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    TABLISHED IN 1786.
ILONti A CROKEK,Commission Merchant*
k.>oler# iefroduae, No. 2d Market street
• . decB
(IDS LEADER,-Wholesale dealers in
oodi, GiopCTH'i, Bools, Shoes, Pittsburgh
red No. £h> Liberty street,
ft wutrsT*] exoitai mril
IAJiHPTEIt, Wholcftle and Retail Dreg
srucr of Liberty and Su Clair streets, Pins
< ' i tnayl4‘
(I'zsox; I- M.|Asaowtr.
I 14- CVLBBktSON, Wholesale Grocers,
. isimistioe .Merchants, No. 14A Liberty st,
i Pa. [ i [ 4c3ljy._
I nllNtilUCK A Co, Wholesale end Re-
Jiruggista, corner Wood and CUtts. - jyl
, iV A SMITH, Whoiesaie Grocers, lb and
t od street i*ittsburgfa. '•
iUES to’giTO. bis nanirolar aitention to'thc
dmt of Diseases of the SKIN, SCROFULA,
Es of die THROAT.
jits; d A.Mi 1 and 7 PM.
i Mrtck
Pi'l I
• B b»i
!. SKINNER, Forwarding add Commauion
uvUjKo.tSMarkeot, Pittsburgh. *jni
I :ANUI«TY t Co., Forwarding add Com
j ia Merchant*, Canal Ruin, Pmtburgh Pa.
!.' • ‘ mcha_
I« Aite, steal andiron
ii/lIAIUdAPi it Co, Dinaiicttifti af
and jaiptic Spring*, Hammered Axle*:
Piough-SieeL, Iron, Ac. .W&rthoue'on
Froni*'reeu t i'ilubßrgli.
ler* ml Coach Trimming* and Malleable
{•• oetl*
Dll. W.O. OAIUB.
. (Late of New hojk )
jtUnwu iUceL between Seventh. mi
:u*es of the mouth, gum* and teeth treated
;a Hr- »pilU.d3m - ,
Sprinf asd
iAUoi do
• Oroe*—Souti'"-
l(ixn«eop«liiy i
. WH. ts. ohusu, jiiua j. rcnifKrr
EN«U811 A UKNNI/nyOM* EnrlisU, GSSrf
4“ Vholrsnle (irottri, Coßiuiissiiui and For
wsruiiie Mm ehmnu, and dealers in Produce and Puw
bßrgfc Mauuiaciuaa, No. 37 Woo<l su between id and
Sdtireei*. , ' oeu .
t Mcrcha
IXNIILKAIV, Commission »H'l Ki»rwKfilin<
No. gu Wood street. Pittsburgh. myl!
c.A2» uAKfct BtTb.; : :
/—Ov Smith&cid «t, between 3d ud 4ia.
*—From l* M. to 3r . AL—from oto V
CB—Mr. Bauder’s, corner PmUhfield and
’• 1 . *pts:dOm
tkiuActK factohy." T
-JN HTHWAHT, manufacturer of lleayy
Ac., Hcbccea street, city of
1- ' • • ■ ' BOTlb-dl)' *
' Otfice hadi
M. Iliusi)
. and Third _st
♦ iiui
1 TlAiirL'i
Ji ghiniu
- Altcgheuy.
successor to Alarphv A Wool Deal
‘ 4 Commission Merchant, (or the sate -o(
ooleusi Liberty, oppoe lie fith rt. fcbl7
u>, DaminorC. ~ • *
aya, kbwAlfl iuau>, > p ,
juio.Oohh a. WA&nsx, J
BUCKNOH, Tobacco Ccmioii&lon filer*
U Muiji Water it, AlO North Wh arret,
. I : . cuVatMf
r wx. t. ;oait»r
JONES A Co-, (successors 16 Atwood,
: Co.) Commission and Forwarding Aler
ts*, in Pittsburgh filonufaciurcd Goode,
l ; ~ mchd? ■
fej Boiuai incor, is,
.LKLIY A Co., Wholesale Grocers, Com*
erchtmu/und dealers tn Produce, No*. Ad
U 7 Front streets, Pittsburgh. novd
U> cr ftr
American W
9. c m’cj
Phila,* ’
XI Jones a
chants, dealt
PmAljurji,, 1’
i&aua nrci
mission Mi
Water, and U|
JO tUt 8. fiiuj
for the linun
Plttsbcrgh. |
foMH-. io*xfh au-wowa. .
/ORTH A Co, Wholeutlc Grocers, Pro*
M Commission Merchants, and Agents
1 Powder Co; of N. Y,No. VE7 Wool st,
r' • ' ■' ■" '”. spin
JOIIN M. ioWNiiLND, Dragglstaad Apothecary
No. 49 Market iu, three doors above Third ft. Pitta*
norgn, will have constantly onhaada well sclented su:
•omaent of thb best and treaiiest Medicines, whioK ha
wuiseli cm tie most reasonable terms. Physicians
•aiding order i, wiU be prt'mjiUy attended to. and sup
pued with art ties they may rely, own as genuine. '■
U7*.shysict ms Prescriptions will bo accurately hnd
neatly prepared from Hie best materials, at any hear ol
•'ha day or nig. ,l • - • . ■
- Xiao tor calc a large stock of fresh and good l’erfa
***y- ./ . •luci ,
' J id. CANFIELD, (late Ohio,) Commit
Tr 1 . 2.?" v Forwarding Mtrcham, and wholesale
dealer in Weikerc Reserve cheeseTllattar, Pot aha
. Pearl Ast] and Western Prodceo generally,’Water
tteet, between and Wood, Pittsburgh. B pj
) V ATT, (successor to Ewwt * GebbanJ
Wholesale Grocer tad Commission Merchant)
dealer in Produce and Pittsburgh Mamuaeiarcs, cor
net of Liberty and itana streets, Pittsburgh Pe- Jaffl
J AMPS B Alrtit'lßE, (lateof the hnaof Aigcoand
McGuire,)Merchant Tailor, St. Charles Buildings,
street, ucwWoodj Pittsburgh. ' . '
JAMB 3 A iiui'cmsON, ’4 Co to’
Lewis Hutchison A Commission Merchants,
and Agdau of the SC.. Laws Steam Sugar Refinery.
N0.,49 water suid 93 front streets) Pittsburgh.
MORGAN, Wholesale DrurtsLanA deal*
-«laJjyeSUls,PftiiL S oils, VaruistHaiZ***,
wood urett, oca floor South of Diamond Alley,'Pitts
-• fflffc-,:',"-- ' -
JAMES KERR, Jr., A Coi (successorto JosenhU.
DavtSflAhip tihaadJctt. 3o Water street. • octJl '
Wholesale. and Retail denier
uxnuuip tutdMsticai Instruments, School Boots,
ttdmae*, Steel Peas, Quills, Primers’ Cards,: and
, . »*}®i°"T generally,No. tsl Wood su, Pittsburgh?
; IP^lu-gs boughtor taken iatrade. jepU
JSCIItSONAIAKtR A Co- Wholesale Drngxrsu,
■ No. V» Wood meet, Piuilmrgfa. “*
JOHN iA DAVia»Aucuouecr,comera;h
streets; PittJburgiL j PfM ,
JOIiN&rUN 4 aIOCKTON. BookseUera, i'ruuers
and I'apcr Manufacturers, No. 41 Market st, Puts-
Garglx, , ' ■ • , ] c »
Jons Flo in.
J 4 K. I LOYD, Wholesale Grocers, Cantsusston
• Mercuaijta, and Dealer* :iu Prodace. Roiind
Chaich ButlUiugs, Liberty, Wood awi eth
ttreeu,‘i'ju»burt;b, Pai jjjyy
JAMiSd DALZELL, \Vholcsalp‘Urocei, Ccmmmvuo
Mcichant,ajid dealer in 'Produco and Pitlabunrh
ACOB WEAVER, Jk, Wholesale and Retail Dea
ler ut Foreign Wine* and Xaqaors, and old Morton
gaheia Hye \Yhiskcy*, corner Ftritand Market'sia, -
TP i£R 4 JONEB,Fcrwardiug aud Commission Mer-'
XL cttiiiu, Deairrs in Produce and Pltuhurah mauu
factnred atuctss, Canti iiastu, near 7th «b ny| •
ENNPDY j CHILDS 4 ilauufactnrcrs of very
JA enpenor 4-4 Sheetings, Carpel Chain, Cotton
iVrtnc ai.d Baiiuig. .
_ - Vesurim Iron Worki. T ~~*
T- EWifl, DAli/K1.1,. A Co., manufacturers of all si
Jj ces DovShpeij Doilariroo nnd.Nail* of tbo bee
quality. Vy «rcbouse > (1 water and IOS from u.
janlg ' •' -
’ - T ® WAI'KHMJUS, Wholesale Grocer, Forward-
Jj> tng and Commission Merchant Dealer in Puts*
bargh Manulnctures and Produce, Np*. 11l Water st
and 6d I-rout nt . : . | iS7 •
taomas tsnjuDt. ta. - - joust M. siwr
* * BAWTE». I ’
. T 00®NO GLABsJ Manufacturers, and wholesale
. . /-u dealers in foreign and domestic Variety Goods.
Western, merchants, Pedlar* and others ; are- invited
to collota gramme ihepricesdnd quality of okr stock,
as with ou? present increased facilities in manufactur
ing and purchasing, we think we eaa offer as great
Jndacemrma to buyers as any other ho\ue west of (he
■ Mountains. - job-1 y
• cTu^wcixTsdaTPiiuburgliT
Tfc4 ILLUt A RICKETSON, Wholesale Grocers, and
t. . JXL importers of Brandies, Wines and Sernr#, No».
1?X and iT-i, corner of Liberty and Irwin streets, Pius*
. bargh, Pa iron; Noils, Couon yarns, Ac. Ae. eon
stonily ou hand. < ongl4
' torn itcill. •• iah. it. H'fiiu. wuju e. too.
McGUJ.S ARUK, Wholesale Grocers and Co mini *-
won' Merchant*, No. m Liberty ft- Pituburgh
iafl ~ • >
MURPHY, WILSON A CO., (late Jones, Morphy A
Ctil) Wholesale Dealers- ui Dry Goods, No. 4d
Wood street, Pittsburg. - • - aovtt
MATTIIKW IV ILtiUN, i'orirairaait WltuauireFaitT
tcr. Rooms, corner of Post Ofhcc Alley and
Fourth street, entrance oa 4th near Market.
dccLdtf. .
tUACJtcto, ' ' toBJi t. <jciuf.
MAN UFA CPU ItfclUS of spring and blister steel,
plough steel, steel plough wings, coaeb and clip
ic spring*, hammered iron axles, and dealers in ipa
..cable cojiiugSjfirc engine and cotch trummiigi
generally.corner ofKois and Pnuit Pituburgn,
Pa. • . j lelw -
XT HOLiIKJJ 'A SON, No.' 45 Market st, second
•• •• Xu • door from corner of Poanb. dealers in Foreign
snd Doikciuc bills ofKxchaiisc, Ceruhcalesof L>epot
. .. •U, Bank Notes audSpecle.
..ID" Uollecttons mad oa all the principal cities
• - - throughout the United State*.- dcc!7-
NDLCKMASTKK, Ahb<aaa»»oaiee, Fourth sh,
• third door above Stniihfeeld, south side.
Conreyanclngofali kinds done wuh the greatest
ease an<t legal accuracy. 1
Titles to Real Estate examined, Ac. oqt3My
~ XJU- tiJCOUOIfi McCOOit.
/’VPFJCE,' Fourth street, urar Grant, in the room
VJ lately occupied by Alderman MtUer, immediate
ly opposite Mr. Bake wcli-s.. Hemaybeloandatnight
; UNo.:i,SlCharles Hold. • jttlltdtfm
i - - \ • ~ : TH/l. Uoberts, a, D.,
- SL'KGhION. wUJ attend to the treat*
, V/.mentof Diteases of the hlye.
- ' ‘ - Dr. R. has been engaged in this branch of the modi
... 1 etiprofcaaon fur sixteen yearsi and has conducted an
cstahlisttmentloTtheUeamtenlof disease*of theeye
slope fur sevarsl years. j
• T .--Office and iCtideiicc, corner of Sandusky sl anti
•• • •. Strawtert) alley, Ailegbcny city. »cU3 ,
JOB 3 pskjs TuTpnrth
iKtW sl, near Wood—All qaamitles of Green and.
.TA : . f .■■■ Bioek Teas, done op in quarter, half, aud
. ' -Ms pound packages, miring from Hi cts. ’per pound
’ lyj A. Art-, tor Pekin Tea Co. .
T>,ltOHlsON A CO. having associated TUOMAS
JLV* wub theniin basinets,tho Whole
?*" Grocery, .Produce and Commisslsu busutesswill
be eomioaed ds usudl audrr the iintt of Robison, JJt
— tie ACu.- , ...
• •» X>OKIrfONVLITTLK ACO , No. 183 Liberty street,
- JLv Puuaarrb, Wholesale Grocers, Produce, ana
,Mmmiitua-.Aletcbauu, and dealers in Pittsburgh
I." Mxnofaciorcj. _ Jy7 •
Kxqst. iobisohT Thos.t.rmJL aaau-a. aonaon.
GbLRT iIOGJUJ, \VhoiesiUe Grocer, Rectifying
Distuler. dealer la Produce, Pittsburgh Manui&c
tares, and til kinds of Foreign and Domestic Wines
• i ana Liqaon, No. 11 liberty street On hand a Tory
!/- . Urge *iot-k o/ *uperior old Monongohcia whiskey,
\ -which MinU be sold taw for cash. -apl£ly
II Olifjff Cm Xpri, A Co n ~Whole»alo Grocers,
. . Xkj'CommiMion'aiid Forwarding Merchants, dealers
. in Produce and Piiuburgh Monufaeures, Liberty st
Pittsburgh, P>/ . fcbaM
• i-o. ucraouis, - t. l. tax*.
■ • 1 IEVNQLDaAWHF-g, Forwarding and Commisetoa
> . JV Merchant*, for the Allegheny furer Trade, deal*
train Groceries, Pittsburgh Manufactures
»il.v-••. a RJtd Chloride of bind •
i\ • '.Thehighest prices, In cash, paid at all times for eoun
,'l v ...i rng». Corner oil Vim anti irwin «t«. ■ Itntl
JhOUjL,A. CUNNINGHAM, Wholesale Orocey*
- lAi Defiar in. Prodau and Pliubttrgk. Manufacture*,
he. Mi liberty ‘J7« •
l i
K C. SHACKLm, . ; -TTOS -mi
“ d DomuXit No. WwlS i“
r -tsuurgn. . . i ] r-K.-if *
OillTll, BAGALKY A _ j
K,,h M " ck *"“. '■“a
jKpu.-incaoi*, xjlstlasp.
O mi*»ion *** Genera] Corn
et*,iUnjSKSU‘rd OiS! L,ber,jr *M’iU.tmrgb.
S. SJ I Mg Uw l
"^J o ]*** 1 * Crocen and Co ramie
s*St.“SbS&“ ri in rnx3ac "-
• w.j; tbotHl " -
T R ISS. 4 <?fS >T fl<J! V t oles * {e “ d Retail dealer* in
4gajift£a& smsa. s? vr-
WICt. 1
»tooe And Mill PtiniML
etniil* “* wubliihmeni, No. 244 Liberty il, near the
y\T ". WILB6N7VV a icbe *, Jewe 1 r y ,tTI Lvcr Wan!
, * J* nd j LhtaryGood t , comer of Market And 4th
TIXEST BOWKV-—CommiMiofl anil Forward]nr
•./ «. Merchant, No: W Front »l between Wood and.
’ .. streets.' fetnil
WR- MtiiU’Ut, Wholesale and ftetai) dealer in
• -Vaf 1 *? S° me ‘ u ' c l>ry Good*, north east
corner of Market and Fourth its. nopal
Www. toetts * mo l
«3 WJW° * Co-Dealer. in fcaihS hidS? A*.
.143 Liberty at __ _
WM M’tCTCUßti.n. ‘ EOBT. iTcOTCliao*.
iW *R- M*CUTCIIKOPJ, Wholesale Grocer*, dea
. * .V! 6 ” J" Produce, Iron, Nail*. Clara; and Pun,
bunrb 3Unnf3e V m: * lt«ner*»ri IM Liberty at, FUm-
WW WlLSON.lteaTeT in~\VAi"che* Jewelry
ir< «,* er Wmb * M uiu, *7 Good*, fce„ No. 57 Mar
p.iiinT.T” 1 sr^NowmcKSfSSJili!
mchlS , , ■ , r
. tv PK^IOXUCUrjrco^ —'
■ L STEAM] UQAT agents
Baaaag OmauonM. aujcs&Co.
OCt3l ; No. 4tl Water
; ft “ JSSIJttANCK.
LtcoaronamD is lftta.
! stigtf,!S%' aaa ’ *■?%«- »«H« Fund,
.i. T^t?I -‘ l4ndr F‘ pon,il ’ !o Companfr continues is i».
on , lil r, mo,t fa«r*ble tenua on DweJ in*
Hoaaebold fr amitara, Store*, Sioek* of Good* ,
Warehouses and content*. Wilis and Manufacioric*/
v c :, 4e ’ ■*»»* LOSS OR DAMAGE fly FIRE P
*]*®’ ?? Ware* and Merchandize, araihn
r d y*
5T| e o eie» throughout the UMtkfSiafSandthJ
BriUah Provinces, have established a“jo»t reputation
for solvency and fair dealing, wfceh ehMiauS,
pariaon wuh any other iawranee mo
or ,- AJB «f} c *- The anneaedcxtract from an
article oa the subject of insurauce/Companies, taken
“.■»«»,Y.riDw itook,» / SubESaStE
,l *£dinp.and. policy of the Company.
‘moneyed nen* of the ancient and alwav. om>*
««y of Hartford,have/ot hair *ccniary been
wmoB» throughout the Umo/for the eare, discretion,
«itd Iwnesiyjand anvaryiof aaeeesa with winch they
eorrtratioaa of .this de
£■« mm A 0 or Compau y
f. a * n r i f f ile4! Companies have, fcr more
iS ! pvneraUon scene red iheir ruki in near-
Sial ° of the Luton, and hare never failed to
p«) too innumerable loues which they have insured-
BguinsL n _
. AR losses arising apon policies issued by the ander
*r*'ied, wnl be promptly adjusted and paid at ihe Gen
era: Agency office, located at Cincinnati, O A line
portion; of the funds or the Company, (isclodine nil
Sl! e^?1 2 m * * l® Cc j Twl at the Western agencies,)- is de*
Goaeral Agent of the Company it
Cincinnati, for the payment of Western and Southern
losses. Apply to FAYETTK BHOWN,
Agent forthe City of Pitubargh, and for Allegheny
Tbs Psaasylrtala Oompaay i
n¥??Ji txe tW >sLtva "oGnaanao Anrnus
'uolini Lite Inaaranoo Company in the U. States.
X_ locorperatedMarch lu, IbUl-cha-Ut perpomaL
fitpualLXM.OOCt—alipaid In. ''
Manar aathonaed the undesigned to receive appli
eations lor insurance, on which policies will be issued,
.aborting ?o their proposals and rates, which will be
made known to applicants at his office, No. s 6 Wood
street sptt GEO COCHRAN.
CAPITAL 1100,000.
J.FtHHXT. Jr., See’y. I It Mills*, Jr n Pres'L
Wul insure against all kind* of risks,
L pild *** liherally adjusted and promptly
" A home institution-oanajed by Directors who are
wel). known m urn community, and who are determin*
ed by promptness and liberality to maintain the char
acter which they have assumed, aa offerick the b*st
protection to those who desire to be Insured
DmacroEa-R. Miller, Jr, Geo. Black, J W. Cutler,
N; Holmes, Jr., Wm. a Holmct, C. Ihmteo, Geo. W.
L l or b Ju - Lrppincott Tho». R.
Utch.James M’Anley, AJex. Nimiek, Thos.SeotL
Onto, No. J 9 Water street, (warehouse of Spang
& Co-, up stairs,) Pittsburgh. , rotdly
• P*** C 55^ M - P ANY.—Office, North Room of the
Exchange, Third street, Philadelphia.
Fiu lttstrtAffciL—Buildings, ftUrehahdise and other
property in tow* and ceuszar, insured against loss or
damage by fin atthe lowest rate of premium. r
Blaiihe lasnurc*.—They also inure Vessels, Car
. goes and Freights, foreign or coastwise, under open or
.special policies, as the assured may desire. >' < '
IntAjtcTaAWrokxaTiaa.—Thor also iaiuremerehan
dtse transported by . AVagoci, Railroad Cars,: Canal
Bouts.and Steam Boots, on risers and lakes, ; oa the
moot liberal terms... ’,
i Joieehn.Seal, Edmund A. Sender,
Jobß C ftwii, Robert Bonon, John B Penroae, Somu
el Edwards, Oeo.G Lapcr, Edward.Darlirnont *«»«»
B Davis, William FolwelJ, John Newlin,Dtß il Uu£-
ton, James C Hand, TkwphUo* Paulding-, II Jones
orooka, llenry filoan, Hugh Cnur, George Berrill,
Spencer Mcilvaln, Charles Kelly, :J O Johnson, Wil
IttnjJlay.DrSThojnafcJpHnSeUera.Wiii.Eyre, Jr
Wm. Bugaley,Jao.T. Logan. 6 ’
„ WILUAMHURTIN.Prfesideni.
Richaio 8. Nswaotn, Secretary.
Ef Office, or the Company, No. « Waier, street,
Pitabnrgh.: Jnlffidtf P. Al MADEIRA, Agent.
TUB INSURANCE CO. ot North America will
. mokepennanent and Jlmiledlnsormiiecon pro
perty in {his city and rieinity, andt-n ahiptrieuiaby
Canal, Bivora, Lakes, and by Son.: The properties of
this Company are well invested,' nnd'fanusli an avail,
able fund for the ample indemnity of all persona who
desire to be protected by insurance,
tnylv WM.P. JONES, Atenl
Tit FranHin Firs huuranec-Co. of Philadelphia,
DIRECTORS.— Charles N.Baneker, Thotnai UarL
Tobias Wagner, Samael Grant, Jacob R. Smith,
<J*o*>V Ut chord*, UonUc&i D. Levi*, Adoluho E.
Bone, David S. Brown, Jdorris Patterson.
• • CHnaUtsN. BaJicm, President.
Charles O. Bancker, Secretary,
Continao to make inaoraaee, perpetual or limited,
on every description of' property in town or country,
at rate* ms low as are conslrtent with security.
To Company have reserved a large eontinient Fend,
which with their Capital and Premiums,'uJely Invert*
ed,adbrd ample proiectTon u> the hamred.'’
The assets of the company, ou January Ist, 1549, u
published agreeably to an act of Assembly. were as
fellows. vie
: Mortgages
Temporary Loans
StoeK* •
, • Cash, fee.
- Einee their incorporation, & period of IS year*, they
“ a 'J* ■pw»rdf of ooe Billion four hundred thou/-
anddoUart, louci by fire, thereby affording evidence
or ue adTftotiges or insurance,'as wellas the ability
and disposition to meet with promptness all liabilities
pul.dly Office NEcoreer Wood ar*"'
1 * l for lie De]a>
i # 'f lr ? lnsamice Coßpanv ofFbial.
aaelphia. Finftixktuponbaildiogaendmerchasdixe
oi every de*cripUon, andMarineEiik* aponhnliaor
i'Sr* ° f *’ l * kea “P° a OMpfavontble
I JPZPEI? 9111 *• of W. a Holmes k, Brp.
No. 37 AVotert mar U&rket street Pituborrh.
! N-Jt—Theracoeu of this Company since theestib
; lishmentof Um'Agency, in this eity, with the prompt
neu »nd libenpitjr with whkh etery claim upon them
I for 01* . has been adjusted, folly warrant the agent in
taviun* (he confidence and patronage ofhi. fr«7ds and
1 the Coaiatmiry. at large to the Delaware M. y. inm
'rnftce Company, while it hu the additional advaninrct
, a* att institution among tho must flourishing in PhilaAel
phi*—as having an> ample paid-in capital, which by the
[ operation of it* enaner u contuntly. tneroaainr u
yielding to eAfih-person insured hi* doe *Uarc of (he
profitaof the- company, without involving him in ahv
responsibility whatever, and therefore as po»«c»*u.»
the ilataai principle divested of every obnoxious fct£
tore, and in its inait attractive form. novi
~~pypg AID BdilHK I2|BUBABOe7~
THE insurance Company of North America', uirougb
it* duly authorised Agent] the subscriber, otter* to
mahopermanent and limited Insurance on property, in
thia city and its vicinity, and on shipment* by the £a
nal and Blvgra. nitiivwn . a
Arthur G Cofin, Chulct Taylor,
\\ hit-
Ambrose White,
Jacob M-TOmaas,
John R. Neff.
Rjchnnl I>. Wood,
Wn. Welsh.
Franks Hastens,
8, Austin Allibone.
HUUT D. Sn*M*«», »ee*jr- , , ,
TbJfU the oldest lniuraneo Company in the Lnltetl
States, having been chartered in i«W. Its charter is
perpetual, ana from iu high standing, lon* experience,
ample means, and avoiding all risks of au extra cox*
anions character, it may be considered as ©fforutr am
ple security in the public. • W. I*. JONI^J;
■ .At U»r Counting Hoorn of Atwood, Jones A Co-, V o
ut.and Fnmtftwis Piiisburith ' m<i) s _
bus'l W. Jones,
Edward Smith
Joba A. lirown,
John Whito,
Thomas P. Cope,
Samaol F. Smith,
Samuel Brooks,
r|lH£ CjLtaCRIOKR has been apj>oloted Afjent pro
-X ten. ofQic Insurance Company of North Atnencn,
and will iasae'Policies and attend to the other business
ofthe Agency, si the warehouse of Atwood,/ones &
CO, - WJLF.JpNES, water si
if Lu i I
Blackstoek, Bell 4 Co., 1
■ Church * Carotbert,
D.T. Morgan, j __ oellny
J? HENRY, Attorney aud Courcellor at !-«*
J* Cuteinnati, Ohio. Collections in Southern Oui
and m Indiana, and In Kentucky, promptly and rm
ruliy attended to. Commissioner for the State of Pent
sylvarua, for taking Depositions, at'kiiowledeiaji:’.
Ac. 4c.
Rzru to—Hon. Wm. Bell 4 Son, Chnis.Chur.-h,
Carouten, Wm. Hays, Esq., WRiock & ®avi». «C 5
MeCORD 4 Co. wiU introduce itus H iv Ja
(S.ianl.r, Ao» »lh,l il,; ftj,
Hats, comer of Fifth and Wood srecu. ■ ang-id
4. !■ l—^
(Successor* to AFCord A King) ‘
Faihlosabl* Uattart, ,
Comer of Wood and Fifth Siwt «.
PARTICULAR attention paty to omr Retaib Trade.
Gentlemen can rely npou gertingtheir NaL- and
Caps frtnnonr establishment of the exsr sutejcuu. and
vroauumicr, of the liter rmu, and at thr im wen
Country Merchants, porebashtj: by wholesale are
respectfully invited to call and examine our gtocs, as
we can *uy with confidence that as retards yuAUrr
and raica, it will not voder iifra comparison with any
bouse ut Philadelphia. f r >,] j
njl CALIFORNIA HATS —lit dox wain proof
California Hats, just received and for rale by
lelj st/ comer sth and Wood >t*
IK APCORD 4 Co. will introdnee o«i Maiur- / n
.March 3d, the Spring style of HATS «&
Those iu want of a neat'snd sapenor hst. are invileu
lo call at comer afSth and Wood stredta. mart?
ha* no w open a eapply of spring Bdmiet Rible iis,
of new and handsome |
Also, new style fig'd Netta; Uilo Lafcet uul » Hg-
Icgv; Linen Edging*,-Victoria do; plaid Muslins und
Jaconels, embroidered Swim Muslins, jkc.; besides u
large astortment of Spring Goods goncmlly, at m/rth
east comer 4th and Market street*. i t
Wholcsalc Rooms op stair*. B pd
--non a. ni.r.
QTUi\Rf A SILL, Grocer*, tnd Pro< uce and « om
minion Merchants, No. 119 Wood i. Pitt«ba,*gb.
Dealer* In Gioeerieii, Flour, Wheat, Kye.Oau, i‘«.rn,
I Dajiey, Pork, Bacon. Uniter, Lard. Cherre: Clo- er.
I Timothy and Flu Seed*; Iron, Nail*, Ulum-, A<-. ,\t.
Ac. Particular atlomion paid to itm unle of Wencni
B*«assc»—Metre*. Myer* A Hunter, Robi. Pul
zell A Co,, MHitll* A Roe, Ham pionJ Smith A Co,
Jamet -Hay, King A Moorhead, Pituourgh. Fenner
A M’MiHu,- Maatillon. Joy. 8. Moriisoti, Kaq ,
Louis. V I •j.iyiHfy
roui a. cnaio, late of N. 1 w. a. iiisme'
GENERAL AGENCY, GeramisMoulniui .pnrwunl
ine Merchanu, No. V 6 Market <(., (Pittsburgh, l’a
ID*Prompt ouenlion given to the purchase and sale
of all kind* of Produce. . {
Rrraa John Watt A Co., Murphy,- Wilnon A Co
Pittsburgh, P»4 Lawaou A Mill, Mahlon Martin,
>\eJ!»tfilie, O.; John 11. BrowQ A Co., Uriae, Elliott A
Co, Philadelphia; B. W. Snwlgnm X Co., Grrg* A
Nace, New Lisbon, O; Fr. Skinner, Htin. C. X>. Coffin.
Ciueitmax i. P. Keller, Youngstown, p; NV. L. Stan
daru Cleveland. 0. ! ' nugii
1 44 Water st.
And dealer* in White Lend, Wt ado w Class, i.rj, r
11W Second street, PltuU argl , Pa.
Will attend promptly to the sale o . ar Icle* eiuruatcd
to their care.
Rzm TO— Hagalcy ft Smith; K. Taj ner ft Co , f. ft
W. Harbaugh, Kay ft Co, Wilnon ft Co,
PiUabnrgh. Hannah, Graham ft Co. and lire mer
chant* generally, Nowlattao, O. ' D. ft i) M’Dotiaid
ft Co., Geo. Wcila, YVelliTUlri, O. Joteph \Vat*oo, H
-4. Bigger ft Co., Fennor ftM’.tiillen, Massillon, n.—
Bennett, Martin ft Co, Wo aver, Taylor ft Co., John
H. Brown ft Co . Philadelphia. A. Ol Uieburdsou ft
Bro., Groff, Holme* ft Co., Cincinnati, O. John F.
Howard, Louisville, Ky. John Smith! Ntw Orlin.i*.
.Handy ft Hannan, Cleveland, O. A. J. Entilcy, Mani
field, O. Clark, FaxksftCo.. Beaver! Pa. augtijdti
• .94,7*4 BO
• B3‘
• Sinaia
3ajaM 37
Commlialon and Foinrardli
CONTINUES U> transact a general uommiasion busi
ness, especially in the purchase and talc of A meri
can Manufactures and Produce, and,/a receiving and
forwarding Goods consigned to ni» eai/e. As Agt nt far
(lie Manufactures, he will be coiunarMy supplied with
thepriucipal articles of Pittsburgh Manufacture at the
lowest wholesale price*. Order* '
are respectfully solicited.
Penn Mmcbine'fihepk
HWIGHTAIAN— Manifaetuter 01 all kind* of eel
• ion and woollen machinery. Allcf ;heny city, P*
The above work* being now in 101 l an-J »uceeai!o op
eration,] am prepared to execute o»fe» • with dirnmeh
for all kind* of raachinery-in tty hue, iua a* willow*,
picker*, •preader»,car<U,x nnc —S f l **, bine*, railways,
drawing: frame*, speeders, tlnasstls, loom*, wnulrn
cards, doable orMiiele, for merchantOr country work,,
mules, jeck» r ice.;iliife and'liandlaihc* and toolin' ren
cral. Ail kinds of shafting mndeio or der, or plans giv
cn for gearing factories or mill* at ro ssonnblc charge.
Son to—Kennedy, Chilli* 4-Co_ Hluckstmk, IIHI
k Co- King, Pwinoek A Co t Jas. A. ( iray^
Blononsrahelst Livery guEle.
€* KODKRT H. PATTK'ASON hn.-t opened
large stnble ott First *t, running through
•to Second it, between V/o od and Sraithhoid
the rear of the * iliinongnbcia House,
.. . ... i i. ii. i • 1
wiili an entirely new stork of Ho r**?* and Carriages of
the best quality and Intcst styles. Hdr»rt kept at live
.ryut the bc*i manner. _ ‘jyJdly
.. The steam l»b at A. MASON >/j»
i ff. . • ft now ruin from the I'oinl, footSMSj»
• MSUfftSag of Liberty stre et, to the Cinr
■UlWCSSfiKlru—leaving ax 0 o'clock, A. M., anti
at the beginning of each hour uiuil V f*. hi. Visiters
auty rely ou finding the boat p 1 the hour. She leaves
the Garden, the last op trip. • 1 10 o'clock.
The season U fait advantr jig, and those wishing to
visit this delightful retreat, n ow is the time to spend a
few hours, no', iu the smoke jnd dust of the city,hotrn
atmosphere, pertain til with the fragrance of
tbwcn, f
All kindtofrafreiltmcnu,. except inu»iiraiinf;<irinfc».
are kepi ou the prrmlne-j. Grernbou*e I’lioU, and
Uoßqucii of choice Dower n toi rale. Closed on Son*
«lty. JjrJtt JA&JNS M’KAIN.
(v*Ch*a« of landing madi • oa account, of low »i>
er. o
daKtoh s. u. a<;e.nt,
. Forwardin Coinintriioa Her
chwit, h*« removed 10 ,Ne. « 1 Front,'lx-twemi Wood
-I _ _ b Lv
hnte nuk made on «u improved
»T plwXtßoaa not to free* tin the coliJent wruht f.
1 emont wanting incti article a, afe invited 10 cafTand
*<elheroM SCAU FEfcATKINSONfS, .
B I», lit, between Wood .Idar^Hto
THIS estabUshment long and widelylknown ■»«.
teing one of (he most commodious in i c c j. v «/
Baltimore, has recently undergone r £ erln
mtc iJienxioDs. and improvements.An e itue ««
wing has Ueea added, containing namcree s aud eirv
sleeping apytmenu, and extensive bathing • on™
Tiic Ladies. department has also been 1 omnlctelv
reorgatusw! tod Cued op in a mortmiqac r nd EK
ftl style. In fact the whole arrangement of he lion<*
has bees remodeled, with a single eye’ oa he
the propr.etors, towards the eSn&rt and p "Lure of
their Guests, and which.they conCdenUy :
* Th^nn^W* 1 “ y Hotel “ «>6 Kin„
Their table will always be (applied with i v'en kub
ataniol and luxury which the market affor is served
op in a superior style; while in the way of tVinV* &r
they will not Us surpassed. , 1
In eonclasioa .be proprietors bed to say, that nothing
will be led undot's on their pan, ami on the Durlnf U.eir
assistants, to reader this Hite? Xhv V comitoed
patronage of their friends and the inblic gcnerX
JSxpsj’ b “ ra i "' ■'"i 1 "” »««
w^^v'.b^S C „d B ‘^!! ffe r' Wap< ’L , S* will .1-
£ffrh£fii ~ al i 1 *® Car tt),d Sleamboa*,
Tfchir^ 1 ey ba ss*« 010 and f ro« the Hotel, free
*t- CTJUIt ««-7 Mttmprou, -a.
rno nibacnber having tusuraed the ra&noccs
10115 estab *i»l»cd aud-popalar Jloi-1.
;n _ M . re »pectfßliy- announce* 10 Traveller# and the
{** 'V 11 bo M * !1 ,inie » prepared
EJSCTu! - ?*s 411 desirable m n writ
n5?iS? I .fc ,o,e k House U itow l>efn» thoroughly
K r s^" 11 “t w f unlllnre wdeJ, and no
*?'»«"«* •ft"
'iiJcr»J patronage the Itonße hm bnrurne.
•i \ iamartikk house,
VS*-?,' 0 ™" «■*» wnurre, nfrunnt.
iflfti. -J ,tj * nbBcnber retpeeUalljr annooucet that
JcUt, "W now opened hi* ucw and excellent Hotet
' . jor <np of traveler*. boardeA
i2?^.?JS l ' l,^jen^r * ,l J r - 1 Thß hou,c fantiZre
are entirely new t \and no pain* or erpcnu have/l>cen
wared to render ttnne of the non comfortable noil
pleasant Hotel* in We city. /
■ The aubtcriber U determined to deserve, and there
fore toueitß, a thereof public patrmtare. /
. ___ _ JACOB IlOUtill,proprietor.
OnmsrTar., mvxci Focnrn Asomrrn sr» i
PI’OSrTE late Bank of ihetlnltcd Biaiet, i’hila
delpbia. . Si. POPELMiTOHhXU .
warttf / \ Proprietor. |
. hCrasuis, \
'A •"£ <V«nMillor at law, anil C'omrai
\wf-,^' ier /S. f .. lh , 0 g^,e of g u ]^ ui
Mo. (Inis of Pitulmrgh.)
> R h: lion. W. Forward, H a m t
ton * Miller, WCandte.. it M'Clare, John E. Hark.
i mi-II? & M’Cord k Kii»a. .n^
, t. u. r ~
A ttorsevs and counsellors a r laHv
-O. hounh nreet, beiweca SmilhCeM and <jrdni
-itubyph, Ta. . juls l
wiffl a. utaot ' 'WTB. c. raii;
l TH>SNB\B AT LAW, Fourth elrwt s near tJi
*■ ‘ talO.n
■VTTOUNEY AT LAW.-Office on Fonnb.t
tween BmitUCeld and Ur am *t. Pittsburch.
tpttfelly _ ___ R
Butltr-y Pa
WILL alio attend lo collection* and all other bit. i
ness entrusted to himjn Butler and Antis'.u t
counties, Pa. Refer to
JAR. Floyd, Libeny »C \
W. W. Wallace, do I •
James Marshall do fPitlsbanL.
dly Kay 4 Co., Wood su j ;»t7
Jll. SWKITZKR, Attorney ar LawTi'ffice Jd ■ !,
« opposite St. Charles Hotel, Pittsburgh, wilULo
attend promptly to Collections, io Washington, Fayet «
and Green counties. Pa. •
TeleyiTrtcj Buffet Klaqeie;
Louis XIV Chair*; Queen Elizabeth chairs;
Tea Soviet Frail Table*;
T«»ildt Table*; Lout* XV Coinmndcr;
■ Freiiirh Mahogany Bedsteads l*iou»> Stool*;
So «oiu with Plush aud liair-clnth eovaig
. £(0 Mahogany Hocking Chain;
4>idoz Parlor do
!F> “ Fancy do
23 centra Tab lit;
20 pair IMrans d' pair pier Tables;
IS marble toji Unioning Bureaus -
8 Wardrobes 9 Seerctarie* and Book ease*;
20 marble jlop Wash Stand*;"
4 pair Ottoman*;
dpair I'oney [Work Stands;
A very large assortment ofcomnioit ehairi and other
farmiute too numerous to lneimon.
{lji“ Steam Boats furnished oa the ahort-tt notiee,
j j and rinjth- mo*l Jefl «onahlc tarn*. ib-eIS
td cotuiguruenta Ulaphragiu
w I ; Jr
So. iW wood rims
, wv
l ■ #
Dissolution of Co>Parta*riMp.
J. subscribers, under the style of Brown fc Culbert
son, was dissolved on the Ikt tnst. br mown I consent
tL- hi. jl brown,
I’lUiburghjOcL 5, IS4D. .. A. CULBERTSON.
The subscriber will continue the Wholesale Groer.
ry and CumhjJ«sion Banners, as hereto fore ni the onl
stand, 115 Ljfyjny rt. oetfi A. CUUIF.R t.SOS
JOHN PAUXKR and llOliN W. RIDDLE have en.
tered inirj partnership, under tfac firm of PARKER
k RIDDLE, and wftl curry on the Shoe business in
; nil it* branch;-*. at the old stand of John Parker, (or
ner of Federal • u and South Common, city of Allrobt
l: John parkfr. • /
_octLdling JOHN W. RIDDLE- 7
P TATldu * DBMKTr 7*
\\ are now prepared to «uprnnr
article of SodA Aah and Muriatic Acid. Person* wi»iij
in< in purchay- either ol the above article*, are re
quired mruif-on ISAAC WALKER, No. 13 Fifth u.
jtjie articles before ptm-Jtasinee.rrwhrre.
TheW>oda Ash mnnufimlu/td at tiiis establish
men- u greasy superior to ruiy.oiber. brought to this
market. fi • •’/ rptui
WM - *- scAtfi. , /: tAnciarimto^.
C*I*** 1 *** *•-,, nst]*’ kka Wooif >Ka?Ua*cT. I*m Kansan,
manufacture alLkmd* of COPPER,
smith Work. ! c / i
■ Sutam BocijfbaiU to order, i
Special attetnioti sivru lo steam boat work.
Have on liatul/ a fine of Copper and Drau
Ketilr.*, Tin W lr '*> Ac. Stnastboat Cooking Stoves,
1 prtHbfe rflrgi**, vnriou* sixes— 4 very convciur.nt nr.
tieie for Coliforuia caticranu, or rail road
comj>amc* j '
,Hc would rejncctfully pivtie rtcnm boni men and
call ana see our an;rio» and prices before
puru)oi.«n, elsewhere. j.
7„ Dlnriuttonof Pairtnmhlp.
nnilh i-opanhcrship of lIENRY ILVNM-N k CO .
/■!■ 'ornirrly It. timets, Muller fc Co., in the Window
a d Colored Glas* liu-iinesv. is thi* Jny dissolved by
Ihe withdrawalof Mr. Frederick Mtiller.
fhe-busiiir*»iwill {«• continued by tho undursianed,
under the firm -of HENRY llA.V.*«ilN 4 CO. Ware
h««i»e .No. jot- hccond »t, where wo will hare constant
supplies oi superior Window (Hass.
„ , . J HU(iH ROHF.KT-ON,
P.tuhursh. Aha. -D, MO. HVAHY UMSTIUD.
■ _ ' Copartßirihlßt
undersigned have UiwdHy associated with them
JL in hu«inc». JACOB L SCHWAnTZ, and will ron
Unce Ibe tm,mcf* as hi-rrtnforc. tinder the firm of
* . n. a.Fahne«toi;k 4 co.
July v, ism. • jyia
Partncrahlrihcrptofoio existing under tho firm
o' A. k C. lULADLEY, i* ilissolvetlby the dcaense
ol Air. C. Bradley. The business will be carried on by
A. Bradley, who will settle uic busing** of the Utc
—A. Daacurr ha* removed hi* FounilrT
>* alehouse from No. Ili{ Second stxrct, to Nc\!#'
between Find and Second rtreets, o the
warehouse lately occupied by G. A. Berry, where he
-will kccp'constautly.ou hand a general assortment of
Lasting*. G*rates, Stove*, Cooking Stoves, dc. jjfJ
N \DI«sbiiUTIOX.'
fIHIE partnership bcrelofure existing between Sam--
A uel H. BoslificW and William B. Hays, iruduie
under thr firm of BITSUIFIELD 4 llAYS.haa this ilav
|e o dissolved by Wilharo B. Hays relbng hi* entire
interest in the firm to SMI. llu.hheld. All accounts
due Hie firm will oe oollertoj hy 5 a Bu*KfieW, uml
all debts due by the laic CrmMo be paiJ by/tbc same
„. , , , • \«. B. UUBHFIKLD,
Pillaburgh, June !EK ISIB. W. B. HAYS.
CO-I’ARTNKUStin*.—B. B. DranmtLU‘havine thi*
day associated with himscll llx-var Ltniiia, formerly
of Bedford, Pa„ aud n-centiy of the National Hotel.
“«u*bureh, will continue the business unddxthe firm
ot BLSIiFIELD 4 LE ADER, at the otdsiund,'No. ;HU •
Liberty «treci. S. U. UU^IIFIEID,
Pittsburgh, June tSt, IeAS. > 11. LEADER.
Having retired f'om the former business, 1 uke''
pleasure ui recommending my successors in the pa
tronage of nty customers and the public retieraby
- - ... „ _ W. il. HAYS.
IMIEco-pannrrsuip heretofore existing betwe-n the
. »üb»erit»eni. In the name of Coratable, Burke 4
Co., w tins day dissolved by mutual ermwm--
Burce 4 Ranies will settle the business at On- ,'on
eern, for whirh purpose thiy are auihonwd to use tn e
name of the concern. NATIIANJFd. CONSTABLE,
Thg undersigned have ibis day associated them scire*
Iti the name of BURKE 4 BARNES, for the purpose
6: niotiui’ilctunug Fira I‘ronf Safes, VauJi Dotir*. Ar.
4c„ hi the stand of the lut- firm uf Consbible. Hurtc
4 (to,, where ihcy will be pleased to feed re the pa
tronage pf die cu>tomer* of that house ami their friends.
lu retiring froia*>he firm of C-onnuhle, Ilnrke 4 Co ,
with sincere pleasure reeommeud >ies*rv. Burke 4
lame* in the confidence of my friend* arid tb« public.
1„ ‘ JJISSOLHTIOtSf ±. _ .
’UK tmruierakip of .MURPIIV-4 LEE istkiaday
dissolved by mutual consent Tlie b'usbierTorthe
late firm will be settled 11. Lee.J. R. MURPHY.
Pittsburgh, Jan. Sh, I>PJ. 11. LEE
NOTICE—TLe nndercignrd will continue the Wool
basines* and attend to the sale, of Woolcu tioo-ls, at
ibe old (.and. {{ LK^f.
in fntimtg from the firm ol Murpby 4 Lee, I take
great pleasure in recommending Air. H. Lee to Utc
confide ace of my fnends and the public.
Ptttsbnrgft, Jan. 31, Lrlll. J K. MURPHY.
lUIK subsenher* have this day 'associated tbem
«iitvc* brgethcr for the pui|tose of iransuriing a
wholesale and retail Dry Goods and Grocery business,.
at No p£*o Liberty, opposite Seventh street, nmler ihc
style and firm of BUBHFIELD 4 ILAYS.
Ptuihurgh. January l,Jr4il.
N. U.—«Jur old customer* and the public are invited
: lo give u« a call.
I TV haTeetttrrnl into partnership, nnder die firm of
4 ATKINSON,- and will carry on the Tin,
Copper, aud Nhect Iron Ware rnunufactory.
\ Al»n. Hla-ksmxtJmig in all tu brunebe*. ut the old
‘eland of Wm. B. Scaile, First sirect, ucnr Wood.
Ponicuiar ottcutiou given to steamboat work.
Iit AYK thi* day es*ociatcd with rae in the whole
•air (troerry. INoilueo and ('omniio-ion busmess,
my biaihrr Joseph, under the firm of J. t* Dll. WORTH
January I, 1319.
J day -ussociatrd with him, Jobu R. MViinu, the lea
ther business will hereafter be conducted under the
Grin of)V, n . Young & Co. WILLIAM YOUNG,
J'inS < JNO. R. M’CUNK.
Stoajn Brick Works for Bale.
T Nil subscriber offers for sale, the STKAM iiKICK
WORKS, nhove Lawrence? Hie, comprising a
Sicatn Engine, t! Boiler*, ti Mould Machine, o*|Juld« of
manufacturing tai,(XU Pressed Bricks (out of dry clay,
hr taken liom the bank,) per duy; with three acre* At
land on the Allegheny river, on which are 4 kilns and
sheds, machine and cltty sheds, wheelbarrows, trucks,
shovels, spades, Ac., every thin* reijubiie to gorn
inrnce opcrmi-in* rit an hoars notice. I'riee, including
the patent right m iisu-4aid machine. A?ylWu—terms of
payment made easy. Without the land, Sj.uou. For
particulars, address HJWRV MERRITT,
_augd7-du_ No lls Mot.ongwhela House.
Slodcru and Antique Furniture,
S 3, Tiiied Btk&rt, Pmnacaeii.
assortment of Furniture,
i isTfflm- Ktiitahle far Steamboats, ffiffjSaosilifli
KanflUfll Hotols and private dwrl- a#
lines, Constantly on Band and made to order.
The [present stock an hand cannot be exceeded by
any mntialaeinry in the western country. Persons
wishing to purchase would do well to give me a call,
aa I unj determined tny prices shall please. Pan of
the stock consists Li—
yflteti for iljrdrant Water. to certify that I have up;
pointed Livingston, Roygen ft Co".
Sole Agent* for the sain nf Jf!iminir'«
Jg3' Pftcm DiaprahffHi FHlnr. for tjr ei|
YIT ties of Pitt*nurgn and AUrehrnv.
fO* Walter M Gibcon, ;Hi/ Broadway
f N. V.
M Oct. 10,1643.
Wc have -been Paine one of the above articles at iL«
tfficc of the Novelty World for three months, on trial,
a&d feel perfectly satisfied that it is it useful inventin';,
and u-c lake pleasure in recommending ihcmns a oeej
fai article to nil |whb love pom water. Orders wilt be
thankfully receive'! and promptly executed.
FllVeirtnf: Cocfii
Jj JvVhich renders tarblit water Pure by
>gtu;> yetaovinp'all substance* noisnlublo m
/M&v l jwaler. The erolon water in N. Yotk,
S^tAßflOugh clear a,ld P ur * ,n th'n eye, yet
*** srhipn tt pa.sCa an hour tliroueb Uilj
cock, allows a lores deposit
‘ Atoms' jtnpiire mb-iianco*.worms, Ac. Thu
is the c««e morfl'ojiless with nil hydrant water.
The Rcvcptibienhercj; is noil and durab.e, and ir
not attended inconvenience incident to other
Filtered, as it in'rlejuised wiUioat being detached fmir
the water pipe, by meHy turning tho key or bond),
from one ride to Utbj? other Hr Uu» easy proerju, thu
eourso'of-water U cduultfed, and nil accumulations fr
impure robstijiceilia™ driveu off altnort instantly
without nnscixsiinfl r iho Filter. It also possesses iht
advantage »f i.ejnftYatop cock, stid ft* such in
ca»« will be , e fj!|t}pnvetucManti eeononucAl.
Itean be.atuoh&fwbera ihorel* any prerrore fclgfc
or low to a cask* lh|»k, tub, Ac. whh'ease. To be had
of the soli A*en4Fr , „ W V W - WpuN,
-w.,17 • | Iteorneror Fourth and Market m»
dpf, Bell and Brass Founder, has re*
fmmenecd business at bis old «tn:id,
iijl be pleased to see inrold cuntom-
dat/and Beils of every sire, from ll>
[bkt frotn pattern* of the most approv*
Irriuned to be of the best inuierioU.
jPi»np«S Counters, Railing. Ac., tugc*
»V£ty of liras* Castings, il required,
a (p the neatest manner.
IWoprietor of JUaerr s Ajm-Anai- I
iiy celebrated for the rcdactum of'
dry. The Boxes aid Composition. ;
'|aiitimes. -jajfciy
A A Kb'l.Tl
fffl built np.d M
•••ern oud.-frH
to 10,006' pound*yd
ed model*. sort w?'d
Mincrnl Wtttrf.
ther wilhflv*.ry vj
Uinird ind
A. IM* th s.Mlol
friction tn maetri
cube hod itfhi^O
\V' +—T- XJ I
__ Chocolate,/Cocoa, 4c« '
" • B&aer’s American and French Chocolate, Prepor-
T^rt 60 ® 1 Cocoa i’ayie, Urotna, Cocoa Shells, ic-
O merchant* and cbnsnmen, who -woaid purchase
the bnt producuof Cocoa, free from adulteration
more nutritious than tea or coffee, and in quality nnrur*
passed. the subscriber recommends the above articles,
manufactured by himself, and stamped with his name,
iti* Urania and Cocoa Paste, ns delicate, palatable,
nnu salutary drinks for Invalids, convalescents, ahd
others, aye pronounced by the most eminent physicians
*upcrio/to any oih«-r preparations. Fit* manufactures
on sale, in any quantity, by lha mottle
speotitb.e grocer* to the eastern cities, and by tbeii
agents.Hawes, Gray ft cn_ of Boston; lames Mlhinee
.f «V Hartford. Conn; Hussey ft Murray, .New York;
Cirautft, Stone, Fhiiaddphim Ttioau* V Bnindire, Hal
twnorei and Kcllosr A Bennett, Cincinnati, Ohio.
: WAI.TKR lIAKER, Dorciittster Mass.
For sale by nfttIALKV ft S.MlTll, Agti
T Vr °a9l>llan(t Caatlron Railing.
Hr. subscribers bee leave to infomuthe public that
they hare obtained from the East ail tlie late and
inshionable drsiyii# for Iron Railing, both for bouse* j
aim cemeteries [Persons wishing to procure hand-I
•oiae patterns will please call and ciamrac, ftnd judge I
wr theiUMlvca. Railing will be furnished at the shot
c*t notice, and iu the best manner, at the corner
Craii- and Reliecct streets, Allegheny city.
_»urJ>-dif A. LAMONTft KNOX
W.ftJ.OLEKS, Dookßlndera.
TXTKfwr still engaged In the above business, rom<
rr «f Wood niid Third.streets, Pittsburgh, whei
we are prepured to do any mirk in tjur line with de
patch. We attend to our work jiersctmlly, and *an
meuon will be given in regard to its neatness and di
Blnnk Hooka ruled (o any pattern and bound sub
stantially. Book* in number* or old book* bound care
tally or repaired. Name* put on book* in lettern.
that have work in our line are invited to call,
“rtre* low; nty'^tl'
A VINO sold our mure stock to C. H.Goatt, with
a view u> closing our old busine**, we hereby *o
licit for him the pnUonageof all our friend* and rus
„ , THE. roiNUEXTEB.
Pittsburgh, Aug. 1U:, 1843.
CII. GRANT, Wholesale Grtfcer, Commission and
• Knrwnrduiit.Merchant, No. 41 Water *t. aul*
0oal«i, Cooking Stove*, GraUs. dtc.
UjL rorncr Liberty and Wood *trecta, manufacture
u«U offer for tale Platform, Floor and Counter Scale*,
01 die most improved quality; Cooking Stoves, for wood
ami coal; Kg* Stores of various, size*, Parlor and
common Gralcs, Hollow Waro t Ac. Ac. They also
manufacture the Kitchen Range, which ha* given such
general mtisfactmigto'Oiose having it in use, to nil ol
whirl! they would ri'*]i*cuully invite the attention of
Die citirrm, audJlie public generally. oei'JT-dlf
MANt-I .U.fbRFJ) TOBACCO—-The subscriber
would rail tha aticntion .of the city trade aud
itriiirr* generally, to the following brand* Tobacco*
in .tore mid to arrive, which being consignments di
rert from luanutucturrrii, he is enabled to Dell at cast
era finer*:
} bzs R W Crenthaw 3«;
•t) 1 *• Jniuu* Madison 5-,
nl I “ Lamartine s*;
31 I “ Mirabrau s*;
~l { - 4 ‘ j' 3* and la;
Li | “ Itcae.-i* A Sim-on St;
x f “ Oicor Burl $«;
d I “ John* A Lewi* i*j
•11“ Warwick, aupr Is;
4s | M Henry A James 6*, 1* ami 8*:
_ fc " s}l , _ LS WATERMAN
PUt flachlne Work* asd Ff'undrjfi
irtrnißCßuu, r*.
TONN WIUGiiT.t Co., are orepared to boild Cotton
y r:id \Sooioii Machinery of ever. • desetiptmn, such
« Curding Machine., Spinning • Frames, Speeders.
Drawing Frames, Railway Iliads, Warper*, Spooler.,
Dressing Frame*, Loom*, Card-Grinder*. Ac. Wrouzhi
Iron Shafting turned; ail sizes afCaat Iron, Pnllies and
llauger* of the latest patient*, slide and hand Uthe*,
and tools of all kinds, Castings of every description
turiushed on short uotice. Pattern* made to order for
Mill Gc&nug. Iron Railing, Ac. Steam Pipe fo r i, eil .
"* ! acinne*. Cast Iron Window Sash and. fancy Cas
ing- generally. Orders left at the Warehouse of J.
ruitasr A Co., Liberty street, will have prompt siteb-
R”rj°J lactfUick ' Bell ACo„ J. K. Moorct.ead A
o , <i. K \\ arner, John Irwin A Soil*. Pittsburgh ; G
AJ H. Warner. Sicnbenville. tvtii
MA. WHITE A*LO.. would respectfully inform
. the public that they have erected asbouon
Lacock, brtvvsuuFcdcraiaidSandusky street* Thcr
nre now making and arc prepared to receive orders for
every description of vehicle*, Coachc. Chariot's Bu
roucaes. Buggies, Piimior.*, £c.. Ac., whieh from’their
long experience tu the muuuiuciureof Uie übovifwork
and die laeiLiuc* they have,they feel confidenuhey are
'enabled L* do work ou the mom reasonable term* with
thwi; wauling article* in their line.
Paying particular attention to the .elcciion of mate
and having norwMim eompriem workmen, they
have no hesiuuoe in warranting Utnir work We
therefore u«k the attention of the public to this matter'
N. Ik Repairing done iu die best manner, and-on the
most eosoiiable tcriuv Jaaittf
iuu<.—Havlntniadc arrangements fora eon
stain apply of FACTOR V FINDINGS, we will sell
utlpn pares C4!f and c<heep Rolor string. Laeclea
ther. Piekera, Reeds, Shuttle* Hemp Twine IVadles*
Np. Mai* Hell Puuchcs, W reuchea, Stripping Card*,
10 to 16 in; putcut Dresser Brnthcs, Wearers’
• AdAc. M»«A.N, WiLBON ft CD.,
raft'd l‘JO Woo street. Pittsburgh.
P qF OtHcy. Webber A FOrmie#, ISX;
Pure rich snd dry. Gould, Campbell A Co’« old
dry 133». Osbauni’gPure tefti: Pure Juice par
ticular Pert, Harris.& Sous, Pur* Juice, ihreble, dou
ble und Grapes. These wines are all celebra
ted for llicir medical properties, and can be had whole
sale or retail nr the Wiue Store of
Tim subscriber offer* i
osaurtueui of roaewe
lio:. Pianos, wiih and w
-Lolian AitachmenL Tbt
rorned to cquaito any
try, snd will be sold low.
Ea .- L . r*. I
for sale a large aud splendid
sod mahogauy grand Ac
ithout Coleman'* celebrated
diibove instrument* arewar
manumetnred in thi* coun-
Hr thn- airy brought from the
I LL'.ME, No list wood si,
I 3d door above Slh
ib taken at par for a few of
N. B—City Scrip will bl
ne wlxive H.MirtuiruL
1 - ."iTi. _ • _F- lb
sapef thaß~Rvirl
0., Importer* and Wholeaals
7 (.tuilrry and Saddlery, No
th.hnveuuw in stores very
i>ck of Hardware, imported
m Europe, nnd which they
:«pondingly low. Merchant*
lofeolng East, are particu-
I look through our stock, a*
y will save their expence*
Logan, wh>"onac<
Dealers in llanlwarej
tgi Wood street, aliove Fi|
cheap aud well selected s
.■nee Uic decline of uiicu
arc delcruuued to sell corr
wbo have been in the hah
iaFy.-reijucsted lo call *n
we cimiidcntly behove lit
CIALF sKJ.Nd—dux g :namc French Calf SkinsTa
> very hue arueic. ji few dozens Philadelphia
sk"i». iroin the mnmifat u»ry of |h M Crawford, to
which the audition of makers is invited. Just
re< viveil unit for naloby W YOUNG 4. Co.
f' I ** .143 libertr st
P.ll K*M| SOLAU LaRO LAMI’F—An extensive
a-»«mnuuu of Cornelius A Co'* celebrated manu
liu-iure, mid superior to all o <rs in use; adapted to
cl|i:rcJic»,.«a-aiiiboau, factonis .dwellings, public and
private hulls, and to ull «}ther « , § where a cheap, safe
and enllionl light is desirable
AKo.Giraildoles Hall Laui-rns.Candelahras.Globes,
rfhutlcs, Wicks, Clummcs, Can« Trimmers, Ac. Also.
<«n* Chandeliers; from one to four lights.
W W WILSON. 4«markets
Daily at th- Baltimore, Philadelphia,
\ oui;g MEN m wholesale and rcuui stores, and other
respectable baiiacsi. to act as Dow keep?/*, SaJes, l’orters, Uar-keeper!, Waiters. I'aimers, Cuuch
wen, Oar Agent*, Hook and Map Acciit*. Collectors,
Overseers in all branches of business. *o. ft c have'
nt nil unit* a large number of good situations on hand,
which pay from 300 to Stt,uhi per annum. Those iu
wuulol tituntnei* of any kind would do well to
u« a call, as we hare urcu.s in each of the above ri
nej, whil-h will enable as to place every applicant in
a muatile sttuuiion at the shortest nonce. Wo have s
large acquaintance in all the übovr named cities,
wlocli tore ttusl.will enable us to give enure satisfac
tion to nil' who may fuvor us with a call. ' i
TAYLOR fc TAYMAN, No. 50 Second *l,
between South and Gay.
N. 11—Foreoo* living in any part of the U. States,
and wiOuiig to obtain n situauon in Italtimorc, oreu
thnr of the obpve cities, will have their wants itnfne
diutrly Attended ib by addressing us a line, (post-paid!
i« by *o doing Uiey will curtail both trouble andox-
I* l- winch they otherwise would incur by corning .
to i-.v nty, And seeking employment for themselves
N’o iK Second street,
nij ll&lumorc, MJ
U * F. nXVK AimuMJhTAL WARMERS made from
I f \Jie inn»t approved English pattern, famished
and rrcommemlrd by Thomas Uakewell, Esq., and a
nuoilier t-J ermitfju physirfmus; being a most convent
•lit apparatus for the application of warm or hot wa
ter to un: bowel*, lit cace oT cramp* in Cholera. As
every perron is aubject to sudden attacks, no family
► '■oiild be without at least one.
Ju“ Kirs! st. between Wood and Market 1
rntlK Second Suasion of this Institution, under die
X cafe of Mr.und Mrs. (iosnou.’t, for the present
academic year, will commence on the Crst of Februa
ry next, in tbo samebuildings, No. M Liberty street.
Arrangements have been mode by which they will
be fcbJu 'to furnish young ladies facilittcs'rqua] t» any
in llif West, for oMainmK a thorough English, CU**i Onirunciitni education. A full course of Pin.
littipincal und lUirjiucal Lectures will tie-delivered
during ihu winter, illustrated t> r apparatus. The dr*
tiarimenu of Vocal ami ln»iruir cnUil Music, Modern
Languages,- Drawing uml Pointi ig, vrilleuch be under
the-nre of a competent Profrssi r. Uy ctoso attention
to tin- moral and intellectual liu| rovemeni of their pu*
piis, tuc Principal* hope to men a continuation of thei
iiiierni jnurouttge they have hitherto enjoyed. For
uiruij, atd circulur'or apply to tl c Principals
jnSO-dit \
Dr. fllcL&ue In 1
f PIUSIa to certify lhai I put
Ayuloljsne’* Worm Specific, i
*a«i jjbv# u> a can oi nuu«:,*oni
•eaapuou* full, and alihourh lh<
-*iSOi:}3l I have no doubt l>ai
t: hosed one vial of Dr.
ioiuc two mouths ago
i j seven yenr* nlil. two
t amount may anneal
1 there win upward* of
Venn him. measuring
' ro tuche* lone.
. w iiolliLay.
• )rtS4
elrut, l‘itt»l«*rgh.
in band a good assort
wn manufacture, and
f sale and country Mer
tiTitsd to call and ex-
n'vo tuochto v/oinu pauct!
‘rora onn tjoaiter of on Inch to t
< I
nane'*'(>, M k. Cnrrol ei». Ten
beNnett a b
ctKKENSW Alii: . MAN!
Btnalagbam,ißiar P
Vfarekouts, No. 137, Wood
Wii.Lconstantly keep
gna/ui'rr.i oi Wnie, of uur t
sffitr fcUpcritirijn.ilit}. Who!-
rhanis are respectfully I
amine for iht:mje]y<?ft, aa ws
cheaper then haaeverbefore bi
re determined to sell
:n offeredto the pub-
£>■ tinier* leut r.y mail.acco
-V re/erence. wriJJ lm prompt!
tpanied by the cash or
attended to. niyid_.
r PO TUK LADIKS—Juai reel
A °f gold and Blivet Thread,
red, a full as«ortnicn
lord uul Unud; also
lidorintt and other or
illverTaiacift, Fringe-,
ffpoiiglcaand UuJiion, fur cmbi
itol v.-ori. a1m»» jtoldaujj
elry uf4he lalexl fo»hion»,
tehea of nnpctior ({uaUtjr d
raale at Ksnicm price*.
corner M
, in great variety,
iid beautiful pattern*,
rket and Fourth »w
Liotll’.M single
i Ludica department
, i 2 to 3 t*. M
Open from C A- ,
liaili 23 crinta, or o fori dollar
opeu Aom u to 11 A. M. uu&froi
The iiclrevhniciil Saloon* ar
atteuduiccl Kechdrcbe leo Cre
•Bgl3 l | T. S
r t unequalled lu style
.'FALL, Proprietor.
r riWTO ! "Ifp
md r
, FtlMledi Covered Pltooii
THE subscriber has jart completed
fffTmSirßHMhls stock of PIANOS, eenposed of 6.
U 4 I"il4uii7 octave* of every variety of
* ! r l l*«yle and price,with cndwilhoutCole
anav Aueekneut, from the cele
brated factor)?, of Nunns A Clark. New York. They
are all provided with the above inrperunt improvt
aenL All other PUao makers in. this country eo*er
U»e hammer* ({which urike tin) string and produce the
tone.) with {father. This, u they all ad mi', wears
badly, the leather growing hard and harsh, and thus
causing,-afief the Piano has been used a while, a me»l
disagreeable, harsh aikl wiry loan. Nmuia A.Clirk
have witbin ibalMt/rw mentis covered the hammer*
wtthjUJ elotk. an entirely new invention, producing a
'Dost melodises aud volnnlinnßi tone, which full im*
Braves by age, instead of gloving harsh and hard, us
leather necessarily dora.' This may safely he pro*
Boaneed the greatest improvement ia Pianos yet in
vented The interior,of these Pianos is magnificently
gilded and emliellished. altogether the richest finish
imaginable. Keeping an assortment of Poston and
other{Hiancs, the putlic can convince of
the superiority of felt u> leather, by calling and trying
the inytromeait. h. rIEBKR,
{ Sole Agent for Nunn* A Clark. '
1 At yvr. VVoodwelhs
N 11.— I The above willtye sold at manufacturer*
pneoiand the money returned il footid* in the least
fdecctjye. < - \ »m 7
I paper hangings.
J So. 81 Wood Street,
WOULD call the mention of the pnblie to theii
britsent stock of Paper Hangings, which for va
nety, beauty of finish, durability and cheapness, is un
*“. r , raJ I, any establishment iu the Union.
Uesijies a largo and full assortment of paper of their
own trisnafaetam, they are now receiving a direct im
ponatyin of French end English styles ofPaper Hang
inea, wire hosed by Mr. Levi Howard, one of the firm,
now xr| Europe, consisting of
i’ojrisiun manufacture, 10,000 pieces.
Lofidnn do AOOU do ,
~r!.a l f, rownmanafactttre they have 100.000 nieces
Wall .Paper, and 12,000 pieces satin glared Window
Bunds, Ac.
Messrs. James Howard A Co. have spared neither
expense nor labor In their endeavors to rival the east
ern wall paper establishments, both in quality of man
ufacture and variety of pattern; and they are warrant
ee m assuring the public that they have succeeded.
The whole awqrtraem, foreign and home manufac
ture, will be offered on terms as low as thoie of eut
em manufacturers and importers. mehS7:dtf
{Successors to Hussey. Hanna A Co.)
: A A in foreign and Domestic Exchange, Certificates
of Dcposile, Bank Notes, nnd Specie—Fourth street,
nearly opposite the Bank of Piustrargh. Current mo
ney received on deposite—Siehl .Cheeks for sale, and
collections made on nearly all the principal points in
the United States.
The highest premium paid for Foreign and America]
Advances m*de on consignment* of Produce, ship
pedKnij on liberal terms. apil
Patent erossJever extension Tables, Sofas, Bureaus,
Book Cases, Writing Desks* ~
fpiIIC TABLES far surpassing every other in*
A veution of the kind cow extant. They can be ex
tended (rotn len to twenty-five feet, and when closed
the leaves an all contained inside; they are mada to
alt sizes and shapes, and are admirably adapted]for
Steamboat a. Hotels, and large private families, form
ing when closed a complete ceulre table.
hOF-AS AND BUREAUS—These articles are inval
uable, pameathrly to those who with to econo
mise room, andljConvert a sleeping apartment into a
parlor or sitting goom, as they can be opened and shut
at convenience, and when shut, the bedding is enclos
ed. A great saving iit room and rent. Alt the bed
steads when closed form a beautiful piece of furniture
for a parlor or sitting room.
BOOK CASKS—A neat aad useful article for parlor
or drawing room.
'V RJTING DlißKS—For law offices, counting rooms, -
and other offices;’: when opened a most convenient bed
stead, when closed a perfect Desk and Library rtlone
is visible.
All these article* need no recommendation: the
Vsauty of the wliolo is. they are warranted not to yet
jbj of repair. It; will be for your interests to call and
examine the article*, at the manufacturer's store, No.
Third street, Pittsburgh. in addition to the above
advantages, thei are proof agaimt bog*.
;/' OOAIT’S ‘
Patent Graduated Gabonte Battery'and Pete: »'
Ineubted Pole* for Medieal and ether purreus.
THIS U the i aly instrument o( the kind that has ever
been pres rued in thl* country or Karope for med
ico! purpose*, jidls the only one ever known to man,
by which the g sivanic fluid can bo conveyed to tic ho
man eye, the e lx, the brain, or to any port of the body,
either externa !y or internally, in a definite genii*
ttrenm, withou shocks or pain—with perfect safety—
and often.with he happiest effect*.
This import* it apparatus Lt now highly approved of
by many ofth moat eminent physicians of thb eoun
tiy und Europe to whom the afflicted and other* whom
.1 may eoneernjean be referred. Reference wiQ also
be given to mat >• highly respectable eUiicns, who have
l<ecn cured by paeans of thlsmost valuable apparatn*
Of tho-t lost inveterate nervou* disorder* which
could nor be removed by any other known meant
Among various other*, it has be£a proved to be ad*
mimblr ttdaptejl for the care of the fo&ewing dieses,
vim nervous headache and other disease* of the hraJm
Ii i* with Uus Apparatus alone that the opermtor can
convey the magnetic fluid with ease and safety to the
eye, u> restore ighl„ or cure nmaurosas; to the ear to
restore hearing to the tongue and other organa, to re!
•toro speech; a d to flic various part* ol the body, ter
the cure of chr me rheumatism, asthma, ncanEii or
ue dolourous, j uulysls, or palsy, gout, chorea or 8t-
Vita’s dance, e ilcpsy, weakness from •praini. some
diseases peculmr to female*, contraction ofHhe limbs,
lockjaw, eta tt t, i
Right* ter *u robndlng counties of Western Pa., and
privilege* witl the instrument may be purchased ai.J
also tested for i is care of diseases.
Full uittructi 'us will be given Jor the vanou* chemi
cal- to be used jt vanou* diseases, aj;d the bestuian
ner for operam g, for the euro of those diseases will ah
eo be fully explained to the purchaser, and a pamphlet
put into hu h*hd» expressly for tlmse purposes, care
fully prepared 1 y the patentee, Enquire of
S 4 '*! . JJ_ 'VILELAMS, vine »t Piusburxh
Til£ aHKOMKTKII ' ' -
itio i of the public is respectfully oatled to
v i ig certificate*: „
1 ts—Having tested a quantity of Gold
>i r Areometer. J find the result prove*
n correct; and recommend the use of li
:11 California, as the best method for ob
*J value of Gold. Rasp, yours,
J. B.DUNLKvI,GoI I Better.
Much 9,1519.
Ptrrsacxcu, March 7, iS4a.
a— >enr Sin Having examined the uAVeo
ufa lured at your rooms, J do not hesitate
It 11 the use of those gentlemen who are
ring to California in eeareh of Gold. \
cloi-approximation to the specific gravi
i, no will certainly enable the adventnVsr
i wh m lt< placet is yielding Gold
y gf* fe ".P|y? j- R- WCUNTOCK ,
JBU ,k OlXltlilNu—Just received ter live
ia I xpediuon, a complete assortment Jf
a Cli thing, at prises ranging from SASO ti»
mo coat, pants and hat. For sale at this
sr D pot, No 6 Wood sfc i
, . - JA 11 PHILLIPS !•
For California. |
Jrat d Hazard Rifle Powder, in kegs, half
ittarti ri aiul cans, for sale by
J S DILWORTH A Co, 27w00d »i
brenl sr has removed his Wholesale Grocc
reto tie corner of Hancock street and Alle
trf; n xt door to the Perry Mouse,
of Mineral Water Apparatus,
sias or rux ooldxs esslx asd rociuiia.
No. 213 North Second si., above Vina
AN experience of more than twelve years in the
manufacturing of Mineral Water Apparatus, and
the preparation of Mineral Water in Bottles and Foui>
tains, on an extensive scale, with a scientific and otae
tical knowledge of of both branches of buainesa, toge;
ihcr with reqent improvements in tho construction df
the Apparatus and the preparing of tho Water, which
he has succeeded ut adopting sinco his visit to PariJl
and after years of close study and practical andiei!
uons as applied to the ana in Mechanics' and ChuniZ
try. enables ;the subscriber to coma before thepulilifc
wuh enure confidence, and offer them the best nnfi
mo.i complete Apparatus, for the manufacture of Mini
c”, V, ttte r in ,, 1,011161 Fountains, that can be furi
uutied In the.Unued States. I
‘ He also flatters himself that the enlarged success he
has me! with, and ihe present extensive and daily in
creasing amount of his business in both the above de
partments, furnishes the most convincing proof of his
claim to the superiority of Apparatus over those of all
otliers, and of the parity and salubrity of the Water
prepared therefrom. v 1
Ale. S. E*
weighed bjr j
your insirup
to thoht
laming the n
to commend I
about reroovl
li give* a i
ty ol inet&lc,
lo ascertain
India kui
tiara 13&ciia
®11,50 (or vui
Iriilm Hnlihei
TIIK cctctii
krs«, qtti
felt 14
rpilK mbs
X ry Store
leraotuwnoonJer theAppanttnafrom a distance,
nay be assured that their instruction! shall ba faithful*
ly complied With, and so packed as to carry, safely
etlher by land or water to any pan of the U. Slate*.
dUa PP° lnu ? e ni> »t i* recomraendod to those
who intend applying them wires the approaching sen
*on, to forward their order* at as early a day as con.
reoienu ’. 1 c n
Mineral Water Apparatus, Generator*, Pump* and
Fountains, Ontameutel Urn* and Pedestal* for Stands.
Coumcj* and Bars ofllotels, for drawing Hydrant
Water, togedier with Corking and Tying Machine*,
aod everything appertaining to the above business',
constantly on hand, and for sale on the lowe*t term*, _ ap2S:isrodfiin -
QRB£l r WEBTERS'" ~ “
i.PACTORV—The subscriber takes this method
ot informing hi* I'ricnJ* and the public in general that
he has the largest ‘lock of the following named mu*
cie* of his own manufacture in this city— fcnddie*. I fur
ness, Trunks and Whips, all of which be will warrant
to tin made ©fine best material and hr the best mech
anic* in Allegheny county.'Ucing determined to sell
his manufacture* something lower than bus been here
toiorc sold by any similar establishment in the city,
he would invite persons in need of the above named
articles to his warehouse. No. dll Liberty street, oppo
site Seventh. Also, bands made to order for machine.
ry. oepu-ly w IL_KERHY.
' TVUB A«D CirCßSii. '
No. ti“, corner of Market and Fifth streets, Ptu*.
burgh. The subscriber keen* constantly on band
wholesale and retail, very low for ciuh:
WashTobr, -I Hirrrl Churn#,
BailiTuU*. StarT Churnt,
ilur*o Bucket*. I llmlf Diubc », 4c. ,
All uiiie*r kind* of Ware in hi# line made to order
niißll __ _ BAMUK!, KROKBKN:,
iVIVI NT I'ACILK TRII’OI.I, for i'otuhmg, a newly.
[Vi «li«cbvrrcd »übstitu»e (oj Crociu, Rotten ptone,
Boiife, Ac. ’
Fmmlic* hare found a for tbuir rilrrr
and conrwir ware*—in *liort, remarked by the
••Bcieiii»«ic American.** in an article unon IV'of ail foe
natmaiu-'-t which have been applied to j.olinh Gla»t
and Mrta.«. none ran equal that cabit&nee knowu by
ihr i.mue of Tripoli—this ia a taperiar artiste to tliat
Gr«t brought from Italy by .the Vruetiana, and med by
thrin m ihnr paltny day* ol gla#» makurfr, to give it
that peculiar pellth k> much admired by outer nation*.
It ahould bd tn every family and every work chop
For rale by ..RE SELLERS,
auglU < 57 Wood »t
_ -t*i
_’remlnm Strawberry plain, ~
premium plant, SLQQ per hundred. Victoria and
Hovcy’« Seedlings, 30 cents per thrifty
pln'iU warranted. Order* from 1 * distance carefully
pot up and forwatdeii. Also, a large collc&ion of
<ireenonu*o I’lant*. fustolph anti Taylor's Seedling
Raspberry. Ac.
Au OMNIBUS leaves the Allegheny City ctidofihc
St. Clair Street Bridge, for the Gardeii, every half hour
during the d«y. The steam boat will commence its
regular trips us soon as the river rise*.
■I -U atfhlJ iS!i ; i,C d'.;/ ;VJ u.iii -'4
.Sew StyjiCarpsti,
WM’CLINTOCK. ySFoorth street, »*'
• now receiving his new Fall *u»k
among which are some of the latest awl beat si} Ic*
now in the country. Tbo*e wishing to fonuiti bwwos
nr steam boats are'respectrtilly invited to call ami «■«<
the heWstylet and low prices, 'lift labaeribc/ju pow
offering in bisline. . •- .
Received this day, direct from the importer* nr.u
manufacturer*— -.1 ■ ~
' 600 yd* new style Tapes'ry Brussels Carpel*!
jrnoo »• « >» 3 ply imperial <j°-
JDOOO “ *• •• *uperfine Ingrain do
E “ - “ fine'”""' 4,0
■“ *• M common !*
l which wilt be sold low /orcjuli. «*'{ow
end he purchased in n<vy ofthe FaMenvciuea. , ‘
spttft • ■ . . 75 Fourth »t j
midwinter, will be received ell through tho.-seaj
roit direct from thontanufaciurers, nud will'hb >ol4
oreaafa as cheap da can be bought in the Eastern ci»
«jc«, at *prg i,\V M’OUNTPOK’fI. 75Fourth M •
CLUTHrWVV. R. Murphy hat
opened uxtayo fmh lot ofiheabove goods, from
l«t» dollars per yard up to'auperfine iJunllUefV*iid of
approved .manufacture,la which he particularly in*
vite6 the attention of buyers. Alto, black and fancy
Cassimercs, Batin Vestings. maniin. merino and cotton
Undershirts, Hosiery and Gloves, rocket Hdkf* and
black Italian ami fancy Cravats,’ at cash prices.
Merchant* Will findlt to their advantage to examine
iha slock in Wholesale Room, up litnitt, .before buy* i
ing their goods. . . . aptl" j
• No. ,43 Woop Sr., Pirreacaoit,
ARK now receiving their usual supplies of Goods
Jor the Fail, season, which they will be happy 10
exhibit to their old and as otif new ones -
os may feel inclined to present themselves.
. Always taking greatTralns -to lay in such Roods u
are adapted to the-wants of the Western trade, which ~
long experience enables them to dOj they can any with
much confidence, and without entering into a detail
e *«? f :oc * t ’ at t * je Western" retail- merchant will
find with them all that htscastomers require. Those i
who have formed the unprofitable habit of repairing I
to the Eastern cities, tor their stocks of Dry . Goods,
would dowolftpcali, as a candid comparison of pri*
r . e ® would in-fanny eases retains the conviction that:
the expense of going- farther may be nbviated by buy
ing »n Pittsburgh. »pua J
• jnsj received an inm
GOODS, to which' they im
mends and the public—ass
c '*.wiH be sold at their cuui
to competition.
No. CO Market street, have
menae atock of NEW PALL
mte the- attention ’of their
tearing them that every aru
unt low prieca—ro low as
• Fall Stoek of CAR
Ac. among wluch maybefot
Axminner Carpets:
Velvet <l*o’
Tapestry do l
Brussels ' do i
Extra sup 3 ply do (
Sepcrluc do do "J
ow constantly receivintrh]:
rend the following varieties
Sup Chenille Rugs;
do Toiled do
Common do do
Sheep akin Mats;
Chenille do
Superinn lagr. do
Hue do do
Common do do
M,?-4; W,M,4ri and 3-4
Oil Cloth*; '
Table Linen; .
Lifting do I
Roy do
4*4> A) and f Tap. Vcc. do
M, 3 4 ± 6-4 Tw’ld do do
4*4, ft *iM wool do do
| & iM coin, do-do
Geee* vfalcb .we. are .m
**ws btfirr* ©fend jij this c
•ta4arr»j*i Hoaset aad Si>a
| 100 t&rs took before purcbi
I . Car; it Warehouse, No. “
Uockebuck Diaper;
Linen Cruab;
Ddma,k Linen Str. Covin
Pat. Oil Cloth do do
Stair Rods, Binding, A c?
ow'uble to sell lower than
city. We invite all wishing
tin Btfaia, to eall and exam*
75 Pourth Ft. /
x _ _ „ . JBW' WIL UOODX
\fi [ MURPHY is now receiving his first Fail
. tf • «>pjiiy of Foreign and Domestic GOODS, fend
us already opened an assortment of new and beanti.
fel styles dark fall PRINTS, warranted fast colon:
and ncct new style Fall * •
Muslin do Laines; .
Alpaeca* and Mohair Lustres; '
Damask fig’d and striped dot ;
Paraetto* and Lyonese Cloths; I
Of the most desirable colon; and a Gill (apply of
bleached and unbleached Muslins, Irish Linens, Man*
«e*ter Ginghams, &c., at northeast corner Fourth end.
Market it*. Bayers ore invited t« calf and sec. •
FRENCH MERLNOS—Of alUho 4c«lntl« color?.
alien aa Maroon, Garnet,cherry, acarlet, different
ahadca of green drab, mid black. I
Also, FaRMETTOS ol all the above colors, in eve*
of quality; and LYONE3ECLOTIL*. *!»o
of all the desirable colon, now open at Dry Goods
House of - iptl4 W R murphy
MOUBMKO GOODS—W. S. Murphy ha* |isv
open au erteaa'tve ationment of black Goods,
ineluding-UombazineOßrmcb Merinoea, Parmeltos,
Mouse de Latnea, Mourning Alpaccaa, and other
Mourning’Good*. fP m
\fILITAff Y GOODS.I-Caps, pl^f^STOrtsTs££
V*- «*, Epaulettes, I .nee. Button*, Flag?, and all the
trimming* accessary to equip volunteer companies.
.Uj Volunteer companies equipped aa complete and
cheap a* done in the East, at tnc Military Store, cor*
n ', r , „ Founb *it WW WILSON
t. a —The United States Baa* and Tenor Drum*, of
Germantown make, for sale and warranted by •
— r *PH- - W.W, W.
SHACKLETT a, WriiTg; ) ’
dry goods jobbers;
RE now receiving a very large stock of iVeah
t*ooda, pfreeentparchaaeaild importation,which
utey will sell to the trade at suehprices aa cannot fail
to give entire satisfaction.
City and Country. Merchants are invited w calf and
examine ourttoek before purchasing elsewa** «•
mys ;
MS IV GOODS, 1849. j
KENNEDY * SAWYER, comer Wood and Fenrth
street, are now receiving direct from first band*,
anireo «toek of Fancy anil Variety Good*, iiiß.qTliu?
r oc * t * of e«ry variety, gold and stiver Watches,
Jewelry, French Prints, Combs, Hooks and Eyes!
O.OVCI tuid Hosiery, Suspenders, Gun Caps, aid ail
other articles in their line—all of which htYine, r.ecn
purchased personally of the manufacturers emu du
rtnethe last winter, erprewiy for the Spring trade,
will be sold wholesale at a small advance on, cost,
constantly on band, all descriptioas of Looking Glass
es of our own manufacturing, at eastern prices, i nth#
Nf.w fancy and variety goods—AtzKu
UIA»N KINSEY'S, C 7 Market street [
100 nrs fine China Vases, ass'dj 174 sets twist and
cat velvet coal Bottom; 40 fine velvet Carpet Has*: 20
do do pent’s traveling; 100 grata lancy silk Buttons,
10 d«Nail Brashes, ass’d; 100 cto fine
blk Vest Buttons, ass’d; 2® do do gilt and nlaied, do:
as d« rosewood Hair Brashes; 4 do Waaßngthn- do
1 dp Barbersdo, 3 pro Fish Linos; Fish Hooks, Lime
nek, Ac %
JEWELRY.Ac—SO gold lever .Watches; w’do de
tached lever Watches; 10 do Leprae do; 10 fifae dia
mond Finger Rings; 1 dox fine gold Vest and Fob
chains; 2 do do Guards; Breast Pins, Finger •Rings.
Ear Ruie*, Ac. ■ ■ ° ’
GLOVES, Ac.—2oo dos Ladies Cotton Gloves, ass’d;
30040 do Lisle Thread, fancy top, Ac.; 10do genu’
silk Gloves; 13 do do kid do; 90 do ladies kid, aw’d; 10
do do fancy top silk. . . ;
VARIETY GOODS—7S pigs American Pins 300
bis Cotton Cords *3 ps Paper Muslin; 500,000 ribbed
Percussion Caps; 200 pro dress Whalebone do; ltiOdox
V ° ap9 mb, ‘ ® re, “ n S Co®b», Back Combs, Ac. Ac.
; \\l HKBKAS, John P. IlopeweU, of the city of Pitt**
TT burgh, Merchant Tailor, by hi* deed, ;bearma
date the Stfih day of July, A./D., Its4i», and recorded in
the Recrrder’a Office of Allegheny country,! in deed
book Vol. bO, page <SO, assigned and transferred to me
all his estate, real and personal, iu tru« for hi* credi
tor*: NOTICE it hereby given to ull pertout Indebted
to said estate to make payment to the undersigned, and
those having claim* against it, to present theta for set
dement. . BFhftAMIN CLYDE, Assignee,
augil ; Pittsburgh. '
• Hashing; ~ ,
Bath for fifteen cents.
i.adic* Department open from atoll o'clock, A. M.,
and »to 5 o’clock, P. M. ,
Atheiwnm Saloon and Bathing EataMUhmetii.
Jyt» T. M’FALL. Proprietor
JAYNfL—'niU certifies, that immediately after
having attended my brother, who died of consumption ‘
m March, IMd. I wu taken tick with the Oo««umntion
or Liver Complaint, aud was reduced so low with the
■disease, that for four years 1 was unable lot attend to
my business, either at home or abroad, benig for the
most time confined to py bed. Darina the above peri
od of time, 1 nad expended for medical BUdndanco o
regular Physician* and medicines, to the hmonst of*
Cdtn, without receiving any benefit therefrom. In
July, ls-45, I commenced taking Dr. Jayne's Medi
cines, and have taken them more or tesseVer since,
aud believe that it was by persevering id their use,
tiiat 1 can now truly say that I have'completely rcco*.
verej my health. I believe that Jayne’s Sanative Pills
and Expectorant are the best family medicines no win
.. . • ’ T
.(.reside in Springfield, Otsego county, N- Y., and
carry on a furnace and machine shop in that place,
and ;tm m»t interested In any manner nr Ute sale of the
above medicines, and moke this fcenificatolor the ben
efit of uio*c atllictcd. ELIJAH EATON.
Springfield, N. N., Sept Id , I jst
l)r. Hose’s Celebrated Itemedlei
DR. JACOB S. ROSE, die discoverer arid sale pto
pnetar of these most popular and beneficial med
icines, and also the inventor of tho celebrated instra
mem tor inhaling the Lungs, in effecting a curo of
Chrome discuses, was a student of that eminent physi
cian, Doctor Physic, and isagraUuateoft&o Umreni
ty of Pennsylvania, and for thirty years sidee has been
engaged in the investigation of disease, And the appli
entmn ot remedies thereto. . ,
•nitough the uso.of his masting tube, in connection
with Ins Prophylactic Syrup amfotherofhil remedies;
he has gained un unparalelied eminence-tn caring
those dreadful and fatal maladies, Tnbtrcular Con
sumptioh, Cancers, Scrofula. Rheumatism, Asthma, 1
Peter aud Ague, Favor* of.ail kinds, Chrdnio Erysipe
las. and all those obstinate dtseasespeculiar to females.
Indeed even- form of disease vanishes under the use
of hi* remedicmto.which humanity is heir—not by the
use of one compound only, for that is Iresmpatible
with Physiological Uw, but by the use’of his reme
dies, adapted to aud prescribed for each peculiar form
i>t disease. ‘ | .
Dr. Rose’s Tonie Alleraiive Pills, when used are in.
variably acknowledged Lo be superior id all other, hs
a purgative or fiver pill, inasmuch mi they leave the
bowels perfectly free from coattvenesfi a* also his
Golden Pill* is admitted by the faculty liVposress pecu
liar properties adapted to female diseased-hot being
satisfied that a bore trial is sufficient to e-tablish what
has.been said iu the imiuls of the mart skeptical.
The afflicted ara invited tri call opoi: the agent, and
procure (gratis) one of tho Doctor's pamphlets giving
a detailed account of each remedy aud hs application.
For sale by tho following agents, ns Welt as by most
Druggists throughout the country:
J Scbooumaker k Co, 21 Wood street,'Pittsburgh;
J M Townsend, druggist, 4£ Market #t
Lea A Beckham, „** near the P. O. Allegheny pity;
Jos Barkley, Darlington, Beaver eoouty, Pa.
jno Elliott, Ennon Valley, “ ;* “
T Adam*. Beaver, “ “ “ .
novln-dly ' ' '■ •
CoMnuus, Jan. bth,' 13«.
•Mr. R. E- Sellers:—Your VermiTuee, has sold well,'
and has been high yjspoken of by bQ who hava Used •
Ll ; From the sueoewi atiepding tho anuunislranoa of*
your Vermifuge in every ease l Uavejheard of. I am
confident I ean sell -ruore during the! coming season
than I dirt last. glad lo.recciJre another sup
ply of< ori gro««. -toarf;respeeifd!ty, . .
[Extract from letter.) R. CARTER.
Prepared and sold by JL E. SELLERS, S 7 Wood, ml
and sold by druggists gtaeraHy, In-Pittsbaxgh and Ai
leghnjr. • -|aa
. • -• » .—.-a urJt- *,J?I s j .C .".la.SJ.t
**«»■ “.*»»& <jUyiWi r \ V
c.- .-• •. r Cy-
VOL. XVir. NO. 57. ;
_ ' ‘ 1 ’'•"."’■•m#.
5p x- *
r ”.uS£ ss«£g
1, ® > ®** nc “ e - Lonnglhe m D nUi t»Utme, IhiVLtbd?
fi . Te f.y 4 nwe "i T7 i>' *»PP«ilo;iiuiMLaoiliny rtreiicth Slk
‘ «»*«* prostrated, yfhh; Mtverepam
[ shoulders. I wasiold Vyine<ileal|ncoib**mr.dl*aJ*
•wm & severe attack of lircf eompJaiou: I.taok.aevL
, r%, Iwim oi M’l.aneV I aver Pill*,-*nd *«n* ayrtiE
! tuiarter
• f eeUln ff worsc. I. finally canriadedta pt^rp
, mj-ielf under the o, phyriciaa for'SeUerifT
worse; hut, foriuaately 4 JtufatthN time, 1 %ra« told
by.tbe Rev. I. Nibfeck, of this p!a*e, that a friend hall
mut htm « box of Seller Liver Pilio frost emai*roh“
fwbicb liad licoefittfd him very much, i forthwith
eeat for n box of your Liver Pill* and bythSttoMl
was dans niuur them. 2 wavvaiilsfied that iiraru iou
the medicine tbw suited my et«L l-wntfor o«X
and took fire or rix boxes, and found tnyadlf'ilfitodt
enUrely cored; but La Alwrft. lastl caught,* fevero
cold, which broujrht.hact.tbc in «»hbn
tinje I cat. as bad as ever.. L utzii iljd recourse to
yobr river.PifK 'and took th?ia ►rcry'r.tber night for
*tx weeks, and eeea*kmiUfy.merv»«id |eaiy.|iow»ay,
that I con row say, that I tccl tiiCe if any •ymp'toms
of the Liver CompijLbtrnninfy irrneTihadßlthii-ili
goodcowovit has been fortho l**L Uiyean, x .
My neighbor* n*k,me who wai my jloctor:'l «1i
them that Seller*' Liver Pills wav my-yccWr/amKby
(he blessing of Dtviae meqjagot enbgg'
tnc., 1 >m confident thitMvben the paMid bceodio ao*
quoimed with the value of your I ( (rvr:FiU*f-this de-\
mand for them wtiiincieruv -Many of myuotghboß,’
to whom 1 have rveetamrmt.'tl the pills, can tctiilyto
their voloe. u well a* to the fact* abovp »taihd..'rJil
• Keapoetfallyyogr*, , .pKOEgs^UujtSj*.'
.To Tax Ptbuc.—The Original. oiilytra* oodrenß
toine Liver Pills are prepared..UvilL L.-Se!lcns and ’
have hi* name stamped in Wick whx upim'th'e nd^bf'
!^£!, »n o *l , and ihq oatfchloiwtWV- '
others are counterfeits or bate imitmiou*. *. .
- «pt 37 R.T; SELLERS. Waafdtt ■
caution V.d
A Du by the name P.luls engaged
Willi # young man of the Dame ofS. I’.Towrtsena.'dnd
, nnuie 10 pomp a
Sarsaparilla,! dauoraitpuing ft
uE-NulM.., Original, etc. Thu Tbwnsendis jio'fldo
tor and never wav. but wa* formerly a workers* «4N
: md the hka. Vet ho attunes the title
Dr-[or the purpose of gaining credit for wltiirWii
” ot - Hd U lending out carda headw k *Xnck» f ol
quacks, n m which ho says. I have sold the use of my
for. *7 a week. I will give S. P.TowiudotftflW
» te will produce one single solitary ptoofof v ihiif“
inn {«to raation the public not to no deceived, and
purchase, none but the GENUINEOHIOINALOLU
>25? Sarimporilla. haviuj H lhe
uiu Dr. s likcue»,.-hi* family coat of arms, and his *!£•.
ncros* the coat ef ansa •“lij.i'j,
1 nscipal Office, 102 Nassau it. New, Y^rkCily.
OLD - ■ -■ = DOCTOBU
OP TflE • ■ XafegF '
TOWNSEND R A Its APA ftg f ,T,A» . .
- Old Dr. Tnwijjeud ifjnow about 70 tear* of iif«£and 5
no« long been known «, -the AUTftOR aadDISCO
SAH^APAniI.LA.• Bemgpoor. ho wns compelled
to limit us manufacture, bv ryh»«.Kv.. n
-kept out of market, n»d the' sale* to
thOMjonlywliohid proved itJ.Worth'and'lchosvtfiu .
value. ikis fiiuxD ant*
•manufactured on jha largest scale. fend*Ujudleafor
throughout the l.mcth and breadth ofthalauJ." ••’■*
Lnlico young S l . J\ Townsend’*; it-improve*'jWitft
age, and nuvei change*, hut fortho heuer, bee auto it
J*, prepared on aclenufic principles by a idtcntlfblßan.
The highest knowledge of-ChemiatrV, and IhotUsst
discoveries of the Art. have oil been brought into re*'
<, f ,lU^ in ,bc mail U'acturc 01 the Old Dr.VSars6p**ii
riila. The Sarsaparilla root, it 1« wcll knowntomed*'
•cal raeh,contain* medicinal propertievnnd *<?ine pro-
tiei which are Inert-.or
if tetained in preparing it for nee. priducorfenmmta*
uon and acid, which iniujuriou* to tita system. Soma.
t»Mhe properties of Sarsaparilla arelso-wledWHbitt
they entirely evaporate pnd are loatin the DrcDara
uou, if they are not preserved by a eeientific |>ro4e*s,
known 01117 jo those experienced la tu menu (kdtaro.
Moreover there principles which fly offia va
j^T;,o? JU5 n under heat, pro the very >,'■
P Th^ enie * ° rtha
uso prepared; that nil the inert properties or the gar- ■
aapamla root Are Cm removed, everything eahable
ol becoming aeidor offennentaiionJ laeitraetotLand
rejected; then every li-vticlc-qfmedical vinae i» eee«.
red tnapure and concentrated /bnnjacd tbas‘ ills'
rendered incapable of taxing any of h% xaluabtaan:
healing properties. Prepared In this way, it is'uLoaa
the most powerful Agent in iho / -
iteoce the reason why tre hear corninctidatiort* on
eyerTsidein aswpbrl’Tmon.'vromea and ehiWren.
*» c bnd it OoiiiewpLilew in the care of ConFomotlon,
Dyspepsia, nndlayet Complaint, and In TUi'eatnatism,
Scrofula and P»le*,!Co*tivenes«, all Cntiaeoua Ernii
lions, 1 unples, Blotches, and all affection* arituic from
ItpoMeuen a tndrvciions effioacy id all compialnta
arums from indigestion, from Acidity bftho Sioma-b:
irom unequal clrcu’alion, determination ofblooJtatha
head, palpitation ofiho heart, cold fcetjftndcoldJwnda
euld e&ilu and hat l ; flushes
had its equal m coughs *ud coldsjanil prorbotsfrcovY '
f l f£ e °i°r i *H oa » “*{ «cnti« perspiration, seinxiogAaio
turc of the lunga, throat, ami c»er/oliu*r part.'
Baimnothtpg is it* excellence rodreinacithsdyocen
and csikliOWiedgsd than in all kjnds and stascs «
it woTia venders In cases of floor Jdbus4T-wh;>*a .* I
Faihn* ofthc Womb, obr.rttcind»3aii pro jsed, or Pain-
M Menses, Irregularity of the atdh*rt&sfcr»4s «d
the like; and is effectual in coriar aliiortaf af thaXid..' ■' i
"^? lsc *f c *- I
«ng the general system, it grrer tone-kai 'stfeaShto'.:
the whole body, and cures all (one* of, -c f> w?“ >
ana thus prevents or rMicTes 1 * *reabv*rtety*fc>ifcir ; l
diseases, ail Spinal Inflation Neuralgia, Vitas
..k®’.Fpilepue Fits,Cor.vulfmasj Ae. I*
not this, xn» Alxoicntx toit PoE-Hiiftorfcy NjcxdT I
. Rut can any of these things b« saidol.&.P.Towa. /
senal interior nrticio!,' This yonnjt miufi liuoiJi* not
to bo COMPARED WITiIthK OLD ffi * ?'
ttrof Fact,j<hai Ute one is incapable \
er lXJh*; n sours, ferments. and blows ih*nfcosw ‘
m w^ 1 ' 1 " 8 'AIllto 1 llt0 Armenia; the sear,.acid Jiquldex- "
Ua , rr ? i? ‘ !1 3 o;h K°o‘L! iVo?thortlis hor
nble compound be jioisonsus to ton. »yeJeml;nWhatl '
pat actq imo a system already diiea'ed.'with ncid! •
.V . 1 f* 11 ®?* Dyrpppsld hut acid! Do Mre nottfFicnow, -'
that when food spur* m our stomachs,whßtfnttehxr.fs
it produces.—Qat&bmcc, heartburn, paJmuitu>it oflbe- •'
heart, User complaint, diarrhtaa. rirsMiarrffi&if «M 5
eorrupuoH of the Mood? .What i» SaSfqlafcot «n mrid'-'•
humor In the body! What prodoces atf the’tanuors l '
which bring on Eruptions'of the
Salt Rheum,{hysipejas,White Swellings,‘
and alt ulcerations Internal anffcxtemalK Jfcir noth!
me under but an add substance, wiueh aoors,
and thus spqils all the fluids of the body, worker less; -
Wfcat onuses Rheumatiam but asonpasidOnid.whleh
insinuates itself between thr joints and ehcvJkare, ir
mating and inflaming the tender and deUfattftmues
all the ailments which affltet hnmajrnsltte; 1 *- ■
Now, u U not horrible to.nxako nndsclL oik} infinite
ly worse louse tiiis • ■
. , UFS.P.JOWASE.ND! ... , r
, L eik * wou l*l fmn have it understood lhaf Obi Ja*
cob Townrend’s Genuine Original Binbaporifla, it an
Imitation of hts inferior preparation!! *
Heaven forbid that we should deal tn'' aj’i articl*
which would bear Um most distant -resemblance to &*■
P. artiek! ami which ahoald brine down*
upon the Old Dr. such a mountain load' of Complaints -
and criminations Cron ftgeuis who bare sohL'and nor. ‘
clmacrs who hare used 6. d^Jovrascnd’s.FcraciiUn*
\Ve with h undcrttobd, because it ii-ihoiabtOlata
mub, that fit. P. Townsend's article and Old Dr. Jacob
Towhseud nibiuvapariliu ore beaTcii-wWe' cparJ, ami
infinitely dissimilar, thatthry an qDlUtein every par- ■
ucular, having not oao aiugle thing i a common. '
it is to arrest frauds upon the 'Unfortunatel to pour
halm into Wounded Ltmipßity, to. kindle hope in the '
derpainn; Uosom, to restore health and Moom'ana ri
gor into the brushed and broken and to banish iofirtni
and FOfND ihe opjlominlty amrmcafiiilbfbrlnf hit
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need it, that thfey insy leant atuf know, by'yoylful er»
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Fur suio by J. KIDOiCOj AVhoh:i ft 7e Aslnt for
Western t’e in«y!vaniat J.-tf.MlTff, BfnrrthlthaJi: Dr.
J. SAKGEANT. AJinsbenrliDr.'j, CASaftLb; Flnh
ward, u. \y GARDNER, eth ward, riiUuurghspO *
&Ltzx, CoKimhiana ctf.,QJ ApR 21. lflil'
DR. D. JAYNE& D*aa Sac-l’fMl- Cnd' toyon
aud the afflicted public, to avail myself of thitop-:
I ppnniuiyofffirlnffpabUciirtoihaexwwrtinaryetrccti
I of yoar KiMotorant onmysel/1.. Haying Wen afflicted
for several yean with a severe cougbl-hectic fever .
ami its concj mutant and wcoedenly doomed
to inccroutashortbut miserable existence, until the
ffi^SSram^tes i syas!3^ag3g^--2:- 1 *
vanish,] had recommended tome yaurEknemomnl--
and blessed by that iking- who does fothe -
o»e of,the means—and contrary to the expectations of
my physicians and friend*; I was raised ••
Rom my bed, and was enabled by tha i«c»f a bottle to
I,u, “ SCM » enjoying since bener healthtluut ■
Iliad for ten yearn previous. .- .• .--- -j a
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i*. noqrn prepared 10 aerre'
.■*■ up roealan: all ln‘colmeci»n with Bjihllcr
by tijc day or'week. . I .' -v.*i ; • ~ff. hvpalu •>
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