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    11Y C64KW, - TR EG B.
rrapotPrEn.& trvamortsrftv
e•ric4c. isTicLiaor.sosr. B' *ifs
7-11.6-raplted to the Y. 4. 11,
The mita, of Ondioot;,to Paris is moit4tarill ,
expected. li is tamed that he will male re.
orders hare been lashed' prohibitice lave of
alr,tence.,to military . alders, ~I . ' • .'F`fra s *
ITALY. . ...
The Paris Nattarzala am • that the Pope to
expected to arrive al; It me about the 13th
'''• proximo. '.
At the latest advice , IfOrn Me the State wee
tranquil. G.:.n. Roadie hi U. replace Oridliot as
military Go% ernnr. ;
The CommillbloOets tv .14 of only three .cardi.
not,, sod are to corm the inistry, with theexcep.
tine of the Fecretsry of F
°taiga Affairs, which is
to remain in the hands oil Cardinal Antooebri. No
terms as to the nature, nail exteot,of the new
manstitation one, as yet Ikea concluded with the
A letter, which was 4ceivell from Freeberg?'
states that when the oaptdre of Raab, by the Hun
gemarts, became known, there War a moat intense
evedement. Fugitive oillera who have reached
that Fay, stated that thai greatest coastematiou
prevailed, and that the menus had fled in all dim
none, leaving it perfectly t say foe Raab to be ta
ken, and with it an eau mom amount of Mores;
kremunts mate that lenyann, the Auttnan gen.
errei, dada it difficult to itroceed on his witch, It
beingalmost. impossible to do no, that 124
dieri have marred mark than an army ever did.
Should. the Hungarians attach him, the general
op that bat few ok the Imperialists :can es;
- battalions rent by railway to, Prey
burg,. of, Riga iotoll ooo d of lnefil lad&
Thei'attosned -and wept as wools?.ltlylog
ma that to moron spawn the Hungarians Was cer
tain death; and addressing a dense eromil assem
bled at the statiori, they•said—"Farewell, we shall
neVes realm,' •
• ; New Voss, Aug. 27.
There nitre dealks from cholera during the
pest HS bouts. • •
ST. Loma, Ave. Z.
A sedans riot occurred hero last nigtdperhlch
resulted in the dettruction of a house of 111 fame
kept by Madame Clementine, on Market wrest.
The entire furniture was first curried not add burn
ed, after which the house shared the same fate.
Several persons were injured by fire arms,
We bad beery rains last evening, since which
the vrefither has been cool and element.
Capt. !oho Howard was idiot this morning in
a cowardly manner, by a man named Saludale.
Cllll9B, jealousy. Howard may recover..
NKW Yogic, Adg 21
Floor eantiones firm, and pliers ere without
change. The market Is overetoekmi with eammoe
1 ' % fain—Corn le dill 1157. for mixed.
Provisions are mitboat change.
Whiskey is active at 261 c per gall.
Conon .119 freely at be per lb.
cvnnca 81:POILS.
New Yoax, Aug. 27.
Flour—Wn natice no rateralion in wiies; good
qualifies are firm and in fair demandl The
market is ,rathur overatacked with commas g0a1...
Grain—Saki of Rye at
. 61a. Corn is dull at
574358 e for named. Prime White at 59, and of
yellow at 69660, • 3S.
ProvisiOns—The maiket is steady, with sales
of Mess asSt 0,65, and of Prime at SD per bbl.
Widakey—Sl • t at 244026,1 e.
Innicrarrr or Ms. Cattno—The Grind levy,
et their sermon, Salinity morning, returned a true
bill against N. Childs, Jr., chargiog him with felo
niously and fratrduiently embezzling from the
Boon ofMissouri, the sum of E 121,000. To this In
dictment. Mr. Childs appeared, nod *sled MI
gnat', tbe trinPams set tor the fum tYlcuiday
at September nest; thin ftest dey of the next lona
or tee Court. IbeCourt, then, after sown mpla.
nation of its views is regard to the turnmil of bail,
sized then= tatraooo. Recognizanceslor this
mama were .immediately entered intothy Mr.
Childs fm himself, and E. J.. Gray, 1. PAhnund
eon; E. &Inlet!, l: H. Ilalcand/.G.Sheltrui, In the
amount demanded . , awl th e accused ants 'din.
charged tom custody.
Mr. ChM" tem, we mulastninii renjemrthintaw
vices oT MCJrs Gamble, Bates, Polk, Wright and
A. P. Field. The Cifellit Amonler will lave the
assistance of M 1.3113. Dyland,Dha Bank Iltthinney,)
Willis 1.. Wiliam; and others.
Nearly all the Directors of the Dank,the Officers,
and severed other person. ore muted as:wanes
., who were blare the Grand Jury, and Who will
testify on the .trid of the amnia inf
La-tru itrpab, Arbon 20.
,•. • .
N 0.87, corner to Mark at end Fihh streOls, Paw
burgh. The outreriber Seers constaatry Oil head
wholesale and retail. very low for cash:
Wash Tsbr, Barrel Churtrei
Ruh Tuba. Staff Mures,
Bone Hall Mule's., Re.
AR other kinds of Ware in his tint made to order
A. hCO. oder Mar entire stook of tie.
Polk. Eastern settolceolc. ules, (or e day•
Our ' , met comprises rich Tore Seen*, Chamelteni
heavy Brocade, sato mope, eoange-altle, Velour de
Ottoman, Gros de ROM, On. in.
Cop thsei rtice Otote o tio GO Market et. !toga/
-wHirevd.l. , fri•liisTre'rand - ftirwalibT: '
no4lll BRAUN &
Par&SECT-Y.llMMitTrotoslic . nt store end 6;i - safe - by
bb Is Ikroson's t crOperagn 300 oak
an 4 mums Mal.: 75 Isf bhls, tn stow !And tor
nog 15 5PG11.1.6 ROE
Vi — OT — A9ll-10.c5. 1 “ Vomh, for = Liz . 4 .:
EAACON,LARD AND opirrEß—F., Attlety
Alslals-CD bins pima qualiry Cmensnati La bosom
oy,for sada by morn &MILLI& ROE
carroN. YARN, Caning, Caridloaiek, Shoolnigh
Cutlass, Iron, Busses, and llNOsbargh
noarrotaelanos morally, coasiandy o hanArnal for
ala. anglo ROE
yl . CYr.14L.73 hit& N O Darns on muipitnent and
I'Mari_laby. CO
13=-1" n“""'1VIIVIVitt01;. by
OIL VITRIOL-33 enrboy on hand :111 , 7; rieby,
• t; UkriVouD—:7oiilbs C CiLsi
Q - A - 100API; EXTRA
1.). reed and for ilnle by nulpi &.c
CANARY SEE.D---=lboinst ter'd and for nab* by
angWJ 1(111111, co
..v.,CIRV LYKINTIDCID-43 bbk , • jno . ier 'd a . ,,,i7r,,, — ,C,,i,i,
1.. , by auglO: J KIDD a. CO
ryinkykairfWEll..-C. bbl. pritnoThnothy - yeedr La
-L good ilakippisKr onScr /ilia for ule by ..
MI -,- , • 1 Jr. 1LE.912_
INlK'OrittrOlizi--tint Blastrawd ruerloir or - Faber
1/CifeOf , with an Alcoa.* of the Pa tha Itl whole '
foam{ near}, and the Interesting teramortiOn ettend
int toe laying Of the fanodation none, and opening of
the Tearer: •
The Drel,lll,o7Tr. F/hOory of Deacon GPM Blab'
lery end Maeou - Jorie , Brewcry; a ehothe-011eetten
of make than two' brudrrAtTetorwronee Anerdotrs,a,
-- untletthe iltron- , ... rweroy year., illostrooaff ' the
. - .
...orhtieCtitio;cib ye. --
evils of intemperaace. Alm Jed reieir &large toad
ireeb..pplirof due.' e. 8 Ursine hooka, 0r sire bi
alert& • ItLLIOTTY V_Yrit.l,Bll,
.61.3LEkble—WO bbl. he Jlarge Mackerel, to au.
rive utd & rt sale by
..Kftr" II DICREY & Ereatst_
Ir ea G5 likarri-10 Wol , (.0.100. 01 1-...d a.. ... 3 °‘
glit D1C641(
bb.. meal .04 (01
1.3 , 0401. • • BRAUNa QF.ITII
111111ar Many, ou 4.0nAl COE
i 6T bT alsrl I BRAUN*. ILKITKII_
V ROUND PITYKE-1m b.. prime Groaspit: Pepper,
,T for sate by saglo WICK lc brcovaxslt
RICE -1U timers prima li - esb Rive. yam 3 - MeV - land
MY sal< by any: • seI.I.EKS k 514X01.8
aISKUI4 117LGZITIRImees 11 Lomiisooo ism
Mt/ been appointed Ayoln for Me Hankers' anaemic
.na SuMatmarßegiater; edival by J. Korit/sOillaimi,
Easy; Yabbabld . ourothiy tsp., per exotrat
prisms Miller TAMIL Ls net to Iry mel vratb is
rosy other poldwaykuta
-The work 4s as inelbidapted to the womb of the
'Maumee:ad generally attic tanker"
"No r.Mada.liirtner,ey Toiler of a (toot should
be se Want
4 supperte •
ongb /MURK 13 LOCKWOOD, Mt Wood yt
WATEIII REVAIIIIN(.--io an breathe. e ar
' fiction i z ita apeelal care and anemic.. ' JUNI
ink the Mort haltul add rzyeneneed arostmett to my
And Wort' • rommot peraonat att•nboo to
oh ~.;04 0,110 salaams the lavot latisfavemn to all
lover mo
MILSON, Watch Rater,
i fouatoOh,.-t-TlS!vor. ova* hlotaiiwrooesw,
br rs .• neaten , . haringebeaL do creek Lemons; do
Grammar, in eyed, words,
hraaer tend rentene•• . a re
, riaudgett tad tlLtrated,
ley yonapfote i . U.lncole of Vege
table sad Maw., ?TT_ b1y,41 t,;„
Oemeateof Zoology, LI sy.
b/. I I- /1. k1ee1...11 011
chownwy .L.L,Pcf-L`f: L.
II D , A . rirrneM• of
habitat l'lins • "." ".!„. , 1" lof Matter
„y w r glevinsonn. romamm,flydrn o
• mid PorunsafW, DY unottnm,
c om pendium of I.ln i t w ur , a , land Kap,,
oessliot Me Simms
mod I.CM.Ovw r""
Nat Vadlosapny.
r.d lat LosinvN .
Yahoo's t Ferman`, Ilmo t Kft. pm,
µsafes 11mbens Loral :enema, on
ef.1,10 rrs. EgGpts
TO Wood .1
!, oy
. IRV, I ALIMAIIIIII.O* I 811111 i son
_,Z I 5i... 1 .ot ,
554 ... 215ai;n1aV; ....: —., 501 61 i
....,..L. 13 .a..,ki . .1 • ••,-•---••••... ~- 501 641
~016/104+1y4. 1 •• • 4 • ...... b 525 GlO
44 64,6 4 . 4': • • •••• • --..... -,.;5e1160 .5
I c r
1/thanditi .
25Yerday, 5 u . ': •;,' sic '''''. 1 1 6 0 : o ' l
HOVlVliittritool DOAILD OR , TRADE
? 1 WmatrfrEa: Fox AIiCIT, - T.
:limit" Maii 05.. Wrnsss. JAY.. MAIMII•LL
lltrattca, Pr/tredve Gazum,
!.Tuesilay Warning, Aniyadt Id, S
Nhe marlin yestenay presented tte purse und--
anis in —4lhing, noted in our buit t!cpert
lnic weedier continent very plea), and but ter the
int stage ot:uater, Itrely busineirs Awe PoiVl
id in atmoil*very t e nath of dun. in
the ordinary
ceti tet however, we areinelined to believe
41 e re ta t ii, vro midis ,flave aoctet., and a fair
oftesupg of the fall stalk! In view of • hippy state
otAior, Itlir.;Uulatesi eixosuunity darehave nothing to
dnbut—testeententee, add prepare I*/ hacks for the
midday reuelide .
kI,OUR-40 wa doer market meant; of uncutl in
teirist has otriouce 7he amount cyolutug forward falls
ra:ger shertin: the dentin, but thefaupbev an yet are
no as ter pdiecnt only advance in iirieet. We can
onic our quiiisuons (how enut haul, 61,2, and trete
staid at 84,1014,74.131.50 V bbl, on r o t , oualay clalts
h Ye been editfined tti ltmllyd la.
. - .
Wliti—ttpte attain! meant.. asusual quietste..
Wheat mare quota ntrninally at iikMin, Rye et
1...1.0.1 we P bo. Oats ie aytltie better, end
otk: ants raia have trammed front Int band. nt
*and fro*stor, nt3oo3lc ff. bo. !linles of Corn nt
6800E49-71m market confinara firm in evro
4:arther ”les of N. 0. tfic gar at re for
priMe, sad fuem fair whale. .9Mch of Mt mek Rm
te . m Yiiric,coCh Oftd time. SaiL..s N 0 Ma
atgr4fiar tank hble.: rmea n f fait othrl articles
whin WS U,Ald remain unchanged.
I nACON-43me man lota have aretrad by leer. but
pikes coat*. firm ra Isatqcoted—im, fur plan hams
Ptager pi* sugar cured 1091101;:j .idea G. and
OODA Isiiil—Pricea have been ti,une what flartua
fio, but oCilfig to recent advice* Moil the east, priers
tiro, rathoilm ode Bing tendancyV
may gmen
the t'fifiO4Sorar although 1.0194• d ten oreholding
tiiilocs as
419 II—Slide. of hertcherel No .7a14.5.75i1G Cro
1;0 83,25 ftUrhf bblsi nth. 2 Mackhri lolth are mad at
1111:40, and hi* at iLO fir bbl. Of NM I We market t.
bare, they orpuld command all P IMF. Sales of Ilerr •
Lilt at 115,262,75. 1
WHISKtY—The markat eoranaut.s vary trot wall
a l of ltg vied o blc p gall.
t.. 0311311 4.i. Pitsaasaa•rcasa or gtmvacara —The
liiharl of tinde, of klitoraakre, havAnntle a report al
the btaineti r ifiaf that City, from arbteqre gather the fol
qicing stafiihor
moan no. 1113LW1C,iC.
'Wheat lon
M 76",..•••••, .
•• ..... ~-.•:: ...... : ...... •..:-.: 6 24 4, 414 1 ,•' 811!
9 - 47:G!
, '
1,-1-44:4":1_ _...__.
!There areihhout forty dsfferinolteattufactorie, wlych
clued outile lb/9, their varitaut grodoctione, to the
\ doe of 8411400 *r ithouto. .
40 atltlittait to thetil . .tove there itbt Cies limner, mita,
**fled lii. or wsr, 4 one by elite& comminute et, •
aigeert ruttlbf stool; each rare 14d :de of turning out
*to 100 bitiels of 4Ottr per day,lont contwaung 10 all
1904. boeheltiof vrhe4t dally.
..:.,. j /
li, .!. :: . Vail.
tins Illetrinlndise- • , .
—A i. 6 9:1,1,,4,41x. co
lits Salt. ••.i..- 1 ti , t‘ort , c 1,751, to
ant. Milk ttircigure i1,Z.4.1 141%1441141
Coal, WaUtti r ldme ahd Plaster , Vi• • ~., 1,40 k 141
k(dneklind rmo.l -,..! ~. 11401uu
/Amber. L•itb..ltuvOla Belts, tilantle,
and Ti*per .''''''' 375,01.10 01l
Atiseellau :axill „^: • ~..., 31,0 W t.O
;:i Total. :>: y .. - --..- -44 • •:, 1a,..r.h.G5t, uu
nits/tel. VOA, . IV it
Mures Fititir •• ' 1 51.1.0e-,143
••-... poili.•nd Beief.• •• • • :e.:7
A 4..216 .
1 1 ." :40 La.., .0
41/ zuw
to. Lead Mal Shot
4i , "' -- -- '1
Nsndry ..iiinfactorcil articles % w..ltro 00
Total •• • ...... ••• .....rat. • •ntdder
. .
,I;deaomwowanio int atiaitase
. ,
ri L Therr ardiatrty nine sal) vendeik earned o i, nnd inn
Lqg out of this port, hi which PA foist tonnage o
la. me...krill SMoll3lKints and r44Zier.
tpliking thainat toukage owned lb dee port, efitd
aFtsteen 4101 of vessels am esdlisidely to the [dueler
Trade, aitbe remainder in fiagthque. prance. and
.dhormlanort, in 1841, Da. Is.. idop
S - , , Esdnisted.p cant population -d • A • • .1- win
From the Cuminnoir dietetic_
PAY. had been watching the der &townie,. in us or
Mheat, with much tat-mid--1n the E4r: place, bee ewe
0400 ere desireoe of being ethee orseieei, rind id
=evincing our modals, that, hated Me euuntry a 1
dage, Mere is n fair.erOpi and in ihi=tren, because we
Atel mat RCM pridegin the verdidacin of die mouton,
attack widgate repeatedly explode, Zhu, tam. Me
§grploa ° t ied and the yield .r . eft. and embracing
data thettrieks serest Saissitunpiror„,,c,,,
madd t 4 4, f breadstude PO& country, but on
fdle coriparn haply.
diThiseplikaa• we Milt fiold. thopghld is mmew hat caw
Pail, b 7 Weems We .:tent 4 the antral crpn Mir
Vat, realm intatipe (ma: faith wean] States,
by R?Yrrpotu VirisOrMAFo and nor th ern
rads, eleggitte contp Won of kneeist labors to Mow
htens. Itith the glen , . of eiheift crops Euro,.
itMd libittarOMO l D " Uhr i li q u i rrer
Wpokeo. and the areant of Ma ne
w rgd mid to en . rum
its ikny to mills and ula e ea. yet ice
pitithing . toafy a Midden s
hinsesi6gent of line. this vie w of the mortar, preatedlly, we find our.
Pt Fres suardinml by tbe opening if !mock. at diner
Fl•dit Bt. EAUIs, foe three day. endiridlrth one . find
ndie ale. (Mang up k Little ova himbrk.a.
Rs. for pribid. =lac for seconel:Mtilny, and 6thadze
third ipality.
gi At Sprutie-1:, Inlaid, on dni. Ott. new wheat wan
Mitte t i o Inc , li to Ve . fy freakingl
the yield t. .pm
Pd ensualkided C 5070 te tra prio:iXte I 7rons rai, Mal
*Hero rr.,
!di At Ode", A ug. Fith, new orlidinfas arriving ..m••
lista brisk. The Jearnal quota plater at 720,5 e P
.0, and ap lug m 61064 e.
_H.,' At Mil tale, oMitie Fhb, thi.dh was more wheat in
'market then on sing previous ay rlace have..
age ••the,prices keep 4pp.aVely, both mitt
gis and *ppm. being in the da_rket. l'rtine new
'etftwat broppit. 054300 e. The qtrilify of the new crop
dd euperioro,.Dat spring Wimp{ arrivlog 11 if
-Al Beak% on Meath, th ere ardisfinadminee ecm-
Mquente atr!the continual repeal tif rum and 10ilure
00121 Othee;:fccliorM, 1.4 Blc wits . kiid for old winter
heat, and:a tugta G2iC for spii With reference
ateatarditirhimi spottily, die Co rne a& ial Ad•croser , of
ate aboveade. says "The rapbre ham week. from
fide comatiaof Rock, Racine and Valwordi. are rani.
Eer more fieripable to regard top., Mlw crop. Man two
paheeto eon!, We ere infer - ma fiy,:one of the buyer,
no has P L ast to tam cotuitteadaol gemmed MO4lO
Raids, ( alba purpose of aseetairgod Me ornaton el
homage done by the rah that Me (bold Is likely to be
, eater that last year, and of a bfitttrrquainy
TAt oledg, on 16 , 17946 e hillt . MPorta
0)04, 10)1117i0. W 000 free on Ced seam, and intl
sal. fain mama nide. ,
Al Barak, oo thp 1810, tairiagerwhest was gated
Ott 1:17e. Tke marketwas dull, lid dite sales of wheat
rite reported, bat holders 01 cb44 OM* and db.
firm. mid pores
Ir Ter Of IMICrs. Net( 00th Moaner. and
40101 DoAls.:
%; Dokfrromiiirkirgoef Zs 1549.
5 ,.. - Cable—lie offeribes. at the Tem Monday resets
oed 400 hem& of which 29 wens 10 oiler 1:113.1d; 75 were
rkliiven .to rhilculelphra, and *ere eol4 to coy
1 qi rri.. 1951gerl from 142,25 lo4* the boo!, equal
ler 54 Loa , qps m 4 akd aeons - keg Imo
F' r .; Palheoefherilst'Assuot A Vete.
The offerlag this prerit compiejeill 1150 Irene of Beef
Melds, a( re, h sheriet SOO were! dpreo to Now York;
tf . ows 11:40 Colvds, GOO Ilergsf,w(6l lark Sheep sod
Poets—lter Culla are m ariletoto demand. and
ronesi firm WA lo 511,74: lb.. Cow. •ctt
, - .t.wil , . Flesh Code al 519 to. sprioxerr 51 2 10
OM, sod Dry Cow. At VS to 512 + s are to mod,
',ll.tedetva*lats4.s.os.6o4 , lloltosF Sheep and Lambs
;:bate,Z to Mai, seeoedlnc. to email,.
Nostaa.A. tbit I. the teatttn!df,the year artier.
itoo4l/11 Brain°.t formidable among ginittn-n.dic propn
211.. of filletne's Vortaillige beg ;cave to call ot.
pant ta, soliciting glen. attention t6ill viola... ," ""
',,dapelling al than arm/tying and ditto fatal enemies o
Ightidrea. Iglieir intention is titi Ogniynetan of
~ Ispenrocikih Virgiitin, and altgrr nag it for tevera
t ,
gni., In Itltittnro prttentee, and fin lig tut tuneeat in
'I , entait lee bat talon indite.] at / , Aat to alter it to tin
. 2 . , a Wm as a .heap ten certain and datelletit medicine
II anti ge Gee at the Drag armeof
1111 15 4.1. .1. 7.f.d. KIDD & Co.
'VfalM k '''
, artVlNte rrtla ey,M I,.te
y CAMMirte—Tennymate Itiater. 1•••1).•
Litenefure of 11441.1.1 e a,m; Ilaany; •eillttat It. •
!jii New Satalatel, freehold - ItMdtta 1 , 4144..-
ttlopi Helltent lami Neyekeit , Pretteb ra.mtaea
'lSMlctge I tennotel Critical Neateta .1461 eold.shed
lad for •Sl.!by !MSS Wt.atll
r• meivr—opo Seek A- 6130 II P 1 4 1130/
03.1k1 OM'S., or 6 I don't;A.:4lle• dryar ut
Eittlpen frotiO to
- 14.sed tmm m
s a mms ate ttacati.,ol.-.1 at .111.
iatemlanee7.. Seca teat, Ica Ge
a11 1 g 15 .1.
AV OUW.WANTt.U7 -201 , 11 iu 14irWool 0140.4. 1:7
whit/111m higitatt cart, ,Oriee a,ll te• p s o
augls.j, a4ekrlV llAHllalto.ll
e Seminary.
rita. eF lONof . diterteal v.sllcoartrwilre
011111ONDAY,21EPr. 44,1 at la• taaa.• a.
tamer itria,LtacSyetteel,bet i
>l7..l7:LveliStamea he fete44 .• air
Plestrttltle eta, pet sneak' be silo. liAlesstialtre , 11a:
~.111 1 1 1 c0, 4e 4 jhe .11.1 Llaly.,2l4llLailcz ,1141 lx or.
00 =1 P +TidrStPt , .
N It. 14i: terror usel refercrieeet mem , , lere,
• - 4 , e b ut er*e Malatya! latalt itilaStr, et yi I • rt.( r •
,tIVIIF.R.VA.PI P. llopopti L o the ear of
'I TT 1410, tiler< eta Tudor, #.9 - Ws 4666
he 00 do? Joiy, sod co rded
Abe 1., robes oal AllogtOlty coootry. dr.!
' 6 " k V .LK. P.S. 0.1 Army...trod .tome
:1.11§..44te, real persosuOi aro. (or hi rrodl•
Aar. NOME horebY .oo
.to .4 64. mike ploys.. eutlrrpi.goeti, anti
Maoc hawing eons. , it. 04...6.1 t 144 In, ,c 1
BEA/ A/1111% 4114- A -.knee.
, 4 1.e.t..0r0h
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TI1t:$00,17 celebrated bartaksi F2,td cab mow I.e had
at eta:Eastern Leap Mg.!, 5Ne
between Wood as. Market. ;
Fbr a p4table Wage light it heg'.l.c pr. ,, rcnee in all pertally . and cheap
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4.R.R.1t1V ED.
Lank Melame,Rannott, Ilrocramittla.
R Wightman, Ei ma y e t b.
Pomona, M rKemsantt.
Pluttp I todthae r la, lina‘vo•vtlle
Lams MelantitlJ3ennett, Browns,ll ,
H. Wlghtman. F.ltsabeth.
Peytnna, Mliensport.
James,OVllktm. Cat.
Flaky. Dmlttnagqi Beomaseitle.
TIIC Rlvait.—Tltttre were 22 itirltesl It
hanael, by metal ,faark, last evenLni n 1 /1,1:
nd at a stand.
Loma AlcLanc,*rownsville, 6 P. M.
11. Leech & isTq packet lap., 9 D M
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BEAVER—Per 110 .t• Lren, J
inn 1.1•4444. 4 lilos dour
Per Reveille-44U J B Canfic , il, 5
flout,' Oil. 4oni, Hire,. %Vick MoCood
I-... 5 Mil. Soli-m.14.4i 1141,41 & Ca; Las
lispliya Stlitib, I ntul..lo. 14 NI Horton
CINCINN ATI —1Y441 4 i Francis-1 dot SI
4, 4", 10 alcohol. Fohne4tock. 81 hlyd. Canon
Sellers .4 Nicol'.. Jii..tiogs onithers, w do wool, I do
lar44. Dickey .4. Co. ID Irtils
J Miler 4s. 800
Orelrc l'irmar eon O AS Cow, 4Y,
Am,. I, 1 , 4:i
A AIy.FTINIi holdrr• of the l'ituttorgh
.fl. Goa Com panv. , Xoll hr hritt nt the nal, of the
Company. on Ntoo, the the] tiny of St•ptromber
next. thr ni 113,,1 5 M, hr 11, imr•
wvolLsi..,.. L.) wrvc Trumrc•
gead C•An,an, 0)1'0 y rara.
elicl,l2w JANFIN Tren.uror
rd: to , .lo at 1.1. offaiblael. as low fo. lal, all wooi
str.pe4l drat, lea, and dark green as low as %to
o Al,
IMLIC Nrar-N for Cape, Veda, Ae • Lace. ,
for Trarminga, rool offs I a.varoneni Mower. tor
Olorw , -warte, .Iw6.liati and Islact, at dre corner of
Fourth awl Markel mattorts
'VEX , / fIOOKS, —Parkmao
forma and Oiltron Trait 12mo.
Fremont'. Catifornitiatal (repot,
Roactris "Owen I.aotiot of Architecture, lfto
Irror's Wort owaa n.fortu 11. ma
liawor• Fenit and4la o rtlWoo.
Ifarnmelys Ificory Of Miamian., 1,2m0.
Moore , Poroen I W.prls, tow est' Mao
fate and Re•ours okWhakaware, Moo
Cooly'. 800,. l'oett I Won. Nor sale by
hIKWAX SI Wood ;I' .
Edinburgh ReiPtlv. Macaulay: Itlikr•lt •
Amy 11 •
FreneportAtion icitow
Stsakseare, and Forrln
TotNiteville's Rtign
Dear.' Emir. PTI, Tintle
ooper's I,naL4Anutir.
t, Rulvarr Lyltod: Nang A rthu
Tyll2clev , Sert!sul,.. Au,lrta 1211.111,21,,ry
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VI per year N. , 6,.a rh.. d3v rod“).
JA\Ui..U IA li A Wim
el Wood .1
Aeent for Reprl,o.4rot the I.fearer•tef and I.llnek•
'rood Terme. .SlO year, vrhen all arc taken to.
eethef• ' .0016
CIP.A e f llF.l:sl.4tet , l:l. to a rsikr u e , th A t; i , :zi.. ,. ;nd
Or 71 G
111, •17f111.• No /tnkt,,,, 11aeltere, to
arr is tve. tor ' , ale Fy 1.11 , R k JONE:e.
Duel!,vanal Ilae,n
JUNIA MAK/315-40 ant. rer .nte by
11001.5 111611 S. JONES
`UN SKIES-4,.opertor oln Oat.. Ike,
0 onto , . tire . Itat Jo do I , l.,teeetl„akt team
keel I.nrl Roue', and Ito-adv, and for mate 1.0
11 Wan, and al ' , nen et
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Q 1 unrsr house Mohthu.s. jun Jrven krel boat
Blot og,k and on ccaN.ugmaelli, 0 0 , ,v
riu;Aits_lo3,oloo Ixan et¢ar, 41411, and . f . oi .al.
\.../ low 1., ' • ••• IVARRA( WI,
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NIIOW CI 14-Ara Ira, ow rl •I/V. rec'd sod
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rer. 'al so, lot rwo. ns
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I yrSa REIONII4-O r m.r• looroc's ao:1 for wt.
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marl I rcia alsr%la A , C
DUCKFIS—:.O cark,thro Parlor. I lls received
JUI anal tor tale 1.,' All I ,;17r,
TRIEST EllalllSA OA-lOU or, ad for •ole
ll.y uoala BR A N A
-- Nroigaes for Sober
T.) hurlers. I teriNtrokr. Ikuler, Al we 11...,
imam+ al diameter. all In good order, wall Ire sold Of •
b•rawol, ls apparatiall Ire wade roma. 'Wry haw.. only
bra, at use atrowf la Mora. For rararula rt. Income
or wr:a.111: R :no.. oda,.
aTHE rolirrhirer, %VIM hits linen 1/1 Inirinrio
in the sonar n4ilding for the 1 ,1:111r1 , ^11 y•iiiii,
....i,," FL... riold and r•il
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Trio., sil the visrif iroUr)iii on , r - i
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("Ad 3.1.1 , 1,, i 1411.11 S. r IN .1.
Iron! surf SO% -r I h.0..1 and Wa..11.-
1.,41 sad Silver Itriflannt4l and .• . rr. 1 ,, •
Galt, and r.n:yrr lioien.ndent
tonna. tror•-.
Gold a • and re. l'hnor• 10'1 t•e!/.
Lour,l nd r4ilver 1'4.41% 1 nrld re n•
1.31411.- , l:snd and llntreler•
and anieiltlisais • Lirrinitin•
',Hine Silver Serial, ear, Forts a
Stmm, „
and For: aOa tad no 1.• 1,..11 attar,. a tate
ante. watettaYaaarroot-rt a•••'r trt••••' on..* "r
motto) returna.l,';‘)...aclr, rr,tr.,l, nod Watoto
o , t•ortoti att , rer at "Ott the nor. r.. aorelt tatatt
Nan ortial ro.a , r; i AI.I.EN.
I. or S% and anti
retro' al Wall tarar•Elur mair• t t NEW VI OKA.
IIUti , VItOOF ".”
otaletrtotol Pave aroared wore• to the ray of
tie i.• ork, for 6ro [torpor, of Gr.-motto, a 1 arta
alas arlroo, w tor tt ILI4 dear rah,. tp . Vitt IrEa• r I'RjRll
nos a. To.erattlr <l.tkaN Ne Ar.
Wire (nr Procc•. att•c'ttai tat., arar halt otay 1..
too:arta! Forl•a•,.. 0.. att....aorta. Itait
Nape, for (loth,. Lartt , tto, nod host of
sato, ooplteatattor, tt yell; ta root., rttryto anti aural...
They would Par. ttlally..ralt atteattun to thr ;,.lean.
Zed Wire for la pot , '
Mot Man to ,taltk . srattol Hotta the pra.erva titan of
velleh sot ot..,lnn , othoortatter. Ito. a will roma:ark]
Well to Ilia nowt a of All taw, oar rattled
. .
1:1 , .11 II Sitp4 kmu CO , rat•nteen,
t.r I tri It .n.t tr. Hem 5 Vosrt
Fax tirCor the
In rehtunn to Fitt vnnvali•d fan.] y Salve,
oNI of re.per table Ploy eel no —Read
lOr ailthet.ed u. 3nl' Agenl , Mr Mer•
l'ace,oore, ...el, 11,1 , 0
eta- A 1.4.11 Ar IP, dud compel. rtec ete gore my treeeut
to Dailey'.. Pane Ye:Rib:eine Beam oppoyeel nuns`
road all teneeteurra(vavieer for their object muse.,
etevell—but reulientetrmuch znal from the ^Keetee of
ram Keller.^-1 am lesluceel en u-mler you thee
cote. I have aeuell a lje eny. lama e ray practere, aged
wah all lb,. happy AMAM won, a
derful r. that until.]
pa...bey be anamdt, 11. / Houma, M.
Itroehe ea the *near partner of 1:roale A. Levi,
14.1.1nsttory la,twatiano.
Thr followals roeuju,dal a. m.. (tam a. (al
noltar to many aithosa travalnat nn nal IVea ima orru wa
ter. Nit lain.. Tlas:so' anclinvora , cly anowa pro
portot of the Paraitabarg Ifincl, hual.and to ale
lady whoa., letter I dart
asaaarricla. Vs . April
To Henry Dallcly4clloamoa, a. , -.4a. ilavalK int
marly Lean long atli,ard with a .lent toalanovalory
Rlaclouslclun. aratvll'Aiaarataal an haul. waled ea lo
defy all ordiclasry apvtaaacra to allay the arvrlr Nan
ndlna. I a:. ,cl(prad try your Magwal Pain
Flatro,or, Ana asa.nn, rderarcl. saw,. a. aby
cle. an munathaor reliGl, .d t all appraranre•
an rtairr soil pe, IrrlVara. 1 ton aalaaed I. Pa. ban,
fit of other. alas on, yam acliaar.l p.a.. rauaaal by
say •Lad of 1011... Ana, la Welt ILI ,ou. &rho . ..a
dist ea my op,,,tonciclTauntbal an 3..1.11,1w-two,
your Niashral Pain I , 4lrnetor 1. tio- Imo*: valunbir Lisa
onvory a oocluan
of 1...1i1y par 11salamI tooarobata and p,r
fee,ure lor Ilan, rclabla, an m d all eclirrnal I/1-
n lava., no
...wry clradlitaance• larmr.l by o,lt •nal•
et my latalateaP• Lme;iu Ihl. 11 .e, I Lavaaopptue.l
by y Oat allOatala 11/110 . 1I1nnr few bar, it u.• pa.aably
Ir of baa•ro Elam
4..1,4155,1 '
11 enterlain Illyaral ILlonewrllll2l,ollti,
rah:ally 1 ,ive lunar, as well all o n
humair au ••• •-uirftl , Weave, ,1 ,
as t on nu b. aIA 1. , . Itit lA. aa r
Il a aht I
141"..l a(a letterrataal
Nay '^4 1%41
Ms II Dollen ' 1 (Ora lII,' 1"...
w row ul relow .L 1 11S , awn fanaly arlaell rehrwecl
code ared al n y "war 111J1., " I ha-le, aura re•
•,,e, Vahno
10 - Harr alai 14 4 Al•.-1 1 11e., a., I,oYen
lltewat, Krupau'ir, 11Vi're• rut, hValaLl• awl a I In•
llama, maw yr hi. rts3Lltly ar rfal lunar/art
al lha mooed V al f l y -7,1 •• 1 1111 a. I , • , alwa Pl.'
y.. a,
you 14.11 ha Inparal V, the dr, term.. L le , 1, 4.1 Thu
I7AI apply only a the
II 112 u<; 411 11/of:away, N. w ora or to la• au•
llama agcala JI,IIN ,
henry 1' • ,hua, Aeeta, laskar,
Whauh, Vu, Jaalr• laha hat 11, •46:1".
Ale, ur whet Cire wawa." la roi
N 11 la ate •• aurr aaLl r.l, a arra. r
1)1./1 1 ' r. A^i ail., ta tar, :lad told pa
L 4 - hiliWnOwl , Waar, 110 I,a , N.
1 411, 40 r.aloll, .1/, du, I/I rior. an I 'or awle hl saglll,11 R IIIIIiKVALIN
R OL . - -Nl . 7l,'ha 141.1nTll'h N (IA tt - ro, 1,11
IT aaawlary, ILLUania• L/hhe rare role Ile..
Wen VaLeeur Irloolef •ar , - rap la I olnrae water /or
l'arrair l i (It 11, twirl, •Luranaang wa ter
h; yetium. pa•vanr an.l renalar• paar.e,,
ler 4. Vol'aL ertlar •Ira, rereahr• wallen•
It!e • d 0 ..,t rua •auaLth I/ earner 17'
Nai.", aid %niter alarac al the aw,iotpnr.n< •irrah
andl.l. are.. La. ...a, II ries..., •nsi LI..
Waal. a..11.a.1....• a.m.. For all 11.. ahoer par
ppr”. =Avatar in aro, am write., may
he found ma. atricazahir !la Inhale., .1 trod rubbing
On al , torarlarbr . In rappitra
to bur. kJ It will ervenloally pravalil
Inotlifirelion It air, a.. 1 Sunnan.r.
(rata e.t.a.. , a 43 Ow rx - .4,tr var., (or pura....a
ands...Y(o. 6lo g
is Woad
- '
liEittli.l ,l lTE. purr •
1),I eAnnaglang, ••
011 Wutterrfro ,,
fj''.4',,F,l4,l:ti IVlrk. b l:l2 24 W.2..1 r.
Malons:ere' Excinnims.—A gentleman fur
nished ea, yesterday, with a copy of the •Role
at the Enehange," which We hove Veen:l4l(la, and
find to he exactly suited to the menu of such o city
an Putaburgh. We hope that tiny may he !Od
le earned out, and if they are, we are rennin [bet
they will lw ot areal benefit to our Mizzen. We
have been Informed that flue Immtution will come
menre nperanona on the cirri of SeptenMer.
cirrogas Lv Iltautsontsv —There wore two
deaths nod eight cases of cholera altogether la
I . ..rin tug ham yesterday. We are glad to sea that
the drsease I a dying away; indeed it has very lit.
tie material left to work upon, not one-tenth of the
inhabonnts remaining.
11 , 101 VIV Robinson, a (-varlet, whose
term of onprivoarnent in the Western Peratentras.
ry recently expired , was committed to prison yes
terday. charged watt stealing several articles of
jewelry, ennaisting of ear and finger rings, breast•
luny, train a gentleman named Sowers, who
resides on \Velem, street.
A limn named Charles 'larding, yesterday,
to enter a complaint before the Mayor of
Allegheny, charging a young girl with ideating a
petticoat trom his wife. It seems that the girl had
been !warding at his house, sad that they had
quarrelled. lie admitted that Ina wile had ex
changed bonnet. with her, lint ',misted that atm
had stolen the petticoat which, he produced, and
which did n o t seem worth picking up. The rai
se which he set oponw it no two dollars and filly
cant, which was promptly paid to him by some
benevolent gentlemen who were present, and ho
gave a receipt in full tor all claim, which he held
against the deteridant.
The bystanders made themselves very merry at
Mr. Charles I.lardtag'.. expense, and we think that
Ito earned his two dollars and a half hardly
enough. An old heath:mum very gravely saistlo
him, 'well 50iiiiit, if you have any more old raga
to sell, you could not bring them to a better mar
ket I think 111 take a look through my wife's old
duds, when I get home." The article of dreg.
about which the depute arose, becoming the pro
perty of the buyers, they °tiered it to the orygittal
owner tor half June, but neither he nor any albs
er 'woman was found loplharsly enough to give=
extravagant a price (or It.
loconmrento Cosa--A man namen John Leona
snedthe firm of McCully & Co, glass ruonufneto.
rers. loot went, for twenty-five dollars which he
claimed the in knowing manner. The Mesas" Mos
Cully & Co. inserted as an advertwement in the
Daily Ihsuntelt.
Itsn away on Friday 1.1 of August, 1019, Job.
Out or Allen, an indented apprentice,( trial blouse')
aged 19 years, and about 5 feet 10 inches high.—
Sold boy is straight nod well liirmed, pale full Gum,
high cheek hones, small err! eyes, and down east
look when spoken to. The above reward will be
paid for his apprehension, either in or out of the
State. All owners ere forewarned employing sang
boy, or they will be prosecuted to the extent oldie
law WM. McCULLY & CO.
Pittsburgh, A upset 7, 1,49.
Lentz arrested John Out or Allen, and brought,
;he above suit a recover the promised reward be
fore Alderman Blakely, of the sth Ward. Judge
neat was gives an his favor.
AcCIDENT —A stone m. employed in re
pstrum one of the Inert, of the nit. Clair at bridge,
tell trout Pa top In the stones at the hex, yesterday
morning. lle won very notch cut and bruised but
his ithystetan, lir. McCrmken, does not think that
he is in any danger.
MArox's Omer., Allegheny. Augun 71..--Sev
en common ewe, of drunkenne, were brought
begft the Mayor this mortoog het, pall thou
nom and the other. were i emmlurd to jail for
t artily lour hour,. r.loh
Ay..n's l'Atnburgts. A ugu. ,[i.—Vine
pers.lna were bnmaht bcfnmlbe Mayor thu taura.
aecused of druhkenne., nn4 klumorderiy run.
Ju q Among them was a wretched et.l man
name,' Pitman, Who is well Ithoun is all our COI.
ZOO nee,. la ailiteteJ with Sentdance,
.tel ell hi. boil , . mach courtil•tvely, ca that he is
.carcefy ahle to malt.
He ma de, with hi. fatriUy ren•tattog of reeve
adult., all atm., auJ able to unth, to thud part of
the eight , ward known MT Ilardscrabhle: and
generally rapport. them all in druokenna.s aunt
',Proms from the Inate of but begging eacnraion,
the eharnalde being very liberal 'Awned. hint.
S•xreely a wed; pauses that the ser vwes of the
pollee nre not required to take some of these
wretched creattin, to the watch house, bat to
long a. the head of the family evacuees as
notch money a., he now doe, the oilier members
will aloud their tune m dehauchety. Fire per
lone ucludina letter:ll were take. Lathe 'roadie,
limn h.. hou.e, on bonday night, and we, mon
matted to jut twenty fun, hour. ear When
h. short term ntJrnprisotonent I,l.lrthi for otcl
won ahould at on-u or to the Poor llottan --
Two others were en :omitted in Intl , one pout
h or, rod raw wm dowhamea.
run. NUIPAN( c -- The large banner, suspend
cal in too middle cal Third street, opposite Philo
Ilan. with llEstreinnimary Exhibition of Mr. A dri.
en, kinglet.," upon rt, is a public neaten._ We
Imbeve that there in a city ordinance prohibiting
banners of this kind from being hung al-11.11 the
sfreet, since they ere well calculated to frighten
unrsev, nod thus endanger the lives of our cit.
tens The police Phonid have thin banner at once
l'eaconet. Cue...l—The inhabitants, of
ematroes where Ole Mabonamedan reltgann pre
via la are, probably, more cleanly on their habil,
than any others, Wawa frequent bathing was en
lamed upon them by the founder of thew
lle staled boat 'the practice of relipon ie bounded
upon cieurobnew, whmh is the one half of faith,
•id hey of 'waver, avd3ollt whoeh w.II not be
hard by t lad."
All the votanea of Alabommed are commanded
Is pray live Imes a day, and In cleanse themselves
eneto tone, prior to the prayer, vls 00/,` before
non rise, gleam at noon, brine and alter nun se I,
and ❑ dark
Sven:mg t - Isailiing, we would meat. the(
prraona atirwrior arawininalathms /II We
way of wwm, , old, or shower baba. will (rod or-
.ry thing neersaary to comfort at the Athenaeum
tloon. Lent by our friend, Mr. McFall, on LAmt-
Rears - nuns —We attended the readings and
recitations" of Prolewd.. Kennedy, at the Fourth
Ward School {louse, on Saturil•y evening, •nd
nomt my that We were highly delighted with the
eriteetainmeni. We bad especial :smelt from the
succesimr of itinea Sheridan Knowles, es a pro
lessor of elocution, but highly on our expectation
wn rained. it Wan Bare flan gratified. Prolemor
K seemed at hero. in every thing unfit Ie at-
Martz Arohony's ornion over the dead body
of or and the quarrel scene bet week, Brutus
tot Cocoas wore gore° voth a Were and power
o have never morn equalled on the stage fin
sv also peoultarly happy in hi. Msltontan with
out., ploy-Warty on the dialogue between
[di, 3,1 Satan
The nitMener wont nomposed prinetpally of the
Isternh ”I Pittsburgh, and ..rowed highly delight
ed. Wr ars happy to announce that this 'rear
m. ite. min amnia another are. of readings
and mettathina Yi the same plate to night, and
hope to -en the morn crowded Proleamor K.
will fend several wanes trom the Merchant of
Verhce" mid will rec.. many or, a pother.
na well ris an I.IIIIIIIC charne.m.
W.• ran awure our reathla that they Nava nut
wl 'inch an OppOritillay at enjoying a rob literary
treat. °Were.] w them for several year, and hope
that they will embrace it. Thu, %HMV! ounseier.
tons acrupleN render the Theatre a I..rtudden ploen
In then',no , a a;1 the twoutii, or Shak•
spear. , daplayed in lutl perteetinn, without any
thing that ts 4.1.1c..11011nb1e• interlmng to mar the
R. neral often,
are ~ e, A, . r Yesterday afirrannn, pod
alter thr Sehoola had been distoot•cd, and
• entwd or I, ,y• a nd cols aver , pa...1,g along the
ntre,•, a young lad of ahnot !evrn or ivy+,
year, ol age, mopped at the opening nl the •ewer
at the corner al Kt. Char and Penn .trret, end de-
Oared that he had seen a huge gel I. intoin A
trednendone crowd gathered m a lew ins:menu, and
lowered ropes into the hole. telling the gel tocaleh
hold, hot tit she del not de to, and no en
surer was returned. they concluded that the was
mmovable, and several lemma entered the mouth
of the sewer at the river, Jana proreesled up as he
its the place where they .ppomed the accident to
have happened. lid girl, however. woe limed,
and it herniae eVidrnl that the male." little
rascal who originated the moor, hod leen playtaa
oil a practical iehr upon the erowd, and had dm
appeared as noon as he now the men enter the
Cnnn.a m Suoa—We tweed of no new en
ses of Cooler& in Sligo yewerilay.
Cast.... INPirraucacit.—There were eight
deaths from the cholera in the various 'amnia of
our city yesterday. A man named 5i1121,.0a died
at the owner of Webster and Chatham streets,
Lod another named Michael Ferrel, in Chatham
Join Irons died a: the Hey. Mr. Psassvant's
Notional, and Mrs. Burke, in High street.
A man, whose name we did not know, tooklthe
disease, died, and was batted within lour boors
frdin the time he was attacked.
A woman who had 11,1 tram B.roungharn, died
in Franklin street, nod soca was the terror pro
dowd among the trthaboanna of the honor where
she was stopping, by this tad event, that they all
ded, Irw.lons the eorpae op. The undertaker was
forced to break open the doom, to Miry the body.
P Inge to Councils
Y. ry kale bowie*, of Koneral oni.ortance an,
transortei In the Cou.lell.
The loilow,ok aro tho only I Irdomooe. 0i 1111,01•
tan, wlooh were paiw-il.
Dr .• andar Mark wasrananimouts, re elect 14
a. a Trustea• uf Plitabarrh 4aa NVark• fur three
)rara, an the parr ui
A entnntnnte•ttott !torn thnnonttee ot thette to e•
and Inopeetton ol the rent , tt. %n en. r .ectot
mending the lollowtne Ippropttatioret at hos, vt,
To the Kagic,:aal Iret, to the Itunneane. GM lent. to
the t mood Intent, Sul tert—to the Vaetlant,atal feet —wa.
reihrred to theCaarututtlee m Keerne. and Met,
Several Ordnianeex relative 1,, Sewer. wereread
and a lop ed. Al.. Ordtnanee anthert &sax the par
anent et 5150 to Mr Alexander, 10 to 1 of damage....
unmet] by the aural ont Penntyls attla Avenue
A petoton o 1,1,1.1 On %v., to the Na.',
Worl. ay. relerreti to the NVater Catena.,
Mt. WITITX —I Nee 111 year paper of to-.+ moro
n/rig the following paragraph, under the luol
"Niagara... Elegiac—This proposed
lotion sill remains erring the thing. tbet•ere to be.'
[The Board of Trade, by tram% the wetter inna ito
own bertha, paralysed private energy, and if it
does not {Leap um protonic, will do irreparable inju
ry to the mercantile interests et Pittaborghl
I have latterly seen emit,. in our different papers ,
to boom what has become 6i the • • Merchants' Ex•
change," and I lave been pleased with the enquiry,
al it exhibits a public rpint whirh I hove not before
found, and I hope it it an evidence that our Mer
ramble Community ore now becoming alive to the
importance of having some public place of retort,
where Merchants can commune with each other.
Your Local Reporter, however does, the tloard of
Trade great injusoce, in that portion of your pare
graph which I have racketed in brackets- It coi
tion'', was not the intention of the Board t< "pees.
tyre pnvotr elin gy," nor has Rao my knowledge
made say `promise - yet unredeemed.
In the 9th Article of Asaincistion, made under
the Charier of 31 April, 1537, it is provided that•
as soon as the funds of the AZ.SOCIOItOtI will admit,
convenient apartments shall be provided, to serve
ass Public Exchange, &e.
The Board hail be twelve years pant made sun
dry efforts to get up an "exchange," lint have failed
in every effort, owing entirely, I do not [teatime to
say, for want of aid, by thaw most directly interest
ed, viz the Merchant,' io general.
Ar a lurther attempt this spring, the Board pro
• led more suitable ,pertinent., appointed a Coo,
mince on "Exchange.' who reported certain Rules
Are , end providing that the "Meretmots' Exchange
should go into operation on Ito September next "
This bow ha. not vet d•ived, but it is hoped that
this inlormation of the date when it wi.l go into
operation will set at rest all enquirers as to the
ream= of delay.:d.,, sod timber, that every Ater.
chant, Manufacturer, and Mechanic will now
come forward sod support the %moonlit., so that
P.U.burgh can hold up her head with New fort,
Philadelphia, Cinionesti, lessitsville. St. Lou,.. dec.
The Board of Trade, le providing for a fidder
chant. Exchange, were not aware that they were
Intruding on “pri vote energy." and they have Bow
to depend entirely upon that *energy" for support
in this project and trust that they may not be dm
apprented In the calculation of receiving that any.
port liberally. its. or rev CONIC rrprx..
Pawburgh. August 07, lett.
*+l, 1 ..TACKED Y.I. • .ZI 1.41. No J AlaelrerA, laud
111 ...t t.y ramal anal for .sac by
auglO /A:DM DAL7.F.LL
II ‘IIII.AASFSI— . S. bbl• iii iud.....• 1n ..,.•
. and oar A .. VC,' 10-ko cl.oe cottugmbent 4>"
10211 - 0 ' J AILF,.. DA LZFLA.
. . •
11.Mieg — loom Pita By.) ,n alnr.l nod lor otitie for
) by boy. JAMES DALZKI.L.
i...yr• Scaled lierriog, or
r•to le .101 for •ai: pow ..onatgnment. by
sogld JAME.* DALLF.I./.
AL""'"''''l;7,l`.l.`"-y. rllll.,
GARRE - trss'.lVV-ll,l.l.rrrd ss..l for tab. Cr
novo ICK 8 11 1'A41.1
. .
S " na Al. r A NW /SA
I %100
r"C""-". 14. ?1 : ' .4 11 'A N
1) " ..,;1 1 :, l'Ll'
C l , ll = 13 ,, " 1 -0 ), Cl \
WRA 1 . 1 . 1?..1. CA Al.lll JOU In* en, Um Siva, ral
do .....1 111 .10 • rosr.. 111 4. lot
so, I.v sort.. WICK & m r. N
AL' 01.1.
'a.,,-K 5,..7„,:DLE5S
.141:141.4.4C- -
501. for Ill? by
for sole by
1 Jo
s r : S I:1 1 0 i —ll
k41 ' 1K " ; ` , 4 ::...7,;,
A 1..1,10 -C. W. 0 0 Al mesas. lta I.lle 110
4 1 111 WICK A. ICCANDLE..I I .` ,
I 1 1, Th. Ili c.c.,. ou,Arnor, ilb
, 'per.. just rccd and fur tale by
5517 • II °RANT 41 Willer st
SCION— cluck • •ster cured ruby asrrd 11011., 11
0 prone order; LISSI 0..101111 Ilsros, IS ea.'. prin.
Shoulders, received and lot cslr by
Aar 1 , 1 ROBISON. 1.1TY1.1.: AL CO IT/ Colony at
lIITK 1111 ANI/1 -LC pp< 444 pI I lnouy
TV lor preverresg, son draught end for sole by
sugl.l Nos 11' . 2 and 174 I..berty st
No 3 Mackerel, GO hf lob's
ill du du, for mat by
• •
, .
Augl3 11111.1. ER h RICIZE - NON
F F 1.01.111- 5 11 to., 1.1 •korr, for .ale Ity
L . magl.l J S 1/11.V:0111'11h CO, V ‘Vooal At
151, 1 E . 1th 011. -5 IMIs rec,l atAl fur •ale by
om,ll 1111.1 N 8 Rl-:lrrt
In ant clew rllandt, atm/ busmen% 1.1
rountomk Cl Fe yet, I treml/.. Sumer... oml altto m
Weamtn ' , Mtn!, wlll Ina the FA Vrrri.: IVIIII/,
publmlmd st tlllOlllll,l/ It, k mtAltunt.a• mt.
15,./y Lit Mr Marrs aperibml above 'remas
modmmtr euglAtlM,
TEW ANL) VALI AIII F. ,I.:111E.S OF 5.711001
Uol3vPnrk.r. N.trai und Expetimenintl Yhilanophy
do th,
dd do VogoosOlo nod Ammo) l'hy•m.oltr.
do do N•tufZi Ploto.ood.y,
do do lkooro.;
Fo , ino MPidAttnatiot Stogie I , :alry 14. ,k •••••pitur.
Parr..., [mil al/ onte,oard on the
ra ll.r ot ....wally, urn reqoa•lnd rsil PlatiriapilLe
the u,nyr. NV.,41, al Ihr !rook utor•• ol
come Third and ?Ill! het
111111111trs sl PERIMI
A IA. the-, Md., trout onlitialt 1,.t they arc all
ithemteal 1.31.10. rant tem, tisettt matt er, flaw Bcrly Intl" atiy km, • the color deep.
Ittta thar•irie. Il the r- Cave te caner artteles
made. I lame either melt r Ite tt • t,l them :tan,
plc battles can Int Itlttmn•tl .• I,y the merchants
eenctally, Boot B A I that•,.. , A. I'a. ((miry P
'schwa rut A Ileattetty. o 1110 t...llll.aLtOrrr. MOS
li 1111.112EICT. Dramtha athl attta, ram... 101 I el.,-
y mm 1,8.1030.1 streets, Ptithltutatt, Its
N. a- Ally 1,0111 Iltil cisme enme/me mthsthsttcat
Mil In. returned tuid the prtee will na refundrtl
tit 19 dam
Fulton a. mnl Buriong yhp,l NF.%% \Olt h
Iln.e of. Ilona ih. lareow a•torinsoffi of
C 1. 0 T II I N li
IN 111 I. I NITI:0 srATr.,
In inf. arlwie SIIIIKT% DRAW TER 11, we
Yern en endlret ennety
Ann In. meet eaten..., nenafeeinirer. n.
Uil ClothioA dud Veverril Ilutx
In ,he world.
th ell Lind,
evalnetr• of stork
it by 111111 prosopl IT
11.4 , 11, ol(lb
No. tr...! arul Ih . ort •1 N
/ - W AND VAI.1,111.1.: D, 01,1 r, I , llls
1.1+111.11 Cooterwlentu ol Krrlertnatic°lll...
tor, 1.. 11, John 17 t0r...1.r. throprootrol Donntrl
lot nod llrtlirrory 1,0... r °I Thrololly
morn Orr loon') r. ...I 1/Itrritit. 1 . 11.11.•
ID , Dom thr Drrru.n. Nuarucl Ltr.verhon, D
A Ilemorl pl rhe I orird litorr• 01 Aroorta's.lrourlllP
.1•••••• Veg, , 11. ',norm.° thr nrxonrsairon or too—
rertmeur °olt's Ilse Federal Cors.looDurt, hl Ho hard
/kart rewired a,,J for sale Lp
JiIIINKTON & ,rrockTorc
qv ror,,, r Markel Acel Title!..
, Sal y t, rke Datry Jo. pr. re.
istrrrEit— buo•kria ht.A [tuner. 'um re, 1
1; nod tor sake by •taglu I' II GRANT
I bbl. pm reed on consignmAAl .ad for
can by auglo ISAIAH RICKEY k
VIAHIR-25 bbla rzire flour, •no
1: An' RAI.. by 'IASI , S A 1Y
11 AI V I.:14 SEED —ti bbla Penns ClAvny Seed. in
Apra and for yule by au,,, J & 1,-Ftol'y,
Lu - tat --tUiblsrirel Well and for male by
ID. Au. aOOO errusle hoootaldy timed that
the foilevring ate the rotund qualities of 3. bottle of
leolois Canal Hair Reoarattee If they doubt 000
Ward. thee cannot the.< lughly teapee.ble eiliredor.
who boVe IA led it—
Mr. Geo. Ikeket, II Om at, New fork.
Mr. Matilda Reeves. Nirrde WI, Brooklyn,.
Mr. Win. Tompkins. PI King st, New York.
Mr. Thos. Jackson, Mumma. Inland, near Yitisbuggh
11. K. Cullen, late barber steamboat S. America
And more than o Imndred other. state, though tins
Mum suffice, that it will force the hair to grow on the
head or face. atop it falling OIL strengthen the roots,
one wart arid dandrotf from the roo., making
ioght red, or gray hair arrunir a hoe dark look, and
keeping dry, harsh or wiry hair moon. salt, elem. and
nenottfol a very, very long time.
Sold 111 , the Agent, WM JACKSON, SS Laher,y at,
Pittahurgh Price SO cents, and one doilar.
EX . i ' 11.1.11111 Or vti.• Ilurmt.a to not more repul
ve then a bed, pumd breath. or dare, ye110w...EL...
ts-eth pe rano* have therm it t• their own Auld,
they es, fur two Outlier., buy an article an will
m31,1111'11 breath pure and meet s• the Spry. di, •
It ens, di naves of the Gums ' spunltY
and Mr Ili. Teeth a es titiettualled. rensomae the tartar.
hmtening the teeth no the [MI. and clean luem its
whamm the mew eLbe /rum Moth
Such, matter, am the proper tes of Jo. Amber
Tooth Paste, and, without pratsme a <inflict ., bear
what ane in nor most respectable and setentli,e Den
man, Nir field. at New York. says :
el hare both toted vat totalized this beautiful and Ma
pnlpnlde artmleP. (Jones' sittutter Tooth P.sMe,) and
can reetteamend en pose me all the total/nen claim
mt lot it." Reader, wr au my no morn to et:savior,
only that t( you try this nitre pan will he well ?Mssed
It is put up It i-anoint Estpluth Chain Pt ~4.
rent•. Sold 1,-the Agent, WAY JACKSON, r latter.
ty •toret, Pomiturgh. nottnala.ser
They are not aware how frightlat ly ',moue it us
to the .Ilia' . bow roar,. how rough how a••
low, yellow, well unhealthy tho 4katt ap.
pea, after mune prepared chalk' Re •
Gde• IS 111,11110., rot...ling a
large quantity of Lead •
IVe have moored a bettattful erectable. aruele
which we rail 111A11' SPANISH LILT' Will ff.:
It la perfectly 11111101,311.„ bI,IIOK pacified of all delcbsin.
coo. qualities; and LL imparts to the skin a natural. h.,
Illy. alabaster, cienr, livugl white; at the came tone
ctin! , as a cosmetic on he skin, making it son end
smooth Sold by the /lent, Whl 70 bib
rely Pitthboryli. Pnee 23 cents nag; dhiser
lL Eacrimas•ao 131 u 1.1me..—.10N ES'S
Chemical ramp ca MII.GS • free nerwiraunn. and •t
the same time inoliLes, sone, •nd vesimn• Me shin,
mettle It the texture and !wanly of a infant's.
htcotes, 9u,r Betimai Aim Scan, ue tan not only
hosted, bat caned by its use, Icno moan ?heat
mans in Near York !now, who
sae It in such camas,
and hod ti onia.tling—aa al. in
YINLIILLA Burrnim, Pttanan, or op other alrin di.-
The reader is s”ured that this touseless
putted nostrum, or one Mal I+lll prove 1 m ould emu
tnerate at least SU persons cored of
Sows Iluo. Seas Laos sop Soot 11.21).—8uy it,
soil aye IL anti the touter ts scam muu red I wel d
not cruelly sell It for We shove unless toe, It to be
all I stare. from who ore liable to
• .
Cusatto, ( riumiro, ou Ct.... Finn, will find this
rune. Any 0111. nllltc tad with soy °fibs Oki', Of ann•
tins d'ueaues. will find dud nil stud ea eu moss lndmtra
hie in its propeniesi than I state.
Uut, testier, the store. En , (lauded wilt, imitations,
and be are you ink for JONES'S Malian Cherairul
Sonp Sob! by WM. JACKSON, t. 9 Liberty nrset,
Pittsburgh. augitsfilturT
No. 45 Market greet,
A VINO purchsued an ex Muslims and carefully se
ll stock of Spring and Summer Sioods, the
subscriber respectfully intones bu friends a n d the
public. that Le is now prepasmia in receive and ear
eat, their ocdes dispatch, •nd in the neatest
mow sat...faunal s .
itnd fuhtonable medlars. A. he ts
deternitord to do busineta en the cash system. he tl3l.
ter. himself that he will he able to do work a. cheep
as n eon be done at any establishment Itlf
stock I. Carted, cunelsoing of Casein:moos, Woad
e loth.. Vestines. tee . which lust Inends are respertint-
I y 1/I•lted to examine for themselves
torda:dtf GEORGE ARMOR
I OLD PENS—kI S. Fife's Patent Diamond Panned
kif Gold Pens. with and without ease, last reed and
nag!earner Tied and Market me
G. W. DIDDLE. Dentligt—
'-,—":— RKMOVKD to • new Mama story bock
on Smithfield atm, one door jelow
sixth street. Teeth inserted froln one
to all enure wt , on the ruction maniple, with a bean
kt ol representation of the natural rum—reatonsix the
onnal ahem, of Me face.
IL—Teeth extracted with little or on pant.
Decay, Tcath permanently weed by pluggpng, pro
•notiq the tooth oche. winch I. much better than ru
m, it, though tt
.Could Wdone tire !mum, or
•rd kortnatly artily
MlttNTtor Poitahang, • nerwiy ,
...covered .uhrtitute tor Clones. Rotten blunt.,
Rouge. be
Fatnthr• have foundll Invaluable bur Ova sheer
and cuss+, wares -In shot, ar remarkest by the
•-sts-tent, Antenratt ^ •
aft aruele upon 1t...0f all the
substances orbs., It•try bee o applied to polosh Wass
and Alelals, none e•n equat that substance known by
the name nt Tnpott —tins is a sarsenov artirle la that
first Woven from ltar• by dbe CenetsaavaM used by
thelll Ihrlr 1110111( day. 0414. making. to gi
that peentaar potash sn mach astahted by other .11011 .
Il oboutd nt every family atnt every wort shop.
For sal. by It Ft 2 4 1 , .1.1.1 . 11-` , .
_ .
%kr KI . 1•11 r2+ \VU JEW 1•1.111 .- - 110. At/bur/1;r
ha now on h•ncl n line n•ownorni 0$ bort Eng.
lob and I•rneva liol/1 srul gilver I . llentl.r•wr
r•, n• low {wns •• art oiler,/ in thn Hasten/ /num
•II Kt. //tier and nerrrunied.
l‘ 'V W1L,11 , 1,
corm, 4th ..r 1J
Tlll:ollueariUer ha. ivalr.vcd at the Tea
No, 7u aourili •treet. rery large and well
leele Etoel. of pare IEREEN AND III.ACK
from Nevr York, all o which ha. Inn received ul thin
01010113. 110100 We 0111 01 EOOl . llOl, 1.10• ron
all the diger.. (Mal, grown in the Celurtia: Eutpire.
Our etoek toei et, among the W".. we are
prepared to whotraale, on 60001 tern. then any other
ItnuEc En the cuE IVe invite retatl grocer. to call and
examine our mark and priee. They ran hare a pack
ed i• E. and I 1 outage, slb tin canntsturE, or by
ballet...a 10 son their 01111•00101100.
Our truolmut Tan for Oolong. Blael Tear. from
50 eta to El pri per lb , Num Young Souebong. sa roc
Congo 30, and Er,gllsh Dreakfam 30, Young 1110 1,
flonpoonler and lomenal, from 35 eta to 51,'_13 per lb.
Fanobee are requemmi m emul and get 1.111111.!L • ot
of nor Teas. and try them before porrhamng.
mrlu A JAYNES. 110 Vounh
FOR Cough., Cot., Anima and Connamptton! The
REAT AND ltNl.l . 110.MEDY for the cure of Om
•riove . in the HUNGARIAN LIM...AM OF
dtseorereil by the relehratml IT Itueltan.
In„ don, land. and introduced Into the hia, S.lea
under the tinenediew superintendenee or the meet.,
Thee muorMou'l Ittlemme of the. mcdoone. to ta,
cuie 01 Poimonary diseart.s. warrant. the Antenna°
Age „, entLemng Mr treatment Me . notrt pumiMe en
..41r.. Ire round nt eanuranty —Case* Mat see
ri ie( tit wain (ono any of the common remedies or the
do), And hare 4e. n amen up of me most dutunatimoc,
pity ...tans AA roofirnied and insairM•le The Houston.
an flotsam has cured, anal toll cure, the most despots.
Di t. no quack nostrum, but n standard
methcine, of known and entalilliMed eiSSmsey.
Every Welly in the 17m1...1 Suomi should Int supplied
with Rachel... HuNcunnn Malcom of Int, not only to
counteract the coninnitplive Mitthinenot of the elonate,
but to he toted .w a pre set:use meths.., in all canes at
cicada rough., spinout of blood, pain in the pule rind
[heal, trntatton mud serene. of the loop, breelni,..
difinuity of 4...1w0,. tenets fever, night swealnit,
•non and general anthems, influenza. whoon•c.
cough and croup.
Sold in Imam bottle., It SI per book,
tient, for Um restornuon of health.
„. •
Pamphleta, aontannng • ma. a of CrUOIRi•
an terufgoura and nWrr ..vialpnre, O
.bbktnal of We A rely.
LNI THE LA DlF,..—Jost reret red, a mil aaaortn.ent
gold and file, Thread, owed and firatd; also,
Ppanglea and Ilunion, for r rnbroalering and after or
namental wart . Alto, gold 0111.1 , 111•0 r Teasels, Fringe,
and IJIG,
Jewelry of the 141,4 fuhoort, on p Tarter,
Watche. °lupe:dor goaltly and Lo rat a.utlful patlerns,
nJ fa sale at Eastern pr... W
au,7 ream, Martel and Fount% .14
... ... No 60, DIANIONU ALLEY. a
.1111 4
• " fray doors klow cod street, to
. ' DLL. BROWS, having hen
. 1‘.., ... ' regularly educated to the a:mattes
, ••' profession, and been for mine Wes
• . ... in general practice, nova confirm,
• his atterdien to the treatment Cl
thou private and delicate cam;
. plainly for which his ommrituntiet
and I.pertettee poonhatly detablv
''.... • ' ; how II years assiduously devoted
to study a. treatment of thou romplammAdonos which
time he
thou had mom precure and ham eared more pa,
nevus can ever fall to the lot of any private pray.
hoover) amply qualifica hint to offer emirs:wee a
epeedy, permanent, and and are In alien/if:4ld
with delicate discauca and all &seasra uoding - lharel
Dr. Brown woad Ldp.= thou elairted with private
dim/oases which have become
hy time or g,
grouted by the use of arty of the tosnmon nostrums of
Jo day, that their eoniplaints can Vg" dirolly and Mon
ought r roved; he having given his ceful attention to
the °vain/rut of sin b caws, and succeeded in It...treat
o‘ instant:es in miring persons of indenanation of Ma
neel el the bladder, and kindred diseases which often
revolt frog" those cues whore other, have .unsigned
them to hopeless dermal,/ lie particularly Invites Goa
as have been long and onsaccessfolly treated ray other.
to consult him, wheat every satie(actiost will he Veen
them, and their eases treated in a careful. thorough and
tinelligent manner, pomthd out by a long cape:tem,
sod), u n do vestigation, which a iv imposadde for thew
engaged to general penance of medicine to glee an
overifl... of disuse.
Hyrum or Rupierw—Dr Brown also grunts pee;
. son• silllcled with Hernia to call, as be has mud porno
vier aneetton to to disease.
, CA Nl!Eitti du cured.
I , ltio duet";; also es! a, Nagy, eta., speedily email
Charp , very low.
N D.-I . snents of onh Itt2 at a &CA.., t
11111.1 if thou thsee. In among, ailing all the avail
tom., eau o[llllo O.IIIOIIW. WWI 4trenuans lon age, by
soldre•ung T. BROWN, ht. paid. Oust pal a,.,1 OC.W.
tog • fre.
ttfte• No 11, Diamond alley, upposna .early
linsuournor.-I;rt. Brown's newly descoverad tame.
ly for Itileumatmen 15 • spoedy sad certain remedy lot
than I.: alai trouble. It never falls
Other and Prt•ste i'an.ultins Booms, No ILS Dlll
- Vlnsburgb, Pa. '11.5 'saw! is slwars se
110•11 e.
No oaf* no pan 4.1.
- ~rC,lThfl
1,.)}2 2 'PON ALL ARK IN 'MED FOR %or.
II ATION AND 1115041NR I' of the part of ilit• niad
7 already under eriatenei between thintberhmtl mid
t ,art, Valley beer—, a. m.,. no emi Int
Tlie mber ol remain. now tn let veld Ite
ab nu
out Ant ot which o,llf berme-on Cumberlatul and
the mouth of the Seel, nver —I e the (laden mid
the r. ruder tt Ha/tenon and Three Yerli• reek,—
Le wur will penman, be med.-2 , 0e ulthoutth there
• a num oil ' , rennin. worth Me summon m man
tra tort Learat %met! vb heavy pd.
emlbtationa and plan. win be rend, Cumber
land no and atter On: ;tit et Au puo room, The
prop. athlrotntetl to the under tranenl. •01 be It
retred at Can....laud. AI at vlaiid. up to Sabirday t h t t
15.11 u Semenitter itetmit Faiths tuformaunit
mar be hail tit Me C.ttep.ttit• Other tit Cumberland.
FUll ,btuotttalt nttl Ito required...a them unknown
A lb. tittarrataiird It, orJer of the Prnidenland Dt
uttg II dtd Auil C]irf 12.-nmnr.
I' l 'Y r ,Uitl[Mo tt ' ft, 1011. ivaf a
Vrthrh, Diaper., , 01 . 11 1011(111ga, blue mut
orange 1 2 001• Ahern-not , . eurhe MA randy Mo
Furaituto du, 1-1 1 u IA tenth 1.111..1 1100101118. "mg.
haw, 51,11 Aluadno treett• do, Ital., .1111
plain Jammett, Linen 11.111 s. he Fe aught
we. MUILPIIV Incites the aunonon or mer•
• chantate n( new (Jews 03.1
opened in W. annicsaln Rooms, no Watery, norlitennt
corner Ith and market James, Yluabonh.
Tins betel his songod nepply for dna gyring.
many lands of iroGd. al Induced pit.%
_and me.
styles non In be found elsewhere. -.11,,W'r
IPlttstniiritti aialltarble Work*.
Tu.. 5144 oppadte Ermithrrord meet—
II Marble hlatitte-a,lll, rotorant. Tomh4,learfeTops,
!co, a boar. vorirry of the Most bc Inzul, 'made
of the Ira rat </unlit,' of for,traro and rloorearte amble, hood or model° order, by We old of Nit
eivner). on' rho shortest Mame and ardor lowest
N. 11.-7 be Country Trade fu abed mob a Enda
of Marble or dor 4rorrat rata, All onion promptly at.
tended so or .244 Liberty, oppourto ibuilbtrold so
LULLE Ppsont Stone or French Burr SMUT MA
CHINE— 41e beet emelt, of the kind In awn they
run light, oleo n rut., do the work well, and will last a
lon tune. Mutat I,IW of them are in asts, in the best
mill- rn thr country. and we nave the strongest testi
rum, pompg.eut persons as their superiority ove
ell °d, Smoot 70...t0ne5. For further partaeulara, ad
drat. the /almer, her at dig Lawnyat. Pittsbargh.
rn, 31116 m W W WALLACE
_ . .
kaTEAIn EN(illYk.n AND BOILERS—FOr gllrn, saw
kJ and other null, always on hand, or nude to order
on vcry abort nolo,. and at the lowest meet. All or
ders promptly amen ded to at 244 Libeng street, new
M. canal. rnyim W W WALLACE
F:R 1'A.111.4-- For land, anal Odle f parpous,,
Yalttay• on hand .ti . .M4 Liberty at.
anylal tV WALLACV
AnTbitATl:li• ti - KM its
I RINOST"NP....— AII rlyee em) 6titti allnyll 00
b••••• 1 at 214 Loberiy •bent.
- •
EAST - TEAfilr
with Isle.ons that the subsonbers
1116srm Mr rumen. of Pittabursrl and vs
-4t runty that the, have completed, arranne
-4 'neut. with hlesara. .1. C. Jenkins tr. Co.,
1. 4 3 of Ploiladelphin,Osreeems their superior
P ALltlell TEALS
And will hereafter be lent constantly on
• • hand. They am neatly end smartly put
uy in mendloc pueksed f, ol and 1 IL. earh,
. with their printed evd—Showing the Und
ol Ten, prsee, name of the concern and
depot on Philadelphia, with an 1/IVIII.IOII in return the
Tea, of riot d
GIIIII3OO.IICf •• • • 6;4 p 1 75 1,00 141 1,50
Imyena~7s i 1,50
... 62} 75 I.PI 1.25
Y 511 G-. 11 l e
/ Bloch • • ... •-• • -571 -rd
""'“' f Fun, artdaxirn Floe. 10.0 1,25 1,50
W. will.vrarrant all thn TF.AIr we sell to beat:Mal
to, Irnot senate, to soy told to this city. sedlboald
they not pnwe aeceptoble to the taste, they can be re
torted, and the money will be refunded, as it is only
with that understanding wo,
We uk fair trial, that the pablic they ho able to
edge between, our Tear and those heretofore sold by
other conapontes in tht• rity.
All lovers of nch, Jeh wow, and good flavored TEAS,
etbolild love as a call .
For sale by .10S S. SiYOUNG dr. CO,
N W corner 40 WWI Ferry streets, and
& YOUNG fr. CO,
myth:demi. W nornertfld and Row swww
13441trr 11.1) Il• DANE,
(LAW of New Vert.)
Orriett—fattltheld street, bctareen Seventh and
Steawberry alley.
N. lt—seaDtsen of the mouth, runts and teeth mated
lionmepattneally. jo9:d3in
eV cull grater Reduced Prces.
AI- & CO, Jarrow, of reducing and Oaths
. out their Stock preparatory to ft-retying thou
New Foil Goods. refill offer greater inducements Mau
Their recent large pureltaarra at the New York
Sales. made at such immense anoriGees from cost,arill
all he closed our the son, ruinous rocs Amongst
the oracles recently they mention,
rAve, Past colored Lawns, at 7 eta
1) •". " anal Malian,p and lle
A lane sock Silk. Shawl. and Viotti, very or..
et AI de Lames, 12te
" lot Berea= at one half net
" r.t Groghars at l2ko
Embroideries, very cheap
Bonne., tad( pnee
" Hosiery, tiloves, Lam. Trimmings, to
7 rawer Merrimack CalltOes, at se
IH et Cate°. at 6lc
It and bates brown and bleached Malin, chap.
Ina Linens at lee; !Ana Graham. tsk
Rennet Rration Ei and am Gloves at le
With an immense variety of other Goods, all of
which sent prove a raving to parchaers 01 Iran 2.1 to
Ac per rent Tire more mill be closed one day for
rarking down and prepartng the stook for the sale.
PICKLES. rn.gssativa.s, ac<•
il7 Front 'Wet, New York,
MANIVFACTURF:RS of every . variety
ia Ptelt
Preserves, /elites, Jams, Catsup, Ssces, :Sy
rups, Vinegars, Mustard, Spier, Kerr - arts
Oyster., Lobate's, Salmon, Mackerel, Shad, Memts,
krarc:Mies, ita.
Importers at Olives. Capers. Salad oth. Sardine,
E.., .04 West lodic Condiments, eta
Thou stock is snore extentme, comprtses a greater
sad is put up in bettor style than that a( any
other House In heir huatneas In the Hotted States
Tart! goods are packed in all the rams. parker..
ani ao safe a meaner to "bear transport:mon to
any part of the country.
N p Catalogues may be seen at the odor of this
Arent. in Hinton' Silas Petrrr & co. l'lttlettlelplum
Jot It Ittmto,lumorm A Ihrt &Snit rhi Loom:
Cr.. Hoehn:mil &Co. botimmlle- Sohn Foodm & Co.
Onc.ormit: Itrnr, Iltuttmcom
1)1: •
Irl:,%'„liKttr.rr"Pa I ' t:4 . 1 .- t " :4 0 ., 1 ::: Itri h ;7-
..r. mooed on the coven. A mt.. °gritty t.s•l ert.,
Irvin N.,. York, and for Ante by
ml . l /MINII NIELIA/R. tl lVoml rt
T. 11 , " . 1 7 ,,, A , 1:1: ,.. trItt ,c tltr y t , ort . Li , Let e nn , :t e. toita o n pr tot , :ht , t ;
above estahlsttatetah when. every anennou Win he
past to the rootiort tlente mho tuay (aver 100 01111
a cell Litters Moo, losercen Seventh and IVcient
leeCreotet• tool atl 01011 delteaciel IS the Brown.
audarstotezt have this day
the name oillionapson Hanna k Ran, tor the par
pu.,e taanefa , tartna pap., at the Cltate,n Paper
whom they 'rill ha pleared to receive the patron.
age of the potnic, and the former C¢III.OIIICTI 41 the ...
ar partner.
will all hinci It cep en hand .t ecnitril an.
serirtie hoarwrit. rapping. 102 and ...Ail inancrr.
s ect. Wank hotit.t. cid etc which they will
t ich in rot dna.. Inn, and canon n
Vriic.• and think ca lie •upplicil with
••crr itc•crtiniciii crdilinc nat., at and
Tit, 'AI I lid
. .
Apr '49 —us •St-i1:11n RD'S UND S. HAN
'Assignee. Noah..
11T IT ERFA S. Ileotanton Snudt atultieonre A. John
,' ~,,, Merchant , . of the Italy et Iltushata , h, truth,
under me firm of South h John.. have male to the
.uh.rhher.tiA•l ol all thetr I:s.ate for the
hanefi , of all th CTlllltilieir two month.
mom the date thereof,. x- , eute and defreer to the and
Smith A, Joh., , n n lull and alp...lute rcle.e of ad
their reaper., and dem:eel,.
Nonce c• hrw Ly vv... Lb,t thc awignnwnt and n ,
Ma. I :hr wile,' ul)nt sunaPr,her, Faarth
imerl, in Ow rny nf 1,41.111.1qh, for snapecnou and stg
hale, with na hwn nmy concern.
UnCAVIDI.E.N. , . /traipse+,
I ) i) L. ire , uu,tr.] Wood ..-et, h. pant
• • an hvaaPfully G T
ni a •arpw, di pattern. and Color.; also,
s a f 44: ornam-elfing Enolch, nla•wien,
,mc, ormp.. .nhtl
1849. aßiismA
Beaveratacat ales Expres• Packet Line,
It G. PARRS, Ivarer. Frowning.
IV HE nee/ and elegant Pa•wtmer rackets,
NIAGARA, Cant 11 H Jeffriem
e.K.N ?1•11', J AfeNtt yt
Forming a daily Line between Deaver and Erie have
conced ntt ttttt and Min COMIIII2B dating thema
to to r
make Weir mentor trip., 'teams Beaver slier
We arrival of We morning boat from Putabutgh„, fl tab
clock, r. Y I and artier al Erie in tame for passengers
to take the morning boats to Hereto or up the Lake:
Thema thronsb to Elmo and all Late porta, eau be
bad by application to JOH ve e rAGG, Agt,
corner of and Smithfield Ms
anl3ln ander We it, Moat. Hotel
natter.. Trinamilnsta Cash.
ICIE advent., it no w opening. at 1,1 Water erect,
New York, n eon/plena 00111.101.4 of HATTICHS'
THlUhllNci velerned by himself from the mounds,
itartea us France and Germany, whack will be sold ban
for emit. P i m a ,, call and examine before porehaving
el where.
New Yen., July, NO.
NEW la. rar
no. I.anips
of •ISTI4I. silts and 'mtg., of e ne..gonsirtighon,
that Is gun. smele and complate—.on, tn.:lutenist.
Alan, the attinlo to but, in them galle4
Fluid, or Marls) o.l' It has rat. guano., nalarh
rerontend Il to the attention of ornin boat men, howl knop,s ut , and b00..' keeper, for rig:mime.. et...1,m.y,
atnrbrtlhancy. aurea •ses any thing portable liner in
au, Prtsona who pinasa to call on ns be ahoorn
On' pacutiartne. of M. new gotnpound.
A roooaoti •upolr or the Fitad and lame , kept by
SCAIFEA A riaNSON. Ftrot qt.
iaat Orwroon Wood .s , tl Markel
No. 7R Wood ntraat; Plitattmegrh.,
HI.IIIFIR AND I.AUFMAN, 11,a.torettra and doalera
In Foreign and Mmes. It ARIP6VAIILIG, to
all it, vnnettea. are two, prepared to wit as low and
on •s re...noble term. at eau Lr nureltasedelsewhera
We sone., our woods, and the pablty generally, In
eon and e Ina. , oar ooek, winch con.Lst• in pan of
tiNIVI , :t to FORKS, In kncia nod PEN KNIVES,
hill1.88 , 011$,Y,111.:..illS, RAZORS, Houle Trlnuntn••,
inch a. tool,, Latehes, kiln.,,. and Screw, together
era Illinlorare Stores.
Wr "sally rho 11111411.0 4 1 111 1....31,211.1111 and :tixhnmes
generally to ur 30.101 - 1.0 , 11 l .1 roots, which have been
seleeted wit hgreat oaf., and which we am determinl
ed to sell +a tt• to reeve aAttifsetton.NottlaorT
Tinlsloitii. --
, I , IIE sub., r rs hey to call the attention of Mulder,
1 A rehttect. an,' owners of gadding, to the many
advao/arre• Oman plates j‘m•cas over all Whet
emiln oubst,t ,, ees hitherto used for roofing, AO., a.
at ~ c ee the li ghtness of Iron, althopt A.
~b,t,ty to rest. havlag w been t0...4 for several
Tears n 11111 pot solar , both in ill, eonntry and in En
rove. They are seer liable to eutan.lon and cOntrar-
Woo iront .added change of the atatroyher, than eate
n poora. Iron, one, or any other metal now used
tor rtadola and,onseciaently form a nth better and
Uhler roof. reptirlng fat leas frYtinent repaera, whilst
the fait C.,111 Lot • trid , more.
A ton ' , apply, a all sue', front, If, to at co.
stmatty on lan d and , or hl.
(.1•:1, II MIIIII WII4/11 it CO,
II nod IO I:eaver lorrot, Neu, York.
The rv,;lo for ::1,1 orrel.• losvlog been oerorod
for lOr Untied rltste, •fl per.), lannoittg thereon,
r her by importation or 01h0r03..e, mlll ho proseetl
- -
11 , nr many year* ...cmirrtini writ Ni.11,r71. Wiley it,
Nines, ml Ive inn.. ii N Vaal, and I.anden,)
00011....1.1.,,k IMINIXT. OP
No GI Woos rricarr,
oppoalw We St. Cbs:les [IMO I
try- Fr , neb, mad German
. ..
Pdaettatto., land No:.ope. imported to order, proms
ni :loc way IX a:tenanted on applteausan to Mr. L...
I:wolf:wt. aro.. navel
Ult. U. nutit,
111 101rtil t rO'Dentitd. Carner of Munk
and Decatur, between
-- -
Martel anel Prrry
W ANTED—MAU Ilerl ttil ii tz t r ; V ocK
17 3 J earner Flrat and 1 rood *a
A liIF.II,II7AN !LOUSE CA, iti.E. , rr:R. —'M Amer ,
.111 llooor Carpni.r, atreanoe Arei.ley
re.Curniret anJ Moubl,tia, Frauttag. Wan,
doaa.,, mu/ bag,ther malt), Ow moat telp.ant
rartples al Prartiral Uy
.4.1 Frg.attn over =0 rug rayon', F.?, .4
annoy JAS 1,11.1141CNc0 , /P. G 1 Waod
fii;l4l64:i pne< m ruig pudfor mrau
ma.bed Wool. by FI LIZ?
aug'l3 Liberty It
A Lot a( Ono. having a hr. ti Pet .
rtrees, hype fees deep to an ahoy, as
wide h Is erected ten gr. two Eery brick Derelhao
noun Th e Om property 1 e hummed ana
pleasantly eitnand, and will be fold very reasonably,
leithmather or pen aft.) If eFPlimdion be mode
mom RY &UDELL, on the premixes.
.--,t Eabat a. year
botily) and Lot, Robinson oven, Allegheny,
old Bridge. Price law and tarots easy.-
I . lllre of jigt 8 BCROYER, 110 B.end at
FOUR nem two Wary Britt Dwelling Maim
weII fulishael and in complete elder, an °want
Avenue, or Minereville toad, Rh Went. Poe
us.ut given komedlatett. Rem law. &Tire at
AL PERT desitabh M , bee In the 114
h Mown sten, ndioining John Dow-
Wag, Fog. The 1.4:4 imeernar one, fifty teal flow by
one handled and ninety feat deep--with • two wort'
Brink House, twurty-Aye tun (reef, 'nth two paean.,
dining loom, and fillet= on fint fiDOT A earring.
hone stable end grapitry, nod the lot (•11 a choice
fruit erees, all In good order. Ennui 01 the enbentn
be; launder Merchant, Allegheny city
OR RENT..—The three story Brick Aching
House, on ,:bury, between R.y.d biarberY
streets, now occupied by W. Grabens, Jr. Possession.
given immedissety. Enquire of Wm. Grshana or sa
the Bookstore of
corner Mute •nd MIN strevta.
Property la egbeily tiny ler Sold.
raboenbers oder for rule a macro( choice
late, climate In the Second Ward, hawing on the
Common around, on easy tem.
h St Mir it
or of JAS ROBINSON, on ihnoreadou
Desirable Proposer far Bale. '
iTHAT beautiful, well known anti bealthyresidenee,
OEM) oceoplad by Mrs. E. J. rklawsn, dec'd ‘ j on
top of the bill srvit of Steubenville., O, and &torn
ing the Steubenville and Cambridge road. The lot
contains about eight scree put meadow, and under
good tenon. The Impre=r: are at:r h o Mary MI
vhieken ho h' use7a .'d K' f , adw; .1%%. LT*
variety f thou trees end
p r
perry not a full descrip
tion of t hin Wed t
hem properly Is deemed annehao
sari. It 0 one. the most beautiful runs ngeets in
the 'vicinity of theabeaville, and is perhaps on or the
mat healthy,—eombintng the marry advantages of
town and country, with few of the inconveniences DC
either. The title is rinegneptionable. Possesaion cam"
be given on the first of November. Por thither per.
npply through t he Post OM., addre. the
onbserther, Shliolloville, Jeffers. musty, 0., or at lib
residence on the bank of .the Okikopposite New Cum
berland, V. JAMMU R. N. STEWART,
Jy27.w.2103 Err of Alen. Sielnitl, deehL
tri A large store cm Margot at, bemoan ]rd and ttli
dire-trA emit fitaahed and handeontely fined up for
goodo, ben ng a good stand far Um Lustros..
Office, 3rd An, ovor Maio Hall-01(tett Loan to= 9 to
19 • A 19
A TUREF. *Writ,/ Dwelling Renee, being the
'multi bop, Atom Penn street, In Snyder's
Row, on flay .treet. Immediate pone eon 'inn be
given. &Nunn of DAVID RFFCIIIR, Attorney at
Law—otbee on Fourth went, between Cherry alley
and Gnun Nur..
FOUR new two story Huck Dwelling Holmes,
well finished and In complete order, on Center
Avenue. 7th Ward. Pomeesion given July Ist
Rent low. Empties of JOHN WAIT CO,
lug corner of Liberty and Hand to- ico IP A itiglacru ADD LUIRUCIIC(IGA.
rpm: undersigned Wren for tote to 1111 Pren comity,
1, PA, 1101) acres of *ell timbered LAND, wit!, an
excellent Saar Mill nearly near, and two new rms..
Roams, one 41 feet front by 47 back; the other 32 feet
(font by tl back. Also, good new home Wen. thlrry
by forty feet. The mall and land are Mutated four
miles front the Allegheny river. A great deal of PINE
TIMBER oldie best quality, and also a vast quantity
of the very beet hemlock. Alva, one acre on the bank
of the Allegheny, near a cove, most admirably adapt
ed fur rallbg, where lumber can be ratted on the no
in winter, and be perfectly safe front alt freshets.—
Price 119,000, or AS an acre. Timm easy. Well lake
a well cleared small farm, with good parse and or
chard open 11, no part payment, if !platten la suitable,
and the balance in lumber, or m may be agreed on.
This is an eseelleat opportunity for lambeung; nod
the probability In great Mu In two or three years that
property will doable its value, in consequence of
Timm proximity to the New York and Erie Railroad. Tim
ber mifitient to wear oat amoral saw mills—and sev•
eral mill sites on the stream which rent nearly through
the renire of the land. About fake, .area in gnus.
No hill to rise In hauling lumber from mill to riser.
Trout and rime in alniadauee. For further pumice
addres:,lion-paid,) " P. ILTESIPIXTON,
Gazette °Aire. Pumliareh.
Two Lola roe Sale,
Tlffii tolurribers will sell at private sale, mote two
vailnable Lou otaroand, i/1014,1 on 'roma. M.,
in the Rind Went of Allegheny thly i , each Inoung
hoot of 11./ feet, running bank lOU tem in depth ID •UY
feet alley, upon which it built a stone wait, do by 100
lect, %Loch contains stone enough to build cellars for
two comfortable dwelling h0e..., and in front there
Ore three Made tree, of y year. growth,. and Um mite
wait 14 pared omb Duct, all of which arill be mid m
Flinn Pittabargh nod Allegheny, or County Setip,
will be taken in payment.
J k II elut.urs, :05 Wood et,
or to Whi. nurnedintely opposite said lete.
VOlt SALE—Five lou elEtely &heated tu the limb.
P tshnag town of thrmin am. The lots oea *se.
ted on Demean street, nrod io F Itatunnantsphlta
75. 79. ttt and on—Lot No 76 fronting 'lt feet on Ma
ry A•s street. 70 feet deep; the other lour I) feet Croat..
..nrh. 61 tni feet deep.
.. . .
Teron--nreater pan of purism money may as.
n I, MI puns, secured by montage. Vaartiol
lan, mollusc of n benllif
ayta 110 sr
coa - t.T.iiiiWiliai - t. -
A. ROUT four miles abort, Lock No. e, nt dm mouth
of Pine Roo, Monongahela River. The Coal ta
nob very best gamily, and easy of amens. Any
number of sere., from twenty-Geo to a handset!, 'night
bo obtained. l'ersons desirous of purehassog, roll
rnit ou WAIXMR REED, on the premise*, or Wm.
Reed. °memos the
Poet *Mae, who will give any in
formation ernmerning the property. The above v• 3U
b ri e
, 36.4 01,
i d : l 7 r grew b ar g a i straddle
..scif—A good brick Dwelling Hose, wets. on
. Kuhlmann MILO, Allegheny. Enquire of
1;0R SALE CHEAP FOR SCRIP—A bt of grodnd
whim., on Webster stntet feet from High street;
20 feet front on Webster, bdefect to a fine feet they
—quite close to new courthouse. Price 10.150. Terms,
5330 rash in bond, balance in one, ten; three and (oar
years tnom the first or April last
Can my and Ed) Scrip taken for cask payment In
quire of myth th SCH. - Ott 110 second at
• •
larti Aerrisitsaa and for Salim
sjITUATEIIoo the Monongahela rlver,about leatitte
from Pluniorgh and 3 miler above third Lock, ill
the Unocal., neighborhood of novena Lyon &Mods,
am/ Mr. John Iterron's porchaso. This lino holy of
Cost will be sold at the low prier of NJ per itons—ene
thud to hand, balanee fn fivarqual enamel payments,
without interest. Title indispouble. Location very
rood—oannoteurpuscd. For farther pardcaNtes
emitter MB. RALSLEY, who has a droll of taklitrto
perly. Reeidence st,beleir Ferry, Mr. Adams' Bow.
N. LL There he another ream of coal on this treat,
abets t MI feet above the lower, of excellent mmH irJi lit g'
TRH subseribers ore _authorise:al o.Ter pritime
sale, and upon highly Covetable Heins, • situate. r
et rely volnahle Ittuldfor 1.04, eampristur buyn
;ammo of the Lou nonaliered CO 651 and 70i. as
Wods' fieneral Pion of
s h o ed !n ,
of Mtn.:
tell al the smith eutorently mune, or Penn and Wolof"
strrrlm, 2211 feet ou the former a d extruding
aone the latter abollt 111111eot to the Allegheny river,
and heine port of the Brat Eslate of Ibe Into Jure,
B.Blevensop, Mt mused.
A pion or snlenvisatn of the abovelull , in confer'
mop with wlneh n is proposed to sea, may lee teen at
the othee of the undersigned, on Fourth between Mar
ket and Ferry sts. WILLIA.hiS &gum.
nap •
TWO IiOUSES A9b LOTS YOLL 52116.11 g
j u k, Two LOTti on Ikaver .tenet, In therniir -•
7. , 4 Allegheny, above the upper Orstreone,onteldetC
Is errrtrd a frame bending, illre MU, Ingit,gnitabbs
for two mall tenrthents. The lota ere emelt Orgney,
feet in front by one hundred feet deer, and roil bank'
to a strert forty fret Inds. The buildthes on the pro,
mitra will pay a eery handsome intercet on the in•cee,
men, and the property NM be sold cheep for Cush.
Apply to 11. tsprout,Plerles other; U. S. or to
nover KAY & Co
scotch Illottoast L.nd tor7alft.
AtlßSgt OF I.ANOaltnnted bt etteblea Inten
t slop, on the Monongahela, three miles from Pith.
ntarsi, —,.. lota to son purchasers. For (either (mute
ess 'spot) to llenry WOO4ll, 341 11.0110
A WAUIIOWTON, 4th, abovtgusithaehl
%v ith.ltoVBl.l Flirt SALN..-11;isartarrib,r
. U . often for male the three vtory brut Wand....
ood street, occupied I.y R. Tanner k..
.... out: KFIAL ESTATIO.ON 1.614 N KraErmr
FOR SALE—A Lot at Gron.l titivate on Penn
strect.iwtareen day add Madam street.. who/ming
the boner and lot now occopi...l by Itietindi Rderarda.
Lavine, • food of 25 feet, and in depth MD feet, anll I.
told on lavorabla tonna. Title auclooptlonable. Ila•
entre of C. 0 LOOAUS. 4d, el, near Noel.
A -•
DF.DIFLABLK Iladdlns Lol w Allegheny coy, A. verse!, ',eased, to use lahlol bid( WI acre, and
ordl he gold oo teeantendoclog harms. !nodule of
fe We J D WILLIAMS, lid wood el
MFOR RHAIT—A room In theoecoi — td N..
tn you'd meet land
Pirreseaua, teem I'S 13L'
Mr . /Wm IL Moron—Dear Sir: I gaol/arm toupoors
nt your NVorna killer w onn of my anktron, sabot
tha won awe alone boll hour it paiouut twenty lama.
worms. 1 tent in recommending your Venturing.,
onthe Lein condo,. that eau lie used kw expelkog
J • woot tiloaiton, near Noldiestown.
Prepared ond sold by tin proprietor. JOIIN D MOR
GAN, DP uggim, nun door below Diamond alley. %Yood
. .
AILS now teeenong a very large etork of r,..
of recent perrnaseaud importation...lnch
Mc. vedi .4.11 b LE:, trade at earn prices a ectekaot fall
waive cunt, ocilisfaction.
ear and COusltry Merchant. are invit.ol to roll anti
examine Our awek before parchaltna elseactutro.
1, - mra r RATII4 RIR (MIN DOLLAR, 1... n innee
Mit, N,r 611,,en
I,llr. tkpartmenl open hem 9 to t t o'clock, A M
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