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it • the Trimlar is Five Do an Oa
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...;.Jlllrillgti• INTO ' D WUIG TIODECT,
- Mar: } 11.1" at Luterne Corolry
T.:. . • ,f, - tilers,.
,T • i_T. PilliL :MST...VT, of Boller County.
', • • '4 , 1151311111L1,
. I '.. ..11 . . .01.A.racrs„ of Eli:mune floawSP
,,a. , 14i . gryf Kill .t r l bonoborgh.
V II W. of atusborgh.
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of Lower Si. Clar...
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ciartcurns, orrturgt.
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, (070-i .
4/0:9, of Upper 81. 0 1111,
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11111 rre
iir:OIRISON, of Alleg h eny
JAS. 11112.1, of Peebles.
• • Dbl. , farrlaTES, of Pitsaborth.
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. • /01IN otEns of-Findley.
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Is. asiAlpsiortor.Telograptan Bow
Proti4,lipatl, as will be seen by advenise
rantu.r..! noes hie English ancYClessieal school
• ' Mieity parents will doubtless embrace Co
=re: ma °plain/may of placing their children under
' the laT9 6e..143 ripe a scholar cod expereuced
.1 a. B,6 **". 4;:t
• • 'We arergaitek pleased at the spuit displayed by
I . lly,lFO*4ll„ttus new coonty of Lsorverice.—
re limp Sea determined to merit the respect and
• ,efialldencnjiaf . their political brethren ltroughc at
• the state,* their efforts at the comina election,
Wben the . inieden vote of tbacoonty will be given.
fa ardestrOefent them,the Locolocos have fanned
• • a coalltiotta the Free:Sollemin which they eon.
tvived to •Oirallow the whole Buffalo Platform, with
tettalUngs and grimacei most pitiable to
-behold—kinl we have no fears of the result. The
WhigYarktihoroughly aroused by the hypocrisy
••• • • •of thylr *and will take good care that their self
profit them nothing. We look
NF ,, for a trinitiphant Whig.vichary in Lanyence.
Thrir Pantsaylverats allattrond•
Isy m 4daertiaernent ha another exihro.
readers dthal leen that proposals ere ;invited for
Ailpoptitd; pi' the Wortern Division of the Peso-
aylva , nia Railroad, between Blairsville 'and Johns
' .. tbhi is 1113 eameat of the design:oldie cam
* • piny to filifOithis great work to Plusbogh, as won
pran.o;4l,l. On Sawrday laat, the road was
• • opened ta:Lewiatown,hriagotg . enei day nearer
to NaladeliAtia, by Canal and Railroad, .d the
7ecculadeol the Eastern Division aillibe finished
arab all -1130 rapidity consistent vi ith food work-
The 64Ottrimy extract of a letter (rapt the Engi
n* of t
Fest= Division, to Dr. W- H. Denny,
ofthis ei dated Summit, tudiria Codaty, August
29, 19994 ties some interesting mfondation:
"The Heard have adopted the Southern row< for
the llell / p►d, through Westruorelmtd tlouray, pass
ing neafgreensburgh The surveirs nod esti
mates ocyteir togineers allowing very conclusive-
ty, tan!. tbwaras the proper route) and ihave wisely
. e d posh the road coatintronsly West
ward, slug the portage as a temoorsiv means of
cocoract.4, mail the Western Lh•irlon shall be
"The!iciition now offered for otatrort will, when
completylit, brine us within 3 miles of Blairsville.
from wldeh place to Pittsburgh the distance by
trt‘ilit only 42 mile.
- Eastern
Division being now (idly provided
4de raised by the company from whatever
emote, Will be applied to the Forums of the mail
west of4Sn mountain, which will bet pressed to
wiry% da4inpidly as cireumidanc4mait. The
Alleghe4 Wads, will, I hope„ avaldsle
next year, when the earnings of the ad become
"ArottAx the sections advertised are i tame heavy
'Wortiagaerving the BUttltioll Of expo:lea:iced eon-
Utah:l*i -
The indecencies and realise of ihe
realle4.MWards Gen. 'Taylor and hiX Cabinet are
witlsontihantids. Never, in the whOle history of
partizano4li= have ma witnessed Ito much base
'nen, Meatiness, falsehood, and indoitoericy, u the
Loma:CO presses have exhibited sit. Gen. Tay-
Urea inisiguration. If they do niX ar se the Whig
party alone man to rally around 14 old soldier.
and tcOesdre to oppose Lxdoctisim in every
shape end km, at every decline, tom constable
loOP.Maidebt, then me have mistak4 their spirit.
To cap the climax of Lecofoco Meannees, the
WashinAtou Uoioo bas commenced ne nicamas
ape:dol:itif:Oa, Geo. Taylor's somintlaw, because.
Eseamithifie has consented, fire fo months, to
act as the President's private SccHary. The
Unienimises, cosies, and finally threatens Col.
fit.irder to Mance him to give op his acme
,Such an indecent. interferelnee aitb poly
idconnitfitmlly veleta:ins, certainly tiler si , th befine
aeon, 4.4 ought forever to disgrace , the editor of
I.haVp4itee la the eyes of ail honorable men.
The Peden announces to Col. Bllss, that if he
renitaii*ic the White Hone, he coboot fail to be
it:tidied:o "in hit shale of the odini4 whit h is sum
to ittliaLto the 'administration," =dither! !hemlines
• !
!* ll * s—*
..,, a l l Weimer., for Colonel Illimi himself to say
.. , whether or not tee will add his weight to these
ImpreiWitom by remaining longer In his present
. pciattiW: The whin . dynasty will Feign bat bur
: yearn:mid Atha end of that time the government
I...,..,willastaitt more into the pincer:ion* the dcmoe
„,,reeyi ahtt they, we have no doubt, will marl and
reweelthsr every one, whatever AM Action or rani,'
wholnitklnid'anY thing to do with the present col
' ' rapt OA imbecile calral who pee& the country
inthinMese of General Taylor?
• asianike, whole as spirited as he is intelligent
staViFined,,Will tied:diem treat aua threat with
titteAtt it dettertrem but we ask the attention of
• , Atte; ettinitegond mg. Mayor the Whig party, to 0.
The foohmo papers have been declaiming, with
~,, • the diiiit bitter Vehemence, again! proscription,
fee thti. less three months, and Mel Unica among
' ' the Ici4rat,” and yet lums is a decbuntion pat forth,
that evirrores,liehatever his station or rank, who
''.:. Ins triliported the present adminisiration, will be
- .aserdietbytthe LwofocoDernocraey,l l should Untie
.'... „ Mirlt i jlito power. No man, no rank, no atation,
will be spared. If he is an oified holder in the
rani* the Gliveramem, be veil be tamed out.
If hitt taw naval or Milken officer,ilike Col. Bliss,
. : ' lie willlhe .ensidei" and seat to disagreeable and
• unhealiby amnions, and in .every dray annoyed:
'Such! fii the war which Locoboalsrel wage. against
the inlintinistra • tine. A war of the irks and most
' nut character, which snoops to ;weapons of the
• • alma neer and the holly, and timers the sacred
premiers of the domestic curie, in Order to waned
andrainte a man grown grey in bh country's •11 , -
vice and whose only crime ha, the Fhe people bays
usedililm en their leader to put down Lueofoeolam,
the most corrupt and degraded petty which ever
asp! 'il to rule a free country' I
of Allegheny County, remember and
war Imams:dam, at the mating election '
Cheep 'Taylor and the Glade:ego standar.
Tie editor of the Trumbull County Whig, to
' gel too with nomeraml citizens ;of the Western
Pzetyrrire, visited Mercer, to pay their mynas to
Geagraylor. The editor 'of they Whig gives the
foliedirturf account of a eicrovermobe with the Pre
aid 4 in relation to the Charge lid Mt. Giddings,
coluSejoiting the Walker arciendeanot of the Near
TeAlithry Bilk-
4.3.. e owner of Mr. Giddings and his charge
• Witl(yitgard to the President'. wins Ms Influence
--. Itt fart of Walkeis ameodenent,icame up in the
mann of eonvermtion. The General aid he had
beekivetacky wiropreerewei by life. Ged.hsge so
tkiiyainicaler=thal the dyes Intimation he had of
inflaisacmg members of Congrent, was conveyed
to Mai la the published Omega bf Mr. Giddings.
Re hdd anew ant for o single winter of Covertrf,
firita ropers of angorziv ioitb!hoto ea oin tern,
eat `eiluit of the liege slumber who called upon
~ btx.atter hla arrival m Washington the California
e qlon was mentioned but rarely, and them only
! . esthe convert:sin hapPeeed Sto take tint torn.
• liallaillail to being onithin that r alit:qui& Amid
. ' .• beta Aimee gov'erneaeot Wade tbe bowie knife and
pod4.lndthat .ho had never downed e prefer.
erten fortheamendment of Mr. Vlalker aces th at
of 'elsy tither. He remarked hills colmectioo.
.. 4.,
•..,„. ge.poojita of di NM 41wiset o,:ayprelsos-
W'ffts I straw =twigs of Elfeany.-thed the
of a third party ogranaislon on this score
. • s al 0 100 n beC4 , ll2dedj verb tiger obeerrelloas
. , ... 'Cf-idgfia-c*P 05140004,:gam.."
..,:, I%*.Fatzare kiiaitOoloa -4 : lir t roaderree
.. , -iii*ea letettitiotr ottginol lets , o - reltbrot to the
----'l.'4" : *472...q. . . . la ,Ilerter cot.
et i . a - iliiiit,,.! ivratAittlics ere due to 4eorknfpoodent
. - /.4.ifiving as the opportunity of Ilatrixtg this inter.
4404 doetuaest before oar leviers.
..,.. !
SILL riiiesiiie—TelHi Norm ihexes!' CX0.1..
Prom •••\ Fm Me lianiolmzilatel46ooo. ..:,-
Wiath the candid attentilin of all out Seeders to • Tine Nowt% nitiurcucAlgAt I
tie sale we lire to di from the iunisborgh A " ";' , '"P'" i4 " 1 , 1 , lik 5 • 1 ? . . 000 ma4iffrialm 4
loidrtgencer, iu referent* to the Pltuutees, of the
We bare glorious intellgenee thins:rock for the
Stabs, =dee its peseta able and eneegetie‘Wh i g friends of the North Branch Canal. -As we stated
eandeieleation. The Whig p.n . h. just s '"'"' .4. our low papee , the report . of ths State Treasurer
to be pond of the skilful management of those it and Auditor &metal, relative to Me available
hint placed to Porno; and it ht. ample ...m trk g °- mesa. m the beam:pew the 15th Inst., were for
meat to persevere in its goad work. BY the ' 1 " - warded to the Governor to Piusburgh, for his lc
, lion &Mr. Fours, our most moniker candidate tic .. The.
for Canal Commissioner, nod of nkl.r 4- ' °I. the him to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, se.
Legislature, we shell greatly strengthen the hand.
..,_ .
a notice to
dour Governor sad State Treworer, and eon ..., P '''''' LL.l
thh l = U°
them to go on with the noble w o r k lk° Y hs7 . k ' '' nn ' ed by the law, is in the Truantry, ready to be ap
dertaken. plied to the resumption of the work. The law
now makes n the duty of the Canal Cbmminioners,
Immediately to place a portion of the work under
contract. Thu is. indeed, glorious news fur the
people of the North Branch, and not for them only,
bat for the friends of good government throoglwnt
Magarom—Hmt's blagelinr and Con.
mewls] Review Gil September is received, and
brings with it its usual amount of interesting Com
mercial and other statistical infomiation. This
excellent work hen now entered upon its 3d vol
ume, and has gained a high eurnence in ,the com
mercial community. Its appearance to punctual•
if upon, our table, always affords us a treat rarely
to be Anted. Dir. Hunt has spared no pains and
expense in making his magazine every thing that
can be desired by the baainess community, and
we hope his efforts may be rewarded 'With the
mewl ibe•al patronage. •.
Tat CO/41 Cllol, — We Call the enchaion of our
reader. to an interceding article under-our cora-
mensial bead, in relation to the Mame prospects of
the more market, as contaning facts deeply Inter
esting to dealers in breartstutfs, as mall as those
interested in the provision markets of the west.
THE WESTERN issunaßcTiox
76 Mu Elites elks Pitubtagh Grzete :
The following letter front the late .Geri. lobo
Neville to Teach COSS, Esq , has probably never
before been publLlMed. It appears, horittbe affds•
vii attached, to have been the document upon the
strength of which George Washington issued hue
proclamation of the 7th of August, 1741, prepara
tory to his requisition upon the Governors of New
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia for
their quotas of nn army of twelve thousand men.
to quell the insurrection then raging here.
The letter has never, until very lately, come to
my hands, and I have thought that it night be in
teresting to many of your readers, ns 4t contains
a very plain, contemporaneous narrative of Rome
exciting occurrences in our vicinity.
' Prrranunon, Joly ISth, 1793.
Dear Sir—The blow is struck, tallith deter
mines that the Revenue law cannot beLearried in
to tate In thin country until the goveroment rhan-
Eyes Its system, and adds considerable ki , rre to the
mensura already adopted. From tai easy and
comfortable situation in life, I am Ina few boors
reduced to difficulties and distress. however, I
will enter upon a detail 01 recent tynnsactions
Priorbting that government will do me Justice.
to the arrival of the Marshal, I had nor
=Won that the malcontents were meditating •i
attack on my house; and, consequeetly. I mad,
such arrangements for defence as were in my pow
er, with my smell finaily of donoestica..."Mr. Lena,-
arrived - here on the 12th inst., (Saturday 1 having
served his subpeenaa in Fayette county without
great difficulty. Upon Tnenday, the ).sth, he be
ing a stranger, unacquainted in the country, I went
with him to serve four la this country—the people
office ill natured, asaembled enacted its in rent
numbers, and finally fired at ns, but adthoul doing
any mischief. We returned, the Marshal having
performed his duty. Oa Wednesdaymortung, the
16th, soon after day light, my servants having Just
gone out to their employments, I dispovered my
house was surrounded by men,-1 sopponed about
one hoodred—airty of whom were, well armed.
the others with clubs. Though alone, being well
provided with arms and ammunitioni, l' determn.
ed to defend myself to the law. knoWing that ex
treme insult would be the conrequenta of my lull.
tag into their bands. it
An action accordingly commencedl and to make
good an old adage, that . the victory; ts am always
to the strong." after a firing of twenty five mut
ates, I obliged them to retire, haring wounded
at least five of them, one or two apposed danger
tardy. They did me no other damage than firing
about filly balls into my honse—Mti:;.Neville, a
young lady, and a little girl, my only . ::compani. us,
narrowly earamicg. ~
Knowing them robe much irritated, I supposed
i they might telllll2. I applied to Major - Boiler, com
mandant at Fan Fayette, at •Pitteburgh, for. some
assistance. He sent me twelve man. I also ap
plied to the Judge* of onr Court, the Generals of
minds, and to the Sheriff of the county, but had
no hopes of asaistance from these quarter. Then
circumstanced, I had certain information, about
ten o'clock yesterday, that n larOtt party were
again advancing. I immediately.wrote to my
friends to come to my assistance ; n few of them
ettemptedit,but were too late, the enemy haring
surrounded the house helium their arrival. 'About
5 o'clock, 566 men, in regular ordef and properly
appointed, made their appearance- Feeling the
inemility of oppasition, I left the house privately,
leaving a Wend, aided by the twelve Webers. to
capitulate for the property. Moot of my servants,
the number and appearance of the
enemy, had disappeared Severaltiags and in...
sages poured between the ponies, : but the assad
ants not offering terms sufficiently! implicative of
safety, an engagement commenced. The num
ber in the house were reduced to twelve, who
kept op a smart fire about ore hour, which was
returned many hundred fold, when they were
compelled to surrender. During the action, the
enemy set fire to the barn, stable, and other out
houses, end immediately after the imrrender, my
huge and well finished dwelling *he, with all
rat contents, shared the same fate. The fencer all
&greyed, and two crops of grain consumed, and
what wit yesterday an elegant and ltgls ly cultiva
ted farm, Is now a melancholy waste- The party
in the house had three badly wounded, all soldiers
in the United States service. The has without is
not known. One of the leaders, ho old. °Meer,
and a man of respectability, was kited, nod we
know of some wounded.
••0 •'. t •
I will only add, in conelosica, dam neither of
these expeditions were tindertakeii.privately or in
disguise. They came publicly forward, composed
and commanded by some of the first people in the
country, among whom were several magistrates
and other officers, I am, dee..
Attached to OW letter is an radial' by George
Clymer, before dame. iliato, rite: be
was well acquainted with the band Writing of John
Neville, and that the fornonag letter was in bin
hand writing.
Nora.—The two female. an the inane at the now
of the ern stunk, were Min Po1(1 Flatten, a rela—
tive of John Neville., and hia glantipoghter, gar
net Craig, now Mn . Chaplin, die' her of Lunt.
W. G Chaplin, of the United Statel Navy.
Reetsicaucera Excnorrooti—itecato.—The
"treaty of peace and commerce' imatareen Great
Britain and the Republic of Liberia, the several
articles of which were agreed upon and signed be
Lord Palmeraton and the Right Hen. H. Lobou
eltere on the put of Great Britote, and by Joseph
Jenkins Roberts, Esq., the Governor, on the part
of the young Republic, on the 2tat of November,
1848, woo formally conflrmai, an - than ndifications
eachaund on August 1, 1849.
Demi or S. S. Seaman, End —This venera
ble citizen-father of Honomble Vlilliaa H. Seward
—died at his residence in dringe County, on
Saturday last, after a lingering illness.
Ta-mas M. Gams nor Dula—The papers, in
every direetion, am referring, ttcmeesures of long
drawn woe, to the accident whleli lately 604111 Ur.
Thomas H. Gaily, the distinguished temperance
01.101, arid one worthy leglow cit Men, by the "ten
ons plunges" of a home at Levrisburgb, Va., and
by which, it is mid, he was “prostreted and killed."
We have already contradicted the statement that
Mr. Gaily was killed, and stated that although
badly hot, be we. rapidly recovering. Two let
ters, written by himself since the accident, have
been received by ht. famdy in this city, and the
last one within a few days, staling that he had so
far recovered no to be able to ride to the Springs
in the neighborhood 01 Learisburgb.— Whaling
Stammer Erraumorsaar..—d. respectable
young gentleman and lady residing in the West
an put of this city, on Sunday ahem., last,
effected an elopement to Newport, with the de
sign of being netted in the bonds of wedlock; but
before the ceremony was commenced. (the license
nod other necessaries being procured,) the father
entered the room just no the company arose to
complete the deed. The young man, ntfrighted,
god through a hack doer. The •young lady was
compelled to morn with her father somewhat de
jected and di:appointed at berlll success. She
faithfully promised to curvet do the same again.—
The young gentleman, after coming to him scrums,
actin:owed not to be outdone, and soproceeded to
etry ix again." That night he rammed to the re
sidence where his fair One reallied, and succeeded
in obtaining en entrance to the young ladies' cham
ber in the second story by mean of a ladder. He
gently raised the window, entered and awoke the
object of his affectlou who immediately arose,
hastily pat on her anima, and Aamated time
eloped with her lover. This linielhey went to
Covington, them obtained another license, and,
In one boor after they left the . midden. •of her
Either, stout 91 oblork In the ereolng, they were
one twain. The father was web the next more.
lag wending Walley, very much enraged, to the
plane where be fieu now them, but learned on his
arrival that they bad not bemr;there. He, after
diligent Mich and enquiry, Keith:led to his temie
-without aneettaleittit to any ceittioty the 1 . 001110
they bud takes to erect their oscura. Thar per-,
eons were truly persevering, :51&10 n ,tstakc—
Such oecotoserwee de not wee! every du. Their
In order to a proper understanding of the law
ou this subject, we give the several divisions of
the General Appropriation law providing for the
completion of the work, as they were fussily passed
by the Legislature, .d approved by the Gover
31. That the Canal Commissioners be and they
are hereby authorized to appoint a competent En
gineer and Superintredeni;to construct and super.
intend the completion of the North Brunch Penn.
sylvania canal.
35. That whatever balance of money remains in
the Treasury, unappropriated, eller the payment or
the Augustand February interest in each current
year aball have been fully provided Gn, shall, fir
an long • period as may be neeemary, and the
came is hereby appropriated toward the completion
of the North Branch Canal.
35. It shall be the duty of the Auditor General
and State Treasurer, oa or before the fifteenth day
of August, In every year, to report to the Gover
nor the • mount of money that can be applied to
the completion of said canal that year, end he shall
notify the. Canal Commissioners thereof, whom
duty it shall be to place under contract a corns.
pending amount of work.
37. That no Engineer or Stmerintendent shall
be appointed on the said canal until It shall be as•
certained there will 6, the sum of one hundred
nod fitly thousand dollars in the Treasury not
otherwise appropriated.
As the question la one of great interest to the
people of the whole Cotemouwealth, he have
mined a copy of the report of the State TreanlltT
to the Governor, which makes • clear exhibit of
the state of the finances, and shows how the avail
able means in the Treasury bar the North Branch
are obtained. We give the report entire, as Go':
Tnststray Dmirriwr,
fis+n+4urg, Aug. 14, ISIS.
To Wm. F. Jourtsrox,
Governor of PetmsOranut
Sin obedience to the requirements of the
3i . ith and 36th I.ctions of the act of the 10th April
last, the undersigned respectfully stdonsm to your
Excellency, the fallowing exhibit of the finances of
l'ennsy looms
To amount of money receive.] in
State Treasury, from the IDth
April to the lith of Aus.,:lSl9, 5.2,173,2543 SO
By amount of money paid nut of
Treasury since the 10th of Ann]
Paid loan made to
meet February inter
Paid drafts of Canal
Contmissioriers and
locknkeepers Wages
on State worms..
Paid damages on Can
pals. at..
Paid Ho.pital for In-
P:rd - rd,.. Institu
tions in Philadel
Paid Ang.t interest
on Stale debt, and
Tioga, Pottsville 3:
Danville g u trans
Paid expenses ago.-
; ,talnetit, Ore.,
$261563 16
I ,588,09 I 80
To estimated amount sr receipts It
State Treasury, from the 14th
August. 1049, to Ist February,
S5O, sit :
From the Pohl let
worn; •729,000,00
From on/standing tan.
ea, 301,000 00
From tavern lieenana, 20300 00
From ea: on d i vt
denda and Hank
3i',,320 00
From money collect
ad, and accounts
now due in hands
of unnottiful and
teen:lent agents, 91.000 00
From nil Other rot,
504 614 00
By receipts in the
sinking fund, being
the am'at of State
Jots paid off this
year, 9101,419 b 7
By payments So he
made at State Tons ,
nary, from the 14th
August, to the tnt
February, 1550, as
p r appropriation
499,000 00
By interest on Lame
debt, to bepaid Ist
February, 1 &P'o, 917,000 00
Exec., 111 GI ,726 13
Tbia balance of 5164,226 13, being an race..
In the Treasory unappropriated, can be applied una
der the 35th section of the act approved on the
10th April, 1810, to the ecenpleticm of the North
Branch canal.
Respectfully subsumed,
C, J. RA lA.
State Treasure,
To his excellency, Governor WO. F. Johnston.
By the foregoing wetement I report a balance
in the Treasury applicable to the North Branch
Came, of SI 61,226 13. The Auditor General pre
paled cad signed two reports to your Excellency
on this subject, the first one showing an unappro•
printed "excess" or in the Treasury of
$2,726 13, and the second one, an unappropriated
Wan. of 522,12 G 13. I could not concur with
that officer In either of said reports, therefore de
clined signing them.
I could not conscientronsly sign either of them
foe the ream], that they fell short of the sum re
united by the Act of Assembly for the North
Branch Canal, by over 3121.000, while my esti.
mates, which I have care - Tully revised, showed a
rum mote than 11:ancient to authorise the corn-
mencement of that work.
Under the circumstances, I deem it to be me
duty to lay before you the ban-going statement, ex• I
tobitiog the unappropriated balance in the Treas•
toy, to order that you may take such action in the
premises as in your wisdom may be best for the
interests of the State.
The estimated receipts in treasury, from the pub
lic works, outemoding taxes, and other sources of
revenue mentioned, are based upon a careful ex
amination of the income from those source. in
previous years, and it Is contldeotly believed they
can be relied on, mpecially if collections are press
ted with that energy, which lam aware It Is your
desire to infuse iwo the business operations of all
the departments of the Government. A consider
able tom can alao be realized by praising the col
lection of the large amount Oen...oMA\ now in
the hands of theyarious collecting mew.
The large appropriation of over $1,200,000 to
the Public Works, by the General Assembly, will
discharge the State indebtedness thereon, sod will
free the Treasury the mailing year of that burthert.l
In consequeoce. we may safely calculate that no
more than 5300.000 will be rammed by the State
Works the ensue' year. In this view of the
subject, there can be oo hesitancy in saying, that
the S ate debt may be reduced at lewd three ban
dred thousand dollars next yen, and A the some
hate give, under the set of the (oth of April last,
the sum of from 5120.000 to 15900,000 toward the
the completion of the North Breech Canal.
Ib now remains with your Excellency to <Leila,
whet shall be done to the premises the present
With conaideration, I have the honor to be your
obediedt Bement.
G. J. BALL, State Treasurer.
Teasels' Dzesdniudrr,
llerrisburgh, Aug. /4.1 849 ,
Tole rogues is clear and 10
meanso It shows, 1
in the drat place, that the of the Treasury '
are ample for the completion of the ataal,wthoot
the addstson of a single dollar to ars Sudo dstr;
and not only so, but that at the mime time that
ample appropriationaAre made to this work to
complete It In a few years, the State debt WILL
g 3 0 ,000 thefiru year, and after the canal is finish
ed. may , by the same careful and judicious mars
ageoseet of Gorineer, be decreased at the rate
of nearly or quite $1,000,000 A inn, and in a
large ratio from your to year, as too debt is seeded
ally reduced. The reduction of the debt being
that mice commended, It wig not be many years
before the rarer, mill nix on real estate lib be 120-
End nay on
Wholly repeatett. Thfp
enconregnst condition of our pi:Mlle affairs if to
be attributed coinedy to the econousaal and enere
gene management of our present Whig admiuthe
The reportaboilltiiilso, who are the ristalfritigh
of tfiliimpreigreitheaf: The State Treastoei, et*
*tenth , with laselfarts in the Legialattini W*o4
the bill In seak a shape as to make it .eeeptibieto
the eautrestiatioa arid the people, and thigaefeete
lee derroted'all la energies in his pregreapoillon
so Treasurer, to the consummation of hisobjeet,aod
has succeeded in bringing can a.fevorablerecart.
The Auditor general, on the contrary, with tha
same pmlitiesior obtaining correct infiumation,
first submits'a report' to the treawner, showlog the
paltry balance mthe treasury of 32,726 13. The
Stale Treasurer declines joining in this report, and
the Auditor Gel:03011 makes out another. showing
an available balance of 322,726 13, increasing has
first report just 320000, but sull 0121000 short of
the amount necessary to reanme the work. But
aubeequesitly he made out another report, showing
an available balance of about 5122,000' ermegh to
warrant the resumption of the work. How the
Auditor General can reconcile these connecting
statements, we are at a 103010 discover. His first
statements moat have been mode caber through
gross ignorance nf the actual condition of the
finances, or to impose span the State Treasurer,
and defeat the appropriation. They =mires( cer
tainly, very bole friendship for the improvement.
Again, the Locofacoa in the Legislature last
wiater, with a few honorable exceptions, were
equally hostile to this work, and moodily voted
against every propagation fur its completion, outran
coupled with an increase of the State debt' They
eared nothing about the canal, but if its completion
would be the mess. of saddling the Whig ad
ministration with an Merv.* of the state debt, by
creating another permanent loan, they were ire.
willing it abould be done, nod exerted themselves
to effect this object. The Journals of the House
of Representatives show this to be the fact, and
we may take occasion to refer to them
and publish the several vole. 00 the various pro
positions eubmated. The Whigs however. Mr.
Ball himself one of the mow active and efficient
among them, firmly resisted every effort to increase
the debt, confident that the work eould be- com
letal without a resort to gulch suicidal mesas.
The result proves who were correct. and who
were most devoted to the public inleftAl. The
Laos noted on increase of the State debt, by per
manent loans, to effect that which the Whig ad
ministration has accomplished by economy and
energy, without a day of anch increase. The
tax payers rf the Commonwealth may learn from
this the importance of having able, careful, and
honest men nt the head of the government. We
have no hesitation in declaring our firm-conviction,
the this flourishing state of affairs would not have
existed under a Leedom administration, sod we
have no doubt the moss of the people Oct =preen
ed with the same belief
Ton TWO Foots—ln a town between 30 and
40 miles moth of Boston, there were two idiots,
one belonging to a family of note, held himself
much superior to the other, who was of low de
gree. One day they met in the street, when the
aristocratic idiot estelmmed to the other
"hexer' Leer' von are a foal"
" I know I am a fool," answered Eleazer
drawing in his hanging tongae; -bat, Philemon
you are o foal and don't know it" (Philemon be
longed to an esiensire genus.)—Bostoo True.
1..,.. ..
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tn r . rro , r 7 9
kottorti! N.
1_ dpl4t7
DIL a. o". - Kry A ttNI. 4 , Isle or 3erstom isp7ertarred to
manufacture so I set D..+-'a Tarro rho(.. and parts
of seta, upon Sunman or Atraosphenr Sucuon
ri,laturrra..,.trere the nurne
aamosat Oar, mud reardeoce neat door to are May
ors office, Fourth v.met. INltsburOt.
R.c.o oo—J IL 111•Fadden.F 11. (Man. tal9
Vire sand Marine Issurante.—Tit. rues
Vlioll AND Fin Immume ColsrAlre—
harwred 1,:11--contniael bimam 'wan every do.
npoon at
N prorwrty, Ist 14.6
O 21 Mattel atn-e.t.
SAMUEL 008.N11.V. Preit
Rnum PlNsgrt, trey. I:7,s:ddm
ICogllgitt and Cletzleal Reheat.
TIROFF.”:IOR , 11AHLF-e ELLItfTT open. to-day
r ethleet School for young genfletnen
Rocinth..l deor• at eve the Rev Dr Itodgero' Churth,
Ilrete 1 Nl . Catelles, Row, Seed 0.10 , Ath.gbc
ny City. spc3.ll or
FOR RENT —A comforoble brick ling Havre on Market .t. near I 1 . 0.1
•C•SUOI. pre n impornimply F:‘,,
Th• PelanayiVall2lll.Comp•say
Fn. In. ni AWN ON 1,1 /I.(i•ArrEloN. ma
Capnal fi5DO ntal—all paid in
Ituvina nathortael the orntersianed to receive glop,
<•110114 (or In.grenn, on wain , ' polneies win ireurd.
accord., to Metr prorwata sad rater which will be
mode know,. to applies., at his otfiee. he Id Wood
•trect rpti till, COCHRAN
ROF ANTHON'S Skillkla. tw CLASSWS —hl ni
Lau% Lesenits Latin Pio , . ttoinnnesou.
las'a Itonastantartet on the tiolac %Vat
The er.nriti of Vtra./ Ciroro, *qr. Orut.uns
Ss'lust's 1.1 .mine War, awl the lbo.rynr y
.Lm 1. Wart. of
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110‘610111f 0111, tjt & 1..4,,z•gr
The Anabasto of Zenapban.
.. •
Cicero de St..came, do Almond. ragadoia, /Lc
For said al reduced pre,* at We book more of
.0 eon, Thad end Mu kat sO
Q P INGLI-3 A lot of Sl.togle. foe sale liaiour of
epl3 Fati •1. Letwrien Wood and Markel
ISTORE ftexe.. aid ".1 N (Madan, New Cor
.l I I..war, 33. d pet
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CLAI.S—SUO bx. aslo., 2F do 1021 t, 100 do 10 zit
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Q A.104--.IM/ bet. Inr sale by
C":',T -3° 4 " ',M. 5- VTgr57, 1 ,147,T
,+ CAN VASS, on •tictebero ; !or ule by
ART . t.w i rs , COLORS,. T
rrotA, rot k. F. by Knin k
HAIR YINCELS— A 1.1 6 1 . 1 ) .1 ) 7,&,by
ASALE OF LOTS will take place In Lac Imam if
warn recently Iv,d out on the farm of the un
seen., in ‘Vashington county, Pa., close to Leek No.
4, en the Moteugskieta river
For menufsetunng, mercantile and mechuleal par.
poses, the ni411•40O•r• admirably adapted—from ne
healthy. beautiful and roman:se site. It te ten mi es
try water from this site to any town on Me same mils
of the neer, and nearly the mune distance to the near
est town in the rear The river boomm, on which the
town is lead out, tp about 720 yards wide, and • beauti
ful mire', above high grater mark. It m intended that
laced High &hoed sir Academy shall los ee-esierem
with the town—t bonne stand. on the premise. which
will .tot as a school house and place of worship until
• more satiable building not be erectaL
Coal oleo wirg,nnnt reLily, I hoc ..nne Free stone.
and Sand. arhtett wept ume., will suit (or atanoraele
nng plus, amends ;no in the rear of tbe town. Add
to this, the town In rose to thew eal water power it
Look gio. 4, orkilett we resell.. ll soon be me
ed by the enterprising Pisvigation Co in °riving me.
chintzy for manufacturing purposes.
To any individual or compuywishing to start Gins
Works, Foundry, Cotton or Woollen Factor', Saw
Mill or %at Yard, we will take pleasore in offering
every Indueement within the bounds of reuon.
1,545439 51
Should a new county be formed, Me eommiulenen
may mad probably 101 l select this as eemiral kw••
till, for • county seas In lint rase we would gladly
Mader a saheb!. Ale tor the pectic buildings.
Sale to commenee on THURSDAY, bbe lath day o
EIPIPTELMSEK, and Continue from day to day
Tents mill he accommodating• and made kn,orn
day of .ale by . Peopricio
.pt3nll wAssritT
l'ost col
DROPORALS will be received at JoAnne •11, Ono
r beta county, Penn's, from the In to tne 13th o
October next, for the Graduatron and Al.. toyof 6.
pnrtion of the Western Divisional the I'ENNRYINA
NIA RAILROAD can of Section No. at, opposite t•
a disAw.ce of 211 ratlev—embracinX • con
oderabla amount of beady Reek Excavation end Eat
Nana and ProGial tq' the work may be wan at tb
Ocoee witinn the nine •bove opeesGed.
... •
For further tnformattort, spoilt to VIM". MILLER.
Fp , Engiromr 01 tho We .tent Ihmston, Summit P. U
Combon county. Co.
J. FOG A R THOMSON, Chief Dtgtater.
Engineer Drprot neat. P H IL CA
llornnhorr. August 20th, IMO E nrognikletroT
8Ag0r.4_12,51111 in. prime Wen, 1000 do tlo Shoal
germ 1,101 Joke, pot reed 0 d for Bela hp
spO R rit Crl
Wt t e N ts, K o=b p sVmattZTro . n7•47:d Y for U Z
by spO Ii(') COCHRAN yt. oi .1 ct
and Writings of Washington. IV 'al.royal vivo
Spart's Life and Writings 01 Eninkl n, vol., roy
al hvo. Encyclepwilla American. 14 eola,teo COM-
Urnheruive Corm...wary, 0 volo. royal trim Wilkes'
nited :State. F:vpedlnim, s vol. royal Ban,
Baick Quilv.stn el Englaud. IV val., Linii. Yielo•
vial History at I u‘land, 4 rola, ears! avo. Khata
pais, Illuaran.d, 3 vol.. royal Sao. For gain by '
A 8 II IrucKW(X)D. &I Wood at.
For many yea • connected with hinsars. Wylie tr.
Put m. New York
NW MUKILI—RoII an Silver Moon; Nally was
Lady. u Itaa , and papuLar F.thieplatt cielody by
C aster. Ite Ittod to to laved ones at home. rtpreak
unetry, a. .ung by k]optee Mt enrols; /row tby nest
I,,htiy, as so,. by the k:topire hltostlehn What Must
• Fetry's Dream be; Ban Wmautstan• Belle, No,
,an toy /ton.. be Moe, Nall death all thong• We I,
Welk tato de Parlor. °Repeeeo,ee dor team!, hdals
las," little (Int•Pil 1 grow all the aelrbtetted and papa
l., 0ft , ..0 . *P °. " 1 . 1 LI tOl -11 l 2U numbers
al 7 page.* ettelsy otter laic pet number .
Marches,re Wltn a largo collection of Waltzes,
Polite t'Atds ea- ita n ype'o and tic . 1 .
.7-To improve the sail and the Mind "
[ll ...N. A. to.. Aatem.toas ^
Mali; CULTIVATOR-Devoted la the niteresta of
the pstjaas, the UurjeartY until the Fran (Irovrari
Illustrated arab uuttleYo9. .144..0f/ea lippes,usy,
FilmlMplOillet., Dominic 481(0.111,,
Published the 111 of every loofah.
Tants $1 pee year; soiree copies 11.% *Rama copies
larier ;prpther al the same rate. All the
back ( 1, / j LOcEwoon,
002 Rack taller end pnWiseel, *3 Weal on
'WSW NS —Rendus! and Oratory, by Prof Man
j.,l Jenne, Clssnie French Reader hy De Visas
elaLsDoe .... ts Lo b a oo . loLy d , ttsit . oate o rt lot i:f o U r s th ln .
Anhui Xingdoao Prot B. Janet. (theism ha
cause, pre•onsion and aura, as. Richardson,
D. Romney's Common Plac e Doak) an td In paper
and vol.
.1t in numb Winery U.S , A. !blared,
Ensi , vol ILL Manny of Ameri c an 'Alp boni e r), by
Stnekland. t.yell's wind visn so the U 3 role
paper and napalm. Loomis' TT401106161,1, ansi Loinn
=insole ke., lairs Coo. liasnarilochs His.
ty t i of Wrondissr. 3 molt, cambric. Iliskin of an
yf gay. lAns,
Also, a I 17 1 .0( : 711.. Watd;0 5 e. ' n . , FO winch the
aWnnOn of wholesale parekasers isiovnird. ' '
LIST OP zapresas
R.EMIITHIN Eitabar ir ls Pail Oleo trona*
EL lath af A G ug. to lat of Sept, MO. Parra.
arlAng far yam .111 pkasr Me ar ."..thed
LigMfOs List.
Au. Jane Aa Andel.= Eliebth
MAR Nary Aachaws.N.l2Cy Anat
EOM liana% A EathemeeSteth HWY Neale
Ran Agnes' Byrne Mete A B B fge
Hay ne fdaTg't Byrne Olivia N Mennen Frew.
Yuma Wallet asanstm Mee 11.81, Mn M
Raley Same Wynn; Mau LlLlinlg. Leah.
Raker Mary ktrellley Jane L Meet Mn
Raker blary E Ileou.ter Jaw Bell Latina
Betel. Anne Brooks Meer
buy Mn , 8 Beelthamer B. .
Bally Mrs Baker Emily We.. 2". Mn
Cameron Mar y A Craig Mary A OM Elisabeth A
Campbell 17:11, , di Cullen Admit. Crewer Emily C
Carina, Eh. Cann Ebtabeth Conway Honor
Carnal,. Mugs- Cook Nimble Cembras Margaret
gamma Coyle Catharine Cbehran Ann
CambM Margaret Craig Martha Cochran Jane
Cuuur Anna ConveryCalberineColli. Nanny
Cartwright Swan Sophia Col. I.3trabeth
Crothert Mat:gruel:Com EMIRS H
Col Colas Mary
Chalfant Elvin& ComboMaryßan. A
Clinton Letitia Clark Marl
Darragh Sarah Dunlop M.l Damn E.U . " M
Darla Alimal Dl.ll Sm A Damon Matilda
Dearly Mary Donovan CathM Devers Mary A
De em Judi Darin Margary Dauglirrty liar
Deem Arne, Duvall Elizabeth net It
Dear Parmilla De. Sarah Dillon Mary
Ditatahay M 1
Fba Jame Evans ill.
Eawortlty Mal 1 Evans Cabana.,
Feeny Falzabeth Fitzgerald klable Franklin n
Fleming Sarah French Martha Raley A.
Fleming Frodlta Fabler Mary Forsythe Illim
Syn. Mary Fretteriek:klary Filth Lydia
Grubb. ?ars Graham Polly A Grille Mary E
"altir M.l Gregg Frances D Grant., Margery
Belson Matilda Greenlee Satins Greene, Pruden
Gallasher Gregg Elizabeth tit
abash Green Relent:a Oansolis Nanny
Utrt blargatet alben Goldin Winifred
Glenn Marl Gallag C her (r fi
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Gill Diathermia
Halt Borah Rusts Mary Horner Matilda
Holm Jule Hifi Maria
Hamilton Sarah AI-Vanish Eliza Hirsh Mary
Hall Ann aa Horner Matilda Heltilick Mary
Hall Elyina C Hoddell Mtn 1 Healy hlnrwei
Hay. Mrs liatutharthlarth lioutse
Ilull Mary Hall Sure J Havel= Harriet
Hutchinson hlary Honoree IGlia
Junes Mary Johnson Nancy Jones InnbeHs
Jacque. Mary Jones Cashosino
Kelly emelt. Kerr Margnret gem M. D
Kelsey Dann .1 Kelly Egitnitbeth Kincaid Mr. J.q.
Kerr Nancy Uef Sane
Lawman Mrs C Leslie Rosanna Loather liar) A
Latshaar Mario Allah, Margaret Ln. Larnela
Lealie Margaret Lyons Hear L Lark cc Eel
Lee Marta Lorry Mary A
Ilatthel. /maw Mitchell Maria Mot:. Mrs M
da Middleton liln D Memo's FDie
Mary Mo.ll Marta Meagre. Mary
MakeNacy Millar Sarah 8 Ann
Maclaine Mary Millar Hard. 13 Moore Sac.
Matthews Mary Mow. Mrs 11 Myers Ellen
Marshall Eletutot Meongoenery M'a Matti. Sim.
Mewl. Sarah Mora. Us.. Murray Elisabeth
Nlewick Sophia Mom. Macy 0 MILT** Eleanor
51 wham Mary ltocrisery Misaidanilek Citations
MIDI.Ie Mrs D C APCorab Num. erchm Miss F. P
ISVOiliough An. Ist Ann MT...villa Paso
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tortinnuak Anna 111Closka7 hl.l,
Or. ll.nah (Mane Roth O'Keefa Carlo
Parts Catharine Patterson Jana Powell Pilate
Part. lagrattetb Maros Aan Prosily Ebsa
Patterson Nasal Peterson Ann
qt 1•11. Sarah Ann Yasst• Sarah A
Rn• Mary Ilrekard•on Catesßoss Margaret
Rogan Crukartne Ruents Rebecca Ronek Mary Jana
Ramsey !kit" Robb Ann Rettnnson Al. 11 J
Raton Margaret Robtroon Mary A RA...a Mary Ann
Reed Rebeen• A Rooney Ann RYsn Ebrabatb
Wes Mary Ron Wien Hash Firratretb
Ritter Sarah Jane Robinson Mary Ruby Ilsrabeth
Redgley Matt A Robb Mary
Fr . Ulan Sean Harriet E Scala& Sara/
e.le• taarith Ithmh Cathanna Stewart Marrara
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Si..k.r Ma raann Mun, Mary Bthwrant Eleanor
shun [lndy, Broth; Sarah Sum.. Lary R
Moo. Mary Sarranagen Rath Smut Jam
SAngar Mart Ann Sull Ma;
T•ilor Rachel Thomas Ann Thompson B•+N
Thompson Loa n ,. Thompson Minn- Tintsi ann<n•
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Ward Mary Wilcox...Wawa* WlMaw Amy C
Weise< Mary Wilson Mau - Wilson Eliza
{Val. Mary Will Marcum WillaLl Sand.
Ward Cant Williams Wiley Wood• Hannah
%Vrab Man J Wilson Deny Wrorbi Man
Weannon K V Wiecbsditie Marla,Woodburn Sarah
Whitmore CU.• Wanda Mrs H
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Addlinuin Win Adams Jamas Arad's , . Ales
Adams bannael • Ames Me Anderson Win
Adery Wm Arden John Ander G F
Aekern E U Allen Nathan Anderson CAaties
Adam. Federal Allen C.c. Anderson Joseph
Adams John Allison Levi. Arum John
damaohert Alga Jain Armatead Thos W
Abbott Sun T Alm a Rohart Arnold R
Ackerman I Alll.lel Alt. Ashton John
Ainsworth ES Aoki... Thou:wear. Wm
Baia{ AIei•OAGT Deana Jon A Bowen FAmand
Baker James Beadwell Boor Rouen Wm..
Baron Ambrose Iteedllos Wes Boyle Marl.
Italdwin John Benson Rammer Bombs Win
Ilawhelor PresPelateasley Joseph Brown Thomas Jr
11.11 %Yrs F Barmen Joseph Bruns Thom.
Baird T iNtot Wawa Wm Brown.his or Peter
nerd Adam Bean. John Brown Thomas R
liankord Wm Bergen Wm Brow. John
Bailey Captld Bea John Brown Wm R
Hausman Adam Ban. James II Brown Doe..
Harrel.' !WWI Beim Wm Bawd. James
Harter Hugh Beaty Enema Wind. gamut
Herne. Jamsts Heavy Joho Hrtsben Patrick
Rams Joh. F BuityMontramllellrackenneke II M
Barton T 0 IWO Capt 134kgs T
Barron Harter W Berri Geo W Bob. Henry Clay
Derry John DlatcaordN•pollaßrooks Jason
Bunten WkV Black Georg. lirookharil tors
Barnette Thomas tllythAD linaturell A 800
Barry Thomas Wendell Horan. BrTanl Wm
Haman Jacob Blaney Wm Brien Henry
Barkley Jam. Highly Nichol. SByetray Adam
Barnett John Ilnca , John Bala. Arthur
Dee. James Bhakney James Hark Daniel
Bearry Walter WilititogirWarran Bader Bailey
Bell Wm Black W P Bargoyno Josh U
Bell James Mack John Dims Wm
Bell Marisa Block Franklin B Wrl Gastrin
Bennett John llookhammerPardlunma. Eshelm.
Bernard Chas 9 Bowman Geo W Busty A Loans
Hernias.. u 110.1 W C
Bark Rohr
Heinen G W Boyd Henry
ek.:lEvir Bard Wm Bsird James
Bea le Was. Boyle James Barnes Patrick
Beller Edward
C.I. S V It Chase W Cooke /whoa I'
Chill Lemma Chart P P Connolly John
Callender N Clark Ch. E entrtell Alex M
Callan Philip Clark Terrence Cooke lu.e N
Campion Wm Cora M U Costello Mark
Cannon Armst`g anew D B Cornwell John M
Cony John Code, Puriek Coach Jose.
Canndle Peter Collin. Chas Comet Anue W
Caw) , Jam. Colgehonn John Couch John II
Ca ner Thos P Cobh.. Ft I Coen Joseph
Caner E Jsme Cowl Rev J
Crothers gaml Cot. Mate) Cot.. John
Carton Patrick & Coady Richard Criswell Ds 8. Co
Michael Co. Michael Cralg John A
Caney Matthew Collins Joe Craig John
Carroll Wm Coda. John Cranston Wm
Carey Simon Cochran Cie* A Cretin The
Cooper& Clair Crawford Won
Carnahan B H Cochranthlanew Creighton Id
Cartwright PA Con., Wm Creagan Terceira.
Cathcart Wm Conwell James Crwafonti John
Campbell HII Cool Clrcenery Crete Haar
Caldwell Th. Connery David Cretan, John
Campbell W.l Connors Carrot Cron. J
Colwell Combs Edward C.tunghnot B
Campbell P Cornell Richswl Coot Joseph
Chapin. in. Connor John Cunningham John
Chambers John Cook Lewis Cane Pear ,
Chauth T K Canary lames Collin Thom.
aria/ion T W Connell Hanson Curry Jam.
Churchill A B Conl. Patrick Damao. Park
Churns/de Comingtoo 11 Cuddy Monk
Clecklay Wm Conway Boman! Cunningham Id
Chambers Joa Conway Terrance Cullen Isaac
Cluny Alexander Canmerford P
Nylon initial Delaney genet Douglass
Donate Joseph Deg.. Robe Donaldson Wm
Davison Ward Dixon Wm Dorobeshree D
Dole David Et Dimond John Davis Wm
Dales W O Dims. James Dolan James
Da aids. Wm Dillon Pelts Moog. Patk
Daley Owon Dillow John Drips Thomas
Daashenbangh j Domingo= Job. Drags. Jeseaii
Dart Wen Dobbs tieorgp Dmnon John
8 r.a.472- Ltair4—.
Darla David Alms Alex Durkin James
Davie John Dolma. Perin • Duncan John
Darla Jonathan Doland Slmen Dann Robert
Davie Wm W Damian Them Dann Frannie
Doris Jansen Donnelly TIM Dann Thomas
Detwilles Mee Doyle JaMOS D7et •
Desmond John Donaldson IlearyDrower Wen C
Deery Jas.
Dow Enoch Dame Meisel
Dane Jain Domes= Wm Dann James
rwalf 101 W Dolan Thaw Dyer nos
Delaney P D Dol. Michael Denham , Rob, A
- -
Edmonds B Fisher Sissal Kilian Rev Dr
pules Dem F Ewes Res Jss Esplen John
.' j oh ht rig! John E •%li k ir Js
Owns Owen win
gut. NVm Esobswit Jacob ' wins John
Ey rly Dian Rohl Ewan. Owen
Fr:diet John Fitzgerald Wm Rix Joseph
Fairley Wm Finney Nelson Volum Rom
Paden Flisrard Sarnia! John Forsyth John H
Wm Samuel Flanscrin Pan Ford Thomas
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Patin lobo A Forsyth John
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Gardner Gen Br Glaze John Griffith Palm k
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Hanna D & O:i Hinds Bernard IlastphreY Thos
Harlan Elms Hill Wm Hudspeth Wm
Harvey Chas Hid A F Humphrey. A
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Hormel Jonas Hose, John Copt flamer Wm
Irwin Thos Ingram A P Irmo Joseph
Irwin Wm Inglis Vinson Dates M
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Jackson John Jeffrey Wm Jones John
Jackson And. Johnston u.ry Jones John 11
lank Robt Johnston Samuel Jones James
Jackson Joseph Johnston Wm Jones Wm
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lantmoo rhos E Johnston David Jones A
Jamb John Johnston Dad Jones 'ivory
Jury Won Johnston Jos Jones Rees
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Xecnard Bernard Keenan John Kali. David
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Keons John Kelly Punch Kira C A
Kinkead D J Kelly John ring James
ge.ll[l, Johnston Kelly Stiehl 3 Kirk pidnek Coo
Kean Wm Kearner Jame. King John
Kennet. John Karr Jwites Kingsland John
Kenpp J Kelly Janes Kinkead A B
Kennedy Samuel Kelly Eminent Kingsburg David
Kennedy James Kelly Patrick Konnre Hiram
Kennedy 13 Kelly George Knit:otter Wm 11
Keene Reuben Jr Kelly John Kramer 31
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Keegan Thos KR. Conrode Kites ?timid
Keeney Folding HKelly Timothy
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Matthews Chas Melee Robs Mosley WLI
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Mast Henry Milliken Rotel hforgHts Hugh
Malloy Pturiek Maio Thornton Mosley Wesley 11
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hisawell Wlf MiWr Thos Morrison John
hlann Jaelmon Miller J Moor T
hlsalock L C hillier A ?Sunday Francis
Mabary John Mitchell Wm Meehan Michael
illayhe John Mitchell Sam! Murdsmthimes
hiselan Wm W Morgan Wm Murdock Isaac
Maloney James Moines Pate Mond:lager Henry
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Martin Dahl MK Moans C Murphy Fan
Morahan Robt Moran Thos blurry Joseph
Martin Henry C Mortis A 13 Murphy Wm
or Frrderick Moorhead Wm Murphy Edmund •
Myer. John Morris James Murray James 13
Meier David Mogi. Edmond Morph, Pyrrewir
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hlochilnis Thos Monaghan Jos Murphy John Jr
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McClelland Wm JMeCuily lVm IdeiennaPatricki
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kleCiellandArtharkleDonald Wm Magee Thomas
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McCoy Wio McDonald demq AleKee Thor
McCloskey JamrahloDonald Hen- Me gleamy Nell , .
McCralra John Jerson Melillo:my John
McCasho John T McDonald II McKara DAM Id
McClure Wm McDonald Tho• McKee: U Dander-
McCafferty Neal McDonough liar- son
McCarty Michael ray McKee George
BleChmey Jas B McDermott Peter Magee Wm
McClure June. McFarlane Geo MeLsughlm John
IdeClare W W kleFmlara , GIV Medlarren Sam,
McCall James McFall Hobert Melemn Remasrun
McClure Abs McFadden boo II MoUror. Corm-
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kleCoraughey J MAlMArarla Jame. kloWhirter Wm
McCracken J MeGelran Joho McMullen
McNeely /once
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Newland Wm Nalom Falcon Norris lam D
Novla John Newell Wm Noonan John
NAM Jame N•tld lame• Niabla John
Nem G W Nemo John u Nmlaason R I
Neon /nom 0
Owens Eihiril O'Brien Stephen Oliver John H
O'Hara Jam. O'Hanlon Pelit O'Halloran 7 I
O'Brien E.N.I O'Donnell Patli Orr Alarahall
O'Donnell 1.. Mend L D O'Brien Mieni
ultdien Basal O'Rielly Rininnd CrNall: Dewy
O'Brien Tun O'Donnell Dennia Ogg. Was
Patrick Ile.. CPevahing Ma Phufp. Wen
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Palmer H&JI Petne James Pragmatist Air
Palmer Bent A Penes Wm Pisani TM,
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Parker Cnarlea PinkClloo Robt Price Wm
Patterson Timm ik e Parterliald ath
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Rhodes Marl Reese Thomss .Rota John
Rosales John T Remick Casper 2 Ross James
Re. Mackey Reese John Robs.lelfd W
Rea Thos W Richardson Alex Ross Henry
Ramie, Wm Rirden Sidney S Rooth F
Rea S Rilades Wm Roberts Paten
Rea John Rinehart Alfred Ross limas W
!Gormley Isaac APl:mails David RogorsJohn
Ray Willson Rielly Edward Roberti's. W
Rea John Richey James Is Robins. ELm V
Ray Wm II Scour John Robinson Mr
Ray Ramie' Riley Edward Robinson Jesse
Ray Robert Riebarls Samuel RobmsonJohnllov
R• 10002 I W Richords David Rogers Thomas
Rslston Alex Robb Jsmes II Rovers Joseph
Rapp Wm RomBamoel Robinson J Res
Reed Win Robb J Rannoch Philip
Reynolds Th. Ross Isaac Robe. = Chas A
Reed Thos hl Rohe. WiJah Robinson Semi
Reed James Rol.. hi Robinson Alex S
Reynolds B Robnas Henry Ryan A
It.e. John Rase noon. Ream. Mr
lir:seam Joseph Roberts Enos W Roller John
Simko Frank D 8/sort Henry Spencer John II
Saville Wm Shavelen Sanwa Smoot T S
Salter Thou Silvena. Henry Snyder J L
Sarver /01112 5101 A Thou Snyder Geom.
Sanders Coo SBrnn. Jacob W Snyder Simon P
&in.! Skelton James Snyder Mr
Scott Solomon T Slater John T Solder Berii F
ScAltlll John Seirifried Sent/ 14.0 Franeta
Stainer Nam. Sleeper Jou. Assabesy
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&Austin James Smith Jeremiah Stanbert St
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Seal J P Smith David L Stamen Jahr) n
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Scott BC Smith Joseph Stewart James
Scams Win Smith Chan. D StivensonJaßes
Sellers John Elmira Wm Stewart Itnbt N
Mayor Richard Sean. Wm Stevenson Sang
Souders Geo Simms Ali es Stewart Kimmel
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Shane Joseph Simplon Um 8 Brinson Writ
shen Wm cc Knelt& James Sumps Wm
Shannon Pan. sem.' Soot Robt D
Shannon Michl Spooner Wm A Styles Moms
' Shannon Aorta Spangler John Stockdale Tim
Shan.. Win Sproul Thomas Stone W
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Torben .1.2” Thompson T Thompsen Henry
Trimble Geo Thompson II Tall! ame. it
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Taylor Chu
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Virtue A V . airlock f ie Voirdly Vl to
Cm 14 . "r,N".. ir& , Jame.
Wallace H J Weald Jahn Willson Robert
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Warner Juan Wise Valentine Willson James
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Word Bk. Midas Jos P Wherry A
W Wm Wlekembern 1' Wheeler Small
Warner J.. Willed Wee Whiteside Mamas
w er e p ee H Weimer lar Whipple Fleury C
West E Winder Nicholas Wheal Michael
Weave. II /1 Minarets !Orrin Whheileld Wsn
%p e a. m e ne, Williams Lewis tkii
%wear / IV= ii . ifill . hoa , w
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weg e read it Williams D. g 111 . ill
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Wood. id VbAceqo Id El 't aIt.:THAN,
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%Vocals Thos Wright Robt Walsh Parrish
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To .sy . Avers. ,S(P,'
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Agent ofßatirosq.
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r, 91111M011, 150 pl, Lst,L9l9.:
Fuld aprranneeof the .riralled HE ON F/411 Lll,
Me... Harems. 341—W al be preveutTl Izist,
comedy ,
a"Cali.e" . •• • •••^ • • ,• -mf. Herten.
Joltn• • . • Min. Fanny.
After which a Mlssital Diat, by the Heron Fatally
To arblett artll be added,
•• . • •Itli. Herm.
...1.40e Agnes.
Mra. lieroa
To einneinilo with
Corllty Robirisoii.
Christine ...... ••• • ' Mrs. Downs..
ales first appesouteo in this eq.)
VI- Doors open i past 7 oiclock--Cartino will rho
ate o'clock.
Atuussion—Dress Circle sod Parquelte• .70 ets.
tleesino Tier
Apartment for people of trolor ..... •' •
TilE parineretop heretofore exlsone between the
oodersigmd, under the style of KNOX It DUN
CAN, LI this dory diesolved by Immoral censer.. 1.
Duucen common the has/arse
Ia fearing flow Me above bowmen., after • P.fxrf ,
ably of atit years, I take Ousels in recommending
r. T J. Duncan to my friends and Me customers of
the late finis J. A. lENCLI..
Pittab • it Ao•. ISO. •• tl
QELLING OFF AT CONT.—Being About m decline
LI Warmers, 1 will sell of my stock at cost. Those
wohing Dill 6001 VA OT ROCIBLIAB, As. he., will
find at to doer advantage to cab before the la day of
October, as I sun erten:noted to sell at very low pricks
for cASH.
808. 111:1T—The commodleas doable Store
Room winch ixcapy, to•clhor wilt. • emmlonabhs
derellb g boom The ro ad is one commanding ad
vantages to a business man sts good as 'aria the city.
I will sell my entire stock, cerodsting of Pry Omelet
Onseerie., he , well selected for the Omission,.
1 the lowest posaible prices, to any person disposed
to enter Into • comfortable twines. end give poasmil
Won at any time. SAISUELOROVE,
Federal wrest, Allegheny, above the North
toon Corot
aptlnllm .
JjACKF.IIEL—NO bids No 3 Mackerel,
inspecuond Just recd mod for sale by
A men by Manage of HURL CLAPP has engaged'
will a young min of the name o(8. P. Torrnm'W, and
am Ilia to pm no aBn cilia, which tbar
dl Dr. 'rammed% Sarsanarilla, deitomlnating
GENUINE, Onglash etc. Thu Townsend te no doe!
tor !and never was, bat muss fOnSCrly a worker on rail
rade, reads, and the like. Yet he ammo the tido
of Dr. for the puce of gaining credit for wbso ha la
He is sen out muds headed '''rriota of
Quam.. in which eaya,l have acid the use of my
name for II a week. I 1•11/ site g:P,Tooouendlge3
Who will produce one Mode solitary proof of Ws.—
This to to mann the public net fa be deceived, and
parchase none but the GENUINE ORIGINAL OLD
Dr. Jacob Townsend'. Sarsaparilla., having on It the
Old Dr's likeness, his Nally ram of arm., arid Weald
.l,lll ae.fo4 the Coat of .•
?Melva! Office, tgi Neuss' to, New York City.
Old Dr. Tow:mend Is oo about 70yirars of age, and
has long been known on the AUTISM!. and MOO
SARSAPARILLA!' Being poor. he moo compelled
to limit its sualaufactum, by which memos h lima bean
kept out of market, and the miles circauteeritmd
those oaly who had proved ns worth and knot,* its
value. This Game Umnprumm PIZTAIMIZIN is
manufactunid on the Largest male, and is called the
throughout the length and breadth of ha land.
Unlike young B. P. Townstiod's, it Improves with
age, and never charm., hot for the betters bee..e In
hi rt &mj il s , tit or i s m sci o. egr i fte r. p , r ,f emits 1:41: te d eee i ntAt
discoveries of the AN have all been bromrkt low re
ituisithin in the comalactsneor the Ohl DV. Samoa.
villa. The Sarsaparilla rem, it Is well known to med
ical men, contains medicinal properties, tha some pthe ttier which are inert or useless! and other., which,
If retained ia'preparing it for me, produce ferments.
bon and acid, which In Workers in the rpm= Some
Mem properties of Sarsaltmlnahm no volatile Omt
if evaporate and are loat in s tifle process,
tom, if they are not prmerved by a
known only to those experienced in hs mannfaentre.
Moreover these volatile principles which Ay oil. ea-.
pm, or as an estialanon, limier heat, are the very es
al medical properties of the mot, which glees to
Sit all its 'elm. .The
Is so prepared; that all Um inert ;mammies of the San
seawalls. root are first smarmed, ere L ; capable
oilsecoming acid or of foutentadon, egirectml and
rejected; then every panicle of medical yinns is accu
sed fo a pare .4 concounded fermi sad tiro. it is
modeled Incapable of Imlay thy of its valuable and
healing properties. Papered In this way, i Is matte
the more powerilil agent in the
Hence the reason why we hear commendations on
Wm side In Its Sow birth., women and children.
We find it doing wonders in the cure sf Commaptiort,
Dyspepsia, and Li• Dr. Complaint, and Is Abetment.
&morale sad Piles, Cast . lemma, Il Cute... tiara:
, noes, Pimple+, ttlatativonnil stl affections arinng Oar.
nll Wl=
=Tndiestion, from Aeletits ' ofthq &LEN
from coequal derails:Joao/ate:stains/ion aftdatt4 to the
bead, palpitation of the
over ld b o d y . cold hunts,
cold chats and trot flasks:the lt halt Mt
had its equal in coughs and colds; ud promo easy.
en.tiOrl, and gaotla penpiration, refasisg au/e
-lute o tho lungs, throat, and every other parp
Bat /a nolldos is Da ereellett= more mansfroldy “en
and ackuoveledecd than iovj tine! and 814.31 of
It works wander; l 0 eases of door Mims or whites,
native old,* Womb, Onstramed, elmrpreseted,er Pala
tal Menses, Irregulanty of the menstmal periods, and
the the. and is etleetaal In curing all Rims of the KtR.
y Diseaseta Uy remostag anat.-soma and renni
n:at the general system, it gems tone and strength to
the whole body, and earns all tormant
and Mo e prevents or relieves a grow variety id other
diseases, as as pinal Initatlon, :Mean:lva, St: Vans
Donee, Swooning, Epileptic Mon Caurvalstens, ha, Is
nal Ma Men, Tug Mamma sae PasearaMerugNnot
Bat eau atty of these damps- he waded P.froww
send% laming article! Thu rang a
Haul not
became of the thand.Fect, that the one is lacimable
of Deterinand NEVER SPOILS, while the an ,
ar DOES fencents, and blows Ow banks
containing it into Ilagmentr, she sour i ,aold Daunt ez,
ptoding and &magma other 'Gods! Mag..* ad. boo
rads coroponad be poisoners to the wand What ,
petacid hao a rystem already diseth wadi:
What camel Dympeptla bat acid { Da smal l know,
that when Mod mars in oar stomachs, whet. mischiefs
ll ignanraO--datitlimee. heartburn. *Piton= ord.
head, dote temPlual, eiawhiehdysentaryi whole and
;termed= oldie Woolf What ts Smotalabat au and
Manor in the body! What ptodams the team.
watch hemp on Emotions of the Shit; Beata Deed,
Salt.Rheurelipella,Vitlipt Swellings, Feerar.Sonts,
and all wee mug.* luttanal gad ;Internal It eolto
Mg ander beam bat so acid sabstattee i wldah warm
and than spoil. all the drat of the holy. more or Ina
What eattaim tam bat a mot aeldthdd,Which
Insinuates (waif _halloo= the Runts and alseartuni o•-
ritalln . g ,... and . lnlanleg_diktender and deticato • Ussues
o ri pr ot
t ret t4 t c 4leilj ..k l4.o Clfr e l r. ol,l=3 . ll Imps.
which ammo -
Now, In It not horrible to make aelkind inbuilt%
ly worse to use this . •
and yet he would Atithan Understood dod Old Jan
cob Wwnsend'a Denise Ong real
Sanamaills, la an
Imitation abor t
inferior prepantioall ,
Hance forbid that we Mould deal• MI Mattel*
which would bear Ow most distant resemblance to R.
P. Townsend% article and which abotdd bring dein
arm tins - Old Dr. meh a montane load olantalilaintr'
and Cliali.NlMS from agents who have wild„nd
thaws who hare aged 8. P. Townsetud% Emormaing
We wish It understewi, became It ia 'the liolute
truth, that B. P.
widele and Old Dr. Jacek
Townsend% flanamtrilla heanen.trido apart,
Infinitely dusitalbst that agcy ore ' , alike Motor, Pio'
:Molar, aiming eat ourEa thing in common
It Is us anew frau& dm mamma, to pair
balm hoe anentratedlt ty, to kindle hope in die
despairing bosom, to restore hunt; and blootagLii:
ger Imo the mashed and Molten and to banish
ty--deff old DR. secoe Towrissrmbstsouort .
and FOUND the oPPer,ll4lllW a di a laio .
Oaaao UNIVER SAL wgihiq e mac
the IMowledn.4( (ai l
, sho
ng241. 0 thin dial
vas WI lonia and InidOtt by Nardi an -
Pe Fox et:: . by J. RUM dsom, "" tirhlstatti C ens Inc
Westans Vvirmsylionia; 4. emrrif. C
J. SARCIEAra, Allegheny; Eh. 1. CARS y Filth
Wmd, 0. W. GA-RANEE, 8 01 ward, Plimhalffic mop
COEFBE-00 Iwo jut rar.._ ml the Batter
V and Chum Dom, No 119 Elrst bcreclia Smith.
flea r.J WOW, lima an see by
lAN° POE GALE—An excellent !mond and
PIANO, in good order and eeps,te ninon es good
ea new, foe sale low leg nub. IL CLEBER,
nada µ}W Weedwell's, 21tistslk
RO.MATIO WNW/AR-14m for •gle by
• B HOW 1..ra9
vp,inct.p. Ingt—t4f..idi fix
Laud Oil, In aor9 And ib
• 97 Wood a
QALERATUS—SMo lin_pgiette Samna. follP
u low to cow by mat ENGLISH tr..BENNKur
VlN . EG os t i g—lS bbla my m c s tr i li•tarm• k fAota•b*bir
F, CsICS 21;11•WAE48.0/3; SOrto.l l / 4 24.4 , • N 0r
v u _Nort for iNle Aux ENNii ,
irk7Sy k ") , 1?" . " 01:1 A4s! .1811 s BErearrr .,
• MEW OlL—Nlbblo for rale jaw.
ACKE XEL — n Mthe Ne3lllactelelOo_Fyiveikra
fpr tale by ma 31 ENGLISH
G L"9-4D ror we b tu ?
z..ti-an—goitinsitivrAwa and
• ------
111"47%,/§Pla-NO-Molasses, is store and
by angak k.soListi & F+ rsi gra
.NEW 800103-Ifloory of the National Coastlinens
Assembly from May,lBo , by P. Cent.,
Inory Pendanals, bk. t . i=
his Mends aod rimiest mmr, W. •
ray, author of Vanity —
Rendbatiorn or, NI Ve , Of t al= min Or low
4 7',A,. V 117 E faa6o:l a wrocrrim,
• 1143) mutet am,i Thud sts
MAStictsl,liMMlLTl.l7 Th itejil: 4 " l..
tee, frota n tas digging of Iron ore anst coal te the Sea
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