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, - • ARR/VALOPt.itija 'VILA 1111111.111
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Hy Over leir
.... c a rp!'lnern Malltax. i I
Br. J 02,30, An. 21.
The r 6anzaa 4 - red at ORM" " .. " 060 .4
yesterday novice :titeithig dater from Liver
to the 16th inst. • F. 144
ill Laxersol., Ang. 17. 1
An improvement
~h doest even , branch of to 1.
slams hoe taken and the present rate of
Gaga exchange ish66ly to continue. The mot . ,
l et generally isI4,RI supplied, and attended bl.
largetreessmiona 4tlpetters pot bra freely, im i I I
spetadsters are holdt,t . -
Oman—The s ay,,,, , respecting the midair
. crop are ausatisfri, and operate in fever cd
holders. The de m '.te geed, and large urea
me daily tsportalsoN extreme gm:minims giveir 1
by the Canada. The Viedmitill news Mined emelt
mariatioe; Ire=ijiM asking higher prices, mei
quotations ad ! . 4ei Wednesday. Oa Thurs/
day, a large Imam lola done at a Vanier advance'
attar which the artivlllY somewhat subsided, but
the advance was fulliitectitained. i
The solo of theritimek - ending on th e 1 Ott
mewed to 3100 4* at 51 fee fair velem*. 6
(2161 foe fair Mobile; 6-4, for fair Orleans, and 50
61 Mr Georgia 41 I
--,--EinetdelluEs h in dirj! awing to the proipeas 01 -164IIMIIMII'
164IIMIIMII' - )t
The recent advierin
„ern the manufacturing dial
~: 77, - 7 Vial gpf,k; 6gly of . the trade, both iii
-Z Z ::: . miten and ernotleo s.
.... ... . .
s.,•"' " The Mont *IMMO and Auustardani
are sensfeetorri t, hosulilles between the
*M3irlivie.And A end' R 1•11010 •000 elmai
- int - . stiefespect. funiet - iromenVistenti in moot
Money continues Veurty, but as trade improve 6
the diennedinmean%Mough dinrount a easy. ,
, . 031.613-a Wheal 4 deserimions has receded
,thou td to 2d pm, W,,,1 Indian Corp ha advanced
Seto 3sperspute4otations being 22a29s per
- - •muuter, for yellowOrhd 274i25s for while. The
late nausea of Etsr4 a maintarned.
Vsoun—Four auxin - Mowry, the better
- milizing former - priciM. Secondary sorti are
Mier per bbl. Sotniquently the marker bra=
More steady, and Alm sound parcels Amen
- mid at 23S ealazidi'erior, at 18 (3'20.1 per bbl.
• Paavutects—Ameqiin provisions are well mil
tidied at last weekiquotationm lon beams beau'
mold al 306211, 641 forchitg, and Wafer short'middlew
Tim demand for hatr u talleo. Lard Is la good
'squint, and prices!!' cod 0d per curt, with
nets of 800 Ibis. at Ors ed.
Cc= remains fir nkm the absence of speculation:
The partial turn out: "among the colliers to Stafferdi
shire, has dinsintsteek/tic market in that district
The Caledonia Pe.ined the Europa foe Liverpool
on the 14th, in the OideneL
The steamer aseilini at Southampton, en mitt
for New York. ShCbriuge intelligence of the
maul departure of titeßanish bkresding quadron,
and the withdrawaVnf the reusing vessels of
• Nelegdard, which 4 departed for Copemhsgenj
preventing the free Witter and egress to the rei
spatial ports, a utinilier,of American anal, hat
entered the Wesserc4;
, , !
pusortinev. pint cALE °mime.
11 Plummanns, Sept 1. i
Owing 10 a haat% Storm yesterday 'flameout
both the New Yorßihies of telegraph to this OM
were out of worldniliitder, and consequently out
lye hoiden Mitre news was received last
night. • d! !
We continue th ~I -s ietrul of the intelligence b y
this Snivel. ,T.; . I
giiimAND. !
The most activiiihavesting operations werli
going forward is tiltienta of the country. 1
The Queen's vintite Ireland had laminated with
the same manifendr4lts of enthusiastic delight ad
had characterized tiliensomencement. 1
President Louis Oleou had returned to Peril
darks visit tette:Mt and Havre. An indispedil
thin reseed:Rag choltle clurracterztirew•glomn
•eser the terminstaahr hie visit to llama i
-"iv TSB !! and the
... dingpieurete have, in met
Lauri, aglitter n
..- law, been 'relieved (t oed
. martial Raw, and - - utility has been pretest, 1
'll•Liellibed lilt•II• /it: , k.
The French fundslite well supported, and In
many bastehesof trOithere a decided Improve'
N. I
The French Goventment, it iv seta, have rei
mewed informnica iiiv Austria had applied to thei
King of Bavaria forirmilitary ecesistanre, and thad
the tattier was abouran . order troops to the protein
lion Of thisAustriso Gnisitat. . -
' The French truelltdl at Rome by Gen. '
not, have exhibited eig nein*, of, d"
.„5. 4
' ton at not being permuted to return to Fran
The object of the efiedition having been
probed, they deezinot only an set of bipartite,
but of emehy,to Ithem say beer ken their
• {MOM and friends. I
Utters Medved
. 0 Pens farm Vienna, state
that the Azunian Gitersunent had resolved to nor
meat° with the linzta' --
The accomuts fed Vienna, touching the .
gross& thewerern Acura and Hammy
are of much inte rest:;.. I The entrance of the Hon
: Vials from Gotoorkillata Raab, reporier!,,by t
-. -!{lid inivil, if folly lisifirteed, and the wand
nay &Emu to al l ey which sae secured td
Maness Rath by
~ , i lidagyars.
The greatest elarin war excited in Vienna sari
Peadscog, by IntelliiMiee of the advance of thd
Hanginans, vitiali4osis are anal to have spil
pealed #k W ears i{>
. All the troops which
Meld possibly be aiiiissi from the protection of
Vienna, were imniedist despatched by Railway
toProMmlirle and itt6 raid that many of the soi l
, diem, wbo were rai l luits, left with very
diemangenaml an m Clarice to march.-, •
As th e 23,1 and !and 25th of 3itly a mob'
nod battle is tePor9l to have occurred bet
the: Rnssians and Heitgastam, near Mieholez, eici
chi, ice bank of theyol.l. ft seems that ete dui
kett GeotrY qu i oWor" Mullion,and the Ras;
-Mans, tabough a 11 1 :1t Jae° rut aPir followed Mall
[ l,l lO otodr'od4
ritoopErSO4 5."1 c , 357 moo. &pc I. 4 .
•• RITI L IGAIV • p MYSTB.U.: • 111
f O4 Ufrom Vienne, of the Eld
ilegmcauthentie die • are touching , the daimt
ditt hive taken pirdeteetreen Haab sad Ome,
,The Post from Pei& to Vienna had been inter-
cepted'and dmatitedlend no lettere had arrived
trent Haab.
mu reported diet the H had ungarians en
Same on the WMi! Prom the Western theatre
Oit WA, We learn dig the defeat of the Anal taxis
het'lbni Co m= wai4tiore actions than had beat
Mind supposed. •.•,;•.
The Magyars arejsinimning to arms through the
Malady far sad erlde: A ,
Nice °doff ended at 'Vienna-on the 1:11h Ad
gair,• from the Headignarters of Prince Bug.
witch. He brottkitneUistnee of the • route of
Paskiewiteit's Amy* Chemed Georgep and his
Vetve Hangstrans. i 2 o BUlletin had been pubiii+
eon . the asked, tad, the hope:Milstein Vienna
vit ' rre state of pitifc. The aotranani,sinona bb
titian Path and Vereda were entitles e4' try
the Winiffall, Mho, 440 h -rumored, had • rearden
Path tad Bade.
,The annyof the kneeled' General Heyman, even
bessboold have eremi ed • *lethal with Jelin
chde.h, is now compkicay 'ant/n et t, '
':lt It oeceted thatOtz consequence of represeti•
Mak, Ens:IWO and France, the flassians
, 1 0 evacuate lieneicif in forty day.
v "Mat Nes lomat* of Tuesday, 4ug. :I 4, MO
~,utu a Idler had been. received oa We ; reasons
dim by • =robe , otahe Gommiasion orthe
iktaa. Awnemblie sithOUldily dud the green Ruin
i b d a im had beeM completely deficated by
nTthim , mem, of the 12th Angus; con
ofkiiddearach o, 7 °' the RevdirtnertesacaGem
.schudimri; Traltaylvants, stiffing *hst
an the '3latirdl •bfitfle took ph, e b d.. las
mops mdtbe illmV°6l°, army. coder Gen. Sem, In
which the latter Wei eldbeted. and us the amain
the Kew . G a nciyft Skslianiin was lulled byl y a
Ate said tine. ifilitnkariana were killed Id
akin Maki they Weiq.Un2ed by the c o r ac k am i o
took seven field pi40" 11,0 meendards, and ahaw
"Alootity of attentne4s. es added that Beenta
usweajpg calash, cfintirinint aeronaut moms+.
takes, and that 500 prisoners mere captoted br
The itataitsts town their own kw' at only 44
killed end arounded.
The news Lon /{lllllpq Lta oo oo.lo3 . I gUe
and =eased. The newt of the defeat at Barn
It will probably turn ow to
bo not one half es bag as represented. Austria
would net he willing to treat with Hungary, as re.
prated, if she wine gaining instead of tocsins
The Paris National attars that Paribeldi had suer
ceeded In reaching Venice fa wkly, which 4
pram to be confinined from other mania worth*
of baliee
Mk. Charlotte Cashman, the celebrated Aimed ,
can caress, came bonidin the Caledonia.
Padanzuerra, Sept. I.
The l'idednais animal at Boston yeaer after'
noon. The lihnekpo news has had no effeet span
the dour and provision markets. 03111 has adri
vested 2030 per boa. Cotton has stiffened, with,
moderate oaks at 'an advaams over previous mei,
Ns: OnsArs, Aug. 30.
Rey, the abducted Cuban, whose cam has oven•
Tied ao much attention in( late, and who reached
here ■ kw days mince from Havana, has twee
placed in prison by his own request. He alleges
that he faun bodily injury, and dues not considia
his life ask while at lame la the city.
New Voss, Sept.
There were 30 deaths from cholera io this ,Ej
during the 49 hours ending at soot, to day.
The disease has a abated that the Board will
discontinue making reports after to day.
Saw You, Sept. I.
The ieemer Caledonia willed at Boatel" pee.
creasy efrernom
The etamer's new. had no effect on the mu
Flour--Prices are enehanged.
Com h. advanced from 2 to 3e per km.
Colton—The market has mil:rated ander the
ateamer'a AMP, and moderate sales were made it
a slight advance.
Sr. Louts, Sept. 1. 1
Flour—The market is inactive. We note sales ,.
at $4,51k1334,70 per !AL
Grain—Wheat has come in more freely. The
salsa to day Mom a Wide range in prices, rang
ing (mm 31•9 to 60c per ho. Cora is in moderate
• or—The market for pork is dull Mess
In held at 89,25. Lard is doll at Sumer prices: •
Lead—Saks at $4 2 0 .
Hemp—Sales at 6122 per ton.
New You, Sept. I
Flour—The &wedge news has not visibly erect
ed the market. We mite des of common wale
and mixed brands at $3 40085 50 per bbl.
Grata—Wheat is heavy, bat prices are undo*
ed, with limited Wm:maids. Corn has advanceii
under the foreign news. Sound wane= 62te.
Provislons—Pork is dull. Mesa has declined to
310 37 per hbl; prime, 39 75.. Lard—Seles at Os
in bbl.. and 71c In kegs, with a moderate demand.
There is no change in pickled or smoked meat
Whiskey—Bales ofohioat 271 e per gaL ?tic •Al
have still as upward tendency.
Canon—The market is very firm at en eight to
a quartet advance under the !steamer's news.
et:m.o,mm, I
The rivet is sintiosity.
Flortr—thdea of old at 6t 37.5.54 50; no ( mt.
ground. $3 37 per bbl.
Sugar--Salea of 50 hhda. of fair at 51.
Linseed Od—Salea at 60c.
,Sl7ldattek—Slfe notice Wes at 181 c per log.
Bacon—We notice sales of 75 Md. of ahonhicts
at 4635 r
comaurriz FOR AUGUST.
t•Xii NAT. am lama,. SLIM
Orrice Premarman a•za:ra,
Honda, blaming, BeMember 3, 1_49.
The market on Sammie, exhibited no muka4
Change In any article. The market generally wee
quint, and every Ming cantinned needy at preview!
dere qeotalions.
Since oar lan teat., there flu ban a alight sera ig
the river, amt hut artudng at desk. it we.. nearby at a.
stand aria CJ India& in the eltartneL We have hug
time errivals has Cirieharati sines Saturday, oak
thane ar 'narrate:eta Meitner, ep for departure la
IhnniniPrompeets oil the Grata Blarks4 .
We published, a bimr Thy. tines, from the Cloche*
d Galeria, en able article On the Comm prospect* of th:
wheel market. 'The ankle Ihrinigheen, containe4
much valniile Information for nose tourretird to Ihn
wpm which it Mated. We are grabbed at bet
log altiaifrom the Mee illettree, 10 present oar teideill:
. 4 . 61111/4 follow jeg inetreatiog article in relation to thi,
prospective quantity and prime of COlll, at the when•
bt lo of the greeting crop. of this great staple of MO;
Went_ editor nary Prnparly remark., "Corn br
Pork,' imam Pork dealers came in fora .hate of or;
imam Main area. We call their particular anco:ll
lion to the fact, m view of their operatic:au in their
scrim article, the uasing fall.
loquity among 4.nocrs in this vicituty, leads es to
suppose that a better crop of me is stow on the gem.,
then ha, ever been gathered In this laumbate region:
A Asr weak. ago the promise was not te good, bet dui
showery growing , weather ore ante had since'
Ihe stadia of hip, hes earned the mop- to tome Inn
ward Emir, and Maw th e inseam t. of the moon tee;
managing Character.
Ocessional Innelrien Merle of travellers amass dirk
Sore, and into is diana and iltranacky, cordirm rally ear
I pre.). impren ion that the crop of the Ohio Imin
thte pear is In be a large and in every way excellent
enc. Prom Ted armee, Gemara, Alabama, and other
distaat Sauce, war hate like...e, through oar exehange
wen, te a m can dhetotyrephts.
Owe is p.m seat 111 an, that It may safely be
seep led that the memme of the crop in, without romp
I cluerta_disturtri m emcee. the measure of the pea.
packingof any speciand season. On. I. alaowloakr4
—Oro are gamy"a say ita•—and to a ecauddemble ois
tent ateasures Mtn busmen of the still Corsi is able
bread—thinks et a bouetifel Previdence—and Uneven
recent improvements In the machinery that coven. rr
Into lawrhantable meal, le manifestly mon to entre_
omeh more largely then It has ever hitherto done( Ind , '
the rood at man. A large crop of this grain, therefore,
Is an important fact at any time, bet (manes emphati.
reify m in 1141110.1. When the ymkt of wheat Is math&
ally below. the Maneon avenge—as many tomer%
very well informed in general, believe nth. thi.year,
What we with to Wile from ildris,tlea the Prosnenefl
*mimes of the weld mat year will be a large and ani
rte bennen, aid that the at maw of people, should.
than... or doer rule bird, can find In com. pre:
pared for the baker and*. demesne by the m lmproved
pew's, a cheap, Moinese, antlleow moatgratatabli
gabmitm. (With reference to whiskey, we leave otte
eto infer what theyplesse.) Dm while the new crop
is growing mad melon!. it is intemeting to note the
the old making way tor it in the crib, of the (smell
of the Wm, by an active mentment to the •eaboarth
We base heretofore teretrod, . several occaalomk,
to the in /maims of tide grain at Toledo, alt the me
net season—elmwrieg that the Wabash and Dag EA,
ama valleys Me MIMI) Mating out, and - Jag rem I
dy for a nerWeettan. (Minns. The receipts at other
Meta, eltowst preCisely Medlar Malt. And no area:
std.. takes ;niece at Safe. The third week li
' August, the Mmes. of Cern Met that port by the
canal, reached 81472 bmbeda Dotting the whole
mouth of Jog. the Momenta from the same port we.
417,730 boatels, againsY2S94l23 Miring the correspor+
tag math last year. And from the opening of oast
gelion (May Ist) to the tat of Armen Om mason, the ch
thipments amounted to 141,244 boaltels. • gamiti
MAE/ hediels for the corresponding penal lac actual
at'*biomass of the moth of of July this year, it will
seen, are nearly equal to those .of the first three
mooths -lan season.) Looking a little forth tr, and
watching thomorment Wend/ the seaboard, we had
the mempt* al tide-mew on the Had.. Miring the
third week in Anna, 141,181 button. AM, that JIM
the Let of E. to the Midof Anyw this year, the ag
gregate of PAWN bethel, of corn am laid down et
Alb m
Albany, against LT:1,809 beahela daring the same time
Them facts show, not only that the people of the
Wm flmting their gamma ready for the coming
mon, bet else that what they are tending away the
East want.. At
on the 11th that., ra was
in good demand, and soiling at eldifte foe tee "' dditesedt
descent... At Naar YM on the rah trot the prim
wa. GI OWL c ♦r be, for todleary to best Alpe ' tog Soli
At Dn nth 10, SI. and GM. At Clerreland .
sub inst,4o EM O4.. Mead lic t riter figure. At San:
dinky eity.l.4.M. At ChteagO,
,d . 04700, and for choice late 48e
rulain the great math Reale. outlet, are Mai the
rumple at New Orlearre this year, rtgom bbl. in ear,'
apEd sbeDert, again... AM) bbl de(
aeb yea—the difference beteg sot
to la tuned M. Yew. At the same thee, the ex,
ports - front New 0r1e... this year (to Ar lo ., mi., m „
053,3ga picker whir.h is an mamma of MIMS .saki
ap001 , 6 exports for the corremonner a Jut yea
Ana mie, while but Mr 1,733 mks have goae to New
York,. meet in that mesa% the receipts th ee. f r 0...,
the Wert via the Erie Canal aml the Mame nand
I,ikt46ll.neke , have mane to Orval Detain Meet, and
nt bushel* to ether foreign ports- thr-lan eace.
ialedvices fn. New
whh. eora
at ZE44e, and yellow al 41104.9 c.
Jon rating.
Moratefastt, .IVIt Lading, Controls, Law Blasi.;
NAM Erua, I..ssy cansi
ha. , .m, mare,
Printed at it alattest sake. at am prates, at am .
&RI OIITC3. Tow aux!.
MSc= Laptos : Stoat—Prepare4 by J. W. c. 04
areet,ll. Y., and for ado by A. Jamas, No.
70 Minh Wrest. Thiewill be fond • delightful arti
cle oberersga bfamilia r end pirtlealarb for
Etedsl.—An lammed Chocolate preset*
Son, being • combination teepees naS innocent, „La.
wironbintnnd Pabo o7ll , ideal recommended parie
tals:lr, for . met Irda Prepared by W. Rater, Dorebes.
ter, Wm; and for We by A. 1.71fri}73, at the Pe*n
Yee smer, 711Peartia et. mabli •
#l4ll. PdeCORD latroduos OD day
Aug 236,) the DR .t 1! of °milk
Ileyitoper of Fifth utd Waged creep. I . i fs
VAT. ti-Okfitirdit.
jtit u ri42T •ood o nrl intend Lib ' ar g .I tlte r V.V•y,:o4l: .y r i ' d l":
'on Om wh ' " ' r
had, aanals (augli , dl et
Louis McLane, Bennett, Brownville.
R Wigtrunan, —, Elisabeth.
Payton; —, McKeesport.
Hodson,--, Onchniati.
May Flower, —, Cin.
Caledonia, —, Cincinnati.
Loots McLane, Bennett, Brownsville.
K Wighunan, —. Elisabeth.
Peyton, Inieesport.
Pilot No. 2, Shook, Cia.
Fveh•ege, bnovden, Cincinnati.
Tan Etmet.—There were 23 , inches in the
channel, by metal meek , last evening at desk.
Louis McLana, Bcownsville, 6 P. M.
D. Leech& co* packet line. 9 P
Exeltnively for Pusangers.
ataigl—The liras of this line mill nava
as follentr at 9 e'elnek at night:
liadtarta—P Haney, Sala ay, Sept Int
Ohio—A Craig, Sunday, 211
Lountaaa—J P Thompaon, Monday, 3d.
Kenneky—D Troby, Tuesday, Ith.
holtania—P Bunny, Wednesday, SM.
apt A Craig, Thunday, fah.
Loaratana—J P Thompson, Friday, M.
Kentocky—Capt II Troby, Saturday, mh.
indtana—P 'turkey, Samlay, 91h.
Ohm—Caps A Cum, Monday, Ithh.
Lommana—.l I . Thompson, Tuesday, I Ith.
Kentucky—Copt II ruby, AVednemny, lith.
Inthana—P Hockey, Monday, 13th.
0810—A Craig, FrtdaY,
Leuistion—J P Thompson, Saturday, Mil.
For passage apply to VP SUTCII,
Monongahela House,
or D LEECH & Co. Canal Basin
WATCH REPAIRINO --Fine Watch repairtng, of
V V every deverirnloo, dime to • toperiot moaner, by
0 11.-4 ""
I" n d if i =Mt . 1 1=:1 1 s1,
ani:2s between Smithfield and Wood.
• .
tart FAE.--197 'bozos, justteeenren at We DoP.r, No HI Front street, orui
Ibr role by loorZl J B CANFIELD
SSltileg —to bblo, for m B
. i. by
241/ 5 1a8i3 Fw iy Flor7,inrtore GIG Gar sale by
‘ g - rt7.l 2 T au FTSE.TOR llLASTi s sig i at i p f l oirle by
'Ls:km.32l—Z boxes Sun ellrerNr - Litiia - I for
1 tabs by aug=l J S DILWORTH &CO
THE soekboldere of the Ohlo and Pennsylvania
Rail Ornid Company are hereby notified to pay
the Second lestahnent of Plea Dollars per sham ou or
before the YSth P.ptember.
The Stec kholdem residing in Pennsylvania, will PAY
Ma said insfalment b the President of the Company,
at their odlee in Yhirl Pittsbarffh. By order of
the Direetam: J. 3. BROOKS, Treasurer.
Salem, Q Aug. YS, IV.V. ansfEhdtflopl3
rec`d and km wide by
500 15. at ' ar n's ii°
WHITE GOODS—A. A. A.'s.. k Co., No 60 Mar
ket street, meite the par, todho dnekkoh of Ph ,-
chasers to their extenstve assort mem a( Whin+ Good s,
•IV /scone., Slaws sod Mull
and Corded; lh.hop and 4., 0.
Call early at the only cheap one p T. ie. ante, to Mar
tel street
Presets. Strawberry ,s:aate,
premium plant. SIAS per hundred. Vtetorla and
Hovey's Seedlings. SO rents per hundred—all
plants warranted. Orders from a &Mans e
P. up and forwarded. Also,large collection of
Greenhouse Plants. Fastolph a n
d Taylor's Itles`dlled
Raspbemy, tre
An OMNIBUS leaves the Allegheny City end of the
St. Ciao 811,4 Bridge, for the Garden, every I,lf hos .,
during the day The steam boat still commence its
regular trips as won as the river rises. ..
ourn JAM we - AIN.
NrCLINTOCK, N0.:5 FoOrth st, has renewed Sus
day another lot of Mom hanlaome French
Transparent Shades, urhitth in point of beauty and
neatnoss sacmss any thing ever brought to this mas.
km. anal]
C. 1111., Into of N. Lisbon, 0. sr. a LEISAIM.
ENERAL AGENCY, I tommission and Forwent.
igzch:c,lor OEerket PinangV,zni:e.o,h. purehnae :IZ
of i gkinde of Produce:
Ram ro—John Wan & Co., Murphy, Wilson & Co.
Pinsbotrek, Pa; Lawson & Mahlon Menlo,
Wellsville, 04 John IL Bream & Co., Grigg, Elliott &
Co., Philadelphia; EL W. linodgran & Co-, Gregg &
Mace, New Lisbon, 04 P.. Skinnew, Hon C. D. Coffin,
Cinetartent J. I'. Keller, Youngstown, 04 W. L gun
dart. Cleveland, 0. szurti
IasCUNTIGER - I — ms got seem.. • handsome as
&prune. of CARPETS, suitable for Fall Wes,
among which otay be &sand • general ueortatelit of
Tapestry, Eruesels, extra, and super 3 ply Carpets.—
Also, naperfine, fine, and errunaco lograu I..arpsta
We recommend all wishing to purchase Carpets, to
call on W. IWCLINTOCK, 75 Fourth at wit
HAWE'S A "MAHAN are pleased to Inform their
ausuntten anti the public at lame, that They have
band • very extensive tusk of MAIRNJANY, and
all other "rood usually kepi by the tra4e, artueb they
offer at the callusing unusual los ;mem, vtm
3:5,000 IL of Crutch Vests, from * to 31cla. per ft.
00,1386 " Bean*" and Plank of all thickets', welt
6046,0 " Shaded Wood Veneers, from fmSS en
per foot
6.506 ft of the wan twelve, milled Mtubgany era
erred in Mae market
150,6C0 Rovevroml Veneers, from fto 6 eta
55,01:0 White mail, of MI thickness
Wo feel coallent from oar long erperience, the ad
vantages ma have 61 inventing and 6•13411 e, 1.6•1 y
shall always be enabled to keep on hood a stock of
dm moss vaperior quality and finely figured wood, tat
Prioe.,) mama . to Me Lute M
the mom fasorlions, that may be pleued to favor lea
therz palmtop,.
orders promptly filled and earyfolly pked.
17G & 178 Gtottre et tyro doors North of Canal m.
-4 red in France, compo•ed of but few
Blocks and seltd eyes—. huge assort
:v..l, the hest of the kind, always on
wad at greatly reduced pores
' Burt MI/1 Somas of
r' I my own manufaeture, made sf • nem
.d superior quality of Blocks. These
Berra am made Ond. , my owe superin
tendence, and as great ea rr is taken to make - the
/Saucing, and to have n the block. to erten stone
of a uniform temper, they are warranted to be of the
very beat qualm, superior to those imported foes
France; adalso superior to the gro , t mass of ,foes
made W dits country, suet at prices lower Limn have
ever hem heron offered to this market.
tame! Hill Mtn Stneere ail stsets
Bolting Cloths, all numbers; of the best quality,sar
ranted to give satisfxtton le the purehaser, and at
greedy rednead pores.
Nil(Sp,dios, skin i.tes, Screws and Picks, Plat-
Etna Stales, Gan and Cob Gondar, Grist and Saw
?dill Castings of all kinds, nod ihll kart:oohing in gen
All orders promptly attended to at 211 surd 945 Llb
•ny street. twat Ma Canal, Puna/ore,
Orvw* or Porrestnum Gam Cowpony, j
August 18,1E149. I
AA MEETING of the-Swekboldere of We Pinsburgh
Gas Corn peny. will be held at We o gee of the
Company, on Monday, the [turd day oSeptber
is.l, between the hours M and 4P. M., (or the par
quet of Mecum( two person. to serve IN Trustees of
sold Company for duce year*.
angle: abbe JAMS/8 AL CHRISTY. Treoonrer.
ONY of a respectable Physician. —Read M M llourimr, addressed to my Agent, Mr. P. Mee
ryweather, Cmc.onati
Cutunntan, ieb. IA 1849.
Pin A sense Mann mrropels me to give my tribute
to Dalian Plan Extractor. Being opposed to gout
ery and all nostrums having for their object BMW!)
motives—bat reaming much good from the "Xing of
Pain idlers"-1 nut induced to tender you this aorta.
eate. I have used It in my family, in my practice, and
with all the happy and wonderful effects that could
palmitin ho Imaginal H. f. Ban., M. D.
Dr. Brodie is the motor partner of Brodie b. Limi,
roffammafery Rkemotatirm.
The billowing testimonial comes from a source fa)
miller to many of those traveling on oar Western wa
ters. Mr. (Dime, the well and - favorably know. pro..
ladyof th e Parkersbmg Hotel, is husband to the
lady whose letter I annex:
Essamsemo, Va , Aprli 13, nu.
To Henry Dailey, Chamist, k0..-Bin Having fory
wetly been long afflicted with violent ingammaton
Rheumatism, which appeared SO filmaly mated as to
defy all ordinary appliances to allay the severe pain
amending it, I •••1 reduced to try your Magical Pain
Extractor and Illitavlng elected, almost as if by ma
gic, an lutinediate relief, and also, to all appearartees
an entire and perfect cure, I am induced for the bene
fit of others who may be afflicted with palm, caned by
any kind of Infiammalog to write to you. declaring
that in my opinton, founded on actual experience
your Magteal Pam Extractor is the 1130..1 valuable dis
cogeortyorpthe mo l ar lm M . : homed= e a c o mmtion
feet eon for Baru. and is and
Maids, and all exter;alt .
Having many acquaintances formed by their MMts
at my husband's hotel In Mk place, I have .opposed
by yogic showing them thew: few Imes, it may possibly
beef benefit both to them and yourself.
Ersuurru Gustt
entertain the hope that Mrs Glumown perdue the
publicity give to her Lauer, es well on this wore of
humanity as of being t h e samat mode of bringing It
to die notice of bur frienAM-11. Daum.]
Flow Coved
Extract of • letter, dated
firnamair, By. Nov. IS, 1M43.
Mr. 11. Dailey: "I have tried your Pain Buractor in
a ease of felon, to my num family, which II relieved
and cured in • very short time," In haste, youth re
apectfully, Jaa M. Yonne.
(Ur Dora and Scalds, Piles, Sere Nipples, Broken
Breach Eruptions, Sores, Buts, Wounds, and all In
flammation, yields readily to the wonderful properties
of this unrivalled ramify salve. Bat, in the earns pro.
ponion thatvriU react,: benefit from the germane,
you will be injured by the deleterious effects of the
counterfeit salve..
_ .
CAUTION—Be stun and apply only to the 'lnventor,
H. DALLIT, 413 Broadway, Now Vora, or to ins au
thorized manta JOHN D HORGAN,
General Depot, Final:nu&
Henry P. Schwarts, Allegheny, Agent; J., Beller,
Wheeling, Va.; him.. W Johnston, Ainre•Ble. BY ;
blerryereadier, Cincinnati O. General Drpot.
N. IL—ln the severest Bann ,
and Scalds it entrants
the pole Ina few nunntra—li never ' mul4
rt: 14 ,3 t i ar_sd ? . NI Pula. arm!, Ilamween
Its. on band We lamest moruaens of
In we af . M . I. or IMERTS and DRAWERS, vro
keq, isn endless ..riaty.
Also dm mnst erlanslve mattufsetanar. of
oil Clothing and Covered Bala
le the world.
Of all bads.
C.welarldd of CadarmaaaTal
filled. LIYAVIS a NAN RD,
Ivm Nu fifill.rA,gdfi, end OO Pea.. N Y.
• •.. •• TOI TBi ITTUllltai DAUT cuzzni
Seam Mgerrisz—Bizacztons. EXCILOPM—
A law number of our losinsas men attended the
meethm called for the purpose of organizing the
Iderchturts' Exchange, at the rooms of the Board
of Trade, 00 Saturday morning at eleven o'cloch.
The assembly was called to order by sppoiotOW
Thomas Bramwell President, and John Harper
Secretary, alter which the President Gated the
object of the meeting.
The Hon. Gann Node addressed the meeting
in a 0017 iateresling speech, potatiog out to our
citizens and business men the necessity of the pro
posed Merchant.' Exchange—dwelling upon its
utility, and urging all, not only business men, but
private citizens, to come forward to its support...
it was only by the cooliel eneouregement of all
classes that it meld ever summed.
He was followed by Mr. George Cochran, who
made ■ very interesting address.
Mr. T. J. Highs= dwell upon the difficulty
which our business men experieueed st present in
procuring correot withdleal m6onnation respecting
the commerce and manufactures of Pittsburgh,
sod hoped that the inwitisuon of an Exchange
would remedy this evil.
Mew. Hakewell, Caruthers, Wilmarth, Hanna,
and Heilman, also made some renwrkx
Mr. Snowden wished to know whether mem
bers of the Board of Trade were members of the
Merchant's Exchange, and whether pence. could
join the one Without being members of the other.
The President stated that all persons who were
members of the Board of Trade were ex-orto
members of the Merchants' Exchange, without
paying anything more thin the subscriptions which
they have heretofore done, vir five dollars per ao
rtae:4 In order that the project of the Exchange
should be properly carried out, it would be neces
sary for the business men to support it by beoom.
log members, as the present receipts of the Board
of Trade only suffice to pay room rent. tad . 12 b"
scriptions to the swims papers received by it.
The Wowing gentlemen were proposed, end
elected as members of both 11111litUti011.
It was moved and carried that the rules adopn
ed for the Ketcham& Exr-benge by the Board of
Trade, be cocooned In by fob meeting.
Chr motion of the Hon. George Music, the rooms
&the Board of Trade and Merchant's Exchange
arose declared to be epee to all our cinema, who
ue not subscribers, until (unbar notice shall be
Oa motion, the meeting adjourned to meet
again at eleven o'clock on Monday morning,
when our citizens era earnestly Invited to attend.
The Socretuy will he present for the purpose of
receiving all subscriptions, and the names °ribose
arlshing to become mernben.
Msa Stamm.—A men nutted Denied Quina,
oho lives in the Sixth Ward, Ives severely cabs
bed 00 Friday evening, by Thomas &num. The
assault Is as made with a dirk Ilmife, and Qaitlrea
hand was ma, nod he received a deep stab in the
hip. We did not learn how the affray originated.
__ •
ALLlalcorr Crrr Scam.—The District Ooun
met on Sunray, Judge Hepburn on the Bench.
The Allegheny City ease woe caHeal up, and the
following rule rendered absolute.
"And me, to w,t, Ang.29th, Itl9, .on motion of
S. H. Geyer, the Court grant a rule estate Mantilla
in the .belne .cese,to show ..namos, why they Mould
not Ede the original [iota oo which mit wars origi
nally brought to the above ease, and in tin r mean-
Mme they be pro.ltbited from taking judgo tent by
default of an affoid.uit of defence."
The notes were produced in C.d. aria It was
decided that they bald be deposited far thv In
spectka of the defendants, is the office of Wills
dc Boyle.
The hose shored to the dogmas/11a kw filing an
affidavit of defewoo aro, enlarged to Saturday ttex.',.
viten (if oo plus is pat io) be
Cnoutaa el Riannescrnast..—Fleport 01 the San
atory Committee of Birmingham Gem 12 o'clock
M. the 3lst of Anus; :to 12 o'clock M. Sept. Id.
Mrs. Pollock, attackedgesterday at S o'clock, P.
IS., died tkis rooming at 4 o'clock A. M.
John Grog; attacked at 12 o'clock M. yesterday,
died 2 o'clock, A. M., ads marsing.
Margaret Anderson, attacked 4 &clerk this
etendelt, damteresty 111
Wm. Shaman, attacked last evening, atal dans
.. Senator/ Committee
Bermingham, Sept. I al, ISt%
This kWh' pestilence hat so far abated, that
the inhabitants are retuning to loan in great nu m
ben, and eland all the mamufactmies and stores
have *gala resumed business.
Birmingham has suffered more in proportion to
her numbers, than say Other town or city in the
United States, and we are rejoiced that her suffer
ings are nearly ended.
An ErnAgsnom—Br ■ very natural mistake,
which occurred in this race, the name of E. E.
&Pen, was placed to an advertisement for /web
Trammed, instead of another druggist of this aid.
Mr. Sellers is the neat for "S. P.,Towesend,' and
hat no connection or concern whatever la lb.
gabs of "Js cob Townsend's" makings. As these
gams to be an opposition betweentbe two Towns-
ends, this explanation is doe to Mr. Sellers,
whose name was innocently put to the wrong ad
Ramoctsmo.—kfra. Armstrong, of Washington
street, who me attacked by the cholera on Fri•
day, is rapidly recovering. We bear of no more
&sibs on the hill Wane Ttausdriy.
FrawroW PALOS. —The Pittsburgh Ftremee
turtwii out in large titunbers, and presented ■ ve
ry tine appearance. We regretted that their gal.
lent brethren of Allegheny did not join in the pirro.
emotion, but presume that the short time of their
organization precluded the possibility of goon
ring the nocestary equipments.
The day was tine, the weather pleasant, and
the dust laid by the rains of Thursday. Moat of
the engines were drawn by from Ls to eight hon
es, and were generally preceded by bands of mu-
Tim Lafayette engine and hose, from Manches
ter, pined la the proeession, and were decorated
with great good taste, u, Indeed, was the mute with
We observed the following anemia on the
groundi—The Lafilyette, Eagle, Good Will, Alle
gheny, Fairmount, Neptune, and Niagira.
The Dammam and Vigilant did not parade, ow
ing, we believe, to their companies not tieing able
to procure their engines, which am being repaired,
la time.
Ortersaa to Braamonsat.—The Sanatory Com•
mania of Birmingham report bur deaths and OM
aew eases of the Cholera yesterday.
Acctncirr.—Four youngjmen yesterday attempt
ed to gird the Allegheny river, I vetoer the point, to
the baggage car bekroging to 'bra tavern, an Ir.
win sweet Not knowing the proper plump mew,
they drove the hum out of hlsedepth, and it was
only by all jumping iota the river and rising the
utmost enations, that they mecca dad in sawing
their own fives, and theta the horse.
Rrtn—The:mouth of August, 'though not re
markable for the quantity of refs which WI, was
nevertheless much wetter than July, when the
excessive drought did much injury to the droPe of
corn and potatoes which the rain of August in
some degree remedied.
On the 8,7, 20, and 25th of July respectively
1.10, 240, 4-10 ...I 240 01 an Inch of water fell,
making only ono inch during the entire month.
During the month of August three Inches and
one-tenth of an inch of seater kfl..
The weather la cloudy m bile we write, and tiara
will probably be • heavy rain before crctr parr
ir mo to rov_ra.
Maws', Orncs,pinsbmgh,ipept. tat.—Thene
was only One common en. of ttmakezness brought
Woos the Mayor this morning, Mho had been dis
turbed from his alambars on a piled shavings by
the matotimmt, artto took him to the Tombs, and
gam him a mbar harder couch olto door d the
'watch boas.) la steep on. He was discharged On
paying his lan.
hiatun's Onsue,llllmibeny, Sept. I u.—Six per
sona made their gypsums, before tda Honor the
Meyer, at the missing mesh Mums to day. Thy
bad all been arrested Sot drunkenness, and with
one exemption, who paid Ins thee, all were our
umoed to be in:prismed in the county jail be
twenty bur hones
Galena's Inouscr.—Coroner Riehardson held
an inquest 1W night, on the body of Me Sandford,
whose death by drowning ans noticed in Satur
day's paper. A verdict of accidentally drowned;
was returned.
Accranx—Tan: gentlemen were driving down
the Beaver road, yesterday morning, and were
Jost below Jacky bridge, when the horse became
nurnly and notwithstanding the exertions of the
driver, Kr. Munition, they were precipitated over
the bank and fell into the Ohio. Both gentlemen
was severely cut std bruised. The baggy wee
broken to pieces, but the hone escaped uninjured.
Rearae—"Davie Sleek,"ar.c Federal C, Od door below H.
P. Sebum.. Druggist.
MR I P GRIGGS, a graduate of Yale , College,
will open this &hoot for lads on Monday, Sep
tember 3d.
Instruction VIII be given In the Latin and Creek
tutluages, and such branches as are mlapted to the
P- Ctat - :=S3 f pe .a r tesZo7o n f ' five months.
Tee n ur of pupils atul applicants can
bore a interview with the teacher at has lodgings in
- Irwin's Raw,. Liberty at, PiUsburgh.
Rovranucris--Reir. W. A. POSIIIVOIIt,
u dSsr• Prof. Thomp
'INDS Immune, under the care of Roe. d. M. DO'S
HORN AND LADY, loin re-open on Monday, the
17th of September, to the same rooms, No SI Liberty
street Raying limited the number of their pupils, the
Principals hope to merit • continuation of that liberal
patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. Parents may
feel as.coed that every advantage Till be &tooled
their daughters, if placed ander their charge, for ob
taining • thorough English, Classical, and tftruunenud
education. aurdishf
MIL IBINGHAV t, :if o A pen Aeadentr,
111. mutilating of two clam., et Union lieU, men Mr.
Same Moe more, corner of Filth and Smithfield sa
The Juvenile Class eontmenem on Someday nem, at
3 o'clock, P. M. Adelt Clam on Monday eventng, the
3i of September. at 7.1 &Mock.
Tonna One dollar and flype"chow, or taro
dollar. for a lady and gentleman, oft elms, payable
at the expiration of half the term
ang27-11 ft L BINUHAM, Principal
Prof. Thospeinew remade SemLowry.
TIRE FALL MISSION of this Sebald will commence
lon MONDAY, SEPT. WO, at Ms Reams In
Irwin's Row,Laserty stree, belleifen Third and Fourth
As new clam. will be formed, it is exceedingly
desirable that pupils Medd be in attendance at the
opening of the simian. Fatlyapplicauon will be ne
cessary, as dm nandier of pupils is 'muted.
N. B. For terms and references, sea mre Mers,
be had at the prmelpal book stoma or or Prof
an ia2±dtd_
MITE AUTUMN AMMON of this losutution wdl
comma= on the EntMonday us thiptember—
Room au Federal street, in "Colonade Rom," UI door
tram the bridge.
RAMS or Tomos rm aessmorr or ma tfourns.
English Department, includum Beading, Orthogra
phy and Delning, Minn!, Dmiish Grammer, Recto
ric,,Logic, &LEI= Composition arid Criticism Goo
enmity, Illatory, =thiamin ad Ma higher brinehes
of Unthensatiu, Nature 4 Phllmcpty, Oh...marry, As
tronomy, Botany, Phymolom, Geology, Intellectual
and 11=1 Science and all o th er branches =elan* to
a thorough Eusibilt t Education • - 00
Clanks! Dep.:nem, including the Latin and Greet
Laniptagesomeh - • • - S MI
Frene ,h SID ce
German, 510 00
The aryl= of competent teachers are secured for
such so desire instruction in French and German, and
also In Drawing, Painting and Mamie.
It Ls desirable Mat pupils enter at the commence
ment of • session, yet they are a.ea're4 at any ti , mi
a= are chargedat the above reset from the time of
calm.. No deductions are made for almnees, ex
cept to case• of protracted lUneu
Farther information may be obtained, sod applies
hoes made by calling upon the Principal, at his moms
on Federal street, or at his lodgings to '•arena's Row,*
er Lit' ly a' •=l l l4 .‘ , " t:iu Wh gb i li ". eV.Ush li .o 71; ft th st . =
Me brOneipilL w.'ett.TCALP.
Allegheny, Aug,:7, ISM • dtf
nee of Pounh and Ferry areas, Will /30 open
ed th i s mOrMog,lloaday, August* VGA ant.
AIR. COPELAND respectfully annininera Ihel the
dudes of this establishment will be maned
el.) an bionday, September .4 that young gen.
demon have .w opponanny of being thoreugldy
sad expedino.ty qualified for the dune. a. meteors.
mei. of Wine hfe.
That the Principal le "nen merely • sound scholar,
bat also a Judscious rad mom rac..sfla Instractor,"
wrest be apparent to any uttellment and .beasseel
mihd, from the number of Honors and prlras °blamed
try hum In 'Trinity College, Dublin; from the Testimo
nials received nom seraral of hs most emineat
snd Professor.; and, finally, from the sadrafacuon
expressed by parents al the proficiency made Ly hie
pspils. Foe atMuonal information as to the peculiar
-fasen.res and adrantaps *Limos nnion, see Pr.
pietas. whale, with Tnannonisla. e. begromised
from the PIUNCJPA-L, or Pederast
Gest. firmed. to Colonnade Rom.
N. a—A few boarder. mill be received,whose
and Intelte.eal eLdVanCeintal wiJI be
ellended est. astglhatf
of Lectura 00aLinence
Ti. wEDNOIDAT GM) November, IMO,
Soli contain sixteen wee. t
tin Childs, M. D., Prof o: "'""
eases!'y 11.
ant/omen and Children.
John Hameln., u. D.. Prof .(le Ilaeti<e at M ' d "
trans. -
Richard 1.. Howard, M. G., Prof of Surge:"
Jesse P. Jadktne, M. D, Prof of General an' .
dal Amitomy.
Samuel Al. Smith, M. O. Prof of Metairie Medic
Menswears and Medical Jenspradenee.
Prlencis Caner, Mr D.. Prof. of P.Trallenif and U..'
mi Pathaogy.
Frealectels Mernek, M. D., Prof. of Chemistry lend
Norm. Gay, M. D. Demonstrator of Anatomy.
;Muse Lenten. 01;1 d. conratmmg • prehalloary
emi r ., will bie Blyen during Me month of October,
Ins.n.raieing int Ned
sanity ,) co as followmg
seh,cms i Ahnor Suraevy, Insanity, P 01.., Micros..
meal Anah.y, end Physical Chagnon's. Thu coarse
wtll and madman are centrally advised to
sv•ii thesuneins of inieidrantagrs.
Lector". ..... —111571 iillancalawsn • • • • •101 00
Onduadosi •• • 211 00 Mounting Tiont• • 500
Numerous cons am! Surgical operation ore twat
before t clan Amp`o facilities on afforded to Mose
mho mut, he
Practical Anatomy. The mean
of illumnition an ample; among them, an two scor
ner compound Microscopes.
Good tlmrd may be I'M I
obtains Id .a at from SMO°
pet meet. ttrktiTti,
itogadter[o. S. Jim, Doan of the Vacuity.
—_ . • . ._ _
MOP. HSI= 110111100 Ms
DENN STREET, Inman Winne .od HAM. bus
remand but plutonium.' duties, ginar Suers,
es no Pluto, Guitar, Saul In Vmd Nun.
-- - -
SENT—Open float ll P. hi. Sioxle
ccota, .rd for 1 dollar. Ladies department
cp. ihsest g to ILI A. ea and Irmo Y to 5 P. Al.
The .Relttrahatoot Selman ate memuolled in rtyle
eneada..too. Recherche Ice Creams!
atiglf _T. liPPl'! .. irthrietor.
ixpxn.Wlwrsuopo Woo l Wanted, kw/
VII which
highest cash once will be pald by
C 532231
• • -
WHERE AS John P. llopeareU, of the city of Pius.
bee•gp. hien t ioust Tailor, by his deal, bearing
date the dtb day airily, A. H., and recorded
the Ilner Helve Often. of Allegheny counry, I
td toe
n dace
book Vol. HA page 4.1R4
all his estate, real arn: personal, In Hum for his eredi
ton NOTICE .it beton P.n." ind.b. 4
tomed p.
It to He andersignee, opal
the ba
tlareeat.ring claims again II, to p resent diem for set
yryomettos, Ann 6, IPS.
Me. T. Y. Ilreamer—Dear b'er I bee. , 60 w been
net reg 70121. %Trines Plaid and It.wl 166 re , 666, 1..
yea:Amid Ind them the beat I any Inn a pen into. I
Minh we emi ant skew without an)• iwirenert
le the Ude Ilea imam. Vaunt ree,wNA. Retfelly,
F 0,41 la by 11. A. Pekneserek A Co.. eillshargb; IL
P. Schwa - et; Allegheny any; and by Um 1.1.1 1 / a tirCT
Thomas IL lirbben, Insggiet end
Liberty eel Arnithuald mreets, Pitteborgb, re.
L 11.124 I Might I I Light I I I
rrtlEjamly erdebrated barnbir fluid eau oow be had
at the &morn lamp Store, Ms On 7LiM arecy
between Wood and Marie: ,
e e
For a portable use light • htts P.k.n" in On
al thastern einho 1.
es, being p srferdy safe end cheap
void of nook., grease or any W . tits disagreeable ab
embalm to hens now in cows 9,1 tur.. l ".• beau' , "
duo:WM.lot Imams sidle lot lot p.Uorps too hum
ntt the sum trldltroo V. J. lIA.VIA
• - -
A A. MABON I CO. offer shah entlx6 '1 ,06 k 0, 1 66 .
IS.. Silts iu Eastern rrirbok6o6 r ates, for t
Col nook easoplise,wiell Tyro Satins, C 6 _ 00 . 00 9,
kaavy Broeada, nun wipe, ehangtuble, V.... 06
Onoman, Ciron de ilidne, &a. kg.
Mao Ow PO. Rune, No 60 Market at. WO,
usunZawm oeimilmoLL warrill.7
LL thew differ from ordinary DI, as they matter,
chemical solution. eontaining no viscid
00. freely from any kind of pew—the sown deep,
bright and durable. If them have been bolter erodes
made, I have neither wen nor !maid of them. Sam
pie honks can be obtained grade, by the merobsints
gnerally, from B. A. Patine A Co, 1117 P.
11.1111VART A l t =rsan r d th e e llostas '" t, ur" oome t' 74 Ltbe M r:
y and Smithfield .swot., Pittsburgh, Pa.
N. R.—Any bottle not giving complete satisfsetion,
T. be returned and the price will be refundiut
ihgl6llollll.llTl OP IPITTSBVIUM who
o.y are desirous of extending their barmen on the
mottles of Payette, Omens, Somerset, and also in
4Yestern Viretnia, will find t h e PAYEITE WINO,
published at Uniontown, a desirable medians,. ft ctr
culates largely in the places apecified Idiom. 'I lean.
moderato analantho •-•
MBE Tennessee adanniaotorlog Company, u
Tens, ...lib to employ • nun .otret seer
era ro Room; a boas Weaver, and a good Co-Con
• nd Wool Dyer. Apply to
W DIULRE A lIRO, 51m, Plitaborg,ll,
or to ANDREW ALLISON, Agent,
ougladlvr Lebanon, Teu
TUBS •UD 01111:111.115
Nu 07, mortar of Market nod Fifth Pt...., Pi . 0-
t arii.l. :lbe cabomthor keep eminently on b mid
Wr4 4 :1 , 4= WI, 0007 km Mt oath:
Ithth Tabs, Barrel Churns,
Norm Bockats, Staff Clamm,
Half Bashois, J.,
All other kinds of Were Mr 11.. made orn tor
.01 SAMUEL 103.06NAr'i
The trabstriber mill-kora vonstatall on band tbe
above FMTRA FLOUR, mined be warrant. mina to
the Item brand. to the market. Flambee oso rasa. ob.
'4 XSl7:l l t r o e 'A.'
comet Flak in and Market alley
ROOM; Phßada. c. 11=1111011. Pitlararel.
MILLER k. RICKRISONWhoIcsaIe Grecars,s24
Konen et Rnlldlea. Wlnes and SeMs,
179.nd 17t. cornar at Liberty and Irwin ntriets, P.
...1 1 ‘, Pa Iron, Nails, COMM Yam, le. ix. con.
atanity en hand. angl4
ASEDIENEY and Counsellor at Eavr, and Cornonts.
sinner for the Stant of Pernanylvania, SI. LA.*
Me. flats of Pittsburgh.)
Entranssesa—PiusbutOr Ea, W. Fard" Emmy!
ten & TirCatulless & APClure, Joba E. nat..,
Ertoaslls k temple, MCnnl k King. a.V:lrdly_
Cylinders, 4 feet wrote{ a Boilers, P 3 feet Ihg, 3
inches in diernemr, all In good order, will be sold at •
burgh., if apOication be made .eon. They have only
been in use oitt LB mutbs rcmcuag,lr ,ore
of ii once
ILTOUNT EAGLE TRIPOLI, for Polatuog, a newly
LPL discovered ea:bedlam for Croons, Rohe tame,
Rouge, Be.
Families have found it invaluable for their silver
and coarser wares—in short, as remarked by the
Americ.,* In an article u po n all the
enhances which have been applied to polish Glass
and Metals. mina can -equal that attenance known by
the name of Tripoli—Ws Ls a superior artiste to that
het brought from holy by the Venetaria, and mend by
them In their palmy days of glass making, to pre A
that peculiar palish so much admired by other matrons.
It should be In every fanny and every work oho
Poe sale by R 1-Rll
mglo 67 Wood en
miT.:" " I
rat Ta. ad,< th
Jos. Coal Harr l[ they doubt .r
word, they C. 12161 thew highly respectable e 1..,
who have tried it:—
Mr. Geo. Bethel., 41 Ele et, Net. York.
Mr. Matilda Beeves, Myrtle no, Brooklyn.
Ur. Wm. Tompkins PI King et, New York.
Mr. Thos. Jackson Mantel:re Island, near Pittsburgh
IL E. Calks late barber steamboat S. Ameries
And mare Men a hundred others mats though thle
mast seam, that it will force the heir to grow en the
bead or face, stop it felling oilL strengthen the mots,
removing scurf pad lamina" from the mous, making
light, red, or vrty hale ameme • flea dark look, end
k i z t r ui dry. harsh or wiry hair rooks so ft , clean and
— Sold by ' dr 4eI7I4 : III. g .IACILSON, SO Liberty et,
PiUsb . =Ske =LSO cents end este dollar.
Mr Toe et axe oh • mailer's. Is 001 more repul
sive than a bad, pante breath, or dark, yellow Obsess
ed welt If persona have these It to Mew own fault--
they man, for two ablating., buy au article nun wall
make weir breath Tam sweet as aks Spry Aar •
It mares diseaaes of the Guess, spuagyulcerated,
fd for the Teeth it Is .equalled, removing the tartar,
stc.ig the teeth in Ma gums, mad clean them as
orboa as the so., 'W fume M.A.
Such, reader, am Me properties of Jones's Amber
Tooth Paste, and, without pndsing at ourselves, hear
What our of our most resPestah/... 4
Ow, Me. F. Field, el New York, says:
. 1 have both used and anslised this beautiful and im
palpable article, (Jones , Amber Tooth Pastaj and
c. re.osmend it as posseesins all the qualities claim
ed feu it.. Reader, tn. ean my no more to coon.,
that If you try thts owe yon will be well pleased.
It is put op its beautiful Hagfish China Pits, for M
eento Sold by the Agent, IVIL JACIESO s t 6S Liber
ty street, Mnsburok. ..
They are not aware how hightfully inject.. it ts
to the akin! hoer coarse., how rough, how sal
low, yellow, and unhealthy the Skin sis
pears after aging prepared chalk' Be
anies it is itdanous, containing a
large quantity of Lem !
We hove prepared • beautiful getable anicie,
It is perfectly Innocent, being purified of all deleteri
ous quaintest and it imparts te the skin a natural, heal
thy, alabaster, dear, Using white; at the came time
acting as • COMICtie on the skin, king t and
smooth. Sold by the Agent, WM. JACKSON, K. Lib
erty st, PlUsburgb. Price 25 cents. ang7slAvrT
liaurruiss am Samlhmansh—JONES'S Ital
ian Chemical Soap causes • •
free permtranon. and at
the mine time maples, softens, and 'whitens the akm,
ming it the texture and Maury of an infant's
Scram, Sam Barer An Soma, an soon not only
healed, bat cared by its nm, as at least seven Thym
andln Nem York know, who use It in such cams,
find it unfailing—as also in
litomms, Faccums, Or any Other akin di..
cam The reader in mashed that this I. no useless
paled nostrum, am one trial still prove I could eau.
men.te at least M persons eared of
So. limn, Sam Sean litam.—Buy
and use li, and the reader is again assured I mogld
not cruelly sell It for the stave miles. I knew it to be
all I state. Those mite are liable to . .
Cuarons, Cum., on Causes Flusa, vrill flnd this a
cum. Any one arflicted with Buy of the above, Or um.
Han dimities, will find this all .4 even more I 141:11 ir••
ble in ha properties) than I state.
But, reader, the stare. are flooded with inutations,
and beewe you ask fee JONES'S Italian Chemical
Soap. Sold by WM. JACKSON, a Lit ,,, TY
Pittsburgh. atigildtwT
h. 46 Market strut,
HLYING puretinard an eyes:Wye and manfully se
basted Wink of Sprats and Bummer Goods, the
he apreectfully inform hia friends the
public, that is now preparing to receive andone
cam Melt. orders with dispatch, and in the neatest,
most saltstantial, and fashionable manner. As he is
determined to do business en the cash system, he flat
ten himself that he sell' be able to do Inert as cheap
can be dens at any establishuteut to the moan.
Ills week is nand, any
of Cassimeres Broad
ebuths, 'fealties Pm., which Po (mods an nepenthes
ly invited to amoebae foe themselves
auraitthf GEOILCiE AnbIIDIL
GOLD PENS—M. S. Fdie. SawaFifa. Diamond Scouted
Gold Pew, wsb and without easel, Hut ree'd and
for sale by JOHNSTON k STOCKTON,
.ate corner Thad and Minim uto
0. W. DIDDLE, Daa
REMOVED to a new three nary brisk
#llg SsaitbSeld wet., one door below
Birth street. Teeth Waned from one
to an entire eel, on the 'action pnneiple, with • bees,
repreeeniation ot the ward gam—restore* the
original shape of the face.
N. B..—thieth extracted with iRAe or no pal.
Decayed Teeth pennanontly wed by planing, pre.
Yew, the tooth aeles,orttleh la math better than ca
ring Iy though it should be done la fire miners*, or
seen Instantly.
WYrCUi AND /KWh:Li/F.—The sublmnber
b. now on hand a gne asoutotent of best Eng
lish and Demos OW and Sliver Paused Lever Watch
s, at aa low pelves as arc °Bend In the Eunern elder;
all an good order and warranted.
IyllCOMe ed. and Harker .rc
PO THE LADIES—JoeI received, a tall assorunent
1 of oldg and silver Thread, Cord and Braid; also,
Ilpangies and Bullion, fee etethroulesing and other or
4,...tternal wort. Also. gold Miniver Tassels, Pelage,
anJewr d
try of du latest fulttons, in great satiety.
ef sunset°. quality and beautiful patterns,
and g„, •at Kutarn W W WILSN,
,„, g y CLIELICT Illaeket and Fourth rat
tarsal ihiglillb Samoa),
mpg Co Cmunmp
h.:147:104111A.1( RRSl n alfor the e 'lool of the
Morn Al The
matea, is the HUNGARIAN %tat? ' d ' OF
LIFE, Itiaeovered by the celebrated Dr. Buchan, of
London, England, mid nonedneed into the Untied Pules
under Me laimMhte superintendence of the Inventor.
The extraordinary tomes, of thin medicine, in 21.
care of Pulmonary ilisitates, warrants Me Amman
Agent la solleMng tor smaismint the worst potable cm
am that can be Maud fat hetimainnity--caser Munich
relief in vain horn any of eba enamign remedies of tim
day, mid ham Men mom opal Re dimiegalsbed
phynotans as cerdiested and in . Unnguri
m Balsam has cured, and will once, jwlst=atata
of cams It is no smack tut Eng
liah modlifine, of known =shed ealcatiy:
Every family in the thilml Boum shadd ho applied
corn. Buchan's Hartgadesi Balsam of Lao. only go
counteract the coluompulre tendencies of itte etimmo,,
but to be used As •
of medicine la all roam
nob* coughs, spting of blmd, pato la the shle and
or s od serene. of the Imp, Moo-him
difdcolty !treaties, hectic Mom ulMt mem, camel
Mee and
Foot ieneral detittiry, asthma, isenza. Mooptng
Bold 1n here 00, lifl Pm bottle, with 101 l
don. for the restoration of health.
aa. ,
containing a lama English and Ameh
mnigeates, and other evidence, Mowing the
sq.' DM merits of this MOM English Bernedfi
obtanted of the Agents, tiratoPously.
For nide by B £ FAHNISTOGIC & Co., comer of
M snit Wood mid Wood and OM eta isithltieS
Arscsamlana of the Baltimore and Ohio
Mall Road.
ATION AND IiAtIONRV of the part of this road
not nod. cicutrut between Cumberland end
Me TygloPs !Talky nver•—• distance of atom Ittl
mdca. Me number of sections now to be let will be
Lost 1% of ',Wet 23 Gam/
Cumberlend and
the lump river-14 to the glades, and
dm remainder on Racilitmn cmd Th.. Form , erect...—
The work will ffeneralli ba moderate, althouh there
are • number of sections *Nth rye attention o f nod.
acestainted to heavy ,loba
.ocifications and plans will let reedy at Camber
,. IBM, on and after the 27th of Ait,:sa cement The
proposals, addressed N
ay the underacitedi will be re
ceived at Camberland, kiyland, op SaMrday the
I.sth of September Melody& Punter informathm
thlse had at the Company% Mee in Cnooerlaad,
eraimonials will be required boon those miftlowli
to the undersigned. By order of the President and Di
augltdid—ilail Ant] Chief Engineer.
~Ii -r iM; GOODS: MEW GOODS:—A. A. Mssos &
Cm, Mx 00 Muria sucut, have )act received
c,,,,,„ , , Napery Menkmens, colts Drillings, blue and
~,, PTIIII.II, Messimamt, CoeMsoo,cul fassuL&
F u nasy, .0 dw, 214 bre Lamas, Lb= U
u. s . us,lll Muslims, Swiss dm, barll istratui — ZO
pisi,, 'J... X., Lime Hatt., &c. Ste. aadO
1131. MOO, Lii.0111•
rig s ais,Ngmal kaso creeirsi rrorks lo lho elk/ Oi
York rac lorrPoassu'RalroSamir all WI-
T* of 1006, 140 44 'desirables, ;MOTE= FROM
Ryer cook is Teisopaik Won, Bolo!. Spikes, Nal%
Wire /so p.m.,. 4 alp char motels . SNP mak lr . o
required. piiitt oos loc i rEasabitN. , te fin me
Rope; for Clothes Lloo 00. Rods, MI
other %vita : dais, ko cheap mod
;WI ancadan tko
....I Vire 0,1 - 0 - o - a - essi no paint, cad wilt vOI
Alw w Spikes and Volta, the prcaerwriort as.
which War . ..Mak UPPOnS.C.v. lb* it will comeacoo
1001( cadre a( ell thaw Marti td.
O. , XL IL NOISWOOD L CO., Pumices,
uaCßdia' id walla Beam wat York.
gg ATOnE , . tkillarWANENiklYr AND NM VN,II.
hiTigg ~:tscliber, aaboins be. In bad...
t.i....,.. building Pakhe lut dad.. loam
I. A dLi n g Floe Gold and.9ll
- w.r.r.,,,,, ireentry, aad Haver Wsze A
retail, al the vary lovres,/Xkz.
Gold and Silver Ro t olo • Fritter 1' ewer Watches.
Gold and Silve r Devhd 1 .a...IIAPIE. Watches
0014 and 8/ler Dadeonta. dad_ ver., %LAI...
Gold and Paver Independeul P... .... for
doting borsea
2:l4`:,lVArrr.l.r,el It.? old 8 " 46 " -
oft. , Gold and Storm Off COit US. .
Gold lAcketa Gold and sliver naiad..
Diamond Rio. and Flea
Ladies , and Gentlemen.' Ilre.t,tina
; I ,:fa llo ti B d atr.:;lrto i rtet
Watches aod Jewelry exchanged
Spoons and Forks plat eel on Gannon Ealver, • h.
uncle. All wale.oo ter armed to keep good time or
the money mum.. It
be repaired, =I Watch.
cleaned and repaired la tho best manner at =el kwa
than the ralr= Q. C:A.LLEIV,
ral:MWotfil sin., (11:4,% ‘ 11.,"Nriivtre. "d
/111 IE sabsenbor has an hand an 4 An ale, al Agen
I or L. Johnston a l ha, of Philadelphia, the hillow-
in 6
: 110 Der deur% I
45 *arm, Fumy Letter, different Ores;
60 ° it l .== order
Composixrg Sheing
It ter Fivers News bib;
1 More Gary, Cola= Bross Wei of an
deseriptitnel, te. A. JAYNIO,
Pekin lies Store, 70 Pounl rt
N. N.--(kders owerred for now TyPo. A.1°41.'1
— Pltia - liiiislaltitMils Karina Works: —
DT opposite , Vorttedeld meet—
Mantles, bloom tent ,, ,Tombe,Tabla
tar, a largo variety of the mart beitatlfat tine, made
.fthe finest quality of Anew: and &amain marble,
Lays ao hind or mule to order, by the aid of ma•
ehinery, on the shorted node* andel *oh:west miens.
N. B.—Tho (Munn Trade IM.M.Med all kinds
a/Marble al the lowan rates. Ali orders promptly at
tended to at 244 Liberty, opposite Smithfield at•
my3(htlGot VT W WALLACE
• . .
T CLUE Patent Fume or French Bum 85101'
CLUNE—the best ankle of the kind in mom they
ma lied, clean lila, do the work well, and will lam
life time. About SOO of them are in u." to the boat
mills In the corning, end we Mee the itrongest mut
teeny of competent penning es their superiority ore?
all other Swat IbleeMnea For farther nertioulara, ad
dress the subscriber at 244 Liberty et, Pinaburgl.
esy:Cedom W IV WALLACE
002 and other mill., always on hand, or made to ardor
on nety stunt notice, and at the bored Prim. AU or
ders presently attended to at 244 LiltemyrnMeet, near
the my3o W W WALLACE
t3LASTER PARIS—For land, and other purposes,
.1. Morays no hand at 244 Liberty a.
HII)SA I a C Cal - MT—Always oh aid, at bil
Libet3l. my3o W W WALLACE
GRINDSTONE3-All sues and Fad, taw.ys on
hand at 244 Liberty street.
1 1 .13 - difirdiEfirt ga -- .Ell 1
ITis withpleasure that the sabsenbers
Inform the citizens of Plitshint mad vi
cinity that they hove completed- artanae
men4 with Meters. J. C. Jenkins b. Co.,
of Philadelphia to reenivatheir superior
And will hereafter be kept emistantly on
hand. They are tmat and seemely put
np in metal li c peek. o fd, i and l lb. each,
with their printed card—Mawlng the kind
of Tea voce, name of the content and
depot Td,l( l: oo l;b i l i l k allphia, with an invitation to retort, the
alit•II. TlticE•: ,
1 Gunpowder 64 O LIN 1,33 1,50
10tparal 50 3 1 LW 115 lACI
Ilyson—OM 73 140 1,.,
•1 Y. tio . 30 Mt 75 I, 00 I,Z 1,2*
Black 37i , CIO
Duna Flu, and
th ez Pine .74 1,00 1 . ,.% 1,50
We will warrant all e TEAS Ire sal to he eqnal
to, lf not swav ac to any sold la this city, and thonld
they not prove acceptable la the tante, they esti be no-
turned, and the money will be attended; Oa it is only
with that amderstaodlng we sell.
We ask • bar uial, Mat tde
ho public may he able to
edge between oar Tel
and ise heretofore sold by
other enomamea in this city.
All hirers of rich, delieioas and good Savored TMAS,
should Ore ns • eat
For Web? SOS. lit'. M. YOUNG
N W earner 4th and eses, and
E. YO U NGU AC 0.,
myl33l4lmis B W corner 3d and Ross moue
........- DR. W. U. DASD,
. 114110 of New l'ork.)
Onytes—Smithfiel• street, petal.. Seventh and
Strawberry alley.
N. 11.—Diseaaas of the mouth, gums and teeth treated.
Remcropellucally. jOnlanz
A, still grazier Sedated Prom
A MM. k CO, desirous of reducing andcloalng
A4ll . oar their Stock preparatory to meelving their
New Pall Goods, will offer greater inducemenfs than
ever. Their recent large parches. et the New York
Sales, made at such lemmasAVM coaLwill
all be closed oat the same rhino= Mina Amongst
the articles ;seemly opened, they mentb7il:
eases fast colored Lawns, at 7 eta
" and Muillna, E and De
A large creek Silks, Shawls and Wising, very law.
25 et M de Noes,
" tot Bermes at corm half prier,
" 51.5 et Gingham. at life
" Embroideries, very cheap
" Bonnets, Ulf price
Hosiciy,Cloves, Lues, 'rio:mop, kg,
7 cues Merrimack Calicoes, at Eto
6 12i et Calicoes o ado
L" and bales brown aril bleat/did Malin, cheap.
Irish Linea* al 164 Linen Gingham Lido
Bonnet Ribbon 9 and tOci Glom at 44
With an lionsente satiety of other Condi, all of
which will prove Luning to purchasep of from UP to
60 per cent The store will be closet one day for
marking the A
down and preparing sto lL ok foe N
die male.
/7 2 A LSO& CO
TE mabscriber bar jest mecived at th e Pekin Too
&ore, 7o Vuurth street, atery lams and well so
lected stack of pare GRE EN. AND BLACK TEAS,
from Now York, all of whisk has been received in this
country since the first of February tut, conslaring el
all the different grades grown in the Celestial Empire.
Our stock being among the largest br the Wen, we are
prepared to *tab:sale, en Ocher tains than ruly oriter
boa. in the city. We invnel retail grocers to call and
examine our met and pricer. They can haven peek
ed to Kan ir peek/wee, 5 lb tin pannimers, or by
half cheats, to suit their convernenaff
Oar retail prizes vary for Oolong, 131. k Teas from
50 els. 100460 per lb-t Ning_ Yours Eloachong, :A els,
Congo 614 and English Breakfast 60, Young .Hystrn,
Gunpowder and Imperial, from Z cts. to 1111,23 per lb.
Families are minnted to nand and gm samples of
of our Teas, and to them before &debasing.
myttrdtorld A. JA VIM.T mirth street
DFFIIi BOOK-KEEPING—BIanks for teach./
WM work, with the author% dneeilens to wantr
ere printed on the covers. A iww supply loot recei
ved from New
J York and for We by
pa t 3 OHN II /11211.L0R, 811 Wood et
11 ., :dePALI • begs to inform the inhabitants of Pius
. harsh sad vicinity, that be has opened the
emabbahment, where every attention will be
peld to the eronfon of those who m 4 favor Urn with
• calL Liberty street,
between Seventh and Wood.
lee Creams and all mbar delieacies of the estawL
01.1111PON PAP/a/is MLA..
1. HZ tandem:ivied have Mks day assecialad ander
the 1111116 of Thompson Hanes b. Son, for the per
pass of maututactating papa, at the Chasse Paper
Mill, where they will be pleased to receive the paean.
sgp of the public, and the formai customers of the se
aler partner.
They will at all times keep on hand a general as
sortment of writing, wrapping, tea khil wall paean,
bonnet boards, blank books,eta etc which they will
exchange foe clean linen and corteeraga
Printers sad Hook Pubilabers earl be supplied with
every description of prinung_paper at short wake, sad
at reduced prtees. • THOMPSON lIANNA.
April I, 10--stiy2l.l6at EDMUND S. lIANN •
of MerchantsYE IIEREAA11).1112 Smith and George A. John
son, ereh MerchantsMerchants tho dry of Pinsbargh, trading
the firm of Smith*. Johnson busro outdo to the
subscriber, m assignment of allthiit.' rumm foe the
benefit of ail their <minors, am 4111 whin two months
from the dam thereof execute =Waver to the mid
Sandi t Johnson a &nand absolute. release a all
their reapetetivo claims sad dmand..
Nonce a hereby given that the aodentment and re
lease le neve m the olßee of the ad/somber, en Fourth
sneer, m the city of Pittsbargla for lospecoon and Mgr
nature vita all whom n may concern.
" "
jydnino WM. bIeg,ANOI.MIS.. Aasirnww
DEA MI ailterfEWElS Mott Po auo,..-
DP Jam D. I..ocasrooo,dB %Voodarea; lout Jut
reeetred time ...Wally ornamen t ed Oß ATE
APRONS, of • eartedy of pasterns and oolong also,
eat 'Ms. Paper for ornamentinajooking %ma,
pi (mum or 1... Pa
1849 .
Beeper M tie Expnas Paaket Lase.
6. - 0. PARKS, !Seaver, Prpnelior.
TIIE new and elegant Passenger Packets,
NIAGARA, Cant II hatters;
PENNSYLVANIA, " ill Mahan::
LAKE ERIE. - Id Trabyt
Panning a dolly Line between Beaver and Erie, have
commenced mooing, and Will cantina - dosing the sea
son to make Mean: galas trips; Istarl*
_Beaver after
Me arrival of the morning board= RWhargt,
Meek, 1 and arrive asEnte. In dm* for pamengeri
to take the coming boats to Batfaloor op the Lakes
Tickets through to PPie !Ind llll . ..lsake.psits, eon be
had by appltantr -- -
New York
writs la Frame and
cash.. Please pall t and elitiaine rc
elehere. jrl7-dlni
Now You, /MY. ISM,
TEW LIGUT—We have re-Colson Int or Lamps
of various sizes and klnds,of a ne,- construction,
that to mai simple b o rnpte—some ornamental.
Also, it...article t in them called .130rolue
blind, or altortal OiL. It has rare qualibes robleb
reesentotai US) the auendonmint boat men, howl
the Persons who please ko call on es will be shown
the pendia:Ulna dribs new compound.
A constant aopply of thelbluld and Latopa kept by
httlAIF6 ins ATICINSAIk, Fltst
Sal between Wa and klarket
NO. TS Wood statist, Pittsburgh.
ER AND LAUSIIAN, browr. ne and neaten
,R, in nod Deumme HARDWARE., to
all da reneties, are now prepared - to oily es low and
esreasinsble mum. em be purchased elsewhere.
We 1411 ell our friends, and dun patine generally to
tall andexamine onr meek. which connate u, a ,A of
KNIVIS and FORKS, roeicgr and PEN PIM
nth as that, Lushes, Mines and Screws, toviher
With avert Wets aenly rept in Hardware Stores.
Wo invite OW Wand= of Ompentoste end Mechanics
generally WOO ILOWlaceat 41 Tinds,Uhleh have been
selected withEteat eare,anderhielt we are downed*.
ed sell ea as lit ve eadefantion. aplislkwT
3etltsenb wggga ta a l llahie Tla tester
fylagaes Wl*e l
attention ofEtuildera
Arehiteets and agnate of,Buildinga, to die Zany
advantaeea ihesephdes possess ewer all other
inmate seb•uweas klOsego3.llWl (ran, az, as
aoy groom at noon the IlithApose of ran, without his
liabiaty to MU, having noratteen tati for several
vermin this putteular, both litgoe enemy and MEN,
t.oa They are lam liable to eginutidon and mune,
serfdom amigo of the nUffrordnio, the caw
mon ti tine n
mini emir Maar moral now used
consequently form inigneh bettor and
tighter roof; treo' ,l 4tr StNnenttePairs, widlet
Ws. Ana cam is b uts
A full sandy, at au .2,0 •1 nu. Rii,W.ll, eon
saintly art hind end for ei: l ° bY
GIFS' B. : 4 •ORE_C__Till . nD Akin
14 and le Bear:Yenturi New 104 '
The patent right tar this article heyi.g bran=
for nos hound 811140, 011 parties latnnpag
either by omponatlan or otherwise, 0 31 1; .,, e proseen t
W. . `Mrll.l?
- -
TV. canny years connected tylak Mawr, 'Mel te
.entnate, and law /am Wiicy, N. York and Lbndon,)
- •• ••
- - •
7iGLI9II:4.TAC.II - Aill)OiltilAN BOOKS,
(Nearly orposi . so ttte 81. Charles
(ix }24 ,14, . renal,. and (lemon Itaykrars and
hhs a ahja, aaa.Nawrpaps• Imported to ardor, pleas
a(rlhlCll .sy Da oseertatood oo appliculon to Ur. L
c.atalograas -
DU D. 111:111Prp.
Dendsi. Oornemrtoorth
I N I V mai Dewar, Wm."
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gt Sem, veil over MA ea D. ••••
UPI D LIWKWOOD. 63 Weed et
INFORM their Meads and We peaks ail** Wl'
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rack to Penn siree•.•.m u t i trwe
_g_ romml their enure site den Ku h r
eIa:WIRRY, us IV stmt.. enteet
lU. ,1116' 1177 M
NOR RENT—The mansion boosa luny
s occapoed be hlls.A.twoed,ainnanakat Oakland,
araa .. =aird♦ ii., 4anew The holm,
well I.
Ptenat. Ant, 0 110:nr. Md kl ik 00,
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. . . .. .... . .
SI the bonding, cornet 07W:rasa Market curets.
Lisa, Me elegant room to Ihrt.thl story of the
same bnilding—che lean beteg leen islooted ter •
wholesale trump (=e ' er Insole snit thr en Ire Cream
Saloom_ eng/1 E.' Etotazem. -
pirci — ElitT—A — ihralllng llowe; pkasaatty
situated on Third ntxrpovite the.ftu Office,
0 room, a 'good lanes
shore ;Coale be • good fie' s hogging
INssession ghee on the st ofelftftet.• 'Rem 11=
Inquire on the premises.
mule anderalawd offer* du so* maw
1. dawn an Coal EMI, Intth - meaty sew of
mend attached ammo.
The Sanaa is in goad seder, the genand conald
e.bir i nkmaa d, melMipg • hurt Orden and lbw
He will also sell. if dwer.,.. the whole or anypertiset
of his hotthehold nuniters, HWbt,
HOHW letats,Ao.
ND at Diarltol street
filealembli Property tar, ifara - 7
pi . bearded, well known and healthy reside:me,
(lately oceopind by fdrs..E. JOEttrwart„deold,) m
top of the MU west of Steubenville, 0411. W admin
ing the Stecbereville and Carchrrhfro'road Tan lot
eoutaim about eight setts; part mennowl and older
rood fence. The improvements are a Mester? Brisk
Dwelling Reese and Interco, brick Vallti hem, and
chicken house, a geod-foune stable, to. Tbs ro is it
variety of emit trees gni daubbery,bur a fall descrip
tion of this wen know* property_ts dented mom..
sary. Is one of the most beantifel maid tutrears to
the vicinity of Steubenville ' and is pertispione or the
most imelthy,—combilung the many itthiN,gea of
town and conntry,. with few of the inconveniences of
lonThe title unexceptionable. Possession can
be given on the first of November. For further par
ticulars, apply through the Post Ogee, address the
subscriber, Eliourrille, Jefferson comity, 0 or ill hit
residence on the bank of thrsOhio,oplite'Neer Cum
berland, V. R.3LetrEWART,
iFia-veNeS Eihr orAler:suotah, deed.
A Lot of Ground holing it feet on
two wan, by 100 feet deer.
Owl., 0 0
which to erected two rood two atoll brick Derether.
nooses. The above ptoperty is welt Doproved and
pleassAtly attested, and will be.told very reosonobtr,
(either altogether or part of ha If etvHdatitib be made
won to HENRY R. MAGILL, on tie Frontal..
FOR BALE—A thienlease; Ibet one Year
1114 Lot, on itoblnion Otani 2leltholi
ea old Drift. Price !Dossed tett. MO , —
Inquire of Jy2t 9 BOLIOYEILIIO liiecond
1111.FOORnanr torn story Brit Dwelling lionser,
Inll finished and in coo:plate enter, on Centro
Tense, or htinerswillo 7th Wnra. Pot
seionon given inintedlarety. Bent tow. Enotirn of
yln cornet Liberty W. Ilona sta.
Won, seLla,
s A VERY desirable residence to the b 0 . 19
mesh of Atanchosteroolictiniaglobp Dow
el... sq. The Loisearner firti feet fr om by
one &nand and ninety feet harp—with a two story
Brie Hone, ore fire tee-theta, with two narlors,
dining room, and kitchen on Rat A carriage
house, stable wad papery, and Umoholce
frog aces, ail In good order. Esigmre of 10 sobacri.
bet, Lumber illerrbaet, Allegheny dry.
IttlikdawitT O. PATTERSON.
FR RENT.—The term Wary fillet Dwelling
House, On Lamm between Ling and Melbas) ,
streets, now occupied by W. Graham, Jr. remission
given immediately. Ennui= of Wm. thabm, or at
tlse Bookstore of
corner Mutat and Tlitd arms.
- . : •
ill A tol? Ml: 4 m Bret at, beton/4 , 3rd and 4A
"Te=7blior a g ood . ...11.=.1t1 '""
Mee, 3rd et, once Philo hone from 9 to
12 ♦ a. 1712
THREE maned iomilllng Ilonvo, being th e
•-••nd boom from Penn Snydm's
Row, on ih r street. Immediam o ~ -yyooaa=Plop will be
given. &mum of DAVID RlTClUZ — Allbruey
Lo feeon Fourth meet, ImMvion Cherry alley
and Gm= meet. .
. - rod , t — ,
FOUR DCA two story Bne t Dwelling Houses,
Alx2ll &dated and In complete order; ;on Center
venue, lth Ward, Formulae gince Jule
Er m a. of JOUN W="4 CO,
Pill Weer of Libertyodlland sot
TE oudentigned of for gain In Wilma eoumy,
Pa., l emu of well timbered LAND, with an
excellent Bur Mill - nearly new; sad two pew Frame
Houses, ores 41 feet from by 47 back; the other 22 feet
front by 21 back. Also, goodframe Barn, BUOY
by forty fem. The mill and new
land are situated four
miles from the Allegheny river. A grantdeal of FINE
TIMBER of the best quality, and eleoaeruat quit_ tity
of the very best hemlock. Alm, one acre onato hank
Grille Allegheny, near a cove, man ulaiir#l9 MOM..
ed for railing, where lumber can be the lee
in 'Null!, mid be perfectly safd.lMMlill freshets.—
Rice 112,021, or 413. amt. Terms easy. Will take
a well clewed email fmm, with good house and or
chard upon Am an paymeot, location/1 mtimble,
and the balance in lumber, or u nosy beegreed on.
This is an excellent oppammity for lembernmi and
the probability is great that In two or throb years thls
property null doable Itsti is sat I,olllOdlanlCO Of its
proximay to the New York sad Mb Railroad. Tim
ber sufficient to wear out several um In la.-and
oral mill elms. the stream which rang =nix *rouge
the centre of the land. About Moon acreap gram.
Na kilt to rise to noullug Lurotterfroas to river.
t.oat and game to co. Flu tombea partiou•
lam, address, (pwa-paidJ Y. a r TalyveroN,
Oaretto *Mee: Pittsburgh.
iy to Alloglionty,olWari Salim
rt bsenbers odor *truths of amolosiof choice
rao, olano In the
y adeesnl - WiNctriadhu itoo
Com= grtoand, on eas talrum km ot
W. O'H.II.ORINWN, &aro% la dro
w, 81 Call Si
or of 3AB ROBINSON.= ihnoroNioes
PIPE subscribers will sal at Inmate ade , diose mos
j valuable Lan a Ground, eittotteal on '
in the Third Ward of Allegheepllty, each having •
horn of SO feet, running back Sateen in depth to • .4)
feet alloy, upon which Is bait a stone wadi by 100
feet, which condi= stone enough to build cellists 6f .
two comfortable dwelling hones, end in Intim there
are three attune trees, de years growth,and the side
walk to paved with brick, all nf wash will be sold at
1960. Pitabingh and tdlegherty, or Cavity Scrip,
will be taken in payment.
P eel PHILLIPS, NdSlSiVood st.,
be to WM. BENSON, immediately - eppoate Mild IWO.
EOR sere—Move louteligiblleateii-tiour
la 10•12 a fßumin gh am. The lout am
Dantean stmek numbered Io P Banneen's plan
71, 79, 80, Ell and-Sl—Lot No 73 frontimrtlfeeton Ma
u err arms, Te feet deeyq the other fear ID foot bent
cal., In' ao feet deer.
Terms—Greater part of
b y cleflPF7
Wale for sin years, acartst by Moth
Ware, Immo of
myle .110 -...ridet
• as •• Co am • act • eira.
ABOUT four miles above lab No.,c M ilia mouth
of Pinning Monongahela Mar. Tito Osal I.
Of 11115 111,17 heat quality, and emu . oc i axtZt. Any
number Mures, [mot tirenty4ve Or a ,mtgitt
De obtamml. Perm= desirous of pitehit4ng, can
call ma weLiam REED, on alto prontlrok or Wm.
Rood, opposite the Post offlice r tortio w tad any In
formation concerning the property. Tttflitikrre la di
be sold at a grant • • a.. myirtdfitn
ITIO LET—A good tdlok
RObbl6oll moot, Alleghenl. ada of, eo
m 16 soLiMo. satirrout
R SALE CHEAP FOR eiCßlP—dbatere ground
IL' situate on Webanrarreet, a feet font High meet;
83 feet front no Webster, by 80 feet fur alietr4et alley
—quite close to new court bourn Ni es OM Teno
PRI cash to hand; belaneeln one, two, three and four r,
years Irma the Cm of 401 het. . . e
County and City Hemp taken for cosh payment.
tqLire of Anyle B SCHOYERAlesureonel st
165 Acmes Cowl Lame our sus,
MCA !aka the3lmsongabiNtiveS;lllolfillltulles
la limn Pfthiargit and , 3
the Immediate leyNdrorktoOd of Al'tow& Shorb,
as Soho flerrooN p ~ - Thip,enai body a
Coal will be sold at the low.prioeOf 1103giair once—ono
wain hand, balance to 800 lalttaleMMPOPP7Nenisi
c v =t . orest. Tille , indispotabla LocaSim very
besorpusod r • For far th er panto dam
enquire of B. BALSLIiff, who loss a draft of cud to.
pony. Residence tld sk below Farry,fdr.A.4ps , Row
N. B. moo w another seam of eoal,on [Mt,
about 60 feet above the lower, offsgssiPaStinaii7
Jrlaidtf .
val mina. Eiteirrilsor Lots ,
rpm: subscribers we unionizedweer An private
Bale, sod upon highly favorahla c. F: number
of very valuable Bruldmg Low, •
t o
portion of to. Lota 117, ,Olit sod m
Woods. General Plan of the enrol' Pittsburgh, situa
ted at the south eamwardlyeorner of.Pennaml Wayne
streets, fronting NO fect on (ho oak rodenikog
along the loner about GOO feet to the. Allegheny. river,
and being • part alio Ibmbrosate of 11103 Ante Imes
6. Stevenson, Esq., deceased. • .
A plan
subdivision of the aurnmenz, i t
, mity **which it proposed to sell, may be seen at
I the aloe Of the undoosigned,oullsonly
_bistliPeerf Nu ,
ket Fpny
irkTWO LOTS on Beam otrocaan the city 0,
Allogbeny r above the apporDroppons, on arnica
ts emoted a from banding, two atorlito,l46, faimbin
for two mall. tannotonta. Tha lots }moon twenty
fort to front by ono bruntrat foot Seep, slim bar '
to a arm Only font wide. The.balldWirat the Pot
aim will pay • very imams. Irnereetort Invest:
meat, and the property will bo aoki.ebeakktr cult.
Apply to D. Sproul, Clears aloe; U.S
E V , & Co
oft la Dolton* Lama late
fraN , ACILES OP LAND,altaated to Amble.. town-
I chip, on the Monongoltetrythroo mist tam Pit!.
'bargb—An lots to Mt porshasers. Foe foram panto
slant apply . to I Mary Woods, ad at, or to.
acriradtf • • 41b. abenibtniOfirlf
elders ler sale the tlittostettbrlerWareboass
os Woad wan, etripte4 •67 Tuft= is OIN
apl7 wasca, Jr.
FOB BALE—A Lot of Grotid,dlitatO on Polo
arm, batmsea Hoy sad notbityy
tho hone Ballot war oecopleil by niehmilikhooub..
haTimrsi Goad root, and is depth 07laeonli ho
saki on tooorable wpm TIN uttexoeytioooklo. •
cdr. _ 0.140414 th m.o.= v.&
or Salo.
,4 tramunis. Banns pas In lillgtiony
XI. • Moray !ma i * MOO irnrre, owl
will braid on *deo onnisirino@ of_
rebo- • - D tio
• -fliniroon
...Mo w - 1 , , Z .
~,J 1 loom In do Aecom - st o -I. 4ry No.
. .robed
ludbost Pid...s.aria, 844 jilt:Fad
.- Wool, Wl, bY , . . , i
. sua -
isp? .. s6tres woali IC_ .11.11. 1 01.b00d, ...
errautomtt, Ism iz o 00. •
Ildr,lohn D. blear.o-D.. Stn limeade yOgiperto
MI oryoolZWed. lOW 1 . 14 e 1)1 4011 tad to
tbn abort doe prone boll' boast Xvirooty forgo
worm • 1 Ats= . . . g y,v„,i114.
Oa dog bag that.d.O.olat - O'l . .ribYoddtoilios
IMISII. JALICti Mat oLII, ow Noble-now.
Ftoposod and toddblikevroptOtlN D. MOR
wat, tiaidist, otordocrY *May, Wood
_ _,
-Dim= Dxrus POll °Ns MOLLAD, on a gaits
JD Bat er Matt teats.
77 - 7irsiso 1E1 ,41 7f TN"
intv acitibliAtiatrAs,
ARE n" , re" M° l w 1 471 1. , !.leek rceak-
Goo.h, of reseal parettose ani
y . will sell to ;to twule al wall prates lawelnoot kik
isE;;'a rantu gra
ry ble Mai
rthziwitreiviteCsei tient/.
marine oa, mock NIG= pareltowingrAlqwbere t
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