The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, November 03, 1849, Image 1

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AnalittngNtlLLMl:Vo. /;?."., '"ER ,
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ARMSTRONG i CEOZE.E,Coromisaion blerenaula
l ati o. d gi ts:aleav in erodnea, No. >Y 111arkeLle
iszolai t 1 mann, minxes 1.112213 L,•
DRAW. HEATR, Wholesale an 4 Drag.
psi, tomer et Liberty and EL Clair swam, Pine-
Loma, la inayla
True iSMS
11erehan N ts, Yo b° .
• , da„,„
E . - 7C l'iiirsaErUCK A Co., Wholesaile
: tut Oresaista, wrner oed and eah su. /11._
11.....a1.1.1 7 thLITI/, Wholesale Ureters, th and
JJ rd street rittinol:W •
---- O.II.T.AIDTI/.I,DGR , IL D.r
CUI4T . INUEs to gin Ail panicular stututioolt.
, i ,
1 =motet Imeasel al the SKIN, nektoFU
and Ducataa of ego TIIIIOAT.
Office bow. 11 A. AL, 1 P: AL, and 7 P. M.
pc.,,a4.•• •
Ana. c ----,---------- I -
Jo a. .to. . , 11,1
M. 1.1.1. /pi
ardlng and C h i
rlitAlLi 6 SIUNNER,_rn.". y h • spiro --
NI M.r.A.A. No. 1M Martet .3., PM A 4 • .
_ -
A. DIAANCLITA Co., Foi•Arding and Com•
,I 4.1• mission Marehants,CaAttinaia , Titr em it trn,
I.luwasaa• opstag, Axle, Steel and /Iron
_1 01:411AN,' 11/11LMLN 2, Co, mannfacturare.•l .
Cceell Ellinie Springs, Ilammered tales,
Syriac And Ylanglt Steel, Iree, Watehonte on
Water .14 Front emets,Pinabergb.
Mee, ni:Cattehlryimnunea anti itlalleable
Capaga actla
Da. NV. U. bA1f..74
Vt.:ATI:Sf, • '
(Luta at New 1 ork )
Oyitec—Stanbue.o street, between Seventh utd
Strawberry alley.
N.ll—lioetwes of Om toaatly gwas and teeth treated
Doetteepatrucally.. , • • 5p110.413m
I#l4 n. •21.110 1 ,
7 1 4 5 .itvfri,:ed':EMII:`& 1 2=4. u eolt7.
b.n.dmuvAtlechm.nrr.,,,Tod.dgl,T in.od B l Zt u t co an a tgifj ,
ld am is. • -
111101.. ii W. laattl.l . / AMU 11. Tiro S.
LI_EORGE W. aII.TH limoruh, blaisto"
Ur ad Hop Lookleig, Pitt a PLLlabu jLL spM
u fit
a r ainuabon
filerchara, No. 20 WeOd sgeol. Pimburgb. soyl7
_ _
liVALdkrg4itar.,l7:rerfee'ea'!*:"..7l.,' 1_72,
jj LE (succ or to 11.1strphy ScLee,jitioll
eq.asol Cogrui ' sslott literal.; for ale sole oi
lOW dean Woolens, Liberty, opposite roh at. fobly
sa =Ds, Dowax.D.usaDD,
• D. C. D'unr.ux, sons,.
11. a
4.IFALD BUCKNOR, Tobacco Corm:On ion LW ,
comas, North Watt., st, to 16 North
rtoo orroo,
1" 304
JO:siES tr. Co., litroccolon w iimmod,
a l h i n Jones tr. Co.) C061.911.11L011 and Forwardmg Mgr
te, dnalero,in Pittsbush Aloadaotn.tai Goodly
• • . mea7
TISAIAII DICKEY & Ca, Wheasale Grocers, Cora.
&deafen Idershanuome dealers in rrodnes,lios.64
Water. and lO 7 Front cm Piltab • mad
• :0021 DILVIDettt. ' - • aoaTta DILSVONS.
A Dimorrit & CO, Wholesale. Groce.n,
duels nod Com:minion Merchant., and Aireuts
' r %Italian:4 Powder Co. of K. V., No. *7 Wood la,
Plusbor e. VV ,
.4jtellN hL TOWNSEND, Druggist awl aphittl . ary
No. 41 Marta it, throe door. above Thad et. Pltt4
Wryly will hare constantly on band a orell selected ard
Pertinent of the best and freshest htedminc/4 attach be
will sell on the most reasonable terma...Pgsimins
wading orders, will be promptly nt,endid**d "P*
plied with moles they may rely eponatrecarana
019 - 21rysicians Prescriptions milrbe teranuely and
witty prepared from th. 3 beat materials, at arty hoer el
Oa day er deft.. ••= " •
.A.lso for ente, large wick of freehand gOod Perk
•ion ma Porowasus Mrchmt, and 'wholesale
dealer in Western He:trse Cheese, Batter, - Pot • and
Paul Ash, 11 1 / 1 .1 AVesteta gemrany, Water
-Onsatitsetweets md Wood,.Pittsbargh. ap3
1:1111,WATT„ Isamessor . to Ewan Gebbart, )
'Wholesale Grocer and • Cor...sontsoi Moreo:LP
to Produce and Pittelargh himcfneintes, Car
mei Of latertutLedllmoiheelktashmals Pa- Jade
3611E8 6. .11UTtia .
cru,-e.. ColEncemsons to
Lewis lla 'china le Co, Comtuation fderchants,
iusd Agents of: the tit. Lolusli.seaat hew
4.% watts mair.: flats autos, Pinshtolrlt- •
JOIIIII P. imirco. Draggisi..3
e: in Dye dault, Paint; Vatuisties,
Wood 'moot, ono Akio, South' of Diarmald AIRY, kit LI.
JAM"' Jr co.; tatkatetsor to Joseph
DamiaoStup eatidleas, ad Water intoez." • oc3l •
ITtritrinitiOXia; trlua and Heull dearer
in Matto and IJuaiettl Instraments, ilehoot Wooly
kapor.lilator, BOW Ye.; Outla, Meters' Canis, and
13 1 . 110 =7 flenerallittio. Wood n., k'ituborgt,
bouchLot taken is trade. wp , IS
-actiutosru.tak - a a C 0.,. Wttoiciaet l - tirditatii,
Nadi Wood street, PitubiErgh. '
J,...4111 D. DAVIS, dAttIOUCGT, corner del sod Wood
streeitsraus?...sygll. aces.
ITALNSTON — e tsrmarroN, Bookseller; Yrinterr
.14sd !taper Na oufaetarers, No. 44 Merkel st,
bank. . jeo
•-• J9 1 "• TA M..= FLOM
T lc IL FLOYD, Waolesale Grocers, Commission
Merv:Lards, and Dealers In Produce Round
Chuck Daddings, fronting on Liberty, Wood ' and bra
weetyrHWbar•. a, Pa. m 59 _
TAYSFar DALZELls, , Ntrolesale (ironer, Cemniresion
:IP lgerehani, and denier In Froduee and khirsburgh
.1111asirdaesursa f . kstil Writer in, Prnsnurgh. .
, TACUITWEAVIS, Ja r CV/toll - risk and — Resall - lieTt.
irg let in Foreign WM. and Liquors. and old Morton
, gakela Rye Windup', monies Foal and Al:Wier ins.
Jr* '
tr. JONES, Forwarding awl Commussou
elsanu Dealers in Draduee and Pittsburgh =au
amazed uncle., Catlett Dam, swat :th st: dal
17P.I.INEJAC, C (XI, blantusetatere of very
ja. imparter 4-4 titteettags, Caepet Mate, COMM
Tama and Baiting. tarty .
iron Works. '
LEWLS, DALZELL & C.oaramotetaren of 411
us Dar, Starr; itoinf Lon and Nails of the ues
qoallty. W asetnse,sl mum sad lid front . n.
La WATEII.3IAti, Wholesale (Omer, k'orword•
%Lag apat
. o
Ce „ fenemn Merchant, Dealer el nes
atel Predaec,Nes..4l Water at.,
° e mus
" agiffiDli A& AW " u".
14001.1. M i riLetbS Alanufacturent, and Male..
dealers in foreign and donwenc Variety ,hoods.
Went merchant.; Pedlars and 'Wien are invited
to call and ezantsze the sneezead quality of oar stock,
aa withone present incres.dAcilales inanufacter
nni and paretseing, we think we can oder as great
tadturemente buyers . any other house weld of the:
Noentairis. • • ' ter , tY
W 14.1 1 ,1, 'gra. - W.Cairsorceidsbdtgli:
/LIMA IcitlCKE:ransii Wholesale Grocers, and
ay Importers of ficandies,'Whi. and Sep., Not.
and 174, Cornet of leheny sad Irwin meets, Pitts
burgh, Pa Iron, Noll., Cotton tea du con
stantly an W.. .1 au6l4
eaverWeiLL. Jas. D. wan. waDmit C. ed&
M WILL& & [CAE, Wholmalo Grocers slid Cumuli*.
illachauts, Is 4 Isburty in., Pittsburgh.
X WWI IV, dr. CO, Dm Jon., Maxpl.Pr.
01 co ) W 6010,100 Mailers to Dry Hoods, tio.
wood .s.rett, MA; ash. •
WaII.EWWILSUN, l'ocralt iod
ter. Room, corner 0! P 0 ,4 01 . 40 ley 4.11,1
Tpurain=4 , l,cummwoulthrmarMaact ,
"• ' -
44""a" !' JONVAS 6 QUIO7 "1. ''''''''''
ig.ANUFACTURYIKS Of spnng md blister Meal,
plough mei, meal prougn amp, coma and enp
c springs, harnmored iron axles, and denim, in zeal
mina 011.114111 p, t 1 IV anat. lamp, and coach Vann/nip
ellaasssill, corm ,. of Was and 1. son sta., ritts i burny
• sbs
tlUl.nll'u , An. 44 :duke seen.
from et:0;0f Fourth, tinders in Foreign
ang Use tic oalschange, Comfiest. of Dep.-
it, book and Spcc
r Collections mad o
E n all 1114 puncipni
tlino4l,lsul the Uninni LitUes. • 0.17
BUCli4LesTral, A......—otrme, numb a-,
third door .bore Buddeneld, •oudt ante.
aveyancidg dell kinds done with the greater
un IMIL,IIIaI &C.:IM7.
-11 4 4, 410 ucal tit= eiatained, tee.
FTICI:, Fourth street, mar Grant, in the room
unary °unpaid by Alderman Miller, immediate
odita itakewell's. Hersey be Mond airtight
1a IL 'at Quota Mote/. Julliddru
• • liTtrali
qrrlIAL, 141.11L6E0Pi, will nt D. to Me treat
leaut eV Diseases of the 14 e.
IL has been engaged in this branch of the moll
profession for sixteen years, and has conducted an
( idMildishment for the treatment of diseases of the eTe
Was for several leers.
WWI and residence, corner of Banda-MI •nd
Baniorten, alley, Allegheny city. setl3
rßietdryoldioutaUtitre mid Real Emu ,
Broker, %Vireeling, tr
Refer to Dickey h. co. octldrdlm_
1)11/0 tTIRPArr, between Viopreand Rand, bus
rearmed leve profetauroul duties, gyring !ammo-
WI 02 the' Hada r thutarpuld in Vocal Music.
ILTIVIAV. tiltil4;=.tiTC = F - Aiiak
nuts Wood—All quartridea of Orem mid
Rauh as, done up in gunner, half, and
rdr- ', . IYr I M:WlT r g hrt . : " 4ll . . Pte Cod.
- 0 BRIIISON k CO.bey:nu . usocieted 1110:11AB ,
2,, t r l . T ry /l.r.p .
, tr dzc w . lth . : , t , traig m b i a . :ne., the Whole.
be continued no teeel under the
01 2 ' It " blro . n,. /lI I' .
On lb Cc.. . —!..
-MatiOßlbfill's, LITTLE C. CO., No. Oct Llbe
il, Pittethirch, wholes a le Groc er.,. Prod rtY uce "" l
ClosenOrsion Melee/env, and &Alen in kbUcliu no rch
jelettafacintes. .10
parr. =mos. sum Lint: uut..x. itosetcn,_
Ros-oCC m - a --- , rt “il.,Vircalerle oroeer, Ready - dug
Distdlee dealer In Produce, Ilicabergb Menefee.
end all . tiyels of Foreign und Domesale Wine.
i 1146011. , No. I I Liberty street. Ott bend • very
. bugs atOca of enporior old blotiongebele. whiskey,
Whale will be gold low for oath. Kddily
...-- --- ii;c;that,
' Se 0. • ' 1. 1. num
It EYNOLJ)3B.SILEE, ForwarCum . ..a Q....A.,.
stnr.h..A% for th e Allegheny itiver.Twele,deeb•
~. in GlOCtii[S, Produce, .Ilittibursh bluntfeeturee
unit Otiloride of Lune,
,Tobightitt pewee, m eash,pald dt eiktinteu for coat;
~t...., c.o/aar_.?!r!o._Larorl 1 nrltaar.r.. 1.,,,9 ,
goi.: ti n)
iii. DALZELL a Co, WhaAessie 0,0..1'
• Cononsaion .4 Forward/or Meschants,
Co Rod l'insburnk•ditalaCtures, Libea r y :
0 yiusb , srib. r. :
. •
. . .
. i .
1 _ \
.1 . -
... _ ,
' ' I • . ,-, . i . t .
I l -
• •
r ,...1„_... 4 , -1,..-,,,_ T ..
, z.... ••...'r • • ---
:' 'ti''' , •..,- .
. tP ‘itt ..s
.1. I
.e".. , .' - :
-.'-#., --.
' _6 - - '-
....4_ - ....z. 1 . . -IP 4 .....11..A !I 2. *11 _
_ „ , ....„._•7__ - -,- - -7, . ..,
_________ - -- •,
___ ___. • VOL. XVII! NO 75.-
GAR 11S.
I)ODT.' A. CUNNITiGIiAhI, Who:es;le Gnseelj
rI6 11,nleT to Prod./ uld Pitig.rgh ?.I.4fularen,
Vn tie Whets—.
"‘‘rrrt-, w - ho=.;Valt.7:l.
Q 'lac KLErr &
il Foreign bud Dome tie Dry Gooda. N 0.99 Wood st.
• ittjuktrict•B • febl7ll
SiAgf, TIliTsLEVik Co., Whnleaate firmer. and
r oastee deniers, N 0.223 Market stroes,bertreen Sat
sad 6th. North side. Phibtdetthis. nove
1N -- k; HI. VIS.1111)11.7 11. Wool Merehants; Analer.
Os in r..., end Proa ere grnorerly, end rnme e db,
1.1 ccilliaYdrlitoti Mer limbs, No .51 V. e'er at.; Pitts.
knerli • _
I' tr.Liai, rtriSiql. — -- .it11.,01.1010, lOillil-ii-ht,
SL`kLERs • N 11701.... Produce. en: General Com
renown Merettantg. No. 17 Liberty so, Pumburgh.
Aperio. tenoned Una 1.i.111 Oily c.,
0 P.,'6•6 - I — fiii:;47;iftsTi=4, TiIF,C - 1., Vi,W. - .71;ii..7. - -
0. ears, Port/reeding and Commimion Merchants.
Peden in Pittsburgh Plaularture, end Wooer', prt,.
dace, have removed toabrar new strurebousr.lnld Steed)
No. 2.5, corner of Front so and Cheneery Lane 0
noel .„
TASSFX k. ABET, Wholertsin Grocers end triemtuis.
Mod . Iterehents, end emelt.. in Produce. No. 25
ood at, rittiltitiiitli. • rm.!:
7.ll.flittili •
_. • ,
~ R OTH tc•COTT,IIII/hoßsozle and Reli;i1;jo;;;;;in
A. 800 3hoe4. Tvi.inVs, Carpel Iloga, V.
01TA...W . 4th and Stnlllifieid. Pophorgb. Po_ jol
witoix...44:ALE GROCER. IrAporlrt of FOREIGN
111 r WINKS, LIQUORS nod CIGARS, dela, an
Otd Mocoogobela R
yo Whi tier told ritibborgh
ofsettooL comet of Mork, t nl,l nrit sts.
_ .
Pop.lor akle. sopplitd .crterl.d .orS. n. 2.3
T/LLERS, nod WINE on, LNL4. it 3IERCH
ANTS Also—l.o.W.; of Pale Aeb and Ph:nohow
Powder, No. WO Llberty ut..,(oppowiLo Pizth at.l Pats
M TANDLESS, (recce O
. D
toL. & 1)
VT Wick.) Itliolcredc Grocers, Forwerdt. and
Commireloo Merck...Ai dealers in Iron,Naile, Woes,
Lott. Yarns, and Pittaborgh Manuructur.
P. , ••• - .1 . Wood tmd WPII•7 rit,tourtr
W. WALLACE. Mill scone and Md
establishmeni, tie.. 244 Liberty st
Wll7 . WjiiflLteoN, Watenes,Jerveril7ißrelWTeray,
V • and Military Goode, coiner of Market 41t,
wee., Plunburgh, Pa. N. 11.—Winerses and Clocks
carefully repaired. . .
iV ,7
r 130WEN—Commiselon itald Forwardn.
T ' Mere-bant, No. VO Front et. Penwell Wood and
rket Greeted , .
Virll7lllDlllllll,otineirle — rin
TV Forcign and Daum.. Dry Goods, nor. root
comer of Market end Fol.. ctt.. tool
Talc ennw.
rouNG & co.—Dealers 1p leu her bides, ice
V 143 Liberry s.
vex. Werrcutrni. uour.srcr - rcual.
buigh . rduaufucrgrgg r.n&u.lfY, T V
142 .tr PiU
burgh." .!ket,
W WILSON, Dea!er in Welchem, Jewelry
• Silver Were, Military Goods, ke.,1in.)57 111nr
let FL nevi'
-- -INS. YOUNG t CO,
Shoe Findings, An., N.Y. '43 Libeny meet, hay -
PH' 'teemed thor SPRING STOCK of good. cam
prising a large asaortinent of arhcles in their lino, •
which the attention of pore hawraie invited.
meal./ • '
STEAM 110 AT r
AG E. s
740 - • r r (PWL M. Au." & Co,
00131 No. 42 Watrr
i.`• 'l7 ,
csooaroaaran ODA
As nunl Prenshims, Capital Stoat, and Id urplus Fond,
,Thif lia'responsiblerCompete 00.3.4111.11 tt is.
sue policies ou rhe• mom favorable terms on 7.'4.04
liaises, Household Ynnianre Stores,tilect. of Goods,
Watelosiliea and omen's, dal. and. Itlanutariones,
ftc..lte.f against LCM3OII. DAMAGE'S . / FIEF
.on Goals, Wares and Merchandise, against
the hazahte of IntAxo T111101701[1,1107, end upon the
Cargoes of Sea Yeesels.
&ripe* of es.
Tim Promettos insaranee Company basal. in
Last 23 ear., paid lawn 01/ =CU. at the.
aeveral +treaties thrOnatioal the r ;turd Sates cad th
British Marino., hint established a. Just'tePatntm'
forlotrevey and- fair oaling. golnolgoballongeo tort
portion with arty , other lriuir slice conniillug CO in
contiaent *C./Emetic. -The anner,etl eveuet from a
. .
title en tie subject of loanraii79Corupsi:les,iaken
o • the •`riew York Day Book," exhibith briedy the
landing and policy of the Company.
"The •monesed men' of the anemia and always pro.
peronacity °Manson:l; hove for half • moiety been
Jammu throughoarthe (non for +he note, discretion,
rigtd hor.c ity , and unvaryingseecees with which they
have farmed and managed coermeacoiiii of this do
seriotiori. tw Hartford hank or Inthrance Company
has ever foiled I These• ComPames hard for mono
'than a "Mile generation scatterer their woks in near
ly every Sleuth of dos VEIL7O 3 and have never failed W.
pay the incemiertbls-lomisaonich lb4p tinseftheured
• ligation °
AU tosses arising upon policies issued by the under
signed, vent be promptly adsosted and paid a; the Gen
eralAgener ogee, located at Cincinnati, 0 A /erre
poison nor the funds of sea Company, inicludtog all
premmm, received at the Writers agencies,) Cr de
peaked with the General Agent of we Company at
Cincinnati, for the payment of Western and Pouthern
Apply m FAYI•7II7. I3IOJWN,
Ageit forthe city of Pittsburgh, and for. ACeghelly
enact,. 0.6:113u1
%tea Pon.maylvaitla Comp any
Pot iSPIIIIA.SCI ON Luna an Gll•Nreeto Axe...rem.
r i tit a coTpti lA rl i d u =c7ll, ' ;n k,'" : , r , < th r °
p ,
Capital hie/0,1.100—a1l pited -
Hawing authorecod the tindersie noel to rereeve
cimom for insurance, on *Moth Policies saili be mord,
according to their proposed* and rates, which mill len
modelmeown to applmants at hk odd-e, Wood
Rita: Milt Li CllCll RAN
nn 110,
J. FIA!.(11. Jr, Pec'y. I itLusa, Jr., Pret'l
• Will•lnsure against all klnde of ruks,
P. lowsa willbe liberally Iw:4:sled end pio"nptly
psld. • .
A home wttitollen—managed by Directors who err
well known to the tomaneary, nod who are determin
ed by pm:Tv:era sold liberality to toshattin lit• char
acter-which they blot assumed, os offering We bent
proteenon to that: who desire to he li:stand
Dtasesons—R. Miller, Jr., Goo. Mack, J W Holier,
N. Holmes, Sr., Wm. It Holmes, C. lbmsen, Geo. W.
Jetkaon, Wm. M. Lyon, Jas. letplaneen, 'nos K.
Eitel:blames hPAo.ley, Alex. Ninock, Thos. teems.
Orrms,t , o. giP Water street, 'warehouse of Sporty
Co., up ststra.)Pittshargh. Malty
RANCE COMPANY.—UffMe;North Room at the
change, Third street, Pbiladelplim.
PlAg. VateaEtrea..-13tuldlogi, Merchandise tend other
property In Town and COUNTIIT, insured agniltst low or
damage by hen at the !owe.; rale of ipremtum.
Abort= Inurannen•—They also Wears Ireeselt, Cot:
Irffcr.affd Fjeights, foreign or c
oastwise, under open or
pealvie% aa tha wtsured may desire.
1371311TraatTOS:4210S.—Thcy also 'wore tntrchan ,
disc transported by Wegons, Railroad Care, Callll
Boots and bloom Boats,. on r/Vers and lake,. on the
mast liberal terms.
DIREVTORS—Jompb IL Seal, Etimand A. Szmile
John C Basis, Robert Barton, John It Pnrose, Sams
el Edwards, lima Leiper, Es!ward Darli^Ritimi Ise.
R Darts, SN Falwell, John Newlin, Dr It. M
tan, .Jaaes C Hand, Theophiles Paulding, H June
Brooks, /1.117 Sic. Hugh Craig,Geo , ge Se mi
Spencer Ate Deals, Chivies Kelly. J O /Msses, Wi
Dam Hay, Dr 8 Thomas, John Was Eyre, J
Wm. Bagaley, J.. T. Logs*.
WLI.LIASI 51A JUIN, ?resole.,
122cmute S. NoWieMs, See teusty.
Ire' Of f ice of the earnestly. No. 42 Water street,
Ptuvberh. • Jaldtdif A.l.l.ol)Elitik, Ago..
FlliL Aftb2lA.U.L‘El
N o C I; aTit y7r'll
petty An thee, ty and vielelty, and tts Oddments by
Cuba, !Syers, Listed, and by See. Tee proderties
this Company are well invested, ;mil fortush a', avail
able food for the mc itsleentity'of ell
desire to be proteeted Insurance.
mylit • ,WAI. Y. JONES, Agei.l, 44 Water at.
The Prima/in Fin insurance Co. of Philadelphia
ralltECTOM—Charlis N. &wicker, Thomas item,
.11-1 Tablas Wagner, Samuel Bram, Jacob IL Smola,
Um. W Diehard., Mordecai D. Lennie, rdolpho
fintlls, Dania S. Brown, Morric Panemon.
Gammas pk. Bfsecaa, Pre.idiet
Charles G. Danker, Secretary:
Continue to make, inraralleo, perpetual of final
on abery description of properry in town cr count
at rates as low as at* cottaliclnat with seellflty.
To Company have renerrod a large coatinnent Ft,
which with their Capital and Prtmanar, safely inv,
affotel ample protection to th e nerved.nerved. e n
The emote m the company, au Jauouy tat, (bit,
publidhed agreeably to all ant of Assembly, we...
Temporary Loans
Stints .
. Cash, ice.
/1,3: MAW 71
Sines their Eneetporabon, a period of lu yea., they
have paid upweeda of one rallhou faux hundred thouv
and dolbus, losses by bre, thereby alording evtdenee
the adeantege. of blvemnec, no well an the airily
and dispontion to meet with preamblern all hebill bet.
snarl-dly Office N E corner Wood and 3d Es
A• AIA.DUItA, Agent at Potrlameh for the Dein
ortZe Nolan' Safety Insurnece CaMpany of Ph pal ,
adelphm Fire RI.. upon bonding , ' and merchandise
'of every . deseripun, and Manua ROM, upon built or
.eargoes of vest.e.L., usken upon the most favorable
r li o ? : - N ee w in ,,
nthou.ViLa.r,ego..7 of 4 W l , i, llal u ori h. Bro.,
' N.1.1.-The suecess of this Company 1 ince die estate
bald:neat of the Agehcy at this city, a ith.Lhe prompt.
nest and Liberality with which every °lama upon them
fur loss has beau adjusted, fully *arrant the agent in
inviting the confidence and patronage of his friends and
thc, "immunity at
large to the Delaware M. B. 10.0.
/..0 Compz!ny, whiten bas the addiudmul tlibtitlitarjes
as . institution among the most flourishing in Philudel.
Rhine -as honing an ample juluddn camml. Much try th e
operation of its charter as constantly increrriing, es
pelding weac.s person nisured kis due share et the
rel. of • the company, without involving him in any
responsibility.whatever, and.therefote as possessing
the blame' principle divested of every obnoxious fea
ture, and in iis molt attliscrivc form. nov4
ItallT AND ,SWEET3F;R'S New Collection of
I nlar Ch and r a d s h ef M al . t e n ' e c s o i m n p 4!. " . g .T. '", . l : ',„'" g urth'er".l°r-a
r...., 0f...v. nod ottglnal roam and Hymn
I ones, Anthems, Chants, Add designed
the use of
Choir., Cocgregationsibinging tiehoute, to. Just re
. coved and fur sale by ELLIOTT A AM:LI: 4 11,
°mitt 11l Wood st
ATElirldrieilillifn.ll.oVEd-Just reed, I.d - O;
Pm: ladies. Imits.ktuYbcr NYushnig Glos.. and
od uda at du India D.Lit. , LAP., tin d Wood et.
hint& . . I a it PIIIL.LIva
ji„,N,....,,,,,tcb..1.101k1n—s OOP , . Iltudefe Ltdards,
b. „, manufacture; „n hand end
YOU' I Ili Liberty rt
TIIIS establislogrelit long and widety known an
being ono or the most coromodlom in the coy n(
iMitmitore r lans recently undergone very exit,.
sire alteration. and improvements. An mute nem
ming has, been added, containing numerous and airy
sleeping apartments, lend extensive bathing moms.
The Ladies' department h. oleo been completely
reorganise -I .d fitted op in a ex {unique and 60=11-
(111 style. In fart the whole arrangement of the Hob.n
has been re/I...dried, with a single eye sin the part of
the proprmior, towards the comfon and pleasure of
their Guests, and which they confidently assen will
challenge comparison with met Hotel in the Union.
Their table will always he supplied with even sot.
menial and luxury which the market affords, .rani
tp in a superior style; while In the way of Wine., .c.c.,
hey will not be tarparseet
In conclusion .he proprietors beg to say, that nothing
will be left .dorn on their past, and on the part of then
.eimants; to render this Hotel worthy the continued
pattenette of their friends and the pubhe generally.
The prices for boatel have also been reduced to the
followtos totem
Ledges' Ordinary, $1,75 per day.
Gentlemen'. " • 1,50
N. IL—The Bagg Wagon of the house will al-
Isays bc .fnand at theear and Stemottam Landing*,
which convey baggage to and front the 1101,1, free
of charge. , maranf
nfi - ,4/111 , 1:4_LC.103A1
Cannata Or dOeldn ran nun runner. rertsancea.
ATHE witiscriber respectrally announces that
he,hem now opened his new and excellent lintel
for the accommodmion of , traveler., Warders,
and the public generally. The home. end furniture
aro entirely new, and noains or expense have bees,
%Pared te render it one of the most comfortable and
pleasdix Hotels in the city.
The eubscriber is determined to deaerye, and there
fore solicits, i share of public patronnge.
octl4-dly JACOB HOUGH Pro
=MT Pr., Ifirt.72l YO.. AND 017010 bit
/APPOSITE bee Dank of the United Stlitc6, Phil.
delpten- M. POPE MITCHELL, Proprietor.
A TTORNEY and Coansellor at Law, and Cowan
/A. stoner for the State of Pennsyleanto, Louie,
u. Il,itr pi Eittetnirgh.)
4e•raa<co.—Pinabnreb: flon. W. Forerun', limp
n A: :Oilier, tilEamiless & 111`eleire, John E. Parke,
aeell• k Semple, Areonl & Eing. augl4elly
T. 1.1..12.
/1 Couch Meet, between Satßafield and Chant,
,tutlurgil, Pa • lels
Juan 7C LAIIGLC... WM C. M.D.
TTOSNET9 AT LAW, Fourth Wool, umoTrant
— JANUS - V. KrAtit,,
TTORNEY AT LAW—Office on Fourth at., be
mean Smithfield md Grunt at, Pittsburgh.
Bcakr, Pa
TITILL also attand to collections aad all othier
neas exceostsd to Mtn in Bader and &matrons
counties, P. Rater to
J.k ft Floyd, Lawny at.
W. W. Wallace, do
James Marshall do Pinstsith.
dl) Kay tc Co., Wood ac J lan7
T B. SWEITZER, Attorney . Laid, orrice NI
opposite St. Charier Lime, Pittsbargh, ill lam
attend promptly to Pollecdons, in Waal:angina, PAremn
and Green counties, Pa.•
Blackstock, Bob d Co„
Chtuelt k Carothers, }re.tsbotrigli..
D. T. Elorgon,
J. HENRY, 'Attorney sad Councellor at Law,
E.r. Cincinnati. Ohio. Collection. in Southern Ohio,
and in Indiana, and In Kentucky, promptly and care
fully atmadod to. Commissioner for-the State Of Penn
.yleonii, for taking Depositions, acknowledgments,
,to. tre-
Mum ro—llon. Wm. Dell & Son, Carrie, Chard. &
Cerotkem, Wm. Hays, Esq., tCtiloek & Doers. 05
FALL FASHION von flaws. ra .
2 , IoC , WtD Zr.. Co. will intwolotto Oa, day6l-ot,
,owt,wOoy. Aoi 25:10 the lilt Myte of lioneerwo's
corn, oi Foal and %Vona creel.,
(Successors te hi• Cord A King)
17o•hlosaablo 11•It•vVIsf
• Comm f _ Wood and Fifi Sim..
vniARTICULAR aminton paid to oar Retail Trade.
Gentlemen elm mly upon getting their Hats end
Caps fnon earestablisinetent of the arm nmemus
Arnori d
nLvendh of the tamirr mt.% and at chewer.,
Ml ot
hterchanm, parennidlic hp wholesale, .0
respeethiby Melted to call and exonine ems Stock; as
we can my with confidence that u mtanlaquaull
and reme, it will not sofferrn 'ecOndiammdl , nnkl anT
home in-Ylviladelphift
LIIORNIA ROTS-12 not water proof
California flats, Mat reeeived ll an
O d fur sale by
I'CRD lr.
comer Mb and Wood am
hvcci 4
ttD a co. will Introduce on Satyr
4511111day, %larch na, the Spina , style of HATS.
In want of a neat and sapcsor hat, are invite
4;, call at corner of sth and Wood m.c+
l'ilING BONNET RIBBONS, tee--W R Murphy
13 has now open a 'apply of gyring Bonnet RAMons,
of nem and handsome styles.
AI., neve style fig'd No.; Lisle Lucca and Edg
curs Linen Bdgings Iftetoria•do; ;Mud Minding aad
Jaca,s, embroidered Sat,. Marlins, &e.i besides a
large aswrtment of Spring Goods generally, at north
ea, corner 4th and Market street.
holegalc Booms up sutra
- .
I. Taos mu.
TCA RT eILL, Grocco, and Producc and !
1.7 Inicrion :llercbanta, ilb Wood at• Pdtebu rah.
Dcalcra to Onoveries, Flour, Where, ttre,Oats, Corn,
!meet. Part, Bacon, Butter, Lard, Cheere, Clovcr,
Tanotiiy *rut Plat *coda, Iron. Nada. Gls., ire. at
Pcrtictdar nuenuon paid to the sale of Western
Ras atostco-51easrs. Myers &. Roarer, Robh
el; a Co., &Mille & Roe, II =mon, South a Co.,
/aw, 'lay, Kula & Moorhead, Putthorgh. Venus.
& Masailloo. Jot. R. Morruott Rah., St.
Louis. ' tplßely
'lOllO A. CILLIU. late of N. 0. W. a aeon..
Arik.NtlY. Commission and Fora/aid
ing klerellants. N 0.26 Mastics Pittsburgh, Pa.
EU - 1 . '4.0t attention givr. to the purcitakilkaut sale
of ail kinds of Produce.
Scrvis...-John Wan & Co, Murphy, Wilson &
Pittsnurc Po_. liaccson & ,Mahlon Martin,
‘Veltrinte, 0.; John tiros. & Co., Grigg, &
l'lntailelphin; D. W. Snodgrass & Co., Gregg &
Nurse, Neu , Idstion, D.; Fr. Skinner, lion. C. D. CoLliti
um:tonsil; J. P. Kell,. Yo.gstosen, 04 W. L. Stan
don. 0. angl4
Commission and Forwarding Merchant.
CO WOOD it, ortOr Solt
lUNTLNUiai i n • general Cocon how
ncoo,especielly in the porch*. and role of Ammo
ran Manufactures and Produce, and In receiving and,
forwarding (node consig,ned to his care. As Agent for
the eilanufarturen, he will tie constantly supplied with
the principal articles of Pitmlnirgh filanufactnre a t
lowest aboiesale prices. Orders rood Consignm
are nwpretfulty soiletnil t
Pena Machine Shop.
Ta %Inc irrmAN-31tueseinrer of ell kind. of cot--
Jae ton .01 woollen machinery, Allegheny city, Po
The above works bring flowers fall and sue :J 0,.
errand,' amprepaved to 0.1.110 OTter• with disponi%
for all kinds of machinery In my Itth as wil low.,
pielers, sprradcrs, etude, goading rattlines, railways,
drawsng (ruiner, bpcsolers,,thlr.ssils, loom., woolen
cards, double orsingle, for merchant or country work,
me l e ,,,jachr,e,c4 A d, and hand lathes and tool. in gen.
err All kinds of shafting mode to order, oriel ps giir
nit inr geutng factories or mills at reasona charge
Mimeo to—Kennedy, Childs tr. Co., Blackstocir, Bel
It Co., King. Pennock ft Co, Jae. A. Gray.
MOUoogarkOla 1.1•017 64.16Th0
7455 c. , 11.1111EILT H. Pi:MP:MON has opened
the large stable orate it lit,ersninn tkmeio
in Second st, between Wood and bwandld
sts.,n the rent of the Menongnheln Hotese,
wnli un enurcly new stock et Horses sad Curin i ses co
quallty, end latest style. Avows kept st live
yto e Lett loaner.llwilY
. The sm. , boat A. MASON os
, - ~-.-, now rads Isom the Point, foot
et Liberty street, to the tsar
atmileanng At 9 o'clock, A. 111 , and
at the beginn,ng each hoar until 9' P. M. Visacrs
may rely on !toiling the boar at the hour. Otte leases
the Garden, the last op trip, at 10 o'clock.
The season is fast itdraneingtand those arishing to
vont this delightful retreat, now is the time io •Peiid •
few hood, no: its the smote cud duet of the city, hut in
a purr airuosphere, perfumed with the fragrance of
. All kinds of refreshments, creept intoxicating' drinks,
are kept on the premise. Greenhouse Plants, and.
Bouquets of choice flowers for sal. CIosedPAAIN !on Pan.
dui' WM JAMES A.
V-Chimge of lauding made oo account of low
SI 017 -13.3 41
P 7,721 h.l
0 , ,a,l t
• sa,..a
IL s Li 0 'AL.
t y, 11. Atrk:NT,
rdt g &ad Comnuanton ttler
cl,t,t, has teatered"ta'wrZo. A k rent, It...twee:l °ad
t. 41 ,mprov,
411 "
" freele to tha coldest wectnet.
re.r.tilata.nelgVett'netleles,..tre to o _e q , and
Bee then, at SCAIFk.& A • Kli7r i t,
nttre.s Ist. between Weed sor e
Steam Brick Werke for 8.14.
albsenber ofrr for tele, the_ r t3T . LA: p i r, B r Et n lCK .
WunKS, .3ebore Lawtence;, of
Stearn Engine, 2 limier", 6 ftiOr!!‘: dd
manufacturing:ALM Prowled ti . t . Ca nrcr,:nr ry
" token
the "n" V" "' WW t l ' a k re kilns city,
!awl on the Allegheny r lvey, tmc,„
ebede, manna end clny abed.,
theve,t, tpsdce, "'" including to ,operations At an honor
Inc patent tight no Use tte.nd macthhet Fr,
P""' roa"'""p' " itho VENRY
parttrulara addroaa
actgl7ollt ii Mono ngahela lion.
lIA FUL-IDN, Dell and Bross FOY/Vier, ha. re
bailt and comsneoced lossiness at Ms old stand,
where he will be pledged to sca his old .1310113.
ers and friends.
ideurch,hteatnboatoutd Dells of every 2i:est.:a 10
to Dhoti° pottods, cast from patterns orate most Upton.
Od models. nude. arranted int er o Railingaterials.
llineral Water Pooms.,CoAt., toge
ther with evvry variety of Drasa C. 0017, If rnloired ,
horned and losvhvil in the neatest 'sumer.
A. F. is dm sole •proprietor of Dsosir?s Artn-Arriu.
not in so justly celebrated for the redden,. o
ftieuem rtalLalitety. The Doges and Composirlo
riot t , - Its , Aol blotto •Il times. _
S fIICOO P7Ort— of c - 6;Z: 4,21
"P".."""'r Val toned Imtace.
nu hand. 0 liv w oa d
/INT: partner..hir of thy oi.aerciared, on& r the. firm
of Ititraloy A Swab, wo., 0.... Ned by r ritual
eeareat on alAn September. Vt", Ilneuiai parch:l4o;
tle R is ,t retire, The
of tao arm will be aettleA by their tII CCCAIIIFS.
BagAlay ft Co., at Non. 19 nn.l Rat tenon at.
Plitibtfrqh, Oct '4, '4O ISAAC R. 9NlYrit.
CO•PARTNERI , 4IIP.—Wm. OuPid9 itnvd4
ia,ml with him Wm. IL Woodward of i odc!ph , a,
John S C.-,grave and Ralph UmTaley of
mli cominnethalChoirotair Grorery flutint,at Yea
lb .d WoodAt under tha Via of
Whf. RAGA LEV .b CO, Ptudwwqh:
emd IJAGALEY, WOOD WA RD & CO., Pllud'a.
Dlanolutlonof Co—l,artzteratily.
rrHE co-pnrtnership heretofore rust ng .rt
ruh.ribern, under the ntyle of [troy. A etill , rtt.
YOII, dineonted en the
d nna.
11. tor .uinn I
S. c.,
Pitlghurgb, Oct. S, Itio
The subscriber will continue the Wholeant.. Ore:,
ry and Gomel :root! flususess, as he at 11,.•,04,
sum& lid Whorp'u. acts A. CriI.IIYR I;SON_
WORKS, ere now prepored to lurunth seem°,
oriole of Soda Ash . and Miinatio Persons wish',
g to parchese other ol the Monte articles. are re.
unwed to can on INAACAV ALKER. No. I.l.Vilth et.
and examity ° the unm let before purehasng elsewhere.
N. O.—The Soda Ash manufeetured at MIS cstabbah
men. is greatly euyermeto any other brought to thin
,11. a, SCAIAIL 3.Jott AnIXAON.
GONTENUE to manufacture all kmds of COPPER,
south Work.
°team Boson built to or4r.
Speeral attention given to steam boat work.
Have on hands a fine aseorunent of Copp%r and Brass
Kmdea•Tin %VW!, it rt.Ael toeambont Cooking Stoves.,
Bortable Forges, various saes— a very convenient ar
ticle for steamboats, California emigrants, or rail road
co ts
woald respectfully Inane steam boat men and
whereto call and see min unties' and pnce. hellfire
parchasice elsewhere ,ytt7
Dissolution Cif Partnersinp,
rpm; eopartnershm ofl HENRY HANN t.N A
.I. formerly Banner, Muller es Cif. in the Window
a d Colored Claw tiostnese is dny dissolved by
the withdrawal of Mr. Fretienck Moller.
The trimness will be erOttlitimil by the undersigned,
under the firm or lIENT itANNEN CCI, Ware
house No. Ifla tWeemil v here we will
supplies °reopen°, Win ow Glass.
T HE undersigned hnseldits day ananciaird with them
u i s iseJsA CO
h ß e re 4
o e f c o rtei
.uARTZ,a nfidr mw oifl
none busuY.A.rA VOCE
it CO.
partnership heretofote existing uder the firm
J. of A. lc C. BRADI,WI .to emmolved by the decease
of Mr. C. Bradley. The btbutters will be carried on by
A. Wadley, who will dettle the business of the tote
REMOVAL—A. IlLoms has removed ht. Foundry
NVarchetuse from No. o.
Second street, to No. la
IV oodnureet, between First and Second streets, •o the
warehouse lately occupied by O. A. Berry, where he
swill keep constantly on fiend a general assotunent of
Casunea Grates, Seam., Cooking Stoves, he. /Y l3 •
THE partnerahm heretofore existing between Sant
ee/ H. Bashi:mid and Wdll.m B. flays, trading
under the firm IIIiSHFIELD /t. AYS, bag this day
g e •n dtssolved by Wllltarn /3. Hay H s gelling his entire
mama In the Earn to S Ilu.hfield. Al,accounts
due the firm doll be collected by S B. Itoshfield, and
all debts due by rho latetfiren to
S. be paid by he
EL tame.
Pittabargh, June V, ITT
CO.PIatTNEFLSIIIP.S. B. Dusunum Ultima Ma
day associated midi himself iluiray Luna, formerly
of Bedford, Pa. and Meerut) , of me Nauenil
Pnt•burfb, and tandem, the business under the firm
of BUSH FIELD k LEADKII., at the old stand, No. tilf
Lilieny street. S. It. 1131.:S111 , 11;1.D,
Piimburgn, June H. LEADER.
inR relattl ft4to atm ton=er i, atinatt, I teta
are In rtvorranetdmg rey sitc..e.sots to thb pa
taze aro) , etutuoiers end the ' , tattle gesteral:y.
• • •
coartnerfbigo itbretufere hetween ttt
übicn T bert, tn the 11.. lof Corm Able. Llurke
c till+ de) . dixwlted by Muioal con.enr. Met. ,
e R Barnes ssllll afttle the buour., of for von
(or Which 1111rpli. 11,7 aro 131rInflAed to uY it,
of the ccneern. CONSTA ULF-
V.D.1117N11 111.711 K
"The andemigned ba - : e Mil day a:summed
in the name o: SUMP! ktol
Of M.a..2111K Proof *Sari ' Vaolt floors,. nit.
t MO stand oh], tato Arm of ComonhlO. Burke
& where they willte pien.ed. to receive thr
ovnago of the ...Mersa that bouso and ilow friend,
In rettnnit from Yam of l'ldnrh atde, Duke ß &
I with since plea the
... recommend Nil' Fif• orke
Flamm, to the er confidence or my roentle eed
Fob. 9, 1,19. 74 AT !I ANIEI. tIONA rauLE.
febl3-dti • `,
IVIIE partnership
t al . 511.111 Y the F:E ta tlds dity
1. dissolved by reoh unl consent bosides. of the
late ram Neill be wo ke 11. Lee. J. R. NI It 111)",
YittAlargb, Jan. ' 11. LI:E.
NtITICE—The aellerEigned ads cdertiace the Wool
busioe« sodhittenillto ti., FAih• 01 ‘Vodled Good+, 01
the old stand. II
In renew; (Am ihr wren
Gran pleasure In Keene:nue ,
confidence of ivy frtbnda and
Murphy t bre, I utke
,dthrr Mr Lee thr
'um pulrlt, •
J. H. NIURI•11Y.
. day ue,orial-d
seltel umetbf i t i lfor ie tranKae:4l.9, a
wholes/410 audit Dry G.:.l..... , dlirucery bliAinoss,
at No r 2.0 Librrty,otpinita Srve.m.h ore., ul , derthe
style and film hi I 1.:5111'.11.3..13 it HAY'S.
Ibituburgh, Janwary. I, I,IV.
N. LL—Oar old ea)tamerl end the pubic: aro invited
baive u• a call.
00-11A.ilaN 11.8 HI P.
yif have entered nlo partnership, under the firm of
SCAIFE fr. ATKINSON. Red will entry on the Tin,
Copper, and nee, Icn Ware manufactory. .
• Alm., Illacktnuth ng in all brunches, at the old
stand of Wm. U. Se le, Furl street, vent Wood
Earmeular artenu tilltivdti to nteddtbmtt worn.
Oon Zilassocoacd ult.] me 111 . 11G
.nl,, Grocery, Produce Lostur”,
ray In othcr Joseph, undo.. the arm or S
&Co. J. `.3. Int.wozati
J•nnary 1.1045., tt
('lllals!.llllLTD(Els.o.l.lll,—;unG huaini tail
j day up.xuateit !with Ann, John R. Areune. tha lan.
Ibex. business anti hareullar I.r Corlducled undrr Inc
firm n( Win. Young al Co. W1L1.1..1.51 YOUNti,
DURKE & CO'S PiCly k.spress now r,ularlk
Itvering Can and , 4 Shell OYSTERS, which are of.
rred to dealers and Natal C. at the lowe, ;met.
Qualtty warranted copal to ay brought to this mar
ket, and for rale by I
J C. BI Agr, Water at,
Also—At the Allt4ing dr.:— Rm. A Berger, cor
ner Smithfield and eond E. Ilensletott, Diamond:
Mercer & Robinso& Federal at, Al tesh,ty. netts
Modern and [Antique Furniture,
83, Tnntd Fratax, Pmaticamt.
, gi lt A large iand eplendid
assort:echoer Forema,
suitable Steataboam,
llotelsid non/ duvet.
linos, constantly o d nd made to order.
The present loan h d cannot he exceeded by
any amunfactory In" the Vrellelll country. Persons
wislung top urchniw .cronld do Wen so M.. 0. a
as! aro determined my omen shall plea.. Part of
the stock consists
Tete a Tete; i Buffet Dagen-
Louis XIV Chairml , Queen Elizabtli•chalmi
Tea lens Tables,
Toilet Tables; Loth. XV COI0.104er;
PM/Chßedsteedm Pion. Stools;
50 sofas with Plush and hair-cloth onset.,
• •
50 Ablhogarrt Roekoig Chairs;
- 40 dor Pa/ do
30 " Farm '
25 centre T IM
20 pair Divot.; 4 pair pier Tables;
10 marble top D
' ressing Bureaus;
8 Wardrobts . Seeretarirs mid Rook to
3.1; marble tdp Wash' Elands;
4 pair Ottomans; ,
B pair fancy ark Stands;
A gery large asgortment'of common chairs and other
rniture too noindrous to Ineonon.
Steam 11004 furnished on t h e shone.t notler,
od on the most rdasonable tcrinx, doels
DlAplorstlgns *Sitar s ;for Hydrant INat.pp.
• THIS Is to certify that I have op;
ppoointed Livingston, Roggesi it Co.
le Aguas for the sale of Jen...lngle
Patent oinprabgrn Filter, for the IA
lies of Pittaburgh and Allegheny.
/011 N fiIIISON, Agent.
ii i , r;yll , ,ter M oiboton, ltylt ftroudway
I Och ,164
Wen ave been hieing our ord. above motel.. at tag
unite of the Nova sty
Works tor three mouths. on Iflftl.
unit feel perfeetly,eattsfird Om it 1. 1111 , 0fiil 11,..111,1,
and we take plemmre in VlGOlTilllendlllglh , ol n.. uoi,
fin article to till Who Mee pure wince t irders will lie
thankfully received and Promptly executed.
netlg l LIVINroCTON. RlitalEN A .rn
i glary viii.ilLiie Ville sliar - C — Or - iii ----
Which- rs rende turbid water pure 117
116• removing all substancen not soluble to
I'N, Water. The crutroi water in N. Vork.
~. (41 ... . ,• r, although clear and purr ombe eye, yet
,/, when toiasses an hour through Mil
. . filtering ck, mhos., a large tiepeoli
Impure eub.mneeu,wurmr, tee. Thus
M re
Is e case more or lea with el hydrant water.
The Revermble Enterer is neat and durable, and in
not attended with the inconvenience Incident to other
Filteren, as it is cleansed without bring detached Iron
the water pipe, by metal) , turning the key or handl,.
from one side to the other. By this easy process, the
coarse of water le changed, and all accumulations fo
impure substances are dnven off almost Instantly,
WaliOplunsercuring the Filter. It also posses.. dm
advantage nib/ring a step cock; and VI Burka In many
Cerra Will be very cor,vezlent mid ocounnucal.
It can he attached where there is any pressure high
or low to a cask, tank, rub, tee. with ease. To he had
of the sole Agent, W, W. WILSON,
octl7 corner of Formai and Market sir
fIARPETSI CARPIITSI—Ree'd t h is day, at W. Alt
V.. , CLINTOCK'S Carpet Warehouse, No. 75 Fourth
at, a further supply of Carpets, of the latest and most
approved styles, to whicit, too Mahe the attention of
SPRAAIIIOAT AIEN, and Moss wishing to furnish
HOUSES, to call and C 26021.0 the largest mstinnierit
la the city, which we will sell cheaper than ever be•
for! edema In the western market Carpet Ware.
house,' No. 75 Fourth street. ' •
• was W. hrouraocK
• Chocolate, Cocoa, Oce.
W. Hahne. Amelia. and French Chocolate, Hear...-
a... 1 Cason, Cdeow,Paste, Broom, Cocoa Shells, he.
ri , i) merchants and consumers. who would purchase
I the be.tproducts of Cocoa. free fn. adulteration,
more nutrition, than tea or coder, and in qualify an
those& the sabactiber recommends the above articlat,
~I ci
red by hiniselh and sot pad with his name.
Ito Urania and Cocoa. Porte, • delicate, palatable,
and ;salutary drinks for invalid , annvaleseents, and
others. are pranoiniaed by the in t eminent physician..
sepenor to any ed. prerurann, A Hu manufactures
arc always on ask . 111 any fia Miry" by the most rei.
rpcmable grocers at the waste a came, and by their
hcents, Ilswes,firay hen., of ld non, Jamas lil {lance
.V. en. Hartford, Omni Hussey Murray', New York;
"n'.' in S , un , ', l'hil.elplum r 111 Y V nrurahue, Ord
inance: „rid {Collage h. Itenneth .ineianad,'Ohin.
IPA( :rip. lint:Mi. Dorchester Mew.
.Y‘ie , slclip linen. HAIL AI...EY re. SMITH, AsO
Wrought Rod Cost Iron ItralLog.
inhecribeta h-g leave to inform the public that
I they have obtained from the East all the line and
deaSkna far !Eon Knifing, both for houses
OM. rt . 121[1,1., Pen. , vrishioe to Primo , " bond'
nte patterns , will please eall And examine, mot judge
Cm' thrmeeleee. Roiling will he formatted tit the shout.
eel nonce. and tho beat spanner, at the comer of
Craig nod Rebecca td.reeta. Alleeheny city.
.gtfiditf A. LA3IONT it KNOX.
W. ar. J. GLENN, 13*.k UL.a".•
enza d g4 i d ,, i r n d t . h , e r a , bo s. ve
Ittiziunrce cohere
we ore prepared to do any work to our line with des-
Indels We attend to OUT work personally, and sour
Mellon will be given in regard to its neatness math,
Blank Hooka ruled to any pattedmid bound sub
stantially. }Saabs in numbers or old banks bound care
fully or repaired. Names put on books is gilt letters.
Those dint have week tu our line are invited to call.
Prices low. rtay2Olf
ATING said our egoist stock to C. IL Osiers, wi th
911 1 T a view io closing our old busiocos. aro hereby so
licit for him the paitouage of all our friends and one
iotacra. RO. W. POINDEXTER,
Ihttsburgh,Aag. 411.1n.W.
H. GRANT, Grneer, CommigginA and
lJ For. as blerrheun. No. 41 Water's , - 0044
Scales, Cooking Stoves, Grites, to.
Aclto W
u C f r e f u e m b,
nod oiler fur e Plttform, Floor and ' m
twitter Soalca,
01 the most improved qualgty, Cooking
. Shoves, for vrood
and coal; Igg Stoves qr Vilna. soot, Parlor and
gammon Grates, Hollow Warn, fr.c Se. They alsa
manufactore the Kitehen . Rolll,
eh has given •uch
neral ..ausfaction to those having it in use, to all of
winch they vrenhl respectfully mune the attention of
the musems nod the public genoodly. ocel7.dtr
s ‘ ti m bAl , r ts . bc , r ,
en oald roll the attn olimt of the
,in morally. to the ihllntsina brands Tobaccos,
111 /tote tarvvu, tonieb broon contdonincols
aJt !tan mount...tern, he is coal/led to roll at cast
hos Ii WCronshnsa So,
70 4 James hil.ka”On So;
" S L
SI I " slirancou - 3s;
2./ b l'etr.ara 6a and
15 # " P.o:lorts Zr.Slaon 54,
b # Oscar Burl Le;
I) I " le Lewis tm
3 Warorlekolopr Is;
So " Henry &James 4. 1 / 2 1. sod ddtl
Pitt Slosh/no Works and Foundry.,
JrOILN ‘VILIGIIT.& Co., are prepared to build Cotton
arid Woolen ltlnelusiery of every deroriptian, such
. Canting Mnchinda, epinning Frames, Speeder..
Protring Fromm Itrularoy beads, Wr.rperli, ilpoolera,
I.heraing Fritnle., Looms, Card Grinder., .te. Wrought
Ilan Shafting turned: oil sues of Cost Iron, Pulite. and
I Inogora of the lalef rliile and band Lathe,
and tools of all kinds. Coming. of every description
n.ed on [Lon none, Pottorne to order for
31ill idednnii, Iron Rolling, .te. Steam Pipe •for ben,
Foutortei, Cant bea n Window Sash and fancy Caio
noeslett at the Warehouae ord.
& Co., Liberty strool, will have prompt atten
Ficier to Illacitatock, dell a Co, J. K Moorehead &
Ca, U. II Warner, John Irwin re eons, Pitleburgh ; G.
J. 14.,V.kruer, StenircoVple iunla
1.1E. - 00A011 - FACTO
M.. A the W h i aft E c. tn e
t ° tlerltfe r' e ' rTg e too•
s a n ,,,, rm
Lacook, bowerch Federal ay d,sandosic, etreeta. They
arc now meking sod are prepared to receive order, for
every of vehgfleftifoaches, Chariot's, 80.
'ouches, Iturgtes, Phaeton., , 14, , from their
long orlwrience in the wawa, tore 01 the alsore
twa toe l'arifittos they has c, • lecl«onfoient they arc
e of do work on them reasons...le Lanus with
:how wanting in their ir
Paying parnentar wannion the relegunn of mate
r.aff, e
arns having want e ions warkrnen, they
have ne heenatioh an warm sng their work. We
Inc r« nek the attention e public to this matter.
fh.hanine d0:0 in the at manner, and on the
Ellnet rowoswifie term, Ingf.tif
1 151100 —iiionny,:hogdo non
antritonoply l'AC'll/ti.Yw« will soil
..aslow-roorerf-tfair - ored . Let ham*, Lace Lea
h,..rkers, Read, Swathes, Ileiop Twine Treadles`
‘O. 5,1 Bel: I'oeol'o., W ff.1.1..wa, Stopping Cards,
to to lb in; Patent Dre...«cr Prllthns. %Vcillreni /1111411-
Lk , Ste. Lir4AN, Wll.lgir.ll,
rung Sync 'ore., Pitishooth.
‘vebt,r, Ferremer. 141;
Pare rich and ry, Gould, Campbell k Co', old
Cry 1,, I isliama'a Pme ilqtr. Pare /wee par.
oular. Vert, Harms ar. Com, rum Jame. amebic.. doa
ble god -tqf Gr Tea. Them 'antics are all celebra.
tml tor tbem medical rroperies, tool can be bad Whale
ale or ratali at laa Wom Sion. of
rjr liE woven Lee oilers for ...ale a large and splendi4
.1 assortment of rosewood Lod tnahvgany grand Ac
tion Pianos, with and Wltiio. Coleman's, celebrated
.I.:oLsan Anarfonent Tee.em, instruiltenta are
sante d equal to any romou:actoroklei Otis coun
t,. rind will be sold lower flat' ony bmigilitSfrom
Es.. F BLUME. No 112 , 4 , 00 d 3.,
oJ door above 401
NII —City ,orlp bo par, Or a few of
he above e•-ortufens 11212 F. 11.
Ild.rtlN•nre—Cheaper ahau Eveil
t,A N. V. ILst C.O , !inverters and Wa,lesafa
'LS Desier• in Hardware. Cutter, and ;Laddlery, No
If.f) Wood weft. shove Fula. bare now in store a very
..heno and wellse.. •to. ut ,Ilartiware. imported
is at, Inc der of price.. ifs %worn, und witch they
deteinuffea to .441 f orre.f.o.adfagly low. Merchant,
wno have Sees the hairot Of gulag East, are partice•
!arty refrested tfiretli and look throosh our stock,.
w-e eonliztently loefteve they will .000 their expencu
tell _
1 j NEW Yofik litrs CON AND N
oung MENholeaole l re ek gores, arid other
eorpt.etab, huililetts, to act as •keepers, Sales
tarn, Poriera, ItarAccpere, Wallet, Farmer, Coach
men. Cur Meats, Ltook and Map Agent', Colleetora,
tierro,tert in all branehes husinear. On. We have
nt ah am,. a large nu,mer of good .titatoloaft-on hand,
n pa) from xw to ,R 2,131111 Ver .41.119, ThORO In
Wahl al 41/Y4110115 nt any' ind would do well to give
tit a call, of we hay , &anti, in cork of the n'mve
which will cnottle.xn to place every applicant 10
ruitaloic fithaltoir ut she al:lancet noun, We have
Law tiatalannc all the above named eines,
tvdtt h err trust will enable it • to give enure ontiefne-
Sion 10 %II "Alin May (atom YR with 11 call.
TAYLOR & TA )MAN, Nit fo+ Secon nd d at,
South and
N. ft —Persona living in any part of the States,
and wishing to ootai.a 111 8R11.1410[0, Or ei•
of [LboVc tin.., nave their wants item,
ily:eiy amended in by Add,l , 6lllg US a linc.lportlaitil
pa Ily tontoing they mil curtail nn lm trouble and
t they otncrwtm wo,lll incur by conning
Li W I tt , O w itt 'li . n otitt reeking employment for themselves
Addreta, reeking. A TAY MAN,
No.l;:lttcconil tareet;
myntintif dalumnre,Md
Dr. Die Lame In Tons.
'I 'llld lir to rend): Ihat . l purchased one vial of Dr.
• 1 Sidon' , v Worm Specific, *me two months ago
ano guve to 0 .00 of .110, 40100 Itf•CII y e ar. old, two
,vltspocon (Oh and elthounh the amount may appear, y it I love nu doubt
•x e
was upward., of
rwo iroceaan wilues pasved from Imo, meueunng
!min roe gnedder of nu inch to two inches mug. .
H.. 0.. • heed, Carta! en."Yene . Dee v.:. Is-10 4.1.1
.41'h-r:f*W Akdk: :4AN14.1i711.74Eft15,
tilrxrangham,locar PtD•bswgll.lPA.
sl ur ,h, u ,., N o . 137, Wood street, Pittsburgh.
. 5 ... ky ILL rnustuntly L cep on hurl a good asrt
noe t
Welei of cur own anufactur, end
~,,,,,ornueht . Wholesaie rind country Mer
rionte are revuectfully ;rotted to C.1 , ..0 ..•
0111100 for themselvov. PA we are detenamed to well
clangor don haa ever before been offered lo the pub-
r,lrr...enElJluout,ircromPknt,tl by thectelk or
, t g,,,,... wotmy l6
Tlll , . LAI/I...Pt—Jo. received, a (till assonineo
of gold andTurcad, Cord add Uraid; also
.yinittel and I.:ninon. for einnriodering and O'IICTOC
11M11/t,lll , k. gold und•tiverTa.scis,
and I.itee.
city of the latest (ashlar,. in great variety.
Watches of sopuinir youlity anit Leautiful patterns,
and (a tale nt Esiwrit prices kV NV Will: 4 oN,
nur7 corner Nit ilritCl anti Fourth rts
A 'l' 11 EN.W. UM BAT N b:T A
Al'—lopen for A. NI. to P M Sittee
Both ciao, or o tor I dollar lovOra department
The ll,lrrattthent Satoone are unequalled in style
attoutlant Iteohcrolte let .;realos . .
I. sl'Y' lA., Pronnotor.
T 1: E. AILEODI L:T /Cal
I.itl: attantioot of Or palate ie remleettutly called in
la qoodog ecru imatc ,
...ya S.—llavior, tc..reda qnsolity or Gold
Ivtoshod hr your Arootuctor. I tool tho rer.St proves
: yoor 11.:r uttsci,, ',net tj 411,1 rev erauenLtt
taa coe
n0d 1, .. 1 4 your,
I. It 11177,,1]1':`.'1,4,1 - ! , Pester.
rttutAt.egtt, 7,1 a. eh t, DAD,
Yrrrsainaan, March 7,1837.
110..V....xhm—DearStrt !laving examined the"Areo.
meter,' manoluctared at your rooms, I do not hesitate
la commend it to the use of those gentlemen who are
about removing to California In search of Gold.
It gists a close typo:Striation to the ereciEn grad
ty of Metals, and wall certainly enable the eilventurar
to ascertain when his planer is yielihng
menu! Fount, IIIhILINTOCK.
ISM ItUTSICCRCLOTIIING—.Iust rci - eived for the
California rap...boon, acomplete alsorurient of
Gum Elastic Clothing. at prices reveille from 85.50 to
at 1,50 for suit of enat, pants and hat. For side at the
Indrir - Ituld.rr Iretast, No 5 Wood mt.
ileentl • .1 Lc N PIIILLIPS
1 .
sulisc slier takes this method
of toLormi of
ng his friends and the public to general teat
A bits the. largest iimck the lalleranng named. latl.
ales of his own manufacture to this rdy—riaddles, Ilart
way Trunks mod Whips, all of waich
will warrant
to be mad. of thchest 11111,001111 and by - the best mech.
-aides is Allegheny county. lime determined to sell
his inanchactures something lower Man tow been here.
toTore wild by coy meths; esteblishment in the city,
he would invite persons In need ot tn. above named
urn too cles to his warehow.e. hio."11 Liberty Wheel. upp.
ne t , C,CIII±I. • Alcu, bands made to order formachnic
ry. octXihty lilk4flßY.
~..viDiff and ohart time DI LLS OF MORA:SLAB, pay
IZ able In Quo:undo, Lc.uissille and St. Lotus, pur
abased ea tGe roost favorable terms.
Houtes It SON*
/011.2 andOVAI. al' nu iti.1125
n 1.120 /It. An MM. Kn. of SIM..
on itnarr 0/ 2.152...
Scrofula or Kinghitivil, Rheumatism, 04 innate Cam.
neat. Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules n the Flee.
Blotches, Bile, Chronic Sore Eyes, Mg Worm
or Tents,
Scald Head, Enlargement end Pain of
the Bones and Joints, Stubborn Vice ,Spanner
Symptom., Sciatica or Lumhogo,—td diseases
arising from an 'Medi - eta. ore of M reury,
of [BOOM% Exposure or Iniprud ,nce in Lite;
Also —Chronic Coostitotinual Disordet., ft.e.
This Medicine has eiguired a very ertended and es
tablisheffreputation wherever it hoe beenAsed, based
entirely on us own merits, which or superior efficeey
tomalone sustained. The unfortunate vi4una of her
editary disease, with swollen glands, cdntracted si.
news, end hones half tsarina, bas been! restored to
health and vigor. Therofoloos patient, covered
with ulcers, loathsome in himself and his, autepdents.
has been made whole. Hundreds of persous,who had
groaned hopc!coaly for Teen under cutaneous and
glandular disorders, chronic rheumatism, And many
other contplanos springing from e derangertmenkof the
seretive preen, and the cirri:illation, have teen raised
. L it were (torn the rack of disease, and now, with re
generated constauttona, gladly teat fY m the effiettcY
of this inestimable peepers...
The attentino of the reader is called toile following
astonishing cure, effected by the use of Sandelfarsart
This ism certify that I have a colored woman who
has Dean afflicted for he last five years with Pronto la,
end all the remedies lowa had no effect in orresting
the progress of the complaint; on the contrary, she
constantly grew worse; arid rater expending-between
Slit and Sett with physicians, .b9ides using other NM .
ular remedies without sneers., till the Mem.< bad
even away the carOlage of her lsae,made its oePeOr
once on various pens of her body. and had finally
COmeaeneed ravages to roe( of her mouth.
In dos dreadful snootiest, with the prospect of death
stain, g lire in the face, I stated her ca. to Dr. Diaos
or ay, the agent for Sands' Sarsaparilla in Newbern. N.
C , by whom I was &dewed le ass that ankle; end to
my sorrow and Mat of mj neaghbors, to whom her
ertgo ma. known, after using roar and I half bottles
she was restored to perfect health, and titian toe Vane
of three weeks, anti was able to work in two weeks
from the time she commenced raking it.
In witness of the tth of this statement, I have here.
unto affiked my nam ru e, this 19th day_of Sent, 1.547.
JOSEPH nrcom, J. P.
Mouth of Netwe Ricer, Cresco co., N.C..1
The followtng is an est.. from a letter received
from Mrs. Bevan, who had been afflicted Deseret years
loath Scram... Clem, Dyspepsia, &r., and recentlY
an effecoon of the throat ead chcae-4
yaborg, Va., Dec. 1 . 1,101
Meerut A. H. & D. Suerfat Winre I commenced us-
Ina your darsapanlla. my *offering. wore almost past
exp my throat was ecimpletely ulcerated, 1 had
a dreadful cough, and there were frequently weeks to.
gether that 1 could not speak above a whispe and he
eds, the inflammation from My throat extended in no
heed, so that my hearing was very mach bopeired.
After baking the Sarsipantla a short time, my health
improved, and my throat is new well; I am as free trout
cough and Outdoess of the cheat es ever I was, and
can hoer gulls distinctly. fly throat ha been well
abaut three months, the core of whish has been effect
ed entirely by the use of your Sanaparilla.
Tour friend, LOUISA IL BEVAN.
The followin testimonial to the value at the Sartap
era., from th g e
Rev Luther Vu righ aged Os years
Corregaoonal Minister, residing at .Wolsurnt
Weatioo, Mass, March Mttn, let&
Messes. Sends: Gentlemen, Ewan what I haw:expe
rienced and from the infortnnthol I Olive recent', re,
mved from a number of peroons of hark retro:v.ldb.
ty who have used your Sarsaparille, I have not he
et doubt but that it ,s a meet valuable medicine, nod
that the numerous certlfientea you have reeetved eft.
efficacy are fully suatainedby caperieuce, and •I
though Lie reputation end' utility arc very es.usive,
end stand in no need of my bumble efforts to increase
them. 1 wont all woo are nfilicted by dtwatse to lb-vele
acqumnted with the efEcaey and power of your *Alt,
ab l
to emcso-.
tun. gentlemen, gratefully and veiFY respectfully
years, ist:THER mac irr.
Prepared and sold, wholeaalc and rebel. by A B. &
IL SANDS, Druggist and Chemist, 10ft Rome street,
cob., of William. New York.'d also by Drag
e.ta generally throoghoot the Coned Slaws end Coll
udes. Prise El par bottle: ate eettles for 4s.
Lie sale hi L. WI Lcpx, Jr., B. A. FAIIIia*TOCK
& CO, and EDWARD FENDEIIICK, Pitt:harsh At.
a, ho Dr S. Bridgwater. netl3
rll th
s Insulate, mailer e care of Rtiv. J. U. DOS- .
HORN AND I-ADV, will re-open on Monday, die
Mb of September, m the same rooms, No 62 Libert y oreet. Having limited the number of Omit pupils, the
Poncipale hope to merit a contintranon of that liberal
pntroltege they have Whistle onicycd. Paten. may
Rai assaren that every aovemagem i tt be afforded
their daughters, if pieced under tarir ehorge, for ob•
taming a thorough English, Vitsateal, and Ornamcntal
duesuon. surAndif
• .
imic AUTUMN SESSION of this Douttition will
commence on the Emil Monday tn centember.—
Roams en Federal strect.l . h. -Colonaderßow," 3d doer
from the bridge.
room Or Trrnox yea SUMO: or VV. Movt - us.
bluglith Department. tactudine Reading. orthogra
phy and Defining, Wrtting, English Grimmer, Remo
rte. lcogre, bleglich Contgolitinn end t , lentetent, Geo.
cabby, Illmory, An th mene and the lo 'her branches
of Mathematics, Natural Plutotettity, herrustry, A..
bonniny, Dourly, Physiology, lieology, lateliectual
and Moral Etetence, and all other branches requisite to
a thorough English Education - - dal Ott
Classical Deparuneut, including the Lana nod Greek
lerrignages, each - • - - - Sit lel
eltl let
services of competent teachers are secured for
omit as desire instruction In French awl German, and
also to Drawing, Painting and blew...
It is desirable that pupils enter at the commence
ment of a session, yet they are received at any time,
and are charged. at the above rates from the time of
entrance. No deductions are made for absences, es.-
cent in eases of protracted illness. j
Further informatten may be obtained. nod applies
none made. by calling upon the Principal, at his roams
on Federal street, or hr his Icalgtags mclrwin's Row,"
Liberty street, Pittsburgh, between rd a. Orb streets;
or by addrusung, through the Pittsburgh Post °thee,
the Principal. N. W. METCALF.
Allegheny, Aug. 7, 1519 dry
academe year, will commence on the first of Imbrusi
ry next, mt the same buildings, No.ll Liberty Street.
Arrangett ..mts have 'men made by which they will
to t, ush young ladies factlities equal to any
lathe Wes fo'r obtanung a thorough English, Classa
cal, and Ornamental educanon. A full course of Phi.
lisoplucal and Cherries! Lecture. writ bd delivered
during the winter, illastramd by apparatus. The
p. 1161.1. of VOCii and 'lnstrumental Maine Modern
I..gnages, Drawing and Painting, will eactibe under
Chooser ofa competent Professor. IIY Ouse attention
to the moral and Intellectual iinproy.m...f , P.
piia, the Principals hope to merit a conunuation of the
Liberal patronage they hare h e etuoyed. For
terms, roe circular or apply to the Principals
Prrrsocuon, Sept. 19.1 , 19.
./V1 i r
1 :F1.0113 1 w " O1,T; R e
. n r O7r D b7e r „ u nng r more ti ' }
and on looking over the entries :nada by Ica,.
find t he roan bright blue blaze. ft no pleanaat to
write mith, Barra free, and does not clog the prn the
the °Molar) Mkt In use. Withing you the ready sole
its merits demand, we are, yours respectfully,
For gale, together wah liihben't Red Ink, and Ma.
ebthe Copy lot, by 13. A. Fahneetoek & Co., P.
imbreorta, Allegheny City, and by the manufacturer,
T K. litbbert. Drugglgt and Chemlst, corner of Liber
ty and Smithfield gig, Pittsburgh. orAl3
WATMLMIII/11,1/.. WIL. HAlrr
(Successors to Husgey, Iluma A Co.l .
la in Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Certificate.
of Deposita, Rank Notes, and Specie—Fnuab street,
nearry opposite the Wolk ot Pittsburgh. Current mo
, ney received on &pante—Sight Checks for sale, nod
collections made on nearly all the principal poin. in
the United States.
The highest premium paid for Foreign and American
Advance. made on consignments of Produce thip.
ed Cahn onliberal terms.
Poet', SZCSkIIO3 JAM., 124, 1,40.
Paters et...leper ectearion Taldee Salm, Jjarettect,
Book Cane, Wetting basis.
Tag ITADLIES far surpassing every other in
ve talon 01 the kind now extant They con tie ex
tended from ten to twenty-0,0 feet and when abet
the leaves arc all contained inside; 'they are made; to
Ii gise• end shapes, and ere admirably adapted or
Stointaboats, atid large private famine, lot:n
-ets when closed a complete centre table.
goll'AS AND BE REAU`a—These articles are tomb
umle, particularly to those who wish to ecnno
m om, and convert sleeping mann:eat two a
parloror sitting room, as met- can be °Pellet! it eaut
conventence, and when shut, the bedtime, Is enefo ,
od. , A
504i00 in room and Ten l. Att
steads when dwell loan a beautiful rece furniturn
far • parlor or sluing room.
BOOK OASE3—A neat and useful awaclo for parlor
or drawing mom. ;
WRITLNO DESKS—For leveofbeetheoanting room.,
end other °faecal when opened 19011140114 , tur ra bed
stead, when elosed a perfect Desk and Library alone
is i shim.
All these articles need no recommendatinm t the
treat) of the whole is l they are warranted not t get
JUL rely It will e. for your Interests to cal , and
examine the omelet, at the romufaeturer's store, No
bl Third attest, Putsburch. - In addinon to the a or
advantages, they are proof sigainst bum.
LOW , Iti. - /TLIGTOUEO. ,
Comer Front and Vine streets, Cincinnati, k
o " lfaUo S rlfretre " tt b krit h stPe r y, 4 w h ill 'h be l'P „O ns mit S t .
rotted to at lowest market prier. v.0h,"1.
mile fain NICKLIN &lIRYDEN tieing dies lee
1 the endetsigned wid coottoue 010 Forward
Cvmade.ion BIInfICS. at the attach boat la din
FKANISLIti, and xespettfylly informs his hien
he hat gone to the clper.-., of a heavy Waif. C
the ../Cholll.o and content. far oeveral 'ears a
treats be will give entire eatt ,
eraetton to all wk. in
= g o . I , lz u we receive
SEW 000-DBI NEW 45100D911
....H.'" ...! .8ARG.515431 BARGAINS!! i . .
,' AT Tan sloe of Tan WO NEC Mat, ,
05141,1rket et., betareenad and 4th, Einsbulgh.
ArTlil t inina..UVFELi"nlll,%.s. fn
l' U t. 'te lP4•l t rg t.. l d.' t 7 4 7388
Hive, has just commsncear reepivlng and o f
honest, ebespest and miss,
o n e h of Fall sodd
tu t Dry Good. ever elfered by one hong/sin Yltlis
..buteh. .0 if , f tlaese foreign Omits have been purchas
ed of lac snli•orlers par the last steno:lets from thirepe.;
and for pa hnsen of style and Penury of deign dm sm.
sarnanied in thi, or toy other market. -
The dotarotic nrd stnple
will' 11 , 441 be
ire ,d cotordetc, and cheaper than nt. any other noose
in Min rick. The a:11,
Imre reSpectfaV
nail the attention of ho molten , . customers .4 I
'' ,l • 3 •tiP P• buy new and cheep goods, -to the prices
which nil! no donht attars them.
to ecti rlestxr than the chest's..
(1 04 ,1 nark Colton. only dcents per yd.%
Best quoins dark Crteo, fast colons; 8 to 11:
44 ilratsa purpl , o Prditt, fart colors, 8 to to;
01, , ,,y 1304 'tie% ine, front 8 to In cents per yd;
Bleached :Masi ill!, good quality, 6 told per yd;
ii,..,,,,,,i,,,, In c , bed Mush:ls, 0 to 111 par 1 ,,,
Reny,' yard wide Utsbleashed Muslin; 3 Et Mt
Good rod Flannel, tram 15 to Si eons per y di
Good yellow Flautist, 15 to tier
yet yd;
Good black Alliseett firm 15 to 25 per yd;
French Gunghains 11061 10 to 13 et. per yd;
Irish Linens at priees from 25 to 1,2 S per yd;
Sennett and Kentucky Jeans from las to 60 Ms:
tllookions and Limeys from 121 to 2L cts;
Heavy Domestic Gingham lb to 12i ets
Crash and Dimwit, all prices and qualitlis;
A splendid essortnient of ail the nevrezt styles.
Thlbet Cashmeres in high colors, rich stamp;
Luin French Ththet Merinos, the finest imported;
11101, Camelion Silks, in all Colors and rettalitiest
Meek Arraures, best quality, plaid and stripe;
Black Gros de Rhine, all widths and milliners;
Lupin's fine black Bombazines. beautuul goods;
do best French 31erinoth black and colored;
do do do do 'in high colors;
do fine French de Lathes, allsirool, high colors;
Rich fig , ol Cashmert
s. beatnitel . gonds, very Cheap
Dotted Smits 51uslins, for evening dresses;
Broche Thibet Scarfs, latelnipintstlon•
Beet quality French Kid Gloves, all colorist .
Mourning Cashmeres and de /nines, all prices:
Ladle, embroidered Neck Ties, rplendid goods,
' Ladies finest quality Fresh linen HEIN
Belting Ribbons, a full assonmenti •
worked Copes. Cotters end Cud's, in nreaf varlet,'
01..0 it and colored Crapes, nll qualities;
Brocade Lustres. In nil color, and qualities;
Mohair Cawhott filtn." B, I' 4l . T.Ul'
.French Cloaking-, tapes g s n his colors; . .
'Also, block Brussel Lace; all widths and prices;
Black Silk Fnn es, wide and heavy, best qualßy.
Together with a large mock of 'One Goods, &ens,
!aeon. and Mull Mullins. besides a very large and
superb .coca of Fall Bonnet Ribbons, of the latent im
portation and moot fashionable notes, Many of the
shove goods have just arrived per tho last steamers
front Europe, and nee worthy the attention of the la
ies. . . ... -
A splendid assortment of Shawls:—
Super extra site French Lang Shawls, best (mold
Sneer exits ow Long Broche, finest quality;
Superb quality Long Pla n t Shawls. rich colorst
Best quality square plaid fine wool Shawls;
Rich and heavy - extra sixe black silk Shawls;
Rich camlion changeable silk Shawls;
Soper black and white, ell wool, long 81.1.911ri
Soper extra km Long and S.Pro 3fourtang Saaorls
Paris printed Crahmere shawls, in great vartetrl
Terken all prices'S qualls••
Mode embed Thibot heavy silk fringe;
Block and mode colored heavy cloth Shawls; '
White enio'd Thibet Shawls, beautiful goodst
Highland pP.I long and '<pre Shawls, very cheap;
Mourning Shawls qad scurf., in great yarsty;
Alim a large lot of plaid Blanket Shawls, from 75
eta to 51,110.
Together with a MI supply of 0101,G11, Mitts and
siery, with MI articles enmity kept in a Wholesale!
end ',Retail Dry Hoods Ileaso—all of tabith Will he
or g s' llem o e d m ef lfe c rl m ee P' st ' o 'i re ° , ' No. CP/Market street. be
tween Third and Fourth, sign of Dro 'Lim 1.11.. HAN,
halrioll can nt all times be had -
spthraddm . WILLIAM. L. RUSSELL.
CaARBUTHNOT has commenced receive a
Mtge VII•OrtMC/11 Of Woolen Comforts and
Hons; Harlin, Ocilla, Maar - Ina and woolen Raves,
Thibei, M. 44120111: do kiln and blanket Shawls, cage
mere, wormed and woolen lion, Pongee and linen
Elden. , till nod satin Cravats and SentZG Gimps and
Fringes; Irish Linen, Tonle Cognis, Crapes, fubboro,
lace., bleached hnd cokeed Ma Cms, Tabby Velynt",
Palma TbrenJ,,, 1311n0:15, GOZI2 Fawn.
dem, Pins, Percumion Caps, Almanacs, common and
gold Jewelry, gold and silver Wmches, Cotabs, rock
et and Ingle - Cutlery, and maay enrer Knobs which
country and city Merchants ace imspeectany invited
o eIOOOL.O. eptitl
NI A NVPACTUR E and will keep on baud Fatally
IN/. and Stearn Holt !Hanka.. Llautestie- Flannels
hlae, brown and drab Blanket Calume t Satinets aiad
Woolen learn, which they will sell at Lantern (niche.
WarehausioNo ltd Second at, Pitt.burgh, Pa
Factory, New Ravi., Fayette on. Pa. entlil
NEW 000 D:.
IVIrE ha_ye it•t received a thru, and to stack
TT of AtIA:I, - Met, Variety no Panty Goods, cote
hie for the fall trade, et or . oth, with every description
of Looking Masses manufaatowd nt oar own steam
power stop in this city, we artlt the attention of West
ern Merchants and other dentate.
spl2. comer Wood and Fourth sts
NO.. 69 WOOD So., PrrrssrasH,
ARE now reeetsing their urea) stipple. of Goads
tor the Fin season, which they will be happy to
exhibit to their old customers, and as many new ones
aremay feel inclined to present themselves.
the paint to lay in such good. a.
a ifdapteil to went, of the Western trade, whir.
long experience enables them to do, they minim) , with
moth confidence,d without entering into PI detail
of their ...pelt, that the Western retail merchant will
Mid with .hem all that his customer. require. Those
who havefottned the unprofitable habitof repairing
m the Kiietern eines tor their mocks of Dry Goods,
would do well to call, or a candid comparison of pu
ce. would in merty eases result the conviction that
tht :penes ageing further may be obviated bring..
mg to Pittsburgh. spit)
-- RJR W LL U 00135.
vr R. is Lion receinng firm Fall
.has. already Pultfe'ann'n lon ' An d nt ' av G ati °C dWe ' srti!
Pal wile. dark Cali PRINTS, %I...teed fast colors;
asid neat new nyle Fail
Amdm de Leine*,
Alpaca. and Nioltair Lustre.;
Damask fig 'd and noped
Pennants and Lyoneve Cloths;
Of the mon deairalile color.; and e aoPPlf fif
bleached end unbleached lilatilinseltish Linens, man
chek, Gingharna, be., at northeast corner Fourth and
Market no. Buyers. are Invited to call sull'aee.
Garnet. all the desirable colors,
- 2 each RP Maroon chorry, scarlet, differont
«bodes of green drsli, and black.
Also, rAItAIFTTOS of all the shove colon, in eve
n' variety&gummy; awl LVDINEECLOTHr‘, Alen
of all the desirable colors, now onen at Dry Goods
!lowa of sptl4 MI It MURPHY_
prUßNlfial GOODS—W. H. Murphy haa nova
open an extensive auortment of Mack Good.,
inciuding llombuineil, French Merinota, Parrnetios,
Mono de Lab., Mourning Alpaca., and other
Mourning Good.. .114
GOODS.—Caps, Plumes, envoi., 9aab
-171 vs, Epeelat.,. Lace, Buttons, Flags, and ell the
ICf tomennos necessary to equip volunteer companies. •
Voluniter comaame• equipped as complete and
cheap as done in th e tan, at ten hillitvry Store, cor
ner Market and Fourth sta. %V %V WILSOII
F. —The UMieu Soma Bess and Tenor Drums, of
Gemurotioun make, for sale and wurrented by
sok. . W. W. W.
O now receiving a very large mock of Desk
J), .414 of recant pnrchrthe and troportadion,which
they will yell to the trade nt each prices as cannot fail
to nice entire ratisfachon.
City and
in Country Iderchants drc invited to call and
exame our Wank before parchasing
For California.
THE celebrated Hazard Aldo Powder, to kegs, hall
1 kegs, gunners end cane, for rale by
febl3 1 W DILWORTH & Co, Wwood at
fßordlieSenFUreantPE DOLLAR
" sing . • le
I.adtes Department noon frost 9, to 11 45 , 51.k16.
and 2 to 5 &clack, Y. 111 - ..
" 5 n V. is NF E :ll2.Vro m gelor
a 12
JAYNE.—This ceru fi es, that immediaroly after
hiving attended my brother, who died of cennumption
in March, 1641,1 was taken sick with the Couromptlon
or Liver Comp slut, and was reduced so low with the
disease, thnt for (our years I was enable to attend to
my Wynne, either at home or abroad, being for the
mom time confined to my bed. Doting the above pans
ad of Mad, / had expended for medical attendance o
guise Physicinns and medicines, to the amount of
gnu, without and
arty benefit therefrom. In
July, 1,15, I commenced taking Dr. Jayne'.
and have taken them morn or hiss ever since,
and believe that it was by persevering in their rase,
that I ran now truly soy that I have completely rec..
rind my health. linieso that Jayne's Sanauve
rout Expectorant are We best family mcdteincs now in
reside in etpringfield, Otsego county, N. Y., nod
carry an a furnace and machine shop in that place
end ant not interested lit any manner m the sale elite
above tordictiter, and make this certificate tar tbe ben
,of Moen sittieted. ELIJAH EATON: ,
th,ntighold, N. T., Sept. to tettd. ist
131POILTANT - TO THE avindorico,
Ur. Hose's Celebrated hemediea.
1 hit. JACOII S. RW.4; the discoverer and solo pre.
jJ prictur aches: most Dowdar and beneficial mod- :
it and also _e ...enter of the celebrated minis
eat for indatuk the Lungs, to electing a care of
Chrome diseases , was a student of that =merit physi
cian Doctor Physic, and is a graduate of Lite Unereni.
cod for thirty years since has been
ciigayed in the invesecation of &sense, sad the_appli.
cation ot remedies theret.
Through the me of lota Inflating tube, in connection
vnth his Prophylectic Syrup and othen
ha has gained nit unpanielled eminence. an curing
ihose dreadful and fatal maladies, Tubercalat Con
sumption, Lancers, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Asthma,
kinds Chrome Erpippe
° Ina, those '' :
oFt7"*.ko of all
ci indeed every form of disease conches under the use
io of
his remedies,to which blusladlly is lacir—tiot by the
use of one compound only, for that treempatsble
C,,,° with Phy. a...logical Law, but by the are of hie same-
T adapted to and prescribed for ouch peculiar form
of dlimase.
Dr. Rose's Tonic Alterative Pills, when used aro in.
vansibly acknowledged to be superior to all other, as
to P :r i Ee'rfeocrante'fietillirol'us'''co%hvereaths,erUe:lnsist thet
Ooldett nib. is admitted by the of
to pow. pee*.
Inv properties adepted to female :Meas., but Ming
ts, satisfied that a bare tnal auttimmt to establtsh what
it. has been said in the nunds of the most skeptical
The adlicted ere Invited to eel upon toe agent, and
cocoon :kraus) one of the Doctor s pamphlet.,
• detailed aemma of each rented, and ita *pp/menet , .
Fior sale by the foPowing agents, as well ashy most
Inusinsia throughout the country -
J akar Co, di Wood sreet, Prnabargh;
e'alTZlite'resket's'adin,'"Veeitr. i tt M e a gO et . leghess y city,
Jos Hartley, Darlington, Beaver coting,t,s.
Joe ldhott, eitnon `delleY. •
T Adema, Baa Var,
Mr. R. E. Rellers—DMlMel itrs P a,d 2 4 oWta
to the public, as well ae to the Mhz 'of yam Lhrer
Pills to state the good effect, produced by tacit aws ho
my own gam Daring the month aflame, ISIS, IMa
very unwell, my opposite kited, and mystmeigth wag
e tirelyyrostraiea, with revere pain in far attitisMil•
shoulders I was told by medical men that arty &sena
wait a revere attack of over earopighth k IOOk *Mc
ral boxes of. brinneti Liver Ptite,.and eon* era"
which !mastoid wan goal for that dmeaser bat altar
all I was getting worm, ,L,fmatly. cone Med to OM
mg.!f under the care of a physician for better ag
worse; bet. ferumatelY, , last grata. thee, I wag: MLA
by the Rev. I. Nibtoet, of this place,thet a Mend hat.
relit him a box of Sellers' Liver Pills from Pittsbergb.
which had beneficed him very moth. I fortharui
tent for ahoy of your Liver Pals, and by the, time I
was done *slim them. I was gadded um, it wit him
the methane that: sued saw I son far Note.
and took Lire or ail [area; and Mend myself Axed
entirety eared; bat in Much last I caught a sem*
cold, which bmaght bank the diaem andia Silbert
time was as bad a. ever. I again had. rocomse to
vow , Liver Pills, end took theta ever, other night for
six weeks, and occasionally tinceond L can away,
that I can now say, that I mei little If any symptoms
of the Liver Complaint, =leer general hesithll
good now as it has, been for the last to teem
My neighbors 'Mk me who was my dotter. I 1•11
them that Ceders , Liver Piga was my doctor, and by
Me blessing of Diviac , Provideneo the este:mot cubs
me, lam confident that when the pablie become as.
guarded , with doh amin of nr Liver Pills, dm' de.
mend for them I c ast. yo BURY of my toilthbfflit
to wham I have recommended the NMI, can testify to
their vale!, as well as to the facts above mama •
Respeetf.dly yours, • CiateteigUili.
Tom Pcsur--The °skean!, only tru e and Pas. •
aloe Liver Pills are R E. Beam, and
have his name moaned in black gran upon . the ltd Of -
etch lion, and hia ,gourd on the *inside Wmppna
Elr.A.ll others are enranterfenr,or.base battalions:
spray R. E SELLERS, Proprietor, 67 _Wood
-trALUAitrigi t raa•
.1. man by the name ofRUE!: CLAP P has engarad -
With a young man of the mums & P.Townsitan and
ones his name to put p Sarsaparilla, erhich the
it Dr. Toartmend's Sarsaparilla, deuouthintlag Lt
GENUINE, Onginal, me. This Towage:du mum. '
tor and never wet, !at was formerly asvorket
Jude, etutals, and the like. Yet tie aisumee ittitritle
.11' Dr. for the purpose Ottani:were:tit for what he le
not. He in senator out cards 'headed ...Ttlekit of
Quacks," In which he elm I have twid the use total_
norms for SP a week. I will giveo&P.TownerridS3oo
It hn will produce one engle solitary Kopf of
This Is to caution the public not to be. detained, and
purhase none but the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD
D.Jacob To tenserid'a Sarsapatills,haring on a the
Old Dr.'s.' therms., his family •= snmi sad
nature enrols the coat clams.
Principal OfECIO92 Naaaaa ay New Yo4alpi
OLD Dovic*,
, .
Old Dr. To...send Is now. about 70 year. of axe, and
has long been known al the AUTHOR and DISCO
SARSAPARILLA." Being poor, he was compelled
to lima in manufacture, by which, means It bee been
kept out of market, end the sale. circumscribe'
those only who bed proved its worth and known, Its
value. 'lbis GilaND Ann Univ.= PM:Fait:el= tit
mmutfactured on the largest scale, and is called for
throuehout the length and breadth of tta land.
Unitise young in. P. Toomsend's, it Improve; with
bye, ti red ; cbanges, but for the hotter; bcosuse it
is prep on resentelc principles byusetentifitann•
' The highest knowledge of Cho,eiatry, and the latest •
discoveries of the Art, have all been brought JAW».
galenist, in she reamJecture of the Old. Dr!. ftentePe ,
rilla. The Parsaparilla root, it le well known to seed.
lead men, contains medicinal propsrtles, and some pry
prztiss which are inert or useless; and inhere, which.
tf retained in preparing it for 'use, , Ftudexe Atom"'
don and acid, which Is Inintioas tome system. Soma
of the propi,Uot of, Sarsaparilla ere so Volatile that
they entirely evaporate and are lost be the prepare-
I um, if they are not preserved by • sesentille powews
known only to those experienced' in Its =no raentra.
Moreover the. volatile principles, which fly aloof.
por, or as au exhalebon, order heat. are the Torfl
&neat medical prepernee of the roor,lwldelt Oval is
it all it. value The
is so prepared; that all the bun properties of the Sax.
overfills root are first removed, every thing eapabla
of becoming acid or of furtucemtlue is executed
rejected; Men every particle of medical virtue is son.
tad in • pore and concentrated forte; and Blt. Itie
rendered Incapable of losing any of ;is valuable ea t
healing properties. Prepared in t.t - way, it is moos
the most povrerlel agent in the
Wen 17 tralne why we hear commendatuata On
aide in Its (amoeba men; women ,and ettlltien.
We find it doing wooden in the ears of ConsuMptioth
Dispel' sinned Lives Complaint, and In Itheaniatleteh
Scrotal+ and Piles, ComMenees, all Cataneotta•litwip•
Plantot.l.!!?!Flia! , , and allaffeedone arum NM
07ffiiEBCoda -
On iteelee.• a muvellozas akar, in all airman=
ering front lorliqrstion, from Middy oft/to litomaeln
from unequal emulation, determination of blood to thti
bead, ppnlp:tation of We bean, cold feet aadwidJ~ser~.
hod its equal in coughs and colds; and promotes easy
xpeetemuen, and goode poispfradon,reltizinig
tore of the longs, throat, and every other p,n.
But in nothing is its caravans mien manidlatig iseem
and acknowledged dm in all kinds and acmes of
It works oftener, In cans of fluor albs* or whites.
Failing of the Womb,Obstroeted,Eloporeated,or Polo.
red Menses, Irregaluray of the roenctual periods, sud
the him and Is effectual lo curing all forms of tho El&
nay Dise.sec • By =ones obsauctlotts, sad nolo
nog the general system, It Firm tone .strernph to
. 0. .1'
thnsßrr — Ju — s•
sea, "
Spinal Initstion, . ettrales, c Wei
Dance,Seroeuticc, Epileptic FM, Consablens, te:
uot Sitcoms AlsittCl3ll,ola Pueltouvatcy Nape
But clic arty of these ibitota be maid of S. P. Tine..
sen's interior article? This young . inan's liotalifts 1101
. _ . .
• .
because of the Grand Fact, Mat the one is lacmiabla
of De em:mien and NEVER SPOILS, while the oth.
er DOIA it sours, &mews. and blows the bottles
containing it into fragments; the tour, =id liquid ex
ploding and damaging ether goods! !dm not this hoe.
raga compound be poisonous to the system? What:
Wt acid Imo a eystem already slimmed with seta •
hat camesDyapepala but acid! Do wa emelt knew,
that when food sours in our atamachs, what miaohlefs
it produces!—fiatitlenca heartburn, palphatina of the •
heart, liver complaint, diarrhea., dtmitterti kholle
comption of the blood! What Is Scrotal& but an acid •
humor in the body! What produces all the humors
which bring on Eruptions of the Skin. Scald Head,
Salt Rheum,Eryaipclas,White Swellings, Fever-Sores, •
and all uteemitione,intemal and external! It to seta-,
Mg under heaven hut an acid submance which seams
Wdurea spoils all the fluids of the hod ! , mere or (stasis
hat causes Rheumatism bat a witteanid duid„whiek
insinuates itself between the Mims and el tewhine,
ritating and Inflaming the tender and delicate tissues
upon which it acts! Cu of nervon• diseases, of Mama*
my of the blond, of deranged circulation., and slimly
all the ailments which
to human nature. •
Now, is it not horrible to make.andeelL and hillnitise
to use MB
and ' yet he would fain have It undersexed that Old h.
cob oornscud's °enema Orignal Strsaptrills, la an
Imitation of his inferior preparation .
!leaven forbid that wo should deal to an arllele
which would bear the most distant resemblance to S.
P. ToaremniTs article and which Mould bring down
upon the Old Dr. such , a monniala Lead of compleltun
and miminations from agents whOsavis sold, and. pstr.
hasers who have used S. P. Trammed's yetkurunng
We wish it understood, becausei iVa the abeolita
truth, that IA P. Tovmsendts article and Old Dv. Jacob .
Townsend's Sarsaparilla are tenven.wide apart, and
infinitely dissimilar; that they Me unlike in every pare
neuter, Laving not one single thing nommen t •
It is to arrest frauds upon , the' mitorturiate,. pour
balm into wounded hum.ify, to kindle hope fa th e
despairing bosom, to restore health and bloom and-vi
gor into the °rushed and broken and to banish infinul...
and. FOUND the opportunity ind means to bring his
within the roach, and to the knowledge of all who
need it, that they may team and know, - by • laird es.
perience, its TWOCI.SI) r rows. kostat.i
For sale by J..RIDOA CO.. Wholesale Agent toe
Western Pennsylvania; J. S3lllll_, BimUniittank Dr.
P. SARGEANT, Allegheny; 1/r. I. CASSLLL, Pink
ward, O. W. GARDNER. Soh ward. Pi usbarsh
Salem, Columbiana gO4O Apt. 14;.1241.
rAyNy..5: Dust Scm—l feel bound. to sots
Leand the ranted petite, to avail myself of thlsope
portunity of giving publicity to the eat:runtime:yams
of your Expectorant onmyself. H=been &fainted
for several years with • severe eon hectic fere! .•
'and its concomitant diseases, and oulfdoomed
to linger out a short hut misenble existence, until the-
fall of 18.1 it, when, being morn 'carrel) Missal:4,mnd ' '
having resorted to all my former remedwa, and Motor.
se - riotous of two of the most reapectatde physicians to •
the neighborhood without deriving any hermit, of the.
consolation of surviving Out a few days, or weeks el
fartlie.t—when the hut gleam of hope was about
vanish, I had reconmternied to me your Expeeturant... •
and blessed by that Being who does aIiIIUTSP to the
use of tho means—end unwary to the ezpactatirnm
my. physicians and friends, woo . 10 a fors days raised
from my bed and was enabled bYttur use of a bottle,W—
attend to aryboainess, enloying dace better healththli'
I had for ten years provioas.
Respeetfullryourh te., •
For rude Pittobto;gh, at Cut Pekin Tea ttt .
R -141-' ' 1 1 1.4 7 1? 41 7
I lira, s,
AN EMINENT and execrtert4ad Pltrafeixt hotit tha
a 1 East, °IN years ttaadmd, Oen to matt dDtawea
of • Delicate Nature with or:00mm and sceresy.
Me Mitten in Hanle , thnle , and oer 'aria eltica has
been proretbial. charger are moderate, and Ws
rotes permsoara. Old cases of Giant, Stricture, Pew.
Ws, Fitter Album, RhenntatiareqArrno.S.yobilia, or any
chronic or inveterate came iroheited.
A can warranted or eharre IrefondeaL
Orarces, St. Clair street, X doollhOrn Se Dridgr,
Teeth Extracted. Adele. iota poor
N. 11.—Dr. A. solicit. the worst ehacha ani disown •
in Plusborgh ealL - •Olcdll
- 011XMCH • • i I) Nassau& •
IVILL mutton open for visitant until the ill,Jelniar
ry, Olsten and other Refreshmentacell. •
ad In the •01441 will be kept. Ile Greenhouse. Con.
mining a large collection of rare and choice Plants,
wilt he open to atelier.. Itennent Ineade.pat up ,
iymke threoghout the season.. Art • Omnibus
leaves the •Ileglmny r etd . of the 80 Clair Street
Ltherdgni"Li7 thare b oar
to " a4 g es e pgalli Watt OD, tau
from the Point, tending ashen distance a tame 111 Get.
den. - Peru. within* to spend the coanteg,, mill' be
ucommodatod anus a return Omnibus at 10 o'clock
P. hI. kept on Terapenince principle., and elesedea
ender. setl3 ~ • J.
Sik•nsesa sai • and la • n eta
' ' • 11/16rit.
by Ike alma Irak, • ,Wa'FALlft.