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sia PrrrasiianDarbv ua . . , Lit
DitYy7Tr.w..ekty,..a crektr. , - ict. NJ I. sem. ,
Dollars per sonata; lie Tn-Weeily taVITe laraPer;
am the Weakly la Taro Dollars perananni, ro1011:
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irratantirteta are • - ae .. .leinseenedN barn,
-bur favors befilre 5 r. si„ and as early. iaebe;
lenetieable, Advenneertema naLinsene4 (p 4 a opteo.,
Saddam sal invariably be ebarged cud veered eaup '
Adrerliveinania ead Fa b.eritidv lo it. Ik4)-11, Ada'
eao forw ar d Unted Biala Gum, tthsloaelphiS, rec. n a ,
tad forwed Crps, his office.. '
to. CUM. ccunrrOums.
iimmY At. MUM, of 04.)
WILLIAM HABLErr, Bulk, 'pty,
ROUT. C. WALKER, or Plitabra. flor*th
JOHN lIILLER, at Stasp.4rgh
CALEWLEF.,ciahnalmrgaj. t
wric ESPY, orLawer Out
CARTER CUR77S, alTittkiugh
PorrieoNceroill i
G. R. HAYS, of Upper 5iZ17.124r
1 rososentoik i':
JOHN MOHMSON, of AlleOleOy '
i c ecrpmecromoi,
JAS. Mite EIJ.,, of PeeLleo. 11
i eozoaco, .
I r ,
%PAL H. Ji.RTIIURS, of romiorret.. 0.
AVDMI.4 ri
JOAN DYERS of Findley. ;4
Per Local Watts. see !text paitio.
Me Wen: pags ror Tolographlo !tom&
"A Citizen of Pittsborgh,.sl4,ll'eppeii
A Wotan us TOO BmrevoLEs,--le e Dire, from
Ear. Mr. Parisavant, the* his excellent idfirmery
buoy nearly full of patients, mid prat it bas been
suweesery to make provision for more. testerday
these wens gAirp, in Ito itus 3 / 4 12.114013, osd order
letilment, the moat of them 116014 undsbleutoes
• descriptions of fraiiii, and so* •eurg* cams.
Them has let= alterldan mid lame 14=6.10a
leafy, end persons ate applying every gay, who
came be turned swap, 00144 40 040 LO.see
them die in the street'. There; in '
a ex
panses have exhausted the tremiul. .1 1 to the
benevolent citizens Of Pittsburgh Mud ei E ba look
ed for, +0 enable this noble cluiriti to eatiltlaae lee
etran• fop the relief of eufferiag busitaniitr.f.lbloney
for the lams+, may be la lel& PI dEir, Book
ere, et the Infirmary, at et Mr. Passa , o4 dwell
ing: : 4:i
Tan Wirmaino BRIDGE cote.-;.-.Telegrahic d e,-
pitches,}roceived Ibis city, ty rersoc4_ buying
china of the bridge miff, staid . that Judge Goer
has declined to give a decision' in the case, until
the meeting of the fall bench at. Wash itlgt4D, In the
snider; but that any steam hont'iowner aggrieved,
could bring alma. The injunct i on is theib"fore not
granted, and the company will,' tresuppok, go on
and complete the bridge. Thin ihey will 4y, how
ever, with the toll knowledge thatTittsliiirgh will
b"enhar legally contest their eimhority do so,
and they will have no reason to, complaiii!abould
they be compelled to resbove '
Of course, if we Gel of a legal remedy , 4 bodge
thud stand,for no sensible person Ind good'muren
will think of resorting to any brit such a iemedy,
in a cattatry of laws. We, Ito4cSer, haft great
faith in the justice of our hi:attest irilinuals,Pnel that
we shall not fail to have all our rights guner,ed from
i alinement. It is no eridencelliii the eampany
are not encroaching on our privilege+,
.4y their
structure, because we bare not anoreedel in WI
WI:Mg as injunction now. Delays may vet.
Ulnas, but tbey do mot derorstellrout out el
to an noototracted oavigatioh.
'im Nese Cams Gaarrro"..-f-Our neii , enter
minty, Lasaignee, leaps at oiteeta a high hamon,
if one may Judge from the rev. etlataibir ofiappear
seed of Its papers. We some tinsengo, opt:iced a
new Democratic paper @darted ie blew f' le, by
Oar old fnendi Mr. Koester, asuLkow we lijive the
^Nem Ceade 'flazette," enlarged, ihaprooid, and
pentad with new materials. Te bau•tia as of
the right politiar, too, being sountaty Whigtrlnd oe
Lawrence, will labeller pawnor, among thi!Wh4
counties of th 4 State this fail, the Gazette ~e!i1I Le
the leading paper. We tenth iteyery auceirlits, and
abundant prosperity is the good oaute. NV. 11.
Shaw and a Craig, editom
Pcrecrwaloreor Hoxo4cr.—:tti; Kraitz
professor of il r odero Langneleale the to,
1 7 c.t Virgin:lBos delivering a aciie•!of IcePirea
Banos, on thew., in lleogary,Ot,' which gitt ex
pel:hnt paper, 80v... ;.eikr, pat9slereg
wall Prepared . rxtracta From z report II that
isanital of s recent leen.; vre leire that tteaMaa
yars nontherit,9oo,l24o; there are 4,200 oft??...le
yonlansiati Creatures 2 203,000; ;Cerro niittlantt
1,200,004 t Bulgarians, a Lima of SAlsonacia; 12 -
000; Jews 214,00(k French 6,000; OrecksE'.G,ooo;
sod Armians 3,000 to 4,ooo—making a greed to
tal of 12,000000. Of this nomb# 0,000,03% are
Catholics, 2,1A0,000 belonging to the Greek 4iturcb,
who obey the patriarchs of Consteetinoptet. The
Magyar are the repreuntativea.hf the rtniioa.—
Weal is technically called Cativnistfe, k thr
religion, and ft may he celled the :Magyar
/Irv. Alex. Carepb.ll4 11Ibel Eltht.
The man of On, readers Wu reyokot ti+t dur
ing the visit tithe celebrated AAA...gender CarApbell
of Bethany, Va., to Scodaed, a kw years e 0), tha t
he became involved In difficulties with a Rqv. Mt.
'Rebertenn, Dad was rather badly treated, and
Ahmed. They will now be pasid to leakii, that
•Mr. Campbell ha. obtained justice in the *tenth
Clottra,and that the Reverend gentle:lm.° t o.
violently assailed biro, hen been Made to y the
pipMMost handsomely. We copy the GginWing
from the ecaLthann, of July •
Alexander Campbell arid :hiiindaireit,
Rev. James Robertson.--At EdinnUrglseth treble
szy.lB49, in the summon. and action of dakages
dated and algiseted 7th November4e4e,osßtuted
before the Lords of Council and Session, at 6e
stenos of the Rev. Alexander Campbell, Pr4ident
of Bethany College, Vdginia, U. Si; Anienekl and
Missander Palok merchant. Mimosa his Othda •
logy, against the Res lames Robert son, reflding
at 27, Gilmour Place, Ediaborgh,,defender,rhom
plaiting that, while the unmoor Was In .S.• land
in 1E47, the degander eemmenced neystein cern..
lent and malicious abuse of the pursuer, Ih the
eliegstihn thit be mu a slave holder, its pjating
and cireultding cards in which th e istinot Was
represented as a man stealer, dre4 and alssi that
the defender had maliciously and illegally eltised
the punster to he apprehendwl natter a watrint,
so In meditations furz, granted by the SheElr of
Lanarkshire, on or about the 6th September, at:47,
aII as more fully ,libelled.
Stung in judgment, the said Lords inab3lane,
deemed and ordained the said defender to tease
payment to the mintier the tutu of.1:2600 in Sines
of damages and as a mintinni foe injuries sustttood
by him aforesaid, with expenses t •
Extracted 27th June, I tst9.”
Tan ELISIDVIT .1000 TITZ Pso.m.s/—Tht.Cor.
suipoudmtt of tbe Philadelphia rielsstmethat
the ratrocy of the President from liptlksrel 2004.
to &menet was Marked by rentinood OTnOlilard-
W eis of public admiration. 110 says, ..At
. tows, village, otalluaload, hamlet, ot7l iiverraPitley
have turned out so 914.10 siometqUod
eltildiran—lutd greeted him tu m : laan wt.
et &dere greeted, at least in this part of the n
The party dapped to dwo It n stball road fide
tavern Is tha mountain:, and, Oiler dimes it
appear. General Taylor entered into rote4taa-
Von with a red hot Locokee, which is thus rtil'pr
led: rJ
Loa.—{Walking up to the Preaidebt.l t
how d'ye dot Pm glad to see ye, hal I didat kola
for ye, 'alum I'm a Dunocrat.
Qsa Tnibs.—l'm Just as glad. to ter 'on
Pow all that; 1 name Isere td aro Wags, Winn
all and Nativism, and all, and asn glad to'ides.
Lem.—Yoe and ion ehoold be "the Proal4al
of the people and not of a party, and that Om
woaltat be proseriptlvei ton youv'e toned otztte
Dements sad notndy Et
Gea. Terfar.—Who ohm, toold I Aura nuE7 5 -1-,,
Nearly the oftlee holders were rit your paily,
end I, of coarse desire en reptatiosuu. Rl' 1
abarald let your fr ' irads have all tith pla^en eld
the Whip nose, It arould be pretreribmg Sae
Whigs ! r
Lem—You're right, Gioeral; I petit thoughtat
M itotic the Dtasoerats did hole all the yra
*ea/ Jieksim.
h. fiset! They first got theta from Cdit-
Gete. Tayton— , Y.N tooti frethdi thcYqe
, lutd pceeemioa dim for nearly meaty ye 4,
end they ought be satisfied .ttis thiir Aughete,..
. MOM" , PMdiAtd th e Loco,
ed The artiele.anair ended is lac
andothakieg the General by the hant4heuelel
ed,"You'relditet Olneral," and repeated it until the
canine soiled away. •
Beaty Shelton Seaford, of Countreiieto, to Le
Seinetary of the Leif attort of the United , tilleteet at
The Pt Odeatcon Progress,
The PrgaideM iniid Governor arrived In- New
trai + .os.
'Caine 0 2 WC* AidNy caning Last, and were re
*itnid Isla slyle..l The /Arrester Jastraal ,
'ithe lEktersimatie ' r, Says,
, . .F e tecitinly, at fi o.loeir' the time lined fort heir
:'oval, 4 00 caned bras Gred to annonnec the ap%
'penance 'tithe It* at the accoad lock. At IlliA
¢lO/CelllollVad onnimotion, mil tarp, ulnae, coin
:M(4er, citizens al (Pere on the alert to glee them
la hearty welcome: " They were met by no im
mense =count - a people at the first k.ek, rind
the guests tool: medial Capt. J. Hoop.' liagoorhe,
; drawn by biz spleulkd cream colored horse, At
' , the signal of the Ilrits of the cannon, (which was
dmuinnedi dining:Elm moving , of the processton )
.the hoist . .. Mari, batiat refinery, carnage", die. hem
,.ed iota 4 lima ward the direction of the Chief
t Marshall. Col. Wilhite' Book, and his essistanta—
i Being the, formed ?i n to procession moved up thro'
['East New Castle rand crowed the Nestiannock
!bridge, when they itiuceeded through the principal
r 'streets sa i d b a it e d; en . foot of" the Wathington
Blouse, Where theytivere cordially welcomed m a
neat and eppropnak address by D. Craig, Eoq., in
behalf ogthe eiersiria, to the hospitelines of New
:Castle and Lawrenrei comity. ii
The President, lign standing to the carnage,
said, (we give the attlariaace not the words) that a
was with po *instip degree of rectums and heart
:felt gratitdde that he :thanked the people of New
:Castle soil Lawnnee county for the warm remo
tion that liad been extended to him. He said he
had served his coolltry more than forty years in
the military servigh, and most of that time had
been spent on the Indian herders, and some of it
In onarying war l i en enemy's country ; that it
;could not be expie of him who had apent so
math of - . his time : in the held of action and
latrite, to Mate mueldisplay of eloquence, or even
E 0
do Justice to El own feeling. In meeting his
;friends in Neat Costa and Lawrence county. Ile
wish* to he a map of settee, as he always had
•endeavored to be, Mti.d not cl words. In referring
ito the Mexican bar, he said the Americans,
.(among whom wene.the Feensylvanin volunteered
;had convinced the world that they were able not
;only to defend theirieentry, but carry sneixibfolly
;their arms into an dnetny's country ; bin, while
~h e spoke with pi-adhere and pride of the errors
:that transpirul inin", he wan emphatically a
man of peam. and that tie was anxious at all tunes
- and under all eiretigistandies, that every possible
;means should be tritd, before war is rearmed to.
fl. had never had".•n opportunity of traveling
!throogh• the Statea4 , :and would now devote a little
pisnre in aeneiriligcsorne knowledge of the agrb
cultural, mining, an/ manufacturing operations el
"Pa country.
Ile mterned hi. hearty thank, for the 4istin
trashed honor onnAirred on him, sad that his most
', at desire was in promote our mutual welfare,
imi he wan not the iiinsideut of a pony bat of the
1 iirliiede maple. t.
1 _,.(i. The (kmerel toofithis writ in the carriage amid,'
dire deskribitg enernfof the Immense crowd. when
p o vet a o ii.Totulacli: mate VirtY oePronritds
Some:lN evincing ant be le a man of good jade.
;meat, had maneasel(a coasiderabha degree of ore
, try. W l h.t he asiaad, the applause was again
Sesamed, and contitMed until they were conduct
* Into the hotel, Where thousands passed in to
hake theihand of Vld Zech." as they called him,
Oho was na familiar .-w ith the people as any farmer
d i d inLawrence countf.could be to hie neighbor.
After trapper ho was visited by many of our Ma
ness, hat he war mesh fatigued and retired early.
i On Thursday morSuag the President and flover ,
. nor visaed the rolling mills, nail ferneries, and other
'pssaefganineteciabishnienta, of which they spoke
highly,and nopeares.much pleased to witness the
prosperity , t h Lrwretthe County.
''At nit o'clock - , 'they atended at the Piesby
lenan Macto reggive the calls of Ladies, who
fswintdedlthere in awards to take the old hero by
he hand: ' The orcirediegs in the church were
yery intenpuins, aatk the remarks made were ap
propriate sa d do honor to the distingeHhell guests
About o'clocic;",the President sod Governor
took seats 4a the cadiage of Mr. Jamea Sample, a
Patriotic soldier in the Mexican War, and the pro
deletion of icamages;jorocerbled to Mercer, derma
Erhieb thee the Artilkiry on Show'. little:ere firing
their heavy bnuhs pipe.
The reeeptionin .;New Castle was a splendid
ON., and Would have &me honor to a lowa on
twice its eine. The 'Esirhole proceeding passed oil
ih good order, and ali'appesred to be much pleas*
With the visit of the tlistiognisheal gentlemeu."
The abate is frotr* ff
Dest,oeratir paper, and or.
eotnasead it to the liTeabinstioa Itnion sod Poi.
harsh Past as a pait?rn of propnety and decency
rive different is all43is rem the +nameless
By a gentleman lepat Mendel:le, me learn, th
be reeepli:on of Grv . r; Tavkm and Gov. Johnson •
.!A:brt', an Frl49 afternoon, vac or the torso
ichposing character, ;The populations of the :or.
r?isoding chtustry hmerobled to yrr-I the I.e.
Itsyrd Old Chloe, Rea gar respected and
Arrodytlle.yotelenten a creel of asomehoo and
not '
~often Witicssed. Sp.-rebel werr de-
I rred bytootb of th4istiepusbod risstors. They
hifi the Ef . tism Satsrpiav moraiog, all well.
Wm. C. Milk Minister to Fenner, and
ads Family, and therejtan. Unmet hi Barringer,
Minister MSpoin, hid his Lady took their &liar
tdre from Liam Yot hn Wednesday in the meant!,
iinerieet, hdmad for ;14vrpooL Several bearers or
despatcher( for tbelFreoctrond Spanish Legations
eient oot Mlles mason steamer.
The Phanclelphlki'mmsylvanian says that rho
liar]: on the Stare 4fa".llresed Ger the nvmdaere A
4 1 netiithif"Piarre,l'iete6 raphily plumed kw.'
airtril, and ester...ea tie I%g/eithert all the pardons
arill be nompleted !oiejilsectere the lima •per..e..l.
the contrards.
AnoM I . nEw Tonic.
, Cornutraresienee glum. rnishursh Curette,
Now Yuan, Aug. 23, I b 414.
The braay mason of cholera hati ended, and
altitt our borders 'peaks of busmen:: No city es
• on 'wan vimns to i t marked o change, as has
begs seen here writing - , three weeks. In place of
altaost deserted hot and entire abaenee of
attnage, there is no seen customers without
crrunt, and a pressait upon our hotel, never be-
Gitu veers The rooms are doable and nibble bed
and, the parlors "cotte" to .ffocation, and 'bolo.
ann." established in ,Sall the aceesaible private
hints.. Every streSt4eems with busy merchants,
add the walks are alittost impassible with goods.
Si ranch for the resto3tatton of trade, end the raps
idreturn of public bet 0h
All the railroad. aujl steamboat, come loaded.
npil the receipt of the companies begin to aeons
agate with graufyinglapidity. The great trade
blank sale comnienceelto-monow, and there ate
ahhedy ICI attendance Om usual number of buyers
Tile mariafreturers . gratis of American fithrics have
beirm, and realised good prices—an naturtactery,
nisi tither and larger lia!I will at once be offered.
great radokd !Ch.. IS afloat here,
witch is nothing leasfian to tap the Erie road
opOosite Newburgh, and by a short cut to Han
far.4 take •goals and 4Atineugent to Boston and
Ne'sh Eughind. The ahance a that it will ate
rend, and if it does, (+sell to those who have
erciuked over the Erioraac. With this new South
era and shim route Slim Boston westward, the
grent central lines of Afienacbtieetta cannot am
pere, and we shall hatrei l lin infusion of Yankee en
teriirims moo our Soutbeis tier of CollelleS and the
Northern ones of Penasylvania along the Erie
railioad line, that will istnrk wonders. The city of
Ne4r York would be . .S2artre gamer by this new
and!ithort etitio the *eat, on the part of the Ittaa
taniiins, for the natural advantage, of New York
witt th e 'tnde to;hercelf, after a teaches
the United States sloop of war, Dale, haa
eil front talparatao,biingtog an enormons mad
fouci the gold waken rtri:porste for the mines. The
chola.te o( the letters Alyea not vary much born
former MCCOLfIII. All it hope, and the women, of
golden streams eau !Otani; cool otr the ardour of
Mend vimonaries The( Dale has made an creel
lenitam, and again detiarintstrared her goal eadiog
Thy steamer, yesterday .- , for Europe, took a very
small remittance of comiiionly Sl,oooj but a large
one of United Suites 81.4., and Bills of Erchange,
whilkit lad, however, aria now rather slow of rude
at 01010 for the best Mimes. The imports are
miner lem Ltd, week, 4iti the nab el Ituaineas
°vie l ...hat no sudden $r large demand for coin
to ritilp or apprehended.' . 2Money has grown rath
er nsundant again wittiln-a_'. say or two, and as low
as lite per tent. has beep accepted for ordinary
paturiand Mock loans. The Money Market la ea
sier bare Mane at the EnP, and some homouren
froiMlfist section are hoed; on business
Ashes are fiktri at st. , 32iatss lei. Cotton i s
doll:Nanning Mr•the summer. 'Fur Orleans 111
(11 25. Flour is firm, and the supply not large.—
Good Straight. Ohio Stab, $5 7:445 el, Fancy
Obio:ss blialti 121. The demand for Fresh
Ileoultd Wheal is held above the views of buyers.
CorrOina tailed le2e per - hush, and good Yellow
Mil, tit 61ait121e. Porki-eiSti change. Mew, $lO,-
75; ghme $9. Lard, Gkati. home to meld long
middles 7k, rib in. Buittii• dull at 75th lc fur Obtu,
and ite/14 for Stale. Whiskey is steady at 20e
for litho, with e geed buitMess. For Collie, the
mad:Mi. better, with co ' derable sales fur Phil
adelPiiia Molasses and gar are firm, and some
refiners Wi th more e a eau be filled readi
ly. Sales oiSentich P:10$ at $2l 150322 per ton,
rd 4
o moithri. Battle Engl ale-bws haw at 139, and
same; 1010, i 0, Pig I 57 $l7 75. Tobacco .
held al an adiraiscoof r iio;(ier dt, with some Lae..
Them: is no Ohlo or Peilitsylvtinia Seed Leaf at
PoOust. LaSuaLaT , %- ' h has been resolved
by Met Mayor end Oly , . Moil (*Baltimore,
+has every iman wee Ow . m a w ,.
4111 be bild And:trued o Hoe,
.fled the Oise( ev Are
Roe orae*eibesr irty*.
4rtd otßeqii otml bekitra charge,
And log 0: wime truee rub,
thy n• avrecrOmlut rget*Ly lbw wit
Oitom wgw TORE.
itimepondeitee of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
New You, Aug. 22, 1519.
The:':ltuatinene of this great city La again!' aritiveo
and th4treets, which have been Eviction •time
mielnally thinned out, present that PatictihutY
lively ;did racer appearance which belongs to the
thorociefsras of New York, at meat periods of the
year, hilt more particularly during the scum of
trade Mitall and spring. The basins season, I
am tohq, is allow ten day. later thin year than usu.
al, owiiti to the prevalence of cholera in the city
end theitughoul the acutttry; no less to the latter
than l&the former fart, foe purchasers are just 00
unwilling to leave their hommihwhile the peattlence
is hove ing over them, as they are to go upon bit
. tine's tit places where the plague actually exists
The 7nreeipts at the Custom House have been
manner during the past ten days than ever lief 're
daring th e
: same space of time , amounting to clime
upon 05 800,000, and ptubape n little exceeding
thanentil, The Government force at the Custom
House la hardly eilequate to the Prompt transac
tion of ntice an amount of business, and the delays
thereby-rendered unavoidable, are real hardships
to merehmta Rot the entry clerks say that the
mode ofaloirig business that has sprung op within
the pasi few years, has thrown obstacles in the
way of Ire expedamos transaction of business in
their department of the revenue service, that did
not befiiie exist, and which exist in no other
ermi im,t i nmercial country. Formerly the bole of
the troplirting wan done by great American houses,
or by fornigners of great capital and reriourees.
N , ,VI afitthat is Changed. Every French, German,
or English maoufacturer who ships $lOOOOO a
year to this country, has his agent here, who re-
criers Ilia meanieaa by every vessel, and some
times they are small enough, nod thus be saves
conamisilon. Ten years ago, a event American
and English importing house io Pearl, Broad, or
South sthtet, would enter a cargo worth half a
million, rind pay or secure the payment of half that
amount or duty in a Jay. Now, the Immo cargo
oomes itiesigned in a hundred petty parcels, to as
many peaty agents, each of which goes through
the sam;rioutine in entering hs consignment, pay
ing the dance as the peat merchant did in the
former Mule. The change of system has lowered
the spirit of mule, increased labor, and benefit:rid
no bodpnobody at least but the foreign mann
faciorer,,Twho wives a small percentage to cow-
But to. leave the vacations of Inside, let as ad
vert to tie varying aspects of social Ilte tamed to
our vial by the rubsidence of the epidemic, and
the reviaki* of gaiety and confidence as toe result.
Firstly,ls to bo noticed that though few of the
very rii.tite-to non the language of the democrat
is PatheAtitchie--of the egg-lea/ves have returned,
amsthnii bias begun to *port that aristocratic fea
ture, itaiNutpages, again. The eats of the var
nish seems to able° with a doable lustre, and the
nag. prance aver the pavement. with a dainty
that offers conclueive evidence that they
brow whore they have been, and why they have
conic ht.; and what le the difference between
them .4 the vulgar quadmpeds whose plodding
gait Raves that they are not fresh figure a six or
eight manihu vat-atm - du The theatre+ are all open,
and are:o4l doing a fine bunnies', except the Italian
Opera ati_the Broadway theatre, which has again
proved a pitiable fatly.. Niblo's saloon has arise n
lige Phoenix front her much of in-, far more
beautifufracions, attractive than ever. Thouth
the bed gs an: rot yet completed, the convert!•
cores liit'ithe aeratitmoilation of an audience are
nearly 14,ffeet, and every sucht the house to throng!
ed. Tde..rfliOtripance3 wh,ch appear to be moat
attractlve. are the French ballets, comic and pans
totrumessgif the Ravel family, which are frequently
ettned, but seem always equally popular. Wed
nesday tad Saturday night ern given up to English
opera, in Which Mrs. Howard and Messrs. Senuti
and Burke, are the reigning wars. Mrs. 11.0041
ra one at the most beautiful and gnat-genii women
and rhataming vocalist, that I ever saw On the
wage. She ix unquestionably the :cost arnom
phslind amid attractive female pert..triner wo nuir
have Why the Italtan opera aboold again have
ihe knows, air seems interested to brow.
The fact tg;, we are not atinnasal peigple or rather.
perhapuipinotud br lower criticism to say. hat we
have no tajne (or teeing:that we cannot understand,
fur revtlarctin in a foreign lenetrue
foreign puriiinlattou anew I . lty, though very [arr.,
is riornNqattvely poor. Yet the Itsltau open,
could be iie:riained here under proper menu:pin:eat.
The attempt 10 do an, however, an, noon , Ingot
be admitted to b- ridiculous enough.
Will liveadway never be hitched ' I heard iht•
qUestioo iddresaed by a country man to a clerk
at liowardla hotel yesterday. Boar mono-etc man,
I for the ;flower moat easy. be in the negative
Bryadwai storms no more hkelv to be ficalied
than yonityren ansoty, erowded Birtniugharn of a
coy. Tatty baste beam at wort at it sow for op
ward of lito hundred years, and really it acetic
that their Lye Just got upon the real track of 'tin..
provementr Hasurg kept the half nple from lust
below the Astor Mouse to above Stevan's atom
closed for ? lonno weeks, they open that only to
throw up barricade. be the protection of the work
men at betbreen the lower point and the bauery
The kindicf pavemeet they are laying down et
that wbtielf poet will eventually have to come to
Potabugh, the square octagonal granite block,
upon an eg.peneive subsuucturc Of cement. Ais
called the Liss pavement. The expense is re
ally frightfitd. Each yard across Broadway mats
from 575 Pa $lOO. Who can wonder at our high
taxes and Mitormous rents after this t They asp
it ts the ehiapest in the end. They cannot tell,
fur the olddit specimen of the kind in the city hat
been bareff t three yeoman trial. Ido not see how
it can postitsly be taken up, but by Utilizing, and
when I tell ;you that at one point where tau exec
ration was:;oing on. I counted seven longitudinal
and nee mailsverse water and gag pipes, beside
the huge seller, your readers may lodge of the
probabilitya the turface being allowed to remain
long ondistirtied.
Do you *nt me to may any thing of my old
Blend. of Kikenny, I beg pardon, I meant to any
shone respectable gentlemen, the Baraburners sad
Bunkers' 'he whole story has been already told.
They weal", to Rome, and "gunned horribly a
ghostly smile," the one at the other, for three mor
cal days, and then mutually gave up the thought
of union as d bad and uuerly hopeless yob. I knew
how it won* be from the moment the Hunkers
chose 'a dente:bolero of such old .fogies" as Diehl,
son and hfitey to represent them. The proceed
ings presented the most amusing exhilinion I have
heard of fordnany a long day. It was the rough
est wooing, tioee the English and Scots cut the
throats of arßii another in a controversy about the
terms of brikonig together a pair of roil lovers,
of their respettive natives, whose uolos was to
heal their fetitls for ever. To be sem., howev
er, them coke no doubt et all that the Bambino.
era were tooferely desirous of a union, hut they
were equally latent upon etrectmg it ou such
terms as woOld pot those troublesomeold fellow.
the Hunker Randers, In Coventry Mr the rent of
their natural Find political lives. And this writhe
grand clone ititf !,dare. Tito aid gentlemen Jo not
like coventrf f and they will not go then, They
UV venerable autriances, whose aspirations
place and gaiety nothing bat death will gLenc
Whine they ILVe, therefore, the reparation will rot
To enamour: morning we shrill have the first dio
, patelicio, withrtli week's later news from Europe .
They see novi,a day behind hand. Before we get
them here, let,mo advise your readers that they
wdl not, teitialfiting upon prebabilitien, onstain the
high hopes nvolay formed from the accounts reeeiv.
ed one week ngo. We are all so I.3ZIOUS to hear
that the Humgariaos have triumphed over their
IV,14111.11•14 blood thirsty oppressor., Oil( we
am iltopowrd t 6 exaggerate report. into eertumtioa
and unimportoibt skineitheo tato pitched bait'. a.
My fears toincla predominate over mg I
have accuotoMed myself to separating the fzi
in these weekfa accounts of the war from the
pictures, end 4 thin one thing I have been reluc
tantly convmegll, namely, that though Gen I tem.
Key to the wait and north has obtained cniwidero
able advantalid over the Rosoiano, the forces of
the all ie d imp4iialtolit have, in the main, antlered
leo, romparatle lees any where than the Hung,.
rians , and that in the tenth east the reports uf
SUCeCIAeII by (lel2. Item over Loden, Groton
nod other Itotilan generalo, are not well founded
Jellachich hanoLl think, had an indecialve battle, or
perhaps oeverM of them, with Gen. Guyon, who
belongs to Beat!s division, and he has been so tor
defeated as checked in the advance be was
making from that Danube toward the North, into
the Interior of Hungary, hot he has not been driven
acmes the Danl.., that to to the south bank, nor
his Peterwardonits been relieved. At the last ad
vice, from Vieh4, July 29th, Harem" and P..kiei
witch, the first knife/ knerWo omthe Attoariat. betel,
er, nod the /attn9r so the Aeolian commander
chief, were no ifi r tutted as to be liable to beatmen-.
ed m their had : * the United corps of Denbrins" I
Id and Gezira, and in teem tear, by the numerous
but undisciplined militia under Gen Anhek. If .
that battle shall hare taken place, en( lie 64 °F .
"Buda Rath on the Danube, and shall hare betitt
saseenafel Gar the ligingsnans, then shah I begin
to Impeded the way of their . deliveramo 13 open.
The people of civilized Innate= Europe cannot I
be held back, and see their allies in the cause of
freedom butchered by mere numbers If lbw vent
battle abaft have been (ought and gained, we shall
hem. of peace, or of Intervention on the part of
Frame end England. Jeatus.
Chraourrietv or rut limn—From the addresv
of Dr George W. Itethone, lardy delivered at
Cambridge, Mearechtweit s , we evireet the fa4low.
Pair paragraph
''Suppeae. for one melancholy moment, that this
beautiful economy of exchange were broke° up;
that the westeru of
were but out trout be sea by ad Government, that those on the
coma arc hemmed In to there own narrow limos
by hostile fort. along the mountaia ridges; that It,
tween the Nowt and the South there were neither
commercial nor moral sympathy; that at eerie State
fine pomns were demanded and a lantf act—
wbo mu sh y tinnk not from describing be terale
consequence.; the stagnation of trade;the tuletwe of
brotherly counsel, the convent fends; the multiplo.
canon of emir.; the Cain like,extertainattng wanq
the overthrow of law by military dulatora; tho oi
ler ruin of 01 that makes ua prosperous at borne
aJspected abroad, the sure catanaophe, moral
atmol death' Oh that stooge who for any
a reuai n re
ta tali lightly old... Airing thin Vale.: would
consider the fleetness. greater evils each a rupture
lure would Inevaably csuse,the awful Kuala would
bring upon thcauscl res. Whatever may be cant
of words, no lover of law could ever kindle the
toreh of anal. inceudtarism, no lover of peatx• such
Iratrimdal slaughter, no lover of freedom plot for
such general slavery, no lover of God and man
undermine the eminent watch tower whose
light to now shedding over the world such tole!'
promise of a universal brotherhood. Were n cos
noble that an Amerman womb could he Recanted as
to brine forth so diabolical!, annuity serf the melee.
vent Entstrens eiadd be sneemnfol, a bed, bitter,
heaven compelling cry would go up from oil the
earth, swelled by generation after generation,
til the final fires shall bare swept to hell all truce
of human crones, Anathema! anathema' anathe
ma' fdaranathanal
Toe w ase aicati.—We have been
furutshed Cla with ß what we ßot noted to have Coen the
Escto to connection with the recovery of money
left by Mr. Childs with a lady—Mrs. Whitlock.—
Mn. W., according to her own account, had spent
Saturday night at the house of Mr. C On Mon
day morning she received from him—he wishing
to place them in her charge for safe keeping—a
certificate of deposit on one emir banking hots*"
for 12,000, a note for 32,00 on a dry goods house,
and a sight drati on a minister in Cincinnati for
3100. Mrs, W. also produced a bank book,hand
ed to her last spong by Mr. C., with a credit to
herself to S 2 000, mini. $2,00, which she bad used.
Mr. Childs it not administrator of the mate of
Me.. W.'s busload, as has leen stated; there was
no estate to ado:noisier upon. Mr. Child* bad
also hued op the house of Mrs. W. with valuable
furniture. a Nano, nen., end hod pun:based easily
Jewelry toe her. We give these facts on the ion
monomer, that they are correct in every natural*,
—St. Loot, Revolle.
Tut Gov noon IN • Fll.—Gor. Jobastoa ar.
conipaoles lien. Taylor on hi. tone through Penn
•ylvanta. Al tledturd. the Governor had guar
tern tier the meld provided a' Cremate's Hotel, In
the 1n,,. lira. Taylor wan 10 stay neer the
night at the Spring. In the course of the even
ing. however, a raemmettee from the Spring. Wadi
ed on the iMvernor, and ardietted hoi ennapany at
a Bon in honor of the President, and the Gover
nor complied with their wish., Mr. Cmuse amp
!mama the trovernor .world remain over night at
the Springs, gave up hip mom to others:, who
would otherwtse have had to put tip with harder
fare. Rut leeward. Oar close of the fete, the Cv•-
ernor look up his line of morel. tor Redford, In
unpeuou ill careaftertable quarter. at Ceattae'a, but
on arriving them I. it was a. we ha, e.uid. Hi.
r,orte wve uoreied.
No rr w, i vie bat up
did .- Goverater Pell' do' 11l be
rases fug., and demand that leis la.i abroad be
V• I he alto:owed to repoire upon Pei downy
pillow,' Not • let nl,l it, y... 11, piled krest.l/
rip on fe, 'fouler nod iro, I n 'rough and ready
hour. 01 oig ht away
A int he n le'hoy ' the reght Ron' Any *el.n
era., in that—,.b' Stivh a unto ea Gov. ja , fillElUP.
ihlll./ayth,/ if, ,'tee
from the New York Mike;
A rural of tb• U. S. ahlp Vole—Prop. t'*l
efornl• and 1110 Jos.:lolra.
The I S rhip Dole, Copt. Rudd, has been ab
tout tom ow l'usted State. dirt, year. oad three
ouths, and ha...oiled 04000 miles She lea Son
Fraueowo on her born •ward v,vaoge, on the 141 h
ot lam, with nearly 5300000 In California
gold, the art-Flier l , an of whPeti was landed at Val
paraiso She armed yesterday, Aug. 22, atter
pooxage of 73 dap. tress Roo de Jouriro, and has
on board 1122 000 in gold dog,
During the war the Irald was rnmerly employed
the Golf tO'f'alubrn.a and on the We. Coast of
Mes.ea. klbe nounlairthskfne Ifoekatle Guaym
as^. fi r • -:r 1310,11 h, raptured ell the •.nalk ve
sel. and loont•Or• wh.nh n•vtgaled the Golf, hod
p”, al then .onProllion With the enemy on
the C."Morsses ode. im The crew made several sae.
eessful attack. on the emote, and look many pro.
Oii one penmen a for, of only 73 olsrers liett•
men and marliten,landed in t erte n . it,
were attarked by nearly 400 Ate. been sunlit"...
Senn ireterieesiteml•si the bourns {rate press; of
ter a brisk encasement of 1 i boons toe enemy
werc eanipletely reeled, sod fled in all directions
over the hill, the shy in the mean time theinierine
ball. and .hello into the were whirh reused great
The enemy bet %bout Min killed and wounded.
Daring a night expedition. the seine pony march
cd nine mil.. into the interior for ttre purpose of
bringing away ac reel Maw field pieres Which
were secreted, but the distance being greater
than woa anticipated, and the guns very heavy
(being 18 pounders) they spiked them. On their
return they encountered the enemy's outposts.
who were dispersed after • skirmish, in which
one IMAMan was badly wounded. Daring the ear.
ly pan of the war, they made • descent on Melte,
in Califoruta, when the enemy dal to the 611110u:id
kept oat of hare. way. •
The crew of the Dale have, during the whole of
the Mexican war, been one to thew country nod
flar--always walous attentive, and prompt in the
discharge of their denies, and since the war, op
return of the chip to the coast of Upper CafiGarnia
ate time when the entire country was in a caw
of excitement from the discovery M the gold
mines, and when numerous desertions were con
stantly taking place both from the shipsand pp
asis, the " Dab'." alone remained faiduul
and resisted the great temptation,—cal an
instance of dewrtiou neetnving from the
They have ever been reedy, too, in the relief of
the distressed—more than $3OO having been non
tribsted in ehtntalde donation—one third of
which was bestowed on Iwo unfortunates of oar
lifer the waive( Orate Mentrier CellMenni at San
Primmest:hen the 2Sthi of February, the unfinished
rooms in the new hotel, the "Parker House,"
Were rented •t 5111:1 per mold, the receipt. of the
ben and billard morns of this bowie lbr the first five
days. were $9,000. The buddlng mot 535,000,
containing sixty sleeping morns, and was paid for
from five months' profit from the bar and billiard
room of the old "City Hotel." The proprietor
was offered en annual rent of $35,000, which was
In March last. limber seas sold at SfilX/ per
thnusand, nod raw kits of filr garde 01401..
mut from SW to $l7O, were sold at SIS 000 cash.
Hoaxes which formerly rented at 5150 per annum
then, brought SI :200 and 62.000; a lot which root
SlfrO, was rented at SI 00(1 per anemia foe two
yew, a frame store. wlnrh emit less than $2,000,
rented (or 610,00 P, the owner of the frame-of
honor, which root in New York I,Euo, was uttered
51 0.000 for rt before ti arnved, and refosed. Seas
mens' end servants' wages 8100 per month, and
washing S 7 per doses; horses and mule. were in
great demand, and were selling at enormous pH-
Toe prize hid NI nick 4100 moos ued
nd .n January last made a try In {_trusty, the
freight and pawing., money of which amounted t,
610,000, hrottgbi hack a cargo of tornber which
mold or 63.10 of sitm Inv thansand, end cleared
the owner 62 5 ,000—after an oluitnee of SO dap'.
MOBILE, Angola! 74
Ily theatrical at Mohtle of the 10.0911,1 G/ Trent, we
have news from the city of Mexico to the I Ith oast.
Its: eru• that a dotformlty has occurred between
ihr Govnrnment and Mr. Mannong 17, Mclutostn
The former bar do...wait:col to aloe Gang the oboe
tra-ol removed 1_ r tasking a road omega the lorth
mar of Tell...teepee. The latter refirsed4urterenpo
red the Chamber of Grourrev passed a resolution
nothmosoo r y the Government to raise a half mullion '
of denary upon a pledge or do deport rlpties. The
inerevvon t i et, however, that this resolution oil! be
opposed nu the Sena',
The U. :A SU...WI Allegheny. I.•m Httntr
hum prairetle.l to tett tt , th It It thlt•
pthwit that she to httntitt io (tutt3 had the tint( of
Improve...en. In Dentistry.
DR. (3. U. 31 . 1•:.11thi,., law or Bowan, proparrd i•
mann:win, wol wc IWwca "room In whole sod pa •
'4.'0.11 %. "1 / 7 1 - 1. 7' 4 " 11(71 ', 71V A li:1 4 711f1 h :c7 " :“. " 7,1 1 1:::
•zpowd Info, n, re•aalenre iwat door ID Ill< Met
o• • ottee, Four/1..1,0t, hunlwrah.
II al'Fad.lon, P. IL Resin sift
11 14n1.a, CislG covraas, Law Lllar,l4
Yanu en,. I • 1.1.14 rtita •TZa, CnlzCza,
.“,a, !sc.,
rioted at the •44.riest ibuttee, low at Ipp
Want th'nclit, wllt/47.
mon, la. mr.II e. ter t lormulable daces.. koowu
to Ame , teuli on) mem moa os. II too to no ease failed to
amt., the cioo,t atteooon from the Faculty ta
quartet. or the I'.. toil, however, thoottooda att
-00.117 7 ,, .11, mod thouunds more are made to feel
life bor.teotorue tio• dlibelVe. The papnetura of
Whew, lA., icc/ confident that ISety offer to
the e r.medy which time bus leafed, and has
neon ine.o of µwoe.. when • fate metal hat been go
•en Call and patch..., hot at the Dr.g More of
JalCdkned !MID & CO
Pumma Lau. Smata.—Prepared by J. W. Stlty
street, N.Y..kad for wilt b A. Jaya., Na.
Pa Fourth street. Tide swill be (own) a delightful eel
eh, of beverage la blatiliu,aad pattfealagy - for sift .
Eat 1000 Beau.—An improved ChoeolAlCY.oloo7l ,
lion, a annbination of Cocoa ma.., Wow., in,
Oivrattstg and palatable,, highly Treostmended vatic-
I " , 1 " 1... M. PaT.lOO by W. Bator, Limas.
ter, klus-, and for We by A. JAYNES, at the Petal
Tea Store, No. 70 Fourth at. met,l4
Vire and Marino Inantancs.—Ten Purrs
mount Novukoulox AXD Fine Conran,—
ebannnd I.37.l—nonnnue. b Inuoro, upon over) . Or.
sr notion proocrty, at
ounce, No 91 Mulct %Or..
FINNIIT, See . y rn,S . Jr. .
w. M. Wright. A. D.. Dorktiat,
Om. sand resideace nu Ponrtto
oppoutft lire Patnburgb
ta:7 2 1 . 7 0 1.;re . 1. 5 1 J r
J 1 IV.
Ea - A getareman of Pll‘nburgh, 14110 had (elle" Imo
o retie, alter the •-lirrat Far," •rasa toed tog I.
to &reedy tbat be woo anat.' to retrain iron. -
toll venli the Nita A triend orb° hod been Nth,
A Pahocebol IL t'o'. Robetar,ent and been r rol
of uraeostAxm, gave turn who, renamed to the bold.,
•11. R 1 although bus war. greatly ....rat', be
and coropktely rexrared to health I/I twelve hoer, and
irrediroto polo. 'Finn. no batcore of a eat nomber of
bleb have rotor under tire oby gr ervatloo al the
ir , ootLetors Prepared and gold
rota., lon and Wood; alio, corner 6th anal IVotal
In Bermingham, or Cholera, on ttalurdai, We
of Auvon,latf, WILLI". It, PLovralan. or Waahtalg
ion esty
(Kr IV astonglon papers plasm copy.
Roomo- -- Davls. Federal ,:W door I/elow I
I'. Vohororil. Dfug,o
R 1. II vadnate of Vele Colt,'
Luanll open tluz 80001 tor lads on Arlo:lday, tembor ad
11114/0.011 im given in the Latin and firer
1 . 4 11.iMe suet; brunches as are steer.] th
supta et Sand aavancemem.
'reales-1M per 10.0100 of five months.
Tile lumber of pupils la hooted. slut applteant. cot
bane an u,terv,ew with Me te seller at his lodging. is
• Immn'i How "Liberty at, Pittsburgh.
RcraasNmg--Itee. W. A ?MI l'ra. Throlll.
Ibakspe and Bifocal/ante= itead
Inas and Itsellation•.
c u Ito t IrVestern Resccloc Coll;er. o, lam
Yroicsser Royal I )3 elfastlUollear, Irrlend,
pat a sceoud entertainment Jo Iho lab Ward Cct
!balding. on 'Tuesday, the 2... Ah lust . it o'clock In
Moketa, 25 eon.—to ha procured at Ka)). book atm.
at the Atitortsatn, Ut. liaalett., "eon at. MAW at tit
/un 111C1Intaols. 11
r 1 ,111.: undersigned. I ricAessers to A mho,. A ' Nobel
son, beg laser to inform the ceurens of Pittsburgh
and public generally. that hoer have rebuilt the K.A.
1 . 01:NIJItY slur are .w In toll operation, an
herehere pan of then' patterns reedy for the inarkeb—
ngst watch are Cenktng stoves, Coal and %Vv.!
Sloven, with a splendid err-tight Coal Stove, which la
new ulpittchling in olber villon the cnnlinoll round
Stave. Also, • cheap coal Cooling Stove. well adap.
tell for small families, with a fall assortment of emu
n and mantel limesWe o.o.l.lparieularly
vtie the attention el persons budding to roll al our
warehouse before paten/wog. and examine a splendld
eruct. of enamotelled brats,. [Unshed In fend .111.
cssuroly new to !hie market
‘Varchosse. NA lel I..theriy a,. M . P.... , IPewd .
•nrce.dtt Nlellol-,ON PAYNE
- Journal copy.
. . .
ho. M rlrmmmnl ani 41. Pluladetpt
V.loom. tilt Cravat, Lintisk Luce , err , fro4n m.o.
rO uI W. mmo sr la..onabla prirra
LIME --40 tibia Goomillo Limo. ing oak, low
oontwnairni. toy
4VILSON .4. Co.
L 7 I NDRIPIS-10 Ir. Until Sipa, I rgYe cr.
kl I bid CIoYYY. I bbl
I do Stillprtry. Y do Alt.:
2 c. 0., Genoa(;limn, I ,nye Marearoni,
I do 2 Yrird.cdla. I rer.n S Indlgoi
5 do eds. le St. op.. I ewe 112de a Pam, Soap
I do eaddda do 2do Alossof do
ror tale by •4412. .1 LI WILLI A 11A
Cbat dream: 10 do Engliwb Dry;
.0 wale byaunt.. J LI WILLIAM.
(1 11 1-4 . SE--.4 r W Cheese.. sued...der ren
yule and In, .ale try
augdw IIAI: A I.F:Y a SMITH. Wood •
Nll I SALKIIATIFA-10 and 50 Ira. prenu
Saleratue fur .ale by
auellw II aIiALYV A wIMITI
IY ,flo f.lf 1)5 • Ileary a I•.nele lama,
I 11. dn 40 II I•. anew Id. an..
11 , r s .der I lwaue, .0 •
( g oAI Connnam Segar,,E1 A ...Mr' ,
'C .v.. ' " 11411, in • in,.
14 411.1.4:41 . 4 4 1411•1 i E'r4. 1 41 .1 4
1:`.4 lan 1 174 1 1/.4.4t4
ARIt tdi Ithlt No l Lard tri Ott . e a r
I est. Ire .0,24 11111,1./.:11; it
. .
7r.1 ;71< " .: " ;:'.r"r.";
1i gi . , :i r. 0 . .112 . ; LI . DIR c, Zi bbl. F....m0n, Cole r, on
norM 11(1.1-ER alt 1(1; 171,4 ,I
AMU . F.11 . 1 , 4 , 1 , P.1 ; 1.1 —.O b .I, ban 1 T,,2,a,.,0 :... .1.:11 .'"7 1;t:"0r lair by ,o 1411.1 A R11 : ,1: :
Fo • t.or Fb-g Seg ul
CI Ile.. do .TIOIVI brands, AA .1 teed and luT ta
by 6 RICK M. esil
I) IC)- tea irsisb psi rce'd and .ale Ly
•t 12.1 tr II I,I2ANT
mhale. Maaa I , k .e ur h i ; r . , , ak
DIACIIIWOOD YOH allilitirrY-.ayraYaspi—Ckaa
I.l. , Laask; Ilrei' , S.a.e., pert XV, Jana' urn in Afir
ra, 111. e Greas [land -a Shorta Yarn. part 111, For
Oar Page al al .
Album: Inaarry,.lion it, LI,
Lassaartnres Hr A
la mo lia-a Itereu,n,
'ain illinatouber ander Canal.. 71,n, day luia
linaeil• 13 pi, year-IS are startle Na
1 111,-4 LOCKWiiOD.,I3 \‘'oc,l a
Juni Publtati.d tor Jai).
Landon quarterly ter July.
wavitunakr far Jahr
au la.,
rpEA WA R F.—Juat recrived, aevaraJ near patter..
lof t o eatetireied hall Drittunni Tea Set.
'nevetli p.ll. %S very- heautilal, and elemely rasa,
e real w,
Caralall:NlON WARE—A orefujolina 11 9 0011010.0 0
Tankards, °utile.. Plata*, and U.Minuml nom , . o
Umlaut& mane fur .ale,
PEOlli -Just npenail this day, twelvu
neru fine • IV W Wawa' Gold Pena, and superior ir
ny coiner manufacture For .le by'
comet Market and Fourli ut
Q HACKLETT a WIIITE, Dry Gan& .lobbrrs,f/V
IVennl , Pnlybornti, two door. abo, Ilsnlooni]
INSEI S.— C.,* blur owl fsney plabtl,y •
.14 rood orpoe4 srol r nuir by
anon rmAcoo.o - rr Wi ll rE. fr.) •
uTE.Azo 110 AT URluor—a bolt ran. hoary . bro
I. Drillang. slanntOr for mat tfeekr,e. on h+3l
_..M byat.,2l NIIACK MITT k worn:
W ADDING -1W Jaz Mart nod ante
I.t sale by .o41:9 SllArlil.F:lTk. WHITE
, e , elJ , ea neer le dark Print..
nue, tellArlit.rrr A wiirrE
F'd andvJ
- I.rr %v tr4E
--- • -
1. 1)II: AIKTAL—ana tau* Ilatartas Rook hlpial, for
sure, Wale;
pllsso,ollou of Partnership.
TOO: eopermerahm 11/7NRY ,
I formerly Oatmeal, Moller ak. Co . po she Window
al Colored Glam. bowman- n Pan day. Sat./red by
lie wohdraeal of Mr Fredenek Muller
The todoeos wilt be emsomed be the underragned,
under the boo of lIKNAV HANSEN& alo Pl•re.
boo. No la*Second al, Where ore will have conaostat
supply, of auperaot Window rinse.
1161711 110/7F-RTISI.IN.
Ponlaursh. Ave ?7 'JO lIIENRI* I"ll.rrlnD
To DI osaatac torero.
Teamed,- Alanulacturanc Company. at Leh.-
non Tonia . ave•b to employ a fir. rate (tvernicer
of 1,01 Haan,; a boo. Weaver. and a good lloitco
al %%lo
•uot et Apply to
W k 011>. ala , rolaborth
aos?l,l2w 1,-IssonaL Ten,
lVh,ling. for .nle L
rt*K. TURPENTINE—, t , 1.1.i ordcr, f
17) Lv Isu # :l•4 sq ER j'f I
'REAM TANTA 11 - pun, Cur sale I, y
8 , 110,,N1t1 A I( ER
lIARIS II H11 , ..1 . 4 —Hest .cualftv..lryCau Itsl 00
LIMA! S4LT3 lu 1,1,11 fisc salp
J ccaßt4 KI M
I0ONAKI.:II 5 t cl
1.116 umiemennt on kr sale, Ina present re
deaice on Coal NM, wt, iarenty awry,
erowri numbed (beget.
The House a lu good order, .oJ the proutu,l eoraid
eraLly improved. including a Itrigo Evratu and' Gli•
' 1(8 will also sell, If cleaned, the whole or soy patio
of his hogsehofd Wrnnon, [looks, l'teloree,
11 011F.R r FINNEV,
No 21 Mattel street
R lIINI,IIA M will upre Ind 50,g...1 Ar ademT
ung of two al thorua flail, over Mr
Bales . thee Cure. et.r.w. 01 Fine. vnd Strii•hbrl.l rt•
113 e Jure..< CI." rums...neer nn New rda, .
••elor.E, It Adult I Is.. on M ~ et t
ood itie
nl Uep.ernbet v ;1 tdrioelr
Trnus.Unr andfifty ertp• per •rholor, Dr p
dollar. for Ldy geolla.mmt,luli clog, lb!
at the orpt,allon of)
t r , i
urV ,t.,;„11,t,,,
/Maim Brie k We, ka for Sale.
K.llOll, 1111114111, • M,.ld Marian, capable tal
suantilartuneig gook Pres•ed Boat. lout of dry dhay
aa taken twin the Lank,' per d•y, anti, three a, re. or
Isiwi on the Alleghray river, on which ern
'beds, suoglone and ally. .hods, wheelbarrov.. Uu,'t.
gtsovels, render , carry thing muss,. io
ntrite• operollato ur au bouts noure goer, uuludeug
Mr potent ughl to use and nasebute. $7 to/U—tertut a,
payamul go.) , Wnhoul the laud, Sodom Fur
paroculnra addren mi..icitrrr
auglnalt‘ No Ho hlononaal,elo Ilutrar
1110 OZ. pare Croion Ina et. an . 1,4 sole
!!ugq hIDD Co
Vll.lll 1111.V.i.4.--Chloroform, Noplita,
TIC Kalet, in+t reed hod fur tale
.5/ p V idouonco Roue,, fact reellez ib ~ ,
llo i L..nlr o ll
ougg7 j
tiot , u at
surd, J KIDD Yr CO
Rule b;
C "1- . l . ' , E k I ""
B LACK TFAQ rx.!ia
or elo ~
D WILLI/0 , . ID, ~ uud
TO LET—A Doratai phmsudly
rrert, oppotila da , Postofser
...mining 11 maw" : watt - ktflifirlECW44 .
Poew.ionOar. would tie co oo UAW iSt AalgOle ".L:
gi.ll au the Ansi of °eider. ;tent .•
Loom, cm the pr.:4sec I !"".• aura
VLOII - 0-7.5t - abl. curs amity. fitrublb •
MeCoftll A. Co. aril; introduce thi• 4>y
(Saturday, Ana IMth,k• tba felt "Ire of
Mats. earner of Mk and Wood wmett. u
M AOle WATVII —Wateb eolutinArtar• am tnvi
lOU rail niul a new stle of itteh.iu.t
rowed, and vrry beauti me
ful and con y venient W
corner Market and Fourth .a.
A 1414 W 't VI I .SON,
266 .'0" corner POtirlb sod Market sir.
L'7ldilng for
.IVo '
between Smith Geld cod Wood
3REA6I boles, You reeived aitiTe
J Rutter and Cbeese Depot, No lllPront aural, and
(Z" SALTS-111bbla, for tale by
1 - " , . ur. J B CANFIEI.D
.Vgni-f+ to ;tore and for sale by
o. I soot, iS DtLwoirrit a. co
I,74AFTY VI:SE FOR BLAST - ik:L.JO ck~(or ale by
rlrOliAl%7o—‘ boor. run Cored - NiitunTrlderarC/Or
I rile by favex6l S DILWORTH & t.O
A ni I:lexXea—A. A. Mason A Co., No GOO/or
lel greet. I n•rte the particular attentron of par.
Chaser. In their VII.III. V. oalorttoent of Waite Coale,
rot Jaennet, Swur and Moll Mashes, Barred, Striped
and Corded; Ibabop and V/0401. Larne, &e, /Le.
Call cooly at the Lolly cheap one p rie r store, 60 Mar
ket street.
ave 23
I i .
1t1,..A7 ..... rI•LE.3-1.5 bbla
. f sole by
1 INFN 11 1 / 1 i PS—are don Laien Ildkfa; fromS real,
I to 50 vat, each, are for .ode at the only cheap one
pyre 1.1.13 A 'A MASON & CO.
aotr2s No GO Market a 4
UlOstN NOAr—lis. has Proctor &Gambles Cinch,
lib non brand. reel-lying and for sale by
anti II ACA je and . 4 Wooed so
NO. 3 31ACKERE14-150bbla Mtvaseboxeua itzapee
to prone order. lot sole by
.A 9 y 1
S. "
~.,,FrU.:rA.ll=As:ty superior Prior•pe and
Io.‘p vuGmts--9. 1.w., 'matted lumbers, for
, re. Ny •urit ItAtiALEY & - rthITTH
W‘tT„,rin'rr4} I..."nrrlZlPelon7l4'sa"lovett.l'is:lr.
Ott and Hologoore Polo le,ther, 610rvelo.
Calf Sten., whirb they barn jure rrtrrpd
for lan track
ri rliNhfir Rolled extol. Kip AI., "jort
r... , rarri and eor a•le fiv
for nit
,„ VIM GOING ex. L74.l,l43 ' Lkerty t
roan I ,10101.(.1 01 I•. 1 1 10 tile Nitah Wool, below Oro
and near 11. e Alterneny nye,'
aurll Al 11. Darlingusn'a Pounti at
A Al, /ORE, 75 Wood +ar
eal. mirol;il
thy run , . oPa •tvle of lIATS on the VStA
,r beauty ol le cannot La pal:nutted.
.0.01 tt
Il11171• ,Palo, In of N Ushoat. 0. . maned
ENI:1: Controissiou and Fornenfd
j inm Mefrhamim. No Tft Markel at, Pntaburgh,
11) o f
mitentloo given to the pulehnme and nab
01 all of anure.
N to—John %V an t Co , Murphy, Wilson& C.o.
Ponnon, , , I'm . (Ana-mon A. Hill, .51abloo Martin,
IV, Wm.., John 11. Drown d. Ca , (.vial,
Co.. Vnitadelphrn, ft W. taiaagra. y Co. Gregg
\ I Ad..., It, Yr Skincont, /10 1 2. C. D. Coffin,
J I . Kell-, Yellen:mown, ,W L Stan.
dmr.. c. ..mmtand. U. amok
1 , ts , reto) peen. sisal she AMA( MEN of the ray of
Putotarret, have Saw • nreattne, wad mralved after
tar hrrt septemla, nett La reit Atilt as lair than She
follows. piwar: .431 and a taunt) rent, per Ilan (or
Milk, mat renar at iraeuty•Ctae era.. Matra.
Premium Strawberry Plan.,
Allr ti R KEN %VIM tiAIIISSiN —Bones Pnre, the
trtr.inartyrr War, ttl.uu per hundred. Victorme.d
I :needling, :At seitt• yet hundred—ail thrifty
piano uthrrante4 Orders tone o dtstanee esrelelly
turr rep and rorrrnrderr n Isis, collection
Burp,. tr y. I/
Fratelpli end Taylor's :Seedling
Au l'UNllltlet leaven the Atiethen, City o r
t`hot Street Hod, ior the tisrdcn, every half Lout
,nrine the der The swum host will Dom
thenes ith
rrga rat mot an soon an the river riser
Pon and Inthpalch copy.
FOR RENT-the of thrall storey rn
the buttclow, earner or TEttolasWhlarltavotroetv
Ar... the rlega.l room in the sal v 10,7
of the
aonle bwlthog - the latter be•rh, wan aalapted for •
otr.lcvale v•riety 't or weal,' vazt for moiler Cream
Saloon. on,
. .
r r oa tt r ,. .....t. h b .. .a. lo reee 2 v e d tl:Att
Tranvplarent :shade, artneh poott o' Lea sted
r ,'a am aav any Ono! ever bruaght to i s
mlb a.
_ ..-RrKKTINK-30 b k ltT , :ea i l e a L od (N r mle
our. i
1112 , 11009, , -IS br• flavor% Cheroot., for 1214. by
0ue..1 WICK & brCANIIH.EgS
I J AR ., II:- ; :4 kr.
" la
rd it'lT•lrl k' !:gr, A Iv cy..F . .4
•I I DER-4 bbl. No.e., Cob, 4dodo Jo boded: KT,
1 1/1:b1SE: hr. Cheese, reed and fur sale by
2..1,3 ly!pA reA tg.pis
11 ".1;,",-g--Iw..
L`_._ a
4 11CANN- .11 LI.
OA 1.-171 by .einemaxii 9oao, 6r.ale by
• I F - . MO beset Jut rood and Co t sale
.1 at bo Itutt,r a... 1 t'S,,,e Depot. by
•'oat ired and aye by
1 &AI , LI h . and n tcp. rce& rut& Co, a&le
y TAssEv I.le,yr
eibu dos ni ..torn and to, ale
J. now. T MASM:e tu.Srr
I )1 Yr A SII -1eca,...n....!c
eturTP T&R&EY & RV.ST
3 I I , hl ,11kATT t 1 .;„„.-k
TAY kRF.,•Tr
Nrk for safehy
ro en' sprgrig.
1.. Joh L...., 6.44 in.l 'Ol war:
ttrum of V6.1.4..11,11.. :o:10.
pat: of fkke y
ne Leiter. different kat.,
k tr. Vo
IP N eu , paper
It.. 1.e.4*, ru. in order,
opnktu, Sur s;
f•rooI•• Nevs,
Column Ruler, Ora, Ilk.,k A k of
ittt:r /1. • /AVM :IL
Peat Ita Store, 70 Fount& fit
—4lo,lerr ,rel for stow Typo
I A 114.3 .k GRA 11AS1 are pleued to infonß their
eta t.t..torr. and the puntir larle, laelkive
nlttd a ve, ',trowel. stork or 111 A , and
.1 fro, antrwl ..tally kept 4 , the trade. Which they
d.l/ •t the iollownte grnau.l W prtees,
.tain II of I:l6trit Veneers Croat f b 31 rt. per
I , ll,taat •• Board. and Plank .1 all a.k.a. welt
sumoo ^bh.lN Wood Veneers, howl fm 3 l e.
r 410 i
ft.:mull of the mow strinvses otaMd Maitermy
offored 1,14,441.
thiptio ft Homewood venom front to 4 ets_
tiotiO ft White Holly, nial‘itness
lVe feel confide t Alms der lung experience., Me ad
vantages sm bur"! in importing and satenag, that
shad almays he molded 00 keep on hand a stook
the uns: superior quality and adely firmed wood, (a
very lowest market litter,' saved In the 10.10 u
tlo• moat fa.mdiatio, that may be pleased to favor us
tth their pvirminee
MI ardor. promptly lilted and earcf ti ully pueheM
174 A. 17ts Centre at m 111 °mai North of CanabtAlliAhl,
l so
au gMaPPil
111.111/110 LADIIGH p6IDIIIiA lip,
AUTIJNIN PESSION of this Invitation will
It re - moment.. un the hest Monday in PepteLo-her.—
Rw. on re.lrral street. 0 oCulone,d; kow,a dour
Loui e, lir hi.den
Iti r m tie I , ~ ,tonemit Salton ov Manan
postos E11,,,1,Mr11/1, itleltiling Heading, °Mom.
phe Pelpung, IVitring, English lirasarnif„
loco, i'oll3po.lllOn sod Catitclani,
graph, . 11.4nr), Arithmetic and l'te Eiger branches
ut Natant% PlotosOp y, As-
Hrity, Physiology, fieolosy, Julellentital
n, Moral . •tenee, end all other branches requisite to
OAi f nok,n E.nglisa 11:duration • - 623 fa/
Ou.etcal Department, including Ma Latin andtireek
logUof,e , , vetch - - • d
610 00
rierinan. - - 5 10 00
-rMIrrIK Of competent teachers are oemircd tor
• te, n• deo ire on, , trurtino ti, Frenab and V,eret,
n•in ah, Mid
mho, In li.g, Paintim, 6,1 111,1 sic.
0. A, rah, dia, petal, came 01 the commettne
...••••••,n, let Om} recetvad at my tune,
andsre charged at the :More ones from the time of
entrant,. No deductions are made tar •bsences, en•
cert. Aet 01 protracted illness.
I r information may he obtained, and applica.
no I.r ealling th
upon e Principal, at his moms
tin F, 4 , 111 timer, or et his hadglngs in a trtylfka
lal.ert, ore.. Pittsburgh, LeMfaelt and 4111 Marta;
or I, v threa dme Pittaburgh Post °Mee,
tbe ' N. W. METCALF.
A IleeL.ny, Any 7, 1E49. dif
Tr, 111 ,, if.:Y and lloonaellor at Law, and C.. 1111111.
° .we far Mr State a a Penita Iron
Oat, 1-, I 1.1.40.
It theß•it — Iron. W. Forward, Uunpl
mo A.FL:.mdkas t M'Clore, Joao
1j..-ri I. & 4li.nd. ultrl t.dl y
SNIIA HT- Eluted by Sp '1 CI.eaI•T:UTA
encer F. Baird, Professor of
\ thur.,lSc. th.e Diekluson College, Carhsle, Pa.
Ina.trated by live handred steel engravngs, ptimpiled
by J, Heck The complete work nth frid Iwo vol..
nun, or test, and the duffergt chiliads or plates will
rec. are inquie., Mar they can be bound to
Ohl Of VO/O4IQI, to suit the taste and <increm
ents, ut the purchaser. Tee work will be published in
iseetity.tive monthly purls, counneneing in the niOnth
of September, tel 9. Koch part will consist Of twenty
Wm.., large quarto steel engravings,. and :wards of
ott paves letter press.
Sub•cription lilt air maenad) , opened. All pre,
tory bpfertyrreento burn been maple to secure titter pare er
eta, continuation of Ike work. Ppecnneo Were.. Otte
of each class, aro annexed to Ibis prospect.,
'lnge all
friends of sr.,enee, inersture and We arm, vet Invited
to roll at theAgent...tore and roomier them
Tbe Iconographic Encyclopedin will be edeted in
ihe sty le, on fine paper,e66 will never npererds
of vtitsi pagrs loaned royal ochre, Ifte arlsoic
to practical use by complete potties end tableunk,
suer? 67 Wood at
M o tt:lf.. lt .HZ/51M ROUBOOR
pI 1,14
lama nn Yuma, uidtar, and in voe.'idßrllroain!'""'
HA MS --40U cilt; bi
.411 J D W/LLIAM
~ :j;;;;. 1 37 Job. D. Diorll4Azzentftriatost#
Staple dad Flom, Dri 4 7de. :
On Tbanalay tnondoff,Aug.'-filith. et 10 ito'nhart, mg
the Catamarans! sae. K,..torsr,,, Wood ant
A large aisortineut of &mien snit domes oe Dry_
Glianisimiseisur attiletrarettuperane cloilKeaaslcoeie,
tweed, ie.., entlousole, 4i Pine, ticking, cheols,
eine si I en4.l lawn, vuorrortnta,de
sai. Mack lonn dec., tilt. , tdeoched and brown rout
lin, hooter'', glove, shawl., bda it, ribbons, laces
At o , .doec. •
ltorenaorria, Ftarnititre,
Young I.pon wad ImPerial Ra, V '
tobacco, fine toilet and shaving Raw, one, itaul
a ht,
pmcDt beam, rewires scales and weight,
above., apades, !Ott, asp, halehel, braes. and- bits,
window blind, fig net.; manual cloak% Icill&int
win earliellar, trnithasuadenher bid., &e.
A large rind general assortmein near and second
hand houaehold &e.
At &cloak,
A quantity farbionable ready made clathing, bon.
on anon, 'haat tap, fine rullerg, gold
sratehea, Abe gnu., pistols, umbrella, elate, lent,
nod rap wrgting payer, mtetr good, Av.
. ner of Fourth ono Ferry otmobt; will be open.
airamor spizooL,
ed do. ntormor,lllnratov, Apt,. 20, to.W.
II lleluia° of dyers
lo saporior .1.6,11d!III of
above, Good.. (MN LOP:CM mood to finesl--p1•10, so
tin Wiped ood barred; at. forte) . 11 . 1 . C lO.ll
variety of ogles, •I non° tiAl tomer Hoorah aud Duo,
Inn 010
lUA ~ lr Dbr.splarr t e4l it'dfir Rile
‘,/ by
J 8 ,
as4l9 112 NOW 111, bet Wood and Sobtbfield
9111 E Potent. and Citardlans of AllegheniCity mid
Ptnrbnrch, are
that a !Witold bamn
.' In the 'nonevent or the blethoMitillturch oit dome
Common, Allegheny, on AlondaY *Pt. 3d, whein the
undersigned will be In attendance daily the week pre
'Moat from 9 to 4 Y. M., to male tenns, arnl show , ten.
nominee from eminent and andlnpoted
lug ability to train paints mortally, menteffr u ro 7 „,.'
ally; arid from Inn long expenence 01 ebe pmfesuon,
Lopes to plant a Lowe of public _
palmm mg:ft:dim. /NO. GREGORY
TAMER D. LOCKAVOOD. Ltortasnunt an. Waver
a ..A3 Wood meet, will leave in a fen days for N_
York, Boston, eme.. to attend the Trade ' , tales, cad will
be banpy to excrete any enter,. far Boob, as., taiga
may be eatttur,rd him atastn
RAILLET—J/ boa nalleyTnereirestifing andlataale
by / boa
TEST PULILISHE —The Illatery of die Purnagis
el In landlend and dal Pilgrim Pothers, complete in
k mat. Lovele and Jesuitism in ft, Rudiment" by
Hone Taller. The Genius of Semi/sub er Ski-ibes
of Nee fish Nether!. Literature and Heiman, by Huy.
Hobert Torriball; gib edition. The Maim prialie
Choreh of E. Land. by 8 shop !both Erstinele Goa.
INS Sonnets. Voider Werfore of Near Toth. The
Hoem ins of the Itible. Last Days ofTlistuthrgra
mach., Cottage Levine', er the Pilgrim% Progress
Practically pleined; pobltshed b A m: 8. S. Union.
'rho Weeder. of Vegstauen: Pibligh. by Am S. 8.
Union. Par Nile by ELLIOTT it ENGLISH,
argCl 19 Wood st
M—SCIANTUCC haw74, s , termd ntaadtume as
torment of . ,
'datable for Fall sales,
among whisks may , be found a general assortment of
Tapestry, Brussels , eau., and ra per h ply Carpets
Also, superfine. fine; and common Invade Carpet..
We recommend all wishing is purchase Carpets; to
call cm W. M'CLINTOCK, 7s Fourth at. angst
BURR MILL Erroras,
ml la Prance, 'composed of bid rer. ,
A Blocks slid solld'eyes—o huge assort.
meal, the bestof always on
basal at greatly maimedprice.
ALSO—French Barr Mill Planes of
• al my awn manufacture, model of new
end superior quality ef Blocks. Thew,
/laws are made under my own aspen°,
tem:Lance, and as areal care Is taken to m otto the
joints close, and to base ail the blocks in erica stone
of • uniform temper, they we warranted to Ire of the
very brat quake'', soperrior to those imported 'Roo
Franco, and also superior to the vte,t M oes of shmse
made tn •
this country, and at pbeck Wiser than knee
ever before been offered In this market.
Lease! 11111 11,11 games, all saes.
Bolling Cloths, all natoberin of the bestgoality, war
ranted LO give Utledgelleel to the purchaser, and al
greatly reduced prawn
11111 Spindh-s , Alin Irons, Screws and Picks, Plat
te= Peale.. Corn and Cob Grindetwe Grist and Paw
hliil I.Ystings of all kinds, and Mill Restarting in gen
All orders promptly mended to at SRI and 216 Lib
erty street, near the Canal, Palshargh ,
my:M'am W. W. WALLACE.'
Igt l T/08: ---------
ALL pcoonf
Ada toteressed an/I please take mike OW
I,mo oroirostrenon on the /Raub of HEN
RY MANSON, deed, lain of draerty 9 of Pruebargh,
hare been granted to the subaeribets All persona
haying Mall. or deniamda aratruit the mine at art
tale doeederit are reoriented rootage !omen the none
to Mem andst,in dello, and Oran ktioaring rhamirelves
indebted In make payment ro
UFMRDE 1JAD11,94 Ward, 1.91 . 1 . 1, 49
Aeriontarrolora of dm khoactrof Reny Manson, dee'd
anighl4R4 4
iiji , CON-'.4.oojsruin Flacii-i-trons, 40OrdoStarea,
a, lO ti rdo Shoulder., now ready for oils by 1
anerni IV b. R MINITC1119014 2 19) Liberty in
g %ANAL, error 121Irott r•ALE--Tbo ....Juincanal
1.1 bolo, Abigail and Hold*, to Inn order for MIN.
nes., being nearly am, nom lying in Ruin al Mot
rifle, Fa , a odareil tor isle on areOPOMOPMdp
rams Appl yto timthl.tiV th Uhlfgli„
aunt: 14 and RJ 'Mod it 1
j s RIWIEth e POlt JULI. 1 6 11.--/ust pabloirs,l
and for sale by J`, JAB D LOCIr . IV , tI r (2 .
Recently Publisled-Sillnierglt Review for J air,
trlnekarnotEr Magnutne for Day. 00,0
- /MAULING alcorowticoLLEGtit
frIIK Amrta/ course of Lectures will commeoce orl
.1, lb. ant WIZONGSDAY IDA/ Nofendior 11 4,
and continue warren wee..
Jirory II Chaos, 11l lI C Pro! of
etc. Obrietricl awiDi.
of Women and Children
John llonerfield, 01 D, Pro f.f the'Practies of Med
icine ,
Richatd L. Ilaward M D, Prof of Surgery,
lease P. Joanna, la D, Prot of Genet.] awl Er.
mai demurely .
• Livenuel 01 Smirk, M DaProf. et kfamira Midi..
Therayanitra and Mr4seal Juniiptadenen.
realFracom Pub y
B Artr.lll. D., Ppil of Plosialtigg Den.
Partlettelt craft, N . D , PrOf of Cjaggilaigi and
Moreton fily, AID, Ikrtaaurttabio of diadoMY
Three LIVNIT. deal, constituting ■ a prelnateary
roam, will bit given dan+li tho =huh of October:
lowititwooing the Galt Witinestiar,l ott the ktliottnaz
wlttocts ?dinar Sorgery, lanai gotswitts, igtortwee-
Neel Susumu, sad Pity.teut Tlusecronw
Intl be reek and stati . Ittll earttegay advised to
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before the C 1.... Arayhrfardlities are afforded iodate
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Good Board ram bir OMURA at Irina 01,..m to UP
auggt.dowlG-&,..._&rtut. Dean elite Faculty.
DOLOWlNltitilth .i...,TILT-Ff29,
I_l Tke .I%sariber will keep onslair* on ban the
Gin.* KXTRA Fla - JUR, tattled ha warrants eqoalik
the hest brands in the market ramifies
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corner 1 1 •1311 st geg 'B
iftlar alley
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TY WrY, ~.... edrilisoldirked Joly, 1619.
Nottertuans' 31unua1-The addresses and menage.
of th
in g Prtsmaints of the IL S , forte 1:49 to tall, with
meir. of Presidents, History of then ddinialse
.nannla Pro-mm.lin
y dine i compiled by Edwin kilditama 1/
Lautartraeht Palmate:, 1.% Up Dela Lead, a man,
....,n, 1...7.nn. n0&e..1, a ....epty-v ..1., t
no. nmemmed %Vitae Poems, revised edition, 1 volt
0 .40 Bleokortai Jerishs, /gots , ere, mesas Weigh
r.,,,,.........,..,.,,,„,...... uniform ea
green. eartilt MIS Milford'. Works, 1 vet, b.,
arts Frain Berman., 4 role, swo, shminarbled
eiders Chambers' Geology toap'. Tb , 1 Wok
the Floni's Lexicon nod far. Hale's Rosa 111,Issh
peelerPlitcOmlN Ancient Get:appal and UPP.
Warm' ori rtie Mindn ew misinin Crane an Dabney.
Thi. day reamed " nag dm rye by
avgal 1.1 tAnnrris, A pain Litealdlagv, 44 a
Prt - mat sou, Amok, ISM
Ala T h. Brtatro.-Dear tcrt 1 beim now Lem
whoa Toot Writing Plant and Plod Ink ar Wear two
Yeartierid find them fins beat l ever poi a pen into I
M the we Cap fel •long %wit Y m ptn
hout any mooned aal
ink Poo hervifter ours, respectfallY,
c. uAtawsu.
For sale by n A. Fahrwstoeh L Ca. Irturdeugh, IL
P Pk herorto, Allegheny city; sad b theasanufacturer
IdbertY PM
Tkomas K 14Seani1,4ep keld stre, Drum m ets, Pittsburg& I'., and Chemist, corner of
i ilfia. l lCm - 15,48-ann nee )nee reed of Malionop
ki and Cluvrte Depot, and for sale by
LARD -4 bld. fug,age by a
. l i l M J B CANFIELD
1,3:44,111-aci ibls Pagh's extra Penult Pim; Tuit
retched eod for sale by
align 11171611 111D64E,W11,60N A CO, Water. a
WCPILIPAD BX II-4 4 11 t• - saillihtTl'agritirli - i - ia l
KA 0 5. 0. 1 C71.)1,11i5t et and for vale by
_ nuyl AnAnyrnunn & nnozna
I illatiats - i - Vertern Daderve eltecati, • land
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l . 6 9 1 1 II IirtiLZELL 4CO Liberty a
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no neineeve Medical Ih7iioaary.
Taylotria Medical Jurlsgrudenr•c.
Traylor od , Potapasof Arnett% PhYVVO. .
CI, r iqi,bl. , Ih.taW liedleing, a meta
I Genova aMadiMO mMmanne
I Caplson's Pscrisco Of Medicine .
I Sunk and flamer, Arfatmturrti Alas
Masts% A ononneal Allmi Pot sale by
ougit J AS li LOCKWOOD, li7 Wood at
1)11.1.0W rck rauglars:s, siii4; - riitivi ha-
l 1 It RMt sprig Invites the alleinicia of km'.
i ,= . 7 , 11 . , Is' ”rtssVOntiksitustal Of Ike followtes
Irene. Ilow ea its Linen mad latectintri dolijsrallos for do,
fton do Pastabl e ir',or:Aleol2,2.l,Zl.4„,t„,f,l„,'''''weo:-
r al.le Corers: Unger for rawrthing; Pfuil Lvf ddi
Ina., for crumb cloth& Donn , for bedspread*, silk`
evonierpanes, colored do,
ailow out, p,w,it, An
.:1111e_ost corner Mb and Maxims ma ang 2l _
r t k u ldliddlidkAPlDlVlS
A T Tun \limns-runt:l4,J WEAVER,'" c.r ,
l a Tun
al Market and FIN( streets. wrialesida 'ins
l retad For sale, In glare, lly the bottle,or Pa.,.
Too lager Prete, vita. Cognac, ItCl6, Ofh D's
Sart iv 'al, MI, '36,
TOP It, OM Magiory Cogan; GAIN* V i "'.• •
Old Pale N6o:rt. a& 1.34,
The nil/annoy tiro (wade to hotfrpoi an d qd.°l'.,
win,. a. CI( al twilit! ay Oikedenaa:_ , . ~
Latort RstriM Capra*. smug. '''',‘ ..;' .46,
1 ;Zg•inl do SO '43,
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.. 1 , 4 Co
011 illag C lacy C.. 1, Co
do "14
do Polo Chompogo, do 'LW
_di] onac, ea SD
46, '47,
rolreaPt V..."'..17 - ' d 2,, :I''
cOO %
do -.4
tpiletral.ap„oetars , pig
Ramon tiLirritin.r. do .047.
J J Dopey, Bordeaux, '46,
del 47,
Together Ind, several other 'IMAM. These
g,... gn , 0 , , hg ~t,,,,, proof.. Many of them are old,
rg „ g „g, g ,,, a We Goa flavors sad higher grade.
out Rochelle. 80rd...1, COGRaa and Antigone-.
Noise better nor cheaper
Buyers can rely open chroming we uueico dia.
establishment of We sahaerd..._
. ..pueyld JACOB WEAVER" de—
A • BIERIBANIMANDIE6--A Row tione old Pagel .
Brandy, 1.111.1 IA LBO.
Ude lOU reach how awe*. and
not the dry fralt.
old Apple Brandy to bide.
Old Amen.. Broody,ln mete
Akw dos Croy Brandy, bottled to le6O. • •
Bleetbetry Broody by the ea, or bottle
.ugly JACOB w - FAve.a, jr.
t s .' ~
1 1 . c:
st,l 1F.0111.A12 - 11.178. atAIL Ilea pill t... T.
..,..,...„ Tan spleadni rut running mamas
• . •
..,, Stara testier, will knee an boas
al an intermediate watt ratty no rn
.iag at g n'elak,
Ma Rese Ole draws bin le fantail,.
• For freight - or passage; pal, as ~i .
ay,,, ,--..— • —,-.... - 3 -kl‘.gsta
t 1 1 i • •VOlt =COIN aTI. - -
• ran splendid lipl desugal su
, II: '; , !tt ' ClNLltattr.l.La,
,/dt-'2itnr2i Phslen, master, volli le.,e
d.y;aN, .b...
ifilllise• .nd all Intansiettnne paen, wt,. ~",
lowerodlr,tit. N:
Far frencht or pn.nnttn,apy on board_ ..,
• •
rus vrell known litte of opternlid posect.yortrotar.
now comp..' of the 10rge.....WW boa
bed and furnieth . ond moo powerth I boatarto lb.
rate. of the West. Even' aeconnuctlotiOrAhare.
fi' that...nor oon procure. host beererovidO6roe pate
oen geratoftio Lout ha. been in opeiationfOTlTO yea.
• —hoe earthed phnithon of people without the hilt Wo
wto their pennons. The boots omit b. at tUltrot et
Wood street the dry previous to stoning, (Mahe eteep.
lion of inngta C a s
t' the entry of porteogen CM the re p ..
van... -C.f.() the pesonge moony moat he paid
isaAe NEWTON, Caplan& HoMOIR, . 11
leave riusbargkaaary,Nonklay ai la a'acas
AVaceliag every Saaday eyaniag al la r r.
May !AlBl7.
sionDev - radicwr,
ne ittoptoxon uvr..t, th. f 1..?? Pr.
barab *rat, &loader monaog al ID o .f. 1.1.11 ram ma
every Monday evening 11l 10
'roe 117EIRRNIA -Nat `t Capt. J. 'Waall3.lta, vrtlt
leant I t lttatungh every radar marmot at ID 6'etlock,
Whrehug carry Taumtaat ...Tumult at IU r
• wminifidiliAVlVAiiit IT.
The NEW ENdIAND Gera. D. D. Or mil
kave Pitrabarab every WedoZday more, lad le
le; Witra•Dira even , Wraloeador .ra , doit Ora
1 , ottarbAir PAtaiNT.
The BEILIJANT, Cara. Geec.. onli brave 19Ds
burgh .rary 'l , ran ot
dey enung lOo'Hork, Dihedral
,m.rr ,tea
oraerane eA r.
Tlra ELUTE,. NO. f,.Capt. Pia AYery trill lea n Pit.por3l4', eyed Frill morning 010.'1100;
eresug l 0 r.x.
m4l/11 '
817111118.11 ARRANGEMENTS toe 11111 V.
AItthiONCAIILLA kOtitti."-
unkly,22 Etllas-Stpglvi ,
Aria ltraresmlle and Cautherland to. 11lItibarel and
• Pthdelphis..
POT: aldepl_l4 a
_ng fur m.lti
utat U N aa - etettmare
AAA Unit J Parkinson, BALTIC, Capt A
nukdoable fed Baum; are A ..
w inrretrumili n AliglTßVP4SlV lLLE -
The morning . .beat *Ur Matte the' Illoarituyatate
Wheel, - above prteleale.
villa, at o'clock, P. M., and the tat
n'thnnalc and 06 . comberiamt s
lock. e. ht., andante.
Cahill:ere the eameeveti
ine, an Mae for the arenas line to fhita.delphia end
Wmhington city.
Fame Pittsburgh to Baltimore, tall 31 been.
P 10,60
pan; Pittsburgh lo Philadelphia, only 44 hu t ,
the evening beat will leave at o'cisdk,,ire e ps
day nomads. Passengers by all leer winledge on
eornfonable Butte Stomas thetaadatn, pass
over the mountains the follovrintyday Eastern bent
Coaches, and lodge the second tught In mainland.
• ' Puttsengers have Make of either Rt./omm or Rats
Rawl between Baltimore and PtilladelphUit the
payilege of sapping at Cumberland end re,
end reseenag the seats at plasma. Cd . taeluni th e to puce, to travel as they please,
We make up the feeds and traybille'for the Coach
es in the ritublagh often. (12
armor to save Mae on
.arriving at Cramming It la Memnon tmpertan far
pmsetigers lot their Whets !reface gams on be
of the beat, at ner atfice, Mertomakela=,Wess
Weal, or St Cholles Motel, Wood p„ Pi
eittddaz J. 8•z1.16143N. Atom
.12; LOW:PEW Paolatat Gls*
The ap&ux/E, nitoripa;far.l
Raalep, MM., will team f ems
aediate, porta ma Wealocs
oloy inat, XllO o'clock a. w.
Nrri,,itte r parmair o opo or to *
E , lO GEO 21/411.3%1113ERGER.
The now awl apleadid tut passel.
bar Intact,
nati amtLeuiarille o n tonja.y,ilittr.v4 far po
eeOCk, A. M. For &Mon or montage apply boa%
titX/ 13 UMW-NOE= ER.
m 2
---- -----------t--
ILandevUla and SU Longa INae/cot LIT
.1 O.
TR* koe Net W/Intng paoaeoo
.. ' . /Gower ATLANTIS,
fief, W. Irickla, Um., Vail leave
the /above sad lotecoliediate pony
crop Togvalar c el lOcklaGt e.. ac.
. For JIG& or pasaage ~i, 0n boaSI, or to
.catridilla O.
It Elh , No. IQ Com. Rom,
REGULAR ikeifircia rAciu - sT — iron sr. Louie
, ~:„... . Tice line ficsi camas!, panel:Ore,
411.1211.1 URN. LANE,
Pttersoo, ...atm will leave fot
. A - C
above and internecliate.pons eve .
ky ta , ton/ay, al 10 o'elock, r. N..
P fr'lgh' '" rirklin, ' No Led 6 hwnt :.%-11..,
1 inagewh FOß AV WELI.INTh. L AN LBRUCi mb...d.,k 6PORT ...... . ,
. Alefilillew" tauter win Pe Mor a
,e.regulae.tripe earawew lintetwie
Wheeling and Bodseport. Sea will laareWitiiimilbt
F at Wediewitey erilliaes4pp.. - %,.., , I
''' . llCilrenl najwillifiDeiinefart.
Teo Age simmer
i ii: m m r , ,, ..„,,,,,, ili cr ,, ,..
Aquavi t ..4,71uu1ay.,
- 1 F q. nven 0! . .P.1.4=, •PP t r F5.*....a. 447
jetti' ta l i tu 1 1 11 traW4 le in "' '
eke' orrowpthela HOU., wren. Sim. •
wiwour ..-, 11:71:tta:r4b,' fr. ' 'kw." '"
reps se vernal back, Twenm•lire Cepts.
. .
Theigateer BEAVER oral/am
oppoame the hieekaaaaara-
Ws nut, every SeedaY
. 11e'eock, for I,teaver. Eletandog,
4D' taro Hma er• ottyook, sod enlve at
u° '°l24
11 . 41110 4.-D.Pt 1 1 Tr.bY. Thuratar, tk •
laliazw-Y Datzey, Friday, 24.
a'lti=enneTtaVl, 2r...yrn.
~,kr-11 Trttk7,,CMY, '
lndiina-11. bailey, -rnedTl 2,1„.
. .
i 0..--Q144.1% Draw, IVedntl4 a '
Lotablva...4 P,Thampson.,7:e...A.,;:p.
ihaavety-Ca 11
Eb y. Friday, aI.
Per p.....5.:PP!/14 . W sure% •
.621 Ol D LicEctiti=l=4
• • niViheln MOD Clemateel megy.
This lastionina Is designed to ho permanent.
IrillgAeademy will been-opened for the reetptiert
I. of Lads and pone( Hem.leuteas, on the finy AM.
day, th e 3d p ip of Peptember.
The course of study will embrace the erennon Mus
. of
fan Embsit.s educates, and die higher depart-. ,
seehe Englih
tErineh end German Heirm with tles Loon, Owl '.
i s'' a sges.
pits can be Marau Lawaeric y
;depend to ester Oefilego
foVage"lnlerstit == 'l " 'n''"""* 'n''"""*"'"
gavernment of the lintetion will be mile, PH
decided and finst. Aidenity mull &Ways be sof...
by lareelietn and to secure aproper segue
to e general government of 'tee mitten. oltr Pnienn.
is, firrm en euMavor to rollout. de peed that what
retodre is reasonabie: mit,
own persona .
. 1 interest es gooa ea lee •
Parmetments Mir misdemeanors v.rben
Y %reef eiel • naiare, - as Medea
Aber the mad then the body; not assunsfeetion for the
offence, bat ea pmvention &lathe recurrome of similar
ride:lees, ileums Mend this modeof goverionem pm
crubie, it will he adopted in Mare
limes Memnon-tun be paid to the Phytmal; the Hs
reticent:it, cad the Afore/ 'mining of de imams of
'Ude Bawl.
l'koPrincipal is be Ohs Set Itarlauttent to the
th.t li seemed lee- minable, movies" es
Alr• IL E. Wiugarb, • gradaslikpf Prmicoteri s KJ
'arel L Ow., • ges4aslrer Lafigaine_ IDelleg.
Ension, germeasenefthe highest Mantel inelsel:
unite attstousests: • -
is very desltatde Mat students shot/Id-enter the
ftchootnt thr fendarneemeut of the sembselini ordrr
tbp Ow classes may be symematleally and
obsiy *metered
fie &Mellen rnU be mule for abseneei
cued pretreated siege... ,
~Wridng books, pens. aa, and W Ober Hautresm - *
L. CATION, RiaelpaL
giu D H. Biddle, a aI Ur. Diehard Edwards,
1111411, D. D. " Dale
Car W. Wilson,.
George Albsve,' Henry Wilkansasa
den can benbetined at tho Doak Dlete ef arL •
Luke Loom* Nca Eh Wand and alai ittelt
ard Beeson e , Con r ile HD Dar .1.411311/
an Blerele. rro,
(NVIL COPELAND respectfully iiitneurtuls that Om
dunes of Hue esuablienenns Well be- WPM* c
.) m Molday, Etesuenttexld, anigthalyetteorgen-'
Omni have,tweronapponmety of being thgetecighly
Ind orualy clitalined tar the duties mid reunite:-
meets active
penaipal is "not mely a solsmiseitalev,
bot eho • joollelOstr end Sated sacceirmil emiromor,`,
Intel appurent_to any Intel/Agent end entdaseed
reireLltore the member of, flaws end prion obtained
by him m Trinity College, Dublin; (eon, the T
male received from seivoral ef mom®e aen p e
lons aid Professors; and, finally, from
lid suisfaeuoa
D expressed U
nby pandas et Me profielency made by hie
Kalillonal lake.. Oho 1. to * peeoli r
Imo. .4 adventagell cif this lastata see Pro:-
poet., which, .6,4 ho proeurcd
from the PfUNCIPAL , awe Insinue, or in lateral
oPPasita In Colormacle Dow. '
N.—A few boarders will be .received, whose
heek/O moduli cod intellcelcal advancement will be
carefully weeded to.
A IlLACY83111711e1•11.1111TXDA •
aPleolo of makin P.m k.
fim addogaw..o,l,d
.boat pelt worts, anti zepalnag mall steam .
lord bailors.
A stiolttlittaiiott liitOpr Gaited to each • perenl'
e ntabli#lllninell in 6 naisp-se where be ow .
otrtlupelanda. Apply , o Mkt k JOY YA " aw
latmin:beni otimerefentoni, for Informapoo.
BtOrrr rirt4rplAtoi
Bolt Works, July , 154? ..
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