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    ESTABLISH IN 1786.
: T Z ONG &CROZER,Couunioion Morchanto
Asod oleo In Produce, No. Market
ee"et Ort
bu d
. ..-.
rGEIVIELD & HAvs, Wholesale dealers in • Dry
oods4lirceeries, Boots, shoes. fratabergh snow.
ed atticles, &r., No. 210. Liberty street. hur
t,. b. lO5
row.= aU Z 07.0. T. =TIM
PRJ!..UN /F. REITER, Who <4OlO end Remn Dma
g ra i tcorner of Liber:ty d Clair street; Pmo
etrl.ll/111 . 10N, 01.. n. 131.01,1.
ItowN f COL "• N, Wholesale Grocers.
and Commission March , No. lAA, Liberty
Pn. deal ly_
A. FAHNRSTCICR k Co., Wholosale rd . Eto,
nut Druggists, cortm '2e.:l nod . Glitl , Es,
EGAL - Tr & bolerale Gropers, 0 and
80 Wood street Fittabor h. .
_ CA- ea.A.Nuvry .. Forwarding and Cora .
=salon Merchant., Bnsin, PuGbufgll P..
(NOLEMAN, 'HALLMAN tr. Co, in.a.tiocturen of
V Coach and Rho.. Banno4red Azle.
Spring and Plough Steel, Iron, ko. W chance on
Water non Front talents( Pittsburgh.
Aloe, dealers ink Cosa Trimmtngs an Malleable
Castings,. octo
riONTINMI; to mated . ..tore hattnatattatiollortal
V Vaults, Tombs, Read Stones,' Mow el Pieces, Cen
tre sad nor Tops of foreign and domestic Marble, at
a regular and fur pries.
N. B.—Dravring• for Monuments, vaults, Sr. tarnish
ed, of any darnplion. He solicits a share 'of public
peatallege aug9411.1
NM 2. tetoLaM, d 0222 11=112/222.
II & KNNETT, (late English, Gallagher
Elt CO.) Wholesale Grocers, Corallossioo nod Par
warthog Merchants, told deal.. Vrotlace wad Pitts
burgh Itlanntartures, N 0.37 Wood as, between .2d mild
Sd streets,octl
COCHRAN - , C0M1113.1031 and Foorording
Merchant. No. 20 Wodd aural. Plod. , reh. myl7
1101LH, 1.10,A46W. FACTORY.
HAMILTON HIRWART. manufactarer of Heavy
Shining., Cheeks, &e., Rebecca street, sta y of
Allegheny. norls-illyo
---- -- - __ .
11. LEE, lelreCessor to _Murphy k 1...-, j Wool Deal
. er and Commission Merchant, for the sale of
American Woolen. Liberty. opposite sth at. febl7
.__ . ._ . —
WIl. FILL., 130.0102000.
IL r.scmcsost, 00000.00 V1Z..., i pha . d ..
n. c. becalorox, 1.10 1 A. W 1 1 5. ,1 1
HLD 11 IfUCHNOR, Tobacco Commission hier
casing, 41 North Water et, k 10 North Whary ea,
Phila. nor3U-tf
ISAIAH DICKEY & Vo., Wholesale Grocers, Cow,
minion Merchants, and dealers in Produce, Nos-513
ater. and 107 Front tore., Pittsburgh nova
B. CANFIELD, Date of Warren, tutto,) Commis
e/ i yon anß Fctrivercing Merchant, and wholesale
er:ler m Weuern Reserve Cheese, Bauer, Pot and
Pearl Ash, and Western Produce generally, Water
meet, between Smithfield and Wood, Pittsburgh. ap3
ITOHN WATT; (successor to Ewagt Ic Gebbart,)
Wholesale Grocer and Commission Merchant,
ealer in Produce and Pittsburgh
r fdimufaetures, cor
ner of Liberty and Hand streets, P ittsburgh Fa. ial26
1 AMES. fi Me7DUIIIE, (lam of the 6 of Algeo and
1 11 McGalrr,l Merchant Tailor, St. Charles Buthllav,
Thurd streeS_near Wood, 'Pittsburgh.
JAMES A. HUTCHISON, y. Co.—Sueceoeori to
ill flutehii6n & Cotammaton Merchants,
sod Arcata of the M. Louis Steam Sugar Rablicm.
No. 45 water and 92 front .trot.: Pittsburgh:
B. DILWORTH &Co , tc times ale Grocer. Pro
data and Commission kletclthis, and Apia's
the Round Powder Co. of ts. V., No. 27 Wotsl
D. MORGAN, Wholesale Draggiik, and deiti
tWJ es lo Dye Sara , Paints, Oils, Vaibuslies, Az, No. 03
aid guest, ono door South of Diamond Alley, Piss
burgh. janl
AISIF43 REZA, Jr., It Co., lencoessortnioseph G.
I;tto,/ StoliChanillats, 35 Water streeL .31
IORN H. MELLOR, Wholesale and Retail dealer
in Mode, and Musical . Instruments, School Boots,
Pape; Slates, Steel Pens, quills, Printers' Cards, and
Stationary generally,No,El Wood si., Pittsburgh.
hmITL . O2r taken io ithde seplp
JSCHOONMARER A Co, Whoiesalc Draggisth,
• No. 04 Wood rm. Pothhur: h.
IOHN D. DAMS, Auctioveer, corner rah alp oo
tP streets, Pittsburgh: two:
JGIENSTON to STOCKTON, Bookseller', Printers
it and Paper Manufacturers, No. 44 Market st., Pitts.
1 710110
J&IL FLOYD, (Imo J. Floyd k C.o.,).Wholessle
Grocers. No. 192 Liberty street. sep3
TAMES DALZELL, IXbolcsale Grocer, CC13.1111/101.1
fame/mot, end dealer Produce .ml Ilusburgh
Jdanufacturen. No. 24 Wow! . n., Mltstmmb_ ms ic
.. • •...! 4011 N hi. TO*Ne/PiD, Druggis old Apothecary,
-,4,11 "Sim 457kleerketat.oirree deers sbovilTbire v. Pam
, burgh, will hams oon.tandy unhand is sea selected Ks
sormsent of the best saddreshest filetheiney which he
. mill sell on the most teasoosble terms. rhyffiCl.ll.llll
®ding orders, will be promptly Intendedly:4AM sop.
bedvrith snicks they may rely opouns gegyitne.
Physicians Preseripuons will be sitaileittely and
• =y prepared from the besprantelials, at say beer of
.My or night-
Also for sale, a largeetock of fresh nod good Perfu
mery. Mal
11:5 & JONEATt'oriirse;long
chants, Deiterr in 'Produce and Pitminuph mum
eurred •nricleo;tanal Basin, near Tdoid:
JS.,EINNEDI, CD U-M E CO., Alunuhtuurors of very
superior 44 81sesuags, Curp s ielilkuln, Cotton
Timone sad Baulog. ja3o-ty
Vaiiiviu." Iron Wo
lEWIZ, DALZLLI.a. Co., manutisotarers of all st-
J Zus W ar Sbact, bailer Iron
wadi(an Nails of the nen
quality. ehousa, Itt water l* frata .-
j[..,8 NATEBMAM, WOoicluile GmOm Fromm
ing and Commisuon Morclooa, DeLoor to "Pan.
nrjgh glanufactores and Prodono, Non. :11 Water at i
t. rl and ea Front m
180:14111I• • .
OOKING GLASS Manufacturers, and WhOlesale
JU dealers In foreign and domestic Variety Goods.
Western merchants, Pedlars and others are invited
to call and eramine the prices and insality ofonr stock,
... with one present ummased faelliues in nianatamer..
Pm and purchowng, we think me man offer . great
imlneements to bnyersoa any other house weinof the
Blonetaiant. m_e-ly •
MEN mali. it. flood.. ViA.LTHA C. 800.
IyIeGiLLS RUE, WhOleatde firoceri and Commis
%ion Merchants, No. 104 Liberty' W., Pittsburgh.
jet _ -
IlliPl4l WILSON A CO, (late Jones, Murphy
IV.I Co.) Wholesale Dealers in. Dry. Goods, No. 49
Wood atreng, Pittsburgh. novtl
s.. sox. 0. stmts...
iyl ALLEN A. CO., Musa
and Forwarding
Merchants, Water mud Front stn., between
Wood and Market sic . l oo6
ILL RICAETSON, Wholesale Orouers and
Mernhant.., No.l7o,l d iberty:st, Pitts
& P. patl4
MATTIIEW WILSON, Fortran untraintniurePau).
ter. Boor., corner of Post (Mace Alley and
Forth tweet, entrance on 4th near Market.
NNHOLMES A SON, Nu. 53 Market et., second
a de/or horn corner of Fourth, dealers to Foreign
and Domestic Hills of - Exchange, Certificates of Depot
n, Bank Notes and Specie.
OollectiOns. mad on all the urine-teal cities
thughouuhd United State. deer/
• -
NI3I.IOaIAIiTES., Atnazstare- - -01fice, Foot& at,
third door above Smithfield, wadi side.
orsymicing of all laud. done with the greatest
care end accuracy. '
Titles le heal Estate eitmined,,rce. Oets l ( 6 lY
- rrnibeaciesta Pollee Wanes
O. 108 FOC6TII STREET.--Cornmining Marti.
ALntexas Surd- Chief of Police ' Dosser
Grfl, Jal6-d31:101
El4itolberts in. b.,
Oirribuauc SUItUEON, ;rill attend to the treat.
MGM of Diseases of the Eye.
Dr. 11.. has been engaged m uns branch of the meth.
cal profusion for stamen ears, and yam conducted an
eaUllishment for the licatment of diseases of the rye
alone for several yearl.
Oradea and residence, corner of SitOdnidrY a sad
Strawberry alley, Allegheny city. ' actLl
, PEKIN TEA STORE .tic. 72 Fourth
"010 - ; st,nenr Wood—All queonnet Of Orion and
Black Teen, done np , in qtntr,. hilt, ikon
o.op~~ Packages, Mg, r Agt. fre t "" Yek . : n per pound
R°BERT MIAMI, Whoiesure Grocer, iteoutymil
i Die - tiller, dealer ho Produce, Puisburgh Dhinufac
teXes,und ell kinds 'cit Foreign rind DCOSBC•iIe Wine.
and I.Jouore, No. it lAberly sheet. Chi hood a very
!are stuck of superior old hiououruhela Whorkey,
Pi:lntl will he sold low for cud,. ap15:11
• -
apyfai itosimutai, SAXrit. rustriergs.
ROIJIN4iON lc Co, WitoligsgleGcsigert, Produce
and Cittligmtigkitliferrhants, and Oculars tit Mts.
IThsaufacturegi Do Lamm , at., Pittsburgh.
Pa. • Pittsburg
ISEILT LIALZISI2 , tel Co., Wholesale Osocera,
Commalgloo and Forwarding Merchants, dealers
Proddee and Fahsbarga blanufaelhres, Linerty
eittsburge, Fn. f01e.14
.01/1. A. CLIISININUHA3I, Wholesale tarOCAT'
Des/er in Produce and ratsborgb Alanalsetures,
.144 I.l,eety et. tyl2
bIi'VNULLni, it MU, Foriaardsng and Consults/o¢
.114, /Merchants, for the Allegheny Weer Trade, steal•
en in.Grocertes, Produce, Pittabrugh hl.ufactures
and Chionde,af
Tnehighestprices t in cash, paid at all times for coon
tr, Corner gra...4 Irwak.rhh.
0 innsr k JOHNSON, Wholesale ILII d Retail Dealers
He illinery ("nods, Laces, liOniel7 nnd
Artielee. No. Anninrlket street, JO door *boy. T1. 411. ‘"
Vittslin' • kat,
I. C. Zuwc.J..ali,
• W; svho-k.w. Deidoll to
Fornign and DOM c Dry 0004. No. 09 Wood et.
it W. lIARB4II H, Wpol 51osem3ts Dealers
O. in Now and Prod co generally, od l Poils9s9ing
mod" Commission ?kitsch/I-nu, No. &Maier fit., Pitts.
CrD33TII, BAGALEY & Co., Wholesale Grocers Cod
Produce dealers, No. tYT Mar keihtract, between sth
and 61h.. North !ode, Philadntphia. navy
w. silts - rsniraBll.toes rhino., ssairs.s...
t i ELLERS & NICOL:3 7 Produce aad com.
saiwou Iderchefits, No. 17 leiberly at. , Palabasgts.
perm, Liusecrl sad Lard . •
L*ih VON BONNIIOR,Sr, a. , Wholepl.
era, Foreratiiipg arid Conumslion Merchants,
Pittsburch N , lnnufactures aye Western
boo, kayo romovo.olo hen . new , sraregecuse,me
corner of tont and .y L.
WROTH dc SCOTT, liibolega: , iandlietaxi dealer; IT
1 Boozer Almost TrUnka, Curritt.laag, 6.
0 me, 411&, rit4bus.:tl,Pa.
b 3Eat t Nvirtesx!ie Glace" nod comma..
i na rb .. .l2icn . a accent 111 . , uce,
w .W 11.90.14, Dealer in . Wracbeit, Jewelry,
• H. e er Ware,OlittaY 0 00,1 14 4 , No. b 7 Mar
a -04
.• .
.- •. , -.-
- . .
. , • -
1 •
-...--,.....,..,..,,,,...--..-,„, ..„....-- ~, ....,.... „•.. ~,,,,,,,--,,,,,,,...„.„.. , „-_,......—,- . _ . . , . . . „ ,
• ,
'7' :H•1 ,' i 7...) - ,7:1 :', ? ' 's ~ ,-- - ~, -• •s, .•s ~ 7
T .. z .
, r ... . .
•ll • '..,
.. ,
~• •
• ~.,„..„ .:
S , if
, iki . -..,y,i_ ',..51 7 :: • . - 7:
• ' • • ''''
' 1.
tj,7 & i‘PCANDLESS, lanocesson to L. &J. D.
yy Wiek,) Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding and
Cortur6soin .111ere&aots, dealers in Dom Nails, Glass,
Lemon Varna, and hosburgh 2danufaconres generally,
Wend and Wetcr Ptusbarsh•
vue:fr DOWEN—Commosion and Forwarding
Ty Merchant. N 0.90 Front st. between Wood and
Markel streets. febni
W. WALLACE, Mill stone and Mill Famrsh
, y estalilistunent, No. 344 Liberty in- near the
canal ma r 35
. . . _ .
WWIL iRLIRP,DN' t Wholesale and Retail dealer
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, north cast
corner of Market and Foumb star augll
IAT M. YOUNG & Co.—Dealers in leather Ltda.. rec.
143 Liberty st.
eVerreattosc rorim.aCcurcnumh
- - -
W& R_ 2 VCUTCIIEON, Wholesale Grocers, dea
lers In Produce, Iron 111•1111, Glass, and Pm&
burgh Manufactates generally, 162 Liberty id, Ptts
W deck
W.W:AiN.Watates,leweiry, Silver Ware,
• fi.
and Minutry Goods, corner of Market and 4th
streets, Piusbergb, Pa. N. D.—Watches twd Clocks
Cat dee{
Wii.l,lAM &Unit, AlatLe
iolllrer of Cowan and
- colored Linen, Friwi for Dresses, &c., Scartng
Stlk and colored Cotton Fnugeit for silk and glnghtun
Parasols. Gimp. Mohair, and Silk Bullion Pringes,
madeJto ordni on the shortest nonce.
. . . . • • ••
Sruhk. corner ofhlatilen Lane and Willtain, entrance
No SS William street. third Boor, over Abner & klysit
store N 63 Maiden Lane New York
, o _ iy lb_
WA: Al. .1111TCHELTREE, Wholesale Grua,.
t Acetifying Distillers, and Wine said Light,.
ge ' rebants. ALso, Importers of Soda Ash and Bleach
tag Powder, No. 160 Liberty street. Plttsburgh, l'h
sera. _
-- . - -
iviettee PETTIORMW A. Co.,
On-m., Alums M. AIL." tr. Co.
oct.ll No. 42 Water street.
Th. Franklin . Fare instsroom Co. of .Philadelplita.
I.) ll lo E biT4 t3 rgo Ct' er . ; i" S am uel t " :2:: ` . i. T .o h :rs t mt -
Gcr W Richard., Mordecai D. hewn, Adolph° E.
Dyne, David S. Brown, Monts Patmrson,
Camas.. N. Ilauciraa Preaident.
Charlet G. BanCker, Secretary.
Continue to mato anaconco, perpetual or.nnited,
on every description of property to town Mr country,
at rate. n Into .sure consistent with security.
To Compisny havorcserred a large cooungent Fund,
which with.Derr capital and Prmmums, aathly invest
ed, afford ample protection to the amazed.
The omens or the company, on January lat. 'Mu. as
publushed 'ammea.bly to an net of 11...embly, were an
fallowA o via .re.
Real :state
Temperer. Loans
Cash, :cc.
81-.T.H.46 , 4 71
Stoop their incorporation, a period of 19 years, they
bare .paid upwards of one million four hundred Moo.
and dollars, losses by fire, thereby alforthog evidence
El . the advantages of inaomnee, as well as the ability
and di/position to meet with promptness all
marl-dly Mee 71 E corner Wood and 3d
EPOIIY FINNEY, Jr, Agent at Pittsburgh for the Del.
warehtetno4 Safetylostuanee Company of Phila..
adelphiA Fire Risks upon buildings and merchandue
of every deaermtion, and Marine Risks upon bull, or
carpi:ma of vessel., taken anon the moat favorable
ten.. .
Othee to the Warehouse of W. B Hoar., .1. Bro.,
N 0.37 Water, new Market creel, Ptusburgh.
N. B.—The &access of this Company since the eatati.
lishnneut of the agency in tins city, with the prompt
/Jess and liberality with which every claim upon diem
lor tdas has been adjusted, fully warrant the agent in
writing the confidence and patronage of his friend, and
the tommunity at large to the Delaware M. S. lose.
ranco Company, while it has the additional adv
on institution among the most floaristung P=
ptua—os having an ample paid-in capital : winch by the
operation of its charter to anima:lndy Increwing, as
yteldhig oi each person insured his due share of the
profits of the company, without revolving him in any
respotutitolity whatever, and therefore as pro:mewing
the Mutual priucgple divested of every obnoxious fest.
tore, da most autictiVe (OM tior4
Info . ateitiNw. INSURANCE.
'yak Ineuraucts Company of North America, through
1 as duly titalthrized Ayunt. the subscriber, alien
make permanent and limited Inouranea Otl property, at
this City and lu viesuity, and uu shipments by the Cu
rial tool ktic n.
sornq W. Jones,
tiennard timnh
John A. Brown,
Jobs Mute.
Moans P. Cope,
Saranoi S.nah,
Saxaoc I Brov4
IDuatt D. SIISLILE11), Seey
This Is thr oldest Insurance Company In the United
States, having heen chartered in 1.111. Its ehnrier
perpetutil;miti from its high standing. long expenen«,
ample meant and avoiding all, risks of an area hut
odious diarsetrt, it may be considered u oirtemg am
ple security to thr public. W P. JONLI.U.
alt." . the Clowning Room of Arwood, Jonrs Co., Ws
ter and Frontal/eels Pittsburgh mays
rrofection IfMinim Co. of Hartford, Conn
ll PUND.—The undamped, tiering been apintinieti
Agent of the Proteetton Laurence Co , will take risks
on property to the city sod sterna), end on shipments
by canal, end the rimers and lakes.
P.O k Err I: utto WN.
Offiee, No. lei %Cowl street
THU SU : he h. Lees appointedA4er: pro
tear. oi the lusuraoce Corry.orny of North Amerma,
andsiflll /Inc robbieb sad attcue to the other business
of the Ag%d:y. at thew arehouse of Atwood, boor, b.
, ... apl . 2 WNI I' /ONES. water id
O. R. 11/011.110 8.1,411.1X1...
OH A.R.Lz w rc. D&NENHOWER & CO.
TOBACCO GUNIC/18801 1 1 Alliffl.llllTS,
N 0.59 South Wharves, No. 117 Booth \ Voter st_
• PHIL f.
ptixis to inform the ,rom and dealers gm, of
Pittsburgh, that they ca v e made sorb arrtiagt tavtts
h the Virsbilti rarnolliacareri •nd the Grown" of
the West, \test lathes, 111.11 oilier places, as will off
large and constant supply of the following descop
dons of Tobacco, which will be sold upon as accom
modating terms as any other louse in tots city or else
where, and all goods ordored from them will be war
rentod equal 10 mpresentouom
Havana; Domingo; Conn.;
Yam; Porto Rico; Penn's-, ',Stied Leaf to
a; Igauto fr.. Florida, S. baeug
ALSO-13.a.ach's celebrated Aromatic Bag Caven•
dish, watt • forge usortmeat of miter popular brands,
and qualitm vi pounds, Is. 12s, Um and Ws, Lamp;
se, 6, es mmt DM Plug;
,Lashes' Twist, Virpota Twist,
fee. •arcce and plam, to whole and hell mum, wood
sad an, top•ther with aviary variety of oracle belong•
ing to the male. feladly
to Reed, Hurd & Co ,)
Panicalat tantalum paid to the sale of all hunts of Pre
duce, and liberal advances made ou conargamenre.
L. B. & Co. have Rave to refer to—
Mews It Robison &. Co.
hteom & BAB,
Reed, Parts & Co., Beaver,
v Loom. Covode Wellsville, U
Roswell Marsh, E;q. tileubenville,
EL Heady, Ell.q.
W P Paterson, Esq l . v
n R Crangte & Co.
Gill & stoat,
Rhodes & Ogleby, Bridgeport, 0.
Commission Merchant and Forwarder,
Ur' Paruculas attention paid to the purchssing of
f any article of Produce in thts market. Amo in the
• warding of Goodsgeneratly Refer to
Meg. rs. John gummy A Co,
Martin A Stockwell i•Cmcmoun, 0.
O. C. Parkhurst, Esq.
Lim: Simon A Co.
Kier & Jones,
Eoglteh & Bennett,
}Piniburgh, Ps
COMIXIIJ•1011 and Forwarding Merchant.
no. 20 WOOD sr., rrrrasenon,
GONTINUES to tronsnet, a general Comentssion bust
tom, especially IL the purchnse and sale of Mam
ean histauLactures and Produce, and to receiving and
forwarding (ktards cornagned to his care. As Agent the
tha Alanuftientres, beall be constantly supplied with
the principal entries of Pittsburgh Slanufientre at the
lowest wholesale prices. Orders and constglortenu
are respectfully solteiont. 697
, ERCIIANDItIE BROKER uid Comnueslon Mer•
chant, No. 36 ooh Prod street, {second story,)
Philadelphia. E r Utkoals purchased, packed, insured,
and chipped or d.. Wool, Flo., Oraln, Dried
'Fruit and Cheese received on consignment and suit
age, with insurance obtained.
IlLecniedices—Win. Nell a Soo, Sir. 11. Flighy; and
Mr. Harvey Childs, Pittsburg.h.
WHOLESALE 0D.00E11.8,.
FOBWIIIIIhU AhU 0031111188108 11E11CRO7
Iron, Nails, Cotton Yarns & Pittaburgh
Manufacture. generally,
NO. wooc rms.. rms. anti,
For the Bale of Produce generally.
l o,r. Liberal advances made on conetgameet,
Commie:ion and Forwarding Agenit
yd. lIARTOBI, Pittsburgh, will receipt Produce
!ping East febl4d2is D. & C.
In , and Dade - sin Foferign and Dome:du
Saddlery Hardware .1; Carriage Trimming',
Mos 133 Wood sit, Pittsburgh:4 Pa.
IBnow rem:dung his Spllng supply st Goods, and
Invites the Ist:milieu o( Bad dlen Coacbmakers and
Merchants to hinstanC. It has been bought upon lbw
best terms, Prom the bent worse. and he therefore
feels confident of being due' to afford satisfactiod to
ha who may favor him with a. call. m e
T _
0 Mk:RH
Jonason, 46 Market street wishing to close their
Swok of Variety Goods previous to their removalordl
nen at wholesale their stock at Combs, Buttons, Nee
-1 dies,Threads, Pins, Jewelry, &a., at cost. 11. &J. well
remove en April 2d, to No 69 Market et meta ,
- -
HARDY, JONES & Co., isuccessors to Atwood,
Joni, & Co.) Osnamlsamu and Forsmding Mer•
eltsals, desdess m Pdtsbuish Manttfitotured Goods,
rtstsbarp, P.. rad??
WILL rho mend to collections and all other busi
ness earl:tined to him to Butler and Aralgt2Ong
counties. Pa. Refer to
I 13 SWEITZF.R. At:.•rutt et Late. office 3.3 •t ,
opanstte St Casein. Hetet, Pantbanta. veal also
attend protaptly o Colleettoan, to ‘Vtattunttnon FIT..
and Omen tonnes, Pt
Blackmock, Bell A. Co.,
Church le Carotheyw I.Pitudiurgh
D T. Forgan,
J. RENRY, Attorney' and Councellor at Low.
Cincinnati, Ohio Collect tor. to Southern 0100.
rod in Indiana, and in Kentucky, promptly and corn
fully attended to Committnoner fer the Bt.! of Penn
sylvania, for taktng Depoeitionr, acknowledgmenu,
fee he.
Rwrim ny—Hon. Wm. 801 l 8 Son, CUM, Church
carothers. Wm. Hays, DN.. Wsltems fr. DI. IX. 093
A TTORNEV AT LAW. Other removed to Fourth
street. between Smithfield and Grant street.
Tlum.op & SEWELL, attorney ni Low, Wires on
Sranhfiold, between 3d . 4in sts
- - -
11. NANKIN, Attorney find Counsellor at Law
Jand Commissioner for the State of Pennsylvania
St Louis, No., (late of Pittsburgh.)
Itassimacm.—Pituburgh: Hon W Forward, Ilarop-
An & WCandless & M'Clure, John E Parke.
Dissent. & Semple. arCord & ELM • febkly
4 TFORNEY AT LAW. Fourth street, between
/I L Smithfield and Grant. jal2-d6m
Will. C. FRIEND. — _
ATTORNEY AT I.AVV. Fourth .trees, near Want.
VET O. li. ROBINSON, Attorney at Law. nee re
,' moved hie Gam to the Exchange Buittltngs, St.
Blur in., next door to Alderman John., apl7ly
ji(Successors to M'Cord & King) iga bi
P••hlonable Ilatt•iso
Corner of IVmd mu! FlitA Struts.
ARTiCULAA attention paid to our Retail Trude.
Genttemen can rely upon getting their Hats and
Caps from our establitihment of the near rases:lusts and
seuegyaroarre, of the unmer neet-En. and et the LOWINIT
Country Merchants, purchumne by wholesale, are
respectfully invited to call and ezmulie our Stock, an
we can any with confidence that as mew& QCLUTT
and TRICII. a will not Mlle in a conaparlioin with any
bowie F ... lnladelphia. febl7
CALIFORNIA HATS-12 dor water proof
California Hats lust received and for male by
Irc,,RD fr. Co.
lehll corner sth and Wood no
61,037 439 41
• 61,7331 17
• 96,001 65
53,53.1 .15
34,604 3"
M'CORD Co will Introduce on Satur.
dhllliday,slareh sd. the Spring style of HATS
Tito. in want of neat and imparter hat. are Invite
to call at corner of sth and Wo , td atreeta mart!
has now open a supply of s prom Boon, flatibolis,
of new and handsome styles.
Also, new style fig'd Netts, I.lsle Lace. end Edg
ings; Liacußdrangs, Victors do, plaid M o.lto and
Jaconets, embroidered Sense Moulton, .&r.,heti,. a
!rule 0.111.021M0111. of llf ring .
oods generally, at north
east corner 4th and Market streets.
Wholesale Rooms no rtstr•
Dr. liose'l Celebrated liemedics.
riH JACOB S. ROES, the dt.covere r and sole
pnetor of them moor portst!er nod benefie.el med
icines., and sins th e torenior or the celebrated inmen
rnent for Inthititlg the Long,effecutm a core of
Chronic diseases, was a • {Ude! of Mat eminent plias,
man, Doctor Phy.rC d!• a 6 radume of the Um arm,
ty of Pennsylvania., mid for thirty yet.r,sMee has beer.
enraged in the investigation of disease. the appir•
canon OT remedies thereto
l'hrough the we of his taflanng tuba. in coil eciroo
with lus Prophylaehe Syrup and other of ins rein
ho has gained an unparalelled eminence . arms
those dreadful and fatal maladies, Tubercular Con.
suroptton, Cancers. Scrofula, Ftheumnican horn ma,
Fever and Ague. hewers on nil kinds. ChTolllr Krya, pr
ies, and all thew ohounate diereses peculiar to tetisa.'es
Indeed every form of chaease v.o.hrs under the ii sr
of Ins rented., to which Mullah/1y is be,r—not up 1, to
ase of ane compound only. or that ia incotaputtb 'c
grub Physiological Law. but hv the an. of hill mem -
dies, adapted to and prescribed l'Or each pee u,ahr torn
or disease
Chums Taylor,
Ambrose IV bite,
Jacob M Thomas,
John R Ned . ,
Richard D Wood,
Wm. Welsh,
Fruics Um:liens,
b...1u," A.W.OOr,
Dr. Rose•• Tonle Aliarauve .when U.ed at,
rartzthly astnovriodgett to he r,ltyr-nor ro .11 whet. wa
a purptneo or liv, Inasmuch N. rl,, y ,• •v. •
howels pertechy free Irma •• •st.. al-e h..
Golden is ado:tined 1,) locally to posse pe
lint properties adapted IC letnale diseases, hat
strutted thai a bare train la Stlfil••Ift11I la estabiun what
has been said in thewud• of the most skeptical
The tinseled ere malted to cal upon the agent, nod
proedre (emus) one of the Doeuhrt yarn plaints, gialog
a detailed ACCI.III/ of each remedy and its ipplication.
For sale by the following arch., as well a. by most
Druggists throughout the eottutry:
J kchoentonker k Co, 04 Wood street. Pltuaborgh.
1 :11 Townsend, druggist. 4.5 Market at
Lea A beekharn, - near P Ileatten!, lit).
Jo. Barkley, Darlington, Rea net county, Pa
Juo V.l.iot,_.E.unon V , •
T Adams. Deaver. •
11.4; , .11. PAIN IN Till: S'iDE AND
RELY—llaving a for woe bean di•,,s•ed
ultta a sove:e blunt° she .we and cher, necoropan.ed
Name dry row; n. I was Induced. upon Lut urger: sol.
citation 01 a cod, 10 Dr Taylor, Sari ot I.Jaer •
wort, and I Int,t nay thl. n:m.di,m• hal sotevecred
parposs admirably My dtatres* ven• pn .d red by a
severe hurt and was no great that a was Iran doteulty
I cou.d .W 1.00 %. ray food. Indeed, I am.atisfied this
diseafte 11101“ to led in Consumpt. on. or roma.,
lata dnseuse, nad si not been cured to. th • iuthetnus
med.c:ne ro arbn s.ek to prolong t. nett .1000, I
Would adv..< the use of Dr. Taylor's m of lA•er
w?" JAMF) , 60W AN bowery
Phu inedielite factatates expectoration. reiNees fe.
ver, re•bire strebgth, and mayconstilered a• a 411-
penal. prep...lan for the cure preve, on
di seasos in ,he Chest and lain, and •tiould resot i•
ed to, Oven idler these thwaW• ' have roomed the usu•
al remedies In the pi - active of thts obi arid very re
spectra, pliyoic/an, lbw Balsam of Lsverwort ha. a• .
quirril an notable reputation for its virtues. et. supe
rior to that of the abundant nos trim. of the day, en
was the character and probity of ite inventor. to that
of quack. and empirics
CON,ILINIPTION Ct.:YU:a—My .on aarmg a vio
lootcold, used to cough violently, rsagtog quad be. ot
thick putrul cmer, sad finally be could not tont over
it, Led, t'toto wealtne..s. lie 1911ntfe,acti every Tope
WM. TIM/11.1N,
Butler, Pa
J. it. R_ - Floyd, Liberty xt
W. NV. Wallace, do
Jame, Mantuall do PktAbwzb
Kay tc Co st
tom of remhrened co.tromption. For ma year. he had
been ailbjeet to the union.. Hi, phystetao.. kle• , r‘
Vermou:e & Altdermaa, mad ho e. wrabl and
toti.l soon de.. Vol I was determi ned ur try Dr. le,'
tor'. Balsam of Liverwort, owl &mange 1.• it may ap
pear, that medico. hoot fully restored hi. heal tit
SOPHIA IiALLUN, II Norfolk atroei
Sold In Pittabornb by J U Niorgan, V 8 IV° od et . J
Towneend, 45 Idatl,n At . nsmyret. COT Ma rant and
3d N.; liender.on 6; Co, 5 Lato,rty et Nneo
to 1.1.50 per bottle laYl
Jay - rsie• , Expo ctoramtr
Scum. Colunariaon co., 0., Apr. dl, Icli.
D. JAY:I:EH' Lacs thar—l (not bound to you
L and the tamed eu to resod myself of rum ap
pOrtonny of gram g :oo:.11c htic,
to the extraordinary effects
otyour Expecte rant on myself. Has mg been affirmed
for several year. 7•11/1 aaevem rough, beetle (ever
and its conconotant diseitagc and seemed only doomed
to linger out a shoo but maseruble existence. until the
fall of WM , when. being more to rely Atureted. and
basing resorted to all my to rater rear ethea, and the p re.
acripttone of two of the meat respectable ,shystetaris
the netthborhoorl without den ring any be oat, or the
consolation of surviving 'Jai a fess : days re weda at
furthest—when the last gleam of hope mca about in
vanish, I had recommeo ded to me your khepectoratit—
and bleared by that Rau ig who does all !hangs to the
use of the nmans—cad contrary to the IlipeCtallOn• of
my phyaictons and (hands, I was in a few days raised
from my bed, and was enabled by the nor of it bottle. to
attend lb my businesa, enjoying .nice better health than
I had for ten years ph.vious.
Reapectfully yours, be., Jas. W. Ertlll.
For sale hi luttstrargh, at the Pekin Tea Slum, 7V
Fourth street rnmeffi
1,1,1.r51 ATl°tme . Vrse , N , Ell —he mgh
Vinegar render it um 'opener to Cologne water ior
the ordinary purpo• rs ef the toilet, surpecung the lat•
Mr to its pertunte it prevents and removes pimples, '
letter stud asperity re the *kit, it refreethms and white,.
the aklo, rradeting it toll arid Nam., It corrects the
hater and bher taitte themouth, imparung a fresh
and pleasant breath. Itc oanses cid white ns the teeth, and hardens roma For all the above pu
poses, u t.omd with water n ouch nrodoruen as may
foe y tnhallng it and rffialuitg
it On Met
emples. it chi rem eve headache. If uppited
tastantly to a burn or brut.e,it willvventnally pre sent
mewl...ion etrrect vit.ated air, and guaranties
from contagion; it IV thrlefOre very useful for purifung
and perfuming tips rtmcnm. For sale t.,
R F. SELLERS, Wholcsay Druggist,
mch.7l 67 Wood street ffittshargh
FIN la to oe 'lffy that I purchased one viol of Iry
Worm Spe-effie, tome two months ago
and post to a so of none. some seven yeus. old. two
nininseXinsi fall, end ulthottgit the amount may appear
'ro, T.,. 1 have no doubt but mere upwarla of
rum Trcsoan. worms lituokni front him, rammunog
Soto oast quarter of an Inch to two inches long.
Roma'. 'tack, Corral oe. Tenn. Ike 0. 1-47 ,t 12.1
S ka.D.RS' IN (it UItllA
'ln, 1-19
51r. H. R. Seller,.—Sour Versnauge has said a
cad hna been highLy spoken of by at! who bass trout
It. From the armee. , attending the lientlinglre:lo/1 or
your Vernufuge to every cave I have heard Of. I run
confident can sell more during the corning season
•Mati I did hut I aril. oc. pad to reeeme another sup
ply oftorb groom. k our. respect .
[Entrant from letter., ItCARTER
Prepared and sold by IC E. SF-1.1.1 57 WOOd st,
and sold by druggists generally. In P 1 tmuurgh and Ai
legituv pbte.:
111a11111017 -- Z. g• rbribthh. 80. a.
" d . sY to' Lis, AU.
'TILE subscriber has removed his Wholesale Grace.
r)* Store to the corner of Hancock street and Al.c-
IthenY Wharf, next door to the Perry House
mell27.aixf JOHN F PERRY
Al'ltlL—Justoienii7g, • ittrge seleate4 assort.
noon of tine Watches and Jewelry, Which wit)
be sold est:beep as in eliy wther establishment be this
or the tune. mune.
Also--A large tot of earitmqnone Watches and Jew
elry, at very low prices. Fall jewelled IT karat timid
Levers, eis Wete u thlro.five dollars.
W W W11.14)N,
inah2o corner 4th and market sts
I , or Greenwood CiArdena.
(rtHE new told fast ntang ittestn bunt THOMAS
SCOIT, leaves the Greenwood Wharf DIM. at the
Point, every half hour dustily the day, landing at the
gArden gate.
A foie collection of the Choicest breenueuee Plants
arc for tale in the (elude.. lee Creams and other re
freshments (attached in Lbe vadoons
_ ........ -
b onn etoguo pm
at the shortest [mute Orders
left at the I:hari ill receive prompt
crams. ovel
FjOIE co-partnership heretofore existing bemireen the
j subscribers, in the name of Friend. Rimy it Ca .
was thin day dimived by mutual amsens Geo. Rimy
will mole the bu•ineaa of the concern, for which im
pose he of authorized to use the name of the firm
The subscribers have this day assomated themselves
in the name of RHEY, MATTHEWS et Co.. for the
purpose of trrill.ttinif a general Heronry. CarralliSliOU
and Forwarding Rosiness, at the stood oLthe law firm
of Friend, Rhey A. Co., where they will be pleased to
receive the patronage of the customers of that hoese
and our frimlds.
We Mke pleasure ta recommending to the couldeime
of our friends and those of Ftiend, Rhey ft Co . our
success°, in business, Riley, Matthews & C 4.
TIE eo-parmership heretofore existing between the
subsertbers, in the name of ConaSbie. Burke &
Cu.. t• this day dissolved by mutual mamma. Mews
Burke is Barnes will mettle the business of the con
cern, for which purpose they are nuthonsed to us, the
name aline concern. NATHANIEL CONSTABLE,
The undersigned have this day associated themselves
in the name of BURKE R. BARNES, 10T the purpose
of anufacturing Fun Proof Sales. Vault Duo., a.-
he., m at the stand of the late firm of Constable. Barks
& Co. where they wtll be pleased to receive the pa
tronagc of the custornergbfthat house and their nts.
In miming (rota the firm of Consts!tle, Barka tc Co ,
I with omen, plentture recommend hicsers Burke &
Barnet to the confidence of my trend and the public.
usl co Bent
on the let Inst. The business will be closed at die old
stand lqyeither of no, using the name of the Lan for
that purpose Being desirous to have our business
closed with so little delay as possible. we would re
spectfully request those Indebted to call and settle
then, accounts JOHN I)MTCORD,
Pa 3 H. 1) KING
JOIN D M'CORD havtryr sloth him hr.
brother James lil'Cord, under the style of hrehrd
b. Co, will continue the Hat, Cap and Fur business in
all !ts 111.. branches, wholesale sad retail, at the
old standcorner of Wuod and nth arums, whon they
solicit a continuation of the patronage so liberal!) , ba
moored on the old firm. JOHN D &MORD.
Was S. ]'COED_
N reonng from the old and well known firm of
Al'Cord k. King, I most reepectilly recommend to
patronage of the public my endoderm, Messrs.
to Co gad 11 . D. KING.
- - -
rI'HE partnerrhtp or MURPHY tc LEE day
thetolved by mutual consent. The Ihnchehe of Me
Inge firm wal be ...Jed 11. Lee. J. R. 1111;61'11T,
rhtsburgh, Jar. SO, 1,42 H LEE.
NOTICK—The undersigned satll courame the Wool
online** and attend to we sale Woolen Goods, at
aid stood. II
In retirmg from the firm of klarphy d. Lee, I take
great pleasure in recommending Mr. It Len to rite
confidence of my (nand. and mr pubile.
Plitsbarglt, Jan. 3U, 101. .1 IL MURPHY
MATS aobscrthers have this day assoctated them
selves together for me puipose of transacting a
W110.80.1r and re Dry Goods and Brocery neatness.
.t No TM Liberty. °ppm.. Seventh street, under the
Cl) le arid firm of OUSSIFIk:LD is RAYS.
Pittsburgh. January I. Ist4o
N Ll—Our old customers and the pubis,. art wetted
give us • call.
have entered into partnership, under the firm of
SCAIFI.: h ATKLNSON. and will carry on the Tin,
Capper, and Sheet Iron Ware manufactory
Also. Ellaehanithm, to all its branches at the old
stand of Win It &wade, First tweet, near Wood
IPARTNEFL.IIIP of W. & R. ft.,.
L I,,cen th”olved hy the death of one of the partnere,
thrinterest of «'m flay.. Jr dreeaae4, Is, 1.111
con.t.tAng of tildes. Leather, Shoe. Otl. le, 0,111 be
.old on , he permoote• on the Ibth last
teu:•ld JAILLLS LA Utili LIN, Jidtrunrstrator,
lIIAV k. 111.• day aa , ,,ockarcat wit me in the erhote.
.le uroeory, Produce and Cochmtaaton bacneas,
tou,r Jo•ep.h, under the firm. of J a DILWORT
Jnneary 1. Ir3e
0.• VA T ;ens p—
‘e day asaoefared with hint. John R NP-Gun, the /as.
.her Iff,theeff w. hereafter lee conducted under die
Irn of I;tt;A f , WILLIAM 11x1:NG,
any iNir If M
"VIM fIOOKS -- Lecornea on Pilgrim's Progress unt
the Lye and Tulles or John Dan) try Me Hee .
Ctrs , Cbeever,L. D,
Wanderingsof a Pilgrim or die Shadow of MAY.
Liens . , by Geo Et Chevy, D D
The Journal of the Mann. at Pis month. in Now
I . :betas.. in te2h Iteprintrd from the oriap, al somme,
V•LUI !nor and 11. , e•i 1.11.11..111 , of provident.,
principles and person. by tseory4 II Cheese, D D
. ..second edibmi
Late andorrespoodence ot Jon , . Foster, mined he
1 Ky.and. aids not., aMe Intl., Alla prenctirr
and a ornpartio, Ly John Sheppard—new eattion
The •Irove, .th .erge Clots oi Throtog
tonna., Medico: mid School Book. for I at low
h) r d Krifil.lSlL 79 \ Von , .1,
,noel norsecen 410 Cl and 11.amond alley
Thornton 'ate Judge of the Supreme Court of t
egon—aesth an d.epetoll.r. tuel.adlog reerot and mi
Melo, mlorma.ton the subject 01 the lie.nd :Mon,
and other vs ino,..< rna.ter of ,nterest to the mister,
warn unuacrou• knd map, I vu.., 14+10
51,7 3
The Goid-Seel,crs !Manual, netng a praetteel and
.truci.vr lo •.1 per.oo. ertugraung to the to 'd
region , hy T Arum& Prot of Urology. King . Col
lege. London I vol. paper Zee
Note. of rm.:el in Caltfornm. comprtstog the prom
. nent feature• of the country: aNn the routr from Fort
leravenworm,no,to San Diego, Ca; From the 051.
et al reports of Col. Fremont and Mot. Emory I eel,
WO page. :Lk.
ennlornin horde col:v.11g the last ho
nied work, together with Col Fremont's Geographira:
aeeount a tipper California., and hr. Narrutive of the
hlaTiortne Flipeditiort to the Honey Moan:mac
setth 2 maps—l vol,hvo, paper. 5.,
Rev Hiplll.l W Noel's Work ou the I. of COuroh
and State— I vol. I2mo 11.:t1
/oat reeeived t.
Ore h 22
Apo 4Lh ni
BooK9' UOOKS' . —Edrar , V•ristoon• of Popery.
By 1 0,. ‘: ' , Berry; lenophoo's Work.,Taettu.'
Work., I!!overzsty Berson., by Way len d, Natural
thotory Lae and Two-. of Hen•
r), Lie 01 Itr• firer) Venn. Proverbs of rho reop;o
n( TheopLany,rnrutirestatlon
Chroit, Menarnrs of 1 Powe or
ll Buxton, Bort, llknel Is
all, by Tyuc Hamm. its Import and males, The Akid•
die Kingdom, • role Choever's Lectures on Ptl t rrtm's
Progress, elleever s ‘Vandrrings .of • Pitirrirn in the
Alps, Anderson, Domestic onsatotton, MOdern Ar
complishtnents, Last day. of lili•hts: Women of the
Revolotton, by Mrs Ole, Lair of Potion for ttair by
marlll ELLI,Yrr & ENGLISH.'7I) wood st
HUMAN MAUNETNM—Its claims to dispassion
ate inquiry, being anatv-tept to show the uhltty
of ite appiteatton for the relict 0 , auffertn•, by NS.
Neernhana. lays, author of "The rerlprorel influence
of Body and Allnd." etc The beet wore on the suhleet
published. Pot sale by FILLIOTT tr. EN GUSH,
marl . / 79 wood st
LIFE OF' FRANKLIN, Iliustrated—ln course of
publication is the soeird form, by Harper & Bro
ther, New York, The Ll(6 of Be an Franklin, cau
tioning of hie Autobiography, and a nurmuve of Ms
public life and service, by the Him H. Hotting. Weld,
aptendeb., embellished by numerous e&quierte deal/cat,
by Joan t, Chapman, engraved In the highest Hy, of
art. The work it printed in the octavo form, on oll-
[main,. paper, from bold and legible type. It will be
coati-leo& in eight part, tit corns amen, end tanned
or hole, nnerynnt Each part will be removed en
pre.. inparthalel r alter ne pabliennon Part Ist lu.l
:enivral and Int .ale by
corner market and ad rt•
A lA. the acceasson of Jame II —Vol L.
The ilistory of Alcgauder the (treat by Jacob Alp
bott, watt map and crigravtng.
The tiottory of Chart. the Ftrit of England: by Ja
cob Abbott—elegant engrovoiga.
Harper's Lae of F'rankllnt splendidly embellished
by num... c-tquottic deaigna.b.sto I, 25 cents To
te completed 4 number.. Pictorial litstory of England, up to the reign of
lee. tab to 4 cols, octavo: 1.500 Ulustra-
Apollo Ilutirlirtse,lth st
IrL.AY:t , coal' 01 . , ENG I. ANO, Vox. Il
Vl ,
lo,lllllnm.orks Vol 0
Frank!. ll'a LIM Illustrated—part• II Reid 111
The Ilisiory of Hnnnibaf the Orthagnitan' by /nee , '
Abbott. Illustrated tine, map and numerous cugra•
Adler's (trimmer and EnglishDienoeary. octa
Story of Little .1011/1. from the French of C
non. 111..a10d
Acton, or the Clrele of I.lte A court xon of 'rhols
nod Observattons, dettgned to delineate ltr, Mite and
um World
Han a Romance of Vocation
Arabian Nights Entenninme L.., •
sreendldly diustruted. 0 volt, Nolo
Just resolved by It HOPKINa,
ft Id. Apollo Ilull. 4th st
- •
1/01HISI—Ilittery of Mary quern of non,
Ily Jacob Abbott, wito engravings.
History of king Charlet the F trot. of England 11)
Jacob Abbots, withengratins
History of Alexander We treat tit Jacob Abbott,
wlth engrortnx•.
History of Hannibal the Uartanstinion Hy Jnrn;
Abbott: with engraving,
Received and for tale fry
lob nor market and att.
.1 us t reeuved by
NEW BOOKS-Oregon nod Caltfornia IS1e; uy
J Quinn Thornton, late Judge of the Supreme
Court of Oregon, end eorrestpontling member or the
American Immune With an appentki, inchadint, re
cent and authenue Information oil M. auhledt of the
GOLD MINES of Cattier - run, and other valuable niat•
tee of totem; to the entugronts, etc. %Knit tile...none
and a map. In two volumes.
Raphael; or pages of the book of life at twenty. try
Alphse Jo Lemartine, author of Mc - kliatory of the
Giron on dists, or Personal hlernoiraof the Patriot* of the
French Re•olutlon"etc. Jost receive/ and for .ale
hd •N.
corner magnet end ts
MAP OP PE‘lNSVLVANlA—Conetructed from the
County Survey. anthortzed by the State, and nth
u original document.. Rertecd and improved under
the supervision of Wm.& Morns. Civil Engineer, upon
data procured an each county, under authorny of the
Leglatature A Few copse* of non large and 111,1.31.1
Mop reeetved thul day and for ante by
Booksellers, <or market and 3d ate
• -. • • • -
roc° use ruirsaron t entlettleerollt.
THIS establishment long and widely known as
being One of tbe most eitenntothOcte in the coy of
Baltimore, has recently undergone very exten
sive alterations and improvements. An enure new
wing has been added. containing numerous and nary
ste l etniust i one d :l4 and
. e i lt l ; .. nsi;r d e .o bat e r n g e rido om mt. ne,
reorganised and fined up tn most unique and com pletely
style. In fact me whole arrangement of the House
has ken remodeled, with a single eye on the part of
the proprietors, towards the comfort and pleasure of
their Guests, and which they confidently assert will
challenge comparison with any Hotel in the Union.
Their tablet will unsays be supplied with even sub
atatilial and luxury which the market affords, served
up in a superior style; while in the way of Wines die,
they will not be surpassed.
In conclusion the proprietors beg to say, that nothing
will be len undone on their part, and on the part adieu
assistants. to render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their friends and the public generally.
The prices for board butte also been reduced to the
following rater
Ladies' Ordinary. 14,75 per day.
Gentlemen's •• 1,50
N. B.—The Baggage Wagon of the House will al
ways be found at the Car and Steamboat Landings,
which will convey baggage to and from the Hotel. free
of charge. marllf
The subsenber having assented the manage
mem of this long established and popular Hotel,
respectfully announces to Travellers and the,
Public generally, that he will be at all Omen prepared
to accommodate then In all things desirable in a well
regulated Hotel. The House is now being thoroaghly
repathed throughout, and now Furnnum added, and no
Patna wilt be spored to make the Exchange one of the
TOD - beet Hotels in the country.
The undersigned respectfully solicits a continuanee
of the very liberal patronage the House has heretofore
received. THOkLAI3 OWSTON,
fehOdtf Proprietor.
L - X - 11 - 111.11.TINE 11001311 Es
coirs. OF FOCI.. AND axon natters, ',TIMM..
THE subscriber respectfally annoonc. that
he ha. now opened his new and excellent Hotel
fur the accommodauon of travelers, boarders,
and the public generally. The house and forninue
are entirely new, and nopa, or expenue hove be.
spared to render it one of the .
moat comfortable and
ple.ant Hotels to the city
The subscriber is determined to decree. and there
fore solicits. a share of public paternar.
JACOB HOL'EsH, Proprietor.
. .
I, E VIRGINIA HOTEL, 011 Baltimore 11.ree4 nem'
the Depot. Cumberland, is now In complete order
for the reception and accommodation of the public.
Persons In starch of ea., and comfort, will do well
to patronize tilt establishment—they will find the
chambers clean and nice, and the Table as well far-
Githed BS arty in Cumber! ant at torenty•five
guaranteed as good as any that can be had in the
place, at any price, or no charge. No charge for
trensportation of baggage to and from the car..
nearer IT., SIMI=II Font I.IW rrrrn Ir.
fIP d POSI . TE Bernl! tr of y 4 E l.7 . nited ret,,Ptulo
Pro new..
Bheeklett & IYbite,
TAM' GOODS JOBBERS, 99 Wood .trees- ask the
Li attention of Merchants to their stock of AMERI
CAN AND FOREIGN DRY GOODS, now reeelentg .
direct from hr•t hands.
Receiving regular .upt•lies of first goods durum the
umeon. and devoting • Gaze share of their attention
to Eastern Auction rale, they can confidently assure
hoyere they will nod it to their Interest to examine
their noes. .
received, large invoices of new cry le. Dress
Goode. F.ney Pvtni., Gammen, Mass. Summer
Good.. Lace.. WWI , / G0C414 Irish Linen.. Tailors'
Trio:maze and brown and bleached Bneeung. of cart-
out brands. mar,
Modern and Antique Furnit are,
'O. TIOSO BMW, Prertarraan.
2EA large and splendid ~,
uurtment of Form-ale, F r ., : -.,......, ,, ....-;
mashie for . Smaraboam, " ,. ,r ,..-----, .1..
Holes and private duvet-
Lake, conumny on brad and rondo to order.
The prevent mock on band cannot be eXceeded by
any manufactory to floe wemern country Pumas
walking to porch ue wood So wet: to elm me a call,
as I em Communed my pricer Mall plum Put of
the Mock comas. lc
Tete a Term Hurter Broome.
lon,.XlCho. kr
. onen EPA:knob enaLu.
rle TenPo ,t " ,i,„,
41 I a r•loict.
IAuLL Xo' Commode,
French ?Llannkany BeCem•de. Piano Smola,
Al von. wAlc Put , Etna 11 , 4:1 cloth arum,
50 '4lanorkor Rorking Ccanr4
40 dm Purr, ao
XL . Toner 40
43.cerAre To:Ce,
Ettpa - I , m r‘ l p tir pLer Tehlek
I: :cc., m lop I), , cerLor Pa-cnce:
~ , -trthoOc, . Secrelattel and Book eases.
En mart,. Lop Wash Ararat.
4 parr Latoomme,
ii.pare Marcy Work Sunda;
A very large nuortment of common charm and other
formate too fritverocto to I:n[111110h
nr SLlS th lt e all Boas lo . rze o he . d m on .. tho Mutest
Ohncolittae s - C - O - Com, LosO
1 HN WRIGHT & Co., are prepared to build Conon
W Baker's American and Emrich Chocolate, Prep.- and Woolen ktheltomry of every description, such
ed Cocoa, Cocoa Paste, Broom, Cocessitzticils. &c. as Cardhchg Mmhthes, Spinning Frames, Speeders
TO merchants and C 011.111,1, %rho 1...1L:4 p urr/law 1 Mayans{ Frames, Ra.lway Heads, WUrprni,,
the hest produets of Cocoa. free from oduiteration, Dreasing Frames, Looms, Card Grinder, &e. }t'rought
more nutritious than ura or coffee. and in itholity nom, I Iron Shafting hinted; all nines of Cast iron, Follies and
t h e ro b se r,o er meommends the shone entoles, ! Hangers of the latest patients, slide and band Lathes.
icAnufacturrd ay himself and stamped with ho name, and 1001, of all kinds. Cuunks of every description
His Lima. rat, a cur., peAtuble, funnaked on short notice. Pattern, made to order
and salutary drinks ler inrnltin. conva,cricents„ and Mill Geanng, Iron Railing s &c. Steam Pipe for heal-
other, are pronounced by the mem cininent physicians , Factones. Cast iron Wu drew sash and fairy
superior to any other preparations MI getterelly Order, left at the Warehousk
rim at..., • on saJ<. in any qa.thitir hy the most ie. Palmer &Co , Liberty street, will hive prompt anew.
spertathe grocers in Crie easzern cities nod by shun . non
agent, lie
font, to, of Rosters James al Ranee , Rena, to Blackmaek, Bell & Co, J .Mooreheed &
& co. Banton, Colt, Hassey h. Murray, Near York; Co , G E. Warner, Julio Deno & none, Pstshurgh .
Qrs. & Stone. Philadelphia inottuu Bruadige, Bal. &J H Warner, Steabeterdle. Innis
tuner, and Kr;loge & lietzenti,Comnioan. Ohio rinsildaohisse gimp.
ALTI,R BAKER. Durcoester Masa II WlGHTMANSanuthetnrer °fall kind. of cot.
For sale meth BALA LEY , & SMITH, eau t ton and woollen moobienry, Allegheny city, Pa
- W l reSnglls - e and Caat. Iron Railings The above works being now in full and successful op.
ratcrs beg Icave to inform the pub. that , eminent I too prepared to execute orders wall dispatch
'they have obtained from the Pint aii the late and tor all kinds of machinery to my line, such es willows.
fwhionahte ileogns for Iron Ratting, both for houses ' pickers. spreaders. cards. grinding machines, renways,
end cemerencs Persons whining Co procure Cond. drawing frames, speeders, throwils, loomx woo i,
some pattern, will Oen... nail 11.1111 examine- and lodge , cants, double or Nagle, for inerchantor ,ountry work,
for themonves, Railing will be famishedth e s hort. mules,iwks,&e , slide and hand lathes and tools in gro
an nonce, and in the best manner, at the corner of eral All kinds °ridiculing made to order, or plasm yir.
Craig sad Rebece• streets, Alle,iitrly flly. en for imanng factories or mill, as mable charge
austii-dll A. 1....at0NT a. KNOX , Rae-no to-Kennedy, Childs & Co., Illarkstock tkll
L•eehlng Cupping and Bleeding.— A Co., Kmg , Pcoooek A Co., Ism A„ G ra y,
R. NORRIS, thmaesser to M. R. Detany H MEV COACH rgiaTtiwir; ---
No SS Fate street, between Wood and Smith- •th.sintemi.
bet Fresh leeches reomved monthly-attendance allAl A WIIITk: & CO. would respectfully inform
boors Reference, th e phystetans of Flll4klrtal. Alice I
111. th e public that ,key Cave er ,„„ d
gheny and Birmingham. Laeock, between Federal so d Sandusky street,. 'limy
I most cheerfeily recommend th the physicians, Wu- I am now making and are prepared to receive orders for
patrons, Mr K B. every description of Tehtelea, Coaches,
Chanel La
ther soil is] my former friends and
sNOTTi as Ming thoroughly acquainted with toe hum. I roaches, Buggies, Phmtons, Or., which fro m their
nos s and worthy of patronage.epoiirtice n the manufactud' she above woes.
M. El NV. the facilities i
thee have_ otho re .
ilabilfacturied Tobacco.
Ai.) 8X.9 buntry It Rn) bees supenc: sweet 5 Ins; !
"147 ZS do 7tl A Butler a . ii lb •• I
19 •if do Price A Harwood . ; •• - 5 "
21 do ito ito I I
25 do do pearl k Harwool - " 5A lb" ,
11 do ) Robinson " " 1 • " i
37 hf do it..
23 du ,in \t - .n loi•vson - i• "
-31 do I' Wrchiis • cHT invites the allenuou of buyers to his ex..., v.,
37 do lf A ..,terson
-oilman& of above boods,embracing every ~, i.,..: y
9 do I. r Dade..
e ., .0 eny fiat, and from the celebrated rorna•
5 do 11. Mricoo's
9 do Rib - dirt •• • 1 it ~••• a France. Purchasing, these goods fan, Ike
Cosi landing. from . HE A L and packets, and for sale ', . : r. : . i ' hu:t... in .fl i b l or c dh al ni n s se i b il it hli g me n .t st hof
l ine manm e a,
by HEALD, BLCKNOR & o, a onset ibis-nal
41 north water at and Id north wharves, i i . ... l '.7` ,„ • ,,,., A p l4o , , ,.. o . itiii d er .d ou b n ik so d d oi aLuit a bl F ei m g , r7 h ii t i ' , l r ii , , ,, h , s h ,
PiKit Philadelphia_vtjaietT,—wiaTeTT--argim-f-,-„.17,,,., , :,;:i ; i ti , a c e; . .c . r m C v}... AS sT SI3 I I N E G R B ES, black and (way, lilk
, gentlemen , silk picket
AK & Son's superior sweet lb lumps. lliadic e rebid's, black and fancy Cravats, [men pocket
715 half Las Webster Old supenor sweet.% lumps I ildkfs, Undarshirte, Drawers, &o ,at the north cast
Oa ii Lawrence Lobler n 6 . " corner o 1 4th and Markel streets. .
2 "
& R 4 ivti l vf " 35 & tv L Wholesale Rooms up suits. feb2o
ml i• Dupont ide in Fare) ii Ca !
1U ii 51theod DI ouonfraneraCiaalTuteV
-2.5 . Lawrence Loafer "si& as plug SiIOBERT H. PATTERSON has opened
Just landing from Monter, and for sale by , ls o , the large stable on Pint st, running through
HEALD, LIUCKNOR ' e p i, to Sennd sh betwent Wood and Smithfield
• 41 N water et and 19N wharves, !1. - i to She 9 7 „. Msscifigahma Rouse,
on3l : wan an county maw COCA of I , lOlllCs and Carriages 0
, .
oy. the
...noo lnr . 5l styles. Hones kept at live
-1!1`2!'---‘d''&‘ — lda b.' quality nod 1 r
W. JP J. GLENN, nook. Linder..
WE are sub engaged in the above tininess, come , . IT 2 dIY
V Y of Wood and Thad streets, Pittsburgh, where
we are prepared to do any work iu oa r line with
at, We *trend in nur work personally, and nits
action will lie given In regard to al :lawmen and du
l ninthly
Blank Books ruled to any pattern and bound sub.
dattnisily. Books a families or old tanks team! care
fully or repaired. Names put on books In gilt lobe r a
Those that have work in our line are willed to , all
Prices low myttarl
-19 T cri --- rtudilio French Cal dlr - 11W, - ;
9 e rev) fine article. A few doxene Philadelphia
ins, man the manufactory of II NI Crawford, to
which We auenuon of boot makers In 111VILCn. Sc.,
received and for •ale by SF YOUND & Co,
Ire 143 'them' b
as. omits, roils r cloth.. I
4 4 ANUFACTURERS of span( and Mister steel, ,'
li, plough steel, steel plough wings, coach 5,..1 ellpi '
or onna. hammered Iron ides, and dealer. in inalg '
le able castings, fire engtue limps, and coach trimmings r
denemlly. corner of Ross and Front sts , Pintoorgh, I
i Pa — tebo
• - ---
Jt yr IN TlME—Another lot of Pistols , uttabie for
the Calmar. mrvice, Just received. I
01.0, to arrivr on the 115th lost, by Express, a neat i
Alarrluau• . and bandy article of Portable Gold - tales , which or • '
LT AVING sold oat snare stock to C IL healer, with , ff) Bold 00000 ought to hare, and for sole by
..1.3. a -slew to doting our old buster's.. we hereby so- , %V IV W I LS() N.
licit for him the patronage of all our friends and sus- 1 . 1.. f" corner 4th and market its
rotten Ili. W. POINDEXTER,
THE POINDF-XTER For Ca/Ifornia. ,
, TUE celebrated Hazard Ride Powder, iri kegs, hill I
Palstiurgh, Aug lth, 1641- kegs, quarters anal cans for
It Co. oineood at
for sale by
i 1 H. GRANT, Wholesale (muter , shil feta _ 3 1 o 141LW
Vs Forwariluto Merolla., No. 41 Water st. null . VI napratt , a Patent Soda Ails.
IiELL A Alb BRASS - 0 - 0A DEF. --
i .)(1.) CASkS Just recenved per steamers Ivanhoe
A FIXTON, Ben Brims Founder has re- , 41../Z and St Cloud. and for sale by
built and commenced business au'os old stand.
where he will be pleased to see s unt cluitorti- , inch ill
en and facade. W b. 61 6111CRELTREF,
160 Liberty a
, n EALERSIVINIIiIII;ES° I3 ANIN°D Lel ° l'l . l ' hß, 61orocco,
. Church , m
p. S . teLni . h c e . o . t , . a n s o id . i p le ,, l , o , t , every sire. lim : 4, 1-7 . 1 , 0
Shoe rindlnna ike No Itll tth •
e gg ~,,. ! l if tist received their . SPßlN ' Go' STOCK a( ;sito L' d .s r ‘ : h e:m 'e - i
ed models. and warranted lobe of the best materials
lameral Water Pumps, Counters, Saooor,
ther with ever) vat my of lira. Coating., a invited. ' Prising a lame .sonment of oracles in their line, to
turned and finished in the neatest manner , which the kna..lao 0( paraha,rll is invited.
A. F is the sole proprteter of liaaoll''• ANTI-Ant, . _ ....1 . , _ _ .
- -- -._ .
0103 Mara", to Justly celebrated for the reducta.,l of . NOTICE. I
frit:nen In machinery. The Boles and lontint,ci,•. " .iu
ini ,
' A per sun. to the Estate al Wtiliam }lc
e. be had alum at all times. _ to ,
_, Kiught., Lit ceased, or td Me late fan. of W. Slc•
FEINTING PAPER. 1 kuight a Co, sad. Wm. McKnight & Soli, ore rioubrid
rusE allbscrtbara having the elelosten Agent-) 0... i . pry, Without tartan, data?tvl3,EßT
.1. selling Rio Panting Papal of a new and exie,.o ri .
paper edt to this vicinity, will be at ail times writ sup. I manta:dim Ad0n,..,,,,,, 0 , .t w . N „.",..,, d “,
_ .
plied web the different sans of paper of superior 110.0. 1 4 RTISTS' 5 14THILIALS—Jrio, ,co .1 and for sale--
Iy, which we offer at the lowest regu or paces. 5 h Yards smooth Canvass, V loch,
Any, mar. or (locally will be Ilianufaeltirod In order at 1 30 ''
short notice. REYNOLDS St SIiEE,
_gtcli Out minim - I'r' u, and Ira i
Irwin • s
I iN c D . IIR ru t.; . I3I4 F. R pe C d li i iil o
n rl 1
a l NIC--Just I , itiO . d , u , s_CoMpreiim tile Taboo, clod colon t
' ''
Gum Elasus Clothing, at prices rangunic r rom . E.62o , to . -"
W •N TED. .
81.1,60 for sun of mait, pants and hat F sme the I
A GIRL to do nousawOrk. One wlzo thoroughly
1 I.ld. Rubber Depot. No t Wood a. i A
' ioe2o , & II plimiApy undersomis bar business, aid can VIC godi go
fetendeS, eats (,ear of app anent littlatiOn, al Fa,
JUST RECEIVED-I'hr,, more of those ro Justly , huger, by app ly log . this office.
celebrated liamtnagh Plano, used constantly by 1 - , ,
. L.E.s_. . n fhelt l 4olo
Lon, Thalberg and carer great perforators, together I DRIED • • PI .h__ fr," off Apples, In Alert
with a large asserunant or rosewood and mahogany, , nod for sole by trictaliLW : _kiallll/5114.H
ant,' own laanttlaetore The •t." in ''''''. '": . ',7 I [)A tits GREEN —L 9 cans true lost rec 7 d and for
warranted to be pocket to every resPect an. w i ll be I tale by R A PARNESTOCR it Co,
sold loss for cash r OLL: litE,' ocleatt6 canter Ist and woad eta
&mit/ No no Wood st,ld doorfron SI 1
AT Wlii. h la i‘niDet, No. 73 I- mirth street,
can be seen a splendid variety of sup Royal Yel•
vet and Tapestry Carpets, latest styles. Also, Deus
sere, 3 plys and sup and fine ingrain Carpets. of sup
styles and qualities; and in connection con always be
found Table Linens, Crashes, Diapers, Damasks, Afo.
teens, Od Cloths, 3.e. te.e., to all of walett WO null the
aneation of thu public. •ng-33
PATER' Sutra= .latumerg.ll:4 sl .
Patent cratalerer ea:Untie — a Min, nr, Browner,
Corant, • TV*ol
LEVF Rrett- 2.01 1. WROUG% .
T TABLES far surpassing um,' other '
ventlbn °Me kind now extant. 'They cant. ex
tended Mamma to terenty-eve feet, and when closed
the leaves ale all contained Ineide; they made to
all slue aid &apes, and axe adrairib adapted for
Sw-enLhna t, E le a nin , and_ large private • Ms,
ruble, partlnulariy to those • who wish to econo
mise room. and convert a sleeping apartment into a
parlor or sitting room, as they can be opened and shot
at convenience, and when shot, the bedding is enclos
ed. A greatsaving In loom and rent All the bed
steads when closed Rona a bounifal pied of furniture
(or • parlor or sitrity room.
BOOR CASa?.— neat and useful article for parlor
or drawing room.
WRITING DESKS—Per law offices, counting , rooms,
and other offices; when opened a most convenient bed
"end, when closed a per fe ct Desk and Library alone
is visible.
Ail these articles need no reconusiendatsow the
beauty of the whole is, they are warranted not, get
out of repair. Ti will be for your thterests to c ellsod
exanune the metes, nt the niannfaennees store, N o.
e 3 Third street, Pittsburgh. In addition to the above
advantages, they ere proof against bogs
JIIST .tur.cErvirm,
iffmAND now , , a splended lot o
Piano Fortes from the celebrated firm
, .I . llo7 i n t lA r Cl i arit, N. Y. It consists to
One elegant / 1 1 ' otid e gi ° ocIT'i Vitino, with carved
mouldiog l . o p and plinth, projecting front and carved
gothic tablets.
One rosewood Piano, 61 octave, elegant and plain,
with Coleman's celebrated Batten Attachment, a su
perior lommenent.
Ono Rosewood 6 octave, round comer. and octagon
legs. One dodo do
One rosewood Piano, square corners and legs.
These Pianos have improvements 111 the mechanism.
in stringing and covering of the hammers, possessed
by no others in this country, end are at once the best
as well no the cheapest Pianos that can be bought
ALSO—An elegant lot of Chickerinrs Pianos, from
7 to 0 octaves, po.ol.itlf all the lomat improUrotents,
m :al. l ,=e elegant rosewood Cabinet Grand Pomo,
7 octaves, anew mention. HENRY KLEHER, All NV Woodwellls, 83
. -
JOHN If. MELLOR, (sole Agent for
IMlnChickerinrs Pure pones for Weston
Pennsylvania ) ) No. el Wood stint,
Ptostmrgit, has remived and now open
for sale. the follow.," elegant assortment, direct from
the mennfactory, at Hr. Chickentag's (Boston) pnces,
One Rosewood seven octave Piano Forte, carved In
We mow eicians and rich style of Laois lIV.
One Roo:wood carved seven octave, new and Im
proved scale.
One rosewood Piano, 64 oetvrea, new wale;
One " caned, 6 "
Tworound corners, 6 octave., new scale,
Two " pannel
The above are all from the manufactory oil Chick
ering, &mon of the latest styles of feminize, and wall
the new and improved scale.
MAO ON RAND a= lea *2.S LOW
3 Rosewood 6 octave Pianos, from the manufactory
of H. Worcester, New York, formerly of tke fun of
!Roden, Worcester & Durham.
11 rosewood 0 octave, Onle & Co., N. Y.
1 rosewood eq omare Piano, ramie by Bacon & Ra-
Tht N a e liogn.y
wY a ork d
by Pl. made in Baltimore, and
.eft with me fps sale by the :inter, for east, or in et
change for Pittsburgh manufarturta, or rroeeries snit)
able for a country more. Price 5300. Ja3o
JAYNE—This certifies, that Immediately after
having attended my brother, who died of consnmpuon
in March, 1842, I was taken sick yank the Consanaption
or Liver Completes, and was reduced so low with the
disease, that for four years I was enable to attend to
my Luanne., either at home or abroad, being for the
moat time confinmi to my. bed. Daring the above peri
od of Pb I had expended for medial attendance o
regular PhysiDiana and medicine., In the /1111013/1t of
cmo, withonteireecivutg any benefit thetefnarn.
July, 1843, I commenced taking Dr. Jayne's Medi
a.,d have taken them more or teas ever since,
tand believe that It was by persevering In their use,
hat I ran now mull say that fume completely teen-.
mired my health. believe that Jayne's Sanative Pills
and Expectorant are the best family medicines now to
I reside in 'Springfield, Otsego county. N.Y,end
carry on • furnace and machine shop an that piece,
and am not interested in any manner m the sale of the
above =misrules. and make thin cernficate for the ben
efit of Mom ailLetct EI,UAH EAT("
Springletd, N. 1 , Sepil6 1845 t a4
would call the attention o( the city trade and
dealers generany, to the following brand. Tobaccos,
to store and to arrive, which being consivlrtirnls di
rect from ntantaactuntr, he to enabled to sell at east
ern pneer
139 6 ties It W Crenshaw S..
79 # !Ames Ala.ltson Ss,
.41 . 4 Lamartme Ss;
TI I " Mlrsitess
43 I • Putnam St •ss I t
IS 4 - Roserm a mown Ss,
• I - Omar Burl St,
9 I Johns St Lever. Is;
48 1 ''
" Warw
Res ick
Jame sap; Is;
er le s is, Is am/ B.
Pitt Iltischtsze Nprta and Pouttary
uteP the r faciltuu they hare, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the most reasonable 1.1121 S WILL
those wimung erttelcs in their line.
Payuis particular attention to the selection of mate
rials, and baying none but competent workmen. t hey
hare no limmation In warranting their work. ‘N'e
therefore sok .the attention of the public to this minter .
N Repairing done to the beet manner, and on the
most reasonable tame. Jazaat
C TEAM BOAT CLOCKS—klartng concluded to sell
odour enure stock of Kirkels Mume 'Tlmemert-s,
; we now °tier to sell them at lower prices than they cnn
I oe bought at any house in Plusburga or elsewhere.
cast or west. Being the only established agents hero
for theseelockt, we have the largest and kunst assort
, mein its the city. Call and see.
. Remember, we are not to be undersold.
BLAKR & CO., Marker street,
entrance au north Mlle of the lhamonn
Bisicatb• DereerpaTlSlMA of the Cabfornia Gold Freer,
No. 75 Maturay Smear, Prrmscaon.
gAVE respired an 'SELLING OFF their large
stock of DRY GOODS--the printlikal part of
ch bare lately been bnichawd at the babas Arc
ens Pbiladelptua lard New ork, ue
meadow and unparalleled sacrifice
Ve hare made work a large reduction from our reg.
aka r prices that we will 110 V, ft I. a large portion occur
goals BELOW COST of lmportaboa The' early nt•
tendon Of buyers is 111011.G11 to Choice high colored
goods adapted to t h e California Trade.
Plain and flaturadCanrallanteashmerea and dc lames
elks, I all prices, '
Very superior brachia Soper chunk elOthst aB co
and wa.cred bib silks, lors.
Superior reparmure glib., French merinos , all colors,
bib and colored, Black borribasineas
Super black glossy Gro do Cross barred rind striped
Rhin silts, alpacas,
Visone and mantilla silks, Broths feral and.striff'd do,
best quality, Jenny Lind plaids,
Pore sauna, blk and blue Victoria r.yonese cloths,
bib 'sten very nc
Lamartmc saran merinos, Coberg cl!t‘b, end careen-
Super silk warp alpaca am lustres
A few broena tong shaves,
the finesthavn ever
brought to ' this Marken.
now to be sold__ at great
Supertne and'common bro.
elm sqoareshawlia
Super carnelian silk shawls
Splendid plaid long ;shawls,
Splendid tetkeri shawls,
from N. York aucuona,
gnu bargains;
Mara and embtor'd tbihe
hawl!, all colors.
Silk fnerte, remarkably
French cloths from the celebrated monu
factory,, For beauty of finish and permanence of swear,
these cloths have no superior, a fiinis pieces extra fine
let black and olive canton beavers and other heavy
cloths tor over coats, twilled French cloths, manufac
tured expresely for cloaks, French and MISCriC all min-
Amerce, taper weer of England do. super Fietich sa
tins for vesungs, the beet imported. Plain and fancy
velvet and cashmere vesting., merino shuts and drew
Julien cravats, horn , carer.= and silk .bo.
Nary and gloves
- - .
Irish linens, be. long cloth stoning, mush ns, bleemb
d and brown muillnot of good quality, remarkably
tlekinge, checks, domestic sad Impartial ging
ham,s, scarlet., yellow mid wade funnels. a large lot
very cheap a large lot of white and crossbarred coun
try, Q.,16* cheap; brown and bleached Ilanisby table
hates and table cloths, Russ' and Scotch dingier, and
taw-alum satinets, Kentucky jeans had tweeds
• . . .
An usual large stock of blankets, direct from dm
manufacturers,. some of which are the best ever exhi.
tuned, all of which wni be closed out ut unparalleled
low prices. In addition to the above enumerate: ,
goods, OW stock composes a very large and complete
11.019120111/ of •1111051. every article orally found in IL
dry goods store, and es they have been mainly pup
chased at the eaoern auctions, hence the late great Itto
&tenon of prices. We are enabled and determined to
sell them °dal great bargains:
Wholesale buyers, country merchants, tailors, sod
the public generally are respectfully Invited to an on
ly examination. Bargains shall be given.
A! RI h. DAY, 75 Market a.
febB N W corner of the Diamond
RECEIVED THIS DAY, Carpeting and Chl Cloths
of the latest and coo.t approved an
pattern s das
prices to suit purchasers, and cheap as can he pur
chased in any ether Eastern duos, eoraPrisuß the 1 . 1-
lowing varieties:—
Extra Royal Valves Pile Carpets;
Atimimner Carpets; any sae hall rooms or vest
Tapestry do tag..
' Ex o P t
it ' Ur; 3 '3 ;l ' dodo Topenry ,0000
carpet.; do
Superfine do ' do Chr nolo Rove
Extra sop Ingram do Tufted do
PoperSaa do do Itrussels do
Flue do do Chemile Door Mobil
Common do do lofted do do
4-4. 3-1 & s Tapestry Adelast do do
Damask do Sheep 'Sin do do
" • '
1,64 Erni,'scd Pimp covers
6-4 do Table do
6-1 wool do Jo
6-4 worsted and linen do do
Brass Btarr Rods
. •
4-4,3-4 tr. I 14•1'd
nettrul do
tr Own dn do
Counn ingrutt do
do Ven , uati ao
--4 cotton Deugget; 16-1 wool crumb Cloths
12-4 warden do p.m linen
6-4 do do 5-4 table do
F.nglish 11E1146 Oil 6.641 Diaper do
German do do do do Ctuit
5-4 Floor oa cloths, Snow-hens N 60141. 6 6:
7-4 do do do Cnubsors Plush,
6-4 do do do Purple do
5-4 do do do Maroon do
1-4 do do do Carpet &mita&
Sheet flit Cloth., of neorTranapsst Winddre Shades
Tepe•try patient, cut to It,
I [To the a_heae we are coextend)" reeetviza6 out Spring
bitsek of C.irpeta.ilil Cloth , and stearnho, frimminp,
when we Anvlte the attenrion of all w II 0 wish to far-
Irish their houses or .tennthont.. n • we will he abir
oiler rood, rie law iu they eon he purcintred in the
Ea, and oldie neheat anti littera si) lea Call and ex
amine our .s.ek before purenletng e:sewhere Wert
house, No 75 Fourth before
meh2l arCLENTOCK
Largest, Cheapest and nun Fathaotiabler Stank
of Good., ca v ea to Gentles en:. .Yyrrng and
Sur:neer Wear, ta
_Pot rrtncruag at
• .
HE Proprietor of the above establt.: , went would
rank etfrUly inform hi+ hsmerotts customers, that
he has just returned from the Eastern cape.' with the
most spienthd oasortmont a good. to hit lute, that was
ever brought to this city, Coluptieiftg el that la tene.
fashionable, elegant and Cheap in Cloth, fassimarea t
Caahmereds, Deep De LI% and every de.enpuou of
cotton, hoed and woollen . ummoti Stunt shirts Cr%
vat.. HJI-f.. Sespendem, he., of it. /3C , VC., styles,
which, together with his very large and K arlin tattle
.tack of road) tiothing, he is prepared to offer
at ht. usual Ins prices.
t Country alerthanta, Contractor., and all who per-
I ch largely are pertichlarty invited to aliW es
be +lock. tvlach it One ticuly tan largest ant
mot ta.nlndh.tte t Ine nu. mod en,' att-.1 it 11 has
no pa, uo tu,a,le l , st who c.alt trade.
Order. in 'ht. l'atkoring I tie in the moat
tueuo. ma 'lnt r. a: 1 taikt nuai , ng turf
to <usu.. th^ ~ ese,tt and 11,1 my, of eutu, A get.-
, 11 , 111.2 ta !to it,, , Amid at rat,wr We
ha, her added r ..m inn
t lnc h2l:d3nt
assortment o( STRAW AND DIfLLAS ti.e
RY GOODS, or the motet apptoeed sty:es and pat
tern, for the SPRING I rF Irds. constatmg 'll part or—
Finer and plain Engloth. Amer.calt. and French
Steen'; Florence. Rolland. Petal and other rant and
fancy &sot. China, Ibrd. loony Led. Loop nod Roy
al :Blinn afire Braid BoN N S.
Rtch French Lore;
Fancy end pin,, Gaon, he he.
Fancy Braid, Steno, limp, Leghorn, and other Mts.
end Imams' HATS
Pllll.ll, Manyin, Leghorn. Palm Leaf, Straw and
other Summer BATS, (or melt and buys
Bonnet and Plata Rillhon‘,
Bonnet SOS te
Arttartal Flowers, he hr he.
Straw Bonnet Warehouse., If hulks: street
• .. . . . .
*TO. GO MANKET SMELT—Have received hg re
. 1 ,4 cent ouvorranons the tol!ow.tig Cards, stn
Sig cartons Tharct Shows, or venous quart:re, and
colors Fifty dozen r`Alerander,' ben riatiTtee Hid
C , together with a good lusortinent of co'kl sail,
Li le thread. and cotton Wove, /or spring trade
eh standing, straight to C•illars. cheep red
la . .3iXr pair embroidered ' Cud, !error lib els to BLit.
hl urning Collars t i areal review Demi Lace V.,s,
the greatest assortment ever offirred 17 as Frew,
and English I 4 Print% Horre , s Perot., PAO.. inlets ,
andrfast colors. swill plaid Franca ieuraharns, !Wire.
Furniture Chintz, white satin Ihmark laric Cloths;
Linen Damask. li, 8 and 111-S. Green Be rages, Guns
black Gros do Rums Silk Cravats, 192 to the
bast goods imported; Purse Twist; linen cambric and
linen eacabrie Ildkifa from fik to 51,30, Wadi eggenli,
such as Jaconeta, Law., Mull and Sinks Mullins
figured and Timm Lacer, white and cola Tarlistanea'
1 2t..e. eta
' • ' - •
• •
We are In the duly receipt of NEW GOODS, and
invite the attention of purchasers to our extensive
met. Into
NEW - aoou tl
. - -
PERSANS waalug Dry Goods will 'Uinta, take ho
lice that the above hoot* has commerical grea
sing it, NEW SPRING trILRMS, and invites tar r a la
of regular custorners and Guyer. generally Gordo
wail be odered at low rm., and purchasers va.l havu
a large a ul rho a: aasto tau:l , l In ',lca Ruin.
tif - Country .%lerelin, t n d eiht ea an. invited to
examine the annortineitt in ltihni.ninni
where n lerge assortment of l'
goods generally are now opewng
Dry Good• Jobber•,
*TO 99 ‘VUOD uITRELT-ICouut uttentum
IN of Merchants to their large t•-,1 of Donte.t.
and Foreign DRY GOODS, in.'s reeemou from ute Its
pone!, and M•nurw-turvn., and which 'try nil sell
at very low rate, for cash or upproved ,tfedtt.
Our stock to now fait and compin,c. and writ Worth
the amentlon of buyers, as aro are detcrrn, Ed .
at loch extremely low prices al cannot lot to make 0
a strong inducement fot merchant.. to spoke n Ito art it
as ineh3l
"'HAWSE KEEPING Gt/Oltale—W R!minty t•.•
cites the attenuon of house keener-and Lbose
atom cOrriMencluir house keeping, to it. ne wrtmctrt of
above Goods, such as—
lforlte and Counterpanes whtlet an.: colored;
Tickings and ,prltow, NlL:shoe
Sher:units, from one to three y etd• wide,
Table Warren and Table Qiuths,
Towelling. Towels and
Furniture Prints ern , Chiroxes.
" , tarlet Chintz. for cut - nets:
Super printed Crum, for omits;
Embroidered wt dow curtain Mualinsr
Striped and tuned
Lied Blankets. at, qua' I,m. and use,
A supply or these floods ts ee. 61/1.11, Fpr ell Arend.
and will tuways be •ord on the most navoreble term,.
at north errat corner 111, and Martial v. rebel
iiiii i ii S ids. red rCfr.h Lln e 3.:
11( R 'HP It Y testae* the u. I r n:
11 tho•c wantrtut the above t r o.,•,
stoct. coarisung of the tett mate ;runt nit inn , sp.
prov ed mann forrurers, la ad the tat, me r ra.teal pure
Ilaz.—fle hat must received on otldnionaT repo vt a td is
offering Shoring Musk. o: a super.r gunny, at o
• very low price Alec,
Sheeting and Pillow -gate Muslim ,
Diapers and Creeh •
Table Cloths, To end Napkins;
B.Lnken., fioilts, Counterpanes: and
liousekeepois Dry Goods generally
L AIKEN' DR.b.B GOODS-Soot Eren..b Nfertnos,
• aramettos, plain and fancy De Elting>, tenon
Lyles rust received:: Alpacas. be.
The season luring far ado:wood. all the•elloals will
sold at prices that C21111(A tall to plena°.
(Wholesale Roans 310 rant 5
Hardware—co earl
r ou AN. 33. ILSON tr l . l3 ,l33o3Calers and Whaled*
La Deiders m Ilerdwkre, hlßlterl and Saddlery No
1.... ti B end
re ed, miove rifth,tnirertdw to ewes 'very ,
cheap and well selected orMek at Alarilware, imported
eibee tar deetine of pares is Europe, and arnica Mel
are determined to .11 torretpiandingij low. Merelninta
it. A. AlAnt.).% a CO., who hate umwaintholsallil, of glying Part. are NMI..
TO. 60 111ARKET STREET. whl continue their I la fly re9oepted to call end h et i t l soos ., out stock , .s.
t li kl great sembannuid sale of DR 1 (..ohillS, for 30 ' ", ,3 ". l eltuY believe they fogy. toot bier expeoo ,
ys longer, daring which nine their extensive? whole
_ye._ .. . .
ale Room. will be thrown open to rear Retail Trade i oftlfillN AL LiioL,l%-ait. pait:
heretoions A. A. 31.5. Co., knoWthii that they ~re 11, , X PEIII:NCEDjodges, on • trial of one and a half
ebony Dry Bowls of every dewholon linen len to U. I r , mi ,,, 0t „, 4 ~„,„ ~,, p....0, ..„0 „
. p„, ~„,. tt.. 0. , ~,, be—, d 0 . ,.. x 7 ell I pmaed for durability to We comitracuon of all krads of
own in wain of dry goods, or who may be in wain, Furnaett. -Price ta , cash for leads of 10 14 goal
a examine and pure neve from our crock, at the lowest I ;intend nines:moth, a, ,. Urderiblor a Second quality
whOlesale rates. t 1.50 . .1VZ,• wt.: Ite e icor...l'M IVO per 31 , if m do.
our micas nivel in reducing mock is to make room I si te ,t, tk id 0 ..,,,,,,,,.,„ . A stoc k of th e G o o geo m."
for donee Goods, it being oat tntention eke exiiildt in I . attar for sale at the warehouse, liklan's War(' Ca
Marna We 'ordeal and the richest meek of Dry Gonda' I nal Main, by .I niiiW,AIAcLARIZI r
ever offered by any one house In Amend. reptnif Benalecton Iron Work.
We shall continue the sale of our Bleached and -- , - Ip A yip t ie, otitrVlß.-±, ac. sl/ dos Spades and Sao.
Own Alusints, Ticking" and. other Domenic Gouda, I ,,„, ~„ do Manure Fork at *do Grain Shore :Ist 50
for former low rates, notwitfinhinding We meet. ad. lda .I,,,i s i do, Ale*, lititellelf,'.3l.4loooo and Pick%
one. of 1 b POl cent ePe t n ate some to etettent °MI "' 1 Mlow , ilievr.&e., for saisalh - mmiemmorem paces.
foLl Iby 110 , 1/13 Uk.1.1 CUSIULAtit 20 .C. 04
'VOL. XVI. NO. ::22.,
Patent Gridaarai Gatimpe Flattery and-Mud
IsMiata Palustrof kritaW , lit 4 C 4B = ms *
TL,<.'lni•ithe,,"htr-r"worki`4. •
f i.j ", and is the only one ever kn S ~ n
own . w mars
by aluch galwank ant 4 nen ha COttimyedld the hi!
man aye, dwelt . , the braltkeittnisnipawierlha bo4,
ilt, externally or latanally In • iteibille genus
wawa, without shocks or paio—nlAh perthetsatair---
mid often with the happiest effects. ' •
This important apparatus Is uosettightly emend of
ru nn =the
, te . ort t zals , t i e w naj t atran .. 3 =Ms=
0 .. 0 7 Malceruten Pa reform:Li ~ Retereues-oilll also
be stash to many highly iOngetable elated* wile haws
been cared by foetal of Wiriest valuable appanalaa
Of some of the most tusettsrate 000 s diserthltu
mob! cot be removed by tmy other ktiottionearta
Among venous other, it has beenproved4o Lio ad
mirably adapted fur the cure of the fallowing damns,
Wet hem:. headache amtethershasaaell ties
It is with this apparatus moon that•thiar one
convey the magnetic Cold with asset and sto the
aye, to 'Wore nett., or elm antauctums4 uptita ear to
realest hearing; to doe tonguanwl other aegaalk to 7.1
Core spOOCh; 10 thersinous puts =dri
the Cure of ehrositc rhecterailsm, asnusa,. gni, or
uo doioureux, paralYaisi or, - ,ebotti St-
Mined, CrOlapar, wantnalla Mal Emma some
diseases peculiar to bmules, comimetiott a( Sao limbs,
Ice t)aw, eta. eta
Rights for surrounding caanttesetWestent Pa, and
pnvileata, with thalustroment,norp betvareka-, and
also lofted (or the cure at Waukee'.
• Full tomrecnons wilkbe given for_the menus ahead
tali to he used for various diseases, and llarbaal man
ner for operetiogjortheminsar Mose dlsimmeinstll al
.so he fully expLarted 41,the purchaser, pamphlet
put Mtn his hands expresslr for - theury is* care
fully moan:Why rho patentee Pala
actLltity S WILLIAMS Vin es • Maui . •
Etawarsilbla Elltarthj s Swab*
pf • Which =Went ulrbid*Mgmac, sy
liteoeinltlenbste. crbtoa Aceg i t 1; 1 0 4 v::
w7le e n :i tt 'i p:. " sertilarer l h e 'td
ftheireack,srhosmalarAV ii
substances, worms,
is the case more ogl es will all hyalrehfwatett.
The Rerantrole Micmac is tbaiit and datable, and la
am encoded with the toceoyettience Incident to ether
Vibe:era, ea it it cleansed *atom beliwdetieled (tea
the water pipe, by iaetcly UMW* ikS iGn op h.ndl•
from one side to the other. Ily dila obay,proaesa, it.
coarse of water is changer; and all wietushtlationa fo
impure substances are dna= off Lestni*Yr
without unscrewing {he Filter. It the poistesea
advantage of beings stop coett and u sash. in many
CAAca will be eel" CaTlVeldent and eedababblal.
he. be attached where there [e'en) , pbeeehee high
or low to a cask, tank, tub, to. with saw: To be had
of the solo Agent, . W..W. WILSON,
ocLl7 comer of Fourth and Market en
THE attention of the public la respeocnauroallod
the following eertifleslos:
Ala. S. Eames—Having tested a guide, of Gold
wolgeoS by your remoter, I fold the proves
your Instreunent Correct; add . recOffilitind te4 US of h
to those going to Californlii. as the boa method for °b
raining the real value of Gold.
J. B. DUN&WP Beater.
riusborsh, (Sarah 9, 1949.
Prrommnott, ?data 7,1940.
M. tonna—Dew Sin linoing.onuednittithe "Ars°.
meter,. roam:doomed at gout roomy. I 40401 hilattp
to commend h to the use of those gentlemen who 11.11
Input . removing to Callfonils le senuottatOold.
It cues n close app situation to thet . ipoeillo gravt
ty of metals, and ortfl Ottani tatf idventomrt
to aicannha <Oen My placer to ytellltoorGold
roam Yours, nosp'y, / Et. AITLIVIVOL
CLINTON PA.PllialllWaw
CLINTON PAPER MILL, attested iu llienban-
I vine, Ohio, having been en ed iuut inapro r ml,
end 11 e very grew expanse added Peal Nyi the mai
tniproved kind of machinery, isillOar SM.
nfaeinre kind. of Waiting , LPrhailturp tapping kW
Cavan Yarn Papaw, Bonnet 3OSldr h 4O,lllllal to
to the Eastern or Western country.
The undrnugned having kheAiniaLli the above
hlti cow keep constantly ea it a supply of
the attlerent kinds of Per, mid will ha, any Wee
modem order at abaft note. SAL HILL,
ta3o , 87 Wood street
Pine and Cedar buts Manufactory,
No. 81, comma Mauer Ana Porno Sri; l'rrrssassa.
liE subscriber keeps corientaUT ward.
sale and retail, eery low for cult— i•=lls
Wash Tubs, •
1 1 . 3 a. rte . ! Churns,
Bath Tabs, Staff Chains,
Horse Buckets, Half aushols, Vic.
All Ot kinds Ware in line made Ic order.
J 1 tos tons 31 cash etrrreney, or 4315e5: applvil
5 ions or opmraada, 3J ‘lO rmr, 4 MOS do,onterest ad
ded. For th e superior quality of this brand we refer to
:hc &sat and snap muneraeturert of Ws toy general.
. - W Jr. hirfClIELTegE,
deal 150 liberty at
_Diaphragm William, for Hydrant Water.
I t HO la to certify lhal I have ap.
(Knitted Livingation, Roggen t Co.
.L_ Sole Agents for Lao vole of J enning`a
Patent Diaprahgna Fitter, for the oil
hes of Pittsburgh. and Alleglimy.
TO!lff GI SON, Agin;
for Vitalter 51Gibiron, WI Broadway,
Oct. to, 1948.
• We have been astng_arto faiths above articles at BM
othca of the Novelty wPd. (or, .three gtontbs, on trial,
nett feel perfectly Waned that'll iv a `useful invention,
to d we take pleas/toe in rot:ciao:tending them as a me
fa. ameba to all wlio love poop water Order. will be
thankfully received and prontittly - exotelted.
oath) LIYINhigriUN, IiOGGf N & Co
IHE subscriber, la o ße ring for sale a handsome lot
of Yams d Clarkls,• Mew York,' sad. Chicks:-
ind e ißostnn,) Praline, would duvet attention to the
trod that his re the only place lh the Wist where the
instroments nflhese two makers can bottled sul• by
side, and where, runsequently,, a correct idea of their
quainter, en, he formed. The edbliertbertaing.XlOrly
to test their fiance 'manta, sod tutcnnyfrat a number of
years performed upon tat Vlttllo3 01 to Clark,
nes taded Into use lot the eat twelve . .nimbi, a Chick
s Piano, in orate to try all durability and flutes.
as au
be seen
to tba Voice. This Piano may
now be seen and examined at his roams lie feels
confident of Ms otooty to give & competent and lona
. bin opttooo On the sobjeet_
A aandsorne Im of [:ess• Minos will be opened in a
few days. H. )(LEH Ea,
does At J Woodweldo
I ITAt..II'ORY.—The suL3CrlUs, takes this method
1 - or oonoio g , Ins friends and the public in general Mal
or has the largeot stock of the following named aril
ales of his Owl, 1111.1161.111 . 13 In this city—Saddles, liar
.,'hunts and Warps, all of which be will warn=
to be mfad , lfs Su.. .Material and by She best mech-
MM., ill Allegheny county Iteltig determined to sell
his manuiertures romettung lower than his been hero
.nfore sold Jy auy aurnial estatnishment to the coy,
he wOu4l persons 1 , 1 need or tkoubovo
.f”Cdt• to big warehouse, No. 044 Liberty street, oppo
tutelaveuth. Also, Loads muds orOur fur machines
q. oda , . I y U. KERBY.
p vet tetigte - ari - vrat AL IC— fists.? lITTEIf
' 1: u : ' ,;. p rZir To:lni 0 m 1 Wu
rt n 'tb7 d p " re u rt
academic year, will commence*, the first or Februa
ry tut, to We rotor buildings, No. ML.Rserty street.
Arrmgeerns have beta talc "'" the wW
tildes equal to toy
lit the West, tor obimmus a thorough English, Cluss
cm, and Ornamental education. A run courseof Phi
isephical and Oltesnical Lectures wilt be delivered
durbig We wuiter, ilbiatrated by apparatus. The de-
VfltllClll3 of Voce; alit! Instrumental Maine, Modem
a.nctuagets, Drawing and Vaulting, sesll oath be under
Um 41411 C of a GOUTS:ern Professor. By close auentioo
to the enrol and naelleclual Improvement of their pa
oils, the Priacipaistope oa merit a UMUnitahon of dm
hue., patronage they hart hither. esuoyed_ For
terms, see met:darer apply bi die PRUCIpsla.
PLlFeti ,
FIRE BRICKS—The roblenbere trams
been appointed mre Agents by tne inunafieturers,
for the sale of the cerebrated ..Pticeitir lineks," are
low prepared to hit order. ter any gu. , .y,
c.h, per Iran For the constructs/re Of (unlaces of
all knots, (there totaled lIIIOE been proriatteeed by com
petent Judaea as velar, superior as all ether fire books
near to use. C A WAN uury Zee°, Cartel Basta.
- • -• •
ALt i
',tf his Loonartine3n, 33 3lirgbean g 8
.lo Vatman
A. and - 1, no John floctar 5., td do
ocrts 48 Co 3, anal v; to
a..d Lg.nt' 1.. 3 do AVattotek 'up, la 7 bra
:Reward :Is
l'obaecos,coMmeing smut or ,be most favor.
Lie COollpollosa. end wilt be sold :OW 10
.l 1,t01.01
PATEINTiItIit — A A 811.
LMPIAL r 1.1.0 tiL , At fltlh Al.eNTrAirMi
I:11S ILe ...been ucrr, beLeg the ea eivat•e erne
voters of James eleespeatt none`Soda Ash tor ati,
WM.... ILLIW w2l/ etltlll.{ 10 tee largely sure.
i lr tc ,l .title this cc'eterated brand, which they soil sell
at the. loseast market price (or CUteSt st'ltto , oil tills
"racy refer to the vas* And way Inatturrcturets f
thee cell' generally respeectiog the quality.
noel lOU Wee at
I RON FOUNDRY FOR RAt.E.—A email iron Poem
dry Bourishing to with'Fartenta, Tools,
roods iur loisigoiks, will tie told of .COSI2IIIO.
dull g m rras, or exchange lot Itoo or geode.
Th. Off.e arcscctiout oppOrtyagig In • young man
,mull mynal to comormme tae Skin teundry to.
Sealei, tooking gloves, 0 aaaaa fac.
Hz:Lint. b. Round Church,
witurty and Woad strlteta, manufacture
o&r for talc Mat - form FloOrttntt 9CALIGIII.,
thc. unfit . ro quuttry; CoolrinrStores, tor wood
am, coal, Egg eturca of 'aria/manes, Parlor and
commou thaws, eropour Wara.,64; /to racy also
s,nanut twos& tn. anultmt bas love auch
•attaiaction I 0 (WA. 114V1115. in am., to all of
11 , Cli V.11:4 reAPeetillify inhteyhe a.. 114011 of
Citr<Vii• iltd.alr'lntokettnendly. orl't7-cht
I JIA I 5.5 l cuLA kr EA
.1,011111..11 o( eorncnus 2c Cos c , cbtated
ma a
-I.,ture, and tupotior.toall moon 40 u 44, adapted to
urturcitc, steamocetts, Mutants, dtoclittlar, pahlic and
. 1 , t, n tt, hid to all o , hlr rc a citcap., oafi
Mid hrtlliay, trey, to derranlo.,
.su,t.,rwidotes, lauturns,r.andclabras,Globea,
?hack,, %Vic It 4, [`tumult,. Oats; 'frstimers, Sc. Alm,
Gas Chandettcm, from one to fous t ltAbta
t IV WlLl4:tt, 46 market at
• I.IIIIGV ood ei reeL