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T 6 • 11..
AFounh meet, between Smithfield And •Guslt,
sburigh Pa.
/MA IL LAIO4- ••
tenor...a ranianD, ?
ATTOFlNtiliti AT LAW,Fourth street, resitrant
1% . 411q - •
— ---
AIiiISITONO lc CROZER, Commission Metoharlill
and Ikalera in.Plodhces No. 22 hlarket; suset
Yltlshurti.. p ' dee ,
a a Boarlll.W. . 00.1 LIADSI.7
T)I.IStIFIELD tr.. LEADE£4, Wholesale dreamy to
1) Dry Um* Oroeerlee, Boots., Shoes, riatbargh
ratintOrkeltired ardeles, he, No. It2o Llberry talteAftj
rar.usho z t tha - th, - osoacre sirsza: _
1.) RALIt, it .11E11 ER, Wh;esale and Etetait Dror
guts, I.) gu, zanier of Liberty' d Si... Chair streets, Mae
burgh, Pa• . h10 714- '
'MUNI 12141:4 X. h. aoaraii. ,
Lnow] I 4 , CULBERTSON, Wholesale Worm,
and t emelssloo Merchants, No. 145, Libt`rty ol.j
una h. Pa dallly..
AIi&ESTOCX & Co., Wholesale and Re•
.Druftiaty_Forner Wood and 6th at
si:arn, Wholesale GroperS,:l3 Mid
Wood street Pittsburgh.'
1 A. MeANULTY & Co., Forwarding .3 - co.
Mission Merchants, Canal Basin, Paulin:4l6 Pei
Duquesne Spring, Axle, Steal and, Iran
OLP3LftN, HAILIIAN & Co, martuhetalrers Of
Coach and Eliptle Springs, Hammered ;Axle',
Spring end Plough Steel, iron, &e. Warehouse do
Water and From streets, Pittsburgh.
Also, dealers is. Coach Trimmings and Malleable
/11 , ..a1) OF PaXiD,PITTS/1111bB
CNTfNUF. to manufacture inonunterns, Bin*
Vaults, Tombs, llead Stones, Mantel Pte.*, Con
tra and Pier Tops of foreign and domestic mabble,
a reguiar and Our price.
N. S.—Drawings for monuments, vaults, &c. furnish
ed, of any description. He isalleits• shall, of public
marionette amill)1111:
WY. b. . i
MiIAS/1 to 11E7 , 1P/I:TT, (Into kinglish, Onllngbet
XI di Co.) Wholesale Grocers, Communion arid Fot
wording Merchants, and.dcaltirs to Produce and Pat.
burgh Monufhotores, No. 37 Wood at, betsreenthd and
3d streets. r
• MO,
t.ultb.E. C4JUICILIIN, tWurzurasion mud Forruda;
r blerehanc WOOdstIVEL PiUsburgh.: my
"rj Afult.l ON STEWART, tuossineturer of !Wait
rl Its, t ni t ,p, Ch e ek, &s., Rebecca elleC ;my , of
Aseghesy. novl3-4R.Y.
7A L&E, ttwecettot toMurphy & Wool Deal
-11 sad Cossaustios Rerebaat, for the }ale .of
lunettes:ln Woolens, Latterly, oppottut bth CO.
WY. lIYII.a, Italumore.
J. BcceDol, =We.
D. C. feceiLlEo3, /CUD a. Welles;
EALD & BUCKNOR, Tobacco C,ocurthuloi Mer-
AUL emuna,lll North Water at, ta 10 North WIWI-ref,
11 AHOY, JONES k Co., (aneetwors a atorool,
.11 Jones Jr Co.) Couuniasuon and Forwarding Mol
chants, dank.. in Pittsburgh Illanufacuired Gouda,.
Mutatall, Pa. ___—_—_ mom
WWI DIC.I, RO3 mom, 18, •
S&LA.II DICKEY & Co, Wholesale Grams* Corn:
evasion Merchants, and dealers in Prodoce r Nostid
end lig Front sum., Pittsburgh. 'aos9
JB. CANFIRLD, (late of Warren, Ohio,) Commits.
shad and Forvisnming Mirthant, add ovheldsula
dealer in Wutern Reserve Cheese, Boner, For and
Pearl &oh, dad Western Produce getierally, Watof
treet, between emitbleld and Wood, Pittsburgh. ap3
JOHIO WATT, (successor In Fatah & Gebbart4
Wholesale Grocer and Commission MeachanO
dealer In Produce and Patannigh hlanumeduino eat!
der of Liberty and Hand streets, Pittsburg-II Pa.:lint/3- ,
Ald..kZ S AIcGUIRE, limn of thefiTm of ditto add
MsOlaire,) Merchant Talkir, Sr. Charles Boßantlll,
Thud str_s!42mor Wood, Pittsburgh.
7 AMES A. "AITCHISON, A C.3.—Succesabra to
it Lewis Hutchison t. Co., Counaission March.*
and Ago of tho Si. Lou. Steam Sugar It<arkory.
No. 43 water and ita front strum, Pinaburgh.
duce o,
Wholesale Groet.4, i'ro
for the Ille " lLssn ' lP c = " of cod
` 4.4"
Pivaburgt. Co. o N. Y., No. 27.14Z0d
Wood street, ono door South of Diamond ..sliery, Puts.
burgh.___ Sant •
1 AMES Mtn, Jr., Zs Co, (suecessor to Joseph (t
Davis,) Shlp Chandlers, 30 Water street. 70e.31
JOliN H. AIELLOR, WholnaieTsidfi;usTi7,liSle;
at Alamo and Sinucal Instruments, Sehoottoons,
Soper, Slams, Steel Pens, (teals, Pruners' Cards, and
Stationary gm:orally, No. di Wood st, Pittsburgh-
Kr Rege bought or taken is trade. sepia
1 13CHOONMAKETt tr. Co.; Whotesnle
No. al Wood street, Pardrurgh.
OHN D. DAVIS, doetrocteer, comer sth and Wood
1.) streets, Pittsburgh. *elf% .;
WINSTON tr. sTOCKTUN, Bookseller., Primer!
43 and Paper Manufacturers, No. 44 Market st,
burgh. jes
Rosa . ktxuasis nor& _"
J 1 &a. FLOYD, Wholesale Grocers, tkaitanillio2l
Mem:lnnis, and Dealers in Produce '
ribuxh naildings, fronting on Liberty, Wood and nth
streets, 1 11.3baret., Pa voyB
JAALES DALZELL, Wholesale (; rover, Cemudssloa
Meschnot, and dealer is Produce and Phisburgh
blanalueurres. ti 0.51 4 tVatcr ss, Ptusborgh. joale
n. lEft & JONLS, Forwarding eked Gorornisanne bur
ehruns, Dealers in Produce mdritutbargerzonnil.
G.enered !uncles, Cennl ilnain, near 7th et.
Pliri el:1111461.
ENNEIA, CHILDS a. iXt., faanufauurerr of verl
„11. supenor 4-4 beneungs, Carpet Learn .Cotton
Iwine and Bailing.
Vesuvius Iron Work..
T ENV'S, DAI.Y.F.I.L e. Co, manufacturers of an
zes Dnr, Eibeei,l3orler Iron and Nails of the licift
quality. Warehouse, water and lUS front sr. r.•
1 B WATER., AN, Wholesale Grocer, Forward
ingg and Coleatutston Merchwtt, Dealer itt Putti.
burgh Manufactures and Produce, NO,. 31 Water 61.,
and or Front C.
SLOW.. 11.11.1151. 1 7, IL 1,111141.1.W1L
IOOKIN4 (SLASO Manufacturers, one tViolmola
A dealers in locmgn and domestic Variety .Aroodis
essen: merchants, Pedlars and others art.:lnvited
to emit and esormue the Fouts and quality of out stock,
with oar present Increased facintres m manrt(atmt•
It g and purebeumgove ttuolr ere can oder tie grail
inducemetrus to buyer" as any other louse weir o( IM
Aimmuuns. IaLLI7
WM. 111.11-1./.., YII/104111. C. W. ILICILLII/01S, 4 . l.CibllllgL;
11..LF.kt a. RICK ETEIOhI, V. notesale Urethra, and
111. importers tit !hoorahs, Vliu.s sad &glus, him
112 and 174, corner of Liberty ot.d Irwin sheet, PIMP
rurf,h, Pa
IeGLI.L. IAI D. M . G.- watiotE.F. /WA.
etiILLS & ROE,
. Wbotet.ate Greece, tuteNla . remin_
Jll. aioa Mereltatns, 114 Latterly st., Pu.lateuglt.
St 6
URPHY, WILSON & CO., (late Jones, Morety tr.
co.) whoiesalo Dealers .0 Dry Hoods, N0... 1 411
Wuad street., kwaburgh.
N. ALLEN, 4.121. 147 --- 736Ci7f
It 4 ALLEN & Co., Comnussion and Yosswastlinar
blerettants, Water and Front sta., batweaL
11 and and Market 41.11. mC
ft,. ATI' eortrutand alintarrirePaln•
/1.1 ter. Rooms, corner m Post °trace n. 107 lAil
Fourth street, entrance on 4th near Market.
HOL,NIEM — ii — tION, No. 54 Market 04 sectdid
door trout corner of Fourth, dealer* inyordiej
Ilornestte Sills of Farhat e, Cerultcnten Depaft,
it, Hoak Notes nod Specie.
MD - Cohlteettout mad on nil the principdl cute.
t troughout the United titntes. ;,docl.
thlotma•sr—f lace, Skunk sky
third door shove Smithfield, south elde.::
Conveyanung of all kinds done 'lntik • the ipeateStt
care and legal accuracy.
Thies to 'Heal Pilate examined, &r.
nFFICE, fourth street, near Grant, in Me mein
aj lately oicupied by Alderman !Miler, ttataethate
Iy opttome Alt. SakoorelPo. Ito may names:4 at rMstit
I. No. 71, St. Chuiten Howl. joliDdOm
- -
H. Ts Ito netiito:BSTD.,
gAPTLIALMIC 13UK4hA.IN, will attend torte mtfit
ment of Menses of the Eye.
r. R. has been engaged to this branch of tlor medi
cal proforma/1 for sateen years, end b.s conducted en
establishment for the vestment of di•014.11 of the eite
alone 101:•C•i0g
0,0100 and resiecnos, corner of Sandusky at hod
S:rawberry alley, Allegheny city. ; seta
Lit rundus Tze Fmrstit
it., near Wood—All mummies of Green And
Black Tom, done op m quarter, 11014 and
one proms packages, ranging from du cut. per podint
Sl,no. jy.t. A. JAI NES, Am. for Pekin Lea .
It) takielgg ALUDHE, W tonesam Wooer, itiecialylog
J.ll. Distiller, dealer in Produce, Pinsburgh Elsondise.
titres, and nili Yantis of Forman and Domestic Wines
and LlqlkOra, NO. II laberty s • et. 0. 1161114 I very
I urge stock of superms old Monongahela whiskey,
which will 6e, sold low fur rash. . tgillety:
aosarliThesstio, unworn a. itosudgils — .
1 . ,y MODINSON & Co., Wholesale tirocers,Prodace
JA, and Commission Itlcrettams, and DealesS in Pap
burgh Alannlacuirea, No. Lle Libeny st., Pettsbnitn
Lpuis 'WY DdisZELL & Co y Wholesale :Grow*
COrlifl4llloo and Forwarding 'Libertya
in Produce and Pittsburgh Alaindseurtes, at
Pittsliwo, Ya i fetal
Oltr. - A. ctiNNlNCillela, %Vhotusalet Oroctr
it Dealer in Pialuec and PillsbUrgh hlextilfactiffts,
No. 144 LiberVy
O. RZIMOI44, 1. to SIC=
EYNOLDS & Forwarding and CatrunistiOn
l ily Merchants, thr the All ith h e ep !river Trade, deal
er+ m Groceries, Prodae g , p„, 4 l„ a6 h gi a thitheinre a
and Ghlonde of Lathe.
The highest puce•on coah, mid 1,11 times - tor coan
:NT. Corner of Yenn and Irwin gm .0.41
D. m satACscrrti nos. m , Wllltrt-
H.AcKLE77 k WHITE, whok.,,i c Kkalerllll.
Foreljyrk and Domestic Dry tioocts. N0.99 - Wood lt.
Imuurgh, t . e.bl7lX
---- Ti o W. lIARDAUGH, W.l 11.1c - c - iiir.i, - Is, - Deal;er.
O. to Fl a mid Produce genetally, emit Criew.nljng
.i c o m:11:4. Merchants, No. 62 Wmerst,Fitti.
Loryt6 . =—.. _._... ,
pd ITAGALEif & Co, Wlaulesale
QI Produce deniers, No.Z el erect streci,betareenliti
and eta North aide, Philadelphia. narfi
.rcrraman. )mir mcvole,riLmi.b.
ELLE; b. N1C0L.9 7 Produce and General coal.
13 mission Merchania, No. 17 Liberty Zittsbriret.
!Terre, Linseed and Lard Oda.
• - • . .
Q F. YON BONNHORST, Co., .Vhotesato.tiret
eerar Fonehrdinc and Commission hlercluints,
niersin Phtsbnr;h Manufactures wed Wtenern Pro
duce, hue. removed to their new WILILIIDUIHNSOILI Inab4)
No. :13, corner of Front it and Chancery Lana. •
or. r. eaom. scan.
TRUTH& SCOTT, Wholesale and RetnlL-dealeii in
Beets, Shoes, Trunks, Carpet Bags, 6.c., 8:W,
rner of Sib and Smithfield Ell,. Pinstiargli,a....
-74811 Merchants, l',7 Grocersrs Q-Ca/a
sinMerchants, and deniers in Produc".
Wood Pittsburgh. po
LSe•ld. 1511TCHELTr2.MWholesalri
Rmifling Distillers, and Wine stid Liquo,
ams,. Also, Importers of Soda Ash and Blotch
ing Powder, No. 460 Un.rty street, Prusbursh, Ps. Li,
'spa ,
. • ~.. -
~..- ' : ,s.
---'''''.;4 . .
, 5
' i •
' • .
i ', 1
) '
3 -
. . ._. ..
. • . ..
DAVID 1CC.11.3211X611
SITICK &PII&NDI.M.SS (saeoessors to L & J. D.
yy Wick,) Wholoiale Gtoeers, Forwarding arid
Cornmission Merchants, dqlers ut Iron, Nails, Glass,
1.000,1 Varna, and,Pittsbrirg Manntactares generally,
• of Wood andVater,iitreets, Pittsburg-IL
ur W. WALLACE, aurae and Alin Foresail
a ing earalObereer, SU Liberty at., near the
VirrW 7 Wll:ssrWittceo — ne ry - 13,
. and Military Goode,;comee of Alarket and 4th
greet., Pittabsughi IclL T Warches and Clocks
carefully mowed. dec4
yfirD3T 110Vilkuakie. arid Forciardlog
Pderehent, N 0.941 Ftopt .. between Wood
l and
arket strata 1 teni
W. Porggn il er bOi - I;...i;tre llrr 11'
corner of Market and Fannk Pa B.4ra
WAIL 70111113, . MD. IL IrCtrlll.
ITM. YOUNG—DeVers In leather hides, tn.
VT 143 Liberty mt. ~.
N ,..1
. .._ _
orx. rierrenzrrn
sour. Warne::Or
114 7 6 UTC HEOPC; Wholesale Grocer*,
len to Protium Iran Nails, Ginrs, and Pitts.
buburgh . lilmufnetures generally, 1.52 Liberty st, Pitts
rgh. • 4!
W WILSON, De tin Watches, Jewelry
yr , Ware, MS** Goods, &e., No. h"/ Mar
tad at nov7
- UW) Crilnal it CO.,
m edinv , P . lrtdingll p c iti llo 6 143 Llr o l" BLITT ; have .
prising • largo wirorlment Onnicles their hoc, r
which the suentien pinch : Leen is invited.
-Iv - s ~
omorAsoviClLL. Ammo& Co,
owal No.*Wator street
rINIE INSURANCE C0:741 North America will
make pennsment and -limited Insurance on pro
perty In this city and Yining, and t n shipments by
Canal, Rivera, Lakes, and S ea. The properties of
this Company Ise well invested, andfurnish an avail
able fund for the staple indemnity of all (croons who
desire to be inThrunce.
mylB )0.1.0*3, Agent, 44 Water it.
The Fran.ldin Piro lasue4nre Co. of lailadeVaa.
DIRECTORS. -Charles 1. Dancker Thomas Haw,
Tobias Wagner, Samuel Grant, - Jacob IL Smith,
Oen. W Ric/Innis, kiOrdecal D. Lewis, Adolpho E.
Boras, David S. Mown, Mfrs Patterson.
.aua, President.
Charles D. Banker, Se nitary.
Continue to make insuraSee, perpetual or limited,
on every description Of prolny to town or country, at rates as low as are eons/ ( of with tactility.
To Company have rare, • large contingent Food,
wWeb with their Capital and Premiums, wifely invest
cd afford ample protection id the arsured.
The suet. or Me company, on Jammu tat, 1849, as
published agreeably to an act of Anembly, were as
fellows . el::
11,047,438 41
Rau Estate - 94,724 83
Temporary liana 96,104 85
Sines. . 61,338 :13
Cush, a.c. 38,8111 37
111,18,492 71
Since their incotpOrationia period of 10 years, they
have paid upwards none Million roar huroiredthoon
imd dollars, losses by fire, thereby affording evidence
cf the advantages of inseranne, as well ail the ability
and disposition to meet witproraptaeas all liabilities.
marl-dly Office N planer Wood and 3d eta
De./..sw — aelniitiTilizaafstfruairibmoo.
A. MADEIRA, Ageritilt Pittsburgh for the Dela
ware lilumalSelety Intim..Company of Phial
adelphis_ Fire Make upon buildings and merchandise
of every deacriptioui. and 4arine Rieke upon hulls or
cargoes of vusela, takes !spoil the moist favorable
R? Office in the Warihouge of W. B. Ham. & Rm.,
N 0.37 Water, et/Mb:Whet street, Pittsburgh.
N. B—The suetenet thia;Comp.y since the estab
lishment of the dgeimy inthis mty, With the prompt
ness and liberality wilh width every claim upon them
for loss hm been- aditimed,rially warrant the agent in
Inviting the confidante and parsonage of his friends .11
the eart.uniry attarge to the Delaware M. S. Insu
rance Conmany, while it has the antlitional advantages
as an institution among the Most flourishing m Philadel
phia—os haring an ample prad-in capital, which bythe
operation of its ...ter ta.Notisnuitly increasing, es
yielding to each perion moored his doe share of the
profits of the .mpatiy, witliout involving him in any
rerpo.ibilitywhneter, ay therefore es possessing
the Mutual pnnecile dives of every obnoxious fea
ture, and in ite mast nuraettare form. nov4
145 Insurancoconmany,elNorth Amenea, enough
Its duly authorised Age., the subscriber, oder, to
make permanent and limited Maumee on property, in
this city and its vicinity, are& on shipments by the Ca.
.1 and Rivera
Arthur G Coffin, Charles Tayior,
Semi W. Jones, -.!` Ambrose White,
Edward Smith Jacob Thomas,
Jo. A. Brown, Jahn R- Neff,
P. Richard D. Wood,
Thora. P. tape, Wm. Welsh,
Satinet F. Smr.h.,
• - Frani. }loner
Samuel Braiks, 8 Austin AJhbone,
HIM D. SHMISID, 800 y.
This is thenideat Insurance Company In the United
antes, having been ehanciedin Int Its charter is
perpetual, andfrom Its high standing, long experience,
ample means, and asoidinaciali risks of on extra has-
Arden, character, it any lie:considered as Gaining am
ple *earl*. to the public.. W. P. JON IZ.
At the Counting R6om orriu,m4 Jones & Co,
rrri Stff3t , Clituilfit hosamen appointed Agent pro
tem. of the Inattrasthe C$ pan). of North Antenna,
and will lame Policies sod attend to the other business
of the Agency, at the wareSonse of Atwood, Jones 3
Co. spit tlthl. P. JONES, wiser at
a. ➢AIILTBOWSa. ; 4 1. 1[1134.1
. .
TO---- - C - 14111111 - isiO - N MBECIIIRTS,
No. 59 South Wlntreals ai:9 No.
IiLL 117 South Water n.
EG9 to lath= the train and dealers generally, of
Pit s Mnrehqltat they 4ie made such arrangements
or - oli the Vo•ploia niduntadinrers sad the Growers of
the West, %San Indies, andbdier places, m wtll insure
a large and constant auppli of the follovring desenp.
tiori of Tobacco, which adio be arum accom
modating Lerma as any otit6r house in this coy or disc
where, sad all goods:ordered from them will be war
ranted eqiul to representatirim
Havana.; St. Domingo, Com,
Yara; Pam Biro; Peruess, }Semi Leaf to-
Cana; Iguich Florida: Mean;
ALSO—Branch's Celebrated Aromatic Stag Caven
dish, with a largeraisormtedt of ether popular brand',
and qualities of pounds, L tn We, 16a and Mas, Lump;
ss, 6, ha and 10a PluiG a' Twist; Virginia Twist,
de, meet and plain, in w ho le sad half boxes, wood
and no together with awed va ri ety of article belong
ing to Me trade. • jeledly
Camminsion Biretta% and Porwarder,
( Or hammier altenuoti; paid to Me puretuulttg of
o any article or grottoee i§ this market. Also to the
formardsng of liooda generally. Refer to
Aleuts. John Borasey, Jc Co,
C uania& IStonktrelt}Cincionad, 0.
B. . Parithmit, Ewa',
Lippincott* 00.
Kier & t }Pittsburgh, P.
EogUoh Bennett, martimiget
. _
Commission and gesiorar ding dteretasint.
no. di Woes fry rrressinion,
IONTINUES to littinsacUit general Commission tan
k/ new, especially in the purchase luad sale of Assisi
can libuitufastures and IProilaca and io receiving and
foranuding Goods consigned to gare., As Agent for
the Manu f actures, he wilties conlianly .applied with
the pritietkml artiOla of Pittstmrgh Manufiwtare at the
lowest wholesale Pticeart'Orders and consignments
are rex. etfuli winched.: i 97
nianu.if:_ Yl. F. Pi 1721•11. aso. L Toartsux.
1/0111110111111:,G00111188101 1 1 MERCHANTS,
No. 161 BoOorid straet
mek..47103m.: - : •"' ST. LOOS, MO.
t...! FADES, SIMMS, A —6O do Spades . and -Sho
vets; 40 do Amato F • 20 do Grain Shovelm 60
do Socket do; Ales, II ma Mattocks and Pick.,
Bellows, %%cc*, &c.,fer • at manufacturers prices
by noyili :: HRH COCHRAN. 2G wood H
. . .
MAD :011121, 101ef F. Quiet.
ITALNUFACTURE.E' .9 pY taring and blister meal,
DLL plough steel, steel piltrugh vine, coach and alipj
no somas, hammered bed axles, andAnalem N mal
!cable catnap, fire tegiaeatunpa and couch trimmings
generally, caner etßoss - juad Fma% na. , Patsburgh,
Pa. febg
noveisible Paltering Cook,
Which iyers nubld water pare by
removing mbstances not wiloble to
sp - wake. ' crown water in N. York,
• althea* and pare to the eye, yet
1/ j when it posseswt hour throosh this
Witting clihk,, shows a large aeposit
Winne stastanees, worms, &a not
is the t ee e, more oriels with all hydrant water.
The Reversible Plltereras neat end durable, and Is
not attended with the inedriverdestee incident to other
Falterers, as it is cleansed ,Without being detached from
Me water pipe, brtaerelf taming the key or handl.
from one sole to the. other. tip Ma easy proem, Ma
motor of water Is Outsell, and all accumidations fo
Impure substance.. are &wen off almost instantly,
without unscrewin g the Valet. It also possesses dm
advantage of beinta stop toek,amd as mob In many
cases wall be very convelient and economleat.
It can be attached where, there Is any prams high
or low to • cask, tank, OS ite. with Wise. To be had
of the sole Agent, W, W. WILSON,
outs? -nornervof Ranh and Market ats
FAA - hand.Me Family Carnage, for one
or two borsts,Trailt bb Philadelphia by a celcbra
ted manufamarer. This tmliage is In every respect
• firstvate article„.madelkith all the modem improve
sunny lined with blue cOoth and finished In superior
manner. It is endiely I,AT, and sold (or want of use.
Enquire of ' A LEXANDER & LAY,
mySt 75 Market st„ff W corner at the Diamond
(CEEB.-11aSing made armingemeats fora con
mypt apply of: PACTOHY FINDINGS, we will .11
low prises Cairtod Stiep Roles Skins, Lace Lea,
Met, rickars, Ikeda, Shaine', Hemp Twine Treadles'
No .3 So vs lieltPimeheitYkrenches, Stripping elude,
tom la in; Patent Dresser Urusties, Weavers' Drell.
k e . 1...0GAN, WILSON & CO.,
OS Wee street, Pittsburgh.
Biaserssersars,frolsur Plttsburiga4) Pa.
Warehouse, N o ;• 131. Wood aired, Pittsburgh.
WWlLLieenitsralil keep on hand tr d l" net.
went of War. at our 01 ,, 11 man Ware, and
"Prifoslanlar.. , Wholesale and eonntry hk,.
ehants'artrrespeei Any invited CO c all ~ di
"UM; for Medlreiree, in we are determined to 6011
cheaper than hazer er Wore been offered to the pub.
LIC. • i ,
S' Orders sent to math accompanied by 'though or
ar reference. ledl be nf omo o, o „ otto o to. moo
jAV S K E" —AI d'U/1..<44C rmna Calf tains, a
rery fine ardele.;;A fare &s e e. prewle r lchia
Slrins, Gam. dm • mfmatAr•lorr of II Of Crnwfo in
which the attention of boot makers Is Melted nst
j > and toe war bt.; • W YOUNG & Co,
143 liberty at
ATTORNEY KT LAW. 'Office on Fourth .trees,
between Cherry alley and Grant st. rnyldly
Butter, Pa
Miltalso attend to collections mad all other host
s. entrusted to him in Butler and Armstrong
cantles, Pl. Refer to •
J. & R. Floyd, Liberty st.
W. W. Wallace, do
James Marshall do Pittsburgh.
dly Kay & Co., Wood at. ) Jan 7
T B. BWEITgra, Attorney at Law, dace ad at.,
t./ s oppoute Et Cherie. Hotel, Pittsburgh, will alio
attead prontpdy to Collections, In %Wallington, Paged*
and Green °multi., P.
Bleeknock, Bell & Co.,
Church & Caruthers, }Putsburglt.
p. T. Morgan, eeladly
y and Comaellor at Law,
. d alia in ." al a ta n, tl l ,:titi a A a i u 7 K Cill m ea , 67 pro in m Soa ry th . era .d_c O e b n. lo:
tally attended ta. Come.' skater far th a k.o tat wi a ,dm ot
cylvruria, for taking "
Haig To—Hon wm. B 11 & Bon, Carta., Church &
Carothers, Wm. Hoyn, Esq., Willl,ek & Dan.. aZ
I• 1110 nownoe I. HAMS= MAMA
DUNLOP at SEVinZLIVIOrttny Law, Mena on
Smithfield, between and 4th am.
ATTOANEY AT LAW, Fourth street, between
Smithfield and Grant mtil-dam
0. H. ROBINSON, Attorney al Ler, has re
. moved his °face to the Exchange
rt. beat door to Alderman Johns. ap
4 (Gneeessers to &Mord & nag) 4/0 6
Pamatonable flatter's,.
Corner otWoosi nerd FJA Streets.
Prricutes attention paid to ear Retail Trade.
Gentlemen eau rely upon getting their 11. and
Caps from oar establishment of the MT xamenses and
womnasexescr, of the 1...1,21i MUM, and at the LOW=
Country Merchants, purehaaing by wholesale, are
mi.-cad!) , invited w .11 and exanune OW Stook . as
we can say with confidence that as regards qualm
and rotes, it will not antler Ina connaarlson with any
house le Yhiladelpala
CALIFORNIA HATS-12 dos water proof
California Hats, just received end for sale by
IfrCoRD & Co,
teb27 corner eth and Wood sts
?Wealth a. Co. real introduce an Smut.-
..41d March :Id the Sing style of ATS.
Thorn in ay s
want of a neat an d superior hat, H are tort
to call at corner of sth and Wood streets. marl
boa now open a mpply of spring Bona. Ribbons,
of new and bandsman styles.
Also, new style figs! Neum Lisle Lanes and Edg
bogs; Ltaen Edging.; Yietelril dm plaid Muslin, and
Jaeonets, embroidered Swiss Meals., &e.; beside.
large assartment of Spring. Good. generally, at north
east corner 4th and Natant street..
Wnnlnowl. Seems an at•lrc • and
• Ri t io BB 2 fields .
re b n' rLse
and iNur
themselves in many ways. They are often disabled
so as to be useless fora long ume. If immediate are
could be made of R A. Fahnestock & Co.' Rubefa
cient, and Me trained part well saturated, and the
remedy rubbed in It would give relief and nun the
pain No farmer should be without this celebrated
medicine, as it ls alike healing to roan or beast Pre
pared andsold by II FARIVkTOCK Pc Co,
comer 'of Wood and in stm also, corner eth and
Wood. myl7
MORGAN'S WORM KlLLER—Another proof of
the triamphant 1111torll• of Morgan's Yen:tillage.
Prnistriguan, May 10, IS
Mr. John D. Morgan—lf my name l• of any use to
the surering community, in regard to the article of
rarrwo 'eN :kri u'v-° aarrurterd r e-l'l'wt`m°°!lten:
came unarmed, and very }doily to, when I tricot your
renowned Yerriuturre, and astornahing to tell, one of
them was delivered of about fifty worms ifteesitoches
long, of the most frightful kind, resembling more the
appearance of eel... The other child was delivered of
alscad 2tl. The children are now doing finely. You
may well be proud of your Worm Miler.
Yours truly Dram Sagas, Virgin alley.
Prepared and sold wholesale and retail by JOIIN
MORGAN, Druggist, Wood street, one door below Di
amond alley. milt
Aissornery Crrr,l3d Weed,)
April 20, 1545. $
Mr. R. E. Sellers: Being afflicted for some time with
cough, which was so severe io to unfit me for my
daily employment. Frequently after coughing, I have
been so much exhausted, en to be obliged to sit down
arid rest. Hearing of the good erects produced by .
your Cough Syrup. I concluded to give it a trial, and
aro happy to
mhos produced the desired effect my
ease. Afte It one night, th e cough was abated,
and I am now perfectly well. ham Joann.
This pleasant and popular Cough Syrup is prepared
and sold be It ESfriLLERS, 17 Wood street. Sold
also by Drug - gime generally in the Iwo cities and
irony. mill
SAVED II Ell. LlFE—Sellers' Vennifuge is the aiti
elm. Luang/tom,Jan 83, 1841).
Mr. L. M. Wilsun—Dear Si,: The vial of
Vert:tillage 1 bought from you some time ago, brought
from Ely gal s old, the muntatung number of 5
hundred Wo rm.l belay. es she vrould have Lived a
very stunt time, but for this enedietue..
%Vet. Smear, Jr.
Pr pared rind sold by A E SELLERS, 57 Wood st;
sold elan er Druggists generally in the two eines. and
. . .
Dr. Kost's Celebrated Kemedia.
IR.:JACOB S. ROSE, the discoverer and sole pro
prietor of these meat popular and beneficial reed
.ls, and also the inventor of the celebrated maim
meet (or inflating the Long., ineffeeung a cure of
Chrome diseases, was a student of Mot eminent phym
utast, Doctor Pique, and Ls a graduate of the Universi
ty or Pennsylvania, and for thirty yearn since boo been
engaged In the Invmugation of disease, and the spot,-
mason of remedies thereto.
Through theme of his inflating tube, in connection
with hid Prophylactic Syrup and other of his remedies,
he has gained an unparalelled eminence in- coring
thong dreadful and fatal maladies, Tubercular Con
sumption Connote , Scrofula, Illicumatimu, Asthma,
Fever and Ague, Fevers of all hinds, Chronic Erystp,
las, and all those obstinate diseases pecithar to females.
Indeed every form of disease vanishes ender the use
of his remedies, to which humanity I. heir—not by the
use Of one compound only, for that I. meompauble
with Physiologieal lsriv, but by the use of his reme
dies, adapted to and prescribed for each peculiar form
of disme.
Dr. 805 e.% Tonle Alterative Pills, when used are in
variably acknowledged to be supenor to all other, as
•purgativ e perfectly free or hoer pill, Inasmuch as they leave the
bowels from eostivenemn 33.• also his
Golden Pah to admitted by the faculty to possess pcca.
hat properties adapted to female diseases, but being
mashed that a bare trial at sufficient to establish :hat
has been said in the minds of the most skeptical.
The alined are tended to call upon the agent, and
procura(gmits) one of the Doctor's pamphlets, giving
• detailed account of each remedy and Its application.
For hale by the blowing agents, as well as by most
Dry/Mists throughout the country:
J delthonataker A Co, 24 Wood street, Pittsburgh;
J MTowaseed, damps; 43 Market st
Lea A Beckham - near the P.O. Allegheny c
Jos Barkley, Da r city,
linon, Beaver meow,
'no Enna Valley, .
T Adams, Beaver,
iftwo: , Lwr
Bs e v. Columbiana co., 0., Apr. 04, 1841.
Dll. D. JAYNES: Dm Btu: —l feel bound to you
and the :aimed public, to avail myself of this op
ponualgiving publmity to the extraordinary effects
of your Expectorant on myselL Llav2been afflicted
for sever years WWI a severe ran hectic. fever
and its Concomitant diseases, mid see only doomed
to linger outs shon but miserable existince, mull the
(all of IKI3, when,
being more severely attacked, and
having resorted toall my former remedies, and the pre
seriph°. of two of the most rexpe ctable physicians in
the neighborhood without deriving any benefit, or the
consolation of surviving but a few days or weeks at
farthest—when the last gleam of hope was about to
vatunhO bed recommended to me your Expectorant—
and blessed by that Being who doe• all things in the
use of the means--sail contrary to the Expectations of
my physicians and friends:o was In a few days raised
from my bed, arid was enabled by the use of • bottle, to
attend to my bemires, emaying unce better health than
I had for ten years previous.
ReSpectfully yourn to., Jae. W. Emu.
Fat sale in Pittsburgh, at the Pekin Tea More, 79
Fourth street. mend/
Dr. McLane in Tenn
I , HIS in to certify tlmt 1 purchased one vial of Dr.
MoLane's Worm Specifte, soma two 111011til, ago
and gave to i sou of mine some seven years old, two
=spoons fdl, and although the ammo moy appear
Largo, yet I have no doubt bat there MU upwards of
two ,raeasarra worsts passed from h o, Ineasaong
hum one quarter of an Mob to two man er long.
Itotev en*lt, aural co. Tenn., No 1 - 1;47 . ja..14
O Courascs, /an. EW, 1E49.
Mr. E- E. Bellerw—Your Venallego has mud well
as ,
gad dbeen high y spoken of by ail Who have used
Froth the sheen .Cllang the adounistration of
you e Vermifuge in every ease I have heard or, I am
cowl dent I can sell more daring the coming season
than I did last. I will be glul w receive another sup
ply . 1 . . 4 or gr°" " Y"L'ir
from letteri R. CARTER
an p dZld by d lVat ' s m ts b g y enevirii - y, in Pinar, ' a b ri;: v and AI
legkincri legit
. _
%IRE subscriber has re; noved tos Wholesale Goo
W Store to
next the Cornet of Ilanenek street and rine
attent harf; dear o the Perry House.
rech27:dtf JOHN F. FERRY.
Foreign and Domestic Liquors.
A GOOD assortment of Foreign aM lanesuo U.
-D1 surn, always on b and and (or ode in qusucities
to still poncho son, by
E havi,some PUMPS, made on m improved
pima, so Ss oat to free= m the coldest woodier.
Persons No sung such articles, an invited in call and
see them at SCAIFe &ATKINCON'S,
la nommen Wood Market es
SLINDRA Hot Lard; 2do strange; a esks
Bacon, assorted; 6 bbls Flaxseed; 9 bogs do; 4 do
Dry Peacb oi 4a do Fe.ttherst do litaseits, to i re,
for mile b!, -18e1AR DIUKEY & Co,
ax Front sr
WOOL elm Wool, Ido Feathers, landing from
TT Lk. Id Line, and for oak; by
TutO PRlNTERS—Printing Ink, l'rorn Me manufacto
ry of J. U. kl , Creary, New 1 °Lk, in cans and kegs,
ak lb. upwards, and (Corn 25 eta to al per lb. Al.
so veil, blue, green and yellow lots, Ls eons of k lb. to
lbsi eons - tautly for Gam. Having ale d Mr. Ill'Crea.
17's ink in our office for nine months pain, we warrant
10 MAIal to any that Is made at any other amonNeotT.
jatgb corner Third and M arhat,,al"
uNt iiMES-74 bores Cotton;
IJ I 21 Md. No I Lard;
• 1 bag Fituotesi
2 " liarden rear.
64 " Fraditersi
7 " litnsang;
" Wool.
Now Waigg from Camberitad, No 2, for We by
JO ISAIAH DICKEY & Co., Front si
•: 1 ' . HUR§ iAY MORNING. JULY 26, 1849.
HE co-partnership heretofore elssting between the
subscribefs, In the Moue of Constable, Burke tr.
Co., is this day dissolved by mutual Cl:onsets "lean.
Burke tr. Humes will settle the business of the COOL
cern, fqr which purpose they arc authorised to use the
name Of the concen. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The undersigned have this day associated themselves
in the name or BURKE es BARNES, for the purpose
of manufacturing Fire Proof Safes, Vault Doors, he.
!cc., at the stand the late no Of Constable, Rorke
& Co., where they will be pleased to receive the pa
tronage of the custome,of that tense and their friends.
In retiring (torn the firm of Constable, Burke & CO,
I with sincere pleasure recommend Metals. Burke &
Dames to the confidence of my friends and the public.
lIE parmershlp of DIURPRY lc LEE is this day
dissolved by mutual eouseaL The business of the
late firm will ha settled H. Lee. J. R. MURPHY,
Pittsburgh, Jan. MX, 1b49. H. LEE.
NOTICE—The undersigned will continue the Wool
baldness and attend to the We of Woolen Goodket
the old stand. H.
In retiring from the firm of Marphy& Lee, I take
gwat pleasure in recommending Mr. H. Lee to the
confidence of my friends end the public.
Pinaburgh, J. R. MURPHY.
TDubai:Where liaviiilniifay - associated theni
wives together for the purpose of transuding a
wholesale and retail Dry Goods and Grocerybusiness,
at No WO Liberty, opposite Seventh street, ender the
style and firm of DUBIiFIELD A HAY'S.
old i us ' e u" t e
T ol i rs B tad the public an invited
Tithe at a coll. 1. 5
St/IFlblTlEl d N i Zrenrs h itiTe:r n ty d' O th the Tin,
' B+m of
Copper, and
Also, t h .f..b,, b oot;;:l7.`iff, u 6 'l'7,. the old
sited of Wm. B. Senile, Fleet ' street, n e ar W ood. at
Particular auenuon given to steamboat work.
HAVE this day assoolated with me in the whole.
I sole Grocery, Prodnes and Commission business,
my birches Joseph, under the (Inn of J. DILWORTH
January 41849.
n 0-PARTNERSHIP-AV:a. Yowls howling thin
doy associated with hint, John R. hi`Cane, - theleal
dm. Inniincas will lima/tot be conducted ander the
firm of Wax Yowl & Co. WILLIAM YOUNG,
lan3 IMO. R. &MUNE.
V': 1r fr..i.M7stl,,wrlA-omdra
N 0.63 Woos.
iblearly opposite the Si. Charles Hotel ,1
P1TT13141.1 RGI.I.
g 7 English, Prerieb, and Germ. Reeds:ors and
Magazines, and Newspahwn imported to order, prices
of which may be 'ascertained on application to Mr. L.
Catslogons gratis. emit
II mg special and independent works, edited by wri
ters distinguished In the canoes departments.'s Dictionary of Science, L'teratore and Arts
Copland , . D,ctiontry of Practical Medicine; Johnson's
Farmer's Eneyeloptedia; Lpodonls Encyclopedia of
Gardloing; Leuden's Eneyelopsedia of Pluds; Loa
don's Encyclopedia of '1 rees; Dictionary
of Commerce; tiPCalliwb's Dictionary of Geography;
Urns Dictionary of ens and filannfaetareet hoopoes
Medical Dictionary, Watereton's Cyelopmdla of Corn-•
meree; Political Dictionary, 2 rola. evoc Webster and
Parks' Encyclopedia Domestic Economy; Azoliouls
Cassical Dichotomy.
-These books 1110 fall of Informatloa of the best kind,
arranged and presented in the best manner. For sale
by 100 JAMES D LOCKWOOD. 63 Wood at
1 - 16/41 - ESTIC ANlALSLit—litstory and
1/ of the Horse, &tole, Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Poul
try. and Farm Dogs, betth direetiorm for their manage
meat, breedtog, m ar ke t ., feeding, and prepa
ration for • profitabAlso, their Diseues
and Remedies, together with full dirtier.os foe the
management of the Duey. Hy R L Allan. 12rao,mith
numerous illestgadorus For sale by
1.-IBnts on Public Arekneeture, prepared, on
behalf of the Building Committee of rite Dinithsonlan
Luticanon, by Robert Dale Owen. in largo guar*,
elegancy printed, with 113 illastrittions in the but
sole of the art
IL—Green on Branching, second VINOD, IVIVIJC4
and enlarged A treatise on diseases of the air-pas
sages; comprising an inquiry into the tummy, cannt4
and treatment of those affections of the throat, ended
Bronehnis, Chronic Laryngitis, Clergyman'. Sore
Throat, tee. Ac. By Horace Green, A. fd., M. D., An.
Plates improved and carefully colored. Royal Fro,
gilt tom 63,00.
111.— Now ready, the 4th edition, revised and enters
ged, with additional tllutrations, A Treatise on Land
scape Gardening and Rural Architecture.
For sale by .1A3.1F.6 D. LOCKWOOD,
63 Wood street,
For many years connected with Messrs. Wiley A
Putnam, and late John Wisc.', New York.
Air. 1.. has tut returned from the Eastern chick
rill I
ritIADLEY'S NEW - Witilif—The Aticrsuritank,,or
Life in the Woods, by .I. T. ileeley, author of
1 -Wubloguut and ha Generals," etc.
The Life and WriCrtgs of De Witt Clinton, by W.
W. Campbell, author of -.Border Warfare." Jost reed
XTEW BOOKS--A - History of Wonderful love:mons,
II illustrated with numerous engraircaga on wood;
•ol mustm.
The luearnaco, oe plc.:urea of the Virgin and her
Son, by Chart. Beecher, Fort Wayne, Indiana, with
on Introductory essay, by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe.
.11.411 reed by JOIINnTON b. SIGCKTON,
sur corner 34 nod Market sin
Valuable Hooka.
ELLIOTT A tiNGLIcH, 710 Wood street, between
4. and Diamond alley, have received s large
supply of 'Theological and oilier works, among wb.eb
ain the following, via: blimelnaneons Essays and Dot
courses. by President Hopkim; Chris. is AIL, Law nod
Gospel, by S. H. Tyug, D. 0 Life of Do Witt Clinton,
Living Orators of ASEMIICA, Republiem Christioniry
by Magoon, Man. Primeval by Hams, Phrotology and
Mesmcrism, by Rev. N. L. Rine, D. D 4 baptism, tta
Import and Mode, by Llorelteri Ninewth and Be
rnal.; Moormanm of the Bible, by M`Forlane; Emmest
Ministry and Charnel fn Eames., by J. A. Jamem
ward.' works, 4 cols, now edition; J.M. Mason's wort
complete; Cowper's Life and Worm. of Cowper, Fle
ming on RI, and Fall o' Papacy,• Turreibluebi Theal.
ogy, Cyclopedia of Moral and Religious mbecdotes,
Furst • Nairauves a! Popery, Christ Receiving Sin
ners, Bible Evidences fir the People . ,
, by J. Cumming;
Modem Society. Modern Actionspl, ' , MA, Haldane
on Romans, Origami Though. on Scripture, by Cecil,
now best pubb•hed; Life of Pollak, Natural History of
Enthuaiasm, Middle Kingdoms, Lecture. on Pilgrims
Progress, Beecher.
BY ES PRESS—The Rill INtliculty, and soma epee.
Menne* of Life in the plains of Ease, with other Alle
gories, by George B. Cheever, D. D., with Portrait of
anther A few copie• reed and for sale by
my lb ELLBITT & ENGLISH, W Woodni
BOOKS!`.-ZTl.Nesiiiimeric. Gardener,
_UM by Thomas Li Fesseuden.
The Now American Orchardist, by Wm. Kentick.
The Complain Farmer and Rural kierniocust, by Fan
Modern Domeade Cookery, by Wm A liendersom
Just reed by JOHNSTON b. STOCKTON,
my 14 corner market nod 3d so
NEw RELIGIOUS WORKS—Thotiglits on Public
Prayer, by Samuel Miller, D. D., L. L. U.
Tbought. on Family Worstup, by Jame. W. Alex.
ander. Just received by
1A.9 - 11Goitigeteiristrirris, — or the Heroine of
Domestic Lae.
History of King Charles the Second, of England, by
Jacob Abbott, with engravings. Just meld by
naylo corner 3:1 and Market ala
I AMES D. LOCKWOOD, (for many years connect
s, ed with hleesrs. Whey and Putnam, mad late John
Wiley, New York and London,) has established a
Boeksellmg lions. at N 0.33 Wood meet, between 3d
and 4th streets, where may be found a valuable collec
•UTHORS, at prices as low es in the Eastern ces.
views !Magazines, Newspapers, &e., imported to order.
CIETIES are entitled to receive their books day t free.
lErEnglish and American Catalogues
por edfamish gra
tis to all those who dealt . a them, or um taml to
J. D. L will alwaye behappy to he to ladies and
gentlemen hie books, and impart to them any intorno.
non which he may posse- regarding HI
its Remain!, with an account of • visit to the
Chaldean Chriattans of Kardlstan, and the Yemdts, or
Devil Worahippers, and an inquiry into the manner.
end acts of the ancient Mayo.', by Austen Henry
Liiyard, Esq., D. C. D. Just rewd and for sale by
Ajt f lt:l2. g l.AM n Etx - 717C1e. ter andll:por , t i ts
valuable coliconou of English and Hooka k 3 Wood Le a lc o an n ;31311
in the different departments of Literature, which ho I
prepaied to sell as low as they Cla be obtained la th •
Eastern cities.
Enginh and ConUnental Hooka, Review., Maga
zine. and Neenspapers, imported to order.
The price of nor Review,. Magazine or Newepaper,
may ...ermined Go application to Mr 1..
Lngtish and American Ltaudogites furnished ratio.
Mr. L. intends to omit the Hll.aern clUel In a mar
day., and wilt be happy to execute any orders for
Hooks, Engravings or Metionery, m a &mall advance
on the cos.
SiLW BOOKS—LayardN Nineveh area to liomuna,
with on account of • visit to the Chaldean Chyle-
Ilanl of Kurdi•thu, end the Yenial., or Devil , WoNlitiv
pert, and an mouthy into the manners and area of th e
Ancient Assyrunns, with an introductory letter by D.
itolituson. V vola,octuvo, with about lUtillinstrattona.
Cheever's Lectures on the Pilgtuithi Progress. I not,
14mo. Prlco reduced to CA.
Crudes'. Concordance, condensed: reduced to 81.50.
Macaulay'. History of Englund, Harper's newed,
two vols. octavo—large prult and fine paper, per vol.
75 Celill.
OCeenins' Retire, and EngFah Leiieon• new ed.
improved. For &ale by R HOPKINS,
myll 42h et, near wood
DOORS! BOOKSP..—Untoo of Church and State, by
Rev B W NoeL
The Caorch In Earnest, by Res J Angel James
Advice to Young Men, by T 8 Arthur, gilt.
Young Ladies a
Essays of hlia—Cliarles Lamb.
Epidemic Cholera, by Prof Coventry.
Cyclopedia of blond and Religious Anecdotes.
Complete Work• of Charlotte Elisabeth, with me.
emir by bar hpaband. 2 vole, 8 no. Illustrated with .
steel plates.
Oregon and Callfonda In ISSS by NidGerhonanab
The late Expedition to the Dead Bea.
Proverbs for the People, or lll.trations of Practical
Gallons* drawn irons the Book of Wisdom, by E L
University Sermons, by Dr Wayland.
Elements of Meteorology, by J Brocklesby, A. AL
For sale by R HOPKINS,
my, Apollo Budding,
TaAlfFitiffiktralizOrinTllonsuutuott and ?rum
-1.1./ uve et/mutton of the Human Heins. A contribu
tion to Theological !Science, by Jahn Hants, D. D.
Lectures to Young Men on semen important sub
jects: by H W Beecher.
Charibingla Works, complete, 6 vats, Unto.
The looms afT 8 Antics, uniform ed. 16 vols. Just
reed by styli It HOPKINS, lth st. near mood
• • .. .•_ •
jaTHL9 establishment long and widely known as
being one of the mast commodious in the city of
Mammy, has recently undergone very exten
sive altemtione and improvements. An enure new
wing . has been added, containing immerses and airy
sleepmg apartments, and extensive bathing rooms.
The Ladies" department has also been completely
reorganized and fitted up in a mass unique and benuti
hal style. In fact the whole arrangement of the House
has been remodeled, with a single eye on the pqrt of
the proprietors, towards the comfort and pleudfe of
their Guests, and which they confidently assert will
challenge comparison with any Hotel in the Union.
Their table will always be supplied with every Bah
amans' and luxury which the market affords, served
oD in a superior style; while in the way of Wines, &e.,
they will not be surpassed.
In conclusion the pmprietors beg to say, that nothing
will be left undone on their part, and on the part of their
armistantsoo render this Hotel worthy the mentioned
patronage of their friends and the public generally.
The pnees for board have also been reduced to the
following rates:
Ladies' Ordinary, 51.75 per day.
Gentlemen'. a 1,50
N. EL—The Baggage Wagon of the House will al
ways bo found at the Car and Smambar. Landings,
which will convey baggage to and from tha Hotel, free
of eh ten
CO:LITft os num I.2xe er. arra an, errnmenun, Vu.
ElThe subscriber having assumed the manage..
mem of *Ma long established and popular Hotel,
respeethdly announces to Travellers and the
Public generally, that he will he at all times prepared
to accommodate theta in all things desirable In a well
regulated Hotel The House is now being thoroughly
repaired throughoet, and new Furniture added, and no
pains wntl Ib to make the Exchange one of the
very best HOtil, In the country.
The underkgried respectfull llens a continuance
of the very liberal patronage the House has heretofore
received. THOMAS OWSTON,
fehadtf Proprietor.
MINIM 07 107•70 AND GRANT 777.17[7. 71 . 7777710.1
THE' tuabseriber respectfully that
he has now.opened his new and excellent Hotel
for the:accommodation of travelers, heavier',
and the put& generally. The house, and (endear,
am entirely new, and no palm, or expense have bees
spared to render It one of the most comfortable and
pleasant Hotels in the city.
The subseriber ls determined to deserve, sod there
fore solicits, a share of pnblinpatronage.
0ct14411 JACOB HOUGH, Proprietor.
doer a, II ROMA 11 . 041111 AIM NTS an
nAPPOSTTE We Dank of the United States, Phila•
marYti Proprietor.
Scrip it Per.
HHKLEDER., at WoodwelPs, No NI Third street,
a offers for sa43 as elegant lot Chirkeriers Pia
nos, (Boston) at the lowest cask price,
for Pirmtrtugh,
Allegheny city, and County Scrip. They comprise
from 6to 7 octaves, and were selected by Mr. Chick.
ming for this market. Theyare warranted to be equal
to any to the city, having all the latest Improvements,
each as ciroular male, etc.
Boyars ,
inetted to call previous to porehiming
elm:lettere., mid, also, to brine with them some good
Judge, protamonal or otherwise, to lodge of quah-
IT of the above instruments.
N. IL—Written goararnees will be given with eae b
Piano, cladding the holder to egehhoge in ease the lo
aner= be proved in the lean degree imperfect, or
(malty. m74 K.
iShieklalt k White,
DRY GOODS JOBBERS, 99 *cod meet, uk the
attention at Merchants to their stook of AMERI
CAN AND FOREIGN DRY 0001)3, now receiving
direct from tiro, hen&
Receiving regular supplies of first goods daring the
season, Led devoting a large share of their attendee
to &Went Auction sales, they can eonhdently secure
buyers they will find It to their Interest to examine
their stock.
Jut received, lairs invoice, of new style Dress
Cards, Fancy Priors, Caul:news, Cloths, Sommer
Goods, Lan NVbrie Goods, Irish Linens, Tailors'
. 11 . 1=s ... an brown and bleached Shallop of van.
Indent and Antique Furniture,
83, Turn Srazer, Ihrrstraua.
2IEA large and aplendid . ,s. ..kcs..sss...
rumormient of Furniture, 771 4 :' , ,,,1 ,,, - -4 ;44
nimble for Steamboats, ~--:-. 4 ''' - '7,...
Hotels and private demi
lino, mammals . on hand end mode to order.
The present nook on hand cannot be exceeded by
any sournalactory In the western Country. Persons
wishing to purchase would do well to give me a. call,
as lam determined my pricer shall please. Port of
the met consists in— . .
. .. _ ..
Teta a Tetei . .
Buffet Emulate.
Lends xnz Chan; queen Elisab eth chain;
Tea Pol'll f , ntii Tables;
Toilet Tab em Lod. XV Commoder,
French lashoganyißedsteads; Piano Stools;
50 sofas wlth Plash and Hair-cloth meats
SO Mahogany Basking Chains;
40 dal Parlor do
311 " Panay do
25 Cave Tables;
SO pair Divans; 4 pale pies Table;
IS Marble top Dreassne krareamer
B robes,
W B Dearman. avi Book eases;
20 r ble top Wash Stands;
4 rQttomme,
B e r Bunt , Weft - Stands;
A tresylargestmonatent of common chain and other
, rnituno,so twescros to mantra,.
[l:r Steam Boss tarnished on the shortest notice,
.d On the most reasonable terms. deels
Chocolate, Coco", so.
W. Baker's American and Fronds Cliemolate, Prepar
ed Coeoa;Coeoa Paste, Orman, Cocoa Mein , . he.
TOmerchants and consumers, who would purchase
the bent products of Cocoa, free nom adulteratmn,
rimy nutrithoy than tea or code, and in quaff ty unmr
puled, the iubscnber recommends the above articles,
manufactured by himself, and stamped with his name_
His Drama and Cocoa Paste, as delicate, palatable,
and salutary dunks for invalid., convalescents, and
others, are pronounced by the moat moment phystetans
supertor to any other preparations. Ilts manufactures
are always on sale, to any quantity, by the most re
spectable grocers in the eastern Caine., and by then
agents, Hawes-Gray hco of Boston; Jame. ]I Bunco
& no, Hartford, Conn; Hussey & Murray, New York;
Grunt & Stone, Philadelptua; roomy v Brunthae, Bal
timore; and Kellogg & Bennett, Cinemnau, Ohio.
AL11•111 BAKER, Dorchester Mass.
For sale by aug3l BADALEY & Agit;
Wrought and Cast Iron Railing.
TE subscriber bell leave to inform the public that
they have obtained from the Feast all the late and
fashionable designs for Iron Railing, both for houses
emu cemeteries Persons wishing to procure hand
some pattern. will please call and examine, and judge
for themselves Ruling will be furnished at the short-
eat notice, and in the beet manner, at the corner of
Craig and Rebecca streets, Allegheny city.
angoN-dtt A. LAMONT A KNOX_
AlO I Gentry & Rayner'. superior sweet 3 IN;
"I . ° 25 do hl A Butler's " " I
19 If do Price & Harwood's "
21 do do do " "1 "
25 do do Pearl & Harwood " " 6&lb "
14 J Robinson " " I s "
57 bf do do " " "
10 do do Wm Dawson " • "
51 do T Wright's
37 do 13 Anderson
9 do L T Darlels
6 do It Macort's
9 do Broad " " i "
Jost landing from ateamer and packets, and IM tale
41 north water at and 16 north wharves, •
fr. Scan mporior sweet lb lamps. 'l3
73 half bra Webster Old super... sweat 53 lamp.
" Lawrence LaMar " 61
" Gentry & &weer " 8.36."
20 " Dupont (do la Euro) " 6, "
10" BleLeod ' 8.
25 " Lawrence Latter "as &ea plug
Just landing from ateamer, and for sale by
41 N motor st and 10 N wharves,
my3l Philadelphia:
W. & J. °LUNN. Book Binders.
UTE are cull engaged in the above business, CUTOUT
of Wood and Third streets, Pittsburgh, where
we are prepared to do any work in OUT line with des
pateh. We attend to our work personally, and ng
faction will be given In regard to its acumen andtadu
Blank Books rated to any pattern and bound sub
stantially. Books in numbers or old books bound care
fully or repaired. Names put on books In gilt letters.
Those that have work in out line are Invited to call.
Price. low. roygthif
gAVINO sold our cadre mock to C. If. Outer, with
• view to epilog oar old busittes., we hereby no
(or him the patronage of all our Mends and ens.
- Pittsburgh, Aug. 411,1849.
CH. GRANT, Wholesale Grocer, Commisalon
Forwanhug Merchant, No. 41 Water sr. .0111_
AA FIJLTON,BeII and Brass Founder, hem re
eunrand commenced bottle.* at his old stand
where he will he pleased to see his old custom
no. and friutda. . .
ChulrehAteambost,nnd Bells of every site, from 10
to 10,000 pounds, cast from patterns of the most approv
ed models, and warranted ts ba of the best materials.
Mineral Water Pumps, Counters, Railing, fix., toge
ther *lth every sanely of Brass Castings, it required,
turned and finished in the neatest manner.
A. P. the sole propnetor or Ilsserr's Awn-Arred
uon Insect., so Justly celebrated for the reducuou of
friction in machinery. The Boxes and Composition
,an be had of lam at all times. puAtly
- - _
A A l . og hltißON . ik k T i , s n , ltt i r . k , " , :tl , 7eiL „ stv L o . iTer;
and *Muslia'ry'llt noel
greater radii: au ' prTe ' es . : l ' ya u ru
wide bell{ make black hilts at cis; summer Shawls
at 76 and SLOB, most fashionable Visas and blantil
bw 0.5 416, Lawns and Maslowand els; beet
hlctrimaak Calicoes at el., usually
161; C.c.s at
et cds; Wrought Collars 8 eon; do Capes at SI and fir,
Florence Braid Bonnet., 02 and 75 cm. (Bores at ear.
Together with a general
a( good., at nose
ly one half the usual rates la
Scales, Cooking Stoves, 0 r Sc.
itg ARSHALL, WALLACE ,A.eo., Round Church,
in corner Liberty and Wood streets, munufactuie
and offer (or sale Platform, Floor mud Counter Scales,
of tha most improved qualiry; Cooking Stoves. for wool)
and coal; Egg Stove. of various a 5..., rector and
common Crates, Hollow Ware, &C. ho. They else
manufacture the Kitchen Range. which has given such
general sausfacuon to those having it in use, to all ci
which they would reapectfully torte the %neutron 01
the ciriccus and the subtle generally. oev/7-dif
Diaphragm Filter, for Hydrant Water.
* min THIS Is to certify that I have apj
pointed LOlngston, Roggen & Co.
`.,lc Agents for die sale of ironing , .
Patent Dtapraltgui Filter, for the ell
tieirof Pittsburgh end Allegheny.
for Walter M (iilwon, 349 /Headway
N. Yi
Oct. 10, 1848.
We have bean using one of the above antebis at the
ntkie of the Novelty Works far three smooths, on trial,
and feel perfectly Walked that it is a awful tnvenuon,
It we take pleasant lo recommending them a • two,
flu article to all who love pore water. Union will be
thankfully received anglynimptly executed.
kIESSELS• Jag - . n0wA1&u:46:.90":
No. Bi- Wood Farteli..Pyc • •
itrouLD call the attention of the public to their
present moat of - Paperilauginga, which for Ira
luny, Lroatity of anish,daraturnYand ennaPna") 4 27
surnesol by any establirldroant in the Won.
Besides o largo and 011 duartmear of paper of theft
ORM manufacture, din are now receiving a ithieet bat
portatiob of French and English styles of - Paperliangaz
ittes,purehased by Mr. Loot Howard, on° Erit.
now in Europe, consisting of
Parisian manufaanue,. 104:0 3 .Pgets, -
London do 6,0 0 0 do
Of their own onumfartme they havalAoo=
Wall l raper, artd 12,000 pleeesstuin
Merin. James Howard & Co. have wiled neither,
expense nor labor In their endeavors to Mal the east.'
ern wall paper establishment., both to gtollitferlitsa
ufacture and variety of pattern; and thetartSwatraitt•'
ed in assuring the public that they have stteellededi, -•
The whole assortment, foreign and home fttrintifitev
lure, will be offered on terms as low as those at visa:
ern manufacturers and =porters. Meb97altf
ket street
doe very high back Shen Tuck Combs;
3 medium u u u
9 a low " "
21 plain high u
14 " narrow beaded top u u
60 ° fancy top Build°
to u pleb,
20 gross com. Horn; 30 do: shell side, mutated 44.
ser, 30 gross corn hors Side; 3 doe shell dressing dot
19 dos Buffalo an doi 4 do irctit' bon do do; ¢0 do best
English Horn; It do 899 fine Ivory, extra size; 19 do
3 8 do do, In boxes; 111 gross El fine do do; 1 do comb
Cleaner,. aplit
(Successor* to Hussey, Hanna & Co.)
in Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Certificates
of Deposita, Bank Notes, and Specie—Fourth street,
nearly opposite the Hank - of Pittsburgh. Current mo
ney received on deposits—Sight Checks for sale, and
collections made on nearly all the principal points In
the United States.
The highest premien:4*d Ger Foreign and /merit.
Advancermude on consignments of Produce, ship.
iced Fame on liberal terms. • yd
Patent errosamer extmaion Tata, Sofa', .13orraus,
Boa. Cams, venting
rPHE TABLES far surpassing every other m
-1 vention of the hind now extant. They nun be caz •
tended ill= ten to twenty-five feet, and when closed
the leaves are all contained inside; they are made to
all sues and shapes, and are admirably adapted for
Steamboats, Hotels, and large private Sinn
ing when closed a complete centre table.
SOFAS AND BUREAUS—Three articles aim inval
uable, particularly to those who wish to ecouo
mire room, and convert a sleeping apartment Into a
parlor or sluing room, as they can be opened and shut
at convenience, and when shot, the bedding is enclos
ed. A vent envies in room and rent. All the bed
steads when closed form a beautiful piece of fernltrue
for a parlor or sluing room.
BOOK CASES -A neat and usefel article for parlor
or drawing room.
WRITING DESKS—For law offices, counting rooms,
and other aces; when opened a mosteonvenient bed
stead, when closed a perfect Desk and Library alone
is visible.
All these articles need no recommendation: the
beauty of the whole Is, they are warranted not to get
oat of repair. It will be for your interests to call and
examine the article,, at the manufacturer's store, No.
ea Third street, Pituburch. In addition to the above
advantages, they are pro3f 4 m i Tt bog.
amble , W WOODWELL
kg JAI NE.—Thn certifies, that Immediately *free
ha. ng attended my brother, who died of consumption
In March, 1841, I was taken sick with the Consumption
dr Liver Complaint, and was reduced to low with the
isease, that (or four years I was enable to Knead to
my business, either at home or abroad, being for the
most time confined to my bed. During the above peri
od of time, I had expended for medical attendance a
regular Physicians and medicines, to the amount of
Wok without receiving any benefit therefrom. In
July, 1143, I commenced taking Dr. Jayne% Medi
cines, and have taken them more or len ever since,
nid believe that it was by persevering in their use,
that I can now truly say that I have eompletely Teen-.
veted my health. I believe that Jayne% Sanative Pills
and Expectorant are the best faintly medicines now In
I reside in Springfield, Otsego minty, N. Y., and
carry on • furnace and machine shop In that plaza,
and am not Interested In any manner in the sale of the
above medicines. and make that certificate for the ben
efit of those adlicied. ELLIAH EATON.
Sprutgaeld, N, Y., Sept. 16 1848. la
Vg ANL! Eat:TT:RED TOIIACC - The si&wittror
Jjwould call the attention of the city trade and
dealers generally, to the followle; brands Tobsocos,
in store and to arrive, which being constinnwats at
rectrfo nanufacturers, be is enabled to sell at east
R W Crenshaw sa;
10 I '' Jades Madison 51;
St " Lansarune 5.;
" Attrabeas 5.;
21 f " Putnam S. and Is;
LS 1 " Roberts & Sisson 5.;
F 1 " Oscar Burl ss;
IS I " Johns & Levels I.;
3I " Warwick, saps Is
40 I " Henry & Janua hs, Ls and es
7 Pau IlaeLane 1 Narks aod—riraTaiadry7—
I)I)O HN WRIGHT & Co., are prepared to build Cott=
and Woolen Machinery Of every description, such
as Ceßding Machines, Spinning Frames, Speeders,
Drawing Frames, Rativray Rends, Warpera,Spoolers,
Dremung Frame', LAMS, Card Grinders, &r. Wrought
Iron Shafting turned; all stars of Cast Iron, Punt= and
Hangers of Me latest patterns, slide and hand Lathes,
and tools of all kinds. Castings or every description
Connoted on short cadre.. Patterns made to order for
Mill Gearing, Iron Railing,.&c. Steam Pipe for heal
ing Factories. Coot Iron Window Sash and fancy Ca
nn;. generally. Orders letl at the Warehouse of J.
Palmer & Co, Liberty street, will have prompt =en-
U 1341.
Refer to Mackstock, Bell & Co, 7. K. Moorehead ft
Co., B. E. Warner, John Irwin & bons, Pdtsborgh ; G.
C. &J. If Warner, Steubenville. ;amid
WlGllTMAN—Manufaeturer of all kinds of col
1-1s ton antl woollen machinery, Allegheny coy, Pa
The above works bring now in fun and successful op
fratton, I 11.111 prepared to execute orders with dispatch
or all kinds of machinery in my lute, such as
pickers, spreaders, cards, grinding machines, railways,
drawteg frames, spe , edera, throsstls, looms, woolen
cardwdouble or mega:, for merrhant or eouittry work,
mulmbiacks.tre.; slide and hand lathes and tools in gen
eral. All kinds of shafting made to order or plausgiv..
en for gearing (octanes or mills at reasonable charge.
Rxrxx to—Kennedy, & Co., Blankstock, Bell
A Co., King, Pennock & Co., Jae A. Bray.
k.i.t.e".,"1,T! t—COal, - ht'vreMl'du I att ' OßT
cock, between Federal at d Sandusky streets. The;
ere 00e makineand are prepared to receive orders for
every description of vehicles, Coaches, Chariot's, Fta.
roaches, Buggies, Plume. &c., &e., which from their
long experience to dm manufacture of the above work,
and the (actin., they have, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the most reasonable hulas with
these wanting articles in their line.
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate
vials, and Imams none but competent workmen, they
have no bean..n in warranting lbw. work. We
therefore ask the attention of the public to this mum,
N. B. Repairing done in the best moaner, and on the
most reasonable terms. Jsuatf
Thlionongrahela Livery Stable.
ROBERT H. PATI , MSON has opened
the large stable on First at, running through
S PA to Second at, between Wood and Smithfield
in the rear of the Monongahela Howe,
with so entirely new stook of Horses and Carriages of
the bet quality and latest styles. Horses kept to hve
ie the manner.
Parma Graded:ea Galvanic Away and Pain'
Insulated Poinfix Micheal and ocher
rrillB Is the only instrament of the kind 0,e7
been presented in We nosintv or Ehrorne tot med
ical parporns, and is the only one ever known to than,
by which the galvanic fluid can be conveyed to the h.;
man aye, the ear, the brain, or to any cart of the bod
send,either externally or internally, to • definite send,
stream, antliont Cloaks or pain--with perfect satety—
and often with the happiest ,accts.
This important appertain Is now highly
by many of the most eminent phyaicians 01 " E " c,=. f
try end Rorope, to whom the aMeted and others whom
it may concern can be referred. Reference will, also
be given to many highly respectable cithrea, whohave
been cured by means of this most valuable apparatus
of some of the most inveterate nervous disorders which
could not be removed by any other known mans.
Among vuious others, it has been proved to be ad
mi rah ly adapted for the cure of the following diseases,
vt.r nervous headache ad other diseases of the brain.
It is with tins apparatus alone that the °pastor can
convey the magnetos dald with ease and safety to the
eye, to restore sight,, or ogre anraurousi to the eat to
restore heanngi to the tongue and other organs, to re,
more speech, and to the venoms pans of the body, 4:r
the cure of chrome rheumatism, asthma, neuralgia, or
uc doh:weak, paralysis, or palsy, gout, chorea or it.
Vim's dance, epilepsy, wealuess from sprains, some
theca.* occultist to f emalu, contraction of the limbs,
lockjaw, etc. etc.
Rights for surrounding counties of Western Pa, and
privileges, with the Iristrriniellt, may be purchsgivil,alla
so tested for the Care of (basalts..
' Full Jeannette. wilt be given for the various aeon-
ncr for operating for the cure of those diseases end al
so be fully explained to the purchaser, and a pamphlet
put into his hands expressly for then purposes, care•
yprepared by the potentee. Enquire of .
rietlo.4ly WILLIAMS, Vine 01, Nutiord.
/FIFE numitien orate piddle lo respectrtury called to
j. the tollowlng earttheateic
AN. S. Essuis--klaving tested • quantity of Gold
weighed by yiur Areometer, I And the result proves
your instrument correct; and recommend tha use Of it
Mose going to Cadfonitc as the best method for ob.
Imams the red value of Gold. Heap. yours, '
J. B. DUNLEVY, (fold Beatcr.
Pittsburgh, Much 0,1&10,
RlSTlBlttlett, March s , IRO.
•Ma Eamon—Dear Sir: Hamm; examined th' Arco.
motor," miumiamared at soar rooms, I do not hen.te
to commend it to this our of thous gentlemen who WO
about removing to California in 'march of Gold.
It give. a close approximation to the specificvial
ty or metals, and will oertsunly enable the adventurer
to ascertain warn has placer is yielding GoLl.
mart/ Your., letip l Y. I. H. bPCLINTOCIL
N DI A RUBBER CLOTHING —J unt reeetved too thel
C.Mixonta Xl:podiums, a complete oneorunent of
Loom Elastic Clothing, at prima ranging from &Lb° hr
611 ',:so for suit of coat, pants and hat. For sale at the
linha Rubber Depot, No b Wood el
usT Fll,--" en
free more of m; so JawlY
I, celebrated ilnenumdh Plattos, aged instantly by
Taaluerg and me Sr great rserfor rar together
Olin a large asumnat. rosewood mahogany,
of my on manuntrit •d. The above mstrements aro
warranted as be perm.: to every realm., and will be
sold law for calla. F
• . .
deelP No rig WnM od door from fith
TfF. celebrated Hamra Rifle Powder, 10 kegs, ball
keg., glances mud cane. tor •alc by
tchl3 .1 $ I.IIL 011TII & .37w1m4 el
Pliiipratv• ra.tent
20 2 CAO.hd lust rrcolved per steamers Ivanhoe
and St Cloud, and for sale by
Mehl3 feu Liberty at
i rro urit for sale b
i t ,
mill a er Lawly aad 8t Clair Ws
• - -
VERY LOW—W. H. Motion OAR fall ito,
V =is doinmes Goods, as reduced pnou son
Tress LawchOinstuuns, Bistodrolsisios, Oren.
taws, Rahnsinsii, Sbasesi cods. Bonnet
-Ribbons, &lap. dlonstopi ddiutq Warr,
Piusons wanting =7, above, or any other
tit% • t o m, - Goods, swill
4q nrollin 41,,n0
co 4of 411. and Market ids: . .
Firm booixii rOlt Dll.ftirE;3 , -*AttiTiglV
iisertmesu or , Ire. Cit.
ticr-Ive, inch ssliolo.widte, Aln)*l *
iop p veff• tart platal3wiss44olamd Sid C .i kk '
lucalered4cc , uft bi.trod lae.WeWs4.ll fiat dis,
isila striped doissxo Altar* utortment-at te,
Goody nab as. pIaTS iumiiiirtgea , N ..eWLiceit , ..
ingwist rat nonheancortion4ll) mad Mlnot.sul , •
, Wholeplo Itpotas.upildne. ,_ . . illtk
I.=" - i A.. MK* At arsmitaiii
' „tab lid bet to:pponea oft Fdarfaalyillb.
'igik drtkit =di haviArblitecanikor dallmilmU bea
I 6E014 i. ilto guiat4n twititta:- Podiums *pi*:
Peso upda seelaugroods is LOWEIMATIOLika.
D 'mama OARPETS,trise Cuteetat **natant. a
.La Densele elevate eves agorae ill 4ty, far gale
at the Nete:Ca i pet 194roteeula 174bitaateek,'
UM* ektaceprtanittui Mese and MAP*
alatteleelowee than ever offered. is the market.
teho artua,lttaitsele Carps % that! eatt Deane
cateltseineeseatete: WCIANTOCK ,
isipatißailtd adopt.
are now.opetting ailritry terM mid doles U.
Wanted with moron:ln aural eanctlating the last few
weeks, is the New Tart and Yldladelphis IMAM,
larlutbracing a great larlets4l( 10.00eL every do
met the lama and omen teshltinable styles, and
portion of it having Men= trithe .I . IAST ,
MW' AUCTIONS at a greet from the reg.
ler ratee,me . are enabled to 0fixr.%114= 5 .,t1
VaL"rif eitherdi Irl""the, tE IO
wee re ore respee le ellori on 0
pa . blio to mar Stock, feeling confide= rem ability to
buyers in =moss every krithlin they May
Mar line. To the ladiMerneftnat7 commend
tair =oak of
Stu mm Dam SUM, et *des we hare a red
large and beaver= emerune= of the Mon style; and
most fultionablaselers.
Lunn Dans Goom—httetalln de Lehies,Poill 'do.
Chosen, silk, linen and mohair tostresuliabOod.
Lawns, gingham insures, EmllordtbaritT styles
English, French and Sea eh %whams, /[nee-,
hums in great variety, Be. &e.
Beams New style Bonnets, very cheap.
Blazon 13D Fiminem—Of the latest.l7l , H and ate*
rlor in quallty.
PaassoLs—A very large sad haaboutentoolt ofPus
mots, of almost every style end
Sziewm—A due &swarm.= of spring and arezolaer
Shawls, of all styles and prices.
Ferran Currits—A good supply of super • French,
English and American Climbs end to which
we would Invite the attention of persom such
ALSO—A fell andgenerel supply offihMing Cheeks,
Malang., broom mai - bleached Unties, Table Linens,
Sheeting*, Diapers, Conbries,thillings, mom= Quads
teens , and boys , wear, /saunas, Millar Sadist No , '
soots, Nankin, Prints, Menke:as, Crape, Cline LoMer
Cravats, Gloves, Hosiery, .11k HMIs, yells, tG it.
Persons wishing to buy by wholesale, shoed call
and examine oar *lock, as our prime me each as to -
make It their interest to buy.
ALEXANDER & DAY, 75 Market st,
anal northwest comer of the Diamond
MASON & Oa, No. MI Market street, have
on hand the largest variety of Ratbroideries
which they have ever ofermi. Their assortmeni con
sists In pan of the following goods, vim r.-
182 rich embroidered Moshe Cep., fro= 112.500. 5, 0 0
850 " " Co 1711051,00
503 crochet Collars, from 375 to 75
350 Lace " " Bto 125
700 Gimpttre" eli to 125
150 Jermy Lind " 625 to 1,00
180 moshn Habit& 50 to 1,50
WO pairs =alio " 371 to 624
A 1.., Mourning Col from LSI to 21c.
Call at tho cheap one price store of A. A. MASON
& Co, No 00 Market st.
+a—W. B.
, R. Moarny'hss thls enorninir ro-
Jeived by Express a lot of handsome awe calmed,
Breen and blot Bonnet Ribbons. Also, Mosey bisek
&Ms for dresses Vuites, par4lll., Sus LL-Es—A largo assothnent lateht recei
Won: Goons for dresses—theh as swiss and moll
muslina, Nammoks, e.e. Also, embroidered muslins
for dresses, all at lowest prices, at northeast earner
Fourth and Market streets.
Wholesale Rooms up stairs. mr4
%En i.INEN busTio&--W
r MUNIRIT how open a fall, assortment of .
above article., for dresses and caeki—among the lat
ter are some name colon, such as pink, blue, green,
also, pink, blue, green, and mode colon of Cha
meleon Law., end a large of eredirolale.
ed muslin, and Law..
W. R. M.'s recant purchase is now .1 received and
opem and persons wanting Dry Goods will do well to
look at lus large and fresh stock before purchasing—
. northeast corner 4th and market sta
Wholesale Rooms up aura
A RTIFICIAL FLOWERS—di miens!. for dtrufietal
Flowers, viz Nun tisane paper, spotted4o, Car
mine paper for cabling, Pink Saucers, Leavel of eve
ry term, bads, rip., and callow., eau be obtained at
F 0 EATON fr. ColTrimmirtg_Rlolo,
a. 14 OS Fourth at
EfifiralEßT—Worated paueres for tittomans,
Piano Stools, Table Covers, Travelini_liadsonth
a great variety of small patterns. Also, Worsteds of
ail colors and shades, b k r the pound, mate, Or dein
for gale by 1914 F EAT O N a, Co, 6i Fourth
S&CORD SUPPLY—SY R Murphy, at noralteast eor
nor of 4th and Market .t•• 311, hat bagmen his
seed= supply of seeing and smarms Gorrh, sad t”.• •
large assortment of Dress Goods of newest styles, and
staide Goods of every kind, all of which Mil he sold
lour: aP27 -
_ .
W I/
oYgti A Li Si Al t 6 1' GOODS.
A A. MASOA & CO, ,
Cft3131.613.4)NERS AND 1311 . 01iTEItS,
60 Maim Snout,
eI)RE miss opening the most ex tensive and varied
assortment of Spring and Sommer Goods ewer
.ht lilted in the Western comm . ), comprising upwards
of Kievan Handled C0,..1.3, purchased tq entire pucka.
ges Dons the manafactemrs, importenti . and hew artn
tiou sales, by one of the finn residing in New l'prk,
who is constantly sending us the newest and most
fashionable goods. They tom. in Pan
-100 eases rich Spring Prints; 3O eases id de Lain
" Lawns imdliluslitts 35 "- cotton and Linen
120 " bleached Musilittsodl(" Ingham,
30 " col'd Muslinsc
40 " shirting Checks tindl 27 " llipkas Conon.
domestic fiinghams; Ides and summer Pamirs
ILSO Brown Booboo
cases and packages of Bonnets, Flowers, La
ce., Ribbon, bilk a Shawls, Barnum Whltn - Coods,
Millinery Articles, Cloths mad Cesium:mg, Linens, 'Ho
siery nod Woven, an. tsc:
Cny and conntry merchants will find their stunk as
large and desirable ao Eutern stocks, and an 011011.
nation of theirgoods and prices cannot fail to con
omen all th at Kith their undeniable -advantages and
factlittes, they can compete versa ol,rt &areas Juana
This fact has been clearly demonstrated to hundreds
of their patrons who formerly purchased Ent Their
stock .111 always be found complete. so,
fin UOUDS, 1849
TENNEDY & s ewygn, corner Wood and Fourth
street, nre now receiving direct f ro m first hands,
a large stock of Fancy sod Variety flood,, in" iadier
Clocks of every vanety, gold and silver Watches,
Jewelry, French Prim a anotha Hooks and Eye!,
Gloves and Hosiery, Suspenders Gun Caps, and all
other ankles in thou line—all of ivhich having nova
purehased personally of the tnanuthenners east, do.
nngthe last 'miter, expreasly for . s.he Spring trade,
wiltbe sold wholesale at a small adVanee on coat.
Conatantly °attend, all deserionoa• of Looking Glow.
es, of oar own orannfactaring, Stamen oriOes mhl3
ULON IONSEVV, 07 Market onset.
ICOprs fine China Vases, ass'd; 175 acts twist and
cut velvet coat Buttons 10 One velvet Carpet Baltui
do do genes traveling; 100 groan Bossy Mk Bottom,
for dresses 10 dos Nall Brushes, subl; 100Ero tine
blk Vest Buttons, sued; 353 do do gilt and planed, do;
25 doe rosewood Hair Brushes 4 do Witshliglou do;
I do Barbers do, 3 gro Fish Lines Fish Hoek., Llnus
rick, No
JEWELRY, tee —5O gold loser Watches 50 do de
tached lever Walton% 10 do Louise doi 10 fine dig
mood Fmger Bingr, 1 dos fine gold Vcat and Fob
ChUns, I do do Clouds Breut Pons, Finger Mop,
E U,C/ Ri M h. tre ' .-400 dos Ladles Cotton Mous, ants;
300 do do Lisle Thread, fancy top, tcor 10 do gents ,
Mk Cloves; 19 do do kld 50 do ladles kid, smi.d; 10
do do fancy top silk.
VARIETY GOODS-75 pkgs American Plus Re.
boo Cotton CAMis 75 pa Paper Mute; 500C(Dribbed
Percussion Cum 200 ikro dress Whalebone dm 100doa
Iyoty Combs Droning Combs, Book Combsltc. to.
g• N. EATON a. CU. are now opening tam npring
• stock of Trimmings, COugitml; lr P.l l Pf Mu? .
r and Dress Fringes, limps, black and cad 811 k
black Flames Lace, Button, Brids, Boma
Tnromlngs, gents, Wiles and children@ plain Isrid rm.
Dosiery, Shins for men and bo)s,Corabs,lvort and
other F. Yam, Spool C o n n, Nee. Tapes, Bob.
bins, Pins, Esc. dn., winch they offer for s ale, bo th
wholesale and retell at Cur TrnamingStare,d2Fenrth
street, between Wed] and Market. y, soil
N16. - S - FtflING 000Lk11.—A. A. Stecos , g;(..e?,
60 CV
Illyket meet, are now opening 40 eases end
packages of cplondid ctoeapcial.g
PLayton, tducline, Bereges, IC de Leine., Oinghams,
ute, French Cambrice, Ribbons, !ACM.,
Shawls, Ellovu, Hosiery, and a general mom
inerft of Goods. metal
DECEIVED THIS DAY, Carpeting and Oil Cloths
of the latest and most approved pettems, and at
price. to wait purchasers, and cheap a, can be pm ,
chosed In any of the Eastem clues, cotarhi g the fol
lowing vanenew
atm Royal Velvet Plle CarpOtal
iiirminator Carpets, Rise hall 1 . 9040100
Tulastry do libelee.
Sup Royal Brussels do Tapestry stair ours;
Extra sup 3 ply do Brussel. do
Superfine do do Chemed° Rum
Extra sup Ingrain do Tufted do -
Superfine .do do Brussels do
Flog do do Chenille Doormats
Common do do Tufted do t„. do '
& I Tspe.trY Adelaid do ,do •
Damao be She akin do do
4-4, a..( 1t i .I , l'd Vs-
de 6-4 144 Em
dosedTabl Plano
e Covers
4-4,3-4 b. plain do do 64 wool do UN:
Cotton ingrain do 6-4 worsted and linen diklo
do Venedina do Brass Stair Rods
wo ol do IS-4 wool en cumb cloths
111-4 woolen do Stair l i in
6.4 do do 64 table do
English Table Oil cloths; Diaper do
Getman do do do do Creak
0.4 Floor Oil cloths; linow.Droji hisphkll4
7.4 do CIO do Oil3Uoll Fiwtitt
Y 4 do do do Purple do
4 do do do Maroon do
4-4 do do do Carpet Binding-,
Sheet 0,1 Cloths, of oowtoooop'ot Window Shades
Tuitry patterns, cut to fit
SLi"' the shove we are constantly receiving_maSeßng
took of C. rpets, Oil Cloths end Steamboat Triawarags,
to which we moue the attention of all who swish to Ga. their houses or steamboats as we will be able ID
er good. os low as they can be purchased in the
East, and of - the richest and lams . styles. Call and so
unde our cock before purchaidtg ems - where Ware
house, No 75 Foorth st: mann W. M'CLINTOOK.
- - • - • • -
Jo &
k W b HITE.
Dry Good• •r •,
0. PdWOOD STREET—Wonid colt the eltrentlen
of Merchants to lbw forge sweit of Domelalo
laud Foreign DRY GOODS, Just receivintiVore ther m .
porters ace Slianorscuarers, and which therWill sell
at very low rases for cash or approved etedlt`'i? • •
Oar .rcett is Ow (alt and complete, ,el4Well'eforth
the attention ofyero, es we are detormloort.4o 411
et math extremely low prices se outwit liallOYillce It
.0 IW! t snasideman kg stathanta N tioketbylyoryti
cu. .
VOL. XVI. NO. 300.
Yowls' MEN In wholesale and entail stores, and other
respectable badness, to am es Book-keepers, Sales
men, Porten,,Bapkeepers, Waiters, Emu.; Cormh
men, Cu Agents, Book sad Map Agents, C 011....,
Overseers in all branches of business, e.e." We have
at all times alarge number of good situations on hand,'
Which pay from MO to &LIMO per annum. Those in
erant of alumna. of Mad mould do well to give
utai, ea we have agents in each of the above ci-,
*Or which will enable es to place every applicant in
1 1Calitable situation at the demth eaned.* We have a
enenain in all e alio. named nines,.
wince we trust tanc will e cambia as ter give entire saber. -
IVO Wall who may favor ea with a eall:
: v TAYLOR & TAYIMAN, No. SP Second
between South and Gay.
' 14.11—Feraons living in any part of the U. States,
and wishing to °Mania damson in Baltimore, or el
ther a lit e ems'o cities, will have their warns
diamly attended to by addles... a line, (post-paid)
as by so doing they will eanaiFboth trouble and ea,
pawn, which May otheransetwoald incur by coining
the city, and acckial t utlegment (or themselves,
• Tio.6b Second street,
Baltimore, Md
WaLigi? MOS caaltPii.
WE HAVE ABDOMINAL WAIthlEll3 mado from
IT the most appromA - English pantie,
tt famished
and reeommeeded by Thomas agewell,m4., and
umber of eminent physician& being Iln"t
era apparatus for the, appLiestloo of .warm qe hot am.
ter to the bowels, in cue of cramps ih Cholera. As
Avery person is subject to saddens attacks, - no falsity
should be without at least mos
Jtd First sr, between Woodhad ?UMW
Lusproveinent tu-PlasuisZ• •
THU subscriber is. lust receiving an.
usortment of Pianos from ther factory
orNahns & Clark. N. Y, wadi rarer.
evince of exterior, beatoy of Walt
3Ad;uperionty ortohe and torch. iuryass any thing'
edict brought to .144. city. hir.Clarky of the above
funns, long and most favorably known as the rummy .
format; to the celebrated Piano establishment of
Broiulwaud, Landon, has recently ltaproved =apex,
reeled tbeTtanos of Minna& Clark, to sot ex- '
tonewhiabOnatiestionallyjenthlea thew tb the' repo...
DORM of beMg tha very brows emit as the. cheapcon.l
Pistiorto be got in hill country. no lot now opeo-
Ing,'Amuca ornb. the additional reemnaiendation of an
improve:me. nt ,in tho,rayle mid Ant*, watch -snakes
them at. onee the 'most elegant and tut thing snot
brought. Oat. , Tbeso.instnentents, together swim the =
noel on band, [anathemostemintsive,vaned and de- -
"treble assOitoirtnt enrer otreted dem, • all ortchlaWarill
he Wild maasCuttamis p&p, end on attmatt
ihag - tenns. 11.1.L6fIER.
atj. WocslwelPs, ea nirdst
N. B.—Tbe subscriber will be fond .at aim wag,.
Wane fromll toll A. hi, and 4 to 5 P.M.
Jue • EL IL, seta dgenttar Nana de_Clarlr
fiNIE subscriber offers for sale large and ' '
Aassortmeut of rowerood and mahogany grand M.
iron Pianos, with and without Coleman% celebnued
Malian Attentoncet The stems i125t1112126121.E ars war
ranted to be equal to any manufactnrcd in this carte-
U7,und will be sold lower than any broaigin from the
East F. Emirs% 112 wood st,
.9:d door abuse 6th
N. 11.--City Bektp will be taken al per for a few of
ha above assorunant. mpg F. IL
Paz Beep Al. Paz..
maim.JOHN IL Mir l o oo ,l3 l Wood street,
will sell gm Perin at pat*, figlowlng
rnnew and second band Pianos • One elegant rosewood 66 octave Pl
ano, made by Baker & Raven, N. Y. ... .. • • —11:12$ 00
Oho do do Of octave •——• • .90 CO
One rosewood octave, Gales & Co, N. Y.. • 275' 00
.One do 6. do do . do• •-- 250 CO. ,
One mahogany 6 do do marry now• • 200 00
One' do 6 do Land 0 • • 55:5 00
One do 66 •do Rosenbaum 100 00
One do 6 do Gannon •• • ....... • 50 00
One do 61 do R &AV Norm. •• .. ... 6000
One do 5 do English 30 00
sty 3
TORN FORSYTH, Moreharrt/Tailor, has moored
to No. 3.1 Market street, ono door from Second,
East aide.
Thankfel for past farm, he narpectfallY .imita a
conthmarteenf the patronage of his former customers,
and likewise thapatronage of as many new ones as
an °Nisi right stripe. .
Orders in the Tailoring line execated in the must
fashionable manner, and with dispatch.
Also, a fashionable assortment of, ready made Clo;
thing, of all kind& Cheap (or cash, amine.
Gentlemen. , Pang Gads in all their naiades
always on hand, sach a thirty Bosoms, Collars, Cm.
vats, Steclra, Scarfs, Hosiery, antwoders, Pocket
HMOs, Gloves, Drawers, Umbtyllas, &a Ea. Ike.
A tismumirr V'ti,,ysi'mart ' fro;A ' Rith
o ` ftte L lta o ie 71.TITs ' et ` il t''i t ''iMs ' pTn plress:ll7l 2ll"'es
111. esteem. in Bands, and other large cities has
beeh proverbial. His charges aro moderate, and his
auras permanent Old 'eases of Gloat, Stricture, Scro
fula, Fluor tabus, Rhaumailsra, Ague, Syphilis, or arty
chrorda or invetarate eases solicited.
A care warranteti, or chatggee eliutdeoL
from the B idge.
?o r TlVr l ieted. Advice to the poor g aol,
N. R—Dr. A. solicits the worst eases or anp discos,
in Plusbonth to-oall. apt4:dly
WILLIAM moose,
flatudeettner of Mural Water ippazatoz,
can 0. zez OOLDIZS WILX AND /0
No. 913 NOrth Bettered et. ab= l ifine . ,
AN experience of more than twelve years In the
manafacturing of Mineral Witten._ Appatants, end
the preparation of bimetal Watarinßoules and Foun
tain', on en extensive scale, with a scientific and prac
tical knowledge of of both branches of business, toge
ther with recent improvements In the construtilen of
the Apparatus and the preparing of the Water, winch
he has succeeded In adopting silted hL vhdt to Faris,
and after yew. <Kelt:tee study and practical applica
tions en applied to the arts in Mechanics and Mends.
try, enables the subscriber to come before the public
with entire confidence, and offer them the best and
most complete Apparatus, for the numfacture of Min
eral Water in Senile. and Feminine, that can be fur
nished to the United States.
He also flatters Mown that the enlarged success he
bit met with, end the prent extensive and daily in
creasing amount ofbis, beldam in both the above do
pammerus, farnishee the most coirrincing proof of his
claim to the superiority of Apparatus over thew clan
others, and of the minty and salubrity of the Wares
prepared therefrom.
Persons who order the Apparatus tram a distance,
may be summed that their Warmth:mu shall be falthfhl.;
ly cosopded with, and so packed as to oarry safely
either by Land or water to any part of the U. States.
To avoid disappeommern, his recommended to those
who intend sopplytng themseloe. Ma approaching sea
son. to forward their orders at as early a day as con
hound Water Apparatus, Genaraum, Pumps and
Fountains, Ornament,' Ums and Pedestals (or Stands,
Counters and Bars of Hotels, for, drawing H ydra
Water, together with Corking and Tying blan !tines,
and eurydring appertaining to the above business,
constantly an baud, and for sale on the loweit terms
for euh, • ssAcod&a
irAYENT. SWAB. I...S.UPS,—en annum"
• asuirtment of Cornelius & Co's celebrated mult
iuse, and superior to all taws in par, adapted to
elnarebn, (tambour, factories, dwelling* publie and
private halls, and to all other usesUhere is cheap, asfb
and brilliant light Is desirable. •
Also,Oirandoles, !fall Lanterns,Condelabrulabori
Shades, Wicks, oftimules, Cans, Thum .%ne.
Gan Chabdellers, from onou four is.
deed W W WILSON Id market st
. T • ' ESTEEM
§ .
urAmvii.v.—mos mbseriber takes thls method
o informing his ideas and the} übbe in general that
he has the hugest Meek of the Wowing nested ani.
saes of his own eranuthature la this eity—iladdles, Har
eem, Trunks and Whips, all of widish he will warrent
to be mule of the best material and by the but mech.
ink. gme r h, hi y county. Being determined to sell
his nuumfattares something tower than has bsenberes
wa r m 1014 by any similar establishment in the ebb
he world woo persons in need of the above named
artietes to his warehouse, N 0.544 Liberty strew, oom
ph. ppyospa -Alto, bands made to atter for =shire.
17. omiksly G. KIDIBY.
TlTTibbitlialriTEDlALll4 liltlyrraPrN.
NB Second Souk, of this Inialunion, under. th
or Mr. and Mr. Gathers, for the present
academie year, wUI commence on the dna of Februa
ry =non the same baildings, No. SilLibemy stmt.
Arrangenteou have been made by which they will
be able to furnish young ladles halides egeal to any
in the West, for obtaining a thorough English, .Clwir
cal, and Ctmamental education. A fa ems. of Phi.
lisophical and Mammal Leeurres will be delivered
during the winter, illustrated by apparatus. The de-
Ins Voc al and laummtultal Music, Modern
Lnndnagns, Drawing and Punting, will eachbe e4es
the ewe of. competent Professor. By close attend=
to the moral and intellectual intercom:tent of their pia ,
the Principals hope to atertra continuation of the
liberal parronsge they have hitherto enjoyed, For
terms, tee cinder pr apply to the Pruimpals.„
. . . . .
400 13BLS.
bun's. TANNERS' ally in harden= titan
014—C.onstandy oniated, bleached a enbleacii3
ed winter sod spring Sperm, Elephant and Whale Oils.
Also, light colored selected N. W. Coma Whale
suitable A. rellailLt.
hers are now prepared he supply 'llevlan's Pewit OW
io any quantity; machinists, manufacturers, /se-, aro
nut anted to call and examine the article. ceiti,ficates
of tts edieney sad superiority over utl other oil. , from
several of oar most extensive manufacturer., are la
oar ;emulsion. ALLEN & NEEDLIiS„ Agw, •
12 and south wharves, near Chmartat
fable-eodGm Philadelphia 2,
Tu rgo"ce toD'S' scost I c_enls -P24
new coostramthe. These InstromenLs points great
advantages over all others ever made, covering, a :14
lase Plate, redocing the time of sitting one•hatf, and ..
prodoesng a sharper, clearer and better defined pie r
tee.. They, thermos's, deserve the auenthth of all-str
aceengaged or Intending to eunge to the basineas.
pricefor the Tem
A. general astiortmenlit(Volgtinender's justly:tele-.
basted lustrnments, of all sixes, u veil u itagnerrests
grtg-neg,ll,4l4=ccion."Tti, Cibbs, s • is car ha
thonhad ages% for the salts a the - above lastromenu.
A WI ot Yneeecan be obtained by addressing POW.
Bxehliage;'Philadelftbsa t
Importers of Durnerreorgpo Materials, and liceeral -
Agents fat the sale of Vongtigmgeste Optical Inure
Hardly - aro...Cheaper than Hirert
T O( *N, & CO., importers and.Wbohials
LA Dealers in Hardware, Ceder): and filmkildOs`N-9'
121 Wood Street, above Flftb, bare now in atareaNcry,
cheap and well selected stook of HirdisakeibaDOkted
glace the decline of swim it, Haroye, and whtoh they ,
are deterodnednow..ll.corresporubserloro,lberebidost
who have been in the habit arsolag East,wpartieos,
larly mowed to call and look throollbmic isoctour . ,
wo confidently believe they will save thew exyacces;
BALUld11; nroluelavil
"reetibtfor isle by