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Dollars par annum; the Tri•Weekly is Fire Doll/m.oer
aartutooba Weekly is Two Dollars per stoma, wily
M/r 'Arnnerrierss ere earnestly requested tri hand In
.heir Amore before sr. a., and as earl) the day at
ernetkable. Advertisements net Insetted tone sera.
led time orill invariably be charged until ordered aka
WILLIAM HAsLETT, of Butler C4lilll3r.
ROUT. C. WALKER, of Elisabeth Boroitigh.
JOIL*7 MILLER, of Slupsbargh.
CALEB LEE, of Pittsburgh.
WAL E3PV, of lower EL Clair.
Win S. HAYS, of Upper M.. Clair.
JOHN yoaitsor4, of leghetry
manuns, of Sissbarid.
KM BYERS of Flndl46.
ea laeZt page.
Per Loral Metiers
See next pass for T
The insinuation In the • that welnao"4"
our New York markets, is . mnliclous and 14te,
as theta:impose cilia source would lend One
to -
pect. Natty one has any •eale to inghire oito
the matter, We refer him to the Telegraph Ice
fee proof that we receive despatches dailY (rot:10m
=Rem correspondent. !;.
THE TEN nova
For oho Pau/wog/A
'Sed non temper in melorem paring,"
la reply to "Tempora Mutautur," which t : ftaw
in the Morning Post, on last Friday, 'dill Sul*,
in which 801:60 praise is given to the StarFacary,
I have only to remark, that said mill shchld airk: be
takes as a scabs; because she was never idffoll
operation under the twelve hour law,,andi'Sen
siderable additions in machinery were tuadetiSou
after the old hour system expired. I should Itiese
kire like that the said Mornmg Post would Oder
tain bow the oilier factories are doing, whichlthve
the same machinery in openitaon, under the pen
hour system, or under the twelve, and baveStore
=permute, sad are more able ti judge about 'the
matter. One thing is certain, which Is, 'roar tlitigt •
bars sf oulv a few hours travet van run theii.lfac.
tOrieS twelve hours, while we have only tent our
situation can not be expected to be a preepeons
out. "::!
— OXII or THIC P1.01.11.14T0113 or Tlll7. ST#l!. P.14011Y.
July 23, 1849.
Nnre BY run Entree.—The above reached us
yedirday morning, but from its date, appeko to
have been written the day previous. lt Is tbere
fare not in answer to our questionsiproponilided
yesterday, but In reply to the article bitithiqoat,
on which we commented. We hopOi bout*Ver,
the .proprietors of the Star Factory" will oblige
and the public, by sriving so a direct anamerin our
Taere appears to be some diffaCClltylit
being taken as a correct guide, unto the rehilive
amount of tabor which can be perkirmecHn
cotton factory, in ten hours, and in twelve. , !tt is
for this reason, we presume, that the Post ko so
frequently referred to it; knowing thatot wag cot,
and could not he a fair tes:. list as we are;anxiii
one that the whole subject shall be Cairly Under
stood, and estimated an the princip!esr of justice
and truth, and as we are perfectly reedy tilt give
up all our preconceived notions on !lie Object,
whim ever it can be shown by mcontesublejacts
than we are in error, we will pot another edestioc
to the Star Factory, as f :Howes—
Does the cotton business In Pittsbirgh, nti the
ten hour system, pay • reasonable profit, juid :2
there any inducement to capitalists is, erect!thilli ,
hers, while they come Into direct compeutirittWith
tuffs working twelve hours in other 4t5 , r41,!1 ,
An affirmative answer to this qtUstiot ! :: will
speak mach in favor of the great r•ivanuites Of
Pittsburgh, as a cotton manufacturing ipipt •;Every
hodtknows that the cotton business ti tonffucted
on a large scale, and that its prices wail prat s ere
brought down to the lowest living pizint. c 4 will
be • great point gained, then, if our rrtrh,
can do a fair busiaesir under the distrAvariC,*s of
restrictive legislation. ]-•
We should be pleased to receive; from 4F . ) , of
the mills, statements of their experience q the
opintions of the ten hour law. We, lussOlow
the lights of experience, Instead of t hecactleal leap.
Wilms, and It is hot slew_ that. the ;comes Salty:
should be afforded a just buds far their; opins on
the subject.
We infer (man the closing paragraph of thel ii/xee
osimmunication, (which is, as it
.purpeita to iaid, the
production of a member of the Star Factorl4mm,
the name being left with the editor.) that On cot
ton business, elen in the estimation of Chili pro
prietors of the Poet's favorite mill, is suarge*rrous
in Pittsburgh, and that the statement of tkiak, paper
that more and better work la done in th'id : Star,
under the tan hour than under the ore/eel:boar
system, is frau, having tio foundation:in fagii and
that it was fabricated far political effqet.
General Taylor was accused last summer nti; hay
lag once, about thirty years ago, when auiiinned
in what is now Wisconsin, given the ionnwing
tnast—"No more Field Officers from portti(iiir the
Potomac."—The lie was an gross that it did not
seem worth contradicting, bar, being appeidnd to,
General Taylor responded as toLlnwsi
Baton Baca; Ire, Oci. 2, kBkB.
My DUI Sim Your commuoicatioit of t4e - 18th
nit., in edition to a senument represented Ml:Lav
ing been proposed by me at a dipper Olen at
Green Bay in 1150, has been duly ieceoreil. I
would say in reply that I base already been apres•
and on this anklet:, and have taken one or ir oc
tuudoss to deny exp li citly that I Geer. utter the
language attributee to me. The whole mailer, in
my opinion, Is of too little impurtance.:and . r ab.
mad upon its face, to deserve iho s li ghtest Fitton
and I hope, therefore, that my friennta:will eat„ see
&to amine it. The bare fact tbm-Pie acktisor of
thalaisehood has given to the public, for the sole
purpme of injuring me, a remark whica Militates
that I matte thirty odd yenta ago. at -4 dinw
en by me, and to wawa he was invited, ought 11
Mel( to arouse auspicions in the mod efevekyhon
orahki man, ash) the credibility of the Xtory.ilt
I am sir very respectfolly,
Your obedient serrar4 L ii
Mr. S. Knott, Jr., Fond du Lac, Wis. ,
Men= Canvases nr Norm Cdurcai+ The
Point' Coupes Bohn of the 9th inst. giiree wish
- another crevame. It says: 4 .6. s strange
an li warm:ern at the present stage 9f the river,
which is several fee: within its bankn, yet ri cre
waste has taken place near the month of ralae
liLiver, through which a volume of :water..loam
three feet deep and 200 now paraiu6' It
was occasioned by the caving in , of the
For the distance of about three quarters of *Mile
above the lower mouth of False 94ver thi;.land
fa low and of a light, sandy, allovinqnatarabilinv.
lug been deposited in the former L.a of the titiiis•
ttaitippi gum the Cutoff of 1612. :4'he wbele of
this apace has been rapidly caving m for several
years past.
Thal:Mut proprietors have been nearly ruintid by
the lose of their crops and the heavy expehe of
making and keeping iv repair-enormous lenetsi
and 0131:110 will no doubt abandon their pineeeirath.
sr than he at any farther expense. There MOWns
anon:Lave acres is depth, between the Mlesifsippi
and what is called the Bay; when that is gone the
Riverneust throw a great portion of its wateSe into
its ancient channel of False River, for I( will
than be impossible tobaild a dyke oglevee heroes
the Bay. The water thus coming tom aIe:I;MM.
alaippi will fink an outlet throve!! the Arious
bayous passing Out of False River.l The Parish
of Pointe Coupee will receive bud lisle Injury
from the change in the course of a portion of. the
River, is has been proved by the late high Sister.
Portions of West Baton Rouge and Inervillet and
othetcontigoons Parlance below will lie completely
Tb the Rio:prof Pistuburgh Ga.ucte.
hfit. Entron — As oar two woes are deerki
ter in the properculanization of their refiect
lee tire departments, I would stiggeit the pin of
electing oillears for each engine to the several
the °dicers be elected to se:lre:for ovefrene
And fet the ciliates of each ward be eootudered en
members of the Company.. Or the officers eliteled
by the citizens, could teceiett Voluntary WON of
retries, or if necessary appoint a certain number
to act as Amman daring their term of office.
If this plan were adopted the citizens ejf the
several wards, remembering tee lepon so lately
taught them, would be careful of their best intelitatil
and would in all probability elevate the beee:Pen
to the important trust offleerir of
panics hal. • •
Ally 24th, 1548.
firiyantaaties of t.t4 Flee Department.
Hon: iiVskats. H. LcoirTh tra has given in the
Post hi opinions to the people of Pittsburgh, in
relation to the late diagrac . efol events in Alleghe
ny, and on the evils of the present system of Fire
Organization, in geneml.Z. His remarks are to the
matoludiciou.s and Inst. He tells some plain and
painful truths, which it Will be we'l if the p-ople
lay to heart He also se4gests a plan of reortan
zing the Fire Departa*nt of the City, which ,
whether it is adopted otiot, is worthy of conside
rationomd we have, thogefore. rooted his remarks
wn that subject entire. One thing is certan, the
safety. and morels of the city, call for a
thorough change in ow -resent nYntenn.
Extraet Iron he enbireselldf, Hon. tr. 11,
to the seisms t Puteht.rgh and Allegheny. on
the organuation of elie!.Fire Deportmem.
While the Into fire vra4reging in Allegheny, my
friend, Mr. James Gray,rof that city, stated to me
that he had beard that in! some parts of Europe,
this department of theliolice is regulated by the
government very mantilla they remilate the mili
tary, and a certain numar of citizens is drafted as
firemen for stated periods, and bound to attend co
der proper penalties.
It seerna to me that aid might profit by this hint.
end from it derive a plan for a fire police adapted
to our habits and institudons. It would be improp
er hereto attempt to gigs the particulars of such
a plan. An outline atoms is required. It should
have a chief officer elected by the people, and well
paid for his servieee-.oily incompetent men can
be got•for half pay. The number of subordtnetes •
must be left for the suggestion of those who have
far more experience than I have. Then as to the
members of the different companies. Every able
bodied citizen should.* a member. Or rather
there should be no. Ainanent member. but it
should be made the duty of every wizen to serve
at the fires in his turn.. would take a hint front
our mode Of selecting - Irvin. There should he
an annual list I the able bodied citizens,
and their names put pair n wheel or box, and a
sufficient number drawn every two or three
month; to serve at the-1;ml. This is. I suppose, a
sufficient sketch of the tan to enable all to under.
stand 11. It can readilnibe filled up by those who
are skilled in such Platens.
I hoes said the Ohtegof the department should
be well paid. Let me,fadd, he should have real
power and not the'neme of it. He should 're the
real head of the fire e . itapartmeht, uncontrolled by
council committees. Allow me to say that the of.
flee of Mayor, in thesi4cittes, has been degraded
by the Councils The ,Mayor up the chief execu
tive officer of the cortarration, elected by the pen. ,
pie to see that the lantemre faithfully executed.ona
yet he is cribbed in lira funottons by the soper.n
tendence of some committee of councils, who are
responsible to no one,;unknown to the people, and
not elected by them fie any such purpose. And
yet the Mayor is blemdd far the inefficiency of ail
our police, though teitan neither appoint nor dis
mins them, or at leatOrery few of them.
If we would have tin honorable and competent
head bathe fire departinent, we must tract him with
real power. There nrituld be laws to regulate the
department, but he should sea them executed,
withent being allowed the excuse that he ts con
trolled in his duty hill committee of councils I
have often wonderedithat councilmen are willing
to ...same such executive duties upon thernselves
and have thought they would not, unless they fen
theousetvre bound to do so.
When appropriations are made for the I i pert
meht, they aluostid be kaperuied by the chief canon.
tire officer of the deParnment, sibject to the proper
auditors, end, not by obennoitees ol counw:s or tin
der their direction. Qiliza minces of Couneis should
perform co executivredot-es. If they do 'simile,
•hey account to their:ewe body and join to passing
ordinances to throw Ore injury upon the Teeple.
T should like to seelali thew antra and boroughs
united iota one eotiihreueln. at 'ea.& fat the pur
teses of civil and fireitoltc.i. and l am awe that a
general union could* planned that would do in
instice to no section.i . But we should not wait for
this now, each corporation shoo al at once adopt a
proper fire system.
Failures I might suggest that each engine house
should be a p ?Lee Agy . t.n3n—thni rime offs •er ahouid
he constantly thecer,ellast no Era bell should be
rung until the font of.* Ere should Le comet on ice..
ed at the station Ili siime respon. , ble person—tbst
no more engines st),f,iid be called to one tire than
the 'oeczniort dernaMu'i—that no citizen should I , e
bound to turn out atoll the ringing of the bettor the
engine to which he iielongs.
In this way tales 'arms will be prevented, awl
Sometimes 'die seritts of not more than one e
sine company wiii,Pa required. it will read:ir
he seen with hoar 31.t0 diyinrhinee our ordinary
urea may be ertingAithed an (ton plan, end that
the saving of the twne of the atizen, will soon
melee up fie. the ipePare at the expense. The
engine houses wilt opienger the resort of
eioas boys and row Vies, or it; school of ail th
vices of the neghttbrhood. Tne racing of ,n•
4ines, to the terrcr the attixens, will cettan
There will be no ureic bloody conflicts between'
rival companies. Vile XOllBaps will all be fire
men,and the firemen: can ho longer improperly
control oar eleettons4md - our councils. There tell:
he no more extrovagree of expenditure arising
from the desire to halve the best and finest engine,
and no more leg rolyng ns to which shall be the
favorites of council. For the speedy communice
timed Ire iota/gamin, it may be thought proper
as establish telirgraptOc bommunteStioon
From these earaiMis no able bodied teen shou'd
be exempted.• it tan week of henevoence, and it
hatCa really beimaniaing tendency fur every men
to hive end embrace' opportunities of alleviating
or averting the misfojtunes of others. Evan the
clergy would be Profiled by such active intercourse
with their fellow aitinnes, and, hoop thus less wt.
mated from them, their ionisation would be in•
creased. As !binge /tow are, they and many oto
era :eta not work at: fires, because they feel as
though they wane intruding upon the exclusive .
progiace of the citisnrna,
Let not the present; occasion pass without a de
cided reform of that:theses of the fire department.
And, if it would emit°, much distract oar effort..
let us commence the:S . :work of correcung otter attu
ne. We have received some warnings already
ins to them, let no can postpone reform until great
er calamities prow oats of them. We should ex
pect. none to servetm public without pay, they
cannot do it vvell, Our councilmen should be
paid, and shonjd imp none but leg3elative duties
to perform; o exceiftwe duties should be imposed
upon their committefis. These should all be done
by regular e*ecutiyit officer. In tom we slit old
take paters flow ace National and State GOvern-
Kent& rF ec tlVe paper respoombroty we most
keep the mire, and eg,entinve functiens sep
arate. Our conneikahoold sit but s limned period
troth der to day illiatte beginning cf the year—
There should tent sessions except when
theta is most argeagilectreinte. Theo a call thigh'
be made by the Mayor and Presidents of - Cot:mods
and afterwards sanctioned or disallowed by the
The auditors efihe public accounts should be
officers elected by.the people, and paid for their
services. and not . ~.mmatiibto of councils. If ex
ecutive offlcera are.: to be controlled in their duties
by any other meats:than the laws of their depart
meat, their liability be dismissal or punishment, and
the exact:in of tali.let it be by other executive of
&ter's, and not by council committees.
Let all the pablib business be publicly done.—
Leu the legislatioirof the year be done to the
first month of heyiar. and let abe done to the
face of the public. ire ergo Italia with abundant no
comniodations fort' e cPixens, male and female.
who chowse to be fiteseni, and not in small com
mitter rooms. wheal the citizens feel themselves
excluded. Even hitnest men feel mere secure of
the. honesty of theithaotivos when they know that
their actions ate Watched.
Felon , Caizena-,•:1 have performed my duty—
that I have said gings which many will disap
prove, and at whl some wt:l be offended, I have
reason to believe. •licit some one must bear tha
odjum.attaehed et dll attempts at reform, and I
..y well take mi-:stiare. In this community I
have received allithy training and education.
Here I have acquitid all that. I possess. Here my
bett.frierade sad kimtred dwell. Here are all my
earthly attaehmen*_ and around our busy streets
and ragged hills end lovely ever' hover all ray
tattiest recollectioni, and I may say of this con,
munity,"if I forget:44 let my right hand forget
her conning. If I It cot remember thee, let my
tongue cleave to thAroof of my month."
Wheat..-The relrlotles—Adaptation t•
Western Culture.
The reports of thaextensive Injury to I he Whom
crop of the West, the present season, by to. and
weevil, suggest an toportant inquiry. What are
the best venues to new in this meon! Aud the_
present is the very bah In which to push this in_
gutty, and get answers that will he of value In
solving it.
We see, Ghr example, by a statement in the
Breohvibe American, teat In the Whneveater
Valley, where the damage hes been very great,
the "red chair bearded" and “blue stem" variellest
have coffered moat, while the qt4editerrane•
an" and "Alabama"-.varieties have received least
injury; Sc liar ,('runt is concerned, indeen
both these varastieshave `almosti are said to `almosteh
A statement Minaee to this, in reference to the
"Albaama" Wheat; met our eye some days since,
in a Hillsborough; - (H 40mnd county, Onio) pa
per; and we remember to have seen a mate-
Inept last week to au lll,note paper, that the
.bileditarranean" Wheat was this year making
the teat yield of =tin the part of that State refer
red to
These are few and scattered facts, tint if there Is
any thing in them,lthey can, In a very short tine,
be multiplied an silo snow it. We do not sup
pose that any variety of Wheat can CNIRI, the
depredations of the weevil, in seasons when that
destructive insect tines upon the crop. Rum,
however, is a did rent matter, depending, as is
generally supposedi!for its full deyelopetneat on
heavy rains and hot sunshines, and their sodden
alternations. Now, it is net at all unlikely, that
varieties° f Wheat:exit, which will, much Letter
than others, wabsterid those quick and extreme
chahges of weithat—from dry to wet, and from
cool to hot--113 welt as the steaming atmosphere.
produced by raptd;successiona of sunshine and
shower. And it seem, perfectly accordant wun
geographical aid climatic facts, test:moose that 4ite
"Mediterranean" add "Alabama" Wheats are thaw
very telletetres.
Any farmer in the Went, wbo hue wheat field,
may be able to Wein tight upon ti,s dubjeet. The
country mtllara alsolhave superior opportunities of
making observationn as to the general freedom
from rust, in linfavolable season of . different va-
Actin ol Wheat. Ihe country ruiwspapern coo
alai do a great ideaNsrards unlecung and chsseni•
lasting =Tad intatihriice upon the subject. For
40atileint, we attalllio pleased to bear from any
one who is better informed then we are in relit-
Don to Oils tryitter.
In thin wannecti n. It tiny rot be amiss to say,
that the 'Alabama" Wheat In becoming quite ■
favorite. in thin immediate rcinity: Dot on account
of any known or supposed exemption horn rust
Which pertains to it, but because, while it yields
as well as any other wheat grown hereabouts it 'l
ocos full ten or fifteen days earber than most other
But thta very fact, Whether it have a superior ex
ennp,oo from rust or pot, may In me• v Seasolla be
the very thing to preserve tt from that wasting die
ease.—Cus. Gan
From the New York Tribune.
A sketch of some portions of the public career
of Joseph Matztni, now a member of the Roman
Republican Government, and who has for twenty
years been recognized throughout Europe as
an ardent leader of Italian Liberalism, may not
be uninteresting to the readers Of the Tribune.
We brat find him the edit ,r and publisher of a
literary paper at Genoa, in June 1828. The cen
sorship toot alarm at the freedom of its language,
and a was formally suppressed by the Ministry ol
Police, in December of the same year.
Uur young patriot next attempted the estsb
liahment of another paper at Leghorn, but he was
a marked man, and a decree of suppression stifled
this also at its birth. A magazine, published at
Florence met the same fate, fur the crime of suf
fering an article, written by him, to appear in its
Another year rolled on, and the three days of
Joy. 1830, eleetrthed the Liberals throughout the
world. New hopes were raised—how anon to be i
again dashed to the earth, we all remember' The
mmarchs of Europe for a while stood aghast; the
ItaLan derpots crowded their dungeons with all
who were suspected In the least degree. Maxeini
Unit toinsell under arrest. Tn his father, ass
...Iv inquiring of the authorities the cause of his
sows sudden imprisonment,. this somewhat amus
ing answer war returned: "Your son is in he
habit of wolfing out alone and in the evening
deeply meditating. He thinks too much, and we
JJ not, know the subject of h. thoughts. This we
do not like"' P.eing acquitted of any charge, his
only punishment was a five months detentign
solitary confinement, and banishment from the
Young I'Vlaxxini betook himself to Marseilles,
en crowded with Ita:ian end Spanish exiles.
ho had been lucky enough to escape hanging
~,ttote or in.posonntent et home. and here he
Jmmutced the publlcattohol "La Morons Lobo,"
',stud by other of his countrymen, by whose
leans pettocal essays, embraced in tte pages, were
mugglod into every seaport in Italy. Toe Ostler-
men, the vine dresser, the artist, the villager, every
where throughout the North of the Peninsula, car
ried concealed about his person these political
racts: the people read, reflected, end to many dat
um:As popular risings ensued, followed, however,
ov the prompt and merciless vengeance of their
Louis Philippe. firmly seated on his throne, be
gan to kick away the ladder by which he had
mounted A cordial understanding commenced
between his government and the cabinets al the
despotic powers. He bartered sway the liberties
11 tilt people for the recognition of his government
by Austria. So Limns Yapohoo flonspsne. in ibis
arerent year, has j tined the league of monarchs,
red Regain has. in return, recognized bin mockery
of a Republic' The King at the French ordered in leave France. He remained, howev
er. nearly a year at Marseilles in disguise, and then
loured a party Of fits countrymen to Switzerland,
who were preparm4 for a descent into Savoy to
tArlute BO Insurrection there. The attempt RI.
carried: the hand o• !littorals was dtvpsrred: Swo-
a.r and could not ati,d them a nale asylum, end
Amu., after many wandering. and hair-breadth
e•capes leached England to 1137.
The literary reputation of the man had preceded
h six volumes of hi, works had woo for him
ne C3lllO of a chaste, nervous and eminent wrlter
Toe Dberals in F 4 cigland knew and esteemed M.,
sad, relying on Ibe honor and hospitality of tLe
'rovernmew ond- people, he liked Ms abode in
I. radon.
la 1 1544 the Brush public was aslowshed to learp
through the press that letters from the Continent,
fddre.sed to Italian nod Pol.h refugees in Eng
land. had, in nassing through the London Post Of
fice, been opened secretly by Governtnerif °Meer*.
And niter re-sealingreturned to the mail. M. Mal-
Lint, whose leiter! hod been tampered with among
'he reel, drat elucidated this astounding dunsfvery.
A Commatee appointed by Parliament reported
hit the Government had only foltowed an nid
ai.d the Tory Minder( dared to defend the
.ntetnons pructree...
he Bralsh Geyer:linen', haybg by tore eon.
A'nuatole theft. learned trout M. Maszint's letters.
toot , iletudy of Italians were assembled at Corfu,
and intending to effect a landau; in the Neapolitan
emtory. there to M.' the standard of inatirrualon.
tabulated certain parts of the totorwatton thus oh-.
,s,ned." (say. the co.rnatesa report.) ' to a fore an
r.-Yerntnent"--that at tae Two &tubes—and the
rault was, that the reyolubutlists were se:sed up
their *landau, and shot under miliabz law.—
". 4 -tach are the boasted free tostbuti Ina of Crreat Br-
The noose wh,ch tins affair made in the news-
apers. drew moth attention in England upon
dors.o. The modens.intelluteneu of the man ci
/titers, the coarage at the tottiater ; thy devotion oil
.he patriot, were recognized in buns Thomas Car-
'ylc tenet public testimony afloat to the effect •that
be too Men of genius and virtue. of sterling rem
nty, humanity and nobleness of - mord.'
Hot the emtrannel of Despotism have omitted
toques to cast odium and reproach upon this ex
:client and sincere man. Forgery has been re
waled to and the most infamous sentiments have
been invented in the Absourtu• Journals, and made
to appear alove his Maine. These be has fully
sod cortviet-17 expos:Al Every species 04 - la:jury
ass been attempted to be naliclet.l upon but chat•
eater. But posterity will do justice to the heroic
saint, when the crowned heads who have plotted
his destruction sot.;11 be overthrown and forgotten.
The part whieb Mayon' has taken to henna
Reform, since the anixstoon of Pope P.ue—the
, nah who attempted to mediate between the Pre
sent and the Post, and who has been bound Unfit
~r cutter—is too fresh m our memories to need
recalling. Ho a how one pf the chiefs of that
eon.. Republic which has proved Rome In be
worthy still of a Brutus or e &morn. Whatever
oe her success to the present Atruggle, Rome has
redeemed, in the effort. her ages of abasement and
legradetion Should Mazzint survive Rome, we
.tin I no doubt find him again in the CbreMOU ranks
wherever a struggle between Democracy and
Despotism is waging. Should he fell, Home's
buried Liberty will be his Immortal monument, nod
-•-•- ' " ' Chem is DO prouder drov e,
Even io her own proud cluno. , G. J. T.
Doctor Blaekvve.l
Extract from a Paris letter m the Journal of
"the medical community of Paris bee been set
a telkine, by the arrival in this city of the celebra
red American doctor, Nur Blackwell. The lady
oas quite bewildered the learned 'acuity, by her
diploma, all in due form, cothorising her to done
and bleed and amputate with the bept of them.-
6nme4of them are certain that Miss Blackwell is
a Socialist of the moat fumes ekes, and that her
indenaLing is the entering wedge to a systemat
ic attack on society by the fair sex. Others, who
have seen her, say that tilers is nothing very
alarming in her manner, that. on the contrary, she
appears modest and unassuming, and talks rea
sdnably on other ahllect. The attack her
•n their turn. One of them said to me the other
day,' Oh, it ,a too horrid—l'm sure I never could
touch her hand. Only to tomb that those long 80.
gen of here had been cutting tip people '" I have
semi the doctor .n gurstion, and molt say, in lwr.
ores, that her appearance 15 quit., preposiiesiting.
the is young, and rather good loo!..:Ing Per man.
tier indicates great energy of character; and she
seems to have entered on her singular career from
notivea of duty, and oneouraged by respectable
.adierat Cincinnati. Allen shout lao dace hesita
nee on the part of the directors of the Hospital of
Maternity, she has at last received the permission
. ci enter that institution as a pond.
From the Columbus SM. Journal. of Jaly 24.
At nix o'clock kW evening, we received from the
telernaph office in this city, a &spree, of whine the
following is a copy
.W.A.DRINCITOX, Italy 20
°Editors Ohio State Journal
“Gea, Taylor died of cholere (b.s morning.
Our paper wee worked MI, and distributed, but
startled by the and announcement, we at once
gave directions for its publication in on extra, and
went ourself meanwhile to the telegraph office, in
quest of further particular. Nothing was learned
there, however, except that, in reply to our inquiry
for the meson of the dispatch having been delay
ed to to late no hour in the day, Mr. Ware inform
ed us that the line had not been in working order
since sometime ra the forenoon, until aver the
shower, which had passed away a few minutes
before the receipt of the dispatch. Having the ut
most confidence in the integrity of the gentlemen
einplvyed as operators by the Telegraph Company,
and perceiving no reason for discrediting this item
of sad intelligeneo, we yielded to it a full, though
reluctant credence. It was the subject of general
remark in all circles—and the way poor "John
Tyler' was passed In eev;ew, was a caution to
men of easy amt..
Early this morning, Mr. Ware, the telegraphic
operator, sent to inform us that he bad been made
the Instrument of passing upon us a has, as wick
ed and wanton as It was witless. We were right
glad to learn that snob was the fact—and could
asve peen another hearty 'Hurrah for old Z. , '
We give below the statement °IMF. Ware — tad
in justice to him will say we readily and fully tio•
quit him of all blame in the premises. The char
meter of the whole telegraphic system, as a reliable
source of Intelligence, is involved in this Int:lane
noel and from the character orthe diractOrSaithe
Company, we feel assured they will leave untrfed
no ,ir.,rt to ferret out the psrptatrator of this Matt
achievement—and guard against a recurrence of
the hire. We judge it will be band to have ori.,
Masted with nu one m Ike employ orate Telegraph
Texas/sten Orme, COLLIN our, July filet.
Editor. of do. Oh., Susie Journal
At six o'cicatl last evening, the attention of this
office man called. I responded, and received a
raceme., for the Ohio State Journal. purporting to
come from Wa•hi olden City, and bearing the sig•
nature of oferrlf :garter," It announced the death
of Oen. Taylor, by Cholera, that morning. Fear
ing a mistake on my part. or believing it to be a
Anus, I requested a repettuon and Instantly receiv
ed it precisely as before.
Mr. Hush the operator in Pittsburgh, this mtem
log me that the dispatch did not come from
that office—that he saw it a. it was being sent, and
pied to prevent as reception at this oiliest. He
haled, on the weather wet veay wet, and the at-'
=sphere fully charged with electricity.
From what office the menage came, it is im
pcnaible for me to say.
LErrint MOMUtTOR Cssis—A political letter
Of nearly three columns, from the unsuccessful
candidate at a Presidential election, written and
published within a few months after his defeat, is
somewhat of a phenomenon, and peopte may be
tempted to ask what it means—for what ultimate
object it in put forth. The oatenaible object in to
Correct certain erroneous impressions made, or
supposed to have been made, by a recent letter
published in the New York Courier and Enquirer,
from the senior editor, who, alien a visa to the
Senionr:in his Western home, thought proper to
put on record his impreitsioos, derived (mm the
conventation then and there held—to the general
effect that the political opinions of the Senator
are not no much at variance with thole of the
Whig party as are his public professions, the lat
ter being ?collated more by devotion to puny
fealty than by actual conviction. The especial
points in which this non-accordance of opin
ion and profession wan represented to exist were,
the tariff, public improvements, and the Wilmot
Oa all these points the Senator ro-asserts an
entire consistency between his private and his
public doctrihes. He is heartily in favor of the
tariff of 1646 end opposed to protection. With
regard to internal Improvements. his "sentiments"
are in accordance with those of the great Dem
ocratic party, and are fully expressed in the reso-
lutions of the litaltimo`re convention." The in
ferenerhof non commit:sham, drawn from his note
of three lines, simply declining en invitation to
be present at the Chicago convention, is altogeth
er unfounded; he did not attend because he
thought the convention would have no good ef
fee!, and because [he suspected Whigglain in its
iris for the Wilmotlprovivo, the Senator 11 liberal
even in extravagance in his display of words, but
the good does not quite conceal his ideas. He in
hat, proviso or no proviso, slavery cannot be
established in California, and therefore seems to
summon op courage enough to decide, a little
more no than yes, that Congress has not the pow
er to legislate for its exclusion.
This is the substance of the Senator's two cols
UM/111 and a half in the Washington Union, why
wrtiten one maybe somewhat at a loss to deter
mine, unless with a view to keep the Senator be
fore the public—N. Y. Cour.
Sr. Lotus AND Ciaciasisri.—All our citizen■
know, many of them most sorrowfully, lodeed,how
Cincinnati bag suffered once the appearance here
of the fatal epidemic that boa made so many homes
desolate, and forever broken up so many families
Rut If me have been stri.•ken, how terribly brio the
pestilence fallen upon the people of St. Lout.r. ,, -
The comparative mortality of the two cities we
have hereiof ire presented, when the cholera was
raging in ho,h. In both it is now declining. Yet
still look at the comparative figures, for etc days,
of the deaths from this r. isease, and see how they
continue ngsm•t St. Ina,.
St. Lows, Lao week. Cincinnati Nis soma.
Choi. 0. D. Chol. OD.
101 80
80 44
1015 31......... 81 40
..... . . 57 23......... h 9 40
08 42.. . ..... 43 29
•• . . . . 59 31......... 32 28
Total 6 days —605 207......... 356 241
It Is by comparative statements like these, that
or are enabled telly to realize the dreadful suffer
ing that St. Louis has undergone. We have
thought our own case hard eneuvh. hut let us Irk
at our roster city, and while we deplore her Rini
bon, thank heaven that ow lot has not been like
her.. Woh but little more toan hallow popula
tion, her groiriolliv from the Cholera has almost
constantly nearly doubled ours '—Ctrs. Gas.
TUT PaAVER or IiASMULVIL-11 Is said of or,
Franklin, Mal during his long residence in Pans,
being invited to a party of the nobility, where
Weal of the court - sad oat:inters were present. be
produced a great sensation by one of his bold
movements, and gained great applause far his ID
According to lb, cottons of 'net ago and country,
the nobles, alter the u-tint tares - noose, of the even
tog were over, not down t t n free and p•ostlitiegsti
coutersation. elleistiatille wan then the great
topic. The s sia always risbeuled, and toe
13 tile woo treated with owl!) amp re verity. Grow- !
log wa,ier nod warmer isohed 5i.001113/10 remarks.
one great lord commanded, far a moment, univer.
vl attention, by bin astrerong in a round voice. that
th e (tibia watt not only n piece of arrant deception.
but Lanny void of literary merit Althosith the
entire company of French men nodded a heart,
rtaactit to tor ...merle, Franklin gave no ergot 0/
rt.° vs]. Being at that time a court favorite, his
comparimna could no. bear even a tacit reproof
from a man at hie wc,ghi of induct/cc. Tney ad
appealed to has far hit ups:pots.
Frnoain, to one of hi. peculiar way., replied.
that he saris hordiy prepared t. give them a suitable
answer, as hie m:nd hod been running on try.
merits of a new hook of rare exceilence, which he
had plat happened to fall in with at one ante clip
book starve; nod on they had pleased to make al.
lesions to the literary character of the Bible, it might .11tereSt them to compare with that
',home the meats of his new prise. If so, be
iauuld read tho u , a short section, All were eager
to have the 1./actor read a portion of his teen book.
lites very save end sincere Meaner, ha took as
old book from h coat pocket, and with propriety
of utterance read to them a poem.
The (Weal Led ,Is effect The admiring %gen
era pronounced n the hest they hod ever heard
read. "Thai a Pretty," stud one. "That is nub
loony," mud another. "It has not ita superior m
the world,' was the unanimous eposkm. Tbeyall,
Washed to know the imma of lac near work, and
Whether that was a specinteu or sts contents
"Certainly, geodemen," mai the Doctor o smiting at
his triumph, "my hook to toll of sock penances.
It l• no other thin your good for nothing Bibb,
and I have read to yoe the prayer of the prophet
I.labetkuk "
Lm every reader learn avirdorn from this inci
dent. and learn to appreCirae aneipahnd
I-mmes of the Bade.
GOI4LZI36.—A week store we rave no.
rico of the election of Mr. P. A. Packard to the
Presidency of this institution. We now learn that
the wide Geld Qf usefulneas open before him in the
publication deranmeut of the American Sunday
School Union, has induced him to decline this
highly flattering Invitation, although the interest he
Icel. in the success of the College ie so great that
the appointment to preside over it and direct us
useitilneas would have been accepted, if any thing
cr.uld have tempted him to exchange his present
post for tiny other. The election of Mr. Packard
is, perhaps, the best pledge that the Directors Web
to oiled Mr. Girard's wishes in regard to a thorough
moral training of the poor, ra1her1. , 5 1 1447.-114i4a.
A nurrivan.
Doubt Not.
lir 1 Id (N"WIAOS.
When the day of life is dreary,
And when gloom thy course enshrouds--
When my steps are fount and weary,
And th:, slum dart w ith clouds,
Steadfast still la thy doing,
Let tai soul forget the pep_
at 5.111 the right puthuinv;
Doubt nut' 'oy chart route al laar
Striving 4.1. and onward aerating,
Seek not itrure year. to know,
But deter, the wished for Lloraing.
Ir .hall eonte, though it be view
Never to - mg—upward geising—
Let thy fear. astde be cast.
And thy trial. tensplinh. braving—
llaubt not ,ay .b.II route at tow
Keep net shot thy mul r•grening.
Seek the good—spurn evtl'a thrall,
Though thy foe. thy path besetting,
Thou Plait triumph o'er them nil.
Though each year but bring th•e sudneza,
And thy youth he fleeting lash
There'll be time enough for gladness—
Doubt not' joy shall come at Wu'
His fond eye watching o'er thee—
11. mon; arm shall be thy guard—
Duty's path to otratgat before'thea,
It shall lead to thy reer•rd
Dot thy 111, thy Pooh made otronger,
Mould she Amato I y the paot--
Hope thou on a little longer I
Doubt not' toy shah come at last:
Panama Lembo Surtax—Prepared by J. W. Kelly
William street, N Y., and for sale by A Jayne., No.
70 Fourth area. Thu will be Mond n delightful arti
cle of beverage ra familma, and particularly for sick
Bann'S Oxon.. An improved Chocolate prepara
tion. being ...minimum; of Comm IRO; imiocerit. irr•
•Igorating andpumt.b'e, pu;;;.10. highly recomilteirtigdyrtyria
tharly for ihvillids. l'repirrtd by W. ilater, : parebc.
ter, and :or rule by A. JAYNES, at tke Petra
Tea Store, No. 70 Fourtb n meld{
F. load Marino inst. Too Prrn.
00 0011 N•V1414 - VON •NO EIRE Ixacaaoca CIMPAITIP-.
chartered ltal—notitinti,• to insure, upon every de
scription of property, at as fewest rata.
Orrin; No. 21 Market street
Roger an y6.110al
Improvements to Dontleery.
DR. D. 0. e'rE..a R Inc of Bosom, Is premtred to
manufacture and set Bfo 6 T ru in whole and pane
of sets, upon Suction or ainiosphenc Suellen Plates.—
Toontecue ratite usrive relerrea, where the nerve in
exposed Office nod reslolenCe next door to the May
or's odic°, Fourthstreet, rittebarßh.
Rae.. vo—J. hPradden, F. H. Point. jalli
Manifests, Bar Lading, Controaa, Laso li totha,
Lunn All., LAMS, eearvturn , 4121:111:11,
rowans, Re. tee.
P at the shortest notice, at l ow prices, *film
degGore - m.omm Ml= 11111112 S.
W. U. wright, n, P., DO/raise"
Oastca and roludente on Fourth at.,
1. 0,- . ;" oppomo the Pauthurgh /tank. Office
1144 'Wm I ga n n: . 2 " AL 9 k *' to ci rf ;111.faynd
INeTR ELS, Wednesday evening, Jolgeth, Oa
h ourn.tunal the request of numerous Ladies and
Famines, they sr appear with WHITE PACER, In
the first part. and introduce a seloeiion of the
Together with their own original and much admired
Footer's Popular Bead of 'Nally Woo • Lady?
ertll to repeats...l, by perttealarrequem
Flekota, l 5 cents.
Doors open at 7f o'olocki Concert to commence
Glassy Dry Cleeds. -
lITTIO WANTS NI maito Demi.
• V Groom Muslin, for
Pa ntsolcAn
Good rina!l-y.
Mous do LauAs
?irk and Wool Bermes
Conon h "
Bonnet Binh, 6.+
Good quality Kid Gloves" 37i "
Broad Cloths " SI 25
A A MASON A CO. hare Goods at prrers
above Call soon at the only cheap one price store,
Co Marko street. JYTS
EIV HOOK..—Southey's (* . Ammon Place Nook,
edited by his sou-in-law. John Hood Ihnen. D D
Abbott's History. of Julius Cesar with engravings
Just received at
ror Mork, and rt. rd 41
TAMES' NEW NOVEL.—The Wel...amen A Ro
mevee of the times of Rtehard HI . by G. P. R
James, Esq. Jest teertved by
,y 25 ror Market and Thin)
DI I Pi lIT ifiC.LII7
WOULD tender their nomere thank. to the ctizens
YY of Pnintittreh for their very [Mein: pittron4ne
th• past THREE WEEKS. and b. g Irnve to nano.,
that they wilt spun entertain thr:r friends at
On which occarion new Songs, new Dances, Sc. Sr
will he Introduced
Doors open nt 74—Concert to commence at
IE7 ticket. 25 Gent/ J y 2.5
(10L ROBINSON tenderg hi. grnteful arknowledre•
/ 111,I• to the Generals of Br om , e, Field. Comp.,
snd,.iniT Officers. for the honor conferred upon Um in
railing him ti the command of khe Divi-ion.
The ‘i Rio, General emtirnre.the n• rotocrnriln
a••ure tile Itifirere. and through them ;he Rank slid
File. that It will be hie greateat plesaure. a. it IS hta
duty. ro co op rale with them, in pfontoung the edit en.
ry and reapeetabrity of the under ih o now ,
and. a• y -t. untried dritultirmion. eata , •li•hed by the
eousyttiled autbordres of lho Comma Ivrea lth
By order of Id Al GEN FIOBINSAN
P.O. IA kY. Alit us Csscr
Huse Qrstrrus, Pittsburgh, July Xl,lBlO.
Haan grmuran., lboirruag - ru Dm. Ps. VOL. 1
Jut 21. 16 4 10
The Manor Generol hem appot .tcd Cep, Ch.. blity
lot. late Governor of the Pai.e, and Keeper of the
Arehtea. of Melte, Capt. John Young of the Rr.b.
or n Cavalry. and Feedenek G. Kay, Fiq., of 1 4 1 re.
limb. his And', de Camp. with the rant of Lieu errant
Colo.!, mud d reeta that they be obeyed and reopeeted
as glitch
By onler of Maur (iencral aonmma.
0" 2 . 5 F. G. KAY. Am ritt CAKI•
Periodical LI use
1. Tho London - Qutnerly Review,
Th • t?!notntrgh Review,
3. The Wo.tmqvaer RevtesT.
1. The Nn.34 Rnurh Re,ear
5. Ft act..rend. Rdinhurgh htegaline— Monthly
The above Perna heal. , are rehnnted in New Verb,
immediatelyon their arrival by the Brats mea,
in a beautiful el or type. on fine whit- Pere , a"d
faithful copies all, origtnala.—Hlack wood a Magazine
hong a exact fhc•inintle of the Faltnliurgh V . 111,1
The pricet of dm refineta are lets than one third of
tho'e of the roman contra any while they are equally
well r 'twitted, th y afford all that advantage to the A
mertern over th• FeelTrad„
Tritert—t Payment to be made in adv.. ,
For any one of the Poor Remmers, • 83 fel per an
For am two do - A to
For any three do • 7 tut
For n'l trier of the Review., - c ii)
For Ellweitwootra Maearae, - 3 no
F. , !Slack woo-I a d the Saar Reviews, 10 .0
The above prompdy .uopiapd by
• / I) LOCKW , aID,
Bo koeller and Importer of For•ien 800ke,
y 25 03 Wood st.
irr Mar Ir wood's M Int July. has lout been
reggugyrd, •nd m, v to, had us above.
)( .T 4 -15 1,1,1 g ,lus day rec,ved from 0•11 s
nOlll. and or sal, t y
L Ol l , - 2 0 WO , lu.l r.e'.l and for •ale
.):15 AR 11+ rßrl\fti c ROZgR
Desirable Snbu.bati Residence to, Rine. i. inn tint In reinnvo (ern,
hcreb oder, fnr r. nI trs rent Inn., hi yiand
The around., eatt,acing twenty arr.., nr- liandnonn ,
inicro and ihe - plare well •Inclind
ta. tunny of which ••• pro-toned in
• Ou•nut , ten The location in delirt,ul
n.nd Any persons in rent may vneor
t,e• peemises.—no.seavio will he ainen e
, 77 3 _1 , 7 ;T .l ii A FA litir-sTOCK
Wholosale Drug More for Sale
' 7`HE•tr.sert,•.. de.treua o , ret 'rem the Dealt
! ta , teot, eSer their eveti seteeted .anek Drue ,
M.itetne• ete • lot .ale
'I he
:.I•' I• among the moat .lir:hie ..1 the
Wenl. hen na rteticnr:re aid luctatlve filst"rn elrtn
roe rooc ..b.lartory tnfortaa , b, re , a,r, to :he
nrnr. 111.- and the ma.onit toe go t
un; h..•eoes. cao g •c•I by addres•lng the ,attos, r.•
bets. No 104 Mai k 'tree, Wh•elmg, Va.
Irl4 . diol—Wher , n4 Gaz
A FITV Ft SE—M.OM itet fur 0 /11../Ing. fur •n/e / 7
1• Al S
- _
p W DER— 13,m0,ng Ponaodet. 'op. qoaddy
tug'. 40 itille do r.o do
4. , do do .10 do do
ILA qt tlll do do do do
maga, r arld dellreta , lo vI a r boor dolma
day :1'44 .1 S Dll.Wlitail b. CU
CHEUSE—SU noses Cheer in corn and (or •alc lip
J 5 I , II.WORTII .1, Co
1[ 4 1 L01.: 11-241 I. r Flour..up , en, quul.:y. /or ••to
__)±i /04 lii DILWOH.TIII CO
MACKE:III , I,-Y. 1.1,1 a No ' largo Mackerel. 1-111,
Inat landing and for sale by
.11111 . 1 E DIL‘VORTII ir CO
WRAPPING PAPER—€4O m. w nor. and for
P•le Lv jr zt J S Di LWonTH & CO
ffiFOR SA LF.—A Oriel House. (bet one Year
buolt.l md Lot, on Robins. otrert Alleo brut.
nest old Bn ,ge. Prieto low snot ton, et,
Inquire of 1121 B SCROYEF, Yedond'Ot
by for tolnut ft , to the
allots tob.gir ..le by
Vi s R :171 - 1711F.ONT. Idd Liberty ot
110171.DERM-41002 des Shnuldery in mud, boloe
C.l and for ..e by 1)23 WAR Nl'rt
Ad ' Alo"loe. •
emoted to tho u dersirtn,l on the S. urn. of , A
1 . 4 dqceasert. nTllaldbritt tonru•nip All per
rtni 240 ori.g titenionsel indebted to the Foot.. ere
tiOnfied to enOto Untried/tar pspront, and those h
Inc slums are requested o presant then, iro
in per 4. an
litontested LiEORUEIIWGIBE
_ _
LtITRA vAmitx FLOUR-10 hbls Jost ree'd and
I . )f^r !LY 1Y24 A RAI.TRIt NG 1 cRozFR
I , IIREK SECOND 111 N i, pI , Mt.. either for rule
or real—One of the above Plano Foto" c - f.,; 4
exnhonged cost ognotirr 8500 for of Own t.d,
Or roarehandize •t a four var. , '
_4l JOR M FILL AR, 9l wood „
c . ....712-Arra Diet Sorrel... Nu.: Chnsteeher on.
der Canvas The Intend of Sardinia, The Q.. "01.—
pen XIV; The Genie Laws in Stol/411d: Horn, yw;
Patalognium The Crowning of the'Clilunt , and
Crawling 0( the Pedeatal lb. day received, for enle
=IV, on ttoOset tontine alien P 3 per year
1721 Agent Gir etilinalo
11:NIATTA DUX/518-45 tOrle In .tore and (or aJo
1)21 Canal Liaain, near HI e t
()REAM TARTAR-1 hble lust rood ono tor sale Icy
7)3.1 R E *ELLER.S7 Wood st
. _ •
LSIOF.R-1 blit lost reed and for Cale by
IL , 1) 7 4 E SELLERS
- _
ARRETTH SNUFF-1 newel, law E
S reed and G for
I_ll sale uy _ H ELL.ERS
an , farale Ly R E SELLERS
%VIPS AMPLINR—W R. Murphy has rerelyrd a
frnah supply (or draaara very cad to. Also el,
broldered Moalinr, plain Mcat Mariam and barr.d
iscol.e., 'oar prated and fine; at nonheast corner 4th
Cad Saraet at. JYTI
11RNITURE DIMITY—W 117TruTytty ham re
l` and a few pieta. far almoner bed quilt, at thp
iornr pride of Ittor_iper yd.
A T ha a nro an?e — ol ' o V r . e!l L q .ki tn " lw rP , h' wh h oN ‘ 6 n e
♦hl cline on, •t low {mewl. IYYI
, REWY RIVEN to itic an who know thrm•elves
, i llF,nt ebt_ed to ?ha Eat , te of JOHN VVIIITTFN. drol,
al n( rittanurgh,l Put they at- requeved In rail
~...thoot dthy and •att r i cir accounts with Si bird
4704.-fx thri %I/alehouse ot J& A. Floyd, Round
..;7k,teli' ili'ldlifika, I,ll,rir strcru 'I bum ir ilciitinlf
thi , no Pe outer than thirty days, pay ardpirtit that
Itwa. sera° I. On then •a in iho h mds of a that
officer for colicetnin.
n 12 , .v RICHARD F4.Ol'D,
pnid ro ll ,L btr tr e , :t ,n cn , o g r r k . en price iii peat, w il l be
S /1411 .° 4A b I y 1,
iy2 - 1 No4l Weter end 11l F , ort st
()DA AS ll—% csiFs Soda A h. cacti and in, 01d, by
B C,T,',g,"°T l l 3 rrall 'rkt:N;;;ILTB . A . I
: 1 11"
C 'l n E nc ' l . lo F ; — ;:le h b o rrj ' y ' r ' CEI7I.Vbf;ZA'BIZ;47I'
W =LIZ Jtgriglrr`. of ( tttlpt i a b n " ;:Lt r ntt b o ' r ' t r
moot, at
%OLE HALL—atm:Lace on Fottrth
rm. t—on 111o,lay, Tursday and Wed.. , eaday
at 0-
juhy za, 24th and 4 th, eansismtG. of 'wage. aid Ittarletyiamt, from tha mast pa p a oammien of the anal. rot oonti. protrantte.
irr A dEpin 3 vc." new.. Doors open nt 7i—Do
• ell commences al t o'clock. jrr.ncnn
T l LL P 4e h o a rs u f " o I gtel l sdo n o . ( 1 011 1 1Z, T ' ol 4 P C ' o t t7:
arc I, a B.Plmote, Nd., for Marytond and
Middle and Western Virelata: 0. Mnedentel, Pins
s, Pa , lot Western Penney:ea de, scum,. t nn.
and Castries E sfutclunson, Cleve and,
0 for Noetbern OSio nod Indiana
Them OCT Ave,
A are appointed. due no.
dee wi Ibe elven Any person or persons indleging
wanly rights, will ba prosecuted aroonling to low.
CH ...ALBS J. AN rim?: Y.
Now York, July Mb. ICA .
N U—The Chapin Patent covers all ranee of easily
he the Rotary Meager or Rather. Ap0110... fsr
Inete, County, or Tovrinhip Right., te ae made to
0 SIACDANIF.L, Burke , . Building.
lytd.d3jAwato•T Fourth street, piiub. q t,
ly sanatory, baleen* and tonic properties of dna
e an
gar tender it far superior to Cologne water for
the ordinary purpOses tithe toilet, surpas•lng the lat•
ter in its perfume. it prevents and removes pimples,
hence and asperity of the skin, It refreshes and whitens
the skin, rendering it soft and smooth. It correct. the
clammy and bitter taste of the mouth, imparting a fresh
aid pleasant breath. It cleanses and whitens the
teeth, and hardens the gums. For all the shore pun
polies, it is used with water insuch proportion as may
he found most dreblibbe. Hy inhaling it and rubbing
it on the temples, it will remove headache. If applied
In a / a nti) , to a burn or bruise, it will eventually prevent
monificaden. It corrects vitiated ale, and guaranties
from contusion; it is thrrebire eery useful for punning
and perfuenhe opbrusbbots. Fat into by
BELLEas, Wholesale Druggist,
iy2l 57 Wood street, t ittatiurgh
Sa{stra l l y tte ' l ree ' ' ' d and for •ple
by The
bbl O m % at rend, at the Pekin Tea Store, 7U Fourth .t.
litelC.l —OW bbl.Wteekey, in store and for
we by tuna W& N bUTCHF-LTREE
•übeeribera have on hand &superior lot of
Poplar Timber, GU and GO feet long, 'which they
enll on to order.
1 7 21 : 131 Outlet San Mille, APeeh•ny Coy.
1/ BACON MS, "Musconne cure," au
penor nenclu, In store andkro,r,,sll,l)l-;7,
Nifitit Line of Ornielbuses,
bus will leave ow Diamond in Pillsburyh eve,
F . . M.
and to Welork 1.11 , VranC ,,, H4
al - Pl.l 9 . & J. BRP.IDENTHAL.
Information Wanted
U'IR A NC "' A'ELLIEIIii. • Painter and Trimmer,
1,11 Toronto. Canada. lor New Oilcan, Ills wife,
g. in „. ‘ e
ted I n t y n , u received ..ty letter% 4a
rvl Item him ai N.her
c, , ne to him a, New Orleans. which .ho delayed doing
ronyequeoce o' the prevalenc e of cholera in the
FY , ett , that time ,he has wri lento her husband
r , peat-dly. huthya been unable ,o hear any thing of
hum Any iv formation respeenne him is anxiously
•‘, domesved 'wife in thu Oily. Ana per
lino. will please direct letter to ^Gazette office,
ID - New Ort,tantt Perniuste will eablisn the above
toamount at et, and charge Gazette, Pittsburgh.
kT TA 11.0a—Notes from Life.
—Note. from Brinks.
1110 G —Story of Battle of Waterloo.
• Nriv
Erbburros—Grantley Manor.
Owl Creek Lettere.
Merry Mount.
Sarni The Salamander.
ABBOTT S—Summer in Scotland, etc. etc.
En• •ale by JAMES D. LOCKWOOD.
q o'deat Mechanical Periodical extant in A LII<TI
- • pubaahed on the firm of each month in the
cy of Plniade•phia. It has been regularly tainted for
upward• of twenty three venni, and is canitilly edited
I.)a rorrtniinee of itetetitifie gerolemen appointed for
th , hr the Frani ai. Inatituto
The deservedly high repaint on, both so home and
uhrnad. A Lich this Journal has acqtrred and sumac,
ed, ha. riven it a circulation and exchange list of the
hest, [pelt enable. the Commute en Pub
brabo •• to make the best selections from Foreign
Inurnals. and to at ye Circulation to orvginal communi
cations on mechanical and scientific subject., and no-
.3" o' sew conventions; notices as all the Patents issu
ed A the Patent (Aiwa. Washington City. are publish
ed in , I* / .urnal, 'Nether with a large amount aim.
formanhii on Mechanics. Chernisiry, and Civil Engi
ne. ring. tlerivrd from the lan si and lien authorities,
This louraal to published on the first of each month,
earl, number con athing at least ryclllY•t`lro Page ,
el thruts o vuthinrs annually of about cl pages
inlet, I , ll.m 4.rl :tied with engraVings on capper itud on
W11041o(Lhore str ter is which require them
T.- Atli.' rips 011 ilet. itt Five Dollars per 4111nam,
en yahle no the romp elicit of the sirit numbeh and it
vvni I r h+rward+d tee, of m(sc. when five d o ll ar .
are et not ;rd to, Or wiry rrp.tage paid) ire vahee
tor one year's •übeertptton
C",,, 17,10,1010. and le•ters on hosin g .. b e dl.
,ecird 1., • ine Ar Linty of tit- raoklin In•titute, Phil.
adelpnn a, Pennt.y.van a," the paid
1121 , 111 n Actuary F. L
Crfir.INNATI receivedand ?or . male
by S lc W MANUAL:Cir.
•V:4l 5 Wnier et
‘V I
(nr i , ..,..‘; , :s
b (i y I.AS:4 , - r — , 1 1 4 ; 10 b .T; s , \
u r 1zAeR..1,7,C1:4,1114
YEACIIES—IOY So rivd reed and r, r sale
II by I. 2n srh la lIARIiAI , I4Ii
)R i : „ 1-:D Al' L bush s ru a :ir w re , a 4 ll and for Bale
'(—•‘: V) . Ll l :l ' s ' : No Daston .rPe'e?-
o o
Lo n o I,v rt. S AT , HM
rod a
0-4 , 6 I , ls s's Tobacco. n oftI7OI-nd
arrtve or a f•w dor. , onle of whi o ch are e •olee
brands and o' super.or qualay, recd on ennaignment
and for sale by lyro S WATERMAN
HAD AND HERRING—A leas bbl. of each ye
a - ", on hand and for sale by
W HITE 13..ANd—.70 VVhte Palm., on hand
.nt Fale t.y ITIO I. 0 N
igromelmre lb. moot h. ahoy. mom ourfel. most no
s 1., •mrMytneni of roan. - -Washmolom
. _
VAIL A A' A?..,:ochaal',',l:Ed,,,,Fo",
r, month
Tot, at t'lle r.ottar a yexf in avatteet; Three copies
on, vetlr, or nu.. copy Thrro year., St, Eight eoptes ...tilt to one address) SEt, Twenty copies,
Sea. su , sert!,ers u,ll hefurnished with the back
numbers •f. lor any of the vclume. Seven volumes
Pool, v lome. I a complete .e 1•. or in srporste vol.
farni4lied at tin,. Dolkt , end Terent,averents
6 VVood et
I re-rooted a few of the above of ;he new hutch, .ut Iringe, end rely 'open', qusitty. jytd
_ idd.j gs,s Wearer,' ' , perm Oil Isot do colored
I tlo 0 , 11.10 brow', I".nner.• Ili!: It. WOK ' , trial's
do do ',AP antis Wes-tied wooer Whale 011, in more
•ed for •• by )e‘ M. LLER ♦RICK ETSON
d •It Of •
1.--111 butes. owe Naiad Os', Joel fee'd
CI nod or • yIl in hiII.L.FR h RICICKV.pasf
T Ri:11-10 I ln, Flonbneo's, I.•wvon's and Strub's
I.`ls r•.h. ni • ter.: and for *ale by
1 . t • liETV , —d Jrn Heaver Duckrui 6 do do Tubs. in
store and i.y
Awe, %Ott, W , nc; 73 Indt;n bbl. dry Go ID,'
lu•i reretrrd vidtor .de by
M French Crecy Sarni cae.4;7l
- ..g..meut and for ante by
llyou R new two story Dna Dwelling Houses,
well finished oral In coosfilaia order, on Cerise
A woos,. o• hiirenvillo road, 7th Ward. poi
•C••.(1.1 rcn luanciltately. Rent low. Enquire
30tiN wATT
11 , 19 corner ;...i4t,17
I''l daft of the
e iy for a -hop , ll4Y, and May be consulted on all
of human life at No4o. Si Chair at.
otetonnee from 31. r is. Fee from 50e to PM.
Mr I orrox+. the only peran who predicted correct
!, the ntarfiage of qu-en VICIOPi*, and described her
LL.l.and. two year. berate it Volt place.
P S.—Lima the Lune of bulb with yog. 419:Claita
/AR Fi.OTOS—On bard a nd sate. by W NVOIn-
Sf Inch. at hr. Cerp 6i413.41, n large and e:• ve twortideurof Oil Cloths, •srylng from P. 7 in
ett,am It feet WOO. 50110 Milt any size hall, mom
or vesobu , c The aaaortunot cot.sis. of the latest
and m-tst approved styles and colors.
pr rC"l.4.kiNC9f.
FRESH A RRI V 11,—Of calmap ,ply Imperial
Carets in beNe'tkoa rift. ity , os, t the Carpet
Wo,sedese of hDDIANTOCK, to which we tonne
ibe . etta i'on of those wishing to fernish steam bqats
houw. to rah and examine our eitentree stook be
fore mierbeans elsewhere. jy lo
(Is NEAT WORK ON COAL..—Tay lora Stannic, COI
1 . Cool—The asegranhica and geolog,cal ifissiiho
ron of conceal eointeistitnes of fact, including,
R t•o. he pane, mineral I , itooduneas subetances mai
rinvod ;n oruilanfmanuf macs. illarrsted by mope
end diapena; from hit reports of the
coelproduring 00ttutr.a, the respective amounts of
, r radorllon. consumption seri commercial diva ,
1,1 all eats of the wale; prepared by Illeheal
Cowllns Taylor. in one vol vs. , " For ale by
JAS D LOCAW_SK/D 01 Wood a
Wilsey. ha; re
11ce,ced a idiot,. article, tome of which are
D to circa one in; lag
AT Ax-rgß—An experienced SWesraan In the bry
yv Bowls bowl:tests None ether need eoPIT
jytt:dif W H BARHAM), 71. Market .t
_ _
1 the Carpet Watchman uf W. lillgilhiTSlOK,No.
Fourth itreet supeatin end ie Ingrain Barrios,
r ch w colors and design, to which are Invite the at.
Itlll4oll of purchasers.
BLACKSMITH capable of nicking salt pens, foe.
AL glue, and Ihrnwhing such work an IS required
ft • out soh Works, and repairing small swam engines
an trotters
A Fowl /1 nation is now offered to such a person,, to
rcntitinth hi,,elt to Lushness where IA con nt 9 Pid,
Iwo or .Itree bands. Apply io KIER & .10911kS, or the
stitoterthrrt, clear TlTentout, for farther Information.
Saline Solt Work., July 18, 1819. .
12, nett, (or &nee° cents.
....I,es Department open from 9 to ;l n'elnnn, A. AL,
and dip a n clock, P. M.
John, awn Poland 00,9 Battung Elnabliekunent.
11!a nITALL, PTOpliOlo7.
lt.ll4k:E—Lal bags Rio entire, oat tee'd andTr
kj Bair by ROBISON, LI I TU.: k. CO,
11 15 IVA Liberty at
11 I . 011Iolaiaer 10 dos H do,
in mote and on eale by
r--,541 big Au. Nmp. rc'd7CuSkor
t , y 11 , 11•ON.1./rTI.E a. •
Nhe —ou Sees sell., meld siseig 00 do wyo't
Noses; to urns unsorted liar iron. for solo by
I, I'l OM. &.e.-150 Ines Nos L and Lluttlog; 50
1.) do Candlewick, '2XXIlbs Cotton Yam, for sale by
1, ACi /Ni—ls es.. prime Shoulders; 09 los sugar co
) red couvasted Hams, re 'd sod bur sole by
D ltl t; U lie:FF-900 bush dimil Peaches, do
stes, LW do
Aopics, for sale by
)111 . Act1-1 ions Potash. it prime article, just reed
end to, ',0f... by ,y 18 ROMs, iN, IA ma; & co
GLoes--175 boles P.OlO VP Glass; 60 do ass'd sites
j do. his sale by alb ROBLSUN, LUJLX, & CO
EEA I . —21)1 to.. Sir, to %V r App..; Paper, joa reod
for iode by jell ' l ll/11140), I I rft.h: & Co
U./A RS-0 bads N 0 Hogan IC lads Nos 0, 6,
and t Loaf do, for sale by
ROBISON. Lirrtc co
1:4 3H-30 has !Loge new No 3 Mackerel;
do an No 1 (hula Harries;
10 do Pickled No 1 1 3440.14,1 n more end
for sole by iTt . JOHN WATT it CO
tn.pecuoq rece~vrd hie day', far as
Y, 151 n, tTHEW; /CO,
1518 and [H Water st
D to IRON-150 tons Ptg Iron, part sob, for founder'',
1 for role by aid ROBIOON, LJITLE dr. CO
T A 11—N) , bbls N C. Tar, reed ,
snle y
, 15
/k. CO
T tIol3-01.1 P.S. Lend reed •Rd for sale by
1Y , 9 ' IFH SY, meTrtnnvs St CO
ILtRESH LB11:—/10 bbl. Jun reed
r per , learner Lydia Collins, for axle by
jul7 . C H fi RAN r. 4I wet.. Fr
F ANDEN FLOUR-60 bbls Fanner a ARV* *anal 2 , du M Moores, Reday reed aOd for !Baia by
"Canna round and hear, my public dear,
eon,- hear, and Raise It gently—
The Or.< 10 terse. and flowing verse,
ut the wit. of lientley."—Bon.
I) ENT 'S NIISCELLANY.—Ias. D. Loamoon,
wood !Part, has for sale a complete am of ten.
relehrated work. carted try Cherie cpaten. and Ajos
w.,r,l,, wah onorunon. by Creitahank. Jytv
lIAIII4OOO lb* aim cured, for We by
nu JD WD I Ana, IN Wood el
Dy John D. Davis. Aactlon....
Peremptory Sale of Dry Goods
. - -
On Thursday tro•nane. Joh• :At st 10 a'rinelt. of
the Coouneretal Saies Hoor', corner o( 1%00,1 ;Ld
Fifth streets, sell be sold, without re.erve, to close
A large assorni-ot oi for-orn and domesve Dry
floods, arnoocl which ore , p•rh le coos, Cl...ere,
ss‘lnetts. ;weeds, 411 preoes .wiped u,d p n.n tarcl.ed
dnllinc. IS piece- ricking. 12 pc. won gold furniture
chocks, 3; pc. d. 4 L sown ghee:sorts, French and Man
chester g$ oghsors. super prints, splendid law., bnrn
ens. de la, s. alpacas. sills Watt surto, shawls. hdafti
hosiery. gloves, leghorn end broirl oonnoss, parasols,
umbrellas, spool cot. coat, vest and stun blab:,,
/Y. •
At: o'clock, .
Groceries, Queenasvare, Furniture, de.
7 huff charts Young Ilyson on. id ass Va unmake
tared tamer° 6 do No t paten soap. II doren shovels,
spades, spades and forks, ties, hate et., corn and
gnaws scythes, wire and on Wes. rildlra. writing rc••d
sernennlg paper transparent window blinds, master
clocks, lamps, took In, IC1111,•EA, &e.
- • •
A large and general assortment of new arid second
ttand household furniture. Ste
Fashionable rendy mode eloilueg, boots and shoed,
leather trunks. double and single hared shot guns, pis
tols fine Cutlery. musnal instrumems, m no and second
gold and sneer watches. variety Roods Re. JY24
Hons. and Lot as Auction
On Thursday afternoon. July 26th. as 4 o'clock. will
be sold on the premt•es. that large and valuable lot of
ground. inmate on /fish street. at the Ross having
r roo , of 20 feet on High stmt.', and eziending back 14.5
feet, on which is erected a rood two story frame dwel
ling boil.. and other buildings, fo,merly occupied by
J. Ja J. Smith, Iw•t alsnufacturers
. .
. -. . .
Terms. one-third cash, residue In two equal annual
p ,,,, w , tti with interest. to be sutured by bond and
mortgage on tbe Property.
011 JOHN D DAVIS, Aunt
StrX 'NI es-20 dos Pomeroy's, for
j st,
le v L ia ; sl :
1.) J>l7
SUG ARS—N. Orleans, Brazil, Havana, Loaf, Crush
ed and Plasm:ed. for sole by . _
JI A Isl'AVd-1 cast Seediesto ILO Ibstayer, 28 f tees
n, It; 30 Fdo do, for sale by
fROM , CTIOCOLATE., 0.-20 bra Raker.Deo
ma. 30 do do No. I Chocolate; 111 do do Cocoa; 30
do Aufellt Co Chocolate, receiving to-day and for wale
o'l7 and 2 ., Wood wt
w H„',l..vri.A.LAbNy A ez.:„ -- G"„mrrarA"' -
A LERATUS—IOO bAr No l, for sale by
lA 1 A 'KERF.I.—/ oat wrnviorr, bbl. No S, SO do
111 No 0 lIU hf bids Not) Ina garnered No t alt
of which will bo cold low for each.
D'l7 - dlw JOHN AI:FA DEN tc
-DARK LINEN LUSTEES—W R. Murphy, ai north
east corner of Market ono Fourib eta, has open
{IU, morning a few pieces of dark Linen Lustre., a
renter article—toe sacks and drasse I. Also
PsisAiosis Green Ada and Tore win, fringed and
plain—a few or she latter of Tura stun and handsome
finish. Also
Fax•c r laimithi, or a de. irabla shade and quality.and
Moron's° !Ma —Whim.barred and colored
%hi:tannic Rooms up stain, when goods are offer
ed in de•lers extremely I w. r3M7
A Partner Wanted,
- rirFlo will tote an interest of nne third In the NO.
y yal Stock of a Mercantile fthm intim pond bun
which Can be i created. or will sell an harpist
oi one of the firma whom health will not penal of ac
tive service. A person withing to invest a small rap
trd. will find ;hi s a invariable °phone.): rarely to be
met with. For further .nformalion. add,.R X Pia,
Post (Kee, with real name. All caramel:mations con
fidential. jyrrall to
iCarre. 1.013
Plasm or, onTorano WOOO •xo 11•N‘ ET, Prrrsecoon,
IONTTNIIF: no oromoutacturo 111 kinds of COPPER,
wroth Work.
Steam Boats built to order.
ftliiTlio:EVl to smanb;aworerso:ns: assortme sscosarssd
Katlic., Tin War, he. &n. Steamboat Cooking Stoves,
Portable Forges, various sizes—a very convenient ar
ticle for atcombions, California migrants, OT Toil road
We would reepectfully inns steam boat men and
Inhere to call and are our articles and prhica before
PECAN NUTS-6 net. Pecan Nom. tort reed and
for safe by IyIB ROBISON, LIT: LE &Co
PROPOSALS will be received by the andersimrd.,
Committee of School Dirretors of Fecund Ward,
Pittstrursh, for furnishing I..elligh. and budding a
Nadi, Setiwnl House_ in said Ward, Recording to plans
end spectficattona which will ha ready for examina
tion on Needriesavy, the 15th inst., at the Nora of A.
Jnyties, Fourth street. Hills will be received unti.t
Thursday, the AIM istsi_. at 6 9'elock, P. M.
i A JAYNEA. I rs ,_
. -- IL MILLER. Jr. I "" ilier.
RFV. ..11V—Reul Aromatic at's Amatic Vine" ; d o
YPhilicome., do AM Made lid, 9 Woe, fi., Smell
ing Palm; do do Rom Soap; do do e a c o oty d o; d o
do Etnipiet ant do Corupoundol - m or , o „ J .,. ; „ c id
and for •ele by /SIR P. 7. Ith.LLI,Re. 57 Wood tit
ERFU MER Y— Lily %%hoe. i VICS, do
X bOO" Chi; do Beer hlarrow, do Phtlicorrit; do
Nympo Soap; last received and
. for sole hy
1110 Fl h'FLE.F.RS
lEA D—H,YO pig. Gmbraa Lead. In nor and for vale
Sl/0411.1 kegs alio:led Sbol. for vale by
HFAIP-1.741 bales. ivvoun Hemp. for .I, by
OLDEN STRUP—In bola hf Lb's, .d 10 gab ,
lon keg, (or vale by
jyl6 Agent. for St Laub. Sk•napv&vratTlvd erg
V"louse nolgovo
" n, Ibr sa t e-I—le b l y llbbly Sr Loan Sys
Il* sLtitlicat-1000 lads loaf, erorhod, pow
red. awl clad/led Kogan, for rale by
Attar NI LAMS ?t..111 Acear Reßnour
0 U 0 AR trUttitt MOLASSES—V 93 bW. reptrinare
74 m0t..., ...a on aomagolac,ra and; r ran /ow
to otoso by IIEtUINN
ICS Liberty rt
. - -
i l l
moffily EM/144711.1.9ER OF DRY GOODS should
wr c MASON A CO'S cheap One Price Rim;
. arkelllnClL, fUr bargains. Teel sell good fall co .
Imo Linens for it cents; Organdie do for 10c; Scotch
Gumboots 10e; fast cord Calicoes Oft.; fine Merrimack
do Sr; bast unsAty do 10c; rich A:4 do, ldici Dream tri
brea !bed Mu-1 as 41c; Glares 4 center, MusUn amllama
Col.llff 6} to 10 e, Octant Rusin Capes roma to cu to
6%0R iher grub the greateid varuni of other cheap
goods to be found in the Wm" pir, ctiummr.
Remember the number, 60.. Market at.
IYI4 6 A kr.k.F.OINI k CO
m4c.XE71130 bids
dNo 3, Masa.
inspection, 1840
70 lord° o
Just reeeieed and for sale by
17 13 1773 and 174 Liberty st
BACON—IIe., Shoulri,era and Side., on - consign:
moot and 151 sale by -
- -
QAAJAATUS -30 b•i jun reed and for
O .1 1 . by 1116 MILLEN. & aiciirrroA
bbls satir Plantation Waimea; eV do do
fugar twine do. ill core and ley sale by
QOAP—.I4I issa brown Clillirothe Soap; 100 bow No
sin do; to stoic stare and Crir sale by
I.HE anderiigned have this mworimedorith them
in bonne. JACOB L POD NY A RTZ, and will enn
ui.. lb. business tie lies... Dire. ruder the arm of
Jolty 3,1841 i. 1913
SCOUilii ' ALE-50 dos pint., froth impiostancyn to
arrive in • day or re. For rale by
The steam boat APIASON4
ha listen the Mace ofthe Thor
Soon., as • regales racket to
his Gaylen—leaving the Greenwood
wharf bast liinelock, A. 111 , and at the beginning of
eseh kW; anal aP. ra 1.31 linty from the Orden at Id
o'clock Pauemality will be observed. Pared cents;
chi' rentinder It half prbus.
The attention of the eillsens is Invited to this healthy
and pleasant
refreshment., ex resort during this hot and sickly reason
All kinds of pt intentlea Wa drink;
am kept on the manila.. Greenhouse Plants, and
Flonquots of choice dower% {ay snie. Closed en attn.
day. A hl ES D'KAJPI.
A anienvvv.F.,44.;-.oovalnri - L amtuape Gar
ai,t,7l,ltloßva. tmd: 7too.deo,Reeon'odre"dopelateos,o4.ion
Loudon Gardening for Ladie Itt mo; The Rose, Its
culture, &masa, by Panto a; A l l
en on the Grape. c - eu;
Prooe's Pamologieel Manual, too do on the Grape.
8Y0; I °Mem Agnentutre, thick Sam do Garde.titg
thick Sem tin Trees and.Shrnho, thick Elam Downing',
.51 , 0; American Artesian:mist, loYo. Par
tale by '„1114 4 111Ja7k WOOD, 63 Wood St
Bri. d ' i 'l l i e7d tl he d th. ec fin
of Mr. C. Bradley. The bi l e
wilt be carried on by
A. Bradley, who will mettle the boaineas of the late
REMOVAL—A.I3.IILn has removed his Paradry
Warehouse from No. OR eteeand .treer, to No. ID
Wood street, between Finn and Reeond street, o the
warehouse lately occupied by G. A Berry, where he
will keep constantly Oil band a general usortmenl of
Cocottes Grates, Stove., Cooking Stoves, ae. jyl3
Cl(OAßS—lmported Prineipe. end Haysnas, of all
/ star. and color., of the most *ppr , vod broods , .for
gabs cheap by_ iylo JACOB WF.A VEIL
POTASH-18 cants Patted, landing per canal boar
J I Eartnou, and for tele low to °tote by
joa JAI. DA , ZELL, Water et
Ntrfts--1111,..14 Pecun Nuts, just reed on
ransignsaent and for Rale by
1111L1,'111,4, RICKETPON
WFL CIIF.FAE.-37 mune WFt Cheem land
b; . tug by Lo. „ l7 3 Ene nod &I
cub lrlEe 101r8 ,1 eb y
10.005 IIEADS—j 000 s, 0 bblv .ore; for Bale by
GI:YERON-11 bales now landing; ( or sale biT —
( . 7 LABS-100 b. 8510 Window Glow, 75 erplovs
l Jr , o; Y 5 do 10:14 do; 10 do 759 do, TV aeiirsl and for
sole by RIMY, Bli‘TTOZWtra CO,
/71 3 V Water at
8R00519-30 4o: extraCoro Co Brooms, rec'ebod for
sate by__jyl3 Rimy, m&Trimm. &CO
BACON -13001 b. Sides and Shoalgers,ree'd ekaa oar
an aby 1113 RIMY, AIA rru Woa 6CO
COTTON -103 bolok Conon, to more. and for mile by
Irl 3 _ - • 13EY,IIATTIVIrWS k. CO
•,. _ .
PBACA - D8 . .07r --211 bbLs tbree y. ar n c ds.
Brandy, Techd on conisignment and for we by
AGRICTICTU/iE, tem—Arneritas Farmed. &icy
el.:media, dd.
Lindley's hegotalde Eingdom„Eam
Davy'e 'Discourses on Agrigulrode, se, thnO. •
&chidden—The MIA, 840.
Liedr• Agricultural Chemistry, MO&
Aline - es American Beft Book, 'Y goo.
Alim's American rove Book, 12mo.
Allen's Domestic Aetrends.
Webster & Parr. Domande Economy Mime aim
,119 Wood .t
• • •
wale tLAY-00 oaks ree'd this day owl L
lI wale by )712 TANEY*. liflS
f)bA NUTti—dao hash in OM 'mid Costal. by
312 WtMEY & BEM
UNDRIP-;11 bars . CADmig: *bold No Witt 12
0 bags Fesuhen, tooni.s; for sole by
i 2 D*l4ll/ DICKEY & Co, Front in
MIDDIES-41W' No I Laid; 2 ask • &won; Y tem
0 Beeswax: 4bniCiuseng; 10 do Featharor; no.
landuir from Slane( Ciltion: for sole by
)719 ISMA/1 DICKEY & Car
The r plerdid •tremer
m itEti A Reno. mecer, .1 Iclve for the
ahove aoC nuctmedta.r port* tbts day
Wednesday. the Zth i.tst, at 10 o'clock. A. M.
For"'"' or P.'""
;1470 R '° F l 2':% .! Et ° . r e 3,
. -
lhe splendid pa...eager steamer
Ch. r•re Beam, master. will mate
Mr.. v. Beaver. leer leg ritubargh
every ma a o'clock.
F ma E , re ea the lightest boat in the trelle—
drab Inc nuly 12 niches
The 'INV.A"`7O7.IIZ7
Fiume, master, will leave ror
the above and all inter...bate ports
on tlaturdei, the kith, at it o'elock. A. M.
For [Might or pessagv, apply on hoard, or to .
W ttnAY Arent.
.4d I lErie
EHIS well known line of splendid passenger Stem
ma is now composed of the largest, swiftest, hes
bed and furnished, and most powerful boats on the
waters or the West. Every accommodation and cum
(on that money ran procure, has been provided (Up=
lenge.. The Line has been in operation for are jean
—has earned a million of people without the least IWO
ry to their persons The boats will be at the Coot Of
Wood street the day prevrous to starting', for the (seep.
non of freight and the entry of passengers= dm
ter. In all cues the plumage' money mane be p
The ISAAC NEWTON, Comeau Hemphill, Wil
leave Pittsburgh every Sunday morning at 10 OtallioAl
Wheeling every Sunday evening at 10 e. M.
May 1817.
The MONONGAHELA, Capt Oust will Immo Was
burgh every Monday morning at 10 o'clock Wheeling!
every Monday rum= at 10 I. a.
The HIBERNIA No. 2,. Cant J. Etrsuazgyi,2ll,B
leave Pittsburgh every Tuesday wonting at 10 eileamet
Wheeling ovety Tacuilno event= et toy. a.
WidDlVESieirP r iaTafatlT.
The NEW ENGLAND Na. 2, Capt. S. Di 1%1,81
leave Put...bomb every Wednesday mein= at IS
o'clock; Wheeling every Wednesday evening a Mt ar
TE1D11.1501.1 . PAH - B.MT.
The BRILLIANT, Capt. Haan., will leave Plus.
bunch every Thursday morales at lo &cloth; Wheelies
every Thursday evenlnest in e. a.
intitbk - t —
The CLIPPER No- 2, Capt. Pan Hostas, will lean,
rawbargh every Friday morrdas mlO otelook; Wheel
lam every Friday event= at 10 P. IL
' ~~ Yr i,
0312113J1 4116.113113E1 ENTS to; /049.
Only T 3 Miler Otaglng.
Via Brownsvllle and Cumberland to Baltimore awl
THE splendid and fast running U B Mall rteraries
ATLANTIC Capt J Parkinson; BALTIC, Ogg A
Seeob.; LOUISNELANE,' Capt E Bennett; r gimp
making doable daily trip s between
The morning boat will leave the Isionon/fabela
Wharf, above the Bodge.c daily ate n'etent premed,.
Passengers w ll take SUPERB COACHES'aI Bredne.
vine at 3 o'clock. P. AL, and the splendid earn 01 the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, et Cumberland, at
o'clock, A. AL, and avrive in Baltimore the same eked•
in in time for die evening liner to Philadelphia and'
Washilmn city.
From. limburgh to Baltimore, only 32 hoar.
Fare elO,OO
From Pittsb to Philadelphia, only 10 an.
Pool 812,03
The evening boat will leave ate obtlock, except Elea
day evenings Passengers by this boat will lodge ea
hoard in eonsfonable Bute Rooms the firstnight,P.:4l
over the mountains the following day in Eastern odd
Coaches. and lodge the second night In Cumberlasd,
Passengers have choice of either Eltaantheat 90
Road between Baltimore and Philadelptds, and the
privilege of stopping at Cumberland and. Beldae,
and resuming their seats at pleasure. C,,seebe e ca m ,
tared to ponies to (revel on they pleairo e .
We make up the Mad. and wry tt'.da for the cemh.
es to the Pitubargh offices, tin order es save dine on
untying at Broscosmlle4 d It therefore important LOT
Ft:lase/men to get their tickets before going on. board
of the boat, nt oar Mike, dionongoldela Hoots Wain
meet. or St Charles Waal, Wood t , Putsbarab.
atmleddm J. hIPSKIMON, Agect
Pittsburgh, & Louisville Packet Lase
• 'The eplendid new cleanse
Healey, master, will leave for dome
And Intermediate ports on Warbles.
day W e i;ll at 10 o'clock a..
For el" passaq W ott & Co,
Thn now and aplanditi pus s y,cp gs kai ii 3
ger pocket,
TELF.DP..espH No. 2,
loson,roostor, aril) loose for Cinelo
n•ti @Ad Locuositle on Tharaday, the ad bun, at 14
o'c lock, A. AL For freight or posology apply on board,.
Loulnvllle and St. Louis Packet Leine.
11849. 11149.
The fine fon mooing pateeage
r member ATLANTIS,
Geo. W. Wicks, roaster, will' tears
or the above ext 4 Intermediate, pore
every at loo'cloelt. r.
For freight or onsaogn upply on board, or to •
E. C. KING, No. 153 Com.
... Th c e r fine fr . roillink , panirenger
111eFtrerso' „ i",„ for
Oa above entlbt= ""
inte ports *ve
ry sataruaysr 10 o'clock, r. K.
For freight or passage apply tot board, or to
El C. KING, No 153 Cora. Spw,.
Pull as Asag,6l:sta Mai unthesea•tos r.
The Real and substantial steamer
jallMcMillen, mawer, will per for so
er regular trips between Pittsburg's
wheeling and Bruigepos She will Mane Piusbargb
on Wednesday.and Saturday. -
Per freight or passuga, apply 011 board. apll
tailiThe her steamer
ar c veC al . hroa e master, u, will Anne
pare .
Mondays and Thursdays, at It A a
For freight or pausge, apply on board. apl7
The U. R. Mail steamer mtemoera
No: 9, will leave the landing opposrm
the Mono9gehela House, every Ban.
roor. tog at 9 o'clock, for Beam.
Debarelnc, amve o'clock, P. hi
Fare to Ile”er and back, Tarenty•five Cads.
SUNDAY' TRlPrrlfill -- rtiVEB. -----.—'
, 3 ,.... • The steamer BEAVER will helm
the wharf, opposite the Monononp.
bele Howe,very Scads) , monunt
arer. Ikuumthlr. :
'sill Jesse Bearer at Icloc o'clock, for B P
M., and
am ma
4 o'clock. Pare, Twenty-6. Cents. no*.
pc-- • 111310111,,,
Forwarding end Cerrommakat-Ilter
chant, has removed to No. 87 Front, between Wood
mod Smithfield street. moll
A yonrg man Ina wrholes•le end rta'l dry rob
store—one ncge.intcd vtiel the boldness. end e.n tote►
well recommended. Apply el et Markel It=
Re PYI NU PA Pliiit--6CO rms a. , ored fm *Wee
rclow b l 9 J SCJI(WJNMAKERCO.
I AMP BLACk-30 bble for sale by
COr y r t rAB-30 bbLs
LARD bbLs best quality, tor sale by
ACON-0 _
casks clear Sides In store; kit •
L J RA-200 Ras No sgiiir i /V i tz: v. 6
DRINTINO INK—book and Neves, 40 Ws alma.
umetntexe den 1?
AIVD ROOFING PAPE.R, of yopariar oPlaity,
`ale by i7lt J SCHOONMA KEIL & uo'
ITA'rCINS AND' JEWELRY—The subsedbeir
TT has now on hand a fine assortment of bort Fang ,
nab and (inner a Goa:Land Weer Pausal Law Watch•
erk al Ma 1011, Mice, GS tat offered to 010 Eal*Ctil
.11' it good order MAW Warlsullett.
NV . W wit,sort,
D • ttoll/01 , i Jr. CO. - ito.;8115 ammoolved THOMAS
Wtao l .at; Ono nry, Prodne and Comn, on ji
be con. inded v usu.,' under the firm of Robison, lA,
risk Co.
1111,611150 N, LITTLE /1...C0.., Nn. Librrt.; lama
Paisnurgh, Wholaiale Grocers. Pro. A .. .agr
CDattoißeloil 3lerelmoti, and dealene fPirrbuntie
ROM 20011.1. TOD. . UM:LB. lipsiarl.
esissee's Pill:Mee.
ER EA S, Benja gm
in Sctißl and (item A. WI John
ena of ten cny of Pittsburgh, ...tsar
der she Arm at &mat& Johnson hare made to thee
senscritscr, an ossulnatant of all their Enato fee than
!Amen of ail Mint creditors, as shall WIthIII.tIVIS
num the data thereof execute And 4c/ivor to the t
.I.hesoo a full and obsolete , releases of:ellt
then, respective claims and demands.
Notice is hereby fillrfti that the ...mem an 4 E ..
lenw I. Item at the ogres or Me satiscrdwg, on Faisal".
tercet to the city of Pittsburgh. art inspection aiut alp
naten , with all whom it may colleens
ntkoento W J. AIeCANDLFIII
USqUI 11f
rowaly reed .1 Dr) 000d4
BLACKI3P.Y ease-s. Ido
..35...„, r e s bottoms.," 10r Diarrboaa, he., to l 3,1•11.
ynia notornends..l astringent cordial. an be rafted open
itb ,„.d t t*e. • Persons Witthing to buy bad bet:ar
eWl►cya_Por sale by Jytn JAc•mt WEAVdR, Sr
ciu-oarDs OP LISIX,-0, band and (or .ale by
Iy3 J. AlOll , & co.
affEDILIAL , ENXIKS--Banien's Philosophy of Medi.
1111. Ohl &lances; do Treatiseon Fares, Louis on.
Pk wiaty by Cowan; Hooper'. Medical. Llienonary:
ngicson's do do; Cooper's Surgical Melia.' 67.-
1m of Surgery; Giltson's do do; Abernathy's Warts:
J volAi Unparcqas on the Uterus; Hope on Hos Mawr,
erlSTelsbiest'S A natounr. Wilson on Diseisso of Co
Skin; Peretres hlsieria Medina and: Hat.
Chapman on Eropuve Fevers; do on thitio anm
Abdominal Viscera; Wood's Pramioa of xigaliebaer,
Dangiesan's do do; Ilerlie's do do.
Also, a large and fresh supply of Mats. S. S. Unica
Ottqks, on hand and for sale. ay
eIUM CAMPHOR-4W lbs. un itrt4 luau
Ur iY 3 J. KIDD A Co.
for sale by 0 ,3 J IHDD h ors,
but.l4.n. rudll.n,. tae
Souse, and for men KIER & lON ICS
1„,”: 48 WIFFF.I . ---11docha , African, Java,
L' Si Domingo and Rio CAffena. Out reed and SA ,
lain at dic . P!ktn TeAStofe. 7U fl+vnh au m i y
lb A 180.5 rgil rtgtoh aza.prusta tray.
IN, sm. and SO malt drama (rasa Fig., nut recaorai
at :or auto at the Yakut Tea Sum, 7U Paash creek
lAAII93 — EED-0:10 roe'd .sd
41%9.3,4 t