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    ItiCPOICTIAD 6 Tiazacan,APuto
War; thik Pittsburgh Dulls!. a.s.tts.
Sr. LocrAlantl'2B. - :
. Ad iduneise meeting of the mtizeas-of th4eit
wailed,' law. night, for the adoption of ateastires
for the rilltigation of tbe cholera; The ODD:* -
weld /Wee was 'called to the chairiaAer Whieb,
!gaol '' as were pawed, calling epee, thotiontteds
ban ' ilie appointment otWartt crll
F a.
. ld'
0.4 ' t o the condition of the tie, an . , etsi.
semi to ; provide medicine sand heeet*i 0.
ller.:' so, bit appoint inspectons to enainlge the
Itaidtary , adition of the diatridut, and'b?' l muibii i ,h
haspitais in Mich, ward, to be tuuiaa:Me.aifperitt.
tandem* of tbree physician to each.
A reaolutiMiwas then pa ' d eittntatiee of the
iintiri, ,if 1170 meeting, to' Ma , Mreet, that If the
ecumeila: eaUuld ' deem t ese reemamiadatiorm
unadiiiiable,l tbe. Mayor nd. Cannes Should Itt
c0vet : L.4404:4 -
;, I . --: , Sr. Loms,..fatus/211.
latellsgenee has padeen received Aronifort
Chair% Whiclistatcs that ina emigrant named Hid,.
olas Holammine was ka 6,1 by the premature dia
oluugA of hdlinn, whilellrawing it from a wagon,
on the 2d of May. . He dlas a moat esteeipcd cit
izen id- Pitholcia, Illinois. LI •
e 1... ii CILIJ e- 26. .
EightTerneteries repo ed, yeaterdpy, 110 Inter.
menmoif which IS were olem. -
The report of Cholera eases during the put
week his no[been made out, but It will reach 700
eases of Cholera.
Sr. Louis, Jane 28.
The river in gradually receding, end the weather
very wiinn.
No lawment or chalets; cases 'scrag° abon
109 daily.
NICW You, June 28
Theth were 73 cholera cases and ss audit for
the twenty thorlionra ending at noon today.
There were :4 cholera interments, and 32 of
other ()max!, daring the 24 yarn ending at noon
to day.
The market is without change.
Flour—The market tido morning was Elm, will'
• fair detnand. Saks of common venial' canal
brands, at $l of western mixed and =Anon
awe brands, 4 24 5g5 end of western nod straight
brands, 4 $4 62 per bbL
Graitt 4 -7berat in very little eugulied for,' but
arias :einem unchanged. Sales of Ohio *hue
corn ' at 7 , 3 end of ratted at 550 per bit.
trovisOnoThe market to day Waded no
change, and en demand was limited.
Couon its generally held at advanced rate:Out
sales areflimited.
Maack Mute( —Traneactiena at- she Stock
Board were -limited, but the markat.contfithes
firm, and a slight advance woe realised an some
NEW Thar, Juno
Flour-;•All ddescriptions have been 'dive to day,
and prio4a area shade Neter, but buyers are aloe
'ln giving the priors asked. Sales ofparnmon, at
$4 20
Ifooa quality, at St 62g&1 63; and Mahn
. -
st former; id Ica.
.'Rye flour es at 53 121 par bb'.
Grain+Nothing is doing in wheat: • Cord is
Iteityy;:but prices are without °beam:yellow la
sellistr atglattle, and white ln modesate gnaw/
al. 5.1 c pet tm. Sales of mixed at 5505emper
'ProsiFtons;, There is no movement la any
article tO"artylarge extent. Melts pork is hold at
" SlO 21;,primii', at 5951 per bbL
The hell weather and the preraleoFts of cholera
prevent any extensive transactions. • . •
4onsoquenee of the p ricee being coca
parativelY higher than Flour, the miller:lto* port
chase 'Vheat: for the supply of their Immediate
wants,,iri Peres, however, have noimaterially:
chino 44, Sales ol ZOO by at Scs per biz. the,
Coin tretis heavy, and prices have declieed:
ze . Oil *1 Ed*el, with sales of Prima', 1/1/liihs
sacks 'atllic., 4 arid Prime Yellow u Se l o per tat, i ;
to the e*tit of 3,500 be.
Flourierhe trade has been light, ntither.intu. ,
tet doll. Stites of 1500 bbls at $3 .74033 90 per
bbl Sat' go4d ca,ehoiee.
dull; and offered at $l2O per ton.
7.41u14-: - rThe matket is dokand Pig may bo
ted namidallyitt 4e.
Lard 4 selling at 5141.6 e. .
T0U.......—The market is without material sl
terutiom Sales of 100 hhda at SI 7'41-871 par
100 a!0. !
Proviablms—Bacon i 5 selling at, for Stumidets
31, Sidesl4l, and Common Hams at Neale per
Pa* 4y—'44llcnof . ls6bbla at 16Ic per galL
StivirtSnler of Common at 41, and of Fair at
Nita , You, Jams 28, P. Mt.
Sala o'lsoo bead of Beef Cattle trolly at sld
$8 50 perloo lba, 300 head left over, Riga qa-,
atlas 'may be considered the fair ruling figure',
of the make. ;'
Bazuwas, June 28.
Beam :r , -.Thet offerings at the:redas, toeday, were
550 'hee4lsorf which wery driven to RA34B
- mid the remaiting4oo sold at 58 50047 "M)
49 per 101:1 tbs. '
floce—§aies et 114 2501 75 per 1011
Sc:att.* En gineer and Maelinine Anshan; in
-rely • ••
lloletardellrynriStig and Meelninienillsniptdatinn;
2,212 BTO. - ,i. •
Tned4old onßee Bumph of Cut Irene 2 vole heti
&WA Cotton Spinner mid Mannfnetuter,-I val Ono.
Petal:Ps torionaienorGlam Mating; 8.0
The Mind Ronk of Turnity, 12 mo. • "
Appeendie, by Anima Club; ? yob, 4 to.
CresartEneyMmitMdin Civil Stemming.
Murdiefienrenyuri Engineer and Archnnen On.
Emma OutaneEngme; 40. •
Amerienn Artiutee4 4 to. For nals by '
• ••• J D LOCKWOOD,R3 Woad it
Vat mit( 'jam =et
nted mitli n., nlest Wiley &
tpumAnyn lats Tann Wiley, N. Tart. . 100 '
. : ''i 13311011R11 -- CM " . •
.- 1119313 "timAitrear. ntrrou.,...,ArEvi risu-,
- 1 . W39E, COIIPANF.-ifiehoe. north Roma pr r aps
13x0ran '.Tided street, Fidiadabbi,,,,, .
POW Sm-RMlSmds, 3 1erchandloa . bild Mier
property toots and tormar, insured *Hind tou or
damage Are tar the lowest rate of preandunt.7 •
. Mama tins.-They also Mauro Iteeliels, CU ,
Vet turd Freights, foreign or constwlso, wider openor
special poee,-os the amused may desire.
' Imam is.nesoremiron.-They dm Mona Membant
, klisa tranaported by Wagons, Railmosi Clusi , ICanal
Roma *MI Sitcom Borns, on twerpandlatOs, on the
DIRECTORE-josepl 43. Seitif EdIIIIiI2CCEIOI3O.4
• John oDallis, Robert Barton, Job R Penrible, Bann
al Edwards, Gee 0 Lelper, Edward Darlington. Dun
a Darla, William Falwell, John Newlin, MR Ti Hu.
tom, dame, C Hand, Tbeaphilos Padding, 11 Jones
Alenoles, Iterssr- Sloan, Hugh Craig, George Serail,
spencer Efelbrain, Charles Kelly, - 1 G Johnson, IV*
lards Ray, Dr 8 Thomas, John Sellers, Walirßyrey It.
. - . D rawivas ,AT PITTSBURGH-D. Ti Nbittia,
w.... gsgaley, Dro. l'.. Logan.
.., - • -- ' • a MI...LIAIif MARTIN, P re sident.n
. Rep= 9. NaWnorm, Secretary. -... •
Officeor:the. Company, No. 42 Water onset,
~ ki u g, yin tiWelif P. . MADEIRA. Agent.
AminoJournaan, Pon, Hnry, DispittaiChron
isle COPY. 11L
_ - - - .
CAPITAL $300,000.
4.7reert. Ir., Bent. ,• IL Aorta. Jr, rietrt:
Wilpresere agains t'
all bids ol &Ls,
k LL tones will be liLerally adjusted sod, pram - oily
A luona iiettiiiiion—tunnaged Ly Lateen:la who are
well known in the commtletty, ILLIJ who- arestletenalas
totem prosupweas and hbantidy us =lnlaid the char.
eeteraehla they beve esettweS, as Owin she best
proteeeee la those who desire-to be beefed g ,
DMlCnnitt—E; Ritter, Geo./D=4J: W.l3ntler,
N.llolwen,' Um. t e,y, :Ww. l eiutee, C. Masai; Geo. W.
Jackso o a t ''Um. M. Lyon f Jas. Upodneatb . Um, 11 -
Lit* Juana hilcdaYi Nimici, colt..
Omer, No. te,Water strect, Warehouses, Or Spang
a Co, e atsdreil Pittsburgh. idtdly
Notice IA the Stockholders of thet.htikk•
tie wild (fob Telegraph CorapllMlT.
Tbe Attielea or Aseociation adopted by the ithrutia
ane Ohio Telegraphic Company on the 3d of itily,
ilw,gtroviding that the anneal ',menage shall be held
.in Meetly of Phllaielplita, on the hrat Wedneulsygt
jarte--urblebarticles have been aapeneded tine Adoption of a Chimer passed at the last seashia of lee
.I..egishOtre,, which provides for the annual' meellap
abet held on the third Thursday of July—d r: iota.
•NOTlngls hereby pverithat the annual Mewing
og the gtoekholders of maid Company, will be. 6•44. 1 a
.the Telegrelph Office, Chesnut streeti
on Thursday. the thth day of July ner‘
ollook s A.. 15t, for the traneactlou of such Intainehres
may. Men be (old before them, at whlallme,Nitte Di
rectors will be elected IC serve (or the ensult*' ;
00 provided for th the Charter.
- 'M. MIRE, Secret/Ix,
184 u. Jol3
/DEIN' •, TOW.NSEND,.Drunist sad Apothecary
.Ne.4sllarket et a thm doors above Third tyL Pine
burgh, will lavenonstantly on band r well Wetted - tot
wartment of the best and hecbeat Atethetuee, which he
will anti OU the most reasonable, tonne. clinicians
Alrellatut , olders,caill pnimpUy atrended td brad sup. plied with 1 1.4niele.s We may rely npon frestulte.
:4.nfietuiens Prescriptions wiU be accurately mod
Ptelbtettfrect the best materials , at any hearer(
tar utay or u4lll.
Abut har ale, large stock of fresh and pod, Feints
4.)F.15• 41 jupuu.bcit quality C013=2013 Hagar?, Ns
t,. Jrzeivellgoill,:opramte by • •
24 Euuubir,
"• ;34
Idatutay, • •
Tue emi ft scu y hy, ! • :I ` 7111
• • 1 7 31
SS ThiridAy, ; .
• • 7 34
92 1 ,Friday;: • '42 724
. ,
trookti- tutk—SailOr ! .l. America.
America; Menipni for Iso - t, May h.
m•na; liang; rat Now Port, Nay 1.
' . nog AK4=4 l kliFtknoett-i . ;l
Caleclenis,heitek, from Mitien, .104
agaes.,ll 6 :lBlst New: ork, .fims ia..
!Amps, Loailret Bostons24e 21 1 .
Cambria, Atm Ne \i` York, keno 27.
Americ a . ih lTlN (Pm /AP)" , J ° } Vf .
(.1. S. Matt. Lrim. oil FatITII.WittM, Baca..
Fi t.
iiiH .FEve itttllK 11,7
The Ilennaka, C irpralni&7,, on the Math June.
The tyallilitato Capt. p . , 41, Floyd, tp 2uth Juty
. ' AltaagliPS.
The Washiiiio o aths 111 June. .4
,The klernocka oyobo
mill2th .my. 4.
- Moat AsirroN. -
The Watabtakto oh the 20th -June.Ji„
,The Bennett, no the 20th /qty. ~.
, , -
Via =aware iworrso re:aged, lEift
The week lust elosedlma beets dull,wittOe changes
in the general market, worth nodding. Thp wenther,
Tor the most part, halt been eittessively ',warm, with
cork tittle nsin, and 11 e river is gradually aVproaching
the low water mark, with water' mthelen:c however,
far the ;Mailer eters boats stilladperfdrm:their regu-
Int arrivals end 11ePtu i tores from this city q the vari
ous points of trade ot Me river belo w. .1 .
The receipts of Bum and Flour dunnoi tithe week,
bare been to a fir extent, but the arrivals
,a.,i', other ar
nein of Westerti prOduction, bohr been; !extrem e ly
light • I •••'' S'
i , ' I _ .• • ~•
ASHES-The earked, if any. ding, has iiimased in
' .dullness, and seiVecli ant miles - Worthy of tie r nee hove
transpired during. did week. We monti*e oar last
week's quotationlins &mows:- Saleratit's 6/4.51, Pearl.,
Sfsdc, Soda Ash. Oat, Pont 44044 e, :did Scorch.
ins. 31031 e. ,
ALE-Regular :11=W sales ore effecte!d by the
Brewers at 86,5a11.8.40 for the ditlerent unique., cask
tacit/Led. • ~ ; , •
BACON-Consi4eraide qttaniltifs are '.eomlng fur.
ward from the lower MarVete, but ba the athoimts ship.
pug east have beak qhillb,fisll, uhf, .supplies left in our
market an Wrenn th4sufficnidto the Omoand, and
oar quotations otlTiat ' k have Peen folly stumbled .
Sales have been PlowlYar.atefot#:"to brolt;tid lout to the
trade at the iollo*lng MOM: Goodpncianati and Coy
cured at, for . Shocgderi 4., WO . oc, and Hams at 7e•
P v . . Mellow 'Smite*, cured 6lay batatied at .11,
41. and 61,10 r Shogideta,pides and s ' Hams. Cincinnati
sugar cored ;nevi:sad llama may be quoted by the
Oaten at Ilike,lp E 1
. }373TTER4creing td t h e extreme warm weather, the
market to become einitely bare! ,of toll hatter, and
We bear of no sales want reportl4.
i1L00M13,0 , 44 na the loci hugs of ;water, and
the present Ihrtitedsdeinand in mix nearkeM we have
hed no reCelps of Rlodma and no (p aa we could learn
do sales have tranipitid. .We ray comin4 to quote
sansm ir Me, IA the rafting fighter of thermarket.
sargyEgGi-We note* no chatty in gees. The
regular manuthetiterat pikes range from Spa Ilk P
tti for common to best.
1 .
BUCKETS TUBS-We totice telpher store
Sales of Buckets at ss„Ss,,and of Iftbe at Stris dos, for
large elm. : . t
. '''.
• BRAN AD SHORTS-Recelibt have teen tight, 1 ,
and supplies ire Ranted. We nottt salesolVm wharf
Of MO be* at POI& foi• Bran, and lie for Sltdrata. Sales
ar 'alpetta su 20c: tia Ina i •,-• ;•::
BEANS-We nuttmi fall supPllali, with ic dull mar.
bet. Small sales ere ledbcted at,,4sdirnic bi.-%.i.i,0-as in
quality. ' ..'".
T.' I
BROOMS--.Regular Liaised saleagoed coftnnon me r.
.shamble Brnotrta ht t1i,0011, 37 .01ed of 4.4 , quality .
at 52,370112r50 Irdor-•, , ..,..
• ,
CIiEMIE-41.eceiptahave beets: qunparatbnsly tight,
bat there are - fair seppllese. in stoter6wuh aalala of tore
n= %V Rat WHO; Of Cream eVaio7.4ild of Go•
.14. mHe ir,th. -'. ' , lei
aoaN DlEM.Avith ....ti :ittiVres at ...looney we
may quote tinned role! al .32 p hid, for kilkilried.
DRUGS-The following is a list if prima* some of
the moat prominent,etes under ibla head..s.
illoes, Els , •• • •-, Ili u ___,,ti t utkilw, p us-',....10 5
Ailma t , . •..,:• . 04,0 •Vamper, ref .. 5 • :2340
Astutetida Di .• • ..,,E.dists Chlorb 0 lime,
~...„ . 5 ,0 n
Arioarltoot,4. •• --12 ti 54 Cochineal, ' " . ),.ar , 21,50
Aquefonm. " •• • •'• 100 11 Coppeass, •• ..,• • lidos
ItansTgo. 0 • - -.Sabel I.trinorre root r.. •709
Madder Umbro, etch 121 •, k 1...11, , , , .r00ts
Callan Oil. bbIsSIL,SOO ,53 Sat Soda; 't ;, • .4aa a
2 4
(Ovine, Its, •- • • • , ..-11 t Dina, intamon,.ri, • • 11615
DRIED REEF-The market is aintosr en rely bare,
' and Mee' bake slig adwmeesseith safes at 9540
' loo p. lb, Car.Dest Wea'rem eared. ''' r•
1 DRIED FRVIT-414 Market bd . * with4fitall sales
' only of Peaches at (114900111,25,5tM1 of ApOes at 500
65•5 9 ba. - : 6 5 ; ,... ... ',
OkrITON SHEMIN The fis*ing atakthe man.
at:Limier, Prete& for trzaheigespi: tai totality
Noll, Ye cannon or N ,Ral:p yard ! =
dattit-Regalailnles of diprd at Si t u( mould
at, inkomA of Buis at Sly p to. , , i- - . .
COTTON KARNr‘..We find ati, , ehange4 in quota
tions. "The folinwieg i 4 a lin of plifas: ?.,
Shoit reel-:, 1 ' rue 880 ' . : , ... 70
No Su, No
,s 0 r le: " etTO ...... -,;.', • - .601
"11 to 13. •: ••••, • • • M " Mlll, MA (nun. 60 y
tot • ' 1.16; Coveriel...Y_ . arab! ;111 • •900 Lacreuing be Plb whip 20. Carpet Chain• -,9 - • •200 i
Long reel "'doz. .Conon Twitta -,..;•. • • .230
No 4500 : .i.• a CandloMiek • • •••,;,- • 1.6e1
. CRACKERIeIIt quamicritiu• eitiutat - alter.
anon, stud saldsarertgalarly ettool.a .. d. al tkaVollowing
" rate; Crosiers, for iiid ir----5,,-63,75
Butter dn " —..,,,-.• • • i. - 4:. 40
rep. do ",` ' -- e' ''. •
Creme - men, - June
Juno 28-M.
.1161 Bread' ' . ;,, :• • ... :,...,.-,-. • - ....,'-: - i:,ii
i lilmr °meters, p;r lb •,••• •- • -7 . ' 1,..• 7
i ---- a . ' '.- 7
FLOUR—The too*? 'the furtt. weer:have been
ton fair extent, though have• Wan sit*: of those
of thorrenedlng Itnalk.l Tito +aura , uts easiby cane/
have been full; but - sr.: , :t,uteis foil kpplies Who mar
ket, with a slight dettli prieesV. Sales fosse been
eartfinad to limited Ilan roe: rest NA! at 13d,82343,22 ,
add from gore in druy l ots i:4
twill 1 • 0 3 , 63 6 1 12. 73 c Pat
FlSH—Supplies ant l'titteerl, and s sees edt*otte ve
6rm—say tor Bah 149,70, 118,30. 41ackessl
No i 512,21, Ho 2es and No d'sied dr k.V. Sales
of:Herring at SO Plf ". •. I,•
TFATLIERS-Won tied a quiet rtazket, trial !ma
c& sales aldtdac p ri. 1 v'l__ I.
HROCERIES—Tin starkm to girldtrally qUirt , with
IN:felting. in Priem , ' W e COLIALII9I qtrO. of
lak . ireak, as fdlloarr °Berardi . dre 110 la hhds
N 23 dludassea in oat' Isar VSI4; Sugar Imam cli.
dORIIVIo IF gall; Rio' Claifee§frec,- SUt la qoalkyt Loaf
Sugar Beloe,', and 'Ride at dieffd . iby the ilierce.
GLASS—:9a umii. do, ulmoga input.. d..l".d"
ktip... Bales of City: b ands Bby ktri Iltdak7:lo by 12
SSA IS by 1857; ratan: •do itt b IS told by 22
fi, • , 1 t
SHIPS/SO fr. box.' 1 •
For marry brandd of tlis various l tir - s, the follow
kg Is the list of Niue , / *amid tlitabltaltad by the
mandraconT.: • I • t' 7 :-,f i ,
~ . ,
aby i 0 .• ••• • - iszim •11 by - 11 ,'..;- • -$4,75
10 by 12 r : i f s : It by -1 • 1. , :r •• • •4,75
10 by 24 ' 75 12 by Id •••., • IC; ... t 7 50
10 by 15 4 12 by it Ir. •• • • 5
10 'by II ••• • ' .... -400 LI 1:71 • ,-,,,
10-by 17 4,50 SI by '' 0-i •• • •7,07
9RAN—The teclapti o .1.1 kitbrit of Grlds condo
m, my Iglo, land 1124110 am ProOrd *Ms =all
.. ..
sales ably aro may taa s troza oar oblbulone*ifollooro
Wheat 150, Ste asp galas 54-Carn, *ma lint
bands at. 35, and from cinema 33o/44; sales pc. Oats on
the wharf at 1152/30c, dad; from st mt.. at 420/72e per
barbel, .... • i • • . . .....
ERIT/T—Th4 matx m ii d s .bat beilßY t.ttPD#d will
r ,
irtent of the articles !fan,_ Mader 11 . 88 bead. 5„. a note
t wist of Lemmis at *Mt r btu c0g.4,,, mOl-
ket Ls idosoatrtisdrelt bete, the Weir hid 10._ WOW,
B:Le box- Fos di soll abelli l bra vs* at 1501
.17e, hard do 110 t to Currasollll l / 4 011seria 8
altd; Groundmibi ' ,Bmyrca Vii:B 1215*, Bunch
Itsisirti si,goOt2 p;i. oz. .
FILEIGIFIS—Freighta on the rifk r qr frowAlits Rolm
west, ate qWto low, oat the eharges i ewertlO and no
. The !charge, Int he, Perth. esti from 1011, polN
Vag, Oa as follows,. fot the enntlza I artitOs of es.
,port: • _ . t :!..... il•
Batter, Baton, La r d and Tallowi, . , - ..,45e
Tobacco Leaf, Ohio, 8 , 100 ',Li". .... f...55c
40 `,` EY•i ". " • ••%Ct '''soe
` Feathers cod cv..1;.. ..f..... ....,;, Kt
Pars em➢
and fleltries •
I ; " r ,11 .! ; . ,':• .... 'elle
H . ..!' .1 - -• • Gsle
I . 3,70.p. p, ..0f all ip , 2", I `• ' ~ ,•,1 1' - ' rtl''.:
Whiskery, par , ,
GUN POWHER—F}G t. sold t(l 4 3,Z,Vtao , and
Hoek Powder iu.1P,4 6 4683/..0 ke1.,.;
• HAY—The maskatli otschingedf,:t oosidayi: otby is
said:from wagon ax U*Bo r,
seeeiptieof Hemp aiti" beeltiaiglu, and
!veiy lINa I. °terra inl dee saatkiii,; We t+ quote
'.mall!totem at Ike tales 6f sl6 Y too,
1110 N ANDNAll.34Baies of bae,lron 4 4 301 f; of
:Sheet i.sect pale. of Haifa 141)0P.50,50
hoc Sato ad site. 4e.
INDIGO-84.1es of ffiattLis 1110111,10; 0141mill*
,at yo,o4S‘Se P 111- • -
LEIMBER—The market Es inclsitied. • &des at tie
titer ate .nally rind at SSM fgard'tie yard..
see tared dx is i•Eld millet M. ..
!Yin- 4 .' a f: i gi t ' d 41° f itr i' 7 .: '• '•
LEAD Put—i. Ito! ala rangii'lf GI t 04.24 per
coOtow,cordlrsiu. sir , 1 % il:
Wig= LEAD—aillis Of dry ai4ldE6iiia tb . .. d
of ;purd Ea ail is 111,CS*4:21e ip , 16'4. •
"II AIMEE —Sales 9f jUntbro at 140141 e O
ILlALT—hrodortuo*osir Baslopihn from corgis
. ' • --.'..;,_'. . 4. '
NUTMEOS+SoId riralarly at ilEtaaalAc p er lb,
oli-S—Tho Erappti 1' Linseed Wynn , .rata, arEka
W asafted sale. oily li:4. Asks offl4 I Laid it tic®
So,`isil of mit iu rho 41 , ailion• 'f:
1.10•BILT.4-714, *artet conlinins eery -doll, and
the idly alai! we Etaira heard af,dratiair ;Etta want,
Won, PI tons of II it Si bat alqinoa r tiff 5) sons
4 .
SASlTEliallel4S C0.c.l en, 41=1, 4% I. li
ROSIN-1401u i at liax p , - 1
ILLOS--Rogrnlar a• raodellenitnnzsfr. At : Id
hands es 310 1 0 ; b. • 1 ' , ~,:, t - . .6 . N. i
AIMIPS—Vezy. Ctiir *Jew w xi. ',.':. - ir
Norte nominally ay ;for Clorer4
75,2132. !tad Flitz at &keit P b.
SOAP—Sales of Rosin at 4241 e, of vartrgatftl ett
IDie IP lb.
TSB-We note aolos of modemte quonLitioNot p
TURPENTINE— ' ,SaIee at 40 , 843 e P gall,
VINECIAR—Snie+ of good eider at Daik e gnit
VAINIIBII--Sales,of Copal 01 t a l .r. ll2 3V.llr i Mi t bl
Wool,—For the various grades of Wodt,
lowing are the present buying rates to this market
For Common . Wk. Ip g
bl oo d ......................... ; a, •••
•4 d o ..... , .................
soeltg! OP pIi.ADE
rai CLIO.
ALLECIIIILVT, June 27, 1949
U' noi;ce nn change of Unporianre in the C 31.1
purket, since our last, weekly sttnbu.
Michigan No 2; Gilson, Beaver.
Baltic, Jairobs, Brownsville.
Atlantic, Pnrkinsoir, Brownsville.
Caleb Cope, Murdock, Wellsville.
Lake Erie, Gordon, Beaver.
Beaver, Clark, Beaver.
Genesee, Moore, Cincinnnti.
Friendship, Davis, Cio.
Tenipest, --
E el! Mon. City.
Michigan No 2; Gilson, Beaver.
Baltie,..lacob, Brownsville.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Louis McLane • Bennett, Brownsville.
Lake Erie, Gordon, ' Beaver.
Pilot No 2, Shank, Gallipoli.
Wellsville, Wiggins, Sunfish.
Fort Pitt, Miller, Clinton.
Shenandoah, &Oman, Cincinnati.
Tun Ravasz.—There were 3 feet 0 inches in the
channel, by metal mark, last evening at dusk and
Brownaville Pael:cts, S A. M. and 4 P. M.
Beaver Packets, 10 A. M. and 4 P. M.
But frllll.-ADEOOIIA.
D. Leech & co e, packet lice. 9 r M.
R. S. MOLY h Co'* Canal Packet, 7t o'clock,
Dollghtrul Country Resident., for Solo.
QITUATE to the borough of Plmicheater. abont two
miles from rittsburgli, and about a mrc from the
Allegheny market, COMlLialsig two acre. and a half of
Land—very ant
very and ( ally stocked
with a great variety of the chanter frau, &c. The
above will be gold (or case. or exchanged for a good
and well ululated farm. For particular,apply at
1)0HITE 6001) FOR y
hos a large usortment of above Goods, lately
received, tech as plaits white Malls. from lgge Per yd
nip to very fine) plant Swiss do; barred t3iviss du; em
broidered do; man barred inekonets; soft fintshea co.
satin striped do; and a general amortmert of Whas
Geods, such s plain and Agured Netm y Litre, Ettg•
Ings. dc.—at northeast earner ith and Market Flu
Wholesale Rooms up stairs.
FIRE BRICK-15,000 Ft re Brick, in .torn and lOr
ItAXITYIN HAMS-31as Mutton Barna, in atom and
.I.YA- tor .100 by Stll l JAMES DALZILL
PEA NAT _ -50 bush Pea Nut., In end (0, enlc
low by Pn9 JAIIIP-, L1w1.21.11.1.
0 H. MOLASSES-30 bole S :110/assei, in wow
la. and for sale low to close sonstanwent by
ASH—Z:OO light, Window Sash, wworted awes, is
la store and (or sale by ititti /AS DitLZ lit.
PAPER—ICO beams Crhwn, 100 do medrum on do
doubler crown Wrapploy Paper. to wore ond for
sale low by 10 AM Eiit DA LZ
Tbblo Sir.. Int, laminas from
L. canal are for sale by July JAY. DA LZEI.I.
j Glass Noting, Ynth desatlf of the processes and
prod.:mum:Li of ancient and modem ornamental (ii
marmitteture By Armin Pella, In one yol, mum,
info. lust yeeeired and for sate by
jul9 DASD LOCKWOOD o Wood .t
BACON --9 cots yawned. now lauding an.m..1,M1.'
Dolphin; or sale by
juell 'SALMI DICKEY & CC, Prot..
LARD -11 bbls No boom landnie, for sale by
FRUIT -I.`+U bush aried Peaenes; Zll do do Apply.
for sale low le Mom ronsfgnment, by
joYI Water .1.
corrom-23 Lele.
.138I1ILIN COllOO. per Po!woo. lor
sale Lt pl2l FLIIEV. ATIIIEWS aCr I
WROUGHT SPIN lf.l.4—tEro ,„,
node low by lull' EMEI. a. Co
Q CORCHINLiII-G1 W.. for sole
pal jit ifF.Y, MATTHEWS fr
p t. ', ROCk
rt W; 4 --50 largs Rio Coffee. ;5 paclosers 1
hapeal, Itti
P: Poarelson9 , Tos, soo bbo
0 Molasses: Ilu 410 Loa/ Sup, No 4 to a. with
geeeral twortment of Ciroteneih for sale by
Penney!yawl& Rail Road Company.
‘TOTICIi is hereby veva, that the Tenth and lan
IA Instalment of Fin, Dann per share on the Copt.
tal Stock of this Company is required m be paid
before the fink day of July next.
Ltstalments not pant panewalty, will ba attbfret .
tk n ie penalty of one per bent per month, us reoutrod hr
tiEOAGE. V. BACON, Treasurer.
IITT7B — ITOOK-KFiPING--Blanks for tooctottg
thia work, with the nothorY dtretuorot to tench.
eri printed. the covet,. A new supply pan recei
ved from New York. and for sale be
IRS Iffirek: , -lOBMO ktra Itnekfor me, or orders
ton be fitted at the ,Ihwtest notice, on Our Ohie
river, GO wiles lotion tlie ray, by
Enfpnea for Sale.
ONE PAIR SRL , .121.) lIAND MrliilFS, 10 inch
eyandenh I Met woke; 2 Boilers, to Mat
inches in diameter, all in rood order, mill he sold ai a
bargain, if applienuan be made tom, They have only
been in use about 18 months. For particulars, impure
ofR. 8, Gazette Lace
UG ---- WlL'il.ANT:llll2i.hiDY—For medical purpo
ses, forsale by R E SELLERS,
Jul 4 Si Wood st
-_ _ .
'WHITE GLI/F-1 Cooper's best, mat reedV, for mile try All 11 81 SELLER and
rm. TIIRPENTINR, Ifiniiirand Tanners' Oil, Just
O Mild aid Car ante b Jsl4 R E SELLERS
ERICAN CAYENNE. PEPPER, warranted pure,
Jun received and for sale by
(UNARY FEED, (*Eno, Cantbancley,
Tarter) , Myrrh, Sperinneet.i, Am. Sadiron. Joel reed
and for =lei by Jold H E SELL KIL9
T.ll. 311111/I.rmuirr
S.a . er meet, bayeeen Smithfield and Want,
Pnybrughty. iota
N 43. 3 MACKEREL--RD tads Or side by
KIEDI & JONES, Canal Rota,
luls • ear Seventh street
BiriEs-2o* Rs in store d for stiOty
.ißals 1C11:1 an 1 & JONES
r k — Avrob . i LoaKEDOIL-7STSLL OntTeedbiLattr7.
j_./ ;tad in :goal order,-tend this day and for sale by
seta Air the Public,
'ln relation to that unrivalled family Salve,
MCONY of a respectable Physician.—R•ad
ellowing, addressed to my a,geat, Mr. F. Met ,
ryweather, Cuitunnatl :
' Comm...ran, Feb. IR, lid.
Sin A Sense of dury Compels me to pee my tribute
to Halley'. Pain Extremal. Being opposed to mines
et', end all nostrums having for theirob t tect ouster
utotives—but realism/ much good from e "King of
Paiolidlersil—l am induced to tender you this certifi
cate. I have used It in thy family. in my practice, and
with' all the happy and wonderful effects that could
possibly be Imagined. H. J. Baonm, 11 D.
Dr. Brodie Is the teeter partner of Brodie h Levi.
Inflammatory Riuuntationt.
The following tesomorlial comes from a source f•-
miller to many of those (raveling on our Western wo.
taco. Mr. GIB., the well and favorably known pro.
;Printer of die Parkersburg Hotel, Is husband to the
lady Whose litter I mine; :
P•axamacao, Va., April 13, 1542.
To Henry Dailey. Chemist, die.—Sin Having for
manly been long afflicted with violent inflammatory
whiph appeared so firmly seated Is to
defy ail ordinary appliance, to alley the severe pain
attending It, I was induced to try your Magical Pain
EXtracton and It having effected, almost as if by ma.
gig, an immediate relief, and also, to all appearances
an endre and perfect cone, I am induced for the bear
it °fathers Who may be afflicted with pain, caused by
any kind of Inflatimaation, to write to you, deelaring
that in myl opinion, Mended on actual experience,
Peel Xlitald Pain EntlaetOr Is the most valuable dm.
coven. whit present age fur the intmedutte extraction
of bodily pain. It is mt almost Immediate and a per.
fen Mare for gums and healtht, and all external in
llsying meat' sequaintancee formed by ilk,/ Ma"
at my husbandle hotel to this place, 1 hero supposed
by your eboYnag them these tear Imes, a may portably
be of benefit both to Meth and yourself.
Kusserrn Gums
fl entertain the hope that Mrs 61/1110 wall pardon the
publicity 1 O. to her letter, se well Ott the score el
humanity as of its bung the latest mode of Imagine it
to the tweeter her (belies —lt. Deux, I
&lan Cured.
Extract or a letter, dated
Ilnumont, by Nov. Ch le4?.
Mr. H. Dailey: . 1 have tried your rain Extractor in
• raw 0( (aleph, in my own family, whirl, it r,lirvtd
and cured Ilia very short " 6i hoar, yours re
spectfully, ' J. H. Vueric
tQ Burni;and Scalds, Pies, Sore Nippier, It
Breen, Eruations, sorer, Cuts, Wound., and all
thictnation, yields readily to the wonderful protium.
ord. unrivalled family - lutlve. But, in the same pro
portion that you will receive benefit Item the ea.:flume,
you will be injured by the dokleriou, u( the
counterfeit salves.
CAUTION-11n sore and apply defy to the inventor,
DALIXT, 415 Broadway, New York, or to b.. no
thorized agents. JOHN D hip /MAN,
• General Depot, Pooblereh.
Ilenry P. /Lehman', Allegheny, Agent; J. Baker,
Wheeling, VII.; James W Johnston, 31sysvelle, ky .,
P. Alerrywernher,
v e nd nO., General Depot
N. B.—ln the serest Burns a Scalds is extraesr
the pain in • few minute's—it never fails' lull
QE Otteivtet a very large stork of fresh
• Oneels4 of recent pare !Lase and importulen,which
they will sell to the trade at such prices as cannot fall
to give entire satisfactiatt.
City and Country Merchants are invited to call and
eingdrta Out sock before poreluising elsewhere.
taytt •
- ClDlCSTl4Piragittga.M—reisaniwryle
SO fancy “Slde stripe , Cassimeres, jut reed and for
sale by aIURIaIIY, WILSON Co,
inJ.? l 40 wood et
nude elra/Veritralta for • cOll
- supply, of FACTORY FINDINGS, we will sell
at ow paces Calf and Sheep Role, Sluts, Lena Lea
therr,-Rakeirt, Reeds, Shuttles, Hemp Twine Treadles'
Na. 6 to Id Ilelt runtime, Wrenches, Strlppi,, e c en t s ,
191015 kni {!.alert Otruer Brushes Weavers' Brash
• fro. fte. . LOG ANi W I LSON &
• my{ ••• 144 Woodstreet, Pitube nth.
Diusro QUASSIA=I bbl Justnierand t3lt sib: by
-111111 ' 4 . k.4=4:85
Cattle Market.
ratebyrti, roa Tme mrszuum Darcy tuzurr.
AMERICAN hat, Ilsioah—Mr. H. S. Bosworth,
Honorary Secretary of the above Society, has nls•
eeived the engraving for the present year, 'Quee.
Mary signing the death warrant of Lady Jane Grey,
and Illustrations of Rip Van Winkle," for dis
tribution among the subscribers.
Th.: is a most admirable institution, einxiorag
log, as it does, the talents of our' artlsts, and ele
vating tiro standard of the public taste. We ob
serve that a of an &tone," by our
talented Pittsburgh Artist, T. McClurg, was won
by David T. Meeker, Brooklyn, New York.
Mr. McC. is one of our most talented Artists, anal
to a fine natural taste, unites n degree of study
and attention which is worthy of a rich reward.
By the way, we wonder why Mr. Wall does not
seat same landscapes on to the exhibition. Diffi
dence is generally a mark of true genius, but Mr.
W. names it too far.
I/stmt.—Jacob Finley, a lunatic, who was se
verely wounded on Monday afternoon, by falling
down the hatchway of the Wyoming, died in the
eight, at the Rev. Mr. Passavant's hospital, from
the enema of the injuries received. A short time
after the accident occurred, he was taken to the
watch house, and remained there for some hours,
until Dr. Doreey, the physician who attended to
in/iirmed the authorities that he could not
live, if kept there any longer, when a perm it for
;his admission to the above hospital was at last ob
tained, and he was taken there to die.
Poor fellow' death afforded him that relief which
man denied him, and it is better that he should
go to a happier world than remain in this, exposed
to all the hardships which the want of a suitable
asylum entails upon the insane.
The Chronicle declares our statement of the
manner in which Mr. MoMath was treated by
Mr. George H. Bell, keeper of the Perry House, to
be incorrect. We will merely ray that we gave
the evidence of the petty aggrieved, and his friend
Norton, both strangers to us, almost verbatim, mid
that their evidence woe uncontradieted by any
Opposing testimony.
SANATORY COMAIITTFS. —This commutee is act
lag with great energy, and several eases of nu
sauce are daily brought before Alderman Rhine
hart by them. Yesterday five persona were a
rented and taken to km office, charged scull thi
pfience. They were all discharged, as it was thei
first offeeco, on the payment of the Costs. W
advise all our edlrens, whose alleys are not at
tended to, or who nutter garbage of any hind I.
remain about their prem.., to attend to the on.
and have the other removed, or they will assured
ly not pa. unpurushed.
WE are glad to learn that the poor little fel
low who was en severely injured by falling from
the Nionongshela Bridge, a short time ago, and
who was taken to the Rev. Mr. Passavant's hos
pital, is slowly recovering. He was horribly man
gled and several bones were broken, in addition
to his numerous cots and bruises. His wounds
were ski!foily dressed by Doctors Dilworth and
Wilson, and strong hopes are now entertained of
his ultimate recovery.
Mayon), Orrlca, P,rresuitou, June 26th —Sev
en persons were brougnt before the Mayor this
morning, all charged with drunkenness and disor
derly conduct. One was committed for thirty
days, three or twenty-four hours, two paid their
tines, and the remaining customer wan discharg
ed. Ilu name was a very singular one,"iindwag
Sea Emma," and he stoutly maintained that he had
not been drunk, notwithltlprithng the assortfour of
the watchman to the contrary. His wife came In
dunng the examination, and scolded the Mayor,
the ll'aielimen, and all the bystanders. Poor
people train l'itermany were treated like dogs
here. Fier man belonged to the temperance so
ciety. and hat rag Lawn at church lasi night, she
was frightened to death at not finding him come
home.' The Mayor at an suer - ceded in quieting
her, antirwhen rt> hemline convinceil that her
lia.:,art I 11,1 leta drunk, she gore luta stittlt sn
awful tongue thraehlog,that the Mayortlioneht he
wan sutfictently puneshed, and let loin go.
DTP. ,C—Tbr member. of the Allegheny
Fire I 7.napany, .re. -Jed by a fine buss,. band, sad
followed by several othet companies, marched,
yesterday evening, loth., canal, and took paimage
un a tine boat of Leech . .. line, for Philadelphia.—,
We commend them to the kind attention of their
brethren there.
. .
Itianwstr Rounixar—loseph Vail yesterday np
speared before the Mayor, and swore that Robert
Gardner and John Fax, alias John Arovenee,
knocked him down at nine o'clock on the previous
night, and 'tiled his pockets of all the money they
c..mtained. A live and n three dollar rate on the
State Bank or Ohio. The accused were arrested,
sod attempted to prove an alibi, but failed. They
were held over for further hearing.
InmanEsti lloisr_—About a dozen white men
and women were yesterday brought to the Mayor's
Office, (rani the eighth ward, charged with keeping
a disorderly house, and annoying the neighbors by
their noise and drunkenness. We were pained
to observe among them that poor unfortunate man
who is so terribly afflicted Vitus
with the Saint
dance, and who often exalt." the sympathies of
oar citizens while wandering about the streets.
A Pithissamarne Move.—At a meeting of the
young men of Nashville, held in the City Hall
on the fith, for the purpose of totting measures t
alleviate the sufferings of the diet reseed and des
titute, consequent upon the ravages of cholera, a
benevolent society was organised, and the fol
lowing, among other resolutions, were adopted.
ReAqua, That the chairman of this v meeting ap
point a comnottee of five, to be called a Finance
Committee, whoao duty it shall be to collect
funds to afford relief to these orphan children and
R.olveJ, That a committee •f twelve be appoint•
ed as a Relief Committee, whose duty it shall be
to look out and dispense aid to such destitute
persons as may require it, end to expend the funds
collected by the Fllllnce'conamiurro for that pur
Bate. Gen. J. H. Wass°, will be supported for hle
for General, St the cueing election.
Fosse 13,1, - rx,, June 1.1,49.---d&yrulT
Dcasticiamaxx or TUX Lamm. is one of the most com
mon, as well as the most formidable diseases known
to American physician. It has in no C•• 15 failed to
stirsw the elem.t auenoon trom the Faculty in all
quarter. of the Union. Still, however, thousand. an
nually perish and thousand. [mac are made to feel
hie bunienrome by Ibis disease. The proprietors of
Al'lxine's Liver Fills feel confident that they offer to
the maimed a remedy which time has tested, and has
U<Vrlf toned of minces• when a fair Intl has been ri
ven it. Call and purchase a box at the Drug Store of
iuldidiwh J KIDD te CO
(J A gentleman of Pittsburgh, who had fallen Into
en open cellar after the -Great Fire,. sprained hi. en
cl., no saverly that he was unable to refrain from cry
ing out with the pain. A friend who had been aging
11. A Fahnestecr P. Co's Rebefacient .od.beea cured
of iIACUMaIII.I. gave law what remalned in the bottle,
and although his Hmb woe greaqy swollen be was
completely restored to health to twelve I:ours and
treed from pas. This is but one of o great number of
oases which have come wider the observntion of the
proprietors. Prepared and sold by
corner Ist end Wood) also, Corner 6th end Wood sts
In 8
. . ,
Ala. 'T K. litsaistre--Dear Sir: In reply to your re
quest to have my opinion relative tulle quality of your
Wriung Platd, I may state Mat I have used it in my
Institute of Accountants for nearly a year; where I
use none bat the beat of lobs It baritones a perfect
black coon alter tieing written with, and is suitable for
any kind of pen, but more particularly t h e meodlic
4 ,,
pee, which d. not clog onto it •s with common Int
It Writer well on any kind of paper, and on account
at us thud prop rty writes better on parchment th an
any of Me co on inks. I pereetve what you have
mude recently is darker in color when first wri.ten
Wllb. Thor is decided ImiIfUVVIIICIII, particularly
tor book keeper, who have frequently to write WWI
candle light. Your Red Life is a CrideltilY the 6 . 0 of
that kind al domestic manufacture that I have trted—
o will be (mind on trial to every respect equal in Ar
nold', Lest English nienufaeture. your Machine Copy
Ink leaves a. gaud impreraion, and wilt be Mend wor
thy of a trial; but I canon! trayseli speak so rotilitleutly
of its properties as the oilier, not he sing had the same
e roarienea 111 the Use of li.
Very respectfully your', P. DUFF
Principal of Institute of Arch ,PtUaloogh.
Nor s a t e by 11. A. Poltnestocl .2 Co., Pittaborgh, 11.
I . Selivenna, Allegheny, snit by the manufacturer, T
K 111 fittricr, Dr.ogg., and Chemist, corner of Liber
ty and Smithfield streets, Pittsburgh. tuta:dgar
ALL these differ from ordinary Ink, as they ore all
chemical solutions containing noviscid matter;
thew freely from any kind of pen—dic color deep,
Wight and durabie. If there have been better articles
made, I have neither seen nor beard of Main Sam
ple bottles eon beobtained grans, by the merchants
from D. A. Fallimstock & Co, floury P.
Scliwarts, Allegheny, or of the martufleturer, THOS.
K. DIDBEFLT, Druggist and Chemist, corner of Liber
ty and Smithfield streets, Pittsburgh, Pa_
N. IL—Any bottle not giving complete satisfaction,
non be returned and the price trill be refunded.
very Choice article, received and far sale by
lAL CORKS-4 bates, largo ewe., reed and for .we
6J___ ,tuttl BRAUN k REITER
OTTLE CORKS-2 holes l'iut Bottle Corks, reed
and for sale by fold BRAUN &REITER
9. — faTTOR V COMMITTEE, desirous at eh-
Whirl( 11110Matiell in regard to the number or
deaths that occur it, the city weekly, the character of
the diseases, sad the age of the penorts, wiPild respect,
fay twynest the Thymelans to report to them at Ike
Committee Room, Uld Court House, on Friday evening
of each weak. 102 JOHN ATOTI.4,,Ch*M"
Rsotrat As Sena:, and Einaoe of Retownsatioe ,
the Canamercvallk l in ismer.] .dmern
idg ms, That the Constitution of this Comeitorts , .."
be attended to the second section of the fifth article, so
that It shall read as fialkiws The Judges of the Su
preme Court, of the several COORS of Common Pleas,
and (such Other COllll2l of Record as arc or shall be
established by law, shall be elected by the qualified
electors of the Comntonwealtli in the manner follow
ing, to wit The Judges of the Supreme Court, the
smallfird electors of the Commonwealth at Large. The
Prsindeut Judges of the several Courts of C s sprnmon
Pleas and of seta other Coons of Record an ate or
shall be established by law. and all other Judges re
quired to be learned in the law, by the qualified electors
of the respeetive &street over which they are to pre
side or are as Judges. And the Aar-ovate Judges of
the Courts Ed Common Pleas by_ the qualified creators
of the tour/ties resipertioelT The Jitdgo , 16d Su-
Prem.. Court shall hold their offices for the teen of fif
teen years, if they shall to long !where themselves
well: (subject to the allotment hereinafter Provided
tar, suboefiuoill to the first eleetioriii 'Moe President
Judge. of the several (haunt of Common Pleas, and of
such other count of Record as are or shall be entnli.
Imbed by law. and all other Judges required to be
learned to the law, shall hold than others for the term
ten yeats..ll they shall so long behave themselves well.
e he Associate Judger of the Courts of Common Pleas
all hold their offices for the term of five years, if they i
shall so long behave themselves well all of whom
shad he commissioned fry the Governor, but for any
reasonable cause which' shall not be sedmient grounds
of impeachtnent, the Govemor shall remove any of
them on the address of two-thirds of each branch of
the Legislature. The first election shall take place at
the general election of this Commonwealth next after
tie adoption of thta amendment, and the eatilltilaniOtil
01 all the Judges who may be then in office shall expire
on the find klenday of December followmg, when the
terms of the nevejudgez shall commence. The pewe.
who shall then be elected Judges of the Supreme Court
shall hold their Lamella/ follows: one of them for three
years, one for sin years, one for nine years, one for
twelve years, and one for fifteen years; the term of
eaeh to be decided by lot by the said judge,,. as soon
allot the election as convenient, and the result certifi
ed by them to the Governer, that the commissions nmy
be /stored in accordance thereto. The lodge whose
commission well first expire shall be Chief Justlce du
ring his term, and thereafter each ledge whore corn-
Mision shall first expire shall In tern be the Chief Jus•
: tier, s and if two or more commission. shall expire on
the lame day. the judge. holding them shall decide by
lot which shell be the Chief lettuce. Any vacancies
happening by death resignation, or otherwise, many
of the said courts, shall be filled by appointment by
the Governor, to connnue till the first Monday of De
eedaber succeeding the next general election. r The
Judges of the Supreme Court and the Presidents of the
se•eral Courts of Comrade Pleas shall, at stated tuner,
receive for their services an adequate compenterenn,
to be fixed by law, which shall not tin diminished du
ring their conrintranee tooffice. but they shall receive
no lees or perosiiidteit of office, nor hold any other office
of profit under this Commonwealth. or under the go•.
ern:neat of the United States, or any other Stare or mix
Union. The Judges of the Supreme Coact during Met r
continuattee to orher shall restde wither dot Common
wnith, and the other Judges durtng Met r metuuttence
ode, .hen reels,, Within the district or eininl
diiv y tor
they re`lieelY elected
Speller nt the Moore or Repreiointative.
GEtt DA Strip:,
Speaker of the senate
fa rut Smarr. March 1. lan/
Resolve-I Thai this rosoirtuon pa.. —Year 21. Nays
Extract from ihr Journal
In THE IloctE os Ilicrartavr,nvn. Aprti '2, 1.,16
Raeieni. Thu t ihr. reeeleMon 6.l.—Velke 58, Nay. 26
Eatraet trout the Jeorenl
WM JACK. Clerk
rtled Aprtl
Drip. Sec o( the ComotonweAlth
. •
I do certify that the above and foreernng t.a true
and correct copy of the On teal Resolution of the
General Asserntny, entitled tlearslutton rel•tpro to an
Amendment of the Coneuttlhon," as the lame rem...
on Me in dm office.
iln tesUmony whereof I have hereunto get
rny hand. and eausetd us be affixed the seal of
Secretary, (Kee at H•rrtslturg, this rte..
venal day of June, Anne !bosun. one thousand eight
'hundred .nd forty•nute.
See ry of the
.. • .
'Resoluuon entitled •Reaoionort rel•Ltve to
an amendment o( the Conattlauon: was reed a third
lime. On the ovevtion, wit! the Senate aeree to the
revolution' The Yens and Nay. mare token agree*.
'bly to the Conatsrunne, and were am vtr
- Yeas—Nlemar• Boa, Elrawiey. Crabh. l'unittatt
'ham. Forayth, Hugo.. Johnpon, Lawrence, L e n t ..
•Nla.on, Alarthlaw. NrCaelin, Kith. Lobar-, `ad ler
'Sankey, Savory, Snell, Soapier, Sterrett .11.1 Sun,—
- Vans—M Brn. Drum Fn: k. Ives king. Ka
toginaeher, rottenger, and Dame. Sp.akrr--%.
4.b !he que•aon wso determined in the alhrmative •
Jorxs•s. or ran Hoes, or Race rnesr. n o es
.. :hall rho re.anzuon pass' The ys•s and am, arra
"taken agreen h 4 to th e provision of the ienth I/ tlrlr
ot ille C -- ousin...a. and are as. fano. - sir
• Vau rrrrr litdeon 1 Ball, David J Bent. i'rrne,
Peter D Iroseo, Dar.d M Bole. Thomas k
- Dull, /seal, Cori. John 11 Mehl. Nar/mnial A nhott,
• Joseph li.aem, LFs•ed r: Ishirman, IVOliani Evans,
- John Fausnld 'saran, Ft-grip, Josep h W
•Ilertry Fri • , er Grove. Ro bert Ilanspoon,
- Gear, r Ilenszey, J Herring. Joseph 11:g
-g1/1., Chisrle• Doris, Joseph B. Hower. Robert
sliarnson Len rl, Abraham Lisrabe.rton, lam , . I
UM • • lour. Jacob 11'Cortimy, John I'
Cuitoeli, Bush M'kee, John Nrl.aeghltn, .!dam
- Marna. Sagan,: Mars, Joon C. MYars• Edward Mek
aelson,Stesvan l'earre..lnings Porn,. Henry C Pran.,
`Alonzo Rohb. lieorde Rupley, Theodora RI loan,
.Bernard S Sr hoonove s Samuel Selbert, John ,11,arp
• . Christtau Snivels'. 'The ma, C. Sinai, Jeremiah It
Joni Stutrama Marshall Swnetrsrlder,Sa.
.4uel Taggart, linorKe T. Thorn, Nabobs Thorn,
A numb Wattles. Samuel SVetreh, Alonzo Ir. lVitcos,
`Daniel Zerbey F Par ler. Spaaker--S,
Ns rs—Messrs Ao o.m.Li Canoga, David It Court
nay. David Frans, Hem) S. Evoms, John Fenian,
W tseorge. Thomas lidleap, Jahn El Gordon,
' . WilliatesEmory. Janina J. Kirk, Joseph Lanbach, Ro
bert R. Lode, John S. NlCahnont, John M'Kee, Wil-
Al'Sherry, Jonah Millar, IVilliala T. Morrison.
.John A. Otto. V Ronan, John '.V Rose.
”lacrsy. John R Rotherford. R. Rundle Smith, John
Smyth, John'Souder, George lValiers and David F
no the quc.oun WOS determined In be athrene'dve
Are.cAlst's Orrick, r
I tarn, erg. Jaye 15. 1.40 1
I do c• rut", that tuc •Lrove and tur,, ~n^.l
true adtd rorre, ropy ut the 1 cu•
taten on the - licuulutitt reotove ro
Rama my hand .1.1 the get.; of emu) office, the
enth Jay of June, ot,e thounand ~tilt hundred and
pr2.l4l:szvam ,v S., 11 • of hO Commonweal
The Only HOU.' of tho kfod in 80. r,
433 BALTIMORE STREET, row boil. 1% MIT 0/
(AC to st R preparations fdr the c toe season fit regard
ork have been very complete Having im
ported our own goods sc:erted o own lox's],
from the vest 1101.11146. tor it. tit Europ ur
e, and milli the
facilities to trik• advantase of every change us our dri.
mean, Wooden Marke:s. we confidentty challenge
tit extent sr assortment, choice, taste or
prices unto the New York, or any other Market in the
!icing very desirous so extend our [maracas still more
among the Merchanu, Clothiers and Merchant Tailors
to the South and West, we havepaid panleular at
tention to the importation and purchase of such kinds
and styles of goods that we know will sun their sides
And tu t certain)) , must be tin object to them, to get
their gouda home as .run as poftstbie and at the cheap
est freights, other advantages temp equal, our market
ought to come in for a full obare rit their cu d
cas,stom. We
solicit a fair examination of nut stuck. and s
wilt guarantee customers in prices against t in e d North
Our 0100 k conmlnk of neon's, Stmonia. Nelson, Bon
i Montagronos, Wolfing's black and fancy color
ee Firancu Cum+, Donates and Ckessagors, plain
and lan 7, MOM of which were imported by uerarfvn,
and wh/ch we will guarantee to sell as low as the
agents, who represent the manta...ars in N York
Enact con Etscuso Wm.,kana—Supttrior Meat of
Englund Cloths; do do Wool blk Cassitneres, French
and Enghsh Duffle and Pilot Cloths; blue, grey and
Mack Fiustongs, blue Blankets for coats; Army nod
Natty Clothat Pelt and Tweed Cloth% Billiard sloths;
water proof Devonshire Kersey.
Dozes-cm Woord-rdot.-131ck and colored Cloths for
overcoats and cloak., caw. funcy Casstmercs,
do pla a black du; anted Doeskin Cassuncres, army
blue Cassiutercs.
Sarrtscrs and Chums Woottlats.— —Cases blur,
black, mixed and medley hinitireis; do sheep. grey
and Tweeds; —do fulled and double milled Linsey"
do plain and fancy Tweed" for sacks and overcoats.
Vmermos, VF[Kirle., V reTollo4.—Velvet, Satin, silo,
Cashmeres, 'retinae% and Somusdown Vesongs an
...aril:tient ' , mother unequalled by any thing that
has ever nee, odered in this market before, anti which
none can have, except such, who like our,elve" buy
them on the .pot In Europe.
Ravel' Goons—Scarfs, Cravats, Suspender", Glove"
Handkerchiefs, and every article for gentlemen's toi
let. of the infant Parisian styles.
Maarthand Lisa Bears.—Together with all kind
of woollen, cotton and merino Hosiery, for underdrim.
Alturany Cograntris and COLL.LOn furnished with
cloths and mrtforms, at factory prices, also, ...lilt mili
tary and naval Trimmings, of every description.
T•ikomd nUM.SIVIGS, of superior qualiqe" Blk
English Satins; black and doloroil Silk Velvet" do do
Silk Seises; no do Satin do; do do Alpaca do, plain
Alpacas and Bombazines; Sill, Sleeve Lining., Vent
Go. Swhtkirs, Bubmaccis do, block and void Thwart
Patent Threads, French Clank Lhddg., Buttons, all
kinds, worsted and silk Binding., hr he. ke Con.
mh Paddings, Wigglne, white
Muslin% colored On, Via/1111,1g •
Fun CoLCUMAILT.A. Ive r drab and blue Cloths,
drab Silk, for curtain, and lining" wonted Daniuk.,
Buckram. and drab Velv,s.
Fox Sloonawrza+ --Riotlir and Ca+kuncrer of the
ruling colorn for gorier+, and lasting+, black and co
lored, of the nest qualny
Merchant, Merchant Tailors and Channel.. vivant - 1r
the North for purcna+er+ am r.•opeetfully invited to
egonnor our stork 'entailer they intend purcholititt
our market or not. MARTIN LF:WIS a. CO.
•. .
)4113311 sw.IIW .
1 %RS. BACI.Z h NIASUN,III rerunning their srnle
lui ackuowledoniesitz lo the ineinla el the
Loth end to a diacelning public lllgene f 41, tor the 111,
eral patronage Ininnenn trentred, onnouniec al the
141111 tone that hove made o,er:titled iinprove
meat. in the interior 43 re II rilernOr ol the ea•
tablichment,nlunng lout null and winter, which will
greatly enhance line comfort. 11114 314111f4.111r/11 , or in•
valid), who mired to 01011 Una place duritiv, the
nig 111111111/1,.
AU the prevuiling disesees are treated here, and they
will endeavor to keep up the reputation the estatill.h•
Inset has Won through the seeia, by ntricl ntlcllilun to
Ile lent that entrust themselves under their cure.
• • • • .
In order lo undergo the trentmeni, patients hove to
provide themselves with Luso woollen bluasms, two
cotton 'Meets, three comfortables or n tight leather bed
and cut towels. Terms, lux dollar., payable weekly.
Notice to Stockholders.
y y meat of Seven Dollars end Fifty Cetus per share
on the stock of this Company, is required to be paid
at their other, No. 2Z) Water street, Pittsburgh, (second
story,) onor before Monday, the second day of July,
A. D. 1015. Uy order of the Board of Directors:
jurbdul J. FINNF.Y Jr.. Soe'v
P: - Totli r ignEND'S SeRSAYeLItII.I-4—=.
D doz. of Dr. Townsend's Genuine Sarsaparilla,
jars reed and for sale by R E SELLERS.,
57 Wood st only Agent for Pittsburali.
tal , 6y D b CURRY. Arent for Allegheny city
Day GOODS A . .t.
w R. MURPHY invites the attenuou of =T-
T • elnints to the lame supply of sew Goods tun
opened hi his wholesale Booms, on 2d awry, northeast
corner 4th and swim streets, Pittsburgh.
nth being his second' supply for this spring, he hes
moat', kinds of gmals of reduced prices, and three
lutes nal to brawny:l elsewhere. m42thterT
VEATIIERS-419 sacks now inudinE i tot 'Ws b
itA Y
j, !MAI! Clii.ll;rd.. CO
E:jy - 0 - 4 06
c !j) T ..• - -- 44t!)-- 1
Importer, Mamttraetstrer, lead Dealer ln
susr&NDErts, nosoms, COLLARS,
The facilities of the subscriber for importing and
manufacturing hia goods, enable him to supply his mu
mmers at the very lowest market prices; and every
effort will be made to render it an *act fot Inewhon.
and deniers from every section or the country to give
him n call. C. B. HATCH.
07 William at reet.
Dr. Wicker's Celebrated
rrHE public are requested to read the following cer
Uficates. This medicine is extensively used i
all the Southern and Pastern ohms.
IVe do certify that Dr. Louis NYICXES. of York, P.
took under his care and manageman, on or about th•
first of October last, a young man laboring ru t tier .
severe attack of "Asiatic Choler." That we exam
turd the said patient. mad found him to be in the col
lapsed state, of that disease, with frequent and uipiou
rice water discharges. That we pronounced h c
ot genuine Cholera, and declared moreover that w.
believed the said patient was beyond the hope of mei
cal tad. In fact we thought the patient would die
and so declared at the time.
. .
We further certify that the said Louts AVlckey pat
melt hls own mode of trealmeut, and administered hi.
Cholera Remedy, and effected a cure of the patien
We think tn four days thereafter the mild young no
was at work, and perfectly welL
Joan C. DOSMIT. M. D.
T. D. inicarrr, Al D.
I certify Mai I vowed a casco( modified Cholera u
der ihr care or Dr. Louts Wickey, and that I fiche
lus medicine relieved him.
State of Maryland, Washington Comity, to wit •
1 certify that I as well acquainted with the gentle
men who have signed the within certificates of Dr.
Louis Wtc key, and they are men of respemability.
In testimony whereof 1 hereunto suhacrthe my
sname, and affix the seal of my of ce, this four
teenth day of November eighteen hundred and
thirty-three. 0.11. WILLIAMS, Clerk
Washington County Corn, Maryland.
I witnessed the a d ministration of Dr. Louis Wick
ry's preparaiion for Cholera, in the coon of an appren
bee to the plastering business in this town (HagFrs
town.) His was a well marked case of Asiatic Chi
le-a, with rice water evacuations, cold clammy akin
cold to.tgue, small tremulous pultes —1 considered hi
situation truly Apnea) and •larming I saw him pre
vious to Dr. Wlttikey, and was present at the adrturus
trnuon of the first dose of medicine, and saw hint re
peatedly manta the attendance of Dr. Wiekey; he re
tovered so as to be able to attend to and wont at ht
trade in a few days. lam tore ha tot k none other but
the medicine adnatritted by Dr. Wiekey.
Rtcuctto W. Duns, 31 D.
Thc only true and genuine Da. WICKET'S Cholera
and Lhanihma Medicine is prepared and sold whole
title and retail, by JOHN D MORGAN, Drucci it,
iu6:d2nt one door below Diamond obey, Wt.) st
Bvtrtue of an order of the Circuit Sopenor Coon
of LOW end Chancery. for ?hush/111 Co. Va made
a: the Sprthe Term, 1649. 01 mid Coen in the case of
Franca. B. Taylor vs. to Mt= boat Companion, and
tri other cane. against the same, I will proceed to offer
a• public mit. the come boat Companion, together
uOO bee engthe. furntture, tackle and equipment, on
Wednesday. 11th day nt July. I -49, at thc town of
Moundavtile. In .std twiny ei Marshall, between the
nnith of IL o'clock. A. M and 4 o'clock. P M. of said
Tempt OF Sabk—One-fourth cmh, and the reitdur in
dire, equal !muniments at 1,
12 and IS month, wnh in
ter from the d•y Isle —the purchamr giving Lend
wnh coed nod approved pemenal •ecurny for .aid de•
(erred metalments
r•one at a dietanee dogmas of further inform.°
I n relation no the above %ate. an obtain the Ono, Iq
/otter aJdreeeod rn Jame* S Whet!. Whee
V .or to W H. Oldham, at Wave Creek. Marshal
Deputy for F ra n s. Kelly. S. SI, C
1.11,12. r— Wheeltnx 1.115:
W. W. 14 ALLACE,
and MILL Ft 12N11- , lllNr. ESTABLIsiLIIFINT.
and 211$ !wheel) ttreet near the
Freartt Burr Mill Slour, ol nir own a/Antalya-tut,
made ul 3 11 , W aml ,uperlor qualdt or atOeta, nate•
tan, rate Lt. ttLen tht ha, ill , Joint, rtmde clove, and
Ili Or /AMA , Itrne uniform quatat They
are ne , trranted to thy In Ilt«.nuttlrt Ind
tuner., to the Fre, ul
tatit,h Burn, rrfielher tornlgn
ur 40•111 , •11C taetute n and sold at the ItlVre%l
Mill 01011., tnannhacturnd to Pronto—a gene
ral 3..011111,14 al reduced pare., ernes. 00 nand
Laurel 11.11 hilt Stone, 0:1 wet.
tiohutt , , Cloths Anchor Stamp, tonertmled treat qua,-
tlt sett ni greatly redured pnres.
Spidaes. Alt,: trout, ttereura and l'lcks. Plat.
form Seale. Cum end Cul, GI - nide, Gnat and Sate
Mill Ltaauttga of all kind+, and Attll Furne , h,ng to Kett-
4411 orders protaapily attended to at 2U and 24t5 Latt
erly street, near the Canal, Potato:trot,
ruiratalam W. W. WALLAC L
~lti.bnr`h D{e,m D[arble Works.
244 LIBRTY, oppoirte e untbfield street.—
!Marble Illanties i Monuments.TornbcTuble Tops,
A.e, a large vanety ul the most beautiful kind, ramie
of the fittest qualor foreqn and dumesue marble,
always ou hand or made to order, by the and of ma
etonery. on the shortest notice and at the loosest prteeM
N LI —The Country Trade furtoshert wt. all kinds
of Marble to the lowest rates All orders promptly at
tended to •I Liberi!t. opporite enuthfield at
tu,.Malant \ W WALLACE
j Patent Stone or French Burr SMUT MA
CHlNE—the best article of the kind an u.c. they
run lighL clean fast, do the w - orb well, and wall iast
hie time. About Sod of them are an use, an the best
mule m the country. and we nave the stungest test,
moray of competent persons as their sapenonty over
nil 011IGT Smut Machines. For farther particutars, ad
dress the substrther at 241 Liberty et, Pittsburgh.
oty3nalFrn W lV WALLACE
and other malls, aiways on hand, or made to order
on eery short nonce. and at the loosest prices. Al or
ders promptly attended au at 211 Liberty street, near
the Cate toy3o W W WALLACE
LASTEII. PARIS—For land, and Mil. purposes,
always on baud at 244 !Ahem at.
'•- ' •
ler VOICAULIC CE.NlE.•;T—iitovays on hand, of Ali
11 Liberty .t. iny:lo W W WALLACE
hanGEINDSTONEgi—SII s and grits, olorta on
dat 214 Liberty .tr ees. .
OR Coughs Colds Asthma and Consemputon: The
FGREAT AD ONLY falktEDY for the cure of to.
above disease., is the 111.INGARLAN 13AL8AAI OF
LIFE, discovered by the celebrated Dr. Huchsut, of
London, England, and introduced into the United States
Hader the immediate superitimndence of the inventor.
The estraordintily PLICOCAS or this medicine, in tlx.
0 Pulmonary Macaws, warrantsthe American
Agent ni rolietting for treatment the worst possibleea
ses that ran be found in the coimmuuty —cases that seek
relief ut ram rum any of the common remedies of the
day. and have been given up by the most distinguished
ph) acts. confirmed /111 d incurae. The Huri-
an Balsam h as
as cured, and will cam bl the most dow ung er..
of ewes. It is no quack nostrum, but a standard Eng
lish istedieme, of known and establtsheil etheacy,
Every family in the United Puttee should be supplied
with I/octant's Hungarian Balsam of Life, not only to
counteract the consumptive tendencies or the climate,
but 41 be used as a proven v dictne is all eases of
colds, coughs. spitting of blood, pain in the side and
chest, irritation .d soreness of the lungs, brochnn,
datculty of breaung, hectic fever, night sweats, come:-
anon and general debility, asthma, infinenal, whooping
cough and croup.'
Sold in large bottles, at $1 per bottle, with Poll dime
dons for the resmration of health.
. .
Pamphlets, containing a mass of English and Ameri
can certificates. and other evidence showing the on
equalled metns of this !gnat English ' Remedy, may to
obtained 01 the Agents. gratuitously.
For sale by B A FAIDik.WOCK it CO, Corner a
ci and Wood and Wood and GM no.
lisEwsrett,b;,lrirboeLbur re
Street, a ce v i:ed ia nt the
. 7km il Ten
lamed stock of pare GREEN A y NDTL ' ACK7'EA o ;t,
(root New York, all tiro/I:Lich has been received in this
country since the first of February last, consmung of
ail the dillbrent grades grown in the Celestial Empire.
Our stock being among the largest in the West, we are
prepared to wholesale, on better terms than nay other
bowie in theally. We Invite retml grocers to ,all and
examine our stock and prices. They can have repack
ed toj, j, and I it packages, 5 fib tin cannisters, or by
halt cheats, to suit their convenience.
Our retail prices vary for Oolong, Black Teas from
50 cu. m SIX per lb.; Ning Young Souchong, 410 cm,
Congo 60, and kliglish Breakfast 50, Young Hyson,
Gunpowder and Imperial, from 33 cu. to 51,25 per lb.
Families are requested to send and get samples of
M our Teas, and try them Won, purchasing.
rnytkid&wS A. JAYNES, 70 Fourth street
A A stAlt - LiN - 44 CO., dtThraiket street, 3" - a
ing their stock of Silks, Shawls, Vise., Lewd, and . 11Iuslins, at roll greater reduced prices. I yard
wide bent make black Silks at IVO eta; summer Shawls
at 7u and SIM; most fashionable Visitts and Mantil
las et 55 to 50, Lawns and Mashes ti mad to eta; beet
Nleirtmack Calicos. at b els, usually 121; Calicoes al
, fa; Wrought Collars acts; do Capes at St and 62,
iarenee Broad Bonnets, att and 74 cm; Gloves nit cm.
Together with a general assortment of goods, at near
ly sue hull the unual rate, Jun
4 IT v. with pleasure that the subsertbera
tutorm the come. 01 Pittsburgh and
nutty that they have completed arrange
tncuin with Messrs. J. C. C
A ~
ofPhiladelphia., to receive their superior
I And will lierenller to kept eonstantly on
hand. They are neatly and securely put
Mhp In thetalne Pack. aud I lb each,
with their palmed e lard —...bovetelg Cleland
_---- of Tea, price, name of the concern and
depot in • ilnitelphia, with of invitation to return the
Tea, if not liked.
1 61.qt/h . & r .... • • 4:01 75 1.00 133 1,50 p
1 Imperial .
5 0 73 ' I ,LXI 1,25 1,50
II yson .10 CULL 73 1,1111 1.13
IY. Hyman rite 5 21 7 1,110 I ...15 1,50
/Fi Black 371: 50
11.e. ' ne am/ extra Fine •;5 1 1,00 1,11.3 1.50
We will warrant all the TEAS we .ell to be equal
to, if trot summon to any sold in thu city, and should
they not prove arceptable to the taste, they rat, be re
turned, and the money will be refunded as II is only
with that understanding we sell.
We not a Pm trial, that the public may be able 10
udip between our Tens and those heretofore sold by
other companies in this city.
All Lovers of rich. delicious and good flavored TEAS.
should give no a call.
For sole by JOS. U.N. YOUNG & CO.,
N W corner oth nod Ferry streets, and
trtYlgtaGthi• S W earner 3d!tte.l Ross streets_
3_ DS W. 11. DAIGIG,
%Mr s .." 7 " .. (Late of New York.)
Outer—Smithfietri street, between Seventh and
Strawberry alley.
N.B.—Maumee of the mouth, gar. and teeth treated
licanteoyatideallY• tathdarn
OFFICE' Fourth
eawetre., near Gram, In the room
lately occupied hyleT i zan =ler, lannuliam
I `rtSrA'rioNl
Ezeluabrely for Passel:item
iaii=l — The Homo( 'MI LO* stnll leave
hu Wows, a2B aPeloek of A . lftht
Motola. June 19.
171 u 4 9 1.-11 Trdbr, Tuesday IP.
Lordaiona—J P
Indiana—P Surrey, Tho today, IL
Ohio—A Craig, Friday, 22.
Kentnelty—ll Tray, Saturday, 22,.
Loomano—JP Thompson, Snaday, 21.
IthDana—P [turkey, hlonday,
Ohio—Copt. A Crag, Tuesday. ot. -
Kentucky—ll Trilby, Wednesday, 0,
Looariana—J . P Thom o; Thorsday,.
Indiana—P Blakey, FridaY, 25.
Oloo—A SonhleY. •
Kentucky—Copt H TrubY,
For passage ant" to ouTOII,
Motuntkahela House,
jol9 or It LEECH & Co. Long &min
1849. Asim i
Beaver and rte r.
p Packet Line.
R. G. PAR KS, Be r aier,.rtionator.
THE new and elegant passenger Packets,
NIAOA RA, Caot H H Jeffries.
LAKE EIHE, hjlmoTnt,
QUE& - N MW,
Pormirtg a daily Line between Beaver and Erie, have
commenced run*, and will contiaue during them:-
son to make their %Euler trips, leaving Beaver otter
the arrival of the meriting ham from Pntsburgh, (1
Mock, r. m of and arrive at Erie in time for passengers
to take the morning bears to Buffalo or up the Lake,
Trams through to Erie and all Lake ports, eon be
bad by application to JOHN A CAUGIHEY,
COMM' of Agar and Smithfield its
audit the St Charlet, Hole
Per , Ireetilli• •• • G - 111:14FIXI. -
New Agammammetl—The almoner
THOS. SCOTT, twill commence on
Monday, May 7, to run from the Old
Greenwood Landing, foot of Pitt at,
to the Garden, leaving al 8 o'clock, 111 and at each
even hoar until 9 o'clock, r. kr., last trip from the Gar
den at 10 e. n.
The Saloons are supplied with al the delicacies of
tho season. Tea at s o'clock. The Garden, with a
large collection of Greenhotue Plants, Dahlions, An.
'anal Flour Plants and Shubbery. The earafortable
wharf boat Greenwood, will be placed at the Pitt
street landing. my 3
- D . : 11111117 -
Dentist. Corner ofFottrllt
and Decatur, between
hlarket and Ferry meets. sep24l.'"n
W. BIDDLE, Dentist.—
MOVED to a new three story brick
1144 • - -> ~.,,• on Smithfield meet, one door below
'"." Sixth street. Teeth Inserted from one
to eh entire set, on the suction principle, with a beau
tiful represeination of the natural guru' restonng the
or ginal shape of the face.
N. B. Teeth extracted with little or no pain.
Decayed Teeth permanently saved by plugging, pre
venting the tooth ache, which is much better than cu
ring it, though it should be done in five minutes, or
even uismntly. apfitly
iv. SCAtrit. LW. AULD:SOD.
Finer sr arrocun WooD Airs hlsimen, u,
CONTINUE to manufacture all kinds lot COPPER,
smith Work.
Steam Boats built to order.
Special intention given to steam boat work.
Have on hands afi unionment of Copp er and Brass
Re We. Tirs'W are, A nte. Steamboat Cooking &Mee,
Portable Forges, various sires— is very convenient
hcle for neamboats, California emigrants, or rail road
would respectfully invite steam boat men end
others to call and tee oar articles and prices before
purchasing elsewhere. ru7
signed, Trustees of the Wabash
and Erie Canal, hereb ygive notice
that they will receive sealed proposala at Washington,
Davies county, Indiana, on the 07th day of June next,
for the construction of about twenty-(oar elites of uhd
Canal, exunding from the proposed Data aeroas the
West fork of White River, near the South line of Ore.
county. to klaysville, in Davies comity. this r
tion of line there are to be constructed five On
Lift Lo po cks
and one Guard Lock, to he built of timber, a Dam
across Slinkard's Creek, and one or two small Aque
ducts. together with the navel variety el earth work
common to a canal. The line will be divided into see
m,. averaging about half a mile in length.
At the same time and place, proposals will be recei
ved (or building, with nut atone Masonry, the piers of
the Aqueduct over Fast fork of White River. The
stone (or this masonry mast be procured from the quar
ries of durable limestone to he found on or near either
the East or West fork of White River, from which
point they can be delivered by water.
The line to be placed under contract, will be ready
p was to the urea of letting,
e (o '
n r de S coon
IFTIe" ssti te r; fOl r''
information in n reference thereto will
be given by the Resident Engineer.
Tarsrzszi Ornes, /
Trriv-llnute. April V, 1619 5
No. 46 Market strtel, . ,
HA VING purchsse.l an ea tense, and carefully se
tected stock of Spri4 and Summer Goods, the
subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the
public, Mai Yet Inc ow preparing to receive and cae
ca, their order- with dmpatch, and in the orate m,
inust substanual. and fashionable manner. As he as
determined to do I,munem en the cash system, he fiat
iers i,non tt that he will be able to do work as cheap
an n call Inc done at any catabLithiamit in the country.
ilia stock is yarned, consisting of CAssitneras, Broad-
lochs, Vesbna, he , which his friends are respertfal
ty invited to examine for Menithl vas.
T me nKn of the
.. Plane and , Wood
C s
oo tinq
f. ! mole by rigid lit c hiEln. AtPlklAlC',7"
Young MEN In wholesale and retail stores, and other
respectable business, to eat es Book-keepers, Sales
men, Porters, Bar-keepers, Waiters, Farmers, Coach
¢, Car Agents. Book and Map . Agents, Collectors,
Ov e erseers m all brunches of bummer, &e. We have
at all times a large number of good situations on hand,
winch pay from Alb to BY per annum Those in
want of situations of arty kind would do well to give
us a call, an we have agents in each of the amve ci
ties. winch will enaba us to place every applicant an
a suitable situation at the shortest nonce. We have •
:edge acquaintance in all the above named cities,
which we trust will eatable us to give enure W.f.-
atoll to all Who may favor ns with a call.
TAYLOR & TAYMAN, No. 59 Second at,
between South and Gay.
N. B —Persous living In any part of the U. States,
and wishing to obtain a situation in Baltimore, or ei
ther of the above cities, will have their wants immo
timely attended to by addressing-us a lase, (post-paid)
es by so doing Ole,' will curtail both trouble g.O ex
pense, winch they otherwise would incur by coming
to the city, and seeking employment for themselves.
N 0.59 Second street,
Baltimore; Std
riIHE untlersigned have this day associated under
the name of Thompson Hanna & Bon, for the. par
pose of mantaientring paper, at the Clinton Paper
Mill, where they will be pleas ed to receive the patron
age of the public, and the former Customers of the se
nior partner.
They will at all times keep on hand a general &g
-oon:maw of writing, wrapping, tea and wall papers,
bonnet boards blank hooka, etc. etc., which they will
exchange for clean linen and cotton raga
Pnnten and Book Publishers can be supplied with
every description of printing paper at shun notice, and
at reduced prices. THOMPSON HANNA
April 1, Ma—my dons EDMUND FL HAN , •
Roortagg...Galwastlzed Tara Plates.
THE subsenbers beg to call the attention of Brulders,
x.. Architects and owners of Buildings, to the many
advantages which these plates possess over all other
metallic substances hitherto used far roofing, he., as
they possess at once the 14/IPleal of Iron, rialto. its
liability to rust. hosing now been tested for severed
years in this partmular, both In this corom7 and in Eu
rope. They are loss [male to expansion and contrac
tion (rota sudden change of the atmosphere, thin com
mon ti plates, iron, ranc, or uty other metal now used
for roofmg, and consequently form a much better and
tighter roof, far less freqaent repairs, whilst
the first cost is but a villa more.
A full suppl A -of all sines, from 10 to 30 W. 0., con
stantly no hand and for sale by
19 8 Beaver street, New York.
The patent right f orti s article hawing been secured
for the United Staters, an parties infringing thereon,
either by mmortation or otherwise, will be prosecu
ted. ocOud&-orlyT
I M :tre 'l l ' ea ' r r k. " , g t ' o ' r d th h e o p v u e 9 " os " e " ol CM? ' il th 'ng of
of iron, watch a is desirable totPRUTECT FROM
RCS r, m Telegraph Wire, Bolts, Spikes, Phut.,
WI ea for Fences, and any other article which may be
required. For !loops for Cmks, sea substunte for bale
Rope; Mr Clothes Liam, Lightning Rods, and a host of
other applications, it will be found cheap and durable.
They would paniculaily callnuentioa to the Lielvani
red Wire for fences; it regains no paint, and will not
rust. Also to Spikes and Bolts, the preanevation of
which is of so mock Importance, that it will commend
ttself to the notice of MI thou intedosted. -
ROSEWOOD te CU., Patentee.,
mt.3o-dtkarlyT and Beaver at.N. York.
No. 47 Mediu smut, Pittsburgh, Pa.
RESPECTFUL.LY announces to his friends and cos
flit tamers, that he has had acne past period to erten-
UM a Stock as he has at present. He can offer to par
citruses, on moderate terms, eve r old estahßsh
ed St aid On Market sweet, almostry article in his
line—mcluding Counting-morn, Betbeham
mom, Parlor and Hall Paper. With Bor der,de Landsapes, Flre-board Fruits, Paper and Transparent
Window Shadnet,.. Bonnet anal Bnders' Boards, Wri
ting. Wrapping, and Tea Paper, ho is abundantly sup
plied, and requests
h i.countr merchants and housekeep
eni to call and examine s assortment
Rags and Tanners' Scraps taken In trade, at the
highest prises. unit
So. 78 Wood tttttt Pittsburgh.
USER AND LAUFMAN, intponers and dealers
AJ. to Foreign sad Domesuc HARDWARE, In
all its ranches, am now prepared to sell as low and
as reasona ble term], ascent be purchased elsewhere.
We .11eil our friends, and the public generally, to
call and examine nut noel, which cements m {tart of
each at Loekt, Latebes, Hinges and Scrim., tocether
with entry article usually kept in Hardware Mows:
W.. myna the attention of Carpenters and Mechanics
generally to ma astonment oh Tools winch have been
salesLcd with great care, anti which we are deterrent
ed to .ell w at 10 give satisfaction. aselud&arT
EPRIN . rs . PliE
I . The Inuidon quarterly Review.
1. Thr Ethnbargh Review,
5, The Westminster Review, i qp.arterly.
4 The North British Review,
5 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine-51.1day.
The above Periodicals are reprinted In New York,
immediately on their ariiral by the Bride' steamers,
in a beattlltal clear iype, on floe white papet A ruid are
faithful copies of the ongemlis—lllackwood's aganne
being an asset fac-siaule of the Edinburgh edition.
The prices of the reprints are lees than one third of
those of the foreign copies, and while they are equally
well got up, they afford all that advantage to the Amer
tern over the English reader.
Taame--(Payment to be made in advance.)
For any one of the four Reviews, - 00 $3 per an.
For any two do - 500
For any three ono - 7 CAI
For all tour of the Reviews, - 8 Olt
For Blaetwood's hisgatone, - 300
For Blackwood and the four Reviews, in CO
JAMES IL LOCKWOOD, Agt for Publisher,a
tale -
CI Woolf
wines U. lineation of buyers to Ids essonment
of alarre desirable goods, being the genuine onshrielt•
gbh, uncle.
Also, Geese and Persian Flannels, of superior quid
ond a rod essartmetu of cAmsnon Frannelly White
and colored, at northeast corner of Fouttn,„anahlar,
Cr! sts. jolt
C nES,
4ist. • mut tot sato byi
4 48 °Y1/ 0 ./gZe k
A *tried Drain'
home Ifrom-I"ann sew, 'ln
goe, 011 thq wee,
wan wan, of DAVID A L itt
Lam-adios on Fourth street, hinwatuche
and Grant street.
: WM ROM% '• -• • '• • 4 ,e.:
-114 POUR new Rea gory 13nek DaredUng•Hgel.
well dabbed and In cceaptexe orderi on, "• r
Avenna, 7th Walt PasseniansivenaVst
Rent ow. Enquire or JOHN WA7T•Ia „ ~'": Z •
•lod - corner of Libert and %J.:a
__ . ~,,,,
von sAza, - . ..x
TWELVE BUILDING LOTS, elkualedotv thaliil4ll
trde of Pennsylvania Avenue, between • tkWe
and Stevenson streets, and about three minutre- k
from the New Court House. NY of these lots:l!ltml/
ns inches on the Almoner, and inc back. tilly `et!
ai feet alley, and Member atx from the sand
on Forbes arum ' IM teat widej wad ran back • t
to the same alley. If the above property !seer
ed of by private sale before the with day of In
it will be sold at =tenon, at the new Court Heir
bidd e
t balOttY, et 3 o'clock, P. ~ :tithe highest an
Foe rooms.:..we't
t)r rooms of vale and other particaharsemeue , .
DAVID D. BRUCE, Attu-nay at Law,
________dottr to Alderman Arm.y.....
rirtli iO pr. FR -------- AND 1. , *IV
I:aritreigned offers for sale in LAND, , _ '
01 % , sa,.. ac h r r eat l a t.s f Lill timbered LAND, teß
Hansen, one 41 feet front t;pi,...k, °IId thert two i le r r
Butt by 2 1 book. Also, good new
by forty feet. The mill and lend are sitestedAtt
miles from the Allegheny
TIMBER Mete best quality, and i t vast
of the very best hemlock, Also, one acre on Cr .
o a f
the Allegheny, near a muve, mow admirably
ed fee rafting, where lumber elm be rafted on t .
in winter, and be perfectly' safe from all Iteshied4. •
Price 63,300, or SS an aciro. Terms eury7 wag
a well cleared small farm, whit
_good house avAkk
°heed urn il, aa put purumt. u ima m is .....„,
..,..r.irs7ellenitnomprorAgity"fr=vj 1
the probability is great thatin two or Buns yell
property will double its value; In conmuu t:
proximity te the New York and Erie Railroa d, t. '-
ber sulDelent to wear out several saw miller— se
era! mill aims on the stream added' tam nearly
, the centre of the land. About Men atm id' •
No hilt to rise in hauling landthr from Mill to alvV,
Trout and game in abundance.. For forth_ or pap
late, addle., IPosl•paidd P. B. TE3IPLETOIC ,17
royakdkwdS Gazelle! odice,Fltutt,
Tie - is — LT. 4 - ggii - lital e •,717 - 0
THE subscribers will sell atArreateseleuther
I valnable Lots of Ground, strutted on Tome's; •
in the Third Ward of Allegh-eny Clay, each
alley, hartg, ,:. a
from fro °MD feet, running back 133 feet la depth ettkf
feet upon which is built a stone wall, 1(3
Ittpi .
feet, which contains itone enough to WM cal l ow b
two comfortable dwelling homes, and in from W,
are three shade trees,n f d years growth, and th e .
walk is paved with brick ell of which will be .4
$9OO. Pitrabergh cad Allegheny, or County Rit . trkii
will he taken in payment.
• .1 4 H PHILLIPS, Na'S Wood 's ' ,
or to Wht. BENSON, immediately oPPosile aniddYr
tiTHE Dwelling House on Third meet, at'.y''.tr,
Smithfialel, occupied by the funny of the lito': -
D. A. N. ArDowell. rosseulon erect orik3he
Ist of Icily next.
Also, norm large low of ground in the Ninth. W, . , S i
between the Filth Ward and Croghananile, 04,1,0 ~,,, e,
for lumber yards. mi. M. DARLINGTON; e. 4 !
toMdtf At D. Darlingto2A F0urt.413,,%.
F OR BALE—.Five lotseitibly aitinued fit — the - 11,11 t,
tad o l : l tgui t own
an of G ar.
in n At " .", stritie ,
73, 70, 00, Ell and 82f -Lot No 73 fronting 20 &mon Viso '',; -
ry Ann street, YU feet dperr, the other four .53 feet 404 . ; •
each, by fli) feet deep.
Trroas—Greater park of purchase money may'
~,,,,,,,,66,01.6 years, secured by ab nuit_.f or Ps":",.. 0
tilers, inquire of cruYELL, 1,
tulle 4106000nd ' :!'t
Vaal:mkt. Coal Land dbr Bide s
ABORT (or miles above LOck No. P., at the rstrieiC
(the very be Pine Run, Monongahela River. The Coarf r, .
ost quality, and easy of access. „Oyu.;
number of acres, from twenty.five to a bemired, itubla,4&
be obtained- Persons desirous of purchasing,
call on WALKER REED, on the premi ses, or Why
Reed, opposite the Post oMee, who will give any fIW,
formation concerning the property, The above erilF.;
be Sold at a great Marano. turalitke„
ITICTLEP—AgoaI briegsv Douse mutate •
Robinson street, Allegheny. &moire ,
situate on Webster street, 23 feet from Met •
LB feet front on Webster, by SO feet to a five feet IOW:
--quite close to new coon house. Price 13933. tersgSg . /.
3= cash in hand; balance in one, to, Woe and
years from the first of April last.
County and City Dery taken for cash payment.
i ee of sure •• 9 SCHOYER,IIO second
283 Aar,. 5:,,,5... galas`
Q ITUAT4Iion the Monongahela river,aboue*:
from en unlit and 3 miles above third
the immediate neighborhood of Menara. Lyon t ' Littelg.
and Me. John Lierron's punkas. This fine body:cr O !.
Coal will be sold at the low price 0(123 per an ••,.
thirdin hand, balance In five equal unmet payme ,'
without interest Title indisputable. Leaden - e .;
good—eannot be s eased. For further partlen4ue,, s !
enquire of 8. Y, who has • draft of asid__Ap.'r .
Perry. Reisidenee at et, below Ferry, Mr. AdanteßAlr'n,
N. LL . There is another learn of coal on this tuak4 .l.
about 60 feet above the lower, of excellent quality, tfi s . .
igtektltt Lli, rti:t 1
Viliiibilittuticitter Mire. j". , -:
Ting. subscribers are mthorired to offer at privArV! , .
I sale, and upon highly tissorable Lerma a nartMee,`, ,
0, very valuable Building Lots, comprising a &s.
portion of the Lots numbered 67, Gs, 09 and 7tti;in,;. ,4
W oats' General Plan of the City of Inuatburgh, site.3lP,,
led at the south eastwardly corner or Penn and 117a4neh.1
streets, framing WU lemon the former, and amen :irr,-.l'
along the linter about 60U feet to the Allegheny rat/. 41^
and beteg a pan of the Real Estate of the Late Jangtot
S. Stevenson, Esq,, deceased.
A plan or subdivision of the above Lour, In: eon'‘..:`;-;
any with which it is proposed to sell, may be seerisAtW
the office of the u n dersigned, on Fourth'betWomi hift , V,
ket and Ferry .to. W1L14A319 4 KUM -
ray 3
- - Vadtsinailit Real S r got Slates
tltrribor wilt sell, at private sale, that iika. , ,;::
perty, on me Fourth street road, o af .d '
his present residence., and give-possess/an imetedlide...,:"i'
ty. There are about TEN AtiRES OF CHOluzd s npsgso;
in a high state of enitiratiod. The Improvements sers::,
a tarp and well finished Intel DWELL/pill aOI.IIIIW,
Linste . rb litans,and th ae g er p ont. ti l l
. ielps. Adirdsuelt*d.:
d a geed Partip,,r,
wnit: f g nerldes a cesuatant sow!) , of enerdleatWetkpN
Them m a misty of Fruit That and liihrabherymteji
tho premise. U above ibed preporty.; is sspt! ~.
sold soon, it will be rented foraMoe. Aiso,lor stro,r:.
the blarge L OT, oa Fminsylvania Avenue, at Me caut Oft' ;
oawall. Inquire of
atd3 DAYLD HEEL ELt„I , *1•;
17alusibla gi, . cap mr a.l 0 4
tBE following property in the ally of Pinsheirtf.
_ and near the borough of Manchester, on 'the o L;1
ver, is adored for wile on acconintodating terms: •ll 11.7,
A Lots (being sob-divirion of Lot No .440 In the plan i . •,,
of the city of berth) tossing 03 feet from on -,..e,
south &mot, by 910 teat to Strawberry alley nir,ars '
Grant meet
,„„ 11 '2',
10 ono acre Loti fronting on WI AT6MIL. va. %I:,
wide, raming , from Beaver road to the Ohio river. ~, , Y .
Joking Phillips's 011 Cloth Factory. ' •- - • : 0 0 0
For terms, enquire of CHARLES B. EiCOLLVS: -,':'
or JAMES 0 4 / 4 1.11A,
.1; ~.::,
_feta-all( Botta'. JAlLtrur, 4A 41, •t• ,
IN~TH far
N eral Late on Baldwin - unli Laxly athe UR4 tr,Ail
9th Ward, 94 feet 4 , 100, end *dittoed - the propritg
depot of tbo Centred Hairioad , For
in_grutd if t•, , ,,,
or JAMES MIURA, 1 - - 4 . ,
marittf Brute's Bailding, 4th ti-
~, i •
iTAiri mi 1;.!...
h i. TWO LOTS on Beaver sweet, barite eit -.. ~ . ir,
. 4
413, Allegheny, abovo the upper Commo t c ss • s:',.;',
to erected a Arum betiding, two stories • k,l
for two small tenements. Th e lots are. - 1::: ,
feet in front by ono handled. feet demand' rite '
~,',', 1
ton street forty feet wide, Tito baltdangs on the. przi,i , ,
arises will pay livery tiondsobui Interest CIA the ia , 014:
nein, mod the property will be sold them, for onnt4 , -
Apply to 11. Sproul, Clerk's of ff eel U.S. or to ~, IS
norg9 Key A ca.
_____----- ,
-- - ,
__:...__— .iottonn Land torßal____ _a. -.'- --'''
PENAcilha OF LAND, minuted in Peebles tow& ;!'
1 ap, on th e Monongahela, three miles from Pabt, S
bargn—in has to mit mehasera FM ,„1,
bather pvls , : iti,
Wars apply to Henri' Wood.. 34 M. er to
4th, above Smithfield at:-: , ...::.>
±1 HCO:18-E — Fsttb sib
open for sale the three tagry beak Warehottk.
.0 Wood street, occupied by R. Tamar a co.
upl.7 WAL WILSON. Juj;
V FOR tiALE.—A Lot of Oroood situate on Yenta
street, between Hoy cad blurbury streets, ltdjoint
the house and lot now 4.thapial by Richard Edwardd
having a front of feet, and in depth ISO foe; eral bf
sold 011 tavorable terms. Tale unexceptionable. kVA,
quire ofti-dg C. 0. LOOPILS, st, near Wood.i':„. • , e•
Voir 5a10..2•.,-..
A DMIHABLE JEWWhig Loon hi All egbutl any, 4,•• i , '
I& vorpm 7 1,,,:wr.4 la sae about half an aersi.
'Peru/ be sold . acconasnodaling terms. inquire Or wi i. - ;
US .1 .0 Liamas, 110 t4woodla
— IO
mi. KENT—A room In the second story NA: lk:, 161118 Wood atrex. lal4 , T. -,;!.
:PrOpiiinfy in Allegiliiiiijtiq — rar 1--g-----"''-i..-,. -:i:
.111 IE sobscnbers oiler for hate a n... of choice i,,
I. Lou, situate Jo the Second Ward, fronting cc. t. 40. ;,.!
9-- f;.CrtagroAM, .4 1 11",:, V, - chir . e, ''.(!'
.1,... „. 4
or of JAB ROBINSON. on thapremtses, • :.' it,
• NO. 63, DIAMOND ALLEY 47.,,
1 1
. few door below Wood street,
, •ii V
-- DIU BRAWN, booing beitil ' s ' .
. . N., regularly educated to the meat, "„ •
'.. , - r fession, and been for sort/ 2 1
general practice now c +,..:
: ; hls attention to th e teem:Mein a''',
• . thme pnvate and delicate coral ..'',-...
„a tv . plaint. for which hth opyort o ' ~
i. ro, and experienee peenllarly galling 1'.. ,
~. 1, . ~.- ; him. 11 years nasidnously devoi,3 , •
to eta • y treatment of throe complaints,feming which :.
time he b oo hod more presence and ham eared more mti ~. :„.
cents than elm ever fall to the lot of any private p
~ r
thinner) amply qualifies him tat oder anurances 1!
rpeedy, permanent, and sauslartory one. Of all MI ,
with delicate diseases, and all diseases arising the ' s
:, 3
Dr. Drown woald Inform those .lEl[4O with cirri "..,
tliseme• width have become donuts, by time or •S 1
gravated by the ale of any of the canrendlo nostmota -..,
the day, Wm weir complamta can be radica ll y nod died r -'-'
aughly cured, he barmy given his eareful attention
the treatment of loch easel., and atteeeeded In hundre o
0f11,1311U0. 111 cunng persons of inflammation oft;
area of the bladder, and kindred diseaaca which o ~--:
result front those eases where o th ers have consume, ~.”"
them to bopelew despair. lie parttenlarly invites web .?
as have been long and onmecesafully treated by othelS
to commit him, when every . 11 tilfOCtiOU will be tiv4 ,•'_;
theia, and their eases treated In a esrefal,thormag •s• s.
thtelligent manner, ranted OWL by a longaipericneo 7, - ,
study, and invesugauan, whiehst is imposubth for discs
engaged in room! presume of medicine to give 8.4
one claw of &masa.
Urflenda or Ruptere.--Dr. Drown also brettai N A
wits aliened with Serum to call, as ho has paid punt] 11' i
Oar attention to this disease. ", o Sr`
CANCERS also cured.
- -
Sant diseases; also Pea, eta" speedily, earea
Charges very low.
N. 7 11.--Patients of eith sex•tiving at • distaner
t. I.f.i•
wiling their disease in writing, Nivints.ll the ay
was, can obtain medicines *ilk duoetloaa for
addressing T. DROWN, h;. D o pan paid, and
log a kn.
Oleo No. QS, Diamondialayi Oliposita the irrart3
Riprobtrannt.—Dr.Broisa's, newly diseosetod ton*
dy for fiheumationa is i speedy and certain =tar 1 05
that paled! usable. It nem •
Mee and Prima Oonsalting Rooms, No. OS Dl;g.
mood alley, Edalutifit, Pa. The Doetor Spiry; ,d 4 y!•, •
• I
GEO. , •.42111 , 11116C0i, 7 . !u
INFORM Nair Meads end thOnthkelltaithelihia2l
.1 ao tenger nay conanedon wat their late esaththa •
mem Penn man, kaceem ith the PilesbariklhmweW
keying removed their claire bagbaseree. ea POMP
ORRWPMV. Ic Pir u.a.rt •-• reviget
C—. 500 lb, on Lund And fat onia
J KIDD*. Cakr. I=o
ALLUA I -0 ,0 tai, jail MC% wad tor labs by "2:
` t
Vii: ~_
4.. : i _ _
k ``~: j".
'Y! _