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A:7 font years .loci. reel! travellee thrs.dit
Ma State of Mice while spending a few dap ut
/ glimmered a emptier Metaliganhatance.
MI subunlnently learned that It had been hewn for
7..,tianllapposed to he of no one or value, ten (rem
U. wreemity of testers and singe:or appearance I
Was led to believe it might be made useful, bet for
what purpose I had not the beast idea. I: eommeceed
_ 1210 , 7±..2112 by banned it. boiling lc . and ;ether.
sm.; it. and compounding 11 with canons sabstancei;
.../. SW airing was my confidence Maul ere was rake
. Its that I gays up my emits time and means in the
Inesmatiou of those experiment and from that time
no AM, I hove amerlat to no other business; lathe ex.
V11.. t.
of about two years, I finally discovered, that,
I ' sr ' lodes it to hoe powder and sidling it widt Lin
seed Ml .ho_ the =sista cy of thick paint, end
this and with a braah, that thmeeethag
-1 . 41 CM :Mina become a perfect stone Of
.1.15; .4. that , sabstanee when applied waseemally
elate in a tiosid , and the large amount of sates,
alonuna, Magnet. and black oxide of iron that it coo-
Usteed, rendered it both weather and Ore proof soda
law elposed, the harder and more permanent it
seems to become,' and as the coating Meer it teens 10
stools of Itself indestrnetible by fire, consequently It
protrets tha wood urrered with it front the air, and
where there is no eir.there is no blase etecenbastion;
tbarehsra the woad snit usually char, before the date
asmoing will give way. . • •
I comidered the ditnevery of the greatest import
' mute, and •*llO4 te GOVerfteetell for • patent for my
mnowista Or dieeeeley, foal] hoping Om I aroeld
war be rethebeened thy all my canny in time end mom
my. The goVennetcmi cravat may hesitation, van,
ea to ate Looters Pelted for the sole sight to manatee-
ULM sell end use ray tropurverwat in tbamanefachtre
of a ' , Wend er and Fire Proof Contracition• or Aro
leis! Blew. far fourteen years.
Asyut 14, Iflo. . WM. BLAKE
- WE, the It /abloom of e115r011,6174 read th e above
statement of Mg. Mate, • • and belle., it to be substan
tially correct, as we are t mowing to most of the ewe th.yd,, metalled; and we will farther elate,that
am do not bells. that there ever Witvatent mmn
hone end laboriously earned, or more deservedly
•S he permed his ea - portcullis with U most
m Mo
niiis i
•1411.3•611121.00/1flet the most diacoaraging
atroMastances, as the public had not the least confi
dence that there could be any thing atloobfe made
Eon IIiSIat•CILOCO. Rellierefore had to eneonater for
you Melee" and aeon of nearly th e whole commit
nlty, NorstinistambinK all this, bs warindefailsable
It the Mmecnstiort of his exponeacats, and we do col
bells. that then Is one man an •theasand who Would
have passim red coder all the circomstences. But he
has at last triumphed over all obstacles; and we be
line there 1.41101, but one oploioo la stermdLog Wm
the meat of ills valuable, discovery. "
01.0. W. CRANE, Inuire• of
• JEW'S C. CHATFIELD, Trastees
11E14/AMIN /ONE, • Tow ashio
W7d.EVEllEre, TOwlt•hip Clerk.
ALLEN HOWE, 'risme ter.
I haveeseertakhed that there are Individual. engaged
la= tratilia, and preparing for sale, the abort-
Mine ,to be mixed with oll,;and need pte•
easel? as Ime ery patented article. I have been id
those pumas and shown them my patent They say
they do Let Intend to infringe or trespass open my
sights; that they have a right to dig, grind, utd sell the
= r eek 1 1 .:21: %t i e ra b us " 7,; ' 1 1 41: Ittr - rilfet,n7,'
infitogement until it la mixed with the oil to make
e pmneood, and that those who bay, mix and use IF,
mart a the numortallilhty.. Most of them say that
they believe that the Roam ts good against those that
mil and am the
use and some hate toed that
whet they wanted to ase they ehoald eatainly parch
tue of me, as they did not leafed to mate themtelve.
liable la any' Wry. Now I feel myself in ditty bound to
Mirthlehantfaned fetal open the pantie; as I eau
by co randsr some, where • ratan acne and re
.lllollMa p . trZen article. the es 3 of which he well
knew.earl hoe; Some w the prank
ho h n' o are ofteig . e7lrt c lil
aistiulass Mao, will uNeestionably contend ' tome
public that m y pa that will net Stand, and that I dare
amt pnwerste. Now, to take this argument away him
them, I went to smite of them who were proclaiming
that my patent... of no vale, and made the follow
ing propesithmt that:hey calgthelect Kludge and two
Lawyers who have lad some practice in patent cases,
mug we would Wean the
to them, and if they
decided that the patent was good, that they should mop
all farther_ proceedings In the business; but if they
eh .ld decide that it would not, in their opinion. hold,
I weald arm to let them go on and sell .11 they conid,
without saying any dung to the pubbe about them.
TM. proposition they would mu accede to. So far as
the validity Of my patent le concerned; I do not de •
peed entirely open my own jedgetent, although I have
the Meet emMersee in it; bat I have submitted it
Amy of dialudges,aad several of the most eminent
patent lawyer", who have, without exception, decided
that kg thelrepieton Items good, and would protect see
ta my discoiery.
I grind the article to a inc power, and put it up it
barrels, the which are marked: "Bassi* Parma bias
Aso Wstvena Peon Amu.. Stsval
therefore give notice to all who boy and ure tLe
about. mentioned =blend for the pummel font. 10
my patent, except from me or my mtherired agents,
I shall told them loa land aceouemblliry, and
akall eanamenao mita at law against slime who ttn.
• ‘,lAfrtrtga upon my rtgbL Whl. BLAICF..
Samoa, Co, 0., Aug. IC t 019.:
• III:P•TWO TONS of t h e above rue and Weather
Proof AniAcial Slate on hands and for sale. The
ahem we esui recommend, for we base /teen um; a
for Nome 4 years, and knew st 10 be wiles .t in rot forth
In every pan.colar. J. A. IL PIIILLIYS, - Agt,
tu0y17.43.4 NO 5 Wood at
F. H. EATON & CO.,
Is. 41 Pitactl, t».t, Piti•bargh,
Have 110,r 111 Slate th•ir of
Trimmings, Worts, Reck . ruand Lace Goode
ADAPTED to the wants of every class of Merchants
Rad Csonsoners. No pants have been spared to
, presant the newest anti most ruhionable atyla at
Goode In their line. Their stock conslats'in part at the
" A m= i o n f . o . l
c erf m a pe attr br z. orgy , .
nanow and Wonted Embroidering ihn r it;
gained and cat
Velvet Ribbons; plain do do; Cordril
/Imam and plain Hein Ribbono, for trimming; black,
. white and notated Silk Laces; extra wide do do, for
floannow with'. fall o r of Dress Btllloo9i
Drowns Pinked, Stamped or Embroidered to order.
Embroidensd Lace nod Mullin Capes, Cliemissites.
Ilreakfms and Retiring Cap. and Half Sleeves, Prone
..,..Worked Colima nodCaffs, Ingram variety; Lose Veil.,
Lippoto and Opera Tles,• Mourning Chen:memo, Col-
Cols and Half Sleeves . Linen Lawn Hdkft,
plain antbreitlimad and hemontehed do, plain Linen dot
Lance and Edgings; Int. do din Bobbin,
Usk), Lam Aladin nod Cotton Edgings mil Mooning..
Mai now aryl* Bonnet Ilibbons, FoenehFaceFlow
eni,BannetTabo,Vehieni Ellin. and Florences, Silk
Illnsbu and_Twletorw, Sonnet Frames and Tips.
Bad manufacture, with moat approved fattening:,
and choicest coon.. An extensive assorticant &Iwo,
on hand. 7 • . .
A peat variety *Lank Wool, (uum,Merinn and
Cashmere, for Ladies and mllfoeoi Tinan Plaid, and
a fall assortment Other 01740 fancy and slue Cl,ild•
ma's Hose; nearest styles Infants' Boots and Sort.;
Gems' Omar.lan, V!goals, Merino, Ution and firs
Wool Half Rosa.
A an worriment for men, wonMn and children,
asattir which are Derby Ribbed, Pulsatile and plain
111.11",_ ribbed and plain Cashmere; Chamois Lined Bei
ha; CusiMere, Marino, Far-lined Beaver, heavy *fie
6,4 !keratin, J4Cdßary and Lisle Threurand COIIOII.
Sul of Wit* and Children's Hoods, Children , i
Warden Backs, Yell Scarfs and Boas, Children , . Cam
ara and Long Mins, Wormed CMG!, kniolog Wormed.
sad WOoka Yams, California Comforts; also, hoe
Csaloaare Beads, for Ladies.
Zephyr and Tapestry'Wonrn Canvass Patterns,
Moo and Don't Bilk, Brawl Peri'd gouda, l's.
=Tr hlarenais, Lamp Mali, yldOis, and E.o.-
•nos' k and Merino VOA%
amilDraorarmSmbroidored Baas mainlands, French
and Walsm for Irifanng tad thran's.loo
;toe Shins, Cmints and Caner, &ern., Silk •nd
Coma Wrappers and Dnkerenr; Seelfeinlein, Shoulder
Waage aaill Dressing Ulm.; Silk end Linen Mtn;
Oben and Hosiery.
ih=l'Pur.. ..nrd...4o..inhell Dna Combs;
and sm. d o; Shell Sidi nod Long Combs; Ins.
Ban* PoWn and Rosewood fish Washes; Shell,
Rotolo owl Eng. Rota Dressing and tine Ivory Combs;
WILL I. osmium= of Nail suol Teeth Brushes.
NiroMmilPs .bold Modal' , Perfumery. -
Nestles, Pins, Tapes, BIM I.lsgs and. Purses,
Banos, and Steel Goodk• Bertirl %VIM Bitekets,
Pane Twist and !loveless, Pins Desks
Coal Pleidiess Ar. Galkotelk Pansy ßosewood
Work Basketsskeia and
Cloak Cord add Tassel', ?onfollon Pglinrun* nod
BUM k Slade Trimmings,' • Lou..'l Stationary,
Miv oil Beaver Tussle, French Cork Soles,
Uphelstereei Telexes, i si. k Ling* Umbrellas,
I Cloth s
Balr these!, seed dth., Papal. elesunak lloll a ebb n le ds,
Sneak M . glares floods t %Ps
Photo chou, Sindlng. Corset and Shen taro's.
Pantarco, Decanstra 19,1819 L
bI.YEriS L. article of nitnal'indao to altpersoos en
rated in bwildlog, or to those who hare arriad)
and ono wawa window fuslening. Wlplo
a &parent sabstittan tor pubis. and orGglits
at a laying of at least Sit to each window, it afoul
Ow safest (Melting that has evir been broassit int.
' •
Th. it and eanvenienee of fide Spring oSer sl
ed.., la, that by OM thamtepiecv; both sash of lb •
. window casaba =toad or lowered; regaires only t
be known Id be appreciated.
Pantos wisidna lo buy the atuele; or fn have
pat Luta than morrows, or the 'rngat of
.selling it lo
in this State, may apply - to tbs aabscnidra a
raf ig AJAY HOUSE,. the Allegheny liver, Pit
anso.l3mCuPP C. P. MA Yo.
LUCKNEN! CARrkto!!—Keed mu nay,. W.f.. •
cmasoer. (Nic , Warehease, N. 75 Felicia st,
WWI! applyt( ta, of the latest and most ap
pend Strew, So vs Leh syse invite the atteation of
Ilimmbede nen, and those wishin g to funush Homes.
,to tall see examine tie largest assortment In the city,
*hid we Will nail O n ager then ever before offered to
W mutat Market. . aml3 W WCLINTOCX
, . Kau=Oafs Leas Shawls,
Ell MURPHY MO reeds limply of ibe .trove
. antelet,ef th e best soot il y; oleo, pls. Black
Long Shawls; black ilombarlueo Mourning Ai.
=ram Cloth, block Coboris; Paramus,
Moss de Lalos sad French Aterinor, block
Craws and Mowalng Collars, Mourning Bonnet
= Rib-
Es s. 4l , l T t Mil and s assortment of Mourning
y._ Also:
• Imp smogumnt, including a feat pleoef eery wide
sal agerior. Buyers are invited to lot.k, at them, at
MIA Eon corner of Fourth and A 2 trketuto
Wlitgesalt2 atmms up stain, where a law apart.
of.•tu GAu h latety boon received. tut, 20
. - .
We Iptirs been inferred In Mr, Moe of a carp pee
fonnsittalsr be Dr. Jainel• Alterativeorloch
Noche is sepetionty over everyother remedy of the
bad. to him been inflicted for the lan year .
with 211=0 3 1: 15 or WILME SWELLINGS, etternd
wash ateeralions and ',enfoliatloo of vanoop bones, de
sag vrideltinno lawn' pleceshave Leen diacharged from
an Mate bone of the erertimo, from both her *riot,
lima sad head' And from both ht kgs, end from the len
limns. Wu. sad haul the rig knebetides Mate'
* wools meet pans of herkereort, w hi ch have bellied
OM skill of A amber of the mon Minent phyaielans of
per gdy—dartrig .10.41 41 the dam her 'agencies have
b o o h immum and &planate. Mani throe =rah.
m ati ,jko .ants lanced in try Dr.Jante's Alterative,
width tat Aid Anasteeithlngly happy effect WA ..ket,
Emanil4==lll:l, g...rAdir4llXllg::
berpora W nnapaletallrelloredoe that mho now weiglts
wMM outs likao eke OA bakes she commenced the are.
at Me mott.rablikblo
rns pipi solzs r f M
plalegialpkta.=,4 ors be,No.l .
finsbargh, at the P=Nl7.4 VIVRA
near Woed. _ Ue
The rood Wooderitl !faking of the Age
1,500,000 BOTTLES
Eadtetna la pot. up la %au% Battik
and W owed war than .
10%000 0.201 of Clino*, son%
'MOW Me last Men Thinrs.-:11 Oetnedna
=am signed by P. TOW
• EXPOSE. ..
the Public will learn the origin, or orther where the
recipe ihr tasking the stuff they coil Old Dr. Jeixit.
Townsend% Sansperlile. maw frotn—end will be able
to joke whielt ls the genuine and Menet and of the
honesty of the man who ere employed la silloed
the Dr. Tow:nears dessaparills. Dr. S. P.
Townsend was th e arlglnsi wed inventor of
Dr. Teenstandet and his media. tole
g _I.Nod. reptrutias mother remedy ever shad.
He smunthestned corer one millkss at bele lest year.
awl Is noutersoteent 000 bottle. per day.
We me mere euapnfLL and 'Fellow Dols In au
Fal wdebilslonent. eenb 7, Own all the other Sanspaillhs
ldenoteetnotts le the woad Principal Offloe. lot
Orly end Caddy of Ifew-Firk.o..
drasatrcanr, of the odd City, helm duly
Monk do& derma end say that he le •
ad Chemin. That am* Ow tgfard
pe lM a l r/Idat or
at lane, 1648, a noat by the rums
of .Imb Trowneend, who el that thee nee book eat
pata_phlart paddler,
called apart depaesat, at the hood
at Mr. Thompork Fa 41 If ortarroetreet, whets depo.
tandlessdert. end regarded deponent to errite bine
radye by 'which to Ink* a tfyrap of Sarreperale
Depannat krther says, tint he became or ad
tritb did Towseend et the also of Theodore Fpner
Veg.; Beak Publithem, with wt.. old Troanesni
ead Trorneerod had had frequent martens
a with the to eadsotareq' to
dded b " = I under the Demo Dr.
.... . . ..
That i.M Towammi etatsd ha war at old mark and
poor, and was cot lit for hard taber—and wished to
stake awns money, to y order to lire allay to old
asp, awl *et, if haratrina railer the nuncio(
Nerd NM ao.well, and to much money was mad by
it, he could see no moon why he might not
eormsatingtrat of I , l? . (ids name Wog T a
if he amid get a person to prepare •
and matonfeettire it . him Deponent in ova of
consenatglos asked said Townsend if h• .1. Pt
to DrAt. Pi - Townsend, to which hereplied, that he
Imam Dr. O. P. Townson!' would he down cm him after
he shoal commemos. Dot that he did not MO for
tdm, as he bad formed a co.perbuirehlp with mem who
could tarot& the requisite monad copitsl—end wee
wall prepared to defend Memoir spinet any Meech
that might be made on lift
Deponent thrth=thet porsuent to Me raven
dead Jacob T
of El . :mt. • izi , fe for t llt t :
Ids. Enid of
obeerreeiV " at he to
make a Apemen to inhibit to Ida platoon en their
• es he whaled to panty them in every thin&
to •• . all h D .apital—said Tormend also
told deponent that the onis. they were to use went
to be of the was dm and dupe es Dr. & P. Town
end% cod deponent, at the requart dull Jacob
Townwod, went to the oetnek of Dr. & P. Townie:et
and prteomed one of his !AWL
Lad deponent Rutter or., ant he ho. twen infono
at sad verily bellevew the Amp of ilareeperillei mkt
as Old Jecoh Tattooing% le made after the Jew* far
Odra by &weak to Jacob Tom:went sigma/A
And fartherdepomout mith
wnitem eamsnuiNo.
beltem me, this 14th day of May Itto.
C. A. May
Mayor of the City of Now York.
Hero la proof marolsmins that Dr. B. P. Townsend'.
amosporilla is the *Mena Tim following la from
some Walla Bout orpectable mars Lu this State
Evening Jostznal.
Dr. Torrosend's 13a.rsaparIlla.
Then ht newer bee been so popolara remedy,
or md" ee Dr. Tossnsendee Barsaimilla
w ens and contlmiet to b nrenotsce
Wired to Ws city. .t Ent by the Doctor hissieth and
Ostrow& for several years. end to the prssetatima
by Clapp lk Townsend, the present'propnetora. Since
the yertherattip was formed, the Doctor has resided in
New York. when he keep. a stone. and attends to the
Mathew that eocatrodatee st that point. The wan.
lhetop b to this city, WA is conducted by the junior
Farther, Mr. Clapp—here all the nadir-the is wanes,
F. of our citizens have any idea of the amount 'of
this medicine that la cormsratured axed sold.. Buhl.
the do in this country, it is Aimed to the Camadm.
W• 11 India Wands, South Amen., and Coon to 10
MIA in considerable quantities At the eraufactoty
they employ a stem engine, besides • large number
of min, women and girm, in the pleparation rL tar
to lirmseonskleg base; printing, ks_ and turn mat,
ready for shipment.. SCO death per day, or neatly
•000 DWI.. This Is an enormous quantity.
The - great eels the medirlas haa acqutred, has in.
Arad • =abet of men to get up Imitations, VA there
Is the present ran other medicines for mils bust
anteaDAS• tir.Townnind's Paresparilln" flue ie par
Limbs started rahort time age le New York. as callr.!
"Old Doctor Jacob Townsend'. frataparille." and o.
patently with a view, by dint of advertising, and the
usual remedies snorted to in thaetfons, appropm
ate th e name of Dr. b. P. Tow ad's great remedy.
and theta gabs all the Ids's:Magee resulting form the
r=ty• of the name which b. has aequitvd fee it.
y of patient and erpthsive Iran. Dr. A P
Torasesak formerly _of
city, as is well known
he is the inrentor and original pnprieter of the
radicles koora 'DP Townsandk Parstparilla,"
mod w• think into. pencies who are rassaprmg to sell
that =tide is the garmina, Should be exposid.
Now York Dalig Trlimns:
pii- W. poldiahad .o edratlawaant inadvarantly
tinia WIG that did lojrwrica to Dr. S. P. Town.
and. who is the original proprietor of di. preparation
a . Busy:arm. known as Dr. Towraandb. Other
patios hays withini.tho pat few month. emerged or
contacted theawlree with a tan by ,tha some of
Townsend who_pitt rip. milk,. and calls it by Oa
MOO 11816. 1:1111diCiDO VIM airsensed in The
Tribal. aW. dm. Thin advertisemant • p
matter to thie cbaracter of Dr.
S. P. Trarnsital and that of easelleine.. cos mend
it appealed, and Pads* to the Da mak* Oda en
Navy York VW.llly Stn
Da.'Tewasoso's extrannhostry advernaemenbwltlel
occupies an entire page m the Bcn, will Oct escape
notice. Dr. H. P. Townsend, who it the origami pro
!wham . of Or. Towroenda Sarsaparilla, ahl whose of
flee ist ' ext door to ounr, when he has been for never,never,
al years is drielog an 1.2.1130 hennas. Ile recetweir
no less than four 'snared door of haruparilla per
day, and even this enormous quantity does ma supply
the demand. No reediethe e'er gained so great .
yoperlinlyu his prepaistion of the narcsontilla. Hu
ednron a Miasmas for 1819 can STOW,. cud be
has paid the New York Son for adnatiting, in the
last loot years, over $10,090, and be acknnuiledges
that il Is the cheapen odnulising he du had doze
This medial. is crayoned to the Condos, Wan In
dies, booth Lawns and Europa, in - istaißlarable
quantities, Rai is corelog into plant Was lo those
wands, as well es here.
livrtedlers. ,
Druggists and othen that sell gareeperillt for the
that giondo• and original Dr. Tow narnadSSarsaparilla,
6 set aignedhy 8. P. Townsend, commits frand,
and nrindlee tto cratomen. hlan that mond he
gully- of such an act, would coonnii alai other !nod
—sod no Dzoggirt of common hnelltgerhe bet Snows
/bat Nan le the only pooh.
Ofel Jamb Townsend.
Soma people who are ren nen infontiost end Law
not mad the pagn, minor wen our advertisement,
hare been led to mow; that browse them men ad.
'edit., their stud as " Old Jacob Townsergla," that it
mod, of cows; be the original. It I. 1... then our
werdwa they commenced to make their roalicira
{is AEI wens in the market ore. ten years
. .
endlearimbitto palm or on the public ce
di old Physician, km e tot • regular educated
Physician del odd attempted to manufacture a med.
Mine, mall thane men hired blm fee the de of his
name. They say they do not wiala the people to be.
lied that their dosaparilla oun, or the mane—but
the better to deceive the public, they it the same time
melt that theirs is the Old Dr. Towdenda, and the
12111 i d . , ! ,lr :ul th e:d.antr=
flaraparills, that perform•d so ntan ' y ful
card for Me
rspalalo at tanjzzland .hick has gaine:g •
We had commends! said naiad Died men for
damages. WO VIA it kob• usoderstood,thaf the old rad
is to Malkin to Dr. Towiesard arhatsrer in theiraid
rerthannente ittat circulars, they . publish • number of
gnaw Islaehoohi reapecting Dr rili•111404 which e
will not Wk..
Pair reports.
Or•oyewourns have publlahed tbe papers, tint
Dr. D. Towneand ares dead. Tbb they eani to their
won about the barony, who meet Abet we hare
canny. bather, kn. ha The public. aheald be OD
their your& and not be deceived by these noprincl.
Wed man •
N. Reweeal.—Alter the first of September,
ISA Dr. IL t. Towneezd's New Yen* !Mine will b.
fn the South Deptist Church, Na an I Nassamstreet,
which k row underpin' • tboroogh chat*, and
will be Med lbw the tedtsw sw.mmodattoo of the pro.
plans and the public.
par drke.—No Sanal ; parilla is the
otd D. Telnnaudv Baumpurilla, uu
M m illtwd by F. Townwond.
AOLOTMB•ddiall & CO, No. a Stitegtrist. and
Mrs. E. [kids. No. 100 Cogurtotroit, Sri; Samuel
[Wet Jr., Lowell Henry Frntt, Sid m ; .. Jarneu D.
Green, Wareatsr • Allison k. Gault, Concord J.
Daluk & Son. Proshesnce and by Drug ills ,ma bier
gloats merely throughout the Unite 110.1.3, West
WU. •nd th• Cusdirs
For stile by IL E. SELLI-111.3, Sole A nem for
r gig' D. M. CURRY, Allegheny; A. 'XITNRSON
sungbare. ~117:110
• -
Mamas, Mercer ed., Pa.. Sept. 2..,1 , 19.
Me. riellern. War ellr, I bought el ,- honln va"
Vannifage at the Iron City Purn 0., eau,. at Ode glare,
audit Ims performed want we eon .filer out here. V• 011-
derful earn on one of my bora nett Year' 1"; he hod
been unwell lot some years, to omen to that I led riv
en up all leap...Mho, n.cosery. I was ntlyieed hi one
aty neighbors to try a bottlent ynor Verratfone--
and I am nappy to intorm you n 1 it havote IL, dee, end
effect of n
app y my non. Ile pn....r01, in the eb.trt
space of 21 /LOW, MI worm., Katie nt than menet,
log amen as II and 14 torbes lon, I 1,1 bound 11,
jultiee to pre you the abov , etatement,eU u, you may
'mate any toe of tuy name that you dunk proper.
Your, very respectfully. .
.10,011 . 1(AS S. 11711."
S R in 5
, 4W ‘
clllcf.. nov
FELT CLOTHS. .3 ca.e4 131, . n d tuo, F
Clnths,lum rec'd end for •4le
CARLIT 11101JYt. Murphy has
10 just lef'd a lot of hies colored ,Lou.. do Layne
sock ea Chetry,SottYlet, Sc , at n,:, low pm,
per yard. Also, Plain Drab, lima, dp at Nita 1 11
with a choice assortment or Dress Goads centrally
curb 00 nutty 11.ttttuts,
Cobargs and Ityoncao Md., at the
N. Ilromer of Fourth and Market 111.
Wile Roorad stsitk, noels
L AID on.; --13 bbl iti .: = l ;n4 1
. 4 .B 7 h l7 r Z yT,
No % Wood fn..
A LiarWE, Sniper, cloves, Pfunciaider a/
Indigo, with a general assortment of all WHIP
Mimetic. and /Imbue, Manufactured uncles, •
Insod and for sale by McCUTCLIEON,
suit.:..• • 162 Liberty it
TVET EBBONS—A hill Neor=ent rec4l pmTeXprers.
rear& Also, Oimphyriates sod arling&
Boyle ' A'A MASON k. CO
l r iksl & CCP s
Paaaangcr and Itaaalttanaa• Mee.
SVCR.DEN /c CO. cositumo to bring perm=
from any port of England, G-land. Scotland or
Wales, upon the most liberal terms, with their
and ponemalith and intention to the wants sod com
fort rot emmiassats We do not &Haworth passengen to
be robbed by the swindling stamps that infest the sem.
lions, as we take charge of them the moment an d s y pan themselves, and see to their well being, spsteh diem without any detention by the lint
We say this fearlessly, as-we defy one of our muse.-
gers to show that they were downed 49 hours by as in
Liverpool, whilst thousands of others were de
months, mitt they could be sent in some old e c re, tea
' l l ; 7 : t t e ;nl7 l l " o c p h c?filnt 'q atTe U e l m l : my t e s d l. th ononiblMen
what it may, and not set is the tsar last «email,
with ether odiecriy—wlio either performed not MI, Or
when It rusted their eortormenee.
. .
Brain drawn at retaberab for any sum from to
.11011 e. pareditc at any el lie provincial Banks in Ire
land, Ilcyrand, Scotland and Wake.
Furopean and Genenal Agent,
fai.l P1(15 street ono doss hslns• W ml.
traclusively for Pwilengerad '
riDIE public are informed that on and niter SatordaYit
the Ist of September, the [waiving., by. dd. Una
wall be carried over tho Cenral Rail Road from Lew
istown w Harrwhorgh; and from itteuee LO Pluladol
phot by the Ilarnsburgh and Colombia Rad Roada—
B r s ad, p as , arraegentent passengers will go through
a n t
ea. TINE th an icretofore.r .
au The Pak
of lane are uew and mane btu This tome for safety. speed and comfort, in th
mow preaernl.l ,. now 111 use to the &intern eines.
Hail Roads are all pawed in day light. lime,
days. I': re. Tc,, Dollar.. Poe Leformatlon apply tO
LEE CH, Monongahela Bongo.
mid or D LEECH & CO, Canal Basin.
VI. Youghiogheny. River.
The Pplendt4 new utd fat riming
U. S.:11.1 stoma park.,
A. It Punk, Matter, run as dal.
I y pun
ockettSdays excepted) between PITTSBURAM
end WE-ST NEWTON, en opening of nnvigauonon
Youghtottheny river. Leaver West Newton trout the
upper Whee l Haat, every mortoug at d o'clock. Ite•
turoine t ten. , Ihu.thuttrh from \Wart Boat above
the 111anougabeht lindge cvery
ling al 4 o'clock
6001)8 /crewed by Agent. oat board 111 NVhar
The Farmer bat ta,u hula expreasly fur RI
Toughiayliciia river and th e pub.,' may rely on La
remaritm na
g perauen , ly in Ihr trade
Particular aorauot paa! .411 way freight and p
Selle Gr. onINIMMT
._1 ' owe gstow.h stud N•wr tlnsti• Ganar -
rpHE sacker BEAVER, Capt. Stanley; ',rill leave
Reaves regular Monday, .WeansAlay And
Friday evenings Zll PAM , an/Arrive at TOuggstown
next morning at d o'clock—ran/riling, loaves Tot/no
mmen Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings IRA
P. AL, nod reach Heaver rume (or the morning
ALLEGHENY CLIPPER, arriving at Pittsburgh it
It o'clock.
. .
The packet lIARKAWAY, Copt. Downing, wi 1
Irene Beaver Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday eve 4
insaat 6 P. M., returning, leaie New Castle, Mood
ednesday and Friday evenings al 6 P. M. also eon
necung with the morning bp.d for Pittsburgh.
These pad tote are fitted .cip in complete ceder, hav
ing fine accommodations for passengers, and skipper.
may rely on wore punctuabty and greater despatch
than hes before been obtained on these routes.
11TC:1k Co., Proprietors.
J. C. Bidwell, Agent, Pitmburgla
Bidwell tr. Bro., “ Beaver.
A. D :acerb., Youngnown.
B. W. Cenkinicham,"New Castle.
The elegant .teenier, ALLEO.IIOII - CLIPPER, will
leave Beaver, daily at 8 A. M., and Pittsburgh at 3 in
running in connection with the above boats. 8116
1849. Emma
Warren and Cleveland Paamenffer Lino:
Canal racket—SWALLOW.
0 t Zo n Stlz , a r l x i lJ n e:Le r m a o ir n eZ
r d
Warren, when they connect with the Marl Binges (or
Akron unil Cleveland, arrrona at each or these
hefore nht. One Male packets leave Warren a•Ily
st 5 P. IL, and arrive at Beaver in time to take the
munling bilat Pattstiurgh.
E Et
Eli, Co, Warren, Pro.
Ll ht TA V LOIL, , as
JOIN A CAUlairli, Agent,
spilt corner Water and am
ii&i=l 1849. m ai.
C.orroot. A. •V.o eouti, elr•rtontl, t I rror t. ,
It. Heaver, Pa.
tvlll Lr prepia-ed on the opent ing of nava
l. iran•port ireight and Pm.serojers from
Prrrs Hi! itt •n 4 CLEVELAND. to any point on
,be cniial and Lake.
we lAtie are uarurpa ran, uomher,
yeality4o experience4llrnplotOo•
01 , lit," Irlt I • 1 . 1,4 , 1110 and 01,elan.1 daily,run
• ~,,, roe .trounir.
Between andlkaver , and a Its, of east elaiif
itte,ttotts, Vlore:lvy! rid Vecaals ori the Lake•
A...ors• - R
It,, Beaver. P,
Vouna.own, Ohio.
NI II 'I Warren,
..7ytv. Ravenna, •
Wheettr A. Co, Akron,
Crawford &Chntaberhn, 'and, 0
CriAillt, Buffalo N
Offiee. roe Water and StnithSeld.sto, Pittvlittrel.
BAIA V kit P.ilerGlCl . l3.
Sleamer MICIIIBAN No. 2 Coot (111.1 i.
nhove want." And well known Ll. , aver rack-
J. et, Lore ovittra!noto.l waking ,neon doily top, to
Lid Iron, Li • rid a,ll Vuolmac to ton 4ottovrott
Pittf rial snit flea ter y dorm( thr season, to
Alitinienn :care' hit...l.Jrsh at 9 olock.
A. 111., and dt 1 , 1 Lake
leave. Heaver daily a i A NI., 1111.:Ltirgn
at :tree:vet, P. e
Thertc P..esturni will ran in enunriition
flit I, eiirket Ltac, for Erie;
T0,!..r A Leglingwell , Warren Plariket.:
th.ion v! nrotlit Mat. for Cleveland;
ClArke A Ct.'. snit Ct. volondl,int!rrtiliht
tioktf •
t. Pdar daily Ni. iliriftle Parket.
CLAiLIiE, sv A
Co, Braver, Agentz.
DAD', A. CALI:BEY, Agent, Pittatiarfh,
maL: , l nor A r Vtalvr and Noittifield eta
1849. gam
THE Of opravtew u(tL:• old enuthlixhini and {m afar
daily tw i,
e,e,,,d.ting StATEE.N fait elaaac anal
B ,oat i . rained 1., DlN:wives andrunning in entiner•
Inn wan, boats BEAVER AND CALEB
P'IIPE, d to ntfer unerineJ:eil facilities Tor
cretsn: paweilger., I/1
up•ione➢ 1.1/•101•011, in Sal ;MLitt, on the Penn
viv mil int .1..1 Lind N. York C• 1.614 and the Lakes.
& Cleveland.
BED Vr ELL tr. filluTll
Agent., Beaver.
1. C. !HOWELL, Agent,
2 %Val., went, Pittsburgh.
W. C. ato'vatA,
romardiag Iltrchants,
Agents firrrju Pit,lnr•gitandarveLva Pat,
1,1,0,and Era Lms pm Erin, 411,4 l f nos:
Brzirr u;iel Cara Gap,
0,. mg porrhs.ed the large nml subctattt4lWh
I.ltmt pot hut, lor the Moncongsthelo Packet, ha
111 C IP( it Wurrhouse, the must exttple a
oiinodanor., :cr rrreiving end far andarardidgand plntlge their I.onni. sitmOlon, proniptne. and denipatch
on,igninei to to thdlr nett, and rely on their fnenda
for , •
rtnl. mnt2-dly IL E nito.
ft •• 1849.
Old Established Line.
min.:Propr t. ietor of .4 wyll known Line of Canal
j no t.l
w prepared to transport Passengers
and neigh , to all poinu 011 111, Erie Elle/mon, Now
York Cllllll l O and the Lakes, upon the most favorable
term.; and u-uh devateh.
nor Lint. 00110 In conneettan with the *team boot.
lII:AVER and CALEB COPE, 1.-turren Pittsburgh
and !kneel . , C Iteed'a Line of ammo boats atui•von
',lion tun hale, and tho Troy and :Michigan Lake
noel Line 0 11 the New York 0 30161.
C. REED, Proprietor, Edo, Pa.
Bidwell h Brother, &Rent., leaver.
T Mather, Agent at/ Aleakintennl Paarroger
Office. Mnoonl;abela 800., Pittsburg b.
CONNIGNIX-s—W C Alalan,Sll.l,ollj J &BINH,
t u. if ' ire ' o r t! v i " Wick, 9 ;:e w h n r i c " l. C i n U W " . 1 17,T,W
Ilartstown: D.111;1 1 & Potion, Buffalo; Barney, 11Ibb.
Co; Soularkyi Jur Arrontroug, Detroit; istralinid
Newberry, Sliel.yrian; APOluc - r A
kin; 11001, Marley & Dutton, Racine; Joon II Binate,
Chicago, N WheaUcr & Co, Nov. York. api •
1849. intitia.
PLuiturgli fa Phi/414411M and Hartman.
11...xeluelvely for Potocogrrel
T'w;Stt::::ir"r'..!7:li:t'lito'oryi: l? ” 1 le L r ' e n b ' .
The bgels ut tins ore of Pawnor elan
enlarged enhino, winch will give green, ,„,„(„„ „
A Ooet wtil ill ivlys be in 11011, anti .1..11,F...ran.
cluer.lo.l enii .111.1 r 4/ amine thorn belore engaging"
4nge by male,. loop will leave thelonding,o,l
pow.: the :1. Howl, varier ntreet sod Con .•
o Vol y Foal. on C. for L. •
Tian---:ti Dopo.
Fur in:omen°, apply at the r, hionOngehete
I Itio , r, o r a, 1,14:4:11 'h, kraal iturnt.
N. IL— Die proprietor" of ibe alwce Lane are new
building Oil tottlitsunat how Poritelt,to run m above
Roil Rune nom lewsatown to Plalattelphia. At
that nine • pneket will leave every taoirtisig and even.
nip. Time through, 0,1 tray•.
agag2llB49; 0 1
For the trattrporru 311 qt Abirentantline n •
rigrwEp.s - AND
rr 000 A rewire on than Line ate not transhipped
Ur between Paratiurgh and Philadelphia, being ear.
foo t teehou Portable Routs over land and wa
er: —to 'Minim. Cl titerehlthdare requiring careful
h aa irting, this Is illinifronanue. No eliargu made for
meet rg or shipping, or (or advancing changes. An
good. forwarded whit dispatch, and ort m resatinable
terms as by any otbef Line.
JOHN h. Co,
Chink! Basin Penn at, Pittsburgh
marl :7J blurrier & hi Commerce at, Phi la.
JOHN AlerAfrEN & Co, Forwarding and Commis-
Coo Merchant:, Canal Ilwitn, Penn at, Pittsburgh.
JAMES 31 DAVIS & Co, /loth Factors and Commis
-Mon Merchants, W Market and SI Commerce street,
Philadelphia. ' ' man
I,Wr—Adesnees rinds, by caber of the aboTe on flair,
Vreel and other nterehanerre connived to theneke•
Abaft. s 00 , 111 LUNE.
rvuE einziette of PITTSBURGH and its vicinity me
4, rem:tem:Dilly informed Mu we have no connection
'th any miter Wmtern Earess. and are now me
wed to forward FACKAGLS, hUGICHNDiSE,
from Beads, New York, Philadelphia end
to Pittsburghand other Western Mos, with 'CITIVOT.
dinar, expedition and maw... mason.
At Baltimore we have emaciated with us Dr. W. S.
toomme, who was for fifteen years euperimendent of
BMW.. and Ohio Rail Road Company; Howe.
!WIN.; Rao., for many years principal confidential
agent ofthe Post (Mee; and G. W. Can, Esq., of
Biewnsvilla Pa. These gentlemen will give parsousl
superviaioa to the Line bum Baltimore to Pittsburgh.
Prom PhEsstelphia we Wall no. THREE Daily Es,
prase Lion, arriving to Pittsburgh respectively in
Two, Three and Pour Days. One Two Day Lee will
MP a: marl imam!. and Is principally irestaded Wyman
and valnable Panne. We Mall invariably receipt
for mts and nu..
We havea an_aement with Messrs. &weans,
which we can forward Packages to, or transact OM.
mission. ln, Great Britain, France, and moat of the
Continental Ch.M. Messrs, Venni. Hale & Co..unne
in England with the well known great form
house of Mews. Cl/11.11 HO., and In Frame with
• the "Moen genes Nationale."
We. thrall spare no expense or exertion to get our
goods through with the utmost despatch, and endeavor
to furnish the public with • malty well conducted Eo
press. Small parcels and package. will be tarried by
um at extremely low rates.
Perkins wishing to are our Lines are respectfully
requested to particularly order th eir correspondents to
Philadelphia, Nov'. 10. ADAMS tr. CO.
The Agency of the above Express Line will be
conducted at this city by J. C. BIDWELL,
naval-dim Water street.
1849. aMwEla I I
Beaveignad xi* Mxpress Packet
t P = a's'er' M.,tEnVd Pasergeekrt.
I u
' NIAGARA, Cern H R Jeffries;
LAKE:ERIE, " hl Trobr,
QUEEN CITY, " J Mallally;
Fanning a daily Line between Heaver and Erie, have
commenced running, and will continue daring the sea
son to make their regular trips, leaving Beaver after
the arrival of the morning been from fintsbargh, (I 0%
clock, r. r) and arrive at Erie in time the passengers
to take the coo Domini Buffalo or np the Lake.
Tickets through Erie and all Lake porta, can be
Ind by applimakpli ens 'JO . I3.N rw. A C r tU d illEY ch , s Agt, ed
• c- as GEORGE taME,
antkin '' 4 ander the St Charles Hotel
ailliaa .'1849.
For Illairsville, Johnstown. Lollidayeburgh, and
all lotormedias nieces.
MIIIS Line NOD emit/nee to carry all Way Goods
.I. with their usual deapatch, and at fair rates of
Aran—C. A. WANIJLTY A Co, Pittsburgh.
D II Wakefield, Johnstown
John Miller Hallidayeburilt.
liskimanco—James Jordan Smith A Sinclair, Dr F
ghoenberger. abloom, John Parker,
_S F Von Bonn
horst I Co. Wm Latimer lb Co,
Jno APDevili ik Urns,
Pittsburgh; John Ivory, Suntit,Blolhollan dlty th lne
Grail:AC, Ltagmnllet m
1848. - 1
Canal Packet—SWALLOW, Capt. Ford.
OCEAN, Capt. Waiters.
PPiga( the gave Packets law. Beaver everyday,
(Sundays excepted) and arrive next morning at
arren, where they connect with the hall litiges for
Akron and Cleveland arriving at each adieu, place,
before night. One the Packets lease Warren daily,
all P. M., and arrive at Beaver in time tp take the
sam o Vi&es i mbor; for I ( i . Mii. w.
id B TAYLOR, r'n'tProprit'sa
pan to Till Lacs Lts irony goose.
Anna! Packet—Pmcarkvants, Capt. Joffrim;
" Tionexwed " Pollock;
Lame Eft, Trabm
" Brood;
" Fractirom Bayer.
The above new and splendid Passenger Packets have
cotanumeed running between BEAKER ANDIERIE,
and will run regularly during the season—one boat
leaving Erie every morning at o'clock, sod arm leav
ve Beaver every evemm, tommsliately after th e arri
al or the steamboat Michigan from Pr.,,,en.
boats are new and connermtily rites.-ea Kos
tem tun through ,r lofty bow • Pusepasis In auT
awn' on toe Lakes. or to :Simons Falls. wilt fine this
ril. ''• co, e, us:n - lante eipettlnous. 'rickets
(trona. cons on the Lake can, be procured by
Rooming ie •the proprietors.
REED PARKS k 00, De..e.
It at A. cAlAili:l, t, lt,itsbut A.
, nor Wa t er and via
arrlimn, Iradalo, N
C II Reed. Erie, Pa .
C C Wick,Arreenville,
AlTarimul and 4ug, wg Bend, Pa,
lisps& Plawri, Pliatbargti, Pa,
W C Maladlibaron, li.;
tI C Mathews, Pulwki, Pa;
W Cumungliam, New Caw!, Pa. 1)1
Eneiniaboat - raj . El
Ile ISLAND Y 1:17. I' will be •01.1
at public annul ntbe ray of Wheel•
ing, on MON DA it, loin day olstte
ceosiber, LS4V.
Terms.-One Worth in band. aI.J tb bala - see at
,a,l It month., with tntstest .Approved ueotottaltle
paper Will Isa mken. Mir the deterred pay men.. Sale
postuv. H. MAKSRE,
novid D. Z ANE
inwritoLictin, on ROCK OIL
“Thin, •te mare Mar In heaven and mush
Thin are &tempt of an philosophy..
?TIRE VIRTUFa of this researtahle remshly , and
j the eonstmt application for it, to the propnetor,
has indoced low to harp it pat up itLb . o . ttles with Ia •
and d direcuons for the benefit of the public.
The PETROLEUM is procured f • wall in this
• • •
county ,at • depth w it ho ut hundred feet, 11l • pore ens
dulterated arttele, any chewiest change, but
rust o flows from Nixon'. Gnat Latrratory!! Thato
contains properties reaching a number of.diaeasea,,ts
no longer a matter of uncertanny. There •re many
things in the art.& of noure,whicht i(knowu. might
be of cost urefulneo in Cicerones thirsting, and re.
storing the, bloom of health and vigor to many a sot.
Wow. Long before the propoetor thought of putting
it up in bottles, It bad a reputation for the core of dis
ease. The constant and duly incremung calls for It,
and several remarkable eines it has performed, is a
indication of rut future popularity and iids
spread application in the Lure of disease.
We do cot wish to make a long panda of certifi
cates, as we ere cetwelons that the medicine can soon
work its way Imo the favor of those who coffer and
tooh to be healed. Whilst we do not claim for it •
universal application in evert - disease, we übbesita
tingly say, Not in • number of Chronic Distues it to
rthrtvalled. Among these may be enumerated—all
disc•ses of the mucous tortes, sash as CHRONIC
Aattueit, and all diseases of the air passages, LIVER
COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Diarbeen, Disease. of
the Madder and 'Eldroyn Pains in the Utak or Sole,
Nervous Diseases, Neuralgia, Palsy, Mermen. Paths,
Gout. Eiyeipeith, Tenet, Rlngwoves, Burns, Scalds,
Bruises, old Sores, !re., the. Ni easel of debility re
sting from exposete, or long and protracted eases of
dwelt.. Um medicine will bong relief. It will set as
a general TONIC and ALTERATIVE In such ewes,
important tone and energy to the whole Dome, remov
ing obstrucumor, opening the sluggish fnoctions, which
cause disease and a broken constitutionand giving
interned and renewed energy to all the aria. of
Llfe! proprietor knows of several mirth of
PILES, that resisted ever other troutmeoli get well
under toe we of the PETROLEUhI for • short time.
,The proof can be given to any person who desires it.
None geoulne ',about the Signature of the proprietor.
Soldhy.the proprietor,
S. 51,KIER. Coal Basin, near B..end, n.
'• Also ray R F. SELLERS. fly Wood su
corner Wood el. and Virgin alley; who are his
noon-ally regularly appointed Agents
No. 91, comer Markel and Finh—or 49 Morita.
. • . • , . - .
oaken Third and Fourth sta.
f VIIE ustisontior keepsconstantly . on hand, whole
," rule and retail, the following uncles ria ,
WV ash Tubs, Hood Chants,
Meat Tubs, ' Barrel goons
Both Tubs Half Bushels,
Wooden Bowls , , Pecks and Ralf Preis
Wash Boards, ' Bouts Bound Buckeur,
Cloilies Pica, Towel Rollers
Wooden I.adirs, Brawl Rollers,
Clothes Basket., Market Baskets be., be
norl4 No 63 Diamond allay, Piusburgh
6,.t.RE NOW REX:RIVING a. large and colopiste as
Lr.tty, Lod CARPENTERS TOOLS, direct from
one manufacturers Xn Europe and America, and are
rirt. (OW prePitred lo offer goods at such
cannot rail to please, and would particularly craned
the atteption of Merchants who are in the habit of go
ing MX, os we Nei confident rimy will find, after a
thorough examination, that our prices will compare
favorunly with any bodge lit'Philltddlphlis or New
York. oats
)011,11110101.1101 , 1
liE undersigned successors , successo to A nt
son, beg leave to Inform the citizen,
and public generally, that they have reh
(N.F. h OILIN URI' end arc VOW la fullo
have part of their pattetne ready for
A...aura which ere Cooking Stoves,
Stoves, with a splendid almight Coal 13
now sopereeding In other eines the
Suer. Alto, a cheap coal COoking eta
led for smell Wallies, with a full am
Mon and mantel Grates We would gui
vile the audition of per...
..chop. before pareb.iag, and OZIII3
aftkie of eneininelled timbre, Emlshed
entirely new in this market
Warehouse, No. Liberty in, Op
1.010:6111 NIC/101..SUN
WINIdB, 1.161,E01661, 61100 E
Lulus... so mfr...., Piga., ke. Ilewslesl
tilq iIO{CNIG soul Smut trade, that
celled.ttiOlU, the articles tor sole, lu
.ale the 11
Co pkgie Boatel], Mindeaur and Pogue,
Mandeen f d
vintaq uellets and 00151
Mande ges;
0 pipes Vahan d tims;
puneheons Jameson SPlrissi
do New England Rang
2 J. & etch and Irish Masker,
161 bids Old Almunteshels Rye Wlnikcy;
3L five gal desuunn on du; 1037;
Al pkgs Madeira and Sherry Wow., m ht pipe., 6..4
min and octaves;
06 pkg. Lisbon and Teem& Wines, OPteriersil
ha gyp Post Wines, us piper, hi pipes and quarters;
67 Obis and Md. Obis Sweat and Dry itlalaga Wine.;
90 bbls Old Peach Brandy..
lfeluseka Illo,Lagelayse and Java Coffee;
71 pkgs Y. IL, b. P. and Chid. Teas;
30pitge stunted Tobacco;
SON and hales Spice%
13 bola White Spa . !
37 baskets fresh tland,OLll l
75 g o Champagne', Wine', pas and cps;
174 ease.(l dos) Claret Wines;
60 do Slack of Elthier do;
23 do Sauterne Wider, dohluscat; 15doBlaek
berty 111321 . 1 1 , M7= k et . gate, tfl i teL , w ow litt .
Stout, Atothatic Ana kbards, Bottled Wines ' and Li
quors of Meths.. lam* 44;Juselie y eam=014 Absynth,
hierasouno. Ofgeat,lettaes y liook and can. tk.t.
ds, Aneboviese Pladmes, Lobster. In jets, C.Ms,
Morita, Ketchops, P.:Chocolate, Corks, Punch !Jags,
Muddlers, Seger &tape, hlashen,and Pinsitcgh Kam
5 / 555)r ga generally. 'JACOB IiVENV Jr.
mei? cos gasket and It me
MACYEtEL,-10 60 kf bbld
NNo' 2
1 klockamd;
o do;
so No 3 .y;
~,ILecavidm from tbdo 4221 so for 2210
.22 , 41 • JAXIIIIDALK6I.424 Whit a
IJ Idedietnes 01 the da
OutrarCa y!,
STAMOS, OhloLlflay !..,1969.
E.Sellers: I think it right for therbenat of others
to mate some facts in telanon to Yner eneelient Feat.
ly Medicines.
I have ased your Ventage Jeremy in my from fam
ily, One vial frequently mustering far eiPellnli
quantities Outy Ito POW worms from rem childna I
hue also Used your Liver Pills aadjltfb BTrap en
my fmnily, and they have in every ceprodoced
the elect desired.
As I am
hov eredeng In merehandiving, I am able to
state dim I yto h 0.., ef the. find failure where
your medicines have been - used in my
radon of the
Country. 10 COUchtalon. I May state that they are tha
medicines of the dry, and are destined .0 have a Very
ejtermiye populism) , Your., ree.,ecuuty,
. •
Prepared and cold by R. t I 1,103., No 57 tVnod
stems, and sold by Druggo enerally in the two
Ilea and ViCillitY. v3l
13" original, only atleird:e Liver Pill.
Sena L Ohio county, Va./
eh 461 h, ISO.
Mr. R. E. Helier.: Dear Str—l think it a duty I owe
to you and to the public gmera ly, smut that I have
been abated with the Liver Cataplatat for a long
ume, and .0 badly: that an ahem formed and broke;
which left me in p Very low ate. Having • beard of
your celebrated Liver Pills 4ring for sOe by A R
:bShop in Wpm Liberty, and recommended to me by
y phymeimi, Dr. E. Smith, I concluded to mve them
a fats trial. 1 purchased ene box, and found them to,
Mot what they are recommended, THE HE S T LI
VER PILL EVER USED, and after taking four beocti
find the dieutase ha. entirely le ft me, and tam now
,pertmtly well. Respectfolly yours, •
West Liberty, March 26, Me.
cently that I maa personally segardated with Mr
Coteau •, ,uld can bear testimony to th 6 truth of the
sheove .oertilicate. - A H SHARP
The ;roams Liver Pltls are prepared andnold by
Hto I..LERS, No 67 Wood street, and by 'druggists
in um wt. sides.
TO:161 ruBLIC.—The original, only true and gen.
nine Liver Pills are . imposed by R Et:tellers, and have
bin name matured m black Ina Ape the lid of each
box, and his signatere on the outside wrapper—au
others are comterfens, or hue imitations.
spin R E SELLERS, Proprietor
129011 the Rev ABA SHINN, a wellknown sad pop
alto Clergymen olthe Protestant Methodist Church
• floe andandgeed hearing been afflicted during the put
sinter with a disease orate stomach, sometimes pre
teens great pain in the tomach for tenor twelve hours
withent inter et ' , emoted. after having tried venous
remedies with effect was furnished with a bottle
ot Dr DJayeesiC Imam< 212bann This he used ac
cording to the dire. ortes, arid go nod invariably that Oils
medicine caused the man to abate in three at four mitt.
ales, and in fifteen armrest =antes ever* uncut ,
sensation was entirely quieted. The medicine woe af.
terwardaessal whenever indicatiormot the approach Cl
pale wereperrealved, andthe prom was thereby preVent.
ed. He contironed to sae the mediate every evening
and SOMPlinitt , on •he morning, and in a few weeks
health 1/10so arrastored, that the sufferer was relies
cd from a large SIZIOLIntof oppressive pato. From en
patience, thereto., ot e ran confidently recorraneood D
Jaynes Cuminalnve nalsam, as a salutary medlcir
fir tissues Mate stomach and barrels. A SIIINND
Als ci
hens ty,Do'
Palma. In Pittsburgh at 't sPE l l e fl N la STOR
72 Fourth street, near We c. and also at grelhoug
Btoreorll P SCHWARTZ. Ire •ral street. /amine,
TIM MM. Marna lot
Coanurption, Coach., Coble, Anthem, Bronchitis, Liv
er Co m plaint, Spirting Bleed, Difficulty or Breath
ing,Pain lu the Bide and Beraal, Palpitation of
Hie Heart, Bitumen, Clomp, Broken COS
otimtiek lßste Throat, Herron.: Debili
ty , and all Disguise of the Throat , Breast antLusigs: the :tweet?-
factual and speedy cure
ever known for any of
the abr . thamte-
Dlt. Stt AYNEIS'
Cesapourad Syrup of Wild Cherry!
This medne is no longer among Moat of doubtful
odllty. It
pmsed aunty from the thousands deily
lannalted upon the de at edlgletimenh end nmeatands
higher leputation.abd la becoming more extensive
ly need then any ashes preparation ef medicine ever
prodaced for the relict 01 autlealep mart.
/t hae been iamoduced very gerundly through the
BMW States uld likespo, ,said
theft., of
Importance but *hat c on tain some rematkable evi
deem of its good edema For proof of the foregoing
ineMenents,m2 of the value and efficacy of dos med. '
chub the proprietor will imett a low of the many thou•
mad testimonials which have been presented to him liy
ma alike first respectability—men who have higher
wising ( stionp responsibility end Justice, than
lily babel', teem. it will do another • (mob aud
gummelves ttO injustlea Such temlniony prove. con
clusively, that im *expelling excellence m established
pp Ito inmacie merit; and the unquestionable authori
ty of public opinion The lastant.ros. relirt it of.
fort* and Me soothing influence
thump nie
**oh, frame by its use, senders It • moat no Iresalds
ortamly ft.. the inducted.
ttWhea mmi, acting from ronseiontiow
volmtarily bear testimony to the truth to •• Sr
pa/limier Cam, such testimony, being contrary to Melt
woth11) !Merrill.% and purposec, reef,* cOnsiatern nt
11. , troth, end commend. • special manner tu
%Mier/nal ere4enre."--O'llogat'es Moral Meth..
Srm. Am:mina Cuai or Pc Laturale ColoVSlsllosr-
There Ile , er woo a remedy Mat ba• been as surttectlo,
tn desperate caws 01 Con4eruption. as Dr Swarm,
I.loispOuel ~ y rup of Will cherry, It carengibms. the
sycleri. andupprOto to heal Me nice" on the lung,
enfant t nw and etch blood, pt.wer iolwesosi 1.)•
other On e to,
Caws; I oApril tMth,
Ica ac ttc-- 0.-sr i
I vralv s•lte, four Com ,
mund Sirup to Wtlil cheery hat been die w
rating my his. eauglit a tt‘cf t raid, wbich grade
ally grew worm, attended with a Imre. cough, Mat'
re You'd oil Ile remedies whieh I had /KOUT.' to, eon
Inexessing mall my else eskihtted all the •yrupniene
yelomarythetutoptiou. Every thins I uudeseftwo
tO Fare no e i tse I, and my eceeplawe .d so-rapid
ly Rut (Men as *ell as my•elt, save up atlihopm of
dy tecovery. At thls time I wan teeonmended to try
your invaluable medicine: dpi so with the most hap
py results. The farm bottle bui the elect to loosen the
Weigh, catmint urn to expectorate freely; •nd by the
time had usM boules 2 l was entirely well, and sin
owe as heady • mmt as ever leas in My itht, and
would be happy to give my infonnanotoreemeting Y
ease, that ; other to even may derive the benefit for
Which Ia so gement'. For the truth of the Mame
inetement, I refer e
ns rmer Roth, eraser, Wad%
Metter, ph. of wheat I norcbaud Ma medicine.
Regret...lly you, /axis tdosase. I
Wonderful Cnris ftierkauf Minutee.
D r . ft•rayne—Dear :in I I, ei a debt of gratitude dee
'a you—and • duly tu the Cinema genera ll y, to oder
My humble testimony Id favor of pout 'Compound Sy
rup of Wild Cherry. donw. Utter jean Melee I Was
Violently attached mon cold amt nation of the
Lungs, which sum accompanied wit h a dam-sung
cough, pain ut the breast sod bead, • very considere•
tie discharge et one:love mucus from the longs, e s p e .
listi nt li a
ta pe:soothing° of weather, however slight. At
It alarm shout ray condition, Lot wag pretty
than Convinced that !Waif rapidlni l es
yp o . gr ew dads weaker, andength was scarce
ly able to welt about, or speak shore • whisper, such.
Was the
tried weakness array lungs. During tale
gale I had tried venting preparations and preala notion;
hotfound no reftef—growing all the ulna worse. Joel
here (was
to and persuaded by a dear friend in
WilminglOn to make ins! of Your Drop of Wild Cher.
ry. I thaneirew that previously I hat heed preps
diced mantel patent medicines, and fain stillagalust
those coming out of the hands of en/perks, hut Linde,
standing your Oath t to the prOfessiao Mid of
medicine, and Weenie faith in UM saying of my
friends, I fortliwtth purebthed of Dr. thaw, one of yunr
agents, &low bode.,
commenced its lath r fay o ss .
cue was KIWI.. uhse of :Nor %months' standing, con
sequently it wax deeply rented. found, however,
sionMderable relief from the nth o(the first four or five
bottles. Dot being public speaker, I frequently at
tempted to
with toy increasing strength, and
thereby rupture.l those vessels that had already begun
to heal; in this way, doubtless, toy earn was {ready
icuirdcd. In consequence of acting thus imprudent ,
I had to use twelve or fifteen bottles before I mini,
fcctly mitered I hare no question, • much sma ll
number of.bottlos would have suede me sound, ha
the above trubserenon. The dyftth allayed the fea
tab habit, tools -way the distressing cough, put •st
to the discharge of matter from the lungs, and
them and the can system good health. I have delis
red offering this geruficate until now, for she puep sos .
of being satisfied with the permanency of the
nom and now .hat I feel perfectly well I offer it with
pleasate. Roy. J. D. Jottnao
Dublin county. N. C.
/mponswll antrum—Rea& Read'
There lv butt.. a !ermine preparation of wiaCherry,
d that is Dv tiwevetabb the first over littered to the
pobitc, which wee been mid largely throughoutthe
V Ualed States and Ha. porno of Europe; and all pre-
Wan exations canoe by the name of WilCherry have
put Ma, and. cover of ou ter deceptive
circumstances, .o order to gave currency to their sales.
Ely a little obeismauou, no pence need mistake the
germ/rut from tl l false. Each bottle of the genuine is
enveloped wit s twantiful steel engraving, with the
likenesa of Witham Penn thereon; also, Dr. Swayne's
signature: and .s further security, the portrait of Dr.
Swayee will L.' added herealter, so as to distinguish
Ws preparation. 'soon all ethers. Now, It it was not for
the great curative properties and known virtues of Dr.
Swayne's Conewund by of Wild Cherry, persons
would not be nsideenortng to give currency to their
now. ems"' by weldin the name of Wild
Cherry. Remember, eleven boo r 113.1.1 the name
of Dr. Swayer .nd be not deceived.
Principal Ofisse, corner of Eighth and Race menu,
For see Wht.l.lo! and retail by OGDEN ix SNOW
DM, nor MI and Wood as; Li A FARM/STOCK
0 0 ,,c0r tot am. Wood, and eth mad Wood en; Will
riloaN,ta Marko 411 SR/NE/s,lbn Liberty et; /AS
A JUNES, CO3 vim/ . and Penn sts; /011 N MITCH.
ELI., Afirighem city, and by all respectable dealers in
medicine. 00113
W Inland.* Premix.= Pleater
R. W. P. INLAND, erne Meshed College bf Phil
mielphia, now opento the public his Indian Veg
etable Premium Plaster, the qualities of wpich after
ION( and tried experience, her beep maisfacuinii en.
tablUbcd. rt e e women vnin,may be &Meth with
VIVIMptIIII M or Felten Womb,Jie recommends his
plater, gueraineeing sure end speedy cure In the
Mori mince of from two to thee week., if applied with
care and reetwelimerding all the counties mann:icon
no d e xpensivnbandeges so long in use. This feels
conscientioue at eteting, inasmuch a. lie has not failed
in one - cute out of three hundred and fifty-three pa.
Weak UR ell or Hack, at
w,,d.d with pain there is nothing tu excel Um Piaster
in affording f or affirming • cure. For sale by
corner of Diashond and Market at
Braun Reiter, " Liberty and St. Oen sts
rgcn Federal et and Inenuund. Atte.
itirny city
Jerque. t Co, tt Denman and Diamond Lilnutogi
0 ?AVM
ra IYleha
1 of Plltsbargh
W 0
ration, and
.0 market.—
•al sod Wood
.vo, which Is
cocoon round
wall adap.
Itlll ofonl
r In.
call at our
WO a rpleadul
hoc style—
! . Wool st
i& PAY NI,
II ICs, &co
II ,t. k, em.
iN %VIM , — ,
... ann: u i l, b i e , e ns“
11rwal es, la
Fe SELLERS, Omega, No OS Wood ea..
Sole Agent for the Mart of Dr. Tosatiandtic.
trStaaparilia, Jon received Ml: dozen ot this
tiros Spring and Saar bledictue.
Putchasern should recollect that R alters in ale
agent for Pittsburgh, ad It di Curry a Allegheny
urriiiilf OF COFFEE—An prate which le ra
.r coming into one a a ',lmamate, nounalng
and delicious eeeee being more pleasent ad pal.
stable than common Coda, and for cheapen. as aamatl
papercosting only lea cents, will gm iv far as four
pounds of Rce. blaustactured by
JOHN S. MILLER, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Sold at wholesale hit A FAILIESTOCK Co,
corner of Fast ad Woolad &rub ad Woodutrectit,
Plit.abure. .P 1
. •
ORNIA RUBBER 0000 .- Jolt received,
39 Camp Blankets; tel oilers coats; pro Pants;
lapinr Teas ned ?dialog Boots; la
seater Tanks, 6 and 11 gallons each; 150 canteens,
galloneacti;' I dos Dachau Money Belts; I do oiled
cambric do do. The otiose goods tor sale 51 the Cali.
fonds Mating Eatstilishment , No 6 Wood st.
mch94 J fr. II PHILLIPS
AIiISORTED SPICES—Pot up fa, tinnily use, 11. fin
sans, enclosed In a sliding
A lld boy, containing
?dastard, lsolee,
Cinnanion. Glaser,
Oda, Pepper,
Warranted yam: For sale at Oaf nal, Spice, and
Manned Factory, corner of Ferry & Liberty am
Ali to
triLs—Wnght arca Anvils,
aacasiLls watts,war/IMA will be constantly
oa Mad and saPPlisti order Aw,
salll • ( 1510 C ' SO Wood st
- • ••• .ca di20%.4 .... .i.ra . . i 48..e.A...11.1ea.:•.2 ,z, ~ .
, lie t El ll23.2 e =?..: ..1.-s - -a et / -2.9.1....e-,z, ... ... 4
~ t zt : :ggrilPt.l..2 1= Ci3 . N , 284' .. d
.I •l2L A SE .z ia4gr.lgg ti 1: 1 . !
• , A;d 2 ;40327 - 1 ' d.'''' ' mo o -A.C3,l3Ea.i. E
E .r.
~..., • ,.gat, . ,1,,kif.41111:14.2- 1 1 ' ". • 47-2 " 11 iiiii t if•ii:Elf lg gl a tA; Al 4 1 1 4 ":;.
=l3 Ir.t. rill ie11.,.. 2 11,T,A.i..f.i5 , a ;a:Stir. S- I'lialaprilsiqt(iq 4,10 .5 a
mad ri ! : 4.12..,11:45 , : -2, 05•-s-- c q. la itl 3 " . 3.1 - f. 2., 'eV rcj= . •
CZ w i i Ail Sitra l igiti;: a lVi,: . 2.4l2aE. 01 • iii•ViliglilEg;o El F.' ..z.4 - ... ..;
Qa @, ..1 t :fp...0..1 4 4 _1,21.-,0.ict.1.5 , 3: ... V 2. vw4l'll a riit g ., • ' 3 l 1 7 1 7 .; ill
ma (5 ciitill..".ll 2 itr! - ElV.! 4 7'fflll•: s 4 ' 1 P i lilla l l ,1 6 1" • 24 4. 1 .1= spy a-
gge 5 fllir"PialiNz'tr.;:g2i::•si:•zil ?, 4,—i v .vaL,1 41 1.-5 , -v. , ..4,-gs gis.l I
le:. • . 4P 111..X81r 1-6---- ' --' -' t .. ••-.o l :4lailt,t 1ie:1 2 ' 1 ' 4 % 4 ',..
= .... ggcauctf ' C m !rbili E Sl* 2 0";.1 1 Titil ;!: :IN 1
-4 ,- "•3941.14.....'8"-°•si: a ° .- I .
1 0 s irOgai?..4ig.rgla PI Z.,1 .1.r7.
Za gq ai. ce, ° s ? 0 3 1 411 a .R 2- gsE re ' ;7:-, 2;1
OX la E g la. gp. 4 ...-itgl - 0442. 4 1" •S• 0 P. - Sa"
C., , N
lA. 1 g co . z ES 1 ` z 3 rof ar:32;zzlti 1.6 g a 2
cf S a e . - v i 2 kai .4 . -41-,icts,l-1:- . 4 f..-1 r z a..
40 , EP- .ile i te.U.PM,l ,l, Etira 3 3 e l:
,?... ...- .4 ..3‘)-.2.0:.... 1 .r.i• :: aRi .5
ra..-9 ~. -0 - p
... I,
i n u f a '
cod ‘..;1.A1f.7.1: 41 %.:
erh u illTe.- 1 -Velineq
< d' 14,4 0 432 . 7 2 1 1 4 1;;:1ii
NC .4 FiAiitl,2llllN:-Lii
Ca cc; f:1% 2
ETA r.
rin e Rzehan'BS. Brok•re,
COLLECTIONS.—Drafts, Notes and Acceptance.
payable it - any part of th e Onion, Collected (bathe roost
favorable ten 9..
EXCiI NON on New York, Philadelphia and Bal
timore; al 10, Cmciimini, Louisville,: Saint Louis and
New Orleans, eonstantly forsale.
BANK ROTS:S.—Nouns on all solvent banks in the
United Stlitell diaconnted at the lowest rams. All kind.
of Foreign and Amertcan Gold and Silver Cain bought
and .old.
_Office No. ad Market street, between 11and 41h,
Pittsburgh, Pa. roc*.s
BILLS 'on England, Ireland, and Scotland boot
imy amount at Me Current Rams of F.cellanga.
o, Anita payable In wry part of the Old,Conntrms,
from At to 11000, at tho rue of SS to the S Staling,
without deduction or rhacount,,by JOSHUA ROBIN
SON, amen= and General Agent, a:R.6'sth at one
door wept of wood. octant
W.LIII ciixtk kimumn jp 9 / I .ID war
In Foreign and Doioraesio . Bill. of Exchange,Cer
ies Of Drposite, Bonk Note. and Coin, comer of
Al and Woad zireeis i directly oppoeita St. Mork. Dn.
Ifamk Noun,
purchased at am lowan rstes, by
repl3 Y. Market wash
New York,
um' ore,
Constantly for sale by N. HOLM/0 •4k SONS.
sepl3 35 Marketer..
"Owe of the Most Revaartadle Won(' . ufth.e Age. ,
XTINEVEIi AND ITS 11.EbLUNS; with on occonni
/I of S visit to the Chanewwft elates.. of Kuidne
two, an& the Yelidll, or Ewan-Worshippers, and an
Inquiry into the hlonnets nod Arts of the Ancient An
werians He AIISICII Henry Lerma, Ee.q.
Wen Introdoctor.s. NOD, tty Prot. E. Rohm:ton, D. 1).,
I.L. D Illtatnned with 13 plow+ sod insps and itt)
wool eat, vols. two. cloth. 5134.
.• . •
.Tlae boat boa a rare amount of Kraph•ic, v$
urckyue van' •11VP
••The Work ul Layard i. the mom prominent comp,
bunon to the study of an:Nutty. Wet uppeered fur
teeny —Chrirt. leg.
.•Not eve oAcels to teletext th e account of Nineveh
and a• Rua,. it,ern by Mr. l.syerd "—Wu.htes-tou
foliovw tn< dteurrs with 9.renitocsa Interest
n rhea clenvution, and nuddenly tad ott“elve• tc•
orr=tura tuturs calved ne
it. latala. accuracy,
liftrug gsgauttc bead Irani tue dust of Z.V.K ,
-ear*, sr,. rad . air out neat!, !hen stonodsed
'tut, , :tVl!talt, air wrondritul. but It to .ter.•^—let
u„ lid Waal.
Sow Books.
riPIIF. WOMEN of Inc old ad New Teniamtent.
I 121ted by PI LI elpraotoo ILL) 1 vol. Imp. 000..
"A..* l wwu J t .44.1411i14
. 21. ..cograving,
J• 111,1,114.• by ea,. A55.........0ge0nm0u_
FORMS UV AMELIAAMra. Welby, of icy 4 a now
and enlarged cduloo; alnatraued by engnseinfa from
oricitialpestgoo by ram 1 vol. square Sys, elegant.
ty hound nod gilt. Also—A vanely of splendid Annu
m!. nod Gitt Boas.
Se .
I d Child's Most Book of }he Iltstory of Rome.
I vol. t
age of Carpeatera, Shipwrights, Wlicolvenshts. Saw
yers, Lambertuen. Stadonu, and Artisans generally:
being a ottoroesol, and practicel TOatue on Monsoon.
non and th e t•lnting Rule. By D. fd. Koper, A.M.
Bare, *lh r Anse on Greek Prone Compoti.n.
Mendota' , Elementury French Grammar. By Prof.
tiracne, Mown Uraversity. 1 vol.
(oeitlenet t.ereniun' Heboaw Glamour, by Conant:,
Geom..' I lebrew ItSJCOII.
Truatimuctry nod Loganttootte Titbleg. I
The Fneltaltuun's Greek Concordance. I vol. (MY,
Anthotes Classie•l Rene. •
%Rohner's Lhenouary, (.31/1.4 GL 1 VOLn'O.
do do mahoolged. I se! ito.
Harries Not and Qoestious ua New Trountent
Whotelrir Logic.
Mosheon'. Feclesoistical History 1 vol.. and
irdoecli I
Vestogno t Cr.-lotion I vol. Ifuo.
hlornolgt moos , the Jena, at Borne. 1 vol. (clod,
and paper.)
Scene, where the Tempter has 'froumplood. I viol.
(cloth and papci.)
. Bog wos Theological Lectures. I SU A v e. (elolh , )
Alder's Prottioniciag Dtblo.
Royer's French Inctionary.
Smart . . Romeo. For solo by It HOPKUCS,
novILI Apollo Budding., Fourth st
Montaigne., edited by eionprioong bu
E‘flolo. Letters, and Journey through Germany and
Italy, will. Loney from all the Commentator.. ItnntkPh
ical rind Llibliograpnical NOtICCA,
Theory and Practice, of Teaching; or, the Motive,
and blediode of (food School-Keeping, by David
Plage, A. Al., Paincipal of the State N 01711.1 School,
Albany, N. T.
Frank Forerun's nib- and Fishing of Ike U. I:tates
and Entleh Proyincey of North Moaned, by Henry
nun 6 . owner Third and dlarket aly
JA/ kIE 3 D. LOCKWOOD, Bookseller and Importer,
No. 10 Wood street, has for sale a rew copies corn
pore, ( remainder of the eilluen,) of this valuable
wort. de tried to the Preservation of Donnuients, and
other gut 'erse information relating to the early ex
plorstim e
, rettlernent arulunprovement of the
Cr g, y
around t header' the Ohio. By Neville 11.
Esq., of •tastngh, in 9 vole 000.
noel J. If. LOCKWOOD.
'DOM N LIBERTY: A History, (rah a view of the
IX, Lt ny of other Ancient Nouoita. By Samuel
Elliott, 1 Illustrated with twelve engravings, exe
cuted atme . '2 vole, ave., uniform sub Prescott's
Historic Works.
Just p tilished and for sale by
ABED D. LOCKWOOD, Buokaeller and
nov 1) _ _
__Dururrter. 63 Wood st
Y DBLII IN ITALY; authorized edition,
i• 13utio. I'S eta AIRS. FANNY KEMBLE'S YEAR
--•-• • • - .
i•The .
readmit of this book has trupreesed us with a
mach h ghee Donlon of its author than we had famed
from pa noun; her other writtogs. It dlsplays a deeper
tone of thought, united to more pure womanly grace of
feeling t en
en any other production tif the female mind
with wl wh we a any a mlnted."—tivo. Mirror.
“It m very agreeable and readable book, written to
Fanny 'treble'. best style•lld, spirited and enter
tsloing. We recommend it to oar readers aS die hest
publaa • at of tbe eearon..--Reading 11..
vlt e tei. the Journal of a travel through Europe,
end re mace in Italy; and m one of the plea...test
and m ot Interval/Ayr books of t he .stson."—Cour. end
Knew L
A • ry characteristic book. We have reed it from
title p eto Colophon with unalaatr.d interest. A vi
vid ;set re of life in Rouse. In all respect. eminently
reels.' ."--Knickerhoeter.
novel Bookseller Cc Imposter, CI Wood at
ItHographio stAbllahmetent
UF I IM. SCHUCILMANN, Third at, opposite the
Po st-Oltee, thimbargb•—filapr. Culdwapett, Bill.
Leeds, 1 bowfin's, ',bele, Architectural and Machine
Drawings, Husilleis end ViciongCarde, fee., engraved
or drnan on stone, and printed in colors, idold, Brooms
or Mae 0 in the must approved style, and at the most
reasonable once.. octldely
- - A - lithitalt. -- - ------
(11LATEFUL for the very liberal enrouragement I
%_K Loire received for to many years, I have deter
mined collage my boannena vlmeiderebly. flaying
engeteet *competent Foremen, I will be enabled to
CO ; X. d er . promptly, end do the work an our usual
style au at Mir prices, and n th the sine.. of mer
chants it citizens to oily large stock of UPIIOI.BI - Fe
1 .
It/ MO IIS aud Beds, alattrasreo and Bedding, Car
otid Ma rich., Damasks mod Moue..., Comers, IM/i
-ces, Bet taring*, Tassel.. Spin and Roller Bilude and
every a nele esoally kept m au ertabliAmem of n
kind. i raters respeottally softened nod promptly at
tended I .
N. 11. `aspens made and put down.
awl. I WM. NOME.
. 4 . y t io I3 , R . OIN would reapeel.
keeps on hoiden Erslishicaluil'olltth':
• west tide ot the Dimond, Alle
gheny cit et complete ...orb
ment of u tt er s IllInds,• elan
o r.
de r
i n Shutters are mule to r.
der in the ben rrylo, warrmued
equal to .y in the United State.
HD th e eau be ft:moved...W
ont the
of a Acrew driver.
Having purehrwed the
toole,And want of the cabinet es
tabhehruent of RancieW A. MiClel-
1.. d, 1 am prepared 0 fami sh then old olasiOnlers, as well a•
i t , „,,,,,i, Ins e. with Bee thing In their line.
Agency, No a y AVocal etreet, Pstieburgh.
mchgat J. A. BROWN.
tjAPER /LINGO/BSA am now reoe - Witie -- i;
from the ut.ufactureis in New York, Phlladel•
phta and Baltimore, a large and Well selectrd• won.
went of all the latest end utort• Improved style. of as,
Lo, shoed and common PAPER HANGINGS, eons
ruling oh--
10,000 piece. of Parlor and Fresco;
10,000 '. //all and Column;
10.000 . Diniugtroom, chamber and office
Paper—which I wield panieularly thane the attention
of those htainjyttothase to paper, to call and earmthise,
at the Paper Win/heals at IL C. FULL,
kill 117 wood Ft
.s . :ia;l 4 li=ii 'Thg =
:::.- _l3. ,g ~8 a 1.42 zg g'... 8 0 e2g T, >. '.3
. .,:1,1
4 47, ~.9 i 41 1 11:: i 1 . 14 441 ' 2 . ORA-il-7 l } ice
, S ;
". g Z- •..2 -. i , 11 .1 .4.f.i. - ;,1 ,- 0;.:47,..E v 5,-,.
4ki i w le:Pal .- itt„lt:zrls., - ' 3 . 4! . 2! E g ', - . Z,
" f 25: Eei ' ,l3.2 St'" 1 111;4 1 1Z it , f,V, "'
I 1-.
41 2' 2 1 r g 74• = 1 ;°: r gia.::.;iellg':'4 E t L'ri
a ,.....,,,,,...i..,..5. 5 , 1 o 'E' ~4 11,...,E:3. - s. - . -•-e.;:...ig t. , E.,.:t.'f,g
~ ,. .ait...ra,sa..g e- sz 4 .7.- E. 0 i5a7...5.:=7"2tr i1.` 12, 0 , 1 7, !2 r: It 's:
rP R' . .. . - :gi ° •11h ; E Z , 4 .6 23 r.: 3 Eg i e-t Ege. , ::: - 4.2....7,:- '• ~,.. -8;7
;-;;;;Neig:sl2 , 0 ;TA zoi l s 7l ...i?l 3 ..izszt-'l4-: --.- - 4,-..: -1 714'
::Vjf;7, , r-tigiSA •,., C ) i::e.!..t . ,IV+kr,:art.,l4:ggf,:iri I t .. . g.:.. ,
= E` l3 iziq = 1 : a it 1.. 7.' 4 1 1. i.- - '"q^. 9 ° , tz.+ZE:l- 4 .4...._ , :...;.;:. •.' r. :''r!
17- g -5 16 -4 -<ae z • ;1: Vi' 41 4 11.z 1! . E715,iti4 t'l
'" - 1tg..._1., ; 1=:•1 e_ .iigsr2;l4ls4-111'' ';1..1.'
12 g ,.. 4' 1. Z.1' 1 .1 r., L AA.. /'yam,a.t.,..:-.27=,7`:,:.0",,
I. ' : A.''-'::5 ''..". LI li;nifillii It-E1'it...... 0, -g 1
°, 4 v Tri,....J..,2.4,10 -
PlttsbArgh; -D. N. CURRY, Alleghany Oily; A.
LUNGS.—The unprecedented mama which ham
needed the use of the
o all the warieree forms wide& Initnion of the lungs sa
wn^ has Indoced the preview agate to,null atten
tion w this
WONDERFUL rarpmuerw*, ,, .._
The changable weather whkh: meek, oar illne.:wd
winter months, Is always a fmidtd waren of"
Thew, If neglected, are but the precursors °Ethel feR
• - .
The question, Men, how shell vim nip the destroyer in
Me bud l h shah we get clear of ear coughs and
ails? La of vital importance to the public.
will be found In the (ilmierhe Panacea. la peoefof this
ire have from into to ume published thg - Tertifiettote of
dozens of our best known citizens, who have experi
enced hs curative powers. Thew, with a mese of tae
6.g OF fth T e llS °v" FffeerreNDlNa.
mfta , . 1 ...0f Me Gospel, dar es together with eoploat tul
loot from the . . .
iotatrus OF THE DAY
we have embodied is pamphlet form, ll= =IM 114
endear any oRUNDREWf our ageou
OF Itimeot w tt the ermun7.
have been used in this oily.
throughout the leg Sousa and peach, and weal'
temp any m point out a
which, when takeatmeordiog to direetions, and be
fore the lump had herome fatally dlscoganmed, 6 hag
ever filled to
. .
Wiry, then, need the aimed halms?. why ?meet Up
the tulwrella nostrum, gotten up by mak , own Whet&
salsa ler the assumed name of sane oewbraledith) ,
gently and puled into notoriety by catlike:Ms et per
mits equally unknown? Whilst a mall/sinset
la to be had, whew vouchers am at homer-oar neigh.'
bora,—many of whom it ken
la order that this invaleablosoodicino stay be plane
truitto the reach of the pair as well the rich, we Ima
par the price at
one half the Cost of tou g h
at ta
for sale by our ageo la needy even.. toam and village
ver the west. who ore prepared t o_give fall MlMS
'ova relative to IL T. Proprietor,
rt. Broadway, Cioclonatl,Oblo.
:na CO 3;_ NT oill Al ttai NlN m (i N v O
\I;c: :, RI SO EI I: C ES U ,:;0 " :111 5 :: 1
~—.. 4 k ".. -,- EASES, PO - HUMORS, ShI LSO N Ni n g; 1
4.. ...... (L ------:' the WCl ir UN pntn i n m atte 4i' ra, b4 ;iiil r'
4 ~: _ . --; then beide them.
. .. It is rightly termed
~.. -. ALI. - HEALING, for
' . there Ls !marvel) , a
- .c:i
.. •t, i_..... , ' ' ease external or internal,
' .-- that it wilt not benefit
,• - I have need Lam. the last
careen yenta for all diatoms of the cher*, involving
the uteinet danger and responsibtlity, and I declare
before heaven end men, that min. one ease has it
Wad to benefit when Oa patient wan within she reach
°Catena! means.
pityskelane learned to the poifoesisn. i
helm minbioneeense gospel, stages er anti resew. k ..t.
dermen, lawyer., gentlemen. of the highest erudition,
and multitudes of the poor nee It in every 'witty of
way, and there has been but one voiso—one anthems!
RIIEVIIIATLSM—It removes almost immediately
the I u ilaufmetiou and melting, when the path edao..
ill ,the directions around the boX.)
D.ACHF.—The Wee hes faced lunges of the
head:who of twelre•Telps Mandlag, a k rid l who W i lt
r ikIIit, " RSTITI-7;1 4 07E, " gr A ' l i llE ' TN &'ITC.I , PECE,
are &taped with like success.
SCALD READ—We hare eared cues that actually I
dig eatlemny thine known, ms well as the Ability of ff•
wan r o twenty doctors. One Man old as be had Weld 1
lliiiii on his children evident any heath, when a raw
lelaii of tilnunent clued theta.
'FETTER—There is nothing better for the mire of
BURNS—It is one clew betthings in the world for
PlLES—Tbausands are yearly cored by tlils (Rai
ment It eons fails in giving relief for the Piles.
pa- Amulet the box are direntions for of /CIE
Bona Otheelthl for Snot taa, Lithe Cestrydaint, X.rydpt.
kw, Taw, Cidiklais, Seald.Head Barr Eye, Quincy,
sou • Threat, Brueckner, Enema " Pains, A.
gam Of as Spew, Held ticks, orilima k iessfiattlter Atha,
Burns, Coma. ail Diseases qf W. Skin San I, Pi n ,
pia, tr., beetling of Ns Limbs, SMss, Rhocatatirm,
Pan, aid Few, emu, , r Zrokas //nail, nosh
sat, Jr. in Mg Shea 1.. te.
COLD FELT— Li Complaint, pain in the Cheat
mid Side, fallin off of the hair, or the other aceompa.'
Men cold het This Ointment is the true remedy.) It
is a terrain', o disease to have told feet.
CORNS—Occasional use of the Climmentl will al
ways keep rants from growing. People need payer
be troubled with them iLtheY um it fthrleefillY.
Opp- Thie Ointment Is goal for any part of the body
or Inaba when inflamed. In munacascs it should be
applied often.
CAUTION-‘No Ointhaeut will be gamine unless the
cumin of JAMES McALLISTER is mange with a pea
on every label.
For We by thy. Agents in all the principal cities and
emus in the United Sums.
JAMES mciaisrEß,
Sole Proprietor of the above medicine.
plj. Pneripal Office, No North Third street, Phil,
•--- - - -
Agana m Primansen—Braan & Reiter, conk? of
Liberty and Sr Clair ing and L Wilcox, Jr, corner. of
Market at and
Dond, aho earner 'of Ith mid
Smithfield au; II Casse iam l, corner of Walmitand Penn
sts,fith ward; and sold m the bookstore in Smithfield
'I,W door ffrom Second at; in tillegheey•eity by H P
Sebwartsind J Bement; by J HiSadth, Dregglst,llit•
mingliam,• 13 Negley, EasbLibertr H Rowland, Pile•
Keespork J Alexamler & Son, Monongahela Diry N
ÜBowman & Co, and J T Rogers, Brownsvi ll e; John
Llerkley, Bearer, Pa; are wboleralo agents.
Paolo for this Publles
lo relation to Mat am vaned fatally Salve,
rgibIrYINIONY of • respectable Physlcian.— Read
j, the following., addressed to my Ageht, 2k. r.bler
ryweather, Cinemnati
Sin A sense of duty compels me to give my tribute
to Dallers Pam Extractor. Being emceed to quack
eryand all 124.11111111 and for their object sinister
Poven—bot realising mach good from the "King of
in Killersc—l em Induced to tender you Mis - certifi..
care. I have used it in my family, immy practice, and
with all the happy sod woo/oral erects Mat meld
possibly be imagmod. 11. 1 , Sum, MD.
Dr. Brodie s the mnior partner of Brodie &Levi,
issfnXtmaseratry onstssm.
The following testimonial conies from a souse fa]
mills, to many of those traveling on our Western wa
ters. Mr. Mime, the well and hyena/ill known pro-
Nieto, of the Parkersburg Hotel, Ini-hosband to the
lady whose letter I annex:
Patummonsa, Apia 13,1E149.
To Henry Dailey, Chemist. , ln—Sirr. Having for
merly been long enlisted with, violent inflammatory
Elicamatiam Watch appeared ,so firmly seated a, to
defy nil ordi nary ipplilmees to allay_ the severe pain
attending it. I waa induced to try your Magical Pala
Extractor, and tt having edeo tad, almost as if by ma
gic, an immediate relict, and also, In all appea ra n c es
tire and perfect quo / Unlaced Inc the bene•
At of others who may be aillicied with paimcansed by
any Mud of inflammation, to write to you deelariSS
that in my opinienv (minded on utnal eXperamlF.:
your Magical Pam Lemma°, is the moat valuable aw
overy of the present age for the Immediate extracton
o f
bodily pain. It Ilan almost immediate and a per
fect cure far Horne and •walll, - Land all ante
having Sunny acquaintances:formed by their skits
nt ray husband's hotel in this thane, 1 have mamma
by your showing them Mese few hue., it may poraWly
Le of hearth both to them and youwit
•Ftttenta Gum.
11 tenant vin hope hiss Mrs. GM. pardon the
publicity I give to her letter, is well on the seam of
humanity es of being the Rarest Mode of MUMmIS rt
to We ounce of her bi=nds.-17. Meer.) ,
"Frio* Cerra '
Etho=s of n letter, doted
fludeuer , RY. Nov. RI, 1 549 .
Mr. finality: have tried Palo
Iletractar in
ease Minion, in my torn handy,. which lt relieved
and cured ow a very Mort nom," poets r
spretfully, M. tr. bir o.
ID - Turns and Sralile, trier, yore Nipples, Motto
Breast, Eruptions, Sorer, Cut , , Wounds,. and let
dunnottion, yields readily to Me wonderful properties
of a. ...ailed fmuly salve.. But, to the rattan Voir
porton that you will receive bizeht from the centime,
you will be ',lured by the ileletctioue egrets a( the
AT110: nip. and apply only to the inventar,
if. 11,,,,yra. 415 Broadway, Nem York, or to 1111.
Marked ago,. • JMIIN D hIORM,ILN,
General Depot, Pittsburgh, -
Ildory P. Erebvisns, Allegheny, Aleut; J.
Avb, s h.g, Va s ; James IV Johnston,Thymaille,• Ky
F, m e merenther, Cincinnati, 0., Geoetal DeMt.'
N. 11.- , ln the severest Barns and rails it entracte
the psis In a faw [Wainer neve r
fails. - I.H •
taimenvul. ,A. HMI, N. Lek,
U. 4 Fazustrum Pift.bunh
u. W. Fauxun , c,
Wholesale Drag Altars la the Bally of
Haw Yoga.
. .
, .
HE matorOV II •Th 126 1.4 4 •9 1 .04 In th e
Wboloooto Oman,' to No Nab John st root, In
lay of Now otit= . 2l , amend to =
Ourelry sat =M.*. ,
Waver • MD/Pi ilalmailato, WOW' ain
uipormica) sal all tabor Utiles la Wit lice of boot
mai& sgraalar oak as Gay sou. be oar.
oirallota, MIA C
••• • • •
couent sYgue.—From w. K. 80de.,,
4..7 Esq., Clerk of the Corti of quarter Senions
Beaver Coarar
hint- B. Sellers—Ellr, Soma time in the winter my
wife was.aelleted with a genera and dietrepimr cough,
and Leering of Year invaltiohle Cough Syrup, 1 pa
abased a honlo from S. T. Trimble, of BrP/gooraler.
and after taking a portion of it two or throe evenings
an goings bed, she fond immediate relieC as also
severe friends km bear rolieved in severe Ctn. l 1
am therefore satisfied that it is a sofa and valuable
Anorlikbse, and word recommend it to those who ma*
" afflicted with severe Coegks sad Colds.
1811 W. K. florist&
treparcd and sill by R. F1F.L1.!.1 , L9, 57 Wood st,
g l i s# by dnissiste generally, m Pittsburgh and Al-
-7— Tke ellartiors coal Comp . y.
ttricoapcnts.TED.3 - .
BOOKS Will be opisn foi sobtetipoon to the gook of
nho Cbartlert Coal Company," , ea and glee ,
Moods Sith day of.Septafeber lon, at the offiee !
of F.. „Rentipirtoti, Y . st, Ensbug b.- - •
, lizt . , Z. W,RLICIN r 1., ; .
0 NI 0 B.GII A antoa„,
Ao. 46 Ilarket greet,
TmVINO urchased an asteasirCl dlld {Wain) ;
DIL J.* Asset of t3pring and Balmer Goods, tles
anbsoriber tospecifedly Infonna Ws . friends and this
publie,jhat be Irony preparing to TereCi•G RBA IMF
eats their orders In* cllspatah, and m the neatest.,
mot aabstandal, and fashionable manner., As ha Is
determined to do boatmen on the cash eyttem, he flab
ten himself that be siabilable to do work Ladino.,
as It can be done at any establlahment In thanovelry:
Ills amok Is varied, consisting of Casslmeres, Broad- • •
cloths, Veatiogs, kn., which his friends are respeetfoli
It' Maned to examlna far themselves.
rer4.131 GEORGE MlllO • '
e. is.
REMOVED to a nes. thnsomory Wok
on Smithfield street, •one door below
Sixth street. Teeth inserted trots one
wan entire mime. the suction principle, with shwa
resresentsainZ the natural gent—restarlag, th
, rii,.=°e.rtract:kwill lisle or no DM.
Decayed Teeth permanently and by , pr
worting Me MOM uho, wide, is mad, better than op ,
xelit t lhongh shontSbei Slone in five oaltaitto, or
. . _
8.. A. FAIINESTOCEPR Inicamtruaie.
TN order to afford all possible ...any to the publac,
as well as to tiemselves, against fraud and impo
sition from counterfeiting, the proprieton luso made .
a change In the erterioi . wrapper or table of their Ver.
mirage. The new label, which is a steel engraving of
the most elqUiSita design and workmanship . , hat been .
introduced. at a very great aspens., and is from the
brain of err artist lithe tint talent. The design Is new,
aid tie- akeentioiretztorate. Severn! figures and a
ppausenta most proulinent, but tlic 'word ulfaxia.
an pruned in widen letters on a fed and finely en.'
graved giound, shoiddbe panicularly examined.—
'When held us to the li la the leviers, shading of she
tenon and every line, however minute, throughout the
I whole of this part of she...engraving match as exactly
as It the impression had been mode upon one aide on-
ty, althoughit is actually printed rm tolls side. of the t
Duper. This ehould oli cues be observed. A la
bel upon each dozen is also printed in red upon both
sides, and should be eiamined in the same manner.
Thu preparation has noF stood the test of many
years asst, and is col as a safe
and effectual msdich ;rornw .r am the
system. The unexal . Las attended,
treatrgeNtillr !TV
p l o tte N t o b f . t .
to ascurtain
rt.,' of its use In , we within him
knowledge and obsers mutably found
it to proft.ce the mosti not unfregramt-•
ly after nearly all Me rations recant.'
mended for worms ha ty, resorted to •
toot ed whout ...X Mids. e nu s fart' hat.
t bt, the certifical roof handrads
otrespeetable penning E or the eoun. ,
u 7, and shield Ind.,.
'of the preparationln mild in rte
the ermitlll,lW oily i • p
erfetTt sate
us most helical
The only genuine I.
- srlba 8...
tutsburgh .
Usual I ay. _
F& Conchs, Col,. sumptionl VIA
' GRF.AT AND UAL, _t We cute oft.
above diseases, is the IliThil 7 ARI. - d.N HALS.A3III.Ig:
LIFE,' discovered hy, the cal bested Dr. Buchan, al
London, Ragland and Weal. d into the United States
under the immediate superim deuce of the inventor.
The extraordinary a.m. f thid medicine, in 111
eon-ofdPultrionary diseues, arrant, We American
Agent in soliciting fortteannen the worst possible /A
-m that can be foiled inihe co unity—eases that sect
relief In vain from mayor the c mmon remedies of dm
day, and Men been mhen op the moil distinguished
physicians. manned stidmonrable The Hange-
BIL/3101 has cure.d,and will eitircoli; d
WI most dersta
f ewes. it is no quack nostrum, hot a standa4 Ecti...
iish medicine, of known and established e [Sauey.
k' very noutlY in thelinited States should too supplied .
with Dischanhillungerian 'Balsam of Llibolot only us
emmteract the consumptive tendencies of the climate,
' bat to be used as a, preventive medicine in all eilleS ot
golds, coughs,. sawing of bided, pain in the aide cod
chest, Irritation and mimed of the Imiga, broettitisi
difficulty of bleating; beetle fever, rtilit sweats, etnisei•
stun Rod general debility, asthma, in news, whoopmg
Sold up. and cro • 1 . •
hi large bottles, skit per bottle, with fall Afire*.
dons for the restorWonof health. .
renarddem, contaittlag nazis Of English nod Antal
eon. eenifirates, and othei , evidenet, showing the un
equalled merits of this great English P.eatedy, tnay La
obtained of the Agents, gratuitously.
For sale by B A FAESTOICE k Co., eorster ,
at and Wood and Wood and 6th sta. juSkiftwS_
- -
befinr.—rmulo on dm roosiiiiirored ErrtoroPir.. —
and wit tszttloilable Eastern imams an:deo/rm. Also
TILE OiIE6P ROLL, ormSToN 11.1.1 ND, on hami
ormadero order of sins, and at all pica.
Country Mordants and alum aro write,' to 00.1
examine Om above for dig:twelfth so all will be
wholeree'or retail,anda Mire dairtion clad. to
whole-salo poschue. •
Aaldr7 rs A WESTERVELT '
LOGAN', WILSON As filiOss • •
IMPORTERS and Wholesale Deelera La Foreign and
1 Domestic Hardwire, CuthoTrSakg.rfrk., 145,
Wood street, Pittsburgh, ere now fully prepared veldt
sonntly imported stock of Hardware, Cutlery, Rad-
Meal C.o.:dere,to,loOficr.....7ll,l{,reitt in •
discesnents to Western Merchant's -Os m on
the aunty advanteges had , by our predecessors, Ahe
rn, Logan A Kennedy, we have greatly' Inc reued oar
fealties, end porch sae all our alma, from first hands
on the very best tea.
. The junior nterobers of the fine devote, their whole
attendee to sales, end. feeling confident, of giving
sullicit a sail from WI who may .
viait this smut. 'Mehl] •
AA Lb these differ from ordinary Ink,' an lacy - lire all .
chemical solutions containing no amid maul'
hgrig"lidittlydurafi'7l.'"lf tlireintedhoafertrb,,,7:7
tame, I have neither seen nor heartitf •tb l e * m. -nuck •
pie Wale. eon be obtained grade, by We merchants
ggeegeatyr from .11, A. Fehnosniek Co.,•llenry
Behwarts. /illegal, or of the manufarturer THOS .
liikwkwy, assist and Chemist, corner of LW r ..
p r d . 4mAithrtyk.boldn'toutT4t gi ft at u g " co 'g rup k4' le l. t s. e atlisfaCti e no r
tut be returned and 100 price Will be re fended.
_ _
TII/C STAR . OP - TllXWittiT, • '
Fast Bide of the Diamond, where Yeoman
tilinde of ail the different sizes 'nod *ohne.
are mot. hand or made .order site
' the latest and Mail apprar.d Favern wha
tona,althe ahoneet s citit - w.huil on the nuta '-
remarkable Maas
Mao, the strip Boston mlbr.plit Blind Trmspa
ropey inn piper Certainsof all the ditarent KILTS 11.11
patter.. oratand and for sale low forault.
nom Minds paiumdpirefaild repaired tit liken In p. 4
paymeot for new Id Arl•TEft VELT;Pro`ps.'
in done will, the C.•3l' material mid
multmen.Uip, and gruntraad to pl....tue the =tali.
I dtgas. ' - • naglildly .
Allegheay ruy, Any
aossrstosa, nersanzeu A. 141.1 WYSIIII/110.
Oglete at eh* Samisens... Baltimore.
D EDUCED HTT..I.;-The charger lave tarn
eed on all lantugee us or from !Salentine,
burgh or Wheeling, and a
allnWonalltelavaphie despatches enwarded Iron,
tinseterWest Of Pittsburgh, Ps.
Rersarhe charge me a telegraph derpeo../......," . ". ,
(cr firm Baltimore, Pins aurgnand IN heeling, is
• w.
the hint tea words, and 3 cents intent h . .
IG", No dune is made far We I.llrissraed,
DU. ,
Unti le l We oomple non of the tooth iVerteirrae,74,l.l,
Te from ?demlus, Tenn., to Nell . : ,,,t
ppttnfie be forwa rded to _lj OiSa,
MOW for New Orleans., Mtl
ABID,HATIIING 14874ki11 . 1.181111LEIT• •
TMcPALJ.., beg! to otions lebahiteavar
• bore , no/Airy, am he h. opened' . as:
above enobliehmeat, where ev•r7• lo -• • •i a _ wa L." 1.•
yea to the eonfort of thaws who =I • , • 1
• c.a. 11 .nretreet, het earpeaWandWttol.
VOA =A all other Crib.