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..Prrsurtaort Dana daises' is published
Da[y, IrtAb'sekly,and Weekly.— he Daily is Seven
Dollars per atutuul; the Tri-Weekly is Flys Delbws per
ausuint; the Weekly . is Two Dollars per annual, strictly
Is stigmas. -
7Aavincrunars ttre earnestly requested to hand la
herr ravers before and as early intheday
pracicable.' Advenisercents not Insetted toys speci'
fled dad ittvariably bo charged until eder. oat
Adveittsemeats and mbeeriprions to the Nerd:Amer
lean aad United States oazeue, Philadelphirc, received
and forwt — deed from thia office.
11. • init. vegetal. Talarpraphle News.
. lifer Loeal natters sae next page.
Lott. ors on Cho/era,
These ISM», in an ening Clase.tti p can be bad in the,
counter; nay time today. Price 5 cents.
The Cotton Irtannfacture.
. .Thul'astin annotutelag the erection oftounn
- -• .. .
Factories at Lancaster,' in' this State, and at
. 1
' pomade tit keep a record of the new estabf eats
which are being created in various places di ugh
out the cpuntry," and that it is 4 1deased to vett
in its power,to record such evidences of 1111Coubt
ed prosperity."
The Post's gratulations are but simulated to coy
' swan attack on Tariff principles, which ne. d no
- , apecial " fe nce, just now, in thin community. But
in another point of view its article is suggestive of
very grave reflections, and soma startling facts.
Admit that than is still, notwithstanding the low
Tata of 1846, snfficlearittaiNcmoot to inVell cap
iet m th e ...uyAetrolngOY-t,Otten, the question
'irises, now eonies it :thaf taialOas vicinity.
Fnotwittistentling unzivulled natund . advtudigen is
tint only deeiining, bat verging on: online:Unfit
We ether further front the Poet, (which records
the algnificnnt and startling Ant, without a (Void of
continent,) dud albs bend'of the Wel*trg enter.
uareCartain large capitalist'
• ,
St learn; Mina' enquiry front Ow: Warms, that
these largeE capitalists are :getdiamen connected
= with the tenon nutanketnte in this district. We
• , aslt the attention of our citizens to this tact. The
Pant serve antra, admits that the itramstmantOf
capital Mille manufacture demon is "evidence
_ofprospm4." Shall we permit this prosperity, and
alt, op mof its iricienieto depart from us without a
I struggle?
TW, =mot LanCider, which the Post cites, is
I another instance iu point, that ought to arouse us
to a true sense of our situation. About three years
ago the first cotton mill was start,a
anggestins o r- ^;_'... .
~dr{i ;.'.,.
eaf years
.. the mills there have never
been Incited against-their employers, and have
'never lost a day's work from disagreement about
terms. They are now by agreement with their
employers, and for their mutual benefit, erosions
twelve hours per day. The consequence is that
capital seeking investment is the cotton manufire.
tore flows there, and the very mill, the erection of
which the Post cliso'nieles with so much 'exultation
is erected in considerable part, as we ere Wonted ,
by capital abstracted from the cotton business
here! Our own capital employed in the cotton
business, is thus silently,. slowly it may be, bte
surely, as occasion offers,Seeking an escape from
the poisoned atmosphere, bad passions, and the
insecurity ,created by the Poor, aided by a few is
the very paltriedand 'Mellowest of spootesig - whsle
as a matter:43C course, Gareign capital avoids
The immediate • effect of this, though sufficiently
obvious nithe• close Gl:server, especially in our
sister city, is not yet Seen in genera!---peihaps
may never be fatly appreciated by the mass, but
it is nevertheless one of the moat 4pcuttuat tines
tin= we-have ever had to deal with We may.
still grow—still increase, both in population and
wealth._,Wer- undoubtedly shall; far Pittstrntgb
has advardagek that cannot well be repressed.—
But if we stiffer oinselves by mischievous and
meddlesome. Legislatien, and still more mischie
vous doctrines to be robbed of one of our great
sources of prosperity, our growth wilt be Woolen
libly leas than it otherwise would have beem'Our
prospect, but a little while agcy far becoming the
chief seat of the cotton manufacture, aswe already
are for that of Iron, was quite promising. A ffiar
blasts from the tool breath of demagogues, who,'
under a thin guise of philanthropy, endeavor to
conceal the hatefullest passions,havescauered there
bright hopes, and afforded another, to the many
instances that thine who aplwlar - utterly impotent
for good either to themselves .or otheri; may per
become instruments of great mischief.
We cannot conclude this article !without cx.
pressing our surprise that with this evil portend
-Mg—almost upon us—our usually vigilant and ex
cellent Board of Trade does not take some steps'
to avert it.
PrIVSYLVAZILA CRLD.I7.-A ciraulta from the Trail'
, ofy Dept:l:nem of this State has been issued direct
ed to the CountyCommiasionereof each eountycal
ing upon them to assist, bt immediate and prompt
payment, the Treasurer to pay the August interest.
and thee maintain the crc dit untarnished of oar
oved Commonwealth. We hope a hearty response
will be made to this call, and that the money will
be placed in the treasury at an early slay. The
credit of our State should be attobject as dear - to
every citizen an his personal reputation. When
he visits other States and eller countries, his
proudest boast should be, I ant a Pennsylvanian.
This county has hetetokno been one of the most
forward in the good work of °misting to sustain
our restored credit, and we hope, notwithstanding
the embarrassed state of its finances, consequent
. on the depreciatiod of the scrip, that our COMMIS.
sioriers Syr make a vigonnas effort In respond to
' the cell ef:the'State Treasurer. We are glad 'in
.frint the circular of Mr. BALL, that berate
..:7-.. 7 *.Ti , L44.l.aiiiiitiy-the Treasury will be in the re
,eeiPtbrriiiii4esp piovuled by recent kgisilLlol,l;
whiahritre Oa:entail to be more thin equal to the
late appropriations, and will leave, after the pre*
Cat nearly the ontiretevenun of the State,
leas the riipannes :of government, to be tip
:: plied to the payment of the interest on the
funded debt, and the astride's toward the ., comple
lion of an important putdlo work. •
A brighter era is, thereltie, dawning upon tui,
Let as meet the present emergency with resole
tion—let us sustain the credit of the Slate at all
hazards, and the process of -a• liquidation of tie
debt, once commenced, the burden will yearly grow
We learn that John 11. Robinson,Esq. basbeen
appointed Superintendent of the Marine Hospital,
vice Mr. Olathe. This finisheN we believe, the
appointmentsfor Pittsburgh.
The appointmente of:Heary Woods, Eaq, as
Surveyor of the Port, and of Mr. Robinson as
MarineSupertrandear, give general
They aro both :young men, and ardent, active
Whigs, and, pcostmsell the necessary qualifications
for the offices they have been invited to fill.
An the abiive offices were held by Mr. Gomm*.
but the, Whig tdminlsmation,more in the spirit of
Demoeragy,lias divided and scattered them tuno'. •.•
the people. Mr. Guthrierattile agood ()inner, as fns
as our knowledge extends, but be is a warm
corona politician - , moles his removal
was estrictly,
_is accordance with the Democratic code of pang.
cal morals, we think he has too much spirit to
complain, Or place himself in the pitiful position'
of the wailing crew who mourn ea dolorously
over the vanished honors and emoluments of their
• political paradise.
STATE CONTIL4I2O:4 , ..niti the last meeting of the
Whig State Central Committee• held -at Har—
risburg, in pursuance of public call, it was, oe
Raolei. That the friends of the National and
Slate Adreinistrations,in Pennsylvania,be request
ed to meet in the sevens( ales and counties of the
State and select delegates equal in number to their
representation in the Slate Legislature, who shall
meet in Castellon at:the Court House, in Hat
- risburg, at 11 o'clock. A.M.,on Thumday, thel6th
day of August next, for the purpose of selecting a •
candidate for Canal Com:lsiah:met, and to do such
other business athe - interest of the country, may
tequila. . ,
By older of the Cominittees
GEORUE ERETY, Chaiiman pro tent.
Ram W. Psrmaron, Secretary.
• Morton McMichael; . Alexander Ramsey.
nutcase E. Cochran,. Hobert Itedsll,
•„ - .0 WashingtenTotineetl, Joltnt. Kunkel,
..' • y iLm aFeg,... : . . Tmeteect•Eittat, •
ilenjaminldeubins, George Lear,
•.. Thoufas.T.Watenni , -•H. H. Etter, .. • ..,.
• -. Paul RPreston,':. •-•:. •': ' - Edtsc' a; Darliagion4.
- - , :Georitsi. - .F.•,Milier,' . .• - c-, , :;David Cclojitii l, - - - -,,,-•
. ' .Loißeinson , . ,, : , : .- - ".•: ,, lVPliiiti H. Seibert, - •
,•, Joseph Piatoni --.. •• • :teams V. Lawrence,
--' '.-John . Penloti,` :,,'•• .- •D. A. Finney,
•1' 7 4. 0. - NVeticiefe, _": ~. , „Tula Morrison,
'• -. •IL VA Patrick, ,- - ..• Samuel W. Pearson,
•..,......:37-... 4
-..-...- 1tr.4.b . 7....,,•;•....re5er5ce5e. 1 .1
',:•: - ...r . t .i - Z.t.....,i:, , .. , ,;.,. :',. , ,,, i:•
~ ,4 !,•:', ,5,. :'4';;::. 1.' . . ,, L , --i'',,*-i'",:...'
rim zaat i iins •1,
FPgiirot!,9 ll 11 4 1 , 44 . 11 .F1
11 * 41° 6131 c.
h 2nr2tD W ' i
Satitrditp:Mar 26.
Tha SiddernMl' r mglea tneethnrtatrrder, and
it Wad owed with prayer kry theater Mr. Brown .
The Clctk read tho =aura ot Friday ahernoon,
Moderaiteasted drat t
he had been request"
ed bpi& -anatomy 'to auspeint busmen' for a
moment 'while he unlade an announcement of a
very sale:tt 04m:ter.
..:2A` mealier ihea stappei Guwitrdt and declared
1 / 2 4it 11 0 4 14 t. received intelligence or the death
of Dr. N. L. Rice of Cuteninad, who had been et-.
timed by cluilera. Ha had recovered, but expe
rieuce'd tklelarise, and filially died.
i t * received by the Assent'
hly with Adage of the dtttpeat emotion, and Dr.
9prl4 tooredinat the order ot,ihe day (the e t e c,.
tint Proalororof Princeton 'Theological Semi
nary, to fill thephum of Ebeiersior Miller,) be post
poned in conntq: mace of the melancholy event,—
Dr,pictesuame bad been proposed an
motion was made, and prevailed, to the effect
that libepastpuned, but be taken upy provaled the
reoort fa ascertained to be untrue.
2%; Presbyteries (the 'Washita Creek) mete
on the part Mthe Cammitteeon Bills
nrid"CivartureS; read two, overt re one from the
Presbytery of philndelphia,respechng the growing
evil or itandiog during prayers. Also, one knits
the Synod of Michigan.
Dr. DrOwn,Chairman of the Committee of De
I r P** Fat ip-jaaai read a report.
Thins, Chairman of the Finance Committee
Made I n•report which was accepted and adopted. ,
oetter from the Rev. Nathaniel West, was
read; laming that the Temperance League was
veridedirousollanding a meeting in the First PlTS
!ltalian thatch, on Monday-afternoon, and that
'they , Wished .1:M. Murray, Dr. Plummer, and the
KeT, Mr. Nouns to Radian the meeting.
A:Molion Was made, and lost, to refuse the re
-iltiest;on the ground of the limited time of the As.
neidtly, and.the petition was granted.
: : The second order of the day, the election of a
Wittier to preach the next annual sermon on Po.
pc ley ,, before the General Aesembly, was taken tap•
aid the ftillonting gentlemen were nominated.
"Drs. Spring, Poo.; Pkunmer, Juelaus, Lord,
Sulythint, and : Elliott. They received respectively
62,!_33,.22, 13, 13, 11, 2.
Dr. Spring wait declared duly elected, and
Dr: Potts, as his alternate.
A motion; wan merle t° take up the unfinished
‘,.,* Mr. Nevin renttested that
! resolutions on the mthject
• siiday evening be heard.—
. to him, and his protest was
heard, and was, ordered robe entered on the
mittutes. Wiens follows
The underiigned,claimmg the right, granted to
him bythe farm of government of 'the Presbyterian
Church, kelt himself httheratively called upon, by
a linnet, of ditty to Clod to the Chore-6, and the
Sieve, to protest against the judgment of the As.
sembly, es expreelted In the report adopted by it
untie subject of Shivery.
The reasons for this . protest, are as follows 1
1. The true position of our. Church, in regard to
this Subject, which is evidently one of overwhelm
mg impostat:the„ is sot known with certainty, eith
er by an its ministers,-or members, or the world at
large, Some . itlirmutjt that the Church mentions
Steam, as tip icatitnnim hating the moral appro
bation of Goth and others tkatit condemns it.
2: The fact that there is a Ord of "earnest In.
quit* and deep agitation on this subject, " instead
of rendering* "impkoper and inexpedien t" for this
Gendral Audi:Alp to °apnea its sentiments- dell
:a-WY upon it, is in the opinion at the undersigned,
theccety readun why its ligaments should be ex
pressed, as by this means, the members of the
Chure.h . would be enabled to know their duty ns
morel stlbjeebt, in concession with the great ques
tion., Itie the /iglu of the divine truth alime, shin_
lag through-the living organisation of the Church,
that is ;;competent to instruct , and stimulate the
massenita regard to the scripteral dutya"breaking
ever yoke and letting the oppressed go five."
31 T
he provision . that is referred too, as being.
made for the just exercise of discipline upon those
who neglect orvialite the mutual duties of wester
and nertent,:tteems to recognize the righteousness
of the relationship of slicery: Belida% the slave
en long as he is a since, from the nature of the
tenons by which ha is held, and because of the
light ht 'Which bit condition is regarded by all ma*
tern{ Y. ''' vi4 be 6, e any of aur n.„,,:.=
the master or other church
meMber. Dow conmorthaery -it would appear
should i simile piesent himself in the Genertd'ilt
ttembly is an appellant or Cemplainant ogaiint
=MO wrung elm! ' ppan him by one" assuming
to hinuelf the dtnnified.thle °tenures.
4. The action of some of the :former assemblies
instead of beaefdliag, Vie , attiTklt fa feared., has
`lied rover to t
he cowl:. ees of- slave holder's,
whims had ilmay begun's* . Omani ut thunder
tenet against their wrong in holding in bondage
beings,whom God had created in his own Ike
neespid whOni Jesuit embraced' in, his wannest
sympathies and loves While ads' action is giving
relief tosome minds, it is driving! mitny others to
separate themselves. from the church, that was
ancedear to theit hearts. - ' .
5. Tut thyteries carnet gime or adopt meaty for
impittiag religious instraclien to the slaves, since
under v enithlitra of grate, as we are taught
by the .., o of the Senor God, there mast be
an eXpression of him:Mese— that Wfil make every
sacrifice beam the - trUth inta, • _
_di received in love
and' the ' power of God' onto salvation.
4 i 3 g
Thetisis AO kindness in sets .of man to his
(elk+ man. unless the of self ownership is
first recognised. This bei Utak:al and great
demand of the law of la ve ' and • codmmon sense
6. '
,There does hot appeW to be in the General
dosembly, as expressed by. report, that ruse
of the magnitede of slavery 'co the ware of
the case would seem warrant.. It is thought to
be a' privilege granted with rehictince to woos
few to look at it st all, and speak their sentiments
upon it, and;not to be the tdrity of at to take up
the subject; and give to it' hat degree of earnest
and praverful atteationouhich it. is receiving at
the Mad, of almost Ott , ' other 'ecclesiastical
onuthization, and every.form of civil polity, where
christiaaity , bas .juloitened their seambilities and
affeeted the ir legislation. EDWIN B. NEVIN.
.The judicial case was then taken pp, and the
Moderator made the tuntal solemn charge.
Dr, Ph:Omer rose-arid Was speaking concern
ing the moutufal death olDr,Rice, when the Mod.
enter announced that he had just received a tele ,
greHphic despatch 41;141CSnelomui, stating that there
- they kpew nothiniot such' a report, bat still they
wouhl make,partlcalar inciiry.
A short tleteachte Ritail:a;aeciind despatch ar
rived, stating that Ow Rev, Mr. Mee was in good
A itnotion was amide to take ap the and order
of elnettc: m of it professor. to MI the
ocassiottid by the resignation of Proles-
sot Miller. ; ;
Tins folloWiag gentlemen were nominated..
Plialleunder,Stogthe, and 14. L. Rice.
Ulgtrectived iespeatively . 110, 16, and yl, so
that Re:Alexander was dictated duly elected.
Title Rev. Mr. Janneway read ,'paper from the
Trusteevol . the Weitern Theological Seminary,
recommending that the following gentlemen he
appointed Trusteem, in place of ether gentlemen,
who had either reaigned, or found' it impossible to
T. R.Wanin,
J. ilea;
Wm. McCully, '
- , A. Schoesundlier.
„The augeeisernn was =matinee* adopted.
Bernina? proceeded 'in hie define* of Mr.
**hi a mint war' ins Istria!? oreloquesice, and
co,..ri r Wilton,
allidida.htile beam twot o'clock.
on the put of! . F'rethy,tafp, SlOse
and preeeeded with abmerarnarke,Which ware de-
aim' to be 01 of mac.
liwas thah moved and wined, Mit as the hero
of adjortresehnt liid 'tam* wilvigit, would be
beam to postpanoSim farthwillscassbon of the Sub,
jeer tdi Monday morn at 10 o'clock, earnany of
the members of the 'Assembly would doubtless
wish to speak on the subject.
It was then proposed to Who Op a report kern
the Cenimittee on BUM and Overtiltes, proposing to
make the °diciest Avid the botuulary.bertweea the
two Synods *neatens. ' •
The .debate on ..this point continued until the
heir Of aajoarameta, and the Assembly was closei
with prayer. •
The Amerttbly met; pursuant to tu3jouniment,iu
the session room of the Pint Prlshyterian Church.
The Moderator not being present,
D r . McGill wan milled to the Chair, and the ex
eretses were opened with pra yer Spry ,by Rey. Dr,
• The Clerk iriti tie terminator tie intuiting e'j.s.
wee: '
The unGehihed 'Maas ntlito *irons was 4-
hen °P• ; ' •
Tee report or shi•utommanne• en:the •Boundsty
lne tzet,Fetty;thp..Pytwitie of JadiiillK WAS then
broagbtE raw rd ,
- •
:"..Knuermi'wet made to the effect :chit the Gat-
AMembly, postpeine ell actilk',ori,: the subject
emit their neat meeting.
• The Jeperi cf hammer,
V, nKiffort or 'Lim anmitittotts(.*,,
olio** D% to the BO**
Viervetcifort};inuali ,, eit oo Donaestialsts•
stone umiak= up...assmudesl,,nad
The how of adjournment haying arrived, tho,
meeting was closed with prayer. •
Latter Trona irl6antbrina . 66;iripant.
Correrpordeue'of thenl:abash flume,
Harbor Rio Jaiortro, April 6, 1819.
Editors Gazette—We united here in eTell
ire'otihe 27th alt,sfter a passage of fifty two days
Goth Baltimore, on our way to California, and es
peeled to remain only a few days, or time =nigh
to get water; but some of the passengers thinking
it a good • opportmaity to gain redress for the bad
treatment we received from our captain, (Brown
of N.York,)lorhosil complaint before the consul,
Mr. Parka, he promptly took the matter to hand,
Ousted our captain, and furnished us with a gentle
manly one, pained Captain Jonathan Bourns, of
New • Bedford, Mass. Our first mate, HawlY, a
real tyrant, 'also had to leave the ihip,and afloat
appointed in his place. This Brown is &German()
and never carrisd passengers have, consequently
Seated us like brutes—and you know the Ameri
can spirit too well, that it will not be trampled on:
our Indiaaation was aroused, and the firat oppor
tunity it was determined to lay up the ship, or
have the officer suspended, which we succeeded
Them has been, Since the news from California,
in this place!. no leas than MOO Americans bound
for the gold regions; and at pisaent, them are seven
ships filled with passengers laying in this pore
bound Or the same, and even , day some mom
A whale ship put in here, direct Wm California,
and the news ahe brings exceeds any thing brought
from that place: that gold is found, and in large
quantities, is unquestionably true, and new dies
coveries made every day. But there is a civil war
raging between the Americans and Spaniards,
foreigner and Indians, and blood copiously shed;
no doubt you have this news long since.
Yours respectfully,
W. 1. SANE
P.S. —The ship Pacific,' New York, also kohl
their captain.
For the Prt.toburgh Gum&
Tito Emancipation movement. In Ken
I have now fully explained fin the information
GI your readers the objects thr which the Eman
cipationists are contending in Kentucky. I will
next state their probable strength ex the pellsol the
question were math; a direct Liam at the present
time. These are, 1 think, all told, about 140,000
voters in our state, who mold be brought to the
polls upon as exculog a question ea thus Of thew
at lean one fourth es trot, unwaverieg, emanci
pationists; that is to say, 35,000 voters. The num
ber of alaveholders in the state is estimated, in
reined numbers, at 00,000. The real number does
not greatly exceed, or fall much abort of this esti
mate. Many of these, say 5,000, are estancipatioa
uts; one sixth of thAr number. There are then a
body of men, numbering 25,000, who are banded
by interest and feeling, to uphold the institution to
the lot. These men have a very extended and
pecuniary influence in society, and can rally great
numbers of the nos-elaveholding portion of the pop.
illation to their support. They possess this addi
tional advantage over the emancipationists, that
they fight together ea one man. They have a pro
digious interest at stake. The value of the whale
slave property In the state is 560,000,000. Of this
the perpetuated* have in their hands 45,000,000
at least, ifnot more. And where hem there ever
been a set of men thus interested, who have rot
resisted desperately any interference with their in
terest, Much prejudice exists in the minds of the
non-slave holding portion of the commuthty against
any thing which savors of liberty to the negro,—
This has been begotten, and is still supported by
the fierce denunciations which have been unspa
ringly launched by certain excleneer against south
cm people and thew institutions. And if they will
bosh their clamorous cries, they will do geed ser
vice to the cease of frerdom in our state, by taking
away one of the elements which perpetualism
breathe and lives on. But this by the way. The
first meeting in our 'tate, in which decided ground
against slavery was taken, was held in Marseille ,
Eamon Co., or perhaps, in Louisville,. in February
last. Since that time, meetings in throe of our
glorious come, have been held in Weald 40 emu,
ties. As I said in a fonner article, a convention,
composed of delegates front 25 counties, embody
ing eminent talent, great piety, politics of both the
great sethciths end religious principles of every de
nominetiots met at!Frankfort to solemnly deliber
ate upon measures hostile to the existence of sla
very. Atthe bead of this assemblage was Breck
enridge, Young, Ralaton,and a boot of men of pro
dimMis talent and influence. C. M. Clay, modes
sled In his views by experience, was in that con
vention. We have in the forefront of our line al
battle, that great and glorious men—a host in him.
self—the sage of Ashland. His name Is to the
emancipation party of Rentacky,in this great battle
in favor of down maiden humanity, what the white
pinme of Henry of Navarre was to the Hugenots
of France et Ivry. When we take into considera
tion that ore= mouths ago, and Birch a thing as s
public diem:teflon kapott the evils of slavery would
scarcely have been tolerated, and that now,diams
sinus are being hel4 all over the state, and that
large crowds attend and listen with the deepest in
terest and most reepectful attention, it will be teen
that much, very much hat been gained in favor of
emancipation. Many of the best presses in the
state ere willies. At Louisville, the Courier and.
Enquirer, at Maysville, the Herald and Eagle, are
doing good service in the cause. Many other
presses throughout the slate are battling gallantly
fur the right. Our other Benator,ludge Underwood '
tam th 4 fleld,aed with ell the force °flu, great Intel.
lect,is with u5..1301 above all we have with us res.
son, right and the great caxiserof humanity. Before
I close this commit:deaden, I will speak of the
different shades of hostility to slavery, which exist
in our State. Them are only two shades bf theling
hostile toalavery. The flat fa that Iraqi* which
I belong, who are in favor of taking legislative
measures to gel rid of slavery. The other behaves
like we do , slavery Ise great axial mid politi
cal evil, but *inks that moral and economical
causes will gridually deliver the stele from Its
' withering blight, like'no the Saxons were emacipe.
ted Irons Norman bondage, and like as Dela
ware is now nearly eased of the onus of ibis tern-
We system. They Will, however, no doubt even
tually be:cow:Pieced of the fallacy of their views,
and corlesce with as. Many talented and influ
ential men hold these views, and when they do
come over, tlitti will bring a large accession of
strength to our racks. The friends of emancipss
don are running candidates in all the counties In
'which there is any hope of rumen, and in many
where t h ere is none, swing thereby that they
are determined to face the music in gallant style.
And now Mr. Editor, having 'paten upon all the
topic. connected with this question, which appear
to me to be of interest to the general reader, I shall
close the present series ofeommunications. I here
by return you my thanks for the kindness you have
extended to me, In giving them a place In you:
columns. I shall be happy to communicate any
farther ink:magnum upon thnisubject which may be
in my possession. INQUIRED'S.
Two DAIS Lk= FROM Sit FlUJscuce.—The N
Y Tribune is In possession of advices from San
Francisco to March 31, two days later than the
last previondy reeeived. The Intelligence reach.
ea New York by way of at Mannikin, the city of
Metico and Vera Cyan.
The report of the extreme richness of the gold
region Is folly osafirmed. Their intim:ion has in
his possession a limp of the passions metal weigh
ing 21 ounces tiny.
Thegeofegieel tatoret of the Watt= in which
the gold is found, ve in every respect similar to
that at Quite Vura in the Mexican State of Soni
a, so well known for the Inge quantity of good
which It hay yielded.
'rho Calibrala plamrs direr, howsver,from the
above-named rich mine in the greet extent of ter
ritory which thayoßver; the gold realm in Califor
nia already proved being 350 miles long by GO
The Q. B. mail steamer California gill lays at
San Stancher., but the prospect at her getting oS
.before Mug had .mttch Inman& She had on
heard, her Captain, maw, and engineer, and two
or throe ham* and it was anticipated that with
the help ol persons at .San Franc desirous to
comedown, aeurratient number of Men to Ravi.
ante har,,would won. be made up. She had ce
board 5200.000 in gold shipped, to be brought to
the Unito States.
The Meanie Bones 1f0.:3 arrived yesterday
from St. Joseph, which' place she left on the lath
inst." tier officer, report bet little sickeitas at that
paint end only a ay eases echolern at either lo•
dependenee or Banns. - On Sunday the 13th inst.
there Were bat three dentlM at the latter place. At
Wevon, there, were navies'''. nasal =ported. Meer
Weston, they met - the Steamer Mary Bletteg eight
deaths had taken place on her. One mien died
.. 4 1, 0z 4 of the um, and some SIX or eight Icahn
reported in have .ocanirod on. the Algoma. The ,
moaners Amelia and Morino at Jrattlalk WV, Iv
logep. The aufiltoritiesof that pleas have estafi,-
fird a qparati4e; slid *alit ea notpennltted to"
lied Whom first peke inspected by a committee
or t -1 /o'!'ireritlib l ix fi vo i hicklitil
titled fortirry ontet,Attas'met near Bt.
at u A rk i4sterdpy; she had aireedy WOO. Mite
pekoes who `filed of cholas, end *eye* more
were reported sick. The Ligbgbot. is bound for
CouncilZiudi, With a Imp npridtkr"of Mormons .
pr'neatt-,.4.Ans#Py., .11.1137,
1 - 4 L.3.4.a.dy UnWuß3lat 19.
siva Kuzma es rnermerr onitzolzoi
About ten o'clock last night, the steamer White
M 4 41 rear the head of the levee, was dis
co ter be on Are. - At the time, there was a
stilTbreeze blowing from the northesog,which soon
carried the dames acmes to the Edward Batea,the
next boar below, the heat from these set Are to
the Eadoro, lying above them; the Belle lale, neat
below the Bates, then caught Are. By this time,
one or two boos below were dropped down, leay.
Mtn vacamcy between those on the and the boats
below them.
- - At thie time the Edward Bates being about half
bumt up, was cast loose and went floating down,
the laves, setting fire to those boats mill lying at
the levee, as she approached them, in the follow
ing order.—The Julia, but slightly injured; the Uncle
Sam, alms but slightly injured. The Bates but
barely tcmched these boa% being these immediate
ly below her. The taming steam lama, with
a large number of wood boats, barges, drc., &c,
were entirely consumed:—The Mart ha, Sarah
Taglinni, Montana, Bad Wing, Alexander Ransil
ton, Boma No. 3, Timour t Maeda°, St. Potent,
Ett Canson, Memelnke, Prarie State.
We do not presume that this comprises all the
boats destroyed, but these are all the names we
were able to get hold of
The following boats were saved:—Tbe Autocrat,
De Witt. Clinton, Danube, Embassy, South Amer
ica, New Uncle Sam, Julia, Old Uncle Sam, Mar
shal Nay.
So Intense was the heat arising from this great
eonlingration, which extended with short intervals
Sum the head of the levee to the head of Duncan',
island, that it set are to the buildings at various'
points along the levee, all of which above Vine
street were extinguished, but a row of shanties
extended from locust up to towsols Vine street
was destroyed, end row, while we are writing
one o'slook this mcenin%, the enure block bound.
ed by the levee, Main, Olive, andLoohust Streets,
is wrapped in names, as are those houses in the
imam fronting the levee between Pine and Olive
And various houses on the west side of Main
street, from Canters re Simons at the corner of
Locust and Main streets to Olive. Mr. John Ma.
der's large cooper shop at the south west corner
of the levee and Elm street, and, also, a large two
story brick house on the west side of Main below
Elm street, and the flames are rapidly spreading,
and where they may be stayed matt cannot tell.—
This is, by far, the most awful catastrophe that has
even fallen to the lot of any city west of the Alle
gheny mountains. =
In addition to the property enumerated, them
was a vast amount of grain in wicks hemp, ba
con, Sre., &e., on the levee, which caught from the
heat sent of by the boats, and was destroyed, and
unfortunately, on one pile of hemp whice was
covered by a tarpaulin it is said, four porous
were sleeping, and all were destroyed. We saw
the body of one of them, a boy, which, was carried
into the police off.. There were a number of
kegs of powder on hoard the various boats, and as
the fire retched them they caught sod exploded
with a ferric crash,seattering the burning fragments
in wild confusion into the upper an.
By one of these explosions one man standing
on the levee wee killed by being atm. web •
fragment blown from the bunting wreck of the
Martha ; smother was shockingly lacerated in dif
ferent parts of his body; but how many poor
wretches have fallen victims to these devouring
flames as they have gone sweeping in wild
grandeur from boat to tow, and from bola. to
house, and from street to Inset, no man can ever
One of the wildest and most heart-rending spec
tacles ever witnessed in our city was exhibited law
night. From Dame-ales Island, extending perhaps
a half or three-fourths of a mile in a continuous line
up the river, the burning wreck of boat met boat,
and rolled their united clouds of deep black smoke,
and lurid liame at wild conflation Into upper air;
on the other hand the long lofty range of stores
fronting the river, sent up • cloud of sparks and
sheets of dazzling flames, which threw a red and
glaring light tar a way into the darkness of night,
which hung upon our western borders. Here and
there wens seen half frantic men, running in bewil
derment from point to pointsearee knowing where,
or staggering from their burning homes under a
load albeit most precious property, followed by a
weeping wife and her tinder bad.
Since writing the above, we have token another
walk through the bunting district, which now, et a
quarter before three o'clock, already extends than
the levee, west, to Second street, and from Locust.
'south of Elm street. This entire space is not burn
ed over but much of it is, and much more wall be
bothre t he flames are extinguished.
We cannot pretend to particularize the buildings
burnt, but wall mention the Telegraph Office, the
United States Hotel, the Reveille Office, Republi.
can Office, the Organ Office, and the New Ent OM
ce. These comprise all the English daily papers
in the city, except our own; we being on the north
side of Locust above Main street, have, fortunately,
d. We can form no estimate of the lots by
this it may probably he pot down at five mil
-1 lions of dollar.
In our evening edition we will give all the par
tiesalars that can posellaty be had relative to this
awful catastrophe. At this time, half put four, the
flames are ;nearly extinguished, and thcfnelf our
gallant firemen are almost exhausted, yet we hope
but little more damage will be done.
In our morning edaton, we gave whet of interest
we were able to collect, relative to the conflagra
tion which hos laid in ashes • large portion of St.
Louis. We also promised to give our readers, in
our wresting issue, as detailed an account as It was
possible to alike; but, to get at any thing like • full
and macerate statement of the amount of property
destroyed, on number of lives lost, to not within
the range or pawl:Say. We can only follow the
general range of the fire, without going into details.
We begin by stating that the point at which the fire
first started on share, was at the tanner of Locust
street and the Levee—the corner house, and three
buildings above it, fronting the Levee, were des
troyed; the flames then crossed Locust, and swept
every house (with one exception,) in the block.
hunting the Levee and Minn greet, and/intending
Item Locust street tiontb-ward. to Chestnut Creel,
a distance of three squares. At Chestnut gram, it
tamed up and mussed over to the next Meek south,
at the junction of Commercial Alley with this street,
and from the alley to Main, and down to Market
street, burning all except two buildings at the cor
ner of Market street and Com. Allay. At the
junction offelerket and Main stresses, the flames
crossed diagonally to the Market Street Houseymd
(allowed both aides of Market street, up to Second
street. Then crossing Main, the fiamesagain swept
every building from Locust to Market, except a
row offour four-gory fire proof brick bruldingsjum
below Locust street
Passing op Pine, Chestnut and Market streets,
the devouring element consumed every house In
the two blocks intervening between the streets
mentioned, and Main and Second streets, and
those on nearly half of the block north °Mire.
Hera its ravages were stayed In this part of the
city. Before the promo!. of the flames could be
err tad it was (rood necessary to blow up one or
tweehtnraes near the corner of Market and Second
streets, and in doing so at least three persons
ware killed. The fragments of one of their bodies
were found an the the opposite side of the truce,
one near Walnut, on Second street, and the thigh
bone and a foot belonging to a neither, near the foot
of Walnut street, some two or three squares from
where the house were blown op. These, with the
body of the bay burnt on the levee, make lour
that are now of the police office. The military,
firemen, and citizens are to futon a precession, sod
bury them sometime during the day.
I We will now go Mbar south, to the Coot of Elm
street, where the fire made another lodgement,and
spreading dingorsully through this block, It swept
pu to Main, and down ltf Spruce street, • distance
north and mouth of two stares, and crossing Main,
it carried nearly every thing before it, up very
nearly to third alma, three squares to the wed of
us starting point. At main street, the flames crow
ed Elm, sad consumed one (north of the block
north of Elm and west of Main tenets. From the
foot of Elni, up its southern aids to Second street,
a distance of two squares, not • house is standing.
By this dire calamity, hdndreda of families are
made homeless, and many who were in affluence,
are reduced to poverty.
South Market, and the Town Hall were on fire
at ono time, but by great exertions of a few persons
present, they were saved.
Hearty every vane of glass in the windows for
half a square distant from the come of Market and
Second strews, were Woken by the concussion at
the time of the blowing up of the building at that
The police arrested and confined in the jail and
calaboose nearly filly persona for stealing at the
There are various rumors afloat relative to the
loss a/different persona, but many of them without
foundation; and yet two or three of our old and
valued citizens wo believe to here boat their hies;
and no doubtmany are lost who will tuner be en
quired thought of--strangero of whom there
were many on the bouts and in our city,
The extent of the congegration from he bogie.
sing to its termination, 4111.1 M in -the whole
oftaro blocks, which would he about one mile in
length, by two in width. The streets of our clty,
laid out originally very pirtow , are literally chok
ed up with fallen wells of Koons and destroyed pro.
do. We did out spa °per New
k`Parnir o f Ettallrg e 1 6 4 alter the ilteat confiliPations
there, but we are Informed that nut city presents
an aspect of greater desolation than either of those
places. In regard to the loss, cOmpandively, we
know not from any data in out poneesion which Is
the greatest. Our recollection hemmer, is, that in
neither New York nor Pittsburgh, did the lam ex
ceed live millions of dollars. If this be trite St
Louis has sufferedmore than ei th er of 'boar) Cites
by the.
List of Staamboata Hamad,
?be following Is believed to be as accurate list of
the t3teentboats destroyed in the great conflagration
of last night. The contester' and chime which reign
throughout the city, to-day, make it a didtpult mat
ter to procum information; but the iambi . alt.
mato has been collected with great care r knit re
liableeounce, and is belleve4 to be Prat/ tioarlY
e&na, Coles master, value $20,000, famed
aC P&thergb.
• Boreis
No:3. Barnard master, Mo. rive, value
513,000, insured. fill.loo.
•Atioe, Eenne 11114ter, Mo. river, value $lB,OOO l
jaw, pad $12,004.
AM Eagle, Outsell =per, Upper Misslniggi,
Valet stlpop, insured; $41,Q00.
- Sarah, Young muster, New Winne, valve Ed,-
000, Inured * 20.100 value of Cargo $40,000.
Montauk, Woodlouse toaster, Upper Miutvaippl,
.vakte 00,000, valtm amino $20,000.
Hit Canon, Goddla master, Mo. riser, value
sl} ,000, value arca/0 43,000. '
master, Mmtiter;mtlie .
itettrif %COO.
insured tillB4l(kwalss of torriPolopoo. •
deadia;Rnatllißliailialiverr Yak'?
lIIITCd $4OOO, Wee Oreahrol B .ooo. 1.
Pdainaluker, Staillteri matner,New Orleantr,Taaw
PIIIITia SWAN RaldWin master, ills rivet, valor
$28,000, Miura 15,000. ' '
White Goad, Adams master, New °dean' val
ve 83,000.
Edward Balsa Randolph master, Upper . mlizas'
sippi,Tattle $20,000, Muted $1:4001). ' •-•
Fags, Ealersmaster,New Orleans, vaitus
OM), Watered $10,500.
St. Peter, ' Ward master, Upper Missisaippi,
value 512,000, insured 59,000.
Red Wing, Banger muter, Upper Mtattiuippi,
value 56,000 Take ofeargo $5,000.
A. Hamilt on,' 'Hoops muter, Mo. river, value
815,000, insured $lO,
Martha, Finch muter, Mo river, value SSP%
insured $9,000, value of cargo $35,000.
Eliza Stewart, McKee Master, Mo. river, value
$lO,OOO, insured 510,000.
Mandan, Beer master, Mo. river, value $12,000,
insured $B,OOO.
Bello tale, Smith rawer, New Weans, value
510,000, irunred $B,OllO.
Gen. Brook,. Itingling muter, tow boat, value
Frolic, Ringling master, tow boat, value $l,-
Estimated value bt steamboat stock $318, ,
do • do Clllloe2 19:1 3 3
do do produce destroyed
on landing,
The Sarah was insured in Cincinnati for =le
OW; the American Eagle far $3,000 in Pittstmrgh;
the ?damlulte SB,OOO in Louisville; and the others,
we believe, were all insured by offices and +wo
men in this city.
Improveatenta to Dentiffzy.
DL O. 0. STEARN.% late of Boston, is prepared to
manufacture and set BLOCII TEXTS in whole and pare
of seta, upon Suction or Aunospberic.Stletlon Plates.—
Tooruscux cotton to viva auarraa, where the nerve I.
exposed. Office and residence next door to the May
or's °thee, Fourth street, Pittsburgh.
Loran so—J. U. all'adden. F. D. Eaton. ion
Panora Lours Bllo.4ll.—Preparest by I. W. Nally,
William street, N. Y., and for solo by A. Jaynes, No.
7U Fourth street This will be found a dalightthl arty
ale of beverage in families, and partieulerly for sick
Elazia's Etiterata.—An improved Chocolate preplra
tiOn, being a eembinatioa of Cocoa nut; innocent, in
etymatg and palatable. highly recommended partic
ularly for invalids. Prepared by W. Balm, Dorthe.
ter, Mn.., and for sale by A. JAYNIEB, at the Pekin.
T. Store, No. 70 Fourth at racial
To TEM Arridt-ren.—To those afflicted with that
dreadful scourge to America, the haver complains, he
proprietor, of ItPLarte4 Liver Pills are happy to of.
fee this remedy, 41 at once eomplete and tare it has
been tried often in all parts of the country; It has been
lard in the practice of the most eminent physicians,
and always with triumphant success. In rearing
these Pills to the public, the proprietors •re actUated
by a desire to alleviate human suffenng, and oifer a
remedy (or one of the moat terrible &senses, which
shell be within the easy reach of all. For sale It the
drug store of mytiluitr.wB J KIDD & Co
W. M. Wright, al. D., Dentist,
Owes and residence on Fonnb et
opposite the Pinstntret Butt 05 0 "
Ile.. hose. from 9 &clock to It end,:j
f :1
non o'clock toe P.M. sepl4-11)
Piro and Marino rasatarrusto.—Tat Puts
can Nanosruoi *so Ras rant...lmm COltrANT—
bartered Inl—eouunnes to Insure, upon every de
eription of property, at d. [own: rata.
Orrice, No VI Market street.
Rom. FI3NET, Prey. ittysll.Bm
1U Prressowsu ”rt. Bono:. Mimeo Co. DISIDOW.—
We Stockholders of the above named Company an
emitted that the Dividend of Ten Dollars per atms,
declared on the Wlth January last, will be poidhhem
or their legal repretentaLves, at the office of the Trask ,
ore, of mid Company, an the dry of Piftatturgb, ou or
after the Manley of May, inst.
Cwtero Stockholders wall be paid at the office Of J.
W. Clack b. Co, Boson.
My ill THOS. M. HONE, Treasurer.
/11amlkas, Bub Lading, Contracts, .Lasentscas,
1.1 . 11) 11.-11, LAW" CIZTIVITLTLII,
rouctse, d.c. ~ &C
Punted at the *honest notice, ma War prices, at the
dew tiexcrre ORITZ, Mt. sneer.
livezmo. Cc au—llertanns Florri—An article in.
dispensable for the toilet. Its virtues are truly aston
ishes, completely coring hub:loess, mid creating a
fresh and vigorous growth of hair. It also has a most
powerful tendency to restoring dm hats so its pristine
color, when grown grey from diet nausea MU old
cps; and by its continual one Will, to the latest period
of life, do much to premrse its original butt. Dandru ff
and scu r f. so detrimental to the growth of the hair, am
completely destroyed by its appbeation.sytille a bright
sod beautiful lustre In given by its um. It is elttimlr
bee from all injurious compounds, being prepared
in vegetablea, and may be used with the greatest
farm, and the conviction that it will prove May ben
For gala by L. WILCOX, cornet or dm Diamond arid
Market at, and comer of Sinintfiebi and Fonrilt sta.
Prtenottoe, May 91,1849.
F,..ereilencies, the Mayor, of the Sitter Ci
tiee of Pittsburgh and Al&ewer
Grew:am—The city of bit. boors having moonily,
and while afflicted by Cholera, been rimed by are,
whieh has laid an important portion of herbstsiness
lanais in rake—tout several days aortas. already
elapsed' Moira Inr because airmranitad With in.. dte
treeing calamity, thSt has befallen • city so dear to
oar community by des of cousaimainny and aMaity,
sad by tho most native comm¢ereial relations. It ap
pears exp•dient and ner_emary that the natural sym
pathies and Gemovolance of oar artisans (to sae noth
ing of their grautuds for relief under similar soderincs)
should seek an opporomny for expression as ammo
thin ease, mid knowing Mat relief lobe etbeaeloos
shonhl be memo, it U doomed proper and humane
that our sister eines Mould act In harmony and con
cert on such an oc casion, MI that poor honors will
be pleased to call public meeting of our elision to
devise suitable means and mode of action In behalf of
the mairers.
Vary respectfully, your fellow citizens,
DT Morgan, Jolin D Davis,
Sidney Strong,
": 13
Ba C Xy l 7 3'
It lif Mackay,
M kloarhend, Bails), Brown & Co.
Wallingford d: Co.
YritTlOgart, Carting, flalwrison & Co
M'Candless &Campbell, Spang & Co.
Pditsp Wilson Wu Hohnes & Co
J Painter,
Jae B Murray, 11/ownsend &Co
Kramer h. Rohm, Neville B Craig,
II Childs, Wm M Hersh,
Edward liregig, D N White,
Wm J Howard, Jos Snowden,
Henry Woods, Henry S Meg raw,
Geo Altore, Charles Shafer,
Chas H Paulson, Kennedy, Childs & Co
Palmer, Hanna a Co W Robiniiiii, Jr
J Jones & Co. K 7' Friend.
Cooper A Lovely, Jos E Breading,
R Tanner & Ca. Geo EL Arnold
Whitmore A Won', Hampton, Smith & co
Murphy, Wilson & Co. Ii H Hartley,
ninger, Nicholson &Co J Blackburn,
B A Fahnestock & CO liakewell, Pears A Co.
Edo D Glassani, A A Mason lb Co
N Holmes & Soon
The eiusens of Pittsburgh and Aliegheny ire rers•
ted to meet ria Wednesday. tbe .30th that ,at 3 a's k,
at the New Court House, far the narpose. as stated In
the above coulaloolcatiOn, of expressin,y their sympa
thy with the madmen in the late St. Louis fire, and of
taking active theasume for their rade.
Mayor Ailegheny City.
m) Mayor City of Pthsburgli
VORTY LOTS on Federal areal, in the central of
.1` the city of Allegheny, each mt feet front by lib In
Length to a 12 feet entry, will be offered at Public Sole
on tumADAY, PAI, day of JUNK, at 3 o'clock, P. M.,
on the premiere These lots comprise the very beet
and most valuable unimproved property m other of
the two eines min most condone to grow in raise for
all note to come, and to capitalism most neceuarily
'Cord so oPintomntY for the inveetourot of money, no
wham else to ha found In the neighborhood, or Velti3lo
Ike two cities. They will be sold subject to an annual
grand rent of one duijur per foot, on lee= 100.00161 a
datlog to the purchasers, winch will be made known
at the time of sale. A plan of the lots can be examin
ed by persous wishing to purchase, at, the Mayor's of.
Allkahcol May Z 3- 1. Cit'm cream
gPlit, TURPENTINE-20 bbls Bp4
8.8 received and for sale by
PprrAsti—A euportor article, alarm oil band and
for mlo by tune BRAUN & REITF.II
COPPERAS -6 bbla for tale by
runs' . comer Liberty and IEB
BACON -4081/0 lb. 13mou, earortcd, In smoke bouae,
ready to be delivered in pweeb, for vale by
myl3 ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, ont at
inAPER-600 Name c!vari, and medium,
NFIELD for sale by
urytil J 8 CA
HO bale. In at and fat sale
MI • my2S &MILLS & ROE
rAsif —0 easksjustrec'd pnd ; ims a:sale by
nArrINGT-zoo 1 , 41 e. No I and A In core and (qv
JD !ale. P4'0114.0 &JOE .
RD—No. 1 in keg., 000 , 11gncl and far sale; oleo,
..1.4 . 20 keep Bauer. inyild M`OILLB & ROE
Q (BIRD HEE LlFE—Sellers' Vo4nifneo I s the a rd.
ele Lannalos, Va ., Jan. 20, IBfG
Mr. I. M. Wilson—Dear. 8/r: The vial of Bellew
b4u y 6kderclr, you
trag " rolglon
h r and om :1 1 1 V 1 o 5 tros. "t i believe she hrve lived a
vet short dine, Inn for ibis medicine.
Bdsw, Jr.
Prenared and sold R E SELLERS, 67 Wood n
" oleo by DivggiSll generally in the Iwo
-- The A r raft Ti: c :r c„tl i pe . red and eopp
• fastened brig Well Awls Halm, master,
positively aall as 'above as early as Oren.
ty pj u i,,,,, r emosey oger. MMa latest accoaritaßbm
rename represent vessels plenty, Ws leer seem to
be the mcem lealtable route to Califdrnia. *rimier%
or psosips, haring film nceementidations, apply io the
reinter on board at Barb Coelkimils wharf,
Point, or to JAMIY HOOPER,
my2eid.ll E. Baltimore and Eden Its, Baltimore
TUE Dwelling Heath on . Tblrd street above
Mr. !ANT:el l lote:ll i gi * v f etri a n i tl l l:
lml tS/ July nest.
Also, untie large lots of ground is the Math Wantl.
between the Finn Ward and Cre_gbonsville thimble
Cm latpbeYTmda . siyet• pine alit,
rthrlinean't,l , o aat
SlLl R tnt i l fi g?Jmq:gt 4 Iyo .d t sl.l%ir utd
rorth ATT A Co., atherty at
NEDAR-15 A 64 pule Odes rump'', In "nom and
for sale by ut y 9 s JOHN ‘VAIT/t Co.-
AHD OIL-10 bets AV S Drown*. Ca's; Irldo Salon
LA Stills do, lusters and SD
ror..! - JA! ES
WO. 2 SIACK - 17,5E1L"60 bbls store DAL tile by
11 , 4 VA " • • • SELL.
O AR-119 bidgZi.O.flugar, outlying ang Au d 9
bt ml2O CIL Guam..
Drum APPLES—aI bushels drossl eppigkin store
and far ode m 7113 iniluZEIL..
.lACLIN-4 Lzt prune 8/10.010. DIM zed and rot sa/t
by Arta C H @RANT
Esithis..4. /mini mr. =no will
011661 beisdisikted AD the appriateldne
ad Wid (Wart •COllVetttWx., as Inca...UAW Tot
lbte is 'nu-decided :and , unwavering
.= prit .t. =, pare moraLLry cadi ~ayer~~ respectable
Mr. Palmer be favorabl ill
y regarded by tin °nutty Con
verdlon,and recePre to hearty and cordial rapport.
Boring the latrtt Presidential campaign he rendered
thereat= efficient service, and cheerfully resporalmi
watery noble indra-lha bo.tlko.the_trto
whatever inconvenience, expense, or Cativo of body
or mind, web .mpliatten tit *abject Ann:
inn that working Whigs are entitled 'to domebonaide
' Tanen, and dun rotation to tate la a mound political
doctrine, 1 conselerdloualy think Mr. Palmer Justly
titled to a neat to the aeheral A-tactilily Of Pennsylva
nia. royed.barltT Pant Pw.
NAT 0. MOLASSIN-420 bbl Planta= Manus,
• landing from Mr Aaron Hun, and Syr aldo by
GLASS -GOO bra &MO Window Glann SOO dp Min
do; 100 do 10114 do; 50 do 215:X1 do; by sat& by
DRY APPLES_ WO bush for sale by
FEATHER 3-400 bble for sale by
CllEg3E—:o Du for sole Oy
ROCK' POWDEB—HO tap for sale by
SCYTIIE ONEATHS-23 dot for sale by
11TAY RAKES-30 dor for sole by
lay 29 8 F VON HOMOIOIOST tr. Co
DOLL BUTTER-10 bbla fresh for sale by
.14 =Pi s F.:vox - BONN uoßsr &
MINX: SASllM o lglitAfAr N o= a
F LOUR -4 bbl. d F Floor, in store and for sale by
my2C 31 Water arida 1 7 roat at
IffOLASBE-103 bit. N O Plantation Molmies, Cor
DI Lain by myto L. 8 WATERMAN
LIOAR-75 hbda prime N 0 Bugar t for mile brr
Ws Not Lard; CS kegs dO do, (or aalo
D w UTTE e 13 R—.3 bbl fresh Roll Rotter iv lS A Mt i &or
FBIIIT-230 bosh dried Peaches ( balves;)`96o AS do
Apples; Coe sale by myde L 8 WATERMAN
frORACCO-2115. hue! 5 Lump Tobacco some or,
which are of most superior brands, 'Just 'reed
op co:Oa:tent sod for sale by • ..
UNDRIII9 mots Wheat; 9 bbl, Rye:l doTta.i.'
(ad seed; 60 Obis %id% 136.6; 9 do Hickory outs, for
*lda by my2o LB WATERMAN.
FLOUR—A few bbl. prime Rye .Floot instate
t ail for salt by my2d I. WAI IA
TUBS AND BLICKE.TS-6.5 dot Buckets; d do Tubs,
(large;) 4 do Keck., for sale by
- yorroN YARNS he--,D,Mst lb. assorted Nos., c
yarn; 140 bales Honing' Candle wiek--Carpst chain
mad Conan twine , for fait h ,
~ 411216 RUBY, raierr EWB & Co., 28 Watar at
WRITE BEANS - 40 Alm for salo low to dose roa.
rignmouts, by MIEN, MATTHEWS & Co.
rbttlED FRUIT-200 bushels Peaches: 250 do Alr
if pies for able by RHEA , ATCHEWS &Co
FLAXSEED -48 bbl . Joso ree9, and for vale by
_ mylll ItHEY, MATTHE`WS& Co._
CilliN }IIIOOMS- 1 .60 doz jolt reed, end for sale by
y ___ 24 BHEY, &IXTTHEI 4 79 & Co. _
Par ASH —ll cats faro sorts far sale by
CORCEIINGS-43 oaks for sole by
71t911-411 bbl. No 3 Macke I; 2u do No I Shad; 45
x do No I Honing, lon veed and kir sale by
PIG METAL-200 tons Coldglast; 45 do got do, jun
reed and Cos We by
caral BHSS , MATTREVirS k. Co.
r 8 SANATORY BOARD deem it their dirty to
And a r t dll4 ° Trha th ve ° t P lOus h p li l " °f the
lue o f k a h eal th
of We
lung, end the public at large, that no Cholera exists
in our midst, nor has there been a single case origina
ting here, no far an the Board hove been able to ascer
tain, and they have sooght Information from the best
aid most reliable sources. But while they conram.
Feu -our mavens to being than mercifully preserved
from the rouges of this dreadful epidenue, they still
urge upon them the necessity of observing the
vigilance to their attention to dumbness about their
Thu Beard is well satisfied from good antlrority that
lASI Is one of the best petrifying agents that non be
used neutrallairrg the effect. of the unwholesome
effluvia always pusettiling to thickly populated ethee.
The Bony is about making arrangements to
a fall supply of UM enottantly on bud, so that eve
ry fatally can be supplled in suet quantities as they
May want for lir prpr, by dating on any member
of We
it l inry U p: =L u z . : pt Am' lowest
plead gnu. JOHN MVILL.
ht. W. LEWIS,
my 251.-1131
WE hove some PLIDIPS, made on an improved
plan, so es not to freeze in the eoldut weather.
Ponsone lowing rush articles, am Invited to sail wed
see shim at SC/LIFE & ATKINSON'S,
mind between Wood Market itt
UNDMES-12 bbl. No 1 Lard: 31 wt. Fib
10 1 do Wool; 1 do Glazoog, my !audios from War
EuphrAtes, tor ..lo by LS.ILItill DICKEY /1. Co,
=yes . From .1
j2.:ILY et the na ttnimas, PHILADELPHIA,
Wong MEN in who/male and retail stores, and other
veva:table badness , to net as Book-keepers, Sales.
men, Porters, Dar-keepers, Walter, Farmers, Coach
teen, Car Agents, Book and Map Agents, Collettors,
Overseers In all branches of hennas. de. We have
et all times a large member of good Sitaltlioll•ctuland,
whteh pay f/011.11 Zia to li:400D per annsun. Thole Ia
want Of SlMllliOrt. of ear kind would do well to give
ns a call, as we here agents in cub of the ahcrve el
which will enable us to plate everyean% In
a suitable aitnallon at the shortest notice. We have •
huge artmaintanee in all the above named cities,
which we vast will enable as to give Will! Ballarat
boo to ell who may Nom ns with • call.
. .
.. • .
TAYLOR & TAYMAN, No. 60 Second et.,
between South and Gay.
N. 11—Persons living In any pan M the U. Bunts,
and wishing to obtain a situation iskßaltimore, or ei
ther of the above cities, will have tittle wants bsune
dieter), attended to by addreming as a line, (post-paid)
as by so doing they will curtail both trouble and ex
pense, which they otherwise world incur by coming
to the city, and seeking employment for themselves.
No 69 Seemed street,
riItROME-46 eases Chrome Va Or and
ll Red, for ude by mr..• J SCHOONM AYES & c.
I~en hand; for sW
- - •
rlirEltiE—loo bre just reehr the AV Ranter and
Chmee Depot, sad for tale by
DAYEE-4 rums crown cad medical, far rale by
DAWN SIDES—DI bade for dale by
11 thr ISAIAH DICEEY & Co, From it
LA RD—LW bbla No I, In Awn sad roe silo by
1 ARD 01.1,-21 bbls armor warned Lard OR. reo'd
Li and for sale by myll W& a APOUTOREON
DOT ASEI - bill NO I Po; Ad!, reo.drand tor Via
1. - 4 ,18 R-50 bbl. No I Word Ntord; 30 do No 1 Her
r;n4rs 30 4 NO 2 Maelmel; M do No 3 do; 10 do
for I
a Borman; y 'AI hl bbl. Not Iletripp; Just ree'd aid
wy9l corner of Liberty and Rand sp
CIHEFSR—Ed ban prima newClowc_4ot.resktabol
1,./ for vale by W & R AI'CL=ILLVN I
inyll • 163 LthOrtYnt
11&CON-200 piece. prime &icon, hog rapakte_ e
an_d.lo. to&th , mare WICK & _ _
Poled, a prime &Weis fur v..
1 - & Zug, &milted Plut fat talc by
llit • APPLES—Moira Dry A
*. pple., for so.bby
...I=;te'4,lll . nray.L-1-
bbli meet Cider, Ws day red and flax
..le by tay2l WICK & APC.IIII
II bbl;te 11bY
ay% i rl, 1,,94
pALERATUS-14 este Ha'Drums; 11l bill do; TI Ox
pulverized do, for iota by
l if P ngr r ,l,vo l vvryyr i d Wn ts W" t
do, an p `r d asr for zaile by "' ?tt "
AV4 alcexpx,Em
Q ALT—v bete No k weal ,
19 m y_9l WICK tbeFC/LNDLFSS
RO.UNP PEAIPFR—NI boxes-Wound Pepper, for
VT rine, lie roy9l WICK l ISVCANDLISS
FA1111L? FLOUR-140 bbbi likalbson'. Family
Flour, for s.ala by WICK& MUNI/L=o
/IL dish (01S01O4 10{ Wic+&.4 ND
rHEltti-ZWl6‘prlmegy. Evilbssioe"9l ,
104 foi sale 14 ittygi katv.ears__.
fIORCUIN4-13eilp is
47721 Vic% & kEt&S
WOpL —Thti ijicy recalled sod for sale by
ul 31
_ 1_
SHAD AND HERRlNG—Retched and fur sea by
by brA vaporior 11:,coa,
ic jam rvp l / 4 3, sad roc
A bina-19 bblr Alai(bate 41
.4_217 . WI & ArCANIMESO
d - 111E118*-141belbolo r :toldspi
by. 1,1 4 • WI " 4.1"1"...02
beg rquarl.Y-lar
do taa`dal3d for
al Ly UN sum.
asyly /mar t ial: and Liberty ats '
nitr,op jakiE-2 ask. tast rtu,'d raid for
C sale by nyll • BRAUN:cattail-ay...,
, --- 0 --- o refizsisz times la good la c .
lar t re pat
JD muPetri.; to said by CIEO
JEMT-4r! cai
j 7alP e st V IA° 41Paract ' are,
a n C°o",y COCHRAN,
- nAm ra s GWEN—Jusi teed sad ror salp tor
lo 4rXIDD
b - icoN tat. 1 7 0 4
Dolphir fotti ¢ Ib
ISAIAH DICKEY& Ca, Fvolltal.
— AnD-41 bbh Na 1, rum landfiqr (mar atmir Dal
, hi. ; Sr sale by m 721 MILLI DICKEY &
ennee awe, landfill Oil= suite Dolnlain
W by mr4 L941•1133 /CKMik O
gwo EllB-118 - Viss now — ra rru t ow n war*
ww for Ws by malt rAliplegirt& Co- ..
L INS9I ebb 14 - 7. 1 114
ptiJ 801 . 10 0MA16311 4
ADAD 01L—Orsultdoi nosEi
0 OW bottle, nod llasko'lbrAW; ,
We be Soab gala
ri3,CII,OIAV&&&& &
Co. GlA.W.E—ea boo for sake by_
clsit.MV PAPER-10D naa extra larP emir Paper,
t sale' try J 9 CHOONMAU..2 h. Co..
H woof it ...
voN BALRaz.-
Davis, auctUatii=,'
Seca of Stayls mid Finn Ary Goas7
- On" - /tIoxidereicholli,'ASTATlikbOrt - 106`eldek,'
the Cotontereal Sales Rooms comer of Wood mot 11
Fin streets, will be .03, witbaot reserve, for cash
A lane assorunent of fresh and seasonable stale
and lasurr-ParsNoodac - ninsoursaideti
cloths, manners", zatineua, tweedsjeans, fancy nes.
nags, black =tin, theta math-11,1MM n_lstass laws,
anus mash:a, plaid vicunas, super ptiaMjiltnels am
bilariehinter gingham', shawl. arldnlik bafa La great
satiety', bleached and 'broom unislina,.dmitutsk
table cloth, cheek", ticking', drillirgs;crittuandes;
limn gloves, sewing silk, Vonl'ep,tutp;:putta?te; &e.
croenta; quentennev miattne,
Young Haan and' Imperial to toren, No 'shad,
No 3 mankerel; Va marnifactittedtiattitenoditpanlgh ses
gars, Nolpnlanaosp, , sharers, spaibmi Mao and lbw
pronged fotts,srenitlan and s transparent window blinds,
mante wore, l cloak/wain& (laso, carpeting, lamps, giant
iA bogs gla Operai usertien, of hittuirdaild and
itchen furniture, kitchen %mulls, arsdfi
Large Bahr cy CLX.king, Fine; Mk* le i an three
, =aim credit.
Oa Vactdir _numung; lt.lo Wallet, at th e
Cammetrabe Mum Roam einter of 'Maned Fifth
tte, nrill be soldirehont reserve,on • maiden days
for spyracedadtasa paper on all UM over IMP-.
A very -bora Imam of Cicalae, Tina ablna;
cottAt=part, ape_rscloth, •naaaimero, cam
, alpammoitsbetatett, cram Moth awl .
t Gook and sack comm black and fancy
casciantre, n t a rt, Cantinas, Kremlin, •Lumartine,,,
Roxbury, Califtmaia, fanny check mut
anent pima; add enamor, valacis,, black. and
fancy tan '
lyona simmer vemm Fine linen to-.
aot% fancy and ,blon geniroac, pia nada Union.
cheek *ad Inclonyeldnx tiscrwn drill drawers; alibi h.
don Rough , anetpaA7 water Worn:Ma
at th Ca e talogue. can be obtained and , clothing examined .
. Jowl D
„ .
Lessee and Iltgusyger..—C.B.Miriter.
Neveltyi..Noveltr! NI:noisy!!! .The Millet and
Ws bleu, with On origthal musk. idt. W. IL Cri Lothdc. ttp al
- , Motion Eoncanto,llan,E3—.. ....,. ...._.
To, commence with the celebrated melodrama of the
• • .
. i
Loth .
MILLER AND WS AlEtt,,t . :
ir . W
-Erindott, the miller• •• . m t . Roy, EL Crlip.
Claudine _ r ' . ' ' ' Ms' use.
7 RIITCIIII * Mrt i Madlecus•
DANCE, by Mks Horner. .
To conclude with the laAbable Wee of
...- , PAritiLlf 'JARS.
Ealph Mr. Porter.
• Porcelain Mr. Archer, .
!Addy Miss Cruise
[Er Tuesday evening—Pie:sent orlEre. Madison.
No. 46 Market greet,
HAVING purchased an extensive and cerefelly so.
leered clock of Spring and Summer Goods, the
subserdmr respectfully informs lits friends and the
pasha., that be is ntiw preparing to receive and axe.
clue ttieii ()Wet/ with dispatch, and la the neatest;
most. substantial, and fashionable manner. As he la
determined to do business an the cash system, he lilt;
tees himself that he will be able to do work as cheap
is it can be done at any estsbllshment in the country..
Lb stock is varied; ccundsting of Cassimerea,Broad.
clothp,tiesthiga, Re., which his friend. are ntspectlig:
ly Invited to examine for themselves.
my t 4
HE undersigned offer for gale in 6PEarla county,
Pa.,41300 acres efuell Mama/ LAND, With an
exultant Saw Mill neull y ttur, and two new Frame
(Fontnause one 41 feet (Font back; the other 33 feet
front by 0 bask. Also, good new Moths Rum thirty
by forty fem. The cull and land 11115 situated four
mlisp from the Allegheny Over. A great deal of PINE
TIMBER of the but ;malty, and also a Tut quantity
of the very best hemlock. Also, one acre on the bank
of the Allegheny, near a covey moat admirably adapt
ed far raping, when lumber eau be rafted -on the Ma
in winter, and be perfectly safe from all frestiets.;..
Price 69,000, or $5 an acre. Terms easy. Will take
• well cleared small 4191, with good house and or
chard upon it, as pan payment, if location IS suitable,
and the balance in lumber or as may be agreed on.
This Is an excellent oppoitualty for Hauberk:lg; and
the probability Is gran that in two or three pearls thls
property will double its valise, in consemsenes of Its
pros:Usury tort.. New York and Eris Itallived.' Ton
, Ler anifictent te wear out several am milli—and sev
eral mill sites on the areautwbich runs nearly Omagh
he amnia' the land. About fifteen ;Urea In Vass.
No hill to rise itt .n bttli 'amber from kmll TO nun
,and gam e .. adiussim_ . For 11 .we Ar i k sr t m tuartictn
lara. adorcustPad-Pdad • r-B
myttalturtrd 011280.00.. • PIUS. , .11.
pram' TEA STORE.
lllEltenbacriber has Jost netelved =pis Pekin
Moe, 70 Fottnit'street, a very lam and writs*,
!acted 'stock of pue ANDBLACK
from New York, all ofwkloh hu be* swab* aq Oda.
country since the first of Fehmary lan, ungluing of
W the direness antics gostrajn the Celestial Ea**.
Oar met being among the hugest in the West, wa are.
prepared to wholesale, on better tunas than as y other
house in the city. Ylle Invite retail grocers to calla*
eXamiea our inocrind pikes. They eau him %spank.
of is I, j, and 1 la pack*" fib tin eunisten, or by.
half chpts,. to suit their cusciuence.
One renal picas Vary for Oolear, Black Tou from
60 eta to 31,ee per 1b.4 Xing Young Swann, .80
Coogo 64 and English Breakfut Wang _Upon,
Onapowear and 1nv.1. ) , team 33 eta la s l oPeria.,
Families ao requested to send.* gat aampla al
dent Tess,'atui try theft b._eklits_ 6 l6o2ti
mylladthwS" A./Arnow, 70Founit 'nut ,
WlrrEw JUlRAlLs—jitk&:trnrogd:Toliid.
bkif or at retail, ru acrl sarreilxizs,...„46-Foa=h4
F"EtINE COFFEES—Itthe* S 7 7theltio J 07 01 . 1 4 000 1 71.
St Domingo and Rio COSioa,Jaarettht =I tor
sale at the Pam Tea St • 70 Fourth at. ~ 311
1018041 AND ISGS-400 1 kilkdirne• Ictd4
and at l ih * ir Pain Tee Zero, Pronarglbit
Thersoe, Ne 1 Choerdato and Com; and; Schmitz
meet 'Pita pimento', lint reo'd and for sae at the
Pekin Tea Stem, Wilkomh st. m 912 •
RAORTREULT-150 bbla Larva No 3 biaaaacial ,
OLL sees impaction, in Ana onto; [wank this Mtn,'
ins and &nada by ROBERTSON & REPP=T;
11:01300111/1 . it"
131 i:101
urocu.,—• •e highest pnee in ea • • oz a 1 tha.
TV different grade °feriae embed wool, ..
11 LEE, Marry appgaita sl it •
Fish *ad Taft- -•- - _
50lotIA. ? ' i f Shad, "'lnP ' (31 :, "41/11") •
SO do ma 3 Tasarerd!, Okada lortmorirlo4
4U do N C Tar, istpume order, reed add kr
sale by Wrn% it O'CONNOR, •
Myttrika comer Perm mud %Rayne eta •
Iffollat - bra No filen*" .landlart (cord
tr i a ll t l and Gar sale ims to closaconsijp:urerd,, by
oryk • YAMES•DALTCLI. tester at
IL 011,-.45 bble jolt reed and id? Writ."
b!717• . • Wit:RAM N
P OWDER.. 110 law Minim eta do .Ritlo • Deer;
0 et& Vißye do o rb lasting o. jitY; 113 dodo, y
Sr; to pr do do, RI
, du eats b D
eryirl J 8 ILWORTH aCP
smarover.._ - -
TORN FORSYTH, diesel:pm Tal/Or, Issia:retioored
te to No. &Ilan:kat mac, ea. 'doer from SenOndi
East side.
'AIDE.' 1 % , I'Vt favor., ho reapestrally
telnutiniaft gime patron's. of his tonnes customer",
and likewise tit. patronage or as many nerr .. o . syn, so
are of the right st#pa.-
Orders Orike Wallenne line ezeculod fin mit
ieshies.ble seamier, and with dispatch.
Alsp, a Whitstable
a k a em of reedy Made alllt
thing, of ail kinds. , Clump shers:onus
ilesttlenteste Parade/1g Go o ds {a all their varieties .
always onlin!, 4.10 a.a_ Ihnteass,.Collary,Crai
lit'l4loiTti,rlA4TZ' trisekrbrairrea.V.V
oartl:43s •
lit IT hi with plenum Um Ow tittfisaribars
inform the coloozuf of Ihni . bb and ri•.
eiulty, that they !um coompleia
'nem* With Memo. J. C. Jeukinrl 4 Tro,
Orrhiladelphis,lo receive that eipoziay
/014 will herentter be laitiwiaralten
. . s h urft . i4l41 The L
psul ate tVit,n d etAllb. itr .. .iich
voi. Punted card —ebovriog thetind.
Tflh price t ome oyzim. meets end
d In padolphin eritn en bavltatton la term tbe
1 74 Mel 10 /
1 Eal lu ir ri;i 14 .!!:: -- ••• -rfi l ' 72 ri2 2 - 10' 470
SO C 0 0 rfitil 0 1
e illton ..... ••• 45 02` tel 1,00 igi too
Black -- tt, . .... - - Mi . 57 r • t
Butms• N e , emostri Ms- 48 2,00 20 1,25
We will NVVrarn at the
wa sell to ba aqqa2
*it of
synama to any sold In this city, and elmailifi i
00 uot prove acceptable to the orms,•thery caa be wet
loaned, and the money will be refuodste ... I t -4,,,,,,
with thst aaderwandlo we sell.
We ask a Odr trial, Mat la pabila m et 6.010 to
lugs between oar 'tts Nial,la haratothro sold by
other CoMpimipot d 4 Ml! ca.
AB oven of ripeedelictous magma 800,0TELte,
shoela give us a call.
sale by JO5 a 82. YOLIND & CO,
N Ny comer 40 and Perryloreele, and
E. 701150 &CO, ceyytdelotts 5 Wearner 2d and Ross sen ior
RIIIIEFACIENT —Sams While matting usrataw
in the fields are very apt ID bruise bpd mime
themselves la party ways. They an Men disabled
so. Wbe useless for a lon Owy, jf Turadia...,
could be made 0 D. A.Yerttutatook & Ws Rulters•
clam, mid lb* tuthke4 pao.iteAt eatiroOmi, aasl trot
remedy rubbed Ms wituld are relleriei ease
li . , ,, ntrr. No *Kent i s i t k irl4,
m.... b.4 yllt , i , I+:4* thia c
ii4el,o,l 4l s!old bt , ` frtic i f i reZ en ' .
comes at Woott and tat um also, cornet &It and
03.1 riterinirerlethdo at' Potassium; 0 as o f
11 25
1 10 1 . IV rem; Chute . 'e 22 lbs Tart Anil-
E trtilitlPl quinine; salpfilta idolphaw
Acetate rke Manta lla
eflrorer, pos. _ . „ .
.1 f
Chtetafirea and Acetic Direr, Justified unn OS mja
y 311122114 Co.
0- LLRD 011:—LO Ms poi qualio•No.2 Zara
Ens orden Wdo - ILol, -Can aztra t
NM and Onside at kivri • tat u r '• ••
-- • -
1341T08—5:q1.14 . 643. 4911 11V,taiss zee/ et
" uPIAZ ti mug
4P, awl ctutem inAthr
OUEESE-444151,41ii we'd at Um IV Hama lull
))sP'' Lad
oplzroomr PAPER BULL% '
T I/ E inatThipha 44'4 thie'day" ask:wise:4 tinder
the dump o hoißpsoi mu; 4 $ O 4 gm the
pOso , of , snannfaerisOng pam, as the Clinton Paper
wham theparill be 'leaned to recite* the paten*
otporthit aptS Ike former eastosnoln tb4nft::
A l ep "u nt:ist
.I.atneo;ltitep on band Irbbbral_„ • lb'
issibbanSof arrepPint: ntl e i a rbb popery
bonnet boards, bdWabolon, an. out, they int
attban,o for sinus Linen and mann NO. • *i
Pantept and Book Priblisktra can be applied saltb
whuradreptia.ot psaowet i , War nA V A.. •"
at :A rett pri n i e 4 dealt
itt.• EasowfulAtirm s.
mad? Tesse4enseeted Idtb Hee= Fitly! it:
i'utvaojy; 140"‘" tiVt te7~""1"/44
"Ping , PaPiettANDOERAA*W :
‘Ni:434Veco era ,exe
(Hearty opposite thebiniriat Hotala ßG
PITTSBUut e n d
hgEastha, nedeb and Getun Rore e
liddes, and Nvortalfers baP o eretd Leon*,
or which am be ascertemed qareleidioa to Mr. L.
Catalnass - -
, 5-7
• ;12E - AM. B
° i Dki Y tvkeie ,
TlllB-mor.o Imotrn One of • 1.
filaratod And
ffitrt of
orators of the Woof. , Ever/
foot am money con proenso,haS
loner. Tho Lino Elul beiodo •
amie4 'million ot Potpie
Ilia Wit moan*. loon
Wood oth!otthe day preViOni tO
OM or tetjht andtgo erary , -of •
Zn • caws that lowan/ •:
e 3111/171r PAO
MAC ,Nlll9lVili ce •
ieate lineburgh eireryy -
Sautei emit,*
• f Poi
Irtrgh ett . ers_ALowlay teeming et It
!meg idendefereealng uIG r.
ate,tveriW J
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