The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 08, 1849, Image 4

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    (f LINES
*OatiligafAlVa oklut4cra*salla Canal
;.• . ' - Pac
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4FlgnailnglrtWedet—,,***-11Ve. Y O U n . . 3 .
kt7Lnrialr.rir atmo*"44l:4VZrat BOYlit-
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Coin- •Daiistalng.. era!
Stavg:eratatar,- TpuOiday'And Sclartiv 'ave.
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• 4.3itetpcarittrtsfe ,monung bdte fat.rttstaarsh:
fel l litt e le 4 a 3 o rt a g Z L i t u na 'd flp :ePr order ] ban
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1a swellhHm Mt`.
W:f.:-ti l tiocii, 4 Netv %sir,
-.7'ANS claim steamer, ALL OHM cu epy.x.
laver Beaver . deny tt ,., A. I mad Pittsburg& st 3e.
nainiar la tonacctiau with ttal satiate boats. WO
i! - 1840.
~ litlyttleallt Ind Cismelistird Owner:gar User
. sr - 'Canal Pu S - SWALLOT i
°,_ t ledrhe e Packets it
Hearn every day
i p
'' e 0434 `°7° 0 tedl fuel anlite next seaming at
1 b -when ay conaret defile hl Stage, for
l "'Ahern and etervehrod, artiste st eheh of Men pink.
- • - borne eigbr. Ono: the patio: Helve Warne duly
I got p,hr„, and only," at Blatei do [Ant so lake the
MI•1:7111,litfr I VGVI.IIra C6, ' Warren, ar.
I. ` META Ift, • , i t , el t-°
` JOHN A eA FUMY', Agent,
re apl3 turner Wes nod Fauthgeld as
1849. !i' 4EIL
, ON .....1.141131,A AND 01110 CANALS.
; eiaterfan & Cuenernms,eleveland,o 1 ~,,,,,,.
R. CI. Penn, , flemnr, Pre. l •-•
Vll.ine will be prep. rd on LbE opeoing of noel.
' UM, 10 MlnPllon fo•ICI4 .0 raxerogers from
. ~ { ,t o any po II On
}the Can end Inkert.
tal il l
;• •• Tat hsa,Luati of the Line a ans rpas...redta.namher,
eptalny and capacity of Houk, coretiesee of captain,
sod ellicieney of Agents.
One hoot lerevurPittsburnhondl e nixed duly, run
ning it conueirinn on me en...
_ !dna:ERIE AND Sil l Ill s ibe 4,
Between Poishargb and Beaver./ a . tine of Entente
• Stesman, Propellers and Vercelli ;I M a Lakes.
i' shastnes-R 0 Parke. Itenorr, •
IOU! , Seldom, You on, Ohio.
M R Taylor s ,W u
artees °
t el l y: a re:lt Rave{ En, :
Crtnnbrd to altnit Air ag4 Cleveland 0
1 'Seats & 0111th,
Hatable N. Y. '
:.I Olderit, got Water, and Smithfield Hs, Paubutgl.
Aiehritily-' ' ''`' .t• .
111 0 - A - Viirri - keisiALITS.
I Moamar 1111(3110 AN Na..1.--eit I. Oilcan
if •
__•._ LABE Bin 8., MI G.anion,
Strllbarslirreregular and well keflifa Heaver Park.
IL Oti hare earamtnetni inn ng Ogle daily trips to
• ind. from • Heaver, and will enininde to run betweca
"-Pintshargit and Bearer regularly dimeg the season, a.
'Aduirm- • ~ il-, , p.
; 1 AS'ebigan Not 2 Inns retsina relt ally it 9 o'clock,
,A.NL, and Sinner at T.' l'clodN .P. M. Lake En
:leavers•Waver daily atS orclbak AJ pk, mad Putsbutg L
'lt Serclock, P. hf. 4
, These m'am'a will run in conention with
• R 0 Parks' Express Parket Meet file Pate; 1
Th7otril l et,'FC7,l l ,llLvitlo'r"',„:„kie''',
. Clarke A eV, littsuargh andeleverieunirarie Freight
I 111.0 huts dally New Castle St OW
. , , CLARET', PARKS A eo r lfleaver, Agents.
r `• \ JOHN A-CAHOUET, Agehl. Ptustotegh,
. oseh3l
......-...- -
-prose Water and &anklet(' ma
t •
, 19. a td m
:_ LINE ~...,1
ON. . , A
4, ,. ... Proprietors ortils old • stAbiLtbeg nod manual
daily linernemisting of SIXTLSNIfirst elan Canal
owne by themselves and riddling to rotinee.
Ulan with the inun bombe BEAVER AND eALEII"
'COPE, are enabled to oder ariequalled Manic. foe
Me treinsportabon id Metall arid mangers, an the
imentug of Canal ha riganon, in all poimsoa the Penn
571111.1u1 and Oftio mei N. York kaaalsi and toe Lakes.
E. AL ("ITCH afeo.eleveland.
BIDWELL b 2 /174•11ER,
I • - • J. C. DID IVEL Agent,
- ealudL_. Weir. wenn, Pittsburgh
1.,e- Mawr;
rinsinugh. ,
..lieaser!Ow. c. suman,
sioweLL. 41A 8 CiTH Eft. -
Fonvarding Derthany,
sigtratfor IL: Attsburghaml Lane,Pstis
•; hergA awl Luis via LErfi r and for means
Jeans Bawer and 0241, Co.p4
L; twins purchase." the large ithd substantial Wharf
Eon just bails for she tilonotignhels. Patten, have
Winn* "tidbit's o(a Warehonst, the Most ample or.
reodadOoa _for. ,. rrc .i'llAr en for and
pledge.their anonananon,promputeis and ilneatelf
or fintlgnmems to their care s end rely ,fn their Inc aria
i i • - • dPAFTI9I7IIIIOII. AND Iblltlß LINE:
11311 M -1849:• '
' f i r. -,-- old Est.Lliatiell Line. r , - 1
_lf ovrintEuis EXTENSION CANAL. 1
-11 HE riaprieteror al. v, , ii Immo Lazo of Canal i
' ma i, to tow prepared no franspert Posenven I
: and Freight to .11 palm. en the okrufkteitsiort, New I,
Ilarlt Canals and the Lake:ins:a the most favorable
tenessul with despatch. I
The isms raw in eoutmetten 'trait lite steam hoots I
HEAVER and CALEII COPE,betneen Pineburgh i
And Beaver ,. ' fl Reeds Lin o f nearniman and ves
Donn the Lakes-and the Troy, i !dicing. Lake I
boat fumed Me New York tan L r r
1 lir C. Al . REED, Pnirrielor, nth, 1,... I
' Indwell* Drollet, AretnitLte.ver i
... WV Mathes, Agent nt J Ilk knell re Punier:ger I
Inleskfesenplicia Heuer ?unhinge.
• 011 i SIONMS--W e kisinn,4hatoni .1 E kt• ILA i
Skargebano Sadth & Duman del aLt Plattner,
Weis Oreenvllte; Wick. &Ore Cooler, Wm Henry,
7l Davis &batten, Satlnbr Siernev, CMS , a 1
' Csatimrlos g; Jaa A Annatroug,ettoil, Kirkland &
Newbr.rrolideboysan; al'elare WiLlaros, hithsans,
_BLOrnap, Nortek &Dation, ilaienteL Johnli Kinn,
• CUM% A Wheeler a Cu, Is coill'Ork,„, _ tip 3
Pittlarianke &SR Illatervllla Packet. Linn
Illatt palilio kre tespeetrully ,hl' onosed C M
ott 4. .
.1, SIA=RALL A CO have MIL oat Dew and
splendid Packet ikon to ran dutkag Re seaeon, he
tiveneltialtivflie and Pittriburgbrcnfehents to be
on .
ed by Ormishatms, and nen eirdit made to neon
Medan punagen • ' II
'Reahltreiness-Otring will /OWN Plebbnrib aVerr.
RoadaysTitesday, Thursday rod Vriday ti t
r o'clock,
,r• it, "them Illeunrilar every htendayeoWedne'd°7,
'narrow and Satudat, at 7 o'tit, sag, aad arrive
at Plitidorghtte same day. A t {pine blink from
- ladlaan stittiotoettkut boat at SaliSbargbf both au up•
th ugwindi downward trip-puttlegmaeseagere through
Ceuta platen one dey. I" •-••
Freight A/natation° Line will the neeived as the
iso-a( the Boatmen's Line, bye lack,rirren & Ca,
whom oar authorised Agents, f reight. All eceived
free in connourstona e .1 Al hIARSItALL, & Co,
l 1 - JNO PARREN AC's, Agents,-
, I . eared Rusin, Liberco r et s Pittsburgh
A. !Oat tenet Slatrondee for It'oonaitomt no the
arrival of Cie boll—nantnt 101JOR1Inutinmag. Pans
7 E r bllilllcilklulitstonnt-l - renived atom''
,of licranerstes see threink 1 " • midednet
i" itiligliffil Pu.sua•Autuisu WHIT Lanai
k nta_ .
' l4 "Vi T ra"ruir.' l l , T"ottflal4','N'
ems ._ 90th lOLA LI. I lA, 0 .
I , . I YOR I 7,I I OSTON, i ,
• TEM. linemen, Phillnelpbta,
; •t N -- •Teressr& °Can a Pittsburgh.
moon aid csnsbnelon Lind beingsow In fed i opera.
,g,, ilotsranspromilmoratue pre 6 *Kb their tiond
eXtenseve amusgements to forward mentramilseepro
date, aatoimd, nein the above pec,on (them( terms,
V* the ruefully, desputelt an sofa, peenliusio
- *di *ay of trastsponahan so 6 loom, when tan.
slisjimM es the oraf is anided
sperS ik tundreetterds by add for this lute received, char.
end farmstead id ex 7 required Oren:loan free
e *ant mcnuartuon, advanung or storage.
No Itgerestidircelly or tudireetly,lta afearnhotte
All ennattnicationspromptly atrinuled 10 on applies
THOR WHIR ' .47,37,Lnkes Philadelphia.
TILLYFE /k. O'CONNOR, Canal Hans, Pittsburg*
OcoNtiont co, Nox*.f, Daitifoon'-_ me° l4
BaN 9 u " TRANSPO A : tomb
atrreat '
• lag thattaaat, , T •. _ . tti.,,,,,,w, I Ff,
t a Does.
em/Ist:tad co serkt Etabballt-k ee (disciple..
ragthundered's:dr this old et' be ed Line have i
pal Meer =tong in the men 'Olden' ender, and arc
hsy pleprood to Inman( PlanACO nod blercbon•
gni tom:4oam Ike Eastern ciders.
. Wel MIS Odd cap hug experlesn e In the eanvles
Ovistassaf and naleue steam lo ittn inlol , o* of amp I
lentellOwilinCure to es * coottinrcon mut Inenease
Order/norms hitherto - extended th Blagitans's Line.
Ilya, arraisarnsente WI enable et to ,carry Freight
nab 04141nostrinpateh, end oral 'hail alwitya
beJur hns• inns lowest charged AT ocr itoomoo
I 'Vol'et. cp.:a in *See in' No
•• , batararnikb arta ath ,Si, Pitifully I
) 1 .
•-, ariastmataal ~ ` -4
'. Wed and Idereltaralwarwlll telved and for
t awl Von, without charge Mr Gas
' 4 oinEelifrftannerVlß ik.lell, a° 46,40144 ° 1 h I
sal. otsuoil inrwarand, an a i r" , dhled ' n
lagkn ,
..11.. _ agataPPlT,ln -: _ Iv ulNanAm,
er.7 4 Many ear frinmay & - Wayne ma, ItttabagA.
1 SlNtillA I& DOC
'• - Nola fun nnbalitrkets s treei ‘ Phil a.
' - • '''''''''' • J AMES
l. mats
-•"" • • •• , ,w York
i '• - -
''• r
. ‘ re"
. -- .. ''zrki..r . `• , r,„
_4 ('
.... 0 ;1 „.... kM
. / 7 f- ,
Iffirratuamun %clamp* ions Lissa.
torunannunta elinerriXOgs.
gr. Can & and Rail Hone hei nos, open and
its PM ord s u/vo" sue OtettanSl > g Yo On
IlleXerclldnalse alldidndden thrPhindelptila ..,
8ad.wwwq...y 7 ..004.0..k, S.l on as
PO 4 WWI" lui r c`'" I" %telleiar4Ya CO
. , ...r'r - Vactallialia, Penn sl, rittsbarghe
• grocnskeßAßLES RAYNOR, thdedelPhin.
17017' I - ROSE MORRILL &ea elsititilP 7 d-
ENiniaprreanis osnai:4" iiiiit e' tioad Ex-
11 Dream: V ast P lickei L in
alliii= 1849.
i ' =iSr r (Exclusively for Passerierii '• •
` ro Embin see regpectfaUy faforand that thin Una
irel ° 7791 1ce =van on ti.o- 19th lost, and eat
- toagkaatiee :a 00. If
Tate how as now, and ors super* elan, auk au
hirgOdethirni, which will give greater moron. Thu
tear; ant Ma lateet eonstntunon. L,
A Wand(' igaraya be to ten, anutraselers atone.
SPIOSed Id call and agenda Atha before ettakatagis
a ~ l a*
ordynndlillarsetteng/h) eat c USW '
Llin*brillbbltt the lana i s toppasito 17.0.1140 J,
sonar ononn arms and en every math as nine* ,
dos* Theo XI days. FIR 11.1011.- apply at me
2m:roan. areercuptonk Mnase,or to D paten*. co
A 11443 t
• • Por. the rroo draw .
tpo. on.. orhrelg
OitErifiEW - 3,011i
110111naYl nnal betirg , SrAr remanntli me
.17 Pnopelms of lit&aboto,Ltantrapeetbilly inform
:the that - ibevarn :perpared to receive and (ar
ra,' ord Pb dospatelurotam
.They'wroelld alsr"all'theidternion tit ahlopera East.
ward Wits flat thin' tha eimpktye¢ty them In
',i•rantaPitriiiian, - araerwroai by,tishm And coinibanikrl by
LazparintA n uttaptaina' ' —" ,
Meat Roleadal
'tri,ahlp_by'gtaalaae, If the mtbseriberanove molW
Swistnelitiat Colombia to bane miehlreight 4ot Bat-
Smoro - babded dirseurfnuit boats tires., thereby ea.
'tins arabonae lanthrig. • -
: " boa reliant,* Pblltuielphla goes 41eartfrongh , ba the
Niatehatia made for reeeivingtb)ploingor advtatteing
thitoet. • ICIER' A Pronotors
Canal Ritin,Seventh 51141..
A0F2V153-10inl A. Shaw, Claim nic 0; tao. bie-
CM,Ooeh as Co. Ealuntot"; Ja• Sten; & Co 4 pabad e l.
ono Pearls A Thosaas,Columbla- mehtli
inausligittr ta &MAI. dla It. !WARS,
1849 ';',W14134
.„.• inal4orga la .Pkilarleipin ami
thsetanivoly for Prni.engeraj... •
THE pallid aro rerproftr . lyinformed.tbar limo Line
• , iarillaimunnonevunning ohlondap, March.
.1 •110 1:44,' of Skit Line •re a t a annular alias,: with
enlarged Oboe, which will give greater comfort to
A boat "Pill always be In pen, and rravelera fie re.
O. -atatird toieall and examine them before homing pas
capnpy ottereoetra They will leave the Inoduta, op.
posit the E. S. Hotel, earlier Pain areal and Canal,
avert night. at o'cl"et.
Fo inforimation, apply at the °face, Artinottashola
ilemtirfa. ' LEECItat Coohinal Dania
I N.I /,`ge proprietor' of the obova Line !inclinw
batillog atgaddittonal Line of Poeketato ran ea above
on o aboni Aloe tat, nn
eouneetion with the Peayl.
rani Railjtoul Grim Lewistown to Pailarlalpt ii At
that time span tat will leave beery morning Raid !Men
inx.l;Tiine;n4rough,xli data roentS
. 11E0 1 1:100:7P1:1 liCia ‘IOPA
&ft-1849. Mt i la
•.1 •. Natthe inanapiniatiOn Alexclua.nnie, • • •
(A PS Pi s ed
uabu o rg n h th a 4 nti P;ritUre r lp7‘ll,. heag iP l 'a -
Porialdo Oncoo over land and Ifa
taii..i; shipper. - of Atereloutdize :vdootring careful
handling, Ida la of importatme. No 'eLftrge made'
reedit 4 ing .1 at &dawning enac t /ea AI,
10. 1 ‘..0 , STIled as re
and on arm - hole
termsu 6g-any other
n ' oriN7Avv .
Canal taalt. Penn en Pittsburgh
;- merce at, PbllL
, 1 = . 1i4 227 Market & j ell (
IidDADEN A Co, Forwarding and ConinDs
shin liderahtnis, Canal Bruin; Penn at,' Pettsbargbi . ;
HAWS &Co, Mgr Pocono and CoalMis
sloe IHoriiatats, rfr Nuke* and itt Ciortinor“ silt t,
marl '
flAdneisices made by tither of the above on Pinar,
A oOtini.Sthor merehandine eo to the'tor
o.!1' . ell . ..mart in i
al:tall - 184 Q. Mani
.wllilaltillT /AIM.
int 2 i*PFS ll .l.-JohaMowttkilollislapburgh, aml
1P - , all Intermediate places., r
- 11.18.Lis - will continue to carry all Way Goads
their void despa , mh, and at fair rat* of
6 ld I' i '
'4 6 A. Ar-ANIJLTYA Co, Pittsburgh. -- •
. t ! ....- •, re Wlel i tt i o i hntown..
c ...... 45.
ositames Jordon, it r itl i fftY L Slnclair Ea F
Wee argef, It Moore, John Parker; S P yoa tilt,-
tittm C l u t; I' V c:n evo hn' ry ; 't rn e l '4 M i llan E T V; ,li7s'
GOA& ue, Metres - Me.' ' 4 =LAT .
.' ' • 1848.
o at
,•3 yDitel'Prlcket—SWALLOW, Corti Ford . • - '
•fi:•,l •')l' OCEAN,Capt. Waiters. ~„-
mot ,
the Waive Packets have Beaver everyday,
I 94 4 midayl excepted) and-Arnim:inert morning at
' 1 whgre they connect with the Mail Stages kw
Akron and qteland, arriving at each of these pliers
Ware aigbrii. One oldie rackety leave Warren ,do ry,
.itt OPi AL, arAl arrive at Scorer ia time to tab:rifle
1112Chou . ng steamboat for Piusbergh. :1 :
,r COTES a LEPPINOWM.A., Wa . fren, r - ...•
' MB ; TAKLue, . • roimmta
. ..1 .•' •,-,'•' •
• -- h i i, - . , imaiDait to viz L il l to roam norm. •
• ,;:
..Lied Patket—PricutliViall, C L. Jeffries; .4 '41
- 1• ~ '
,i,", Tairsurant. , . --- , Pollock; •
'. •: , 1. Lars Sam, r :' 'Brow n y"
, s. • Privoina, 7 -- n; •
41, a.. ''.l. . FALCOION, ~ , Snyel. ,
sabers. SeWand - splendid Passenv i r t Paeltets have
=ft .rou erd ' i i' Agrar t ry . 1! 4:1. B the i ceason .1) ei : a1
leatint-Erie Avery morning at e o'clock, and
t it leer.
hongAlisswer eVery evening, unatallately after the arri
val, tit the suitunboat Michigan front Pliobeigh. ,
Ti.....boits are new am! 'comfortably furnished, ;anti
wmFiadt' thraagia in forty howl. Passeagers fib any
Win tut the Late; of to Niagara Falls, will And this
:cirri the amiss comfortable antraspelinusta Tiiiets
thitewli to sit:peris on the - Lake coo be
ay .; the Pf 6 Pfiems ,. . ' f
.; -. , • Brack PARKSA Co, Seaver.
:2 4 10101,A. - o:3.UtillEV,Agt. Piusbu i rgi4., 7
- I ,„i L h .. - 0 o =mv i tiz.: l 7 7. tha ct iii_
, . .: ,de Wickitilreerwilie, Pm '
,ii_v . liTarland Ind - Xing, RI Deed Pa; ' -''.
y, . ~., - Nays a Plumb, Enuctrgit, Pa; •
Sif Cilialan,Sbeton, •
' " ' DC Olathe PulailL •
• ' 1 ' I .i I L -AVlAtomuntura, New Oatal . ' a Pb. I'-
jltiama & canßasT
.1, Fog .:Ouji. . • ND, , 116,/d'IMURII, .101 - TAM
i. .•
end ore
C1T1k....•-• ••• i.-
I 'fl!lifi ten of ado Line have pot ea New Steek,
I .I.i are kepentd of foment par-bairn of all de.
Itli*Cll dall, at the Wont. rates. ••••-- -
1 . ;,. 1 1 ,• . • 41 31 °.met, wErl ii= if.'
t' . .11- '• X.. , . noimisupi a itabtlibi,-t •
ettr . ...,.d. -. 93Stnit6 9bartia ,d, .thieriii.ort• -
. -
I esaiangtir and ' l'ilemlitailue • Omer.
,tiltPtdDEN4..oo., carman to trial petered
from Mg part ofilughted, Irlead. &natant:it
WideSt upon the most Liberal term., wild deli
..4 1 , AortualY and attention to the Wants and eon.
(on er efemisrilay Wp do am a ll ow oar pneettgetlie
. 1 .
be rtibbektiy, ...wallas firateps that inen We jet.
porti,n,are ir Charge of Wen the manna Leaf te.
pon ; thenselr aid are to their well, befog, aturik•-
muhkgelechi wf at Any: detentheet by Oh fun shiplit, ,, -
IVe nynitioTehrittooly,, as We day One of one jnta..
knit° dataribardiey yreindetaliteddblettani by noir,
*Layeiptittli.rhdat thousand. of mhos were detained
ItiondboOtaill diey coold loYeeat loony= old croft, of o
eh r, 0 ruth,nl4.l toe fretiondly. prated their codas. ,
We fuleadyrriperSono oar contracts honorably, nip
',ha. W tatty,, ftud not net as woo the cane lan mane,
with pup. edloyn,—who either performed an align
' Whets a Mailed their eoeeenienas. , -
*: Drit.,,drava at Pittshaeg P , for any sum ire= Ereh
- .Clam 'payable It iny.of tho provincial Pardo to lle. '
laddi , Duttatoit,,9 edlotat and iValcs.
, i-, ~. •. : . Arden.. dOLIINIJON, ~: •
.?i'••• ''-'Eoeope-an and General Amy,
• ..1101_ j,t-' , - '7: - .?:Fifik Cremona dens baide.WaliC •
. , . .
%TT IVA 41514.0011: 4 •
'::/aalatillIN would nwpeeb.
i:liifona the public, that be
spa an hand aside steed an ibe
't aide of -the Ihanond, Lie
ty. city, ; a convict a won
', or .Vaultion Olinda; also Vi-
Ahtutera are.'inade - so er
-4 the beat aty4j searrantatl
1 to any la the twined Jitalel.
MOW. eon be renamed erstiP
thebtaid of a. saw,* dri vtrL
.vine perchwed the stook,
da,e,int wood of ihe ea bleet ea ,
Jlisiu * entfif linnisay & atTleb
Iv I Itta prepared to torah& •
olds era o. well lit
-I.ll7:o:°Y;ZwrVo o r'r, f4atg
.phmindswam A ra, alarpe, - Abd well redacted
cacao( el OAS tweet cunt waft Improved wales *raw
Alazed•W4entemou PAPER HANGINGS, end ,
dating ist.,
:10,0NIpleceof Parlor and Fiasco;
Hall and Comma;
RIAU& • a Dining-room, chamber and olb/4$
15resid pullet:ln/1y Invite the We:mom
.ordnaite having Coaxes to pepdr; to eat andelandna,
at thWjeaper Macho:owe of. , -- -, ."•tk C. lIILL.,
api •
j g' 1 AlatlUT/Idit • hat comemneed to receive at
iJ Clatrre ilmematem of Panty VARIETY fiCIPDIi;
paM of Ardileills, Illbbiens, Loxes, 80.,
l ioy. Eilovesi Clam Leime,Cambrfet,Netiiiigi Leen
Vats, thattriti, flandkerebleni, gent. Climatic
'eingintai sod cotton Flandaerehlek - corded 111cirbti
'tomb] 11111ri 'Ottabs, •Jewelry, CO!:
lery t , t.
j elirt . , d torjr .o ,=.:l7 i ltants k are ,,, iv ,„ ttW
T'eottloiriev.; COM, of Diaz:o6d alley riteatt:'
COPPlidn apiele I. Mitt
F/ I ldireouli o ngio am as ge wholesome,' warts/dot
Amt delicious e, beings more pleasant and p!
Citable ;had Nampa. offee,tue f.r cheaper, as a small
paper 40itair.
_ten tent., a.faro. find
pounild oreofteo, , Aliumfaeutteil by - • ! •
• , ••1 "••• OILY S. MlLLEit,Tiltibureti,
,4014 t, aMorboldliale by 11 , APAIINESTOCK & eol
corner erfroll'adl; Wood seal eixtb - tual,Wood Meets,
• •• dor
a.,4l"titigiri".itllD6l4B 01101:1S— Jost • receive:l'c' ,
4 .19tiP•131.411telai SO teiCt 12 pr. , Pants,
la pale lilt lemaTilialres• • Uoolo IT (alma. Llagr,
wain ! , *ll rA. gulls= welt OD canteens, f
loff • - dot Boob/Lin Ziktoeytbeltm Ido oiled 1
eambrbvilo doi . a above good. resale - al the can4'
'fonds Claiintig yioiblianeneitleNti Wood P. • 4 lt
• "'„ 11P1111.1,1!£Y,
AssowritositiciE Itiioll Wt eyes, enekvad, in s sliding lid box: ntitiningl'il
Tanrain; Ginger,
,• Peppe e r, • ?,•-•':
IVstrabled pate. • For vide :at th now Spice se
Mamied kactory,teortier ofFerry tr. LI Getty ;
Markel stied,
ANY WrAanbt Iron AMAII4 (romps. we.veri
num:male wwrka i warrAnced; will lin;talsltrunl, 1
as band nrin sopp/Ind to ordey,_by
mrl29 OKO IVIon4
if INS FUR:1140B IIEAI/11(,. rOsUtoutie lured from
I.J.alipettar stela of trobtaypta /Mak Clay, bb
mato andfar AL J 01.43
tVatiet er. Hearth of sofa,
Quality mai manulanara am:paq eiparen roco.orp
pnatommea,it aupPdar to the kaarma now preen ass
(ra m Tartagas,Mcarlimra imporMion per Corornetec,
llcrtalaa.a,Jit tee.`4 and mr ay. by
Tl.Ol4PCOU4t—hl. ,A
sulnivr' Maxi and grutlemeis' Cola Cava
.Cbsiaa3 from .11.10 M Meath, mbilsm paces, AL.:4' .
Weadugg Stags atel yam gold. gold
Flap, Utaismoillrealb Pllll, llntelett. tio!d Year,
-Wpthaa, Z., • W W WILsON,
• ?z• emneY4M ;old Marketers I
NVET fla Zaaulon
040.5417 Market Imre!, , „.
3 Dpseadormritabret r ltibbaa,,Nuated colon „
i.aCt blaek
u talletoideir Gtpigippit*4 rlam ae r , ,
„. r . r : = =MILL We ku'Vr tiiiFfej.&;;',44)
`t in
Ibo Crafted Blaixi; thasl i ei t fro Pa lr ttrie,tfuhmi,n
-zi.9lll.emiturritatial t.aphalx rexpectitely ` vitto . x :...
tbt.pou 0 C.ll la eacheatc u w It ' e '.'"
t=alo4s elan Valed S ' ' "et.
p 4c
Isla.. ::/axt.xes . /thr._ . ififflurry • ' iNi.k-Vnt"dirqcxg'"Will'ii'
1 i ,
SELLER& FAMILY 1 1 1ED/CINy are the
hledieines of the day."
Osansar's Sratton,Obio, Shy 9T.1519
~ ...Re;4 • Po il v d :*: 4llw dvilieteldfiftrldteltinalitofoi
• setae sanurfaete In relationtoletwimmellent !mai.
IF Medittatllf.'" ' • • .
I *aye used your_YerntlfeinLisgely mown Gm.
int, Trequantlyinswerime far eXlseliiltr logo
timeltities Hay/ itlAut - wcws . Ironer** eltildten. I
ha. it used, titalt Liver Pillsa , Vough Syrup im
nes' family; ad he y have- in ar m y iustineeprodaced
thee/fielded:ed. • •• ! • •
Abeam etvaged 113 Merchandising,. I im mble*ts
state wart have yet so hear of the first fallen! where
yetirelnes have been ased in my section of th e
eolibt •In conclusion, I mayandis that ther are.tka
me'o. oesef the day, a n d are msatined to haven very
extensive popularity. Yours, respectfully. •
W. H. Purrrint.
Prepared and sold by R. E. SELLERS, No 57 Wood
street, and sold by Dreggisis generally to the two el.
ties and vicinity. mogi
rGik — ififftrier.: to LI Vlift MPLUTf iite
igiord, only tree, and genuine Liver _
Sumer Cams, Ohio county, t
• Mareh 20th, DID. I •
Me It E. Sellers: Dew Sir-1 think it a duly I. owe
to ytruaed to the public neer& ly, to State that I have
beed Maimed with the Liver Complaint for • long
umen.and so badly that an abets, formed and broke,
who* lett me in a very low mate— flamng heat , / of
your Celebrated Liver Pills being for .sale
Shafp,.in ' West Liberty, and recommended to me by
my physleism. Dr. E. Smith, I concluded to give teem
a fair trial. f purchased one box, sad found them to
be Idetwhel they are recommended., THE REST LL
VIAL PILL EVER USED-, and suer taking fora boxes
I had the disease has entirely lett me, and I am now
perfeedy well. Respectfully yonr
West Liberty, D
March COLEM l ee.
!certify then I am personally acquanded with Mr
Coleinan, and eanbeat Emden:My to the truth of the
above eent*eata A It SHARP
Toe tension Liver Pills are prepared sad *opt by I
R E OLLLER-' 4 , No 57 Wood street, and by Monism
in we two cities.
TO TILE PIIIILIC.—The original), only true and gem
aine./Aver Pills are prepared by R ESellers,and have
his name stamped- in black wax upon he lid of each
box,lnd Ms signatcre on the outside wrapper--al
ethewptu rs are ectdderfeits, or hose imitations. . "• RE BELLERS, Proprietor
61 - 1.7.11).1111Ti
FMal the Rev ASA SHINN, a well known and pop
tiler am of the Protestant Methoditt &Rauch
This undersigned henna beettallisted during the pad
winter . with a disease elute Mantel, sometimes: pro.
dudes great pain in the stomachfor tenor twelve lams
withoutintennimion, and after having tried •oriom
remedies with little effect:was furnished with a bottle
afDrl/Jsyneta Carminative Delano be lista ai•
cording to the direction, and found Invariably that this
medioine canoed the pain to abate in three or four min..
utea,,And in fifteen Or twenty inlenteseveryuneasy
1.14600 wasentirely quieted. The medicine' was •f. •
terwintseactl otheneverindicadonsof the nrottotett
painwere perceived, andtho pain teas thereby inevent
ed. fle continued louse the medicine every evelong
and demotions to the morning, and in a few perks
health was so far restored, that the otureter
P ew Tette,
•ed feitte a
,the re amount of oppreariVe
me tr e .
permilee refore, he can confidently reCOMMen .
iitytoe'o Carminative Balsam, an • salutary
for diseases OrtheeteMeob and bO7lll, A SHIN N
• . .
I Alirsthenu eit9./rn
For...laid Pi t, ttsburgh at the PERIN TER.:3IMR
Fourth stree near Ward,- mad arra It thegrug
arantotti PRENWARTZ. Pnarrat ee
001!SU1111411i9, e 1 , 1 v a m 9 N 1tril? GUARD.
Cooaamptioa, Coughs, Colds, asthma, Bronchitis, LiT
er Complaint, Bpitung Blood, llifficulty of Breath
ii4, I ant in the Side and Breast, rniptution of
- the Itcart, Influenao, Croup, Broken Con
sdnalott, .3nos Throtd,Nervoue Debßi
ty, and all Diseases of the Throat,
Bmeat and Lamm the most ef
fectual and speedy care
ccer known for any of
the ',Mime discos
DR. %V A v r.• s•
Ponaponsul Byomp of INLId Cherry!
114 meaioiaa is no longer among those of duabtfal
indultji has passed away from the thousands daily
isanoft open the tide of experiment, and now susadli
higher. tam:dation, end is becoming mare extensive.
lye than my otherpreparation of medicine ever
mod deed for:the relict of suffering man.
It hats been introduced . very generally through the
thouni.fhates and Eurepe,andThere are few towns dr
import:ame but what tome remarkable cwt.,
tiaras: at its good edema. For proof of the.foregoing
statements, and of the value and efficacy of this aleth
ctlu,,Pur proprietor will insert a few of the mac) thou.
sand lestirtionlels which have been presented to him by
men of the first respectability—Men who have higher
1401“ of wool responsibility and justice, Man to ecr•
hey to. the' because it will do another a -favor, obi
themselves no [Mamie. Once testimony proven eon
eleaniely, that its surprising execllcnce is established
by itehstriswie merits, and the unneadorthble anther*
ty et,pablie: opiate. The instariumeous.relief in at.
fordsi,ind the soothing Influence diffused Through the
whole harm by its use, renders it a most agreeable
seemly far the afflicted.
. . . .
"Inca men, acting from conscientious unpulses,
voluntarily taw testimony to the trod; of a dung, or
parnordar fact., linch teadosany,beinueontrary to thou,
worldly interamoond purpose!, coerces conviction of
its mu., and commends wolf in a weird manner r
adyegal crederiF.e.,.-atiogoll'.&!on,l.#lo.nims-
STILL 4101119 Can of PP/At/LAT
Theraaerer was , a remedy that has beets as successful
In desperate canes of ConsumPtiery as Dr. Dwayne , .
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry.. It Urination.. the
spots, and appears le heal the ulcers on Me lotto,
multi( now and trait blood; power . possene4 by no
ether Medicine.
CILISTITEI.ft,ApriI 26th, 1618.
Dr. Beromat—Derr flirt I verily behove your Com. -
potind,Syrop rif Wild Cherry bast been the means of
saying my tee.' leaught ts, severe cold, which pmts.
Clymer worse, attended with a severe cough. that
maga hIl the remedies which 1 bud recoufte to, will
increasing Omit not alieezhiliitoil all the Symptoms of
Poth 36 II II .7 I) MMIMF LIIO O - / I,, efT thin;; l trie d
to have pe ereet, andmyeomplaiut increased soma.'
ly that friends as well as mytelfantronp Whop. of,
my recovery. At this time lwas recommended to try,
your thealtrable =dictum tdid so with Ltra most hap.
P 7 Moolla The drat bottle bad the aim to loosen the
r• istasiug ate uvoupeetrazus trre-In- Dad bF the
doe lUd used ell Kl,/ ...le entirely `wall, and am
war as hearty . a rasa U. CM 111.7 Lio4. Mid
erouldbelsappy t 0 .9 an y Information raver:l4m
taco, that other • to. way derive the DCZAISL one
lehlth SCR 30 gra For the troth of the above
,rtateme you to rem" .11.ash a S.rocar. W as ,
Chester, of whom 1 porelased the Me4clai.
ally yours, luta Maass
. •
Wendril Can of /I.6talmatt
Pr. Sweres- Dem Sir. I feel is debt of Irwin& ds•
• yein—and a ems m the a-Turfed gene, shy, ni ~n
.my Writable testimedy fit them of your Compound nr -
rep of Wild arerry. Some three years since 1 wits
violently attacked with told and Ledanunction ef the
Law, which was ureempesdeft with • distressing
,seughipain in the breast and head, a very considem
ble distftrge of adhesive mama from the lungs, ups ,
dully then change of weather, however slight A u
Emit 1 Ceara Mann about my condition, bet wan pretty
Ken convinced that rapidly going into mantrap.
Lion. I grew daily weaker and at length was emote-
I ablate walk shoat, or peak Übureka - Whisper, such
was dicezeeMllstg weakness of air lump. tlart.4 thin
-time 7 . Miasmic= ratiosprep Aprcriptions,.
b u g felle..l7owing r
bore liras advised and perinaded by a (tiend it,
Wilmington to mate trial Myrna Syrup of Valid Chat
ty. 1 mast confess that previrmsly I had been preju
diced tistilost patint medicines, and Am still Ugaltnil
tine carping out an:rot:lands of =dirties,' bat ander
standingyetunlaluts to the profession and practice of
medicine, and having implied:NM in Dm mying of any
'triendsjj forthwith parchased of Dr. Shaw, one of your
agentsi a few bettien, and corruntneed its sm: My di,
ease was at DIM lime DODO S damths!stsziedng, con
segienDy 'it Was deeply mated. 1 - rotund, however,
considerable relief (rowans lase of the gat font or five
blandest': Bat being spenkeril frequently al,
I tempted, if:speech with my, ineream strength, sad
thereby ruptured these vessels that had *Deedy begun
to bud; in Oa way, &flawless, my earn walMatiy
retarded.canwalanneo of acting thus imp
Iliad id sire twelve or bilee.frifordes before 1 was per-
Med/ etidared. I have no goeStion,' a mach smaller
nunibet ofbettlei would have made me sound, bet for
the aboVertednieretron. ' The Syrup allayed the fever
tub habl,t, took assay the distresningetmgh f pat a stop
the discharge of matter frourthe 'kluge, and gave
them mid Cbt etuiredysted good health 1 halm defer.
red palbg this - ecrefieate until now, far the purpwa
of beingperfeedy satisfied with the pernmefeney of the
cure, and novo Matt feer•perructly well Otter -it rah
ommt, , - XXV. 4. P. Jeddah.
Dublin county, dl.o
mit rop—rardri4 Semi' ~
Then;Es buten. g e nu ine u preparnuou of Wild Cherry,
and thileiv Dr. Swaves'arthe Reot ever offered to the
pablie, Which bait been sold larg ely throughout th e
United R u ms and some ports of atom end all pre
parations callOd by the name or Wild Cherry' hare
'been pat out since this, under miser Of' wim deceptive
Orv.sunDances, in order to give Currency totheir sales.
Ily it MOW observation, no person need mistake the
genuine from site false. RAMP bintle of the genuine is
enveloped with's beantlfht steel enemy - Log, with the
tikeness,ofy/Rtian. Peon thereon; also, Dr. 9wayno4
tignaterm and si farther 'weird% the portrait of Dr,
Swami,' will be added hereafter, Joe as to dwausuati.
MS preparation Gem others . Dow, it it was uqt lar.
the lijeal•mmllve properties and known'yOlues el De,
Dwaybefe Company! Syrup ofWild - Cherry,•personi
would not be endeavoring In a iie currency to Moir;
.ficaltlons nastramel Nr.21.11114 Me - name of Wild
Cherry. l; Remember, always bear in maul the, name
al Di. Swiryna, and be not deceived. •
' PUlpal Office, Lamar erEighthantlßaeLiteeets,
P '
FOT wholesale and retail by'Cal . /MR.& SOW
'DEN, 'te and' Weed ins; II A FAIINLITUCK Iti
Co, tor' island Wood, and dth cud Wooden.; WM
nom ; 63 Martel st; II lONIA 18D Liberty DI JA B
'A JONE S, cur Hand nod Penn sts; JOHN
Allegheny city, and by all respectabledcalemin
Medierne. , ,
PEDITMANT is' superior to sit ether remedies On
stry elrentioaa, la that the ia'cor Orion. mho commerical the
Ate of it in their frotilies ar e a year. agr - atill viler %tali ID
• Aar rrovedies of Ito kindt and whammy have bora iodated
to tria l
I.o prorogation .thay .14IT• almost invariably been
. noising tho bandit Meld. was reasonably
ant. 4 G® the high prelaattesterwed by the proprietor.,
anal hare 4tathed lb therms of•Janorts . Y.zatoronarer, as
it tamedythat has Diled 4 ..ben them, and which
protatbly Wet had its canal to arrestineputnionaryd
only by Dr D. .1 am Philadelphia, and lattice
- fetal. Je V NM
Premium Peate
Dr. . . nan t'au Srs
W. P. INLAND, of the Medical College bf
.adelplds; now offers to Ms piddle his Indian Veg.
*ails pgrpium Plaster, thaquelities of which, arrr.
lent Sued tried experience, hes , been tutisfitetintlY .
,tablithedO To I women who may be afflicted with
• Prehipsne Uteri% or Felten Womb, he recommends hi.
'ptUter, Draranterier a sure sod speedy cure In the
then space of from two to thee weeks, if applied with
cane and rest—diseerding all the countless instruments
Ind expetwive butdeccs so long In tae. Thu he feel.
conscientious in Meting, inasmuch as he has übt failed
IP one Orse oat of „duce huudred end fifty-three pa
. Also. fay Rheumatism and Weak Breast or Peet, Al
tai:mini with pain, Were is nothing to excel this Plaster
„in ag..irdidg relidor effecting • earn. For sale by
L eorner of Diamond end Market et
. Brea. M ache; • Liberty and 85. Clair st.s
J Sinew " Federal at and DLatitond,
gbeny cit
Jacques •Denman and Dimond Diming-
It'll SELLERS, ,DruggiA, No to Wood great,
• Stk Asent for the safe of Dr. Toteasead's Gett
able Sarsaparlda, has just received-LW doe of thls
Great Spring Lad &nage: aledielne. • •
-• Patehaiten elloadd recant:et thaell E SeUera le soli
agetnforpillalnugh, tuid I/ !V Corry tor-
• •and
/7.l.loilfililLififft - Pd7YlTifiT LEVER. I.V — ATC '
.I,Y -4.130p1eg Mambos, made by, Übe. ealubreled
Cooper or:Loudon. V. J. Tobiaa of thorpool, and
. I .rgo detached gold mu ld •alfr or .14erers,
made by the be.titiebsva manoLletareia. • •• •
_ . ,.lipietatiee of ill kind.% Communion Warn fn oetr;•
Gold•Panig Jeleilry in large %Artery; • Silver Spoons,
Yorks, kos:
Wlcob eopelnag oieelitod le the bert mebbor. ,
urylo, ; corner Martel snl 41h Ate
tr 0.04 - '- LAMERVILAND'—flerpere fine edition,
stAclottit7:s ek1.,11 pet valuer,
31 . 17 2.D0C1V1
. . ,
fi s ift ananthin of trap btatloithol to this' wiry
I voidable Churn, which .hia the adowante 0t....a1l
w. oat ila co : whining the *Maui new.-unennuaato-
Theittillti of II& lintannOti Is itoparaot, as by • rim)
.o c pitp,tee We' air - is forrad beltrath-WeAluNand
totaw .a.arayarith the ainettaity of parchaain • new
:chum, as ttcan he appliod to may chant in awrquld
for one dollar eon Lave W.l ike int "menu or ths
arasaambfrred with those' or - thczt. , in
la aloud way: . .. . .
-Tho 'public sot {cited to call and }add for theta-
TarTePfZ e Pll r t e" llf, ' Ora i rir 41
e tol ' al o ey nu : r tr: f .
ac,, Wood cod Market moot% Pinalturcto
myt.9 -. ~ -Sialidl.,KtlOESEW_
TINE ands-rrigoted Wein! heent appointedApe= of
the,Dattletwr Altura. Penn' intratiants Cox.
'easy, in the place of John Finney, Jr malkned, re
, epeedolly intormt the pablie and, the' fileedor and ens
1.1,41 of tee•Compotry, thethe I. prepared - to dike
Marine. ltiw d and Fire lists on liberal at peir
sme lt , No. Jr Water street • • P. k:3l.d.cel
A_ ent
• •77tlakrisiidEn—i0et3 met U ii..3ldiatia - Robber
Hose—ton received for the Bonnadlkotldanches•
er. which will be held more for t few days. The
' Boitiot Etching Company exprnatt tamapdashe for
the fire departments of the cities of Pitubmph and Ai.
lepheny to call enders:mine and make sisal of then.
The company it willing topaz them to any toot dark
think proper to conclude upon.
maim • 7k 11 PPITLLIPiIik 'Friedel
lyttran Putt TIIE litilitiatlpTlON .1310cR
jik. In the Cititenslintarsitee Cothmenrofpittaltorph,
ill 'be opened the Rooms of the 13oard of Trade, an
the first Monday of - November nem, at 10 o'eloakt a. It.
Wm. Latimer, Jr. noben Wood.. •••
Wm. H. M'Clore, Joseph Plummer,
U. M. Kier. ' Josiah King,
John *Mend; AMC Ramberg, • '
and It It most,_
PARRY has tweeted • machine foe washing
0o Leo warHttse.
H. Cold for Irbil& he has - undoWitestion for a
Ruse'May are now offered for Mb e slthawins.
house of Petry, Seco Co., No. Vfft. Wtaldl2llll49
Adventurers to California are maned iocatinad 1,
amine there labor-saving: maehhtes. They areakmPl % o
in their cowma:in, easily transported on thobaldta/
mules or bore., weiyhlog eighty pounds.eateh, Mal
eon he put to operation in half an hour. They.oanbe
fit ed with provisions. It is the °pluton of Moss 140
have scan the trial of one of those tuachlnesoficanllest
size,' that two wasp will wash the mineral , Otan 150
bushels of wurd or eartato • day, withouttlis koala
particle oftho mineral. They eon be lettemslio
and worked by warnr oy mote power,lf Wn:lMbl..
The operators work without going Lut the water or
being exposed to wet, and conseonemly wide:odes.
dinceincr their , heidth. They will ntquire haentalt.
stream of - water, aud can be used dm whole Detain,
and can be put into operation whore there is not std.
dent water to wash tit the usual way.,
Pries of smallest sire 635. Cram num aprOadi l 4 l .,
nmpoobod by rash, Will be promptly filled,
11. PARRY, at Patry,Eleott
. No 103 Woodst, Pittsburgh.
dluspratt irk • •_: 7 " , - •
'PUB aUbsextbera am resolving theist F 11111441
1 °l'd. above article, three vessels, viuthaJuatius,
Medallion and Lydia, having aryl eat at,Pbltadelphta
end ttalumore, pad tauten, the Stephan:Baldwin tad
Lode. abortly arpeeted; they are, theretram-ittaPerea•
to receive osiers._ • They wilt -males' darter do wire
fer and spring regular eappllea ma New Orlarauf. '
- - -- _ ------ •
g laPO . l / 2 M— ire Fr i. ces tq i ta
i3 win.l
Laar=u 44 ld
. 'ol c t i : a r . 7: d x4 . 11! Aa u telLr fa no . al 1 lA d ata
hate of new ware. lasi irceeivad aad fat sablort4
sale and rataill; by JOHN D 14.0 :
Xi R. SAMI....N. HARTMAN hatter sold kislatet.
jpl est te the co-partnership of Celthaety.. ReahattA
Cab, to the tetexlrtin, psweve,hts Ibis day retiree
Wester ' Februeri ISALtit4
ender.and i'xitcro'ldslaW'refokeleit a lb.. glif"e=of bead
mud., le llosburgh gad vicinity. which he • efihre Cot
We moosineuttors prices. OW COCHRAN
febz: IC sressist
I' rdili WHOM PAHTII-.1 puss bootee
err Pews, on suede= article for reoderleg testi
und st.cto, perfectly water mac and 11011 ars piece of
clots. sloe appiication of this pests I. salisient
ntehn ter= moo:Tema to water (or 11 or 3 moths, Lob
a perfect presentative from the leather. cra.Altig. • :
Reed sod tog tale at the India Hada. Depot, .N 0.3,
IVood at,
___ (ems
A LCOIIOI4. 2.1116. Pllllll,
Cornet Front and 'rime meets, 'CirstinnadLO:
- .
.r_.. , 1, ,, ,.. 7 ' 7.1....,',
- 4 1 e . 'i1,1,
..-- ,:i3E".:ity-..--...;-.."'-ittl,
' • ;2‘-147.- , - I'. , ' 'i ti
yi.4,....,:r-=T•-.'r.•i"---7, - Fi;,--17..-Fi....
' ii.l-1."'tr:4111111 1-.k,1f:1-I'l
-- vntr ~ . !...3m.u. . ....1,
tt,111 , 511,„_'-111311, 4, 1% , 7 . , , P. , .. ,. : :
?•,iii_ti,7o,4 i
~ : ki .... : 4.
~,,, r , .
: 7 1.7,4i1ii•
1 - ---'-- I Ek
.: - .,i1. - ..1 1
-..„.......r-4 .
...r.4;.;.. , ..f..-4:,-.-t. i.-.7.f.--12-::::..,. : .:-.:.
. . 1
v- 22
~.,-...4..,:„....-„,....-2-,--......r__-_ _•---
Oirloro ironi for Alcohol. Polo lige.
its; Kantor ReetirontiVldakey,will be preeepgriateo.. 1
Jed to sr ronavonirnrirer price. intAl.ftlr;
----- -
frAiEllfir TiDP DAV; at .dm Pow Calvet Warw.
116 hone, No. 7 roarth street- , -
Dick etubow
,red Piano coven Plain Ihwheltakehlygi
do' - do 'Table .do P lain
dd r do
Wonted do do do. - tigi'Donkaid,C
are woreoni .
ALSO—Damps Goalies Tratigpargag
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Drapery Chtnew • dp
Moonlight Vicars do .dp
' Landwapo do do . , do :
T do' do -
cord and Tvaols, Wets Wad SAL, Rick Pattlas,i
PM r tonde..
. •
The above Goods ate of the richest and nearest
styles, to which we Invite the atundlon of our Mends,
and eastemen, dad those wishingus famish etr rb
plealsh steam boats and lenses. marl
W. -.
leb - ev — CAltilird— r ibeeetved Nismay dues; Irons
the Inailuractorer— ,
New style Tapestry 3 ply Carpets, atritstmem, ;• -
an do do do anpert• 4
do do Mamas olutettlg
do Brunel& my they, do
da _ tieh colors mew Impala • . .do 4 -4 - ,
44,3-4 and 5.8 heavy - Venetian do - :
4 .4, 4-Land 69 eortemod . de, • _ t ki' 4:•
All of which will by told at a small advanco, and
.lit guarantee en low as can be jaw -hued frith.dui
...eel W APCUNWWROSF.."..
PROM the my Ilteral aneoaramd
. went the wabserlber has ft:salved sines
he bu teemed himself in. Alloaherly,
boa I adscild him to taka a laise, Coral
tarot of years *sae property ha hew
oet Deaver street, immediately. beside .:dut
rrneltetafCheroh. noca the Wag espnienesul tla
Mayo business and a deal:a to please, he hopes to stin
it a id reeelve a shore of peddle paszonage,
Nowa a Land and finfahlog warder, loolraWity Say
, ytes,open and top lAniss, sod every - description , of
Carriages mode to. ardor, from seventy. SYS dawdle
Slob ttnenxtel. .Im3-dtfl JOHN BOUM
'Rite Ails belay IDesoetery.
A T the angel wee of the Corp:oaten, holden
.41. the NO itotOlte. Persona Went mon
neuter to.e.ooterrhlt=euere teethe etdam il. th i t
NATHANIEL. 1101.411 i Nfiungem,..
J. Form, Jr., Secretary end Treasurer.
The annual statement presented the entre of the
.Company in a very proven= mention. Their ace
la the eity et No. J 7 Wizen Creel. jet,
VENiTIAN BLIND lux uracroav
East Bide of the Dlamondoeliers Vemtitm
Lill& of all the dlrant slue and odors
are e kept tut ad oh masks to order sae
. the West and mon approved Ekate,m tube
- form, ot the aortal notice sod on the Moe
reumeible terms.
. .
Also, the cheap Bowan roll or epilt Bibld Trait*:
nanny and - paper Cattains the Qr.-went alseaiind•
on baud and Ibr sale lewd:meta.- - hilid-Vaal.
bad Benda painted twee and_rejtalred,or talon In Arr
persannt for now R IV OWTERVIMT t .pmpt
N. —till 1.103 done With rhe IRO Cuter /al. iiimi
wolkmatualp,. me; warranted' to_ please the mutat Caw .
Qom*. anglOdly
; Allegheny coy, Aug- IQ, 1848
00- 111P/1-331:•
zum""" iVENTEIIN. LINE:'
Oftlea arum IDttohatlaa r Italthnors.',
EDUCED IL/STEIL—The charges have beau
cod on nU Menages to or Gem Baltimore, t=h or2y,rwilvild ncluatrow
tlainire°%nVearnlTLPbtfrgerpryfahaaht*"."ka. IhMBll..
Itano."—Tlie charge I alnlegraph despatch Into:
from Baldniam Pittsburgh and3l-lecling, le IS cent/
tworord: tile Bruton:ward% and 3 c!nia tor eacp. uddldrismk
• •
Sio charge Is made for the addrew and
1714,tiihet copplette,itar the &kW% Wesum I.tele:of
Televibb froutlfetephie, Tema, to New Orleetuides.
.patelles-can beforwerdiaLlea.olll4 by lih reale. antt
for Nria , °dram
tEIAVINtS this day estoelated themselves together
partnership, padre the Gnu and Inie aid ft , J..
V011.11.U2/c ` tor the nounifacture a U N, COPPER...
AND Stihr:r.llloN WARE, ea the center of.Roblch;:
tot, WWI and the Coital, in We lit Wand; ALIAMILOT •
MTV, where they am prepared to Atralsh Order,
whelesate end all anielea in their littnieith
Foundry Trimmings, and Carpenter.' orders . are ea
;kited. watch wilt receive immediate attention. •
City of Allegheny, Feb. 1, 1e40.--dant
Ls 1 set, a view of the Dente pf Monterey; •
1 " Ceno Gordo;
1 " " l'ets de bum, Vista,
1 " " " Chase de Lyon;
"" Garde Fiancatzt
1 " " " Col C Auvergne;
The above is satiable for papering large pahlie
room: dint roe'd &met from Parts, and for sale et
the svereboasd of sod. tr 0 HILL'
1 L - I ~,illWrt
clothe., earpets, silks, Paint and fine funtitare,.
saving half:the ( we st d W i lton
entirely with the
waahtssanL 'rho Wilton carpets. after having
been m De eleven years, have beee perfectly reams
ed, without tae at Wary to the fabric, and-with. -
:oat removing /.113 the door.= It. wlll not iniure rim
cloth. Direcuons acconipartYlnlf loch bottle. 'nine
Wealth Per sale by
..v.seltuoNmelteli it Co -
• tart • Al wee r;el •
- _ - -
7i Fount;
- .
1A13.U63 Oda tato Potash, to Ili:hottlee
j j Colin Acid do •
Ilypo. Solph. Soda do
One Vol, IL/IJanuar deduonta
Glanville Logan de
Chloroform • du
Yowl received end for natal*
tort n A AItit4TOCE Co
o— AAKE-o— IP oi tor nde li
101.A..X.6KLU-1 ea Ps
buland and . 1.41 7 i - I ' 42= er ant-.
. .
13 . ( HILV(Haq;(0334
D is kat Flo 42.4kAwy
IsOTElk 'r tiftitm, AceErrasrs, c9.D, arixEn-
COLT:PCTIC/NS.4-11: 11 Otes and Aceeptaneen '
rabbi in any pan the Glin, toile eled on the mon
amble tenaa
ENCLIAGGE oaiVew Tont, Philadelphia and Gal.
Cbsetnnan. l i naisaille, Bann- Loan and
GANZ NClllia.-24 l i n g a l e- solvent banks In the
United States amounted Gold lowest rates. Alt kinds
oreign and American Gold wad Silent Coin 1104 ht
a me ndsold,
' Mee No. 43 Antal neon, between 34 and 4th,
DILF.E on Ihni'land, Woad, add Scotland bought
'.ll UT' =mint at to Omani awes of Exchange.
Also, balls payable la tangt pan of the OW Connoes,
from LI to ,ClOOO. al xbo rate IS to the .t ;hefting,
,fsithoat dedostlon or detcostot. b 7 /WHOA ROBIN
EON, European ana Ottateraf Agent, ° Th ee sth at one
door weal of wood. . actlido
kiiirs — tirica ...
_LT— n
jun catowaxe doom
_AMAX= &
!LA.Naxati AND EXCHANGE ORM/SAS. dealer..
In Porclas and DontaXdo Itilla of Exchange, Car.
ea of Deposita, Dank Notes and Coin, earner or
3d and Wood Ural% directly opposite Si. Chula.. Ito.
01711 DS—
ladiama r.,..
parahalorA al the Iowa& men, by Bank Notes
35 blax
. " 6 1 ar!c._ .. ..
ELL LSI OPTIC llK.Villif= 7 BliErCh 01)
"k i'hiadcaphia, and
• • -•- Bahian*
Conna l3 ndy (Cl dais by N. BOUM & SONS.
23 Motet di.
13 ." 'es—Ert EON raks, a Palma Poem; or, the physic.;
Meyfeteal - Universe, by Edgar A. Poe, Esq
!mama. primal, eloth, 73 etc.
'We • be greutlg tarptieed if this work does not
mew a prrifenud scheenen among the literary and
imiedrilo elute...ll over the Union, ditplaying as it
'does a reasoeieg power and temp of thought . winch
eannot-possibly fall to excite the 'special weeder' of
even the molt eareleu reader.,-Exprees.
Nineveh and Ito Re t ins; with an account; nf a sigh
to th e Chuldarent C 'ens of Kordistarl i and the Ye-
Kith, or-Davit Wor,shipperr, anti an bigotry Imo the
manners and arts *Me Ancient Ammons, by Austen
Henry Layard, Esq., D. C. L.; in vol., with unmet
cue illustratione.
'One of the most remarkable work. of the l'a.'—Tho
Thlublitmtlarbi Pith. p.
The Salaroancter, &Legion of th e .Fe[rnaaes Of
Reetbuld corm_ h by E Oskea Smith, sea K
inser. ions of,therhen id id. limo. cloth, 73 eu.
J. Farmhouse Cooper: The Spy,' a new and Demob ,
alive, revised by the ant er, with stew preface;
the, to be followed bythe Peke. In this same all"
The Work• of Washington hying; revised and en-1
lamed by the author, la In elegant duodecimo calumet;
beautifully primed io now type, and on superior pane:,
'aide etpresily foe the purpose.
Poe Rata by JAMLa D. Locrwoon, (for 'many
yearn commend. with Mena. Wiley re Puthrud, and
-I E 6 J 61,6 Wiley, 453 Wood
Mr. L. has roared from Eastern chat
/V W prielng -AlCitietsf46s7:-
Abbey. Complete In one volame—eleglin.tly°Atted.
'I aßrated.
Carton—The Monamuies pith, Levant. Poml.6vo;
A-volume of more than ordinary Interest, relating u
eerfes4( most carillon and often amusing Miamian.
• • • The field accepted by the volume is abaoll
entirely sew.--themmeral Advertiser.
, A boob ofgendementy, Mien!, echolarly interne,
which reminds linnet o Hole of Beek6rd'it Spanish Ex.
enrilizem, or the vivid eastern reminiscence. of Pother..
- • t Literary World •
Cooke—Mew edition of early works-I—Th.Bm
revised. lita, with new introduction and notes. Com
plete in Iron. Uniform with Irving'? works. MA
The Spy and the Sketch-Book were the Ern Anted;
can beaks which were aniventilp acknowledged tic
coolanta performance ea well as a promise. We
well remember the enthusiasm with which they wet.
received, end the proud expeetadom which they
awakened among the liberal minded abroad and the
parßoneetbi ma. hving , was soon allowed a seat by
thif side of ;Go/Amnia and Addison,-and Cooper wae
the every country of the Coridacal w here
"any tension was fen in a [outgo literararen—Literary
-WoPoe sale by D LOCK Wool.s
tali 67 We• d at
- IN
MD,ie 4 tel
Mandl and • Wy e. att, Midler, by Merman 61elviliO.
. Border Warfare - all York, by W Campbell. Here a Little and There a Little, by tha author of
"Lineation Line, end Pleropt open Precept."
Merman Le, Tooth, by IL /bLamartme.
Illustrated /ditto! Franklin. Pall sai ium IT l stv 6 d
and for side by JOHNSTON it STOCKTON,
ape comer 'Third and Market sts
"120 - FitY KOOKS—Dr. Coventry's Work on Fleideteic
LI Charm, ita BLOM, Quack Pathology and trent
Philmophy of Religion. by J. D. Morell o
BOaraVaCareebient of the Steam Engine. t
Chamber's Cyclopedia of &elm Llteratare, 2 vols.
wave, line adidea steel plates:
Chambers' blisciliany of Usethi wed Entertaining
Knowledge-10 vole, IS mo.
Advice to Young Men, by T. B. Ar th ur, gilt. Young, Women,
Elemnt eof Meteorology, by J. Orecklesby, M. A.,
'3l /Wars lb ‘ r the itivola:b2 E.• b. Unlvanlry Sermons, by Dr. Wayl hk a m'
chte Leetana. tor Lel6-7,-"The Omen
of WA Fese Y
RellPmeei for aufedding me spine:tar, tith pi
No! I nal, Ova. •• •
.6 Franklin's Llfe,, Illuaratea.
Received this day by , R fIOPKINR,
ApoUre IhtUdintivi Rh . 1
14MWPIAILICATIONS—Ereay on the the Union
of Church and Maui by hl puss W. Noel,,
t Vol An entire edition of this work
.war .old In one day, omits Filillemion In Load b!
Leaves from Miriam South% Joon:el, JJ, t Pre".
• • Mattiletniterrellity-'41178-1). 'COL . 730.
-lioyl's Peents.-4drcerhea of Life and Landara , by'
RAT; Ralph Iheyt —mew 4.1,11Lat t 16.-1111/1
WAIL '12610.
A CateCtliada Cr tkilifiteutosEnvae,lllnateative tee.
- §elentifin principles open which lea operation de nth.
and the practical details other ktractura, io tie lip Ilea
donut edam, mill,, steam As:Option, and rail itti
nine lis-dounillreatinna of hoptcrrarcent by 3 nrue
C. R. trol. Vim Me. •
Chester's Letionts,pa the Pikrinto Progress—new
ed. limo, Price evinced to 1 1 4 13
no Caroms, a Familyated. Picture. Part I. 13c.
Franklin's Life, ellasts Puts IV and V. Rana
13. '
'Pettus' Histruitc•by Peat Tyler—lerati. For by tactile R HOPKINS, th n.
sonooocine lb.
oft new o'nd
tpleneir=rt ' meat of runes, from the' manufactory
arionts Chicter Bostair.innor6tlhenk . 21 3a1t"
cent lirolawood 101 l Grunt Panne Porte, 7 newt..
tanttriettetb Einar, PlenaVorte, rectavey, carted
rowmud,of the styki ofLonls XIV. with a variety nt
7i Si end 6 octaves, to which the of parent.
'eta!' leepeettellyeetteitett
ekeyines Piano Fame forWein:
sin Pennsylvania. noW
Ewa Agency for nodula C Cbsirk*o Plienoge
Opilli JUST nizervEci end opening, a
new elegant Pianos, from the.
celebrated fanny of Mums is Clerk,
WV:, anything e t 61 and 7 maws,
with haportantwaproatecnn, both in naeobanientand
exterior, peseereed by ne other,
ihtoo.A flu odesalon of Chickening , . Pianos, hem
tri 7 anima 14 KLIZAER. nolo Agent,
atiWiWcadwellh,to Third at •
aerie will be *old et marfeetares -pri)
°es, without anyeeldhat (a freight or expenseal
map Jaereal and chronicle copy.
. • Pisti
• ' ANPLENDID assortment
gtorand lititrawood Pianos, lair fiv .
tatted. Theeednitrameats ana of
• the lucid pinata and best atatenal
will be sold low for eulak
••. • - V. BL 1191;96od Me%
• doer 'bps. Mb.
N. H, l —Those who are in Wail of a good Instalment,
We raced:rally Witted to extuaina these before par.
chasing. elsewhere, they cannot be eseefieti bY f
la the Omni.% and wfilhe sold lower than any brought
frota-th*Easti .41sajzoi received, two ylanosof Ham.
.bargh iliannfiteture, watranied, to be.superlor to any
ever sold In thls erniatry: - • otter P. B.
sunniest bay nee appented Sole Arm fez
ulYthibs of cam/mars woovED /kILLAME
8, almannutured ant suat 'teeniest by Menu
Numb & White, of . Enrelauati. .1 he usual campus
aid eueni belug bat feat oaten& Hama AL le /1/,r
seeeninee within grunt Unto pad demand,
have attended- the sack ef Wen manumenti to it and
ena !locums, this =Meg pentgable to porta=
a~p h o a .:lo7lo.usle.wrinen Thetas situ or Orrin
tke :
ektirior, also, has boo mach Lap loved by plump
body of the insundent open' tv can iron trams
"be autlfutly bronzed and noted,
rendering It al
The men eleganteatzelhatrdesirible mind:
Tho plea is put so law as m Wog li Wilbur she roach
one to obtain a perfect musleal 1610111708111,
and, at the same Pme,sasest elegant , pieee dr fug.
two tot a compamtne trtge. , ! L BLEB
' ". r Jlt I WAVoadriell's
3 has Just seeeind fronalcrope, and for son, 11l
enthaly aowlanorfuill btfunui Pone, called
re EMS.
ItOult PIANO FORTE, onletrgleneting more power
and rweemeu thin the square ftm, occupies but one
fqutW s 1 senelt nom, ant/LAMM& tonic showy and
nadsome pleeepefatoltura. His pardadarly &Ma*
old. whore the ming of scamis an objem,, Wag ez
evesate=.'remLalt aide antatltsrinbr°6l:l7
hand uhrdmoulal of as anuloty.from the =lens.
red Intektadoestellea, is hla aw n Ong. wilaugo s gu,
may be Inel!ocedd.
nett, • AJJ W Wood 'a
trooutatlT penned and Ter ule at mu, I
, Fines, 074= Octaves, :)7tto r , 1 ain
' mums. Worsham, sod with
Om Hue Impioved ann.
'Alsoois hand lad for We law, 3 ammo! hand Plea
&le Agent for CblekeliZlO MUM for western
Fnuopylvaala, 81 Wood uses. mare
N'LW-NLMICtifirIiENRII/Mos ion Hue
of aummer,wl/11 an intn3iintou and 011iaut 's
nails= fordo: Pine Fen°, a. =a nil
ectotensto the Halted Males by u rn.
C=Polka, by Heath Ham
11e, e
goner/tell pours, "
Jest received and at sale b
eleM3 JOHN 11
Vocal Exorcism
ijisotssocitos,wilhanstimaps4cestio ri m
i s TrlrLlZlZZavrig,Vet:2l l p,
Memeh and Mum& ecomesilim,
.byjnweg claw. 74-
Jane pager of closely printed mule, eentaiolog 106
theetolses progrendvely anusest.„ Zito 75 ems,
Just ranted, a aupplg theisbove, direst fru the
p,abllshen, by JOHN 4i. atEiLott,
inch mcd'is
Amu, Jun row* and tar
IV ado by sr at. *Pc unbiary
Tar surkcs—iecu Not th laciu.
11 ed, stow eta We km to dote eonelgo•
sued by 'Jou lebtel DALZELL; Water
Uritri=4,l d": 1
‘fikpan and,Crapo Lisa—satend lane, peen and
*dm dennrable adara addle, pink mug"
Nlkand Wiukßlanda •
- 1 • 'Tr:q
%A; 0.7.
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:4110 .....ENlit - y-7.s ; 22:2 -'oi2...etr--,'. ....a "
mcc,,, s4 4..,Lik,4 :7- ..„-., gg..2 za 2. 1 4, - _ aa,a .4 14tea...,.i2 P .. a .
...:2_lg:ikiella'-'*-A,--,•41,44,11•":°.5.41=i 5- r?...410.2
VtiTv w.. 4.5- i4:rei:7=tir
CO w !Igl ic `qpi rs azll. lz 2l-t-A7.l;4l.^ali v ,-' 3",#. •-,:h-tti
Ca g li.r..:'44.gitiftra?:o:4l:lgiiiiV.-13.4t 24 trly:q.aii.t.-1.44.5i.14.1`, - e.'f 1,....'4114.1
111 a CC qr.! _tr°,,24Vl3-,zapit'• T -A B :Va: .0a a 35 . §i 1 . 6 , .711 I; !' 31121 ': 4
Ilir, 5, g 3'34 41 ktli_tii!lpir.ll-111,igfixtlf .52. 1 - ...E41:41401."' 13 . ..1 111;1 * *1
--*542 E F-5.1i14V133.11p41eg 12 ;van
41 6(E, =, 4,
?.... :: ~. 0 ~,vt-i2 v ii.t i i;4 l- 4...,.-3_, ,
Zii ce, 4 , ge l < 14.12.-; Villi e ap.., .41,0 E -1 2 4 2;15. - ,
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az w C : 1 0 Ife. „ t1 ~:-,-,:.4,1g.?„2- - --. 1.4 ra t -
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w O et f, :4 B:l3:::ettlitia .ri-a,e` E" t
•?-". 52. 1 . 'I
Ce 6isc °- .73,yat a -2..d...p. l' • A 1
cl 1 11 1.. i 4Z 2;VI'l aye - ill;iSi al 2 ,..
f=k u, e: gco : b e"ita 2,.,. 2 ! ,
3 4 -.. 1,0 = •••••• I A • ..! .
0 5513.24..5.-E-A,,-4,4.55.
N.' 1.- E A @, ''' 4 2 2 4.12.411;17`14!..2 fi4:2 , ... , r ,
c., e'e7 a 'iglr-Itgil-2.F..tri. ag 2 F;
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r . , '1.21014 03 2 .Zti 1 .. .:..' d
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1 1C
J. g .r. ,i 3 Pr ;,:1.-E:tt*V-OP-1 4 ;+13 -I. •rigi .:.....41!
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ion z- 4 ts. ;
... 14 1.!.!7. VI-ql ,o l,littg
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ri:g2-1!V --1-- tg.1...1zi-7.- ;1 4 4 . 12 ' 4.t,----,-.4....„.7„,,,.,,e..p.:7-F...'=.6,...p4,:
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, •-• . . , - , ,, „
T. AOKNTSi—WIL JACKSON, JOHN 111 MOROAN, Pittsbeettr: D.-IN:CCKRY, Alleglrir qty; A. •
.411wa.. „:, 1,184te„ :
1. ,
__ ...... _ _ _ . .
LI 1311 T ck a •
. ..... -__-
...To need it for the last
... t o of the elms; Indolving
_ _,,t rospensibiliey, and I daelare
born, ~seven end max, that not In one ease has it
Ailed to benefit when the patient fru" within the mach
of mortal means.
I have had PbTeciana learned In the proktaion. I
have ministers of the gospel, judges of the bench al'
dentnon, lawyers, gen&men of th e Witham midl '
and multitudes of the poor use it In every variety o
way, and there iths been bus one voice—one =iron&
L 9 000Dle
RHEUMATISM—It mauves almost haandlately
the indammation ad swelling, when the pain mama
(Read the directions' around the bps.)
Or AD-ACHE—Tba salve ha eared persona of the
help 4..welte of twelve year. standieg, and who bad it
reto PI every week so that =min= took plums. EMI
are moped with like =emu".
SCALD HEAD—We hem eared =seethe" actually
don sorcery thing known, as well es the ability of if-
Man o sweaty doctors. One man told as be had spear
goo" on his ehtldrea within any bandit, when a km
wires of Ointment cored them.
TRITER—There is nothing better for the mere of'
11U ANS—It is one of the beet things In the imarld for
PlLl:3—Thonsands ere yearly cured by this Cent.
mean. It revon fails In giving relief for the pdes.
1.7 . Around the box are directions for nsiva WA;
firrer's Ointment for Scrofula, Lica Complains,
jar, Maur, CUSUbs, Send &ad, nom Spa, Chancy,
Sort Ibool, Eroarluoe, AVOTOI4I Affernens, -Pains, Du.
mu elks SPOss. Hoedeaskoto,Deersom
Bobo, Ceres, an Daum, of do Mau. Sc,, L e
a, Pisa
plot; *a , Sorilay of tin Limbs, Sores, ilkommition,
Pilo, mid Fen, Coup, Sordid or Amino Brom, Tooth
CO do F E n
E T th
L 4 C , m , l ain;
pain In the Chest
.and Side, felling &ref the hew, or the other pecan:ma
nic' eold feet. Ointment is the true remedy.) D, is south eV of di me.tokavecoldfeet,
' CORNS , -Oite eel use of the Ointment will al
ways keep cores from growing. People need mover
be trouttled.wint ia. re ,a ir they use it fresputtuly;
Cop- This Mame laved fer am pan of the body
OT hmba when
applied often.
CAUTION—No mu will be genuine tulles, the
mane of JAMBS id Ap.ISTER. is mitten with a pee
on every label.
For aria by my A nu to WM° principal eitlis and
mann to the United tate.
Sole P primar el
, t , t r ieabove cmiliellit
jrZ lL Prmeipal 0 Na ISNth street ! -
Limn to Prat . & RrAter, earner of
Liberty and St Clair as; arid L Wilcox, Jr: comer of
Market at sod the Diamond, also earner of , 4th lad'
Smithfield sty .1 It Camel, canter of Walootamirepo
ate, Rh ward, end sold et the bookstore In Prenneld
at, MI dear ter r a Second ek in Allegheny clip by II P
Rams= and ..1 Sargenn by J 0 Sialth,Bruggim,Ri,
utingbauu D Negley, East Liberty; 11 nowaiel,;ble.
Hempen:. J Alexoutder lr. Hon, hdouougalefa City; N
II Bowmen & Co, and I T Roger., Brownsville; John
Barkley Birever, psi are wholembr,sgem,
— VI/AT/M. °trim EswAntas.Kniawr,
.. . - PHIMPSIBNIO, PA. ••: • t; ..1
rites tepid stridea which Ilydropathy.. be, ramie
.,lL-Meteelti Introduce= Into this ecantry-4ho 'brill ,
hantead estonishing carte= erect, at =id lister in
chronic end acute inmate; when - employed slier the
method of the celebrated Primults, have removed from
the oiled of au intelligent end &seething pablie.4timy ,
particle of doobt as to its =Lamy, and gained it tau-,
venal favor. Comidering; the ensaesthetory rasa= ,
of remedies heretofore used In the treatment& chmels
compthints, (complete;
oralhi ate increasing isle-
cry lama It mein be a mwish to see the ilirdfigs,
of a method by which*" many unfortunate salferers
will be freed from that pains and inStatities.
Tbe, subacrther haring practised successfully this
medlar°, eight years at
hie Hydropathie esllelt-
Illnept, Which bits bee env,siOrmialy enlarged .. d b..
tpmved to all tie parts, and In every rupees, la new
trendy to receive and accommodate patient, lobe may •
choose to place themselves under his CALM Skill' and
e2Patietlr.a. , ~
- Phllipsbarg, shoaled Menthe left bank of the Ohio.
appetite the mouthed the Big Beaver,' le Wall kitawn
for ha rebeahing and salubrious atmosphere, Itta de
bghtfol quietness and charming natural steneryfeetnr
bodes every requisim to reader the aejoomef Meier
velidogrecable, and contributLeg not a Bolero me.
Itablish i impaired health end physical strength. •
' The establiemmut, the first marthe la the -United ,
States, every' Mint, Idllt 00 pleasure ind '
comfort, calculated to insure • speedy and happy ter
, aditatieu Of th e ailments& tbe Ihtlent. •
Penton. wishing *mall themselves &the *Amnia.
freabereolfered, will please /Abate the subscOler ,
by tont% (P6lll-Paidj ititirlf is beam a; pinaibr9 Hie'
Inmate of their - complainte, In ender to decide =dad
vise on them Meese and curt:Mier, LTA= IlydroOttihie .
tresnisem; and also what will be (Or them ta
take along, for the. - especial and person Int. '
EDWA RD ACKER, hf. IX Proprietor.
Philipsburg, Deafer county. Pi.
Bc Killikelly, Annittrear, IGO-
Clark, EN. dos Eon. Thomas Henry, Bearer, pa4.Dr.
Harker, do; Prof. Ch. Elliot,Pitmburgh, Pa.; - L, C.
Perkins, seq. Oh* Rev. S. 11. Same, NMeAbory;
Rev. M. Alien, Princeton, N.. ~J • T. L. Stance, Fan
New York; Dr. Ch. Winter, PbeiDthurlf; Win. 1 1,1 , 14 ., .
Commi, Esq. Pittsburgh; A. Indwell s Esq., d 0...
etzte.t, svmproNW OF cOlatraulrom--
sypalms,hacking tough; •general sroaltares,.
restless sleep, variable • appetite, irregulit, bowels,
pains between tho"houlder Wades behind.
InssLuats• Semmes or Conanemotel—Oinighlitte,.
night and day, flabby muscles general debility, gram ,
26/illness Of Web* Mt going up VIII% eseeildl2l3*
hdl, or waiting but a time fast, pulse wale 'above
one lanictred, - far sisekissogetbon drenching cold
_meat. towards morning. i ;
Catarrhal Coniumption Mimes" mit' a . emitittoll
catarrh or :cold, - but about dui paned when ty at. dler
raw tumidly is expected to subside, Mona of llta-OTIP;
'toms are. aggravate!. Tim tomb Is calla troubl4...
some, especially- when lying down. 'There Vto fixed.
pain M the cheat, but =cult `breathing, which
worm on-lying down. •The up—pumas or the expo:-
'prance.' hlalt is enplane, is changed horn d thick
yellow mucus, to a tWuner substance. ft ls very nal
peewit sorbs, patient, and eteile an efleleaLl*Caell
when burned. it is of an imam appear
-probably a mixture Of pas and inacits, - Mi on it
. watery art sinks and par t wins. This &wain;
may war ant bbbil
'tithe,' by the peculiarity of cough.
The Balsam of Liverwort edam* the - pare Of this in.
lithos' Camee by exPeelorallerv ? tths and Walt
affactad lungs. it lamer' fails: met this Wadi,
ha Lin
has met, wa beat' of LW sumem 'For Mir,.
teen year" it been before Dis Pbbilbr end kb•lma
Moniagtilv tested Or all complain. of MO Lungs,
lm....•proved itself superior in merit to any th in g •Waser
Wo might give brindled' of testionedaja front Arai:
claim dus•press, clergy, end three who hays been co—
red. but all we desire Into call the attention of . the st.f.
dieted, audios their own good they will try •
Look out Gm cottaterfolts dingy' oblemathoidip:,
nata,.l 4 Geo. Taylerild-R,” on die titivated lobe - I,'
AIM prepared at the
_Wholemila Depot, 73 Bealtainn"
street, Nee • _
••• sold In PrreberghlbY 1 D• Moine 23 'Wood st; .Y'
Townscud,ls Martel st! emyser, 401. Market and
3cl ste Henderson 4V, cc," S . Lipertr ft fees reduced:
o SIP per bouts. • • • ' • mare
onarors viciaar KILLER is the best Vennifega
J. that any mini COI glacier ma in Ids Emily. •
• IVsaunicrtodlp., Westmoreland en. Pa.
JD. John Dlilorgant—Thiti ta to sanity WWI ban
been selling your Vettedfage kiraunte Cresols, limn
on year—and in tiontarrui hate never known It to
to o aD bonging worm. ,ey when theayingtome
'lndicated their prekence. I keg oeeasbm to giro it tit
torogiorrn toinabersof miry family; 1 gare slash of
Item one dole; and oneortheui passed= end Ike
doooci 250 arenas. It is the best Yap J . ,hat
e. any
ruan•canine in hie " J. W. Wys
Prepnixd and sold by NO. D. MORGAN Druggist,
ene door below Diamond they,
on Wood • JuS
Ail , AA—Pore Sod Sub, Cb
.1.1 iodide-Potash, Strychnine, Chloride Gold Liter
utopian, White Prectate, Cyanuret Potash, mot re
calved turd for eala by Jug E SWAMP
1J Chiaabiine, chloroform,
Ext. Bark Preelp. lodide Tron,
Nitrate Silva, Oil Copalbs,
James Powder, Citric Acid,
Moth% Soda, Cbleric 'Ether,
Ertraet tract ß
SEU a. „
Ithetany, )4c Quest
Just rett'd End (or sal. by gt
Jolt. 47 W si
VLOINFROUroi OuLlatuf; Or ultiAtlLlDts SO.
DA.-it 6 6.mbroses ibe runs or Mont .PrOtet
pl. Mall emu:globs dabber. It ;onions the danger
°. rilloia. Oriel renmr, de: By lii eloandog loser:
EY it relieves demi old latereepts alleoadoordesble.
diseases, adierber in moo or Aoinialyribe., los reed
and for owe by lull R ERELLEAS.V.Wcoi
• A T the sign of thefs•Ma7B Woodstrict
Aa tomatoes a Mem :of ADlnelettallAsows
Tools, for sale bye ga...1/VBER.LLAUMAN_____:
1.3f/sedition, r tlning 411 the. inans4 'rethalbri
et llteratim, of tlusLoadommlltlen, am
bellishod grab a ponraio of thritueltal Velaln coo.
Price; complete, at. A tarp impala Oftheabore
*OW lute ferule try ; JO/44)1M •
Itithmae CuCO.V.A.NI) Bitum
Iv Wo aroma, N nv o
I Chocolate on Cocoa; Aso,Behml4he,.
watt *Mod Chocolate; 'but rse'd *
fad male t
Pate Tr. Stoft4 Mroofth Aura ;
llArlibtatilaterl46 toill..afsand
sslVeslss $ _
. I roe g tssss3t
_War resa/laithe awommi,7ol' 67-44)
VROURY,orother Ann
eta.— It Itz r av to
ease- AL
DIRCW Rsehasga
patrillcsoutera, and
:n heal. than. •
I I : la i ra, m r i r
tem It *email a di:-
4a external oi {Marini,
it will tkof
SALTER/8 . -
LVNOL — Thi +mpreeeatente4 anceeu whlthicas
needed the astral the
J an the werlona farms which Inimical of thole/3ga as-
Imes, tin frafaced .the proprietor agent to hall awn
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chngable weather whletr math au WI kid
cower mouths is always &Ceilidh' twat. of
Mesey ce If neglected, tut bactito paean:as of - that fall
The want, then, haw d ON.
ull we alp the destroin
the bud? haw shall we, get cleat of Car, osetAtut and
olds? is or vital fortastiserlo ?Ito-public.
will be (mud in the Ginseng Pommes. 4eprosrof this
wedurve hem tune to trim publkhed the curer:mum of
docees. of our best-Lamm Wilsey; Whsi bete nieda.
aimed Its curative passers. „These, te/th A nixes elf tee
Urgent nerd all partner the mut
aguisters of the Gospel, is a, togetherwith eel/WO/di
tues ham the
so Moo embodied .to OalaPtaot am; ino7 / 124
gratis of my of oar amotalbtoughast comlfa.
nava"beert and in ;his
throashouttbo Misted Suadiand Mita* and we GILA
loam my mmto point oat •
wlteatiakaa according to d CE loactdas, aad be
fore the trap had Pdein ia'colony dlaorgatuxed, ft *so
over &fled , . •
Why then, need the allieted bivalve Mhy moil re,
th e na.rta t le nerniun gotten op by ink • own indlibt. , ,
ants ter the -MU= of..auxurea thrilled Ay-
iel., and patted lute =celery by. es et
at per-
sone equally onknownl Whilst* medicine*,
wireFLA Ammar enageez.
be !AI Whaler trenchers are nt ntlghi
bort,--dr. et whore it 42 o.ll' - •
In order that Ws Invidtotbje. e may be Pored
within the rough erthembsttiorgli the eigh, gt . ha,
list one half the anal cost of cough med litUPTIFIFSWFCielnia-" Hu
for sale by our ovals in-pearly every lowa IL6dirilltrge
over the srest, mho alley= jrnmelth give fall informs,
don relative to it ' .1 . T. - 13ALTY..fl, Fropitetor,
Proadway.-Cineimuni. Ohio
• ~ .
pt .- et." — F. 'l — 'l) - WFilstrebrie -PA tremralitLLA,thi)
down of Dr. Tomnsendls Gelatine Serseparills,
reed and for sale by R E PELLE
67 Wood uonly Agent for littriblh.
jug • By 1) 151 CUPP Y, Agent for Allegheny'e iy
it Tng.cpArrum - EsTAnirasinws T ;
Mien lt WAR D rakes c let'u n oicans of re
p tapithglisihlualts to • friends and' the public
or the Cilantro roam s
be hue lecenred, and of in
forming them Macke tree -litelr erected a large and
well constructed bulhippr,- for the 'exclusive polymer
of his IVAIIIII. CUBS EPFAIGE.I.9IthIENT, at his old
location, billigistraigh, Pa v on ther.thlo to ver,roppo
die thes -tboat landing at Buirereerhene bear ready
to :Maime patlenteartelardere,"and treat tbr,raen Fly
droysdhle principlet.. , Wlediddlialtil teng'experi•
[ race, end the great .saseersvorhich, has heretofore el-
I tended Ids treadoent °readmits committed to his care,
l'he has 110 w the additional fuellides •agorded by" 041 ea
', mousiest bailearceted etpresslyfor the purpose, eon.
talent andAtryinans, and dried:op "ICC
everrneeesiary, apparams tor bathing, aattridauds.
[ tering Ihtlittannenr to the ntranit benefit and confers
[ of the patient. - Phillipsburgh is a =en delightful Mal
j healthy tillage, easy of acc e ss by meariglitials,"andidl-
Gorda Poe and wholes:atm water.. Fos Acker amerce
those aetett . pitentis'ethri May place themselves gir
-Idm hisrearth that - every niter:Warr nitall 'Woad To their
emoted; and as an assurance Mike submarine benefice
[ to be derived, he palms with confuleacen wile... hut.
=Who have beim yernmaitmly eared at PM emelt
[ ' ni, The Wereyettre liiivernd Waddle edema
behold, .as is too afloo the cue "with Mose who hoer
been treated au the old system. It removes the dis
ease, Invigorate, the system, proton. from the denims
ineWaut to *!usages pf dits , aretilter; =tame 'instate!
Wad active *Mut... lalld *Term aim to Vaddlgardee ,
Wrote Terms of treatment andboappog re.ugs,,,t,k,,;
For farther partici:Mrs Metre sr die criablithrectp,ar .
addrinue the proprietor at - Fhprlpabtugh.
_ , ,
.. .
. , DO- JArtttl all ot. eiarau
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-1 Woman tier by Ilm, Jakaeti shlsamoritratiwrsith
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witi - XECtlthitht or WRITE 4W2l44^44B,Stratittett
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ringwhiehtiummim:teemthssebeesidimbeiVdt that '
the trootttLbone Of, tkaruniutni_t,ontbotte liet•ermi,; i
'wrists add hinds, from both lo&orota h ‘oont°' l . 4 "
listen) betnei end from the tight knee, besidetpainN
sites on ether pram errreirterson which have" baffled
-Me-still of a samba; of time mutt eminent plajtielens of
oar eh,-tends meet of the Man her , sufferings have
barn eirintutting nad•deptortable. — Akamt iltreo stazatts
sines sten Eras itatneedrhr try Drahrte's tslterative,
. 4 `ohlohltoo had an alloallbtogkr Impel effect snatcher,
tElr , r`httUni.ll/I"ettsaige=
has term= enreptetelyrestorediset that she nese sleighs
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74Foorth at.'neas Math .. ..,,,,.- ~ : , -.JYS'
rhit. TOWNSF.ND'S 13.6.14nritillS * ...Mittman
reneired b( Dr. Tovirusefid , s Sarsaparilla, illp
mem exuarodlnary medicine in the world/ This E.
but lapatiminotuutbaidern ItianLettmenninisper,
Plou‘atart **d *mmlmod an, edit. ai
oldeftrtsallSS Wittaat _.
Su:o4r . 1 0 0 nrinit • or
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*vialabels, SW pin ap she tame
shapalboula Seeing each Imulti . klan the win= irtr.
national' & P.lnensand; •
!..E..13P- I • l4 ll2,iltragistTY Woad atrecomtwein
mrd and Fcanh, is Dr. itrimmend's may wholemioi
and Malt agninfor Pittaltrogh, alma the pandas
inielstanim had.
. hySitsrp has been aminted - thosole agent foi
Allegheny city, al whom Um plliatle article -canto
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Penistrocs 4J-
U. IA Faiiimii4?in s tankh: '
4W. ?Anima°,
W 11 4 0 ",, , 1 1 1.. Drug. re Alelt,the Cit!. at
SHE andereleted ette. elterteibekr entered lo pie
, Mackie. UNA trollied, at No. ill Jul.. amet„ IR
eity . of New.,Y=t ran.l are prepared to supply:
I/obit* and untatrr Neuhaus wok ThwAs,:_rtnnts,
ml Ortateull aid. I seer ankles in their line of Om& •
acme! it.upollotaragllty. as low as they end tupuo i
thasal Jolla or ear eastern atty.
AlowTarli,Bo4o , . it vgionzfrocrcii•
Ira: rad* KM retnes!ectwteitd the falloCiful ter.
tifieues,- Than taciturn', ts..exteatalvety' used tot
the Southern and room
We do eeetirraharD4 teen Wltorfr or •Yotk, Pi-,
took muter idlocani and s een
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brit of . ctober Usti axonal. man -laboring ar‘defri.
seeent Wick' of AbolauerCholent.n ; That wit eseral
Lame sad Polleatjind found him to, he it the Ad.
ates, of drat Ortessaiarrith•fruptiniturreeple
t apped ua
water Thal. tea edn acide
et Kentaro Cholera, anddcelaranueoveo. muse,'
believed Ihreald patient teak beyond the hope at cud,
Teal Sad In Cut we aught the patient worddliii.
aid wa &clued at tie Ihne. _ • ••-• - -
lye further eenifyibet the ofild,Loals ges
bud bin mode abutted; end adininitte his
Cholerdllemedy,auld ahead a e hie of the' Wiend
;Ws think in Nur dupe dteraidler the .aid ranting Wad
au weak, and porfeetly well. • .- • ..
at •
• • C. 104 - sde,
• " ; ' 'T.-I,l:Dbxeser, M. D.'
hi. Cert
ldleify t
tee etrlied a ease of meddled holerattn.
doodle care of Dr. Lotils Wickey, wad . that I believe.'
flute Of ZdarylandObaoldrartcnt.flonnty, wart
• I certify that I net wW acquainted with the mane:
leen who blew litpled'relua with% eerti.finauf
Lottlailnekey; and 'they die Mei etmepeernlniny.• •
testtftny whereof beiteluno subscribe nay:,
we:- none, and aNtthe..ecal, tey„ogiad. ads • On ,
- tetrad' day of NOW:cher, either:4o handred- and
thlny-tbree. • • O . II,I VILLIaIdb. Clerk .
,Wasldngtorr CortetlerAlli•Mrornand/'
,11.13 •
I witneued the iiimleartratien; . of Dr.7,etda H 14.,
al preparwlon for Cholera; in the'eueldatt apprel
dee to Do plettetiubles. id Ufa 'brut (them :
town.) HIS was welt muted ease' Of talatrtt Chn.
fere, with ricestatetteraestulemth cold ciammi , it/4'
cold' Waste, smell I:candela poldes..-4 s now Mted WI
demo= truly wince/ end alarseing.'' • him, pre
'lool to Dr. Wkkey, and was Drexe • . at the edeth.dir,: j
trai t tor, Of the Ind dose of medulee, and sad blat.te,
plaed!, eerie" therenendanee or Dr. Wieten here-
covered ao as:ohm-OW to attend to Ltd *lle
trideln a few da lam sure iretealtorte Other hot
'the tatedleine by Dr. Makef. • -' •
' _,,•• • ; thentaniat.
Only trodand &canine • Dic•Wsoutra
pod Dlarthria Medicine prekareil and wad analle.;,
salt snit retell; by ...JOHN )
• Ntdantto inut done below Diamond. alley. , l waist
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/11/011 competent Foreman, I dill be enabled to
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chants and damns to my MOP , kock LIPROLSys:
RY GOODS and Be cbmmaan(and Balding; Cara
tald materials, sad *OM*. caimitee.alhinj
gm, Bottlertert.Tamtna Split and itniamtundiggiter
every mate, c !Want= Ofittme
kind' Wass . stwiti= laitprotoptly
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.111M311.APP O)
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before — e - Dude - i ' oiii 7 ga. , _
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ConNry Wore 134'4dpi/dos we motet to salt
nimble do' oho for theizooleosoa All *4O
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"'hewlap arch r■: - ' •-lA'
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receive freed fv, n or .
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JOAN GULP te CO., teneetteere to Robbk
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CIIMINUT adzes. cbova Tbai t P do
leave to Worse their:Meade Act:palms that • .i'
Lave received th e ittieit SPNVN AND NV
yaNillOyidd wide. a Jude iteraltiteat of New
GOODS;coioydriag ClotErt, Caseaeru, Woke*
mVtitdioll Of vddel are eddied v,
cermet+, having 'beau earediir tamed
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to- u -unit-ere viettlag Pallade4da, am ed to call alatixd
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Wee. of ItottherPrut,a raptor
tratioiltutt to Demos that *ash to lop their v.t.
it ?yentas the loather Ham ornate:jam - vaut
jatiish over k For sale at the ha Rubber Delors;
No 5 Wood street. mars. H
GOLD* . atTh"-------------1.43 tiollilltitawastitia
Timm subscriber, wholesale soanhotateeet Jr„%.l
.L.'• MARY, invites wholesale deal end pedhastAsi
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alma . &alb clad West—eloo, !cm share XdePdite*
dalfand elamine his 'who( ..1 , orldeitwattiOir
Sold et the lowest prices Wiest' o posed 4 4 , 04 0.
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(at city or/grits, tri11‘...411.
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epiteddes _ ,Phileittleldild,a,
Paper lliesestllise - . -- ._-=„ f ,
. E{:: 6,o Intraed at three or thbutast PtellS''
rtes Sh the East,;(riaW York, trad4PkiaDp
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Papered. *oh the !nest , stples or p.p.-so call
examine my sleek, beim porehtslng tnalletOk ,,, ,""
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