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    ALs ion zinidia'Cloopi:
Dwearicarr or vas .assns.'
Osr&7 lOU AltailS. Blerrstoma *ll4ll
BALED PROPOSALS will be received
the Of
kJ See et the greargasoner ettnetankratrsavWesh
, VMMeattul 10 deloek on Thursday, the la day
z next, for. funifehisx the followinggoods
Ls theqsantititll sumexed, at ereabonts, the use
I ne anti sod deliverable in the say of New
2,100 pays A :l '4.ibt while Mackinac blankets, to
tumors ao by 12 Mao, sad welsh eight
1,900 paha 24 point white Mackinac.blankets, to
. eneasnre 54 by 66 inches, and weigh six
1,175 pain 2 point white Mackinac blankets, to
imam 42 by 56 Inches, and weigh five
:• and • curter pounds.
1 1:1 41111 pohd white, Mackinac, blankets, to
36 by 50 Inches, and weigh four
'ad .& quintet pounds,
psirs 1 point white Biackinie blankets, to
=measure 32 by 46 inches, and weigh three
• and • quarter pounds:
ligklitpairs 3 point scarlet' Mackinac blankets, to
tneasgre 60 by 72 idches, and:weigh eight
rift 300 pain 2 4 paint scarlet Mackidse blanket., to
measure 54 by 66 incluse, and wank six
ipounds. ;
/ 00 efairo 31 littint green Machina blaalcess, to
meastue 66 by 64 inches, - and we i gh tan
pain 3 point green Mackinac blankets, to
meanie 6067 72 inches, and weigh eight
. panda.
I 250 Jan, 2g.pant. green Illifsekinec blankets, to
uteasnre by Bdinches, and weigh six
Polulde. -
! 100 C . A point gentbella blue Mackinac
co °tenure 68 by St inches, and
• meek toll Pounds.
4co.patre 3point gentineLlablooklickbac blan-,
beta, to neastare 60 by 72 inches, and weigh
300 Z. point gettnnella blue Mackinac
to mean* 51. by 66 inches, nod
weigh six pound&
Dry . •
pi* yards acariet woods.' Moir
890 yards blur strands.
i 1,600 yards fumy list cloili,ltue.
750 yards bony list chah, scarlet,
j 360 yard! fancy list cloth,' rem
'l,OOO yards gray list cloth, blue.
ppoo yards saved list cloth, blue.
tlioo yards savedliarcloth, scarlet.
L 600 yards saved list cloth, green.
C 225 pound' woested yarn, 3 fold. .
100 dozen collegian handkerchieb.
r 290 dozen eottnn Madras landeerchiefs.
8175 damn black silt handkerchiefs.
X9O donna 8.4 cotton shall,.
80 dozen 64 cotton shells.
65 donut 44 cotton shawls.
I 40 down 84 'woollen 'shawls.
98,000 yards demesne Whoa. •
• 6500 yards English roul Preach calico.
10500 yards Merrimack . calieo.
3500 yOdahlue drilling.
8,000 yards Georgia stripes.
, 4,000 girds blue denims. ,
21,600 yanb conclude.
7,000 yards dosiontio shirting, bleached. .
15,000 yards domestic skirting, unbleached. .
15,000 yard. dontestio sheeting, unbleached.
• 8,000 yards checks, stripes, and plaids.
400 donna woollen socks., •
7,000 yards plaid honey. t
/AM yards !annals, s. assorted.
1,600 menet shirt
700 ohm shirts.
• 430 pounds linen thread.
650 pentads cotton thread.
' *4OO dozen spool cotton, Na 1 to 30.
80 pounds sewing silk.
700 pieces dband. assortei.
'4500 Yards bed nekton. ' •
1,000 yards Sentuelynace.
• 600 yin* sattineta •
150 pose wonted giltering.
200 pounds Chinese vermillion. ' •
Mimosa rithandkerchleb, bark do Bandanna.
Igo gross fancy and clay, pipes.
1,79:1 pounds bus kettlea
1,09(1 tinkettles.
. 26 nests ofjanned lilies, 8 in a nest.
276 dozen botcher kuiVes.
28,002 gullets.
: .. 25 grow squaw Swim.,
' 71: 1 001Whlo&t,
_:•, 45 dour fish lines. ', „r
- • 25,000 Media, assorted. • I
100 down coatte, 'wowed.
• . I 10 d:ma scissors, assorted.
10 gross gan worms.. •
-19 doe= azes;te weigh from 41to 51 pounds.
00 &Wen half axes, to weigh 31 pound.
pi down hatchets, to weigh 11 pounds:
•'' ,• I 4erhared
rut 4'.
130 asea 41 to Weigh fowl 41 to 51 ,
pounds. -
•t... ', 4110 half axes, to weigh 4 pounds.
.!.. I • 200 hateltets,to weigh 11 pound. . .
. : 25 brcisul asses. ' • e
200 dnnorke6kolves,l2 inches in length.
• • ' 70 0 1 11ereln equal proportions of le, 1,1, led
• ' 150 petrel he terve chms. ,
1 1 41 W bairn,
,40 erceivettt saws, 7 Stet In length. • '
40 dOliwCol saws, G feet in length.
' 100 bandwswsles.
. ,
. 100 crewcut saw files.
40 *Using, to weigh 25 pounds each.
. SOO Whittemore cards, No 10. I
' 700 quartets socket chisels.
90 planes,Eve and jack.
- Northwest Goer. '
610 Northwest gnu, terothirds of which taut
- : . kosecore Xi inches in length of barrel, and
esiethird 42 inches, to be delivered in the city;
or New York or Piulsdelphis, as may be re-;
Sample. of all the Ode articles am de Posited in the'
. aloe of tha COLOallesioner of Indian hdairs; and 0
may te emeriti remark that those of hardware, earl
. calcural Implements and northwest guns, are entirely'
motrt hod. , helm , tittalitY than the uncles heretofore
*hashed ender former cotonten.
The propowis may be divided into four '
Pane, rim:
• lst. Blanket, I
X. flaiderare, to include egricaltural implements,
4th. Nerniiiestgana
Thadowest competent responsible bidder will receive
the whole or anyaut of the ea erne[ according to the
shave seals,the entrant reaeraing toitselftbe right
''' d '''''' lli " . ,O. hitllter
competent and re
sponsible, ,
Ifite.whobs damn in mousy to be applied to the
purchase at goods will be about 159(1,000, but the De
partment reserves the right to increase or diminiah the
qualr.'ofutt=l/.l,:ruct no,rn=b;itictctue..,..othoi•
as' may be wanted for pont.
or miter propen., in
the adonedstranon. of use again of the Department—
Goods of American manufao ture, all other things being
nqtMl, • will ht! deferred; 2 hot as all the "sample. of
ludgets nod MOUS are Of f entire inenufacture, it will
be mesentery when a OM. site article . Is bid fo ; th at a
=WO Of it she id acme messy Me but, to etw e lle I hip
Department tordecide w r aether it le el equal quality
with the atunples to bet e:ahiblied.
Tbs. Party /swedes V i supply the article. will make
an involce or aft the Its ins embraced in the above list,
did MU !... s pices, 1/1 dotage and cents, at which he :
o r, 00 7,, will =fah them, deliverable in New York, '
o'''. 'the =Meador prefers a, about one-half of the,
o:„Atoity may be d elivered to St. Louis, Missatui, free
of atomme to the 'Grrremment,) on or babes the Mb
day of „Idagnegl, amuntlog Me quantiry of each dd.
eta as tme-MS. ,ad 1n this advertisement and exteruling
Ma.gost, mating en aggregate of the whole invoice
constlntUng the bid.' The goods will be Impeded in
Now Yolk, land ln Bt. Leans, Litany portion of mew
&wild be delivered there,) by an agent of the United
Itipss,- who will be appended bj the Department for
the and to ascertain it , conformity. of the
pereknwith the samples _exhibited, when
the accuses Wall be made, and with las and of the
gamma itself, winch Mina contain a clans° that if the
wades aro not fuddled within the time prescribed,
or Bib. ere of insadielent quality in the opinion of
BM Meat aforesaid audit within live days after oa
th:Wel art ale y the parr shall not formsh
3 0.1
In /lea themotof tart required quality, the 1.101-
•ted Abell be sinhosix,.d to- pared. Mere of
sad to charge any increase of price May may
bp to pay
_therefor, to the counselor, who
pay the said dame-nee to trio Urania hum..
Bonds willber..44 in the amount of the btu,
withres rdiod s the stdfteieney of whom to be
. esenilled by a United tams Judge or Easton Atka
ramOtt Ito !Willful performance of the contracts.
will he nada after the contract is completed
tiathe ieftvery of the good. 4 aforesaid to an aged
tryalike Departesent, upon a dupli duplicate lewd. certified
' .to be united a rropomdi for In.
du goods.^
The bids will be =brained with the following head.
log, and -1064 will be received that ere not made in
the Arm Lod tams here prescribed:
el for ere) propose to famish for the service of the
Wien Depastment the following goods, at the prices
added is therm tupeenvely, vim
—r• (Hee of
the list of goods.)
Dellumble la the thy of New York (or St. Lenin) ea
or before the day of--nee: nod la cue of the
seeeptanee o< bid pommels, the qounty beteg pre-
=dug by the Department, I (or we) will eremite a
dapmset according to this egrectum„ and give sans
ourbrity art the Department within ten days
i Xr c le imeeptenee of Ilds bid; zed In cue of A ll ure
4agetlolo suit contract, and give inch smutty, I
worn) edil pay to the tinned States the dirfuerme be.
MIMI the' smos bidden by me (or es,) and the sam
*MI the United States maybe obliged to pay for the
guse aztielesf!..
. SA* and entry bid most also be ucempattied with
gursary itm U, bed by one
or more responsible persons, Or...
ons, whose milbetency
bourilged by some ono who is known** the
pont, either personally OF by his Official position.
or ws..),ltereby guaranty that above
bppoy wish the terms' of the adresti.-
- dated mph Sep•
=ber f° , t lTlMthe f" I°6 l
i =
fin, balm (lila bond Mr the eneettnon of the same
Aguas, preserlbed.e
' . ORLANDO 81101. N,
Commissioner of Indian Adam.
,j127007/OE , r, The time for opening the bids as ex
. bettpd to due Let dare December next, as la o'clock,
A. b/.., and lba time of delivery; Of, this goods to the lit
feat, Theßegela . dei forbidgl . 4 estrects to
be beim fromlbe 000trzets of fanner yeare!ets. bete
sosoiatlkeL . . oetelbeDeel. 0. B.
We knee Men Wormed by Mrs. Ram of aeon Dim
busted Wiles by Di. Jaystobs Altarative, sehleb
sayerionty over ems? other remedy of the
=eke has bean afhieual for tho lost siztoast years
'within:M=Bm WHITE SWELLINGS, attended
wlth aletsanons and eafellanon of Tenons bones, do•
of pleeeshave been dint
h ied from
Qs Modal bone of tho eranlesa, froze both erinns,
smote and banns ,end bun both legs, end floss I h. .11
Poen. bona. andfroso the flea losm, besides her e
*leers season' parts of her ;mon, wWei halo hog .W
she skillet a umber of the awn CLlthlglll phystelans of
say-..lanng UM of the thud hm soffesions base
been ensnalanes and deplorable. Akan Wee months
woo lodated w try Dr./aro:As Alteratisn,
„Which has had an assonloblnalY been' drost .pot
by teIIeVIRE a 8 min and• swellings, and envoy the
"lons to beal,vit. at the same time her tesorsl• health
-Ms l yrestoied, so thtu the non , weighs
131MPsle than lbs did bed:nos/le coonetneed the ase
grade Vary nlatibla neepanoa..(Pet..Eye. Port
liros Iliitherhstrilesusadastlx• sf Mrs. lisol,Noi
Inert eh fitlielhapain
/I* ,l l o PWsbergib at du ram TEA BMA
P PIM* wisz Hook
. .
yilllEnbseribee has recentlyieeelved a number of
y these invaluble instramenta which he comma.
Mares keeping constantly an hand for italc, n ee .,"
stied by dlrceetlons for their proper, applleatlon In all,
taus ad/seam, as well as or German:rig-metals in
the neaten manner., Put experience in the treatment
Dreams. has led him toilelieve that there ere few
uses, Iran>. Which:may nit ho advant.geu sly treat-,
ed a proper aninleatton of the galvanns flaid. The
moot satisfactory testimoniabi he given of cures
having been erected of different:disuses, some of
which were deemed menrable in theonlinary medical
practice; and on persona well : known =Sang as, to
whom inferences may be amen.
Person. afflicted with Chronic Diseasesof Any kind,
aroespecially Invited to call mod exzmine mean testi
monials for thenoselTes.
MEDICINE:9, too, prepared by the most sneeessful
practitioners in . the East, and administered by them
m .eonneetion . sent, or separate- from the operation,
will constantly be kept on band, with directions for use
. .
Single operations on the most moderate terms.
Mee No. 42 Bt. Clair at, near the Old Allegheny
Bridge: speAhdly A,,WFSTERVE.I.T.
1 3 - 49.118.A.PARILLA,
The most Wonderful Medicine of the Age,
1,500,000 BOTTLES
T6ls 14414.44 4 pug =Pl= ‘Purt 113 04;
sad Las . eared more than •
• loo,opo Oases of Chreizio Masses
within the bet Ten Team—None L Gleensine
=den signal by. S. P. TOWNISIIID.
• the Public will learn the origin, or rather where the
ranee for making the doff they call Old Dr. had
Tthinaend`s Sersepadlhi, came Dus—and will be able
to Judge which I. the 11111.ineend and of the
honesty of the men who are employed to gelling It a.
the orient Townsend'. Sarsaparilla. Dr. &P.
To eras the odaind =dor end larsolor of
D. Townsend'. Barn and his madk/ne has
gaMed a repannkm chano other rend y ner anon.
Hi mennhetared orer one sollllon of bonle• lan year,
and searmlbotorlngpmernat koock brake
Ws to.UM. Inreaparilla and Yellow Donk In our
ensblishinent each day, than all the other flemaperllla
ideulhoturn. to the world. hind* Oen; toe
. City ms 4 Cmmte N.,pra.l4.
. eillatee Arnauagr, of tha mid Cig, being duly
aroma doth &pen eml may UM be la • wankel
peThMend awake That some time ht the lathe
ay, ere Bret of Jape, lath • man by the tame
of /*bob slyne.d. who el that time MU • heck ead
pamphlet peddler. called upoo depboact, Mahe house
of Ma Metope" No. CI Etudametreet. where dap.
twat pou*d mai requested depoomrt to melte him •
nape ynkh to make ••leyrup of BusaparOla.
De Babas nye, that he bacatie acquatoted
old Tommend at the eat* of Thar:dans
To Fry~
per. Book Publisher. with whom l
That stakt Teems:ad had had frequent mean.
Hornwith d epoueat roapeehog the maandactore al ea
Jacob Toyam
nkh. Busaparilla to be sold under the Immo riDr.
That old Towneend staled he wee m old man, and
peer, end was not fit for herd labor—sot lidded to
math me. etat*Y, to order to live may to his old
arys, sual that, lf leseepthillainaler the emu of Town
end mkt so well, and an much mosey was code by
th ho coat me no ream why he might not woke
eresurthlog out of 4 . (his mem beireg Tommad.)
If he mold get . person to prepare • reeim
.rd sanolactune ft Wm Dencestmt in one of the
catormalkoa raked old Zsenteend If he Wee relabel
to Dr. 8. P. Townsend, to whi eld to ch he replied, tbst he
knew Dr. S.F. Towneent 'm after
ha amid ocenreenee. Eut that he did not eon for
Alm, no he had formed • copartnership with men who
hunt& the remieltemment of capitl—end erm
pmered to 4.una lalakeelf stand any etteek
that =Who toads am.
Deponent farther says, that pursuant to the - request
of ad Jacob Townsend, he wrote • recipe for the
nnthuhclare of • byrep of sancepanlls, and gm It to
him Reid T observed that he wanted to
seder i specimen to exhibit to Ids partners for their
approval. no 11. wished to grahly them to every thing,
as they forelthed all the capital—told Townsend also
deponent that the bottle they were to toe were
to be of the same site end shape to Dr. S. P. Town.
sand`., ad .depsnant, at to requert of said Jscob
Townserd, weal to the Ohm of Dr. S. P. Townrand,
ribbed by deponent, to laceb Towmendt, mama.
"And further deponent saith not
Swam to before me, tble Slth day of !My, ISH.
Mayor of the City of New Tork.
Here H proof croncluchs that D. S. P. Town:mem
gesimmellle le Um original. The following la from
mem of the met nemectable paper. ha thin sm..
Albany Emmen Jaars.r.
Dr. Tovnusemd's Sarsaparilla.
wobab a &neisr hat been Be popolar e remedy,
ar m ea Dr. Toarmendre sarcaparilla,
w Cal y„ end ocuithater to be ammafac.
tonal In GM city, se girt by lb. Doctor Ithomlf, and
afterwards for moral year. mat to the time,
by Clapp Tcremsetel. thernt Since
the-utomaop was formed, the Doctor has resided in
Ne Took, where he keep. • dorm and attends to the
boatman that ...mutates at that pohrt. The mu.
Oram7 la GM city, end la conducted by ll...junior
partner, Mr. Clapp—here all the medklne manor:.
• Frio! our ritiaina here any Met of the amount of
this asedkine that he setarrolheterml and sold. Besides
the sales in thi. country. it, is dripped to the Canalise,
West Indies.Lianda, Booth Amain, and even to En.
rope, hi conildierable quardttlesa At the manalsamy
they employ a steam engin% baddes &largo number
a.m., yeomen end girls, to themyaration of the
medicine, making biome, Mating, an.; and turn mit.
nead=apment, over 100 dosen per doy, ca. nearly
The great has q'' aeq U tlrt:vd, has in.
duped a numberof twat:eget up haltationa, .133 d then,
I. arme d pressed rime, otr asedkines for ale, that
aes *Dr.Tounisendis Sannyorilla." One in par
ticular started • short time ago in Neve York is eied
Old Doctor Jamb Tommand's thrimparills;" mad op.
parently with a view, by dint of advertising, and the
ems] remedies remitted to in melt efforts, In appropri.
Collie marmot Dr. fl. P. Totrimendt snot remedy,
and thus pin all the Myna:ages malting from the
poptilority of the moue erhkh he has sequired for it,
41; peen of grol:n.iityansfor thfi ir=
here. is the tenant°, and origZal fierier of the
medicine kneven as 'Dr. T glemparillo."
.4 yr. thLat throe persons who ore attempt= (omit
their article as the go:urine, ehould be expand.
Mow York Dag, Tape..
L - Ocis poblisited an edvertisenseat Advertently
an. tints stn. Mg did teroaties to Dr. S. P. Town
Mad. who la the original proprietor of dm preparation
of ti
e. es Dr. Townsend% Other
parties have within the part few months engaged or
connected themselves with • awe by the name of
Townsend who pot PP. medicine and calls R by the
• rea. Thb medicine wels advertised to The
• hawe es lb. Thie edrentlesonent else
contained matter to the chancier of Dr.
to P.
end that of media. Ws repot
ft appeared, and In Justice. to the Dr. nuke thin es
' New Yore Ally lierst.
Da. TowaregeW cetrwinikary advertizenesat,which
ornstplag an. entire page of the Poe, will nos. escape
notice.' Dr. 8. P. Townsend, who is the original' pro.
ee• • r of Dr. Townsendb timpani* and whom of
fice to nakt door to ours, when, he his been far serer
elvers; ls &fibs immense businesa He metres
no lag than four hundred dorm of earaparilla per
day, =ld <1.1:1 this 60021:000 gaudily dad cot .pply
the dergand. No sneaking ever pawed soat •
popularity as his prepsration of the em.peri l
°anion of Alma** for 1619 con 1,24006 and he
boo paid the New York 800 kr advertising, in the
loot four year; our $l4OllO. end he acknowledges
that lt la the cheapest, advartalse ho has bad done
This awaking b sported to the Canada, Wan in.
dick Beath Amerka tad Earn% in oceacklerable
*pint* Lad is comb; Ltdo panel gee in Hasa
*pada, es weH as hem
Druggist.. ad others that mil flareeperills be the
=doe • eel Dr. Timmr. Dennesille,
thd, is tot aisseed * Vi i i. P. TOlrnsand, emends • fraud,
awl ewisdles Um oedema Men Did would be
0.8.7 ...h dejeduselt any other Creed
yudm ri tb eit a l 7 of easesoesi Lidelligesice bps knows
that s '
• Old Jamb Tawas:ad
Ilswappeop l e who see wet well Solosseed byre
not fad paper, sad sot moini oar advertise:midi,
bun been WS So suppose, that beams dew
scion Alb
• este. dada dad e =Jacob Tow " th at it
moat, el eosin% be the 7 ,, L it leo Pee
elso. dry
mike their osieliebui.
two 'we
. gib 014 Jaeob Tworeaond •
ir • e re srdeareelog peke off on the public es
oul.Phyrebnam. 11 e.
e. k me • molar educated
Thirties, MI twoorettompted to lasunfeettao a nod.
=I theme they hired him for the dase of his
muna. They they do not wish the peopleto be
lieve Coot their la 00" or the am•—but
the bettor to &main pwhlk,lbey at the same time
'user that three le the Old Dr. Towsondicand the
eVmdi enderar to mks the Ket . =
mat the erg Pay anusdbetere,b the .
...7.04 teak Imo yelformed soma) weederfol
curet ke the_ pun too yam mid which has imbed a
reput~timr i ar .4 =erer ex t. = .
. hors cmenword WM spirt Wee mon for
damagn. We with Mob nedoratter, that the okl man
le no relation talk. Townsend *horror b thelr
restieentesda end etreelms, they. pedslish a runt. of
grow fakelmats rememb4 Dr Towlmnal, hkh we
will not arriem
• bre 11 = IL
Tri ° 7. T c .=al wee astlTblst nth to'tbloi
shoed the runny, who :err that we hate
roe bodart &a to.. The public shard be on
Yted Poutelnddur bo deorred b than ngsinct.
Nthat d 1.....1.—Atber lb. Pot of P•plembet,
& P. Tatraisadb Now P.A. OM. will b.
la the NottN , lppltd Cbtalt, N. 03
bs rhie►' tlittrihrbeltar o d lt prt.
OM= mad pnblh
titstieribla tb.
CL a risd
sad atiglnal r. Towbssattls patlarttit uo t .,
L Plenuml.
AD 33 ii. -- amadhl CD. tr.; D Notwinni, and
su .r. 1361.4 No. D 3 Colutmtroit Badoll• INesnel
lder. Jr. Loselll4l4lm lal4.salan; Jame. D.
Ono. INomilet =mit Iliett, CoDord_i
drop th...want4yrDwrte...etallyNz
Ar o , s wo t it s r.ttr.7
Bole Arent , for hits.
+gig A IL.CURRY.Alleiheiy; d.PATTENNON
Yealltlitinwn and New Coils Canal',
I .INE4Ci f
rgIHE intact BEAVER, Moat. Stank 7, feria
1, Beaver regularly on Wit.
Friday evenings at 6 P. M., and aortae al Y
neat morning at o'clock—returning, leave=
town Tuealay, Thursday- and Ilatarday evenings Kt
_P. M., and reach Beaver in dyne forth* morning boat, ALLEGHENY PER, arriving at Pittsburgh at
to o'clock.
The packet HARSAWAY, Capt. Downing, will
leave Beaver Tneaday, Thursday and Sward ay even
ings at OP. AL, turning, leave New Castle, Mazda!,
W edasiday and F ri day evenings at 0 P. M. also con.
nocting;with the , mormarboAt. for Pittsburgh:.
These pac zeta • are fitted op in complate order ; hav
ing foleaceotmundationa for passengers, and Hoppers
may rely 011 mire punerualny, arid greater despatch
than has before been obtained on these mutes.
E. M. FITCH& Co., Proprieton. .
J. C. Bidwell, Agent, Pittsbnigh
Bidwell* Bro., " Beaver.
' A. D. Jacoby Youngstown.
B. W. Cant:deem:a:New Castle.
The elegant summer, ALLEGHENY CLIPPER,wiII
leave Beaver, daily, at 8 A. M., and Pittsburgh at 3 P 1
It., running In connection with the above boats. lath
m at 1846. Mai/
Warren saki Cleveland Paasanger Line.
Canal rekter—SWALLOW.
• " " —OCEAN.
(NNE] of the above Nelms leave BCATCr WM:Y.4M'
kJ (Sundays excepted) and arrive next morning Si
arren, when they connect widatie Mail /Regime*.
Akron and Clevelatid, arrielng at each of them planes
before night. one the'packets leave Wanton daily
et 5 P. ki., and. arrive at Beaver in time to take the
morning boat for Pittsbargh.
C - 13 S LEFFINOW :lIL d Co, Warren,
apl3 ' corner Water and Smithld ate
Cavorrean A Cluormint Cleveland,o j
B.C. Paars ' Beaver, Pa..
THIS Loth will be meowed on th e opening' of gong
gallon, to transport freight' and Paakagers from
PITTS/30E011 and CLEVELAND, to any point on
the Canal and Lakes.
The Gleaning of the Line are zusurtsaziatimilar,
quality and capacity of Boats, axpenenne of eapparis,
and ellgtheney of Ago
Ono Boat leaves Plushargh and Cleveland &DAM.
rung I 4 thannention with the etearnon
Between Pittsburgh and Beaver, and a line of &Steam
Steamers, Proß
0 Parpellers
ks, Beaux, Pa. and Vessels on the Lakes.
Jesse Baldwin, Youngstown, Ohio.
M B Taylor, Warren,
Z i e th eic P r rrusa Co, llyzra, • •
Crawford A. Cheunberhn, Cg 'and, 0
Bean A GriMt. Buffalo, N.
Omea, r Won and t3thitlafteld sts, Pittsburgh.
ea d, •
rezevirai IPACIMTS.
Ste " amer MICHIGAN No. 9—Capt
LASE.ERIE, ' Gordon.
above regular and well. known Bea'ver
en, have commenced making their daily traps to
and from Beaver, and will continue to ran between
flusburgh and Beaverzgalatly daring the season, as
Michigan No. I !elites izbargh daily ate o'clock,
A. . B ead Seaver at klock, P. Zr!. Lake Erie
A .
ver daily at 8 ate k, A.M., and Pittsburgh
al 3 o'clock, P. AL
These steamers will ran in enanectlon with
R G Parks , Espmss Parket Line, for Erie;
Taylor & Lefortgwellts Warren Patkets;
Union Line of Freight Boats for ClevelaM;
; Clarke & COI Pittsburgh and Cleve's/141Am Preght
13 Pare el i cyr Castle Packets.
PARKS A Co, Beaver, Agen t.. JOHN A . CAUCIIIET, Agent, Pinsbargh,
THE Proprretora GIOIA old established and popular
duly line, consisting otSIXTELTI first elm Canal
Boats, earned by them.. yes andranninein scone.-
uon with the boats BEAVER AND CAT PR
COPE, are enabled to ores unequalled facilities for
the transponinion of frei oo, to all points pa and Nissen/piss, on she
opening of Canal narbratr on the Penn=
yylvarua and Ohio and N. York canals and the Way.
E. IL FITCH & Co , Cleveland.
D. W. n. =WAIL,
Pi, usburgh.
Forwarding Merchants,
Agent+ for the.Piatebswg• mariChrestaauf
burgh sad Erse Lim via Eris, and for steams
amts Beaver and Cala Cops.
Rasing purchased the large and substantial Wharf
Boat 'just bails for the Monongahela Packs*, hare
with the addition of • Warehouse, the most Maple ear
commodationa for receiving and forwarding, and
pledge attenuoo,promptnesa aml despatch
to consignmenrs to thell.mre, =duly on their &Lemke .
for a trial. . IL & BRO.
TUE Proprietor of thin well known Lint of Canal
Bono, o now missed to transport PLO-Dgers
and Freight to all points on On Erie F.tension, Now
York Canals and the lakes, upon the mon favorable
terms and with derpateh.
this Line nits to conneepon with the steam boats
BEAVER and CALEB COPE, between PtUrborgh
and Benver, - C hl Reed's Eine of .00110 boats mil cod.
seV on the Lakes, and. the Troy and *Michigan Lake
Boat Line on the New York canal.
C. M. Brim, Prypettir, Ede, Pa.
Bidwell A Brother , Wt.?, hoover.
T Mather, Agent J ales kimen's Passenger
Offen, Illonongelida House. ?Amherst,
CONSIGNkJiIi—W C Allan, Sharon; I E./LS Hull,
Sherysburg; Smith & Domeier, do; J B Plummer,
West Greenville; Wick, Aehre A Co, do; Woe Henry,
Hanrown• Davis & Sutton, Buffalo; Bent!, f.,:bbs A
Co; Sanduiky; Jaw A Arourwong, Detroit; Imtkland &
Newberry, Sheba True MElere A Williams , Meisel,:
kin; Koop, klurfey A Dutton, Racine; Jobe II Kinzie,
Chicago; A Wheeler A Co, New York. app
Plikatiamgh Meld Mal ismilloPailsit
1849, ftegi
ye lie are respectfully informed that
1 1 MARSHALL & CO. have fitted oat new and
tweeendid Picket Boats to run during the woaon,
111 Blairsville and Pittsburgh—the boats to be tow.
ed by thredborses, and every effort mode to accom
modate yammerers.
Darsartnue.—Boats will leave Pittsburgh every
Monday, Tdesday, Thursday and Friday, at :o'clock,
gu. Prom;Blainville every Monday, Wednaday;
Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock, a. and arrive
It Pittsburgh the same day. A two horse Hack from
ndiana will meet the boot at Saltabuigh, both on up.
ward and downward trip—putting passengers through
froth that place in one day. . •
Freight for the above Line will be readied at the
bonze of the Boatmen', Line, by inc. Ferree & Co,
who are oar authorised Agents. All freight receive d
free of comunissiona .1 11 MARSHALL & Co.
. . .
.. .. . .
I Canal Basin, Liberty st, Pittsburgh
A Hoek leaves Ellainivillefor Youngstown on the
arrival oldie hoat—returns to boat In morning. - Pare
from Pittsburgh to Youngstown SS—received at °See
oil:loan:tents Line through. : atifedem.
EakWal . lB492llll3llk
For RiserranrporrisHon E end rows
; names Boastore, Philadelphia.
Tsasne A O'Coariou, Pittsburgh.
I. tine, old e stablished Line being now in full ever.
I. tine, the r proprietors are prepared with their usual
extensive arrangements en forward merchandise, pow
duce, Ac. to and from the above ports, on Liberal terms,
with the reaularity, despatch' and safety peculiar. to
their mode of transportation ao °byte., b/bril teen.
shipment on the way Is avoided.
All consignments by and for this line received, else.
paid, and forwarded in any ,requind directions free
of chargea fat Cool2oibbibbi advancing or storage. -
No interest, directly ar indirectly, at steamboats.
i t
All corm 'cations promptly attended to on appllow
non to the fo lowing agents: .
THOS. 11 MUM b. We Market at, Philadelphia!
TAAPFE O'CONNOR, Canal Basin, Pittsburgh.'
(PC.ONNOR &Co, North st, Baltimore. Pittsbu rgh.'
! PatorauToas, .
Tome Bnianam, Taw. Ilescaut,
Wis. Betansia;laces Duce.
Conducted on
Sabbath-keeping principles.
Tp tE at l th ' m e
fre ' toe ' 7 ri If this
t. old
oc e ' OrTpl ' e 1: o ' rd e L ;:fi 1 pav e
thoroughly prepared to forward Produce and Inerchan-
thee to and from the Eastern cities.
%Fe wn that our long egperience in the carrying
htlitillf2ll, end zealous attenUon to the intermits of cu
tomers, will secure m ea a muthinuance and increase
of the patronage hitherte extended to Bingbena's Line.
our arrangements will ndrible vs to ratty Freight
with the utmost despatch, and oar price. shall always
be mil low as the lowest charged by other arraoasible
We have opened an el. in No IEO Maraet ma,
between 4th and bib air, Phila., for the corivertienci
Flr h e i tSi:;o rn and klerchandlsewill be received and for
warded, Yea; and We. without any charge for for
warding, adVancing fretgbt, storage re
very mion.
Bills of tending forwarded, and e Breetior
poafoptly attended to. '
Addree., or apply to U. BINGHAM,
Canal Baran;lcor Liberty k. Wayne . ate, Pittalk.
No lb . std 7176 Market 'tweet, Phil a.
Ilia North Howard street, Baltimore
No 10 Weal street. New York
1849 iiiEgal
Nero Want s, Transportation Line.
• IV I'M.CLIMIL um osidniou.
TDB Canalsrand Roil Roads being now open, and
. 0 0d order, see are prepared to forward all
kinds ornierehandise and produce to Philadelphia and
Baltimore,'arra prompmen and:despatch, and on as
good terms as any other Lino.
Canal Basin, Penn at, Pitubalogld
Amoris—CIIARLES RAYNOR,Philadelphia.
02227 ROSE MORRILL & Co,.Baltimore.
preirjhut Rackgt Lino, -
abital . lB49. MAIK
FROM errrssuou Pa InfIIDADELPMA kßdlr
IF-reins:lr.:ly far Passengers.)
IRE public are respectfully informed that ads Line
will conanninee lancing on the Ma last, =rent.
ee threcmhant the Beason. .
The haus are new, and of a saYetter atm%
lamed cabins, which will give greater melon. The
ears are the l atest construction. .
A beat in always be In pert, and travelers are re
gamed Wean and uamtn" them before engaging pas.
strdy dells One ofthe boats et
thgrine ara will leave the . (oppealte U.B. Hated,
saner ofPeaestrest and Cat every night at oleo
cloak, Thriu=a ly at the
Odes, Ildleses:Orte'D Oi
NSW • ftala
' For the Ton:moor/1110D Ot rlO
Pril l newt otthe above Life respectrully ' itorm
the pub c that the ate prepared 16 receive and (or
ward Freightleilit despatch, andablowest rates..
They rouble!. call the attention of aluppees East
ward to the thet that the Berms 'employed by them.
transpuirlation; am owned by them and twammuded by
expetuneed eaptaina •
Stopper. of Meat in Balk will find it advantageoui
to ship by thin Line, as the trubwribers have made az
nAgernams atEolambiaito have each freight for B
ereh handetdiree han lly &ma boats wears, theteby sa
nag womie g. -
Freida to Phllade dlin lplun4oes elearithrough
No alums made foe iceehring shipping. adrancin
charges. • MEE& JONES, Propnetnni,
Canal BasiniS e street. •
AGENT/3,40bn A. Shaw,,Cinclunati, ve O
OWioa & Balttmote; %Ins Steel & 00., Phliadel
phias Flancls &Thomas, Colombia.
leumgisimlnumu oiusAL a& U. /111AOn a
aleaftri lB49 ' ftliag
Palafirth to Pharr& lpAis andßeellimenn
(Prelusively foi Pmeners4
Pr HEM - Mlle are respectfully informed that Ms Line
2. will commence num* on Monday, 'lath March.
The team of this , Line are of a =min class, with
enlarged eabirts, which will give greater comfort to
A boat will always be inport, and travelers ; artkre
mimed to call and cumin them before wigwag paw
welly other Motes. They will leave the landingol
posits MeV. fL kkoel, corner Penn aunt and . Can
every night MP o'clock.
Tinee-31 Dap.
For information, apply at the ont, e. Monongahela
House, et to - D. LEEO/1 &Co, Ca nal Sarin.
N. Ro—The ef *ashen In now
building an additional Line of.Packeta, to in as above
on or about June lot, in cozen:alien with. the Pennsyl
vania Hail Road from Lesrininan toPhiladelphin At
that rime a packet will leave every morning and even
ing: Time through, al days. melds
BETWEENFoe tli?itniaiLm.ilfitttAzpannaiTaußGH.
GOOHS carried on Ma Line are net u t arApped
between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia , car
ried in four section Portable Boats nor land an wa
tm—. shippers of merehatedne requiring canna
, handling, Ibis Id of importance.. No charge made (or
receiving or shipping or for. advancing charges. Alt
goods forwarded with dispatch, and on as remittable
mans as by any other,Line..
C"II' .7I . 4 P IZAV C r b .
marl au Market & Commerce at, Phi l ..
JOHN McFADEN & Co, Forwarding and Commie.
sin Merchants, Canal Basin, Penn at, Piusbargh.
JAMES M DAVIS & Co, Flour Factor. and Coenewl.
wiorilderehants; W 7 Musket and 34 Commerce axe,
Philadelphia. Marl
Nar A tnr:f2l 2" mett ' re!: th y; ‘ co " =to '
m Flour,
wale. mute
For Blair"! JohnitoOni, , hollidayisburgh, and
1849: &WM
all ilitensicolice shoes.
lints Line will continue to carry all Way. Doods
with' their Wool despatch. nod ea fait rate's of
=we . —C. Al WANULTY Ir. Co, Pittsburgh.
• Dll Wakefield, Johnstow. -
JahnStiller liollidayaborgh.
Raiesamoncs—Jarties Jonlon,'Smith & Sinclair, Di F
Shoenbetger, RM.., John Tarter, F Von Dorm
horst & Co,.WntLekmer & Co, Jno'BrDesin Bros,
Pittsburgh; Job ,leery, Solt , Blalhollan & Rap, Jno
(A rad& qo,ll.atettrille.' nickel
REED, Plitibilli - 0•16; PICKET LIME:
. M 1848.
Cam' Packet—SWALLOW, C. Pond: "
" ' OCEAN, Capt. Waiters.
9NE of the above Packets leave Bearer every day,
(Bmdaya eieePtedt and .arrive next morning at
arren, where they connect with Ute Nail Stages 'for
Akton and Cleveland, omelet to each attic. places
mime night. Ode o(the Paekeu Way. Warren daily,
at It P. AL, and strive at Beaver in time to take the
nut strive ileamboat for Pittaborgh.
Al B TAYLOR, - Proprit'rt
1111.0001110 1111 an U, Mtn 8001.•
Packet—PslnEllValllll, Capt. Jeffrie;.
Ticisawsi, " Pollock;
La Ems, Traby;
Parronrk, " Drown;
Faventes, " Sayer.
The abwanesiandeplendid Passenger Packets have
connweneed.runtilag berwees ,BEAVER AND {EWE,
and will ran regular/I , during the senvad'- - sate boo
leaving Erie every ntorninq lull o'clock, sed one lea,.
tag Roarer every evenlm utunectlately alter the arri
val at steruntwat Hider/us Wont
bests are new and cOMlottebicend
was, an through at tally [1.0,1 Passengers to any
eu. Inc Levet. or to Niagara lOW. wit, find this
expeettiona. Tioketv
ra.wwo . terts or. :he Lake can be procured by
1,11.11111$ to ,E 0 proprietors.
PARIMji Co, Deaver.
JOHN A. CAUGHEY, Ant. Pintburgh,
net. Water .s.a Saitlikeld sta.
C Harrivonißliffalo,N T.
D C Mathews, Pulaski, Pa;
• . RNV Cannleachatn, New Castle, Pe. Iyl
- • -
MIIE Proprietor. of thilLbse have won New Stock,
j, and are prepared to forward packages of all de.
sensuous 112.4, at the lowest rates.
. :J. O. BIDIVELL, Agent,
Water street, PaLsOnqk.
°eat 92 South %sales at, Baltinoora
• • -•- -
pessoager sad Res'Mime. °Mee.
ifErkfIANUDEN & CO. cranume to bring
from any pan of England, Inland. Scotland or
Wale. upon the - meta literal terms, with their
Metal punctuality and, attention to the wants and cora
&rt of emmignints We demi allow ourpassengers
be robbed by theinrialling scamps that Infest the sea
ports, es we take chug., of them the moment they re•
port themselves, cud see to their, well being, and de.
patch them without any deicedaa by the first ship.—
- . We say thin fearlessly, as are defy one of our passe.
esn to chow net they were detained.*, hours by us in
Isverpool,.whihrt -thousands of others were detained
months, mtil they could be mot in some old craft, .
c h; p Whitt I, URI frequently proved tacit corms.
We Intend to perform our contracts honorably, cost
What it may, antrum act !Rayne the ease lard season,
11,4 ether offteera—who either performed not all, or
when it .oiled thetacoeventenee.
Bt ft ink.; ‘l. 7 lljsSUritk lor any nun from LI M
I .l . lo c N , pgab .d le ,
8 : 0 ‘ way d of tin:
roodwent/2ml Banks in Irc-
Dove. and (Antral Agual,
4bo Pah dnet. an. door below Wood.
wain mcsiotson O. W. a. ragas
iIE undersigned, norm.'" 'to Rohn. & Nichol-
Con,, beg lease to inform the cit.. of Pittsburgh
Anil public generally, that they havebirth the EA-
Gra. FOUNDRY and are now to full re operatioo, and
have part of their patterns ready for the market:—
Amongst Isaiah are Cooking Stoves, Coal and Wood
Stoves, with a splendtd sur-Ught Coal Slava, which Is
now anpereeding In oilier chies the,gommon round
Stove. Also, Acheap coal Cooking SW/C, well adap
ted for mall families, with a full assortment of ecm
Mon and mantel Gram. We . would particularly in
sac the auccrion of persons budding to .11 Cu our
warehouse before pa:chasing, and examine • splendid.
Arnett of en s umMelled Grates, finished In fine style— •
entirely new in this market.
. . . _ .. . . .
Warehouse, No. 161 Liberty of, oppeoDi 'Wood
J. A. BRuIYN watild respect-
Italy Inform the 'that he
keeps on band al his stand on die
west side of the lhamond,
gooey city, a complete assort.
amino( Venni. Elfinel; also Ye.
Wtian Shatters are mode to Or
der in the bell style, warranted
equal to any , . the United States.
His Blinds e. Do removed 'nth.,
out the aid. Of mem.. drixer.l
Having Jurehased t e stock;
tools, a . wood of the cabinet ea.
tablishment of Ramsay& APCIe.I.
land, .1 am prepared to furnish
their Old elnloniers, aswell as
the publicnt forge, with owel Wog in Weir line.
Agency, No Womf street, Pittsburgh.
meta J. A. BRDIVN.
If AIVQINGS-1 am now receiving, die ee
JL - from tho raanuLetureta in New York, Phtladel
phis and Baltimore, a large and well selected arson
went of all thelateel and most *proved style. of..
tin, glazed and common PAPEU HANGINGS, gen
sienna of
-10,000 pieces of Parlor and Preco;
In "Hall and Column.
to:000 Dininproti r rih chuinber and odic*
Paper—which I would particularly invite the attention
of thaw !luring house. topper, to tall end examine,
at the Pancr iNnrehouxa of S. O. HILL,.
cp./ t/7 wood et ,
'HE—An ankle wbleh is ra-
Cjildly coming into eas u a wholesome, miurishing
nd den cloys bevesog,e,_beMg more pleasant and pal
_table Mon common corce,aml far cheaper, a smW
paper coons only ten CMS, will go u far La four
ponds of Codes. Monaghan:red b
JOHN S. hilL Pittsburgh, P.
Sold atwholesale by 11 APA K Co,
corner of First and Wood and SUM and Woad street.
Pittsburgh_ opa
C — MFOILNLS. l(CTNIEll. GOODS—Jost ometved,
5! Camp Blankets; VD officer coats; 12 prs Pants;
Id pairs nett lined !Kitting Boots; 02 Isthmus Hags; 3
water Tanks, 6 utd 12 slalom cub; 60 canteens /
gallon each; 1 dos BuckskA Motley Btelts; 1 do idled
cambric do do. The abort goods for isle at the Cali.
coral& OutfitingPatebilsbatm, Nogl,l7, m d
A&SORTED SPlCES—FattipTor family aw in tin
vine, enclowd m a:sliding lid box. containing
Placard, Maniac,
Cirmamon, Ginger,
Worrantod. pain. • For tale at die now BMW; and
Pima.' Factory, corner of Ferry & Li bortr i ati.
vr m orlts LI tad; will ba co " nai m ant;
band and auppliedto oiler, by
GEO CAXllitaid, WI Wood at
nNE FURNACEILEARTLI, miumfactared from a
aj superior article of Bolivar Fire Brick Clay in
store and for sale by JONE'S
Mr. W. W. Wallace haring rued a Beard, of same;
quarity.and mlnufaeturs for the put elgoteen months,
prommuses it. superior bOho hearths now in general
use mYIO
114. E. MAU ( I PIANDI.P...--27 hslf pipes various
born 11=4.1=rec O aVor " sale IT , C°42l'
tilard -
Ix scent of ladies. and remente.. Gold
Chains, from WU tm WO sac eastern prices. 'Also,
Walthng ith , Jp efitt cast d; gold Pencils, Pinter
61nEra Bugs, BMW Puts, Bracelets, Gold Pens,
Wares, ks. NV NY W/180N,
tai j corner lith and Market atm
rTVETREBBONS—J tre d Zet.l
". say% 07 Markel me.
lops coloiedVehrst Ribbonouserted colon
Cpl Id& Na/g am;
ciiuce ..
. .
rishilLY 11:EI:=Nl tey Shs
-raiisMas's mna;, 11311.9.
Rsa Seflers I think h rlchtfotth slier miters
to Masa some facts brrelatian vs ytorseteclient Fla&
used you licracifsge limp:win tayowa
SlStcme ileSM.mMiliesssensgsfor cipelling sp.
custards, (say I us Poc") simian from esta child's*
hays Illtp sued your Liter - Pills Bad .siongh syrup .o
my Limas, they hassi i•to ovary irdersme produced,
Lis lan engaged atierchandising,'• I am able to
date that I have yet to hear dna°, ant failure 'Vb.:,
your medicine. have been need in my' =arm of the
mummy. In ConalumoiLl I may stare that they are the
mediemes of the day, and are destined have a very
am:mien popelanty Tours toter eltoPy
- Prepared and told by H. • La,,l IHS,No 57 Weed.
, strati, and totdby Drawn. erinally In the two ai
-1 ties andNiciettl ,
Vf eri;i r a — t?l, only nee tie, ..;%-rgenolue"Liver er
- . Sturm Came, Ohio canary, Va.
• • March taith, let 9. S •
• Mr. FL Deals Sir—l. a duty I owe
to yea and to the - public mere ly, to Mate that I have
been afflicted with the Liver Complaint ;for a long
tune, and to badly that an abeam formed mid broke,
which left me tea very low state. Having beeid of
your celebrated Liver Pills being for sale by A Ft
Sharp, in West Libermand recommended,to me by
toy phytician, Dr. b. Smith, I concluded to roe them
a fur I purchased one boo, and foetid them to
iest what they are recommended, THE 13E3T LI
XER PILLVEVER USED; and alter takirmfaim boxes
Led the Hecate has entirely_ left me, and I am now
perfectly won. HemectfuHY Yoe.,
West Liberty, March 26,160.
. •
Ice !dip that I am. ,personally acquainted with Mr
Colson It and eon bens ustintony to the truth of the
sit, :entfieate, Ai •,. -„ .., Alt 81411 P
Km Tvit
in dinea. , •
PUBLIC.—The original, Only true and gen
n sac Pills aviiprepalud by RE Sellers, and Isar.,
his amigo stamped in black wan open the ltd of each
lwx,and tits signatare on the °Maid° wrapper-all
others ire counterfeits, or basis imitations. -, -
at lil •:" ' ,11 E SELLERll,Proprietor
i l
I? DOM the Iles AOA eiIIINN, a wellknovm and p
A: Ular.Clergvm tsithe Promatant Methodist Chu elf
~1. andersigned beenettlictedduringthep
vinterwith'et disease a stamathotometinau p
Icc .n ramaipain in the planachfor ten or twelve ho rs
without intermission, and after' having tried ' v us
remedies with lide etrioglnisfarnkhed,witlx a.,.%,0 s
otDr IJ/epic's Gemini.* Illainn: This ha uied a
cording to the directions:OW OW Invariably that 2
medicine caasedthe paiaro SWOP three arbor • •
eles, and se , tilleen orpreatlf Mitatesevery time.,
sensation wimentirelyouleted: Mee medicine was of
terwanisused when . ndleichattAdihnerPrPech ei
painwereperceived,andthepiletlekadiereby prevent.
ed. lie eonheued to use the 11T1161141 , 1 every vffrening ,
andiarnetimes in the. morning' and tri a lew, weeks
health wain, ferrestored, that the sufferer was reline
cd from *large stamen:of oppressive pain.' Trout ei
Reliance, therefore. le can confidently recommend 11
0 J !VIE' 5 DILYILDLID V C 11110131, -LS a salutary medleiti
for diastases pf thertomach and bowels. AteetHlNNjyall)
,t Allegheny eit y.
For sirloin Pittsburgh it rt: sPEEIN TEA ST(111
72Founh street, near We ',.., and also cf=7 ,
Store of H P.SCMVARTZ. F... , ral street.
Ttlf aaleT 923®i WOK ' I
Consumption, Cough., Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Lir
or Complain!, Elmtung Blood, Difficulty of Breath-
Ins, Pain in tho &de end Breast, Palpit.thon of
the Heart, Influenza, Croup; Broken Con
. lolonion, Bore Throat, Nervous Debili
. ty, mod all Diseases of th e Thetis!,
Bntil and Lungs: tie most .N
actual and speedy cure
ever known Inc any of
the engin disclte
a. le
DR. s‘s AYNE'S•
Ocraapostad Droop of W lld Ohorryl
This meaiebto is no longer among those of dotal/fel
otiltty. It has Passed away from the thousands daily
laanotte4 upon the tide or asprosiment, and now stands
higher In reputation. and becoming more extensive.
Iy suoal shoo onY °Met' KlMlOniion of medicine ever
prodocod for tt e relictN man.
It has, been intsodaollfl generally through 'the
United Swim aM Eltleitilt an Mete ate. fess haw. of
Import.. bet what contain some remarkable cri
tic:use of good edam. For p ro of of the foregoing
staternents,ind of the 'ohm and clammy of this mad'.
proprietorvim. the
ro .rsspeet..p.tiu%.bY
saofthefiyott respectability—men who hove higher
.1.1. ofoot
responsibility arid jestiee, tittiO mCet•
sirs' so 1..; See.. it will do.artoth. a favor, and
themselves tlit injustice. 13.4 testimony proves
elusively, Mai its surmising excellence is established
by . Its inninsle merits, and thesumaestionable authori
ty of pablie opinion. The instantaneous relief .11 of
fads, and the soothing influence diffusedAhrough the
*hobs Aetna by its use, renders it • most agree
remedy for Mt afhimed.
.Witen Men, acting from conscientious unpubree,
* voluntarily bent testimony to the troth of a thin
Dettn.lar fact, such testimony, being contrary to their
Worldly interests c o met
purposes,' coerces conviction of
'lla Wt., and commends itself in a special manner te
universal credence.”--Oliogan's Moral Maxims.
Deter. Artartt. Crat or frusstonshlr ,
Tbs. never was a remedy that has been as successfli
In desperate cases of Consumption, as Dr. Swnyna'
Coseround Syrup of Wild Cherry, It strengthens th
systinuomd appears to heal the MCC', on the
invistu; ;nue., mid rich blood; power Posse.. by ^•
other tilleinc.
Cffselell , April trl th, MO.
Dr. Swayne—Dear Sir. I verily belte
p.m.+r..p eL,Wild,„' this
saving a •
raltOptup7 - es3 --- =4ltr ' s ‘ !f , h r l y
Whore. area, and my complaint inc reased so tepid
ly that friend. as we ll se myself, gave up all hopes o •
my recovery. At this time I Was reeMOMeilled to
your invaluable medieinei I did so with the most ha.
py results. The first bottle had the effect to loos. h t
Me ID expectorate freely, and by the
time I h. as. six 60[11.'1 was entirely well, and am
taw as hearty • man as I ever-iwas in my life, and
would be happy to rive any informationeespecting my
case, that other sufferer , may derive the benefit for
which lem so wrack!. For the truth of the shove
statinumi of refer yen to Peter Rush, Grocer Wee
Chester, whom I purchased the medicine!.
Be Years, /suns MOIIIIL
Wonderful Care of es lliethodiet Minsnor. •
Dr. Beane—Dear Bin I feel a debt of gratitade due
to you—attsl a duty to the of lieted generally, to oder
ray humble testimony In favor of year Compound By
rop of Wild Chem'. Seam OM Yew. mace I was
violently attacked with cold, and infituronation of the
I. which • wes accompanied with a distressing
ensign, pain in the breast and heed, a eery eiresid,„ rs .
ble discharge of offensive mucus from the hump., moo
clally upon clmp: of Wernher, however slight. At
firm I refine alarm about my condition,•but was pretty
won convinced that I was rapidly going into cormorant
non. ' I grew dolly weaker, and at length was scarce
ly able to walk About, or speak 'thew a whisper, sa d,
was the exceeding vweakneas army lungs. Doming thin
time Iliad tried various pryperations and pre.rinuons
but found no relief—growing all the lime worm. Just
here I was advs.od and persuaded by a dear friendin
Wllmidgeo to , mike that of your Byrom of Wild Cher
ry. must <011.4.• that praviomily I bad been prem
diced against patent . mediums, and I RID still agal”.,
those coming anted the hands of emperles, but under
standing your claims to the profcraieh and practice of
medicine, and having implien faith in the saying of my
friends, I forthwith purchased of Dr. Shaw, duo of T..,
agents, a few bridles, and commenced its nee. Itly dm
sass was at this time ofth or :3 /tenths' standing, eon
, se/meetly it was deeply seated. I found, however,
considenble robe( from the use of the first four or five
bottles. Dot bein'g is public speaker, I frequently at
tempted to emu/tenth my increasing strength,and
theveby ruptured those Namely th at had already begun
to heal; to this way, doubtless, my case wits g ready
retarded. In ...gum. , of acting thus imprudent! •
I had to use twelve or fi fteen bottles before I was pe..
featly restored I hese no question, • march sumll
number of lattlois would Imre made roe woad, be,
the above iodise-mums The Syrup allayed the fee, '
mit habit, look Array the dlatressiereough, put alto./
to the dtscharso of manes from the lungs, and gar.
them and the enure system good health. I have defer
red offering this certificate until now, for the purressa
of being perfecrwl satisfied with the permanency of th s
core, and now that I feel perfect/y well I odor it with
pleasure. . IX. Jarman.
Dublin tottery, N. C.
Carrion-Bead.' Raul!!
There I :Vgetinine preparanon of Wild Cherry,
and that I. Dr . inwssices, the first ever offered 'to the
public which ~as been 'sold largely through°, th e
United Sums had some pasta of Eupe; and gi peg.
wations millet , by the name of Will 'Cherry -have
been put out shwa this, under cover of some decepuve
olscammtancesom order login entreney to their sales.
Uy o hole ohusr . v, anon, no pCNOVA need the
genuine from di. false. Each bottle of the genuine is
enveloped wit &beautiful steel engraving, with the
likeness of Wimani . Penn thereon; also, Dr. Sweyo h t h
signatures and se further secucity, the portrait of Dr.
Swarm. will LC added hereafter so as to distinguish
his preparatior.sout all others. Id es, LI It was not for
the great curative properties and known virtues of Lk.
Swayna's Cotawsund Synsp of Wild Cherry, person.
would not be Mideavonng to give. currency to their
"fietitiosts nosh Man by numbing. the name of Wild
Cherry. Remunlscroilways bear in mind the name
of Df. Swayme ...nd be not deceived.
Principal Ofhtie, corner of Eighth sod R.. 4 ... Up
-For sale attenuate and retail by OGDEN & SNOW-
DbIN, cor Di and Wood"nto D & IMINE:3TOC6 &
Co, ear to ow Wood, and flth and Wood suit WM
THORN, El 111-Wkel et 8 JONES, DO Liberty st, JAS
A JONES, cot Band and Perm stub .JOHN HITCH.
ELL, &fleshes* city, and by all respectable dealers in
medicine. .113
LI. SEGTORANT is superior to all other receedies for
lloodbayConseoßtion, Bronebitia, Asthma, and other Polmo
wary cacao:4oo6MA* urea parsons she monument Oa
nee or it to Omar froulaes lee years ago, stall rarer it to, .11
atter nmedt oofth. kind; and wharmay hart been induced
to try other; Formations easy bars alms harartubly bean
dmappeantad in receiving 'tha Imaalt whirl sat reasonably
antlalpated from the high prelim. begossal by the proprietors,
end bare manned to lb. vat of /sans' Ellahniblallai
a tamely, that has am, Wardle Mite. them, and arlaieh
probably wear ha it. soul iu arreaties pulnameaetweasea
Snetsrad only by Dr D. Jaya* Philadelphia, an ryd told..
deellldtbsett - _ 72 Fourth ,
Dr. W. P. 111111.11111117P/MIIIIILIIDisaCorT
TAR. W. .INLAND , of th e Medical College bf
L./ &dolphin, now offers to the public his Indian Veg.
cable Premium Plaster, the qualities of which, Otter
to and tiled espcienee, has been- satisfactorily es.
tabinthed. To all women who may be afflicted with
Prolapses Uteria or Fallen Womb, he rocotonsoutho his
plaster, guaranteeing a cure and speedy cure the
hurt space of from two to thee weeks, It applied wi th
care and rest—discarding all the comulese instruments
and expensive bandages so long in use. This he feels
conseientiou• in stating, Inasmuch as ha hos not failed
Inn. oo one oat of th ree hundred and fdly.three pa.
Alio for Itheuntaumn and Weak Breen* or Back, at.
wade,' with pain, there la nothing to excel th is Placer
In affording relief or effecting is cure. For sale by
L NPileox, corer of Diamond and Market at
Dnaat Liberty and St. Clair as
Dr J Salient.
nthip Federal st and' Diamond, Ann
gheny c
Denman and Diamond Di g
BELLERs, Gruggts o t, of t
, 0 1 7 ,0 Wood
, streen,
er,t,'Esna*„.l=a,nlifoasrjuet"inteeivedr.2Co doze:dn./1Z
Great Spring and SomEre Medci
Purchasers should recollect tha ne, tlt E Sellers le sole
agent far Pittsburgh, and II M Curt - 74er Allegheny
city stps
ur Ea—Duple' Watches, made by the celebrated
'Cooper of London, J. Tobias of Liverpool, and a
.Spectaeles of all kinds, Connemara Ware in Sets;
_Gold Pen., Jeirelry In large varlet); Silver *onus,
Perks, Ars.
Irr Watch Making executed in the best Menem
wig • carnet llaiket and Ilth ets
..-AcAinjarB EN9LAND-41arpers top odliien,
an Mosier )14244 sad ;111 lie -
%;:-fiti4.1.q.e.41-de-±A..I. ..:, A •- ~ ..„ .
• ..; ......,..-2.%.-erv..2 -.e .. ~g5..7 . 2 . ...ra • " ~,,,,,..„
-.-.-.'qra-t--..4 I -..... 4a e. .--. rDs. - - Ivi a - .E:=.-7.1"4"1"2 a `.-+'
CC 1 p•tz 4..1.„,,e1,111vir--4-- a %ii-_,2.1 .4; ,' _;14.4.:4_,:-11323... :FM- 11 4 r
~. 6 ~_'.4all-1`.1.1%;24::=2.V12.11,4....3.--:..q46,2,1a. ..zi _ e lEg m r;iirqe:gr , g „ :
,- 0 ef..:Bzetli;e4;.B.l4sl,t i1 , ..3e i 4. 5'a,... 1 : 4 cs --., El2',2f.l...po:ust,i'a...raa.c.."' r.. 4. .:A „, i 3
CD paP5 11E't.lier.;.;414,1LLatielgiolg.tx:f <lt. 4-ri:ll,iiartiltrii,llX .11 ii:4'4 e s.
leg l'A.34Mg's ,2igitiiE-I•l;4o4Egia:p 'F,,E4 rzg, , 1
t- -4...-0."-564,1Z1 "1142;22 0..N2:'-'86.2• In • E ..., ig..:212,4,-;
"..a ce -a re.n.§.-.-.:-g-g 0, . citrgf,:i. 0.4,-Its.-Ativ 5 , , ,- .- ~.
i-_,::,_,...f0. CI a {OW. c ,et . s ~..,,.., 0 P , ag --'•_E"" aea '44 •=7O -•-.. ..1
GC ; g 4 e/F 94 = -- 5 4: g... ''-''21,."; [Mr:T..l4:4lra 4, /cl •-. -.V3.2l=s:giSiliAs ° .42 &r4 t e
=4 g 4 -" - ' - - I: s q E"' let 2 , - 44 .„„1:-...1 . t . 1,..T.,. , -3 ck,
•A a = -E iri ittlt.s OV ga eV ittelZ "e
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ea g i s ., tlt 11. 0 ••••1....".91.t.3..0." Pat.' 22 ^ ... 2 ta
E, a Ka. Egativ 1.):;:v,13.4gfi1l IF
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mx w E
2 o ' 4 O. E, at A e+.l:4 -wt . :a ;..alta•--,zg- i• ,r .
CD „,- :."' „... r ~„? . ..,,..,L.,,,i,5,.,,,,. ~... „..
2 i ,- • 46 u" 2 r .,---. 1 ~. to ~_ .
~, _ . : e.„,.„,.,, 5....,,, ~ , ~..
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1... .. a..,,,, ~..,,,,,,...:,:,..2„..,„ ~, r g 7,.....:
, E , 04 .f. 1.1-,47,9:e!;'gti l! i' - . 11 fc‘
~. "" - ' l4 <:. slo - ritly . . 4 E% Raz'i ni'' gz - . 1 4 ri
ra , 14.i.,.1—...-4 c 1., .r.
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CC L 1 " .•-• ,-,- -4.... 5 a '''' -V,,,.- 1t01'0:22.41fi .. '..
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,flit . e.r ' 3 ;gilliSt44:°f:::":Et:,.i.i.-:. jr, 11,
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CI) a , if .--•.,:.•,:t4641zq:-:-..-.,817zi4r,t1.2;=E,§-1. i - r k' rt.' 17.; ''. l f• 4fi T . gtct'i :IT. •" ti :,-; ti , Z '
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fah1..4,-: E. i:;'llofj,,g. gr-7.?....5.=..,:E&Z,4;-at= ''S a's ,:rdr...."....titia 1.-. .1. F, =..,.. k , .t- ,, - • ...a.
~..... • e::::"w4 r... 04 ....,r,„,i;n:az-,-eze.ff ;•t= 7,.10,...-zte.t.,,L,,g,,-;x 1. su
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1 . 1.13 V ...€ .9
. V2S.:, G , 71; z -... .‘-,t . .I.Z . •‘- : g E........
gat,4..5.,P t',..z:Z4 9 r_, -?5:13 . 11, '"),"'V"Es;4:s•Rfr'ti',7 vW 0 tr,
geek2.;,,UdA4,-;ic,ggr ~.`,s•Eac..t-C.27:-&"3:7-,.. ez . . 4.:,:leeet,C, . r, ...'"aa...-V-.-- a ty. ..
wariaZaz.lslP. , ll.4sl-. - t - I b :'-..'
:itt -C sb 2 :l 5 l:D 3 .lZ - dOßßY,A.l.lpoppycityTZP/ITERso .'" N t ly ' r . % l l h..: 6•F' :; . 1 7 r j ':' , l c d:.,,;
g'PIV:I'LEV.:":',%Ziv;.,-Z... 1,1
I MEDICAL. , , —,,
• ,X. 110LIDLES 6; BONS,
Bei;alk,r•,:Xllzegssing• ilitrink•r•s
; • ; • ; AND DLILLXII2I .
COLLF 4 CTIONS.—DraIIs; Nobs, amid -Acceptances.
Days la Sn•any percolate Union,"colleeted on the most'
taro ble terms.
EX HANCE on New tort, rhiladeilphin and Bab,
tbnork; also, Cintbsuati;;Lostisyille, Blunt Louis and
New Orleans constantly for sale. '
at.. solvent butte in the
United States discounted at the looms rates. All lands ;
Of Foreign and Amend. Gold sad Silver Cain bought.
and cold_
PittsbOffice No. 65 Market street',
ocua between ad and 4th,
-7011.E1G Naoll/11.NG
BILLSon England, Ireland, and Scotland bones
any amount at the Current Ames of Eonhonje.
Also, Drafts payable n illy part of tbd Sd Countnes,
from 11. to AIMS,. at the •rate of Ssto the I/Sterling,
arithOut dedueSon or dueount, by JOSHUA ROBIN
SON, Europe. and General Agent, oboe Sthost lone
do ors
doweat of wood. • outlet'
, ',./IRCICIL & ILAffir WA./ 1.11111
in Forelam and Domsstie• Bills of Exchange, Car
tifteenes of DepoOtt, Bank Notes and Coin, corner of
3d and Wood stnxis;dirently opposite Bt. Charles Ho-
Nti'VP'tilr- ""t37.
° uidi.%
Ban N.t.F
purchased nt:il.. loan. n . r P,T:,)3s fr.lrNl3;
SS k
• impta
IBILLO N OPMCICIEtifti - liglii — ch.k..
iMladelphia, and
Comsatly for isle by N. HOLMES it BONS:
septa =Market at 1
No. 46 Market 'trod,
HAVING plod:Lased an extensive and carefully se-
Jested stock of Spring and Summer Goods, the
subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the
public. that he is naw propa ri ng to receive and cue
cute their orders with dispatch, and in the neatest,
moikuubstantial, end fashionable manner. , • As he is
..deterorined toile business on the CIA syStem, he flat
lets himself that be will ho able to do work as cheep
as it can be done It any 'establishment in the country.
Ells sleek is varied, consisting of Cusimercs, Broad
cloth% Vesting', witch his friends ore respectful-
ly jointed to examine for themselves.
• my2l:dtf GEORGEARMOFL.
Hi Wi - TIIDDLIC - , - 15 — tagraliTs
' , REMO VEDA° a new three sorb brick
, fa • on ficanhkeld strimt, on.e• door below
Siztiimeet. Teeth inserted from one
to an entire set, on the cocoon principle, with a beso
t/NI representation of thenatural gum—restonng the
original shape of the fact'.
N:ll.—Teent CSUILICIEti with little or no pain.
Decayed Teeth permanently mvt , tl by plugging, pre•
venting the tooth ache, which is loud, better then co
4.iFh it be
lows utterl , silver plate, brass, Bn
--.........„.••-•thor wax., takoo oat all spots
and binlnS and reproduces the beaatiful and durable
lustre of ware. Jut received muff. snle, whole
sale and retail, by JOHN D - 11.1ORGAN y ••
in:rl • _Druggist.
Light] Light II Light, l ir
flillEloody eche/from/ bowling Lod cm now be had
J. at We Eamern Lamp Store; Plo.tal Third street,
between Wood and Market.
Fat a portable home light it has the preference in all
of the eastern - Mica, twang perfectly safe and cheap
Mild of amain, greme or my of the disagreeable
edantk to lifts now in eommonate 11.1., a besot
amortnierif of lamps of the West pamma for burn
!, tL_t__. mote. ifolibmi V. J. DAVID.
East rid e of the Diamond, where Warden
Blinds of all the different sizes and colon
am kept on hand or made to order ado
tee hum and most approved Eastern Audit
tett, ions, at the shortest notice and on thesntos
reunite le leans.
Also, the' cheap Boston roll or split Blind Transpa
rency and Paper Curtains of nil die different sires and
patterns, on hind and for sale low for cash. Old Vent
s. Blind/ painted over and repaired, or taken in pin
pnyttscot for a
we o fd WESTERVELT, Prtipr.
_All wet:. done with the best material and
woritraanihip, sad warranted to please the MOM tbs.
i da,glO-dly
Allegheny Cuy, Aug. 10,1842.
signed, Agent for We manufacturers, hos on hand
and is constantlyreceiving a full supply date articles
made in Pittsburgh and vicinity, which he offers for
sale at Inotufnentrers prince. GEO COCHRAN, .
feta; :34 wood st
- . .
RUBBER PA—STE-11mm bottles/ndia
'beg , Paste, an excellent article for rendering boots
and shoes perfectly water proo4 and soft as a ',meet of
cloth.' tine •applleation of this pasta la sufficient to
mike them =permits to water for 2 or 3 months, and
perfect prerentathe from the leather crocking.
Reed and for sale at the India Robber Depot, No 5
feb23 • J & B PII/1.L1Y13
V 11744,1541
ER LINE N 831 111.4.1441.
. I.W
Ottiee at the Exchange, Baltimore.
REDUCED RATER.—The b barges have been reds
cod on all Messages to or from Baltimore, Pitts
I ' on r 2L 'h i:l3 d Miy
timore West of ratsburgh, Pe.
34411.—The charge for a telegraph despatch fro or
from Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Wheeling, as 43 tents
for the hail ten words, and 3 emits for each additional
ED' No charge is made for the eddrem and Min
,Una! the conipletion of the Smith Western Line of
' Tlegraph firm Memphis, Tenn, to Now (Mews, dew
patca can be forwarded tahlemphth by this mete, and
mailed for New Ode.. • 101 l
HthSh3lloBkill--1011 feet .3 in. ply L.Wia gabber
hose—just thcetvedfor We Borough el Manches
ter, which will be held in stow for a few days. The
Boson Belting Company eapreas a strong desire for
the fire departments of the eaten of Yaw burgh and dh
leghwy call and examine and make atrial of theta
The company 11 Waling to pat Went to my test th ey
T he proper to eonelude upon. r•
tar 10 J Zt II PHILLIPS,S wood st
114A.NUPX.CTURWOP — IRON.=To — lie — Piblitdied
at shortly, The Manafecutte of Iron, In all its bran
ches, from we digging of non ore and coal to the ma
iling of charcoal and coke; the building and managing
of Mast !brunets by nutmeat, anthracite and coke!
hat blast and .Lint machines, , 10. rte., including on
n a tt y on the multiunim of steel: by nada... Over
-41,,,ips Engineer. Complete in one volume, 1500
pages, wah illuminant,• engraved onwood. Price,
id to smLscnLgn. Subactiptionn received by
aug3o JAY! D Lockiwooa, 113 Wood ci -
-IJDt.—lt decomposes the virus or pennant princi
ple if all ebningtoos diseases. It removes the dang ner er,
ova edbarin clutch rooms; An. By its cleansing, e•
'r relieves ulcers, and interceptt all communicable
isc ' wes,,whether 611111 Or 'animals, to. Just read
and ion tole by lull RII SELLERS, ST Wood st
IdePALL, begs to inform the inhebitantsof Pius.
• burgh and vicinity, that'e has opened she
hove establishment, where ey ammtlon will be
aid to the comfort Of those Who 'may favor him with -
rail. Libeny street, betwedn Seventh and Wood.
Ice Creams and all other delicacies of the season.
THE widen/pied have this, day automated nude
the ammo ot Thompson Hanna Az Son, for the por
pone of manufacturing piper, al the Clinton Pape
where they will be pleated to receive the patron.
age of the public, and the former customers of Me se.
mot partner.
They will at all drove keep on hand a general so
roan:Lem of writing, wrapping, rem and papers,
bonnet board., blank books, etc. eta„ which they will
exchange mr clean linen mdeotton raga.
Printers and Hook Publishers can be supplied with
every desert : nano( printlag piper Al ahOrtuonce, and
etreduced prices. 'I 101tIPSON IiANNA.
April I '49—myttikdem ELettUND S. - HANNI •
dome of DrTownsend's Genuine Sarsanaella,
ust reed and for nee by R E SELLERS,
, 6 7 Wood al,only divot for Pittsburgh.
j u g sy ZS CURRY, Agent for Allegheny eity'
PARRY has invented n machine for washing
Au., Gold, for which he has made application for a
d ,, tee n. They are now offered for wile at the
or Parry, Scott & Co, No. 103 Wood street,
Adventurers to California are travertine rail ...a ex
amine these labor-caring machines. They are simple
In their eonntruepon, easily trannporied Co the hack of
mules or horses, weighing nighty pounds each, and
can be pat in operation in half an hoar. They can he
gh e d with pro rieollll. It is the opinion of those who
have teen the trial of one of these machines of smallest
nine, that two men will wash the mineral from 160
bushels of sand or, ninth in a day, 'without the loss of a
panicle of the mitt - crab TheTheay roll he increased in lire
e d worked by water to male power, if expedie o t.
prel2loll work without going Into the water or
being exposed to wet, and consequently without en
dongeriug their health. They will regnant but &Arnetl
eseam loft water, and can be used the whole s&son.
and can ha put into operation where therols not as
cleat water to wash In the usual way.
Price of medial nine 535. Orders from abroad, ae
eoovotied by earth, will be promptly filled.
H. PARRY, at Pany,flcou & Cole,
fehrt•dtr. • No ltel Wood at, Pittsburgh.
X OTlca
1 *
K HARTMAN homy soldJkla inter. ••
. en ro the copartnership °Makatea, Hallam yr
fb rho rearbiln pummilAu. dis day rola/
.tpostaS „ Mun I/4 411114. f
' smormans
X LUNGS.—The unprecedented mom irhlth has
Is all the various fawns which irritation oithelicp as
tosses; ties lednecir therptoprietor girds to call anistw
bon to this
The ehangable weather which marks - ear fail and
water moutha, is always a Guitial marmite,
Th. question, them, hem shall we sip the destroyer to
the budh haw .hal l we get clear grew soughs sad
oldst is of vast imponsaeo to the pulls. -
rill int found in the Ginseng Peruses: • ht proctor this
we have from 1.090 ID ume published the eertificates of
downs of our Nun known citizens, who hawvowecii
eneed its curative powers. Them, with a mass of tes
timoity hem all parts of the cotrotry,—Dem • . •
Ministers of the Gospel, &a, together with topless nog
lees from the •
ore hone embodied to pamphlet faun, oad nneY ha A•••
pans of any of onroto thronghlkls
_the colon,.
•lions been toed in WA•
p d &ads and Canadniand OM
lento any Won to_olot ow • • a
a whleb, whanialteWatcanitai to dliaatlawand ba.
fore the Imp bad
,tracoma fatally Alsorgunad, Lai
Why, then, need the *Meted brAizatat,Wh7 mart to
the miserable nostrums, gotten up byline, earn MAIM&
gals o ler thewumed =leaf mons cebsbrated phy
sician, and paged into cenilistatewsn Der
.lllll equally unknown? Whilst a medicine of
to to be had, whose coacher. are at he ar cutighg
bora—limy of-whom it bar - - - •
In ordeettat mcalueble medicine may be placed
Within'the reach of Mapper a. well the rich, w. have
Jan one ;half the usual non or cough 011041k01.11,11. LI IS
for sale by our agent. to nearly every . toweand village
over the wen , who are prepared tu. h ive fall infonne
don relaticebo it. T. SALTER, Proprietor
' ' Eroadway , Cincirutati Ohio.
-ease has
filTaTaVer4;at iiicct pUtea,...r.
. I have bed phyrielans berated in the pitrieolon. 'I
have roblaters of the . 'mew,. Judgme of the ben* al
dermeo, lalryent, gentlemen of -the hlglrest erudition,
and molltrulea of the poor one ft to every variety of
way, and them has been bat one value—one universel
the inflammation end swelling, when the pain eeoe..
(R 4:the directions around the box.)
• D-ACIIE—The salve bee eared - persons of the
hesskieltaof twelve years standing, and who had it
render every week se that awaiting took place. EAR.
at:helped with like meccas.
CAL, lIEAD—We have eared easuthat actually
4810 every thing known, as well *the ability of fig
taco ,o twenty doctors. One mad Mkt ne hd had spent
selnuon Lis children veld= any benefit, when &few
*ass of Ointment eared theta
TETTFill—There It ambles . beta for dye care of
Bum.BUIBIS—It in one of the bestthin ►y inihe world f.
PlLTlmesands are Yearly cure& by this Oint
ment It ems fails in giving relief for the Pile..
Amend the box are directions for . Wing MAl
lines Ointmasforr SerafWa,Lierr Cospflai% Reript
kis, Truer, Chablein, Scald Had , Sore Eyes, fitestes9,‘
Sore Throat, .Srottelassa Nweem Affsetioas, Pain, Ins
assiteetho Sputa Hood who, suttlxthDeafessr.Fmr.w4s,
Burns, Corns, ett Dams° =nags, Sort Lap, Pun
tocicf S F ' 4 7int gf , Samna eißtrt ‘jr."'" &ti
eAs, Apia in di ats, 4.1. 4.e. • . •
COLD FEET -'L ives pain in the Chest
and Side, Celli
ni to of of the haix, or the other accompa
nies cold fee t. This Ointme the true remedy.) •It
Ma aloe rise o disease to baste cold feet •
CORNS—Occasional. Ise of the Ointment will al
ways'keep corns from growing. People, need never
be troubled with them ifilbTry use It freanently.
OrMsThis:hthentfd" I. good
me of the
applied eqen.
CAUTION—No Ointment will tve, genuine unless the
name of /AMES' MeALLISTER is-written with a peer
on every label.
- . . .
For sale by my Agents in all the principaleities and
towns in thn United States. • -
. Sole Ptoprietor adios above ntedieina
Irr Principal Olbce, No 29Nenth Third Street, Phil
adelphia. . -
&Corm Prrremzunr—Braaa & Reiter, corner of
Libeny and St Clair sts; moth Wilcox, Jr, corner of
Market et and the Diamond, also comer of 4th mad
Smithfield eto J H Cassel, comer of Walnut mad Penn
en, bth ward; and sold at the bookstore in Smithfield '
st, 3d door from Second sc Allegheay -city by H
Schwartz and J Sargent ; .y J G Sndth, Dragaist;Birj
sainglimin; D Negley, East Liberty; H Rowlind,
Kempen, J Alexander & Son, Monongahela City; N
B Bowman & Co, and IT Rogers, Brownsville; John
Barkley, Beaver, Pa; arewholmale agents.
Facts for tits Public, •
In relation to that unrivalled family Salve,
TEI.STIMONY of a respectable' Phyliela.n.—.Read
the (allowing, addlessed tansy Agent,M.r. P. /der.
ry weedier, CinClUllnli.
Clam:run, N 6,11,1849.
Sir. A emote of duty compel, me to give my tribute
to Ellley's Patn Extractor. Being opposed to quack.
cry imdall nostrums flaying for their object sinister
ounlves—but roans* mock good from the .11:Imr of
Eillesin-1 am induced to tender yon this eertifi
cats. t have nerd it in neyfamily, fumy practice,' utd
with all the happy and wonderful effects that mold
possibly be imagined. Ilion; ht. It
Dr.l3rodie is the senior partner of Brodie & Levi,
Druggists. • •
Injfammatory lthernmai n i..
followiog Mstirtionial comes fro. a source fa]
to many of those travelnm on onr Western vra-
Mr. Mime, the well and favorably known pro
m of the Parkersburg lime!, is husband to the
whose letter I . annea : •
Paavatatittata, Va, Apritl3,lB4a.
To Henry Dailey, Chemist. Raving tor
gnarly been long afflicted with. violent Inflammatory
Rheumatism, _which appeared an firmly seated an to
defy all ordinary appliances to allay the severe • pain
attendaut it, I was tuduced to 'trryour Magical Palo
Extractor; and it hoeing effected, almost as if by ma.
gie, all immediate relief; and also, to all apPearances
an emirs and patter t care, I am Induced for the bene
fit of where who may be afflicted with paid, caused by
any kind of initammatiott, to write to you, declaring
that in my opinion, founded nn actual experic
your Merriest Pain Extractor is the most valuable di s ..
corerr.el the Present age for the immediate extraction
of bodily pain, It is an almost immediate and a per
fect cure for Burns and Ccalds, and' all external in.
Haring ;natty acquaintances formed .. by their visits
at tay_husbaud.s hotel in this place, have suPposed
by your showing theta these fe w Imes, it mar possibly
be of benefit both to Them and yountolf.
caterlain the hope let ter. rs. Gliinn will pardon the
publicity I give to her as well on the -seam of
humanity no Gilts being the sorest mode of bringing it
to thd notice of her friends.—H. Dawn.]
Felon Cured
Extract of a letter, dated
Maxon; Ky. Nov. 4D,1648..
hlr. H. Halley: "I have tried you: Pain Extractor In
aease of felou, in my own family, which it relieved
and cured m • very short dam'? fir has., yours re..
JAA Vonaa.
9P Bums and Scalds Piles, Sore Ni play - Uroheh'
Strew, Eruptions, Sores, Cp., Wow and • all in.
estimation, yields readily to the wonder ul properties
of this mnvolled family salve. • But, In the same pro.
portion Matra will receive benefit from the gamine,
You will he mimed by the deleterious erects of the
counterfoil salves.
CAUTION—Be sore tad-apply chip td the Inventor,
H. Dam..av, ftd Broadway, New York, or to his in
thorised agents. JOHN D hIORGAN,
General Depot, Pittsburgh.
Henry P. Scharer., Allegheny, Agent,. J. Baker;
Wheeling, Vas, Dimes IN lohnston,' Maysville, Ky •
grerryvrember, Cincinneti, 0., General Depot, .
N. IL—ln the severeit Borns end &aids it mite
IMnein in it foll• minute.—it urverfaits rot
1 1... 4- L . A.:IMM. '
1 ... f - )...1 .--..-.. ---'•- ~
~... y.
e. Eurrtarron Pitman& .• ' . .
ifiligssal• ir mg Stare 144 the :City el
Now York- - - -
. ,
HE andel tse artaludvaly 001••••• I.
. Wholasal• D rains el No. 40 /atm gree Ow
ti in
1-•lty pf 'New Itinly aniii.zlkLrL preparedlo- upply
Drag 1 &ad ill* Drgs, Panda,
Ala, V• 4•3470% sad Moe erfulmy,
*Wen War./ & 01045441.• (4140•• awn
Infamies) LW LI odwisnieks anima Ws away. be otbst:
••• of•
••••00 I 4 I 1 itt by. 4e d
.. lee 111 ,
shard •
Oft ft op
, aim yerff.oolllW , V I
A l .l-,'
tunas or ax - remul Thetis
IN crier to afford all possible security to the Public,
'. well as to themaelves, against hand and Impo.
eetinterfaiting, the proprietors have made
. in the exterior wrapper or fable of their Per
11Z7The new label, which In a rice engraving of
the moat exquisite design and , WorkmarPhip, has been
introduced at a very great expense, and is from the
brain of . artist ofitni &killdeer... The deems is new,
and the excetnion elaborate, Vegan!' figures .d a
portrait are =OR prominent, bni the - word "Vasa.
scout , printed in white letters on red end finely en
graved ground, ?Should bis perticularly enamored.—
letters held tin M.. letters„.sitaillng of the
letters unlearn) , tine, however minute, throughout the
whole of this part Of the legramac match M 3 exactly
en it the bripressme ttadbetn made upon one side ap
lYiallhoteth it ia eet.ll7 printed en bath sides of the
- paper.' net Should 'Melt ease/ be observed. - A
bed upon each db.= isrdso printed in red 'upon both
aides, and ahould be examined in.the tame' manner.
',Thus preparation bass nowatoad the test a( many
yenta trial, and is confidently recommended as a eats
artreffiet.lnk-ffleine for expelling worm, from the
green. ass led armee. that burins:sided
he administration in .ery can where the patient was .
really. afflicted with worms, certainly' renders It war
thythe attention of phystmana :
,The proprietor hat made It a point to ascertain the
ratan of its tile in soil ewes as name
, k now and observation—.d Intruriebly found
it the most salutary efleets,-net unfnequent-
IT after nearly all the ordinary preparations moo.
mended L for worm had been previously resorted us
without any permanent advernage This fact Is at
tested by the eertificatee and- statements of handreds
of respectable person in different parts of, the
vrir p d r :h p o:4l,l l - , Lnd i us . I , f i r
p lz:l7 . ,ys t r i. kg i y d l a vt i laj ,
operation, and okay be administered with perfeeteafe
ty to the mow delicate Infant. a
. • The only gEnnine Is prepared by . •
W 27 . B kFAIINEBIRCF.,!Phtsbargh
, .;Orasat ..Ifiw4g/lah Remedy.-. : :•
' - -
DOR Comrint, colds, Asthma and R/1111111.1ptiou!
Av GREAT AIW ONLY RF2IEDY for the mob of ths
abere diseases., is' the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF
LIFE, discovered by the celebrated Dr. kitchen, of
Londen,England, and introduced into the United Stales
under the immediate superintendence ofthe Lnienter.
,The extraonlinary .sur mise of this medicine; in the
of Pahnortary. dioceses, warren. the Americo*
Agent in at:dinning ter treatment the worn - potable co
sta that can he found in the comMunity—eanes theist:eh
relief in relit from any of the common renteffien Of the
day, and have been spree op by the most
The, physic:tun at confirm.' and incurable
an Balsam has cure and wilt enie,Me most
of eases. It is nquack nosintin but a ante=
Bah medicine, of known and .tablikted efficacy. •
Every family in the United State. ahould be mint:idled
with Buchan's Hungarian Balsam of lifeotat per. to
'ear/Menet the consumpnve tendencies of the el in , et.,
bolus be used es is preventive medicine in all eases of
cold., coughs, !panne. of blood, pain in the aide and
chest, tmtatioa and eareneu of the long., brochitia,
dllhentry of breath's, hectic fever, night meat., comet.
anon and general debility, asthma, inlinerma, whooping
co andereßs.
Sold in largenottles, or $1 per bottle,,with rad Alm
dons for the restoration of health. .
-Pamphlet., containing a =as of Ihmliah and AMOR.
can cenificates, and other evidence, showing the un
equalled merits of this great English Remedy, may ha
obtained of the'Agents. grentiwl • -.
- OCIUM " At
NC, for
It i : dm
. • .
Dainve . s, and /rale if.sirrella Packs% &mu,
• • • B.G. PARKS, p
MBE new and eletant rammer Parkwa y
.711. .:PigabitYßtNANlA;
LAKE naRL... Tgbr,,‘"!
_QUEBUY ern', J Ateßally; -
Formlneedally Lim between Beaver and Erie; have
commenced Moning, and will continue darlag the sea ,
mit to Make their regular tripa leaving Beaver alter
the arrival of the morning boot from ittblih, (4 re- •
elmk, ) and arrive at Erie In time fu rspamengera
to take the momintboats to Buffalo or up the e.
Mckent through to Erie md all Lake ports, coo Im
had bp application to JOHN A BAUGHEY, Aat,
• ' comer atWater and Satithfie(d its
under the St Charles Hotel ' •
overolrered ort7
befo;e-made Gall; most approvedEastomplar,m-,
and mom fashionable Eastern pattern. and eider. Ala*
or midelooreer of elfaimeitted at ell ./ . • • 1 •
Country Merchants and other. are invited toealland
examine the above for themselves, as all will be soli
wholesale or retail, and liberaldedlletleta Mad* 'Or •
Isholciale purehissera '
Lki2ldl7, • A WESTERVELT •.•
pRiNTING PAPER- lisontirti - le7aelositnearener •
for the sale of the Mill Grove Printing Paper, -- (S.
11.1n C.P.frlarkle,.Proptieters,) .. we will be conalantly:'
sounded with all he ditkrent o(sapeitor
which we offer at the lowest regular prices: • ' • •
REYNOLDS a salx, •
feb24 corner Perm and !minas.
—77L-0- CtirLiCellt - frOV - 1, — .004
IMPORTERS and Wholesale Dealers in Pereira tind
A Domani, Ilvdware; Cutlery, Saddiery,Au, /SOT
Wood meet. Pinabnigh,are now fullY P.P.t.ed with
a reeentlynaponed stock of flardware, Caen-, Sad
dlery, Ompenterat Tools, lee., to offer verygreal. ' •
dneements to %Yemeni Merchants, as in addition t 0 , ,,
the , reidY advantage. had by, our predecmsors, Met- •
ars. Logan A Kennedy, We have greatly annoyed mu •
facilities, and parch.. ell one goods from firm hands •'
ou the very bat terms. : , •
, Theianior members of the firm devote their arleile
W.W.I: , aeles. and feeling confident of maim wit,----
tsfaction, respectfully twitch a calf from:all who may
visit this Master. tachd3
FOIX. HALE. • ' •
undersigned ollere foraalo urpertorarnela
1 of bnek for building, made by bit Steam Press,
:improved machine, for which he has obtained a patent
sold ogress tor ive purckaure a written gustratuen that
I.llot ace arouger, and wilirestat hoot and :ore! smalls.
or and imbibe lest moisture or dampens than arty °M-
I. exbriek; pox:stabler greater bodY end superior mama
andantela more durable in - everrrespeef;•each brick
belag subjeeted n pre x . of several toms; and. pow.
aerator a handsome amootfi . surface and etterid .
they make a front equal to the best front beck. <
They have given toe greatest sedifetniort to all 'who
have purchased. • Atilt eon . Wee. Mary works, and
Dpeeilllell AI the Gazelle Oftke
rtutee havitig supplied themselves for their headings,
and wishing - Itandoome, irons brick, or superior hard
aud'aolid paving brick, can obtain theca
• AAC•
Birminghßirmingham, Jane PA le", GREDOI
W i -The highest,- -
'UOL—The hia..s.stynce in cash bald for all the
thildreil, grades or clean washed wool, by.
myal • LEE, Liberty s 4 taposiosibh
CIOrdILTNERSIIIk-1 'hare . Gus.- day - mmocistaa
Nj sr ill me in the wholesale Grocery,
.Produeo and
Commission rtartness,Mr.dohn Wilsofbanderrhe firm
;Pittsburgh, •
.--, , .
inns, Bs Cube:num, uf Potash, fiitrase of
Sn ref, Calozneh Zodiac of Lonsf,Chlondocitgodvari
Clslorse Esher; on himd and for sale by
Us- ' • " hIDD do CO.
I ry_RATEFTiV . for the very tibe.rei
gx have received for oo cony. yews; ..I.l,n eg . •getir,.
tamed to enlarge my business eorteiderably. Having
g allodeTe mpetent :th ,TA
maa a rem puree., and oak the_ alt.:non of ince—
chank ino our fdsyat
ts andelneene tny large mock d,f UPHOLSTE
RY' GOODS and:Beds,' Mattresses and Iteddleg, Cur. .
tans Materiels, Itentaaks and Alorcene, °White., *lie
ges, Bookrulfro, Teasels; Split and RolleeD,indi and
every *nide nematly kept Le an establishment et the
kind. Orderetespectinly, solicited and prompdy •
tended to. .
• ,
N. Ile—Cerpem made and patdOvniT — , ' •
6..1.11 kt.EELY PeWgiaT
EA B Oka
tkeirksertion of; Ultimo, or 1ee5,......'“ 'S4O
Two tasertio withoute niera
One Week
.. •.............
Two Weeks " • s " "% BO
Ono Month, • ... 4 .
Two •
Three' , t •-
ErThnsey. edYerlieemenla In cline uroOrl,
One efittare,G month., walnut( alter... Aid, co
.Each ulditionaal ammeter 6 Mena s, 00
.” f 4.
O ne inutlire, 6 lnetate,renewabla alpfetiaier ll ukt
'". - • SO 00 •
Two for tiOD am.... 30 00
pro aquarei, months, re'srabfent gOO
Each - additional square, G
4 / 1 111164 On fi1..!?1,..5i 60
Oneegmare. insertions,.. kr7
•'" "" each -additional insertion;..."'
, .
Fite lines or less, ors year, -....55.5rx.r. , •• ; xi
" • six mosits, ..... .. ............
. I?;•i ,If on. 00
•• • •
Abvirzuriciirra .1,04 3 x 4 A/ 111 . . .
few 12 lion orlon; Cisit*Sl o s -4 ".''!" .B°. ii
" Two ;' : :
-f • Trot. loo*.o.'"frri