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VarsTitolve ientaitar,Canitniulan Bterctunug
AboDelt Prxl cey Na. 31.arteleert
usynimi,Dit DV% Mote. deslers In Dry
13Goods, Groceries, lloots, Shoes, Pintbingh menu
m:ea .nniittee, u, Nit Ins Liberty Meet. Pins
maw= .aasus,_ cacaos it.Frcra.
13S.AUN & RElTER.,4hoissale and Retail Drug:
JD isisthcamer of LI an¢ St. pair mem. Pais-
W. I. mama.
PrtDAWN. 4 CULDERTSON, Whalesaie Osumi
sad harchatits, lit , . 1. 4 4 E-.
sboSgh. Pa. . dell y.
tit A. FAMSTOCK & Co., Wholesale and Se
-Os latt Druggists_ corner a 61),...5_
B.I.OILLEY & sum - ....., is and
20 Wood meat Pitt
C. itAdeihNULTY
a Naisaion Much=
Duquiscort Springs Axles Elt,..Aeu
wor k*.
riOLEhi&O, i HALLMAN & reatufsetunrrs el
V Cosa and Eliptie Springs, Hammered Azlea,
Spring sod pl u ughAteel, lowa,Ate. Warehouse on
Water arid Front streets,Piitsburgh.
Also, dealers Ing Coach Trite:pings and Malleable
ormanns to manufacuon. atonarnarns, Burial
Vaatta,Tronbs, Mad StooMPdantelPieees, 0:31.
M. and Pier Tmfrif foreign: ,4ameat.lo marble, *
• regular and Wt. price.
N. Ba-Drarrings for inonstroctds; &o. famish
ed, of any dattnption. •• He soltriu a snare of . Wiz
. • • •tf
milieus"! & lIENNFTT, (late Engliali, liallagher
"ca 4. f.x.4 Wholende Grocers, Coression and For
warding Merchants, and& Oen in Produce and Pitts
bergh areedienues, No. 37 Wood •L, between WI add
3d greets. Dad
EORGE COCHRAN, Corozoloioo ood.F.
idercladm, No. %) Woad amp: PinsboosCr=
11021181 L AA tE r ACTORT.
AMILTON STEWART, maimfactnrer ofHenry ix,
i Shirting% Check.. ix, Ftetieces Mtn City of
HLEE, (successor to Munk" h Ice,) Wool Deal
er end Commission Illerebsca. for the ruin of
American Woolens, lAbarry. opposite 6th et. lOW
rUm.lacttnny zoysia limslme Twat..
c.secasomon. op, wesoma,
&EALD & BUCItl011 ( Tobacco Commission ?Ser.
twits, 1 North Walultstas NorthWharu,
taunt atam , Mans aster ern,
-_ 6 ,
DIC Co., Wholexrde Grocers, Com
'ldan Mere ban* and dealers Produce, Non. 4.3
war, and 1137 Front Wears. Pinahnrnit. boyB
CANPIELD, (Mtn of Warren, Obio,) Com»is.
ilea and yorwarcing Merchant, and wholesale
dealer in Western Beer4e Cheese, Butler, Pot and
Pearl Ash, and Wcatims Produce generally, Watts
met. between Smithfield and Wood, Pittsburgh. ap3
LWOHN WATT, (meccas= to Ewan Gebbart,)
Wholesale Grocer and Commission Merchant,
Produce and Pittsburgh Manufactares, cor
ner of Liberty and Rend meets, Pittsburgh Pa. jail
1.1.M.W3 ft MCGUIRE, (late of the firm of Algeo - and
Mr:Gnirk) Merclutrit Taller, St. Chutes Bui lding.,
turd street, near Wood, Pittsburgh.
AMES A- HUTCHISON, & Ca--Snecerosars to
U Lewis . Iltachisno & Commission &Teraina*
and Menu of the Bt. lams Stosm Sagas Refinery.
No. 45 Toler =LIN hunt stress., Pittsburgh.
oa Wh e olenale rocers; Pro
(arida ,Thalud Powder C o
of I VP:rSI y
. teW 4 O ei g
01114 WMORGAN Wholesale Drama;
and deal
3er In Dye Sniffs, Pa ints, Oils, Vanishes, &r.., N 0.93
Wood street , one door South of Diamond Airy, Pius
TAMES KERR, Jr A Co. intermor ID Joseph G.
fl inris,mtip Chalidl' en, 36 Water street. oral
ills}L( EL MELLO 12, Wholesale audfieutild eal er
in.hluale arid Musical lasuruneals, School 800.,
aper,Slates, Steel Pots, Quills, Printers' Cards, sad
Stationszy generelly,No.Bl Wood at., Pittsburgh. ,
Nhfor bought or taken Or trade. seplS
SCROOMIda.Ini t. Co., Wholesale Orutopsts,
. No. if Wood street, Pittsburgh.
7 OHN D. DAVIS, Auctioneer, comer aitr and Wood
ictreets„Pinalough. octi
OHNSTON & STOCKTON, Booksellers, Printers'
and Paper Idanufactdrers N 0.44 Market at, Pals
J& ELFLOYA ilate J. Floyd & C 0.,) Wholesale
• Grocer., No. WU Liberty surot • scpS
'FAXES DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Commission
Ildeicharrt, and dealer In Produce and Pim!. tomh
hianntietmes. No-nt Water an, riustatrait. ianln
JPUN M. TOWNSEND, Drunter wad apo th ecary,
No.4slfarket st.,three dean above Tian* I se. Pins.
bargborill lam eon/nand, outland a wed selected as
sorimentofAlUbest gmd.frosheat Tdadaeines,whlehlm
will *4 am the mat reasonable.lerns— Yhlabras
=AO Ordbrioiitl blapromptly intended ta, =lOU
gloat =ivies they may rely von as tenable"
Preseripdons min be accurately and
y prepared from the but materials, many hear of
Also fox age, a lup gook of Crash and good Perin.
r 0,1 o • • ' " " • ' " or"
VE BusNEDY. CHEaS atiutufactuters of very
superior 44 Sheeting., Carpet Chain Conon
'wine sad ja,lo-11
• eau us • n or .•
T # ll9, DALZELL Co, caaindnetrattaad all ed
gess Bar, Sherd, noilit Iron aad Nails or the best
Quality. Warehouse, 54 mazer and lad Irma at.
WATERMAN, Wholesale Grocer, For...mi
les and ComeAssion Merchant, Dealer in Pina
rdi' Pdanufaetures and Produce, Nos. 31 Water
n Front c. • .
TELCCILY ••• • ••• OIL •
bOOKLYO GLASS klartufactarera, and IVltolesale
dealers in foreign and demesne Variety Goods.
.ssexclimus, Pedlars and others are invited
to call and examine the prices and grudity of oar stock,
so with our presear increased Whims or manufactur
ing and purchasing, we think we can offer as great
tudutemma w buyers easny other house west of the
Alramtains. jag-ly
unourato. us. a u'aus. Wll3lll C. SOS.
IaCGIUS &ROE, Whalenle Grocers and Commis-
ALL ulna Merchants, No. 194 Liberty at, Pittsburgh.
MITRPHY, WILSON & CO, (late Jr.,a Mawhy &
Co.) Wholocale Deoless lo Dry Goods, No. 4.8
Wood areal, Pituborgh. nort.l
M .N. A MEN . & " Co LL
=Liond Sorwsadlng
%MB ful
Mark retwa et as. ts, I .l,ter mud Frgt Eon be, ""t°
_ PI.2L
IE ML I ZI L / 2 1. RICKETBON, Wintecrie O re and
Coosathsathu Merchuds, Na. 170, Ltherr;, Pius
r4th, Pa
MlkrtliW WILSON, Portrait and IdinisarePaus-
Wt. Rooms, torso of Po/4 Offica.AUey. and
Fatima =eat, eutivithe on 4th near Markei.
A HOLMES fr. SON; Na 6.sll.s.riset st.,lsscond
door from Fourth inrfeign
, r,:h of
it, Bonk Notes sod Specie.
(13 . Collectlons sand Co' all 'inn principal =ties
• Mot the United Suites. , dLT./7
BUCIMASTE.Ri Foarth ,t o
LI • third dear above Staislifteldi soak tide.
Corileysaciag al} kinds dual with Rio greddert
care and /scat accaracy...
Mks( te Real Estate exansinad,
105 H a
trait. ALIZIMINLII Brim- Chief of Roam
H. Taloberts, IC D., _
TTRALEIEO.I3I:IRGEON, mill attend to the meas.
mem of Maumee ate Eye.
.B. has been engaged in thin mach of the meth-'
cal Dote:Man tor =maltase, and has eohdemed an
malliahmeat for the tremment of .diseasss of the eye
shams far Douai Team . ,'
Ofthet.and remdena, Mimet'of Saashisky at and
Strawbarry - alley, Agottetry eirY ect.o
"IL, noir ,Wood- , -1.11 annuities of Green and
Piek,,Tesa,-done up lit quarter, half, and
nue pound packadm mincing Anna 40 eta. Ter pound
LA& , NUS, Ala: for Pakin feu Co.
11111M1L6T s BE, Wholesale Emmet; 'lteetitying
JUN, dealer In Prodpee, riusburgh Illandrate
tares. and 'all kinds of Foreign pd Domestic Wines
and do nor al No.ll LlbOny sno tro hand a very
large mock of superior old Monongahela whiskey,
usb will be sold low for oink. ,• apikly
MUMS 1:011=1103 1 ., . ILING2L 14 •0191111111.
t&ROBINSON d : Co Whalosale firocen, Plunge
and Commis...lOn Manhunt, and Dealers in Pinto
ti Manufactures, N 0.160 Liberty st., Piusburgia -
Pa. hind°
rat= DALZELL & Coi Wholesale Macau,
.dot, mid FOrwarding Manhunts, dealers
Proitueennd Pittsburgh Mannacuires, Litany st.
Picatraretu Pa.: fent&
j oirr. A. CUNNINCII.I.69I, Wnainliale Citsocar
Denier in
race and Piusbiugh /111111far.tiVeS.
y Linen at.
L. 0. I.I7IOLDS,L L. sum
I.)EYNOLDS ansr, Forwarding' andeaumussion
11. Merchants, fur the ;Allegheny Mir et Trade, deal.
era In Groceries,.Yroduca, Plush:ugh /Manufactures
and Moeda sif Mine.
Thaltightst puce., in µa, paid, 11l all times for cann
a,/ rag. Come* TaPerla and Irwin stn. IWO
- -
SedITH . 101 11 9 BONONholevale and twig Widen .
I hr.'? Good.; Laces, lioviery and Faiiey
ALTIMM o. 40 Market wear, ad door above Tilivd it,
Maborgh. • nen
I. 11 1111.1.CHX41, •
WILCKLETT WRITE, Who!assail Dealers in
porgy nod Dowsxlts LIT Dada. No:linTilood at
Wes • &Urn(
W. HAIM/WON, Wcol lelerchxnu, Dealers
O. in Flow and Produce genendly, and Forwarding
oral Contnnu4on lacrehanuy No, 63 Water ss, Phis.
Du .s.
ALM, BAGALEY .ftWhoirsal. Grocers and
CP Produce ttoders,Nit. PLi Matket ntecii,betweeti 6lb
aad Rh . North f! 1 54 4 . 1 Ph1..
/0133 MCIIO
rietWErnit" ,l4, ----1 +1:1Lan "3
& ) Produce and &metal Gam.
S naiad= Blerchwasi No. 17 lAbonl .1,-Puisburo.
. VON BONNODRST, 8. Co, Malaysia Oro.
ten, Forscarrtinvina Cotunnutou Merchants,
in Piusb It Manufaetures and ;Western Pro.
Na... 'have to th eisnew ivarehonae,rold nom
n{t• comer of Front it and Chancery Lane.
11 .1.110311. ,
Timm & SCOIT, Wholesale and Retell dealers in
Beau. Shoes, Trails, Cexpet Bass, to, 8. W.
onlitt etritdarld Boddhllold sta, PlostouSh ; Pa. ja3
TABS= &BEST, Wholesale Grocers add Commis
-404 Iferelluus, surd Sealcni lo Produce. No. 313
dad al, Pittsburgh. - pall 2
W. Kr/ISMS, Dealer in Watches, Jawedos
MIT= Wan, Valium , Goods, /sc., No. 67 Map.
1663:11 raw
. .. .
~- .- . . ~•
. .
il • . .
. - r
- -'.-
1 r - - - 1 ' 1 ',07 r . ..;
1 - ? . r 1
' .; '-l d ' : - : : '. .
. .r
1011.3 D. 1,11,1,,'_ DA.VII6 arcsaniana
WICH M'CANDLE:S9, (successors L. tr. J. D
Wick,) Mtioleaale Grocer,. Forwarding and
CODIDDINDOD Merchants, dealera in Iron, Nails, Glass,
Lemon Yana, and Pittsburgh Manufacture. generally,
of Wood and Wale.. .Meta Pittsbnr...
Esr BOWF2Sl—Conoussion „pod Forwarding
JeftlrhaZit, N 0.90 Front tt. between Wood ana
11 . AWkrt mem. foldtl
Try W. WALLACE, Mill stone and Mill Emma/.
. ing estaltiNoto•al, No. 444 Liberty sL, neat the
Ur IL MURPHY, Wholesale and Retail dealer la
TV Foreign and Domestic Dry goods, north cost
corner of Market and Fourth ma sor24
WVL, M o. remit
[IT 81. YOUNG & Co.—Dealers le leather hides, &e.
ur 143 Liberty st.
- ton. al'orreasnri-
WIL IePCI I TCHFAN; Wholesale Groeen,-dea
lees le:arab:me, I.rou, Nails; Maps, and Plets.
burgbazh Manufactures general ly, Ite
l Liberty 31,
e 2 Pats-
W IAni...SON, Watches, fearefiy, Silver WTC.e,
Market and eth
, and Cloek3
Sousts,comer of Maiden Lane and Witham, entrance
Na 85 anima atm; third dooi, over Abner tr. Elys ,
store NaGS Maiden Liter Now Vora iy 10
M. MMCMELTREP., Wholesale Grocers
_ • Itecufying Distillers,;and Wine and Lim.,
erehants. Also, Importers of Soda AIM and Bleseh-
Pig Powder, No. NO Liberty street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
. PETTIGREW t co.,
Onrscs Azov! M. AUX 2 ic CO,
, 0013/ Ni,. U Wm. areet.
•. .
The PraialDA /lire /rue:arra Co. of Philo Mphia.
11RECTORS.—Charles N.Bunaker Thom es Ran,
LTobias Wagner, Samuel Grant, Jacob A Smith,
De. W Bich:ado, Mordeee.:4D, I...ees, Adolphe E.
Bane, David S. Brown, Morris Panersoo
ettallaa N. Sancta, President.
Charles G. Bancker, Secretary.
Coodnne to make insurance, perpetual or limited:
on every description of properly it town or country,'
St rata la tar a are eons:meat With scanty. ,
hic Company bare reserved a large contingent Fend,
wh with their Capital and hemiums, safely invest
ed, stood ample protection to the assured.
". The wets of the company, on January Ist, IMP, as
pabli.stulai agreeably to so act of Assembly, were as
17,43 S 41 ateMtate" 81,0494,724 En
Temporarr Loans 1:16,001 85
Stocks • 51,51:1 25
Cast:, fro
5t,..125,422 71
Since their inemperauen,o,perlod of 19 years, they
have paid upward. alone million four hundred Mons
and dollar., lanes by fire, theyeby affording evidence
c( the adr &wages of Luserance, m well es the ability
and disposition to meet with promptness all liabilidea
J. 046.13,D1NER COFFIN, Agent,
nuerl-dly • Mice N E Muter Wand and 3d sts
pat.AviAsuracroTtrez zirstraAavE co.
:TOM MiNEY, Jr., Agent at Pittsburgh for the Del
i/ assarefdatnal > ty Insunmee Company of Phila.
ideiphia Fire ßisks srpois banding - a and merebanchse
of cozy dr.tiption, and Dianne - Risks upon halls or
cameo of vencls, token apprt the most favorable
'MP . Office in the Warehouse & Bee.,
1T0.,17 Water, neat Market ewes; Pittsburgh.
N. B.—The succ4ipt of this Company mane the tomb
askance* of the Agency in this city, with the prompt
ness and liberality with whichevery claim upon them
for Mu has twee adjusted, folly warrant the agent in
inviting the confidence aufpatiromige of his friends and
the community atrgagge to the Delaware M. 13.1.tuu-
Mince Company, ifilito it has the additional advantages
as an institution w og the moat flourishing in Philadel
phia—as having plc paid-in capital, which by the
ppemtion of its r us coustantly =reusing, tie
yielding to each parson mooted his doe shore of the
profits of the company, without involving him in any
remonsibiLay whatever, and therefore as possessing
the Mutual
principle divested -of every obnoxious few
Cara, and mas mom ausuctivu form. nova
WILE Insurance Company of North &mance, mrough
its duly alithatind Agrai, the mhscriber, otters to
make permanent end limited Insurance on property, in
Mil my and its vicinity, and en ithipMeClLS by the Ca
nal and Elver.
Arthnr G Coffin, Charles. Taylor,
Smug W. Jones, Ambrose White,
Edward Smith Jacob M. Thomas,
John A. Brown, John R. Ned
John White, Richard 11. Wood,
Thomas P. Cope, Wm. Welsh,.
Samuel F. Sinith, Franco lioakens,
Samuel Brooks, . S. Austin Allibone,
Mum p. finsanann, bee'y..
This is the oldest InsueeConapany m the United
'States, having been chaffered in 1744 Its charter to
perpetual, aid from its high_ sumding, long experience,
ample means, and avoiding - all risks of an errs has.
ludo. character, it may be considered as offering am
ple security to Mr-public. . .... W. F. JONES
At the Counting Room of Atwood, Jones A. Co., Wa
ter and Front streets Pittsburgh. mayG
ITllijilni riall.l - I — SE INSURANCE.
Protection Insurance Co.. of Itarttord, Conn.
APITAL 1.111./171113 7 4.00,` CoXi—AND SURPLUS
FUND.—The andertigned i having boon appointed
Agent of the Prot ction Imam:lca Co., will tato rin•
an property in the city and vicinity, and w thipmerna
by coon!, arid the liners and lakes
qua: SUBSCRIBER has been appointed Agent pro
tem. orate Inaiariance Company of North America,
and will issue Polities nod attend to the other Minim,.s
of the Ageney, at the worehol.oe of Atwood, Jane+.
Co. optO WM. P. JONES. water st
No. 09 South Wharves, i.nJ No. 117 South Water sr
TWOS to throne the troth: and dealers generally, of
IQ • Pittsbulgh, that they have made such arrangements
with the Virginia mantitamerers and the °rowers of
the West, West Indira, anti other place., as will imam
a large and constant supply of the following descrip
tions of Tobacco, which will be sold upon as accom
modating terms as any other house in this city or else
where, and all goods Ordered Gorr them will be war.
rented equal to representation:,
Havana, St..Domingoi Corm;
tins, Porto•Sica; Penn'..; } Sired Leaf to.
Cobs,4llLll4 Florida; Mem
ALSO—llvanetes eekbrated: ALOlDatie Stag Caren
dish,.with a largo &awry:neat Of ether popular Mends,
and qualitiel ofpounds, lea and Ms, Imam'
Ss and Ith. Plug, Lathes' Torten Virginia
sweet "and Plain, in whole and half boxes,=
fin, together with every ninety of article belong
ir.gto cede. Jeladly
- •
• L V BILN, BEND & CO. ,
Particular attention paid to the sale of all kinds of Pro
duce, and liberal advances made on consignments.
R. & Co. have leave to refer
Masers ft. Robison & Co. ..„
& Roe,
Reed, Parka & Co., Beaver;
o Lawson & Covode, Wellsville, 0.
Boswell Month, Req. Steubenville, 0.
WBrady. Bal.
P Peterson, Bog vir.„ 11 .. ,
Memos B Crangle B Co.
Gill & Stout,
abode. Z. Ogleby, Bridopon, 0.
.JOB 3 A. Yeses,
CommLuton Merchant and Forwarder,
nf i ra; = l re - P7rifett. this oarkol. Also to tho
forwarding of Goods generally. Refer to
Wens. John Elwasey &Co,
•' Martin & EltoelneelllCincitinati, 0.
B. C. ruffian; &ff.
Lippincott t Co.
Kier S. Jones, Pittsburgh, Pa.
English &Bennett. martednen
Commission assd Forwarding Merchant.
a 626 WOOD IT., rrnsorcaos,
rIONTINITEA to trensact • general COMEIiWWID
nem, "eiticelally the purchase and of amen.
can Mentithethres and Produce, and in receiving sod
ibrwalding Coeds °canoed to 11/11 Ctn. As Agetu (or
the Maustfactares,.he will be constantly supplied with
the principal ankles or Piusbergh Mannfactims at the
lowest wholesale orices. Orders and consignments!
47.11,CUAND115/3 01101SER mid Commission Mer•
111. chant, N 0.35 South Worn street, {second story I
,Philadelptua. [tOcoda purchased, packed, insur
and shipped to* order. Wool, Plant, Grew, Drth
Fruit 11.114 Cheese received on coanigiamept tad MI ,
um with Wastrel:lce obtained.
Itzrzameces=.Wrn. Boil & goo, Mr. 11. Rigby, and
Mr. Harvey Chat, Pittsburgh.. reb-dant
WHOLESALE tiftoClittn,
Iran, Haiti, d t a l t il tOrYarae 6 Pit
Rianutaetures generally,
t so. 10 *non r/am, emrrien.ll, /a.
For Ltie gale 01 Pradnoo ienerally.
WO' Liberal advanzes made on COLISIVIBICInI.
riranvervition to the le.est.
11011881 CDPLAII,
110.0 • V IC L
Cssunktion and Forwarding Agents.
G. M. HARTON, Ptusburet, wall receipt Produce
going! Egg. febl2.42m D. & D.
Importer and Dealer in Foreign altd Domed,.
tiaddiery Hardware & Carriage Trimmings,
So. 133 Wood et., Pittsburgh. Pa.
Ll3 " nove reeeivang lee Settee ImPPIT of Good., mld
Invitee the &mention of Saddlers, (Martonleers mud
, ettamti to hle stock. It ha* been l ..o l di... ae
mtleraes, from the ben mune& and be therefore
feelseonteteat of being able to afford saffsfactiau to
who ma (aver Mtn with a 'malL too taffmtem
• Jounox,
.I.l.artet succt wishinr to, close Melt
stook or Vartety'Coods previous to their removal, will
wit u sibolesalO their stook of Combs, Buttons, Nero-
Wel, hreads, Pinsykseelzi, at eon. 5.k.J...0
remove on April No thb Mattel at. mehk7
A.A. /lA=l. • W/A. P. !Doll
1.1 "ARM JONES & Co, (stammers to Atwood,
jUL Jones & CU) Ocusurusuos and Pomading gar
shunts, dealers. in Pittsburgh hisaufacturesl Gootts 7
. Pit&truzgh, Pa. lach.77
Butt,, Pa
WWILL also attend to colloonona and all other betel-
TY nese entrusted to hint in Betler and Annstrong
COUtilies, P. Refer to
- •
J. & H... Floyd, Ub
, W. W. Wallace, do
iirnJames Marshall do / Pittsburgh.
di) Y & Co., Wood st. ) Jan?
JH. SWEITZEH, Attorney at Law, office 3d st.,
~ opposite Si Charles Hotel, Pittsburgh, will also
attend promptly to Collections, in Washington, Fayette
and Green counties, P.
B tre k ;l e C r k' a ik roth il eIEFIM&rs, }TOPrttablUK
D. T oc
E 3 . 111411 i, Attorney and Conaceilor Law,
. Cincinnati, Ohio. Collections m Bouiliern Ohio,
and in Indiana, and m Ransacks, promptly and care
fully attended to. Conmuswoner far the State of Perla
sylvattia, for taking Depositions, acknowledgment.,
Roca to—Ron. Wm. Bell & Son, Curns, Clxurol &
Wm. Hay., Esq.. Wlllock & Lamm.
A TTORNEY AT LAW. Office renamed to Fourth
trees, between Southfield and Grant meet.
Conan and
Lc; &ulna
n n d C.,,1341maz
11 , uNLor
mina. . 11.11111.1903
hi1,,1 d O 7 , tEce. on
smit ei d , be„„ n.
J --- •
OHN 1111aNKIN, Auomey and Counsellor at Law
and Commissioner for the Stale of Pennsylvania
et. LOU* Mo., (late at Pittsburgh.) assrar-staz—pittsbargh. Hon NV Forward, Hamp
ton & ltrCandless & APCIum, John E Parke,
Bissells & Semple. hl'Cord & Xing. le14:ly
A TTORNEY AT LAW, Fourth street, between
/IL Smithfield and O.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Fourth street, near GranL
lir 0. ROBINSON, Attorney at Law, has re
moved his office to the Essehange Buildnv,
Claw et, eau door to Alderman Johns. apt .ly
(Roecessers to hreordlc lane 04„,
Pa•histnable H ' ,
Corner of Wald and Fifth meta.
pARTILI/LAR attention paid to our ROIIIII Trade.
Gentian= can My upon getting their Hata and
Cape from oar establidement of the mer Kara:meta and
arostaturtantr, of the Laaantr arttss, and at tha rawer
Country Merchants, purchasing by Wholesale, are
respectfully invited to eel arid aramine our Stock . as
we can say with confideace that as regards UAL/TT
and non, it will not suffer in a comparison with any
house hi Philadelphia. febl7
CASJPORMA RATS-12 don water proof
California Hats, nisi received and for sale by
leb27 corner sth and Wood sty
fr. 'FASHIONS FOR 11149.4
M'CORD Co. will introduce on Scar.
thladay, March 2d, the Spring style of HATS.
Those in want of a nest and supenor hat, an malt
to cell at corner o( sth and Wood streets, mare
hat now open a supply of sprlng Bonet Ribbons,
of new and hmidstunis styles.
Also, new style fig'd Netts; Lisle Laces and Edg
lay.; Linen Edgings; Victoria do; plaid Muslin, and
latonets, embroidered Swiss Mmlins, tee.; besides a
large usortment of Spring Goods generally, at north
east comer 4th and Market streets.
Wholesale Brooms up stairs. at-0
Dr. Rose's Celebrated Remedies.
D. JACOB S. ROSS, the discoverer and role
prietor of these most popular and beneficial toed.
ieines, and also the inventor of the Celebrated instru
ment for utfiating the Lungs, in effeeung a earn of
'Chronic dis Cases, was a student of that eminent phys.•
man Doctor Physic, and Is a graduate of %be Universi
ty of"Peuturylvania, and for thirty years soree has been
engaged in the invesugation of disease, and the sprat.-
..bon Of remedies thereto.
- -•.
Through the use of his inflating tube, m connectma
with his PrOphylaeue Syrup and other of Ins remeines,
be has gained sn unpunished eminence in coring
those dreadful and fatal maladies, Tubercular Con
sumption, Cancers, Scrofula Rheumatism, Asthma,
Fever and Ague, Fevers of all kinds, Chronic Erysipe
lait and an those obstinate diseases peculiar to females.
Indeed every forte of disease vanishes ander the use
of his remedies, to whi9h humanity is heir—not by SW
use of one compound only, for that is incompatible
with Physiological Law, but by the use of his reme
dies, adapted to and prescribed for each peculiar form
of discs.,
Dr. Rose's Tonic Alterative Pills, when need are in.
variably soknowledged to be superior to all other, as
a purgative or hoer pill, mt.:Web as tliey leave the
bowels perfectly free limn costiveness as also hie
Golden Pill. it admitted by the faculty to possess pecu
liar. pro riles adapted to female diseases, but being
that a bur nisi is sufficient to establish orbit
has been uiti in the minds of the most skepticaL
=sitilietwil are an i l i ne to ax et r u N pou the bi agert i lad
i ' detsile= b o a n o t o o . i ' esiel remedy in ' d irs al t plicario .
Poo sale by Use following agents, as well as by masts
Druggists throughout the cou,..ntry:
011 ."'"uk sen e d: G o' g t,
41 Narket .t
Len A Beckham, near the P.O. Allegheny city;
Jos Darkley, Darlington, Beaver county, Pa.
!no Elliott, Fenton Volley,
T Adam, Beaver,
_ _
RED . —Having a for long time been distressed
with a severe pain mithe side and chest, acesicripanied
with a dry cihugh, I was induced, upon the urgent soli
citationof a friend, to Dr. Taylor's /Salaam of Lrrer
won, and I mutt say this medicine ims .iswered
purpose admirably. Sly duvets was produced by
severe hart, and was so great that u was with dutlbuil)
I couid swallow my food. Indeed, lam Intimated tit s
disease mum base terminated in Consumption, or VAS e
fatal disease, had it sot been cared by this Adieu:us
medicine. To all who seek ta prolong their lives, I
woald advise the use of Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Lava T.
wort JAMES GOWAN, 4..,3 Boi eery
Office, No; 127 Wood west
This medicine facilitates e xpoctoration, red. ices fe
ver, restores streng th , and may be considered es • su
perior preparation for the cure and prevenuo. • of MI
diseases iu the Chest and Lange, and ehould s resort
ed to, even alter these diseases have resisted I ..he ma.
al remedies. In the practice of this old and s mry se
spectable physician, this Balsam of Liverwort. has ac-
Tithed an enviable reputation fp its virtues, so sum
omr to that of the abundant aostrums of the day, as
was the character and probity of its Inventor, to that
" grI:11/71WOV n aFtat.—fily on having a vio
lent cold, used to cough violently,raising qumniti e s of
thick putrid matter, and finally he could not torr over
in bed, from weakness. lie uthoifesmd e very
tom of eonlitned conemaption. For six years he had
been subject to the asthma. Illsphyticians, Idemrs.
Vermouth & Anderson, said he was sneerer ,lc and
most awn die. Yer I was determined to try 14. Tay
lor's Balsams of LIVOROOt end - aminge as it may ap
pear, this medicine has fu y retained 6ia beat th.
. SOPHIA GALLON, 14 Norfoll, street.
Sold In Pitisbargh by .1 D Morgan, tin W nod st y
Townsend, 45 Market et; H &user, COT It ark. and
3d sts,• Henderson & Co, 5 Liberty •st. Prbie reduced
to 111....50 per bonle. ta2a
Jaynes , Expetii„sining., --
Satan, Colamalana eo ., 0„ A p r . 54 , 1041,
TILL D. JAYNES Dux ten bound to yon
.1„/ and the afilieted publia, to avail myself of this op
portunity of giving publicite, to theestraartlinar y egeets
Of your Expectorant eau yeelL Ha been afflicted
for several Yea n with a severe con hectic fever
and its concomitant direases, and seethe only doomed
to linger out a abort Mst miserable exist ranee mill the
fall of 1839, when, being morn severely attacked, and
baring resorted to my formet remedian and the pree•
tertpuons of two of the most respectable physicians in
the neigtiborhood wittinskdoriving any benefit, or the
consolation of surviving - bat a few days or weeks at
fartbest—sthen the let gleam of hope was about to
vanish, I had recommended to me your Expectorant—
and blessed by that Being who does all thongs in the
nee of the means—sad contrary to the expects lone of
toy physicians and friends, I was in a few days raised
from my bed, and eras enabled by the use of a bottle, to
attend to my business, enioymg since better health than
I bad LOT ten years previous.
Respectfully, /M., • Ju. W. Emu
For side In Pittsburgh, at the P.M Tea Store, 75
Fourth meet aura
Lk, ly soma., balsamic and tonic properues of this
Vinegar sender a fa, nthenor to Cologne water for
the ordinary pa rpose• of the Valet, surpassing the lat
ter in its perfume. It peeve... and removes pimples,
tetter and asperity of the skra, st refreshes and whaeua
the skin, rendering it soft end emend,. It correct. the
clammy and bitter tune of the Mouth, imparting a fresh
and pleasant breath. It cleanses nod whitens the
teeth, and hardens the grans. For all the above par
noses, It is used with' wraer to inch proportion as May
.be found most amembre. By inhaling it sod robbing
it es the temples, it will remove ticadmhe. If applied
mentally to a burn or braise, it will eventually prevent
monificatioa. It correct vitiated air, •nd guaranties
Irma contagioth,rt Is therefore very useful for puribing
and perfuming apartments. For sale by
Rh. BELLEW: Wholesale Druggist,
mehll , • 57 Wood are., Putsbargh
11 , 11:115 M to certify that 1 purchased one vial of Dr.
McLane'. Worm flpeerfie, some two month. ago
sad pea tt) a son of MOWS, some seven yeses old, two
toaapsions fa, sod although the amount L.) , appear
lame, yet I have no doubt but there was upward. of
taro TACICSIED worn passed from him, measuring
lota ana gnarled of an Inch to two inches 1..4.
Rauh Crisek, Carrel co. Tenn, Dee 27, 1T47 )124
Courisaea, Jan. eth,1619.
Mr. IL Bolton:—Your Per onfuge has gold well,
and boo been highly spoken of by all wins balm used
it From the success attending th admnutnUou of
goal Vermiform in every Ca. I haenheard of, 1 am
confident I can Bell snore du ring t orningwason
Man I did last. I will be glad to sec Pm &nett m sup.
ply ore or 6 glom. • Yount, respell ally,
[among from letter.] R. CARTER .
sold b y
and sold by R. E BELLRILE 67 Woad at,
br l
druggists general/I, In Pittsburgh and Al
ti'l2.°Y lion
In. • TIMIt•Aii. • • rirelllt , no. I. LOttltnlo•
§scoud street
meh27:data• BT. LOLA 8, MO.
subscriber has removed Ms Wholesalte Groca•
ry Ettore to the earlier of Hancock street sod Atte
q"tiacrglaV OO5l door
1'e 211147 0
AP o..pcoirig, laiie I,tseiccisiraisoit
meat of tote Watches nod Jewelry, which wi ti
be sold as chap. as hi any other establishrue.vt m ds is
or the Eastern cities
Also—A large love winery store Watches s usd Jove •
airy,vary low per. es Pull towelled HI karat Gish
Lavern, as low as ttriny-fisre
sisah3o corner
4th and market es
Tfiestew and fast run IMMO reamboat THOMAS
SCOTT, leasesthe Greenwood Wharf 'soot, at rho
int, every half hoar daring the day, lar ,ding m Ia
garden gam.
A Eno collection of the choicest Green/. was. Plants
ara for sale in the Gardea. ke Citlinl• aad other re
freshments tarnished in the naloons.
&cum put up at Ma Mamma noueu. Orden for
Bo9uera left rho wharf bow s retell ,o prompt •
Mint!. ? . 4411
LOW, zimdDll 1:111a4
I :I=l
Tcpartnership heretofore existing between the
u o- bserthent s in the name of . Friend, HROY 4-Co,
was this day dissolved by mutual 000 sent. 0.. Rbey
will made the holiness of the concern, for whleh pur
pose he is authonxed to use the name of the 6vm
February 7,1845. DEO. RIMY
The subscribers have this day associated themselves
in the name of RHEY, MAIITHEIVS te. Co., far the
p ryous of transacting a general Grocery, Commlasiou
and Forwarding Rumness, at the stand of the late firm
of Friend. Rhey & Co., where they will be pleaved to
receive the patronage of the customers of that house
and our friends. GEO. RIMY,
February 7, 1&49. WM. ERRS.
We take pleasure In recommendteg to the confidence
of our friends and those of Friend, Rhey to Co, our
sueetssors in buturiess, Rhey, Matthews & Co.
Tlfbc. - =T",g.' - „rmt:fo<7`eu„„Zr,r7,7,;:et'
Co.. 11 thir day w is h ed do by mutual couserm Mame.
Burke Borer, settle the Mumma. of the con.
cern, for which purpose they are authorited to use the
name of the concern. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The undersigned have thu day associated themselves
in tho name of BURKE & BARNES, for the purpose
of tusinufacturnag Fire Proof Bates, Vault Doors, &c.
tc., at the stand of the late firm a Constable. Burke
/c Co., where they will be pleased to receive the pa
isouage of the customers of that house and their friends-
EbhlUttitt BURKE,
In renting Born the firm of Constable, Burke tr
I with sincere pleusure recommend Meson. Burke E.
Barnes to the confidence of my friends and Me
RE partnership ao to easing under the firm of
fil'Cord & King, was by mutualconsent dissolvsd.
on die Ist inst. The business will be closed at the oldi
tand* etcher of us, using the name of the firm for
that purpose. Bea* desirous to have our business
closed with as tattle delay a possible. we would re
r ~
tfullyrequest those indebted to call and Sella
H. 13. KING.
OHN D. M'CORD having essoctated with 6t o hatJ
brother /acme M'Cord, under the style of M'Cord
k Co., will continue the liar, Cop ond Fur business in
all usvenom branches, wholesale sad Tema, at the
old .tur d , corner of Wood and fith streeto, when thee
when a continuation of the patronage so liberally be
stowed on the old hem. JOHN D M'CORD.
TN recirMi tram Me old end well known firm of
A. &Mord King, I mom respectfily recommend to
the patronage of. the public my IBUCCGII.On, II •
Al'cord Co.&re.% It D. KING.
THE pannorshtp of MURPHY tr. LEE is this day
dissolved by mutual consent. The business of the
late firm will be untied 11 Lea. J. IL MURPHY,
Pittsburgh, Jan. 30, 1849 H. LEE
NOTICE--The underststned continue the Wool
bosjoese and attend to the sale of Woolen
ILL the old stand. 1L
In retiring; from the firm of Murphy & Lee, I tale
great plea. ire In recommending Mr. H. Lee to the
confidence • of my friends and the public.
fhitalturg a, Jan-70,1649. J. R_ MURPHY.
THErs havtkos
E sub ienbee lia - y -- associated them.
selves together for the purpose of Iransaeting a
wholesale and retail Dry Goods and Grocery Gunnels',
at No 241 Weeny, opposite Eleventh street, under the
style and I Iran of HUSIIFIELD & ILAYS-
Amber ph, /annul. 1,1849.
N. 0112 custoinere and the public are wetted
to Pea its. a call. —— 1.0
- - -
Lave entered Leto partnership, .der the firm of
FF. tr. ATKINSON. and will carry on the Tin,
M sat Sheet Iron Ware mmnfsmory.
Ai 90, s eksmalung in all its branches, at the old
stand of W m. H. Sonde First street, mrar Wood.
Fitment.= tatenuon given to steamboat work.
THE PARTNERSHIP of Wo. A R Hays Irving
been dissolved by the death of one ofthe partners,
the were at of Wm. Hays, Jr., deceased, in said firm,
eoniustir i e of Hides, Leather, Skins, Oil, e.e., will be
sold on the premises on the 16th inst.
feb7-ul JAMES LAUGHLIN, Administrator
HAVE Ibis day associated with me in the or bele•
sale Grocery, Produce and Commission business,
my brother Joseph, wider the firm of J. S DILWORTH
fanner) , I. leap.
iNI.I.4 O III.TNICII:SHIP—Wrra Young having dna
day usociated with him, John R. 11CCane, the lea
ther !arsine. will hereafter be conducted under
Ann of Wm Young le Co WILLIAM YOUNG,
fans MI. R. weirrir.
I\TEW BOOKS—Lecturel on Pilptma Prove. and
j' the Life and Time. of John lyarit by the Rey.
Geo. 11. Cheerer, D. D,
Wid ' terings af
Pdgrim in Me Shadow of Mount
Blanc. by Geo B Cheerer. D. D.
T 6 Journa l of the Pilgrims at Plr mouth in New
k.gland, m 11320. Reprinted from the anginal volume,
miL htsioneal and local illustrationa of pirrvidenee,
principle. and persona; by George B Cheerer. D. D
Second edition.
Baptism, with reference to w import .d modes; by
Feheard Beecher, D. D.
Life and Dorreapondence of John Footer, edited by
J E Hyland, wah nouns of Mn. Footer as a preather
and a companion, by John Sheppard—new
The above, with • large stock of Theological, ilia.
lomat, Medical and School Hook a, for sale at low
prices by ELLIOTT Jr. ENGLISH, 71t Wood
tnarJ between 4th at and Diamond allay
Thornton, late Judge of the Supreme Coon of 0.-
egoo--with an Appendix; Includingrecent sod au
thentic information on the subject or the Gold Aline.,
and other valuable manor of interest to the migrant,
with numerous illustrations and a map; vol. 12mo.
51 i; . 1 5 ii Gold-Seekers Manual, being a practical sod
instructive guide to all persons emigrating to the vie
regions: by D T Anste Prof. of Geology, King's Col
lege, London. 1 vol, paper. 25e
Notes of Travel In California.; coo:taming the prom
inent features of the cousitry,• also, the route from Ton
Leavenworth, Mo., to San Diego, Cal. From the dß
eial reports or Col. Frergont and Mal. F.mory: 1 vol,
1.1:10 pages. tHe.
The California Guide Book; comprising the last na
tied work, together with Col. Fremont's Eeogruphieal
account of Upper California, and hi. Narrative of the
I Ixplonng Expedition to the Rocky Mountain., be ,
edit 2 maps-1 vol, aro, paper. Sac.
Be,. Baptist W Noel's Work on the Union of Church
aad State-1 vol,l2nio. 211,21.
Just received by R. HOPKINS,
meto2 Apollo Buildings, 4th st
ILyOOkS! BOOKSil—Edgar's Vanation. of Popery.
JO by Rev C Sporty; kenoption's Works; Tacitus'
Worke; University Serums, by Wayland; Natural
Mutiny of Enthusiasm' ' Life and Times of Philip lien e -
Life of Rev Henry Venn, Proverbs of the People
Magoon; Theophany, or manifestation of God in
Cdriag Sfemoirs of .1 Powell Biumn, Bart; Christ Is
all, by Tyag; Baptism, it, Marion and modes; The frlid
dls• Kingdom. SI vol.; Cheover's Lecture. on Pagrun'.
Progress; Cheever's Wanderings of a Pilgrim in the
Atyng Anderson's Clemente Constitution; Modern Ae
coinpliehmentic Last dais of Kish& Women of the
Re volution, by Mrs t2lel; Life of Pollok; for sale by
I mull; ELLIOTT & ENGLISH tO wood
ate inquiry; being an attempt togow the utility
of in application for the reliet of s en n , by W.
NI ..Wham, Esq., author of . 111 e reelprocal influence
of Body and Mind," ere. The best work on the .bjeet
Published. For sae by ELLIOTT & ENGLISH,
merle 70 wood in
ttIFE OF FRANKLIN, Illustrated—ln cosine of
publication in the social form, by Harper ts Bro.
ra, New York, The Life of Benjamin Franklin con
sisting of his Autobiography. and a narrative of his
public life and services, by the Rev. Heating. Wald,
splendidly embellished by numerals& litmus. designs,
by John U. Chapman, engraved In the highest style of
art The work is printed in the octavo form, on su
perfine payer, from bold and legible type. It will be
completed in alibi pans, at In cents each, and issued
at bnef intervals. Each part will be received by ex
press immediately after its publican.. Part In jolt
received and for sale by
1¢25 corner market and 3d Its
ibe accession ofJames ll.—Vol I.
T History of Alexander the Great. by Jacob Ab
loon, with map and engravings.
The Victory of Charley the: tint of England: by de
mob Abbau—elegant eugvoangs.
Jlarperls Life of Franklin splendidly embelhshed
by- ousnerous exquisite designs.kNo I, 25 cents To
he completed In If numbers.
P.intorial History of England, up to the sago of
uvi.ego IL—eon/plebe ,to 4 vol., octavo: Ilia
am. '
J. I recanted by R IIfIPKINB,
fe be_ Apollo Builainr, 4th in
• • - . . _.
Chalmers' Posthumous Work. Vol. b.
Frain/Nut's LIM Illostreted—mine II and 111.
The History of Itannibat the CarthrisMian: by Jacob
Abbott. . 111usuated tide, map and nuhtenns engra•
le I's Grammar and English Dictionary, octavo.
Stoll, of Little Jelin: limn the French of M. C /ca
non. 'lllustrated.
Aern, or the Cue/a of LIA, A collection of Tbolts
end Observiiihms, designed to deli :meta We, Man •nd
the World.
Han'* Romance of Yachting.
Arabian Night* Entertainments, Lane's translation;
aplandidly illustrated. V cols, 12mo.
Just received by R HOPKINS,
feb2l Apollo Hall, ititit_
- MEW BOOKS—History of Mary queen of Scots.
.1.1 By Jacob Abbott; with ongruvinga
History of King Charlie. the Vint, of England. By
!arab Abbate; with engravings.
Hiram of Mama:ler the Great. By Jacob Abbott;
with engravings.
Unitary of Hannibal the Carthaginian. By Jacob
Abbott; withgraving..
Received an d for sale by
febbn .or market and Bus
'EEW nOOKS — Olttgon and Conforms in MSS; by
J. Quinn ThomUM, late Judge of the Supreme
. of Oregon, and corresponding member of the
American Irunitnte. With an oppendix,
including re
cent and alchemic Informatum on the subject of the
GOLD SILNES of Calliorn., nod who' enidttbie
ter of interest to the emignads, mt. With Wears.rts
and a snap. In two colonies.
Ilaphael,• or pages of Me hook of life at twenty. by
Alphonse de Lawaninc, antl tor of the t'llistory of Me
Otrondlats, or Personal Men till,/ of the Patriots of the
French Revolution," etc, Jon received and for solo
moll{ e orner market and 3d ste
114 4AN1
P OP PKNNSYLVA--Co nstmeted from Ms
CocLuil Surveys authorised by the Scam, and ono
et original documents. Revisal:l.d improvm oodet
Ma supervision of Win. K Movois, Civil Knatimer, upon
daiSaTurr. A d ir lotre h o preir,4 7 ' gi n s d larl ' Ord " lple f int:
Map received this day and for ode by
J0101E02014 & STOCKTON,
1300kmi,lors, pry martin aml3d au ,
1 - I.kkii , /.11 , 11:01N , 1/
voou 4.N . 13 Tt11330/TOll, ROPIRI.OII.
r THIS establishment lodiland widely known so
being one of the most commodious in the city fir
Baltimore, has recently undergo:me way exten
sive alterations and improvements. An enure mw
wing has been added, containing numerous and airy
sleeping apartments, and extensive bathing moms.
The Ladies' department has also been connltetely
reorganised and fined up in a most unique and beauti
fed style. In fact the whole arrangement of the Flame
has been remodeled, with a single eye on the part of
the proprietors, monads the comfort and pleasure of
their Guests, and which they confidently assert will
challenge comparison with only Hotel in the Union.
Their table will always be supplied with ever) sub
genial and luxury which the market affords, served
op in a superior style, while in the way of Wines,
they will not be surpassed.
In conclusion the pooprietora beg to say, that nothing
will hu.len undone on their part, and on the part of their
assisallnts, to render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their friends and the public generally.
The ?nee, for board have also been reduced to the',
following rates:
Ladies' Ordinary, 51,75 per day.
N. B —The Baggage Wagon a theilonss will al
ways be found at the Car and Steamboat Landings,
which will convey baggage to and from the Hotel, free
Outman mayihf
realm{ 0 1 . 91171 MC IT. CLAII alt, erriturtmon, TA.
The subscriber haring assumed the manage
ment of this long ettabitshed and popular Hotel,
respectfully announces to Travellers and the
Fabhe generally, that he will be at all times prepared
Ia accommodate them in all things desirable in a well
regulated Hotel. The House is now being thoroughly
repaired throughout, and new Furniture. added, and no
pains will be spared to make the Exchange one of the
very best Hotels in the country.
The undersigned rospectfully solicits • continuance
of the very Liberal patronage the House has heretofore
0011tra 0, /OMR ORD 013.1.7 fßZlif, WITCIIOIOII.
lI.THE subrwriber respectfully announces that
he has now opened ha new and excellent Hotel
• for the aecorumodation of travelers, boarders,
and the pubbc generally. The house and furniture
am entirely new, and no pains or expense have bees
s i mo n t to t
H os ow nter i,, lt t ti e ne i o w f the mostcomfortable and
The anbscriber is determined to deserre, and there
fore so/kilo, a share of public patronage.
ocll4-dIyJACOB HOUGH, Proprietor.
T - • • -
uE VI RGINIA HOTEL, on Baltimore street, neat
the Depot, Cumberland, is now in complete order
for the reception and accommodation of the public.
Persons in !march of ealle and comfort, will do well
to patronize this estabintunent—they will find the
chambers clean and nice, and the Table as well foz
rdshed an any in Cumberland, at twenty-flee cents,
guaramend as good an any that call be had in the
plaoe, at any price, or op charge. No charge for
transportation of baggage to and from the can.
varrivtb -- ftTevrEs tiowsr.L,
OPPOSITE late Beet of the United States, Phila
ma th rr i' Proprietor.
Shaeklett & White,
DRY GOODS JOBBERS, 99 Wood street, ask the
anention of Merchants to their stock of AMERI
direct from lien hands.
_ .
Reosivtng regular supplies of first goods during the
season, and devoting large share of their attend..
to Eastern Anenon sal e., they eon confidently wtsure
buyers they will find it to their toterest to alumna
their stock.
Justreceived, large invoices of new style Dress
Goods Fancy Prints, Cassaaeres, Cloths, Sommer
Goods: Laves, Wlite Goods, Irish Linens , Tailors'
Trimsturt . rs and brown and bleached Shootings of sari-
MN brands. roar 3
1110 dern and Antique Ftretiiture,
EC, Tann Smarr, Premium:at.
A large and splendrd
assortment of Fumunre,
Htable flu Steamboats,
otels and private &eel
constnntty on hand and made to order.
present stock on hand cannot be exceeded by
any mannfactory in the western COUnlry• Persona
wishing to parchrhas would do well to give me a call,
as I ant den-mined my once• shall plasm,. Pan of
the mock constant in—
Tema Tete; Buffet Etaqcie.
Louis XIV Chain, Queen Elizabeth claim
Fron Tables;
zle P t 9 l 7 Zies; Loots XV Commuter.
French blehorany Bedsteads; Piano Stool.,
5D oaths with Plosn and coma;
• 50 blotto-Irony Rocking Chairs;
40 doz Parlor do
30 Pone,' do
Wi centre Tables;
21) pair Daemon 4 parr pter Tables;
15 marble top Dressing Bureaus;
Wardrobes; S Secretaries and Book ones
20 marble top Writ Stands;
4 pair Ottomores;
8 pair fancy Work Stands;
A very large asourtMent of common chairs and other
furniture too numerous to mention.
RT Steam Boats furnished on the shortest cones,
no on the most reasonable terms. deels
Chocolate Coen Ash.
W. Baker's = l earn; French hocolate, Prepar
ed Cocoa, , Drama, Cocoa Shelia, the.
O merchantsand consumers, who would pusehuse
the best products of Cocoa, free from adulteration,
mine nutrition. than tea or coffee, sod to quantY oosur
passed, the subscriber recommends the above uncles,
manufactured by himself. and stamped with his name.
His Broom and Cocoa Paste, as delicate, palatabbs,
and unitary drinks fort nvaluis, convalescents, and
others, are pronounced by the most eminent physiciaith
galleried to nay other preparations Ho mannthetures
art always on sale, to any quantity, by the most re
spectable grocer. to the eastern antes, and by theis
agents, Hawes, Gray &co., of Boston; James 51 Dunce
eo, Hartford, Coon; Hassey A. Murray, New York;
Grant & Stone, Philadelphia; Tr nisi V Brundige, Bal
timore; and Kellogg & Rennetheineinnati, Ohio.
wn.urEa BARER, Dorchester Mass.
For sale by aug3l BAGALEY k SMITH, Agri.
Itrongtta and Cast Iron
IHF. subscribers beg leave to inform the pole a that
they hare obtained from the E..t all the late and
sh ‘ ionable design. for Iron Railing, both for keine.
and cemeteries. Persons snarling to procure hand
some patterns will please call and examine, and Judge
for themselves. Rnilmg will be furnished at the short
cst notice, and to the best manner, at the corner of
Craig and Rebecca streets, Allegheny city.
aurthßsitf A. LAMONT & KNOX.
Liumbidg, Cupping and Binding.
hB. NORRIS, Ithiecethos to M. IL Delany
• No 65 Flab street, between Wood and Smith
d. Fresh leeches received monthly—attendance all
hours. Reference, the physicians of Pittsburgh, Alle
gheny and Ilinsunghain.
I most e heerthily recommend to the phyalelans, fam
ilies and all my former friends and patrons, Mr. K. B.
Norris as being thoroughly acquanited with the bun
gee. and worthy of patronage
tnarthid y
tlfarkialaolared Tobacco
4s wc , t i i(a ; p; : - Ilu lt ik ß :c y•tises superior sw . e.e2 II
brdo Price A ll•rwood's ' 4 ' 5
21 do do do
25 do do Pearl & Harwood - Stc lb
14 do 1 Rohn-Iwo
57 h( do do
'X do do Wm Dawson
371 do T Wrlght's
T 7 do a Anderson
do l. T Dade's
do R Alarron's
I do Rateliff
Just landing Irwin steamer and packet. and for wale
41 north water at and 16 north wharves,
091 Philadelphia
_ . . .
1 - 1" INSCI'I/RED TOBACCO —I SI la hi S ' ,:d one.
In k Son . , super., tweet lb lumps.
75-Ital( laz Webster Old rope nor tweet St amps
36 Lawrence Lottier " Se "
" Gentry It Rooster " 3,1 Ss "
" Dupont pie is Eure) " M "
10 " SloLeodet
_ . _
" Lawrence Loafer .Islfls plug
Just landmg from steamer and for sale by
41 N water st and 16 N wharves,
myal Philadelphia.
book Binder*.
urE are pull .gagad al the above business, corner
TV of Wood and 'Third streets, Pittsburgh, where
we are prepared to do any work in our line with des.
patch. We attend to our work personally, and eau.-
faction will be peen in regard to its neatness and do
Blank Books ruled to any pattern and bound sub
stantially. Books in numbera_tif old books bound care•
fully or repotted. Names put on books in gilt letters.
Those that have work in oar line are invited to Call.
Pores low. my2".ktf
A LP 881148--3 O dos genuine Wetiii Gni( Bitius, a
very 6ue article. A few do z ens Philadelphia
8 ins, from the manufactory of H 61 Cranston' to
*bush the onenilon of boot makers ill invited. Just
TECONbi anil for sale by W YOUNG Et Co,
tedt2 143 liberty xt
Al e W:ILPCLINTOCKR, No. 73 Fourth sweet,
can be seen a splendid vanery of sup Royal Vel
vet and Tapestry Carpets, latest styles. Also, Brus
sel., 3 plys and sup and fine Ingram Carpets, of sup
styles and yaslittesi and to connection can always be
found Table Linens, Crashes Diapers, Damasks, No
reen., Cid Cloths, he ho., to all of which we call the
attention of die public
EtAVING sold our entire stock to C, H.Guntrs, with
• slew to clowg our old business, we hereby so
for him the parronade of ell our friends und sus
mmen. RU. W .. ..P2INDEXTy.... Fl,
Pittsburgh, Aug Ith, 1848.
Ar I 11. ti RANT, Wholesale Grocer, Commission and
•J • For warding Nerehiwt, No. 41 Water NA mat
.... ... ._ _
joi A FULTON, Bell sad Brass Founier, has re
built sad commenced bounces at lus old stand,
will be pleased to sea his old custom
ers and htends. .
. .
Chureh,Steambont, and Bells or every size, from 10
to 10,On0 pounds, east from patterns of the molt approv
ed model., and warranted to he of the best maternal&
Mineral Water Pumps, Counters, Railing, &n., toge
ther with every variety of Brass Castings, it required,
turned and finished m the neatest manner.
• . . . . . .
A. F. is the sole propneter of lieneres Airrt-Arrar.
non Airra.l, so justly celebrated for the redoeuon of
friction in machinery. The Bones and oompoaoon
el. be !lade( him at all tunes. is*lY
MILE subseriber. having the exclusive Agency for
J. selling the Mauna Paper of a new and extensive
paper milt in thin vicinity, win be at all times well sup- .
piled with the different sane of paper of superior gu n
ty, which we offer at the lowest regular peters.
Any eine or quality will be rnanufacmred to order at
short nett.. REYNOLDS & SHEE,
jail Sm corner Peon and Irwin 1.11
INike IltErliEß CLOTHING—Jut It/exit/ea for the
California Expedition, a complete 1111110nITICIlt of
Dom Elastic Clothing, at prices ranging from RAW to
51160 ror toil a cent, pants and Illat For rale at the
India Rubber Depot, No 6 Wood et.
uled2o J k II PHILLIPS
JUST ittek3VED—Three more of those so iastlY
tp celebrated itambargh Pinnosossed ceasumdt7 by
LULL Thelberg and other great performer, together
with o Mtge assorunent of rosewood and mahogany ;
of my own manufacture. The above instruments art
wartented mho perfect In every respect, Ind will be
low for cash.
eldoor from
kale No 112 Wood a, 611
Parma fiscraxo Jarresse aaA 181.
Patent =zanier cctataion Mara. Sfax, / 1 """`'
Ekok carAA:_nuatp...ra. .
LEVED. OP wsoll
sueps o ming every ( a other m
j vendee of the kindness extant TheY mai be en
leaded 1...144 m tvrener-dve feet, sad when closed
the leaves are all contalned insig ,a, LA: u re made to
all mixes • and shapes, and are "Mimed for
Smainbants, Rom* and large prime les, form
ing when closed complete centre table.
SOFAS AND DUREAUS—These ankles we Inval
uable, particularly to those who wish to econo
mise, room, and convert • sleeping apartment ince •
parlor or suing room, as they eau - be opened and shut
at coovcaieoce, and when shat, the bedding 'Matelot
ed. A great. savmg in room and real. All tka bed
needs when closed form • beautiful piece of furniture
for • parlor or sitting room.
BOOS OASES—A neat and useful article for parlor
ordrawing room.
WRITING DESKS—for law °Neel, counting rooms,
and other Maces; when opened a istestcouveruent bed
stead, when closed a perfect Desk and Library alone
is steads.
• • •••
All these articles need no treonatundation: the
Nuttily of the whale L, they ore vr a rran ted 1101 10 get
out of repair. It will for your interests to call and
examine the articles, at the masalbetstreee more, No.
61 Third .uevlt Ptatalt• In addition to tae above
damages, they are proof &azmt bum
AND now opening, a spleaded tot o
Ifi l l 9p9lPiano Forma,_fotora the celebrate:l sAm'
of Mums &Mark, N. Y. It condats In
_part of the follo w i ng.
One elegant werood 64 octave Piano, with caned
moulding top and plinth, projecting front and carved
gothic tablets.
One rosewood Piano, Og octave, elegant and plain,
with Coleman'. celebrated Pollan Attachment, • su
perior Instrument.
One Rosewood 6 octave, round corners and octagon
egs. O do do do
one rosewood Plano, .grace cornett and lap.
These pianos have Improvements in theme
In stringmg and covering of the hammers, pelt=
by no others in this country, and are at once the best
as well as the cheapest Pianos that can be bought.
ALSO—An elegant lot of Chiekerines Piano.,
7to octave ., possessing all the latent
a Ti l llVJneTerrent rosewood Cabinet Grand Plane,
7 octaves, a new invention. HENRY BLEB_ R,
febl-tf At J W WoodwelPs,B3 Third
) . ?6•1 , f1.0:1111.1.11 1
RiftJOAN IL MELLOR, (sole Agent for
Metering's Finns Fortes for Western
Perinsylmtnia,) N. M Wood street,
PitMbVs reeePred andnom open
for sal. the tolloonng e assortment, direct Enna
the msonalictory, at Mr. • tenors (Boston) prices,
One Romperood seven octave Plana Forte, calved in
the moot elegant and rich ervle Low XIV.
One Rosewood caned seven octave, new and Im
proved scale.
One rosewood Piano, R entrees, new @calm
One • carved, 0 •
Two " round corners, el octave, now scale,
Two • panne " 0 • • •
The above an all from the manufactory o(J. Chick.
ening, Boston, of the latest ay/. of &nature, and with
the new and unproved scale.
ALSO 02 111,22 AND FOIL 412 lOW
3 Rosewood 6 octave Pianos, from the manufactory
of H. Worcester, New , York, formerly of the firm of
Biodari, Worcester & Chatham
2 rosewood 6 ostave, Gale & Co., N. Y.
1 rosewood N octave Piano, made by Bacon & Ra-
Ye r ' ld N a e lt w ogany
octave Piano, made m Baltimore, and
le A with me fos sale by the owner, for cash or In ex
2nforPiaburoa le:ures, or grocerl:ardli
nj, JAYNE—This cemfies, that immediatey after
hamog attended my brother who died of consumption
in blarettCl, I wan taketialek Co tun
or Liver taint, and was reduced an low with the
disease, that (o r rung sgetsra I was unable to amend to
my brininess, either at home or •broad, being for the
most time confined to my bed. During tberahaut peri
od of time, I had expended for medical attendance o
re lar Physicians and medicos., to the mow of
writtout receiving any benefit therefrom. In
July, 1845, I commenced taking Dr. Jayne's Medi
and have taken them more or less ever sine,
trod that it was by persevering in their ase,
that I can now truly say that 1 have completely raw%
erred my health. I believe that Jayne's Sanative Pills
and Expectorant ate the best family medicines now in
I reside in Springfield, Otsego conety, N;•11%, end
carry on a Silence and machine ahoy in that place,
and we not interested la any manner ui tea sale of the
above medicines, and make this certificate for the ben
efit of those adlicted. ELLIALI EATO N} .
Springfield, y., Sept. le 184 S.
Ja4 .4
gIeUFACTURED TOBACCO,The anbacritior
AL would call the attention of the city trade and
dealers generally, to the following brands Tobaceos,
in wore sad to arrive, which being unssignownts di
rect from manufacturers, he is enabled to sell at east-
MI prices:
1.7) I bra It W Crenshaw .55
70 t .. James Madison U;
0I " Lemming 3'5"
33 I " 9Th-abeau 6c
23 # " Putnam re wed Is;
15 1 " Roberta fr. Simon sai .
5 # " Oscar Burl r%
91 " Johns fr. Lewis lq
" Warariekonspr 15
i feb: ' 11"""
'''''.- L
Pitt Machina Works and Poundry
TORN WRIGHT & Co., are prepared w build Cot=
kg and Wulea Machinery of every deuription, sub
an Carding Machine & Spinning Frame.,
Drag es , Railway_ He Wolper; lipooders,
Dressing Promos., Lures, Cud °finders,. &r. Wrought
Don Shafting tamed; all sites o(Cast Iron, Pull.* and
Hangers o(ibo latest (mums, slide and hand Lathes,
.od tools of all kinds. Castings of weary duenpurso
farainhed on nhort notice. Patterns made to order for
Mill Geanng, Iron Railing, &a. Steam Pipe for heat
ing Forgotten, Cast Iron NVindow Sash and Caney Ca.
ungs generally. Orden left at the Wareherasa of 1.
Palmer & Co., !Alum street, will haus prompt atten
Refer to Blackstoek, Bell & Co, J. K. Moorehead &
Co, G. F.. Warder, John Irwin & Sons, Pittsburgh ; O.
C. & H. Warner, Steubenville. Haig
WIGHTMAN— ems ... Man as
ufattu• • o
err era kind of cor
n.. ton and woollen machinery, Allegheny city Pa.
The above work. being now in hill and auecesstul op
arauon,l amprepared to execute orders with dispatel
for all kinds of machinery in my Imo, each as willow.,
picker., spreaders, curd., grinding machitma,
dr•WIIIff . frames, speeder., throssils, looms, woolen
cards, double or angle, for merchant or country work,
mules, jacks, &c.; slide and hand lathes and tools in gen
end. All kinds of shafting made to order, or plans giv,
en for gearing factories or mills at reasonable charge.
Rion so—Kennedy, Childs & Co., Blackstock, Bell
& Co_ King, Pennock & Co, las. A. Gray.
A. WHITE & CO at th, would respeetthily Inform
at. th e public they have erected • shop on
Lacock, between Federal at 4 Sandusky enema They
are now making and are prepared to receive opts (or ry
eve desorption of vehicles, Coaches, Chariot Be
seeches, Beagle., Phanans, le., tra, which from their
long experience in the mamfaeture of the above work,
and the (aniline. they have, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the most reasonable terms with
these wanting articles in their line.
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate
rink, and having none bet competent workmen, they.
have no hesitation in warranting their work. We
therefore ark the attention of the public to this matter.
N IL Renewing done in the best manner, and on th e
most reasonable serum pain(
rue in, ties the attention of buyers to his catenary.
u•sortment of above Good., embracing every quality
up to very fine, and from the celebrated manufacto
rtes of France. Pentium; these goods from the
conloWaooll merchants or yenta of the manufactu
rers, be is enabled ,to sell Menial the lessen possible
prices. Also, One green and invisible green Clot*
very chew wool dyed blk do; and French, British
and American CASSIMERES, blank and fancy; blk
and saucy nun VESTINGIS, gentlemen's .11k poeset
Handkerchiefs, blank and fancy Cravats, linen pukat
Hdkfs, Undershirts, Dnwera, to., at the north etit
corner of 4th and Market streets.
Wholesale BOOM up stairs. rebel)
- Stable.
3.. the large stable On Pint st, running through
S .to Seconds, between Wood and Smithfield
ma., in the rear of the Monongahela HOUBn,
with an cautery new . stock of Horses and Carriages of
Use best quality and latest styles. Hones kept at live
ry in the best manner. /TWIT
_ .
STEAM BOAT CLOCRS—Having conuladed to sell
off our entire stock of Kirke. Marina Timepieces,
we now Ofrel . to Bell Meru at lower prices than they eon
be bought at soy house w Pittat, • • ece,
east or west. Being the only rub shed • nts hero
for them clocks, we have the largest and est assort
ment in the city. Call and see.
Remember, we tee not to be nadersold.
BLAKE & CO., Werke street,
0ct,30 entrance on north side of the t. amond
1:11. man,
: Y[ A lit ir ah k as,'sthet p f o otgY " e d oae bi tt i
t e aping a hammered lron axles and deale
kohl. taming*, fire engine lampe;and coach .
generally, comer of Bose and Front am, Pi
1 WIT IN TIME lot of PittOhl, SIM
too California aervice;nist. received.
Mao, to arrive on the lOtb inst., by Eon.%
and bandy article of Portable Gold Jtealea, wl
cry gold miner ought to bare; and for sale or
corns, 41b and marks
For California. -
rrniE celebrated Hazard Ride Powder, in ke
I kegs, quarters and cam, for sale by
febt3 .1 8 DIL.WORTU & Co, 27 .• •
Blaspratt 9 s Patent nods
202 CAS
Javde,c.eilfd. peelo c r b neamero Iyei
W & M harcitemEE,
MO Liberty
j_l 19hoe F 5 dings he No. =beim sweet, have
rest received thou SPRING K of goods,
prising large easement darnel's/ in their prie, n
which the attention of purchasers la Leaned.
ALL persons mdebted to the Estate of William Afc-
Riegel, &erased, or to the late linos of W. Ala•
k o ,gto A Co., sod Wm. McKnight & got, oco moiled
to pay, without Cunha delay, to
aloha:111m Admitustrator of W. KeEztight, deetd
A RTISTS' and fat Su yards smooth Convamoll inch;
2i) " " 30
100.das Compreestble Tubes, atoll colors, by
A GIRL to do h W ousework. one who thoroughly
!I. understan4s her bounces, and can glee gam re
ferences, ban bear of a perannoteursituadon l at fair
wages, by applying at du Ott. me
1181FJ) APPLES-411U bush lined AppLe,, in 'lota
and for Ink by nach23 S tc W HARZAtrOtf
ARP) GREEN—I 9 cans traaAnst reel Auld lot
.abs by .13 A FAIIIIMOCK &
cotoor lit and wood in
9, in.; theDend= ri C Ka - Az bro e t o orl ir sa . fdie l Fever . ,
No 75 illastuse STXXLI, Prrrssuon,
EVE resolved on arum DPP - their large
tuck of -1111 Y 6100Dif—ithe principal, pi, n. ni
hasoßttelYliwin purchased at the tuns Art,
non Su in Phllsolelphleand•New - York, or a un
atersitiOS and implealleled sacrifice: ,
We r tave made each urge naltietion few ! Our reg
ular p eel that we win now sell a UWEs offor. 0(000
goods BELOW COST of importation. The early 4.
cordon of bayou Is invited to choice high colored
goods sidapt.d to the Califon:l.Thu%.
Plain ted dgmedCameli. Cashoieres and de 'Lilies
Mika all prices,
Very superior koala fled Super cloak cloths, all co
and Watered bib silks, lora,
Superior repannure silks, Prevails merinos, all colore r
• bill snd.oolored, Black bombazines,
Super black glossy Oro de Cross barred and minted
Moe efts, alpa a cas,
Vise= and castillas Brocli filed and istriptd do,
beat quality, Jenny Lmd plaids; •
Pare satins, b il e and blue Victoria Lyon.," cloths,
astirts, vary nch,
laritatthsa satin merinos, Cohere cloths and eamali-
Saner allk warp' alpaca an instrea .
DidepdiEplaidlong shawlar due brucha long shawls,
Splendid witch shawls, 13e finest vie have ever
Rani N. York Rued: Monks to this market,
_yelp bargalum now to Da sold at great
Plain w and erabraPd Whet •
shawls, all colors, indecounon bro.
Silk fringe, remarkahly '" = " 4;are ahaarls;
aurrumEl te=liansilk ... shawl.
Frepati cloths ken the celebrated "'ottani" =Lois-
Gictorg. For beauty of Babb and permanence °former,
these cloths bays no ropinion • few piseas eat= fipq
jet black and olive ...rum beaver. and other heavy
cloths for over coats, twilled Rauh clotha,.=anden
uolld cipreuly for elooka, Prenatal:id ilElCriellt one
simenea, super wat of &gland do, moor Prima sa
tins far beer imported- and fancy
velvet an v = h re 's vesting% merino eats and draw
en, Dalian crayon, line, cambric and illkltd.lo,bo
eery and gloves.
Web linens, best long cloth shining mastics, bleach.
ed and brown merlins of good quality, remarkahly
low . tisk:tugs, checks, domestic and imported ging ,
Mini; scarlet, yellow snd white dwindle, Ciente lot
very_Lcheap; alame tat of white and 4:T*3l6am:4:Lamm
try Ihn=ls, cheap; brown and hien:died Hamby table
linens and table cloths e turd Scotch diapers and
tovrellinis, catinerts, arts and tweeds.
An usual large stock of blankets, dirndl from the
manufacturers, some of which aro the best ever exhi
bited, all of which will be closedent at ouparalleled
low prices. In addition to the above catinterated
goods, oar stock comprises a verry lnge and camplete
usaftMent of &meet every article usually (021111 in a
dry good. Steve, Ind so they have been =ally mg,
chased at the esteem auctions, hence the lam great
ducdon ofprices. We are enabled and determined ter ,
sell the off at meat bargains.
Wholesale buyers, country merchants, tailors, and
the public generally are mspectfolly Wetted to en ear
ly examination. Ban*. shall be given.
A r FS ANDER tr. DAY, 76 Market rt,
febn N W macro( the Diamond
ECEIVED TRLS ALT, Carpeting and CM Cloths
of Ina latest and mast approved patient., end at
Os to snit purchasers, and cheap as can be pan
c Lc any of the Eastern cities, comprising the lel
lowsng varietlem- , -
Mona Royal Votvet Pilo Carpets;
Alzrainlator Carpets; any ono hall rooms or cool
Txpectry - do Hassles.
Sup Royal Brussels do - Tapestry stair carpets;
Extra ara3 ply do Brussels do do
Superfine do do Chemile Hugo;
Extra rap Ingram do ned dd
goporlina do do To ßrussels do
Irmo do do ChemDo Door mann
483 Tufted
6... Tapestry
DonnishAdelaid do do
do Sheep etin do do
4-4,3-4 & e torl'd Pe- 134 Embed Plano covers
netian do 6-4 do Table do
4-4,3-4 & 4 plain do do 6-4 weed do do
Option Ingrain do 64 wonted and linen do do
do Vensuan do Brow Stair Rods
B-Oeonon DnagLan 16-4 wool crumb clothe
woolen Stair Linen
do do 6.4 table do
English Table Oil clothe; Cooper do
German do do do do Croak
8-4 Floor Oil olio* Boos-Drop Napkins,
7-4 do do do Cris:Bono Plush'
54 do do do Aloroon do
4-4 do dp do Carpet Binding;
Sheet Oil Clolhs, of newTransp'm Window Shades
Tspestry pattern., cot to 41
fiTo the abase, we are constantly reeetringonr Buie.
Bleck of Carpets, Oil Cloths and Bteemboat.Trnummas,
to ?which we Invite the attendon of all who wish to for
nilth their houses or steamboats, as we will be chic to
oboe goods as low as they con be purchased in the
East, and of the richeu and latest styles. Call end es
me oar stock before pure.hasing elsewhere Ware
house, No 75 Foot* st. utehM W. M'CLINTOCK.
Tie Largsst,.Cheapezt crud nunt Amin:mob& Sibck
re Good', aimed to Grutleme='r Spring and
Summer Wear, trjesa recciarag ae
LRE Proprietor of the above establishment. would
nispectfully inform his nunterous CO.LOOVITI, that
,returued (rom
mmrmant p East
oub ;t n en bi ep i ra ne, Witi{ the
eras brought to this city, compritung all that is now
fashionable, elegant and Cheap In Cloths, Causslistm.,
Cashmetens, Drop De Ete., and every description of
_linen and woollen Summer Staffs; Shins, Cra.
vms, Mitts, , Suspenders, dec.-, of the newest styles;
which, mgeMer hut very large and fashionsble
mock of reartylnade Clothing, he Is prepared to offer
at his usual low pnees.
Country Merchants, Contractors, and all who pmr.
chase largely, are particularly turned to call and ex
amine the stock, which it deculectly the largest op
roost fmluanabie is the city, and great antenna ha
be=to gm It up suitable to the wholesale trade.
in the Tailoring hue executed in the most
fashionable manner, and that nothing . may be wanting
to ensure the newest and best style Of cutting. A gen
tleman who has had areal expenence in the Eastern
clues, has been added to the establishment
assortment of STBI.A.W AND BEILLINE
GOODS, of the moat approved styles and pat
terns, for the SPRING OF 1940, consisting in part of-.
Fancy and plant Enghah, American, and French
Straw - Florence Rutland, Pedal and mher plain and
fancy Braid; China, Rice, Jenny Lind, Loop and Roy
al Milan edge Braid BONNETS.
Rich French Lace;
Fancy and plain Gmp, An rec.
Fancy Braid, Straw Gimp, Leghorn, and other Mas
ser and Infants' HATS
Panama, Manilla, Leghorn, Palm Leaf, Straw and
ether Summer HATS, for men and boys.
Bonnet and Plum Ribbons;
Bonnet Silkk
Artillmal Flowers &A An tui.
Straw Bonnet Warehouse, 55 Market street. -
A. A. arsons 00..
NO. 60 MARKET STREW—Have received by re.
cent importations the following Goods, vizi
Six cartons Thtbet Shawn, of various qualities and
colon. Fifty dozen ...Alexander's" best quality Kid
Gloves, together with a good assortment of red silk,
Lisle thread, and cotton Gloves, for spring trade.
Hirsh standing, straight turnover Collars; cheap Col
lars. 300 pair embroidered Cues, from BO 010 to el:tO.
Idourning Collars in great variety. Demi Lace Veils,
thegreatest anonment ever offered by an French
and English 4 4 Prints; Hoyle's Prints, small figures
and fast colors; =WI plaid French Omahas.; British
Furniture Chlat white satin Damask Table Cloths,
Linen Damask, 6 8 and IBA Green Henan; Gents
black Gros de- Rhine Silk Cranny 29 to 40 inch, the
best goods Imported; Purse Twist; linen cambric and
linen cambric Mikis, from alto War White Goods;
such as Ismonerts, Lawns, Mall and Swiss klusbns
figured and plain Laces, white and coi'd Tarlatimes ,
do. act.
We ere In the deity receipt of NEW GOODS, end
invite the attention of punterm to our extensive
stock. tob27
LP)%11 ,14
Nona Ease coma 4W asn hismarna, Ptrissonon.
KERSONS wanting Dry Goods will please take no.
dee that the above home has commenced; reeei-
It. NEW SPRING GOODS, and invites the calla
of regular elletoreeni and buyers generally,. Gmata
will be orferedat low prices, and purchasers av id have
• large and ehbiee usomment to select from.
qj Counto Morahanta and others Mt Invited to
eramlne the assortment In Wholesale Itooms,upstain,
ghere a large assortment of Pests, Gingham., and
ods generally are now opening. mare
11X 000U11
Dry Goods Jobb•ro,
I\W. G WOOD STARRY—WouId call the attention
of Merchants to their large mock of Domestic
and Foreign DRY GOODS, just receiving from the Im
porters and Manufacturer', and which they will sell
at very low met for cash or approved trait.
Our stock to now fall and complete, and well 'worth
the attention ofbnyers, as we are determined to sell
at sorb extremely low prices as canton fall to make it
oorong inducement Sin merchants to make a bill with
w. WWI
I ~a~u
vites the attention of house keepers and those
about commencing house keeping, to his assortment of
Jove Goode, such as—
=ad Counterpanes, writhe and colored;
and pillow-case Muslims;
She/edam from one to those yards wide;
Table Thaws and Table Cloths;
Towelling, Towels and Napkins;
Furniture Prints and Chintzes;
Scarlet Oil Mints, for tureens,
Super printed Mato, for gullbsi_
Etabroldered window. enrtain
BU enankeu, t and b'
D all qualities and sizes;
and' ef.7.lPlioroafys G ood s
n 4 th c e °° ¢l . Cllll ll l6 , r k o7:4ls u te b and
at north east comer 4th and Market sta. fa bat
lartisag af maims and Irtaft — Elitemas
R. AII.MPHY invites dm particular attention of
those wanting the above Goods, wide desireLle
stock, consisting of the ben make, from the moat ap
proved menefecturem, and Me letter warranted pure'
ffos..—He het Jest received an additional supply, and is
offering Shining Mushne•of a •Utlollo} quality, at o
very,low price. Also,
sheeting sad Pill kleadins
Diapers ant/Crash;
Table Clo 'Lktdri and Napkins
Blankets, Ctrunterpenes • and
lionsekee Goods generally.
LADIOP DOM G D uch as Preach Hennas,
Peremeties, plain and fancy Do Lantes,;(soine new
nyles lout receive,* Mimeos, Mm
The mama being far advanced, all Mess Goods widl
be sold el prices that cannot fail to please.
[CrWholesale Rooms up maim !mall
WM. 6D , STRYST, will continue their
n =serm r,
d. -trnral . sto a
time il r y coops, Co r Dtt
' l l i% Booms will be th rown open to their RWITI 'hat
as heretofore. A. A. hl. it Co., knowmg Shat they ere
selling thy Goods of every descripin from ten to fif
teen pet rent. Mu than 0000 befo do Invite every
paean in woos of dry iroods, or erh may be in wool,
toexamine and porchme from OP3IIP3O k , at the lowest
wholesale rates.
OUT !Feat object to TtdeCiiii stock t to make room
for eprlng Goode, it nein; out Intention to exhibit in
Mara the largest entfthe richest stock of Dry Goods
aver offered b 7 sn dna bonnet in-htoesies.
We shell mina= the sale of our Blenched sod
Brown Matins, Zelda's and other Damara Goods,
odr fawn; low rata, notwltkitkodlog Ike recent
ranee of Ib per cent open dm camel fa talterkfitaitcra
fkD9. -7
Parent aroduadrd cosineGoias= Battery and Para/
larraated Prins for liredievi azieloafir
Tali is the only instrument al the kind as eve,
been Present. In this eountry or Europe for mad-
G al NO p ... and is tho only one ever known to man, y which the galvanic fluid can be <eleven:dm the ha.
Mari eye, the ear, the brain. or to soy part of the body,
either externally or teternally, In a definite gen
amnia without shock, or pale--with perfeet
and Eden with ahe happiest effects.
This unponvit apparatus is now highly approved of
by runny of die most eminent phyaleian, of this eon.
Icy at 4 grope, to whom the alliketed and others whom
it roar concern eon te refermai. Reference will also
be Wen to many highly respectable eitteena, who have
been cured by menus of IMO most valuable appellant,
of .of the Most Invrirrote nervorta illoOrdert which
can et be removed by any . other known comma.
AmongAmongVarmint other, it hat bran ped to be art.
It:drably adapted fin the cnre of the following dtseaaca,
na tumuli lomiecte, and other dueascs oil. Dram.
lii. with Wit apparatua ak,ne that the operator can
echoer the magnetic fluid with ease and safety to the
eye, et, restore fight., or curelntrittrO to the ear Or
restore hearing; to the longue and ot herorgans, to re:
ware speech; and to the vilrions ports of the body, for
the cure of chronic dicumlaisca , osthrox, neuralgia, or
hie dotoctrame, paralysis, or palsy, gout, chorea or St.
Vito', dance, eptlepsy, weakness from sprains, some
&rearms peculiar to !emotes, contraction of a. limb.,
loelgtov, eta, eta
gt,eho, for surrounding coned,. of Western Pe-, and
privileges, with the instrument, may be purchased, and
also tested for the cure of diseases.
Pall tretructions will he riven (or the natio.. die - a:
calm to be used for vanona ducats., and as ben man-
ner for operating . for the cure of thaw. diseases will al
so be (al l y expl.ned in the purehaser, and ti pamphlet
put idol his hands expressly (or thesepurposm, care
t rapareti the pillanlCC. Enquire of
. S WILLIAMS, Ville si, Pittsburgh.
Reversible Filtering:Tee:sok,
Which =dere mobil water pure by
( tenter
. ...... .., nnisovioi l ll c ,uba n tsnees is: soluble to
.rr 6 , ,, i,L; clear and pure to the oyt yrl
..V ; -
when it pluses m hour tbroakir this
Gliering.cock, shows a larva deposal
Impure sulssnmees, worms, . Th u
to the case more or less with all hydrant water.
The ReYersible Filmrer is neat and durable, and is
not encoded with the inconvenience incident to other
Filtereru,. it is cleansed without beink detached Om
the wetter pipe, by merely taming the key or handle,
from one side to the . other. By this easy process, the
coarse of water Is changed, and all neemmlatione to
impure substances are dravca ad' almost Instantly,
wnitout unscrewing the Fil ter. It sled possessei the
adirmtake of being a stop eslele, and as curb la. may
eases will I. very convenientand ecouominal.
liem be attached where there Li any
T orepress MO
or law to a cask, mot, tell, See. with east.
of she sole Ageta, NS'. W. WILSON,
oeU7 conacr Of Fourth end Market rts
—— .
TICE attention of the public is mom:awry called to
the rollorring certificates:
M. 8. Eames—Having tested a qoantiry of Gold
sr elghed by your owsumotor. I find the resalt provee
your insrmammt cornier, and recommend the we of it
to those going to California. as the best method for ob
taining the real value of Gold. Itesp.yours,
J. 11 DUNLEirs , Gold Beater.
Pittsburgh, March 0. 10101
Pimehonan, March 7, 163,Y.
MIL EIICINS--.DcarSir Having examined Me "Ater.
meter,. manufactured at your rooms, I do not /mainly
to commend it to the use of three gentlemen who RYE
about removing to Calicomin to oeurch of Gold.
It givini a eloseimprommation to :et epccific cravi
ty of metals, mut will tiertmuly enable the advennfrer
to ascertain when his planer is yielding (fold.
naarl2 Yours, resply, J. IL. M'CLINTOCI.
gILIE CLINTON PA PER Al ILL, situated at Steuhet
k. villa, Ohio, having been calargtd and improved,
and nt a verygreat 'expense added acme and the rood
=permed kind or =wafers', , is now prepuredlo man
ufacture, all kinds or Writing, Printing. Wrapping and
Comm Tern Papers, Bonnet Bonet., et.c., equal to nay
in the Eastern or Western country.
The and...signed having the. Agency of the above
?dill, will keep sonstanay on hand a large supply or
the different lauds or Paper, and will have any else
=blew order at short non= it C. 1111.4
009 _ dr Wood street
Pine and Cedar Ware tgatinfiketory,
No 87, connea AI an= Aso Ftv-ro I'vrtamnacto.
THE sallecnber keeper vonvtantty on hand, whote-
I sale toad retail, very low tbr earn—
Wltab Tuba, Barrel Churns,
Bath Tot,, Staff
Homo Buckets, I Hal( ituabel, tee. •
All otter laud- Wane in Minna made to order.
y AS. 311 - Sl'll,4W & CONs' I'A7I:PiT SODA A
t./ 1 toy tons 31 cash urrettey, or 4 m.. upp'vd
5 tons or apurtads.:/} do par, a mom do, Interval ad
ded. Fur the super,or trunidy of tnis brand we refer to
the 0.. and arum manufacturers of dda city genets!.
ty. 4V lc 31 nirrctiKurime4,4
deal MO liberty st
Diaphragm Filter, for Ilydromt. W•ter.
taTHIS , le to eertiry that I haVe op
panned Lamovetcut, Roggen to Co.
s A .It Agents for the 'leaning'!
. .to. IN.P..hRto Filter, for th e elf
nese( Ihnihurgh ItUd Allegheny.
' • JOHN (111114/N, .went,,
le Walter M tielmon,34llllmadwny,
N.Y. . . .
• Oet. 10, 13113.
We have heennemg one of the above nruelee at the
°Mee of the Novelty %Vertu for three snantho, on trial,
and feel perfdetly ..atmGed that it Ica umtm intendorn
and veelittre pieamnd to meommendlue them lasa cm
feu ankle to all Ano love pure Winer. thrlors mnl'be
thankfully neetved and promptly c.teculeti. .
actin I.IVINGS It oi. autitik.UNl tr. Co
mut: subscriber, fa odertug Joe sale a bundanute lot
1 of ',tutus & ciartt'v 1 . 0 W,) add t'llwirce..
lye • .1 - 10,1•11,) P1.1,...1. would direct attention to the
fact dun Its. te place to ire., where Use
tufo - tune., 0: IAO tankers Cots In , tried Mae by
side, mid wnerr, consequently. a correct tilt, of their
qualtues cue be rotated. sulwertber Leung aiwous
to test their relative own., anti bat:talc tor a Inimber of
years performed open; theNunns
has laden 11. use WI I.w; twelve mouths, a Chiek
mop Piano tuarder to try as liefilfilidy and fitness
as arcompany trout to the VOICE, Th. Piano may
00w Fern let., wean, Fie tech
confident of his ability to pee n etatapcntat and relia
ble opinion du the sabre..
A handsome lot of new Pianos will be operied in a
few days. H. KLEBEIL
At .1 CV rentwe/P.
1.3 rnaroitv. -Pm can:wooer Lithe. tom moom i l
of informing iiimuls rind trie public- in general hot
he has the largr , t merit of the following named ant
ales of his two mationimure in this etty —Saddles, flat
ness, Trunks sod %%limo, all 01 which In. avail warrant
to be made of the be, material dud by the best mech
anics itf Allegheny county. Ilistior l detertnitonl to sell
his matiulactio es foinething iower than tins been here
tofore sold hy any +online estaidinhinent in the eity,
hew:mild invite persons miv
led of the strove named
articles to lus warchotwe, \o. 111 Liberty Weal, oppo
site Seventh. Also, bands made to order for inaehioe
'Ts H. Kt.:ROY.
are of Me. nail ]lrs. C.asnoono, for at clvrto
naudrintic year, will commenco‘m the first of Fepbrua
ry neat, to the same buildings, No. rrt Liberty street
Arrangements have barn murk by which they will
bauble to furnish young Indies facilities equallo any
in the West. fur obtuuong a thorough English, Classi
cal, and Ornamental education A full course of Phi
losophical and CheaIICIII he1.11.1V6 will be delivered
during has winter. 1/..lrliti,l by upparmun. The din.
pawn:tenth of Vocal and Instrumental Muni, Modern
Language, llmwoig mid l'unions, win each be under
the care ul a compete. Professor. 13; close nommen
to the moral and miellectual iraproverneut of their pu
pils, the Principals hope to meat a vomit...don of the
liberul thOrouage they have hitherto inutiyed. For
terms, see circular or apply to alto Principals.
11611CORX FIRE BRICKS--Tbe .unsenberr navlng
been appointed role Agents by the manufacturers,
for the sole or the eelebrnied - Ptthus lineka," are
now prepared to MI orders for any quuntiry, et gip,
. I cult, per 1,040. For rho COnstrnetloll (unlaces of
kinds, these bneks have heel, pronounced by eon,
patent Judaea as heulg lupe nor to alt other Ire bemire
now in ow. C A hI'ANULTY a. Co, Canal Llaktn.
MAN &PAZ - FL' II F:11
;01 bap 1-11narnne do Mirabena
do Pula= .0 and to :sr da offa Rucler be; Id d o 44 4 ,
pen. & Risser, hs; 43 00 Henry & Jurors 5a and -a; 10
do Johns and Lams' Ls; 3 do Warwick super In 7 to,,
These Thbacoos, embracing come of Um most favor
ite brands, on culi•.curnent, and wal t ., sold mtv to
close, deen L 11AT/titMAN
'IMPORTED ufitKer FIEDOI. TOE M.A.ll77trir
kmas.—The suliscroa.o., Imam exclustve rm
ponen of Musprati lc Sone' Soda Ash for dim
market, are now and will continue to to, largely sup
plied with alla ceiebrated brand, winch they will sell
at the lucent inark'et price for east] or sipprovednills
T ., lea, to the glass and soap manutacturens
this guy cc nerally respecting the quality.
W 01 01 rt.,: I lEL TREE,
',in liberty' et
IRON FUUN Dili FUN ti.tiLik —A smith Imo Foam
dri in a flourishing Lo with rtt
aer/IN Tools,
ac. MI ready for business, . pill
ill tie stud on animals:lmi
datlng terms, or r relinage for Iron or goods.
Tinaoffers an exeunt:hi opportunity to a yon na Man
with small capital to commence the iron Fuuudry ba-
Endaine co(
decd. I Ft near Wood street.
Reales,. Cooking StOwes, 0 aaaaa -
MARSHALL, WALLACE S Co., Roo m ( ',b unch,
lig . corner I.4herty .et Wood streets, tommtantore
oiler (or core plosion, Floor sod CO‘acc Scales,
tba most unprovmt quality, Cookarg Stove*, fur wood
and coal; Egg Stoves of various sots, l'urfor and
common (irate', Hollow Ware, &c. &r. Tnay u:so
manufacture the finch, knAge, which liaa ',lran such
general sauslortion to tho. boon; tt In one, to till of
winch they would respectfully invite the atteunon
the caucus and the public, generally. r c..m(
at a ton
..rtment of Cornelius &..Co e cershraisa mono
and superior to all others in adapted to
Churches, steamboats, (saunas, dr ailing, public and
private balls, and to all other sore where a cheap, ion
and bnittaat light to aestrable.
Alsostlirandulesllall lanterns,Candelabra",Glob,
Shades, Wteks,Clatnnte", Cala , Cranawn, &e. Also ,
G. Chandeliers. from o n e to .111, lights.
dres w
liirdware. 46 market .1
per than everr -
L°this, . , Importers and Whole.le
Deetera in Hardware, cutlery and Saddlery, No
11V Weal etre., above Filth,lteVe now an store h very
cheep and well selected 6006 or Hardware, imported
gime the deelme aunt,. in Europe, tool wterh they
are de.muted to tell eornewoneingly low. Alytelauen
tvho hehe been in limit:dot of iFoing Eeet, twe paruce
htliY [et:Nested to call oust loot through our moek,
we couhtterely believe they will 000 d their expellees,
E XP ERIVZSCE3/polpee, an a mato( one and a half
thillione,lllACC tb4d, pronounce lhi• smelt GMAT,-
passed for durattiLuy ht Um C 011.11.1311 of ull tinde e
Punter-ea. I . pee tr 41,4 cash 1...11 LICH; Mr,
tufted nitro 21113*11 use. Order,. for • u ficeund. quality
Roby at Linea% II be execancO at Pat per 1%4 fSO ac.
sued, without ruhmtnee. A .reek of-the—fuest ality
qa , noter auk at utr
the arehoule, 'Sloan'. Wharf.' Ca
nal Beam, by
ES, Jciin2umtonityrlll,:orta
61 , AD5416' , 11 - li:a, ao.l74adoz triodes, and 71abb
anis; lb do alanuan -Forks;:4l datitalu lib ovals; .23
do Sontezlio; axes Etatabetri.illlaknak a and pitk n ,
mins m E f rileritt2 taannfactlffilrbprices,
~4~~=w.,~. _. y:.
NO. 232: