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    ES - TAB - f t i - SHED IN 1786.
T. 111. Saab. , t. J. l STEILLATT.
DAHL° Ire irpilllE TT.
e ii llEY6 'at = it ' l= IT i tlr d l i tt :
11, rz.
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LAU T GW I4 e VBn Nsu
:72i1NEYS A Allipase.,neAs Grant
A RMSTRONG CRAM' 'CammisticaiMerehon
andl &Alan in Srodueei; No. tM Market area
VUSIMELD t LEADEk; Wholesale dealers in
lkiliesses,Orocerses, boors. Shoes, Amherst,
awfactired nniticd, tr.c.,;S!o.
~ .
if wits& mom;
E t melltt & Mt:TER, W&Blemale owl Retail Dmp
Libeni *BB Bt. Class meet; Pats
,: mayl4,
E t t . o --- Wit If '( 1.71.11131r4;1`4, W .
14.1, eiroe ' trs, '
and Commission slcrehOtts, No. 14.1, Libeily a.,
mi. P. ~: deJlly.
11 TtsrIANNESIXICIL a. 'Co., Wadiesato and Ho—
D. tatkikaggisia, canter IYood and COI SIS. 171.
— .EIA . LEY . BAUM, %V Wooers, I 3 and
lilt V) Woad stroa fittalm .
irl A. ideANUrPr. Cal Forwarding and Coitr'
J. adagio. Morahan., Canal Bruin, Pittsburg. Pa.
P. - rumba
. aquisa!Le ii , prlntAX.lo, Illasl iscal Ircai
nOLENLA.N,' lIAJLMAN4:., ninouraentrors it
1,./ Coach and Lliptio 8 . auonorred Axles,
, and Mona Steep ou, kn. Warehouse on
Ills ' o, de;sloorins Coaell ' AWays and Malleabio
r : - 00112
IdnatlLS 'WORKS ON-LIZENTY ST, orrosn't
ONTINUIS b innaufaeoltfe Momanents, Satldl
WSW; Tom W, Head Sidaps, Plena, Can.
• Up gad
! la r 'Piet Tops
priee. 1
of foreign WM demea n s marble., m
mo Sad .-
N. 11.—Drawingsfor Intillutbal,ll,Nnuala, Le. frmish.
lid, of any diunption. *Miens a glass of poblie
• z
IiENNETT,:iIata Paa44113, Gallagher
Co.) Whoacsale Grovel!, Volondazion and Mr;
add dev.lara in Prodded , and Plitt ,
=adotactures, N. 27 Wood am, between od and
3d wee.
• neu.:
LitaiguEl.M.lll.ll.A.C., ‘Poniihloetho and V0n...1
tj Merchant, No. A/ Woodlonneu rlttsborgt. my'
111.121 X. IaI&AGII.4/ 'F`AbTOIII/.
111GABILL1 ON STEWAlLT,4'inatooiwomrer of Heat)
Lg. Shirting% Cheek; tr.c..,,Vhobegen atree4eirg of
Allegheny. no• 15.1.1).
LE, tillterll3oi AlOrphy Lee,) Wool Deal-
Ai • AT nod Commission Mere/lad, for dm mate of
4 "'" i " 41V. .. 1 2" , iribortYr s ollre
kb fobl7
Inc lialuolore.
A. J. otconos, LIMA. u
. ,
. -
MUM Metil, • Lglactearr rlcar, a,
ga' , DICKEY a Co,,Zietcle Groa
107 ' Fran i ficZts, Piclab4h.
J •
carr OUN AL TOENat t izi naa Agatha
Na 45 /darker 'a , three above Thaw 11. ary
bargh,will'hate constantly mai a well selected an,
sarcoma of th e test arid :la-shire ?dateline, which las
will sell oa the mom retsanial terms. Yhysleaatti
senallag orders, will he prornalscialedui„ rod sti
plied with ,suueles they may rel wo e as genuine.
APhysiciaos Preseriptiene• • be noeurtdely mid
prepared from the , b... 1 onateelala, at any hoar .4
Y. Oight.
Also (or halo, a large str , ak gi:lesh =dived Orrful,
wry laid_
. . _ . .
Cil4Vl - E — LD, Own of \yap - an, VOW coanl - nia!
aim. and Forarandni Mardind, and wtddeaslo
ddwwllnnrr In Wane. Roam° Cd*a.,ll4ner, POI and
Pearl dah,and Western Prodnen annerally, %Valid
croos, tome. Smithfield and Piropd,..Pinabargla
l if
alsr in Pniinca and Pinabatdti Blanafaenuna cor-';
naz of I.dbany and /ban maraca,
Jl3 .1
1 MOM B (laid ottp. Anaof Alxco and.:
dinGuimj.dierntunt. Tatio!jn . Cdrs Ituddinga,;
- . 7 . 7 w - 7",. ! ..i,_11 - ,Tuf
14121M3 kIIITCUISON, po.--Sassevaars
LOW ill (Late bison k. Co., Coicktdeuion
and Aigskuq of the St. Low Stedut - Stkvar Refinety.
No. 43 ware: and V 2 from .tree?, ritubdrgh.
DLL,WORTN a Co, W.l"blonde Groot., re
it 'ThA d s "' "4 Po C' =C:,iftf l r
Pittsburg :
MN D. kalltiniti, WholotiL 'noggin, to,l do
Min Dia BmSy Hum, Üby Iforinice, ko., No .
Wood mien, oo non Oen\ ollpiosicovi l'ino
tong,b. •
AMitil7lT7lTan W Joseph U.
0,, A . it, WaOlciao md. Houul ,l of
ftlier, Slurps odmww
..Sotoo/ krtmory
latationar7 gmr.ii,NZaissrtru.' Cords, 004
2 7t . _ .. jg • boo§hl or taken La E4L'b'gb-
JtSCROONALAKIM I — tto:, — Whototale Drums's,
• tio. 24 %Vend street, Mutat*.
1 OLIN AVlS,Annuonee 6th anal Wood
scream, l'insburatt. : don
JlotineraN & sToctmuNokiokftum,
and Papta Mconfaemrera, nro; 4411Iarket
bona. ' 1".
ails Pwro. apIAXD MOTO.
1" & B. FLOYD, Who/ualo fitoters, Commission
tP • .4 D0n1.1,41 Pod Round
ChUrch Ruildings, franung an 4ibtinri Wood
.reas, l'iumburgh, P otyd
enr~' WMMale Ilreara,CoannoTnen
Idetehant, nod dealer in Erratum and Potstrergh
Marrafacurrea N 0.% Wider anilqualyama JanlG
lACOB WEAVER,Ja, Wholesale mi lteriail Dai
l', 1 .. Foreign Wm.l.rd ilnePjar and old Mama.
poem Eye WORkeja, comer Igiacand Market ata
E 3 1:11 , tr. J ONO?, Frtrontriling Comamisatou Met
chants, /realer in Produce
. titrat liusbargb alarm
arucka, Cabal limn, rtkii7ll, ny , a1..11
Psalm HILL PlTWarkr:Giii:
ENINIEDY, CHILDS tr. CO / Blianufarnoree• of eery
aupenor 'l3ttecangs, CO*. Undo, Conon
and Boning. naJD-ly
Vesorrina Iron NIT . onto.
ET711.9, COLZELL d. Co., ranantneturers of 64-
.14 an Ban, Skeet, lioilor lon/rad Nana of Ina tnat
gaudily. Warnbonse, 53 water ranidlo front sr.
LIN• WAT.e.II.I3•N, Wholct3Di Grocer, Forward
's:6 andCoaraaissiaa MeeelDeta, Dealer or Pn•
laanataernre• and Produe3.,;Nes. 31 Water a 1...
• ...
1=114.11 117.1191, , a C: I mutt w.. aa , a,
ifaikNEDILIDY a. IlatirrE,R,
bOOKINIII.ILASS hlannfacuilland:Wheosalo
dealer. In forehp and docks .Vadely eriterds...
..tern merchants, Pedlar. Mitt ersate Invited
to call and Muni= the prices alai • "ty of Cur Mbeer
10 with our Fireseut increased foal 'ea to uoinufactor-
Mg and po.rebulug, we think We ...nodal as' groat
inaugaments to barer. as Lay aka bruise wort of Um
rang_ LAXD. ICRILL., , . WALIZR a ac
oNlLLß.}.B.4lE.,Whole•noloProcermul Co • •
11J, 14.6 con Al ts rha nu, No. 194 141kary st, Pmsbmigh
. !•
M COI 1 it i3 l4 o rgt, Le r p o &yt
Wood stree;;Ptusbarga. novel
OA. ter. Rooms, r P
of P&p Office Alloy
roarth steels, manor. on 4th kot.
essanlontes, sons &
JO E 8 & % via%
ANUFACTUNEES Of spriiir Oland hater steel,
.11,1. plough steel, steel plough Mnorti, mutt sad MM.
uo spnags,asinatenst hem aria ;: , itit dealers in mat
lestos clamp, fire engine lampsoottl eato&triausiogr
genstally,eomer of Rolm sad Pstau suf.i Pius a,
AL. • feldi
NHOLNEM & BON, No. 4: Atrti
.dib t . tot; a t i r . om uilo cern or eLo c f lt..B., l , mutii Lo or k ik 'orv i... igru
V, llault Notes god Specie. L - 0-
Collmtions mad on MOOS ptionloal sines
timaghont the Vaned States; P.I deer)
111JCKAULSTER e A.Lltuns , "'H•ntacc, y•aa t th
.11• hard deer abase astattisids Mat side. •
lm clad hinds do
*Ai the &taint
care ash .11 accuracy.
• . , . •. '
DR. OZODDIM sopkion+
OFFICE, Fourth street, onarprimy ie the room
lately ...Ilia by Aldermahllt aller; burnerhout
1.1 ,Y2Mtulta blakourelllh Utbo found xi nlghs
Tt, Charted •• lulledOua •
-- _ ,
U. T. Roberta, 7[.. D., -
TEIAI2.IIO BURGEON triWlo.end to Ma trees.
meal of Diseeses of the khr .
Dr. B..bas been engaged In pfarich of the medi
cs/ profession tar Kamen years, sind,loss.emeddezd .. a
mdablisbinua for th e imminent OP dilscrunorof We eye
akuso for metal yeast. t.i I
Olirca and residence, confer ter 1 Panddak y on and
D.Temberry alley, Allegheny city , :; , ~ 0 13
IaPRICIII TEA 5T0T00...:14;, MFoariti
M., near Wood—AllqsadOes of fire. and
Black TeaP.dtddes , done ap 1001 mer, half, and
cendidd r4i.c.,u .t.. - 4. poanct
iTA A. /MM..% Alai Peals Tea Co.
_ __
cenp. ,t 1 , .
'D ROMSON k CO. having :bride:Wed THOllAti
2.15 17' ler, with them hi Lit meo, dro %Viola
asie.Omeery, eroduce and Comaliken haziness will
be ernainned o Mimi ureter IN. 4/0 of Komson, Liii
de It Co. R. /
OlilN, Übi
TILE & CO., billoll Liberty sweet,
Potaburga Wholesale ferobli Ptatnee and
Oramanamon kterebaids, md 'dope • in. Pittsburgh
, f -
1.. Jr
BOR. 003100,. tpos. Lin,. ; l. x 0 ,021 l.
ROBERT itIOORE, Whoievbi3Orome r , Re erifying
Distiller, dealer m Produce „ Aldeburgh Al ander-.
tuna and all hinds of Foreign it .oi, Dornewie Wirt.
aud Lowry No. LI latierry shell: Oct hand a very
l ow
ism meek - of superior old Moho a weak.,
whickeral be sold low for cub. t . ' ahoblY
ittigiarr Elluiir . ~t.Tfo— i billsiiiii- ansminil
Cosibuission and ForwirestAlereimina dealers
Produ. mid Pillsbury!. fdiu. *me., Life try st.
iiiimbrirgb, Pa 5, I i. lett , '
Ulan'. A. Cl .INNlNrilifdi , — 47rWeei
n o Awl. in Ruda. and
Man afumarta
MY 144 Lamb, st. f. , I ;712_
L7i,. kaidiais, ---------fizT:ii-eusa.
REYIN OLDS &SHED, Firinrati - and Coeinulssion
Merebakta, for the adeelmeri der Too la deni
m in Gowen., Produce, Put .61,0 gt...,..,...
g ad Chloride Of lame.
' I
Tbehigh."P r in l. ' ... 4. 4 0 , ...1i than fi:, r co.
igi ca Comer a Penn litt 1 1Wi14 M. 1 ....,
— r..C.LLIACtlin t
_j, 1 Ina. I. WI ma
01'1.0(15E1T & WOITE, WbOlesale Deal... hi
0 liwciffn .id p.n..= D. sods. Nada w..... 4 a
._,21 kb IN
girrril, 11604= & Co, . 1 40 ' i.ale thoZ;;;;;;d
dea±cri,-Nn.= 'it&treel,beturee
sad ettb. Non& sed&
Cf".7/V:itirai&UG ll ; Watiqi ;aims;
,2 r h c l=. frgunrbA.F47-_,,d,
bin& '
ttlidock rtriossrmau.
f 7 .1011,1 nicuoutosimsuris.
- IQULLESS NIICULS, Produce and General Com
brisaton Merchants, No. 17 Liberty et., Pittsborgh.
Linserld mid Lard Gila
IF to.. — V7tici
. Foreramling mid Corimumaiaa gy,
ces ' t Piusbugh Mann/um ran and We te r' •
dui, have removed to them new Irarehonse,( 6 ohr stari ' dl
N 0.135, corner of Front sr. and Chancery Lane.
iggaTt - MITICBEUT - ,Wholes - iiiTaloc e rs and Comm.
-40.1 Merchant. and dealer. in Frodueo. No, 35
et, INuabarab. •
p y ga
TitOTlll it ECOTP, Wholesale and Reta r d ' deniers ' In
illoots, ShiN., Trunks, Carpet Hags, 8. W.
corner of dth and Smithfield sm., Pluaburgh, Pa in 3
Doom kr...1.J9
UrICX & DITANDLS, (successors to L.
rs, Isrwarding J. D
ho Groce end
Comemission M W erch lesede ards, dealers I ron, Meals:Glass,
Louan Yams, and Pittsburgh Mikan/natures generally,
eorricr of Wood and Water -trreta Pittsburgh.
W. NVALLACE, Mill stone and mu F,..;.b1
. lag establishment, No. 844 Liberty et , ocar the
. wld Military Goods, corner of klukct and Ith
'MOM Pittsburgh, Pa N. B.—Watchea Rad Clocks
cardally repaired. 4,4
yittST — BONVEN—Commisslon and ferilorn Ming
Merchant, No. Mt Front sh between Wood and
Gect deem. feb24
xg•figal•ric.-Wial t sale and Rea dealer.
exletic;:f ° ;iTiget .' an d d ti¢7lli'ssa.D'T Goods,
no ask rth r ' Z "
coons,. JIM IL siltecksh
WiYOUNG /a Cac-Dcalses lo leather hides, ik.e
_ . 1 . 13_ Liberty sk
noon nforrtninon.
ic R. MiCUTCHECIN, Wltalesaln tirovera. ties.
• ler, in Protium Iron. N.fls, ulosa anti Pau
burgh Llanufaetnres generally, 132. Liberty ar, Plus.
burgh. den!
_..Dcaler Watches, Jewelry
. Sliver Wore, Milhary Goods, Su., No. 57 Liar
--- WiliTTOOliTr& CO,
..I.llBlioe Finding - sac.. No. 10 Liberty street, hove
mat ;received their SPRING STOCK of coatis, elm
prisipg a largo assortment of articles in Am line, to
whitilt the attention otparehttaers Is invited.
a iE g i t.
Onncr..a... M. 41.1.... t. CO,
0.3131 Na 4:1 W lac,. rtrret.
CAPITAL 000,000.
J. Fnkamr, Jr., Seer. I R Mm , en. Jr., Pies',
Will amine evilest all kinds of mks,
bo Übooully muumed nod promptly
A 11: 0 4 itatitetion—managed by Directora mho are
well are in the comminuty, and who or, deter= a•
ed by promptness and hberality to maintain nth char.
aeleewhich thertave assumed, am offering the beet
MOTUou to those who desintio be Insured
Thstrero—R. Sillier, Jr., lieu Mae!, J W. Ruder,
N. Blames,m G
Jr., Bohm; C. Rumen., Geo W.
Junkie; \Vat BL Lyon las. Lippthcou. Thus K.
Lim.; James AVAtiley, Nimlck Thos. Seen
Water street, porambonse of Spang
Coi OP !Minh/ Piltsbargh. uttuDY
L RANCE COMPANY.—Othee, North Room of the
Third street, Philadelphia.
Fmk lumnithims—Ruadings. Merchandiu and other
propekty in worn and coll.-tn., insured toy lot. or
damage by fire at the lowest rate of manumit.
Mariam Learkatuts..—They elm moms Ves.els, Car
goes dad Freight., foreign or CoB.l6l44onder open or
policies, ca th e assured may des ire.
limitrinTlimmeommetom—They alto insure increhim
disc tianspontal by Wagon., Railroad Can, Omni
Boaties.nd Steam Boats, ou trnm, hod lakes, on tin
most liberal mean.
. .
DIRECTORS—Joseph H. Seat, Edmund A. Solider,
John C Davis, Robert Berton, John R Penrose, Saran
el Enemy Geo 0 [Alper, Edward Darlington. leer
R Daps, William Folvrea, John Newlin, M
tri n, tiles V Hind, Theoplillus Paalding, H Jones
Spe Brea ncer *
MHelH e nSloan, Hugh Crag, George Semi!,
Char Kelly. G Johnson,
barn nay, Dr onin,
STU:arias, t.
Job. Seller J
s, Wm. Ey, Jr.
Wra.ilaraley, /no. T. Logan.
Rilaa.SXS. NilvaPLO, Secretary. President.
EalOtrice of the Company, No. Id Water street,
Pittsbirgh. jalredd P. A. MADEIRA, AscaL
PULP, AND 211A11.11. PL 1N81:711AINIC.U.
Mita INSURANCIi W. ot North America mill
shake perrearot and Warted lasernace no pro
perty In Om ciry arid vicinity, and in shipments by
Canal; Rivers, Lates, and by Sea. Tee properues or
this CO3llpl{ll are well inverted, and furnish 1.11 avail
able find for the ample indemnity of all persons who
Emu ml to be proLeeleol by ingarance.
WM. P. JONI'S, Agent, 44 Wan, sr
Tio Faro /warm= Co. of Pkaldelphier.
IgllCTOßS.—Churtes N. Rancher Thorn. HartD,
Yobs. Wagner. Samuel Grunt, acob IL Emit,
Deo. IV Mehl:dr, Mordecai D. Lewis, Adolph° E.
Done, tvid S. Brown, Atoms Patterson.
c2.. 1 0.0.
B Oausss N. Basra., Preside..
Continue to make istioarnnee, perpetual or limited.
evqy description of property to town or country,
at turd as low asareCDl33i2.l:ll with security.
To thutporry boor reamed • largo crinuitgent Fund,
hich:l:with their Capitol and Prenumns. safely tns est.
heampleEmection to the wooed.
The haw. of comlrony, oo 3.usry 1E49. as
putiMltid sigvecribly to mu set of Assembly, wore .
fallostrA . .:
ln'ci Eau= 13.,017,1741
94,TH r 3
Temporary Loans 06,0011 , 5
. 01
Cash, h 0,333
_ I
11A23„491 it
9..9 . their incoiparatinn, a period of 19 yews, they
have paid upwards of one nillliorq four hundred thous
and dollars, losses by Ara, theist, affordingendenee
i6o Cdvantugvat of insurance, Ws well as the ability
and didpontion to meet with promptness all liabilities.
marlvdly Office N E comer Wood and 11 an
Oval w Ali:E. ta - u - trifiDalTscritATlitd •
I.)d AIADEMA, Agent at Pulsbargh for the Deta
il. Ware Mutual Safety insuranC:puny of Phial•
Intel s
** Fire Mak. upon bnildi • and tnercanadise„
of Rely description, and Moline upon bulls or
camped of vessels, taken upon the moat favorable
Dr' thee in the Warettatme of W. B.Rolmes Bro.,
N 0.37 Water, near Market street,Pintabsingii.
N. ai—Tho success alibi. Comr ry lysmrce esuth
lishment of the Agency en this e with the prempi
nem aM liberality with which ay claim upon them
ler .I°4 has been adjusted, fatly warrant the agent m
inviting the confidence and pairoutge of his friends and
the cod:madly at large to the Delaware M. S. Man
rsniampany, while s% has the adational advantages
anteng the moat flourishing in Plailadel-
P op having un ample pald-in ca
tanpital, which by the
a of as charier is constly in creasin in g, as
to each peon insured his sham the
p . r=f the coreiputiy, without i due
involving turn in any
wmpougibiluy arimiavet, sad therefore as possessing
thait Itodin most ntlineuve form. nos 4
DriiVnA CE .
frlLE)nsurlince Calmly of Notth America, utrough
.1 v duly swami= Agent, the subm odor, to
make permanent and Routed Insuranee on property, in
this Mit and kw vicinity, and on ahipments by Me Co.
nal anli Rivera.
airtime CI Collin, Cheeks Taylor.
Saml IT. Jones, Ambrose Vinre,
Ravened Sarah Jacob hl. Thorn.,
John A. 13rown John R. Ne
John 'White, ' - Richard D. A'ood,
'Thom. P. Cope, Wm. Welsh,
ScanneUY. SMII/ 1 / 2 Psamcs Hosken.,
Bnomelißrooks, 8: Austin Alhbono t
IR.m D. BesAnlono, Bent'. _
. ~ . ..
This th the eldest Insurance Company o the United
i Stases, pavutg been cha rt ered m ANC Its chance IS
iperpetuil, lind ham its high standing, loge experience,
ample Aenns, and ...ding all dins of ea extra bar
fardons 4bantercr i it may be considered as otrenng
MeltA nutuserturty to the pnbhe. W. P. JONES.
I A t ng Roo of Artriooil, loot. A. Co.. Wa
iter end rent streets Pit m
kl PaISORLBER has been nmsrtnted Agra pro
t tend of des Insurance Company of North Amertca,
;and wit/q.t. Policies and attend to the other business
lathe Akency, at the WILICIIO6IIO of Amami, ROM.
'CO. apl2 Whf. Pi JrtNEY, water st
I COPE a muzirvoi2itat,
And dr-alert In White Lean, Wihdow Chu*, ac.,
the Second street, Pittsburgh Pa.
Amend promptly to Me sale a am , ain. entreated
to Mei; care.
fUrsui oo—Liogaley to Smith, H. Tanner & Co , S. a
W. 11,4augh, &Co , ttorphy, dean a. CO ,
Pitiab Liam:nth, Limon. to Co., and ale
generally, Na Umtata, 0. D.hilto aid
'& Co., Liao. Wmls, Wellsville, O. Joseph Wauon, LP.
Etat & Co., Penner & Alas/upon, ll
Kenneth Mania k Co., Weave', Tailor fir. Co., John
11. Lim*. &Co., Phbadelpina. A. U. Richaremn
Una, 0.10, Solana to Co., Cincinnati, O. John P.
Loulmille, Ky. John nmah, New Ogle.,
Mandy k Ilarmon,bleveland, U. A. J. /ladle y, aloha.
'field, LAI • Clark, 'Parka a Co.. !leaver; Pa. sogthdlf
JOll/11 A. SHAW,
Coutmhtsion Merchant and Forwarder,
r Xl i eC . =Tl P' or ieli aer at to the purcl,a.n or
lorwardlue oleo:sods goocrany Refer so
&Lew*. John Sisrammy tr. Co,
I Alesnits Stoetweill-Cioctnwol, 0.
8.10. Polkhora,
LappinCOtt d. Co.
Kier SooEt., 1.
Pituborgh, , P r z a._
E6g11.1, & Bonnets,
GEOUGE 0 00111 LAS.
voinnaission and Forwarding Mors hant.
N 0.215 woonst, rrsnourscs,
, CO 4
et lg i n i trito n mr;tpnufce=d and .e
*au filai chums.. and Produce, and in receiving and
torsos Goods canslgoed to his ears. As Age. for
the Alarrufacurres, he oull be consurarly supplied with
the priudipal snacks of Pittsburgh Islonufacinre . the
iowest *sholesido. prices. Orders sod consiermisno
oe resteurfulty whetted.ass. a stens.. 7. mixt, ago. s. ton 0013.
No. lee:Second _ •treet,
me :dem. YT. Louis. M ..
inn. arrursss woo, ...b
. K.Ama, l'o:rss9 , S!!,
C I). Al l it rti=l " o77 tj/tg s
o Also C , ° W -.l co '' -
molt ask.
15trarai Boats ballt to order.
eention peen to ne w b am work.
e hordes Ane eatiortatent of Carper and Brass
I r Ce o ttlee t to Were, tee. fee i Ste : boo, & rt e.,
etete fornalloboare, Ca ecta
e n eoe.e set u•
o le:tra4reepeelftilly Invite Mita boot mart and
earl and we oar article" anti prices before
purchadhag "'sashay. al7
yaaia Yenntal . o2l, eaollnanns.
JI THIS es.blishinent long end widely known rt
being one of the most Cmconedious in the any
Badmen:, has recently undergone very erten
sive alterations and improvements. An emits new
wing ha been added, containing metered:re and airy
sleeping apartments- and estensive bathing roams.
The ladies' department hes also been completely
reorganised and tined up in o moat unique and lociwu
fat style. In fart the whole arrangement of the House
has been remodeled. with 11. mingle eye on the prat of
the proprietors, waned. the comfort and pleasure nf
their Ouests, end which they confidently alien
challenge compnrison with any Hotel Lathe Unten.
Their mble alertly. be supplied *till ever,' ,nt r
Main! Ind lasury which the market sereWl
op lea superior style; while in the way of Wines he
theey will not he stirptowed.
In eronclasion the prapnetora hes to say, that nothin g
will be left undone on their part, and an the pan of nn tr
assistant., to render this lintel worthy the continued
patronage of their friend. and the public generally
The priers far board have also been reduced to int
following rates:
Ladies' Ordinary, 51,75 per day
Gendemen's Win
N. IL—The thoigege Wagon of the (louse will al
ways be found at the Car and Steamboat Landow.,
which will convey baggage to and from the lintel. in:e
of thr--
Theo 7 I . ILTN AND Sr. CST? M.., 10777.0101.4 A.
subscriber having.d the maiinge
ment of this long established and popular !hurl.
respectfully announces to Trevellers am/ the
Public generally. that he mil he at all umes prepared
to accommodate them in all Mugs desirable ton well
regulated Hotel. The Home I. no - bane thorough',"
repaired throughout, and new Punuture added, and no
pains will be spored to make the Exchange one of the
very been Hotels in the country.
The undersigned remeenblly solicita a continuance
of the very liberal patronage the Honor has heretofore
received. THOMAS OWPTON,
falindtl Propnrior
7070. TI E 01117711 umter rms., nvvsmoon
111TH subscriber respectfully announces Mat
. I , io has 110.7 opened hi. none and excellent lintel
or the accommodation of travelers, Marders,
and 03 public generally. The home and forum... ,
arc entirely new. and no palm or expense 1107 e been
spared to render it one of the moat comfortab,c und
pleasant Hotels on the city
Tar subsertber I. determined to dearer, end there
fore:solicit, a sham of penile envenom.
mai4-dly JACI,II llHUttil, Proprietor.
6 .
•' 11.077 smannn roorrn am stern ark
ri_PPOSTTE late Hank of the Haired Rates.
kirdelplua hl POPE MITCHELL.
.13 rust Proprietor
ihairr, Pa
TM . LL also
.ma ceand to collec Bader all other ttn.t.
1' io ittarid Armstrong
COVAtell, ra. Refer to
. .
. J
IL .
J. & Floyd. 14bert7 .i.
W. W Wallace, do
• Jamey Murat:ma do Pittaburrh.
: dIY Ray ts. Co., \Vood at. ) ,17
4._ .. . ._.
1 -..8. swErrzEß. Artorfiry at law, *lke 04 e.,
tl ,:inposl te St. l'hnries Hotel, Pataburgh. w , ll al'.
atteeti promptly to Cotlreuon., k/t Wa,.l,:ngtom, rayettc
and rireen count...a, Pa.
"raekstock. Bell k
%%arch k Carothers, I.l'ntsburgli.
D T Morgan,
• 0e13.1:Y
. J. lIF-NRY, Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Coliections In Southern Ohio.
and All indl.4 and in Kentucky, promptly and e art
fully.,attended to. Com:almoner far the State or Yenn•
sylaanin, for taking Depositions, acknowledgment.,
R.l,ll[3llo—lion, Win. Dell k Son, Corti., Church k
Can:dimly.. Win Hays, Eas., Wkllott ft Davis. at.
R CO.,
.s let
ISucresors to iireor ktr.fri
re•tilliskabls Hatter's,.
Comer of Wm.} and Ft/IA :Jr.,.
13iliTle131-AR aztenuon {mad to nor Retad Trade.
Gentlemen Can rely upon gemng their Ilatm ant,
Capstrom our establtshment of he scar
troatatatesnu, of the user: ernes, and at toe Idovirsi
Country Morel:was, purehasmg by whole.*le. •re
tnpfetlully rained to ea/I and examine our rums, as
ear nab confidence that as regard. uesur y
and it WI/I not eviler In • companson an. any
hottautri Phtladelplua. 1e1.17
CALIFORNIA HATS--12 doe 'eater p•nof
Caltforma Huta, foot reeetYml and for
let 47 corner 55 and Wooft .t.
• yea , introdore on r , atur-
y. Aln•en ',Tu.,: 51)10 of
Voram want of Iwo," ur,d imp-fur hat, am In vl . e
Oh at earner of nth nod Wood et - errs. ruar2
4-3 hi PRING BONNET RIRR(INA. —W R Murphy ,
s non - open a supply of corm,: atobons,
of nefer and handsome .tyre.
Alsh, n style fig'd Nett, Later, and fide-
Inn; ',ten ear
F.dgings, Victorta do; pasta .Irlashos and
Jaconota. embroidered Rarr.s Maudint. ke, Legoles •
lamella...neat of Sprtng lincals generally, at north
east orner 4tlt and Market streets.
Wltiolesede Room. up emtn apf,
q , llEuade yawned have tat. day asvocaalvd wira tpen2
havaava , JACOB LII ARTZ, and well (..111
bolllll<l. herewara. ander the arm ur
B A. I'lieltiFaqTt)CK h. CO
a. 1-49. ly 13
rrSIV, partner. ,- dp herrtoro.e ex... under the Ltm
C BRADLEY, douolred by the dr ea...<
of 31t. ~ Bradley 'I he bwm,ess carried 0.. ay
A. Bradley, rots, will mule the barineas o 1 the gate
1101()VAI. —A. Rua ut..av bur, removed 9,. Found,
ll'arphoose tram No. Serond atrett. to :11,. 19
{Vaud erect, between FLr.t and S.cond otreet, tba
sentelioarealely scrupled 67 1: A. 14,-try. be
er,ll kren comnantiy on nand a genera: o..noitzbentof
Cos It., Grate-s, Stove.. Coolung Stoves. An ;} :1
. _
arhtE pa riner•lsip herr loins r.vming between
q.el 11 Bashfieid and William 11 /lays, Irvin,
land.' the hr. of 111:SHFIFJ-1) b. 11A I'S, ha, thie day
noel, 41soolved 67 Wtlhant 11. Hay• aelhug bm enure
lnbrlat In the [lnn to S 11. Iluelfir 14 Al. areount•
due the hrm and br eolla , ted by S B. Oustafield. and
all 4h ta due by the la. Lim to be paid by tn. plane.
Pilnborgh, June V. IMP. W. D. 11A VS.
CO,PARTtiF.RSiIIP ficirtsnaz having Ibis
day tiamocnttrol with httnsell 11.exiir 1,1411C11, kiTenerly
sof 134I(onl. Ps- and rereirly of the Nittlonal II ntel,
Vat...lolllh. willcontinue 'he bowies. underthe Grin
of trGsli I'IKLL) Is LEA DE/C. ut the old otwirl , o.
Libc* street. S. II 1111/S/IFIE.I.D.
Fn....Loy:VI, June . 12. 1.-10 II I.I.:ADER
114ing retired 1 , 0331 thr farmer, I tyke
pleasure itl reennimenthtipt my . 1 , 0,40,0 10 Ole pa
trontge ray cuatamer• and I/7 pu1t_V7r,7.1,:).,..s
Mirk to-partnership berelofore existing between the
1. eshsorther, in the n of Constable, Berke k
tin, la this day diaralyed by ame
mutual content. leser•
Burke it. Barnes will Den, the hyalites. of Lae ten
eentjor which purpose theyare twthorized to use the
nainci•of the concern. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The underairted here this any associated themselves
in the'name of BURKE k HARrirs. for the porptue
of hardhriftotaring Floe Proof' Safes Vault Door., do.
Pce.„ at the stand of the late fine of Constable. Barite
Pc Ca.; where they willhe p leased to receive the pa-
Donnie of the customers oi th at honor and their friends.
In reurtng from the firm co( Consta , le, Burke & Co ,
I nntitpleamtre recommend :decor% Burke
/Imams to the confidence of my fmend• end Me pal.fic.
ffE partneralitp of NIURPIIY & LEE to th.s day
by mutual consent. The basines. of the
late filla will be oetlird 11. Leo. J. IL MURPHY,
Phitburgh, Jac. SO, late. IL LgE.
NOTICE—The tviderairned will eon.nue the Wool
blatante and attend to the on.le of Wooten tiooda, at
the ok•littand. 14 LE L.
In .yeurtng from the (Inn of ftlorphy ft. Ler. 1 take
great Vie/more i ending Alr 11. Leo to the
tooftd;.nee of ray friends and the pablic.
Plneburplt, 1 NILISPIIV.
frilkitubaa•iibera have tote day a...related thon
gs:ors together for the purpose of trammeling a
wholesale andreull Dry Gonda and Grocery b 1.1111,10.,
at Nom Liberty, °ppm. Seventh street, under the
style and firm of 111..,31111ELD &
I P ' P/ftu h io j i ' d m c7s7o . m 1 . 48 4. Ld the public are• Invited
Vatt.' as mead'. 1.5
_ • . .
entered Into panerolop, under Om furl of
!WIVE k ATKINDON. and all l carry on the Tin,
Copped, and Sheet Iron %Vote manufactory.
Also, klinoloonnhing in all Its brooches, •I the old
stand Gf Wee II Seed, lost street. neer Wood.
. . •,
Parocaltu attentton given to alcunbont work
T itiVE dui day ass..ocipied with mew the whole
t., Grocery, Proctor, tll , llCommineton tmeittesx.,
my braille, Joltcph, under Mc tam o(J S DILWORTH
inuenry I, IMI9.
10-TARTIV ARAIIIIP—Wm. 001.0..v.t IMli.
dl]'nowleiated with him. John 1114'uae, the lea
ther Ini.inen , will hereafter he conducted under the
firm Wm. 1 atm g & WILLIAM OUNti,
jaat /NO. IC 31'CUNE:
Birmingham, ;near Pitts/burghs, PR.
Warehouse, No. 137, 7Vo,gd sired, PillTbuqh.
WILL constantly keep no handsood
~,. I ' meet of Wire, of our ownare, manatee..., and
supertorqualny Wholesale and country Her
eh ants are respectfully nvilld to rail and ex
Rezone:for themselves, an we are deterunned en sell
eheaier than has ever before been offered to aka pub.
ET Orders seat by melt, by the mob or
et reference. will be p•nmotiv at.ended In. to, trt
%Coo.. I do Feathers, tondang irote
VV LF. A Lane, and for sale loy
Peon klaohine jA so;: ""V."
— ivacirrmAN—Martufacturcr of all It Inth of eat.
sto w d o 7 k oo . Ile e r t . , tone! tttttttt t Allegheny etty,
The .T..s • or now to full ands ueers•ful op
'l em prepared to • seente orders wab doqsateb
for allAtnels of machinery to toy It,. •nel, a. vetllows,
draw" spreaders, reed.. 4ruldocg maelan....rfnows yv,
Cir frames, speeder . , woolen
eards,:double or stogie. (err men-hunt eountry work ,
malet,,larlts,dre.,..lule nod bend lathe. nod to&• en gen
eral. All tout. of .trainee made m osd , r. or pl.".
an for grannie hewn., or noll• et res..onator chars,
lisalh.m—Kesmetty. Childs , Lfell
kCo.; Kmg, Penstock it CO, Jos A. Gray.
NEW PUIILICATIONS.—A Compendium nl Reck
singueel Hbaory, by Dr. Gieselor, conscatorhil
counsolor and ordinary professor et Theology in tie
ringer., itts ed horn the teernian by 8 Davidson, L.
L D. 3 vols. Oro. Muslin.
History of the Vatted Spiels of Amarlco, by
ant Hildreih vols. net Muslim
Bouthey's Common Plays Honk - edited by his son
in-law, J. W. Wafer. H. D.
Iliatery of Mane Antoinette of France. by 3.8. C.
Abbott, with CIIgraTIIMS.
Hodory ofJullus Crc.r, by Jneob Abbott, cog's.
Poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Complete NVorks of ilannab Moore, 1 vol deo.
*beep,. ztra.
Chalrner's Sermtns. 1703 to 1817.
Clergy of mo , fir. by Jos D D
Coleman's Iltstorical Geography of Me Ilible
Leto Lynch'. Repedition to the Dead Kea and Ri
ver Jordan Large boo. with numerous mops and en.
Woogn , ro•
is History of F.nglond. A now supply
Harper's fiur 00; CIL rilmoo, in sheep extra,
nid in
History of the Church.
Life in the West, by li F. Rollo, Earl Go hand
and for salt I.y R. 110PRINS,
aucti Apollo Hoilding...Fotirth at
o OF f Sl A t r t c D b b i t , ti e ... - A , I L
John Ruskin, w o rth namerous situ stratlons, drawn and
etched by the author al. vol. 1000. Jost published.
• ad for sale by JAMES D LOCKW,X)D.
..r9 63 Wood at
NItAV 1100K8.—Youthey.• Common Store Doak.
edited by ho,Jotui Hood Hasten, D. LI
Ablaut, Ilistory of Julius Cesar, with ongrovtogo.
List received at
JylSCot Market and Thud . u. AA GRIGULTI. Farmer's
LlndleyN Vrgetnble Kingdom,
Dary`g M.-nurses on Agnealtpro, At, 12mo.
,khlmdon—The Plan, ivo.
1.1et..•'• A.nroltor4l Choultstry,
Arceric.‘n Ik.. Hook. 1..1 too.
Allen • Am. glean Farm Bonk,
lett's Domrsuo Aormalr. Ilnao.
. . . • ..
lVebgter it Park, Do:nestle Heavolny, thict Pro.
For tale by D I.00KW(M11),
/712 63 Word st
MEDICAL BAR HiS—Bartlett's Philumpily of Medi.
cal Srienror, In 'Presto...on Ferrer.; Louis on
Mist., by COW., Ilnorer's /dotheal Dictionary,
Dougleson's do do. Cooper, Suretent do. Cbelm. Sy D
tern of Sorcery, Gibson s do Jo, Abernothy's Works,
2 vol., Duisarcqns on the Firms; Ilnpe on the Henn;
Srove:shier'. Annloiny. Wilson on Diseases of the
tlktm I'En:us's 51sterm Medico and Therapeutics,
Chapman on Empove Fevers; do on the Ttioraleo and
Abdoimna: Viscera: Wooers Practice ot MuLeme,
Mittel...on'. do do; Ebonite , do do
Alan, a lune and wean supply of Masa S. 8. Onion
Books, on hand and for sale by
AGE —l.•,,Azolt N:vavou —Nineveh and it. Re
mains: • tilt an account of vian to the Chaldean
Chr:vasn• Kurdistan, and Veatch., or Devil Wu,
shippers, and so inquiry into th e manners sod 11113. of
:be anment Assynans, by Austen Henry Layard, Esq.
D C. 1.. in two volume.. with numerous Illustrations.
- There too remarkable odd delightful combination
in Me work before no, of •aluanle dwoovery and in.
irresung permiuil narration, such as we remember in
no alaular work or trav e l or discovery. • • Mr. Lay
ard is not surpassed by the o'd traveler. In the woo-
deer °ldle story he It.. to 1011, he very much scums..
es them oil
"we repent that there h. beenno snob pic ture in
any modern book or travel, Park Is not bam or
more adventurous. Burkhardt m not more truthful.
Yothen not more gar or picturesque. than the hero of
the book before us '.—tiontion
o( 'he !twist remarkable works of the age ^—
London Time, .It.t received and for Dale by
n I I /ANY I.OOICWOOD, 63 Wood at
. P•rlodleallLTieratar4r.
1 The Landon quarterly iltictew,?
Th- Edinburgh Review.
a The Westminster Review. I
4 The North Hellish Review, )
5 Macaw-omPa Edinburgh klasamne—Monthly.
The Maths Pertudtemi are repnoted m New York,
immediately au their arnval by the Boris) steamer..
in a nem:mill el.the type. on line white paper. and are
faithful copies orihe origioatn—Blackan,u,d's klass. ne
brine a t the•itanie of the Edinburgh edition.
The priers of the reprtam are lee. than one third of
alio.< of the foreign comes, •nil while they ars riptalli
well executed. the, atford mi that ,alvantage to the A
rtertere over the Encash render
. . ...
. .
Tans.- ,Paygneot to t.e wade to advance )
For any one of the (oar Reviews, • 10 Ott per no
Fns any mu do - It.
For a., do o - 7 00
For ail lour of the Tlec2esr.. . , It,
For that, wootra hlweune. •
- 3 mo
For 8.u.1t wood 5...1 the rout R••tevr, lu oo
J AMY,U 1..11a11 . ( 1).
114.n.anrCer and Irapaner of FOrir I /St 114... k
41 Wand • td
Irrilhet woate Li ota,lne. rot July, Los ,nu Mrn
reectve. nm mu, W hid •• iliovi
Modern and Antique Furniture,
.1, 'next , ernser. Prrresewn
A large and epic:Wei
~ ",_
....rune. of Pormture„ . „."..?..:
senetae Mr Siettnatemis, ' "
Hotels end privet,. dare/.
Itnna, ennatanny on hand and made to order.
the present stock on hand Canoe, he exceeded II
any maanteetore to= e wee - tern country Person.
eireititet, to putchnee ovie do won to gave the • call,
m I ant determined my prices shall please. Part of
the .rock cone.. In—
Tete n Tete, Barret Etagere;
lotus XIV Clam; aincen I.2izabetli <hair,
Tea Poyse, ie.: Table
Toilet Table, Loma XV Co s
French Mahogany Piano Stool,
to sofas mitt Plush and Mau-cloth 11011•11 g
10 Mahogany Rosking Chair.;
40 du Parlor do
No . Vane) do
di centre Table,
to mor Divan, 4 pair pier Tab:ea
15 marble top Dressord Bureau,
Wardobea, , Scermanes .11 Lkrok strum
20 marble top Waah Stands,
4 pate Ottomans,
e pair fury Work Stands:
A very large assortment of common climes and amber
furniture too numerous to metruan.
EC they. Boma furnished on the shortest none,
and on Me moat reasonable ;cram. deel3
Diaphragm Pillar, tar itydraat Water.
itsima. THIs Le to erehly that 1 11•• c as'
pointed Lirringaton. Roggen k Co.
nom Agents for
the gaup of Jenaineh
Patent Ilaprahor Mar, Are the cif
be, of Prrisburgh and Allegheny.
/MIN lilllSON...tont,
for WCOr.II Gibson, 349 Broadway
N. Y. 10,1E49.
We have been acing one of the aloha articles nt the
office of are Novelty Works for three months, on toast,
and fee; perfectly otished that tt it a useful inrenmrn,
an d
we tate pleasure in recommerating them as a use,
rut :true re to Ott who lore pare water. tirdenr will bas
thankfully rermved and rromptly executed.
or-110 lAN INMSTON. ROriti EN k Ili
Ltea•rallble Pillaring Goole !!
Which render, turbid seater pare by
, • , temarviel i ali c eah o staneee nii.too4ut4le 1
~..' •irlt ‘ to " agh el r ear ' and n p m il a rrlis 31e ‘ aye, ei
CO , '4° .t•hen it poes an hoar thePagtt kla
61 tine cock. shown a large deposit
=pore substances, worms, to. Ma
is the earn more or lea with di hydrant mate,
T Reversible rilterer I. .at and durable, .4 I.
not attended with the inconvenience incident to inlet
Falterers.. It ts cleansed without bumgdcl.liod from
the water pipe, by merety turning the key or bandl,
front ono side to the other. By tote e.y process, the
course of water Is changed, sod all .comuladons fa
Impure substances are driveu off almost Instantly.
without unscrewing the Miter. It also posse.. the
advantage of being a stop coot, .4 oo seek in many
cases will be very coamment.nd economical.
It can be attached where there Is any pressare high
or low to caak, tank, tab, &c. with ease. To be hatt
corner of Fourth cod Al;rtit
A FULTON, Bell and W.. Founder, Hu one,
and commenced buineas et tom old amed,
where he will be pleued to we be aid custom
ers and friends.
Chureh.Strambont, and Bella or every am.e. from 10
to 10.000 pounds, anal from patterna of the moat approv
ed modal., and warranted to he alba beat matenall
Mineral Water Pampa, I:43anrs. lege
they watt every •ariety uf Brass te Casungs, 11 requ/red
turned and Gnrthnd m the neatest manner.
A. F la the nolo proprietor of Bunrchi Amt-Ana
n, Matey so justly celebrated for the radurttou of
(moon I achinery Ile Boxes oud Compoattion
an be had of Mtn at on toner. Utattly
- Monongahela. ..1
. 1,47 . :y teble.
1.2 HOBERT H. •A ,RSON hu opened
the large stable on First et, running through
to &coati et, between NVood and $
ow., in the rear of the Monongahela House,
euurely new star k of lionsC, and Camagas of
We best quality and latest style. Hones kept at l
ry die best maw.. frldlY
i1111411ife .7,7-:
-4,4 446 jNtsioNri
t`• '::;!--. 6 - , ;.^ 1.•., t...1,-...d.i.: •. ''''
~. .•.,,...„.ejg_t: ..;•..,11.-!.., *\tFjifj":::':^V:,'
rte'.,-'.,1,,,!'' '11:1.0 IIq t V
-474:"..-_,..- ~.......„
N VAINENT .d experienced Physic!. from the
..l. East,. of ttU years staniluta, offers to treat all cue,
of a Delicate Natant with prompreen .d secrecy
Nis ,acre„ in Ilutfulo and other Issge clues hat
been proverbial. NW charges are Modems, and her
cur, peanent. Old ease. of Ole., Strtetnre, Scro
fula. Fluor rm Albin, Rheumatism, Ague, Syptulta, or an,
ebronte or mat:Wrote emcee !solicited.
A cure warranted, or charge refunded.
OrirtCl4,l3l- Ciatt street, 2 dome from the Dodge.
Teeth Extracted. Advice to the poor 10 010 .
N. 11.—Ltr A. ,elicits tau wont caw. of any thee"
in Pitleburrh to call. arel.l3lly
Improvement In PilLl2oll.
fiffpf t, suttee retie rit lord neetving .
ineeront est of PIS.. from the factory
of Nunn, h. Clark, N. V . veto. for facto`
carioca of emereor, beauty of Broth
and ropertoroy of tone stett touch. nape , . any Hotta
ever broiled to thla coy. Mr Clara. of Ina above
firm, long and anon favorably 1,. uoura a. the former
for /It the celebrated Piano eatutdielonent nt
Broadwood. London, has recently im p rovedp and per.
fer;ted the Plano. of Neil. h Clark. Vm an ex.
tem wheel, I.lllqut..oliably. entitie• Mem to the repo.
moon of hmeee the very In. as vil MI tt a ettoapeat
Plao. to he got in due country. T he MI now °ix,
Improvee. with ❑ the addsuonal reeommendedion oe an
Iprment It the mylr and haul, wtiteh mak".
tbein nt once he meet elegant and tasty our, ~„
brought oat. Three , l
cots, together with the
aloe k on hand, form the 111.1C.C.Ve , yariett and de.
etrahle aeeortment ever oifered here, all of which will
be 'old to manufarturere prlces, and nu accommod••
Wig' tern". 11. KI.EBER.
all W Woalwellh,..3 Third at
N 13 -The •obserther will 00 found et an wane
hots, from i i to 12 A hi t and 4to 3 I'. 31
Jut 11. K. cone Agent for Nunn,k Clan
. _
VUE have weer I'l'hlPS,
an an unproved
v p.n., eo or ...t to trepan in the coldest westser
srsons statutes such smelt, art invited to call and
gee dart, rat....tri AI Fri rt, ATI IriSON'l3,
ter/5 Ist, between Wodsl Martel Ca
Oho.°late, Cocoa, to.
W. Baker's !Lampe. and French Chocolate, Prepar
ed Cocoa, Cocoa Paste, Brenta, Cocoa Shells, Er.
o Merchants and consumers,
who would porch..
Ole bestproduew of Coe., free from adulteration,
Mare nutritious than team toffee, and in qualify emu,
passed, the subscriber recommends the above entries,
manutheccred by himself. and stumped with bill name.
Hi. Broom and Cocoa Paste, as delicate, palatable,
and salutary drink. for invalids, convalescents, arid
mhero, me pronounced by the most eminent physmiaus
superior to any other preparatiom. His manufactures
are always en sale, in nay quantity ; by the rood re
spectable mecum in the nactern Cities, and by then
menu, Ilatirss,Giay A co. of Boston; James Al Bunco
A co. Hartford, Conn; linc.ny A Murray. New net;
Grunt & Stone. Philadelphia; Tomato V Itruntlige, Bal
timore; and Kellogg & Bennett, CinCinnati, Ohio.
WALTEB. BAKER, Dorchester Alma
For sale b_r ang3l B 51—EY A FAIITII, Ago
Wrought and Cast Iron nailing.
rpHE submnbers be leave to inform the public that
they have ',Maine.] from the bast all the late and
fashtonable detugns fur Iron Railing, both for Imams
mu cemeteries Parsons 'codling to procure hand
some patients will please mill mid examtne, and mdce
for themselves. Balmy will he furnished at the short
cet notice, and in the beat m at Use ner of
Craig and Rebecca awe., Alleghen anner, y
auMflonf A. LAAIONIT & KNOX.
El MS nfnetured Tobacco.
A Q BIS Gentry A Roy 000" a suporlor sweet 5 Ipc
"10 do It A Butler's
19 hf do Price tr. Harwood 's " s
21 do do do
2.5 do du Pearl Se Harwood " SA. it,"
19 do .1 Rabotoon
57 hf do do
do do Win I.krtemn
dd T W Huh: ,
77 do Anderson
✓ do L T Dado l s
• do R Macon's
9 4to Rateta " Ib "
Jura landing from Moonier and pitekejs. and for sole
by HEALD. BUCK - NOR k Co.
41 north water st and 01 north wharves,
15V PhiLodelphis
MANIJP — ACTURED TOBACCO -21.1 la tit 5 .J ones
de Son's supenor sweet 11. lumps.
75 1001 big Webster Old superior trwset 5s lumps
• " Lawrence Loturr " s.
Z " bentry llovver " Jots:, "
kV " Dupont tdo to fore) " bs "
10 0 McLeod rs
2.1 Lawrence Loon, " &A& plug
Just landing Guru steamer. mid for male by
41 N water ot and lO N wharcts.
my3l - Philadelphia
J. OLMNPII, Book Madera.
WE are rill engaged in the above boautoss, corner
of Woal and Third streets, Pittsburgh, where
we an, prepared to do any wort in our lone with des.
e ateh. W. attend to our work personally, and sous
forums will be given in-regard to as neatness and du
Blank Books robed to any pattern and bound sub.
stan.illy. Books in nombers or old noolt•lmund care
fully or repaired. Norriva pot on 1.00/.. to pit hciers
Those Mal have wort in our low are invited to call.
Prices low. rim :Ma
AVING sold oar cadre .tackC II Gruarr, rottli
a 'flew eloung our aid Lamar., e hand.) , sc.
f for him the patronage of all oar rrtends and ca..
tower.. Ited. N. VOINDFIKTER,
Pin.b.re4A.g. IW, VAS.
GRANT, Who!mode Grocer, Commiamon and
V. For - warthog Merchant, No. 41 Water et aultl
Scales. Ceolking Stoves, Orates, 411...
AItStiALL, WALLACE & CU, Round Church,
mnuter Liberty and Wood street. manufacture
and offer for ule Platform, Floor and Counter Scales,
011ie moat improved qoalay; Couto,' Cove., for Load
and coal; Egg Moves in various saga, Par/or and
Grater, Hollow Ware, ke. Lc. They to
ammtherare the Knehen Rang, which lau, give!, such
genet,] sanafaenon to those 61...4 n in nor,m ali nl
which they would respectfully mane the anenuon of
the 01012.00. and the public generally. 0tc17.41f
allscri be;
ticakra ,enerailyveld rnil .
to the foilowtog hrtands Tobacco.,
sn &tore nod to arrive, whirls twine. eortalcoment. di
rect from manufacturers. be 1. enabled to se,l at col,
ern pnerer.
1,j9 14.8 NV
•• Ja.r.a.. , ru lodnna
et Lamsne
TI I • Slnahrlin 3.,
21 1 Nlan. a •nd Ix;
13 1 " Holorn. & Susan 3s;
s • Bun
V 1 /*tins & Lewis lx,
3 1 - W•rwlrk,ltUrr
.1m • llrt•ry A Jame. LI. i is,
Pitt . llaahln• Work• and Foundry.
1 , 311111.rt•Ill.
. .
. .
TONN WIXIGIFT arc rircpa red to build Cotton
and W4g.leo Mi., ucacriimon...acti
Cardmg Mart ne t. Spit:wing Frames, go.c.dc r a
1./vacant, Frame, Itc.icia) Head, Warren,
Dreastng Frames. licania, Card t, miler, a. Wroca
/natl. Shafting tarod, 1 12 , , of taut iroll, Pullar• and
Wince" of thc pattern, soda and hard Lame,
and i c ons of all rialtll,, of every dr. , .npdnn
fornah..l pa then wire Patients made to order for
mill Gran v . ija:l,&& &r. So-aro Pipe tor cent.
sag Farbortea. east Iron Wmgloir thorn and fancy Cas
tinc. crud:roily o:dera mil at Warshooac of J.
& Lawny .cr&r4, 1.11 It kve proad v t &Lou.
Refer I Black itock, BeJI t . 1 Moorehead t
Co 11. Varner. John Irotto it Son., 1 . /taboret
C It Cum, rireuboumlio. molt
• 1.121:180117.
r A TPTITTV..k CO, would rirtpeeirodly inform
itie public Nat Ney have erected e shop on
Lanon), hdtverton Feder.. a/ al Aanduali y meets They
art now mattha and are prepared to serer,: orders Gar
every description of venirle, Coartrta Clamors, BA.
roaches. Boggle, Phrocroirt, kc . ke .. which horn their
long expermundthe modoularture of the above work,
aisol the farroues thei tta,o.tla) feernolisiderd way are
enabler! to do work on the meet reortorrthin le rat. willo
Idoo.e wanting art.-we oi Luna Ilan
log atmouott to tar ft leethrn of ...e
-ft... me) !lava, none Itto of
listen el.tatiOn 1:1 osrrotttlt 'hot, We
a sku We aorta.. of - the nulitte to tins molter
N Reptortoe done to toe Lest aot on to
molt reasottalre nos ps2Alf
rupIis ow, nrtanyentet t ts for a eon.
coot supply of FAC7OIII FINDINGS, the
atlow pot, CAI st.,l Duero tsa, I.n, I
Iltekent.ll.../la, Shutt", 11euin itrud.or
No 5.15 Holt INt. her I% moons, Str.Dttots l's/tl5.
ID A 15 tn. ratottl Dre•ocr SS - cavort. Brush
. Ar hr. lAXISN, WII.St" A 1.0,
my 4 I. W., .11,, Pists.lturr,
PON.I . IVr 4l ott L torre.trr, 131,
Purr nru Anti try. rtortld. Cotopbed .1 10,1 trot
dry :mat , 11.11•011rfell Irtttl, Purr I , ltr. Pore. JUICt par.
Ocular Port. "ants I. Soo.. truer /011,. throttle, du..
toe t -
old uKle Lir rpos. M05.,4 are relettra
red for wen tordtc• , Propertir, and e•tt be, tool who,-
rale or Ittlll at the IVarto dttore of
PIA 11081
• •
o s . t large o n
bon Pianos with 02nd wlthout Coleman's celebrated
„Cohen Atteennient The shove instreatesit. are wr
ranted to lei
equal to any manufachstvd in 1740 coun
try, eud wok De soh! lower tat, any brought limn the
Eaet. F. 8L1.,11E, No 114 wood •st.
; , 11 dent shoe, tth
N ➢ —City Seep will lot taken at par (3, • tew of
he shoo e assortment corn F. II
—hardware... Cheaper than Even
WAN, tt IL,otiN d Ckh. Importers and Wholesale
La Deniers in lionise., Cutlery nod Saddlery. No
DM Wood street. abort Filth, hove now in store a very
cheap and well selected stock of Hardware, mooned
termecline of prtces in Europe. sod which they
ere deined to sell correspondrngly lose. Merchants
who have been In He L 121,11111 gOillg East, are parueu
tatty requested to call and look through our stock..
we coufidently believe they will save their aspen..
C AL.f 7 , 11 , 141;C I d "re , n o e . h
Skin ' s7 r /rom the mandfactor ' y of 11 .11 era ' wforT, t * o
aliteh the nommen of boot makers .s Invited. Just
received and for sole by W 1 1 / I .:Nt, k Co.
/et.l 1 Ll Metro,
11.01141.111 of Cornelius k Co's relebrated [n em,
facture, mad surwrior to all o nes In we; adapted to
cburebee, steamboats, 16C10t1..dwelhtige, public and
prlvate halls, and to all oilier a ee where a cheap, safe
awl .111..114,10 is deatrable
Alua,threndoleu, Ilnll Lunt - rn.,Condelabru,Globea,
Shades. Wicks. Chitalucu, Cur.. AI..
Gas ChundeLort, from nou up four hibru.
duc3 W W WILSON. 46 market at
[ AMYat the OA
Young KEN to wholesale and retail store, and ether
respectable business, to oat as Book-keepers, Soles
men, Porters, Dar-keeps ra Walters, Farmers, Coach
men, Car Ageou, Book •nd Map Agents, Collector.,
Overseer. In all Iminches et ba,,,tiers, ke. We have
•t all tunes a largo number of goods/madam. on nand,
winch pay from WU to 52.1.11 perum. Those in
wait of situations canny kt,,,1 would ann do well to gyre
um a call, as we ha, ag• o • in each of the a rove ei
nes, which will rout..., u• 1 ,, place every applicant sn
suEtabla 11.10101 i th....tiortest notice. We hove •
large so.rosinthon, , . ad the above named ritles,
which we trust an,., stye entire 0.41.•
bun la .11 win I..rut us with *call.
'TAYLOR A TA VSIAN, No. 69 Second et.,
ketweeo pooh mid any.
N. D—Person• hams in any part of the U. States,
and wishing to obtato cie.. In Halton., or
her of the above ease, was hove their woo, soon,
,11.210) , au to by addressing no line, Iposi.psol)
üby so doom they wan curtail both trouble and rr.
pen., trtuch they otherwise wo..thl wear by coming
to the city, .4 seeking employment for thenvialvet
Address, TA Y 1.08 A TA Y SIAN,
No. .19 Second meet,
torttallf Iktltlotore, lid
• • '
11l NA VE AKIN I.HI Vnl. WARAILIbt mode from
It the trout approved hnittuth patter, furottln-.1
and recommeadeti by Thomas ilskewril, P4q.. and •
numher eminent phytttria,, bentK a most convent.
t tipper.. for the applutanott or warm or hut wa.
ter to the b0we1.,,,, ease of cramo• to Cholera A.
every person ta nutnert to online,. attacks, no family
ahould he wallow at lea. one.
1117 Pint sl. between Wood and Market
Pt 7I`T ftll N TLTUT It
of Bin, Inraltution under the
care of Mr. and MI, Gammas, for ' the preacnt
&endemic, year, will commune, nu the filet of F
ry nest, in the name building., N0..52 Lthertr attnel•
Arreagernett..lo neon mode y itter will
InA ble
to (aroma young ladles foe:Bit:et equal. any
In the Wept, for obtaining thorough Falgliab, Clan.
cal, and Ornamental education. A full c 0.... of
lisophical and Chouncal Lectures will he delivered
during the winter, illuorated by apparatus. The de
partnients of Vimakand In.nruniental Moue, Modern
Language.. Draw(ng and Pointing, will each bu 11,1,1.,,
the cure of a competent Proles., By cloao itounoon
to moral and intellectual improveinent of their Pir•
ptle, the Pnnuipaia hope in merit I 1 Can. outiou of Om
liberal patronage they bane bithorto c , ljoyt V,"
tonne, not circuito or apply to the Principals
DleLetn• In Tenn
Tins ecrufy that I pun-has...l.c vtal of Dr,
11..r.Lane'y Worm ?troctfit, some. two months ago
Lod pee ut a sett or ....,sotna seven years not, two
A:steppe:en fall, etttl although the amouot may arrPcar
arm yet I have I. doubt but there sew OPo'or"
pro traneattell we= raesell front h., mentorhof
tont ace quanct of . tor h to two Inches long.
DAllelleraht, Carrot co. To., Hoe go, 100. 104
RECIOVEID THIS DAV, Carpelistg and Oil Cloths
of the barest and most approved pastor s, and at
prices lo suit purchasers, ancF cheap as on be pur
chased in any °Nile Eastern elfies,courprising rho fol
d varier:nos—
Enro Royal Velvet Pile Carpets;
Alitralastrr Carpets; any MIA hall MOAN or vesi
Topescry do fibulas.
Sup Royal Brussels do Tapestry stair carpets;
Extra sop 1 ply do Brossele do do
Superfine do do Cheadle Bugs;
Extra rep Ingrain do Thrted do
Superfine do do limners do
Floe do do Cheorlle Door mats;
4-4,:44 & Tope.try AdeWel do do
I)oo do Sheep skin do do
4-1,3-4 & V. 13-4 i4szlesed Plano covers
11.100 do 64 do Table do
44,34 & plain do do 64 WWI do do
Cottoa Ingrain de 64 worsted and Ostend., do
do Vaned. do Brass Sta. Rode
16-4 amt ernenb elcults
sin.. Linen
0-1 table do
W cotton Dragger
154.1 woolen do
64 do do
English Table Od cloths; Diaper do
(Sermon do In do do Crash
Fio 4 o o r Ot a l o .r::oDnrolguh.igrkins;
1-4 do do do Carpet Binding,
Sheet (7il Cloths, of nee/T...1p . m Window Shades
Topeatry pauerns, cut to lit
To the above we ate eon's - toady reeeivins our gonng
Stock of Carpets, Oil Cloth, and Stentniroot Fruninine.,
to which we invite die attention of all who wii,h tofu/-
m ..1i their house. or sleatul,outs as wo will he aide to
02 - 2, goods 21 bow as they eon be ourehivird in the
Lunt. and of the richest and tales' sty . les Coil and no
tne /tuck bulore purehanite e.sewhere Were
honse,No 75 Fourth nt. men 23 Arct.t.vroaK.
m HABRA. JAN. HOW ARD & 00.,
Ito. 83 Wood Btrect,
WOULD cur, the attention of the public to their
prevent stock of Paper Ilangtnga, witich for Va
riety. Leanly of Entati,darahtlay and cheapnera, la on
tpussed by .y estahliehment in the Union.
Decides large and full assortment of paper of their
own maltase:am, they are now ree,iiviiur n dcwci im
portation of French and EligWth etyle% of Paper flang
ing.. parchued by Alr. Levi Howard, o. of We firm,
now In Enron, conststing of
Parisi. manufacture,
London do
In 1:00 p ere.
5 OW do
Of ther oven manufacture they have ion.oeo mecca
Wan Paper, and 12,DU0 mecca ea. glazed ‘Virmlow
Nlessrs. James Howard d: Co. have spared neither
expense nor snot m then endeavors to neat the east
wan paper establishments, both in quality of man
ufacture tuid 'ninety of panctu, and they are warrant
ed in assuring the poPlie that they have succeeded.
The whole assortment. forcun and home manufar
tore. will be offered on terms as low as those of east
ern manufacturers and importers. meh27:dtf
VENT C011115:11 ITC
- F.l Mr.
.1.1 het street
dos very high bunk Shell Tuck Combs;
Law "
plum 1:16 "
I " nave OW beaded top
" fancy top Buffalo
10 " plata "
mare. arm. Horn; 30 doa shell side, assorted sl•
nom bon Sule; 3 dos shell dreksin'
V.l/3" bons
Btrialo do do 4 do lontauon do do: GO do host
Eoylt.h Horn; 8 do S S e fine Ivory, ultra aloe, 18 do
S ti do do, to bores; In gross S foe do do, 1 do comb
Cleaner. s. IS
• •
ISueeassors ta Haase'', Hanna & Co.)
1 - ) In Foretsp tustl DOMMIC Ext.lmage Ceruficases
e(Her.4m, Hantx Nom, and Speete—,Frovrh tnret,
nearly opposite Ute Ihnsk.
Current mo
nnY rt , etven on nepos , ite—ELelst Cheeks for sale, and
eollecuotts made on hearty all the prtnespal pollp in
the Hosted Stams.
Advances made on consiirnments of PrOdare, ship
ped Eau on liberal terms.
GREAT IN VF:N AiscoVEßi , .
NT* Para. laacaar Ist, Lela.
Patna crossle, craraiena 'MM.. Sofas, Bureaus,
Boa Cues. Tf'rztin, Dert"
14yr:a Of WiSQVGIiT
THE. TAULES far sarptatong every other to.
venunn of the kind now extent They can be es.
tended tram ten to twenty..o•o feet, and when closed
the Mayes are all emtaincd inside, they am made 10
all 111,C.1 and .hope., and are admirably mll‘ted for
Steamboat... Hotels. and large private Mingles. len:o
-w, when elceed a complete centre table
PUPAS AND !Writ:A US—Thew arucles are treat.
parucalarly to thaw who wish to eenno
r,,se room. mnd eonvert a sle.,-pind apartment 11110
parlor or aGona ram, as they earl he openea and shot
a• retivenience. and When the bedrung onclu...
ed. A great sago., room anal rent A.l the ',ed.
sd-mds e. ben elowd Mem • twaardul piece 01 !unman:,
fo, pane, Of 510.13 .041,
'HOOK CA.skkl—A neat and 'meal, artle, for parlor
or drselng room
WRITINri gEl—For iaer offices, counting 011 1 010,
and other °Mem, when ow, nee • moat rougenfent bed. ,
•tead, when dosed a perfect Desk end Lthrury alone
All those omelet need no teronunendanon: thr
lustotT of the whaler, they are urarronted not tort
ont ot rumor It w i be tot your 1111 i A. to roll and
e4a..0v0 ar.:• no.anufactrer% .Icr,
Ptninnnott. addlnr.n ono.., we 7 &reproof aannut
Pens, Ono:tamed Gdo.wae Antal , and Perms'
Pales for Ilfrdiezi and aim pwrpwm.
Till,. is the only inewomen of the kind that him ever
been presented in this country or Farmo for med
ical porpoces, and U tae enty am ever known ea man.,
by watch the galvanic flood can be convoyed to the ho-
maceye, Mt era, the brain, or to any parted the toady,
externally or lettemaily, in a definite gemla
swam. ventiottt shocks or pain—with perielt sth.ty—
avd often trim Ito AaKtidat itgaCur.
Tam important apparent, is now highly approved Of
DT many of tar most eminent physician. et Lyra coun
try and Europa to whom tee allhoted and others; whose
it may concern eon t.e refercod. Restreneo also
be elven to many hmtdy respectable, eithens, who bore
hern eased by 1506. of tiller/soar appersta•
of pante of the nu,. inveterate nervonstlmorders which
could rot be rerno•ed by any other Itnetwerucan•
Amend rum. others, it has been proved to Lc ad
miraldy adapted for me cure Id the feilovems &setae,
venous headache and other champ.. m the ...lin.
19 T. Ito appacartm Riort. ;14-cpccrarir
conday the magnetic
slth ease itin'd enemy to ihe
eye, to 1,51., Of !WV 11.160 rose, to Cto
remote hearing; to too ion; 01.4 ousegr ermine, tore,
speech: and to the canon. parts tr; the body, tor
Lb, yore of chronic rheumatism, asthma; neuralgia, or
to doioureux, pvalyaia, or palsy, gout, chorea or tti-
Vno . donee, epilepsy, weaitoem from cerium. come
diecasea ;meatus le maxim, contraction of tea dron,
Lockjaw , etc. ma
Rights for eurrounding retinues of Western Pa., and
with Um instrument, may be purchased, end
aseteStird lee tr i p cam el twee...
Full instructions *ill lie green for the I'gruis chemi
cals to Tv used for Vanua, ,hmmy and the heat mari
ner for opereumg for the care of those direaries win a.-
so be folly explained Sr the purchaser, and a pamphldt
put into his leanda expressly for these purposes, care
fully prepared by the peitolce. notion, el
Vice et, Pinsbureb
•fut: nitmontiVriget
&pennon of the puldle ie respectrittly celled le
the Milo Wine ceruficutes:
his. P•as.—tiarhig testeda quart:Ay (told iheigh,..l pout Aff,alanliff, I find the result prows
poor lutfurria.o correct; and recommend the use of It
to those gulag to Catfornia, en the beau method fig ob
taining the real Value of (Sold. Rasp. )ours,
J. D. DUNLEVY, Gold Beater.
Pittsburgh, Blotch 0, 1849.
PlTlMlteltall, March 7, ISO.
Ala. Easimb—Dear Ear. Having ...tied the "gum , .
miter,” ntanufaeltmed at your 00 , 2121 t, I do not hesitate
to mainland It to At aaa of those gentlemen who are
about cornering to California in smirch of Gold.
It gives it close approgimadon to the specific angel
to of metals, and will certainly enable toe advent:um
to &Kellam when las placer is yieldlng Gold.
marl 2 Your.. regrY. 2 It. NPOLINTOCK.
INDIA RUDDER CLOTHING—Jaw renewed ior the
J. Catiturtna Krnedioo n . a complete assarlan°4l of
l.t.En hansur Cloonan, at price. ranging from allfib to
811.5t1 far pull of east, pants and lst. For .ale at the
In.. Rubber Depot, to 7 Wood at.
de et
JFigrab.t.h.TVl:ll-- . ;rest ainrOol - otwia so mr7ay
celebrated llumbir a.,;11 Flan., used tonatantly by
List, Thalticrg and or, It great performers, together
with a largo arworunri of rosewood and nothogany.
of my own tonneaus • I. The above tnstroments are
anted to kw parte., to °Very respect, and will ho
told low for cub. F llLL"'illf..
death Nn 111 World .t. ad do n , mi n , no,.
Por Egillirornß. -
THE c . elebr a ted Hazard Rifle Powder, In kegs, hall
' "*"';
n illL n iVill c i T rlft. %, Vwood st
RY 000131.
j i
rr Glood• Jobb•re,
110 - 0. PO MA /U STREET—WouId rail ma attention
111 of 31ereknom to their large smelt of Domestic
nlld Flltclign URN . OOPS, limn receiving trn the Ito
port er very lows and Ala mons In&
core r
or a , and which May tool roll
at 0 caspp
Our stork to now full and completerove,d
and d
well worth
the attention °Thayer., as are aro determined to sell
at such etltremely low price. at cannot fail Co look° it
&Arens aulaaerneu lit coe rcion. to Make a Inn tour
siioVEL' —no dm Spade, and Sbo
-0 vela- '
In do Intlaro Forks 20 do Grata
do Sontel do; Axe*, Ilatenets, Mattock. and I•2ek •
!known, Vtnest, kn., for main 41 Innatufan • no,lo GEO tY•CiatAN.../o 0
THE sobterther ha luguovAz., s
removed las Wl,lnasJo l t roce
ry more In um corner of flanenok strert Ahe
gtheny Wharf, next door to the rerry Iloroo.
mohltdtf 1011:1F PEER V.
iloonfactorer of Mural Water Appuratits,
No. 2(3 North Second st., sleu•n Vine,
A N experience of more Man twelve yeas" in the
tennufacturin,.of Mineral Winer Apparatus ane
the preparation of Ananral Writer in Vottlrs and Foals.
Was, on an calms! , wale. son, a licicettfic and mar
tins.' knowledge ofln , horn branches of busmen, tege•
th sn er with 'scent i nwerwrins in Me construction of
the Apparatus and prrnaring of the Water, whish
he has adopung since hts visit to Pam,
and after years of slow ..iody and startles! arwn
netts e. meshed to the an... ..111lechsnles and Chr pp mn.
try. enables the sunset-lore in come bolero the subtle
with enure confidante, and oiler them the host and
most eowsleir Apparatus, lor Um manufacture of bins
seal Wan, in Burnes and Fountains, that cants. fur.
gushed In ter. Mined Slates
. . • .
Ile nlw 1N.,. brawl( that the enlarged tercets he
mervetth. nett proseta es:emcee d daily le
amount of his haslet , . at both the above dt.•
partntent , turetshee the most coavtertutg peter of by
e tat e t lo the •uperionty 01Appetst. over those of all
met ot" the panty aect salattetty of thd Wald
',roared therefrom.
Verson. who order the Apparatus (mut a distance,
may assured that their instructions shall be faithful.
!a complied with, and so packed to tu ,nrry sa,ly
other tr y taut or watt., to any pat of the C. Nate,
To avoid diappouitmeta, I{ is reellitlOlClldeli to that,
who Ilaend aupplyiug t hot:moires the approachingsee
b lorwanl their orders at vs early a day sw coo.
Alumna! Water Apparatus., Generator, pumps tti"
Fountains, (Yrnarnent..l t,tna and Pedestals for Stood.,
Coauteni and Llor. of Hotel., (or drawing , Hydrant
Water, timether attic Corking and Tynta Maculae..
and everything appart ,, intng to the above bovine..,
constant!, on hand, and tor sale on the lowest term,
for C9ll /4, liP2Ztd.do6l
A T REDUCED' PRICES—W. Murphy nu on
lowan Dye weito and colored natio', which he
will clone oat it love ',Aim. DR/
It i, -arer m fa p d ri uilt , tn y. e
Drus Lam., Gingham.% Bantam Times, Grans-
Bezatines, Summar Shaven, • Sexes, Sonnet
tie Sings, Was' and Soya .
Pemna saaathrt any atdrre, .nyothordwrip
u°' n7Goodk arSI da area esti at northeast
earner or :It and Markel ' ITO
has a large woruneutotabore floold4 lately
mepired, don ; as plain white Kathy. from Lle doo r Pe Id
up-lo Tem 'plain Sal. du; tarred glites broidered do; =la lianctlJaakonft: f. 1 0 .3 4 ';
otriped do; and general auortmeat of White
Goal., each as goat 5.1 figured Netts; Luta sdr. -
thcs i 4cei . -- ‘ e ci, t a, north m elas „ t p e: , zre . r . 4th and barlict rtt
ENM—A. w. MAACIN & Con.. Dry wad-La.
1.1.• tAbliehlitant w1:1 ha re•apermloo Friday. JOY Ch.
All Of their Lack baea marked down, will ba
offered of the reamat bargains. rarthaaera may de
pead.tpon securing goad. at LOW,EIiILATIVA than
coat before. iTR
RUSSEJ.C3 CARPETS-- rho large r % assormena
ardesels Carpet,. ever oTered aka, city. roe male
et die Wet, Carpet Warehonee of W. NlTA:dock., No
73 et, eon:panting the !wow end richest .lyles,
Mlat prwes lower anan ever °Erred an the naerlreL
MI who warn Ortnetele Co o hoold cad belore
parcharang clwawleare. pale W JVCIANTOCK
Floarria, sir Plain tissue p,per, sported do, Gar
onne paper tor rolonug, Pink Saucers., Leaves of eve
ry lona, bads, nos. and calloOts, no,, ba obtained at
01,14 H EATONCo.Co 'Praossa .„reh,.
UthitIROIDER V —Worsted paverne for Ottoman.,
Alf Piano Stools, ti
Toble Covers, Tsvoillig lid th
ga, wi
grcairMarinty at pattorns. Also, WorsteAs of
WI Colors and shadcs, by the pp end, ounce., or skein
for solo by api4 II EATON A Co, Oe Fourth et
SECOUTPLY— R filunitty, at werthoost cos
nter of 4th and alarkw Ascots, has now open his
sew:misapply Wearing and summer Goods, and has a
10/V ...meat of Dress Goods of slowest mica, and
•inple Goad. Winery kind, ell of whin!, will be sold
3EW NOODB, 1849
ENNEDY dr SAWYER, comer Wood and Found
street, are now receiving direct from lint hands,
large stock of Fancy .11 Variety Goads, inchading
Clocks of every variety, gold and silver Watches,
Jewelry, Emrich Prints, Combs, Hooka and Eye.,
nod Hosiery, Suspenders, andagll
other ankles in their of which having Peen
purchased personally or the mannfactakers east, du
ring the last winter, expressly foe
the Spring 14,344
will be mUd wholesale ot n small adranae on cost.
Constancy on hand, all descriptions of Logking
es, of . our own manufacturing, at MlStl,rll prices. trilkll
• ULON KINSEY'S, 67 Market alreet.
Inn pr. fine China Vases. lased; 175 tell tarot aird
cot velvet root Ilimon.2 40 fore velvet Carpet Boas; V..
do do gout ia,.;
tr.vch 100 gross fancy silk Dutton.,
for droases; 10 d,a Nail Brush., used; UN fro fine
blk Vest Bumm., aged, VA do do gilt cad plated, do;
25 dos rosewood flair licashe- . 4 da Washington do;
do Bathers 1.;<., 3 Oro Fmk LbUer Fish Hooks, Lime
ick, L.
JEWELRY, tee—SO gold lever WateheN 50 do de
tached levet Watches; I; do LephoS dot 10 fine dm
mood Firmer ILncet 1 don fine ;old Vestd Fob
ohams; 2 do do Guards; Breast Pins, Finer ul ßings,
Ear Ring, On.
01.11NIES. tee—ian3 dor. Ladies Cason Gloves, lased;
300 do do Lisle Thread, foray top, tke.i 19 do ;mita'
LL Glorrs; 12 do do kid do; 50 do ladies kid, ass d; 10
do do Caney top .ilk.
VARIETY GOODS—.2S plgs Arneriam. Pin N 300
b. Cotton Cord.; 75 as Paper Aladin' 500.1330 ritamd
Percussion Caps; 21.10 jon dram WlNylectime on; 100 dos
Ivory Comb.; D'lmsja, Combs, Book Combs, tee. Se.
0 1 10
IL FFEATtiN k CO. are now opetuag their Spring
. mock of Trimmungs, conaisting part of Mon
tt! • and Ores. Frhiges, Gimps, black and eoPd Silk
Laces, black Flounce Loan, Batton., Buds, Bonnet
Trimmings, gram, ladies and childtens plain and Ma
ry Bouery, Shim Icemen and Inns, Combs, Ivory sod
other Pans, Yam, Spool Couthi, Needles, Tapes, Bob
bins, Pins. On. On, which they eaget for sale. both
wholes:dr and reiall, at Coe Trimorhag Store, C4Fauriii
stye t, h•rlurre.r. Wont', nod Mork . cl._ aol.
4pritiso GOODS.
" tihatitltit & White,
n RN' GOODS JODDRII9, SO Wood street, .at OIC
attention of Melanoma to tient ,toot of AMERI
dire., from fast bands.
- •
regular supplies of first goals during the
season, wad devoting lune share of their isttenuon
to Eastern Aucuon soles. any can confidently sante
'colon toes . will Ind it to thou Intoresd to examine
Jlll.l ~.11Ved, .1T 111TC1....C• of new Fry!, bro.
Goods. t
Fancy Prints, XP
Camdsneros, Cloths, Bumsnor
(intuit. Lases. I.VhneOlt.l. Irish Linens,
rruataingt and brown and bletwhesSl,....ungs
4gifct to tiiii r itie;tOcaaie A ;ita as: -77
OL'sT r•-ceired, a small invoaee of V011:TI.A EN
orw eoostrortion.
ad These Instrument. po sses*
e great
vantage% over all othin ever anode, ring a 2 '1
size Plate, redaeina the tune of sitting one half. sad productna a .horpar, clearer and brizer defined tua-
Lure. Tory, laurroore_. deserve the aura/tan 4f all Ar
tl.lll eng,tge.l or intendiq ‘risp,.ge in the humors..
Price for rlls Tot, ii 17.5.
A general am-attract" of Vole,ilarsider's Justly cele
brated Instruurients, of all Rises, as well as Daguerretr
qPv Aln.rtal, at the lowest rates.
MR. PETER SMITII, Cincinnati. Ohio, is one a
thoruicd agmit for the sale of the above Instruments.
A Lino( Pries eon bo obtained by addressing, post
paid, W. d. P. LANG
. .
Pbll;jd ' elpl,
K l , mart f e: 0f12 , x - aerreotTpe .11ceriale. and General
Ne eof Vozgenender'e Opeeal Pau..
menu. istarlkeadere
/MAO v AL.
JOIN F(JitiNTII, Merchant Tallow, ha. removed
to No. 31 Markel MC., one door from Second,
Soat sale.
Thankful for part favor, :he respectfully solicits a
continuance of tie patronage of fur fonner customer',
and iikewiw the patronage of . many now ones as
mr• o( he right strip.,
Orders in the Tallorrie line executed in the moat
fa.hionahle manlier. and with dispatch.
Al., a fashionable asmitment of ready taada Cie
thing. of all kind.. cheap fore ash, el course.
lieni/emens' l'urorning Uornis .n vu their ranedes
al wily. o —.oh 4. Aim, P.osorna, Colts, Cr..
rot.. Shod., rzeurr.. lin.ieey, Suspenders, Pocket
11.1k(r, blares, Drawers., Umbrellas, to. te.
LTACTORY.—Tae subscriber takes thu method
of informing los friends and the nubile in general that
be has Om largest stock of On following named a
cles of In• own manutainare to this city —Saddles, Ilar
nras, Trunk. mW WhiPs, all of which he sri 1 warrant
to be made elate best maienal end by the hem mech
anicso All,hony county. Beim determined lo scll
4. manufactnms smoothing lower than has been here
tofore mld by any Muller establiehment in the city,
he would maim persons in need of th e above named
articles to toe warehouse, No. MI Liberty tercet, oppo-
UN Serena,. A 1.,. bands made to order for machine
fY• 00170.17 G. KERBY.
„ The steam halt A. lASON
now run• from the Petut, foot
a Liberty siren, to the Gar
len—leaving a. o'clock, A. XI.. end
et the hegimung 01 each hour utittl 9 P. Al.
may rely on mutton No boat al . the hour. :3111, leaves
the Garden, the last Ito Imp, at TU o'clock.
The sea*. i • fa, advancing, •nd those withlng to
Tian this delightful retreat, now is the umo to spend
few hours, not In the smoke and duet of the oily, belie
• pare atmosphere. perlumed with the fragrance of
All kurds of refreshments, except intoxicating dnnks,
ars, kept on th e premise, Greenhouse Monts, and
Bouquets of choice flowers for sale. Closed nn lkna
Ctp•Clrange of landuurfade . unmansof low 'ra
SigiM il_
8. B. AGENT,
Fororanling and Cornnusston Hen
chant, has removed to No. Elf Front, between Wood
and Smithfield streets. sot
CM-czaan. fah, libt9.
Mr. R. E. Sellerm—Your Termiters. J.
has sold well,
and his been hags npakee of by all who More es.
it. Prom the success attending the admmrstnalpo of
I poor Vormitoge to every ea. I have heard of, I am
confident I ran sell more during the coming season
than I dad loss. I will be glad to teemee another asp
' ply of t or 5 grant. Tours, respectfully,
[Extract from letW R. CARTER.
Prepared and told by r.) It E 9F.I.LERS, 57 Wood
and cold by druggists antic:ally, In Pittsburgh and AI
leghny. Pea
ve EELIAII I.IIIIINS egiet 'ft./Mit
LVi IA Vitt —ThSa cerktfies. that Immediately after
bat raaq acceded my brother, vane died of consurupti.
March. PMS I was Ink. sick with the ConsoMpUon
or Layer Corm:Mint. and woo nulored no low with the
da.ame. that tortour years I was usable to attend to my bo+lll[oa. rimer at home or abroad, I.ton kn. the
mast time confined to my bed. Dort. the above peri
od of tune, had expended for medical attendance ai
resent, Physicians end Medkmes, to the anao.t of
San, slalom receiving any benefit therefrom. In
141, I commenced talnng Dr. Jaynes Medi
ma... nnol bane taken the more or less ever since,
4.1 beam se that it woe by pernevering in their tae,
that I can 110"• truly say that I have completely reco..
•ered any health. I believe that Jayne% Sealant, PLS.
and Es...lomat ore the best family medicines mw ILI
I rend= n Springfield. °Delo comity. IN V., and
carry on a tante. mad mach.. atop ha that place,
and am cot Interested In any mmaner m the cafe or Ate
soave tuedletues and make Min cenaficate rot the ben
efit of those aslbeted. EL/1A II E.iTON.
Springfield. N. T., Sept Id 1444: t (at
Dr. hose's Celebrated Remedies.
DR. JAL'S/II S ROSS, dt.overer aryl role pee.
pricier of there most Popular and beneficial tued
ielnen, and al. the loc./mar of the celebrated teat.-
Meet for intlosing the Lung, to effecting a cum of
Chronic dance., was s student 0(1.1 eminent phy
ciao, Lasser Physic, and mogre/oaten/Me Uni laversi
ty of l'entuaylroada., sod ter Marty yesrn Mu. ha. been
engaged to tma inveetagatio, of disease, and the appb
antimt rat remedies thereto.
Through the aro of his inflattng lobe, In connection
with We Prephylaetfer Syrup glad other of ht. remedies,
he has gaoled an unperalelled amnia:tee cartng
thew dreadful and fatal maledie., Tubercular Con
sonnolon, Cancer., lierefule, Ithestrenesm, Asthma,
reyer end Agee, revere ufall Cbrenne Erysipe
las, and all 410. obsttnato dace.. peculter folinos.
Indeed every roan e( disease rehashes .der the ose
to. ref:meths.., to which loutianit7 I. heir—not by the
006 of one eorepountl only, for that I. ineogepauble
with Phyliologieed Law, ow by the Mkt of his IMMO
theo, adapted to and prescribed l'or each peeahar form
of ditatuse.
U.. Hose's lonic Altmance Pala, when used are m.
variably acknowledged to he superior to all ether, as
a gauntry< or Itv, tortsmed as they leave the
bowels perfectly free (mai is.tiveness; . also
Golden Pills m admitted by the faculty toposzeopeem
tsar prom:lmes attained to female Comae., hat being
nnahetl that anare trial ie auffiesear w estalskth what
has aeon smd os the um,. of thr moon ./mot/eat
The afflicted art matted le call aptt the agent, Mad'
procure laranal one a the Doctor, pamphlets, Vein.
a delatled accutint of each (.3 , 4y and ha applimiW .
Fee sale by the fol,aring a,ents, tut well a, Ur ataal
Maggie. nteoughter the coantrp
Seltootnoaker . Co. 2i Woo44l,itth Plttablargh;
J U Tawnecod. draatat, 43 Markel at
L ea A Seethe., - two, the 1.0. Allta p hcay elan
Jo. Barkley, Dart on, Stayer ...May, a.
!no Ennan allcy, t•
T Adam, lleaect, 4 11
VOL. XVII. NO. 21.
Wouiler sad Inmates of the Age.
This Extract a pet op in Quart lhaeltha: it h./211M
cheap,, pleasanter, sad vaminted superior to any
utiL It cures disease without emit/am mem. Ad.
ensor or debilitadter the Patient, • ,
The grant beauty sad superiorly atlas Panepstilla
aro ,. o il nib. sledleinicels widish eradicates dim., It
.I.p.m the body. It Isom &dm rary best
a, Itouwa it not only purillbss the sable 'rote. and
trength,* the perk% but it Creates, new, pure end rich
hood: . power possessed byres other&sdhlitte. And
this hes Me (trend nee rat of ironderfhl sure.. It
hos performed within the Mal two yearn, men than one
hod thonsped earns of aerate tam of. &sem; et
ban, 50,000 wen consideredamnrebla It buoyed the
hie. of .00143 than 15,000 children the three put imams
500,000 ease. of General Debility sad
worn of Mertens Energy.
'To...Bond's nen:anorak inelgtesten the
. rhols
system permanency . To those who hare leot ta int n...
tits energy, by the effect. of median.. m . 4E...eaon
euroroitted to youth, , the min,. indultam* of the
passion., and brought otr by plqakal prustntion of the
nerve, syeteur lanithdo, went eat:J:1111m feinting .eo.
.. , sons, prentatare deo:utast declass: •Iteapting toward
that fatal disease, Committals, combs entirely restored
c hi plan easant remedy. Thal Flarsaputrite fee supe
rior y
As it ream. and irtionitashOrt zymase; gin activity
Climbs. and strengM Os niumultur system i 0 Mad
extraordinary deg..
Glenne and lltrangtham Coommotion b.
BrearAitia, Coaranurtins 00.94•114 Dada
Dean* 0;1,4 Alas& •,,,tigg areAu.s.v......
CLArlfrais Flask Jkalt Sannts, Ikpadt wr
Pro/an Expectoran^ Psis h. LIM kis
axiom k
Splulai. Bleed. .
Da. Touracktm—l verily belika your Sankapenlia
been the means. throne. Ymnderne, of aiming no
Ilk. I bare for serend years bad obad Omen it be. •
mem worse and moons At 44 I raised hog. quantities
of blood. b a d nion weal; and was greatly debilitated /
and nalumsd, and did OM .poette lira. /have ably mod
your earsapnilla a
rims aral the. km. monderfht
cheap bko kairsat in ens I am km able to . walk
km me city. I salami blood, and nor age
km lett ma
E....a wall imagine that I am Mena& Mt th e
Your obedient annum •
. OIL DUSIDIA Catherinsm.
This is ouly o. of 097f1 lillll four Mona./ awe of -
Rheumatism that rare TownsetrYorPlentaparilt• has moat
TM most were and chronic cams are weekly eradicated
kY ...ordinary Armin
Jame. Cn=obtra Esq., etro of the malamute the la
Ambito, Blackwell'. Island la Memamma spec
kett of. the follevons letter
Brectwel7a blend, Srpr. 14,
Teseasteed--Dear B,r t I b.. witfettei comity for
41110 years the Ittbsentathm ; considerable of tla
num / cook.. ma deep or walk. I had tho etyma db.
*•1136. end lay - limbs we. torribUcawollen. I
Le. med Poo bottles a your Sarsaparilla, and a.l
kme dem ase more thee arm thousand dollen worth of
good. I ant so tomb betme—indeed. I ent etsbnlY a.
tiered_ Too are et liberty to ase Gds foe the bandit of
ibo deleted. 7011314 rupectfolle
Fits! FlIt•
Dr. Townsend. not havitia tasted Ws Illantsparills
of Pt., of matarna, eater rocaaresoded it, and was
Mrprised to receive thofollooring from an Intalllgni
arspectahle Farmer in Weetchater Conran
Ise dA .1•Arsol 1847.
Dr. Torrorrod—Doar Sir: I kayo a hula girl, .area
yr-trio( axe. who has been sennora years .filleted with •
Flu; we tried alosta snarl:am for her, Ind Irialallt
11.4.6 at last although we world 4.1 no recommend►
tan in your circulars fa e.w Ilk. ben, n• limo,, f 64 v
sea was a very dehesta health, ...odd give her some
If your Saraparilla. and are very glad we d id, (Or It ota
-,017 reotorod her unngth, bot she has had no ream of
tha Fun. to oargreat pleasure ad marries. She% hot
:..erooottg roand and healthy. for which ere Teel gratailtd.
Tour, rerpeafelly,
Female Medicine.
Dr Tow to.eohl's Samparillo too
p otroorotßthodXo
ore for lampoon Coomooptior . Harrettooor, p ow
l'to.t. or Fall* of the Womb, Costiveness, Pile,
Leocorritiva or Whim. °hennaed or d/fllealt Mouser.
004 • lavannetwo of Urine, or Involvanry discharge
thereof. and for the anent preasation of the ate
' . o —oo manor whether the resat of Whereat mum or
produced by Irregularity, illness or accident-
Nato, au be more surprising than he invigorating of
i.e. ea the human frame. Persons nlI wcaknets and law
etude. from fit tea it, a once become robust and fon of
ear,' owlet t. tatuonce. It immediately counteracts
oe, Loser. of the female frame which is the a rras
,u••• rya • r..414...5. It will wt be amend of are, ha
~f .I.ttetwe o oaten, to exhibit certificates of
perf a
rd. ha we au manna the 1e110.41,
Attained. mows have been reported to 00. Thouaande
carve.. where families have Wert without children, titer •
ow, a fn. bottles of this invalabie Medicine, have been
blestvd with fine, healthy offsprolg.
Greet Binning to Menne. nod phildren.
It lc tha oafs. amiemat effected medicine Ihr puritan;
the ..nee and relieving the walTermas attendant erne
add-birth over dimovered. It atrenahrni karate ma
nta and tbe child, pavans path and diseese. Mcrae.
and enriches 11113 food those' who have need it, think.
ta inditpeowthee t It is blehly .sold both before and
after conloantern. ao itprevents diseases antalant .pore
add birth—in Costiveness, Piles, enrol's,- Swelling of
Dospoodeney, lloartbstrn, Vocoulog. Poitt ht 110
Back and Loin; Faker Rama, Ilmnorreace, and hi mat..
nag the accretions and eqedaing the elroulaticni, it has
no coat The great Weep of this modicas is, it is al.
ways sae, and the niciat delicate um it amot seams.
fally, very liar eines "Nuke nor other otoltielne, in
soma • littlo Cootor Oil, or Maganota is asollal Soon-WI
to I.= opoo nod light food with this tordidoe, l
olvays wars nth end eery .olleganne
Beauty sad
Coithetics. Chalk, end • varieiy of prerparatioes paw
ail, is the, when applied to the Um. waryseon aped' it
ofdts beauty. They dove the amnia
the mrculation. which, whom nature is not thwarted by
disease or powder, or the skirt billowiest by the alkalies
used 10 theme. beiteuties its ova production in the" ha
tan face Dime^ as wen es is the .trust of rich had
eliemell mind thricyated dowers. A free, entire and
healthy cieculatton of the dual; or in, courtier of the
pore rich blood, to the extremities, is the. which paints
be countenance in most exquisite beauty. It te that
which imparts the indascnbable shades aid Mathes of
loveliness that all admire, but tame the describe. This
beauty to the offspring of thlare--esitqfpothise or sot,.
If there it mot • five red healthy circulation. there is in
beauty. If the lady's hie .. driven Loove.ltehe paints.
and vat cosmetics. nod the blood Ls thick, fold and hie
pure. the ts ht beautiful If the be brown or yellow.,
wed there is pure and attire Wood. it gives y rich bloom
to the cheeks, and • brillinacy m them eye. that is
This to why the-southern, lotaespecially the Sothis!.
are mach admired. Ladies 10 tie north. who
.he hot little thoreite or are confined La cloth rthms,
or lithe spoiled their couiplexton by the application of
.Jeltherions austarth, (they wish to lupin elasticity of
mop buoyant anima sparkling eyes end beautiful com
p...on, they should tug Dr. Tow...Ye Sarsaparilla.
Thouthoole who have tneil an more Sum othdlod, the
delighted. Ladies of every anion crowd oth Whew
Notice to the Lattice.
Thom that imitate Dr. Toomend's Semen. kave•
iablncelled their eta • great Remedy/or Female..
M. and ham atepted oar bills and ctrettlanortdel
relates to the complaint, of woman, word for word—other
who put up modlekm hay% aims the great emcee.
or Dr. Toormood'e ganammille la comptai. Mendent ld
recommended thatra. altbontrhemelemody thoydid
am A ember of Mem 1110semo, Pine, fer..., era hart
teepa. (maim as they gnomes diem% and andenstfo•
Thu certificate conclusively proves that lids Sample
ralle hes perfect central ever the toad obstinate diseases
the ithical Three persons tumid in ace home Le oh
Toewered—Deer Sir: bare the pleasure to itl•
I , trut rue that throe of 'my children Isere hems cured of
. Serytfttlet by the use of your escalkut medkiva
Ttst.y we,. Mauled very severely with bedSoret ; here
.ken new four honk.; tt took them airy, for yr kirJ. l
feel myself under crest o
Very eneprengr '
_lles Mum DIE.
Several thousand eldldren died la Ms city beet mays.
wt. reel." ...been saved by nines A. Townsend`e Pao
sap:Ardis ...I the. are tbomands of children who as
euferie from bad ' eons and h :hers •to
pony and weakly —who, ttelemanislad. aril make elan&
, as t e ma n aad if they do mot die, latif-h highly
It is
De Tor esendls lauvaparllla sill rectify this.
It pertdiarly adapted to children ex derldos count*.
tions. atot *hen diluted trith vat. it la • delight/al
.1% and ettildren km, n. dead,. h, will prevent
nod cure the Martin., Dysentery awl Cholera' Madan.
We there ts . father or mother litle 6'w penn.
cc enhomen a. to deprive Meir Children for • &Mr,
if !hie to.Joable remedy, old. will eertaledy senora
'firm to
- - -
Dr. Tnuntend is shuest d.dy recrietnfr orders frees
rb rsicines in different parts ofthe [lola. •
'11,• is to Certify diet me, the undersigned. Physpetsne
.1 in, city of Albany. here in numerous eases pictuthed
It. Tosrnrend , Nstesparills, end believe it to be sere d ihs meet voinaldn p f p.1.T.1112101 the musket.
0. P. PIiLING, 111. D.
Albany. April I, 1847. P. E. ELEMIDORP, 11. D
,Tolits of' Resansel.—After tbetbst Reirdember. 181.9.
Dr. S. P. Towoes.P. New Tort Omer will be in the
Swab Donna Church. No. P 3 Nassau aver... Lich is new
ander-pion • thoronei rbangs, sad will be fated foe Urn
oar necoanntadanon albs prop
TO. perm:star Noirs.—No Sran= th e gen., z
1,.. and oriefnal Dr. T, end's Cob.
stened by 5 P. Twwiniand.
AOL,ll,.Kedding Sr. Ca. NO 8 Nude meet mid Ur.
E. C 0.!,,. No. Dalt:nut at*, &moat 8..41 akldtr.
Jr _ 1 . ,,,,,01 ; Fratl, Salem ; Junes r. Gunn. War.
cost.r ; Coecoril [Sakti &D. 0., P.S.
,rd.•ee and ns Dreflre oA Afeardwans vosrally
lo,..r!rnal the unit, si a i s• Welt Indies. and the Ca-
F'n• tale by R. E. RELLERS, Ealn.Agent for Pins.
burgh; D. M CURRY, Allegheny; A. PATTERSON.
Jaynes, Expenearant.,
SAL)* Columbiana c0,,0., Apr. 23,
.booed to Yell
laid the eifllietedpriblie, to avail myself or d. op.
porionittgivinypubllelrytothe extraordinary ace/
f'dn7l7.oll=llln,:ia, 144110 face r
and ClNlComhant diseases, and seemed only doomed
alln out a slum bat miseraele existence.,
_until On
of ISA when, being more SertZtly attached, and
having resort./ re atimy formerremedma, and the pre
seripuons of two of din mod regime/al& physiciaccl%
the neighborlioal without deriving smy;, or the .• I
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