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• .• TO .TOE el:mute.
ROOT fair :yeare noels, I was traveling arow
•• • • the State of• Ohio . while eltradlne a few dtlYa
h, .1 'a *lnhale bietalle artbeteue•••
• and trebvqoareirkarned abet it bad been known ft r
POMO and rapprised to be of no me or •••Inc bet holt
' - its endlhrtalty of in and singular appeashaue. I
' Wu led to teeth,. A are be made neefel, b. r
.• what pelves. I had runnier least idea. I entente, ce I
to experiments by burning it. boiling, a, and poles
11ingitotull coMpotending ti with VOllOlll substance
sad my strong was my confidence that U err wee value
it,lhat T pee op my entice time wed mean., in tl.q
piIIOMMICRI of those egperlmenta; sod from diet one
'. leWl, I have attended to no tuber bownewi ache e:
V r iatlen of about two yearn. I finally diecosered.
tad stirs it so a fine powder emu relying it with
• -
seed Oil to about the consistency Of duetpaint, ar
41100. N thisCompolind th a brurb, punts cueing
In a few month. would become a per stone or
slate, so that the nal:stance orhen appael. was anen ,
. elate In liquid state, Led the oionadi of
ehaermosagnena and blank oxide or iron that
talent, Tendered It bor. weather and fire proof as it e
looter exposed, the harder and mom Peoudfa•la to
Kern to become, nod .112 iron coating labor it wane
Slate) leer itself Inillestructilde by fire, coma-oven , / . 1
protects the woad covered with it Owe the ay, Kr
" men thew' la ha thr, there is no blase or combustion;
therefore the wood will an:tally char, before the elate
-coming will In war.
• ' considered•the discovery of Ohs reenter. , impnr•
• sneer attei applied to Government for a patent for m •
• wwwwion or discovery, fondly toping that I s cal.!
•• raw be tehnuterated for ail my eutcy thee .4 mt.
MM. • Th. 'nem:menu without .y bengaline, rran ,
ed to me Letters putout for the core right to cernuroe
all sod use my improvement in dm reenufannt
• of a "Neuter and Fire Pined Coinpoeition or An.
Petal Slam," fa footmen years.
. . .
. -
WE, the li:habitants of Shstoo, have read the I.bov •
statenient of Mr. Wake, ar.d believe It to be sub.tan •
day correcy, as we are knowine 1110 et of the tont -
uteritt, therein contained; and we will farther gine,
we do oat believe that them ever was a Telma mot •
borestry and latartenttly earned, or more deservedE
vante4 an he punned ode experiments with the too.' Endosaltab'e perseverance under the most diaeouragin
cdreamstattee,s, as. the pabllo had not the teem con!,
deems there torrid be any thine valuable hind.
from the anbstartee. lie tlicretore ban to encouer fc
yeari die leers and seofts of nearly the whole com er
ally. Notwithstanding oil this, he was indef.:4 ,,
,In the proseention of los experiments, and tot At
belilTellhat there Is one min in •thouaand ho woa!
haVeperitevered under all the eircotrotenee , lld h
hat at lastAritunobed over All- obstacles, urld
Ilene there Is now but one pinion in awordine In
the merit of this valuable d.seevery.
' • GIO. W. CRANE., Justices of
LIEN/Ahltri ToWrphpi.
• MIL EVERMT, Township Clef b.
!have ascertained that there one iedtvidnals crane. ,
• in digging, grinding, and preparing the etre,.
• mentioned bantered, to be retard with oil, and gord pr. •
Maly as I nth my patented march.. I bane bent, to
• those pp and thaws them Ley patent_ They ea •
they. do not Intend Ir infringe or two psi, uto.
tights; that they have • debt to the. nand. and tell Ili
powder,ll..they.can find puretdentt. :hot the, L.,. no
"bound to kno N what they areto do wi th ni tha . . In
no Infringement unlit it is lethal with the nil In mo or:•ecoapoond; mad that those who buy, mix and one
• mum take the restive:allay bleat of Own, say tht,.
they believe that the patent id good grin,: those Om,
mix and use the compound, and some hose sand tle
lutist they wanted to use they olmald certainly paryh•
ef nte,th they did Ant Amend tomta e theraselve :
. Liable In any way. Now I feel myself undo.
=thlabstefsced fraud upon the petite; ny •oli
by no milder name, where arms! sells nod r
• O c tets pay for an trade. the olin •t• which be we: .
tooth Plbjeele the plachaser and User Lon prate •o'
• den and Tim. .Pernte of those who are .
c en ont gaged in the:
nefarious Mae, will UnqUeFtlonalilyend to the
palate that en] patent will not Enna. and Ent I an,
pot Macerate. Now, to Jule this art rimers an-ay iron.
them, I went to tome of those who were prarlanatne
'that my patent weep( DO veld°, and made the fano ,
•ing pmpothittom OM they might select • ;edge audit,.
. lawyers who have hod some practice in patent c Irtr
and we would submit the pet.: to them, and if they
- decided that the patent was good, that they should re .r.
all farther proccedunth in the buninets, hat , hr,
there'd decide that it 'youth nut, in thew nrunora, hot
— l - Wellid agree to let them go on and Fell all ter , enure
.. without wring any thing In the nubile airobt aco:
This proposition they would not toted° to so lan
tt, the Validity of my petret is concernedl de. not .1 ,
pawl entirely open my Own Judgment, althouth 1 ha,.
• the Meet confidence in it; but I have si:omitted n in
[11.31) of the judgce, and several of toe moat
patent lawyers. who have, without eke path. deealec
--obtain their opinion it was good, and would protect non
. in my discovery..
I sand the truths to a hoe pon4r, and put it up
barrels, are which are marked: "Ili-Axes Fares, t in
ale Wbothae fthoor Atternythi.eherc."
'1 therefore give notice so .nll veto tray and rise th ,
above mentioned mineral for the purport set forth it
my patent, except from me or my unardited agent,
that 1 atall hold them to a evict accomnahllity, an.
shall commence mem nt Into aguntt those who thri
• ithulge upon my tight. trIO. FILAKtt.
Medina tea , 0., Aug. In, tit".
• TONS of the above Fire and Karts:
Proof Artiftethl Slate on hands and for sole Th
above we eon recommend, far we torn: icon atone
the Some 4 . veal", and know it to be what it Sr. let .ort
In every partici:Liar. 1.•& H. PIIILLIVS, est.
novl7.ottha Nob Woods
ICE S 1 R!
/10.-65 i POI:WM Street, Pittebu•Rh
MITG !TOR' in SIM.- 1135.orlicen'
llositry and Lace Goods
':A.DatVcED„„,.`°.th.,°..' No ;``"-'7„cs!.°`;°°"„m,`p`,?,=f;,:
pre—, nol most famtuonntdo style of
Goods in them floe. Their stock tionsasts Cl part of
S • rtingei shit Gimps, of every variety; new styles
' filtered Galloons; Alger!. and Impend! Brattle,• trot.
',• tod narrow Silk and Wormed Ilitahroideritig tlrtada
Shared and eat Velvet Itaitonns; Wain do do; Cnri•ats
Mantua hod plidn Ratio Ilatitions, for trimming; - Meet
Fite and calmed Silk Lacer ea! trs le• • do,
• • fionneing with fall assorts:et, MI. - err
-•• DtCNES Pink rxl, I...tampd or I,ooro.den
- - -
. _
Embroidered Lane nn t Mmhn Capes ; Chemizeto ,
t llitmakfast and Retiring Ceps and list( Sleeves, Fre,.
Worked Coasts and Can gre at enrieri ;Lice Oe.:.
• Lappets and Opera 'Mem Mourning libetni tenet. tita
lan, Cads and Ned( Sienese; Linen lawn Mines
plain embroidered and Gann do, plain Lane , . do.
real threhd Lanes and Edgings; lie. do dim Boutrit,
',ldaho, Lame Muslin and Cotton Edgings and IneertinEa.
• Bleb new style Bennet Madan., French taco Flow
, ere, BonneeTalm, Velvete, Swine and Forencda.
Moder and Tarknone, Bonnet Pounce end 'Bre.
Best sosaufsetste, with most approved favteningi .
on tatand Choicest colon. Att eCtertsied ottortmeni omit>
A great miristy of ea, Wool, Ctqtork, Merino and-
Cainnets, for Ladies and aliases; Tanan Plaid.. and
a tall sasorrment other style. Mao)" and 1 1- nn Cnna
ten's flossy newest styles Infante Gnat. and sock.,
Gents' Grampian, - Vigonia, Nemo, Cotton and fir r.
'?Vool Ralf Hose- • -
A fad) anortment for mons mon..nld nnentel. ,
'among which ata.Derby Bibbed. Foloselle and p 1. .,
Silk: ribbed and pliGn Cantraere: Chamois Weed lirr
Irai C4sitiarene, Manna, Far lined lisavet, heavy ur.
iatt*thkalria, Military and Lisle 'thread and eau°, ,
. ,
Seth a. Ladies , and Clail.iterni , Goody, Chtl/lisnr ,
,Woolen Soaks, Kai,. Scarfs rind Boas, Conan, • Gait
era and Long Mitts, Worried Cud., gmaing Worn,:
alai Woolen ar
on.. Comforts; ail. b“..
Castnnere Scarfs, (at Ladies.
Zephyr and Tapestry warted. , Canon. , Foaerai
Floss and E's Silk, Briitol and P.-rfd Boards, Pe.
pet Flower Materials, I.ninn Mots, Tntnis, .i.vl V.
btoldered 'Work. Alts.-Ladies' SI. nfiC Altrl. Vt••
aralthanet.; I:maundered Seeks atolFintmels, Fret.
WorkedCsps and waists an' lulant , ; and ,w ,t ri's-Juv.i.
• Trimurti:4s.
Fine atm, Ctn.. and Collar., blends, Silk ml
CMS. , WP,PPara and Dawns . Saapendr:re. 'Rion c , `'
Braces and Dreg Gooses, Silk and Lulea 11,11,,',
Gloss. and liosiery. ,
recathparerns carved and Ow, hen Bask Comb-:
Vaal* and Im. do;_ -knitblueand I.nng Cdtrn,l. , l
• olth Illiffalo, Satin and Roarmural Hair Ilrarlo, ~,,,,.
.. Barak, and 1-34. Horn Drasrlog ...Irma Orky Comb.,
'onto-to assortment of Nall and Teeth tiruolo,-.
' ' LtVethedll%..Gold Medal , Perfumery.
.Needles, Pins, Taper Sleet Ilagr. and 1'ur,....,
Banana sod Stall Goods ,: Beets Wire Bests.,
Parsolsnli. and Sowings.Fine Roaawno.l 11,4 , an.
Coat Elnidiass to Galloons. Finley Wn ra Bu [tin
. --- 7, - Cloak. Cord add Tassels, eorifouo., Papierjrc. s nil
Band ft. StrideTtintuang et I;adlesr Stnuonory,
Yalpit &Banner Teasels, Frenell Core soles,
Upholsterer , . Fringes, Silk th Gingni Umbrella
Da Lime, ars'd welt!, Paper Marnas k. Iln Pa.. ,
' 'Eragilta to l Conths, ' Genie used. tr. WrOinne
- Fled Otartltliindinx. Cornet a, sbo- I ,:•,..
t 4,
'lg g ,„' s ' .n thnte wto have alma
;b a d!, and am taltLunt window flottittne... Whilr
laccankanaperrect rtttitliteta tot pit:iirt anri we:gt
at a Wring of la Itout . .121n_ro. witolw, it Oil,
the rake lastenmg in :trim ewer boon;:a u.
anti eouventeora of thm I , l.ring o 4er ail
that by one Watch Meer, 60E4 mks!, of
wipg,repobo_galsod or Loo.crrd It
y v.
be known to be oppreetate t
PersOn. witkunit to boy the atuel., of•
to tam the,:
pia Iwo inr.lonrs, Or tile righ , e • s.:llng
COISOtte. In Mk State, may apply to the sul,,ertt era n
rEasx /10U3r, Pit,
-wash. r. J ru
o•lo.l3talilPp C di 110
"VIT 2; .1 CAULPL:I:I , :—It....c 4 mt.
Clilstoek,. Carpet Wayeloaam. No. 7th , ourth
Unker.V2PtY of CMF.I of toe nod 'nor. xi
proved Myles, to welch we Innate the folotolon
tIOMOOOOO!.. melt, anti those wait.; tureloh lice,,to Call and eramine the largest kJ...mime/a In the eta
which we will mg cheaper than mere bean"• of. red
the wrstort rarket ,norri W M'CLIN POCK
IQ aunting' Loos . Shawl:. •
NO 41.1iY .or reeds stipply oh the above
a anisie, of the be goom; also, pia n Black
Thleet Long :Shawls, kiosk tthns loss istes,dloa mut al
-1 lame., Perot.. Cloth Noce Coburg, 'Varatstth,
Cathmeres, Moos de Laills acd French Aletipos, 1./Kea
Cravats and hteentiog Coitus, Mortmine•tioniat
bosoh - neek do, and a fall ass...twat of Othanong
• GOods gooemlly. Also:
A. large assorameat. Fading a fortopthees very ,, id
and superior. Buyers floe Invited to to k Mco
North Eat corner of Fourth and Mirket as •
Wbolgala Horton. up Snots, 0 , 11,1 a!o p „„,
merit team: &loads ti u lately loon recety,l Ins no
We have been informed orlto.. of game pet
• • f or tharthher D. Jayne's Alltarativ•rvre'^i
•moon Its especially Otto every . other tamely
"dad. Sheller been afflicted f or the net sate, ears
. wi th sEcitoLaki„Setr t4IIITE SWELLINISS, attrods
with edeerattoss and thkfolostion of cation, lad Iles. clO
rail; rilieb WM" Many pieces hat - elm. darged fres
the moatsi irime of the crenonnefromboth her ems.
lenses sad R o o
m om r ight eg b esid es the len
,• • J.. racers. bone. and the icoce, iiitiorai
steers ea order pans of her persan,witsch have Sahlea
theekill Of a amber of tire most eminent physicist:sot
ace erls.-lbeelea most of the time her rattiest:o have
been ensue; and deployabte- Aboablhree MOnths
giagyell,ake Ina Induced in try Dr-log=l /theist:re
has had an astosithingly happy e.c.t new her,
r w jj ,,,,,thg all gait sod swellings. and cooing the
-ail:erne> latal,mlule at theaametimeheranneralbenlib
' •ku beeooleconsesostd,sothst Lb! nowarelate
• •.43
Il y a apoyeakannba dad beforeehe comet-aced thence
of this traly vsleablepreptesoa.—Mst.Eve. Poor: , -
Pat farther beisisrli,lssolre of Mrs How, No.
Fallen st,Phlladalplats
yat,sa era piegehrmgitt, at the PEIUN TEA STORE,
72 Fag* eh sear Wood. /75
. .
..4:1:111111,1 "—•Vrlffil °11111°.4
.11 1 .41thtf
tie moot Wonderful Iledieine of the Ate,
1,500,000 BOTTLES
meiitreevrcazn YEARLY.
TM* ht pat op In court matum
and has awed more limn
100,000 01Mel of Chmoio Disoase,
Within the feet Ten Years-None le Genuine
melees elgned P. TOWNSEND.
• et.. Pea/lie will learn the origin, or rather w here the
recipe for making the stuff, they call Old Dr. Jacob
Tewrieendle Satmaparalla came from--and will be able
to Judge which L. the genaine and and of the
honesty of the o.n who are employed an maim( it es
the °detail Dr. Towtsendk flarnparilla Dr. & P.
Townsend was the original proprietor and ll:mentor of
Dr. Town, Smealesilla and his medicare , be.
gained • eclair...lnn that no other remedy ever gained
lie roannflichtred over one million of Ware last year,
and is mannfacturbigilLre•ent I,COO bottle. per day.
We nth most Pula ' mod Dock in our
eftabliskunaint math 7, than the other Su...patina _
-Mmanfactureca in the world. Prircird Office, Lee -
City mei County of Nrie-Yerk.
Amestrong, of the arid Clty, being duly'
sworn, doe, depose and my that h.m • practical
r mei Chemist, Tbet wrse time to the Latter
o p f trl i I.l7, • =of w e o ca:, lath • asin ... br , tz k otanie
pan,plalat ;addle.% celled upon deponeut at. th• boum
of Mr. Therspeod, No. al Pludeonstreet, where dope
neat boarded, end requefted deponent to writs him
pe by which to mei. • Syrop of FarsapAla
Deponent further mys, dint he bream. acquainted •
with laid Townsend el the oftce of Theodore Porter,
Esq. Boob Pabliaber, with whom odd Tow - trend
dealt . That sold Towered had hod frequent ooneersa
time with deponent reap...Lig the manufectisse of ea
article of Parethatilla to be sold under the wane of Dr.
Jeoob Townsend
That add Townamad stated be wee ma old men. and
poor, and was not Al for hard labor-and wished to
make some money, to order to lire easy in hoe old
days, and that, U Sumpthilleceder the ammo! Town
mad sold ea wall. ami so ranch moray was molt by
It, he could the oa reason why he might eel make
sousethlng_out of it too,
(hi. rams being Tend.).:remi
If be could get • capabbiperson to prepare a recipea.
land mthuNcturs It for Wm. Deponent in one of the
ersatiors asked said Tovresend If hew.. related
tor. S. r Toww.nq to which he replied. that he
knew Dr. S. P. Towmand wool! be Morn on hint aftor
be should commence. But that he did not ears for
hi he he bud formed • copartnerthip with min who
could (width the requilitethentht of capital-end mem
wall prepared to defend hissell spied any allstk
that :night be med.* on him
Deponent further this. that purnant to the request
of mad Jacob Townseol. be wrote • recipe for the
umuulthcare of . Syrup of Sarsapanlla save Rite
him. Said Townsend otwerred that tinted to
make a specimen to ashibit to his partners for theft
approval. as be wished to gratify them In every thing
as they furnithed all the capital-said Townsend eho
told deponent that tbe bottle. they were to use were
to be of the am. 010 end ahem es Dr. ft P. Tows
• ~.sandh and deponent, et Apo revert of Lail 'Jacob
'Townsend went to the offlce of Dr. S. P. Townsend,
and method one of hi. labels.
And deponent Pother .aye, that he bun bean inform.
Old 'verily bellevei the Byrop of Sarsaparilla thld
' Jacob T1M1L1615d . .. Is male after the recipe fur.
tithed by deponent, to Jacob Towesithii, ne eforemid
And further deponent tenth not.
Sworn to before me, tel. Sith day o WOODIIIJIJ., May, IBC.. •
Mayor el the S.
City of New Pork
Here Is proof melustve that De S. P Townsend ,
Paresqmilile Is the creamed. The follow leg is fn.,
gloms et the moat respectable papers in thee kale
Fittidd THY
Albany Smutting Journal.
Dr. Townsend% Sannipiwillx.
Therepoehably never has been eo mortar a remedy.
or pawed medicine, is Dr. Tow - vendee Smaiptrella,
which was oregically, end continues to be cannot , -
tared In Oda city, at first by the Doctor tomeell end
afterwatle Dec several years and to the present time.
by Clapp k Towwend, the present propnethrt Shier
the partnership was formed, the Doctor Lee reitded
New York, when be keep is store, end attend. to tn.
Union= that secumolotea at that pont- The m auu
factory it W the city, and is coolocual by the junior
parther,llr. Clapp--here all the method. is peanut... ,
Few of our citizens Lase of nmoul.l to
this medicine that ie manufactured nod sold • Brtide,
the sales In this country, it a shipped to the Canada..
West India Islands,Akwith Amerwa end ram, to be
rum la considerable gout-tort At the remiutotoro
they employ „steam engine, delude* a tare Donohoe
of men, women and girlie, tho Female. rf th.
medicine, making boort. printing, km, mut torn out
reedy for sitipmert,.over aOO drten per ay, or nearly
eooobotlea This moor:now queotty. •
-- The great sale the [Peachne her acquired h.
timed a mbar Or MCI to get up imeatious eteul there
is et th e present time. other mad:moos for rel.. that
me 'called a Dr. Tirtmairtl , Sermyerille . ' irte to or
denier started *short tone wan to New Tort.
Old Doctor Jacob Townsend'. F.,..n,n11.2,. and op
mealy ntha vies, by dent of alveruseng tho
menu al
remedies rostorted to in such efforts, to rtipotttr•
ate the name of Dr. 9 P. Tot:wend , great remedy
en d
phi all the advantages result:lg from the
modality of the name which he has acqurted Mr a
by years of potent and expetmere labors Dr r
Townsend, formerly;of thls city. as towell hots..
here, is the inventor and ong , t. l ppr.o , o , of th ,
medicine known as . e Dr. Townmade Boompartlla*
aced we tiara those penalise who are stamp , to mill
their article ea the genuine, ehould be •syrted.
New York Deity Tribune.
03- We pub! ehed en advertisement Madrertently
some thee once that did injustice to Dr. 9 P Town.
send, who is the orarbuil propri , tor of the preperation
of harraparille known ra Dr. Townsend , . Other
Farhat, have within the past few menthe engaged or
commented theowelves with a man by the name of
Townsend 'rho put op a enediciem and calla it by the
woe tame This reedicir.e wasadvertneed in The
Draw. the original. Ire_ advertesemene also
contained matter to the character of Dr.
S. P. Towsurend Mot that of medirAne. We regret
It appeared, and In lint. to the Dr. make thia to
- -
Dic.s.a tO, iSio.
Serve York Doily Son.'
tin Tow:strap , . extraordinary advertise...ntion
occupies an entire page of the Sr, oot escape
eon.. 'Dr: S. P. Townsend, who o the original pro.
prietorof Dr. Townserure Sarsaparilla, end who , . of
Ike is next door to ours, niter. be 100 loc. dor ary
al years, is driving in immense Sunoco He recei re,
no loos th an four hundred sloven of Sarsaparilla fats
sod even this en o rinocs quantity does cot thivply
the deommt co snake.. ere: gained zo great
poptilanty es his preparation of the riaroperilln Ho
edition of Meriarino for Ina cost 74.00, and Le
has paid the Niter York Owe for advertising, in the
lag four ye/Lek-over 710.000. end he acknowledges
that it is the cheeped edverheing be los had done
This medial]. is exported to the Caned.. West
dies. South Amon. end Troops. In cooed...ratite
quantities, and is coming into general toe th those
coulatthaa, oa wades here.
Druggists nod others,that sell Saraparillnfor the
genuine and original Dr. Sarsaparilla.
that is not signed by S. P. Trost:sera, comons a fraud.
and micelles the customers. Men that would Sr
gully of nohim act, woold commit any other fraud
-sod tau Druggist of common intelligence but knows
- that ours is the onlygenuine.
Old Jacob Towevocrid.
Some people who are not well informed. and hose
not read the paper...77:ot seen our adrestheraent.
hose t•een led suppthe, that because thou men s
sonic their ri nd to 5.01,1 Jacob Townseoda . rine o
oust. of course, be the original. It vs les. then mu
ton ethos any .inuoured to coke their enean'ind
~van in them arket over ten loos.
Mtlin Old Jacob Toys . ..end
are trathavotanK no Z ahn od' on the public es
at. oul Physician, kr_ Ile is cot a scrubs: editest..l
f hysicon, end never attempted to mer.ufabture o thed
erthe. until these men hired Nat tor the. no of ho
some. They gay they do not eish the people to be,
hese that tbeir
tulle is cora or Dm sews- but
the better to deceive the they at the same boo
aysert that their's is the Old Dr. Toarovende, and the
onginal i and anden Or to Doke the penple beL,a
that the riugthey manufacture. is the Dr. Townsend
Saran...rile. Mai has perfumed so emoderlul
M for the rot tan yearn and !chichi's , gnined n
its a
We have
suits rirsonst these men m a
damegon We wish ittn tindernood, that the old 0.1.
in ten relation to M. Tovnanand vet:Mayer in their ed.
scram:lents and circulars, they publish. number of
gyms falsehood.. Repenting Dr Townowl, Is Irish we
wilt tot Potion
or omonants bare pohlitheet in the papers. that
28. P.TORTICIIII/211 dead. 'this they wad totheit
agfina about the count 7. who report that we have
en up busitreas, tr... lan The pobbe shoohl he oh
their guard, and not be doceirod by these not nhht.
pled tom
Notice efßeassal.—Atter the Ertl of gepterener.
Inith Dr. d. Y. Townsealn Now
curt/ Office will ho
In the South Baptist Choral, N a Nassau street.
which w now 'ordergottig • thorough Nassau
will be fitted far lb* tatter accotamodation of dm pew
rotors and lb. public.
Taks poetiestar Berra bantaparilla sr the
gstrulne sod anginal Dr. Tow curtail Sartain:lll
taw amnia by IL P. Terwiwuni
Aosart.—Radding k Co., No. 6 61.....0rre ott4
Mr. V- Kiddor, No. 100 Coarutreet. Voctrm 6Jmool
ICllior. War. ' LeII Henry nratt, Salem J.,.
Oreel:, r II
j Minton k Gamin f.mmmt , J
Lair& & boa riervidennt and by Dra.sghott and tier
altar ginenKor throogh.t Orr ,mile.! Inast
Wins end the i,ovado.
For -web) R. v.. SELLERS, n ,
rob; 0;61. 111 , 11Wo", All
n r,rn:.r:•,~
. -
A VERY WON CIPAI Fr I. CURS: I 1.1, 1. 11
B. F. Selb.r. D..Rr I
vermrmze s. m„ In.n !Cm.
a^Al it bn• ,-,rsocmed b.
derftl curt ot. ;. ht.
been tsn , sell for r 1 • ton .sint I
•n up all hot,. tkf /.
1111011.1 .r, a, vnur Vernkfu , /r .
, ine
.pmer of 1 1 1 1.0‘,.. men .1
Ing WI moth . /n 1 1 . I s' ll ' lll
',noire In y , tt ' 1•
mate. ny a... tuy r.ltur •a,l Llnn , 1. '” 1 " . ' •
JovA S
Ejrt•par , •6 nni eol.i 5' Wr,.
414,71; xll,l bol,l In
FF T CLf'T~)~-J rn:.• Rlu .nq Drnl
Clutha, lu.t rn_ii nn 1 Inr a•.: 7
- • •
ch r - v. Cner ap
r yar-1. Warn, PI-un !trawl: A •", "I
centkper y wrd,
fir,ury.,l3lrrir, 1,141,
ROI enno,rl a,,,ttment of Orr, ,r,l)
rarh nrrllty Vi,•nrh C.l.omere,
Coburg. and
N. E. corner F
er of ,ortrt nrvl Mlr , k , l on wail..
L ARD OIL—, nbis in store noll for
4 nA, nod alrerl
ALPe:!CE. rapper, N.dder
, rtrlco, with R general ...ortnent of a!1 Its 0,
Ctra•tric, end\ Pittsourch lilrouzfa,tuted nriel., on
.4ad and fat Yale by W. R McCUTCIII: I3 N.
I.4bertY RI
VELVET 1U8H0N...-4 usiontneni . Erc l / 4 1 per
• eXiveta. Aho, GfmDl Fn zes take Itindirgr.
Ptatts•lt..,:t. Itestalttaxtes (31111 ca.
I . t r i &lLA:sltrtLN & CO. r..obringolue to tag pumas
front coy pan of Ettglutol. Ir -mod. Scotlacti or
Wales upon ttte 111(141 ulth their
. _
ptioctuat.ty and ottrntion h• taie ivonu etnd coil.-
ot etrinto,...t• We do co, ....OW it. o..tienccr.
tobt,l Icy the •LwieWinc...,roupt Eton the urto
;oat, to. c tat - hinge tO I.IIC 1110[111,111 they re•
um; tr. tio•tr well tied de
•i..itch them ctil dolt au Lin I.) Ole bra clap<
We coy in, witu
dtly one ot out pap•ell
ger. to .tlintv i1..0 - trete 0,-mo - tett de now, I.y or in
L'Vetl,4l, secte dawned
month, tutu! ...mtd to. ooti in wine old real. at •
tut, wt.iet frte,ocnt:y. road the.. collate.
inten , l perform out ettoirto, hoimeably,
w,ltt it ratty. not art me thr case lam cc0..0n.,
•vttil abet otheor,—who ctlhor performed not all, or
we en tt waved thnr egovetocnce
I:4aft , drawn,P.o.tottnth for ...ny cam from .L.l
c pttyall.c 2. WO of the provamtai flanks in Ire
t , e4^.1 . 1.1 Rad %Vale.
JOSHUA 1t01.11010.0N,
F.4trolle , and (tonere...rt.,:
,;..EEtTely for Etl•oryst , ,E)
VIA TM. CERE..A vt:Yrit,..t. limb ROA
I 'DE pubtE.; are. intorra , . 4l tho. and altar 1, I <a any
Elte trial NEt.teniber, 11r pa...stagers by thm Um/
.Sill earr..o ocE.r C.Ent Ira Ran Road from Lana-
EEtoom to 112,•burgh. thelite to
Phil dcl•
plE:a by the 11Esrri:Imr , 11 :.rd Cc:molar Rail RooDE.—
y Rd.. new at rarE,mmEE .i•Etrqura van go through
En inNSI, T. I p Ee,tolorr.
The roc T
5,. 0 Eh, orrE s,Env and of the beat
rIE.,s E.A.E.E. bEr EsafrEt - i. s E Eced and conitort, is the
prcEEET,IEE. 1.0 1 K 11, 10 ;lEE. V..l.ltrn ritmi
t ilatl Rood , Etrr ;ELI dry' 4111. Tam.,
•. ,
lot DOllllll EntorinsvtoEt apply to
N 1 74. VorEontEmhela Hou.e.
or U to LEKCII .h..7o.('atml Hula
• ill 13A1315111gE rIAU PIIILADELPIII.I.
'I I ',ill n, TE no TW MIX?
Via Youg.loghelay River.
Ti.: •En:el did and Mat rano.,
•E F. Mall Vaunt
rra., 11:1
-, ran no Et E tut•
Iv E ... I..Eboot ays tr 111,, v. 1 1 171`,11Clita
. E
!kV : re, 17...11, 1' t . , in Lk: Lc
wny 11.11,1.44.1 t••
rlilL,Jvl%TJ . rr ..r rrl
ill 4dt Itl: a V LIT. eat, P.mnle), will leave
1 Beds., tegutdrly on hlotttLiy. editpd.l) and
Fnday eveinttrs t.t il P. , and arttve tit 1 ounploven
next maraud; et So'clork—returatneo leaves Nounge•
nerd 'fuel day. Thu...lea tont ,sturJay evenings 411
V. a, and :t Ida tt napr for the inortung boat,
A I. LI , AMLN Y 1.1 I'llo arrtatue at Pittsburgh at
v elodl
et packet If ARRA WAY, Copt Downing, will
leave Rdnver nate-Way and Saturday even
-113; • 111 1 1 I' NI.. nano , . tt, New Caette,-Monday.
d'n! Oh It I'. M. ateo .111.
WWI ttv- tnoruntg l: oat for Pittsburgh.
Tad , : • t ..• • n r Lded up In complete order, hav•
,t.j tine ,c fat psynengers, and shippers
11t111 ~ n nettta, n y and greater despatch
the , a. `, .• dn W 31111,11111 the.... route..
• , at ITrvit Cto . Pnaprators.
t✓• bu11...e11, Axnot,Pindbargh.
Itra , Beaver.
A I)utak..onnEttow n.
It. It tnt umehunt,..New
elee.,ths te smv c a LLE4.IIEN CLIPPER, will
ea v and, - - 1 Si stnt
abovhivehurgh at; P.
' I , runna deaden.. wit:: tad e boats. u
1`.., 19. stioa
W ',Tau xn.l ela,cland Ps•areag•r 1.1.1••
01k, • I ~ 1 ALLOW
• ct , ctry dalr
t , unany • ,st,i , •kkif o ucat aoroulg at
, x,tn LI, .tag% tot
Ak 0., .1,, OTT: vlnt "eh iliac"
qt.“ I /kg {kir Icnve u ,
to st
k• , CT lt ,, avcr nu, to take the!
MC, kkoLL ..11FaL
k: rAl!••.kk
4 ..
sell ano mithttel.l 4 .
; 4 4
•-••1 dig&
Oh Tilt. 1' tt:i N. AND 01110 cMt A 1.14.
rut Et Pt k:trac E•E.ClcTtlwitt. 0 j pn . nr ,
It I; VA., (1,70 r. '
"La t.„ ttE eh; ...I EtEr optElang aim
;t.s ki
. tt.rt twit Itanteagers flom
i tr t nd- I'l t• E. PEni
t. lEnt
1:311t: AM , MICIII‘ , N.
• Prop. :k , r, ,u , l er"orl. Ihr 1:01L
Je--• oung,tra'u
Warr,— '
IVo.-eler a Cu, Agron. •
C;nor,"or.' k CAlombertio,(
.rtglrN A CA Vl , llll - . Arent.
Office, tor 15,,1,,-LA,,Z. SnathAtal
1,101 , 1
:AN NO :!--1 . 0.r . I ..:401
sZat ,IAII
tlOOl fur 19,, rqn
r I t , ART , ' . WTOO,
n:9 o'elcorr.,
ut o ,ock, i• ol Lake Er.
. A 111- l'itt,burKh
ik r
c o Y
re 1.11,, far , Ermi
.. • Warren rackets. '
::‘ our, rtelO,
rS is ,
1 . 4 1 . .7 t . .. Itkt- Zr. Iltraver, Mena. 1
ti . • ,/illl , tt4r , 01..
m 4, 1 tuttt SttOtiartr krs
IS4. ,•ifir c EM
t' • Tr/ t: rrt VI.V A AJA AND 01111. CANAL..
:I /.Itrot It. ~• fI tri , ' 0 , 11•15••.: .111 piregUll
; I:rrr. • NI 151+,1," Cantu
I. y thr trlttrlstr., and tuttrrtitt , ro2ner
.l, it
milt I;,t. trtr.tot ttontrr 111-,A CNI.EII
rti•F tr!ftrr far
tr,..L.pnrtat.ol irr,".l trutl pa,eititttrat Ott Ott
.t , .• t Ili POIA, oa the Penn.
, t th.rt tad A lure rt• .004 the Lake..
1: AI Afire:Cleveland.
111 1,1,1,1. BEt/T111;11,
Ageritrt. Beaver.
1.,:. 1:11.11V1 A 0 ,,
41'5.1t.1 . ter lazt
• is s t tt
BIDWELL &R o L k , •
orts ',ad] lia :+iitchant4, •
II .
f..rr I',..Sa!,,,han:ell,to/and Lure, Pit
o ,
Mlorg 01.,4 1,2,- Ert s , 11111 for .tfoo:s
t; r ,•trri r. Center .rt .
11 t• 11, itttrt Fs Sill an:t•tuttual Wltatt, 111 , Mutiottentr - la Parte,. lt,
v,t ...f n Wrtrvlrraiatt, Ino.l :I , 11,
r-r•r,vtlt trawnltllng. tt.]
tut.. atplut-.9 3.ttl ttrpateb
t• tet ett,. a s ttl ott thttlt frlf ttr,alr.
t' • Irv.. It &
Sul N LEI L.
W. (IP I.ttli rANAL
'111: w..i L.... of Claw
. oh ••ro• r•it .10400
• NI Istovr.. to.
r. lott
IN.-It NS 0: N 13101., I.
Jll 1,,, c,
V.,.• kVallikts,..Nltlureol.
• %: , 1 , • Jt. , tgt II gmne,
1.1. - .0.N ,1 Li t.NI h. 4. I%A!. IL. Ito 11 DS,
1,;:( 1 . 21.1.:1:Kr wit‘l%.
ri.dadidpar.a and Aat4mare.
Thr Ir ntr. ri 14 , 1. / . 44 4. 1, o• 4•1 4L 11 re. , r ' .111 •4 .
erriztorri e
ritrY WM
uo n..rl'. .1 Ct•ut •
svdt,e - ill
Pt "
Tame—ji Loy'.
rOr rntormna,or. aoply the 4, • . MOTlOngaitCla
D. 1.1:F.C11 S
1111 e,
l'he proprietora of t...ovc. Inc JIls•
N 14r
•t tt Lt.. rocket!, to run exal, 1
d:oion or ni • JOT, ••DM1,110.1 WWI the Peitivryl
ni K0m..1 , ront ,vrt to Philaddpbsa. A
' cant tone tow. ! vrtil lesve dyes,' morutog
Ttole through, 2i day.. inch 6
ig }tl
• -- ••• -• • •
F;d t n ,6,,trn nf of Obnorddattr,
an9VI..IIN iIA AND PiTtsuu ROD
I earcred o n bine art hat transhipped
X X betarecn trotrbfme an d ;•loladrlpht., hada co ,
ord II: four rection rot - trifle naAS oatt load and vs.
•rhinper• of frPrortin.bord frontons careful
Onortbng, IA of finporfanrr Na charge mark for
or atroolfng, or for arleanctud chows. All
goods forwarded with dlapatch, and on as reasonable
terms as by any other Lot.
Canal (furls, Penn at, l'aUbarsh
JA.r! XI DAVIS & Co,
marl Market A 54 I .01,11CliCe EL Philo:
JOHN Met ADEN.ic Cam, Forwarding and Cowan!•
cion Merchants, Canal Inesin. Proll no, Vatrburati
JAMES M DAVIS A. Co, Floor FnclPre and Commis
sion elerchtmu, tl7 Market and 64 Comm`*roo meet,
Philadelphia. marl
1)0 .- Adam.. made Ist ether of llbiabove on Flom,
Wool and other merchaodne emostrted to tem for
We. •
NEW EINEM 1111101613111 M.
1849. Milha
ADAMS & 00 , L4 LINE.
ritur us of PITTSBURGH and it. vicinity are
reopeetrully Informed that we have ito eonneenon
with any other Western Epees+. and are now pre
pared to birward PACKAGES. MERCHANDISE.
Irmo Ilo•ti n, New York. Phdadetpbu and Baltimore,
a. Pittsburgo and other Western this, with timer
theory eepeetuoil Reel aseeoaral.r. cifeetexai.
At ilaltirnote we hove usticiated with us Dr. W. S.
Woootior, who as. for fifteen years superintendent of
The Baltimore an^. Hide Rail Road 'Company; /lowa.
K. 13. 1 ., Cot, for matey years pnnetpal eonhdennal
agent of the Post Office; and G. W. Coss, Ep, of
Brownsville, Pa_ These gentlemen.will give personal
supervvion to the Line from Baltimore to Pinshosgh.
From Philadelphia we stab ran THREE Duly Ex
pre.. Lines, arriving at Pittsburgh rupectively in
'fan, Thee and Foor Dove. 01.0 Two Day Line will
run at mail speed, and Is principally Intended for small
and valuable Pacitagez. We Mall invariably receipt
for matt and rmex
We have an arranaement with MOM". EDW..
which we can forward Packages to, or transact Com—
missions in, Ort m
at Drum France, and most of the
Coetinental Messrs. Edwards Hale & Co undo
in Englund with the well known great forwarding
noose of Meows. C.1...111A. Hon, mul In France wan
the •lbleasugettes Nationale. -
We shall pare no expense ot exertion to get our
good. through with the utmost despatch, anti endeavor
to formsh the pablic with • molly well c onducted Ex
pm a. Small panicle aud package. will be carried by
smat extremely low rot,.
arted wishing to use our Liner are respectfully
' to particularly order then entreapoodents
ably by "ADAMS & Cite EXPRESS"
Philadelphia, Nov. lb. ADAMS & CO.
The Agency of the Above Express Lute will he
condueind at nag city by J. C. BIDWELL ne ,
Water ser
Obeee and En• Expres• Packet bins.
I ,PARKS, Reimer, Propnetor.
laea nod elegma Passenger Parleta, •
j. NIAGARA, Caro Hkl faring
FOrll.lllt , n daily Line boomer, Mayer and Eric, been
runnklig, and mill continue donna the
.sletheirreaularttip+, leaving Beaver •fier
Um urn++, of the morning boat from Pittsburgh, (10'.
uclr. and arrive Ene time fur pasaengeri
to h. the onneing boats to Buffalo at up the Lake.
thfongh to Erie and all Late ports, can be
corner of Water and Smithfield au
c under the fit Ghana+ point
1849 Waal
For Blairaville, Johatnosro. ollidaysburgh, and
all intermedia e
Line sill continue to terry all Way Goods
with their Usual despatch. and at fair rates of
Aolvers—C. A hPANDLTY & Co, Pittsburgh
D ft Wakefield, Johnstown.
John AfillerAinllfdaYsburo&
—Jame+ Jord.on, Smith S
Rinr LH F
R !Score, John Parker,F Von Rona
berm I.Co, Lchmer & Co, Jun hi , Devitt & Um+,
Pittaburgb icon gory, hlallsollan A RUT, Joh
Gralt & U.ostivillc. • meisin
R 61111 1) PAlthilil 6 Ow's. VACILIST LINE.
Canal Packet—SWALLOW, Cap .Font .
u OCEAN, Capt. Wattetv
a? w
NE of the .Love Packets leave Deaver every day,
(Sundays excepted) and ive next wortuni at
'arren, where they connect with the Mutt Steens fot
:awn and Cleveland, arriving at each of them places
educe wed. One ditto rackety leave Warren daily,
xi 0 P. M., end arrive at Beaver in dine to .
take the
ma, dine mount.. for Pinetiorsh.
oIyES LEFELNGWEd.L) WT.) Ploprelra
Al 11 TiYLOR.
anallonno TO lIIIILALIt TO 3 TI INC=
Panket—PlAnsekvutta, Cato_ Jeffries;
•• LAKE ELL " To:by;
rox-rtios -• Sayer.
The above new ant ,
Prusroner Packer., have
condr.ured running between BEAVER AND LERIY:,
and .41 run regularly during the ecaTOn—one boat
losing Eri c every morning ti T o'clock, and one leas-
Ore Deaver every evening, Immediately after the tier,
v. pi tke itemnboat Blichtgan tram P' . r t.
Ti hosts are new and consiortaLli sone. v.,.
thm•ufh .r. lorry hr. Pamersivoi or nor
is. • e . yert or In ..dean Fail, vein Goa ow
• o n
toe s and caperntionv. 'rickets
u 06100 ^Cr. on Lake earl be procured by
dreiOne PrdPovkvo
REED, PARKS I Co, Beaver
JOHN A VAIN:HEY, Agl Pitrthuran.
ear Urn.; and trod:their Ott
C Deal. N
Reed. Erie, Pa.
Wick,Orecnotlla, Pa,
_ Al Fuland and Krrig, Rig Bend Pa.
Sharon, a;
D C Mathews , Pulasli,
R IV Cosirunglum. New C. 0., Pa. DI
sasamboitEar Sato. •
I Aga
roo 'OLINDA ti • tkc Mk day ur Dil
emker. t N 9
t my -Ur. , Lodi, ldrlurrec at
and Is mono , . Inn Intercio Approved nrgotlabl
paper Trill tic tor, d !Or No deterred psymenia. r'al
I pas:torn - H. MOORE
.... _ .
- Titre wia more things to hes , en and earth
'than are dcrarapt of phila.ophy.”
TIRTUES of du e reit...tante remedy, and
the ron.tara application tor it, to the pnthrietar,
bas induced hurt to barn a put up In battles with la.
and direcLons rot, th • benefit of the puha ,
Th. I'VCIRCILEUM it painund (mm a well to this
cont..), at a depth of (oar hundred feet, it a pudil
delterso-e oracle, without soy chemical change!' but
it .1 {WI. 110111 NAILTIC'. Great Labratory!! Thetis
contains properties macho.; a honorer of disease., t.
111 1 Longer a trolitcr hf uneetaitiay. There ago mand
Oahe. in the recant naturc, whieh, if known. ..F.
I he of rant nichatiew in allulttatiug liallcang, and re
swung the laeom of health atid vigor to muty • ma
.l i , ' Mr Land white ilie,propneuar thought of roan*
it op in Macs, it had •Vo?atanen for the cure of dt.
, .. ~_ .
IdThe co n tent uki daily increanng calls Mr It.
Id several remarkable cures It
as m has performed, is a v
are indicadon or Dau ularity and wide ,
spread application in the mare o imam. , I
We do' not wish to mete a. on parade of cortib- I
rate, WI rte. are conscious that e medicine can soon
work its Md . into the favor o those who suffer and I
wish to IfitKe aled. Whilst we do not elanto for it a
moverealMiplicatumin ery. disease, We unborn,. •
migly ray, tat in a numb er of Chronic Diseases 1 1 a
swivelled. Among these may be enumerated—all
dismays of this mucosa tisanes, such as CHRONIC
BRONCHITIS, CONSUMPTION (in its early staged
Achnta, and nll diseases of the air pemages, LIVER
CUNIPLALs. 1 . , DYSPEPSIA, Diarlatea Dime.. of
the Mulder and Kidneys, Puns in the Back or Side,
Nei.. Wocues, Nov ralgia, Patsy, iltieliMatre Puns,
Govt. Eryilpelas, Truer, Ringworms, Barn., Scald.,
Bruises, ild Soma be., die. 10 eases of de bility re•
salting from ezposure. or long and protracteds of
maw tuts medicine will bring relief . It will act ca.
d genera/ TONIC sad ALTERATIVE In shell eases,
toppastrne lone and energy 10 the whole frame, Mao ,
tog oblitrucuotis, opening die sluggish funetrans, which '
came discos. and a broken constitution, add giving
Increased and reneWel energy so all rhe Organs of
Life! The proprietor knows of iseVeral Fetes of
PILES, that rem.ted every oluer•trestaterd, get well
ender the use of the PETROLEUM for • short lane.
The ;door can !Sven to soy person who desires tt.
None genuine tit the signature of the proprietor.
Sold by the proprietor,
S. NI, KIER, Canal Basin, near Seventh m
Ales t , ySELLERS , 57 Wood et/
coiner Wood sr. nod Virgin alley; who are his
uovd di y reguiarly appointed Agents
THOR AND. 011inif lil•
No, 97, earner Morsel and Pirth--or 49 /Bar kel,
Imam Thir d and Fourth Ida
T il r ' s ' irri b orr ' e ' M ' ki k il 7 : P fll c o * :i ' n t."' s .I.l, o ,"<„ b tf: d .:. "'l
iviall Tuks, Said Churns,
bleat Tuns. Barrel Chortle,
Bath Tons, Hal( Bushels,
Wooden Bowl., Pecks and Half Peck.,
Weil. Dos ids, Mass Bound Iluciels,
Clothes Pies, . Towel Kollerr,
Wooden Ladles, Bread Rollers
C Maoists,lotheMaoists,Markel Brokels de , he.
sAstUr.h. KituiSKN,
„,,el4 No di Diamond Mley, Paukargh •
10,10 Y, Ind CARPENTI:II.O"fOOLS. direct (torn
inanviseturera iA F: rapt an d AMVIICO,SIId are
1.• i/ fully prepared to oGtr gooda Ittleil prier n.. hot to &we, arid Would particularly restrain
the •trentinn of Metcbants who ate la habit ol O.
ina Ka, a. we rec , 1011finiCal they will told, Mier
tee/rural examination , that our prices Will compass
ally house in Plitladelphia Or NOW
olt, hiellulsorlW u
a: Nicho are.
,ua,c4sUr, Anhurs l.
son, tag leave to inform the ritixen. ui Pittsburgh
andPub,' Pr n,iruPl. that :hey have rebuilt the EA•
tad, N 11dl wed arc tiuw in toll operation, and
have poll ol their patterns ready for the market: —
Among. wAisaLuc Cootie n emves, Cold and Wood
:Sneer, .itte a epic:l:lid nir:tight Coll/ Stave, which to
now eupereeding codc• the connuOu retin
Mut.. Alen, • cheap ett•l Canotang Atone, well adsp
rcil for entaii reindict, with • full Resonate.. of ruin.
moo and ntamrultate, We would par icularly in•
the . .,.1 ,4 m of per:omit:adding to call at .r
.rH‘^i,a Pnrehasing, and examine 0 splendid
mete or ciountneued Wares, flielehed lit fine Hyle
enuvely new in lb. M art.
Arsirchuww, N. WI Liberty Cl, Woe. W 90,1 at
at:eV:Lin NICHOLSON a I,,s.VNit
11111: • pp4p,Proprr 111[1 , 1 reteinng Loi Fall Stork, ego.
g ~ .il dcaerlption. of FUtt 1.1ti1% WIPIrS,
!riot i- . droe ice, Cigar., ae Ile offers snducrineuri
ihe 11L1•1•••4i , toll Kemal trade, Mat ennbot 1/0 er
roved Among the articles Mr sale, ho would enn•
owner tb. intordettor
115 pkg.lloi - nrie, Bordeaux and Cognac Brendle., in
p‘r". 111 PIP , `, quarter , . and octaves, nli chinee
brand. mid awake.,
9 pipes Rolland trine;
2 puncheons lluasie• Spade;
do Ne. Engld Rum;
it do S. Aett im end Iriiiii IVrkier;
liillibis Ind Aloi .0.,;:,hu1r It), 11' eheyi
It Ave eel iternoon do - do, l'i7o;
II pkge 51rdttra and Sherry Woo., oi hf pipes, guar
ler. and octaves;
15 ples I "torn nod l',errire Wmee,lguerter`d
5 rk gPs Pon ants, in lupe., hf pipes end quaver.;
57 bid. and Ind., bhl% Sweet and Dry Malaga Wine,;
20 bbie Old Res..ll Brandy.
100 socks Rio, Logos) ra and Java Coffey,
75 pkt,a Y. 11., 0, l• and Chulau Tao.;
7r pkgs asnortratTobeten,
6 6615m00 bales Spites;
15 bble White Radars;
37 bestete 10,11 ,140 011;
76 do Champagne Wtncs, pia and gra;
174 easesll cox) Claret Winer,
50 do Hoek or Rhine do;
.25 do Senuone Welles; 21 dp 11 . 1nacal; 11l dr. Ahlf t
V21.7:11 ' g,0 " n " .. ,11 , 1. 1 ,T,gr ° =.,Tc . .1 ,! . ..: 0 LT, 0 1Z 1„,
Stern, AIIJOIIViC %Vine Bitter., Houk. Wined and L.
genre of the linen thalKAarreene,CuracoirdAbertlbi
hlardalldMor thlrddll C.A.., Bock sod Cologne Rot.
des, Anchtmet, Sardines, Lolrstors In rare, Caper.,
Olivet, Ketthope : R. B. Chocolate, Corks, rune; Mug.,
lauddlullißoll. Boduailldaehen.andPatebargh klur
erector. , genardlly. JACOB WEAVER, Jr.
ocilli 001 r Alartat and Elrst .15
-- .
MAC/21320 , - - 1 01 f Obis No t klarberei
. ~..5(1 '. .Nos do,
er so'" ' No I . do;
ltecenong from the canal and for enia by
writ JAMES BALM/0d Wanir a
~EDI~CAL._ - ~
ble.heinec of the day" ,
Sraxion, Ohio, May S.. lilt.
it E. Seller.: I think it right for thebenent Grottier.
• gate acme tart. in relation to - ye at excellent Fame
ly Medicine..
I have 0t.....,r0ur Vermleuge largely to toy own fent
-- vtal trequenlly .tuvreritte for espellnl ( l tree
•I to WO) wont, from two ehildre I. I
1 your Liver Valls mod Cough Syrup .0
they hare in every ir.ortence prothnted
aft. - .
;aged in nweehandisang, I am able to
yet to hear ef the as failabe orbs,.
m have been used. my . rocaton of the
roncluelon, I May etor tnal they ere af
adlein, or ace dm, and are Moaned .., base v vii cc
Clensi ye popularity Yours, re ci Put')
• II Pt, h...
Prepared end sold by R • i Inn. No 07
eweet, and sold by Drugs,. • a het Olt an the two i.
dm and vavinaY. mv3l
13 onronal, only true, and benefit. Liver Pill.
5... C... co .....w, Ye,
filar h 48th, Itaid.
Me. R. E. Sellers: Dear Sir—l tthink h a duty I owe'
to you and us Me public r .r. ly, o elate that I lame
been growled with the Liver Complaint tor n lung
lane. and vo badly that en Owes• formed and broke,
lvyin left me In a very low elite. flaming heard to ,
your celebrated Liver Pale Icing for stale by A R ;
Sharp, In West Liberty, and recommended to me lay I
my phylum., Dr. E. Smith, I concluded in Inc them
a fair trial. I parchmed one box. and fonnd them to I
taloa what they are teem/mooned, THE BEST Lo
VER PILL EVER USED and after taking foot lilac,
I bad the disease has entirely lea woe, and I on now
potectly well. Respectfully yours,
West Liberty, biotech 06,10411.
lon iPty that I ma personally acquainted loth PI,
,oleo, . and eta bear testimony tothe truth of the
to , ye ertifieste. A it SHARP
TM, , nullle Later PUN are prepared and sold by
it E i LLERs, No 57 Wood street, and by druggists
In tn. war atom.
Ti) VIM: rulll.lC.—The origami, only true and po
llute Laves Pills Wrenmpared by R E Sallee*, and have
his nom. matured i blank wax upon dm Jot of each
`eat, and Lis roc:totem on We outside wrapper—ati
eftiletl nre counterfeits, or beue itations.
. ai_ipti : H E SEmLLERS, PrOportor
r ._
[PR I the Rev AnA SHINN, a well known and pop
L' u r t lessonotoi the ProteetantAleatodul Church,
/ a undersigned losons been athicted during the pasi
swa : with s dtsease n, the etomach, someumes p
lo a' • Crest p i.n In the stomach foe ten or twelve hour:
sallo: .nw tPi oh, and after having Pima trances
Medic. with, chest was (etiolated with a botsa
!Dr D Jsyne'st. satire liblftaln: Tto• 11010141 nc•
r.-dieg to ~. dires. On* not kund ;nv ati hl,l y that a A s
adieu. mused the pain to abwe in three or roar mm
I, wall in fifteen or twenty The
vain was entirely quieted. The mobcap. , I•Ft• a(
tdsmed whenever todicatirops co the erploatela G,
CIE perealrcd, and the pain lots:hereby pi ear cat
• continued tome the rued/Owe every eve:atm
'.curse n.' he morning, and lu 5 few weroSa
hea.. luso (erre stored,that the suderer was rears
eyed from-lame alma:mot oppressi•e pa an. From n
rienee, therefore. i e ran confidently recta/me-id l•
D Janie'
Carmatatise Italmat, no • ree Witty me ,, m ,,
for 41..11 of thestomach and trowels. - A SilLti A I
:Sliest:ens ri ay i,y I'
Foy sal* in Pittsburgh at a...Pk:Ella Ii A CIO'S
PI Fourth .treat near W o a anal also r 11,1 ) 1u;
Store of it l' SCIINVLISTZ. Ps •TO nrect. A ',es...
- -,-VA.---I.C-KilirbilitiOVlClLt I
A DR. SP/AV - 14E7S
COSP011110.ritill? OF VILD CIIERBY.
Ttla altar WINDT tea
Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
HenchrsaL i
inkn..ZL Zir.111,..:,
e (hart, HIM/case, Croup, Broken Cot
sutunon. Sore Maim, NeToas Deblia.
oustl Diseases of the ph o,
Band Longo the Moat rt.
(tactual and opecali one
evee known ioi any ot
the statt.diress• .
DR. SS% A 1' AV.'S
i - Oastsaposaid Il7stap:ol VI? Ild Oberryl
'ltd. medicine to as leaver among Moor ot nds Maly
Catty. It hen passed away trout Me thou-a
launched upon the tide of oliwoment, and now sionta
higher tin reputation. and as bcconling inure ezt,,, , ,v ,
ly used than any othet p re paration of use-dieter ree,
produced for the rebel ot eadestm ism.
It has been 'Produced very generally through ills
United States km; Ear , pe, and there are few ~,,,,,s „,
importe but &het contain .oute tertuatuble t--- : 1
deloa of-lo good edecu. Por proof of the inn,
stetamocuts, and of the val. and edleace of tha• coda I
rim the proprietor mull mien a few of tace mavy thou
mid testimonials which have been presented to ham n s I
Wet of the first respectability—men who have by 40,
el um of room', responsibility and mance. Map to r,
tify to facts, became avail do another afromoo. sioi
thenuelve• no apostle, Sal testimony vg, r,,
hill•nly, that as summons seclience s• e•hatol•E-r.l
l/y It• inumeai aunts, and the anquesuomiale :onion
ty of public opinion. The instantaneous relict ~ s.I
arced., and the soratuns influence alftuacd thoprob me
ivsholc frame by'ate use, tendem a • cu. , . sews:this
Sameds to r 164 ordeted.
-Valeta own. amass foam cOnbeleollott. ~,,,,1,,.
soluntanly bear, tesianony to the truth on-a , Stone ..,
articular fact, such testimony, being contrary an tticia
oddly tatermte and tr,ixtenerrpc.e,s,Lisget,,ar oi
niTers"Telsierernne.7 ISYllortan's bioral Maso n s , ' '
Slll.l. APormat Crier
ere never was a remedy that km been , successfao
desperate cases of Coneumption, as Dr. filrayne -
it as reap of:Wad:Cherry, It Strengthens the
' 1„,,t77 " ,,,i4 wan s i c to teal lb. ulcers cash lot,
I new and rich !Salon; pow
searal to 11,
"lb(' I • //rlve .
CYtterr. .1.!0_, April ,1,10
Dr Sa ayur -Dear Our 1 scaly better your:Com
pound Es,rup of %VIM Cheers bus boon t v met 'II
saving coy Ima I eanght a severe sold, Winch eradu
ally gmw won., attended with a severe conga. thui
resumed all the temedmia
which 11l .....„_,Ss' s '` . In o i la's'
hlrteaslng o'nett Ory cue: eahllnte on taynept m• 0.
Pulnionaty Comutaptron• Erery thing I tried
•eeme ,
10 Love on effect, and my complattalneteased 1 ,1 rOOll
ly that encode., well as alpaca, gave up all hoop tai
ray mew/rept At tae time I Was recommended to tr,
your invaluable medicine: bat sO with the Mott
py results. The first bottle the effect to loosen tio
cough, causing Me to expectorate freely; and by .Ihr.
time I had used six boal.:ailoweso,
„r on a u s re in ly
m aar y ell li d
wonlrbrteraiFto'gly'e any infortnallonareepettalts Ley
rale, that o Cr Mae... mal doom the benefit fn
winch I sen en grateful. Ii:or the truth of the booa
suneuncat. I trice you to I ewe Rauh, woe,
Chester, Pg.,
of wheat I purrbeeed the:..dime
thesyeM.:',y yhote Jas.llo4 .1.
Noroief.l Cure of a iVsthoilart Msnsitsst. „
Dr. Swhinc--Dear S.: I feel • debt ad gratitude Jut '
• you—mtd • daty to the adhessd generally, to od,
MT humble te*Ohlany in favor of your C.humoultsl Sy.
nap of Wild Cherry. Some three years since I wu•
violently &tussled with cold and inflammation of the
Lungs; which was accompanied with • distressing
rough, pain in the brettal and head, • very ronstdere•
tile iliachuge td offensive mums from the lungs, robe
efiir.ll,l7 upon change of weather, however Might. At
I felt co alarm about my madman, but war resit}
noonhoncal that I wu rapidly gulag Into eons ump•
hon. I grew daily weaker, and at length won Rearce•
ly able to walk about, or sped above a whi , per, such
was the exceedour weakness, of my lungs. During the.
own I had tried ,111011apreparauons and pssacriptdon , .
but found no reef—growing all the time Wotan. J,,,,
tare I or
.Sa • mad sod persuaded by • dear friend in
Wilmington to make trial of your :Syrup of Wild Cu,.
ry, I Must eadess that prevldunly I lad sail Pero;
Mead against patent tneddones, and I am still again',
thou coming out of the buds of canaries, but an der.
standing your Otiose to the profession and pracucc
medicine, and henna trapliett faith to toe saying et thy
Mende, I forthwith purchased of Dr. Shaw, onn . of you
ants, a few ladles, and commenced its axe. dly ind
ra u se was at tbs. time of :Nor 05 monthoun s et
a Low ll& g, ey,.
sapiently it was deeply seate , l. I fd,
conaideraLle relief front the are of the first four or live
bottles. tiat.tiving a public speaker. I freyeend /a a,
tempted to IpteaCh with my thereaSing strength, nd
thereby ruptured those teasels that had already begun
wheal; in this way, doubtles,. my care wax greatly
martial. In exasequenee of acting thus Imprudent'
I had to ace twuve or fifteen tattles before I wits pe.
reedy restored I have no question, a much sass'
number o thati, would have made ma wand, la
din above indsserentim. The dyrup allayed the fey
tsh habit, too/ ...fay the distressing cough, put a 11
to the thscharp• of matter from the lungs, tad han
there and the exam system goal health. I have dote
fed awing `that certificate until now, for Me Napo.
of being perk , . I satisfied with die pennorieney ni th,
rare, end now .tat I feel perfectly . well I off, it with
Axe. J. Y douse;
pleasure. l .
Dul,lu taunt! CC
hoponuni Catuton—Rha'
There is but or c genuine preparanou of Wild Cherry,
Un i t ed
that is Dr. NWAcrues, the first ever offered to the
publos, actual been cold largely throughout the
United States oral node pam of Europe; and all pre..
wallow , cane. by the name of Wild Cherry hove
Leen put out snare this, under cover or some deeepuve
eircumclances, •ar order 100 ive corrency to then rule,
Uy a little ohmrsvation, ti person need mmtake
genuine from false Each bottle of the gent one
enveloped uro a beaturful steel engraving, with the
likences of W.ll. Prim thereon; vb., Ur. nvenylielc
signalorer sod s further security, 11th portrait or Ur.
Swayne will I. added hercallee, au an to dorturguteli
his preparanor • sour all others. Now, it was not lot
the grom curnove properuec attd known virtue. of Dr.
Swayne's t:oris•aand Syrup of Wild Cherry, persons
aroold nut be undeavoring to arra currency In their
1 1fielitins no , ams" by stealing Mc name oi Wild
Cherry. Us-number, Aiwa> c bear In maid the mime
of Ur. Senry or od
corn ot o f
Principal (11/cse, rner of kltghth and Race ..r eer i,.,
For tale whis reale and retail rs.y o GUEN k. SNOW •
DEN, eon •..dcurl Wood vtri Ir - A FAIINESTOCIS
c o toe a u. Wood, and ' rill. nod Wood 'to,
rilow+, co :11 seket nl ta JONES, 1-0 Liberty cc .1 4,
JONErS, coi .land and Penn stc, /OLIN MITCI J
ELL, Alteghr, city, arid by all respectable dealers
reedleinn .113
Dr;i•l7• P• Prainiuto PI •
DR,W. P. INLAND, oldie leiltral College lor Pml.
adelphra , now open to public hf. 11: , 11111
etable ptemiain l'ln.tet, the tionlal, or alircl, min
long and tried experience, hos been cs.
Watched. lrd all wornen who Ina tOti.C..ti Veld
Protons', Undo or Fallen Womb, hc recommends lo
plaster, guaranteeing a sure nod speedy awns 1.1
short spate of from two to lime week., ri d will
care and rect—doicardlng all the emulate... instrument
and expenerve bandages. long in use. 'Phi , be feel
common°. in taring, iii•romeh ache has um Imle.
In one rote out of three hundred id tilly-thp , For
vended . Al Ns .R.heutnausnt nnd Weak Rtes. ur
wed won pain, iberc is 1101/1111; tu exerl Pla.tsr
In sdording tsirfl or fdecting n cur,. for.olc L 7
L Corner of Diamond nod hlsrtet
Braun Tr. Reatfr, Liberty and tit. Cladis
D T .1 Tasreeul . Fr& st aro 1n0trv....1. A or.
Jacques A Co, DE.I•11 .111.1111.nand Burning
RE. SELLERS, Draggiat , No Pv I n a street
Bole Agent for thp
vi Dr. Tow-nod . .. Gen
lune SaNnpnvilia, has S. received AN dozen of ihts
Great Spring and boneer Medicine.
?W.A..] atomic! recollect That it E Sellers ts ask
mant for Pittsbargh, and D hl Curry int M0:W..0
EXTRACT OF DUFFEL— An article vouch -
and Ns b osuns , as wholesome, nourtOony
Lb.-bus beverage, Ping uinre plenasut, us ,
amble. Jinn common cotice, and tar cheaper, 4% u small
paper %ration. only .
. ten go no Inc us lout
poserf trade
JOHN S. ILLL Sinsbunell, P.
L+dd al ..,,h f bagle by B A FAHNESTOCK it Co.
corner of Fools and Wood and Oath and Wood Inert,
a di
riALIFORNIA RUBBER (isOLlS—Jusi recelved.
35 Camp Bloaters, otheer cos.; prs Pau.,
Is pairs nets lined Muaing BOolS; .12 balm. Bass;
looter Tanks, and IS/ gallons each, 50 canteens, i
gallon each; dos Doak. Nancy Bolts; I do oiled
' cambric do do. Tke above goodsfor sale st the cob
[onna Omitting Eptabllthaten4 No I Wood U.
meh47., J & II PHILLIPS
A SSORTED SPIC ES—Pen up for family use, ta un
sans, enclOsed In
Mustard, a elidang lid
piebox, coniaming
Cinnamon, Ginger,
Cams, Peppe e r,
'Warranted ptire. For tale at th new ~ p are, nod
MUSllled FltelDry, corner of Ferry & Liberty it._
myig - JOHN 13 CELL
AN.VlLl3;;Ww=kt=, trin t
wttl 4na:or.ityy
on hang and mashed to artier ma y_ N ,
GEO cdc SS Wood or
..... riT z igrifiriri l l.. 2 ;; ; :g!-. 2 ..41.1111it a t .41
•--2's ; " V .1 4 , .4 4 4.'1. T 4.14115 !,t7, lii ii
_l.i .
58 .. - ;.. 14. f - ;:i 4 .V=1 5 2 " . 4' 49 '''
iligilitil.2..,:fie ~!: E.,“......:
Qg- „.- x t - E .. ..g. E .....-;,E-6,...,..2yrs a allilsi..4 : l .i ii i i: p §,:....4
: „.?,4"5- 5 1..-1 , 1,ig:1421535...5.. : ,- - , - t .- ::•:41:4 i . iNi s t.iii111 1 4. ilt t 3
= 0 ... lleilr-ILivi'lii.Will!g . l_,!:.;;_ I --4,...1 .7.4.t.2...e 7,-A t e 3 . x.r......1,.
e 1 12. 7. 3i .114 titZt 4. 3- 1' IX
csei4, - usvihti-d - -iiatizniii - itg.4 - 2 . 4 44 4.211.,1.. g .rz....1.4.....:1 1 :t1; ,
er. e §-r;Fitlelli, E ,l - 1.1- 6 . 1 2 ,i11i: : : 15i4E - Z ' . f eltigg- t riAl ;1;1 if
...I ie 44C ii - 11 1 .:: , ile2:1V - d=';! 1 ' 4 tir 8 ,7 5 3 T q Ell,....44Eiriltepaiffs !,2-. i
... _ ci.kio....v.
sue- ,..q.A0,11,igg-,zvEz.z.,l v. A 5 8-I-1 6 3 4 .1:0;:ag - 4.-.. i , ... = 1
' Di •
g'&4.:!:e'':E'l•."l•E.E.:-..t.q.ii"o,.2EA':gaSts2 S-*
t 0. 02 tr a A L SZ:=“ 4 :§Zgagl. 6 1 : •4 .4 1 1/
=-I ta , ~., oan •1 =.2: 2 0 .9,51:9"....5 , ..t=0 §,-; ••• -
' . -1 - , 1317, ‘ • A a 4..Auf122. i w.,.. 01 ,0 : ... se , 7 ... h.,
G.) ( 1 E
''' 4l ' Z- : 3 'B, IL;:ii:ll44l. 2 . l ,:igsgt ,;.:, `&.11,
Z Et xe.
1 , 1 1 tt•l ° .1 it B .4P ' '! ' ' s % - . 9 ?-5j!•.2 2 V I .„.
~,,u1 .5, 4...9.2a,.. git:v:g..a.l A. l
d 5 qi.5.:1 , 4231:24:701-:- ig -
Y. g 0 5 a 5 2
›. .4 , ...E 13 ^ 2- 1P ;lig.j%'• .- fin
E.O Ir..;::iiir.3:l -
4...1%.i .. ;.3 xxl-n1ev....Mx%•: 2 19 :. ,a•Z
. w ri .-• -.....c2x et r#.titr....oiP27.,i . 5 II - •
p.m 1- '5 ::,' x.; P'./tzw. .31 tee
C., r en ; 55 = l .OO „.b.2.2A-ala'ZIV". gg . ci,
, .15 . 51 a,...8.3.•0.4 r gy a ...t:17. 1 - .a.
lOC, FL I 6 .. i ., ..< E. L'-04.....;:f1.'•',2.1.g 04= : 4,4=-44:7....a P1...1 -
.: 0 e.' al. ..qt.e.i?.... 9 .= • ',..i.a .137.•'74!,3 rfl 6 ; `,?. VZ
ce - -- ^z-z. r 4"
o ®
t 0 4t.t E . f ,
LU LL *-
~§ , z
c o, - 8
t zoo,„,_ . . 0 ......
0 E d I .s, t , T.t•!r.ft' 4 .-iP.'g'" , - - &%-..•g s,
11 ,5 !•4
< ,144 . 4,.iifib:S7.§•°g:t:s'i'enic-;;;sl.='•at, .IJET
Ilar. 4 1,
AGCNTSis—WM JACKSON..IOIII.4_IIIMORGAN__, PnAsburghca. hi-Cl/RIM Allegheny City; A.
Banker•. Ezehang• Bro'kerNe
•NO 1/1
COI,LECTIONS—Drofts, Notes and Aceeptatices
payable at any part of the Vilma:collected un Mc most
vorable terms.
F.XCHANCE on New York, Philadelphia and Bal
timore; also, Cincinnati. Louisodle, Saint Loins and
New Orleans, con;lantly for sale.
BANK NOI - 11S.—Notes on ell solvent banks In the
tinned States diseounted at the lowest rates. Ain kinds
of Foreign and American Gold and Silver Coin bought
and told.
Offiee No. 35 Market street, between 3J and 4th,
Pittsburgh. P., octli
7)11..1.9 on Rfisland. Ireland. and Scotland bought
Li any amount - al the Current Onion F.nchnnge.
Al.. Draft. payable in any part of the Old Countries,
from .LI to at the rate of E 0 to the /Sterling,
without deduction or discount. by JOSHUA ROBIN
SON, European and tier.erel Agent. entre oth in eon
door wctt of wood. octlleJ
[sows. weal
jj, Vtircl,n and Domestic Bills of Eschimge, Cerf
Genus of Deposite, Bank Notes and Coin, comer of
. 3 , 1 and tVoosl ftrecis,directly opposite St. Charles Ilu
1 , 1. , /lbal
Oink NOW,
putc&a, me lowa¢t r ama .l-10 tkr
N 1-Mr2 & SONS,
•rvf.l Mettet strut.
1 - > i/4.8 Off 1:XCII Ofe..—&lght Cecil* on
) New York,
• Baltimore, '
'atrial,' fur wan, by N. 1101..1112.450N8.
.is as Market at.
. • -
"One of,eete .Ifuet Rena-Lee:le IVorie of the Age"
INEV Ell AND ITS H t:SIA trvS, oath an account
1100.1 to the etnuldwan elute... of Kurd..
thu. and Tumid., or Lte.vil.WonthiPPeta, and 611
Inquiry into the Manner. and Arts of the Aaeleot An•
er r.dna ity Austen !Iraq' Layard. EN.. D.
Wnk Inltoothaory Note by Yroi•
H0b0... D. ,
1.1. D. 111o0trIcd oath 13 111111e/I ELnd map, and In
wood rule d ,•:11 elttn, (.1,50 "
..foe Iwo. u rate amount of gsatthle, a 1.01, tUr •
turt , que butve nobs. ,
n, avra Lay•td tha MO.( potiatneut eanlri-
I but oa fo r
the 411.1) of annoudy, that bar appealed tot
a•t> yeata • -Chttht Ind
Not one e co al• on iutetan 100 aceouut f.ilnraelt
and de Atom, etaeu Mt. ard ' - Wathtnatots
It elnartnetr
a o 00 u+' the 4114,11. wlth Inrathdena tatereat
I ou thy, est, VittOaa. and au.), thy had nuraelvea
1.. , •• o :a•at oo •tv out won. th.. ua-noio , l
• a, tvothh. o.u• n o. irut -le•
JANIF... LirtlOVulill.
dl W 04.0.1
rrHE. WOMEN of P.c Oldand New 'Testament
Edated t.v II Sorsa..., D. D. I oat Imp
h, extpositely finished ei.000 0 . 0 .C . .
0111 oomi
relebrated Amen,. Clergymen
pill:M . .? II i AMELIA, O Mrs. WePI of 110..1 a new
n.l enlarged .moon: Illustrated by enstav 000 600,
rogorml denten , Woos. I sod soden: 000 elegant•
and ono go t —A "prof of splendid Anus
els (oil Hooka.
t+ewell's Child*, First Runt of the History of Rosa ,
.1 Vol 10000.
use 01 ..arpeuters st i opwroglo. Witeelwr.ghts, Saw
yer., (.110114,100.0.tuderan, moll Artisans generally
thnrosait and pra..tienl Trelkll6o on Men...a
-1.,. and 1 0 0 011.10111 itulr„—it) D Al. Koper . , A M.
I m•.•'s Treutoce no tire,ls, Prose CompOsomn. •
I:l,emio•d's EletneromSTFrenen (.1010,000. By Prof
Drown t/GiglroVs. I vot 1,010.
1 1 01 , 111,1 , lie/I[OlOlV litilitri• Cluny/4.r, by Con.t
to•serious' IlEbtelY Legicon.
I,nmmieLogariMmte Tables. I
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The Eug,onliroan,CHreek (mneoldance. I vol 10000 -
Anttion'A Classical Se . Iles.
‘‘el , ster's Lhenouary, revised est. I vol.'s.
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Isar 'a Notes 0011 Qll,llOOll 011 New Testounent.
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NlOOlOOll • Ecclesiastical History 3 got and 2
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Vestigee of erenuon I vol. Igtiou
Plottongo among 00 Je,stas 1.1 Ron, 1 tul vtoth
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6001 000 paper.)
Dogue*s 'Theological Lecture., vol
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Alder , Pronouortag
Voy , roman Doettonary.
mart's Hornee. Nor sale by R. HOPKINS.
.003 Apollo Ituildongs. Fourth no
itCHAS JuSl 7 H.C.CKIVED.—Cike wort. ,
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.and Joerocv tihroaal Hvrrnerhy and
Inny. wW, no.av from ad tae Conunchnotors.Dograph
tr. and Ilthhovraphleat Nonce••
tofory end Prennee of 'reerlnna . , or, He Monate
nod Metllolia of Good Sehool•Kconha, by Devitt
Vow. A. NI , ratortael 01 the Stan .Normal School,
Anm.y, N. V.
I rank lornalmis Ft•th end FivEltinf 01 the U. Slat,
and Vrovincev oh North Ainorina. by Henry
nova cornrr Third and Market ala
I) ANIE , U. LOCKWOOD, Bonlcrriler and Itup.Mer,
In, tik Wood xtrdr has for sale a few troort coin
`.,ete, tthe rrinelndrr of tbe eattruft,) ot tho , ralu.tate
k. to %lc Prerervalion of I.cuutent., and
,`tier in:orrnat:on re:at thr tu the carq ex
,ettlemeut and Improve oi the Country
uront.d the brad ol thr Ohm. liy Novato B 1'1,1.1.0rh. Itt 9 rok tvo.
it I.d , r rtY (other
Illolatrated with twelve 1,1-avenge, cot
cuted Cl Home 1 0011. untforan wetta Przaeott`s
Dot:meal Warta , .
• lo•t pulththed nod for vile by
JAlll'23 D. LOCKWOOD, 11.0.1taeller and
Rowell Importer, 6,1 Wcan.l at .
t2ANNY IN irm.y. nutbowitededition,
I.lhno eta. MRS FAINNI r KR:k1111.11 - S re:mt
"The readoe:: of Ito. book hula inepreased as WWI
med. Liar her of 1.01 ui 01 author than we hod formed
from perna:aw Les other ,k Gang'. It deaguyv n deeper
tone wane tet,
tomato pure womanly grace. of
teeter e than Any Mbar producoon of the' r‘naale mend
w i n, t. are akeantautetra."—Eve. Ahern,
••It .k ogieenbee andreadaldel.ook, wren en
Fanny Keet.l,lo . l heat •tY a . -old, aperth - al od
WO o,ollllllolld 01 h 0
um made. n
al We be,l
put.l.:notoe ot the aeu..on -Reading (soa.
•-le the Journal of a travel through i:1001 1 ,
110 I. od , llll l 01 Italy; and Lk one of the pleasan.cla
and en0...1 oarrertne, Look. , of the aeuaan '—Cour. and
Ilntotr ,
verr f1.0..1101.• Look. We have read at front
lade par. to Colophon o math unabated merle,. A ri
ved pew,. Itle in Hamm. In all trapeets ernene.,4
reuaable --Ktoekertaaeker
FOI tc, D I.011:10% Dot),
llook‘oller Importer, tla Wood It
tiaoi:iplills E•tablishment
W Thlld opposite
\ 1 Olilre. Paulo/re , —Mane, laaa!daeape, 1411-
Lat , elaA rc htteetural und Alachua.,
orawette.. tlwtt
aera nod Ve,ttana card-. A.e., augraved
r dr:, aMI 1.11,00 , alum °old, 01.,„.:
or llinek lee the /no. approved ‘t, le, nod at the moot
rent...t.L'e once,.
'tll ATF;FI. I. tor the very Itheral etwoutagement
hat, ',toyed tor ~,,, Ity ,teat.. I hut dart.
„, toy totvonern otottsderettkly ILrwg
eottZed ape rut For , tot,,o, I wtit toe riml,led to
t „, ~,,•• r•- romptty, and do the work on oar ultuol
.dyle hod wk vitteotton au,
Jt4,41.111,1, III) large • lock ot
1,% ~t ttl Aattr.,,•r. 011,1 Et,ldit,e, Car
tto jMmns4.awl Motc,to
Tangult, Split mid Holler 13 todr• nod
usutill) hero 10 40 etatttaishrttent of Ilte
001. lorder. reepectitally goltrital mad promptly a 4
tended to
t'orpeot mode nod put dollop.
/LLLkun is.,iiir v iarirrin LILIXD — ; -
I) ItA LIINET A.:E1100:11.
J. A UHI.WIST would respect.
_„. (idly Intone tbe pa lie that he
keep, ell at hp. ruuul oaths ,
sve.: ride of the 1 3 / 2 1,10/Id, A Ile ,
- pheny coy, a complete amoth
mem of Vemb;ln Illinds• ' alio Ye
mitten :Shutters are made to or
der at the beet Iylr, wart:Oiled
equal ht city all the United Staler
lire I.llthdi can be removed with
ma the aid of ascrew driver
Having purctieged h e stork,
tools, mid iviosi Chills cabinet em
tablishmemof liatiemy M`Cleh
Mod, I um prepared to Wraith
' their old c 1111 Well SI)
elite at lire, with every thing in theiustomers, r
Agettej, root Wo,csisin'etr Pihttough.
melete J. A. 1140tYN._
tripAPF:R IlAhtliititiVr:-Inat pow receivrth, duce
r from the raanufazturers to New Vert , Pailadeh
Ihilitthore, a temp and well selected mean.
meet of all the an
and mon troproved style. den
tin. plasm! mid common PAPER HANGINGS, ran
m.ting at—
IO,CCO pieces of eerier and rremmi
mow ,• Mi s ted Colualth _
10,000 " 11,001, Ch am b er and 116011
11 1 wonfa particularly 'gall the atter.=
aldose having boomer to paper, to and exec..,
tt rho Paper Warehore of ?.37iliat
LUNGS.—The unprecedented enemas which has
trended We asa of the
n all the 'mecum farms which Irritation of the luny U.
merles, Wee induced the proprietor Watt to enU oush•
tics this • .
Foe changable weather which marks oor fall and
nutter menthe, I. alvraya & frontal sonree of
rhese, If neglected, ant but the precursors of that fell
The qamtion, then, how alma we nip the destroyer in
the bud? how shel l we get clew of ear coughs and
old.? is of vital importance to the nubile.
will be found In the Ginseng /lessee. proef of Mis
we hove from ume to um published the certlficates of
descus of oar best known °Munn, who hove exp
enced its enrative powers. These,_with mass of me
kiloliters of the Gospel, &a, together with coon :toe no]
Ices from the
we have embodied in pamphlet form, la d IneY he lad
grunt of enygonrwAs4roint=conntry.
have been need in this elry.
throughout the Muted Suttee and Camas, end we altS
lenge , any 111. n to point MI
uh, when taken locordlng to dittioncais, and be.
fore the limp had bsemite fatally dmorpetuesd, it ku
seer failed to
Why, thee, need the slab:dad limuultel Why nowt to
the rideerable uostrume, Omit ap by., own individe
u ler the amazed name of uisme ea ahnialad phy
sician, end pulled into itouirlety by eenificate. s
si i.pare
was equally wilmown? Whilst medicine at
I. to be had, whose 'anthem we at bonu s —oar audhJ
Yors,—many of whom it has
Pt order that this invaluable medicine tiny be pleoad
with. the mach of the pow as well the rich, we bars
pm Me puce m
one half the usual cost of congh inetimmee m n
for tale by JUT agen. in nearly every mem and vibes*
ay., the west, who are per pared to rive full income.
lJ It T. SALTER, Proprietor,
UroadwaY, Cincinnati, Ohio.
_,.., -. _ CONTAINING N 0 i
,r.. . -..... , .. hlEßCU N l o .rot h wer:d r ol
;-74 7.7uae all EXI I PEN r AL
' . IIII -7 : M:\- 4": - ; ."""-‘' rlirga-MIIN Ll it l e• : • 3 -
• --- 4 ' '""'" E A SE& POISONitt S
7'l' ~:- :1•-f- WOUNDS to .Inteharte
•; ..,-:,.., their putrid ina,rt, and
.'• '' •
~ ...c . • then Lash than
-' It ii rightly termed
.1.. , 1 ••••• AI. L - GRALING, for
. ...z,,
.., - . • there is aentrely a die
.; ' ente external or totems'
•• 4 .- ,- r?'e 1 1's •- -I,
b•t it al tbe 6 '
• • I Lam used it for the lest
kites )etat for all diseases of U , chad, mvdlviog
the unman danger and etc at
and I declare
t,fine heaven sad man, that not in one case has it
''tiled to benefit when tha pettent twin withio We mach
of mortal. means.
I have had idmidentom lamed to the proMision. I
bate Mousing" of the game!, judges of We bench, a:•
deratn, lawyere, gentlemen of the htghe.t °mild.,
and multitudes of the poor net it in every variety of
way, end there ha, been hot one voice—one wirers.'
I t el COOIP"
' RIIEUMATIIIM—It taittoYes wontimmediately
the inlianuntolon and avralling, when the pan OVUM
i ilt We din:tattoos 11.1.0=1 , 1 the WI-)
D-AOLIE—Tbe salve ban cured pertems of We
heel-eche of twelve years mending, and who had it
lam eir every week Ito thstvontiting Met glee. EAR
an ',Wiled with lake 'Mere*
SCALD tiLAD—Nve hate cured
Wet ectuelly
MAO every thing known, as well as the stain,' of DI.
won o twenty doctors. One man toLd us he hadspent
Al on his chddrai withoe env benefit, when &law
mess of ()Lament cored them.
TEPPER—Them is nothing brace for the care of
' Tette,
BURNS—It in one of the best thtege in the world for
• Burns.
PILES—Thous-suds are y cured by earlythus Oint
mem.) It :raven fails In giving relief for the Pilm.
111,7 r Around the box are directions for axing 1041-
. kne_r Otewnenejoe Scroliaa, Lime Cempluint. EntsiPr -
I Me, Twat, o.lNa:do, Scald Thad, Sore Eyes, !siinek,
Lilt Throat, Brorsokizas, Memos difittionl, Patel, Do
, twee IS. Smoot Head an,, AnkentuDeahmo, Ear cake,
- Emme, Corns. out Due.n, at the Skim, Sore Lim, Pim
plo. Se., Swelling of We 'Lira,: Sorts, Rhenntation,
Clio, cold Fere, Coup, Smelled ov l ßeakte Brans, rank
are,, Acme in Csa Pact, 4-e.. /re.
COLD FEET—Liver Complaint, pain In the Chest'
and Side, falling offof the haa t or the other aceompa-
:ger cold Set. (This Ointment is the Inn remedy.) It I
in.a sure rife old:mate to hove told feet.
COANN—OcenniOnal ate of the Ointment will ul
ways keep corn, from growing. People Deal never
be troubled with them if they tole it freimently.
fpj- Thl. Ointment t. goal for any part of the body
or linths when inflamed. In some cues it ahonld he
:mated often.
1 CAUTION —No Ointment will he genttine cutlers Med
name of JAMES Mc ALLISTER is written with a pen
every 1ab,.1.
For sale by my Agent.. is RUG. principal cilia. and
town. In the Untied Slam.
Sole Proprietor of theabove medicine-
Irf Prutelpai Office., No MI North a Third street, Phil-
Asmara in Prrotscaan—llrun &Reiter, comer of
Libcny end Si Cisir ms; nod I. Wilcox, Jr, corner of
Market at and the Ihrimood, elm corner , of 49A and
tioulthfield MI; 1 (I Cassel, corner of Wahnzicnil Penn
ats, NI ward; end told at the-bookstZre in Smithfield
st, - 34 done from Second so in Allegheny city lip II V
Schwartz and 1 ,ant; Ly 1 G Smith, Droggitt, Bir
mingham; it Negley, East Ltbestr, II Rowland, Mt ,
Itersport; J Alexander 2c Sal, Monongahela City; N
It Bowman At :o, and I T Rogers, INOllVillei John
'larkley, 'leaver, Pa; are w holcsol6 a NN gents.
_ .
Footle for tho Vrablto.
in relation to that unrivalled funny Slav; •
IESTINIONIV of a respectable
the following, addrowied to toy Agent, Mr. P. Nor•
ry weather, (tine union •
CmcmciaW, iYab.11.,1519.,
lie A lien... oftluty compels ma to give my Irilaite
I Dulley, Path Extractor. Being opposed to quack
ay and tall marinas having for their object mister
!notices—but realwing much good from 'the "Zing of I
Pain Fillers'- lum Indaced to tender you akln certifi
cate. I hive owd ii in my family, in my practice, and
with all the happy and wonderful elects tilt could
Lost„~I1le. Brodie is the eemar'partner of handle 1.
hula:amatory Rhautaati,...
The followinteatimonial ratites from a atone frail
fifflitir to ninny of those traveling . on uar IVeatern wa
tars. Mr. Whom the well and ravorably known pro.
orator at the Parkersburg Hotel, to hatband to 11. e
lady who. letier 1 &Loci r
P•llltnitanoio, Va , A prill3,lS4S.
'l'a Meaty Dalley. Chemist. km.--&r: Haring for
been long afflicted with v' lent inlitunotaloty
itheumeatacu, which appeared ao firmly mated as 19
defy all ordinary appliances to allay the Iterate pain
attending it, I was Induced tO try your klugfead
Extractor, and it having cdeeted, almost ti by md
gm, an anniediate relief; and also, to all appearadcr.
an entire and perfect cure, 111 induced for the heoe•
fit of odium win may be afflicted with painiefd.sed by
any kind of iallamonattom to write to you, 'dielarias
that in aty wanton founded on actual ealtencAl .
your klugical ' Pain klgtructur is the most wadable du
very of the present u
r ge for the tinmedtme extraction
of bodily pun. ahuom immediate foal aj ar
feet cute far Buena and realdr, and MI
Having Many angustonaoren fao:nea bbsi " "° .. '
at my husband, hmel in this ploo, I have saPP.l'a
1,1 your 'howl.% thorn Brae few hues, w 1“.1 Por`nilr
te of hrocto Ihrtli to them and voureett.
Flhanerra (.1-tor.
entritninthe Lope that Ntr,6l/010 will porde. ale
.publonty I give I. her letter, as well thr heore ht
nu:tinnily as of ins bring the surest mode M Winging it
to the notice of her friends.-11. Dat.taa.{
Rios Cure 4.
Extract of a letter, dated
TlMaturs, Ky. N0v.29, letd.
Mr-11 ul have tied your Pain Keane°, in
aaaa ,Lay ON. Wanly which it relieved
nod cared an a very short unit." In haste, yoga ie.
apectrully,J Sonnet.
Blll3lllland scald. . Plies Bev wok,.
Brea., Ihrtiptinwh tarea, cein and all art
yreld- traitor to the WooileVproperues
of this Yr, /away raise. Huh to t e nal. pro
tum you will ushers benefit frem the geno.thc,
I you willP°o-•°" l,a l,ourd r.y he deletersoni edeeln of the
CA crws ewe nod apply Mai to the a:Wen:or,
B. Water , 41a Broadway, New Tort, or to Ma au.
Monied slams_/01IN
eitetill Depot, Pa:dough
4101110 AlleghenY, Agent; J. Llaker
Johnttoo, may y •
F. hirrrywratier, Ctr.eirtorkth U., Generall Depot. Depot.
N the Bert Burns and Scalds it eXtrauti
,ha twin in a few amme vere ter—it never hue a pats
o A. t• a n A. fl. N. Y. Ll.ty
A. L FAiumoca,,lPittabißrgt,
G. W. Falun:cm, _
Wholesale Dm& Stare to the fiery of
Moir - York. . •
. .
il ittr=sl risfir VlNor a ufmt to
tha airy of Tim ark, an presousofm supply
sad MMlUT.Marabam Dugs Puma,
N., &maxis, FaIIIM' out A oomfuls, e& own
MAMI reffumery,
afumr, Waco& & Yle, (of
wo:mica) AO %UMW snid in Wu
s, al a eapilieio Visakir as Isw aa May soa pm.
dumbed la iiikat say Maim
ofswYmdf. Mil • & YfmltDooZa Ca
.03 1 :3 - :3:it•g.-siltavzr , -
:.-41141=:51eEt .': : I I.'
1. .n. 'd 1 .1 7t 5 :1:' 2 :E;; ;4 :1 -tt;
a= 43 33 GE&
14:1 1
PATTERSbN, Bal.pinghlam 1.1.-dn3
B . and* Road:
Esq., Clerk of the Court of Quarter, Bouisms Or
Beaver Calmly .
Mr. R. E. Setters—Sir, Boras time in the:winter ill s --
wife was affllcted with a sever/ end distressing cough,'
and hearing of year invaluable Cough Syrup, 1 par
chased a bottle from B. T. Trimble, of Bridgewnter,
and after taking • portion of it two or three evaninvi
on going to bed, dm found Isomediaus relief: Wale.
Revers! friend. have been relieved in severe cuss. I
net therefore eat/stied that it Is a-safe and valuable'
medicine, and would recommend it to those whpyray
be afflicted with Coughs and Colds.
March 21, 1 W. K. BODEN.
Prepared and Id by R. E. SELLERS, 57 Wood st, t
and sold by drop; to generally, In - Pitt:burgh sod 41-
illtartiers , COal Company.. ;
- DOORS will be open for sabaeripuon to the meet
r) The Chattier. Coal Company," on .M alter
Monday, the 21th day of Septe m ber tam., at thrtniftce
of Z. W. Zemin atm', Pe. at, Plttabscryi,. ' •
arnltalti Z. W. IMMINOTON.
No. 46 Market stnel, •
11.1:1 , ING parehosed ro ostensive and amorally ea- _
I led stock of Spring and Rennuer Goods, the
subscriber respoctfully inland. his Mends sad the
publ that he .ts now preparing to ;active and exe
cute their ord.+ with dispatch, and In the neates t,
most substantial, and futuouble manner. As be so
determined to do business an the cash system, ha floa
ters himself that he wail be able to do work u cheap
as it can be done at ennbliahment la the Coantry.
Ills stock is varied, consisting of Camaimerell, Booed
cloths, Vutings, An., which his friendt.ate respectful,
ty hinted to examine for themselves.
vrrytti:dtf . GEORGE ARMOR..
• REMOVEDma net•threeistely brick
fig g i mme .on Smithfield street, one door below
Siath street. Teeth inserted from on.
to an entire se:, on the ruction prittelple," with • two.-
tiful tepresentanon of the 1'14111,1i sll.—reaarelg the
original shape of the face.
N. B.—Teeth ex.s teti with little or no poll.'
Decayed Teeth permanently saved It 7 eloggolgslelbl .
serums the tooth ache hick is much bettor thooen
iavitt it akoolg be do in !:e o. .or
[trance or xmlnetax WW2=
IN order to erfold all pozsible seenrily-to the pabbo, .
g. as well as to.Meouelves, against fraud 'sod impo
sition nom counterfeiting, they roprie.tura hams made
a thauae iu the exterior 'wrapper or bible of Agit Tat—
mirage. The new label, which ten a nieicareasting of . 1
the most esqoisite design and winknimmhip,_has been A
introduced at a very grew expense. and .otramthe ..,'
man, or en art:math* first talent 'Tin, design is new.,
•0.1 Or cmoclllo26 el•bonao. nevellit i Ageres and
a •
purtrett are lII' al peaninent, but t e , word 'VW er
eia-• printed 1.4 W hite !Men on s renting flatly an
graved afor% ehould be particulate!) , 'export/ed.—
When - held a., to din light the letters, :bads.; 'of the •
letters and es _r . tine, however minute, thro6ll'out dm
whole af boy in, tof the engtaving match as erectly i
AS 11 the inipressiou had been made Nista, nise i aide re
ly, althotgli in is • etually printed oil loess/dee of the
[rapt r. This ihoidd mull eases be eader.reili , A la
bel upon eaeb dozen is also ptintedlA eVdotpote both
mdea and ehould be examined in ia. Wene manner.
This preparation hes now Woad the Zest 'of many
years test ma is enetridenllY ...Wounded as'a wife
and <greenlet medicine for oxiiellir.amweitarym the
spate. The ttexample4 sneeerm that, had &Winded
its administration Inertia 5656 Where the Sanative.fa
really afflicted vsithntarens, centaaly evaders-It wor
thy the 1016110011 Gt physicians.
The proprietor has made it, a point to wedeln the
remit of its ass in such ii,,,,,,, a , ga m e *dm. aiiii
and obaervatitni.:-Ined he lovalehlyfound
prod.< the most win: nary ellecta—isenuagrequent
ly after nearly all the ordinary vrisparancent .receere
mended for weenie and' been previously: terorsed to
without any permanent' advantage. Thirfkat-la 6/-
tested by the getriiheatea and- statelnenta of hundreds
of reepeetable persons le different pant. of , tha coma-
try, and streald Indate families always in keep' a vial
or the preparation in their possession. lilt mild is Its
, operation,-and may be admuntitered witlzperfecteale
'l ty to the most debut., enfant t ~
The only genuine is prepred by i ,si , -
_SP 9a_i_. — B .i t !A Pir4ll)9F , raibsigh
~ m... - wasti2k Ass/Lady:, , ..:.
Fwit tomighs,i..loldaAspinit and Goinseamilani 7to
GREAT AND ONLl.R.LbLEDYfoetheearcoi drd
abase dire awes, is 'the HUNGARIAN 'BALSAM Of
LIFE" , ditrevered by the , celebrated Dr...Boehm, at
London, England, and intriducelliwo the United States
coder the immeinate superintendenats of the iareillot.
The extraordioary enemata, of Mir, Dietitian; arteh ,
ease of P Irtmoery diseases, oterreala thit Americas
, Agent In hotting for treatment Me worst poulble ee
-1 en that cat be found Lathes annuateity—dmiesthatseek
relief to • in from imp . of the ecatimoo nomadism Of this
day, and ye been move ap by Memoirs dialinizzlished
phygentas as confirMed and ineurahla. .The Hungari
an lialzam as cured, and will core,ehe mrosa.d nits
of case*. I IS no quack oestntat, bat a. ataadard Baa
-1 bah medicine, of known and estsblisheed etGemer•
1 Every family In the United States should be supplied
With Beckett's liumgerien Balsams of Life, not only to.
counteract the eotuomptive Mildew:am of the climate,
but to be used as a preventivemedieine is all eases or
colds, coaghs, spitting of blood, pain in the aide and
chest, irritation and soreness of the temp, breehilis,
difficulty of brewing, heed. fever, nigh:swims, emaci
ation and general debiLity, asthma, tolaensiatetroopina
eoagh.eind croup. .
Sold in large bottles, as Si per'bonle, Walt - . fall diner
lions forthe restoration of health.
Pamphlets, containing amen of English and Ameri
can certificates, and other evidene:c., showing these
-1 equalled merits of this greet bliglistelistnedy, may bea
obtained of the Agent.. 15.5. 1,00 . 1 7,_ - . .
For. rote !"1 By rekiD.IBUTOUIC A Co.:comer la
before—made Ott thr MOSS approved FAriecaplans—
and most fathion able Elnetri patteras andookors. Also
TILE CUPA#OLIy or DWAIN 11,122A0th band
or mule tOordollof ellaisee, sad atallprieest.
Country Alerotanta endwise &resonated to eall an 4
examine the above for temelves,as all will be sold
Stiokautle or rotallosod a tibia' 6e.601 011 toad*, to
aaldly __ A WE:MERV - ELT
_______ _
I MPORTERS sulWholesale Dealers 11l Foreign and—
./. Doineeur liardsse,Cutlerh SsidlrrY, &,, 129,
Wood street, Pittsburgh, ate now fully prepared with.
, n raceuily imported stook of Hardwase, Cutlery, B oa
dlory, Carpenters, Tools, ao.• .r offer very maln ,
attootoont. to Western Mere:r:lts, as tn. gaigi c . ~, .
the muoy Morning! toot by oar predecessor; Mee—
' ara. Logan a. Kenne s dy, via kayo Already lneretued• our
faeilinem, and purchase all our goods from first has
on the very best mum
The junior roesolsrs of the firm devote.l.l44 .loilo
1 attention Locales soil feeling confidont ocgtvittig vat
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