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    EY lIAGNETiII TELEt;ll.leit
Fica.ADELente, July 21
One day later intelligence has been received
from San Francisco. Ir compritee the old smiles.
bowevee, - revamped. We tend yon the following
"At the mites, as yet, matters remain pretty
quiet; bat fears areuntertsined that, ere long, there
will be serious distort:anises between our country
men and the•Mexicana,aa some six thousand of the
latter have arrived in the . couatxY , and evinced a
moat tart:lntent diepoouioo. You may rest insured,
however, that should any 11110118 outbreaks take
place, they will be stirs down to a man."
PnuAntLtuu, July 24
Letters from Venezuela, under date of July 5,
state that Pace has again disembarked tit Coro, for
the purpose of meeting Monagos. 1
On the 24th of June a body of horsemen attack
ed the residence of Monagos, bat retired after a
few shout had been fired. At the same time a
number of people rose against the Government, in
different parts of the -plains.
Civil war has again broken out. Moringos has
assumed extrepnlinary power, and has arrested a
number'Of tb rebels. Prosecutions of all kinds
are the result ind while the Insurgents are with
out means, at, iiefs of Plana, tire Government has
full power, and is raising fonds by finned loans.
Much trouble, consequently, ta anticipate-I:Lt."' -
HORRIBLE, ArrEcurr A r
Ntw Yosta, July 24.
Loomis Rathbun, aged thlrly years, son of the
Proprietor of Rathbun's Elute!, In 'Moony, while in
a fit of delirium tremens, yesterday morning, at
tacked Ids mother with n rum, Coning her throat
from etur to ean.—baving first attempted to eat hts
own atonal. Faint hopes am entertained of her
The wielched inn hat been confined in a La
untie Asylum.
Theßaltimore train ran off the track on Son
day night last, near 'Wilmington, killing Mr. Win.
Sparks, engineer, and no is supposed, mortally
moriading a Leman. The pa.a m;015 escaped an
Now You, Joie 24.
Doting the 21 hours ending at noon tc-day there
were 69 eases of Cholera, and 35 deaths.
Pataismaqua July 24.
There were 'Santini from Cholera this city,
doing the 2$ hours ending at noon to-day.
For the 24 hours ending at noon to-day, there
Were 21 interments from Cholera, and 20 from
other disease.
Business la gado'lly - reviving, as the chalet%
declines. Toe weather ta abowery.
Floor--The market is very firm, with Indes
'Waxy of 8,000 bbla. good Western at $1,75 04,90 per
bbl. Sales of prime Genesee at $5 per bbl.
Wheat—Sales of apoo bushels Ohio Wheat at
110 cents per bushel.
Corn—The market is fimi, and supplies are felt.
Ong off. Sales of 30;000 bushels re 56 to 57 cents,
for Mixed Western, and 51 emus for heated.
Provision. continue quite firm. Sales of 100
bbls. Mess Pork at 1109513 11 00. Lard is dull,
with moderate sales only at 52 0 7 cents per lb.
Whiskey—ls dull at HI cents per gallon.
From the PittaboTih Christian Advocate
We copy into our paper this week an
=omit of one of the most shocking trans
actions on record. Had we been told, be
fore it took place, that such a scene could be
ezusetedin a civilizeitxdAsofessadly Chris
tian country, we t tread scarcely have be
lieved it. Human nature, we are aware, is
an exceedingly perverse and depraved
thing; but a conspiracy by which thousands
of dollars' worth of property is wantonly
destroyed—men, and women, and children,
including widows and orphans, turned out
houselees upon the streets and commons,
while savage shoats of satisfaction and tri
umph at their misfortunes rend the air—
persons prevented from working to extin
guish the flames—fire companies threatened
with death and destruction if they attempted
to do their duty, and citizens interfered with
in attempting to save their own houses; all
this, and much more of the same kind, sa-
TOM MOM of Pandemonium than of earth,
bad as it is—of demons than of men. We
have no words to express our horror of such
wickedness; and it is with shame and mor
tification that we are compelled to record
them as taking place in the city of our own
residence. Our only consolation in the
matter is, that we trust this present evil,
great as it is, may he the occasion of a
greater fhture good. A reform has long and
loudly been called for in the " fire depart.
ment." The fire companies, constituted as
they have been, and composed chiefly of
reckless, irresponsible young men and boys,
their engine houses the scenes of corruption,
rowdyism and vice, and the wantonness of
their conduct in various ways has long been
an evil of untold magnitude. It was borne
with upon the part of tae citizens with sup
pressed murmurs of dissatisfaction, with oc
casional complaints, and with great anxiety
for the results; but not without hopes that
something better would at length be attain
ed. The events of Monday, toe 16th, has
awakened up every friend of law and order
—a determined spirit is abroad, and an or
ganization on a different basis has already
been udnimenced. Citizens of the first rank
hails enrolled themselves as members of
fire companies, and all are resolved no
longer to commit one of the most important
interests of the city into bands which have
proved themselves utterly unfit for tie trust
reposed in them.
We copied from Cle'. Advertiser a &tide of es
eknalaing the capacity of water cistern'. A al- .
.]'gee that
5 fa. diameter will give 120 gall. instead of 146 gall.
a do I7U do 211
do 230 do 217
8 do 305 do 376
9 )o 390 do 475
10 do o 0 do 557
An intelVgent Baltimorean declares ails alto•
getter erroneous. We give his remarks below ,
also copied floc• Clot
"The following is the method of calculating the
capacity of circular cinternp.—Square the diame-H
ter, in inches, and multiply the praourA by Uo34
the catchr multiplying for wine cartons—this wilt .
glee the area in gallons, of one inch to depth.—:
That product, or are., multiplied by any given
depth, say 10 inches, gmee the capacity, as per:
example :
01271E1201 OP riclr IT= 111 131Milin8L
60 itches
3600 square of diameter in inches.
.0031 cirealer =dupes
122g00-1,2; gallons nearly aa the ulna
12.1ncaes deep.
3 1.59--11 7 gallows
TERN T 1 FILIT Ia D1A111721
14.400 E quate) or diem eter.
12 hada deep
1 568.52-56% gallons. .
1 have taken the esuernes of the examples to
aitliba %het, accuracy, inn tallying to the nontryst
cruet a., That o. 5 wet, or 61) aches, exurb tug
an area of 12.24:ga110ns to the inch to depth—sue
that of tea tee, or 120 metes in diameter, being
&able the first, of 60 inches, eshthuitla a. area
46.66. For where the diameter is dattbfol, to
area is ageirtained-by quadrriplsn g the area of the
ttiihtaater, which has been emoted.
.Saaay, — --
etSandaY, •••
23 Slginday,
25 Wednesday •
26 Thajaday,
n _Friday,
AA:Ammer_ no. mvanri. :r. Low:.
• Tura or I,rdirri mI.OX LrociAnot..
Foirtoemn droda —Dmaglass.
,017 . 7.
Foc,New York—Europa-4u—lo lg 14.,
nelloston—Cambria—Leutli, Julfll.
For New York—A.4neriu—Sliumeti, July E.
ems or 'ultrao nom aaradta.
?rum New York. Niers., July 25c14.
Frieli Boman. Caledonia, August lot?
From New York, Europa, August A.
Fro& Roston, Cambria. Arapiat LW:
From New fork, America, Aurnsipi.
AIVS.—The steadiers of tbs. Coalitiony will sail
: -nerdarly once • month, as folloogs .
Waabington, Cap ti Floyd, 20th July.
Herman, Capt. Cnitrrre, At 6 Augulg.
Washington. Copt. Floyd, 90th Repo,
Heimann, Cape. Crabtree, lath
%/Wimp ton. Copt Floyd 15th AcMist.
• Hermann, CA.abtree, 15th Erptembor.
He -liana, Copt Crabtree, 20th July.
Wohingion. Capt. Floyd, 021 b Auggat.
Hermann, Copt Crabtree, 20th Eimdember.
vox I= win: LADINO 217 LT 24aRig.
We hive no imp , runt Nunn. to 124 re in the gen
eral market dartng the meek /wt oln.oft Eery thing
kikotnti extremely gulalanni-trtge
sktierfzir any looportani ehonsainiqnotC
ASlit,S—We have nu changes to noiSee in the Ash
es moiaet. The demand arationes quite limited, and
Wiry little has been dc&te in the way of Slim Ne ore
the quotations, widelti,ass tacitly nominab—
SOda'Ash 4e341, Petra.. 510 d, Wen*. istepsi, Pot
Aah 4/04i .d floorithings aezic ir b.
i4.1,F-AVe continue our quotaTions at 600640
68,54, for common to but—eaak included.
Metl3N—The rooeys continue vori light; supplies
ha‘vv*n IfrndnclY ditni.hhing, maid= market is
unite tiro at fully gaoled ralea Ptah Alms •ro vary
agareli, and. aro in bri.k demand at 702171 c for best,
and VSrf for ordinary or country anted. Saks of
Sbouldris ate regularly offewed at 4, hod S do• oldie
5 1 0. ales of best !sum cured croureased Ham in
tiireci'eit 10c P On
)31.708ETS AND TUBS—From stove ore notice
r Tolirebroiness dog to Patent Beikerr Buckets at
111,15Kdor. Tubs range =cording tOisire from WO
..ILLYTIIIIO-ITha following are the i . lrrrected pica
kir the itinerant Number. Not, ttl., Nlg, Ice, No 1,9 e
superior artiele of Baniag twaheeta 99 by II
fie; rprelnly for leanly use, and pO(eotly clean, is
.old at tell P
•11F41 . NS—We dotter" regolar ballet! sale. of clear
White beans at 700, end of m zed at 6i#13.1e f Ih.
'BROOMS—With a fair supply in dm:Market, war.
Rea aateady demand at • range of Bl*S to 2,50 tie dos,
for ei•mnion to beat qua'ity.
k OTTON YARNS—We notice an advance in Cot
tdb Vito. 01,00 rent ir el, on lb Van; Ind to etpoo dot
Yarn—the following are the corrected *tee:
4 3,-ets per lb
" "
.171 No. 13 et2s,er lb 19
••lo " 14 ;7 " 70
.do " 15 .7 •• SO
It 1:: I ‘7 4' :: 41
-do ' 12 5 l
1 :
•18 1 "10 y 21
-do I " 40 7 " 15
30215 TA.. :i
NO. tidkets per lb Be IN. f Ob. din per lb , • • •eti
2" co, •••• i " 000, '' do
dsrpiithain, 20 I, 17
,Coentlit Vern, 20, Bag . Fillinli, 17
..... ev I Batons, N 01.9,3-11, 0,9
CliiitebEßS—A reviler business isiilinstg at the fol
eiming,quoted rums,
Wift.t Cmeers, per DI,/
..... 175
P llP;urrad,
By Craerrs, Per IL
CAPIDLES—Wo hay. no alteradorutto notion in prt_
cos,. continue out quotation. am ftalowa Common
aim2tcPc., Mould tallow lo6lole, pf: candles at
ale* le tb.
CO4DAGE—The folkuallag o a liat ' S( prices for the
knoMy) articles ardor thiitheid
Handle rope, by colt,
• g , sf'Cls , l - Lr .- • •
Sabi „
Tarred Pope, by cot
do v mm• • ..... „
Packing Yarn. fine, '
• do ermmen, I 4 • Sk . "
Idontllss $2,0n.53,00.14.00 o t dm.
• do enil,•• • IS
Hemp, $1,112.01,203,23 It dog
do P coil,. • • -10 c Th.
P.C.] Lion.
Manilla. SI - Hem* 811 c gr dos.
, Miasma CORDACIL—ThiIIi is a nevucle of Cord'
age recently introdace4 Into oor re Set It tz made
urrhytted hemp. so kyanimd or cjed by muceptic
substances, as to preserve the hot /rtl:111 tto o.uvc Em
my NM strength, and at the some that , rendering it
less liable to decay. It is sold at I2lelp
-lel 2 c
. •
COrPEß—Regular sales of Cliff Mint cake and tn.
k01. A ..119021,c ♦Et Sales of Sheat6lnis at tbc, and
of ayd copper at Inall9e yb. '
filE&L—The arrivals havelsbeen very light
• odylpplies are !trailed. f bbl fri7s Skin dned is •
nitilotati •n, with small sale
CilEFSE.—Baleo of good W Hat Sbj66le, of ordina
ry itle3se f eb. Sale. of Cream ehreem at frbeirtre
oand df Goshen at he 217 e be lb. 1,
DRIED BEEF—Very little is conoiko forward, and
the holorket alms. et•tinrly bare. 15lIthip to a Cain es
tent hove been effected during the Leek, at I2ie per
. DRIED FRUIT—We notice full sqliplies and a dull
*mktg. Moderote sales of Peached are reported to
and of dried Apply at Saßbile per
DRUGS—The follitnivinu is a hat of sriees of some to
;the twat prominent articles under dos( head :
Vamphoo rr I. •
Chlnndesime, -
es}. '
Licinoriett root'
Sal Pods •
Cline, ealr;Mon
.A 11416, 3i6P 4
,Aruttaulda., 1114 • b4)25
Arroir itm.,“ • •• • 1014
Aqua rug. •• •10/011
Lithrige. " •• • 4436*
111m4der Unubratb•lta 12i
:Cat4qt - Oil,l3bla, 8.300155
•Quiplw„ Ihs 634 U
Fl;l.)l.lll.—Tbe supplies ha gore balk been gradeally
an advance in prices to &can the etin
;etltl!'nee. For the past tear days, pin have been
'terairro, and mks Mt regular dray Idd lot. are effect
ed al 84,500462 f bbL The coil; sales from firr,
huitt! - 1, We hear of are in small lots (rum wagon at 4,10
04 , 6 ittr bbl, as in quality.
F 3 . .}l—The mark et is fairly suppliA with all kinds,
d Oates hare been quite brisk at 113 following rpm.
fed Mates: Salmon we, Thad 8 8 r:, 3 lankerti No. 1
813 - for bbl., and 87 for half bbls, Nri2 80.10 for bbl.
64,74 oe half bbls, No 3 60,78087 foil bbls, and 83,75
for half bbl. Sales of Herds at 8754360 f bbl
FtATllEßS—Regular sales from Note at 33034 e in
somfilins. Large quantities would ', fall short or tho •
FIY.D—We trite tales from st - tre,ily Bran •1 1001 It
of 81Mrta at 14015, sad of Nhipsturf oWe P bo.
PB—Pro m bts from this prti ro to Cinch:mat .
araloA7.le P LW. and re., rearm
Tye miarra on rho Penna. eimel from Ma point
Fraii.ore as follows, for the princio.l articles of al
porq •
s^lter Bacon, Lana a-a Tallow: , 45c
1..00 Leal', i Ohio, >j nu Stic
i'• a hen " iii
_r, - ,-. ld Pekrtes "" ...'
" ..,.... (121.
... L 4
V , m t ' 'r.f . all Linla, '' • • • t ...53e
`Nbsakay, pet bid hue
...Fleur, '
i nte
GROCERIES—Some bolt aeuviPy has been naant
tested in the eager market, with •ake of 100 !aids N 0
'sugar at priers ranging according irt . quathy from 41.
Sid • b, on time. Pole. of St Loofa refined Loaf m
gr. it SOH:a. ♦ 15, of N Cf Slofinie. of Xdfintre, an
raidtng to quality of Lamely and of:S.ugar house •t en
44n.$ and. Sales of Rio Coffee to ■ fair extent at a
rat*, accordtog to quality, from? to Bo P th, and of
Rtel6 to tierces at 4ft/50 p lb. .7.
mice no change bit figures. /tempts
Unita been light, and muskeg ara , very limited. We
hear.of no .ales of Wheat or Ryfk Small sales of
13Mley from store have been elifeetiii at goo., of Corn at
lbSDattc, and of Oats at 340.15 e. ♦
4,,AS9—We [twice no chanty fnyrices of Window
61664. Soles of City brandy 9by 114,00; tO by 12
"e, 12 by tt , $1; Patent do to 41 14 to 16 by 21
11110,500951.5 ta box.
Fbr country brands of the •anovi sizes, the follow
intls the list of prices teeently tatabllstsed by the
—• • 63.25 11 be; te 84,75
3.60 11 by ,4.• 4,15
3,75 12 by:VI 4,76
1.50 l2 by :tr , CIS
4.31 r 13 by 1 5.00
4.50 24 by 1.01.1
- . -
Itrer Gum—The following its cordensed Its - ,
stChirtng the range of pttees of the leanotie kinds, size.
atihuolitlos of Fltut Client, .9 ossiabletured end sold
tabhts ear
`.l3 . latn Tumblers per dos., e 30,00
. 510,,1e do . . 674 s 1,75
hod do 1,12ns 3,03
do do KV a , u ' 374
_;,Goblet. '. a : 1,50 a 17.121
..,:tChampeug ee , ° °
Wlte Ola n sace. 7' " ° . fat t.,00
?Lemonade., ' a a :'-' 74 6,10
• Jelly stands, each r . . 50a VI/
.1 cc ntcrs, per due., 7 1 • 7K101:24X '
Pitchers, .. a ,",- 1.:4:a 0.110
do heavy p6' tared, per pair ,= SLIAIeIO, I2 I
do boo,- cal flute, each .':7 730 9-50
Mateo. cans a a .. on o 6 , 00
' do Brlttattis lope per p4t ' 76a 4,00
: . Flower esece, per to, o 4,01 1 a 8,00
do do rut. per paw.." 6 Maas MI
' Jelly Glasses, per do: i r Lego 7,00
Preseed sweet-meal diehett, pa:2 das 1,25a10 00
. do do bowls, Pr , f/ait tail 6,00
00,0011 boobs and Rine, pear dgs 1 . ,,,, 1.50
• • aeweitzeaults' tutor et:kern-etc
f. : 6prete jet", lackeyed covert, e dos 1.25a16.60
, - stsow jars. p., dos ; 11.03411,21
;Fl tad Ccuolgs. -'' f 3.frial IPO
..: Tm m
etus• R rul atbfPer, 1' to 1, 1 7 3 •16,03
Show Bottles. each e 76a 300
El - by 10
10. by 10
15 by 14
itr , by 15
i 0 bY 10
ICI by 47
2" ORD.
HOPS-Pala of Eastern aorta are reported at 110
3e ipo , demand
HAY—Receipts are mostly by wagon, and continue
cry light. Rate. or good Timothy ot &Jitter tort.
GUN POWDER—FRO la sold at $3,250113,50, and
Rock Powder at 53:25051,50 ♦ keg.
IRON AND NAILS--Sale• of bar Iron at 334; of
Sheet at 3381.0 V tb. Sales of Nuts at 8340330,30
for 10d to 3d sae.
339137 1793
19 23
1 50 I 7 91
151 1720
4 55 7 20
INDIGO—SaIes of Spanish at St 42111,11 it of Manilla
at 90045 tb.
LUMBER—The yards .are generally well supplied
with every thing n ,der this head. Sales of seasoned
boards from yard at. for common 811, and (or clean
M feet.
LEAD—Salo* of Plg at 4044 Q. B.
LEAD PIPF.—I. .old al a range of 61 to 12ft per
foot, according to site.
WHITE LEAD—Sales of dry at 6306 re 9 5, and
of pure In on at $1,60051,64k p keg.
MADDER-Saks of Unahro at 12012 k p B.
MALT—Moderate sales of Barley Malt from store at
050 Hine p bu .
NUTIIEGS—SoId regularly at 111,12011:20e per B.
OILS—The supply of Linseed t very light, with
limited sales only at 50c. Sale. of No 1 Lard at 550
We, and of No Sat 60c p
ROSlN—Regular sales at SW p bbl.
RAGS—Regular sales of good clean anzed from brat
bands at 3fe fir' lb.
SOAP—Sales of 61natti at 4041 e., of variegated at
Ibre p 5.
TAR—We note siss of modemte quantities at $4 P
TURPENTINE,—VaIet at 46648 e r gall.
VINEGAR—BaIes of good eider at 90nie fir gall.
AfINISII--Bale. or Copal at 81,508 , 52 P gall, by
whole. rle.
WHISKEY—Regular sale. of Reelded at Iflielbe
P gall.
WOOL—For the eerlona grades of Wool, the fat
loaru:ig are the pre.nt buying rates in this market
Fµ 'Common 22e P 6.
blood 'Lk
do tene
I do Vo
• “ Full Blood 3n,
Prune 330 "
itiasinner, July ZI, lee 2.
BEEVES—Then were .boat MI head offered at the
yard on Monday, and the sales effected showed a
Might decline from our laet week quotations. We
quote 4412 c. per lb. nett, to quell ty.
HIMP—The offerings amounted to about 200 head,
vent h cold at $1131,20 each.
CALVE.—Are extremely dull, and are heard of no
des worth reporting.
Tat CazgrraY sultan a troltro —The editor of the
Post, yeaterdav, with hi. usual proclivity to falsehood
and misropresentatiou, very meanly attempt. to injure
the Gazette's market reports, iithe estimatton of the
public, by saying that we manufacture our reports of
the New York markets. We now state, for the thfor
=Lion of Mr Harper, that his statement to reference
t t this mittens molt unqualifiedly fable, If there is any
thing wrong about these markerreports, it is the fault
of the reporter at the East, sad not ours. We have
the connive handling of those despatches. They
come to ua front the Telegraph Office, and with the
alin•lanee of Cari,•Wdlis' k Thompson's Comments/
Cypher Book, we give them Just as they are received—
vrithoot taking from, or adding tn. in the least_
The beauty cif the thing, Is the fact that, an the same
paper to Which he undertakes to 'pop at the gazette,
he publisher a telrgraptuc despot, h from New York,
'jiving the fign, o oily one solitary arucle to the
whole New York market. 'lt is in substance as fol
lows :
..Flpor-1{56375 06 al. bbl. °ruin —Three Is but Int'e
doles in grain at mei roe pricer Pre•ltrons—Market
inactive. r perudoes worthy of no tee. No change
to notice i n any article generally repartee "
do*. die you receive ttice i gove de•p itch excleveve•
Iyll—Did you receive It veco.....tia dedly '—or did you
milltufacture it youtdva f'--IGAz.. Coo Bier
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Louis M, Lute, Bennett, Brownsville.
Elite, Bowers, Beaver.
Tuscarora, Hemphill. Beaver.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Lows McLane, Bennett, Brownsville.
Camden, Hendrickson, Brownsville.
Tax flivita.—There were 20 inches in the
channel, by metal mark, lust evening at dusk mud
fulling slowly.
Brownsville Packets, 8 A. M. and 4 P. M.
Beaver Pocketv,lo A. M. nod 4 P. K.
D. Leech 8a co's, packet line. 9 1' U.
Nos. 24, 4 , 5 and Wa Past. Etramer. (between
Fulton stand Rollin Shp,) NEW YORK,
Have on hand the largest assortment of
in tint article of SHIRTS anti DRAWERS, are
keep an entices variety. •
Also the trivet extensive muinfactarere of
Oil Clothing and Coveted flats
In the world.
CIIIIIOIFICS Of stock sent br on••il. Orders promptly
filled. LEW!, k. HANFORD,
jedd Nos. 224 2.54,Xk1. and `Gdol -ream st
A LEMAN DER A DAY, 1h Market street, northwest
corner of the Diamond, are now opening a choice
.tack of fresh SUMMER WOOS. A large portion of
these goods have recently been purchased at a great
- re, from the Auction Sales at the East, and from
the importers and mennfacturcre. We have decided
upon edema this stock of goods at prices so reduced
as to meet the approb mon of those who do business
on me cheap cash principle.
The Silk Department uvery extensive, embracing
the different kinds of dress and mantilla Silks, Saun
de 4,twitcs. and Cainehan Den de Rhinos.
'0 U
• 0 9
' , 001n5
1101 J
The Shawl Depart. , ant embrace.. • plendid aason
mem of India Cmpo Shawls, from Mst e loam price to
the finest qu dales, eleganby embroidered. Also I. s
noditte, Berage, Mohair, Neil and splendid figured Silk
13 moos
SC RFS—B ask wt, berage and Granedim Scarfs.
HER Ali F. and other man 1iR1..8 GOODS—Elegant
and novel styles of Bemires, So* Purities. and other
Imo ores- Girodsr by of the attention of the ladies.
L.SWNS: LA IN ~woN EV.—In the Lawn department, our
addrouns from the Lectern auctions are quite large,
embracing elegant Kyles at remarkably map prices.
Imported min lloinestic Hingham.
Ponta and ChiuMes, Brown and Bleached Murtha,
Cheese. Tick tug . % Ficaria..
Superior Enishah Id French 'loth. and Casaimeres,
A.m eta and Jean., Pantaloon Stripes and Unllinip.
All of which is offered at such a redaction of pLee•
that purchaser. cannot fail to be pleased.
- -
W &RH.
.. THE subscriber, who has been In tautness
in t he same Puddingfor the last thirteen '
i eau,
T p k- se Ilins all des •norts of Fine Gotd and Sil
• - err Watches, Jewelry, and Silver Ware, at
redo! Si the very lowest prices.
Gold end ell vet English relent Lever Watches.
Go d and Silver Dm lid Le , er and Lepine Watches.
hoop and Silver Horizontal an l verge Watches..
Gold and Silver Independent Second Watches for
timing borate.
Gold Guard, fob and vest Chain.. Gold Spectacles.
Gold and Silver Pencils. Gold Pens.
Ladies d and Stone Bracelets.
lthid Lockets. Gold and Silver Thimbles.
LIAISPIIII3 Mingo and Pins.
Ladies' and Gentlemen.' Breastions.
Sterling Silent Spoons, Cunt, Fors., &c.
Gold Willthes a. 10 , 11, 11.1 Ti ta each.
Watcher and Jewelry exchutted.
Spoon. and Foil. plated on .., rman Silver, a fine
rancid. All watches warranted to keep good time or
the tonnes returned. Jewelry repaired, and Watches
cleaned and r paired in the best noon:ter, at much less
than the 111.1“11 prices GEE. C. ALLEN,
Importer of Watches and Jewell's, wholesale and
61 Wall street, (up stairs,) NEW VOnK.
THE undersigned nave this day a..ociated under
the name or rhorupsvu H into A. Son, for the par•
pose of pa cc, at the Clinton Paper
?ill, where they will be pleased to receive the paw.-
age of the public, and site former customers of the se
tang partner.
The y will at all dines keep on hand a general as
em of writing, wrapping, tea and wall pap",
bonnet boards, blank book.. etc eta.. which they will
exchange (Jr cleat linen and cotton rag..
Priiil. rs and Hook Publisher. Call be supplied with
avery descripuon of pnriting o•per anon notice, and
t reds , ed prices . TiiumrsoN HAN N A
April I, 4n--tnytll,dem EDMUND tl. HAN •
• -
15LoofIssarsvGialvatralsocl Thu Planes.
ilL:l l Lb iz se;t m lnk s z bet;
n t: r c . aLl i t h u e m a i r w ti c o n
the to Llrider.;
advantages which these pinion possess over alt other
metallic substances hitherto used for roofing, tiro, as
they p 02.113 at once the lightness of iron, without Its
lability to rust, having now been Maud for several
year* in this particular, both in this country and inEn
rope. They are less table to expainnon and contrac
tion from sodden change of the atmosphere, than com
mon un pinta., iron, von, or any other metal now used
for roofing, and consequently form •much better and
tighter roof; requiring far lees frequent repairs, whilst
the first coat is but a trate more.
A fall supply, of all sacs, from le to 30 W. G., eon
stantly on hand and for sale by
• 14 and 16 Beaver street, New York.
The patent nght for this article having been secured
for one finned States, all parties infringing thereon
either by Imponatlon or otherwise, will be prosecu
ted. int.lrsdfswll yT
1) DK. D. utizer; -
~,.. Mtn -..- Dentist. Corner °Moan'.
e- and Decatur, betareen
Market and Ferry suer,. sees-d sin
Alt tde Allyn ol inh inlati.and Saw. 7n Wood street
Tool,a complete assortment of Cancomau Coopers
re. ~in be meld HUGER & LAUF . ..IOi
p7l K ebber For tall,
Pure rich and dry Gunild, Campbell & Co 's old
dry lots Osbourn's 1F34; Pure ISM , Pure Juice par•
Ocular Pen, li•rris & Sons. Pure Juice, throble, doe
ble and •ingle Cir•pes. These wines are all celebra
ted for their medical propenies. and can be bad whom
nle or retail at t h e {Nina Store of
JTORN hi TOWNSEND, Druggist aid Apothecary
No. 43 Market st, three doors above Thad sr. Pins
burgh, will have constantly on band a well selected as
mamma of the best sad freshest Medicines which he
sell on the most reasonable terms. Phyttcians
sending oriels, will be promptly at ended to, and sup
plied with articles they may rely apon as genuine.
Dor Physicians Preseriinkne win be aeuirstely and
wetly impanel from the beet materials, at any beer of
he day or elighL
Also for Ws, a largo stook of fresh and good Perh
am,. }ma.
As last Saturday was ■ very peasant day, and
the roads, thanks to the gentle rain of Friday,
neither dusty or muddy, we resolved to take a
walk to one afoot favorite haunts, and according
accompanied by a friend, we crossed the Mon
ongahela in one of loner' excellent ferry boat. A
walk of • few minutes brought us through the
smoke and beat of Temperanceville, and we were
quietly strolling along the banks of io /elle rivierr
A more beautiful landscape than here meet. the
eye, can scarcely be imagined. The shore on
the opposite side of the river is thickly studded
with the fine residences cf some of oar wealthy
citizens, while, as the eye glances downwards, the
thick natural forests, beneath whore shade the red
man has walked, attract the attention, and form an
admirable contrast to the highly cultivated state of
the country above.
As we proceed still further down the Ohio, we
come to the seene'of a most beautiful landscape,
now to the studio of Mr. William C. WalL Im
mediately before as is o magnificent group of ma
jestic trees. In the middle of the river Stumm's
island presents itself to our view, while in the dia•
lance are hl'Kee's rocks, the place of our destina
tion. Soon we come to Courtier's Creek, where
King Shengiss, renowned in border story, dwelt,
and cross it, by, as we must confess, a very ugly,
but exceedingly useful bridge. We were sorry to
see that two magnificent sycamores which stood
on the Over bank, telow the creek, towring far
above the nabs by which they were stirrounded,
have been out down by the ruthless hands of some
Vandal. We are are at a loos to imagine what his
motive could have been, a., owing to their msgn4 '
tude, it must have been a work of Immense labor
to fell them, and they lie decaying where they fell:
of no nee to any one.
Climbing up the rather preeepitous ascent, we
are now on the top of M•Kee's rocks, and the an
cleat monad which crolvne its summit stands be.
fore ns. This is the most beautiful of the many
Indian monads to be Gonad in the vicinity of Pitts
burgh. It rises between twebty and thirty feet
above the surface of the earth, and is, In shape,
exactly circular. Several trees are growing upon
it, and It is slightly flattened upon the top. We
believe that the propnetor wishes it left untouched,
or we would have dug into it, and endeavored to
ascertain its contents. A natural good taste has
Induced many of the surrounding inhabitaats
to bury their dead around it, and thus the niece
of the white, and the red man, who in life
were so bitterly opposed to each other, mingle
peaceably together, shaded by the trees which in
life sheltered them both. The grave atones mark
the gradual progress ofthe arts in Pittsburgh. Here
is a large rough stone, placed is the ground at the
head of the grave of one of our frontier men, while
a smaller one it at its foot. Alongside is one of
the rudely sculptured, and fast decaying tomb
stones taken from one of our own quarries, while
at a little distance is the polished block of Mahan
marble of more modern days.
A careful search in the neighbouring fields re
warded us with some few relics of the past, in the
shape of • few arrow heads, and roughly cut dints
together with some fragments of pottery. These
seemed to have been formed of the mud of the
river, mixed with pounded tangelo shells, and
I though they have been lying on the ground year
, after year, are still very strong. Among those
which we obtained were the nms of two vase., of
dfferent, and judging tram their remains, very
beautiful patterns.
A peasant walk brought us back again to our
smoky city, delighted with oar excursion.
low a carefully pralaued table of the height of the
thermometer, from the beginning of the week com
mencing on the 15th of July, to the 21st of the
Mils month, Oast Sardayd together with the
quantity of rain which fell during that period. As
It we. prepared by a • neaufie gentleman of this
ety, for the purpose of being forwarded to the
Ennithsoni. Institute of Washington City, it may
be relied upon as accurate in every respect
Date. Sun nsel. 9a. Y. Jr Y. 9r. a. Daily =lran.
July 15 68 70 76 75 72
16 60 70 80 72 70
" 17 60 75 83 75 71
" Is t 32 72 81 60 75
" 19 65 80 69 84 t.O
" 90 75 80 b 4 79 79
" 21 75 79 80 75 77
The mama of wale, which fell lea week was
exactly bar tenths of an inch.
SINIDOLAI. Casa—An old gentleman living some
where in the Eighth Ward, whose name we refrain
from giving, appeared before the Mayor yesterday,
and complained of several of his nephews who
had made violent opposition to his allowing his
daughter to marry, or rather to his marrying his
daughter to a person whose character they con
ordered objectionable. He swore that he was in
bodily fear of them, and accordingly they were ars
rested, and booed over to keep the peace.
Of all kinds
ANIAMT AND Baran..—Edward Karns appear
ed before Alderman McMaster", on Saturday, and
complained of James Dickson, who bad cot his
bend with a large lump of coaL From his affidavit
it appears that they were both coal hauler; and
their respective teams met in King'. Alley. when
some depute' arose as they were passing each
other. Dickson struck Karns twice with his fist,
and Karns returned the blows with his whip,
whereupon Dickson picked up ■ large lump of
coal, shout four pounds weight, and struck his
opponent on the head with it. inflicting a ghastly
wound. lie fell senseless to the ground, and It
was with difficulty that his life was saved. The
lump of coal, covered with clotted blood and hair,
presented a frightful spectacle. Dickson was
bound over to appeal at the next ;tarrn of the
Criminal Court.
MABILITING.—Few of our readers are aware Of
the great quantities of vegetables which come to
our market by the canal. We counted sixty eight
baskets which would hold from one to two bashes
each, filled with vegitables of various kind., on the
deck of a single canal boat, named the Farmer's
Friend, yesterday lifternoon. Tb• bold of the boat
was likewise filled with potatoes, corn, &es
R.rotes Orrice, Prr - rstsueon, JOLT 241h.—Fike
person. were brought before the Mayor this morn
ing, charged with drunkenness. Three were soot
10 Jltl, 000 paid his got, and the ether well dis
Sian lirreassr.—Tho Treasurer of Allegheny
county, Mr. Baxter, and Mr. Benson, one of the
Commissioners, left Pittsburgh fur Heristnirgh,
yesterday, taking with them 530000, being the
amount which out coutuy has to pay towards the
payment o' the State %threat.
MATOR n / •rncs—Ausonc.r, Ju,y 24.—Three
person• were brought before the Mayor, thie
log, charged with drunkennew. Two paid thew
dues, and one was sent to the
IL escay.—A man named Taylor was arreeted
on Monday night, on suspicion of having stolen
several articles (tom a Mr Johnson. One oldie ant
c'es,found in his powuraaion, was identified as W
hinging to Mr. J. He was arrested 10 a hay moir
one where up in the Eighth Ward, and hod la•
loaded pistols in his pockets. He was committed
far further hear , arr. •
AHRS.STILD.—A man named Week was arrested
yesterday, on suspicion of having been concerned
is the Isle burglary an Mr. Coward's store. The
police dogged him around from ten o'clock at
night, until three in the morning. He was com
mitted for further hearing.
Pe1121,11,T to notice, a meeting of the " Mer
chant.' Clerks," of Allegheny city. Ira. held on
Friday •veoiog, at Mr. Jenkins, to devise MOM!'
means to have their stores closed at an earlier
The meeting wail organized by calling Mr. Jowl
Baoern, Jr, to the Chair, and appointing J. N.
Gort.o, Secretary.
The object of the meeting having been mated by
the Chairman—it was, on motion,
&saved, That a Committee of three be appoint
ed to draw up an article of agreement for the mer.
chants to sign.
Memos. Munroe and ISeringar were appointed a
Committee to procure the signatures of the mars
chant•, and to have their names published, togeth
er with those of the Dry Goods merchants who re
fuse sliming.
The hour hued for closing the stores woe 7 0 . -
Mock. Jon, Beown, Jt. , Ch'n.
J. N. Gottur,
Chol•ra noOpOWt
Tuasnsr, July 21,12 o'clock, 61.
tacenzams-1 bey° teported to me since 120'.
clock M. on Wednesday, one cases of Cholena—
One death.
Very re streeefully,
W. Dieii. MORGAN
TO Um Sanatory Committee.
bleonvio or ma CLeacs or Prrrenotou.—A
gronably to notice given, there woo a large gather
ing of the Clerks at an early hour on Monday even
ing, at the law Chamber of T. J Fox Alden, near
the New Court House.
The meeting wen organised by calling Mr. J. H.
Masan to the Chair, and appointing Mr. §a.siox.t.
Himax, Secreiary,—when the following preamble
and reaoluilona were adopted without a thasentmg
That, Whereas, The young men employed in
the Dry Goods business, having read with pleasure
a tents of ankles written by the Rev. Nathan
West, Pastor of the Fifth Presbyterian COuretkna
thin city, and pubtiahed from time to iime in a city
paper called the Plturburnh Daily Dispatch, and the
Weekly Dispatch and Temperance qpinner—and,
whereas, and articles being read by most if not
all our esteemed employers—and having Onus far
resulted lo the preparation and circulation of a Pe•
titian to the Merchants engaged in said business,
praying them to clone their storms at tialfpast seven
o'clOck k try evening throughout the year—And,
whereas, said petition has been signed almost
umenimously by our worthy Merentinte, hue gmot
inctiliraye r
-0,4 That we, the young men now astern.
bled, tender loom employers our unfeigned thanks
for the honorable and generous response they have
made to our Petition.
- -
Re..dreel, That we pledge ourselves, that care
shall taken on our part to prove, both by de
per meht of person and assiduity in busioen, that
the favor thus granted has not been ill bestowed.
Ritsolva, That with respect to the articles writ
ten by the Rev. Pastor of the Fifth Presbyterian
Church, in our opinion, are worthy of perusal by
all our Millohants and their as.letants in both cities,
in every Ithe of mercantile enterprise—that we be
lieve this idirpetor of Christ has shown himself the
true and Warm-hearted friend of the beet interests
of both the emproyer nod the employed, and that
we hereby offer to our esteemed and reverend
friend. oar sincere thanks for the labor he has be
stowed, and the seep leggiest he has taken in our
Reurdtvq, That in our opinien all necessary busi
Ing eau be etfored before the hour
of 7 S7:l " oe c l,, "ns
P. M , we therefore recommend all
Merchants, Store-keepers and other., to close their
respectlne places of husinesa at the above hoar,
under the full conateuun that a strict adherence to
the absorb would result in the mutual benefit u( the
employer and the empktyed.
In view of the addtuonal time for study, that
will be at the disposal of the Clerks of nits city,
from aad after the 'lnt of August next, we deem
advisable that the Clerks form themselves into
au Association, having for as purpose the mutual
improvement of Its members, ad the promotion of
the general interest Mooch other --therellire, be it
Rushed, That from and alter the Ist of August
next, they meet for that purpose, in some suitable
room. to be procured by a Committee of three, ap
pointed-by tots meeting. end that the above Asso
ciation be known a the Young Men's Mercantile
Insulate, of Pittsburgh, Pa.
RANCE Ct ,%1 VA N 1 —.Mee. North Room of the
Earbth6e,Tlw4 street. Mils& Inhte.
Flea Issualncit Merchandise and other
propeny ityria-ii and coca - ray, insurr, against rots nr
damage by are at the lowest rate or per
Magna Is .uou,rc —They alw to-ur • tninu la. Car
goes and Freights, forma. or con.t - Nt.e under open or
special as me assured may desire
bil.a.TlazorotrAvnox. -They alw insure merrhan
dise transported by iVagons . itadrond Cars.
Rocs and Stearn Boats, on n 0..,. and lakes. on the
mast liberal terms
DIRECTOILS--Joseph H Seal, Edmund A. Fonder,
John 0 Doom, Robert Barton, John R l'enroae. Sarno
eI Edorarda, Gen Ci la-tpeg, Valsirord ran Itiaae
R Dana, %% Shorn Falwell. loon "...silo. Dr It M
too, June. C Hand, "Ilidophi u. Paulding. II Junes
Brook., Henri Sloan. Hugh Crag. (Ivo ge Ferrell,
Spencer Mel' rain, char r. Krny. J u Johiiwn.
hash Hay,Dr S Thom.., John Win tire. Jr.
Wm. Darnley, ino. T
up oar. or the Cnmpany. No 42 Water areas,
Pirtsbargh. pals:dtr P A. NIADKIRA, cc.,
Joarttal, American, Post, Mercury, Lespatsc s, Chian•
Tale ropy.
I. Fors.. 1,. Seo'y I It ftl :IA en. Jr., Pre. t.
Will luso', against 211 klude of n.ks,
A booth inithutiott—manned by Directors who are
well known m the community, and lathe are do toirain
ted by proruptutirs and liberality to inanition . the cnae
actor winch they have assumed, nooffering th e best
protettion to th ose who desire to be hauled
Dthecroas—R. Flitter. Jr.. Geo. Black. J W Butler,
N. Holmes, Jr., Wok 11. Ilvancs, C. !bathe., Bro. W.
!nehmen, Wm. FL Lyon, Jan. Lippincott, Thos. K.
Lulea, James Sl'ikuley. Alex. Ninork, rho. Scott
Orr,cs, No. 39 Water street. morel:mow of Spank'
Ccit. np starrs,l Pittsburgh outdly
Orders left at the Post Office. or at Airs. Front's, on
Fount st., between Market and Ferry. vet.l receive
prompt attenuon.
litsesuctrua.—Proi. Horace Webster, Geneva, N. Y.,
Prot Chesser Dewey, .1, D . Rochester. N. Y
I. L.-Castwbs, and Dann non L Stunt, CleVeland,
O. 1148boeuberaer, .1 !taw thtint, Mtchact Jones. J. C.
an , Cwt. Goo 1116:dlf
- 11111381k1L - 7.11 - eligllkAL -WRIVI,Sto
AL,L. th ew glider from ordinary Irk, as they are all
chemical wit:nous containing no viactd mat en.
dor freely from any kind of pen—the color deep.
brigas and durable If omen have been better attic,.
made, I have near., well rot heard of them Sam
ple bottles can be obtained grails, by Me merchant.
geringely. from B. A F.hnc,tock A Co, Henry Y.
Behar: ma, Allegheny. or of 11/t manuiacturer. Till A.
K. HIRRERT. Drugatst and Chemist, corner of Ltl*er
ty•and Smithfield .trees.. Pittsburgh Pa
N EJ —Any bottle not giving rumoleie S,llOO.
eau be returned awl the pare mill be refundeWlllld.
Light I Light II Light 111
THEinchr celebrated burning died ran
now be had
at the Eariero Lanlo Store, No. rgi Thrd 'greet,
between Wood and Marge,
For portelole house irrht it ha. the pre . e:rnee
of the enotertt perleelly.tid rhea,'
void of •toolte. great, ur a t).ot the oatacrer•bin at
teodastta tt I.ghtx qnv...e. 4.1‘0 a h .tt•
fW as•ortment ot lamp. of theonaenon
101 .1 patter:lt fore,'tiiry the same. I•J - d6too VJ. DA VII).
d 1 u C /. /a 81.1aull,AL
few , doors below Wood street, to
OR. SROINII, having bees
regularly educated to toe await
and been for some uu •
to general pracn
re. now confines
N Ut11.11“01.1 to the tresnonni of
those private and deneate corn'
pinu. for which b:. opportun ities
andexpenence l i er ultarly qua.,
as. not. II years devoted
to stun, a .rent, of of thoee complainteddonng whek
nate he hoe had more practice and has cared more pa
tients than Can Oyer fall to the lot of anY'pnvete pram-
Wiener) amply qualifies him to infer .suranees of
speedy, permanent. and satisfactory mire to all afflicted
with delleate dlaeases• and all diseased &nuns there'
Or. Brown would inform those grimiest with pn•aut
dresses welch have become ehronte by time or ag
graveled by the use of any of the common nostrums 01
th e d a y, mad uncle .nlyl.l.lnts Can be rudicatily and thor
oughly cured, he he vine given ow reread attention to
Ne i lmatment of such cones, and suceectled in Onintreds
of ustadie. us curing person• of inithuonniton of the
neck of the bladder, an kmdred hem.. rehICO often
insult from those eaxelwhere Where hate convigned
them to hopeless despur. lie part, 01e riy invites auch
as have been tong and treated by oilmen
to consultwhen every satisfaction will be step:
them, and their eases treated in a careful, thorough and
Intelligent manlier, pointed out by a lons experience
tinily, and Invesuoon, which it is tmpusstbte fir that
engaged in g ith
eneral practice of medicate to 'woe an
one class of tbevase..
IE7 - Hernia or Ruptate.-13tr. Brown Loh inenea pet,
no. afflicted with Ile•ma to stall, on he has path pLrUO
ajar astenuon to this disease.
CANCERS el. cueett.
Skin diaries; ate. et' e. Palsy, ete., speedily aurae
Charirs very low.
N. IS—Pam:lnt. 01 onn sox Irving at • Maumee, by
stating their disease in renting, giving all the sympl
toms, can obtain medicines with .Iwrictions (or our, by
Nuidrentng T. DRoWN, N. D., post paid. and and -.
rag a fee.
(moo No. 65, Diamond alley, imprints the &sari,
Ratreat•erali.—DY ilroora'. army atat.overe,.l reale.
ly (or R.,1/111:11 11 M1 II a weedy and °canto remedy .or
that par
nsel trouale LI never
end Neleale Concentra, Rooms, No , S
mendalley, Yttishorgh, ra. The Vase" ahm ay. al
IV- No two no no,
NICVA Leg• tonornt mel/I/146 11,0( Yo
int rahrt.l vtenkity, tO•t h. Iza,t o,rurd the
n oove eabhohtnent. where every teteott 1I1! 1w
ontd to the coml . °, of those who nt ,y to or 1,, wl , ll
Ball Lawnyoey street bC,Ve..II aqtl Wood.
Cre•tos and all vine, delr tceen of the ....von
THE partneeah•p heretofore rilettlic between Sam
uel !I Hu Itfi. 11 nd sVtlhom If Hoye, trething
under the firm of ltl SFIFIEL.I.Id. II A 1 . 3, U. this day
o dteaolsett try Wthlam H. 11.1,6 /wiling Ms entire
imere lit the firm to S. LI lolusbbeld al account.
due she m firm wt.l ne corseted ..y Bushae ,I, mod
ali debts due by the late firm to be paid by the +acne.
S. H. 101 l SIIFIEILD,
Pnotalsurgh, June 22, 1540. W. 11. 11A I'S.
CO-PA RTN k:RS' l' —S. B. Be mel r.t.o bayou( 'his
d nem:mooed 'mob lortmolt ,ormelly
of Bed(ord, Pa., nue footway of me Nevonni Bo el,
P.ileborgh. will continue the hUAlnee• firm
of BUSH F 11.:1.1) h L6ADBIL at me old mend. No r.. 0
Lamely street. S. B. let,stiFlLLD,
l'amburge, June V 2. 1e49. 11. LENDER.
Having retired I , nrn the former business, I take
pleasure. to recommendolg y sue•rsuds to the ps•
tronage of my customers and m the pantie Fecieral y
ulf7 th it. Id AV"‘.
Fll5ll-70 tibia large No 3 viackere . Mus•aehusetts
inspection, receiving'q from canal and for sale by
W A rta d tl
on ape tai N U e —la a
4 a ' S and " is t " te " l " O b n .'
. Navy
mg the most skilful and erperieneed workmen to my
employ, and giving •constant personal attention to
this branch. I can promise the at sIIIiSICUPII to all
who may favor me with their work
kV W WILSON, Wa;ch Maker,
411 57 Martet at
fforrLE CUB We. porter, Wog .iiya short
just received and for s d. by
R l SELLF.RS, S W. , a
AIe t I!R , ILA. , N y o
711 rj?r . rn L c;d end
earn, last recetved and for 3.00 by
V o A y L I'ILL BOXES -3 calls just
i r t r;e : d s ztos l. ( . 7:le
ISINOLt I iSS—o bd. ja s rne t l
, ari ct .to r
sale 1.7 1
o t
but,Att.e— far sal. wati,osa .. a
retail, all grades, by
CA sr iltJETI.r.e--va gross irt thumpers, clear
Claret Robles, for sale by
111 4 VNLT!Il iAtl ; 1 1 tAII Y n!I :.
rglitiliAffirl 1 il 1
us _'l , 4 - ii. ' 7"fot . 4 : ;:cft 7 7, :ft o. ; - 1 z_ ,
°:i - T;;:i!' . ..' -3 :• f a. .5,1
MX G 3 t.::.z7ILL:-. , - . 2 - .!?B.liFlu
16 ---.-e-1,',.f-4-=''E7''-4t7a21"4-3-.'tz-z.t •,:. 2so:!o7Lit . og.eal h. se
=. 0 i f.z..1 icSH:1 7 - - : 24r 4 3 1 . :-:1754i 1 .31 - cg ?.;;;:ragt e- :=7.: . Elh'si"i s2 .l l ll:! al. 13;4' al .1
al El tEtTi: g p! -- 4-..5 . „ - .1 gj EL:. t T. q, 5 ,-! - -1; P.l ,e.II I g 11
Q @l -1 !!.:11E -' 4r1 . 1 - dillil F l l ItLt: ., 4:!1 .- , :iiht1;± . 11.7:,..7!t1i11 4 .1. a ii , il3
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41 il 3 iil-:..!rg=l•4:; - :LZEVIgi , .'R:I• - !;! , 1.2 =-
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!ia. - 438.41.1t4. - oe - -: i A rt-I-. .0321-4 ° IA !] hi'llh tl,il PI ll s it °I ' l 3
ILT &OR NT. -WM J • CKSON, JOHN D MORGAN, Pirtsblrgh 1) M erRRY Allegheny Cny; A PATTERSON, Birmingham jyl/
Nos. 244 and 248 Liberty street, near the Carial.
French Barr Mill Stones, o( my own manufacture,
made of • new and superior quality of Moats: partic
ular care is taken to have the joints made close, and
all the blocks In each stone of • uniform quality. They
ate warranted to he equal to any in the country, and
stirs-nor to the great mats of Burrs, whether of foreign
or domestic manufacture. and wld at the lowest pri
ces. Mill Stones, manufactured in France—a gene
ral assortment, at reduced prices, always on hand.
Laurel Hill Mill Stones, all sues.
Bolting Cloth, Anchor Stamp, warranted best qual
ity, and at greatly reduced price.,
Mill Spindle.. Mill Irons. Screws and Flicks, Plat
form Scales. Corn arid Cob Orinders; tier. and Saw
MJI worttrigs of all kinds, and Mill Furnishing in r n.
Ail orders prompt.y •Itended to at 244 and 246 I.Lb
my street_ Leas the Canal, Pa lelour-h.
t le.Llnte NV A II.ACR.
Pittsburgh Steam illisrbis Wark•
IVO. 244 Libga 11, opposite Smithfield .ireet,e Mantle, hloliumni,t,TomhcT able Top,
icy: a large variety of the must i eautrul ttod, inn'tle
of the finest quality sf foretpt and domes tr marble... la
alwxys on baud or made to order. by the ntd of ma. 1 Beaver and Erie Express Packet Line.
chins ry . 013 the shortest nottee and at the lowest price, I, R. li. PARKS, Keever, Proprietor.
1 It -The Country Trade formatted with a't kind. FVIRE new and elegant Passenger Packets.,
or Marble nt the awful rates All orders promptly at- 1 NI AO A RA, Cant Hll Jeffries;
tended to et 214 Liberty, opposite Southfield PO PENNSYLVANIA, " 111 ifeffnaarn
nun' , dem NV WWAI.I. A r' E I LAKE ERIE, " tl Trubyi
IS nUT dIACHINktI. • Forming UEE a
itily Line between Beaver an al d lt
Erie, have
T ULLS Patent Stone or French Burr SMUT MAcommenced runnom, and will continue daring the sea
/ CIIINr - the b., articleof the "'I in u.e; th e y son to make their revolar trips, leaving Beaver after
on light, clean fast, do the work welt. and wilt last a t h e eeetee , of the morning boot ( coo , p unt a om b , , ot ,
tile ume. About Sue of them aren use, tit the best clunk, e a , end arrive et K ne to „ toe fa r 5 .,...
mills In the country. and we acre the slro• gest tentt to take the mot - lung boats to Buffalo or up the Leda
Many of fortiretrtil perso3s es Inetr thoertopty over Tickets though to Erie and all Lake poru, C. be
aII other rOmot nlachutes For further particulars, ad-' had by application to JOHN ACA trtHEY, kV ,
dr.. the suhscrlber at 04.1 Ltuerty rt. Put•burgh crorner Of Water and Smithheld i ts
mi3ll ate WWWA 1. L ACE r 0.1, 143505 KECK,
sr EA 111 ENI•INES AP. bSt tl LERS- Forgrist, saw %orb'' , voter It.. SI Chartes Ilonh
stud other nulls. always ou hand, or lonic to enter -..- -- G. - w.
u - ku -- COL E,TD;ntlilt,-
nn very shOrl.lorOtee. and •t the lustre•t pricer All or-' ,
• "e rs -7:- "'"' REM OVEV us a new three wary brick
der. prompny attended to at 244 Libetu erect, near ' ee
the Cana. to y3O W W WALLACE ' •116.4 ' it on Smithfield rtreet, one, door below
Sixth sheet. Teeth inserted from one
131. AS TER PARIS-For land, and other purposes, to an „ate, set, on t h e 'te n on p t i ne j o t ot with a boat
1. always on band at 244 latterly at total repreuntatton of the natural gum-reatortng the
roy,A) W W WALLACE o ntttoa t e n e e te o ld i e Nee.
MDRTirDCISPAIHN - r-JAlneys an hand, at VII N. EL-Teeth <tweeted with little or no pain.
II Idherty u ray3o W W WALLACE ! Decayed Teeth permanently saved by plugvng, pee
us BIN DsTisrps_An a ;;;,,,,,,f gT .,,,
________ . ___ .1„,„„ Venting the tooth ache, whine I. much be heir th an ee
ls hand at 114 Liberty sire.. 1 gl.n, It, IhOki r h IL should bo dou• oi five mut tea, or
_ .
nsyntt_ W W WALLACE : tart l y . '''' .. .- aphttly j,
IT is with pleasure that the subsenbers T H S E w e r u e b ; e u rV oi e u r r lr., ,r u : t Lr e .c e v i es tr ye dl .at the . la:k w in eli T u ee
inform the ciusens of I.:Oahu/0 end vt- . lected auSek of pare GREEN ANDTLACK TEAS,
a,." ' re ' r ' n " t ' s ' w h* itti "k fl y es hee' l ° g! Pi fe ' ln it a ttrlTi - . ( c r o7„ N r) 7' ., l ..,V al age ,r l o a f t w a h t•C h b h r..7,7 be i.. n , r" e ' a i n ' stg:o i l
-"' of 511111 . 11 allah 111,1 ^ aa.a l, a 111 a 1, vaPaGa , , all the different grades grown in tee Celestial Empire.
PACKED EA, ' Our •Inek beine among the largest in the
And will hereafter be kept constantly on prepared to %wholesale. on better terms than any other
hand. TheY aaa ataat V an d
. wan'elY PM , house an the any. We invite retail grocer, to call and
MI 1 up to metallT paCh. .1 . 1, i and 1 lb. each, , ,oath tne our stock and mein. They
have a pack
with our printed card—showing the kind • ed in 1/. I. and I A packnees, 5 lb tin earmisters, or by
..._:11...... of Tea , price, name of the eh ern rind / bnurno , ur, to , men . nonrumunar.
'lath" 'a .11111 . nel n ina • ..." an '.'"una to .amen the 1 , Our retail priers wary for Oolong, Black Teas from
Tea. if not liked 'to Coo to Si Ad per 110 . Ning Young Sonehong. 50 etc
Itan•lL CUCIIII: ' Congo 5., and English Breakfast 50, Yonne Hyson.
d r Gunpowder Oil 75 1.11011,95 1.50 Gunpowder and I mpertal, Dorn 3ff eta. to SIAS per lb.
ii lmperial 50
oth 1 3 1 1 1. 20 /.,,,, ! Families ace reque.ed to send and get sample s of
0I 11 ymn• 5 11 75 'inn 1 . 2 3 .of our Tres. end try them before purchasing.
ut Y Hyson 50 Cr 2 73 1,00 1,05 140 m 19:ddt w,.. A. JAYNES. 70 Fourth street
Clack VI 50 , .___L
Bu " . "` C Fine and extra Fine /70 IMO 1,20 LAD (lan. ' a ' ..4"an gY*
, l Eto3l. Coughs, Cold,, Asthma and Conptiortl The
We will war "' all the / ThAS t i, we coil !me be r e a na r ,l i 1: GREAT AND ONLY RESIEDY forth, cure of the
1 . , i f n " ....a " a in any .°ll- i n - " e co .' an- 1 annl- above diseases. is the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF
toe,' not prove Seeeptabk , us the Is= they can be re.. up} , manor
urno by um
rusboum ., Dr. Beak..,
.111."1.11. end dm aaaany wilt tee .." ''' a. '.° Onl y London, England, and introduced into the United States
with that understanding we to 1.
ender the Immediate sUpertlnendellee of the inventor.
We ..`k a ' ' n°l. d '``' the,r,: re
b. may ho ' bin ' The estraordinedy as of this inedielne, in SR
edge betas., our Teas and se heretofore sold by .., unm of Pulmonary mar , mamma. the America,
other comps es in thus city.
&Vern in .o',leitti. for tresument the wont possible ML-
A" 'c . v." r n''''''nh°""anagn°l" flavored TEAS, mitt. can be (mind in the eornmstnitr—onsesthalareit
,bawd cave s a call. 'chef in Vain from any of the eOlllO4O remedies of the
For sale b 300. BM. YOUNG A CO.. day, and have been given no by the met distinguished
N W corner 4th and Ferry weer, and ' • • eh ed din tumble The 11,guri-
E YOUNG & h Y''''' ”" ."' c .
CO.,a an Flaisam has shred. and will etre, the moat deerrats
nulna n '"i e __ 5 W earner 3d nod Bo " ..'''' of eases It is no quark nostrum, bat a standard Eng.
DIL, W. H. ID AKIa, hah medicine, of known and established efficacy.
DE.N TINT, Every family ,n the United States should be Inputted
114411 111 . T. (Late of New York.) with Buchan's Hungarian Balsam of Life, not only to
, ers. union:Let the
,e tendencies of the climate.
Seventh but to be used Ma a prercnuae medicine in all ease. 0 ,
colds. coughs, .pitting of blood, pant Inthe side end
chest, irritation and &coronets of the lungs., hrochitia
ulty of brcatins, hectic fever, night aweats, coutei•
suon mid general debility, asthma, mEnenza, whooping
cough and croup.
Sold in lure hoiden, at El per bottle, with toll dime
done for ,he restoration al health.
Pamphlets, containing a mall of Engilah and Amen. con certificr..., and other evidence, showing the sin.
equalled Wait, or this peal English Remedy, may ha
obtained of the Agents. irrnUtil,
For sale by Lt A t AllighwrOUß A Co., corner of
AM. , Wood and Wo , sii stb st• (u9dewS
Strawberry alley.
N. B wawa or the mouth, runs and teeth treated
Houropatbmally. ontullut
At Ora greater Reduced Prices.
A 111 & Clt,deturous of reducing and elcstnc
nut met, Stock prePamotrY to rfifiet"oo their
Ne Ai. Fall, will otter creole? toducentents mak
ever Their occur little et the New York
. ..tales. made at such riornell e sacrifices from costAvc
be closed out the same ruinous rote*. Amoral
then rmlets recent'y opened, they mention:
6 ca-es fast colored Lawns, at 7 cut
a-d Mottling, E and De
A Jorge stock Silk., Shawl. att 1 V isms, very low.
• dO m 5I de Lai es. /lie
tt , lot Beteg., at Otte fiat ( Pr..
• 25 Oinahams at teje
tt t• Embroideries re p cheap
" Bonnet., halt pore
tt 't II met), Crloves Lanes, Trancrungs i &e
7 eaves Merrimack Ca.moes at Be.
5 • 104 et Cults at file
pl - trn.l firoan mfd bleached cheap.
Irish Ltnr.ns at I 60; Lim n 14ii.chams 1240
lionlei Ititition 0 nod IPA.,Gloves tit Jc
44' fit an mere, Vertely of OA er God., all of
vtluen will pro a •aving to pu rehnne, loom 21 to
50 pro cent - r ve , 'tore tool 0- clo•ed Otteasr
roarstne down and prep 1,1111( the •tottk for tn.- s•
I) A A 51ASON & CO
217 Prod street, Nets Yo-k,
r?! .a v u ar t, i p e s t? k
fl.l Is 4, Vtoesa, Slo.mrd. Spice, Es nuns
PM...SKR V 613 PHOVISIO.I.. purl, as
Oyster, I.okeder, Salmon, Mackerel, Shad Nleutn.
Vegetahlr,, lac.
imponers al 01,,, Capers, Pa: e! MN, Sardines,
Earl und Weal India Condiments, ate
their stock is more extrusive, comprises a greater
variety. astl is put up in boner s yle than ,hat or' try '
Diller rod.< In mei, business in the !Jutted
Th., I .IJ'i• •re picked in all the various package,
and in so snit a manner as to bear trattsponaiton to pa, or the country.
unnersigned have emoted works in the cit,y of
New Fork, forthe purpose offal vsnising sham.
cies of Iron, which it is desirable to ?Ranier FROM
RI'S r, such ns relcsraph Wire, Bolt., Spikes, Mails.
Wire for Fences. and any other article which may br
'required. For lloups for Oasts, non substitute for bait
Rope. ior Clothe. Litre. Lightning Rods, and a host of
oilier application, II will tic found cheap and durable,
rhee would punir uln rly,enll attention to he Oal rano
zed %%Inv, tin fences. it mnion* no paint, and will net
tiro to spites and Unit., the preatervaiton
• trn is of on ellen importaoce, this! will commend
Gentlemen's b'taresiehlag W•rettoc...; 7: 0( , 0 „0„„ „f a H L„,,„
• 0et.3.-ild.wi it :nil in itemiser et. N rnrk
94t i. m n rarer!, New York,
Pao., Co. the Pablie.
relanon w wILL anroviied (ninny Salve,
ii/1 KS, StforLD RRACKe, %VATS
.11 , 1h1C1b PAIN EX 114 C POS.
11E,, 'CARY, Mo.S Kt HE s. , r .
GARR UL.d V •••A r1N:5,1.1%F.N et,...u‘14 a, • r FllVOcts•i. — Read
- • I the (01 owing addressed to toy Agent, Mr. F. Mer
it 1\ 1,ri,10:. ISUCKLE.S, _ •
PlioN tiotltleZlN da. Re. , ry ,131..111111.1
•I lie ;Arose co., will, on eignlll. , losl, be found not
Agents to [Topton: atlas Peirce & Co. Phslodelrtia:
Jo• U Bee, Itu'umore: A. uart a Son Se
Cleo ealloo ft Co o.tseule: John. Fo,le & Co
C. CAM.. lie 07 Urnehman. to or 2,11
cull' Attractive ritelluve and Cu I. but i 'heap
bar 10.. a otinetirbra in the Iniotnts! nod .tiour,etk.
l'articular. attrittion paid to circle. and me acting
or good*. 11F.HHICK R 15‘...1•1411.:11,
05 William at, °pivot. I net. New York.
D•VrT I.uuxmx. 1.1114•ZI. W lICUPLM.
trn W 001) ..t?TRF:KT,
Arty nowrreemny a very Lone stock of fresh
liortOs. of recent ;utrehote tool intrornoton.whicla
dllly wul sed 10 thr trail, at such protes as cannot nut
tolnve entar •ansfacnott
Coy awl Country Merolla Os aro invited to call and
exam... oar .tock before porohasing elsewhere.
110:JK-KEEPINt.—ii.n..k. r.r w‘ —
11 in,. sv. t 4, win tot Aothorb, eir,ctions teivb
r 1 pr i or o“ the coven A 111./ .apply loft recei
ved irlot New York. and foreaeW by
ju bilIN II 11K , rnO . 2, W^o , ••
dozen of Dr. Towond'd Goootioe S4r.oipor.lla
000 roe d and lor •rflo ns
57 Wood at. only Agent for Pito.bargh.
lua FI) DAI CURRY. Agent fur Atli:alien). coy
0 It : , ; „ I „ tliE 73 ll 4 ‘, T v
o F o C c it t
recei .reel, hea last
ved some beautltully ornamented GRATE
A.PRONI4. of voriely of patterns and =lora, also,
eat fie ..ue Paper for ornamenting looking glosses,
picture frame, o• lamps.
Pire June 12, 1-49
Alr John D
Alperin—Dear .
Ste: 1 gave one teaspoon
lull of ) uar Worirraillier to one or my children, and tit
the short time of one hale hot. pored tyr• nlylnrpe
/eta., i lee/ •111 , lit ITTUllialelldt.lK your Vermiloge
as the best medic fag wisp c•n be U•ed for asp/dont
J.O. Moito•n, near Notilestov,
Prepared arid sold by Pie proprietor, JOHN D All iR.
GAN Druggist, one door below Motorola alley. Wood
• DRY GOODS AT '4111101.6,1 ALA.
IXT MLlO . lll' Inytte• the attenoou of met
hum V . hat.. the lame supply of new lienni• just
Trued to h. wholesale Mon, s, on 24 story, nonheast
torr lth and market l'nun•orgn
tins innog h.. sreond *ninny tor this %pm& he ha.
any IE, ds of good• at roonced prtaeh and
my Inn not to I e 1:0%)1111 rlsevrltere cnvenlAwT
"I&SIVAS3kIO BINS-1a bade yellow on wen
Horns, winter brand, in time and for late b2r
IYU SELLERS & 1t01.0L.51
U " ll ) ro ' na j a, "' N l: !7 1 4.„' :1 0 Ceet h a; U :L A T4Iti r t:
.arceL ppleed Cho,otaus, inn rood and for sate m We
Fakir Tea Store, 70 Founh st. myti
Exclusively for Pasmagers.
—The Boats atlas Line will leave
as follows, at 9 o'clock at night:
Kentanky--Capt H I ruby, !Monday, Joly 16.
Loarslana—J P ThompsonToesday, Joly 17.
Indiana—P Bulges', Wedn ' esday, 19.
Ohio—A Craig, Thursday, 19
Kennieky—H Trulty, Friday, 20.
L,outstana—/ P Thompson, Saturday, 21
Indtana—P Harkey. Sonday,.l
Ohio—Capt. A Craig, Monday, El.
Kentucky—ll Troby, TIP:S(111T, 24.
Loutslana-1 P Thompson, Wednesday, 23.
Indima—P Burkey, Thursday, 26.
Ordo—A Craig, Frlay,27.
Kentucky—Copt H Truby. Saturday, July 29.
lauiwana —1 P Thompson. Sunday, 29.
Indiana —P Ile' key. Monday, 30.
inn A Cratg. Tuesday. 31.
For pamadv apply to W SUTCR,
Mononigabela /louse,
nr D LEECH Zs Co. Canal Basin
ategM 1849.
No. 46 Market street,
A YIN , : jou re hAned extenst ye and carefully sr,
kcied stock of Some and Summer Good• ifie
sewer,. r reswctfu.'y informs it. friends and the
public that he 13 now prepanng to receive and eat
rule th iir nod rs with dispatch, sod it the neatest,
1.41 210/.111.i..1 fathionside manner. As he is
determined to do business on tile cash system. he dat•
le.l, himself that he will be able to do work as cheap
as 0 C. be done at any <diminishment to the country.
ills mock Is iesneol,ro..
111 g or Cu.iro ore.. lloth.,Ve.tionrs. , which his friends arc respectful
,y truntml to C... or themselves
mydl nit! Gl°d)Rty ARWIR:C
v' o. 70 Wood Pit Labarge..
CCIF:R AND I, CFSI AN, Importers and de
11 in Foreign and Dornesue HARD WARE, la
all iis raw dr,. cow prepared to Mil low and
on as nittile terms e. C. 41 be purehased elsewhere.
We solicit our friends, and the pupae vt-neragy, to
call and eta.oe uor stu.d, which voninsts in part of
oCISSOKS. SHEARS, RAZORS, Douse Trimmings,
such as Legit, Latches, Made. and Screws, together
with ,very anicle usually kept in hardware Store..
in•itie the attention of Daimlers and filethanbis
gcnerally to our asmrtment of Fools, which have been
selected widi great core, and which we are determin
ed to cell so as to tistwiion. errivlik
CIirePOSAM, s'eb
Sir A sense of duty
•s me gyre my Inhale
to Salley • Pala ES teltif Remy oppcssed to guest
ry and .b...ans. hest tir for their object.ooAouvea iet
Pain hit e„ re ' llal ' e ' r n' )Orllsl ' ai4C ' e u A
Ca. I have toted 11 in in) legally, In any prahuce. Slid
With alt Me happy and wonderful effects that cod..
possibly he liaagined H .1. Bitontle hl U.
lir Brodie a alto senior partner of Brodie Levi,
inittrosissurore Hhassmatarws
The following tesumonial comes from sparse fa
minor to many a•those travellng our %Ve•tern Ws
Mr. (snipe the well and favorably known pro
, printer ol the Parkersburg Motel, is husband tu toe
lady whose letter 1 annex
Pausal dime, Va, April 13, len
ro Henry Dailey. Ch. anal de —9ir Harms} tor
, men) been long allUcted wen ender. inflarosoetor,
Mets:muses which ails cared so hrm 5, seated as to
, defy all or unary opal 111001 to allay the severe pate
ant:11Mo( 0, was ,laced u try your Magical Patti
Extractor, and it havult: effected, alt on as if by [ea
gle all itentethate re, aed else, to all appearances
an court PI•El fie fleet care I am educed tor the benc
h). et h cr ,, , na y ite &diluted with pain, caused by
any kind of Indent Mil/M4, to ante to you, declartag
that In my °pm on, fors neat nit asioal experience.
your 'alliesi r• lii t.itreclOr la the most valuable di.-
I epees), of the pleaelll age for the immediate catesafflde
01 bmttly pall! II an alto immediate and a per.
feet cure i Burns and tcalda, and id/ eXternal
M g ., many actpinuttsores formed by their mats
at my htlaelted Oholel In this plaee, have supposed
by your showing
them th se few toms, 0 may possibly
al aciteat hots to them and yourselt
ti entertain the hope dint Mrs. Win= tall pardon the
peewit,' 1 rite In her letter, as well on the wore of
tiowanto as or it. heing tae Barest oaodo of itnngthi
to tae nonce ci tier Inenda—H. DiLaaae.J
Felt.. Curs&
Extract old letter, de, d
• • - •
I u.m.cort , Ky. Nov ; 22, 1643
Mr II Dailey' "I have tried roar . ant Extractor In
case of felon. to for own faunly which it relieved
and cured in a very chart two •' In haste, you re..
spectrally, Jos. 111. Vaasa.
qr. Barns and Scalds. Piles, Store Nippier, Ilroken
Breast, Eruptions. Sore, Cuts, Wounds, and al in
flammation, yields med.:y to the wonderful properties
of thi•valled salve. But, In the saran pro.
portion uort that you wt,t receive benefit from the genuine,
you wit. On ntiured by the deletenoos effects of the
counterfeit salves.
• • •
L/T -
ON—BeI —Be sure and apply only to the inventor,
II Dr..zaz. 4.3 Broadway, news art, or to be au
thorized sat:att. JOHN D kit/ROAN,
General Depot, Putabsorth.
Henry P. Fehwaru, Aileron), agent; J Baker,
Whoeling. V. Jana. W Johnson, Mayrrille,
F Iderzyureather, enietnaini, 0, Penned Depot.
N. —ln the areiretrin Bunts and Freaks n eztraeta
the pan in a taw ininines—it raver (ails'
11/7 I..bila ea him/ Kra
Valuable Real Estate for Bale.
THE subseriber ogees for sate her House anti
Lot in Allegheny City, pleasantly altnated on
Hank Lane, and fronting the •Ilegheuy firer,
nearly opposite the point of Ptuaburgh. The Let to 00
feet wide, and extends from Bank Lane on the South
to Rebecca street en the North, bounded alm by Nek
ton street on the Wen. It to one of the handsome,*
and most desirable lots now offered tor sale any whence
to the neighborhoodof Allegheny City. It I. hula
enough to be subdrrided advantageoualy Intl 10 build
it,' 100 of the tonal NV, It I. very nimble rota faro
residenee—is rocked with a variety of choice Fruit
Tree. to full bearing The dwelling la convenient and
comfortable, and all in good repair. A warrantee
deed will be given, and possemion at any time to null
the pmettuer.
For terms, apply on the premises to
lyVkrtun Pligrn: SAVORY.
~1~7: 4, ( " 1
dililA lame nom on Merkel. rt. between 3rd end 4th
well finlrbed and bandsly fi red ay fat
good., being a I od swirl for that basin....
B U,
Office, 3rd .1, over Philo H.ll-019oe tururs fr. ot 9 to
17♦ r LT
A VERY desirable residence in the bet.
rough of Manchester, edit:lining .10'm Dow
ning. RN The Lolls a corner one, arty feet from big
one hundred and ninety feet deep—with two story
Bit k Rouse, twensy•five feet front, with two parkin,
dining room, and kitchen on Erg door. A carriage
hoax_ stable and oratory , and the lot WI of choice
fruit trees, an in good order. Enquire of the =Wert
ber, Lumber Merchant, Atlegher 7 6, 7.
Julfltdreartf T !NO PATTERSON.
pg.apget — AElty City for Rate.
THE aubscribers oder for gale a number of abating
Lots, situate in the Second Ward, fronting on rho
Common Inquire or
W.Wito7l.gag, Atty at Law, Sr Mee SI
or of JAB ROBINSON. on Moon:mime
a, A THREE started Dwelling House, being the
second house from Penn street, on arterta
Rom,nnHay street 1131121.1iM0 1:0104114)11 Will he
given. F.nqtans of DAVID RITCHIE, /Memel et
LAw--olliee on Fourth arose, between Cherry eller
and Grunt Street Intnettf
poa"Hit ear,
FOUR new two story Bnck Revelling Houses,
well finished and In complete order, on Cant.,
Avenue, 7th Ward. Possession given Jai, Inn.
Rent Encinha of JOHN WA rr A 00,
me comer of Liberty and Hand its
P &al Inal.B LSD livalrlase.
THE underslgned often for sale in blliean comity,
P., leo3 acres of well timbers I LAND, with an
excellent Saw Mill nearly newi and two new Frame
one 41 feet front by 47 back; the other 3d feet
front by 21 back. Also, good new frame Barn. thirty
by forty feet. The mill and land are situated four
mlearrorn the Allegheny river. A grear deal of PINE
TIMBER of the hest quality, and also a rut qumtity
of the very but hemlock. Also, one arm on the bank
same Allegheny, near n core, most admirably adapt
ed for rafting, when lumber eau be railed on the Ice
In winter. and be perfectly tare from all (matters.—
Price El,OOO, or RS an sore. Term easy. Will take
• well cleared small farm, vellh good hence and or
chard upon it, as part payment, 1! location la
and the balance In lumber, or pa may be agreed on.
Tblll 14 att uPislorunity for lumbering; and
the probability Is great that in Mk. OT three years this
property will doable Its value, ID cormequenee of its
provnmy to the New York and Erie Railroad. Tim.
bet Puificie:lll.ol•l3. 0111 several Mar 191111—•Od
real mill men on the stream which runs nearly through
the centre of me land. litiom filluis sores In grass.
No hill to rise al hauling. lumber froozmill-M.Aver.--.
Trout nod genie . in &Minden.. For farther partlea•
lara ladroslli.lP o4l -Paid,) P. B.TEMPLETON,
tuvatidttreqpd Gamine OM., P)r...term!,
Tine Lata.for ens.
IRE satmenbers .11 sell at pnvata sale,. those ma
valuable Lots of Ground, snoozed on Tomato st.„
in ihe feed Ward of Allegheny City,eah having IL
front of 20 feet, running back 1011 feet in depth to • llft
feet o,lley, upon which is built • stone wall, SS by 100
feet, which contains stone coongh to build. cellars for
two comfortable dwelling houses, and in front there
are three shade trees, of b yams growth, and the side
ertOk i. paved with bnot, mil of welch well be sold an
Olin. Ptimburrh and Allegheny, or County Scrip,
wet be taken in payment_
J& II PHILLIPS, N Wood st,
or to WNL BENSON, trstroodsataly oppostor mud lot..
THE Dwelling House oo Third sire. ahoy*
Smithfield. occupied by the family of the how
')r. a. N. fil`Dowell. Possession given on I.
Ist et Jaly nest. 1
Also, .ome Isere lots of ground In the Ninth Weed,
beteteen the Fmk IVardtold Croghonseille, suitable
for lember ysrds. NI. R. DARLING FON.
my.idda At It. Nonni.
FOR FALC—Five lots eibauty talon... to the nata
ishing town of Bannahao. the lot. ere Mai
ad on Doomut street monitored at It Bonsman's plan
73, 79, no, dl end Ml—Lot No 7h fronting 00 feet no Ha
il At'd 9 .0 23 % '7 O Met deep; the other tons 20 feet front
mush, by 80 feel deep.
Torms—(renter port of poreheso money may no',
mein for sit yeate, steered by mortgage. For partial
niers. meiotic of 8 BCHOYBK,
my 10 110 second
Valuable trinarLand for sale.
ABOUT tour mile. above Lock 'do. .1, at the month
of Pine Run, Monongahela River. The Coal la
of Me very best uality, and
five eav aecom. Any
number of acres., Ir on, twenty t o &hundred, mig ht
be obtained. Person, desirous of purchasing, ems
call on WALKKR REED, on Mit preintver, or Mirtm.
Reed, opimatie the Port otfice, who artll glee any In.
fOrIP2II. °once:oink the property. 'rho shave +4l
be sold at a great burantit• mm 1,01.,
'l , O LET—A goal brick Dwell' .e.sanely on
Rollin.. won, Allegheny. &Vs of
rn i Oturil.hli .r.110,91i
IR SALE CHEAP FOE dLall to. a (.4.1
situate on Webster rreeh 23 feet from High street;
2U feet front on Webster, by SO feet to a See Coot Altry
—quite close to new satin hosts. Pries OW. Terms,
cliU cash in band; tidthusee in one, two, three and food
years from the first of April lest.
Conety &tie City Scrip tatten for cash payment. In
• 160 Arivo• atm+
SITUA the iirofivitgalsela river, aboet 10 wiles
from and 3 moles above laird Loot, m
the immediate neighborhood of &luau. Lyon a Bhoob
and 71r. John Harron's parches*. This fine body of
Cool wilt ho sold at lbe low price of =Po ,
third on hand, balance in five equal annual payments,
without interest. Title irollapostable. Location very
rood—cannot be surprissisd. For (unbar particular,
toquire no & BALALEV, who has a droll or inuil_pra•
Jelly. Residence al sl, below Ferry, Ole. Adams' How.
Y. B there Is another seam of coal on Ibis treat,
eels. C.O feet above the lower, or exasilent quality..
ViilT — aab 4 - IThes tiding Lots N. case.
subscribers are aomoritial to oder at priest.
I sale, Vail epee biSWp fa.or bre us. a moaner
of very volueole Send Vat C.aa compouooa larva
portion of the IJJB aimm•l 07, nod 7y to
tiiwalsi General Plan o f me Coy of .
at 'ho went eon granny corer or Penn .oaf Way. e
n ,
a Mete, frelng 016 Mel on former, tool oateii.liag
along the later annul diat foot to we AJoigh-ny r 'or,
o o j og a pan of the Kees Estate or the Late .1•2101
S. Sievoilott, decnased
A pia° Of goOO.IVIVOn or the above Lou, In .confer.
may 'LIS proposed to sell, may be .e. at
;he °dice of MO undersigned, on Fourth, Wawa*, 11,,.
Ferry sis. WILLiAItIS tr. KUILY.
Valateritla Real astata for glare.
THE fo towing property to the oily of Prtaborgh,
Lad near the borough of Manchester, on the Oda
river, II ockr.4 for sale on acconteamlutng team.
3 Lots (being sub- d, vision of Lot No td in the plan
of the city of Pluattursh4 tutting N low front on Se
rend. street, by 040 feet to Strawberry alley real
10 one MC= LOU fronting on gglAganuo, a Wet
wide, rum from nearer rood mato Ottiogivw. ob.
Joining Phi Oi Cloth Factory.
For terms, engowe of CUAELEM U. SCULLY,
(largo's [Wilding. Ch a.
VOStaiSElkaroporty for thole s
l Lout on Holdout and Liberty strains, In the
9 W4AI. 24 feet by Ite, and uhaetru the prepined
depot of the Central Railroad. Frit terms_Humure of
manta Ilurkes Ballabiot.VA at
Two 410Utlite AND LOTS SOH d
Ett. TWO Lord n , h eaver uc,v, , e , treht, um, ,,,7‘
is ere ahtol
cted a Rome building, two stsf " ls‘li suitable
(or two small lelleiSteal.. The lota am en tureaty
Met In front by one hundred feet deep, add rdo bank
to a street ferny lint wide. Poe buildtaga'art the pray
mites will pay a very handsome Interest as tRe fovea,
ment, and the property will be sold oheap lereaski.
Apply to H. derma, Clerk's other, 11. .e to
no to KAY & Oe
gootocraiittoaa Gilafitar
rITEN ACHES OV LANA situated IA town.
I amp, on the Monongahela, Mr. miles from Pitt.
borgh--. lots to .it purchasers. For farther panic.
Wars apply to Henry Woods. 3d at. or to
46, shove Smithfield a
h - WARTiftriDBE FURSALh—T be bees' t
offers for sale the three story brick Warehouse
on Wood street, occupied by R-Tatuser A Co.
apt 7 WM. WILSON.Jr.
VALCAULE REAL t't; YEN:I drnt.eir
FUR SALE —A Lot of Urottad situate on ?eon
street, between Ray and Marhury streets, edioinine
the hotuoe and tot no. ixeopied by Richard &Ivens*
having s front of 2.5 feet, and in depth 150 feet, mil be
sold on favorable terms. Title unexceptionable. En.
dike of C. 0. LCHMILS, 4 th A, Wood
' notil-dtf
For Salo.
A DENIRABLE Building Lot Inlegisany city, ft
vorably located, in use about loaf an acre, sad
and be sold on accommodating terms. Ltupdra of,
'fetid J .110 mood in
Tar, — i'OR RENT—A n in the amend 11.0Trairi.
MIL% Waoll
O 0. W. 80111TH as. 00. t.
f NFORM their Mends end the pablie that they him
Weser Key connection wah shelf - ,11“0441ab4.4
tent la Penn meet, tnomt as the Pittehttret Weever,
heel f{ metered their entire besinesilit the POINT
ORZWERY,In Pit - wen. reooB4l 171Pa1