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    '1 ~ ~~~~~~ -~;o+fir X _
RZ ORTED &!r 7 r4acartAPn=
per vie , pitectierep. Dag?' GilleitS•
pa.wpwviimitis OP -MINS-
GRE&T. PIMA liff*r: WWI);
Fuar Ilindred and Eighteen liaitDistrovedi
Cholera Datallegf
No'ir that 14.00nfasion acid .aprear anbal
dad, we are able to obtain a tblerably and ea:
niiirs!b?rlldof.tbe sotrerens by the_ year rantliiirre.
WWe farrilatt you with theree:4,o tan ii
constrienlita dialers and principal , arras _ratenil.
Thiel we Iniedieda of sinall dealers` burnt on ti
linty of wb.4e imams we cadent (*WI:
, -
amber of houses burnt nth* Pour
Hundred antEighlend: but thi;eaddist ;gyt of
the great ealantily remains lo'lth takt in the lon
of batman In believed that.lii r enti liven
have beanbag in Melanins, Cr by- : the cuionthes
bedew to a peat the';osnelt.::suithe' Wag of ,
was' and. auto, and - Botha Oath/mai the - se=
It is now estimated thconhe loss Of property by
this Ere will imonit to Six • MUlioas of Dollars.
TbOre was a targairwordd ficatiance, fild it if
believed thartlus Insurance CaMPt4ef Wel gone , '
rally be able ropap Mak bases filo*
The principal sufferers by, the fir tie as
GRmEas a; COMMISSION 'mtrtgamwrs.
„ ,
Norman 'Cutter; T 411 Dutcherxtrothsr; M eg
& Maher; Edell & EC WI itamit
Meffloclitug Goodwin & Murry;G Toulon
Wade &Sale; John 8 Tlurtopson; H Val Ruhti
Berthold di 'Ewing; Humphreys & Thatch er;
Riggs & 'Limering;lielkturtein & Gore;
pm Keith b Ray; Matthews & ;Brothori Si
mcinds,'Woodritir & ICO Isaac W & *Woe,
Mattison & Poinon;Calone& Rini's; aP . Hall;
J C Bath* $
& Gale; Penh .dc Baker; Heisheff, Dudley &
Thompaon; & Co; (Wirehoumi of. Kennett
IffoKeronte;) David Tatum; Bath:Mid 'Bighicitone;
That G Hallberg; KM Fankhouser;Trowliidge &
Priest; Edwards & Nolte; E C Sloan; S H Renick; I
Carter & Simon; J C CrlerrA46 .
&pan 6c feliknbergtr; Chan Samplin Buny,an
Crow, McCreary& Barksdale; Ter* Scott &
This; ' , Woods, Chnati , & Co; -Tbecaote Malin;
Bi t
Temaik -Herztiq I, It 9r400d; 14 7 Reid; -Bra' -
Iced.. Hamer; 48 Rutherford; Pion do Wa er;
W a Jgagiiiiiii i . ri r 4 ix t ; L We" ;
w0i,..,.,,,p,,„ a Tack; J LetcheadarfAc
& Susi; Ruler &Btu; IS Becker; Sa;eadia &
Mae* Aileisaii; T § Rutherford; Helier & r
,'..-.4titiirriraa DEALOts • ,
- : - Airijaiakil A Vl:with 34- co; Mr Sabi.
, -
,:-.---... DRIIGOLSTS -'
lAOng Edward Brools; da 'W
Dopy; Joseph Cluules; Dossich 6 Pellont; P
Parini* Co;. Hugh Boyle; D W .Gratfibi;
.Abol;ig MIDog; K& Calspn;J Mk:WA/. Mil: ell;
.T.Taniac AJambr, H Adams; Morrison do,Gair
tar: .Koopp ,ar Pion; 'iArrn Wolf, L4r113
from lolurson da Manny.
• W Robb dr Co; km Hopwood; Hoorsi , & Crane;
/McNiff & Co;F Hellen
P Perry; I' Wilson & Co; A E Jobneon;
Meeker & Co; Wilson & Brothor; Wood &
Bookseller-B.W Meick,
Upholsterer—W D Evans.
flynr Dealer—.P Ho yaks?.
& lioonani L Pechnan. '
S B Farneswortb; A 6 L Neoz*lri . , Bard,
Rucker& do; w bloom 1 - Milligan • & Co;.An.
drawl & Bendy.
Csiget Dealers—Larkin & Davis.
Edwaza Mead; C D Sullivan; lackard &
Shaw & Co., (two nom); S Clan; /ficholit"
Co;B F Cralteil Bauman; J C Robins. •
Breed - Coolers; E - Brown; Oliver Bennet
TW.Enstiert; Keemle & Field; Chinitheray&
Raspy; A.nderion do Staley; Alex. Keenan Chas
& Itainmond.
Mathematical Instrument Malosr.—.l. Blamer.
Engineer-- , Edvir.Hatawa;
Gueseerha.-T J Albright; --Branner.
Leather DealerL-IC Myer.
Saddlery--Thointon Grimaley; John Young.
Variety Goods--F Dings A: Co., thtee'itores.
Lead ractery—Bard, Rucker & Co.
Fonedries--Settler Sherwood; Brigand & Co.
Machinist—J Hedges & Co.
Millstone Factory—Cotten , do Carlisle
Marble Dealers—Kent & '
Mute Stores—iames Phillips. Aha Gass.
Frit:v./tinker-I .
E Vir Clarke & Bra; L A Betst & Co; Pres-
Vary; John I Anderson; Page & en; Nesbitt do
Go.; Edward Team.
The Brokers hav:e all returned iiMjebtleineas In
-near temporary locations.
Lottery Bmker—D Morrow.
Mmes. St. Low& Floating Docks sad Ma.
r • Co's.
Scott, Otis as Oa; llfardock & Diekvon; W. Pal,
men ALeisy dc.Bro. ,
We repeat, theabove names of firms comprise
only the principal dealers, a host of small dealenj
am bitmt out, whose names cannot be.: obtained
without asyltematic inquiry.
It is an alleviation of the pravaihng ;Urea and
gloom that the cholera is- evidently declining hi
Tinder= and in the number of cams.
There 41311 be a vast =mot of sore:ring among
tha Kate: classes Of persons wbo, have been
reached by this eslatnity.
• Crum:NEP. M.u7 2 1.
Yesterday. ( Sunday ) morning , a fire broke, out
illll block of frame bußdings on Main street, nea'
the tWspctration line, and before the dames could
be subdued, ten houses were karat to the go:rand;
By this fire, twenty taiddies are rendered house;
less, but the buildings were not of great value;
while thews in effects was not considerable.
The Firtugh Factory of p bfersta. Sloop le' liab
beams also destroyed.
Prttrrollrats r 2Cay 2.1—!..P.M.
The 'claimer William, arrived at kleiv :York
irditerday with dates from. St. Domingo to the first
instant. They report that three stiettindel .hattrei
_ _
hrid been faright by the Dominicans. The illaytia4
. a r m y wombed:tett akid dispersed nt one time. Hay'.
firms were within thirty miles of the city, when
desperate tnitthit ensued. A larva anteher wan
*alert go pentane Were sparer{.
'Capt. Warren, of the 'English ship Fineoaabee,
seated the American Consul every assistance to
protect American citizens and property. 1
Easiness is very dell. The general opinion
eat thin will be the Sot attempt of the Hoydens to.
-.cower the Spaniards.
PmumannA, 112 p 31.
Ades:tractive-fire brake out at the Springfield Man
sion, nese Bratneboronglo Vermont. The ppOdy
longed tothe widow ratite, whole We regret to leain,.
perished In the eu
Ml* ape ins tunes office. to Wall Street, *tiller.
ISSM, OOO , by the SC Lord* Ere. The BirsitinoMee4 ere.
said to be equal andeters.
Tiro more dead bodies have been recovered p'enn
the liereck of the Empire State. The Coroner'ijokY
satin session. •
4~n~xu7~;ist: r ~
Nr‘v lona May 2l—?.
The steamer - Empire State still lies on the hats at
- Nasobrirgh., herstem m 20 feet water; 10 man i,, b , xllaa
/Mei been recovered—it is supposed blot a aa ,i th i r
other parsons still remain in the cabin..
The Coroner's Jury censure Me Pilot of the -Empi re
Slate r ' manning the unfortunate collision to 16:1 cute.
The wreck trill be raised.
Cluctourm, Mar 21—r. i t .
For the 24 hours ending at noon on Barkley, there
Wm twelve new casts of Cholera, and nix death . ..
roithe 21 hour enditig at urn to day,:theti wire
twelve rota; amt one denkh.
Hay 21.
Flour—Tbe market is firmer, but quiet. Auks as
g91 11 ,_ per MIL . .
whisk —Demand fair, bat news are irgehatred.
73argoo—la tit good detnared, , Mth sales of Blinuhlers
at 4e;SidOilat 6c, sad Ham or e per lb. • . '
Gircerbia—Tba market is Eta.; 'owing c'ili'a dih
. eormasizr caws from the &oath. •
Oct avyds point Ls It aslant!.
. ,111:1
• : ! . ,EMiuN•MgMET
is doll,Wlty ales at S 1 Fos bbl.
Drain—Sales of 4EII l i l ilSs9ifilifSiffiontlinin Corn
yee Co r r bbb n rdest , falos. p a =demesne= in 82,7503,e1
: =Yed
Provisias oi , Tkosßneodiialket , !inn, with nu lot
Groorliess,. Cra its new:4olre in dip mateyfidsdesiftud:: Quotations roolidn
hatita i fioae yesterday.
Sr.'Ums,May 21
May 21.
Flo an - attalituntiannini.adwa r a mem to-day at
-ergio lv d.., q ty 111111-at c reng
yellow d'des and prime
Por bank I = 7 9d l l:;.ringd from
Provisions-41461'11W al.rmizii, neMs—dsalsre
demand le edsVer.,:' Bunn la film,. with an upward
_r , •
1 1 1%146y. fa do is me Pea
Cattle-..sales of Beef Oaths or 5154,75—e10rine.
flyer Of bums., Saks of flogs At tav, end dull. in
• _
Ploar—Sales of Western brands aSSieSO.
Corrs Ated--lisSeliintat ales Per bbl.
Graittl-Salsa of Ohba Wheat at Me; sales of ronod
Yellow pral aelliciiiredfas fcrr *bite. Prices adrao
qtrevislcles 'of Was Pork at SAW per bbl,
,and of flints Pork st:t3SSet. Lard rs firm, mon all IM
!prpsinst tendency._
Cotton-4fafkfit Ursa, at forateryrlvis.
22 10 r8Usulay, .13acarlay, . . ...
• —.
2( „Monday, , —....—.
22. Tuesday,
25,Elida Thurs y; day, -.
T. I. CLMIL L E. = .r 1. no
- . armee,
Man Geurrra,
Tuesday Morning. y 24 1840.
larriviewitorkhe tretissenons of 'the market yester.
dewier, have on marked eliongo to notice in any
oic. 'The weather smut clear and , pleasant, and in a
general erny,it fair:amount of business wris:doing.
The river, although slowly receding, is in good nay'
igable order, but Oiling to the *earthy of freights, bas
ilicas bit that ottektei to tether slacki with however, no
change in the rate Of freights.
.pkoing....llmingelgta by deer were ton km extent,
bet the market any thing , ,wan duller than on the
preiloot day, and galeaviate lltnimd. Sales amounting
to some 400 bbla iticlitrannet iota , were effected et 83,-
62.174,0.5; end a let Of ant bble ekira at 83,70 p bbl, on
the wharf. Thee, regular runt from atom in htuited lots
.are - ,a,7533,67 p bbl.
GitAIN—NVo - noficepo change io the marks!, prices
xemainingahout t6fi . utiee as at hut quotationa.
CORN I SECAL—iVe.tiote limited sales of kiln dried
0111 mote ►t
GROCERIE*—The market is generally quiet, and
prices remain firm: thlgular sales of N 0 Sugar al
(Kik to fair to ;Mane. Sales of N 0 Mo
lasses are reponiskia 317, .4 - and Me. - - 27 dM are
about the redingfigtires: Sales of Rio Coffee at :Me..
and of Mee at .
PE , OVlSlONttol3acon market is decidedly firm
witlfaa .o. ll r4inadeny. We note sales of 13,000 lh
city cured Cl, tot shinklers 41; indeti 41.4P5k, and ham.
at Gt. p S,—and of 4 cols shoulders, st . estem cured
at *cash. Lard le rather dull, mid will not brute eve
14 labia, and oqaf in kegs.
LEAD—Tho receipts of pig iron have been le • fair
errata, arid ere 01116 regular saltis in limited 10t1 at 4k.
barked tfe p
- .
: OiLS—Sales 6t . 40 bitla Castor at 5415 111
Blafarant =tract Larl at Seer, and at Llasectl
* 460 . O.
MiIIEISIT • 4X—la ifeld iu ISZ/19e 10' b from more.
CHEESE—Ralciif RIO bores W Rat 61 edit
••• .
= • ArT , ltrmil
Corteeroatonne . 'of the North American
• , Iztocarern., May 4, 1949.
Ansintacat Plors.insa . —Reeixt drags. Previous quo
in-lions are made with di d lantana of hog round
in bulk have arrived, and will .be sold at atom 45e p
enjt.,.. No improvement in Beet Irieh buyers are offer
ing very lob prieni Gal Prime and Mess Pork. For ship
_Conti the his is most WSW.: Cheese winds up
Without inproventent lO valor. . . Hams ore 5s lower
Ed:welders are natitepleuliful k bra saleableat a decne p tan. ',Entrada an unpaved co li untry enquiry
whieliaustains prices. Indian Corn in higher
foiyallow, and 4/ for other sorts. The demand slack
ens. sance the a re Moor, Ls again cheaper, so is
Wheat,with a retail bottomsonly.
Lokoos Cosa Taips , 4The trade . is dull and prices
decline. On hlonday, April b
o o Amber decline took
place in the stelae of whew. bth English and foreign;
the etanlitionofaltefonster not so good, asd die
quality inferior : to the .apply loot ,week; which tor
etrittelanery anort.he extrease fineneas of the weather,
chased sales to procired Moody. Erie parcels of white
mold be purchased lowan bat to make progress in the
disposal of the connuon runs, prices Is to 2. P qe low
had to be taken. The transatnoro in foreign wheat
were not emotive; superior parcels realized very
nearly previous prices, whilst theordwary deseripuone
moved off tardily to an Abatement of Is to ri p qr.—
Quotations of done remained nominally unaltered, bur
the turn was in (Siert of the parehaser. The de
mend for Indian Coto his, in n groat measure, subsid
ed.- The cronsactinis Ott both Wednesday and yester
day were tri fli ng, and the prices of All articles were
:'ISTETAL MAlll=T—paring to the corninotance of
d' as aware &trauma; (he camel rode is de
pressed, and prices gement)" are lower, although the
leading makers in fnalfondahire and Wales are tom—
&oat pigs have have &Mined toles p ton, net: cash,
at Gleams, Ger mixed Nee. of ordinary Wends. Block
Tin has fallen 65,1 p 10n, and Tamed plates ere in con
eequairce to be had upon Sather lower terms. In Lead
and Copper no change to.Ootice,
Woos.—The Bosun Courier of the tap Inv...says :
vile transactions in .darriessic 'Wool have been light
daring Ilmr past weekflant.lasers are turning Men at
tention towanis the my. clip, which is .ono to be taken
aloud ready for market. If lyricee open low, the ma
chinery new operation:swill probably conunue to be
run; otherwise oearlY - all the small factories will atop,
until .decline in wool, or a rise in woolen manufac
tures shall promise form prora.7
'Crude—The at:Ethel= Monday was olltr quite May
br lP, ak and
prices raw! sornethrof higher. The eiferings reached
0:0 herd, of which .30 were Kohl to oOy butchers, 11
lea over =told, and MO were drirea to Pluladetphin.
Prices ranged froth SI to 84,50 on the hoo4 equal to Ea
O.VS 'loused averaging 01,124 gross
.Hogs—The market istaerather dull. We quote from
5435 to 84,75.
13euf Canle—Offered— Naar Yore, May 14.
WOD, WOO Southern, remain.
dot fawn this State aud the Fist,) 110 rows anti 'eaves,
and aOOO sheep and Isiah!.
Prices-rorBftscs atltlikeep San, and this week. if
soy thing, there has been a still further advance. The
sales for the moot park, bare ranged from 97 to 7„53
cwt., as in quality. Thn deteand - hos bee. fair, but not
sufficiently azure to clear the yards. About 108 watild
remain oser unsold.
Cowls and Calves;.retnain withant any laments!
change in prices from the Taws sanest lost week,
which we quote nowt° correspond.
Sheep and Lambs sell at from $2,50 to 83, all sold
Thera area few hop In market, selling at 406 e, by
wholesale, and !Wee retail.
Nam.Braroan, May 14.
Jl i pe h rr ok ro .s irn/Mnet bids.
of .
trd:lder n private' thrums, bei : t 1020, each. and understood to be • trine
below lif e shor e named prier.
Whekt—A ea demand, ponolpally for capon, and
, priees are wall otaidualred—sales of 30110 Ws at roc,
Ind ZrXI do al3le.“eath, all for export; tr, bbl, for
osetonfttelming at W, sad 4.50 do su 2tle.
117ludabotte—No transattiona—Wldem. , B Shipp
:➢etrusoea, May le, 1849.
The inspections Of the week ending on Thursday eye.
nine consprise the following kinds and quentMes
Lads. half Mils
/C.,811 .50
1,598 I,2Mt
Howard Street,
My ; Mills,
• 11,9 . 2,1 • I,Zu
Bes Mes 109 bbls Rye . . pour, 63 bads, bids and 16
Lalf bbls Cam Meal. .
Oil. Atm Bosts--ißte%lloaring is 6 6latecoent of the
quatoity of Oil and liofie imported into the U. a , since
the Ist la 9. 1&9:
SPenn, bbl,. Wale, bbls. Bone, The
0,073 19,7 78,1=
4,6011 11,314 70,V2
0,443 24407
1a,323 09,710 9:13,n5
Ciesaut—The:folloviing table showlethe
quantity of some of the. principal ankles of produce
left at tidewater from the commencement of navigation
to the 4th of &fey biChtsivei during the ye/alba?, 18
and 40, die canal in those peon haying been opened on
the lit :
• . May 1,'47. Ma YI, '42, May 1,, '4ll.
Flour, bids, 124,DZ 43,512 101.223
Wheal, bal., 49,8,2 3,51,1 ,M,127
Corn, " 41141/5 , 11 r 967 . 235,4x7
Barley, " D 224 30,307 75,47 M
Bee 4 bb Is, . I.= 1,15ai 0,576
Pork, ". . 4,183 20314 ,124
Ashes, •• .10 2,7:5 3,670
Brater, OK 20a,4110 - 1.2,127 123,045
yori„; ‘.4 ,
Cbatte, " ' (441,422
'44,354 433,573
woo," ' • 42,011 '15,42, 4170,732 M
Baton, b13,000 411,250 :24,449
—Alban • arIIUT.
TRIED PEACH ES -- 100 bean Ohio halves, Jest re
Li to:N.s(l4nd for We by S& W HARBALIOLI
h 1717
CIGARS -100,000 Coiarron Cigars, reed agid for
sale by :IW. fi & W HARBAUGH
'XiirSOGAR-2:0 • bbl. numbers 4,5, 6, 7 and 8
1.4 LosdSogsr, of diTerent refineries, in more and
for stile by MILLER IcRICKETSON,
fIiGARX-2 0 4 M Una:it-Sinn Prin. Cigars, 'tun ra
t./ reived and for nide by_
. _ niyl7 . 31.0.1.. ER i. =KITSON
jACON.-11300 lbs Sidi. and Shotildern, just reed
.up on crniscignmentrinitlor able by .
wayl7 , .. , MILLER & RICK.E7IioN
ALADOIL-30 baskets fast reed and for sale by
IISIiR(H(7?--644 bxs No I Hertings,,landiog from
IL ca~awall and for sale lost to close coutagnumet., by
Ofirl7 , JAMES DALZELL water st
01L- , -25 bbls just reed awl fat sale by
at7l7 IV a It ay ztrtctikoN
1 ÜBEFACTENT.—Iienes. while sonnies ailarge
ln the fields are vdry apt to bruise .and injum
thimmelses In many waye. They are 'often 11.1nd
ae J. to be gutless fora t aria." Mateedlate nee
eou.W.,be Made of B. A. Jong
& Co.'s Bubeta
lcientt b e
the lnxised pan well saturated A and the
remedy- rubbed in, it would give Miter an ease the
...o,..k . r . ,, ri rn i t , Pl2_ll. without this 'celebrated
Frareitiinit \ ,taid by alik e
VRIAB4" or beW'
TOcK &
.• corner of Wood and li, Es; W alai", corner nth and
NSW :Yon orrn
4 40 7 17
4 39 • 7 14
4 38 715
4:7 710
417 71 .
•00 70 1
4 7.5 7 10
ou ELarket.
myMiss HIRAM HULTZ 1 Pro
Western Insurance Company.
Secretary—J. Mauer, Jr. I President—R. Mu-ea, Jr.
Mrsionuma—R. Miller,
Jr., J. W. Butler, Geo. lilac&
Wm. It. Holmes. N. llolines, Jr., C. Ihmsen, Geo. W
Jackson, Wet. M. Lyon Thos. IL Loch, Jas. Lippin
cott, Jas. bl'Auley, Ale& Noruck, 'Mos. Scott.
This Company is now fully organised. and prepared
to effect Insurance on ell desortenons of property
against lass by Fire—risks of Inland Transportation,
and on Hobs and Cargoes of 130314 and Vessels.
Applicenons for Insurnne• may he made (for the
present,( to R. Miller. 7r President, at the warebonse
of Robinson & Minis, No. Cl Wood street or to J. Fin
ney, Jr, Secretary, at hie mitre, No. ill Water street,
Pittsburgh. myI•1
rTIIIR undersigned Assignee of Samuel Hill, Esquire,
1. will offer at public vendee or outcry, on the pre
mises, on the 30th of May, inst., atmne n'clook in the
afternoon of that day, a TRACT Or LAND, e nag :mo and a half acres, anode on the idonongahela
river, aldnit one mile above Monongahela City, in
Washington county, Pa. These are erected 011 11112
tn., a new two story brick Dwelling House. Also. •
log Dwelling House. There are two good Apple Or. '
chards on the realises; about UM acre. cleared; 40 or
60 acme of which is bra rata river bottom. There Is a
steam of 6 feet of Stone Coal, .der the whole tract,
&pal teeny on the Menongalmla river, and so cone,
moot to the river, that it costs bate trifle to remove it
from the hanks to the boats. The Mud is of the best
quality, and contains an inexhanatlble soomlity of
Limestone. Tlua tract will be sold whole or in
part, a illecommodampurchaser.
Those wishing far aut.( mformatton, are referred
to lodge Hill, reading on the premises, Samuel Beck
et, read Jug sear the land, and Daniel Long, inkceper,
Cmcinnali, Ohio.
There will also be sold on the 3lst May, lost, at one
o'clock in the afternoon of that day, tot the premises, a
tract of LAND, containing aares, situated in Fsl
lawfteld township, in mid county; adjoining lands of
the heirs of Darld Bolton, Jerome Citable and others,
about one hair of which in cleared; on which is erect
ed a Grist Mill, wok two run of sten.; a new Saw
Mill; a good Dwelling IHrum,
The terms will be made known on the day of sale by
118,573 1,419,0.30
•LI W D. M
ILL be *pone/ for the adratssion of young
Vlt Gentlemen on Monday, the Mb day of A poi.
T . as (oeye m ni . ot ad val
and t . l i t:=V i .Z p l rt l....'":
mem $2.1
English tleparmtent
A hunted number of boarders an/I be received.
For teslimonials, references and additional Informa
tion, engem, of the Prteemed, at the bulimia, Robin
son street, between Federal street and Sandosky,
Chi'lett's Row.
Or Trinity College, Dublin, Ex-Sitar A , YD and A.
Scholar from the Royal school of Enniskillen.
Federal st. near Robinson IL merySultf
EW ltkl.sidftiUS wiilfics--Tgllti on Pubhe
j'l Player, by Samuel Miller, D. U., L. L. D.
Thoughts on Finally Worship, by Jame. W. Alex
ander. Just received by
Barge foe Bete.
ANEW substantial well built Barge, well festered
and of : excellent material..-0(.270 too . b u ,„„b„ .
For sale by WAL S. WALKER, Enzabeth,
myl7oloer Allegheny county. Pa.
.Q.NCES—BnI mats Canon; 20 bags ?epees; 10 do
V:Ar, note and ter sale by
•••••+.4 ^
Michigan N0.,2, Beaver.
Baltic, Jacobs, B aaa
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Camden, Hendrickson, McKenspert.
Caleb Cope, A. Murdock, Wellsville.
Lake Erie, Gordan, Beaver.
Beaver, Cinch, Wellsville.
Seharglkill, Williams, St Loins.
New England, No 2, Dean, Cin.
Wellsville, McNeil Suneasti.
Michigan No 2, Gilson, Beaver. ,
Baltic, Jacobs, Brownsville.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Louis McLane Brownsville.
Lake Erie, Gordon, Beaver.
Beaver, Clark, Wellsville.
Camden. Hendrickson, McKeesport.
Paris, Mamma, Cin.
Tm Arraa.7There were 6 feet 0 inches in the
channel, by pier mark, last evening at dusk, and
fit Bing slowly.
Brownsville Packeta, 8 A. M., and 4 P. M
Beaver Packets, 10 A. M, and 4 P. M
Foa Prulantastas.
D Leech & co's. packet line-9 o'clock P. M
DSOWN.II.-01i1;0—; i;;;k11311,111 : 671,711;LI 011 the ar
r Brooklyn, fell overboard night before tut, at kind!
d wus drowned.—Lou. Jour, .lay 17.
CINCINNATI—Per Dane Newton-1 boo. 3Mk
symkes, Robertson a Repko.; 13 bbl, Mans, Li Leech a
co; 118 bbl, whiskey, J Darker,/ lines. 1 skiff, LTruble;
Albs, mdse, J McFa ll n; 24 this whiskey, English a
Bennett; 31 sks, 10 bbls hominy, W Dyer; 1 pkg, D
Lesteh a co 10 Lads park, 20 do flour, Reywilds Jr. Ace;
1 bg mdse J AloFftdaN 110 Mils whiskey, Tinge a 0 ,
Connor Maga lobneco, Clark a Thsw.,4B do du, Wal
lingforda cm 2 has, McCully & co; I line, Smith.
BEAVER—Per Michigan No 2-13 'sacks onts,
Haughey; eats bacon, Jones a co; 3 lags paper, ghl
Riddle; i 0 bundles di'ner's gaper, L Loomis; t skgy, 2
pumps, 1 axe, 3 coil ropo, Homer; boxes cheese,
R patrol' a co; /1 dodo. J Dick; 1 bx books, Il eks pot
ush,.l too roll butter, I keg do, J 8 Canfield; n sks wool,
49 bre cheese, Wick & McCandless.
CINCINNATI—Per Shamrock -10 Ids moss. R F
Le%eh & co; 60 hhds sugar, W Holton & co; pel-
Spnnger Ilarbangll; S hhds sumo, J nesting Jr;
lOU hp Inn], Unor, 49 uhls whiskey, Miller & ttres•
°lsom 5 tads; a bus scrap Iron & H Shornberkee
as honkers, Murk & Thaw; rks totoots, Liu rbruigla,
Wilson & car, 123 iibls oduskey, It Watson It co: 60
bhdt tobacco. U Leech It Co; 3 do do, George 51orgno
& co.
SIINF4II—Per Pera--42 hhila toboceo, I) Leech 3.
co; 21 do do, J A Hoe; 144 bbl. tloar , J S Dilworth h co;
?2bbbr.tlnor, MoClorkrin J< em tU bbls door, Arm
strong S ernzer; 6 do du, /lager A. Forsyth; 4 do do, 4
brs raga, DT Morgan; 13 bd. cotton yam, Von Bono.
Isom; 166 bblo door, 9 do apples, owner aboard; 34 bbl.
lard, Warren.
Per Wellsville-495 bbls flour' • hictsaden l co; 71
bads Lob; Jet. Looou, I.llnghasn, 12 tics dry apples. 4
b.ka mills., 1 bti pe.hes, I NI d, W Hahne* 5. Iwo; 0 .5.
wool, Hingham; 1 cat, I Lail bacon, J McCully.
HOCKINGPORT—Per Pilot No 2-21.1 dor buckets•
94 aka oaks, 4 Mils or.. D T hlorgait h co; 9 hid. tuber.
Co, b bbl. beaus, J S Haworth 5. co, 45 bbl. beans,
lerk Thaw; kts rks dry fruit, Rhey, Matthew. 5 co,
1 bbl eggs, I lig axe+, Issiali Dickey; rl bhda tobacco.
J A R.; 40 do do D Leech l co; 5.1 s eggs. J Putt..
Ithhds tobacco, W H Johnston; 2 boo eggs, 1 Lb! d, I
kg, sets rng., 1 tow tobacco, J 21011/Ii 151 bus corn, A
Malinger; 48 1111. flour, M Orem; 21 do [do, 1 McClur.
ban; 190 libls dour, I. bgs oats. 1 hhd tobacc, J bole,
owner sboarek IC bgs onts, Hubbard, a^ do do, Von
R and stones, 22 IV Skallase, IS do do,
Robertson k Reppert
Toe Judea directed by the Proclamation of the
President of the United States, dated 27th Feb.
1849, to be held at the Land Office at Sault Ste.
Marie, Michigan, on the fourth and eighteenth day
of June, and third day of September next, will be
risapended until the United States Geologists shall
have fully closed up their operat.ons and surveys,
and designated the mineral front the agricuitural
lands, of which due notice will be given.
Comanssioner of the Grnrral Land Olf .
May 14th, 1349.
Comp.:MO AND Ti CoNciColt—Grans—AAciatfic
Treatise on the Human Hair—Of the inernerous coin.
postman& constantly announced. for promoting tn.
growth or reproductton of the hate, test arose even in
'Dante, beyond a ,very limited period, while angler.
Hyperion Flout. arab a reputation uopareiieled, is null
.A •
tht iil9lasin in publiO
virtues of this soceeLefal invention for restoring, pi
serving. and beautifying the human hair, are to we
known and appreciated to need comment. The ver
fact of the high and distinguished patronage it enloyi
its general use in all routines, together with mauler
mu testimonials constantly received in favor, are
thoriums which stamp its superior excellence and tale
over all attempts of a mauler nai ore. Deng mover.
sally preened, its consequent silences enuites s hunt
of imitatioos le stun op—bat try thus 011 CG, and you will
find Its superionly.
Far sale by I. WILCOX. corner of the Diamond and
Market id, and corner of Sconlifield and Foetal sm.
TEEmbserther will sell the whoa, or one-half of
his Mill Property, satiated in Ninnonsob els City,
known as the "Monongahela City Mids. , which is en-
Maly arm. bosh LkaiiihngrtaaaL_Ractimary; and has
been In the nuna netelakti OpeTetloll foe the net nine
months. This properry is decidedly the beet in West-
Pennsylvania, mid is located in a celebrated wheat
region of the eoautry. Persons wishing to invest rap.
ta profitably, cannot he better gaited an the West, as
cool is abandon; cheap, and the market facilities not
surpassed in the Western country, as door eon be ta
ken to Pittsburgh for In cents per barrel. The mom
building is 40 by 50 feel, four stones high the machine
ry in constructed go an to combine all modem unproso
meats in Milling, and is perfect in all in pane—wita
finery caaci o y t for smoking fro ik to lOU hmis of mime
ta.l hours. Titere m
is tmatm on ar Ili, same
peril, e a
COOPER SHOP, at by 40 feet, where barpio
In any quantity can be manufmtured fon are of the
mill. Person, moiling Information as to berms, tics.
an address or call upon rimer Reg John Kerr, of
Monongahela Oily, or the muscriber on the premises.
_AI itko .. i=a . C l i t l4,._W m o , e! , , ,, Co.. Pa., May, '0
Birmingham, [mere Ps ttallieurgia,J Pa.
Warehouse, No. 137, Woad rimed, Pillotnowd.
fIWILL mumantly mep on band It good imam
meat of Warm of our own manufacture, and
superior quality. Whalen-I , and moony Met- !
Chants are respectmily knitted to call and eat
minim for themselves, an we are determined to Bell
cheaper than has ever bcfom beta offered to the pub
Irr Order* lent by maiLlecompanted by the cash a
city reference, will be promptly on-ended in. myth
81300510 . -10fi doseu Corn /3M7Mids, - iieg - rind for
sale by ROE?. MATTHEWS /1 Co,
FR.F.24. 11 RICE FLOUR-1. r s
FLOUR-I.t reed and for at
the Spire and !dastard Factory corner of Ferry
and Liberty us. myth JOIN, II BELL
r --- trrstws ACMACE—Jam reed (rem the east,
1.11 fresh, and fors ate by myth' JOHN 0 DELI,
ASSORTED SPlCat3—Pat up for family use, in tra
cans, enebased in a sliding lid box, aohtaining
Mustard, Alspicc,
Cinnamon, flinger,
Clove., Pepper,
Warranted pure. Flu sale at the new Spice and
Mounted Factory, earner of Ferry b. Liberty ens
- a... ilea Coen 01 COMMOn Pleas of Allegheny
county, it, the matter or the Wen of M`Cdurg
DenilistOn, Cid id`Clurg. Denntstan A CO.
And now, to win May 12, I `tilt—On beanng
the proton of the trustees, the Court order and decree
that the petitioners may file their accountas prayed
for, of the executunt of the troll Up to all, date, and
the said account shall be confirmed “nisi," And the
Conn funherlio Saterday, the 2d day of 'June nrad,
when said account atoll be confirmed airsolately. and
said petitioners be &missed god ddscharged from all I
the duties and habitudes as trustees aforesaid, unless I
good ceztte be shown In the contrary. And Mat due
notice of the applicimon for the discharge of the said
trustees, Lc given in the Gazette and non:tins Mercu
ry. 13y the Coon :
From the lethmas ant the Paettle.
By the merrier Falcon, at Novr York. from
Meagre>, 'vie have the faltdtoinginterestingnerve.
Correepondence of Uzi Baltimore American.
My last letter was dated on board the steamer
Oros, on'oursaray up 'the Chagres river to Gorgo
nio. The beauties of 'this river am not to be
assed in any part of the world; its writers are
clear and rapid, and excellent and wholesome for
drink; its width from 50 to 75 yard, The water
being low at this season, the steamer could only
take us up eighteen nodes, where we were furnish
ed with canoes, from fifteen to twenty feet is
length by two and a half feet wide, each carrying
corothrtably six passengers sod a modrate quantity
of baggage very safely. The minces ere poled up
the rapid stream by from two to six natives. We
left Chan - reser' Monday morning, the 9th taw, and
arrived at Gorgofia on the morning of the Ilth, en.
camping two nights on the river. Cost of trans
portation, with a moderate quantity of baggage,
(say 200 lba,) Slo—all extras at the rate of S 6 per
can. Gorgon, like Chagres, is composed of huts
built of bamboo and thatched with palm, with a
few exceptions, the ''upper ten" having their walla
covered with clay. We remained at Gorgooa a
day, and then procured horses kr Panama, at the
rate of SS each, to carry oar baggage', and "rooted"
it somas the Isthmus, in preference to riding the
poor miserable beams to he found here. The road
from Gorgona to Pomona is rather rough and hilly,
bat in many paces it is as good as any of our
country rondo, and might be made,with very little
expense and labor, an excellent wagon route. You
can easily judge of the state of the road, when thir
ty men from Panama hauled a large iron life-boat
of eight tons burthen from Gorgona to the Rio
Grande, (a abort distance from here.) and brought
her to this place in perfect order, their object being
to send Ler down the coast to charter vessels for
San Francisco.
Thera are now here about 2500 to 3000 persons
waiting passage to San Francisco, many of whom
are totally destitute of means. Some of our citi
zens have established themselves here as carpen
ters, blacksmiths, butchers, tavern keepers, and a
vast number Ore keeping grog shops and gambling
hell. There Is much sickness here at present,
and come deaths among the Americans. Captain
Lloyd ... Tilghman. of the "Surveying Expedition,"
has been very ill with the lever, but Is rapidly re
covering. Of his division of seventeen men he has
seven on the lack lint with agoe and fever, but
they ore all doing well, Capt. T.'s great anxiety
for the success of the road hod led him to expose
himself unnecessarily. He is now locating (tie
rood, having completed the line. All engaged in
this great work deserve the lughost praise for their
untiring exertion. May success attend the enter
Llrr Or V0438L3 L 4 PkNAM/i.
544 tons, carries 400 passengers, Ph
Granadima,firrmerly Bremen.
Ninntar, carries 200 passengers Amer
Two Friends, 200 tons, carries . 131 passergers,
English, (sailed.)
Copiapo, 200 tons. carries 1401Sassengers Peru
losephins, 120 tons, carries 00 passengers, En
somlad, 100 Mons, corms 75 passengers,
Edehns, carries 175 passengers, En
Four small aches, and some dug-outs preparing
for sea.
VE2 , 512-9 ate.
Circassian, 100 tickets sold, :300 tons, English.
Sylph, will carry 250 passengers, English.
Ellen Francis , will carry 250 passengers, En
Florence, will carry 250 passengers.
John W. Caola, will carry 20 passengers.
Covbear, and some others.
Prices of notes $.300350 in cabin and $2OO
in the steerage; some of the tickets orate next ince.
mer due, have been sold at from $6OO to $550.
The Humboldt was purchased hero a few days
since at 560.0110. She is a doe ship, and worth
about 525,000. ?Lc will leave here in about
twenty or thirty days for San Francisco, she has
now 173 tickets engaged. Water casks are selling
here at '25 cents per gallon; dour 520 per bbl, mess
pork 5.30; beef 225; fresh meat ten cents per lb.
mot fit fora dog to cat,. ale 75 eta per bottle; cla
ret 50c4151 per bottle. bread 8 on. for 121 cents,
milk 75 cis. per bottle: cheese 30 etc. per lb. clo
thing as cheap here as in Baltimore; water brings
10 eta for a three gallon measure.
Doubloons 517, halfdo. SS, 1 do Sl,l do 52,5 Es.
51 or eight dimes. Persons coining this way ought
to bring nothing but dimes, as eight of them go tu
a dollar. If you glee a person here n dollar or a
nt: piece you will receive only eight dimes in
From the New York papers we derive the fol.-
louring additional items.
The Falcon left Chagres on the sth Instant. Her
whole rimming time from Chngres to New Yet k via
Havana was eight days and seventeen hours
There were about hundred persons
on the Isthmus, waiting for oonveyanee, to Califor.
tits. The advice, from Panama are to 435 instant,
where were the following vessels, all bound for
San Francisco, with the number of passenger, to
Ship Humboldt, to sail May 10th, 400 passengers
' Sophia. " oth, 2SO
" Normitn, " " 20th, 320
Circassian, I 0th,225
Howard, " 20th, 2SO
Banpie Sylph, " 270
. Bomar., "
Brig Copispo. " 15th, 130 e
Schooner, and several small craft, 230
Ship Eugenia '
expected fm Payta, 235
The acumen California, Oregon,
and Panama, 7:54.1
The rainy season hail set in on the 3d instant.
The ship Nianuck, Cleveland, muter, wnh two
hundred and thirty passengers, sailed loom Panama
May 2nd for San Franmaco.
The steamers California nod Panama were cs•
peeled to arnvo daily. the ()regain to arme e on o r
before the Ist °Chloe.
The 6.'llowint deaths ate menttoued as having
occurred at Panama
On the 2lst of A prl. of fever. Mr. Jousts lisp
gerty. of Johnatown, Fulton county, Sew York.
un the 23d, of rapture. caused by over exerts.,
Mr. T. C. Clough, of Enfield, Ml-11, aged 15 yews,
lie leases a wile and four children.
Oa the 'nd, of jaundice, and general derange
ment of ayatern, Mr. Ensue Crooke', of Dor
ham, Greene county, N. 1, aged 58 years, leaves •
Oa the 2.3 d, of tlyeerktery. Dr. I•seith 11. E.llt, et
Harperatiehl, N. V. leaves wife end three child
- •
The New York Po.t has tho followurg loner,
I . :mu/YU, May 2, ISO
A vessel has just arrtved at Payti bnagieg 500
lbs. gold, and the intelligence that the statmer Cal,.
forma has been deserted. Steamer tickets are run
ning down in consequence, but will, undoubtedly,
go up agate on the arnval of the Panama. There
has been considerable excitement here in eon.-
quence of the appearance of cholera no board the
steamer Stanton; five died on board of her on her
voyage from New Orleans. The second mate was
attacked here and died in nix boors. Three pas
sengers who came on her have died, tux miles a
bove thin place, with the sumo disc.. There is
no Janet apprehended here, however, to any ex
tent. There is not material for ilia spreading or
VAIPAR.4I.O, Match au.—The Chile, steam pacle
et from the north, arrived here on the 2.lth, bringing
aboot 5470,000.
A greet many vessels had sailed tom Valparai-
R 0 for California, vir IS in February and 21 in
March, to, the 26th, inclusive. Among those in
March wipe the Silvia de Grasse with GO Ameri•
can troops, and the Bea Queen with 250 do. Also
the bng B. Lamar with eight passengers, the
schooner :increment° with four, and the ship Ed
win with live, the ship Huntress with thirty, and
the schooner General Patterson with twn. These
are all the Americans that soiled in March, to
The other vends 'ending in March earned 2W
The bark Pendleton, Carts, sailed from Valpara;
so March 23d (or Coquimbo.
There were still m port about 1200 tons, of vari
ous flags, ibr California.
At Valparaiso 20th March, dour is quoted at 5 2 ,-
72 aS6. Copper, - 514 sod 4 real,.
Pram—An attempt has been made et revolt in
Lima, which was dicovered and put down, the
leaders being made prisoner. The Council of State
wa.s in open disagreement with the President. hav
ing protested against Oen. San Roman's imprison
ment. An extra session of Congress was called
(or the tat of May.
SANDWICI/ Istssoa.—Valparaiso, March 30. By
the Topic, dates were received to the Ifith of De
cember. Numerous arrivals from California were
reported, all confirming the accounts which have
been received here.
A good deal of sickness prevailed at the Island.,
the ix/mules and whooping cough. Also the
influenza and pleurisy prevailed. In one dies
trim, of eighty able bodied men, seventeen had
The Friend states, that the King had appointed
December the filth 'ma a day of public fasting, buret.
and prayer to Almighty God, In view of the
- end:neon and mortality throlout the
The Rev. Mr. Damon report, that two-thirds of
the debt incurred in the late repairs of his chapel,
and to preparing a reading room for seamen,
which was 52,914, had born paid by means oflibe:
ral contributions, mostly mode by shipmasters and
The details nettle foreign oeses by the Canada
have been received, and the following extracts
be Wund ormuch iaterest
The Canada brings Paris dates to the evening
of the 3d, London of the 3d, and Liverpool to the
attertwort of the 4th instant.
The Landon money market continues steady,
and English securities are on the advance. Con•
1,0111 for money and account opened on Friday at
and closed firm nt 921.
There In no material decrease in the stock of
bullion held by the Bank of England. The total
amount of gold shipped to the United States, ex•
elusive of r 25,000 on board the Canada, is stated
et .Ct 11,900.
The accounts from New York by the Niagara
•Itho fluctuation of exchanges, have tended ma
c:hilly to check the exportation of specie. ,
There is an improved demand in the Lembo
market for American stocks, more particularly in
• Pennsylvania 5 per cents. That stock Is quoted
at 77079,•and is the only stack mentioned 121 the
London papers.
Later advices bythe overland mail confirmed to
theft:it:lest extent the previous accounts of the en.
tire termination of the war in the Punjab. Cons
menintesports continue highly favorable.
Continental disturbances continue to net prejti
diclally in:England upon most other articles of pm
duceand manufactures. Accounts from Moriches
ter ate no better; the diminution of-business, using
from absence of foreiga orders, being the roam fea
ture of the reports. There has been a slight im- '
provement in the Liverpool Cotton Market for
American descriptions, but Egyptian and Bra.
have - declined.
At the London Corn Exchange on Friday there
eras scarcely any business done. Floating cargoes
of Indian Corn, on the coast. found Myers at 32fig
3.7 s per quarter. Good brands of Rom wens offer
ed ed-2ts without attracting attention.
A meeting very numerously attended, has been
held in London, to forma National league for res
toring the principle of protection of national indus
try. It is supposed that the meeting urns got OP
•for the purpose of fortifying the House of Lords in
the step that it now seems probablethat breach of
the Legislature will pursue, in throwing out the
bill for the repeal of the Navigation Act. Should
this bill be defeated in the House of Lords, it will
it is s puposed, carry down with it all the
Imminent measures 01 the ministry and the min
etry itself
affiern have been on several occasion's
incidentally noticed in Parliament, but the Minis
try have carefully avoided giving say information
of the views or intentions of the government in re
lation to the impending quarrel.
Tho English clergy relief bill has been consider
ed in the committee, and nppears likely to pass the
COMMODE with sornealterations tending to place
the non-conformist clergymen upon equal footings.
If the Peers throw out the bill fur repealing the
navigation laws, the British nation is evidently in
for au agitation inure bitter sad personal than this
country Las experienced since 1830. The in
terests cf individuals .d classes are deeply invol
ved; the Inndlords will fight for increased laconic;
the masses and the manufacturing community for
cheap bread and increased trade. The bill was to
have been taken up in the ]louse or Lords on the
7th int!
The raw in aid bill bas reached Lie Loids; but
the raison the repeal of the navigation laws bill
grill dirctde the late of that measure, as well as
Lord Jilin Russell's hill for emancipating the Jews.
If the Peers resolve on an adverse decision, the
ministry go out, and of course the dependent mea
sareafill through; f otherwise,the ministerial mewl
are will, in ell probability, be minted.
Mr. Escort, on Tuesday. preferred his annual
,notion for the abolition of death punishment. The
honorable member gathers strength AS he proceeds,
but he has yet much to do before he has hope for
Lonnos, Saturday, May p. m.
London consols have declined one quarter per
cent. supposed tote upon the Junction between
the Austrian and Rumen cabinets. Money is ea
sy, however, and the market seems pretty firm at
the close 921 a ;
Mexicans 321, with div. and 29; tex div ,
United States, 1061 New loth bonds, 9:1 ex div.
Pennsylvanian 75 to 79 per cent.
Pants, Fnday, 5 P. ht—l :a to thin hour the fete
has passed admirably. The weather has been
sptenthd,and there was not the slightest attempt at
disturbaree; there were but very few cries at "vive
la Republique" raised by the people, who seemed
to exhibit hole enthusiasm. The President was
greatly cheered, and shouts of ••vi ve Napoleon,"
were universal.
The religious ceremony was very itupretaive.—
The 11kinunsuous eninineue.ed at nigbt call 'and
nothing likely to disturb public tranquillity is fear
The French government reports the necessity of
rersruidug prison discipline in France
The Bank of France returns for Ins week. show
that the discounted In!ls cerount is not lower than
it has been since the revolution.
Austria nod Sardinia are about to mall an rotten
live sad delermea treaty. Sardinia will pay cash
ty tallous at franca to Anntria,crhoseiTthen eerie
nate Alezcsdrin.
The garrison of Frankton a io he mall - arced
1.030 wounded were brought into Vico. on the
20th April. The Sieve of Comoro has been
The Hungarian dictator n in.gaged at Pesti-r—
-ho has woo:aimed am independence of I lungary.
The Hungarian cause %vas daily gaintag ground.
The 140,000 Russians srill enter Austria In 11.711/
In puramme of the
.Brand usages of the party,
the Deo:wrath Alamos° Whigs of Allegheny
reesernlite in primary meetings, in their
several El
ection Detrirts, tor Saturday, the Id day of
Jane, L241.1', to elect two pemotts from each district, or
Delegates Coe County Convemon, to meet at ;Mr Conn
House on Wednesday, the nth day of Jane. at to o'clk, JE-N-41-ST,
A. AL, to put in nomination sortable candidates to be 5 '
weeu e z egg e. 2. V" .. Respectlfally tenders
supported by the party al the General Election in Or. pmfmunteal cervices to the citizen* of Abegbeny e
tonne next The Autnnauses art! INhigi of the town. °thee, northeast corner of the Limn/mid. Refer to
shipa Maltese-eine..., soil inert at the usual places the , AL.10.11163,
holdim e rprtemary meeting, berween the boars of 0 and Dale,l/. Falicity
SP. bl., and thine of the \Cards and lonoughr and Pitt Dr U. B. Trevor. Dr. Joe Diets°.
luvruktWp y between the hours o(7 and 0 P. 1.1 Dr JIL lkorron, Dr R. D. Mowery,
ROBT CAROTHERS, Dr. Al. N. Knox, Dr./ 1 . R. 11011.
Chairman of the Committee of Correspondence. I rirrearioll:
A pttl47, 1613. ll'm A. Ward, Dentist; Rev. A. W. 131ack,
- - , Rev. N. West. opal:d ims
, B. W. BIDDLE, Dentist--
.4J;e3 , tr i ,f . ~t,,11,.,
the i tat i f . it , 6ih t =eZ.i . I ;' 4 _H. "1 7 7 , t t (X 1 Eli, IJo if rze o throo d = t triek
to prortde far the ordinary Cr:lenses of the Govrn- .
own atraat. Teeth inserted ham one
merit, no, repair of the Cartair and Railroads or e the : to on entire set, on the ruetton prmniple, with a he
Commnsreado, and the payment of other eatcas duo , tiM representation of the natural germ—restormg the
H 7 we n same, - approved the tenth day of Apn.. .1 11. pp
shaper of the thee
one thousand milt hundred and forty-aine ;dor Ides— Nl3 —Teeth extracted with little or no pain.
- That tan Governor of the Commonwealth he, and he Decayed Teeth permanently laved by plugging, pro
le hereby authorized to be tetw , ou th e faith allot I_ atth vatting the tooth echo, wh.4h i. 53 2 5 h h 51355 1 R 2 . 5 52-
, toonsraalth, and of th e - revenue heeetnaner mentioned, nog it, though it abouhlhe done to bee /Mantes, or
land wh th h i i hereby 2 peerse. ally pledged for the pay• evert enstontly. ap24tlT
mant of the inten-et :ad re•rot meth ric the p i tae y et, , Rix .,,,, ~,„•.,„H sai, E firp —i rTy S or. - 4 — T a t ?
the ruin ter sour .. ondred tboutthnd doitary and testa
tit the Citizs' Insurance Company of !'ittsburgh,
5 e.". 3 . 5 .tes of roan ttnne ar.' s ' 2,ss thihn . o. thirty year* snit Ito opened tothe Rooms of the Board of Trade, on
from f°°°• to ft paid •"'° °'` alert Im P r° " me "t the first Slauday of November next, at lOu'clock, x. fl
lend. •i.. 1 a7prhprlainl to the expenditures under thg . wt .. t at‘ther, ie Robert Woods,
I sm. the ,o.d than to hear inteerel at a rate hot exceed.. Wm it el'Clure. Joseph Plummer,
tot el t per reut pet sonnet, parable lielf.y early. to s. Al, gi„. Josiah King -
spec le. eh the first Oa, of Jarittery mid duly, to he term- John Shertil. Alex. Rosebarg,
,ed the Intoned Plat. Loan' It loyal,- prosodes,
and IL D . }Deg,
-That there .no:, be annually set sport by the firm- and
interthhers of the leerrtal Improvement Mod, out of r
th e reveon e abe puede< worL, tor the pato - lent o l e
te,,,,,,,, nod w t ./ t, ot a gth ,„ , t h e debt ~,,y ~ . 1 1 BE subscriber offers for sale a large and splendid
~,,,,g i s ot ,- thegegeg de11,,,, per
.e. moortment a rosewood and mahogany grand Ac•
.. ' hoe Pianos, with anti setthout Coleman's celebrated
and tt shall be the duty 0 the sold i.surazdatonere, ~.A
,ee A, eee,
or. The
eteeee megmeeeete ore tee,-
''''f pawns
"f f.."'"
m me"' 'f'° '‘'`.. - atthid to na e q ual to any ..n.t . ....d I. au + 1 . u< 4, to '„" " t r,,',":: ; ": 0 7°,'„'.%"""::- ''l'' n oted
and will be sold lower tba- any broaght from the
Or is ay . 1 o write , ,_ ,
P. BLUME, No 112 wood st.
llf the raid barn comet be purchased at al par re.lue n .....-
MI door aboveSth
' , iiirikine fund for the re
t0,'„,7",,,„,d,r07.-,,,-,, , c ., ' , ' x,,;;; ‘ , ° ,„,,,,„, „ N. Fl --City Scrip Tedl be taken at par for •to of
In per...ranee a Lao prOTl•ione afonlsatel, sort, is he °l.°° ` °A.mrrment wed P. H
ileatvre "tetra that proposals will he reel/Wed at the NE FURNACE HEARTH, manufactured from a
Oft, of the Secretary of the Commonwealth., until 4 l. / superior article of Bolivar Flee }lnch Clay, in
o'cloct, I' 51 . Secretary
Tnuoday the thirty-first day of Allay • .
store and for rale tip KIRK &JONES
' next.
for loathe( to the .i mimonneld.h. for the p. , ,- j Mr 1V 00 Wallace haring used a Hearth of to
I r1111 ' ;'l l i s r " .1" S t :l N ' D " D ' r. l Lrd t f R, " ::. ca n ' t a " race "L e . l K l a l t l e l r ' e \ e; ' q „ ' et .. . " ,:! ' i o 'f e ' e d , m „
' s o ' per Ld.". th ' r " to ' m ot e t: r"' s i * liree ,' 7: ' t e o e o n o e th ra . l
not ag combos Ili per cent per annum. hay onto buff.: nee
yearly, in specie. ot the Treasury of the Cornmon• '
wealth. the •¢Ad loan tO be redeem:Latta in th irty ye•rs Q I.: PF.It I 0 R HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS
met date
Cl —lO 31 Victoria, to I•10th boxes; Id/ do Antlgm
cernhegte. of stock for the said ' o p t ,, to the gee , dad, il do tint,,; to do El Lobrettat Regattas, in /-11rth
enhooer hr aeree.,To ) . rh the ter.. therm,, hew 6. r 4, boxes; 3do Venus Regatta; odo El Lobregat metrorued b 1 the Cdoe et nor, the same bet ug transferable by I R s 2 2 . l ths. 13 do dn.. Sao , PrtneiPs. 3 do Neno.2l
11, mother or owner. on the lioolle 01 the Auditor Gen. 1,21.22, R 52 . 1 . 2; I do lemn 2 . 2 .2 8 5110 Rio Hondo;
eral. 3 do La Intelligent.. 0 do Lamaynne plentallon Rein.
The rophehl, wi ll ~,,,,,d ,e, sate eg ,th ettty the . liaa The eLose Just received and for sale by
animist p olfered--whieh h,
shall not to any use be less WICK ` k M'CANDLEss,
thanne hundred della,- the rate of interest not ez. 2 .Y!° - vorn - er'wood and water els
.lates t
ceed sax per rent. and the premium proposed. The ,
1 In do do Herring, 10 do md INoI, 2 and 3 hlack-
aII sll-3 bide pickled Salmon, 5 do Halumore Shad,
pan of th eseryee the 10 aec•pt the whole or any e sum offered. unless the proposals dtpulate
to the contrary Htd• for the tn.n most be ihrr..,„, ere:. I rmse smoked Ilan but; ha hxs Lubec ecaleel
- tPten No condlnottaiOT hypothetical prop...! win Ben. Ci tot rote ay myth IIJ WILLIA,AIS
b e .. '"'d- 1-.222 lilt . 5 ' 5 51 225 e 2, tt''' P nd ln- 5 '..5 , ri , l , AS—to holt elle., Cotta Chalon, .5 eaves curt..
the innuey toast be pot. Into the State Tremorty, ot 1 1.. . , , Dyson sdo Imperial rod Gunpowder, 00
soon orotthermns on rue:. limes. a• the Governor , catty Wart suriou• grades, Mr sale by
shall direct or appoint, and lipoit aeliVery 0 the re• oi, In
trios therefor Nam the Treuthter, eertme s t es o f d m , ' _
vent be issued in sueth amounts a• moy be requested
by the lenders
The proposals to be direr,., under .cal to this oilier,
eaendorsed ... Proposals for loan''--they .rah ton ' c mom,
or- Meelosed :Min do, air, tor y eel vim, them the, sell, nether,. to, otter:the. in the terms wog tor
admitted ToWNsILN II 11.11NEs.
~ • -.-
f 7- Po:Pr:tory would hang to the notice, (v . .oae
un!!lnp In loon Na the Commonmeoldt, llinfort thnt
the XlO.OOO not apart .11 the forogoolg not• tor Onn 1 , , •
wni itzter,t on the loan thereto •othorapd, ta te•ot
Man the tunottnt now paid ationatly tr the truppert•ot
the Itt,inet Mart , and henoe, the oppr miott
made does not diminish the annual resource% ot ha
Tremture. F7AL3ro retain ritt
The Brownsville Water Cure listab-11-sh:
, I=Z: , !' - d:!4:',",';'4.7XT:.7!AIU.T: - .:
thin and ttitteertinin public. in general, for the lit—
eral patronage Ilitherto reeelved, nunOtlneo the
.31330 11,00 tont they bee, made esslntliel
nnenta ni the Interior at well ao tho exterior of the eo•
tehli.thlnetit, during last tilli and 'winter,. Wlttyl, will
greatly enhance the enniforni nod ainnertnenoi of Ito
vslide, woo intend to via. Ma place tinning the twin
All the prevailing d,tenses are treated here. and they
will endeavor to hsep up the rrptstattott tho establish•
plant ha. won thruogn the sre4l. strict attention to
pattent4that entrust thetaselre4 under the. ear,
In order In undergo the treatment, paw,u have to
provide thetriselve,. with two woollen hlanxets, two
cotton Attests. three emnrortables or a t 1104! feather bed
and 410 towed.. Terms, at. dollars, payable weekly.
WIL 6. SCRII/I. I lON. •.11:(60,1.
‘Coot, I . :Trseff Hoff,
*OVTINUR If, man offie dr., RI. 111110. of COPPER,
V TIN AND SHEET Ii lON WA ItE. Al •o, Hine k
math Work.
Steam !knits built to u-der
mrrnal boat w
llove on handl a lute u•mt talent of Coppe or
k. r
and 013 , 0
Kent., Ti,, Ware, ay. to Sieger/Mout Cool:tog
Portable Forger, vn.. Nies— to very ronventent sm.
kilo (or steamboatn, Cottlorma emigre:Late, or rail rand
We woompatorwi
d respactful,Y Imntn steam bout men and
others to call and ace our attic!, and price, before
purchasing elaewherc. op2l
- - -
For Greenwood Garden.
i • a - - New Annanoamem!—The etemner
. TIP) . uerYIT, volt commence on
. Monday, May 7, to run from the Old
Greenwood Landing, foot of Pm el.,
to the Os Nen, leaving nt .1 o'clock, a. or, nod at each
even hour until o'clock, e. , tart trip from the Gar
den at 10 e ot.
The Saloom, are ropplietl with all the delicacies of
the season. Tea at h o'clock. The Garden, with a
large collection of Greetibutt. Planta Dohltoro. An
nual Flour Planta and rthulthery. The comfortable
wharf boat Greenwood, tell' he placed at the Pitt
we. landing. nod
APPLE libTTEll—:l bids fur %ale.
tnyl, A11:11.1.S & ROE
A PPLEB--400 bons for sole.
ti G
ItRINS bbls frc.h Ilerroinn, Inudtug by
canal and for sole by
nrONEY-2 casts Ctibi.lioney, Inning od (or
AA_ slsle by my 17 JAMES DALZEI.I.
R • - - - •
OLL BUTTER—a bile fresh, for .alc by
CLOVER SEED—Abbls recd sod fon sale by
myl7 S F VON BC/NNW/11ST S eo
11A110--.10 bol. for sale toy
IPENINI: at the Ono Pram: More, I: cases of now
ki style Ihregcs, Lawns nod Calico.,
mylb A A MASON &CO
GAbiesi DDS 24 I 4. GOODSV.:B. , Bitrakii, 110111, 7
east corner Fourth and Market ate, invites the at
tention of ladies to his exeelletit'assorunent of the dif
ferent styles of Drees Goods, isolable for the season,
such as
Plain, Pink, blue and drab Enrages: Printed do, a
largo ossonment•, silk and linen Tisstisq„ silk and lin
n Livros; linen do, of various , shades: British sad
French printed Lawns; white and embroidered-Mas
low embroidered Lawns, Preach Ginehrima—all of
which will be offered o low prices for quality.
MaioJessie Rooms on eat story. utyl;
4kiug . /G4 aAYA le 41
ARE now receiving a very large stock of fresh
Goods, of recent purchase and impormion,which
they will Sell to the trade at such prices as cannot fall
to give entire satisfaction.
City and Country hlerchanto are invited to colt nud
vsninina our stock before purchasing elsewhere—
S — IDE STRIPE CASEIAIERES-1 case new riyle
fancy "aide stripe" Cassinteres, just reed and fur
ado by MORPH Y, WILSON & Co,
48 wood tt
DII3I3ON . IS—A handsome assortment of new and
beanuful styles Bonnet Ribbons, Just ree'd and for
sale at reduced pekes by
myl i.
HOWARD . DUCK-3 bales heavy Cotton Dock,
11 . suitable for steam boat decks, wagon covers,
do., Just received and for sale by
VINE GOODS—IB pr Gold Spectacles;
8 fine Diamond Finger Mosta
10 Musical Boxes, shell caked;
A large aksortment of Fans, with fine paintings
also, gold - and silver Silt
Silver Butler Mimes;
" with ate handlmg
Gold and silver waist Buckle ag s, and Slides .
AIso—PARASOLS, dark green and other fashion.
ble colors.
p The above goods, with a lavgo.assortment of Jewel
ry, Fancy C,oods, &e., will be sOld for scam or other
good money, at No G 7 Market !meet, by
ÜBRELLAS--10 hazes coitus and glr - Viraarn Um.
broil., cane and whalebone ribs, just received
and for sale by SHACKLE - IT & WHITE,
myS DO wood se
PUS° 25 cases cotton, gingham and - silk
Parasols, new styles and des ignai green Tare sa
tin, with fringesand plian borders, and benouful ivo
ry and fancy handles, just reed and for 'slab,'
fIASSIMERE-0 pieces very fine doe skin (blmk
Camtmere, received as a sample direct from the
manufacturer, for sale by . • II LEE,
myt Liberty st pposite sth
sale by 0)9 if LEE
UT It. MURPHY invites the suendon of mew
y chants to the lam supply of new Goods just
opened in his wholesale Rooms, on 2d story, northeast
corner 4th and market atreets, Pittsburgh.
This being his second supply for this spring, he ho.
mmy kinds of goods at reduced prices, and some
styles not to be found elsewhere. mythlawlP
i MORO ANIS W ORM - RILLEE—A7Mther prottiof
the triumphant success of Morgan', Versa:blase.
Prmanmn, MII), 1849.
Mr. John D. Mai - gam—lf my name e m f 'o
any..., to
the suffering community, in regard to the article of
Morgm's Vermifuge, you are perfectly welcome to
I had two children sorely aMicted Waritt Worm., I be
eaten alarmed, and very lastlyso, when I tried your
renowned Vermifuge, and sistoulshms to tell, one of
then, was delivered of about fifty worms fitteen Malice
long, of the most frightful kind, resemblum more the
appearance of cels. The other child was delivered of
abbot 20. The children are now doing finely You
uisy well be proud of your Worm Killer.
Yours truly Morin Sparta, Virgin alley
Prepared and strld wholesale and retell by JOHN D.
MORGAN. Druggist, Wood street, one door below Ih
amend alley.
myl 4 - -
M......whDET/MII signed, Trustees of the Waoash
and Erie Canal. herebygi se notice
that they vent receive sealed proposalttht 1 , 4 tuthington,
Dames eounty, Indiana, on the P7th dal. of Jane nest,
the the construction of about ltrettly-1 . 011, miles ol stud
I Canal, extendmg front the proposed Dam across the
I West tort tit Mum River, near the South hne ail:teen
county to dlays•ille, to Damon county. Gn dim pot.
ion of hue Were are to be constructed five Lilt Limns
arid one Guard Lock, to is. built of timber, a Wm
across lilinkardli Creek, and one or two email Aque-
LauCtlt, together with the tlial variety at earth work
Coninion to a canal. The I to will lie Minded into In -
bons averaging about half a mile in lemeth
At the rotor time mid abide, proposal& will be e ceei .
red for building, with nut stenomasonry, the piers of
tar Aqueduct over East fork of 'Alum River. The
stone or this masonry toast be crooned from the tionr•
ries of durable hmesione to be Mond on or Ilene either
the East, or West fork of White River, from which
point they can be delivered by water.
The too to be placed under contract, will i n realy
lot Inspeemin ten day• previous to the nate Of 'rilieg.
ond all miGessary /Warta...Uon in reference 1...M.1,11
tie givsiti l by the Resident Engineer.
A. dl. Pi I ETT,
Tacerenn' Ornery, j
Teel. ..Haute. Aprti le.t9 5
- -DR. -DR. D. I/D/Vile
% Err - Dentist Corner orPourdt
hLarket and Fe .I Decatur, berme,
rry sure.. 5ep4642171••
J. Wur.,l9
riA D ',IN AN FLA NSF.F.D OIL-6000 lba Bacot
DS ' lde . ..: blue purr ' Flaxseed Oil. in more and lb
sale by JOHN WATTI CO,
111)14 eornor of Liberty tmd Hand ars
1.10114-175 Wok ree'd per Firm Tele
groan, 3,11 fOf ,ale by
CI RED /I A11:3--12 perces Stagg & Shay'
• 1.3 *open°, huger Hants, loot landing and tor sale by
yll 4R 0% lIA RBA GOH
- -
I hAss—Non has n•5OllEd cites, runt landing and in
lT .010 by TO, $ & W lIARHAL'oti
lt:i No manned Shia; :10 bola onll - 11al
r. bbls No 1 Herrin. ID do Nod Mackerel; do 1 Salmon, reed and for sole by
niyl4 JOHN WATT & Co
eel 140 . 0 1, 1 . 1. l ‘ e b tr
which are added some 11011CrO1 of Svrion
Greeks 101 l
Hind., and Scandinavian Superstithsns, together
rin g
Of Ihrt &merle tn Notion., Me whole comparing
Polythetent stroll true itehg no, for the use 01 Schools.
Just reed by JOHN:, lON tk. STOCKTON,
myth': corner 3dantildarket
POTASH --d caste; and 2 cake Peoria, just ratted
and for safe by myld J B CANFIRLD
C1R1.1.01 CHE F-SE-ISO bole. last reed at the 1V
J 11 Boner sod Cheese Depot, and for salalty
very moo and iarga,lloll/ landing;
finale by ISAIAH DICKEY*. Co.
tart,. Prams.
raylt, _
.1) UTTER - kego! recd and fa? sale.
_my' , _ M'CILLEI & ROE
BACON—lovu „
_ . %MULLS k ROE
PAZ: N._ I s 1.1:4111-4
att.irtore and for
PLANTATION MW AsSk3=la bbla and Ur bbls.
knyl II'GILL,S4. ROE
ecd for sale. myth WOILLS & ROE
BACON hhdsjuat recd end for sale by
ek yttl •Stt W EARBARGH
TIT 00L—The highest mortar pricelll oath, will be
TV paid far the different •gradesof well washed
wool, by knyld S & W lIARBAVOII
shin; town of Birmingham. The lots are ail.-
tcd on street, numbered In F Bausmana plan
75, 75, hfl, 'II and 915—let No 75 frontihg 2u lemon Ma
ry Asn
by strEnfe eet,
et 70 feet deep; the other four La) feet front
each, deep.
Trrins—Ereater part of purchase money may re
main for six yea., secured by mortgage. For partic
ulrs, inquire cf rICROYER,
my le 110 seeend
ft - JR irscbin-
VJIZI'II hum, COnifellS MbalCO, reed and for
E-1.2 tie gextra tierces Manning ' can
missed Hams, received and for en l e - by
53 venter and 101 front ei
BUTTER -0 able prime Butler, reed and for rale by
1,) mylu d& W liA RBA Uti
T CAST EGLAgS—Sample boxof llue l -int;
p.rior brand window received, and
will be promptly filled by Gra
s.. W
DOOKS! BOOKS:;—The New American Gardener,
1) by Thom. 0 Fenced.
The New American Orel.arthst by NVm. Kennet.
The Complete Farmer and floral Economist, by Fes.
Modern Domestic Cookery, by Wm A Henderson
Jam teed by JotiNtrroNs STOCKTON,
myll -- cot= mutat and 3d as
r~ ~Yi
F421.11 . 1 tR5 - PACKZTLIEIEI'"
Exclusively for , Passongers.
— The - Dons of this Lirewillleave
al h o'clock at nlght:
- • lodlana—P Harkey, %Fedi:lmlay, Hay
Drulg i Thursday 7,
Kentocky—H Trol.y i F r id ay ,
Looisiana—d 1. Thompson, cam/day, ID
Indiana—P i ltdracy. Sunday, _ q, Ohio—A Craik i Alonday, 24.
Losomann—J P Thome:on. o 1 ednesdoy.
Inthano—P Burkey, Thursday, 24.
Ohio—Capt. A Craig, PHday.
Kontos ty—ll Troby, Pow rd ay, MS.
P Thompson, Sunday,?;.
FolZOl:ebpdni..l"ro4C.gsFyoe—P:Cpli'parnaip''Tr'""u'rYil.lTV: cadwasy.trrssacynD7,
- -
Monongahela flon4re,
D LEECH k Co. Cxnal Duin
- 1849 .
Warren and Clei , elead Passenger Line.
Canal Pneket—s WALLOW.
ONR of the above Packets leave Beaver every day
(Sundays excepted) and arrive next morning at
Yemen, when they connect with the 'Mail Stages for
Akron and Clevelaud, arriving at each of these places
before night One of the packets leave NVarren daily
at 5 P. AL, and arrive at Beaver in time to take the
morning boat for Pittsburgh.
51 U e LEFPINOWELL A. Co, Warren, t p ro. •
BMX corner Water and Smithfield as
_ .
f ltis 1849 -- • '
Caswirotin Ir. Causal:ED, Cleveland,G.
R. 0. Poem, Beaver, Pa f Propr' e.
rrtHIS Line will be prepa ed on the opening of nUSi
j_ gallon, to transport freight and Pamengers . it on
PITTSBURGH and CLEVELA.ND, to any point on
do Canal and Lakes.
The facilities of the Line are unsurpassed in number,
quality and capacity of Boats, expeneneo of camel.,
and efficiency of Agents.
One Boat leaves Pittsburgh and Cleveland doily, run.
lung in connection with the steamer.
Between Pittsburgh and Beaver, and a line of first class
Steamers, Propellers and Vessels on the Lakes.
Aomrrs—R 0 Parks, Beaver, Pa.
Jesse Baldwin: Youngstown, Ohio.
. M H Taylor. War ns,
Cy., Prentiss, Ravenna,
Wheeler & Co, Akron,
Crawford & Charnbetlin, Cleveland, 0
Scan & Griffith, Buffalo, N. V.
Office, nor Water and Smithfield ids, Pittsburgh.
Steamer MICHIGAN No. 2—Capt. Gilson.
LASE E RIE, " Gordan.
THE above regular and well known Beaver Pork.
1 era, have commenced making their daily trips to
and fro B
m eaver, and
egolor will co l
y ntinue to ma-between
Pinibuigh and Beaver r during the wagon, DA
Michigan No. 2 leave, Pittsberrgh daily ;..•, 9 o'clock,
A. M. , and Beaver at 2 o'clock, P. M. Lake Die
leave, Beaver daily Inn o'clock, A. AL, and ibluburgh
al3 o'clock. Y. Al.
These stenmera will ran in connection with
G Parke' Express-eacket Line. for Erie;
TaTlor & Leffungwell's Warren Packets;
I 'mon Lure or Freight•Boata for Cleveland;
Clarke & Cob. Puteonneh rind Clevkland Lone neight
R G Perk, dtuly Yew Castle Pact... ••
CLARKE', PARKS te Co, Beaver, genta.
JOHN CAUGHEY, Agent. Pittsburgh,
mehal cor 'Water and Smithfield am
_ .
't lIIE Proprtesors of thin old elltabltglzeti nod popular
. Wady lion , consisting of SIXTEEN first e 1.., Canal
Boats. owned by themselves and running in cos noon
tion wttli the stem boars BEAVER AND CALEB
CoPE, sr- enabled to offer wesquoPed fact:awn for
lb tern portntion of freight and passengers, on the
Opening of C 0...) navigation, to all points on the Penn.
sylvanin and I thin and N. York canals and the Lake..
E. M. FITCH S Co Cleveland.
Agents, Beaver.
mart! Water street, Pittsburgh.
PinsuD. c. mnwacy
re b_
Forwarding Merehants,
Agent• for the Pittabureaandelettiand Ltue, P itts
burgh and Ens Lt., CID{ Ene, toad fur Skr2lX
' lriata . Ream . and Caleb Cape.
Having purchased the large and substantial Wharf
Boat an built for Ilia. Monongahela Packets, have
with the addition of a Wnrcheave, the non ample ac
coramodatioas for receiving and forwarding, and
pledge their tanost attention, promptness and despatch
fo consignments to their care, and rely on their (muds
fora Inn. wringtidy B.k BRO.
Rootlag.--Gakrattlted Ttta Plates.
THAErenrcntsba73:lOVre'erscOlf thßeit:lrs'etis,"te'rgethirada'q'
advantages which these plates pallses, over all other
metallic substances hitherto used Inc rofing, 3.a, ns
they possess at once We lighureas Icon., withour is,
liabdity to rust, having now been tested for serveral
years in lbw particular, both in this country and in Es
rope. 'They
lass liable to expansion and contrac
tion from sodden change of tan ntatesphere, than corn
monitn plates. icon, Otte, crony other metal now and
Orrsaasting, and ennsequenfly Term 3' mndli hatter and
tighter rolls; requiring far less frultte.d repair", whilst
the first ellst is but a trifle more.
,A full tmpply, of all sixes, Irma 16 to U) W. G., ego.
neatly on hand and for sale by
14 and 16 Beaver street, New Volt.
The patent right for mallrticle having been secured
for Me Baited States, parties tufonging thereon,
either by Importation or otherwise, will be proaecu
ted. ste.l23.47rvtily.T.
a gt PAro ti -
Tlig undersigned have erected works so the any of
New York, tar the purpose of Galvantrang all ani
ma of Iron, which it to desirable,. PROTECT FROAI
RUST, such as Telearnpa Wire j liolta, Spares, Nails,
Wire thi Fences, and any Other faliele which may be
required. For *loops for Casks as a substitute for bale
Rope; or Clothes ',nee, Lightning Rods, and a host of
other applicanons it will be found cheap and durable.
They would particularly call attention to the Galvani
zed Wire for fences a requires no pain; and will not
rust Also to Spates and Bolts, the preservation of
which le of so mach importance, that it will commend
itself to the notice of all Mesa interested.
GEO. B. MOR.EWOOD A. CO., Patentees,
octiu-dtcwilvT 11 and til Bert,r st. N Inch.
IVo. 4 7 tßarket screen, Pittsburgh; Pa.
RF'-SPECTFULL announces to his frtenda awl ens ,
ft, tamers, that he haii had at no !tamp:triode° exten
sive a Stock as to has at present. He can offer to par
ehasera. onv.. moderate terms, at the old establish
ed Stand on Market street, &most every article In hi!
Ime--includoir Counting-room, Bed chamber, Dining
room, ?prior and Hail Paper. With Border., Land
mapes, Fire-board Primo, Paper and Transparent
Window Shades, Balmer and Binders' Boards, Wri.
ling, Wrapping, end Tea Paper, he it abundantly out.
plied, and requests country merchants and housekeep
ers to call and examine his assortment.
Rags and Taunus' gcraps taken in trade, at the
highest o nce*. meh2ltd&-setbriT
E W A - ii - MVI7 --- ER E 4
mo. 78 Wotan otnet, Pittsburgh.
I'ISKR AND LA LIPMAN, Importerriond dealers
in Foreign and Domesue HARDWARE, In
.11h. vancires, are now prepared to sell no low and
on as reooonahle torms ao Lan be puhased elsewhere.
VV.. solicit nue 'nand, and public generally, to
call and examine our stock, which (animus In part of
seISSORts, SHEARS, RAZORS, Ilomie TrlintnlnTs,
such as Locke, Larches, Hinges and Screws n.ether
with every ly ket hi r'ei.
We Invue the t alisman oi Car p penter,. +tad Mt ,or e s .
generally In our assortment orrools. which have been
.sleeted stalk great care, and which we arc determin
ed to sell so as to gtve satrofaction. riptbd&Wr
M Rass: t r. fA V lt: : f"i l or " O l old
men ts tales." "Entitle W yndhoun,. "Aurelia," ete.
Just teed by JOIINSTON & srucfcroN,
oer comer Market awn ./d out
ni dci.4;, s,;ltur•L Pa. JET;i; .aumr.tat, Indiana, Pa.
W " n 2L' I L- ton A le ' rCt i ttT C „:, E anl'll l ea 'ss' "
I r„ s ' i d n ' TY:4 " ueo C :l ' d
Piitnburfl Ma.naaeter,., corner of Mc Diamond and
Diamond alley. Pittetar3a.
R 11,1311 r an—Ur. P sho , Pberl , r, n a „ b „,. gh. •
Don Jo. , 10f , ,n0
Salton Drum. e,omegtv
T. Gemoull & Co, PhaaJeiphia
J Nlilliten &Soar, ' , IV:SLOW/4 Pe.
Tian. W1..1. Ilotitgherty, V 4 •
AlttlholW t A Hay, Lilair,vli,c.
_ - • • -
HIJO Pittallllll BLlnis
No 12 Nolrll Sims elmra-L PIIILADELPRIA.
tt A.N (awarded the first mid high
est Medals at din `few York, Baltimore and Philadel
phia L 160.1101, inr the supemority of Wald/Soda. with
confirmed confidonee in hi, rnanufactiare.) asks the a ,
tensest of perchowm to ht. assume,. of nun Blind,
animals and wieowith. fancy and pia. Trur.
gruing*, of new *syls • an.l valor, • Aloe, a large sand
eneral assonmeat as. Vransperent It doling Shades,
all of which he Wlll sell at the lowert.e . soat prices.
Oat Winds painted and sninnsed to :sods equal to new.
- I DEALERS SUPPLIED on liberal terra*.
The citmens of Allegheny la county pre respectfully .
Wilted cull before haying rlirerlpetn—COntident at
(casing all. Open in the e•sowses. me locsul3as
Notice to Daguerreotype &relate.
TEST teeeived, a small invoices:sr VOlCtr i s i tipr_
new constniciton. These instruments possess great
adoantalies over all others ever made, .covering a 24
tire Plata, reducing the time of sating one-halt,. and
producing a sharper, clearer gaol better defined pic
ture. They, therefore, deserve the attention °ran
tilts engaged; or intending to engage in the titaness.
Price for the 'rube Pird.
A general assortment of.Voigthender's justly cele
brated instruments, or all sizes, as well as baguerrett
typts AlateriMe, a t lowest gates,
NR PETh li :01 ni, Li/IC yuii , Ohio, 13 on, -
thonsed agent for the sale of the shove Inhtruments.
A List of Priem, can be uhlaterdo add...sung, pOl.l-
paid, W. h i MC:Nab:MI,
Importers o f Daguerreotype Matennbt. and Genesnl
Agents for the sale of Voirdseuder's optical Matra
metal. martheoderm
OIL, in handsome small
OlL—Constantly on hand, bleached and unble.ll:
ed winter aad spring Simons, Elephant and Whale Ode.
Also, hght colored oriented N..11, - . Coast Whale Oil,
satiable for retaillns.
tiers are now prepared to supply ibovlaiVe Patent (Jilt
la any quantity machinists, menu faeturers, 4re are
MT. sled Ip call and examine the anivai. Certlicates
of tie efficacy and supenorny over a - I other oils, front
several of 011 r most extensive manufacturers, are in
out Nistienslon. ALLEN & KELT/LES, gtsYt ,
and 21 south wharves, near Chestnut in.
febl6 codnui ,
UTTON I hints liatiori llama, on con.
m. signior.: an for sale by
T E . lta : N r 'Llis c ;k 7 .lit . b ST , . 'Perpc nlin
J KI/JU_ C o
(lI it y l/. MAGNESIA . 7 I I G UI lbs just rec'd nod 01 . sale
F LOUR—Teti blots FtQc. - trov
mytO RONta a CRO"ft
• "—Maltllltivitii-Istatfeirliatitli a
~...tut, A TWO story Briek Arose; etan atobr •
liti.veere t s eg o inmost of hasmatint -W it ylapinod
anode for two families, tested on -atritet,
Allegheny, .ill be sold lose for Serb,
.Shtiodrent . .
orytallf - R. lieys, °elan:teem,
--- • _ _ _______ _
Valuable Building Lots for Salo. -. .
riliJE riabseribets are onthati.d to *hirer al pelvato
1 sale, mdupou highly favorable unit; o number ,
o f
rortion very valuable Budding Lao, comprising a largo
of the lout aumbered 67. 68 ,141,11=1,70, ta
Woods' Gettothl Plea of the Mr of Pinahurglo
ted at the south etntsvarslly ottrner of Pcon oraklVayoe
streets, fronting IRO feet ma the fortueraud aztousiiint,
aloe the loner about GOO bet to the Anaghenp, river.,
end betng a pen of the Real Fatale of the lane James .
S. Stevenson, Esai , deceased. . ~.„
A plan or subdivisiou of the above Lots 44.ef0af01,1
miry teeth which it is p roposed to sell, may be nen la
the office of the nodorsigned, on Four *,. betweenalar.
het and Ferry lila wiLuAids trINIZt...,
To Bent.
"1 Two . Corp brick CcreirrXrqle=7
mailmmesUntebr. LAMM of '
ap77 fiARDIWONES kg..o
Rea Chorea Coal. issuattEar Sal%
MAnougabelativer,ebou atilt*.
Sfrom eat; A ra m.' at= 3 :l4 --
r. Jahn
days fate& c Thinindlasdß
Coal will ho s low price et 603 per acree—ense
Odra harnibalanee neva ualesuural
witkitut interest. Tile Inatsgena.ble. Isaeattotllen,i
enquire be - surpassed. Foe Rather partheu
empire of S. EtAlldLEY,who hus strait casein arse
party. Ravidotwool.l,lrclovr Faro:Oat Adassta'aw.
N . 11, Th ere aarsher sea s
of coal en this train,
about CO feet above 1116 101,er, of egeellout INAPZ
alO ACRES OR ortourd4 stunted votes the
9 Rittoblzlo Chad G.e .karta. Tvs= e s s Ok miles
from the coy, and adjetra z .u.
ataxy, on which is muted whipcord &well -shed
two story brick Dwelling House, togolterwith grahles,'
earring° hotts o e ? !So. Thezittalsonnik o
i c a je ' ore n gtigu r ous t t t oT'le
WAL YOUNG,IiJ Pwlaab idbiiit
Seal Eajatta 11111 E Chin ;beer
will roll; at private sale, thartrahm.
1 . ire Protterkr;On ate Fouralltreat read s 11 410inigg
his present residence, and give possession tatatedlata.
v. There are about TEN ACRE3OF CUOICE LAND,
la a kigh vete orcallivattaa. The !anaemic:us &ta.
a largo and well finished brIckDCVELLJNO•notAir.,'
eliding& '.Adi
L i tXb r i g 'ttt lu n= a rß m ona b asiti and go:a l %d rike ,p;
which furnishes & coasuant supply of mallet& wale*
TThem la a veiny, or PralsTreas and SloabbetTstes,
presalset. If the above described grtoperoods at*
sold soca it will be rented for a time,' Also, toriatte r
a largeea Pennsylvania Avenue,' at amen& Of.
the boanl walk. Ingram of
arektglat DATED REELEIL7
Valuable Zeit Rabat' tor Sala.
Trusteeanf-thd WesternThealogrealSavtgmuy
A. hiving decided-in sell, on perpetual lease a pub.
wen of their propetty in Allegheny city eat dqwry'
favorable terms, from 30 In 50 Lots of
el ,vilaes.
A warrantee title will he given. Aplan tlusleta er/
be seen at No. IM Wood street.
For particulars, enquire of either of Use anderalsrphil
Committee. SO= T.-LOGAN.
to were low Eton,.
A TWO Cary. Brick House, on Federal at,
one door above. the. northwest corner of tha
.'orth Common, Allarrheny—ulde hall, penal
dining room and kitchen On the lint 11001. Four nom
on dd story, with a finished - ittic.
Possession to beluoi Immediately. Inquire at. S.
Vettiabeßai - Ikatati
4pliE following property in the city of Ploribmo
, and near the borough of Manchester, on the Oblo
nver, is offend for sale on accommodatmgtermin
3 Lots (being ruhAlivision of Lot Na. 400 Who plan.
of the city of Plurbargh.) baring., 2D feet fn.= on Si.
Tenth tweet, by 210 trot to Strawberry alley . none
Grant street.
10 one acre Lot. funding pu an atraima n .66
wide, mama! from Beaver road to tha Oldo Ma. ad-
Oil Cloth Factory.
For term., culture of CHARLES IL SA'S'S'
.14101 M OMAHA,
febl-dtf Berke% Building, 4th st
era/ Lot. on Baldwin and Liberty streets, in
bib Ward, 41 feet by toil, and adjacent. We s wojaated
depot of the Central R ail road. For.-tennalinteCO
Borke`a Building, 4th at
nA FINE two story Brick Haase, pleasantly
situatod on the hill directly back of AD. Andre s;
Watson's property, near Pennsylvania avenue,
't•lie house and lot will be sold very low for sash. Poe,
farther nttbrmadon apply to D. W. &A. S.BELL,
Attorneys at Lass, 4th street, between Saliatikid and
ON frvorabie tonne- it Li, of Oround on the south
tide of Penn sire*, near the Monongahela over,
fronting YO feet on Peon street, and extending 1.10 feet
In depth to an rule) , al R wide; a most desirable toes
can either for private reaidenees or for manufactlatinr
purposes.' Engoire or .7 SCHOONMAXER la
No 14-Virbod Co,
COLTXTRY bEAT To LLET-4. two story'
Brick Dwelling) with 51 acres highly improved
Land, situated in Onkland, to let from lot April
next. HARDY, JONES & Co,
14 Water street
FOR RENT—For our to-three years, from
Gant of April next, a large two stand brick
Dwelling ilo ase, pleasantly situatedon the beak
of the Ohio river, adjoining the borough of blenches
ter, with about four acres of land, out buildings, Galt
trees,Ae. Ac. Apply to
Tit "lAA.
A LARGE and mm4finished Room second
awry, on the canter af 3 / 4 711 .4CtE1.a.1 Third siresu t
Possmnitmgiven immediately: imstfire or
-• • /tPOILLS 11•14.Ltbe
nTOLET—A Jana hotels Dwelling, klattimi
anicable for two situated on Federal
Applymeet, Allegheny, above Al.r..Graves' store ,
(ohmLX:Et - • ,
• Libert),' oPPonito 601 '
TNV 0 - 11 CO V OT Ergo GEL
Aaa, TWO LOTS on Beaver atree;- In Ma cfryl
al4 Allegheny, above the appereenanona,caterhick
tot erected a frame building. two atones high, mash/a
for two small tenements. The tots area sch Orel'
feet in trout by one bandied fea t deep: and ran b ook
too street forty feet wide. The buildings on.r.ho pre+
- eases will pay a very hand.= interest on the iIITCSI.I
moll and the property will ba cold cheap far each;
Apply to R. Sproul, Clerk'a Mace; U. S. onto
T• LE,
feet by CO, situated on the histur
ground, and framing, on the arid, North Commons
Le the Sac]. Vista Enttlion., Termsls7l jasb.
waLiow. Rosuisckii:
atchst Ode° 4 E 2 ,..1:5hateg0 arddings, SLOla
0!..- ir st
frEN ACRESOF LAND, sitta.lloA in Peebles toted-
Hui, on the Monouttahols, three e. from Thu
burgh—in lots to soil plirchasern. F orAttlAorparass
Wan, apitty to Henry Woods, 9d q, or to
9th, above SmithSeld st •
• nEIIOI.7SE FOR SALE —Titseqq
A offers for sobs the three stowbrisk Wirebonso
oa IVood street, occupied' by B. Tamely & Co.
opl7 WMAVLLSON, h.
V FOR SALE—A Lot of Groand situate oa Penn
nent, between flay and bluburyctrects, adjoining
We house and lot now occupied by Richard Edward
hoeing a front 0110 feet, and in deptaiOo fee; brill be ;
sold on favorable Lerma. Title unexceptionable. En.
quint of C. 0. LOCIIIIB, CU et, tour WOnd.
For Sole.
A DESIRABLE Build* Lot in Allegheny elm ra,
voranly located, In ame aimut hnllan ante, and
win ha sold on accommodating arms. Inquire of
&IA J WILLIAMS, 110 amod
jum. 9.1 t Wood street laffi
Property In AllegheuY City ror Salo.
MDR aubsenbers allot foratdo a number of edtoit,
„ Lots, 'lmam in the Second Ward, fronting On the
eo Mon groand, on easy terms. inquire of
W. tV. H. ROBINSON, Any at Lam, Bt Clair al
or efJAS ROBlNSON.olltharmsentea
m irt;:d.t.cmfT ' -
Whol.ale and retail, at the
13 EKIN TEA STORE, :0 Fourth atreet,ttearlVoud,
potsbo rgh.—Thu subscriber having lustreturned
from York, is now reeeiroinan large apply
of lash ti REL. , : AND BLACK Tk.A.9., from the'NeW
York Pekin Tea Company selected with great cern retort sales. Our stock being now bean. we are re
p.preared to supply Grocers, Ste=lbo.p.and
des with any quantity and at any price they mhy aria;
porbeo and I pound packages, A lb, an email
ter?, It end 191 L catty boxes, and in half chests:
Retail Grocers are invited to cash's are 'rung and
will sell better Teat at lower prices - , than any ether
bourn in Pittsburgh.
0:1r stock of Gut Young Dyson, Gunpowder, and Ltd..
portal Green, and Oolong Black Teas are the beside
the America market.
Lovering'. double refined Loaf, Crushed, and Pal.
retired Supra, &remelt, nr Ly tho bagel:
tool Rio Colleen, selected by the most etpelion- .
ced coffee Broker in New York.
tweet Spictid Chocolate, Pickled Citernaberi and
Onions, I.7ech Peaches, put m their nom juice.
Malan: Raisins; in 3 lb boxes.
N Dr. D. Jayne. F.muy Medicines (orals.
few doors below Wood mow; to';
.4 423 , 474
„ t .A. i.
~,t, ..,
A '4 ‘ ;a tf
4.0 ' , .. i- ,-- 4V .
lgr-c 4."
Aalgi:C.:' ‘
BROWN, haring bent
regularly educated to the medics
prof.sion. end been for some tin.
in !Metal Practice, now confirms
his attract.n to the treatment of
those private and.-delicide comf
plaint. for which his °Doom:tidos
nod experience peculiarly qualify
ea him. 11 years devoted
tti - 7" . "‘ rirmtatent of those compluints,(dunn which
time be has had more practice and h. email mine pa,
Oulu than cadgeee fill to the lot of any private Prato.
thy,,,„,,,) amply:anint. him 'to offeriv T ia razteca of
speedy retanent, and sausfoctory mire to as
with delicate diseases.; and all diseases 19144 ahe m
Dr. Dmarri would inform those afflicied with 'pliant*
diseases wilimh lame become ehronla by Warrior as 2
rivaled by the use of any of the comb= nristrums of
the day, that their complmets can be radically aria Moo.
ougialy cored; he having given his careful attention to
the treatment of such eases, and succeeded in hundred.
of Maniac. in curing personsof inflammation of the
neck of the bladder, sal kindred which often
result from those cases where others have coasigned
them to holess d. pair. HeiLinicularly invites mach
. hove hero long and unsneeessfully treated by others
to consult him, when every satisfaction will bognren
them, and tit= eases treated ton careful, thorougnand
Intelligent manner, pointed out by louge,lperienc.
study. and inireatigation, which it ni impositie forth.
o clg , n e tti O n f go . ticra .. i . practice of medicuie to afro 44
1:17 . 11e1 - 414 or Itoptans.—Dr. Drown 4180 Mattes Peri
sorts afflicted with Hernia to call, as he hrispaid partrier
Mar attention to this dise.e.
CANCERS also cored.
Skin diticasos; also Pi'
Ch ois very low, I,PFlay, etc., ipeedlly cured
N. IL—Patients plinth svielirttl dhottace i by
staring their discruntAi writtlivgisciOs. iff the amyl
'ffircritioor Men 67
tri'dlPrasT;TU.ll7(aAn37.l.llialipa.M, and encor
_tt Me.
thtc ' s rio-113. lifieiitProviterhe -.warty
liariria Mmit.rpr.l3lol;lPll newly 6;M:crated malt
dy for Rheumatism is a spe4draaricanstitt remedy tor
that primfril trouble. It nerar pits.
°Mee and Private Cousaltiosßoonts, N 0.113 Dia
mond alley, Piusburgh, Pa. The Doctor away'. al
111 , 'No e,nro no my
- noon
I NFORM their friends anit dle the Tod tlinittlosytteiw
no kniGer any mnignetion with their It inestnblioli
went to Pa Jon sun.n , known m tiro Mutual* V..W.01,
lanvin • torniwon innir , ennrir . bminnws tnerecernryi
a Yi ;aorta A reef. apt+ 'IS
• . .