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IMP ntl 11849. ~..-d-, , ~.. ' 1 LI ... LA 1
i 4 D I :41784. ,
A. r KAN Ao, Law
Fonnhat •
eeellllll cocoadificalions ifisomßily an.ssered.
dad Osaka's. in Produce, No. Y 4 • Matta siseet
li que L ... . , L. ' ' der&
itmiNErr, mom Y &CU, M a i
oalacturess of e~a
1.1 Ask. Ilicachicd Powdso, MUltmla and Elllphextet
Acids. Warehouse. No. Water street.'
enrodaiis mictift,. mums. Rijn.
B RAM & REITER, Wholesale and Retail Ding.
palm, e sines of Liberty and 0). Clair etrecia,
burg& Pa • • 2"411---
.12. VW:,
• AIIOV. , CULIik:RTSON, Wholesale Geoceerse
.and • infolsmoc .filerchcess, No. Old, Lsberty
sbury L. P. ilcdli
13 A PiiilftittarOC. l a. Co., Wholesale and kte.
tatl.Drogpatt_ comet Wood and tlth au. jyt
4 -- -4147.111:Tici ,t/Tlf.iii, ettoi-itelairLigiailtd ;I,
9.. J Is , door above Vontlmeld. aoyill Cos
u. lA. /Paul , kL1DG99,91. D" ' -
noon to the
C°',lll,V.°.z."ort.'ct°,l",'N','4'e,(o.lll A,
And Pim:sues of the TONI/AT.
Office boon: 9 A. 91,1 P. Al., and 7 P M.
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Jon A- CLIO. , • •• • .
rIBAIG 814,4NNER, Failiadlnt
MerCildati ?I a:a Ilitke .1; ktcyr.o.umb„
AIeANULTV ic Forern*.l *fta
c' a:l Y! ct '"N
Dagneane SprimAsl .
A. Co . , ii rnannf e ra actute of
\/ Conn - nod tltpdc
Spring and Plough 84..4 P iro!, kc. Warebonse on
Water and Front ezents,Yataburgh.
Also, dealtna' Int Coach Trindoluse and -
. 3 lleable'
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Orraci=nnidluda“ rue.rl;. bet Ween *Saeentla • •
N. I.l.—lbsease of the month, gurus and teeth timed
Hconwopallneatty. .. • • sptla.d3rer.
34r121 113:3111.
VNULISH BENNETT,. (late English, Gallagher
JCA Co.) WM:deltaic. Greens, Comtruarton and yor
'nulling Merchants, and dealer! In Pr . uce and ruts
ballot Manufacturna, Nri. 37 Wood al., °mean and
3d streets.
GRGE W. SMITH & CG., lire ,a t
and Hop Healers, Plit et, Pittsburgh. npr..
comm anon ea4T orwnntin4
Ur Merchant, No. 20 Woodmen?. rittglourgh. my).
110/114 LlGAtillbru WACY - 0 - Kla. - .-.
AM11...10N STEWART, snanunwtarer Hard
Shistinga.Chreks, Reixcen street, city •o/
Ancrhenr. n0r.14,,
LEE, (+twee..., te — adurphT Loh) ‘N Tail
er and Conkraiesioa Meretteal; lot the sale of
iIISICtieLEI Woolens, Labuty., apposite ah et. febl7
vs. iw.a, BalUmore. • - -" .
L.l. Ilocitgalt, trnvtaD W WII, t rkawi , , , - . , ...
a. Calba3ololl, iotat A.. W.1LE. , 6, ) .•
pBALD t ISUCKNOR,' Tobacco Commission Nor
. chants, 41 Non {Vain . en, a. 18 North Vih es,
hail. nosaKf •
• LA. MAUL _
.Rb 7. MID.
AHDY, ,JONES & Co, (SUACCBSOf II la Atwood,
.1.1. Janes & Ca.) Communion and .Forwarding Mer
chants, dealers. in Pittsburgh. Munotaerarett Clouds,.
—. •
' - - wadi moan, re,
ISMAIL MILEY a• Co., Wholesale Grocere,,Corn.
mission Merchants, and dealers in Produce, lios.Zl3
Meter, rutdlU7 Front arreets,Piusb • ; wed
' /0 .11.9/01E1T1..201,411 D 11.11311.
1 8. DILWORTH...tea; W - hol e sale Grocors, Pro
f, • dere wad Commiselon Merchants, '
and dgews
torthe aszard Poridor Co. or N.Y,. No. ri Wood in,
Pittahnrsh._ settl,
TUIIN M. TOWNBKbiII, Drellmissed /trauma"'
No. 45blarkel el., three deers above Mani et. ?thes e
burgh, will neve constantly ott hand a well settled cc
moment of the bust and freshest bledmiucaosidchist
will sell on - the won M.:mettle term. ref Min.,
beading orders, will be promptly etteudedio, and s#Pe
plied with antees they may rely upon as genuine.' '
Phytimans rrtscripuona will be accurately and
snarly prepared from tho beet matermls, at any Lear of
no day or rught.
Al. (or sale, a largd stuck of fresh and good Perk
sou,. jul3
dMWELL,:meuusellor La..—t.g.
dee en'Fourtb se, above Stufedeld_ nutlblr"
f . • CAN - I , lEliaatc Warm:l;o4la) Cenags
aims lead Forwarning Merchant, and who'.esafie
dealerin Wear.= Reserve earana (Lauer' rot and
Pearl Mb, and %Veneta Produce gdnerally, \Cause
use, taKereen S' . .mithileal and Wood, nasal:ugh! n pa
JWIN WATT, (seneensor - 40TRonat a Rebhan)
Wholesale' Grocir oad Cominsion Dierrhatut
dealer barrodeten and Yo.tottoogtt AZioniuuttey , tot
"Su r Nr* , ,urgl , 1 . 2 1
1 a1d13.'.6. to,a,-,-i.ianteaeonl io
Lelrfil treadhioon b. do.? Cearawaion tdeeelou
and Age=of the SL Lotus Steam Sugar Refinery.
No. 41 anion' kndatt from tareets,l'hiabarga.
1 GUN 11: AMMAN ) %Yrnotussle, Drury., sad aced
er so Dye Marrs, Plunn,Vits, Varnishes, to, N 0.113
Wood street, one door bomb of Discoed Alley, ntik
-1 ATMS KED' Jr., (successor to Joseph 0.
V Day:NEl2p Lissadlora, - ,76 Witter street oc.ll
JLIMN IL Ittrair.ol4- 11 Tholcsale nodßecall deaa
in !Susie and Musical lustruzuents, School Hoes.,
Yaw, Slates, Stoat rum, bolls, Primers' Curds, and
Stationary gunerally,No. el' Wood at., rittaburgit.
117' Hags bought or taken iu trade: scpls
I DCIIDONM AIWA -ft Coe Wl.lestdo Ihugguts,
No. tt Wood street, Ptusburgrs. •
t ra m p; krlS, ArttanFar, ”ra , er inland rnod
W and Paper Plaunfaenders, tio. 41 Motet nt.„ Yaw
tc z t r. F . Lo ... YD L Ap i te: i ale G i tece l f r t, a Cormalsito:
utuireb Ltailai4s 4 , fronting onletii, Wood and ts. 6
weer, Viustnashi Pa: i • .• • • • • • myti
" -- 41 Wholesale Grocer, Ccuunutalen
/Iletehans, and , dealer in Produce. and Pitistiorgh
illsrinfaesures. No.vt WiterSt., Pittsburgh:. '
rACOII VrEAVEIt, Ja., Wiiali..kteistl Deu
s, kiln Foreign %Vines nod Liquorsotsid old Mon.-
macula Rye Whiskeys, corner First tl Market sial
Fchast l ,Talers i C
_9:ll:fistac.g anti
e r-cf;.
sewed oracles, Canal )3isin,
P/Lllllll =144 PIT TABU
W:,hi =nor yeti ,
1 11 superior 4-4 . ..thuestogs,, qtrpe Chain, 'Cotton
wine end Itstlisigi' " " PLSO-1 '
Vt.:Mina iron Xs: -
1" ZWIII, Co,lntitial wren ofstllst•
ses Bar, Sheet, Boiler trop 61111 @steel the hest
quality., Watchcase, h 4 wafer end 1 front sa. .
L and , Wholesale ronor, Vomited.
ant, Tesler In riva%
buitrVanufatot Fe n cl ee Nos dl Waiej t~ ,
titt Front
moats issa.r, , IL 101111 K. SAW
OLAS§. Manalieutreot, aadadikddesais
dealers .in . ,foressa sod domiettw Vericty.tsFcada.
Vero= riqow.haitto, Pedlars and Others aro invited
wealland e %amino the prwes sod goality emu steak,
to without present inercasealseilrues WwwwigOor
tog and pare/owng, We think are eon offer as, great
iodieethents to buyer, at rTy other Itiouse yreet of ibe
"k (=lt ilicKW/SON • Wad sale Grodets,..aud
• I • stn.
comerlll"kmpost BeViii - esTE BasiseiTh No.
burgh, /74, cof Liberty and 1 • i riA.
burgh, a. Iron, Nails, Oolton Van* .lic eon.
stabil) on band. , 3g14 .--
Jilll.ll wow rag. IJ. Waal. WALT. C. 1111/..
eG11.1.2 k RAF, Wboiesuio Grocers and
O,rcpen ehunts, NC. 194 Liberty v., Pittsburh,
varilY, WILSON & CO., (law Jones, blimp,' &
MCo.) 'Wholesale Dealers in D-y Goods, No. de
Wood streer, rinsbitres. '
Al nor= •
corner of root °dice Alley and
Woordtstreet, entronFe on 411. [Mat arta. • -,- •
deed-alit .
16T -0,1
• .101111 T. Wlefl.
' - • JOISZIS f. 4 13 / 00,
MANVFACTUILEIW of spring -Wig Oster
'plank steal, steel plotigh'soblg , eolith and.eltp;
tt rpring,basanitrd iron axles, isisnal;
!sable Caelnall, fire suigina jpcaps, COILth trierreingip
ig.lll9l,,oraer agues and f ton ere, PI
le LIM. a BUN, No. 15
door from comer of Four!
amA Domeenc Bilk of Exchange; i
n, Lank Nos. arid S,perle. ' • - •
LT Collections . mad •on ill the principal cities
ihrousbou the United States. • • d."'
NNIIIICIChIASTEB, hu Pouts hthrt—Ottite, FOU
third how above Bmiihrteld, south •
arrhyszeing of all kin& dotne with the rm.".
Ca. WlGseptraey.
hhht }Awe exatuthi, hos.
.BoSeeta, Sd. D.,
(trnielatic SURGEON, will attend to thatfeat•
moot of Diseases of the Rya • ••
. K. hot S.a engaged to this branch of tho modl
.eet profemaion for sateen years, and ttu condaeted tm
aga phahment for thoOtatment of direasea of the ey,e
.alone lot esearal Tears.
01/otaa and reildenee, 'comer of Saadaski at had
.iedeserbonl alloy. ' , Raabe-ay city. aetl3 •
PRUDUCC Grocery, tlartatatium and Real
j.ftefer ial• that'll: Co.
-2P r .4 . ti . ap j k:P p , . l .Ltio tn. ee: l Nla t rie and Hand, ham
norm DI the Pluto, thimir, and I n Vacal Macao.
o—tigglb — WlEKlNOlX.l4=tlia — u
near Wood—dll quainitiem of Graan and
Black 'Pow done ap qaarier,
PkcW, end
0 .2 for Pekin et
a4 5/114 "i'g r"."
P C .'" o. d
• -
„, ?% =.0: 1 *.0.. 4.... vs ...elated THOMAS ,
Li. Lt.,,, t.,,withilieeolti bouneis, the Whole
...,.,,n., Produce and Comeau!. boa wi will'
be eibieweed as danol once, dm firm of ItobiTod, Li t . -
e I d
. 1 . 10 ,.E o d,l . r 11.1. .te6o., l o o: ln L iberty
_ ritt ,„, ur o, Vlitioledide Ofiree Prodoee wad'
4,.....,i0d 3lerehaind, lend dealers In pimbint,
11 l.
A 1.1 . M.i. LLYI-11• Ito.l.
of Fo r rei u g "' adlt=d ,f‘a.
and Iddoore, No. II t,illorty street On kldld fiery .
tvgo stoolt euperide old Monongahela ',kasha,.
Wad, will be wW l o w aplddy
g,g.jiEF.., forwarding and Coatmludou
xt, Al“cbante,, Or the Alletheny Biro, Trade, deal
•Ge,,eorice, rodUno, /Wabash Maddattarca
and Chloyido of Lim& •
Thh Mete ttprloes, in casbondol an times for MA.:
EtkaT, MIZELL, & Co., Wholemala GlnCesiN
Cotaddielon sod Porgranhng Idenhanuk dealers
nce and Pitudmrsh Manntictatea, Ltheni -;t,
Pitlibority Pa.
Tyart A - 7 — c trAiSidiak, orocer
4.%, Dealer la2roelose ruttl rquharell !llanefrieterer,
% , ..144 ertr'ge ' ' "
Foreign and Dooseatie Dag Goode. N 0.09 Wood rt .
iiiiaboreg . .
o 1 i
nnr V d:ea 7z T r .N.3 o p Ltl
ten • .
V crratimg nr,prito... • :owllfi licit TL 60 4,11, m L
I,ltkrrty n; Pitusburrh:.
,verro'n,l,itigked and Lard 17
F. .VON Ii(LINIIORST, & Co, :Wholesale Oro.
. Forsranling and Commission Merchants,
~nlers in Pittsburgh Manufactures turd Western Pro-
Mee, hoverer:loved to their new warebouse,(old stand)
.N0,..3.5, earner of Front IL and Chancery Lana .
pitriTy - a Wholoooln Grocers and
sioo Merohonto, and dealer. it Produce. No. :33
'co.O rittobanth4 : te2.l
.91 SOTO& SCOTT, Wh',lnside and Retail delvers in
Room, Shoes, Tsmka, Carpet Bag", he.. S. W.
darner at 4th and Smithfield sta. Putattnrah. Pa to:: •
---.16-ddirWiricArEll, . .
WINER, LIQUORS and CIO/at?, de` im' ii
Old Moroligaboli Ry WlRskey and Pittsburgh Mon
Ufsetureir,comtrof Marko/ and Poo no.
SW/CHM iartielts annulled at market rotes. octM
A 110Lk4ALE'GROCKR'S, ter:crin
- 7/1/ . .__TILLERB, mad WINE .6 LIQUOR MERCII
os Also—linsporters of Sada Ash anti ftleashing
Yokdar, N 0.160 Liberty la, (opposite Sixth a Pato
harah. • •
, . •
Mx k IN'CIaiDLEBS, laocoesaors to L. fa J. D
, Wick , Wholdzale Grocer., Forwarding and
• COmmbraluo Merchants, dealers in lion, Nails, lases,
lArtt4n Yunts and Pittsburgh hlanufacturis generally
14Stur , uf Vaud sag Nirturs .treets..Pitt•bursh.
W. WALLACE, bhll stone and Mill Ferree!.
lag eetablishment, N 0.244 Liberty Pl., tear the
vir w.wtLSGN,wnencr,Jewelry,thlecr Ware,
7V o and Ithlaw7 Geode, comae of hlarket and Ith
• et Ptosbures, Pa ,N. B.—Watches end Clocks
LWEST BOWlZi—Coranussion and Forwarding
91erebani,tio.90 Front it between Wood and
Market amen, &WA,
vtrjr..24capli!=aala int 'Kemal deiferrn
cornet of .bliWket ' olid Fourth -1:47
.a n f i.. °17 . 0 . 6Zi. ah. dc.rDealer. lealher bides, he:
•I V .143 Libtrtr
ent.leccirstsoze. • • • Mat. ICCITIVII/Olt•
& It. SIVITCHEON, Wholesale Grocers, des ,
V lers• le Prods., Iron, lielle; Glass, nod 'Prtts.
burelOdesisfasturee generally, 152 Libert7 et, Pitts
Ntr Azvookr - e—lv,V," , 4otiur
irt 01!
W c l pc ..l leg trees, hove
priving lam amitcorat of articles irt t.tgr lino, to
e tiC election orpurchasers it incited. •
Ant's AI: Atom & Co,
, ise i g n" No. 44 Water meet
p C CITT itr) MITITtr!
• .
Tit HE Mutual LBO load licanh Insurance Company
1 of Philesie_lphia,ilnceiporated by th e Legislature
of Pennsylearim, klitreh, ISO. Charier perpetual.
Canitil.llloo,oMki Ratio Leiria THAN a= Passau.
Visalia Coarrovr; and fall Di per cenb lower than the
usual rates of Life Insurance, as the following com
parison and "howl Thee, a person of the age of Ti in
leering for WOO Gar life. mast pay in the Gimrd 42,30
• Peortsylminia, 6236, Peuu Mutual, R 2,36; Equnanle,
11d,04i New England, $4,26 New York Life, 42,30; Al.
hi on, 5.1,46; Lite and Health, Ph [holdalls, 01,01.
Dutherorm.--Satimei D'Orriek, Charles D. Hell. W.
I , ..Barinc, Robert P Ring Chaste. P. Hayes, M. W.
Baldsont 1L Sl:Reeve, ht. D.: Chita 0. if Campbell,
' - Lewis Cooper, I. Rodman Backer, E. H. Baler, Edwin
I R Cope., President-4%20ne! D. Orrick; Tlee Prof.
de nt-/-Itsibt. P.tecretery—Franem Bieck bu rue.
applicationawi lD4.; ll be received... 4 every informatton -
given by, • ,--- SAML.FAIINII3TOCIC, Ant,
(Kee, commercial Room., corner of
omit-oily . _ . Wood and Third Mg Pittsburgh
. I." Ili `,.-,!, • INSURANCE.'
.- (. 1: . A,,'(1 1 4` z . P ri?,74Erar l iATATtoVe D
•" 'it, :NY OF HARTFORD, CoNm. A
cirdasorthism ta 1925
lust Premiums, Capital Stock, and Surplus Pend,
1111, 00,000.
T old and retmonsible Company continues Is I.
sue ;Miler. au Um soon favorable terms on Damian;
Alotioes, Household Fhtitital_r,fitares,,..Stocks of Goods,
Warehouses and contents, Mills and Manifactories,
-Ike. he., against LOSS Oft DAMAGE RY FIRE.
Ahle, on Goods, Wares and Merchandise. against
the nitwits of 11.1...9 Thallitorte2lol, and upon the
Cargites of Sea Teasels. .
The Plotection Intorance Company having, to the
last Erma paid wale tauten" or nothoto at their
'it.. ofterietee thsonshoet th e Untied Stares sod die
Brit Provlnma, have esimblislied • Pia repetanan
far selvency and fur dealing, which challenges emu-
Fasion with any , o th er insurance company.on the,
contheent of Among. .The,ennered extract room an
article en the "object Or Insaronce Companies, taken
Boa the otiose York Day Book," exhibits briar the
-elan Mg and policy of the Calumny.
.7 . te Ilioneeeduten t of the ancient and always pm..
Pelves city of Hartford, kayo far half • <tunny been
famine throughout the Union for the care, discretion,
Matti hotiegry,tind unvarying suceess, with Wlueh they
have formed and managed corporal... of this de
sertotion. tiollartford Bank Or Insurance Company
has, cede failed'? 'Thebes Companies have for."ford
,thati a whole generation Scanned their maks in near
ly OM 15tate Of the 'Chien, sod have never haled to
pay the team:aerobia lessee which they have insured
airmust." , , / •
. ik ! d, Lasse ,u va be.p riiin . ta p w .w. peitie . les d
, n, iss d isod p. h d y . the ,
th :n G te n. r. •
c Agency olfice,l located at cincionau, O. A large
po on of the fonds Of the
cries (inelading all
p rims received at the Wertera grencies,l is de•
po zed with the General Agent of the Company at
C howl, force pay mein of Western sine Southern
lo a. Applyto
gentler itte city of Pittsbargb, and for Allegheny
a Iltsztescs as Lome ast,Glulttme !to xcirox.
lE brat I..tfe itumiatuya Company in the U. States
I. imorparoted Match 100812—eh. ter perpetael.
Capital sso3,ool:l—ellpaid to.•
I stymie aatluilltedtbe allderettnedto teeetto apply '
mu ova for huturettee, on whieo policies will be Issued
secoMing to 'their. proposals and sates, which wall be,
main known to appbeants .1114 omen,No i'6 Wood
Cl. .aptt - • .• .GEC COCHRAN.
- 1 - CAPITAL $lOO,OllO.
J. Etassr,Jri - Ser.l. 1 It hi.throut, Jr., Pres't
Will mastre atert, hut all kinds of sake,
• ALJAlnases will be thornily actiosteli end .promptly
pfd'htnno institotteri—cannneed by Diremin who are
will known In thenomman w. t , kand who nre detarmlit
qr prosoptness and to Maitattht the char
y which they hare twain as offering the , beet
p featly:l;*. who desire bo Insured
Drancross — R. Miller, Jr., Geo. Slack, .1. W. Boiler,
N 4 Holmes, Jr:, Wm: B. Hoban;C. Emmen, Geo. W.
Jolekson, M. Lyon, Jas. Lippmcon, Thos. X.
Lltca,Jantes 111'Aeffny,4t.lez. Thon Scott
Omen, Na 39 Water street, rwarehotust of Spans
'LANCE COMPANY.—Ofhee, North Room of the
' change, Third Wens nth' *table.
f er a, *erehrchec and other
P or
antnoaro by u Ste at , t Sawa
hitlest onreZtun. " •
ges And I F= Ti Tr a elt i rfe: miler open a
al policies, as site attuned may &dm
stannTasosroarallone"ThaY losttrcot , crettno•
dine Inn:sported Eq Wagons, _Railroad 'Easy .Canal
nut kid Steam Edits, on . niers and lakes, make
• •
•.t Lhenl
• - -
Lem& • '
ILLECTORS—Joseph H..Scal, Edmond A. Semler,
J hn•C Davis,litiliartßOGon, John R Penrose, Ramo
e Edwaills,Geo G Lelper, Edward Darling-ton, baseDavis, Wiliam,
i• Davis, William, Falwell/Joao Nesirlin,Dr R &I Hus.
James 0 Hand, Th.:Ml:tilos Plorldmag, H Jones
larooka, Haney Sloan, It Cratg, Geoige
Spencer Brellealo, Charles Reny JO Johnson, Nil
m. Bagalay,Jao.T. Liolfan,
• ; WILZIA.BS MARTIN, President.
Ei.teuslio S. Masora, Secretary.
.117' office or th. 'ooMriany, No. 42 Water street,
usborgh. ' • fulSold P. A. MADEIRA, a gent.
11 1 11 E 'INSURANCE CO. of North America will
.g. make permanent and liented Insurance on pro
perty la this cityand vicinity, and t.O shipments ,by
Canal, Rivera, Lates t and by Sea. The properties
this Company are well Invested, and furnish an avail.
able land for the ample indemnity of, an persons wt.
&arra to be promoted by Insarance.
mita Whl. P. JONES, Agent, 44 Water at.
. . - 15P134/AITY.
Prisnilias Fire lemma. CO. of Philadelphia
DtRECTORS.--Charles N. Rancher Themes Ilan,
Wagner,Santhel Orem ,Jacob R. Smith,
tree. W Richard!, Mordecai P e enwis, Adolphe E.
Sorte,DatqdS. Drawn, Morrisarson. ,
Cuarnais N. Manama President. •
I Charles O. Beecher, Secretary.
Continue to make imam:tee, perpetual or limited,
de cam description of property la town Or COUalky,
at rates amt low as ore eonsiment with secanty.
To Compudylame resented a largo contina eat Fond,
which with their Capital sod Fremantle, saWy invest.
eel abed ample protection to the smeared.
I The ahnits of the company, on January Ist, 1842, as
published agreeably to an act of Aimetably, were on
follows, viz:
blerlatlit" 51,047,430 41
ael) &LUZ 01,724 83
TatopartryLoara, 96,u111 155
8 . 0 . 5 . ........ ...... . . 51,510 Y 5
, • , 32.441
• •
to et, second
milers in Foreign
cites of Depot
. .
51,1rti1,922 71
ration a csgiod of 19 years, they
Sm"*Cir thCC'T'° r f ar hundred tho
-evo paid upwards of one mil ton o
end dollars, lossenby fires tberkbP
If die solveninges of tasarance, well as the lu,a•
eel with prompt:mem all habil...
e ; '9 dsPd"th''' o GA RUIN Elt .OFFIN, Agent.
mariidly • °Mee N E COn'er Woad and ad et.
kOELAW - air.• X uTuntafisuriwa cr. co.
I A. MADEIRA, Agent at Pittsburgh for Me Dela.
sV. ware Mutual Safety Insurance Comp:my of Pbatl
elpida... Eire Ride Main buildings and altrobandmi
9 r .T. 7 description, and Marine Risks upon hall* or
Outgoes of remota, Rikes upon ate moot fil.101211!C
IetTIUL: •
1 tEr Of.ce the Warehoise of W.D. Holmes Dm,
no wileroltar Market street, Pittsburgh.
saes.. of this Company since the mutt,•
lishmera of the. Ar °any in thir nay, with the pitrapt
nest and
hberskity with which every sham upon them for loss.haa beta adiumed, fully outran, the agent in
barbing the coetdence and patronage of his friends and
tbu catrattanity it large to the Delaware M. S. Insu
rance Company, whlleikluts rue additional advantages
hs among the most flourishing In Philadel
pMa—aa having an ample paid. capital, 'Adult - by the
operation of Its charter te constantl 51.M15,
yteldlag lo each person unwed ids due share of the
profits of dm company, without involving - him in say
respensibilay whatever, and therefore as passes/an,
Iho Maenad Prinekide divemort.of every obnoxious fca
ialo, and in Ras Una.. form. nook
7000 ♦xo TIMESTON, rito4lllFol.
... - , -
aTHIS eatahlithment lona and widely known as
being one of the moat romniodinua in the city of
, linlttmOre, hit„ recently undergone eery ellen'.
• • • -
Sive rthenalons and improvements. An enure new
wing has been added, cmtmining numerous and wires
sleeping' upartinentt and ertennive bathing rooms.
The Lathes' department has elm beencompletely
storganierrk and he np in p tee it endive and beano.
fel style. In fact the whole arranaement nf the Bouse
lane been remodeled, with a single eyeon the port of
the proprietors. towards the comfort and pleasure of
theist:nen., and which they corthdeally , mean will
'eh:thecae comparison with any Hotel in the Bubo. -••
Their mirth siways be supplied with evert avb
stanial and turniy which the merles effords, served
up In it superior ntylei while in the wayof Wines, Ice
they will net hr surpassed.
In cOnclunini ne preprieton bag to say, that notntne
watt It led nudesran their part, and on the patent their
asststanite to render thin Hotel worthy the continued
paironage of their friends and the publte generally.
The pricer for boutd have also been reduced to the
Tollossing rates:
I I Ludic,' Ordinary, E 1,73 per day
' Gentlemenhi " lehD
hir B.—The Baggage Wagon of the House will ar•
way. he found at the Coe and SthatabOa Landing%
convey baggage to and from the lintel, free
of chatg.. ..Phf
e 7.11 01 rOVRTII •rto attaar mourn, mrtmelen.
TISE, sobscribet respectfully announces that
ae has now opened his new, and excellent Hotel
r the accommodation of travelers, boarders,
Fad tie public generally. Toe honor and furniture
'are:comely new, ond no pains or expense have been
spared to render it one of the most comfortable and
Ptelsant Hotels in the city.
Tho sabteriber to determined to deserve, and there.
forq solicits, a shore of public patrononee
01114-41 y JACOB HOUGH. PTOneloi.
10011a25 A.ND nrta ISM.
IPPOSITE , Into Dank of the United States, Phila.
moral Pro
JOBB n.AuLrisini,
A ITORNEV and Pounisellor at Law, and Coronae.
eioser for we Strito bf Pcsinkyleaola, Sh Louis
Ma (la" os Pitlaborgh.),
liarell‘CSlL—Plitalsorgh: lion. W. Forward. Munro
lon tr. Miller, .M'Candless S M'Clure, John K Parke,
Semple, hi`Cord k Kink. 12141.1:My
„t 1 Fourth street, between /Dewitt.ld and Grout,
P.. _ IEIS
TTORNIWS AT LAW, Fourth hither, near Grunt
` - TAIKE'sB. - HSttl -..
VTTORNEW AT LAW —Office on Fourth at., be
/1. seems Smithfield and Grunt in, Pittsburgh.
• •Offidly
• Butler, Pa
TATILL also attend to collections and all other bast-
Ty a...entrusted to in Butler and Armstrong
<sondes, PA Refer to
L Pe. R. Floyd, Utterly at
W. W. Wallace, do
James Marshall do Pittsburgh.
My Kay I Co.. Wood st J ionS
j B. OWEITZER, Attorney at Lass, oak, ad st:.
opposer Inc. Charles lintel. Pittsburgh, Isle slim
attend promptly to Colieettontin Washington, Fayette
- and Green encodes, Pa.
litackstock, Fell h Co.,
Church & Ca.-whets, }.l'nmlturgh.
D T. Morgan, c.Chlly
- - -,-
EJ. 11f.7.1FY, 'Attorney and Count-altos at Law,
e Cincinnati, Ohio. Collections in Southern Ohm,
and in Indiana, and in Kentucky, promptly and care
fully attended to. Commiisioner for the &ate orPent , -
sylvan's., for taking Depositions neknowledgmems,
he. he. .
Reeks to—lion. Win. Dell aSon, Curti*, Church &
Carothers, Win. Ilaye, Plzq., Wlllock De Dar,. aMi
Me CORD & Co. will introduce this day —.I.
Inmarday. Au; dithd the tall style of Gentlemen,
Ilam, comer. of Ftfilt and Wood arrsm ang2s
fI , CORD & CO.,
(danceisors to M'Cord & t ang)
Falb tellable Llattor'sto
Corner of Wood acid Fifth Streets.
rARTICULAR attention paid re oar Renal Trade.
Gentlemen can rely upon getting their Iles and
pia from onr estallistonent of she war MAIM/Ltu and
, wolixooacr, of rho Ltlteif and as the talWirl
Country Merchants, purchaane by wholesale, are
respecrfally invited to call and examine oar Smek; ar
we can any with confidence. that as regardomemirrs
and numb i t will not alarm in a compazumn wall any
house in Philadelphia febl7
.44-IILATS,--12 dos water proof
Cal. - or:11a Ram, fait remiseACCO d and Itsf sale by
RD Co,
114 , 27 corner bth and Wood al
AMORY" & Co. will introduce on Sara.
rilliday, March:hi, the Spring style of HATS.
Those neat of a neat and Isparta ha, are incite
to at corner of sth ad Wood streets. mane
Aso o open a supply of spring Bonnet Rations,
of new an d handsome
handsome styles.
Al-n, new sti pto
le Bed Nero; L.A.,. an d E s t,
inss; loron ods; Victors. do, plant Manna ad
j!icemen!, castiroulead Son , * ?Sunhat, &e: Data, a
hose assortmeut en:Opting Goods geoesulty, at north
east corner ith and 54 aliet strata.
Wholeade 14.421.1 ap stairs. ape.
11.101 6 LILL
TUART & HILL, Grocers, and Produce and Cron.
0 'uttssart Merchants, No. Ito Wood et: Pittsburgh.
Dears; On ri,o , ortes, Flour, Whoa , 1110, 00a;Corn,
Rot or, Pork 1500011. Rubor, Lard, Cheese. Clover,
Tai I
nany end lia Seeds; Iron. Nato, Blass, trx. he
he. 1' annular attention paid to the sale of Western
Raataarcta—Mcsors. Myers & Hunter, Rohe Dol.
dell a Co- Mtalls.& Roe, Contour& Sash 4 Co.,
Janes May, Kota a.noorhead, Pittsburgh. Fenner
a PP3l:llan, Massillon. Jolt S. ;Morrison, Es q., St.
rodscoash late oiN. Lisbon. o — w e. SILIONOIL
fIENERAL AtokuNICY, Canuniaion and Forward-
Ing.Merchants, No. .1 Market , Prashargb, Po
ID•Proapt attention given to the purcha.c one rale
of rui kinds of Prod.&
.11.00,111.—.101.1 %Voila Co., Morphy, Wilson d. Ca.
Piaanargh, Pad Lawson it 1101, Mahlon Martin,
Wellstiflc, 04 John 11. grown & Co , Gregg, Ettlos P.
Coi. Pkilarlelphsc B. W. Sotalgtoos & co., Mega h.
yore, New 1.1.b05, 0.; Fr. Skinner, Hon C. D. Coffin,
braannosi J. Y. Youngstown, 04 W. L Stnn•
dart. Cleveland, 0. anal
Conn'orlon and Forwarding ilerohai
no. ld WOOD
g 10?MN0E.t4 to truitmet a general Commission 1/1121.
l.Jnem, mpeciallysu the nurchnse and sale of Anteri•
can blastuturtium and Produce and in receiving cod
forwarding Goods consigned in itts este. 40 Agent for
die blartumetures,ho Wdl bo constantly supplied with
the principal articles of Pittsburgh Alanufactnre or the
lowest Abotestdc prices. Orders and consignments
ore respectfully , coliCimd.
Venn Machina Shop -
WIGIIViIAId--Ilentfaeturer of a ll kinds of con.
;JUL. ton and woollen ranctincry, Allegheny etty, Pa
The above works being now in roll and successes.. op-
I amprepaled to ester. 0(2 . 1.73 with dispatch
for all kinds of machinery in ay line, each as wilinws,
pickers, opine/tem, cards., grinting neekL r, snimays,
drawing Imam speeders, thioasds, loom, woolen
ensile, double or amain, for merchant or contary work,
mules-Allege, reed slide and hand lathes and tool, in gen
eral. All kinds of shelling made to order, or plans giv
for gearing factories or milli at reiminntile charge.
Ituela no—Kennedy,Childs ls Co 1311mkstoek,
fr.. lb ., King, Pennock a, Co., Jae. A. Grain
Jll.onongrattalw Ltwory Stable.
.61:2ROBERT ' 11. YKITPASON has opened
the large stable on Fan et, Tanning through
to Second at, between Wood and Smithfield
rla.,in the rear of We Monongahela HOLLIe,
wah en entirely near neck of Homes and Carriage, of
the best quality and linen styles: Flames kept at live
r in the heat manner. jr±ltv
The steam boat A. hIASON4
now mos from Ore Point, foot
orui.ny .truel, to the Gar
n—leaving at V o'clock, A. hg nnd
at the beginning of each hour anal P. Al. l'i-ours
may rely on tooling the boat at the hour. Sho lt• "vs
the Gatdcn, the Imo op trip, at 10 o'clock.
TM. mason last advanotog, and those wishitot = to •
omit Ibis delightful retreat, now' an the time to spco.l a
few bears, me. in the smoke and dust of the cos, but in
a pure atmosphere, perfumed with the fragrance of
All kouls of refrashmenta, except intoxicating &Inks,
are kept on the premises. Greenhouse Plants, and
Gourmets of choice GOIWCII , for sole. Closed on cau
dal, 103 JAM (O-Change of landing made on accoola of low was
,:Forwnnllnn and Cm:mown Mor
hant, has remoieJ to No. ni Front, between , Wood
nod Smithfield •street,
tt:: a
Ihr'..'TjlrS'ndoonlr. :rW
P]o, sonroto e rtnnc co
YOrl rm ' W ar Ung such arnelos, RIC /Honed to call and
SLIAINE S ATKINnONIO, lat. between Wood Market no
licasina Brick Works for Sale.
T il W tili a li , :e , ji , bez b o ov lre .n rs i i .. o , r w a , li n e . , „e tli . e:T , i'ig l . r t : i ll g lCh. :.
Swam thigine,kliholers,U klould Nlaciiinc, capahle of
a r t ...Iva/0 Pressed Wicks tout of dry cmy,
us tuen froertthe bank.) per d.iy ; with three titres of
land on the Allegheny river, on which are 4 kilns and
sheds, machine and clay sheds, wheelb itrOiaiii, tracks,
shoves, epodes, Ar., every thing renovate to eon,.
curare operistroiS at an hour• 11001.0. PriCf. Including
ine patent right to Owl said machine, WlSP—terms of
paymnin mune easy. Withutit the land, SALMI For
particulars, address 11EN it l' NIIIIIRITT,
augz:-41( No 119 klonongsbela /fenne._
- ' Dliltili APi D iiiiiiiiilSlo-0 illit Dltlir•
A FULTON, Dell and flora Founder, him re
huilt and commenced business et Ids old stmid,
where he will be pleased to we his old cilatOrti
erg and friends.
Clweli,Stesmbout. and Della *revery size, from 10
to 10,1Aill pounds, east from patterns of the most. pprov
edmodels, and warranted to be of the hest materials.
Illineral Water Punips,Counters, Railing, ix., ioges
Oired i
thee with every ',artery of Dress Castings, II rtg
turned and firlthed in the neatest manner.
A. F. is the sole proprietor of 11/Lauer's Arrn-A-rrso
on Mewl.. u, justly celebrated for the reduetion 0
1,100011 in maetuncry. 'thin Doses and Compositior
nsit lin bed .+f hint .1 lii utnnt. ja2o,ly,
filiaPiTlPiG PAPER—.nano resins of
rt PrinUng so ,
Book Paper, a superior studs. Assoed size
on hand. Any size made toebrder atshOrtairt node'
Oneil . 5 C DILL, fri Wood SI
- . .
Dissolutiosa of Pattisotsktit&
hIU'FITALCOINSEITIbIa item the firm hereto.
LP fore ex ottnetinder the 'mi. of 131ISHFIELDlo
LEADER., hes been dissolved by 'leery Leader
ing las enure interest in Reid firm to Jotin McGill. All
business connected took the firm of Bastifield & Lead
will be sruletr by U. 13. , linshfield C 0.,. oho are
dely authorised to make all eollectiows and silion ell
Phisburgh, Oct. T. MD.
N. 11.-8. B. BUSITFIELD R CO. will continue the
wholesale and retail On Goods and Grocery business,
at the old more room. No. Liberty st, where they
Rill be pleased to base their friends and customers
call end examine teeth stook of goods.
Darn $ OUgIIFIELD de CO.
~ t Fiß Puttnembip of the =devolved, .uude r the firm
of Iloghley A Smith, was dtssolved by utun.l
consent on Nth September, W. Bagaley_porehoui
the interest or.l. FL Smith, who -retire, The begin
o( the firm will be settled by their scrteesson, WM.
keguley A Co., at N 02.18 and Nt Wood et
W11.21.1aill• BACiALEV, -,
Pittsburgh, 022 I, 49. ISAAC R. 9211T1L
elated with him Wm. H Woodward of Phradolpht
/ono S Cosgrove , and Ralph Llaraloy of Pinol - rlra
will continue the Wholerale Grocery Batinoss,al No
Id and OP Wood at. under the flrro of
.1177d.11AGn . LE &CO f i ni•burgin
Dissolution et Co-Partn•nhip
THE co-psrtnershop besetofota ettbning•bot reeen the
subt.rthers, under the style Of Brown A Culbert
son, was dissolved on the Ist Lust by @MORI eo,serd
The subscriber sr di Corampe the Wholesale tirOoce
ry and Comml sloe Llosiness. us be rev:dareOahe old
mod; 140 LlbertY tl• oelA A. ell'".slA.9-r1
.at —
WORKS, are now prepared to furnish a warms
article of Soda Mb and Slartatie 'Arid, Persons wish;
11 . 14 . to porch., either ol the above artlelei, F areva•
onircil toe
s d on ISAAC WALKER, No. 13 fifth
end loans the snide, before purehaah. elsewhere.
N. o.—The Soda Ash manaaetured at rneatllth
mrn ' is greatly superior to sup other brought to ROI
market. p2l
—04.. aTIL‘SoI.
IC AllFg/IR ATAcussoni,
_ der. , "imams Wale ago Hamer, Prrrencnon,
....671141.1E so manufacture all kinots of (ROPER,
small Work.
Stmm Boats MLitt to order.
Spectal attemico given to steam boat work.
' Have on hands %fine assortment of Copper and Brava
Kettles, Tin Ware, Steamboat Cootingeltoves,
ortablv Forges, maims slue— a very convenient as-
Stole for steamboats, California emigrants, or roll road
o wonld tel invite steam boat men and
others to call and me our articles and poem before
purchasing elmerbern. IFi
— Dlooolatien Parts...hip,
Tits copannership of HENRY HANNF.N A EO..
formerly /immesh Moller A Co., in the Window
a d Colored Glass business. is this day dissolved by
the withdrawal of Mr. Frederick Muller.
The business will be combined by the undersigned,
under Me firm of HENRY HANN EN C,O. Ware
house No. ItSS Second at. wham we will Ser.
supplies of supenor Window Glum.
Pittsburgh. Aug. 27, NM. 11ENRY.EMSTF.AD.•
Clopart.nerst. p. -
Tilt undersigned hare this day associated with them
I in business JACOB L. SC HWA RTZ,and will con
tinue the business as heretofore, under the firm of
July 2, lan. D. A. FAIINESTOCK A. CO.
1713 II
MBE partnership heretofore existing under the Brut
o'A. A C. BRADLEY, is dissolved by the decease
of RD. C. Bradley. The bamboo will be carnal on by
A. Bradley, who will settle the husiltess of the late
REMOVAL —A. BRAM= has rammed his Foundry
Warehouse from No. 111 Second street. to No.lll
Wood street, between First and Second streets, o the
warehouse lately occupied by G. A. Berry, where he.
will keep constantly en hand a general nasamanni of
Castin,rs. Grates, Stoves, Cooking SLOT., dr. jyta
Di aaaa nitens
co-partnership heretofore erieung between the
T subscribers, in the name of Constable, Bloke A
Cu,.l ding day dissolved by uncital COMMIn.
Burke & Barnes will settle the business of the eon
err. for which purpose they are authorised to ow be
name of the ioncer. NATHANIEL
The nridersidned have dui day associated themselves
in the name al d, BARNES, for the purpose
of ninnufactunng Five Proof Safes, Vault Lam, Se.
ice s al the swill of the Inv hrm of Countable, Burke
& G,, where they will Le pleased to receive. the pa.
tronage of the customers of that house and their friends.
In retiring from the firm of 'Constable, Burke & Co.,
I with sincere pleaLufe recommend Nessus. Burke Ir.
Barnes to the conniknee of my friends and the pobite.
pannership of All/W . lllr & LEE Is this day
,Ibboolved by ebotool convent. Ile boobies. of the
low hem 1.111 be settled IL Lee. J. It
Im.boehb, /an. 1e49.11. LEE.
NOTICE—The andorsirsod will continua the Wool
Easiness and attend to the ale of Woolen Goottsiar
the old stand. It. LEK.
11. 1.4
In retiring Ram the fins of hlurphy e,
great Warfare In teen ottnenchng Bar. 11. Lee to the
confidence of tny friends and the
Pittsburgh, Jan. :Si, OAP. J. R. MU Rpllll:.._
11rm. B. SCAIRE and Capt. 1 - A.311..ti ATKINSON
yy have entered into p a rtnerthdp, under the hew of
SCAIFE ATKINSON. and tetil carry on the Tut,
Copper, and Sheet Iron Wore magefselm7.
Also, Blacksmittnes in all Its branches, at the old
IFL•11.1i of Win. It Scans, Ft. stremt. neat Wood.
Parumulor ethenuon peen to steamboat work.
fitA %E thi• dry a ssoelsted will,. in the sotto' •
'MI! Grocery, Nodose ton Commission be - Sines
my bloats r Joseph, under thstrns'a J. 8 DI I. WORT
rt. Co I 'J. 8. DILWORTH.
January 1, IPith
10;1 6- AritTfiElltill4—Was. Ymetelm'ftnft w.
%_/ day associated with him, Joha R. bCCtute, the lea•
they bauble. will hereafter be leortyhacted ander dhe
Ann or Wm. Young & Co. LuAat YOUNG,
eyed wi R_ 211'ClYNE.
A Lung
R0 c 13 . E . 2
r t i Tat gt ei , nob y
Mt Ortuo, whet a he will La happy ott see his friends
md former customer. ik oco2o
TORN D. sPCRo4lll7Frlnt7ril ink blanufastare ,
Al Nos. 531 and 303 Star:Polyps, NEW N'ORK—De
pot N 0.3 Spnace ereel—WoubrCall the anennert 01
Printers to his Imprsved Pnoting Inks of various
kinds and enders, al the following prices:
Lena fine Jet Moot, for Card and Wood
Com - • • IN 00 and 300 per lb.
Fine Book Ink • - „ 0 75 ” 1 In
Boon r k - • - 1 1, 40 . to bd
Noon Ink - ols f goo " oos o
Fine Red Ink .. 75e IID ,I 1 50 " 2 111.
Blue, Yellow, Green and %Vhitelsc 3 00 1 30 0
Gold mine er 81 per Ib, and BHinth at 50, 73 Ms nod
81 por 00.
A specimen of News Ink can Be sten on this p.p..
1 Pittsburgh. Pa.
C. Morgan 0 Co Cincinnati, 10 tio.
hlanon tr, Gmwould. LouirwilltL o Kl ; _ , octindsm
— lndia Rubber Pont..
CIGROSS MP r..e'd (then the Philadelphia Factory,
an excellent article for rendering Boots and Shoes
perfectly wirier proof, and PIX as a pieta of cloth.
One application of this PPM is sulhment to make them
impervtous to water for two months, and is a perfect
preventauve front the leather cracking. Sold whole•
sale and retail at N 0.3 Wood etli
_Dealt i f. & H. PHILLIPS.
e ikaiwirtli. - viro — oblwg.E l :,
Modern and Antiqp.ll,
ue Pornitort,
63, Twin Fnaar, L 1.16 toil.
A lute and splendid .„,... i -ir .—..i i ,
su itable
of Fputium, %.1--,....t1 , - 4 . - "2-• • 1
suitable for Steamboats, • „,•••••-•°- ---
Hotels and tamale dontl
iinP. conantotlY -oh hand and Rade to order.
The present stock on Pod cannot be exceeded by
any inanwactory in the vsestel country. Penton%
wishing to pure-haw would do ell to give me a call,
as I am determined my pnces shall please. Part of
the stook corms. in— 1
Tale •Tete; Bele Etagere .
LAWS XJ V Chaim; queen Elisabeth chairs;
Toorlell9lsrbies; brui) Tables;
LottilXV Commoder;
French AI oho Bedstead.; i nmo Stools;
50 sofas with Plush andllo rmloth come; -,
30 3lahogany Rocking Chill's;
40 Po Parlor rig
30 . Fanrcy dr?
. es centre Tables; I
20 pan Elleellet 4 pair pleiTablee;
15 marble top Dre•aleg Ila atm;
8 Wardrobes; is Secretan a end Book eases;
MI merble top Wash Stang.;
4 pair Otlonms;
8 pair fancy work Stpdsd
A very tarp psortment of common chairs and other
(omits. too numerous to mennon
a d o Steno, Booth furnished nn, the shortest nonce,
en on the most reasonable terms, deed
Diaphragm Wilier, Ode IRPgrant Water.
40 Tills is to certify that I have 01•1
pointed Livioghton, Roggen . i , n.
Sole Agents fp the sole ofJentongbt
tan Disprabgni Filter, for the el
ties of Pannone& and Allegheny.
.101 IN GIRSLIN, Agent,
for Waller AI Gibson, 341/Broadway
N. Yi
,Oct. 10, IEI4B.
Wenere been rising one of the above articles at tbe
office of thq Novelty Work. for three employ on trial,
and feel perfectly satisfied that ills a umful invennon,
and we take pleesure to recommending them ash use :
fa erticie to all who love pure water. Orders will Le
thankfully received and promptly executed.
D. -- IbleittilterilligOodkr
Which renders turbid warp pure by
removing all sntertancee notaotable nt
wowr. The crolon water to N. York,
,'lllthollgh Cleat and pure Id the ye, yet
'when it epees p hour through this
aimAillt 00ek, shows a large dough
impure pbstances,werom, kit. I.lthe
la the case more or less with all hydrPt watcr-
TheßPerstille bitterer is ricat and durable,...l D
not attended with the Incest...Pre tneldento Other
Filippa,es it be elect:teed without being detached frog
he water pipe., by merely turning the key or handl.
from one nth, to the other. By this easy procerej the
course. of crater is changed, and oil arrettmulattans fe
Impure aliballineee are driven infrallnerel, inclAntly,
w t s h e o s u tr o i f r e being
aM aeto p F il
o te c r k . ,
alntd a
a l s o ouch se
to s se
msa th 7
MUMS cbe e
very cormenlpt and economical.
Tr Bean be euached where there lo any preashro blghl
n or low to a cask, tank, Mb, he. voth c W ILE To be had ,
of the ode Agt, en 'A , WN,
"OD7 tenter of Pisani! and Markel am
6 ,
THE celebrated Hazard Ride Powder, In keg.; al
kegs, quarters and cans, for sale by .
- -
Oben°later Cocoa,. se.
W. B. latex American and Wend, Chocolate;.Prepat
d C Sena, Cocoa Paste, Bruce, Cocoa Rhdia,.&e.
re h wit" and consumers, who vrohld parebase
prod acs bf Cbcom,, L free from lutalteratton,
mop a 4t sous Mantels oreedree, wad in q .thrr
.paOci oho dbooriberreamThoenda atmso anielbe7'
wield *tared by himself, and attmtkoji with Ida
T mark and Coal Paste. tro dede.,
and' a dutory drinks fof:innlids,'biervateacems, mad
mitta. pre prnammee4 by, th ernmtl.ookinent plarkkeirou
..Parlor loony other PraPnroklons. Ills or.nfaciorer
am al nays on sale in in easy labbnalT, br the the se ee.
meat Me grocers "alba mindere "eides, ind men age= Hawes. Gray Rea., orlbhifonf lamer' IlaThrnee
& no, Hartford, Conn; Hassey & Mornry, Now York;
Brant ,' I Stone, Tootoma ticandble,
dolor ,; and Kelloga & Lionnett.Cincinnall, Ohio.
WALTER BAUER, Vorcheeter lines.
Per Ade by mzellt RAGALET & 81111TIL Arta
WrongltSaled Zest ,Irsts
WE:subscriber, beg ienvefto Inform the publle 0 2•1
t:qy have obtained from 'the Fat all the lain and
aaluennble deaiins foe Iroirßaillme, both - Mr hoax.'
taw emnewriee Pennon "wishing' to pvormle hand
soma patterns wiltpleam en.ll and axasnete mei judge , .
fee thertmeives. liatling svi,ll Iw ferniahed at the short ,
entice, .d In the bed rammer, at the some ,. of
Omit and Roberto strvets—Clevlienv city.
int—t , dlf A. LAMONT &
• Vl7. k J. GLENN Hook Winder*.
E aresnll enged In ihe above buslocsa, tomer
kk of Wood tutu ag
Tlhrd streets. Pittsburgh, whew ,
we are prepared to do any work. in our line with dos.
patch We attend to our work personally, and ne
faction be given 143 sogardto Its neatness and sa dto
Bonk Moots lryle6 to any rumen and bound tato.
itantially Books In number's orold books bow:dome
fully or repaired. Names pat on books in gilt letters.
Thome that have work to our, line we i n vited to can
Pliers low, my-Atof
pVLNG sold our cadre stooluto C. IL Gaon, w ith
,ksv to clo•ing OUT old bond:tem. we hereby so.
belt for him the poknaunge or all our friends and eau.
tomtn , . -"RO. W. POINDEXTER, '
ntlnnorlsn, ,
ir 11. GIANT, Wholemdc GroCeri Necturosinu and
V • Forwarding Meretiant. Ho. 41.0rtur M. - ant/ •
Sonic., Cooking Stove., 0 , atm
M A e lth o rn i e lA r b i b% rt W y A a L n i A' E owl ree tl, R*u tri n ang: s ' f a c re
and offer for sale Platform, Floor and Uountee . lie s
wlthe most Improved quality; Cooing $lOOO,, Wo ' od
any! coal; Peg Stoves of various suss, Parlor and
octoroon (draws, fiction Wars, .ke.Me. They clan
manufacture the Kitchen Liatige, which taro givettench
gencrul satisfaction to room haring it in use, to all ol
winch they would respectfully Mono the attention of
the fleeces and the pnolic generally. 0c127-4lf
AL would cal/ thu attention of the city trade sad
natter.. generally, to the following brands Tobaccos,
ti, :tore and to Ilredo , , which being consignments di.
wet froin manufacturers, In, is mudded to sell at east
ern prices ,
133 # boo R W Csreshaw .50;
70 I •• James Madison ss;
et I " Lamartine • d o
33 I " blisabosu
Bataan fa... 1 Is,
15 I " Roberts & Sisson
thstr Bari
" Johns & Lewis 1.;
3 Warwick, son 1s;
.16 " Mary ft unmet ss, Is and
Pltt Hachtoe , Works
: awl Potladry.
TWIN WRIGHT ft CO., are prepared to build Canon
It) and Woolen Machinery of ewers description. suet
as Carding 51.andines, S pinning Frames, _Speeders
Drawing Priories, Railway Reads, Wurpeon Spooky.;
Dressing Frames. Looms, Cord Gonders.,fr.e. Wrought
Iron Shelling turned: alt sizes Orem Iron.
Rangers of the latest pattern., ilide and hand Lathes.
Awl tools of all kinds. IN-stings of every description
furnished on short nice. - Patiarrniamde to order for
Mill Gearing, Iron Railing, de. Steam Pme for kern
ing Poetories. Cast Iron lk tndliw Sash and fancy Cass
thnot generally. Orders left at the Irarehoese ofJ.
& Co, Liberty area, min Pave prompt utten-.
Refer to Ellseksmck, Bell d Co.. I. F. Snarehond &
Co, u. E.,Warnet, John Irwin tSons, Platshurgh zrit.
J. li. Warner, Steubenville.
• t
.1 A. WHITE A. CO., wunld respectfully inform
in. Ile public thot thee have erected o shay , ou
Laeock, between Pole rano L Sioduity sfreent.• They
01010 making and are pnpared to reverse orders for
es , ry description re ?ruteles,Coonne.e, Chariot's, Mt
. courhes, thieves. Plintlens s.c..treat Men
011 ezperir are' in dm teal faclore of the :above work,
nod the facilities they havr,they feet rottftairelttihey ore
enabled to do work an the most rensotreble term. with
these wanting ankles in their line. •
Papug partieular sttentinn to rho seleemin of mato
: Mitt, and having none but competent weal:lei, they
hove no Leaman:to in warriiiioug their work. We
therefore ask the attention of the public to this Mallet.
N IL Repo-mug done in the ttoi Toter, and on dm
most reusunalile term, Wale
1110 curroN AND WOOLt.I.
RCAF—llnving made er.nimne4o ( or en-n•
a t
supply of FACTORY VIND/NGS, we will sell
at tow pnces Calf and Sheep Rotor Sin., Lore Lea
the, /token. Reed; Shuttles, Hemp Twlee Trendies'
No. 5 to 15 Deli Piteek.r,,Wrerielfes,"Suipptng Castle,
lu to II in; Patent Dresseultruitiks, Weavers' Brush
s A.c. fee. 1.0(.7.A. N, *WILSON CO.,
ni 4 1 Wo o . ..Ilea. Pilonlarah.
I WINES-04;qt Webber a Forrestii;thtrf •
r Fare rich and dm, (mold, Canty/troll 3 / 4 . Col old
dry PSS.. Osbourn/ USllPl l utztrlSlStfPnie intro per-.
neuter Port Ibuti• tr. Sons, Pare Jvice, Suable, dou
ble end ringie Grapes. These , Mihail-are all 'celebra
ted for their metrical properties, and ran be hod whole
sale to retail LI the Wtna thereof
rritr: subscriber offers for We a large and splendid
J. workmen, of rosewood and matuatany grand Ac
tion Pianos, with and without Coleman's celebrated
Molten Attar loneut. The above instrumento are war
ranted s. no equal to any nu... Metered in tins coun
try, end will he sold lower Ma , end brought from the
tam Y IILtI.M.Y. •Ile mood
tt door Mawr toth
r. It—City Senp Sell ha taken at par 1,. u few of
be above assortment mirk F. 11.
liardware...bompor than }Oreg.!
LWAN, WILSON h. CO., Importers and Wholessla
Dealers in Hardware. Cutlery and Saddlery, tie
I s, Wood meet, show Fifth. heart now In store a very
cheap mid acll 'elm:tool mock of !lard war, Lotror.or
since the he
of` rices lid Entirpe, mid which thry•
afe determined to dlcorrespondingly low. Merchants
Who have been in the Mialt9 l gu 4 .3 Fast, are l'srddch
larly mai:tested to call .na fool Strong!. cm stock, ids
we rolitidendly lieliave they Win /ATE their expences
onagiAltiN in whereas:le unra, add oats .,
respectable budnese, to net usitiook-loccpnes, Silt.
Inca, Porters. tlar-licericts, Waliers;Vanidors, Coach.
men, Car Agents, Book and tlap me Collector..
IIVOTOCCre at all bronebes of busss, he. We have
at all time. a large number of good situation. on bend,
-attach pay from too to KOOU per vionas. Those to
want o(saitations of any loud oreaid do well. to Aire
ar, we bore agenttrio each of the auto cl
ues, which will'enthle es to place every applienot lu
Imitable satiation at the .honest notice. We have a
Mtge amplest/tun.. in nli the Ow, named MU.,
which ore loom will enable as to give enure sausfac•
to ill who may favor us with a Call.
TAYLOR kTAYM AN, No. SD tiecond
betweeu loath and tiny.
N —Persons part of We U. Stoma,
and wishing to obtain a mutation In fud wan., or ct•
LAlnr of thr above cities, will hare theft Woo. imme
diately attended to by addressing as Imo,(poet-putd)
os by to doing they wilt email both trouble and mu
pause, which they otherwise world incur by corning
to PM city, and seetteg eniplayment for themes.
Address, Tel with ym AN,
N 0.5.9 Second strati,
my:l3:dt( • Lioltimore, 51d
It;. Ste Lane In Tenn
OHM Is to
Id bertify Mar I porcbased'one vial of Dr.
oLana'a Worm Specific, mow two months ago
toll pee to a ran of male, some seven Years twa
oupcmns fall, and although the U.Molllnt may appear
arse, ,at I have no Souk but there tons upwards of
tom taxman. paned from his% memorial ,
Ives on, qua rt et of an inch to nvo loch. long.
. .... .
linos • thtook. Carrot co. Ten, Ikee:.M. tr.M. WA
St ru. 13 .8 W.., Lae ay PI ttsburigh,J P.,
Warehouse, No. 121; Wood stretf,"l"iltsSurgh.
. WILL, cenststuly keen on heed a good .word
Sent nt Ware; of our ownmannmetare, tad
etyperierquality. Wholes* and country Ater.
.chErsta IVO respectfully twitted to call and vu.
amine for tilimselres, as we are determined to still
Cheaper thanbas ever berm bass offered to the pub.
ID- Orders sent by mail,aceompanted by die cash or
lir reference , will lie promptly •nencled to
,mile .;
'di) TIM LADIt....--Just received, a lull assortmen
1 of gold and ells. Traced, an d and Braid; oleo
evingla• and Maria, for embroulering and other or
itimmintal work. Also, gold and silver 'Camels, Fringe
and Lana.
Jewelry of the Wein fashions, In gre. variety. •
%Vetches of saporior quality and beautiful patterns,
and ter sale at Eminent prices lV W WlL.l3opli,
Hari Market and Fourffi.SlS
• - ' ' - ..._.
AAirNr—Orren front lA. Al. to ll P. ti Stools
Butt tU cents, ore fort Ilnr. Ladies Sep:trauma
ofora rom 9to A. fiL and from to
rise Reltechmont . Saloom are unequalled In style
attendunee. Reeherrhe Ice Creams:
atuLS ' T. AVVAI.I, Propriettr...
.I.l,lllets,tottoltwinitraLlir,Le.b,teitt reopeetruny called to
gortss—blutlar 'tested
mea l
of Gold
se.ached by .. your Areanieter, I find the meal( pones
oo.truntoot coronet; end recommend the Ore of tt
to thum.going to California, as the beat method for ob.
Oolong the real Oaths of' Gold. Rasp. yours,
J. 11. DUI4LE.VY, Gobi Bettor.
Ilitroburgh, March avittl9.
Prrrsaczosh Starch 7,1 M.
Easton—Dear Cif: tlo czneconedtheqtreis i
ranter," atimulantural at r . /tlerlllll, I do not honour
to commend to the use 01 OILIa<HICLI INLO are
about removing to CaWorld. in seasch,of Gold.
It Fives n CIOAC opprogiondlon to the epenific gravi
ty or metal., nod willearlaudy enable tan admingorar
to asertain m0 . 01141i12111C01 tidtn g
tour e ld Your., yo II. hPiILINTOSTK,
\Uln reacivOd
ClllloF4lst flayaintion, •,Complete aesotttleof
lillll3 Ellaroll. 041 . 01111 e 61 pfle-re, from :Will to
011,5 n gar .11. pante and Lnt. For sale aI th •
loam Itublier flrtios, No 6 Wood .t.
de`dtd 1 L 111.11111;11P2
tWAtl'i.iflY.--Tlic subseriliet takes thln Mettind
ofinfornilun hie mends Kiel the public In yenerel that
be hes illy
furs stuck of the following named ant
elrs otitis oven munuleetuta us thfsenty—Sliddlebiler-'
nes., Truuk• euit Whim elle( which be will warrant
t e o be inane of Dint/est inhume/ nint by the best mech..
Allegheny COYIlli. Being ileterinintil m cell
his inenafatintes simnel/nut leen, than as h es
been here=
wforu su ld by any sinniar estalillsholent In the ettyj
l i e wo ad , us ue, persons in tit the above named,
articles to his warehouse, Ne.n4t I.lbarty street sipe./
site SCV[lltil. Attu, henna U n do
to unlar for mnehinci
ry. • ~ 0 e130.1y G. KERUY. I
C/IlliitTend strait nine DILLS OF EXCUANDru
0 stile In 'case/nest, LaniselUe u,d dl. Lawn, far{
Chll.d en the mote fatonble term.
sgintl ttl.. HOLMES t SONIL
• •Bootrt and Shwas.
st' LENDID 11150TUCICnt AA received, suitable for
Athe Fallaud Winter 'rink. consisting in part et
REN'S WARE, of every variety and style, and at
prices lona de tales: • Those wi riga% s^ parebne,
orhaleaulec of WO: will snd it 10 then' advadter
sive ua and owning for tbsparelyea
ciett7 earner Fourth and Srnalifteal au
jDoat rand the Plage. '
ft i tu,rAt t iNFlLLtuoit i g.`r.-
.n.,0 of the public, gis, first rate article in all re
gPaeta. .p El alvt..l"iee.frarithe pen without clogging
up, and at the cou r se of o 'few boner a deep
bnghti blnek.
'Sin, B. A: Vabneaugek Is
Robert bloom. • • • BleQuegrut & Doug W,
titiok`&-111eCatulless,. John Parker,
#3.4l7ighgettatc co, F.nc4
c. A. MGAnaltr
For raie itneether with liibberro Ballad lig i ehino
Coop inks) by B. A. Fahneionek Is Co.) Henry P.
Sehorarti. Alleithreay City. and iharoanufasturhr,
' THOS. K. ITISBFAT. Drulgisr
cot Liberty and Smithfield ats
lass rear serglOorD TICS '
An/ is DOW receiving • Ear usortrisent Of
And in the latest Fasbione
Oct 25
Q ACKINO R Murphy has nosii
open a urea, variety of aryl.. for LadieiV, Misses'
and Children's Seeks, lnelading black and black grey
for Mourning Also:
Fit ENINI NIERINOS,otaII the leading colors, such
a. Cherry, Crimean, Scarlet and klarac . &fibre=
shades ot green and drab; black of a'l unalittem.
CA.SIIMERES AND CDRURDS, of bright and plain
colas, to snit all tastes. and at lo'oest cub priers.
The particular attention of buye's Is sidled to lb.
hogs i n c ludes
of Goods in general, Just received, and
includes great many styles of Goods that are
Wholesale Rooms op swig. novU
. .
red in. France, composed of hut few
Lllocksmd sulk! eyes--a large assort
. meet, the best of the kind, always on
hand'at greatly reduced pnees.
ALSO—French Barr Mill Stones of
my own manufacture, made of a new
superior quality of Blocks. These
Burrs are made under my own supetin-
Wodance, imd as great cure Is taken
oartku the
Pints close, end to bar en the blocks in race 41011 c
of a uniform temper, they ore warranted to be of the
very best quality, superior to those imported from
Franc; and also superior to the rrent mass of those
rondo in this country, and at prices lower than have
er totem. been Offered in this market.
Laarel trill Mill Stones, all were
Bolting Cloths, all numbers; at the best wilily, war
ranted to give satisfachun to the purchaser, and at
grew y reduced prices.
Mill Spindles, Mill Irons, Screws and Picks, Plat
form Scales-Corn and Cob Oriodene (hist and Sam
!tit g Castings of all kinds, and Mill Furnishing in gen
All orders Eromptly sounded to nt 244 end 21t Lib
erty suet:. urn the Canal Pdtsburgh.
my3o:dent ' W. W. WALLACE-
1\113.1441 LIBERTY, opposite Smithfield streeL—
Illarbloliantlee,lifintumeuta,Tombs,Table Taps,
toe, a large Tammy at the most beautiful kind, made
of the finest quality el Anew, and domestic marble,
always on bend or made to order, by the aid of ma•
cbinerv,oa the shortest notice and at the lowest prices.
N. IL—llveCloaddry 'Prude furnished with all kinds
of Marble Mita lowest rates. All orderepromptly at-
Molted to al fiell Liberty, Opposite Smithfield st
nty34:2l2:n W W WALLACE
- "irsitlV
ULLO3 Pawl; Stone or French Berl EMT MA
CHINS tic best article edam kind in ow; the
y rim light, elm fan, do the wort well, and will but a
tic tone. Abort We( them are in uge, in the hem
mills in the adosory, and we ease the strongest testi
mony of comment persons as their superiority over
another Snot I& Lames- For further parocuomv, ad
deem the sattafiber u 414 Liberty at. Fotsbnifik.
mydavittr W W WA LL A CE
and mom sill, always on hand, or made to order
on. very shod notice, and at the lowest prices. Allot
dew promptly attended to at 244 Libemy street, near
dot Canal. W W WALLACE
j)LASTERVARIS—For land, and other purposes
Mica, baud aISH Liberty at.
myfig • W WALLACE
711 - 1 TISRAITLI .C - ItUMT=.4iwifi 6-I'llU/id
_EL Liberty st. W W WALLACE
LTRINDSTONES-All saes and grits, always on
. land at 1114 Liberlyttreet.
rftHIS Institut> under the cam of Rm./. h1.60:5..
HORN ANULADV, nilt re-open an Idooday,the
llth at September, in the same rooms. No Pd Liberty
weal. Having limited the number of their pupils, the
Prtacipais hope to merit a continuation of that !theist
patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. Parents may
ft el enured that every advantage will be Mibrded
their daughters, tf placed ender their charge, toe ob.
tainingailionatagti Mogi*, Claulcal, .424 °moment:Ll
eduerat?n, aariliattf
pm: AIYTWIN IM•iSION"of this Institution will
I commence on the fan Monday in September.—
Room. en Federal street to ro.tolonade Row,” 24 door
from the I,ridge.
RAT= o• TFIIIO.I en tinter OF nor Morena
FAghsh Department. mending-Reading, Orthogra
phy and Defining, Wriung, English Grammer, tide.
nc. Lome, English Fornporition and Criticism, Lk...-
grapey, llistory . Arithmetic and the Lather bran..
of Mathematics, Natokl PAilarephy, Chemistry, Ay
=mono, (Many, Physiology, Dettloff, Intellectual
and Minral ir‘.etenee and all other requisite to
•thorough - • - Arkl. tiO
ilorticaiDeparna.kincladm,y the Lana and Greek' , • • - 86 OP
French, 510 00
' • - • - - - • 5,6 ° a
The service, of competent leohers aro scoured for
roe). as desire Instruction in French and 0011111,13, and
aloe In Dromag, Punting and awe.
It is dettraltle that pupa* enter at he a t mmence
ment of.. session, yet they are receiv ny time,
rid am eltaryted at the above rotes from the time of
entr.e.e. ho deductions are made Tor absences, ex
cept in cases of protrasted Illness.
Further information may lroobtained, and applica
tions. mad, by trolling up. the Principal, at ids rooms
on Federal Went, or at his lodgings in L'lrwinis PAW,.
Liberty street, Pittsburgh, between fid ane Ith streets:
Or by addressing, through the Pittsburgh Pont Men,
the Principals - y. LT METCALF.
Allegheny, Aug 7, Iva
win , . Second Session of Otis institution, ender the
care of kir. and Mrs. Gontoris, for the reseal
academic year, will commence on the.flot of Fabian
ty coil, in the time baDdinga, No. aa Liberty street.
Arrangements bane been Made by which they will
be able to famish youpg ladies facilities equal Ca atty
in the Wee; for obtanung a thorough English, Cost
col, and Ornamental education. A full .unie of Phi
-1 lisephloal and Chemical Lemurea will be delivered
dorm[ the winter, illustrated by apparent,. The de
parta.ros of Vocal and Instrumental Mole Modern
languages, Drawing and Punting, will each ' be under
ter care oft competent Profeseor. By close attention
to the mend and truntlaataal Improvement of their pa.
pile, the Principals heye to menu a c0...m of the
liberal patronage they bare hitherto enjoyed. Foe
LEM. FOC circular or apply to the Principals
Prentsraon, alepi 18, 1149 '
Nll4. l( T i gO p t u %H I lI I I ‘ I . E n R e 1" . ..-3Ds a r
hee. S .i ir
r4 To m u s r . W o iLl
ir ycoc, and on looking over the entries made by it, we
hod the crier a linght blue blurt. Isis pleasant to
me with, flows free, and does not clog the pen like - I
the ordinary inks in use. Wishing ens the ready sale
merits demand, we are, yours reapeetf SON ully,
810IP &CO.
For milk, together with ilibbert's Red lob, and Ma
chine Copy Int, by D. A. Fahnestock A Co., 11. P.
Schwartz, kite hen) . City, and by . the manufactuter,
T. K. !fibbed, Drogghtt and Chem.; corner of Liber
ty chd Smithfield sins, - Pittsburgh. octal
Wirtz:Ad ratan, Manna Banat. Wan a. Oars.
(Successors to Hussey, Hanna A Coy
o Fineigu and Domestic Exchange, Certidcams
of Deposita, Bank Notes, and Speeie--Four.h street,
nearly oppositethe Rank of Pittrourgh. Current me
e77 received on depoidte—Ellght Checks for sale, and
collections made on nearly all the principal points in
be United States.
The highest premium paid for Foreign and &merle.
Advances mode on consignments of Produce, atilis•
nett Eau. on liberal terms.
Partat SWIM. 'Lana. lot, 1540.
Patela ausaeoer tOrtrariOn 'n al., Sofas, Burrow,
• Rook Cass.l,Tfinting
rrIIIIF TABLES far surpassing every other trw
A amnion of do kind now enact. They can be en•
ceded Irvin to to twenty-five feet, and when closed
the Loaves aro all °Gummed inside,. they kre node to
all sizes and shape., and are admnably adapted for
Steamboats, Hotels, and large private tamillev, farm
try when closed a complete centre table.
SOFAS AND ItUREAUS--Thero arbeles are royal
gable, particularly to those who swish to et:noo
n-tow room, and convert a sleeping apartment Into a
tartar er sitting room, as they can be opened and slim
at convenience, and when root, the bedding I. enclos
ed. A great wring in room and rent. All the bed
stead.. when closed term a beautiful piece of furniture
run ll s Oa l' C r A o gl it 4- in inifit 'L l and useful article (or midst
or drawing room.
WRITING DESKS—For law offices, counting room,:
and other offices; when opened a mosteenveruent bed
stead when closed a perfect Desk and Library alone ,
All these articles need no recommendadon: the
beau? °Sate whole is, they are Warranted not t get
Jet el repo*. It will ,r for your
to call and.
examine the artieles,at the manufactures store, No.:
ES Third street, Putsbargh. Odin.. the shere
roof against bugs.
:VS " nrn
-- tkiiiiika.l.o -131 CToulea ,
i o
Comer Front and Vine streets. Cincinnati, O.
RDERS from Flitiburet for Alcohol, Pore Snit!,
ORaw or Rhetified Whiskey, will he promptly
ended to at lowest market Ode , 'lSteldhAly
TII6r of NICKLIH KBRYDEN being dissolvedj
'the undersigned will continue the Poreranling an
Commtv.ton Devine. et the steam boat landing,
and respeetfaliv informs his friends that
he heave= to the expense Of It /Italy innate oq
the warehouse and contents, for several years, .and
mums he will give entire satlafietlen to all - who may
p e t t enthe himn Be will receive freight at the towel
Lending. otitn ' JA.MESI.IIHYDEN,
I-ERRS/NOS-0 bleS No 1,14 con an d
Preirl6TTlS VELLIIMIIIIM 16.11.141, •
AXTB aro now rectiviny town faenny. u a r r.
00, ply of these geode, Of Web In an ItilLig
ler than; nch anode eut be had elanathere he .645 e ft! :
We ens no acid, in bleaching, that irjarec the geode,'
oar object beine to prodeee goods not al Omer only,
but roe eaturon nod duratalur,and no Huh they re
eeleed the firm premium OM all other goods exhibit
edet the late Alleatieny notedly:Hal Fenn •!
Fot sale at the Blaekot Depot, Na 56 M. 4 0, 6 ,606
at the ware roortu, of the Fayette ManntherttrinB os 4'
Na. Ild Seeondat.
Blankets of out MiLouracture are sold in /Vulkane
City, by Mr John Dealt, and CM at the u'ryro Big
Wnitioars,. Federal sr °Wei
rr LIE subsctibv has on hand, (received the present
I remai' consigned from the fkt
lowing Goo n, de, winch he Is authorised to close Optima
very hrivi
30 pieces yard wide Barred FlanneL
30 oairs Whirr Bed Wankel; ribbon bound, rii
pounds to the pair.
I case 60 pairs Steamboat Blankets, ribbon bound, a
vary superior article. _
4cases o.sMiinirs)Orey Mixed Blankets.
60 pairs Dark Gentleman Blue Blankets, a very su
perior unele.
I 'o i e Tweed. Steubenville m
Bur Blanket
kei i
0 pease assort
adolain and barred leans, fittenbenside inunfretory.
The above goods are all unsigned direct from the
maker, and will he sold very low for cult or approved
note. octoo H. LBC, Liberty al, oPlsoei.. btk
REW 000081 NEW 0000801
Kr MR stair or Tlilnia NOS MVO,
GB Market st, betwnen3d and ath, Pittsburgh.
WI , I. 1.. RUSSELL, No. &I Market street, betwe.
Third and Fourth, sign of the log golden pee
Lime, b. juot commenced receiving and openinethe
lasseet, elreapeet and most splendid stock of Fall and
Wittier Dry Good. ever offered by one house In Pins.
burgh. All thew foreign goods have been purchas
ed of the importers per the last reamers from Europe,
Ind for elegises. of style and beauty of design aroynn. I
dammed in this or any other market.
The domestic and naple department will also be I
found complete. and cheaper than at any other house
in than city. The ...Me, would here respeCtfully
call the attention of his mamma cuatomere, and all
wishing nese and cheap goads to the prices
which will no doubt astonieh them, b ring detennined
to sell cheaper thus the cheapen.
Good dark Calico ' only 3cents per yard;
Boat quality dank Calico, fast colors, 8 to 10;
Bntlshyourple Punt e, faneolora. 8 to la,
Heavy Bed ticking, from S to 10 tens per yd;
Bleached Muslin., geed (toothy, 5 to 05 per yd;
Beet quality Bleached al ening, Ei to lu per yd;
flimsy yard wide Unbleached .I.lilo, Ito 6I; •
• Good red Flannel, from 13 to E cens par yd;
Good yellovi Flannel, 15 to 25 es per 741;
Good black Alpacen from 15 to 25 par yd;
French Gingham? nom 10 to 15 cts per yd;
Irish Linens at prices from :0 to I,E per yd; ,
Satinet , . and Kentucky Jeans from lik te 50
Cloakings and Linsey. from 191 to 31 Si.; •e
Heavy Domestic Gingham. l 0 191 Crash and Diapers, all liners and qualities;
: I
A splendid assortment of all the newest style..
nibet Caehracres In high colors, rich goods;
Lapin French Thibot Merino., the finest Imported;
Rich Camelion Silk., in all colors and qualities
' Black Armor.. best quality, plaid and stripe;
Mack tiros do triune, all end.. and qualities;
i • Lupin's fine black Bombazines, beanuml goods;
do 'best French Merinos,, black and colored;
do do do do in high colors;
do fine French de Leine., all wool, high colors;
Rich fig'd Caahmefes, beanutagoods, very cheap
Dotted Swots Muni. for evening drenes;
Broche Thlbet Scarfs:late importation . •
Best quality French Rid Gloves, oo long
Mouneing Cashmeres and de Laines, all prices;
Ladies embroidered Neck Ties, eplendld goods,
Ladies finertquality French linen Llelkfs;
Belting Ribbon., • fall arsortmenq
Worked Capes, Collars and Cuffs, ht great variety
Flinch and colored Crapes MI qualitien
• Brocade Lostres, In all colors ani4 , talitier,
Mohair Cornell. figures, rich •
French Cloaking., superb goods, hig colors.;
Al., black Brawl Lore, all widths and panes;
Black Silk Feb. cc, wide and heavy, best quality.
Together with a large cock of white Goods, Swivel
Jaconet and 31011 kluslins, besides a very large and
superb neck of Fall Bonnet Ribbon.., of the latest im
portation and most fashionable style.. Many of the
above goods have o ne arrived per the last steamers
from 'Europe, and worthy the attention of the la
A splendid awortment cif Shavrlc
Super extra sire Flatlet; Long Shawls. best
Super coins size Long Reecho, finest quality;
Superb quality Lang Plaid Shawlo, rich color.;
Item quality square plied Cote wool Shawls;
Rich and heavy extra' nor black silk Shawls;
Rich cannion changeable adk Shawls' '
Soper black and white, all, wool, long SlawLe;
Super extra kw Long and Sq'ro lilnurnmg Shawls
Pans printed Cashmere Shawls, tri great variety;
Teach " all/Pnces R goal's
Mode eistbr'd Thbet liSavy silk unwed
Ellack "
Black and mvde colored heaty cloth Shawls;
White emb'd Minot Shawl's, beautiful goods; •
Highland pi'd long and eq're Shawls., very cheap;
Mounting Shawls and Scarfs, in great variety;
Also, a large lot of plaid lli,n Shawls, from ;A
eta to IMO.
Together with a fall supply of Gloves, Mitts and Ito
Wen, with all articles usually kept in a Wholesale
and Retail Dry Grads llouw--all of which will be
at price* to defy competition.
tEr Remember the store, No. 62 Market street be.
twerp ltard and Fourth, sign of the Bto 11xxillent,
where bargains can no all timer be had.
C.- -
AILIIIITEINOT hoe toMniented to receive a
large assortment of Woolen Comforts and
bloods linekint b eet,, buckskin and woolen Glogesi
Itibet, cloth, move do lain and blanket Shawls cask
mere, wonted and woolen Hose; Pongee' and linen
ENV.; tilt and satin Cravats and Scarfs; Gaups and
Fringes; Irian bluert, Table Coven, Crapes, Ribbon',
Laces; b le ached hid colored blosints, Tabby Velvet.,
Patent Threads, ,vrlnn Sok, Buttons, Gram Bowen.
den, Pins, PereuetiottCaro. Almanacs, common and
gold Jewelry, gold and silver Watchea,pock
rt and table Cutlery, and many odor goods winch
country and city Merchant, an respectfully invited
! • es• oleo. sptl9
iLI'ANUPACTURE and will keen an band Family
I.VI and Stearn Boat Bl.kew, Dornesiin Fianna
nine, brown and drab Blanket Cecil Satingta and
Wooly° Vara, which they will eel; at Lantern prince.
Wvettotwe No tin Second st„ Pittsburgh, Pa
Factory, New Mayen. Foram co„ Pa- aPII 3 . •
NEIN GOOD +. • • W .
tIErE More lust received a large and complete stock
Ty of CLOIKS, Varietyand Fancy floods, suita
ble for me fall trade, tow a ch, with every description
Of Looking manufactured at one own Mena
power snop in this city we ask the Ilaleritiol2 of West
ern Merchants and oth e r dealefle
Wood and Fbarth .
No. 49 Wow St., Prrroossoo.
• -
A lor n t . Eie w F re al c i e w i ason th , 6 ,Lertti l ey Will be happy to
to their old enstomeis, and so many now onco
as may feel inoilual to present themselvea " •
/away. taking great pains to toy In such good sot
are adapted to the wants of the Western trade.whieb
lomy experience enables them to do, they can say with
Much oonftdence, and without sea into *detail
Of their cook, that the Wutern reta il chant will
find with keen ail that his customers esquire.' Those
who have 'formed the unprofitable habit of repairing
to the Eastern cities
: tor their stocks of Dry Goods,
would do well to call, as a candid comparison of pri
ers would to many eases result in the conviction that
the expense of going further may be obviated by-bay
ing in Pittsburgh. spild
VIW R. MURPHY Is receiving his first Fall
TO . supply of Forugn and Domestic GOODS, and
has already opened an assortment of new and beauti
fal styles dark fall PRINTS, warranted fast colors;
and neat new style Fall
• 111whn de Laines;
nlpncw and Mohair Lustre.;
Dauswk flg'd and wiped do
Yemen°. and Lyoucse Cloths;
Or the nom desirable colors; and, a full supply of
bleached andwbleaehed Muslin., Irish Linens, Man-
Oldster Giughaws, tee., at northeast renter Fourth and
Market as. Bayer. are - invited le call and ace.
AA - ILITAR• GOODS.—Caps, Plumes, Swords, Sash
ea, h)molettes, Lace. Bottoms, Flags, and all the
biota:ants necessary to equip volunteer companies.
tp- Volunteer compalues equipped no complete and
cheap as done to the Enst, nt the Military Store, cor
ner ',Market owl Fourth W. W
P.: .3—The United States Mae and Tenor.prOtal, of
Germantown nuke, for solo and warm:Col by
• ,WI W. W. W.
A RE now receiving a very large mock . of fresh
. Goods, of recent purchase and importadon,whlch
they . will sell to the trade et such prices as cannot fail
to give entire satisfaction.
City . and Country Merchants Ivo invited to call and
examine oar mock before pereasaing
- 01101E.KftstrilPtle.
RECEIVED and now open for examl.
e ir n t atn, a new and rVendid wort
017 Octave Pianos frost:L.o6la.
ering" Boston, among them a full
carved Louis XI V. ordered for one of oar citizens who
nas kindly permitted it to contain it ray weft rams to
day (Wednesday) for exhibinon. Those who may have
a desire to are and hear this splendid specimen of an,
are respectfully invited to call fa dog at the atom of
JOHN H blt , I , tßeBl. Wood. st
Agent for Chieterines ' t for Western Pa.,.
Intl? , ' .
Etram lIATIIk FOR ONE DO or • shigl .
Bath fofifteen cents. -
Ladies Department open froctill to 11. ,
&Cloak A.M
and 2 to 2 o'clock, P. M.
Athenaeum Saloon and Bathing Fal•Mishonettt.
JAYNE.—This cell:dies, that immediately alter;
having attended my brother, who deed o( coneamptlord
in March, ISM, I was taken sick with the Comm:tenon
or Liver Complaint, and was reduced so low with the;
disease, that for font years 1 was enable to attend tt
my busmen, either at home or Amnia, being for Met
most time confined to my bed. Daring the above pee l
od of rime, I bed expended for medical attendance o
regular Pbyeicians and medicines, to the amount o
troky washout receiving Any „benefit therefrom. , I
July, ibis, I commenced taking Dr. Jayne% ?dub
eines, and have taken them more or len ever since;
and believe that it was by persevering in their ose,
that I can now truly strythat I hove completely roe
acted my health. 1 believe that Jayne . * Stoutly, Pilo
and Expectorant are the best family Medicines now ivy
beside in Springileld, Otsego sh e;en ttmy N. N.Y. anti
carry on . a furnace and machine n that place,
and eta not
Into nee
in any manner mute sale of the
above medicines, arid make this certificate tor the bear
efit of them anticmd. • ELIJAII EATON. ;
ppLingifir.itl, N. V. , Sept to tsig. la 4 •
— olxterirgisterst
DUSKY. CO'd Day Express is nos regularly deif
13 liveries Can and Shell OYSTERS,. which art, Mb
(red to dealers and families at the lowest Jimmy
Quality warranted equal to any btougat to mat;
km, and for sale by
J.C.MDWELL , #14,W 1 2: 1:4 ,
Also—At the following depots: Bets ,
ner Smithfield said Second sus fit
Mercer 6 Robinson, Festeralst 'Allegheny. .oe=
M Elyraa-:
, ,„ kitogn)l• l o,./ 412, ~, so
da:R. E. gellers—lasingneel 00 It.4oPirliti.,,,'
to the pablic, a. ..11,u to/a. Latatiar,r‘rjAat
Pills. to klate the Good WS.. podee.a , X
no ,. gj i ,t-Li
' Y
T 7
_:' ° .T . Ihth' ap g litain t revil was
enure trresun Y tee, P' swith levers pituffitaymm bad
about& I, was told by Mothileal Om that soy diseolt ',,,, ,
was arere =telt of evercemplaine..l4ookawrou
xal box a of, ht , Lute's Line Pilo, unt semessosgat,to
Which was told WWI
alit wets getting worse, t futally.ennetrahatto plane,
myself knderthe ever .f . - phydidas for-better out
711, forternstely,jan extant atom, el Iva. Matt
by tha v. tAfibtock - , of thisplsesintsi attend heat
sent a avix of Sellers` Liver Pilhakesweittebargial.
-which had benelinect - Mei -vety- mnettodh fonhwukt
mot Lae a box of year Ltver Nab , the tinteat;
was dope natexthent I war sathdied , lial lamas' INC „., -.,
the eine that 'suited esteem: Isentfor isiOnkt, ,:',.,
and. five of thrlatteCtod Mind omyeellialineet, .„...,.
.tire! blued; bat in Mann• -tam 1 esvgdo 'acenense i. 1.1, 3 .
cold, ch hmenhVbank I.b• dhow" , end imaalutetic-,.. , ,
t ui,.. i ".. b,,h•sa essec.l, amide -and-. gement la 0.11, .
your CT Pilli; aell teak Oise e. erpanhotetigilint. et ont,
Ili ..kc sad - 6.lißesidlyelneeianct/ easummillefetutv sot
that I dm row say, that I reel little If any ofightees .. , , , so •
of the Liver i Complaint,' andtmy wtherat h.. , v - ie eaq ~,C
good n w as h has been kA the ILA 'lOyuou* , .. .- i ~+ -i ( a,.. , ,,
. Ary Atithbort sak , so whounks norsiomplet:4:lol , ,,mi, o
Mntatin7,1 1 ;5411r=1,==.....4.,
....1 km confident that when tea pahlier,toeconse atic. PL :te f t7 - a
vain* , with the valise ote your acheu Rlkkhoth,. eudto.... ,-•
Macd tor them Inn-beteg. , liana of MrtinßO ,,,, . •
to wheac I hive reeommendist thepithOsatetedifyits. , tl
their i F es welmthednesanboveseesede__ ..:, ,c'et.-..0t %.,
tfollT You. ' ,*. WooltlA, ~ ....0 ~
Ter2ll..Pcluse—The Originali-enlytrolathid g r 0u0,,,,..e a
Pills- ate pronto. 07.1410,11wletowendi c., .i,,.,
have name stamped' in black
the hi .wftv-tc.,,,
each I, sad b e ingnmet- all'Ute ealawsrpSipa.,..., .:-.•
- ,(:r others am eonnterfens, of Imo Wilnaimso, ~... tc,,,e,
w R. 6 SELLERS, Pretense., 413,W00tte11,,f1 , ..^,.,/
I CA oir r ieVilts.- , .• °, ~
A. nom by the twee pf Km CLAP P has engstaisir ~,, .
with ri, young man of the name eftb - EUTtinnisibidifing ,
axes al lE r s . n . ,7rie to. map s _ . • BazAtrillsOrttiettikir ,
c 'GM- INE:OX , Sinerithd,74.o TC,Witeendis , ll • .. •
ior an never was, bat weifonnetty_nitothetownll. •-• ,
roads cunaloand thnjik,a, - Yet he
tan nfie
of Dr. for EiHmeptimi:otwilibiertall:
not. le is sendang one,. earls leaclod ft Ot h q: ll.
Quacks? In will.. .mile. sold-theAseti...ncy_.,,_
name for 137 a W.e.k..1 inlighla 6 , 01.1 14 40 0, -. ...
no will pnaltutereinxinglonothaff,P,Patto Gat* •
, This Ist. caution the public not to be doeiland,matim - -,..
?Arnhem use but the °ENGIN& Gemmel. ow -,, ~
' Dr. Jacob Townsend , s Sarseparillai having mil{ ths. f , •-•_.
Old Mk lit , his family coil of a5e15,04. 41 %. 1 41,-t.,
nature across the teals( WM& • • . .. , . • ..,, st ia.,,_ :,...;
POlcipat Olin, RONansaa its T1y, 4 1f41%.,...1 1 _t , t
OLD 11
• .
- , ...1 L , ,- ,3
, ";.
,Towis*Bin?;k ! ..
oia Dr. Townsend (snow abodi 70 yeas Of stgetild •
here long been known o the AUTHOR nod DIEM.
9.1.673A . PA1ULLA." Hein poor, he wai compelled',
to Yuba us manufacture, by which mama lt has been ,
kept' oat of market, end - the tales'
these only win had proved to worth and known,
value. This GLIID AND Uncouth= Pallft... l,
mannfactured on the loogoot
throsuiroar the/myth sad breadthof the land.,
• thane young 9. P. Townsend'a it nye:risk:With
amend never thanes, but for the beaten. heemaak •
atprepared on scienufie principles by a ecientlic man.
highest knowledge of Chemistry, and thelatest
dlseeftrias of the Art, have all been - nought into Mr • ....
nuishia Th n in the manufactare ot -, the Old Dr. , s Samna
r l . e Sarsapa ri l la root, It Is well known med-"
ical en, cantina medieinal properties, and thrla pro,
pe es Whin are sort or uselear,, and others,.whreh,
If retained in - prethuing It for no, product. thrineuta.. ".•
tlon!and acid, which is injuries. to the oysters. • Sarno
of the peepertlea of Sarsaparilla me so volatile that "
they entirely evaporate endue that in tha prepare-
can t if they am not preserved by a mirth* PMethab
known only to thou experienced in its =Ma haws.
Moreover these volatile principles ; width Ity often
port or as en exhalation, once hest, are thenry
aential Medical pro
of the Dm, which glen le_' •
it all Its value. The . • ' • L
, (mamma
is w prepared; that all the leen properdes of the-Sat
sapardla root are first removed,. every Wag capable
of becoming acid or of fernientstlon, is estiamed. , and
rcie then, entypurtielcialsiodacalvirtao Ls aceor
red to • rue sad concentrated Oren end-thee it
rendered incapable of losing. any of its valuable an I '+
heeling propertica . Prepared in. Oda way, jt Ls mute ,
th` ;
Bence the reason why we hear commendations on
every aide In its favor by men, vormen and chtldren.
WO find it doing wonders in the mum of Consumptiens,
Dyspepsia, and Lives Complaint, and In Ithenmetlar, ,
Scrofula and Piles, Costiveness, all Cutaneous Prep.
flops, Pimples, Blotches, end all alfectiens viand from
peewits. a atanellom efficacy in WI •complairda •
arising from Indigestion, from Acidity of the Stormed, :':
from unerpod cirentatina,deimatination of blood to the
head, palpitation of the beast, cold feet arid tol4,ll.fladn
cold cattle and hot dashes over the' body,..lattiosnoc.
hail ice equal in coughs and coldm and promotes easy
expectoration, and gentle perapiration, relasingetrie.• -
tuft; chic lungs, throat, and every oilier part a . _
But lama.; is In excellence more manifestly seers
and eeknowledE l l thin in all Undo and =poser - •
It weeks wonders In eases of dung albrut albite*, -
Foiling of the Womb, Obstrneted,Saptinsored,orPsin-
Cul Mimes, Irregularity of the otenatnal porn* and ,
thy lite; and
. s effectual In curing all fon= oldie - 10d- ;
nCy Dtscases By remeecog obstnetions, and regal.
rtes the parent syste, b. gives tone and strength to
Me whole bode. and mins all finlas of
TOO UAW prmerits or relieve. a gnat moiety clothe; -
diseases, as Irritation; Nearalgh Sr. 'VIM
Hance, Swanning, Epile ptic Convial.tons, An .10 .1
not this, then, sea litiminnas Pan•Riarnarm
Bet can my of them thing. be cold of S.' P. Town
send,s Interior article? This yowls men 4 liquid MI PAL
become of the Orsini Feet, that the one Isincapable
and NEVER SPOIL/3; while the 0th....
a DOES; IL sour., ferments, one blow, me bottles
containing I into fragments; the seer, acid add en
oloding and dainaging other goodd Masinot Mr.
tibia compound be . poisonous to the ennead
pot and
a synem already' demis - w in . = (1
What comes Dyspepsia but acid! Do wed oot all kno,w
h a t 4 ,i t erf food soars in our sterna., abet lahteld.....
prodocest—dainlenee, heartburn, prdpnatinol of ilve
heart, liver complaint, d
dysemery, chain and •
eorniptn GCMG blood? Whin to Senidtla
in add "
humor In . the body? Whet T ro g r a ty ci th : l, 7 ,,,n
F:ver•Se e ga, 4-
and all alcaratoms internal end =em ail: it TIDIXOT:
ing under heaven bat an mid substance, h.moons
OHO thee spoils all the of ef the body- , same or lona
What canoes
but a. maraeld dindisrbials '
{flatmates Itself betwan
t o and elsewhere, le.
mating and Influent{ the tender and delicate lateness
neon which it ma? eo of eerTotle diseases, of =pa
nty of the blood, of deranged circulations, Mid neatly
all the ailments which atdiet ham= mama -
Now hi It not honible inmate andsoll, and inanite-
ITworie, to use this
aid yet he wodd fain haVe It undennood that Old Sl
eet, Towneentits Ceram° Chigimi Stinsperilhi s Y. en —
Imitation of hisinfarior preparation!!
•Heaven forted this we should deal In en tuticde
which wonld bear the most dbaant maemblamen EL :
P. Townsend% article! and which shoald bring down.
open the pm pr..nah a mountain load of eomplants
and enonnatlone lame agents who ban sold, and pet.
chasers whit
I Vo need B. P. Tosensmuri Fennentons
Compomd !
We slosh it oried, because it is the absointe
To w , dun - ndis article and Old /Mob
Townson Hanaparilla en beanti.witle - apart, and,
infinitely , that they ore milk° in toren Pty.;
Ocular, ks not mos single Ming sommett. -
It is to rands open tea o to. poet
balm Into nomded humanity, to kindle bops op the
des/ninny bosom, to maitre health end bloom end vi
gor into We crushed and broken and to Walsh indrad. - ,,
ity--that old DR. JACOB TOWNSEND hen SOUGHT
end FOUND the opportunity and means to bring , Itia
;within the reach, end to the knowledge of ell who
'need it, that they may learn and know by joyfel
For .110 by J. KIDD a, CO., WMlesale Agent Mr
Western Pennaylvartim J. SMITH, Itinalnghos; •Dr.l
J. SARGEADM, Allegheny; Dr.J. CA.SS64I,s, RM.
ward, O. IV. GARDNER, thleurani, Pittsburgh gild
- liars Columbiana e 0,0., hyr.94., 1841.
R. D.7AYNkEn Dual Snc-ed feel bound: the4o ll
' D=
and the Maimed WM, - anil myseLf of thi•opa
pertuniqLising publicity to the extraordinary effects
.of your beam =myself. .11a4been allieted
:for SO.. pears With I inert hectic fovea
and Its eoneentimat diseaus, and seem only =anal
to linger out • abort but miserable existence, omit ibis
fall of 16.39, when, being mere sorority attacked, sail
having resorted to all my Conner remedies, and them!
=edgier,e of two of Um men respectable physicians in
the neighborhood without deriving any benefo r -ey
consolation of rerst.las butt few days - or week. al
farthest—when the le gleus-M holm wan sheet Ili
vanish, I had recommended to me your Erpecaorsun—
sod blessa4 by that Being who doe. all-thing In the
ese et thunemos—Mtd contrary. K. the a:peels:nom al
my physicians and friends, I was Ina kw day. raise
from my bedjand weaenabied by the mot a bade, us
attend to my business, enjoying sums bosom hershistludt
I had fat ten yeampreeinem
BoePeelfellY Yours, I=4 j Jos. W.'Esentgi,•' ,
For sale In Plushaqh, kg the Pekin Tea Abner Fp
Fourth um= • j • manor •
ne:GtooFka IffeCoo*
LTAS Selected Pi . llsbernltita his Attire initiated.
Il He has taken tho Ocoee lately oecopiedby Aida.
rear! Mlles, on Four.k at., near Grant. Immedinwly
jelniris the Lamarune House. , His oleo is attaotat6
resllienco, where he will cones:any be ; nssesslonze.
less absent on polletaional doty. Gince . boars Cowl?
to 9 o'clock A. AL, and.front 6 to 7 o'clock
Mks of Um Dalaware Mama Satityns.
;tn. tem.-
RE Board of DirDirec t orshave, wi tts 4 day: - declared 'a
dividend of TEN PEA CENT. to scrip, pas df ebb .
proSts of tae Company {arias! year coding Q Meer as
1849, esnifitales for which sriWtte issued on *adagios
sits first day of Doeszaboosent:
Also, • distdond 81. S. PER.CENTrionoskirkth.
capital stook and senp prenrioasly isstivd,parago.
, above. an d
li NMI:10/.0,1*er
'Redd • P. A.. DIADEMS. Afimattts
WWILL remain open for 'Miters Anil the InVhinstio,
g -
n,1830. Us, ewe and crater getitithselle
ea to the season will be kept. Tile G1iMer106412.002.
'mining a large contemns of rare sad choice Plan%
will be 0 open to vhlters: klosmas ninly! par Wel
aunt nonce • throughaid. the .11.101111. An Ahill2lllkl.2
leaves the Allegheny end of the' St. Clair Street
Midge, every hatfhottrdaring tiezienniel tdihd
G a mut; and Me ferry , bees, Captain LY*Jkir ;)apt
from the Point, luidtag a elsortdistance alcove the Ga.
atn. Parties wishing to Mend the. , ?memingetWHl tke'
accommodated with a reusm Orudbes at 11) o'clock •
P. AL Kept on'Teinperance principles; arid closed de
Hr2rLagraliThiVire'ared to' or. T, . , intamberWtt
hT 5
tha day or week. T,,IIITALL.,
.._ . 11
lead - Kegs br
1 SettalleiMiX
• 3 ° Al 10,11
. .
~ 7 ....-t ~ r!-:•: , .;!,,!i