:ATP-43 , T•Tiri Deer Rnlte4 grotueiy (temp. Fro
jj. , ont itniartg smi for sole by
nave:34lp.. A (iOIIDUN
Vial. of Prtiabri4ll —
viwokv w , ll Le nublzAhed In ui short urnsslid 1 can u.gire my subeenbur,
end the public generally, that it he, •II
hoq in fidelity el detail and In t roit . of giecullon-•10
any other whatever. Lit:hote who doubt, won n few
weeks and *et. WIIITEPIDI.D.
Now Von: Dee. alb. 1.49—Ne1l
I o •vourinTATEiTti'iiiVS:;:riyili ng ••
rdl4 — .F,P .
o .
ny. Rrwood, end Alsaha.,a, %VON.%
tit/IES, tee'd by
The delegates to the Whig Convention. appoint.
ed for the purpose of nominating a candidate for
the Mayoralty, to be supported by the Wing and
onion...lmin party at the coining election, as-em•
bird yesterday morning at ten o'clock, in the Com
mon Council Chamber ot the Old Court Hone.
The meeting was brought to order by calling
William McCandless, Esq. to the chair, isnt! ap
pointing R.- P. Mackey and. John J. Roggen, Sot
rein rim
The delegates from the Various Wards banded
, creartitiala to the Secretaries, and the Chair
man niounced that the Congention waserganked,
and ready to proceed to business.
The foiMming gentlemen were nominated ns
eandidatei for the Mayoralty McCotelleoo•
B. Sawyer, William Algeo; Tannins L)st and
On motion, the nominations were dose?
It was resolved • that the Convention proceed to
ark far a candidate," nail fifteen ballots were
befare a candidate warnomittated, as will
been by the fallowing table:
1234 5 6 7
LcCola:icon, 15 15 15 12 19 I'S 16
Sawyer, 10 10 12 14 12 12 13
Mee., 10 a 8 2 o',lo 10
5555 5 5 6
. Magee, 5 7 5 b
S 9 10 11 12 13 14. 15
IL IrCuicheon.l9 12 20 20 19 19 20 22
B. %Sawyer, 12 12 10 11 15 15 IS 15
Mato, 10 10 10 9 12 11 10 5
The& DA, 0 5 5 5
At the end of the fourth ballot, the name of C.
L. Magee was withdrawn and Mr. Then. Mies
name was likewise withdrawn at the end of the
eleventh ballot. •
Mr. Robert McCutcheon having received a plu
rality of votes, was declared duly nominated, amidoi t
loud applanic Imm the citizens who filled the lob.
by. ia which the delegate. joined.
[t reps moved, and carried unanimously, that
all present pledge themselves to rampart Mr. Rob.
art McCutcheon, as the Whig candidate for the
Oa motion, Wet. McCandless, H. L. Ringwalt
and R. P. Mackey were appointed a committee to
wait on Mr. Mt:enlacen and apprize him eh.,
On mutton, the Convention adjonened
CoIon:4roNDINCL 6.ELATIVZ To THE MATelet.ll.
—The fof ovine ie the correspondence whieti tool:
place bet eel/ the entorothee appeinte loe that
purpose, and our worthy candidate for the Mayor-
Prerrentan, December 28,1819.
Mt Raft, MeCovuunore
Dun leeia—The underiigned were appointed
by the %Virg and Antianasonte Convention, which
sawnabled to day, a committee to inform you of
your nommenun art the candidate of the Whig and,
Antirnamonic party, for the office of Mayor of die'
City al PI ti burgh
to perionning the duty *mimed an by the Cam-
Oration, permit wi to add our gratification at the
room, and congreinlate the pany, that the chat, e
ham fallen upon a gentleman ao well qualified for
that dedintmothed Mation.
Very rearteeflully, your obedaent servante,
Ptrrnuaou, December 26, IM9.
Om.IVICY.—Your nett., tofe,rming me of my
norninatioii by the Whig nod Antiroaseme Cone
ventton, to the Mayoralty, ia nom before Me. In
reply, have only to lay, that t accept the norms
nation; and it le-comes ine, at the same arse, to
lender to the members of that body my hearty
•elroowleileements of the honor itort.ritd upon
You are kiwi enough to cottony thor Denounce
went in flattering terms. Hut while lam aware
your tndulgeoce euggesto the co./oriole you tr,
enyn hOon my gualtfinouono, tem quite certain
that I chap, if elected, bring to the thtcherge .
the dotter of alio office sat earnest Purport In
111-1 :awn tatrly and firmly, with an rte
ootle to tt e reps., people 1,1
ittool!urgh 11...pectlully, your fellow cit•ocn,__
itoßEter 151,CLITCHEOVI.
Itif ,".e, Woo filaCandltno, It Anti P. Marko,
cud 11 L. littigarolt, Committee.
WOND.I. or Tlir TrLIC/rArtf . —Our readers
are already aware that, through the pi:intone,. ul
tile opt rstors in Ike O'Reilly Telegraph line, theg
and furnished with the IF . ..indent's Message, on
Tuesday—as acceptable a parrot as they could
have received—but few know that the eibathlantit
of eighteen other towns and cites to the West, on
the slew doy, received the steer chitin - nos ant
Into the sans. euurce.
The iv-rater, keaied in the Telegraph nth., at
liain,n•,, 'eat the Messer': to oil the iolkrwing
mire sin Harrisburg'', Carlisle, l'inw
burgh, Guntuly ,
tinsidion, Clevelauil,Erie, Buffalo
Sandusky, Toledo, Beata, Steubenville, Wheel.
ing, Zonenville,'iloluinbiia, Dayton, 0;1Ni-snail mid
Innis,lle, and if the w acme, the Ohio river
intd not been liroken, would,
ld, with eipial
have rent it,tti Si. Lowe; and the other towns on
that line. It moot not hu forgotten that the points
me ntionedabove erethoso where the press received
for there 'were ensue roan other point. at which
the operators of the satin. Wt.'s renewed it kir
their own tirivree inf.rmation.
Thin wan, perhaps, the greatest teiegraph,c test
ever performed,either in thin, or any other country ;
there WWI not single mistake made by the opera
tons, nor had tlie Baltimore office ever to rept,: a
ningle word. The line wan in fine order, and the
gentleman who officiated in Baltimore, proved
him wit" to ho a "diamond of the field water" in his
Our thinks are due to all connected with the
Pittsburgh Officefor the obaging manner in which
they attended to tee wants of the press.
Septennial F:namerotton of the number nt taxable',
in the rouuty or Allegheny, returned by the a...sera
several dtstricts of mid County, for the year
1•1 Ward. Pittsburgh - 13S1
3k! "
Int Ward, Allegheny - JUI
401 •• -
Borough Binningloan
To Piuslough •• • . • • •
Borough McKeesport
Borough West Blisaneth •. . • .... •
• IV
Bast liirtsprighuso
Borough Nis:sixth. • • • .. • •.!:n
Borough LIIVIVCIICCVIire • •• • • tin
iknoughtlharpsburgh. • .......
Borough ANAehester 41r,
Borough Tirentuus • • • • • 1,21
Borough thiqursos •
Pitt township • .... , . 7 75
Psel.les lnwntlalp •• • • • • • • 73•1
town.ll, • • •• • • • • • • 67.
I , ont township •• • • • • •• • 010
,Elisubstli township . • • • . • •• • 714
Jedershn township • • . 222
Baldwin township ...... • • •• • .... • • I+ll
owilso township
Upper St Clair township •• .. ••• • • . 111 1 1
Lower 71.1:lair tournohtp• • • • 1229
South Payette township • • • •• • 271
loyrnrhipr• •
• • • •'
• •• • 122
Rohl.. township • •• • • . Ito
'township .• • •• • . fry
fikwn township• •• • • • •
Ohio Illwn.hip • • • •• • • • 1
I , rnolir I. township
Rod. isirnartip •• . ..... . 1111
101 l townsh.p... • 1.1 toornsion • • • • • •••
tovroill, • • • • •
lown•htp 627
Shales' inwn.l.ll. •• • • • • 3-7
FOURTH WALLA VftlMaaV Mrtyrtna. — At an luta
plarnrd alerting of tho Whlgn rd the Fourth Want
held on Monday evrning, Dtretither 24, at th.
Pahlte tie/Joni [lnane, the following lx rsiarArerre
onnanattal tor Ward °Mar.:—
rarlret Conned—Win Rrinhart.
Common Cuartrd—Robt. McKnight, C. Yeager,
and W. F. Walock.
School D.remora—A 0. Reutdoc and C. II
M. Smite.
In, —MiltonMcClelland.
Inspector—imam. Patton.
Alderman-Imnd Wimp.
Conamb Randolph.
On manna, adjourned.
JOS. PENNOCK, Chairman.
C. IS. Al. riMrifi,
A. O. Reisnarcr,
WWI, CONVENT,. IN A hhenaterti—The Whig
and Antimasonie Convention meth Allegheny,
yesterday, whimplr. Hugh S. Fleming was poen
imously chow,c na the Wing eandidata for the
Mayoralty, at the corning election.
1.:0ut . ...a. Al oortho—The ratten , ofPlitslatrolt
and Allerfthny, on tovetott to nnend tneetthg, to. be
•beld on rroley u , Kurn, et 7 o'clock, at the FoonA
Ward School How, on Pent. atreri, finr the perpo.e
of appotnung Doles - moo to the Stain &lunation Con
- vontion, no be held at Ilsrrisbeire, :on the third Wed.
nesdny in J.nory nest. It :.'e,rtlettly hoped ill,. 1i
friends of eduenUon will addnd.
1' Ito:, NI. 11 11 on Thnol,,od,
J. J :L
J Reledmri.
{lnnen )1 Riddle, A
II Lemeeton, 11. Emit.,
W 1: enpel.d, ;C. Alelire,
hniall Km, :Ft M. Kerr,
11 S fate
11:1,1;t UF' 0161:ut'A
N. 1t01.21E,S C SUhfi.
Mtr•et /1414 41.0
PCI I / 1 1111 4,144/1.• Illlilalllll.
1.1.10...,:e•••••,,,, •• •-•l•4er ..SEa•4 13'S A. 1 , ./,..;•ts • • .
l•AtIsa•••, I. es er , •;:e•at{Ner,p • . ...
Mehl, .1 '.14,. Bank •i•dr, , Vliglula.
Ilks.ol I . •••adelpn/a. -.P.lE...tutus,' M.. ui V•. • t
6,nd 1L",.. i •r:Furtper• U. 0i Va. • "
r...ut 0, n%-r , .. ue.o•r• •Parila. ht the V alley,—'•
.• C•rce• musty, . • par , Bl6. 4, V.F."""• •" "
" Detrsw..., 00.• • •par1,•1.1i.:11.1.4. • wo C. t 11( i
Mpj,,,,Ontel y %Al.. • 1 1 3 ri 1.1,.• Lune •• • 1
utt,ktea , •rlaa.l••par N. N. mot ',, .-- I
1 ) ,
C•reml••• Ut•dge Co.. • par ,If. Wellsburg-- • - 1
Dover.towe !lank I. do: Pd - e••"" , ...5••• - • -
Fame/. Itl.. Reatl,•••pu , I T.:ln:teases.
Fasner,e , m it,,,i, Co. p• r , ills. al Teni,er.bee• • • . V
Fume" 'CI, !..aacaro•p e l l'ar. A Merelit• Ilk— "
Lauemme] •••• fig.• • • •p•rii`lal4ers'ilk.•-- •••
1,..,,,,,,,,,, in ..... —' parliwn• IDE.--..
V ..4rntes lia/ s-- —eJo . : 1111.souri .
ltitivrgisv...e .
pm , olitta la of
• • .-- • ..Ij NOrLit Caroitua.
IlVa 11k..-... • •11k Cope
l'llialabernilurg• • • • II •Alcvtl.'• bk., Neck I.c
....... • •
. 1 te no
%I 4 let 9 I
t. La. • • • • 010 'Cousifiler...lllsY • •-•• ,
I'mmeri. i thnvers' licur,tonn.•-•
t%..oe.berg•• I lUk.Ol 11./bmg•••• •,
• • !Pre qk • '2
I.,Ltivin •• • • •••• • • • • pari Bt. of 2ooU Caro:
—•••••.— Slarylisad.
- f 11k1.••••• -par
• jUR . .r , crtro Punnet llk. iun
ICbcrlaud U.. of Ile-
Rebel Now, ••• •• • / • glittly ........ • •. • I
M M Ilk. P.. do. " Far. N. of Maryland. ••'
CountyllkFurracre' & Sixhnnice "
AJlrlukeny,}Uri Fredmck
Ohio. 'Frederick Co Ilk .... Ilk. and k lll.kg6'storrn .....
..... •• " Uk .---- • --.
ilea Lenvtllc--••-.• Ilk
Ctairev4llo---. ..... askoiron
artemn . • -- c.,n,lef • • • •
• .. • "
it !ilk. 0.! VL Clar;
Ilk. of Ki vet
Cincia.niulli Ink.
flolune..A .1.3 •
I •
$1111d.1.! i L. 7 0. All ttilvenitlAnts• •• •• • 5
licaua3• . • • • . - • • 1 flanti elf E•Tuomml Nov,.
b i~xnoi~„n.
WeatArn Itetene•
Fraltll". B't Co!mnab4.
,DoL;bioono.t•peintsb in Lu
Lmke Krtc.• • • • .. • IL .10
t t eign
Lanz•oltr • •—•---• .Guir.tx, OU
than .... . , FrcdlinclEs , Port•— .
.•• • . • ir,s Thaler. •• • • 7
. .
Earn, "11, Onside's r Su
Urtsine. • .• ..... —• X. '1.4,1,..1.nr5• • • • 4 St•
flesstnekr, lirotcbt.,4•.
ilk n/ Krettdoky . • I
14 ~41.0,“111t. • • rmirinh:s ~4 ,4
414 I;nn, AV • —• • - I , En
Now, V nrl-47.1, Panks war Wk., •
. vivv. DAY LINK.
-Mita -
tom. Tun ol,vocir tr.rx vrtraiktiita AND ,•CEL•O22I,
I olar. IntwardeLl I,y tht. lit , ore earned on the
mill IIXIIIIO Chant,nruho ..11.1 aro lIIITOrdta ,
ly 10,t1e4 in Waennot goon, melt and An, through to
Pnt..burgh The. bon,. of in, nine are .Intion,ler•
cry 15 switteh tn-uro. thrl ;mow deltrery of
goo-Is valth.” the tor* pfornt..ed ahe Wagon. aril ,
kave nor wrarrthonso,dntiv.l , unlay• , gcono ,l l
per. are that no too, good , wut l.r taten
each day than can IA puacto•ly,cm,4ll7oo4l,
JOHN ll'eA DEN le CO.
l'aa Baton. rot.burgh
4,5 en NlarLet Are, Yloladrlptaa.
2. , 11N 31cFADEN A CO. Folov•at"...: A. .1)(1,
no, )icaritom ratmll fistain,
J,MF.+N. DAVIS 8 VltTrtnia rArTna,•xl...•
vls.tos slaart, ,4
';lrr Ao,s nee made Ay o thr above, on Roof .
Au • other merrtotnEbse, c naigncd then, for
. .
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1L11.4 NCIKM NT.
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will 144+,131,111'1,4. •
Throot ,TOl grltrro it, ell F.,•.1.1 lot tom;
atrour 11, and tar low. in
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moat no •r tal.l” am! 14, cotolorted P.rpris.tio !he Crotr.t
ottr•. at• o 16 now tb, ntoet <non cone el
part. of the FA.. Vle.i and :votilh.
W.• renr.rr; et N.,' V ..rk MF.lrs llctrodrr.
led Exp... to flo.a...c.ttntl nll qorwlifrom
liout ,, o to come I.y Mir Liu, muatt ,l o arr , thcqr
eve. No 2i: ou rt Astre•rt The en 11.4% of
promptly nt, rat,.
god. xo 1., nod g0,..1t er(urt, a
iniarked r{j , 1. 4 44, . 4 11 d
rrirrii•pticiiiri t. ate 1114, rtioripi,ur
Good. ani wicn nI vs./. low nay,. n. 1.1 .11.
. n..... 1 for s.. nny ciy. (fen or -
lens, ;row tuss I.lant lin!ivered wnhout ennrg., Ins .I.•
fra. the F:n•I /rev, dl,tlk at 4 o roek, 1' M.
fnromttltil 113 COM/1;11111S.
hod, Nrw
rautcreat. omt - r. •
G111.21a & Co. N. Wall strtlet, Ncw York
.• 11.111poont .Trot. I,l..hunotr•
I la rm. 1 , 1 h. Co., No. X Court Air,t,
11. G. VaMERY,
tlrl 1 r ht., St Char!, II 40 lluJJin. . W.. 1 • t
IgitAte_ 1849. fircitg.
91DE mr..serrbere umprroartd 10;NCVIVe.1.;11, , Opoy„.4
Frer tau,,lpth tn forward
to or from l'hilu.lelphia and I'lltilturgh, by Wag ,, ,,,
through IN Fero Dayn 11/11CA .low by ;my utt,r
Conyvyarrre at Wit firllarla.ll nI the *L..
(Nona! httslturgh,
. JAMES !ki DAVIS 10,
dt-11 No Mnrkri at. noladelphia.
r `"°"
Only 73 Mlles Slinking.
Via BlT,rlll,lilr ank , :ntic p r i ! i lnd to Ilalumps ann
'VHF niortim bust .Ic.tvc• the, wharf, alioue the
briilae, dully, ut ti o'clock pteciiiely Time to
Baltimore, J 1 hours. time to Philadelphia, 40 bourn
The evettiuri bout leaves doily, Vzrept NwiJay av •
eitin ni alt,l is 4 ohilock. Tuuneogristliy leauing a, the
eveng boa, will ercufigie inoortaing to *Nue. liral
day. and alai avoid, it.ithEITIVIVi.
i.h.i.ure lour tickca at Ow 1 Hike, Moliouguhel
flow, ot Charles wet
0 , 113.1, 22 I. )11±.10 , 611.:N, .4t,t11
`/111.11.A 01 u.katlklNT.
18-19. StAltilk
EX ['M.:3 WAGON LINE-4.1111101RM IN
i•ltte suartett:lml their canal
I 1.111(4111, WOO OM opot,ing 1 the •
loon, hrirar.teLlkhr,l on I:iprve. 14411111 , y Ilat , roetl nad
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whtch 1,, tarn rad ateal , ach
der, R.Fif ~ . /1,1 not th. dr It ,err tot : flint ',nor, 511 a J.
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/IC 11,41 Illill artangeino”ts a 0 arkitite 1210•, rvaularit,
ot' tto,,lt I etottoll Intl to rt. , . 1
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INtl II M lliEs W.11;0:4 OW.;
I.lll.bnr six
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111 `.l/11.01 DtiCh. No iqlNtarl,..t.,ret,
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4 •Yoiptt.l.l touning
T ill: 1.14. 'rap:v.ollly “thPinle.l An: OP , Line.
whlel, L..c t.c.•11 KiIIVV e
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A - 10 11.1•1,11A1011 the Lawn
vrrvlno. ,14 voulu
Mond Kv ,th 01
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dm rr ', tii” %lad Trn4L, and Irmu
l. , •rmborith WWI of I,nr-en rusthing .1.. y and eLAh:.
loroeCr,! WIC 11.. by
the et.eve I.m. Apply in
LEEell I`ll.lsergh,
ot in —IIA ItRIS &
I.L South Third .trtel, Pluletlelphin
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Steamboat Aire bey.
The urlerniamail, very grotelai to
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tiled attention Id tins I.ratte!; VI in.,
ha.ineea. They hope, erain itiorteeli year: experti.nee
and by their never failing iaddstryland awe. atteenon.
41 Mena p11111301C15.
J. I:. & CO,
P•arl strrt. hou.svitie, hy.
EORUP: of NewNort, and It num]
PLUMB, of Philadelphia. vu thin day Peen
admitted tie partner, in our lio•the.“, votrit e
eontinned wider the ramie firm a. Lii.rool o re ail N., 17
Church alley. Philadelpbb, tad jNo. EIdrIMAC
Piece, New Vert., Ai DAVIS & CO.
Philadelphia, Deo. 1, lO4ll.—{de7-11a.
THY: following acid e we copy with a1e... , ih ...
if, ' Boston Atercan
of Journm," of March, lerll6
sod we hope thal al • y on readers are .slangll.4ll any of the con. ante watch st la said rotors;eel snit speedily air I themselves of in
It was well knew many year. ago that th e wild
sierra bark tree of 's climate possessed valuable
i .
trAtetnal qoultites. ode.' this Isst was known to
the aborigines, end de .tions of the leases or Lark 01
Ills Yee has ever been reveled by their physicians as
OM, of the room eat etual remelt.* 111 natty itt•cases.
Thu fact, several years since, arres.dtte attcutlon or
Di Water, a highly reapectable practitioner of Vic
gime. He irireatigetcd with care the Lesions proper
ties of the wild cherry—bested its elects when adonis
istered alone, and when et combination wait other re
medial scents Ile band that its natural delay might
Ise greatly unproved, and by combining a with Ingre-'
dews whose properties 'were all well proved and gen
really recognized, a medicine was produced Which
CO/1.1011G4 a moiety of great importance in pennons,
ry affections nod tn. ane of the chest and throat—
ily... which am pm... Wally precalculate.. citic•
raid large towns, and often prove fatal, swelling the
bill of mortality to a much greater extant than is the
case web most other*, we had almost raid all classes
DI dime..
The geom. Wimar's BoHata of Wild thy has
lac .mule d the oignantre of Henry NVistar, M. D.
Philadelphia, and enadford and huh on a Gael/ 000
ekand coci engraved wnspper. None other women
We .8, jurt to receipt of the following volamary
Lute to the curative power of ‘Vistaen Balsam of Wild
Cherry, from E. Ilan, M. D., of Mt. Clemons, Mettl
e., who is a phywetan of high ounding, and an ego
mauve druggist:
- Mr. Chiusano, Mich., OctOth, 1 819.
To the afflicted, tide may ceruty that Mrs. B. Rob
ofthis village, three or four week, after confine
ment, was attacked wit h a violent cough and :great
feustular'', sod scented hastening to the grave with
arful rapidity. I adviud her m use Wistar. Balsam
of Wild Cherry—she did so, sod with that valuable
medicine alone was reshored to health, and is now a
living proof of the vela. of Wistar's Hamm of Wald
Cherry. E. HALL,
Physician and Druggist..
Read on and be convinced will farther of the ream,
table :mutes of Miter's Balsam of Wild Cherry:
Mesas. Sandford & Park: Canto, Am a mai:Mier)...
tire to you, and for the benefit of the public, I would
offer the following statement of • cure effected by your
medicine, known e. Wise..'. Balsam of Wild Cherry.
In the spring of 1047 my wife wall severely attacked
with Penpneumunia, or Pleusy, which resulted in a
deep seated pain in tri
he side, accompanied with a se
vere cough, she was attended by come of the heat
phywcians in Chicago, bat to no purpose; for weeks
he suffered, wnhout relief, congaing incessantly sight
and day. I came to the conclusion that all the reme
dies [newels, the phywcians could not help her, end
was induced to try your Wild Cherry. I groomed ens
bottle, and commenced sling it according to dine
semi before it was all gone—the cough stopped, the
pain in her side left her, and with the aid of another
bottle she was festered m raanrr trashes. lit con
sideration of these circumeteneca I would recommend
n to the public asAivaluable medicine.
Tours. respecWally, R. N. GARRATT.
Ounen Banns, Mich, 00t.. 0,1840.
Rood dm following Tastienoniar.
Of all the cures not have been recorded, there are
certainly none elect to the one lint mentioned, which
pninly shows the curability of Consumption, even in
some of iu worst forms
Causes PUINT, Lake no., la-, Jane 15,1b1h.
J D Pork: Dear Mir, Au I have a deep comuusera
no.. for the •Iflected, permit me to give you • brief
history of my addictions, and the benefits derived from
the 111.! of It, ‘Vlstar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
In July, 1041, I was attacked with a fever of the IDr.
plied character, which left me in a very debilitated
tate, when ill the fallowing{ winter I was taken RIM
severe cold, wlach reduced me to garb an extent as to
give me the lrpC/TllllCe Of a confirmed consumption.
I labored under a seven. etrugb—expectorated • great
dud, end WI. troubled wok cold feet and night sweats.
I also frequently raised 'amid from my lax •. I eon
nnued in this state, graduallyalbk.od end. , the die .
cue, until January. 1E47, when I was again attacked
with fevrr. y friends despaired of my life, and my
physielatm thought I could survive bat a short time.
My extremities, espt , erally my feet, were constantly
Cold, and moa t lout their feeling. Under the.e nit ,
curnsmneet it may truly be said that I Yeas • living
skeleton. I finally determined 4 to glan taking medicine
presrnbed by physicians, and try Dr. Wtatar• 8411..0
at lVild and trout or tint week that I com
menced taking it. I can duo • gradual recovery. I
continued it, ime six months, at the end of which tame
I woo rarr.t, and nave enjoyed good health ever amee,
and eheerfully recommend the Rale= to all Mose af
fliewd with disease of the longs, and would say to
those cominenetng im use, not la be discouraged if two,
or three L 011.• In not effect a care; but persevere as!
bare duce. a:td I Its:, he doubt but nitre cases out of
ten will to Ineva4l with renewed heal th .1 have
aces. Respectfully, moon,
Plsre Si per Ron ~ —Six Houle, for SS.
gala by PARK, Isocessetor to .l andlord & Part,?
Fourth and Walnut meet.. etncinwsu, Ohio, Genend
&cola for tho (south and West, to whom all orders
mutt I.e addreal,tl
Jr. .1:111,Ch A Jonc, 3. Kidd tt Co; H. A.
Fahor.toca h Co. I . :ll.burgb. L T_,Ru.ell, Wo&h
m,n, W II ' Lamb,rtou, Fraukiin, I. II
14. Welly, Ureviithargt, S. Kount%,Somer.
o, t4f o:t Gtlruorr, Booflora, P.:.-11A bon, Hunting..
Idebr. ! a. Cu. loth.
J Silittanntng; H.• 1110• a CO, Wont
!.V.'too & r.n, W”,nexnarrb: k.
Co. •il. aver, Alen.J•l , le. Ramon & Co. Erir, J.
Abagoa:L tlrreer. Junes, Boil)' & Co. Butler.: , .slnitb,
Haver. J H 4w n. Warren: & C
. tl.Joneh
Conder.poru Crooke, Jr. 8r0wn,•111.3 •
onrlG dA .Iv,/•,T
Le.; . ovally, fur sale by
j - Ef. ..-• DV n,rta .lore .04 sale Icy
J KIDD & CO, ir , dWood
1 )INR SA - sur;47,Ost reed wid 10f side Oy
dell) J RIDS & CO, 60 Wood st
JJ, serou,,r, fn store rod for sale by
J UDE, & CO, Gu Wood st
:t1:1 :•1 rcc d, oy
kj COCC& BRE I Meal-E, 107 Sepand rt
- - • - -
r , gr 'a at the PR EStII*TERI AN 11041 K ROOM,
vl No 79 Wood rte - a, and foi .de at Eastern tutees:
Gesriu, I lehmer heater., Tow end's Arrangement
of the 11.41,, Newder's Illatory of the tlirisuaa Nab
enin and ourch, Milton's Treat..., on Cc...stout Doe-
I/111,1,...- .4 Jan-final. Evart, Pay., Robinson's Greek
Il,rmoov of the Gorrwi,, do I.:nOish do do. Seutt's RF
f.., th,ston edinoir, Parish's Ittble liarettear,
Medhur-t, Chtn• sod its Prospects, Dr. Wood's Lec
tures un Sverdennergiainsin, Ilolt , s Missionary Anec
dotes; or. I many n.ltec toter ening works, in addinou
al lila at.ove, all at ...TY. I eter.i. nov22
WEL.L.S A filitouraeiureiv . of
Warn No. 2? Market street, PiUa
lturghAVa, keepeoustantly , and make to or
der all km). of Vta's, Houle, a,. Porter and Mine
ral Water Bottles, of superior quality.
Particular attention pat) to Prtvate Mouhis.
rfllll6 PUTTullintaii, ALL&
LEER AND VICINITY, will be ready for
the encl., or in 10 day. Person* who mayitnah to
have view. of their country want pot on the map caa
do au by marine application to the underaigned, any
nine befdro the tath Inst. To defray the eepanae of
the view- - . - ill be required in addition
-in th e price of ma. novl9 R E hicOONVAN
O.III . —ZX bodes map toot 'acacia and for male - by
trl) bell & W. IIARBAUtiII..
GLOVER SEED—NY/ budiele paw for *sale
by &cid) S. A IV. HARRAVOIL
- aria - apples juii
doe Id & W. lIARRAUGII.
.1 LIAIF,IOO •bbla. Loniamlla Lime .
Li jun reuraved and for sale by
decti S . & W. BARBAUGII.
I. l . o ., L r L m ll c t i r o lZEß . — . l4 w ox r,
... bla n i f f r rtne , y , h y titoiloTtre
droll S & W. BARBA UGH.
F LOUR-LO MA, Beaumont Er. troilingsvrorth•F aupe:
rim Pantry Floor;
180 bids Superfine do; for .ale by
del SELERS fr. nacots.
A lied, in store and tor .ate by
dell R DA LZFLL k CO. Liberty st
Indl. Rubber Put.
ECF.I VEO thin day, from the Phillip.,lle Factory.,
uonk.n of that valuable article of Indth
Rubber Pagte. for Boots and Shoe.; sold wholesale and
retell at the loth* Depot; also, at the following placer
Itrzun A. 'Doc, DrugßH., Liberty street.
loon Juelthon, Shoe Dealer, Liberty street
II E Seithre, Druggi.t., Wood Street.
S N. Wiekertham, Drumm, Wood street.
W. E. Schmertz. Shoe fleider, Smithfield street.
John Lamp Store, Smithfield street.
John Parker, ;thee Dealer, Federal or , Allegheny.
0. 0 Curry, Wriggle, 111,10.1.. Allegheny.
J. A. 11. PHILLIPS. a Wood it.
briar Fasiejand
of every Vol
lunch- to our 1111, 10 ..vey a
riety of I.OOEIND DLASSES. of t.tit 001. Mara.-
tore at, n.k the attention of Wenern Merchants and
A few doom below Wood street, to
ast& market.
„ g p uf l a;ly n etrat Vl oil "to' been
S i I profession, WA been for ototi[l ' LL
, II general practice, now co
N.:l attention to the treatment Of
.4„ • • Mose pnvate and &then. •nont
-1 f. l lL L l ' l ' scrfin: h pet ' ula7=l3
tom lit )etars assiduously devoted
to sta. , attar.° o/ thorr. eraaplatoub(duorstr whteb
tione 1... hod 111.0 r, province end has cured more pas
1 , • ever fall to the lot of any private prse
noon/il) amyl, qua: diva torn to °Ter assurances of
armed, satmlactory curt to all a:Hinted
with dr ila,tll.teav es and all disease arising triers
Dr hr. sr I vrould ,Ilona Woe. afflicted vac private
th•car, s %Mt hate become. chronic by time or ag
gravated 5) me of any of the common nostrums of
the de), that taw complaints can be radically and thor
nochly cured, tie gmen easeul attention to
tbe treatment of ouch t axses, and . s uccee ded In hundred.
eusin rr poraona of indarrunation of the
t t
ores ehe bladder, and kindred discase . ,,erhich often
e,Ot inn, those. rase, where others have conaigned
these titimpedes. despaw. He particulariltuvites such
an hue, been Inca and unnieressfally treated by others
eitaiult him, when every ...lemma will to giver.
then, and ileir case s treated carent lit borough and
it em, ot manner, pointed out by lune experience, Ind inverugatton.wbia, troposaade tor :bode
t n eenera l practiee of medic.. give to
oar •
tae of antra".
11y - 11r:rota or Raptors —LIT Brown also Invites per
ens- stfltetssi Ilemta to call, at he has par.l palings
ate. attention to this tliveago.
v• g 1:04.7.1tr3 also ared.
situ, dinvases, Paley, . Speedily emed
Onsrve. very lova • •
N. II —Patients of rattler sex living at • distiace, by
Metier their disenvai in *vines, gtathe till the synip
eaS, obtain mediettie• with die, nues farove by
addressing T. into OWN, M. U., past paid, and
N. ay 11, • mond alloy, apponote the Waved) ,
Boas ,
RACX•Ticir —Dr !grown , * newly diseoverest mate
dy for Me innatisn, s speedy and certain remedy lOr
thatpint , o l tinitvle It never fail,
Wire and I...vste Consulting Rooms, No. 0.3
mond alley, lolutherth, Ps. The Deane la elan)* at
tier. No core en pay I] sgo•
- • •
)—it LOIN Fresh Roll, tblis Jai r, , ,e,; Ir o:
1) rule by dole ARAISTRONG k. CROZET(
T - t vIaVIbLR IJAH.I-100 bras Pmh, jut reed. for
ItAlr l.y drle 'ARMFITRONO dr CROZER
71 frilASSETC:lobilu i , iliwgiu n o, coo
uge,) f.or rale by dr.l7 - ,-"C H GRANT
LIME 250bbLs Looirrillaliros, for my by
r. 17 c GRANT
1O1!SE8, LOTS, FARMS, *0
G nc jill est i n Market nrOonlilund a 3,ll l).7
Posielaton given on Mr lot of April nost. ! I "th.
• Ahoo—Seyeral ROOMS and OFFICDS. PoSteasion
eyr_n immediately. E. D. GAT.ZOId,
dein Odiee oyet the Poln Otlee.Thoni
FOR lialtWT.—Tbe WAREHOUSE itpre
9 sent occupied by Messrs. Bailer. &Co.
en Water street, from first or April nett. I
VOll. ti A 1.-E.—A good two ho . PEDLAR 7 B
WM:WV—for We low—may ho 11e61.1 dot Ha
tater Livery Su:Moor Rod y PaUemon, Fourth Aram,
beivreen Wood end Smithfield
• • • •_
A. WELL FINISHED -ROOM, miablo for a
Varitly orGemlemen'a Familhing More), Al.
rooms imitable for offices or Ar.
timt's rooms.
octlbli • OfEee Thud stiveL OTST FOS/ 016
•r: •or f M.
LTIIE thy desirable traldenee is Alleg•eny
City, lately or copied by It. W. INstattater,l and
ssetsion given tatmediatrlY. _.L .'
r terpa, apply at this otter, or to W. W. Wile
BON, Markets
ougt .'
— rail ItLICST—The menu. heave pow
occupied by Mrs. Atwood, situated at Otk'slid,
with e 0 wise of ground attached. . The Mine
window, and eotiverdent, and the ground well I fm.
pnweil. Apply to itAllitY, JONM a. 00,;.
&total . Wider*
AN , A , FOR SALE—A Bnek armee, (but one Ye.
Zaburil,/ end Log on Rotator. SIIVA4 AlleabetlY•
new ohl Bridge. Price low and terms cut.—
Inquirowf jr,l4 8 BCI - 10YER, Ile Sewed at
FOR RENT.—The three story Mick Daryl/nag
Haute, on Liberty, between 14Y and Marbary
els, now occupied by W. Graham, Jr. Pouesden
mann immßookst ore ediately. Enquire of Wm. Graham, or l a 4
the of
Jy27.(1:1 corner Market mallard streets:
Two Lora for Bala.
11111 E Aubsenbers will sell at pnvale sale, those ma
sL valuable Lots of Ground, situated on Tomato at.,
t the Third Ward of Allegheny City, each having a
front °IVO fiet, running back 100 feet in depth to o 9
feet alley, opoo which is built a atone wall, SS by 100
feet, whtch contains slime enough to build cellars for
two comfortable dwelling houses, and in front the,,
ate three shade tn., of i 3 years growth, and the side
walk is pared with brick, all of which will be sold at
VW. Pit:atm : rah and Allegheny, or County Scrip,
will he taken It payment.
& H PHILLIPS, No AWoculst
or to WhL BENSON, immediately °ppm.
LIM ots eligibly situate• fn the 24.5 r•
idling town of Blzmlngfiron. The lots sia sites,
tad on Denman street, numbered Iri F Elausman's plan
75, 79,121, 81 and 89--Lot NC 78 fronting 20 RIM. Ida;
ry Asa serve; 70 feet deep; the other four 20 feet &oat
each, by 80 feet deep.
Terms—Greater part of purchase money maj fel
main for sin years, secured by mortricarj . artiel
Wars, inquire of '
ntylit 110 se-coMst
' • area i • as • /or I,
I. TUATalon the Mouongahelariver,aboal Ideates
from Pitecturith and 3 miles above third Loot, to
the immediate mughborhood htetort.Lyon & Shorbi
and Mr. Johnslerron , c purchase. Thin Hue body O
Coal will ba Cold at the low mien of =Spey acre—onc:
third in handy balsams In five equal annual putouts,
without Interest Title Indisputable. Loudon very
good—cannot be caroused. For further particulars
squire or B. BALIBLEY who has a droll of said pro
peryr. Recideneeld s,tielowFeray,hlr.Adatu'Row.
N. B. Them ts another seam of coal on this tract;
about 00 feet above the lower, of excellent quality.
- -
Valuable bledlellug Leta toil sra77 --
rinfp..abseribeasm anthorised to offer at private
sale, end upon highly favorable terms,
n number
of very Valuables Butlehng Lcitit; comsing • large
portion of the Lots numbered 07, pri
CO and 70, to
Woods' General Han of the City of Pittsburgh, slut.
ted at the math enema:illy muter of Fenn end Wite
streets, fronting 240 feet on the Coiner and ezteo dmg
aloud the latter about WO feet to too Allegheny river,
nod being • pariof the Real Eaters of the late James
S Stevenson, Eas., deceased.
A plan or stduhvision of the above LOW, in ,contoiv
miry with which his proposed to sell, may beatien ai
the °Hee of the undersigned, on Poor* between Midi
kid and Ferry sta.: WILLI AM S A KUHN.
nikll •
FOR SALE—A Lot of Ground Mown on Paso
etre., between Hay end Merborreveem, adiolning
the Lott. .0 lotnoset occupied by Richard Edwards,
having • from of 23 feet, and in depth 150 feet, will be
sold on favorable terms. Title unexceptionable. En.
quire of C. 9. LOOliiii, 4tl at, Muir Wood.
. .
A DESIRABLE Buil ding Lot in Allegheny city, ral.
vorably located, In size about bait an acre, and
will be sold on accommodating team inquire of
fold I 11) WILLIAM, 110 wood st.
New Besot.." -_
PVSICIAN AND PATIENT; or a Practical View
of the mutual dada., relation and internists( the
Modic.l Psofeassion and the Commurdry; by Worth
ington linker, M. D.
The Works of Michael De kontalune; cOmprDinfl
his FAsays, Loins, AA. By Wm. Hulett.
Nincreh and to Rennin.. fly Amon Henry Lay ,
ant, E-q.. D. aL.
GlialpfirS of Spain; or Note. of an Unfinished Tour
In Int. By S. T.tWallia
trateToppeJusPt reror. vceive erbial
by phy, new edition; Illus
d. d Philoso
corner Marta end Thi etl streets
"Norway P/abas"
irR. MILIEVIIY, at North East corner of Fourth
and Market sWeets, h. lately redelved a sup
ply of . tha rt,ove superior make of Dl.kets, and Ins
in. !base' te'rvant of the article to look at them be
fore buys.. Ile has also on hind Home Made Ellaol
lets, a good heavy ankle, witteh he is selling low.
Also—Home Made FLANNELS, bros., batted and
whit,. el a superior quet'ity.
Al•e-7ls;lbd Se let FLANNELS, to which he
manes dte Sims:ion of buyers.
F,J-A tares sopply of Goods recently opeiledin the
Wholesale Roam, up Matra males his assortment
very full and worthy the attention of dealers.
2 75. 1 . IN :4
A NEMINENT and axperieneed Payeicraa from Ma
:t! 74174.",:ir1;
Ms mercers fir Befrako P a ' rf:r . L " " 176
beea proverbial. Ma ebargea are mode; ' , l an% Ire
elms permanent Old cans of Glom, Stneture, Sera.
fulo, Fluor Albite, Etheumanam ; Ague,Syph il is, or any
chrome or tumor:tie ems salmon
_.._-.. .
A cure warranted, or charge refunded. -i,
Orman, St Clair street, 2doora from the Snags. PITTSBURGH LISPOILTATIONIII
Teeth Extracted Advice to the poor grads.
N B —Dr. A. solicits We wont eases of m 7 dine's I YEAGER,' Importer and Wholesale Deal ° r in
n, Ihnelmrsh to call. aplafilly I ll * FANCY AND VARIETY GOODS:
1 1 ,
'Signer the GM Comb, 103 Market at., Pittsburg Pa.
11 latt ith PALL
A LEXANDER & AY, corner of the Diamond and p tahbeto . pa . haht t att ,a h, . 0 . hp , c ,... 14 . tete/
.11. Market street, notify then friends and the public to h, and thahabe the eaten „ hat ... of • .
that the y hone thentned theta stock of Ftthl, , We ' ILA, American. /emelt and Gentian Fancy
ter GOODS, from the =WM. , laklta•aattthee. All Forma (Wale alibis establishment an in.
and carbons at the earl. Their Meter new style and , direr. b y ~„ „,, „ A pu,h„„„ stay 1 , 1 , , ir „,
to.hto neble Goods fistula, sad presem strolig anne I tle it. geode
(Mon to surname. In Lathes Dress Goods an meat , h , ,,i th z h ib t %ha „ b a tty b„ , . the b i t . o f
Shrials, the moat splendid and Cenumble Goods o p,,,,,..0...,if ,„,h,a, , n ri 1 e ...W1., fl,, ~ ..,1 . ,
the sen,•on are now offered, at remarkably low prices ttty eceeplhette , IfTheStetekbe,lete, in pan, of.
cannon( In pan of the following
, Lug Ocala, Rbatity; Glottis ; Ribbons. II
I Silk CraMs,ShoesandPatentllanda,Sewinekk.
New style limbs figki Cameboo Silks;
Soool Conon, Tapes, Suspender; Button, Pins, a c s
Colkl,xnd Black Satin Da Chem and Tura Seam: • dfog era mod neT , ,
Cad eAmfiese ABsdeetaefist or the b..1.P.A....... 1 Gold atsd StirealVeitehes, Gold Jewelry, all kinds of
Black glossy Grodenens of the celebrated le ' , 8.,..b,.. , ,c,,,,,,b,.. Rhyath
I PeressanaGfipsfißovalsers. Putols, Cloche, Silk
The algae named Black Silks me warranted not to c . a . p..„,11.0,...4 Steel Pent, Masts 80x„,4
. fit the wear; for dresses and mantillas they an the Carpet Lbw " hh a p ee k ath.
best =pone&
Du Ch
fig'd Came
Ne i Bendolga Findings and Trunmistga.
Si at hn Satin ute, the handsomest. Tore ~,„i F ,,,,,, Good.; bh. Cher with a large t.n..
Silts of the season.
ty of Fancy and Staple DRYGOODS.
New style Brocha Silk Egared L eh Ifennos, • , C. YF.AGER it, also agent for the celebrated Lao.
nem and splenthd article for laden , walking dresses. 0 ...Lc...A L ,
Silk Embroidered French DeLathea for arum and .
mks, n mainly new m ale . TO BUY RES OP DRY GOODIII
u 6 :.
CAnmetl, De Ulm... Merino/ A1P....d P. vcr R. ItlVlllt l ilY, at . oh east earner of Fourth
mean, a large naoortMenL
SHAWLS AND SCARFS! , il V„, and Illarkln an, now receiving kit aesond
' supply for the /a 1 ;17, and eon nder iudueements to
Brocha Long and Square Shawls , of the beat quail. buyers rarely to- e met with. MB am e ns ant of
Piled Long Shawls, of the newest designs, remark- is very fall, eonsisung of French Mermos, Cashmeres,
ably cheap.
, Coburga, Lyonese Cloths, caper Pruned
Terkers Shawls, a greatly reduced prim. e ra s ,
at prsen constderably lower than they mud&
Camehon Broeha bg'd Silk Shawlibm great canny. be bought early In the season. His stook of
Crape Shawls, white and colored, to great variety. gING SHAWLS
CLOTHS, OASSINIERES AND VESTINGS! I . ~..g . ,, had t . btttt mbby a th e b tbb o d m i.
Best Sedan real French Twilled Clothe, all prices; Low on exhniti nat FrankLus leuitManyhiltura...
beat Sedan real Preach Rummer.; new style Amer- ' BONNET AND NECK RIMUNS, -
man Cessimeree/ ...p.• Satin vmmtp .
LADIES' CLOAKING cLorrHs! Of new and my handsome aryles, Velvet Yrime
maga, le a ' French and Belgian Black and Once Cloths, for La- SAEKING FLANNEAS
West Cloaks. I
Of xenon sty/es and quallues, plainand unbrolderod
A splendid Black Silk Laces, Needle Worked Callan and Cuffs,
Bunter, neortmfillt of Amfiria•A awl imported Bonnet ileum Velvet Flowen,Oapaand Feathers.
lankets, at remarkably low prior.. HANDSORE MOMS SLLBS,
DOMESTIC AND STAPLE GOODS! , Of the newest styles, and at lower prices than asnli
A lerfie sad complete ...resent now el. loans. — and rich changeable Silks and Satins, for Marfillas,
Many ot our present sunk of Staple Goode were s e ., and a large stock of,
bought from the manalicturen previous to the present STAPLE AND HOUSEKEEPLN GOODS,I
entrance la titian. A principal part of our stock of . bet.. prices. An, in the ge ettehtete, department
French and En li mb goods have been punned at the
h b wlll Int rOund flub
lew7Vta.te,:r,:.-bh Sales
odor bi d tt i nd a hth . b4e t sl,7 ..... 1.-n- '
s F i llr k
every dewnpnon of goods In our Una of hennas.
Country Merchants, Merchant I Talton, and all ke rchief / Ac.
nth..., Bilk . Cettn ai t h hl/4tehethluai
wholesale and retail Layers, are invited to us early u ligir t . tte , . 0 tahe , a .rite[ the m . t . eie
ciClLLlnalioll of our stock and pneea. a •••t
ALEXANDER & DAY, 73 !dukes et, ,Rooms, ltP autos *ea)
nun north west comer of the Diamond,
hon--. • Pro:mak Mamodtmh.
- lA7l:7oesks Port, hbuleara,b herryan d e. 0 PIPFS OLU coccg '
VI , Malaga Wines, (or sale by the ea.k or au goon- Go 21 hf pipes Lafayette, Rata Rochelle, dark:aka
tities to goo parclimiers, by pale; vintages of '36, 40, and 46..
Wa, m amFolyggyan, . 11 bf pipes Leger Frerebilirm Redudle r dark ad
_20,0 , No NO Libonyt o , polo, vintages ol ' 32.42 1,'46.
QUI/AR-5 hluts to arrive on steamer Itinggot for 6 61. 1.0'-" 6.6 %C. 2 i.° 6 kr Go'. C. lPlllili dub mli
0. .olc by itovs 1.0A121.1iD1011411 rh. pale; mut.. of 4h, '45, 41,
iIOFFEC-150 bogs Prime Rao, arrivrng and for .ale . 5 a popes Anchor Cogotreap•le.( Ovint of 47.
4„, by novel wa Al blilrulibualtEli 2 do i" . " li f il.. " 7 . o oßmiel PAIN do 42-
Holl TEAS—lmpatiel, liunpaardor end Voiotia. . 6 , d d . ° . C j h j '&74 lk : d . d o ,l . l . 7 k• , 4?Oh, do N 7.
'4 ,4 7 7. •
/lye. Teas, of superior quality,' In hf ohettailo Ido Cotillion, do do '47.
Spoarel bte,jurr rec'd and for rob. by .
00.4 Woo hl MITCHM.TiIEE dark.
4 deft. Oldr 4 banac, dark.
OLAbblid—lou tails prone Pltalouon MOltoara, 0 fir carts fkard, Cuddy to Co, pole,
I. to oak bbls and good order, for sale low by 2. do Moglory Cognac, dark,
IV IAI MITCHELTREE, 9- do Old Pale Nector, •
l•otrl 0 100 lAberst M 2 do Pellevoisin.
Motorola a Rona' Pentane Sada.' Asia. 4 do Cliateneh
);.•-, C.l,lirl Was. and Soap . ..kers' boda Ash, 0 po Adm. Fiala; ann./gee Of '27.'3%73, 40.
.....J mbar:ad doom from the alone cclebrareal , 2 octaves . do; do 1805 .d 1t2.10.
~„,-,,,,,, ea per
American ten, aniving and tqr cuts United Vincyerd Prop dews, vim- if '4O.
r0 t e ..,,,,
b, now; NV 151 Mar:lll.:LT/It:1i 3ocurves do do do do '47.
i Malloltb-17 la lopes irrondy—lhard a Lupuy , ho• . '
page Cognac.
La pmes Itillani Oin; ' ' • 21 bids Old Peach randy.
0,,40Nas NII Rum; ' 6do Cherry Brandy.
40.11rble M'hirkoyi for ante bf 150 do. Fuie OM Cognacs, by the don or e.g. bottle.
_nova IV re IR litypelinTmmm Tlos_ hock or high proof choir.° Wands has bean
—4O /.."ia ei rmy
o - lgIltImM• - .leock le
by the subtenber nod connoWara, pd. to
' ' ili, advance, .d are now Geared - to the wade upon
fultß friends nod me pub. arc respectfully Inf..
1...1 od that the Florian. Line win Cann to ship ' m . Q.....e ,, re b axt , i c al p il . n ro te:ra . l2/14 ,.r n k . or h e e i , o . tbro, Call .d .
Goods via Canal from Pinsbargh on thb 10th, andfrom ' babru JACOB CYRAVRR. Jr
Pni.ndelptria on the 12. Inst. We ithall continue te '-
,airy good, by realrood anll o ll74ll . .tati Winter. i Prolght to Phll■Motptalas.
AD.N k CO E will rceekin for two or Or. more boat loots
.8 1 .KiefilNkr Jar Mitepratl k 1 T VIEr freight for Philadelphia. (nt adv... ralsokLM'
Boas' brood, • superior article, for sale by offered soon. 00. 4.II.NULTV lc al,
_Cvnal. Male,
nova • W ft M MiTCIIS2,TRER not2l
Ultgoll TRA6-4mporrb Uunpoordor Yoang
,12 /boon of ropenor b hf ottani, IY
and 6 poorol Gtr, reed mu/ for rob by •
OLASSI.:S--lou tails pilaw Plantation MOluseti,
lo oak bbl. and good order, fOr salty low br
140 lAbkrat st
J. Met•strats 6 Sone Penton.. Sod& ' Astts
. 2
b , ' ll l µ . .f:•,l l ll ' rec ' in s lL c g ittilt'l
t - t 9 per cent Ame tic. test, arriving:and
for *sir bt 0016 V & mac Ill.:LT/It:1i
Tan Bleaching
hlbsyrbuh, Soda Ayb y ;km la b y,,g g Cy — trigiluao.._,,, bate. COIIO6, ah bbla No FL ard
Bleaching Powder, arrived per snlp Ozenbritlgi, ,3 41 1,444 Fel/hers; 1 new,
slid now COl7llllllOll by canal, for sale by Is sacks Wool;
Oda. Lamb !Mar, wan vrpol;
N. B.—They wail receive, during aho winter, large V dor Sleep skins. r . r
Ploys vor New Orleans. Paha) 2
or “ " dressed;
To am le on Ines:arr . Fort Pas, and ( or yy l y b y
deli IS ni ell DICKEY & CO, F4ont in
DDRIED PEACHES, & oo bus Uric.
pettbes and uppicu, Ant rea4l and for sale b
lakaussELS ceerers.—w. Itt'Manteca O. to
.11 putehasers a large and handsome assortment oc.: -- . ,--
We most approved patterns of Brussels Camels, 1:11W Wh - r-W.o—D 3 mast 'nimbi. for Found) , asa,Saat.
114RDY, - .1020LS &CO
eheaper then ever before odered In this market . CYR , r me'd and for rn:.b)± . ,
and examine our stock before parehssing elsewhere. .
deb W M'CLINTOCK, 75 Fourth ot
ire . VET PILE--:Wc - n;riOicr the Gritlooniest ,
Nrivnt Pile Ca r ever imported, CA lOW .C. I ME CEDAR:—A let of Cedar Lop, coodiried
be purchased in arr of the eastern sides We invite : CT, C o hen or Crater, will .._
those retelling to famish ritmattioats or limes, to sirs . if ~,„,, cwiog for or ig do as d o '',Zi''` "". `. P./ affilied-',
us a call before purchasing elati whore. '; deli GEO 13-111 LTFABERGE11,87 - Pyorri G
Gullet Warehouse., Fourth street
deb w arrcupgmeg I CIALICOE:4-4 cues, fast colared,'at Ille,po and
ar_--ii.bwk-i,:iieiihi..l.7,iia-coii.. GLOVES a 1 ../ 0 1..4 ol; Al. MASON4ribik. -
, i del{ ' ' •
l_l superior article, just reed cod for sale by ' MGM Kitten is
des C YEAGER ‘ IO9 NOGG et
BLAciflfftt-4 Gls
asenfa eaperiofiGgirine
God audios' gas by NOS , 0 WAG'
• tr. Tel auto or rya* Rama a miasma sepal.
wK than a bad s putrid breath, or dart, yello* dime.
ed teeth. If persons have those it is their awn halt—
they ean, kr twoshillings, b.r.. ankle that aid
make their breath pure and meet as du Spry Lir •
It cores diseases of the Gams 'mangy or aleenntel,
and for the Teeth it is nneettallid,-resnoving the tartar,
famening the teeth to the gums, mad' clean them as
white es the maw of Ow/rasa Nardi
Such, 'ceder, are tho properties of Jonah, Amber
Tooth Paste, and, without praising nourvolves, hear
what nor at oar most respectable and seleaddo Ren
ame, bar n
b ot h eld, of New York,
.1 bar used and antlised th is beat:HAl and is
palpeble article, (Jones , Amber Thoth Paste,) and
eon recommend ft as preuteming all the eualitieselaimr .
al for it." Reader, we can say no more to convince,
only that if Son trill.. Orme Son will be well pleased.
It is go l dp In beautiful English China Pats. for II
emus. by the Agent, WM-JAC/030N, SD labes ,
ty stmet, Pinsbursit
haerriosa ans. Rua lhavareaJOßt Edit Its]
lea Chemieal Soap amtses a free yet, and a
the same tow mollies, so ft ens, and vs hens the akin
giving n the tautre and beauty of an
Scorn, Baur Ratner son &ma, are soon not only
healed, bat clued by as use, as at lout se m. Physi
ala. In New Tort kilo's, who use it in smell cues,
and fled it unfailing--as a/o in ,
Primes, ilosnetts, Fureass, or any Other akin dia.
ea.. The reader ts mond that this is no minis
pored doetnun, as one trial will prase. I coald OMa
monde a least BO persona eared of
Sad lissn, Sou Loos AND Sou Itrain.-11 . 7;
end use it, and the reader is again amazed I
not smelly sell it for the above =le. I knew it to ho
I state. Those who am liable to
Cearar; CsactaNin Owen Puna, will And tr. s
care. Any one afflicted with any of the above, or size.
Llar diseases, will find this ell and even more (admin.
tole in its properties) then I Mate."'
But, reader, the mom en flooded milli leatatines,
bo sare you ask for JONES'S 'ltalian anneal
Soap. Sold by WM. JACKSON, Liberty. sweet.
Pittsburgh. andolawT
lAu., soot. crntrmn are honorably awned that
theTllowteg are the anima goo-Utica of it 31. bottle of
Joan', Coral Hair Restored,. If the doubt oatwho
word b a t h e v i ed W—
cum* these highly respectable • citheas
Air. Geo. Becket, 41 Elm ant,, New York.
Mrs. Matilda Reeves, Myrtle as Brooklyn.
Mr. Wm. Tompkins, IS King ot, New York.'
Mr. Thos. Jackson, Iffonurers stear=uo
H. E. Millen, late basher steamboat S.
And more than a hundred others roam, though this
most Bailee, that It will force the hair to 001 , 06 the
head orTace, stop h falling off, otrengthen theLorts,
removit scurf end dandruff from the mots,
or gray hair untrue a fine dark WO, al
k rul d 7 'vjgyr:fre*ry_' wiry htltre.7thr4"n' cle and
Sold by the Agent, whL g JACILSO,N, elk. liberty a y l4ll.= ; l:riee 34,30 center and one do
They are not nevem how frightfully injarionolAgto
to the skin! how coarse, how rough, bow .)tt.
• low, yellow, and unhealthy the skin at/
peon Mier using prepared chalk! Be.
aides it is injector, containing
large enmity of Lead!
We have prepued a beautiful vegetable article,
which we call JONEA , SPANISH. LILY WRITE.
- It is perfectly innocent, being purified of all &deed.
on. outlines; soul it imparts to the arm a nattsral., heal.
thy, alabaster, dear, Limo white; at the same WOO
atone as a COMlletie on the Ale, making h wft end
smooth. Sold by the Apnt, Whl. JAMION, SO
eny at, Pittsburgh. Prue 23 rents. miefaik.wT
finis Bubseribei has cut hand and tor sale, aa *got
f Joh n ston .2 Co, of Philadelphia, the ikarow.
2S pair of Cases;
0 founts Fancy Letter, diSerent;eites;
300 Newspaper Cutw
500 lbs. LeaO, cut to order;
10 Compoalug Sticks;
100 kegs Front's News Ink;
1 Brass Galley, Colusui Rates, Brass Sales of 01
descriptions, Ac. A. //LYNES,
N —Orders receivedPekin Tea Store, 70 Fourth st '
for hew Tore. aal(kll2*3
GEO. w. CRIME( i CO.,
INFORM their friends and thesublie that they have
no longer any connection Not their !ale eautbllei
meat In Penn street, known as the Pittsburgh Brewer.
having restored their entire business to the POI V'
iIRF! ,,, RRV. in Pit etrapt mrl/1•11 i vt
IRIERE will be fu n d for sale an assortment of
VP valuable religious Books and Tracts. cotaritined
in a series of about FOUR HUNDRED different pub
heaths., (of which catalogues c. be Ind on Konica
tion,) embracing many standard work. in Theology,
Biography, ftc. he, selected. and publinhed by the
Presbyterian Board of Publicatiqn Philadelphia)
and well adapted for Sabbath School, Cengresational
Ministers' end Private Libraries..
Persons wishing to purehme finch books, andhinste
tad to call mad unntine the assortment:
The Depository of the Pen.ylvenin • Bible iety
in kept at these moms. ontidt
subscriber has just received at the Pekin Tea
171 HE
Store, 71/ Fearth street,a very bore and on I ea
leered Seta
of pert G R EEN AND BLACK Til l .",
from New York all of which has been received Mu
country since the fi rst of February last, consist), of
all dm different grades grown in the Celestial Phnom
gunstock being among the largest in the West, arle nee
prepared to wholesale, on better terms than say better
house in the city tVe invite retail grocers to call and
examine our fink and prices, They can time It pack
ed in f, j, end 1 13 package., C lb tin cennisters, entry
half chests ) to suit their couventeme.
Our retail priers vary for Oolong, Blank Tea.{ore
SO ctn. to Slid per Ihd Prins Young Solicitous, ma,
Congo Hi, and English Breaking, SG, Young . 1.1
Gunpowder cad InaperiG, from .45 et, to 1 , 1,Z Ott , .
Funnlies are tequeofed to .od and fry surep4s of
of our Tens, std try them before Purchasing.
InylbubtwS A. JAYN. 70 Pone o _
No. TS Wood Drool, Pittsburgh.'
CHER AND LAINMAN, Importers Dddea era
Forcignaud Domestic HARDWARE in
atts varieties, Do now prepared to sell as low and
on as reasonabllterms Dean be pureimmedeisewhere.
We solicit our blends, lilt" the pablie generalHoo
calfand <gamin oar stock, which caimans m DAD
marh so Locks, Latches, Hinges and Screws, tote
with every arucle Danny kept iu Hardware Buds.
We Invite the attention of Carpemera and Heckmana
generally to our assortment of Tools, which hasebead
selected win , g nat care, and which we an dewed..
ed to sell so im to give satisfaction. apiLviterT
Property is Allegnemy City for Sale.
_ _
Till;..e.u.b,.rrb‘7th the oLtr m an , ur i n . bo n r4 a o tif
Coromoo ground, on easy terms. Ingo!. or
W. OIL ROBESISON, Any at Law, fit Clair kt • '
or of JAS ROBINSON, on thaprera.
VIRE BRICE & TlLL—Alarge aaaonmert for sale
CaTIVN--6 balm jut rzed and for We by
SVELS-4".." "al"