The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, November 05, 1849, Image 1

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ti ERA.I3LISHIM IN - 1786. 1
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BUSINESS •-: CARDS, _L_-------'
el R D S.
, ____.
..... . . DOBT. A.. ClifiripM l " , Wh dim i e G... 4 , " FOUNTAIN ITOTEIn
L. 'mom , 4. TuTTL-i . ! : ,, , , „. , J,;o l:. ai l r is Produce and Finnerty's' Manufac i t y effsi ..1-
I . A7Bl/14 , 141i.VA, a. ff.,mil s io! l°N - ER ; :„„r.:." , " 'i ysorstwO
. $ M. ATC/0 MUT .i.
TH ' n l ' ' MM. ' 2 17119 containment long sad widely known as
cOmMeine s dens Pi - XdPUT ......" 4 ' “ 414) OIIACKLEIT it' WHITE, Wholestab2cl l ,.. In . . Mktg One dike mon commodeourin the city of 1
b td "7....°N° tifAl,reeti - °in, = f',',X,„"-Ti vat"' ' • - 76 ntli• „„ „BAt",,-mi,ft rzeg,l°,^„dj,.q°,;„° 72,:',1',.;
J. t . d '''''' Cif - Dill, BAGALEY & Co, Wliiilenlii - firoiciiind wingl iz.r. es Wen added, containing numerous and arty
t.l , - iiiintzta, smest,_ • --,
--........_ al Produce dsaletaNa.2s3 Market stron,betwesninth sleep .
~. DU, and creative bathing reems ;
• )3RAUI . & REITIss, ITholcnie,,,rd genii ,arr• srd Cal North aid. Philadelphia. :, • mon3 The, Itut . depute:lent' Ms Wig , bOnin.. ,pl I 11 ,!.
_Fat:,Urn of TAMP end 0, - . .... 4 . "%t.''''' Z--If.DARDAU(III, Wool Merchenti, DQ4r• 'TM:V.IW end fitted up in are R .._ t .n..
gy ..n. , . 1 ! - !.. , ,L, l. ' ' . Cia 10 nom mid Pmdece steamily, land Forwarding P.. 7- Ailm , tt7p - .4 . mi 1 5 e. : 6 . 41 „ c 4, , g e - f, - ,z„l.
0 m., - ~. ....-.=..... .1 Comminion Illerenants, N 0.1314 Winer at,Pins. "U' h e'd. (*.modeled, Mot* ung r,. . p ,
BROWi 4. CULDF.RTSOI I , Weeks.* Orme., h ore t i 1 i Wt. BrOpneu.s, towards th e canton and ptermare or
b, . ws C• 100344.106 nlefeblUdS, Na 145, li s ill y st., ' r 11. ' Men Gunn, 4 .a which th ey toefidentlY mum lad!
, mumnee armee tom inmate, sateneato.. challenge compari son with my Hotel in the Union.
• rinsourali. Pa.
... ‘ f
• B----A7P-A.T.LNIX:.h. & t,"., Whylntlle •"" ."`''. Q =moon Merchant. No. 17 Liberty at, Ihitsburgli. atay t ial ~,,d will .1,1,h t h e • ' e a.( affords, caned
• nll braggisne, !OM, %N 00d .11.1010.2._4AL ~,,,,,, un .,, .ml.l Oils
I TO int ampere" style; while in ane way of Wines, oke.,,
---'-• 1..671 - 4.1i4A - Fhi lefliTlV•olciale C.lnmere, id and 0 F. VONIIOT9NHOIDIT & Co., Wholesale Gm , they will man normed.
0 tat wood otro.F..t.ttiltl_trch. C3 e min, Penske:bag end a:mm.4nm Merchants, In conclusion ate proprietor beg to l'iy . that nothing
1 . --- • - - . -,,,R,D0u, IN, D., (*Wen le Pittsburgh Mariefacturea and Wnteria Pro- will belch undo, oti their pan, and on the pan ofthen .
Os U• 1 . ... date, have removed to their new warehonsedold stand) assistants, to render this Hotel worthy the contumed
N 0.143 SPRUCE STREET, PHILADELPHIA, N o , 33, e pe e , er t l T rent, at. and chaece e y 1,,,..., patronage of their friend s and the public. generally.
_TIONTJI9III:b to ern Itlit partmelar attenuen task
-• wen 7
tresubent of Donned one SkIN, SCROFULA, TAPPET & D , Wholesale Grocer and Collloli.. foli Th om er ir rateni" board
.1"' beep
and Macau* of the THROAT. sioa Merchants, and &Wen in Produce. Na. 35 . Win' Ordbaary, 51,75 Pet dit. ,
Office bourn II A. IL, I P. 51., and 7 P Y.
_ ::: , ,. ,.. :ar ,". 1 .„ . _ p. , Gentlemen's " ' . TAB
- (-Teat,
0mnu.5... w i e e rn.m........ rill fiala s s h c47 6.. who k. i , e ` m ic le an , d ß. R; .. taß .a tee...f i re r i v n , w . h . h • N i tiLL . 6 .- 11 P ig iblI v . y " " npv :Wb• CW.4: ‘,,: a ., d aßu ' uw '',.. the t h e it"* ( l ' n' ke e l i i , u'l 4 44l : l i
neat , lard sKi a. r.
la Machold*. No. 53 market st, "'nutmeg., spts comet Meth and Vannhfield ate, Putabangh. DZ. ,a 1 or chug' mays(
• -
et'' A. AIeANULTY & 00., Penman' and Cent- JACOB uimicran - ;.ltv., Leate.wrzwie nousm,
IJ• Limon Merchants, Canal Mena, Masher& Pa. TXTHOLDtALT: GROCER, Importer of POREGN tromp or returns aim weans ann. arriumen.
melt: 'l' WINES, LIQUORS and CIGARS, dealer in 11 /.. THE subscriber reepeabilinotinces that
. . , - -.--- Old Monongahela Rye Whiskey - slid rituberuli hi•n., he Pm now opened hle new a.n cellent Howl
' .. Dwagionne 'peatig-I.i 5 1 . 01- . 1 , 13 . 4 Iron uneturn, cornerof Market andt'int sts , for the eccommodation of inn re, benders,
Superior ;LAMM supplied it v. /let rates. remit and the public generell7. The
l'''' rd.thdr.
- , CIOLF4AN'IIAILIDAN & Co, mainumidanin al -., iv
la Conk Ind Deport Springs, Ilanune red _Wes, • /11, I. nitcusiumplucE, en entirely new, and no pa le or elven.. have been
spared to render it one of the mon condonable and
...„. ~,,,,in g ~,,,,d pi,„,,,i, s tee l, inn, ke. -M. metinuse on tcyIIOLIiNALE
WIN ES,R RECTIFYING DIS. pie.., 'knee'. the elty.
Water and Fenn streets, Pittsburgh. ' ~ • • TILLERS' and E and LIQUOR 51EILCH. The i ii t bschber Is &renamed to desersle and Water
and hltdiewl.o*, ,) ANT. Also-lemonen of Soda AM and Bleaching y ore ae hefta, a nap, er penile patronage.; '
Ahm, draFr. Rai Coach Trii.....g.
~ . , ok o., iiirelo.l Powder, No. IGWlAticely sit., (appoint. Sts.. as.) Puts- eet n...ny
e „„ Da. W. tKE, "'kb.
' 1.5 DENTIST, tone o. enc. ' • oar= lec7istlissit - - JACOLIIIOUOIL.Peopartor.
(Late of New Yak) ' PENT err., artw0......1 anti amrn hrs.
ZIT ICI: & 51KIANDLMS, Hamenors to L.& J. Di ' cipposprE t oh , B oo k of the united &wee, mall
, Sou.oth .. d y v Wick,' Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding and ye d e w,. M. POPE MITCHELL,
'R` Onne-Sfebnuem M'ee't b."." on Metenems, &Was In Inen,Nans,Glass, mar ay Propneto,.
1 131.1.11.tt117 alloy.
~..,, ~, uv .,„„ d anion Yarns, and Pittsberch klannfacturn generally,
N. IL-Dnelbes of the Wm* , Dm. ii".'u''' - , eitinier of Wood and Water.treemPindstirgh. -_,___
'r. ' spnOsalut LAW OFFICES;
F. . , .
7.......,....„......iii3,,,,,, risen r. ,
unt. English , thdig - her
er,,,,, , ,,
th. w. L. v.....,... ,1„.7 ,, ,n, mi g ..... ,, L . b. ,,d ,,, ,,,.... , i, }.........
...... 0 .3 ww , " o "'"' , c°"'""'""u"'' • - u7wilA Dr svira.• .1 1 oilier ii,-
.„„ I „, t lambasts, and denten Ls Produce and Prato
W , .. i ii, we rY, r me, JOHN HaIANILIN,
r,,, in i l a nm a,,,,, N o , 37 w kit ,d ot., b e tw e en us oad ~ • and sLlnary Good a, corner of Market mil Ith ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, and Comma
eeti streets, Pittsburgh, Pe N. It {Patches and Clocks ...ter for the State oC Pennsylvania, M. Loan,
- carefully rep•iiii•ll. dee, Mo (lam of Pittsburgh.)
" ,74 .•" -7---. • n ' u ' L ' • '''''' " ' "'''.3. -- Eu't.ftit‘ , " , N-Coninhoston and F -- ‘......---l'in'bmg/' lion.W. Forward, lis=p
GlVA d tr W. SMITH
, .
a ClD '' l ' n ''''' r"l ' er. W Ne0ef...,..Z,.0p F,,,,..t. h emeee µ , .,,,, r = ton & Millis, 711Tendless & 51ie, 'Jobe E. Parke„
Hop Ihrdicra, Pitt at, l'illsbarlfh• • .P.I. - kkN i smiths pr...emple. 51Tord a. Ring. , J augll.dly
. ' . tirEtilanitt/lAlffNaix-iiiraistFraiiiarding '''')_''' "-- u.- ...._..
MORPlllvnia...l - ii - tt - e.ii - ae.,T. , 4 , .
kw ~ISleret No. 29 Wood strecL Plusbargh. myll IAT :I- b .,
.1, Dm
0... b,
... --- st.ii.o, llo.l:lELO cuc_., ITIA , EACTIDi. lf. ~,1 AT, ,,,,, dr. .(1 1 . 1 :".,u x,k fi 1 d:1 ...1, 1, ~:.
hra , : r: :l :
1)1F /annum STEWART,manufacturer of Haase ..- - --- - .
Allegheny. k &e. Rebeece stre r t. cny of •rai. •enn0.,...
novl Y• I y 143 Lilerty_en. ,
11 ---- LEF.,(succeseor to Murphy 4.LectilVool - Deal. i r ic,-, - ,,,.... -,,..,,,. - --' -
,L ott i. rtb :rem between Smithfield and Grout,
• . . a and
allacken; for the sale of w
.k , hi , c ,,,,, HE0 ,,, , wh0i.5i n07. 6 %%.. e ...x ., .. Ai TTORNEYS AT LAW, Fourth sucet, near Gnnt.
' • American Woolens, Libeny,
6th st. fail"
kle . len in Produce, Iron, Naito, Glass, and Pitts. ''' ' balOnf
-- i . " - n C'. itiestm, klaluntiiiT bench Manntastares generally, 155 Liberty st, Pita . XAMEB - FaKEILO., 1 r
, .
a I.ltarEoo 00N550 =LLD, i b_ d ith• • ' .- ' droll A TTORNEY AT LAW.-Citice on_Tourth at, be
•1p xi D EAL D .C. MC '", at k gr o u , A *.r.' "":l, b.. e a .... ~,,.., W
siI W .. WILL 4 O r
w.n 2,1 , ~ , ,., :D ttLer. m . y. s itek ....,h er ie ,
...t s7 ew m elly , .o... ,p tes u c t e d n iy Bmithfield and GrIIIII so , Pittsburgh
ellent•,1 1 1 Nin th Water sr, dr.l6 NonnWherves, sera • E
~."•••• 7 ••• - nev7 WM. TIM-JILIN --
roma. ' wicirro - trso 4 C0 ., 40 ATTORNEY AT LA ,
A.A.: swum. ' 1 " 1 . 1. - ---
I DEALERS IN LUDES AND LEATHER, 51orocco, Beater, Pa .
UARDR, JONES 2c Co, (encecanerre to Atwood,
Jam* da-CrA4Coaumarma and-Toreadmiayi:u Shoe Marv!, AA, No. 143 Liberty street, have WILL aim aimed to conoottoos and all other ban
sat received dim SPRING STOCK of good. coat
- e ta, dealern,in Pittsburgh reefaatcred uons, pri ... 4 ~,,,,, ~,,g , ,,,,,,,,L . . b, ~,.. ~,:,, .
~...,L e•p s . e utrui ll i t ejt t o. bhn in Huller • d A...W..0
IPitnbangh, P.
• MIMI Drown, =NM =sir, 11., mead , NY. W. Wallace, do
I r SIATATI DICIMY & CO., Who male °mem, Cm' ' ,
__. • PETTIGREW & CO., James Marshall do Plttaburgla.
• „ ininion Meramits, and dealers Le Prodace,Naand
"9 STE. Mi. BOAT AO EN TS di Kay &Co.,Woodet. y last
aler, and PUT Front areal, Pinabargh. -toed 7 -- -
'i. 1 - aspen Au ' ''''k e° ' T LL SWRITZR, mummy at Law, office 34 et
Jou& =lmam& Rams ........• 0.31 . „ No. 41 Water meet d ops ,,,,i ki , C1,,,.ka clang, p,,,,,k 0 j0, will Wee
1 I& M/LWORTII & Co, Monello Grocer. Pro.
gr . the d Wzn i P C‘"'" owdert ‘ o. ' ti il A r r No. IrlYtotrl, 7' -- INSURANCE. - out Lil p romptly to Collections, in Washington, Permit
and bore en connote, Pa.
Pine/IMO. I apt"; ______ ' , REFER TO
. : - Blaitkalock, Bell de Co.,
Tom m. TOWNSEND, Deuces:lnd Apomeeary ~.....,i- . .....„, lIISILIRMICE. ch...n A cmu.., }Pmeleugh. '
- b.,...k, U 1'414311.T1".4112'"""k.1a'"11Wd.1.Mi.1nU4 tk . Tlll , ;n: PILOT/LOTION PYRE AND DT. ?dorm, .. adMIT
- - h4_, •440.41.4.i1y 04 -,....._ s- c, ..44;..._ I^ ~ t.- , MARINE INSURANCE CX.IMPA- E J. HENRY. •Auclner and Councellor at leer,
• • c‘ . .t BMW of mo ..." and ...he.' fonuid..W...,',, _. 9 .le, - i t , NY OF DARTFORD, CON K . • „ Dngman, Ohio. Collection InSombem Oho,
sl" di 0.0 do thejr,•,! .1., terms Y.".' ."-- Ultettnimaisa to IW, _ and in Indians, and ht Kentucky, promptly sad can.
1- *"441. •"' -- -° P"24'4 l ute4d'a t ' ' ' " 4 "P. A.... 1 P.l.liunsi (*alai SII.Iti and Rdrinna rnnd, fatly attend.! Us Commisioner for the State of Penn-
Pod ' , nth 'atm , . th. 9 =I my ;Von 1.1. 1 . 1 ....__, • ex,000,000. I ' e,h.enin, ter taking Derweitiom, acknowledgments,
~... 09" rbf.k.... Pre.c.PE. , . wul b. 1C... 14 r ... Thermal geld rarponsible Company confine., tre he ,s; y r e
..... 4 .; ( ..putd ~,,,a the ..thri. 1 .1". 4 1 h". 0 see polmice U, lama favorable tams on Owe hint y `W..;..„,_11,.. Iv.. Be m sem, Cents, Chareh &
r• tio et night. e ‘, Irases, kle=d FernitunnSones,Stacka of Goodn, Carothere, WM. Hays, Pan., Wilkiek A ' ane. eD
••t • Alio or ate, a lan: eteek: v f and good r.,.r.r. .Wenbeents and emetennti Dlills and Dumbness/ea,
. I di. Ae. Ac , aga nen LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE. . -- -
• t '. • il-:------- J 2 ;l=W *14` 4 1k..711,w2:;' ) .. ihe°ll'...l.tltl=llr.r..ll'.g.`"l.l BATS, CAPS AND BONNETS.
' s its Western Relene Cheese, Loner, Pot and Cargoes of Bea ,VeaselS. . . .
Pearl Ash, and Western Produce g ..eagrally, Watts 'the Penniman Insurance Carepany having; in the it FALL ' FASHION VOiCI}ATS•
weal between Mlltlifield and Word, flUsburgh. up 3 Inn years, Paid 14*. )111.1.110X3 011VOLLAD1 itt Own ' m . , co RD p. Co. will ' , etee ,tace imp, d a y
';.. _ anneal 'rock. throoghaut Um United States arid the ~,,.r a ,,, ~,,, ~,,,o the ,41, istyle 1 BertheA,
CIII WATT, (auccasor to Ewen di Gebber.„ )
.„ Brinell Praline. hese established a last reputation -' " I ,
Wheaten'', Ilreeer and Commission Merchant' ~,,. eei,,,,,,e, odd fe e a .d. t , .ta,,b, c kw,,,,,, „,.,. f lan . caner a nfth and Woad preen one 0
::. in Produce and Pittsburgh Menfaveres, cat- ken.. with any other instmonee coer.pany on We /MOND 4 CO.,
i.:, ner of Labenmd liandatrecta,tlttalls Pa. AM ...neat et - Muerte& The annexed e.r.ract frem•an (Memnon tithPOied & King)
• t.
11 1.t1 A. ififitiusor, A; CA-2..“....1 to move on ne !redeem( insurence Comma., taken Wat•htesablo Ilwilt•Wir, ,
. LOW. Mahn.. & Co.; Commie:Lon Merchant. her i the •'', , ew VOII Day Book," extibilit kn oll
the COMO' of Broxloof .410 A &teas.
O. tad Age= of
the tit. Lo s Swam Sugar Refinery. manettng end pobey of the Company. ARTICULAR intentio paid to oar Retail Trade.
-.Di'. Na 4a water and WI front streas,iPutelangl. re al eramend men'ef the ancient and Mantra pren. I ) n eet l e ip e e seri rely. n getting their flats and
,'"'''" e ....'" a L liml l / . .' " f. " b ii • ...thrr b... Gape from O.
of or th e seer ILIAZ11•1.0 and
5' Wth , IL Mththaf , w..ththl. thr. 4 ......W th.... , th. '!... fith th. eme, ammo.. ormantannor, of the Lamm metro, and at the whim
.' Ca in Dye StulD, Emma, Oba, V s,.e. N. 93 ri g id honesty nasty, mvaryreg soften. urn& which they ra m, I .
••• Ear meet, out. door Beath of rend AlleLynni- ... r formed. ... 2 1.1.1.V 4 c'‘'Pol,lLl+.. ('=sole- .: Coen., Merchants, purelissik by wbolmale, me
.. 1 W "' '''''' ll.W '''' / 4n..1 "” /..dni..• Company reapeetfially invited to call era - C.a.! our Sloan as
It' - ' TAETZI KKR L. ~ ~,,,, , „ 6 . has ever Tailed f. These Companies hese for more e n , en say with confidenee that as cards mum
C j 't
C g' (.."'""' - - ...- thlb 4 . ..bole Dem... ....1..' then' •i•k• id ii.. - and nom t vnll not seder in a camps inn with any
1, -......-N.. ..,-,....) flu P lL ' 4l. 's. W.,...."u.t.........,-31
entry Stem of the Etheli, and neve never failed to b e • pldl a d e lphia. feb l 7
JOHN . MIL.Loss Wtmlimile mid - R4mil MM. pay the 1:01011*rable loran whlek they hen inatirea .... "" tALIWIIIIIA lIATS-13 - GT - writer proof
In Mask nod Menu! Instrnments, School 800., ~...,1
idiCabfornia Ilan, Met received m for sale by
' - raPere Stem, Steel Pena, Winn Phno=m . ' C.a.. mid Au loans ethane epee 'pOlitlea 1... a by the widen 5Ve. altD & Co,
thellonangenerelly,Pie. el wood et, Podsoargh. mgrs.', will u'lprealptly attested a at hi
nd paid e Men. ._, „.,
137 - Rags bought or Oaken intrude. r c pt, cral AVM r eSee, teemed at Cincinnati, 0.• A /sere '.... . comer 0. ad Woad Ms
1 ...SCUUUNMAILifit &dc., WhoLnale Drugguns, Inman Or Win N... a the edmPerti. InebteMs ell
• ei/ o Na el - Wood street, Panting. [minium 'evened et the Western nenemeJ w de' 51CORD A Co. will i ntroduce . paw
-1 OHN D. wait% A1211100..C1', CORK( MI sad W end 1.4 ., " wiin In factioria Age, il of tbe Cohnitny.. day, Mural 011, rte` pnrig style !t are W.
• . t. merman. lilt wt. pt 3 M4lll 01 1 , 11, ePtcfn and mutoern Th ,,,.., i r , „„.„,„„, o f . ~, o d ~,,,,,,e , har, t em.
I" 0 streelnyYmidaagii,
.S. 11011WSTIJSI0, tfrOCKTUlS7zok.licro, aite. ' Agent tor me e.. 1- of Pnemargh, and tor AlleithenY , --
d wad Paper Munefecturen, N. , . 44 Market et, Pau. ;.,,,,,,. , oculdln in , rRIN BON:ilIT FLIBRONS, tW R Morph
burgh. I tee - --. --_,------ ---- -ro ha. r a w open•
• amply of nuns llennet Ribbons,
• Join }Lama-,.4 . Jniman Dos a or new and handsome styles.
T t. R. FLOYD , Wholesale recent, Couirsossurn Also, new style bg'd Neon Lisle Lace. and Ede.
....N.' MI Menamts, and Leiden t Praline NOWA Inns; Linen I- gongs. VICIIMIL do, plaid Meshes and
ChLit thdldnum, .fronung on Liberty, Wool ' and OM Jaennete, embroidered Sanas Meshes &c.; bessdes •
,anon, Pittsburg 1., Pai t ' mei large assinrlnunt of &plink GOOds gen:rally, at north
--'' DAl.2k3 ' east corner 4th and Market strata
Wholesale Roads up stain.
iaLEST . wholesale lirocer,Ccataesio
bleiehant, and dealer in rrodnee and Putebargh
tdanafaetares:' N 0.21 Weer riusbargl!. Ant%
Tr.airriir.o.7.wW4l7,Wm and BeuLL
ler to Fcrelgu. W Una and Liquors. anokoldblesan.
itakela Wtualeepa, comer rust sad Market ate.
anmdpEß & JON k.,Forocardlng sad Cacu m
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amnia; Metro In Prod.,' and Paul:wet anans•
. &melee, Canal Munn, near :Lk ae fl.=
L ENNY.DIC, QUILLS & CO, ALLauLtauuers ',cry
I I supenor ISltecutigs, carpal Quin, Cocoa
Irma and LlauLug. • 003-1,7
Viinorios Iron Work.
T ENVIS, DtZELA. n co:, so sornitann oti
alitq.Virrlltet i =r.rtl a ltgenge "'4
AuA, S WATERMAN, %Verticals Lira-el . , Forward •
tag auld Commisalon Merchant, Dealer in l'lna•
rgh Manntauturea.atid Produce, No,. M. Water at.,
and int Front . . • . .lfl
rtlOW r4..,C111/T. ' ' SOIIII X. SAW,
buOOIUNG GLASS Mumfacteren, and Wholuate
dealers in foreign aed domestic Variety (Mods.
Vtern merchants; Pedlars and other. are Invited
to call and examine the once. arid quality of oar soma,
as with our present increased Madams in martafeetar
l= and purchasing,. wo think ate can oder as great
ianemneuts to Layers as any other house west of the
Mouton.. ' I
Tr y, Pallada. .. N wt itcurnros,
t , Nytm.lesale Ginner% wad
M. Importers of ktrunies, Win. and • &gars, N..
Am and 174 i corner of Llbeoratel trwto Roemer Pins.•
burgh, Pa Iron, Naha, Cotton Yenta ae. con -
neatly on hand. '. ' • we .
OVA WIIITS. 141 C D.. 11,111. Weis C.' COM
eGILLS t RUA lYnolesale GrOcere and Centunis•
AL glen', No. l').1 Liberty
I t., Pittabugh.
Xi WILIAM; 1,1104(late Jones, bluntly &
Go.) Wbolesale Dealers in Dry Dads, No. 4,1
Wood sumer, kittsborgh.
ILL 'ter. Robots, comer of Post (Mee Alley' and
Value' ru d er, <unseen on 4th ant blunt!.
deetr.dtf.• • L
kits - nuaOs i314.1L W - tiltlin AND WILD:6
- • AND .esq. FACTORY,
two /OM, ? O, LX F. Olen.
.7 CONICS & quioa,
MaNurAcriatacs m
and baster reeel,
11l &e el steel, steel plough letup, coach end
11.1,neits,Ausasered lroai axles, aryl deafen is =I
le eesttsgs,frre curnse luaPs,mdcoaeh lrarmiThle
gentrally,comer :of Hon and Front sls., YiUsburgp,
• . .
NNinn.ams & sutv, No. nO Marg.el" wound
door nom corner al Fourth, dealer. m Foreign
Mils of Exchange, Vortillesilotor Depos
al Beak hotel and Sped. • •
Colitaaaat and on all grinelpil Mike
nie United Stales. - deol7
4 Or./ door above Smithfield, rota side.
Comer using of klI kinds done wlrti ihn greatest
rt. aye 4,1 -steamy. " •
T/iland Moil Drum; examined, ea.
0/6011(3116 AIoGOOK.. . .
Foam mined, near want, in the room
**"'"V ..t.SPind by Alderman Millet, immediata
1 Y rano tar. liagemen. no may bo found at night
to .1.0 iii.Otarine
- • -
(I.thmuinc BURGEON willsttent! so UM unt
oward' Di... of the rah : '
_, W tau eauragrA in • branch of th.c mOdl •
e =n, tr4 t itteert years, and has conducted ws
treatment of dlscatses of the eye
don for 11.1.111 lean..!
OnXii.Sa ressicoce, comer of et astd
Wrawharry alley, Allegaeoy ,iry • , octl3
• -
PRODUCE,Grotery, !damlecture and Real Reuter
!hot% WS/aline, V.
MPRefer to 1. Dieter k Co. I . . 1 18400,
--kuut.AECelsreir aummoic.
PmberITIMET, betvecn_WsTabAuld !land. bal
meted to pnatesstonal Mlles, giving nunrue•
Uheelhaarql.laitar, and In Vocal Mu.
1101441111 -
'N cooed
I.;near Wood—All quantities of GlTta and
Mack Tees, done up in quarter, half, and
am panne package.% metes from fin cts. 'per pound
enAa. • Jr/ A.J 11:69. Am ter Pekin Tea Co.
ROiDSOII k co associated THOMAD
IJITLr-,srilltilterstirt brogans, the WOWS
ogle Groom, Froduce and Comeilealen baeincw will
be coullnind es anal imaer the arm of Robison, Lit-.
tlo & Co.;
0 13 PK , N , LnTLE it. 004 N 0.192 Merit stree
Eteargb, Wholthale Groben, • P. 4 4"
Manua% lad dealers in Pnisbargb
Xanaraciates. • JT7
.OM/014. raticurrux. N 6 a. immix.
Tall/Dart b100R.2„ - ViacTuTt e — ritocer, Rectifying
XV Distiller, desk,. Produce, Nusburgh, blanufac-
Luca and all kinds•of Foreign and Domestic Wines
ma Liquors, :10-11.LiberiT street: On band a . very
v b rn " l e ll k be 0
thrd ' reV i r7th o c!st. i''=""l*
r. e*siolis,
4)E l ` °LthiksWri;Pererardlni eadjaatignion
Nernaths, for Um Alit giteny pear Trade, deal
. en InAilmenes, Prodace, nitslinrgh blanaractures
_ • • and-Coloeide of Wm. e :• (
Tao tastiest prices, ininsa,naid as all tlgteill foe ems.
m0.,-Oorner of Pala sad Irwin itFiXIL
WholcuJe Grocers,
Ktr 1:44.5n,k. C. "' MeTelnitt=
C-o.llXdSlloll awl tar
co ask PiA.b.Plk. jai
7 he Yeamsyl wank a Company'
• Folinacswa ea Lives am uaaartao A} ncrms.
T H ro. t err ", te 4 M r' rjlt: ' ,ll7 ny hrtm a' p L e '. rrie S Ta.
nanny authofd the oudersig nod to rocenre opploi
Moons lons. e, orMe h policim di be Mead,
mcording ther proposals and rates, winch will be
mode know. to applimars nide Wrier, ide 08 Wood
streak a S3ttl CEO anfflIRAN.
WI erg It !I I N
PITH, 4100,000 . .
J. fforsza,'..n., R. kla.unt, Jr., Prin't.
Wiwi ton against all lands of robs,
A LL loan w be Lheriky ainnsted and promptly
A bonne itirti ion—ornaaged by Directmawbo - are
well Meanie e nd
bb and who ate deter ruin
ed bg prompter and Incrnity to maintain no ehm
raw which the ham maimed, as offering the best
promitleti te th who desire to be Insured.
Onarken— Miller, Jr., Gm , Kruk, J.W.Briger,
N. Holmes, Jr.,, Vm. Mimes, C. lamen,Geo. W.
Jackson, VI .•Lyon, i.e. Lippineor Thos. K.
Inch, Jamc... ay, Alex. Nintlek, 'no?. Scott
Orme, Ns: . Water street, (warehouse of Spam
A Co., ap.nstn Pittsburgh.
. ..11111iIIBANCZ-
. . . .
. . .
-1 •RmicilcciarANY.—olue, Nora, Roo,. or the
Evehango,Third nrem, Philadelphia.
FM Lasericida.—Buildings, Merchandise rani other
property ins owii and comas, butired agaiiivt loss or
damage by fire tit the lowest rate of protein..
• Malian in , Thcr aloe insure Nresiels, Citr
ic:vs and nail 'foreign or
coastwise, midcr open or
.pedal pollrie as the assared miry desire.
, lattanallisriv stay—They alm Insure =mama
dice Pe
ly I,Yagons, Railrosd . Cars, Cone
BOOM' mot St s Donny on laloss, on Do
mast liberal s.
• •DIRECTU losUplil.Rek4 Edmund A. Solider,
f• - •
John C Davit; best Dutton, u John R Penrose, Ramo
Cl Edwards, ti G Loiper, Edward Darlington. Imam
R Deets, Willlikd Felled', John Newlin, Dr R Id lies.
lens Jmiseii C kitind• Theophiles . Paulding, II Jonas
Urooks, henry; Sloan i flush Craig, George :burin,
Spencer Malaita, Charles Kelly. J (J Johnson, Wib
1"' 1% ElVlR. S .:4 9 .kntilt I%7ll , — N A ', 4. l'. ll r o o ig IL ' ,
Was. BageeY, in. T.Lore&
9. ' WILL MARTIN, President
Ric irnoan, Secretary.
gr, 00teeof:the ...orepany,- No. 42 Writer Street,
Pittsburgh. i alEdlf • P. A. MADEIRA, Agent.
A.F.' INSURANCE ;CO. of North America will
' make pc anent 'and limited Insurance on Pro
pcily to this c and vicinity, and on shipments by
4 nk
lunal,ll.lver I .
..erti . os , of
va amplii indemnity of all persons who
- •ed by insarance.
TONES, A gent, 4d Water st.
needo.*/ Thiteufdpiii.a
Itancker, Thom.. Hurt,
I Grant,- /aeon B.'Suitils,
D. Lew., Adolphe E.
N. BIEICW, President'
a, perptanal or- limited,
wrty in town or country,
antwita security.
I a large eentinsen!Pand,
Premiums, safely Invest.
the assured.
on January I+4 1949, al
of Juserubly, were
•1,917,435 41
9,724 83
• 90,401 85
• 131,823
• 38,801 37
Ineerpontlion, a period 0(19 year., they
ward. of oee .roillion four hundred thous.
*ea bx fire, thereby eruptin gg andenee
nye. of teentanee, as well a. the ability
to .i. m blis eet RD w' tl P E ". ll7oll4lV, l l i ge 'b rt ili t: l".
mailkdly 1 - (Johns N E corner Weal and adsts
p •,,,„ jaRA, the Do
l i mn
Aft; .g. C ., AL .,
p tiS b. l3 ,l l:Lik h
fo l c co l. :
••, 'wen al Safety Insunince CompanyafPhiai.
aderplii re Risks upon buildings end I pso
o t
PearfOrr ilPtieej
boo hulls or
cargoes of encl., ta b oo apoa .MD moot favorable
14"". 'II, Warehouse of W. D. Holmes le Bro.,
IV Offme e
N 0.37 Water, near Market 'erect, Piushoigh. ,
'axe! this Company since Me estab-
N. Ek—Th. sueee th i. i ty, with rho prompt
lishment of the Agertri ta tac , 4
nes. and liberelllY moth . -,,,,,,,,, f la Pr 2.17., the agem in
for lee. , t" be" "I" 2 y a °fins (moods and
Writing the e efidence aadimun.M___ ~......n.
the comma& y :at large thuc.,,,Tt= a .,.... t ,,
cirer.c°`44 ''''',V"- frui.hini i. riado.
u u tutimu • ° " u ' g ° I°-° I. 'tal, which by the
Phut , . 4" 't to u°o°P"-- Vilr ...i. .
operation of is charter us comi . ._
. b.,.
a f, th.
yielding toe It Pens. mu . ' / 4 4 obd .. , la m h o co y
profits of the comouty, without _ lb,.
rho whatever, arid WV
the hlusual prinerple divested of every obnoslons .v fea.
tore, and in Its mast Impactive form
_: a, 4 f
Iool' AND . SEETIERI3.Niw Collection o
a , Chorea Mettl W e, eomprlsing many of the mat Pop
ular ind motel tunes in common 'ass, together. with a .
Front variety
, sf new and original 'Psalm a.t u tilYm oi .
runes, Anthe s, Chant., &I.; du. r u , d •t . j.. fO.
1 g.4°" ' 6i gEtro '4 4 l Lisit ;
calved uid 0 sale
... & n o . bY .79 Wood at
ilifiii , ,
pair I.s
Puma dial
tiara paid
and dpllara,
alba ad
and Libilam
ASHING GLOYSR—...Inet rec , d, 1 dee
lee Indio Rubber Wartuog .liktes, and
itelotßabbervot, tio. Wood rt.
•IVARDS It50:0 ma c.
.I.bersbarg insztauctur4 .11 haul and
• • • ltil We s
Wanly o
I. 'rotor TOO, IF BILL
QTUART & SILL, Grocers, and Produce Tod Com.
tolstion Merchants, No. 11l Wood st. Pittsburgh.
Dealers in ttioceoes, Floor, , Wn, Rye,Oats, Com,
Raney, Pork, Raton, Butter Laud, Cheese; Clover,
Timothy and Flu(Sicedsy Iron. Halls, Wass, &o. &e.
&c. Particuiar attention paid to the sale of Western
Rorsititen—Slesers. Myers & Iluntcr, Rohl. Det
roit & Co., hrtialls & Roe Hampton, V&A & CO.,
J... May, King & Moorhead, Pinsoargh. Fenner
& hlusillon. Jos. S. Mormon,. Esq., St.
Louis. ' • , spoidiry
3011, CY. jOh late iiThriJiii - 0n76. -- 17wTti. iron i
ENERAL Atik.NCY. Commission and Forward-.
tog Mrrehantit No. %I Market sTiPtusburgh,
MrProropt attention given to the purchase and One
of all kinds of Produce.
.001111. To—John Watt & Co., hlarphy, Wilson & Co.
Pittsburgh, Poi Lawson & Makdon Martin,
Wellsville, 04 Johd 11. Ilrown & ect,Hlrigg, Elliott &
Co.. Philadelphia; B. W. Snalgrasa & Co., Gregg &
Noce, New Lisbon, 0.1 Fr. Stingier, I on. C. D. CoMo,
Cl0f11111.1; J. P. Keller, Youngstown , oJ W. L. Stair
dart. Cleveland, O. , aardi •
...imiruc.ll.l Ns
' t
m .
° Youngosim,/ Od
GE073.01t, COCI • •
Comnalsaloss,and Forwardltolg Norobstut.
n 0.% moor a ~ annuli,.
riONTINUF9 to transatt a general e l osabision bad
%.,, nes., especially in the Purchase sale of Ameri
can Manufactures and Produce, and in reeeiving and
forwanling Goods co: aliened to his ea a. As Agent far
the hlanufactures, he will be con tly supplied with
the princi pal articles of Pittsburgh 'Manufactnre at the
lowest holesale prices. Orders and consignments
arererpectfully solicited. 197
Penn Machias II4p•
HWIC ItTglAN—Manafacturer 0401 kinds of cot.
. tan and woollen machinery, Allegheny city, Pa
'foe above works being now in full =4 succesetel wp.
crutiolt, I iumprepased w exeszte orlars 'with dir-11
for all lands of machinery limy heel itch as wilWvirs.
pickers, spreaders, cards, grinding mistimes, ntitiosys
drawled frames, speeders, llncligle, tocroas, .1301.11
enribb_double or single, for mere/suitor country work,
mule*Jacks, Le.; slide and hand lathes and tools in gen.
end. All kinds of shafting made to order, or pleases , '
en for, gearing factories or mills at reasonable charge.
Ram me—Keimmly, Cbildlii A Co.4,lftackinock, llell
a Co. Kies. Pennock Co, Jos. A. May.
. — lllononagalsela /..tvorr tt 4 o Sittib - To." --
.161:8011ERT 11. PAW.; IC has opened
'the large stable on Firm_ at running through
to Second n; between Wood and Smithfield
sts.,in 1110 rear of the Monongahela lipase,
with an entirely new stock of Horses and Carriages of
the best quaky an
latest style. ' Mims kept at Inc
rf In the best amine, .
. i Wildly
The steam bolsiA. MASON
now runs from the foot
. '" 4 "" .
-of Liberty street_the Ciar•l s orir
en—leaving at 9-o'clock, A. M., and
at the be inning until gof each hour 9P. Tether,
may rely on boding the boat at the' hour. She leave.
the (Judea, the last up trip, at 11/ 4ock.
'rho season - I. fast Ramming,. those wishing to
visitthis delightful retreat, now as .time to rpend
few boom, not in the smoke and dust of the city, Latin
par armoaphere, perfumed with the fragmoce of
do re.
All kinds of refreshments, except intozleatioldrinks
are ept on the prejnises. Greenhouse Plant., an
Ilan new of eholeo flowers for , sal Closed on Sur
Jay. ' jr /a • I J CS kI.KAIN.
e of landing made - on eosin of low w
le -
eh t, has rer ,
ace ern
it Min In
S. U. AtiENT,
',Fomenting Mid Commission Mee
has removed to' No. kit 'Front, between • W ood
'mlttiGet.d strait. ' ant
I; lame some PUMPS, made on animproved
plan, toss SOUS freeze M the coldest weather.
one wanting sorb Uncles, see invited to tall and
between Wood Market mit
Steam Brick Works for Bales
J subscriber alien for salty, the STEAM' BRICK
,11, WORKS, above Lawreneerille, comprising a
Stem Engine Boilers, Mould Machine ' capable of
inumfitetanng MOM Brewed (leeks (our of dry clay,.
es Liken front the 13.10 per day; wi th th ree cores of
lane on the Allegheny river, on which are 4 kilns and
slie4s, machine and•elay sheds, otteelbtrrosrlylrileks,
rhoyels, spades, Re, every thing - Yeiluisite to com
mence operations at au Lours notice. Including
the ilslent flea to Use .aid machinr„ it,OGO— terms of
pepent loade elny. Without th e land, BUM Par
particulars, address 1114NRY . bIKBRITT,
augc7Atf No 1111110congsbela House.
AA FULTON,BeII mid Brass Fotmler, has re,
built and commenced tattiness et his old stand,
when he will be pleased to see his old cutout..
en end friends.
Church,Steembeat,and Bella of every slie,from 10
so 10,010 pounds, east from patterns °ldle most approv
ed models, and stewarded to be of the best material.
!diner.' Water Pomps,Counteri,BailinSLlLAl wre;
Der with every. .vesiety of Brass Outings, u 'require%
turned and finished In the neatest manner.
4.F. is the aola . praprietor of Banner' . Arri-Arvot
aro !Irma, so justly celebrated for the relined= of
.theme fmmachineryTim Boa. and VIIMPOSItiOb
can belind of him at - all tones .... /aA o _ll_,.
1 - sj --- BNIING PAPER —tatut re, area of Printing pud
. Book Papal', a itapenaa article. Ammited WM=
. o ,,'lmad. Au, mire modem Ora.. at Iberian apace.
040 •. , s,cIIIL4W Woad ''''
D 11110111tiOti.
HE partnerthip of the undersigned, ander the firm
- '
H O ' f ' ffrig 'n' ar 'h y l it:r7ll awes •31.1 . ve - d by . mutual
eornient ...Rib September, W. Ragaley porcheslust
the interest et J. R. Saudi, who retire,. The basin..
ofof the
final will be muted by their VUCC.4IOI . II, Win.
13agolay re CO., al N.. le and 20 Wood M.
ao •
dlitudiargb;Ort. 0, In. 'ISAAC R. SMITH.
ot ed Wra. U. Woodward of Nalco&Iplon,
Jotn Cosgrove and Ralph Bagidey of ritioLdirgh,
will dordinue the Wholesale Grocery Our Incas, al Nos.
18 and IS Wood rt. under the firm of
RAGALRII & CO, l'ittrhurgh;
and BAGALEY, WOODWARD & CO., Philad'a
,Dissolutlon of C.Partnerablp. •
r i e ß uh t s:llll,7uLir h Wrll f re
pt Brown t Culhcrl
.son, wes dOsolyTd on the Ut Insti.
B. loaottg;;:tiono.
' .,,Pittsbqgb, Oct. S, ld, A. CULBERTSON.
TtiAl mime ribet will esuniaula the Wholesale Groce-
IY And Cameeksisat Bus Lova, ata ha retotore. at the
stied, 445.1d1wstr oets •A. CULTIF.RTSON
• raurton. s.I3IEaIIST. •
aLruel=litt,l7.7l:4",ndr,irnebrawbaa n'Tahr:
log to purehave , 'elther of the above asielev, are re.
qulred to nail on ISAAC WALKER; No. 13 'Fifth rt.,
and *amine the ortidev banaro purehmenteisevehere.
SLIII-.The Soda Ash anonletured al nag establish.
anal to ra
greatly , anperior to any other boStanl this
mitltot. span
Wit.sews! :Awns Ammon.
imerwasn Want sms Motrrr, Prntsustaw,
rsJitiTINUE tit mondfserure all kinds of COPPER,
-611111.11 Work.;
Steam Recta belle to order.
Rpemal attentionxiven to steam Lost work.
!Live on bands [me assortment of Copper and Brass
Kettles, TnYWare,Acotr.e. Steamboat Cooking Runes,
Portable Forges, various sizes—a very conremenuar.
bele for steimboats, California emigrants, or rail road
We would respectfully inane steam boat men and
others to call sec our articles Aral prices before
purchasing elsewhere. Iyil7
Visa°lotion or Partisaralaipt
banuTim caparmeratitt of HENRY HANNE CO.,
formerly Ilannen, ts Co.. In O Nto M
a, d Colored Olior blotto's., us this doy dissolved by
the Withdrawal of Ida Frederick Muller.
e business wbe d the nodersi
under the firm of ill
HENRI' Hconti nue ANN by EN & CA3 Wow.
house No, ILO Second it. where we will
supplies of superior Window Gloss.
Fikobwah. Aar. no. 40. HENRY HILITJIAD.
Cepturtaseishlin ,
TDE undersigned hot° Ibis day associated with thew
tin hualueseJACOß 1,. SCHWARTZ, and will con
truth the businew as heretofore. ender the line of
TBE partnership heretofore curling ander the Inn
.of A. a. C. BRADLEY, is dissolved by the deceme
of Nr. C. Bradley. limitless will be carried on by
A. Bradley, who will mule the business of the Into
RENEWAL Bmintor has removed ht. Foundry
Warehouse- from No. till Permed street, to No. le
\Vood meet, between First sod Second Meets, no the
waiehanue lately occupied by G. A. Derry, where he
will keep constantly on Bend • general assinment of
Casings. Grates, Stever, Cooking Stoves, ere. jyl3
PlO:partnership heretofore existing between Sam
eel U. Bmiligeld 4n d IVdliam B. Hays, trading
under the Gem of BUttIIFIELLI @ BAYS, has this day
be m.ditholved. by-Witham B. Hays selling Ids entire
interest firm e b e
to P. B. Backfield. dB theonow
dud We will be collected by. 88. Beshfield,
all debts dae by the late firm to be paid by the thine.
B,m.burth,' Jane t)..1849. W. B, HAW.B.
GO-PARTNEIISiIIYe-iR. D. Brunerao haunts thie
day nuociated with himself Ht. , ' Lean., formerly,
Iledford, reeentiy of the National Note;
Pultibunth, ill tonunue the lentinem under the film
of 130SIIFIELD 3 LEltpliß, at the old nend, No. 'NO
Libeny street. • S. 11.
Pittehurgh, June tit!, lt-49. I.F.ADEIL
Having retired from the former baaineax, I take
pleasure in recomanen4lng my suesessora to She pa
tronage of my customers and the publtwew .
ter •
leo-partol!ship heretofore existing between the
subscribers, in the name of Iktm.Wltt, Ilorke
Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent. lessis.
Burke 'lames snit settle the beide,. of tin .on
trot. for which porpeoe they are seshorted to ust the
ovate elate . ..neer. NAIIIANtIII.CONSTAULK
The anderstgoed have thlsday associated themselves
to dm name of BURKE &MAIO:FA tor the purpose
of totutufacturiug Fire Pnauf Safes, Vault Doer &C.
ao„ Itt she standout' the late Gnat of Ctiortuttle. Burke
(t., where they will Ite pleated to receive dm pa.
""'" C'r th *
531.'"' ! ' " "1"" t= Alf All
inomis BARNES.
in retiring from the armor Constable, Burke &
With mneere pleasure recommend Samara. Burke &
lames to tire easfidenee of my (newts and the public.
Feb. 9, Ifity. . NAT;I:t NIEL CONUTAllLF
lIE parinormbip of M4 ' llllll' & i.r.l b thiu day
J. Multolved by mutual consent. Tin benne , . of the
late firm '&01 be,ettletlll.,Lee. .1. EL 111URPIIY,
PluFbunh, Jan. 311,1'"i 11 LEE.
NOTICE—The undorsierd will condone the Wool
bottiLeso tool attend We of Woolen Uoodo at
tot old stand. 11. LE
I -
In rettrrng from t h e fain . of Murphy le Leo, I take
Brent pleasure in rerormaending Mr. 11. Lee the
midden. of my Mends and the piddle.
rittaburath Jan. 3. R. MURPHY.
lllKiubserNers day amoelated Mem
'sclera together for thy purpom of transoctlmr •
olemle and redid Dry (food* and Grocery baldness.
nt NO M& Liberty, apposad Seventh street, under the
etVe andlton of BUSIIFILL . D E HAYS.
li i = h io i lY:alic l 4 49 a . nd the public are invited
ter Oro on a cad. I ja3
- -
hate entered Into paithership, under the firm of
AIPE to ATKIPISON,.;.d will carry on rho
Copper and Sheet [rod Ware manufactory.
AI .o , ackpmithlng In all its branches, at the. old
stand of Wm. D. Scatie,yost street, near Wood.
Particular attention given to steam; oat Mork.
IIIAV F: thin day eelttod with ! to the whole.
de grocery Pmder:aand Co bonito..•
my brotherJosepn, under the liner . S DILWORTit
January I,IS-19.
10 PIIL:ar NERSitiP—Wza Youughavtog Whir
kl day asaociated wlth - l*, John R. At'llunc, tho
ther Intaindua >ill hurt:lo2r be conducted under the
Ana oaf
A Young & Co.; WILLIAM youri
K G,
tat JKE R. M'CUN
076 . tersO7starst
& COD Daily Eger". le now regularly de-
JO Doering C. and Shell OYSTERS, which are of
fered to dealers .d bubble/1 at the lowest prices.
quality warranted equal to soy brought to this-mai•
get, .d for sale by
J,C.CIDWELL, Agi, Water al.
AI Atthe following depow— Reis & Herter, cor
ner Sutilhfield sod Sea:owlets; K Ileaeleton, Diamond
Mere. & Robinson. Federal se, Allegheny. oetla
aenze W. ivoonwELL,
laden and Antique Furniture,
23, Turin 13rxr, Prerswann.
A large and I splendid , r ,_„__,,,,„,
assortment of Furnoure, rt - C"iFPF•efy" - .;
suitable Inc Steamboats, 1... ,s
Hotels and pnvide
Iln . Ri , , ,, e p ri m ne s t e a n n t tly . an k k o rd h ' a ind c dzade , t o order.
ens manufactory In the western country. Pernins
wishing to purchase would do well to give call,
ea I = determined my prices almll please Part of
the atock cantons in—
Tete a Tete; Buffet Duple; -
Tea is NIV Chairs; (peen Elizabeth chain;
Foy.; bruit Tables,
Toilet Tables; Levis XV Comma er;
French Mahogany Bedstead. Piano Stools;
50 areas with Plush and Harr.eloth ewe's.
40:Mahogany Rocking Chain;
40 dox Parlor do
30 . Fancy do
25 centre Tabler,
DI pair Domini 4 pair pier Table.,
15 marble top Dressing Bureaus;
SI Wardrobesi 8 Sectetanes and Bonk ewer,
20 marble top Waeli Stands;
4 pate Ottomans;
Span fancy Work Sunda;
A very large assortment of common chain and other
furniture too =tetanal , " mention.
07 Stearn Boats flimished on the shortest notice,
and on die Most reasonable terms deeld
Diaphragms Filter. for Ilydrast Water.
4M t r U i lg t i s i
v u i fi
l e g e: o w f n y , i t h o a n t I , ! aaz tv.
Patent Agents forlig the hole
for Jennies'
l e ler, the e)
' ties of Pittsburgh a nd Allegheny. _
JOHN ElllnoN. Agent.
far Waller 111 Gibron, lie itinedefey
We have been stung one *Me above articles et the
office of the Novelty Work. far three months, on vial,
and feel perfectly satisfied that it Is is metal invention,
end we take pleasure in recommending them as a use,
fat article to all who love pare water. Orders will be
thankfolly received and prompdy executed.
lkiiiiiiiibki - NfEctiitiilll ocil s ,
Ditch render. turbid water o. i u ty;b , y n
(.../. '''' w'a*nielenro'btrn or 'c a ' te ' r n in N. York ;
:" ; M alt r 'lt.' p l a e ter dP r loth Olt lg
Rl:ming enek, shows a large depont
imOurc subetnneea,ononah ,
is the erne memoir less with all hydrant water.
The Reversible Filterer la neat and durable, and Is
not attended with dm inconvenience Incident to other
Enterer., as it is cleansed withoutlxing detached from
t fr h o e m '' ore r stir t'o h c ' elli ' e l r Y . lußmthyd th n g i i i: h eie c k . y e .. proc r
,il or ai es h o attli d' f a:
coarse of water is changed, ait instantly,
impure substane are driven off almost in
without einscrewi g the Filter. It also possesses the
advantage orb& •stop cock, and as sack in many
e 1110.11,11 be VG COlll'erllellt end economical.
bean be attach where ther with y pressarm high
or low to a cask, nk, tab, o.e. cue To be had
of the sole Agent, W W. WILSON,
att7 earner of Fourtl and Market ts
tgporst—Recl/41 this day, at W. 11 ,
oCarpet Warehouse, Ns
.75 Fmmth
f Carpets, of the Istem mid most
to whicn ans invite the attention of
.1 Epi, and those midday to Cornish
! cod examine the lamest asaortment
I we will sell cheaper. Mask ever be•
•e ametern market. Carpet Ware
, etch street. -
a farther ravrq
a prayed Myles.
110USCS, to qa
Liam ear, whit
fora °dared in
boot, 140. 75 El
, Chocelate, Cocos, O.
Baker's American .4 French Chocolate, Prepar
ed Cocoa, Cocoa Paste, BromaSoocira Ao•
To tnerch.r. and consumers, who would parchate
the beet products of Cocoa, free from adulteration,
more nutritious eh tea or coffee, and in quality emu
permed, the sub e.iber recommends the above unities,
manufactured by himself. and stemmed with his .me.
His Biome end Cocoa. Paste,. delicate, permeable,
and salutary drinkslor ioraiide, convelesbeuts, and
where, are
to pronounced by the most eminent physicians
euperior any other preparations. Ms niannfactates
ore always en nee, in any quantity:by the most re•
timetable grocers in the easternsibuee, am! by vben
agents, Hawes, Gray &co., of Beate.; James It MM.]
ilitmford. Conn; litisspy fa Murray, New York,
'Drank Stone, Philadelphidl Tnemas V Itrunilige, Rol-
Smote, and Kellogg &Bennett, Cinelnnatl,Ohlo.
WALTER BAKER, Dorchester Mass..
For .le lry • augal BAGALEV k SMITiI, Arts
Wrought and Cast Iron Balling..
mite nutmenben 'beg lease to inform the public that
L thc7 have obtained from the EMf all the late and
fushionehle designs for Iron Railing, both for homes
eemeteries. Persons wishing to procure hand.
some patterns will please call and e.ation, and judge
for taemvelves. Railing
beasts m a n n er,he at
comerrtt notice. end in the
Craig rind Rebecca streets, Allegheny city.
anitkdtf A. LAMONT It KNOX.
W. &J. GLEAN; Book Binders. .
NUllare cull engaged In the above boldness, comer
tir Wood and - Thint 41,13, Pittsburgh,. where
we arejprepered to do any work ittpur line with des
paten;.; We attend to oar work personalty, and labs
facuortwlll be gived in reglad to It. neatness and du
Blunt nooks ruled to any pattern and bound sob.
- Muttony. Books in nowhere or oldbooks botund caps
frilly or repaired. NILML•pnt on broke in . gilt legers.
Those that have work in our line are invited to call
AtenAYING sold our endre stock to C. 11. Gamey, With
o view to closing Oa old business, we hereby so.
fot hire the patronage of all our friends and eay.
'litaintsgit, Aug. 4th, 1849.
. .
Cdi. GRANT, 'Wholesale Grocer Commission and
• Forwarding NerchaulNo. 41 ' Watcr au42
Seal.., Cooking Stan., Orates. to.
lUrakkSliALL, WALLACHMCO., Round Church,
ju, 'minter Liberty and Wood *tree., manufactare
anti otter for sato Platform, Floor and Counter Scales,
of the most Improvedqualiryl CookinAStovea, for wood
and COO; Egg 2,101r0s Cooking
MC., Parlor and
connion Grates, Hollow Ware, de. 4m. They ,also
manufacture the Kitchen. Swigs, which tins given such
general scuffledon to those Staving it in am, to all of
which they would respomfelly melte the attention of
the citizens and the public generally. 0ct27..M1
In would call tho utteinlon of the co su
y snide and
dealers generally, to the Iblioseimg brands Tobaccos,
In store and to errive, which being consignments di
rect front manufacturers, he is enabled to sell at east
131 1 bed B WCrenshaw ss;
70 " James Madman ss;
Ell " Lemarune
32 a " Alintheau 6s;
did" Putnam As and la;
15 1 " Roberts Is BMW. f.;
ri " Oscar Bort 0o;
• 9 j " /Oh. & Lewis Is;
2 " Warwiek, sups la;
ad 1 " Henry & James ss, Is and fu,
Fitt 1 :Inettinol Works. ond Foundry
1 - 01.1 h WRIGHT & Co., are prepared to build Cotton
uP and Woolen Machinery ofeveri description, such
as Carding Machines, Spinning Prames, Speeders.
Droning Promos, Railway Heads, Warpors,Spoolers,
Demising niune., Loo CardOrtuelem. ed. Wro.dht
Hoe Shafting turned; arillam of Cast Iron, Ptah. and
Hangers of the latest patterns, slide and band Lathes,
and tools of all kinds. Castings of every description ,
furnished on Mewl notice. Patton,. made to order for
mai Geortng, Iron Railing, .&e. Steam Pipe fox heat
ing Factozies, Cast Iron W in dow Sub and fancy Cu
tlass generally. Orders loS at the Warehouse of/.
Polder & CO., 1.11,C11T Meet, will have prompt atten
Refer to EllackstoeS,Co., J. K. Moorehead &
Co., fl: K Warner, John Irwin & Sons, Patsburgh; G.
C. R. Warner. Steubenville. 11.19
. _
Lom between Federal at Sandusky tweet, The y
ire now waking and 4re prepared to receive °Mots for
arm 4ereriptlon of rehteles,eloaWes, Chants* /la
ro.hen, Buggies, Ph.D., Re-. Arc, which (mom awl r
twig experienve in the wanithir tore of the nhoee work,
wad the facilities they bare, they fccleonfident they oo
enabled to do work on the moot reasonuble terns with
dune wanting ankles in their line.
• Poyang particular Intention to the selccuon of,Matn
tidiS, ,and Lasing none Wit competent workmen they
hare no hesanuon In their wwlt: We
therefore &A he attention anis puidie to this matter.
N. IL Repairing done in thrt beat wanner, and on We
InCat tsutottable tent. jaVertf_
REad.--Itadlog made anandemeou for • coo
stool bupply of FACTORY ELNIANGS, min sell
ritoltoild Reit l'unchrs, , Wrolebety Cu",
lu pod In; Patent Dresser Mottles, earn. - Brush
iflgtt'o"sTer?rs t CO "
taut_ t„ PI andrah.
W/NES—Odey, Webber,
r Pare rich oral dry, Gould, Campbell & Oo's old
dri Osbourn's ILYA Pure fed& Pure /nice par
ocular Port, Harris k Nona, Pure Juice, Weide, doo.
Lie and tangle Grapes. Tram, twines are all celebra
ted for their medical properties, and eaa ha had Ulm/.
oak or retail at tie WI. Store of
rtV E aubmriber otters for sale a large and splendid
I.ortment of rosewood andahogany grand /te
non Pi ass
anos, with and wi th out C oleman'. celebrated
ran ted is be equal to any manufactured in Mi. como
try, and will be sold lower thar any broagla from the
, V. BLUME, No
door abov It 2 wwod e
2d Sth
B —City Senp will be taken al pet for • few
be above IW KIIIIIIGIII. mya • E._ B.
Isardirsres,Chsaper than Evan 7
T°BAN, WILSONI. CO, Imponers and Wholesale
, umber, in Itastivevc;Entlery and Saddlery, No
IV Wood street, above Fifth, lave now in store's very
cheep and well selemed mock of Hardware, imported
thed.c.chne ofprices in Europe, mid which they
ere determined nosed! correspondingly lose: Merchants
echo hive been in the held/ of going East, are partite•
lady:requested to call end look Omagh our mock, so
Ire conitiently believe they will save their ekgreciete
e Y t
lousig MEN to wholessJeAnd retail yAres, and other
respectable bastness, to iietßook-keepars, Sales ,
awn, porters, Oar-keepers, Waiterk.Fanners, Coach
own, Car Agents, Book and Mep Agents, Collectors,
overseers In bratlehesof business, As. 'We hen
at all Stars a largo number of good
on heed,
which pay (role SW to "ANS per amen, Those it
warn .r 0(.7 kind would do well to go
or a call, OA so have Agents in each of the atiort
. .
is, which will euable or to place everyapplieant
mutable sho.tion at the shortest notice. We have
Imo acquaintance in all the above named slue
latch we trust will citable as to give entire wars
on to all who may favor as with a call.
TAYLOR - re TAYMAN, No. Eel Second art
between i/noth twd tiay.
, U—Persons Irving to any part of tho U. Stems
and wishing to obtain a tin/anon In Baltimore, vent.
er of the above cities, will have their want. Imme
diately encoded to by addreasoig us • tine.lpoat-rnld)
op by Co doom they will cattail both trouble and ex
pense, which they otharwim world teeny by coming
to the city; and seeking employment for themselves.
Address, TAYLOtt TAYMAN,
N 0.59 Second strut,
Baltintoni, Aid
Dr. 21lotmaa in Tani:Manna,_
Tins is to tif that I one vf
I, IdeLanets cerWorm y
Seismic,purc somehased
two mo ial nthso Dr.
and pea to a son of mune, some seven yeam old, two
;wino.. full, and although the amount may appear
Urea, yst I have no dodo. but them was upwartN of
MO MX.. Wnltauk pmeett from him, measunng
treat me gamer of on inch torero inches 'amt.
nom . . CedM. Carrot no Tenn.. Dee dr, 1,47 Mug
,Blrnalsighana,taaatar Pittaburprt4lPa.
Firamhowe No. 137, Wood stred, Pittsburgh.
i v? wla comMaly keep On hand •rd nniant.
went or Warm mi
of r own mann ware, and
aupenorquanly. Wholesale and country Mee.
emus are respectfully invited to call and or.
mains for themselves, as we are determined to sell
eheaper thuthasever before been offered to the put-
[l:r Orden; sent by mail; accompanied by the cash •
iiyreforence. will be prokiptly avended to. mytO
LADIES—Just received, e assortnio
I of gold and silver Toroad, Cord and Braid; ale.
Spangles and Bullion, for cenbroldcring and Other o
narvioual work. Also, gold and eilverTaseels, Bring
and Lace.
. .
Jewelry of the latest fashion., in at variety.
Watches of superir quality alai beaunful pane
ad far sale at Eaate o rn prices. W W WILSON',
eag7 corner Market and Fourth s
111.Kril--Open from 6A. Id. to II P. hl. Single
oath 2.5 cents, nr 11 for I dollar. Ladles department
open from It to Ll A. M. nod from 2 to 6 P. to.
The Refreshment !Saloons aro unegaallcd to style
attratilance. Recherche Ice Creams:
auals T. 51• PALL, Proprietor.
141 EG AiLlCOatirel o wn
ISIIE attention et the public is reap cwt? called to
the following certilicater:
e. Casale—Having totted • gnannty of Lald
weighed by your A rcometor, I Std the result prove
your itutroment correct; sod recommend tho use of a
to those going.) California. se the beet method (or ob.
mining the rcal value of Gold. Beep. yowl,
J. B. DUNLEVY, Geld Beaten.
relate:ugh, Much 9, LBW.
Premeeno, Mara 7, 150.
MIL Eau:re--Dec.Blm Having sr eminent!. "Ares.
metcr,ft manefaetured at your roemn, I do not humor.
to commend it se the use of those gentlemen who are
about removing to California in seared of Gold.
It gives a close approximation to the !ipecac plot
ty or metals, andNnil eerwnlp enable me adventurer
to ascertain when his placer yieldmg Gold.
mote Your,. 9. m'cimrocK
NDlA RUBBED CLOTHINO-sast received for the
Colifortha Expeattson, a. complete stscorment of
Gum Elastic Clothing, at vices =peg from 8.5,30 Lo
Ell ' c id for ma uf coat, m. 0.! at For :.ale rut die
IGhe Rubber Depot, No 5 Wood cl
aILWAT - ww.stiaLl
0 UFACToRY.—The subscriber takes this method
of Inforonng his frimis mid the public Mt g 7 oettd llim
he in as the larger clock of the followmg named arn.
cies of his own manufaiture in this'elty—Saddles, liar.
mi., Trunks and Whips, all of winch be will warrant
to be made of the bin material and by the beal,meelv
antes in Allegheny county. Befog determined m
Ids manufactures something lower than has bean here.
Ledo ? sold by any similar establishment in Ow city,
he would invite bermes in steed of the above named
article", to his warehouse, N 0.244 Liberty west, appe
tite Seventh. Also, berms made to order for machine
ocClAly -----
QIGHT and ihorttime DILLS OF EXCHANGE, p -
able in Cincinnati, Lcuirrille and St. Loup, par
chased at *a Moot favorable terms.
sprJ' 24.110WHH &HOWL
lON TIM, 111510 VAL •NO PEIOE• SCENT CIIIL OF /S.l. 1331.11.
111051,0 I , IOY/ DIPISBY Or VIZ MD.
051 ll• Err or tint SITITin, ern
Scrofula or King's Evil, libcomation, nn
e, Cum.
mons Eruptions, Pimples or Puntulen e Fare,
Blotches, Bilen, Chronic Sore Ere., Bldg Worm
or Terser, Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain of
she Ltones and Joints, stubborn Ulcers,. ityphilue
Symptom, Sciatica or idirobsgo i —and diseases
ittsing from an iniudicious use of Mercury,
or Dropsy, Exposure Or Imprudence In Life;
Also—Chronle Conntitutinnalifirorders,
This Medicine ban acquired a very extendedand es
tablished reputation wherever it has been used, based
mutely on its own merits, which Its .perlor efficacy.
has alone sustained . . The unfortunate victim of her
editary disca., with swollen glmds, contracted si
news, and bones ball eerie., has been restored to
health and vim. The scrofulous patient, covered
with ulcers, loathsome to himself and his adend•nte,
haerbeen made whole. Hundreds of persons, who had
greened hopelessly' for yearn under cutaneous nand
glandular disorders, chronic rheumatism. and many
ther complamts springing from a derangement of the
secretive organ. and the mrculation, herd hem rained
get it were from the rack of di..., and now, with re
emramd consmutionn, gladly test fy to the offirney
of this ineetiomble Prepare...
The attention of the reader is called to the fallowing
11110R1Illing cure, elected hy the ate oh Sands'Sanap-
Thin is. certify that I bane a colored weittum who
has seen afflicted for the Mot five year( with Seri:dela,
end all the remedies I used had no• effect in arresting
the ptogress of the complaint; mn the contrary. she
corruptly grew worse; and after expending between
570 and Ott with phyoleirmint,themdes using other M
all. remedies without meccas, till the disease Itad
eaten away the cartilage of her nose, made its appear.
anee on various parts of her body, and had finally
commenced It. ravage. in the roof of her mouth.
In this dreadful situation, with the prospect of death
staring her In the face, I spied her ease to Dr. Diaoa-
Ir agent for Sands' Senreperilla in Newborn. N.
C, by whom I was advised to use that article; and to
my survive and that of my nemtibors, to whom her
ease . woo known, after using four and a half bottle,
she was restored toperfect health, and that in the space
o( three weeks, and was able to work In two weeks
from the time she commenced taking it.
• In witness of the truth of this statement, I have here
mem affixed my name, this 10th day of .13eots, 1347.
Mouth of Neese
SO Diver, C
HETHHOAT. raven co., N. C.
The folowing is an !Strut from a letter receired
from ide s. Bevan. who had been afflicted Several years
with Scrofulous Ulcers, DlarmlHMl kc. r mid recently
tin affection of the throatand chest n- •
Balleyeburg, Va., Dee. 17,1045.
Meseta. A, H. k D. Sorest Deter, I coknmeneed us.
leg Your Barsaparillig my eafferfogs were almost poet
expression; my throottegs completely ulcerated, I had
• dreadful cough and there were frequently weeks to
gether that I eon ld not spelt above awkspers and be
des, the inflammation from my throw extended to my
head, so that my hearing was very much impairmli.
After taking the Sampan!. sr short time, my health
improved, asultuythreat is now well; I am a. free from
cam. and tightness of the chest as ever I was, and
can bear gaits Ny throat has beef , Well
about three meths. the core of whist, has been effect
ed the use of yuur Sarmpartile.
Your fneod, LOUISA R. DEVAN.
The following testimonial to the value of the Sairanko
oats, is from the Dee. Lather ' , A right, aged 70 years
Ccanrearational Minister, residing at Mature:
%Vont., Mass, March duth, 1940.
I Wears. Sands: Gentlemen. From what I bare stone
rieorled. and from the Information I butte recently re.
ceived from a number of perste. of.bigh respeetabilo•
ty who have used your Sarsaparille 1 have not the
West doubt but that uls a Most valuab le medicine, and
DIM the nuractOriS certificates you have received of it.
Lettleaey are fully sustained by experience , and al
though it. ovate.. and utility are very C.X./1111170,
nod stead w no nand of my hatable miens to increase
them, I want all who are adliitert by diamose'ts bseeme
oeqtainted with the edicacy malaria. of your Va..
I ahle saedicin..
I am, geedernen. gratefully. and arty rempeatfolly
Prepared and told, wholceole arid' retail. by A R. h.
D. SANDS, Druggist and Chemist, 100 Fulton care...
rosier of William, New York, "Sold also by Drug•
ggibgenerelly throughout the U , nited States and Can.
ad.. Price St per bottler mg bottles for Si
For sale by L.. WILCO.X,Jr.. H. A. FA/LNESTOCE
CO.. and F.DWARD FEN DERICK, Pnrcbargh • Ai
n, hyt Dr. S. SMITII. Itridgarater. - mina
117) R141 ' 1% rATr,thweil?*."..poefnikno - 1.',1 . .. v. ":;
,71., 01 SAP:cadres . , in the name rooms, No. 51 lau.'s,ty
street. Having limited the number of their pupils, the
Principals. hepe to merit a continuation of toot liberal
piarattege they have hitheno enjoyed. Parenm may
feel assured than every
will be affonled
their daughter., If pieced under taeir chasm, fat oh -
tannin,. thorough Englirn Clasmeed, .d Ornamental
education. ausrPOrdtr
INIIE AUTUMN SIFF:HON of this Inuitutio'n will
L commence on the first Mondny in September.—
Rooms on Federal street. in "Colonide Row," ed door
from the bridge.
Rants tar TerrlnS rest szoon, or rive Mosul,
Eitiglish Department, includlng Rending. Orthogra.
phy and Defining, Writing, Ehtglitlt Grammar, (Lieu,
ne, Logic Fnklish Composition end Crulcirm.
graph'', liistery,Nrithmede and the higher branches
of klailtematies, Nutria Philorophy, Chenustry, A
tummy, Downy, Physiology, Geology, Intellectual
and Moral Science, end nil other branches requisite to
a thorough English Education - - pa'
Classical Department' Including the Latin end Greek
Languages, each - t - W French, , $l6 08
German, • 816 00
The services of competent teachers ore secured for
tech on desire instruction In French and German, arid
al. in Drawmg, Painting and Marie •
It is desirable that pupils enter at the contruanee
ment of a session, yet they are received at any time,
riot are charged at the abate rates from the time of
entrance. Do.deducuons era made for absences, ex
cept in cases of protracted Illness. Further idiot-matt. may be obtained, and applica
tion. made by calling upon the Principal, at his ream.
' on Federal street or et Kis lodgings in "Irwin's Row."
Liberty street, Pittsburgh, between lid not ith street,
eg;b p yerc . r i ung, through the Pist ,i i r t s rll4l , best A incei . ,
Alleghe4,.Ang. l 9, 1049 dtf •
qIIIE Second Sestina of this Institution, under the
1 ease of Me and Nis. Gluttons for the prating
&cadent-. year, will commence on the feat of kebrus
ry next, in the tame buildings. No. 51. Liberty street.
Arrangements have been made by which they will
Lc able to furnish young ladies Dolitiet equal to nay
in the West, for °Mauling a thorough English, Clue • ,
eel, and Ornamental education. A full course of Phi
litopiticel and Chemical Lectures will be delivered
during she winter, illustrated by apparent, The de.
parunentsnf yet,' and Instrumental Mune, Modern
Lamour:et, Drawing and Punting, will each be under
the earn of competent Profetsor. 13y close aniention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their pu
pil., the Principal. hope to merit a continuation of the
liberal patronage they hove hitherto enjed. For
tenor see eirsular or ripply to the Principal oy s -•
Prressuunt,Sept. 19,1149.
NR. THOS . R. II DlRElfift—Dear Si, Vote WAI
TING FLUID we have now been aping more then
year, and on looking over the entries made by it, we
-find the color a bright blue blase. It pleasant to
Virile with, dews (ree and doe. not clog the pen like
De ordinary into ,nose. AVirgling you the ready sale
its merits demand, we are, yours reepeetfull N Y,
For tale, together with Wilbert's Red lob and Ma
chine Copy Ink, by B. A. Fahnutook & Co, 11. P.
Sehwartc, Allegheny City, and by the inuifeetnrer,
T. IC }libber, Druggun and Chemist, comer of bilice
ty and Smithfield sts,plitsburgh._
warare NAME, 1060.0 A. .Wll. 1,11•ILT
PALI:IIea, HANNA ilk Co.,
ISucccuort Hulsey, Hanna & Co.
1) in Foreign and Demesne Exchange, Certificates
of Deponite, Hank Notes, and Specie—Fourth street,
nearly opposite the Dank of Pittaburgh. Current mo
ney recmved no deposits—Eight Checks for sale, end
ColletliOnl Made on nearly an the principal Points in
the United States
The highest premium paid for Foreign old American
Advances made on consignments of Produce, ship
ped Flu. on liberal terms. apt
Farmer Stamm JA-41.11i lab 18411.
Patent rrosplever atesrionSeim, Bureaus,
Book Caux,.WmCirtg beat.
rpitz TABLES far surpassing every other In
ramify oldie kind now extant. They can he ex
tended trout ten to twenty-five feet, and when closed
the leaver am all contained inside; they eta , two de to
all sires and shapes, and are adapted for
Steam:Yon., Hotels, and large olivine females, form.
top when closed a copyist , centre table.
EAThese amide. am Yell
uable partleularly to those who wish to reeno
mire room, and converts apartment into IL
parlor en slushy room, as they can be opened and shut
at convenience, and when shut, the bedding ir entir ,
cd. A great saving In' roam and tent. All the bed
steads when closed' corm a beautiful piece of farnatare
for • parlor or sluing room: .
ROOK GASES...A neat and useful article for patter
ordrawing a.
WRITING DME—For law olitees,countiug morns,
and other °Bees, when opened a Most convenient bed
stead, when elpl.l a perfect Deck and Library alone
is vialble.
AU these articles need no reeommendationi the
homily of Ye whole is, they are warranted not toget
nut of repair. It will 'be for your interests to call and
examine the articles at the manufacturer,. MOM, No.
H 3 Third stems, Fittibargh. In addition to the above
advantag they am proof against husk
Comae Front and Yinq mama, Cataaoull. 0:
ORDERS from Pluabory,h for Alcobol,Paro
Flaw or Recutimi_ hc "ill he promptly or
ended to at lowa*, loaritat price: mahlaally
MBE firm of NICKLIN &DRYDEN being diarolved.
the undetaigoed will eantinnothe Forwarding and
Commission Business at the steam boat - landing,
FRANKLIN, and respeetfailv informs hit friendashat
he has gone to the neponib 'or 1,-heavy insurance on
thelemeltonse and consents, for several learn, and
watts be will giant:dire sausfscuon to all who may
pauoaLe him. millreSelea frelAht_at the Lower
. 0.31.19 BRYDEN• '
a ii, w —'- ch o OA Sty If ieN:jA..° ol '., f l'
.' e ..• • -- BIP'""4"A fflii130(1 f;
i g i l
• sEw-itatihADAY BB .
• AI UR Mr./ 1111 SIG 1.111L.V .. r.., ..
Glilldarket am,BetWonn gaud 4 1 / 4 7,' ,11 0 ,13 i0..
,NIII T oy
Tiv : h.. L . l .4., .. l,l. 2...7 =s4 EL : L.7 .d o. sir l:.l , : v a ith r .g t o et b. li sd roe g ? oid '
La tr4
23 `, 11 "`. ;: n L ' „ o c es ffele ' d ' I l y d one gac
hones ' F irslbt ' :
burgh. All of Pleas foreign goods bare breatpurckas
mt ails, imponets pm the last
front Europe"
and for richness of style and hearty of design are OW
surpassed in this or any other market.
The domestic and staple department will also be
found complete, and Cheaper than es any other lemma
in this city. The subscriber amnia here respectfully
call the attenuon of his nu melons customer., and all
wishing in buy nets and cheap anode, to the priers
which 'rill no doubt ustonith them, being determined
to sell ebeeperthen the clieapest .
Good desk Calico. only 3 cents per yard; -
Best qtality,dath Calm°, fact colors, 4 to thi
4—t Bstish purple Bram, fag color,, S to ltri,
Heavy Bed 'Aching, from n to In cents per yd;
Bleached Mullin., good gitality, 5 to Meer yd: •
Reit gown,. Bleached %bailout, R to 10 per yd:
Bean" yard vvide Unbleached Mashes, 5 to el;
Good red Flannel, Item IS to 00010 per yd;
Good yellow FlanneLlS to. cts per yd;
Good black Alpacca from IS to b'S per yd;
French (Anglicans Irom 1010 IS ow per yd; •
Dish Linens at paces from tbS to (=per yd; •
triadnetband Kentiteky Jeans from IM to SO otsi
iNaakinol and Lineey. from 121. M
Eleevy.Domestic Ginghams 10 to Cl,; • .
Crath and Diapers, all puce. and (paha*
A epleadid aseortment 0101 the newest styles.
Thlbet Cultte:ma in high colors, ricbgaide;
Lap& French Thlnct Mariaoa the finest Insporied;
Loh Comb* Bilks, in all colors and qualifies:
Black Annette, best auality, plaid and .trite.
Black Grow de Blume, all widths and qualiniu•l
Lupints fine black Blenbazincii, bambini Old.;
' do bewFrencli Sierines,. black and colored:
' do do do do In high colors;
do fine French de Wanes, all woo!, high colors;
Rich fled Cashmeres, beaualelgoods, vary the*
Dotted SO/1” Muslin , for evening dresses
Broehe Thibet Scarfs, late importation;
But quality French Kid Gloves, all colont
rilOp ming Cashmeres and de Liaise., oil 9.e.;
• Ladle!. embroideird Neck 'Dee, eplendid good.,
Ladies finest quelity French linen 'ID*
Belting Ribbons, a full as.rtmenti .
Worked Capes, Collars and Cage, in great variety
Bloch and colonel Crapes, all qualities; '
Bromide Luatres, in all colors and qualities; •
• Mohair Camelot figures, rich goods;
. French CleakingS, superb goads, high colors;
Also, black Braziel Lace, all *ft. and pricer;
Black bilk Fun' es. wide iwidleavy, best quality.
Together with a huge stock of white Goods, Slows
Jaconet and Mall lamilins, besides a very large and
superb stock of Fall Bonnet Ribbons, of the latest im
portation and most feshionehle style. Many of th.
above good. have Jost arrivedper the loot steamers
from Europe, and are worthy the attention of the la,
A splendid assonment of Shawlsi—
Super extra also French Long Shawls, best impld
Soper extra Mae Long Broehe, finest quality;
Superb quality Long Plaid Shawls, rich colon;
Best quality square plaid fine wool Shawls;
Rich and heavy estra axe Mut silk Shawls;
• Bich eatrilion changeable alit Shawlr,
Doper block and white, oil wool, long Shawlm , '
Super extra size Long and Sq!re blooming Shawls
Paris printed Cashmere Shawls, ho pea vane;
Terkeri `• *Jlintes *tea
Mods embed Mittel heavy silk fringe;
Black and iamb, colored heavy cloth Shawls;
White emb'd Thibet Shawly beautilia goods;
kllghland ppd long and sere Shawls, very elm*
bloaming Shawls and Scarfs,in great variety;
Al., a large lot of plaid Blanket Shawls, from 75
Ms to SAM.
Together with a full apply of Glove*, Mins and 'Pr
uett. with all articles usually kept la n Wholesale
and, Retail Dry Goode House—all of which will lie
" V o lte W int d ru ef le c rTe 'i n u- m ° o et Markef etreex be•
sweep Third and Fourth, sign of the Rio ltrallova,
wham bargains tanax all times be had.
spettnlito WILLIAM L. RUSSELL. _
fl . ARBUTHNOT h. commenced to recerre
kJ. large assortment 6r Woolen COICIOTtS and
Hook ilashin, Berlin, buckskin otti NVoo , en Glogeog
Thlllet, sloth, moon de lain and blanket Shawls; cash
inere r wonted and woolen Bose; Pongee and linen
iii/kls; silo and satin Cravats and Scarfs; lltinirs and
Fridges' ['rush Linen, Table Covers, Crapes, Ribbons,
Leal. bleached hod colored Muslms, Tabby Velvets,
Parent Thread, Cowing Pilk, Ammar, Gum 501...
derl,-Pins, Percussion Cops. Almanacs, common sod
gold Jewelry, gold and nicer Watches, Combs, pock
et Ind table Cutlery, and many other 400,13 which
country and city Merchants are respectuitly limbed
e gramme, ' aptlir
wtH ker_o on hand FnntiO
M A nn Ni dlt A nnot l ito U nt Iteanketn. Contetzle Flatnell
Aloe, brown and drab Ettnnket Sealants an
Wookti Yarn, whirl, ttly nt Lantern price..
NYarehotwo No lan Second al, Pittebangh, Pa
Fsietory, New Have, Foyone co. trnin
E have ing received a large and coniirele stew
V of CLOCKS, Variety and Fancy Goods, Sena
ble.fer the falEtradc, m when, with every Oc.cription
of Looking Glasses manufactured at oar own steam
power stop in 0110 city, we ask the attention. of WeH
crts Merebtods and other deate-a.
',PUN canter Wood and Fauna sts
I,vmsoN s
No. 49 Wool, 5.., Pirroorsoo,
RE now receiving their usual artyplie et Gooti p
2 - 1. roe the Fall season, which they will b • haPPY
exhibit to their old easterners, and as mon new ones
asway feel inchued to present themselves
Alwaya taktng great pains to lay in so h goods as
are adapted to the wart. of the Western trade, which
long experience euttbles'theat to do, they can say with
mock confidence, and without entering ihto.a detail
of their rock, that tho Western retail merchant will
filar with them ell that his costumer.- require. Thou
who have formed the unprofitable habit of repairing
to the Eastern cities for their stocks of Dry Goods,
would do well to call, tut a candid comparison of pri
ces would in many roses result in the conviction Mai
the expeare_of going funher may ho obnated by boy.
trig in Pittsburgh. - .1. 13
-c•57 R. SIURPIIT is now receiving his Gist Fall
y • supply of Foreign and Domestic GOODS, and
boo already opened an assortment of newland beauti
ful styles dart fall PRINTS, warranted fast colors;
sad neat new style Poll
hl calm de Lather,
Alpanetta and Mohair Lustre.;
Damask GO and striped do
Permian. and Lyonese Cloths;
Wine most 'desirable color.; end a full supply of
bleached and anble.hed Muslin', Irish Linens, Mans
chaster riinghams, leo., it northeast earner Fourth and
Market sis. Bayer. are invited to call end are. '
Vat:NCH ItIKRINOS—Of all Na desirable colors.
I' such tut Maroon, Garnet therm scarlet . , diderern
shades of greertdrub, and black.
nl., PARMETT4 S. of all the above colors, in tea
-1 titiutiYi awl LYONE.SD,CLOTti.% also
o all the destrahle cotors, now onto at Dry Goods
rinse of spll4 W R MURPHY
COODB—W. R. Murphy hae now
iI open an czieumve tini - Orminut of Black Goods,
including Bombazine., French Merino., Parraetto.,
Mount de Llama, Mourning alpaceat, and other.
Mourning Goode. spit{
V. ILITAR GOODS.—Caps,Plumes,S'words,Sub
lPi es, Epaulettes. Lace, Batons, Flap, &Aden the
trizommits accessary to equip volunteer COOtplatak
'fp' Vol a Mew companies emeppil aa complete and
cheap 111 data: in the East, at tile Wharf Store, COl
nerklarket and Fourth Ws. NV %V 'WILSON
Y. S.—The liana States Bass and Tenor Drains, of
Germantown make, for ode and warranted by
eptk IV. W. W.
, 1 • •
AA RR. now receiving . yery large st ck
hauls, of recent purchase and nape. tatlon,which
they will sell to the trade of ouch prices P.leannot fail
10 Ito entire satisfaction.
City wri Country Merchants arc inuiteil to call 'mud
axamint ouratock before purchasing chirotru•- . .
TUr..l.4e.bnaat Lt -Ila rc rtl, fl o e r P . ozd t e , ;,la kegs, h
f,lda J rnAhRT., & C,,,'27w00d .
. •
- .
Itatlefor Stlcen coots.
lartllea Deportment open from 9 to 11 o'clock, A. IS
and 2 to 3 o'clock, P. N.
Atheneum dahhon and Bathing Estahlitheett ,
tyltl T. hPFAI.I.:PrOPIicItii
- -
JAVNC.--ffhiocerntes, that unmediately after
having attended my brother, who died of constunptinO
in March, 182 q, was taken sick with the Consumption
or Liver Com i tilaint, and wnarestaced so-low with - the
dlsease, tbat or foar scars 1 was enable to' attend to
my business, either at borne or broad being being for the
most nine CORfillegi to my bed. During the above pert
od of time, I had expended for medical attendance o
regular Physicians and medicines, to the amount of
.I,X), without receiving any benefit therefrom: In
July, E. 45, 1 commenced taking Dr. dayne'a Medi
cines, - and have taken them more or leaner, since,
and believe that it was by persevering In their nee,.
that 1 cunymer truly say that 1 have completely mese..
erred My health. I believe that Jayne's Sanative Pills
and Expectorant an the best family mrdieinea now in
1 wade in Springfield, Otsego county, N. Y., 'end
tarry ou a Nance and meshing shop in that place,
nod inn Rat interested In any manner in the sale of the
'Moro medicines, and mate thin cercate loathe ben
efit oftlese afilleted. . FAWN.
Springfield, N. V., Sept. 1G 1.945. in4
Dr, 'lntl Celebrated .6amedits.
rtR. JACOB S. ROSE, the discoverer ended!. pro•
otietor of these most popular and beneficial med.
Jetties, and also thoinventor of the celebrated
ruent fot anflatirg the Longs, in affecting a 'cote of
Chronic diseases, was a student of that eratOencphysi.
clan, Doctor Physic, and ts a tra4ateof the timer i•
ty of l'etturyhroMal and for dam years since haa been
engaged in the invuugosiop of disease, and the ans.
canon at remedies thereto,'
. .
Through the use of his inflating tube; to commetion
with his Prophylaenc Pyrup arid othorof has reniallos,
b., has gained an nnyarilelled eminence in coring
those dreadful end Fatah nialadios, Tubercular Con
sumption, Cancers, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Asthma,
eer and Ague , ' F 0y...0ral kinds,Chrorne Erysipe
las,. imd all Mose obstinate ißseaseepec altar to female..
Indeed every form of diseasnaronshes under , Menem
of his remedies,to which husalliity Is heir—not by the
use of one compoand only, 4or that I. irsarapatible
with Physiological Law, .but by the use of his. reme
dies, adapted to anil prescribed for
. eactipeettliar farm
• .•
Dr. Roses Tonle Attentive Pills, when used are in.;
'variably acknowledged to toe sapertoe to all other, a.;
hpargative or liver pill inasmuch .es they leave the;
owela.perfectly tree from costiveness; as also his ,
Golden the is admitted by tbe faculty to passess peco-1
liar properties adapted to female •diseaste,•bat belog•
eillinfieli that a bare trial la *efficient to establish what'
has been mid to rho mind. of the Most skeptical.
The afflicted uninvited to call upon the agent, and
pracnre;gnats; once( the Datem_,_ea__..,i mm ; P M 'ig i ,%l
detailed acevuat °reach t r enlcuy imp ea....n
For sale by the rolloWrinragentaiii well as by mos
[Lege., throinsimat the country: -
.1 treimonmaker Co, 14 Wood street, rumberght
A Doektiyal, tl
J ht Townsend, diugglst, 45 Market at
Lea ear the P.O. Allegheny ci ty
. . 1 1170 trli k o l k Y hto ' l l tflei p :
T Adams. nearer, • I
. .
sEI'ILFR.P LIVER ? uta . wAs• - 111Y DOCTOR.- •
• Mr:R. E. Sellem-Dern Sim I eel di adatyll owe
/0 the path?, as well ea to the - credit of your Liver
Pills, koetate the good - etlitets prodsreed by Marsala& • .. ,
'my own case. Dario& the menthe( Ante, ISIS, I leak . .
very Powell, my eppetite foiled, and my etrengt. h wed •
entirely prosuate4 wait Sentra rem to my aide sod •: - _ :
ShOsilder. I lots Mid by medical ems thataty disease
oras * severe attack of they compbtlat. 'I took hem. • • .
rot bore.. of IPliae's Liver Pills, and some elrelmr. - :.
which I was told woe good for Mat disease, • but after - .
till Wei getting worse. ' Libully concluded to plat* • - '... ,
myself. trader the care of a physician. for toner-or
worse; hot, fortunately, put at this time, I was Mid ' ,'
bp the Rev. I. Nibloelf Of this pb.n, thai • Mend bad , :;,. .
sent him a box of Selleesr Liver Pilistrompittehamh, .•
which had be:matted him very much. I forthth
Met done bit of your Liver Pills, 'apathy thei time I , ,;'
wan done tieing them, Swan mobil. Mot ISIS= lent.
the Mediene•that• totted my eitse. - 1 sent for 'more,
and Mei I ' ve or 'ais boxes, and hand ,asyself_almost -•-,..- •
entirely cored; tan jct . Much solt I caVAlla a selreSe.] : : ..,„ .
cold, which brought book aside, add in* short ' -.- •
4 k .,,
time was 'as Walls ever.' .I:niralle bad . reCOSISO so :. ' ,
Pror MX Pills, ; sod toot Meru every other night for
six Mks, and - occ.loually since, Ind Teen nereeitY• "- •
that I can sow my, that I reel little if. any symptemk , .• :111
of tta• Liver Complaint, sea my ronenti ti.litt is e!• ." .._
goo ow so it has been for the last 10 years.'
M . / oeighbore . ask 1110 who was my,dontar,.. I tell ..!,.,.,,,
them that,Sellers' liver Pills-was my doctor, and by. u
the blessing of Divine ProVideneeSise eielni li,l coring '
~ ~',
tee. :1 ern confident thatNetten the pnblie- become. so. • ~-.„
• uallited with the Value of your liver Pilfi, the old -.
mend for them mall Mottos, hr....y or my .. iXhimier ' ."- "
to wheat I have recommended the pills, can teatlfr to
their Value, . Well asto the funs above stermL_
Respectfelly yours, Gooses 1111, . - ~ •• ,
Tot,eo t onnic.-The Original, only tonetend`genti.
Dina ; Liter Pills are prepared' try IL E.Sellers, and .. .-.
beech's Mumstamp. in bLack seat open the lid At ~. .
each I Sox, and - ht: op:lnters on the meld. wrapper-- ''''
irr All whets ire eonoteirens, or base unitarians.. ..-:: ..:. •
. sptr R. F. SELLERS, Proprietor, .17. We. at
OTIRTIOR - EllhAr ' ' .
_' '
A so m try th e name of RUIN. CLAPP oaf engaged r• • !
with layettes mo orate name of S. P. Townsend, md- , ~—...:
uses tsame to put op a Sarsaparilla,. which ;they '
call 11r a . Tovnuiend's Sarsaparilla, denominatioS :a . ; • -
GENI.IOIIc., tinginal;ete. Tine Townsend Is eve.- " ,
tor aid never was, but was tannerly IL workersen rails ~. ..i
roads, canals, and the e ke. Yet tie assumes the tale
of De.. for the and
gaining credit for what be is ' - •
noL :Ile ie seeding out cards he 'ricks -of , .- , .L.
Quacks,. in which he says, I have sold the rise of my. •
assentor X7O week. I willgive S. P.TOWasend Vao .. f. •
Übe %till- pee
one stogie solitary p ro of of this.- . '.-
We ',is to caution the putillo not to be deceived, and • • •
purchase none hot the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD • -
Old s
Dr. Jacob Townsend's Sarsaparilla, having on It the .
Drs likeness, hi. family cost of arms, and nu sig..' .' '
nature acmes the comet arms. - . - -' , , •-, ,-,
Principal (tire, lat , inlionst, New York Cloy. •' - . '
. .
Old Dr:Ton:mead la now ob. g yews ot.xe,ana
bus long been known a. therAUTIIOR mad DISCO.
SArAPARILLAP Being poor, he was compelled
to bait its manntietans, by which means it has been
kept' out of market, and the sales circumscribed to
those only ,who had proved lb worth and known. its
value. This Gum suoysatzeractso POSP.MTVA iti
mannfactured 9n the VW-eat mate. t l
thronghout the length enebrcidth of ttir
Unlit. young g . P. Townsend's, bf
It improves *lt
rrarit i ero=l b rrne f ilfle ‘ h rc r i. b arxten n . - - •
The highest knowledge P of Chendsty ' , and the latest •
discoveries Mile Art, have all been brought into re, ,
quiritien in the manufacture at the Old DrM Samaria-
riVe.:`The Sarsaparilla root, It is veil known to teed
icnl contains medicinal properties, and aorattMnr
pertres which aim inert or treeless; and °theta, which.
if retained in preparing it Mr use, prodnee Pe
ton hnd acid, which Is Injurious to the systent. Soule
of tlfe properties of Sarsaparilla are so volatile that
they .wirely .v•portla Awl are-lost an the preparx- •
non, if they are not penned by a seimulte process,
known only tip Mese eXperiencml matturacture. "
Niemeyer dime wrladle principles, which flyoffin
as an elati nd er
eat, are eve r e e s ,
pr dedmeda x prope o t n e u ofthe h rowh th h gi y s .
it all its val.. The
is .d prepares; that all thaitiert properties of the Sar-.. •
Saperilla root are first removed, over, thing capable' '
, foceontiog rwai or of krmeatetioo t ts , extratited sail .1
iejeered; then every pain eea. t ,.
red'a pare and concentrated form; and thus 1 t
tenbetty inrapahie of losing any of its valtiabl6 . la;
holding properties. Prepared in this welt. ..
the moat 00 - eerie! nacre tha
Hence the reason why, we hear eammendations on
every Tqd e its moor by men, warden and children.
We find it donne wonders in the care of Coneareptibe,
llyipcpaiti, and - Liam Complaint, and In Rheumatism,
Scoefela and Piles, Costiveness Cutaneous Dap-
Mils, Pimples, Watches, and all ' atfeetions arising horn
It powesura q marrellous etbeacy in ell, complaints
an - ling from ladigeatitm, from Aciday o f. the §ioma-h;
front unequal' circulation, deternanation of blood lathe
head, palpitation of the henotocolit feet and ealciihands.
1.10 shuts and hot Hashes over the body.. It hoe not
hod its equal in coughs and colds; raid . promotes easy
expectoration, cod gentle perspiration, relaxing stria,.
tare of tho loopy throat, and every ether pan
gal la nothing/aka excellenteniare manifestly teen
and acknowledged than in all kiddy satdatagea of •
It work. wooden in eases of floor albus Of Whites, '
Falling of the Womb,Obstiecled,Supemssed,m Fain
fur Messes, Irregularity orthe menstreal paned.. sad ' "
did like; and Is e ifectualdn taring Ma _
Maoism of the Kid?
acy Diseases. By removing obsunctiona, and regain--.
Ung the general system, itglees tone end strength to
the wholehody, and cures all forms of •
mid thus prevent s or relieves a ,rem Twisty of Other I
diienaes, aa Spinal Irritation, Neuralgia, S. Vans .
Dine. Swooning, 'Epileptic Ilia.,Convulnons, the. Is
•noi thi s, then,mrs Manxman TOO Pas-Emna...n. NeznY
But um any of them things be mid of S. P. Town- ,
send'a interior article? This young man , s es not
to be COMPARED W . g . :l t VIE OLD DEUS, '
because of the Grand F that the one is incapable
I of Deterioration and NEV • SPOILS; while the oth
er DOES; it sours, feratehtm and blown hamletr.
containing it into fragmentS; the moor, said Uneld -
ethicng and damaging othe4 goods! Muscat Mii
compound be poise m to the system? White-4
pat acid tom system ready diseased .with geld!,
W yspe
hat causes Dpslabu acid? Do we know,
Mut when food mum in our stomach.. whatnot all
itprodoccs?—flantlence, bsartbarn, palpitation of the
heart, liver complaint, diarrhisa, dysentery , cholla and'
Minuet/on of the blood? Whams Seaufela but an arid.
hem°, in the bodyr What produces all the humors
which bring on Emotions of the Skim Scald Died;' •
Skit RhensikErysipeas,White Swellings, Fever-Sorma...
bed all ulcerations Internal and external? It la noth-,
int under heaven , but an acid substance, which loan, '
and they spoil. all the fluids of the body ; more or.lesta.
What causes Rheumausea but a sour - seal fluid, which
'nal:mates itseir between the Jaime and elrewhers,
`taaog`andinflaming,thetrender and delicate Unsure
are which it acts? So of tiervons dimes* of iroptij
r ty of the blood, of deranged 6:citations, and nearly,.!
I the aliments which abet human nature.. -
• Now, is it not horrible to make and sell, sad infillibe- ' '
ly worse us rise this 1 . ' • .• .
arid yet he would fain Mute it understood that Old Ja
cob rownsend`s Gomm Original Sarsaparilla, le an
Imitation of his inferior preparatioall ' ' • '---
; (leaven forbid that weishoold deal ~111 an utiele r
Which Would bear the most distant resemblance to S. '
P. Townsend`s erdcbd arid which ationld bring down
Mum the Old Dr. such • Mountain load of complaints .
end eliminations from agents who Immo sold, and per,
chasers who have aged 1.; P. Townsend's:Fermenting.
• Wo it it understood,
'. cce it Is die absolute .
uoth, that S. P. Townsend smo g
and Old Dr, Jacob ,
Towuend's Sarsaparilla ate heavea.wide ,apest, Gat • •
infinitely dissimilar, that they are unlike in every par •
dealer, having not one single Ming to cortunotu
' It is to arrest frauds upon the unfortunate, to. poll ? halm into wounded humanity, to kindle hope -In the
despairing bosom, to reatore health and bloom mid vt.. -
ger into the crushed and broken and to banish tared- .
ty,-ahat old DR. JACOB TO WPISEND has SOUGHS
and FOUND the opponahity, iind means to-briniLtdd'
within We reach, and to rho knowledge of all who' -
need it, that they may learn and kuow, _ by . joyful .r. •
periesee, its rureternmer rowel TO AoL • ' '
For sale by J. KIDD gr. CO..' Wholesale Alteal • fo r
Western Dennsylvuis; J. SMITH. Rirmlnghemi Dr.
J. SARfiRANT, Allegheny; - Dr. A CASE LL ,' Filth
wand, G. W. GARDNER. nth ward, spO
i - .7 . ••
• • Jaiiiiiii!speecorisi.t...... . ,
I •
Samoa, Columbiana e0 ., 0 ., Apr. gt,lati. ' -
1)R. -Ij. JAVNES: Dua San — l feel boon to 'you ~.
and the atglited ptibile, to avail myself of thlsOps ,'
r i t y l o im . ituf siting p:ililiMiy . tpie cab-lord...lWe=
For severer ;elm will ii sever j e l et n gt, b reelle toter
ind its 'concomitant di ages, and seemed Only darted ,
to linger oat a short but ensemble eximarose, until the ,
tall of IRD, when, be d g more severely attooked, end,
having resorted w all former remedies, uld the pro. - .
iteripooos of two of the Stoat respectable physicians bi .
the neighborhood sentient deriving any benefit, or the '
mmolatierinf surviving but a COW days ere-weeks 4 ,
i ,
that t . h .
m e
ik l es t v
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