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dma will Jared/o,lj ba charged =la order 041
Adteelischents and subseriptio. In the North/met
tan and triaital States Gazette, Philadelphia, received
seul korweried Gram tam office.
Aatt.lll;Wide sad Whig Convent's:a
. . .
MrAt i meedm of the Whit and Anti•Masonie
Conturnee of CerasPenden e, held in the Common
Connell Chamber on Sato y even*, the lath inst.,
the following resolution so adopted:
Resolved, That the Wh' and Anti.blasons of the
City of Firebomb, be nested to meet it the usual
plaeee, I. Ma several Wards, on Saturday nest, the
kid lost, betaromathe boors of b and 7 P. M.. Ward,
of electing Fin. Delegate. from each
blatant in Convention, on Wednesday, the itath Met.,
R 10 o'clock, A. M. to nominate • candidate for ht!ittr
aklo be suPPorteo by the party at the coming ammo.
pal efeeron.
delft WIC ItIeCANDLICin, Chairman
"A Mises of Piusborele has teem 'waived, I Mr.
and Wall have an early heuing.
Manna ar WANIMereS.--011r reader. ere I
kept fully ported up iti relation to the exciting
senses 'mew at Washington, by our very relia
ble and intelligent correspondent. To his letters
we ram diem with confidence, and will merely
'wank noe;, that we have not the *lightest fears
of a dissolnilon of the Union. Southern men who
blaster in dila arty only r' •is , their own weakness,
and the folly to which even men of good acme
will soutenues descend , when their minds are
blinded with passion. There is no doubt that a
firw leinlicu spirits in the Smith contemplate such
en untie movement, but there is not the slightest
danger that any thing more than bluster will
rowan of it. Let the subject he once grappled'
hi ell Its stern realities, and difficulties of such
fearful magnitude will stan forth, that these hot.
spurs will baths very flint to aielils in the time of
trial. The dignified coolness with ,which the
arboleffierth views thew threats, Ratan the esti.
msnoti In Which they are held. If the South is
ripe leasVUtnitUi—tut these fiery spirita,would- fais
,have ttahadiive, but which we most thoroughly
doubt—tbe North is net, and will ?not consent to
and our Southern brethren will find that we like
them and . the Union too well to let them.nif so
Bath our regular and pri" vete correspondents
auure us that Pounded Taylor is all right on the
Unam qUestioe If dtd not need their aasurance,
however,. to epnvince ua of that. We think It
hirtunate.. for the country the just such a man
4 0id Z id^ Ells the Presidential chair at Or. erls!
as, and dal kie,is sive from the South. , LM the;
least,oVert act of treason he committed; and the
honest • ticirted , tad soldier, who has sprat his
whole ;de undee . the folds of Ile American nag,
and far IM!ltisoor and dehisce, will chow team
Walolustai,ntlemen that there to a point beyond
which It would have beta wisdom not to have
Wu aro .D.3ll3whill (0AI:ill Chit our views upon
the subject of the t13112i116600 01 Mayor have not
begat* Clearly understood as we would wish to
have them. No oae, will
(01r000 lacteal, oar devotion to Whig praleioles,
MOT suppose thai we do sot desire to hove /sus
municipal odters, as well to all whern, Writg, if
possible. Bat:knowing that &good deal of frehog
exists among our friends upon the subject oi
Mayor, and dreading the monifiwition of defeat,
shouldn't:Nooks an unhappy selection our object
has been to urge the Whip to great circnompec their choice of a candidate, in order that
We might be enabled to bring out the undivided
strength of tie pasty. With a good man, our
worthy and competent to discharge the duties of
that station—the importance of which, we regret
to say, has been too much overlooked—we are
owtaln of success. The chief magistrate of • city
like outs should be a man woo, in point of char
acter and capacity, could, command the re-ject
and confidence of the enure cocruntnitylle should.
moreover, be possessed of unquestioned energy.
prompt to see the laws executed, and determined
to discharge the duties confided to Mtn, with—.
fear or favor fmm any. In other cities, gi
ease is taken to the selection of this Mils
none hat the best and mast reliable esti:.
ehosem We—see no / mason why this should not '
tie the cue in Oda/city—and we feel confident
. Mature have, i - nrowo puny, many, who are
‘ in
. arm ,weatlty-o f ,the pc,:tren: 0.1: object
"roz er
tiorefore to urge upon cur litends the neettrly
' Of tag prudence in their selection of a eon
. did' lithe) , desire to succeed. Tact there are
which every man owes, who values the
of the community in which he Nees, and
fi:trnia a part; which rtse scpcnor to party dictates
no fiancee for a moment question, and If the in.
lament of the community ere disregarded, In our
'choice of a candilate, and we make a selection
,withmit having any other object than that of de
feating our opponent., we may thereby drive a
way from oar. Ewan, a large aninbirr of
• friend., who may deem the quahfications of the.,
man, 'of math more importance than the mere
het of his being a Whip. It us the intention of
the Dernoc4m, to nominate one of their beet cod
most popular men,--and they are already boast
ing of their intention to defeat us. It therefore
becomes us, to use great circontspectiou in our
choice. Success is certain, if we choose right, If
not, defeat is not at all improbable, as tee hove
beard a great many of our moat reopeetalk and
• influential Whigs declareoltat they would vote for
no man, that they did not deem entirely competent
and deserving of the office..
Loomlater Raugoag hie.;totmer.—We under.
stand that a meeting of the committee, which was
appointed by the county convention, to consult
with the commiesienera, in relation to the cub .
ocription of the county to the Central Railroad .
held a meeting yesterday afternoon, and recom
mended that n committee be deputed to attend
the adjourned meeting of stockholders, in Phila.
-dolphin, on Monday next, the 24th Met.; and that
Meatus. Geo. Dania, and Solomon W: Roberta,
Dab were appointed the delegates to the siiie`fi•
holders meeung.
Po.rrre.-:- In the I:et of patents granted during
the iteck ending on the I ltb of December, we no
tle• the following:
'l.lsan Menden, of Aregheny City. Penn.—For
improvements in otaeLinery for preparing Hob. for
Na1i , P1567 0/lICS —it nem office has been ea
µbb.eed n Jacalfille, Butler Do., F. B. C. inch,
rag, Pau
nil ..To..LTT
WAitrWnrEL we milt' mil:dose yeyr dews
WIWI respect to the eleelion of a competent tndl
tidied, by the Wen party. we fed and lroom that
there are many Whip it VIM city, whose ch•rscii
ter and abilities would Ml the met-ore of your
wishes, and amooget otters we would suggest the
sum orrbo, J. Bigham, for that office, who will,
we onderatand, accept the nomination, it confer
led upon biro. Mane VOTTIM
Ms. Warm—We are now within two or three
weeks of the Idayer's Election, •nd yet I see no
movement on the put ortheWhige to brie gout their
cendldate. To pot the ball in motion, I would re.
spectrally origami the name of Charge Sieger, of
the South Ward, Mr. S. has always been a WWII.
sad 'whin/ dn. He filled the office of conned
man from our ward tor several year*: with much
etedlii la &gentleman of respectable talents, and ot
Irreproachable moral character. Should the name
of Mr. Singer be acceptable to the party, immediate
gteps should be taken to bring him bebne the
lONIC, provided he will consent to become a cm
didate. SOUTH WAIS.D.
Tais Lsoun.arass or Omoon, October II th,
!adjust closed its session of fifty five days. They
kayo adopted a code of laws, mostly taken from
Ow lowa statue One, however, is the prohitti,
#oa of .Negros and Mulattoes" from settling in
arpawing through the temtory. This, a letter
writer says he is convinced, is contrary to the ins
•elistariatiof the people., The massage of Dover'
Aar' Yam, the same writer-Acorns, he had no
right to deliver and this fun he was not *wee of
sta after the Legislature had been in wagon some
• The Baftiamrs dwririents, of Saturday, sayr.
siWs loin from Washington that the difficulty.
Which =ended lathe Haase of Representatives on
Tharsday last, between Mr. Means, of Yogis*
gad Mr. DOU, of New York, and which, it was
MOOmight e b ve ul n inog •
ko bteawnaWaura
&Ow polio.hy
; Cerrespadance of the Iltuatqta Gantt*.
Debate es the Dissolution se tae Ma/an
Taylors opiates.
Wasmoneoe,Friday morning, Dee.
The elate of feeling last evening in respect to
the oesturenoes of the day, was not nearly so'
w=etted, as might have been expected. Perhaps
there was more anxiety eaceming the mane of
the very serious penonal alteration between
Minim. Doer and Meade, than is regnad to any
other transaction of the day. The rumor is, that •
challenge was sent from Mr. blonde to Idw Doer,
before • the adjournment. As to the important
point, whether Mr. Doer accepted or not, there is
not even • rumor. Mr. Morse, of Louisiana, is a per.
Weal friend and associate of both gentlemen. and
understood bas promptly and zealously later
pined his good wham between them, with the
design of bringing about • reconciliation. It is
dear.e to be hoped that his elan will prove
succeasful. Mutual apologies ought to be made,
attar whir+ there i 5 .130 reason why a perfect rec.
ormilistiou should not be brought about. Although to
be eclipsed in a duel is in our day, far a northern
public man, certain political death. It is mid that
Kr. bluer is indifferent to these pursuits, and by
education and temperament is disposed towards
the mode of adjustment sought by Mr. Meade.—l,
lithie be eo, there ocrtainly to serious danger of a
This personal tont. Map is a !specimen of but
one class of the evil. and dangers resulting from
our present state of disorgarnsattOn. The question
of the peooe and harmony of the Republic M infi
nitely more important than the private reline.
betweentbe honorable members of the Haat , —
Mow much more sense than even this painful '
alteration is thei"fact that forty Southern gentle
.men so far forgot the respect due to the place, to
'gay nothing of their patriotism, as to vociferously
applaud direct and anqualified threats of &tarlatan,. .
1 . was done repeatedly yesterday afternoon. I here
that I was compelled to omit from the summary I
forwarded by the lest mail, any allusion to the most
extraordinary declaration made by Mr. Colcock,
01 South Carolina, relative to the part he and his;
state were ready to bear an the work Ilfoubver.
ling For ittoriona Republic.
In Colonel Beker's eloquent protest against these
oftrepeated menacei "against the Unseat, be had
said most pointedly, bat not tauntingly, that the 1
North did not behove that the South, either through
her people or representatives was aerieus in mak
lag them His constituents did not believe they
would ever be carried. out, nor that any attempt
to carry them out would be made. He argraed
with them. It could not be in the harts of South-1
ern or Northern men to meditate dieloyalty to the
Union. Here tare were trice from many mare
tens, "we will show you." But bow, tuna Colonel
Baker, witl you show O 2 The reply was reedy
and vehement Pass the proviso to abolish alt.,
very here, and we will show yOe .. !
Mr. Wallace, of South Carolina, took np the re.
from and declared that he spoke for the whole,
Booth, and - wculd say, that the South would have
her rights molts of Me North. A voice .awer
ed, why not 'with the !Amiens of the North! •
Bqt one Mr. Colcock : wail particularly explicit
end chividrous. He handed the sincerity of the
South, and particularly that of South Carolina, and
as a guarantee at it. and by way of convincing the
North. he would now pledge himself to bring pi a
reseletion providiog fed the immediate dneolution•
of the Union, the moment that the Wilmot Proviso
should be passed by the' House, or whenever a
bill should paw fdr the abolitihn of slavery in the
District. Here was • bunt ofapplaaae from the
Southern members, and from the galleries.
Colonel Baker mod, very well, iatroduoe it, and
that will be the end of it.
Mr. Cobsock—No at will be the beginning of a
movement that will not end but with the end of
the Union.
Mr. Baker said ha was well aware that South
Carolina began her movements far die:rotation of
the Cairn tlfteen yearn ago.
Now. can this be called • farce, utterly without
meaning end design. It Mum not an ap
pear so 'to me. I rather, on the contrary,
thick that attempts againet the Unbolt will be
made, and they not insignificant one.. Still, will
the North yield? ought abe so yield in her toilet
for freedom? No, no! meet these enemies of the
Union with argument, kindness, and forbearance,
and when all elre fails, commit them to the execu
tive power'. Earnest tnqulrien have leen lately
made, ea to General Taylor's viewer in the'prmant
or any threatened oriole,. sod the result is, that
in any and all contiegenciee, he Is for the Union ,
with all the powers and fonetions vested to Weal
by slit Cloareiniten for tri:own dap.. and CO.
forcemeat thatinion orlia eneoriee mail,e on ,
the, bEi.L: of a dark and deep chasm; If so, it will be
the care of the .President that the Colon shall be
saved, let what will be the fete of its foes.
You Kill notice there was another trial to elect •
Speaker yesterday. Mr. Winthrop received the
highest number of votes, 59 . Mr. Cobb rah
highest oa the Democratic, receiving 40. Lynn
Boyd had 28, and Potter, 24. Wm. J. Brown did
not get any. Junttra.
Waanarotrron, Doe. 15t6„1919.
In describing and commenting upon the proceed
ings of the RUllen, to day,l shall begin at the end,
and aol out, fat the information of your readers, the
revolt of the forty cocond,forty third, and forty fourth
trials, to elect a Streaker of that assombty, and (or
that purpose present the following table •
Stanley. Whig, ...... .......... ,30 40 49
Winthrop, do 38 25 27
Morehead, do • • ..... • • ... 9 10
Stevens, do ll 13 11
MeGanehey, do. 3 1 1
Doer, d 0... • • ............. 5 5 0
Wilmot, Free ....... B 8
Johan, do - - ......... 2 2 2
Moot, do,
Boyd, Dem.. at
Potter, do
:obtr, do
McLane, do
Saatering •
It appear. from the above that both parties com
menced voting to dey without the slightest precon
carted orraartement of their strength. Mr. Stocky,
on the Whig side, nod Mr. Boyd, on that of the
Democrats, gradually led out from among their
competitors, and hecame the chief candidain of
their respective parties. How it has happened
that the Whigs, who, from the beginning of this
remarkable contest, have, with Worthier @cadres',
nem, adhered to Mr. Winthrop, should now rue a
majority of its votes for Southern gentlemen, I
em not able to explain. In the caucus of the
Whip, two weeks ago, the Southern members
!reel and unreservedly said, we shall go for Mr
Winthrophecause we heeler and respect hie
drafty and impartiality, as a presiding officer,
and because, also, it is due to him an a Northern
Whig. a leading representative of the Feat Ml
j:4lly of the party here, and a distiagstothed sop.
I porter of a Southern Whig President. It In not
lor me to read leotard, to Whig member as to the
C.SUIDC expected a' them by their piny and their
pos,Mtucals, but I Cannot help expressing the hope
that this change, from a Northam to a Southern
Whig, has not been determined on is a Mimes of
conciliating and recalling . to their duly the ate
Whig deserters, who went off upon Mr. Gentry_
on the first vote. Fortunately for the Whig party,
Hr. Toombs developed to the country, In the furi
ous diatribe be yesterday delivered, his reasons for
separation. Were any party to edbpt the creed
he hat embraced, it would at once dertationalige
itself, and sink to Braaten" of a petty.gad contemp
tible faction. . „
The Democrats, ats, In like manner, have changed
their attitude. • It is just one week since the de
test of Mr. Cobb, the regular nominee, emu dad
cutely aseenaleed apd submitted to. Since that
time, the party has, arith few exceptions, been vot
ing for Northern candidates, coming within two
votes,. at 000 humor electing use rather famous
Mr, D r own Since. the inglorious fight' from the
held of that illustrious leader, not • Southern vote
n ee been given fa , a Northern candidate, and we
now find two thirdnof the Northern Touts conceal.
voted upon a Southern member, certainly moro
objectionable, by reason of his position elm the
slavery question, than Cobb wan. I hope to see,
some time before the holydays, a Speaker elected,
bet I will any, with perfect confidence, that Mg.
Stanley cannot procure as many Whig vote% as
Mr. Winthrop did, and that the election of .B. i ryn
can only be eroded by the aid of f3oultern Whigs.
That be should receive the sopport of Mose who
reftuied It to Kr. Winthrop, would tee !wand, wed
it probable.
• ThaTlOnse Wes to motraw. though a vtgarods
attiropt we' madato adjourn our had Moadar
The votes above =eluded to day's pm•
au/amp, bat the oily troputaat tneideat , at dews
which occupied the !Omer rut of the day, wes
. dut 00. propane& I believes
.. r. Butler, of Pennsylvaniel
that DO debate ahouldte in order until the choice
of a Speaker This will have a tendency to ebot•
en t h e pending *male, for it stops - babble. As to*
babbling, Mr. A.Johnsob, and come others, eon :
named a couple of hours of this day's sitting in . I
ikat amusement, to so other purpose in the world
thaw that of Making themselves ridieulous. The
surplus est:WARP of members having cooled off
with the passage between Mr. Doer nod Mr.
There is a very interesting suggestion connected
with this peracmal scene. It is said, by some, that
a • general row. wu laid down by cattalo of the
disunion gentry, La a part of yesterday's perform•
arm in the House, she finale of which was to bo
the :hegira of the Southern members from the
'House, in a body. The arrangement was alto
gether disturbed by the fortuitous and almost pro,.
idential designation of 'Meade, on the Boor of the
House, u orte of these slut conspirators again-It
the Union, and by the scene which followed. The
plot, if any existed, dwindled from that moment,
and finally ended in the frothy proposition al a
parlor knight of South Carolina, to dtssolve the
Union by resolution. Junius.
Prl•lta Cortespondeneo of the Pittsburgh Oaxamo
Hot. Or ltzzarrrxrivia,k
WWII7I9TON Dec. 13.
D. N. Warr; EsQ,--
Dear Sir—Before this reaches you by the slow
progress of the mails, you will have learned by
telegraphic , despatch, the proceedings of thie day.
Scenes, alike disgraceful to the Americau people,
and deeply mortifying to the feelinp of every
American heart, were enacted in the House to
day. twill not attempt a description—that you
will doubtless receive from your regular aims-
You know I am no alarostai, but 1 assure 4 , tt,
from a most careful and thorough ex amination of
the Cate of feeling at the South, there is mischief
brewing—there te trouble abead—a deep loud
scheme to dissolve the Union—and the effort now
made to prevent the organisation of the Floury, 35 I I
designed to be the inmate. If that shall tau,
other means will be resorted to, such se secession I ,
fpm the House, and resistance to the execution
of the laws passed by Congress. Or, in other
words, the enactment of the farce of nulhficstion,
with the tragedy after it. Bat you may rest as•
tiered, the north, without any blustering or bravado,
will stand firmly together in the great contest,— '
forgetting, for the moment, all former party hoes,'
they will all, Whig. and Danceram, rally rot.od
the standard of our glorious Union, and offer up, if
need be, their lives on theircountry's altar.
The proceedings of to day have done mach to
drily us to a net tone! :organisation. This result
is greatly to be deprecated, if possible to be winded;
hot if the alternative Is forced opoo as either to have
such an organisstion or 000 e at for one,
who never voted for a Locals." In my hfti, am '' l
prepared for the issue.
Yesterday sod. to day, we have scattered our I
votes among many candidates, or rather, among
many good end true Whigs north and south;
many of en tram the north voting for some of those
noble spiny at the iamb, by way of lemming the
compliment, for their loog and faithful aifference
to Mr. Winthrop. •
It is utterly Impossible to form any conception
of the 'future. We know not what a day may
bring forth. We are now, slier ten days of fruit.
lean efEirts, apparently as far nom an organisation
as when we drat met.
Do not misapprehend me: the Union stall rug be
dissolved, though blood maybe shed. I rejoice to ,
be able to say to you usialuestarivsly, that General .
Taylor bus his eye on these feilowa, watthing all.
their movements as narrowly as he did More of '
Santa Anna at Buena Vista, and th.dr fate wilt be
no better than his, it they dare to lift their paricidal
hand against this glor.Oin
It in now late at night, and 1 have written ynu
rerrenti, after the esciung scenes of the
day, being much exhausted with continued labor
and anxiety.
I very much fear a duel will grow out of the
1 difficulty between Doer and Meade, in the House
to day. I learn this evening, that a mutual torrid
of these gentlemen called on Doer to know if he
would not retract. Has reply *sax that he would
fight him, if he desired it, but would not retract
one word he had raid.
Next time I write, I hope to have better tidings
to Oattliatlairate.
Correapondsnos of the Pinanorgit Gazinte-.
tint , 1(ons. Dec- 13,18/9-
The continued failure of Congru.s to organise
confuses pohticiatis here, and male, people gin i
trolly willing to hear of the election of any re
spectable man. One last news here is, that Mr.
Winthrop has declined, and that Mr. Brown Issa
run within one vote of en election, and abandon
ed the field, disgusted with lexofocoistn.
Another rush to the ' 4 4p." has taken place,
to day, in the U. S. Mail Ship Ohio, the Cherokee,
end the Crescent City. Passenger, are here from
all ports of the country. Not the refuse of our
citizens, but those who at home hold poste of hon•
or and profit. Much no hes been said shout Cali.
fonds emigration, and the influx of people at
California, few are aware of the real state of
things. Thu gold fever has now raged about one
year, and the departures from the Atlantic coast
reach the sum of seven hundred and thirty sad,
made of o tollows: 215 ships, II etearnaluria, 210
barks, 152 brigs, and 120 achoonere, baring on
baud fall cony thousand souls; only one third of
them vessels have arrived out, showing to the
careful observer, that those who come lag must
be salter:led with small profits. •• •
A good deal of wand mercantile hasinese
doing for California. Merchants ram. thue.
Mere are thousands of poor emigrants, who are
unable to leave. The country has no agricultural
or canufactoring resource/4*ml moat depend up
on us on the atlantic coast, for all things. They
mast dig gold for one dollar a day, or starve. Fsto
ins may stare them in the face, es it did the poor
Irish,—and our chance of profit is as good In one
51 88 82
2,4 24 22
18 8 1
21 17 17
as in the other cafe.
In the way of novelty. in town, there is nothing,
or next to it. The open, the concerts, and the
pmonanas of all pans of chrtnendom, and the
theatre. are crowded nightly, and we need not.
go to Paris for gayety. At the Broadway , the ht
ue Mines gatemen, aged four and seven, have
been delighting the town as Richard orßichmond,
and similar characters. They are tree actors, and
not the usual parrotty affair, such juvenile prodi
gies are woo to be. Niblo has closed for a week,
to get op • novelty, which has set curiosity strong
ly at work.
In Stocks there in a good deal of speculation,
end though the market in &lightly depressed, just
now, there are abundance of operators, for an ad
vance upon short contracts. The prospect of •
considerable loan on account of the United States,
does not affect operators, nor should It. The
money the Government wants goes at once into
circulation, and it is mere change of hands.
, Our two rail roads competing with the lludson
225 225 223
and East Rivers, are doing an enormous
The NeveHaven has an elegant depot on Broad
way, and - lands Its passengers within a few rods
of the hotels. ho large has the traffic become on
the Hodson River Road, that a second train Is to
be laid at once, and the iron already contracted
for. Forty miles an hour has proved too fast a
gait for the twenty two mile an hour steam boats.
The iron masters of Clinton county, and New
York generally, are to hold a Convention at Al
bany soon, in order to bring the disadvantages
under which the iron interest labors, more clearly
bekre Congress. if the iron mmters of Pittsburgh
can Wass their spirit into this Convention, New
York ind.Thlladelphia will make an appeal to
Congress not to be refused. •
Major Brown, the distinguished Engineer •sent
for by Czar Nieboles4to overlook the great rail
road from Bt. Petersburg!' to Moscow, left for
Russia in the Canada, on Wednesday. This en
gineer Is one of the most accomplished to the
country. His educating' was obtained at West
Point. and his reputation established by the mam
moth work upon the Erie Road.
Cotton—The market continues quiet, but with
out change. Flour to somewhat firmer, but with.
out marked change in the rates. The sales are
2200 brlu moatly kr the cast and city trade. In
Bouthent, there were sales of Georgetown, prime
quality, at g 5 25. Rye flour and meal dull.
Gmht—Tha market is dull and hasty for wheat.
and t h e sales not worth remixes. Rye Is firmer,
and sales of 1000 bu. were made at 60e. Osis
doll, with a downward tendency i s Prince T he
demand for corn ut fair, and quotations better.
solos 25,000 bushels southern white, from store.
at 000 63q 2200 be. new northern yellow, 550
550, and 1500 bo. anthem yellow, 561 c. Pro.
Aatainnar-lanntatanto are Ina kr pork at 11110620
ga. In beef hums than ware gala of 100 brie,
at $l2 75. f.siLl at 6ic for very puma; MO be..
sold. Butter Is witbout change. Whi.hey—There
is but hula uffericsband the market . firm st27►o.
Exec/mum na CaTuoi Comm.—Considerable
'rfacdtement prevailed in Cayuga county/on ar.
count of the murder of a pedlar named Alder,
who la supposed to have been murdered by two
wood a farmer earned Balm, revding in the north
part °ldle county. Alder was a German pedlar,
of choice dry goals and jewelry, and maul at
Haim'. house the .night before he disappeared.
Hie tailing to meet hut brothel, who is also a ped-
Ir. at Auburn, at an appointed iimek excited sus.
ptclou, and scarab war made for 0. Re was
traced to Banns house, and the two'sons were nr•
rented. It wan ascertained that they hid been to
possesniun of an unueual 'mount of jewelry and
other goods similar to those carried by Alder. The
body el Alder wet fohnd buried .bout ■ mile from
Baim's hooka. Hie Skull w. Mond broken, and
the Auburn Advertiser thinks tan mrcumstatters
are strong against the young Bsims, who me roil
under MCC.
Sours Camomile —A meeting niche members a
the Legniature:was held at Columbia on thelth inst
to decide relative to a representation et the woe
in the Southern convention, to be bold at Nash
villa on the first Monday in June nay, on the re
commendation of Missiesipol.
Resolutions were adopted telly approving 0
that conventi o n, and in favor of the appointment o
delegates to represent the atate theta in.
Tim Cossrrrukton or Itrumrr.—The Conan
ration of this .o State is published in lull, sad is
like that of many of our State. We have bef , re
referred to as principal feature.. It commences
with setting forth the boundaries claimed for
the new State. The organization is temporary
--so be rereffirmed or modified, when Con
gress atiall provide tor the goverotocnilot the
territory. It bears all the ineignis of true ropith
Pb. Brothers Plontesoitou and to. Ho
laidua at Bt. Louts
The deplorable and almost incomprchenoihle
event which produced ao much sensatiocbin the
public mind at St. Loins a few weeks ay4 K 6nd
much griel In several flirrilllCS, morns to have err
ted equal sensation and greif in Froncee The last
Hearne, brings nut from Mr Rives, ouriMin kite at
Pans, n letter of his own to Senator Beam, with
many letter* and official doenniento in himself and
other. to Senator Benton, Senator Coss, and the
lion. Mr. Winthrop on the subject of 'thin mina
melancholy occurence. There letters make known
the fact that the tither hf these young gentlemen
(the late Count Moritesquiotn labored under ins,lin
ity, and destroyed his own life two yesee ego. and
that their elder brother is now insane in Paris; and
hence raise the irrenatible inference thaeinheritrd
insanity most have broken out in the two hinders
at St. 1,5019. All the letters speak of them in the
same terms, as being remarkable for the;animiloy
of their characters and their ' mild nod inoffensive
manners;" thnt thew come to the Unned.Sioie• f ir
information and recreation, and especially in eve
the western country, and with ample; means and
credit. They descend born • family in Fran., not
only of the great historic sawn, but distinguished
for unsaid menses. •
The celebrated Duke {de la Itnehefrumsold Lt
•neourt, author of the .Maims." Is their mood
lather on the mother's side; the present Doke de l•
RerehrOU , Slllo writes in tried behalf mt.:mph. ,
The General Ondloot, Duke of Remo, mot Gen
eral Amen. Doke of Padua sl.o hetr es
relations The Count Munn:Noma himself he
longra to the Matinkutahed and mulatte fainhy
that name. Many Americans in Par* anions
them Mr. Win. H Aspinwall, rot New York al,
Write, and 'with ail the- deep (retina wlsten the
rims of the steamed condition of the unhappy
mother and retanon• Co motorail,' nospormo. unit
ktters and °friend miestattors are all torworded
to St. Loots, to lave their effect in ekrlaintror 2
transaction witteh',seented to be ittemoprelomi..-
We believe the,trial has not yet taken plsee
81 Louie. Thesis - 150er. mill shear ti to be adr
plorande case of inherited 'insanity, tireak - Ms on
In • grange fund, and leading ton most (edam ,
moo event. A calm and uuorrtudawd trial
is ae'
eared by the eharscter of our population and hr
the partleular conduct 14-the iabstrtanta 01 lit
Louis at the t me If the dreadful occu recce, arid
where the even tartan," term lk e e•
Two smiNble rung filen others
wounded, all el their own rout, by stranger, lea ,
trisect, cud between atom ar d Itiettifictst, rio ,
even a look had ever licrta est:henget; tar crowd
ea hotel sad the neighberhortyi raised by the loud
report of the fire arms, end malted to the Itb.ttit'
lemur; yet the arrests ware htiade without violent ,
the unhappy imagers emiducted toprtson urghout
Deem, and upon rotor tear of an attempt on the
conducted to thie:milltary barracks fifteen miles
distance, and t bore ill, guarded and prctected.
This was honorable to the population, and to the
character niche hotel. Itarnum's. one ei the wog
respectable In America, and whom propretee yap
the uncle atone of the voting men killrtd.T=a
cosse.nartideration !sad recent .intetieltetal.!
at the tuti.nrit or tie catastrophe gives assumes.
el an unprejudiced trial rat the rite, it :hall take
place and that these unfertimata value acut l eman
will be dealt with precisely as tl they were our
own nitwits.
trr ran AcicH •anruoc. Caen-am , —
Although loc. known soverette remedy for
chrome case. of Iteparie 4erangement thr propriehow
of Pr hl•Lanea 'Aver l'lts were not prepared for the
follows:hi grattfyin, weld nce or their capacity azid
curative powers in Artie and Fever, sod BIM,. COI,
ht.1,0,11.C.1. Nor MIDI:
'Mum. Kuhl At f About one year ago I re. Da
boring under a very ',err attach at Ague and Fever.
but by the use n( Al'Lunn , * I.lvet I•tlle I who • ~,,, tc'
coved to pure., health. br hove them to ba an, bc•t
aedtuue (or Adlou• entupthons that Pis tort beeg , of
fered for ut:e In .5 aoetlon °l i the enuutry
.. •
. . .
For gale by J. KIDD h. CO, No. m, corner of Fourth
and Wood gr., I.stratruegta (dell dteralwa
A Care and Certifies. at Iles..
117 RnD 1411.0 u a. i bUT rut I' /t T NOLA
I hereby certify that abasit two Week • ago I was 'el,
ed with a violent attack oit rAni,ina and P W(O4 Ct .
cra Morbus, won very doltrrantris In the
and bowels, which was completely relseyed by tarn
teaspoonful doses of Fri 4:lleum, taken in a mile art.•
ter. After Laving taken Le firm dose, I alerii Goo
and comfortably for thre • boars. ti!”gnedi
On trostr , the steam t,Olll owns
Pittsburgh, Ogg. I Oh, I to
lam captsun at We A riadoe, a. a w•• •Vltht votn
do: aslorughlng effects of , hr Perokon., to lbc cage 01
Henry Wise, who ts one of the hands on the hew
(Signrd) 741 M HOD (..11.111E.1.1.
Pmsbargh, Dee. 11th, 1040. •
Irr See general advert,etneht In leyother c damn
I,witag, Contracts, Lae
&V. &c• ,
Printed at the stionr•At now,. ~r.e", 4 1 0 4
deS9 Drexel.. Ti:t•it ernuir.
V/lIMICH LsmM ruaaa --Prepared by 1 W belly
Inratt. N V., and (Cr malt. by A. /ay,. No
7U Fount, .trcet Thin mill lee int a dellaboul nru.
gin of bevcra.ce to (medic, and pur s urularly lot .irk
Banal n improved Chocolate peeper,
um., being a comhtuattou of Cocoa ,rut; ;water.. ,11-
•,,nranno and palatable, highly recomoinaledl.aric
ularly for Invalid.. Prepared by W
ler, Maas., and for sale by A. JAN ..ES, al the I.cit
Lon Store. No. 7.. Foam mcal4
- _
lanpinvaanents In Dentistry.
DR. P.O. ATFIA RNA, Isle of Homo, to
manufacture and eel 111.o0t Tvrrn t wh01c..,.,1 nava
a( Feta, upon lacuna or A1mt,,1 , -mc 1.11,t1.011
TOOTI.eIf vuum , in 71s 01007$', where
a11...ed. OM, and re..den...• pert door to tn. ,1111.
or'. Mitre, Fourth atm, Pi...burr',
RI,. TO—) 11.4Prailden. F 11. Eaton it lu
• 1 frn.t. Cnrnct
and Mound, acme..
add -11 VI"
Market and Ferry st,etd
The DI 111.
The name of Alderman A. 0 REINHART
submitted. 1.7 his (mends to the eonsiderollon of the
opnreachleg Whig Convention, as a suitor Iccandnlate
tor the bloyeralty of Pittsburgh. ' novo.
QT Wna:Algeo wad b a candidate for to \lay
eu.oeet to toe nomination of the NVlvit Coon ,
loon. ocO
. -
MP—Henry Wlllle*eole will be n carehdele
the M h
ayoralt,, eubject to the hototnnon of thn Wittg
Convention. noel
117-Jonathav Mash, Esq., tee plc.+, !slay
er o, Allegheny, will be n eacebtlete for re elerune,
subject to the tooninnbon of the Allegheny tV,tue COll
QTWe are outhoured to none. nee thnt C S.k W •
SPA will be eandidete for the.hlayorolty, bier tto
the loottOnau on of %he Whig Convention. nov22-te•
Ul7 C. L. MACE!: affil he • ettinlhistr fivr thr office
nfldoyor of the City of l'alsburgh, pubject to the de.
ci•100 of the Whig Convention. uvv,vi
The Ondersomed most do:moody magest he name
of THOMAS DAFT. DR., of the Eighth Ward. Pitts
burgh. as a worthy candidate for Mayor, to the costa
mg election. submet to the decision of n Whm and An
tintasonte Content/on, and would add. if uniform rood
health, an hottest heart, and t sound head, furnish the
highest claims to public favor, Men ought our candi
date to be sucermfuL
- -
X COMPANY.—An'Election for Priwideut. 'Crow
arow, and Sit Managers of the above Cowpony, will
be held at I o'clock, P. of klowlsy, the Will day of
new, at the know of H. Aker. Periloylviwitt
Avenue. WM. EICIIDAUhI, Prvideot.
/FEE euhroriber ham on hand every choice and good
assortment of Ladles and hliwes , MUFFS, whisk
he Is now orating very low Those who wish a good
Muff would do well to call and examine his assortment,
at his HAT AND CAP STORE, Smithfield street, near
MT ."' " "'" IARBAUGH
'OO5 SAL'- 07 Lot. on the'north side of Penn at,
L having achti feet front by-176 feel deep to Mut
bcsi'y alley. s
hus—l7 Of pneile the above, having each 24
fee front, col Fenn street, by Btu tea deep to Bomar
I, Th , ' , 'al" , 'a a very desirable locauon, being ad
jacent to thelnrucosed Depot of the Central Railroad.
For Isom bop, tn CHAS B. taiI:ULLA% ARts
Burke's Budding. Fourth so.
Y. Jost re, .41, an invoice of full Jewelled patent le
er %Yawl's, le marts ant, caws, which nan .." . 4
low as thirty and thirty five dollars, and warranted to
trey good num
Aloo—ft quern:id awortmcnt of .Ik;WELIIV, cont
prisam the canvas and latest style., and bests
R. W. WILSON, Watchmaker and JeWeinr,
dela cooler Marko mid Fourth morn
1* ' I period' of prudent and temperate
.1.1 tianits, lueith 6 {mall rash capital to invest to a
very profitable businese, will do well by vddresning e
note (past paint) to . .fil 11. v" Pittsburgh Pest Office.
It vrtl retsnee bi• undeetded attenuon to business.
delt4.ltol -- -
l'°P.sfe.. YT
—ri'et'7oT.l,R.F.;,.`79rt:V.% VLD.2.
Possesmon se. on the let of Apnl 00 , 10.
Also--Sev rill ROOMS and OFFICES. Possesttor
ttrly. F. It GAZZAM.
dela t/diee ever hot
- -...
VAETIIEHL 4 -17 boqrs land!
r Hamad, end for talc by
delti • -
SNCNkI IRON--5 ca,k• ree.
I3orAToKs-6.5 bbl. lu.m ,
(1,1. CRAIG A S
D R ,j,T2 P EAC"
" j' aTlG h /::E i ltgi;3l' ' .ll. l'y
1 j ICKORV N UTS-50 Int to store and for salt by
SUNDRIES- , sack T{l{lolilT Seed; 5 sacks Rags;
Sale DeLeon; in .orn and for mix, by
del, CRAIG &SKIN__ - NR
_. ..
DEANS. -14 Mos "F.lOl Mow, Ins sale by
1)17 , ./ i i , TOE-S Ala ha In morn c n i tal i f , a , r a.K
nriet i l l y iNEß
W(e by
!f . a n l ' a —n nl'urn
11: 1 6 1 1. n .ZI:r
for rale I.y
g A d ß alt- in k'"
' 'nnn a nd CRAIG & ,K INNER
g'l V.EN A 1.11.. E- -NS We in alum end to: main by
0 bbl,ran and
ion .ale
0 A '" I ``lir b
duz in e ,: t o A re ß 7n:
FL. OUR .501.1,is Extra FI1111111).
Fro, rn store and for ..le by
RAN CIDER-90 bhl* 911 J 3hi lohls, 4 fine article,
I..j'int *al, by kW RI3RIOIiF, WI LSIIN k CO.
dr, Water et
rEg _ 1, Roll, Oil. day trc . d and for
ILIII.4 , VILLI , 1.011.:-11K11.1.1 , Fmnb,,u.t ' , ed. for
.le .Ir 1, • A ItIISTRON6 It CROZER
p ltLLD y t .
ALE.Iy raIII !lr%
(ti '• in papers,
Forsele I.y h IcC
1 "" r "' 'LED'4
—" r l 7l(7 " n u l T7"'Z;r="
Lot it—lon tra .up,rlOr nrhele,
1' rer I.) tic ok W
~ 1 r p, r 1 ....n i , 1 , 1 :1; I L. It pn , ole 4 r
tV ZU , 3 1 1, ,, r= ;L i nd
1M111”1.1 reed, for by .
I del-
+l' I'. 1(11W Ot.SSS--~.' I , f, f%'J reed .nJ
g ill..kilt• BeidetUtCoodnoet nob reed and tor rale by
l , dt:ls n & W lIARBAUGII
Christmas awl !rev fear's Approaching!
L1.1 , , ,, iN r AND tiIIISTAN fIAL. lit sOK:d,
bi-, nn tor coining htondayt at LUCNWOOD'Yit
PEARL, toe AMERICA:, t °Ent Y. Illuminated
It't 'I . M' 6 Map esa, Edo . 80. ele&ant:y =bound In
Jerk iro-., do. cot age. /unique style; Olt
01 UM I,loppa , effti•ote• of 11011diaa. Lon,
tellove Br, ant, \\'f /•, Wlttuter, Itatircl, Sprague.
Ben Mr. ynenurn , and Mot Etebury, among oth.
er • h the st•oter
m o ts .Th— •re by'tnted moat deaceiely and perfeetly, in
Lebo, ears , German fold be B mot board. each page
bet, (raped Y., a rirl, itiatoineted artibe,que border,
I, t,011.1 .1 coo art.l cle:lors. wilti •IKnella arobbithl in
the Ittddes• - -',Copneerctal
br fist volume th
-• r at ban been •tterapt.
' rd no thla ante of the AB anue-e-and watt 'eased to tee
henna of dc..en• and the exatedl ion of theirs. may t.•
•0..1 Ito r, cat Ifnet yarba, any third( or b tti
. kd in
1.•1S t IF THE WESTERN Mot)ll.D.-Caawin -.
(doe, • Rclattbo " by Fent, androan. - rh.
Mower o •od..rt. - by. It•cood. • "the Land of
Ihrlin , ,.. by Win 1 Bry Mt ant, "Leo. to the Cup of
I.tb, by Mr.. , ' 0. Babe, -The s.ght Cometh,. by
Mt. I tot. 0 ''l he Tournament at Acre," by H. W
Herbert. lirecttyr.ontl: by Mr. Blitdar; -Wnrahip,"
by Mb.. Rd yet , l. 'dile rile. NI,••Ino." by Mr. ELI -
t,u, -,entit nth I . o.tninal , l 1, Or mo. surrtrto
Itnfnr,Fr I , ) .11,1,..0n. wlth (Am,. awl vi,ncllts
rt."'n't...:.:':.ff.';.,.'1.,'.-77i,%":1:.J7:.;41,',71' ejlr',':,"T":l''''
c ' at n rcht .lt c:1 rile kntit elror . produeed io n tills ' ,otTa '
.. I•,,er, 1 ze FYI 41l4: by
I AMES D. ItOCKW(1111),
del, Bobtleller and It
. dB Wo.. od m. •
aar - 510w
1,7" Na It .
P,rayredir, March 27. IN:
Mr It F: Ju•to:e to you, and your tuccon-
P, i to a lone, to state, for the ben
rht of the ere.ll Alit) .21t 11C..w1l fino 'seen
urree lath poo-t couch pur.
e'naard.l uo It, cur of your elrup, orbtch
cured a couch 'ot two ~,,, nth. -talultna About ono
ouolN elece. the eougn retitrool. Winn SO %ever<
that eho eou:d n4rol) move ,r‘ou weekoree
breaet., I tent for o•te I'Ll:Ve y.tir Cough Syrup. and
a part of on,. 50111 orad the eor eh I Kase th e otnrr
to journe, man a h was ..yerel, ',Meted. who had.
to nee tor nee. wook. "e.ten annular. roouh candy to
eure tie p to Put•thtogh," LI th e r•ody bad
been howl repreeroied. a-ek
our, r..prra,:y, ALraro 11. Kamm
Prepared nod by It. F. SF:IAA:RS.S7 Wood
strart. 1,111 d' Ity I/ruggte. gel:ere Ity in the two
I • rs
Trenton Mutual Life Insoranec Company
1111=PitN" , Agent at l'imburgle,
i 10,51,•
.1 - 11.. NVIV ‘11..1
J'' 4. • Pf , rli:
1,1011., 6ccrewl
0...1 Ttemsure,
1, It • 11, Ji
11 , m • 1
Inuit 1 ,`, •
•••tv To It .1, Ir)111.,..1.1,111•
Crupt.r .., 1, ~. V oTli I Ihm Jaturm Cunop,P
1,...ret , tJr.d• P.ytd 11 W 1...
i.llll F Nint.L,A ittandt, CUTITIIIIN•
DaTl.l Duollo F. 1.1 1W 1 P Whae, PM.
IfigrN3, 1./o/.•
I.ov II F.2 E I
Ft, Vrm,m
It I. Daymi, I S m M C
m. A Nawml. C
F.2.l'mv It
Divermn /14. Hamilton.
A +Otte) M 11l I.erherti, M 11.
It! SAttst. a, .1, N 31 , 1 ICttihttt .t.1•1181ht
The AgenCrot I. 04,4:nth to Pittsburgh,,. mutt,
ntkre.l to mite • v<ry fir.l efts. tt,1.11. Itrofie•
epee) revery ftts re vett Item .
the utttel retell al pre.
tmuth Bte eit•rged tty other Compahiet
, 1 11 1 11 'O l yeas , 0: age, 11.11111 1 11 Paltry or Ineur•rsee
1 , ., Oar Tl„tonssid Ibtissre—
F.ton or one nr, pa, • nal) 611,0
110 ,00 . 11 •• •• Pllla.--1111J1111.1 1 y .
110 1.1,11111 V. 1. S. Ili KS
Aso! at tras •11i0. 100,10“0 1 / 1 tor .Y PUM uft So C...
s.or Is s. the extent taken on an) stoe life
Tts, roosts.) en...shoed operntschos on ate let Oct ,
I-ie. soot an toortthtt box 11, 1 10 1110
t. oar e a prog r •
rer.lmg that au) °the r Life Cent
The „a
hot „ la v.dersst prolsts tatil he declared It. the
assessred on 'los itt haounry. 1.11
Isnosplllet• .he ...If yodels of rote
tad .11 thss nee/son:try 0.14110141/011 011 the „Isparta,.
4,ltssesst or Idtts •s , urnorts nil Ise to Insahrd ml stools
e Atom so JAM KS lINO. Aston,
\ del) h ttlassottartheta Howse
SI, KANO , CONI I' ANY e..e. Nitro,. of Itt
ogavoi Lo.* DA .0 *u I iltx. upon Dwell
to, 11. , ,1 Furpoturr,4tnr n. 6001.1.1. S. . Ar. . on ap1.12
den 11:11E. RNO,
HEALTH ISSURAN6.3-,Plttsburg6
The spriug Garden Ilealth lusonthee Co,
INSURI.'II 71,1 e. god Pronalw agwo• t
swot i.ore wooetoned liy gLekne• or Arr nfeut, Ily
WI ned., ntinweere of from 1310 717 per work,
la.t no r. two, ihree, nr lane.
The a dllltn.l of effieting °or Ineuronce, owl the
thr nark ollowswo, will he fully
,•xplialord $ the AKCII!
A peter° farrore agoiwt l•ookttose nr Arrident
whiell will dean, him Onna hi, °tallowy hoWnete, tra ,
Inlorwt, v t
Ito. °nit r by tray tokl3 anal receive, gal f wee k.
Ittot two • • Lei, ' 4 ..
i„ g ,
Or, tor a a
et ',to , wot yew, Ole 0.1 OI 114 4 1, pool
orrolly, re , per week while writ
jr.or ty ea.', or toforleoloto will Or ittlarrird Oil the
Lolorot °I lot Yr C pole tol,y, I , y
AMEtI I/URNO, Agent,
Monongahela House
FOIL SA LE ...A,. IronFoutihrg. kamith and
,hry, wah Engine nl 15 horn
powm good Pio of tool-. innelisiwry, pattern., fisiks,
ladle., (ursine, mid oyes, nil now its and prod
tanning order Sao' lite mile+ bare 150 fret front tiv 1/0
deep, with prsystrge of an adjoining Ir t t. - WI feet
one of the and twat ,tands in the City of
einetanstii, with a law eal patronage Apply ,„
PA VI II sINTf IN. Cowin,' nit. 0
} , \T v
rit to the underelgned the one tiodly:ded .10111 porto 'r
tract of land, lying. in An county of Allegheny. and
Mole of Penn.qty ants, being L,ot No. In, rn s,„l,
Sttoptch , plan of lota Rs recorded by ham Adentotmlrator
In book U, page 1,1" the 4dttce of the Recorder in Al
legheny county, e0111•Intlie SEVEN AckLy A ND
N LT Y AND ON FellA I.F PERCH, togettirr Wllh
appuMna.ncen. Occult In •th F,S o.,..T a m onhe
payment of n certain note in maid deed deverthed; and
where... maid note In In arrest', and unpaid, therefore.
purenatace of .aid deed o(bust, the umktsig...l
wili,on the TENTH DAYOF J A N.,1&10,5e1l at the west
ern door of tt,e. Court (Wave or VI Linn, 'lto.. the above
described teal estate. ,to the [nem., h n td c ,..
hrtereen the hour. 01 . nine 111 the forenoon and five in
te afternoon of that day; and upon such male mil de
.ere deed In fee snook of the , property mold to the
purehamer or parch/v.'s thereon,
e TllOO 'l' tiANTT,TellmiAec
irCENVI-IF:.1111.0U11—.50 rtankno in More and for
LOUR- 54 lit. n;rt ree d nud far sale by
.1' dell COPE &HUE\ FTKILF.
t6rUr ..rand for We
c i COP E DRElAtax
WOLfp COPE TEES--: dos in retie and for pale by ' pEARLASII-10. coo" Adams', in store and for od
COPE +. BREVFOOLE by 3 k ft rzonk
DPEACH.E4-10 sacks in store and for Kele by del: Itaundgbareb_l3edlding.:
. dnl7 ' COPE tr. DREYFOGLE El 0T1.91-1-10 rank% pure, in store and for sale try
• 11717—Dne and fOr Pale by i. dell .1 fa It FLOYD
- _—
109 Sociind siren-L. I t go, ..I for sale by tietk ... , _
CHEEISZ-o , i brs Cream, no .rove end for .ale by
dein 1 all FLOID
Second Hand piano.
( ) NE eecond tz.nd Piano, 0 occurci., prieriVo.
Foe mil e foi ..e.!, nt the ..:1.,••• pric,o by
dely JOHN 11 MELLOIt.”I Wood in.
SCOAR 0., for sale by
del, C GRANT
1111 E-230 bbl. Louisville lomo for ma br
O Ala E3-1W • bls • last • JD '• • •
.re,) lor sole by dcl7 CII GRANT
DEACIIFS-200 tacks Cried, ter mile by
del'? C II GRANT
• . •
VLOCR-80 tibia extra Family, jual received a n d
U (or Slide by
ree`tand for male by
UTTER—do kers reed and for tale by
LARD -35 by
keg% sta , '!
s time
r a
v V I
Motet ' ll ° l o P et ° ll 4 l ' l ° .Vre i n t
° • ° • ‘ 7:c err
and the pubitc senerally, that tt shell be sniatato. ---
both at fittettly of demi
beauty of esetttion—to
any other whatever. Let those who doubt. watt • fete
warts nod .e E WHITEFIELD.
Now too sth, le4a—{dell
t St —A torah umencuent of TON:4, includleg La
i dies Ebony, Rosewood, and Mahogany WORK
DOLL BUTTER-6 bbl, Fresh, for role by
pLtyl7 WICK & ItIcCANDLL_ ij°lThl dei l l ' loot teed
Q CORCIIED SALTS—A for Oft reed and for rely by
FEATHERS —2 sacks to day reed and for role by
GMEESE-, Leo prime IV R.. for .ale by
BEANS—Iu 661. Small Waite,for Oslo b•
OTASII-1/ ILL.,• prune article, for sale by
LLACID—]J kegs No 1, lot pale by
flINSKiiiiG-4 bags Clarified. for aala by
ilel7 WICK & hfcCANDI.F733
raft;""iu .-- w—"•ivrafrzZ,„l , p_i..s
K`t,r l7l. R --- k'S' V r A ' Cr l ; VeCANULESS
F L OUR --,0 bbla Fermi y Poor, for sale by .
, kl 7 WICK & Mei:ANL/I.LO
MUT ruN lIAMS-4 Kbln for ..le by .
del] 1 li WINFIELD
.__ _
TA 6
bbl. 10 bY cANvirj,D
BUTTER-1U ELl.Fresh Hull, anti Ems I I boxes
for (Emily use, fol cee by
To VIOLIN — I'I. VION 1.141 KISS —Sro.roie GuruVibhin
Solna 1., anerea and connected from the
hob edition, to correspond with Spohes Orions!
School 01 Violin playing, by Ina pupil U Hill •if
any arguments are required td recommend ibis work,
It may he observed that Spahr hinimelr adhereA etrtellY
CO the eyatem laid • own in the aboee work, arid that
he ban by the same triode of instructio, produced •
IMAM' number of distinguished pupil. than any ndin
master ni Europa
A •upply of the above loot reeld, (price t7,i and for
male by 8.17 lip II AIELLOR, fl Wood to
. --
VIM RAISINS and Cori. Shell..-50 qr boxes
11 fresh Rah., 0 boos Cocoa shells reed and for
sale at the Pekin Tea Store, 70 Fourth .trod deels
FRE:SIIFRUIT- s d. eons fresh Peaches,
5 bottles do.
5 " Pine Apples:
3 Chemes;
3 Tornatres,
3 half real bottles Pickles,
quart do.
3 ianey do.
Reed and for sale at the Pekin Tea Steve, Founh
("MOT BROOMS-45 dot corn brooms, NO rev iy. d
end for Yale by COPE tr. BREA FI 'OLE.
lot ,! al
41, 4 11 FAMILY FLAWII-50 barrrie C'd
r day and for tale bi CUM& BREVFOGI.F.,
decls 10- , Second st
if—l/LASSES--.Della N 0 Mole". landulg 6g7xi
1 aty flux., t ea by
drels lAIE IFS DALZELL. 9t WM. fa
CIRANI3ERRIES-3 11 bids Cranbrrriss in prune or
kj der, just reed and fin )ale bY
derl.l G B. hIG.TENHERGF:II, IV, 4th sr.
YirrifirD — PKACIIES —125 bushels very ni;alFied
Li Peach. )1131 fee d and for sal• by
deel3 5 tr. W. 14AIIHACtill
11. D SeGAR-40 rihds. old 0. in MOO, ar,df r or
/ sale by (decd S] 41.1 W
(111EEsEiL0 boxes Western React. Cbeene ru
• more end for sale by 0 & NV 11A KLIAEGII.
Eimm - urtn. eutri — iTiZor torit. - rWd
for ewe by [declsl S. & NV, HARBAUGII.
• N d
a OL&N-100nd for Dale by
boxea prime mould &utiles juai-re
1..." e'
deciS N & NV HARR-11AM.
0 P-36 boors soap 10.1 received M. 11.1 for sale by
CI &ml 5 0 & IV. 11A RBAUGH
01.0VERNEED—!00 tualtels rec'd sale
• by ldeclsl N. & W. HAFLI3A.UIiH.
trtlYE , APPLE-9-100 bu oese aped a;pley 10,1
received and for sale by
deci.l N tr NV ILARBAUGII.
l. reeven
R O u L p I I. I3:ZT „. b
. n,, ,, p , rt: . :1; . 4 , 1h10 Butter, put
.1,15 4 A. W 3:11.
0.'11 , 1ED:1110 day, frora the Philltrovt:le
. rYetaq).
IX g roas Bottle% of Mat nee
to Netts I•dem, Err !loots and Shot, sold whol,ale oF.d
101011 ai the India Demo; al.o, at the tollowing plaees,
Braun & Rester, Drugmvs. Liberty ereet.
Wriliato !sawn, Shoo Dealer, When,. erect
FL E. ` Heat, Draggle. Woodr,
S N. Wickersham, Draggle. Wood erect.
W Schaller. Shoe D.J. Southfield erect.
John Devereoz. Lamp Molt, street.
John Parker, Shoe Dealer, Federal sr , , Allegheny .
D. M Curry, Draggle, Ohio as . Allagima y.
del J.& IL 1.1111.1.1P5. Wood at.
ARO-L . -Ml , lgs No I just teed and for sate by
ETIF•t.-80iltis Green, Just reed and for gate by
FLOOR—Y° bbl. Farmer & Ettles extra, just ree'd
and Mr sal. by dal S & 'IV /I ARLIAUGH
rr dALe s v,
W--1.11 bbl, reedaetoLszi t e ß bz u „ ii
No. Second meet, Patsbut3b, dcja I 1.)H1- ... ±.4 7 - - . I.OW Sheep Pelts 818 reed and for oalo
for login Lv del.l NELLF:RS NICOLS
LA"'..aIIASK-16 tittle in •nr•_ anal for rtle by
Ll.rlV. •It bb furl reed mud for salo liy
I deli .
A RD 41L—15 eel. CA, k llng`e Na I. Wirt.. Stevan
nl.lll stare and fur sale tor
IN,ELD bble in store and los *aim
TURPENTINE--IS Ln ',rve oeder,
LI in stare and for emir by
F LOUR --94i big. Rreupvt&f ?litn,v.vrorttabi 4uve
WO Ll . do. tor by
Finir 6
I )lil , 11A111 , 111/01 . La lb. for dale by
. • - -
I /EN CVIAS ISARK —7 ths 'coo rred ItilJ tof in. by
I dell J KIDD S. CO
LNL'ORIC k,--041 lb. Swily I.l4aortee,
1110 - ealatqls - tor ••le Ly
dell J KIOD S CO CIO Wood et
INDIA RC PACKINII—Jurt reed, 'AM ,ounds
I Pac .5, for Straw Ent ine...uld Alk.lrnAlc and te•
I/11. al tLe 11,3. a flubter Dap. No Li Woo 4
4,j1 J A 141111..1.11'S
" ZjlT ' F . ; 1 :1 ) 011NsTos
U Jell
t E a s i; tl 7 a fi ' 4 a
icrri.,,N_ !nu L.,lcs prune, now Crop,Ple by
Ac I 4 .101111
Q 1261111-12 bha. lad Id 1 C
AewC cruld, e IT e S d
OaNd •or
13 Sht by
.1:11 No 14 5 I.ll.crly RI
A ItiLAtV,E..?-111TbITN (i . , new crop rec'd by .
- ..
4...ttiNDRIE,-,lltate• Cotton. 46 blots N.
44 buts Feather*. I tter.te
13 racks Wt..l.
341. lamb Skin, with wool.
3ha Shen' , Sktittt, •
:1 do/ 't .Irettutl,
arrttat on strutter Fort Pitt, xnd tor sa, Ity
tht I 4 19A lAii DI K I. }'.4 CO now at
FIRE BRICK .. 111.E-;A larar as,riment 4.......
ki , i i . ISAIAH I,,CKEY A 1,1
t Ili/e M Kl'Al,- 00 Inn, nuituble for Found,' 6 , e, ,u ,
I tor s3le Vi
01 - 111 N 5 t.r. ,m ust reed and kit , ale by
k../ dell BARDY. JONEt , A CO
( IED.AII' CEDAR'—.AltTol73edar Log, cowiKned
/ to I. Co inn or Croaet, Wlil be •old to pay rhargea
I. not caged for 14 , 0001110 days
Alcl4 .1 , .1, II MILTENBERGER, ,7 noon et
I iAL1C01,...--4 eases, fast colored, at life.t yard ,
kJ now ope rimy at A A NIA,O.NI A CO pe ', , ,
deli No 50 :gasket it
IL.ANNELS—X7 ea , ca and bale, Red, White and
Verina F.unn!l., turludtna a large lot of Mown
Bum( and ‘Valle Country Flannels, nnw open:. at
do l 4 A A MASON & COPS
i 'MEM' MOPS. DE 1..A1N. , 3 caw, gond M . 0.,
(not colored At. de Lain, at the. extremely low
prier 0( lie dr lard •
det4 No fin Alniact
Christmas and Navy v•ar Approachingt
In illagnificria Aatgq. Binding , for rho lolulays.
I ANIES D I..OOKWOOD, BOOIE/Tiler nod Importer,
.3 Wood strect, relrtved • beautiful collection
0: Miaowed Book bound in the tenon nplentlid mn
bcst L. 011,1011 and Aturricun litmie no—among
OrTu ma) be Input!:
l'eart• tif American Poetry, tuagnsticeut:y alumina-
Lave of lite Western NVorld; ilinmittaled in gold and
Wordevrettlia richly 1114airalesl.
Ibe Preacher, illunanated by
Urn !once, and
'woad in carved wood.
The Sobs . of :soap, illuminated by J...
Flowers and their Kindred Tboughls;thumlnated by
Heroin.. of Shrikapeare , illustrated.
Mrs. Jwlnextin, CharmJANIES I) LOCKWOterm.* or Women; illustra ,
ird For tale byOD ,
ba-Woosl street
t CPO Hi.NKF:rs—l'ersour wanting - to
c) I nenoeiato with • supers°, quoin, of Bed
n ,„„„ ,„„,k. yet); fine wood, will hod them at Me
y oond. ot W It AIURPIIY,
North Pam roroer of Fourth and Market es
jr„,r - A t only of Drown, White and Stared. 11051 E
M Pl.• NNELS—AIoo, White Dommuchttosey,
nod for tote low.
tVkow•ale ItYOllll Op wait., do 13
if tiotisgid()t. , st% 9 d GALDEN SYRUP.
0-. 5 6 Lout , Refinery S II Syrup Molatwej
noldrn syrup; for .ate
1,3 YA SIRS & 1111TCHISttN & CO,.
'watt kw St LOUIS Memo Refiner,
rlg* Galena Lead:
I '''. !;:o !Us Um - Lead; in store and for sale by
(N M I cgs tog& 01 dumber, Psi sale by
I L ed toi Aledical Colleges, Hospitals, si - tid Phyal
On, a, the blot *Hideo( diet now known for lova.
aint Children, superior to Arr0w . ..31, Sago. Taps
or i. de. Fet sole, wholesale and retail, by
R F. SELLERS, 57 Wood st
T01364.'0 1,-15 kegs r.:O I, 6 tenet, landlog Irma
income 60008, and for sale b)
Rm.-a. 'J
..-. won and for_ sale bk
h, reed this day by •
f — ele ew style al
eve Me e lo
Ademo,peefons7ston reedandWnalob
dere 3011 N II PIELLtif ,
LARD -40 k-ga in core and for wale by .
dell R DALZKIA. & CO. Liberty st
V F. 6 BUTTER, Dry Apple, and Peaches, teeeir
,P.. mg and for $3 le by
deli R. DALZELS.S Co. I.dbro,
Vl•r of PittO-bargh
- -
ÜBSCRIPTIHNS to the "A 1 .113.11 AYT thfloX"
0 ree'd at Kennetty A Sa TH wyer's, by
dell Honorary Secretary,
r Iwo rs oßouNo. it. by 60 anal, Una.
die ely to rear of Diecipcs' Church, on u.k leen•
Allegheny, for ecle on accommodating tonne, by
dell SOL. SCHOYER,IIO Second at
. _
dell Small Mate, in more And tonal
%./ dell STUART d SILL, ItS wood .t
( j ° d ßi t Ba°"S— ingill ' i j r ` T Z:',:,' LL,,,,,,
IHEESE- lu euet• prune li ostien i :
%.1 10 boxes NV. it.; `u /
(LOVER SEED—Pilule osso, for sole . y
dell /01 IN WAN & CO
FIRII-120 bbl. NO. Ls. and 3 Mookorol;
JO hi hM No 2
alsaskY Codfish; far sale by
. .1011W WATT & CO
dell .
,011.;t1(,6b%).V i d S c rkk , boiri;irrziareifacti4
ADTASIL-Su e•aks landing and for eale by
IL' dell J AMES DALZ ELL., 21 Water st
CRIED YEACIIES..-300 bu to store , and for .0)e
TANNERS' 011—:10 bbls Strnat's, is atom and In
.ale by dell
IVINDOW 41.LASS.—V01.ze 0.10; ISO ddlOal'A S
0 V , n DULL 1S do 0012, NVEennan A G's brand,
suvrior article, lot sale by
doll JAMES DALZELL, 21 Water 11
11. MOLASSEII—Id bbly o ow° am/ for yale low
w close conyomment, by
I,dlSll-30 61,1 s No 3 Mackerel;
r 20 N. 2 •
't No '• Mass inspection,tor salt: by dell JAMES DALZELL .
LUA R & MOLASSES-15 - hltds (neer crop) N. 0.
C'd ute ',Ws (bear cropl N O. Molasses; indt
rec. tl lot ru:e by
oc t IIIiRLIRIDGE, WILSON & CO. Water at
OilEtt A ITLES--15 bbls lost reed and tor silk by
/IRAK CIDER.--4 LW. anpertor Siberian, tor sale , by
11,30 celebrated brand of Extra Fat:lllf
Flour, lust
reed and for Sate by L 9 WATER N
dein No 31 Water, .d G 2 Front 'to
VINF. FLOUR-73 bids Just reed and for sale by '
UTTER-16 [Ado Fresh Roll, to day reed and tor
LI sale by deli L WATERAIA ,
COFFEE -1511 bags sUpertor Rut, In stare and for
rale by (1.3 J S DILWORTH & CO
I choicest shades Foramens's and Lyanese sloths,
re etkt,eßr; Atll SON dr C , C , / ,
crost;. of . tbe'ch'oiseesl aottdULLst'dieNsi-rt:-
'd per exprs. at
p d . e ' 'r ooo,"' It A MASON CO, Go Market st
HEE9I:.--.50.1 boxes in *tors and for talc by
. 19A1AH ,BIN-T DICKEY E..d A es CO. Front at
1D DR UUO! • ILLlL9—llosio •
Copal Varnt..h• (or talc hr
de, ISAIAH DICKEY & CO, Front at
non, et
I ' f; 3ICX Y LY a. co,
ri"—" rto„t
rlltl rp.:Aciall—ua 641 sand seks told anal us
_LI 111 atorr soif for vele I.y
NIURNING LONG SHAWLS--; carton. super
Mourning Long Shawls, reed per exorreso,
dol A A AIASON k CO, CO Murk.
„ ---- _,
S .GAN — W ilk& N ~ 91st reel.: and tor Bala by
deb 9 & NV lIARBABIiII
WANTED --300. b.. Barley. and :WO biegye, fo
wick the Idebeet marked 1., ;a ev.h will b.
paid by deo 8 & W lABBAUOII
l' -
penny [Avg a. and Square CullalcNand Broth
Shawl. recd per clptesa and now opening by
d o g A. A. MASON &CO.
D EASON:: ihterelin, to heroine member+ or the lrn
L ternationat An Uniou, atll Cleve nonce that the for thin }car Will not he open longer than
December. JOHN J. OiLLI , SCIF...t. CO.
dell.rityr _
" .
ITKATIEERS—t: .acke, prune. quaaty rrbTcl owl i.
Yale by Jel9 61 , 0MCIIRAN
10.(A)0 F.1.R. 1 ,1 °RICK
.r..171V-1 d 1i ' 11 '. .V ., .t. 11
H 11511.-40 babts Missoury DcRo t
11 - blemilln; for
del?. IA mrs A lIPTCHNON A. CO
I) UIOMS-1U del •1,, and 'or +le Ly
JJdl2 i'Ol'F:a IIH~I Prl(iL
DUCiiIVISEA I FLOUR-50 Earl. in more and tor
13 aids b) , 'OPF. d BREVFOGLF:
BEEti bbls rcr, nod tor sale by
riottirufFt3t—to Jay.
deli CORR& BREI:FOriI.F.,IO - rrero4d it
A 11 - OLO bbbs and :rd ictra—No I, for solo by
Lida Green. pat reed and for i.;11% by
deßt BROWN .4
1, , XY4 FANItl.r FLOURI—Iit nibbla, 11 , 1 , 1 leoit:
.tautly on bold mud In' ode by
lia, Ftrif -
" APO. , by
- •
OLASSEI 4 -10 1 I.ble Ploonsuon
111.1 mg from counernod' •ule by
-15 Idl. prime (mw crop) reed per s.e.o
...21Cr Tolrif mph No mod lor •Ai< hq:
dt JAMES A 111:1 HISON & CO
oiol for .0101,y defl _:l3 \\HA O.RAIIGII
I It1lE.1) YEA( IiES-10utm Susi dtiml, In SIATII .
/ tut
AND (111.-- . A, bbts Cortihug', br el Wimer
I I 111, In eLore littd lot' vale by
Inn SEI-1.1 , 12A S NICOLA
&CON c.. 11“ tir erove tot !ale
) .0 . SELLERS tr. NWOLS
• -
Ills : 0 -11 , 0 ha. Cream. a stlpctior article; 100
K , reed and tor Sale by
D RIED FRUIf-11 1.:. u , trld rp P w es . le , t o ee d , ,,y
lot sale by deRI L. S WATF.RALAN
BS—ltsu am assorted,tn store and for sate by
delo J KIDD tc CO, 00 Wood et
D INK SAUCERS -2 gloss pm ree`o and for sale. by
delit J KIDD A CO, BD %V..." 0
gromne, store and tyr bale by
deltt J KIDD k CO, CO Wood st
REEN APPLEI , -Ibl blis• iu rt recd, for
Jr Jett , — CO''Ea BREVE:N3LE, r+ccooki ri
TURNIES--15 , tol tr. mar osol for rule by
CA-PE & lIHEYP.GLE, Ecoond sr
I DOTATOE-i- .:r Ltd, jaq rend und for wan Ly
TIED PDT AT , t.,.. , 174 La in .tore nod for rain by
/ MEESE-, ',Lan lot in More and for naln-ley
tj dell, COPE ,t 1111E1-F01:IX
Lag• reed
g r lTA ' a i lAUCthl
Now Fauey wind Varlets Oood~
auppl' of r film eu4
t 7 A1.?. n 1 . ;:10W,
s nt.r nos. to whirls iwith every sn•
ct, 1,11t.11U: , t•I.SSSF,S, of our own 'ennuis , .
...IL the .ttention Western Merelmota so I
ono WENNI'.I,I ~ P 1 y
DAL.UN HIDE —A 11{4•II iGt CblllCe bacon !Jule
111 ourr rce Old CcAPE & lIREVFOI.LE
Irk &EINE LLUPSCE- riiiee .cowmen! f&r sale b
wEET POTATOrzt —l5 We ILi store and for so ,
01 by dr to WICK &
ONIONS — A few bbl. ,u4trer'd nod for male by
del° CO l' F. Y. II HEN Fth LE
WIIITE LEAD -4 iApplx conalanlly band.
i'IIIESNUTS WANTI- . .ll—The hetet, p r iietiee
‘,./ paid Or Chesnut., by f
del° COPE & OHM H1G1.3... 1W ..ker./..±41
I OLL kIUTTIR- 4 3 bets prime frcsh.rrbas d.
lL and for salt: by delu TASSE 44 4 111;;IT
TALLOW -4a casks Toed 4snd ( or sale 7 •
'MOMS—:WIIoz, a aced article, tot sale by
Axle yR W lIAARAUf
gU y LD CAN d D y, L 6 s
~ ta bat Cin k
F Loojty_ , a V t s t kla u tst;
ly, Davin rand
2O bbl. S
dela petline, best bras( i s .
for sale La
• FM
E,ATHEIS-3-1,5 00 lbs, beat auatt ty k r
/\llßFsli—Cream and 9tatb"sa always on hatt4 at
BUTTER—In Box. awl P.plih, , z , , to , ~, inr..i,
by dell) STUART tr. PILL
Cow; nEa..—loobr. ow. 4,,,,,,,,,,ii
ado EJTVART e SILL, LI 9 Wood 0
well known line of splendid pas-ennw Wm
is now comp:wed of the Imo,m
nisbed end furnished, and illOtt THIPTriIV bolts ou the
I•af.trg Pt the West. Every mccommodciiiii. and et ow
fort thus rootlet eon procure, has been pioel,lsit ft..pas
sengers. I.tne has boon in oporauon for lee 7 . ears
—has Cllll,l a mutton of people vti , tuntl lastiniti
ry to their pennon The twang will be I, fopt at
Wood street the dais previous to warn:tr.-sot .he rteep
boo of fretcht unit the entry of pa. mirk - en. the resits
to . to all rue, the passage money Inas: he raid in
T AAt , NRWT(IN Cap:aim-11am ady
leave Pittsburgh -my gangly morning at In D'eli;alt:
Whergiag e Suattay cvc, al IV
May J, Itrt7.
The hIONONUAIIELA, Capt. t?rout, sent ~ • Ten, t ra, •
burgh ever y Monday morning 0 elo..k,lVbee.oa
Seery Monday evening at 11)
Tußgralt reintEV.
Tee ItIVERNIA N. Capt. J.
lesre Pauthotgil every Tuesthrraarrnioe o'clock;
Wheeling every Tue../lay eventag +t IO r.
W gEteg
The NEW ENGLAND N. 2, Ceps. +. 2. o, silt
eve Pittabarth every Wednesday t,ar.:ta ,ay It
'clock; Wheetu, eter7 Wednesday eeeai:•t a la r
SlitritaliVirtrACEl4 P.
The MULL/ANT Capt. tiaavv. w. O - have Piu►
burgh every Thur./ay morninp. al 10 We,: Vne,lho e
every... Thursday evening ur 10 P. M.
kittinlrerettkr. •
The CLIPPER allo. th Copt Pon It - .vat, will Inavo
Pittesorgh every Friday rooming at 10 •Iti Whoa
ito every Friday evenme at 10 r. 9. .
The fine steamer'
Efil.Pllll4 STATE,, rimittetvoll Dave tor above
and intermediate ports on Thartday ,
the *Patina., at 4 o'clock, P. AI.
For Weight or rasssage apply board or to'
dell PETTIGREW t CO, Aalt
, Joe The 8518801 a m he l euht .R & s, _
A Cox, muter, will leave for Me above
and all intermediate pmts, 0,11113
diay, the Sib vim. at geolelock, P. M.
For freight or purr', '
apply lyo ß n l b vii oar o d EL . or to
Belli .;
lirei ST. LOUIS. •
-- Vv fi'' V RAIO
plte,•enge : r simmer
Koontz, 'einem', vn.ll leave for the
m thorn and All mtertoollazo porta
this dey:at 10 o'clock, A. M
- For freight and pottage apply on hose . deol3
The splendid Out rat:dung steamer
giatbLOUIS MeLANE, W S Connell,
master, Gtaviog undergone a ahoy
leash repair,) will ran hereafter to a
regal. pocket hcwre, Pinskstrirb
and Wheeling• leaving. ntellurgh every Moriddis
Wednesday and Friday momngrat 0 o'clock. For
freight Cr passage apply on b aud, or to
devil ARMSTRONG tr. CROZER, Agencs.
. .
TI ftT t , e'd ot the PRE S BYTERIAN BOOK, ROO!d,
LI No 7" , Wood street, nod for sale at Eastern pleas:
erin:or• Hebrew Lexters . , Townsend's Artangement
toe ira,!., Neander': Ihotory of the Christian itch - -
port nod t'hurch, Ahlton's,Trentise oa enli:au Doc
trine, Lift' of Jetinush Evart.,Esn., Robiooon'a Greek
Hut:nook of' the Gospels, do k.ntsirsh do do, Stott's W
-14,6 vois, Boston Pnrtsh's Bible Gok,strzwr,
kledhurst's China and Lee . P,rotneots, Dt Wood'e Lec
ture, on Swelkohordial, Molt's hlwitonary Anne
ond ninny niter tate estind works, in addition
to the above, all at osokint raters. nov2l
I.lF(ice.LenGtigit;s7fiEaLt No. 9 7 O niaNrt t'trt, itt‘
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Parucalar attention paid to Private Moulds.
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rpm: IiBROINES OF SHABSPEASIF., comprising
1 e e l' rotemal
Cnrecint. in the Plays or
the Bret Poet. With thirty splendid engrayuage.
By ChMles Iles,.
Thelhowlim Boom Scrnp Book, with twenty aloe-
F.ancit by Amelia W Lenience.
Characterises...of Women, hlnral, Pommel and Hiss
toitcal; with tw,cive highly finished and solotedenicr
Mess: bonen Turkey morocco, ...Noe. By
leave: American Poetry. By
ter iGtostut : of Nature, in Pumice: Ls
. A, gggg , of
liarves Glenotoga; a Holiday Book g y n, A.
The. Roseruer,, o Coliseum: of ;tack g g gait Religlota
Poetry from and Fug/ P a wit elcgun
'lle Life of Chrito. By Roy Egg bai.b.
e o tl ng w i :: a h l i d li . o a s . T r i K io . im to Tint, at .g horn
iltstory of itaetles, Abge s ials; The Vi
sion of 'rhdore; The Pim Ag i ng , g yairg Tale, by S.
Jobiuma, Rh; The , 10 1 4 ,¢•
, r Gift - Book..beanufully
lustrated; Thr Garland, or Token of Priendskip, (or
1550; The Weer•Ao of Friendship, 04 book far IOW;
The /Attics , Gill. or Sttioveitir
Friendebip, for I MO ;
Tim emartonli. or Token of_Remembrance, for IMO;
'Me Ivy Wremh, st' nb fine altos:rations; The Genius of
Rey,. being Sket Mee of Italian Life; Literature and
I Religion, by R. I :Um/boll; The Poen. of N. P. WHIM,
complete editie 0, revieed and enlarged; ebemberst
Cyclopedia of English Litersuirci,Tne Monuments of
-Egypt, by F t L. Hawks; wi th ,Aop4il , ll
BOoks of Mc mama-10M recite am; forstale_by,.. •
dela siLLIOTT / wee/ in
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S . U. &. N . O. :ROWSE'S—For erdh hy
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10PAL VARNISH- It pure amide, for eels
TAPAN VARNIr3H—I reed and :or gals bt_
F LOUR -20 reed Andio mle by
BUR BRIDGE, 1.1711.50 N & CO,
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