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Latiek'ii- on' Choters, -,
• sr Dr- nay:mores; .
These letters, In an extra Gazette, thin tm bad at the
counter, toy time to-day. Priee 5 cents.
Never, io diem experience of ; newnpaper
tairneu, malignity, and ferocity, hive s,.ve teen or
heard of any thing to coital the orgar of the Dem
°cretin party, at 'Wnrhington, the Waillington
• • Union.' Mr. Ititchie sans to; hat e gathered
up all the bitterness and political heaor engen
dered in hie contests for the lest ,foxy years,
with e l li his garnered epithets of derisiOn and mal
ice,steeped in the gall of his own sinned and gnarl.
ed disposition, and pours out his conceninued and
disgusting maligity upon the heeds of Gen Tay
lor and his cabinet, from day to day, without ev
er appearing to exhaust the dark mod muddy foun
tain. That old, staid and moat respectable paper,
the National Intelligencer, the , forbearance of
whose able and gentlemply editors is Most sur
prising, hes at last been fa roused by these enatine.
crai ned• shameful ethicand it speaka oat with
a manful deterrninatio , and a Severe. rebuke,
which would work a cure in auy,hut a daperdie '
and utterly hopeless en e. Although it will only
call fortha fresh bonen of vaupenstien film the
Union, pet we thank tit Intelligeacerfor its tine-
Iv remake, as they will, we that assured, arouse
the indignation of theAinerican paple, who Bab
bled and -instilled by the. nakuntaWle assaults
made upon their Chief Magistrate, whose only
crime is, that, he has defeated the Leedom par
ty, and who has dismissed a few persona whose
only merit lay in their partizan serviees.
Tint we mete give our readers an extract from
the blelligencer'a remarks, and although they may
think themsevere, yet if they had read the Union'
from day to day, they would pronounce them too
tame. almost, for the spat provrentipti, We N.(
th e m with pleasure, because they arejen. Alter
paying that tha Presidency of Gen.. Taylor, reach
ed, by services that merited the People's lave, and
-byiettarecter that commanded the people's vol
'sway canalleace, watt scarcely begun,--that few
or hone of the questions that Maim up a public
policy have been touched, Uobody,of measures ss
to foreigner domestic affairs, nordecided Steps as
• to the interpretation of conatillidonef. duties,--yet
it has met with a systemittic, Iferee and vituper
ative Opposidon—an opposition which must mark,
in those who lead it on, almost the last depravity
and folly of party, degenerated into mere faction.
“Here is an Opposition, denunciatory in propors
lion as it is caw...e'en st
, :hlth, Mewed of waiting
for results % dares not wait a vain measurer; and
though itself apoilatded awn' its: very capaclty to
swallow; though ateeped .to nit very lips in the
worst party renews, dyed to its Very bones in pro
scription, and breathing even now, in Its very fall,
none but .the cruellest and shaniefellest personal
passions—thinks that out of the Mere lint-that the
Adnainistration in preparing fir its public tasks,
has been obli ged to lay its hands on some of the
most notorious of the crowdefotinoxionn or incom
petent officere with which the public service ls
filled, it (that Opposition.) can fire the popular
mind with sympathy in its furies, with resentment
fa its fate, though administered' by the calm con
victions 6f the country itself'
The Intelligencer, after proceeding to any that
this unprincipled oppelitiort to the administration,
was an open and arrogant deelaration that 'the
Preplo shall not Aare the Government, nor le allow
ed to attempt to carry it on, earePt at the pleasure of
a panic-War see of men, from whom, after long
imietgaier, all public confidence has been, we be
lieve forever, truhdrastrnP—proceeds as follows
—and here we nak4he attention of every reader
`Bet bad, unjustifiable ' Cash, uncitizanlize as an
Opposition, no better foun ded thin this, must stand
confessed to be, it Is atilt possible that one may
add to all this delinquency a further shame—that
ef being an violent as it is wrong, as odious in its
language as it is unpatriotic in its conduct; and it
is by just this course that the combination now
stirring op Heaven and Earth to a woe Upon oar
good old Chief Magistrate; seems ant on signali
zing itself. Public services that claim not merely
the ezteemi but the gratitude of every good cit.
zee; a fame untarnished alike bp tbfeat and by cm
elty, by victories not seisifd,'andliiiWant tormoder:
anon after them; a military qloiy Sober as ilia lit fight,
" whose lustre none that lovethe renown ofeur land
can wish to see dimmed; a character blameless, fair
and mild in the extreme; an eget thrtl, even if it
were not adorned with digniues.which hive com
manded respect in the person °futon otherwlie oh.
sena; should extort at least finbattuntot all
thew, nor ell that sturdy probity, that Wociffecited
modesty, that tray republican sintledl7. and Sol.
dimly frankness which throw Witslinnestgraiona.
boot Gen. Tartar., enniiiiiiikit hlui..lie ligulllyed
becoming the mean. of crierthreiv to the Ling Wen
ination of the so-called Democracy; when borne
to the Presidency by We popular hope that his in
tegrity, hie patriotism, his common !sense,. and his
canes would redeem oar public affitirs from the
, - cc:eruptions and disgraces, lie has not yielded him
self up a dupe to co Locofo blandishments, nor a
, confederate to one more fraud upon those who
elected .61m; he stands fast to his faith attti to his
duty, and, so standing, will carry to Its end the
administrative regeneration which has begun. Lie
ties, in a word, not struck hands with the faction.
nor given hp all reform in order to keep in otram
its drones and its electionecrers so, of coarse, be
must be bedaubed with all - the dirt that a dabbling
Ikea= can ding; his good name mast be encrusted
'With all the sootiness of his assailants: his princi
ptea nitmabe denounced in the-spirit of the Red
Republic, his person in the besiege of the fish
market; and, in order to secure an eloqttenee of
obloquy which mere pithy hale, tutanintated by
personal, could hardly Inspire, some ejected ex-of
fice holding speech maker and paragaphist, rank
ling with revenge far his Own merited and too long
• delsyedranovid, is add the vitu
perative voice Drell hie interested malignity to all
the previous yell of peosonal invective with which
General Taylor and the deservedly eminent men
about hint have been, for some time, set upon In
the Union. ,
"That journal has, our readers already know.
• been for a good chile assailing Me President and
his Secretatits with the most merely gratuitous vi
tuperation. In the paperer Tuesday, however, as
.it tired of these impotent disetirpai, bun IMUM
ed a more 'vindictive tone, end resorted to means
of offenceindl lees justifiable. Its long and most
abusive elide of that day did not catch oar atten
tion until It was two days old; but we do not re
collect in all our memory of party acrimony, ever
before to. have seen the decencies dim to the
hind of the nation more shockingly violated. Gen.
Taylor, though, as we have said, be has netyret hod
time to touch any oflitiose Maser Gtovernment by
which he Must tinnily stand or fall, is treated as al
ready "a disgraceful apectaele;" as "a. revengeful
&mar rot-Nhe ruthless proscriber of,his country
men," namely, the ition holdi ng
whojeturrged him MN: , ho came in; find he Is
rammed op -as Nadia already demonstrated a
clostuatei which addilito "depotian" an absence of
veracity," and to "iiithless" cruelty reoertaiaed
.indesalny and Incapitc, fly." His Cabinet are col
lectipetr otigmatleed no "low alluded, unpriacipleal
and shameless politicluna" one Member by name
as "ferociensand
ftuother as "tortu
oda cad iimmiropialona r while an inferior Inaction
, ary is militia' ps "a political pedfiigate." 'lGeserkl
Taylor Is deriaredtdhe meriting "the disgust and
• aversion of the Assteililaapeopler In abort, is
held'up, all - oast interms, as a compo und of the fool,
,—, the liar, the tyrant,. cunt the knave!
This is no ovetdriVkli picture:. The limner bar
not, for ho could notrsaggerate the disgracefol, un-
Jdst,tmdrngniagendeminly eatuireof the Union.
The rienth, l . if we know any thing of human nature,
and the oh
. arhetat of the American peopleiw W het
bat they will - rally around their beloved and 'kite
fated Chief ,Magistrate, and by. their confidence
and ausehinent, thew the.- traducers that their
nialigntutey has. been foiled in its object.
Otnt Wvatvaa Roan,—We note a tyikgnehl
cal erinr in the advertiseinent date tettiqg et the
.ohfin and Pennsylvania Rail Road 'Company,
'ddax should read, it= the word ' 4 llnninh"- 7 -
•,s finite country: It% corrected in this morn-
It will Le observed that the Treelhrer of the
Company has, by his Iretice to Stockholder which
:we insert to day, called for att Instalment office
dollars per share, to be paid on or before the 15th
of July, This is a reasonable nOlice,'whie.h, we
&MIA not, the istookholders, who all take a deep
Interest in the work, will respond to 'with cheerhil
mess. They will sea the necessity for the money,
as this contracts will be given out on the 30th of
June, Car 20 miles of, the road,and the money will
be necessary to meet the first monthly estimate.
The faster the road is hull, tke Lwtter it will be
for the stoelthedders and the pabbo, even at tp,
eipetiss or a little temporary Incouvenienc.e.
Fnrc Tsar—The beautiful ten store of Mr.
Jayneit„' oo 4th street, with its Chinese curiosities
and Menefactures, almost transports one in 'magi.
nation Ito the Celestial .Eam.tre. It is certainly
very pleasant end well arranged store, 010 Mr.
Jayneakeepithe best of tea, no w e
L know fmm ex
perielleaj being a Jear leveret theTragrant bey*.
•i ra ge, and pm:teasing to be somewhat ofa Mdse.—
stock is very larce,and the most fastidiou s can
not fail to be edited by the extensive variety offer
ed to tempi his pilule.
. The Rev. Mr. Burmughr , , of Sao Fi , U,Xat7-
hag, is 6 a tda_ l, at that place, (as hilgag Joseph
forsninal. -
v — Thie.tholvii - .. las almost ennaatir.actlEol :
ravages in Itouissiille. Pinaburgh is seal Moo
from it.
We tholOgivp,been. pleased to hale published
rq+itt**e!iii.lisget' ot4ybui* drama ch.
fain a acipVhditA after it had appearid its some of
tie moinairuf:papeps, yrterday, was onavniling.
()in re - postai ikitsulis repeated applications for per
mission, to eopy the roll, but was invariably reins_
ed, for •What reasciu we cannot tell. It is not of
tett thalcoreasimable a request is refused by the
fieers of a public body.
Par the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Mx, Wurre —There is at the Post (Armes of
this city, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, a nuisance,
Which it provided against m New Orleans and
some other citict.
Mang passing individoals,hke myself, have fre
quent }occasion to get Wawa immediately after the
Pon o pe as. to a i ki npti.f, to do thin, it is quite fin-
Possible, without the danger of having your
Clothe* torn, or your toes trod on, or your breath
half queered from your body. lam not a grum
bler and onlg inerdion the fact, because a remedy
is so very easy. 4. few feet of paling, some two
feet pad a half froM the wicket, Wall that teneces
gary for persons .to pass In at one end and out at
the other. I have never seen any confusion
when this was tile case. Yours, 670.
. _ '
NOTY BY TOO EDITOR.—We have no doubt
that our oblirt;fig ?oat Master will be very ready
to afford the 'Mlle any convenience in bin power,
and if, on consideration, he approves of the sug
gestion of our correspondent, we 'eel assured he
will apply the remedy.
General &notably or the 4"reshyterl•st
Chuveh—Old School.
Monday. May 21
The Assembly : was opened with prayer, and
!lie clerk read Mei minutes of Saturday tulemoon,
which, after soma few corrections, were adopted.
The Ckrk seat a letter from the delegate to the
General Association of Massachusetts,.
On motion, it was adopted, and ordered to he
printed in the appendix to the minute.
The Committee on Christian Union, through
(heir Chairman, Pr. Steele, made n report expres.
Give of the neoesaity of that important measure.—
It was moved that each clause of the report be
Submitted to the Assembly scrim-etch, The urst
clause ,was read.,
Dr, Steele stated in reply to a question from the
Rev. Dr. Brown, that the following bodies were
represented at the Conference:
The General Assembly of the Presbyterian
Church, of the Ifnited States; the General Synod
of the Reformed Dutch Church; the Associate
Reformed Church, New York; the Associate Re
formed Church of the West; the Associate Reform.
ed Church of the,South; the General Synod of the
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America:
the Associate Synod of North America.
After the reading of the first clause. the resolu
tions, as they were adopted by the colgerenee
were read; after which, a great deal of discussion
arose on a motion to strike out the second section.
Mr. Munkird addressed the Assembly tit length.
insisting that, not only in his opinion, but, us Inc
believed, in that of a majority of the ehnsuan
world, many of the pantms were not titled for
worship in New Testament times.
He was followed by the Rev. Mr. Nevin, who
made a very able speech, dwelling on the neves
sity of Christian Union, but at the same how. urg
ing the necessity of great caution as regards the
maintaining the principles of the, Presbyterian
The motion toatrtke out the second :cotton was
lost, and it was idopted.
The wholis resort was then agreed to, as was a
proposition to to the number of the committee.
The Modeinuir annoimeed that the hour for the
order of the 3 ilasjtro , had arrived, but the com
mittee not Eilavkhg their report prepared, a letter
from the Preobetery of Memphis, urging the ne
cessity of sending a Attestor:ary to Rome. which
was, on motion, adopted, sad ordered to be re
ferred to the Board of Foreign Missions.
Several other memorials were read by Dr. Mc-
GII, and adopted.
The Rev Mr.Elythe, on behalf of the committee
on Foreign Mission! rend a report to the Assent.
Ur, dUrelling on :the very grunt I,l).Kleteielee rI the
; cause, the too littl• nuention paid to it by many (A
.the churches thoiughout the country, recommend
ing that the efforts io behalf of this noble cause, be
- renewed with greater vigor than heretofore.
Mr. Lowrie nddressed theAmembly on the rub
of the Indian Miesionsi The government and the
,Church were no* united in their etiorta to educate
and alleviate, Morally and intellectually, the In
diana.: He elated that a benevolent gentleman at
'the South, an Episcopalian too, who withheld his
name from the NMI* had sent to the committee,
five hundred•dollare, to be used for the purpose of
buying a library fora high school at Liberia. It
was raid that we should attend more to home Mt,
slam: than foreign ones, and this wen the ease , but
how small was the amount which every member
of the Presbyterian Church in the Caked States
paid for the purpose of sending misvionnnes to the
benighted nations of foreign lands. Not more
than three' gantlets of a cent was paid weekly.
How great the reaponsiblity which rests on every
chnsten on this point. Let us attend to our duties
at home, but, ob,fet us not forget how little we are
doing abroad; and never should the charge, that
•we are doing tor ;wadi for the heathen, be brought
forward. We have cause to thank God that we
have now Presbyteries in Africa, China, and
among the Indians.
Dr. Potts stated that it was not written alone to
the Bible, that "God is love," it was written :a the
Book ot Natuje. It was written every where.
The sun whia shone on all, which shed its cheer
ing beams alike on the evil B.l2the good, was a
proof of this. He bad been In h i, youthful days a
wanderer in foreign lands lie haiP mood in the
solemn, shade of Westminster Abbey, and with
ibelinga of awe had gazed upon the tombs of the
great and good who were interred there—he had
seen the graven of the orator, the poet, and the
statesman, side ItSt side. He had read the inscrip
tion on their tatpb stones, but he had no where
sena as an ephitiph "here Lea one who died for
others." The march of the world is onward. It
is improving in every thing. The most wonderful
inventions are being daily made, and with gigantic
Strides all the sciences are advancing. Amid this
general march of all things onward, shalt the
Church lag behind? No. Let as urge it, too, on
ward, and in this respect at leant, coincide with
the 'spirit. of the , age. , Barely the cause of the
Foreign Missions in QUO of this most important
which ever agitated tie mind of man. There is
this beautiful feature in our race, that the more
good man does, the better he becomes, and that
virtue is its owe reward.
Mr. Lowrie stated that the priacipal chief of the
lowa tribe was present. Ile is not a member of
the Presbyterian Church, and does not understand
English, .but he I. a noble man. He had been
of the greatest use to ihe tnisslonary cause, and
never touched a eagle drop of the fire water.
The Modendor requested trim to come forward,
and, accompanied by an interpreter, the Chief,
Nr-CHZ-Nna, which means, no fear la his heart,
steppedformard. He bowed to the Assembly, and
shook hands with the Moderator, who elated that
he was glad tohsee him in the presence of the
General Assembly. •
The interpreter edam d that the chief had been
thump from his horse while he wee out hunting
bulikka, some yams ago, mid the wound had brek.
en ontafreal. The Chief then delivered the fol
lewing speech, an interpreted by Mr. Irwin.—
My friendtr—YOu are Chicle of a great Church,
and I recollect being with you once before. I was
told that Mr. Lowrie, the Great Mantel the mis
eremites, tone apeaking in our-cause, and I thank
him. The• shining ,eon which beams so bmghtly
to day, shows that the Great Spirit is listening to
him. I hove' travelled with my brother the in
terpreter,) and IMve been well received every
where. 1 hope, that one day my peep.o may be
lake thewhite men. Now they are very smell,
but I hope they Will grow. My people have coo
fidence in the Misaionaries, and nave sent forty of
their children to their school, among whom is my
little daughter, seven years of age. I hope that
the church will still (trainee to pity my people, for
they aro very weak. I feel satisfied that the (treat
Spirit and the sAllasionades built the Great Mrs
Caddy Poitse.among ray people. i theak them-
too, far •Ltladirig house;for me, while I urn, at-
Lemke; yonrilati. "Groat Council." We want
strong bouses,:like the - whim man , for our wig
wams are light, and tho sport of the windo. It
Mutt be - some gift of the Great Spirit, that makes
Waite ulhn Lateral= the IndiaaN but I hope that
thip will improve, for they are now taught by
, white men. Your mode of travelling is worid.wful;
your rends are wide - your rail reads and raven
are grand; but the Indian has only a narrow !path.
I ice art the while mon Is strong, for nothing in
tercepts' their Melon. They go down Into the
earth, and find coal to bum, and iron, and salt,
bta thelndian never searched in the grounds, for
we are like a sharlear, arid week. I want yr in to
thinker my people'—of the men, the women, tind
the children. tILII3 now going back to my people,
and willlell them that I hove been kindly tre rind
the e lid J.At il
and to see . my eh,4*l.
- • - -
• .•Tte Moderato/than took Nee-Chee-Noni ; by the
and mid, that he thanked him in this Rhine
of the General Assembly, En the kindness which
be bad insulfristed to the Mash:mimics. If they
never met on earth. he hoped they would meet in
- Nee-Chee-Nang then nerd, it any one hero
knows the Great Father. (the President of the
United &atm) let him tell of the poverty of the
The Chief then eat down. nod a collection was
taken up for him. We regret that want of room
prevents oar giving the remainder of the proceed.
lags, though nothing of general interest was done.
The Assembly met pursuant to adjournment,
and was opened with prayer. The clerk then
read the minutes of the morning session, which
were adopted.
It mu announced that the amount of the col•
leetion misad this morratug for Fear in his
Heart' amounted to s.sty eight dollars.
The Rev. Mr. Janneway handed to the clerk
some memorials. which he moved should he read.
The Clerk road the Treasurer's Report of the
Princeton Theological Seminary, which showed
that the affairs 01 that institution were in a vtrry
flourishing condition.
Five totters were read from Prolesser Miller, of
Princeton Theological Seminary.
A Report from the Board of Trustees of the
Princeton College, wtts read, recommending the
General Assembly to receive the resignation of
Professor Miller, and to appoint him• Emeritus
Professor, with the same salary he now receives,
for the term of his natural life.
It was moved to refer the letters, and report to
a committee composed 01 one [ram etch of the
Spools, which WEIS done.
The committee on murk aska tto pernimaion to
retire, which was granted.
The committee on a paper moved that n corn
committee be appointed to carry the ‘ll3lle Imo
Mr. Williamson I noved that the ronstdemtion of
this subject should ha pustponel for the present.
Dr. Plummer hoped that that motiou would not
Mr. Nurse wished that it would.
The motion to postpone was lost, and the origi
nal motion prevailed.
A petition wns presented by Dr. McGill, advis
ing that the prayer of the petitioners, requesting
that the Church of Tinnecu m, at present connected
with the Synod of Philadelphia, I.e hereafter at
tached to the Presbytery of Ranieri, New Jersey.
Pr. McGill then presented three petitions respect-
ing changes which the petitioners wished to he
made m the localiti. of severe' Presbyteries.
A long threurston erscte,l on these reports, in
winch the w.Fstern memlan% generally parttetpated.
The hour of adjournment nrr,ed heft", any
tteban Lad been taten .tt the itrenuaes.
CorrevpottJence of the l'atsborgh Gast.,
WA.1.1113,1, May h. 1,19.
The annual statement of appropriations has just
been nutted. as prepared tinder the supermten•
denee of the Secretary of tile Senate and the Clerk
of tae House. Au examination of than dOCUlllenk
will elicit some interesting facts no connected with
the subject of our national expenditures
It appears that the aggregate amount at lbw' ap
propriations made at the last seston of l•ongress
was 5,371,421.1.04 I. But the whole of this .am wan
not designed for the service of the fiscal year, be
gianing July I bt. ISt o, and ending June 30th, 1,
though the great mass of the appropriations wad
made for that year. I present to your readers the
following analytical statement of the appropriations
for that year
For the support. direct and indirect.
of Congress , 4 0 — out
For the support or the Judtcrary &
the Diplom la service, and I.:-
Tarmac Del tments.and Mince!.
inncens 1:-.1. •nditures, abou: 1 , 4,115,1,00
Naval aervice. ' , 7 4"5,1(00
Academy, and Pcc,cn
SI -oA,voo
NA Office Dep.!
Traosportat.ou 0( ma i
5-, 10 000 I
Ity teo, Irenmat/11011r
coastw.e and Pa
51 `" 0 00 J
packet service
Indian Department 51,000,000
Parment t Ales Ara.— ........ $.1,"40.1100
Light Houses and ht.m.E.Vnarslw.. . :I'll,ooo
The above amount represent+ a:: the ap
propriations actually n.rele for the servler rl the
year ending Jane ::+l, 1 . 3.'10.1411 de-e, not present
perfectly true i Ades. of the. probable rlpend,tur,
of that year. It I. leas than 111 , n1:100eit of tile ay.
propriutions 111,2 C rit the last ee••eon, I , y the snot
cf four at:tons, three hundred and toneteen
ttiaffsand dhhare, which In (1...h1 , !Pd, because the
follounng tteme, ,nt lotted In the ettinial statement,
do not properly belong to the expenditure of 1 550.
Nlemean Instalmetit for tut , :1,7:0,000
Dettmenele. to form, 3pp,prutiwns lor
But the earn of swisioo i which in a standing
appropriation for the Bremen steamers, may, and
probably will be expended the next year, is added,
which deductions and additions make the sum of
thirty-one and a half million, above given, as the
actual appropriations for next year. But to get
at the expenditure. which certainly will be made
within that year, we must add the standing appro.
priation of 1:1,000 000 for the interest of the public
debt, and the average additional appropriatons
deficiencies and contingencies, which will no
doubt be made next winter, will amount to $t
000, more or less, whieh will give us the aggregate
01535,492 of expenditure. Taking into the ac
count the progress of the Nation, we cannot ex.
pest that the support el government can aver be
brought within this tam, and in nll reasonable pro
bability, they will go on increasing for a ceatury
to come, until, indeed, the Republic reaches its ut
most stage of advancement and devekmement
I set down the expense of the next session of
Congress at $1,077,000. The portion of this sum
assigned 10 the payment of the per d,em and mile
age of members, is $0 , 15,000. There are two hun
dred and ninety-two membera and delegates.—
The average compensation received by each is,
therefore, 82,620. Mr. Schenck, in his bill net
winter, proposed a uniform salary of 62,000, with
reduced rates Of travelling expenses. But as the
contingent fund, the chargus upon which are not
vary strictly audited, amounts to upwards of India
million a year; members manage 10 pick op seve
ral hundred dollars a year additional, in the way
bcolos and other sell-voted present.
The current revenues and expenses of the gov.
erament, indicate a tolerably sound state of the
Treasury. The receipts fur the last quarter were :
From Customs about 55,374,625 61
From -lands 355,366 17
From loan of 1517
From lon of ISIS
From mtocelinneoos enurces
Tol6l $14,680,014 68
Theespenditures doling the enme periodwere :
civil,. mlscelltutelips and foreign in
tereourse, (iecluding 51,030,059 63,
under.treavr mit* Mazico) 52,873,030 61
On account of the army, Lc 1,637,082 10
On nimount of Ma Indian Daparemt. 63.657 93
Oa anconnt of fortifications 416,052 09
On account of pensions: ....... .... 671,407 20
.On 0060001 of the navy" 2,091,291 09
Juleicarrl Treasury. Notes and Pub.
lio.Delu 167,305 Cl
XeirntoristunentofTrerunrryNotoe.. 3,51.0,100 U 0
RedTOL= of Treasury Note. pur
loined, including iaterem
el The ordinary receipts during the quarter were
51t1,317,00, the ordinary expenditures were $ 03 .-
500,000, showiog an execs, of ordinary revenue
over ordinary expenditure of $3,757,00. These
results are reached by deducting the proceeds of
loans front the receipts, and the payment to Mexi.
co, and redemption of the principal of the debt
from the expenditures. But the report for the cur
rent quarter will present very different features.—
Half a year's interest will be paid on the whole of
the public debt, and the Instalment due to Mexico,
amounting together to upwards of live millions of
dollars. The payments will greatly exceed the
WASIMMICIII, May 17, 1849
Mr. Meredith received n telegraphic despatch
t hi e mor ning, it in t tilted, informing him of the
death of a slater. and in consequence of this so le mn
event, be did not attend the meeting of the cabi
net which was held to day. Owing probably to
- the
circumstance of his absence, the business belong
ing to this Treasury department, which would have
Cent! up On decision, was postponed. Several
appointments in the revenue service, which would
have otherwise bean-made, were for thin reason
;Aunt erraf:,4A.pinte9.9 l EsPriForert
made, was ttuii/VVIs. 11 — arriiTctreiWed
at Buffalo. He was a decided Harrison Whig,
and afterwards an equally ardent and original
Taylor Whig.
My spec-Mations as to the proprietor and editor
ship of the Union, have been verified. I have been
informed, that Mr. - Burke, acting comminioner of
patents, has to day concluded an agreement for
the purchase of a part of the paper, and that he
will forthwith be announced as one of Its editors.
Mr. Burke has been some times called as able
political writer, but it would be more correct to
any that he is an acrimonious one. His ° Bundle .
cured - papers on the tariff were somewhat cried
up in the Democratic journals, and some of them
even went to the extreme length of republishing
them, but they were not above mediocrity, and
never became of the least authority even with the
Deniocratio members of Congress, in the warm atm
elaborate discussions which preceded the enact
went of the existing tariff law.
The trial of Drayton, for taking away the alarm
on board the schooner Pearl, is still proceeding'.
Th s afternoon the jury again rendered a verdict
of acquittal ou one of the indictments fire
so that these indictments will now doubtless be
abandoned, and the prosecution wilt rest upon
those f•r abduction, which is u misdemeanor
punishable only by fine.
A subscription paper is in circulation, the object
of which is to raise funds in order to bring to this
city, the Italian Opera Troupe, broken up in con
sequence of the riots at the Astor Opera House, In
New York. The list is headed by the Mayor, and
his name is followed by those of a score of other
respectable cozens, who engage to take ton or a
dozen tickets each. But there in no probability
hat the p,oteet will aucceed.
In reference to the late terrible events an that
city. t have not thought it within soy prov ince to
state my °pinto.; but it is well known that there
are certain employees of the custom house, who
had no little to do with the affair, and in respect
to their conduct there can be no impropriety its
repenting what is said here in Washington. If
any of the persons referred to, were active in per
suading others to commit violence in that tumult,
if they took a part in the conspiracy to praline a
riot within the building, if they induced disorderly
persons to surround it on the outside, with the
view of assisting their confederates on the tnaide,
they deserve the severest punishment, and they
are the persons on whose heads rest the fearful
guilt of that night. Now it is notorious that some
of the wretches who did precisely what I have
idescribed, do belong to the custom house. One of
them has publicly boasted that he hired forty or
fitty ruffians to go to the theatre on that night, and
that he bought the tickets by which they were
admitted. Three men should he at once dismissed.
But Mr. Polk himself set the example of perfect
enpumtv for such crimes, in refusing to turn out
1 of public employment. blackguards known to have
been similarly engaged in the mob which last
spring threatened to destroy the office and resi
dence of I ir. Briley , the publisher of the National
Kra, to tills city.
Day yesterday 3 party /lithe descendant
nt the er.glaul emigrants to Lord Balornore'a colon
of Maryland, gathered from dfferent parts of a..
State. and from this district, repaired to St. Inegoes
on the Pt. Mary's River. for the purpose of cele
brating the arrival of the pilgrims to the colony.
which event took place in the year 10.34. I per
ceive Irons the report of the proceedings, that the
celebration war conducted on approved principles,
and that it went elf well in all respects. Thu
Catholic Pilgrims of Maryland, may succeed :11
time in getting tip a very• formidable opposition to
the Puritan Pilgrims of Maseachussets Bay.
What would your Pitt.bureli gourmands think
of green peas, tomatoes, and ripe and mellow
water melons, in the middle of May , I will not
ageraeate them 6y pausing for a reply. Thai rue
things can be, was evinced to day, at Brown's
Mote:, in this cry They were of Charleston
growth, and thanka to the energy of the proprietor.
end the speed anti regularity of the steam packets.
were served up to the delighted palates of the
guest.. :n all the. 111,1111 G freahnere and flavor .
Tnte is really a great age. and South (*.anima is
.1 ',11,. use Liner an IL Li. plain we never nan
r t to to it thourlotlon of the l'oion while the
b ral ahead of u• m the miner of "gm
Piton NEW 1"OR11.
t we of Pt I.Lurgt I r 3”,
MI has been bustle to day, conacquent apo
ilre reception of the steamer's sews (rem Europe,
nod the departure of the America. The marl, ter,
him out by the lacer, contains nothing of moraine
trots than the proceedings at rho Astor Place
Opera House, which will make as much Alf
among our transatlantic Conrail no a President's
rnernage. The news from Europe causes no re
mark. except Unit she brings too little coin, having
hit .172,000 on board. which...ft evidently the last
instalment. Sterling bills lair the outward ship
close at 1001, a rate that does DOI MOS the coin.
t 'ansulerabie oonvermtion has been caused by
the feet that somethieg hlos cholera has been re
ported. Three cams, said to be the real Asiatle,
have been bread in the sixth ward, The board
or Health has been in seaman, and the moat stria
gent sanitary censures put in terse. This scourge
will find us with a clean city, but it will sweep en
immense number of pimple from hie, mild as it
may seem, compared with its first visit.
The lady of the venerable Albert Gallatin is no
more. She died last night, at the ripe age of SI
She way a daughter of Gommmlore Islicholeon
and few leave a wider circle of acquaintances to
regret her absence. Mr. Gallatin pea lingers, and
la ore Wtll,o of nature, soon follow the part
ner. who has so long shared the joys and sorrows
of hie eventful Inc.
South Carolina he, been preparing met elegant
iestirnonisi for the widow or one of her careens,
who fell to the Mexican war, Colonel Diekinnon.
TOO present is It service of silver, seven pieces,
Ito devices combining the an. of Smith Carobs
no nod the United Atates, the Palmetto and the
Eagle. Col. Dickinson fell at Cherubwoo, on the
ICith of August, 1517, but of this few need to be
The Dramatic food Association held their an
nual meeting last night, and show a capital of
53,500. A good deal of interest is shown by the
profession to this matter, and after sunning their
brief hour as Hmperors and Bishop', they will
find at last an. hospital, in which to end their
d' rfither Matthew is really coming to New York
after all, for be ha. written to say that his pasaage
has been engaged in the Ashburton, to sail on the
tilst inst. His success is doubtful; from the fact
that he has himitated to throw himself upon our
hospitality, and has cent on agent to net how be
will he received. Ho will be cordially received,
though he lacks the impulsive feeling, thateprong
up in all hearts when his visit was find flanoUna
Some little idea of .he extent of the labor of
the Societies, who held their anniversaries here
last week, may be had by examining the fintlesal
reports. Seventeen societies collected $1,040,-
000, of which $Sl,Ot5 was by ilia Methodist End;
copal Church, and 0110,000 by the Presbyterian
Boards of hdtesione. Such* earn of money will
yield a goodly harvest. It exceeds the collect
lions of all previous years, and speaks loudly in
encouragement of Christian enterprixe. Asa spa
rimes of what our schoole can do, it may be re.
marked that three thousand went In proceasion to
Castle Garden yesterday, and made the old tort
look a very garden of children's' happy smiling
face.. The whole party sang-an anthem sod
produced a most rare effect.
ling and Chang, the Siamese inseparables, are
now on exhibiuon here and draw well, only the
ladies thutlxit would be more complete were their
wives with them. Their better halves am, how
ever, rather coarse, and to Caney What they are
ID better than an actual look at them. The broth
ern have already med., enough here to pay their
expense. abroad, even should they (teacloth, to
be divorced front this strange union, imposed. ea
them by nature.
3 (GS 000 00
2.191150 00
Tracieery colts 01.1 at l 101, and money vary
cheap, nod large coma °Bering far line. ('.
5ti,130,D07 so
Letter from the Wreck of the tempo.
Twelve more dead bodies have been found, live
being females, and four of Mein have been identi
fied. They were all token from the upper bertha
in the ladle's Saloon. The lower berths ondsen
tlemen's cabin ore supposed to contain 25 to 30
more of the paasengers. The Coroner's Hoped
sits at Pishkill landing. The bent will be raised to
morrow. Twenty or thirty persons are yet mia
slug—that' man have been taken to Albany on
b oar d the Sip Van Winkle, hot footsore entertain ;
ed that they are in the wreol/2.
Major Webber, of the "Centrahrui Rangers," the
author of the "Gold/Mines of Gila," and "Old Hicks
the GOide," or now is this city, at the Revor
House. He is making preparations for the depot.
tuns of his company to Centralia and Eau Franclre
co. The northern detachment will leave I , letv
York about the math of Jane,_ and the company
will proceed by the Corpus Christi mute, which
Major Webber considots prerable lousy other.....
This company will visit the bllherto 'unexplored
regions known as the,v4ircat Central Plateau," Or
"Centralia," where Major Webber Mcketta to Mid
the . tine , 'Ei• fkottdo" or the Spaularac—ikmoi
,eeleicze . Ethe LegiegallueAr
the wrist= °fine lave of that SulVfliplU ¢e pad
on the 29th instenti
Hews from Santa re.:4laniltination of
Indians against the iiiThites.-Itardala
-.ltobbsties..ool,2 Digging, die.
;Sr. Loom, May 11,1819.
By the arrival of Mr. Skinner in thin city, to-day,
we have intelligence:from Santa Fe to the 30th of
We learn that a dangerous combinatton has
been formed against the whites by the Apeche and
Eutaw Indians, and some murders have been al
ready committed.
Two of the party that went out with Col. Fre
mont. Bill Williams and Ned Kearns, were killed
by the Eataws, in March last, while oa an expi
dition in search of philosophical instruments and
other property lost by CoL F. daring his uncorks.
nate Journey.
Mr. Anbery and three others are reported to
have been lolled by Indiana near El Paso.
Two parsons were also killed, lately, near Taos.
A band of American robbers have born making
depredations upon settlers and travellers in the
neighborhood of El Paso and Santa Fe. Eleven
of them were recently raptured and taken to San
to Fe.
The Santa Fe Republican complains bitterly of
the neglect of Congress to provide properly for the
government of New Mexico.
The weather was very cold at Banta Fe in the
latter part of April; but the country was generally
'there were many persons working at the Colo
rado gold mines, which ere said to be very rich.
The gold fever is raging to a considerable ex
tent in Georgia, the mines in that section hevulg
been unusually productive of late. One lump of
solid gold was recently found near Ellijay worth
51500, and another worth nearly the same amount
was shortly rafter picked up by a poor laborer near
MACLAV, late member of Congress from the
city of New York. is said by the:Boston Atlas to
!lave purchased, in connection with his three broth
ers, very nearly, a s not altogether, n whole county
in the state of Illinois, at the head of navigation on
the Illinioisi river. The tract was mostly purchas
ed by soldier's land warrants, which, confines the
name authority, cost not over sixty cents an note.
The land is said to be unsurpassed in America
The meant boat opposition has reduced the fare
on Labe Ontario even lower than the rates of
last season. Cabin passengers are now conveyed
from Kingston to Hamilton, (head of tho lake) for
25 cents, and steerage passengers for 121 cent.—
the tare between Montreal and Quebec is V.
Tan thousand emigrants rum Germany have
been engaged by the North American Land Com
pany acting in conjunction with companies in Lon
don and Germany, and will arrive in this country
during the present season.
llosroN WATErt Wortss.—The laying of pipes
for conducting the water thitingh the city is near
ly completed. The extent of main pipes now laid
is upwards of seventy-one miles. The number of
service pipes now laid is 11,346, and the present
number ol water takers is 9,670.
Logan Hooter of :lee. , Oriels., to be Attorney
of the United State:llhr the Eastern Disulet of
Louisiana, vice Thom. J. Durant, removed.
Jobe Corlrern, of Louisiana, to be Receiver of
Public bloners at Greensburg, Lonisman, vice
Theodore Gillespie, removed.
Thom. Webb, of Lomsimm, to be Register of
the) Land a➢ee at Greensburg, Loolliinfltl, vice C.
D. Strickland, removed.
William H. Wallace, of loan, to be Receiver of
Public Moneys at Fairfield, lowa, vice Verplanok
Van Antwerp, removed.
tieorge Wilson, of lows, to be Register of the
Land thrice at Fairfield, Lows, vice Berri hart Henn,
Easton Moms, of lowa, to be Receiver of Pab
lie Moneys at lowa City, lowa, vice Enos Lowe,
Jean Bowen, of lowa, to be Regtster of the
Land Gthee at lowa City,lown, vow Charles Neal
ly, removed.
Mordeeat Mubly, of lowa, to be Receiver of
Public Malley* at Dubuque, Lowa, 'tux George
Mel leery, removed.
Themes MeKtught, of lowa, to be Register of tbe
Land t tifice at Dubuque, lowa, vice %Venter Lew
ts, removed.
Tel coloonng affidarst te m refrrence te the comm.
stance wtorb twit place at thertrc e, on Saturday
mot, and referred tom a local item •
Cry tai Prnsumb.u, 135.-I•ervonany appeared be
fore toe, air Alderman in the city of Pattsburgh, Dios
it. G. II curse, of end city, who bete` duly sworn,
dole depose and say. That on last Saturday night, to
waiting round '''Dan Illea's rtreus," this deponent
rams RCM., a group of ten or twelve boy • standltig
in the yard, mid rust es he approached them Mr. Job
U Patterson, one of the pollee officers in alma ,.
, e 4
theboys rosettaid: .Dcrys, yea
":Duch Lave tickets eon go bri, and these al
have not most go out of the gstrit—that every NI
men go oat or to—that the plum 1.405 t he clam W
He then left th em, put some small boy. out and re •
ed. When he returned. he said, "Now boys, you art
go out. for we mast Lave the yard cleared. Ile a ct, poured to pat los arm* a ro und them in a good h r,
and said, "Nosy bays, do go out or Ix" Some on in
the crowd said he had n ticket, when Mr Patte
said for hull to go to—that there wee no use •• 'al{
there and mismg a crowd. Mr. ?aroma took old
of a prone matt entled Pmner, and spoke to hob, dben
he broke loose and struck at Mr. Patterson, and at
least tore or aka or the crowd rustles In on Patterson,
when hr struck Porter with his buck. Ile then took
Porter.. witty three or four others, and with the auist•
lure of Mr Hague. who mime up, pot them all out.
In two or three minute. Porter rammed into the yard.
Deponent caked tom ((he was hart. He said "he was
not hurt, but G-41 d—n him, he mould make him pay
for it* Deponent had on previous ocouttmance with
either Patterson or Porter, excepoug that he had spo-
to Mr. Patterson night before And furthermo re, deEsooent moth not DANIEL G. HERRING
bworn end subscribed, this plat day of Hay, A. D.
lett. Tnos. Smut,, Alderman.
Nrw Yoax, Mayl6, 1.41,
W. M. Wrlight, M. D., Dalmatia,
Orrice and residence on Fourth
opposne the. Pittsburgh Bank. (Mee
igga..l,. hours front k o'clock to 12 AM., and
loom 7 o'clock to 5 P.M. scpl4-ly
Fire and Marine Insnranee—Tac Pmts.
20..0 N.vtn.nov ant , Fos !neuron COMMANT—
rtottletotl to insure, upon every de
scription of property, at Uri:War raise
Orrict, No dl Market street.
Tbe Stockholders of the above named Company are
notified am the Dividend of Ten Dollars per share,
declared on the 9th January last, mill be Paid teem
or their legal represeetatlves, at the office of the Treas
urer or and Company to tits city of Pittsburgh, on or
after the 2101 day of May, inst.
Eastern Stockholders Nvl II be paid at tho off.: of J.
W. Clark & CO., Boston.
myll THOS. M. DOW& Treasurer.
ilietsfestr, Bina 1.4111 Contrasts, Llto Blank" C7T111.011, ntrriq
roLoao, AC. ac.,
Unmet! at the shorte s t souse, at low prices, at lb
dec.s Guracrra Omer, Twin, num
I.mprbvementa In Dentistry.
A j
DR. G. 0. S EARNS, Into of Roston, la prepared to
manufacture set Dunce ILZILITI in whole and pans
of Ws, open Se don or Atouturpheric Portion Plater
TOOLLLACILIC mart , m 'tea suntrras, where the nenr is
exposcal Office and residence next door to the hi
of'. office, Fourth street., Pittsburgh.
Raven ro—J. R. SlTadden, P. It noon. Jaio
rtrunre Lemon Soo. a—Prepared by J.,
William meet, N. Y., and for sale by A. layers, 'o.
70 Fourth street Tins' vrill be found a delightful arti
er al beverage in families, and particularly tor sick
Saanal Baosts.—.An improved Chocolate prepare.
lion, being a combination of Cocoa nll4 Innocent, lici
vioratius and palatable, highly recommended parte.
Warty for Invmdido. Prepared by W. Bator, Dorthee.
u r , Mass., and for sale by A. JAYNES, at the Pekin
Tim Store, No. 70 Fourth st meht4
ASlDirom—Joan Emmet. of Pine townahlp, will be
a oandidnic for Auditor, seineet to the decision of the
heat Antinacksonic and Wing County Convention.
my2initewT Timm Wane.
W ,
RITE SVOARS—hovering'e loaf, errodied and
etthertsed Sugars, Jest reed and for rale by the
bbl et nt rem], at the Pekin Tea Store, 70 Forunh et.
- VINE COFFEES—Moehe, African, Jam, !Agana,
Hi Domingo and Rio Coffees, Just reed and for
sate et the Pekin Tan Store, 70 P9unb st tarp
Ai,AtSINS AND FIGS—" eighth bxs prime Rai ,
ems, and 40 small drum Nati Fig?, feeel•ed
end for sole at the Pekin Teo Store, 7O Fourth meet.
Ilromo, No 1 Chocolate, and Cocoa; also, Schmitz
VOCI *lead Chp.lata, }ll/11 - LOO'd and for sato at the
Pekin Tea Store, 7O p9arth sr. roy9N
- - • • •
laThe ana new A I barque SARAH HOOP
ER. Capt. Hooper, will have dormant, for the
above port, touching at Rio de Janeiro sl
V alparaiso, for provisions.
ear:tenger. by the Sarah Hooper will find lupe • r
noccemnonations, and every arrangement miula in
sure theifeoalfort end conrenienee. For fiat: or
passage apply to WM. E. HOOP
isrp...d4t—lialt. Are 74 Bowles ar
Newarna, May 18, 10 P. M
Bale by SCHOYER,
_231V2. on Second it
TOCK FOR SALIi—A few Shares }land at Bridge4o WWI', for sale by
B SCUM:II_ 2 HO Seroud rt
TA LT FLOUR—toO bbl. Family Floor, for solo
by myOb J B DILWORTH b. Co
POWDER -700 kepi Bloating-, 503 do Rife Deer,
-5 mo do Mae, 1 , 7 Y, 175 do do, Hy; 50 qr de du, Ky;
Ws Poise for blasting, Cm sato by
arr 24
TAR -12 ake N C T.r, for Nato by
co y 22 1 P DILWORTH a Co
M.ic6ERE4-40 hbls No 3 blacken!, jut toed
Per canki"4 tow
w J b l
G _
good WE Cbeese, landlng per I.
E cod Id Lixte.aud lot see low,to time eon.l~n
REFINED er a ty i aa r t en wh e d,
•IgtriTice*, hi , ' .1 w pla
ars 4 to Mors ~ndfor T I Z at " 1 !
Agept. Ss. tout, thigarlEtefinety, %
¢ys3 NO 31 Watet %ad 113Fmili
y BA6-850 pip Gala Liaddart readied gm de
/way mr.4l AM/Ten/sox icco
eifrrurgetasealay t ili t saaVs
IJ my 22 64:76,
From Um Haltlmme Aminiesn
RosturrNrr, Seci
For San Francisco
RISE Stockholders of the Ohio and Pennsylvania
L , Rail Road Company ere hereby-notified to pay
the first Instalment of Five Dollars per ahem, 00 or be.
fore the 13th day of July next
The Stockholders resitting to Pennsylvania will pay
the Km insudment to the President of the Company,
at the Exchange Bank of Pittsburgh; those ill COWES.
tome eminty, Ohio, to the Treasurer at Salem; and
those in Stark, Wayne, and Richland commies, to the
Directors residing In them counties.
By order of the Board f
repPShdlawiryls JOS. S. BROOKS, Treasurer.
City tuners copy once • week nail July 13th.
i ri." - e - P - AVAp r EicCFPIgniAI•TEINsTiTyTy.
• -
_ . .
tr=ll2l TIM OM:MON or
Mel Lineoin PII•lp•,
Ayi d a by sang ad& Profutors aneTearJurre,
IVILL commence a new scholastic Tear on the filth
of SEPTFAIHER NEXT. Pop]e entering for
the new year can be accommodated dozing the vaca
tion with board at the Imitate, under proper sups
vision or Instraenon. Tonne Imo, for hoard and all
necessaries connected with it, and for English educa
tion for the scholastic year of fort.fonr weeks. Ac
complishments, Lim/praxes, &c., with board in vaca
tion, extra charges.
For healthfultWes of location,isituated in a high and
salubrious region,) beattty of seemry, and (acuity of
aceess fit edrawallers„ the Patapsco Laminae is unsur
passed. That its advantages for bestowing a liberal
and ateomplished edueauon are appreciated by the
public, is fully demonstrated by hs past and present
prosperity. ntratawdrmr—{lialL pat.
family florae, well broke to the shtdte. Nooe
other need be ollatad.
Market at
BONNET RIBBONS—New style. Bonnet Hlhbons
opening at the One Price Store,one lot as low as
Igi etc colt A MASON kCa
[For many years connected with Mears. Wiley fr.
Pulliam, and late Joha Whey, N. York and London,)
. . .
4-10 INTIMTI or
N 0.63 WOOD Imam,
(Nearly opposite the tit Charles Hotel )
UX English, French, and German Review* and
hlagaeinee, and Newspapers imported to order, prizes
of which may be astertained on application to Mr. L.
Catalogues grans. mrn
rgThr. publ.c are cautioned against purchasing the
1 draft drawn by Richnrdson & Gelb on Jeo.
deti & Co. and by them accepted, for 8910, dated play
lb, 1E149, at PO days alter sighs, and accepted Slay lit,
1549, payable to the order of drawers, and by them
endorsed to P. C. Shannon, who has notice that pay
mmt of the came has been .topped in the hands of
John ItCPuden & Ce. F. A. RICHARDSON.
er2l of Richardson it Crib.
PROPOSALS will be received at the office of the
Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail Hoed Company, in
the city of Pittsburgh, until SATURDAY, the 30th of
JUNE, 1841. (or the °lading and Bridging of the Rail
Road from the mouth of Big Beaver to tie State line
et Ohio, a distance of about twenty mile. Drawings
and specifications of the work to be let may be seen at
me othee in Pittsburgh, damg the week before the
letting, on application to Bolopaon W. Roberts, Chief
° Engineer and Won:nation may be obtained at my
eme at the ' other of Edward Warner, Resident Engi
neer alt '
os Eastern Drrision New Brighton, Beaver
t molly. P.. The work is well worthy alba attention
of experienced and energetic contractors, and the line
passes through a fertile country, and is easy of access
at all points.
By order of the Board of Directors.
Wk.! ROBINSON, Jr., President.
Pittsburgh, May IR, 1840.
North Amenenn, Pennsylvania*, New York Tri
bune, American all Hold Journal, Cleveland Bre
ak!, •nd Suue Journal ropy three Limes, and mid
bills, with copies of paper, to the Roll Road office.
MACKEREL -150 bb's Lars No 3, Illessarbu
nen. inspection. its bate order, /ending ads morn
lug and for solo by ROBERTSON & REPrERT,
Inyttl.LOt 109 Second at
IV ° l -,- ; rh .‘ ' „ w a3 b ro r n ' a ' n 'o " 1 P
wool, "4 the
0791 II LEE, Liberty at, opposite sth
TOllll FOELSYTH, Merchant Tailor, has removed"
k 1 to No. 33 Market street, one door from Second,
East side.
'thankful for past favors, he respectfully wheats a
conunnance of the patronage ofhis former customers,
and likewise the patronage of as many new ones as
are of the right eartpe.
Orders to the Tailoring Iwo executed in the most
fvhionabbr memoir, and with dispatch.
Also, a fashionable assortment of ready made Clo
thing, of all kinds. Cheap for cash, of course.
Gentlemens` Furnishing Goods in all their varieties
always on hand, arch as S. hirts, Bosoms, Collars, Cru
vats, Chocks, Beast., Hosiery, Suspenders, Pocket
Halkfa, Gloves, Drawer's, Umbrellas, Ac. Ac. &c.
Blab and Tar.
50 BEH.S. No 1 Herrings, (May insprion.)
.10 bbl. No 1 Shad, "
Ye do No 3 Mackerel, (Boston arlapeetlort)
Le do N C prime order, ree'd and for
•ale by TAAPPE & O'CONNOR,
tern dim comer Penn and Weyne as
I\TEW GOODS—Nowopening at the One Price
1,1 Store, rase. and packeges of new and desirable
Goals, raciaposing n large Im of Silk, Berege, Al de
[Ante, Tubes, Fancy and other Shewle, at eoustdera-
Ll', reduced enc.. myll A A MASON tr. Co
. •
ne, h. Co. have trod per Exprem more than
IRO Collars, Capra, caps, Chemmetts, Cuffs, On Al
iso, &mg. and leaetungs at half din mod pricey.
FOR SALE—A handsome Ramify Carriage , for one
or two horse., bails at Philadolptun by a eislobra
ted menufacturet. This carriage is fn every respect
a first rate article, made with all the modern improve
ments, lined with Slue cloth and Soothed In impeder
manner. it is anusely new, nod sold the want edam
Enquire of • LEXANDEIL it DAY,
turn 74 Market at, N W earner Of the Diamond
thrge lot Panty - 8f. 2 ,,, - ;,'„),witt3h . we in!
IMO the aneraion of the ladies.
raceiverla very hoorliminglnt of French Sommer
Comitneres, of • very fine quati) which ore are
link at very low prices, and to-, eh ore would Invite
the artennon Of the gentlemen.
Q. MENDED r lIANGEA II LE SILKS—Jost reeei wed,
0 ek lot amp handitome changeable Silks, including
some of a very oniterfor quality. which we are selling
it very infenor priers. ALEXANDER & DAY,
myOt 75 Mallet, N W eon of the Diamond
B A Cb so r ned; now landingfrom sour
phia; ( or rulemyll ISAIAH DICKEY &Co Front at
hbls No I, now landing from MIT Dol.
phm. for sale by my2l ISAIAH DICKEY & Co
121VOOL-3 .00k. now landing from .uor Dolphin;
y y for sale b) torn I/3.&Leti DICKEY &Co
FEATHERS --43 bags now landing from atmr Da
phin; for sale by znret ISAIAR DICKEY & Co
L INSEED o,for (.I . II L -44 bbl [aimed in fine
SALLAD OIL—Of superior quality,iu luge and
small bottles and Ilasas, for salt by
Q/ 0 1;4. TURPEN YlNE—Zbblain boo order, for sale
L -1 by my NCHOONMAKER & Co
1)00T GINGER-20 bogs for sale by
THAW PA PER-100 rota extra large straw Paper.
for sale by .1 SCHOONItIER & Ca,
mytt Si wood st
To the Honorable the Judges of the Court o f Gene
ral Quarter &MIMS of the Pea., in and for the
County of Allegheny.
THE pettuon of S. N. HART, of the Fourth Ward,
city of Pittsburgh, in the roomy aforesaid, humbly
shearetet, that your peutioner has provided himself with
materials for the accommodatton of travelers and
others, at his dwelling home, in the Ward afore
said, and prays that your honors will be pleased to
grunt him a license to keep a Public House of libtter
tainment. And your petitioner; u 1u duty bound
ad! pray.
We. the subscribers, eitisenanf the aforesaid Ward,
do ecrufy, that the above petitioner is of good repute for
honesty and temperance, and Is well provided with
house room and conveniences for the accortmoodatio_p
and lodgmg of mangers and travelers, and that saM
tavern is necessary.
James Lonbill, Thos. Smith, J. R. White, A. C. Ben,
Thomas Patterson. H. Dunning, R. Cony. J. Christy,
Thos. Owston, James Mathews, Richard White, E. Y.
Varner. my9ltdat
ALERATUS-100 bzs seperior quality Salamis.,
landing this day; for sale by
BAGALEY & SMITH, 18 and IN wood st
RICE -00 tierces fresh Rice, leading and for sale by
Alf AC 400 bbls No Mackerel, large, now
ai landing and fur sale by
"fl - FirRINGS AND SHAD-100 bbl. No 1 Herrings'
JCIL, 90 do No 1 Shut lost reed and for sale by
LARD -10 Urge jun reed aorrfor cafe by
mylB lud.etarecrt Pinitbaeld end Wood
IiTEW BAXIKEI—Agues Hopis , or the Heroine of
Dante.tle Life.
of King Chnclei i teSec ond , Lutnry a E.glind, by
Jacob Abbott,witd oz z ia t v ti A. oN j
comer 34 and Market its
MoLnsAr-s—toe LW Molasses, to arms toqaor
row, for role by 8 & W ki&H.BAUGH,
inyle 63 Water and IN Front at
FLOUR tibia Floor, iron reed and for sale by
113)40 8 tr. NV DARBAUGH
DRI 1'011101:41 tnt,r:edror
. b).l Port
nANDL.FZ-23 k. Mould Candles, reo l / 4 1 and for
SL,r sole by myl9 tS IS %V 14,REAUGH_
ket street. 0 cases Gut colored Wee., at the
low pike of SI tts. mylit
TUST RECEIVED at the One Price *ore, 60114 -
e./ kat n, 10,(aepdt of printed Lawns 1W Aloalvas,
at the extreme low price of 121 ot.
OUS DR LAWS-4CCo yds lanes de Leine, oat
al_ out, now. opening Ns the One Price Store of
BOWN MIISLINS—to been at di and b et.
myln A A MASON 4 Co
BILEACIMD usLINS- 5 0 cues at 41 and cts—
tot sa/eq tarn A A MASON Co
-131 Pa—Doplez Watches, made bg tie celebrated
Cooper of London, AL A To‘blaa of Liverpool, and g
large assoronent of detached gold and silver Lovers,
made by the beat Geneva mannfactuters.
Spectacles of all kinds{- Communion Wm In sets;
Gold Pens; Jewel*" in largo Vasintpi Silver Spoons,
tur Womb repairing exectoed la the best manner.
W wa.som,
roylb 50iner Market and Ch
M ORE; NEW GOODS—w.. a edm ir i hn. this morning opds; now ark hoodoo= string Prints
for 1v cto per yd; Stddi, Mall and Mumma Idealists
for dresses. Also recessed within a fess days, Bonnet
Ribbons, Blsek northesse corner 4th and
Marker servers.
Country blietehlete repteniehlnit their ateelu,
find a choke aucatcosm /ow pnees, Wholeula
Rooms, or , gully • myt9
TIME 'undo/14116d havlor on oppeeded Awn of
1 Pa ,D;aaltaaa Mom& Warr ham=
Pan, Jn Ille_phea or Joon Floneiat.: - vastined,
spectrallY infonaa dta public ana dldlidnlds and en*
wawa or t he Company, dtnt tin in:PlPred . " 1
blop e 7 d. l a toland and Theslatt on HotruldrZ i Weir
4 37 Water avert. — P IdADAL'
a ri a ' • • )
lajj John D. Davis, AtatiDo.,
Ska of .Stapiery Goo -
Oa Thursday morning, My tith, at 10 Weloek - ,.
the Coessoetesel &ilea ROM., come, of Wood sea
Fifth streets, will be sold—
A large assortment of fresh and seasonable staple
and fancy Dry Goods, assume whleh arssuperfine,
cloths, cassis:arra, stninetta, twoeds,jeans, fancy ves•
tines, black smuts, dress Ail., barages, de Islas,
swiss oaliay plaid vtetmao, gaper pinta, French and
Manchester guts - hams, shawls and ilk hdkts in great
•ariety, bleached and Drawn muslin*, 'damask Mten
table cloth, checks,_ ticking*, drillings, cononades, ho
aiery, gloves, hats, Melton' bonnets, Ste. •
At 9 o'clock,
Groceries, Qaceaserare, Firrature; be. Yaw lirson and Imperial tee, coffee, N 0 collar,
Not stood. No 3 mackerel, Va manufactured -
No 1 palm soon, shovels, spades,fofts, treuitiars and
transparent window blinalm, mantel clocks., looking
glasses at:penes.
A large and 'general anortment of OciseholA and
kitchen foruiture, kitchen utensils, ke. .
Large Said of Ckeletng, Fine Slum, an three
months credit. •
On Tuesday rooming, POttit init., it 10 o'clock, at the
Commercial Sales Rooms, earner of Wood and Fifth
sis, will be sold without reserve,on a ereellt of 00days
for approved endorsed paper on altstuas ever CLOD--
A very larga Invoice of Clothing, Fine Shirt*, de.,
comprising to part, super cloth, eawimere, queens
cloth, mohair, apacea, eastunarett, erotort efatt and
timed dress, frock and sack coati black and fancy
emoimere, saltine; Collonado, Kremlin, Lamailine,
Roxbury, California, fancy cheek and Palo Ala tan ,
slmere pouts; plaid cashmere, ealencla black lad
fancy slat, Lyons end summer visit, Fine linen her
tom fancy and blue Merrimae, pink muslin, Union
cheek and hickory shire; brown drill drawers also, d
do: Rough and Ready water proof south western.
Catalogues can be obtained and clothing estuainia
a, the Auction Rooms.
Ea:Gm:ice Salo of Valuethlo Books, Later and Cap
Paper Blank Boob.
On WCdnesday, Thursdayand Saturday evenings,
2:ld, 24th, and Mk Inas, at 7k o'clock, at the commer
cial sales rooms, comor of Wood and Filth sts, will he
sold n large collection of valuable new basks in awry
depart:near of literature and science, embracing Ma
ny valuable work. on theology, history, medicine, psi
airy, fiction and travels; also a superb collection of
guano, octavo, pow, and pocket bibles, some fine Lon
don editions wlth clasps, London testaments with
psalms nod paraphrases, latter, commereiskpost, and
cop paper, fall and half bomd blank bOoks,lsioknotiks
cl oin books, a-c. owe JOHN D DAVIS, Anet
h,itoziwi NS gl
L rnd Iflanager• • • --C. 8. Porter.
Accra AM , 87161 !Scum W. 11. Citur.
CT Fiat night ot: Toro and Jerry, or Ufa In ton
don. Mr W. IL Crsap will appear.
TUMIDLY Evrows, Mai 2i
Fixture Mr. Porter.
Sir Mark • Mr. Archer.
Alfred tlighflyer. Mr. Prior.
Maria Darlington Miss Cruise.
After which, for the firm lime,
Corinthian Torn Mr. W. IL Crisp.
Logic Mr. Brown
Jerry Mr. Prior.
Jemmy Chan
Kate -11lina Cruise.
Roe Mr*. Prior.
Jane .................. • -• •• •• • • 41In. Madison
. . .....
In the coarse of the piece A NEW P O L KA, danced
.10 consecutive nights in the Park Theatre, and now,
rn New York. thomostfeahilstable dance of the ball
THE subscriber has )ust received at the Pekin Tea
More, 70 Fourth street, a very large and well sh.
Meted mock of pars GREEN AND BLACK TEAS,
from New York. all o(which has been received in this
country since the first of February last, consisting of
all the different grades grown in the Celestial Empim.
Oar stock being among the largest in the West, we are
prepared to wholesale, on brute terms than any other
house in the oily. We invite retail grocers to call end
ozamino our stook orul prices. They can haver It pack
od N f arid Ilb packages, slb tin carmistera or by
half cheats to snit their convenience.
Oar retail price. vary for Oolong, Black Tens from
50 eta. to 81,30 per lb.; Mug Young Sonehong. 60 010;
congo 50, and English . Brenkfmt .60, YOZMff Hyman,
G" Froji! " s r a s re o4„l nTes ' ied i' m f" Tentut e l.% • ?.?4l:s l o b i
of our Teas, and try them before purchasing.
tnyio:d&wS A. JAYNES, 70 Fourth Street
YolT4 - 11 - i.;n Tea;
E all of latest importatiout a t New York, compd.
mg a fine assortment of fine sad medium qualities, now
landing hunt canal; for sale by
Valusable Book;
ELLIOTT & ENGLISH, 7SI Wood street, between
lth and Diamond alley, have received a large
supply of Theological and other works, among which
are the following, vlO Miseelnmeoas Essays and
coarse. by President Hopkints Christ is All. Law end
Gospel, by S. H. Tyng, D. 11.; Lae of Do Witt Canine
'Arms Orators et Artmliee, Republican Christianity
by Maucant, Man Pnmera! by Harris, Phrenology and
Mannerism, by lieu. N. L. Rica D. D 4 Baptism, Its
Import and Mode, by Beecher, Nineveh and its Ha
mmes; M 0.11114111111 oldie Bible, by hPFarlone; Hamm
and Chinch in Earnest, by J. A. Jame; Eit•
wards , works,4 yob', new edition; J. M. Mason's works
complete; Cowper' Life and Works of Gawp= Fle
ming on Rise and Fall of Puipacyk T urretbineht Tbrol
on-, Cyclopedia of Moral and Religions Anecdotes,
siWgm's Namur. of Popery, Christ Receiving lim
ners, Bible Eeidences for the People, by 1. Cumming;
Modem Society Modern Aceomplishments, Haldane
ou Romans, Original Thoughts on Se:ion:tee, by Cecil,
run,/ first published, Life of Pollak, Natural History of
Enthusiasm, Middle Kingdoms, Lectures on Pilgrims
Pr ETE " Xlit c lt;LThe Hill Difficulty, and some caw-
Nantes of Life in the plains of Ease, with other Atte
loner, by George B. Cheeerr, D. D., with Portrait of
amber. A few eopies reed, and for sale by- -
osyl9 ELL IC a T tr. ENGLISH, inTW - Cied si
IT is with plowmen that the subscribers
• inform the citizens of Pinsbzugh. add vi
- cinity that they base completed armee
▪ menu with blessn. J. C. Jenkins G Co.,
of Philadelphia, to receive their superior
p And will fterefe4 be kept constantly cm
lcid. 'They . end wenrely put
M op in metallic sells of:, and I lb. each,
Ihthelt printed card—showing the kind
• 04Tee. pnee, name of the conceits and
depot to i'hiledelphia, with nn invitnuixt to return the
if not like& -
Rata ti Axe rut 30 75 l,OO,
1,43 14,511
flysan 641 71 1,03 1;25
o Y. .
Hal= t
Slack 371 ,00 .
50 621 TA 1 1,4 1,50
m .
Fine end extra Fine • .71 1,00 125 1,50
We will warrant all the TEAS we sell to be equal
m,ll not =region many sold In this city, and should
they oat prove acceptable to the taste, they can be re
turned, and the money will be recanded, as it is only
with that understanding we mil.
We ask a fele trial, that the pablic may be able to
judge between our Teas" and thaw heretofore sold by
other companies in this city.
All loven or tree, delicieerand good flavored TEAS,
should give us a call.
For sale by JOS. 0. AL YOUNG CO.,
N W corner 6th and Ferry wrests. and
_B_W COM, 311 and Ears sweets
AT the sign of the Plane and Saar. 111 Wood stray
a complete assortment at eittelimad Coopers
Tools, for sale by myl6 HUBER A LAUFMAN
ATB-100 bushiest reed and for tale by
LEITERS of Administration at, the EstatiforGeorge
Grant, Esq., late of the city of Pittsburgh, decent•
ed, having been greeted to the undersigned, all per
sons having claims against said estate are notified to
present the same, legally nothendeated,ter settlement;
and those indebted to make payment 'atheist delay to
rare:Mt& ISAAC rd.. PENNOCK.
IO IRON-230 to Pig h Igghoging Fume;
JL - landing glut for sale by Jt R FLOYD,
tityl4 Rom! Chugetigtaildicigs
r 10 LET—A good brick Dwelling Rouse, shardWea
1 Robinson creel, Allegh. nu:Aire-of
F OR BALE CHEAP POji SCUW lot of grqUlTnd .
eitnate on Webster street, S 5 fact front-Sigh alley 90 feet front on Webster, by EU feet to d fore teat alley
—quite close to new coon house. Price MO: Terms,
$3) catkin band; balance in one, two, three toil four
years frees the first of April last.
County anti City Scrip taken for coos payment. In
quire of myll3 SSCIPSVER,DOseeend sr
For Sale Low.Sor Cult.
rflitE interest of the lease of Store, Stock, Fixtares,
See., with sik splendid new ten pin alleys, and a
lame assortment of the best bolls audyitut, all in iher
best of order. The reason °fulling; the proprietor
has other business to knead to. Theta is nom hand ,
some Saloon en Brat 800 f, and the piece is regularly ,
licensed for the sale of liquors, fon For further Infor
mation, pleats call at HICEFL
myltidiw • ad Smithfield street
A persons indebted to the Estate' .of Wm. W.
peents, deceased, will please azabepaysitat oa
or betbre the let Minty next, to the executors, whe
will be found at Dr. Murdock. Fourth Erect, between
Smithfield md Woodi otherwise their accounts will
be left in the hands of the protimoNmirs for collet.
don. SAMUEL ROSINWN__ ,Exectiler.
CATHERINE munDoci, Rumex.
HOSE HIMI- 1000 teat flin. 2 ply - Italia Rubber
Hose—last recelsed fortholtartrugb athlanabes
ter, which will be held iq store for • Sew day*, The
Boston Wang Company express* smuts desk. for
the fira deparunirma of the ogles of
Isgheny to tali and =mina And mho mad of
Tho company In willing to put thank to any test they
think proper to conolado upon.
myto .1 & El PHILLIPS, swood or
fritilliSi62- - 2U bra Ayres Tabu:mot PD do
Jasper's 6 stun plus do, in mom ortd for tea by
J Jr. rryu?n)
A. A. ;MASON & CO.,
Ploranas, Danatablot /holes motf Retain ettetec En
lish allp,pennyiLbet• i0.. 4
SONNET al ooo NS—lbd betas orßiets'et and Cap
Ribbon, of do boll shies. Also, black aed et
Tema end Id A t%pe chatty. , Also, -Unm e t Sake
and Llntnea
HOSIERY AND VES—Eimr t.e.dption el
i_sZei and &landsman 'Mee% end et
b M "' Al t:BOtter Geese, Crepe Lose
Vella le ek lest de Ult./en. An
NEW warm atkamru.r.als, eta do "'-
tunable solar, and , •
Lace eaves. calla" cub's, etandlne erdints,ebmatimme
,_ llo e•lSfeneh and PAOLA Sayings, egadole de r
sonettintglettlibbonkilsed eambria ena laws RD*
cubes ate.
PARASOLS asul PARASOLETTS--gare din two
thottand Pamela - end Peassoleus, of estrUt ok tty k
htniadhtsthe best make. algae Sada pad
Cloths,assimatat,Vestingsi Sattsket Statr4SlSkis,
hese Aloa l'hoirtels,ChtenenatorPWW'
GlNCSl6llB,Cfmaz,,ps f o t so, an--4 1 nre than
1,0- hundred ours °Me OM Mies 00 4 Or Peer'
sizAcaED - ma now; Aaraga—Of CT one
bandsed easel cd ell tire besMo sod onstbsed
makes of Bleached Muslims SO ingswdde s o t e ,
crimp and prise.
Porehaseta may glean ..—. talent;
. Dom the groat .
f dna Mats emMLlMMemoss Oom the sho t om
goads at the mast rasannable !pew , Tnt sigma of
LW PRICES adopted bpAlkestabUstosteer, to well
atfaels ONEI PRIOR MONT Ittetleith sub
anitental Omer that des subsettamb ate enabled to es
'fat still [rester ladacemeats Sollatelnaltta. , : Entry az
dela trill the:0010e ekeschlow mesa eats.
"sat rail to el, prifistit Mtelm lieltrebsztte Rosa
ll parte of dm etmatryttnOttlited
fpQ7atlntti r arbtatkoss 4 .
A A. M. & 00, booing considerably enlarged their
AL. Store
for the eecommodaile o of their muesli
oto Manners, era nose prepared =WWI to their
tnt hale the meat eXIMEWYIII mot of tiolkond fiabion
able Imported • end American Goods they hove ever
offered m Wfa city. -Their large Shaw/ Bslnon, toee W
er with another large room, be* been Ailed op end ad
dad to then retail soooruaoot, thereby givitor*cui em
pie room for the drepler of their fammenve hook. Bring
eartimmtly In the receipt of rerwOog frommfgar 0 3 . 1 *
to New York, they are enabled oldivmeo offer the
newest, lateitemimost desirable goods, and at Prkaa
sailow se any reuse In the cpentry.
• Their hock amnia. in of
Ptis tisanuiio PlXClllotessni nen Descries/ I .mi
Al ',annex, Delphines and MATQUISO of ass and Oleg=
styles. Also, Poll de Clime, Foolant Silks, - Mons da.
Laing, Gremlins& Pekin& thannannein Mocha, Tains
dm Nord;rle.lira.
Six Hundred Pisces erne* and lien elTlini3andlaal,Si .
UMW , end Organdlei—splendid design& - -
Soren Hudson Pieces Diglish sad Preach Prinis,
Cn.At i ... 4 . AlPletas, Orleans Cloth, Listen Giostams,
Ch es, ets. So. • - - - ,7 . ~,
filLll:l3—Thine Hundred Moe & of sioh pis* Sifinnt
and changeable Silks, of ernirely. noel styles. phos
tank saio for duns, runs., milltilblislic& of repos
L 44 4 ,4
sior high bane. .
4% 4
• -,tv,,,k....r
-8.-.4 de.ghlu, Wool Fa canlm
gilt B lV e‘ • ' 111111dba
' •
WHITE GOODS.- - Canitai mi E v ocacts, V
Hoek and Hstlis
mean, Lartlifs.i&llta vad Hata.
soot dy ke: •
moulds FtesekAlnen ,
q414 , t , ,T= d;
----------:, . ,
t t. t
rhrsisknown line of splendid pnsientier Stham
- ens- now , eceepoaed of the largest, swiftest, bee
od and amished, and most powerful boats en the
wagers of the
.W • est. - Every aemmerodstiun sad cora
fi l rt . Ili" one) can ptheure, the beenpurtuded for pas.
seems. The Lane has been in opthanon forbse years
•-krus carried a million of people wi th out the lust this.
ry.e , their persona The bents will be at the fhot - of
Wood street the day preview. to starting. for the map.
trot of freight and the of of peuengere on the reg.
all eases the passive =net' be paid in
The mem, 'NEWTON, Captain Hemphill twin
leave Pit:tab:ugh overp litanday morning at 10 o'iebd k
M m e: y l enre o Hannay evening iq
The MONONGAHELA, Capt. &rate, win ham Phte•
burgh rem Otenday morning a to o'cZoek; .Mtheiths
every Monday remelt at to -
The macgesui so. 2, ,Capt.'L Kurrounct, win
m ime , pieteber s k every Tuesday teaming at-10 ealaytt
Wheeling every Tuesday( evens at 10 Y. as
lezva pinsAurolt every Wedneodry lithium'l it 1111
o'clock, Wheeling amp Weqincodav evenings .tor.v.
The BRILLIANT, Capt. Ortacs, will leatalibs.
bargh every Thursday Anna* atIO WelorrA; Medias
every Thursday evenuqg as to Ala -
The CLIPPER No. 2, Capt. Pen Davis; will leave
Fineburgh every Friday morning at lOo'cloeti Mee;
nag every Friday everunit at 10. r.
• •
m ak s 184 9. iffidall
• (sta exAsaaWa
Leaves Pittsburgh daily. et 9 Alt, MAUI
rlses•to (Minat of the Sandy *lid Beaver Ca
nal.) at 3 o'e and New Idelamt it 11; same night.
Leaves I , ll}W Lisbon at 0'd0ek,.P.31., (aisttos the
trip canal to the rimy dada; the ut&.) sad Citatiglll
at 0 o'clock, A. hi, end anises at Plustairgh at 3 Y.
31....the5 - making -a econinasas thae for esstylaglitw
seems and freight tretweest New Lisbon and Pitts
burgh, in shorter time end at less "rates Malay any
ethos route.
Mut proprietors of this Lunt have the pleasure Of In
forming Ous pubUo Una they him:tinted up twoOrst clan
Canal Boats,o7 the accommantion of paassmgen ant
freight, to run' in connection with the wen intim
steamers CALEB COPE•aruirBEA VER., and comas
ing, at Glasgow, with the Pinsburgh and Cincln
esti and other daily lines of steamers down thnOttle
mid billustuipoi rivers. The proprietors pledge 'them
selves to spare no expert. or trouble to name corn
fort, safety mad dispatch, and uk. of tie priblic a share
of then patronage.
R. HANNA. &Co.
mpH:U.T. H.A.R.OTOA &Co. New /41141
NOTICE —The steamer HEAVES, C. &Clarke, anti
ter, will leave after this notice, for Wellsville pellets
all at 9 o'clock le the nto • ••..
Naas ifilOißklac
summit. Al3aill.ololiiELENTl3
Only 73 gltles
PM Brownsv ille and Cumberland to mood
Philadelphia. • -
rE splendLi and fast naming S MIT steamers
ATLANTIC,PaptJ Parkinson; BALTIC, Capt A
mobs; LOUIS BPLANE,' Capt E Elennetn are now
making double daily nips between
' The morning boat will leave the Meanagabela
Wharf, above Me Bridge, daily ate o'clock precisely.
Passengers will take SLWERBCOACIIM3 etßotrwos•
vide, at 3 o'clock, P. M., and the eplendid cars 'et. the
Behtmore and Ohio Rail ro ad,. Cumberland, at
o'clock, A. ItL, and arrive in Baltimore the ganteevert•
leg, in time for the everdng line to Philadelphia and
Washington city. ' •
From Pittsburgh to Baltimore, only 32 Moira.
Prom Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, only 40 hirers.
Pare 2g
The evening boat will leave ate &cl Bl rii ock, except eau
dity evenings. Passengers by this boat will lodge on
bawd In comfortable State Rooms the first night, pan
over the mountains the following day In Eastern built
Coaches, and lodge the seeandnight in Cumberland.
Paasengers have choice of either Steamboat or Beal
Road between Baltimore end Phliadelphia, and the
privilege of stopping at Cumberland and Bahian:ire,
end resuming their gnats at pleasure. COUttiChli ,
tared to paste* to travel as they please. •
We make op the loads and way bills for the Catch
es In the Piusburgh omens, (in order to save time on
arriving at Brownsvillea It is therefore Imports= for
panengers to gut their delete before going on board
of the boat, al onr office, MOiltnigthellt 11111111;yhtal
street,LerSt Marks Hotel, Wood at, Pirsburglr,
ep&deut 3.
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V.L a E d GIZP: i r
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m aig n asiep, master . , will lea fite
intermediate ott.Priday ,
the 19thinst, at 10 o'clock s.
For freight or pasi ß m a &pp .e 4i wat o bored, en so
och ,
TM writ and .I**lgira#P4l3").
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masa?, *DI takliei Climb
lxe 'mei Louisville suu Thursds
p arl imt, at 14,
attack, A. IL Far Delete er *ply on Wank
ta • BURBMO T I mm are, Or
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prrranonau AND /10C1LLNOMP.
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for Ellzabettiunen. e a ' 80, Si T tiifish3gookor, '
Landing, New ktartingeille, Sardis, Sisteeillfe,
Nowp o n ,Landg Milsolortte,..O.
ne t t 1.4 1 1410gi Vallekte.
, Cow Creek, Mariett, Point iffier, hereto:erg, Belpre, Lltdir Hocking wed Bee
Errodnoto—Leaves lieetumport dtrery4=l .
To,..leelr, P. M. Mrtrieure on Friday, se 0-A.
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lay at P tlio
ittebargh on &days, ararkeerthat lief as to
thanld be.
The Phhhe may tiejeend peon this bent con damns in
llamas during the low water season. annentm
Loutivale and Bs. Louts Packet Line.
1840. 184111.
The fine [ad tanning sewage
steamer ' ATLANTIS, '
Geo. W. Wicks, mager,"will baave
or the above end Intermediate sons
imam Teesday, et 10 o'cl, a.m. -
For knight or passage apply ock on booed, or to
a KING, No...lllGotA.Now
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_ ...
Tha fine fest .ram% passenger
mazer GEN.
A. BlePtuarson, master ''l - Rm for
above and mteeteedhatipotts tee
ay Saturday, at 10 o'clock, P. al. ' .• •.. ~.
Far Aright or law tpply ,• on bond, or to' -e •
KINONa 103 Cote.
••• • • LA=
The' neat and attbstantlat steamer
ltleatillea tauter, will p el;rf r m
r regular hips hetweemPostough
. Wheeling and Bridgeport. She willlearo Pittsbargh
on Wednesday and Sanuday.
For freight or panasp,an d y_res baud. .
. taIsTS7UNFaj - 1,
The Eta steamer
um akkorge Cal C , houn, matter s will leave
or above and intenaddlate parts an
idondayaand nand ays, at 10 •
For height ;spume, apply of Mare,: aril7
math The floe ste a ng Y .
. Cr Waiter. taii.ter,.will rusts a Sega
tar weekl._pitekat hetteent . Pew
day. For height apply betel =I Zanesville—leave n Fittabargh livery Toes.
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RARER rn mama. heat
No 41.91ater at
, , , .; ;FOR CINCINNATL .. ,
Aim The orplendid ateamr . . ,
. , ARIS, , • ‘ -
Maram,_ ream; will team Id place
I the 'ALMotigabele. She wo two.
Umbellate regales Monday packet darlag tbembeen
For anicbtor paasago,ap • 1 On hoard.,. nl
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nnwarung ,a 34 oximpakii3kr
cum, has removed to N 0,87 !runt, ,WcoS
lusaliadthfield meets. - 0
sum nun Rlsttiran / 3 3 1 X8stire* -
THE INSURANCE QM of North Amides
make permanent Cnd • liglited taimaneo pirpro
perty 1n tbis nit* mid 'Minim and an ohipmetos by
Canal, Rivera Lakes, and by flea. The vuiperties of
this Company are well invested, antlihrttiih ea oval/
able fund far the =pi* indaMtnil at all "Pam. wh°
deers to bop b 7 inanwornm
221 . til WIC P. /ONES, Aeem,ei !pater at
CLOVER SEED—SOO bosh doves BM, ( a slate and
fir r arybi • R FLOYD
trAR-41.5 bbts on Land and for Ws by
1 myls TAMMY* loth