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The Taking.
der, last creole
gooney we are -
Washington Mr,
BOITCCf, Dec. tB.
lingli at Wetterly, Rhode Island,
Sunday. ei SIS,COO in note' of
I J •
none. U na thousand dollars le or ,
trawls:on of the thief. The Bonk
The Phan i
WU robbed on
small denomixt
feted tortbe •p j
his caned hi iy
!_ .----
New Yes, De. 18.
arrlved here at 10 o'clock the
The Riberh
Near Your, D. 18.
tetul el.engen to Mine in the mu
There are
Flionr--There haa been amnion done yet to in
aide the erect of the ;Steamers new. upon the
Cattle—The I:fferioyn to day emanated to 1500
herd--e portion from the South, and the balsam
.Now York Siete. Tao sales comprised 1100 head,
at 00 $7 '75 per owl Two hundred head were
kilt over.
Ciscuctsm, Deo. lb..
Eknr:—Tbe market I% unchanged .
Hop—Sales 2010 heal at V: $2 95, an d
Ltrd—Salea3Go bble., at 5} par th.
NtoaneT--Sales 221., per
Thei shipments of p . raysziono ara heavy, and
The liver fit! !Ise!) six fret—the weather fa
rim You., D. ig
'Mr—There is, ii anY thing. att increased de•
-Maud ta•tba market, at..l pnca■ are a shade bailer.
.'• Galas of commas alas land mixed western . at
• it 7531 81. Sales or good Weston, and. , stale
brattie at SS per brt; favorite brands of western,
'am selling at 55 1235 22 per but.
Grain—The 'supplies of wheat have been ex
eeedinglp light, which ceases a 'qiiist market.
Holders ere asking higher prices. The foreign,
nem la regarded es favorable to earn. &lona!
' -western mixed at 592959 c.
. .
• Provisions—ln cut meals, there is nothing doing
Gales of shoulders at Sr.. of barns at 7c per Ih.
Ofemeries—Coffee—A. rood feeling is manifests
ad in the coiree marks, and prim, are film. Bu•
sprit unchanged. N. U. 7tio!asses is selling at 29
iiil3oe per gallon.
r• Satter and Cheese - The market is quiet, and
lather heavy.
'Linseed Oil—Salsa at 73a per gallon.
e Lead—The market i r dull, and prices nominal
at Si 20 cash.
Whisketles at 'in per gallon,
BAts - neaar Dec. IS.
Beeves—M the ita'a , , the &Tering' reached
11300 head--400 own driven to Philadelphia, COO
were left over, and tt.e" remainder were cold at
3225 0 $3 50, on the boot..
0/FT BOOKS! GIFT BOOKS! for 18501
J. the Principal Fem Characters in the
- the ORM Poet, with ovvr oie
thirty s'lendid engsaviu Mayen*g•
/3 =1;r14:„.... cr„.p Book, with twenty Wok
- tranons. Edited be Amelia W.Laurcuee.
Characteristic. of Women, Moral, Poetical sod Hia•
=tut; with twelve highly finished and colored man.
',ben bound in Turkey morocco, antique. By !dm
01111mvoa of Mamie. Poetry By R. GM
' mold.
The Raman. of Weiner, or Poetical Language of
:Tiara/kin -' .
Hameln Gleanings; a llohday Bank By M. 1..
.Tbs Rosemary, •Collection of Sacred and Religious
'• Wintry from A met-lean hod English Poets, with elegant
Elm strailono
TO° Lifis of Christ By Rev. H. Weld
front,'&Melidaad ari lb IllastmLMg in fiat, and inuniinationa otj
ad & o : 1 T
. 07lia r s ra ste . Jusl , Prince' of'cl_,•• The Li
atop o y'sy . nseoddm,• The Fountaina. A a b Farry Tale,
?ohmo 1. 1 4 The Scripture Gift Book, beautifully it.
. T.NI Gariand, or Token of Fnendslp, for
iest. Th. K., Viake of Friendship, gift book for 1.4.19;
41.,4011401.50uvenir0f Friendallip, far 11130,
sh. soy Token of Kentembrame, for
tau . Smith line illustration.; The Genimoi
linty R I., oboe of Italian life; Literature and
b y &T.. cobalt; the Poems of N. P. Willis,
emßJete .faiskd and enlarged i Chanthers l
=P'b aj ' y Tvrsinia l lnir ' tre ' r ' ag
Boa , orth„ Ten anti for sale' by
den madcrrr & Er&
. . .
nowkal Book. et D ,
ijaouragrs Common Plum 80e5 .. " C" '"
O egeg Morel, Religious, F. Tlolotophieal,
Ilserical, Poetical and Miscell anew. , eetee" ' re ' e
.kut „
The Tianmend and One Night 0, lrohd'o.'" en " ern
ray Nod for Family Beading, with explanalos7 notee,'
by B. W. L ana Blestrated with six hateired wood
eats. by Harvey; and illuminate d tides, by Owen ]
The Works of Charles Lomb, wi n
th Loh , " " 61
a Sketch of cis Life. By T. N. Tait *oh Ede. ,
Logs end Queens, or Life in the F
el liimodeal Scathes oflemphine,! mwd ,
A Hamster In Scotland, descriptive of Ito nlocoolTl
Commeree, bfentifactures, de.
The Biographical and Criucal Mbecllarde c of Ww.l
Idricecott, Esq. - I
The Complete Works of MarinEslges veldt, in Dl:
The %Welshman's - Greek coneordan ce of the , s r.! ow l
tlatakspearels.Dre.Watic Work. and P oems,M2
Dad's Nort h Amelia. Aces Want, embracing
el e and Doeble Ilhstry.
(Mistimes% Thtmloglcal Insiwites. • ,i
Four Years in Great Britain; being tiesedlitive of the I
Mostarchiesitusd Aristocratical Instdations efEr.gland,
with sketches of the Live. of wane of her rem eini.
eat etatesmen, to.
Kene's Elements or ItiemistiT, with the most raved
discoveries and app li et Worm of the science to fdedi..j
A ?mien en Domes lie Economy: . b Miss Beechen
A large Monk of Ans, and Masa S 0. Union Baikal
Pod sale by , ELLIOTT & ENGLISH,
del . . No 79 Wood street
19001 W BOOKS%
!YUreed au. P IiEr3BINERIAN BOOK 11.0081 j
No. 7B Wood Inn int, and for sale so Eastern prices:
tGassMass Hebrew lo atleos, Tavonsend's Arrangemeni
of. the Bible, Nomad eta History of at Christian Belli
t_ ond Cho rob 97 Dam's Yrs nu on CV kb. Don ,7
m•u hxl e, of , ih Evans. Eta., Robinson's Greer.
Harmony of the Co Boris, do do do, Seon's.ln ,
pia, void, Bosuns 'editing; Psb.'s Bible Goseuser;
Jtl arsi's Chau,* *dim Prosper., Dr. Wood's Leo,
• tuts on Smodento triaoism, Holes blissionary
dolor. sod m6ay 1. , Air Smarting works, in addition
todo above. aurs, ramp. • nor. ' I
DEMINGEIII,CO., .a.u... -
Glom Citsksi kiiram Z. V Kask au a
gnu, ram;
Inrrith Ps, keep 2 towing& dy on hand and make In ol
ds: all kinds of ; 4sW,Fa ttles, An. Pones and
gal Water eowei, of sop e 6 d , V="q -
Portlesdkr ilusoAdon pd d o l'swato Moulds. •
OD V IClNerv, will he ready for,
Ss engraver in I dar. rcr.M. who me) , alab .
have 'flews of the; y coantri 1011. pet on
the meY sal
ds as by maims •pplieation to the designed,' any
date hem, Pral.. •To defray the
tie view!. - t o be reqedred edditiol
'.oPet , e of the mai nova. E MeGOW+INT
U.P„ blrE ---- l -- :krekillt,e's ben \butter Lead
Ai,* more and for We bT
dee BM , ArEltilar. NICOLS
' oY
B a er Pi" c""PSETISs and
CM:ESE-40i ; a ere am, a ;aperiur aftlele; b.ll
W. R ;ea' dam d (corrode • ,
dell Bdc N% RDALGH
16 ,114 4 ,- tac.r"
",„t1 J KIDD tr. CO. 60 Wood et
reed and for We by
delU J KIDD dr. DO ao Wood 01
110grAIA - Iniii Writ•Titll44
dt Amao, in awn MA J
1 1 . 4' 14
Urtar lut recd, • rot atria al.
y n ' w 4.70yE D'REVFOOLK, IGO Second
totn . enrrre — o are d l'y.
• • COPE Ir.DI3I.IFOr• ,
LTOES—RS bblsJoOt reed and for ado
.11 - 1 1 0 °Tia.74-1" COPE
City:ME—a mall lot in store end for iitl . yi
• dlO CODE re
TlllNve—to en. see 7 - ZrZ"Cr axle by
Ia fr. w tuipmv 9 H,
— New Pane, aidvari.aj
now receiving, front one of oor dcm essi,
oar .ecohti supply of FAI4. , DOCITD 3 oionvirD O 6
• every_attlele In oar hoe, in whii,:h yo
.Vt my of WOKIN1) tit,alDiES, of onr own meOuith:v
• ro) we ask the lineation of Western Iderebant. an I
• t Wye's) den EENNEItY a SAW YEE_
ODN BIDER--A small lido( choice Dimon NAM
Bst tech' by (010 CODE fr.DRETIODLEI
'INE tiLAJeruiPTi tarp , estoortroent forsSe by
POTATOES-15 Obis in More and far eo r
4 ir"
_d_2lU OkIYS netmevonix[
mn 9 d and for Pans L
del \11 17'E L1l:+ ""lintrangtil
ximm—Tt. biliten Nice In 4,js,
1::! for EYFOOLIi.. IO I=' , e 4 , 4
,41cr r NA. prime frt.& d Abut de y
0 •
e "
flee. fur sa:a Ly
'209,20 W
dalt '
d aid fora.:
OULD CANDLE 'S-- 006L HARoAliall
ky dela dd'
tt e l l .xya
- . 11.10 Dbl. Es;etaae, besibra dF in the 0. 4
'fas_ sale
, IoWLRECERS-00 lb*, bat giants. 6 '
innow...cream sad litotbstt •Iway.•
41109;, •
f.ll - !115 . 114:1161Ai RECORD.
wires were not in working or
, 'mob of 'Pkiladelphis, coaw
- boot oar usual despatch. fro.
Warr. Auaaaarlln or not Coasan Smarm.
—During the winter wombs the meamers composing
the Cunard Line will sail from New York; Boston and
Liverpool. as follows:
Cambria, from-Liverpool, for Boston, Dec. 15,1849.
" for New lark, " 29,
" for Boston, !mit, i 650.
b v for New York, "
4 4 ° for Boma, Feb. 9,
for New York, "
" " for Baotou. Match 9,
for New York, " 83,
for Boston, April 6,
Canada, from NeMYork, for Liverpool, Dee. 12,1219.
Earope, from 00/14)11. 19,
Hibernia, Fm New York, for " "
Cambria, I'm Boston. • for " Jan. 9,1953.
Canada, hem New York, for "" "
. from Boston, for " Feb. It,
" from Neer York, for " " go,
from Boston, for " March fl ;
from New York, for " b 93,
" from Boston, for " Apnl 3,
from New York, for " ' IT,
from Boston, for 1. May
lei eau win num* nco'n 18,1849.
Owing, partly to the inclemency of the weather, but ,
mainly to the usual dullness of the winter season, bus
[nese during the past week has been on a restricted
scale, and nothing has transpired showing any =Ate.
riot change in general quotation.. •
The weather, for the most part, has been mild for the
season; we have bad heavy rains, which has earned
off the inlow, and raised the river to high tide.
-}l'he river hoWaese has been doll, and the receipt. of
P visions and 'Breadsturs,fnem the lowermarker. h
ve been very light.
ASHES--With the execption of Soda Ash, we no
deo no material change from last week's 400,10i011/.
Tto eupplice of Soda Ash have become very light, and
tie coneequenee is, a decidedly improved feeling, and
higher figures. In the early part of the week, sales of
Soda Ash•were transacted RA follows :•-45 csks at 310
cash, 19 0o at 14,.1 mos.; do cks at a, &nig° and 57
tens ta arrive, at 31031, cash and time. For the light
mocks now le tbk , Markin, we are Informed . that 1e is
o,Sered, but holders are demanding higher figures.—
Wr.h the other descriptions of Ashes, the market I.
o.iirly supplied., bat transactions, have been compare
lively light, at the following pricesi—Pearl Aah, Ike;
Saharan.; 51516 c; Pot Ash, 1105 c; and Scorching. at
403 it
ALE-Thee, Lea regular eleady demand for Ale, at
firings of 116 m IS, seconding to quality and descrip
tion of package. •
irPLEd—The receipts of green spplo have fallen
tand Orr/Plies 'ara comparatively light. We note
ales fro:nab" oftkaticsidescriptione. at $9,430 2,60
Infeitiat 'and common qualities are !old at a
range of 71,f1A0 $2.111P Obi
BUTTPII-The prices of thp doer qualities of roll
and pent W. it. table butter, are fatly sustimThed, with
ialea in boxed. Salobbls, al 14010 c. Salo of • fair
utility toll butter by the bbl, at 11 /Pak kr !Ethel;
utter we notice a slight decline, owing to the advane
kdrates of ithipment tot, and tho stream:dation of sup
plies in thdi market. The article is whet dull at
lin packed barrellrd butter, we bare noticed •21-1 Olio
doing, and can only quote nominally at ekeeke i 19.
BACON—We hove very Little to notice In the bacon
imoket —receipts continue light, and supplies are lim
ited. We may quote sales of Sides to a moderate ex
tent, at .se, of Shoulders at 44:, and bagged ham. at ti
08: ik
• -
BELE MEAT—Very lutk has CO= forward as yet,
land what ban arrived, was designed for eaten ship -
!MC), From the active °pennons in the Pork bwinen
of the west, we may soon madcap. , heavy raccoons by
neer. At Emeinnan, at the latest date, the number of
hop slaughtered from day to day, was immense, and
I Wes were eke.] at 11,5092,02 for Wit; t he
foo bent', and some aura quality, hotavroat Ti ♦ fah .
At Latayeue, Indian, 55,000 head had been slaughter
ed,•and *ISO ♦ Igo wee the roheg figure. At Louis.
Lille, mess pork roes nlling at 69404 , bbl At debt
clothe '_k, 4,5D0 head via sold at a twig° arc
0230,2.5 t) V 100. hu Preble Ca., Ohm, the rate. are
BROOrvf9—We notice a regular demand or muter.'
at w wings of 11130 to 6P,60 Kudos, trom suite in Um
BEANS—SaIr. of . 27 bbl from nate, trk Atacama la
at 70975 bt!.
BRAN—The'teceiple of Brut have been light; and
with small suppiies in Wore, we may quote lSalgda
tin, as the fair wiling figures of the market.
CRAtiliEßß!P3—Suppliaa are limited, withhooderi
ate aided at Sitdoenrd I. b.
CORDAQP. — For the vanau.sarlitidil unites due head
Weir is a reyalis steady demand at the .fulleignity
Marano rop.., by c 01..--• —•lse ? b.
do 16c • •
Mute Rope, by coil, --
do 100 •
Tarred Po', tiy coil,- ---• ..... •Ile "
Packing Nero, fume —•
'' Po - "
Diandla. ILIPPI I / 3 ,1:05114,00 gs dot
do 1p zoil,•• • •15c •• 0.
'Hemp, 151,1b1P2,5011 , 35.5 it doz.
do ir.• cou,• •-•10. O.
1 , 1090. um
M.A.. It •• • •-•Hemp, 1371 e. IP dog
I:yard:ad Cordage is sold regsdorlY .114 5 ir fib
COTTON YARNS—For the saltiollll articles odder
hiallead, the folloartog is a correct 1141 of prices
. • 18. No. 13 cu per lb..—
• • .do 9 14
—do" 15 " 9
. 01 “16 6 ~
---.mi " 19
•• —do " 20
No. om,
• no perer '.b 10 No. HA 41.4 perdox -
000, •• •. DO 9
" OM, 6 •• • • . o.
6 No, 6 - el " um, 6 ~ .....d o
Coil Chain, —4l Candlewick, ..., HI
Coverlet Yarn, —938a1l Filling, do
Twin.. 99 1 Balzing,Nos 1 wadi-19,11
So. 3, ct 3
CRACICERS-A regular business is doing at the fol.
lowing quoted rates:
Water Crackers, per bbl
Rutter ,
WV ' " :
" 1
ra lb
te 40tr. Crac ker,
P rl r 0== . ... - .7.7-
DaTIGS-Thafollowlng is • hoe of prices of some or
the reo . a prominent articles ander this head :
Aloes.Re..thamer • B-• • • 404{
Atom, ' 310.4 Camphor, raf,••-35040
Ato o o rtg lbs• • • ride. Chloride lime •• • 007
mer ••• 42014 I Cochineal, " ,4001,50
Aqueforna, "' • • 'WOU CoPP OI . , .• • •101
Litharge , " • • 4100 Liquorice root"• •• 7 0
!dodder Urnbtot,list2ol3 " ball". • • 1002,
Cuter Oil,bhls• •• Bel Rolla • • 41011
quinine, 0 .....,110,1414,30 Glue, common"- • • 1101
MILT. FRUIT-We moos a good demand in the
muter, ( o ily qu oted Web say for new Uop peach
es, 1112,M, and for apples .0 11,45 p Lo. The aupplte•
of Apples are light. Pealed peaches are esillog all/AO
DRIED BEEF -We 00000 the retarpt df dried beef
from the Cincinnati mete, bp b....beard of no sales
to any extent; It t• held at Se •D.
FLOUR-The -dour market has been Briber doll dor
, ins the past wick, and oolhing of M.D.. km...air
ed. The resettle by river have teen extremely
and owing to the bad conthnon of the. roads, very little
has arrived by wagon Hales have been confined to
limited ;loth from tint hands, at Sign and from
store at sioada,ft for good.. 1. brands, and Sr,,S for
extra. • gelato! • fair articles. f. were reported to as
franatore, at 1,40, which we viewed as being below
the make+.
RYE FLOUR -Supplie• are light; with small sales et
10,1103S7• bbl
Bocalsaisar-Itackwbeaffinur continue• in (Ur in
greet, at 12,1400,75 • Ire, for the finer qualities' of
bulled; Mid form 11,75 to earn • lib for common .
FISII-We nonce a coronued good demand to the
market, with • slight advance on come kinds. The Ml
lowtog firmres may be correctly given . -Salmon, 111%
Ny.l Mackerel, illfx N 0.2. 10,50, mod N. 3, et 1710 •
bblillerrior,lls,no for common eastern, and 1010 for
Labrador; Codfish, $4,73:ip drum, and Lake Fish at
1F3,1/08 1 61r bbl.
FRATBF.RB-Tbe market is quiet, watt
.ilia m
small lots, at 71034 e f B.
FRUIT-New eop Raisins are selling at 13 • box
Almoodal2oll 7 • 44 Ground ante, iDe • ho; Pan.
~,c4 76 IP lb; Filberts, fin; Cream nets, 70; Zanta
comp., eo9ic, Engli. 'Walnuts at Se 41 , 6.:
PREIMITS-,-Owing to the scarcity of freight, and
the abundance of water on the fiver, the rates of °berg.
64 from lbta polot weer have been altogethernonalual,
and we 0111/Iqtuttalionn
The wagon lona east to Pluledelphicand Baltimore
gave now taken the place of the coal transportelatti,
and the rates on freight tut by three luxes tithe from
giLooool,ts p iru, for heavy and light fteights.
• "
IVindoW Glass, at ihe following taws—City Brand.,.
.aid al 613,755164; ID by 114.11.4301.56 ♦ boo
other slice in proportion. •
For noasetry brutal a followtog is • list of prices
paid Tor the Dubin* 1117.89 I
Bby ps .. . . —PM 11 by
10 by IQ
10 by 15 4,101 It by 17 • ....
Ghase.—The following table Rosie. the outside
114. s of.the vamps kinds and qualities 01 fool glass
SOA7ufeettned4nd sold la this Mink CI:
Mean Tumbler. per doe., 300.43,00
•ISSatild do 8710 1,75
Paned du " 0,009 3,45
do do 001 0, . •" 374
feeble.. r7 ° .4 ‘ 3l ' l '
Charpaigoss, "
Vine (Aimee, " 504 80: 10
beatonadoe, 784 0. 4 4
Jelly stands, clad;
do!," 50.1 ad*
..1.3a IWO
do beery pillared, per pls.,. 9,00110.00
do beery eat dote, each i 764 4,4 4
Idoluses cans, " .50a 6,141
do Bratanla tops. per polo .75e 400
Flower vase., per dos s 4,11 Me ea. , o
dd do eat, per pair. 6,14/01160
Jelly Glossed, per d'
fussed esreevedeatdlehes, per doe
46 eh bowls, per psis f17e , 40
Elortaohnobe and pine, per dos 1.14e51.60
STUART 4. '.
3,7 Z
GLASS—.lull. un activa busman has beenstoing
Specie, laelrersd corers,' ddti.X 4 i o , oo
grow .1.0. per dos 11.0.108,03
Plated Co!c!jrpej, . 4 . 3,0L1•11,03
'Tinerd t res_ ,lroandrpo*,, ? dos 1,0412,00
.1113101, VOSo44.llach 76p 1070
. ._
GROCRRIES—The Onmel7 market taatautta. lu
canal quietnest, with no change in Onotatiena, Trott
oar last general review,.with the exception of Molass
es. We have heard of nO Leary Malimetion. Wes
having been confined to regular limited lots to city and
country trade. at the following rater —N. 0. Sam 54,
cash, and 5106 e, dole; lasi finger 00100; Moleases
has rUffenod materially, owing to the comparatively
light aupplies, with miss of 150 bbl.. different lots, at
25c-, gall, Boma Home Is ceiling at 400 ♦ gall. Rio
Coffee continue. very fit., at Ili pnk , with
vancing tendency. ,filice may be gaoled at Me 1 It, in
GRAIN—The market remain. quiet, with no °bane
111 prim. Sales of SOO bat katlel at Lk, and GPO bus
shelled corn, at 400 ♦ Int, from first fuids. Oats are
selling on the wharf at 111/320, and from wire at 34111
15c ♦ bu. Of Wheat very little Is offered, ;Lod , we can
report no sales.
IRON & NAl.l43=Since the opening of the fall trade
• good birtiness boatmen doing in the Iron market at
the following range of prices—Flu Bar,ll /-As 00, •o•
cording to elsei Bound, .6 Sumo Bar, 2 4-2061; Band
Iron, 444,93 n Hoop Iron, 1107 e; Sheet 1r0n,4106e.
Non-10 m 921, tap f' keg; Ed to 9d, 113,20; ad tO 7tl
4 4, $4 ,53 ; 3d, $3,30 ♦ keg. Seca—Cut
1, 31,4, 41 inch, S 4 flier; 5,2 k and O inch, filnif
7 inch, $2 keg.
LEAD—Sales of pig at 41041, and of Bar 54114150.
Sheet Leadfis sold by,tho roll at ate CP lb. Lead Pipe at a
range of ni to Isle ♦ 1.4
LARD—We notice the script of constderablo Tian
uties from the lower make), but have been confined
o•tly to limited quantities, at SI for bbls, and 6106 c
for kegs, which is • decline from last week's repen.
LARD OLL—Sales of No. 2 at;49osoc,and of Not at
Me per salt
WHALE k SPERM OlL—Sales of bleaohed motor
whale, at 8.10000; or crude whole at 40063 e r
Hlcaohed winter sperm Is selling at $1,4601,5D, Fall do
at BIAS, and nann'il colored do at St IP sail.
LINSEED OlL—Sales at 73073 c de gall.
MALT.—We note sales from:nom at IEOI4O per lin
METAL—The market for P:g Metal is very gates,
and no salm worth reporter hate transpired. We
host Masks MPS toes blooms, not strictly prima, in
two lots, at ISM, a Dot
POWDER—Hasardn Me at 113,4 and of Rock at
113,5303,5 d per keg.
SOAP./cCANDLES—SaIes of City and Cincinnat
inacialacenred rosin soap, at 311i4e per lb. .81/i Can
dles are sold at titre; mould tallow at 10Y, and row
=dipped at de vet e.
EiPlCE—Cosnanion, Sue; Cloves and Nutmegs
ai 11.10.1313
TALLOWW—aIes YS Obis, at to ip lb
WHISKEY—Tne Unite, ie fully supplied, watt sales
of Rectified at P24/23c, cash and time.
WOOL—We re Inde dome at metal—the
follawrlng ate it al quotaboat
ror 9.paup.
Pr.< - ---••••••
BEEVES—The ofenngs at Ma yard on Monday
amounted to about 400 head, mostly of comm. quality.
Some IMO to 300 Limed mere taken by butchery, at a
rang. of 53 to 4,50 ♦ 100, net sn., match is a slight re
daction on the poorer qualities, from last weak's quo
Hoo2—frales were offacted to a Lamed *mow, at
111.90 to t,OO ♦ 100, as to qualtri.
SHEEP—SaIe. of good quality Sheep ware effected
at U, and of ordinary at $1,2541/1,60 each.
Pittsburgh litoeks, and Blowsy Montt.
Par ♦al. Of. Ali
a*. fed. ad_
Bank of-Pinahargn—Capstal, 111,200,001 h
Dividend, jMay and Navy 4 • ceet• • fat 10 11
Exchange Bank—Capitallll,ooo,lM, Ike-
Wend, (May and Noe.) 4 * cent
Merchants' and Manufacturers' Rank
Capital, sscoAcq Dividend, May and
Noel 4 P cent ..... • • ...... • •• ..
Patet. h Ga. Co —Dividend, llan. and
J. 11) 4 P cent • •-• .....
Allegheny Badly* Conan, ••• - - •
Mononfahela ` sees
Hand birett •• • —•
N Liberties
Western Insurance Co. • ..
Ohio & Pell/110•111311. Railroad, IDS paid 93
Pennsylvania Railroad ••- • . . So
Putaburgh City loan •-• • • li7o en VI
Allegheny County loan • • • 100 40 VI
Allegheny City loan . •. • 100 414 BS
Pauburgb t Bottom Copper Mining Co 00 101 110
North &melte. 10 2I
Pittsburgh& Isle Royal - "
Oast ante, *lO Obi
Pirtsburgh.. Cincinnati & Louisville Tel.
egrapit Co—CapitaLlll74oAr, Dierdend,
J canary. April, July and 9clober,
4IP cent, aharest, WSW ..... • . •• • • •
Atlantic & Ohio Telegraph Co—Capital,
1300,40% Diridend,, , Oc p %hare for Jan
nary, April, and October, oiirca, ISO,
mes, *l7
The following were the closing games of stoek• is
Pkilladelykua, on Friday Doe 14
1114. Aek. -did. Ash.
U tl o. 1a.50• • • 100 Im} 13t. Lotus 6's . 09 Of
1141-2• • • ioq lasi Allegheny any Vs 1 071
•• 1507. • • 11l 1113 1. to. r• 0 filf
• •
1668• • ttlf Mt Pittsburgh irs• •• • 91/ 92
Tr[l.lll7 Note-•••111/1 1116 Pittsburgh B alt• SO/ 51
PhDs SP•• • •s••• -1 014 Pl 6 Elshsoge k.
43 47
. Po I* 90 Plerrh. 1. ltkunt• SD/
Kentucky trs• • • .103 106 U.S. Olt nazi, •. • a 90
Tennessee Sbi• 554 (61 " shares• • 0 9i
Oineiqnsti 6's• 951 96 • Pal= R Ft--••••:•-• 7s
e l ee—TEere were Is feet 0 metes in the
ch.celladcvecing, and Calling.
Caleb Cope, !Burdock, Beaver.
Viroqua, Galloway, Bliknonashela City
Many., Bries, Beaver.
Beaver, Gordon, Wellsville.
Fashion, Peebles, Elizabeth.
!atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Lake Erie, Clark, Beaver.
Camden, Hendrickson, IkllKeesent.
Baltic, Jacob., Benwmivilla
Brilliant, Grace, Cincinnati.
Hodson, Merlin., Bridgeport.
Louis McLane, Connell, Wheeling.
Kentucky, Marlene, (new) shipyard.
Caleb Cope, Murdock, Wellsville.
Beaver, Gordon, Wellsville.
Lake Erie, Clark, Beaver.
Camden, Hendrickson, M'Keernert.
Viroqua, thlkmay, Monongabela Cay.
Atlantic, Parkinaoq, Brownestlle.
Baltic, Jacobs, Brownsville.
F . ...him, Peebles. 'Elizabeth.
Jaws Nelson, Moore, Wheeling.
Empress, Gallagher, Zrnesville.
Hibernia No. 2, Klinekber,Crn.
Brownsville Packets, at A. M. and 6P M
Beaver Packets, 8 A.M. and 4 P. M.
New Orleans—Empire State.
Wheeling—Louis McLane.
Cincinnati—Neva England No 2. . ,
. .
JH DILWORTH & CO, Wholesale Grocers, and
. Agents for Hazard Powder Co, No. PI Woal
Pittsburgh , 4cSy
Y . • ...
W 001.•••• -- •At.. 78
urn. =DALEY re co., wkolemue Grocers, 16
and 20 Wood wee% . Ponsbnigt. nov27
v. e. WINIDMIIII... • .... /-
JUll cm, No. lleD. Market srreet, Philadelphia. aerair/
.NDOW sASH—drn assonmeat MTV and for
WINDOW GLAI3 , 3-250 b C x O .,ass'd. La more wad fo:
gRiORGE H. ELLERY, or New York, and 13 RUSH
P11.1BILY; of Philadelphia, have this day been
rained as ,pariners to oar basilica., which will he
continued aide( the same arm as heretofore al N 0.27
Church alley, Philadelphia, and No. 16 FAchange
Plane, New York. E. M. DAVIS & CO.
Philadelphia, Dee. 1, 1642.—12 07- D 2
Otilri 4 Ponaryloarila Railroad Conley.
NOTIOIII...The Stockholders of the Ohio and
realism. Railroad Company one hereby non
bad that \ 0 Annual Meeting of Siockholders, and
Elecoon Directorr, will be held at the Company's
Otheeiri Pittsburgh, OP Thursday, the iOth of/unitary,
11'30, etWeeOhe hours or 10 A M. and 3 P N
13 order ofihe Board of Directors
SAL., O, Nov. 30, 140. 1 .1 BROOKES
Nokia—Exude, from the 7th Section of the Act
locoipotaing the Ohio and Penney'vain& Railroad
.6lMY the first election of Directors, nu nemon shall
"Me no Loy abase on which any inatninumim doe and
_•, . _
EM P—l 3 bales Dew Reined Kentucky Hemp, see
Ott coot ignment and fonyale by
OLL'lltrTß—ar bac gloms, Ina reed al the
1.1, Mit. and ellectic Depct,MNl for by
f;;Ult --I box Just rasa sod Ira seditby
1: dcll J B CANFIELD/1
IHEME—D99I pt.! trud . ree:d mud for
ki sal. by dell? J CANFIELD
009 N Ay EAR-1u store urd tor stile y,
VLOUR—IKI taus Flag, MA reed arTd rot' sato by
I: deft & SKI NNER
elifloTrenePe4r.gralle.r''ottr 1.11
mkt) , of other new aode,'not to be bad elsewb , ,o',
de6 A A MASON & CO
.''4.operio7 .- a - rtiele for
1: family t P u leuperfs; ye , bbl? five; ha
IlltOfe lend for We by E
Dir.P,tv-11,71, 85VIVitAjrNMiss"
F TT; 2al Mole S Flour, 60 do extra family do,
sol aL
4 (O C
DEde?-M:CIiE4----iC6-b-" Ala
rtrres-a --- " l ' . 2" do
the ts \'. li., ID do ..t , _
_. for
0. p., s moss supeg i or Y. II , now i c afau r N .
§-Ij-bylCia.s7:l - bl t slirriac es, (nor orop,)
I bbl. McCue., far tab: by
riNNECUliCß: 2 Wellitiiii -1 thssOe-f3tsii.
V' boss titan to Ism alba of (Assail DIOIss Os ,
coverim dulls, rl . sh ' , rill ah;p ir Ml7 4 l ,-
/aOllBll, 'a PoaM
EZACTION to ALLlGlriti. — iNext Slatlady even'
Mg, we underinand, the,43 l /htga of idlegite 6 Y
hold their Want Meetings _for the nomination of
Ward 'Tickets, ad the akmititinent of delegates
to • city Convention to nominate a candidate for
Hager. Let all interested take notice.
New Enabaso Farsztv t r.t.—We are requeated
toy that Item to to her gathering of New gog
lenders, et the Monongahela House, at tH o'4rick,
on the eye of the 21d, to commemorate the land
ing of the Pilgrim Fellers.
A limited number ofstripper tickets can be pos•
cored at Luke L 3001 4. Book Store, No. 69, Wood
DISTRICT — 6 - 131. -- ;.- L BCIMIS Justien Lowrie
The ease of Samuel °orally va the Disciple's
Church was taken up. This is an astiou el sject
menta brought to recover the property on which
the Disciples Church stands. The Church claims
under a deed from Samuel Church.
Now Dmxctoar.—We have received a pros.
poetua ofthe proposed new directory of Pittsburgh,
Allegheny and the serrounding boroughs, to be
got up by Samuel Pahnestock, Esq.
It will contain a correct Alphabet.' List, of the
residents, and those dens busmesstin the cities of
Pittsburgh and Allegheny, the Boroughs of the
mingham, South ,'Pittsburgh, Manchester, and
Duquesne, with parts of Lower St. Qair and Pitt
townships, Lawrenceville, Eut Liberty and
The Liu will so arranged that under ,a dip
tient head the ' of every householder and
business man e r with the occupations, places
of hostiles!, prime maidences, or boarding houses
will be given, so that with a copy of the Mee
buy, the name and realdenee of any inhabitant C. 1.11
be found at a single glance.
Mr. Falinestock is a gentleman eminently qua
died for the test he has undertaken, and we
have no doubt that he, arid talented to it. The
Directory will he lamed wan alter the first of
Fins Lsnwoz..a.,—Mr. W. Seuehruaa has
laid upon our table a very beautiful lithograph of
those distinguished liulagariao leaders, Kossuth,
Bern, and Demblaski.
We have had Geeneut occasion to notice the
superior manner In which this gentleman litho.
graphs, and think that Ins:worimso orally, is equal
to that of asy Eastern anis*. He certainly deserves
credit for thus introdorr a new branch of indo.
try halo Pittsbtughi an we hope that our citizens
will visit hint with substantial proofs of their ap
preciation of his talent.
Accenver.—A man slightly mtionicated, was
driving a wagon, containing a companion, also
drunk, end a lune boy, through Lawrenceville,
yesterday, and stopped at a tavern. On getting
m again, the mina fell from he bands, and ho got
out on the tongue to mush then, when the horses
ran off, throwing the other men out, and cutting
kis head very severely. The man who had Wien
from the tongue, tsrtunately, managed L to grasp it
in tailing, and clung to it tightly, while the horses
were at fall speed. Several persons endeavored
to stop them, bat unanceeneinlly, until police offi.
car Barr, and a Ms. Schneck, managed to do so
after they bad ran nearly e mile, and released the
drunken man from his perilous Nadi.. Its
clothes were almost completely gimped from his
back, and he was frightfully brewed and mangled.
The Utile boy who had all ,the time reanatned in
the wagon, escaped unhurt.
66 -61
15 /5 15
25 10 10
Laarreso.—Mr. qv:urge Wateon, Jr , maa last
week, iso mob. ofthelloaorable Charles Sea
ler, admitted to the Bar -
Laacture.--A . young [111.12 awned Lute Witlea
was arrested at a ball. de Mondey night, by pollee
Officer Hill. He had suceseded 6r borne tune ui
eluding the vigilance (tithe pollee, but was nab
bed atlast. Hill bad two warrants aganiat
°twist isreeny,and one for disorderly conduct.'
DIV 'thrYmg—Alderman Steele of .sted
yelatinatay; at the. Mayor's Othee, owtug tta the at'
Seaton altaintain!Retron. The morales watch
rewrite brunets together a =beauteous ase•em
blage of basal?, and whom, none, however, ecru
sed. oferimea ol mom magnitude than drutikeu
Deal 1111 i disorderly .adoet.
BroniilltLitqwo. colcirett inert named George
Lyons' aiiii , Enoch litasbY,
by . thlecer Hill, charged with knirektig driark
yoangran dai.out eighteen years old, to a *ail
I . w a t e r greet, and taking a purse containing two
dollars and a halt from him. They were eonionOs
Sao Case—We have rarely beheld • sadder
scene then we witnessed yesterday at the Mayor's
Office. A man who ban been on a drunken *rime
for some weeka had been committed to jail on
Sunday, and his wife, fearing that the madden
check which his drunkenness would re , eive
might prove injurions to him, a. he was .object or
it., came to the polies race to beg that they
would allow her to acid him in a sic& glass of
liquor. She herself is no .drinking woman, and
has suffered enough, audio spare from drunken.
ness in others, but love was perhaps stronger than
reason, and her tear and prayers carried the
point. i3orrowtoga Boar's she started off with
two tents—all the money she had in the world—
to buy some whiskey for her worthless husband.
Waster VIGIL= ens TintonLe.—We were
much unused yesterday at the indiderence with
which a Watchman looked on the loss of what
Doctor Cooper, the Mount Airy Bard, used' to call
sweet seventy five cents." fie had brought a
colored min to the Mayor'. Office, who had not
been, nit turned out, very much to blame In au
attempt which he had made to mparate a moo
and his wife who were lighting. Still he was
evidenced to pay the omits, but unfortunately had
no money about him. His offence would not
warrant hie committal to jail, and he promised . to
get the money, if the watchman would go with
him. Thie he refused to do, saying would
rather let him go free, as It won't pay to go with
him. I have registered a vow in Heaven never
to go with a colored man to collect a ace. Ilia
only time I ever did so, was once when I was
aunt to a steam boat to get • fine, which. one of
the firemen had been ordered to pay, end whoa
I reached the boat, he jumped from boat to boat
till he had tired me out, and ended by popping
into a boiler which two other colored men were
cleaning out. to lees than • -minute he got so
ditty that I couldn't tell him from the others, so I
had to let him slide, and since then I let the color
ed people go, tine or no tine."
flame Coune—A colored Outlaws and his
wife, made their appearance yesterday, before Al
derman Steele arthe Mayor'soifice,ehared with
• mutual Assault and Battery do each . other
Their heads were covered with scars proceeding
from blow. indicted in their num•Ams combat.,
and they beamed to have learned in perfection the
art of agreeing to disagree , . They were taken be
fore Alderman Buckmaster where they entered in
to recognis.cea to keep the pennon.
Fns.—The alarm ad tire hut night originated
from the binderkbehind Luke. Loomis' Book
Store, taking fire. It wait extinguished before
much damage had been - done, and before the ar•
!Ma arum engines.
Tam Rouse Flee Courser —No Earnue at the
timer, Liberty Street did better tierViiie, nor did
any taritmaxy work• harder, thou the Rohe. It it
the bast baCteld eleteaeLlgifle in WWI!, and the her
men saluted it with three cheers as A Caele•AL the
ground, for the kept thue, on Monday morning.
pursuance tit the call of the last
'ear's delegation, the Whigs and Loti.fdasons of the
Elgth Went orsll meet at the Public Saha/111mm, in
mid Ward , an !Saturday, inst., between Me
Loon of 3 and 7 o'clock, Y. Al, for the parposa of no.
!Mincing Mayor Delegates, to meet In Convention on
the Wednesday following; and also to imminato can
didates for Want 03!Met. • delo-2tv
• _
toTER. _l. tf. and Rella,atrl re
h z krtulritt
IURN MEAL—tOb ba old, to Wont and our sale by
t.J dela STUART Ss SILL, Ile Wood at
oar euato ß rners ßU and E fnends the choicest Tapestry
BrusselaEarpets ere, brought to this market, of„the
latest and wool approved styles and colon. oo which vv.
will sell as lows. eon he Ouruininnd
73 Fourth a, dos W hIELINTOCK
BiILISBELB EARPETS.—W. IlliCurrroca offers to
patehmers a [tole add handsome assortment of
the 00114 approtrad pattern.of Brussels Carpets,
cheaper than ever befora Mitered in this market. Call
and examloo our stock LefOnt porehaving elsewhere.
deg W lIVELINTOCK, 73 Fourth at
VELVET Cor p We -c. offer the han
Velvet Pilcie cverlmported, as low aeon.
be purchased In any of the t utern clan. We invlte
those wwhlng to font. §letnnlbov.° l / 1 ...+ 10 eve
us a call before parcheateg elsewhere.
Carpet Waltham., Font. street.
‘.l' gaped. article, Jost reed Mid for sale by
.49 C YEA° ' 109 asked et
ACIUNG-4 b. •• • '• WMiki ill•Okillf
Mad and Au ado by dab C YEAGER
THE following article vie copy with pleasure from
the "Boston Mercantile deternal," of March, 1819,
and we hope that If any of eJ renders are stiffened
from aay.of the complaints which It Is said to care,
they Will speedily avail thcrisel vas of its
It saes well knovrtt 61.102 y TM" LS" that the will
cherry bora tree of this eltol■l3 possessed valuable
medicinal qualities. Indeed this fact was known to
the aborigines, and decoctions of the leaves or hark of
this tree has ever been regarded by their physicians as
one of the moot effectual remedies In many dLsessa.
This fact, several year. since, arrested the attention of
Dr. Wistar, a highly retipectabla preetidoner of Vir
gent. He investigated with care the healing proper
ties of the wild cherry—tested its cleric when wintin
astered alone, and when ovcolabinsHoo with olheexe
medial arenta. He found that its natural virtue
be greatly Improved, rod by cool:I:deg it with ingre
dients whose propertiu were all 11 Proved and gee.
arally recognized, a medicine was produced whisk
consulates a remedy of great importance in pulmona
ry affections and dl. ales of the cheat and throat—
diseases which are proverbially prevalent in one eines
and large towns, - and often prove lath, swelling the
bill of mortality to a mach greater extent than to the
nese with mostaithers, we bad almost acid all classes
of dliteue.
The genuine Wiatazta Balsam of Wild Cherry has&
fan anode of the alanataro of Hoary Wianar, M. ;D.;
Philadelphia; and Sandford and Park on a finely Oa..
cored limel engraved wrapper. Nona other am Vein ,
We are juct is receipt aril= follawinig ♦olmtap al
bum to the cumin:lsmer of Wistati Balsam of Wild
Cherry, from E. Hall, M. If, of Mt. Clemens, Michi
gan, win is a physician of high slanging, and an. ag
mast" druggian
Mr. Omura, Mieho o .•=hi s iStil•
To the Billeted, this may cemity th at Me,. B. Rob
erts, of this village, three or four weeks afler.coufina
mem, woe attacked' with a Nolen email and great
prostratiou wd seemed hastening' to Ma pence with.
feful rapidity. I Walsall:a. to are WiMar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry—she did so, end with. Mat valnabie
medicine alias was restored to health, and is now *.a
living proof of the cake of Wistful Balsam of Wild
ed Deft,
Physician and L
Read on and be convinced still farther of the
table Times of Wisteria Balsam or Wild Cherry:
Messrs. Sandford k: park. Gem., Le a mailer of pm
tire to yens, and ler the beeellt of the public, I would
offer the folkowing statement of a emu effect/46y your
atedleine,kumen as Wistaris Balsam of Wild Cherry.
In the spr ing of 1817 my wife wax 'aeverely attacked
with Pena:mutton's, or Pleuriay, 'which moulted in a
deep .sated pair: In the side, weomparded With a sa
mara soaalr ehe was wended by woe: of. Molest
physteians in Chicago, but to no pupae; far wails
she suffered, without relief, coughing incessantly algid
and day. I came to the,owelusion that all the mow
dics stutwolio tit.. physical. could mot help her, and
was indwed to try year Wild Cherry. I met:redoes
bottle, and coo:amerced wing It secoMbrig to dire,
outs; babe It was al gone—tbecoagia stepped, are
pain her side le ft her, sad with the aid of wager
bottle she was resumed to rearms Emma
sidoncion of those eicomistatioci. I would tocostradod
it to the public un valuable medicine.
Ifour;=ctilaly, R. N. GARRATT.
G Mich, Oct. 6,1949.
Rood de following 76ticansidt.
Of all Use care. that hne been recorded, there are
certainly norm SQUIS to tha see Ant motioned, which
plainly shows the taxability of Conomption, eves in
mane of its worst form
Coos, Dool7, Lake co. In., Jam IS, li4o.
J D. Park: Dew Six,* I have a duepfceramiscrm
non far the afflicted, pormit me to sl4,e you. brief
history army allictionaLand the benefits derived from
the oso of Dr.lVistaefo Saloom of Wild Cherry.
In Jaly.lBl4, I woo attacked with a fewer. of the tv
phnd character, which: Icy me In a very debilitsted
state, when In the folloWing winter I was taken wills
severe cold, whichiedneed tan to sack on extent as to
me the appear...4l Of a confirmed consumpilow
I rotated under a severe congli—eXpectorated k Mal
deal, sod was trembled with cold amend night sweats.
I also freaurady miloadfilecol from my langs. I con.
tinned In thisstMe., gradually *Wag ender the dis
ease, umfil January, IMP when I wasin attacked
with fever. My friends &spared of my l aga ife, and my
phystmans thought I Gould survive but • short time.
My extremities, arpecrally my feet, were constantly
cold, and almost last their fooling. Under these Mr
canntoaces it may traiy be said that I was • living
skeleton I finally determined to quit taking meentne
preacribed by physicians, and try Dr. Motor's Balm.
of Wild Chewy, and from the first week that I com
menced baking 0, I can dote a gradual recovery. I
10.1 cum sin month., a. the cad of which Lime
I woo cored, end have enJoyed good health ever mace,
and cheerfully recommend the Nola ant to all those aS
flirted watt dioeurm of the blob, and would soy to
those comniencfrig its ow, cot to be direettraged tf two
or Uwe bottles do not effect • cora, bat persevere so I
have dour, and I have ho doubt bat num cases out of
will Cr blessed with renewed health so I have
been netrwetral. toots.
N per ROUles for 0.
24 L; 44 , J. D. PARK, Imeceuor to &mac,. A P...)
Fount, e.rul Ws:aut eircem, General
.yens (a the .oatti and West. to whoa, urdera
mu. tn. uddresred
L. W os, Jr, .I.A. A Jones J. 1:140 Jr. Gr, B A.
Fabootroek & Cu, Pittsburgh. L. T. Rosoell, W.S.o
tngton, W. 11. Idusbertoo. Proakun; L. 11 Borne,
Uniontouro,;ll. Welty, Greensburg/A P.Koonis,Soiner.
orb. Sc od k Wool re, Bedford; Heed & Bon, Bunting
don; Mrs. Orr, llollidoyobarg; !Weldon I & Co, indi
um; J K.. Wright, Kittanning; Evans A Co, Broo k .
rills; A. Wilson & Son, Waynesburgh; ACForland
Co, N. Callender, bleadvillr; Burton & Cu, nisi J.
3lsegAn, nemr, James, ,yt Co, Butler, S. Smith,
Bettie c, J. P, Sturuntriou, MONA F. L. & C. B.Jonos,
Guiiiimpga,,,Sic.pkCai Enka wrgle.
^•'• ~..;:'•- -• - c •. : liie;o6Lialli.ll. K /08. •
pH' TIRTue of a preeept ender the bends of Iron.
11.1 i Poitiatain Patton,. Jr., President of the Colin of
Common P 5.0,111 and for the 6th Judicial District of
Pennsyvania, aid Justice of the Court of Oyer and
Terminer. and General JUG Delivery in and far said
District, and Samuel Jones and Whiter. Ken, Fors.,
Judge* of the same Courts, to and for the
County of Allegheny, dated the loth day of November,
in the poor of our Lord one titousaad eight hand, d
and forty nine. end to me directed, for holding • Coon
of Oyer and Terminer, and General Jill Delivery, at
the Court llouse, in the City of Pittsbareh, on the 4th
Monday in December utzt, at 10 0e10ca,...a. M.
Publtn notice is hereby given to all .rionices of the
Peace, Coroner mid Constables of the County of - All,
'hens. that they be Men and there, in theirproper lusc
ious, with their rolls, records, examine
tions a•• 4 .other remembrances, to do Mows things
which to their respective others in their behalf appear
to be done—and also Mood that will prosecute the pris
oners that now arc, or may both the Jail of said Comi
ty of Allegheny, to be then and there, to prosecute
against them alishall be lost.
Given tinder my band at Pittsburgh, this 1.201 day of
November, la the year of our Lord, 14411, and of the
Commonwealth the 73d. CARTER CURTIS,
novl7-dawthT Sheriff.
Bowden t Geausaml Circuit Coati United States
• Cue for Infriarement of liar
ky's Patent Pugin for casting
Patna, Sams & Co. I Chilled Rollers.
Defendant gave in eudemee Patent to John C. Pam
for tame purpose.
A oncsunu ofnt is one offee' of whit&
the jury aro did:cages. The construction of the patent
Ls tor the COttrt.
Atter reading and conainenting - on the specification
of Plaintilge patent, the tban observed: In dela:Vol
cases it le not the custom Of the Court io exprens any
opinion of the fasts of the 'case; but in this ease the
facts at, undieputed, and the Coon think it le proper
to state, as the opinion of both the Judges on the true
construction of Plaintiff , ' Patent, that the Defendant's
Patent is • genes and palpable piracy of the Plaluthre
It has ttidently been obtained on the ground that
It luau an improvement on Psainairs pa coed
tn., awl now seeks to usurp his rights under pretence
of a n Improvement—a pretence which is proved also
to be unfounded Per Cortaro:
The above dectloo pieer to the robaoribete Cone
tee right to manufacture Chilled Rollers, by the rally
proems known to produce a good article.
They are prepared, W. tlo,,totOrt, to funiuti all Med
required, and wlthithe least possible delay.
RUP—Prom W. K. Haden, Esp, Cl's', of the
Court of Q6ll.lter &Ulan, of Boner Canary:
Mr. R. E Ream: 81r, Sorge time in the winter my
wife woe afflicted with...weeders:l distreselngeough,
aid hearing of your Invaluable Coogh Syrup, I par
based a battle from 8. T. Triafflle, of Hiidgeiwatar.
and after taking a portion of It two or three evenings
on reins to bed, she found immediate relief, as also
neural Glenda have been relieved In severe cwt. I
am therefore eariefied that itle • sofa and valuable me
dicine, and would recommend It lo those who may be
afflicted ivals severe coughs and cold..
March 84,•1013. W. R. RODEN.
G7rßold by R. 8 SELLERS, 07 Wood street, and
by Prugelets generally in the two cities end TielnltY.
yTTE will condone to colt y Freight to Phdadelplita,
VT Baltimore and New York, Freig ht
Canal and Rail
Rocha ao long al the water permit.
norito BIER Ea JONER.
WIT. drat, 400 CiMARTI, 1111,1[1:11
GgOlii for warded by this Line ere carried in the
awn Mali Clunnbegborgb, and an liumerhate•
ly loaded in Wagon. going night and day through to
Pittsburnli The horses of this Lino are sigioned ev
ery owe, which Ingres the prosout delivery of
gond!, word° are time promised. The Wagon. will
leave our waychoora Leundaye excepted) Ethip
peg 'ire ....awed that no more goals will be taken
each der ,l in un be paactually carded through.
i ! Canal liglii, Pittsburgh.
dcl3 Ydr Market weer, Phibukighla.
eflllE subscribers, vitiating to retire from the Marc.-
. 1, yle businme, odor for sale their maitre stock of
Hoar,and every thing connected with their mercan
tile trsde. They commented mernhandlydng In thin
oily in OW, and have continued itt the same business' I
nite that time, Increasing it every year, until Beatles
In amount that of any mereaudie house le the west.
Their STOCK centime of every variety of Shell
Hardware, Heavy Hardware, Iron, Steel, NW., and
Ulan;Ola, eery devenytion of Cook, Plate, and Parlor
Stoves, Ttnner's Stock, ac. Them moth of good. is
new, bought low, and well selected for this market
They here no damaged or ausaleaLle goods in their
timime, se they have taken great care not to allow the
ke necurnalme on their hands. The store they now
oecany is • new Brick Store, bat the put summer,
eagremly for them, and noire their amedon, and Is
the beet arranged for an Iron more S td the hardware
business, of any ware extant
Connected with the store Le • TIN SMITHS' PIIOP,
famished camel.., with every Mato needed to entry
on the hotline. profitably, and sufficiently large
to ne
mmdate metres in Illiesn workmen.
Store le tempted on the corner of East Water
and Detroit streets, and en the river side. They have
plenty of dock room. and eau receive their Goode di
rect from mem/atria nave a great sdpettm.a. tasty
are subject to. Their more Is $9 tent front by ,1152 feet
deer , three ateriee high, with miller under the whole;
and the location the most desirable in the Or
parehaser will adhere to the Caah system they
wiggled, make use of the anangements for Importing
and baying goods at home Sad abroad, and the tonal
which they will sell, be can make a great harPjas
with a Chance fora renews. If desired by the parch
deer, the ender partner will leave capital in the hesi
tatn as a emend panzer. •
5.1. Tn• CO., Pale! , UP, -
Mwmass, Ker. tw-idonttw
, • TCS 'IF 1112CoUNT--t.231111.1,33TEn 1.5
la. 1101.2110111 a 60106,
E•gerar , Brokers. No. 06 Dark et ~tree:, near Ca •
Pleun•ylvanin. incilaun.
!la. of Pituburish --Par mat. Irk a Ltranehcs • • 4
Exchange Dank Purlii-• tenon/. • • • • -
Alorch. & Nelal. Dank • Pall Virginia.
8k.,. Pliliadelpbia• -.Pail Es change 11k. of Va.- • i
Sward Bank panlnrwer. Ilk. of Va.
Bank •pullni. of the Valley,— "
" Chester County • • • p•Ailt . of Vim m. - .
" Delaware Co. • • • p. l 11 ,1.11.13 F., Wheel' ego
" Idonsgoaery Co•• •pas do :dory-in town.... 1
" Nonhualrerland• • par N. W. Bank Vu--•- 4
Columbia Bridge Co.• • pan do Welicburg.- 4
Doylestown Dank part do Parkeisbury•-•
Fannerelik. Iteulths • par Tana.
Famers'l2k. Bucks Co. par 1. of Tenbasse, • - to
Fanners B'l Lenou'r•par Far. ex hlerch'is 8..- "
Lancaxtc• Co. Bk.• . • • pas Planters' 8k..-- ... . ••
Llttelllter Bk. - par Union L:k.... ---- _ . 4.
U. State. Bank - --Si Blissonri .
0,,,,,,,,,,8, 8k... ..... par State ilk of illissoun-. 4
Washington Bk.• ••-• • .4 North Carolina.
9,, 7/ h us , s i,uk,-.• - 4 Bk. or Cape Fe. S
ch um /. 4 .1,,,,.. •-. • " Merck, Bk.,Piewoolu• B.
Slaqueharues Co. Ilk - 213. Dank ...... •- - X
Lcunsiown• ..... -.- South Oarollne:
;Middletown •••• • • - • I C•reeden Bk ...... '• • • 0
Carlisle .• 3.30. of Chariest. ' 2
Eno Bk. ...... • • 010 ; 'Commercial Bit - 2
tumors' and Drover. , ilc.orGeorectowes•-• - • 2
Bank, Wuynesbarg• • 4 Bk.°, liambarg-•••• .
ilarrusbaro••-•-•-- 0 Merchants Bk.-• -•••', 2
lionenige.-.........--.1 Planters &Meat slit. Si
Lebuwn • •••• ..... •-• • Y..' Sown Carolina • .2
p o gi u ny, - _, - ...- •• laisrh•lnshi.
Wyo../ ...... , .... Balt.ore 41ks.••-- ...p.
York Ilk. Bahr:l2'ol[o Itltetrip •10
W / symis t yet, ft, ...... Cumberland Bk. of .611c
l:elle( Notes' -- 131.07 4
-Ist& 31 Bk. Parado• " Far. Bt.. Maryland -• "
p-Pitesb. 1: -• Countylo;Fanners , & ;Buie."
" " h
dllogorry, 1.% Bk. Frederick a'
- --' Ohlo. !Frederick Co. Bk.-•••• "
Stale Bk. and Branches 4 1 11 Nrw.i." Bk' s' MaitntPleant••• •• • " 31tnoral Bk. -•----.
Stenbensille •a - i •••• • . " Patapsco Bk •-• •• •. • . 4; 1
Btelalrsvills- -•-• • " 'Wv•Vp' s " ilk" - - "
Mang= •••—• •- 0 Bk.• esuninster ••. • a
New I,lsbon• • ••• - • " Illehignes.
Cincinnati Banks" Bk• or So. Cl.r. - • ---
Columbus do• " Bk. of River Rouen--- '
Cgclevill••-•• • ..• " lAllehigan I. Co. - • • 5
Zanesville -...,-. - a Var.& Meth's ilk..-•. • 5
', dn ., ____;,.. o .Wisconsin Territry.
'Wooger -, -- - - 71355..&Fireln•CahlilVe 6
Massilboa --- 1 13••••14•••
Bandaskr . • . 70',A1l solron Busks 5
GLAZER •- • • • • • •• • I Ilank of England Nines
Cleveland- --- -- 4itiold h Spud. Value.
x 4 . o i / .......-. .... . r "Napoleons -• ••- • • 3GO
Dayton. --.-.- . " Duc•tx..... ••0 15 0 220
w g ,,,,,, y , 1, g „,,,..._ " 'Eaglo, old • •• • .100 CO
Franklin 13 • Colmabsis " , Eagle, now •• • • • 10 On
Chillinstbe •-• .- •-. " ,Doubloont,Sp.i. 1630
Lake Erio••• • • • • " 'Do F'atriot•-•- 15 30
Belots•• • .. 0 ,Sekereigns ••• •• 107
Lancaster • —•-•-• -10 iGainels • • ..... --• see
Hamilton• • - • • • • • •-•13 ,Predaricksd'orx•-67 30
Uraneille. • • • .. • ..{/ Ten Thelon • • • • 7EO
Pareersßl Curve ---111 Teo Dailders ••- . .2 sO
Urbana • • ........ -• 11l iI. k , ..1. , r 4. - ••• • ' 4
_ Kentucky, I Exchange. ,
Uk OrKeritacky • • • • 1 INew York -- /am
Blur Lowitrille •• • " IPbtladelphia •• ..- i prof
Hort= Bk. Konto'ky • " lbaltnnoso •-• • • • pito
Mums Voris-nor 8ank..,.., Inter" , lt's•••-m
THE rill established Line of GILLILTi /C Co. having
opened graces in the Eastern Cities, trot leave
ober to the public (stators onegualled by any other
fleeing largely increased our stock on the Nation
al Emu/. ow goods are now transported over the
Kouttdains with mail speed, and no more goods will
be gemmed in the East than we can forward through
without delay. Satisfaction as regards time and rates
will be guaranteed.
Through receipts Intl be given for all goods for price
through t ond for dare to Pittsburgh.
No pains or expense will he spared to make this the
LOOM reliable and best cot:domed Exprew in the Ended
States, as it is now the most extensive, connecung all
parts of the East with the extreme West and Seat,
We connect to Nem York with Messrs.
goo d , Haden k
Co to mrivalled Express to Boston, and .11 d from.
Beaton to come by oar Line must be delivorsel their
offme. No 2 Court avant. The collemien of all nntet,.
draft., d.e,, Pee.. promptly attended to. Orders for,
goods will be sent free, and good. returned with do
Custom House buuness attended to
Order goods marked - Greene W 'e Experiss: and
Merchants will please to he particular 41 /nstr,tltiell
correspondents to take oar utrougo receiprs for their
gads, th ereby insur i ng better sausfaction In all con
Goods 10( the FAA lSketl al very lola rate., and w,ll
be railed for in any pan or the any, free of elnerge
Good, from tee East denvered yrnbout charge for Ja
Exprees or the East leaver aanr at 4 o.,!acio I' M.
Pacts,;es torruded e11iC11.1.4 1,411.111 e. S c
LOWS .0 Near Orleans
raucar,- orincu
Uauaa & , N 0.7 Wall street, New York
du !ft/ Chesnut street, Phil,.lelphtit
do Z.Z Baltimore street. Bantu:tore.
il• Cu, N 0.5 Court street, Boston
liC Arta,
Moe& Charles Hotel !lea,. oud
gal= nhens are prepared to receive stag pounds
Frelglu daily, after MondaT, fnrwnr 4
to or from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, by Wagon,
through no Five Days Kale. as low as by any other
conveyance at 11111 5t.11.4101 of the year
.DOILY 11IcrADEN 61X1,
Canal Basin, Pittanugh.
do.o No 2fl Morkel'ot. Philadephin.
- XlO5lO MICA .11L- r i.TL.-0--ITTE.
Only 73 3111.. Stafflrtgr•
Via Brewasetlle and 9tiroberiand to Baltimore aria
qui a.: momtne boat leaves the. wharf, above the
laridee, datly, at 9 o'clock preemely. Time to
Halttmore, 22 bourn. time to Pltsladelphia, 40 hours.
The cvenuag boat leaven Jelly, (ecept Sunday ev•
ening,' at { o'clock. Passengers by Irauttur on the
eventng boat, will emoo the mountarne in stages next
day, and thus avoid night travel
Secure your is
at the Office, thfonortmoltel
Heaton, rlt
Charles Homl.
ochttl-ty J. MESKI3IEN. Arent
The undersigned, very grateful to
their friend, be leave to say that they
are determined to devote their nor,
lied attention toy branch branch of
business. They hope, from nineteen years' esperienet
and by their never failing Mcleany and strict attention,
to Inert patronage. J. C. BUCKLEF Se CO.
dc7..111n Pearl street. Latairritir.
k -2
11 P)'Z ., 1849,
TH , E ra r ti tt o b n ae , ri . bers he o , hayinpen g ing o susp f Me ended their canal
. op.
t Spring Nav
tion, have established an Expres• Lim by Railroad and
Wagon between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. by
which they are prepared to forward 6000 pounds each
Terto th as e t d reMr of tr 'l tentrai n tPthe d plif:
Lie that their arrangements regardnig rules, regolwity
and despatch, cannot ill to give antisfacuon to all who
favor them with chile command.
.nl. Penn and Wayne ota Pauintrah.
27.3 :Wyatt weed. Philndnloina.
Mllia 1849.
Qi COMO 11131 OED canzno..
Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
A 8 the Intemese 'on the canal ie about being rioted
t for the sews, we would inform the public that
we kayo eerie brought the Conestoga Wagons into re,
quiaition, and will be prepared to forward NCO peunds
daily, (commencing on Monday, the ettin inst.) A Car
leaving Pttnadelpinadaity by the mall train for Chan,
bersburm and the 'Marone rraveling day .4 night,
aunties the delivery of fiends in firs daya. Apply to
WM. BINGHAM, Pilule:ugh,
BINGHAM t: DOCK, No. lei Market crcet.
Sala 1849.
TO .1..10 TIIOII
Ttxt 11 v. Der., (Sundays oacepted,) nenaina:Dayi
and Night.
THEpublic, to respeatfoily ituormed hat Nu Line,
which ht• been in rreeca.fal operation the two
preview, winter, will again commence pinning on
Monday, the 20th of November.
A Cu will leave Philadelphia and Chardbenbabgh
daily each any with the Mail Train, and frourCham•
bersburch with relay. of horses running day and night.
Wen prepared to forward 60 00 lb. weight daily by
the above line. Apply to ,
D. LEECH a CO, Pittsburgh;
or to—HARRI LEECH, •
Alli k
(eve dour• below Wood erect, Id•
Ward. mutat.
DU. BROWN, bailee Leon
. • . -- I- regularly educated to the tuedical
• pr01e..., and heels for .orlar. owe
• /) • "" 31 general priatice,buosi coolers
• • Nits attention to the ircirttorist ef
••• ,„/ pl aint. te nod iicticam coo,
.14 • for which his opportunitel
and experience peculiarly qualliy
• him. 14 year', araldueurly devoted
in study A treatment of the. complaintedilunny which
time be has had more practiee and hits,eurcil more p
yen,. th an ran an , WI.. the lot of any private pro
titioner) amply qualifies him to offer a•rorances .1
verily, permanent, and satisfactory cure to ell arfricurd
with dalicate di..., and oil di.eesee arkiny tliera
Dr. Brown would Inform Lane saileted sena pn•aie
diseases which have become ehroole by time Or toe
[ranted by the asa of any of the common Immo. of
the day, that t h e i r romplarms can be radically and aloe
eared; be b a ying pis. W. careful attention to
the trealrnent or rattans., and anceeeded in hundreds
of bartrinces in caring patrons of indanunatiou of the
treat of the bladder, and discuses which ofien
result from them... where others have consigned
them to hopelesaderipair. Ile particrilarly invites such
as have been long and anaaccearibilly treated by Others
to cons. him , wben u e e m on t ar be vvpri
i nl a ty A d t ih nirin e6''' ner„ . poinied out by a lorig ' expe " 7l .s mi Ln iee d ,
stady, and investigaunn,whlcb it is impomb lo for th ore
a e n r =i o n r g i e . n e e . ra .. l practice of medicine to give oo
IrrHernia or Roptnris — Dr. Brown also Loattell per
sons afflicted with hernia to call,. he has p old parbr
alas attention to thin disease.
GAMMAS Woo cored.—
Bai n .. eases; also 1, Palsy, ate., epee., erred
Mama very low.
N. lb—Patients of either eel living at • dirt..., E T
staling their disease in writing, giving ell the ay..
toms, e. obtain randielnea with directions for ow by
addrersing T. DROWN, M. D., port pald, and cnc'ias.
in flitr . No. IS Diamond alley, opporlia the Waverly
• •
Resin.lsoL—Dr. Proton's newly discovered rein,
dy toy Illicinninislo is a speedy and certain remedy t o
thai_painfal Unable. It never fails.
MOD Mid Prima Coniraltlno Room., No.
wastdallty, Mind:wire, P... 11. Mawr is always la
Crib an no pay. Des. I, MI.
Enntssions sap Stn on.—IONCIPIS
Valvtabl• VIM= 1830.
.t last Chemical . Soap onuses afro wenntration, and at
TEAR CANTON, Stark county, Okla, conststing 0 .1 the tut:amanita, anon!, nr l . l dldsts U.* O f. .
1.1 155 ACRES OP LAIC, Ina big\ state of eta giving tt the teXinlro and bonny of an infant's. •
'ration, with a suitable
mad to . • EICTIWT, Sala gap= Alt) Sono, are soon not wily
abundance of wee cool lrjr ilw orestone. h o o t own by ba use, as at lout own Ph7w-
Oof nnaordoo. .tois ttre .. 2thi uphluttl. a s
nod clans in New York know, who use It In sunk eases,
wheat. and meadow land and Ind I also in
The improvements arc a goos...o.DwcltiaE amgo.Puerta Burma" Flanninhwr
Brio' , Barn, n lonng *ha? APO. ( helm* ease. The , reader is assured that nut ts no sacker
Terms—One fourth in hard, alum Incur t k.“,te peeress , , 4
Rood "P'l7 of r an g Pet ' Vr . , ':• paged nostnantoss trial will prms. =44 ann.
ff'yy'Solo Soon !Inn, Boast lass Ana Solo Bisin.-1=
r further pantaulars apply . lo E. 44 ' and um it, wed deo Mader is again &salad I
Camino; or to the undendsned,of Etteubstorille,l '
miN A NDarmn%
T erletly e. V fin .h. t he ab l e i xida . SS 1 knala it to be
Ons c es3 "" :tts ' QUM) F1X124 will and ads •
- • ' - • • cur, Any one atlliesed wit/km.4obn abeSts.or tdst
illy diseases, will find ana even snore (adsohn.
hie in In properties) thatilanata.
.. •
But, the stolen It*: hoodad with
and be sure you ask for 30N,WS Italian Ckemiul
Soap. Sold by Pin. JACKWII„ SD 11=seets -
Pittsburgh. - -a
rualmarrnielar4REWOUSETsi - p - t - e ,
.J a seal ocqupir.d,by...4eml:.llll.l,3l,l3talnti4 COI
on 'piker
nara ,E..,Ip.KentaIPTIGW`4OO..6-o°.
beiwetai, acd and
A 1 El ti If „g01:01, aua lele fleet
irmail oe:34utieditiOr-rarMftlefitore: 4.1..
, eo
th4e foot, ' el . 1,... ,1', .: I k, , rf '!4l, 1 1ri,, f . c gi,,, , Z .r 4..
actlVlr,:, ,-, , aleievi:oier POrtOkeo.' ~
i 4 illE ' ; erg' t% Ilrearteree' eAliiEttirir
M o irroZeir_beesW•Viritandetteriaqt,
recsOFtn.: elegy?' -
...,‘. : For tonne, te: tzta.e:F:c., to Isr:•erf . ,..wit, ,
SON, biteket e ' " ~ 1 - ' , - ~.--••• ectif
.. a
Arou..itzwr,_ .14a.gama9.0.4,1*..*.,'
..04copied by N... 64•19011 5tmt.: 1, 4_944.p,
,l e ltit 10 aoyei'aef . ivrndattriah&Lif,,MaNalart I
unpack.. sad centianual,aa, dthe aimed ~a ll.,.iralt
proved. Apply to . HAZW,, 3 0=3.....k.00t ~-• r .
_ ' ' "`-i"..-.. .— ' ',...- ..--...'"" e " r' - 7 - Mr LADIESARE CAUTIONED AGAINST 13.•
n ----- pym.g.Trnt - -1 .- Diiez , lie.,Aam.nar-lyear L,, _ • BINH COMMON PREPARED CHALK.. ,------
baßt,) end Lot, on Roblmon Ono, Allaalwnyil r.. They ate, =twat.: how fr . ightfatly Fainlnarr . l.l4l
near old &Ldp., Price low =Luz= eisy.r. , ..thOtayleliel haw ananhew. y .a.,l , 7 4 ,
pare of - . iyal 8 SCHOYER,IIOSecond.4I.. .,„ .;,3n t o_sllow,and
p nE mp g d.baki
as. . • ,
- G - ' o,— ... T t u 'l th '" ''"lr' ilL7 ka . b ik4,.Ttg.' ,:-'.•" 3 • f... t'is Nmio.,
a ,•
A: House, int 'l,lberty,between Ay . ,•. .. ,--, , .•- ,Niel , rh6s. ..,,,,,y .1. Le., ! .• t .
r 4 . now ore .Pl. l 1, 1 w.' P mb.: l / 4 1 ',_,.. .!_., 40.. " 44.4 1" - r.W e inetejragare a.• heantlfal , yeretable aria's,
ven frame , ll... F. 4.1.• of I v F• Ikr":" . .oT -- rEthlebi pert - - 7 NW SPANISFILILY ura - -
tn. sook.tor.".. ' ' • - -"....—..' int , p4k. .' 3 . perfectly inutoannt; balheparlfied of all &leen-
- JOHNSTON teams+ ~, : . an vallues-n It Imparts tb thans:ls nalaufl, heal-
- =.... NEta'nindltdrd macro.: • ' q ,, Wabinei cte.6 - livinewiat.s - .1 the E.= dme
' '
In ;m i nAmetle osier iikilg - tniktradt soft and -.,
amObti.S.old4theArnt, WA: /AC, N, 80 I.R.
arty at; Pinola : . a 23 cent+,anenFlr.wT
Two Lots for
21111 E subscribers will sell at privaate salL-thb. tow;
A. valuable Lots of Oround, sittothedentnirdato ey
m the Third Ward. of Allegheny City,. eac h . htvtot' o
front 0(20 feet, canning back It* feet in depth to a2O
feet alley, upon which IS built a stone watt, PS by 100
feet, which contains stone enough to build cellan for
two comfortable dwelling houses, and in flout there
are three 'Lode trees, ofki yearn growth, and the side
walk is paved wi th brick;all of which will be sold at
$lOO. Pittsburgh and Allegheny. or County Scrip,
will be taken in payment.
& 11 PHILLIPS, No 6 •
or to WM. BENSON, immediately _
ittftimed LIS. •
—.....e.ti—Five - lois - dirgitrly
irking untrit:of Birmingham. The lou axle Woe
ai on Dorm. alreet, numbe din F Banernan'gpl.
75, 79,60, el and Eta—iat No 75 fronting ...1) feet:on Mu
d"' iutri.etTeet, 70 feet deep; the other four 70 feet front
each by PO feet deep.
•T erms—punter parr of
online monxoitay rrot
main for air ➢earn, .0000 1 Ertt:Yr
edamW t =ot r
110 second at
MO. /ter,/ Conl Lutz ter Sails{ •
SlTUATfralon thohlonoitgaholariveradroT rotas
from PlKslaro and 3 snit,. above third k,fn
the irrunedintelmighberhood of hicerraLyon tiMorb,
cid Mr, Mtn filerron•s• purchase. This fine frxty of
Coal will be sold atthe low price of =per acyc—ons
third In hand, balance in lye equal annual payments ;
withal interest. Tills: indisputable. Location vary
soodannot be surpamed. •For far*. psi:Molars
=onus 0(9. BALBLEY, Who taw • draft of sitid - pno,-
pony: Ruldeacesl si,beinerFetry,Mr.AdaniaMlow.
N. IL Those to another ssien •of toal on this tram,
about 60 feei above-Me lower, of excellent quality,
iYelnltt ' • 19. B.
• Us • r: •I 3 ssig r .
IiIIE subscriberi are authorized triciffeilall privet;
solo, end upoo hu,rhly f”orable testne, tr'numbe
very valuable flub:bug Lot., compritlityra barge
portion of the Lola mothered 67, 68;.60, And - Mon
Woodall:km.l Plan of the City of Pirtshet*, alma
zed at the south enrlvrannyeorner of Pennexid,Weyne
U'fro e * tr e'athsf' l r l 'del l
600 ;y
d netga pert -i
of the Reel Este if the lath leer
S. s:evennon, Esq., dveartved. •
A flex, or coborvision of Me above Loa, or, cantor
miry with which it ia proposed to may seen en
the offme ante undercnned, on Fourth, Mari
het And Ferry ens. WILLI S. to KUHN.
my 3
- E'r
FOE SALE.—A Lot of Gromd eitaatoon r
meet between Hay and Maybury excels, id l
the haute and ha now occupied by Richard Eiwardh;
Oaring a vont of 2.5 feet, and in depth 130 ,(Ye; wylllbo
told on favorable ternto. Title nceaceptionable
onite of . CO.. LOOM7B,4th 7 ,, , , , --
A Isi. , iiiiLiiiLE.Beildsnis Latin AlleAtienyieity,itaii.
min lee died, in site sibesitheli ante, And .
.oldactll sin secoinanniniing terms., Ingnies
(slit D WILLIAMS. 1.10.1Ai d
N. Bongoes . i
DHYSItIinN AND PATIENT; or a PmenCal View 1
,TO PHJ-21PX610,35.
I oi the manta: dation, relations mid intermits of th e
mra .. ; r ,. k.,.. .., the 0,..... y; by, W,,,,. THE. inlminbct h. on hand and for tale, ea .4.1.
onion !looker, hi. D. ' i i4.of L. Johnsten.a Co., of Philodelphla'the fellow ,
'itte Works of Michael lk Muutatenet comp:tr., : trig. „.
, ea pair of Cose,
his &ways. Letters do. By Wm. Haslet, ; ;
Numeli and its item... By e.t.a Henry Lay- ' 41 10000 r...i i'°‘ ( ' , "; . 14 .(i'm:vscsi
I nth Newspaper Cam;
°4l lbs. Lcalls, in order;
Glimpses oi Spain; or Notes of an Uninnsfisd Tau
in 1E4.. Hy ST. Walla. • : iti Comr.o.sug noels;
• , • ' DV Print', News ink; . t
Topper'. Philosophy, lielf eelbefe illus. - - ,`
I Brass Galley, Column Raive,,Breas Salmi of ali
tiamd. Joel trimmed by
JOHNSTON & STOCKTON, I ~ .., ,P ti.r.i., . . ',- d...i.A.TIVES,'
Pekin Tea Store,'lliPeurth at',
novtf ' corner Think streets Market and :
------- -Orders rervivedfornewTykni.-aulliflikisS
tSCTIN, STRIPED DE IsaiNklg—g, l a , s o
--';----- - ViT.3 - 4....
0 black Muni ? s triped do Lathes, ,ofdr I g1i'1 1 .(6,32111'1414(ii PO,. wI , S; ,
;; W..
quality, antiln very lOW Viet', DUI Opel., Fti4eie fyikddakniVgtiAhtlYtditulatiV s. i , ..
Market street, north west corner of th an
north •.. .
ALEXANDER 1,5 045...rtciikhet.49 , ...'.4x..Arp0ik..7.'i . :
?FiVettn ,. ..k..!YWA 1 , 1 ,1 1..?........ .. itr s . o.„; ‘ - '
remernd Bien. .h.e it , ithirietrith k 1 . ,: ' .
r'llkst,APß , '- r , ;,. ...- .1:: ; :??MEl...-.,,.":_awsi
lPkinPFMßliliMlilithallklifizeompuH -:-.; ..-1
. .
j 7
NA 711 FR b . INIU be fo s
.4 tar sale ebb illeOTLlSLeell Of '
V, religions Books and Tsar.. comprised.
In a series of about FOUR HUNDRED
;Mine., thrwhienentalognea can be had en appnew
Until embracing ninny susculant marks InTheology,
thocraphy, de. h.e., aelected and pub li shed by the
Preabtien. Boird of Pablicmion in Philadelphia;" "
and wen adaptrit for Sabbath School, Congregational,
idinistcrs' and Prim.. Librarina
Persona wiWing to purchase such"books, are lams.
ted to nail an d examine the assortment.
TP,o Depository of the Pennsylvania Bible Society
is azet aftimme mama xtiddeAmS
"Noreiriirtuaisks. Bras.
litlltMV,ealklectb 14;
wad Market atreeta, has lately r ilei
ply of . the above asperlognutleg or 13fingets
sites those in want orthe "artiele to - loot at
fors beying. • It. tut also on band Nowa _
kus. a good henry article, which be is sellidg lad
Also-110mo Mode FLANNELS, brown, barred end
white, of a superior gustily.
Also—TmEed Searlet FLANNELS, to ,otrieu ar
in tbe ntlonsion of buyers.
ID" A largo supply of Goods :en...! opened in the
Pols:sale Rooms, up shin . . wakes hi . Inwortment
nosy foil sielworley the attention of dealerg.
. - TAN
4 ,11 , ; .-A .1111(titNrSARh.
ffliW ,PI-5,1.P.110=:-.
A It EMINENT andesipseionced Physician fir the
Eau, of 20 years Candice, add to treat at eases
of. Delicate Mute with promptness and secrecy.
ll:sat:mess in Buffalo and other large jellies has
been proverbial. His ch.aram are moderate, and his'
cures psrmanent. Old cases of Glee r t Sirictoro, Sem
fula, Fluor Mints, Rheumatism Ague, Syphilis, =any
chronic or inveierate eases solicited.
A cure warranted, or chars re.C.:sled.
0/FTCIS, St Clair streci s f:doors from the Midge.
Teeth Extracted. A ddice , to the poor gratis.
N. B.—Dr. XL:solicits the worst eases &
Orally seam
io Pittsburich torah..dl
aide FALL D a:
ALE:SANDEIt A. DAY, corner of the ilinmond and:
Market street, meaty their friends and•the pablle
that they here received tkeir stock of FOliand 'Wine
ter GmUlke., dire 4t from the importers, rosaufacittr
sod at the east_ Thcirstookofnew,style d
fashionable Goods is large, and prmeenu steady auras.
inns to porch:sem In Ladies Drees Goods
Shawls, the meet rpleadld'and Inslunaible coeds a
the reason are rim offered, at remarkably law yri,ces
consieting in par of the followin4 I
New myle Broths. is'd Castellon Silks I .
Cord and Mack Senn Du Cheney and - Talc SUMS; :;
Cord Camel= Groderhines, of the best ottani" est. • •
Black glossy Groderiens of the celebramd , regier
The above named Black Silks are wairsittedlot to-
out lathe wear; for dresses and mantillsittreyr4S
best iMportod. •
Neat fird Carnelian Batia Da Chent,lizehendietatii•
Silk. of me season.
. .• _ .
New style Brodie Silk figured .Preneh Idelmos; , a'
now and splendid article for ladlest.arallatialdresaea.
Silk Embroidered French Do Lefties;lchdressids
seeks, an entirely new ankle. •• . i •
Cashmeres, 1/e Lakes, Merinos, AlpancU and Par_
mein., a laxge asso rt ment.
&oche Long and Square Shawls, of the btiat qu 1I
Plaid Long Shawls, of the newest designi, rozfiark
ably cheap.
Spleudal Terkeri Shawl; argiettly :educed prices.,
Camelloo Brocha fig'd Sbadrls,in peat variety.
Crape shawls, white cadeolored,.in variety :
Best sedan real FrosichgvrilledClaths,:rn PricON .
best Sedan real FrawliCar:t r ere , e; new sty
sti le AMA ,
French awl and. Olive Cloths, for La
th& Cloaks.• a,B
A splendid easement of Amerman and mtpoited
Blankets, at remarkably law prince.
A tarp aid complete anartment now 411 hand.—
nen, of oar present stock of Maple Udall were
tionent frown h
e te marmiactarers previous to the present
advance in pries. st principal parr Of our stock of
Frenett and &tallith pods have bear purchased at the
scent Atiction Pelee to Philadelphia and New York,
which enableros to offer decided barpinv in ahnon
every deleription of goods oar Ise of boitusa
Catintry Iderebents, fifemhant Taitori, sod all
wholerale Glut retell Calory, Lie invited to an esliy
eamminsucn of our stock and pine*. ;
ALEXANDER R DAY, 75 Market at,
eire.. I north wen corner of the Diamond.
tose• r, nut purohasees, W
No IGO Libetty et
SURAR--5 hbdt to arrive on stinatoot Rtoggolec
sale by nos ItrALtH DICKEY kW.
/ COFFEE—LoO bap p moo Rio, arriving lisidlot mkt
‘..,/ nor/ VI tr. 61 lilfrellEtATl4Eß. saal Toon;
Ilywn Tau, of superior quality, ishf ehesuc 11
and 600ud pnd boa, ;urn rou'd imd for aolo W. t
W • • •
Xi 0LA5431.1-160 bbla pnme Insolation Molasses,
311! to oak bbls and good order, for slabs lbw by
nonl.l 100 Lib...
finspratt Bona/ - Patent Int
CASES G Ist and Soap maker.!maker.! Soda ath,
IL•trl imposed dh oti from the abort: celetnatta
manufereturyrs,Ogper cent /meta= test, a i ring and•
for Colo 1 , 7 nova w 61...1111 . 011 /*SZE,
I1Q11011.6:-17 ht pivot handy -4-)1631,441ay, ea;
/ t;arltatind 11in;
OAVN 1.; Rum; i :
ion bbla IVbidger for solo by _
41; W a BI MI Velira.:Vß&E
- _ _. _ _—
Close' at plimlgsl4..l._.. , ..,..
0 t ol gartd[hrlaCtiTo"L'Are s ill : ohip
. oo4di via Canal from Pionboxvhwo.o sdo.ber.,.."andr:
Phi ealclobin. o dd o ad
inst. . . ~ ,,b,,,,,.
ad nod velotooo VO.n
'''''" by
J_Oliti hieFAD N &CO
(51X-&-isiligalTlM, 3C--&:,...kt,tl,l:brau & -,
1) 6..... " ° "' ''''' ''''''' n ' ti P iCll&l.lßEK -
• W a II
ti s soda Ao& and. to costa.
or — "'„, wiriKl4 - 111..Pr.--'- '• a gap Osonbridipc
i il Blenching Powder, ornve per . b
oral, ror osas v ..
." ''... c "' "4 .'" b T W & M MITdLIFLISEE
N 13nm
.--y recaltre,daring.ll3.
.oliflcie,vis Nov Orleant
Lltwaikes sad anima, All regal aaul Iba
dal at w• amuuma
Aix elan. Grasra ewe .aaaania char
the follownur are , the antral Qaalin'eaCt 9. bout. of
t.loaa's Coral Hair &amoral.. IrlharY„,drlolt• oat
I word, they carnet these highly reepeettela .eltizens
who have uied —'
t Mr. Geo,.l3eaket, at, New York. • ,
Mr. Matilda Reeves, Myrtle av, Broektyn: , - •
Mr. Wm. Tompkins. 94 King st, Now
Mr.Thoa. Jackson, Mammas laland, near Plisabergat
11. F. Mien, late barber steamboat & America:
And mare than a Inuldred others star ihmegh Ulu
I ranst enface, thatu will toms thehair to grow tra the
head or face, stop it falling oti;• atreagthes.thoyeata,..
rtmoving scarf and dandruff from the recasom.king
lighHd or gray hale assama a fm datklack, and
‘ke• dry, harsh or wiry hair nada, soft, clout tad
',llia I, a very, vct7 long time. • .
Sahib). the Agent. M. JACKSON, 811 Liberty: et,
PittsMurgh. 'Price 37e, S o cents, and one &Ur.
' artgalitwT
• I • eynot,or...anx
that a bad, radd tnaata;diens..
ad meth, if parsoni haveldiada ft' Is tan, awn full.—
they can, for too dialling., .bny antes that . will
make th eir breath - pure and Intact as eta Spiel, 40 it
. .
It cares diseases of the Gumsc iPttagy,er 'eleerated,,•
and for the Teeth it it unequalled, persqyluginnuout
fastening the teeth In the game,. sad alcat:Othem - ag
white as the saws of As frozen Koala - •
Such, reader, are the properties of loimatiolltattlWti .
Tooth Paste, and, sailboat praising: it otirsert g _
what one Of our MOM respectablesad . solOMMlol:lllll4.
data, Mr. E. Field, or NeWYork, 'says
I have both used and tmalisedtlos beamitsdnie/ime
palpable ' article, Clones' Amber Tooth Paste,' and
can recommend it as possessing &lithe qualities elated..
ed for IV' Header, we can aay no more to convince,
only that if you try due our° you will be milptsseed:
It is put up to beaetiful English China Pets, bent'
cents. Sold by the Agent, WALIACKSQN, fin ibex.
ty StSeet;TittSbarßh.
No. 78 Wood street, Pittsburgh.
ULMER ANDLAUPMAN, lirt2ort"ts ararn.lers
In Foreign and Domestic ItaILDWAILEI. in •
;UM varieties, are new poorer:4 to sell us, low and
on as reasonable mousse. Se peruhasedelsairbero.
We , solicit 011 j friends, and the i
public generally, Us •
call and examine .ostr etockowhiehOinonsts i Nt m s,, sf
SCISSORS, silos RS, RAZORS,:lleuse Wispy -
such as Locks , Latches, Hinges atel.Serevis„ , er
with every article annals. kept in Haalwara • Web,'
Weldon° the nitentioa of Carpenters end - Meehaniea •
g6aerally to oar assortment of Teals, which have been
sates.] with great rare, and which we aro netmnia.
en to sell so as to give sutiehletion.d. itosT.
tPzoparty i > oilsghstsy City for auto.
THE caLiraribere o9er for iole numbs! of choke '
Leta situate in the Second War; fronting= ilts
131131011 ground, on easy terms. Inunint of .
I %V. 13 , 1 i. HOLINSON, Any at Law, St Clair st
or of JAS thenrembuta. •
torlaalfgrorr • . ,
Pin Ulla, Tld&uxuxs. - •
sol=ribbr has roar received atlas -Pekin: Ton ,
LA.TZT, ..Pprt h ,,,:ta'W,T4. 4 / 1 11WaVr3;
from KeirTOrk,, , sll of whichlias Beetirccelved, tis this
country shiftlß6 Sliskorlret !WIT conalstmg
all the differeot ging . ;Orman in the Celestial Ereptro. •
Oar stOel being arnottg.tholargest Bilk, Wort, _ are
prep aredlalcholeseleion tletterterolti than on74oker
t ape in theredrx. We toviic retrain-mean to mill and
Zia:able obramek end prices:4 They c eh have Mpook.
e, andl Irpackages, S
Oallitlistehl6 orb' ,
half chests, to SOB them canverueec. I .).,
' mall price . .. Na n -for Oolong, Mick leaacionar•
a 0 cm: to Pl4O narlll4-2fing Young Soaehodaq ,
Cortgo - 50, and Breakfast 50, Young,,Hysonr,
Banisowder and L o p e
from eZotat , tolllPs per Itt ,
, Farmlei are requested , to . . , seadamittr asonp . ida
of our Tess, acd try the= ih=regro4===d ,
myi .:dawS - roar* . groat
TAT IMODY would hereby liforuelie , friends and • .
yycustomers, and the public Ls general, that ho
has just received kis fall tapp)y, offal' clasp '
no piezze black -ak , coltritiol ,F)miehatigokt
American Broadcloths, of every goatiryi ;,•
100 pmees black ant et'neresaritrierein , :P`b-';.
300 patterns Vmding,laanteft vitsbNtattctllythia , ,
had at ttdrestaklfikMenk
SO dos. menno,.;lanacirsO4S4;poinit`lon4
A fall and isaMbomoilittabCtatinki3Odli'lDX4ca
cloak Sarpenttenk.Glovel,Ao.., • ^ _
A huge Mt o ,
0 0 0 common Plili4 b yli A
Also on hand:loo drab, blan and b t and blast.
' (tsar Coats; from $2,50 to SIAM
GO dress, frock, box and .ask Coats, fromll3 to
A large stock of Sao and common Pant/y(lnm Al to -
CO per pair. .-
700 Vests, of various materials, front 75 cu to IPA
A Los amortmeto of ladies and gandemens , loo
always on hand.
N. B.—Custom work wiil . receive ' putientax arks"
tion. Handsome clamant& and good Ma Wing/MA
; any person 10 want al" analog can balm stated to
their emirosansfaction,at- •• 4 =BY'S
• • • alsdalOCishelOthing'StetexlSM Marty at
-”,:" •
tJi.l:F.4?.Eß'lMtNV°ZtllWlt°l=l?l'r In
• 14 Oil{ COP* 103 Market et., Pittsbargh, Pa.
• • Stmts.*: *reliant!, Pedlars, and others vng
Fittalteraltgewureliase Goods, an respectfully invited
to silltind examine the extenstve assortment of Eng
nth, '.h.slcrican, French and German Farm
00,4 e at this amebae, YGePdS'",;,•'
toga 4 " 4 .PAMPO. n 7 - •
threat by myself, end purclumen notfo u ltes
,doggeods from host hands. 1 have OM
sneet,of articles, In the variety .11n4W ;WO:, "
tiquiburgll of which arill e - oßd.loratforf
chtacceptances. The Stock consistiMporgt,of-
Lace Goods, Hosiery, Gloves,litthture. •
Silk Cravats, Shoe and rateetThiettgOimlateg Sas
Spool Cotton, Tape., dasperlersibluglagfr,kina,
'di. and Cutlery. • • .• • -
Gold and Silver Watelles,Oulijiargrhall kinds f •
.Brushes, Combs and Karon,
• .Pere Eagan Ceps, Silk Si
Cotton Purses, spectacles4Stuel Peas, Melte &nest
Carpet Raga andlklikets, •
Ihnduags, Findmmt end age •
iimicaloodr, together with a large Tarte-
ty of Fancy watt:Staple DRV GOODS. • -•• • •
C.. , V..640 RR . I. also agent her the celebrated Lan. ,
WR. MURPHY, at sir* east want Of. Fourth
and gasket ats,, is now receiving his seems&
supply for tbe, smog and elm offer indsteements to
buyers tursly vs be met stith. Hi. essoronentof
Ha very fall, consist* orTrenek larieoa, CaiLDWPOS
Cobargs, Lyons@ Cloths, super Fri:nett Fmnok.Cash,
metes. at prices considerably lowdelliatt thaFoo l o , ,, - '7-
be bought early lathe SeILSOM Ms stoat of . • '
Is large, - and embraces man* of the 6eantffo mama
now on exhibition at Franklin lasatithiladirt., - •
Of new and' very bondman , styled,' Van& Tar._ -
miwitor. •
IN yarioll, styles and ohslitie,, plain and enibroideratr,•, , C:
Black Sint Laces. Needle' Worked Collantid COS, ,
Bonnet Satins odd Velvet Flowery Capaandfardha*
01 Ma iesrest.styles,'and attriveipriOcithiganina4:.. ,4
i and rich chtumcablaStlks;anal SaLin fortku ,
I .tc • and A, larse meek eV. .
t lowest mien, 4." ,LZI ilboagelaleFitn4rtieliarmac .
minas faded fare • • • •
Black Doeskin.. Whoa , ,Ve" , fh. F. V.fir um " .
Undershiris and Drawers,
Sol ran,
kerchiefs, Sc
-- ncf-rderchiints are invited .to snas„,..
—l6Wi—snli7Brandleas, •
Al - 0 htpipea_Lalsycor., , Ltoo. 00a1 , a24, max.
pale; vintages of 'Od, 40. and 4 d• •. •
It Of - pipes L o a f P I
Idoediello, : daya Ina
7 114 2 1 1g e itil colttOo l . 1c Co'. -Copue,dszt sad .
Polo; '44 e - efar; ade..lB. C • of 417
a off ,pao thataa or i i -d ;t'
paL do 42:
do Charoder ' gr ' reaax, Dole 1. drui, do '47.
.t do rd DoPoY, do do, do Mt
r d o thuailtan, do do 'O.
I do 1t11.2.13, dark. s
7 do Old Coaase, dork.
S casks Otard, pay b. Co pet,
2 do aleatory Comte, dark,
• 2 do Old rale Nee tor, •
a do Peqevoisia.
4 do I.2ortnat.
po Leger Frerei vintages of '27,10,13, 40.
s octaves do doi co • IBM and tem.
or casks United Vineyard Proprietary, Tint of , 110.
p octaves do ' do' .do t do "47:
do CbasalisCagnie.-
Los Ills Old Poach li e
dy, •. .
193 doe Fr= Old Cognac* gp, boa,
This moot of high proof oboist. Brandies has been
arletted, by dm sulagersbet sett aramolmuss, - . plias to
lbe advance, and
arn sow - offered so She Snide epee
mare reasonable t 0... thuo beromform Call. sst4
amine before mewing elsewhere.. -
• novls - 'JACOB WEAVE 2. Jr
Pratlittt to Phllautelptnto.
T!t . ),(tk . rtt two or thAqi mom . bast load k
44.ra: 14e=lir t y •ci ).