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Dee the Pittsburgh 1ui. 1 3 0 41611Itts•
91. THE swum suit'
By avelitarld Express reenal.lSt i ttria..4.
lir;Jomea,(l,sr.l3i*ii 4
- raid. news by the ':a pm.
" Ulna no new &tune. The - money 'marker p m _
.„ sinitatiattp. I fl 4 ' r'; • •
miasegttenco ot the threaten nifittmot of aA
-faire in Renee and Italy, patinn are de.
Lrettarce I MaY 12 , 1810.
. Comex—The market has u steady during
the past week. Aftm them pt Of theadvicre by
the 'American Mail Steam Hennsnei holders
acted With Sreater Artiness. American , desp
tionsluiVo advanced l; Sum has, also:! aavhilied.
' On Tneitlay; the market do; A heavily, with la
evesaingsmetities OiSming.
' At the usual meeting o the Cotton - Broker's
CconmEttee„:beld yesterday, the scale of price,
were declared to be thesaewith those of last
week, viz Fair Gpland and b bile 41;.: fair Or
leans at 4-1 per lb. The sales of the week ending
on the 11th, vete about 42,680 bales, 0001:i of
which were'for export, chiefly to Ensile, and 5,-
600 on IpCnnintlOlL The imports -have -been
,mall, amounting ably to 20,000, owing to the
prevalence reuefivorable winds. -.
Coax Taanx.—The heavy feeling which 'pre
veiled in the corn trade, previous to tho sailing of
the' last steamer, alp continues.
Ftomh•-22iseei bbl. has bean accepted for con
siderableof, western canal ; said of Balti
more, at r eb ; prima Ohio, at 2356 d.
" harms. Coax is in improved demand at better
prices thin early last week, bat the demand was
lost daring the past ttko dapni 31032 s for white;
23i 6d23ts for yellow, with moderate demand.
Psevutop--Lard has been in fair demand.
Dotiltg the week eater hare amounted to about
100 tans ed 33Intsper cwt. At Tuesday's auction•
the large•quantiq of bacon brought forward pro
duced a depressing erect upon the market, to the
extent of 2s per cwt. Since then the demand has
slightly Improved, and the fur sates made were
*about 11per cwt under those of last week. Hams
- -of almost every dvutriptlea have been nearly un
l'esterdai, Zs per cwt. were accepted
Efr 100 timeee ordinary in dry salt. Good shoul
ders Meet free sales at previous rates. Cheese
his been In ordinary request, but fine Is retailing
Au re prices. Beif moves off slowly, *Rhein
champ in value.• A limited business has been
ki Pork at lower figures.
',Hell stores are la dull demand; the market b
bOt Lem this week es at last sepal.
Mortar . .151.smorr.--English secaritles fluctuate
considerably, and a 'decline in the value accusals
has been established. The tone of the market on
_Tuesday was rather beuer, although but little bo•
slam was transacted. Consols elated in the are
Cantu at 914 to 90e and improved to 9rs. Bank
arfEdgiaed shame ranged at 192 e; Exchange Hills,
460104 money is easily obtained On stock securi
ties at very low rates. At tlefore 3 o'clock, can
.loil for the account closed at 91e.
l'ha steamer Caledonia arrived at Halifax at f past
7 *clock. Your express left at S, and arrived in
:this Chi at 19 o'clock Uds morning. She bring*
OM and forty passengers. She stopped at Hali
fax, and Waste have lefr Gar Boston at 9 o'clock.
The bill for the modification of the Naitigation
Lama was carried in the Rouse of Lords by
majority of 10, In favor of the ministry; the result
given swarm to the Whig ministry a nee tenure
In the House, the Parliamentary Oath Bill, hay.
Ititar its object tie removal of the Jewish dials
lanes, has been rend a second time by a larger
majority than before.
Mr. Roebuck was abcmt bringing befonsParlie-
Ment hie plan for the better government,efthe col
inks. It mu siva moved theta Cortimittee be es
tablished to ascertain the amount of deb! due from
*Ensign governments to British subjects.
The arguments on the writ of C1T031,4 the case
sd • W. B. O'Brien and McManus had been read
before the Mouse of. Lords, eritiioni
..lunKing the
aonmslior the crown taw. 'Tie. Lords nud Jcidg-
C 8 unitnitniinaly directed that the errors "tutsigned
by the plaintiffs could not be maintained:
'The argument of the judgment at die Queen
Comte!' Ireland stands affirmed. It fa annalsed
hat they will pr:bably be transported abOnt the Ist
of /sum.
- Dairy's proimentkm has been obandened.
The quarrel between the parliaments throughout
GroininlY, bas reached the highest pitch.
In - Saxony a conflict has already taken place.—
The people fought with the troops semen hours
with great saes of life. The railways were &lapin
ced,toprerrett the snivel, of the mama from Ber
lin, sufficient Amino foray came opportunely,
and momentary, tranquillity was restored by the
railer,' tome. The fight was renewed next day,
and cannonading continued till night.
On the 7th, the battle was renewed at 4 o'clock
In the morning, and a deadly warfare was going
on la tab Waists.
Intelligence from Dreeden to gm' Sth, - lays that
boatilin” raged between the resilient and the
Accounts from this quarter represent the ex
citement et the highest pitch, and that it wilt take
MOM than Rasta and Anstria Combined to quell
Zadetorms are malting to creato a revoMtion to
1:41 lap* nt fact, from Pampa to Penh, the whole
'tergmuy Le involved . In. oraa the brink of host!-
' ;
- England itsal Stance disapprotte of ;Luesia's in
beturnen Attatiia and the Hannutens.
The Fienchmereatepped in tkeir march inaraida
Panne, by the Repithhosna, watt the lota of Capt.
Ondblot,and one:bandred and eighty killed, and
Sow hundred wounded.
*hi builaii fiver continues
The qnsxrel between Napoleon and his amain
b &win room fleXce,
Parbsoursu, May 2.1.
Item Smithers and Enna Brown have been
trteged and committed, under charge ol killing
Francis Toner, by - striking him on the head with
aspmther•durthg the firemen's riot on Wednesday.
The markets are generally without change.
Cr. Louie, May 2S.
• Four Cemeterree.bstre reported tvretus tetermen
qtateday ofeith. by Chaters—e others made en .
The public meeting held lam night. reesonneeded
ttritietting the wharf, by extending it into the river.
Cisemran, May 23.
Thera we 14 caw eases of Cbolern, and two death
OLee 1,41414.9
Nuw Yoas, May 25.
Two =2 dead bodies were recovered (rote th
Wreck of the steamer Empire y eat erday.
Boston, May 25.
An insurance was effecurd, yesterday, on
Conning by the atcantet Caledonia.
U.., h....beta received here, giving on account
. eirimereeedette earthquake at Maracaibo, on the 12th
of Apia, which canted an immense destraetion of pre;
Menages is grill acting President, but it mat reported
ghat Pun orenlii 10011 411 that ofliee.
Wasnannott, Mv 25.
'MO Orton Coup hove confirmed the veidiei of th
eel:wool Court, in, the case of flood, who woo 'convict
-14 of stealing the loverruneaLjeeally whinl th"
rah' imprisonment in the Penitentiary. '
rimanwstA, May 2/
James Totter, the nun wounded at the fira.nes fish '
on Wednesday nixht stied soddenly at the hospital
last night.
}hung--The markt! I unchanged
Grain.-Wheat ,has slightly zaprovtd. Comas steady.
PfOsisions—Sals -of Mess Pork a 1811: of Prime nk
OD peibbl. Sales orLard in kegs at 71. and in bLls , at
Pigpen:lb. bacon tins slightly - advanced
f]tacerieo Far Coat, prizes urn fully aaStaincd---
'. Baguio Taber dull.
''Slarn—Cedurion 'Western brands ere in demand at
114 4t; Coed Western as $1 GI, and Orbau at 53 73,
whith sgireil2soosbli • - vim: sold.'
btebto'Wbent at 10Se. Corn is in
good reinest, with n 0004603 Prices.
Prosistena—Salei . of litesi Pork at 6 9 90) and or
at g 0 25 per.ibl. Lard is Orin 451227 c
-May '25.
n 4 * -Th.-mise IV
Abk_.:fnive, lAA,
rh....Alse Markt% iA anthem charge. ,
iI, ti ,,, i i i. ,,,,,,,,elerekvip lb. aheaddera al 11ia... -
.; .
''il - igairnagalaiirattro wharf al Snap* fan
uns;r-1- AWL/MAO. 1
26 Siktuidayi .
98 0 da ys
Toes_ ,day
'JO - Wedneday, •
31•TIninday, .-
1 Friday ,
T. I. • CLitti. _lee/ ISELZXJ4. J. DaLIJCILL.
Canoe Prin.-Non asra-rti,
Saturday ?darning, May at, rtue.
The market yesterday maintained it. usisal quiet
peas, and no material change xsas manifested in the
prices of any mimic. The Weather wns unusually
chit, and raw far the 1c0n...
FLOUR-41M receipts showed a considerable faliing
oftfrom thrice of the, previous day, and the quantity
altered. front first hands armi comparatively light --
Bales ammating to XIXI bids were rammed to us on the
wharf at 53,60083.0 for goal to bast brands.
PROVISIONSTIIe Bacon market i. still very firm.
with advancing tendency. We- note soles of sides to
donstacrahlo exteht at BIS*, of Shoulders at 41!
sad of Slarias at 612,01 for good Western ilared in elk.:
tad of city cored tole face amount at the tame figures-
Lard la in fair Mg+, with sem.ln bbl, at 50, and in
kegs at Shßble Y IC—as la quality. Butter is dull.
and few sales arc tanking. We may quote common
roll in tbls at 9010, and of a good article at 10012 c p
GROCERIES—There is a (air. demand at full price',
but sales are confined to !United lots only al former
quotations. Sugar ranges from 5 to 51e—according
quality, Molasses (rota 97 to 29c Q gall, and Rio cof
fee from 71 Mee P rb.
Woos. n hfrentoatv—But few States in the tam,
nil the Detroit Advertiser, are better adapted in soli
and climate to the business of Wool. powtng then
I.llOhlgen. The following is the amount exported from
?ellellipti each year since 1844 n..
1844, Ilbs• •• • • Zel,4ta
1845, " 412.081
184 " 718,537
1847. " 963,410
Exclitsive of the exports, there is a large quantity
mmoractured and tote 4 in the State. In the year iso,
the =aunt of cloth manufactured far home <comma
tioll at the seven different woollen mills, besides that
menufstetured by hand loom, In the cantor. of St Jo
seph, amounted to lip) yenla.: In Centrum, )(alma
rod, end Northern counties, tha amount is moth larger;
ittLeaurstree, Midge, Jackson, Oakland, and severs)
other counties, the mount Is probably equal to 131.10-
!mph county, which gives aomething of an idea of the
largegnatnity of Wool cannoned within the nate.
The estimated value of the export. for 1887, was
8218,831 50—a fraction Over an average of 22c per lb
In this market. We have no correct scarce et hand
by whith we eon ante the exporti for 1848, but think
It exceeded those of 1047. We have no mean. of
knowing the number of sheep in the State, bat think
there iefrom 400,000 to 580,000 head.
ROOFISG PAPER—Of s&potior quality, COLISUIIit
ly on hand; for sea by
CHEESE-100 beg Just ree'd at the W It Butter and
‘../ Cheese Depot, and for sale, by
APER-8 teams crown and median, for sale by
My. -5 J 11 CANFIELD
BACm°Y I 3 BI D B3- Itl 4 Alld D ' I r C ' IVF; I'y & Co, Fmnut
AHD-150 E, Nils No 1, in r s .umancip i y r c iodabi
y 6
L OIL— Z bbl. muter strained Lard Oil, reed
for sale by my-24 Vir h R Arcurc NEON
parr ASH-4 bbls Na 1 Pot Ash, rand sad for sale
by tr , l l, W rt mvirreuEoN
VlSti—bo Ltd* No 1 trim , d Obo DO Co No 1 Her.
ring.; 3D do:No 9 Mackend; 20 do No 3 dm 10 do
No 1 Salmon; 40 hi bbl* No 1 Honing*• loot ron'd and
for wale by JOAN WATT.
my9l corner of Liberty and Hand Ito
aIEMM—S3 bxo prime — now Choose, Mat recd' and
for Bale by & It 111TUTCHFA/N,
myt4 16'.1 Liberty at
B ACON -200 pieces prune Kneen hog ond, recd
and Cor ...le by inyd4 WICK fr: m h_PCANDIASS
"DOTASTI-10 csks Potash, a prime &nick, for re•
received and for sale by
myDRY APPLE 3-122 oc i al l e . &
31 jA
DHY PEACRES—WS rks Dry Pboncos; 18 bbl. do
do: for rile by my'll WICK & WCAN DL•••-9
fiIIDER-14 bbls sweet Cider; this day reed and for
%.,/ sale by ady2l WICK b M'CANDI.EyS
01IXO CIDEII-e1 Wale Boiled Cider, for sale by
ALERATIIII-14 eras BeletataN V 2 bbl. do; Z 2 bee
IO pulverized do, for sale by
WAPPLPiId PAPER-2121 restos medium W rap
ping Paper; 250 do crown dol 40 do double ern
do, on hand and for rale by
rny24 WICK tr. 61'CANDLESS
SALT—WO bbla No 1 Salt, for .ale by
GROUND PEPPER-70 bozo. Ground Pepper. for
alile by my2i WICK & APCANDIANS
IGIAMILX Fuva-140 bbla Parkinson's Family
.Floar, ler tale by WICK ft WCANDLESS
MOULD CANDLES-100 bre yammer Mould. Can
dies, &nude by 11,24 WICK & terCANDLESS
FI7E.A.THFRA—PWO lb. prima Ky. Fealhen, on band
and far .aleby mral WICK lc WCANDLESS
COHCIIINGS—I6 caLl tACOtaiings7fOr .4. by
0 my 24 • WICK M'CaNDLKS9
ANT 001 —Titi's day %calved and for sale by
SHAD AND HERRlNG—Reerived and for sate by
my 24 WICK & bI'CANDLW
COCOA -10 lila soperiorsCocoa, jton reed and for
sale by ray 24 WICK & M'CANDJ,9
ALIISI-12 bbl. Alum, for m a le by
myil WICK & 141`CANDLESS
etIiEESE—IO3 bxs W Cheese, reed and for sale
BRANDY, best quality—l eaak just reed and for
arils by BRAUN & RprEft,
my 43 comer St Clair and Labors • sts
CHLORID OF LIME-2 y•ske just reed and for
nate EI
Phitede vr. trieernio Pi
Groee isb ni, oreh d
AL Importers of H dies, Wines and Sege's, Nos
and 174, earner of Llberf aad Irwin streets, Pills:
:TO, Pa.
1211.1i.C0N detect in good onl er, reed per
ljtsimr Pull; for bald by I.;Eu COCH RAN,
10y.23 241 Wood .t
rk;Arqs--.1 ease Joan., Stephenville meenfosiure,
tl ..itee'd on coma:Union, for ode by
z gataN—Jast reel) anal for olio L 7
- - -
OZ. lodine; $ oz lodide. o Potassium; 45 oz of
`11..! lodine of Perri; Cararo.Ferri; ^J lb. Tart ano•
many; 50 .oz Sulphate quinibe; sulphaus Morphs.;
Acetate dm Masts of Sliver, pure.
Chloroform and Asada EU:ter, just r ead and for sale
by mon .1 KIDD to co
5T10.9 LARD OIL-10 bbls Rood quality No. g Lard
' Oil. in lbw order. 20 vo No I, Coolding's
slam and far sale at lowestprices, by
13UTTER--4),bla fresh Rollflutter, Just reed at
at the W flutter and Cheese Depot, and for ewe
by. , mpg) J DCANFIELD
CHEESE - 4Q° Put reed at the R Butter and
1„/ Cheese Depot, and for We by
Toni peps:iv. DILL'.
J„ the name Of dhavvidaztl - v'd-d7Aompsol:an.3„orthep..
gthezreenitgfr7t'thefk,etre Paper
MHti ereteyle :14d .c ows the
ngo,oflhe publle, ,and the Conner customers of the se
nior partner. •
They will al:all times keep on band a geoenl as.
'eminent of writing, wrapping, tea and all paper.,
bonnet boards, blank books, etc. etc ., tablet they Istil
exchange for clean linen and cotton raga
Printer. and Hook Publishers can besupplied with
every description of printing Doper at short notice, and
atiediteed priees. THOMPSON HANNA.
Mini J, '49—my37•alans EaSII.IND S. HANNA.
To salt on die loth Jmy—The superior fast
Wilt, i eappered and clapper fastened slop
EUROPE, wi gall for the above port as above, hav
ing Rine gnarteriother fight engaged,
'flue ship heiartaCthe lo at class, and haying un
usually spaylotto 'Rid well Canted accommod.ona,
ogee to pesseigere a very desirable opportunity
whereby to secure that comfon and safety so necessa
ry Cu so long a voyage. -
Pa...engem with families Will be furnished with sep
arate and enmmanicanng step TOOL., and experien
ced physietan will accompany the ship.
For balance of freight or pf age, apply to
(./ . . ASPINWALL,
Soadt side Dock street wharf,
my23.l2or—{North Am. ; Philadelphia.
8 4 000 cCgt•Yby AND COUNTYFIOYEU for
ti+ Sllo econd
0 for matt by
_my?! 8 SOHOYEB. 110 Second • t
FLOUR-100 WA* Family Flour, for 80. Te
by my 22 J tl DILWORTH & Co
(Pon many yearn connected with Messrs. Wiley &
Putnam, nod hue John Wney t N. York mod London,)
500%.1.1.12. ♦.ID WORM 01
No. MI Woo* rritscr,
(Nearly opposite the SL Charles Hotel.)
In E n glis h , French , and German Reviews nod
falatines, and Newspapers insporteelto order, price.
amide, may be ascertained on application to Mt. L.
Catalopes gran. soya
VEATH ske - T - trint — e - Fe - aUtiii7,
my2J_ 7 S Da:WORTH & Co
TAB -12 N C Tor, for moo by
morn • J P DILWORTH & Co
.1 if ACItEREL-30 tads No 3 Mackerel, just recd
ak per erynal ami (or sobs low by
_criEsgr,-2il bar good w K (Meese Mimes per r.
- 0.0 akliee, arid for sale lore 1;0.5 calltigll-
ma at by . Myt2 JAMF34 DA r.?. FILL
nEvtittfiroicAls-474 bbis small loaf, erustji,
n powered and clarifiedi in stow and for wale at ra
dar-ad piers, ba , JAMESI HUTCHISON Ir. Co,
. Agent-ISt. Loots Sugar Refinery,
. ,ogi No Si Water and fa Front rt
. —.._
T 11611-1, 1
igi9llena it ad, Nit teed and N. talc
S . •
HOT-10 keg( need Men: in store lmnd for ule by
WANTED To puEc •
HASL A good
r~ thdr Y gl i t i eti be oßeted. ge t"ba "Ifts ' N°°°
Market' et
t • Catalan. •
Mit pubf.d are candoded aphid ptathaileg the
draft bY Ridbetaton & OC/b on Ina M'Fa
den h Co. sod tl• ilient accepted, fordPIP; dated May
13,'i af PO FlOya . aver data, and atee pied Nay 10,
latit,paycble.a tha.otder of drawers, and bream
epdpreed to F, C. Shannon, who bac notice that per -
Meet of the Woe has beet" nipped In the bentis ot
John ISlVedetatc Ca. lIICHARDSOff
;.• i t SlichP*o Gab.
Michigan No 2. Gibisat, Beaver.
Baltic-, Jacobs, Brownsville.
Atlantic-, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Caleb Cope, Murdock, Wellsvdk,
Lake Erie, Gordon, Beaver.
:Beaver, Clark, Beaver.
Bay Cia.
'N-Vm Phillips, MePhial Kittaning.
A ar ,,,, Ban, Koontz, St Louis.
Messenger No 2, Woodward, Cia.
Fort Pitt, Miller, Clinton.
Michigan No 2, Gilson, Beaver.
Baltic,Jacob, Brownsville.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Laois McLane, Bennett, Brownsville
Lake Erie, Gordon, Beaver.
-Beaver, Clark, Beaver.
Camden. Hendrickson, McKeesport.
riendship, Davis, Sunfish.
rmantown, Cio.
Beacon, Connell, St Louis.
iy 7 10
1 34 7 20
433 721
433 72:
4 3 722
43/ 723
4 31 7 24
Tut am:R.—There Were 4 feet 4 inches in the
channel, by pier mark, last evening at dusk, and
Broconaville Packet., 8 A. M. and 4 P. M.
Beaver Packers, 10 A.. M. and 4 P. M.
Clneinnati-2 Taylor.
D. Leech ds co's, packet line. 9 P. M
Tbe - fine steamer, Zschary Taylor, we perceive, is
up (or Cincinnati. Let .11 who may be passing in that
direction see to it, (or Zachary's accommalatiotte are
just loch as to give comfort and ease to the pay.:
Oar acknowledgements are doe the accommodatine
clerk of the fine steamer, damn Hart, for late files of
St Lents paper
The Allegheny river is se low as to render it ex.
tremely difficult for any boat to ascend, excepting of
the smallest class. The Fort Pitt started for Franklin
yesterday morning, but could only proceed as high as
Clinton, where she left her freight, and returned again
to this city in the afternoon.
Srwrssa Sen..l—The steamer Bolivar was sunk in
the Comberlima river, fifteen miles above Salina, on
the 11th. Boat end cargo supposed to be a Int e l lons
Passengers and crew were saved. She had en board
about 150 hogsheads of tabacco which were insured.—
No insurance I n the beat.
The steamer Transport. hound for New Olden,.
struck the bank whilst running in a fog en the night of
the Ith inn, a few miles above Donaldsonville, and
sank to her boiler deck. No lives loss—fLotidssulle
ZANESVILLE—Per Lowell-25 hhd. tob, 4 bbls
beeswax, 1 sk feathers, 770 bbls floor. 5 .k. wcrtl.
Leech & co; 10 cake baron. 5 kgs 1 bbl /.rd. H Grad
& cts. 02 bbls lard. L Waterrnon; 113 bbls Boor Sellers
& Nicola; 9 mineral WM. Mts. M S Johns; 1 ha mdse.
Hart & Black; OS bbls pork and lard. H S !teem&
hhd bacon, A Sampson; 100 bbl. flour, H Graff & co; is
hhds rob, or Lnwell; 1 box mdse. H E Sellers; I do do.
Miller, 10 bbl. flour, 5 bbl. corn. 8 Mrs corn meal, J &
It Floyd; 97 sits oats, 9.0 bbl. fl ur, 3 dos sacks, I S Dil
worth: 11 .k. rwts, Bagaley 172 flour. ate Lowell;
IS hilds bacon, It Dairen; D aks dried apples, Bor.
bridge. Wilson & co; 50 dos butte., Church k Caroth•
ers; 100 dos brooms, IV Greer; 2 live oxen, owner
Al'Lmars Wog. Vasocrom—The following order
shows at onde the demand for and the exellence of
this great medicine. Certificates have been so multi.
plied in favor of thin Von:mine, that we consider II
unnecessary to add any more.
Tool. July Wah, Ivl7
"J. Kidd k Co.—The Vermifuae left us on sale some
time ago by your %rent. ir all sold. sells very ra
pidly, and alesasusfaction. As are entire
ly out of the article, and haying frequent crib for it,
you will please us some immediately.
C. A. MORRIS ac CO."
For tale at the Ding Store of .13 KIDD te Co myl7
W extern Insurance Company.
Secretary—J. Fmrxr. Jr. President—R. Mrt.r..ati, Jr.
lhaacroks—R. Diller, Jr, J. W. Boiler, Dec. BlJak,
W. ti. Holmes. N Dolmas, Jr., C. Ihmsen, Geo. W.
Jaekson, Wm. D. Lyon The , . K. Lirch, J.. Lipp.-
con, Jas. NPAnicy, Alex. Nitpick. Thos. Scott
This Company is now fully organized. and prepared
to effect Insurance on all description., of property
against Lott by Fire—risks of Iniand Transportation,
and on Huh s and Cargoes of Boats and Vessels
App!imam. for Insurance may be made (for the
present,) to R.:Biller, Jr. President, at the warehome
of Robmson & Minis, No. 21'Wood street; or to J. Pin
ney, Jr, Secretary. at hie cave, No. 37 Water street,
Pittsburgh. myl4
TILE underaigned offers for sale in M'Kean county,
Pa., LW acres of well tiroberot LAND, with en
excellent Sow Mill nearly nqw; and two new Frame
nooses, one 41 feet front by 47 back. the other 33 feet
front by 24 back. Also, good new (tame Barn. thirty
by forty feet. 'The mill and land are situated four
miles from the Allegheny river. A great deal of PINE
TL'il BER of the best quality, and also a vast quantity
of the very best hemlock. Also, one acre on the bank
of the Allegheny. near a cove, most admirably adapt
ed for rafting, where lumber can be ratted on the tee
in winter, and be perfectly safe from all freshets.—
Price $5,000, or SD an acre. Terms easy. Will take
a well cleared small farm, wtth good house and or
chard upon It, as part payinfint, if location IS Suitable,
and the kinlanco In lambert, or as may be topsail on..
This is an excellent oppormnity for 'timbering; and
the probability is great that In two or three year, this
property will doable its valise, in comequence of Its
proximity to the New York and Erie Railroad. 'Tim
ber sialicient to wear out several saw mills—and sev.
real mill sites on the stream which runs nearly through
the centre of the land. About fifteen acne to grass.
No hilt to rine to battling lumber front mill to rivet
Trout and game in abundance. For further partieu•
lays, euidress, Ipost-paidj I'. B. TE.MPLF:TUN,
myxlidfcwAS Gazette office, Pittsburgh.
OF New Orleans., would respectfutly announce to
the cidsens of Pittsburgh and vicintty, that hr
hu located himself on Smithfield street, between Fifth
and Sixth, West side, where he will devote his auen
non to the treatment of the Cholera., in which he has
met with unequalled success, having treated over
three hundred enses during the last winter and spnng.
and no cue failing to restate the patient to a proper
elite of health: he flatters himself that he has a medi•
eine surpused by none in the country, and whoa pro
perly administered never foils to strut] telief.
.•. • .
To persons who are traveling he would say, hi.
medicine ran be put up so that they can entry it shout
them mob hot little inconvenience, end by taking
small doses at times, it wood prevent an attack of thi
fell destroyer. lie would recommend it to rr-im.s
traveling and to families, us being a cheap end effec
tual remedy.
N tloenw will Ito found to h!. office at till
time. of the day, except when out upon prele.vtonal
duty. mrbt
To thogonoradle tAe - fteelgee of ire - Court of Gene
* etel Quarter Seagram of the Przau, in and for the
Comity of
MM.;ouuuonofJ so Ca:out," & Son, of the 211 Word.
j city of Pittaburgh. in the eounly aformistd, burnt - W.,
snewelb,that your petitionere have provided thernrel r et
with materials for the accommodation of travelers and
omer•, at their dwelling bon/o, in the Wert albre
aaid, and pray that your honors will be plenved to
grant them &Leen.. to keep a Public H.. of Enter.
tainment. And your petitioners, ay in duty bound
will pray.
We, the subsenbers, citizens of the aforesaid Ward,
do cerufy, that the above pouttoners are of good repute
Mr honesty and temperance and a.a well provided
with house roam and corivem , ences for the accommo
dation and lodging of strangers and travelers, and that
said tavern is necessary.
John Anderson, W. Wartals Jr. D. R. :Bitter. J. W
Butbridge, J. B. Lyon. T s lAarke, M Robertson, J
J Rog);en, M. W. Reit:hoover, A. M. WsLinsford
Chas. Isnapp, Jr., Ilanry Woods 112).1.5:A1t
AR, &c.-60 bid. Tar; 60 do Pliah, 30 do Rome,
.I. rest received, for sale by
ROSE PINK, Ertro-3 bbls fre.h and Eo.c. for Kale
AL SODA-7 for sn'e hp
es•-• IN the Court of Common Plena of Allegheny
L. a. county, in the matter of the trim of M'Clnrg
see-. &. "Monist.", and til'Clurg,,Deonditon & Co.
And now, to sett: May 19, 1919—0 n hearing
the petition of the trustees, the Court order and decree
that the petitioners may file their account at prayed
fer i a the execution of the trust up to this date, and
the said accouni shall he confirmed "nay' And the
Cons further fix Saturday, the MI day of June nen,
when said account shall be confirmed absolutely, end
said peutieneri be ellautilved and discharged from all
the duties and liabilates OA trustees aforesaid.
good came be shown to the contrary. And that due
notice of the application for the discharge of the said
trustees, he given in the Gazette and Morning Mercu
ry. Bp the Court:
trylanilfive tIIRAM lICLTZ, Pro
1.1.131V1T ellT,
1A711.1. be opened (D. V.l for the admission of young
V V Gentlemen oh b(onday, the 9d. day of April.
Teams, (payable in advance) per session of 5 months:
Englinh, Classical and blathematical depart
Peglish department 818
A mailed number of boarders will be received.
Par tettimunials, references and additional informa
tion, enquire of the Principal, at the Institute, Robin
ette street, between Federal street and Sandusky,
Chislett's ROW.
Of Trinity College, Dublin, Ex-Sizisr, and Queen's
Scholar tram the Roy el School or Enniskillen.
Federal et. near Rubinson w niaysMil
IGIOUS WOHKS—Thoughts Pub - he
Prayer, by Samuel Millar. IL D., L. L. D.
Thoughts on Family Worslup, by James W. Ale,
ender. Just received by
J. REILS.-11.:ng made vuneemeoa. for it con
insult supply of FACTORY FINDINGS, we will sell
at low pike. Calf and Sneep Roler Skins, Lone Lea
ther, Pieter', Reeds, Shuttles, Hemp Twine Treadles,
No. ft %add Ilelt Pooches, Wrenches, Sirlptnint Cards,
10 to Id IA Patent Dresser Brushes Weavers' Brush
• Ae. Ac. LOGAN. WILSON te CO.,
roy4 WS Wood street, Pittsburgh.
STEW HOOKS—Agnes ltlorrls, or the Heroine of
History or King Charles the Second. of England, by
Jacob Abbots, with engravinFa Jost reed by
myth corner bd and Market sts
Mto armye to-mor.
row; for sale by & W BARHAM:in.
thils/ 53 %Tater and tot Prom st
PLOVtt fiC7ut,itbst reed and for - sale by
PUPSE—su bets prime Pork, tit end (or
by MylP s a W
6 .111 - NroiiirCirTfi/e•TiiTof and for
ale by
bet street. caws fast colored Calicoes? et the
low price of CI , or,. myth
UST nifaaVb) at the One Price Store, GO Mar
t)T kat st, 10.000 yds of printed Lawns and Mamba.,
at the extreme love price of the or..
myth A A MASON k Co
- - -
mous DE LAIN —SOW ids !dm. de utei
l now opehlng %Ito One
m co
BROWN ALUSL/1451-4a bates at 44 and 5 eta
mylo A A MASON ACo
F Fej e r i t e st . ten'd and for said at
tad Librtty myll - 7.1(11; I.l er ° l l. lr. l lZ
ITaWri- 5 1 / 1 1—Itti ree'd from the eta.
a_ E , joilt24ll7,inyie• JOHN 13 ne.LL '
...awthc , A.,.._l . ta Saar, Woad street,
..o.4zimetd.or %wows c00p,..44N
tr. , 5127141. IMF'S 61414
LOCAL nrnutis.
alma= rove rim rirmusan osn:r GAM=
Tha sale of Mr. A. /ideCum.% stoat of twits and
shoes, damaged by the le. fire, Kill be columned.
his core to-day at ten e'etixt.
Correspondence of the Baltimore Son
IL E. Church and M. E. Church South
Addresses upon the questions at issue between
these churches, were delivered by the. Rev. L. M.
Lee, of Richmond, Ye., in the Alexandria Lyceum,
on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, to large,
respectable and attentive audiences. The meet
ings, composed persons of both aides, with some
"upon the 'Stirs," and many outsiders, all of whom,
kir the first time in this place, were publicly ad
dressed upon the questions at issue.
Mr. L, who by the way speaks with great flu
ency and force and with ao unusually effective
notion, elated that he appeared before the meeting,
upon this invitation of a committee of the elbserm
of Alexandria, for the purpose of addressing them
in reference to the causes that produced the no
fortunate rupture in M. E. Church, and upon the
q &scrawl-a and priszaples involved therein. The
whole thing, he stated, grow out of the question of
slavery, and was precipitated upon the church by
the action of the Baltimore Annual Conference, in.
the case of Mr. Harding, and by the comae of the
General Conference, in the care of Bishop Andrew,
Neither of these gentlemen, it was represented
had violated any rule of the discipline, because of
en absence of any immediate ownership upon their
part in the property against which the rule lama
directed, and that it they had any each owaembirl
the laws of their States inhibit enraocipation.—•
Such action, he stated, was an unjusutiable and
unprovoked interference upon the part °foetid cone
keenees in these cases, and manifested a forward
ness to busy themselves with other men's nietters.
The policy of the church in regard to slavery was
referred to in conneetton with the final eettleinerA
of tee question in 'lei y thd adoption of the ac-call.
ed compromise bill, which to still in force in Willi
churches. Slavery as a teat of membership hit
declared was a question with which the church
had nothing to dm that it belonged to Casa", end'
there it ought to rest. Mr L proclaimed himself
to be a non-daveholder and as no advocate of:sla
very, hut no merely contending for a fair comstruo
den of the discipline as it is, in. order to an evert.
sion of the inefulaess of the church in As miasion
of peace to both the &mut and the free
On Thursday evening Mr. L. referred partied.
larly to the property question at issue. and mm
plaiaed that a went of -chnsmin friendship and the
strictest equity," to which the M. E Church was
pledged In the plan of separation, had so far depra
ved the Church South of its pro rata proportion of
the joint property of the church.
The (needs of Southen Methodism remained of
the meeting was dismissed on Thursday even
me, and decided not to be pricipitate in the, so.
ion, prefering to wait until the public, both in and
out of the church, etionid be fully enlightened up
on the insure in question, before and definite action
in had in the premises.
On Friday evening, Sereptn Hull was thronged,
with an respectable, and intelligent audience, (a
moiety of whom were ladies) as. perhaps, ever
congregated specially at any public meeting In
this place. The meeting was opened with prayer
by the Rev. Mt. Lamahnn, who returned thanks
teat they were still privileged to worship God in
their own way, according to the dictates of their
own conscience. Their coming together, he hop
ed. might be productive of the end hod in view,
and that the ?irirnary object in future life, of all
present, might he to "follow praw with all men
and /Owns, without which no man could see the
The Roe. Mr. Hamilton then stated the object of
the meeting, and es premed has regret that circum
stances should have rendered it necessary for
their being called together upon that occasion. It
was a controversy, he remarked, neither taught
nor desired by the Methodist Episcopal church; hut
they were not the more to shrink from any respon
sibility which devolve upon them an ministers of
said church.
Mr. S. A. Roze-II then took the stand. and with
en eloquence which captivated, if it did not con
vince, an Intelligence truly instructive if not de
monstronve, and a propriety of manner not to be
aurpassed, he essayed the vindication of the Meth
odist Episcopal church and the Baltimore annual
conference, upon divers issues mooted by the
ehurch South.
Mr. IL. said 'that ha appeared before the au
dience, not to mislead their minds by appeals to
their sectional prejudices, but for the porpese of
addressing himself to their sober judgments. He
disclaimed being influenced in his course by a bias
for or against any portion of the Union or its ball.
tattoos, and proclaimed himielf to be, pot only a
son of the Old Dominion, and one who loved her
as his mother, but an American, who, jealous of
her honor and resentful of her wrongs, was even
ready, should occasion require, to partake, with
sword in. hand, in the struggle of his country`2l
gainst a world in arms.
He then entered upon an exposition of the poli
cy of the to. E. Church in regard to slavery, from
the ((rat institution of said church to the recent di
He represented it to have been originally an an
ti-slavery church, and as at all timea:opoosed to
slavery as a princepir. though em designating It
ea a crime. The 111... E. Church, he further show,
ed, so far from having been premed by the Nor&
to forego its merely anti-slavery position for that of
abolition, (the latter, by the way, bring quite a dif
ferent thing from the farmer.) had been li:cloned by
the urgency of the South to yield its original nen
slavebuldieg position for that of, if not pro.slaverv,
at least of slavery under certain circumstances. He
then referred to the cam of Bishop Andrew rod al
Mr. Hardingas well as to the division in the church
and the distosal of its property. the M. E. Church
South having been invited to institute a Snit. in
order to effect an amicable sod equitable diviaion
of the property. He stated, also, that the discip
line, of the M. E. Church and the church South
were identical; and moreover reworked that not
a solitary abolition petition had been presented at
the last general conference.
Many indecorous expressions were made, and
mach Genre non annltision omeeiled for some time
outside the hall, before and after the adjournment
of the meeting. but order won reigned, as it should
at all time, and every where, but more especially
among cArarrion.:
It has been ex :voted fiat the main question nt
issee, me refusal of the last veneral conference
of tne M E Ch tech to receive Dr Price at n delegate
from the M E Church South :o maid confereuee,
and the failure of the former church to carry out
ice pier of separation to "christian fellowship and
strictest equity." as Herein enervated. wet Who , ty
preterinitled. The lateness d rho hour. however,
and the evident pnytica I ea ha nytton rf the sprat er
resat have been thy reason why the-c ipmattons
ire net adverted to.
Snou.d the thscuasinn Ix roarmed, it 15 It, I,:
hOl.ed tint the f. , hcarundr. nod a reward
ecod order. wol he ehjoried rq Ih., noes-ern
urrou all dm, who takesft inter , t io the 0, , In.r•
nervy. Srmukl such adonormso be arse, and a
wart of order he no weourodly noorfc.ded, t nrd'
14 (sir to r resume thnt the dormu e dy take no art.
terra from principle In the emote.
Acq^rrAL OF me Itec Tu.,.. 7. BUFtartoll3.
The trial I Mr. Berrouctri ter renrisiaughter
enema the death clime. Byard B•shop, nt Snow
Hill. to February lam, by shooting torn with n
, o:, closed ou Saturday, with a verdict of scumint,
the art having proved one of sell-defence, or con.•
m :tied under rr:r.oaeble apprehension of great bo
dily harm. The verdict seems to he (oily sustain
ed by the testimony; for in the absence of positive
proof as to the design of the deceased, the acts and
the language proved in concretion with the total
tery tear:vett tied no other verdict. It wan not for Mr
Burroughs to ascertain the mind of the assailant,
nor to determine whether he was untied. The
character of the assault, aggravated by the circum
stances of the preceding everting, was much es to
cause natural apprehension of violence and the
testimony of the prosecution establtsed nothing
more thou preparations fur defence. For ibis the
prisoner is not amenable to the laws of the land,
whatever his responsthihty may be in:an ecclesias
tical court.
The defence, we understand, counted of some
additional (acts to the issue, and a general tentsino
ny as to character, which was most substantial and
The speech of Mr. Wise is spoken of as one of
the most maxerly, learned and cogent arguments
ever atdressed to ajury. He occupied nine hours
in its delivery, and in the course of his remarks.
reviewed with each keen and COOStal reproof the
indiscreet and mischievous course of the Shield,
published at Blow Hill, that its editor, who was
present, rase and asked the protection of the court.
The court stated that if matter was introduced ir
relevant to the issue. it would mimic-two its author
ity , but Mr. Wlee so blended the course at the
Shield with his argument bet.° the Jury, and
showed its immediate connection with the.
that he proceeded without interruption. lie clos
ed at Si o'clock on Friday night. The argument
for the State was resumed by Mr. Franklin on Ss,
urday rooming, who spoke with greet force and
abality for some three hours, when the ease was
given to the jury, They reused to their mom, and
after an absence of about an hour and a half, re
turned with a verdict of "not guilty."
After the verdict was rendered, Mr. Burroughs
was surrounded by numerous friends, nod connW
ulaied warmly upon the result. He left Snow Hill
immediately for Chestertown, where his wife and
family remained during the period of hie imprison
ment and trial.
Mearnurr —The City Ittgisler Midies the fol.
~ ving statement ta regard to the health or the city.
The whole number of deaths from all Mlleea for
the seven days ending Sunday night, the 13th,
Weil 273; of whteh,lal were from cholera. The
interments dolly from the hut disease were as fol.
Monday, May 7th 16
Tuesday, May bih................ ........ 36
Wednesday May ....... ..........
Thursday. May 10th 30
Friday, May 11th.... .......... ...... 33
Saturday, May 12th............ .......... . 19
Sunday, May 13th 22
Total in seven days.
rromnther diseases
Whole number 273
The number of deaths reported for Monday the
14th, Woo 21; being eleven leo, than on the dui, the
!magical day, showing a drum:km.ln this particular
direnve. The entire number of deaths on Monday,
woo 311., This in a really frightful mortality, and ell
tbooffh llguay no argued that the pestilence lea n
neva thdhumberolits alanina, and in its ann.
Inane, it saints terrors enough to ids= SLIMS*
say an y - 6t. 4/Z2f 10.
WihozFaa,cir IT.SISAXIZ .far lll,— The ID -
eueltheforii the Corinterratileisibtugh Wan =D
eluded on Saturday night, and resulted in a verdict
attributing the collision to the careleasnessor want
ofjudginent of the plot date Empire.
Several additional dead bodies have been fimnd .
making thirteen in all, vie Eliza Carson, her son,
aged eight, George Buekland, a boy named Dun
can, aged 10, three ternalea, aged from 18 to 30, a
man aged about 25, a boy aged about 14, with
out money, who had leave to work his faze to Al
bony, three of the brothers Ladd, and one other not
Eirorta are being made to mire the boat, when
en opportunity will be etTorded of ascertaining how
many yet remain in the cabins.
Turner R. King to be Register of the land ° B k°
at Springfield, thumbs, vies James W. Barrett, re
Walter Davie to be Receiver of the lead office
to Springfield, I.llmots, ma Archer G. Herndon, re
Cornelius Roscoelt to be Register °jibe land o®•
ea at Genesse, himhigau, vice John Barton, re
George IL Smith to be Receiver of the lend offi
ce at Nemnaneville, Florida, Mee lobo Parsons, re
Andrew Guthrie to be Margin! of the western
district of Tennessee, Wu Robert J. Chester, re
William R.. Easton, Nantucket, Massachuseths,
vice Charles W. Rand. removed.
Ebenezer Bacon,Bant ;table, Massachusetts, vice
Phioney, removed.
Samuel L. Thaxter, Fall River, Massachuneeta,
William T. Bueacll,New 13edford,hiassachusette„
vice Joseph T. Adams, removed.,
vice Phineua B. Leland, removed.
Jncob Richardson. Oswego, New York, vice
George H. McWhorter. removed.
Levi Allen, Buffalo, New York, vice Henry W.
Rogers, removed.
Wd:irtm Bowden, Petersburg, 'Virginia, vice J.
Travis Rosser, removed.
. .
William T. A versa, Ipswich, Massachusetts, vice
A. IL Wilder, removed.
Philip I. Gray, Camden, Now Jeney,v me Charles
S. (areas, removed.
Henry Woods, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, vice
John B. GuMrie, removed.
IV,lliam It Bond, Clocatuntii, Ohio, vino Patrick
- -
Wilbam J. Howard to be Pennioo Agent at
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, vice John B. Guthrie, re.
To pursuance of the established usages of the party,
the Demoershe Atittrua.ons and Whigs of Allegheny
county, will assemble in primary meetings, in their
seaoral Itlection Diartets, on Saturday, the led day of
June, ISI9, to elect two persons from each district, as
Delegate. to n County Coneuntion, to meet at the Court
/loose on Wednesday, the oth day alone: at 10 Welk,
A. NI., to put in nomination suitable candidate, to be
ea; paned by the party at the General EleeVon in Oc
tober next The Anturnsons and Whigs of Ott tumuli
ship. (Pitt excepted,; wilt meet at the 11.111111 plane s for
holding primary meeting, littweett the hours of 2 and
P, 31. and Clow, of the Wants and boroughs and Pitt
township, between the hour. of 7 arid 9. P. 3.1.
Chairman of the Caramirtea of Come epcadence.
April Z", ISt9.
St:ZEI77 LIMY —I am a candidate for the office of
Sherif of A , lngheny county., sublect to the decision of
the npproaching Whig and Anthriasonic Convention
for nominating county ticket. CARTER CURTIS.
Size, Ward, Pinsborgh, April d, I6l9—d&seT
9IIE3I7.I.TT.—CIapt. W. A. CII•31.1 . 0:1 will be sup
ported for the office of Sheriff, .abject to the eitiouttet .
don or the Antunnsame and Whig County Convention.
mazOrdhertf T Flicirru Passau-sat,
Sessurrandr.—Cape. Joan Youno, of Robinson town
ship. will he supported for the office of Sheriff. tattuett
tiathe decision of the approaching Whig and Annus.-
rdnie Convention SECOND Vi . 44lE.
- kito - TFIOMYrkftY: -.-
Paorimnerrsov.—The hiCounty p Of Allegheny catimy
this a o
t,ffic the e
at cla
the ims of
coming ALLE V overman. Mr. Or OCrtainatiaa
it a good wine, and to every Ivey competent to dis
charge the dental of the office, and deserving nomi
canoe by the pony. ALLSOBX.IT Corona.
• Ms Furrow—You will please state that I will be a
candidate for nomination tar the office of Prothonota
ry, before our nest Whig and Andrus.. County
Convention. Yours, the.,
tlizabetb werruhip, March, 22, 1999.
Thitat..NOTART. A LVE. W. AI AEA of Peebles
township. will be supported for nomination to Oslo of-
Ace befdre the ensuing Antimasomc and Whi; Con-
The known abilities of Mr Markt, and his
long experience to the-ories, are sufficient guarantees
fot the correct discharge of us duties, if he should be
nominated. stroSidlUiwttooteT Jams:sea.
ViertnoSerrars.-100er caysoll es *pendia.° fin •ho
ogee of Prothonotary, subject to the decbdott ZINN,
enmeshing Antsmatonic and Whig County Convert
nty3tdtcatte9 Razzes. Casoyassus.
Paornotrimaar.—F. C. Ft.A.PlialX Is acandidate (or
the office of Prothonotary, subject to the decision of
the Antimoson.. and ‘Whig Nominating Convention.
loon V. ROW - 14.1.11). Esq.. of Vpper Si. Clair town
ship. wiii he supported on the office of ectinty
user, annieci the deem. of the approaching Anti
c:man:lin and Whig Convent.,
- - -
COCS7I emll be a candidate for Om
office of Cocinty COIII/11t , 1 , 1011C, •abject to the decision
of the Antimagnmc and Widg Convention.
groridgestricS GABRIEL ADAMS.
COM, CO.ll326lo3..—Enextrui Bonze, of North
Fayere to vovnip, will he surported before the NT maaanic and Wh.g County Convention
r t (nutty, ct
aotnec( to the deaion of
aanl C nvennon Ilay:es is a wovking man a(
the pa ty. sod non ry way (juallfted and deserving of
the odice. myo,d,kwaS Nunn Fain".
COCVIT C 1,3111,510%. —)ir Editor You will plea.
~,unco Wm. LINN. S , of flootlson
v , •dola. Mr nil Cnntrua.toner, swleel to the
Ire i•lon of the neZ Ann n..d g Con•en
.mn Sant Wi.uo
G. 13 I•E.z,IN. of Uopet SI Cla :own.ship,
wolf o on..didate :or the office of Cooor y C-nitnos
•000 , appro•criog 3'.lu& otol Aotirrs.wc
Coo v enLon. to, KIIc. t pr. Sr. cwt
A , 11 , 01,1—)043 ^l . Pine to.. , ara'tp vri:l he
ran ltdaa , f r A 11 , 11tr , r..,phje, I, we tlecnomi of be
r. A ~ ,,nns ryte an.] Wlog
\U.Eurfon,-1` onec .nn un- Jou!. ”Tian f Fond
v p u. •:e fot A u/ Jr ,
Om den tion of the l‘ Ins nud Antininenanic t:buvennau
ittltcatotte riehtteet hlot. %V et Lelthise Jr.
he •upporte..l for m^
oXtee or !Ingather betteral It the
ot“thry elcohon Elt.chou firer Monne, t4th Oh)) of
Rle. ney24toSeeeS diner Votehrzetes.
r-T Romare. WALK.. EN. of Ehtabrih FliarOagh.
ropporiod.! eft" c the approaching antiotayouic
ai 41 Whig Coiny Coovenhan, for nomioation as a
caatiti:ato To o rneratior of I. , girlatura. by the
obrithiNvioT Wales or OLD ELIZADDSII.
A tS2 - 211LT oder Myrelf as a candidate for horni
notion as a member of the General Assembly, before
the approaching Antimtwottle and \Vhig Convention.
J. J. Mos., of Versailles icrwriship.
COL .I,IEIII TAT ,031., of irlaysbeth township, will be
p+eoented by his friends its a candidate for the Lego; •
Islam or the approaching Convention of ;he Whig and
Araintasonic party. rAggitlfr.wT
Do rta Ktrissnr, of Jefferson township, mil be e
randoiele for the l i rgisioture, subject he the decision
of the Aourrissonie and Whig County Convention.
Mx. Warn: You will idease announce the name
of A1.r.24... Wsnos, of Ro.s toroidal>, as a oundl.
dew for the :Rate Legtolaturo, subject to the decision
of the Annwasorne and. W tug Convention. Trio claims
of Mr Watson, on a wad qualified and iniluanutd
member of the party, wil. ho naturally pressed by
those who are host acquaintod sonh h m.
. • •
one - Goon Wino.
ions M'Chessev, of Robinson townsltt , , will he •
candidate for the Legislator. subject to the decision
of the Anninaro• le nod Whig County Convention.
W Ferr i of Lower St Cleu, will he supported
by to. s friends for ;he Legislature. .uhiect to
Upi dren numerou non of Wlug and Aututiluorue Culiacan..
Inyl7ide.ser Pia"'
fa - At the .oliettation of many of his friend?. Moo.
Sw. ItinV KLpta bas ronsented to ben eandi
-412, for the Legislntate, subject to the deetsion of the
Whig and Antimanonte Convention. myl7:dtsis-8
100, Mtt.t.ui of the borough of Shargabragh, will
betx eandldate for the Legtelature, tub to the de.
<11.10:1 of the Whig and Couvenuon.
my I delkw..l
TEOII/14 PISNITZT, of the borough of hlllleepport, will
he it candidate for nominattots for member of Assem
bly. at the approaching Andreasonic and Whlg Coun
ty Convention. my3td&w£l
Mr Winn—Plea.e announce the name ofJaatta F.
Kenn. Esq., of Pittsburgh, n andidate far the State
Legislature, subject to the decision of the approaching
Whig and AlltiMpSOLUe Con 'region.
my 24 Focarn Wenn.
APPLE BUTTER-3 Mils for sale.
myte e- NEC/ILLS & ROE—
. _
1111 D APPLES-500 bash for cla
11 myt9 11E I OILLS k ROE
7iERHINd9-251T0: fresh ilerringi, Morris bi
jj, canal aud for sale by
(AIL OR/OANUM-50 lbs Net reed eked for sld Coy
myld J KIDD &
SUP.CARD. SODA-1601b. just reed and for sale
by myl6 J KIDD tr. Co
CHLORIDE ON SODA-2 dos just reed end for .ale
by my 10 J KIDD & Co
1:113 AR HOUSE 11,10LASSE.9-1110 obi. angatbouse
tO Molasses, Rs Jame. Refinery; 10 do dodo, Loaisi•
ant Refinery; In store sou for sale by
royld [cos 170 and 174 Liberty st
r SHIED APPLe..B-20 bbl. dried Apples: 6t tits do,
L./ on consignment and for sale by
1)0 rnsit—ta c.ita ram Potash, in Nora and for .ale
by • rayli J k FLO V D
FIBESt ym 111-470, hogd cuasiatolYi for oikay
Row Hood, and Great BarraU.%
RD. 774010.8031,N0.1102darket sue., ltcto.Y"
bertyihariurt tamed from the Eastern ewes
with Ms second supply of SPRING AHD SUMMER.
600113: He has nowenband oat of the largest and
hest selected stocks lot he has aver had the ptearare
of opening to his cusionsera and the public—among
which myaySlks, he found every style of rich chaageable
end fanc Turk Satins, black aide 'Sas, all
widths, for Cardinals, de.; wither & width of' black
Silk Laces and Fringes, for DULLARD
SILKS. TISSITM., fig hl and plain Bengali,
Swiss; Ordnaig Lawn; Ern/I'd/Inm Ging
ham, a new end benaufal article; plain and bard do;
French Gingham; de.
Orallevarrtc Sr= I. very fllll,.ecnnprising every
description of Chintzes and Calicoes, seine for 114
that sold this spring for H., Linen and Munn Sheet
ing., from Ito 3 yards wide; also, Sheeting Myelin;
very low, with a fell uscrnment of fine Irish Linens,
for window hangings Turk" Red Chinn, embroider
ed and striped Drapery, Buff Holland, de. de. Dor
Shawl department presents every desenpthlin of plain
and embroidered Canton Crape, changeable nod fig'd
Silk, Re•rw,.. Cashew. and Deletes, plain and em
broidered Thbet; also, a large tisaortment of Par.ols,
Bennet; to. de.
Coach Makers will find a full supply of Cloths, Da
maaks' Morten; &a. ice., in their line.
The above Goods have been purchased on the most
advmeageous ten., and purchasers may rely upon
getting them at the warm? menus Inman
mr2l - ‘l2er HOOT. D. THOMPSON.
1 5 /RABOI,B-IV. - Tr- Wrpby has Just
received an assortment of black Bt Parasols,
figured and plain, some of which snore% aim.
- Dark Green Parasols, figured Ind plain large size
brown do—an assortment received, and offered at low
prices, at northeast corner of ath and Market sta.
OTTON'OSNABURG—Yasd wide—Oat bale late
recd at Dry Goods Roue of
mr.l3 W R hfURPITY
BONNET RIBBONS—New styles Bonnet Ribbons
opening at the One Price Stare, one lot a low to
12k eta mySt A e MASON & Co
received a very handsome lot of French Summer
Cassimeres, of • very fine quality. which we are sel
ling at very low erre., and to which we would Invite
the attention of the !centime.
*KB NE, Cis s R. — h — a - s — ttir
Mmorning . open new and handsome styles Prints
for IRe et. per yd; Swiss, Mali and Natmook Mnslisto
for dresses. Also ;scanned within • few days, Bonnet
Ribbons, Black Silks, So., at northeast corner 4th and
Market streets.
Country Merchants replenishing their stocks, will
find a choice assortmenrat War prices, in Wholesale
Rooms, up stairs.' anyl9
r AMES DRESS GOODS--W.. 11. bloomy, north
east corner Fourth and Market its, invites the at
tention °Clothes to his excellent assortment of the dif
ferent styles of Drags Goods, mutable for the season,
each as
Pink, bine and drab Barasec Punted do. a
large assortment; lung and linen Tisanes; silk and lin
en Linares - linen do, of various shades; British sad
French printed Lawns; white and embroidered Mss.
tins; embroidered Lawns, French (iinghams—all of
which will be offered at loss priers for quality.
Wholesale Rooms on 2d story. myi7
ARE now receiving a very Otriro stock of fresh
Go:oda, of recent parchase and importation,which
they will sell to.the trade at such prices as cannot fall
to give entire satisfaction.
City and Country Merchant. are invited to call end
examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
liVto r R. MURPHY invites No attention of mar-
s chants the lap supply Of new Goods Jut
opened in his urbole.ole Rooms. on Ed story, northeast
corner 4th ad whet streets, Pittsburgh.
Than being his second supply for this spring, he has
may kinds of goods at reduced prices, and some
styles noun be found elsewhere. myEtdlsseT
VT colt Co. hare ree'd per Express, more than
15L0 Collar., Capes, Caps, Cherametts, Cads, &c. Al
so, Edgings and lneertings at half the use.' price.
GOODSNowopeang at the One Prier
NStore, cases and packages of new and desirable
Goods, comprising • large lot of Silk, Berege, N de
Leine, 'Mimi, Fancy and other Shawls, at consider.-
toy reduced prices. mr2l A A MASON & Co
Q IDE STRIPE CASSURERES-1 case new style
10 fancy "aide stripe" Cashmeres, Into rec'd and for
sale by MURPHY, WILSON A Co,
myll 48 wood et
RIBBONS --A handsome assortment of new and
beautiful style. Bonnet Itlbbona,jast recd and for
ludo at reduced pnees by
OWARD DUCK-5 bales heavy Cotton Dick,
XL suitable for swain boat decks, wagon coven,
atc, jest received and for sale by
myll MURPHY, WILSON k. •
FIRE GOODS--18 pr Gold Spectaeles;
8 fine Diamond Finger Rings;
10 Musical Boxes, .hell edged;
A large assortment of Fans, with fine paintings
alao, gold - and silver gilt.
Silver Bauer Knives;
with agate handles;
Gold and silver waist Buckles and 'Ride.
AIso—PARASOLS, dark green and other fashiona
ble colors.
The above goods, with a large assortment of Jewel
ry, Fancy Goods, he., will be sold for smn or other
good money, at No 67 Market street, by
TTMBURLLAH--10 cases cotton and gingham Um
brellas, Carlo and whalebone rib*, just received
and for sale by SHACKLETT h WHITF,
myB 99 wood st
PARASOLS -95 gases cotton,. citing am ---- and — rilk
Parasols, new styles and designs; green Turc sa
tin, with fringes and plain borders, and beutuful ion.
ry and fancy handles, met reed and for sale by
CASSIbIERE--6 pieces very fine doe akin lblackl
Casairocre, resolved as a sample direct from the
manixfacUtrer, far sale by H LEF
.myB , Liberty tit ,r Recite gth
PLAY AND WOOL B,kar - --Oni. and Viefor
lt IM
sale by znyft H LEE
MORGAN'S WORM KlLLER—Another proof of
the triumphant success of hforgan's Vermifuge.
Prrnosetou, May Hi, 1840.
Mr. John D. Morgan:—lf my name is of any tom to
the suffering community, in regard to the article of
Morgan's Vermlfuge, you are perfectly welcome to it
I had two children sorely afflicted with worms; I be
came alarmc't and very jostly so, when I tried your
renowned Vernufuge and astonishing to tell, one of
them was delivered o ' f about fifty worms fifteen inches
long, of the moofrightful told, resembling more the
appearance of eels. The other child eras delivered of
about 20. The children are now doing finely. You
may well be proud of your Worm Killer.
Yooeo truly Dsvm Sari,Virgin alley.
Prepared and mild wholesale and rtail by JOHN D.
MORGAN, Druggist, Wood street, one door below Di
=toad alley.
Atcluntotr crm Ward,)
April 20, 1E49.
Mr. IL E. Sellers: Deng afflicted for same tune with
a cough, which was so severe as to unfit me for my
daily employment Frequently after roughing, I have
been PO much exhansted. as to be obliged to nit down
and rest. Hearing of the good effects produced by
your Cough Syrup. I concluded to give it • trial, and
am happy to say it produced the desired effect in my
ease. Alice usuig it one night, the cough sots abated,
stud I am now perfectly well. lsatia Jonoson.
This oetuant and popular Cough Syrup is prepared
and sold R E SELLERS, 57 Wood street. Sold
alto by Druggists generally in the two cities and vi
cinity. myll
4M3=117 ogn-d, Trustees o( the Watta.h
Did Erie Cana, hereby give not.ea
that thry Ki i ft .eased proposals et Washington.
Divies noutry, on lie alth la , _Woe next.
.or 1...5 t my,
u t shout tairh y•iour talk, of unl
i ilia the propoood S t ress die
Wet fort 0/ Whoe Ifierr oear th- South lit,. of ;to r., to 0.01. v ,ix. in Davies county.rhot oor
tuu DI .inat ,hoe are ,e roixitru el bye ii
1.1. i Lora.
alt.! ors Boost Loeb. Is be of item..., a 13 , m
ecru.. ol.,.kard's Creak, ...d 011 C 01 IWO e I Ague.
onto the usuai iery 01 earth tvoik
ronattion to ewaal. The•bite bo divided into ',-
baits :tveragsug about half aau e in enixtli.
At the rued unto and place, proposals will be recei
ved for build g, with cot storm maso-ry, the piers of
the Aqueductover East fork of White Ranee. The
stone or masonry must be procured from the qua,
rtes of durable limestone to ha band on or Hear either
the East or West fork of White River, from which
point they can be delivered by winter.
The line to be plated wader contract, will be ready
for Hopedale ten days previone to the time of letting.
aid a I necessary information in reference thereto will
be goen by the Resident Engineer
A. 51. PUETT,
TllO.ll. BLAKE.
Tat:arras' Orates, j
Terre-Raute. April 24,1 E 41). S my7ttjunc27
rptirx thirty-eighth section of the net of the General
1 Assembly of this Commonwealth,endled "An act
lo provide for the ordinary expenses of the Govern
ment, thevepair of the Camel. and Railroads of the
Commonwealth, and the payment of other claims doe
by the same," approved the tenth day of April, A. a
one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, provides—
" That toe Governor of the Commonwealth be, and he
is hereby authorized to borrow, on the faith of the Com
monwealth. and of the revenue hereinafter mentioned,
and which I. hereby specifically pledged for the pay
ment of the interval and re-payment of the principal,
the two of four hundred thousand dollars, and issne
certificates of loan therefor, redeemable in thirty years
from date, to be paid into the Internal Improvement
fond, and appropriated to the expenditures under this
act, the said lona to Lear interest at a rate not exceed
ing six per cent per annum, payable half-yearly, in
specie, on the first day of limitary and July, to be term
ed the Inclined Plane Loan." It further provides,
.I'6ll there shell be annually set apart by the Com
missioners of the /demo' -Improvement fund, out of
the revenue of the public traria, for the payment of the
interest and final liquidation of the debt hereby an
triorised, the sumo( thirty thousand dollars per annum,
and a shall be the duty of the said Commissionere,
after paying the interest, annually, to Invest the sur
plus, together with Its accumulation of interest, in the
said load, or in any other loan of the Commonwealth,
if the wad loan cannot be purchased at its par value,
the sad Investment to forma linking fund for the re
demption of the principal at matoritY."
In pursatince of the prod.., afordsaid, nonce m
nearer? may that proposals will he received at the
ofice of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, until 4
o'clock, P. AI, of Thursday the thirty-first day of May
next, for loaning to the Commonwealth, for the par
mses set forth in the said tel. the sum of FOUR HUN
DRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, et a rate of interest
not exceeding six per rent per armum, nayable half.
yearly, In specie, at the Treasury of the Common
wealth; the said loan to be redeemable in thirty years
after date.
Certificates of stock for the said loan, iti-tbe usual
manner or agreeably to the terms thereof, will be is•
sued by the Goveroor; the same being transferable by
the owner or owners on the books of the Auditor Gen
The proposals will be required to elate explicitly the
amount offered—which shall not in any case be less
than one hundred dollars—the rate of interest not ex
ceeding six per cent. and tie premiere proposed. The
State reserves the right to accept the whole or any
part of the sum offered unless the proposals stipulate
to the contrary. Bids for the loan mast be direct and
explicit. No conditional or hypothetical proposal will
be received. Upon the seceptatice of the proposals,
the money must be paid Into the State Treasury,
such proportions and a: inch times, as the Governor
shall direct or appoint, add open delivery of the re
helms therefor from the Treasurer, certificates of stock
will be issued in inch !moan's as may he requested
by the lenders.
The proposals to he directed under seal to this office,
endorsed "Proposals for lose—they will not be open
ed or disclosed Until the period for receiving them tn.
etapseafter which no ItheTetioll In the terms *ll be
TOWNS .1' , 11) MINES.
Secretary of the Comntottwealth.
igl3 6 The Secretary would bring to thine eau! their
willing to lout to the Commonwealth, 'the dna
the 1130,W3 Bet apart In the foregoing any for the pap•
Mad or (meant an the lean therein amhorttedi L less
than the =own new raid annually far theimpport of
the Inclined Plane: and hence, the appropreholithes.
Elide does not diminish the anneal resonates. of the
Treasury. lny7al3tawnhayto
IaTEW - C2aTT Ci - rg--S Rani la . beatetyorthir
i. yeller Waed . ..a:lA . lloz Glaa , ? l . r a r c l i at= c ;r :
P wed by
- Passengen.
l gkW=lll—The &tau arta. Lim will leave
as follows, at 9 o'clock at night..
ticalmr, Wednesday, isay 10.
Ohio-=A Craig, l'%orsday..l.7.
Kentucky --11 Trnbl, Frlhay. 19.
Louisiana-4 P Thompson, &nutty, 19.
ladlani—P Bunny, Sunday, 23.
Ohio—A Craig, Monday, 21. ,
Kentucky-1i Truby, Tuesday,
Losustana—.l P Thompson, Wee ee .d.„.,,
Indiana -- P Bushey, 1 horsday, '
Ohio—Caps. A Cralg,Priday,
Kentucky—fl Truly, Saturday, vt.
Louisiana-3 P Thomplron, Sunday, ay.
ladiana—P Corker, aondaY,
Ohio—A Craig, Tuesday. TJ.
Kentucky—Cant Traby, Wednesday. my 30.
For puling° apply to W BUTCH,
_mylo nr D LEECH
&Co. Canal Basin
r ag ! , 1849. ei j im
Warren and Cleveland Paestenger Llne.
Canal Packet—SWALLOW.
r I NEI of the above Packet. leave Battler corm dal
(13midays excepted) and. arrive Dell nterang
Warm token they connect vrith the Stages far
Akron and Cleveland, arriving at marketers° places
before night. Oae of the packets leave Warren daily
at 6 P. M., and arrive at Beaver In time to lake the,
moming boat far Pittabargh..
C E S LEFFINOWT.LL & Co, Wansaa p ro.
B TAYLOR, do $
V l3 • comer Water and Sambgeld ata
".. - rtt.-=z,", 1849,
im at i
. _
Cuorrou, & Czuncexiute,Cloveland,ol p ror ,
Paw . Beaver, Pa.
THIS . Lino be pre a etE .v :LI tho opening of navi.
to transport ht and Passengers from ,
PITTSBURGH and CLE D, to .any point on
the Canal and Lakes.
The facilitie. of the Line are tunmrpassedin number,
quality and capacity or Boats, expenenee.of captains,
and efficiency of Agents.
One Boat leaves Pinaburgh and Cleveland Oily, run
ning in connection with the steadiers
Between Pittsburgh and Beaver, and a finis of first class
Steamers, Propellers end Vessels on the Laken.
Aorns—R G Parks, Beaver, Pa
lease Baldwin, Varmanown, Obla.
M B Tartar Warren
Cyr-• • Pro% as,anvanna,
wb.T , l;;. - 4Z<TA --- ,n
CivWie7id a Chamberlin, Cleveland, 0
Sears & Griffith. Buffalo, N.Y.
Office, SOT Water and Smithfield rta, Pittsburgh.
Steamer MICHICAN No. 2.—Caps.
LABE ERIE, " Cordon.
THE above regular and welt lament Beaver Pack
ins, have commenced making their daily trips to
and from Boner, and will continua to run between
Pittaburgh and Beaver regularly during the season, as
Michigan No. 2 leaves Pittsburgh dolly at 2 o'clock,
A. M., and Beaver at 2 o'clock, P. M. Lake Erie
leaves Beaver daily at 8 o'clock, A . and Pittsburgh
at 3 o'clock, P. M..
These steamers will ran In convection with
R U Parks' F.xpress eteket Line, for Wei
Taylor & Lefking - welPs Warren Packet* .
Union Line of Freight Boats for Cleveland'
Clarke & Piusburgh and Cleveland Llrio Fre,lgh
R It Pdrks daily New Castle Packets.
- - - • •
CLARKE:, PARKS A Co, Bearer, AIM,.
JOHN A. CAUGHEY, Agent. Pittsburgh,
mehat oar Water =I Smithfield rts
THE Proprietors of this old established and popular
duly line, consisting of SIXTEEN first class Canal
Boon, owned by themselves nod running in connec
tion with the steam bents BEAVER AND CALEB
COPE, are enabled to offer unequalled facilities for
the transportation of freightonnd passengers, on the
opening of Canal navigation, to all points on the Penn
sylvania and Ohio and N. York eannL and the Lakes.
E. Id. FITCH A Co, Cleveland.
Agents, Beaver.
C. BIDWELL, Agent,
imult Water street, Pittsburgh.
I. C. IrDWL/,
Pinsborgh. D. w. e.
- •
Forwarding torekanta,
Agent: for Ma Pittsburgh essaMoelsolst Lasse,Pista
burg A and-,Erso Limo via Eris, and As ea=
done Beaver: and CaLr6 Cops.
Haring purchaned the large and substantial Wharf
Boat Just built for tho hlonongahela Pactets, have
with the addition of a Warehouse, the most aro* ac
commodations for receiving andi forwarding, and
pledge their utmost atmnuon, promptness and despateh
to consignments to their care, and rely on their friends
,or a tnal. marredly B, h BRO.
For Greenwood Garden.
Nsw tiancroziazitn—The blamer
THUS. SCOTT, commence on
NoodoT. Noy 7, tor. from .the Old
Greenwood I,anding, foot of Pitt at ,
to the Garden, leaving at ti o'clock, a. d and at cash
even hoar until 9 o'clock, r. a, lam trip (taro the Gas
den at 10 e
The Saloone are rapplled with ell the dellcaniea of
the reason. Tea ate o'clock. The Garden, with a
large collection of Greenhouse Plants, Dahlia:. An
noel Flora Ylants and Shabbery. The comfit:labia
wharf boat Greenwood, Will be placed at the Pin
atreeeloading. myd
DIG 0.--atiarw—
;zi:, %Wh im Dentin. Corner afro:emit
and Decatur, between
Market and Perry sheet. rep2Alyin
::3 • Vr . J. WK TRAY,
—44 .•rilaer.v,e . • DENTIST,
Respectfully tenders
profesrionol service• to the tinge. Of Allegheny any.
Office, northeast corner of the. Diamond. Refer to
A.1.14.6Ei EMT:
Dr. T F. Dole, • Dr. T. H. Elliott,
Dr. M. B. Trevor, Dr. lno Diekeor,
Dr. J. B. Herron, Dr. R. B. Mowery,
Dr-111.. H. Knox, Dr. H. R. Dell
Rev. A. W. Blatt,
Wm. A. Ward, Dentist;
Rev. N. West.
RtihtO to a new three riory brick
on Smithfield street, one door below
Sixth street. Teeth inserted from one
to an entire tut, on the ruction principle, with a Dean
&al representaticn of the natural gum—restonng the
oriental !Web° of the face.
11.—Teeth extracted with little or no pain.
Decayed Teeth penntatentlY saved by pnigglng, pre
canon; the tooth ache, which is much better then cu.
ring tt, though it shoubl be done in five mins tea, or
a reit instantly. mpg v
N 0.47 Alarketarret, Pittem 4h., Pa.
_ . •
RESPECTELi Y announce, to his (needs node..
Somers, that he has bud at no past period PO even
ve¢ Stock as be hos et present. He can oder to pur
chasers, en yeas moderate terms. at the old establish.
ed Stand on Market street, a moat every article Id hiS
Counting-room, Bed-chamber, Dining
rnom.l'ortor and tin!: Pee,. WUti uorters, Land,
scares. t ire boasd l'iipti-, rape • and Tiasspareitt
Wind•S shilde• Iton et coal d•oder ' si rt.
tt s r u,ql rrt a an re rep.
I and c..uotr, nub ,rile and unus,Yersp.
.•.0 I ewLa-t 'Se - ,ze
.to. IS Wood Pittsburgh.
HuLtER ANL/ LAI_ kAii AN. lawmen cal dealers.
u, Forasa and Doia •AUC 1111.11.0Witklat, to
all it. vaneues, prepared to sell as low
on as rcusonaale. , f6lT as can to purchased elsewhere
We sol,cd ou,rid,.encs, enJ the public gnieraby, to
call and examine oar Oct.t , which 301133313 in part lit
I lislo FLY. $ll itAZUR.S, House Trimmings,
such 63 Lacks, Leiche4, Hinges and Screws, tot - other
with every article usually kept in Hardware Stores.
We invite the attention or Carpenters and Mechanics
generally to our ...rt.:neat of 'Fools, which haveibeen
selected with great rare, and which we ore dote:min
ol to sal so 0.11 to pee . ..faction. aptidharT
AirRS. MARSH'S NEW NOVEL--htordaunt
lrl orscSs"
' ,ster Nlcht , by the author of "Two old
men's tales. ha Wyndltam*"Angelia," etc.
splthdavrT corner Market and 3d its
Retorlzsg.—..Galvaalastl Tin Plazas,.
.~rtiE.ob.crtben beg, 10 call the attention of Builders,
1 Architects and owners of Buildings, to the many
advantages which these plate. pane. over all other
metallic substances hitherto seed for roofing 3e, as
they possess at once the lightness of Iron, without Its
liability to rust, having now been tested for several
years to this particular, both in the, country and in tfic.
rope. They are le. liable to expansion and contrac
tion from sadden change of the atmosPhere, than COIII.
mon tin plate, iron, zinc, or any other metal now used
for goofing, and consequently form a much better and
tighter ro of; requirmg far less frequent repairs, whilst
the first cost Is but a trifle more.
A full supply, of all sizes, from 16 to Mt W. 0., con
stantly on hand and for sale by
14 and 16 Beaver street, New York.
The patent right for this article having been secured
for hie United Plates,, ell parties thronging thereon,
either by Importation or otherwise, will he proseca.
11LO N
. •
Tiff. undersigned have erected worts in the eity of
New York. tor the purpose of 6:dermal:la all arti
cles of Iron, which it is destiable to PROTECT FRW.I
RUST, emelt as Telegraph Wire, bulb, Spikes, Nail,,
Wire tor Fences and any other artiste winch map be
required. For H oops for Casks. sea substitute for ale
Rope; for Clothes Lines, Isighuottg Rods, and a host of
other applications, it will ee found cheap and durable.
They Would parucularly call attention to .he 6:dean'.
zed Wire for fences; it requires no palm, and will not
rust Also to Spikes and Bona, the precareadon of
whlekris of so mach Importance, that it will commend
iiscllto the nonce of all those intere-stcd.
OW. IZ AIOII.SWOOD.k. CO., Patentees,
ocOO-dstesivT 14 and If Beaver at. N Vork.
H. • cirria, Bedford, Pa. ono sroollirean,11111.11• Kr
KING & 111.0013,11.EA1h
'I77IIOLESALLL GROCERS, Forwarding and Com.
TyMioll Merchants, and dealers in Produce and
Pittsburgh Manufactures, corner of the Diamond and
Diamond alley, Pittsburgh.
Rzezadoco—lh. P. Shocebarger,
Richard Bard ru 1213¢.
Hon. Jos. Morrison,
Rich. R. Elliott, ER. SL
Simon Drum, Esq., Greensburgt4
T. (kruntill & Co., Pelleololphi.a.
J. Milliken & Rona, Lewistown, Pa.
J. Reamer,
Hon. Wm. J. Dougherty,
MulholLan & Bay, Wrsril e.
THE undersigned having been appointed Agent of
the Dintaurans Paten.. .Same litsertancl Con
rase, to the place of John Finney, Jr., resigned, re,
specifully informs the public and the Mends lindens
corners of to Company, that he is prepared In take
Marine, inland mid }ire nabs on liberal terms, pt their
° pl c , Ng. 37 Writer strict. P. A. MADEIRA, '
ri 111.E.11.&11 N TADIA: Olt Nun Or I t ICE.I3, con
mining au alphsocural list of Pon Maces through
out the Untied Suttee; distances from Wm , lila gum, D.
C.; mate and territorial capitals respectively; alk, es
hibitins the Pont Mikes In eanitSotte„ as well a. Coon.
ty, with on appendix of the edited Starts and British.
Tariff.. Jeri reed by JOHNSTON It STOCKTON,
atyla • eortleild xarketsts
tiecox igliitt-4111 - dijaai re e'
. =3 , 10 kV& W HARIMUCifir
NVOOL-'lse bigbestzentkez prieerin Au% will be
' - tietdfoi=tpe aldereng gnaltairof welivruhed
. • `-‘1,,,--V
-ROUSE )%:1M8,44 ' kiWk.;
•` V naIIstAdEtORVLD3I4/Dgraillta • •
A oirri• iall aborelaek Nit . :9, at tholocerik
11, arm Br en t l e lco s miriade flyer. Tim' Cod II
orate vary best quality, and'esef-lit seem; ' , Amy
numberVarres, from rweaty•Sve to skonstred,cmybt
be obtained. Persons desirous •of porches:44 CIA
Rad on WALKER REED, on tbe premb . es, or Wm.
eed. opposite the Post omen, who will gine' atrY in"
formation concerning the property. The above will
be said etc great bargain. •. myChditita
nous* and Lot Tor ifoLa
litlN ALLEGHENY CPTY.--A nett'aild cam
niroable brick Dwelling Mato, and Lot of
od. PA feet feet front by that deep,) sitnato
On bank of the river. nearFahnestook's lead fac
tory, m offered for sale low. Ternmeoty And title In-'
cspotable. Apply to Abraham Felton - hiartongabala
ythdtwo JAMES BLAKELY, Pittsburgh.
Houtaisindrt.lit for Salo tor.Sorlp,
_ K jea, A TWO story Brick Haase, totalizing elght
roo= exclusive of basement Nor Collar,. ea
sellable for two families, &mood on Liberty stra4
Allegheny, will be sold low for Scrip Enquire of
myttlif IL HAYS, Gazette &aro
Valuable 1111 Siding Lola Mr Sale.
TAR orbieribers are anthOnzed ofßo at Ovate
"." VPOrt.446hly favorable tem., a amber
of •ary eldaawe Bundlesetnatrishyr_
porson of the Lots cambered a.
%Voads' General Plan of the h d lated
at the mud, eausranlly cornet of end
anvils, fronting 040 teet on the footer and extelldoll
w e the Saner oboet 600 feet to the AlleSteni •that,
and being a pan of the Real Estate of the late 7asess
S. Stevenson, Esq., deceased. ' •_a
A plan es sab4vialen of the above Leta, hs cseaser
mtty with which it Is proposed ra s eng be gem el.
the office of the undersigned, on between Mar
kat wed Ferry sts. NV &NUM •
To Sat.
AndA TWO leery brick dwelling heal% plemont,
Omitted In oa/1.4 wjlh Ave met of tande•-,
will to rented qtre tow If appliemlost
made Imaxedllealy. Inquire of
ap23 HARDT .10=1 &Coll
205 Roses Coal Lana tae Daly
ITUATex on the bionaphas tiver,aboatidmilail
kJ hem ergb and 3 =lea above third Loa, ta
the Immediate neighbarhood efhlears•Lyon &Shot%
CoalMc John Herroxes masa. Ibis Be. .body of
willire Sold as Ate law puieeof =I per
third In hand, balance! in See equal =near payments,
withoat lama Tide ; indiegurable..-LOettat eery ,
good—cannot be .lowyeamed.; - : or fOrtborpankatara
mire of & DUDLEY, who has •
_draft Of saldnos
Eby 'Rade= st,belerw Parfait. Adams , Rare.
N. ft nue is anther seam of coat 'coV4ata MO%
shoat 60 feet above Om loweriOrdlxoo4ool4tait
Y 10.1110/151111'IOE WOOL 21202
10 ACIICS OF GROUND, attained. near
Fittsbuigh and Greonsargh Admit
from the city, and seating the hag Oa
sal, on br ic k Le Greeted • lame teal ektshed
two sten , Derabeetrate,together wiikstales,
carriage house, Re. re-anise on the yreases •
large vanety of hat bees, and a spring of tinniail
=Lance antigens to the dwelllor
jell wts. YOU NG, ita Matta O'
Valuable Real Estate tor Ws.
?HE •uhs.iber will soil. a; private =1 6 71 v valet , i
ble Property, on the earth stmet adjoining
kw present midenee, and ow pound= Mediate.
11. There are about TEN /WILES 01 1 ' 1101 ORLAND.
in a high state of eultivadoa: The aprovemants sr•
a large and well finished brink DWELLING BOMA
superb Barn, and otbet out buildings. !Afiktitung the
dweffing Is a running Fonntain and • good Pomp
whisk farabes s comma se_pply of =maim water.
There is a satiety of Firth Dees stok Shrubbery OA
the premises. If the abase desetibed m a c is not
told scom it will be tented fora time. Gor ashk
a lame thr , 00 Peasykrala meats; at - ad Of
the board walk. Lanus of
ifiastable lima Waikato Mir Salo.
Mace. Trustees of the Western 'Theological Seminary
1, heats decided to sell, on palpates] lease, ik pore
two of their property In.dilegbetry dry, oiler ona rely
favorable tans, from 30 to 00 Lots of dillemor ottaa
A warrantee title will be given. Aplan oftbnintlodzi.
be seen at NO. 1.21 Wood street.
For partleulan, enquire of either of Gm undersigned
Committee JOH47. LOGAN
Al Lamina
At a very low Rent.
.12. A TWO story Risk House, en Federal sty
one door above the northwest ownwet. the
North Commas, Alletsheny-rwide 1114 palter,
ay .
. ro alkite n haan theteardoer. Four Mona
Poseraris yr t i o be a had hfedtately. Intolteer •
spit GEO B:elL ENBEILGE 87 Rant et
• nun • i state Mull
following property In the city of Main%
end Deer the - borough of llitssichester, on the OW
nvir L l c s . orored tr t :! di nig i n it r ernara te = l.,
of the city of burgitrhusing PO !Matrons on Ele
venth mesa, by 0(0 feet to Stroorborg Wet, Mai
Grant street.
10 one wire Lots Coming on en Mozniti aver ' tot
wide, running from Beater road to the Ohio .
loining Philips's Oil Climb
For terms, enquire of C1L F1 171 . ..E8 D. 8131111.1 f,
or .1.01.E5 (MARA, •
Butes Building, Cid it.
tau • • • • st, r
end Lois en Bahlarla and Many streets, In the
oth Ward, SI feet by
_lOO, and adiseeat the ,properaed
depot of tin Central Railroad. For ternreArAltre of
Marken Deßdlnx, ith et
• I 8 BALE..
A TINE two wary Brick Wow, pleasantly
le:sated on the hilldirectly beet - 01111r. Andrew
wanton% property, new Pennsylvania avenue.
tee aortae end lot will be sold very low for - cash. For
farther information apply to D. W. ic A. 8. BELL,
Anomeye at Leer, 4th street, betoken Smithfield and
L IS free - rabic terms— Lis. of firma& on th e month
' side of Penn sum., near the Monongahela rim
ming 80 feet on Penn street, and extending lio feet
depth to an solep im A ioide a most desirable loess
n eats for prfrate residences or for muulafaistatimg
• •
fells. les. Sequiricif J BC/1001IXAICE 8 & Co,
.. No 9.1 Wood et
•DOUNTRY SHIT TO slikilt—td, lwo
Mick Dwelling, with 61, sera highitioPiw•evi
• Land, situated in (Ashland, ut let from let April
• ieta. n/5.Z.L.11,1.1.• ~:.- --,
44 Water street
giivon irff' —i 7 K ------ ,rono toll - ice yews, fiunithe
fi nit
Dwellingegigra , az l s, •
n lttr: i =oLietArl . 3
of tharldo river, ailJoinfog thlt borough of hianoluni
ter, - ivitit about four aorta of land, out buildings, .fridt
u'''' ' '‘"..".c.Applyt e
jot .thniS A lIIITCHLSONA43O
A LARGE and we. Entail:a Lee* second
awry, on the comet of Wood and Tblzd areas,
above the Exchange °Moe of W
Poreessbaugiven Immeduaely. legatee et,
je s APGILLSk ROE. 494 Liberty at
!I ur
LKT—A large beet Detung House,
gnitable for two families, shamed en Federal
tuset, Allegheny, above Mr. Graves , stem.
Apply to
fehttl Liberty at, opposite dth
Asb, TWO Lars on - Beaver street, In the city o
Allegheny, above the, upper thmunons, on which
is emoted a frame budding, two stories high, imitable
for two mall tenements. The lo th ate each twenty
feet in (root by one hundred feet deep, and run bath
to a street borty feet wide. The building. on the pre.
misu will pay a very handmaid inthrein on the Iwrwj
meat, and the property will be mid cheap fpr cash
Apply to H. Sproul, Clerk's office; U. S. er to
novr4 KAY te Co
T .
EN LOTS, 2t feet by 1111 +twitted on the Meter
ground. and fronting on the "ride Nowt Commons
in the Baena Vista katcnidoa Tema Ettio, cut,
mchtNcho Omen, Fachnnge Balding+, St Clod, .1
Scotob Ilottom Laming.
ACILES. Ur LA •U. eitunieao. - I,s
,up. m- , +loeonenocht, three .111 e. 1,1, n , p i n,„
nt . .—ln :ol• In sungu renames. Tor rt.n,nr parole.
reply w I( t .iny Woods, -Id ri or in
A WASH I Neal /N,
aovendif Itti, Minim Smithfield et
PSE STR amTe:-.7re. gunner - re - et
;21.. infer.Mt tale the three corgi brick Warman.'
on Wood meet, accepted ny" IL Tauter a Co.
017 Witt WILSONOr
FUR SALE Lot of around nitwit/sae Penn
_street, bets.cco lie) and. Plarbary ouveur, ado:doing
o boost and lot now ocropiod by Richurd.Edwards,
having a (root of XS feet, and in depth LSO itch will be
sold on favorable terms. Title unexceptionable. • En,
gum of C. 0. LOOMIS, it, near Wood.
For Salo.
DESIRABLE Banding Lot In Allegheny MY, eg.
vorably located, is Joze ...boat half an nem and
soil be sold on accoatmallting tonna Gagnlns
lota 7 D WILLLabIEt, fill wood et
08 6 FOR RENT—A room in the 'wend
Jahn Wood street iNU
Property Allitergtouly entreat asig. —
,T7atibumbers otter (or mar a number of chola*
~tr, citrate, In the, Oecolui. Ward, fronting an .. eel
CGMm;'.IOWIVI3I;II47JAnft.7 Z Chaz •
or of JASII.OI3INSON, on theprezoirrar,,:=
myl7:dkertf T
211111:11061. At St Erle s iLL Op 7O
• ~,,, -,..„ !co . QS, DIAMOND ALLEY. a
. d..,, , . .aw rs below Wood sneer, tol
e,, , , ...- Da. DROWN, having, been
r1iZ.,,,,.., . SegalSrlyedvicared to the seediest
4''. li '''., ' rp and been for soma dune
t'...Y.4--1 - /..; -,-- I n =
v 7 ;7:- , 17.;_.k..1, . his suentgi ' VVir7 c"An Vi;
cyg, , ,,:i•-•: , .... those pnrato and dello= coral
i-i-..,..... ; ;.,4 plaints (at which hie oppotremitles
W.., 14 . , .;'..., ' and experience peculiarly qua.
i's l ";!%. , - \ hint. 'II years width: lasi). &motel
to mai a. mantissa of those complaint:l;oElmin which
time ho hos had more practice and has cared more pa.
umua than can aver fall to the tot of any prime paid
mimics) amply qualifies him to Oder 100 911104011 01
speedy, pctimment, ILIA sir-leader, mole, all Metal
with de,,,,,,,, and oil diseases arising there}
Dr. Drown would inform those ;aloud with private
discus. which have beam= by' time 4?: .4111
gram." by the use of any of-the ennumittnestramthi
the day, that their compliunts eau be ridthelly sad that..
onghiy cured; he having given his - carefel'ausention
the treatment of such eases, and atteceeded in hand/win
of instances in cuing persona -of palm:mina of thot
neck of the bladder, awl kindred diseases which ellen
omit from dune elses where others have inuislgned
them to bowiess despair. liciparticalarty Weave each
as have been long and unsueeessiblly treated by inhere
to consult him, when every satiafacdos will be men
them, and their eases treated In • careful, thoreagbanll
intelligent manner, pointed oat by a tong asperk ace
study, and investigauoni which ills impossible forthoe
engaged in general practice of medicine to glee as
one clime of ammo.
-13:7- Hernia or Etnotn*—Dr. Drown oleo Unites peal
snot &Meted with Bernie to cello's ho htspakt Panto,
der extension sn this disease. , .
.. •
CANCERS also cored. •
s k i n &w o n % aso s, Palsy, eta,rpe*dirreuned
Maw ... very law.
of ein sax Rang iTa &stain,
stating their disease in writing, 7enring 411. no sym
toms, can nett.* medicin demotio no,
midge ling T. DROWN , es with
nit paid n , and for
nes a fee. • .
Lulea No. d 3 Diamsoi alley, oppoalui tlts
Rommunce—Dt.Etninn'a newly disenend tame
dy Cot Rheumatic* Is* speedy, and onion remedy for
that painful trouble. It haver fain.
Odin sad' Prince qoasulting ROOM, No. Mi plat
mond an*Y• Pltubsugh„Pa. The Dennis , -always at
RT. No etrn no pay
• azo. w. satrrn a. ao.,
TNPOI/31 their friends and the pnblla duathay hurt
1. no longer_ any connection told' their laseestablish•
me to Pemstrem, known as the pittalanh drewerA
having rammed their satins blame= ta the POINT
• Pig • • • sold* sa
'F"4-3 bbl.pickle. Salmon,••sderßiltukorpSharli
'lO do do Herring; 10 do utd k Noli 4and3Mackr
.erel; • 1 ease, rebuked' I ollibeth t bag Lubec. , healed
lierrl9l for rale by myio .1 El WILLIAMS
ITBAB—lllholl chest tirtmehelani 0 55110 05,130
i N'tiong Wrap; 5d lolperialind Ganpowther; 40
hart bitch MBlpitts fib; AMA bj '• ••••' , •-•
.: titakt - . ~, . I.PrIL 4 WeII •:'•
.: y ...• ~-:' s' , ~