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    For tlie PtUy Cuvette.
! April 3, 1540.
The returns, so tafi tire ftry incomplete They
thow a Democmiib ;
i 3— 9 r.K.
There are Lhrec-dftoocffibi elected to Congress,
ro Car at beard. . for* Governor. The
Legislature will be i ' , >
PlMLkbniHt*. A|)rii 3—9 M
Moor—Sales of Sidcfcf) this Western et $1 62.
Grain—Safes of^&jje; red Wheat at 95, and
"White at 100 pit* bushel.- Corn—The market is
heavy—Sales of prifefi yellow at 56 eta.
Money Markrt—of Treasury Notea Los~
N«w Loan 110*.: Moifeyh* easldr.and the weathm
er is tine. ‘ j ' •'
i! ■ April 3,i0 P. M.
i r lour— -There isjhof chhnge since vaster
da[y. If any thibf , jibe market -is more active
of 12,00 bbi M ! S4?44@sf 50. Uity Mills
held at S-l 62. C&ftifaJS2 37|.
Rye Floor is htJßgt $3: $O. ;
Ora in—Safe* prime«red Wheat at 92(295(2101
per bushel; Corn, pales.ofWhile pt 44—prime yel
low at 46(350 to tlichexlem of ) 0,080 bushel*
Oala, 22025. Rye _s£ ‘ ' ,
April 3—12 m.
Flour—The mftrfijKjjii heavier than yesterday,
and the business ad&fk, at a sliilu decline. We
sole sales at $5 ■'
Gnm-The, martin,, Wheal baa a downward
tendency. et *1,05. Lej-n—ihere
“ dMI atlJ pru-ra are advancing.
rtovuaqne —T&e'rnarfcut/Is without chige, both
regards prices and demand.
Lead—The demandjn moderate and prices are
unchanged. - , .
Tobacco—The delnarrd is active.
(Cotton—Tbd market is inactive. Price, if any
thing, are in faVoT of buyers.
Money Maikop—--T2i«re,« a belter feeliug m the
markH todays Stock*were ac-uve.
NEW .Y43RIC Market.
April 3—9 p. m.
I trlour—The isle*-fa day have been fair- Ohio
rS 13 eta. * . ‘
Grain—There is ifouiryJor Corn for stripping
Sales of 10,000 bbsltelfeat 57* Wheat is dull;
sales of 1,400 bushels at previousrraies.
Groceries—The iuafkei is unchanged, both as
regards pcsea aod
Provisions—MestfPorVis held .'at SlO 50- Prime
59 75 eta. • \’ r • v ; -
Whlstoy—Tbe dwnSod is fair and prioea un.
nbanged. .- a
Lard—Sales in tills at 0| els. ‘
Lead—The ietnici' i, active, with sales at 5
■ "
Tobacco— DumaM^Ood'«nd pjiees nnchangei].
Collon—Trnasaclioal belted, and prices aa last
quoted. - A •
Money Marteii-Sljoka an, dik Sales Trcaa
nry Notes at 108 j; Ohio C'mi 1011. The market
ts easier. '
■ C&tdnioiTi, Aj>Hl 3—9 p. m.
Flour—The market; heavier, than yesterday,
and the business at‘a slight 4eclihe, with sales of
1000 bbls. at $3 37|&€i43R
Grain—There is a gtSod inqutfy for Wheat for
nulling purposes, wits: shies -at 70^j75c.
Groceries— Mnjfti#'unchanged *oth as to pnees
tqd demand. \ »
Whiskey— in barrels at 14*0! 5c
per gaL - : v - ?
Freights—Flour. iaShippe'd to Orleans at 33 eta.
per obi, Whiskey, 50 etA'per bbL Pork, 45 cents
per barrel. ' t ' ''
Prom the Pajinot
Ales' Britannia to care tor bar off
tpnng! She has fuibcd thereat-Indies by a most
flagrant breach of faitp. ,She bade them era&nci
pate their slaves—shii jatonnsed.Ma recompense,
u> protect them ogahyst*bpmpetitiQn. Unwillingly
they consented. u?ord, and gave a
preference to' their rivals, the alfive-boldera. it
was an accursed det# atjd will she repent
Canada suflera in manner with the West In
dies. Thousands hava&eefl*mduded tocotne here,
andera direct and pledge of assistance
mid support. That BtUEport£b suddenly withdrawn.
The lumheret is former disheartened.
English manufaoturer^ i -tbe;most ; selfish of man
kind—having, by grinding the poor mnn iato the
very dnst, ovcMappuea'thcir own market, arc
oovetoua of engrossing ihb nxarkeU of the world!—
They* they hope
ilown upon England fhm myriads of rained
is reign aitiScera,. wKom alie would thin under*
aell. » ' *
in England, evil,counsels fire in the ascendant.
Canada is leA to depend upon herself—Canadian
loyalists have to confined they may with repub
licanism and aided by the mother
omnlrv—nay, chilled mdiderence. What
marvel then, that ibosrf'jfjjon "whom the grievance
' jnestes moat sorely—tfttiiA who are a second time
threatened with the terffotm W 1337—should cast
about for aid against * Impending infliction—
shoald look southward of kindred blood,
who, however djfleringAfrjtfeslions of public poli
cy—are at least English— English (a name, in lan
guage, in history, in even more *o thaiu
it will own. What boph tor tho British of Lower
Canada, who rind that Ve of the Upper Province,
instead ofaiding.lhem?ffgfimst the foreigner—are
<*>ly> by in parliament, —aiding
to rivet tighter and firmer sbakles that were once
to nearly farced uponibeln: ~
There are other from whence this word
‘•annexatiou" has beettneord- In newspapers—
at public tneeungs—ln *be streets—the same sou ad
ts echoed day by day $6 *t:auada ; West, and the
eoctal meeting has beefcrevadedby the uoasualto.
From Snh.
MrL-utcHOLT Occuaffcncs —We learn that Rev.
Mr.Burrough*, of the FftHadeiphia Methodise Epis
copal conference, who Kid-just completed his year's
labor on Kent circuit, -to hi* departure for con
ference paid a visit to hl*. vrilq’s relatives near San*
dy Hdl, in Worcester where- he onfortonaie
ly met with fi'Mr.BisNjfx.who issaid to have had
an old grudge against KJihi: and who immediately
jodulgcd in themfist.idsClUbg languoge toward him,
threatening personal running his hood in
Ids fsee and placing bufi£efTin a posture as if about
striking him, Mr. implored him repeated
ly to let him alone, him (hat he wished no
controversy with nun. ? “
Finally Mr. Bishop tesi£lhe store Where they had
mat, threatening venges**cfi against the preacher.
Subsequently Mr, Btabcgy is’ represented aa having
waylaid Mr. commenced aa attack
upon him, when the fetter drew a pUtofe—with
which he bad armed as he stales, solely for
•elfdefenco—and it, aimingatodeofhis
limbs, but coaienls entered the
region of the abdomen,tend produced death in a
short time. Mr. Burroiufhsiaunediotely surrender
ed himself to the civil authorities, and will await
the judicial decision of w. case. He is represented
4 *! B worthy and estimable clergyman, and (he oc»
c vrrenco gives his tneods the greatest
gj tof With regard to Mr. Bishop, we have no father
mfo.*Vt ation, and. give foregoing siatemeni upj
on we deem to aogd authority, without
vt for its entire f^OrreclneM.
New You* City ArftsjKJ-—From the report of
tbe Comptroller of New Vo£k that the sum
paid for the support of oomtnoScbools doriog the
past year wa* SS4O/XH,3%. . The market fees a.
mounted to $36,632. receipts tor itseoaes
granted to keepers of hjclfatind stages meat
shops and junk sbops u (tOd to pawnbrokers and
second hand dealers wcf% $16,633.25, and far tav
ern end excite licehse*-400,92; The amount
received from the of streets daring
the year for manure andfgaibage sold was $16,344 -
The Coroner's fees 56400. The killing of
jogs, aud cartage, cost the \jxpenses on the
oLaeqaies of Colonels add chandler were
58951.25; the medals fot*t}w} New York volonteera
53D94; their “receptiu ri£. $1205, the reception of
Henry Clay, $1475; ssb*hff Mr-Caaa
$1431; obsequies of Jtltyl-Quincy .Julias, 2690,
gold box for Fred’k sl2s; expenses of lea
room, carnage biro; relish ments for committees
and contingent expends-of Common Council
5&570; cleaning tt's 145,534;pf Lho fife department,
$24,192; of printing anil $29,963.
Botnn Ex>lo»iox—Xlirtarj Differ /tnJ no do /•.'«•
gtnrert.-— Our readers w&remembetf an account in
the Scientific American -short time'ago about the
(ixpios‘oa of a locomi/tivfi.pA the Boston and Provi
de, oce Railroad, by wiiicfert««!tjgineer,i,ucma Com.
lost hu life, a cotafoutee of eight expenen
«»d ei'gineew were exhmiae into the
onuses o! the expfosiou, who reported, that ia tbclr
up.rnon “lue exploaiQtt ufek place from overheating
tie boiler in consequent _ 0 & Want 0 f water” It
seemathat tie same sobjgijiAbtd been referred by
the Boston Society pTCHfa kegtneera to a commit
jee, iu order that u, e ro#tter
*t Iso- 0n the 6lh **“*»s Jhe committee reported
bo, fore the society. ;; » ' i r
7, he reportofthiacotnsfttse Is signed by Wm. P
Parroi'tj and tke conclukW arrived m j« totally
* Jitferen ' lhe . re P or V?tf ‘another committee
'' It says th.« ‘ tb« tt iV%>o B a;io the water
being low. * Q d the w3i local Jbelow the
surface of tb, * water ? ans wps occasioned' by the
'mder beating the jmddi® portion of the
t tubes, ibusgn’tng Water a vphe
ruidal lo>m.‘' Jj '
it further sayatb Ut ah wd engineer at the moment
of explosion putbU hwxrip (be steam wbistlr, that
die slight ogitauoDOl theTWoter reduced the sphe
roidal.form of water il idto highly explosive
cesnr. The ultimate c.xteie'ja.tbps held to result
from what is called the amberoid property of water,
and the primary cause Ofthis is held to be Incru sta
tion in the boiler.—Xfew’i Y%rk ScUntiJk Amtn-
l’ " THE
Ashes.—Duty 2fi p r . cent.
( Pow
Pearl* __o<>
Scorching!--'. 3104
Soda Aih 1 . :...
• - ti.502d.50
BrlstlW—Duty 5 pei cent.
Atnenchn* Q _
. Batting—per fli
ft** 1 ® :r • 6011-.
Bean*-p?r btuheL
■ Small White *‘70075
Common &. mir
Potent P,?50-- -
BeeSwux—DntySOpr.ct ;
Yellow- ~.i.. 200—
Bloom>-p tod.
Blooms— —.. *B—o7o
Boiler Lump* 9700!.
Merchantable 1,2$ 01JJ7
Shaker* !&2502£7
Barks—? ford. ‘
Cliesnut Oak 5500G00
■ Blnek Oak. -.-••4(34,50
! Coal—Daty ,*tu per «.
At the fiver 5 05}
j From wagon 05$
-Cot^Olfc— Duty tree
Tenn. ajml Alabama • • -
Chocolate—? to.
Nurabef 1 1001!
Cocoa, prepared 200U3
Candles—Duty *2O per cl.
City dipped 90—
Mould • • . —01 OJ
Pittsburgh Star ’2l 0—
Cincinnati do o*2l
Sperm. be»t brand*- - -30 0:t!
Castings—p &
• Foundry hoi. ware, a*’d—@3
’ Furnace do ‘2|
Tea keltic* ? do* SSO?
Wagon boles 100 B- ft 70
Counter weights ? *«t- •• -40
Sad irons ? lb net4 —4}06
Cotton Yirni b
Short reel—
No. 5 to No. It*
“ 11 to 13
“ 14
Borax, refined ib 0 gj
•Bwtojrr. Peru zjo 02.73
J do • Copavia • 3«» 0 371
iJrmmone 4 0 6
Camphor, refined 40 0 45
Chionde Lime, cask 60 7
Cochineal 155 01.75
Cream Tartar 25 0 27
Cfeppera* I*o 2
Glue 11*0 13
galli 400 so
ant Arabic 50 0 to
: u Copal % 0 »
Tnufacinth - 31 0 37*
; u Shellac 15 0 lr
u Mastic @1.25
Ipecac yo @um
Jalap, powdered • M) 0 W
litharge C>\-3
fifqaoncr R*oi ~ & 9
Ldquorice Ball IS <3 '.’ll
LiacDyr 25 I a 2"
Magnesia Carb • • - • 25 & .>5
Madder. L’rabro • i‘i 4? H
Madder, Common 0
Myrrh, Turkey - 2(1 St in
Oil Vitriol ‘.Hit 5
*• Castor 1.411
* Cassia -3,«> @3.25
u Cloves ’•2.25 @2.50
“ Jjemon ,T.i»l @3.25
" Pep'm't a. 5» @3.un 04.25
Quinine- —03,4 U
Fthnborb, ; Vooi *H lit 50
Sal Amoaae •• - HI St •_»»
Sal Soda 4j 4? 5
Senna - • • 15 43 2ti
Tartaric Acid 40 O So
Vitriol, Blue u fit jy
Dye Wood—Duty 6 p n.
Camwodd 5J@
Kuaiir 3
Loirwood. chipped • • a|
Fe*th«r*-duty 25 per cl
Ohio A. Pennsytva
Almond* shell'd--•-'jo 0 ti
sort H & I 7
{l *rd 11 <a M
Currant*, Zante •-. a y
Filbert* y
Groundnut* • • • - • 1.12 0 _
Fig*. Smyrna 15 & 17
Malabo &
Kanina, .Muscat- • • &
Bunch £t» 0
Hlponj, old _ Q _
<”ranbcmca B'i & -
Lemons, Sicily hi 03.50
Orange* do -- waft $» u*
Peaches. dry. bu 1 .lirt 01.1•>
Apple*, dry • 511 0 hj
Apple*, Green. bbl 1.H001.25
Fire Ilrlok- per M
Boltvnr frjAUO
Common 15 0—
Flour-Duty 20 per cen.
Krtra brumis,— 3,76©
Superfine :i,fiio37O
Fine 03.26
Rye Flour 3,18®
- hlf. Oils 0
Buckwheat, hulled pß>—o ij
u hlf bed*.— • none.
F»«d—per bushel.
Bran—— r 0 y
Shorts 14018
Flab—duty on fore'n cau’i
20 per cent.
Mackerel. No. I 11.500
No 1, hlf bbl* 0 9
No. 2, 9,50 0 _
No a, hlf. bbl*. ... - 0 _
No. 3. 0(1,00
No. 1, kitt* 0 _
Herring, No 1 06,00
No ‘J 0
Salmon, No. I, old- 0
New ISJDO 19
Shad —0
Cod, per drum —• 4 250t.6u
Red For, No 1
liicreaulnff 1 ct per lb to No at
Long reef t* Ho*
No. 500
“ >l*). 900. XIOO - 6 Q
Coverlet Yam i> lb- • •
Cdrpri Chain Si»«S9
Coudii Twine ti»®
Candle Wick —OlO
Coffee—Duiy *JU per ri
Java. Old while ••• •lvftM
St* Doming 0
Laguayra— d 0
Kin - 7J» *•
Copper—Duty SOpr et pi ?
bar end old 6 pr ct: old tn-e.
Braziers -
Sheathing —dWe
Old 18019
In cake and Incou-• ■Wf&za
Cords^o—Dutya) pr. con.
Manilla —0 13
While rope- - —0 u
Tarred ——o at
Pack’g yarn, fine - 0 9
“ common——-—0 y
Hemp Bed Crds per doz—
Extra long • 3,0003,50
Long- —01L37
Common —■
Plough Li net 8701, go
Manilla Bed Conln —per doz
40 yd. d thread- —OO£O
90 i. 30 do 1,7601,03
do Plough linen 0 67J
Dome at lea—per yard
| Brown Cotion • -• 300
1 do 'do • * 007
Penn Shl'g* A No l - 0 7$
Allegheny D's —0
AUeg’y D Pin Mill 0 H*
Oregon D Union Mill — o—
Penh Mill- — 0 7
Pittsburgh do
laurel o-
- Karroos
-~9H Mink
SaVsge —DftrrHkin per G> ---14
PowUatan j-A -• Qlaaa—
Lonnac C — l •—4#6 Black Boole*
Harrison—-- ■■ ■ • —po Quart per gros s 4W.HO
5-4 brown cotton »©ll pint. do ®?,l)0
LBleaebed do i&V M&d'a wme,s,fito gal- e?y,uO
do do. ■• • “iitflo Claret per kto«s ••• • OU,Od
[ do do ■ Window Glass, per box
Brown drill* 7*® VI Cuybmnd*
Bleached——— wlO a 1 Bxlo net,
| cTicking* •• ioxia-~
I Hamilton oU>* lixla
| Lancaster— — •• —013! pmrni do . tuxl4 10
| Brown** A C. A • ••—otB* 16x84 10 50015
Melhnens 14* Country brands
No l superior 016* quo iis® XSO
Colored Cambrics —-4l®a lnxia-- • •J.'
Fancy Prints-—— • Gunpowder- -Duty aupr
Fall River Bine- _—-& a eetn.
Mernmac o\u fFFO 5.25
FaU R. Blue Orange *&Vi\ Eagle. 6* lb* •• -
Vofk Treks- I*H Do. dor 1 lb earn*!'#-
Drag!—per *6
- • •
A»*f®uda-' '
Arrow Hoot
FFFX< do •■ r 6>4,0U
•H 017 Kaftie do in paper*- 470,00
—4 Rork pvwd.rr • • • -3.515 £73,00
- It 0 SO Grain—[Aity 20 percrm,
-0 IS Wheal- -704 T -
- .lO »II R/fe -£>4s
COMMERCIAL RECORD. !=r'.s= —" : ' J " "
'■ . FI.OI'K —B> rcirrrn.-.- < -ot.j imj.ori .11*.i 1,-
PITTSBURGH BOARD OF TRAOB t 'wn tbm ihe rfcnpi, »f wrri, h a v bren m .
UK Marshall. T-s. O.AAKX ;xt> sumrox l o i on the wbart m ?.'Uti.j-*:uiti p- !»I<l **m™
more }l3\r t.ecn lo a Uir rrlent in llif rrcuiar h mvr
jtra«l»; at price a rtiwunj a- oril;n>; to iruiu f:
! Cl* it. $.'1,75 p- |.t,|
: FISH—The ma/kd rcmamt i,uni. but lortnei •;«»«»
( Uoiis are toil, »u»t«u>cJ W- i.otiT regular *aW.i
Jtnmed iot> ai the following mime h;-ui.'t >a;iti-.n SI-,
nia TUB W"XK* WRUNG J fill 3.
mess in almost every i
ant change has taken place in quotations The wea'
Iher for the most part has' been quite pleasant foT out
door operation*, and bunncss in a general way ho*
been quite lively
The river ha* been, and mlhk’OJitimie* .n splendid
boating order for ail claoo* of steamers. and business
in that qu&rier has been quite brisk, although receipt*
in some respect- hnva fniien jbor' of those of rr*»- pre
:eilmg week.
» We give ibc tat-uiar •Ikienu.-M o( «l.r rr-
ceipt* liv river 01 sortie 01 ihr pniifipii mtirlra 01
tirde. ,
?b7r; : Suvar. hlul
-V— j MnlasiM**. t>b)•
• 1 Cotton, bale*
Flour. l>bla
Whirkc). do
Bacon, tilul<
do irc<> • 'ifi; | Woo!, ak» 4t>6
do bbU io(i : Potai-i-r, Mils 411
do pc* 40W i ,to. V -
Uo bxa • - •• 16.1 I'lg mec&l, (on* jAI
Pork, pea lIGITV Ccro, bbl« |n6
do pckl'J,c*k* 10 [ do »k* ■>>
do obli 4-1 WTeai, *k* 111
Lard, bbU ' - 170 | Green apple, bids 600
The ahipmeniii Irora ttu* poiui cut by die Penn*yi-
Ttttua canal, have been heavy The following 11 a list
of some ol die leading artic.e* of eoivnerce which
have bee a shipped u> the eastern m&rkru by i)il-< hnc
Of roinmuDication. aiio die amoiitiU pfißWiig wen
P*asis-> Fla«t Aniirni Wm.
Flour. bbl« .-20416 Dry Good*. b» '.HOOrdMI
Bacon, Be s?6icX»l Hardware. 13»»*5-4
Beef and pork, bbl» yy4" Queenaware UTOiai
Tobadco. Els Grooenc, 4746U4
BaUer “ Z»I4 Cotfee, T.'ldtU
Lard. - •••<&««' Fish. Ih-JOO
feathers. - i'lai- Copper. ' -IKK!
Wool. - 41W71 Nail* >IXO
Cotton, ' ll7(Q Pig Metal,
- a ££>.’ Hats i Shi— IS. 4415-M
Pig Copper ft* 2 VKrr.i Tin, -Jiia-
T allow. • • 27444 Drug-. '-HI
The taken from the Col'-ctur • t«>oks.
Will show U,e uuml'CT ci Uoulj cleared trocn iti-’ on:' - -
from the 'J3d to the bill Marrh. mcluwve, al:o Mis a
mount 01 tonnage and loilr, during the same.period -
No Boon TO.I-
1.43241011 *921 S 4
UMilill* 727 01
646.607 4W: 26
1.3l a JiSr SHI 31
SHSAAI> S-l (16
ÜbtihSO rt*ib l* 4 -
1 74s
l.lSkWb 4:u* 'jt>
FViday 2d.
Snludday 24. -M
Monday, 20. 11
iVednesbay. £z 17
Thursday, 2b, '£i
Friday, mi, H
Saturday 41, 26
S6 4C3»iV
T 64*> IK
Total, 111
Rept’d previouslylO!
I7j»ltf,p?6 ?i:t.i«M ID
Total, 14tmc lUt, W 2
It will be seen b> reicreice k> the iorf-goinv naus
ies, that a heavy business ha.* been doing, botli t y t.
'Sr and canal, and iraiu the present fine Msjr ul the
•iver and the lew rules of irenjht, oar nett »-▼ tnl)i
irill show larger rc«alt» quite a lively bu*mc* !
iLio been done on tbs Mor.nugshelrt slack watei im
pfovecneni, and ib<- • aliipnacni*- c*»i si»l w*«i oi mai
line, have been quite heavy
ASHES—The receipts oi tuc various l.iul- have
been comparatively light, hut n judi'd from the tieadi
nessof price*, we may infer tliol the! present supplies
are altogether adequate to the deiniml For correct
quotation* of all smells under thi« head, see genera 1
ALE—No further change has iu ihe pri
:cs of Ale, tud wa continue to quoin si pdju to 85.51 i
or eoiDuion Ui best, cask included.
APPLES—The receipts ot tireen Apple* by river
have been to s fair extent duriuu the week, and owing
to the advanced stage of the ,r*«otv gntxi ,|ua)mes
have been reaililv packed up along Diet wharf at sdvnu
ced prices Considerable rjoantities hn»e been di-po
sed of fmnrfiroi hands at p bid, Hi cordmg
to quality
LACON—A* shown by our table of re- eipu. th* Bf
nvals of Bacon from the west, have* been large, arid
notwithstanding lire henvy amounts ba»«mg ensi. our
market is well supplied. Owrsq t» ipe ab-.tndani'c of
supplies, the article hqj partially decbhrd The in nr
kci has sliown no very heavy truneu> uons. Imi sales
in a general way hare benu quite brisk-u the follow
mg quoted rates, for \Vestern mid city, cured Should
era 4£o4|. Sides and ilutas the lower
figures being the present ruling price. Consulrraide
tots of gooa country Bacon, in uu k. are tteiruming to
arrive, and sales are generally ellccied from store at
a Jc lower tliaa the above quoted figure*
BUTTHB—The receipts of Butter have been light,
aud with smalt »upplie« in store, we onbee limited sales
only, at, for roll m bids lOifl'ii. and for kce BWsi—as
in quality
BROOMS—We notice no change ,n price- There
is a brisk demand for sll'kmda at full" quoted rate-
No. 7 H Wood street, Pittsburgh.
HI HKR AND LAL'PMAN, importer* ami dealers
u. Foretgn and Domestic HARDWARE, ui
ail tu varieties. are now prepared lo sell a* low and
on a* reasonable terms ascun be purchasedeiscwlie.rc
•We solicit our fricmls, and the public generally, to
call mid examine our stork, which consul* in part or
. , PCISSOftS. SHEARS. RAZORS, House Truninm** , . .
COTTON- Receipt* during ih- «'«i bnre j *»• h C7wLVXot*!-7 ’ MuipraUi’ Bleaching Puwder,
ts: sft sgsuxrssrvi < t hr sis*- ...»
G*c antbe prr*etit rnhtiff f>Kti»r ' wnh 1, ? i‘' ,« Hnrrmi.i * ‘be irnmuueturrrs 1 a fre.b -oppl. "I the above
cirrroN yarn*.Hraanns *- *■'■>. ■■••>'«•■>! rll ,„ >p »d*«T . » «•>».<*»■> *»« *>" «« ■'
= ,lon. „r ~ ‘ ; RBtQVAL* | - ' «£»*«.,«*
DIUKD KRt‘lT—< oiisideroblr qoanime* m ; B. MILTEXUKRUUR! Vf ACalXa\ S oh KNTSI.ANI)- Dm
arrive I,y nor, and supplier am large.- We .mb' *- ny jjjgjggliLflirtiSfcas. * n a . j i»-l ler’s rdim.ii .•..i.'.iijuh, nil U.*- iniiH'-f verbatim
. hitnca in quotations ' We ijoote peaches at SM**® _ Forwarding and Conumssion Mer* *1 literatim. oi Yoi. I «:ni - J ui tl<»• L<iiidoii ••diU«n. cm
SUViphu. Larae .|aemUtie» from atbre could not l-e j c }, tt „t. has removed to *,>„ s 7 Front, between Wood l-cllfsl.rd with „ poiiran of the • whor-if v «>!i» m one
dis(o»ed of ui over SI.W bui Sales oi AtO bn Ap- arnl £tmihfi*l<J »treeii ' :i pv Knee. complete, Stii large «uj»ply ot tfoc above re
pies at M)osic ip »,« J Z-Znvixvu' "till vv pT, TT-'' 1 ' ~ cetvrd and for-ale by JOHN H MIEM-OR.
DRIED BEEK-We note «de. of (tofd iiunhiv wcM 1 B ' 4 w"fl RBAI'U
ern and city cured fromsMore at hc fc TTICKORY NUTg—3 bbli recoil auilYbr aale by T° wl * ASs * MAM fACTLKRRS-6 c&tf Broken
DBL'GS AND MEDICINFJh—Our dealers are begin IT. gp3 A RMSTRONO A CROzf'R A 0I*« received, in store and for sale by ’
I niflg to reeeiraiheir yupplie*, arid w* give cot* ap9 GEO B MILTENB^RGER
RI.CKE'I'B ANLTC.BS—There are Uu supplies m
the market, with sales of Pntcni lleavi-i Bucket* irom
store ot BU,2fi. and •( Tub* at £•< do/.
CHEESE-Tfir arrival* hare lec» :iml mijh
pliea are umiirtl We continue m .|iir<ie e'lmmon W
Rats|itfs|c, Cream at 7c. ami at -J.r [>cr
CRACKERS-No ••himj'’ pm
at quotations in tat')' -
l £•' * Z ' M | **»g ««t.l-pr .on. 6 mo*.
Bariev • - ~ * No. I Voumir- - ,
Ma.lL barley •• e<*3 r%i t ■■ L- or _ ” _ <
Glnc |ici tb Haiisui, IEL-ji
Piiinb Common ••• II 0 11 .\o l Fottnd'- t
Hoß SOpt'ci,! ■ ■ Forcr a
; Onlia prr tall ■ ■ —l if - , Tcuue.. „ «
IVMifrn romh p &1. 0 BO 1 l! rrrr(
OlnMUg—Uiiv ai ft. rl ; Foundry '. -
•'•"T"* -® » . Fo*,. a
Hoyr-pr, ,o„ of BOOH Ik. - ; M0h0,,,,,,
T »S«5* •• ••• i Foundry ft. ..
Hide*—Duty 5 per cent Force i) 0 &
—® h pi.. t ,r
wpam.ti •* 0 .. ! Plaster I’p
S" - i' ProVlYlon.
1)0 ®l.(W I Baron Hum.. ...
iw & 4 Shoulder.. . .
j Hemp—Duty •• H01e,..
iSSWtfSS? - ! „
? w*,, is’s. 'i m
l>«. frl-IS ■■ - I ... rJ-,! 1,, d I-. 1
Manilla •• • U.O W l .IXI l he,.,,.. \\- K- t,'jt M
: Duty 30 per rrni. ' ,-f ,.\jf ;
. 4 » 4| f’r«r11 1 .,,,,. U '»,' r
, Common .... 3at 3J pr Mu . . ..Si; in u
S7'--,, &*«® -* Do Butler . - -jfe !:i
- Boiler I lam, n 6? t* Potatoes - inr t u-l.
I ttds Hid 4j Common • -
. win*. • ..444? i N'-.hanr.o.k.,, t, ; , U-iffTu
' .Hab, . 4 & 4J R«B»—lmty i.rr ir-,,;
1 oU*»ia Sheri . ft ] j : (V’liury |„ lir ,i. '{■ 4
. Lead-Duty Wprrorni . I>* rood wlmr . «y i,
|.Mj*«oun JV 4J&- .. lticrfi*pf r fi> '
! ~7' • • I| d 11 H •• • 4*tf 4}
Uif F.pei.ffii I,*# j.m Hreda- <hnv l.m-rrd **u 1. r
1 Sh 7' • f» if 6i I'.uvrr -. I -i>ir
I Leather-Duty ‘.Hi pr , n T.mothv . a- m
IfKilr. Bail.more -.-I & & Mas d 4'
New\ork is 4? |y , .MonarJ . '2.60 St 'III. |
Damnced • • 14 fi? 1- fcpice* —.,-r tb
Siauf-hirr • • Is it '*} Chivr.. •> & j, !
v'l & u iWkim M..u .. st ■
Harness I,luck iy Q . .. v 0 j„ ,
Undies Mark, pr do/.. Nutmeg. I '35 10 1 s ;
!-nle« • - :«i.U) IVpper- • . ? 4r~tf
Rusrett do 3ti.rtlfil4o.uo Aiep.rr Q joi :
fpper fiiiMhed 23.1X1 „ «,
Kipn.Rm.lied 24,rt» daC.OO V.rZr '' P t ‘
Call Skin dn ■» tfauoo *![£ ' “ * U
L n' let!, 0 ‘ So.p- Duiv » •
No ' ujg'o _ ?»*•»«, k •>* • . 1l«» *1
INo 2 I'.-rdi.r fcS.OO 0 _ ‘KteTl 1 -', is i- **
»3i#s£' “ i “ 0 » ‘rr,
: 1.-*.-- >4 .• ;.i ■ % i*
: &•;,-. i !«.
t.omtnon . 1 [ * w
no., ,| - -145! „
|JS g >;j'
ESJ3CS5 ,WO SSii i| S
si; 4 c -'"’ I Its : K "J”
BavaJ Store*— Duty 2fi<-
Rosin per bbl .. X7S& 4,rtj Balt— Duty 20 per cent
Pitch —*- XSS O '• ■■ O I^3
Tar, Allegheny ® ” l.m store O I„K)
•• N Carolina 4.23 0 ’Table iloa boi 0
Turpentine, fall- 60 (2> t>6 Shot—Duty 50 per cent
Varnish. Copal U 76 0 2.1X1 , >er ®13,£0
Nalls—Duty 30 n e —per ! Prr ba * IJ7J
kr K . 100 lb., [canine nail. ' per 6
1 cent advance perTb ] ! "• a llP <Mf * 0 0 ;»
10®*J0d Jamau 3503 3.76 Tobacco-- ,kt 6-[lopcr
>0 9d *• 400® 1 01 otf lor cash for mamiCd
6® 7(1 •• • -4SO® ; Tobac-O ] Duiy in j,r n.
5u - 475® - Ci*arl.eaf 10 fi
4(1 Q 6 00 Maiiufldiio 4 0 7
3<J - ... e.oo® l.niiie«‘Twm H>l»> ]-
Julies per Bi 0 Si Plug in he#* »® i>
" Pressed 64® *1 Plug in Ixixcs n 0 it
Boiler Rivets _ ® 7 HTVisi- 6® 7
Oaknm—per ft CnvendisJt -- • ii
Pittsburgh —0 $ ;U* Dump mh. 1 a lt'j
- 0 (Si
- 0 ,TT|
10 0 14
o -a
a a
a u
Oil*—per fni j * ' PJ S> i?
Lm»ec<t—.— m>o ' I<u '■ --NO N
Lanl, City - SfiOtin . snuff 14 0 ii
Olive 1 s<| Rap|'«-» > - 0 13
Sperm Mea-bed O 1,-Ji -Cm h Irry f It. pap 0 2i
L'ublcacned 0 I,yo , . T«*--Duty iß)per ;ctit.
Fall -0 I ImpcnaJ fib 0
Whale TS O jtx} liunpowdcr \b O 7u
Tanner* per bbl 17-OOOIP.OO OU ’'K Hyspii 30 O «©
Poucbon* • i 0 3
per lb Tlnplata Duly lo pr n
Pru*. Blur 7(1 O no Baiiea Block ... 0..
LanipMack iJ3 7 J X ... a jo in
?*j.nd \VhM.L< •• IJO V T»lloW l)u:\Hfpr c <*m
Clifoinc Urrru • ITU 0 la Rendered ••• 7 0
Yellow No 133 0 ;tt Roush & 4|
No :! 25 & 'f* ‘ Soon Grea*e - J 0 ;u
Bmii*wiok (irecii P.’ 0 yri Vle«»—prr i.,«x
While Lead, dr> 6J Solid hoxe» 0 in
•• Oil. pure kef -l.Oi 0 i.cyj' .Winea-Duty 4o pr rm.-
u N“ I 0 l‘Vi L P MadrirH • • 0 a.oy
Red Lead - LPTeocntle ii«i a j -3 „
Yellow Ochre -- 'j]tS :i Lisbon - 7j
Ven. Red 4{3 It Dry Malarju- - 0 7u
Verdign*- 3U 0 > Pweei ab 0 6-j
j and 3, Herring and CodS-iiTo:
* druru.
| FEATHhßj'—of ifood wriirtn J-ratn«-r' i: nt
i «tore. in lot* 01 at) 10 louu'&s ai b
( HOII- t- or •'urr*-< l 01 ►, •
, Rni*in» m<l inr various am.-ir. .miin :ti^»
KK.itl*— Ihr o\ Br;>a Ha** l.crn i-i n tn.r . k
1 irni lii'i Styrt« ha< <■ rai><<* m_•■</« !\ We :
w idr r:*it(C<- 01 I.' 'olnc p iiu. ui l->
I <.R*W-i:kJF>-. T!.- i„v-
J>SJ«I Willi lho»r (ll Ulf yrr»;BU- W'..
l(nW 1 lU-.' biiti nr<« tia* 'K-ru doi-'j; .d !'
i:iU '«l'• Nt'SuLHr :n
. NuMwir. **Uv H rime
a u,- F i-»;. Wf i,.-Uit d I ikuto
.■ Ilii* mark,•: vjuiv- ai v& wu,
*aic» Su'-* &i j-.- f. cu.-n % nI ,
-ii/ltM- H> lor i-.iuiiii'j" ( » l>'-»i >. e- ..I |<,>l,
. OK.\JN-T'-< mark,-I mam,.,.a* • i .j.nrlr.r.
| Ohd »ale» I,a ,-r bren >'iibr>-’)' . online,! to jnuir l ~r. «
Hie fivllow-i i>r;rr* from .lore \\ h.-m ‘u a''t R. .•
Barley 3lv (‘orn ii. and i»«i, ~r -j-2» u* p •...
Receipts hare been '.i|Cbt. and vrt m.r beard .o mj
j fif *1 hand *o iin I.irf nmou:: 1
’ (.LASS— I‘lie mark cl u ate oil yai muiier » •
; Fur price* of an kintU Window yin.*,. • *
HOPS—Fit common in i.rii von-. \*
u ; p< irom «icr«- at iniri:!, p to l<, i»a,
in fii* irln .p
H Regular '4.e» or g,*od i> ,n
at 8.-..10. roi coiiitiMd- ui 5? in V iau
I.AHb-Our ...j
urn! | t key
u toJtip- v &
I.UMHKK mb •• ~un-d. V
down tLe \ ,r,-;r n > . byt receipt,
»r»or oi »iiu: w»- unucij.aip.i T:
io mark el. * tin .ale* at • ,oc*'*i,<jii.
t.KA!)-\V~ U:* \ r li*i! 10, «i;.e j til ,1*; llir week
lmre l.nnl mrUirr nd.m.rr I'.; iiiihi
; be pooled »; 4(. ami Boi at 4i wnn *m«i. »a)e*
PIOMKTM. Tin.' feempt. /rom ihe Allegheny are
ernn.y .-bon of n.- la»i y„ r , »tr>ck Tile sule. of 'hr
i week roriipro - i’\r i .i;.»wimr ime Jmi ion* Hem.nek
'«i S2A. 4 and n mo* a loud m |U) ion* Mnl...n
i*K metal aunir i -ui .i,< • ,iy «*i. taken a » n ~p« n
C mo* Srlr* of Pine !,l, in .mm: b.i*
I m 6 mo*
- MAI.T-Tl.e ir.ulai r„., pm •■* from -'ore in, Hnr
>'ll>—Receipt. bare '.pen 1,/;.- ! - ij* ( — . f .
father llTUllr.' We ~unt. M l>h Pur.) ,\:t.n
t»r v ira’l, and Tanner ••' «l7d fin i.'.
KACjSF- Rr.ifoiar l.ft n./.d mb' ..r u- V lb Mr
/cod r.r.xi tiiijrtl
MJAF AND CASDU-" -*air. »i .no
rily manuf*rm;ed H-»n. at 4 J 2'4l- . ■'.<! V# r.• f Hire)
>on|i at ]Qf<- ft> Salr, e/l ,-,ly ao<l ' I 1, a•. 4c|.|k-.! at M/tut'J ai 11>| ai»l oi St*i jt .'!>• ; ,rr
V|NKi;aK • Malt* i>i I I.lrr v.nrjar -n..r. t'uir j’ -J
ii'J. V K a!i in l;*.K
WIUSKKV j ‘•a.r ut rccil.-! a' 1- l-i an<l i«l-
ft hi j m Übl.
WOOlr -Tti, .uoiart . oniumca v-ry turn at loru.-r
< ( uniatlo;i» A *af«- oI IVHMI toa w:i* km i u.i
V-Fr to.*W fr* to
For comet juotHtjou* oi as: .ipi> ■! •timnrrs
r.l 111 1h• !i• l «( tfetirtal
‘ JU u/’jii itk w uryr*eii>wn •• - • 0
liMii'-r* util] iJniverr’ |tk o- HuniMirp 2
Hftnk. VV* ) , ie ,i. utR i Mrri'l.ant- B« - v
rinn *t.ur/ “ I'Urn-vs fe Mprh« *Bk V
,J" • I Us n( Snail, I'.rr.l.nn- 2
(p-iMnor: p«.t Blarylanci.
. . . . )|k- pur
■ *>"»*»:• • I HiiimVAO R l(S< r.p l<i
*• oc* Ilk | e.iml,rri,.Q.t tik <»■ A'lr
■VN r>: Uf.iru li in .. | fiiirtuy ■ |
Hr rf Noir* • . *• Fur Bk of .Maryland ••
«* «!>• P U;i Jo « Fanner-' A. M-chame* ••
■ ity A County tp t Bk Kf.l-rik •
Ohio. I ’rr (1 r i ;»• » i:<» lu “
Mian* Bk . .ind Uram-he* !J lUd-riw.wn Hi - ••
M.him r.MM-um Mn-ri'Hk--- ••• l
MPMl.eilV.ilr r u.ip'-er- I’k I
S: ilij “ npsnnlik - - “•
NUriftlin ... •> |U i' \\>. mi inirr
Nrur, *• .Mldilkaa.
'\n-.niiai. B*J,k* • • •• iU mS' i ai 1 • -
lailu'iiiiu* do *• Mk 1.1 K.vri Hu.trii
CtrcJrvilie . •• M rmi |,i - Co- a
Z->hrw lie f Ut s M.-, t, v in i
Pulnnru U Uroudn Trrrll')-,
-7(. Vl a r \l-I «'!• M.iw'e 4
_ >.• m ». . Mi-»iMnn - • i. Canada*.
Cattle Market. : San,lurk, • .. • • 5
ALLcaiiKm, 4{>i i. 2, I?4V (ieauj:, • nl hu,' andNm.i
HI.KI (' \TTI.K-- I'ommuf. ' f n'Y iTT*'J“ V V'"
, . i k»rißiid . . ); Ciold *. Hpet-.le V Blue.
than lU<> »iHvmK i.«eii clirred in U..* yard *..i Mo iduv - X-mu ••• •• Nkpoimi. ... . ;mi
8p..! .pi ilrty weir rradiii taken at sii fc* I'm tt)> u-i- DaYton •• Hueur. i liflY jtl
uece..d uwality at »Jk.ul SA **• !«' ft* *?:r r ’ ‘ »'* * J” r>o
fl * lU ...... Pranklin Bk r..;«i.,Luk “ l-.aglr, new Idlin
MiM.S— A limited wr.n o • I**' Cli.i; rotlir *• !>o«U(wii/>. SfiariiAft 18 on
No Sti.-ri, wire ufl'ercl l.nkr Kre • - - BoP-nr.ot 15. Ml
- - - rtcio;.k • J - ... “ .S.-rm,!,. •• - 1-1
LnncOAirr 1U Ouiiif** a Hi)
Hamilton j 3 Fie*-MfkA.l : oii--• • 17 -d
3O Trn'ililirr- • • 7h-
Farin'i* [J k I'ajticn —-50 Ten Huilden • "mi
Urban# 50 ;Loaird'nr« 4 .V)
ttentnekf. 1 Exehaag*.
Bk of Keniorky IJNrwVc-rS J pm
Ilk of Loui-7i!lp *• Philadelphia Jpn»i
Norhern Bk Krntu’kjr •* Ba'um''rf —• • Jprui
Mew York~ouy Bank*, par H’l» • i
The only c Nailer w,- nolnr m ihc m.inr".
Krl, u that 'he ratpj oi currency dcrouiii- hn-.r ..1
vaticed a Jc »inro our fu*t rimin' Hu- , imuf .*
conhncil u» Virtpma. Ohio. K'nturkv an.l Mi>>oun
1>«l: k note* The loiiowmy a i' idr romc.r,) rarr^
StLi.iTf'* R.» i r
New 'i .JrV ,
* pm I C.r.nmia:
» Uuuv.ll.
I j Si 1 ,001
iiwk Ni/n>
* llui'. ; Kat*
1, d.« I Co A t:.iv ..r I
• Keilrf
• • I Pecmayivania «..
• iVwVm
" Mai v Ism!
Beviv. K*r;
| Indiana,
do Wheelitu'
Krgular uie*
No.. Gn-on, leaver
r.nlt.r, Jacob*. r.rowri.Vii;.'
AiiniiliC, Kr-.n n.\ ,[. r
' .uhOcii, Hnidr,. ic-on. M, Keofixii
Caiet. I'opr. A. Muul.rn-k lieavvr
Beaver. Clark. Oenvi r
Wm I’biihps, Mel’h.u!, K.n.uiu.n,
Jenny Lmd. '.'.an*-->v., A -.
ZacKary Tayior Lu,«*. W/.eHni,-
R Wig/hlman, WallianiMin Chri-iet'. LamJieu
HwDlmrg. Caldwell 1 r>tjj«v 1: 1 «•
U; W.u CimiiHi. I v v .i:, M -v. St L«. .
<ive. .V, j, 1 «.irilon Frankun
■V:.'.-:i-iiv !>llr Haun.»
l-g&WJo f*
... oi No . < )'„■ t>
H . ll.iAi n*\
Atidtili.-, I'.irkm-.m, I'.; ,u n-. ,•
■ a:H. t Murd.K.i,. r-..wr
Kpbwt l ..u-L. IVuVrr.
U'm Philiip*. Mcph-4.. K lumi m
laiih* Melvin** I{ff«vn*vi!.p
H Ni. K luht.-il.t i n
N rtb Kiirf I if,ll) >i L,ui-
I.upbratr* t ‘.illkumi N' iHl T, c
Poe. .^unlikh
( -.til*-! i;, v d. Zaue«vi||o.
Pbu;p lAH.lJnd£t* MiKire. Kreder
K.»r; Pitt. M.ber KrtnU m
U* Nelenn, Moore, U':iee..:i A '
Theft- wera 7 icci o mchc lull , tj r
by pter mark !a?( erecnik at diirl. end
IV >ATM Lt A VLV iTH I.' JiA \
Hr-, wiuviiie Pa, kel». 1 0 A M Jm ! | p M
Beaver Packet*. !o A M an-l 1 I’ M
Hr. .oL:yn
C.iK-iuunti—Mi Veriioii.
'Of Hi.. u
'• .<i 10f ltill
K.llumnfc- Wn, 1'1,,,,
l' U.,:ni'
K A <>l i>t.*»'OUNT-»;iMCK» i IKiij/%''*
Exchuice Broker*, .No Bft Mr ilrt nr. * • o i-Ml'nii
Pemuylvanla. Indiana.
Uiok «»I'P n-i.urjri: ---Par Btate In AJlranrim • IJ
I'.kCUaMJC BaJU - • -I’af S 4te>rr:li
Alcuh A. Man Bank par, Virginia.
Bka.oi iTi.iadctph.a -Par'Ujchnnsr Bk »l Vn ]|
(■.r :rr<] hunk • Par Pa rmer» L* n| \i
Hank oMmiinaniown pur Hk. mme Vaiiey - *•
•‘lieitrr foonty- |»,.r Ilk ol
" < u • I*:' r,M A. M Kk kS uri-: |
Moineonx-r)'Co, pn, ■ do Mortuntowu I
• N jnr.on.[.'-iinnd par N. W iWk Va ,
1 -oiuinbi* li!i,’t«- Co pa' do tVelltbnn; >i
H») iCMnwn K.uik ••• pnf do Paraer«l>unc- —~
ITfinrr*’ Hr Keadiiifi pn; : Teun«M««.
Kiwncrdlk Burk* <Vi par Bk. of Trim.'»irc S
Farmer*. Il k Laura* f pur Far. 4, Mcrch’t* Bk ••*;ri Co Bk • pur Plantcrt' Bk.
Lane .«iff 15k jiai UuJOlißk.-* - "
I r-thtr* Bank ---HI ftliiaOurl.
lu • ;n*r Buur Bk o.'ALaaoun 'i
vVa.i, ri<!i,n ifk 1 North Carolina.
Oeityatni rr li Kk • • I Ilk of Cane Fear--- i
Cti.ijnfirr*!>urir M Mcrch’a Bk.. Newber.)
■'i,*«[urnriiinCo. Hr :t State Bank -2
lyr.itd Co Hunk, • - Booth Carolina.
Lx--* - C.’rnPdn Uk •<
Moidi-io-yn ... i iu ( nnrlraiori-• • 2
-‘ r,T: *“■ •’ iV.m,..•••• ...: Ur -2
ManmJ'r. ?n d ‘-i
1 in 1 if T
1 ai.-ibna • .. (j jf ;
Wool per b • cuprre>-;ii
Full Mno-! /if
I M00d.... . at ::
1 ft? •>
i ami Connno’i ll* a? •'?
ru». ‘ -} 5
Whlikey -|>-r E all..n
Raw Moiuiurahria
Zinc—per b
Of in
>l8 !' • ut u«d
Freights p,-r jr
Heavy ♦
To 1.0 C.,
I>rv Coodi
Hrnv\ . .
To Si. la.o,
Dry I i'nmN 3 gi
H cav )‘ 40 id
To Cleveland and Kri*-
Dry (.o<k)«. gf _
Hravy -St -
Drv (~>-..-1. 1 dow 11;
I'n-Kluer. .V,- i u ,,.
Tn Nn«hvi!.r
Dr) st o-,
H To W'i.rr„» K "
i)ry ..o.>d. . r a Lit
‘"'r-Cx “
- • iv 0 -jo
I>t\ < gj
M ',"V
Mrm \ (iim»l. .. &»»af
& i . 4
' *a*L 1M UlU.,*i,i
Av.r*. F..i am mi
Butn-r auj Itaeon, ’
Bert Bnllp.l .j,
liilip ropr # „,l R H ggtng <io TO
IW.' Ji 'l'’
-r- i ■==
do .'j*.
. {NK.mJ j 0
I»r; t.nod- j 0 | ,a|
l ~„: *, ;j
M-; 'Mi i -.hj
lur. unJ ~ p c , , Uj ISs , y,,
h»*U<cr.. ~0
, j« i.oo
ina*Rwiii r . ,i„
* ‘la»*. \\ in.low, p,- r i.i «n O
<»reen and dry fnm per |>hi lb. 7.4
Ginseng. per nnj :■ 75
1 Groceries. do mi
Hardware, do 75
Hops. j 0
' Hemp, ,i 0 7n
Hide*. irnw ?6r; drr fits} .in
leather, j.,
1; , pi h '» ,; n n,
l.nrU and Lari Oil, J„ cs
(M.0i.,0' j 0 ?5
ni'twed 0,1, 110 7-
fork. perbbl do 0 17.;
*“P*- parWOlh. i>j
Rope* and cord***, jo Dti
-I’"'" .in »
»#m*. Derr and Buffalo, do 75
Tohnofi' Ira/ ..
~!l ilami/aeturad. 7-1
''Hcri, Un no
'' ool > j , 0
V\lu*irv, peri-Kiibj .£
r-' TUX tATT <•:* SIACI
C!r... No 1 - A*h> > Pm Phil Nv;
Hncou. Ilutu-t, I.hmJ
Cher.r. Pork.
<•« 1 «';{.** W I,as*,
nnd \S n.*k\ pr 100 ;b* ~
Cijuii No 2— if.'mp. K’ttX
Claas.No 3 Dr..d Fruit ~
Leather. tn.j R nr ».
Skm«. Srnt. _
Class No 4 —Beeswax.
Feathers. Furs g,
Hop., i<)<i*f I'm _
Marine Insurance.
Kate* of Insurance on rnigrr. of
Pm Pmstnirgti to \Vt,rr. mt .v 0 J 0 |
ui Niid tonn OuircnMi.u j » ,
i^'Ui«v I, lr. K, ,/* j
:: : •*» u*.,
lo fWKir;» . ril. I
■ lolndriH-num.T a jyoj
■ : '.r.'Cn,r", ' "»'«
in Mi nrp.i... Irt, 1 ar ! J
li. S«!W Of tr an. \
‘'mciniif.. Packel-.. i-J A
K.-k I'Hii.A;.Kt.n,i
;•*»■ une-T o .-ioi-k V. M
Court of (Quarter Sessions.
Fuiday. Aprd 3rd, 11*49.
Hfi*** l m—!uJ|fc# Hatton and Joues.
Ibe tirsl ca*r taken u|i thia morning, was that
oilin' (. oinmonweallli v* jobn Lewis, indicted lor
u I,if, *Miy committed at the late lire at the point.—
Tli* "dry brought in n verdict of not guilty.
< ■ommonwcnlth vs Henry Mast. Mast was in
‘Seted lor (lie larceny of some varnish, a looking
gla*'.. aud other articles of value. The proseci
in i appearing, be wa* discharged.
t omuioQwcaitii r? Sherry Duval This was a
surety ol the peace case, and L>nval was bound
1 ominonwe.iUb vs Janies Williams, Ann Wil
limns, and (our ether-* The pri-onera, three male
and Hirer '••mal.*. were indicted for larcenv Th«
prcsn ic. .( „.ji np}>'iiß the\ were discharged
l*re*ei,t. JuJces Hutton and Kerr
f ojuu.ouu-calih . v Kr.-dctidi Ivwees. Indi
n»»-ni l.,rcenv Thu jury relumed a verdict
1 o.iiin. ti'Aert.ili vs. Lydia Johnson Indicimc
arsauil «r.| hutiery. The iiiry bruiiylit in a ven
l<i k'uiltv r— ■ -niii,ending her In the mercy ol
1 ouumuiwenllh v«. Aun Lampbtdl. Indicted 10.
ih a , .'iiiiiiaiii M-oid The examination of th<
w iur«»es m ih.s, caused n great deal
The jury had not returned when Hie Court ad
I'i'Thc r Locrt A|.r< 1 3d -Present Judgi
l.our.i- mid Hepburn
1 he tirst case uken up was that ol the A*
-itiic.;,- ol Warrick Martin vs Hull Jc Speer -
('ie mrv ill ihi'* can- tiroiiirhl in h verdict ot ihre
hitnCfed rni'i one dollars mid seveuty three cei
in lavor ot the piuuil't! subject to ihe opiuion
the t oiirl on ihe point* reserved- Courtney I
plaintiff. Kuhn fir defendant
Matthew 11. Locun el. nl vs. Samuel W. M
Lrinm.s. This was an action of ejectment, and w
not concluded when the Court adjourned.
Mayor's Office, Pm>Btttoit, April 3rd—Four
men one w<.man were brought before the
M«t. r -.his morning,charged with drunkenness.—
lire Annum was sent to ja;l for thirty day*. She
i* aiwavs dritrk. nnd n so great an annoyance to
her husband, thal he had her arrested.
Two of the balance were committed, and the
rest discharged
Mayor? Office, AlI/wjhevy, April 3d.—Four
prisoners appeared before the mayor Ibis morning
charged with drunkenness ami disorderly condui
Two wore fined ten doi’srv each, and in default
payment were committed for ten dav* One wi
sent toja.l lor five day? and a? >t wi
t.i« first offence, win discharged
Wn iron that our long experience in the carrying
>u*i:ie*a, and zealous attention lo the interest* of rtu
tomcrs. wili secure to u» a continuance anil increase
if the pmronage hitherto extended lo Bn»chnnt'« Line.
<>or arrangement* will enable- ui to rariy Freight
I with the uimo*t despatch. and our price* sbail alw.ii t
be as low »« the lowest charged by utner responsible
reriTit imp-.nan,>d> in,in Franc.;, are some mo
«pl»*r.«bd trev - i.sttrri.e, exceeding anv thing ev
er' vr,'ii in this itv !t is difficult to con
ee v* Ihm ws 1 con.d carried to such
per'o*ti.'>n Urea* .rurm**«r> of oiir citizens called
t > M-f :hr«o '*>nu’ii'ul works of art. yesterday, and
we understand t*»ev can be »e«n any time to day.
I-’-r t ntLbajcs --Severn! children were lost
th- bustie and • illusion of moving day and thi
-'C ..nan L.l constant employment.
«'-iHONrn« IiVitKST —The i.-rooer* lory will
tnec! 1..1* evrn.iiif at two o • ioek, ia the .May r'a
''dice, Anegjiea> - ity to nold an imjuesl uj«»n
James Tensja r We w iurti.»h an account of
it« pr>s-eed'ncs t- marrow iteming.
■i! !•; |K«rt t. :n tne Iro
•■K'' -'fA h Mtj \ i '.itrA, n very r<
»p»*ciat. e eit:*en. .i cl sudden! v on Monday tn> -rr
me He was n :n- a.C ~t w.isb'iig tuni*e!t. whei
be tell l ack dead Apoj.Vtv «'«> the ra-ise I)(
lii« mourntu, oevurrent <•
M’Ki'l Al. NuTl K
-f Mctu';e*rs r,. rt btojuesne Division nr
earnest \ n-i|ur'tc 1 In meet u t the Hall, corner c
i hirJ and Wood st this murmur al mne u clock
Mr the {.urjvse u f Mimdiug the tuneral ol Brc
■v*. IKK I'tAKt'. Mrini-rm c*('otbet b.> ,91,'un ari
,\u il Mtirlft strrrt. {‘uixi-urgh, f’j.
| ) l .M’htTU LI.Y inrmume i l*i hi « Uifi lit a:nl ru*
■■ - !**• n-—-i. r Hr *«• .uMdr? :i f z
-<! . 1 «... '.Mart! • .; r ,V: .7Vx. r^.^rj.r'^vr
•"• <• -“‘I . .• ‘ ••mi K* i. |i .nil' .f.
room. |-h: -i „• H.x • W.;:,
•'/“l'*. V.f l-r.ii .. i' S ". ~ud T i u'lupii Ten.
'♦ !'••••• ••• ; ;t," r. Hoar. U. \V|j.
K ' ‘ * >n "'
• .ird J., ... f, liUf.l if ir».lr M Or.
lIKnSI iIA W fm r
•I. c. P. MMITH,
Jllorof) and Counsellor al,
>T l.u l I > .Mu
-.Par-." u ai mi.-uuon in me <-u..rcti<iu o
l recused, •liuli l»e tennltf.
• Hon l< lon irr ?u prru,r B*„rn. Pn .
-n.-M. \ Co Si Lnui*. N'.'ood. Atd»mi A
Ji o H Hrnwn A C-. do: .Mr Charier H
... K >.> >UA . <> Sf'vr \ ork. Chjnsn
• H..».\ t o «!.. liAuchrr A OrrmloMf Baitiniotr
I- A A Mur«!...-ut.lo L.o.e, Martin ACo do. Mi
•fJJK-r. 1-OH-ri/. Sterling A i«, p,u»
' tirH'fUOr A * o do, Smith A Co do
M- !.>«mrni,.in 1«. ntrnS? d2m
i-ujH/rtrt and Dmlm m t'u’f tfrn and Domestic
Saddlery Hardware i farrjnge Trimmings,
No. 133 Wood ■(., Pittsburgh, P»,
now reviving hi- Spring »u|> ef Oyo<K .ml
in % ilea Uif attention o( Saddle r». Coachtnakcr» :«nd
Merrhani* to hi» «tocK It ha* been bought upon the
•r,( irrilK trum ihr f.e»l «ouri'ra, «ivl he tin-more
ic.r. ... nrintf ~!■ .. vr> aJor-l asiMtaruoti to
J i'H.\ KKI.IA A <•<)
i'iiwn'i t - r <
. i*ucr,..«. ( - t.» Hoi.i., Winr
ur \!rr- n„ n < luwOfvl No. |W
« -i: liirrt. I*l.i ailnpui™. b*c
'V*'” rrr.ani U.r .HVr.i > I’Rl.Nf • an") SL'MMFR
hA> 111( •N >. w,;n u »rg<- n-Kor»mf(i! o! N*wS[vk
--nj’r.- ~ Voiinc*. *,
Lor.rton, At
;nc IViilnrt'-iphn hit rr«pcctful
rxiumi!,; ilnir cx■ Dmvi'
wirli'iS" •■'w.i
Mn.pralli' Patent Soda Ash.
:S<M iirr now iurjc.y «U|l|)lK-U Wllh ll|f
.nl.rm.-.l Kfi.fir. rrcei.lly rrcnvc! Uirrct
<irer», iviu New (>rl*an») prr»hij>»
•' ' Nr«mn>i. ami Far
mh a; uie loweti ruarkrt
Jmn- H li.i.Mr,,. « nrt, l;i .
Win- I. Ill*'y 4Tr prepafil K,
pri.-f* ror cu.fl n appiovrtl
!*) Liberty *i
N M—Titer wi:l i»*cpive n/-n momli another »hlp
m**ni .mi (’hilwtlriphia) per »hip Llobe, u;ul Ihrucclor
rr-: u,.tf Mippiri ap*
I andscal’j: i'.apkr
i I --t. a . • Hit lirill.r 01 .Mcuitrn •,
1 ... Orro (,nr-l< .
‘ • tluenu Vi»tu.
1 • Fn« .le {'n ri«,
I l‘hn<r dr Lyon.
I “ <iar<!r Frannnii,
1 “ <ol C Auvergne;
7h<- above i«i »i' l >iii-lr lor papering large public
nxim. Jn«: rrc il <:.r*:ct irim Puna, hihl for aalc-ai
'hr wan-hon** i>i «pV , SC HILL
HI JTkK 7 i.t-L Roll liuitrr, ,u*i landing
IJKi.'a N NI.TS—II bI -i- landing trom *utir-Farns for
*n,rf.y in.'hVl LK<I COCHKaNjW wood m
/ HR _ ror’«nle by
m- i.vj UOHT DaLZKLL A <*<i. Libcnv «
It uI.L HI.TTKR lit bbjftin More ami lor «nle by
W A TM > --fiouil ll>» I>or Skins, for winch Ihr bich
f T |>rir<* m cash will hr puli) hv
1 HA< Kl. Hill. -160 bbla No J Mackerel U i
-r n..j fair i v S A \V H A RHA IXill
L L\Ti! I- R>_>ii ip, j, r m- | iii,jot* 1.. - landing and
A i*.r «„.c by S»■ V(iN lIUNNItOKST A Co
/ U.nVKK AND TIM < inn sKLD-For , a \ e hv
.V I,UQ - N _ SKVnMii.NSHOIISrtCi.
1 S|[»|>—, ntxl< now lnndin« (i,.m "learner
1) l UltlJfCflnmt, lof sue <.y
' ISAIAH OICKKV A r„, From «t
1 AHl>- 4 /7 hi,j* No 1. Uhnlidodn. now landing from
Aj firanirr iluuihnl.ind; lor sub- by
L’bATIIt.HV .Ki •». now landing horn <Mmr Cum
A l«Tlancl. ~,r fale b> isAIA H DJC|»KV ACo
/ n T' 'N "i a UN— IIMMi It.. »»».irted No. c Yarn,
/• J 1 * ll ““' k> . 16*i n,iic« Dulling, Ji ito Candle wick!
'or imc «; li.wr«; marge’ iun-» by
Nl hAll, A, *l6 hloU fair in prime N o Sugar; l*-l)
bbi« a-orird No* Loaf Sugar; do Moia-tra,
■or »alc b> mhif- RHEY. MATTHEWS ACu
lY r ANTKH~Aii Ciprrnrnred in iho Dry
_T " bu*",e»i» The b-siof reicrruer* reijuir
'd *V |,lT *** AAMASuNiCo
. n ' U '~ . _mi Markrt .i
J n.lflNMuN CAPS rib J nml *,,1,1 | OI
X “a.rby nirli I .’- C A 1(111 Tll.Nc H
VJ"I.ASSF> |,,.u N o Mo.-j.m-*, j„.| ,r. d an«l
ii.r .-i-1.-hv mrh*.- C II GUAM'
S‘,Y' K '? r, 12 •»««. .Jo ...d
hv Cl * '"lo Lnrd.jun rec'd and i'mi »«;r
/j Lass--
V.J rernvi-d ar-.l mr ~,r
> »■' Vn.N MUNNHivftsr K
CCYTHRSNEATH:- :u>d..r for »alr bv
k. mrhsr K Vt A Co
H i 1t,,, ' ***' lflr »#le by
G R S« Lo " "> order"
For th* Transportation of Freight to and from
Tnosus Hjruu-uk. Phila-V■ ptn*
T**rrv ,'i o - C«*aNi>a. Piii.hcreb
rimis old p.t.bti.Ni'd 1.,c- r.:' ~,,.
A Mon. the proprietor* tire prepared witn the-- u>nal
exieiiMive arrangement* to forward merchandise nro
duce Ac io and from the above nor:*, o.t liberal term.,
wntb luc regularity, despatch :.r,d «aietv pecu-iar io
4heir mode ol trausponan-m so obvious, when ini
■hipment or, the way w avoided
All consignments by and for this Ime received, chsr
r »• Miy required directions free
of charge for coimm*aio n , ad vancin'" nr storage
No interest, directly or indirectly. In .teAnbnais
All conununicauonspromptty attended to on applica
tion io the following agent* ““
M""- ->■ ri’ilud-lcihm
O UINNOU 4 Co, Morlli
lS4!>. eg^a^n
Goo<i» shipped t.y Uu. Ijnr. are rnmcj n, loui
1, u ., . *ecUon t’oriuUir Bonu
eubscnNrrs havrn* made arrant,r„-m. ~ c...
ol a wini o: JWTnirk. m ,'oiumt.n. lo i,»v«
mcir rorwardcd „vcr u.r R«>iroaJ* ~, t )r . to
a* 1 o uvoid ihe drlenUon that )in« her.-i.iiur*- u.-curnrii
lot thr want ofTruoki. Muppen w.u and t j„ U)Ul _.,
advantage So charge* made i„r n . r ..| Vll! „' l , (
cr for advancing charge.. All goods
with despatch, and n:i r*-a.o!inl.i.* ifrin« n» m- nti
lj, ’ f '<>HN KaRKKN ifi'i " '
co/TKr ol I Hiiai and l.n-ert; »i, l*i;r,t.u, a | l
V K F'RKTZ A i o,
*•« Maikrl -f'hiindeiphiH
■tag* 1849.
Cjuwtobd A Cleveland, O ) ...
RO. Paul Braver. Pi \ 1 T0 P r •
I'HJS Line will lif prepo cd on the opening of navi
gation. lo transport I'reighl and Pa*«etiarr» from
PITTSBURGH ami CLEV PR.AND. lo any pomi on
ilif CnnaJ ami Lake*
The incilmv* 01' ilif Line arc iin»urp>««»',t m nuinbrr
quality ami capnciiv oi H-miv aiperifnre nt captains
ami irlfiricnpy oi Agent.
Oju* Bolt leave* ritlstuirgli ami ('lcvp.limd ib:i
mug in with the gie«mpr«
Between Pittsburgh ami Beaver, and ■> inn- oi uni clast
Steamers, Propeller* and VpMtii on \iu- !.«»**.
Aokwts-«-R G Park*. Beaver, Pn
'Je«»e Baldwin. Youngstown, Ohio
M B Taylor. Warren:
Cyrus Prentiss, Ravenna,
Wheeler A Co. Akron,
Crawford A Chamberlin, Cleveland, O
Scan A Griffith. Buffalo. N V
Office, cor \\ ater and Smithfield sis, Pittsburgh.
Johs Bisoham, Thu*. Btsokak.
Wm. Bihokah. Jacob Don.
Conducted on sinct Sabbath-keeping principle.
THE Proprietors ol' this old established Line have
pul their flock tn Uie mu>i complex ord- r. and are
thoroughly prepared to forward Produce and .Merchan
dise to and from the Eaatern cities
We have opened an office in No [*>3 Market s»eet,
between lih and Sih «t«, JMn.sda, for the convcDiHct
of sh’ppers
l'*nduce and Merchandise will he received and for
warded, East and West, without any charge tor tor
warding, advancing freight, ■torture or comuustion.
Hilts of tailing forwarded, and every direction
promptly attended io.
Address, or apply to WM BINGHaM,
Cann Basin, cor Liberty A Wayne »is. Pitubunrh.
BiNGHAMS A 1)<)i:K,
No land *76 Murkei street. Pbi-ada.
No ItM North Howard *treet. Baltimore
WILLIAM nsnN. Agent.
nieh'.’l No 10 West streei. New \‘i»rk
Penmylranla Canal * Rati Road El
press.Faat Packet Line,
1849. iPI 1
(Exclusively for Passengers )
THE public are respectfully informed that thj* Line
wit. commence runnmg on the 19th mat, and con
unufe inroughoul me treason
The boats are new. and ol a superior clat«, who m
laiifcd cabm*. wmnti will pvr greater comfort The
c«r» are ilie ihlcm coiiiiructiou
A bout whl u)wa> *heii! port. and ttavrlers hi-- ie
quested to cal 1 and examine them before eng’iglug pas
sage elsewnrre.
I Fare anly nine doi!*r« through l t ine or the of
this l.ine will icase the landing (Opposite L S Hole!,
corner of Penn «irci-t and every n.ghl at u’
clock Time lit day< For miorjiiutiori. app.v at me
Office. Monong&hclu House, or u> D LEECH A i'o
mehlT fnmiJ Bi.mii
For the Transportation of Freight to
TYUSINKSS on the Canal being now resumed, the
X> FtOpTielOfaoniHs-anoTo Llm terpoutfelly inform
the public that they are prepared to receive and for
ward Freight with despatch, and at lowest rates
Tboy would also call the attention of shipper" Ka»l
ward to the fact that the Boots employed by them m .
transportation, are owned by them and commanded hy :
experienced captains j
Shippers ol Meat in Hulk will hnd it advantageous j
to ship by this Line, as the rubsenbers have made :.r- I
rangemeots «i Colombia to have such freigh* for Hal
umore nanded directly from boats ta car-*.' thereby sa
ving warehouse bandit-g
Freight to Philadelphia *«»« clear through m uir
No charge made for recnving shipping ur advam-.iig ;
charges KIKR A JON KB Proprietor*.
Canal Basin, Seventh «ireri ,
AO ENTS—John A Shaw. Cincinnati, O, Jno Me- !
CuKoogh ACo Baltimore; Jos Steel A Co., Philadel
phia; Francis A Thotnar, Columbia. rnchdi j
Jsig, 1841).
£:ramer MICHIGAN No -J~ Capt lolmui
I.AKKKRIF • Gordon
r PHK a!>ove rr-i-ulnr xnd known Upavrr J*i>ok-
X oil, have rommi-nc c! mnk their ri*:!*, trip* >0
Fiiiihurgh and Braver reemajiy dunn* the srspun. n»
Mirniftiiti No 2 >»vn Pmihurut daily it i> n clock
A M , and Braver »i ? ncn.k. p M t. u ke Kr:c
.cave. Beaver daily ui c o clock A 11., arid l^t«t>urch
at I o'clock, I* M.
These Mrnmrr* run in roanenien with
K l» Park* Frprr** Pnekrt Ijne. for Kn. ,
Taylor A I-erfimicwri!'* Warren Packet*.
I mna Line ot Freight Boat* tor • lerelam):
Clarke A Co'- Ptuvi.urgh and UcvciuM Lute Freifht
Boat* *
R <. Park* .Imlv New Ca«i|e Park^.
IM.AR.KK. PARK!- * (to R„vn,
JOHN A CAL'I.HKV, Ac-n Fm.t.uriii
mcl»3l cor Wnirr xn<l '-nnioC'- -1 »->
is-ii). L
Puttbu rgh to Philadelyhui arui lUtlanui «•-.
i KxciuaiYcly for l'niv«cru:rr« i
THK public nrc rrtpecuu'.y miorinnl -mi: ou, Line
will commence on Mor.tluv n*th March
The Ixmis of lhi« |,ine am of a •uprnm I'la*-. v* ( ;ii
enlarged cabin*, which will give greater comion io
A bool will always be m port, anJ traveler* nrr re- t
i) uc tied 'o roll aml rj amine them brio re engnji 115 p-,«. 1
•upu by oilier route* They will leave ihe Inndtjvj op- I
po«ite lire I,' A Hold, corner I'riin eireet and I
every ruglit 111 'J o'ri ck
Tuue — Days.
For information, apply *uhe office, Mononenhela 1
House, or to 1) LI'KCH A Co, Cana)
N !l —The proprietor* of the oboe-- Line are now i
huildin? nn additional Line of Packcu. 10 ran n* nl.ove
on nr .ilmiui June Im, in conneenorvwnih the i*r:irn\ 1- I
vamn Hail Hoad from J.ewmown to Philadelphia A: '
ihat lime a packet will leave every moroma ami ■
me Time through, 2$ d*y« mcin'i !
1849, j
Tor the transportation ot .Vlercbomtuc i
GOODS carried on ihn Line are not iramaoncu
between Pittsburgh »mi Philadelphia. |.e ;m : car. i
ried in four section Portable Hon:* over i.tmj mid wa
ter—to shipper* of rarrehandir- rr.,umiis rnremi
handling, this lx of importance No rhanje mn le (or
receiving or shippmc, or for advancing*.-* All i
good* forwarded with '
run-** by any other Lino.
JOHN M'FaDEN 4. a..
Canai Baud. Penn »t, Pituhurirli
jas m Davis a i>
marl 227 Market k 5-1 Commerce »t. Phila
JOHN MeKADF.N k Co, Forwarding anil Comnus
on Merchant*, Canal Ba*in, Penn nt. Pittsburgh.
JAMES M DAVIS A. Co. Flour Fivrimiiuid Cormni*-
M«>n Merchant*. *£!7 Market ami 61 Commerce »tree'
J'hiin.lriphri. marl
JET'Advance* made by cither m' iljp ntmve o-. Fiom
\N onl and other niPtchandize coi]M*ned to them lor
Merchant.’ TrampowlTlon Line.
THE Canal* and Rail R,.n<U i>« lnir , low <jpc .
tit rood order, we arc prepared to lor«;,r'd a,l
kmu*_oi inerchandmc and produce to i , hiUdc.r*m« and
Uallininre. with promptnrM ami de»putrh ...
good terms a* any other l.iuc
(•anal BftMn. «l t'lUsliurvh ItAVMm, *
mr-J7 HUSK MOHHII.I. Ilnlumo^
fur JoLn.iown, Honuloy»t.ur«b ami
all lineniiadiaiK place* 5 ’
'IMUM Lmr will continue to carry all W.v
Aaai»Tt V A M’ANUI.TY k C.o Punbutah
l> H WakcflcM. Jol.nnown S
John Miller. Ilolhday.l.ursli
HarE«i!uK»--Jarne« Jonlon, Smith A Minelaii L>t F
m,' .Va7'* C, J 1 John **«*«, S F Von Uonn
,,ii * I*r.,"’ h* hUH,f * r °- JwM-Dfrini Hr<».
!. ,4W,: ‘£:.'Z?: Jn "
For terra*. A.- ,i., iUl ir ~<
.„, ~ JAt* KKHU. I- .v t\, ,»i vv nl „ *1
uiehUl >ll hi n> n H WH. T K-N
N WV Hl’HlSti A A M,J,
mi Market .u«wi, arr mow <ip«MHn K ,
|"“k»<r. „i »|>li>ruli<i Sl 1 HINli f,r>< c „„ ' !
Uawiu. Muilirm. M tlr l.aine*.
I rinu, Fioneh Cambrirt, Lin»ni. RiM>nu», 1
8tlk», Shawl*. Glovpi, Houery, and a getienu
ment o 1 Ooo<l« meh«7
OATS—Titi bush O*U.
roc h*
OOKING (.LASS Munuincturrr*. and SVholmnle
deuler* m tor* icr<. n-.d d0me.,,,. Variety Good?
" -aieru merchant*. Pedlar* ami other* me invited
to cail and examine the prices and quality ot oar Mock,
a* wuh our prmenl increased tscilitie* in mnnut&i tur
'tig and purrhamng, we think we can offer a* great
inducement* to buyer* as any other house w e *t of the
.Mountains. -nMy
KF.NNKDY & SA'S KR. corner Wood and Fourth
»ire--i. i,re now tsj e.vui* dirrcc from first bur i*.
u i a ru»- »:ocit of Fancy and v*nei>- Owns, inc ml 'g
Curri.-. ol rr-rv variety. gofd and silver \Vu;rlie»,
Jewciry rr< . •& Print*. Comi;*, Hook? naid».
G:ovr. nn.l tloairry. Gun Capa, mul all
other article* in ib-ir line—utiul whuh having r.een
purchnarrt pcrsoruLiy or Uic manufacturer* en*i,du
rtneibe iu.t svmier. eipre*»ly tor u.e Spring trade:, sold wUo.ifHie at u mh.i.i advance on co«t
1 onauinti) on nand, ad de‘cnptious of Looking Glitaa
ea. of cur own n.itn..i»rm (l r e ceMrrn pn.-e». mh2J
VY lio
.KSAI.EDin GOOD**—\V r uf r .„, w rf r«,
v;i*l!aUti f .ioc»ol !*prm K and >„ m .n<T I).*
Good», ic.fni'J wiilt great <-aic irom \u- mi -oner, Ml d
niiuiuiacturer;. IUuJ cO' .»ung of a h-.r an-oi’ujei.s of
aS [trades kept by bry Good* m-use*' wi cu
wt * r '' P«P*«U to sell at „ucn price, as eau lu .;"ai.
to tfive satiM.ieUon to purchaser*.
City uuu country merchant* am nv.tcJ to , V e 0 , a
ea;;. wid ( .ciainiue nur *tock and prior* actorc ~urc
liating 311 tCKLKTP* WJJITK
Wood «t, two doors above Diamond
a o'\V A It D a'o T EL "
UJDDI.CToN iWIitTF. hcg leave loan-
A. noumr u> ihc-r iiktiiJa and the public. that tiny
hHve iw. U in cl | the ru-iuinmnn 0 | u.c lar* c aud com
mod.ou. H.nrl. corner ol Urondway and Maiden l.aoe.
known us the Howard Uoici. Having mm-t, j„ irro
V-.I tnr interna. improved .he rntr,,.,.! t.rranirrmem
.. ttl,r housr. no puios • hall u« spared „„ ,h r part of
I- iprir or* o v'iv' rnurc *au*l*ctjou to those who
- - '‘‘ yor “• taarfi-daw
if 4 C r‘" C \l kl <H i‘ V ' ' Orovc I’ruHi: * I’upcr, (S.
H « ( F Markle, PropneiornJ we wii, i, e constantly
*jp|.lird with all Uic different ■uti of superior quality*
which w r offer at the lowest regular pricel^ ll
, h ... REYNOLD.* ic 3HKK.
- n<; * corner Penn and Irwm
'ifti ilnpmch uud on m rca*onaU<
IVntiM Corner ofFounh
■*** no'itJ-Jlyui
M*rkr! un<l Perry nuceis
| T NU( A RL BIiKU PASTF~Jii»: rurnving, “grots
; 1 Uolllei. of HbliKt Past.-, a ru,..-T,or urnrlr, Ij.ghly
1 important to persons that wt*ji 'o keep tneir reel dry
i ll prevents the leaihe«Jrom crocking. ai»l wul tak: a
! Poll»h over u. For sale ai the India Rusher t>rp.»i.
, No 5 Wood street ,nnrj JAH_PMIUJPS
Cl A RBlTIlNt) T K.i* rnmnirnccd to receive a
larfe a«*f«r'iner.i oi'Faa> y VaKJKTY'fJtioDS,
' consisting in part of AM.hru l *, Riirhcnu Liters. jlo
••cry, Gloves. Crap*. Lmsse I'.mi’rirs. Nettings, Ijtce
I Veils. Shawls, Pongee Handkerchief*. pent* Cravats,
: >{ineliam nnd c-uu-i Handkerchiefs. corded Skins,
i Pillc, Threads, Button*. Combs, Jewelry, Cut
! lery. Ac .\r Country ind city merchant* are rpv
| pectnilly invited to rail and cumm* hi* stock. No t?-|
| Worn! street, c'-rncr qMhamond alley mrhJS)
-1 I Husjxbt—“iKKi dozen blenched. unbleached, blk,
Buxeil ami r.iiorrd women * and men'* cotton llutr,
Alto, u!• iiiracned ami mixed eotton half Hose. Juit
rceeired direct from lhr importer*. and lor Hale at up.
M’i • i’i >1 N rRY MKRCHA.NTS—W. R. Mcrpht has
1 now open at hi* Wholesale Dry Goods Rooms,
uorn e«»i rorticr of 4th and Market street.. Pittsburgh,
a lull »upp.y ol iresh spring Goods, including newest
«ylr» '»f prims (nnglmros, Lawns, Ac., and invttps an
efnininai.on oi In* stock.
XJLT ANTF.D— A Young Man in a whrlesale and re
i Tf tail Dry Uqoda Store Apply at tJ I .* Market n
HY » Matnlii Man. a *ituaiion *« Book Keeper,
Clerk or snlr*mAU, in a store or miuuitaclorv.
( Mon 'ftprrtnMr rererence* can be given. Aiidrc»a
“A U 1' (iHr.eile otßee. mebVSVdltr*
P«UDt Sods Aab. f
») CASKS !(.;»*• maker*) Jtu Mucpratt K Som'
** I l.ranii. ;n»i tec <1 per sleamet Brooklyn, and for
"Tie by \\ 4 M MITCIfELTRKE,
old No IWI Libeny »t
INFORM ir n-iiO* mid the public iSat they tiava
i X I.l’ lonc«f *** ••onneetmn wtlh their title nuMub.
muni tn Pmn »ir>-e , n , ihr Pittsburgh UrcWery,-
hnvjn* tn^irifniir.: t.tmnrM lo the POINT
UKKWKKV .n m« « r r rl mflP:6
A A ilAKttl vm| i| * B ®
T 4 Lionel * r ° ’ ‘ BU «ce«or* Xo’ Atwood,-
w .a* , Co 1 c * mmi,, won and Porwardioff M er .
#£SZti{sL'- M PrtUbttrsh Man ß faenr£joi4
1 fl DIL'WORTH k Co
Colrer’i Patent CoDcare Heater Cnnrof
TI / ' r K eal) the attention of the punhr to the article
* f heading lbi« advertisement. and mviic >b- aider
prums and eufioc* to call and witness its operation
AU advertisements tu relation to thi* Invention, to tbr
hundreds who have wen it tnstrd. i» Kupercrogfeuon.
Ist. Thu Churn will produce Butter, gathering » in
a mass, from sweet milk, in hvc to len minute*! and
from err am prepared, as families usually prepare it, in
three to fire minutes!
kd. The utility of this invention is apparent, as bet
ter Butter can be produced from sweet imik, orcream,
than cream soured i/t the usual way; and by means ol
this chum, a little gul or boy can perform, in fire or
ini minutes, what has heretofore required the labor of
a woman or man for one or two hours, ami sometimes
half rr day.
3d Bt sunply turning a thumb screw, the whole in
side dasher Is taken out, leaving nothing but the butter
Hi.J milk in the plain wooden box. '
4;ii It i* ihe cheapest churn ever invented, as the
miipiiniy ci it» construction (thongli embodying u
grcai philosophical principle) mokes -U but iiutp in
uisuuiscture n.
bth i’. I'U conunon churn, as ail will admit
c invite the pubiie tocall aud witness its operation
at our ntfice in the Diamond, near the Black Bear Ta
vern. Pittsburgh, and m J F Beckham**, Federal ft,
ui mV-dlAwftmS
W hu.csaic and reliuJ, ai tho
T_)EKI.N TEA iS It) RE. 7u Fourth street, near Wood.
± l‘m*iMirgh I’hc subscriber having just returneu
irein New \ ork, is now rweivut a large fall supply
<•! ire»h GREEN AND BLACK TEAS, irotn the New
* ork Pekin fra Company, selected wall great care for
rriiui sales. Our slack being now heavy we are pre
pared 10 supply Grocer*, Hoteis, Steamboat* and Fiun
■ lic will, any quauuiy and at any price they may wiah;
backed in f, 1 iuid 1 pound packages, iit un canis
ters, o mid 13 lb call) boxes and iu half cheat*.
K-uu: Grocer, uic invited to cull, os we can and
w:.. *H. belter Teas at lower price* than any other
tioufe ,ti Pittsburgh
Our Mo-k of fine Voung Hyson, Gunpowder, hut! Im
perial orecn, and Uoitmg Black Teas are the besi in
Uie Amerioar, market
levering’, double refined Loaf, Crashed, and Pul-
V riwlf-Vo reuul, ° f b F tbc barr « L
Old Gov. Java, Lagrnra. «t Do
b™°u" S";i; I voV''k d * T ““
Sweet Spited Chocolate. Pickled Cucumbers and
up '" •- >—
L'L* A »s u ' u - ' ,ay, “'‘ K ““! r
Sewipsper*, Magatlnei and Reviews,
K«-."ive<t .it the Readirp Room of the
' ‘ ‘ niH U Mertunnir Lthra-rr an 4 MfrJuimcs
Fourth street between Wood and Market street*
Nnv yoas—Courier A Enquirer, Tribune, Her*ld.
Evening rohi Journal of Commerce, Spirit of the
1 ini' «. :.-nsfie American
I'n't-AbKLruiA Norih American and U S. GareUe.
rennsylvanian, t •ommercia' List
W ABtiiaGTON—intelligencer. Lmon, Nations! Era
Boares—Muting Journal, Atlas.
Cincinnati Gawite, LouisviNeJournaJ, St Louis Re
publican. N Orleans Picayune, N Orleans Price Cur
Li vo&rooL—yyilmer.A SmiUt's EuropeanTtmcs.l-on
don runes k
MauaxOes—Black wood'*. Knickerbocker, Plough.
Loom A Anvil, Ecleci «, Hum’* Merchants’. Litte'l! «
Living Age., Horticulturist. StllimanN Journal Journa.
ofthe Franklin Ins.itute, Civil Engineers’ A Architects’
Journal, I guidon
KKV;»w>-i>nit,craui', American Whig. London
Edinburgh, Westminster. North British.
Roomi orwii daily (except Sunday.) from 7j o’clock
A. M . uiiin I li n c ock. P M Memoer. have tint pri
vilege of introducing their friend., non-resident* ol the
city, who :J be entitled to free admission lor one
l‘er*orj« desiring to beromo member* will lenve
txcir names with the Lil ntnnn. Terms-Inititton. St,
mitiun; subscription S 4. in advance. mrhM.dtm
B' viriue of an order of the Orphan’s Court of Al
legheny County, the undersigned will expose at
i public sale on the premises, on the (ourteenib day or
April ‘i » clock. P M.. tfi'- foiiowmg descrilmd
REAL FiSTATL. winch was the property of Uie late
Jam-* Woods, deceasetfeof Allegheny city, to wtu
Ail that '•ertuin Lot or flwe of giouud situate in the
city of Allegheny, beingXot No *9. in George Lcdlie.’s
pian. [which plan is recorded iu Uie Recorder’s office
ol Allegheny county, m Deed book Vql. 61,) beginning
on the northwardly s-de of Carrol! at reel, at the corner
of Lot No Ml; ihence extending m front on said Cur
rob .treet. wssrwardly. twenty feet to the corner of an
a, ey. x :i >ii i-m northwardly, preserving th* same width
along said allev one hundred feet to Jeffer»on street
being the. lot «turn conveyed to said Woods by
George Lcdtie and wife, on the ’,7Uj day of June, A
D. IM3—-upon which it erected a convenient two story
Bnek Dwelling house, jiV-atly finished and in good re
pair—with other improvement*. The lerms wi,l be
mude known on the day ofmle.
Any intorrnntioii wi>; be given. m relation lo the
abovj property, by ippiirauuu u. me un«lerM*ned.
W O LKSLIK. Adnuni*traiot.
JOHN D. Davis, Auctioneer.
rnch'2l dlawts-w
Jo. 53 Worn! Street.
WOULD can the attention of the public 10 iheir
present *to<:k of Caper llnnpines, which for va
riny, beauty of 6tii«h.d-jrabihty and cheapness, is un
• urpn.sed by any estaMmluneni m the Union.
Iteei.le* a iarce and lull asvmmeni of paper of their
own manufacture. Uicy arc now receiving a direct im
portation of French and English elyle* oi Paper Hani'-
me«. purchased ly Mr. Leri Howard, ene of the firm,
now m Europe, consisting of
I’arisian manufacture,
London do
1 ti.1)00 pieces
5.000 do
Ml ilicir own uianuhtciure they have 100.000 piece*
Wall Paper, and 12u0o pieces saun glared Window
Hand*. Ac
Messrs James Howurd A Co. have spared neither
expense nor labor in their endeavor* to rival the east
rrn wall papei eainblishmeni*. both in quality of man
ufacture and vunety or patiern; and they are warrant
ed in a««urinr the puhn ■ that they have succeeded
The whole assortment. foreign and home manufac
ture. will be offered on lent;* a* low as those of east
ern manufacturers and importer* roch27:dtf
I. for the very ,d>tru! enrouragement l
VX k»>e receivcd for *o many», I have deter
mined io eniuf SC my coiuid.-rabir. Having
encaged a competent Foreman. Iwtli be enabled io
611 all order, promptly. and do the work m our usual
«t>lc and M fair price*, ami ink !hc attention 01 met
chanu and cuuem n> my large stock of CPHOLSTK*
K\ U.kiHM and Bed*. M-.Mrra<.*e, and lidding, Our
t*l-1 Matprim*. lUma.-ks u»d Mon-- *. Cormce* Pnn
ge*. Bordering-.. ra —U. Mpi.r and Ro.ler IJ in da. and
e'er) artieie u*un ly kept man e*tut>li»hment of the
u-mieil u?"* fe ' r<,ci:u: ‘ 3 ' io|l, ' l ted and promptly at-
N It— Carpet* made nr.d put down
r jPhN LOTS. feet by l*tl, *iiuuu>d on the tugh«r
I (round, ami 'routing on the wide North Common*
in th- Buena Vista Extension. Term* S? 00, ea«h -
Exchange Building*. St Clair *t
A .Market »trett. can «e!l yoa hosiery cheaper
tha>rU»*y oan r-.plnre them—having bonght them at a
mrgr package ■ *;<* prcvi<>y« m ij r advance in price.
Ilf) mu kci! you SirTiw Bonnet* n-d Vanity Good*
a# cheap ,i» )ju cim buy t.v.-m o’ K.i«:crn JoM.rr*
Lome and mclitSJ
NEW GOODS, 1849,
Kmrnin e to Wholesale Rooms from 4tb street
Clerk Wanted.
t IlOl'mjpS, FARMS, &c
1 !
i K«"I, of M.trtad. opd coSSfnS, £l*?
■ r]-' l ; , :i”' i ,r" d ™i • ks22.sss
*, i ti.. ,n “S' o 0 ”""'* ol and Crh
T ‘!. H , “' u "' d >» "'.lam Band, o„ U» £ta£.
Ihi hI. .ud r S‘r t ,l'” ? * l> °" **“ “o™ oMtofc
,' ,aJ ° W *be highest river land In that *•_
£' 1 ‘ coon,, T r - It* soil is peculiarly adapted to th«
! SSS^s- 1 &"
and tiu i tn } mabeTuoSJV Ul * already doaej ~ readUy °i«£
hi It. fanlitu. of irnTreiorea CSTi“" S!“*
ford a oop.t.m avenno ft, Up Jon,°l!js“ **
l> it di.lanl abom HX) nilr,T„' X U ■’'“■“'i
s xsszur n ° a * ° u *• »£, - Sa?c
de*ircd Pro ' ' UI l»to „
For tenos, 4e., appip (post paid} to
■ —•— Baltimore, Maryland.
! Coal will be told at the fino ***** «
third in hand, balance in sJL” 0 ® P** acre-one
without interest. Tide mdu D m«M Payment*,
good— cannot -b« surpassed. P p or b jOCalio ? *«7
enquire of 9. QaLSLEY, who hZ *j£V
party. Residence *1 si. below K c ?rv s?*.?*
N. B. There M another seam 0 f H ° W *
1 al>OVe iOWCr ’ ° f '«SLl q^Jinr !“'■
M io acres ok ground,
Pittsburgh and Green-buigh Tttninike,SffiiS
from the city, and adjoining the AllcafeSSa!
ciery, on which m erected a iv*e and v4ll
two «tory bnck Dwelling House, together wtth stables,
carriage house. Ac. There it also on the premise* a
'ar»e variety of fruit trees, and a spring of umiinal »*.
ceilence contiguous to the dwelling, *
-J a _ 13 l WM. V'OUNo, l43JJberty u
r _,.. B®»1 Estate for Sale.
P» K .üb.cnber wdl seU. at private .ale, that value.
,/£ *'* , P«rtj-, on me Fourths, trrei road, adjointur
lr I'h-rt," rc * , K C,,< ‘.?.’J l v n ' i Rive J&*»e“ion immediate
r- Ihera are aboutlfcN ACRES OFCHOICELAND,
in a nijfb .late of cultivation. The improvement' are
a ££L B rbnL We ****** bnck DWELLING HOUSE,
OUteT ° UI AdjOiNß* the
_ h , Hj"? * rnnmoff Founimn am] a rood Pump,
.h= A,e “" e ' a ‘*° **
- ‘P** 3ol DAVID BEELER.
_ VaiT
rru(F*T aia * ble , K,l »te ror Sal*.
faroraLic „i A ' <e fe«H a * C,t T' °® Br °n very
A warrantee uijV wifi ft ° ,<J L ' ou different size*
br seen at No. 129 A I* 4 " 1 of o*a
A For Sole. _
oiJif order, 7) inch cylinder, SO incf S 3
,7 dUm.ler «
CW. Also, one Ime of shall*. *5 feet lou,/2* ftehes
in diameter) with drums; one tipnahl saw
MATTHEW S.filla',^”
, FOil SALK.
1 “»*.
Dt^^/uLVi, 0 D “' ,ld Hoxl. »« iho premi,tv Wm. M.
j,.Y‘; Ailcghenj. and ite undesigned inutecitv of
Huladdpp,,. ch/hles wiiS 0 '
rTi, l r , l a * bU lU,IJ '«■*»*•' for S.U:
T H nn,f« W L“ S K Prop<sny la Cecity of Pitttbunrh
nvcr f boro .° Rh o( Ma »ebe»ier, on die ofk>
a /J,!«°,i d for , ou accommodating term*
3 *ub-divuion of 1-ni So 4GB in lha n\ati
SilS by ■ MO & « w
10 one acre Lou fronting on an Areima in Imi
* Ter '“ ! ‘
For fern*, enqmrc of CHARLES B. BCOLLY
Uurice'g Bniiaing, 4th n.
, sKsr^
10 Iho •obrerib.r., M 110 Second .tree,. PP T
/'\st^i t j?r t ih lh % rtT Btrect for JLcm«.
( I , fret front on Libenv Mreet, bvllOfret
CHARLES b scull y.
Burke’* Building, 4th *t,
or James ohara,
BnrtcN Building, 4th pt
TO ■
Mm »SS‘Y **' " f A P rtl ”"*■°» mu.nablc iotu.
m ’. "' 1 com/imablo two atory Brick
Si.’d Tr*!* ‘MS S
otic. Third ,h „ pposlte S. ChtSSd,
“ r ’ K3 ss ■srgar
d„ s hou.a, „d ms) . ? I 0 J
-N'FVILLE r ckaio
_ .., , roii Mu,
J No W Woodn
I” “■B'»»ya'i r ror 5.!.,'
KmßaKm • »•»«££"
COUNTRY SEvi-~t~rK-~r-l* , ~ •
Load, .Hunted ,„ O.kl.ud ,o |„ "miinjrt
v,,„. UARJjy, JON ts t Co r '“
M‘ r -n nr-T- r - .« Warnr n^,,
* 7*7~ F ° r < ”" l “ “■■>« yea..7(f5?5.
ow=:",.s I "I 0 ™ 1 “■*
■ , &ss*i o sasss!'
*1 •« iw;
l*? .. ...JAMES A HUTemjONACc
M A Laßi,. .„d well f,,, a A„d Itoon, Kcond
. r> ■ u >s unrucr o, Wood and Third ttfeeta
abovr din idrl..,, „Bi„ of * m JJ WIJIiSJ
Po,.r,siongiven iminrduudv iiiouim ' VUII,U,I A
"A- • -- A RUE, ll>l Libnny .1
(b — Übony oppo«i^ith
I * OTB Poa
jg. r;TT V"' I ’“7 •«
1« ererVil ?.V ‘ , '" e u *',’ cr 4 ■OllJltlOlM. Oil whicK
■or *wa U ' E>u * ,<Jj 'S, >'vo •(ones huK *,ui*bl«
;•«; ‘r r uc,,, ; m ' 7 h ~ iott £5»
lo a *ucet 7 >rrv hl, ' u ‘ deep, and roa bar!
:m«os wi Lj a -! l rv W h “ 1 I i rh " buil ‘ ,,n *» on pre
'.‘V ” a > 3 VCr / *»«naiMMu. OO UiO iQTGAi
Al'L -1, if {' ro J’ en !>«■ »*U cheap iot esah.
A| p., o H ?prou., Clerk * o.i, ce , V. S. orio
«3 * HL offer* for re,a for the tens of
Dr ,n °rf ycur*. a Urge convenient well fin
sii d two story liweumg Hou'c. containing 5 room*
anJ kitchen. There u a lot of gr—.d containing"!
acre* o G .5 young fruit tree* of . rrv kind, Katie,
Ac., connected with the aou* To ary pcr»on wi*£
t ig a utUgutlm residence wnimi u few minute* ride of
Jie cit), liu* wuJ i>c 0 rare cli-uicc. Fortermi, which
W| t ; JO (I > W l 0 a RCH *j tenant, inqnire of Mr. Jno
h Tl? > " inc f,rrmi4C ’’ 01 Wau, corner fc ,
naud and Lmerty streets, or of
01 i—s-tf TMKO F WRJOHT.
St Be
deoteh Bottom lp»ntl for Sole. *
rpKN ACKKS OF LAND. Mtuetod in I'ecOle* town.
± »mp. on i;ie AJour»ni il .,.r:s. tnrcc Puu-
m loisiu >ui: t>urcuaarr«. For forUior panic
alnrs apply 10 Henry WwoJs, ad *l, or 10
a Washington,
4th. aliove Bmuhheld at
WAHKHOIttE For SAi.£“rhc rabacriUer
JttlL 0 ~‘ ,or ,aI,! tl,re ® *tory bnek Warehouse
ou Wood street, occupied by R TonnerACo
»P l 7 _ WM. WH-Mpy j r '
V A »Vn A ?H\? lF - <U * EfrrAl • os FENN STREET
V POR SALh—A Lot of <» jund situate o» Pena
Mrert. belWce-i Hay ami .Uarbury Sirota, adioiiun.
IDC bouse ami lot now oc. l.y Richard
having a from nr -Mi feet, and m depth ISO feet, will be
aoid on favorable urnw Title uneieeptionable Fn
<,U ' r . C rm itf ° LOUAIJS ' ** al > near Wood!^
For Sale.
* DESIRABLE nuiltlm/ Lol in Allegheny ntv r n
/V vorai :y located, in «:re aboat half an icn, 71 . „j
i&* wL R ?,*Tr A,n " u “
. jaia
Paper Uanrlne.,
TTAVI.NG jmrehaved at ,hrce of ih c , p
JIL nes in the East, (New York lcto T
Baltimore.) a large miomneniof £i J?*
Ac., ai,d made arrangements by which I w)ii'£r‘ HS '
bled lo procure all new “tea 1 wUI be ena
*«r appearance tu
vuc the atlrouon of those deainngu* hivethS* k? *"*
papered with the Uieit .tv, , u » v « melr house*
“,r”'«*tS.XU.rSSJK? -f
/I’HE undersigned ha% e erected work, m 't
i New > ork, lorthe parpo«e of Gnlvnm
l 1 ?.■/Jf lron ' wb,rh " >* demabloto FROTFcf (S»OM
RbSF, sucn*« Teleernpb Wire umJr J K P* *7°,
Wire for Fence*, and any other
required. For Moon, for CaakL «?. ». b * h W *
wt’lcl an,i "■ “rwnSSLTf
E S 3 3 voT, S REVIEWS —Bf Edmn P. Whjpple:
™° rk ®. including hu 10th VoJ- *Th e am...
»”s”b„uls' o 10 s v .°‘; u , :r au,s_ri, “ p - ' io
4“'X a c. Hi, B,bto - *»
Hebrew Bible, new American edition.
Burkin'* Notes on the New Testament; 8 voia. Rvo„
new edition n
Macaulay 4 *. History, library atyJe •
F mraao . IL HOPKINS,
: "ISp
r «^i ?ris*M