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`Ns rimaraan DULT U u snit:disked
Duly, Tn. , Weekt y, sha "Weekly.--;The
_y Seven
Dollars per minute; the Tr 6 Wee klrie viDalista. per
&among We Weekly 6 TeniDollars per 4E404 mktit
• -71 - rtiormensimaandearbenly,. band in
Invo. bare 5 r. 21., and as earlin thedal
AdVelli3elAClnu not inter ti; =eel
bed time i nveriably . he charged ultil
siti veziiseiniinis and ha bieriptions to itollitLater
lewt mind United States Gust., titeeive,
and forwarded (mm this office. •• ,
Par Lotal Asttera spo 1a..4 magi.
WILLIAM HASLEIT, of 13mAr.Couzil,
•GityDLf. -
ROST. C, WALKER-, 'of Ellssbethi oroofa
JOHN of Shot p,burgla.
CALKU o( Pittsburgh. •
Wht. ESPY, of Losses S. Clair. ;T,
rotrairv. 4 .:0:'
CARTER CURTIS, of Piosbargb 4
OEO. S. HAYS,o Upper St. Ciair.
1t... 41/...
JOHN MORNS N, of Alkgb.l , l,
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3 Ad. MITCH E of Poobic.
WM. M. ARTIIT.S, of PotAborti:j: .
JOHN AVERS of Findhly, '''':
WEr...x.ty REMILLIC.—The ant rpriaiig pro
pritors thr , Republic, the Whip paper lately
tarfed at Wnahington, have isauef l a handsome
weekly 'hew; theli o ff er par annum,
for,aingle res copier for gill, y:ixtect! copies
Cut nail twenty dye coptea for $.15. The Re
public in an excellent paper, andtore hope will
tercels* a large support limn the Wiijg Nay.
Tut Forming Nash—The newCfrum . Europe,
by the Canada, is not altogether d!ossurazing to
the friends of liberty. Rome has f r e t le t fallen,
but is hard beset. The Republieaqof France, to
their eternal disgrace, are trying haSV to crumb the
liberuea of that Republic, but op to tifi lest advices,
the brave nod nooks spirts who flgVt for religious
and .Intl liberty en Roman soil, Ove kept back
the unuatural invader. This its fl iri cheering.
We reisice that if Rome must fall at leat,:i.hat she
displayed a antra worthy of the dafs If her early
greatness, and that her citizens sow that they
know that liberty is worth fighting Car. :.
The rumors from Hungary are rathereof . .a cheer
ing character. The iteliellart serfs 14ve t not pirved
a match for men tighang fir Albert) , attei:„the in
tegrity of thar tire sides, it the r04102)1 ftbm that
quarter arc correct .• •
France IM tincettled. - Ly nos ttaa'parseafthrough
o blndy bee.. The prescat Overt:intent boa
forfeited the confidence of the pe,iple, aid it can
never regain the position it has lost By the strong
arm of military power, and from I.?e dread of re
volution in the minds the quiet and
peaceably datpcsed, the goeeranleill may sustain
Itself (jr a whir, but its doain in Mrevocably seal.
rd. The President must ch.., guise Ministry,
and adopt n more 11bCrtl pO.ICV, of he w i ll not be
peen:taloa to servo out h, term.
Oar readers will have read with fintningled plea:
sure the beautifully drawn up Freibit:cation of the
President of the 4Juited States, rdcommending e
:stational Fast. Althotigh the C/105 which hos
railed for national humiliation is tube regretted,
yet it tea minter of great gratificadiejti td see cur
Chief Magistrate calling upon the people to render
their acknowledgements to Him Watt alone cat
interpose in their behalf. We have lo doubt, the
recommendation will be respondeditidiy the whole
people. The Republic has the tolinering remarks
on the proclamation,—
'in the foregoing recommendatidn, by the Prai
dent of the United States, we reodpthse the Byte
pathy which a brave and generottibeart ever feels
toe atitecons-of his follow itOte. Amid the
pressure of public ousinem, and the Seconty of •
babitationas yet remover from ti r .presence of the
• destroyer, the voice of the heard, and
the wadding of the sorts affleted is listened to and
tespectmL It is ever thus with ankh: as Ile in the
good things that are spread before ne•Providence
which feeds the children of men biltUd the fulness
of his baud, and tin the talamifies whiah come
upon Os the visitation of Hun w no chaitiseth whom
he loveth.
It Is fit that on this dor, w heft oat hearts are
lifted up in rejoicing over the dessings which one
fathers hese banded down to as next, . inheritance,
we bear in mind that the came Gf freedom was
powered by the aid of him veld walked by the
aide of Washington and supported itint in seasons
of peed and despair. The sameProtideneks that
shaped the ends of battle In the hi'eaking asunder
the 'Amin. of !ben, now pe.rMite a Epley.
one pestilence to scourge Inv land with woe and
death. Along on• iliorongqares, Von the riven,
by the side of the lakes, and where the deep sea
rolls as mighty wafers ou the shone, the strong
man has been struck down to , lfos - pride,. and the
weak has been taken:in his h , erdesenms. The
way of the Destroyer is strewn with the. trophies
of its power. On this day of pibike it is good to
be mindful of the bitterness w i.r.:11 fills the — tiiii of
the orphan. and the darkness whi , :h hal fallen upon
the house-of the widow.
The Pre.ldent Of the I;ntied States. has testified
his seam of the public sulfering. Does It not be.
come a COUntry ti1.1.1n./oot to g. od Mftato follow
the esample of its Con! Man,drate, and whilst
returning thanks foe what wd n.we. renewed, im
plore Him win named up tat Of.: f Son for the re
demption of mankind, to take f,oca es a scourge
which is weighing down the In -•plc With troublb
as with a heavy burden!"
We ask the attention of our rendere to the' aid
ale kern the Hamsburgh Telegriph,;u reference
to the State Treasurer, and the laborers on the
public works. It displays a pre ,aeditated scheme
an the part of the Locoreeo °thee: holders to em
barrass the State Treasurer. an I to prevent, if
possible, the payment of the A ertet Mts . :est. At
the same time. there had been loud complaints, Ly
tha Lo.rofaeo paper+, that the I L'ioreviitare not
bees paid. There ie viddlny somewherij. What
have the oiler he'dert done w , lll the PlOlO2Ollll
anma of mosey ws,ch they have dLeissa from the
Choler• 11,,ec0r,1
la St. Loot., the err.thns of 4melve eenteterme
report the interment. for Tuesday, tke - 2 , kh ult., at
11.4-91 of cholera. Oa• remetr.ry:pat reported.
The cdi t& report of intenzeota foe tfie week end.
tag on Monday, like 25th nit, odd iacluding ell the
cemetcri,, in tqc nea,-nharhJod or the city, shows
the twat number for that penal to be 793, of
which 191 were children of the ride of five peen
aad ender. The ded:,A from cho'era rot the same
period era reported at ssll.
The Moo of the 231 h ralt.:aaya
-•d settled gloom slid pervades teir aimed
The dreadful dis-ase is Intl onward. The num
ber of foal rages imoduocs to increase, it ha.
reached dormer. part. of the coy heresokire near.
ly exempt (MIL 14, ra vase., - The mind has oath.
tug, as vet, to rest a hope 'open that the' wont M
past. We MOM was With the move
ments of thennseen pewee that dear
nies of toss. The loan of bus ne:s cannot etre,
eiiie his essual eneroies—the merebst.t slik• to be
released from exposure 011,1 rare. fieneral
mach hiEhiCtlßlPed chat the produce of
the coat
try should le hew herb until there shall be some
change. Thr iiiitfinliry of treuvuoina.: , bissiness
0118tAlittlY increases; the cost of movihg freight
to or from the Levee is rmuided. reeqoent mot
oos showers iepire mach that .rs expafed, The
damage of proserty has been very, .uon4idemble.
Distant buyers have sett the eoy conse
guenity limited to Leer patenanens mid re gene•
rally at todmmtl rat,
The city coune.l of S.. Loma has pissed ast
ordinance ibrhtdding, ander a penchlkof from
$2O to 4100, the axle of any vegetel4o, fruits,
fresh pork, ,aosage meat end fish, la any of the
markets, or at any other place Within the city
At Ns/Iberia. on Thoraday and Fndey, there
were eleven totermenti, n of which were cho
In Louisville, the disease is Csaticig. Only
rosoa ere or-ms deaths occur dailY. •
In Cincinnati, for the 24 hours smiling at noon
on Thursday, the sth inst., the number of inter:
meats were 175-137 by cholera. Ssisicess is.
entirely prostrated.
In Yew York, on the fills .there '.were
new COS. and 27 death•. The total omnher of
calms from the 17th of May, 'whenithe disease
first made us appearance in the city, up :to the lit
inst., was 11.91—de tics 529. •
Thu first (11..5 of eholfga at 'the Belterue 'Hos.
04 New York, occurred on the - ,2oth ; the pa
tieut died aft r a sickness of 21 hod", The
number of patient, al the above inatilotiott is about
The Now York Baud of Health have prohibit.
el the sale of nth, shellfish, fruits and vegetables
from wagons itruisarts its the sweets or that
The Board hive been maga:ad by the belief that
the sate of ouch commodities in the public streets,
exposed to a burning sun, le caiculatektis have •
danevone teadeahy, by epctelng the pones; por
flan, et tNet Mfiliation to the templet/aka poi•
auk/ such deleterious subssanoes.
21",fre,eimeg death occurred on board
ilie nu*/ ba s ON ut tl" O P horn Be.
41 2.:* ac. 040 4, daubs 23th deatho.. a...
°C43 P n ' e alb CifilL i *IF nide' !Mb Rode*.
At Etursi o ,
' d 2 deaths were report
ed on aus 2911 sh, •
At CohoesiN. (Sp to the 30th uh, these bed
been 8 eases atu16414;
At Konorril, on tisityd Law., one or two eases
tnd aim deaf+ w4M 7 M0 0478 -
In pin7sWons; 41i , lite meaty kw: hours up to
noon ell the 2b, qutrayere 47 sew eases tad 20
dessln. -
At 12.1ebraoad, nribi 2d irusL, 26 eases sad 11
deattti. daring. the riretredirti 49 harm.
Oa the stlantaticinoCAlr. Hill Carter, on James
Must, there were It deaths among the slaves ba
tsman ThoMday ind itanday last. The Enquire:
"The lewtaller.hasheen w great that Mr. Car•
ter has left his fine fields of luxuriant wheat un
harvested. ,Nothing . weld have exceeded the
pains that have been taken, both to prevent the
disease and arrest Wafter its appearance. The
best friedical ekiULas t,een employed, and all the
appliances ol,hich;could be brought to bear were
used, but withouti avid
.-Oir the other plematioes on the lower James
river, the likbors are remarkably healthy."
The foithai!ing iteolis, which we take froM the
Cissiensti pozdua gi Tuesday hut, gives tome
particidars if the elfeOth of the ravage+ of Chola.
41sraces" ov 'Corium .—The killowteg facts
were ['imbibed tut bya gentleman who gathered
them by a ipersonal *sit to the localities men•
to one 1114'3G 00 TO* street above the Canal .ev
en deaths hove occatted. In the two adjoining
bowies tweet) , eight death. took place in twelve
days. In one Isoie4 on Pleasant street. fifteen
deaths occurred in :Oro weeks. At the Jackson
House, coiner of::Nickson and Twelfth streets.
eight persofts haves* out of one family. (n Sun
day moping last five piteous died In one faMily.
before alesion ocktick, as a limas on Sycamor e street, pctrieen Ltpitrep Franklin li and Liberty streets
Sig pars:tisk have iltod in one house on the corner
of Walnut and Thirteenth streets, and is the Mein•
tty eight were dead it the same time on Saturday.
In a house on the ittirner of Elm and Fourteenth
streets six 'persona has,died."
"We had alarming reports yesterday of the in-
crease of eholees id Om northern part of the city.
The wehtfier had ,become cool, cod there woo a
lively sad wholmodia breeze—all Gad's work
seemed calculated nett oaty to abate, but to ban( h
the dieenadl, yet it wee on the inerease. Many,
sod astiort , g these. ireioeut physicians, attributed
the mere* to tho deleterious gas evolved from
the hetruinfi cool hteeps in the street. A gentle-
man inforAled usihit the 110501‘41 of the lime kiln.
on the hillfside retina street, bill below the hills
and spread round the base to Sycamore street
hatiging over that part of the city like a fog, Where
found its way up We ravine towards Mount Au
burn. In that part of the city the disease was mid
yesterday to be ;increasing rapidly in the number
of cues and hmenalignity. We hope those coal
heaps will . be removed, and that tome energetic
monspres =na be adopted to purify the city, and
to afford medical attendance and genered relief to
the multltUde ofitifferers moony lac"
"thstailatnorfearna—lt as impossible for thaw
abroad to form anidea of the many distressing ca
ses whicti:'occur 41 the city—not only from the
saddearteas of the attack, bat its spread through.
mita funny cireler,trequently promrating all in a
bed of !whose—Often sweeping th- larger portion
into the stave. The demand for cofau and hears
es is so mat that it Is with ditfichlty the farmer
can be au?plied, end for the latter, every kind of
vehicle Is.used.' id conveying to places of burial,
two or thme Coffind are seen in one veeicle, alone,
and the Only accoMpanying friend sitting on the
coffins in it. Driven are becoming reckleaa, and
race theirtherfrae teams; and more Liao once, on
the river hoed, the coffin has been pitched out io
theeace, brad thm dell uncovered. We heard of
a mother:visiting:a sick kiend, accompanied by
heechild;',whilat oa the visit the child was violent
ly seized-khe mother started with it for her hi.tne,
a abort dintance of,f, but before reaching it the child
died. Stich are ttni scenes now witnessed, and the
stßictiona with which we ere visited."
Comacitos tr Pmt. Pcscs—ln the R00:11111
Catholic Churches of New York, on Sunday, very
huge tome were collected in the rebel of Pope Pr
us IX. 4t St. Peter's church, Barclay street, the
handson4 sum of - 5750 was received, at St. Jame.'
church, .Ifimes Mid' et,- over 5500 were taken, and
the battlai at all 11w other churches were propor
tb nately large. 'Supposing the Rom. Catholic
Churches of Ne* York, Jersey city, Brooklyn,
and Wafter:lllMo* to be twenty five ( nod that
is about (he number,) and the receipts to aver
age 112.50 at emelt, the total realized would be
about $6,200. Multiply this by the United States,
add at least ten Vales six, that is, $60,000 shall
have bee§ received." The reporter of the New
York Trilione, in.faltuding to the sum collected,
unit, ti riter City Intelltgence took 'every
pains to encertairiahe motive. and kelinsa of the
donors or Peterit kern yestetday, and most
do Meet the Manch to say—indeed he does most
arfllingly-Ltbat eiery man of them repudiated the
idea of siring Pro Nino a cent, except in, the pur
pose of hie personal rapport at Gaeta as an"exde
and a arnSderei,jieprired of bin risnal means of
living "
Mr. Gleely, in , reply to the last letter of Bishop
Scribes On this subject, say'
`-We shonld be. very glad to hear that the *of
ferings?. 1.0 the Pare from this country are to be
presented "in the:dime of freedom, as we 11... of
Religion, if we did not fear that lbw radical differ
ences above hin ted at en to whist constitutes
"Freedom," would render the assurance a practi
cal nullity. Mostoucely, lithe Catholics of Amer
ica were to accompany their offering by a pointed
and manly expresalon of die devotion to the great
anecdote' of RepOblican L , berty, they would do •
noble solf,which we,urould than k them for as long
no we lived . Let them but nay In aubstance to
their-Spigots? Held. 'We revere you as a Pope,
and Will "Nladly sown - bum o atiltalo the dignity
and elEcipthey of yOur holy office, but we are at the
same tinstraftepublicsne, ninocrety desirous that all
men abOald tone the !Analogs of Freedom we now
enjova , We have found, by happy experieuce,
that Seliglion needs oo aid from or alliance with
the'tatei but does Car better without tt. We en
treat you, therefore. to /*natioce all claim la gov
ern any but such as voluntarily' submit to your
sway—all other authoruy that that of Chief Bishop
and consecrated Mead of the Carbolic, Church.
Let the World sees that the Koridom of God Is not
carnal but apiriituil, and that you rote only by the
might of VUth and not of Bayonets." We think if
it were blown that such an addreu from the Ca
thode Bisitope and Clergy of this country would
accompagy and explain the American ' , offering"
to the Nile, the amount might be eonsiderbly amp
mewed. •
C.otottalanori Roows,"Weshington, July 3,184 P.
The lattieris packet arrived in Baltimore on Sab
bath last,,tin days from Monrovia. She
made the!woyage tint in the tumenally short time
of twentreight days. She landed her emigrants
MI in gooß health. General health and proaperity
prevaile‘ Liberia. The Lama, which sailed from
Newt:l . ll4ns in January last, !rid reached Liberia,
bat she bad lost on tb passage &mem n emigrants,
who dhitewith We cholera. There had not been
any rase Pt cholera among them Mier they reached
The atSbariiiee o( Liberia have broken op the
aiii.firefories et-New Ceu end Trade Towu. A
voluntemteorpa of !bur hundred men were tamed
for the piqpnee. and the masmindet ofthe Fnltteb
wet. stetter - moo - offered Ills.itelool to
. entry
the troopedowit to New Case "110:t slavers had
mood I 4 , Se native force, who autunpted to pre
vent the rtriberiil troops from Ismail bat a few
attelle fire) by the french 'teenier thil Mem off un
til the L'herrans erected • !eliding rod brmed up
on the ehlyre. They thee soon rotdad the !Lever
'and all by allies. he Spaniard who owned the
Actory, seeing valid would be the result, let fire
to hiseiseittenment with ha own bead, and then
fled err by; horn Into the Biala, and so weep.
ed.' TheStooprt liberated about thirty drivel., sod
destromF,the lumps* Well which surrounded his
This nxpedition coat the Government of peens
a very larks rum kr them , probably from ROOD
to SlO,OOOl
The PAW& squadron has kr the hat month sr
two beekt,blocicading the Gallinu, to prevent the
slave trak. there. Brame time ago they burnt
down We :factories; but there Is My little prospect
that mayoermauent good will thereby effected.
The sta6ers are watching every soy entand th e
moment men 01-orar an maul aig t will revive
their trade.
The redarn of President Roberts hum Enilanit
wan athla l of Pupal rejoicing. Captain Tloar.
bridge, er Majesty's thin "Amazon? on which
the "teat weasel:lt home) and Copuun Byrne,
of the Oied States *hip Decatur, accompanied
Presidentaloberts on shore., immediately after he
left the .I,l,pason ape fired a national salete, and
directly nkerwards We Decatur commenced utter.
ing her Wonder. The day after a public Wooer
was giveli to Copt, Trowbridge and his &icon
by the ditizens of Monixivia nod Capt. Byrne
aid Mit officers were invited - game". At night
there well illanzingiOns, and skp rockets and
processions and speeches, and di similar demon
strations of joy. -
The Liegislatate held nn extra seanon In Petwu
ary, 12 Which the treaty with Great Britain wail
ratified' kid some other Important business attend-
The Liberia Herald; after Coding to the reeowni
ton of there Mdepeadence by England and France,
says: "We wait withd3o hole a nxi ety to beer what
the Ameriesn people will do in as. That they
have done much cannot be denied,. seeing they
renductect• W !rein 'nothing to oar present o e
diting, buy we Impe and believe they will do
The pedltet wilt tail main 'tog the lot of An.
Wit, end 4t me say to oar frimUthal we me to
great web ot fonds.
Yews, v W. PitaLAIN.
Compote:team of the Yinstingt trasette
Catalan, N. Y. ittly la, HMO
After your readers shall have assured themselves
ofthe data of my resent commusication, I shall
beg them to believe that-it is no ignoble dread of
the cholera—co pantexhitt das Induced me to vary
the scene and the character of my labors, and to
fIY to the hill tops, in the hope of safety and is de
rehotioo of duty. My self complacency will not pet
=am to believe that o.luarea" had become twit •
oats sod insipid to the readers of the Gamma, but
the truth It, I began to fear that my topics ware
wearing out, and to conceive a wholesome sus
pinion that the want of matter might lead me, as It
has done many others, by a gradual and a'most
imperceptible declension, into small talk and com
mon place. This would have been beneath the
dignity of my pen, and derogatory to the gravity
and solidity of my character. Besides, I will con
fess the weakoess,l began to feel the puns:twinge
of remorse upon my conscience. It seemed to me
that the hotter grew the weather, the thinner and
the fainter grew my venerable antagonist P a•a they
Ritchie. (I use Mr. Beaton's intonation,) I had It
no longer in my heart to stir him up, and of coons
all Pittsburgh is aware that "Junius" would be
worse than a shade, unless; he could oocrononally
refresh himself by pitching Into the "Archbishop'
ante yet undefined democracy, while all will ad
mit that Ritchie indeed "were nothing if noncriti
cal" upon "Junius." We are necessary to one
another—as n
I did not sometimes come into contact with the
Union editor, his boat friends say he would be tire
(tome, while mine say he would not shine at all.—
Uader these circumstances, I thought it best that
we should separate, seeing that the dearest friends
must sometimes part. As he would not go away,l
did. I hope the Union will not go out before next
winter. They, say it is failing, and the last fall
month is trying to consumptives. Juntas will not
be so interesting, if that sad casualty should occur.
No, I did not run from the cholera, but to it, for
Washington, by the blessing of God, is perfectly
healthy, and New York is somewhat aillicted with
the ,epidemio. But lam happy to say that the
general health of even that great city to good, and
as yet the cholera there is certainly no just cause
of alarm. Yesterday, I witnessed the departure
from a wharf of that crowded capital, of the beau
tiful steam ship Crescent City for Chaves, per
fectly crowded with passengers for the land of gold.
It was to me a sad sight. There were men who
eft young wives and children, good business,
their social duties, and their homes—for w hail--
4npelled by what the ancients curt sacra foam
bat what we must denounce as an lassos thirst
for change, for sudden unearned wealth; for that
thing which the heart broken Leyden, after a life
wasted in search ol it, biti.rly stigmatised es
yellow dirt,
Slave of the dark and dirty mine.—"
Among her passengers I observed a very well
knows and successful Washington Correspondent.
Since he would go, God speed him.
But here I am at the foot of some of the most
beautiful peaks of mountains in the Cation. I
came op the lovely and stately Hudson yesterday,
for the first time to many years. There is little
Mange in the banks of this river. Their features
Ice too grand, their beauty too magnificent, to be
visibly affected by what is going on upon, or be
neath them. They are building a rail road from
New York to Albany, all the way upon the very
brink of the river, and part of the distance actually
In it. Of course many of your readers have passed
that wonderful promontory St. Anthony's nose ,
which looms up from out the depths of the river
just below West Point, a thousand Met of sheer
ascenl They will hardly believe me when I tell
them that the New Yorkers are actually having the
impudence to snob the Saint's nose, and are mak
ing an artificial ledge at the bottom of tt for their
rail road. Should the old fellow give a slight
sneeze during the passage of a train across the
point of his proboscis, a smell avalanche of rocks
and trees would summarily dispose of the experi
menter. upon his patience. Bat this famous rail
road will be a great waste of labor and capital.—
Probably two years more, and in the whole at least
$10,000,000 will be required to complete it, when
done third o' the amount of money and time had
been expended on the continuauon of the Harlem
Road,through the natural valley, behind these too
pendou hills , &complete rail road communication
would have been long since opened from one city
to the other. As it is, two roads will be bollt,.d
New York-will have lost the capital which would
have carried to a speedy completion the great and
necessary Erie rail road to the lake. This river
road ,moreover, bend. being altogether the moat
costly one in the Union, will have the sixopetition
of the fittest and fastest freight and passenger Foam
in the world f or eight months to the year, and that
of a parallel road lee. than twenty miles distant.—
It will pay no dividends, I predict.
Bat I am making this letter too long, and most
curb my discursiveness. To morrow I shall n
evoid the mountains, sad shall feel myself print.
leged to indulge in the infirmity of description.—
This rambling letter is nothing to the ramble I
promise myself among the blue peaks, that now
look so proudly, &tiny contemptuous of all mere
human purposes.
This is.a very respectable village, with two
banks anda doe proportion oflaurien and doctors.
Here lived, and here repose the remains of Rip Van
Winkle. Poor Rip, he taught he "saw sights'
when he wake up the last time, but what if he
should once more Mira his cerement*, should see
the wire, for the lightning line coolly stretched
over the Duoderburg and the nose from bank to
bank—should hear the clatter of the iron horse at
their feet, mutes away at the rate of from thirty
to fifty miles an hour, and see the New World,
400 feet long, whissiog put OM if racing with the
little "black peney" on the bank! Rip would car
; ttinly fall quietly hack into his resting place, so
badly scared that he never wouLl wake mom to
look out on such a world.
Thu; you know lathe place of residence of your
associate,bir Haight. He occupies one of a num.
ber of beautiful and delightful suburbia villas on
the heights above the village. I shall take plea.
ante in acknowldgeing his bospit able attentions,
preliminary to my visit to the mountains on asoth•
er OCCflitoo.
Par th• Piusdurgi Gazette.
Pirrna's Psnice—Will Bishop Hughes or his co
"downs hero den to publish the hat of names of
Americana, who will subscribe money to aid a ty.
raid in his daring attempt to conquer and subjugate
tie people of Rome' Would any American eiti.
:en dare publicly "absentia money for such ■
purpose, at will such subscriptions be made with
the undersiandhig that they shall be kept coo
cealedl Hinter.
The first gotten Factory in Northern Ohio has
jut been put in operation in Gaudin, Erie Co. Its
sheeting, are said to be equal to the very best man-
Catenated In New England. The ecmcein is own
ea by:Messrs. Burton do Morgan, and is under the
management of Mr. King, a manufacturer of h , gh
reputation, from Provident Rhode Wand.
The building erected is 130 feet in length, and
contains machinery, when all is in operation, for the
manuacture of 0000 yards of sheeting per day.—
There is uow in operation ■ sufficient amount to
produce 800 yards per day.
Cutalia Is six miles tlom Sandusky city and
two mules from the Cincinnati and Sandusky Rail
No Twinge or Sia Jona FIAXCLINI.—Lettars
hare been received at Montreal hom the Hudson's
Hay Territory, by way of Seat St. Mule, bringing
IMellieetme from Fort Simpson of date the 4th of
October let. The writer of a letter Irom that poet
"Eighteen men of the expedition arrived here
yesterday from Fort Confidence, seat to be kept
daring winter. They went round from the mouth
of the McKenzie to the Coppermine, but no Teo
dife or word of Sir John Franklin, or any one else
except Etiquimaux, whom they saw in peat num
bers. A very large party of those daring rascals
met the expedition et the month of the McKensie,
and as on a former ottoman wanted to make ■
prim of the boats and all that was in them. But
nothing serious happened. Sir Jobe Richardson
is to proceed to Corned* as soon as the McKenzie
breaks up next spring. Sae is going with one boat
again to the smut."
The editors of the Washingtonl.T nion have been
ihowevome specimens of gold ore from the New
Hope mime in Virginia, which Indicate the etas-
Waco of the precious metal In a very pore state
and in huge qtraztaies. A company has been
tamed ander a chatter foam the State of Virginia,
and will shortly commence operecoav at this mine
with Improved machinery and under the dimct
tion of • scientific and experienced miner Midst
B B. French, of Washington, is President. and
James Adams, Esq., Secretary of the new Compa
The depth c( the saa of Cape Battens, ea as
aeltahled by the °Mews calmed In the 00104
Ithaysy, Is adasteas ihossmutd atykt lutai kec
Pso/11 NSW TORS,
C ,4 ‘1 , 11. 4 4d05ee of the Pui.l.ursh gm;erb,
Nair You. July 2, ;84u
The weather Pot the peal forty MOH !MUM has
been moil and blholpg, mid apparently ibis moat
health, that meld be desired. Still Itir.
retree, and the caseS to day reach Milt, aerl the
deaths 351, or lith same number as on Thuredsy
lasi. The presets week eattlot fed to be me Of
great morality, in optic it all sautitary reguislions
and caution on the part of !adieuluele The re
caption of Father Mathew will ho s iltrea• nl peal
excitement, tmmediately after whirill iilioes the
Diakonal holiday, ever a Octavo 11l nilbielA unit
patios by en immense class of our populatine
The sale of fish and fruit to Row prohibited ant or
doors; and the cousins heretofore enjoying the
lemma liberty and luenso are thoroughly clreirni.
scribed. The dram chop, mud many betel bare
were effectually clued yesterday, and the oily
presented en Orieseahy alViltired appearrieeir
Building materials are now to gnat demand for
California, and several altipe are now ready Air
sea exclusively loaded in the way. the Hen
Cap ship has an mertment on board, ranging
from a hot clan hotel, Jowls to the merest ebonite
for a poor digger. The last news throws a damper
upon those who have California •peculatious on
hand, but the fever is still high.
This has been au active day In Wall .tree) Rod
money hue been more than usually abundant, In
consequence of the disbursements on next:mei of
interest by the moral government, New York,
Kentucky, and other States. One million and • half
has been paid out, throwieg a large sum on the
market for investment. A. low as 3j per oent per
annum has been taken for abort loans, while 5 Is
considered quite dear for common Inane. Should
the course of the fall trade keep sterling bills .1
their present range, there will be no pleasure is
the money market for a long time to come, sod It
will take a large export of coin to make trouble.
A collection was made In the Catholic Church
yesterday, on account of the Pope, and a large
sum omitted, coy as much as seven thousand
This levy of money on the Catholic popula
tion has created more feeling than the most care
ful observer anticipated. The letters of Bishop
Hughes have been read and commented upon
with all the freedom of political document. Ho
man Catholio Italian exile. rush to the attack of
the Bishop, who has already been the instrument
of wealening the power of his church, by his on
accountable poeition, which has thrown the mo
u sea of the Pope open to auspickin, if not to censure,
by reformed autumns every where.
The locosxes are in motion just now, Rod mean
to haves
y tArfer../ reunion of their party, not only
in New ork, but throughout the Union. The
greet bone of contention to the item presidential
campaign, they feel. Is 10 be the sieve question;
and upon this the New Yorkers my they are not
to be fooled. A circular is now in cumulation,
mating to the South, that the/ are from eduusuon
and oomph, opposed to the extemion of the cause
of eleven, anima by constitutional mean. The real
truth of the matter ia , they have resolved to lake a
free soil democrat, and suck to him, leaving the
South to fall in, or goon their own account, as they
think proper. The circular will ere long sea the
Light. It is now kept close as pourable.
The reception of Father Mathew this alinement
was one of the most enthusiastic scenes New York
has ever witnessed. The crowd was greater than
any that has gathered to welcome any man except
Henry Clay. The streets from the rear of the
City Hall It the lowest extremity of the Battery
were densely packed, and it was with difficulty
that the procession could force its way through.
Every house top and every projection that would
support a human being was occupied, and from
the time the good lather landed until he reached
the City Hall, he was deafened by a prolonged
cheering, and welcomed by the waving of their
Itercniefs, by the ladles. The people pressed
round the carriage, and a dense mass of men rush
ed aloog eager to get a sight of their honored
visitor, who was worthy of all their pains.
Two hundred and hey passengers left to-day en the
Cream. Cny for California—a number that shows the
state of the "fever." The Tnbune has sent .1. Bayard
Taylor. one of its editors, to "the placer," and foci.
will soon come pouring back thick and fast. He is a
man :of rare common same, muted to the power of
writing in the most graphic style, and his lenses will
make the Tnhune even more valuable to every busi
ness man than at present, and that 111 no small task.
The "Metropolis" newspaper. ander the control of P.
BOnf•Min and rano. other literary men, has been
seized with the cholera, and is now in • "collapse "
The appearance of the patient denote. the entire ab•
sence of funds, end the publican., after one month's
existence, ts suspended until "eold weather." T.
r a
k grfere se n y t e 6esd, a beau y pe th r " ect bui spet i rme " n Y o ' r "-
P * Kat marine abortion, :anion, known as the Great Britain
steamship, is .one to r.ame her top. to New York,
and win east her owner when reedy for sea 11250,050,
an amount that wouldseem to pre hope of profit. Her
constructioh is such that she can he awe foran nal.
Ir ship, convey one thousand wale. G
The uy
tiner to
tog arrived s day or se
two voice with over seven
ki.dred, which is the largest somber of persons who
ever crossed the ocean except to a tone of haute ship
Cotton /as improved cent. • pound, sod is now
held firm at the advance. In Flour there to a good be
sines, and good State may he quoted at 14,5604,62 k;
C.. 13300 Wheat is dull, and lower prices Ire accept
' ed-0370 bushels upper lakes so the way at 75e. Ile
sales of Corn are very large, et rather better prices.
Provialons are rather doll. Butter isle more demand,
soda It s better prices are obtained. Business gen
erally is Mull, and chielly confined to supplyie4 the
home trade. c.
- - -
By Telegraph to the Chronicle.
BoR - ron, July 3
The Camas arrived at Halt.: on Tnesdar,
and at this port last evening. She brings out l'et
Larraroot, Jape W.
Comm—The cotton market daring the week
tits been Mindy, and increasingly confident Fair
Uplands are quoted at 41; Mobile 4I; Orleans lk
ordinary to middling of other desenpuons bring
one sixteenth of a penny higher than at Jut advi-
The Money t'iuket coalloues easy, 6000 pounds
in gold coin from California had arrived is Liver
• •
Coss Msaire—There is wore doing, with
nlightirapinvement in price.
FLova—We.tern Caaal and BaMawr° broads
are quoted at 23. 6,1 021. Phllada'WAß 23. 6d;
Ohio 25a.
Up to the evening of the lit ult., no news of
the French troops eeienng tato Rome had been
received at Pant General Oudloot, It ot ask!,
would not make • general attack before the 16th
or 17th, when the news of the failure of the con
spiracy in Paris, on the 131 h would reach Rome,
and probably induce the Tnomvirs to surren
The London Globe of the 2:2d says, that it is
generally battered that the Telegraph will att•
nuance the entry of the French 1014 Rome; and
the Gazette of Lyons, of the 28th, mates •Jaat as
we are lining to press, the Telegraphic despatch
from Marseilles annoanees the entry of the French
troops Into Lome."
The attempted intmrreetion at Paris hen been
Wowed by a formidable outbreak at Lyooa. A
.ensue engagement between the troupe cod the
mob took place in the streets, and many live,
were lost on both aide. Ilarricades were thrown
up. which were only takes idler having been bat
tered down with cannon. The 6ghting commen
ced on the tfith In the rooming and cantioaed
We In the evening.
A Telegraphic despatch dated Lyons 151 h, states
that the insurgents Were completer" dePtated, the
'treats cleared, andltangaillity reamed 171=
, ds
of 50,000 troops ate 1301, in and staged
and no 'pp:atm:4oas of Gardner disturbances are
Great eacltement existed in variants plums and
it Is evident that the troaspintay of the Parrs Red
Republicans, e.gtenda to every town in Fntee.—
The attemptto gei qp a disturbance at Marseilles
totally faded. The appearance of one regiment of
mtwiry put the mob to Hight without striking a
Ministeri►l changes ate about to take phtee—
Dufgure and his friend► are to retire.
It is reported that the Abbe Polotki, private sec
retary to the Cardinal Antallli, bad arrived at PIC
from Gaels, bowleg important propoaitlona to the
French Government, end co autograph letter from
Pius, enpressiug hie regret st the bombardment of
pto the latest moment was tranquil Ledru
ROHM has not as yet bees arrested. The libelers
is on the decline in Paris
The news from Htingvy and Anatole In very
contradictory. Some accounts mate that ton no.
tions had occurred in the South, both tennlnutthsg
is advantage to the Austria's. The Hangar*
General Perizel had sallied from the forum al
Peter Weradht, and bad attacked the Austrian 12-
trenchment but was ultimately repulsed.
Another battle Is asserted to have been Ibught
between Jellachich and the Hung6ians, in which
the latter were beaten. These, however, are
all Austrian accounts, and are not trustworthy.
The London Globe of the 22d last, has datas
from the seat of war to the 15th, giving an account
of a pitched battle between the *lawful; and
the allied Sassiaus and Austrian army, resulting
in the complete defeat of 'below', who left 23,000
killed on the field.
This tremendous encounter loch phew on the
Ingo plain between Such and Weireaeberg, end
hared sixty hour boom The Hungarians, who
were commanded byGeorgey, lost 8,000 men. The
Austrians were commanded by Heyman, and the
Itrossituts by Rgdeger.
The news of this bole was teed by Minh,
lettem, the papers not alluding to it. The Vienna
journal■ make no mention of it.
Another affair Is waled to bare occurred at
Croins. A Brigade was sent by General Behlick
from Oremberg ander General Wm, to cover hie
right hank, while marching on Rod. The Wide
was enacted, defeated, and Wise was taken prhe
ones, and Colonel Uplan and Heron Zenner laa
Some accounts report that rho whole brigade was
Far three days corps have been collecting at
Preabargh, and a new recruitment is ordered
throughout the Austrian dominions.
la B:media private letters from Odenberg,
that a maga Caul, as lambi cbaadmartato, sa d
Mhos In whole iiessemion a number of sealed
neefecand hwy., been arrested.
" V In ents? mention or allealon which an be
taimed from Vienna papers regarding the great
ide, knight from the 13th to the 10th d Jone,
0.1111 hush, to the surmise that the defeat of Wier'
brigade gave the origin to fibulae. rumor. On
lb. nth., bend, the emborities maintain that the
runty 0f Win es only the epleodo donation' bettle.
A letter of the I VI tali, from Crapoir, In the Brea
law quotes, mealtime lb. effatr between the van
guard yl Milner* mod the Ilumlana OM. Maiden
we. killed, and 2410 Oussneke were cut oft and ta
ken erhionera
Another letter elated (troves., June 10th. mare
tinny prrnits of engsgamoOla 51 005(7 fan be
tween the FlUllpl.ll adesnorid guard and Otto.Rerm.
Tee Premier numbering 6000 incl, wen beaten
Th. prove from holy 1. to the 11th chow. Up
to that time the It Oman. bad malnisintd their
pinata°, Ma Virtual, had used cajolery and threat.;
the ILtman• bad •uroly, nobly, isolated all their
advances, and in a moot dignified manner, refused
yholdieg to the summons of ;remodel , tuned by
()sacral Oudleot. Oa the 11th • breach was ef•
hutted by the French troopi to the wall. A portion
of the troop. then entered the city. Thu report
led to lb♦ belief that the Waggle woo over, but
it appear' that on the flea, Gen. Oudiaot beamed a
letter to the Triumviri 'nattier a hut appeal to
them, endeavoring to throw on them the minor.-
tubdtly Otto bkantabed spilt in the teem of their
reftiul to comply with his term&
In the German Butte, I,orderieg on the aline
a general Insurrection la going on. The PRISSIaIIi
have advanced and ■ struggle has taken place.—
The result, however, is not known.
la Kngladd nothing of Interest has taken place
la busmen "Run during the past week.
Produce—The market is moderately 'applied,
but there is no extensive demand. Holders gene
rally an arm, insisting an full rates.
Proviti 11.--Cuted Provisions meet with fair da
mned and steady prices.
Money Market—Tien Money Market to dey is
driller; Console having been NI to 911—aro nom
911 to 911 far account.
Onion Market—The Havre market continues
brink. Bales for the day mere 2,300 balm—
Prices advanced one franc, SO centimes on for
FP= the llertsburgh TelegroPta.
PentstSe Weeks.
The Locoateo press over the State, inking its
cue from the Ai/mond of Harrlnhofe, is idled with
abuse of Mr. Ball, the State Treason..., ehargieg
him with withholthng the approprispons made for
the payment of the laborers ou the politic works.
Having seen these repeated attacks made upon
that °Steer,. we believed without ground or rea•
son of any kind, we addressed hint the Allowing
Hammon°, June 20 1119
O.J. BALL, &Q—Sir: Haring seep It staled to
the public press repeatedly that you nave refused
to pay appropriations made from the titste Treasu
ry for the payment of the laborr rs on the public
works; if the charge be true, I will think you to
furnish ma with a statement of the amount of mo
ney drawn from the Treasury since you have bad
charge of it, by the Supervisors on this public
works., for the purpose above mentioned.
Very respectfully, yours, &c ,
Taco. Fan.
To whioh we received the following reply
TesuulanY Orrice, July 3,1949.
Dior Sir: In eep4 to your note of the 30th ult
I herewith send you a list of the Supervisors and
Superintendents on the public, Improvements who
have drawn money from the Treasury, and the
amount drawn by each since the adjournment of
the Legislature. The total amount so drawn is
9302,434 92, from which it is easy to judge wheth
er a sufficient amount has been drawn to pay the
laborers on the public maprovernente or not.
Yount, dr..,
1 1. Batt The following la the statement that net:mopes
vied the above answer
Amounts drawn by Supervuors from April-II th
to July 114, 1649.
J. P. Anderson
John MegLaughlin
Wm English—.
George gintenberger
Thomas J. Power....
Canal Commissioners
Thomas Bennet
J. H. leakin.
W. K Hens&
Wm McPherson
Here is • lamentable picture of Lacofoco prodi
ploy and abase. In the short space of topity-
Owes days, the Locokwo officers On th e public
works bare draw. trom the State Treuttry the
astounding sum of more than THREE HUNDRED
LARS PER DAY—while at the Alma time the
Loccdoco pmsa is tilled with minute of the State
Treasurer, because he will not (crumb the officer.
with money to pay the laborers on the public.
.4.1. s fact disclaims a scheme of villainy =pant.
klad, we believe, in the Manny of Locafocoiam in
this liltaba The sum of s3oopoo, formerly was
all the' wan annually appropnated for the ordioa.
ry repairs of the State canal and railroad. This
turn was kit a whole year.
This amount boa already been drawn from the
Treasury far that purpose in a little over too
annethe What has been done with its That is
the question. Have the laborers been paid? The
Locofcioa press rays they bare not' Have the
noblio °Mears been tieing this money, and tolling
! tbehoseat laborers that they could get no money,
while they have drawn the enormous sum of near.
ly one-third of a million? If the Locofoco press
tells the truth, it ia so. If it is not no, then they
have been concocting and oireidsung the most
enormous Her; and with the concurrence, too, of
the officers on the public works, otherwise they
would voluntarily dwahune the public mind. One
of two things are, therefore, sell evident, and can
not be controverted; either the Loco:boa °ulcers
hove paid the laborers on toe public work. while
they have given currency to n vile and miLacioas
libel upon the State Treasurer or they tiara used
the money drawn from the State Treasury for pur
poses of speculation; and to screen themselves
from the Just censure of those from whom they are
fraudulently withholding theirmet dues, have put
into circulation a falsehood nrstrivt the Slate Tins,
surer. Either horn of the dilemma will hold them
up to public anathema and indignation.
It will not be contended by the most hardened
and unscrupulous Locofooo pluuderer, that the
DOLLARS PER DAY, N not initliiiteut to must
all expentes and pay all the latiireis 90 the pal,
u e , ensure! No olio ar,n pretend lust one third of
that amount has been expended within the time,
and If the "poor laborer." have not been paid,
and promptly too, there is gross wand. The sum
of $300,000 was mow &Vara drawn from the State
rf993011, 011 11910.10. t of ordinary repau i s, 1r
de rams tins, oar can u have I.acn reputed
It is Idle for 1 4 090fi1001161 to attempt 'o justify this
enormous draft and expenditure on that account.
There has evidently been a settled and deter.
mined purpmen on the pail of the Location% min,
workers, s in ce Mr. Ball came into 0.1i;op, to run
upon the Treasury and break down the credit of
the State; and this Inprecedented draft of $3OO,
000, in leas than three month,, for the phial° i
works abase, nod the false bun and cry raised that
money could not be obtained to pay "the poor Is
bores. on the public, works," is one of the schemes
fixed upon to carry out the design. No man, of
any pony, acquainted with the Sets, can doubt
Some other remarkable flinty in sciatica to the
financial condition 9,f {be Stale nre worthy of no-
When Mr. Ball carpet into the Treasury there wu
tot 650,000 of available (code In II; while at the
e i
as beta w • kian of upwards of $260 000
rin theba aka, which bad been borrowed to meet
the Interest on the first of February. The Treasu
ry was [herniate more than 6200,000 in debt; and
had it not been for the efforts of Mr. B , Who ,ditatic
ed an attention of time from the books, them
would not have been one dollar In the Tree
wiry that could have been approprii ted towards ihe
public works op to this awe, at all the reveautt
were speciOnally pledged and sppropneted to meet
this loan s by the act authonstug it Thus Mt. Hell,
instead orbiting censurable (or not givtag ant mop.
to pay "the poor laborer on the public works,"
entitled to their gratitude and the thanks of the pea
pie for effecting such an arnangetneirt as would
enable him to furnish the Supervisors and Supers
intendents with the meant of paying them. He
his evidently been their only true Plead; while the
dial:tuning oslcere have withheld from them their
Just and needy dues.
We are, however, glad to be able tq slate t/tat
the loan from the Banks is enaarlx paid, not
withstanding the efforht spade to draw from the
Tnartimr7l wittttn abort time mentioned, all
hg Appropriations for the year, beside tee Jodi.
Mar/ and other current expenses as fast es they
We know that the difficulties encountered by
Kt Ball have been great, and that he ha. devubsd
himself to the duties of hi. offits gut:. so amide.
ity, seal, and energy tuntutspaased by nuy pee who
beitever Oiled Ow limit, turd as he to entitled to
tbe cionlidency and beepect of all men, we mutt
dug the effort made by the dishonest and tuner's•
puma knaves who have entered into as sites
era scheme to embarraas him it the faithful per
inlnanee at hill dial. nut prove successful.
"Tenth is mighty an will prevail."
Mangan; Bill" Lading, Contracts, 1410
MUM SILLS, Lana, citanzlev,,,,,,,,F.,
rouctsa aF Jp.,
Printed et Ste 60MAt notice at low lances, at the
dal G 42 1 ,1111 Ames. Tem era.,
lettpremmente to Den ttttt 7.
DR. 0.0. gfrEAFLPII3, Left of Demon is proposed to
otaeoraetere and set BLOCK Term in whole and puts
am., upon ektotion or Atmospheric Suction Picea—
FUOIRIACUE COXED to MS 11110IST.U. Where the nerve is
:MOcoee and renadetare nut door to the !day
kt, Fourth street, Pittsburgh.
Riau to—J. U. 111 , Fattden, F. FL Eaton jai/
"ire sad florists Insuratae..__Th. p rn ,
/11111041 NAI/1.210 sjtlD Fuca lasonanso Calm.irT—
=Lai -.<0.111.11211011 , 0 insure. upon C•ery
drown), at nlO tenant wow.
• Orszcz, No. 41 Markot ore,
SAMUEL 0011kILY, Noah.
ilinossr ••••4. onyk dllou
Panama Logos Sagas—Prepared by J. W- 1 / 1 41 1 ,
William meet, N. Y.. and for solo by A. Jaynes No.
7o Fourth meet. This will be rowed a delighrfal art.
ale or beverage tu readies and put...tarty We sick
Batam's aMicau.—An improved Chocolate papala
non. being • eambitratioa of Cocoa nab ulnocent,
vicorattne and palatable, highly recommended picot
slimly for Invalids. Prepared by N. Bator. Donbas-
Masa, and for mile by A. JAYNES., at the Pekin
Tea Store, No. 70 Fourth at med!
W. R. Wright, fl. D.. Doitist,
Omer end residence on Fourth at..
09909193 the Ptttsborgh Bank. OtEct
lg.. hours r 991 9 o'clock to Mt A M.. ar.d
from 9 o'clock toi P.SL scpl4-ly
at his reaulence in Lasser St Clair !own.
thin, Mona Dcsurvws, or Pulmonat7 Corunmption.
/h. rastasai will tan place 10-marrow. (Sunday.) at
RI Altai ED.
On Wednesday. the ech of Jok, by the Rey. 8. W.
Mittens, E. 8. Whom? to Miss S
alad, deo/ghost of P.
C Fidnrteri., P.q, all of this city.
c:r The mbrenber RUM. his most sincere thank..
to the Fire Comp*.lei who exerted themselves for Mc
protection alms property from the fire anti:. motrung,
and partmularly to the company of the Vigilant Et.•
glee, which was stationed near hm oat bui/dings, and
saved them from destraenon.
Paul:tyre!, JO' 1N11.1.319
BAAL or Prersurraan.
Tuos K. Ituarrni—Dess Nu- I take pleasure
in tesnfying to the good qualluet of your WRITING
FLUID, and in recommending it to the nubile It has
been used in that 1 notituta for about ayear, and on re
ferring to the books I find th at the color smote... by
age, the not being a fine blue blank. It doles freely,
and to those lobo use tnetaltie pens, it ertil• be found a
very desirable noir Respectfully yours,
For sale floaether with Hibbeo's Red and Idaehthe
Covina loka,j by B. A. Fahnestock & Co , Pittsburgh;
II P. Schwartz Allegheny city, and the manidamemer,
THOS. K. HIBBEKTS conies of Liberty sad Smith
field !tomes Pittsburgh, P. Iy7:dew
Re i BISOA! & CO.. having . extoniated THOMAS
sal . Oroem i lrotl7l:e " t l 2l e a t oTentrio ' rb ' nelUe W eet
be continued as usual emder the firm of Robison, 1.1. t.
tto & Co.
ROI3IBON, I.IITLF. C 0. ,& N 0.14•3 Utterly street,
Pittsburgh, Who!caul° Groeere, Produce sod
Commission Merchants, and dealers In Pivot urgh
Manufactures. ty7
"DAOONI-6 [Mi. Bacon alldea, last rred and for
sale by /17 L 9 WATERMAN
PCIENCES---.F.dtted by Isaac Hays, M. D, Is pub
lished quarterly on the first of January, Apnl. Jo y
s-td October. Each number contains about two hun
dred and eighty larre octavo pages, and is appropri
ately illuttrated with eagravulits on copper, stone,
wood. Ste.
The Medical News and Li nyary, is publuhed mornh
i,nd consist. oribiwy-two 'rem large octavo Pages,
containing the medical information of the day, as well
es a treatise of a high ehacamer on a prominent de
y.arnient of medicine Watson's Lek ores on the
Practice of Ph. sic. Drodlo's Clinical L mums on Sur.
gory, and Todd & Bowman's Physiology have thus sz
peared in it, and the work at present publishing is
Wiest on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood.
Tessa The subscription to the American Jourrml
of the ,Medleal Sciences, is Aye dollars per annum.
When this amount is forwarded, free of posta ad
•ance, the subscriber thereby becomes entitled ge,
to rho
Medics! Sews and Library for one year, without fur
ther charge Per the small sum of free dollar., there
fore, the subscriber ean Masud a Quarterly and a
Monthly Journal of the lughest character, presenung
about fift -en hundred lug, ?omen page!, It Ith appro
priate illustrations. Subscriptions received, and the
work promptly co eolicA by
Apt for Publishers
- -
VVALUABLEBOOKS—H.Iin'. lrf. ol Napoleon
Bonaparte, 3 volv
Hatlitt's Leenues on the English Poets.
" on the Comic Writers.
" on the Literary Age of Elisabeth.
Spirit of the Age, or Contemporary
Portraits. Tales by Edgar A. Poe
Western Clearings, by Mrs. C M. rwkland.
llohdays Abroad, or Ettrope from the West, by 31ra.
Rural Letters and ether Records of Thoughts at
Leisure, wntien to the intervals of more hurried Lite
rary Labor, by N. P. Willis.
The Adironbaek, or Life in ,he Woods, by J. T.
Phrenology and Mesmerism Examined.
Macanlay's Miscellanies.
Luyard's Nineveh add Its Remains.
The Indicator. by Leigh Hont.
A full stook of American S. S. U. Hooka, on hand
and for We at Philadelphia prices, by
/7 7 ELLIOTT A ENGLISH, 79 Wood st
622 900 00
11,000 00
25,014 00
101,115 92
6 450 00
76.300 00
1,000 00
19.500 00
5,795 00
9,900 00
. 13,600 00
. 8,500 p 0
Orrice or TIM W11.1.1.400i11T Barter COVP•
Jane 21, 1 5 19'
THE MANAGERS of the 'Williamsport Bridge Con,
puiy. have this day declared • dividend,payable
to the Stoekbolders. or their lessl represenutuves, of
TWO AND A HALF PER CENT, for one dollar end
tereaty.five centei on the capital sleek, an nett .her.;
payable on or before the 151 orJuly inst.
Monongahela City, July 4, 1549.—WasSiugtost Repo,
tee. jyanratS
Bandy and B Canal.
THP. Stocktutilders of the Sandy and Beam Canal
Company, are here er notified that an election for
Directors of .aid Company wilt be taiden at the Canal
oßea in New Lisbon, Oaio, on WED:VP-94AT, bo nth
day of AUGUST next, between the Noun of 10 o'clock,
A. V. and 4 o'clock, P. At of said day. By order of
the Board. CHAS. D. 11007al EH,
jyatwatsti grey S. In B. C. Co.
rhACON-1S eandrs Shoulders and Sides, on sourign
,Jer mean; (Or rale by Jy6 MINUS ROE
LAltD—ln kers No I Lard, tot sale.
DRIED APPLIZ-300 Lash sacks, for sale by
POTASH -10 oasts good Potash, la store.
TWO LINEN-4 row pieces ovum', Too Linen, in
store; for sale. 'ye brOILLS k ROE
PLANTATION MOLASSES-4M barrels in prime
paelteres; oleo, 100 la bbls do
rrlrE Nrosidont and Board of Alan•ters the Nmth.
1 . ern laberue• Bridge Cd9,PittlY , -acing declared
• dividend o( One Dollar end e".." . . - y
Cents otleach ahem
of the Capital Stock .f amid Company, the /neg.trill
be paid to the Blookholders on or after the I ont.
G. B. WARNUIL, Treasurer.
Allegheny, July 5, lege lyttrd3t.
T OST—Large Bran 11002 KEY. The finder anil
corder so abligaban by leaving it at the Gazette
U. 2 MACKEREL-50 bbl. :14, 2 Mackerel, rec.-
ved this day by canal, and tor wale very low In
consignment by
labtatuenCetti6 re M -optfut Co on '' Friday. July . 6th_
eitheir stock having been marked doyen, vnll be
sniered Lite greatest bargains. Purchasers Ellay de
pend upon securing goads at LOWER RATeS
ever before.
nem persona only, My tie exclasire Agency for
each City, Town or Village . of the Rolled States, in
Me sale of a serf agreeable and warranted PERFECT
REMEDY foe Dtartbms, D, watery, hr. so prevalent
st this bow la all part, of the world. TOma extreme
ly liberal and anyaatagerma. Far particulars, address
E PACKER, M. D. & CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
Street ilml earnestly, have tit.• da y declared a
dtvideed of Two ites
Desists per suers out of the profits of
the last sr mouth., payable to tbut Stockhoid e rs or
their legal representative, on or altar the 10th mat.
ty4,31 WM . LARIALER, Jr., Treasurer.
vaszau gram ma GOODS,
I LEXANDED. & DAY, 70 Market street, northwest
earner of the Diamond. ens now opening a choice
stock of fresh SUMMER GOODS. A large portim of
thew go-ode have recently been purelmeed at &greet
secrifice, from the Aucuon Sates at the FAM, and from
the importers and manufacturers. We have decided
upon taming this stock of goods at miem so reduced
to meet the approbsUon of those who do business
On the cheap even principle..
The Silk Department a very extensive, embraeing
the different kinds. of arose and inanulta Silk., Satin
de Cheneuund Carnelian Ore de Rhines.
MI Skew! Department embramm a splendid anon.
meal of ladle Cfnpo Shawls., film the lewest priees, to
the finest qualities, elegantly embroidered. Also. Gre
nadine, Berage, Mohair, Nett end splendid figured Sat
SCARFS—BIack silk, be and Granedine Scarf.
DELUGE and other thin D GODDS—Elcialt,
and novel arms
of Bermes,UeTumor. and other
thin Dress Goade, worthy of ths oUsntioa strike ladles,
LAWNS LA WNIS-odn tle /Awn deptrunent, our
addition. from tie Rristarn auctutos quite largo,
embracing eleg.n styles to remarkably tow price.
1FP0. 4 . 6 .1 Domestic Wogs.,
Wit and Clantres, Brown .4 Dkathed /Mastic,
Meek. Ticking+, Flaatte,
Sopenor English and Fro 'loth. and Cas•',.,,rp s ,
Sommers and Jeans, Flunidoost Stri{sas and Drdhogs,
All of which is oilikred LI such reduetrp p ofo,es
that purchnsnn cannot foil to be plow , pd,
jjOOKS: ISOORS't—Loyola and J e.o iti m is u. R._
j j damns. by Dime Taylor, slap, of Natural HIG•
tory of Erithorlasm.”
Sketches el SCottsb Church History., by IteCrie.
Memoirs of the Rev. Thomas Hely henon,with mi
lppendix, embracing an account of the Church of Sent•
and during hie nines
The Life of Dr. S. Johnson., by the Rev. J F Rumen;
English eclitallb
Revivals in Scotland daring the ISO: century. erith
Rote Sermons by Re, George Whitt:lel*, by D. Mac
farland, D.
Maueel of Presbytery, by S. Miller, A D, wick as
pendix, by the Re, J. 0. Latimer.
A Doctrinal, Experimetnal and Practical Treatise
on Efeettial Calling, by J. Foote, A. M.
Commit by Amelia. Do hand and for .ale by
/V 1 ELLIOTT A ENGLISH, 79 '9170,4
Orme 09 Intl Alfaran - rt• Blrletti Co.
July ad, 11349.
rp4IN President and Manson of tke Company for
erecting a finds, over the Alleg&oy river oppo
tile Pittsburgh, In the County of Allegheny, bare this
day declared a Dividend of one dollar and severity-five
mints, on each share of the capital stock standing in
tha asette of individuals en the book of the compaay, to
he paid to the Stockholders or their legal Representa
tive forthwith. JOHN' HAR.PF.fc
DOMESTIC ANIMALS —Matory and Description
of the Hone, elate, Cattle, Sheep. Swine, Pool.
try, and Perm Dogs, With directions for their manage
roam, hro“itag, ettmeintr, Paving, feedin, and prepa
ration for proiltattla market. Also their WPM.*
and Remedies, together sank fall directions (or the
Maeegensent ol the Dairy. Dy R Ithaomith
arner°. illustrations. Par sale by
GUM CA 1 1 1408—Epp 741 hand and /or Go a by
173 J. KIDD & CO.
ell/LORTI7I - 117.—0n hand a nd by --
‘,/ /r 3 J. KIDD & CO.
r for sale by Ul 3 J. KIDD & CO.
CI for We by Dyd) - J KIDD ICO
WV b 7
RA -ROM—I/dos on bend and for sal.
01 3 1 J. KIDD & CO.
SULPH of Quinine. Oxide of Tin, Pronto Acid, Cit•
rate et Imo, 13i Carbonate of Prim* Mamie of
Calomel, ZOtlille of Load, Chloride of Soda and
Chlorin Mar, on band and for tale by
Iy3 J. NUM fr, CO.
rpocAox)-15 toga No I W, Bomb
J, rata's brand, for tainby
le7l 6fiSY MATTHEWE o co
By John D. Davta. Alisestionstr.
Positive &1 of D, G oo d,
On Mondayn.orrunE, July alh, at lb olelock, at
the Conanxrenal Bales Room., ear., a Wood and
Fifth streets, moll be sold, sitttoat re.vrv e —
A lame aelinnonwnt of ...mole and Dry GoOd.b
ron.ming of .pleridld lawn, losper point,
Manehetter pack... barter.. de lames. alpaca*,
Franc b Cod
dress Wk. blacksatin, Caney yeeungra..nperfine clothe.
eae.nneres., mune., weed, jealt. summer clo th s,
rueeka, bleached and brown mus!,.., legbota hamlets,
aw., eastern shawls, hdkfa, table clod!, .te.
At 9 o'clock,
Groceries, Qacensware, Furniture. he
3 hall cheats Poona Hyann tea, 3 has Imperial nod
Gunpowder do, It boxes V. snanunintswil tonacco, I
large rosining house desk. I middle size sonnies
ooze iron sale, shovels, spades, hoes, forks, ale.,
bticbets, writing and wrapping paper. fly nets. window
blirds, mantel riocks, looking glasses, ezrpetz., he.
A large and cerium! asenrunent of new am! second
hand household turnituse, he.
Rea At S o'clock,
dy made clothing. boots and shoes, umbrelltm,
tine cutlery. gold and silver 'slashes, doable and
-6 barrel shot ants, pistols, variety rants, he. Jgd
Books, Muth., CictAing, tbeetum.
Cte Saturday evening, July 7th, at I o'clock, at
the Commercial Sales Room, corner of Wood and kik
milieu, mill be sotd—
A large collection of vmualtle Looks, embraeing
mandard library editions of choice works in varsotra
dnpanotteArs of literature and science, family and pork •
et bibles, gold and silver watchesi-tgreat variety, a
general assortment of new and fashmnable ready
made coat., vests, pantaloons, fine skins veil, linen
bosoms and collars, made in French sty e.
iyd /011 N lb DA VIA, And.
'ra Buddiang Lots. On l.aerty Strew, City of
Attegiteny. at Audios.
On Saturday aftentoon,ly 71h, at 4 'e k, will
he gold on the premix.. Three Valuable Sodding
Loth eirnate on the month aide of Liberty Sweet. karma
each a front of 1 , 3 feet 3 inches, end notenduta bock 75
feet, beleg part of the property belonging to the Second
rtwebrosnan Manch of that city.
Terms, oue-third cub, residue in two equal annul
payments, with interest, to be secured by Doug and
Mortgage. (jy3j JOHN D. DAVI.9, Aunt.
Lets for Salo.
rinti - 0 LOTS on Pennsylvania Avenue; one on the
NorTA side just beyond Congreta street_ 20 fret
front, 21 feet 7i in the rear, and about 147 fret deep—
Another on the South aide jour beyond 511. Watson'.
property, 25 feet 74 front and rear by 112 fret deep.
Also, a Lot et liftmen Street ern nding back to Lo
cust, IJb feet deep by 25 feet 74 in ftwot Poe terms,
/Lc, inquire of D. W & A S. BELL,
Attorneys at Law. 41h st between
ty'?lwi Snutnbel I and Grvit
ROPOSALS will be received by the undeeigned
until JULY ithh, u 1.2 o'clock, for the tone work,
peperch of two Abutment., of a bridge. from Dank
e to Herr'. Is:and, below Stephen Morison t saw
rut& For further partici:ll 4e, enquire of
E WARNIF.d. Allegheny.
A. JAYISE,3,7O Fourth Picubtargh.
Light 1 Lighi4 . l Light ill
THEjusdT celebrated burning fluid can no.v ho had
at the Ea.tern Lamp Store, No. ad l'hi d street
Fo a portable boom dent it ha. trw prtverenre it all
of the cistern Clues. per frolly sme ond rhea ,
void of smoke, peat, or any of the di.arrerable at
tendants to lights now in common are: also,a tea LI-
U assortment of lamps of the latest patients for horn
mg the same. r jyatddmo V. J. DAVID.
LOIIISYILLELIME -SD bhl. reeeiv.o land , or talc
PIRE CIDER RIND:AR-40 bble rteei•ed and
tor by iy3 ARNN , TIDIND & CROZEFL
SUNDRIES -74 bales Cotton;
24 bbl. No I Lard;
1 bag Fin:seed;
(Jordon Peas;
64 . Feathers;
7 " (linearly,
" Wool.
Now landing Isom Cumberland, No 2, for sale by
t 73 19/11.611 „DICKEY /6 Co., Front st.
I N VY to the "Notice and Wa rn ing" of Christi.
Bar Mach, (see Cincinnati Duette, Jan. grih,) we
otter the following opinion of oar Counsel:
SIMMONS le ANDERSON. Lalralna , Curetass.O,
Jane :nth, IBIS I
M... 5.... It A...l.—Gentlemen t•ln
eordance with yoar requestrn we have caality ex
amined the Letters Patent granted to Christian Bark•
hardt "foe improvements in the consumption of fuel in
steam boiler and furnaces" and dated Jane oth,
We are of opinion that you (tbe assignees , .( J. Ro•
brews, for whom we prepafed papers for a caveat and
all application for Letters Patent for an improved
!imam Blower,) ore in no wise infringing the claim al
lowed Mr. Burkhardt Co that Patent.
Your. respectfully,
04410‘.. Patent Agents and Attends..
/I.lls article bas been carefullz and folly tested by
a lams nonsbor of the medic profession, who re
amend it as the mon valuable of all the fannaceoos
.roans n o w in one., it being much superior to arrow
root, tapioca, sage, barley, ke., for invalids and chil
be an article of common diet for chrldren, particu
larly thou of weak trowels, or of feeble and delicate
cenmitunon.,h will be found to give health and rtreggth
'with more certainty than any other substance.
The Farina has been chemically tioiliTtcd by
Curiala and ftnrrott, and Prokssor Rase, all of whom
bear leatimeof to its gram 'Mae over all other farina
. room rabstances. for invalids and children.
bn nimbi from the report of each analysis is here
"La claim to the attention of the medical profession,
will rest upon i a contenting in the glater and albumen
eitrogenized prtneipies, vegetatoe Shrine and alboinen,
si:t6ew:meal:MO{ tauml is arrow-root or atmllar
' yhe great* saperiority of this arlids trrer otor - h,
on'oTr- root. tapioca, sago, 64 „as so oracle of diet for
invalids and children, aprinospraty oenrOf to the gltr
to. It oornalos, orbital 4 15.83 per cent.—(Callta.
"It lam. Cho Farina) a very agreeable light,ns.;i
tive. article of food, easily dignsrod, sod ades , ‘ ,l;
adapted for invalids and children.'"—{Findtco
Thn above nnicle alwayson hand, Sie ,
Bruno k. goiter, corner of Libany sus ,
17J (Chronicle copy
" Wanted.
TT „,„. Ater with some C 2 mi.., an a pleas
noes b.„ 0 , • business, to one of the best loco.
,r,;; ' city, which with some effun, may be made
...crative. The present proprietor wishing to be
_vent a considerable part of the alma on ine” con-
Eracted with the House. he therefore desires a young
roan crib some means, good address, and respectably
coueected. to take an interest with him. Address
ALPHA, Pest Mice, swing real name and reference,
and when an interview may be had /r2“11.'
TA COB WEAVER. la , Wholesale and Retail D.
tl ler m Foreign Wines and Liquors. and old klemon
rahela Rye Whiskeys, corner First and Market its.
LID NON RYE WHISKEY-5i five gal Dotnijah.
1e49 Puce M R Whiskey. Gentlemen and con
noirstun are invited Co call and examine it. if they want
as fine an article as can he had to the Western coun
try, at the Wute Noire of
j'A K BOARDS—SUDO feet Oak Board., ti.c and 10 (1
fox wide byJONE,Is
Cene I Benin, near :th et
BACON-B.idee., Shoulders rad Hams, In smoke
house, arid (or sale by j).l KIER Jr. JONES
BULA SIDES-50,CW p:eees for sale by
CREAM WIESRE—CCI bas just rec'd and for rode try
J , :a.NF/E1.1),
jy9 NVater sty brooveon SmirbOrdd u:scl Wood
I )000A 811 ELLS—IN lb. Cocoa for ionLe by
JUNIATA BLOOMS-0 to in store and for sale
by X l 9 KIER & JONSS
FOREIGN CORD! Abeynth, rura
cos 71Terarqultui, Ann!sotto and fancy French a• d
Italian Conga a, in baste.• and east.. For sale o)
the boule or aorta, at the Wine Store of
172 own, of Merkel and r s
PUNT Webber , ec Forrester, lo 34;
Para rich ansl dry. Gou'd, Campbell Yr old
dry Nit Ilabourn's 1E34; Pure N& Pure Jutee oar.
dealer Port, Harris & Sons, Pure Juice, threble, der-
Me and eirotia Grapes. Thera sloes are all
ted for thals modical properuos, and can be bad w h o ,.
sale or retail et the Wine Store of
llsit CON-10,000 lbs Shoulder's •rid recN i „„d
_LP for sale by L 8 '../ATERMAN,
GEDURS' LAI(F—AI Lag I.:cones ,
mi.' Tobacco, bgn.g.', per ton Shenandoah, and
for gabs by
9 MACKEREI co bbl. No 1/Mackerel, land
bal byr ale lon to elm, nonsigu
mom b y J AMES DeLzE.LL., Water n
Rost:P . :NR—SI bbln, of a superior quality, jun reo'd
Aga And for role by jughl BRAUN llt b.:l - Mq
" VV , d IDOW — GLITS-70? , bro
b Solo and
rur dgola.l.4.oWmgod
e,-zes, Sr73l ° Marro ' n's l.lan . d, "' in '' siore nadir, rain by
53 Water and 101 Front in
019219.9--100,CM) common Cayrest re&d. in
and for sale by pao a& W HaltBALOll
0913E80 bra prunearregelon
erVand for rade by 8& W
DRiFxs APPL sssss in more and lor RAW
by 1030 9 & NV HARBAUGH
SODA &811-1.0 casks in Blom and for We b[7 ----
900 & W HARR& WI
Kld O
MLASS 9- 75 nbia N Molamets,in Odin
rnf n&la by In= 8& AV ReaßAtualt
IAA'S OlL—le bbl,, • good article, in Moro and for
4 sale by Joao & AV HAMM VG II
At on.ll plater Reduced Prima.
A A. M. to CO., desirous of reducing and elising
e out their Stott preparatory to receiving their
New Pali Goods, will offer greater Inducements thee
ever. Their recent large purehases at the New York
Sales, made at such immense sacrifice. from commit
ell be closed oat the some ruinous rat.. Amongst
the article. meently opened, they 01.4111.:
eater het colored Lawns, at 7 els
o 0 " " ace Muslin. , e and le '
A large ,
"t00k173 Silk., Shawls anQu a, ain vary tow,
et NI de Laines, te
ingaLale ttallfziee
• Embroideries, very cheap
• Bonnets, half puce
• " Node. y, Gloves, Laces, Trimming, , ke
7 cams Merrimack Calicoes, at &
5 a lee cc Calicoes .4.i.
nn " and balm brown and bletehrre 317,14,
Limns at 10c,• Lim n Otiegliares
Bennet Ribbon and Wm Glove. st s
With at iMmenia varbsty of oar cc Goode, alt. of
'shush will prove a liming to pearcheesers of ham 2.1 to
50 per cent. The store will b cloned cure day for
marking down and preparing the stock for the se's.
7711 A A hLASON re CO
Elness — Tax for
TN PURSUANCE of ran Cremates 4 , 40 43, 4 7.. r
increase of the Revenue of this city, the lcz
April, ISM sonnets hereby given, that Me
senor hos loft In my pace. sor am
by all the
torsted, ••
list orate permits doing hu sh in the cir
conformity with said Ordinance_ I"
B.c. 4. If .pou examinant:mot miff anv pre t .
shall Mirth themselves eggrime,l 4 j 44
wen , they s h all state for we:ell:I an otadavit, • e s as
affidavit shall also contain a SLlLLegielat of V en
'amount of their isles, mama as &A be um atoned;
,aid ast tacit to fee mule end Lift n 4 the , T ress '
ere , w i his two week, Clssa the dam of Ms gm pub.:
eta bein of the notieg albscsaid.
See 0. Thal PO aPiatal Shall 170 taken bat by the ext.
&mit 0,10 .1% 7 9A0 , firre ageriesedl .ard admit to
be cbifelisaiva flans o( the facia maser , . is retail
to the =Gaut of sties.
B. R. JOHNSTOP. City Treutne L
UT Mg* al Third sneer, nar‘rioor to the 3d P,-
brNtillA PAN& N 13040,
CINCINNATI & piwisninsau ./
DAILv PACKET I.lN_E.ll . :''
TIRE well known line of splendid passenger .sallol.
ers now composed of the largest, avnftesch i e
funshed and furnished, and most powered be em
waters or Me West. Every
hue and tuma,.; •
for, that moneLean procure, beeilpreeided (4,011 •
a/angora. The ne bee been to aperattotufor lye
—4“ LA camui minim of people seithont the leap
ry thetr pepons. The beats sod! be to the fex d+
Wood street the day previous to stutla!, Poo the
uon of freight and the wary of passengers an lite
ter. In all eases the camp mom) numbs ti •
advance. •••4
The ISAAC NEWTON, Captain Ilemstm. 144
leave Putabargh every Slmlay manalag
be.eltng every Supday evealsis at 10P. . 4 4
May Z),
• A
310970,1 Y PAW/LIM P.
The MONONUA ifELA, papa firdan mai morning ll9 l 7,49, '.
burgh every Nlonday morning at 10 Weimar g i, , .
every Monday evening at 10 P. K.
'Alt glikri r kairetc ' ',:
The /11BERNIA No.:, Cam ~
J. Etimwm..iini . ,.
Inve Pals:moth every Tneaday inorning 1.1 / 0 0411114,' f
Wheelinar.rrery Tueaclatur al 10 7.
Th e NEW ENGLAND No. 9, Cap. S. Da 1N
leave Piasburgh ovary Wodneaday !mama ill "..:.
coeioeir; Wheeling every Werrneetdav avoiding a Ulf : .-r
T u ucularrreaua T .
The BRILLIANT, Capt. Caw% yin lean MO
.. 0
~,,,..y . Th h raday morning al 10 oNdoeir, Madl4oll.ery Thornier ovonitte al 10 a. m
pkillrir , .
The CLIPPER No. 2, C re
apt. ?wee ..
Dorm., arill laW.'
ritbburgh every Friday zooming at 10 0Palbelq WINO
. N
her every Friday evening at 10 p. ia.
Ow/y 78 Illtlee Stragglnia.•
Vie Broernsville and Cumberland to Beldame CV
rrISF. splendid and fast memos II S Mall man ?
Jacobs; * :
1. ATLANTIC, Capt .1 ProkIasomELIA4LTIC, Ca Jacobs;LOUlS MLANE, Capt B em are allS2
analog dordde daily trips helve.,
The morales boas ill e leave the A ,
Wharf, above the Bridge, doily ti 8 o'clock p I
P.m ogees will take `SUPERB COACHES at
rill°, at a o'clock, P. AL, and she egendE ca n of
Baltimore sad Ohio liailmul, at Carabediand, et
o'clock, A. AL, told arrive. in Baltimore the nine eiPsik
ing, in time Tor Me evening line to PlWarlabhke kel44'
%V.bington city.
From Pittsburgh to Baltimore, ouhf 78 h.. 4
. c
Pam vamp ~ ,
Prom Pittsbargh to Philadelphia, only 40 boom ., W.
The evening boat will leavent II o'clock encase
day evenings Pass:tigers by this beak will Indga 414
board to comfort:ode State Boons Botha Men* •
over the mot:muds. We following day In Emirs
Coaches, end lodge the second night In Cumberterekl-
Passenger. here choice denten Steamboat el . ,
Bost' between Baltimore and Faladelp a* ;,.
privilege of stopping at Cumbertead and .
and resumes their seals at pleasure. Coaches , t
tered to parties so trowel Is they please. . ~ , -
We matte up the Midis and way blllelor the
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anteing et Urowdsvine,) it is therefore =pante(
passengers to get their tickets before going en
of the boat, at our office, hlonfSela Houz . W .
suety or nt Cherie. Hotel, %V Etta!! ..'.!:-
ap&dtlot J 11151 SN, • y.-...: . ,
-- -----
Pitts • isrig •to Lenity '''T . t X - r"
..,.... The splendid now liteattet .
, TELEGRAPH No.l, ~:• i; .
tlastep, master, will limo fit r tabitov•
Intermediate porta on t
Wes Wil t,
daT the dth test, at 10 &cloth L EL '
For freight or p .•-a•• Is on toast, or ss 11 %-!:
: I: : • I,t _ : ft
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PITTSBURGH AN o toutsviux piomr 'do
Tho oew and splendid l'salpadatli
Far packet. ,
' TELEGRAH . Nei, it, ,s' l
%%son, master, will P Lean hu Chtkakt
LAO and Lowsville oo Thotsday, tlra .111 inoLoWN
o'clock, 'A. hL For freight or pc . ~ gpply on
The light draught stems, 1 4,
natiat,z Herr, =wee, will hum tot
rte Iblv day, et 10 &elect A.M. • •
For freight or passage apply oo board , or to
J 1.9 • D 80801,
Louisville soul Bt. Lome
1849. I
The fino fast mining
I p 4 " .
steamer ATLANTIS,. •.1
e ggina ci Deo.
for rho above and Irdendidisep
every Tommy, et to o'clock, tf.
For freight or pastaage apply oo board, tst
E. C. KING, N 0.153 Caw R ord,i
The Rae bat.
I acme,. G&Y=..,''—'7
W.:..4 7
inn= kale,
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ry datniay at to &cloak, r.
For freight or
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i It. C Y.C.INNATL •
and bitensteditne " A er
de i r &clock, A. kt.
177 • 3 " P. M' raTIZTAILLI
The seer and auttstaraJal ouggoir
master vrILICie r reale
or regular trips tietweien pfylelii
Wheeling sail uridgeport. She still leave PittuitlAß
on Wednesday and Satarday.
For freight or moony applt on board..
pCialtruKellki Arorauspism.
Thu fine steamer
anairo'tee C t h rTrite= l :reflr
Mond eye and Thursdays, at 10 s X
For freight or passage, apply on boast.
The U.S. Moll reamerrZCE4ll,lBl4
fr -B. '" - No. t, lemn, the
the Monengs%xla Hotta, twag ot tr
.r Drool ',,g at dela* far .
Returning, mill arose m e oreioeS,y. .
Fare to Seaver and. ',eel, Tw..194,Y0
• myla
The mercer BEAVER witligtima
the wharf, oppoana the Idomod:94-1.
42 613:
k e r aegLiuM ugi rmig tot tyg
1 <•••... kkaver at I o'clock, P. M., and ...KAI
I Fatre, Twenty-five Centa,_
mi -•.— . , ............. ...
:0 0 • tr. , . 4
; •.'in . GED B.dII.I.TIII.ISMiI
-.7v..-:-.--.77,:".t747 1 , .. a AbENT, • :,....
...ding ond,illrol., ~
chant, has removed to
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kag oi c v Wens, vuoltor MI? lure DO ;lltll
4 o'clock, Y AL
above pore =Twiscis_ •ii tho 34 4 as
For freight la pasaacl apply on No ard, or to ,‘"
iYa II 'O7 DOSS, Artll
rho Oh , n4lll al-ve stoat* '.
R Al 'hater, Inviter, will lean l/1
he •0 owe and all. Intermadassil Ss
on Tuesday. we .sd, a, l o'clock, A. IL _" ,
For trebot or paw
. .. 4s , ap,l7 oalloatatr '..e
D. W
- ";• 1 1 - ' e. robseriber, mho has been — m inhume.
dY `i % e
as building for tjte lest thlyte Slav%
• demonknions at,Flasellid:.64lll
- .f.a. MI %intim, Jewelry, gad &Int WISIN at
Me very larreei price.
Gold . end :River Gnglian Patent Levu
and &Mar Dot hd Lever end Lenin* V;ll6ba
, Ac and silver horizontal and yew Weiehki
old m u d ntirer Independent Second' Watentlillf
ng homes.
Gold (Mud fob and raid Citelna. Golfs
Gold and silver Penedo, Gold ram s •
Ladies' Gird and SouitTifrateletta
Gold Locket,. Gold and Silver Itlaablas.
Diamond Rags and Phu.
Lindley' and Gentlemanly' aleutpirds
Sterling Silver Spoon., Cana, Fore., km.
Gold Watches ay low as .1) , to LIS each.
Watcher and Jewelry cremated,
Spoons mid Forts plated onWoman& Sniff, DIM
article. All watches warrante d to keep good II
tho money returned. Jewalry repaired, and Wittftml
cleaned nod repaired to Ma beat gunner, a4l t a hp
1.13. the usual prat.. Cl A
Imponer of Watch.. sad Jesreim_whOlaMalttlitittll
relnd, 61 Well street, (op nairsj NEW YOBK-
AND BATRISQ ICsTAflX.l3 ; lass ''
bICPALL, begs lowdown the Mita hiumarsr*
. burgh aud vicinity, that he fau opeeht, Ln.
above establishment, whore every Wearied 'W
paid to the comfort of those who Mayt ma or Mal qty
■ es/l. Liberty street, between Pena u WO,
lee Creams soul other delicacies illeiVirtAem.
11 4 ETSPReIIaiME OF Wig-A ff
JYJ. on hand and for sitie by
w k taTcr [EI =t
tr E They will receive fresh awl*.
gliliPTlrli.rol-41-wnli--0 - 717 a ,
pune. a bias Pi 0 Moasses,'
111 Care ail bias
IL7I-7-c9%'`:=7.l;: Tar
iwa COOP.
of three s ipmenr,
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The] NI aIY" ret~llp
laseto Is 'le supplies O 01
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' RY SEF AY4 Itra med a,rsaab't:.
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— Thr -5 witeric,
99 WOC , D rrtzsr,
ARE 9 roof lying et eel tarp atm-9' Of
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tray ariii sell to ti.e u-a4e at mach prtec,, ,,, lalLlW
Claim um
=rod to 4.44 4. A
, o Autry Al embalm
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4,...12‘ • by NYS
T AIL- -ID Ws on hat id ace for 4sta br
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I-' Z subscribers boo to sae the attention of &V' ,
Architect. and °suet, of Bendiest, t o
f,,,,,g.e. „,,h,,t, th e, plates pOll.ll CMS Or MS ,
ne tallie so es hitherto used , for rooensy ft f i6 . , s
th oSpessesa I mice this llghtneaa of Won; 'onion, s is
d abilny to ro t, hariag now been tested Am arrydifil
yt ara m this articular, both in this eaUfdly and Greet
s:spa. They re less liable to earansion and *sifts.
,1„,,, f rom ~,,,d4,: , ,, 4. 2 4 a Mem annesrptusa,Aball emits
mcn ti. p1ate5, i0,,,,,,,,,,05, °relay other metal ozwelind
for roofing, and consegocutiy form' a MIMI bettede
tighter mot; Mointring far leas detleentrapainhera a
the firm coed bat a trine more. .. tr. "....._
A full su pi , of all idles, frtMllll.loe/D Ve-lis
*tautly on d and for sale by
14 and le Demi street, New If -
TM jar this ankle Itayin bean settee 4
Mates, allpartine ithnitn, th.t.,, ,
yaks or miso, will - be -
apt atoo.
for lee V..•
eta by •