The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 23, 1849, Image 4

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Y C•40,1110/lst .1 I
P E fm,,Ckci 13F.A.VER, tdirt.
Heart" reguLerly un Stukdae.Madnetslay ahn
Friday evatangs or Yaintakmu
nes . % ramming sue Wefoe k—nitliiraunZlAeavelileoungs•
tolna Tueuhsy, Thursday audit... 044 T 44.. 0 14 irs U 4
I , ix 7.4 BC-Ever , for, to• morGlag
A I.LkililflNV CIAN'EII, a nvkol Ill.tibangh at
Th pacSrl HARK/LW/at, CaX Doweling, aißl
lass, Pearce Tunably. Thuitday trp eraturday eve.
I /IQ, nt 6 V to rung, lent Nelerr.striei.klutiday,
WindflOAAV Wu l rrolay even g• ate. P Al nutoe9o
- wah tare thunrior load krrlllishurgte,
Thema pa.- sH. an-Land rut la ectlgiplete older. ber
ing Ems 3,CaNg1a1e... 1 . 0 1 1 % 1,11•SCOgC11, arid thrums
anat (It
bat r.rusetuality antLefreauWdespateh .
roan kat 1,11/31, lieert °Owned an ItuNkr nutria.
h. H. VITO! A rpii Proprietor`
Lidlre,ll, Ilott•ler3b. '
IL thtes.
A. D. Jr.ebt.; VourSgarotut?.
It W. Car tfiny.hurai.'lieve.Caralrs
The •Itranr. stew:nix; ALLI-.Clit Ert CLIP-P~:R, mill
deals LHass ., .dailT itS' 4 A ht, ancOntishviglt at 3 P.
NI ro,narlibon avl!ti the abase dime iril3
s Ea l
1. 0 .
wag . ....,....i =Am. ilidP4s.nfros ..
diva P.k.4-sw t.,Lowt:' , . ~ .•.
-*cr. .
(NR ted dm shays rae thileamtbeaverfeverrday
N. / (hdridays erizepsd) rid, arrlit*lnext Morning xi
Warren, whoa itiay can aril [with ihd MailsEitageStor
AY ion and Ciavitliant, a rolirig at earrla of Maya OW c
taiore nighi. Unearth picked. ifih, Watren illidr
iii 5 1%51.; and or nee hi. thiaverl'O time to mridithils
morning nowt fur Sisatiatr.liii ii.`; t
C E S LEFFINGI , WLL. ths, Warr., 1 ~,,,
5114 IA SLUR
apl3 Mart Wairritrid Smithfield 7 aix
W 4 ( ) • i •
W 4 ( ) I.' atilli n Ot7 , ,
Caser7o.l/ fr. ClLLYkatidX,ClsUb.d,4. t p,,,01,,, 7 . ,
Puma, t.., ,, ,•:Beenwr, P.( i '7 g
FIRM 1.11. WIII be prepa,ii. on Bib opening of earl- -
J. gall., to transport fret adll Passengers from
1•ITT.VIIIIIIGil awl CLliir Atllik• to ailY Doha cm
we Canal and Lakes. Ile „ z : . ., ; .
The facilates of the Linikil , Ce asswislia...lO. .tti" ib '
Quality and capacity of WAS. atm/calif captains
sad eineteney of Age:dui:l
Otte Dotal Phut, iiiitand' eland dattnren
rang in connection with I WatrarP-ts
Between Pittsburgh end Billow, iiird mimeo' . fir - stab..
Steamers, Propellers ...dr la..Jr dm Liken .
Arlerrra— G Parka, Bekker, ~t k r•
Jesse Baldwin; You Stow, Ohm.
NB Taylor ; Wore - l
Cirrus Prenturi; Ilawilajta, 3.
Wheeler A Olii.Akro . '( I' .
Crawford se Chlwabellp, Clev*lsuiel, 0
Bears (cOnllt Bu R3l N. Ir3i
JO IN A... , "' IJOHEV, Agent,
°Nee, ear Water and. hail& sts, l'illsburgb.
gr.eb2l,ly 1;! lial 7 • .
DlZAlgratl i ACifrIrbTISCI
5.. m,,, mu:RIGA:NV°. - .4qD , 0 , -: 0 .r..: ' ' '
LAKE Lt i .„ rielden. '•
' F RE above regular rout Well wn Heaver Pack.
.I. cm, have commencer( kaki, i their 4.eily trips to
and from Beaver, and will conillthe to Ort between
Pittsburgh mil Dewier regirlarllyering the season, at
Wove,— , I , .1 =
Michigan No 1 leaves Ilusturrik itarly*t 9 o'clock,
A. ki , tinJ air aver at. 2:..d.i 1 P- , f , L'lt'll'E/. 4
laave. Bearer dotty .n eniack rd. ht. ned Pittsburgh'
a; 1 o'clock, P Id „. : I Z .
'Mew a:earners will ran in Cattnectinh with.
RI/ Park , : I.:glues. ?net et Lint, for lava; •
Taylor A Lei:move l'r; Warr@ Packsi
l' won Law of Preir,ht L 4141. ItlLrlCleifilatiOLl
Clarke A. Cu . . P.. urea and e,,1157e1an41..ine Freight
It Li Parks daily NewChtille I,lit Leta. ...;
CLARKE- PA REfi v Co, Beaver, Agents.
JOHN A. I.:Au:ton', A 0.. t. Pittsburgh,
nielt3t -• • a , ?a terst(l . tiand SMithfield ats
SlaLgill. • t••
"'V (). s . -4
,• gti,
1' ;
r(SHE Proprietors of thiii old rruntaished and pirlar.
I. daily line, ronalsonirllXTEEN.Srclasst. anat.
Boats, owned by Hearse vet a.Ott runic to I.llllllDetl
DOI with the Slento boa BEAVER A. Cr CALEIS
cork:, urr enabled to lifer .0.9.449911t4" faelluico tot'
the 1/%104/1111.011 Di lII4rII WOK pzu,e4ers, on tliti ,
orates of Canal autigin On, tw•Sti PlimilkontkVroav'l
*) I v Kn. end Ohm arid N. Vorki'anals lied theal.akr4
E.:M.9IIpH .9.'entllcrelaml.
! I Age* Beaver.
1.4 uiIr;FISLL, *sent,
mar 2 . 1 Waist streerf • Patsbargh I
1 D llOWaLti
Pitimur,th Flienver. ;
Forwarding ilerthantr,
Agrras fur the Plasbarkh ami(Nevelothl Lsne Patio
and Era !Alb , rollit'io, Maid Pr.....
al.. &rarer dm/ all& Curb
Baring pareLeved the ?arge ,Itad subatiannal What!
Boat met built for the „Monongahcla pmetetz, hate
with the addition of a Warehoillse the Mar ample ad.
numadauom. for reS4mnig: , and foriverdism, and
pledge their utmost atteritton, plump...AV and derpntch
to runalawnents to dautdarc. rely en their foetid).
tur it trod B &inn()
aliifEal 1849: ,
ithl tl filistia Ltne
HR p eo pom,,, e t tate writ Ittiown Line Of Cana l ' f
TBoat, is 00.• prepared VI transtet Plarnseesil
Faht to ail puitta on ttt . t.nte I tension, Netw4
lurk Canals nal tbe hiss,, n the Most favorable ,
tcrm. and wals dapaloh. 0
This Line runs coatecuolavith Me steam boats ,
and CALEB coop,. betwyea Pittsburgh'
and Beaver, C M Roof" steam boats and vila f l
twit on the Lake, mid lb. TOY and Mthingatt Laketl
Boat Line on the New york iftnal. 7 • 1t I
C. AT BEE% Proprtmor, Elia s I
Bidwell & linottdr, Ovals, licagor. i"
W T Mather, A e at I MesklAgenis Passengir'
Office, Monongulaela Ita at me s flatsburall..
ftherpsberty, Smith In !Dtwittlog,
West (nem:mite, Wich, A cart , C., wet 11001)
Ilanstown; rums & dawn. diaido, Barites,. Baba
Co, San.luaky, .1. A Artn-tri/lia, Lotrefo, Kirkland'di
Newberry,l3lmboygatt,i hi Clam A Wffilsorm,hlitwah.l
aim Enap, Murk m
Murky A Deno, Raa, John
Chicago, A Wheeler &Co, rieW t orß tin3l.l
Plttabuzggh and WatrAvllle Oauket.
l anidi 1849.
eg '" !L nr g?: , r l . l",
a Bbd
splen h did Packet Ileats,to run:dame (ho ...son, lie:
tween Illairsallh- and Plushalgle—theputts la
ed three Loma, and every', Kurt thadc LS !weasel'
moth. passengers. '1 r
0.4117....—Lbi11i Will i d e ate Pitisbarch every
Mooday, Tuesday. Thatthay,Und Fri ,day,
ra_ Ytotti or Monde), IVednesday,
Tburthey and Saul , and anise
at nuthatch the thm day two heath Hack fora
Inthana will weer the , si atklolithutik, both onlayS
ward and downward tip—phaing paatengela ththP3ll
from that place In ond Stay.
Freight for the abrooft LlnetWill he :received alike
house of the klotittnett , a Lola, by Forma A Cat,
who aro oar authorial:it Aged... All !Infield receHeo
tiro ot cououlthfons. 1,43 ARCH ALL Cl.:
/NO FABBEN BICo, Agents, - ,
Canal. tiamii,; Liberty... 4 l'ilisburall I
A Hack Italics Illntesattle Ott 1 imagstowil 00 Ihr
atonal of the nom—ratan! 10 boot fomenting rate
fr o . ni.hurch Youngstown s.l.—theeiva at Fa gee
of ltonwthn's Line thro.rh
Pllll'SESiltilaLii•VitiassuassaZi asset la
InaM 184'3
For the Trusseporturron kthigh 111 a ril poi*
VORA', 130STON, '
Tomas 1.111. a. rttitadelpbta. t"
Taralia & CPC.0.014.,P111411.1rgh I
THIS old estabothed Line Pont, now to fog okra
rit- 1
Lion, the ptopnetors are pfrporefkuntu then *goal
extensive artthgetneths to lament thercbakithethpuss
duce, &a to add frotalthe abitt,c port.. ultseral
with tins rcgolanty, Iltspnitti and safely pethiiit to
their morie of tratiqieruaddlt Wlmn B.Jh
shipierut au tee ..r is avottpid
All consigthanue au d alk,this hat received, Choi.
g cs pull, and forwarded to.iy rcquttpd &town* free
of charge ter comultmoot wilatinetug or storage.
No °Octal, dared, mot/Wetly. to thatoboatil%
All cottanunic.o/ I Pronto7 ...1). 4
non to the rollowtagfagentsil I
THOS UOII.ISIIV.LE V . :, &Smart et,"PhilthlalphoL,
7'AArpll h ICCOHNOILIZasiaI Muth, Plusho
O'CoNNOit 4. Co, roida ip !saint:H.lre.
. , • .iilt .
rursta ktugs,
Jona Drsonsw, 1 Tklm H., l k•stalS
Wu. ' Di na
Conducted on molt Babaattokrofaug pinpfdlti ,
'yin: Proprietors of dos iflit eatabohed L11133./IV,
put their stock tit Inc melt complete order, nod ste
t wrought) prepared to Inmeard Prather add rghloi
am to and from the E..isterit cities
We tn.: that OUf long rlapenenrer in Cattling
business, mid natal,. anent. to the Intatrat. OF,cus
tome., ;Mil secure to us a f eontinuanee arid itiercase
of the patronage hatterto et:bruited
t 0 Dtc ,Oro
Our arrungentc4l.ltll 111.1 c 04,.. ct . y ItCalght
with the utmost de ALA cla and our Nice. ullaiays
ho m tow ria the loath ettatged by luther?thruilathle
Lusc• ,VI
We bate opethitioffuitrio No INI Market
between nth and 5 ' , tot the touvettfsWee
ra cP.A.!' and hlceillandom roil boi,teceVerd .n for
warded, East awl Vst, without say cattne fps.
warding, ....ncayit.Nail i ki
sragepr coalsturt4tin.
Bella of Ladiugilorsrar eel, earl) , dievalon
promptly attended tr. in
Add/Cl/ 11 , or appl).N ; /11. N, •
1 . 7 g,Z 1 ,111; , 1 E I NZge,
No I.4l*nd Alarmll street, Pio*.
w ti.soN,
No L* c s ‘7l h r A 4' %7l ) ;;Zu. "'l g ua pr
verhln ell West strict, Nr A w ' York
set lioAn
101 1 `AV. •
Alferetthostalt TkAtt•Pov , •• ••1•1•• C raf t .
ressakturota 4. esima n n . air.
Ti!!:Cinrs d p s ,...p he M le a 'lo itt ' tt t ort
0r::“.1.:dlie, sad produce to Ptolttdelphia and
Balton., tenth pre . tiltaiwesi gdpl daspatell,
good era. at .1 tither l 0
ane •
Donol Basin. Ponn shlittotiarght
A ovoes—CllAttLFO HAY:SAHLI Chilodelpthe
mr-17 RO+N=btbaß}LL & CO. 11.1111.....±
P *mmayll 'Cm.llll{) & Still 11.0.
preatjadaat racket Lleskait
FROM HITTSIIO44I 1 1 1111 , 614.1,3 • 1111 A &UAL
! •
(EietkiiactAfor l'asaingerai ,4
litilE public ataßtaptethilly infiirmed that tide L.ine
A, 'rll calcine ...A inataittp au taa lath fait, atiii [lll3-
Emile Ihratighteit lb+ ..CacaSen. j
The beats ere Ott, ace of a superior Clem, iththica.
huffed cabins, iehiCit wafer , . grtater eacularil 71 e
can an the latesticii ~,,, slEllolt. : d
I teleriiiiire re-
A boat arill alantp• be its port, an tra
qaested to call 1.14:t a taitilte thank helareAstaa!Ohg p....
Sine eloevrilenf."l ~
(Fare only rinte4allarakaagh.) Oac'ef the :boats of
this l.twall leafcthe a, )opposiir lj iq o f
er as re. sll a edl: I. etas net athice a'
Mack Tian 3) . . , Mgr ilifontuatod, apply at the
Odusx, Moaorkpoil horde, az to;1) ~.1 „ ,,,,,,,0, •
mell7 il anSkpasM
. .
4 4iCallttr ' • 81A.,=1 OM .Be -"n k. NEW SORE
ID CBINFArI an Abe-C.21 liqing tow resanacci, the
XI alltopritiora of ahe abaverlene texpectfulty inform
114 itilblio ihat
s rltbel to moat. dad for- I
VP* Ff.41114.1U. 11.4nd at kerma rases.
p r,
• 10teLlr h oeld alt . the atte
(ho Bcib ntion of
e algpers , East em ...
oat?, aro... bible. and lontun T anded by
beet Meat in Bo(k {Will find a advantqco.
Ai by M.fC., Line, ... the rabaenbers nave made la.
Mtge. .menu'. lit Columbia to !rave such french! (or 13.1.
II - ni .140 dimity from ;boats . car., thereby sa
vor roareltat. handling. t .
t ght JO Pahodelplaa goes clear thwart . the
' lt: •
•No cbardernsule for melting alityplng or advancing
eta}ge. ..1 , b 1 ER ay Jioor.S, Propnetora, •
Ca.. 01 Bann, troventh 0.0.
LIKIENT.4,-John A. Shalom Cincintott4 0; J. ble.
,h Lc.. gt e lholotac ,Jas Bleat 1 Co., Pailadal•
Ala; i'nultia A Thomas, Cailambi.
—1.—.... Mahal
.....d.I9T9LiVI NIA. 0 /Gl4&
illitatfth 1849. Mill
i Patrgh to Pislaclelyiltio and Bcslli•ti:.rc
-1 itschnively tae Panenge rig
ritnE Fatale aro respectful) informed that Rua Line
a.; will wiltrune&ic rantanton Monday, lOth March.
Pbb boalss of Oils Loo ll* . of • stipertor ohm, with
ialittrged dibms, which will gine greater comfort to
A boat Will aliens be in fort, and travelers an re
tillested ta tali sod examLnwtheat before an 9 999-
999'9 by oats motes_ Thetwill leave the op-
Rawl. the O. P. Hotel, coerce Penn street and (Moat,
, toiry niali4a 9 o'clock.
i : ; Time--Si Days.
Far infOrination, apply 41.. the office, Monongahria.
Irilabe, 410 D. LEECH & Co, Canal flesin.
la—lb" a proprietors Of toe above Lane are now
/ nkn . a l tja V di e u lTt7 j in U eT s trt enotif Packets,:
rool re :I% b tsy 'v l . -
bOttalitailAtoad Irina Lewistown to Philadelplan. At
Winne ilYanket will leave every morning toe even
,' Twit through, 21 nein ,
itao . / 849. Matak
Art a transporuto or alercltariabre,
1•1111-Abei. lIA ANL Pirrsitunc
WWI carried on this Line are not trinvitipped
betoken Pittsburgh arid Philadelphia, bentig ca
:blend in (apt seen. Port.. Bolos over land and tom
sitno-to arras of otartilandiss nAntiring
ihindfingt ta Is or import... So charge made for
Or Shipping, or fds advancing charges. AL
forwarded with disratek, .d on as re.onsble
asibP ant other Lonna
1011 N &I'FADEN & Co,
Canal p.a., Pconst, Pittsburgh
~ . .... . .. ,
JA.b. 111 DAVIS &
snarl : I ;ll Matire4 64 Corameres id, Pte.
30114.1DeFADVIN & CO, Foranadurg slut Comma
sic& bleJObanuf, Canal Boise, Pearl al, Plftsbargls
JJAMF:Dtd DAVIS & Cos Flour Factor* and Comma
on Alelbbanta, 27 .11ankFt and SI COMILICTL , areal,
PhilndeAttla. .arl
bAirher of the above on Floor,
41:1;abir'orre'r'in'edr'ehafitAise eoussgned to them for
sale. : ; ::; mvl3
atb4l22 1849. illaEllll
For Man' vine, JohnsOsa, Hollidaysburg!, and
interamdtata places
Yana will coauntie to carry all Way Good.
wide Omit usual d e s p atch , and at fair rates of
g yp'
I Ausatll—C A. I'IPANVETY & Plusburgh
D Wake
s. Johnstown
John kidler. flolltdaysbnrga
Itaraidlwomk-Jarnet Itiolon, South a Sinclair F
thoonbarter, R Moore, Man Parker, fl F Von Bono.
orstat Wm Leland% Co, Jun M Devitt Bre.,
pu.botk, JO. IVOVY, milhog.. g RaP, Lou
brad E. H III, Blatmadle =chaff'
I 1
Camd Packet—SW.l3.l.oW, Caps. Fond.
" OCEAN, %Vatter.. V
NE st the above Packet. leave }boor, every day,
ISaddays ageeptedff wol 0.17100 1.21 monung at
arrettoshere th ey costae. wait the Mail Stages for
;Amu aila Cleveland, ...tavola at each of . these Maws
of k F.'M, and e.reiva er Heaver in lime to lob, the
o 4 p TAYLOR, r u Propst'n
num. visamass m saps:
Packet—Pwalimasm, Capt. Jeffries,
Talffiturs, rollock,
" Lsa.Esit, Truby ,
I " Pmnamm, a Drown,
Ftualkma, a Sayer
Tar alavenew splandth Pallfengef Packets have
soauudared running bekareen BEAVER AND v E.III
and will rna galarly.tdurtng the veavari—one boor
Mayo* Iwo etrt,y moramg at a o'clock, sod one Hay
ia• Headier every 100, muusdirdely siker the wit
00101 Ihe ette11100•11114 - 01/su from Pittsburgh
M. boa. are new comfortabl (wombed, and
wit. tan through in UN , hours Pa y .
ssengers to sr,
palmitin the Laken, or kg Masan Fades wdl find dim
route She moat comfortable and errant°. Twit..
throat& to all ports en Om Lake cut be prectirml hy
itSP',llff m thaP"'"' xlD, PARRS& Co, Orstorr .
I JOHN A CAU‘HEY, Art, Pittsburgh,
cdr Water and .0
• C Harratun, Durfato, N 1
C M it.-4
c C ®® E di
Iff'FarlanalN . lag Bend, Pm
Hay & Sharimburgh t Pa,
W C Malasp,Sharer, Pa,
1)C ?daffier, Pulaski, Ps,
t W Connffikkam, New Castle, P. Vi
Inuits & crkg FART EXPRESS
euNitiEltleSa i r UM
I'llll4 Propriatortf Bits tine have pat on New Stook,
1 Odd are ptrpassa to forward packages of all de
.onotitto dolly, at Be lamest rate. ,
• t. j "tgia l t 3 e in t B72ftt= ' ,
0,41 i OS South Chariot st, Baßituort
Piskanolgor lad admittance Ottlest.
AiIIIANHUMNI k CO eordmue to bring permos
from nay pall bf England, ',Wok Sconand gJ
Wal., upon Ho mom liberal terms, with thar
usnalpormuidlny and Attention co the wane and cos.
tort extuargnsom Wor do trot alkneourrorsengers to
Le nrbbed by the swimiti . attar infmt toe rear
Portkas are take chat of th em the moment they re
=rimt:;:a L o t i on) , roten th Vor7bV i th b fre I ' 4 de.
ten thts fearlowdyl *a we defy one of oar pawnor '
kers IA show that , thorwera detained 40 hours by as in
L'lno"nr, a"'''''emild of onto
eh; late r which too
proved thew l eorinn4
wa Wend to perforin oar convicts honorably, cost
retook okay, and note. as sew the ease loot wawa,
ender:Ow oßeenn—wher either performed not W, or
whesit snitod their oartrealeacer.
Diem drawn Ecrtsbi t t b egh , fo o r ony tam from AI to
pal d, at=oL d e v c mootal Ranks to ire
mean and Gwriaral Agent,
is id FlO N. o no door babe. WarreWr
A. BROWN would,respero
• info= the publicil that he
on hand at Ws stead on Use
. side of the Lhamend,
airy, • complete assort
; of Venn= Minds; also Ve
t Amen an made to or.
one best style, Warranted
A to any in the United /Wawa
Mud* can to removed
an watt
.. aid of a smear driver.
log pa:abased e smelt,
;, d wood of the cabmen ea
'Mama of Ramsay &
a w
I prepared to fmish
old am
carmine, m ell Id
_eery thing in their line.
street, Pittsburgh.
" `_A. BROWN _
rjAPKR IftiriGlNGg=l-rua -diroe
I I front theamsau ( actarers in Na.. York, Philadel
phia:lnd Baltimore, 4 large and well selected assort,
melltlof all the latestiand most unproved styles of se
linA Placed and colloWtort PAPER UANGINGS, coa
sistlyg of—
IWODO➢mecca of Parlor and Fresco; l
11),C00 v go and Commin;
DOA= chambyr and office
Papa—lrkidCh I Wlllar/d partiettimly Invite the aVen.rn
of &Mee haelnic houses to paper, to mill and exactas.,
at Ito Paper Viarelehnse of tIC.
a 7 wood st
has manmeneed ream. tw
NJ,,e taw assault:Mat of Fancy VARIETY DOOM ,
con/listing us part of I,Arhacialf, Ribbons, Laces, Ito
siciP, Cloves, Crape. Leis., Cambrica, fitatings, tom
Velfo, Shawls, Ponape limMkerebiefs, gents Cravats,
ginaltam and cotton Ilandacteluefs, corded Blurts,
hewing Bilk, Thmatt, &mums, Combs, Jewelry, Cut
lery; tee On. Coulttry and eny raerebuits are res.
ratfal/yinvita/ to ;tall and uaralne ilia stock,
hl No al
, VPW 4 omm, corner:of Diamond alloy.
ITUACT OF 40/ITEM—An [Miele vette.
L,Ledly coming Ago am as a wboleaome, nottnaung
aiitrileemons boverMye, beloll most tad...ld p
Art e aper, . a *mall
IluiLtYt 00 000 0 oulyten cents, will go at for as lour
Ledtads of Cam. Manafactured by
• HAL'S S. MILLER, PittrAm3b, Fa.
SOld at wholeearn by U A FAIINESTOCK A. do,
totem of First mud Wood and Math mid Wl:iodate.;
PlLAborgh!P. 1
.ALIS Camp HMV 30 onkel coma; 12 pm Pante,
16 Mom nett Heed Ivor Uooui; In Latimer Hap; 3
ender Tama, 6 (Ma in ayllons each; 60 canteens, A
gallon each; 1 dot paeltaltA Hooey SAWN I do wldd
cittbrlo do do. TIM above goods {UT .ale al the
tulk,m Outimeg EaCildratanent. Nos Wood at
Iraelt3l J& UPHILL! PS •
,(SHORTED 13/46ES—PotTap for family
use n
IX ii•ns enclosedln a •Ilding lid tdia. co1111.1ru " n " U K
h4l, I•pice,
Intraoluen, Ginger,
Cloves/ Ppper,
iWerrantosl porn; For sale et the new Ppiee and
NlSllitard FlittOry, tOtticr of Ferry tr. Idherty au.
iNya _ t JOlll4 II /MILL
yg, IdeI r
l:91---Wrollgiiiir;r7i TtiriTbVirorTi—die-TemYeT
anneonle worits, warranted; will be COnstuill y .
oh hand and' supplred to order, by
sara9 P GGII COCHRAN. al Wood._
. .
` : ENE FURPIACIII HEARTH, manotastoredstront • '
k./ superior astiMe of Rohr. Fire Brick Orty, 11
store and for We h 1 KIER is JUNES
.ildr. W. W. Wallace having used a Hearth of same,
cpitthly and tomolf6stare for the past eliglllooo miasma,
pfinutotece It soli4lor to the hearths now in general
aid mvl6
r4KCOUNBO 4 II . ILANDIESI half pipe. vohous
vintages, of otfr own importation per Commerce
(Mtn Ibinnizatis, AN meld am' for sale by
..% uGliGiiiitest reeitred, -• beautify} Amon.
X meat of ladies and icutlenunal Gold Gould
Cbait+. from 610(b EP each, eastern price. Also,
Woodall Studs 11(t.leand gold; gold Pencil. Finger
01.6.4 Lot Ilitla,*rendi rsno, Bracelets. Gotd Pon%
W.clelsoo, Am. , W W AVILSIJN,
! .. lug ; earner Itt. god Atortrat in.
Yt.LVEP RiLtlptil..s-4oetrneetved at Zooid. lurk.
.eyls, 67 alaticet street,
31 pa colored Velvet Ribbon, warted eolorsi
36 black
tlElbnliatlTY Gimp; 10 pa wide Plain, &e.
twining sn alltitabetteal list of Post °Sees litroggh.
t the United Stews; distances / r o te Wastaggtoil, Ifi
AL; suite and tent oriel capita/. respectively; 1I ei•
!Wong lb., Post Iltneeslie eneb Slate, as well se eosin.
ty, with an appendix or the United States KM" Whisk
tt,dukerc res.ll by JOHNSTON tit smerros.
myU warner 24 - ifitif lade; al
Medicine* of rho day."
butts - Sri :trolls:CS, Oh* May 95, MIL
R. P. Sellers I think it right tot the benefit 0f others
•uoe tooe facto 2n relation SO lorry excellent Pornit•
ly Medicine. •
I have used yortilVerratfogil largelyln My morblikels
ily. one Mat frequdjally answering foragpellityg Mtge
rinavtities (soy 1001 worm Rent Ems Whin=
have alm used yogi LiveT Pills md Ccrogh Slurp&
mY emdf. end thq have in every instmumproduced
the effect desired- 0 .
As I rim engaged to merchandising, I .am able to
motelhat I have ygt to hear of the first failure Where
soar atothohlos halts been used in my toehou of the
Meetly. In cone Mum, I may sum that they are rhs
medicines of the ads. and are detained to have a very
extensive popularity. Your., respectfully,
W. H. Pixamx.
Prepared and sot by It. E. SELLERS..o 57 Wood
street, and mid bylhoggisto generally to the twoes
hes and ytetnity. meat
,3 orlglna4 only true, and genuine Laver Pill.
/itioir Canon. Ohio county, Ca.
Mooch Inth, 1819.
Mr. EL FL Setters Dear Sir—l trunk it a duty I oat
to yea and to the rerbite glnera ly. to exam that I have
been lathered map' the Liver Complalnt toe a long
time, and so badSr that an whams formed and broke,
which left me in awry low stout. Having heard of
your celebrated Liver Pula being ter sale by A
Sharp, in West Liberty, and recommended to me by
My phymelosh Smith, I concluded to V, them
a fart wet I combated one box, and found them to
be rust what thezire recommended, THE BEST LI.
YEA PILL EY USED; and after taking four boxes
I find the disease mnrely len me, and I am nom
per/telly weiL tßeapeetfally your.,
West Liberty, Muth 00. let 9
I <entry that Rbm personally acquainted with Mr
Coleman, and car( bear testimony to the tenth of the
above certificate.: A II SHARP
The genuine Pith are prepared and sold by
E SELLERS, lo 57 Wood street, and by druggists
in the Iwo cines.f.
TO THE PUBLIC.—The original, only true and gen
uine Liver PRIs Qv prepared by If E Palters, and bare
his name clamped. to black war upon the lid of each
boo, mid his stemma on the outside irrupper—all
others are counterfeits, or time imitations.
apes R E SEL.LERt_Proprietor
DLL. J NW, csaislakilivz
ROM the ReirARA MU NN, a well known and pop
r ai. Clex p qn of the Protestantlklethodist Chunk
The undo having been afflicted during the pain
winter with a dincase of the stomach. corneumer pro.
ducing great outran the stomach for tenor twel•ehourr
without iniermiaffon, and after having tried •arious
remedial with little effect, was famished with a bottle
of Dr D Jayne , . garrnivatiire Balsa. This he used an.
cording to the dintetions, and Nand invariably that ten
medicine eausedkhe pain to abate in three or four min.
cats, and In fifteen or twenty minutes every enemy
sensation was mfilrely quieted. The medieme was af.
miwardsesed whenever indications of the approach of
peeveee perceiied, and the pain was thereby prevent•
ed. lie enutitrafid to one the medlMne every evening
and rometimes u 5 the morning, and in a rem week.
health was so fafirestored, that the sufferer was relics
ed from a large "Mount of oppressive pale. From ea
perienee i thereftlia, he can confidently recommend D
JayneinCarnrinative Balsam, as a fillutary rnedle.n
roe diseases of t*storriach andAlleg
bowels. A SHIN N D
heny city. iyl
For sale let nasburgh at the PFKIN TEA eiTliff
F°"24' stevet~ and
rt°em.". .m. !•
ILE DLI3OO Vl4lll , I
10IV Of Ti PROW`
:lux emus VISIMOT VOX
Consumption, kSocha, Coble, Mummy Meacham, L.
er ComplataStiltung Wood, Difficulty a Ilreath.
the, Vain i Side and Breast, Palpitate. of
We Ile Influenza, Croup, Drokea Coo
siMiticii, Sore Throat, N e rte.
tY.tktkdall Duca.* of the Throat,
Britt. and LAIOVIO Ott moat cf
(Actual end speedy core
ever known for any of
the above diseas
es, Is
Be swArxr.,s,
OintepOsaniiir rili p ollaCherry!
. madientis no longer among then of doubtful
noddy. It h.... away from the Monsen. daily
launched upon, e tide ot experment, and noun an.
higher rcpt.-Won, and is becoming more extensive
ly used than edy other preparation of medicine ever
prod for tre relief of suffering Man.
It has been "introducd very generelly through the
milted States isnd Europe, and there are few towns of
Importance Det what contain some remarkable eel
denee of itsiood effects. For proof of the foregoing
Matausents, of the value end efficacy of th. medt
eine, the prop etor will Insert • few of the mall thou
nod testimongils which hare been presented to him by
mg. of fir -0 men who have higher
mewl of moral responsibility and mance, Wan to enr•
ttly to facts, tensest. it will do another • favor, and
Mclnnis. rat tentative. barb tenen ors.
as rov e shit con
by i t . i n e r ni.jd mem, and the un
questionableun autbort
public ;minion, The inetanteneees rebel
u and thenoodung influence Mused through the
whole frame 3 y its use, renders 4 a most agreeable
remedy for the adlicted.
"When .4, stern from conntcnuous isepulae,
voluntarily tap r watimony to the truth of a thmg, or
pactealar fact, each testimony, he contrary to their
worldly ,sod and purpose, coerce. convicuott of
its truth, end commends itself in • special manner to
VLSIVE"iiVr Alli;!C'aPlrtVst
AAortart Con or Pemionniv Co.leeeleMeM—
There never • • remedy that has been es success/el
in des...teases of Consumption, as Dr Su - sync ,
compound Unto of Wild Cherry, It strengthens the
system, and appears to heal the ulcers nu the .
creating ricnund rich blood; power posse. no
other modichia.
MOOT. CO, April 25th, lie testrarni--Destr Sir I verily twin. your Com
pound ramyrcri ;A'al,,dgt,.:ll,ll•l2„hca,s‘
r ee o zi in ,, eana d ot
cery'ie.greveyorojeffe. attended with a aerefe co c as , l ' t. r lh o ti;
reewnd all tom' remedies which I bad recourase to, soil
mermoting 11011 my ease exhintual all the symptom. of
t Pulmonary Glinctrarolon Every thing I tried nemed
to have tie el:mt, luta my c omp./rumen-and so rapid
ly that Wend). well myself, gave op alt
to of
my recovery! At able ls lama I was recommended to y
year usvaloaltde medicine: I Jul in, with the most hap
py maul.. The hest nate bad the effect M oos n Um
cough, causb.i. ma to expecte.. freely - ,nby the
urn I had eix toodes,l was enure. well, ntd am
now •• he a mane ever was in my We, and
would be hagp7 t'ittererrynta'llTrse';i7e.Mitl " fo i
that otter r
which lem , Ao grateful. For the troth of the alio.
• Greer you to Peter Rosh, Genes, West
Chester, 'of whom I parehased the median.
y yours, /nue nomatis.
'Wow:Urfa Cet+ of e IltetAocivo Moue+,
Dr Swayhe- Dear her. I feel a debt grahmds due
m/ ou—atuk • dory to the lammed gunotully, oder
horVislia.Nimenrryy in 1.000 of
i e lensy atesl,ll with cold and inflammation of
bloodiselurgsnof oeffILSIVO mucus nom the hinsps, "' e• p s t. '.
firs! t
til kruTahlaariOut may'lee'Mtibtlerrii7e trahr,Ly,„
shoe convitund thal I wee rapidly going IWO G01.1601p-
Lg .. tr yi, ; I.AV treAdECT, rai d at length was scace
ly able to 101 k about, or speak above • whisper, such
was the escdtedlng wellness of my lunge. p.m/ the.
WSW. 1 hod trd varlet. premsnmions and presemptimm,
hat found u Teiltr--growilag alb time worm. Jut
here I was
to and persaaby • dear friend to
ilmingtod to make trial of your Syrup of Wild Cher.
,y.y noisCeoufess thgerviously I bad been prole.
tow :is g = get olthe hants‘:i} ;Map:ries am t?
t under.
Mendips yrfur claims to the profession and Omen. of
medlcone, and homing faith in the saying of my
(Meads, I fdtthuith pum hosed of Dr. Shave, one of year
agents, • for bottles, and commenced its us. Aly
I suss Was of that time of Kier months' stanches, cent
frot l ,l7=A:TZ '
four or Ave
bottl e ! ,
d'llo4top Wang a public apeaker, I frequently as
with my incrummg mar, end
ruyturra to l
Stow vessels that hod aim y seg.,
mfreal in this way, doubtless, my core was smutty ,
',inconsequence of acting thud mnprudeody,
I ha to esti naive or fifteen bottles before I wus pm.
fezlrcit e l I have Ito queation, much smaller
n ro • es would have mode me sinthd, but for
the above Anhamencre. The Syrup allayed the fever
tab habit,Mak sway th e distressing cough, pm a stop
AO eke doctitarge of 01.01 from too luuys,and gave
them and the enure symem good health I have deter
mil astir* this centheste until now, for the porpom
of being peifectly minified with the permanency
ot the
cum, and OW fuel pCdOCtly l@r it with
171.1.110r0. • Rev. J. OROLN
Dublin eStorty, N. C
lqportang Counon—Ren& Read)
There tai ut one ;cuisine preparation of Wild Cherry,
and into lain. Dwane' . dm fast ever acted to the
pub., setaeb ha been wad largely Batumi:MO the
united Stia , tes and some pens of Europe; and all p s ,".
potations 3alled by the none of Wild Cherry bare
been put 001. deed this, under cover of some deceptive
ciremistairces, in order in glee currency to tharelllca
By a Bale ,obarsanou, no person need months
genuine fr4l the lola. F.ach bottle of the gam. is
enveloped: With a bettenful steel enereviog, milli the
likeness o(Williart Pe n thereon; also, De Dwayne's
signal:ay.:ad as further ...linty, the portrait of Dr.
Dwayne *ill be added hereafter, so ea to dieing - mat
rtia preparation from all others. Now, it it eras not or
the great earstive properties and known virtues of Dr.
Dwayne's Eouthoand Syrup of Wtld Cherry, persons
would nob be endeavosum to give currency to there
"fictitious tionstromse by mention the name or Wild
Chao , 11..ermeenber, always beer in mold th e name
ol Dwayne, ad be not deceived.
Principe! Office, corner of Eighth and Race steer.,
For salewholesale and retail b 7 Of/DEN SNO
DEN, nor :td and v end sts; II A FALIPMArrocK
Co, Id and Wood, and Oth and Wood am; Whl
ill/PLN,C3 Market st; S JUNES, lea Liberty et; lAd
A JONED, ea Hand and Penn eta JOHN urn:ti
t:Li., Allegheny city, and by all respectable deniers in
medicine. octlJ
A STROM; EV IDENt tact Dr y NE.A E x.
(1. PEL.II3B.ANT is ,opener to all .we remedies for
,:englm,Colnamption, Bronchitis, As th ma., sod other Palm
.) efectitins, is that the some penons who commemed the
of d eeri est Mathes tea as ago all prefer it to all
other retesOMl edit kind; end where any hen knee induced
to try °that prepentas they hen almost amenably bete
happoodel re nesaing the liemsfit winch las raseerthly
saltapated front the high prams bedewed by the proprietors,
and tom. tete rosd to the tom of elm.' Lamellas ss
Wordy that near failed to relate them, ad wit . mh
probably aver had its egad in arresting pulmonary &masa
Prepared wily by Dr D. Jaya Philadelphia ad sold en
gdortAibetf 71 Fourth et
Dr. W. V. lalast.P. Premium PI
DIL WC P. INLAND, of die Aledirol College Id Pt..
adelf t lia now offers to the public Ms Indian Vee.
amble Plenum Plater, the qualities of which. tater
k' mg and Died ...thee, ham been sunefeeturtly es
toblishedB To all women who ray be arthen-A moth
ProlepakUterla or Fallen Womb, he recommcmle I.
plater, ilaranbeeing a sure and speedy cure ni the
short sewn , of from two io thee weeks, a applied with
eate ansPiest—diaardthe all the comities. instruments
and espeasive bandages so long in ea. Th..
not .
he feels
coneeiceDon• in stating, as be h ha l
In one cite oat of three hundred and fin) -three pa.
Also fzia Rheamanon .d Weak Breast . Bn-L, ab
tended loth pain, there ss nothing to excel tto• •dsteil
in affording setter. effecting • earn.
Forsat y
L. Wilsoz, corner of Dtamond and Mrket
Bread}.Reiter, " Liberty and Ss Class ..
Dr J Biriyant " Federal el and Inastosad. Allo
.I.qubs " Denman and Lha.mond BErtning
ICS E. BE.LLEIttt, Druggist, No 47 Wood srvet,
L • 150 k Agent for the sole of Townsend • tie.-
sone Samoa:lna, has just received 20 , 1 dosed of thot
Glreat Swing sod livollEer
Porebison should meolleei ihor HE Sellers u. sole
•,gent Cot Fitabttlgh, .d 1) 61 Curry for Allegheny
Cill ep3
G "4 AND f — ifEVER . P - 4;EVEK Ark:
ES:—Doplez Watches, mule by the celebrated
Coop fif London, M.. 1 Tobias of Uverpool, s
tarp Itißortotent of detached sold and ether Levers,
nude b& c ihe best tioneva roam:lecturers.
epee ice of all kinds, Comntolnot, Ware In sets;
tid Paint; /Caret', to large •artety, Sliver Spoons,
rite s he...
Tareb repurtng eteeutedis the best m.ner.
earner Merkel and 4th
8 [0,481i6 ekah-73 cent. Pee wok°.
Vor salo , by JoHNKPUN a sTuclauN,
11417' comer litutei .3.4 34 its
A 1.. FS AIV o I:a fr. DAY, 75 Mhzket street, northwest
It comes of use Diamond,are now opening • choice
stank of fresh SLIMM r'.. GOODS. A Insgc portion of
these goodshave recently been purchased at a.greal
sacrifice, from the, Ple . eno ,,” /Gales at the F.ast, and from
the importers and
opon offering Gus snack of goods at poles so red teed
as us meet the approbation of finite who do business
, th e cheap cuh promote.
TThe Silk Department ts very ezmusive, embracing
the differnms hods of dress and mentllla Silks, Satin
de Chelsea. and Camelt. Gro de atones.
The Shawl Department embraces a oplemini assort
roent of India Crape Shawls, from the lowest micas to
Me finest Qualities, elegantly embroidered. Also, Ore
nadinc, Berge, Mohair, Nett and splendid figured Silk
SCARFS—BIack i.erage and tinned.< Scarfs.
BERM.W. and other tilt, liliODS—EleKant
and novel note. of Thanes, and other
tern awe. Goods, worthy of the attennou of the lates.
LAWNS' the Lawn departharnt, oar
addstlans (rota the Eattern auctions ve quite three.
embracing rlegaist style" at real arkaLty low prices.
Imported and Domestic Gingham,
Primo and Chintz,, grown and Blesehed
Chee ks. T. c 1 mg., Fla. eels.
Superior Englil.h and French ^laths sad Cao.nneres,
KaLancia and -leans, Pantaloon and
All of whlch La offered at such a redoeuon of prsees
thal purchaser* cannot fail to_ h rp . lpard
y 4
Chomp Dry Goods.
{UM WANTS ?Sups. Boss for 4f cents
Heavy Brown Mush. for ••
good quality. do
Aloes de Lames
Extra do.
Silk and Wool Berates
Cotton .4
Bonnet Radoors at d
Good pull.) , KO Gloves.
Cast meea la,
Broad Cloth. 111.21
A. A.MASON CO. have Goods at pm.; owed above Cali oil
at the only cheap one price store,
Market street.
~,,, at pooccoso or 5 or 10 lox,. T. rum
:row Mix.
, It attention of the public is melted to this very
I valuable Churn. which has the advantege of all
ers comlnnoig the old and new inseam. to
The mlltry of dn. Invention is apparent,. by a slml
pie process the air to iorced beneath t h e dash. and
does away with the necessity of porchuing • new
Chum, as it eau be applied to any churn in use and
for one dollar can have all the improvements of the
age combined with those of gathering the Better in
the usual way.
The public are In•lted to call and ,udge for them
selves before purchasing elsewhere., at 87, corner of
Market and Mb streets, or at 63 amoMi alley, he
tween Wood and Market sorrel, Di
at y 79 SAhIL.
rpur. undersigned havlng been appointed Agent of
1. the DaLLNYA. 6lvrekt. Bart, [marmites Com
ran, in the pia. of public inney. in.. resigned, re
speetfully informs Me puand the Blends and cus
tomers of the
that be is prepared to take
Marine. Inland and Fire risks on liberal term., at their
othee, N 0.37 Water sweet. P A. MADEIRA,
myt, Agent.
HUSk2!—ltaai tees it in 3 ply India Rubber
Hose—nist received fort e Borough of Manche*.
ter. wiltsk will be held In store for • fear days. The
Boston Belting Company express • mrong desire for
the fire departments of We ewe. of Pinsboralt and Al.
legheny to rail and examine and make • tnal of them.
The company is strilltng to pot them to any test they
think proper to conclude upon
myth 1 t /I PHILLI7'/4, 6 'mod at
HP AOH, , CclurTiuN ?Rick
11001:14 FOR T
" th r
t a a r Room. (t e. ar d ,
1 1i7 , :hion ' Ony 'n of November nert r, , at In o:eloelr, 0.
N'mlArtmpr. Jr. Robe , Wood. ,
wm lizlh e
N Kir,
Alto. Reneg,
H. The Sh.nrr, a
D. King,
LT PARRY has luveuted a machine for waahing
Gold, for which he has mode application for a
Th , y art now offered for aide tit um 'ova< of Parry, Scott A Co., No 103 Wood street,
Adrenturers to Ca&omit are molted to call and es•
amtne labor-savlng machines They are simple
in their nstruction. easily transported on the hack of
males or co
home., welching eighty pounds rant, and
an be put in operatton in half an hour. They eau be
6bed strttli prowlsious. It is the opinion of thou who
toe, that two men will was. the mint r tl from 150
baehels of
and earth la • day, without the low of •
particle of the mineral. They can be increased to WIC
and worked by water or mule power, If expedient.
The operators work 'without gotng tato the water or
being expored 'set, tmd consequently without en.
dancering their health- Theyhe will require but a wall
stream of water, and an wed the whole season,
and can be put Into operation where there le not rulb•
•tent water to wuh in the usual way.
Price of smallest sire $35. Orden from abroad, se.
wopardsd by moth, will be promptly filled.
11. PARRY, at Parry, Scott at Co,.
Ittl 'Wood st. Pittsburgh.
fttlaspratt Seon A:sE
subscribers are now teems.' their P.ll .toot
1. of the alio, aridele. three rowels, CM the Juniata.
Medallion aid Lydia, hewtog sensed PhtladelPln.
and Baltimore., and two more, the Stephen Haldwm and
Leda, shortly expected; they are, therefore, prepared
to reeetre orders They will receive during the win
ter and .prang rrenlar sapp:tes eto New Orleana
aIOUST TRIMLI—For cleaning w
dew. tad lamp glswees, diner elate, bras, lin
manta- rood Other ware. It rapidly takes oat spot"
an 4 tad reproduces the !Kalinin/ and durable
nitre of oe. , ware. Jawrecerred end for sale, whole.
ale and retail, by JOHN it MORGAN,
twel Druggist_
• .
A m A t l b l ;
Co. ea the remaining partners, It as
day retired
from .he arm Pebnlary
goknal, Arent for the trianulbeMrarra,k. on band
and NlcouetanCy o-re.eina • tall supply of the Ankle.
made in Pittel.orgh rietnity. *lnch br offer. for
Hale •I manufacturer. once.. (.P.O COCHRAN.
le b Lai wood st
IDIA KC - 11110i gross Ihdia SU:L
her Pave. an eseellant article for tendertng
and shoe, perfectly ...roar proof. and WO as • meet of
cloth Mc • of this pasta t• "demo to
make them Huperrtoos lo easter Mr 11 or 3 months, and
• perfect prevents..< own the leather cracking.
Hee'd mut ion sale of the India Rubber Depot, No 5
Wood ot,_ _ reb3:l J II PHILLIP'S
1111.0“ r•Crill. 07
Corner Front and Vine .veers, Cnteutnad, 0.
if y , f 5 t1 ,... , 44::1;N:...11 , ..t . Y ;,r a , 5 , t_Le. tau.; V., eiWa re.
Ft/eh embouued Piano covers Plato Turkey red Munn
do do Table do Pied do do do
Woruud do do do do llordenng;
Sloe Daustauk. Carpet Phodlogs;
Green mimeo
ALSO—Camps Goalies Transparent %miss;
Scripture Views do do
Torkoh do do do
Chine. do do do
Itra,rery Chines. do do
Moonnaht Views do do
Landscape do do do
T Gothin do do
Cord and Tassels, nolers and Slats. Each Putties
Beier Enda.
The above Goods a , of the richest and newel .
styles, to which we Invite the attention of oar friend ,
an de ustomes, and those wishtng to furnish or re
plenish ottani boats and houses. -
The Allogh•say Vem•tory.
T the sztvoal moettng of the Corporator, held or
11 the WI OM. the foliowmg persons were imam
mushy .isatadl.l.•ge thers tor twining year.
THOMAS M. H y Preaulant.
Jr.SSE CA !Krim V.R
aV 11.80 N hIV NIA.
Finical, Jr Secretary and Treazurer.
The anneal statement presented the arrears of the
Comany in • very proeperoos condition. Their °thee
in th e e y is No V Water et met ielS
East side of the baud,
where Venntan
Rhode of all the different tiles and colors
are kept on hand or made to order ane
est end 610 Si tlpprove4 E•4lGril lesb
ians, ine elOrteal notice and un the Ines
Also, Une ehrup 1 rollsr opltt Mind Trams
renc y and .elon
1 , •,...r I . 10,11.11 1 1 of all the dtderent stars end
patterns, on hood and for ..lo low for euh. ILIA V el,
pan Llllnds pa t 0.. ., over and repaired, or Inken on part
ayment for new It hi WII3TERV ELT, Pro'pr
N. li—AU wine done with the beat matenal and
worktnanslup, and warranted to p!eaaa the most Ina.
tithona. aug ID Al y
Allegheny nay, 000. /0, DM.
0111•• at the Exchange, Ile' Elmore.
'DEDUCED KATI', —The charges imve heen edu
lb Alemages to or from Italtritiare. I.
burgh or Whewling, mid corresponding redoc
made an MI ioldigrapiori I ~,,, anted nom UM-
Imo', Vicar of Pittsburg-.
6—The charge tor a uelerrapb despatch tig or
from lialdroore, h and IN heeling, is 43 cents
for the first ten words, and 3 nents Inn each additional
. . •
[r_r No ebarre os made for th nddreu and ulna
Until the conirletlen of the South Welton Line or
Tia=re ' ein " =l , !er ' 7 , M4ltlVie n lp n' ha N sry Zhu rouse, and
marled for New irrir...k•
I mei. a view of the Ilartle of Molar rey;
, “ Cerro Gordo;
„ linen* Vislre,
r , Fero de Partsi
1 •` Chase de Igoe;
I " " Garde Franeal.E
I " " Col C Artvergue;
The above it suitable for papenng large public
I 001.•. Jo. teed direct from Pans, and tor sale at
of api el C 1111.1.
Y A Al I 1.1 t!, 6—Chemical Lipid for wmini.g
clothe+, C•fpet., 1111 m, paint and fine furniture—
saving ball tlt+ labor and dispensing entirely with the
wubboard The fin!. Wilton carpets, alter geeing
been in am woven years, bare beer perfectly rester.
ed, without the trOury to the fabrte, and with.
out removing Isom the boor. It will net injure the
cloth. Directions accompanying Oath bottle. Price
23 cents. roe sale by J SCIIGONAIh KKR a Co,
aye 04 woad at
- env DULA= In
COLLECTIONS.—Drafts, .Notes TES and Aederancel
D eyeblo m pen of it. Mood, collected on the Most
lc vocable tents.
- -
EXCHANGE on New York, Philadelphia and Bal.
d abort. also, Cincinnati. Louisville, Saint Lows and
N ese Orleans, eon...lily for sale.
BANK NOTE:l.—Pious on all solvent tatnks in the
nited Maus discounted at the lowest rates. All knots
of Poreipn and Amenean Gold and Silver Coin bought
Ind sold.
Office No
IS Market street, between 341 and 4th,
l'inaLurrh, Pa. oenC.
_ . .
1 -3H -Ls on Err6land. Ireland, and Seodand booghr
any amount xt the Cunent Roses of Exchange.
Alto, is payahle In any pan of the Old Countries
from LI to /ABM, at the rue of 155 to the tnethiti,
without deduction or dutcount, by JOSHUA ROM',
SON. European um General Agent, office sth or one
door west of wood. octlutt
k 11.101[Rower) n
IKI tun it
V) in Foreagn and Dorneitue Bills of Fichungo,
ufieetes of Dcpoulie, Bank Notes and Corn. corner of
3..1 and Wood streets, directly opponte Sr Charles Ha
tel. mar&dly
Ba nk No
purchased at Use lowest num, by
eepl3 33 Market street.
New York,
Oonstently for .ale by N. 1101-3038. & SONS.
sepl3 33 Market st.
Pea—L'oreka, a Prom Poem. or, the Physical
and Metaphysical Universe, hr Edgar A. Poe. EA'
handsomely pruned, Idnin. cloth. 7 ma
.We shall 141 greatly surprised if this work does not
creed n prolOund senion ninon' the literary arid
sateduhe closes all aver t the Onion, display.' as It
does a reuoning power and grasp of thought winch
cannot possibly fell to excite the 'special wonder' of
even the most careless reader.,—Express.
Nineveh mid to Hainaut, with an account of a .1111
• the Choldaean Chninans of Kurdistan, and the Ye
or Worshippers; and an inquiry Into the
• and arts of the Accurst Aasyriaria. by Milian
fenny Layard. Esq., IL C. Li in Y enl, anal nuiner
as din...nous.
One of the most remarkable works of the age:—The
Times, (London.) Feb. 9.
The Salamander, a Legion of the Iran Furnaces of
Rockland county, N. Y., by E. Oakes Gmith, with 11.
lustre ions of Dailey; 04 ed. ttmo. cloth, 70 ets
J. Feintimore Cooper, •The Kpy, • new and beauti
ful edition, revised by the author, with new preface,
he., to be followed by the Ptlot. to the mete tylc
The Works of Washington Irving; revised end en
larged by the author. to 13 elegant duodeenne volumme
heminfulty primed in new type, and on .opener paper.
made expressly for the purpose.
For sale by JAMEm D LOCKWOOD. (for many
years conneeied with Mean. Wiley & Putnam. and
late John Wiley. N. Y 1 13 Wood at. Inl3
Mr L his net Warned from the Eastern tines.
*TRlPiloolo3—lrving—The Crayon MiseellianYr—
Plcomp g The Prairie, Abbotsford, Newstead
Abbey. Complete it. one v alurne—eleg :only pruned.
Curzon—The Nlonastenes of the Levant. Post eve;
A volume of orero than ordinary interest, relating a
series of moat canoes and often arousing adventure
• • • The held occupied by the to almost
entirely new —CommerelsJ Advert..
A book or - gentlemanly. liberal, scholarly Interest,
which reminds us not • little of Beck ford'a Spottish a
cumen& or the vivid eastern remmtseences of Eothen.
Literary World
Cooper—(New edition of early works.)-11. Spy.
record. Aa . with new introduction and n Com
plete to I sot Ur tier= with Irvteg's work s.
The ttpy and the Sketch-Book were the firm Ameri
an hooks which were univentally acknowledged to
contiun perforomice as well as • promise. We
well remember th e enthuaiasm south which they were
received. and the proud expectations which they
awakened among theJilwral minded abroad and the
ppmnotic at h. ine Irminr was soon allowed a seat by
me side of rimd•rnith and Addnon, and Cooper was
tra,..lated in every country of the continent where
any interest yr. fell in • fore wit hterature.—Literory
Iccald For *ate by I.A/CK WOOD
63 Wn. al .1
N k i r( i), ll , l , :o 4 l( v ei nT. Complete SVorks John n 1 Malmo.
Mardi and %%qtr. Holier, by Berman Melville.
Border Warfare of N York, by W %V Campbell.
Ilere a I,aile and There a Little, by the author of
"Line upon Lot, and Preeept upon Precept .1
Memoirs of my Youth. by A M Laniartine.
Illuotraied o( Franklin, pan nth, A. recruited
and for sole by it NSTON & STOCKTON.
afe.4l corner 111 i rd and Market vb.
lOW BOOKS—Dr. Coventry's Work on Emden...
11 (Iholera..“ Mc Dry, Camara, Pathology and ire at-
Philosophy of Religton. by J D Morel!. A M.
Itourne, lbstechiwn of the :Stearn Kopf,
Chamber'. Cyclopedia of Engusti Gterstare, 6 vols.
or b. fins edition. steel platet
Chamnbers• Mmeellany of Useful and Emerbamtng
Knowledge-10 •..1.. II too Illustrated.
Adetee to Young 31ea, by T N Arthur, Pit.
- - 1 oung Women. • '. '•
Elements of Nletrwrology, by J. Brocklesby, M A.,
'n r::Trr; for the People, by F. at Magoon.
Untrerstly Serena.. by Dr NVaylaasf
French's Iltosean Leeture,
to to
M r 1-4,7 —.Tim fitness
of Holy Sertpturus for unbitng e spirstual Um of
men ' I yob iso i
No 6 Fronal,nbt Idle, Illoatratea
Received thm day b) A HOPKINa,
opal Apollo Dutldings, eth st
NEW PUBLICATIONS--Essmy on the the Vltion
.f Church. and state. by Haab,. W Noel, Id A.
1 sot Ittroo.-161 Cfm An enure edam,. of thm wort
was ..010 to one day, on . cabin...non in London'
Leave. from Margaret South's Journal, in the Pro
vince of MansanhOsens 11a1-1P76-10. I vol. 1.140 73e
lloyt's Poem. —Skosenet of Life and Landscape. I.y
Res. lialph lloyt—wew ed. eutugni—wstA Mtwara
... 12mo. $1,60
A Cate:ch.= of the Steam Engana,tll.trative of the
setent46e principles upon welch . operattan depends,
and the onctiesJ dmatls of its structure, to Ito applies.
uoa to ousiss, mai,. steam nastganott. and railways,
ar. •anoossurg..uon• of unpm•coacm: by J Bourne
C 1 , .. 1 sob Ohre. 73e.
Cheever's Lectures on the Pllgnor's Prognvss-00 1 .
...I. Itno, Price reduced to al Ont.
I The canons, It ranasly riature. Part 1. Ise.
Franklin's Life, I:lustrated. Parts IV and V kies
t .
Tamms• Ilmtortea, Ly Prof. Tyler-11,00. For sale
by mcb2.l 11 HOPKINS, 4. et
oulcur.rtiarcvs PIA FO FORTES.
JOIIN 11. NIKI-LOR, No. el Wood street, has th e
pleasure of announeing the ureteral of a new and
splendid usortment of Pianos, from the manufactort,
of Jonas Chmkering. Boston—among them ••
cent Rosewood fall Grand Rano Forte. 7 octaves.
Also, • superb Knave Plano Forte, 7 octaves, caree•l
rosewood, of the style of Loam XIV. wan a •ranety 01
7, of and aoctaves, to seheiti the atienuon of purchas
ers ts Fespectfolly sotieltea. _
Sole Ment for Putno Fortes tor West.
-rn I'enn•vivanic 'p2l
fivim JUT RECEI V FID and opntn', it
new lot of elegant Pianos. from the
celebrated factory of Nunn• dr Clark,
N 6, ti and 7 octaves.
with Important Improvements. bore m mackteeted and
exterior. 1 cd by /. others.
ALSO Etna scleell. of Ch It kertnes Plano., tiOUI
il lnc octaves. If. KLEIJER., Solo Adam,
et J. W. Woodwell`e Kt Third st
N B. The above wet he sold at manufacturers prtj
ces. without any addluou fur freight or expeormal
runrlll Journal and Chrouiele copy.
.. . _ .
_ ..._
fiffin A SPLENDID assortment
;est ,
trans and Rosewood Phan° fi.
t abed. T.. Instruments are made of
the latest pattern .4 best mammal
and Intl be sold low for cash try
F. BLUDIP.IIII Wood street,
24 door above Filth
N. a —Tho ite who are in want of • good tostrunient,
err reepectially invited to cranium these before pus ,
chasing elsewhere, as they cannot be excelled by rep
in the country, and writ be sold lower than any broorhi
from the East. Alsoomt received, two pianos of Ilitua
burgh maitufseture. warranted to be superior to any
ever sold in this eountry rter u
„Ns." ronsiniactu le of
ud and sou path
-matt by Messrs.
March er. White, of Cinemitau. Ihe usual compose
and exteot being but four ociaVi.. Messrs Al A. N ,
in accordance with the general some nod demand,
have extended Me scale of these mai, amen. to end
" or° ..lo rry, tam' tooling It Praelmultle la perform
upon them any music wrmen for me I Milo or Organ.
The exterior, au has been merit Improved by PMeteg
the body of the instrument upon a can iron kerne
beautifully bronud mid ornamented, rendenng it at
mire moot elegant mid extremely desirable aruele
The price is put so low as to bring it within the reach
of every one to obtam a perfect musical instrument,
and, at the mom Mme, • 0.0 elegant piece of farm
tube Our a comparmive Mille. 11. KlaUtEll,
At J W WoodwelPe
. .
h. Just received from Europe, sod for sale an
entirely new invention of Piano Forte, called the t:A LL
Els PIANO FORTE, which pomeseing more twiner
and asseemess than the square Piano, occuptint but one
fourth as much room, and Is • much more chewy and
handsome piere'of furniture. It ts par ocularly desira
ble whore the sa•mg of .peen is object, being ex
eeedingly neat and compact, end occupying uo more
ruaal than small aide table. The subscnber b. in
hand a teanstionial of its supertorUy from the celebra
od inmost, nloscholles, in hat own hand wnunt lc, loch
ilia) inspc..l.. K LED
ocutl At! %V Woodvreis
NIT.II.IWr seccoved and los sale at man.
al.:lasers tames, rota - rasa new
P e n Fortes, 11, fie ants 7 octaves, of the PM.
elegant patter. or nrrorroro, and with
we nate tropto•ed scale.
Also un band and for sale 10w,.3 second band Pm.
os JOHN H 111,1•:LIAM,
Fdde Agent for Chickering's Poulos for Western
Pennsy I vania, oosl street. man
nf damns r, with an Introduction and billbant va
riations for the Piano Forte, as performed so all his
concerts in the Untted Sums by Henn Hera
!Ililoary Ponta, by Henri Hera;
Comte Polka,
Pil•er Bell Polka. °
Just mewed and for sale by
inch 17 JOHN 11 MELIA/1121 wood 0
A NI) SOLFE.6OIO)4. with ast urcoutpanment for the
rien.forte, adapted to the wants of private papis t
or classes in vocal tousle Nolected fm m lultatt,
French and German composers. by Lowell Mason: 711
large pages of closely prosted music, contaltungH))
ogarctoss progressively arranged P.c. TS cants.
Just received, a supply of the above, direst from the
publtsbera, by JOHN 11. MELLOR,
meta, NI wood at
lir urns LikIA:110 1 -0 bins Bolan, reed and oar
told by lal3 . R hPCUTCHEON
lIERRIN(I9—emu bet No I Herrings, 1w dowe t .
ed, to more and for oale low to clove cOnsigo.
main by tall JAMES DALZELL. Water et
RE.2.4 CRAPE Al tle CRAPE Illet—W
1.111 has received a supply at white and colored
(:tape. and Crape Lae—among the letter green tad
other dutiable colors. Also, white, putt, and blue
Stile attd Warb Blonde. Jail
(V 1 10 N 7 1N tat e Pare'., )tin %ANL ta c t r&ifit
14 tip.11.4.--Itilsriatrlnct-a 4 . 1.. 1 ;- 1 ... , ,.,.., •
.. ..%I' . - i',....71:1r!..., - , t f.g1.:,.. :-... rier ttriz;ZE.l , ll.o; 2 ei 'l s a J ,
-.4.e.41=0tnE21=V•132i s ''.' "l7 ' 8;2: -lil.l=ifi t= i.. 1 • 5
Elk-°,gilsigt.2--:ELzig.z.• F . . n• , -.- - - ....c. ..v.t - . E • . .93 ..g •S 3,
..,,I. tzt3.A2.,:E37..„-,:2=.1,11 ti 4;03 -,'„5•..;:-. ~_ •. 0 .+3 .4. ~.,
.. d . 121 frei34-"V -..-80N.`-',4-,'=-.1--K;'-il-e, '6
', . ' l'oolo-,good IF rr,:.5... o .
' W ri'•la- .44 , - - f..szligt.:j 7+:5,“E-.22, E. -4 3 . 4 ,:g-t-I.Z.t-,--, -52 .45-5
, 4 e,i......,3, 4:4.3-5...,E,5,%-i-2.•;,8-E1,....--7..1.E.. V.S.:: L: - "t:- 'CI . 5 ,4 t, t 2 3
QC , " . 4....r.El.eiiii•-•.;:e;'....,.=,.- Tcn ..; 2:' , A :4`,..3.53°31.r,.. ‘ E C-ZZ.
~..c -, ..,, 31 --_---,-ai....-- - =. -
ca-5 ~ ..,-tea....? ...Er -'..q.•.1., .... .g.,:. ,
1 ....... 5 U.i7;;:f7r.t-P:,.4ii.:] i:4 2 . ' - i , .',, riialifilEFtlEiTi ii lit 11
''''..= >_ it tl '..,.. i,, - .52::4.1;FK- , i ,- .... , - i•ii - ,, qi i q ....:liitir',.4.l:--'.re1.....'4 11.2'1
' ''' : 75!':1Ti11111171 ';§ il
.7 " el ;.' 2 . , - - '. 6 ..:.^;' , :' - ': •. 3,r0.143 Ems _ - ;
~ • = ‘, 1 2 8 '''' - ..1) 1. 4:' . i . Z11- .1 1 P.
Z 8 g
0 , I.!..i= -,,2.3.•mp,-4,749,1X1 q '
..... W 0 1 OCI 0 ?..-i,..ti t. 310;... , t_ =..• r
.. ' ll ' 2 ;, E; I 6 Z;i,--f...z.-1.5.1..s .-'. 4 2 -: ,• .• .
c. 2 ,_ . k a. rs,:arval.zigs:t? ii El !
ti ~.-. ..-.7.. te11:74:24.-3.q ?El t
,E t o . 4 3 ibz...i-Valzg:
i ag < -.,1
=1 Ce q
CI t (
' g e 1A 1 :
_ 6 . 44 ,_ ...... fo Th ,...- 1 a - _.:4i.t.lz . 1:•;.-9 --.-6. 7..1 4
c. z 1 v , ! . i zi L - 7. ; f,,E; . itici:.41 .. . - ittgi . t:lfiff: 1- • %it
S. 4) - ba -32-..gV.,77;..31;•tir0,-t:t .3Z,..1 '3 D &'•
0. . 7 "' 47 : 4 v: 1-o"3••.3:.;=:`"E''.Zott' 'O"ii -f
CC -..-... v ~..E...?...1;• : 2 4..... 0 •:..
Q .:' ~:
C ,t1r.0z 2 ...3. ,3 .... -,, _
)IC le 4lf i 5 EV ..g.i - - '- e -!
'g'. !. - c ! "- 1 .'1"-2 ''
> .,.. 7 . .... s . z . z .ezarzF,.:-:E_9“ -°.g.1.32g,
laj 2 iIP iIP-iillifi - -: - 1; 11 1 11FA!!11 1 iii 7 ; 1. - 4]',-irit-jj.t":slill!:l.'3l-!l7=l;l,tt %'1
. ~... :411 4 .".... , 1. '-15... '§-gs. E' .C.. . -) es, -.5-.---:...?... -••-•E,-I,o'o
,i --.-:,•'44.2e6=4.1d;"i1q,1tta•,4....',..1.Ei,, ~5 Z 214.5.,..-i-i.zit.gE;Eit,.; •E
W 0 &.1.!•57-11i.;:-.1.1-il''gt,:.q21i.:i; ' 2 `t-'alV'7.-4,;-:1-:- ': t .n . .
R:1:111:4i.:.'...-L;5“..0"''51=3*-v"Et;t:' . '' ::.f..`2'..i...,+.4:t..2.,..-7ti.1':.7:31';•-•Z 51
4.“;•,' ,-iz,"1"="1".-2!= at n. t 's -5 -:,7,-;,f.,..t..,1i-,.i,t.x i;
CO, ° t."-ri'r.":l,:s-454.7t:.:2.--:1";;.iz",=-"ILI!=5`.:g;•,.,4.i.-..--.1''-t-r...,° "!
417,1,,:, t ..-7q..- ,- ;.,5:1 - . - zE-s . '' '.....:,•': -.. cr. -_- ; ;.:ti;Ca•,,ilt.t' .- ;: ,-5. ...i ) :
CO ~2 . ? :4.'''''''.l.: l t . 'i l, Z' = '': ....i.7:l.-,..::-=
•st . '.-.-4 r...---1.,1,..',',.,i21... I._ :; , 12 7
7. .. 4 I 1 i 1
7 t . : 1 ." i i ..A : 1 F 3 r, .....:
IT 4
ti..1d_t.....&_•••=g,;7“,1-.;•=-:-:1-,--i .(7
t,..i.73Laii'ligrliE!l•:-A i.:7;.....:i;;;-.-.:.'-'.;:2".•'•±-:iii4'.
ID" AGENT/'—Whl JACKSON. JOHN ahl a ..
'',"- MEPATIVNI.I., V.
...•-•.!:', - -::4 , .. - y.,,,,,, . ;,.,._ It h_e_. 'c we to
... , er.-,,i ' " ' 1r,.. - 7.! cause all FITERAL
- I ' ll.: Mt\ „ t 17:7 SORI , S,
'',...,.-., C.; ,c,... , g,... HUMORS, SKIN DIS.
7,7, : i.,-...- :: ', e-..:‘ ,.. ... 3 -..? WOUNDS to discharge
...1. .. A : - -
.• then putrid matters, and
,--T -..,--zr then heals them.
4',... ' lli tro-t - -. : 3 It La rightly termed
_,_, ‘''' , 4, ALL- HEALING, for
- h.' , " '''Trr there is scarcely a dn.
•rr C . = ; ..,.'' ',.,,, ease exterttal or internal,
.MITI: t , ,; q• that it sod' not benefit
''-; - ' '..,''''. I have used it for the last COSUMPTION.
eilmoinlermi Ihr stadia... of the chest, involving rb. ottenton, then, how than we nip tee da...7.0 ...t
the limiest danger nod resonstbdity, nod I deolare We hod? hose shall we
clear of our meets and
before heaven and mar, that net in one case has it
olds! Is of nut importance to.the pmblie.
failed to benefit when the patient was within the mach THE GR.7' AND ONLY REMEDY
of mortal meths. frill be found to the Ginseng Panacea In pros( of this
I have had physicians loaned in the profesaion. I we base Dom unto to tuna published the certificate. of .
have minicar* of We gospel, judges of the bench, al- lethne of our best known einem., who hove OKFeI ,
dermen, lawyers, gentle.. 0 1 the highest emdmon, need to et:mouse powers. These, with • mess 01 Ith
and multitudes of the poor nth it in every thriety at noway from al/ parts of the eotibtry,_—from
way, and there hth been but one volee—ont unlversal MF.DICAL MEN OF THE FIRST
Dice IayIng—.IIPALL.LITEII, YOUR OINTMENT Ministers of the Gospel, fee., together with copious. noil
IS GOOD 111 tem from the
RHEUMATISM—It removes almost immediately , JOURNALS OE THE DAY,
the inflammation
retelling, when the pain ceases. we have embodied in pamphlet form, sad may be had
(Read the directions around tie box..)
It r A D-ACILB—no wilve has eared persons of the any of our athnts throughout the Cowan.
C." of
hessehee be of twelve years standieg, and who had 11 have boon used in this city.
re• •r every week so that toms took place. EAR , THOUSANDS AND LENS OF THOUSAND'S
Asst I , TOOTH-ACHE, and AGUE IN TILE FACE, throughout the United States and Canada, and we ohs
ars bathed with lite success. lenge may awn to paint out •
tiCALD HEAD —We have eared cases that thwally SINGLE INSTANCE
Mak thievery thole known as well as the ability of fil. a which, when taken
if to directions, end be
aten o twenty &them. One man told us he hod spent font the longs had beCOSete filthily disargaolled, 6 has
gas en ho children withou any benefit, when • few ever !aile d EFFECT
00Taa of Otolsocal easel them. EFFECT X - PERFECT CURE.
nothing better for the care of Why, then, need the allimed hesitate? Why ~,,on to
Tow, the misetable ocaanlaels, gotten op by ant owls least&
RV RNS—It to one of the ban things tn th e world for •als • and
nam some co thirsted phy•
Burns. umna, and puffed Into notori etyby certificates C. po-
PILE.--Tboosattils are yearly cured by this Oj os tom tonally unknown? Mast • medicine of
ment. It earth
to Menne Yillef for the Piles. UNPARALLELED EFFICACY
Wr Around the Lox are
for vents lit Al. I. to be had, who. vouchers are at horne t —ear Night
/tort'. Chnorual las Scroluta, Oro Cow-plans, tr.
I bon
l ef whom it hth
Los, Taw, Cthhistn, Scald Hail. Sore Eye, Gthnep, I SNATCHED FROM THE GRAVE
Sem Tames. Ennektass. Nossms Affections, Puma Do. In order tbat Bus invaluable medicine may be placod
e‘e y ea r ,h e Spa* Head ache, estknea,Deafestri. Ear thee, setthin the reach of the poor as moll the rick, w• Lan
Surnt, Corm, all ihjeOlal of tar Simi Ben Laps. Polo pat the once at
pia. do , Swelling of Bis iisishs, Semi Br
Pths, cad F., Croup, Swelled we Broken Brew, Tisyk lust one half the nosed cost of cough thetheincs. 1100 1
eat, ategve g.. gi• Fate, do. dre. t ter ode by our agents to nearly every , town aud vane
cow., FEer...L,., c o mplaint, pain in the Criert , ever the west, who arc prg i gared to give full informs.
and Sale, falling off of the
or the other seem** , I don relative to 6 . SALTLR, Proprtetor
mos cold feet (Teo Ointment is the true remedy.) , It : Broaslway,Clnetrwati Gino 1 ,
sways • sure sign of disease to
cold feet rhfl. S. P. ToWitinKNIA3BARSAPABILLA-- 7 eSO
ClltiS—Oceashastal vise of the tholoseat will a). v do ,. ,D, ~,,,,,,.„ ~,,,,,,„ ~ , ,L , ,
swys keep corns from crowns. People need never , se , e , e . t , ~,,d fo, ..y,
be troubled unit sum If thery use it freeneutly. Sr Wood st. only Agent for Pittsburgh.
This Lhotmem a
. roo for mrf P.. of the bed,' DT toy D M CURRY, Agent for Allegheny city
or buns when talented In thole ethes 6 should be 11YDELOPAT1110 ER
v. 1
ithphed often. r sturrsarmon, v.v. co, ri,
CA CTION—No Ointment w il l he genuine unless the DR. EDWARD
t o
hi. takes liii• meths of re-'
nate< of JA NI
abe t MeALLIsTER o einem. with • pea turning bts than]. to his fnends and the bite
on every label for the encrust patronage he itas reaelaral, sod orb,- .
For tole I , y m 1 Ac...." ~. P"^c.P." . 0 .. 0 ' foromns them Na t he bat Imely erected • large and
tu we Cinted States.„ 01l rounnicted buildig, for the exclusive our
Sole ihoPnethr of the •,... st
re e t, location, at
Ps- on the Ohio river , e
1)5 , Pnnetion Oaten No do North Third street, Phil. , th , ~,,,,,,., hdthi at 4,...., , ~,,, IX;
adelplaa. to receive patients as boardrs. and &eat them on fly
_,, dropathte pnneiples In additum to his long elperi.
-. 'i
Aitawsl•trrssastn—Brann k Rene, corner of
I.thery cod St Clai m ..*, and L. Wtleoz, Jr, corner of
alathei st and the Diamond, also corner of 110 and
ecuithheld Jlt Cassel, corner of Walnut and Penn
sts, sth ward, and said at the bookstoie In Smithfield
st, door trine Second .04 in Allegheny city by If P
A c hwerth and I cement; by 1 Synth, Druggist, Bar.
month... D L esley, East Lawny; If Rowland, Mc-
K l eesport; A texander a Sim, Monongahela CON N
Dorvisiat, and T Resets, Drowes•illei lash
Iwitley. Deaver. Pe; are wholesale agents.
PSBURG,. PA.,raptlodms,trrle:uowuhTah.lld.ropatby has made
nem anr as ' iontshthig curative effeets '' or ei
chrome and anent diseases, when employed oboe the
method of the celebrated Ptiesnita have removal (reel
the mind of en intelngent and &scenting public every
paittele of oath as to its efficacy, end gained it sto
vers& favor. Considering the unsatisfactory results
Cl remedies heretofore used in the treatment of ebtonie
leonthlatnts, too, whieb mothawng ev
ery freed it must be natant' wish to see the success
of a metal by which so many unforrunatd soirees.
will be feted from their psi d ) thiamine.
The tObscnner havutg practiced sueeewfttlly thia
method tor eight years at. hts Hydropethie ertablthh.
mem. whieti has been conmderably enlarged and im
proved in all its porta, and In every respect, is neer
ready a receive and aemtmotodate patients who may
chwase to place themselves under has caw, skill and
' Thi r lrpaMcg, situated upon the left bank of the Ohio,
opposite the mouth of as Bqr Deaver, Is well known
for B re(eshlng and salubrious annewilhere, Its de.
nightie! Waif lOC•• and °harming natural wenery. the every MOWS. to render the serourn of the ill
rand agreeable, and contnbaneta not a little to re-es.
thblish nommen! health and abysmal strength.
The establiahment, the first started in the United
i4ates, contains every dung, both for pleasure and
comfort, calculated no Inthre • speedy and happy ter.
ourtsuan of the min:tenth of the Ittent.
Persons Isotonic to avail themselves of the advanuc
se. here offered, will please address the sub.nter
by letter, ipo-paid,) among as near as posslble the
nature o f their complainu, In order to decide and ad
vt. no thew fitness and curate-1M by Me BydrOnmhie
treament, and also what will be necessary fee them to
take along, for thew especial and pethonal use.
EDWARD ACKER, M. D. ropnetur.
Philipsburg, Beaver P comity, Pa
R xxxxx mcm.—Rov . d. Armstrenr, Y. D.
Carl, ISq. do; lien. 'Thomas Henry, Beaver Pat Dr.
Barker, dm Prof CO Ptlthbutilt, LC.
Perkins, Coil 01,10; Rev. A. 11. Seeed, New Alb.,
Rev. M Al en, Prthceton, T L. Stamm, E.q.,
New York, LA. CO. Winter, Philipsburg; Wm. Me.
Cannel Slat Putsburgli, A. Indwell, Esq., do.
me IcAt
• • • --
quirk pulse, hacking cough, general weakness,
re Hies. sleep. ••riable appetite, Irregular trowels,
pains between the shoulder blades behind
lusuntka Nrairrous or Couviarnon.—Coughing
night and day, gabby muscle., general debility, great
shortous of breath on going op slates, ascending a
hill, or walking but • Inds fast, pulse Meru. above
one hundred, for weeks together, drenching cold
urea. towards morning.
Catarrhal Consumption emus on like • common
catarrh or cold, hot about the period when that dm
ease uually is expected to satanic, acme oldie
at oymp
toms arc aggraved. The eough Is more Haab',
*wee, especially when lying down. There is no fixed
pain In the chest, hot difficult breathing, which as
worst on lying down. The neonate.. of the expos
toranon, which is copious, is changed from a thick
pallow mere. to • thinner substance. It is very utt- I
leasant to the patient, and emits 11.11 unpleasant smell
hen burned It. of an uniform appeainnee, anCs
protrubly • mixture of pus and morn., as on mignigth
rip water part sinks and pert mime. This disease
may _cear tn any Patin or at an mti, arid is char.-
tensed by the peculiarity of the c y
The Relearn of Liverwort effects the care of this in
sidious diseaae by expectoration the and heals the
affected lung. It never W is. Wherever this medi
cine has beets used, we hear of Its soiree.. For thir
, teen years it has been before the public, and hag been
thoroughly tested for all complenns of the Longs, and
peeved itself supenor merit M any thing in use.
W• might give hundreds tat testsmontals from phyai
elan', the pre clergy, and those who have been cu
red bat all se ss, c
deore is to call the attention of the at
doled, and for thou own goad they will try it.
Look nut (or counterfeits' Always obscene the sig
ileMre, •"Lra. Taylor, hi D.," on the engraved label,
and rrepa i rcd at the Wholesale Depot, 73 Beaker=
steet, New York.
Sold In PitHirurgh by J D Moor. 93 Wood Hi I
Townsend, 43 Markel st; Bagger, eor Market and
3d sH; Henderson h Co, 3 Liberty at erica reduced
o 111,50 per bottle. mart
hA ORGAN'S WORM KILLER Is the best Vermtfuge
LT/. that any 121.1e111 rice or um tu his Dimly.
WarOlNo7oll'Tp., Westmoreland co. P.
Mr John D Moritatt: is is 10 certify that I here
been selling your Tettritfuge for some time, say about
one year--and in that time I have never known II in
to fail in tingeing worms away. when die symptoms
indtemed their tiremera had onnnxkin P i m ii i n
two grown up members or my (Unity; I viva each of
them one dose. and one of them pused mid the oth
er over ISO win in•. It 11 the best Vertinfuge that any
man ran use in his family. J. W.
erepateil and sold by INC. D. :DORGAN. Druggist,
one door below Diamond alley, on Wood st. ios
Sutphur. %Vitae Pmeipitate, Cyummt Potash, mot re
reined and (or tale by tad E SELLER,
Eat. Hart i`reetp. lodide
Nitrate Silver. thl Copaiba,
Jam. Poynter, Citric Acrd,
Chlovide Soda, Chlorie Fibre,
Extra. Rhetany, Extract quassia.
Joel reed and for tale by R E SELLERS,
PSI 57 Wood .1
iJ DA.—lt decomposer the virus or peecant prinei
pie of tut contagious dieeoes. It removes the danger
ous effluvia of look rooms, the By . Its eleutein,g one,.
gy It mimeos siren, and intomept. all communicable
titeems, sarbethor In moo or animals, he. Just reed
Lod for .ale by lull RII SELLERS, 57 Wood et
A T the sign of the Plane mtd Saw, 78 Wood &treat
CI. • complete usonment of C.:lei/ Coopem
Tools, toccata by en yl6 HUDER LAEMILAN
/VA edition, containing all the matter ' verbatim
et Ittereum, of Vols. and It alba London e dition, em
bellished with a portrait of the author-9 Vola. in one.
Peen, complete, Stir A loge supply of We above re.
oeured and for sale by JOHN l MELLOR,
motor , di 'rood at
ki Brom, No I Cnototato and Cocoa; also, Sebago
sweet spseed Chocolate, pat nse'd and for sale at the
Paton Tea Store, N. Dearth at. rare
WRpulverisedlTD SUGAltd—Losentties lass, creased law
Soros. Dist reel and for sele by Lae
bbl or at retail, at the Pokin Tat More. 70 roan!. M.
Plunborgh: D AL CURRY, Allegheny City; A. PATTERSON, Big
L LUNGS.—The impreeedented insccess which has
trended the en of the
all the various fem. which Irritation of the lungs us
tomes, hos lodaced proprisior split 10 cull suen.
Phe changable woodier sable, marks our fall and
miner months., ts always a fruitful source of
If neglected, um hot the prseurvars of that thil
e ;le and M nice t great success whh has heretofore at
tended his imminent of patients committed ta bin mire,
he has now the addalonal facilities afforded by an ex
tensive buttons erected expressly for the perpo., con
taining toren:odious and airy moon, and fitted up with
every necessary apparatus for bathing, and &mi
tering the treatment to the inmost benefit and oomfon
of the panent. Phillipsborgh is a most delighuirl andl
healthy voltege, easy of water soesonboins, and &f
-iords fine and wholesome Dr. Acker assures
those al:aimed persons who may place themselves
der his care, that every anettion shall be paid to their
eorn(orn and as an ....ranee of the substarnial benefits
to be derived, he units with confidence to the boa
died. who have bran permanently wired at Ms est..
totesent. The Water Care I on Mimi.. ..seta
behind, as to too often the cue with thou who have
been treated on the old system. It removes the dis
mue, invigorates the system, pone., from the dangers
incident to changes or the weather, creama • natural
and active appe ute, and imparts vigor to the digestive I
powers. Terms of treatment and boarding reasonable.
For further pertieulan inquire at the establishing., et
address the proprietor at Phillipsbergh.
DR. Jab NE'e AatOLAII v
We have been informed by Mr. Rose of a owe per
formed uher by Iln Jayne's 14terattwes witch
proves as ...starkly es. ..try other remedy of the
kind. She has loco alllicted for the last Oilcan years
with NECROSES or WHITE SW ELLlNOSittustded
wnh alcermlons and =foliation of various bones, do-,
nog which time many pice* have been dia.:mired from
the /nodal bone of the e . ramans, from both ber sans,,
artate end heals, and from both legs, and from the lei ,
femora! bone, and from the right keen, besides Ptiond
ulcers on other puns of het pore., winch have baffled
the skill of • 'somber of the merle..ent physicians.,
our eiti —daring moat of the time her suSerniga hove
been estimating and deplombln Abut three months
since she was indoeed to try Dr./sync', Alterative,
which b. had an .thaislithgly happy elect spot b.
by removing all pain and swellings, and mutates th;
to heal, white t aka same time her general health
has compleMly motored, oo that she now wetglis
sit les more than she did before she commenced the tie',
I of thm truly •eltrable prepatroa--(tiat. Eve. Posh
For farther informentin,iunint of H.. Hose. No. ITS
Filbert to, Philadelphia.
For sale in Pinstiongh, el the PEKIN TEA STORE,.
TS Foarth at. tear Woo& )1. 5
lest received of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, the
most extraordinary medicine'n die world: This Eo*
u act is pat up te quart betties. It is six times cheaper,
pleasanter, and warranted seperior to any sold. It
earns dimsne without visanting, nerving, actual or 1
debilitating the patient.
Loos oar nu Dararrosa — HOPint.rini persons h.w.
coined oar labels, and put ap medicine to the setae
shaped book. Sea that each horde has the mimic sig
nature ot , S. P. Townsend.
65t I Villa, Drualsit, 57 Wood novel, between
Thad and Fourth, os Dr. ow - nutter only wholesale
and mull agent for Pittabargto, of whom the genum
arucle can to had.
D, Al. Curry has been appointed the sole agent for
Allegheny city, of whom the genuine article can be
had. ap4
B. A. lasaanuaL A. II Ilea, 2 , 4. Lur
IL L. FAzunnocz,}Pinabingh.
0. W. FAamma
belwala Drag Altos. I. Ow City ad
How York.
1 , 1113 wader and enuondeely engaged tbe
W holesale business al N 0.49 John *mem, In
Ore any of Nam 1 oskand are Karam , ' m mPPIY
Lirealdsta and cintatl9 ilembants vllh Lunge, Paints,
• ids, L 7 .slat, Famign aml Aramaean Perfumery,
risn•-or, Assn, II Manure Chemiesis, (of drain eon
raroMathotl eat' ail attar alleles in shear lino of bud
••mse. d a =pada t.zaality u law as they .an be pun.
Muni In WI or any eastern shit.
Neer York, Peblll IL A. FANNIN:77OM( t 4.
Dr. Wicket.. Celebrated
Ipubho are requested to mad the folletng cer
.l ve
ufieares This medicine is extenarmly used m
all the Southern and I.:einem eine:
Wo do certify that Pc. Loots Wand. of York, Pa.,
took under his care and mithenmest, ou or about the
g e e of °non, int, yang man laboring usder
vere attack of -Sainte Cholera.'" That we exam
ined the said patient, and found horn to he iu the col
lapsed state, of thasdimatterwoh Smitten and coptous
rice eraser discharges. That we pronouneed te a ease
o r genuine Choi..., and declared moreover that we
behaved the said patient was beyond the hops" armed
mal aid. In fart we thought the patient would ate,
and se declared al the time.
We further certify that the end Louis %Vishay pm
sued his own mode of treatment, and administered hts
Cholera Remedy, and effected a cute of the pellent.
We :1114k ra (OW days Wooster the and young man
was an work, sod perfectly welL
does C Donn, M. IL
T. /1. Docxerr,M.
1 eerufy that I 'toned a case of modified Cholera un
der the C.! of Dr. Lout. Wieltey, and that I behave
ht. umbel. relsevcd Wm.
. .
Seale of Maryland. Wuhtngton Coonty, to wit
1 certify that I eel welt nennainMd 'nth the gentle
men who have elved the within certificates of Sty.
Louts %Vaeltey,•nd they are men of tespeo . obilil•
le re.urnouy whereof I hereunto entrsenbc thy
L.. enure, end all. the seal of my offiee, tel. four-
ie..niti .
toyember,..ylhteen tn....-...... and
thirty-threo. 0 N. WILLIA3IS, Clerk
Washington County Cony, Maryland.
I witnessed the admhunration of Dr. Lords Wick-
eV. T repan:ion for Cholera, in the ea. of an appren
tice to We plastering bow.. in ads town (Hager.
town.) His was • welt marked ea. of A.m. Cho
lemma with rice water erac.uota, and clanon9 skin,
cold tnigue, small trannalo. palsas.-1 considered Ms
situation truly criticed and alarming. I saw Wm pre
y.. to Dr. Winkey, and was prewar at the minim.-
..ion of the firm dose of medicine, and saw hat re
peatedly oaring the attendance of Dr. Wiekey; he
covereA so as to be able to wend to and want at his
trade in • few days. lam rare he Irak none mbar but
the medicine admintsed by Dr. Wake),
Mats. W. Davy Tit D.
Ths 0 , 4 rear and gentllne Da. Wax.% Cliclera
and Darrhann Medicine is prepared and sold whole
sale and retail, by JOHN D. mcnipAN, Dreggist
jidlidgm ono door liabine Wood st
--- z,.a.
GRATFF. UL for the rely liberal encouragement I
neve received for o n man coed. I have deter
mined to enlarge my gloes , rably. lianas
p competent RIMS., I mill be enabled to
orders promptly, and do the work in our anal
style and at fat: priers, and ask the attention of mer
chants and citizens to my large stack of UPOOLSTSI
- tiOODS and Bed; /delouses and Bedding, Cur.
Mid Platens's, Dantuka and Moron, Commecn, Prim
Sordenings, Tassels, Split and Holler li , inda and
ovary amnia asually kept in an einablishment of the
kind. Orders respectfully solicimd and promptly au
N. o.—Carpets Buda and pst dawn.
LAlifl 7 4o - It7gi o I Lant,
17 8 MX/ILLS & ROE
TVILED APPLES-300 boall utAc lu t4ovit ic b 7
I/ ill
d most fasidatt ' abie Zamora pattoros Lod colon. Also
or made to order of all late, and at ali pls.&
Colour, Iderchatne arid others era mvised to ea sad
examine the above for themselves, a, all will be wild
wholesale or retail, said a liberal dedastiria =BB IV
wholesale parehasers.
„ „ • • •
1 - IrE hereby notify- oar friends and correspondents
TT as home and abroad, that are .111 004 P.n
met rano...ranee, react. freight frinn .47 U.. f . ”
bistr J. Neaten Jones Is alas.
OHN KELLY b. CO., (mem.. to Robb, Mea
d bream W Co., late Horeb = Tailor%) No. 107
CIIIETNUT Street, above TWA, Philadelphia, bog
leave to Inform their friends and patrons that they
have received the latest SPRING AND SUMMER
FASHIONS, with a largo auonotent of Now Pnyla
GOODS; comprising ClotEa, Casslmeren, Vesting., to.
of every duoriptlon—rdl of which are of their °warm.
portation, havum been camfally selected m Paris,
London, wk.
Orr 'Stranger. visiting Philadelphia, are resPeettal,
ly invited to oral C. 111.11110 then CSLCIISiTO stock.
NnieIiESDEEL PASTE—Just mous , irons
I. battles of Hebb. Paste, • superior artififs ? bight)
important to person dm wish w keep their cet dry
It prevents the leather from wackier, Led will take •
parish over It. For rale or the India Bekker Depot,
Nod Wood sweet. inars ] t 11 PIII LLIPt3
1. E sabserlber, wnolesale numnfaeturer of JEW
ELR Y, invites wholesale dealers and pvtllarstrw
dam Swab and Wew—ulso country store simpers te
call and examine his stoet'ot Jewelry, which will be
sold at the lowest prices for muds or approved steep
manes. Constantly on hand and manufaetwing, •
large assortment suitable for city or country trade.
E. 0. A. BAYER,
comer of Fourth and Branch sit, up win,
apltbdam Misdealt&
Paper Hangings.
HA6nNi°.PfechErV, jr!JaVo a r t k,Thi=hit ..c ard
ktalticaorej a large assortment of tae newest and most
unproved styles of PAPER HMI INC/A, Hol e
and made arvanirements by
will be eon.
bled to present all maw Patterns, siroultaneons with
their appearanee in the FAcern market, I would in
vite the attention or those desiring to have their boas.
papered with the latest styles of paper, te call and
examine my stock, before pimhasing elsewhere.
I have now on the way morn the toot, t°,040 pieces
of Gold, Paris Glazed, and common raper Hangings,
which I eon sell at pnees triaging from LSI eta tos9ll.
niehlS HILL. 157 wood sr
Usecos Smotrln
i. —
AVINCi just completed sh e rebeildingoroar woke
Douses, we ere now prepated to receive meta,
and soke a in the most merchantable manner.
The [lmmo. are fi n al ern!) all the modem improve
ment., and arc capable of containing Idud/XI lb.. each.
BIER tr. JONE.II, Canal llama,
MU PAPER-Having tie excluitive ageitisi
fat the sale of the Mill Grove Printing Payer, Itt
LL b. QT. Markle, 1.wpm...4 we ..111-be =lnanity
suppaeLl with all ttie thilerent sixes of stmerterecnalny,
winch we offer at the lowest regular prier.
febb4 eorner Penn and Irwin sts
Dtrokrzsar. woturos. -
- -
'COLFAIAN, HALLAIAN t CU. miuhnue hi manu
facture Small Iron, Spring and Am. Blister Steel,
ough, Fork end Floe Steel, Rivets, Spikes and Wrial
Iron Nuts, all
itif sizes'to
gether with Coach an ELM.
Fat, Taper and coma= Axles.
Having reduced Me price of Wrooght Iron Nuts,
engine ballden and others using the article, will grid
It to their interest m give this new ',math of Pittsburgh
menufactrinis their alumina .1.
Leach trimmings and makable iron on liberal terms.
Warehouse on Water and Fourth its febrA-tf
ZICLIANGZ btrlLDltt,g,
BAS MR 11:191.31. Ball
And is now receiving a fine assortment of
Which be is prepared to make va orde'
And in rile latest P..hion•
- Head Ciumrtere for Boot. sad Shoo.
Barrffsr of Fourth and Smithfield street.,
IIITROTH SCOTThavrag commenced
the general Boot and Same binimets,pit
wholesale and retail, would respectfully
tarns the attention &their friends and the pollis gen
erally, to their splendid new Hoch, consizfing dtcens,
vs . omens', boys', mine.' and children, wear of every
variety. suitable for the seasnn, and at pines In suit
the nines. Is splendid article of house made work,
smelt as gentlemen's fine 11..4, ladies. an d
children, fine work. Please call and ernsdne for
Tr/unwires. TROTH d SCOTT,
corner Ith and Smithfield a.
N.D.—Traveling Trunk., Carpal Ono, ie. to., al
ways oa hand Loa low for tag&
Coono7 march.. .mold had it to Omar iotatoti
pot as a call whet. mai • . Lb° ci ot:hl4
IMPORTERS and Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and
Domestics Hardware, Cutlery, Saddlery, dr.e..,
Wood auto, Pittsburgh, are now fully prepared with
a recently Unported stock of Hardware, Catierystlad
diary, Carpenter.' Tools, fro., to offer very great to.
damsons to Western Merchants, as in addition h ,
the many advantlkjes bad by our, Mew.
sra Logan fr. Kennedy, we have greatly Incensed our
facilittes, and purchase all oar goods tram tiro hand.
on the very hest terms,
Toe Ardor members of the firm devote their whole
attenuon to sales, and feeling coefident of giving sat
isfaction,respectfully soiled a call from all who may
soil market. 1.1123
THE unc*sigtted edam for sane • superior antele
nt brick for building, made by hr. Ekes. Press,
improved machme, for winch be has obtained a patent,
and agrees an give purahasenia rerinenguaramee abet
rimy ase stronger, end aril must neno and wet area.-
et and imbibe less moiMure ...nen. Wan
e ty oth
er brick, posselsing greater body and *ripene tamtnre
and Mu. mare durable an every respect, brick
being subjected to • premium of several teach aud pos
sessing a *sandarac. .month surface and even edges,
they make a front equal m ate Sze best front brick.
They lave men Wagreateet ...Anion to all mho
have purchased. A kiln eon be ore,, at my works, and
speetmen sr the Ouse. once.
Those hiaiug supplied themselves tor their banding%
and wig.; heroism. from beck, at smarms hard
and wird paving brut, can obtain them.
Ittrmingtravi,J.e PI, 1848. I
WooL—The gheM pnee emit pmd Mr ati
TT ditlemat grades of clean wombed sby
myll II L.Ekji4berty st, opposite Silt
CupArtrosß9llll.—l have U. day meociatogi
with me 111 the wholesale Watery, Prodded and
Commiamon Dame., .11r. mita Wilma, ander the him
Pntsburgh, April 31.1, 1949.
SUL7II of Qumine. oxide of Tut, rruale nod, en
ram ol Iron, Carmmate of VolaM, Nitram of
Sorer Calomel, Zodiae of Leary Chloride of gods and
Chlorin Ether, en hand and for male by
177 J. KIDD h CO.
4 Ms 4sarx“ Brie:tiny, 3d sa, wawa. Tea Wiwi.
One ineertiou of Mines, or 1eta,..... ..... SO 60
Two insertions without a1terati0n5,.......... 0 711
Three " " • " .......... 100
Ono Week
.......... 1 60
Two Week. " " ........., 2 60
w " , ...... 4
.. 300
" ... 600
Three " "
.....‘ .... 760
pa. Lon., advertisements to came properties.
One aquare,6 math., without alteration,... 10 D 3
0 ty .14 CI
•• 15 00
Each additional square for 6 month., • 6 a)
12 ~ to
mt ao
Onesquare 6 montha,reniwahle at pleasure. ~,,
/ 3
.. ~ j 2 ~ i,
Each additional agnate for 12 months. ..... .. 10 2: 0 3
Two equates, 6 months, re'vrahle at 'leasers? 3 ° ...,
Each +Miliaria! equare,6 mouths, ... . ...... 6 0.
W. 1.. . 01 1111- II DAILY - ~..
... r
One eitere. 3 Insertions, ..........•• ...... ii
" " each additional inaertion,.......•
II IMIZIAM canal. 00
Five or leas, on` Yaar. ...... "•*". . 6 6
all months,. ............
.... 00
ova year, daily & weedy, Z u ix ,
" " " at: mouths "
abritalinairra ur Wsaaat russ.n• JO
fm It Ines or len One nmenmo •-•••••••`'
Two„ o
Mnie, ••••••••• 00
- llire• i50a5t0,...., 6 of