The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 27, 1849, Image 1

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. ....-..,..,,,./.,:••_dj:M:,..-A7;•••••t.2.,'',':,---4A3,•';'-::.,"2?".
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. • , . ~ , ~... ••..... - .J. - '.'7:,'...:.1 . ?..,..0 ~--,.....-..,..,.:' .::_. : ~.:, ~,,,.. g t: , - 4. A.,:•... :=. -.:,-
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max. E ... . ~,,,,,,T,?.--..1,-;,-:.:,".••••7•:,tr',;,1-17',--,z--2f-V•Vg•-:':=1--'0:::::-'
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, Arn...„,,,, , ,„,„:„....,.„ 1 ,,„„,,,,,,,,,,-„,, % ",,.,..,...,_............. ...,,,.... _ „ , 1
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. 11
- , ......06.4
... ..... . , . .:
' , 4
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L. 'EVIL' - - -- I , K, 0,
WHITE £ C • ~
isz ran am=
... • ... ••• -- VA* per =tem.
athsooe—:—. •••-, 2,00
Do. to Cla ).
d, et • redeeol rittFt.
Oa Bode, DO Imes of Nonpareil or land
Ow Square, each additional insernon••• 0,g5
DO. one week 1,75
e areeb• 3,00
Do. three weeks-- ...... anti
Da eye month— ..... Lim
Do. too months----- 7,00
Do. three
Do. roar months —• 10,00
,Do. slot
Do: twelve months• •• • • • MOO
Blanding Card lines or task) per annum• 10,00
Onegqsare,chaneenble. dpleasere (per an
mod exelosme of e-papas 5,00 it
For each additional square, msened over one mon th ,
ma fee each additional square inserted ender the year- No
ly rotes, half peke. wes
Petillehers not accounted° for legal ailvenisements r
beyond th e =Oast Charged for theft pablicatk.
Anommelog candidates for office, to be charged the
same as other advesusementa
Advertisements not loathed on the eepy for sped
fa dumber of insertions, will be continued till forbid,
and paymentexectei accord.
'The privileges of yearly advertisers will be confined
rigidly to that molar be and all
critter adver•
decants not pertaining to their regular tidiness, as
Weed ibr, to be paid extra.
All mtherthrements for charitable institutions, fire
ampullae, ward, towneldp and there üblic meetings,
and moth like, to be charged half price, payable etrietiy,
le 'dead.
Marriage boilers to be charged 50 cents.
Death modem inserted erithout charge, unless %doom
-7.60197 Nand thrimoons or obituary notices. sad
whoa so accompanied to be paid for.
deg=advertisers end all other. sending-comma
or requiring notices designed to cell atten
tion to rainy Sauces, Concerts, or any public Mao,
taionbants where charges are wide for admit:tepee—
all notices of private associatione—•every notice de
arcall attention to private enterpnses ea lade
l ns
intended to promote individual Interest, man on
ly ha !mend with the undemanding that the some is
tobapeld (hr. If intended to be inserted in tho Into
colaren,the same will be charged tithe rata of not less
than 10 es to per line.
Bishop orLi FletNetlees to
s, be charged drip:tine.
hymn cense Petition Wit each.
Legal and Medical advertisements to be chanted at
fall diem
Beal Emote Agent. and Auction
sr Advertlae Meant
101 to be classed under yearly rate, but to ho allowed
diemend of thirty three and one third per to
from the
Lomat of bills
WI/31LI oat 111.1.W111313 to Dana 3•3123
One Square, three ineenimes•—•
Do. each additiond insertion- • • •
anvartSnerdere eit 11113133 mg.
One Egnore, Tiirtrra,)on; rne71410W. 7 :00 CU.
Do, each addrlonal (amnion—WS
ALI madam advenimmenta W be *On advance.
W HITE & CO, Gusne.-
awns.. MDDLE, „Towne'.
JAMES P. HARR & CO, Case elele.
JAMES W. BIDDLE, /mane m.
PIITUIISSE, Dec. 1,1819.
Fourth at.
oortuaumleationo prompUy answered.
11.111 STRONG a CROZER, Commission Norehan •
aadDeotexo In Produce, No. 21 Market WOO%
doe 9
&nor for the. Stew of Ponagylennia, Lem*
Kati Of Pitlablint.)
RZnfayam,—Pluaburgta lion. W. roma r‘tiliontp
100 t Miller, hiVandlege & ACClnre, Jobo F. nark',
&Mao & Nnorae,M'Cord. & King. engtloigy
. Nl. NUM . •'• • .
Fourth meet, between Scableld and Gam;
•nusbungh, Pa. iIIIS
70EII 21. mann. Ir. c. rAcenn.
A TTORNSYI3 AT LAW, Foam, street, I:m=6.AL
A WORMY AT LAW.-01fine on Fourth et., be
mrenn Smithfield and Gmun al, Piusbuzgh.
Pittalburgb Nit Works.
BERN. n!ut i c c uLxis of
Acids. Warehouse Na. ' kr% belaVV=
n0A10.17 •
irlisT.ilnct =aim_ ~ , .. •
aeon & REYTYMT, Wholesaler atal Retail Rms.!
inner of Liberty and SI. Clair suretr, Fin.
tayl4. ,
, =1 .it COLIERInsu• ' N, Wholesale . GILICIIII,
WI Commisstan gareharits, No. 143, liberty et,'
. Pa. dollly.
nA.VALISPITOCK & Co., Wholesale and ii.e.'
e kadrner Wood and Ilia ats. i7l •
f't k./3 NA AtdeloY ttli - r7r l drdi. ,
V Ist door above keld. =nib-1m
0. r
flONnfanDs to rye ate partway auention to the
uestaseet bf Diseases et the SKIN, SCROFULA,
awl Manes of the THROAT.
Oaks boom 9 A. IL, 1 P. N., end 7 P. N.
. • ,_ ,
0/1:143. 1.
--------- ---.
JOU A. 11110. M. 1 11.1.11.
CRMO & SKlNNER,_Forwardins aid Comnossion
Ka. arCia. No. t 6 f luter s!, Pittaburgh 913_
0 A.. lataNULTY&67Forararding •aci C 09 .,
• Million Merchants, Canal Elgin, Pitiabargh t
mat ,
tiRANT, WONesala Orme., Cornaturaen aoAl
Porwani.g Iderrimmt, No. 41 Water at 4u12 j
-..--- -
Its.wasona liprist arks.
r Ailo, MAW and Irart
COLEIStiN,r !Psi moni It Ca, monolhostroto if
Coach on& =loin aping% Itotosnetal Axle%
=and Plankk Steel,
_lron, ke. Wanshense Oh
sad Front urceu, Pittsburg:h. 1
.. ••....^^'•• •
wantlacrehar=l dealers C u . t ' m
Prothro ar - Tdpini-
Witt afactures, N 0.37 Wood st., between od arid
"Ei J. HENRY, Aidamey and Connoellor at Lair,
EX/. Clacimmtl, Collections bombe. , Ohio,
In Indlettn, and In Kentucky, promptly and esti.
11117 waded in. Conannuinner for the IState of Penn
sylvania. tot taking Depomuons, acknowledgments,
Km. Its. -—Hon. Wen & Son, Cards, Clturehl&
Carotben, Wm. Hay Earl & Daus. •711
1001142 A. MTEL
GEORGE W. tit e lFH . 4 C. CO., Brewers, Mahar.
Deal ,VI raIIOOLI h.
Po tined
HO "C'Orilf
• AMMON STEWART, manefactirer of Heavy
• eatirtin" Che c ks, rtabecca art a city
▪ Lll, ltteutet y
• et and Conunislon tact.; for the at
Alljk.Xl W.X.lo!l!Lit.n/i opp.lee /Rh et. febt7
WM. 11:1iAliES Bilqateta
A. I. =MN =WI= 'MIX, i phu .„..
iFIL . I:llrMNOßt'Atseeo Conseshraloa hies.
Win, 41 Nonk 'Wales In, k 0 North Marne',
. • nov3o
- LIM 9X. F. JONI.
Er JON & Co, h sae
oesson to Atwood,
/ones t Co.) Cononasson and F
dudets. LI Pitt.bargil tdanaf=reattoodsr4";
t. _--------------.
lialall DITII,___
ILIUM Co., Wholesale Grocers:Com
widen gerehants, and dealers in Prodane,Necid
eler, and 167 Prom .k‘treet.i, avt
B.•DILWORTII d Cg Wholesale CirDeLfS, Pro-
dace and Commismon rebants, sad agettk nts
ie llama Powder Co. of N. Y., No. IN Wood it,
Plitsbazitt.. istd
TWIN TOWNISEN Drawn sad dpotbasq
V 14.3 Market . 1 0 , ...""" W A I ! - Piw•
bargb,vUl bare constantly on tumid a web mmsed
eratmint of tlie bow and Gahm bledsoldeb which ka
will wal on Me most reasonable terms. Medians
man orders, will be promptly attended to, and •ap.
plied with ankles they may rely upon as maims.
447Mb:tam Pmetipuons wiL be acenraiely and
P.Vared from the best materials, at any beer of
be or WN.
gee ler ale, alas", stook of freak and gad Pedal
BON g ay, Conn Miler ni LAIC-0 •
Ito en lona et, above Smithfield. etev64i
Li- in CAN
Mi t
W t""4 ( Vertu=
mks sad Po grain Iste radar,
Weverditerervc Cheese, Maur . , Pot and
Pearl dad, sad Wedeln Produce genera/ I Y, W. , e ,
between asithield uld Wood, ?nubs:dd. apd
in Prcdace sad Pitrabursh disnafastarce, tor
asi of 1.1. nod Hand sued Pitteb .b Pa. ANS
jAMES A. HUTCHISON, & Ca—Stemmas in
Levis llatehLoa & Commioion Merchants,
sad &Sem of a& 8% . Urals Swam Saw Semen,
ste. Gilmer .AIM treat sucas, riusburth.
Isat .
HN D. *ORGAN Wbe!tule Inmgyst, and do •
gr Dye Sada, Pura% Oils, Varrdshir, are.,l N 0.93
odd street, ono door Saab of lhanwnd AnCy, PAL
L i thry,:pwt„`,M"-, "Tr'
repro, Slaw, Steel Pens, COS* Primus , Cards, a
s ji gweetry gestetalli.NO. %Wood or, loott.bwo.
no. Bop bels!!!ltrtaken introtie. . e ino
Co., Warrtselilitttipots,
N o . 94 VVoed street, Pirtsborett.
Way D. DAVIS, Asztapar., comer MI " ood
p re euirittanu b t . ocvB
P*Pc*ti. 7 . 6 .. l ..n. 4 ko .44l .V.lst U p il t
h 6
J ona Fuun • = WM LO
FLOyD, Virholosals Gruen, Conneaut.
klerenants, and Dealers in Praia. itounn
Mating. fronting on Libony. Wood and Gin
runs, Plasburniet P. rnyS
• • -
aINS. boleeLLe Cain:nisei
usu P h dealer in Prodoen and Pittsburgh
"• gd Water et., Pittsburgh. innl.4
a swr,ITZEI-----Auor.ey .r. Law, as,.. at . t .,
e i. "poi et.
_l4l..rjes,itell trultrgt 4i =
mama Prm 4ll = 4 " .
spa Omen am° ApE377.0
volley Co, } p.b.... ..
ova & ""`"" ocIAUT I.
pAr. 00104 - .
U.ADDB wEAVEit, iiholcsale and Retail Der.
. ler to Foreign Wines and Liquors; and old Morton
pinta Rye - Whiskeys, cornet Pint and Market us.
thai & JORRl,Fontardtne and Commiamon .
Ma. clans, Dealers in Produce aniPhtsburgh
exulted uncles, Canal Basin, hear 71h at. d2I
— p ALL A ll URDU, PA.
KENNEDY, GUILDS & Co., Manufacturer. of • •
superior 44 Shemin., Carpet Chain, Geary
rartne and Badng. ' I ton
wits? Sheet, Bo . tenlr . , en% IStins o l t he 4 t,ett
Warehouse, &I water and 10.21r00t at.
11 II WATERMAN, Wholemde Groaer, Forward
-14 tag end Commission Merchant, Denier In Pule-
Ite2Nlldnuataterares and Produce, Nos. 31 Water et,
In Froutc-1 • j 27
WaNaRDIt a 14137YZ11., •
LOOtING Manofaetarers, and Wholesale
dealer. In! foreign ind domestie•Varlety Goods-
Westeni merchants, Pedlars and others are invited.
io andexakraine the pricesmd . kualliy of our snick,
sa with Our pre.sentlsoweased Catalinaes in manufactur
ies and pureluSaing, we think we earl otlerr. great
idueements tokuayera as any other house /rest atilt.
j¢5.11 , ,
Pinlads. c. w. Ramanon, Plusbnign.
ILLER & alcu - Ersoni . ,
uniponeri of Brandies, Winee•and &gars, Nos.
A Wholesale Ctaecr., and
l and 174, comer of Liberty and Irwin streets, Pius
I , uratt, Pa. BON Nails, Cotton Yarns, an. &n- con
stantly on nand. nue!
ram- rLL D. 'OULU Wal.S. C. LOS
etilLl,l3 4 ROE, Wholesale Groceisued Coestois
in. skin Met chants, No. th 3 Liberty st, Possbursh.
tiRPSY, WILSON tr. CO., (late Jones, bY
WA Co.) WhOlesore, Dealers in .Dry Goods, No. 48
Wood moot, Pittsburgh. nova
co rn *l :rir;Vel(ll:ti and
Fourth Arcot, cannot on
gth norm Market
ANUFAcTUREAS of spsnog and Milo er ,tee,
J.ll, plough cool, stool plough
s nn•otr, nd eLaa n dt ,
reWe ' costioirs, og., k
fir c e r e d os ' iTe lomps, , andconch trimaangs
R terally, comer of floss and Front stn., l'itsst i k euah,
I\l HOMES & HON, No. SS Market st., second
door from earner of Fourth, dealer. 1.13 Forego
end Domestics Hills of Exchange, CeraLeatesof Depen
d, Hank Nouns and Spette..
ED . Collettiollll mad on en the prinetpal cake
hroughout the United thaw. dost 7
N HUCK.M..&STEEt t Akezawka.—Ofhee a Fourth at-,
apor above Smithfield, meth ode.
Conveyancing of all kind. dam -with the sraialMl
are mid legal IlJnitrUlT.
Titles to Heal Emma examined, /cm
PRIM HENRY acmutooK,
P ENN STREET, between Wayne and Hand, 2u
resumed kn, profeasional - dauea, route, LOA MAC.
turns on the Primo, Guitar, and in Vocal Maine.
at, near Wood—All quantities of Green and
Black Teat, done up In quarter, half, and
aao Pena Pnckn6no.from roD eta. 'per p ound
PAL jyl A. JAYNES, Arrt. for Pekin Tea .P.o.
—Astir, La-11x fr. Co., Nojii — gb.ny reet,
a 4 Pittsburgh, Wholesale Cinema, Produee
Commission Merchants, and dealers in Pinsbairgh
`• '
DOH hItTIMOORA Motorola Grocer, Rocca Ping
Dhaillet, dealer to Produce, Pittsburgh Manufie
into, Lull all kinds of Foreign and Domestic %V trios
Ind Liquors, No.ll Libarry stroce On hand a try
wrga anxki of superior old Monongahela whiskey,
winch will tic sold low for cash. anlidy
t. o.Varreouis, .1. L. MUM
ElilliolllY3 & 7311:11P., Forward/nu Imd Contmissksi
Afirchents, far the Allegheny htlecuTrade, deal
ere in Groceries, Produce, Pittsburgh Manufacturer
rod Chloride of !Jae,.
Tne higheit pries, In cash, paid at ann.. for tom..
ry to Corner orPenn and Irwin sta. lax=
DOSEICT DALZELL & Wirdeasla Genres,
Comrainian and Forwarduzy Merchants, dealers
Prodace and Putsbargh Mannfuntres, Libertyat.
Yinsbanta. Pa. feb27
`WIT. •
DB4. UNNINGHAM, Who! sal Gram
/k. C ealer, in Produce and klusbosgh * MaLannuel
‘,...11.11 , 1,11Arre we irl.2
Ci Tao. 1117.4
0 1LAGFLETT & WHITE, Wholesale.Dealere In
Fareign and Domestic Dry Geeide. N 0.99 Wood et.
Khaimah. felornf
0.11. W.. HARBAUGH; Woot Merchants, Dealers
in Flour and Prodace generally, =ld Forwarding
and Commission Merchants, No. &I Water et, Pius.
I. bt_s_qA,
and.lWl.errrestraost. iosM`menots,
OELLERB & NICOLS : Produce and General Com
adastan Merchants, No. 17 Liberty rt-, Piusbergh.
"oeinlilineeed and Lard Oils.
BONNIIORST, & Co., Wholesale I.:m
ears, 'Forwarding and_ Commission Merchants,
Do in Pittsburgh Manufacture. and Wesearn Eno
&me, have removed to their new srarehouse,(Old amid)
No. Skeomer of Front st and Chancery Lam
norS ,
TAod SSEE & REIM Wholesale Grocers antoommis
dop Nerchantsond Osiers in Produce. No. 3$
al-. Pittsburgh.
W. MR.
PPROTH iILE3CO7T, Wholesale and Remit ?len in.
Rope, Shoes, Treat, Carpet Raga, W.
comer of lth and Smithfield Ms, ?indium& Pa. ia3
;TA.tfdlr'Rrlrklnef4 — jrt,
Llquoßs and CIGARS, dealer in
MaMmsdahela Rte Whiskey and Pittsburgh
tu M an
ufacros,.comer of Market and Fret sr&
Super}... articles supplied at market rues. act=
ANTS.: Also—lospextert of Soda Ash and Bleaeinng
Powder, No. 160 Libertysn, topposite Sixth sx.l Pm.
boo h . - oentl
toss D: DAVID XL NI..
WCANDLESS, (successors to &J. D.
yy Grocers, Forwarding aa
Commission Membsors, dealers in Iron, Nails, Glass,
Gottisil Yana, and Pinabargti Idannfractares generally,
corner o r, and Water rtrects, PissnrinlS
ge.w=gl"...,!. . s
p - IZI rZt;
TIT — W. WILSON, Watthes,Jewelry,S ,
yv tad lklilitaryGoods, corner of Marketand 4th
.tree t% Paul:wet, Pa. N. B. Watches and Clocks
carefully repaired. deck
WIL-BOWEN—CwwwWwa and Foreestdinti
hasa, No. Se From at. between oddWo and
Market anew. 2
mrn<r of ~apgrimda,vvlio-im
Wi. Tons -• •
Ilpridi YOUNG & Co.... 7 :l:Sesless in leashes hides, &a.
10 Liberty st
'UV & iI.III,CUTCHEON, Wholesale Grocerslca -
Porgh.AlLL'alltgene":l4,Nuls Glw, and tn.
bugh. • dee2
W WILSON, Dealer la Warelles
cet t. ,
Silver Were, Military Good., &a., No. 57 Mar
- •
WMalso attend to collection. and all other heal
.. entrasted to tam in Bader and Armstrong
etiaitic.,Pc. &eta to
& St. W a lla c eyrry st.
W. W. Wae, do
James Marshall do / Pittsburgh.
dly gay It Co., Wood st. • ) jan7
ocCII No. 42 Water street.
sow Ann emmirrms, 10tonim0la
STAB mtabllahmern long sad widely known as
being outs of this most toms andante in the coy of
Baltimore, has recently undergone very extem
siva alterations and - improvementa. .An enure new
wing hut been added, containing ammo. and Rill
ni Stilsrles n' er ' ."1
n'iMnit:tobtenng e ' rerr fen
been 17
reorganisrl sad final up In a me annique and beno
fat 010. In fact the whole arnuagement of the House
Am been reasodeled, with•a single eye on the pan of
the prripriemn, towards the totnfon 11.11 d pleasure of
their °sesta, and which they confidently assert will
challenge comparison with any Hotel in the Union.
That Was will always be =pulled with everrattli•
and luxury which the market affonisoterved
op in a aperintstylm while Mlle tray of Wines, tie,
they will not be surmised.
In nclusion the proprietors beg to say, that =Was
will ho left undone On thelr per, end on the part of thew
asamants, to render th is Hotel wor th y the continued
' patronag e of their friends and the public generally.
The prices for board have 51•0 been reduced to the
following raw:
Wits` Ordinary, 111,75 per day.
• Citadel:Ren t s " 1,50
W. /L-. The Baggage Wagon tke Hoer will al
we_ ys he 'foot at the Car and Inaasaboat Landin o s,„ - .
which oral edam baggage to and Awn do Hotel, free
*khans. mayinf
COMA 07 1.11.11 510.0
mums, ernmrsen.
, THE •
open er respentlally mumunces that
has now opened his near and excellent Hotel
r the accommodation of travelers, boarders,
the public generally. The house and furniture
aye e sad
ntirely new, end DO pal. Of expense Imre been
gram ,
limonderiltlieneio4.l.lse mast comfortable and
The ratimriber is determined aro deserve, and Were
nine solicits, a share of public patrormge.
fxtladly JACOB HOUGH, Propnetor.
ROGOW , & CO.,
(Steamers to td'Cord & King} 111111 6
dill Vs.ohlossablo 11.ti.•••.4
Corner "[Wood and YIP: Strode.
PARTICULAR Mention paid to ear Retail Trade.
Gentleman can rely upon getting their Hem and
Caps from oar establishment of the seer nem..arlarl
iraILIMMELP, of the In STU., and at the Lo
Coantry Merchants, porehasing by wholosak, net
respeetfalty invited to nail 111.11 d sm ar ut. o Stock; sot
We eon gay with ensilages that as regards ,assuog
MI noes, it will not saga In 'a comparison withbl7 soy
konsts in Philadelphia
QQPdsno fr
11 his now open a supplY of spring Bonnet Ribbons,
? new and handsome Myles.
Also, new style fig'd Nous; Wale Lite• and Eds.
Ittds;•lrisen Edgings; Vittoria do; plaid N ashua
and •
I.°?stsoottbroidereil Swiss lam &ea besides
arse assortment of Spring Goods generally', at north
east earner 4th sod Market streets.
Wholesale Roams up stairs.
OST tronctiZoes, ;am en?:
,Th•huarked &J. iL Dick, blesdwis,
stoat the 111 h or 511. t October Isom Also—l Itf ab eau
~,Tsai tttu \ ed .T !LH!' They may base been n'ti/ .en
m Wme enoordsmon home or steamboat.
A Ilbend.remard will be evert for all of either I .f lb
171 1 1 1 alm.fas 114+ ecoovery, b_
10111 . 1 IIreFADEN AI CO
poi mii4
Life awl Ilsaltiansaraace.
THE Mensal' Life skid jlearth Insurance Company
of Philadelphia, litcorpormed by the Legislature
e Permaybrama, Match, LOB. Chance perpetual.
8100,001 Rains Lows* run ART Possanr.
'VAAL Cotvaer, and Bill lid per cent. lower than the
usual rates of Life I liner, as the following com
perison wtU abeam 'MO, a person of the age of 30 in
sluing for 8110 for lifrosnust pay in the Girard 64,86
Pennsylvania; 6230. Peno 119,36; Equitable,
52,111; New Englund, Igi,"New York Life, V,A
SIM, Life and Health, Philadelphia, $1,91.
acrous—Samnel D. Orrick, Charles D. Hall, W.
P. Boone, Robert P ging, Charles P.Heyes, M. W.
Baldwin, M. M. Hervey , ht D. Chao 0.11 Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Rod nuker, E. Butler, Edwin
R. Cope. President-44 man =nel D. Orri H. ck; Vice Presi
dent—Roht. P. IG Seeretery—Francis illackburne.
Applications wind ng; s
received, and every (demotion
given by. WU. PAHNESTOCK,
Orace, Commercial Goma, comer of
Wood and Th,ed sta. Pittsburgh
. • ^
• • - , • I Iffinri CI.
• . vfiv4 , t , PROTECTION FERE ATE
Annual Pzemiums, Ca ' Sal Stock ' , anr Surplus Fund,
This old nod responsib e.' Company condones to Is.
the polielth on the moat favorable teems on Dwelling
Honses, Household I" non Store., Steels of Goods,
Warchoescs and conten, Mills and Manufactorice,
he. ie., agnium LOSS a DAMAGE HY FIRE.
Also, on Goods, Ws and Merchandise, against
the hasmrde of. i1e...50 1.1770117.10 N, and upon the
Cemoes of **Vessels.
The Protection luau ee Company having, in the
last E years, paid 701.11031 07 DOW. , at their
severalegeneles throng tit the United States and the
British Provinces, hare eltabliabed a Plat reputation
for solvency and fair d ling, which challenges nom.
poison with any o th insurance company on the
continent of America he annexed extract from an
article on the subject lesurance Companies, taken
fro, the "Sew York y Book." exhibits booty the
standing an pokey of e Company.
"The . mo ted men. f the ancient and always pros
perms city I Hanle here for half a center) . been
lemma the bout the Union for the can, diseretiun
rigid honest ,and env Valances. with which they
have form and m corporations of this de
scription.. o Hartfoßatik or Insurance Company
has ever f 'lad! The Companies have for moth
than a whet generstio scattered their Saks in near
ly every 'St to of the nion, and have never failed to
pay th e inn aerobic I sus 'ditch they have insured
All losses arising e n pt.. hetes issued by the under
signed, wall eiirompil adjusted and paid at the Gen.
end Agent office lon led at Cincinnati, 0. A large
portion of e faiths o the Company, (including all
premiums stew ed at e Western agencies,) is de
puttied tel dm Gen cal Agent of the Company at
themanami for Ike pay ens of Western and Southern
losses. Apply to • FAYETIE BROWN.
Agent 11 the city o Pittsburgh, and for Allegheny
county. • • octrodthe
- ,
T P.camsylvaalaCostpatey
Foal I:wassail Lana ra in Gararcto A annum.
friliE Ars Life Insausee Company in the U. States.
./. 1000 . • tend n I 0,18111--chni ter perpetual.
Capita) i Xoo—all aid in.
Having utharced tb undersigned to rescue appla
cations far -once, o nce, o which policies will be issued,
according their pro and rates, which will be
made boo uto &poll la at his ogee, No. So Wood
Street- srl ' GED COCHRAN.
li BlT.ik A 1 ii 111 fitirC - 011PINT
• reIPIT L $lOO,OOO.
ti FUMY,r' Seel). I R filuux, Jr., Neel.
W l'lcare Waal .11 Mods of mks,
ALL.... ..ill be liberallY .dusted and promptly
Al'umo tancto managed by Dtrectors who are
well boo • in the usury, and who are deurrum
ed by press t hey err 11beertilty tO Maintain S. char
acter which had usumed, as offerang the best
protection no thou w o duce t o be lucre.
Drascrox&—R, Miller, Jr.. Geo. Black, .1 W. Butler,
N. Holm, Jr, Wm B. Brame, C. tram. Orai W.
Jackson, Wat. M. L.yort, its. Isppineott, Thos. K.
Latch, 1 • AVAuley, Alex. Plinuck, Thos. Scott.
Oren. ...V Water street, (warehouse of Slung
A Co., up • ) Pittsburgh. auk:illy .
.I. RANCE. COMPANY.—GaIee, North Room of the
Exchange,.rd ravel, Philadelplna.
Fax loi —Buildings, hlerchudise and other
property I sown and cor ra ls, moored agaanst lose or
damage b Are at the lowest ram of premium.
Mar. 1001111-leele—Ther also insure Vessel., Cdr.
goes and ighu, foreign or coastwise, under open or
apecial macs, eta the assured muy desire.
haulm rorustots—They also insure merchan
dise um roiled by Wagons, Railroad Can, Canal
Beau a
Steam Boats, on men and lake, on the
most Übe terms.
DIRE 'ORS—JosepAH. dud, Edmund A. Sonde,
John C rat, Robert Ildnou, John It Penrose, Same
Cl Edwards, (lo 0 [Alper Edward Darlington, lease
R Davis, NI alham Fotwoll, John Newltn, Dr II M Rua
ton, James C Hand, Tticephalas Paulding, li Jones
, Brooks, Henry Sloan, Jllugh Craig, George Sernll,
I Spencer blellywn, Charles Kelly, J 0 Johnson, Wit
bean ILay'llr S Thomas, John Sellers, Wm. Eyre, Jr.
I Wm. Sue W ty, Jno. T. Logra.
8.1.1010 S. rintrllo.,decreletp.
la . Office of the Company. No. 42 Water greet,
Piuburgb tulS•dtf P. A. bIADEIBA, Agent
, PIIE INSURANCE C el Normwill
J. ke permanent an d lualcd Lltellrellee on pro
perty tothis city and Vieirlier, and co shipment. by
Caul, Ravers, w ell k,and by .I.a. The properties
trot- tits Company are invested, and (smash an avail
able (bud for We ample indemniry of all pecans who
desire to be protected by insomniac.
_myth WhL P. JONM, Agem. 44 Water st.
ißlftrinilletrir -----
Th.• Franklin Fore insurance Co. of Philadelphia.
IRECTOtts.—Cbartme N. Handcar Thomas Hart, if
Tabula Wagner, Samuel Grant, Jacob R. South,
Brieltards, Mordecai D. Lewis, Adolph° 0.
Pond S. Brown, Monis Paneason.
Caul.. N. Bellrelte, Pee.llderil.
Charles G. Clincher, Secretary.
Con 1000 to make insurance, perpetu al or limited,
on every descrapuon of propeny in wn or century,
at rates as low Le are erautent with conic.
To Company have reserved a large contingent Food,
which with their p Capital and Preleteres, safely invest W -
Tee •aoW rd WI. 0 ame roteettort to the saluted.
pll the company, on January Ist, 1541, r
aublashed agreeably to an act of AuemblYi were
4440Mek .._
' Real Estate
Tertlpoeolll Loons
Cash, Ise. •
SIA.M,OriI 71
Since their incorporation, a period of LIS years, they
have paid upwards of one million four hundred ihoul.
d dollars, losses by Ore, thereby affording evidence
tithe advantages of insurance, as wall as am
and disposition to meet with promptness all liabilities.
marl.dlj Obice N E corner Wood and 3d sit
PA. gIADEIRA,Agem at Pittsburgh for the Dela.
ware Mutual Safely Insurance Company ofFhial
adelphla. Fire Rinks upon buildings and merchandise
of every dracriptlon, and Marino Risks upon hulls or
cargoes of vessels, taken upon the most favorable
Offide n the Warchoase of W. 11.11olmes & Bro.,
N 0.37 Water, near Market street, Pittsburgh.
N. B.—The LilCCO• 11 of this Company since the estab
lishment of the Agent 7 In this city, with the Prompt
ness and liberality with which curry elaim upon them
for loss has been adjusted, fully warrant the spent in
inviting the confidence and patronage of his friends and
the community at large to the Delaware N. B.ltom
ranee Comp.y, while it has the addiaonal allvantagea
as milt:in:moon among the um. flourishing in Phrladel
phia—m having en ample paid-inwhich by the
operation of its charter is conatandy inereasimg, RS
Twirling to each person insured his due share rd the
profits of thu company, without involving lota in any
responalbility whatever, and therefore as pocw•nona
the Mound principle divested of every obnoxious let.
and 'in its moot ...meow , form coat
•• • -
J. crow. rut.
QTUART & SILL, Grote., and Produro and Coin
1..7 minion Merchant', No. Wood .1. Pittsburgh
Dealer. la i/to , e se& Flour, Wheiv, Hy& Oes,Porn
Harley, Pork, Bacon , Boner, lAN, 1..:b5u.0, Clore?
Timothy and Flax Seeds; Irou, Masa, 00 Ito
Or. Pssicular al:motion paid to the selo uf Piaster
PToduce . bal
liaraimacas-211e..r.. .11yers & Hunter, Hum
:en & Co., Midis & Hoc, Hampton, Smith &
WA. Nay, King & Alourlisad, Pitmuurgh. Ico Co
0 Maassllon. Jos. S. Murtmon,l
y HLoam. apla&
. . _
NUM A. ClAI• lota of N. lasbon,
mr.Alo a. Islees sou,
GlNEftitiL AULNCY, tdentonseinn mud Forward.
ing Alereltants,'No. S Market Et Vitisburgb, Pa
ID...Prompt attention gigot; to ttia podiums and sale
of LI kinds of Product.
ROZA ao—John Watt I Co., Morons, Wllson Jr. Co.
Pittsburgh, l's- Lawson b. Hitt, rilahlon Murtin,
WallsOnte, 04 John drown Co , phi." di
Co., PhiJadelptila; W Snodgrass k. (trams h.
Naze, New Ltsboo, 0.; Pr. Slitionar, Chain,
btineinnau; 1 . P. Kellar, Youligstusru, 0., W. L. do.,
dart. Cleveland ; 0. .10414
Commlszton and Yaravardlns Id•rabant.
via Zwu.S7., stn...a,
n0...-riNuEs to traturct • Arne wil 15.5n1.11•14.0111 bidi ,
V new, especially in the percheme loml stile of Afflety•
can Dianafatdores and Promisee, mod In 1...i.. 0 51 end
forwardomg Ormods consigned le its ewe A. AAc.ilslt
the Alanefartmors, be will 15e emnwoolUy Sapp 1
the ynnetpal snicks et l'Otaherdh Mainamsliam mt uw
lowest wholesale vices. Unix. 004 G 41.4.1 1 41.4
n, respectfully •01.11.4. Pir
/an. Brack iNaina tar *Ala.
THE od e s. far cots, the OTI.:AhI UttllsA
WOlllO5, shwa lAwreerernis, emneMnanig
htsans Engine, 2 15wiems, • 11..m14 ,
all%/*A.1•11:. ,1144•11 fit La
weensfarturong WOW Ytesomd Ililelms (Ann do .Im,
...ken how the twelejj,*, deli wino Wtma me.. a
land on the AD:Owl fins!, On Waal ice 4 lalsa 4.4 i
sht4sll3lllthl. SW] slasys4./N, wLswiLssrm , ss, iisslt,
shore., spades, ie., sr., 51.5 ss,a.i. ./11.
0C1.0151,1 as L.. 4 , .. ' fit,
Lle patent right lf., at. sms4 a.... 10, 0 ..7 ssi
payment moss cs. WS.. , Ls 15, ,, 0, •
. 1 .6. , Vet
perneulass, widotem 111,1144 11 , thiltfl 17 .
_Auct7..lf lid Ile Alimmommixlit #1..55
— if ialL A id D 011.Aiiii vutniniiir •
Ili,A VI:I.IVM, 15011554 Wu. Paw:it i , L. ss-
Walt end rusuussoss4lll.aia. si Lia vi , l mlehd,
whew: he Wilt i.e yltoas4 14 .4 14// Wass:lsm.
.sal Ids 04s:
05arelt,W0weteemt,./A Odle acmes) , siMe. (lOW la
to 10,1011 inowls,t •al 11.1,1rOkfria of ilm 4 , 004
ed model. , •n 4 w ***** 0..1 co Lic sof gta Leal ISsistAls
blinessl Was. i'vtllio.ll,oll.." OWN."( . Lc , L.,4.-
they with .....ry T4tal tor OP••• Gissisgis, is scL44{.4,
turned and Famlllen in has 0.01/{al .4144 r.
A. V. 14 ilo• col[ prowls.., of Hosts. 42..1“11. -
111. Mlati.,lo isauy estsios.4 Is. sLs ii4uos. isl
frotuen in marAlhery. IS. 'IW.. ssd , owys..s
can I.eballot tam atoll L. , .. j4?-!,
uiretiiiii 0.01 , 44 .:"."014 5 . 5.0511 of VOLugg OSA
enHonk Ymptr, • mmtwriot snide Atiml s . 4 Sims.
hand Any nice ;Irbil. 44 Wu, OA 84%4. , usniss
Ord/ 6 II 1110. o', P.. 4 .
----0, -
riiiiiiiigrals•lis - Mv•ii #lO 4 ,P 8,
as.ouoiv.w U. PAT/ a.Mat . :" ; 1 gr•i i i
the large matte art k eo , w "4,, ,w 4 ~.•,, ,, r
w tWoww .1; iS• 1141 irVo.l OA
. ..1 4 4.2..
ills.,ln the ever al at. thralralltt+t,tfr! • . N
with an auttvety new stork of /10/..e IV . veal:27 .. 7:
%slant) , aadlatatat etylao. 101 1.91, f;.
try in do out rcuArusl.
Dlaaolotion of Porto...Mts.. -
BY MUTUAL CONSENT this day, the firm keret.
' fine exisung under the style of BUSHFIELD k
LEADER, has been dissolved by Henry Leader sell.
tog hia enure Interest in said firm to John MeGilL All
busmen connected arlduthe firm of Stithfield &Lead
or bo settled by 13. It. SushfieJd & Co, swim are
duly authorised to make
BUSHF all eoIIIELD k LEADEN.. ecuons and adtort all
d amn
Pittsburgh, OoL 27, LSI9.
N. IL—S. B. BUSHFIELD tr. CO. will cantina. {be
wholesale and remil Dry Goods and Gmcory butinen,
or the old store room, No. :DM Liberty at, where they
will be pleased to bass their friends and customers
call and etramine their mock of goods.
oot3t /
1,, DIMIOI - 111.1011,
THEP ...oi the undersigned, under the firm
of aley k Smi th , ono dissolved by man.]
theois Mt September, W. Ripley purchasing
the intereitof J. R. Smith, who retires. The bovine.
or the 6rm will be willed by their STICCeS•OIII, Wm.
Segall* Wee., at Nos. IS
W and 20 Wood st.
Pittsburgh, Oct. ti, in. ISAAC IL SMITH..
CO-PARTNERSIIIP.—Wm. Depict , &mien mutt.
elated with hlm Wm 111. Woodward of Philadelphia,
John 9 Coserave and Itailph Baaslet of Pitobioph,
will continue the Wholesale Grocery Idarinem,at
lit and PO Wood at. under the firm of •
WP•L'itAGALEY & CO, Pidthurlthi
and BAGALEY, 'WOODWARD & CO., Philad'.
of o.Parsaaernhlp.
TtLEbctgar.ZuhiTeriThrslyre of Dro wn b' ;. " dralL th „ ' :
son, was dissolved on the tot nut by mutual consent.
Pimburgb, Oct 5, 1545.
The subscriber will continue the Wholesaht Groce
ry and Commiesion Butiness, as heretofore. at the old
wand. 147 Lliwriy or. oetS A. CULBERTSON..
TA am errors., Ntioon too Man., Prrimenruu,
gIeiNTINUE to manufacture all kinds of COPPER,
smith Work.
Steam Hosts Malt to order. •
Speeial ...111011 glee. to stem boat work.
Have on hands sine asrortment of Copper and Brass
Kettles, Ti,, Were, Ae. An Steamboat Crakitg Storm,
Portable Forges, various sixes—a very convenient ar
ticle for steamboats, California emigrants, ot rail rm./
We would respectfully innte.mists Sal men and
others to call and ace our articles ant, priers before
pHiMatin• elmschema. 15 .17
THE copartnership of HENRY HANNEN A. CO.,
..J. forrnerly Helmer, Muller Co., in the Woidow
• d Colored Glass business, is this day dissolved by
the withdrawal of Mr. Fredenek
The business will be continued by the undersigned.
under the firm of HENRY HANNEN A CO. Ware
' !mime No. IR' Second at, where we will Ore. vilmtv ,
suppttes of superior Window Glass.
Pittsburgh. Aug. IT, '4O. HENRY UMSTEATS
CopaStas , sretslp.
T li kn E L ' lL " ::=llL th ZlA -117 = 7.11`ZT
!Moe the besincsa as hereofotre. under the firm of
July 2.1t4X. D'EJ
MBE pannerslap heretofore exulting ender the firm
of A. lc C. BRADLEY, is dissoleed by the decease
of Me. C. Bradley. The bouts raa Intl be earned on by
A. Bradley, erhoasill settle the bmaneas of the late
REMOVAL—A. lltonne has removed
Warehouse from No. 112 Second street, to N 0.12
Wood street, between Eno end Second once.,the
warenneure lately ...pled by G. A. Gerry, whets be
will beep constantly on band a general assortment of
Castings. Grates, Stoves, Cooking Stoves, /re. lylk
''''k' e7=l b e ' ,73:l;e th7 k
Co., Is tics day oissol e n, fn :m1 by ' mutual column. Means
Berke b. Barnes Intl Sttlia rhr baszneas of the eone
corn, for sinett purpose May are autkortned to use the
nunerof the concert. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The undarstgned hearth. day associated thethaelves
to the uaroe of BURKE rs BARNES, for the purpose
of anufacturing lAre Proof 'safe, Vault Doors, he.
he., m at the stood of the lath firm of Constable, Burke
& CO. where they real be pleased to,recei se th e pa
tronage of the customers of thaELMt rum. an
NDd their Mends
In retuning from the firm of Constaple, Dark. & Co,
I with sincere pleasure recoatronn..ldearrs.ltarke &
Dames to the confidence of my
_friends and the publte.
I ~~f.lN~lA~,l~lxllil.`~
P• 012 n•Chillt• ibtlp•
10r WIGHTILIAN--tdogargustargoolj bads Meet;
and woollen mosattnery, Alla coy agog,
The shoo work. being now In fall pacorgotal op
craw. I am proposed to 02111010910. Yeti dopotth
for all kinds of machinery In say Lose,tuh as willows,
pokers, 'pouters, card., grin ritorayo.
4WA.Ming ftantric.:llpoßar,S, 11.1.i*-44111500, warden
cords, double or ougle, for merchant or country argot,
mulos,joekfro.; slide and hand lathes and goals to gen
eral. All kinds of ahgdliag made to order or photo gly.
en for goosing (aeon. or mills at rear noble charge.
Roos to—Kennedy. Co Blackstock, Bell
& CA.. King, Pennock b,Co. J.. A. GMT.
_ ____________
S.' R. AIiENT,
Forwarding and Communion Mar
chant,haa removed to No. 87 Front, between Wood
and Smithfield Wee.. unfi
IJUK have come PUMPS, made on an tmproved
V V plan. so as not to freers in the coldest leeches ,
Persons wanting such snicks, um invited to cull and
see them at SCAIFK & ATKINSON'S,
meta lac berwiern Wes , Nliir_ms_
RSERT A. CUNNINtiIIA&I has removed to No Co
Commercial Row, house formerly incepted by
hlorric Orem, where be will be happy in we his Inends
and former customers
. _ — 'FU rani - ticks. ' ortlo
$1,047,4:111 41
94,794 Ea
95,001 ES
2 OM 37
JOON D. 11.PCREA11V, Printing Ink Muntfactures,
Nos. 111 and 133 Stanton street, NEW YORK—De
pot N 0.3 Spruce .trees—Woold call the ausnuon of
Printers to him improved Printing Inks of various
kinds and orders, at the following prise.:
Extra fine JA Black, for Card and Wood
Cote $3 00. d 3 Myer tb.
Fine Book Ink • - 073 1 0.1 ••
Ilona rk • - • 0 0 050 "
News Ink - 0 18 t/ " 0 25
Fine Red Ink • 71n ICO 150 Or "
Bloc, Yellow, Green and White 750 lOn 150 "
Gold .100 at $3 per lb, and Bronze at 50, 73 .ti and
SI per oz.
A specimen ofliews Ink eon be seen on Om P.oper.
Pitoburgh, Pa.
C. Morgan k Co. Cloonan.. Ohio.
Morton to Go•wnold, Lowaville, Ky.
JAMES-W. wooDweia.,----
Modern and Antique Furnitur
2r. A large .d spiendtd ~, g—...
atsonment of Furut are,
.‘ . • --..
Halle for Steamboats, - .--...-.:- l'
Houle and onyx. dwel
lings, constantly on hand and made to order.
Tim present stock on hand cannot be exceeded by
arty mantra... In the western
onelong to pure's.. would do well to pre me a roll,
as lam detemu.d my prices shall plena. Part of
the stockrum... tn -
Tete a Tete, Buffet Lucie.,
Teats XIV Chairs, Queen B.llsabeth chairs,
Tea Pope; bruit Tables,
Toilet Tables, Louts X V Cokomoder,
French slabogany Bedsteads, Plano Stool.,
50 sofas with Plush and 11nm-cloth rovers,
50 Mahogany Rocking Chain,
40 dor Parlor do
30 " Fancy do
`XS centre Tables,
JO parr thrum,. 4 pam pee Tables,
15 marble top Dresung Bureaus,
8 Wardrobes, 8 Secretanee
and Book cases
00 marble top Wash Stands,
4 pa. Ottomans,
8 fancy Work Stands;
A ver y a.
large assortment of chnonon chat.. and other
fund..., too numerous to mention
so'Finltee';'„,:lo„a::„."'n^:,!,'"d:mosthe "o - ' - ""'
Diaphragm IT l. l T l . t it r i r ds ,
mi t: ,
o r .
1, 1 1
uo yf t : , ,
Rogge..thau t 1 Water.
brie at e e
...; 4.
Kole Agents for the sale of Jenrung's
Patent thaprabgro biller, for the of
nes of Pittsburgh .d Allegheny
/011N (lIIPION, Agult,
for Walter Id Ultimo, 348 ltroadwaY
Oct. 10,15113.
We have been mingone of the above entries at Ma
Mt. of the Novelty Works for three month., on trial,
arid feel perfectly uusfied that it Is it useful lIIVE.OII,
and we lake. pleasure In recommending them. a um.
NI article to all who love pore water. Orders will he
Ma...illy received and promptly excoated.
- Itevertibt. 'Mitering_ Ooak,
Which readers turbid rams re by
a A 71.1.7 1 AIT:g . tr c' t: 1 : '71 M:. 1 :o;
1 1Qp ,„. a lt hough oleo .d panto the aye, yet
k . h if • when It passes . hour through thJs
filtering cock, *bows a largo deposit
Impure substances, worms, &o. 'hat
II the at. mace or less with all hydr.t water.
'lto Reversible Filler. Is neat and durable, and Is
lotattended with the Inoonvenience incident tc. other
t 01..... as It le °loused ...oat being . detulted Ron
Me water pipe , by merely Meant the key or handl.
flout 011.1 61e to the other. By this <en pr..'ttt, the
C.f. 51 9,01111 Is eh.ged, and all asetunulatione Ic
impure salient.. to dnven Mr almost lulantly,
Wit.. upsarawing the Filter It also pouesses
tJ MIMI. of Lolng a stop cock, and as such in my
will be very convenient rid economical
II can I.• attached when there . any pressure MO
or low to • east, tank, tab, Se with ease. Yo be had
of ilte rola Agent, 'A, %V WILSON,
1)0117 comer of Fourth .d Market 105_
W vault ht •sta Oast Iron Ratting.
TIIS oubtumeg• hox lease to Inform the public that
11 =1 born obtained from the East both e late and dame. for Iron Railing, for houses
sod Pars.. wishing to procure hand
..i.i.e poitsr. with... call and examine, and mdge
fur the...lves. Hulling will be funushed at the short-
L. ., an d
49111. sod tu the Len ma B .
timer, al . f .. "
ltatherca street, Ally hen ? ca
suguto dif A. LAMON a & KNOX
0 onstage, Cocoas £O.
Ye baker's Atomised and French Chocolate, Prepar
cd Hams, Stumm l'ame, aroma, Cocoa
IMO ..01011111, mid consumers, who would purchase
I 4.8 tinel products of Cocoa, free from adetterauan,
aorta quit-dines than tea or eotee, and in quality num r•
esesd, the subscriber recommends the above articles,
11..faelotad by hiumelf and stamped with his name.
Ills Wows end Cocoa Paste, em delicate, palatable,
sad salutary drinks for invalids, convalescents, an d
mhcrs, sin pronounced by 0..00 eminent
wyefluf to any other preparation.. Ilts manufacture.
ere always on sale, In any quantly, by the molt rn
ayeelable groom in the eastern • ues, and by the 4
01.44 Ilasses,Oray ea., of llo.ton; James hi Bence
k se, Coon; Hussey k hlarray, New Yorlf,
Went Mons, Philadelphia: Thor..." V 11 .nmald.,
end Kellogg gs Dennett,Culetnnau, Ohio.
WALTER BAKER, Dorcheiner Maas.
War sok by nag'3l 1110ALEV k SMITH, Ago;
J. GLENN, Book Welders.
are anti a in the oboe tetainea, owner
of Wood and ild streets,,Pittaborgh where
we an prepared to do any wart ha oar li ne with des.
'patch. We attend to oor work petranalti end • •
faction anal be giv. to nerd m.ita ne.toesa and de
Hlmt lkokirtded,to anY'rot,an bound
stannatly. Book. Nu t
meat bers orold books bound
folly or repaired. ut on WA, in gilt le • •
Those that have work 100 ar llneare Waled to
- Prices low. raT2Olf
— Sealer Cookla to ra dlce
AttARSHILI^ WAIIIC3I:I%°, Re tain C.... 0
corner Liben_y Wood umu, =luau
an offer for ale Platform, Floor and Counter Seal •
of the most improved guality; Cooking Stove for
and coati Egg Stara of various ead% Parlor
common Grates, Hollow Ware, traa. nay al •
manufacture the Kitchen Range, which ku given • • •
general satisfaction to those laving it in nal. 1 ... 11 °
which they ',toed reapectfWlfinvite the attention o
the titianu and the public gelmrally. 4,27.113.
would call the attention of the city trade and
deaters generally, to the renewing. broods Tobaccos,
to store and to arrive, which being consignments
wet from manufacturers, be is enabled to aellot out.
ern prices: .
139 1 busß W Crenshaw
70 I " James Madwou as;
841 " Lamartine ss;
- 33 • Mirabcao
t 3 v Putnam Is and lit;
16 1 " Roberts & Sisson aw,
a 1 " Oscar Burl 6s;
9 " Johns it Lewis la;
3 " Warwick, atter Is;
" Henry &Juno. ss, Is and Bw,
letuarmio, ri.
TOILI WRIGHT& C 0.., ste prepared to brilld Conan
and Woolen Machinery . plasm deseriptlus, such
Drawing,rB.;infina,P=a, fredieer:
Incasing Frames, Looms, Cud Uri/Meta, Wrought
Win Shafting turned; all else. of Cast Iron, Ponies and .
Hangers of the latest patterns, slide and hand Lathe.,
and mole Mall kinds. Castings of every description
furnished on short on line. Patterns made to order for
Mill Gearing, Iron /so. Steam Pipe for heat
ing Factories, Cast Iron %%iodate Sash and faney Cas
tings generelly. Orden left at the Warehouee of J.
Palmer es Co., Liberty meet, will have prompt amen-
JA: - .141:11 - •InUON.
Refer to 131aekolock, Bo & J. K. Moorehead b.
Co., G. E. Warner, Job n Irmo & Sono, Pinaborgh ; G.
C. J. 11. Warner, Steobeoville. 1.19
ts. WHITE & CO, rroald rerpectfully inform
. the public that they have erected a shop on
Lacock,laerween Federal as& Sandnaky mem. They
am now making and ate prepared to receive orders far
every desenpuon of vehicles, Coaches, Cheriothit Ha.
touches, Buggies, Pharons, /cc., he., which fromtheir
long experience an the manufacture of the stove work,
and the facilities they have, they feel confident they we
enabled to do work on the most muotiablirterms with
these wanting tinkle. in their
Paying particular attention to the seleental of cam.
nail, and having moo out competent workmen, they
have no hesitation In warranting their work. We
therefore ask the attention of the public to this matter.
N.H. Repairing demi in the beat manner,: end on the
most reasonable term, jarOrtf
T .
HER:S.—Hastily made arrangement.'toe a coat
sCant supply of FACTORY FINDINGS, we will sell
at low prices Calf and Sheep Roles Shilits, Lae* Lew
Met. Pickets, Reeds, Shuttle., Hemp Tau. Treadle.'
Nu 3 to IS Belt Punches, Wrenches, lambing Cards,
10 in 13 in; Patent Dresser Bombes, W ' [truth
s Sc &e LOGAN, WILSON & CO.,
rept Inn Wee, street, Finsbury/h.
I)ORT WINES-01111dT, Webhai & Forrester, ism;
r Pure rich and dry, Gould, Campbell h Co.' old
dry 1,13. tabours's 1631; Pure Ineth Pore Juicapar
'nestles Port, Harris & Sou, Pure Luca threblo, doa
ble and angle Grape. 'Thew wines are all celebra
itt for their medical propertma, and can hi had whole
sale or retail at the Wine Store of
. •
rime subscriber offers for sale a large ana wt..d‘d
rmsonment of rowarood and mahogany grand AC
-1 non Pianos, with and without Coleman'. celebrated
.Eolian Attachment. The above instransents ere war
! ranted Cr be equal to any nuntufactered this coun
try, and swill be sold lower thar any brought from the
East F. liLUfd.F., No 1.11 wood in,
td door above 3th
N. a—City Scrip will be taken at par for a few of
be above asebninent myll F. 11.
Ilardwa...—Cbaapar than Crari '
r (JOAN, WILSON & Importers and Wholesale
1..• Dealers in Ilvderve, Cullen' end SeddlerYi No
Phi Wood street, abuse F/fllLhave now latore• very
cheap and well selected anckof Hardware, Imported
the decline of pnces in Duey* and winch they
arc determined to sell correspondingly low. Merchants
who have been in the habit of going East, ant particu
larly requested los call and look through acie stock, aa
au nit
co dently bellere they will save their expences
note .
Voang MEN In wholesale and retail cares, and odar
respectable honoree, to act as Book-krepers, dales.
awn, Porters, Ilarßeepera, Walters, Farmers, Coach.
tura Car Agents, Rook arid Map Agents, Collusion,
thettseen4 to all braustres of badness, he. We have
at all ticus a large number of good situations on hand,
atuch pay from ..101t to SLOW per enders. These in
want of situations of any Iliad weeld do well to give
as a call, as we have agents In each-of the above el.
tics, which will citable u to place everyapetcaei
• suitable aituation at the shortest notice. .We have •
weball who may
ig! acquaintance In OS the above named ed
lieri to hi we trust end
fairer us with gi a COIL sire enable us to ve vie satisfac-
TAYLOR & H., TAYM bet Ai, No. SP Second I ween South and 0.7.
N. ll —Persons limns to any pariof the U. States,
and welshing to obtain a aituatton llaltlasore, or et.
War of the above mutts, will have thmr.wants imme
diately attended to by addreasing o. a line, lyoallud)
as by so louse they erg! eurtall troth troable and as.
pence, 'stitch they otherwise wotld incur by corning
to the city, and ...lung employment for themselves.
Addreu, TAILOR & TA VaI.A.N,
N 0.59 Second street,
m Baltimore, hid
IleLana In Traumas..
HIS la to comfy that I parch.. one vial of Dr.
Molina's Worm Specific, .on two months ago
and gave. to a ma-amine, some mime Verde old, two
clam.. WI, and although the amount may appear
axle, la I have oo doubt hat there was opera,. of
moo Toocueo woo. p.sed from him,
Am no quarter of ealoch to two melee to.
w noLuniv.
lioaers (took. Carrell co. Tenn. Meat. MD. MA
giratiaghases, [num Pittsburgh.] Pa.
Warehouse, bro. 137, Wood aired, PittaborgA.
iiiW ILL constantly keep on hand 4 good .oOn.
~,, at War.; of oat own manalactchr,
_ N and
~,r , ,,,,,,act . Wholesale and co/inn ov
eChants ate respectfully Ln•ltedl.o call and ea
cheapero themselver before beeves, as ere are deuirrnined to eell
than has en otferedto the pale
LOrders sent by tnetlonacompamad by theesah
tv renrenoe. wtll
Is promptly atter.dvl b!._.anylG
10 THE LADIES—Just ronetvod, a full assornino
of gold and silver Thread, Cord and Braid; als•
Spangles and Bullion, for etediroidaring and other o
narnenud work. Also, gold ond stlverfassels, Fring
and Lane.
Jentelry of the Stoat fashion., to great variety.
Watches of superior quality and ItaaUSSS!_p_altuots,
d for sale at Eastent prices. W W WILSON,
nog: center Market and Fourth gm
MENT--Open from 6A. M. to ll P. M. Sangl
Bath 23 cents, or 6 for I minim' Ladles depattme.
open troth IP to 11 A. M. and from Ylod P.M.
, The Refreshment Saloons are unequalled in .tyl
attendance. Recherche Ice Creams'
saw T. hPYALti. Proprietor.
Alt - A4MCCR/VE - .11 - ; --
Tilt; attention of ,ha public I. respecuany dulled to
the following certificates:
Al. K. Plumete—llnving tested • uantity of Gold
weighed by your Areometer, I find theresole proves
your inatrnment correct; and recommend tba nee of it
to Mom going to California,tho burl method Mr ob.
mining the real value of Gold. Beep. youn,
J. D. DUNLVVY; Gold Beam.
Musburgb, March 9, I big.
Prrnesumu, Match 7, lalla
—Dear Etc Having examined the"Areo
on manufactured at your room., Ido not hamtate
commend it to the um of thong guntlemon who ma
about mmoviug 43 California in search of Gold.
It giver a clom approximation to the apeelfte groat
ty ol metals, and wdl corimuly enablo the advenntrar
to amertato when Ida placer as Yielduti Gold.
mono ' Four., resp'v. J.O. hiICLINTOCK.
y N DI A - IttltiltElt CLOTHING—Just received for the
California CamictlitiOn, n -comp leteamr meal of
Gam Kinetic Clothlng, at price. ming from 115.50 to
all.= for mutt of coat, panto and hat. For wile u the
Indio for
Limmt, No 5 Wood si
devil; J & 11 PHILLIPS
olier,s2r wmiTgazo
UFACTuRF.—The subscriber takes ltd. method
a informing his friends and the public, in genoral that
he tomthe 'amain woe Jr of the following named nrti.
ess, Trunks and Whips, all oewidett'he will warrant
o be made of the best material and by the best mech.
antes in Allegheny county, Being determined to sell
his manufactures something lower than has been here
tofore soil by any similar establishment in the city,
he would invite persons in need of the above named
atonic. to his warehouse, No. 244 Liberty street, oppo
site Seventh. Also, bands made to order for machine.
ry ,ocably 0. KERUY.
sitita . B
end shoo umILLS OF EICHANE y-
E, pa
able in Cincinnati, Lonisville and St. Loom, pot.
Mourn on the most favorable terms..
11,po " t 1V Ir . Ic! ' in D X . Al ' e n talli: l i t ' uttr i lan " tral! )."
r •
3 u " " " BM
1 " Woes' " u Slippers;
I " Men`s " " Overshoes;
1 " " 2 , ; " Sandals .
I " " leather sorod " Ore sho e.;
All of which will be .old, erholesals or yowl, lower
than at any house in Out city,
''.l tr. H PHILLIS,
nosell o 3 Wood street
VVHEAT FLOUR-100 sacks (0(60 RS in store and
for sale by novIS STUART tc SILL
OAP-123 bx. Cumin.ll, last reed. 10r..J by
nov2l RUM , MATTHEWS &
E SSENTIAL OILS-1 ono 011 kinrgamo4
" " lAvondori
rapport:an!: •
" Bassafram;
!Yeah and p.m, for ado by
A OCASSI...W-60 bbl. Plantation, landing ham du
Mb simmer Manangabeln, ialorltabs by
LEAO-1150 f i tt ,
v 0.21
eIOFFEE-100 bags Rio, lebblyility in"
%,./ for sale by
p O t T ov. c re,
YS tep No I t for yak bY
noviS 'roam& BEST
Musa! AA WEB.II - -Now openipg A.A.
Co's, BB dos Qom and UodorY, of . 11
dead quallUes. sire&
27, 1849
Ity the President tar the United St.'s,
IN versales. of law, I, ZACHARY TAYLOR,
President of the United SW.; of America, do hereby
deelaie tnad rendre known, that public ules will be
held at the andeanantioned Land Offices in the State
or briawu,a,r, at the reeds hereinafter designated,
to wit: .
Al ttin 1.1211 Ogee at JACKSON, coonnencitis on
Mendel, the seventh day of January next, for the dis
of the publie Ittit, sinned within the [lOW
=alma toirnstiplt, and parts of townships, we
Ittioh PI as baulks, and anal A. AM% principslen•
" ridian. •
Tothip twentrtwo, (except tensions seven, oe•
venteell, inghteen, nineteen, twenty, terearl-nins4 mt .
ty, thirty one, and -ttnti,) of range four.
l awn hip twenty.two, of range Ilva.
Frsedonal township ditsen, end township twenty
nixteeti and seventeen, and
Praceinial Itlis=pfsfs=,usevtv'entnen, eighteen,
and twnistponer lownships twenty.two and twenty
three; and sections three to ten inclusive, sixteen to
twentpone inclusive, And twenty-nine to tholy-two
includes', in township twenty-six, of range eight.
Township nineteen,( except tractional seetionathinp
on e , thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-fear, thirty-five
tlond ,
and thitty-sixy ) fractional township twanty, and frac.
. f slAti , oris t.m • on nw e !
bee, twenty-viz, twenty twelve s thirteen,
-seven, th irty-four, ustriy.fise,
tiorthwest (medals of section six, in wnship
nlnetnery and (motional townshiptownship twenty, to
of range
North of the tAs hare Una and war ras pvirodpe
Townships twenty-three, twenty.four, twenty-eight
and Pep ty.nine, of rasp eight.
wnships twenty.tkree, twenty-four twenty-bye,
and twenty-eight, of range nine.
Townships ' twenty-two, twenty.thrne,
twenty-eno, twenty-five, and twenty-mg of range ten.
At tlw Land office at SPRINGFIELD; commencing
en idesday, the fnaticenth day of J ano ary next, fin the
toof the ptiblio lands within the undermentioned
ps and fractional townships, vin•
Mad efts bass lies, and Wal qf the Atta.principat ens
Fractional township twenty-one, and township.
twenty-five and twenty-Az, of range eleven.
Fractional township twenty-one, of range. twelve,
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen. eighteen,
nineteen, twenty, and twenty-one.
Fractional township twenty-one, and township tweu.
ty-four, of range twenty-two.
Fractional township twenty-one, and townships
twenty-the. and twenty-four, of range twenty-three.
Fractional township twenty-one, and townships
twenty-three and twenty-four. of range twenty-foat.
Fractional township twenty-our, of ranges twenty
five and twenty-six.
At the Land Office at CLINTON, commenclug on
Monday, the twenty-Ant day of Januarynegg, for the
disposal of the pablie lands within the following yarn
ed townships, to wit:
Mona of SU aawfins, and wen .
ths AA4 no.pniots
raids '
Township thirty-fire ,of range eurhmen.
Lands appropnateff by law for the use of School.,
mlitary, and Mier porous., swill be excluded from
the sales.
The offering of the alMve mentioned lands will be
commenced on the days appolmed, and proceed to the
order in which they are adiertised, with all conveni
ent dapatch, until the whole shall have been offered,
and the titles thou elated; bat no sale shall be kefir
open longer Maoism week., and no Private entry of
any of the lands will be adm it ted until after the expi
ration of the two week.
Glum ender my band at the city of Washington, this
fifteenth day of September, Arno Domini ono tisand
eight hundred end form-nine.
By the President: Z. TAYLOR.
Commimioner of the General Land OM..
.Ev y a o 7ll,lo . nrix ,i t n ot,h w e
.right od to
townships above enumerated, is repaired to eitablialt
the same to the satisfaction of the Register and Recei
ver of the proper Laud Mee and make payment there
for as swami pracdeable Wier sewing this notice, and
belon the day appriimed for the commencement of the
paid. sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed,
otherwise Bach claim will be forfeited.
Commissioner of the General Land Office.
Bwu mad Shoes.
SPLENDID assonance% lltht mom...L=o.lls for
the Fall and WthrerTrade,
conidaSnE_itt pan of
REN'S WARE, o very variety and style, and at
prices to suit the times. Those wishing to eureka.,
wholesale or retail, will And it la thew advantage to
give us a call and examine fee themaelves.
ss .
. .
ectl7 corner Fourth and Smithfield cis.
v.Dean forget the Ph..
And is now meting a line saiioraneat of
Which ha is prepared to snake to olds '
And to th• * latis•t r•shions..
plus Invfifinv, under th e care of See. J. hL HOS.
J. HORN AND LADY, will reopen on Ilenday, the
17th of September, In the same TOO No. 62 Liberty
urea. Having limited the number of their pnpile, the
Principals hope ta merit a confirmation of that liberal
pmronage they have hitherto etuoyed. Perm. worded
theiras Gm every edvantage will be afforded
their duskier', Irptseed ender their charge, ob•
tabling a thorough Englieh, Clamical, and Ornamental
education. augthhdtf
- -`
TC com E AUence TUMN o OV , SION Ws Institution will
mn the ant Monday In SapLember.—
Roam on Federal atmot.M "Colonado Row," MI door ,
• • • .
from the bride , .
Rants or Tol7loll PIZ 6141071 OT RYE Men..
English Department, including Reading, Orthogra
and Defining, Writing, English Crammer, Rveto-
Logl,e EugU.& Composition. d and
higher Criticism, o hes
tummy, Solon!, Physiology, Geology, Intelleetual
and Moral Science, and all Other branches requisite to
• thorough English Elaceuen • • -La au
Olassital Dep.tment,lnclo dins the Laun and Greek
LaFges, each - - • d
ch no on
Ste 00
The services of competent teachers are secured for
such as desire instroction lit French and Germ., and
also is Drawing, Painting and Music.
It is desirable that popiis enter at the commence
ment of a session, yet they 'are reeeivo4 ar any, ume,.
and acecharged at the above rates from the time of
entrance. No deductions are made for abseneds, ex
t cps is eases of protracted illness.
Farther information may be obtained, and implica
tions made by calling up the Principal, et his rooms
ou Federal meet, or at his lodgings in "Irwin's Row,"
Liberty street, Pilltburgh,,boliTten 3a arni 4th swear,
or by srldressir4, through the Pittsburgh Post Grace,
the Principal. N. %V.
Allegheny, Aug. 7, Ifito. dtf
• —•
j fr HE Second Session of this Imtlitsalon under the
cam of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.., for ' the present
academic year, will commenre on the OM of Fe.ea
ry next, In the same Mailings, N 0.82 Libetlyetreet....
Anantrentems have been made by which they will
Le able to furnish yoneg ladles facilities equal to any
in the West, for ebtauung a thorough Englishveleset:
eel, and Ornamental education. A full coarse of Pb,.
limphical and Chemical Lectures will be delivered
during din winter, illusuwed by apparel.. The de.
parimentsof Vocal and Instrumental Music Modern
Languages, Draw. and Punting, will oath ' . under
the care ofa competent Professor_ By close attention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their pa.
Hs, the Principals hope to mesti &continuation of the
liberal ronage they have bitto P rinci pa ls. For
tenon,See m elretliOT or apply to the
il lo -dd
Prrnountan, Sept. to, 1849.
1k511... TILOS. X. HIBBERTt—Dser Pie Tour WRI-
J.V.I. TING FLUID We have now been using more than
et year, and on looking over the entries made by it, we
find the color • bright blue blocs. It is pleasant to
mute with, thews (roe, and dnes not clog the pen like
the ordinary inks in tise. Wishing coo the ready wile
iu menu "'e el' we are,
re Srd e fU l A r' le CO.
Poe sale, together with Bibb.. Red Ink, and Ma
chine Copy Ink, by B. A. Fahtirctock H. P
Schwa., Allegheny City, and by the miumfacturer
T. K. Hibbert, Druggist and Chemist, comer of Latter
ty and Smithfield Ms, Pi...burgh. 00113
ereilemee rsuria rearms amnia .Neril. sum
(Successors to Ramey, Hanna tCo.)
JOI in Foreign and Domestic Exchange, °tonneaus
of Deposita, Belk Notes, arid Specie—Fourth meet,
neatly oppealta the Rank of Pittsburgh. Car rent mo
monad en dap:WU—Sight Cheeks for sale, end
eolleetions made art
nearly a/1 the principal point. in
the United States.
The highest promlampald mr Foreign and Angelic.
Advance. made on consignments of Produce, ship
ped Eau ort liberal terms. apx
Purer Sacra= /strum 11EnsHamra,9.
Patna rms./toe =Swim nabla, cu, Hamra,
Book Cana Wetting
ICFIE TABLES far mousing every other in
caution albs kind now extant. They.esa be en
vied t, m tweigyliee , teet,end *me e!oeed
laded imam ten to meta.,
- the leaves am all containedWeide...the are Made to
ill and shapes, and are etinikabr i p aapted for
gkambosta, Hotels, sad large private amines, fens
kg when closed • complete centre table.
DOPAS AND BUREAUS—These ankles are Inval
uable, pardealarly to three who wish to keno.
Wee room, and convert • sleeping apartment into a
parlor or strung reran, LS they .11 bLi Gpa d and abut
eauvenknea, and when shot, the bedding is
ed. Agreat. umitag In moot and ram. All the bed=
meadawbou elated form • beartilhil pike of Straiten,
fo llteffil l YAll,lta g mat ' and ;meal article (or peeler
or drawing room.
WEITINGIDESIES—Per law cakes, manning rooms;
arid other teems when vaned ameaconvenient bed.
stead, veltencloaed• perfect Desk and Librarl: alone
All these ankles need ao recomatendationt the
beam) of the whole is,thcr are warranted ant to get
Our of repair. It will be for Tour intereita to call and
meek. the ankles, at the matutfactarers store No.
b 3 Tbkd street, Pumburgh. In addition to the ed.'s
. . " =L L pr taltr #Tooiwitu..
li a iVkllßON !CO
Corner Front and Vino streets. Clatinnati. O.
ORDERS rims Prnsbafor AleabaliPure BOWL%
Raw or Rtabletd Fanstey, will be promptly at.
ended to at warbet price. =chill:ear
Jr 4 large anorovent oPF.mhaesed Plano and Table
Coven out be Toad u W IFCtircoek% Carpet Warw
hope. at redwood pin& Cali sad anima Wore .
purchasing Owyhee.
AI. tut treAttsii
Ty, or We'
WE one now receiving from the futory a Taiga
V supply of these goals,
_which we are selling low.
er than such good. can be lied elsewhere in this city.
We ase no aetds in bleaching, the , bier" g" ";
mu object being toprodoce goods not for .how only,
but for comfort and durability, and es such they re
ceived the first premium over all other goods exhibit
ed at the late Allegheny Agolcultual Fair. ,
For sale at the Blanket Depot, No. dd Market et, end
at the mate rooms of the Fayette Maagactaxing Co,
No. ILI Second at.
Blankets of our Manufaeture are sold In Allegkul
City, by Mr. John Dean, and also at the , Big
Windows,” Federal m. oetllS
THE subscriber has on hand, (received the present
season, consigned from the manufacturers, the fol
lovring Goo d., winch be is authorised meta,, atprices
very tom
30 pieces yard wide Barred Flannel.
250 elite Whim Bed Hie/Mete, ribbon bound, rig
pounds: to the pair.
I ease /50 pairs Steamboat Blankets, ribbon bound, a.
very siiperlor article.
4 cams leler pairs) Grey bilged Blankets.
perior •
be prs Dark ai Gentianella Blue Blankets, a very su
8 eases Grey and 13lue Blanket Coating:
40 pieces Tweed, Br... Manville make; t case .11•0 fl
edpelalli and barred Jeans, Steubenville maratfectory,
The ebove goods am all consigned direct Gore the
maker, and will be sold very low for cash orapprombd
notes.. °cep H. LEE, Liberty sr, opposite Mb.
,d ililllll7Tilliti - has commencen tote m:so a
J. ; large assortment of Woolen Comfortand
Baskin, Berlin, buckekin and +woolen Glares;
Thibe . l . nloth,',lnous de lain and blanket Bliawlk; cash
mere,' orstod and woolen Hose; Pongee and Jinni,
Ildkr silk and satin Cravats and Scarfs; Gimps and
Fringes; Irist Linen, Table Covers, Crapes, Ribbons,
lace4blea hod' Muslim, Tabby
Patent Thr chedeads,,newcol ored ing Bilk, Banana, Gum Sam WW e.-
dem, Pins, Percussion Cam. Almanacs, common and
gold Jewelry, gold and silver Wittches, Combs, pock.
et and table Cutlery, 'and many other goods whtcb
country and eity . lderchants are respectlely invirnd
o esassunrn , . ppluit
ASANUFACTFRF. an will keep on hull Family
JY.I. and Steam Boat Blankets, Domestic Flammla
blue, 'gown and drab Blanket Coating, Satinets and
Woolen Yarn, whirl, they will sell as Eastern pikes.
Warehenwe'Ne 1113 theeend at, Pittsburgh, Pe
Factory, New Haven, Fayette co. Pa. sorri
• • • •
min have Milt received a lupe tad complete .toclt
VT of CLACKS, Variety and Fttac Gdods toita
ble lot the fall trade, TO which , with elm dem' maim,
of. Looking Glamesmanufactured at oar own meant
power-Mop this shy, We ask MO attention of West
ern hietchants and other &Wont.
aptlo comer Wood and Fourth ata
ARE now recetviit,g their usual mpplies of Goods
for the Fall season, which they will be happy to
exhibit to their old cavemen, and as many now ones
as may fool inelmed to present themselves.
/slivers taking great pains to lay in such goods-as
are adopted to the wants of the Western Dade, which
long esperieme enables them to do, they can my with
muck confidence, and without entering into o detail
of their mock, stunt the Wmtern retail tneenhnnt wtil
find with them all that his customers requite. Thom
who ham formed the unprofitable habit of repricing
to the IF:mum cities for their stocks of Dry (Mods,
woot l
do wall to mil, as a candid comparison of o
ces ould in many cases malt in tie conviction that
the egpmme ofgoing further may be °Waned by tug
ingArntsburgh. Todd
EE now receiving • very large, meet of fres/
Goods, of recent purchase and importation,which
they . 'mill sell to the trade at such prices as cannot fail
to ger., entire satisfaction.
City and Count/ Men:b pu rchasing
arc invited to call end
examine our meek before urchasing elsete/
RECEIVED and now open for exami
nation,• new and splendid assort
mein of 7 Octave Pianos Insia.Chick.
erinr Bonne, among them a full
carved Louis XIV. entered foram of our chimes, who
has tindly pe rm itted tl to remain in my ware room to
day Wednesday} b ea rt:um These who may have
• de 're to me and this splendid specimen of an,
are iespec Cully invited to call te day Mike store o I
70IIN II 31ELLOR.81 Wood st
Agent for Chickering's Pianos for Western Pa.
octl: --
0 y Oysters!
EIRRIsTa &CO'S Daily Express Is now regularly de
/101ivering Cm and Shell OYSTERS, winch we of
fered to dealers and Willies at the lowest prices.
Quality warranted equal to any brought to this mars
tet and for sale by
J. C. INDWELL, Sy, Water at
Also—At the following depowt—Reisrger, cor
ner Smithfield and Second sts; E. Heatleton, Diamond;
Metier is Robinson. Federal st .Alleshrwr. .oetls
iIE fart of NICKLIN &DRYDEN being dissolved
the undersigned vrill enatinuethe Fomenting and
Commission Business at the steam boat...landing,
FRANKLIN, and respecenllv informs his friends that
he has gone to the expense of a heavy thaitance on
the'vearehousa and aohtents : for several Teams and
traits he mill give entire a...action to all who may
rammise him. lie vnD reedy. freight at the Lower
Landing. oetl2 JAIIFA DRYDEN.
LpWnLL vz.zwonna,
TOO 000 MOVAL 4.10 rosurrevr cum 0/ .1.01113050
4.111,0 WWI ST MM. 1111,TS 07 TOe IMMO '
OE mart IL 111111171.1,1 r.
Scrofula er King's Evil, Rheumatism, °bedtime Cum.
neou. &moons, Pimples or Pustules on the Face,
Blotches, Giles, Chronic SOP , Eyes, Rios S Worn'
or Truer, Scald Head, Enlargement md Pain of
the Bones and Joints, Stubbern Ulcers ' Syphilde
Symmons, - Selatica or Lumbago,—cu d disease.
aflame from an injudicions use of Mercury, Act
toes or Dropsy, Exposure or Imprudence in Life;
Also—Chronic Constitutional Disorders, a.c.
In this preparntion areatroriely concentreted all the
Medicinal properties of Sanapantla, combined with
the most effectual olds, the moot .1110L17 production.,
the most potent simples of the vegetable kingdom; and
'lt has been so fully tested, not only by patients them
selves, but al.. by physicians, that It has received
their mqualified recommended°na and the approbar
don of the public; and has established, on its own
merits, a reputation for amen mad orrice. far rope.
riot to the •arlons compounds bearing the name of
' Sarsaparilla. Di.lll.llell hove been cured, tech no ire
not furnished in the records of time-pan; and whet It
has already done for the thousands who have used It,
It Is capable of doing for the million. will suffering sod
struggling with disease, It purifies, cleanse% and
strengthens the fountain springs of life, and Infuses
new vigor throurrhorit the whole animal frame.
The foLowing striking. and—m will be seen—per
manent mire of so Invetenue case of Scrofula, COl2l.
.mends itself to all similarly afflicted
'Souserroxv, Conn,/ ari. 1,1818.
?deem. Sands: Gentlemen, Sympathy for the Met.
ed induces me to inform you of the remarkable cure
effected by your Sarmtparille, lu tho ease of my wife.
She wos severely aillicted with the Scrofula on differ
ent parts of the body; the glands of the neck were
greatly enlarged, and her Mobs much swollen. Alter
naming over a year, and finding no relief from tho
remedies used, the disease attacked one leg, and be
low the tree suppurated.' Her physician advised it
Mould be hid ohich was done, but without any
pen, w
perament benefit. la this ululation we beard of, and
were Induced to me, Sands' Barsaparill% The first
bottle prodnced a decided and favorable effect, reliev
ing her mere than my prewription she had ever taken;
and before she need bottles—ta the astonishment
and delight of her friends—she found hey health quite
restored. Il e s now over a year sinerstWestra wen ef.
Mated, and hr health remains good, showing thit the
&acme was thoroughly eradicated from Me systere•
Our neighbors are all knowing lathes. fects,and think
very highly of Sands' Sarsaparilla.
Tours with respect, JULIUS PiRE.
Extract from a letter received form Mr. N. W. Her
o i s. L °.g.` u er.;°aY:rith
y o ur Ssrnapseillu, who was snacked with Scrofula,
and of a scrofulous family.
°Your% truly,
uPredericks Hull, Tee July 17,11345 N. . W " HARBI6.
SANDS' 13...1,11.1,—1L SeGittli almostumnecena
ry to direct attention to en article so well known, and
so deservedly poptilar,nethls pteummionlbutpatterm
lon who wish to use the extract of Sarsaparilla, are
Induced to try worthltsu compounds bearing Menem%
but containing little or mum of the virtue of ibis valu
able root and we thick we Cannot confer a greater
benefit on our leaders than to directing these attention
to the adveresenter tof the Messrs. Bands, In =other
column. The bottle has recently been enlarged to
hold a quart, and those whawish greatly good amide
will Ind concentrated In this all the medicinal value
of the root, The experience of 'thousands Ms proved
Its efficacy he cuing the varlom diseases for which it
is recommended; and at the present Wee more thut
any. other, pertain% Ls this medicine thsefithfn Orepa.
' sing the ;quoin for a charms of searunt.willems soar:
nal, Sept.ISIS.
Pfepared and sold, wholesale anCrirtaili. by A4ll. &
D. SANDS, IBMS* gad Chemise, led Fallon street,
corner ofWilliam, New York. Bohr alio by Drug
' gists generally throughout the Uniteddillates and. Cane
ads.. Priest SI per bottle; di bonlesfor
& CO, end EDWARD FENDERICEL Pittsbakoh. Ale
so, by Dr.II:I3IdITH, Brldriernier. idellldedullkwT
JAYN—ThIa cendes, that immediately atm
hay ng attended my brother, who died of commotion
In Iffarch b. llllB,llnts taken Welt with the Commotion
or Laver lam, and wan reduced so low with the
Dwane, tins 7 or four yearn t waa linable to attend to
my bum.s, either at home or .broad, beied for the
most time coplauci to my hed. Dories the above ear ,—
od of time, I had ermaed for medical anandanoe o
regular Physicians and medium, to the amount of
gsttq anthout receiving any benefit therefrom. In
/an IBA I conanenceW MI! Dr: dense. hlettl
dine% and have taken them mo or Mes ever
mud believe that It was by persevertny In thelr use,
that I can tow wall say that I Itave com=l vtYiW
sexed my health. I belIG
test dene'tt
and Expectorant am the family nrwEeince tow In
I reside In Sprtojilold, Otsego may, N. Y., and
only on v. (mace end mutate , gap in Mat plate,
and VI Zia Interested 10 any exanner_te Me Welles
shove esetholoss, wad make mine i Viekte i tor 14 21.
eta of Rem maimed. .
o f mesa, N. y, 1.612. 1.4
•-if igili r ,t it 4 ;Iry :,-.-.: ,i ,, i'.4
. ..
We. Sal...
SEJ ' riI!VI•EMR, ?iy,tiLltri , DOCTOR,. '...,„
~.• ... s. riorpt *mi . sitars, il. ....t• .-.,
Alr, IL E.l4ellems—Deareirf k ik r t.,.....n.,,,„.,,....
Witte pablicr, as well as ..fribe prodil . „ =WWI ,•,.. -co - ' ,
pill to state the &id elects praltlen Ilts kit kr.if
my Own true. Darin thstwoultstg 15.141
vemtmseell, mY gram i fl a , %t Mida. - !•‘ .2 r' '
entirely. pros Will Pi .
shouldem I was tobf byibuldtbalsdinlkalailako 6 .. : .•
wawa severe attack orilydrentalghlem , ltoollrola ,-, ,. -
ral boxes of Nixie's Lisldinleslusli l /015= 0 ~•. •••:.
which I um willow soul On 1 43
al I wes muting versa I Ansa/ ,dji =a l C 7- Pai 1 1" ) ...." 1 .. ',
under the mall.,sf. fy ....61iT:.
Worse; bat, forateately, lan as ith lg ui SissZttinia_ : .
by, the Rey. L ?aloof, if thia pisehthat*Ml=mlsti .
sent him • box of Same Liyerlills Lima .. ~,,.....,•;.
Which hid benelned it Welt lima: .I'' ~L . ., , , P i.1:. . .
sent for a box of - unu• Unrest) litittal, k1:11,V744 40tht" .• , '..
wu door using liana wail Unnee tux. . - . • - . ~.
Me medldbie that • sane' 4 iny rise .' lafth , 1fi ,, ,1r.1 . ~.
and look Ire or six bans, sad lassaldrt=l" " Az . ."S : i•
entirely eared; but in /Welt Int I sf• .. , .. I
cold; whieh
read bank the' MAMA t illelishOrtituri 111.
tit.tti wet us bed u our. I. ala#Lbld,,,eM a ...2lL'ilytni..l ' •:.• '•
your Liver PK% end took llt,.,'"e*/°`........"7 ..'. - . .."
six weeks, audnecaslonallysisue,lent IOW; oiniallYs?li.: lin ... ,
that / unser say. that I. teal 1111/8 /I. ~PaLt r gla•r..e, TO .... i•
of the Liver Complaint, -L aud rafgensm • . ..,.
good now as ft has barn for ilinissill yang cvla t:t...t..0 -,
fdy nelightnas ask Ma-who wu UM dfc-•.. Vat, ••• .., ii...
them that Kellese' 'Boe r Pills - was try f ded . Lid ' 10 , t' - ' , ', :.-
itts blessing of DiYineProvidencatheislestal=ina,.. l ',, zi . .:3,, ,
am. I ant confident thMerhen tbe_Pahle b A 6".. ~-. '.‘." .!.%-
quainted With the :Lahore yeast Liver EllbrOhil•da . •••• , Y.
mend Err them wf , l inetalS.l. , bbbarettATlOM i;I:s IZCS , ; '
to whom , I recommended the plla un ~,, • • '
their value, as well as In the factsuboyetteMeLl" , , 4 .- ' ..." 4 "
Respectfully yount, . i .e ..4. 1 =U0.P.7. ,V.1t43 - .1 .6
To vim PratsciL-The OTXInal, Saes. W gese._, , i' 17,11 '. 3 .:,:f .
sfts. Wes:Pills are lor i e . peld,llY . FeMsd a ,... o . ? c,...5. - .•,1 - . •.:, ,
have hp raga mampea bl lb , mime
each lox, and Ins tagnatereoti Om eatsalerlMAPern tic'. 004 .. .
1.7• All others are counterfens,nr,assoWur__%, il 12'.J • ''.
spt27 R. E SELI,ERS, Proprietof; ST 000 •"l ~ - , ii .
!: • IIfkILITYCIN MSETII.6. - • '
~a f fit ". ... j
/Wan by thd name of ILI/Mawr mtt,.... , ......0,7.,,, ,
With n
. o min of the name of S. P.Towneen
uses hi name to pat up t •Satveparills,.whlskr.they 10'1...,. ....
cell llr.%To.rasend , •. sataapanua,,ro.7”o^VrAdlit..,4% t ...., ,
GENUINE, °aerial,. etc.. This Townsend is no . Mria. ,, 7 ~.._.
toyand never w as; web formerly a ertaktranMbtaia:;. ...
reeds canals, and the iika,..Tet Ito assume ths ti11e,..../ bra l ..,
of Dr.; for the propose of gaining credit for witaftels .. - .....,
nos lie Is sending oat card, lseaded , ...Triclat M1,...:4.17 ' •:•
Quacks," in which he says, I hero sold the use 0fmry,..,,.,:._;,,: . -
name for Si a week. I wi l l gate K. Thernsenilla; ,—. •'!!"-
Ulm will probate one single sollatyprolled MM.,. L
,i.r.,i; .:- . ',.5,
Thlr is to emotion the pablie not to beLdeeutvedr. oitll
p hase none but .Me GENIIINE'OHIGINALI O - ~,,V 1 ~..
Dr. Jacob Taionnona's Sarcaparillai havbi1t,. 4 . 4 ...„ .; • - ••sil
Old Dr.'s likeness, his family.coat of Ripy4SS) , S ,,, is - . .-.
nature ace ass the coat of elms.: • - ••.,.,--- ....-• eel • ~
• • 1 : % JACOBIONY.DSM Pr.,1!..i11;1'1 .' ::::
rib,' cipal Ottlea, imt piton at, Near I oft CAT. •-
. OLD . r , Dourort ~,....: ~,, i. ....',...
JiCOB .., 4, ; 1
THE ORIGINAL :--:-. -- - ..DlROO!iilirk :'
Old Dr. Townsend Is new about :0 yeamo(eaimtd:
has ling beco hemwn as the AUTHOR and DISCO , s ,
e O3END . ..
SARSAPARILLA.. Being peer. heamis
ti Incht its manufacture, by which meara b. bent
kept ou t of market, and . *Gee' eitevenseribed •
thmeord., who bail proved its words andliTiown its .
value. This Gloom .11:1 UmmusumiPaarissatert ' •
mantifarrared on the largest' Neale, malls cella for
tbr i c .. ?:=ar y l o be
g lernat . e . brelt d h L of
I t:us
age, And lICTISZ ch ueg
anges, bat for the hatter; : tte
itfi o rrip g ar:d . on amenufie principles by a emanation:an,
h t knowledge of Chemistry, 'and the latest' P
diseciveries of the Art, have all been brought inso •
quisilion the manufacture of .the Old Dr.'s damp..
'ilia., The Sarsaparilla root, It la well knoarn tO mati
teal omen, contains medicinal propertics,and some VDT,
Perims which are inert or useless, and others, which;
if retained inpreparing it_ for use, produce 'formable- ,
don and acid, which is inurious to the symem. :Soma •
of th properties of Sarsaparilla are a* volatile thgv • •
they entirely evaporate and are lost in the prepaa- •
non, if they are not preserved by scientiba proems, „
known only. to those experienced in its manufacture." -
Moreover these volarile prineiples, which fly olln va
per, or us an exhalatiognuder beat, are lie very es- .
ended medical properties of the root, which gives to '
- • -
• • • .
is so prepared; that all the inert ptopertieg of the
mipstrUls root are first removed, every thing capable' ,
of becoming acid or of Ormentation,,s extraetel
me 0=1; then every panicle of meeal. virtue is wow ,
red ion pure and concentrated form; tad thee it is
rendered incapable of losing snj of its oalnable uut
heeling properties. Prepared in ads way, it is Meet*,
the most perwerfol agent in the
Irene Memnon why we hen ennuneadation on
every side in its favor by man women and children.
We . find it doingwonden in die rare of Consumption,
Dyspepsia, and - Lint Complaint, and in Rhermathine,
Scrofula and Piles, Costiveness all Cutaneous Drop
rh"tt'Sitlfh!!' TA,V:!F!,l 6 .°T,.. fi ' m g f'"a
lapossesses a marvellous efficacy in all complattim
arising from Indigestion, from_Amdity at the Stomach;
from unequal circulation, determination of blood to the
head, palpitation of tbe heart, cold feet and col hands
cold chills and hot flashes surer the body. it hen reit•
had its equal in coughs and colds; and promotes easy
expecburation. and gentle perspiration, relaxing ada
ptor oldie longs, threat, and every other past. .
But in nothing is its nacelle.. more manifestly seen
and acknowledaed than in all kinds and images of ,
It works wonders in eases of fluor alba% or whites,
Falling of the Womb,Obstructol, &topsail:l.4er Pain-. •
.(al Menses. Irregularity of the menstrual penoda and
the like; and Is effectual in easing all forms of the
ney Diseases. By removing obitructions,anA regale- -•
tin the general system, it gives tone and strength .. •
the whole hair, md cures all forms of
aml thus pre vents or relieves a great variety of other
diseases Spinal Irritation, Neuralgia, St. Vima -
Donee., swooning, Epileptic Flta,Constilitons, he. la
tiof this, then, eraalaucins Ton PAliEirmarrbe Neu
Out can any of these things be said of S. P.•Tewn' •••
scoria anterior article Thu yeang mares lied is not
because of the Grand Pact, that thevale le incapable
of Detencusnon and NEVER SPOILS, while the .
e DOES; it sours, ferments, and blows the bottles
containing a into fragments; the anus, • aeid liquid eg- - ;••
ploding and demist:3g other goods! Meat oath'.
fall° conspound be poisonousto the argent! What!
Whatacid Into • system already diseased with acid!
What elitism Dyspepsia but acid! Do we not all know
Mat when food sours m our stomachs, what mischief s"'
it'producasl -flandenee, haul/tam, palpitation, of the _;
bean, liver complaint, Maritima, dysentery, cholicAnd
corruption of the blood ! What is &row. but an acid -
homer in the body! What produces all the humeri' j
which bring on Eruptions of the Stitt, Scald Head s •
Salt lihmumEryaipelas,White Swellings, FeaeoSonw,
and all uleerenont internal and =email- It Mina, n.
tog under heaven but an acid substance, which sense,
and thus spoils all the fluids of the kelp, more esteem.'
What causes litheumatiaus but a non, acid fluid, which
insinuates itself between the joints and elsewhere, ir
'Rating arid tuflaming the milder and delicate, tissues
luxin which it ems! no of/serum. disesseei, of impu
rity of the blood, of deranged circulations, and
. nearly
ill the ailments width afflict hula. imam ' • •
Now, Is it not horrible to make and sell, and Mardi.
ty worse to one this
end 7.1 he woald fain have it understood that Old J. '
cob Townsendis Genuine Origami flanaparilla, Is art
Imitation of by inferior preparatioe
/leaven forbid - at we ahould deal In no Mile% •
which would bear the most dimwit resemblance to S.
P Towheend's article. and which should bring down
upon the Old Dr, each a =untrue load' of etimplalnte '
nd ere:Mentions from ageno who have sold, andnim,
chasers who have aced S. P. Townsend's Fermenting
Compound !
tVe wish it understood, because it as the. allergen,.
truth, that S. P. Townsend's article and Old Dr. Jicitd, -
Towage ad's Sarsaparilla areheavetbwide
infinitely dissimilar; that Melt-are unlike in every par. ,
denim, taring not one single thing in common.
It is to soma treads upon • the unfortunaid," to year
balm into wounded humanity ' 'to , kuulle hope In the
despairing bosom, to reatoreliealth and bloom and vi.
ger into the crushed and blinker, and . tol In
hod FOUND the opportanity and means hi liting his
Within the intr., and to the knowledge of all who ,
need it, that they may leant and know, by joyfelek-,
perienec, its otantsmanzli POWIT TO 111. LL
Foe sale by J. KIDD & CO.. Wholesale Agent , the
Western Pennsylvania; J. SMITH, Bitmingbann Dr,
J. SARGENNT,AIIetbeny; Dr. J. CASSELL; Firth t •
heard, G. W. GARDNER: eith vgard,Pittsbargh.s9
Jaynes , Expatteatressati ^ •
Samoa : Colambisaus c0.,0., Apr, Sly JAM,
TAR. D. JAYNb.S: Ilan feel. bound to yea
J 1 11.111 i
1 the. afflicted puha., to avail myself of this op.
;portunliy et giving gmbllcityna thecatraordhini - y abet'
of your Erpeetorant on myeelf. Ilzklbeen
for - several years with n savereloug - hiliDeTever
and its emmornitant diseues, and only doomed
to linger oat a short but miserable existence, mail the
fall of 1510, when being More namely netted, Mu'
baring resorted to my. formegremediea, and the ma
ecripnoui of two of the mast respectable physicians=
the neighborhood without &aims any beneiti. er , llo
consolatictri of turirbring hat a few: dayit.or,ltreeks lo
bitshestorhen - the lt.t &tin ' of hope was itboul
mulish, hed recommended. to me your Et-peewit/11.-
and blessed by that Being who, dons all tineliv o
me oldie mean= 'contrary to fhe expecte:lmM or
my phyaiciana and friends,' was In a few daynralied
foam my bed, and was 'enabled by the ase of a WISH, a ,
attend tO my !Maine., cab:lying Once better healMithah
I had for ten years previous.
Respeetklly yews, kc., Jan W. EMU:
:Per mile
Pittsburgh at the Pain Tea ittere,7ll
Fourth street.
Ofttoo of the Dalawavii Mutual Rarity Rats;
••• anivantia'Costspassis ••• • • .'.
• . ' ' PeltHnsnite,Noi. dtbll3o2 ‘.
TBoard of Direetors hove, ibis day, oressoli' a
..L . ' dividend of TEN PER CHNT. in tempi oottif IM
profits of the Company foram year ending OetobeteßlS
184.0, certificates for which will be Loaned on k snd a ft er
the first dal of,Dceeniher next. '' ' •
AlsO, a dividend of BIX PER CENT. ineash; on Die
eit.iu stock and scny previonely kruidLpatahle SH
above. • . RICHARD& MA N D B. NEW BOLD, Beig'st., •
movie, P. EIRA, AV, Pa. • •
LL 12. open for visitirs mall thee Ist
- F llll
ry, 1950. 01 awn and other Halvah:menu
e to the season Intl be kept. The 'greenhouse, roe..
alining a large collecuon of rue end choke Motor
be open to either,. Galante neatly pat op at
short notice throughout the reason- •An Or:imbue
leaves the Allegheny end of the-St cleft . Street_.-
Bridge, every half hour during the deli rennin; to the
Garden; and the forty beat, Captain Walker, runs. •
from the Point, landing • short dieumee abeve the Gar
den. Pamcs wishing to spend the -hoping, Ell be
aCcommodated with return Onutibas .st t 0 Webs&
10, M.y. Kept on Temper o43 ance prinelples and closed on
suds MALN.
Atiaamovost Saloon wad neastpaßS ll . o .
pat: PROPt
bow., TOR Is 1301 , . POW.. •••••
up meals all in amp aaatanytittita
by the day ay weak. .T,IPT•su.
ED130101: Malts' V • •
• erage e s engrad
Ali author of .Typecyn "thawe _ „___
dime,. of KingAlfredorEoglaad,l7 , Ab
BidCwEa tha
nov2l we= Third 104
1 - .
... - - .
...L . . k,-;.'' . '.:k.;.''. ---•-•-kg•'
vr , l
? , ,:k.t.::1,:t 7, 14.
.4:_;: - :' '-.;
',, -
;. ~_
. `~~'
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