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■“SK? xsttarr
■ ~~ ■■iru nmi win.
B*'i™!IFIKLDA LEADER, moleinle aealen in
ftSuSdA Grocenei, 80010, Skoo., rnub«(h
Ac, No. i» Utony moot,
—, •V.TTK.' AKUKftX tcin.
fCSuiJ &. prJTEHr Wholesale and Retail I£ug-
Bp»* iSnetorU*'>T “■! SLCIilt urecu, P.l»
——• |L I. UOVS.
EIOWJj TCULBERTSON, Wholesale Groeeis,
«nd f immiimm Merchants, No. 14ft, Liberty »t-i
tT"ATI'AHNtaitX;K A Co., Wholesale and Re-
Jj. tsH Jftuggists, comer Wood and 6th »*»• If*—
B —wMITU. Wholesale Grocer*, U end
80 Wood street Pittsburgh. •
CONTINUES lo /?*▼*: hi* particular attention to the
treatment of Diseases ol the SHUN, aCKOFLLA,
Ud Dinuei of the TIIHOAT. ,
Ofheahourt: 9 A.M., l P. JL, and • P M
A SKINNER, Forwarding • and Commission
Merchantt, No. ad Market *4 Pittsburgh. ... spu
aTMcANOLT? A Co, Forwarding and Com
• Suion Merehaau, Canal Basin, Fituburgh^Fa.
bifiiw* ud Iron
COLEMAN, ‘ 11AILMAN A Co, manufacturers of
in«< J&ptie Springe, Hammered Axle*,
Soring and Plough Steel, Iron, Ac. Warehouse on
WwSaad'Fronte'wu, rituburgb. '
dealer* mj Coach Trimming* and Malleable
Caning*. Wlli
Da * W^IfTPAK.^,
Orrm 'pmttnne.u street, between Seventh and
/LBJ—l******* of the mouth, gam* and teeth treated
: iptUljLtm •
-•A. *. vnausn. - ' JAStn J. iuhm.
fTNtilfreM AUENNKIT, (late English, Gallagher
Pi j. Co.) Wholesale Grocer*, Communitm and For-
Merchants, and dealers in Produce and Piits
bßirt»enaiaeturei,No.37 Wood «L, between vd and
3d street*. - A ocU_
\ txtHUt* CuCUKAN, CommiMum and V
y Merchant, No. 30 Wood street. Pittabui
C. U» UAKKi m. D,
orrrea—On Southfield st, between 3d and 4th.
Otflce hour*—Prwm 13 M. to 3 r. M.—from 0 to 9, IV
11. : Rhukkcb—Mr. Sauder's, corner Smilhfield and
and Third *l*. sptsidfia
HAMILTON STEWART, manufacturer of 11 eery
Shining*, Check*. Ac., Rebecca street, city of
Allegheny. 1 novlS-uly*
H (successor to Murphy. A Lee,) Wool Dcal
• er and Commission Merchant, for the *ale ol
American Woolens, Liberty, opposite ftth st feb!7 •
wa. uiAU>7Dalumore.
a. i. season, xswaxd hxals, tphtiuii.
s. c. m’cajutos, johs a- WASnra, > i.
TJ EALD A BUCKNOR, Tobacco Commission Mer».
t~l chants,4l North Water st, A lONorth Wharvea,
pCTa. • noT3O-tf
TTARDY, JONES A Co, (successors to Atwood,
JIX Jones A Co.) Commission and Forwarding Me*--
dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactured Goods,
. Pittsburgh, Pa. * s?.U2«___
tbataW picaiT, annxsx stem, jb, '
ISAIAH DICKEY A Co, Wholesale Grocers, Com
dsaion Merchants, and dealers in Produce, Nos-bO
Water, had IU7 Front streets, Pittsburgh. nosh, '
r» an a ctLWoam. losaru oawuaru. :
JB. DILWORTII A Co, Wholesale Grocer*, Pro-:
• daee and' Comnrimion Merchants, and Agents
for the iiaxard Powder Co. of N. Y., No. Kt Wood st,
Pituburgh. • ' • . - |
JUHNM* TOWNSEND, Druggist aad Apothecary
No. 44 Market sL, three doors above Third *t J’UtsJ
tnrgh, will have constantly on hand a well se}ecied u;
•omaent of the best and freshest Medicines, which h*
will sell on the most reasonable terms. Physicians
aiders, will be promptly atiended to, and enp*
piled with articles they may rely upon as genuine.
AT physician* Frcseripuoc* will be accurately and
Mtuy prepared from the best materials, at any hear o(
ha day or nighL
Also for sale, a latg* stock of friaband good Pern.
marr. . • ~ • ■. i«l a _
• T B. CANFIELD, (late ol Waneu, Ohio,) Commi*-
V * sioa and Fcrwarving Msrehant- and wholeaale
; deale> in Western Reserve Batter, pot end
Pearl Ash, and Western Produce generally, Water
tree I, between amithSeld and Wood, Pitabargh. ap3
IOHN WATT, (tseceator to fiwail A Gelbart,)
tf. WhOleude urocer gnd ConuniatioQ Merchant
dealer in Produce «*«* Pituliargh Monutactaxc*, cor*
per of Liberty and Haitd *trect*,Pitt»bnrgli Pa. jaafi_ _
1 AMES 8 McGUIBii, (late ofthe'fijnof Algeo usd
■ MeGuirOj) Merchant Tailor, St. Chart** Building*,
fetri meet, near Wood, Pittsburgh. '
J/MKS A. HUTCUISOS, :& Cov—aacce**or* to
Lewi* Uuubijon A Co, Commiiaion Merchams,
mA Iff rV^*. 8 ' Loot*Steam Sugar Re&ujry.
•’ )«n> —~ T '~ i
JOUft IX. awkuATOvuuilWAt Vi oodcca*-
eria Bye St*fl*,Pa£nt*, Oil*, Vanuafiea,
Wood atrecx one door Somho/ Diamond Alley, l*itu
bnrgfa. • luJtl
f *>■. . KKBBj ft Co- (Meeeuor to Joseph U
#jDa»is,) JpxipCbhßdlert,36 Water street. oca
J' OUNiL &IBLDOB, Wholesale and Retail dealer
in Hone and Musical Instrsments, School Boot*,
paper, Slates, Steel Pens, thrills, Primers’ Cards, oud
Stationary feneraltj»No. til Wood su, Phubargh.
'• [fr* Bags bought or tafcen iu trade. __seplB __
J- - 6CUOON&1A1&&& ft Co’-T Wholesale Druggists,
m No. at Wood street, Pittabargh.
JO UN D. DAVIS, Aacuoseer, corner 6th and Wood
• streets, Phtshurkh. octS
fOHNSTON A STOCKTON. BookaeUeys, Primers
I and Paper Manufacturers, No. 44 Market sl, Pins
trgh. ~ 1 ■ ' jefi
joss Plots. Kicnaao Flotp.
J. A H. FLOYD, Wholesale Grocers, Commiuton
• McrcnaAu, and Dealers in Produce, Round
Cbtreh Buildings, fronting on LiUmy, Wood andUth
streets, Pimbargu, Pa. m>»
J/twvx Wholesale Grocer,Ccminission
Mei chant, and dealer in Produce and Pituburgh
juswnfiu»utrc*. No.k4 Watcf st-, Pittsburgh. -janltP
JACOB WEAVER, Ja, wuleuie and Retail Dea
ler in Foreign. Wines and Liquors, and old Motion
gahela Bye Whiskeys, earner Fust and Market-sis.
. iy* ' " . . I.
rjER A JONES, Forsrording and Commission Mer
chants, Rulers in Produce sndPtttsburgh taonu
jtarod articles, Canai Basin, nesrTth st. dm
TTENNEDY, CHILDS A MsnuTacurers of very
IV' saperior 4-4 sheetings, Carpet Chain, Cottoo
Twxnc and Batting. ja3o-ly
Vcrartu iron Works* '
T EWIS, tiAf.KKi.i. * c«k, mannfaetaten of all si*
I « ki lUx, bheev Boiler Iron end Neil* of the l>csl
naiitjr, Wnrehoue, 54 water end lIS front u.
•)«nia ■
I ft WATERMAN, WTwleeale Uroeer, Forward-
Merchant. Dealer in Piiu*
and Frodace, Not. dl Water »t-»
maaffil Front. j*J
******* uorazDi. ji. b
X OOKIPiU GLAUS Manufacturers, andvVholesale
1 j dealers in foreign aud domestic Variety Goods.
Wcttcn merchants, Pedlars and others are invited
10 call and examine the prices and quality o/our stuck,
M with oar present increased facilities in manufactur
ing and parchaaingi are think'we can offer ns great
-ioaaeemenutbbayeraaaiuy oilier house west of the
Mountains. . . .. . ,;ab-ly
w& KLLZX< PtulaAa .a w. sicixisosjTmsbvrgb.
Mji.l.Kß ft IUCKETSUN. Wholesale Grocers, and
importers of brandies, Wines and Begars, Nt>».
17* and *74, comer of Liberty and Irwin streets, PUu- ■
burgh, Pa Iron, yarns, Ac, fto. con
stantly on hand. angl4
. johh >roai- . ram & tcaiLtwanru & nux.
‘■wa ft ROK, Wholes ale Grocers snd Couuuis
lVl lion Merchants, No. IVI Liberty il, Pittsburgh.
MURPHY. WILSON A CU, (late Jones, Morphy ft
C«.l Wholesale Dealers in Dry Goods, '.No. 4s
Wood street, Pittsburgh.
■K/fiYiTillßW'VVlLSVHTPortraii and MirnaturcPain
ijX'- ter. Rooms, comer oL Post Office Alley aud
foanh stmt, eaumnccvCrrllh near Market.’'
dccO-dIC ■ ' ■
prn&iiUßGir smaiL works and spring
zuao rmaa. 1 jobs s. qtnaa.
, " a *’ JONES * ttOIQO, -
Manufacturers' of spring and butter steel,
plough steel, steel plough wings, coaeh aud ebp.
u spn&ga, hammered iron axles, aud dealers in mol
cable eiuuiigs, fire engibe lamps, and coach trimming*
jeaertlly,earner ofKoss and Front sta, Pittsburgh,
Nunt.Ml-M ft finy, No; M Market st, Second
• door from corner of Fourth, dealers in Pcreigu
, asd Domestic UillaofpUchsjige, Gertihcatcsofl>epcs
- It, llank Notes and Bpeeie. .
mad on all the principal cities
throughout tab United BjatCft ~ • declT
Xi * thini door above Snutfifield, aoath side.
Ooaveyandngofeli Kind* done wiiii the greatest
ear* and legal aeearaey.') ,
Titles te Seal Estate ciaiaioed, &o,
Dlb JlefiUOK.
/OFFICE, Fourth street, new Grant, iu the room
V/ lately oe espied by Alderman MiUer, immediate
ly opposite Mr. iJakewell’s. He majr be found at night
ts No. 71, SC Charles Hotel. *' Jnilidgm
■ . _ U« JX. Dn
f\PTIIALhUG BURGEON, will attend to the treat*
qjraicnlof Diseases of the Eye.
’ 1>(. R. has been engaged in this branch of the medU
cal profession for sixteen years, and has conducted an
establishment for the treatment of diseases of the eye
alone for sevarml years!
Ontci and residence,'corner of;Sandusky si slid
Btrawberry alley, Allegheny etty. * actl3
PESIS STORE.— No. 72 Fourth'
BH at-, near Wood—AH quantities of Green and
■■■b Black .Tets, (done ap in qaarter, hfrlf, and
•oopoani packages, hanging from M cts. ‘per pound
Bite ili A. JAYNES, Agt. for Pekin Tea Co.
■Q> ROBISON CO. baring UMtiataiTIIOMAS
LTITLE, Sr., with Uremia bu*ine»*,ilie Whole
•ale Grocery, l*TOdnce and Comminian batinet* will
ecratinned asuual under iho firm of Robison, Ul-
TIOBJSON,LITTLE No. lW Liberty •treoL
tv Wholeeale'Grocer*, Produce,and
Merchant*, and dealer* la Pittsburgh
Manufacture*. Jy7 r
■n«r. ao*t»o»- • nUiUmii taro.!. xosuom. -
TaollEfeT WOORETWEoIeiaIe Grocer, Rectifying
• •'■V.'Eirtilier, dealer to Produce, Pittsburgh Manufac'
(•-££*: and all kind* of Foreign and Domestic Wine*
»<LLiuaors> No, H Liberty street. On band a very
' *of superior old Uoaonguhela whiskey,
jj?j3d> will W
, rrrn v llT tv -1 7 WluGiil. Qtccm,
{fprSJw*" l ' W“ sb “'* v ilanrfumre., Lilwnj .1
ntxrtS&S-- ' '
p£S»K KttSMm m««ssmb«.
ladCblorida eait,paid at all time*for coon
. _iss?
_ . WWWllt Owe?
ggS«-ftk?S!S£ Sm&w* -gg*
JfTt«U**J? * . . '-■', . '
j j-
BHACKIATT k WHITE, Wholesale Dealers la
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods. No. 09 Wood sl
Pittsburgh. : febl“if
BAGALEY A Co-Wholesale Grocers sad'
O Produce deaierc, Nc.SO Mafrkel street,between sth
sad Cib, North side, Philadelphia. novd
St W. HARBAUGH, Wool Merchants, Dealers
« in Flour and Produce generally, and Forwarding
asl .Commission Merchants, No. S 3 Water m, Pitu.
be ts'h _' - , -
.? sbuje*; rrmm.’acii. jous tncnoLS, mabilakd.
SKLLKRS A KICOLS, Produce and General Com*
mission Merchants, No. 17'Liberty st- Pittsburgh.
Sperm, linseed and Lard Oils.
SF. VON BONNIIORST, 4. Co., Wholesale tin>-
• cers, ForwarJmr and Commission Merchant*,
uratera in I itubatith Manafaetnreff and Western I*ro»
•fC'V* “* vo temoyed.lo their new warehouse,(old stand)
No. cornet of Front cl and Chancery Lake.
11ASSEV A BEST, Wholesale Groeert and CoraraU
sioa Merehanu, and dealers in Frodncc. So. 35
w ood n., Tiusbnnrh. Dt on
_W. 1. TBQTtL'
I'ROTH 4 SCOTT, Wholesale and Retail dealers in
. Roots,' Shoes,.Trunks, Carpet Uses, tc n S-W.
corner ol 4tband SmithfleJd its, Pittsburgh, Pa. ja3
TITICK & M’CANDLESS, (successorsto L. & J.D
Yv Wick,) Wholesale Grocer*,' Forwarding and
Commission Merchants, dealers in Iron, Kails, Glass,
Yarns, and Pittsburgh Manufactures generally,
eorn«-* of-Wood and Water ‘trreix. PittobarßU.
W* W. WALLACE, Mill stone and Mill Furnish*
a ing establishment, No. 244 Liberty sl, near the
canal. ’ mariS
\IT W7W atckies, J eweiry .Silve r Ware,
TV • and Military Goods, corner of Market and 4th
streets. Pittsburgh, Pa. N. B.—Watches and Clocks
carefully repaired. «Icr4
WEST BOWEN—Commission and Forwarding
Merchant, No. 90 Front si. between Wood and
Market streets. fehSl
Wjl MURPHY .Wholesale and Retail dealerin
« Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, north east
corner of Market and Fourth ata. angtt
wx. yuroe, lito. a. ifetmx.
ItTM. YOUNG ft Co.—Dealers in leather hides, ft*.
VV_ ljCl Liberty«. , ,Ans-ly
wk. st^crnniios.. toer. si'crrcuKon
n; ft.Jl. M’CUTCHEON, Wholesale Grocers, dra
ft , Jrrs in Produce, Iron, Nails, Glass, and Puts,
burgh Manufactures generally, 12tf liberty at* Pitts
burgh. deed
Wyv, WILSON. Dealer In Watches, Jewelry
a Silver Ware, Military Goods, ftc- No. 57 Mar
sei «i nov7
wn. touno ft co., •
Shoe. Findings, ftr.. No. 143 Liberty street, have
jodt received their SPRING STOCK oi goods, com*
pri a ing a large assortment of articles in their line, to
which the attention of purchasers is invited.
BT6-iSI. HO:AT AU Hitts
Orncß akovjjM. Atxn-Nft Co,
MBHBWCCaXI octal No. 4S Water street.
•MiaHH tscoaroEAiao in IWS.
Annual Premiums, Capital Stock, and Surplus Fund,
•This old and responsible Company continues ti !*•
‘sue policies on the most favorable terms on D»el mg
Houses, Household Furniture, stores. Stocks of Goods,
Warehouses and content*. Mills aud Manufactories,
Ac. Ac., against LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE.
Also, on Goods, Wares and Merchandise, against
the hazards of iNLASoTKAJuroaTAiiox, (Bid unou the
Cargoes of Sea Vessels.
The Protectioo.lntnrance Compauy having, in the
Insist years, paid ttsirt suluuks or dollais at their
several ugeuetes throughout the Untied State* and the
Ilritiah 1 rovlnees, have established a just reputation
for tolvency and . lair dealing, which challenges com*
panson with any other insurance company on the
eminent of America. The annexed extract from an
article ou the subject of Insurance Companies, taken
fra *: the “New York Day Book," exhibits briefly the
standing and policy of the Company.
“The 'tnonoed men’of the ancient and always pros
perous city of Hartford, have (or half a Century been
famous throughout the 'Union for ihe care, discretion,
rigid honesty, tuid unvarying success with which they
have formed and managed corporations of this de
scription. No Hartford. Sank or Insurance Company
has ever failed! These - Companies hare for more
than a whole generation scatiereJ their risks in near
ly every Blate-of the Union, aud have never fetlcd to
pay the innumerable losses which they have tusured
All losses arising upon policies issued by the under
signed, will be promptly adjusted and at the Gen
eral Agency office, located at Cincinnati, O A large
portion of the funds of the Company, (including all
premiums received at the Western agencies.) u de
posited with the General Agent of the Company at
Cincinnati, for the payment of Western and Houibero
losses. Apply to FAYETTE BROWN,
Agent for the city of Pittsburgh, and for Allegheny
county.’'—-sr- 1 1 — — aatfldJm
--rwiojn&ackasLivxsAXDUaANTnro Aiunrmxa.
rK first Lift luraiawie Company in the U. Stales.
Incorporated March 10, ter perpetual.
Capita) £390,000—a1l paid in.
Having authorised the undersigned 10 receive appli
cations lor insurance, on which policies will be issued,
according to their proposals and ratrs, jrhieh will be
made known to applicants at his office, No. VO Wood
street. spll GEO COCIHIAN.
CAPITAL (100,000.
J. Fmsxi. Jr- SeeT* l K- Muxso, Jr., Ptcs*l
Will insure against all kind* of risks,
ALL losses will be liberally adjusted and promptly
A home institution —managed by Directors who are
well known in the community, and who ore determin*
ad by promptness and liberality to maintain ths char
acter whieh they have assumed, as offering the best
'protection to those who desire to be Insured
. Dm zero xs—R. MlUer, Jr., Geo. Black, J. W. Butler,
N. Holmes, Wm. fl. Holmes; C. Hin«n, Geo. W.
Jackson, Wm. M. Lyon, Jas. Lippmcott, Tho*. K.
Litcb, James M’Aaley, Alex. Nimick, Thos. Scott.
Onricß, No. 39 Water street, (warehouse of Spang
A Co., up stairs,) Pittsburgh. iui:dly 2
RANCE COMPANY.—Office. North Room of the
Exchange,Thirdstreet, Philadelphia
FJOilssciAJic*.— fltuldingn, Merchandise and other
property in rows and codstxt, iasured-against loss or
damage by fire at the lowest rue of premium.
Hastnx Issnaxscs.—'They also insure Vessels, Car
goes and Freights, foreigner coastwise, under openor
special policies, as tho assured may desire.
lirLAiroTiuKsfOßATioa.—'They also Insure merchan
dise transported by Wagons, Railroad Cara, Canal
Boats and Steam Bouts, on river* and lakes, bn the
most liberal term*.
DIRECTORS—Joseph 11. SeaJ, Edmund A. Sootier,
John C Davit, Robert Burton, John R Penrose, Samu
el Edwards, Geo G Leiper, Edward Darlington. Isaac
R Davit, William Folwell, John Newiin, Dr R.M Hot*
tou,* June# C Hand, Thcophilus Paulding, II Jones
Urookt. Henry Sloan, Hugh Craig, George Serrill,
Speneer Mcllvain, Charles Kelly, J G Johnson, Wil
liam Hay, Dr SThomas,-John Sellers, Won. Eyre, Jr.
Wm-liacaley. Jno. T. Logan.
IDcuaid S/JiawBOLB, Secretary.
fr»“‘Ofliee of the .Company, No. 42 Water street,
Pittsburgh. Juls:Jtf A. MADEIRA, Agent.
riMIE INSURANCE CO. ol Nona America will
I* mate permanent and limited Insurance* on pm
nerty in this city and vicinity,: and cu shipments by
Canal, Rivera, Lakes, and by Sea. The properties pi
this Company are well invested, and Airrnih an avail
able fnndfor the ample indemnity of all perrons who
deaire to be protected by intarance.
myli ' WM. P. JONHS, Agent, 4f Water at.
jfo Franihn Fva Insurance Co. of PhUaJsJphm.
DIRECTORS.— Charles N-Baueker, Thomas Hart,
Tobias Wagner, Samuel Grant, JnCob R. Smith,
Geo. W Richards, Mordecai D. Lewis, Adolpho t.
Done, David S. Brown, Morris Patterson. ,
CBaauts N. Bsncaaa, President.
Charles O. Baneker, Secretary. . .
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or Utniicd,
on every description of property in town or country,
at rates as low as are consistent with security.
To Company have reserved;# large contingent Fund,
which with their Capital and premiums, solely invests
ed, afford ample protection to itbe assured.
The assets of the companion Janaary Ist, IM9, as
published agreeably to an act of Arsembly, were as
Fellows, viz: ..
Loans •• • • wyjl
Sloe ha Hi
Cash, Ao.<- 3d,bM J 7
Sl£&>,4!Kl 71
Since their Incorporation, a period of la y ears, they
havopaid upwards of one million four hundred thous
and dollars, losses by fire, thereby affording evidence
efthfc advantages of as well as the ability
amt meet with promptness all nubilities.
nurl-dly OfficeN E corner Wood and 3d sis
1> A MADEIRA, Agent at Pittsburgh for the Dcln*
• ware Mutual Safety Insurance Company ofihial
adelphio. Fire Risks upon buildingaAnd merchandize
of crery description, and Marine uisks apon bulls or
cargoes of vessel*, taken, upon tbc moft favorable
try Office in the Warehouse of W. B. Holmes A Bro.,
NoT37 Water, near Market street, Pittsburgh.
N fl.—The success of this Company since tbe estab
lishment of tbo Agency in this city, with ibo prompt
ness and liberality with which every claim upon them
for losa has been adjusted, fully warrant the agent in
inviting the confidence and patronage ofhu friends and
the community* at large to tho Delaware M. 8. Insu
rance Company, while it'has the additional advantages
os an insiitaitnu among the most flourishing in Philadel
phia—os having on ample paid-in capital, which by the
operation of iu charter is constantly increasing; as
yielding to each .person insured his due share of the
profits of the company, without involving him in any
responsibility whatever, and thetetnre a. polling
the Mutual principle divested of cjrcry obnoxioas fea
ture, and in lu tnostjutractivejorm. BOVf
THE Insurance Company of North Amcmn,i a ro U gb
iu duly authorized Agent, the subscriber, ofl*srs 10
wake permanent and limited Insurance on property ui
Siscityandiu Vicinity,and on shipment* b> the Ca* |
T ,
Charles Taylor,
• Ambrose White,
Jacob M. Thomas,
John It Neff,
Richard D- Wood,
Wm. Welsh.
Frames Uoskens,
• .3. Austin Alltbone,
Hekbt'D. Smmjxo, Bcc’y- , \ ir nl ,,d
This is the oldest Insurance Company nlhe UnlieO
States, having been chartered in 1.94. IU **
perpetual, and from iu high standing, long eipeneuce,
ample means, and avoiding all n»ksof *u extra ha*
tnwus character, It may be coiisidered aioffem. sam
ple security to the public. . ' v * *
; At the Counting Room of Atwnpd, Joue* A t.o-, " a
tar and Front streets Fnuhutgh* n.n\o_«
bUIIBCRIUER has been appointed Agent pro
"ion. ofQie lusuranee Company of North America,
: and win issue Policies aud attend to the other business
Of the Agt"cf, at the warehouse of Atwood, Joues A
CA. 4>l* WM-P. JONES, wutet st
Arthur G Coffin,
Sato’l W. Jones,
Edward Smith
John A. Brown,
John White,
Thomas P. Cope,
Samuel P. Smith,
Samuel Brooks,
STina establishment long and wide j known as
being one' of the most commodious j rt the city of
Baltimore, hot recently undergone very cxten
irve.alteration* and improvement*. An entire new
wing has been added, containing numensus and-airy
sleeping apartments, and extensive bathic g rooms:
Tlte Ladies 1 department has al*o beet completely
reorganise** and fitted up in' a mo ■ uniqu : and r*escu
fsl rtyle. In fact the whole arrangenfent jftbe House
has been rerodeled, with a single eye t n the part of
the proprietors, towards the comfort and pleasure nf
their Guests,And which they confident!} assert will
challenge compaiisomwith any Hotel in l ie Uninn.
Heir table will always be supplied wit \ every sub
•tanial and luxury which the market affords, served
op in a soperior style; while in the way oi Wines, &c_,
they will not b* surpassed.
In conclusion ihe proprietors beg to say, that nothing
will be left undone on their part, and on uu pan of their
assistants, to render .this Hotrl worthy tile continued
patronage nf their friends and thg public generally.
The prices for board have also been rt dueed to the
following rates:
Ladies 1 Ordinary) Cl,?slpe
Gentlemen's “ 1,501
N. B.—The Baggage Wagon of the He
ways be found' at the Car and Bteamboi
which will convey baggage to and from t’
of charge.
coxsn or rent *.vb n. cun nt, rrmi
BTbe subscriber having assumed ll
raent of this long.etiabhshed and p
respectfully announce* to Travel
Public generally, that he will be at nit tir
to accommodate them in all thing* desire
regulated Hotel* Ihe House is now bein
repaired throughout, aad new Furniture a
punt will be spared to make the Exchan
very best Hotel* in the country.
The undersigned respectfully solid'* a
of the very liberal patronage the House hi
received. THOMAS OW:
. febMtf
coxnn or rocaru am exam srarna,
MTUE subscriber reapecuully an
he hot now opened his new and ex<
for the accommodation of travele
and the public generally. The house a
are entirely new, and no pains or expeii*
snared u> render it one of the moat com
pleasant Hotels in the eity.
The subscriber is determined to deserve
fore solicits, a share of public patronage.
oCtl4-dly JACOB HOUGH, 1
cexsttct rr., isrwn.i touktu sud rii
OPPOSITE late Hank of the United sj
delphia AI. POPE MlTClj
tnarju f
law offices;
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law,
rioter for the State of Prnusylvann
Mo (tat i of Pittsburgh.)
Rmtaiwaa.—Pittsburgh: Hon. W. For
ton A Miller, M'Candless A M'Clure, Jc
i «sells A temple, M'Cord * King. •
t. u. aaiao. *> J.
Attorneys and counsellors
Fourth street, between SmiUtfield
MUburgli, Pa _ _
AT LAW, Founa street,
4 TTORNEY AT LAW -Office on Fc
tween Snrilhfield and Giant st, Pitt
Butler, Pa
WILL &lso attend to collection and a
ues* entreated in him in Bo tier and
eoanlMt, Pa. Refer in
’ J. kR. Floyd, Liberty at 1
• W-, W. WoJlr.ce, do I
Jamea Marshall do - f Pituburgh
dly Kay k Co., Wood at. ‘ J J" n, _
Jll. tsWEITZER, Attorney at Law, office.tiJ at.,
, opposite fL Charles Hotel, Pittsburgh. will also
attend promptly to Collections, in Washington, Fayette
and Green counties, P*.
Blackstock, Belt i Co., ")
Church Jt Carothers, ' VPmsborgh.
D_T. j v
E. J. HENRY, Attorney and Counrellor at
• Cincinnati, Ohio. Collections m Southern Ohio,
and in Indiana, and in Keniutky, promptly and carc
fatly attended to. Commissioner for the State of I’enn
rylvytia, for taking Depositions, acknowledgments,
Rim to— Hon. Wo. Bell A San,. Church A
Carothers, Win. Hays, Esq-, Willoek & Davis. a 53
Mecnßis*iiy«"» »oa HAT». g
(Sainrday, Aa# VAth,), this day
| tan, corner of Fifth turf W oOh * italic ifl c ft's
]H*CORD *■ CO,, Jfflis*
H (Successors ifl WConf ATCingl . fg3B_
Paiblonablt natt.ra,‘»P«
Cqrnsr of Wood tout. Fifth StrtrU.
PARTICULAR aaentioo paid to oar Retail Trade.
Genltemeo can rely upon getting their Hat, and
Caps frpm our establishment of the sbt auraiau and
wouKixun?, of the utbt sttlo, and at the mwan
Country Merchant*, purchasing by wholesale, are
'respectfully Invited to call and examine our Stock; as
we ean say with confidence that as regards *caUTT
and run, it wjtl not suffer in a comparison with any
house in Philadelphia. _ . f 511 ,7 -
rrj, CALIFORNIA HATS—IS dos water' proof
I m Caiiforala Hau, just received and for sale by
,eb27 comer slh and Wood.sts
[_M M’CORD A Co. will introduce on
viftday, March 3d, the Bpring style of HAT*.sS
Those in want of a neat and superior bat, are invited
to call at comer of sth qnd Wood streets. mart
has now open a supply of spring Bonnet RihUoui,
-of new and handsome stylea
Alto, new style fig’d Netts; 'Lisle and. Lodg
ings; Linen Edgings; Victoria do; plaid Muslirt- and
Jaconets, embroidered Swiss Muslins, beriJes *
large assonmeut of Bpnng Goods generally, at north
east comer 4th and Market streets.
Wholesale Rooms up stairs. ape
STUART A SILL, Gtoeersj and Produce and Com
mission Merchants, No. 119 Wood »l. Pittsburgh.
Dealer* tn Groceries, Ploor, When 1 , Rve, Out*. Corn,
Barley, Pork, Bacon. Bauer, Lard. Cheese, Closer,
Timothy and Flax Seeds; Iron. Nails, Glaw, Ac. Ac.
Ac. Particular atieuuou paid to the sale of Western
Messrs. Myers A Hunter, Robt. DaU
xcli A Co., MGills A Roe, Hampton, Small A Co.,
James May, King A Moorhead, Pittsburgh. leaner
A M'MiUan, Massillon. Jos. 8. Morrison, E»q. M.
Louis. . »pWBy
jons a. caaio, late of N. Lisbon. O w. a. earn her -
GENERAL AGENCY, Commission and Forward
ine Merchant*. No. 30 Market »t.. Pittsburgh, Pa.
• lD*Prompl intention given to the purchase ana sale
of all kinds of Produce.
Karas to—John-Watt A Co., Murphy, Wilson A Co.
Pittsburgh, Pa.; Lawson A Kill, Mahton Miirtin,
Wellsviiie, John 11. Brown A Co., Grieg, Kllioti A
Co., Philadelphia; U. W. Snodgrass A Co., Gregg A
Naee New Union, Fr. Skiimer, Hon- C. D. Cornu,
Ciuctmmu; J. P.Xeller, Youugstown, O.; W. L. Stan
dart. Cleveland. JO. oug*Jl
uc-cora. J- c. aaxrumlr.
And dealers in While Lead, Windo w Glass, Ac.,
ltt- Second street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Will attend promptly to the eale of articles entrusted
to their care.
Rtrxa to—Bagnley A Smith, R. Tanner. A Co. S. A
W. Harbaugh, Kay A Co, Murphy, iVitson A Co,
Pittsburgh. Hannah, Granam A Co., t rod the imer
chants generally, New Lisbon, O. B. A D. M DonaUl
ACo , Ueo. Wells,' WelUvtlle. O. Joseph Unison, D.
J. Bigger A Co., Fenner AAPMMen, Massillon, O
Uenncit, Marlin A Co., Weaver, Taylor A Co.. John
11. Brown A Co., Philadelphia. A. G. Richardson A
Bro, Groff, Holmes A Co., Cincinnati. O. John K
Howard, Louisville, Ky. John Smith, New Orleans.
Handy A Harman, Cleveland, O. A. J. Rmllcy,M»n«-
iidd, 0. Clark, Parks ACo . Beaver, Pa. augfiioif
Commission and Forwarding Merchant.
no. 38 wood tr. i rmaonsoH, ....
CONTINUES to transact a general Commission bust
nes*. especially in the purchase and sale of Ameri
can Manufacture* and Produce, and in receiving and
forwarding Goods consigned to bis care. As Agent for
the Manufactures, he will he constantly supplied with
the principal articles of Pittsburgh Manufacture at the
lowest wholesale prices. Orders and consignments
are respectfully soficlted. _ l *’ 7
Penn Machine Bbop.
H WIGIITM AN—Muitt faeturer ofall kind* of eot
. ton tt ,„l woollen mackinenr, Allegheny ciry. P*
The above works being now tn full and t 1?;
eration. I am proposed to cxesite oi.trs with di*?ateh
for all kinds of machinery m ity line, s*^* 1 ** " ow **
nickers, spreaders, cards, grinding aatLutcs, rnmi s,
drawing frames, speeders, thtSjsß*, loom*, woolen
carda double- or angle, for merchant or country work,
mulesjacka, Ac.; slide and handlathes and tools in gen
eral kinds of shafting mode to order, or plans giv
en for gearing factories or mills at reasonable charge.
Retch to—Kennedy, Child* A Co-Blackstock, Bell
& Co , King. Prmnock it Co, Jaa. A. Gray.
Monancahsls Llvsrr SUbU.
««S ROBERT 11. PATTERSON has opened
/1 large stable on First si, running through
/MVto Second »t, between Wood and Southfield
in the rear of the Monongahela House,
with an entirely new stock of Horses trod Carnages of
the best quality and latest styles, llorscs kept at live
ry ill the best manner. . B'* 11 ?
lia Tl« steam boat A. MASON_£Vw
i - ft now run» from the Point, foot^jMmf
.itftbrggjj* of Liberty sued, to the Gar
■OMSanMleo—leaving at U o'clock, A. M.. and
at the beginning of each hour until V P. M- Y niters
may rely on finding the boat at the hour. She leaves
the Gardeu, the last up trip, at 10 o'clock.
The season is fast advancing, and tbosc wishing to
vim this delightful retreat, now ts the time to spend a
few hours, not in the smoke and dnstlof the city, but in
a pure atmosphere, perfumed with the fragrance of
flowers. I
All kinds of refreshments, except intoxicating drink*,
•roikrpi on the premises. Greenhouse Plants, and
Bouquets of choice flowers lor sale.' Closed on Sun
day. jyjc JAMES M’KAI.V
of landing made on account of low wa
er. ; r__
ti bbholal.
8. B. AGENT, '
Forwarding and Commission Mere
chant, ha* removed to No. V 7 Front, between Wood
and Pmithfield streets. aotl
E have tome PUMPS, made on an improved
plan, so as not to freeze in the coldest weather.
Persons wanting such articles, are invited to call and
see them at SCAIFK A ATKINSON’S,
a T& Ut, between Wood Market *t»
' .... •.
DifSolaUbta ofCo-Putßcnhlp.
fpiJE coiptrtniflhip heretofore existing between U e
X subscribers} under the style of Brown.A Culben*
•on. *u dissoiVKl oa the l»t util. by mutual eouakt U
: |T M. B. BROWN.
Pittsburgh, 1549. 'A. CULBERTSON.
The Continue the Wholesale Croc
rr and Comminign Basinets, as heretofore, altlie ofi
■land, 145 Üb*rn£st. ocis A. CULUERfSON
tered Into partnership, tinder the firm of PARKER
A RIDDLE, and will carry on the Shod business in
all its hranehes, ni the old aland of John Parker, cor
ner of Federal ti-jand Booth Common, city of Alleghe
octUlm ;i JOHN W. RfDDLE.
WORKS, aie now prepared to furnish a superior
article of Soda v«h and Muriatic Acid. Persons wishj
ing to purchase, fcilher ol the above articles, are re
quired In call oijfISAAC WALKER, No. JJPifth *t n
and riamirte ihe;«rtiele» before purchasing elsewhere.
N. B —The Sodp Ash manufactured at thi* esiablish
men'. n greatly- superior to any other brought to this
market. j .£ spfH
*>«. b. fuiv*..,
FjasrsT., BcrwvgJi Wood as® Mtatrr, rnTsacaon,
CONTINUE all kinds of COPPER,
smith Work. Si-
fhriar Hotel,
ers and the
ea prepared
>le in a well
- thoroughly
;e one of the
Steam Hosts bfill to order.
Special attention riven to steam boat work. •
• Have on hands A fine assortment of Copper and Brats
Kettle*. Tin Warrjhe. 4e. Steamboat Cooking Biovcs,
Portable sites—a very convenient ar
ticle for tteambo&u, California emigrants, or rail road
companies.' jr> *
\\e would invite steam boat men and
others to coll our articles and prices before
purchasing [elsewhere- J 7-1? .
"DliiewloD of PaVtnerihip.
lormerlr. Hfnneu, Muller A Co., in the Window,
a d Colored Glaff'liusincs*. is this day dissolved by
the withdrawal o£Mr. Frederick Muller.
The bushiest will be continued by thQ undersigned,
under the of-HKNRY HANNEN A CO. Ware
house No. IjM Sefbn.Kjfl. where we will have constant
supplies of tupemr \Yahdow Glass.
“ | -n n JOHN HANNEN,
Pittsburgh. AtjJ- p. MO. HENRY,UM3TF.AD.
1 s heretofore
: (TON,
I lounces that
tcellent Hotel
: «. boarders,
II id furniture
4 have been
a Tollable and
I Qopartnerablp'
rtlllE undrlpdctOid hate ibis day associatedwilh them
1 m l.usirje.* JftCOU L- SCHWARTZ,and will con
< "uc the lmfinc««&is heretofore, under the firm of
laic*, I’hila-
IFXL, 1 r
'ropriftor. |-
Jnly-g, Itfo. II
IMIK parinenhtji heretofore existing antler Use firm
o' A. A 0. IJBADLEY, i* di*«olveilby lhe decease
' Mr. C. Bradley? Tb e* mil be carried on by
■'.radlefj wh jl will ><>lllo the bnsinest of the late
RKMOVXI. —A.'Di*tn.Kt ha« removed hi* Foundry
Warehouse; froiti! No. lIS S*ecnml Ktreet, to No. I#
Wood airret, between Fir»t and Second itreeu, o ihe
warehouse laudyipcfupied by G. A. llerry, where be
will keep ednstar t lly;on band a general n»rorUnenl of
CfjMir.f ». (iratr*,Slove*, Cooking Stove*, Ac. iyn _
IWK partnership tioreiofore exiiting between Sam
uel U UoxliCelii and William B. Hay*, trading
under tbe firm k HaYß,baa this day
i-e :n diMolved bj? William ii- Kara selling hi* entire
interest in the finj to S. 1). Burbbrid.. All account*
due ilie ■firm' will lie collected t>y S B. Puahfield, and
debt* due by the late firm to be paid by tbe same.
Pittsburgh, June 22.1349.
CO-PARTNERSHIP.—S. B. Bcsumxlb baaing Uis
day associated arifth himself Hkxxt Lxidkb, formerly
of Bedford, Pa_ t£td recently of the National Hotel,
Pimbnrgb. willdoiitinne the business under the firm
of BUBHFIELDiat LEADER, at the old stand, No. Stt>
Liberty street, r H. HUSHFiELD,
Pittsburgh, Jusfetfe. 1549. • H. LEADER. ,
1 bus!-
Having retiree;-; fsaro the former bawntM, I take
pleasure in rccofrtmending ray successors to the pa*
‘ronage of my and the publie^e" e
l;j Dissolution.
IMIE co-par Uie}?hip heretofore existing hetween the
ȟb*criber*,.-|fl *" c R*n*c of Const it tilf, Boiko k
Co. is tfaic (lay by reomal comont Mcmt*.
Uurkr k Harncs&rill mUIc the buriucM of the con
cern for which mirpo»e they are authorised to use the
name of the (otifirn. NATHANIEL CONSTABLin
The have this day musoeiated themselves
in the name oi A BARNES, for the purpose
of manufwturmjjfite Proof Safe*, Vault Door*. Ac.
Ac., at the »uw«f the late firm of Constable. Burke
A Co., where theS will be pleased to receive the pa
irutitt'e of the customer* of that house .and their friend*.
.In retiring from the firm of Constable,' Borke A Co.,
I with sincere reeoßtnend Messrs. Burke A
Uanre* to the co-ifidcnee of my friends and the public.
' febia-dlfEj
THE partnership of MLKI'UV
dissolved bronutual cooaeut. The business of the
late firm ,wtli bqseuicd 11. Lee. J. R. MURPHY,
Pittsburgh, SO, 1h49. 11. LEE
NOTlCE—TbtCundereigned will continue the Wpol
business and attend to the sale of Woolen Goods, at
tne old stand. 'll. LEE.
In retiring Crffci the firm of Murphy A Lee, I take
great pleasure <p recommending Mr. 11. Lee to ihe
confidence of nmYricnds and the publio. i
Pittsburgh, Jurb 30,1949. J. R. MURPHY.
THE subtcnl^n - bare Oil* day associated them
selves loeetifer for the purpose of transacting a
wholcsuliyand retail Dry Goods and Grocery business,
at No tSJU liberty, opposite Seventh street, under the
style usd firm ©& BUSHFIELD A I LAYS.
Pittsburgh, January I, XB-S9.
N.B—Our ol<£ciuiomera and the public are invited
to give ash jofi
copartnership. '
f f haveentefed into partnership, under the firm of
SCAIFE A ATKINSON, and wtU carry on the Tin,
Copper,and Sheet Iron Ware manufactory.
Also. Hlafcksflßthj&g in all its branches, at the old
stand of Wm. First street, near Wood.
Particular attention given to steamboat work,
tuna ss__ _
IliA V K this say associated with me in the whole
sale Grocer?. Produce and Commission business,
my bi other Jo.cnb, under the firm of J.B DILWOKTu
A Co. ?! J. S. DILWORTH.
January l, 16$. .
tIO-PAHTNKRSIIIP— Wm. Young having this
/ day uasocia&d with him, John R. M’Cuue, the lea
ther business Will hereafter lie conducted under the
linn of Win. Yoking A Co. WILLIAM YOUNG,
janfi R JNO. R. MCUNE.
Btiani;BrtekWoiki for Bole.
THE subscriber offer* for sale,, the STEAM BRICK
Works, fcbove I.awrencevitle, comprising a
Steam Engine, C Mould Machine, capable of
manufacturing 9),V00 Pressed Bricks (out of dry clay,
a* taken from im bank,} per day; with three acres of
land on the Allegheny river, on which a/e 4 kilug and
sbeda, machinesiid day sheds, wheelbtrrows, trucks,
shovels, spuiles, Ac., every thing reuuisile to com
mence operating* at an hour* notice. Price, including
the patent u*e siud machine. 67,000—terms of
payment mode easy. Without the land, SS.UOU. Far
particulars, tuldte** HENRY MERRITT,
oug37-dtf • & No Ud Monongahela House.
Modern Antique Furniture,
e>t,fruißD Sntxrr. Prrtsßuxta.
XA and splendid jWMMUBgP^.
assortment of Fumiiure,
satiable for Sleamtniati,
Holds and private dwel
lings, constantly on nand and made to order.
The present (Stock on band cannot be exceeded by
any manufactory in the western country. Persons
wishing to purchase would do well to giro me a call,
as tam my pncea shall please. Part of
the stock cimsiw* in—
TeteaTcte; !•* Buffet Etaqeie; :
Ixiui* XIV ti&airs; Queen Elizabeth -chain;
Tea I'oyse; i? Fruit Tallies;
Toilet Table*! Lnui* XV Comtndder,
French IMahofcany Bedsteads; Piano Sioolsj '
dOspfas yhth Plush and 1 lair-cloth eovara.
50 Mahogany Rocking Chain;
40 doz Parlor do
ru> “ Fancy "do $ <
S 5 ccntrejTables; (- —
an jiair Durant: 4 pair pier Tables;
12 msrblqtop Dressing Bureaus;
S Wardrobes; B Secretaries and Book eases;
80 morbid top Wash Blands;
4 pair Ottomans;
6 pair faifcy Work Stands;
A eery large Assortment of common chairs and other
mature jU>o nepnerons to mention.
Siium Ifeats furnished on the shortest notice,
nt on thh mn»i reasonable terms. deetd
. J ;; --- «. vtTitarr
DiapUMW jrmcr, lor Urdraiit win
-1 esaJ. THIS Uto certify that I have apJ
1 Jffi pointed Livingston, Rogpeti & Co,
Hole Agent* for the *ole of Jenmng’*
tE53f Patent Dinpralignj Filter, fprtlieci|
non tie* of Piiubureb and Allegheny.
r for Waiter M Cibwn, 349 Broadway,
X ? N beV 10, IMS. '
We have beenntine one of the above article* at the
office of the Novelty work* for three month*, on Inal,
and feeiWrfectJy «ati*fied that it u a awful mvenuon,
and we take pleasure in recommending them a* »u«j
foi article to all who love pure water. Order* will be
"f "" uvlNß^NfmiMKNfciv.
Which render* turbid water pare by
removing all iubiiance* not soluble m
water. The croton water in N. York,
clear and pare to the eye, vet
Nvhen It pa**e» an boar through, tfui
filtering cock, *how. a »W « e tt£
impure *ub*taneei,wonna, Ac. inti
s.°„ w .r.fdS% & 'SA’ssa.’S
rc“j »nJ Muriel ,u
Avbcit he will be pleawd » «« hit ©ld cuitonJ
CtertCliSltSißi Bell* of c pTov
-4b |Q,(XXI pound*, cut from pauemJ ofihe ino* tpprov
ed model* mid warranted lobe of the <><*t ttiuenaU.
Mineral Wmter Pump*. Counter*, Ratling, Ac., *©B©*
of Urau Catinga, M required,
turned and !iu«h«l In the neate»t manner.
A. F. I* the’oole proprietor of Baaarrt Anti-ATtni
nos Metal, m juiUy celebrated-for the reducuon of
friction in machinery. The Boxct and Comf>o.«uon
.can be bad of him at all times. jaJWljr
P4lirff 4Mi!Ptßi i Jg
Choeolktsi I Coco** *«•
W. Baker's American aadjFreneh Chocolate, Prepar
ed Cocoa, Cocoa Pane, Brom*, Cocoa Shells, Ac
-140 merchants and eon sailers, who would purchase
. the bestprodueu of Cocoa, free from adulteration,
more nutritious than tea or feoffee, and in Quality unsur
passed, the subscriber recotatnends above articles,
manufactured by himself. and stamped with his name.
His Broma and Cocoa Paste, as delicate, palatable,
and salutary drinks for [brands, convalescents, and
others, are prdooanced by the most eminent physicians
superior to any other preparation*. Ht* manufactures.
ore always on sale, in any quantity,, by tho most re
spectable groeera in the eastern dues, and by then
agent*, Hawes,Gray Aco.iof Boston; James HBunco
A co, Hartford, Conn; Hussey A Murray. New York;
Grunt A Slone, Philadelphia; Tnomas V Bntndige, Bal
timore; and Kellogg A Bennett. Cincinnati, Ohio.
WALTER,BAKER, Dorchester Mass.
' For >tlej by auiftli BAG ALEV A SMITH, Agts
'Wrong lit and Cut Iron Railing*
THEsutftcnoera beg leave to inform the public that
they have obtainea froin the East all the late and
fashionable designs for Irfen Railing, both for houses
ami cemeteries. Persons (wishing to procure hand
some patterns will please eAmine, and judge
for themselves, wOi be furnished at'the short
est notice, and In the best imanner, at the corner of
C^l^ b “ em,^^^M y 0 r #A KNOX.
W.i A J, QLSSK, Bools Binders.
WE axe sail engaged in the above business, corner
of Wood anaThirdistreets, Pittsburgh, where
we era prepared to do any Work in oar line with des
patch. We attend to our Work personally, and sans
faetion will be given in regard to its neatness and du
Blank Books ruled to any pattern and bound sub
stantially.] Books in numbers or old book* bound care
fully orrepairtsd. Names phi on books in gill letter*.
Those that have work in bur line are invited to calL
Prices low. 1 1 mygfctf
TTAVINQ sold our eaiirc siock to C. H-Gaairr, with
fl a view toeloving-our old business, we hereby so
licit for htin the patronage if all our fnends and cus
tomers. RO. W. POINDEXTER,
Pitubnrgh, Aug. 4th, 184 a.
Cy H. GRANT, Wholesale Groceri Commission end
j, Forwarding Merchant, No. *1 Water st. aulk
Seal<i| Cooldnf Stovaa, Qrat«h v Ae>
AARSIiALL, WALLACE fc CO, Hound Church,
X comer Liberty and Wood strata, manufacture
and oder for sole Platform, ;Floor aqd Counter Beales,
of the most improved quality; Cooking Stoves, for wood
and eoal; Egg Stoves of [various sizes, Parlor and
common Grates, Hollow Ware, Ae. Ac. They also
manufacture the Kitchen Ringe, whichhas given such
general satisfaction to those having it in use, to all of
which they would respectfully invite the attention-of
the citizen* and generally. ocUf7-dlf
Manufactured tobacco—The subscriber
would call the attention cf tlie city trade and
dealers generally, to the following’ brands Tobaccos,
in store anil to arrive, which being, consignments di
rect from reinufactarera, he Is enabled to sell at east
ern pncea:
139. | bzs R W Crenshaw fit;
70 | “ James Madison fit;
81 I “ Lamartine : fit;
33 I “ Mirabeau - 9a;
S 3 I. “ Praam fis and is;
15 I “ Roberts A feisson ss;
K 1 “ Oseak Burt ss;
9 | u John* A Lewis It;
3 I Warwick, bupr Is;
49 | “ Henry A James fis. Is and 8s; \
feb-ri L 8 WATERMAN
Pitt Hsohlns 'Works snOsuhdry,
JOHN WRIGHT A Co., are prepared to build Cotton
and Wooten Machineryior evert detcriptian, sueb
as Carding Machines, Spinning Frames, Speeders,
Drawing Frames, Railway Heads, Warpers, Spoolers,
Dressing Frames, Looms, Ckrd Grinders, Ae. wrought
Iron Shafting turned; all sizes of Cast Iron, Pulhes and
Hangers of lie latest patterns, slide and hand Lathes,
vend tools of all kinds. Castings of every description
furnished cm shen nouee. Patterns made to order for
Mill Gearing, Iron Roiling. Ae. Steam Pipe for heat
ing Faetones. Cost Iron Window Sash and fancy Cas
ting* generally. Orders-left at die Warehouse of j.
Palmer A Co., Liberty street, will have prompt auen-
Rf for to Blaekstoek, Bell A Co- J. K. Moorehcad A
Co., G. E. Warner, John IrWin A sons, Pittsburgh ; Q.
C. A J. It Warner, Steubenville. janlE
MA. WHITE A CO- vfouJd. respectf-iliy Inform
• the public that they have erected a shop on
Laroek, between Federal ai d Sandusky streets.. They
are uow making and are prepared to receive orders for
every description of vehicle*, Coaches, Chariot’s, Ba
rouches, Baggies, Pbsetons,
long experience ut the manufacture of the above work,
and the facilities they have, they feel confident they are
e'nsbled to do work on the most reasonable terms with
these wanting articles In their line.
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate
rials, and haviug none but competent workmen, they
have no’ hesitation fn warranting their work. We
therefore ask. the attention df the public to this matter.
N. IL Repairing done in the best manner, and on the
most reasonable terma i . jagfctf
RERS.—Having made arrangement* fora eon
stant supply of FACTORY FINDINGS, we will sell
st lowpne'es Calf and Sbeepj Holer Skins, Lace Lea-
Reeds, Shuttles, Hemp Twine Treadle* 4
' No. 5*14 Belt Punches, Wrenches, Stripping Cards,
Potent Dresser Bnuhes, Weavers’ Unub
—— a qj„
POST WlNES—Offley, Webber A Forrester.lxrtr
JT Pare rich and dry, Gould, Campbell A Co’s eld
dry 1838. Osbourn’s 1831; Pure (840: Pure Juice par
ticular Port, Harris A Sons, 'Pure Juice, threble, dou
ble and tingle Grapes. These wines are all celebra
ted for their medical properties, and can bo hod whole
sale dr retail at the Wine Stdre of
iy» _ ; JACOB WEAYEiVJr.
THIS snbicriber offer* for ±»Je a large and tplendid
assortment of rocewood and mahogany grand Ac
tion ituno*, with and without Coleman’* celebrated
/Boliau' Attachment. The above instrument* are war
ranted to he equal to any manufactured in this coun
try, and will be sold lower tha* any brought from the
East. " '*'"*••* “*U2 wood it,
ioor above 6th
Hardwa* tarn fcwart
OGAN, WILSO* -a and Wholeaal*
1 i Dealera,in Saddlery, No
12j Wood meet, above i-.. m in store a very
cheap and well selected stoo.. rdware, imported
since the decline of"prieei wt,u.. r e l end whteh they
are determined to tell correspondingly low. Merchant!
wlio have been in the habit of going Hast, are parties*
lerty requested to call and lioi through our stock, ai
wo confidently believe they jwtfl aave their expenees
‘ <KI4 _
mine Frer*'
f IA,LF SKINS—JO dot gent .onch Calf Skint, i
Very fine article. A few dorens Philadelpoii
SLinA, from the rasaofactoty of H M Crawford, u
-which the attention! of hoot makers i« invited. Jbi
received and for sale by .1 W YOUNG A Co,
jcrtf? ]__ 143 liberty «t
assortment of Co A Co’* celebrated manu
facture, and superior to all © eriJn use; adapted to
churches, steamboat*. faetonti .dwellings, public and
privwe balls, and to all other a rs where a cheap, s&fo
and brilliant light is deurablp
Al*o,Oiran doles, Hall
Shades, Wicks, Chimaiet, Cans. Trimmers, Ac. Also.
Qua Chandeliers, from one id four lights,
decs W W ! WILSON. 4fl market s
Daily at th« Baltimore, Philadelphia,
Young MEN in wholesale aiid retail stores, and other
rrspeciablo holiness, to act aa Book-keepers, Sales
meg, Porter*, Bar-keepers, Waiters, Farmers, Coach*
men. Car Agents. Book at.tTMsp Agents, Collectors,
Overseers in all branches of business, Ac. We have
ut all limes a large number bf good situations ou hrxd,
which pa? from 300 to *2,000 per aooum, Those in
want of situations of any kind would do well to give
o* a call, as we bare agents in each of the above cl
ues, which will enable ns to place every applicant in
a suitable situation at the shortest notice. We have a
large acquaintance in all; the above named cities,
which we trnst will enable,ns to give entire satisfac
tion w all who may favor us with a call.
TAYLOR k TAYBXAN, No. 59 Second it,
between South and Gay.
N. B —Persons living in any pan of the U. States,
and wishing to obtain a situation in Baltimore, or ei.
ther of the above cities, will have their wants imme*
dioicly attended to by addressing us a line, (post-paid)
as by so doing they will cahaii both trouble ana ex
pence, which they otherwise would ineur by coming
to the city, and seeking employment for themselves.
i N 0,53 Second.street,
my2s:dtf ■ Baltimore, Md
the must approved English pattern, furnished
and recommended by Thotpas Bakewell, Esq., and a
number of epilnent physicians; being a most conveni
ent apparatus for the applichiion of warm or hot wa
ter ti> the bowels, in case of cramps in Cholera. As
every person is subject to sadden attacks, no family
should be without at least ode.
First st. between Wood and Market
IUIE Second Sestiau of (kis Instils lion, under the
care of Mr. and Mrs. jUoasout, for the present
academic year, will commence on the first of rebrua
ry next, iu the same buildings, No. 62 Liberty street.
Arrangements have beenjmade by which they will
be able to furnish young ladies facilities equal te any
In the West, for obtaining English, Classi
cal. und Ornamental education. A full eourseofPhi*
iisophiual and Chemical Lectures will he delivered
during the winter, Ulastrufod by apparatus. The de*
taruuenu of Vocal und Instrumental Music, Modern
.nnguages. Drawing and fainting, willeaeh be under
the care of a competent Professor. By close attention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their po*
oils, the Principals hope to' meni a continuation of the
liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. For
terms, see circular or apply to the Principals.
juso-dif _ ; _
Dr. McLaas In Tsandut.
1 l HI9 is to certify that ] purchased one.vial of Dr.
UcLane's Worm specific, some two months agio
and gave to a sou of mine, some seven year* old, two,
teaspoons full, and although the amount may appear
large,'yet l have no doubt but lhere was upwards of
rwo tboobakd worn passed from him, measuring
from cco quarter of an inch to two inches long.
Creek. Carrol co; Tcnit.. Deo ¥7,1M7. )»84
qfeensware manufacturers,
v Bltfalughsm,|uikr PUtsburxht)Pa<
Y/archou*t> No. 137, Wood itreel, tittiburgh.
wmrsWlLLeonitamly keep on hand a good assort*
dPWwment oi Wars) of our own manufacture, and
YMV superiorijuality. Wholesale and country Mer*
W chant* arc respectfully invited to eall and ex
amine for themselves. a 4 we are determined to sell
cheaper ihan.bueveroefbra been offend to tha pub
lic. i
\V7- Orders sent Ly maJlj accompanied by the cash <
tty reference, will be promptly atiendetftw inylti.
TO THE LADIES—Just received, a full assortmen
of gold and silver Thread, Cora and Braid; also
Bpaagles and Bullion, for embroidering and other or*
oamenul work. Also,goldondsUverTaasels, Fringe,
and Lace.
Jewelry of the latest fashions, In great variety.
Watebes of superior adilUy and beautiful patterns,
and for sale at Eastern prices. W-W WILsON,
aa*7 corner Market and Fourth sts
ATtossun bathihg «*** l *i?*fc
MENT—Open from 6 A.M. to U
Bath 25cents,or6 fori dollar. Ladies department
open from 9 to U A. M. and from 9 to 5 r. M- •
The Refreshment Saloons are uneqtalled in atyto
attendance. Recherche Jee Creams!
■uglfi : T.M’FALL, Proprietor.
, Jpalt-Clertti Oon«4 puao*. . |
’ ‘"ntr. THE subscriber has-jast comptea*,
flgEtaHhU stock of PIANOS, composed*f #*
.■WSpWßfcind 7 ©ctsves of every y-riev/ol
IT' tf! |.f style and prieq. with andwiih*™ £2u".
ou'i celebrated Lolita AiUchment, from tbe
brated fauorr of Nanus A Clark,. New Vork. «ey
are all provided with the above, important t ™PT®3®I
ment AU otter ttano makere in U& wuntry eover
the hammers.Jwhich strike the string and orMuee th
toae.) with leather. Thu, aa ihef an
badly,theleatherarowinjc hard and
eaanna,'after the nano has been used
disagreeable, harsh and wiry tcme-J<n“*
have within the last/fle swatt* covered the -ha»«r*
wldi Ait flirt it an entirely new invention. P* 0 ®"# 0 ? *
■epimelodiOti* and voluminous lqh®»!wbjnh»jN- *
proves by age, instead of growing hnnh
leather necessarily does. HUs «.Pin
aooneed the greatest improvement in
vented The interior of these Pianos ij msgmncenu^r
S“dtd and embellished, si together, the riebest 6msa
nginable... Keeping an assortment of
other Pianos, the public ean eonvinee themselVM «
thn saperiority of felt to leather, by cailine «id trying
the instruments. ,
N. B—tlb aboro wlllb« uU »■
prices, and the money returned ll iband in the le
fdeectlre. ' -
„ Mo. 81 Wood SUHt,
WOULD call ibe mention af the pnblie w uteir
present stock of Paper flangings, which for va
riety, beauty of finish,durability and cheapness, is an
suipu«ed by any establishment in the Union.
'Besides a largo and full assortment of paper of their
own manufacture, they are now reeeivluia direct Im
portation of French and English stylesolraper flang
ing*, purchased by Mr. Levi Howard, one of the fina,
now in Europe, consisting of
Parisian manufacture, pieces. ■
London do 4,000 do
•Of their own manufacture they have 100.000pieees
Wall Paper, and 12,000 pieces satin glared Window
Blinds, Ac. ...
Messrs. James Howard A Co. have spared neither
expense norlahor (a their endeavors no rival the east
ern wall paper establishments, both in quality of man
ufacture anu variety of pattern; and they are warrant
ed in assuring the public that they ,have succeeded.
The whole assortment, foreign' and home manufac
ture, will be offered on terms as low as those of east
ern manufacturer* and Importers. mch27:dlf
watxsuajsraijsxa. joshua tuiau. wu. t- bait
(Successor* to llnstey, Hanna A Co.)
In Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Certificates
of Deposite, Bank Notes, and Specie—Fourth street,
nearly opposite "the Bank of Pittsburgh. Current mo
ney received on depos^e—Bight Checks for sale, and
eollretions made on nearly aD the principal points in
the United Stdtes.
The highest! premium paid for Foreign and American
Advances made on consignments of Piodoce^ship*
on liberal terms. np2
Patxjtt Scctraxs Jascait Ist, lott.
Pelent-ermiever extension Tolies, Sofas, Bureaut,
Book Cates, Writing Data,
THE TABLES far surpassing every other in
vention oflhe kind now extant. They ein be ex
tended from ten to twtmj-Sve feet, and-when elosed
the leave* an all contained Inside; -they are made to
all lire* and shaped and are admirabry adapted for
Steamboat*, Hotels, and large private families, fann
ing when closed a complete centre table.
SOFAS AN D BUREAUS—These artieles are inval
uable, particularly to those who wish to econo
mise room, and convert a sleeping apartment into a
parlor or sitting room, as they caa be opened cad shut
at convenience, and when shut, the bedding is enclos
ed. A great saving in room and rent. All the bed
steads when closed form a beautiful piece of furniture
for a parlor or silting room, f
BOOK OASES—A neat and useful article for parlor
: or drawing room. i
WRITING DESKS—For law offices, counting rooms,
and other offices; whenopehedamosteonvenienitoed
stead, when closed a perfect Desk and Library alone
is visible, ' ['
All thesf need ; no recommendation: the
nu the*e article* n*.
Veauty of ike whole i*. they are warranted not to get
out of repair. It will oe for your imereti* to call and
examine (be article*, at the'manofactßrer’* •tore. No.
■O3 Third •treet,.Puubantb. In addition to the above
advantage*, they are proof araioet bug*.
Patent Graduated Galvatue Battery and Paim f
Insulated PM* for Medical andtdur yvnrostx.
rpnis la the only Instrument ol the kind tut haaevcz
X been presented in this oonntry or Earope for med
ical purposes, and is the only one ever known to nan,
by widen tbe galvanic fluid can be couyuyed to the ha*
man eye, the ear, the brain, or to any part of the body,
either externally or internally, in a definite nolle
aireem, without shocks or pain—with perfect safety—
and often with the happtestefleets.
This Important apparatus la now highly approved of 1
by many of the most eminent physicians of this coun
try and Earope, to whom the aifiieted and others whom
it may concern can be referred. Reference will alee
be given to many highly respectable citizens, who have
been eared by means of this most valuable apparatus
of seme of the most Inveterate nervous disorders which
eoatd not be removed by any other known means.
Among varihns others, it has been proved to l>e ad*
mtrftbly adapted for the core of the following discs ms,
vie nervous headache and other disease* of the brain.
It is with this apparatus alohe that the operator ean
convey the magnetic fluid with case'and safety to the
. restore hearing; to tie tongue and oiiarorgaaiqTo'ieJ
store speech; , and to the various parts ofthe body: tor
the cure of chVoaie rheumatism, asthma, neuralgia, or
tie doloureox, paralysis, or palsy, goat, chorea or 8l
Vita's danoe, epilepsy, weakness from (prams, some
diseases peculiar to females, contraction of the limbs,
loeJgaw, etc. etc, . .
Bights for surrounding comities pf Western Pa- and
privileges, with the inurnment, may be purchased, anil
alsotestoa tor the cure of diseases.
Puli instructions will bo given for the various chemi
cals to be used tor various diseases, and the best man
ner for operating for the core of those diseases will al
so be folly explained to the purchaser, and a pamphlet
Kinto his hands expressly for these purposes, care
y prepared by the patentee. Enquire of
ocil3-oty d WLLLLAMS, Vine at, Pittaborgh
rLE auentimfof the public is respecuntiy called to
the following certificates;
Ms 8. Eaxias—Having tested a quantity of Gold
weighed by your Areometer. I find tne result proves
your instrument correct; and recommend the use of it
to those going to California, as the best method tor ob
taining the real valae of Gold. Besp. yours,
J. B. DUNLEVY, Gold BeattT.
Pittsburgh, March 9,1849.
>*r for * few oi
P- 8..
Pnniuxan, March 7,1849.
- Ma. Eoxm—Dear Sin Having examined the‘‘Areo
meter," manufactured at your rooms, I do not hestute
to eommend U u the use of those gentlemen who are
about removing to California in search of Gold.
It gives a close approximation to the specific gravi
ty of metals, and will eenainly enable tee adventurer
to ascertain when his placer is yielding Gold.
marH Yours, resp’y, J. rTm’OLINTOCK.
INDIA RUBBER CLOTHING—Just received for the
California Expedition, a complete assortment of
Gum Elastic Clothing, at prices ranging from to
811,50 for suit of coat/ pants and hit. ror sale at the
India Rubber Depot, No 6 Wood st.
"For Californio.
THE celebrated Hazard Rifle Powder, in kega, hall
kegs, quarters and cans, for'hale by
feblS J 8 DILWORTH A Co.‘JTwood at
fIHIE subscriber has removed hi* Wholesale Groee*
I ry Store to the corner of Hancock street and Alle
gheny Wharf; next door to (he Perry House.
. mcbS7:dt? . JOHN F. FERRY.
Bsnnfoeturer ol'Blneral Water Apparattu,
No. 213 North Second st., above Vina,
AN experience of more than twelve years in tha
manufacturing OfMineral Water Apparatus, and
the preparation of Mineral Water in Bottles and Foun
tains, on an extensive scale, with a scientific and pruc*
lichl knowledge of of both branches of business, toge
ther with reeent improvements in the construction of
the Apparatus andue preparing of the Water, whieh
he has succeeded la adopting since his visit to Paris,
and after yean of close study and practical applica
tions as applied to the arts in Mechanics and Chemis
try; enables the subscriber to come before the public
with entire confidence, and offer them the best and
most complete Apparatus, for the manufacture of Min
ers! Water in Bouiea and Fountains, that can be fur*
dished in the United Stales.
He also flitters himself that the enlarged success he
has met with, and the present extensive and daily in
creasing amount of his business in both the above de
partments, famishes the most convincing proof of bis
claim to the superiority of Apparatus over those of all
others, and of the parity anti .salubrity of the Wamr
prepared therefrom.
Persons who-order the Apparatus from a distance,
may be assured that their instructions shall be faithful
ly .complied with, and so packed as to carry safely
etiher by land or water to any part of the U. State*.
To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to those
who intend supplying themselves the approdehlug sea
son, to forward their orders at as early a' day iu con
Mineral Water Apparatus, Generators, Pumps and
Fountains, Ornamental Urns ttnd Pedestals for Stands,
Counters and Bare of Hotels, for drawing Hydrant
Water, together with Corking and Tying Machines,
and everything appertaining to the above business,
constantly on hand, and for sale on the lowest terms
for cosh, apS& ’
O UFACTORY.—The subscriber lakes this method
or informing hi* friends and the public in general that
he has the largest stock of the following named arti
cles of his own manufacture in this cily—Baddies, Har
ness, Trunks and Whips, all of which be will warrant
to bemade oftbe best material and by the best mech
anics in Ailegheuy county. Being delerruuird to sell
his maoufacinres something lower than has been here
tofore sold by any similar establishment in the city,
hft would Invite persons is need of Iho above named
articles to his warehouse. No. 944 Liberty street, oppo
•ito Seventh. Also, bands made to order for machine
ry. . octSVly O. KERBY.
No. 87, comer of Market and Fifth streets, Pitts
burgh. The tabic riber keeps, constantly on hand
wholesale and retail, very fow for ca*bi
■ Tub., Sit.Tr-h?™?'
n,,L TSrt.K- I Sian Chora*,
HoicßuckcLt, I IWfltoho^Ae.
Atl other kiuds of WsVe tn hi* hue made to order
SToUffFEASLETRIPOLI, for Polishing, a newly
jVL discovered substitute for Croeua, Konen Stone,
B F*roities hove found it invaluable for their silver
and coarser wares-'.n short, as remarked by the
‘•Scientific American,* in an article upon It, “of all the
substances which have been applied to polish Glass
■nd M rt*ls> none can equal that aabstance known by
foe name of Tripoli—this is a superior artieie to that
first brought from Italy by .the Venetians, and used by
them ut their palmy days of glass making, to give it
that peculiar polish so much admired byothernatiqns.
inhould bo in every thmily and every work shop.
For sate by RESELLERS.
aaglO - 57 WoOdst
Prsalaa 8 tnwbsrry Ploatsi
A T GREENWOOD GARDEN.—Buifi'a Pme, the
premium plant, fi',oo per hundred. Victoria and
Hovey’i SeedUftgc,*6o cents per hundred—all thrifty
plants warranted. Orders from a distance carefully
Sit up and forwarded. Also, a large collection of
reenhouae Plants. Faatolph and Taylor's Seedling
Raspberry, Re.
An OMNIBUS leaves the Allegheny City end of the
8L Clair Street Bridge, for (be Garden, every half hour
daring the- day.' Tha steam boat will commence Its
regalar tripa as soon as the? river rises. __
' f
DRY GOODS, & c i
WhTCUNTOCK,:* Fourth street.
• • now reeaivitig his jmw Fall stock of-C* !* •
«»of which are same of. the latest and beet •£»*•
nbw in the country. - Tbo*e wishing to farnUhboases
ok steam boats are respectfully invited to c*ol snd s«
•tie new style* and low prices, the sabsenhet Is now
offering In his Has. I R
; Received this dsy, direct from the Importers and
manufacturers— T
. WO yds new style Tspeiry Brussels Carpets;
t,ii22su u tißlylmperial «}©-
’ M 522 ; “ aoperfine Ingrain do
, WOO •‘fine ( -7“ do
0000 1 • “ comma n * u do
; All ofwhieh will be sold {low for cash, .as low as
tan bo purchased in any ofthe Eastern cities.
• iptatt W M'Ct.INTOCK. 7S Fourth at _
and winter, will be received all through the sea
son dlrecl from the manufacturers, and will be Mid
or cash as cheap as ean be bought in the Eastern ei»
fies,at spr» - W hTCLINTOCK'S. 73 Fourth it
tjHliNtW Murphy has
C . opened uxay a fresh lot of the above goods, from
two dollars pet yard up to,’superfine qualities, and of
approved manufheture, to which he particularly in
vites the attention of buyers. Also, b.laea and fancy
Cassuheres, Batin Vesting*, nwilin. merino and couon
UodcTshiru,'Hoaieryand Gloves, Pocket lidkfs and
black Italian and fancy Cravau, at. low eash prices.
Merchants will find It to their advantage to exanftno
tbe stock in Wholesale Boom, upstairs, before huy
ing their gooda Y ; ” I>7 - -
No. 48 Wood St., Prmsctsß,
ARE now receiving their usual supplies of Goods
lor the Fall season, which they will be happy to
exhibit to old customers, and as many new ones
as may feel inclined to presenUbemselvei.
Always taking great pains to lay ursueh goods **
are adapted to the wants of the Western trade, whtc >
long experience enables them to'do, they can say with
much confidence, and without eniering into a detail
of their stock, that the Western retail mefehantwui
find with them all that his customers require, loose
who have formed the unprofitable habit ofrepamng
to the Eastern eides tor their stocks of Dry Goods,
would do well to eall, as a candid comparison or pri
ces would in many eases result in ihe-conviction that
tire expense of going farther may, be obviated by buy
mg in Pittsburgh. ■ : » . »P u 3
A A. MASON A CO., No. CO Market
• just received sn immense stock of NEW
GOOD?, to which they invito the attention of their
friends and the public—assuring them tiiat every arti
cle will be sold at their usual low prices—so low a*
to dtfy competition. I * l
/ ' sew a
• Fall Sleek of CAB
Aq. among which may be toi
Axminster Carpets;
Velvet do
Tapestry do
Brumels do
Extra sup 3 ply do
Bupertue do do
Superfine Ingr. do
Fine do do
Common do do
listing ta
Bar- do
4-4 TI, and | Tap. Ven. do
4-4,3 4 A M Tw’ld do do
4-4*4) | A 3-4 wool do do
4-4. f, | A 9-4 com. do do
Oim which we are ne
evsr before ofered in this c
to Houses and Steal
inn err stock before purchi
Ccnet Warehouse, No. 7
WR. MURPHY is now receiving his first Fall
• supply of Foreign and Domestic GOOD?, aiid
. aas already opened an assortment of new and beauti-
All styles dark fall PRINTS, warranted fast colors;
and neat new style Fall
Muslin de Laihes:
Alpaeeas and Mohair Lustres; (
Damask fig’d and striped do
Parmertos and Lyonese Cloths; ' •
Ofthe most desirable color*; and a full supply pf
bleached and unbleached Muslins, Irish Linens, Man
chester Ginghams, Ac., at northeast comer Fourth and
Market its. Buyers are invited to eall and see.
spt9 L_
YTOENCH MERINOS—Of all the desirable colors,'
X? inch as Maroon, Garnet, cherry, scarlet, different
shades ofgreen drab, and black. - I
Also, PARMETTOS ©t all the above colors, in eve-,
ry variety of quality; and LYONESE CLOTHS, also
of all the desirable colors, now open at Dry Goods
House of spt!4 ' WR MURPHY!
Mourning goods—w. r. Murphr ba» now
open anexiemdTo usaonment of. Black Good'S
including Bombazines, French Merinoe*,- Parmettfs,
Mom* de Lainea, Mourning Alpace&s, and other
Mourning Goods. . spil4 ‘
Military goods.—capi,Fiumr*,gworda Siu li
es, Epaulettes, Lace, Buttons, Flaf*, and all tic
trimming* necessary to equip Tolonteer companies.;
,ID“ Volunteer companies equipped incomplete and
clean aa done lathe East, attne - MUilsry Store, cor
ner Market and Fourth sis* W w WILBOtf •
—The Unitea Btates 'Bass and Tenor Drums! of
Germantown make, fbr sale and -warranted Inr '
«pti . w. w. \y.
w^oob I sTifa&l? acjl^-'< —
ABE sow receiving m vary large flock of fresh
Good*, of rceeoipsrchase and importaUoa,whleit
they wiU sell to the trade at >aeb prices ai eomurt fail
to rive entire satisfaction. ;
City and Country Merchant* are invitodtocall aud
examine oar week before purchasing elsewfc— .
myd :
KENNEDY A SAWYER, comer Wood and Fourth
street, are now receiving direct from first hand*,,
a large stock of Fancy and variety Good*, including
Clock* of every variety, gold and silver Watches,
Jewelry,. French Prims, Combs, Hooks and Eyes,
Gloves and Hosiery, Suspenders, Goa Caps, and all
other articles in their line—all of which having itcen
purchased, personally of the manufacturers east, du
ring the tast winter, expressly for the Spring trade,
aril] be sold wholesale at a small advance on cost.
Constantly on hand, aUdescripturaa of Looking Glass- :
es, ofonr own manafactaring, at eastern price*. mhSJ-
New fancy and variety goods—At zeu
ULON KINSEY’S, 67 Market street.
100 prs fine China Vases, eas'd;. 175 sets twist and
eut 'velvet coat Buttons; 40 fine velvet Carpet Bsxt; 20
do do gent's traveling; 100 grow fancy silk Buttons,
for dresses; 10 dox Noil Brushes, ass’d; 100 gro fine
blk Vest Buttons, asi’d; S5O do do gilt ana plated; do;
23 doz rosewood Hair Brushes; 4 do Washington do;
1 do Barbers do, 3 gro Fish Lines; Fish Hooks, lime-
rick, Ire. i
J EWELRYi Ac.—so gold lever Watches; 60 do do
uched lever W ate ties; 10 do Lepine do; 10 fino dia
mond Ftnrer Rings; 1 doz fine gold Vest ami Fob
Chains; 9do do Guards; Breast Puis, Finger iUnga,
Ear Rings, Ac.
GLOVES, Ac.—2oo doz Ladies Cotton Gloves, ass’d;
300 do do Lisle Thread, fancy top, An.; 10 do gents’
silk Gloves; 12 do do kid do; 60 do ladies kid, aseM; 111
do do fancy top silk.
VARIETY GOODS—7S ptgs American Pins; »»
bxs Cotton Cords; 75pa Paper Muslin; 500,000 ribbed
Percussion Caps; 2UQ gro dress Whalebone do; tuudoz
Ivory Combs; Dressing Combs, Back Combs, Ac. Ac.
ap9 I - • t
TirHEEEAS, John P. Hopewell, of the city of Pitts*
YY burgh, Merchant Tailor, by his deed, bearing
date the 23th day of July,'A. D n 1840, and recorded in
the Reerrderis Office of Allegheny country; .m deed
book Vol.bfl, page 490, assigned ana transferred to mo
all tils estate, real and personal, in trust for his credi
tors : NOTICE is hereby given to nil person* indebted
to said estate to make payment to ibe undersigned, and
those having claim* against it, to present them for set.
dement. BFNIA3IIN GLYDE, Assignee,
augll - . Pittsburgh.
Bath for fifteen cents-
Ladies Department open from 9 to 11 o’clock, A. M
and 2 to 5 o’clock, P. M. 1
Athenmum Saloon and Bathing Establishment,
jy 18 ; T. M’FALU Proprietory
JAYNE4-Thls certifies, that immediately after
having attended tny brother, who died of consumption
in March, 1842.1 was taken sick with the Cousuronubn
oriiver Complaint, and was reduced so low with toe
disease,that for four years I was unable_fo aitrnujto'
my business, either at home or abroad, being lor the
most time confined to my bed. Duringthe above peri
od of lime, 1 had expended for medical attendance o
regular Physicians and medicines, to Utc umountof
83U0, without receiving any benefit therefrom, jln
July, IS4S, I'commenced taking Dr. Jayne’a Mcjdj
cines, and have taken them more or less over
and oclicve that it was by persevering m their use,
that I can now truly say that I have completely «bo-.
vered my health. I bebeve that Jayne's banuuve Pills
and Expectorant arc the best family medteiad* nost in
“Treside in Springfield, Otsego county, N. Y, and
carry on a farnace and machine shop in that place,
and am not interested in any manner in the sale of the
above medicines, and make this certificate for Um ben
efit of those afflicted- ELIJAH EATON.
Springfield, N. Y., Septltf 1848. jn4
Dr. Bose's Celebrated Remedies.
r\R. JACOB S. ROSE, the discoverer and sole pro
_|l prieisrofthese most popular and beneficial med
iemes, and also the inventor of ibe celebrated instru
ment for inflating the Lungs, in effecting cure of
Chronic diseases, was a undent of that eminetil physi
cian, Doctor.Phyiic, and u o graduate of the Universi
ty of Pennsylvania, and for-tfurty yean stuce has been
engaged in the investigation of disease, and the appli
cation of remedies thereto.
Through the use of his inflating tube, in connection
with his Prophylactic Syrun and other of tins remedies,
ho has gained an unparaleiled eminence ui caring'
those dreadful and fatal maladies, Tubercular Con
sumption, Cancers, Scrofula. Rheumatism, Asthma,
Fever ana Ague, Fevers ofail kinds, Chroma Erysipe
las;, and all those obstinate disease spec aliar to female*.
Indeed every form of disease vanishes under the use
of hi* remedies,to whieh humanity is heir—not by the
use of one compound only, for that is ir compatible
with Physiological Law, but by the use of Ids reme
dies, adapted to and prescribedior each peculiar farm
of disease.
Dr. Rose’s Tonis Alterative Pills, when used are in
variably acknowledged to be superior to all other, as
a purgative or liver pill, inasmuch as- they leave-ihe
bowels perfectly free from costiveness; as also his
Golden Pill* is admitted by tha faculty to possess pecu
liar properties adapted ta female diseases, but Icing
satisfied that a bare trial is sufficient to establish what
has been said in the minds of the most skeptical:-
The iffiicted are invited to call upon the agent, and
procure (gratis) one of the Doctor's pamphlet*, giving
a detailed aceaunt of each remedy and its application.
For tale by the following agents, as well as by most
Cl. ri
Jos Barkley, Darlington, Beaver county, Fa.
Jno ElliolCEunon YoJley, “ “. u
T Adams, Beaver, “
.’neyin-oty -
ud has been tte adednieratioa of
ISu wwo during the coming aeoson
i“ Lu I -BIW «*"■ “ "'A'“P--
p,r t'CARTER.
pSSa iSlbdh, R- K. SEXLES3, fi7 Wood .1,
and*iSd by druggisu ft me rally, in Pittsburgh and Al
teg Any. ;
VOL. XVII. NO. 58.
. . . :,.i
!.\u. R. Ik Sellers—Deal S r l feel it is a duty low*.. „
uj the politic, as well tyf to the eredtt or your Ltvet.
pttl«, to state the good effect* produced by thetrase in
i*y own.ea*e Caring iho month ot June, ISII, l toot
very unwell, my appetite failed, and my strength *u :
entirely prostrated. with «evere pain tn oy side and •
shoulders. I was to hi by medical men that my dise—O 1
.Wasa severe attack of uvef complaint-: I took sevc
nd boxes of M’Lanc’sLivcr Pills; and somesyrtps, -
which: 1 was told was good for ihal disease, but "after
alii wit getting worse, finally concluded to plaeo -;
myself under the care of a phyiieian for better or ■=
worse; but fortunately, ju*i.atiht» : ttme, I was tola
;» the. Rut, I.' Nibloct, of this place, that a friend
ent him a box of Sullen’ Liver Pills from
vhich had benefited hinf very Intieh.
lent for a box of your liver Pills, end by the urn* J
Was done usniglhcmil v»* sniiified that it was job
the medicine that suiied-tuy ca*e. 1 sent tor more,
and took fire or tlx boxes. , and loaud turself almost
entirely cured; but in March la*t I caught" a severe
cold, which brought back the' dUeare, and m a short
time I was as boil as lever. 1 «*sm hid Woanc to. r ■
year liver Pill*, nnd'iook them every other mjbt for .
six week*, and oeea*4eua!!y «ince. and I caanowaajy J
that l enn now say, that 1, iee{ little it any symptoms,,
of" the Liver Complaint, jtnl >ny general health is.oa
good now a* it has been for Hi* 1*« ID year*. - ■
; My neighbors a«k mo who. was , ray doctor. Jlcll
them thnt;<eiiera’iiv,>r pflU-was my doctor,ana by .
the blessing of Divine ProviJeuee thdiueausol eanSFi
me._ 1 am confident that when the public beeomonc*..
xjuiumed with the v*lac «'f yoor liver'Pitls, the ce
toand for them will melons*.-' Many of my neighbor*,; '
,to whan 1 have recamaemled the pills, can testify to
their value, as welt os to the facts above stated. ‘ 1 ‘
1 Respectfully your*, . Crum* Main.' i .
Toths Pesuc.—The Original, only true and genual
ttiuo Liver Pill* are prepared ?by IL, B- Sellers. aud_.
have his name stamped ■in black wax upon the fid of
each Box, aud hi* signatUr-ron the outside wrapper!
{SJT AII others arc coauterLtu, or busoimhations,,.
»pt!l7 R. E SELLERS, Proprietor, 57 Wood gl ’~*
CAUTION IfiXTHA ■.',.***
A man by the ngraeof RUEL CLA.FT bah engaged.-
with a young nun of the name of S. P.Tuwnseuu, and
uses his name to put dp a Sarsaparilla, which thej l
eall JDr. Townsend’s Sarsaparilla, - denominating
GENUINE, anginal, etc. .This Townsend t* noooc*
tor and never wa», but was formerly a workeroflrtil-i
roads, canals, and the like. Yet he assameriha title
of Dr. Ybr the purpose of gaining credit for what be is
not. He is sending out card.* headed “Tricks, of
Quacks,” in which tie says, I have sold the uso of my
name for S 7 a week. 1 will give 8. P. Townsend BSW.
ifhe will produce ono single solitary proof of this.—
This is to caution the public net to bo deceived,,and*
purchase none but the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD, ’
Dr. Jaeob Townsend's Sarsaparilla, bating on IfAe
Old Dr.’s likeness, his family Coat of arms, aAd his riS’*'
uature across the cool of arms. • ..
Principal Office, Jftl Nassau at, New .York City;.,- *
300 DB.
ow constantly receiving uir,
mod the following varieties
Bap Chenille Kays;
do Tailed do
Commou do do
Sheep skin Mats;
Chenille do
Tailed do
Adelaid do
H7d,U l M,jl4tlidM
Oil Cloths; .
Table Linear »
Huekeback Diaper;
Linen Crash;
Damask Linen Str. Cover;
Pat. Oil Cloth do do
Stair RodSr-Dinding, Ac.
iow able to sell lowerthan
city. We invite all wishing
un Boats, to eall and exam*
lasing elsewhere.
75 Fourth st.
Old Dr. Townsend is r.ow about 70 years of age. aorl
has long been known as the A.UTUOR and DISCO
SARSAPARILLA.” Being poor,' ho ; vu ccmpelW
10 limit its manufacture, by which, means it few been
kept out'of market, and iliu Mies circumscribed tb
those only who had proved it* worth and known- in
value. ThisGuxn axd ParpAJJLtlos U '
manufactured on the largest scale, and Is called for
throughout the length undbreadth of tl.o land.* •* .- /
Unlike ygung S. 1?. Townsend’s, it improves .with ■
age, andiKivei changes, but for the.better; because it,
it prepared on seicHtufic principles by a scientific naff.
The highest knowledge of Chemistry, and the latest
discoveries of ibe Arc have till been brought law re
quisition in the. raauuiactnre < ’ot the Old Dr.'S Sarsapa*
rilia. The Sarsaparilla root, it Is well known to thed
ical'raen, contains medicinal properties,and somepfo*
.perlies which are inert or useless; and others, which, *
if retained in preparing it for use, produce ferioenla
tion and acid; which is injurious to the system! Some :
oftbe prop-rtles ol Sarsaparilla are so. volatile that
they entirely evaporate and arc lost in -thfl prepara- ...
non,iftbey are nol preserved by a icientiOe process,,
known only to tboso experienced, in' its munnfactßfc.
Moreover these volatile principles, which flyolTUt va
por. or as an exhalation, under heat, ore tod veiy es
sential medicnl properties of the root, which gives u>
it all its value. The . __ ' :t
is so prepared; that ii'l the inert properties of the Sar
saparilla root are first rem'oved. evcry. tbiug eawblo c . "
of becoming arid or of fermentation, in'extractea and
rejected; then every particle ofjncdienl virtue ii seen- .
red in a pure and concentrated .form; and. thus RU
rendered incapable of losing any of its valuable *ut i
healing properties. I'repared .in this way, it is a&fle
Uio moM powerful ugeui in lite' - / v ‘ '
cure op innumerable diseases. *•*
every side in in invor by men, women and children.
We End it doing wonder* in tlie care of Consumption,-
Uyrpcpnis, and Lavet complaint, and in Ciieatßatiu&i
Scrofula and Piles, C<wLirene*», all Cutaneous Erup
tions. Pimples, Blotches, and dll nffeciimw nming from
li possesses a marvellous efficacy in all complaints
arising from Indigestion, from Acidity of the Stomarhj
from unequal ctrca'alioit, determination of blood tqthc
head, nslpitaiion of the heart, cold feel and coldjhands
cold cnills and hot Cashes over the Inuly.' 'ltnaanot
hod its equal in coughs and colds; and promotes easy
expectoration, arid gentle perspiration, relaxing strie
'‘'"’at* and every mherparu- -
HEW GOODS, 1849.
Hence the reason whv we hoar eammeitdstions'qn
and acknowledged than lanii k *1 'T' r»-n B 1
It vrorki wonder* in eases or'fluor.albus Of white*,
Failing of the Womb, Obstructed, SjipprejaedjOFPsiu-"
rul Meases, Irregularity of the mens'rati periods, and
the like; end is effectual in curing oilforms oftho,Kid
ney Diseases. Uy remoTingcbsinictioas, and regola
ting the general it give* wue and strength W •.
the whole body, and cure* all forms of • .
and ihurprevents or relieves a groat variety ofother. .
diseases, ns Sptmtl Irritation, Neuralgia, St. Vitus
Dunce, Swoonm<, Ejnlcptic Fils, Convulsions, An. Is
doi this, then, tux Mxniaxs xou Pax-ExtiTsaTLT NxxnT
. But can any of these things be said of S. P.Towu- “
send’s iulerior.ariicleT This young man's liquid la not
because of the Grand Foi-t, ’hntjthC'One is incapable' ..
of Deterioration and NEVER SPOILS, while the oth
er DOES; it sours, ferments, .and blows the bottles
containing It into fragmnnts; ine hour, acid liauid ex- j
ploding and diuuactng other goods! Mustuottuia hor- -
rible compound be pr.'tsauous to the system! , tVhati.' 1'
nut acid into a system already diseased; With acid!
What causes Dyspepsia but acia! Do we not ail know,
that when food sours in'our stomachs, what mischiefs •
it produce*!—flatulence, lieortburn, .palpitation’-of the
• heart, hver complaint, diarrhma, dysentery, cholic and
corruption of tha blood? What u Scrofula but as acid
hutdor in ine body! What produce* all: the humors
which bring on Eruption* of the Bktn. Scald Head,
Salt While Swellings. Fever-Sores,
and all ulcerations internal and external!'- It ianoth-
ing under heaven but an acid substance, which
and thus spoil* alt the fluids of the body, move or less.
What causes Rheumatism but a sour acid fluid, which
insinuates itself between tho joints artJ'eltcwfaiere, ir
ritating and iu Aiming the tender and delicate tissues
upon which it ucts! So of nervous dtscucs, of'impu
nty rtf the blood, of deranged circulations, and nearly
all the ailments which afflict hdman nature.
Now. is it not horrible to make and sell, and infinite
ly wor-e to uto this ’
ind yet he would fain have it understood that Old Ja
mb Townsend’s Genuine Original Sarsaparilla, is an
Imitation of his inferior preparation!! . Pz
Heaven forbid that we should dual In an article
which would hcarthe most distant resen\hlaitco toB.
1». Townsend's'ortiebt! and which should bring down
upon the Old Dr. such a miiuntuin load of complaints .
and crimination* from agenu who have .sold, and pur
chaser* who have used ti. P. Towifseud’a Fenscnting
We wish it understood, hecaute it is the- absolute
truth, tbat S. P. Townsend’s article and Old Dr, Jacob *
Townsend’s Sarsaparilla nre ficavemwidc apart, aud
infinitely dt-eimilar; tha: they nrcanlike in every psir
ticular. having not one single thing in common. .
It is to arrest trauds upon the unfortunate, to poor,
balm into wounded kindla hope in the",
despairing bosom, to restore -health and bloom und vi
gor into the crushed and broken und to banish Infirmi
ty—that old DR. JACOB TOWNSEND h«s BOUGHT ;
mid FOUND the opportunity und to brine his
witliin the reach, und tii thc knowlcdifo of'allLwho'
need it. that they may learn aad know,’ by jojl'nl ex*. -
perienee. itsTaavscuvint-vr rowxiro uzau!
For *ala hy J. K!Dl> & CO„ Wholesale Agent for
'Westont i’enuiylvanta; J. sMITIi, UirinlugluL'n; Dr.
J.SAUGEANT, Allcghcuy: Dr. J. CASSELL, Filth ’
wanl.G. \V (>AKDNKR.'rth ward,Pittsburgh iptfl ,
Jayaes’ EzpseteranL ' T~
Columbiana Apr. 24, 1&41.
DR. D. JAYNES; Dkab Sim—l foct.boand to yon_
and the mflicird public, to avail myself of this op
portunity of giving publicity to the extraordinary eflccti
of your Expectorant on myself. Having been alflieted
for several years with a severe cough; hectic fever
and its concomitant disease*, and scoruea ouiy doomed
to linger out a short but miserable .‘existence, until the
fall of 1830, when, being more severely'attacked, and
having resorted to'aU my former remedies, and ihepre» ' ;
scriptions of two of the most respectable physicians in
the neighborhood without deriving uny benefit, orjlto
consolation of snrvisinfr but a few daya or weeks af::
farthegt—wltcn tlifi last gleam of hope waaahoulto
vanish, I had recohtmrnded to rec your Expectorant—
andb)cs«ed by thatikiiig who does'ihe
use of the inrons—and contrary tn ibe expectations of
my physician* und friends I was In a few days raised
from my bed, and was enabled by the useof a-ioUie,to
attend to my business enjoying wncchcncrheaJththan
! had far ten years previous.
Respectfully yrrars,<&:c., J*x.W. Ertzu. '
For sale in Pittsburgh, at the Pekin Tea Store, 71
Fourth street. marts •
from the .
A. East, of in years standing, offer* U> treat all cases
of n Delicate Nature wiih.promptness aoisicrecy.
liissucccrs iu Huffnm and other large citieshoa •
benr proverbial. Hit charges are tnoderale, sod hix
cures'permaoent. OKI ease* of Gleet, Stricture, Scro
fain. Fluor Albus, Rheumotisin. Ague, Syphilis, or any '
ciiionto or inveterate case* solicited,
A cure wnrrunted, or charge refuuded. , ,
Ort.ctfy St-Ul*ir street. 2 doors from the Bridge. '
Teeth Extracted- Advice to toe poor gratis.
N. U—Dr A. vrl.cita tscwom'ca*M.ofany dlseaia
iu TitMbargh to e.niL.' ' • f ■ ApHsdly.' • •
- oftER v WOOD" U A£ilsl£ar~ ——
\i riLL remain open for vLiters until thofjst Janua
?V. ry, IrAO. Oyirtct? and other Hefreshmenu suit- '
e<i t« the scavtn will tie kept.. The Greenhouse, con
taining a large collection of rare and choice Plants, :
will he open to vi-iiers. Doqacu neatly put up at
short umico 'ihroughcut the : season. An Ommbua
leave* the Allsgltsoy end of the St. Clair-Street .
Bridge, every half hour daring tho day, to the' '
Gszueoj aim the fotry boat; Captain "Walker, runs •
from thi: J’nint, landing a short distance shove the Gar
den. Parties wirhinj to spendthe evening, will, bo
accommod4ted with a return Ornnlbuxiat .4i> o‘ciock,
P. M- Kept on Temperance principles, and closed oa
Bh-l. ay; . *..t13 ' .. J. STRAIN.
AsLeutrnm baJoon nud-OatlUiif Kittle
THE , PROPRIETOR is now prepared to :s«rvo'
up meals at alt hoora,£nconnection wi'h Jlaardinx
by the day or ■week' • T.’M»FAI-L,
• . ipcH Fr^rtetor..