The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 28, 1849, Image 4

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Ir_ NPielref Dr1 . V,V4LLfe tely;..v4): Imre
Zeitto, evstibtel ilped4y.,tyrednesday,,and,
y eventitt C,P.ll,`andarelns pi,Yomigagreu
.exile o fo , o4 Ai waxt--ituarrung legvceSkerge.l
town Tuesdiy, Ashiet levealsv Au it
KU., and veradk IldiNce In time rot morelpg bon,'
ALLFAIIIENI curge, Mtn Or, Jil Ptilabaret at
14 dcisgit -
Tbe pcieleot HARRATVAY. Cam_
lea - m Seaver TiLeedety., ,Theresday md Pattcniay, eire4-
ler II CP. reetirmeng, leave New Ce.eue, btonday.
ethical. y Pritiary creezegs ea P.elo elm
smb we emerg i boet Pmebtrrgie..
inAnTa P eC c oni i el nccc alions ettata " Nan hat a7Ll ', W i l:
. Nan be4i; e bee
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tr. enpneee . 4-6
Araf t, Pltubarg
aielf &Mu,
Jamb. Tompivem.
VT:Corellumbeel,.Ne. (Nme
•Tbe elegatraemlir, HUN Y C P P .
learallastaa, daily 48 A. hi, atal PttistatrWat 3 P.
Inameg - tneonnieetam with atat nada , : tnataS AI 3
. 1 9. .gir
ii .... .
wan.. &lad 1M er Pa/manger Litre.
C)l2la L.P./tel-15 ALLOW. l i ; ,
~..., , '4, ......, 51. • .1: , r
olculf ...Mewl P &sleeve. Benver every day
(Sundays tempted) &arrive pen morning. ni
amen, when they, e t with the
. si. stages for
Akira. and Garcia* Cat eacbarta• - • 1 3"`"
before night. 1/.ea' she,pecketa leard•Warrea dany
at 5 P. 51., and aniso it. Beaver to slnte to I.l.l.eithe
morning boat for Pidrobtrah. _ 4, il a -
51 B TAYS.O . "sio y -•
OEIN A CAL :11.6Y Again, 1
Ipl3 ' 'comer Water anglitinalad sts
alaMly 1849. - • i.atati .
.:'•"':.: UNION LINE,
OW 1f1g1W..61.1511.111.1A MID 0115th CA.1611.49...
Clasygobn a. CAMILISIJAA, 9ATcLi44. 0 i i,,,,,,,,,,,,
IL O..rAWL , .I 4SSVC 0 . ., S ' T` , •
f rnigl U. witrlss rycka•ed op the. opraing 4 nay.-
.5. gado& to transport ireight and °Pt...Parrs irym
prn.. ,intrat abil CLEVELAND, lo 6444.044
the Canal.d Laken.
The faellitics of the Lane Ott UR sai*Oeti in &Milker,
quallry and courtly of Boats, ...nonce of captalos,
and eaciency of Agents.
One Boat leaves Pittsburgh and Cle.raland daily, mu
olug)rt connection & I ha A im etrai C c•. , r-,
AN, ~
Between Pittsburgh ...Dearer. and • hoe of gpaelars
creamers }propellor King Yeasels . au La.&
Aurattair -. 4oParks,"lteascr,Pa.
le art Thilderin,youngstoorn, Oirall; '.
111 . 8 l'ayl r,'W rren,
Cyrus PrentistrAbarermaj 4 . :
Wheeler & Co, Akijor,4 , "' " 5 •
Crawfonl & Ceamberlin, Cleveland, ci
gm. tr.:ariddh, Caffein, N. -.-
JOHN -- A. CAUCHEY, Agery,
001eu t cor Water and Soli:150d Ids, Flushrtrrea
. „
otebrilily .
egkirgit 4.:3t.agys. , • .
Sweater MICHIGAN No. 3.--ClapC.6l/1 , 011.
, Getrdott.
'MEE above regular and well knows. hearty Prieb
.l. es; bare ctn.:mewed making chew dailywhis to
and from Beaver, and will conticate to mu between
Pittsburgh and Beaver regalntly during the season, as
Michigan No 2 lasses Pittsburgh dilly .t ni'elock,
A. M., and Beaver 2 o'clock, P. M. Like Pic
leaves Rinser del). 111 N o'clock, A. M., and Pitzsishipit
at 3 o'clock, P. M..
Jini' steamers inn sin is cannedzinn with
/:'Parks' FAlstess eacket Live, for Eno;
tapir& Lothinglrell's lVarren Paean.; ' •
Union Lizzoof Freida Boats for clereland; •
Clarke ItCo'a Pitisissagh end Cleveland Line FrSiAM
R O Park. eve Castle Packets. '
?ORIN le Co,,llenver. Agent!.
JMIN A. CithUllt:V, Aged'. PinsbarßO,
_ cos I r and Pnaithialid its
1849. •
• • • •
;LINE, ...
T HE Propitetoritio( this old ettabiAlted and 'potent..
Lino, en firing oil!): f FiZti Gist elnee eine;
Meet. own eit Ay Llaru. , l , . ....1 ~ n on ill ranee:,
non with the gleam Lents LEAVER -krill itAl..lin
COPE, nee ennbl4d to oGer uneonitiled runtimes for
the freight end Trappengere r oeiller
opening of Canal arertgation, to elipolitti °nth', Venn.
sylramaasutpido!uad N. York eenale end ttie Lake,
; K.-?;l.ltlTett h. Co. Cleve:nett
BIDWELL.% 11110T1IFAL; .
• •,,,
,Agents, itenitzg.
' 'I:C. DIDIVES.4, Av.,
mall "%Saler cruet,yineb or. b.
Le. =sows, won. torounn4
Plueborgib • Ilene,
A r " grgt Lo r rar g" rUs aC ir ;
toots Banner eon! Caleb Cope.
Ilavingina rebnodd thelar, end ;Iddluntial Moro
Boot Jest beta for the Monongahela. Ines et, .tras ,
with the winnow ten Wurelionsont, mod Ean, , li a.•
' comatedadons tor ereeivmr, hod Ibrironinte, aid
pledge thetrancositinennon, precut:nes , and ficephteh
to eonolgoments trl Weir erne, end rely on Welt. dwelt
for a trill marnedis ORO
— p - ilvrautawri Ar.D
1819. 1 . 1
hlant.littiod Lone..
WOE Proprietrirui th on known Lh... Of . Cann;
I Roam'. nour prepnred to transport Penn ,
and Freight in oil porn. on t rte Exteneton, New
York Canals andiVeskes upon We most Coseenb,
Wromand with d
Thu Late rant. eouldrea, odd( OW ...Aid.
BEAVER and tep e TlC COPE. betorPO PownifirO
and Beak., CM d s Lose of stencil bolds rind ire.
ads, the Lakeepond the Troy and nimble, Lake
Baud Line on We New fork carnal
C. N IL:EU, nroprre , hato. Pa
!Wilma &droner ,or. lbws ,
NV r Umbe Age nt a 1 AterkimoriN
Otace,ldonengabil 1., o
lion.o.„.Pittsbucgt. ,
CONSIGNEat-W C Malan. nii raw, JEAS Hub,
Sharpstnajt. Saab d Iwo rung, dais J LI Phnom, r,
West Greenville, 'Mid:, Iffray,
Hourtstown; Dog...A Sanaa Itudnio,'Llarm•o, yd.,
iCen Elandnoky, Jai A Abon-tnwg, Delanu, Knarood
Newberry, Sbobotdool Al C.a. & Wiblanie, hirtwari.
kle; Ennis Mode, & Mao, itaeine7 Jo, 11 Mout,
Chicago, A Wheeler & Lo, Pew
OA_ ' oral
Pittelbtregh mad Manville Packet Line
m ai = 1840 .
h(Aj ogb--Et
spletnta Pneket Dais to to driong the cocoon, 1,
[amen Itioirwalle and Poustrur-,, bowl to be woe
cd by three every ran mode to nacos.
Mando pamenders.
DoruaTutb—lionts will leave Ptuslittria every
klandnYtTnesdad, Tbaredny and Frldns, o'black,
ran Prom Illawriiie every bloaday, Wenoctitn),
Monday and Sotnolor, nito'clocZA n, obit Enrico
at Pitubutti We same day . A two bd.° Ilnelc from
Indianalirill Meet the bow at Soltebdtdd both du up
ward and downward trip—porand ptitungcm thrpagh
from that plate in one day
Freight for the above Line will be recet,cl s et the
bonze of the Iloamen's Line, by Inn. Ferran A Co.
who are our Yatbon.od Agents. All tonight ',Calved
free of conuaLustorts. J M 310-SIIALL A. Co
Canal llama, Liberty ea, Patabilrgl.
A Hach leaves I.llsir.vale for .Votingstown oh tiu
arrival alba host—returns to Pont te, morrusg te
fniSt 15114010 to Yoga ystown /et! at odor
of Ltrannedn's Wire threruch _ sot ao
1549.111 M
Par tho 'Trolorronon of hoght and /fora
YO, ,
Twat& 0 Co snot Putshotch.
HIS old estalmished Lone b ents ,enw on fen ape ra
UOO, do mimic:ors are preparAl won their usual
extennive arrangements to to ca n ard were bomber, pr.
dace, to. to and frau the above pa rt., on Klatt l terms,
with the madam . , demote!, and Way peculiar to
their mode of transportnoon 140 obrwux, robot trap.
shipment on the way Is avoided .
All consignments by tailor this hoe merit, ell, char.
mania, and [annulled in any tenoned durum... free
a charge for coduidmion, advadeint or storage.
No imam, directly or inchreetly, uteatoboat
All eannuodoeoeo.ptomi'up attended to on applteo
don ho the allowlrcr efenne.
THOS. BORBIDGE2 Market .LPhilentelphlt
• TAAFFE A O'CONN No OR, Ciotti Ilant. Pout ash.
O'CONNOR It Co,North s, ilalliAttre match'
Zig= 1849.
JO= rtrEa.ll, floe. RINVIIAJA,
Wm. Dawn., Judos Once
Conducted on street lanbtourokeepand
fglfiE Propnerors at this old ...Mod , . Low have
pot Wed etml on We mum ernapiete order. and an
thotaedbly prepared_to forward Produce and Morel:taw
due to and from the Fdatern chic,
We tins that Our tong eat. tn-natt in the earl tog
badnest, and zealous o f to the interests die,
tamers, wrote to or coalman , nod amens,
of the partnnige hitherto curevehed landisam's Line_
Oar ntrangernemw Ott rumble us •to eon) . Pretght
With tbd Mast despatch, nod nor poll re goad always
bnelo}as the lowest <bawd by other re•pdouble
N Whore opened an cante in No 1..43 Murk, }tree.
between lob and nth ow, Phila., tat the cohveinetwe
of shippers. •
Pronnett end Dacha:An. entt ba.ltereleett awl &a
warded, East aut West, ....hoot arty charge tor ter
wardiagf,a4lat itorugeOr cog:1161140n
„ i e Bill. of Indult' fotwar , led, dad every dmheton
~P=attended to. -
e, or apply to Win. lIINGRAtd,
Canal Hawn, Cot Liberty kJ Wligno
131:46HANS & LOCH,
`No Mend 210Make0arect, Planet.
JAMES wox, Agept,
No VA North !toward ip
Maeda, Ouldmom
metalNnlo Wen street Neu. Tort _
MAN 1849. 50,65 E 974 '
ntretteustar Transportation Lana.
TOITLIIADLLTIna aaDnattlalopc
TIME Canals and Maul Roads bean; now Open, nod
In goodorder. we ere . drepnred fot ward ell
km& ofmerehaninse add produce W Phtintitipluti mud
Bedsore., with pnampmers and dapaten. hod bn ua
good Kim ao am other CAAMeAIRILTY
Canal Mudd Patine', Ptrodnatelt.
Aaters—CILARLIN RAYNOIti Pialladelfddin
midi ROSE MORRILL A Co,lialtiradre,
strit tall...alit Casual
presayart Packets Lletcp.
(ExclarivelY for Pamenow, re-/
THE publicans respectfully tnforined that hilt Loon
will eartatinee Mail nthe 10th last, aqJ COO•
Ihrolllollolli the SOMA
The boo* are now, and of onsittior elan, ith
laigedeoldnu. which will give greater ciwifort, The
ears are the loran construction
A bottwill aleralibe in port, 0111 trasejerolire te
ener/ad Mean and
.s.tamito them cuatalft pas
7 1" "
IJrle ZtTeg fi
dri th"l o gl i
homer 0(1.011114,ra ol r , ealgoighl at line o
..W e, TiAteidays. For infornintion. the
We, docangate,la • Ham,. to DLEFf.JfkCo
Coast pßlu
+ eb~r.
t ieprm
• . " 17 - 1 - or - lherneaspo awn ..ot I,etaltt to
Tij lIMADELpaIA, B.AO.m . goKF: .k NEW YORK
R . lE;s4coa the Canal -LOU .• ~..,... ~,
l ie
t411,0f the "ore le Ir•pe ((All ~ . 0n73
:tho'ort_bht tht fi lkeir am, garep il W , Treri 4 , ,nd la,
iTtirreigh% Ampere& an at Inwrai 1, , ,
rat aromeaskro eall the arle too of aoneer 1 Kam
. aralji4e the feet Ore the gee" orloya by ..... I.
.ilstortniat, sr-everted by trio and cosrannoten by
'r g 3'"''' ... o 44'*"' • Irlil Ind it Ovantageoas
to tall 14 7 aairgi l aVe r snb , *raters have mule ar
' goltrobla to hate each frelete for Bat
litanderrifiricily Goo "kr In etret, thereby ea
ale ?}archer Or bloating ; •
Lt to Ittatadelphla goe:t clew through in the
cytLarge mode for reeeirinikstoring or advancing
I ettaor. t ICIER & .1 .. , FM, Itropnctora,
..., I Coal Mom li
, Serener eEt,
1 AqiattrTflieb
Je A. Shaw, Cif e0n",.0,4 h ie Ale
l Colicarah& trail:mom issAkeel & Co, .
1 , phalurnmas •A Thensal:el
Colabia. "chat
PatHirairifY "TANI* CI Aff ?LI. dli It. 11.0 A DS,
t abig2lllB49.AtAla
Ot==M 1
I ... , two •
11111.thetfgA let Pitatithigultits and Baltzmore.
iLsustvely PlesenseraT
rIMI/Itrattholsthe reapc4 ty thformed that tint, Woe
1. will comine4.6 re . onthloodm. loth 'dutch
IL, boats arca. I.dne tp oft , a Apertor 1 AT mob
enlarged eabln, loamy lift gyve steamy comfort to
passengers - j",
Admat w il l atbayrbe INCiaortj and lechers ace re
queiltd to waited exanfthr them helots engaging pas
sap& by other routes Theg oral Neve the landing op
pouts the U -S. Hotel, cog*, Penn 'tree! and Canal
every night at 9 o'clock .1
PARE- , NINF. DOI/LALS nicuit.ii
Wrir...ll Days
Fps Information, apply fij thre office, Monongahela
NAthelelr 1. D ['MCI.' a co, c.... 1 a..n
N.13-Thttet prOprtetoraldu this above Line are t am
hullthlng arreadatonal Ligtof P.sckets in run at, a
*alienist: i tth l ot a n clAncLott vrtth th e Pt a bove aTI
vaing R&D ad fn l epv&stonm, to Phlludelpt et At
...att.= dr , tCI no" lent'''. eiery mon ns and even
I ai T T I L ZS 4 I ll' 1 1 . 4) l igiiI* L E. B 0 .C; ' l•Tti - H.
(1415iri -
For ylransporta:on el
eIyODS c Islet/ on LLo- Lino are out trauslupped
SA_ between Pittsburgh pad PSuladelplun.. I,einK car
netkin four egottou PortaNe ILL, otos land and se
terth,to ehlygeSs of rnetzinishUie moiling careful
'.e'"6l 6 4 11 , 01 =potatoes No thyme utn.le k•r
eivEvoirx or ',lopping orhdr MAJAMI1C1111; clannera Al. B...sata ~ ,,B, a,wmcg AA on as reasonable
"'nth.. by , 1 other LAO, •
c d011,, , . 11 FADE.% & Co,
, Can. Dot M 1, , ,
. Peon m. I tuattutsh
, J S PP , & Cr .
1 2-vl Werke" & Sj Commerce st, Phlla.
t&DEN & do,Fomenting and Como.,
Tta, sant, Canal Mnn, Teen at" Plusbargh
t .. 1. •
WIES E DAVIS Aot,,Flear Factors and Comma
tokaderchatta. 1 Mat e 27 t and Si foramen, 1.11,Cl
PathdelleMat marl
}either of the above on Floor
Ngt -A ..r .... 1 mt 11114.41 coasts ed to them for
' , ''' ''
5e t ,....._ m trl?
1814. -....-tit=
11(.1iinon4zers , IWO IPRICACTIAT LINK.
Fps IllelnOMlLe Jolter tllothdayaborsh, and
ell Inter mot Ogees
, 1 1 41. Lln . 1,11 coolie I ta,rern an Way Gant,
L'lvith the I banal dc Irk, and at fair ram. et
t A.cre—G• IL ?PAN V 1& Co, Pittsburgh
...ill Wither, I , lellumman
1 , oho Miler, nollinnythursh
Ass lames L Meath plot; Mea & ehnclarr , Dr F
Pheettbersc4 R Moore,Mtn tarter, " I. tt on Coma
begat & Co, Wm Leduc& & ( r t., /no Nl'Devnt & DroT
Pilthburgb, &oho Ivory, &thmll., Nluthollan A Ray. Ino
Gtita & Co, 1111torsville t
„._ ntehfl /
I ~l IISD. IVA - ( 61 41,6 i. PACKET LINE. '
kl llg a ---4 04 . IlEaSite ".
,tenni Parkek--SWAITLTIW, Copt fond.
X• - Ir. OCELN, lisp& %%utters
9NE of OM EIiMIVIA Padget.. ave Leaver oven day `
--Dhuhlayi excepted' &o& artlytt next ntenotne nr
tint. yaklke they utate t tab the flail Strum , fr a
AAVVI Card er SleVellel. CIE ea vac oof these places
umhte tu One Of tha , acketa mese M. ants Mum
al SP. E.,,kIL lIT6Ire a& vier , t tone to rile the
mending stelmint for P,ltlabegt,
,CsIILS 6 FINCIW LLI. 1% Tan } Fr .,. ~,
,iklß raft MK, 1 , i
f ,DI'AVIIII AND Er; W P teker LIN F_
" nuitthlan no en{ MAIM'S, Lath uor m.
'T. anal P a rk..— =sk t d"Sum. Copt lc doe . ;
. n
:r-- , ...
, " t' ~,'=" 0,
~-; to Lag
Yirgethte, - ktrowt . t.
17; t .. &WALT'' , " 2. ./ . ."
11 ,,. abort/emend opkildth g rathenser Pact em barn
ithAttn-nced,Audmrbe pen, uEnvLa AND 1k..R11.
add's , 11 nth resoluir l dents; the sere me hoot
testEnts LDS emery mortals as , o elock„mol one Leav
n*Xe‘ver Over) event matuedtately ants the arn
in the stinonth A A 1.4 v.* IF*. 1' , ...b.-0 , -
n... bums ore dais dral,romoriably runn.ned and
VMMA,I6II thLush to fol l y hours Paa•cogers to an,
pOiL on tbslsthes or le Mesons &.t., mai find rho.
rOtan the Aso comforthgle And Arpecliwmh Ilt Ithh,
bent eh to Almon. on tier Ithke can 1r procured h,
'l9? Y "'' ' propocuich
1 ,,,,, KS , PAR & Co. Lees et
011 V A CJIVI.It:I, Ast PM^ 1. ure h
l.^ edt r W Mr and `moo I t ul •Ls
f c .l.-4•10 liaraistth, Mufti:, N '1
s C' Iteed,re Ps
C c, 4.l,itu, P.,
i ZiL't B.linni d ging Ls Bend. F.
. Iles• &PI h, Sta;rursh Pa,
, ~
it , 1.0.1512.4tthat0, P.
1 DC hl
Il lrks, Pa,
_ It 11 , 1thum New Castle. Pa jyl
I;. -..1+ ~:::.
~..., ....,..:; —... ...1. , .
p CWILIIER.I-..01 .13ALT1310131., AND Tlfs
~, t. • .1 'CITIES. T iI IE Props 100 co ads& have Loon New et,
and and prepared lordeond paekasea of all de
,rk., •do 'T .14 ihn , e.. ,
r .I .0 nl!rlV I I.l_agent.
1 ‘i'MLICIL •/,rl, I It. urgh
t Attall',..uN & Ill*ll t
sthllleuth St ton. , bebouore
JUA Rick
rde N
`:Wassong... amdi , lidamd elene• Canoe.
114.1111/ES & . ei)ottaue to Wale persona
robs fro any pan prt eaml, Deland. tieohtsod or
Phig&EW 401, dr.. inord ltberat tern:mot tar lb.,
trtital ponethlOtr awl Be als to the wants nod CIAO-
I pitiar enurt*atits NV do o,), allow carp ae•tetth.cra to
hiiiliolotted by tlie tone
that Ittfeat the aea.
vorta,, al we tate tkorge tof Tem the moment they rd.
pdyy,thentelves, Mad •41,,t0 !frit well toettot, sod dr
V,47thli'iti„Tr.l,"''''X'zrq° ' L 6 : hr.” p "4. .: —‘
erre - ser sheer Met they 'ire attuto'ned*gt,,,,fuTf,r tl
ititit:erpool, i t leant deaf others were 4G11.1 " ,h;d
atitrthe, until they could ate saw he some. old era!, at •
ehZo rate., Whitt, too frlneolly proved their coat.
5Ve Intent nodprrm 0.1 POraTialh honorably, eota
hitt It may, not lat ils . .as Me mane Inet sew., ether 62 eerm—ertilieitter performed hot all, or
when It soiled timr eltreiree. '
~'llinitn drown Co Pt orrtt far any mm from 11 ut
aVAT . ll , e s :mo . r a ptiL:netel Hanks tr, Ire
-415i111A RUBINSON,
PiltlrlratoT. ' o d d C Ze n tlt i wM n' '
4lttucaufsr we. ERUOI4.
BRIAVN would respect.
f4ll ) Worn the pobltc, that he
-vqr— idand on the
si4eEtY .ol the Diamond elle
oltxdo tier. To ' o ' r
diKin i'oe beet .1) le, warrinted
tint to airy the ILlnded State.
141.1littils eon be moored with
°IL 134•1 ti of a *crew driver
pnrchnsed th e stock,
1 too :44 atal wood of tae cabinet.
trait/tea/of HeMikey &
I t Vant prepared to furnish
llte ad <monomers as
I.llo.putrito 11t liege, and/ prey& thing 111 thew jibe
IJl•reneyrNon-Wood Weer' Yu/snoods
halt ; J A. RHOWN
prAPER)IIIINUIPI6'IIaII Zit now m s - in!,eet dtret
, from the ...isnot...tent - In New York, Yhtladel
ard Bhltimore, • Ihhe And well 'elected asurrt
inimt of all the 10.1 21111=04 ImpTeved style. of sa
nd& glazed and cormobti HANGI‘I,+, non
Ibling or— L
pieces/hi Ptilitr add Fresco; i
10.000 U
. Ida Rttld : Culvmq
• 1n, char:alter .010 oak . .
ftr —watch I ornold nictilarly invite the attention
Of ow hoot hooses,lo ptairr, to cull and examine,
!tit ood
le Paper %Citrehowt.of C HILL,
Clarnsung In Part of cr e els, Rilatona, loon., Ho
Gloried, Crop, beixe,Cambries V entage, Lace
t":d; !gnarl* Pongee (sinlokerchiefs, ' rents erstvain,
pritsh ' are eOtton 140dkendocli, cerdri
_Wmg Stlk. Td ...zta, Co ot ,
Myr, at . ire IAipIItIVAIIII city inerchtmts are re.
peldfally itivited to call irnsl.£xamlne tus stock, No el
COM.' Gefeta_talld oichat
F XTINACT C(lFsl*—Ao article whieh to
!emir-' Ole al a weceetogn, nourtabilie
Ohio at' ,
Pt7il: th° o;tOt
.fold sr
Vin eOtiter of Vin
L ei s Sul
eakohne do do. The •Ove hoods to
male at the CM,
EstabllsUale. Nos wood .t.
SSORTEti — SPICP.ti—eut up for rowdy wre, to lin
.11 owl% erselosed . ;oliding lid hoe, c p ets ,„„,,,
Mustard, ; Mather,
• '
iylltanwated . pow. For vale .me new spot and
20ataed Factory, ttonet oryerry a Ltherty SOL
N,llLE—Wroughtiontilovtlib from toe Temper.
eel Ile works, !Minted; will be c0w...1y
goiband and supplied wito Jr, by
mYS9 IEO HRAN, 2C Wood w
g ANE FURNACE H' KKK rouulanteredlrom •
1.1 saperltar:artiele gti, Rill var Fire Brick Clay, al
glare turd for We by i L ',l KIER A JONXS
I,Pr. W. W. Wallumhaviag axed • Hearth or urge,
qpidity and menefeet fog t ahe put Manteca =um,
Wpm:wee* it upend la Lb.,' bunt. no m general
age , ii ingl6
riNE COGNAC /3 ' 691'. —O7 half pipes Vlrioo3
. ViCII4CIII, of oar cgan *permute per Commerce
Bain Bordeaux, pm reed sad for sale Ivy
'lliad . k xpi.a.en k ftrcumos
litt lii,b — galitireoeteed, • Orautlfaliiesort
-13 merit o r
ti s ll ggemlemens' Gold Guard
i1a121113, from 510 to oath, enema] pores. Al,
;reading Wags oft!! I ggold; gold Pencil, Finger
Inp, E. Rings, Meat Pins, Bracelet., Gold Pens,
Widebes, , lto, 1 6 •- WIF WILSoN,
tti , . e s ' - . ;cantor 4.11 t and Maga,. us
IrELVIWRIBLION :". Join received =Loudon Rte.
.0,47 Market gire t ei
:,, , ,t
gy p. o:dared Vel,), Meat, smutted color'
,4 30 -, glut "', .., .." ,
,`:! 8" embroidery ciaappops 'ride Float, ke.
ftileed F
lIINE.MAYP4b7e T...
'Ai taktiag an gliPhlibl
001 the Mined Staree;:
04 etere in..leertliorie
ht 4..16 'tieFottCHUet
iy, with ati appebdis c
A•uutrs. .1.1 reel by
V,V myn ,
1 i, ---.-- E4 tt r r ---- i 9,1: , - 0 . 4 3 4 , 1C . 1L 0 3,. c t fi .
Wstaaces tom Wsshingtora
Ragtals vectivelyi akba ex•
• Varei i " Tinie 7:11 ." 11; gift
' 4lnCii: .N &STOCKTON,
. 5 ~ a inser .. and =lnt Es
.1E1)1 - CAL'.
0 Med.:toes pP.the day."
..ft•1103, Oh:a, Slay Vi,191.9.
Sellers u nen fm the benefit of atbass
to -tele •inna'fakii in relation l 0 your err-alkali Falai.
ly I, y
wive rovntlr Vermin Age largely inlay Irma fie,
oy oh • vial freOneutly onsocong for expelling large
qua, lies
Y. lvhy b Van worths from ono children I
have vivo ,oedn•Cor !Aver Pills lAingb Syrup lis
had they hare .1 every mstanee produced
the effect des r•in;
As I
eny4iged merehandiung, lam able to
state that have.:4 yet In hear of the firet failure where
your reedtmo•-•1110, been L 144 in my section of the
country. In edadluslon. I snag CAllt that they are the
medtmeee of tlididar, and are derunml to have a very
extenure Your,. respecttuilp,
W Prout.,
Prepared andtiOld by IL E SELLERS. No 53 Wood
street, and Dryers. generally In the two ed.
LC* and ..emit r.: rural
RIIATry alktt tie LIVER CrShIP - LAI - Per, by fie
anginal, only Roe, and immune Liver Pill.
Snort Cwt., Ohio county, Va. t
blareh 201 h, 1340. S
11Ir FL IL Sel4m. 'Sear Sir—l Runt it a duty I owe
to you and to Ott' public genera ly, to Mate that I Mee
been aftl,c.4l 'With the Liver Cum Isom (or a long
time, and so inuty that en sleet., formed and broke,
et bleb lett rue trim very low state. flaying heard of
)I.LLY relcbruuk Laver ride being , for mie by A R
Sharp, to Went iaberry, and recommended to no by
phymetan. Ht. E. Smith, I concluded to - give them
fair Inal. pVrehaned one Lox, and found them to
be lase what dentate recommended, THE,IIE.ST LI.
V ER PILJ.EVISR USED; and after taking Your boxes
I find the d kg. M r Ma* entirety len me,
i and I ma now
pertlectly Respectfully yours
. Went Liberty, March 26,1049.
I certify thelit nm pernonntly acquamted
of wehie
Coleman, and Min bear testimony to the truth the
above cernfiev• A SHARP
Tee oLiver Pals are prepared and sold br
Sh.LLER . tio 57 Wood street, and by Oregano.
it. the two cltit.
'YU THE Yllaue —The onginal. only true and gen.
time lover prepared by R ED e litre, and have
h.. name sesmreil in black wet upon the ltd of each
box, and It sitnatare on the outside wrapper—all
others are courskerfelts, or bat imitations.
salt. R_}. DELLIIRA, Proprietor
Ut4JAY2914 , 8 ceit2llNAtlv BALBAaa
12 ROM the For* ABA DRINN, a well knows, and pop
r Mar Clerseritian of the Protestant Methodist Church
The andermered having been afflicted daring Inc pus.
Welter with a Rillraae tithe stomach, sometimes pro.
diming great pain to the sunnatli for tenor twelve hour ,
without etterniniOlinA and alter basing tried v amour
remeibm seatiWiale 'Pert. was furnished with a hoe,
of Dr D Jarisei.tarsteaative Balsam. This he aced ae•
cordite. to the hlreetionv, and found invariably that MI.
medicine emails Übe pain to abate in three or Mar non
Men, and an gheen or twenty minuiesever• uneasy
vensatmon witanniirely quieted. The medicine was
s/r rwardsesed :Whenever Atheationaof the •r poach
p of
painem perm:rived, and the pate ...thereby prevenb
ed lie cone:pied rouse the medicine every are
and socrieumearh the earthing. and in few ' weeks
health sae so IV restored, that the ander, war relics
ed from a Istrehgsmount of ',ppm-alive pu.n. From
pe J ience.therefAre, he ran coontleolly re eoru .
D ayne's Carglnative Balsam, sa a salutary e. •
for &scuts oMesteMach and bowels. A hugs N
eitY • 11 1,
For tale in Filtiburgh at the PEKIN TEA DTOR
7.2 Vonvair meet i Olt Wad, and kiwi at Urn!
n• of 11 F. cI.IIIW a RTZ. Frolersi itrecO
,t; Mut Gaga, ant. , rust
Cousumptioncoughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchium, 1,,
cr Complota; ...Minna Blood, Difficulty of {{mu),
tog, nun lit the Side nod Breast, Palpitanon of
the licaf . s, Influenza, Croup, Broken Fon
.routian, Sore Throat Nervous DebUi•
ty, slid all Daseases of the Throat,
illlttat and Lung.l the most ef-
Retual and speedy roe
never known Mr any of
', the above &seas
• • es, is
, b n. SWATNF'S'
Ossraapoisiiad {{Vet:Sp of
am Wild Cherry{
Tina medieind it no longer ong those of doubtful.
Imlay. It knOttased away from the thornanda dany
lat oohed aporrthe Ode or egpentnern, and now nand.
Maher in repdUrtione and Is bcconnog more extensive ,
ly us ed than any other ration of medscins ever
"Tel%VeetiTertfetree'l .ver7 "-c"ng ' 7,T1 . 1 Mr It the
Dada Statestjand Europe, ono tn e e n te e are Y few " tot t irens of
imporlande littluthat roe route retoortable evi
dent,. of snood effects. For proof ot Me foregoing
u...meow s antroi Me value and effteacy of th.s medi
cine, the proptcetor ...di insert a fees of the tnto.y thou
sand tcastmotii4lr tablet, user Leers prented to htm t,c
nttrt, a tt, firike reaper mbilny—men 0100 ha •r• o.rher
loco. en mortHt respon.ibtlity and Ague, than to e•—
tif) to fact., Gerona ,. It Will do another a t Ivor 51.,4
... se tae. retittfUtthe. t . SYCII temimonv prover co,
ehoovely.thallts sari - amng excellence 111 e.tatt,,shrd
by its intrinstilmertts. and the unquesuonoble aulhott.
Ey of publicAguntan. The tusiantancoo• rellef it 01
trolls, and thessassthing i nfluenceddused turougn tut
%hole Immo ii,y On tse, renders II a most , apse chic
malady for tit 6 teamed
.10VItea saiti, aettng Irons eatutonenuott• unpalt , c,
voluntarily . beat testlatotty to the truth ot a ttung. or
par-Imolai faersactehteartunony,.hetat ,ontrary to west
worldly nue .a•nd purposes, eormes 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,„,, a
its truth, and- mend. 11.111 tn • apex-oil manner to
miasmal cr ' ec.--O'Hogan, Moral /Halm..
Stur-1, Asmitfla Cent or l'etatoaaar Forrarartmor
There never iltis a tethedy that btu been a. Inceestfol
It deaperate.:ettostt of Consurupuon. aa Dr. Swaim. ,
Comtsmnd Strop of Wild Churn*, It strength.. the
t) MVO. mod %mean to neal di e ulcers on toe lung.,
creating near:and era blood, poorer possessed hy no
toner medicidg;
reverer. Co , April :Md. 1.0
:.leay Dear :tin 1 vertly netters you, th, L ,te.
poond ..” -- eapi:4l Wild Chet, lota boon me meant ot
•isring n.y 14t,!? cooatit severe cold. h ado •
ygrecr creche, attended with a severe rough, that
restated all thk.rettledie-S WhiCh I bud recount. to, Mail
ice reciting odkll my ease malatted all the symplashe of
l'ultoonary tkkostunotton. Ferry thin; 1 tried seemed
to have Ile 4000, and my complaint toe reused so rapid
ly that triendaras well as myself, more up all hopes of
my recoveryi , At thus time' was recommended to try
you, Lovaluate medirine: dtd to with the moo hor
n,. results. 111 e first bottle hod the eile. Rodeo to Ison
oue, rarrL% rho to expevrortue freak . , and by the
eem I had %a bottle a,l was entirely well t.. 4.1 ant
utha heagy a ent nas ever was In my ram and
would he haZ clue any toformall:anzespectois Icy
zue, thm o suderem may dative the .-neht ion
wtuels lam if grateful. For the truth of the above
tettemer.t, Utter you to Prter Rash. West
Cua~ cli6 L ef whom 1 pa. chose, the medicine.
I,esparsfOil. hyt,
Wur..../.110 Cu, of a Alec/.43a . - tbnar.a..
It, Sysinytitit—twar for l trot • debt et gratitude due
.e you—and agility to the arineted generally. to oder
my humble Mtinniony in favor or Tom Compound Sy
rup of Wild Cherry &urn three years ranee I i e „
violently attOked with cold and torinmaismon of Mc
Longs, wirdept was arcomparued with a dmtres•ing
p.m the bream and head, a •er7 considers:
ble'drschurgoitil offensive omens from the Iturgs. ear,.
Melly opon plunge or 'reamer. however slight At
brit I kir rolluren about my condition, but woe pretty
soon couyineed that •.10 rapidly going mto co...op
tion. I crevetiarly weaker. and rit length mar scarce
iy able to wail Mena, or spent alms! a whom... soon
sm. mee u eetelow weakness army livers Donne mu
loot I bad MSS varmint preparations and proscriptions.
but found rimPitheL—growing all We 1.13 C worse Jost
acre I yeu antibsed and persuaded by • dear (mud In
Wilmington 'IdE mate tnal of your Syrup of Wild Cher
ry. mast efnfrint that preirtoosly I had been pri t pi,
diced againittarent, and I am still again.,
those corumtinar of the bands of emperies, but ender.
ding yote}thatto• to th e professtim and practice of
uitethavum implicit faith in We saying of my
Mends, I feed:with purchased of Err. Shaer, one of your
.rent. a feisitionles,and commenced im use. My dire
wu at Wet m
deeply seated. I foam!. however,
tionsuderablerhlief frdm sp e cthe firm four or five
bathes Doti hem
a publicer. I frequenny at.
tempted to peach with my mcsing arzerygth, and
thereby rupttated those vessels that had already begun
1.0 heal, Irt *twee, doubtless, my tort Vele greatly
etarded. tonseetwece of ise.nk tu na
kno istielve or fifteen tattles betore r was per
fectly restoreo. I have no quesnon, • much smaller
number of beip t les would have made me sound, tint for
We above willverevou. The Syrup elle, ed lever
odi 4.411,104 enmy distresiong eough. put •atop
to the dischitge of
sy st em from the lungs, and ga•e
them and ma*, sst good health. I have defer,
red offormg dais ecrufirate until now, for the purists.,
f ,tame perkierly situated with the permanency or the
rure, and Ihal I Ceti perfectly welt I offer st With
pleasure. Rev .1 P. /finnan
Dublin cairn), N C
Isrri;bltv‘ ot Catalan—Read' Read ,
There is blione genetme preparation of Wild Cherry,
end that is Dr ,I,...rwes, the lint ever to the
ttek'd vhtt
been thin Orrit7opt,"="pthrZ
patatmers meted by the simile of Wild Cherry have
been put oubetece this. under rover of urtse.• deceptive
comumstaticiA, to order to give eurreney to their tales.
By • lade otMeryanon, no person need ott.take the
envelop fro>~lh no ne , Each tattle of the genetne re
enveloped mgth • beauttfal engraving, with th e
Rennes. of IN)lliana Penn thereon; elm, Dr Elrenyne,
re: caD a.. farther secunty, the portrait of Dr.
Owayne mtli be added herearter, ro as to rite:impish'
cap oorages , fr om all other. Now, d eras not tot
the great cerebra propenles and known route. 01 Dr.
darayneN laftpound Syrup et Wild Cherry,
would not be endeayonng to girt no any to their
-tenuous Strom." r by mealtng the name of Wild
Cherry. Ree)ember. other Lm in mind the onMe
of Sarum and la ved.
rtineipal Cplface, corner •f Eighth and Rene .tee d ..
For tin'
' 2olesale and retail by OGDEN .4 SNOW •
DEN, cot • '..3*..nd Wood ate; B A All ESTIYCK n
let add Wood, and GO end 'bo nd ste; wm
s JONFN., Ira Liberty st; JAS
A JONES, and an d
Penn sts; aiN harcii•
city, and by all respectable demere
medicine otr
A0TR011141.3 KVIIJKIat'I , . Mai Dr JA Y NC, ex.
I . E.CTOIXANT re roomer to sil ober remedies (or
sr=me " t 11: ' I:7: b l:en:rt. ' : e d o'o'
I' d
7 - 1 the
as airs
A.M. ten year, ago Alit d b all
Aber reined' f ins bud, wad anent., havb e l
ch indtcad
to try other pparabon. they lure .Imo., .I,lrerfsbly hem
Imppouttled *lO mewling the besorfat wh,el, wa. reasonably
mgaripstad frog the high power. bestowed by the prmor,stor.,
and hau rmieasa to 16e ... of AAAAAA ' Xxrce-rouorr, as
a remedy tb nem, holed to rebus Mew, .ad wla,ert
probaldy nem had rtsegtod to arresting puloradtry Cam's.
remarad art by Dr D. .reya• Phgodelplna mud aid oa
ir.or , 7 - ALFA. IAI 71 ES ,
drearliat • rd i'mull in
Dr. Wag. licalma4P• Premium Plaster. -
DH. W. rill'iLAND, o(the Illedmul College bf Phal
adelphA now offers to be public ha Indian Veg.
cubic Prenim Phu., We qualm!. of watch, aro,
lollg and til e la has been mnstartor,ly es.
w al,, t ,„L. D all you who may I,e 5111,1.11 with
Prollipt. ID;rna or Fallen Womb, he reemninerlds uga
plaster, attire/ay • sure and mead, cure 1,, me
~,,,, .p. from two to Woe arena., if apal.ed win,
care and reals.-diseardm a long coo ntlea. , n .t.t. cue nt.
and expenspra bandage. so in use. Tb,. bo ben.
coscientionAla staune, maszrobeh as he lan• not laded
in n
one of three hundred and tiny turce pw
Also forlD:euraattsor and Weak Breast or I: ,e t, at.
tended with,.tain, there ts wdung to excel tin. ',rater
M aderdincrlief or affecting a cure. For .bl , ny
L Wil.g•Torner of Charaond and Markel
Dram b. i ter," Liberty and gt- tarn , t.
Dr ,I 0 Federal st um! Dp‘p,p.l, All,
s i o,
imams . Ilearnan and Diamond Meador.
Lam. leg
, 13 E IZIVRtt, Druggist, No 07 Wool street,
11,. Bola , nt for the sale of Dr Townsend's Oen.
aloe Slursapq ta, ha. ,ust received APO dozen of thus
Great tepn*mid tqlsnEet blellacloC.
po'etise'd Mould reeolleet that Ft E Sellers I. role
agent for PDiabotgh, mad O 11l Corry for Allegheny
esl2,A____ .t3_
-1.-F by the celebrated
Cooper of LP dm, M. 1. Toll.. of Ltrstpool, and a
largo auortThent of detached gold and sliver Levers,
made by thirbest Genera tnanaLseturers.
Spectselee of all kind. Communion Ware to tem;
Gold Pens;.l.Jevrelry in Gage variety; Bile,
Forks, de.'."
EX WO repo ring executed in the best meaner.
eorner Market and eth ate
mA s c v A , U4l,s virD p. ENOLVD—Hasper's fine ediuon,
Far sale by..# JolagroN 7 l o g u , P kgv ---
mug Karla lad Id
PREBII a o ,
A LEILIYDURADAY, 75 Mutat mom, northwest
comeeof the Diamond., are now opening a choice
neck of fresh SUMMER GOODS. A large portion of
=Pods boon recently ham purchased at a sly.
• ce, from She Auction Sale. st the Ea., .nd from
the importers and manufacturers. We have decided
upon m
edea thir stock of goods at pneee red •eed
as to meet the approbation of therm wt. du Im.nete
on the cheap cask principle.
The Silk Deparninern t• very, •
Me different ktnita of dn.. and ta.null. Soon
de Chance. and Oamehan Gro do Shute,
The Shawl Department ertAnacei •,•Irtnig•i sem,
went atm.& Crape Shawls, limn the tor., inter• to
the fine.t bualnie., elegantly eutbro.dered.
nadme. iter. , a Mohair. Neu and eplendul L 1 nt . Fdk
SCARF.. herage and lirnnethne :7..14 , CI
13F.1/AGE and other thin 1111.1:,1 IftfOLlst—Kleennt
emil novel style.. of Ilerneee. Silk Tune.. nod ,they
unn me*. ffhodo, worms of the nttennon ‘lin
LAWNS' LA IVNS - Lin the I.nwn depnriloll. nar
additions frog. Inn Ernlnrn n ere nude 1 1ee.;..
embnteeng elef ant my lea of rem ark
k uhly law pram.
Imported and Illotornatr linsgham.
Prfnfn and 13 , Inen and Wear-In-a
Cher kn. Twrtmr, flannel.
Suitt-Ler Ent,ll.ll.d Ffcttch ancl C.t/to.tto
fluttloct. and • hanutlool. Slop.. n:111 D./loz.,
Al/ of ...II it offered a urh s red.tlon n•
pu.b.ezt ea... 11.110 hr rle.ed
Cheap Dry Goods.
wHo WANTS BA, tor
Ilen•y Brown 41u•litta tor
000tt tomtit'', do
Slot. or I.4tutri 12i ••
Goo, two
A !parr..
, ••= 4
Silk owl 44 - W3i lir rare. -
Cott nn h ••••
Bonnet Bittlton• CI •
Croo4lquality Kid Wove. •Tj
l'Ainiinets •
Itrond Cloth. • SI trO
A MASt •N k
CO 114ve Goods .1 named
mhos, ..0011 nt the only•ehrtip on, prier Morn.
nit Nturitet
4. 1 11LD0C1L..41
II nnennon th:nul , l,eAnlvited lb.. very
I valuable Churn. winch An/The advantane olall
a 'era counnning the old and new lavers.. to
The utility of thoi invention in Apparent. An by a aim'
plc procr.. the airla forced benrath the dwh, 11110
does away with the neeenscry of onrchavinai ri new
Churn, iun it can be anolivil 10 any churn In use, and
for one dollar can hare all the improvement. of the
rombincid with 'the... of ir•thering the Butter in
the annul
The milli"- are rlVlt[ti to call and Cadre for them.
before purelnuttna enlevehere, .t 47, vorner of
Market and Fttth 'items, or at MI Diamond alley, be.
taraen Woo-. 1 and Market strenta,
m gel SAM. 10111F19174
THE undersigned having hen appointed Agent of
the Derawstia 1111 - rvirt. S•rrry Inbraahia COM
PANY, in the plane or John Finney. Jr, resigned, re.
l i e the public mid the utend• and rut.
terriers of CO I -01.111.. that lie it prepared to tale
Me e. Inland and Fire sate au liberal term, et their
office. No 37 Wiiier Aire, P A ADEN RA,
nia Arent.
00.74:c—Inuti wet e ply hid.. Kul. her
11 Iles u.received ior the Ilornegh or Nlariches
ter. whir, will lie ),,ra mor roe a rew days The
}tuition tielung Ilumpaity Tepeess a wrong deoire (Cr
the tire derm anen. Of the eines of Piustionyh end Al
legheny to call end examine end male a tried 1.1 them.
The company is wuling in poi them in uny test they
Lea proper io eoneltule upon
melt , J & II Pllll.l.lYea. a world et
joul, THE THE nUWACHArriuN ov':vrovv
.f) tlar Clurens' InAurancr Company of Ptatatrah,
a'l 1, opeard us the Rom of the Board of ?rad', on
the firAt NuaJav of November a/rat. at la o'clock.
Vta Laniner, Jr Itol.ert Wade,
Was Il at'Alara. Joseph fluotnet,
. .. ,
S ,11. kw, Roomla Rung,
Julio, SI, ul. Alex. Rourburg,
end ...II D. Kin[,
out,. .11‘0•1 I".ennoomonsts
_. __
FL hall j n; h et i t . fl .. • t , rt:
pair ThrN err two. peered Ito tuve ut t WOde
he were•
hour, of Putty, ..deott & 'Co , No 10,1 Wood .rert.
, mo re
AatrotOtOrl tO Calsfornin •rn Puede, end end r
•Intor ...• firtmr...avtog murtune. They ure ••utP e, really tratoopored us. •tfir 14.5 of
oleo— ~horse., wroth., et, hty ru. u
run too put in operation hid, an bout Tfir r fir
to, oat. pros ,•10U1II a .yin tott ol tfiovr who
hat.e•ren '.or did; of nor ot tlfi re nfit-luuer to v.% r• 1
tont two met,
ai urtfi waue the mt. trout roe
heattels ot nun' or ear tu il
WlAnot rue o• •
purl.. oft,m trotter, The, r tr. fir 'net o-d d,e
•ntl , rorkrett by water or too. power. i eerw , fie ,
The open.orr more vr:utortt gout, .1110 l ine water or
bring rzyweed to oret. end consedoent. thout en
dot hen.. They ',lure but • unt,
strevot ta wt.., and tan be used the o hot, •e•ro...
and el. to. put IWO operation where there ti not •odo
event the usual way
Pr.e ot el, IVIS Orden from afiroed
companbed ty ca., will Le promptly tilted
Sr. P 415110.., Parry, Svms
fehd-etrd No tot Wood sl. rotrt.rth
2flusprattoboa r s Ash.
of Nr .tore boot.. three r the Jvntnt.t.
filo-I.d don ttiol hAIVIOO•rrivi, Philnde.htv
and tiKlumore. and too more, the 50 'Med Ha...rd.:to.
Leila. hood expveled lye sae, thcrefo/e, pref.. d
rreolveithl44. 1.1‘,. wilt 11-to-iv...dorm, the trot
lee end sprtup moder .oppltn vte New 0,91.
M ,Te l;o r r , w h a m l
n, IL;,-
n,l nowt vrnt. It raptdly taken otal all xi..
.n.l stub, alaa thc and alwinble
heewe of new were Jaw revegvetl anlisor wvkle art.,
uir and rctatl, JOHN D AD.loi,\ N.
).rl Druretet
R SAM', 11. HA RTNIAN havlng .01,1 Ms Inter
liVr parineraby of Coleman, Iladman
Co • to lb.. r,unsua.a partner... impthia day reltred
from ••//1 . ill rn. February 19. IV9 a 1
)11 - 14/11. HUH ILAN ILES _The cumin r •
Ant . rnr .he rnroturobrui,nr,lfn• nn sod
wnti .tnnu•o•nny ,•••.•• • run .vpr., of Ihr nrnrfn.
1.1... •••t1 • :I or n+oe, r
I NIIIA 111161( SI tI glom Lottles India Rnto
her Patott RA caeckent antete tor renderlng Itoote
•boe• peered, oat, prom. mot mot •• • mere to
cut • Otte •ptdtratont of r•o d m t .f t e tat .,
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Jr . Secretary' and Treasurer
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Allegheny :it, Amt. 10, lAA&
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11•1-11111101., rerrannions m WHIEELM,
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.RATES.—Tee chargeo have in-nn
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for the first ten word., Rod 3 cents for each :Waltman:
lore.lL -. Na charge vo made for the ad.dart..t antl um.
Until the completion of the South \Yemeni Ltne oi
Telegraph from Memel:or, Tenn, to New (mean., dr ,
patches can be forwarded to Ydediphls by dna reale, and
mailed for New t ...ans.
-LA set, a re- of the Battle of Monterey;
Cerro lewd.;
an Vo.te,
•• .` Feudo Pons;
" •• Chaae de Lyon;
" Garde Franeats;
Col C Auvergne,
The above t• notable for
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rooms Just recd direct from Pans, and tor ogle at
the warehouul of gel 1111..1.
0 PAMILIE ts—Chennertt Laquie for orlobt,.g
clothes, carpets, Nike, peon totd fin• lanuture—
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NUTES —Now. an -0 haul,
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Literary Sit't At:
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,• 4 i , e' EASES. POISONOUS
ii, , _ .e..,
._...&, WOUNDS to thwharge
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W, ...,--..„,_ i It la rtFhtly termed
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I • .., i ~, I.,,eser mei learned in the profeseion. I
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i ii.: - • . .: :: • AI A I.Llirl'Kß, YOUR OINTMENT
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S. A: 't 111,,1,
novo cured cane.Oast actually
di hee • II thole I, no ern, us welt . the rtbility of' A
lea n •• ~•,..,,, ~,,,•to•e. One mx., 'old us In: had spent
It Is . L., el,•••lren verhou any Lena., when a few
bier'' , k( I ~ ' ' , hiltl ,,
I I :IT ill,re r% 1101:101, I , ..ter fer (!le core at
et ,
-I; • on. flf tr.,: be, tl•i ng. I, the world for
I . 1.1. Ynt'apa• ere yrnely cured by ltil•
neer til/11,11 I'l,, lot ibc
(1) • A 'on. net nr- a/l M
et - lien. ler 1,111
Olnaeent . /..1.a r l'orrryloent, Erysir
bronosan•. Aile'veow. Porn..
r fro I Of o , crY,Ore.l , 4lorso Fon, eel.,
dn 4 r nt .let I ou'•• Ittoronahow.
II EP I..:er C'enpl nee. pain in the l - hest
. .be lemody 1 11
nne requtly
.1 in/ pnr' en the
nboonl.4 re'
s'• I ,••:•1•
11 1„ 1.':'1 ` I
grtmitte unir... the
a raw. and
l'ropru.tur u: (11/ nt.ove
1r il!IEM=IIMI
ti.e Luo ta ,111.11iLeal
A, ,Anctly , 114 . 1.1 P
J I •m,ta. brtiAgo.n. I l,e
I•le.1.1,1•11.“,. I'.
rApt: • tt..• • rh li)dtopettty hh. [nude
I it• .I‘.. country—the hrtl.
hrrlt Rh. It•tc.....tuttr rOrc. cont crater
tip rrnploTr.l Oct thr
tt • lb.. r. i v rrohrve.t from
•t... mi .4 no ~r stn.: dt*rctrunt hTars
„.. h ,t. rthr. nA 1,111....1 iact•
..• . ..• .• h •• Ow tr. alum... rum....
• 1-r , . • • ...torn: wrrit io Der thc
. • .h... h.• tr.. • atitl thrtulurs
I —. rr rrcrh.r..l surre.tfully Ihit
or t.. • /I)alrupathte•
. co n•ttl r sui y cultagerl &rut in.
•• • . and tnr•rr) tropret, uohr
.r • • • • onder 1..• clre, mktll mud
INveal upon the IA haul of the (thin,
, • .n. In •• .ne Ng Ilenver, Is well [Flown
••••,,I1 salui•rtaut ettnesnhetr. dr•
We. nu.e..l. • Anti • Ntrtuunt natural scnry. u
~ e•• r: rey Ntte zn render the notouru of the to
.• +ere , • VI.I eontntoutint net • ltttlr te-es
•ent•nettleNntit nd pllyst •al xtrength.
~„ et. tpe Ctrs, Nutted tit the l'utted
tr• • nto •,... e eery unstr. both for pleasure and
"' t • . .
u t e w n y...‘ zasore 'eedy mod happy tot
.• urn ro'ntrott.. ot lb< P2ll<lit.
ts,hoie ;n nowt themerloet alba , thhoonta
., hot. - odor,: piroeo addrosa the nahneriber
.uanne a• nour a. pna.thlo the
t. isont, .n rosier to Jecule and
r lid rarttnht, by the Ilyttroputhto
•...... v aro Anil ho ior theta to
n ono. ~ tr ~r c‘prrin. nod pormotal tsee.
1.1,‘S .+r.hrs. M a Prop.,lar.
I•litipskurg. Ileaver evohly,
ItrvA, li.ll,[olv, A rmAtrop, V 11
. 11.., Ilrnry. Beaver, Pa
~,,, r , 11. enertl, New Att..,
1.,ur.-0 I- Ntultot,.l..q..
IS Irk , N II SIC •
N IL,I well. Esq . du. _
wo.. a u... t ue•tus • augti, general vrea,•,•.,
•• r.• 2-ft , •s. apetne, aregui ar Lamed , .
31 , t.e • 1 . 11 the • howl!), Wade. heltaid
toy). or Conscarvion —Coasting
nad thibh r rnuaele, general ['chatty. great
••• Tin •• of' 1/11,111 .131. going up slat., &see:tarn. a
ar scut...• n dale fast. pa), niers), shove
tu • I a ndrud int v:e• S , ll ttismner; drenchanf • old
1.11V1n1• moat I)IC
a1.,111 1 -1. t'snmatiptton roans on !Ike common
~ .41E, o, otd. hot shout !he permd when that di..
a•cs expeft. , l).• .0 bade. 'mac uf the syna,
fri• are hers, ate.) The cough is Woe troold•-•
a., whet) lying dram. Trace r ss no axed
ph. at ad• chef, hut difficult brrathine, sYhteh
•• off It my down rhe appeutance of he ripe,
le.t.•fin• , which I, ',pan, a chanced from • thick
elP.Ptv 11111 1 ,,, 10 n that,' wt., uric , . ft very no
s,to fhe stfen. nal um. an unpleasant mind
•tts. I •rt 11 1111 uniform appearance. and
, po• and amens, as nn unringlit
• ~,, rat •th1....1.1.1 port favirrn• This daense
), e. •,) hat, or at any age, and a ch..,
y th- pc. Ull, l ll I ‘i “ 111 ( 4
The ask..., », I yen, 6a effect , the cure of thy. at
e • e uuoths and hoal•
)»• never lVherever alas meal.
.% ' rr • r ••• hear oft FOr Ilia.
teen t cur , s I.n• heel) hefOry ins public. and has been
moroughly ..-1,114, /1 noi plaint. of the Lungs. and
a.• [1,1, 1 ,t4 1 ......1 1 •0perfor .n tnera to ant %huts in
reah hundred, oh teen I.nni
.• the ).).. • ...are. and dm,- who have been cu
.-•I nub n•: then attention 111 the al
.sea. ,a . On, 0004 01M . ..wi1l ay
t ma :a- • etdde r felt. • Aiwa,. oluss ve the mg•
e.t.a. • I.s NI 11 " on the ditgan,ed lapel.
• r. r
. d •r Whole•ale Uclw..d Beekman
V .• • .1,111 eI. 1, 11 .1 11 NI01,• 93 3Vn9.1 .9. 1
•v . I. II 99,,r, Nlntivet uA
of •. latocily $.l
11 ;I kl I .1.111 I. the 1.,.1 Vertut:,,
• • ;.; ; ,•; ;1... In b.. ;newly
Wrztoinreland co pa
;t -This in In erroly that I have
eq. • .; 11; ;I; tne I have never Known it tn
• • •••••• 11, •• • r• Ul 111} fan;;ty I ;gave ...It nt .
.;:;.1;,;c of then, pa.scal . AtU and the
p; • It ;• the ;;;...1 Vrioningo that a,
‘V. NOI,O,
It• ; ;;• :.;•.; I l t .1!;.0 1.1 111111. AN, Drapott.t,
.1 . 0,, \ pod rt ,u 3
I ~ --I . nr• 11,1 Hark Chlorie Etber,
I / riampa.Slr,..rolire. Chlgonde Geld. !AV,
..t l're..paote arm,' P 01.4, pao ry.
,a 1 FL F. eLI.Lcs?
pe, , • 1...”1110(111.
tt. h .. ..
•l ~r IPi Coosa.,
j„„„ pn w a, Oh, Avid
hinny Ether.
t.ratt El testi (tun
lu•I red and for sale by It
toll Wvnal st
T.,. of a, rontsgtoos IL removes the danger
vn....lllll v of stch room.. Av. Ily ith cleansing ester
rry .t ulcer, all communicable
r. wto.tlaer tu roan or anousts, Just rood
and tor vale by Jul I It SELLERS, 57 Wood at
T f.ell o 1 Ihr P. Inn and Saw, 79 W oo d jd „.„,
11.0.4011.11e11t n( Ckneinnenl Coven
T „ te. ,..„..„, 01711 & LAuraAN
mACAUL-trS ilisTortV
let.rduorn, ~,,,thnong. all the =Ler,. embatins
el nirranin, of 01.. I and 'I of the London edition, ein-
Lellivhod alllt a port of the author—!Vols. in one.
race. co:onion, 51, trEn A large supply albs above re
ceived sod for sale by JOUN U II7ELJ.OII.
el 'wood sr
11101.70LATF., ('0470A AND llRohlA—Osier,
600 .q1 ,00, NO 1 Chocolate and Coe.: also, Schmitz
swrei vntrrd Choneinte, that rood and for sale at the
reillll. Tee Stare. 7o Fount, m_arra
W if- p r ge ' r ' l L ;e:l S i u ' ra '— ni. ' ll:: ' le k .s . 4l lee luu !. by the
bbl or at mind, at the Petit Tex MOT!, 70 Fourth et
1 '
LUNG., —The unprecedented mecca which has
tuml,l tho u.e of the
all the ',noun liOrolll whteh Irmatton all., lungs...
maw., has Induced the proprtetor ttgunw call
Hur chatarnbic wearier which marks our tall Lad
vi nter yr munthot, wa a Hurtful rource
fhe coesnon, then, how shalt wst nip the destroy•sin
.b. tool• bow shall we get close of our
coughs and
11.111 to of •ftal ouporosoce polite public.
mill be found to the Gutzon; YINSCOII, In proof of this
or, hove from EMTe to tune poblished the certißentos of
losphl of our ono known entsetw, who hove egpsert
twedo powers. These, wlth onus of tes
ummy front ;tans of the eountry.—from
tl,rustere of the Gospel, Ac.. together with copious col
ices from the •
ore have pamphlet (one. and may Da
(mu. of my of our agent. throughout the ..user.
nave heen ttard a Una tit).
throughout the Unneil States and (Almada, and at ch.
'.cage any taco te point out
whteh, when takenneegrdini to directions, anti ba
lure the tans•, buf become Tntedly disormturcl, It fun
ever foaled so
‘Vliy. then. nerd the alffieted Leah :Ito! Why sewn to
the ,m..-rable nostrum, gotten op by one oars mdleirb.
ter the e...0mml name of wenn en tOrntott pity
ticlan, end puffed to nomriety by certifies/4. c. pet
.lll equally unknovre Volttist a mrdicine of
14 to bn hntl, srbwe youchen are su home.,—ou [nigh'
tkirs,--man7 o( whom It ham
In cord, Lb. thw mvalvehle medirme mayLe placed
wkehl me r..: It of the ponr a, well ihe nal, Ire have
pie Ow owe
hlt Otte 1,111 Ihr uzlvti roAt of coug4 me.Lcin,c. it is
1.. t ear I,y o n 1 mostrly C•Ef y town oritl vinare
ate we .t- who ore prepsred to give tall toting.,
.11. rvlatave In a. T Proprietor,
Runtdvetiv. (Inrionon. Ouse
rce d and for t.v R K SELLERS,
1V ocul .z. only Agent for Piti.bargh
I:y D 1l CU LLB V. Agent for Allegbeiny city
111 E1n1.. " ..1e1l .tl=alCe ' s mins of re-
If turning his thanks to Ws mends and the public
ine the extenetve
he ha h. received, and of
that he has hucly erected a large and
—Ol con•truelrd building. for nhe exeloanve purpose..
of W. we'rcit CURE En , I'ABLISHM.E.PIT, at his old
location. at Phdlip.burirh, Pa-, ou the Ohio river, cope.
.Ite the: altainhoe“ Itulditig at itelicer, where he ts
to rrreire pa... 0 a. nroarders. and treat them on Ily
d reps., In
no him long expert
cm,. and poceeis which has heretofore at-
:.•neted I:tame:lt 01 patients committed to kus care., no. the midtunnal fseilities oforded by an ex-
- - -
ast ve ea en-eted exprestily for they urpOse,
co:woo:bon. and airy rooms, and fitted up with
• nere.sary apparatus the bathing, and ddminla.
tenne the treatment to the uttmot tsnefit and comfort
er in, Faens Plullipstourgh 0 a most delightinl tont
ea.,. of >et.," by steamboats, and af
rnrds fine and wursiesnme water. Dr:Acker assures
mn-e ailbc ted person , . who may plane themselveson
-4,,t eare. that cv,v attention shall be paid to their
cotniort, u.l o f an assurance of the mitistantial benefit.
to he dertved, e pool. with confidence to the ban
dreds who have imen permanently cored al Ilse stab
lishment. The Water Cure leayss no iniurious etreeta
behind, as 0 too °nen the ease with those who have
been treated on the old system. It removes the die
vin• inorates uie symein, protects from the dungen
tweldentrhange• of the weather, creates aallknyal
raJ active app , ,ste. and Imparts vigor to the digratiVe
treaunent and boartluie rea.onable.
For• funher panieulare inquire at the mtablishment, or
Add root the proprolor Ptallipsburgh.
Inc. 1.6 LT
We havr ',ern ,nformed by Mn. Bose of a can per
.r,th,coo bee by Dr. Jayne* Altarallassorkich
proves nopernnty over every other custody of the
s She hta beep afflicted for the lust sixteen Yenta
w. st, N ECIrocrES or WHITE SWF:LLINLin, arcuated
th ulcer..os and enfoliation of VIVIMIS bones, no
rth( which ortn, many pactesh”e be. diaeharro4 from
ml nr .one of the cranium, from both bar arras,
wrist. ,nd 1.71,14, and from both legs, and from the left
hone, and nom theitght knee., besides palatal
otrrs on other parts of her person, which have baffled
?i,t I r-J n month, of the 01.5 eminent phyalcial.ol
our cat . —during moat of the tone her sureongs have . ted deplore:4e, About three months
cote she woo 3 thluced to try Dr. Juyne's Almoruse,
wl,,eh has had an astrmishtngly happy effect apou her,
rrtnewmg pmn and swell - togs, and catalog the
we., io nt.;, whale at the same lose her general heal th
has become completely restored, so that she now sestets
25 its 13:10, 5000 sae did before she cetardenced the eso
of a“. truly valued.. prepation--fdat. Eve. Post.
FM rth , rinformaunn, moans of Mrs. Boss, No. 125
Fur at. rolladelph
Fur sale .1 l'uonturgh, at the PEKIN TEA STORE.
7'o FcrTrth •r Wood ,
/Y 3
t)R. TV W NViEN DV) riA RSA PARILA.A.-50 dozen
Jost received of Dr. Townsend , * :Sarsaparilla, the
UV. extraenlinary medicine In the world: This M
c net upat op to quart bottles- It is au tunes Cheaper,
pwasanter, and warranted wipenor to any sold. It
cores disease wnhout vortuting, porgmg, Wakening or
dritaltialllg' the patient.
Looa rost Invrartoas—linprirtelpled ponces have
copied oar labels, and put up melba.° in the mune
shaped bottle. Sae that each bottle has the written ear
altar. of A. P. Townsend.
FL K. SEI.LKILS, Dreamt. 51 Wood street, between
Th and Fr , orth, ix Ur. 'room:mood's only wholeenio
and cruul agent for rittaborgh, of whom the genEttne
Rauch. Can be had.
U. M. Curry bog Oren appointed the solo agent for
Allegheny clty, of wool= the genonvo truck tan Ge
II A. Faunmont,
1.. FAusraroca,F•Auktntrgh.
U. W. FAllAlstoc,
Wholesal• Dray StOr. 10 tilt City et
New Yet!.
rfiF undertigned are extensively endued tti the
tt, holemie Drug bum.. at No. 49 JoLe demi, in
the any of New Yoyt,and are preperti to dupply
Intimate and etmettly Marehants With Drugs, YUMA,
la., 14e-stalls, FOIIIVI and Anertemt Perfumery,
den .er, A • llander's Cfmunieffic for their own
tat onatlpal a& another sedates to them fills of blur
•effe. or • suparlo t.Zattlity a. lowan they earrie paw
Mani to Was Or any camera ally.
vary Feble IL A. Pa 1.1• 4 14.4T0CAC t M
Dr. Wicker. Cele ra e
IF. pub,. are relocated to read the following eer
.l. Itheates Tina Inedtclne aztenalrety used In
all tbo Southern and F.asttro entea.
W. no eerniy that Dr. Loma WiCKET. of York, P.,
cook oinke lits vano and oustroagentear, on or oboist the
lira. of thholi, lasi, ayo g man laboring Wider a
srverr attars of "Asiatic un
Cholera." That wo again.
, s a id patient, and found him to be to the col
lapse.] stole, of that &wane, with frequent and eoptous
outer discharges. That we prom:mooed it sc.'s
ot emit.. Cholera,. and declared moreover that we
beneved •lie said patient wee beyond the hope of toed
orul On. In tact we thought dm patient writrld die,
awl to declared at the time.
We Nether ...ire dull the Auld Louis V!llikey pus
send moue a ...mesa, fled adnumuweed hv
iolll,dl, and ellectetltAulp,octlkes.pupsses/..
W. dank In four slayetheleu "wile-issit4-younrin.
WAN ni wort. and pester,. well.
T. B. Dacxxrr, nt. IL
I reruly that I 'nutted. case of taodttlnl Cholera un
d.. Ihn caps of Dr. Louts Wtokoy, and that I believe
hi* Ourilieloa relieved
Dome of Maryland, NVastungton COunty, to pa
I certify that I tun If neattutlnred non, the cellar
turn mho have stetted the arithin certificates of Dr.
lsOolli %Viotti, and they are Men of respeenshiclY.
In resurnony whereof hereunto sattmrille my
s name, and afftY the realm ray dame, tins faur
- th day of lats-- • - -lattmen hundred
4oreatiaer,eiiiiieeninindred anal
0. Clert
Washington County Cour, M.,71..a.
witnessed the admintetrstlon of Dr. Loots Wick.
Ws Weiser - aloe for Cholera,. the eosa atm ammo.
uce to the plastering business in Mi. town Mager.
own.) was a well marked case of Asiatic Cho.
n — ts, with race Water evaettatlO., cold dowry din,
cold msg., umtl tm „,„,d op , palses.—l considered his
munilon truly critical and alaroung• saw him pre
stos. to Dr. ‘Vickey. and was prdeot ot ram:rus
h-anon of the first dose of Otedieitt_,e nod be
Men se-
Pootedly oaring th e attendance of Dr. Wlckey; he re.
mrsored so as to be nolo to anend to and wont hts
trade io a few day. sin sore be tookmoste odic, Fat
the medicine othruntred by Dr. Wickey.
Illcuseto W. Days. Ay . a
The only true ond genuine Ds. Wtcarra Cholera
and Martha. Medteine is prepared and sold wriurle
sale and retail. by JO4ll. D. NIOIWAN, Urania
pentane one door below Diamond alley, Wood sr
RATEFUL for the very liberal encoaragetnent I
I,JI base received for so.many years, I have deter
, ,„,..mrce my busmen" torisiderably. liavtng
enaaced a roniratent Foreman, I will be enabled io
fill ad orders promptly, and do the work in our mat
style zed at fan pneee, and set the anenuon of men
easels and ousene to my large smelt of UPHOLSTE
RY OODS d Beds, blear/Lases and Bedding, Cor-
a h G latenals an , Damuks and Martens, Cornices, Prin.
Fs, Dorderinga, Tame* epti , and Roller B inda and
every ance/e antally kept Of Me
kind. Orders respectfully solicited and promptly at.
tended to.
N. 13.--Carpos made and pat dour.
.L. 4 lm IiVOILLS t. ROE
D RIED APPLES—EO bush hl xacV ILLB ks, fur sale by
Wore—made on the t approved EaStern plena—
and atom fashionable Menem patterns and colors. Also
or made to orde r of all sines, and at all pole..
Country Idarn heats and other. aro /evilest to cell and
elaunne the ahove for theosarlyea,oo ttil will be wrld
wholesale or 'att.!, uld a liberal dolletiell nada te
wholesale parehtteers.
NATE hereby notify oar (needs and correspondents
at haute anti abroad, that we writ. ml, 910.1
ANTaacaxarantq receive freight from any Bost far
which J. Newton Jones le agent.
nplf RUODES h .11,1,006 N.
JOIN RALLY & CD, {Mteeisson to Robb, Mae-
Cotner Cc Co.. late Merchant Tashorwl No. WS
CHESTNUT Street,. abase Third, phii.l4lo 4 beg
leave to Inform their friends end patrons that they
have received idle latest SPRING AND SUILIISE
FASHIONS, with n large assortment of New sryle
GOODS; comprising Cloths, Caul:acre, Vestbsgs, ta.
or every dzscnpueo—nll of which nee of their owsksk
porutuna, harm(; been carefully selcetad m Par*
Leadott, We.
11:7 - Strangers ting Philadelphia, tre ressmetrali
ly wetted to call and email:tine thoLt eatensise Mock.
NDIA RUDDIER PASTE—Jost receiving, a
t il
Looks of Rubber Pilau., • vosierio2 article, ch
Important to persons that wish to keep their feel dry
It prerente the leather from cracking, and will lake a
polish over is. For sale at ihe Indus Rahber DePvls
No 5 Wood sanset mark J & II PHILLIPS
BE auhaenher, wholesale manufacturer of /BW.
ELAN', .nvitea wholesale dealers and pedlar. tra
ding Sono. end West--alao, country atlas keepers tO
call and raamine hts .tack of Jewelry, whiSh w6l ba
sold at llo• lowest pneea for Cash or approved weep.
Lances Constantly crti hand and tnaitfactaring, a
large assortment ...ILIAC for city or entrottl. trade.
corner of Frmrata and Branch els, op stair.,
tpladem Philadelphia
Paper Flanging.,
DFAVING purchased at three at the largest Facia
l'.ln the East, (New York, philadelplaist and
Ilsolunirsj a large assortment of the newest and roost
ouproved steles of rA PER. HANUINGS, BORDERS,
be" and made .rangernents by winch I will be ena
bled to peonies all new Patterns, aimaltancoas with'
their appearance to the kles.ern market, I would an,
vac the attenuon of show dements to have their Bows
papered with the latest style. of paper, local) and
ems:Mine tuy mock, before purchasing chwarkeros.
I have now on the warmom the 1..14 .11/,ooopieeen
of Enid, Patna Waxed, and common Popes Ilangi
which I can sell at pnces ranging horn 54 en to Err
piece. nachl3 g C Intel fg wood at
Bacon 9moLilna
H A % . "10 Jr completed me rebultding °four snias
004 IA u.k .c et ' t ulron " .:o 711:11111Plitl ' t mreceivre
The !thaws aw - futetl with all the modern kb:prove
went+, and ere capable of containing 300,0011 lbs., each.
ICIPit a JON, Ceuta Basin,
N Se north at
L fa Iho tale of the Mill Grove Printing Paper .
in h. a P. alukle, Propreetorsj are Wall be etanettintly
supplied with all the duterent awes et anpeaterquality,
we otter 'at We logresagrdwr,
tett24 corner Penn and trans , hla
- - - -•
P(HYMAN. & CO. centimes .to ewer
facture mall iron, Sring and nin. linger ,
otigh,•Fork S and Hoe Stee p l, Hireta, Spikes and W e
tree Plots, sit sires together with Coach artilliptier
Springs., Mr TSper and common Azle&
Haring reduced eta price of" Wreephi iron
ecru. builders end abets using the arucle,_pii! Ind
w their it:etest Is give this 11010 010 1 101101relanargit
enuelfactures their anemic&
Coach trimmings and rein.lerible iron on liberal terms.
Warehouse on Neater and Fairtb eta. febtliatt
s lasso r IrtriLDTE '
And is now receiving n Goo assortment or
Mach be ut prepared to make to ord.".
And to the latevt Fa.hions
Ilea • quarters for Boots =lid Oboes.
Cartier uf Fourth it9d Smithilold streets,. nentrukinhrs.
the 'fß_OTl . 2 r 3. ll`ha cod e
and r cou
oe rienced,4ol3
'keyholeSale and retail, wonld respectfollynt
inane We allealloT of their friend. and the pehllo gen
malty, to their splendid new stock, en , Grown,
womene, boys% misses. and chddrens wear at very
variety, suitable for the season, and at prices to
the owes. A splendid article °rheum made work,
that as gentlemen's fine Hoek, miens and
children* fine work. •Plcase call and examinethr
youruhre. TROTH k scarr,
corner 4th and Smithfield ccc
N, Lk—Traveling Trunks, Carpet Hags, to. toe al
way.-on hand and Hite for cask
Ceentrr merchants would find it to their filmset TO
gene us a call when ng the eit
SIPORTERS and Wholesale Dutton to Fares; and
.IL Lloseento Barnum, Outcry, Ron:Wary, &a, ill%
Wood smart, Putsburgh, are note fully prepared .SW
a recently imported Sock of liarderareSeder/rSoff.
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Pittsburgh, April Val IMO.
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