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ESTA_BLISEdo IN 1786 -
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Acoli wkAwErt, ja, Wholesale and REA.] Den-. ---'--
1,1 - & - an ealth. ''
al H trance.
• SAIATTE 111111Olufte, TIMID cram . Cat Dooll TO
J let in romp Wm, Imo Liquors end old filonon T II E Memel Life end '
gnh,b, 1/, whrekeyr, corner First and Market • t'
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roLPl4Siard.elphis ureure comm.
=I PM VIVI= y th e Legisleta
_ ._ --_ /Si lar,er ptWIWWI
_ - --"--- V itel - LW•rW P...-V[l.l
KLkla A JONES, For ding and Constridemin Mer• ‘ ',V,l
Daily r•••• —s7 pee ... m. , chants, Ikalers in 1- r duce end Pittsburgh menu- I loner Man t
fio - factored articles, Canal Basso, near :lb a t dni • frilluwing ro
„ the age nfito
L Weekly, (in a senerp-- •••• PEELS EILL, PITTSBURG'S.PA. • Girard 12,k
DO. to Clubs, M a reduced rare- V" ENNEDY, cint..ns A CO., Mmuracturers oft 2,03 d, &low
• --s• .P. superior 4.1 Sheeungs, Carpet Chain Coop, Life. Sth3d,
RATES OP ADVERT NE Twine and Baton B° 4-1 3 non lie, SIVI
1- AGREED UPON. -- Yoasseina .11.rosk Works. es D. Hatt
& C0.,C0 , modacturers of all so Jaye, NI
me Hu, ahem, Boiler Iron Rad Nails of the best • • B Camp'
.---- -----
One Square, (IP 1111. orNoripmeil Or lese) rualow Watchouse, 69 Weiss and In :nom w. Boilr, Ed
ewe inse mon- ..... --• .... ••••-••S 0 ,S 0 ,orgy
II 3 Vic , . P
Ono Square, each additional Inenton••• Li:-.1 1 - s wATEHIsAN, Wholesale Urocer,4";rward. do !Week hi.
Jks one week ....... •-••• •• •• • 1. 7 . 1 La o tog .11Conartssion Merchant , Deelerern Pour
two weeks.-- • •-----• •-t• 1 .„„P. bargh Mennfeetutes and Produce, Nos. 3 . 1 'Birde sto r y inform'
CK, An
t three weel.s•••-• 4 ... and 02 Fronts: r IV • keillnel
Do._ one-month SAD ' s Porn
•op roue" dreamt ;a . .
~ ,Dis„,..
two months•---,--- •, ILKEEIDDY dII , I9AWYM '. ''''
I - • •
Do ion, months 1020 y COXING GLASS blmnfacturers, and %Wholesale
G. az months • • ••- • - ...•-. 12,00 Ls dement 10 foreign and domestic Vtuiety Orion.
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„, Eve _ ~......._____ . 19. a, Western merchants, Pedlars end others ar e inowled
9,..d r: , C.,, , , t , r ,n„.. .7! „ fic.:.:, per ~,,,,,,,,,,. odd , to call and exerulne the prices and uuelay Moue sleek,
Wm Square, clooneuble as pleasure (per on- as wall our presentincreased llWllitio,, in iltallutt,ClYV
too mg mod purchasing, we think we can offers great
Fo o r .m eat l ' arld. '" tn '' tial o) sci th u ' are pa rth r ostred over one month, uiduceruents to buy er . „,,,,y other boost We. ,
. t.,.
Imo for easbadduional scone insetted order the year- hl OuriWin a in-o•ly
' ly taus, half price. AIL muck PILaW.4.. V. W. SLVIIWW.I, YiltalwrKll
P on d
fit not accomtable for legal advartnernals ‘4 ILLER & lUCKETSON, Wholesale Grocers and
beyond the mourn ohatged Sur nett pablinuon. all. importers of Brandies, Wm. and Sagan, 'No.
A=ouriclog eandSales for odke, to be charged the .479 ai s d El, emu., of Liberty end arum strems, Pitts.
Pam as other incensement , . . burgh, Pa. Iron, Nails, Cotton Yarns, &c. ter . ova-
Advertisements sort Marked ea the copy fora ripen- soon), on ban..
Led amebae! insertions, will be continued all forbid,
._ loos
11.1.U14 rats ILL A WSW, WAL , C. WW.
mid payme at es acted accord: •
.1 , 7 , 11 ...e.g re d .
ai m
. 11 6. 1u.13 ,,iiic tR h oj t., :,IN N ' . h o o . I
l e a I el L, G b r o c
) e . r: L eu:
p d ,
, tam: g l
t z
thenneros ran pernonlog to their regular business,•as i
stored for, to be paid extra. URPHY, WILSON & CO, (late /thin, Murphy &
Alt adyerdsements for charitable rnstitutions, fire M. Co.) Wholesale Dealers to Dry Goods, No ith
erompanica. worth tosonahlp and other mobile Illerthygs, Wt.o.lSWett, Pittaburgh. nova/
and men like, to be charged half price,payable strictly it A AllablW WILSON; Porndtland tinthrrPani
le advance, LVA. ter Rooms, comer of Post Oiliee Alley and
Ramage notices in be charred CO tome. Fourth street, entrance on 9th nest Merkel.
Death notices inserted without charge, unless scram- , t ,..._, th
i and
Partied by LAMM toad/ilia...a obituary ca d re., --- PrPESI3IHIGII mu, lrOfthe , AND SPRING
when as accompartied hs be paid Or.
alllTadvertisers and all others sending camtart. _
i tat ta or yeardring notices designed to call otters -.-.... n 'n 7 d4 jozams & Quxath Nod e. One..
don to Fairs, Soirem,.Concerts, or any public enter- ....
ing ' ,I Mutersteel
mannAlana aanla naaalf aa n'n m ade for " th ' o r" -- Ili piny steel ' , We ll er . plOU:rwurge7coach ia ell '
~ ndi nap.. of prisms "": 1 ":,""l',„7: '''' d - tto !ponds, hammered iron isles, and dealers in marl'
riri!WiTtendettrpo d rOto W te - ayl '' el itreal,C n ena kn o l o a- - r.... 1. clew fro en slam lamPb mid comb triton:dins
ly b. b..,.....
with the th „,,, thth .„,„„ th ., th , ....„ la roe .. rally, comer Minis and Front as, Prusbe no,
to be paid for. Untended lo be Inserted in the lova
column,the same will be charged µthe ram of not leas ki HOLMIS A SON, No. al Market 51., second
than Wet ts per Rm. .L a door from corner of Fourth, dealers lit Furman
Bishop sr Rallotices to be charged triple. once. 1 and Domestic Bills of Fbrchange, Ceruftcateo of Dep.-
Tavern License I.eutims,S2 each. ' it , Bank Notes and Specie.
Legal and Medical advertisements to be charged at 113' Collection mad on all the principal caw.
fall Mires. , throughout the Coded States. derk7
Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers' Advertisements b i r BUCKMASTER, A......."--off, rr-1
out SO be clamed ander yearly raths, Moto be allowed • Grad door above Smithfield,
south side.
Manned of WHY throe laden. WWI* , e<. l ( ...0. Conveyancing Mall kinds done with the greatest) The PaornylLvalsl f
_ C oozy Ins!.
=own of billy ' care and legal accuracy. Its./
WT.. as 2.11132.12 IN 22.2. 1.2.21312. ma., Reid Laois exami ne d, k e , ne e d i k d e ,
One Square, three insertion. 111,1/0 first I
Do. each additional kulattloni-• 37 PRON. HZNHY 110HOOOK, 1 moue
.10 BP
Ausikasewuktem WIZILTP.... .10110ENN STREET, between Wayne sod Hand, bas
One Square, DO lines,) one ingerthm....39 cis. .1. resumed lies professional Maim, pivots tiorrue- o7or'Ul
Do. each addrtlonal " Irons on Una Piano, Gail., and in Vocal Blume. • '
-AR transient adverrizemenat lobe
advance. augUISH ' snow
WHITE & CO, Ganue•
KAV. i .id PERIN TEA EITO - EL- CElVlFiairin mow
L. HARPHR_Poirr,_ at, near Wood-All quantities of Green and
IttriVT M. M.DDLE, Joann/. Rook Teas, done op in gunner, half, and i ' lq
JAMES P. BARN & CO, Chronicle. 0,,,. po nd cad/es:es r from 00 c m -,, p ‘ ..d
FOSTER & BROTHER, Dismal. ii:or 1 .5 7„ . ..,X4•Na-, 4 ,,. (or ~,,,,„ t... e. „ . . f
• JCS. SNOWDEN, Memory.
• JAhllO W . H/DDLE, Amerman.
VON, LITTLE & CO, No. lin /sherry streCi
Putsburgh, Wholesale G ro cers. Produce n 911 .• .
nrraStraen, Dec. I, IDE.
m oLrun f is . lonfilerchants, and dealers in Pittsburgh
1111 b IY7
I SAW. WM... 21,10 s urns. 2.01. L. ~mum..
11_9 011ERT MOORE, Wholesale Grocer, Rectifying L Ire
LL Distiller, dealer m Produce, Pittsburgh Alemnine-
A LEEANDER rtLeaLot, Attorney at Low, ba re s, an d dl kinds o f r or,tv and Domestic Wes t. Mao
jai. - Fourth sr. _ end Lay." No. 11 Loren) street On hand a very ohi
• • DABIM C. winriair. large mon of superior old Monongahela whiskey,
..kIITORNEY AT LAW AND COAISILSSIQNER srbtch wit be sold low tor out,. apthily
POR PENNSYLVANIA, Se. Loma, Mo. a' ,_ 0. ..„,....., . o• L. 22.2.2. ulOn..
COMMMOnalmOLof2OO l 7 ....... 0 .' 234 V 1110 El NrOLDS &MEE, Forreardmg and Cammismon son,
ARMSTRONG & CROZER,COnnlasion Idarchants .i.i. Alera.ita, for Ile Allegheny River Trade, %Icel. ,Ja
mid :Dealers In Produce, No. dt3 Market arse ars m ( wiree,Proolnee, Pinshorgh Manuractures PM+
P unroll,
--- Vim tagisitprie in emit, paid at all times for coon
JOHN H.HANIZIN, r raga Corner f Penn and Irwin ear iest..3 LE
ARTORNEV and Counsellor at Law and Commis.
DAL ELL & C0., - 3Vhole - salc ar0..., RA
Motet fo r the State of Pennsylvani ,.
a, dr. loam, ROBERT
Mo.(late Oil...Molting/L.) COIWAW*IO/2 and Forwarding Merchant, &Men tea
Santateloa-PiUsborglio Hon. W. Forward, Hemp .Prod. .: turd Pitubungh Martufteutres, Liberty sr.
ton & Mier, APCandless & lirClure, John E.• Parke, Olosborah• Po r reli2.4
121W5 A Jennie, SPCord A Eng. tuagilthdly _ DOSE A.., CUNNING/VIAL %Wholesale Grocer, ,y e
Y./LUIZ. 2. a 2[212117. Ur Deer Produce Produce and Pittsburgh Alannfacturn
BAIRD E. sTzatuaTT, s A 14 4 I:tern s - 11'12 sal
A . /INETS AND COUNSELLORS Ar LAW, is . c_ g,,,agrag a twigs Z. wlll.. La.
Fourth' at { ect, Warren emit/Stela and Grant, g.. ItACKLUTT t WIUTE, Wholesale Dealers In. is
i.ittali Jn-__________ 1. 13 1.1 Form} n and Nunes. Dry Goods. No. pp Wood rt. is
.221 2- L... km. e. miniOr Nitavarai ••' ifebl7ll 1 b
LARGE .111, WILIZND, • 0 A IV.-117t.NaitirGitTWO.TiliTero.ii,Dilii:i. lit
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Fourthstnesonar Orsath tj o at Faith Mid Produce generally, and Forwarding 41
ti t
Pilau tot Com.nission Metchnts, No. S 3 Water at, Pins.
JAM*, - . - irlt, ZHEG--- berth.A
ITORNET AT LAW.-office oo Fourth at, be. 1 . 1 . 1 . i .T.0 7. M..... .... .....0“1 ,, ..... ~,,j
.Cl. tween Smithfield and Grant st, Pittsburgh. V i WRS & HICOLS„ Prance and General Com- „.
S mum n Merchants, \0.,17 Liberty 41, I.ltWbawill. n
911301 y Sperm, 1., axed Ain Lard Oda /I'
Plttaltrorgh Alkali WZirk.a.
La 0 - - VON lIONNHORST & Co, Wholesale Uri, 0
VENNETI', BEDRIPA CO, Ma nautili:lm. of Soda 0 . - • • •r w ,„„.... -,,,,,,,.„,.
.1) Ask. Blembung Porlms, Mu rimm sad Sulpherte ~ •n Pro- I I_ .._, _ ,
Acids. Warehouse Noi - Water street, below berry, Id stand) .i... I.Ww. on Ilse Common'. No 41 V. elm sure'
not2o-ly Pillgamw It ini.: di( P. A. MADEIRA, Agent.
- .. - ........ -...5,.. . --
t an."
laß#_....Uft: anTER,, S - "holemale. ' attl o 72;ttlm
ATI nmer of Lib.try and St. Mau meet.. itt.
coucirson. s. sacrum.
• lovius. GILLBEIR , oles•le Grocer.,
• and CialliaSll9.ll hler hams, No. 145, taberr,
I • • .F.Tc.PCG h. Co., Wholesale and - Ire - :
a • tail iloggsbos,ceract Wood and Odi . iyl
CllA/ - 7 - 1 NASLOR - i,ttomey at Law, Third .1,
Ist door above liatithileld. vo•vl43.a
0. H. PARTitararb, IE4 D.,
rIONTINUDS to give hie pat tie Olt attention to the
V ovate/tent of &oases ot the RRIN, SCROFULA,
and Diseases of the THROAT.
Office hoer.: 9 A.M., 1 P. ht., I' M.
oced2ot• . • _ _
• -
JONI A. nolo. AV. , Sn
rtgAla t I10N?1E11, Forwarding and Corannonlon
Muthanta No.lll tduket Si, Putaborgy._ not:.
C A. AIeANULTV tr. Co., Forwarding and Coro
. minion Meretranbr, Canal Ratan, Fotakargl, PA,
• mcla
n H. GRANT, Wholesale Grocer, Commis= and
V. Forwardrog Merchant, No. 41 Water at. salt
Spriag.kilk . h, Stool sad Iron
C O LEMAN, , IIAILISIAN & Co. noinufsetarsrs al
Coachd Flip. :Somas, Ilammeted Axles,
&ping . an
d Plough Steel, troy de. Warehouse on
Water and Prost streets, Pittsburgh.
' "Also dealers u 4 Coach Trimmings and ?ranee.,
Ega.ll E7 ) l dr. BENNEIT, (late Eno .h Qalla hat
yr. & Ca. Wholesale Ocoee., cammtsamn and or
s. llderettanta, and . m i dealer Yrodae. and PAW
Cards .61anatannarea, No. 37, Woad at; Dom=ad
id streets.
HENRY, Attorney .4 Co.=Hot at Law,
r.j. Onetime% Lade. Colleetio. in sou th ern Ulan,
.4 in Indiana, .d in Kentanky, pmmptly .d earn.
fully attended tn. Corondasioner Coe the tittle n(Penn
tor taking Deena:kin., atknearledgmenta,
ke. kn.
EUZEIBeII /a Scat, Curds, Char.*.
S.,,kottntrs, Wm. Esq - Wilinek attS
. ODOZOD W. MIMI- JAM. D. ...-
CIEOIIGE. W. SMIT/1-2 CO., Bronors, Manton
Ur and Hop Dealers, Pin at, Pillabargb. - arlin
COWMAN, Coracusston mai PO
G3 l 2 Mr , t , No. 20 Wood burst. Pipsbargt
-- - - 0 / tIOU .---- ai rt AG I ) I lir --- C
----- 1
a 0 ' ' M - 0 - XY . • .
i ..._
AMMON STEWART, manufacturer of Ram
Sblittugo, Cheeks, &c., itebeaca meet, chy 01
bony, runnAdlya
LEE, (memo. to Murphy *Ley)Weal Deal
. eland Commisaion Marabout, for the aale ot
AlSLeriCaa Woolens, Morn% moans lith at. febtr
ars. giarialiluroora
a. r. 'rasa; =rum rows.,
D. c. artaarsora, solo a. waysza,
BALD t 111JC6T106, Tobacco Commlsdon
omit, 41 North Walla Et, &VI Nona WhaD4fvs,
• nov3
8.131DT. . •
EL:DY, Jes ONES , "& Co., (eaces.eore to Atwood,
Jon t Co.) Co urrarseen and Perwartegiter•
dealers). Timber& itansfaerdred Coals,
Plusbarib, P. meta)
_ .11.11F1. 1.14-
r u en Dichlr a Co. ,
ondl.o7Front ant
Jmans. nageoaTll. 106/211 DCLIKOZZL
8. DILWORTH & Co, Wholesale Orocess, PM.
dace and Conunisslon ble rc hast
_ts, and agents
MAO Ruud Powder Cu. of N. T., Plo. - 27 Woo d at,
Pinsbargh. told
TOUlSibi. TOWITIAIND, Druggist and apothecary
V No. ablarket at., three doors above Tlnrd at. Find
have constantly On hand a well odes ted wig
sown= of the best and fresheot Metbeinso,which
Will WI on the most reasonable terms. Physicians
vending, or&no, will be promptly attended to,, and sap.
4 . plied with anielis they may relyZatt as gername. d
'F "lei from thl ' Arogistorirls7a;. any w air of
lorg u" ight. •
• Alms fm L., • lame stock of fresh and good p.m: -
kiT ' Cod s Low.-01.
Vv bee on Fatnh st-, above Strojeld. - nord•ty
137(NiNfIMS, (late of 11 - 1 r, ••
sloe Forwarding glarthent, and wholesale
In Wester, Weeny, Cheese,' holier Pot awl
Pearl Ash, and Westoni: Produce Cheese;
greet, between Smithfield nod Wood, Pittsburgh. op 3
CH WATT, ( rooeusor to Emil: ioflititTirt)
'Matinee gloater and Connalstion Merchant,
In Produce and Pittsburgh blutufacturcs, cof
fer of Llbeny and Hand streets, Pittsburgh P.. pal
WOWS A.• HUTCHISON, & essors to
Op Lewto Hotchinon • & Co Commission Staroblattk
and Unto of the Su Louis Steam SoAro ,
NO. eh VMS? and 52 Omit etteme,Patstungh.
• u'rwr, alai, non eat
erin Dye litalb, hats, OM, Vanione 8, to., N 0.03
Wood straforno dm, Boinn of Dianond Patu
... I . , Jr., & co, keeconteor to JottePO a
Dia )1310 • en,Pel Water %vett. ocal
e! Itolesak sod g Retell dealer
in lettiie sad /twic lastretteenot, e Lool Boors,
pa, Bialee,t3toel Pens, Quill% Printers. Coed .0.1
etotioottall oo otolly,No. el Wood n., pit...burgh.
Iv . llogs no • tut taken in trade. .e. 15
ISCROQNILOAYit k W,. Wholesale Isseigssus,
V • N. Ith Woad Mom PLustres
strefA„Pittatouriat. . ,
=STON k.IITOCKTuN, Liootsatlaza, moon
Paper plar , ofaciaren, No. 44 Ilasket at, Pitt.
i ic i a llsTLOVD, Wholesale °rocas', illtt ' statt u l:ton
U • cnh•llltlt ao4 Denlets Prodoe.., itoil
Pura inilldinge, taming on La,erty .
Woal and Gib
wow • PilitnoTgh, Pa. ere
brassale Grocer, Cesusubiusom
Melchantosuel dealer in Produce and Pittsburgh
=tares. 11044 Watct st-, Pittsburgh. 4
J. B . SWEITZER, Attorney at lisw, odic. 3d et ,
• oppostui /St ChStles Hotel, Pittsburgh, will
".__,Miocto , ptly to Oollootioo., W•itt,toroo; Fhlt tte
thun 110. u.., Ps.
Litaakstotk, Belt ,
Clonteht CogrAl,en, }Ymtbitrgb
• . •
rpEarn & SCOTT, Who:smile and Reim' dealers In
11Ziats;•Sticisos, 'ltsmlrs,..oexpetlEtrs, !cc., W.
curses of 4:11 and Smilbffeld ' tli, Pittsburg, Ps. Pei
JA - 04113
WIVEd LICRS and el(MilLt, dealer m Elmo is-attain R Wluakey arid Pittsburgh Man
ufactures, corner of Market and Fun at..
Superior articles =pulled at market rates. sera
Vi'. )t[. IffITOFIEL TUNE,
ANTS. Aka—lmpanel , of Soda -!iish and Blest: Wag
Powder, ICU L:berty at., Itipposzte Sixth ni..) Piss
burgh. went:
10. L. IV ICI. nano 10,110.101
ICr& hPCANDLFZS, (successors to L. S. 1..11
Wick,) Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding non
Clommiskun Merchants, dealers hi Iron, Nails, Gime,
Gallon Yams, and Pittsburghhlanialietures genemlty,
tomer of Wood and Wale,. 1.001, lituburatt.
• ... ...
VW. WALLACE, Mill gone and Mill Fornolil
inn entablislunem, No. •244 Liberty st., near the
earal. en•r2s
-- .
Ty . and Mtar
d. y Good., newer of blartet and 4th
street., Pi.abeush, Pa_ N. B.—Watch. and Clock.
YYO:OEST DOWEN—Commuldoa and Forwarding
2 t d . cr , chantigo. 40 Front at 'between WoLtz l nd
MUM , . Y notes.le and lietZEClealer in
a reign and Domestic Dry Goods, north chat
corner of 1 Lutes and Fourth ant . auggl
. RM. T. &VONT.
, int. I'M to,
WM. 1 DM) & Co.—Dealera In Imuher hider, are.
TY 143 iberry at An 3-1,
tow. Dr Lan. Y'co ' Till - 1 - Corr
W& I , ICPCUTCHEON, Wholnale Grocers,dea
ler, in Produce, Iron,liiila, Gloss, and Pitts
burgh . tdan. acmes generally, 162 Lawny at, Pitts
burgh. demt
W • W Ll3Oll, Dealer in „Watches, Jewelii
,g She r Wure,h l Phary GaAs, &e., No. 37 Mar
ket al . nov7
Butler, Pa
_ .
• also attend to colleen°. and an other heel
,' oak enrnastad to him In Butler end Armen - one
dOendes, M. Eder to
J. &R. Floyd, Liberty it.
W W. Wallace, do ..
Junes Marshall do 4. Nutt , web.
dly Kay & Co., Wood rt. ) An]
BTEAhi BOAT AO EY l l'fl
Omcs Id.,& Co, '
MI Mal No. 49 Water street.
"°o h 4.l"" T i ri ng "° d widely kno as
bisl; ,' S of the It i nt o coinm " odions in the dry of
Baltimore, has recently undergone very eaten-
Man alletndons and. improvement., An enure. new
.wing has broil added, containing •nnmerous and airy
alegr itiartmenu, anti extensive bathing room!.
get` department has also been complete
ireergardoil and tined up in a ma aranigne and bent:J
IM style. • In fast the whole arrangement alike Honor
'has bona remodeled, with a single eye on the pan of
the plopei Mira, towards the eomfort and pleasure of
' their Gams, and which they confidently amen will
&tamp comparison with any Hotel in the Uninn.
'Their table, will allonym be supplied with every sub.
monad and iuuey which the market affords, served
op Ina =goner style; while in the way of Wines, an.,
they will not be surpassed.
conclusian die proprietors begin say, that ranking
will be left widow on their pan, and on the part of their
assistants, to render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their Hanna and tbepolUti generally,
fol tie4e , ei . f so
. 47 board have al been redued to the
Lad& Ordinary, $1,75 per day.
Heath 1,60
N. H.—Yhe Baggage Wagon of the douse will ail
. leap be Mond at the Car and Stimatioat Landing!,
which will convey baggage to and from the Hotel, feta
of charge mann(
0311.161 . Oi/ 10111111 AM GUST /TIMMS, MITSII.OII.
THE subscriber
-ji respectf anoounee. that
be las now opened Nis near and excellent Hotel
naritic 10eotatoodasion of traveler, boarder,
and the public generally. The Loose and furniture
are entirety new, and no pains or expense have beet+
tapered to render It one of the mom comfortable and
pleasant Hotels in the city.
The nib scriber u determined to dereme, and there•
fore solleiti, asham of publiopLunnsi,
0 ,u4.41 y JACOIIIIOU6II, Proprietor.
scone *.
d lt (Sureesaars to Al'Cord tr. King/ -
anti Li•tt•iii,
&For/ of froa and Nth Sherds.
PAMTICI/141k nitration paid to oar Retail Trade.
Genii:Mien Can rely upon getting their Hate and
Caps from nor Cstabfialment Of t h e Imo mom.. and
routine MO, at the t.sTnr STTLIS,Itad at the WWI=
liellntr, Merchant., purchasing by wholesale, KM
respectini.y invited mall and cum:lint Oaf Stock;
we can s.y with Confidence dial es regards btriurs
and game it will not wider In a compartson mill any
SWIM In kinladelptila. fetal
Si PICINI. BONNET — ititiliti, dr
Wu este open It umpply of spring Ito it; taw N!o,p
of new and handsome styles.
Alto, mar style figil Netts; Lisle Laces end
et; L iar Liar Edgings; VietOna do, plud Muslins and
/aeon., embroidered Swim Muslin., Se., betide•
large atsbrtment of Spring Goods getierady, at 1•014
Mat corner lid and Market streets
Wholesele_lteems sotto , •P•
Ltar oa MISLAID-1 trent iii..."... i reuut .75
lb., warted "J. a. J. R. Dick, Meadvalic. Seed,"
aDent the MU sir din Celebes tub Also—lk of chests
Tea, misled kB" They may ease been Stll4,nl
to taint eowontssian house of steamboat
hirers) reward will be Ocular all or either of die
putted.. on Malt - recovery, by
wasl.9 fateld,DEN
/.Land iretli:EC Wan ranc h.
of renio.ylvania, a
hiszch. 1.49. Ch y
imer perpetitai.
Capital, 6100.1.0. Reno 1.011 , 4 17.01.6V11
VAril• citurin, and full 20 per can. limer bait the
rate. of Lite laruranco, no the following torn
peri•onvill .hour. Thu., p erson of the Ign of :to in
ung for VIVO for 110, must pay in the Ormrd 32,3 a
Penneylratua,lsJ,34, Peon MutUal, $1,34; Equitable,
3-2,04; Now England, 6236; New York Life, $2,3d; Al.
bion, 32,4 e, Life and Health, Maim:ell:4lla, SLID
Duraeroas.—Samuel D. Ornck, Charles D. Bob. W.
F. Boone, Robert P Kbta. Cbarle. P. Maya., M W.
Baldwin. M. M Reeve, M. P.. Cher. 0. B Campbell,
Lewis Cooper, I. Rodman Baker, F.; R. Butler, Edwin
It Cope." Prerident—Samuel D. (Duet; Illee Pres,
derk—Robt. P King; Secretary—Franc,* Blatk borne.
applications will be re ceived,and every inforisilitton
given by SA I— FA /IN EhITOCK, Aa
0111ro, oeinmerehd . Rohma, e.,rtati of
.1X dly .
Wcatt and TtL n 1 las. PittiCurgli
' CT? -.. "... INRURANCE.
eI lLIA V It l & ft1 1 1% ) -
narnaam, In Ran
Annual Premiums, Captial Sleek, and Surplus Fund,
Thus old and respottint, Company continues h. ,s
-ae pollen's on the MU. tavorable tonna on Dwelling
Houses, IlOusehold Punitture. Stores, Stocks of beside,
lkarehouscs and dontent.. MOM and blanufaciones,
tr.e., agatustl.oos't ilt DAMAGE HT rim.:
Also, on Goods. War, and klerchandme, against
We Ta
hrnard• of imam tiatenaration, and upon the
Cargs MS. Vessels.
The oe Protection Insurance Company having, tt
last W. 5 years, paid bun, nattiona or Do Mann andheir
several agencies throughout the United States and the
British Beeriness, hoirn established a just reputation
Po t
solvency and fair dealing, which challengea com
parison with any other insurance company on the
continent of America annexed eatreiel Dom an
aaisle on the subject of Insurance Companies, taken.
from the "New York Day Book," exhibit. briefly the
standing and policy of the Company.
"The °moneyed men'of the ancient and always pros
perous sty' of Hanford, have for half a century been
:amour throughout the Union for the care, discretion,
rigid honesty, and unvarying seeress, with winch they
have formed and managed corporations of the de
acritition. No Ilmtford Bank or Insurance Company
has ever failed These Companies have for tuore
than a whole generation muttered their risk• in near
ly every . State of the Vann, and have never failed to
pay the Innumerable losses which they have insured
All looms arising upon poltems issued by the under
signed, will be promptly adinated and poll at the Geis
ere Agency office, located at Cincinnati, O. A large
portion of' the funds of the Company, (including all
prtmonans received at the Western egenetesj is de
ponied with the Genets' Agent of the Company at
Cinetnnati, fur the payment of Western and Southern
lesser. Apply to FA I"Kr rE BROWN,
Agent rot the cuy of Put...burgh, nod (or Allegheny
county. oci6:darn
Fox I:tsars...lca UN Lava an - A sairmas.
rpm first Late Insannce Company in Me U. States.
j Incorporated March (0. lel2--chatter perpetual.
Capital ssoo,olXl—all NIA in.
ilavanri asithonsed the undersigned to receive appal.
Wens for insurance, on which penance will bedazzled.
• . . • ,
cording to their p7opoinds 741
rates, estirldiriti be
aide known to applicnote at his office, No. ed Wood
street spa UEO. COCRRAN.
FTII - 1 - FA 113111 M CB -C-0111,1N1
CAPITAL 1100,000.3
1. Jr., Sco'y. I IL Milad Pree't
ituurc against all kind, oE.lrleka,, -
A.ND hIA RINK. •-‘
AL4lr l iesce will be liberally aujusfeileaHl pr
home lastaution—mauwd by Diftitor. who are
well known in the community,and who 'arctleternaiii
eil by prottiptneee and libel ultty to maintain the char
muter which they hare rueuuted. no (urging the hest
protection to thole who del.tre to be insure tl
Iheurcroae.—E. Nliller. It.. tiro. Ltlat W. Butler,
Dolutea, Jr., ‘Vm. It. notate... C Ifinucn. tiro. W.
Jeclitun, to. M. 1400, Jae_ lAppiticott, Thu,. h.
Latch, Jotter 51'Au/cy, Abut Nowt:a, Tho... Scott.
°rya., No. ttit %Voter eye., (werehotece tit Soong
A , u,e atnira.lPutalittrith •
IRANCE COMPANY.--Uilice, Nona Room of the
Esehange,Thad street, Phdadelphta.
Puts Duatearsa—Ebulthngs, blerelt 'WISE and other
property in Town and COUNT tosared NcIanSILII.H.S or
p ronel y by fires the lowest raw of monism •
fityanfix lascassea—They also iarure Vessel, Car
goes and Freights, foreign or coastwise, under opener
special polities, no the assured may desire.
Ilibarso TlLlrlStOrr • ILO N. —The y also insure atorrhan
dr,. transported by Waroas, Itatiroad Carr, Canal
Doss and Stearn Boats, vu rises, and takes, on the
jolt liberal terms. Suder.
John C. Dave, Ruben Barton lolul It Penrose, Su.,
A E.lventli, t.:,eo 0 Lower, Fi ' dWard Darling. Isnne
R. Davis, IV Foto,ll, John Newlin, Dr I M Hus
ton, James C Usaid, Thenobilus Rntilding, H Jones
Brooks, Henry Sloan, Hugh Craig, George Serinll,
SpOseer Me!Wain, Chutes Kelly. J G Johnson, Wile
Hain Hay, Dry Ttnsins, John Seller!, Win. Eyre, Jr
Ussialey, Jno. T Log.
Rica...sin S. N EWPOI-U,
• . -
1111 E INSUISANCE CO of North Americo will
move permanrnt and Insurance on pro.
petty in tins city and meinny, and on 'inpatient, by
Cnithl, Rivers, Lakes, and by Sen. Tun proprtnea ot
Ibis Company •re well invested, and tunusli an •swl
t lan a c ueltmtutut „! ierson• wt.
d. V t toi WMt3 . z m. s ,
. P.
JONES, Asenl,'"ll Water
. •_
Na. 35
I r rOart
Te Froollin Farr las - oral.. Co. f l'hlladajw...
- 111111:A - 1011:4.—Charle. N.l.luneter. •I'L
.Totnns Wagner, Samuel linint. /trot, It
Lite. IV 11.1e11a,do, tilohlerat 11 Adolph.. E.
Done. 1.. ncl 9. Brown, Morn, Putter,,,,o.
Comm., to mei, la•urliturr. perpeln,
every drsc.npuon ui pruprfly 411 10, .1 I, U 111 1 .)
f rut:, u low a. ntr romulAtrat with
• •
,CFilt.l have rrrrr gra a
e ar tawhio their Captal and Yra
cu attord maple protect:ion to the ..urad
The of the company, 011 Jauuagy .
pubi:vhed agrreably act of A.eutbly, ler,: as
trliovvv, v:,
141orlekge4 $1,1447,41, 41
RI. EJI tat.
Tes.leerere lean. . • • •• • 964101 ea
eite:4l, • 51,:.e. 415
Store Mew incorporation, • penod of Id year, they
have paid onwards of one million lour hundred thous
andnd dollars, knees by fire, thereby affording evidenee
h advantages orient:trance, as well al the ability •
Metros:non to meet With promptness all Itu
CUFFIN, Agent,
marl-dly Oilier N corner Wood and fla eta
1, A. MADEIRA, Agent at Pittsburgh for the Dela
s wale Mutual Safety (ma'am, Cotgpany of Final
adelptli. Fire Risks upon beddin g . and merchandise
of every description, and Marine Risks upon bulls or
cargoes of vessels, taken upon We most favorable
17-Offer is the IVarchousit of W. B. llolmes A. Bro.,
No. 37 Waxer, near Market street, Plitsburch.
N. B.—The success of this Company since the cusp
lishMent of the Agency In the city, moth the prompt
and liberality with which every Mahal upon them
for loss has been tidies.), fully warrant the agent m
turning the confidence and patronage of his Mende and
the community at large to the Delaware M. S. Insu
rance Company, while it ties the additional advtunages
insthation among the most flouristimg Philadel.
phia—ns having an ample paid-in capital, which by the
operapon of its charter is constantly increasing, as
yielding to each person insured Inc due share of the
profits of the company, without involving bun in any
responsibility whatever, end theleinsc as possessing
the Menial pnnetple divested of every obnoxious (ea- .
lure, and In its most attractive form. nova
QTUART & BILL, Grocers, and Produce and Com
-1,7 mignon Merchants, No. lIS Wood st. Pittsburgh.
Dealers In Groceries,Flour, Wheal, Aye,Oatt. Corn,
Barley, Pork, Bacon, Butter, Lard, Cheese; Clover
Timothy and Flax Bemis; Iron, Ntula, Glass, &c. tth.
toe Particular attenuon paid to the rule of Western
rissess-31e”rs. Myers & Humes, Robt. Dal
sell & I Roe, Hampton, South & Co
James Mny, Krug & Moorhead, Putstough. Fenn.
& Musilloo. 8. Morrtroo, Eng., Sr
Louts. spOSay
JO., Castil late of N. taboo, 0. w. 11110055
rIENEILAL AIiENCY, Cemodinion and Forward
k.l 1 Alerchartts, No. Market at., Pittsburr:ll, I'S.
ftrProtapt attention
Oven to the purl:hare and ale
of all kinds of Produce.
Reran rir—John Watt & Cn., Murphy, Wdon, & Cu.
Piltrhurgh, Po' LuOrson a. Hill, Martian Herb,,,
ee, 0 ; John Brown re Co., Grigg. Litton&
Co., Philadelphia; 13. W. Madames & Co., Gregg N
Nare, New lasbon, 0; Fr. lekooler, llon. C
einalunati; J. P. Keller, lurinpstown, 0; W. 1.. lean.
dart, Cleveland, 0. aorel
407113k1 cocnuAx
COMSEIIIIIII01; and ForavaZdtug florclaang
wOOO s'r, ,
rrnsilINUES tran,act gerieral Cruntatrston busi
k„/ neus, espeerally purcba , and vale of Amen
llfl Manufactures and Produce, and in ~ t lvlng
furwardolg Goode eon.igired to his CM, As Agent fur
the Manufacturers, tie ssull be cLastartdy supphed rtsth
the Prrnewal arm le• or Pittsburgh Idannfacthre at the
lowest whorreale pacer. OrderA and coneutrustenta
err resprerfully soliens ru7
El t•sok 'Brick WWI. for Swig.
TIIE substriber offers for rale, the STEAhI BRICK
Wu/4.M , , above Lawrenceville. conaprieing a
:meant Engtne, 2 Boilers, 6 Mould Machine, capable ol
manufacturing "MOM Pressed Bricks lout of dry clay,
taken trom the brink per dal, with thre or l h , ot
sand ail the Allegheny river, on whtch are 4,llthu am
sheds, :machine and clay abed, %teeth irrowb. trucks,
-shovels., ap•des, he , every 071 r
fey/waif to cent
m e
operations at an hours 001100 PrlC,llleilidirlf{
the patent 71201 tawe mid machnie, Si 3 O(ai--te riot 01
...II ins. efts). Wahhtil the land. 55,000 For
ammonia., adiltei.• lit:NH.l hlcalurr,
bui727-dif Nn 111 l'ilamingrthela 11.2 e.
Bkil. AND BICASt4 I , iefibill;
A FULIN, Bell and Bra. Fourier, ha' re
bodl and coninieneed butiness at lea 00 stand,
where he will he ',leaved to .0 hor old el.U1111•
era and tnends.
Chu reli.Stetuntinat, and Bab 4 of esery bar, from ID
to 10,QUU pounds., OlSt it...inertia Of the moil appt.•
cal model.. and warranted to Le ol ilto 11.1r...stab
Mineral %Valet Pump, Cnemters, Railing. de , aye.
they with every •etriety of Br.. Caattngt. it required,
tuened .4 fir: Lea an the newel. mannerA. F.O the note proprietor of Ili or. , glair Al rat.
.1 . 101 Metal., ao iu.chly celebrated Int (ha red.... hi
Itiellun ill machinery. The f.rh v and ....ipa.inon
can he had of Lou at all time., .2011
DRIB - TING PAPi:ll 77 lriarn ream. a I.—einniie and
L Bout P.M. 6 muticrior article A.voiled ,ar,
ni basal. , Any Sae made to ord. at iliorte•t Miller.
111 Cal S C Illt.L. e• Whr.Lt
AlOl3O/111111.1{pla Ll•erpul blO.
kuntarr li. i•nrrE ISOB has opened
lithe lute .1 011 Fan ft, [llolllllg [ont
to Second at, heiwoer, W... 1 and Southfield
the fear 01 illin hio•lollKial,ih Howe,
vv. an ...rely neon otorlk .11 bluiws and Cartiagra of
be teat quality and latest •t, les llor,ea kept at live
ry in the beat manner._ /rhftr
Diasointlon of Partnership.
Bl' MUTUAL CONSENT this day, the Sun boob ,
fore eluting antler the sole of DUSIIFIELD &
LEADER, has been dissolve,/ by Henry Leader sell
ng his enure onerest in said &sato John MORIL, All
business connected nuth the firm of Busitheld dc Lead
r will be settled by 9 B BuchScld & Co. who are
duly authorised to wake all collections and adjust all
Ibusbergh, Oct. 27, Leto.
N. II B. BUSIIFIELD k CO. will conimule the
wholesale and retail Dry Gixidsand Dronery tattiness,
at the old more room, No. au Liliany st, where they
will be pleased to Pane their friends and customers
cal! and examine tale stock of goal!,
• • • • - •
THE partnership of the undersigned, under thn firm'
-L. of Sagaley h Snoth, was dmoised by mutual
consent on Wth September, NVeriagstley purchoung
the Interest ord. it :tooth, who retires. The boldness
of the brut will be _settled by their successors, Wm.
Boarder& Co, at Nos, It and 20 Wood st.
humbly*, Oct. 49. 15AAC IL SMITH.
co-pAßTNEßsilip.—vin.`l3andey havtox.." -
eietdd with Mat Wm.NiFficidererd of PhllanalPhlu.
John S. CosgskYe and Ralph liagaley of Pittsburgh,
will continue ItiOANZoletate rocory doom, at Not.
la and all WoOdat, ndor the film of
WM. BAGALRY k 00., Pitoburgb;
and lIAGALEV, WOODWARD & CO., Yhiliad'a.
.01.1Solutlenso s... Partnership.
e r' r ' s7 d i e r h r.41;1 65 1. cVer o n ilm be tl ' alt e th d!
vdcg, was ousel .,
Rid II loot .by mutual consent.
Ptiatirgh, 001. 5, PAL. , A. CULBERTSON.
The subscriber will continue. A
the itv holemle Orme
rriihd Commission Bitsloces, as heretofore, at the old
MT.!, 145 Liberty st. oets , A. COLBERTSON.
. .
Tta arrwarm'Wooh MID MA.Artr, Pirrohlos
raANTINUE manufnettnisiAn kinds of COPPER;
smith Work..
team 13o;ut built to order.
. . . .
:special auention gwen meant boat work.
Savo on bands &finewsortentint of Copper sad Drama
Kettles, Tin Ware s /re. dee. Steamboat Cooking Stows,
Portable Forges, various sires—a very convenient
nolo (or steemboras, California emigrant., or railroad
caNV mpmate.
would respectfully invite swam boat men and
others to rail and see our articles and prices beton
purelluins elmewhero.
me Ihlp
rpm coparaterahip of MENRY MANGEY & C 0.,.
'formerly Rannan, Muller & Co., iu the Window
a .d Colored Glans btuines is this day data:dyed by
the withdrawal of Mr. Frederick Moller.
. • .. -
Tbo bowinew will be condoned by the tutderoiKned,
under the firm of HENRY 11ANNEN dr CO. Ware
house No. IRI Second it, where we will hay. 05121!... ,
'applies of softener Window Glen.
Piusbnrgh. Aug. tr.
I. Coer• p.
OE underviirted Er •r
re tn
this day arsociated with them
in bovine. JACOB L. SCHWARTZ,muI vrill eon
tine the bas in.. as heretofore, coder the firm of
rpm ;tormentop heretofore extatiog under theionn
J. of A. AC. IiffILDLEY, - rt disaolired by the deceaao
of M.O.r' Bradley. The banners tolll be carried on by
A. Bradley, who .1.11 .vale the bulginess of the late
rant. t
REMOVAL—A. 8.111.Xl hae removed hts Foundry
from No. 1111 Second street, to N 0.12
Wood street, between First and Second streets, to the
warettouse lately occupied by O. A. Sorry, whose ho
will keep constantly on hand • general assormr:nt of
Clotting*, limes, Stoves, Cooking Stow ier. c. yl3
Ante co-partnerstup hercutfore evisling between the
*uhsenbers, in the name of Constable, Bole
u this day dissolved by mutual comm. Messrs:
Burke & Barnes yelll settle the boaluesa of the con
rern. for which purpose they are sca th onsed to use the
ulnae of the concern: NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The undersigned have this day associated themselves
cc the name of BURILFIA. BARNES, for the purpose
of ;an ufacutriug Ffre Proof Pales, Vault D 30174 /LC.
kn., at the 'nand of We late fain of Contablo, Butte
a. twt,re they Intl! be pleasul to tenni vethe• pa.
tton age ai the customat3 of that bourn and their (trend..
to renong from the firm of Constable, Burke & Co.,
I with unease pletature recommend Messrs: Burke tr.
Berner to the confidence of my friends and the public.
Feb. O. 1,19. NATHANIEL
Pewee flisekine Shope
w hVlGHTALAN—hilenefactuter °fall tin& of em
it. n and woollen nuteinnery, Allegheny city, Pe.
'flu above worke being now in &II wad anecentol Lg.
re, I am prepared io &attars otter. with dispatch
tor al m l kurds of machinery to Cy bne,.. , -h
picker, spreaders, cards, gamine, =Legnica, ravorays,
art...roe framer, speeder*, ttll2A Is, 1001111.4 woolen
mil4rio ble or gh, far reliant ar country work,
es,, m tacir*,&c; a lau irde and hand lathes and tools gen
eral. All kinds of shafting'marle to order, or plrula gm•
Ot tnr,cetz tug :ketones or mills al. rearonahle &vv.
Chad.. & Co., Blariltatock, Ddll
rt . 011.1Cir:1(• Prionoturk C..o** Arbor*
iggit, -
S. LI/Uri:NT,
Forwradmiq Lod Co - moo:mum ?der.
&mot, b. removed to Nu. 67 Front, -ti:eaween Wood
and rrrovidwid street.. 6. ~ •nY
(Aft: here wade t 6 ea anprov,l
Y V1,K,, t0 Yreezeot the coldeat weather.
l'er.otte wanuee, .ueh article, etre invitc4 to cell and
ere theta at SCAIFES. ATKINh,ON'S,
Itws o E: „ T „.. .... ,,, e , uh o Njmin am h. removed to No 6
°rota whe i t t el; "'""d by
d , willlre happy to roe Ma trienda
an former customer, 0, 2 0
TOIIN O. M'CREARY, Pnnung Ink Manufacturer.
tioo. Xll and :[P Stanton street. NEW YORK—De
N. 3 S pruce rotreet—Would call the attennPon
Printer hit improved Printing Ink. of various
kinds and orders, at the following wes:
EVIII fine Jot knack, for Card and Wood
CtiLa - • - 110 and 3fu per lb.
Blur - Yellow, Breen and Willie 75e I 00 150 ••
Gold into at $2 per lb, and Bronze at SO, 75 etc and
BI Per oz.
A r pecan , . of No In Call be .tell an Ws paper.
Pinsburgh, Pa.
C. Ming. t Co. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Morton fr. Grl•Would, Louisville, Ky.
Modern and Antique Furniture,
83, Trump Bramer, firsmassits.
2E A larse andsplendid
motor:meta of Furniture,
suitable for theambeats,
Betels and private dwel
.linss,' constandy on handmad made to order.
Dim present stack on hand cannot be exceeded try
any ruanutactory in the western country. Persons
wishing to purchase would do well to glee me a call,
as lam determined my prices shall please. Part of
the stock consists to—
Tete Tete; Buffet Eumete;
.• - - - -
Laois XIV Chaim, Queen Ellkubeth
Tea Popo;
Toilet Tables; Prot Tables;
Louis XV Commaler;
French Mahogany Iledsteads; Piano Stool.;
all .of loth Plush and Hair-cloth cow%
50 Mahogany Rocking Chairs;
40 dos Parlor do
30 " Fancy do
centre Tables;
YO pan Divans; 4 polo pier Tables;
15 marble top Drooing Boca.;
Wardrobes; 8 Secretaries and Book casts;
20 marble top Wash Stands
4 pair Ottomans;
8 pair fancy Work Stands;
A very large assortment of common chairs and oho
urtuture too numerous to mention.
. . .. ... .... . . _ _ _ .
L. - Steam Boats furnished on the shortest notice,
d o
ann the most reasonable terms. declS
DiaphragmFalt•i;for firdialii:ViriiiiiT.
4 , THIS is to evenly that I have ail
panned Liongston, Roggen de the.
Sole Agents for the •alei of Jenningls
Patent Ltiaprahgm Filter, for the cif
nes of Pittsburgh and Allegheny.
for Welter to Gibson, 349 Broadwa y,
N. Yi
Och (0,1849.
We have been using one of the above ankles at the
office of the Novelty Work. ankles for three months, on anal,
wolfed perfectly sanded that it is a lintel invention,
and we take pleasure in recommending them es a
fhl article to all who love pure water. Order. will ha
thankfully received and uremia, .venal.
i irtiViniTtiElstrisiiiiiii . ilff (Irak.
%) Which renders turbid water pare by
~...›: r w e . rn w o r vinq rb all e substance.
r n li n t veZtl or e t k u
i th.... ~, although clear and pore to the eye, yet
when it panne an hour th rough this
rrre: filtering cock, shows a largo deposit
impure rubeninees, worms, do. Tha
is the rule more or lesswtth all hydrant water.
The Revertible Filwrer is nest and dur•ble, and in
uot attended with the inconvenience Incident to other
thiteren, as
p t LI cleansed without being detached from
thet ren,
water toe, by merely taming the key or handl.
from one ride to the other. By thth easy process, the
fellfFe of water Is changed, and all acon.malailans fo
impute Mt...LlGea am doyen off almost instantly,
without unscrewing the Filter. It also possesses tits
•d•antaga of being a etop cock, and as each' in many
1 ,. will be very convenient and economical.
t can he attached where there in any precasts high
or low to a rthsti-tank, tub, he. tr. : tli ea.. To he hat up,
of the sole Agent, W, W. WILSON,
ectl7 corner of Fourth and Markst ate
Wrought and Cart Iron nailing.
subverthera beg knee to inform tha public that
I they hanc nt.tamed trom the East all the late and
fashinnable designs for Iron Hailing, both for houses
eho eematertea Persons wishing to procure hand.
some patterns anti please and enaction., end judge
or thenaselvea Ratting will he farmshed at the shrot•
est notice, ”
arid in the heat manner, at the eomer of
grog snd Reber.. reets,
n KNox.
Chou.late, cocoa,
Wlo American and French Chocolate, Prop..
out Cocoa. Cove. Pune, 810.4
rpu merchants and common", who oudpuroba.
the best products or Curl, frac fromLthliterltlllal,
pared,tnlioll• tillll r, and In quality uncut.
the sultserther recommends the !shove Whole.,
manuncentred by human, end cramped with Ins MUM.
lle Donne and Cocoa Paste r as delicate, palatable,
and salutary drinks (or tneande' eonvalceccurs, and
others, are pronounced by the cuost eminent phyPlCrans
top nor
sny other preparations ulanolar rrr r
•re alamys 00 sale, rn any quaubsy, by the most re.
apectabits grocer. so the eurern can., cud by than
agenot, Haw Gray of Boston; James !II Donee
A. co, artlonl,Nurray t New York,
Itrant A Slone, Ploladelphra. room..
K , lNyyk li.moet.Ciorinosta, 13410.
WALTER BAKER, porchcoter
For tale by toga LIAGALEY L 9NBTII, Agra
. -
-.. , 7. , f '.,... ~ . , ~.. - ,.. i.,..., . ",...;'. -:-'-',.., 7:1•,:fi.'7,`!. i
:.!.,ift4.--7',;‘7, 7.:,,, ,T .- ; . •:.' -,.... 7: "' ':,'. ! , ..t . '; ' , - ; - .'- ii .
• _ - , : -. .1:-',l \-i,
. .
r . . .
. .1
. ,
...: .
DI ..... ~.._,_ ____ _
. ,
:,..,,.. ._._]......._,•...,....,„.t...:,::..,_,1...f,,,,..„.„.......,.:„.,...
• ....
W.t J. (WENN, Doak lEplettlers.
cull engaged in the LbOVelnlillll.., COME,
04 Wood auerhirdatreres, Puttaurati, where
eu c prepared to do tiny work in our line with des
puck. We attend to our work perronolly, and
faanon will be oven' in regard to ill neat., and du
Blank Book. ruled; to any pattern and bound rub
ntantially. Books in IttLmbera orold book. bound care
fully or repaired. Names put on book• in gilt lettere.
Thaw tiJIl Lave work in oar line ore anyded to call
price. low. • tordatif
Scales, Cooking Stov•s, Orates, Lu.
ItArAELSHALL, WALLACE tr. CO, Rouud Church,
In corner Laverty and Wood arreo, I.llLlfacture
And oder for able Platform, Floor and Counter 0, 40,
of th e mostimprovedqualirj; Cooking tStuves, tor wood
and coal; Egg Moolea ofyteus strer, Pettier and
common; Grates, Rollos.. W ore, &A. "Fhey also
manufacture the Kitchen Illau;te,setuot; has stveo such
g cut,al ansiarnon to those hurler. it en ore, to all of
winch they would respectfully it the attention of
the morons and, the imblm generally. om2-/-dtf
AIIUFACTURRU T_BACCtl—Tlie subscriber
211. would call ihe attention of the ray trade and
dealers generally, to the following brands Tonneeos,
in store and to arrive. artotth being consignment , t 1 -
reel trout atnnuliteturers, he to enalded to evil at cat •
CI'S Flee*:
I:* I boo R3V Crenshaw ss;
70 " /antes Madison tis, •
n 1 IL6mnr lsoss;
Xll " 111iroberut 3r;
M 1 " Yutnau, CPA and Is;
13 1 " Roberts & Sisson 31,
N I " Oscar Burl by:
" Johns &
3 I " Warwick, gape, Is;
4a I " 'teary a lames ', Is and Sr,
fern - L. 4 is
Plat Machine 'Works and Veuuttry.
JORN WRIGUT &Co., tun prepared to build Cotton
and Woolen Mathinery . of every description; such
as Carding, Machines, Spinning Prattles. Speeders,
Drawing Pramealltailgray Waspers,Spoolert,
Dressing Fsames,Looma Card (inntlers, &e. Wrought
iron Shafting msried; all sizes .(Carr Ito. Pullms and
Hangers of the latest patterns. shde and hand lathe.,
and tool• of all kinde. Castings of every deseriptidn
thrnished on ahost none,. Pattern. made to order for
Mill Grum, Iron Railing, to.
Steam Pipe for in:m
ing Factories, Cad Iron Window Saab and faney Cas
tings generally. , X)rde re loft at the Warehouse or J.
Palmer & Liberty strew, will have prompt anon.
• •
Refer a Glsoistonk, Belt & Ca. J. K. Moorehead &
Co., G. E. Wqrsts, John Irmo . Sons, Paisbursh ; G.
C. &J. IL Winner, Steubenville. jaulh
MA. WHITE twould respectfully m form
e the public that they have erected a Shop on
latemk, between Federal met Sandusky 'meets. 'they
me now making and ate prepared to receive orders for
every deseripliall'of Vehicle., Conches, Chariot'',
rouehea, Sugriny:PLlAtona, Ae., Ac., which from their
and the ta expenenne to the manuf
th acture of tbe above nt work,
cilittla they have, ey feel confide they are
enabled to do work on the moat reneanable terms with
the ding articles in their Iron.
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate
rials, and hamogrmino out competent workmen, they
hem no hesuallon inarroututg their work_ We
therefore nek the attention of the public to this matter.
N. IL RepairinA done in the beet manner, end on the
most reasonable term.. • inakti
tootle at - Mucci:news fore con
cept supply of FACTURE FINDINGS we. will sell
at low pnccs Calf and Sheep Rater Pktile, Lace Lea
ther, Pickers, Reeds, Shuttles!, Hemp Teeter Treadles'
No. 5 to le Belt Punches, Wrentibes, Strippmg Cards,
10 to 15 to; Patent Bremer Brushes, Weavers' !Bustl
e de. An. IAsOAN; WILSON ac
tort AN Woo street, PlusburAti
rit T re " rT E- at ' ,lVrt o ' uid '" Ja r mt tevz . % . 2
dry lack Otbeurn's lose; Puce Pure linen par
Beeler Pmt. darns Sons. Pure Juice, thretile, do l
ble and smiths Grapes. Timm wines ere oil relehne.
led fur there Mediae l proven., and can I, Lad who,•
axle or rated at the Wine Stoic of •
mobaenber oder.. for rule .t large Po d rylen did
astonmertt of rodewood and roattneauy grand Ae•
Iwo Plano.,erdth mod wshoot reletnated
dEolian Atuebroent. The above anstrunient, ore war
ranted lb be equal to any nterealeetured tiog coun
try, and win he sold lower the.; eau brootrht from the
F ULUME, No 11 . .: wood .t,
N. B—Coy 9ertp will be taken at par far a raw of
be above anorantent F. B.
Ilardwato-.ottenpor than Evert
WAN, WILNJN & CO., Iroportera not %Vhoicesta
./LA °cetera in Ilardware. Cutlery and Saddie,v,
119 Wood meat, slew Fifth, hnue now in etnre a very
cheap and well selected Runk. et I turdwar e, import:A
arethe decitnu ncce in Europe, and which they
detect - mined tooth currespruidnurty Alcrehanu
who have been to Ite habit taping Enoc. are rumen•
latlyrequested tonal' and look through out stuel, al
wa confidently believe they writ ea, thekr cepa..
DA,lgv‘t4r,K . B. VP, "Pi IgT\
Yoang MEN in whalr.vale oadactodr:orrs, and °Wet
respectable hornless, to a•~t us Ilook-keepers, Yale,
Porteta bar.keepera, Waitera, rareter•. Couch
taco, Car Agent, Book and Map Accut-, o.4deett
Overaccra to all branches of bermes.. Wc have
id all tutus a Inr6e number of imwt..tto alma., on beo,l,
whirls pay, mom .100 to /11,1X0 pet xr uw Their in
want of COuatlone of any 11114 'would du Well to giro
e.ll, a. wr Lave aarents Ll each of the
ute,.vehies real enable be to piaer PP tu
.satnatlon at 14a abostrat note e ‘Vc. lot% •
!Wyse 1/13.1.T.
astab thy.above named .lace,
le ui to Rove ettotr aatiolar.
bon SIO .Wbu may . lllotit staitith
TA 1 - LOll. & TANISIAN, No SO ,
• Orewers, Soot, aria
N.ll —Persona In any part to the U. Slates,
htmlsvvihlng In übleitt u c n Halumurr. or el
titer or ILe nt.ore rd., will havr thou 000111. 00110
distely ultraded lu ill , Ildart,Auillg,
f 0 the, ..,II Curtnil un,.l ex.
they otherw,c Lneut by conlnt,
10 me 011). on.l •ertmg ricployawal tor thrio.elo , ..
Adarex, TAI. 1.01, I NON.
. .. .
1.1519 ta to comfy into I parrlmrd °or obit of Dr.
j. letabanuts Worm Speritbe, some too mood. nett
and pea to a ton of moo, wane scroll yea, old two
assrocus fell, and althou,Kll Um omoool maY altpcar
aigs, let 1 have nu doubt but Were wt.s upwards of
MO 101,0GLOIS/
parsoll from don. incusunng
horn au quarter ol an lush to two trickles long.
RA.141 Crank, Corral co. Tel l .. Doe 07, Int. tu.o4
Birmingham, (near Pittsburgh,' Pa.
Warehouse, N 0.137, Woad street, Pittsburgh.
ifWlLLiconstautly Idep an band li. good YAW,
merit at Wansi of our own ILIMIIItID.CIIIIV, and
eupertorqoallty. Wholesale and country Met.
chants are rapeetfully armed to call end cl
imate for thenteclues, as are are dr:aro:toted io sell
cheaper than hut over before been offered to the pato
Er Orden tent by ma.l,necompaiord by the cash or
ity reference, will be promptly Mended to myid
T ° .Tgs L — A rsT s— vw ' i. • , ` ,7l, `' Z ' ola a an fo d il liZi?l r t ' Lo '
Spangles and Bullion, for emonuidering and other or
nameatal work. ADO. gold ondhilyerTasselr,Frmge.
and Lace. . . .
Jewelry of the latest fashions, it greatvariety.
'Watches of superior quality and beautiful patterns
nd for sale at Eastern price. W W WILSON,
sug7 coiner Markel and Fourth air
M r—Open from 6A. 31.10 IIP. M. Single
Bath 25 rents, or 6 for 1 dollar. Ladies depammen
open from Y to 11 A. 31. and from 2 to 5 P. 31.
The Refreshment Saloons are unequalled in style
attendance. Recherche Ice Creams !
au.21.3 T. APPALL. Proprietor.
• _
rkHE .U0.111;111 of the public is nspcctrully called te
the following certificate,:
~. 8. Eantm--Ihving testula yannuty of Gold
weighed by your hreometer, I find tha result proves
your mstmment canary and recommend the use of it
to those going to California, ns the best method for ob
taining the real Taloa of Gold. Itesp..yours,
J. D.DUNLEVI, Gold Beata.
Yituborgh, blank 9,1549.
Prrranatin, North 7,1542.
Reim—Dear Sir: Having examined the "Arco
men. 7," nountfaetured at your rooms, I do not hesitate
to commend it to the use of those gentlemen who are
about removing to California. In thatch of Gold.
It gives a close epproximallon to the spear.: part
ty aroma's, and will eertathly enable the rules:lnner
lu useettinn when his placer is yielding Gold.
Youth, thsp'Y. J. R. ItPCLINTOCK.
CLOTHING—Just receive4l for the
California Expedition, n ompleteassortment of
Ginn Elastic Clothing, at prices rummy front 2 , 5,:51 to
for suit Mem., On. and thst. For sale no the
India fainter Depot, Nod Wood st.
dery • • Jte II PHILLIP:,
- vinawntrag
UPACToRY,--Tbe subscriber Mlles this rueth,..l
of Informing his friends sod the public in general that
be has the largest stock of the follossong named urn
glen of his own manufacture to this 4 - Sty—Saddles, Mr
ness,Tranks and 'Whips, WI of which he wall warrant
to be made of the beet rnatenal and 1.0 the hest merh
hissoes In Allegheny roomy. • Doug delerousied to sell
manufactures something lower than has been here
tofore sold by say nobler establishment in the oiy,
bewould tuvite persous gibed of the above nem,
Oftwlet To 131.; wasobourm, NO; 211 Ltbetty street, opplo
No SerrnO. Also, bonds snide to order for much.,
ortably G. KERRY
ttilfl• ars - i;liTa - it tone HILLS I* . MCC iIANGE, par •
aide an Cincinnati, Lcuisifille and St. Loma, r or
ehurett on the most InvOtiOlo Aeon..
spotN SONS.
_ _
poi.-1 caw Women, hto ,, t ' al ' i ' ae ° ll n u d tgor ß ttoti '
" SoPrroi
1 "me.,o .
1 " men, thmpemn: ,
• Ovenoes;
1 " Sandalr,
I •• leather jailed Overshoe.;
All or which will he curd, wholeettle or rctall.lowar
than at any hotter in thn city: Ja. II PIIILLII'S.
°oval ' No it Wood tato.
~47HEAT nstk.l (ci( 54, I b.) in mote and
lur este by 0.1.4 SI . C.IICI . lc SILL
(00A1 4 -1115 tat Cincmutaljutt teed. let •+l ht .
1.3 novn H.HET MATTHEWS A)
• ••
I PrypenNut,
" " tias,atrar,
he‘lt and pore, for ...1r by
uniryt JI5C1100:01AKER &
bbl. PlinintionjarithiiiZotak
IVI alconer filonongabela,,rultoL
rTrl: J A 111111:11160N A 01
&D-1.6 GAicoa,Yor main by
nu 11 1 A A 01
rreciviug Ilous onlosl, nnA
fur 011ie by
isibv2l J AME 4 • 111.70118)IN A et,
Gk ERN - Arrag -S6 - 11VIN )4111
kff by nov.:l COPP: .1, 1111 E) FI N.!
vt'A4IT -vs, iar .
n‘ A S :I'ArISEY L 1 1-. .1'
Lcci N.I ; M .iate
„ m . o .
SIZVES — A: ;t
A-A hia•on k Cot, Wu dot Glow,. and y
Itinde And quallurs AGNS
Sto c,ret,
P; the President or tb• United
putassnre of ta e, I, ZACHARY TAYLOR,
Preetdentof the Tinned States of America, do hereby
declare and make known, that rotate sage wtn Ut
held at the undenvenuoned Land Office; ;a the Note
of MISSOURI, at the penods hereinafter designated,
{o•ent: an
Al lhe Land OfSe. at JAdXSON, eartmeneing
rtLondep, the seventh day of Jamary next, for the do
ormat a the padre amass within the ends,
mentioned townships, and parts of townships, v. :
Noe. 'tf Mt bast /inn and saw of the fulh primps! ers-
Township twenty-two. tercept seenons seven, se
venteen. eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-mite , thir
ty, thirty-one, and thirty-two,) amp tour
Township twenty-two of range five.
Fractional township sixteen, and township twenty
ty-two, of range six.
Fractional towaships sixteen and seventeen, and
township twenty-two, of range seven.
Fractional townel at
ops lateen, seventeen, eighteen
and twenty-one: townships twenty-two and twenty
hirer; and tenuous three to ten inclusive, sateen to
twenty-one Inclusive, and twenty nine to thirty-two
Ultiyil/Vc, towtohip twenty-six, of range eight. •
Town.hip nineteendexcept tractional sectienu thany
oc, thirty-two, tinny-three, thirty-four, thirty-five,
and tinily's/1,1 fractional township twenty, and frac
-1.10.1 twenty-one. (except sections ono,
twelve, thirteen, twenty-three, twenty-foar, twenty
Live. ‘ly'ritY•sta twenty-seven, thirty-font, thirty-6re,
ethirty-Mad of range mai.
The north fraction of section six, in township
nineteen, and west
fractional township twenty, ot . .range
North of the A. base fine, and war oh( the filth Fri.,.
Townships twenty-three, twenty-lour, twenty-eight
and twos t 1 of range eight.
Township. twenty-three, twenty-font, twenty-five,
tweuty-stx, and twenty-ei g ht, of rapge meth.
l'ownelups twenry.vne, twenty-two, twenty-three,
twenty-tour, twentye, and twenty-stx, of range tan.
At the Land Office at SPRINGFIELD, commencing
on birthday, the fourteenth day of January next, for the
disposal of the public lands within the ithdermentloned
townslope end fractional townships, mat
Noth O . the hem linty and wen of the fifth principed et.
Fracttonal township twenty-one, and townships
twenty-tive and twenty-six, of range eleven.
Fractional township twenty-one, of ranges twelve,
thirteen, fouiteen, fifteen, sixteen. seventeen, eighteen,
nineteen, twenty, and twenty-one.
Fractional township twenty-one, and township twen
ty-four, of range thintaty.two.
Fractional township. twenty-one, and township+
twenty-three and twenty , foar, of range twenty-three.
Fractional township twerity-one, and townships
twenty-three and twenty.feurriof range twenty-four.
Fractional township twenty-One, of ranges twenty
five and twenty-sirs
At the Land Office at CLlNTONrcoramenung on
Monday, the twenty-Ent day of JanuaWnext, for the
dieponl of the public li.ds will= rho following nem
ed townships, to wit:
North of the Into fine, and war of a. fifth principa/
Townsinp Wm-five, of range mghteen
Lands appropriated by law for the use of Schools,
military, and other purposes, will be excluded from
the aides.
The offering of the above mentioned lands will be
commenced on the days appointed, and proceed to the
order in which they are advertithd, with all convent
eta derpatch, unttl the whole shah have been offered,
and the sale, dun closed; but no. oak. shall be kept
open - longer than two weeks : and no private entry of
any of theblande will be admitted until after the expi
ration of the two wed.. '
Given under my hand at the city of Washington, that
fifteenth day of September. Ann Domini eve thousand
tight humind and forty-rune.
Ith the Prradent; 2. TAYLOR..
Comenisetoner of the General Land Oleo.
Everyiieraon entitled to the nght of pre-emounn to
any of Ow lands wltlitit Or townships and parts of
township. , above enumerated, to required to establigh
the woneto the witinfaction of the Flegister and Recei
e; •f the proper Land Office, and niake payment there
fora+ .00n or practicable after seeing this nonce, and
before the •
day anpmnted for the commencement of the
public sale of the lend-.embracing the tract claimed,
otherwiw. such doom will ha ferfetted. •
Comiru!sioner of the General Land Office.
Boots •nd shoe•
SPLENDID . adsortmentjttet ieneived, suitable for
the Fall andlVsnter Trade, consisting In part of
RCN'S WAKE, of everyvanety and style, and at
pricer to evil the times. Those erOhio; to parchage,
wholesale or retail, will find It to thetr advantage to
gave an a call and ezanune for themselves.
cleat corner Fourth and Smithfield sta.
tjjelksat forget the place.
It. nag ILITIMINED mon
And ..w receiving a Caw wiserunr•l
%Finch ha 12 prepared ltl maim in ordn'
And in the latest Fashion•
ritHIS Inentate, ontle , r the care of Re,. .1. M. Nth , .
j 1101LN AND LADY, will re-open on Monday, the
17th 01 Scptenthor, in th , *ante rooms, No. SY Liberty
strut. 11,11 . 0,,/, limited the number of Net, pupils, the
l•rltti.,pnk hope to anent conttouation of that htietal
patrounee er
neth, hvherto olooyed Pares. may
ri ag,ured that ~rt. advantage w,ll he afforded
t h eir daugliter.. it under their Charge, for °b
laming a :borough, Clarcidal, and Ornamental
edurnnon. auglN:ati
pin , . AUTUMN i4hig , SlOla of this Institution will
ninnineitee tin the rir.t Monday in September,—
Komi, on Federal street, "Colunade Row," 441 door
from the oridge.
RATfal or Ttirrions rte •e non or give Aloirrns.
Eng halt Department, including Reading, Orthogra
phy and Denning, Writing, Engligh Grammer, Itneto
ne, Login. English Composition and Criticism, Geo
graphy, Illiatory, Annuitant . unit the lugher branding
of Mathematic, Natural Philosophy Chemistry, A.-
110110107, !loudly, Physiology, Geology, Intellectual
and Moral Science and nil ether brunette. requisite
• thorough linglisl;Edueation. - 6701 On
llinssical Department, Including the Latin u3d Greek
lAnguages, each - - - - 000
mreueh, 611.1
German, 616 MI
The services of competent teacher. are secured fur
'nett as desire instruction id.lrench sod German, and
also in Drawing, Painting and Music.
It is desirable that pupils enter at the eommemee
ment of a ression, yet they are received at any time,
and are charged at tbe above rate, front the time of
entrance. ho deductions am made for abseneea, ex
cept ia cases of protracted illness.
Further information may be obtained, and applies ,
eons made by calling upon the Principal, at his rooms
on Federal street, or at ha lodgings in 'lrwin'. Row,"
Liberty street. Pitmhurgh, between 24 and 4th streets;
or b y addressing, through the Pittsburgh Post Office,
the Principal. N. W. METCALF.
' , Allegheny, Aug. 7, 1849. dtf
9111 E Second Session of this Instantion, under the
doe of Mr. and Mo. Goma., for the Present
academic year, will commence 011 the first of Februa
ry neat, in the same buildings, No. 32 Liberty etreet..:
Arrangements have been multi by vOuch they will
be able to furnish young ladies facilities eerie.] to any
In the West, for obtaining a thorough F.ngitsh, Clam}
cal, and Ornamental education. A fall course of Plu
lisoplaeal and Chemical Lectures will be delivered
&mug the winter, illustrated by a/ Tana.. The. de
partments of Vocal and
Nettie Modern
Languages, Drewliag Prunting, willeach ' be antler
tae care of a competent fessor. By etc. attention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their pt.
pits, the Principals hope to merit a continuation of the
liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. For
terms, sec circular or apply to the Principals.
Prersenacti, Sept. IV, ISM.
MR. TDOS. K. lIIBBERTi—De. Si,, Your WRI
TING FLUID we have now been using more than
it year, and on looking over the entries - made by it, we
bud the color a [melt blue black. It is pleasant to
tante with, flows free, and does not clog the pen like
the ordinary Inks 111 WC. von the ready tale
as merit* demand, we am, yours respectfully,
For sale, together wall Illbbert's Red Ink, and Ma
chine Copy Ink, by It. A. Faboestock 4.7- Co., IL Y.
Schwartz, Allechemy City, and by the manufacturer,
T. h. Ilibbmt, Druggist and Clienurt, comer of I...lmr
tp and Smithfield as, Pinabargh. °run
SVelnialka P•LlNera. man,. 'UNITA. WS, a. user
- • -
ISseeestore us Hussey, Hanna & Co
11 in Foreign and Domestic Exchasge, Certificates
of I/rpm., Bank Note,. and Specte—Fourth street,
nnearly Uppocite the Plink of 'Pittsburgh. Current mo
ey received on deposits--Plght Checks for sale, and
conections made on ncarlyfill the principal points In
the United Staler
Advances made on consisnmenta of Produce., .Lip
ped tial,s on liberal tem..
Parcels Swim. Ik.ANT let,
ra.”7l crom.leTer .mmvorion T63k.t, Sofas, Bureaus,
Bag emus, R'rating Dada.
r g o tuTfOrtet S d " Zow ."' ciTit ' n ' t i' .. ' l7ic e jc L th be rn-
pinle.l from ten to twenty-five feet, and when closed
Br !caves are all contained maid, they are made in
all fires and shapes, and are adniirably adapted for
Steamboats, Hotels, and large private families, form
ing when elated complete centre table.
SOFAS AND BUREACS—Thesc articles are inval
uable, particularly to those litho with to econo
mise room, and convert a eleepmg apartment into a
parlor or sluing room, as they can be opened and abut
at convenience, and when shot, the bedding N entice,.
rd. A great saving in room and rent. All the bed
ewed. when closed form a beautiful piece or turruture
for • parlor Or salting room.
BOOK CASBLL—A neat and aerial article for parlor
or drawing room.
WRITING 19—For odk.R...tingroome,
and other offices; whelk opened • moat eonvenient Led.
mead, when cloied perfect Dealt and Library alone
All Ihrce uncle. need no mom:amen/lad= the
loauty DI the what.. . be Phy are warranted oat to get
out or repa. It will ler your intereida to call and
courtier rho extales, at the mamuarturer's vtOrli, No.
ta Third street. Pittsburgh In aclattsoll co the above
ly,lventh•ele they a
th lima against Loge.
garble, L•1117-s tV WOODWFIX
Trout laud Vlne tureeta, Cmeipcmj, O.
ctlinV PS (tont ruutburKlL fur Alcohol, Pure Ppirlts,
o, Woolard Whodtey, anll bo promptly at
,„ a , turrvsl °maul prier. ruelaiSAty
1.741q-CiANICTABLg 0127Eki—,4
Inta•41 , 1•011111(111 of Fabotadd Piano and Table
4•11 tie wand at AV tiltellniock , . Crape, Ware
neer, at ordo , rd prices. Call and edamne before
ffli0M1•4111 ilmorbere. norl3
WC Lour receiving from the (a.m . a large
eep . ply oftheae goods , which we are selling lowa
er thall such goods can bega elsewhere dila ctiS.
We au s
on acids in bleaching, that Iniuree the geode;
our object being to pralnee smile not for show only,
but for combo and durability, and u such they "-
Calebd the first premium over all other goods exhibit
ed at the late elfeaheria rte..,
Par sale at the Blanket pat, N 0.56 Market at, and
at the ware rooms of the Fsyeue Manufacturing Co.,
No 1128 i-cone ' •
ttlanteu of our Alartufacutte art saki to Alkeenly
.":14. John Dean , and alto at the "Two 'Dt,tf
w , Federal at
American WoolenGraniai
losubscriber has on bend, Deceived 'the pins.
J. moods,sen.,cmoned from the sa.afasturera, the fol.
lowin• G which ke.ts autbotiscdto close at prices
very to
nt/ pieces Tart wide Barred Flannel.
221 nous White Bed Bl.kes, ribbon bound, sir
pounds to the pair.
ease GO pairs Steamboat Blankets, ribbon bound, a
very superior article.
4<ps OD pairs) Grey Mixed Blankets.
50 pairs Dark Conti:melba Blue Bl.kets, • very ea
perior article.
8 mars Grey .d Blue Bl.ket Coating.
40 pieces Twecd,l3teubenvillo make) t ca. assort
ed plain and barred Je.s, Steubenville manufactory.
'Me above goods ant all cotudgned direct from
maker, and will be.sold very low for tor apWiived
notes. oceD IL LEE, Liberty st, oppasininth.
ofiC w doones NEW GOOD II 1 1
Le YES um 07 lux sue arm me,
OA Market st-, between 34 and 4th, Pittsburgh.
WM. L. RUSSELL, No: 62 Market street, between
Third and Fourth, sign of the big golden Bee
Hive, has lust commenced receivin i g and optlaing the
largest, , 11 : 47=00 . d m e o:t re splend red biy
one heave
Lall pi and
bar " ib e .. ALI of these ibreken goods have teen parches.
ed of the importers part he last steamers from Empty
end for nehreu of style and beauty of detign ore no.
summed in this or any other market. -
The domestic and staple department will also be
found complete, and cheaper than at any other house
in this city. The subscriber would here respectfalay
call the attention of his nummous castomen, and all
wishing to buy new and th e m,, to the prices
which will no doubt utonish being deter
to sell cheaper then the cheapest.
Good dark Calico ' only 3 cents per yard;
Best quality derkCalico, fast colors,B to 10;
9-4 British purple Prints, fast colors, 0 to 101
Heavy Bed Ticking, from 6 to 10 cents par yd.;
Bleached Mosinee, good quailly, 5 to 54 per yd;
Best qualiry Bleached Blushes, 8 to 10 per yd.;
!leery yard wide Unbleached !Beeline, 5 to et
Good red Flannel, from 15 to 55 cents per yd;
Good yellow Flannel, l 5 to 25 me per yd;
Good block Alpacea from 15 to 15 per yd;
French Gingham . from 10 to 15 cis per
Irish Lino. at prices from 23 to 1,25 per yd;
Sennett and Kentucky. Jean. from 12+m 50 Mtn
• Cloaking, and Limeys from 124 m3l ete; •
\ Heavy Domestic Gingham 10 tO 124 eta;
Crash and Diapers, all enc. and qualnielq
A splendls nesortraerit of all the semen Myles.
Thlbet Cashmeres in high colors, rich goods;
Lupin French Thibet Merinos, th e Ilacet imported;
Rich Celion all in colors and qualitieM
Black Armin., best qaaLity, plaid sal stripe;
Black Gros de e, all widths and qualities .
Lupin!, fine black,l3orubasines, bestantal Fools; _
do best French Merinos,. blaek and co ors*
do do do Ao in high colors;
do hoe French de La th es, all wool, Mak oolong
Rich bed Csehmeres,,beauultd goods, very cheap
Dotted Swiss Muslim for drems;
Mocha Thibet Scarfs, letsevening
Best qmdity French Kid Glove., all colors;
Mourning Cashmeres and de Lattice, all priceu
Ladies embroidered Neck Ties, splendid goods,
Lathes finest quality French hums HUN -
Itching Ribbons, a full mortruenq
Worked Capes, Collars and Cutts, in great variety
Bleck mil colored Crapes, oil qualities;
Brocade Lastres, in all colors and qualities:
Mohair Camelion fig.., rich g,oods;
French Cloaking!, soled , food., high color. ;
Al,o, black Brussel Lace, all widths and .prices;
Black Silk Frinees, wide and heavy, bee quality.
Together with a large stock of white Goods, Swise
Jaconet and Mall Marline, besides a very large and
superb stock of Fall Bonnet Ribbons, onto latest im.
portation and most fashionable styles. Many of the
above goods have just arrived pet the last steamers
from Europe, and are worthy the atualloa of the !o
• • •.. ' •
A splendul assottment of ...hamlet—
Super extra tare French Long Shawls, best imp , d
Soper extra .axe Long Broche, finest quality; .
Superb quality Long Plaid Shawls, rich colors;
Best quality square plaid fine wool Shawhq
Rich and beery elm sae black Silk Shush , : .
Rich cauthon changeable mar ShawLs;
Super black and white, all wool, long Shrivel;
Saner cum toz*Long and Sqhe Mourning Shawls
Pans primal Cashmere Shawls, in gnat caner,
Terkeri " all once. I quer.;
Mode embed Thibct " heavy tilt triage;
Black and mode colored heavy cloth Shwele;
White emb'd Thibet Shawls, beantttol goods; .
Highland pi'd long and were Shawls, very cheap;
Mourning Shawls and Scarf., in great vantsty;
Also, a large lot of phud Blanket Shawls, from 75
cm SO,OO.
Togethdr with .1011 eupply of Blovee, krona and Ho
*tout with all uncles nmally kept in a Wholesale
'and Retail Dry Goods Haase--all of which will be
. prices to defy competition.;
IWe Remember the store, N o. a 7 Market street, be
nireee Third end Fourth, sign of the Me Bos-Ilirs,
Ifhe ra bargains can et all times be had. -
Ji - 1113IPIITSOT has comtneneen to receive
large..en:tent of Woolen Comforts and
I nods; Sask., Bathe, buckskin and woolen Gloves;
Thibet, cloth, moue de Lain and blanket Shawls; cash
more, worated and woolen 110110 - Pongee and linen
Hdlas.; silk and satin Craveteadfsi_Ols.P. and
Prtnges; Pleb Linen, Table Covers, Crages,lblbbons,
Wee., bleached And eoloted Musluis, Tubby Velvets,
Patent Threads, eteanna Silk, Llamas, Gam Suspen
ders, P/ns, Percussion Cap, Alumnaca, eaminon mut
gold Jewelry, gold and silver Watches. Comb., pack
et and table Cutlery, and many other goods which
coniney and city Merchants arc respectmtly Melted
0 CS110:1111t.
I‘,/fANUFACTURE aml will keep hand Family
1•11. and Steam Boat Blankets, Domestic Flannels,
blue, brown .d drab Bl an ket Coating t Satinets .d
Woolen Yarn, which they will sell at tastem prices.
Warchoure No. Ilk Second st, Pittsburgh, Pa.
• Factory, Fove:rec. Pm sptla
• -
WE have jest merited a end
Patin complete stock
V of GLOCIL2, Variety ny Goods, suita
ble for the fall trade, to which, with every description
of Looking Glasses autitudletured as our own steam
power shop in this city, we ask the attention of West
ern Merchants and other dealsra. t
sprat corner Wood and Fourth GU
No. 49 Wool:. So., P 121113011.80,
ARE now receiving their anal supplies of Goods
for the Pall season, which they will be happy to
exhibit to their old customers, and as many new ones
aremay feel ineltned to present themselves.
Alertly. tall Mal pains to_ lay in such goods as
adapted e weans of the Western trade, which
long experience enables them to do, they can say with
much confidence, endwithourenlering into admit
of their stock, that the Western retail merchant will
find with them all that his eususmers recall.. Those
who have formed the unprobtablo habit of repairing
to the Eastern cities for their stocks of Dry Grads,
would do well to call, as a candid comparison of pri
ces would in many cases result in the conviction that
the expense of going farther may he obviated by buy
ing in Pittsburgh. spal3
W R ;up hi p t i l y ill' a ltui rn miz receiving
i iii 3, ! m ifiga Fall
has already opened an assortment of new and bated
an atyles dark fall RINTS, warranted fast colors;
d neat new style Fall
Muslin de Lain.;
Alpaccita and rdohair Dams;
Damask figal aml Miami do
Farman. and LyormagGloths:
Oftlio most desirable colour, and a full supply or
bleached and mableached Muslins, Isiah Limns, Man
eta /co., at northeast corner Fourta and
Market eta Doyen are Invited In call and see. -
A RE now receiving a very largo BMA of (reek
11 Goods, of recent perch...Lod importailon,whicb
they will roll to the trade at eneh pokes as tannic fell
to give entire Benefaction.
City and Cowan . Merchants are invited to call and
examine our stook before purchoeing -
anicaciraam Po .
fi ff i l io RECEIVED and new open for exami
nation, n
new and Patently" Eason
meat of 7 Octave Pianos from.Chiek
Lt 0.11.1, among theta • Ist
served Louis XIV. drdered for one of csxr cinema, wh.
Mb kindly permitted it to remain in my ware room t.
day./Wedneeday) fox exhibition. Those who may have
a desire to see and hear this splendid specimen of an
are respeetfally invited la tall to day at she care al
Agent for Chickerinea Piano* for Western Pa.
Bath for fifteen cents;
Ladlea Department open, from 9 to 11 o'clock, A.
and F to 5 o'clock, P. Id.
Athenaeum tiMonn and 1/athing Foul/Blount.
/9/8 T. APFALI•
1. JATNE.—This centime, that Immediately after
baying attended ray brother, who died of consumption
in Atwell. Itikt, I was taken sick with the Consumption
diLiver Complaint, and WOO reduced so low with the
sease, that for four years I was unable to attend en
my batmen, either at bane or abroad, being for the
most tune confuted to my hed. During the above pent.
od of time, I had expended for medical attendance o
mauler Physicians and medicines, to the amount of
SRO, anthout receiving any benefit therefrom. In
jets, 1945, I commenced taking Dr. Jaynes Medi.
nines, and have taken them more or less ever since,
and believe that it was by persevering in their use,
that I ran now truly ray that I have eamkatly moo,
eared tuyhealth. I believe Mat Jayne's Sanative Pilla
and Expectorant are Me bet family medicines now in
I reside in fipeingneld, Otsego county, N. V., and
carry on • femece and meehine shop that place,
end am not interested to ant amber in the sale dine
above medicines; and enakeithis certificate tor the ben
efit of those Id:Meted. EI,UAH EATON.
!loth:Wield, N. V., Sept 16 ISlr3. jal •
DURK& & COS Daily a :rees is now regularly d,
liseringyean and Shell A STERS, %Ouch are of.
feted to dealers and I es at the lowest :men.
nd for WY-Mtaleated equal to any Lrooght to this mar
ket, a by
. . .
. .
J. C, BIDWELL, Age, Waterer.
A Iso—lia the following depotc—Fteis a Berger, cor
ner Southfield and Second sta; P. Hazleton, Dumont
Mercer fe.. Bons/Leon, Federwle4 otileeneity. cods
111 HE firm MNICKLIN tr.BRYDEii heistidmolved,
the ondeingned will continue the Forwarding and
Commission ibminela as tin memo boat lawbag.
FAANKLIbi, and test...dolly informs ha friends that
he has gone to the expense of a heavy ill2llnAte On
the *mention. and contents, for engem' 'men, and
Unite he will give entice iIatISOLCOOL 10 30/ Who may
E ax i nt . r . him. He will receive Irraltsliktirralger
• .4* 911ift:,
% f
- N
ED Ift ill. : i ' V , 1- ;•,,, , „. , 4
-. ' .lEIF i ll ke. 14 .1i4....'... -
. t.:4?•l ‘ 4•' ..:." 7 4 . ..;• .!..,',
Ct F.LI..ERD , LIVER PHIS VisitilW i r... '. e•. : ,! , _ , : - Aps,„•.,:'
0 • .:, .: StmVii 1 ,4irc114. '4': - ,:: , !.. 1.:; :;1
Mr. R. l'. rteltem-4rem Sin I ,,,,,„ - ... , :t...
to the pablie, as wen am ta the en lll W - w=r a '7,4`,;,,i'.,`i,•e ''.•' , l
Z is, to %tate the i zood g tent p= 7 , 314 "... k .,•,..4,* ‘.! . .. - :',.,- - 47
very unw:a? my appetite failed,
- .nite Prestrale4. wi th wsemPaile il 'a daett,g;
eke:raiders. I was told by medical d4ohaelb7 . • -
• severe attack of Leers l' arffe.,...:..".•
eh pf h.PLattese Liver Pills; iteltitiotartlite,
er hi e h I was told wee good Set dattillatothrbliterdghe'r7-....:' 7 ,, .;
.11 1....11 getting worse.. F , Zetal2y ettehgto u gaws• ", •• , 7: - ,"
yself seder the care a • "physielatt• . tie` - .. , s • ..„..
aronei bat. fOrtnumely, rest atllthillailillest Opidkp , 1 . , . :....,
... - r . , , ,,,
by Melte,: I.SM/oak, of dim place, Iltatiefriendho4 - ..,....., .`, ~,
sent him a box of Sellers. Liver PlDaDdeir,.Plal,.. 04. 4 .
which, had Weaned him a EßL .ao lfizzi , F F ., 4::: -,,c, i ,,,.. , ,,,, 4
...7 L . :: : ,, ,,, :,..";:::: th ,.." i ' 1ba .. ,: z . ,.... .7:: : thei a. : :: :11 ; b : .,, b! " : 74 ,,: . ::::7 4 ""*" di..... ,..i.aa, :r. . 7_ ,,,, ,,, ,, , = .- : „..2 ; 1 :;;;. ,1:. ,- ,; .:=: ; j j,;., .. :: :i ? :
~.. Li.a. pal.,. sad look thorn OTetT
~. . 7 ; 4 . - ,g• ....,,,,,,,,,-_,,, ~.„.
sm weeks, a nd oecadomdlyairtecb, ,• ~...;, „
that I eau now say,thati Mel Unta A , ,u ..LA :.! •. ,1,,,r.t .
of the Liver Complaint, and "s/ ...,...,`,V..., ri • ~•4!
goal now as it has been for the tastlo rem , . ,
th! l j::ttrie r iert k aaftlils h WriV 7 • ' 1 1 1;..„ ' ' 1..- :‘;:-• '.: , i ., ,,„\1?: ,7 4
the blessing of Divine Pte•hleasis thlVlStPl=r.• - ~, ~ _ ~'" " •••Z•:,..‘ , ",
me. I ata an:lent that when they
_Jr.1. , .....i ..4.....f ,, ,, , :i4
mialmed with the Tahiti of your Ltvel.glinketwerewr-rptero - ,.?,: . Lfw:,-7,4e
mend for them wall litmus. Ideal oi, WS SettSbo o 4*,. f,,11,,*.1 . 4
to whom I bay* recommended the s ll 4= l:f r„, '"!.": ''...",.31: 6 ',14". , .*:
their value,. well as to the facto theeer , ; - "":fT - 7 4 .• "7 , 2.:5"
' ' azqP ..
_ii: 4 2 . li::: ,, * - 4': tt
To T. puiLsc..—Tt. Otird" nal, onlY•rithingEolll o 4P4;,,i , ,,•- 3 ,
nine Laver rills am prepared .by B. g s oettt*,:ii.o ~ ,, .Tl,- " , :
have his name stamped in black wax oar .. .-, . --.,:." ~' , . -- t e.
each Box, and his signalman on the osttabliallWrrelfbirt'.l,- ,, , - ..t.,
I[l3 - All edictal," connterferts, or base 1.M.: -r. ,•-. • ' . N,.."...i. ''.. --, 'ia .
mew It. E. SELLERS, Pmprieton• it , 0,F2) , ~ ..- , f.."?,- ; psi
cmoviom Ewa - il.t. , ;?rit - . 4 . 1 ; -i nkk'' ,l _l 3 :-.F...7.44
la mart by the mime of REEL CLASP wok _ • - •te0;„„ L',..."••'. 1 .,
with a yowls man of the name of B. P. ,,,,„' 5,, , ,.. - i',.. , ft.'1 . .: - . - 4,', : s
noes his name to put up a Docrilhri' - t , 1 ".. , .; - .T.r, , ,:1 , ', r ;:,-14
Dr. Townsend , * Sane e,; , . til:A ;... 4 5;.;_;,.:... -:.:.?-;..
GENUINE, °nem', eta. • _ .g.tib e r.1.r.`..4"..1,.-
tor,aral um,bat was formarly a „ mew . . ~,,,.4 , ....,..,
roads, eanals, - and the, hke. Tet he amoder u al .t • .4 ra , .. - /WNIk,
of Dr,
_fin the purpose Of gaining audit bi ICI. ;
not. Ha is sendsng out cards heeded: ..I•PMS-131.',. ~ . ....v. .- , ,..4.1i3,,t,
Quacks,. In Which he aaysl !MS .0144.1ittilkiand:1:-;;;.V5L'..'11
name for B 7 a week.- I wills,. 13. r• . ttit , ..,;'.l , .:':'-'s,
Jibe will prodace one en& i.a.rf /Tag ,
_„t.,,,,,r *,,, i .- 4 ,
This la to amnion the palms sot to ne
____tektrAs-%, , y ,, , ~.-,,,-;
purchase none but the GENITINSODIUMIURObIe... , j ''....4_,I:
Dr. Jacob Townsend's Saresparilla, Imilog ~ .a,l•Al. ' .•::;,irj• 'A'•;r:,, , l•ti ,
Old Dr:s likeness, ids family tout et . artilq•PS:p..
...--kr,. i ,:;....
mare amen the coat of sre, ACOB itiiiiii.r:VS, l o.:!;,4q,
Principal &tee, um Nestle O,Newy .,. ask r ,
L 1 ,4...Y . A.4 1v, ...a i
OLD ' ' . . Dololor a; f 44 lU.: 'l
' .-
JACOB '-' - - - TOWIUMP* I - -f' . ;'- 1 '
• , „.. ~- 141.4ti ti ,. 0 ,
. i a
THE ORIGINAL ,`-''./ . 000 4 4 136 1 7 ,ii: . .X. - '4. VI:
OP TES' . . • Pineal V . Y . iii4'...
• •• - ilifY,l/41 , ,iiiiTei' 4 14
TowareßcorD saitaar. '. :.;445.•,1- , ,, , , 1.,..„4,.,,".
Old Dr. Townsend ia now abets T Jaen • . i,:1:41c,,, - ,V,..t:Mi34,,P'
has' long been known as the AUTHOR •• . titi ` ' -,...,-4 , 4 , : :: , 'n.At'41
VEBER of the GENDINEOB.IGINAL ' r ' ~.6r, 'I , - /,'-...• " -r " ,•.»;
SABBAPARILLAP Boingirolw, he vrtii- , 7 - ?11,,`brf,' , ; ; ,y._1? -, :f;:c.,4..,
is Wart its nwantamana, by which mex in fti r ra4. - •,f.-2,:...:r . .:,,i,
kept out of matey end the Bales _ litrWat ~......, ,, Y....1Z, , ,
those only who had proved tit wank and , . • ,,i .. .).:; - •:,;•:;,*.V
Take. Th is CLEO doe Uaapiraliin raitnaßa ~,.....' i ,. ....,'5 , ,. , ..... - „,
manufactured an the Isms* mule, and .10611134 .
,e.i.l'..'-•: - ..i.
th=lll l ;ll,Vatga'SZTlV.44iitll4,4
~s,aa never abetter', bat for the be bang*
:;•.:';' ... VL.V:'.- , '
in prepared on emanate prinelples bye . tr,'..11:!-?•,*4•11 - 1' , ,
The highest knowledge of Chembitry,' add
__ ~-! .. , ,,,,,4,v„ - r,.:.::
discoveries of the An, have all been •rolaykt." -4 ...5.,,tYr 5 :41: , • . •
dmailien in the inanninotara ot the Old Dr..• ..,.;6,,i t- `,..= '-',••
dila. The Banapatillerroot, it la *ell,' ,, Z,T,d;',o , -::- . i
scat men, contains medicinal propertie; and *me cybite...- .- , i , ,,,,,_.•_44)
Memo which ma inert or unclean' mut Otdori4lt
. 10,
if retained in prcoaring it for as,
1 lon and aeid, Wtoca Is trdurioas to Ma'am
of the properties of t3arsapmille me
. ._
they entirely evaporate s lid
130i1, inhey am not prearnvejll by
known only to those experienced
Moreover there volatile principle!
por, or an WI ezhaluion,nwier
Bendel medical properOes of the,
It all its value. The
cols; prepLi47llat - ail . ilWinert h.
sawing root aro fist removed, ,e
or becoming acid or orfortnentadon,
relectodi then everypanicle o(med
red In a porn led conceal :mod
healing •
rendered Incapable of losirAr any
properties. Prepared
Hence the reason why wear
every slde in its favor by men., sr
We Ind p it doing wonder. the
peria, and - Liver . CorapistnS
Scro Dp fula and Piles, Costiveneas,
. .
iiiiiiit,l'rni7il;s, itiiticites:ara nil a.
It . possesses a marmite. efficacy in TV OP ;Eta r.--f`...01,, , ,,,
as tug from Iniligvation, from Middy of the Sli m..: - 4',.,
fro ;meowed coculatioa,determinanenof blcodlo
..., - • , ,, , ,,A , ...d.,•,,.,,„
heed, palpitation of the heart, cold feet and 'l, ';'.% ~ ...5,
cold chills and hot - dashes Doers ;! body. -It Dedr,i,,i.-i-1,-,%';',V.%:-„'il
hod itshunal in coughs and colds; mid proorms of% ' ir . ii., , ,,w5 -- :"
egyeetoration and gentle perepiradon, relaxing oblficit ...,%.,1.-,,.i.1„,.
[men f the Imige, throat. end every ottner part. ri's -:IV - r, .t" ..,,,,'
Dia laced." hilts encellatee more thanifwall ' 1 1 4 ",
and acknowledgeS ih,als. all lads sad Magee f.i.. ,,,- ~,, i iil....
FY% -O COMPLAINTS. ' . 1.1 , i'.„,..„.1.1,..iir..;:g:,,i';
Yt walks wanders In cams of floor albaa or iiiiii7 - , - .fil: el :. - id , vt,
Failing of the Womb,Otertracted,Buppressedostrako,P .1 . •:. , j
NI Menses, irreculaitty of the smcsantal peruthroasifit4,..,4-,....,..-2,.;..i.
the like; and is erected in owing all forma of the Rid....1,1, - -- , a, -- - ,- .1. - .-;,iii ,
nil' Diseases. By removing obstruction, nod
. .i..k' , ..7i`,„
vlalemstroli j
nag the general system, it gives tone 11.6,0 AD.., ..;•. , .. z.;-...e..,LJ.
the whoth body, and coma all forms of .. . r ;., ~,..... ~ •
• NERVOUS DISEASES AND DECILITt '1 ik.." , ;::,...,:s•, -, -.' , liii
tiaim. pomace oc-relleveata great senor AI " .. 4- .. '"- K , :• .- t ' q w. ,; - ..
diseases, as Spinal Imolai!, NeurAgth; , ..Fl:c
Dance, Svroomegh4aleptiC Fibly.COuvlanous, t.c.l U....-. , ...,.,,..' 4.-.ey,
not this, then, nth 1111910115T017 rmi-Extuml N.4 , , - ... -„ ,.,: - .. - :- , .,-.1
But can any of these things be said of S. P. Tows:- ~ .%:..., k ; ...:. , - , 4- ."•;i,
sends nuerior article? This young mon'. liquid sonoi-' , -..; - .. / % :-"P-N- 7 ,;
to be COMPARED WITH THE OLD DR-lin. , :i - 1 - ',. ,:, , ,,....,,,, ,, ....J",-.1: ..,
because of the Om. Par r y that the one is incafsthhafit:..,%", ; %- . ,-:t,r.,lir
of Detenoration and NEE SPOILS, while the eth , ,....„?.r .,
1 er • DO&li it seers, ferments, and blowa the, boldbutc . :', ' ' , ,,.5 . .t , ,,.' . 2..
containing it into fragment.; the loam acid. linaid el.'. .f.*% , -"...,....^.,‘,9 •_.,.
clothe' and dernegum Other 'MOO Mast not Wolof '..„•!....,;.. , ,: , ,1. , ..N.,..,g,..1 ,- .7 . :
tibia compound be poisonous to the system! What! 1, - ;.,., - :a.%io'r "; -5 l
put mid mm a system already diseased vithikevia:l ,-- -, ,,,,, i-5 ~,
What calms Dyspepsia but .0 Do we email karrwid % ". , :',,% . `:, , ;".2 ,. !.,c, i ,
that when foal soars in our on ' tnache, what' miachhiGt - ..,t - '4 ,-, %.i . l - ':. -% 7 . :.
it producest—lautlence. heartburn, palpitation On:W ,; . .) . 1!.::...R.1,`
a,,,,0, user complaint, diarrhme, dreenficTtheliesth4..—, ' , lr a ' . .%%.:;;;;'il
corruption of the blood!' What la Scrofula bat szi WAY : • ~ ( ..-Z. . .,, ,, %4
or in the body? What prod... tal rho hmthtla A ,:-:': , ta- - -' - '4 ?
which bring on Eruptions of the Skin, Staid Head, -,..'.. -. "%v'''''
Salt Rheton,Erripelas,While SweWrigs,Fever.Sores,'.-L:i.,',../...---
and all ulcerations sternal and external! It is nol4-1,, i,?'i%
jog under heaven but an acid substance, which lanai ;,..„.:7-1 . '..'.!=.4..., , 1. ,
and th. spoils all tha 'olds of the body, more or le y' - fitPiti , ...,. ': - 1
What causes Rheumatism bat a soar and do l4, orillaloß:'..i' 3, :', , 1L1 . •,
Immolates itself between the Joint. and elsewhere, ir-_ , ..... , - ,L , .4,„, , - ..i'-.
sharing and inflaming the tender and delicate tiesnie&- ....1. , ;.. ...-,.,
upon which it seta So of nevem diseases, of impa...41,%%.?.i'...,:.:%.:.4,5fi,
tits of the blood, of deranged eireulationa, and nearly ..,% - I.ii:i.fie
W the ailments which affix( hmeart natant. " -, ...5 , '.::,% .:C...:, ..; , ..B.%;iii
Now, le It not horrible to thus and sell, and Infudte,..,i •-•-,i . .t. ,. i ,',„ '''tifill
ly worms to ate this '
...!.___. :- .1•.;..'..Er.,:7:% 1 1.1 ,
SOURING, FERISPINTING, ACID "COmPOUISJP , ..!,' .. .211,. ~:s .1 .......!..•
OF S. P. TOWNSEND: .. ~,:,,;-,-,,, t-,i
-and yet he would fain have it Understood that Old Se, - ":. il`:" - % ',..":%%:,'
cob Townsend's Genuine (Mend flarsaparllla, IS an - ':',.. ';... -- ,75,t-j. , -t. , .
Imitation of his inferior preparation!! , .* I : %;- - 7:%:; 4 , "°
Heaven forbid that we should deal In an 'esthete ; z. ~--; -1%,.; , ..1."'
which would hear the most distant reeetabbome BS, t.: ,%; ;. l fic . ..j- - -
P. Townsend's article! and which should bring dewzr.i .-..%t i s ..:,., , ,...i:'" , ,,
upon the Old Dr. such a mountalo load of•
and trimintuions from agents who hose sold, andemb, ~.--"' ..f.A:: ,, 2 - 4 , `,:.
chimers who have coed B. P. Towratenit's Fermenting; - - - .11 , 1,.:. , V,' ,
We loth it understood, becalms it la the absolat&i:- .1%; ` %....r'.,,%%%%-,
truth, the! S. P. Townsend ; article nod Old Dr. Jacob .-
~...." ' -1 %-1",, 7...%i
Townsend's Sentaparilla are heaven-wide apart, 5tat , ' , ..!' . . % . - i-, ,- .7" _7,„f 4 ' , "
infinitely ditsimil. that they are attlikeln every parok . ,ir.%;',' '1%. , .. - S, ~., ,i ,.
ocular, having not one single atingle common, ,I:',-; ... 4, .:„i-,
11 a to arrest fronds upon the unfortunate, - -trfperer7., - .., , ,,, -. :r :z../...i%
balm into wounded humanity, to kindle hope In their ' ... :4,,,.%" . ,..:'
despairing bosom, to restore health and bloom n0da1..., -:,,,- %-. .:......%.
got into the crushed and broken and to banish throat ~-:.t-ty—that
ty—that old DR. JACOB TOWNSEND has &NO .1 ....%' ...'.- , r,;f , '
and FOUND the opportnnity and means to brthg %...;. . •;,,,-::::: .i.,'
GSA= UNIVERSAL CONCENTRATED Bit'swn . % %.....%;....% ~ ...'
within the reach, and to the knowledge of ail re ....,i, - .-,.-”i,fie4.„1,1,
needb, that they may leant and know, by Joyfel • : -...- .1,,k .. .3%!.., .!'„% -
perience, Its menscarmor rowans to amo. I • " - 4 '7.'2.:
For sale by .1. KIDDA CO , Wholcaale Age. r . -...^.%%",---, •
Western Pelmsylvanta; J. SMTH, , *zql_n ,.,.. ,
J. SARIJEANT, Allegheny; Dr. I. C..SELL. .... ' '
ward, G. W. GARD:it:R.B th woad, Pittabarsh. on e .
.7..i., - ..:, ..,...„1
~ 0 ., , ,,i
- • ~, ~ ~?.4. , , .-, 4,:1y.A.
Jaynes , Expeeterrantts ' f,„: ,
... - ,„,!-,:m
D6D ~2,8 ' 1 8 . °1. . 'ThiAl i tg— eo e&l A tf:Al4;• . • - .:'•'' ..- , • •: , :•"••,atS1
. dthe l llifi to avail myself Orals ;,'.,': il'' ' ,'" .-- ii . - ,,,G,- - ,.
.. ~,s
portunity of giving publicity ma. extraordinary e le . ' ~, -,5.- 1 , 4',."?..C;i : : .
of your Espectorsat en ms Having h.q., . .
~,, ~ -,, , ,it 5,
for several years with u s eens cant, ' heed* , •,' , -.. . -...4,,, ,, ,,L,,
and Its concomitant diseases, and scented only d ' ''.. ,- , - Y:t:.7 ,, „,,1? - 1
to linger out a short bed mumble ezirdenceplattil -', • '.-.,:--„,
au of leas, when, being more severely attacked, ....,:.,, I:, „.4 , ;',:!,:: having resorted to all my formerremedma and the • . - :', ,, ; -- ,1";,,,;-1.,
ripuuns of two of dm moot respectable phyalei In '-, "„ 4 ,, , C , V. V4 , ;-,.
the neighborhood without denying any benefit, or .r' .-..; ,g);,' „::.,,a:
eoesoleMitt of survivicur but a few days or weeks .j „ - j.:-;: , ,',-,X.:,t ~,,,,
farthest—when the lair gleam of hope watt oben le, -- , 4 :,,, , t:''''''..•,'" , - , , ,
vanish, I had recoutmendml to me your perm ?........:::1iet.:.',44
awl blessed by that 'king - who does all things In ' ~,: :::- -- 7 ' , ~ , ,I .Yr
use of th e means--sad contrary la am exPed •• ' of q.,...,:::,,,V:4
my physicians and friends, I was in a few day. '::? , , L, I:C„,' . f,..,_'..-
from my bed, and was enabled by the use of a bold Set ;'f I",,i:;•;fCt , i L t..
attend to my business, enjoying unto better health ' f. ,, ,. ,-. :,:',:! ,
. .- ;,-,,,..7,
I had for ten years previous.
Respectfully yours, te., Jea W. - ' .--, ",,, t'n'-,1
Sur sale In Pittsburgh, at the Pekin Tea Mora, ~ :'1,: , - 1 3,.,L4
Fourth street mar29 . ..i'
,k , ..F..%P.::
''Mate of alto Delaware Mageuillealatrlm,i, ;,i,•_•.:,,'',,,,,,;:,!.'
comae. oompaay.- ' ' '.",fi.,4'ffA4
. . Partansirsta, Nov. Rh. ISM ,' . ',„ , :,,q.,1 - -, ,,,, ,
THE Board of Directors have, this day, - deemed • . ~„4T; : ,', 4.. - :; t , .., cc,:
.Evidend of TEN PER CENT. in scup, out of the ,-12 ,- .l:r . N.e .
prelim of the Company for the year anobng October:l, - ..': •. , ,, , ,, , ,:sfeft,
1844, certificates far which will be isnM- - on and ear .; ":„.,Y,. .4'=• a
:... , f , z - pa1::.., ,, ,,
the first day of December nest.
Alla!, • dividend of SEX. PERCENT. la eash,On the . ',, , ;,.,,,1V.'",,,,, , , - ,,,34 ,
capital stock and aerm previerwly lasted, payable 1..' ... -...- ' 10 ',..r;•• , !"::: , •',
above. RICHARD S. NEWBOLD, doel.' ',.7,ti.',' 4P
ntrele P. A. IIIADEIRA ,
. . 011.1ESENNVOCill GAIIDEA • '
e)YILL mown open for .loiters WWI tho le/ Janine -
r 1,1850. Oysters and other Refrethewhdli cane
et . the season wall be kept. The Cheenhetme. eerie
mining a large celleenon of rare and °WIPP/EA%
will be open to viaitera Bonnets neatly, pat op st
short nonce through Ou t. the season. .nthan
leaven the Allegheny end of the PL . Clair • Siena : , •i• 4 :Ke.:!:'4. 4 •
Bridge, every half hour Waring the day, running Mt *et ~
Garden; and the ferry boat, Captain Walter, row
from the Pater, !analog a short distance oboe. the Oar,
den. Partleaerlshing to ahead the • mewling, .11 he '
accommodated wi th a return Ontalhoo Ilreeletet'
P. hl. Kept on Tereperence prinelpice, and clewed
Atbonmom Saloom and Bathing Xstal.
MILE PROPRIETOR g. paw proas , :e . .2l 1 een•
tp weal. *1 all Mars. In conoteuea Bata*
Ls A. , T.:APFAIZ t
vrig , trordiars ,,
A TED—Wkata •e-
1,6•1 i sou ers:l!=
D EnSURN;V.Y.44&? Hamm ealvaltio,
anumar -Typee , isc. • ,
&teary of Hag &Wed of Eagtud, by lax& ASI&O;
With fat eugranop. • ,
shoal tt. Sortmrenr, War. {feinted.' ' •
air= ulna Milt sat Mute,.
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