The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 23, 1849, Image 3

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Pit it..sor. t rass.4og. 22:
The!a!gersent to the Whekl244 itlke eile
%a a:11,011'6d yesterday. TkiiirsisitOr will be
"held . .s eldvisemeat fora few o#s, Wien lodge
Glatt will give his decision. !;.+:,
Then) were
durmx thy La
daring the 21
The city cm
ditto:boat. - -le tante - 1-
qt to iic,p oot pea Ce. The scoille:f thib 000 di a .
ry ou 'moodey night deetroyeo; fan ktealacS. 80
great istheiceli - ',, that the tasit
niece ofilers hat *it rate. of
Whiekey—Smarl sales ere etC4 f
fed stl7lolllo
Per gall. i 1 , ,
Pmetsions—Nothieg dhing 'xi h ruantioaing.
Gmeerles—Sugar is firm et 511 e. Ili° Coffee
et 7i2030. .1, , t
The weather col:dames very,,w,lirin. '.,
• •
NEW YOKE ,ta.6ok,-r.i'
, • ---ir.---- --- - -- - ' N.44FlViiim, A.ilg. 22.
Flour—Wingtra bran lore p, E :, Need, taoagh
firm at previcrus gmas. Mtiall and good OEM
re1gaga155,6•5635,8 r $ 11 t•
ta. ,.
Griliss of 'We rn . Med Corn no gil
a 6 zei:afidar roliiii irellow at , l•
. •••-
On;Winlett - r•;Bsles of Rio Caii4 1
to 61 71. Mar
ket flintioxiM lorivPwardietillil• 1
coMM— . liriieo remain as pedpie gereationo
Proorrietie—Me” PorlcatZil ,19,tbd ofPriate
at $9 per b.-. 1 Thema, mere 4 g to tot Meats,
tv,l roJes of shonidets and Mt at 0:47c per lb.
Sal o hard at. 6570, for good l • polite. Boller
„,, timp, wab sales alcrilio ;4 ,cn,poli to fair at
lir Ott. per IQ . '. l i 2. .
*key—Ea:es of 1 bblo. • to Prima, at 25e
Per 1 : ~ i
racsir ;Jos desso•—Preptil I•y . W. Kelly
Wllthart streer•ltt-Y—srl fer solla y A.O.rneN No
70 Four th salve!. 11thi 0•111 or :Mtn a derlightful aril
.< ahem:ages:l. instates, and pattieslatty tor ark
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tateormats.eod pvlataltte, Wetly kittebottuVtaled pectic
a:arty fortnvelok. Prepared llt tart., Dorehno
ter. Maas, turd tat calla ay 2t.. JAY , ter, 'M tee Petal
Tea Store, Igo, 7U Fourth at • . meal.% ;
. lc;
Fire and Martz. Instariraseerns Pnrs
u. II Novioartorr AND Foot Laitiltattai., Coattaal—
vbartered Itert--eontioaea to invO . areal .. every .1.-
.rtpdo n of property, at Naivetes} Its. tt i
Orates, No. al Market arreet. •., •
namtrEti OIUE M , e..i.
Roamer RN... Seep.
.10 . ' ipy:D.Ditri 1
S. 02.21 ES ;it fiSi B.:La.', :Una i.saer.V. sea, tui unlit. ..b.stliadia.
Day(.allivmsburgh --Par Stale 1I ct Briltschm• 'l
Ear :inner Hulk ParMvateSigip •
.1 ....•
Meech, dr 3lnn. Rank -par Tirglisla.
thvofPhilmtclphin••••Par Egchettlm HAIM V 6.• •!I • .
Istro.ol Bang Par Farlr.o BA nd Va- • '. 4 St,At,GW 94
Rank I. Germantown •etitit. °lke Valtly.- e. Officeßoard a Currency, Aug Kr IMD
•• Chester Catulty• • . parrk. a C.ll* irginli . -- -0 ' d cHAILLES HAV • trey s ec a ..... j ....
- Delaware Co , • •Plr 31.1 mph, wohci..g,i ; JOSEPH WALRE 'Sim, itesta - nrCr
klontgaercrt Co•••pat, do Alargantolon•-•./
NorGiumterlund• •pmr. W.;1131, / rk th-,... e Spirit otthe Domeatfb Varlet..
Colnalbm lir.dgt: Cm. , r. , do •poll. 1.0 • -•••" . •': New 011-At M, Aug 11, 1.49,
Daytestawn lioul P. ..; .....1...rt--- , Flour-The saki hare compnwa some 3300 bids, the
Fennel.' Bk. tteo.i..2e•rd,S. 5 ..05.e. prevallbsg rates thing 85 , 31.5 raevommon bran... , on
Feiner , ' Br !I ~ .. Gmencrißk, or immeree•••• • A Me Iride, Mid 1/441611 for ems; lied cheat, parcel.,
Farmers Kt Lane-m.l , er Far. 0 rch'teßit- ° thoughttotted parcels of choice m o ms St- Louts and
Lneems c r ea De..• • •per•Plaillr : rsk.•.-,, ••• • . in,„... t f...tore have brought 11 , 306.50 P bbl
Lancaster Bk. o." l 7nOtt - • •--.e - • - •-- •," Cotton-The latheang esubracmthe few particulars
B. Sutter Bach --TO I ", It•Otart s , that hare transpired of the weele•hpersmons-e ba,ev
Ittowt•vdle. I. . .... perlState Rhf 31iikhari•--- I . 7e, up; a ini, wh et el, ice• at pig, ~, _ ae ~, ~,i .
wd...s.oxed...k. • --• - I' ' 1T '...1e . C 4 .41-. " . 4 b... 40 . - j Sr al -,
Gettyaburgi, 5..-- • I 'IA, or pet TH 1 riot 10d Is ID
Ch.... crab., .•-• • . 13 teroit fp., bw o el.o,. - Bug
_, light receipts Ond a steady redue•
Snaquelmcna Co. Pk.- 3 'plume tithic•••iii , •••••-•j. non in isnot, prides hate truprovei. urine our lust n•
Lew -- - ' See* :lia elii.ll. o k view, limo WO ',now qh,te Infehor 32/71. Common
.51,ddletown -- • I c...d . ..11:• •ii i • ••• •'t 2/34 it Farr 4143111. Prune 4/55, Cliolce .3-1, and Con
Carlisle ........ ••.- ' ' " :S., "rtlitstrlelfnu•-• • • 'll bed .111te 1p 111 On plantation, vell notice sales of •
idno Bk. 010 'COMcittrsi , C , l Br --• . crop bat Mid.: busty Fur, abodie he my, at Vic,
Farmer.' nd iiroverv• ,th. or .4eorcesi..eso• --• Il am MAIO bias Prime, down the bayou Lufourche, .
Dank, eve n sc.:Ging.. 1 I rikod ihrohnk , •-• •• . 4d. awl pee of Hinhbds, up the coa4l. at 41
liasnaturr • - " I 4 ." hr 8. 4.- - 2 Malthes-Tbe nemmoo qualineqont nue neglected.
110 ~,,, , j, _......- . I /Plant., ~t.klette• s 1 , 1 t• it and range in ode*, tram lb in lee Re-boued is to
ice 3.ton •••• ........ •Cot l Rk. 0rk.0,„ 0 ••.ed......... - •' , . modernte request it ISHIOje; :a ma: uneaten void yea
r...le..- .. .-..... •l I ;Mtarylehd. , terdayHtt 13e- '
byr e , ...... -- •- 1 litaturgy'e. 111.•,..-- •••Par COCUiI-8111.111¢, last weekly ret leer, wizen we no-
York Ile.•• ........ -.. 1 Istaltalayeo RR Scrip •ill nerd a borwidereidy adace iu tbeiprice of Rio. ame
W sst ar - mcb Bk. 1 • , ntathh..hd BIL-Of Alle-; , her fintrovemeritilm t a
booe place, vuld sale* of stout
.'-'•:"' ~. .:0 . - I 1........r_t' - , - .1",3 ,. ."' --11 41Arl begs have been made, neurfnad at He p . lt , ter
m.. NI lek. 0 , ,cua. um o f otoryined•- P good quellity. esol ',she 0061610 a 1•411.11 g rate to• two or
Pc no-Pinsb•ShComitYlO,Phimitt 3f-sc....load' three drys past ham been:re, a port:lona ll it saki, he
' Allegheny, :.5i Belt. &tenet Pmg herd at still liter rues.
Oulo. Ilrotbdit k Go. Lk.- •f , atte4ree mad -- t remains gone blue of fresh best
Sm. ak•ana iiMecehm /1 11 . , gctr4,4.. 13 4 - ---- t se., aiita too eatai .alas malting ate of old and ordr-
Mout, Fletirmt-s.. •• ° 3 silrch*Vß.• --- e------- a nary' al .0331 c Plit.-(Price Current
Pholicumlle--.... ... jraunDs /11,- ; •••• -• •- 1
4 , „... ~.
St. Clturamlle•-• • o !Wealli Ba r :- *, C•xillets, Tm.ple-Wit are inforgMd by p rune ad•
mn s csta, ....• • c.-- 0 1131. op ' tinhOglrr e••• P vice, DD. the Getiluilan people are About county( in
vi,.., Liam,. .....• 0 _ Ohtglial. j or couthittion yank to in wheat and 0011 r. 230 Md. veer,
cr ec i s e n ,j Danl.
Columhns do. . ° ink. orP t. ,1 41..---4.- literefreo offering:o the foe
If aMet.r market than
c„ rc i es ,R e -• . • ... e j illten ; 1n5. , 13a- •• 13 they can obtain id : hornet If the loseconmo doctrine of
7;ar j mviDe .--- 0 nvite,..4,o ch'sh. b Gee Mille was ill,operaliws, m Wit tni the Canastmu
Fettam,---.--... ti i i llrl•C alial l rerrleljt, mrplus tandem ',Would flood on; Msrkets. how much
Vo.F!el• • -• .-
••••-•-• • 71' bter.4Hl cht-Co-Otaterls la would II adv•neci he prior of Atican produce, and
i t , ""
blaast,ss. -- I , jI,P, odes. ~ how mock wonld it benefit Weft Irs of 51ichigmtv
bandu,.3., •••• • . • 77:111 501i0t13.401 ii iDetroirAdv .
eed,: ••• • .. • • •• • 1 !Ca:drib lEoglked Notes ,
ierw,.l3 • ... - .. • , ••- i• '..r....-, 1.4 1 11/ 0 Lea. Tor
J. id, Rro RIMER.- From the officers of
s..::d •,, •--- -• • - 1 7001403 Hpelite Values the weinter J. T Dowell. ottich Wt.: Shreveport on the
Xer.,a• •-•• • - t tc :vdn par' s •-•.••••-r SO 4th insti we learnt:. the river wen falling
D 0cjec ...........,.... . e 1.1.V.Tr. '•• • • 41.50 1 5 0 mat plike, end ono stood su lischitoehea, 'The great
Western Ilejt:wcl .1 - vd - ::' , .....4 .11 • .3 , ,..- la (10 deurrottlarr to prePeny Mang the St } , 13.1 teen or•cl•
Frant.m D'i. Guinm: .as . Feel*, '• w -jl. • la 00 stoned tiy the late 0 , C71113 , .. On the Doodle. and on
Gl.,:i.c. , scs -,------ 0 , thiltliftlititt.Spillttah. flit the plithumens tutlevece Strecepork and ce p,
Lake Um-- •--- •• ° :Do. Perkit••-•-•«••• 15 SO We ceelstry wad froM.l.oar to Or ;4cel deep, and the
..... cj ... . ....... ,. , ...,,,,to a .......... 4 ,33 meek hid been needy altdrovined. - .; At Gerold b>ore
I..s.ncesme -•- .........11, iDamet9 f•• • • OD- 500 intortenurloss sou named by the caking la of the front
i,,,,-.... ..- . j 3 'Ten
Al stem, Which tarried away, among de•veral large etre
,,,,,,,,,jc....... o• . --.SS 'Ten •st . , , ,ilrin t :3. ... 7Ho houvesilLl.l De ' Ressey's gin-Lo us e add 11.11 acre of
F arnirclll Canton -.ln ,ten e; aders -,... . 3Hi groundin the vicinity. Aleasedrminill continue* dry.
Urbana -,.. 33 'Lemr , "Ads. - i.... asp 'betm Protected t op lavee; bat tWArnter is within a
gi c, . j jpehmnsge.. , few lea. of Mateo The levee ISt broken in three
Ilk cf Kcntue 3 y I ,tiew j , ~,71‘ • • •-i---• 4 men Pine. , below Attandrin We are niforroed that the
Ili ~ ,1 ' Loin sat 1 ie• •-•- • " Iltitil ae„,,.•,..._.,„ Red Eerier has Dsns two feet brekr da,,., jhi s , j ,,,
Noo,cer, Ild hc , .... I. r • v"Balutli tvt • ••••es• .; pea man Drilla memorable overflow of 0.14.-IN 0 Pica
Hem venelr.-.7., Rinks. nye , 'icelo,•lrs•- et Y.., Ur 1 . ,,
Edinburgh Re•lew.-11Iderf.lut 13 a)i. Macula- . laime, kr.. ill Beim Enr Lerma advert,. went in
Inv!! '''i ' ' another: column ovl 'I whorm our raider* of a new en.
EDINBURG f I 111:31 . 1C11 FOR d 0. 4 -. 1.4.9.- , tr i m . rzi L , Abott .., ; . l . ,l7 . t t izzt c s n k , e ry n ii., , y , e:c . oon o panj ., f , rg- ,
La.:Avila. t,g
Tramponallan holt now . ia. ~0 t lod ili it:ltem:um Tanning se a repelt pseket between
shskspento% Cuter Itrna.b an , ore , du : the Falb of St. Anthony mid the Fa •of Pt. Croix . It
De 'Tocqtrevillt's Reign of Loded V. J: , j hov been mid Inct kinsitwippi ts ocst mt.-feeble stove
*senate Etrurl n Prec Tra.le.!: , ij : j 1 I.olll , lollling. That qsestlon veal be seated by Capt.
t•oopetti Ignatocum. 11 , IL t , Obrynatim soon ad he em get ht• te,ht to these amen
.1r P. ' ilwer Lytton: Ring Ankty. , i She is:so be • tirkstantlal light dvainght concept that
IP' , dale's Sardinia.. Austria .a.: lungery : Can ru,any place 01000 li is a Mlle demo'
acanley'd 111 story of Englandi I, I e : Thuproject, whin carried oat w:Dprove of immense
5.1 per yeat-Sior,:c No, for ssd4 ;This oi ly publish- eonvetuence to ttedpeopls along thelwo rivers. and we
coi l and for sale by 'AXES' LlgrOGK VHOD, . bare oti!doubt wili s 'ike well nanained. All success to
A 1 0 :wow at It, say We-ibliont•sots Reg.
Agent (or Reprint; of We Qiihrldie les ,tad Bna- ..,
•0e.0.s Terms, m pes re., wat4l,:i eip ,etee tit- L ooo tird.••S-17 - Tboi... Welt , P.eeros.• .• ee
gents, . lig 1 nuglb eolintalde for r1te1441144•141:
- 4 - e 7 001. WANTED-a:sum 'bats... Wanted. for I .We 'wee heei4 a blisst”ipet ejiptain my that L.,,
SS . odoen 110 highest each phi-nivel!! e paid by I boot would ran Or where that 4 wee damp, tot en
A Tlllibld.V.U3l thi-ruisiti7iiiitiiiisti- l 'Y ' "4 11 1 IL , i" " 1"" ' .. `4"9 'r
' ge.x i•-tnx. free, a .e. !.I.,Wi Pi:m. Single l ' ..v .
,r r • 6 ,1 . 2 q . 1. ..• ' h . 8.J. , ...f.'
Bath . 23 cents, or n fart dollar, 21,1 dies idenmement , N., - . ) co i , - ; , - .. - . ; ,,..An -; , 4 0. ..F.;-;
°Poe rio.LO , mIIA.I. '" ""i,i t . e ."' P i 2 S' a , Brasher 44 We coaster fat Detector , we olc
The Itereshros. ... 10 ...•.9',"." q• 0. II In •WV. , serve the followitten the blortheentlamo of Kentucky
unenclance. Recherche Ice Crelnit 1
, , ~,•
~, 1 I es:, .11.., altered fume Pa by the' mung operation,
.•‘.Fi _ _T . K 6 4, l i_ _•o -, ••".Poe".• , vienetto• (mash: tail tOad ORM ite• Hold them up to
PROS. II O,SMS 110411. Roda, , j the Veit. I's &heard to 104 by thtstlng operating . ,
PPENNSTRIDir, between %%ees ! , ands' Hand . his ~ T OO public Ire e‘gdeued to be on tr gaud agouss,
resumed Ms profcmsonol Mt. riving Mame. , them .P.tbst. isess!..--031- Louie Thipnblimin, Aug 14.
tion• din the Piano, Goma, raid ini . Oell tine. • i r , _ 1 • -“
, ..-- -
-: . • - - - •-.1.- - --!
_. • _
eagritdtf • , Duirkfalteur ott rna Llnst . Is ode or them ft con,
- --. - - - : mon. as,-sell es the most formidable dote. .• known
' mAriooAs.w. . Ito Aloneness phyttennun It has no co. , faded m
HEr AWES k GRAFI:SWIM plhked bait: fm. thiir , attract the r forest tothatl. front the Fueutty to an cud thesablic ab i like : that they have keunege of the Mika: Null, hoseeDr, tlthanontin en ,
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all other .nod ofuelty kept by 1141.1.4 whigh thby ' life burdensome 'by this doses., lee Otspriends tel
oder etthe following or:nen. loVe pares, kis , I• 1 D'Lltufk Liver filla feel conlldenttlhat they o ff er to
372,41 n IS of Crook Ileueers , the dt,,t to 21 cm. ye r.ll , the enlisted • stractly which time, lugs meted, and has
113611. " Boards sad Flank 1,,511 fi4gigsess, weft : hence gibed of msodess when • fate, hos It en gi.
seasenea.• ' !IF L ,• • , hence
it.:;.1.1.11 and perches., a bog Lb the Drue Store a
61,J,u0ra " Shaded Wood Veadtrk freka Ito 21 rte ' th ik , „,m the s : ' J KIDD kCO
'per fisoo ''lil 1 I
3 . 3 g. A of the ~,,,,, ntP ,,, Olih d , .' n !! .. Z . ' l ' T . ' ' fir b reatterani or Pittsburgh., vino had fatten Into
offeret ia rtes mar.. ,t.
~,,, . i 'an op-keen. slick these:heat Foul,* Br anted h. ..
%wad s os e meso k Veneer. 5T. , ..., ,. ... , ! ele to Mverfy thette wan unable to hdmin from cry
tSpte ft White Hedy, 0(011 tnik nen. L ' ; ins ont'leith tho pain. A friend whis Ind been nun
We feel co.:tutu from oar lori? [perigee.. the ad . 11. A. galthanuaca k Co.' ItobeStrieint and omen 'En ed
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0(0.111tra we Ilene n. oupeutii Old stnetity, that ee• of litiselthumem, gtthe khimwoe, emethinee In the 1, 0 ,4, ,
.11•11 aiway. be mudded to her Mil bon& 'a stock, of 1 and e ith on k, hi e
. 11, e , eebb
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the most caperior ',sultry and 6111'135:m0 wood, let Comfd„,,ethir •11.1. med to hearth in „lovelve hones sod
,W ,nertm priers,) ii td to . the notk of • freed num pun This .bat Doe ofte greet number of
the M.Ol , fnuOtoo•• bat may Lo tFrt .. 1 16 (.00!!!!.. I eme• whieh fl s !come nodes the-observation of the
wren their puittemee. ,,,,,'/ ile t : proprtalnnt Prepared tad mtdd by"(
All orlem prnmpdy fined and FAMSTY:Tack.d. t 'i ' ; BA FA HNItSTOCK d. Co,
, • HAWFAi&lgiuAirAr i g• 1 : uarseflm sod Wood, also, comereSth and Wood els
17G & 179 Ceatte no two doors opp. of Canal et e..e. ; - it ig, 1
au:16440 y . ) , Ni M r. YCir ‘' , ..,_. , 111.34 -AS 00i Is the seam. 11f the year when
YOUNG LA DIMS It4fl LN4Dolf, , • wrung ire , most , fir e ideble among Doldren,the proton.
Vllllll AUTUMN Sa - l A"R SlO ' N ''' o ' fflit Insillutino elfin ',
p'll"etiet.''sollircitlen: SlSeTatt rag e e ntit " o I.lo l. 7.7:trtne ' ' ' .. 1 1 1 .: 4 0, '" ,:
IL rommene 0 e the fins Momlit in t4eatemberi-- expe-urg o . fe e theth annoying sad
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from the bridge. 'i 6 , ,!,.. : eenendgce In Vltgime, tota after fang be for mJerel
Pans or Purr ovidth sr. ..item. ilmerste : ' years its his oure • Srec .. nee sad anAng its secn.., to
I.:eynth Dessert.. tn.... ' etlingr,, Or:he/gym ' urneurskt he husk. tu tee ued at lant to ofer a , re dm
ph , hod D e _y,th oe, 5.,.,,,i„,,.. i the , Ail ri th „,th m , s ue t°. pith. efe • cheat/bat cern and eareellent med..
"e• ' DIELth ..epadaton ipt Ccniebtrn, (10- Cad stlfl inthelmes Is Ufs D. 41 steno SI
S 'ski' Yr 1-Ithtory. A rithmento erstlF, Itichgr bronebis " n 1 7 ," A .l. •'' :e. /RIM)* eve
of ItinMenamica,-,Naarai eitilm 03g, Chemistry, Am : : NOT/C.E. •
n'au.'7' Mommy, gl•fsgoleg7, Fingl•llnieliectoel I • ~.
nod ]i nset Smear, and ell othelAtancbea.regmaiteto , A - 17 IlillE&S, fittho P• nu f .gurul 4 Sr the 03 Y 0( Pots'
e ‘SossO I FuSISh 1. 4 , 1nnn.01+ -1.4 d -.1 AZ 0 0 . Vl' burgh, llcredeal Tabor, by in, deed, bearme
Cl.sicol Deparostenbluelndial De L 24 and Greek date thet3th darns! July, A. D, 1[45, end recorded In
1-Au g u. i r. e gug '' • • •I lyi - 0 0 Cl. the Roe* rder's Lace cif Alleghen country, in deed
Ffenen, r jr.,. . sit. oa , book VAL el& dsge,t4oo, assign. fit trunk/red to me
4-'''''''' '
• - - ' 16 r .. Sig 03 all Ms estate reel Sod person. In Mom for his eredi.
•xl!..rnr. re .....,,,,,,, !!..),Imk are iecored for ,a,.: Non& .:4re.-by ori , .. to a P gr.... ' b u''
such as deure insunotion di Fteini6l6f and Oeruan, sini to ne'd can. to *aka payment tot. andeentened, eh;
e t. ut Dmentur. ibunung and Algid'. ; : those having ebbs against or, to present them for net
It ,s demennie that pers ease, ',at the icommenne- fitment., MEM.f&DIN GL.YP E- "'","‘",
..., Of a scsuon, ye' h ey me irk - deed it ally UOllO, instal , , Piniliznrdi
msd ere charged nt the anon hat' from the omeiof ~' o , ;.,, ..-... ss ~:,,,,..1” .
entrance. NO Uhfactlcra era magi for Kb. via. ;i Asgmnt s• mks.. • • . -- m -7 -- -
cent te canes ot penreeted Illnedi,s • t . ITllEiastly celeliested burning Dad can now I. hod
Further inform.. faity tun oi6O•cd , end applies- ' I m d's E usgs n u- ..- 1 0-- Na. - rh"
lions made by.r..1“11. upon the !ISE/001,kt M s geo m. , o mee ad W oo d ~,,i hies et. ••, 2
00 Federal si”et..d at Ms I.:KIK iii In "Irkrin's Rosa," . For algiortable Mese Itubt it bee OM preference 1 ,, ,1 .11
Liberty street. l'lth , :nrgh.lortseifil bd and Mt musts; of the 'eastern cities. ItAILP I rMu: S . ' . .. ",, 0 , 70
or by e msee th ins, Itrongh the Flpgboreltkost OMGC, ' void utiimeke, grOmm 0 9at , ~..g"'...".. m
ore Principal. • ~ Ttj INV. 1111TCALF, endanidtto helm how Its costume Des also, • been.
Aileen/m.l' , A u g 7. ". fli e dtE, I al ementiment of latest •f the Intc•Cpancras for berm
- Prf' -'l‘6u ' ir.°'' ‘ P. 41
~,S- S egiiiiiitTyr .us Um gime. , ky3.dgeno ..,. V. I. DAVID_
THE FALL SFS:SION of thi•M,ihot vs4commerice :1 T171163A11D CUD:DNS.
on 1110NDdl SEP Y. 3d, 1111kjek kn o „ „ abb. ,.
1,,,, Sow. LmertY fan sus' eat,. Tht&S and Fourth : tfp. 67, corner of Markel anl,Ftfth teed, Plum
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Dumas & Semple, 2T'
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C.u4yildbßClAl, RECORD.
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rulfy, a., F
;1•Mli njla. VISTIKAR.
orat grrra4- - aou orrre,
Thursday Mo me rning, ./ufgnst 21, G IMO
.The Martets yeilenlay, in every ;.e peel, quiet,
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FLOVEt —ln tastier/trance of the rise inthe deer, and
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by ayief,l and fortrigr figure. were barely maenad.
We heard of none etTrring from East hands, and the
sales Mina store gate small at 14,8844.75 p
• OROCIEHIES—IWith moderate tianssetiont,‘ve may
eoutunii one quetaihnu of N 0. B,naz al• range, sr
cordingio qualttY;front Stalk pN. 0 Moira.,
from :y'to Ile 4 8 .011; Rio Coffee gom 7/ to le, Lysi
Sugar (rum 8 to 14, and lime at sg ,
HAWN—Continues seam, and ?riees firm m),
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shouldgia 31, erultrides at 80 p lb. , Supptiet are
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Manley Matteis.
Nate Oeutenet Aug wt 11, 1 , 10
Aliseeter ILTI STAT”.—cont•a; r.S. M0.. 5
The fot r loveler eihiblte the Coinedeftof the Meted d ides
bled, Itedas cnyi Ilene the eeeetneereweet of It,
Teenage inun 31.15. ist to .14. hod, I —lto
Gold r iet and Id ydenett• •• • ..... • • . to
Sever, ; do de :Z.- WO it,
Six months' tow
ults. CO/11111M - • .....
I :7o•Millent pepollol • •-
• et .346,7
Oald Dollars to .616 3U• • • • • ;.•• •• • • 83.6.5,W
6.14 Dollars, .6/6313 , to July r'• •
5-1 - tt• ritu
Coltfordo, Gold dU to Jane au- • •
Jo do do .11ly 21 • -Urt.r.t:d
N.w 0w..q...n, July Y , t 6.19
.1 MOW - m=B of de 8t(n1.3.
"Zaah Usbibum 4'esects CsreuFn
sractall eArmu.
Bank or Loulsia3g- •• • .4,11:',9:" 1 033.0.0 1,471.107
Canal ((ant 2.243,110 Alla:All 1.93,043
City Bail 1,453,53: 11,4:3.241 02.001
Lads:alit* Sutie flint • I .91 . 6.50 I g..D.57,197 303.163
5.1•011'4, , and Trader,' • • 4,045471 3e-14951 Ult.:ors
thitoo Dant4• • 71,300 :
.05-6ECIE 0,1040.
Cilizeni.! Bank • • • ..... 2i,621 333.370 I I 402
Cbazotidated Bank 118.347 :34413 110....0:
- Totait z.. .1113.1:41,.5en eht.14.,2,1
SPecili—The veleta.menet of Specie in all the
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SR= 1,1,41(6. La...1111,m.y
Excluaura of,CapaaL
Hank ae ••• • • • .4,177 6I 9,214,44 41
Canal k Manama Company Y 243,169 111 6, 4 6, 4)4
C.ty 849 • 1.850.4532 90 3.312,4n5 ..03
Louianina Slam Oink ••• • • • 1,473,500 w 3,166712
Unchaales t P Trade r s' B'k • .2, 46 4.,311,7Y:
Union Dan
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Cameral Bank ofloui.iana • 7,104440 ea? 302,1,5
CousoU4ated Aara.l4llol4, • 1,m1,6.ta 41 1.437,162
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Loaitl.f.e.Lane. Bennett, Broomevtile,
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Golumlona, Daytime. Gin.
Ludlow,-,PVConneNetne, Muskingum
Louie MeLnne, Secensedk.
R Wiehtenan. Dlckeesioat.
Revetne, Stone, Srow n,v i n
Genera, Wilk.u4.;
Reveille, Stone, Alcove,
— 5:l
13 Jo
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Tin amt.—Theta were 2isvt 4 Ipellt• t he
channel, by metal 4artr, last eve.og at ,10 , ,
and of a stand.
Louis McLane, Bo:ieum. 6P. M.
McKeesport, IL W 4 1,411E1,1°.
Peyote :
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D. Leech Sc cal, packet Ime P M
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I . A1 . 70 u; 5: ,5 51 D 1-1,3 11. • ,ukt ., recd 71 A e u t 4
June 90. 1,19
5M1,111.30 -
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SO . , `D 17rit
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.R 3111.1.115,4 —lOO t 3 , 11 'or •Itt.
by 111,1 I BRAUN A it ETTER
CI New... \ lON 1/1.6. Ytoth. Ittottet a tot cutt.t.m..
until we IS. ot etato.t,
Iltrrne.c, Me(
EL. Cll M 11 ,
An•tonay and Plivuoiqgv-10,E1.11 ROBY M 11
Teen', and Practice M MrdlCLlle—W
Eft. M. I)
Midnnlery and Die.ans of 11 and Ch:arrn-
Lecturer on ruMnlor,lund Ilmoonormor of Anon,
my—r.W. W ur
Lutroctoma or Ctoo 1.1
eif mficome a.ll otocal our,.
ry every OuV at me Hotta:note Infirmary. nom. te
filedrear Cor.leen 'rho. counts Orr praeuent
oil; fit rfi-nr.l mmo ler. lalliCT charge ed the
/lemons..., Fens Mr, Ulf enor.n 9w
tunable mood may Laoldruneol at toe Med.ea. t °e
lev. tor 5tr.51.1 to taer week
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At lin, or I'w o. .0.0.
IL ',Amu Foo , y LA.. ter. dzercle.
Lead, rut tft ant,.
la Campo..., S., 14
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recut Tu. uiru. 7. 1'
N Fl —or.lers recruseb
kusglvirs for Rale.
fly}: PAIR
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buronu. n applientton t. 4. made •tuuu u. abdUt If. =tab. For uuni
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is mill. all. , tvWdnllau , Fen , Iju , l alIII'Ir•
v, Wairb..., poclll, and, \\".,•
sei, at me very lowed{ pn,u,
Gold and Salver Engltin ram,, Wat.,..,..
G,...d *JASON', 1.. 61 to vend g,.1 Le, OIC W • WI..
i..0,d and Si:v, liarrijtanto I aud 4,, ~ ve h.- ..
- -
Gold aril SOW' ind<oend-al ,tOOO.l, ior
om, h0r0,.. •
Gold GeonG and 'fro 1 . 4./ts 14, j
Gold ao4 Silvrr Prno - 4,. rot.
Ladlor' lood
Gold Loo.ou Go;dosod Savor 'llumble..
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Imunund mi,ll'saa
I.4s.dles' and Gemlrts 0•' Littastp.i ,ilvcr I,otsuriq. ( . 14.14, For k .
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fiold Wateh,. ni LI, sin t
Sprous and For.m piikd ua+•• 5.,..1,
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ammoney rerlarne. sryaurd. a r It. •
c:rn...41 and .-p and .d Inc 1,01 nm.,cr. a.
than nvu, •
Importcr Prweltv. w••• retail. of Wah rt, nip .tale, NEW 11.1 a.
entlerstr met hulls erected MO." Ili city of
Neer York, for the purpose of letleattlatne all are
et, t' Iron, whist. it tretentrabis Flit rot
sad ao 'IN-oropt. , pef. Naha
Wire for Fencer. amtmit). °toot eLp,, , le a I.:e et h t; Ire
required. For Moot , . Mr Cooks, as, •11,11,11.-ter o io re
linpei ler Clothes Luce., Liehattue dia•tr. she e etre. of
oCher apply:Aeons arlil Ife (good ene., 0.1r1.1.,e
El., would parer siarlk cell rierfaten to tie Ifs:sane
lard Wes for hate a; /I:try:lire , CO rest atel riot
rust A , uo to Spit,. reel flails. the pre.. •Ifttne te ,
attire a. of la SMlth ant)ortanct. that at eih. coaamet,
II•Vil 10 the notice of nikerture inteeertoil
(4;0 Mc iIIEWOOD Poo-rate,
riot 1.-.l.ert v'T ond 10 ILaver V•.o.
Vac. for LI. Public.
lo relation to inur.entroollorl,
/Ph-el-1510NY co f r0 ..,...ta: 1'1,n..,..
1 he following.culdrta_rd to in ; ,;r M, r
rywontio,r, Crumnnti
l'u4ttn,n, 1.-14
Fir A arni..• ott,pc.f, lac u, rp , • any
Paul ratraenor orly,•erl In quark
-1•1!11 sur their ot,ect •••.sonr
roouv•-s—Out 'Wm pit,n good 'tom vv. ol
Penn I.:1i sot un.Ve•rd no lendrr yoa La. r,rt u•
gate I i:avo usrd sniny f.essily. p.c. sr,. and
yo. ieiy rn
s;1 Usr. happy sip)sip)orololerfal odect. it and
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Jircrio• IS Inc *<.::lior partner of ilrodho h 1.,,,,
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PaalVaaraor.. Va . April VI. I'4o
To Wary Daley. Chem.., Slaving 'or
ator.). ..eon lone arlacfed win violent inslantnt•tory
Ithen.nattvat trOprared an arm , : wit,. a. t..
dely orasnary apoismee.. so allay It
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attendaao 1.0 try yntsr •
Al te Vast,
Extrattor, anti .s Isar tosferleJ. nlono-t o• I/ by ma
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your ].areal 31aateal Vat.. lift es theno.t va.
corer, or she pre ao“s age n.r stnnar.l.ate oltrars•no
pain. I..aatuto.l anntod.nte and ~.r•
lee i care for at.. sad ..reaals, and all external In.
sequartitnniter lamed r. 5 their Viallo
al my huntrand's hotel plare. I here eitttPrrtiert
toy 111.1 r Vb.../11( Melittbriit le st NlSsibly
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fl Puterum the hope that Alm par.oqtb ,
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or Glow family wiai.ti a 1 - 1,./f Ve.l
and in a very 'boy; una ' lit ifia,r, ciar•
Hr Sot, iltottin
Brea.; Eruption,. i•ottilii Cut, a i
flatnuiailoo, trailtly •
tit lola urtrivall,l Ito., in lb. ,
portiou r it 1,/
you will be uturc.l Gy "etc diilr ciloeit of w.
counterfrit entre.
C ACTION —l3O .Pre root apply ooly to the
11. Ltrorolway, Neor Y . orlr. •or in lo•
rimmed ogentr: .101 IN IJ Nil/W.A.',
General Dypot.
Henry I' Sehuvort..;:APeellerly. ograt, J
Wheensig, VA, James Jolitoontr. tr•vll/c,
Merryweother, corolonal, n,
N —lre therover.* Ilarn• owl •oal,:r ortrol.
the porn in a row 0r... lul l
1)0Y WANTED at 4rr K. lo carry &MI 1 , 1111 pa.
kI .A CK IT /I elt4t . ablo ing MI non.
A gut, owl ItientOtog 2.1. work us te required
eu ot , t Work, oodles:tittug snol. 'teen e not,
and botter•
A go.ol ...Luau is nine, *finked to •ern • Woo.. tu
•unbliett honself to huotneo4 where tte eon
torn or Conte hand/. ttt KIER At /OINKS;
totnerittera, nee Tomtit., for Sher ottentat.ult
Tilt MI K 1,12.
, 7 LE W I: , E
Solute Solt Work, .141 y, 1 , .
WEITILWir . Dll IN STltEi.s.
LAFAYETTE A . e , gltileY R(n)M+—'l:ro promo.
mud of the Lafrryeldo dlarrnortrl) would re•
rutectfuliy announce roan droblte that 1, hu. e nea Red
that nopolut trend 4ninpleat Merreindr. knots nr
the Wr.STERN 11..1(.8, fore fry. "v., %rim
of.lbetr beat Song, d'rto.
Mans, mad Marrewia
/la hae /an enrga "
teitthe ton, erl•lrrared daorera
tba Mo."'" M iLLIA.MS, only •.z and
W h o far aurpana auy •ddiate a Who ay.. rye a I nn a
rcrfOrmanne 1. common, ? . on Ilya
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DO.r. f • CiO , ll--perinnnunc•••• to rom-
PmertCe ladn. hittraneerno Fa. and Wend etreet.
roton far sole or ttrea:a' Ile .salturn and Ili, .1001—•
P 6 .3 taint s. -19.5" _ J. T (RAMA./
SMAP — Ia boa broittt Crotheorrre sown, tr. rrar
do do; 40 yelloWfio do, to nose ond tor e
TVIL TUX rrrr.ruaoli IMti,l urzsrrx
A few day, ago, we wished to taken trip to
idieuironville, a. the river was so low that nu
hoer were runtime, we were rompel!ed La go on
Is. , e,e hark. Crosnorg the Moriongzheiant lons'
Werry, we in•elled along the Steubenvi.le turn
p .e, whieh. winding ninong the hill, of Alleghe
ny. Washirg nr, nod Beaver Counties, nth:red., a
eGI as nue views a, are any where to
h• into with.
Thr country along this road is well feted for an
t; •ulturnl purposes, sod it. advantages in this re
sp-ct have beau sedulously improved by the La
vin, In e ..
ll I'! , then eat farm houses are
It lie seen either frame,er Nth of brick or stone,
Whir to o very few tootance• the old litg houses,
ne• former pa!sen ernes hardy ptoneers, and eel
t,. or the olden tone - yet remain, to link the
present Wril the pot. .
For n long time Sarah namfeated no signs of •
malignant temper, and the distrust created by her
tine attempt gradually died away. One Friday af
ternoon, Mr. Morrison came to Pittsburgh to attend
the amt.!, and when he returned Come be found
the body of his wife, nearly consumed. stretched
me on toe fire, while his idiot doughty was danc
ing around the room. Immediately alter this
chocking event, the poor mad woman was taken
to rail, {Mere being no lunatic asylum in ?MS
be rg
she corer after remained ta a state of
aeroubil.ty, and never showed any 'narks of a bad
diapostoon. She w a atom, hearty woman
when teat put or the ns
cell, whence she never de
parted alive, but the bowl air, nod bad vet:mint:ton
of the rail, killed her slowly but surely. Indeed,
we wonder how any human being can live for any
length of erne in the rail, and we never saw a
prisoner confined in it, who, no matter how heal
thy he was when ne entered it, did not Wool the
hue of death when lie came out.
A reform in the ventilation of the tad is notch
needed, and unless it is attended to, it any take
outua disease breaks out. it will carry off the
Steubenville contains a larve number of beano- I prisoner' by
d 5-. a 0-... Ant eart.% ed at Florence, a
neat unit Ott., t.g IoWII al..ut twenty four aides
ft m Ptt. , ntirett. Frankfert et.truntv are near Flue
on,. but as We have ~ nenn de,erthed theta he
lot,. and 4i they are No well kno ru 1n our ote
r.ene. hundred , it:whom, viacted them thta sum.
:ne•, we all may noth.n.e about them al pre , ent
The ra lt emhtnenend In (all in torrents, aver we
ILL.! len nee. and dreams d, and completely
111,1M:it, we urn ved tat Part, IL thrtving vala4c a
n Wa..h C a uaty.
..ta tor I ah of Aptal. !tart, i'..s town Wilet, W:111
hut', n't at 0101,7 hoary, c_rtapietely burned
.1,.,nn hut I,a,t emee, we were zlad to mad, her,
,i n
:1, and ranch Improved. After
lettente Pitt, we roan nn aed In Steubenvil:e,
OWII, the hreeeht duline.s of wbw h. ee tt mete
btrougle attlh 11,11333 i btte , hne„ and humne, Ike
npitenritore. Its uerttheute ere, as 14 the case
nux ou 4v I„ok•ng tot that much to be
and qulr n In , lnufadurlng town,
there • x or 'even !ixotorlen lartitell turn out
ail ittoda oi clot h. end woolen I:thrten in general
wtthin it• ht. - modem,. Many of our river men
hoe hen, and nwn neveral of the teumLoat. much
ply but wren and the port. helot,
We potd a vnot to the piper moil ot Mew..
To, tnontn, Hann:l.& Son, 01 Sicultenvirte. and es
ntoat 1.1 uttr readers have never hod au opportout-
oi Keeleg one, we w:II give a Ivy" ilarfienlarn
resecv:ingn, Paper "...V.I.
T. 1.1 l'act,ry ftvt. d•nthir ILm Iglder s. 40
d :oog. Tag mg-
nroprile.l by tyro .Iyoni engine., one tia
anl ~11, 5 ,nder,....0 oilier .eel .rake,
rnrh erinrirr. There are ei d hi rag eng..nes—
four `-'IU pound• of rag. in the e13.1 . 111r, and
fhe other tour 1:0 pound, Too limo . ) , ado,' con.
tam, one , 1 , 2 arch Fdudrol.ur rnaclnue, and olp
ch tur.lnd,r nod huh, parer C.t,
h n uder•—•tur net hoard nlazerr—rag vutlcra--4trnae
nod ;our, S'e, kr.
Tt.e dad, con,umplion of rays small,. lo Imen
'y five ha ndrtd iwond•, and d
new, and bo )I; prainne, and other
k , nd , ..1 rap-, 101 l 000 in 4.ll.u:tura any Laid irota
tr.:, llwr,pang pnrer
lt:l4en n,e cap, prey turn out one hundred
ream. a dav when eovaced nn pr ng paper,
trnn thrrtv livr r, t.pav ream', d'aurpr. p,,i,u r p, per
dry. an I iroal ate honLired at:rl twenty live to oue
hundred and I y ream. 1.4 urn pp/ n¢ paper. Tru
1.• Ineludoag veal
dower. tad w.r.r..ner, and v., were gin . / to nud•
pa, them a.l wed: ly Three hundred
r,al arts rott.n uwJ e, r) his, and the
ant lisra: • I ,ilnual •a!r. .r.. 111 —zry to ,v-
r. Orln 01 lbo l'•00,1V
•• •• • I •••• ',I —ll,av if yes
{ . .-h„ .1, s• a cr." es
r.; .1.1 0111 r. , ,,,• ft,,no't upon b.n3
I' 1, u.t L• . I•r, • n Inn requt•ne amount
n.d sne,llJ ue late- v,ott.tan. ale
Noble. ..• ye
I. rd4y 1 . 0.0 01 10 jai by tte AilegLe
-1-1,41.,n, n I..:urt,lnce la the ptice,s, and
nrder.y coLdta
v,4,j ; , P ugu•t —Th•re
r. n•ti litrevhd tin ~h erob eshg but one death.
at. let new russets in the borough proper yesterday,
'en the country so the outskirts of the town tenon,
heetnning to !suffer.
There were o re death., mild a eontstdernble
11,11 ,, er of new Cane, La the tam...ate vicinity
• I'd i t stain veaterday.
• L.h.e lh r AU. he pt, laml
e.l tvla le 111.• Ile-h Ix, bring ocwn
....I Lay., a deep ',at 01l aron:nd hi. bead
• ....r of T St 7 operalhon wao
• i.vr armed hy Kc.rh of :irmthGeld
Wu att , !.nia vattterday, the atlidny tof Mr
tbr.trt, MAgr.tut, AA Fteraort, in watch ha al
'calge.l that but tlaughter Kitrat,th, ‘,l about leo
n: age had be,a ttl,',en away from Itina Ly
Ev.4n, nod ,:eorge Haney, and tam M.rga•
rvt , other of Mra. Evan, and grand.
nv,gher of I , te pi,Jl:l, , and Margaret and E'l7aherb
11,1Latu, kvr daLguners, won,. privy in lire crane,
anal I I In iurtheronve
M. II to 11.1.1 M E: VIII. Inv , not baton et
teowt. totoott, they vannot be found, no 0 it
know it when. tI oht'd the w her, tar
Inc red w•Rtcrdav afternoon three u.tiool:, when
Ihr• Nl.tvor wrnt . Ito en ,ove,t,gallon of the case
1,, I .t.uwit.
Mrs. MsCake worn —I 311 • A , M.. "...tapas , . .ot
doh' stolen Itwav Irons Vreeport on Frodsy :art
Nnne how present were there. I
first heard the elnld rereatnlng. and then her er.e•
nere hushed sr though le, month had heen
pod sa I ran townoals ,v, ntl and saw t i 'Jorge
Ilahry :Ifni Mr, I] /11/1% draug.ns the a 611 J to
wools the buggy. When the child saw sae,
she nailed lo me to 1,1111, 13,1 take her tows r.
1 ler mmo IVO I! 1,1 .ndp ' They kneed her .nto
, Ft • drov , ~t 1 I naot. nesr.l Mt,
noby I,le nat would like tdget hsr Fr. I
dan.;!ner r, as to. fi I her t. sett
Runes Swerti-1 raw elohl Sun
d ty List at Mr, Coettells's house and tar said thst
wit. Mstersw • laugh, r. I dhl speak In
hrr. nor wit, illy who:LI 'Lc V/Fla
Jaut,t) Sworn—lle.orti Raney gay that n lA
-4y wl,f , 1,1 , 1 eg,red, per h:nt ptal,
le rr.oßi, tp e humor..., provided ear
ry et-ILI oil'. I . conyrryati..ll with biro
vie :i lu fire lam. atoll Ile arlautic,i :text Le dr,ive
rue dtiwn fle ...n3J that he leielln rerepr.
but LlkAt 0.• emp .yer would ~ee hen Ihrauge, e•
she had Wrier id rn
Georet• W alra Mrs. i'.otnollg
and ;41- w y
.ung i ea now present. anule io
tnv houae Frerptr( ponan lime ago. A • .000
a• I heard they were there, I ran to ray hoc.e and
told them that I Jed n rt want Mein ic csoon to
disturb the imago of my homey. They send tat
they did not come there for that purview, but that
they armed to take nay daughter down to Pitts
burgh with thwn. I snot that iney .Mudd ant do
xu. Thai odor hetlire when, they had dean no, 1
had great dithetoty in you mg her bark, but that I
would madmen myself, one athese days. and take
her to wee them. 1..11 that libel not Nx ant them
to gel her to breed her up 04 n Catholic. They be
came 'Erg much excited, and tn:d that as I be.
longed to no church, a Wart LO matter to me wheth
er she became a Cdtallal, or act..
Alto hearing the abase evaleaee, the Mayor
diadatated the ease, os regarded Mary and Eltra-
13 1 11111!IIE1
ynr,rr.o.g. r
.r ...LI, .1 y r,,rr. !turn
r iro:1 li • 13,1 , 11,g of I.• cn
ull to the bone.
.f 00010,,,
bath lingbann, tilrneted ant CannaHy on give
bad ine her appearance in the nom of ono hun
dred dollats, womb she did, and moo dieclarged.
Kohn for ?Mini it Se!don for Defendants.
D.lll IN Tat Courier lath --Sarah Monition,
a poor lunatic, who has been in jail ever since the
4th of September, 1517, yesterday morning, died to
her cell.t ,r readers will doubtless on-olleet that
this wretched creature was tried for burning her
step mother to death, but escaped punishment ow
tog to her insanity. The old lady and her husband.
together with his idiot daughter, lived tit Fayette
rownship.and once when Mr. Morrison was absent
the unfortunate woman was seized by Sarah, and
dragged to a neighboring nvulet, where she en
deavored to drown her,' but was prevented by
some perwas who luckily happened to be pasutag
by she S•note and Houle J Reprosamorer of
Ow Comm.:mm.4/ra o( Pen.ylronos tr.. Genera/ -Isom
6lann. That the Consitiattort n( this Commonwealth'
Le. mended in the, con4l section of the fifth arttele, se
ttrui 44 snail read a . lolloors. The /mires of the Su
piton, Court. iMihr 44evcral Coons of Common Pleas,
tom 4.1m01i other Courts of RecoN as ars or shall he
establ”thed by law, thou 1,4. elected by the qualified
elea.,. of the Goomminwealtla in the mariner lolioss4
I g. to Toe .1041ges of the Supreme Coast, by the
440.116 rd etertors of the Commonwealth at Is rge The
Pien4deot Jade, of the several Courts of Common
Plea. and ul miett other Cor , • a Record as are or
Mad oe ratablished hi tau s and all other Judges re
qalrrd to be ...toed 1.4 tho lass 1.(4 the qualtfied elector.
n( the meoerit•e titer which ,bey me lo pre.
min or net a• lodges. Aud the Aioactate Joi/ge• of
the Courts at Cogan. Pleas Ur the gaol/fled clemors
oitheeumittes resisect.vely The J.', of the Ps
14rtie Lauri Mail bold it..,, offices lot the to at fir
leen loare. If toe, •too I lung behave tarrnaelyes
well, i•utimet tu toe allotment hereinafter ptorided
lutto the lir•i eleellow, The President
Judos, a. tor several Poona of 1 , 4111,0011 Plea., and of
mob utter rout,. al Record as are or shall he eatolo
.rard by t trad all other lodges remored fire he
ecalfed in Ira laar shall hold theft olltees (or the to
Ira years. ti thee than of loud behove theralolved
The Arse
e ILeiKes o( the Courts of Common Pie,
orml 1/40, 11II,C11f , tr 111,1,1111 o( bee year., tr they
ran: so nor behave Indurate, wra MI of whom
shaft be doom darned by Jr raerrnor. hot foe any
ente re r which shall hot he suMetent emends
of ..upederat.l. Me looernor &bra remove ray of
then. un the n dare of turmtlorda of each branch of
the ledov.nth re The hrrt c rellnn rase niece at
Ira erne., ( 1 01,01 i of th• Cornmtedraa next rater
e mkration of tht• snrandnent. and the r e 0113111110•1011 1 1
hi ah the fudres tura may he then 4. natee shall eintra
on the first Mender et DerefOod rurar the
term* me 11001 1 104,01 All4/1 commence The Per.
ed. •ra'l then be elected Jude, of toe Sonrame Coon
sod: hold their othces follows: um of them for three
len, 01, 10)i )711.1, 011 G 11.0 110, f, 14,
i‘vPl;• yemirs and one for Uteett year•, the re ref
erah f.. he rte.-tiled liff lot far the teed franca, as won
•ner the dec.. as eraralllent. and the rerult eftlfl
et) tnem io the Greetnor. that the contra...ono may
be tamed In secordttoce the The fudge whose
.evil fad exhort shall he floral Indira dm
rui• Mr term. and thereaner each fudge 101110, COM
100•5111 !Omit first export ratall in turn be the Clue( Jam
I.d. an 4 two or more etematramorra shall ruiner on
the .nine day, the fudge.. holding them shill ...kettle by
1.4 which theft be the Churl lei., Any •rarrael,
happedng by death. rerigiratron. or cradle., fr. ray
ol 'ffe said roods. rhall be tilled by •opoiroment by
toe Guyer... to cont., tut the belt %land, of De-
•der edit, the best P
general et.c.n. The
Jra•e• or ou. efrora nee COLOI and the r...dents of the
ee scrn Coon. of Common Ines. shell. at stated:l wee,
receive for timet rer•ler• act adequate compernasmon,
to lee L red ley ,11, whom shalt not he droutistied do
, then comminutes.. pe retie, Om they stall receive
peo feet or venom., ni office. nor hotel any otter Mike
t• omen, osier lAi. Coen moo wealth. en under the pr
e rl.olrlo nr the United :states. or any other State of sets
I moo rho Jude, of Me :summer Coon Menne their
,th,thator. nthre wok. this Cothroon eml othrr Judge. donne Om matt:l.l2m,
+6.1../ fr•itle with. the.Jl•lfl. or C.olltity (or
for were r.opecith'ely elected
spesther of the Rouse of Rearrthenththrea
Speaker of the Sertath
I. Nlarch 1.1,10
Taut zlo. regnlaatum ;mu —Yeas 41.\a1 rP
farraer`trus Je Jestrast
- iAMI. W Pk:ARSON, Clerk
Oar retail pnee. vary for Oo !Park Teas frt m
SC , eta. .o 11.30 per lb . NEM( l'oubK Souchoug.
Congo sn. and analtsh Ilrealfur Su, Young flys.,
Guar...metier and Impcnat. from 35 ct, w sl3r3 per lb.
Pan.! , aes •re reques4d 150110 and get' suruples ul
Sa. to r•at's ! of our Tea., and to them before purebruont.
u3,ls3kerti AI J A 1"5:1?.3. Ors Fourth .veer
IN vu /I..vacur Ilantr..a•r Atm:. Apnl 2, 1,49
Loe Thu an. , —Yeas SI, Nays 29
Eatracz rain the Journal
I•ep •We w the Commonwealth
I do eerolt toti til.ove and .oregeonn is • trot
and co, re, rot, co inn .fielnal firsoluonn
to•tosts ,• Resolution relsner
0( Ow CO••••1•111 ~,,, .• the .am, remains
mut,' wr , Lereof I ItsTe
u.•,l:muard h.. attied the (.1
• • °Mee at Itarri•bere, ele
er rvo ol Joh, Domini. one Onec•nod Ono
butolFr d and lorty•iont .
.'ry of 14c Commonweal.
JaralNA.l. or .
lteeolutrun No. I.e. erealled Retolutran relate re mo
•air ntendment oi the Cementation.. .11. teed a toad
•i.tire On dm attestant. owl the Senate agree lo dee
e,r,“11(111' The Ye n and \ ay. were alren name,
Itte Conetituttern. end weer as loßove,
• twe- Boer. rote. Br. Cralrb, Cunning
l'oreph, Berea, John r. r,
n. Lawrence, Levis,
Mown,. Alatittrw., 1 . 1,111. Stem. lbeharda, Sadler,
•ettot.e V, Saver), Smart, Salyer, Sterrett and Stine—
-Ns”-Nears Drum. Frick, Irea Bing, 8o-
n, Patent, and Inirsie. ,peoke,--a
the question was O, termtned in the affirmative."
- Joe ens,. rue iloi •• or Her... Thrives
••Shal I Ihn resolution pa.: The yeu and nays were
•thltra aareeab, to the provislon of the tenth article
Con , itatton. and •ra as follow. at,'
- -
-1 ea.—Molars. iodron 1 114 L David) Brio. Cr. ,
..1111,Ole. Prier H Bloom, Darnl M. Bole. Thomas K.
, oroto Core John 11 Diehl. hialheniel A. Elliott.
• loorph kohary. Day,' fl EMlernan, I.:sioa,
..Joh.l Fnueole. Pegely, Joseph W Firher,
• henry 1I- Throw.% Grove. Robert Dampen,
si.eoree y. 'I horns, J. Herring. Joaeph
ot lions, Jurroll k Hower, Ruben Kars,
ll•rrisort 1... ~l, I.ainherion, Jame.
Jan .w Jenne. Joroh ArCertney, John F
Doe , WK.., John 1,1 Lonehlith Adorn
'Martin. Frmer, hiara, John C 111 rr.. Edward Ntell
••,o,-,,,,,anart Pearce, Joili•• Porter, Henry C Pram,
• Amor° itulih. Gooree Boole, Theodore Riman,
"Dos nand > Sehootiorer. Namur! Amber, John Shorn,
Crooomn Snivel,' Thomas i' Bird, Jeremiah B.
•O•itut.he JuoJ Nlusu,ar. Mar , halltiwentorelder.tra..
fnerart, OrorJo . 1"I hare. Nicholas 11111111
•• runa:. •olon. ehamunl Wroneh, Alonzo Wilcox
• Inoiel irrleve. Wvlittin P Pecker. iiironter--nlo
\ vs- SI Aneu•lir K Corny., David H Court.
linen] Kn.,,.. Dem) 4 Job. P. 0..,
' /oho Correr„Thortme thileopio. John D Gordon,
• no, Dry,. Jnior• J K re, Joerpn I.auloach, 110-
,I r. John :a hCoalmorii, Joao Nl'Kee.
"hp. ,I) , rey, Jo•tan Nl.llor. T hlornson,
-Johl A I Mo. %, Kmerts. John IV kn.,-
-berry. John Ito,hrrord. Ilona, eniih. John
In) Jahn Som.. ,sorer Wane" anal David F
"Wilnll/11, um yua•uoll Wa4 denermmed w tbe affmnsure.
SerscrAmr, Orla St,
Ilurrsaurg, Juno
doe• r t:•••• the abov , and I d,
qtrue moo g orreet ropy o voe Vella" and
• ' token on the ••ItY , .• g PO
art amendment of the o•ormstat op • - tos POMO
oa tro t .1.1arg,a,.• or the two Ilogo • • god the Gem,
rod q.-contggy or ti r. 11111 l o r ate ...son of
I,l'. •
me,* thy 66.4 and the •, • 1 nt • oat, the 61
111 dny el Jeer, thth tet.e•ethl •1111 hundred and
eel) 11•,% . 41.1- •• lIAINKe.
lu it, A !MAAM W e, .4: C0rp11100..1111.11.
Nrn VW end 25 ,, i'L4 ILL Srimar. chrwren.
FlOl.ll IQ .4 Evemg Slip,) NEW YOKE,
Ihve LLLI Lund L. 1.11,.1 anaorment of
C L 0 T II I N
I.t „.Cie 0( ■H I ICTS and DRAW WKS, we
keep ite. end mgts vanoty.
Alto the mnst e111.11•17e manufacturer. of
Oil Clothing and Covered Buts
In the world.
Of all
.mioque. tam.l. sem by roml Order. promptly
N0e.2.7?- ~,d 23. reurt et N V
tlompendoon of Exeleeteettnal Hr..
ory. 1.• Dr /oho L ltotteloortal Couneel
tar and Orcl.nary ol C -,,, tet
own ...our. ecll tor
. retraced and wended. Truro
ate/ Irmo the Geortnit. Sltrittel 4/article.. I. L. 4/
A ...tory ot tree tames of An/erten. Row the
do. over y ••1 the 1 . 0,11 ,11160 - the COP...anon rrov
r ttoneat under tit. Faderal CousOlenton, Ly Reenard
Just rtreored and for an, by
,27 corner Market and Ttard sts
dia CO,
TNFORAI their friend. and the public Om they has.
1 no longer any connecpon with their laze estalata
wont In Penn szt”et, tuna rt las the Pittsburgh Brewer_
honing removel their tours loudness to the 1.1./IN
BREWERY in 1 . . r aimed et
1 1/ , , ..1t % , 1 . 11.1t
,171.0ir Viv . er na be e n nr•
terns, trlvc7 meidc o. o . i " at ' ll ' a o rVe . tato ”d Sat
ranted; Alilttary Gouda, a lull ass..atinteni Patent riolar
Lard Lamps, now .n JJJJJ use, and giving Bit
best and cheapest hobo Tonle Cutlery, Tea (N are,
C.ocamuniou Ware, Spectoclrs, Gold l'eas, he.
augl3 corne• Market and Fourth au
stit.t.tat, Fristada w areuctuars. r...souren
'MILLER & fIICKUPSON, Wholevalo Grocer, and
Importers of Brandies, Witter. and ricotta's, Nos.
172 had 174. earner of I.ItKrIV and Irertn streets, Pills
.purgh. Pa Iron, Nutt, Cotton Yarns. On &e, con
stantly on hand
GOOD crriewsi are honorably assured that
We follow/ma are
monots •3. boriba of
Joana's Coral 'lair Rea-t If ryeybdruht acct
word, Mc, outwit Mean highly respectahle most,
who have tried iri—
Afr. Geo. kleetet, 41 Elm sr, New York.
Mrs. Matilda Reeves. Myrtle my, Brooklyn.
Mt. Wm. Tompkins. King sr, New York.
Mr. Thor. Jaakentt, Motion. lighted. near Pinstnrigh
a E. CoLut,lato barber etearnboat 6 America.
And more than a hundred other, state. though this
oritri suffice, the it mill Corea tagi bur Or grow on the
heed nr tee, stop It falling on. strengthen the Mout,
removing soar( and dandruff from the mots. making
light, red, or gray hur ovume a fine dark look, and
keeping dry, harsh or wiry hair moiri, son, clean and
beautiful a 11411.5., very long ume.
ttold by the Agent, WM. JACKSON, bn Liberty or,
Pittsburgh Pride 371, 50 cents, and one dollar.
Err Tea Wats or • nu Rarru.e ts not more repul
sive than a bad, putrid breath. or dart, yellow drseee
eil teeth. l(per.ini Imre these It It their own reolt—
thity cut.
two *lulling, buy an arbele that rill
mate their breath pure and evreet as the Spey Air •
It cure• Mortises of the Gums, %ming y or n'earated,
am! for the Teeth it is unequalled, removing we tartar,
fastening the teeth in the clams and clean them as
saline as the same v./Melons-en Nona
Such, reader are the properties of Jones's Amber
Tooth Paste, and. without praising it aumelves. hear
what one of our most reapectable end seseattfic Iko
ns.. R of New lora. says
- I have both utied and onalued nits beautiful and att
est:labia arbele, (June. , Amber Tooth PAsle.> and
can recommend it no possessina all the qualities Mann
ad for it" Reader, are coo gay no mote to convince.
only that tf you try this once you mill be well pleased.
It is put up in beautiful English China Pt is. (or JS
cents. Sold by the Agent, l\' V. JACX .10N, "9 I ibm•
ty street. Pittsburgh. ourtl:da.w'r
- - • • . .•
They are not aware how frlghtfudy interioue at ss
to the skin! bow course, how rough, how sal
low, yellow, and unhealthy the skin op.
pears after ustng prepared chalk' Ila•
sides at 1.1 C4llllllAillr u
large quaeuty of Lead'
We have prepared a beautiful vegetable article,
whieh we call ./ONET SPANISH LILY 01111 IV
It is perfectly innocent, being purified 0(011 deletert
tu. nualitten, .1110 ampere. to the .km a natural, heal
hy. alabaster, clear, being while; at the snow tune
*cunt as a cosmetic on the skin, makettg it sorb and
smooth Sold by the AVIS. WM leittflSON, Lib
arty at. Pittabur:h. Price PS emus. aeg7,Stess-T
[Er Kaernons 000 SAL\ 1.11516A11.-11INI . ISIS 1.1.
tau Cheeueol :soap rause+ a tree perspiratton. and
the same urea a:althea, wailer., and wham,e the skin,
giving it the texture and beauty of al lam LICA
STTAVT, SALT RUTTY A. ;lases, are soon not only
healed, but-curod by ST use. as at least seven Physi
cians tn New York know. who use It in such eases,
sad hod tt unfalling—as also rat
. . . .
Plasmas. lltzrcuas, Fazoma. or eny other skin do
ease lite reader Ls sured Mat this is no useless
purled nostrum, as one trial will prove l could enu
merate at least `SU person. carte
Sons lino. Son Lsaauen Sox. onto.—Boy it.
and no it, and the reader to snot neared I would
not cruelly moll it for the above only. I knew it to be
all I mare Then who are noble to
Cuartn, Csaearo, . en•rto Fiat, wtll find rho
core Any one afflicted with any thr shays. or sire-
Oar diseases, will and Al. all and even more laden...-
Lie in an properties) than I state.
But, reader. the "Or
. are flooded with imitation,
and be sure you ash for JONES'S Itsilian Chemical
Soap. Sold by IVNI. JACKSON, 'Ahem street,
Pittsburgh. .tare dkwt
OICOROJIG 2111.111011,
No. 46 Market street,
HA VINCI purehnred an extensi•e and carefully se.
levied 'noels Of Spring and Summer Good, the
sunset...r reammtfully informs his (studs and the
public. that hn is now preparing to meesee wn eye.
mite their ord•rr, with ifirpatch. mad in the ue alert,
mort aulistannol. end fashlonable manner As he
determined to-do business en the carh arses,, he dm.
tem himself that hr sill Le Mile to Jo wort or eln op
as It can he done ni any morainal:mem in the moms-)
His mock vaned. roux:ming of Cassamerta Lf road
cloth, Vesting's. he.. which his Mends are respemfdl.
ly invited to aXamlue for therimelses
GOED PENS--hl p, Fifer Pr lent Diamond Pointed
Gold Fent, with and intl.. ensec lam rood mid
(or sale by YOH sgroN S trrocK roN,
auglearner 'Third and Market rts
W. BXDDLEG, Deallmkcg
Lre Eh:MOVED to a new thiee ming brick
(14a nn
.• Smithfield street, 011 E dont below
Sixth rtreel Teeth titresiel from one
in an enure set, on Me ruction prioriple, with a beau.
Vol represenhation of the natural Kum—restortug the
0911111 i ahem of Me fare.
\ 11.—Teeth extracted soh 11010 or no pain.
Decayed Teeth permanently saved by plugging. pre
venting the loath wiaCh mlail Lever than en.
rum it. though it amend Le dune in Ism tea or
even instantly softly
Peeve. Re
Fmnilier bare flood tevalaahle to their slicer
and coat., wares—in ihori. as remarked the
• Setennfie Americas. in an •ruete upon H. eof ail Me
rubst•ners which hrve been replied to TIC/h.:If:1ov
•nd hletala not. eon equ•l Mat mhistance Disown by
Inv name Of Trip. M.-th. • ',ono' , myrtle to that
thembrought from Rent by the used by
m Mew palmy day• ot meanie, to et re it
st perm,. Co much admi -od by other ;mum..
It should Le In every fmaily wy write Mann
For vale by It E SEW-KIDS,
migl 0 17 Venal m
Nlkt A`FtSITYSI AND JEW ELK I room me:,
has now on hand • fine mvirtine in of hem I..ilG
lob and Dynes, Gold pod Silver Patent lice, Watch
ee. at is mar prices are 14 the Ea.t..r. ettae..
all in good order and,w‘i tasted
rorls, Oh and Al .rYer
.tabs, tiler has to•t re,osett at tbe Teo
1 there. , Foarth street. • stet, area and is,. se.
'retell sleek ot pyre EithEN AND ULM:6 . I . tiht3,
front Now Yort, all of whir h hasheel rectiVral in tuts
roadtry since the km of Fettle., lash cotmettsi• of
ad the difleisitt grades grown io the listen.: Empire.
Oar swot being among the tureest to the %lie, we are
re tat
OlatlilBllAug ewee. TI !have u p
to call and
ed in sat I e p
NI r ay eaa
in eanrostere, or by
halt chests, to shit their ectowenuence.
VOR....Couchaeolda . Asibma and Connonaption , Th.
OAT AM) ONLY RF-kILDY for the cure or the
above diseases, • the HU:YE:ARIAN BAL.. 01 OP
IJPE, discovered by the celebrated Dr Buchan, of
adon, England, and introduced ino the United Stste•
Older the ammodusie superintendence of the inventor.
The estr•onlmurs success of tins medic., in N; row of Pulmonary diwases, a arra.. •
Ne t Anteriesn
/0(C111 sat ....ding for treatment the Word) possih'r ra
w, Nat eau be Mond in the community—c.a.,. mat seek
relief in vain from ady of the common remedies in No
day, and have been gloms up by the most distinirnistred
physicians as conarmed and tamable The Ifuncuri.
an Balaarn has cured, and led] c the most desperata
of casco. Is is no quack pounce. but a standard nig
bah medicine, of known and established efficacy.
Every (amity ,e the United SWIGS ebould be supplied
lank Buchan'. Ilusnrartan Balsam of Life, not only to
counteract the eoruammive tendencies of the climate,
but to be used e. a preventive medicine in all cameo al
oolda, couch, SOU., of blood, pain In the side end
tchest, wntation and soreness of the longs, brochnnt.
thdindty of bientiog. her fever, main menu, emn c i.
anon and general asthina„ innacnia,whoop.ny
cough and croup
Sold or largo - bottler. or per bottle, oriel MI dine
uoro, for the rertotalron of health.
Pamphlets, containing a 111.4 of gagbah and Anterb
Oen eernfientee, and other evidence, showing the tiO•
equalled its of this great English Remedy, may b
°bustled of the Agents.
For sale by II A FAIINV—srFOCK A. Co.t earner of
et and Wax/ and 'Yowl and dth sue JondAwal
MO THE LADIP.S.—Just received, a NI, ruaartinent
of gold and silver Thread, Cnrd and Braid, also,
tiparnrien and Bullion, for embroidenng and caber or
andental wort. Alp, gold end saver Tasaels,
Jewelry ranee lain.% fashion.. in prat ea rely.
Watch... of nepetior <lata y t.ecialiftli patterns,
and if sale at tent prices. WILSOS.
•uir, earner NT•rket and Fourth its
MEDICAL & suacaicAL ovvircx,
few doors %Nom! street, to
• 1"-.
DR. &ROWE, having beet
. . regularly educated to the meofta
fte:war, and been for same t ms
• , nro • •
general praedee th , uow co:1U.
hia attention to e treatment of
(Lase pnvate and delicate corn!
.411 k, plaint@ for tetuch nit pp nettle.
and elpenotice peettliarly qaalir•
••• Ism. II years saatthfonaly devoted
to studs a treatment of those complaints,ldunuc vrbich
time be has had more pr u« and has cared more pa.
nem, than can ever fall to the lot of any private prat.
talon.' amply qualifies him to offer assorsnens
speedy, permanent, and satisfactory cure to all afflicted
with deft.. discs., and all arising titers'
Dr. Brown would Inform mote afflicted with pnwitia
domews which have become chrome by time or kg,
greveled by the rise of any of the common no of
the day, that their emaphi.ints can be radteally and them
cagily cured; no berme given hot careful attention to
the treatment of such ease., and succeeded in huodreds
of termite.. in miring persons of totammauen of the
reel. of the bledder, and loodred diseases wliteb often
sult from those cases where others have consigned
Mem to hopeless despair. Ile particularly invites such
as num. beet, long and unsuccewolally treated by others
to curt,utt hue, when every sausfection will be gmee
them t their cases trotted in a earchMteornugh and
tuteiNent manner, pointed out by a long expeitence
study, and investhrattott, which it is trumiosoble for thos
engaged to temme.l practom of medicine to it, e so
oust elms of disease.
IE7 - Hernia or Ilupturm—Dr. 01.W111 alto Incite perj
noes allieted with !Lerida to call, as he hat paid pawn
atm attention to this disease.
CANCERS also cum'.
Skin dineues; Wan Ye ~ l'aloy, ate., speedily cured
Charyos very low.
N. 11—Parlenta of etth sex Urine at a:istance, by
sninnv their dives. in nfing, giving l th o amyl
toot., COy obtain metlieinc• wlth threclin. ter rive, by
addrewing T. BROWN, M. 11., paw pad, and <no Ilk
ing n fee.
. -
Office No. 63, Almond alley , opposlia th• e•etl)
11.11•tna•vota.—Dr. Brown , . newt,. dolcovered rem,.
dy for Ri•eumollan• u • apeedy end eartuo remedy tar
tlmt pamfal .1101 e. IL never .W 4
traice awl !env., Cansolon• Rape., No. GS Dm
mond mile), Ytusbaryth, Pa. The Duet. , .I.•Y•
: r No ears 90 MY Amid*
• lawn Rowel.
ATION AND EAbONHV of the pert of thi. rood
not already under contract between Cumhert and and
the Trout's Valley nver—s th.taner of about Ile
on!, The number of seen.. now to b , let will be
atm. 5% of vrinth IrJ ecru, between Cumberland and
the mouth of the Savu,re fluor-1• In the sled., and
the remamder on Raccoon old . I . hree Forks creeks.—
The work lam genera:ly modemte. aLlbottah there
are a number of sections worth the attention of non.
trar•or. neeura abed to heavy nno..
Spe , lbcouon. will be ready al Cumber
-40,1 to I tne .47:10 ul Arlo. current_ 'lle
p,opuoth, addre , ..ed to GIP undersmne/wlll be re
°etre.' at Cam,., f 14.11. NIArl land, up& ,
I.SM a September lilvilollVe. Fara., ~,fin . ..t i o n
rult%ho Ead at the 0.114.11) • Mee io Cumberland.
t.olmantal• • e required from Moe. unknown
0 „ d ,„„,,, 6, order tithe Presidem and Dr
augl CUM As.,j C]ter . Enrueer
FIV GOOIN . MIE , V tiool/, , "—A. A A1A. , ,0,
Ne, :Hart! , fast rneemed
cr,4, eoPtl P., hoe, blue 6,4
oralt¢e Pro , " M'r". 1401. . nod fancy ,la;
For..iture , no, 4.11./0 Leug. I,,tar.,
muil Moslw.l, sir,p'd do
plait, /aeon., Lmen Ar aolele
MURPHYloaner the anenUon of seer
. ehasu.s lea lasso supply of new Goods 11.11
operan in Ins wholesale Booms, on story. noesheast
COnlel Rh sod Martel wood, it...burgle
Tau bung his seeped supply for dos .pnog, ha has
mazy Rods of goods at todoood prices, rod sooty
min act to Do foiled elzorrticro. out -ILL-Kr
Pis lobeirgb-Stt laaiNtsrble works: — -
NU -s 4! 1-IbERT I . dPliciate v=1111814.1—
Marta. , Mantlesl•ftfonaramtraTotn.,Table Taps,
ige.-:n large variety aflame barNltataatltal kind, made
of the hart , glrftlatl of &Min &anemia ®vole,
*mays tin hand or made to order, by the aid of tea
. g ba ta ry, en thaahartma notice and at the torrent priest
V. IL—The Canonry Trade formatted 'th all kmds
-fare at Jr
bl. 'wrest raw. t . ..m0
All arden.j at
nded to at 244 Laberty, oppotate emithhead at
ntylOaldm W 111 WALLACE
i . .
ti LL'S Patent Slone or French nun SMUT MA
4. a C.llNE—the bent article of the kind in usrt th e y
tea lien . . clean tut. do the work well, and will tart •
life urns About WO of them are it, me, to the best
nulls in the country, and we nave the sarong.. Wm,
moor Mew nperont persons as their supenonty over
all ether drain 4/aelunes. Fat farther particulars, ad.
dress the rt ....Ler at 244 Liberty .t. Pittsburgh.
eirkedum W W WALLACE
`'TEA hi . 41:Iluip.aM A - 1114 BOlLERS—Foririsa„ saw
and other mill., always on hand, or made to order
on very short none, and at the lowest pnces. All or
ders promptly attended to at 214 Liberty rtreet, near
the Canal. my. W tV WALLACE
YASTER PARIS—For lanJ, and other purposes,
always on hand Mete Übe,'"
.I_ll. Liberty st. W WALLACE
43RINDSTONEN—All eare4 and gots always
•liand at 244 Liberty street
_ leywo
Y. with ne
...oture Ihnf the ,P..of,hers
enlurfu lhe c tonos a. P 1000 of and
• '"?'"
w6a r, ‘ t 4 ti w ode,phtf,. foectoo atop super,or
" it: And ortLl bereatie t too !toot cuuslontl) on
hand They ere twat 1 o , d p. ,
.p pck. of 1. awl, deh,
I,lZahl• wall their printed srd— , Koorir 1.1 the kind
of Ten, on, name of We concern and
derpot to Ittladelpho , wolf ad 1117/1.0.1 tofu. t: , e
T., a not 1,40 d
( I:unpoerclet ny.,
52i ai, 75 1.10 1. 50
! Imperial 71255 1.25 1,50
0 671 73 1 MI 1,05
Ily son • •• • • • .511 eli 75 t,on I.vII 1,50
Duna,lDlnrk 3:1 50
Fine tuna extra line • .7,'1,110 1,0 1,50
We wlll wamut .11 the 11:A8 we sell to be equal
tn. Ii not sermon to any sold to this coy, and .hould
they not prove arreptatne to the taste, they can be re
turned. and the money will be refunded, a. it Di only
with That under...l.W we sell
lie ask a fur trd. that the public may be able to
*dye between our Teas and thole herstoyfa sold by
other compnnies 111 this etty
All lovers of nen, deltetoasllin yood llttrotled TF.AS,
shoald Stye us a call
For sale by 108 2 At YOUNG to
W corner Ith and Ferry street, and
1.1 YOUNG to
nsylnnlnado S W eoraer OA and Rost streets
W. H. DA-Kl 4,
!STA. (I.a. o( Newl'ar )
Ornmf—Satuttfleld street, between Saventh and
Strawberry alley.
N 11—Dueue. of the mouth, rout., and teeth treated
Ilotocropattueally. latedllm
Ai r - rater Radured Priem
A A M A CO, drsiroue of reducing and CIOSIDS
oat tLeir Klock preperutory to receiving their
New Fall Foods. will offer Kreuter inducements thou
ever Th<,r ,cecut large purchases et the piew York
Sole:, made al such i lumPrt.e sherifierr troti costowkll
oil he Hosed outthe same rumor. rates. AmonAst
the menelem rcrently opened. they mention
hod Alm.lir,' and Yc
large ,oek .ilkh Shawl. and VLeitt, very low.
ci M de Urine, 1:11c
lot Ile rges ohe hal( pnco
•• 25 • Ginghatne el I•ne
•. " l'Anbrohiertea. eery cheap
•• B o nnie, ba.lf pnce
'• lloately. Glove, I.aces
c•she Mamma., Calicoes, at&
5 12j et Chnlaeoes at Ofc
nd bAles brwv.l e/.3 I,ies.-Led cheap.
Irt.d tun-n. ei lek; Gtogh*m. Nit
.01 a.. tramcar, varacty otaer traoar. •': 01
orloch era prove a Dayton to purchaser• of tram 35 to
:Ole, reel 'far Oar. aro, ;re elored one day for
[natant( down and prepoong the etrnrk !or tenant..
PICKLES, enscs
Sll7 Front street, New York,
M f v. ; r , / , : ,.. 7.47 .,, q , 0L .
rut., VIII , II{TI. id
: 001111E S.rnee., Extraet•
Oysters. Lobster, Salmon, Maeferel, Meats,
Vegetables. rie
Importers of /,re., C•orrs, Salad Sard mer.
Last and West Ind.a t'sleittuents, etc
'rhea Cors nsore e;tetti , su. rnmprives a ewer
van, sad aput up of ne ver cyle man that of any House In their business in the United - States
The,r roods ore packed an ail the [ammo puctages,
and in so safe . manner a• to bear transport.ion to
au y part of the fo.llll
N. II Catelorues ally be seen tit the offire of Ito.
AKrnit to lia+con StIA. Puree &G. 141211tIrlphm.
Jo. LI Itud”cr ItaFt:/norr: A ..Oft/t Soo yytt Lout.
Geo Ihrottoonn A Lont.,'l, Joh! r0 ,, V1 t &
tlo , se./.11.11 licury m
won. mine u..45e-
T. 3 t.','' . '; . 4'1;c°,,:,7.", - .:;‘",i‘1,t."°:,"::..1•",;
above ronblkstnnen, where oserl oltrooon I"
paid to Lte eonarort o 1 Wow who m .7 favor
• cell L.teen) w.reet, between Seenntb cod W...
lee Conon. and 'an came detietteteh of the ecamm.
p 31,11)
tante of manufaetormr lhe Clintlrop , r
)1.11. th.,y vtll ha ploaa.od to r•revre atron.
an. of the pubbe, and the former cu.4,n..r. of •..
In!lf pat.,
Tl,cy 1.1,111 td, lime. keltp al. hand CVlk,
oortment .nd It , tocr••
Itormet Nhar.l.. hchttl• rtz ctc.. vctticti the,'
tor c.,
111 d 14•431,1 cn ouppll,l
•vr , deseriptsan of prtnLas :•• • per al loon 001/Cc. and
at r”111.1ftla prt,r• TIRFAIP,UN HANNA
April n 11.‘
A•altpace's Notice.
AIrIIEREAS, Itenyikatin and A !nen
y y Merchania of the any an Pinatiorgo. trading
oda r toa liras oandi Janrodin hare in oat to toe
aulnsettLar. ad a oodniuent a ad their mr the
o(wi tiled' C :Collors. as •tiall dt,lhn, I.vo month.
from the date dirreof eadeote and iler/Ivel ID tile 5.0
Johuso, full and absolute. rcleagal o. dd
their resiwcove eiaiina and demand..
Norse LS hereby given that the a ... ; . anent nun ee
u. IS how at the office of the suosenher. on Fourth
iarnet, thr of Potalnt ra h. lan inspenhon aud alp
nature with all whom It caav conenru.
lyn:dthno !Vhl MoCANDI.KAS. ...von.
j E.h I:TIPUL OrtNhale:.‘in
/ants D. Loran . ... al WOOli atter, has juat
motored .ova nnauttoully ontlinehten 11 HA FE
ANIONS, of a v.ariet) of patterns IFIJ r.nora.aba
cut Thule Vain, f nrannienting loon a,
picture frames. or lamp.. JUT]
atitol 1849.
Usairer and Karla Expv...• Paaket Lane.
H. (L PARKS, Beaver, Proprtetor.
PENNSYLVANIA. 4 Jll 14/1411/11.,
LUKE ERIE. " M Truly;
Ensuing • dud} Lme between Beaver and Erie, have
eurantenced raiitng, awl will continue doting the sea
son to make th eir regular trips. leaving Beaver after
the arnval of the unstring !.oar from Pittsburgh, (I
clock, r. • ; and arrive at F.rie in bate Mr ags:engem
to take the worm no boats to Butialo or up r Lat.
Tleketa through to Erie and all lake povls, eon be
had by sopheanoa to JOIIN A CAtliGtlEY,
corner of IV etc, and Smithfield am
under th e St Charles ;loud
iL Trlmmlng• Cheep for Cosh.
Milt.: tavern.., ia now nomong. at I:1 %Velar street.
New York, a complete a.mrtmein ol BATTERS'
TRIMMINGS. selected I.y himself from the tuanufne.
tones in Franc, 1111. i Seren a'''. winch snit be .old love
for coat I•lewe call and exam.ue before imreassing
elrewhere ty,dlnt
Now Yost. to 1,4,
I S l N o ' f V •• L r i t ' o ' u t r o
- re. ' tt: ' l.; no.
that 10 pone titanic retnpicte .oritc r.:antes,:
Al.. the ortiele In burn an P.m rafr..l .. I:drntag
Fluid. or k}henal 01 1" It t. Ell 4 lllt4et
recommend it to
the anomie., 100 betel
opera, and hoe. keepers, for eleanhoora, ecodomr.
ord sorp •ny thing porn.. now ati
one. Persons who plea. to rail on ...PI bc •hown
the peculiarities of 111 u new onn.nund.
A mnstaut supply of the Flottl and Lnmvt krpt by
SCAII , :; & A noNsoN....rn .t,
dull hriworn %Vv.' u. , d Mork.,
aro. IS Wood eeeeee Pittsburgh.
U liEtt AND LA I: , FAI AN, Importers mead denten
to Foreign and Demesne II AILDWA 14, in
all as vanettes, sea now ',moored to sett ss low and
on as reasonable terms *scan be purchased elsewhere
We when our fiend., end the public generaby, to
tall and examine oor stock, watch consists in poll at
as leek Latches, Ilinge• and Screws, together
with every article usually kept in Hardware Mores.
We write the /we nn.. of Carpenters 11111 i Mechanics
generally to our u.sortnient of Tools, which stare been
selected with great care, and which we are determin
ed to sell so se to glee stletdkeT
enticed Tin Places.
TII satse ethers beg to call the ettennon 411 handers,
Arehttert+ and owners of balding., t4te evict
a d„,onto,e+ which meat plate. pos,es. over other
metallic substances lutherto used tor moan, he , a•
they possess at elite Ott light:ten of tree, without its
natality to rust, having now been to•ted for se
years in lilllparncular, both lu to rountry and at Et, veral
rope. They are :nor Itahle to etannatott and contra,
boo tram sudden change of air atmombern, thsn com
mon nn plates, iron, cm, or any other metal now need
far ruubng connutucutly fon. m h.o,ta Bette, and
bet first ter rcooime,t to l moitiana Ride .ar less !rootlet. repatia, vrtalst
the more.
A roll nupply, of al , axe., front Id to 3d W 11.,e0i.-
augat/y on Lau.l no.l for sole by
GE°. 13. MORFWOI/1) 4 ea,
14 aml I fi llynyer weer., Neve York.
Ile potent rltbi ior thin artiek harms Immo seamy
Car ore Untied Y , intat, p4rl.e....froonny
either by taipurizi,on nr othennze, Will bra Onliella•
red 0rt.10.44,01yT
JlißinKTATeit - V1; , (517 - P
[For many )'ca reconnected 5,10 . 31e•lia. Wasp &
Put nun, oild Idle John WiLey, N. offs and Loaded,'
.011.1.111 ARO 13,14.... 0/
No.= Wel...mum
(Neatly °noodle we Mt_ Ceuerlas
ID" English, French, and German Rsvicso and
Magalons, and No irsparen. imporuni to lintel ; pricui
of which may be ascrinuncd nu applicanon gin L
Clandown , .. *fans w‘n
1J1A.,, Y. at UlAlr.
I°llitriirr Dentin. Cartier ofionfth
and Decatur, between
Idarket and Fen,,,..,,.ts ^lFq4Jr.-i'L.
Wdat 11.11--na;cl/re i t ;• fr a it g i rt, ry ncx
_/;13 0 comer lbr
and,Vend rd.
1101/14E CAIIPENTEIL=Tbe Amco-
Aearl lloase,,Curyonter, a nem.. ayon Arennee.
tare, Comlees end blaabhngs, Framing, Iboth Win.
dews, and Stem, together with din Trfnlrn
princ , ples of Practical Gionartrl •Dl ~ fi /Irirl;
31 tel tiro ream over Mai engravinen Yoe rale by
__JAS D LOCKWOOD, C 1 Wood at,
VUln.—ilia Liglteol pnce ;WTI • ca.
V ash e d Wool, by H LEE,
augl.3 Lanny .4
A-Los of Graved basing • front is( ILY Feel as
Fobs. sweet. by 100 Feet deep s, eaalt.y on
which Ls erected two good two story brick Dwelling
Houses. The above property H well improved lied
pleasantly stowed led will be sold very reasonable,
Felber anagelher or part of rt,j if application be nude
gsoon to HENRY B. MAGILL, en th e premises.
ffi-FOR SALE-LA Rriek
bailtd and Lot. on Robinson atreet, Allegheny,
near old Bridge. Pnee low and terms may
[truthsof JySt SCHOYER, 110 Second at
ntFOUR new two story Krick Dwelling 00911111,
well finished and in complete order, on Centre
Avenue, or SL, etsrule road, Tth Ward. P.
..111.1 given unntedlnaciy. Rent low. liguire of
An-IN - WATT k CO,
/Yl O eTue! Likeny ano Rand sa
tiLlt VERY desirable residence to the Lio-le
gh of klanchestet, adjoining John Dow
ning. Vag. The Lot is a corner one, fifty feet fiord by
one hundred and ninety feet deep.-with • two wiry
'Brick Rouse, twenty-five teed front, with two owlets,
dining scam, and kitchen on firm Door A our**
nous , , stable and IP.Por7, and the lot kW of auk.
fruit trees, all to good order. Eagan. et Me klbseld.
bee. Leather Merchant, Allegheryeity.
JelkdklinfT O . PATTERSON.
RENT.—The dime awry Linea DereMOE
/loam. on Liberty, benireen ilay and iintarr
aircola, nave occupied by W. Graham, Jr. Posseakui
given immediately. Enquire of W. °mho., or at
the aooknore of
corner hisrket and Third streets.
Propaity AlUmbel:ay City for Slue.
eabacnbett oder for gale a ntaulter of eluile•
Lott, situate in the Second Ward, eroutiryi oo tr...
CAotamon rouud, on natty tem. Ingture of
W.ISM ROBINSON, Any n Law, St elttal at
or ofJAS ROBINSON. on thearetnisea
- - • ----- -
Desirable Property far Bale.
'ft II AT beautiful, well known and healthy residence,
1 Onto 7 resumed by 111“. E. I. duirw.n, dee RI on
Ow ton of the bill weal of Steubenville, O, and adieu.
nig di: etenbenville and Cambridge road. The lot
otwal mein aerea, part meadow, and cadet
gool feu, I be Improvements are a two store Snot
[heeding illouw and Kitchen, inset wash boost led
chicken Louse. a good frame stable, Ste. There Is •
of fruit trees and shrubbery, but a kb eetrerip.
stouof t ids well known prow. y 11 deemed unneces
sary It is anent the mma beautiful notal
the tly of liteaNsnvilla, and 14 pertl,4 one or the
most neantly.—combuung the many ruiventarts of
town and country, with few of the inconveMeneee of
robot. The tine 14 unexceptionable. Po/menial, root
be given on the first, of November. For further par
ticular, apply through the Yost Other, address the
Etimosmile..lefferwitetianty,ll, or at ht.
re.ideneo on th e bank of the Ohio-opposite NO , Cam
berla nil, Va. JAMES R IF. STEWART,
"W. ...NIS hide of Ales. Stewart. deed
. .
ry good 4, beiug g.od staad far that bastne..
Office. st. over Phslo Hall—flake E
hou ors fr. Z 1
. V to
12 .s.
THREE etoried Dwelling Home, being Um
remnd house from Penn street, to Snyder.*
Row, on Hay street. Inarnerhatr posamonon will be
given. Enquire or DAVID RITCHIE Aimerney ac
Law—othcc Fourth sire.. between Cherry alley
nod t.1“Ill i¢19,11!
pun RENT,
tinPOUR new two glory Donal/welling Holmes,
well finiehed and in complete order, on Ceatai
Tell.. ilk Ward. Pot... Aron given July I.
Re Li .uAr E.qulre of RHIN IVA IT & co,
corner of Liberty and hand eta
'OO peLitinclus eaD I.lll:ll3.Hkian.
elttl F. undersigned oak's to!. sale In kl'irsan county,
Psi , Inter see-. of wet! trinticre LAN with an
excellent Saw , NI,II nearly now, ar k tw now Prams
Iron.-., one 41 feet tront by 17 bark; rh o e
other It feet
ynl hY dl bank. Also, good nese frame Bern. thirty
by forty feet. 'rho mill and land arc situated four
rusle• from the Allegheny ever A great deal of PINE
71 th e tif the hest quality, end islfsi a east quantity
of the very best hemlock. AL., one acre en the bank
of the Allegheny, nee. a rum most odnurably adapt.
ed for railing, where ittrillicx eau lie rafted nu the
in waver. and be perfectly saw from all freshen.—
Price ur E.' an acre. Torms eery Will take
Ix cleared small farm, with good boas: intil of•
chard upon it, as part pay,nent, ,TioenUon is 'inutile,
and tin. iiniene-e in lautber, or as may be agreed or
Th,s is an eare!ient oppontouty for numbering; and
the probeinitty La great that ni two or three years this
pro s will clout - de tts 'hm, in consequence of its
volume./ to tbB New York nnd Erie Railroad Tine•
tier suanitent to wear oat several saw china—and se,.
e rat nub ants on the stream which runt nealy infoutii
the centre to
land. About Gnxiiie sor e
,e in gels*
No (111 to rise In hinging
Irma milt to river
TrOUt anti gonle in abundance. Par further par t
lora, address, (peet-pald,j P. twri , :si PLKTUN,
ter.i4,lresetat Gazette office. Pituburga.
INvo Leta furgale.
.phseriber% will sell at pile.b sale, mom Pere
vr , nable Of round. .11uotril oit Tortutrl at
ut the Tltird VVartl ol Adegheue City, each be Mg
bona 01 ut/ ;'cut, tanning Loa 10.1 feet in depth toe no
r.,et itliet, upon is built a plow wall, t 5 by Ina
feet, 'glitch conturn• gnu, enough to bwid culture to
vvo purrorll.lst home., and in Ova meg:
are tun, rhade noel, or year. growth. ad the •illr
wail. ir paved wt. Wirt. mhiun Will he rola at
tarn 1'11,1,1%6 .4,1 Al.oglacr.y. or County ticnp,
u.ul he ;shun to payment.
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S. Stevenson, 69.,.deceneed
A plan or oubd/ri ssoli of the above Lott, 10 routul
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the °dire oi the undepuguecl, on Fourth, between Mer.
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Valuable Real • Zotau for
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01 Cloth Factory.
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Two 110U9IC8 AND LOl4l POD. SALM
I,* TWO LON on heaver Want, In the city a
above lire upper Commons, on w hreli
Is cr,,tcJ a I,lw. wadding, two gorses high, ondabta
for ant.l:: tenements. The lots are each twenty
teer front hondred (eel deep, mod run tract
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mite, will our • very e'hrddisorn nteest on tho iirresl, and the properly will he sold cheap for ebb.
Apply to II ..*roul, Clerk's orrice; U. r.t. or to
Scotch Bottom Land tar gales
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Ott Wood am., ou.dpied by IL Tuner4,l,4
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FOIL HALF —A I.m of liroungl mon Pent.
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haring a fell. Of 1.3 land to depth ISO ft-rt. sell' he
bid on favorable ,nos. "1111 , ant ar..plinneble
'hare of C. U. L 400116, 4111 a 4 near Wool.
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Athenoinds enloon and Bathing Establi- i
7. STALL, satka,,
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